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caused complete utter chaos in only 1 minute and 36 seconds and just left 馃槂
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220925 馃 taehyung weverse live
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i love jin so much
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jungkook trying to concentrate to film their vcr but he can't stop laughing 馃槅聽
Tumblr media
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鉁 锝∷氾傅 馃嵏馃棷 饟垝 藱 锝 @v6mpcat ! 脿s mais belas palavras.
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I'm in Anime world.
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鉅 嗷 鈥 馃殲! 饟劰 饾挓饾柧饾梾饾梻饾梹饾梺饾棈饾柧饾柦 饾棎饾梻饾棈饾梺 饾柤饾棊饾棆饾棌饾柧饾棇 饾棃饾柨 饾棐饾棃饾棊 鉅饾柣饾棃饾柦饾棐, 饾棃饾棁 饾棈饾梺饾柧 饾棄饾柡饾棆饾梻饾棇 饾棇饾棈饾棆饾柧饾柧饾棈饾棇 . 鈥桂潫
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scrawny ass
Tumblr media
鈥 you met online with him requesting to fund your lifestyle. no idea who he is or what he looks like, but his offer is too appealing to deny. so you agree, sure you鈥檒l never meet this man in person. but what happens when a regular at your club seems to feel a bit too familiar鈥
鈫 masterlist聽鈫
鈬 taglist: @agustdef @yoon2k @jaiuneamesolitaiire @darthamira @dee-ehn @gldnrecs @hopeworldjimin @preciouschimine @diminieshoe @silentlyimpractical @btsbangtanbois @agustneeds @redluvletmain @tae165 @joontopia @dionysusrage @hellotherehoneybee @certifiedcrazycatlady @morseszn @yoooonie @peachy-tata @lochness-butmakeitsexy @rikisnotforsale @v3nti @hobiismyhopeu @ggukkieland @telepathylftv @kxdrawhl @morndas @prdshobi @codeinebelle @rageyoudamnednerd @lil-sracha @arya-di-angelo @todorokiskitten @ayyyocee @salty-for-suga鈥 @stepheboo @bloomtilweache @taefect94 @jooniesbanoonies鈥 @bluewhale52鈥 @stcrwhiz鈥 @sweeneyblue1鈥 @minglossx鈥 @butterflylion鈥 @veronawrites鈥 @immafuckyoutilyouaint1鈥 @megagrl鈥
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you鈥檝e asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
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Heart on your sleeve like you've never been loved -
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Verboten / KTH
Tumblr media
Summary: You could not stand Kim Taehyung even if your life depended on it.
Or so you had to remind yourself every morning before you had to go to your best-friend's home in attempt to cover up your insane crush on him. And so far, you'd say you're doing a pretty convincing job. So this morning was just like any morning you've been having for the last six months, until it wasn't.
pairing: cop!taehyung x reader
genre: smut
rating: 21+
warnings: infinitely | smut | slight manhandling | strong language | manipulation
You could not stand Kim Taehyung even if your life depended on it.
Or so you had to act/remind yourself every morning before you had to go to your best-friend's home in attempt to cover up your insane crush on him. And so far, you'd say you're doing a pretty convincing job.
This was an extreme precaution to take, but better than none at all. Knowing you could easily slip up if you try to be neutral about him because you simply wouldn't know how to. You chose to act like you think he's a complete menace to society instead, constantly awaiting the moment Hee-soo would call you to complain about an argument they had or a stupid miscommunication between them that can be resolved in seconds to bash the living shit out of him.
You found yourself relishing in intently fueling their fights when giving聽advice聽to Hee-soo. A terrible thing to do to your best friend but it was聽hitting two birds with one stone聽kinda thing where
1) you get to master the act of pretending to not want to fuck Tae's brains out every time you see him and
2) maybe at some point, and courtesy to your terrible instructions to your best-friend of how she should handle her relationship issues, Taehyung would get tired of dealing with such none-sense and just dump her.
Ironically enough, you were the reason they met each other in the first place. You knew Taehyung before she did, and while you recognized that he was a corrupt, no good, piece of garbage cop stuffing his bank account with loads of dirty, bribing money, it didn't stop you from finding him hella attractive.
