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colour me in: the canvas (teaser) | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
Summary: Jungkook comes back to you with a suitcase full of secrets and hurdles – and once he opens it, you’re left tongue-tied and bewildered.
➳ pairing: Jungkook x reader ➳ rating: 18+ ➳ genre: fwb/f2l, fake dating; angst, fluff, smut ➳ warnings: artist jk actually this time!, old secrets revealed and new ones made smh, deep talks, one bed trope kinda 🥺, paparazzi mention, oc’s mother is just not cool, another member cameo!, crying and fighting, domesticity <3, angst ahead 😵‍💫; explicit sexual content: consent, body painting 😭, oral (f. & m. receiving), throat fucking, body paint on his lips..., unprotected sex, such disgusting fluff it made me sick, again... such deep jk moans, aftercare, the moment after <3 – more in the full post! ➳ wc: 843 (teaser); around 23k (full chapter) ➳ a/n: it’s been AGES. i missed them every single day, so... here we go 😭 i hope that the chapter lives up to your expectations !! took a lot of me ngl :’) also i hate the summary, i might change it later smhhh. if you’d like to be tagged, find the taglist below! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I, uhm—” you begin. You lean forward to place the bag you’ve been clutching onto the table in front of you. “I brought dinner. And some soft drinks.”
You shuffle through the content of the bag, placing everything on the table. Jungkook’s arm sneaks behind and around you, and his palm flattens over your clothes, tapping your sides. The shiver he sends down your spine never gets old; you try to focus on your speech instead.
“I didn’t know if you ate meat or not, so I brought some veggie options, too,” you tell Namjoon – you feel both men’s baffled gazes pierce through you. “And some sugar-free drinks, just in case.”
“That’s…” Namjoon begins, sending Jungkook an awed look when you open the takeaway boxes. “Super considerate of you. You didn’t have to.”
“I know! I just figured you guys might be hungry?”
You look back and forth, holding chopsticks in one hand and optional plastic forks in the other. God, looking at you like this makes Jungkook want to munch on your cheeks – you’re too fucking cute.
You add, “Kook told me the both of you haven’t eaten anything since lunch, so…”
“We haven’t,” Namjoon confirms, “and we were starving. Seriously, if there’s anything I can repay you with, just let me know.”
The uncertainty your conversation started out with morphs into glee, and you point – along with your fork – to the food as you say, “You can buy lunch the next time I visit then.” You laugh when the boys do, and in the next moment, you pause to add, “Oh, and!”
“Don’t make demands on my boss like that,” Jungkook jokes, shaking you lightly.
But Namjoon only answers in amusement, “And what?”
“Keep praising this man,” you tease, looking back to your boyfriend and shuffling his hair (to which he clicks his tongue), “he kinda likes it. Won’t shut up about it.”
“Are you kidding?”
Namjoon is suddenly on overdrive, enthusiastic and energetic; he leaves his spot at his desk and steps to you. Takes the closed sketchbook you recognise into his hands before he flicks through it.
As he skips former drawings, you think you see something familiar flash on one of the pages. The sketch is gone as fast as it came, and once Namjoon has bypassed it, you wonder if you imagined what you saw.
But whether reality or your imagination, the brief glimpse keeps the butterflies in your tummy fluttering.
Before you can dare to ask, Namjoon speaks up, holding the book in front of your face, “We were literally just talking about how talented he is. Literally.”
The strokes of the pencil remind you of wool. Soft and short lines that make up a whole picture. Even without shading or colouring it, the drawing feels alive, and you wonder yet again what magic Jungkook’s fingertips hold to create such a masterpiece, just to call it a quick sketch.
Awestruck, you inhale long and proud. Big eyes blink, and you turn to him, asking, “Is that your dog? He was in one of our video calls, right?”
A soft, rosy blush dusts his cheeks, and he licks his lower lip timidly before he nods and says, “That’s him, yeah. Gureum.”
“I remember!” You opt to take the sketchbook from Namjoon, but Jungkook snatches it from him faster than you. Fuck his secrets. “Gureum was so goddamn cute. Can I see him one day?”
When your eyes lock on the other’s, the background fades away.
Caught in your bubble, you bask in his smile and the way he brings up his inked hand to brush your hair away. He presses his lips together, cocking an eyebrow, and asks, “Depends. Are you gonna come home with me one day?”
“Do you want me to?”
“I know Ria wants you to.”
His cousin. One of his favourite people over there; a smart, sweet college girl who, according to him, guides him through life better than some people he sees and meets almost every day.
You remember her.
“Then yes. I’m gonna do it for Ria, and Ria only,” you tell him, closing the distance. Your faces are close, but you’re both grimacing like utter idiots – there’s no romance in the gesture… but somehow, there’s all the romance in the gesture.
“Rude. But ‘kay.”
“I wanna hold chicks in my palms.”
“If that’s really your biggest priority,” Jungkook bickers, “but sure. We’ll do that first then.”
“Why, what would you like me to do first?”
“Angel, we’re not alone—”
Looking at the both of you like this, Namjoon can’t help but back away. Jungkook is different with you – despite his kindness, he’s a bit of an introverted, cautious man with strangers or new acquaintances like Namjoon.
With you around, his armour falls. He opens a hidden room in his mind that no one seems to be able to unlock but you.
Falling in love seems to work without a kiss, too.
And the fact that Namjoon noticed within a minute of observing the two of you… says quite a lot.
Tumblr media
yeah... what do we think? i’m telling you, it was really fkn hard to choose a scene bc EVERYTHING is a spoiler. this was the most harmless one, so i promise the whole thing is a lot more interesting 😭 a lot’s gonna happen! can’t wait to share !!! <3 taglist is here! if u’d like, talk to me !! <3
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the lucky one (pt. 2) | jjk
Tumblr media
summary: Growing up you only had one goal: beat Jeon Jungkook. Sometimes you'd win, other times you'd lose. Sometimes he'd lose, other times he'd win. But you'd both walk away from the match thinking the other was the lucky one.
pairing: jungkook x fem!reader rating/genre: 18+ Minors DNI | sports au, e2l/r2l, angst, fluff, smut word count: 27.9K chapter summary: After three years of no contact, a career-changing injury, and one chance encounter of the two of you joining the same professional badminton team, Jeon Jungkook's suddenly your shadow again.  warnings/notes: typos probably, three year time skip, explicit language, casual drinking, excessive drinking, implied alcoholism, implied suicidal thoughts, jungkook and oc have bad coping habits, nail biting, anxiety, small mention of blood, fights...lots of them, eyebrow piercing jungkook, tattooed jungkook, jungkook means well but oc can’t see it, hoseok has all the secrets, dirty talk, needy!jungkook (kinda), jungkook thinks you’re deadly nightshade but can’t stop touching you, oc and jungkook’s stupid challenges, let’s not get into jk’s oral fixation, he rly (i mean rly) wants to fuck you, degradation kink, fingering, nipple play, oral sex (f. receiving), protected sex, squirting, brief finger sucking, eye contact (he can’t get enough of it), he likes his kisses :,)...and your tits, don’t ask why...he talks to your puthy, nothing (i mean basically nothing) is resolved or is it (?), this was a lot and took me a lot longer than intended, buttt i hope you enjoy, my loves <3
Tumblr media
chapter two: good night, belladonna ( ← previous | next → )
Tumblr media
IN RETROSPECT, YOU SHOULD’VE expected your life to erupt into the chaotic shit-show it had become in the past few years. Three years, to be exact. Three years since that day on the court; the day you lost sight of reality and landed in the hospital. Three years since your career came to a standstill all thanks to Jeon Jungkook.
You still remembered the feel of a new racket in your grasp; the warmth blooming in your chest when you’d win a match. You remembered it all, and it’d haunted you for three years now, serving as your motivator.
You’d do anything to get back on that court; to be the best once again.
And for three years, you’d been working toward that goal.
You would’ve liked to say it was an easy journey. It was anything but.
The first year was spent in recovery, trying to learn how to walk properly again. At times, it wasn’t clear if you’d make a full recovery. And during those times, you’d turn to overworking—running instead of walking. It never worked out in your favor.
Getting used to being . . . less; to being replaceable was indescribable. You had always been at the top; the best. You’d set the fastest speed for women’s college badminton many times, oftentimes even beating your own scores. You were set to be offered contracts from professional team after team, sending your career into an abundance of success.
But after that fall, it all went to shit.
In the blink of an eye, you were nothing more than lost potential.
Even after your injury had healed and you’d spent the next two years after that training, you were still so much less than you had been three years ago. No offers came your way; no interest; nothing.
The only team that offered you a spot was Yunis, a low-grade mixed doubles team who could only pay you nineteen million won due to your . . . skills (or lack thereof). Even then, you’d be joining the team halfway through the season, and you had a demeaning suspicion that the only reason they’d even accepted you had to do with the fact they were extremely low on members. (Which you thought was odd considering how late in the season it was, but you really weren’t complaining (not that you even had room to complain).)
So you were considered replaceable and perhaps even useless, but you had greed in your veins and drive pushing you forward. You’d be the best again; you had to be.
Badminton was your purpose. There was no without.
And now as you sat in some crowded bar near the outskirts of the city, surrounded by your new teammates, reality sunk in. Everything came back to you—the injury, the recovery, the hardships, everything. You saw your whole life in front of your eyes and it’d all led you here.
You’d be a liar if you held your head high and claimed you weren’t terrified out of your mind. Because you were. God, your heart hadn’t stopped pounding in your chest, threatening to break through your ribs since the moment you arrived at the training center that early morning. It only worsened throughout the day as you met with the coach, briefly touring the center before you were sent off to the dormitories.
From there, you were sure your heart was in your throat as you met with the girls already living in the dormitory, who later on took you over to the boys’ dormitory to introduce you to the rest of the team.
Luckily you weren’t the only new member. In fact, there had been two other new members—one girl and one guy, but you had been too inside your own head to learn their names (not that you really cared to either.) But . . . unluckily . . . as you shook each of their hands—new and old members—you were sure they could feel the amount of sweat you were perspiring, which made you deem that entire day as a shit-show.
Because, really, it was like: Hey, nice to meet you. New teammate here, clammy hands, subpar skills and all . . . please don’t turn me away.
So in other words—pathetic.
You’d never reached such a low before. Before the accident, people steered clear of you on your team. You were unapproachable and unwilling to help. You liked what you liked and you didn’t budge. But now, now no one knew who you were and it was almost as if you were starting life all over again, leaving your legacy behind for some other bright player to take advantage of. Now it was clammy hands and training at all hours just to catch up with everyone else.
Everything was new, and you hated it.
You especially hated how every time they’d bring up a new play they’d been working on during practice, they’d turn to you and attempt to explain it . . . as if you’d never touched a racket before.
(Downside of joining the team halfway through the season, you supposed. Or maybe they’d seen your application tape and deemed you an amateur.)
Whatever. Point blank: there was no explanation for the anger and frustration you felt, but you were sure you could think of one word—humilating.
But you didn’t feel like blowing your shot on this team too soon, so what seemed like the best decision was keeping your mouth clamped shut and smiling at their so-called helpful comments. But you couldn’t help but think just how disappointed you would’ve been in yourself had this happened to you three years ago.
Again . . . humiliating.
But there wasn’t much else for you to do. You were out of options; out of potential; out of purpose. Play by the rules, fit in, then you could get back to the top charts.
It would just take time.
One tricky problem though: you’d always been impatient.
So as the night began, you and your new apparent teammates were still seated around a large table in the center of the bar, conversing amongst yourselves. Only, you weren’t. No, you kept your mouth shut as promised, playing into whoever this new person you had become was. You pushed your impatience down, your anger, frustration, humiliation, all of it . . . you pushed it all down and trained your eyes on your hands that were folded in your lap.
You’d never been much of a nail-biter, but in recent years, your pent-up aggression could only be muted so much. Occasionally this anger would bottle up, choking you with anxiety and leaving you with no other choice but to sit there and bite on the skin around your nails while your mind spiraled out of control.
That very same night you felt the urge to lean your elbow on the table, bring your thumb to your mouth, and take out your frustration on the hangnail you’d caught sight of just seconds ago. It was a habit you couldn’t hide—a visible sign of the amount of rage bottled up inside of you.
Could you even call it rage anymore? It had turned into so much more than that.
You weren’t sure what to call this anymore.
Rage was the only thing you could fathom, everything else seemed too . . . weak, and you still weren’t used to being . . . less. Rage had been one of the many things you’d been good at in your youth. Rage had always been there, like a guiding hand on your shoulder, keeping you on the right track. Nothing else really visited you. It was always just rage and determination and drive. You were a machine with only one goal.
Now you were someone who bit their nails when everything became a little too . . . much.
Your eyes narrowed in on your thumb, taking note of the chewed skin. Even the dot of dried blood in the crease of your nail you caught sight of. You supposed you’d bit a little deeper than you intended, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. And right now, as you heard one of your teammates, Jung Hoseok (you thought was his name), change the topic to the new speaker he’d bought, all you could think was just how much you wanted to cave into the temptation and bring your thumb to your lips.
But you resisted, covering your thumb with your other hand as your eyes snapped shut. You inhaled deeply, then exhaled slowly just as your eyes opened, gaze lifting up toward reality.
And just as you had checked yourself back into the present, Hoseok (again, you could’ve gotten his name wrong, but whatever) briefly glanced around the table, then asked, "Should we wait for him?"
"Why should we?" came from a girl on the team (now . . . you were sure you hadn’t learned her name (you weren’t even sure if she’d even given it to you)). “He didn’t bother to show up to practice anyway. Nobody knows where he went off to now.”
Hoseok shrugged. "We're a team. Coach will bitch about it.”
The girl rolled her eyes. "Yeah, right. Besides . . . like Jeon even cares about that. He'll end up drinking himself to sleep at the bar anyway."
Your brows scrunched, and you almost laughed out of pure annoyance. Jeon. The name seemed to follow you everywhere. Correction, the reminder of the boy attached to the name seemed to follow you everywhere.
But . . .
. . . there was no real threat. You knew it wasn’t him. It couldn’t be.
The last time you saw Jeon Jungkook was on that damned court. You’d made sure to avoid him, and eventually, he’d gotten the hint. He even stopped coming to the family outings. His mother always claimed he was busy with the new league he’d joined, but you knew the truth—he was avoiding you as much as you were avoiding him.
He hated you, and you hated him. It was as simple as that. Time had only solidified this notion in your mind.
It wasn’t him. This Jeon was another person.
Jeon Jungkook was gone. He was probably signed to South Korea’s professional badminton team, on his way to the Olympics no doubt. But you had no real clue, because . . . truthfully . . . you didn’t have the heart to keep up with his career through news reports.
It hurt too much to see him live the life you were supposed to; the life he’d stolen from you. Letting yourself know where he’d ended up would only be torture. You’d stick to biting your nails. It seemed like the less harmful option.
Still, you couldn’t help but ask, "Who?"
All eyes turned to you. It was the first word you’d spoken in a while, and the rest of the team no doubt had probably forgotten you were even there (that would, at least, explain their wide eyes).
But no one called attention to this, instead, Hoseok replied with a muted smile, "Some washed-up loser. You'll meet him soon enough, rest assured.”
You only nodded.
And everything went back to the way it was.
The rest of the team had quickly all sent one person to go order the drinks. You hadn’t even noticed anyone had left, tuning out the multiple conversations as your gaze landed on your nails again. It wasn’t until a shot of soju was being placed down in front of you that you realized you had been drifting again. Still, you didn’t snap out of your mind all too quickly. Instead, you settled for quietly thanking the member for the shot, downing it, before your eyes drifted back to your nails once again.
You’d never been much for crowds. Hell, you much preferred to stay at home and watch old plays, trying to figure out the kinks in your form and execution. You liked the quiet, not this. (You supposed that was your first mistake—agreeing to come out with the rest of the team.)
The only time you’d ever truly felt comfortable in a crowded room was that night three years ago when Jungkook—
You nearly shook your head at your thoughts.
Closing your eyes once again, you brought your thumb to your lips, anxiously biting at the skin around your nail. You wouldn’t let yourself admit those thoughts. Never once had you found comfort in Jeon Jungkook. You were sure of that. You were so sure.
Hate. That was all you felt when you thought of the boy . . . man now, you supposed . . . wherever he had ended up. You only felt hate. Just hate.
With rage and hate clouding your mind, you hadn’t realized how much skin you had bitten off until a pinch of pain met your senses. A soft gasp escaped you as you glanced down, finding you’d bitten off more than you could chew as a dot of blood slowly bubbled just at the corner of your nail. Quickly, you nursed the wound, wiping away the blood and applying pressure with your other hand.
But the cut still bled.
And you resorted to lifting your thumb to your lips once again, sucking on the wound.
It continued to bleed, and you nearly groaned in annoyance. Fantastic—another consequence of your actions.
As you continued to fuss over your still bleeding thumb, you missed the door to the bar opening, another figure entering the scene. You hadn’t even noticed your teammates turn to see the person approach the group, standing at the head of the table . . . until you heard the sound of their voice.
"Started without me? I'm hurt, guys," the person asked, voice deep and mocking.
You stilled. No.
"Nurse the wound," Hoseok responded, annoyance evident in his tone. “Get a drink.”
The person’s voice came again, smooth and deep and so dreadfully familiar as he hummed, "Gladly.”
No. You knew that voice.
"Jeon, these are the new members," Hoseok interrupted your thoughts again, gesturing to the three of you as your heart beat so fiercely in your chest.
Only then did you glance up to confirm your suspicions. And much to your dismay, there stood Jeon Jungkook at the head of the table, looking almost the same as when you’d last seen him. It was almost as if he were a photo in one of your mother’s photo albums brought to life.
You swallowed, your throat suddenly dry. No, no, no.
"Ah, first day?" Jungkook asked the new male recruit, eyes solely on him but not meeting his gaze straight on, before flicking to the girl.
He hadn’t seen you yet. You were sure of that. His eyes were still trained on the male recruit, throwing back a few formalities with that damned grin on his face. God, no.
It was true, he hadn’t seen you yet, but you’d seen him. You almost couldn’t believe it as you stared at him, eyes slightly widened and lips parted while you took in his appearance. Not much to your surprise, his style hadn’t changed. He wore a baggy black tee paired with gray sweatpants that were adorned with your old college’s logo. His hair was still long and black just like how you remembered him, but it wasn’t nearly long enough to tie back into a small ponytail like he’d done in the past.
But perhaps the most jarring change about the Jungkook you’d grown up with had to be the fact that he now sported a whole sleeve of tattoos on one of his arms. Not to mention all the piercings from the multiple hoops in his ears to the one on his lip even to the one on his eyebrow.
He looked . . . older. Hell, if you were being generous, you’d go as far as to say he looked perhaps even a little more mature. And if you were being really generous, you’d let yourself shamelessly admit just how kindly the years had treated him. He’d grown into his nose a little more and it seemed like he didn’t mind smiling with his teeth as much as he had when you were both younger.
Because, no, that familiar small smirk he’d always wear on his face hadn’t touched his lips once in those few minutes. Instead, a wide charming grin was plastered there, his teeth on display. It was the type of smile he’d only give you moments before he shot a spitball your way or gave you an unfortunate wet-willy.
It was almost attractive.
You blinked in denial. No.
There was no way you could allow yourself to think those things. This was the same man who had set you up to fail on that court. He’d sabotaged your career, and he was there. He was there right now, standing before you, a charming grin on his face and he felt so very very familiar.
No, no, no. Fuck, no.