Sometimes you'd find yourself waiting on him to show up to your office to handle whatever mess that聽just happens聽to happen to聽his account -totally not your doing- so you can step in and oh so quickly and smartly fix the issue for him.
You didn't need to act like you disliked him back then, the complete 180-turn slowly happened when Taehyung and Hee-soo started going out. You remember the need to start acting this way, it was when they first saw each other when Hee-soo showed up in your office while he was there.
Like the sweet, caring best-friend she is, she thought it'd be a nice gesture to bring you breakfast and coffee on her way to work. And there was Taehyung admiring the kindness of your best-friend, he who also at first thought you two were a couple because of how pleasant Hee-soo acted towards you.
And with that, three months of working diligently on getting Taehyung attention was completely thrown down the drain when he followed her outside your office to ask for her number.
Were you jealous? Maybe a little bit. You risked getting your ass fired or even arrested for messing with a customer's credit information and all it took for her was a 7 dollar Starbucks coffee and a club sandwich, and she didn't even bring any sweeteners.
What made matters worse was Hee-soo picking up a new job at your bank, you would've been happier if not for having to be reminded of a lost opportunity all the time. Taehyung would often show up with flowers or gifts for her like the clich茅, morally corrupt officer he is which would fuel your jealousy even more.聽Should've been me this, should've been me that聽but in reality you would sit and show them a smile that never reached your eyes and act all happy for your best-friend.
The fact of the matter is, the more you think about it the more you believe you're just as rotten as Taehyung. In your mind, you two made the perfect evil fit. Hee-soo was indeed a sweetheart who you truly love, which only made you realize how much of a terrible person you are to have such interest in a guy who's taken, and taken by your college best-friend nonetheless.
You weren't a complete anti-christ, though. Bad doesn't even begin to describe it as, sometimes you'd find yourself feeling disgusted at your thoughts, you never intended to feel this way or be this kind of person, it just happened and you were spiraling out of control. You even cried once because of how appalling and sick you found your feelings towards him were, the mere thought of hurting Hee-soo in such way hurt you too.
But then you ended up rubbing a quick one to his latest instagram post in your office's toilet, your horny ass couldn't even wait to get home. But hey, you tried and its the thought that counts, right?
This morning was just like any morning you've been having for the last six months, until it wasn't.
Hee-soo's house wasn't that far from yours, her house was closer to work too. So the both of you decided on making a routine of fixing yourselves breakfast every morning before heading out to work together, one you used to religiously follow back in college before attending lectures so it wasn't all that foreign.
But that wasn't your only reason, was it? You wouldn't pass up on the opportunity of seeing Taehyung first thing in the morning, as he was the one to answer the door most of the time. He'd look so sleepy and cute in his pajamas and messy hair, or at least cute enough to you to potentially ruin a 7 year friendship.
He didn't answer the door this morning, though, Hee-soo said something about him having to hurry to work early today, which you pretended to not care about much while skillfully masking your disappointment.
Hee-soo too was acting a little weird this morning, she too seemed to be in a hurry but you know you still have an hour until work starts. "God, this is so hectic." You heard her mutter before throwing her blazer on the sofa and running right to the kitchen.
"Soo, we still have an hour to get to work and you're almost ready." You pointed to her changed clothes and makeup, "Why are you in such a hurry?"
"Oh, Tae forgot to pick up Bruno last night from mom's." She explained quickly as she loaded a plate with scrambled eggs and bacon, she sat it down on the kitchen table in front of you. "Here, I'll be back really fast, okay?"
"Wait!" You shouted, following her outside the kitchen to the living room, "You're leaving me here alone here? Why didn't you tell me I would've came a little late? I'm coming with yo-"
"We all know how cranky you'd get without breakfast so just eat up, okay?" She giggled as she put on her blazer, "I promise I'll be back in no time, just don't enjoy your breakfast without me." She warned playfully as she was already out the door, it closed right after her leaving you standing in place completely confused.