You had to get out of there. This . . . this you couldn’t deal with right now. You’d already been on edge the entire day and coming face-to-face with him was the complete opposite of what you needed. You had to get out of there. You had to.
You’d deal with the consequences tomorrow. Fuck today.
But it was too late.
Even if you stood and charged out the door, he’d still see you. He’d see you no matter what, and all you could think was just how unlucky you truly were. It appeared the world had some personal vendetta against you. That only angered you more.
And, then, as if this nightmare couldn’t have gotten any worse, Jungkook spoke again. "Well, I'm pleased to welcome you all to Hell," he began as his eyes flicked across the table. "It'll only get worse from here. Trust—"
His eyes found yours, a beat of strained silence followed.
Under his gaze, you realized he was taking you in just as you had done to him mere minutes ago. His eyes widened only slightly, not enough for anyone else to catch on but enough for you to notice, and there was something about the way the corner of his tips tipped up in a ghost of a smile as if he were actually pleased to see you, but that couldn’t be true.
No, there was hate in his eyes. There had to be. You convinced yourself there was because there was absolutely no way the same man who had ruined your chances at greatness was staring at you with a certain fondness in his eyes—the same eyes you once thought were warm and inviting.
Nothing about him had been fond in so long. Not since the two of you were eleven. And especially not now.
But then, he spoke.
"Hey . . . " he murmured, his voice soft unlike anything you’d ever heard.
Another beat of silence.
Then it hit you.
Hey. That was all he had said. Hey. A simple fucking hey.
For three years you had been recovering. For three years you’d avoided him, blamed him, hated him. For three years you were sure he knew all of this to be true. And yet . . . after three years the first thing he had decided to say was . . . ‘hey’.
It was a slap in the face; a hard one at that.
The simple word was enough to set a wildfire off inside of you. There was no doubt in your mind that this man despised you. In the past, it had been a passive-aggressive rivalry. But now? Now he’d shown you just exactly who he had become. No amount of tattoos or piercings could convince you otherwise. Jeon Jungkook was still the same person he had always been with only one goal: put you in your place.
But you wouldn’t sit still. You were not to be tamed, and you sure as hell wouldn’t let Jungkook have something over you ever again.
You wouldn’t let him win. Not again.
This was your second chance, not his to ruin. It already seemed like half the team was on the edge about him, and you’d be damned if you let him put you on that level with him. This was your team now; your chance to get to the top once again. He wouldn’t take that from you. Your plan was to (shamelessly) kiss-ass your way onto everyone’s good side, train and train and train until you could call yourself a decent player. Your plan did not include him.
So it came as no surprise to you when you raised a brow, challenging him. An odd sense of deja vu hit you then, all at once (but, of course, you ignored it).
Jungkook’s brows twitched, but he didn’t speak a word. Good, you thought.
But it was Hoseok who brought the two of you back to reality with a simple question, "Uh . . . do you guys know each other or something?"
"No," you spat almost all too quickly, trying to cover up the bitterness in your voice by clearing your throat.
Jungkook’s face fell then, but you paid it no mind. It wasn’t like he kept the expression on his face for too long anyway. The next second, he’d blinked, wet his lips, and exhaled a gravelly, "We don't.”
The next second moved slowly. It moved so slowly you weren’t sure if you’d been transported back in time or if you were really losing it, sleep deprivation and your nerves getting the better of you. But one moment your eyes were on Jungkook as he stood at the head of the table, then the next he was walking toward your end, approaching (unfortunately) the only open seat that just so happened to be directly in front of you.
At the realization, you stiffened, trying to back away from the table as much as you could without making it obvious. But Jungkook didn’t sit right away. No, just your luck, he still stood, only now he stood tall before you and he was . . . stretching out his hand toward you.
With no other options, you slowly glanced up, having to crane your neck slightly as your eyes met Jungkook’s soft gaze. He raised a brow, gesturing toward his hand, and you realized what he was asking of you.
“Jeon Jungkook,” he announced in a soft hum, tilting his hand ever so slightly as if he were trying to bait you or rather coax you into shaking it.
And while you were trying to play the part of this generous team player to get on everyone’s good side, you couldn’t bring yourself to lock hands with him. Instead, you found yourself clenching your hands into fists as you mumbled out in the sweetest tone that you could manage, “I don’t shake hands.”
Jungkook furrowed his brows, and you could’ve sworn you caught sight of the corners of his lips twitching upward. The asshole found this amusing.
You refrained from slapping his still outstretched hand. Fucker.
“Sanitary issue?” Jungkook went on, no doubt reveling in taunting you all the while he slowly lowered his hand to the chair, beginning to pull it out.
He was sitting in front of you the next second, chin resting on his clasped hands while his eyes flicked across your face, watching you carefully. It was almost as if he were trying to get you to drop the act; as if he were saying ‘Go on, I know who you really are’. And worst of all . . . you realized he did know who you really were, and that made you grow hot with rage for him all the more.
He was taunting you. He’d thought he had this in the bag; that he’d won.
Well . . . he wouldn’t.
With that thought raging inside your head, you plastered on your best fake smile and said, “Got me.”
Jungkook only tongued his inner cheek in an attempt to stifle his grin. And you bit your tongue, trying not to glare at him as you turned back to the group.
“So, when does Coach want us at the center again?” you asked, desperately trying to change the subject.
Sure, maybe the question would make you seem a little inadequate, but you couldn’t handle sitting there with Jungkook staring at you like that all the while your teammates were probably left to wonder if the two of you had been telling the truth. Because, truth be told, if you stayed silent any longer, you were sure anyone would be able to tell that you and Jungkook knew more about each other than you let on.
And it seemed your diversion had worked as Hosweok blinked, then immediately sprung into action. He not only told you the time training was to start, but went in depth about what exactly your coach would instruct the team to do during it.
He was dedicated, you noted. And you decided you didn’t mind him. Perhaps he reminded you a little of an old teammate from your college. Perhaps you saw a little of Kim Yurim in him, and that was why you found yourself wondering if you could really grow to like this team.
However, as usual, your fond, pleasant thoughts never lasted long.
You should’ve learned by now.
But . . .
As Hoseok went on, you were reminded of this notion. Hoseok was interrupted by none other than Jungkook as he reached across the table, wrapping his hand around your wrist. You nearly jumped out of your skin at the feeling of his touch, but you refrained trying to keep your cool as your gaze landed on him.
Your mouth opened, a question hanging from your tongue, but Jungkook was one step ahead of you.
“You a nail biter, new girl?” was all he asked as he gently (so gently you almost had to take a sharp inhale) angled your thumb (with now dried and fresh blood trapped between the crevices of your nail) toward him.
You swallowed, desperate to rip your hand from his grasp but careful to remind yourself that you had to behave in front of this new team. So, instead, you settled for a simple, “Guilty.”
His eyes snapped to yours, a grin tipping on one side of his mouth. It was a simple gesture, but you understood it all the same. He saw right through you. (You hated admitting that he always had.)
Half expecting him to continue mocking you, you attempted to release your hand from his grip, trying not to snap and make a fool of yourself in front of the rest of your team on the first day no less. But Jungkook only tightened his grip on your wrist before he pulled your hand closer toward him. His eyes never left the roughly crackled, chewed skin, his brows furrowed with a concentration look etched across his face.
Then, his eyes flicked to your face, his brows still furrowed as he generously took in your features from the downward curve of your lips to the tiny scar just on the cusp of your chin from an injury long ago. But his gaze didn't linger long before he fixed his sights on your hand once again. It was almost as if he were trying to figure out if this hand truly belonged to you; as if he couldn't wrap his head around the fact that you bit your nails until they bled; as if it were so unlike the girl he'd known growing up.
And . . . perhaps he was right.
"It's a bad habit," he finally mumbled, eyes still trained on your fingers.
Your brows twitched once in confusion. A second time in denial. And a third in acceptance.
It was a bad habit.
But . . . what did he know of bad habits? And why, why, why did it look as if he actually cared about this specific bad habit of yours? Your mind was a warzone, too many unanswered questions swarming around.
Then in the midst of your haze, he was suddenly gone, his warm touch leaving your skin as he leaned back into his chair, muscular arms crossed over his broad chest. And you were left speechless, glancing from him to the hand he'd been holding.
Still, your act was on the line. There was no way you’d let anyone know you and Jungkook knew more about each other than you let on. And if they hadn’t found out already from that odd . . . odd exchange, then they surely would if you kept gawking at him.
Instead, you acted quick, shaking your head and clearing your throat as you muttered out a simple, “I'm aware.”
Jungkook only nodded. Once.
And you forced yourself to look away.
Tumblr media
Later in the night, you allowed yourself to look again. A second glance. It was harmless. (Completely harmless.)
But . . .
. . . There he was—Jeon Jungkook. He sat opposite of you, occupying the only available seat left while the rest of your teammates conversed amongst each other. To say it was the most uncomfortable you’d ever felt would’ve been an understatement.
Jeon Jungkook had been something of a shadow the past few years. You’d avoided him like the plague, even going as far as to skip family gatherings and cookouts just so you wouldn’t have to run into him. 
No one knew what had happened between the two of you. No one knew you blamed him for what happened to you on that court. No one except the two of you knew.
He’d always been in the back of your mind like an afterthought. And you’d had a lot of time to think, letting his shadow drift back in every so often.
The thought of him always made rage boil in your bloodstream. But there were times when you’d be lying in your bed, leg propped up to ease the pain when your rage and your thoughts collided. And every single time you’d be haunted by his face that night; by the words he’d shared with you; the way he’d touched you.
Did I do something wrong? He’d asked that not once but twice, and sometimes you let yourself wonder if his intentions had been true; if he really hadn’t intended to screw you over. Because that night you’d really believed that there might have been more to Jeon Jungkook than you once thought. 
But believing in that would mean that you had been wrong; believing in that meant that the ruination of your career had all been done by your hand and your hand alone. 
And that couldn’t be. You couldn’t be the reason you’d ended up like this. You couldn’t handle that. It’d surely break you.
Jeon Jungkook was to blame. You were sure of that. Just him. Only him.
He hated you. He always had; that was why he’d teased and prodded at you in your youth. 
It was his fault. Solely his. 
(You didn't and would never acknowledge the fact that, deep down, you blamed him because it was all you could fathom. Because it was easier.)
And you still blamed him now.
Rage boiled in your blood as you glared at him. Of course, out of all the teams you could’ve been accepted into . . . it just had to be the same one Jeon Jungkook had decided to join.
You should’ve expected this. The odds had never been on your side. You were never the lucky one. 
What was yours had always been Jeon Jungkook’s as well. It’d been like that since the day you were born; since the day he was, too.
Jeon Jungkook was your shadow just as much as you were his. There was no doubt in your mind that this very fact would loom over your shoulders until the day you were taken to the weeds (Jungkook most likely following in your lead three days and exactly four minutes later if cruel fate would have it).
At the thought, your eyes narrowed at him as you crossed your arms over your chest. Only, this didn't go unnoticed by Jungkook. No, instead, it seemed he'd caught sight of your aggression out of the corner of his eye. A corner of his mouth twitched upward before he turned his head, gaze quickly landing on you. And just like when the two of you were kids, you didn't back down, your eyes staying on his face as they narrowed and narrowed. His amusement only furthered . . . just like when the two of you were kids.
It was almost funny how time seemed to blend together then. He was giving you that same look that he would always send your way before saying something that would no doubt prompt you to roll your eyes. And he was giving it to you now.
So you waited.
You waited for him to say the stupid thing on his mind. It was decided then that you'd wait to see what he had to say, then you'd promptly roll your eyes like you had done multiple times in your youth. Only, no words tumbled from his tongue; he just kept staring, the small, amused smile tipped on one side of his face.
Oddly enough, it still sent you back in time--to the day of your graduation; the day you walked down your staircase, dressed in a ceremonial dress paired with your graduating cap and gown; the day you caught sight of Jeon Jungkook already waiting at the bottom of the stairs, wearing his father's hand-me-down suit while he gripped his cap and gown in his hand, no doubt refusing to put it on until the ceremony.
Both of your parents had already been downstairs with him, telling him to smile with his teeth (like he'd always hated) so they could capture picture after picture of him, all the while they waited on you to join them after you readied yourself to your liking. But your parents hadn't seen you first that day. No, it was Jungkook who--in the midst of groaning about how his cheeks were beginning to hurt from all the smiling--glanced up the staircase, impatience written across his features and in the way he tapped his fingers against the banister. 
Then he'd seen you. You remembered how those round brown eyes found yours, and you halted in the middle of the staircase, confusion striking you first. His normal response would've been to make fun of you for doing your hair and fixing make-up on your face; he was supposed to tease you about the dress you'd decided to wear. Up until that point, your normal attire consisted of badminton skirts and unflattering athletic tees. You wore sweat as your perfume and only cared about how to do better; how to be better. None of your concern ever went into your appearance because you hadn't cared (there was also the fact you hadn't found your style yet, but still).
Badminton was consuming back then (it still was).
You had always been a machine first, human second. But you remembered wanting to try that day. And you had. You'd even gone out of your way to buy something from a little boutique just in town--a long, flowy white dress that hugged you perfectly and complimented you well. You had wanted to feel like a teenage girl that day, not some heartless machine that only cared about winning.
Even now you remembered the exact moment you felt like you were normal that day. And it embarrassed you all the same.
The moment Jungkook looked up at you, his eyes wide, you first expected him to taunt him . . . only for him to smile instead. That was the exact moment. He'd smiled up at you (the same smile he was sending your way now, years later), his eyes taking in your appearance with a certain fondness etched across his features. It had made you feel like a person or rather a teenage girl who just wanted a boy to look her way and tell her she was pretty, instead of like she was some pawn in a game.
Nothing ever really happened that day. You supposed that was why it embarrassed you now--the fact that you had once gotten yourself so worked up over a simple look.
And now . . . years and years later . . . he was still giving you that look. (Most embarrassing of all? It still managed to make you feel like a teenage girl.)
But you weren't a teenage girl anymore, and you certainly didn't need some man to come around to make you feel pretty. You didn't need that. You didn't want that. Simple touches from men who didn't care past what you could do for them were not what you wanted or had ever wanted. Maybe Jungkook thought you were over what happened between the two of you or maybe he thought you'd sleep with him regardless of that very fact. You didn't care which one was the truth or if any of them were even true at all, you wouldn't stoop that low ever again. You weren't over any of it, and some look was certainly not going to change your mind.
So this time when you looked away, you didn't indulge yourself in another glance.
You lost yourself in your surroundings then, and you realized one thing: maybe you'd come to like this team. Hoseok seemed alright. The others . . . well . . . you'd learn their names eventually. Sure, Jungkook was a little bump in the road, but you could easily ignore him. You had been doing exactly that for the past three years so you didn't see the trouble in it.
Only . . . a little while later, you glanced down at your phone, finding the time quickly. No one had asked you a question in thirty-five minutes. And for some reason, your mind began to spin. You began to wonder if you even really fit in with them; if you could get to their level; if you could be better like you had always been taught to be. And unbeknownst to you, while locked inside your own head, you slowly brought your thumb to your lips again, beginning to anxiously chew at the already abused skin around your thumbnail.
However, before you could cause your thumb to bleed once again, you felt the toe of a shoe kick your shin. With a soft gasp of shock, you jolted in your seat, quickly bringing a hand down to massage your shin as your eyes flicked up only to meet Jungkook's gaze that was already fixed on you.
The asshole had kicked you. He actually kicked you. 
Your head tilted to the side, eyes narrowing as if you were asking him, What the fuck?
Jungkook only shrugged.
Oh, that--
Then, you watched as he looked away from you for the first time that night. And you felt a tinge of annoyance bubble in your chest, causing your jaw to clench. It felt as though no time had passed; like the two of you were still twenty-two years old trying to get under each other's skin while your parents drank wine with simple conversation. It felt as though no time had passed because you still felt the urge to kick him back like an immature teenager just to see if you could get under his skin as much as he had gotten under yours in the time he'd entered the bar.
Instead, you watched with careful eyes, narrowing your gaze at him as he reached across the table to pour himself another shot of soju. You knew his tolerance was high from your years spent together during high school and throughout college. But he’d been pouring and swigging shots back ever since he got there. (A little excessive if you had to comment.)
You furrowed your brows and shook your head ever so slightly. Whatever. Jeon Jungkook could damage his liver all he wanted. It wasn’t your concern.
Out of the corner of your eye, you watched as he grabbed a beer bottle from the middle of the table, popped it open and swigged back some of its contents. You tapped your fingers against the table, confusion ticking you one, two, three times as the seconds passed.
Jungkook liked to drink. You’d known that. But never this much. Never during the season. (You wouldn’t admit it to yourself, but you wondered just how much had changed about the boy you once knew and the man he was now.)
Had he—
But . . . your thoughts were cut off by the devil himself . . .
“Want a beer, new girl?”
At the sound of his voice, your eyes snapped up, meeting Jungkook's brown ones. They were still round and wide, almost innocent. But the second you blinked, eyes getting a second look at him, there was a certain darkness clouding over his gaze, as if the years had truly taken their toll on him just as they had done for you.
But that couldn't be.
Jungkook had always been different from anyone you'd ever met before. He hadn't cared about . . . well . . . anything. Life was life and if shit things happened then shit things happened. The only thing he ever really seemed to care about was himself. You couldn't fathom what exactly could've taken its toll on him. That, along with why he was on this D-list team, were the two questions roaming around in your head.
Why was he here? Why was he looking at you like that? Why?
The questions remained on your mind as you glanced between his face and his hand as he reached for another beer at the center of the table. Why was he acting this way? Did he want to get under your skin? See you slip up once again? Ruin you two times over?
You clenched your teeth together, eyes narrowing as they met his gaze for a third time. No, you decided. You wouldn't let him win. Whatever this was . . . you weren't having it, not after everything.
"I'm not a beer person," you interjected before he could place the beer bottle in front of you. And with that, you pushed out the chair, briefly cringing at the screech it made before you turned to head to the open bar (you, however, didn't turn fast enough before you caught sight of the taken-back look he sent your way).
The bar was sticky. Drunk men lounging on the stools while some sports game blared on the television above. But you didn’t care. You’d wait there all night if you had to; anything to get away from him.
A minute passed. You were sure of it. The bartender definitely had asked you what you wanted, but you hadn’t replied. You just wanted out. Maybe you could fake an illness before Jungkook got bored by the table and decided bothering you was his favorite thing once again.
And just as you had suspected, three minutes and four seconds later, a shadow appeared from behind you. From the scent of his cologne . . . you already knew who it was.
"I don't want to talk to you," you bit out, eyes on your chewed nails as you tried to distract yourself.
He blew air through his nose—an unusual laugh he only did sometimes. (Normally he was loud. Loud and hearty. Rarely ever quiet.) “Just did," he hummed, leaning on the bar counter.
"Shut up.”
"No can do.”
You turned to him then, eyes fierce and stern, glaring straight into those doe-brown eyes that feigned innocence. “What do you want?" the words felt bitter on your tongue.
Jungkook furrowed his brows, but you caught onto the slight smirk tugging at his lips. “What d'you mean? Just trying to be hospitable," he explained, shrugging.
"Ah—“ he interrupted, snapping his fingers together— “so you do remember my name, yeah?”
You clenched your teeth. The years of jealousy and rage spilled back in, filling you to the brim. You thought maybe he had changed even just by a little. No. He was just the same as he had always been.
It seemed Jungkook had caught sight of your clenching fists and tight jaw as he tsked at you. “Careful," he warned, subtly pointing to the table where your teammates sat. “They're watching. Can't blow our cover."
You only narrowed your eyes. Asshole.
Jungkook remained amused. “How long has it been? Three years?" His eyes raked down your body, a grin sliding onto his face as he slowly set his gaze on your face once again. “You look well."
You raised a brow, crossing your arms over your chest. “I am.” Mirroring him, you looked him up and down but with disgust evident on your face, before you met his gaze once again and shot him a sickly sweet smile. “You look horrible."
That only earned you a grin, although it was small and didn't reach his eyes. "Always a pleasure with you," he remarked, the shit-eating grin still on his face, but you caught onto the tone in his voice.
His tone . . . It was odd, almost like you weren't actually talking to him. The Jungkook you remembered had a different tinge to his voice. He was always sporting the same grin that he was sending your way at that very moment . . . but . . . it had always reached his eyes. Why didn't it now?
There were a lot of questions that remained unanswered. A lot of them you knew you'd never find out. The look in his eyes being one of them. (You reminded yourself that you didn't care, anyways. You didn't care if his eyes were dull and there were stress lines where there hadn't been years ago. You didn't care. You didn't.) The only thing you cared about was finding out how he, of all people, ended up here on the same team as you.
A curse or cruel fate? Whatever. It didn't matter. What mattered was the fact that he stuck out like a sore thumb. He didn't belong here with these low-grade players. He'd always been at the top of the charts. It was one of the things you found most irritating about him--the fact that he wasn't an amateur.
So this . . . this didn't make any sense.
Being on this team was one step away from retirement, not on the path to the Olympics. Jungkook didn't belong here. He didn't belong in Busan, either. You knew this well because you used to be in the same boat . . . until he ruined that for you, too.
Still . . . he ended up here.
And so did you.
Your brows furrowed at the question. How? Why? Why was Jungkook here? It didn't make any sense. And then you met his gaze once again, and the urge to ask consumed you, "Why are you here?"
Jungkook faltered, and you almost let your thoughts wander, but he masked his actions quickly, shrugging before you could dissect him more. He tilted his head to the side, weighing the question before he hummed out, "Mmm, Wooshik normally pays for the drinks, so--"
But you cut him off with a scoff. "No, I mean . . . why are you here," you reiterated, pointing to the ground between the two of you. A pause met your lips before you wet them and sucked in a heavy breath, then continued. "I thought you were on your way to the Olympics."
He'd known what you meant the first time. The both of you did. But now, now he couldn't make a joke of things to release himself from your harsh stare. And for a second you thought you'd beaten him. You thought he'd cave in and answer the questions raging on inside your head, But . . . you should've known better.
"Ah . . . right," the Jeon boy sighed, his voice still light. "Change of plans. Didn't want to go. This pays."
You nearly scoffed. Of course. A damn lie. "Unbelievable," you muttered under your breath.
"That was always your dream, not mine, remember?"
That ignited something within you, a muscle twitching in your jaw. "Well--" your eyes met his again, glare harsher now-- "now you've ruined that for the both of us."
"Guess so."
You tilted your chin higher. "What?" you paused, raising a brow in the form of a silent challenge. "No apology?"
Jungkook studied your face for a few seconds, doe eyes boring into yours almost as if he were challenging you back like the two of you used to do when you were kids. Catching onto this, you stood a little taller. But unlike all the times before, Jungkook breathed through his nose, the corners of his mouth twitching upward into an almost sad (?) smile. 
The next second, he turned away from you. "Hey, man--" he tapped two fingers on the bar counter, gaining the eyes of the bartender serving the customers beside you-- "one whiskey sour." His eyes flicked to you once again, but there was no challenge in his stare. "There's your apology."
Then, he was gone, leaving you alone at the bar. And you didn't watch him leave. No, you took a step back, eyes falling to the ground as confusion consumed you. Why didn't he put up a fight? Provoke you? Try to win? What was he playing at?
Then . . . it hit you . . . really hit you.
He'd backed down. 
You'd won.
So why'd it feel . . . wrong?
Tumblr media
It still felt wrong as you walked back to the dorms a few hours later, tipsy and alone. Everyone else (besides Jungkook, who was sitting at the bar the last you saw him) had taken off a little bit before you, but you didn't mind. The past few years of learning how to get on your own feet again, solitude had become something of a friend to you. If anything, you preferred the walk back alone. And (you wouldn't admit this to anyone) the weather was just the way you liked it--a little bit of snowfall and just cold enough to where you could shove on a light coat rather than a heavy one. 
So, you let yourself bask in the snowfall, as you plugged in your wired headphones that had a habit of hurting your ears if you wore them too often. You could feel your nose begin to sting the longer you walked down the streets, getting closer and closer to the dormitories. 
That was what led you there . . . 
. . . Just a little ways from the dormitories, there resided a bridge. It sat above (now) frozen-ish water; the small amount of snowfall turning the deadly landscape into something almost beautiful. And you . . . with your bad leg, had to conveniently rest (supposedly the metal screws keeping your bones in place froze up in the cold). Whatever. Point was, whether you wanted to admit it or not, you decided to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.
But no roses were smelt, just the dead of winter. Cold air filled your lungs, and for once in your life, you stepped toward the edge of the bridge, hands just barely touching the chilled railing. Then, you allowed yourself to close your eyes and breathed it in. All of it.
The world was quiet like this. Cold and bitter, but quiet. It was almost peaceful. Almost—
“Don’t do it. You’ve got so much to live for,” you heard a mocking voice from behind you, only vaguely startling you out of your daze. 
But you didn’t jump. There was no need to. Startled or not, there was no need to fear. You knew that voice, and it only ever filled you with dread, nothing else.
So instead of answering, you dropped your head, eyes on the freezing water below you as your hands tightened around the railing. 
Jungkook had found you. Somehow he always managed to make his way back to you, no matter how many times you pushed him away.
(It was annoying. Really.)
His footsteps grew closer. He was behind you now. Close, yet still so very distant.
Silence for only a beat more.
And then, he spoke.
“Is joining the team really that bad?” he questioned, his voice holding a certain mocking tone to it, but it wasn’t as slurred as you had expected. It barely even sounded like he was tipsy. Odd . . .
Still, you pushed those thoughts to the back of your mind and forced yourself to answer, “I’m not going to jump, Jungkook.”
“Could've fooled me.”
“Doesn’t take much to fool you.”
“Ha,” he dryly spat.
You felt a hint of a smile tug at your lips in triumph.
“Head to the dorms.”
You snorted, “Why would I listen to you? I’m older.”
“Like you care,” you huffed, stuffing your hands in your pockets for warmth. “Bet you’d like to see me as a human popsicle.”
“As amusing as that’d be . . . “ 
But . . . he never finished his sentence. 
In confusion, you glanced his way, finding his eyes weren’t trained on you. There was no devious wink sent your way or cheeky smirk. No, Jungkook stood in silence, brows pinched while his gaze was trained on the freezing water below. 
There was something . . . peculiar in his eyes. Familiarity? Recognition? An odd personification of deja vu? You didn’t know, but you knew that look and it didn’t feel like anything . . . good. It felt like three years of learning how to use your legs again. 
You swallowed hard. It felt like—
But the gentle sound of your name being called, brought you out of the past, and into the present where Jungkook now stood before you, those round (almost deceivingly innocent) brown eyes of his on you.
You raised your brows in question. But no words left your lips.
“Head to the dorms,” he said again, this time, his voice was stern . . . unlike the Jungkook you knew.
And this time . . . you didn’t put up a fight.
No, instead, you sent him a look (one even you couldn’t decipher) before you stepped away from the edge and carried on down the path toward the dormitories. But before you stepped off the bridge entirely, you felt your feet come to a halt just before you glanced over your shoulder, eyes searching for Jungkook.
And there you found him.
Jungkook stood right where you left him. But now . . . now his hands were placed on the railing as he kept his eyes trained on the water below him.
You felt yourself pause. Not just your movements, but you swore your heart flatlined only for a mere second. 
Because you recognized the look Jungkook wore now. 
You’d worn it many times before. 
It was a look without hope—a look you wore when you lost your purpose.
It was the look of nothingness.
But why did it plague the always so self-assured Jungkook?
Your mind only spun from there. It spun and spun and spun, trying to figure out the man who now stood before you. Only, you kept coming up short.
Still, you didn’t move. You came to realize you couldn’t . . . not until he did . . . not until you knew he wasn’t going to . . . not until he . . . until he . . .
And eventually, Jungkook did move.
He moved faster than you, too. Fast enough to catch sight of you still standing there, waiting for him against your will. 
And . . . he almost looked . . . shocked.
You, too, shocked yourself, but quickly recovered. Without another thought, you lowered your head and turned away from him, scurrying off toward the dormitories as you tried to create enough space between you and the boy you’d grown up with. 
But you could still hear him behind you, walking at the same pace even as the two of you made it inside the facility and up the stairs to the dorms. It wasn’t until you reached the girls’ dorm did you pause before the keypad, waiting to hear his footsteps stop before the boys’ dorm.
And only when you heard the first sign of him punching in the passcode, did your thoughts become too much, spilling from your lips. "We're on the same team. We have to be somewhat civil. I know that, but . . . " you trailed off, trying to find your voice. You just . . . you had to know. Nothing was adding up, and you meant nothing. “How could you not go? You were supposed to make it. You were one of the best. I mean you had it. You fucking had it. Why did you end up here instead?"
"I told you.”
Whipping around, you were met with the image of his back, but that didn’t stop you. Your mouth was opening before you could snap it shut. "Bullshit,” you bit out before he could spew out another excuse. "It's bullshit. All of this is."
A beat of silence followed your accusations. It rang in your ears as it wedged its way between the two of you.
Then, he slowly turned around, and it was almost as if this were the first time you’d actually seen him that night. And . . . well . . .
The Jungkook before you appeared to be a stranger. His eyes were droopy and hollowed, a certain eternal tiredness hidden behind his lashes. There was no playful smile. No wink. No smirk. No innuendos or remarks sent your way. There was nothing. 
He looked . . . exhausted.
And then he said the last words you would’ve expected him to ever say. "Because . . . it didn’t matter," he muttered, nearly scoffing as he shook his head. “It doesn’t matter.”
The world stilled. 
It doesn’t matter, rang in your ears. 
How could he think that? 
How could he?
It didn’t matter if the two of you had never gotten along . . . you knew he was talented. You both were. That was the whole fucking point. It was supposed to be you and him neck and neck for the rest of your lives. Then the accident happened and he ended up winning (by default) and now . . . now he stood before you claiming he gave it up because it didn’t matter. 
The world began to burn.
It doesn’t matter, you heard again, and you felt nuclear.
How could he think that? 
How could he?
You would’ve done anything to trade places with him. Anything. 
He was the lucky one, not you. And he’d wasted it all because . . . it didn’t fucking matter? 
How could he?
You squeezed your hands so tight you swore your nails had begun to pierce your skin. But you didn’t care. All you felt was the wildfire you’d become. "You're so selfish," you barked out. "I would give anything to have been you. You got the better end of the stick, Jungkook . . . and you wasted it. Why? Because you're lazy?" 
But Jungkook remained silent. 
Your anger only grew.
"You loved badminton,” you tried again, jaw clenched. “Why didn't you go?"
And finally . . . he met your gaze and shrugged (he fucking shrugged). "I told you. Just didn’t want to,” he breathed out.
Something wet trickled down your cheek then, and only when you went to swat it away did you realize you were crying. Fuck.
Fuck this. 
Fuck your leg. 
Fuck this team. 
Fuck Jungkook. 
Fuck all of it.
"No," you heard yourself say before you felt your lips move; your anger was far too fueled to tame. "I couldn't. I won't even be able to . . . I won’t ever be half the player I was. You . . . you ruined that for me. You ruined my life." You shook your head, still in disbelief. "But you . . . you could have gone."
Jungkook only nodded one, before he spoke, "Welcome aboard, new girl.”
Then . . . he was gone, typing in the passcode and slipping inside the boys’ dorm without another word. And you stood, alone in your solitude with tears of shame staining your cheeks.
Tumblr media
The next day, Jungkook was a no-show, and you had to stop yourself from letting your mind wander. (It didn't work . . . spoiler alert.) But it seemed you weren't the only one whose mind was on his whereabouts. Only, unlike you, everyone else seemed to have an idea where he had run off to . . . 
It happened during the first break of the practice. You had been the first to book it to the bleachers, trying not to show just how desperate you were to get your hands on your water bottle. But, it had been a while since you'd practiced this long. Still . . . you wished you could do better; be better.
But you didn't have time to dwell on your lack of skills when you heard one of the boys on the team whisper to another, "Out with a fever, I heard."
The other guy (who you had yet to learn the name of either) shook his head and scoffed. "Why does Coach believe that bullshit every time? Jeon's hungover and cheating all of us."
"You know why," the first one spoke, his voice bitter. "Special treatment. He's the reason we still have a team."
"It's rigged. That's what it is."
The two went on and on, but you tuned them out, digesting their words as you drank from your water. It just didn't make sense. A lot of things didn't make sense. Why was Jungkook here and not somewhere better, somewhere more competitive, somewhere more him? He'd always been destined for greatness, even you begrudgingly knew that. But he was here. It didn't make sense.
This pays, his voice revised you, but now with a clearer head, you were sure his reasoning was bullshit. On top of the useless, It doesn’t matter, bullshit he’d told you. And the look he'd given you . . . he was hiding something and for some reason, he didn't want you to know. And that . . . that bothered you more than anything.
But perhaps the main thing that stumped you was the fact that everyone was so sure Jungkook had called off due to a hangover . . . only . . . when you saw him last night . . . he didn't look drunk . . . not in the slightest. 
So then, there was one more question that plagued you: why did Jungkook not show?
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook had become something of a shadow in the past few weeks you’d been training under Yunis. He barely showed up to practice, and if he did, he was always fifteen minutes late. And when he did, he ended up standing behind you, watching from the bleachers while you were up for a match, or off-handedly passing you a water bottle during breaks. He was always there in the back of your mind like an afterthought. 
And you began to wonder if he was doing this out of pity or guilt.
Because, yeah, he fucked you over years ago, and because of that you ended up like this. But . . . to put it blatantly, you were the worst on the team.
Every hit you attempted was countered. Not once had you made a point on anyone. You could barely even serve. You were just . . . out of practice . . . and god, did it show.
So maybe . . . maybe this wasn’t guilt which plagued him, but pity. That only made your anger grow.
It didn’t help that competitions were coming up. That meant talk of picking a doubles partner was going around, consuming most of the small talk in the locker rooms. And, well, almost everyone had a partner except . . . you. (You weren’t even sure if anyone would want to offer to strike up a deal with you, given your expertise or lack thereof.)
And you were left with no other choice: force yourself to be better.
You had to. You’d never survive on the team if you didn’t.
If that meant staying later to practice by yourself in the dead of night into the early morning, then so be it. You used to be the best. You used to be worth something. There was only one way to regain your worth. 
Sure, you ran the risk of overworking yourself, but you didn’t care. You wanted this more than you wanted anything. 
So what if your leg hurt at the end of the night? You’d put some ice on it and call it a day. The worst had already happened. You couldn’t live in fear of it happening again, not when your career was on the line; when your purpose was right there.
Fortunately, some of your teammates were more generous than others. Hoseok, specifically, had seen you practicing late one evening and offered to help if you were willing. Which, of course, you were hesitant to, not because you didn’t need the help, but rather . . . you were embarrassed by the fact that you did need an extra hand.
Helplessness wasn’t something you were used to feeling. Granted, you’d become used to it over the years, but you’d never asked for help; never asked someone else to assist you in your recovery unless you were forced by your parents.
(So you accepted the deal only if he swore he’d keep it between the two of you. Classy . . . yeah, you knew you were being stubborn.)
Whatever . . . moving on.
The point was: Hoseok had arranged to meet outside the training center at three in the morning that very day. Now, waking up early had never been too perilous for you, so it was no surprise you were waiting outside the doors at exactly four minutes before three, before Hoseok even showed up. (Early bird catches the worm or . . . whatever.)
Only once it hit three, you began to grow impatient, fingers itching to wrap around your racket and hit something. And when it hit one minute past three, you decided heading in early to hit a few birdies while you waited for Hoseok to show up wouldn’t hurt. 
But . . . 
. . . as soon as you pushed open the doors, your eyes landed on the last person you expected to see, and out of shock, your sneakers squeaked on the court as you came to an abrupt halt. The doors slammed behind you a second later, echoing throughout the arena, and alerting him of your presence.
His eyes found yours a second later, brows twitching in confusion as he took in your sudden appearance. But no words left his lips, and you took the opportunity to straighten your posture, eyes narrowed in a glare while you took in his appearance. 
There Jeon Jungkook stood, almost like your shadow, mirroring your stance from across the room. Racket in hand, gripped so tight his knuckles had turned white. Beads of sweat trickled down his face and neck, making his hair appear darker (you didn’t even want to acknowledge how it made his bare abdomen look). He’d been practicing, too, it seemed . . . hence his bare chest on display (which you tried not to make eye contact with, attempting to keep your composure, but memories of what could’ve happened years ago kept seeping in).
But it wasn’t any of that which caught your attention (well not entirely). The glint in his eyes made you visibly falter. It was the same look you’d caught sight of that night at the bridge—hopelessness.
Why did he carry that look even now?
Then, you watched his lips move, but you couldn’t hear what he’d said. Your mind was still reeling, trying to figure out how the arrogant boy you’d grown up with had turned into a hopeless ghost of his old self. And then you started to wonder why it happened.
Only no answers were found . . . 
You just kept staring at him.
And he stared back at you.
Until the sound of your name falling from his lips snapped you out of your daze. Not because it was your name, but rather because of the way he’d said it—soft, gentle, and unlike you’d ever heard it before.
Blinking, you raised your brows and hummed in acknowledgment, gesturing for him to continue.
Jungkook’s brows twitched only for a moment. Once in confusion, another in solemnity. Then, he sighed, and lowered his head, his eyes trained on the floor. "You shouldn't be here," he finally murmured, his voice just loud enough for you to hear from where you stood.
The anger you felt before burned like a wildfire, consuming you whole. "What?” you couldn’t help but scoff. “You own the court now?"
Jungkook furrowed his brows, then shook his head. "No, I didn't mean—I just—" he cut himself off, slapping his hand against his thigh in defeat. "You shouldn't be here." He pointed to the banner of your team’s name.
You glanced to the side, averting your gaze from him. "And where should I be?" you questioned, trying to put up a front, trying to make your voice sound sturdy and gruff, but failing miserably. You only sounded . . . vulnerable . . . and you had a hard time not hating yourself for that very fact.
But no reply came your way . . . at least . . . not at first.
The silence greeted you first.
Until he finally spoke: “You deserved more than this D-list team.”
At that, your eyes snapped up, only to find he was still staring at the floor, that same damned look on his face. You sucked in a sharp breath, confusion taking hold over you once again as you tried to look beyond the barriers he clung onto and discover the truth. 
What had happened?
Why was he so . . . different?
Why . . . why was he here?
His words revisited you then. This pays. It doesn’t matter. But then you were reminded of the looks he'd given you each time he’d said those words. He was lying. But for what? What was he hiding?
So you tried once more. "Why—” you took a step forward, the squeaking of your sneakers breaking the tension between the two of you— “are you here, Jungkook?"
The silence revisited the two of you once again (it seemed it had taken its claim on you).
Then, he raised his head, that same hopeless look in his eyes, but this time it was paired with a small smirk. "The ambiance," he breathed out as he shrugged at his words.
And you . . . blinked, astonished. There was that look again. Another lie.