Snapping out of it, you sighed at the weird atmosphere of your morning. "It's too early for this shit." You mumbled to yourself. You took off your own blazer and placed it on the sofa then walked back to the kitchen. After grabbing a fork and a knife you sat down and you tried to eat, but Hee-soo's empty chair glared at you.
You continued to mess around with your food, fork stabbing through the eggs as you moved the bits left and right aimlessly. You had no appetite even though you know how delicious Hee-soo's food is, but it's true you wouldn't actually enjoy your breakfast without her.
This was what messed you up the most, when there was no Taehyung on your brain, Hee-soo really meant so much to you. When the devil wasn't behind the wheel, she was your number one person. You've always found her a comforting friend, a kind soul that is rare to find. Whatever happiness she's feeling being with Taehyung, you believed she deserved.
But the question simply remained, why couldn't that be you? For the most part, Tae seemed to be very fond of you, you're pretty sure he even flirted with you a couple of times, he was showing interest in you, whether he meant it or not stays a mystery.
You snapped back to reality once you heard the front door shut, suspecting that Hee-soo is finally back as she promised. You heard footsteps behind you, unbothered to look back you spoke as you lifted your fork, ready to actually eat now, "Welcome home, princess."
The footsteps stopped right behind you, an overwhelmingly strong male scent filling up the space around you which you only noticed a little too late. Taehyung leaned down to your level, arms on either side trapping you with a sly smirk he didn't care enough to hide. "What about a prince?"
"Shit-motherfucker!" You jumped from your chair, startled by his sudden closeness as well as his unanticipated presence. "What the hell, dude?"
"What? Did I scare you?"
"Not at all." You let out a shaky laugh as you calmed your breathing, "What are you doing here?"
"Uh.." he took a seat on the chair you were once sitting on, his body facing you. "I'm pretty sure I live here."
"I meant aren't you supposed to be at work?" It was only when you finally calmed down you got to enjoy your morning dose of Taehyung-ness. you've always had a thing for men in suits and the way he was always wearing one didn't help your situation.
"Yeah, but I'm not." There was an amused look on his face, one you didn't notice until he stood up. "Something wrong with my clothes?"
He was definitely referring to how you were eye fucking him, there was not a single detail about his tight fitted suit that you missed. It caught you off guard, and you removed your gaze quickly.
"Oh no. Sorry." You quickly apologized, trying to ignore the few steps he'd taken towards where you stood leaning on the counter. "Soo went to pick up Bruno, she'll be ba-"
"I know she left." He cut you off, continuing with his slow stride towards you. "Why else do you think I'm here?"
We've already established that you were not god's strongest solider, nor were you his smartest considering certain decisions you made that could destroy your career for the sole purpose of a good dickening, and you really tried very hard to stand your ground and misinterpret the unmistakably seductive manner Taehyung was suddenly adopting around you.
"T-to see Bruno?"
Taehyung laughed as he stood right in front of you, palms resting on the hard surface you were resting against, caging you between himself and the counter.
You held your breath, unable to聽appropriately聽react to the close proximity you were both in as you just froze in place. "You're really funny, have I ever told you that?"
A short, nervous laugh escaped your lips, finally grateful to regain most of your senses back, you tried to move away from the insanely intimate position you both were in. His now lustful, dark eyes followed your moves, but he made no effort to move away "Thanks, I'll go wait for Soo- Ah fuck!"
This time he didn't interrupt you with words, but rather by lowering his head down and placing his lips on your neck, the ticklish feeling making you finally unfreeze. "Taehy- no! St-stop!"
You made no actual, physical effort to stop him simply because you didn't want him to stop. However, you stopped yourself from almost pushing him closer to your skin that's being bitten, kissed and sucked on gently by him.
"T-aee, w-we can-nt! Hee-soo!" It was useless when you were moaning out for him to stop, he didn't stop either. His arm moved from resting on the counter to wrapping itself around your waist, gluing your body to his momentarily as he lifted you up and sat you down on the counter.
"Quit fucking playing around." His voice was calm, monotone almost as he started unbuttoning your shirt. Which you let him do gladly, he stared at you as if he got you figured out, one corner of his mouth lifted confidently. "You weren't concerned with Hee-soo when you were fucking yourself thinking about me, were you?"