But you never had the chance to rebuke his lies as the next second, the doors to the arena creaked open, signaling someone else had entered. And you, in slight shock, glanced over your shoulder to discover Hoseok standing near the entrance, eyes wide with confusion as he took in you and Jungkook standing opposite of each other with the same look on your faces. He, however, didn’t utter a word. Neither did Jungkook, and you wouldn’t dare be the first to speak.
. . .
Jungkook moved first.
He quickly grabbed his shirt from the bleachers and slung it over his shoulder before he made an attempt to head for the doors. You didn’t bother glancing up to watch him, too inside your own head to bother with such things, however, once he passed by you, he paused briefly and you glanced up only just in time to catch his lips as he spoke.
"I didn't mean to ruin things for you,” he murmured, his voice low and quiet so Hoseok wouldn’t overhear. 
And then he was gone, walking out the door and heading off to god knows where. You didn’t mean to watch him leave. Honest, you didn’t, but you couldn’t stop yourself. Your eyes were glued to his back, even sticking to him as you watched his figure grow smaller and smaller. 
You watched until he was truly gone.
Then you blinked, suddenly realizing Hoseok was also in the room. And once your eyes landed on him, you realized your cover had been blown. Hoseok knew something was up between the two of you, and you could tell with one look at his face.
As if he’d heard your thoughts, the next second he remarked, "You're hiding something.”
"What?" you questioned, feigning innocence.
"You're hiding something," he reiterated. "You know Jungkook, don't you?"
You narrowed your eyes at him, trying to prove him wrong. 
But he just kept staring at you with this knowing look, and you knew there was no fooling him.
So . . . you ended up sighing, lowering your head in defeat. And then you admitted it all. "Our moms are friends," you murmured. "He fucked me over a few years ago. Not really something I want to acknowledge."
But what you didn’t expect was to hear Hoseok scoff in response. "So he's made it a habit?"
Now it was your turn for confusion to consume you as you narrowed your brows and tilted your head to the side in questioning. "Made what a habit?" you asked, weariness in your voice.
"You already know he's fucked up, right? So just, steer clear," was all Hoseok said in response.
That was just not enough, you decided as you took a step forward. You weren’t one to back down, and you certainly weren’t going to let this go without knowing the truth. Maybe it would explain his reasoning for being on the team, revealing the truth that he refused to admit to your face.
Hoseok saw this the moment you raised your brow. And he didn’t dare shy away from this.
Finally, he sighed in defeat. "He left his old team a couple months ago after screwing over some kid. When he joined Yunis . . . it caused a big divide within the team. A lot left, a lot stayed. That's why there have been so many new recruits,” he explained, solemnly, "He's a selfish dick. Just . . . I don't know . . . don't let him get under your skin."
"What did he do?" you questioned, trying to dig a little deeper.
"Ruined the kid's career. He'll never play again,” Hoseok muttered with a shake of his head. Then . . . came a dark scoff, one with no pity or remorse. "Wanna know the worst part?"
"They were friends.”
The world stilled, and your anger fizzled out into a flame. You should have been angry. You’d spent years hating him, but now . . . now you wanted to know the truth about what had happened to him in the three years you’d been apart. You wanted the truth more than you craved to let your anger spread, and this was just a taste.
There was something else you didn’t know.
Maybe more than a few things.
And the only way you knew how to discover the truth was to dig . . . deeper.
"What was his name?" you found yourself asking.
"Not sure," Hoseok hummed with a shrug. "Starts with a T I think, but he's basically been wiped out of the badminton world since it happened. You get the gist, right? Kid's a ghost now."
You only nodded, taking in his words.
"Look, just . . . it seems like the two of you aren't on the best of terms—” Hoseok began again— “so I'd hate to see the same thing happen to you."
You nodded once more. "Right. Thanks.”
But your mind was elsewhere.
This was only a bit of the truth. You were sure Jungkook was hiding more, and you craved to get to the bottom of it. Hoseok’s words might have explained why Jungkook ended up here, but none of it even touched on why he wore that familiar glint of hopelessness; why the ghost of nothingness haunted him as it did you.
That was what you were truly after.
Tumblr media
Here was the deal: it wasn’t that you necessarily hated people, but . . . well . . . you preferred to be alone. Solitude had been something of an acquaintance or dare you say, even a friend. It was comforting to wallow in the past, to be wrapped up in the familiarity of who you used to be and who you became after the accident. The pain was numbing. You supposed it’d become so constant, the familiarity of pain had turned into sick comfort. Maybe that was why you craved it even now.
But . . . your career didn’t allow you to lock yourself in your dorm room and hide away from your teammates all season long. You were coworkers in a sense. You worked together, got on the boards together, and ranked your team higher together. That was just the catch: being on a professional team like Yunis, meant dealing with people.
You had to play nice . . . which was something you had never excelled in.
Rough around the edges had always been what you were known for. You were avoided in school, and envied for your skills but never challenged or threatened. That was why Jungkook had always managed to crawl under your skin: because he didn’t care about any of that. He had always taken every chance to test you; to prove he was better. No one ever challenged you except for Jeon Jungkook.
So where was he now?
Something had happened. You were sure of that. He had never been like this. He had never backed down from a challenge. Ever. Now . . . it seemed all he ever did was hide in the shadows, trying to blend in with the dull scenery surrounding him.
If he wanted to be a ghost, then fine . . . but you were going to figure out why.
(Because you never knew how to mind your own business, not because of anything else.)
Maybe that was the only reason you ended up going to the small get-together the team decided to put on in the girls’ dormitory. It was a small thing, just for the team members. A few bottles of wine accompanied by food some of the team members made while one of the girls put on old plays to watch and analyze. It was utterly normal, everyone should have gone. You almost didn’t. But Jungkook . . . he hadn’t shown at all.
So when one of the guys (who you knew as Jungkook’s dorm mate) asked if someone could run back to the boys’ dormitory to grab his speaker for the TV, you uncharacteristically volunteered. You, of course, ignored the odd looks shot your way by Hoseok as you headed out the door. You didn’t care. You were dying for an excuse to leave from the moment they all congregated together. This was just the right opportunity. You know . . . kill two birds with one stone. And as soon as you left, you breathed a sigh of relief once there was a barrier between you and the loud noises coming from inside the girls’ dormitory.
Still slightly overstimulated from the half hour you’d spent around all of them, you leaned against the door a little longer, catching your breath. It wasn’t that you hated people . . . you just didn’t know how to be around them. Part of you supposed that came from you not really knowing how to be a person anymore.
You swallowed hard, eyes snapping to your beat up shoes. They were worn and a little ugly, but a gift from your mother, so you dealt with it. That didn’t trouble you. However, what did was the glimpse of your chewed fingernails you caught sight of out of the corner of your eye. The bitten nails were just more evidence of your dwindling humanity. It was a weakness . . . one you weren’t proud of.
But . . . whatever . . . fuck it all . . . you had a plan and you weren’t going to get sidetracked with your other side problems. None of that mattered right now. What mattered was finding out the truth.
With that thought on your mind, you pushed off the door, striding toward the boys’ dormitory. You wanted the truth and you were going to get it, you decided as you punched in the passcode that Wooshik had given you. You stepped through the threshold a second later, quietly closing the door behind you before you were off, eyes searching for the door number to his room. And when you found it, you faltered for only a second before you brought your fist up and pounded twice on the wooden door.
A beat of silence followed.
Then . . . footsteps.
And the door opened, revealing a disheveled Jungkook.
He appeared taken back, shocked by your sudden appearance (he hadn’t been expecting you, you supposed, and you couldn’t blame him for that). His dark hair sat messily atop his head, twisted and flattened from just waking up, you suspected (his eyes were slightly puffy with sleep). He wore only a baggy black shirt paired with matching black sweatpants . . . and bright yellow socks that looked a little too familiar although you couldn’t quite put your finger on where you’d seen them before.
. . . You’d be lying if you said you didn’t find him attractive, especially with the sleeve of tattoos and new piercing that you weren’t entirely used to yet. But . . . never mind . . . you were getting sidetracked.
You opened your mouth to speak, only he beat you to it. (Of course.)
“To what do I owe the pleasure?” he hummed, clearly amused as he leaned against the threshold of the door.
And you were left utterly confused. Lately, you had no idea if you were going to get this Jungkook or the other. He was just so hot and cold now, and it felt as though you barely knew him. (You weren’t sure why that bothered you so much.)
“I’m only here for Wooshik’s speaker,” you stated firmly, trying to rid yourself of your previous thoughts.
“Well, be my guest. . . “ he trailed off as he stepped aside to allow you inside . . . and you accepted his offer, crossing over the threshold.
The sound of the door shutting behind you only made your nerves skyrocket, not because you felt afraid to be alone with him, but rather you were afraid of what it meant to be alone with him. The last time the two of you were left alone, you almost slept with him. And sure it had been a long time since anyone had touched you properly. And yeah, yeah, he looked really fucking good but . . . well . . . no . . . you couldn’t get sidetracked. You hated the guy for fuck’s sake (even if the thought of his tattooed hand on your body made your heart beat a little faster).
Just because he was attractive didn’t mean you couldn’t hate him . . . OK . . . ?
You were here for one thing and one thing only, no mistakes allowed. So it was no surprise that you whipped around a second later, huffing out a quick, “Fine, I lied. Well . . . kind of.”
Jungkook tilted his head to the side. “You lied?”
You nodded. “I don’t give a fuck about the speaker. I want the truth.”
Straightforward, you remarked, great start. You were on the right track.
Jungkook took a step forward and crossed his muscular arms over his chest. “The truth?”
“About . . . ?”
“Why you’re here.”
“I told—”
“Fuck off with that shit,” you immediately spat.
And Jungkook . . . cracked a . . . smile. 
“Are you laughing at me?”
“I mean . . . yeah,” he retorted with a shake of his head and a silent chuckle. He took another step forward until he was standing in front of you, towering over you, but the glint in his eyes was far from humorous. “Let me get this straight . . . you ignore me for years and then some, treat me like I’m stupid as soon as you get here, act like you’re in the fuckin’ right when you’re so damn wrong it’s almost laughable . . . and now . . . now you barge into my dorm, demanding I explain why I took a job and for what? So you can make me feel like shit about that too? So you can feel better about the shit life you were dealt?”
“The shit life you caused,” you retorted, knowing full well you were getting under his skin a little too well.
Jungkook’s eyes darkened. “I didn’t do shit to you,” he muttered, his voice stern. “Get off your high horse.”
“You’re the one who walks around this place like he owns it,” you quickly snapped back. “You barely show up to practice, and when you do it’s at, like, what? Three in the morning? Do you know what they say about you? What they think you are? What you’ve done? Hoseok—”
“Don’t listen to a thing Hoseok or any of them says,” he cut you off, shutting you down immediately. “None of them know shit. None of them. Got it?”
“How do you expect me to believe that?”
His brows twitched. “You know me.”
“Do I?” you questioned, swallowing what was left of your dignity. “You’ve . . . changed. You drink way too much, you don’t show up to anything, everybody hates you for some reason, you—you act normal one day, then the next you’re apologizing. And what about the other day? You stood at that bridge for a long time like . . . like you were going to jump or something. You’re . . . you’re obviously hiding something.”
“And you want to know what that is, I assume?”
He scoffed. “Don’t tell me you care.”
You swallowed hard. Don’t tell me you care. You didn’t. You knew you didn’t. You despised him for what he’d done to you; for what he probably did to someone else; for the person he was and the person he’d become. You did not care about Jeon Jungkook at all. No, you hated him; you blamed him.
“I don’t,” you muttered, meekly.
That got him. “You do, don’t you?” he mused, chuckling under his breath.
You rolled your eyes, refusing to admit to a lie. “My hate for you is visceral, Jungkook. I just want the truth . . . about that night . . . about the party . . . about why you decided ruining my life was worth it only for you to turn up here . . . with me on this, let’s face it, shitty team.”
A beat of silence.
Then . . . 
You raised a brow. “Fine?”
"You wanna know why I invited you to that party?"
You shrugged. "Already know. I just wanna know if it was worth it.”
Were you testing him or did anger still become you? Truth was: you had no real idea.
"No, no, you don't," Jungkook spat out, shaking his head. "You don't know."
You couldn’t stop the stunned look on your face from forming (you could only wipe it off the second it touched your features). "Fine, humor me then, Jungkook. Why did you invite me?" you questioned, pushing more and more and more. "More pity?"
"Then why?” you challenged back, taking a step toward him. You were almost there. The truth was in your reach. “You keep beating around the bush, makes me wonder if—"
"Because I wanted to.”
And you weren’t sure if the world paused or if you’d held your breath for too long. Either way, his words replayed in your head, taking over you, because, well, how could that be the truth? He’d done it to one-up you as he’d done everything back then to be better than you. If this were the truth, then that would mean you had been wrong . . . and that couldn't be. This couldn’t be the truth . . . not after all this time.
So, in disbelief, you heard yourself scoff. "Really? That's the lie you decided to settle on?"
Jungkook shook his head once. Then twice. Then once more before he took a step toward you . . . only he didn’t stop. He kept walking toward you, and you kept backing away from him until you were nearly pressed up against the door. Only then did he stop with a few feet between the two of you. And then . . . then he tilted his head to the side, those brown eyes of his trailing down your body before snapping back up to your confused gaze.
"You know what your problem is?” he questioned, his voice more controlled now. “You don't know when to chill the fuck out. You're always stressed. You were stressed then too, and don't go blaming it on the stupid bet. I know you."
"Really? You know me?" you retorted as you tilted your chin, trying to assert your dominance. "Please, then, enlighten me. Tell me exactly why I was so stressed."
A shrug from Jungkook. "You play best when you're not thinking, you know?" he remarked, the anger that was once in his voice now entirely vanished. There was the Jungkook you knew. "Guess that's the appeal to it, right? It was fun." But the boy you knew dwindled right then. His eyes fell to the floor. "Well . . . used to be."
"What are you getting at?"
His eyes were back on you in an instant. "I've watched your plays," he admitted with no shame. "Recent and before the . . . accident. You do your best when you're not thinking. When you're stressed, when you're tense . . . that's when you mess up."
You let the silence answer for you.
Because . . . he was right. (And you didn’t want to believe him.)
"I invited you because you were stressed,” he reiterated when he realized no answer would come his way. "You don't play well when you're stressed."
But that would mean—
No, you couldn’t have that. He was lying. He had to be. He’d spent his entire life teasing you, trying to one-up you in everything. You’d spent yours trying to beat him, and prove to everyone your name was worth knowing as well. He’d wanted to win the bet back then just as much as you and you both would’ve done anything to get there . . . only he’d gone a little father.
That was it.
It had to be.
"You think I'd buy that bullshit?" you found yourself spitting out, voicing your disbelief. "You invited me because you wanted me to what? Relax? Really? How stupid do you think I am?"
But Jungkook didn’t falter, he only played into your words. "It would be an unfair advantage if you were off your game," he mused, a hint of an obnoxious smirk resting on his pink, plump lips. "Besides . . . I didn't need to sabotage you or whatever you think I did . . . to beat you. I would've won no matter what."
You only shot him a glare.
He shrugged in response. "So, yeah I invited you. So what?"
"And . . . “ he added before you could speak.
Except . . . when you glanced into his eyes again, you didn’t find the usual cheeky glint you were accustomed to. No, instead, there was that look again. The look of hopelessness met your gaze.
"And . . . I thought we were friends,” he admitted, clearing his throat immediately afterward. "That's why I invited you."
"Friends?” you couldn’t help but scoff. “You hated me.”
His brows furrowed. "Hated you—where'd you get that from?"
Oh, fuck this. He was not playing stupid. He didn’t get to do that, not after all these years, not after all the time you’d spent trying to be better than him, not after he’d made it his mission to show off every chance he had. He didn’t get to stand there and act as if the feud the two of you had clutched onto growing up had actually all been in your head. Because that wasn’t true, and he didn’t get to feign innocence. Not him. Not now. Not ever.
The sound of your name being whispered brought you out of your own mind, but only made your anger grow. No. He didn’t get to do that either.
All of this was bullshit.
Fuck the speaker. Fuck this team. Fuck him.
You were done.
"Whatever, Jungkook—” you spat, hand reaching for the doorknob. You wanted out and you wanted out now— “I don't have time for this.”
But before you could even attempt to leave, Jungkook shot out his tattooed arm, his hand slamming down on the door, making it impossible for you to run. You expected him to grow angry, just as you had. His actions called for furrowed brows and narrowed eyes, but when you turned your head to meet his gaze, you were only met with a look similar to the one you’d seen him wear on the bridge. This was different, though. It was less hopeless, more . . . hurt. It stopped you in your tracks, nearly taking your breath away entirely.
Then, he spoke, his voice barely above a whisper, "You thought I hated you?"
Was he really going to play dumb? 
You weren’t going to stand there and take it. Not after all this time. Not when you’d lost so much. "You did everything you could to one-up me. If I did something you would be right there going off to do it better. People knew your name. They chanted it. I was always an afterthought . . . and you . . . you thrived off that," you muttered, venom in your voice. "So yeah, you hated me."
What appeared to be realization washed over his features. His hand on the door lifted, now barely touching, but he didn’t move away. No, he only stepped closer . . . so close you could smell his cologne and the mint from his mouthwash on his breath. And you . . . you straightened your back against the door, sticking your chin in the air, challenging him.
Jungkook seemed to catch onto this, eyes flicking down to your lips which were pulled into a frown, then back up to your eyes. Only then did the corners of his mouth twitch up into a cocky grin. "That's what you thought that was?" he asked, his voice silky and oh so deep. “Hmm?”
You could only shrug. "What else would it be?"
"Listen, Birthwort—"
"God—” you cut him off, groaning with the addition of a roll of your eyes— “not that fucking flower again."
He grinned wider at that. "I never hated you," he reiterated . . . and it almost seemed like his words could be true. "I wouldn't have invited you if I hated you." His brows twitched as he paused, something flashing across his features. "You were the only person I felt like was actually a friend. Everyone else was always trying to . . . get something from me."
"Bullshit—” you couldn’t help but scoff— “Taehyung and Jimin."
His grin faltered at your words. There! He was hiding something. He had to be. "Well . . . it's not like any of that means much anymore.”
Your brows twitched in confusion. You wanted the truth. It seemed Jungkook had caught onto this, quickly wiping the solemn expression from his face before he was staring at you fondly once again—a small, accomplished smirk still on his pink lips.
"I admit when I'm at fault," he went on with a shrug. "Winning and being right doesn't feel good when it's wrong." 
You just looked at him, mouth still downturned in a straight line.
"I don't lie—"
A snort from you.
"A lot," he corrected, amused by your input. He shook his head the next second, ridding himself of his previous thoughts. Then . . . he sighed and met your eyes. "Whatever, look, I never hated you, and I would have never done anything to ruin your chances. What happened that day . . . when I heard you scream . . . it was like I could feel my career being ripped away from me, too."
"But it didn't," you quickly bit out. "It was my career, not yours. You were lucky. I lost everything that day."
His brows twitched. "I lost a lot that day, too."
And you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. "Oh, fuck you," you scoffed with a shake of your head. "What'd you lose? A quickie in the back of your car? Bullshit, Jeon, I see right through this act. You're a liar and an asshole. You invited me to get me drunk so I'd be too fucked up to play, because whether you admit it or not, I also know you, and I know for a fact the only thing you care about is winning. Fuck everybody else, right?"
"You're wrong."
"You can't convince me you cared about anything else other than that," you muttered, clenching your hands into fists at your sides. "Not after all this time."
He swallowed, his Adam's apple visible to you. "Well . . . it wasn't like you gave me a chance to explain it to you.”
A shrug from you. "I didn't need you to. I'd been humiliated enough."
He nearly laughed then. "God, you are something else," he settled on saying instead.
You raised a brow. "Me?"
"Yeah, yeah, you," he quipped back. "I invited you to that party because I wanted to. No ulterior motives, no sabotaging, no nothing. I invited you because I wanted you there. Simple as that." He lowered his head, leveling his eyes with yours. "I'm so fucking sorry if the thought of me actually enjoying your company sounds so out there, but it's the truth."
"Then why try to fuck me?"
God, what were you even saying anymore? Truth was: you had no real idea. You were just looking for a fight, the years of bottled up anger becoming too much to bear. And it was true, Jungkook knew you too well. It was no wonder he didn’t seem fazed by any of the stunts you had pulled that night. (You’d be lying if you said it didn’t make your irritation grow more.)
"If I remember correctly it was you—” he tapped a finger to the middle of your forehead— “who came onto me.”
You swatted his hand away while glaring at him. "You were trying to get inside my head," you rationalized. "Right?"
He faltered only slightly, his hand falling to his side. "Is that really what you think of me?"
"It didn't seem that out there back then.”
"And now?"
Silence was your only answer.
It consumed the two of you for one . . . two . . . three seconds before he grew tired of it. Jungkook leveled his eyes with yours once again, nearly burning you with his gaze. And you watched out of the corner of your eye as his hand twitched almost as if he were thinking about touching you, only his hand never met your skin. He’d stopped himself. (And you weren’t sure if it was disappointment you felt or disgust.)
Still, he couldn’t stop his mouth from speaking for him. That much was evident as he confessed, "Trust me when I say badminton was the last thing on my mind when you pulled me into that bathroom.”
And for a mere second, you had begun to believe him.
The look in his eyes . . . the sound of his voice . . . the memories you both shared . . . well . . . it was enough to almost convince you. But accepting this truth, accepting his words meant admitting you were wrong. And if you had been wrong . . . then it would have been your fault solely. You’d ruined your life all on your own . . . and you weren’t sure if you could handle that. (Or if you ever could.)
So, when you spoke again, it was with clouded thoughts, "You're such a—"
You remained silent. The world . . . no . . . your world was crumbling all around you and you had no idea how to pick up the pieces without getting hit in the process. 
Fear revisited you then. 
God, awful, awful fear. 
It was paralyzing.
"You felt it didn't you?" he questioned again after a moment’s silence.
You swallowed hard, trying to remain composed. "Felt what?"
He only raised his brow in response. Then . . . his eyes flicked down to his sweatpants for only a second, and you knew exactly what he meant.
You swallowed harder this time for an entirely . . . different . . . reason. "Yes.”
"How do you explain that then?"
Jungkook laughed, shaking his head at your response. "Is it really that hard to believe that I wanted to fuck you?"
"Because we were pretending," you answered, your voice meek and unlike you. It held an ounce of vulnerability you weren’t used to. "It was fake. It wasn't real."
"OK, fine, I'll humor the idea," he hummed, no hesitance in his voice. "Believe what you want. But . . . do me a favor . . . answer me a few questions."
Fine. You’d play along.
"Spit it out quick, Jeon.”
He grinned in response. Challenge accepted, it seemed to say. "Is there anyone around?"
"Any reason to be your fake boyfriend as you called it?"
"So do I have any reason to lie?"
"Guess not.”
"Right, so then—” his face was mere inches from yours— “believe me when I say I've wanted to fuck you ever since I saw you again at the bar. And right now? All I want to do is fuck you against this wall."
Your breath hitched. "You hate me," was all you could say.
That only amused him more as he leaned in even closer (if that were possible), his breath fanning your burning cheeks. "I'm not sure that's the word, Ambrosia. Try again," he hummed, his voice deep and silky.
"It's the only word I feel," you forced yourself to bite out. 
"So that means I have to feel it as well?"
"It's mutual.”
Jungkook looked at you then. Really looked at you, then . . . there was that half-grin again. "Who knew you'd turn into such a liar," he remarked, softly (almost too soft . . . almost gentle). "I don't hate you. You know that. And I know you don't hate me either."
"Fine—” you huffed, stubbornly— “what word would you use?"
He only shrugged. "I haven't been able to find one.”
"Find one.”
You tutted. "Try again.”
His eyes found yours first. Then your lips. Then back to your eyes as if he were truly trying to memorize your features, before he released a heavy breath and gave you a tight-lipped smile. Then, he finally did lift his hand, but only to wrap a lock of your hair around his finger. It was a simple touch, one that didn’t even make skin contact—a touch without touching, if you will. And finally, his lips parted, his words meeting your ears, "Something in me . . . craves you.”
Something in me craves you, repeated in your head like a mantra. Why did this feel true? Why this? Why now? Why him?
His words . . . weakened you. (Something you would never admit to anyone.) But . . . for the first time in a long time, you felt truly desired . . . wanted. It made you feel . . . different.
The thing was: in the past, the people you’d hooked up with had never truly wanted you. Or at least, you’d never felt like they had. It’d always been quick . . . meaningless. You’d always left in the morning feeling used. You remembered feeling that way the morning after the almost hook up with Jungkook years ago, but . . . why did it feel different now? Why did it feel like he’d meant his words?
Did he truly want you? Or was he just lying like all the others before?
Not knowing what he was truly thinking made your mind unravel. You wanted the truth. You wanted to know his every thought. You were tired of being lied to, tired of being used, tired of not knowing. Maybe the truth you were looking for all along had nothing to do with the accident or why Jungkook had ended up here, but rather if he’d truly wanted you back then as you knew you’d wanted him. (Because that was what got to you the most: wanting someone more than they wanted you (and if you were being honest, you’d always been the one to want more).)
But you didn’t say these questions aloud. No, you knew yourself better than that. Admitting these thoughts meant admitting weakness. And you weren’t weak. You couldn’t have anyone see you like this . . . especially him.
It came as no surprise to you when you spat out, "I'm guessing that's your cock?" You always knew it’d go this way. "Dick for brains, Jeon?"
Jungkook only smiled a knowing smile. "Guess so," he hummed, pleasantly. Then, he was letting go of your hair, severing the tie between the two of you. "Have a good night, Belladonna. Don't let the bedbugs bite. They aren't as . . . generous as I am." And with a wink, he’d pushed off the door, leaving you there as he approached his desk. 
That was his goodbye. His way of telling you he surrendered. He wasn’t going to fight. Not anymore. And that bothered you in ways you had never felt before. You weren’t even sure why. It just . . . got under your skin.
You hated him for fuck’s sake. Why was this so hard? Why did you feel like you’d lost?
It wasn’t fair.
You were supposed to hate him. It was only natural . . . only . . . the longer he spent explaining himself, the longer you began to question if the past you remembered was actually the truth, the longer that funny feeling in your lower stomach began to blossom . . . the more you began to doubt yourself.
Did you truly hate him? You were sure a part of you did. It had been ingrained into you since you were young.
But . . . 
You could’ve ignored him. You could’ve not volunteered to grab the speaker. You could’ve quit and begged another team to take you. You could have done a lot of things.
Maybe a part of you did hate him . . . but maybe another part . . . a part that you had long buried . . . craved him, too. He was familiar. He reminded you of the past. He . . . was him.
Now . . . you had no idea what that meant, but . . . you didn’t bother leaving. No, you stayed even though you could’ve left. You stayed because . . . a part of you did, in fact, crave him . . . perhaps even . . . need him.
You didn’t know what that meant. You weren’t sure if you wanted to know.
The only thing you knew for certain was in that very moment . . . you craved him in a visceral way. Your lips, your body, you . . . you wanted him. You wanted to feel him. Touch him. Just once. Just so you could feel something one last time. You weren’t sure when the next time someone would want you like this would be . . . and you weren’t sure when the next time you’d want someone like this would be either.
So for the second time in your life, you said fuck it, and went after him. 
Without thinking, you pushed off the door, taking two strides before your hand wrapped around his bicep, nails digging into his skin as you attempted to turn him around. You wanted him. Craved him, and you knew this now even if you had no idea what it meant. 
Jungkook, taken off guard, faced you, wincing. "Ouch, your nails are sharp," he hissed, rubbing his bicep where your nails had punctured.
"Just shut up.”
"I mean I don't mind marks, but usually I prefer them on my back, sweetheart," he remarked, quickly, still rubbing his arm.
You rolled your eyes, growing fed up. "Shut up.”
"So easily angered," he chuckled to himself as he flicked your chin. "You know, you should really get that checked out."
That was the last straw. "I said shut up," you spat out before you slung an arm around his neck and pulled him into you, quickly connecting your lips. He stumbled into you, remaining frozen in shock as you kissed him once more, asking for him to kiss you back.
And that was all it took. Jungkook exhaled through his nose, sighing into your kiss as his body relaxed and he melded his body against yours. His hands came around you, securing around your waist as he walked the two of you toward his bed. And his kiss. His kiss was like lighting a fire deep inside you that had been put out years ago. 
He only deepened it from there, sucking your bottom lip into his mouth, asking you for permission first. And you willingly gave it to him, parting your lips just enough to allow him access, and relishing in the way he wasted no time. Only instead of slotting your tongues together like you expected, his desire ran deeper and more intense. He didn’t bother beating around the bush. No, instead, he wrapped his lips around your tongue, sucking the muscle like he couldn’t get enough of you. And if that wasn’t enough, once he’d gotten a taste of you, a soft, deep noise sounded from the back of his throat.
It was sloppy and carnal . . . just the way you craved it to be. You only spurred him on from there. You touched your hand to his, securing your fingers around his wrist as you brought his hand under your shirt, helping him push your bra down so he could gain access to your bare skin. He only grew more needy from there, quickly palming your breast before his thumb found your hardened nipple. He pinched and rolled, listening closely to your reactions in order to please you, while swallowing your each and every moan, responding occasionally with his own.
“You still taste sweet,” he remarked against your lips as he nibbled on your bottom lip before pressing a kiss against them. “And you wonder why I crave you? It’s just not fair, sweetheart.”
You didn’t respond. You only tangled your fingers in his dark hair and tugged him closer, pressing your lips against his once again. You didn’t want to talk. Talking meant thinking, and for once you didn’t want to think, you just wanted to feel.
It didn’t take long for Jungkook to take control again either. He reacted quickly to your actions, his hands securing tightening around you as his left drifted down to your ass, squeezing. He walked the two of you further toward his bed until the edge of the mattress met the backs of your knees. He wasted no time, helping you tear off your shoes and crawl onto the mattress before laying you down on your back, making sure your head was resting on one of the pillows while he loomed over you.
Then, with one final kiss, he pulled back, and you watched with careful eyes. His hands found the hem of his shirt, pulling it over his head and discarding it to the floor, revealing the rest of his tattoos to you. And you didn’t hold back, finally allowing yourself to trace the intricate details. Part of you wanted to ask how in the world they let him get all of these with the contracts you all had to sign, but another part of you just wanted to enjoy the warmth of his skin under your cold fingertips. 
Once you’d had your fill, you allowed yourself to meet his gaze, only to find him fondly looking down at you, a hint of smirk on his face. Normally you would’ve rolled your eyes, but this was different. This time . . . you were going into this knowing you were making a mistake, only you couldn’t bring yourself to care . . . not when he looked at you like that.
Instead, you did the only thing you could think of. You evened the score, taking off your shirt and discarding it on the floor. Then, with your eyes never leaving his, you unclipped your bra, slowly revealing your bare chest to him before you discarded it on the floor as well.
And Jungkook couldn’t help himself. His eyes drifted down to your chest, darkening at the sight of you, and then his hands were on you. But his touch wasn’t rushed. It was soft and slow as his fingertips glided across your skin, tracing your curves. 
You sucked in a sharp breath when his fingertips brushed over your nipples. He, of course, found this amusing, smirking slightly to himself, but he didn’t stop to tease you. No, he kept his touch moving, slowly making his way to your clavicle, tracing your collarbones, then the slope of your neck, and finally halting at the corner of your lips. There, he traced the outline of your now puffy lips, sighing in content.
And then . . . then, he murmured, "Deadly nightshade indeed.”
"What the fuck are you talking about, Jeon?" you muttered out, but there was amusement in your voice. (Amusement you hadn’t felt in a while.)
Jungkook only grinned wider. "You not know your flowers or somethin'?"
"No, I was talking about the indeed bit," you tutted with a raise of your brow. "What are you?"
"Well educated.”
"More like insufferable.”
"Don't think that's the right insult," he quipped back as he leaned forward, arms on either side of your head, caging you in. "I'd accept illiterate, but insufferable?” He dipped his head into the crook of your neck, leaving wet, open-mouthed kisses on your skin. “Baby, you've pained me."
Your hands wrapped around his biceps, running up and down his muscles, trying to feel as much of him as you could. But you wanted more, more, more. "Just fuck me before I come to my senses," you found yourself practically begging as you tilted your head to the side, allowing him more access to your neck while you left open-mouthed kisses on his bicep.
“Yes, ma’am,” he hummed against your neck, quickly leaning on one of his arms so he could reach down and latch onto your thigh, guiding you to wrap your legs around his waist. 
And you did as you were told, because you wanted him more than you wanted to win.
His lips brushed against the shell of your ear, and you nearly sighed at the way his breath tickled your skin. "In case you need another reminder—" he whispered, still squeezing your thigh. Then he did something you weren’t expecting. He rolled his hips into yours, and that was when you felt it: his hardened length dragging against your clothed center— "I really want to fuck you."
His torment didn’t stop there as he continued grinding against you and stimulating your aching clit while he softly moaned into your neck and left sloppy kisses on your skin. And you weren't sure if he could tell exactly what he was doing to you or rather just how much his simple touches were making your underwear stick to your core, but it didn't matter, you were already so lost in the taste, the feel, the touch of him. You wanted more, more, more. You wanted to feel him . . . everywhere.
So you did the one thing you knew would get to him. You tangled your hand in his hair, pulling hard while you whined, silently begging him to fuck you. And he did something you weren’t expecting. Instead of giving in to your demands, he tangled his hand into your hair and tugged, exposing your neck more to him before he leaned so close his lips were pressed up against your ear while his body caged you against him.
Then . . . then he practically growled out, "Don't challenge me right now.”
And you couldn't help it, your mind just kept repeating what he'd said, your body heating up even more. Your core throbbed with a visceral ache, and against your will, a soft, barely audible whimper sounded from the back of your throat. 
. . . 
You felt him grin against your ear. Cocky bastard.
"Thought you liked a challenge?" you ended up muttering, completely breathless as you tried to salvage your dignity.
"Not when it prevents me from getting what I really want.”
At his words, you twisted in his hold, and he allowed you to turn your head just so you could be face to face with him, your noses brushing. You watched carefully as his eyes trained on your before dipping to your lips. That was when you spoke, "And what's that?"
And his eyes stayed on your lips, watching the words tumble from your tongue. But he didn’t reply, and he didn’t need to. You both knew the answer.
Jungkook, however, kept surprising you. One second he was looking at you like he’d ravage you, then the next he was pressing a soft kiss to the corner of your lips before he made his descent down your body, leaving kisses on your skin.
"I remember you liking this," he mumbled against your skin, and before you could question what he meant, his thumb rolled against your hardened nipple. You jerked against him, the pleasure going straight to your core. “Still so sensitive.” He kept rubbing small, firm circles against your perked buds, and you kept softly moaning, shifting against him.
As if that wasn’t enough, you were losing yourself in the touch of his fingers, then the next, his tongue smoothed over the bud, and you couldn’t hold back the whimper which escaped you. He didn’t stop there either. He softly hummed against your skin as he kissed your nipple just moments before taking it into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the bud and sucking hard. And you couldn't help it, you jerked once more, but this time you threw your head back, a loud moan sounding from the back of your throat.
His hand was covering your mouth the next second before he released your abused nipple with a pop. “Quiet, baby, don’t want the others to start wondering where you are and hear you, do you?” he hummed against your skin, his thumb taking the place of his mouth as he pleasured you with one hand and muffled your moans with the other. He chuckled when you twitched against him and held onto his hand covering your mouth, trying to hold onto your sanity. “Unless you like being heard. Huh? You want everyone on this team to know you're my little slut?”
You shook your head, holding on to your stubborn attitude. Maybe you wanted to test him. Or maybe you wanted him to punish you.
“No? Hmm. Guess we’ll have to change that, huh?” he remarked, his cockiness showing all too well. 
But you couldn’t find it in yourself to care about anything other than him and his touch. It was especially hard when he whispered for you to keep quiet just before he sank lower down your body, his body now between your legs, and you felt your core clench at what this position entailed.
"This OK?" he questioned as his fingers curled under the hem of your sweatpants.
Holding your breath, you could only nod.
And Jungkook grinned right back at you.
That was all it took before Jungkook pulled your sweatpants down your legs, tugging your underwear down in the process and leaving you bare to his eyes. His eyes stayed trained on your dripping core even as he discarded the rest of your clothes on the ground. Only after he had nestled himself between your legs, hoisting your thighs onto his shoulders did he blow cold air across your aching cunt in an attempt to either soothe the ache or torture you (you were betting on the latter).
That was when you found your voice. "Thought you wanted to fuck me," you muttered out, hoarsely.
Jungkook only grinned wider before he gently bit your inner thigh, then soothed it with his tongue. "There's a lot of things I want to do to you," he admitted as he brushed his lips across your skin. "Fucking's at the end of the finish line."
And you couldn’t help it. You slapped your hands over your face, quietly laughing. "Don't make me laugh when I hate you," you groaned, still hiding your expression from his view.
You, however, weren’t kept hiding your expression for long as Jungkook breathed more cold air over your pulsing cunt once again. Then, you felt him move closer, so close you knew one more inch and he’d be buried between your legs. You swallowed hard, awaiting it all.
"Not sure if you deserve this," Jungkook murmured, teasing you. "What do you think?"
"No," you answered, honestly.
That earned you a soft laugh from him. "Good thing honesty trumps everything else.”
"In your books?"
"Of course.”
When you finally peeked out from the cover of your hands, you were met with his signature grin followed by a wink. That was the only warning you received before he shocked you once more that night. Instead of dipping his tongue into your center like you expected, he buried his face between your thighs, coaxing a gasp out of you. He kissed your center, his nose brushing your clit as you heard him audibly breathe in your scent, followed by a guttural groan. 
You’d never been with someone who enjoyed the scent of your arousal so much . . . and surprisingly, it made you crave him more. It made your cunt throb, your wetness beginning to leak out of you and spread to the sheet. But Jungkook didn’t seem to care. No, he seemed to get off on it as he tightened his grip around your thighs, pulling you closer into him as he breathed in your scent once again, moaning in euphoric pleasure.
“You smell so fucking good,” he nearly whined as he kissed your center once again.
Only then did you realize he had been palming himself through his sweatpants. God, was he really that turned on just by the smell of you? You swallowed hard, and couldn’t deny the way you pulsed at this lewd confession.
Then . . . his mouth was on your core in an instant. All thoughts vanished from your brain as you felt his hot tongue lick a strip up your slit, dipping into your warm heat briefly before his mouth closed around your clit, sucking the nub. You were left a panting mess, rolling your hips against his skilled tongue as he continued his punishing torment, lapping and sucking at the sensitive bundle of nerves, simultaneously making you forget every thought until all you could think was fuck, fuck, fuck.