With your shirt off and thrown somewhere onto the kitchen floor, and bra shoved down to expose your chest completely, his hands went up to rub over your breasts, your nipples reacting immediately to his touch as the pads of his fingers teased them.
His teeth once again latched on the already sensitive skin on your neck, taking this opportunity to whisper huskily in your ear, "No, you were not. All you cared about is getting yourself off to your best-friend's boyfriend. So why act all innocent when something is being done about it now?"
Speaking was the least of your interest now, you were only willing to listen to him as you take whatever it is coming your way. His palms kneed your breast while his lips were still busy giving you a mark or two.
You continued to push any thoughts of Hee-soo to the back of your head, already coming up with excuses like how you did not start any of this but it was Taehyung who did. Eyes closed, head thrown back and lips between your teeth, you embraced your one way ticket to hell.
"Taehyung- please." You whined, which made him stop and pull back.
"Please what?" He looked at you, a slight lift in his eyebrows.
"J-Just hurry before she comes back."
With a grin, he tapped your thigh signaling you to wrap your legs around his waist which you did. You heard him mutter a low, "You pretty little dirty thing." on your way outside the kitchen, you couldn't protest, not when you're doing what you're doing.
"The sofa!" You yelled, halting his stride to the stairs. "Don't go to the bedroom."
He chuckled and turned around to where you directed him anyway, "Oh, you still got a little conscious in you, huh?" He teased as he sat you down, "But you still want me, yeah? You still want this?"
He looked down at you waiting for your answer, you could obviously see the forming bulge in his pants and you couldn't deny the wetness between your legs either. But this could turn ugly any moment, not that you were thinking straight to recognize the fact. So you swallowed hard and nodded your head, but that was not enough for him.
"Words, sweetheart. Know how to use them?" His thumb rubbed over your lips and then to your cheek, caressing the flushed skin gently. He was already peeling off his clothes anyway.
"I want you."
He was eyeing your body up and down when he was finally shirtless, looking so sinful with his shameless desire. "How long have you wanted me?"
Once again, if you were in your right mind, you would have not confessed so easily to the man standing above you as he undressed.
"E-ever since I saw you." You tore your gaze from his recently exposed skin and moved it to meet his eyes.
"So I was right, after all." He unzipped his pants, but now you were looking everywhere but him, your racing mind begging you to stop as it was still not too late.
"I always knew. You thought your pretending was good enough to hide it, but it wasn't. Your body was screaming for me, begging me to fuck it senseless."
No, no, no. This was not right and you had better to come to your senses sooner. But the naked man standing before you was too tempting, even before he tore all his clothes off.
He held your jaw, making you look up at him, strands of his jet black hair falling down on his eyes. "You've always waited for this, you yearned for it. Never once caring about destroying your friendship, or even聽my聽relationship."
He gently pushed you down on the sofa, never breaking your eye contact. His hands sneaked to under your skirt, hiking the material up your thighs to your hips. "All those times you turned Hee-soo against me, urging her to make my life a living hell, just so you could have me all to yourself, isn't that true?"
It wasn't exactly do-able to answer his question when his fingers were rubbing your wet clit very skillfully, you felt like you could already finish on them. But his words were just as critical, you've always wanted to have him all to yourself, he did have you all figured out.
"Oh, you fucking dirty whore." Chuckling, he began to insert his pointer and middle inside you, earning a loud moan of his name which he accepted happily. "How many times did you moan my name like that before? Huh? While you toyed with your wet pussy wishing it was me?"
"Tae, I want you, please." You plead, pushing your hips up to meet the painfully slow pace of his fingers. He ended up removing them and leaning back on his knees, his hard cock coming into view as he stroked it lazily, eyes glued on your wet core.
You held back a moan when he spit and leathered it all over his cock. It was all so filthy, you found yourself drowning in this filthiness when he continued to move you around like nothing, as he grabbed you by your thighs closer to his body.
"This is your last chance, there's no redemption beyond this point, kitten."