"Oh, god," you whimpered, trying to keep your noises quiet, but you couldn’t under the relentless torment of his skilled tongue. All you could do was twitch underneath his touch, reaching out to tangle your fingers through his dark hair. And every time you’d twitch, you’d accidentally pull on those dark locks, which only spurred him on further as deep groans sounded from him the harder you pulled.
Losing yourself in the feeling, the rhythm of your hips snapping against his skilled tongue was enough to coax continuous soft moans from your puffy lips. And the longer he laid there, sucking and moaning against your throbbing core, the more impatient he grew. He wanted you to cum. He wanted to feel it, taste it . . . that much was evident. 
You knew you were close too, but as soon as he slipped two fingers into your heat, curling inside of you right where your sweet spot lay, you knew you were a goner. You cried out, core clenching around him as he sucked on your clit while his fingers pumped in and out of you at a punishing pace.
"I can feel you. Fuck, I can feel you squeezing me," he hummed, his voice controlled but holding a certain neediness. "I got you. I got you. Give it to me."
"Kookie, please," you whined, thrashing against him as you felt the coil in your lower stomach quickly build and build. Your release was right there. You could practically taste it.
"Give it to me," Jungkook all but begged, curling his fingers at just the right pace. "Please, god, please cum for me."
Cum for me, he'd pleaded, and you listened. His fingers stroked your sweet spot, his mouth sucking on your swollen clit as the coil snapped, causing you to cry out. Your muscles tightened, your core pulsing as your high broke through every part of your body, your head tilting back in ecstasy, your hips raising while low moans strung from your lips. He helped you ride out your high, too, gently sucking on your clit and softly moaning along with you. 
He released your pussy from his mouth, leaning back to watch you clench and unclench around his fingers with his eyes fully blown out. Blowing air out through his nose, he slid his fingers out of your hole, watching carefully as a string of your arousal still connected his finger to your core. He spread this wetness around your puffy lower lips, soothing the pulsing aftershocks of your orgasm. And when you twitched from oversensitivity, that half-grin on his face appeared once again before he brought his arousal-coated fingers to his lips and slid them into his mouth, sucking all the wetness from his digits.
Through lidded eyes, you watched as he sucked his fingers clean, gaze still on your core before he finally glanced up to take in the state of your face. You were sure you looked like an utter mess, but he didn’t seem to mind as he offered a small, dazed smile before he leaned forward and pressed his lips firmly against yours.
It didn’t take long before he was nipping and sucking at your lower lip, asking you to open up to him. And you were putty in his hands, willingly parting your lips just enough for him to slot your tongues together. Even then, you couldn’t help it . . . you moaned at the carnal act.
He chuckled against your lips, shaking his head slightly. "Thanks for the new spank-bank material," he murmured before making his descent to your neck, leaving kisses along the column.
“I’m surprised you know where the clit is,” you remarked back, too spent to put any real bite in your words.
“Babe—” another kiss to your neck— “you doubt me too much.”
“What? You love pussy that much?”
“Mmm, yours,” he mused, smiling against your skin.
Which . . . you were lucky his face was buried into the crook of your neck as his response had managed to bring a small smile to your face. (You quickly wiped it off before it made you too nauseated.) Then, you mumbled out a pathetic little, “Fuck off.”
And Jungkook only laughed, continuing his torment on your neck. (Not that you were complaining.)
You swallowed hard. If he kept doing that you weren’t going to survive without begging him to either fuck you or eat you out like that again. No . . . you wanted him to have a little taste of his own medicine. So you asked the only thing you could really think of: “Can I suck you off?”
To which Jungkook clicked his tongue. “I don’t normally do this, but . . . if I don’t fuck you soon, I think I may die,” he admitted before your mind could form another reason for his hesitance. He kissed you just under your ear as if to tell you to stop thinking so much. “Rain check?”
Shaking yourself out of that mindset, you resorted to huffing out, "You that easy?"
Jungkook didn’t like that. He quickly had his hands on you again, now resting at your waist, his thumb drawing circles into your hip. “Need I remind you again?" he began, his voice deep, calm, and arousing. "I want to fuck you. Hard. Soft. Rough. Slow. Don't care. Just wanna be inside you. Wanna feel you cum around me." His hand inched down to squeeze your bare ass cheek. "You're just . . . so warm . . . soft. I'd take anything you give me."
"Believe that's you, sweetheart.”
"Maybe," you hummed, feeling a little more bold, and wanting to put him in his place. He’d spent long enough making you surrender to him. It was time he surrendered to you. 
With that thought on your mind, you trailed your hand down his chest, relishing in how warm he was to the touch. Then, without warning, you snuck your hand into his sweatpants, finding he wasn’t wearing any boxers, and greedily wrapping your hand around his painfully hard cock. You felt him still under your touch, and you waited one, two, three seconds before he groaned into your neck, silently begging you to continue, before you began to explore.
Much like all those years ago, his cock was still just as warm and firm to the touch. And just like back then, it was still intimidating . . . daunting . . . mouthwatering, if you really had to admit it. Shamelessly? You wanted it all.
When your thumb brushed over the head of his cock, he softly moaned into your neck, and you couldn’t take it anymore. Your cunt throbbed with the desire to be filled. You wanted him. All of him. And you needed it now.
“Koo, I’m dying here,” you whined, as your hand tangled in his dark hair while your other worked against his straining cock.
Jungkook only chuckled against your neck before he slowly raised his head to meet your eyes. "Not sure if you're open enough yet," he mused while his hand drifted down your body until it dipped between your legs, his fingers now lazily pumping your pulsing core. 
"Don't care. I like the burn," you all but begged, withering against his hard chest. "Fuck me, Jungkook. Fuck me."
His nose brushed against yours. "You really are a slut.”
When his fingers curled against your already sensitive g-spot, you keened and gasped out, "Just for you.”
"Yeah?" he remarked, cockily. "You my slut?" But his voice fell upon deaf ears as you lost yourself in the feeling of his fingers. Only when you heard the crinkling of a condom wrapper being opened did you realize his warmth had gone and your hand had fallen from his length just long enough for him to grab protection.
"I won't beg," you reiterated as you watched him slide his fingers out of you so he could pull down his sweatpants and throw them across the room. "Fuck me."
His eyes met yours then, and he raised his brow, questioning you or maybe teasing. Either way, he kept his eyes on you as he gave his leaking cock a few pumps before he slid the condom on and sent a wink your way. "I'll get you to beg one day," he said, voice so self-assured, just moments before he crawled back over you, caging you in with his body. 
"Koo . . . “
“Right here with you,” he hummed as he leaned down to press a single kiss to the corner of your mouth. His eyes never left your face even as you felt the tip of his cock line up with your entrance. It seemed he wanted to watch you as he sunk into you inch by inch, and you had a hard time not clenching at the thought. 
And then . . . you felt him slowly enter you, inch by inch sinking into your cunt. Your eyes fluttered closed as your mouth parted and your head tilted back while you basked in the fullness which came along with his cock sliding snugly against your tight walls. Your breath hitched in your throat just as you felt him bottom out, your core taking him all the way until the hilt.
The next second, you were wrapping your legs around him, locking them together in an attempt to get him even deeper. Your eyes fluttered open next, meeting his gaze instantly as he stared down at you with his brows pinched in pleasure and those big, round eyes of his blown out in pure lust. He looked almost pretty like this. Maybe a little too pretty for you to handle.
It didn’t help when the following words out of his mouth were: "You're so fucking tight.”
Embarrassingly enough, you clenched at the lewd confession, making him only groan more. "Ever think maybe you're the problem?" you asked as you brought your hand up to tug on those dark locks of his. You watched in awe as his eyes fluttered closed ever so slightly followed by another soft, deep groan from the back of his throat . . . and . . . you could have sworn his cock twitched inside of you, but you couldn’t be certain.
He, however, recovered fast. "Nah, I know you are," he remarked, his eyes still closed. "You've been my problem for twenty-five years. Pain in my ass for most of my life, and now . . . now you're squeezing me so hard I think I might cum."
You swallowed hard. Fuck, why was that hot? "That would be embarrassing," you said instead of voicing your true thoughts . . . because you couldn’t have him knowing that.
However, you couldn’t stop the way your body reacted to his confession. And he felt it all, wincing under your hold.
His thumb was at your lips in an instant, sliding into your warm mouth and you swore you could taste the residue of your arousal on his skin. "Suck," he commanded, pressing his thumb against your tongue, and you obeyed.
He pulled his thumb out of your mouth with a pop before he placed it on your clit, beginning to rub firm, calculated circles against the abused bud. You couldn’t help but twitch under his touch, already suffering from overstimulation, now with the addition of his thick cock nestled inside of you, you weren’t sure how long you’d last.
"Relax, baby," he shushed you, continuing to stimulate your clit as he began to slowly drag his cock against your tight, plush walls. "Relax."
You bit your bottom lip, turning your head to the side as your breathing became more uneven by the second. The pressure in your lower stomach was becoming too much as it bloomed and bloomed, twisting and turning in a pleasurable ache. Only then, when you felt as though you could barely swallow your own spit anymore, did you meet his gaze. You, of course, found him staring down at you, a hint of a smirk on his face with this . . . look in his eyes that you couldn’t quite place, but it managed to get under your skin nevertheless.
"Stop looking at me like that," you rasped out, trying to swallow your spit.
Jungkook raised a brow. "Like what?"
"Like I work at a brothel.”
He snorted, moving the hand that was on your clit up to your perky nipples, stimulating them now. "Can't help it," he mused as he pinched one of your nipples between his fingers. "Wish I could've gotten a picture of that face you made. I'm afraid my memory won't do it justice later."
You attempted to roll your eyes. "I don't have the energy to argue.”
"Good. I'm tired of arguing," he replied, pinching your nipple just a little bit harder. (Hard enough to coax a mangled gasp out of you, which no doubt was his plan.) "How do you feel?"
"Good,” you found your voice (ignoring how hoarse it was). “Better if you moved."
He only shook his head, but you caught on to the grin he wore. "Insatiable.”
You couldn’t help but grin back (and this time you hadn’t even realized you’d done it). "Guilty.”
And then he was kissing you again, taking you by utter surprise. You were used to quick fucks, not this. Nothing about sex had ever been . . . soft like this kiss. As if to make it worse, his hand brushed through your hair as he kissed you, tracing your hairline, your cheek, your jaw, then your neck as if he were trying to map out your features. Only then did you realize this was probably a one time thing. You wouldn’t let him get this close ever again. You just needed to get him out of your system and this was the only way how . . . you were sure of that. And . . . and he definitely thought the same.
So why was his kiss so soft?
There was no time for dwelling on your heavy thoughts as he pulled back a second later, asking you, "Ready?"
And all you could say was, "Yes.”
Then . . . the dance began. Jungkook pulled out so just the tip was sheathed inside you, and then he sunk in, groaning as you clenched around him. He started out slow, rolling his hips against yours, making sure to listen to your whimpers and gasps. Then, when he was sure you had become accustomed to his length, he pressed his thumb against your clit, rubbing firm circles against the sensitive bud, and you couldn’t stop the noises which fell from your lips.
Only then, when he had you clenching around him so tight you swore it was almost too tight for him to move, did he pick up his pace. And it wasn’t forgiving. No, he snapped his hips, plunging into you with such force, the tip of his cock nearly kissed your cervix. And he didn’t stop there, he continued pounding into you. Through uneven breaths, you clung onto him, your hands securing around his broad muscular back as his cock sunk deeper and deeper, hitting places you’d never even felt before.
If you were overthinking before, this was the cure. You felt as though your brain was melting after each and every plunge of his cock into your heat. The wet squelching sounds accompanied by his low grunts in your ear was enough to consume you, and you suddenly didn’t care if anyone heard the two of you as you bit into his shoulder, letting yourself become a whining mess.
“Wish I could die in this pussy,” Jungkook hissed as his mouth hung slightly open, rich moans sounding from the back of his throat.
“Fuck, yeah.”
You felt yourself unravel a little further. God, did he have an effect on you. Jungkook seemed to only thrive off your unraveling, keeping his ruthless pace as that skillful thumb tweaked against your clit. And that was when you felt it: the familiar coil building and building in your lower stomach. Only this time, it felt different—the pressure was deeper, more intense . . . like you couldn’t control it.
“Yeah, baby? You there?”
“Feels different,” you whined, twitching against him.
He only grinned. “Give it to me,” he hummed, dipping his head down to suck your nipple into his mouth. “It’s good different.” He groaned around your nipple. “Trust me. Give it to me.”
And you allowed yourself to trust him.
Everything pulsed as he kept his relentless pace, hitting your sweet spot over and over again as his thumb worked skillfully against your swollen clit while you chased the coil. It tightened and tightened, rings of pleasure hissing in your ears. His thumb quickened its pace, and then the coil snapped, your release sprinkling out of you as this deep pleasure consumed your being in waves. All you could do was surrender to it, tilting your head back into the pillow as your hips raised while your nails dragged down his back, surely drawing blood. All the while, Jungkook continued pounding into you, dragging out your orgasm for as long as he could.
As you slowly came down from your high, he was already on you again, moaning into your neck as his pace only quickened. "You're so fucking hot. Squirting like that for me. Fucking sexy," he spewed out nonsense. "Wanna fuck these fucking tits one day.” His hand squeezed one of your breasts, and you whimpered. “Goddamn."
You let yourself get wrapped up in him for a little longer, too. Your hands were on him again as you tangled your fingers in his hair and pulled. This time a loud, deep groan came from his lips, and you knew you had him. He gave another groan of submission when you tugged again, his thrusts barely cohesive now. He was close, and you reveled in this, wishing to bring him to ecstasy. With that thought on your mind, you devilishly reached over his muscular ass, fingers quickly finding his perineum and pressing into it, massaging the sensitive spot.
And he lost it.
Jungkook nearly collapsed on top of you with another low moan as his orgasm consumed him and he filled the condom with his cum. He gave a few smaller thrusts, still moaning silently before he licked his lips, swallowed, and slowly pulled out, causing the both of you to hiss in sensitivity.
Then . . . his heat was gone as he silently stood to toss away the soiled condom. Only then were you reminded what this was—just a hookup. He didn’t mean anything to you, and you didn’t mean anything to him. The two of you just needed to get this out of your system . . . and now you had, so you could have left.
You should have.
But you stayed glued to his bed, watching him tug his sweatpants back over his lower half, covering him. You took note of the scratch marks on his back, feeling a sense of pride wash over you. Perhaps, you, too, were one for claiming trophies for your accomplishments. Then, he was gone, taking a peek out into the hallway before he disappeared, leaving you with a sense of . . . well . . . you couldn’t quite place it. 
You didn’t know, but you hated the way it made you feel.
But just as you were hastily trying to fasten your bra back on, the door to his dorm room opened, revealing none other than Jungkook holding a washcloth and ibuprofen. You could only stare at him in shock, and he stared back at you, taking in the fact that you were about to book it before he even returned.
You, however, didn’t race past him. You didn’t make a run for it. Not this time. No, this time you let him approach you. You dropped your bra and let him hand you the wet washcloth along with the pain medication while he mentioned something about having water bottles under his bed. Then you watched as he approached his dresser, grabbing one of his tees and boxers. He turned around and handed those to you, too, which you couldn’t wrap your head around.
Why was he being so . . . kind?
He turned around the next second, allowing you to use the washcloth to wipe your thighs from your wetness before you threw on the clothes he’d given you without a second thought. You should’ve left. You should’ve, but something told you to stay, and for once . . . you listened.
You cleared your throat when you were done, and he wasted no time, grabbing the washcloth from you and throwing it in the washing bin. Neither of you moved after that. You weren’t sure either of you could. You’d never done this with him before. 
This was new. 
This was uncharted territory. 
“So . . . “ you trailed off.
“You should probably wait for them to fall asleep. Just in case they, uh, see,” he explained, quickly. “I mean you can stay, too . . . “
“Right,” you muttered, clearing your throat as you shifted your weight from one foot to the other.
“I texted Wooshik I’d need the room tonight,” he went on.
You furrowed your brows.
“He doesn’t know. Don’t worry.” He cleared his throat a little louder. “He just . . . owes me.”
“Um . . . “ he trailed off, scratching the back of his head. “That was . . . fun?”
And you couldn’t help it, you snorted. “Oh, come off it, Kook. We had sex. You can say it.”
“Yeah,” he laughed under his breath.
“Good sex,” you corrected, awkwardly.
That only got him to smirk. “Yeah?”
“Don’t let it go to your head.”
“Course not.”
Silence for only a second.
Then, you spoke, “So how long until you think I can sneak past Wooshik without being caught?”
“Long,” he winced. “We could, uh, watch a movie on my phone? If you want . . . “
You nodded. “Movie sounds . . . normal.”
And that was that. The two of you awkwardly settled into his bed, crowding around his phone while you both argued which movie to put on. For a second, it felt as though the two of you were kids again, bickering over whose turn it was to pick out the movie while your parents had dinner. 
And for a second, it felt nice. 
You let it feel like that.
The feeling consumed you as the movie began. And it stayed like that. Hell, it even stayed silent while the movie played on. (Which was, totally, uncharacteristic of both of you.)
Until . . . 
“Hey, uh, Poppy . . . “ Jungkook abruptly mumbled, speaking a little over the movie.
“Mmm,” you hummed, eyes still trained on the small screen. 
“I’d do anything to trade places with you. You deserved it more than me,” he softly spoke, his voice clear and . . . almost truthful. “I mean that.”
You didn’t respond. You only nodded, and for a second, you had begun to believe him.
Tumblr media
It was still dark when your eyes fluttered open. For a few seconds, you couldn't wrap your head around where you had managed to end up. First, you had an odd sense of deja vu hit you, and suddenly you were in your childhood bedroom at your parents' house. But no, that couldn't be right. Your room always smelled like the vanilla you always burned in your wax melter, not like this, which was a combination of wintergreen and something else that you couldn't quite place your finger on. This wasn't home, but it wasn't entirely unnerving. No, you didn't spring up in fear. Instead, you felt yourself relax, your muscles loosening as the smell consumed you.
You brought a hand up to your eyes then, rubbing them to clear the sleep from the corners. Dropping your hand, you finally took the time to focus your eyesight, squinting in the dark as you observed your surroundings. And when it hit you that you were in a dorm room, you realized you were still at the badminton center . . . but . . . this didn't look like your room.
As your confusion only heightened, you attempted to reach over to grab your phone from your nightstand where it usually rested all night. But, when you went to reach, you realized something was prohibiting you from budging. Only then did you glance beside you, finding none other than Jungkook fast asleep with his cheek resting on your shoulder as he softly snored into your skin. Looking further, you realized his tattooed arm was draped over your stomach and slightly tucked under your back, keeping you in place against his firm chest.
Everything came back to you then. The fight. His confession. The kiss and everything afterward. You must have fallen asleep during the movie. Glimpses of the past muddled in with the present, reminding you you'd been here before. Only this time was so much worse. So so so much worse.
Except . . . in that very moment, you couldn't bring yourself to tear away from him. His hold felt secure and his skin was warm and for the first time, you didn't mind the sound of snoring all too much. No, it didn't scare you, because you knew the truth--you just missed being touched. It didn't matter if it were him or anyone else on the team, you would've stayed regardless.
That is what you told yourself over and over again as you continued staring at Jungkook's face. You'd hate yourself when the realization sunk in a little more, but for right now, you reveled in the feeling of being touched; of being held. Jungkook being the one to hold you didn't matter. It didn't. You kept telling yourself it really didn't, because it didn't.
You didn't acknowledge the fact that you couldn't tear your eyes from his face, not for one second. No, you stayed there, head tilted to the side as you took in the stress lines between his brows. You couldn't see much in the dark, but you could see how much older he looked from the last time you'd found yourself in bed with him. And yet, he still looked so peaceful.
(OK, don't read too much into it, but you didn't half mind Jungkook when he wasn't awake to bother you. But . . . that was it. Really . . . )
As you lay in silence, listening to the soft in and out of his breathing, his brows twitched, the stress lines deepening. But he didn't wake. He stayed fast asleep, and you remained still, trying your hardest not to wake him. And then, something odd happened--you could have sworn you heard a small pained whimper leave his lips as his hold on you tightened almost as if he were trying to keep you from running even in his sleep.
You began to wonder then. What was plaguing Jungkook even in his dreams? You'd noticed a difference ever since you'd joined the team. He'd been different, odd even. Every time the team would go to the bar, he'd end up drunk and someone would end up calling an Uber for him, too bothered to take him back themselves.
(And granted, you'd never stayed to help, but . . . well . . . you guessed you couldn't make any more excuses for yourself. You never stayed. But . . . (and you wouldn't admit it), but you'd stay in the main area of the girls' dorm, waiting until you heard the beeping of the boys' dorm's keypad before you let yourself head off to bed.)
Still . . . Jungkook was different. It made you wonder what had happened to him in those three years. Did those years haunt him while he slept?
Why did you even care?
You didn't.
You shouldn't.
You couldn't.
Oddly enough that didn't stop you from reaching out, your fingers hesitating above his brows. You itched to smooth out the crease between his brows; to take it away; to restore the peace you once found within his soft features. But you couldn't push yourself to touch him, almost as if the act would be too raw. Instead, you looked away, shifting against him as you reached over to grab your phone from his nightstand. The movement made him stir slightly, but it wasn't until you flashed the phone's flashlight in his face that he finally jolted awake with a groan.
Still, groaning, he buried his face into the pillow, trying to block the light. "Turn that shit off."
( . . . But his arm was still wrapped around your waist . . . )
"Get off me, then. I can't breathe," you huffed, pinching his forearm.
"Then I'm not turning it off."
"What if I say please?"
"Still no."
"With a cherry on top?"
"I hate cherries."
A beat of silence.
Then Jungkook was moving . . . his hand shooting out . . . toward your phone. You, on the other hand, were still half asleep, rendering you useless as he grabbed your phone, turned off the flashlight, and shoved it under his pillow before you could even blink. And to top it all off, he sent you one of those shit-eating grins you hadn't seen in a while before he tsked out a mocking, "Too slow."
A scoff left your lips as you shoved his shoulder. "You're such an asshole," you grumbled, turning to stare at the ceiling.
But you could still feel Jungkook staring at you, most definitely with that stupid grin on his face. And to confirm your thoughts, not even a second later, his arm was around your waist again, but this time, when you went to push him away, a kiss to your neck made the words tangle around your tongue.
"Mmm, I'm an asshole, am I?" Jungkook hummed against your neck, his breath tickling your skin.
You, however, didn't reply. You couldn't, especially when his gentle kisses turned sloppy as he trailed down the column of your neck all the way to your shoulder. His touch only wandered from there, and you wondered how long it had been since you felt like this. For the past three years, everyone had been afraid to touch you as if you were made of fragile glass. But Jungkook touched you as if he couldn't stop, as if something in him truly did crave you just as he had said . . . and you reveled in it a little more than you would ever admit to yourself.
Perhaps the reason behind it all was the fact that something deep in you, too, craved him as much as he did you. Perhaps that was why every single kiss he placed upon your skin both burned and cooled you. 
You'd be lying if you said it didn't scare you.
But you'd also be lying if you said it didn't also excite you.
And only when he pulled up the hem of your shirt, his mouth meeting your hardened nipple before taking the peak into his warm mouth and sucking, did you allow yourself to express just how much he affected you. "Kook," you whined, eyes fluttering shut as your hand subconsciously tangled in his tousled hair.
Jungkook only hummed in response, popping off your nipple only to suck upon the swell of your breast, no doubt trying to mark you (because Jungkook had always had a habit of claiming trophies for every game he won).
And for once you let him.
"Your tits are so fucking pretty," he murmured a second later, licking over the mark he'd left before he moved back to your nipple, swirling his tongue over the peak. "God--" he groaned as he squeezed your other breast, thumb stimulating the sensitive bud-- "I love them."
It would be so easy to lose yourself in the touch of him; to let him fill the numbness; to let him make you feel a little more whole again. But you'd already fucked up once that night. Hooking up with Jungkook was one thing, but hooking up with him twice in one night was a whole other thing.
You couldn't let yourself fall under his spell again, not when your second chance was in the palm of your hands. Jungkook was just a boy, but badminton was your purpose. It was what you were supposed to do; what you were good at; what you were meant to do. You were nothing without the trophies or the headlines or even the applause from your parents. And . . . you were tired of being nothing. You'd been nothing for too long; three years too long.
You couldn't handle being nothing any longer. That meant no more distractions. None. Not even one.
And this mistake . . . well . . . you'd made it two too many times before. You wouldn't make it three.
"Jungkook, enough," you forced yourself to bite out, putting a hand on his shoulder to halt him, but you couldn't tear him from your body. (OK . . . fine, it wasn't that you couldn't, but rather that something in you; the part of you that craved him wouldn't let you.)
But Jungkook hadn't caught onto this internal battle you seemed to be constantly fighting, instead, his lips remained in a dopey grin as he pressed one last gentle (a little too gentle for your liking) kiss to your sternum. "Later, then?" he mused, resting his cheek on your shoulder as he drew shapes on the bare skin of your stomach.
You smiled (and . . . get this . . . you hadn't even realized you had). "You're an idiot."
He lifted his head, his nose scrunched with one eye closed as he sported a small grin. "Glad to see your opinion hasn't changed even after all these years."
All these years.
It really had been so long since you'd last been this close to him for this long.
That was the whole reason you didn't reply. Your eyes just stayed trained on his face, taking in his features as if this were the last time you'd ever see him this close; this familiar; this comforting. Everything would go back to how it was before when the daylight seeped back in through the windows. You'd never see his eyes this close again. Or catch sight of the faint acne scars dotting his cheeks (that, really, only made him that much more attractive). 
Even now, as you stared at him (while he had reached over you to grab his phone, swiping through it), you caught sight of a detail you hadn't seen before. 
The light from his phone illuminated his face, revealing a small scar across his cheek. That was new. That hadn't been there three years ago. And all the possibilities as to how he could have gotten it swarmed your mind.
You couldn't help but ask . . . "Hey, uh . . . "
Jungkook tore his gaze from his phone, doe eyes meeting yours. And when you didn't say anything, he raised his brows in question.
That managed to get the words out of you. "How'd you get the scar?" you heard yourself mutter before you knew it. You tapped a finger to your own cheek but didn't dare touch his. That would be too personal; too intimate; too raw.
But as soon as those words left your lips, his face slowly fell, and the questions plaguing you only doubled. The stress lines between his brows formed once again, and you wished to smooth out those lines, but you didn't dare allow yourself.
Too personal; too intimate; too raw, you reminded yourself.
The two of you didn't do that.
So . . . 
. . . instead, you let the silence back in. You watched as he closed his eyes, breathing out through his nose almost as if he were truly living through his past once again. And then . . . his warmth was gone. He turned away from you, laying on his back while he stared at the ceiling, and all you could do was watch.
You almost couldn't believe it.
This didn't seem like Jungkook. This person barely looked like him.
The Jungkook you knew didn't take anything seriously. The Jungkook you knew never took that shit-eating grin off his face. The Jungkook you knew wasn't like this.
It made you wonder . . . 
"You know--" Jungkook spoke, his groggy voice pulling you out of your premature thoughts-- "sometimes I think you got some things right about me.”
You blinked, unsure of what to say. So you said the worst possible thing you could have said, "I am always right." And you immediately regretted it.
Yet . . . Jungkook simply gave a weak smile. But he didn't say another word.
"Well, come on--" you rushed out, trying not to give too much thought to the fact that it was you asking the questions rather than him-- "don't leave me hanging."
A beat of silence.
Then, he glanced your way.
His eyes found yours first. Then your lips. Then back to your eyes as if he were truly trying to memorize your features, before he released a heavy breath and gave you a tight-lipped smile (one that said more things than you could put into words). Then . . . then he said the last thing you were expecting: "I don't think I'm a good person."
And you found yourself wanting to pry into his mind; to comfort him rather than crave him. It was a tricky feeling . . . one you didn't particularly want to feel; one you'd never admit (not even to yourself) you did. 
When you spoke again, your voice was uncharacteristically soft. "Jungkook . . . " you trailed off, pondering over the questions roaming around in your head . . . until you found the one you'd been searching for. "Why are you here?"
His eyes had yet to leave yours, and you didn't dare look away. Yet . . . this didn't feel like a competition. It felt different. Soft. Not hard like your glares. Just . . . soft.
It seemed Jungkook felt this, too, as one moment you were wondering if he was going to give you another one of his half-assed lies, then the next he shocked you another time that night.
"I had no other choice," he finally confessed.
At his words, you paused. No, you felt as if the whole world did.
I had no other choice.
It made you wonder . . .
. . . what had truly happened in the three years you'd gone your separate ways? That scar. The look of hopelessness you’d seen on him at the bridge. The warning Hoseok had sent your way. What had happened to the Jungkook you’d grown up with? If he’d changed . . . truly changed . . . then what had changed him?
Whatever it was . . . he didn’t want to tell you. I don’t think I’m a good person, he’d told you. What had he done? And why . . . why did it concern you? 
You blinked, eyes traveling across his features and for the first time in a long time, your heart sunk for him. He just looked so . . . lost. 
And he was looking right back at you as if you had all the answers. But you didn’t. You didn’t know anything. You barely knew yourself . . .
Worst of all . . . you hated how all of this made you feel. You hated how you itched to clasp your hand around his, because that lost look . . . that utterly hopeless look was the same one you’d been staring at every time you looked in the mirror for the past three years. You knew that look and you despised it. 
You almost couldn’t believe it.
The two of you had gone your separate ways. You’d both ended up at entirely different ends of your shared plans. He was supposed to be the lucky one; the one to get out and make it big. And yet . . . you both shared that same look, and you couldn’t wrap your head around any of it.
And with your head still turning, you wet your lips, sucking in a sharp breath of air. “Jung—“
But . . . "Anyways," Jungkook interrupted you, abruptly blowing a raspberry. "Wanna fuck?"
That, well, that was unexpected. Perhaps it was the last thing you would have expected him to blurt out. And yet, it was the thing that got you.
You couldn’t help it, you burst out laughing. Entirely forgetting who he was and who you were, you let yourself laugh, throwing your head back into the pillow as you clasped a hand around your mouth to muffle your laughter. It was just so out there, and yet, you should’ve predicted it because this was Jungkook. 
Still . . . it managed to make you laugh in a way you hadn’t in years.
Slowly coming down from your high, you felt warmth on your stomach. Only then did you realize Jungkook was absentmindedly running his fingers up and down your ribs as you laughed. And surprisingly, when you realized this, you didn’t push him away. No, instead, you pretended you didn’t see him; didn’t feel him, and turned to face him, a small smile still on your face. And he . . . he was staring down at you, his eyes crinkled with a lazy grin on his face. (Fuck, fine! His handsome face. That was really why you were lost in a daze when you turned back to meet his gaze.)
As if the look he was giving you wasn’t enough, he went a step further and murmured, "Wasn't sure if I'd ever hear that again.” 
(As if the two of you were still living in the past, his words brought you a sense of comfort plagued with dread. It was almost as if none of this had ever happened; as if the two of you were still kids eager to start your careers. You’d loved badminton back then. (You still did but . . . ) He had too. (You weren’t sure how much of that was still true.) But the future was limitless back then, and his words had taken you back three years. It was odd.)
And then . . .
. . . He smiled.
But . . . you remained silent.
He, however, didn't stop smiling. “Don't worry,” he hummed out before he averted his gaze while pulling up the edge of the covers draped over your body. “I'll take care of you—“ he raised his brows, gesturing toward your . . . pelvic . . . region— “later.”
That got you to smile (although you hadn’t realized you were even doing it). "Did you just?” you scoffed in disbelief as you slapped his arm. “You didn't.”
Jungkook only went on. "Oh—“ he cupped his hand around his ear— “you hear that?"
"Shh, shh, listen," he hissed out as he squinted his eyes before he clicked his tongue and nodded in confirmation. "She's purring."
"God, ew!"
"Baby, it’s OK, pussy’s just—“
You pushed his shoulder. "Don't.”
“I’ve got catnip around here somewhere, you know,” he went on. “If she gets too—“
You glared at him, cutting him off. No words left your lips, and yet, Jungkook still found this all too amusing. The cheeky grin on his face grew until he couldn’t take it anymore and lowered his head, laughing into your neck. (You didn’t even try to push him off. Because it wasn’t worth it, not because you actually liked his touch . . . )
When you felt his soft laughter lessen and turn into gentle kisses trailing up and down your neck, you felt your eyes flutter closed. And he just kept touching you, kissing the past away with those addictive lips of his, and you let him. You felt yourself crave him more and more, and you wondered how bad it would be to have just one more taste of him. You just . . . wanted to remember (you’d forgotten enough already; sacrificed too much and yet not enough; you wanted more; you wanted someone who would touch you like you were made to be broken; you wanted him).
Would you let yourself have him? Just one more time? Just . . . once more?
You felt your morals crumble the more he pressed lazy open-mouthed kisses against your neck. He didn’t go farther than that, but you . . . you wanted more . . . so much more.
You didn’t care if you’d regret it in the morning. More more more was the only thing you could think. And it was the exact reason why you pressed a hand to his jaw, angling his face toward yours, just seconds before you pressed your lips against his, asking him to ruin you. And he accepted your offer . . . hesitating as he pulled back slightly and grazed your lips with his, while his hand ended up drawing circles across your pelvic region.
He didn't inch further, though. No, he kept his eyes on you, searching your face as his fingers caressed your lower stomach, gentle and calm. “Can you promise me something?" he asked after a second, eyes still on you.
The sound of him swallowing echoed in the air, and you tried to ignore how it made your stomach sink. But still, you listened, trying not to lose yourself entirely in his touch.
A beat of silence passed.
Then, he spoke.
 "Don't hate me in the morning.”
Your brows pinched together, and you knew how you looked—vulnerable. But you didn’t bother covering it up. Hell, you didn’t bother saying anything.
Don’t hate me in the morning, he’d asked you.
You swallowed hard.
“Please,” he added, his voice different . . . almost as vulnerable as you looked.
And you realized one thing: he wasn’t asking . . . he was begging.
Still, you couldn’t speak. You weren’t sure you could let yourself. However, you did act.
One second he was searching your eyes for an answer, then the next you were leaning forward to connect your lips together, hoping this would be enough to answer his pleas. And he accepted it, wrapping a muscular arm around your waist as he deepened the kiss, trying to taste all of you.
The world blurred. Time morphed together—the past and present consuming the two of you as you reached for his hand, pulling him between your legs. He graciously accepted your offer, slipping his hand under your underwear and pumping his fingers into your heat while he swallowed your soft moans. The world blurred into pleasure.
And only after he’d made you cum on his fingers did he reach for a condom, sliding it over his length moments before you both rid yourselves of your clothes. He entered your still pulsing core then, melding the two of you together. It was a carnal dance . . . one you refused to admit was just as vulnerable as the look you’d give him. But you didn’t care . . . not when he felt like this.
Something about this time was different though. He fucked you slow, never soft, but always deep. He was everywhere, consuming you moan by moan. 
And then:
Don’t hate me in the morning, you heard as he buried his face into your neck, groaning softly while he painted the condom white. Don’t hate me in the morning, you acknowledged as his skilled thumb brought you to another orgasm that night all the while he stayed sheathed inside of your warm heat. Please, you felt as he pulled out (lazily tying the condom off and flinging it into the trash) and flopped down beside you, but not before he pressed a lingering kiss to your forehead, whispering how good you had been for him.
He was asleep, snoring softly before you could process what you’d done. You’d slept with him again, and you weren’t sure if you hated him or yourself. But . . . you knew it wasn’t both.
Don’t hate me in the morning, you heard again as you closed your eyes for the final time that night. But in the morning, you left before he awoke, sneaking past Wooshik, who was passed out on the couch in the main living area. Because you decided this was just a hookup. You didn't care about him.
You didn't.
You shouldn't.
You wouldn't.
Not after all this time. Not after everything.
But you couldn’t deny the obvious . . .
. . . you’d kept your promise: when you awoke in the morning . . . you didn’t hate him.
Tumblr media
@hrts4kook , @taehyungs-chopsticks , @loomipee , @st3ft0n3s , @callmenada , @neg-l3ct , @dawn33 , @illegurlbangtan , @jeonsdetails , @rihabaxl , @yoongipost , @jjk1iscoming , @miumiugurl , @sadgirlroo​ , @lucwithbangtan , @iamsisuu , @shanelleeex , @beonim , @sherlynxx , @fairy1919
(tumblr hates me and won’t let me tag, but i swear i love you guys and appreciate you. tumblr is against me. <3)
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abcdegcf · 2 days ago
Small Crime
You find out that your boyfriend of seven years has been cheating on you. Instead of leaving your shared apartment, you end up wrapped around his arms. Or wherein a tumultuous relationship is separated into four theatre acts.
Word count? 3.6K
Genre? Angst, smut, established toxic relationship (Fem. Reader x Jungkook)
Contents and/or warnings? Infidelity, explicit language, unprotected sex, vaginal fingering, oral (f. receiving), degradation, Jungkook's an indecisive jerk and a walking red flag
Author's note? The plot of this fic is highly inspired by the song 9 Crimes by Damien Rice, I listened to it a lot while writing this short fic for the most part. A specific part of this story though is based on a scene from a film called Closer (2004) starring Julia Roberts — which is one of my favourite films and is originally a dramatic play. Please take note that I do not condone nor support any forms of cheating. As always, please let me know what you think of this one by sending an ask — I'd appreciate it a lot. (P.S. This was posted in my previous account for a different idol, so this may seem familiar)
It would have been a normal Saturday night for Jeon Jungkook. He could imagine himself munching on burgers while watching a lame series on Netflix with you. You'd probably be curled up in a blanket against him with his arm wrapped around you as he traced random figures on your back with his fingertips. He could picture the both of you stealing glances of each other then laughing because that's what you used to do back in college — when everything still felt perfect. He could've been spending the night with you if he didn't fuck up.
But he did.
"It's okay, she won't ever find out."
What a stupid statement. At the end of the day, he knows you'll find out about this cursed affair.
Instead of messing around the kitchen to tease you while you're cooking for dinner, he's pacing around his mistress' apartment. He's never felt this anxious before. When the affair first started, there was no trace of guilt that he’s feeling right now. He thought he loved the woman and appreciated her company at times when you’re not around. But he can’t help but look back at the many instances where he thought of you when he was fucking her. Maybe, he thinks to himself. Maybe it has always been you.
He hasn’t seen you nor heard from you for days — only because he decided to stay away in order to fix himself. Well, that's what he told you but it's far from the truth. Because if that was the case, he would've never answered any of her calls offering him some sort of comfort. He wouldn't even be here waiting for her in this damn apartment in the first place.
"You can stay here as long as you want... with me," was what she said. He still remembers the satisfied smile on her lips, probably assuming that he's decided to end things with you. How can he allow someone to falsely believe that he's choosing them?