How could he ask when he was already teasing your needy entrance with himself? As if this wasn't supposed to already drive you nuts?
"Please, Tae."
You didn't have to tell him twice. He slowly pushed himself into you, your walls already clenching around his girth, you were unbelievably ready for him.
"You're making me feel so good, Tae, fuck." You cried, his hands rested on your hips pinning you in place as he began to rut himself inside you. Your eyelids felt heavy, fighting the urge to close them at the overwhelming feeling of pleasure.聽
A string of curses left Taehyung's mouth, most of them were directed at you which you didn't mind. If you were a horrible person, so was he. And you could tell by the sounds he was making he was into this too. "Fuck, fuck, so good." his deep voice echoed in your ear, encouraging you to play along.
"Do I feel good, Tae? Am I better than her?"
His pace slowed down but was still fast enough to drive you wild, there was a hint of surprise on his face, you were surprised yourself, unaware of where this was coming from. Smirking, he pushed your thighs apart and hovered over you, his left hand wrapping itself around your neck while his other hand moved to where you connected.
"What a slut, taking my cock so shamelessly like this." His hand moved down on your cunt slapping it, you screamed in response, feeling the throb in your pussy when his balm pressed down on the swollen folds.聽 "Now you tell me how does that feel."
"So fucking good! I'm so close!" You whimpered, feeling his fingers continue to tease you.
"Did you hear that? She's close!"
Your eyes widened when he yelled to someone who was obviously not you. He glanced back at you and shot you a wink as feet walked down the stairs.
Your heart beat faster when Hee-soo came into view, staring down at you as her hands rested on the couch, "I told you, she's a dirty fucking whore."
Understandably, you were having a hard time processing what was happening, but it was even harder due to the fact that Taehyung was still fucking you with Hee-soo standing right next to him.聽
She was looking down at you in every sense of the word, a disgusted look on her face as she watched you get fucked relentlessly by Taehyung, her boyfriend.
"I should've listened to you before, baby." Hee-soo spoke to Taehyung, still glaring at you. She shook her head, obvious disappointment at your disloyalty,
What the fuck is going on? And why were you insanely turned on still? If not more by the sight?
"Finish her off, I still need to deal with her."
Taehyung only quickened his pace, obliging to her orders. your screams now almost deafening, your insides were being mauled by him and in your poor confused state all you could do was let your body enjoy it.
"She's coming." Taehyung breathed feeling your walls tighten, and he was right. Your legs were beginning to shake, breaths getting hitched up and-
"She's on the pill, finish inside her, " Hee-soo smirked, patting his head gently and enjoying herself as she spectated your fucked out state.聽
Your orgasm wrecked through your body once your brain comprehended what Hee-soo once again ordered him to do. Not once in your life did you experience something so mind numbing, nor do you think you'll ever again.
And despite the consequences awaiting you at the other end of the couch, you still wouldn鈥檛 change a thing about your morning.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
cozy cuties 馃挊聽
for @jung-koook聽鈾
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my man taehyung really logged into weverse just to express his dislike of coffee, cause public unrest while playing jazz on his tv, act cheeky and left
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tete blue hair
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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This man does not belong with us mere mortals..
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your monthly dose of bts : kim taehyung
day 24 / 30
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k-oobi 2 days ago
獾 mimi cutie locs !!
鈾 喙 those innocent eyes of yours it makes my heart 饾梿饾柧饾梾饾棈饾棇 饾梻饾棁 饾梾饾棃饾棌饾柧 everytime, 饾椇饾椂饾椇饾椂 !
锕潡金潡佛潡 锕 鞁滌澑 隆 馃┕ if i could tell you how much you are 饾棄饾柧饾棆饾柨饾柧饾柤饾棈 饾棈饾棃 饾梿饾柧, you wouldn't believe, prince.
歆. 饟垐 饾椇饾椂饾椈饾椈饾椂饾棽 鉁 my lovely boy, with so much kindness to offer and a big heart to make everyone's 饾柨饾柡饾梾饾梾 饾梻饾棁 饾梾饾棃饾棌饾柧.
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