Jungkook tugs on his hair, kneeling on the floor out of frustration. He wants to scream and shout at himself for starting something he knew he would have trouble ending. For starting something that will hurt the both of you.
And her, of course.
But especially you.
He's an indecisive jerk. An asshole for thinking about you in his mistress' apartment. A piece of shit who belongs in the trash for cheating on you. Words aren't even enough to describe what kind of person he is right now. No amount of insult can cover up the fact that he was fucking someone behind your back and didn't feel any sort of guilt while doing those forbidden acts. He can call himself the worst person but he knows damn well it won't change a thing — he fucked everything up.
Jungkook stands up from the floor before grabbing his phone out of his pocket. He goes straight to his inbox to read every message you've sent. The messages he hasn't read for weeks. The messages he could've and should've answered. He did everything to ignore you and everyone close to you. He hasn't even talked to his close friend Kim Taehyung because he knew his friend would've told him the harsh truths. He's only been relying on his mistress — who probably thinks he's choosing her. But is he really?
"Jungkook, I’m worried about you." One of your messages read.
Jungkook gently slams his forehead repeatedly against the wall. The sight of you anxiously waiting for him in the living room flashes in his mind. It happened so much that he's memorized that image. You've always been patient with him — only giving him an understanding smile whenever he shrugs off the simple questions that would leave your lips such as "why were you late?" and "how was your day?"
"Can you at least send an emoji? I don't know where you are and I'm really worried." Another one read. Why should you feel worried? Shouldn’t you feel mad at him instead?
But of course you’re not. Yet.
"Jungkook, I miss you. Just please come back."
You’re clueless — having no idea that he has been fucking someone behind your back, oblivious to the fact that he's been foolishly thinking he's in love with someone that isn't you and unaware that somebody else is kissing his lips that's supposed to be only yours. That he promised only belongs to you. You're so naïve to think he wasn't coming home to anyone else but you.
Your friends are right — you're too kind and trusting for your own good.
"Just come back home. I already have five bags of ramen ready for you and guess what? Hugs."
The thought of being back in your arms comes into Jungkook's mind. He misses your touch. Your kisses, even. Yours are soft and slow compared to his mistress' quick and harsh ones. He's never longed for you like this. Fuck, it didn't even cross his mind that this day would come. The day where he needs to choose between someone he thinks he truly loves and someone who satisfied him at times when he wasn't.
He was a jerk who thought he could have both.
Scrolling to the last message you sent to him, he can't help but laugh. Not because he finds this whole situation funny but because he doesn't know what to do anymore. He doesn't realize that while those laughs are coming out of his mouth, tears are already streaming down his face. He wants you back. He needs you more than before. But does he even deserve you in the first place? Hell no.
"Do you still love me?" your message read.
He's close in pressing the call button, wanting to hear your voice again. Just one hello from you is all he needs right now. But he's soon reminded by the reality when he hears his mistress call out his name.
It’s not your fault but why do you feel like it is? It’s not you who cheated but why does it feel like you did something wrong? Why does it feel like you committed a crime? You can’t help but wonder — if you did better, would he still cheat? If you had known from the start, would he stop? If you weren’t so clueless, would it had been less painful?
Your name falls from Jungkook's lips but you don’t dare look at him. If you do, you might have to commit an actual crime. Be it an aggravated assault or murder.
Looking at each other used to be comforting but that’s not the case anymore. Looking at you reminds him of how both of you used to be so good together and looking at him reminds you of what he did. It makes you feel sick. You can’t even handle looking at him, let alone feel his presence.
"Can you at least talk to me?"
Jungkook stops himself from reaching out to you. As much as he wants to hold you in his arms and kiss you, he knows damn well not to. You'd hate him more for it.
You gather the courage to give him the coldest look you’ve never given him before. He’s never given you the reason to and you can’t help but wish it stayed that way.
"At least talk to you? Can you even hear yourself?" you cross your arms, taking a few steps closer to Jungkook. But not close enough for him to lay a finger on you. You swear to yourself that you won’t let him. No matter how much you miss his warmth.
"Well Jungkook, can you at least explain to me why?"
You expect him to say something — explain himself, give a reason even though you know damn well there isn’t any and there shouldn’t be, but he stays quiet. He tears his eyes away from you. He’s told himself he’ll be brave enough to face you but he can’t. Not when you’re staring right into his soul.
The intense silence is killing the both of you and you want it to end, so you come up with the worst question you could’ve ever asked.
"Did you fuck her good?"
You already know the answer but you want to hear it straight out of his mouth.
Jungkook's lips parted but no sound came out of it for a moment.
"Tell me," you demand. "Did you fuck her good?"
"How many times?"
"I don’t—
"How many—
"Fucking hell, Y/N! Too many times, okay?"
Just hearing it is enough to break you down. Tears are already streaming down your face but you don’t dare make a sound. Not in front of someone who’s unworthy. Not in front of him.
You swallow what seems like a lump in your throat.
"Did you fuck her on my birthday?"
You hear your name come out of Jungkook's lips. "What do you— why are you even—
"Goddamn it, Jungkook. Just tell me the truth," you snap. "It’s not like it will make the situation less worse if you tell me."
"Yes!" he admits. "Yes, I fucked her on your birthday. We fucked all night while you’re here waiting for me. We did it on the couch, in the shower, on her bed, everywhere. Are you fucking happy to know?"
Jungkook immediately regrets saying that. You can’t even blame him anymore. You demanded an answer and he gave it. Before you can even realize it, you start sobbing. Keeping your head down, you cover your face with both hands. You don’t want him to see you like this — tired and absolutely broken.
Maybe even beyond that.
You’re fucked up.
Jungkook calls out your name.
He can’t handle seeing you like this. If only he had thought about it before cheating on you.
He takes a few steps closer and pulls you into a hug. You can’t even push him away because fuck, you miss him. You feel pathetic but you have to admit it to yourself that as much as you hate him, you still long for him. You still want to be in his arms. You still want to feel him.
A few moments have passed and you’ve finally calmed yourself down. You wipe your tears off of your cheeks with the back of your hands. Jungkook even has the courtesy to help you out with your snot by wiping them away with his shirt.
You look up at him, still in his arms. "I want you to fuck me."
Before the man towering over you can even process what you said in his head, you have already captured his lips with yours. This isn’t right, you both thought to yourselves but none of you can even stop.
You both want each other. The way your hands tug his hair and the way he hold you tightly against his chest is enough to prove that.
You break the kiss to unbuckle his belt, slipping your fingers into his waistband. "I want you to fuck me like how you fucked her that night. You better not hold yourself back, you bastard."
Just one more taste, you tell yourself. One more taste and you’re done.
This isn’t what you expected. Far from what you expected. What’s happening now was never part of your plan nor how you thought this night would end — discarded clothes, just two people who stupidly can’t get enough of each other exchanging saliva.
You’ve almost forgotten how addictive Jungkook's kisses are. It used to be a running joke between the two of you that once you start kissing him, you’ll always end up sitting on his lap and begging for more.
"You’re going to regret this," he reminds you in between kisses. "You’ll hate me for this."
"I already hate you enough to even think about this," you say with so much haste before diving in for another kiss.
Your wandering hands find their way on his hair, tugging on it as you deepen the kiss by sliding your tongue in. He tastes like cherry, you think to yourself. Is that what his other woman tastes like? You can’t help but wonder if he ever did something with her before coming in here. That thought alone makes your blood boil.
You continue to kiss Jungkook with so much frustration but ever slowly, to which he responds with muffled moans. His hands move to your hips as he starts giving sloppy kisses to your neck. You bite your lower lip to suppress a moan as he kneels down before you.
He starts planting light feathered kisses on your thighs, purposely avoiding contact where you need him the most. One of your hands grab a fistful of his hair, the other covering your mouth to stop yourself from making a sound.
You look down and almost immediately, you’re reminded that you had just found out he had been cheating on you. "I hate you so much."
"Do you really, Y/N?" Jungkook scoffs, looking at you in amusement. "You say that but here you are ready for my cock."
It’s true though. You are indeed ready for Jungkook. It’s been months since you two ever had sex, no thanks to the girl he’s fucking behind your back. You were deprived of intercourse and intimacy. Of love. You'd like to believe you deserve some action—rightfully so. And besides, giving your boyfriend a parting gift that'll make him regret what he did won't hurt you. Hopefully.
Jungkook stands up, towering over you as he slips one of his hands inside his boxer. You lay down on the bed, never taking your eyes off of him. You slip off of your underwear without a struggle as he starts stroking his quickly hardening cock.
You slip a finger on your already wet pussy, a moan coming out of your lips. "Fuck."
Jungkook is aware that you haven’t touched yourself for quite some time. He hasn’t either. Why would he when the woman’s hands were better? He mentally slaps himself for even thinking about another person. He distracts himself by watching you touch yourself. He can’t help but imagine how tight you are right now, how amazing it would be to feel your wet pussy around his cock.
You were about to insert a second finger when Jungkook pushes your hands away. Before you can even complain, he already has his head in between your legs. You bite your finger when you feel him breathing against your pussy.
"So fucking wet for me already, baby?" he purrs, the tips of his fingers running along your slit. He pulls the digits away, putting them inside his mouth instead to have a taste.
You watch him as he sucks the wetness from his fingers, cleaning them off. He slides one of his fingers without notice, rubbing circles into your clit before sliding in another one. He can’t help but admire the way your pussy swallows his fingers. This is far better than what he imagined.
"Fuck, I missed your pussy."
"Oh really? If you did, you wouldn't have fucked that bitch—
You had to stop midway when Jungkook starts pressing kisses — above your clit, to the side and then to the other. With each press of his lips, your hips twitch and squirm.
Your lips part in a gasp when you feel the tip of his tongue dipping down to your core. "Shit."
He flattens his tongue against your clit, lapping slowly over it. Your hand lay themselves on the back of his head, fingers lacing through his hair as you desperately whine for more. His hands hold both of your legs in place, his fingers digging into your thigh.
Jungkook traces the inside of your pussy with his tongue, thrusting inside. You let out a yelp as he lifts your leg over his shoulder.
"Jungkook," you call out his name.
He looks up at you, pulling his mouth away. One of your hands reach out to his as he starts thrusting faster. Fast enough to have your hips bucking against his fingers to match his pace. "Oh my god."
You want more and it seems like he won’t be stopping anytime soon so you yank his hair hard. "Just please fuck me."
He doesn’t need to be told twice, especially after everything’s that happened, the least he can do is let you be in control. He steps out of his boxers before lowering himself on the bed to hover his body over yours.
"I love you," Jungkook whispers, leaning his forehead against yours. "Fuck, I really do."
A part of you wants to believe that he means it. That even after all what happened, everything would be okay in the morning. That you’d forget about it. They’re all just false hopes, the other part of you reminds.
Jungkook's thumb brushes against the curve of your breast as his lips press a wet trail of kisses on your collarbone then onto your ear. He cups your breast, his fingers pinching your nipple. You hear yourself let out a series of quiet whimpers as soon as he wraps his soft lips around your nipple.
You arch your back. "Oh my— fuck, Jungkook."
"Do you want this?"
You nod, squeezing your eyes shut. "Just— just fuck me already."
He doesn’t waste time. He spits on his hand before wrapping them around his cock, carefully stroking it. Adjusting himself above you, you feel the ridge of his length brush against your clit. You hold onto his shoulders, trying to stop yourself from making any more sound.
"I need you," you moan, squirming underneath him. "I need your cock."
Jungkook guides his cock to your entrance, finally plunging himself into you. He watches you as your face twists after every added inch. With his cock finally buried inside you, he lets out a grunt as you pair it with a cry. He feels your nails digging into his shoulders, adding more pleasure.
He pulls himself back before snapping his hips forward again. You bring your legs up, wrapping them around his waist. Shaky breaths fall from your lips as he continues thrusting into you. Each thrust becoming more forceful and faster, your body sliding up and down the mattress.
One of his hands grab yours, slamming them down on the mattress above your head. With your nose touching, you stop yourself from kissing him. Everything’s becoming too intimate and you don’t like it. Not because you don’t want it. You’re just scared that you might find it hard to leave the moment this night ends.
"My baby feels so good," he whines, your name along with a few curses falling from his lips over and over. "You’re doing so well for me."
Jungkook grits his teeth, fucking you harder. You can tell he’s more desperate than before and so are you. With one of his hands holding your leg, you feel his fingers dipping into your skin. He looks down to where his cock is fucking into your pussy, admiring the view.
You feel the swell inside your pussy as your walls tighten around his cock.
"I’m gonna— holy shit, you’re gonna make me come," he whispers into your ear before he tips his head back, eyes shut as his deep grunts turn into frantic high pitched moans. "Y/N, you're gonna make me come."
You push some of his hair out of his face as you feel your orgasm finally hitting you.
"You’re gonna come for me, yeah?"
You can’t utter a word, humming in response instead.
His hips continue to move, his pace less consistent compared before.
As your slippery cunt sucks him right back in for the final thrust, he spills deep inside of you. He trembles, capturing your mouth with his. He cups your cheek with his hand that was previously holding your leg and gives your forehead a gentle kiss.
"Just so you know, I didn’t fuck her like this," Jungkook says, laying his head on your chest. "Never like this."
And he means it.
But you sure as hell don’t believe it.
Jungkook quietly admires you as his fingers intertwine with yours. In his mind, everything’s fine — he has stopped the affair and he’s now back in your arms. To him, you have already accepted him back to your life the moment you pulled him in for a kiss last night. And he's ready to leave all of that past shit behind.
You force a smile as you watch him gently plant a kiss on each of your fingertips before pulling you closer to him.
"I love you. Always remember that, okay?" he gives you a warm smile, not knowing that you'll be leaving him in the morning.
"I love you too," you tell him, cupping his cheek.
He deserves at least one photo. One photo that will remind him of something or someone he lost and will never get back. For you, that's the perfect revenge. You'll leave the rest of the work for karma to do.
Maybe you can pretend he never cheated. Maybe it’s easier to move on that you thought it would be. Maybe he’s never really stopped loving you at all. Those are just some of the things that kept you up all night but are not enough to stop you from leaving. You’ve had your taste and now’s the time to go.
When Jungkook was asleep, you took the opportunity to take everything that will remind him of you. Your clothes, the photo albums that both of you treasured for years and even the anniversary presents you once thought were special. You almost wanted to bring this framed photo of you and him smiling at the beach but you decided against it.
Jungkook should’ve never felt relieved that night. He regrets falling for his false hopes that what happened last night was enough to make you stay. Because the moment he opens his eyes with his arm searching for your absent body in the morning, you’re gone.
Just gone.
Every trace of you is gone as if you never existed at all. It almost made him question if what happened last night was ever real at all.
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sxtaep · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
after getting dumped, jungkook finally had the opportunity to swoop in and heal your broken heart.
Tumblr media
pairing — jungkook x female reader
genre — angst, fluff, smut
word count — 2k
warnings/tags — roommates!au, confession!au, softdom!jk, sub!reader, lots of cussing, swearing, reader is angry & upset, jk is in love w you, mentions of a bummy ex, crying, very soft, so much love, touching, romantic, sexual tension, hickeys/neck kisses, first kiss, explicit smut, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, guys), penetrative sex, soft dirty talk, overall very raw and soft
a/n: something short and sweet and a little fast paced 😰
inspired by this song 💗
Tumblr media
“Literally FUCK HIM,” you curse whilst pacing around your apartment, clear frustration evident on your face as you threw a strop. Breakups were generally easy as it took a lot for you to get attached but this one… it wasn’t going too well.
You’d been in a mood all day after your boyfriend decided to call it quits all of a sudden because he felt you were “too high maintenance” which, on its own, was pretty offensive but that didn’t really tug at your chest. The fact that he couldn’t handle your high maintenance self made you wonder if anyone could ever deal with you.
At the moment, it looked like no one could.
Jungkook, sat at the edge of your couch, merely watched you pace around with his hands clasped together over his mouth, his eyes following your every move and being cautious as to not topple you the wrong way.
He learnt the hard way; let you rant for as long as you need to and soon enough you’ll calm down.
“Calling me, of all people, ‘high maintenace’, who the fuck does he think he is?!” You aggressively turn towards Jungkook, as if directing the question to him, and you know you caught him by surprise when his mouth fell ajar, practically speechless.
“He never spent time with me, never even acknowledged me, you’d think I was dating a brick wall!”
Yeah, Jungkook knew all of that. He knew your boyfriend was an ass and only showed you attention when he wanted to fuck, which you so willingly gave to him because you always grasped at ‘romantic’ intimacy, and Jungkook hated it. He bet the guy wasn’t even that great in bed since you’d always come back the next day in an awful mood.
“I can’t believe I spent all those nights with him. He couldn’t make me cum once, it got tiring faking all those orgasms.”
That’s his doubts confirmed.
You continue to pace around, spilling all your thoughts and dramatising your hand gestures until you stopped. Jungkook looked straight at you and his features softened when he noticed how teary your eyes had become; on the verge of spilling down your cheeks. He could tell you were trying to hold in the tears, but why? You knew you could comfortably cry around him.
Right, because on many occasions, he pointed out that your boyfriend was a dick, an unappreciative one at that and you decided to ignore his opinions. Your relationship was like watching a girl in highschool chase after her much loved crush who had no interest in her. It was kinda sad and all Jungkook could do was sit back and watch you get hurt over and over again.
If you were with him, you’d never be treated like that.
He hated seeing you in this state. As someone who deserved nothing but the best, seeing you upset over a stupid ex boyfriend made him feel all sorts of things; predominately anger, but that was a given. It also pissed him off beyond words because Jungkook had every chance to swoop you into his arms and keep you to himself, but a part of him genuinely thought you were in love with the guy, so he stayed put.
“Am I really too much to handle?”
Jungkook could’ve sworn his heart broke right then and there, and it hurt more seeing you cry over something that was complete bullshit. His fist was twitching (the things he’d do to punch the living daylights out of that asshole) but you were his first priority.
“Y/N…” he starts, getting out of his seat to approach your form, which looked even more fragile now than when you were mad. “Honestly, that guy has no clue what he’s talking about,” Jungkook tries to reassure you, leaning down slightly and reaching his hand towards your face, using the pad of his thumb to wipe away the tears beneath your eyes.
The pout on your lips only became more prominent as your cheeks heated up from the kind, yet subtle gesture. That’s weird. “No guy wants a girl that’s ‘high maintenance’, is that what he’s trying to tell me? Because I know damn well he didn’t do half the shit I had planned for us—”
“—You’re not high maintenance, you’re eager,” Jungkook adds, bringing you closer to his chest so you could rest your head against him and cry to your heart’s content. “Besides, it’s not a bad thing.”
Your fist lands a punch to his chest, “Obviously it’s a bad thing if it’s the reason why my boyfriend broke up with me, stupid,” you say, through short, broken sobs.
Your roommate only chuckles, his chin resting on your head as he embraced you in his arms. “I don’t think it’s bad. I like my girls high maintenance,” Jungkook smiles ahead at the blank wall, hoping his words would be enough for you to catch on.
“You don’t mean it. You’re just saying that to make me feel better,” you grumble, looking up at him with your glassy eyes and tear stained cheeks, expecting him to make a joke about it but nope, he seemed pretty content staring at the wall like it was the love of his life.
“I think I’ve had my fair share of handling you, and I’ve done a pretty good job at it,” he shrugs, showing you a sheepish smile, “because I care that much about you and I’m willing to put in the time and effort to show you that.”
Was he saying this in a romantic or platonic way?
“Your ex was probably the guy you wanted, but we both know I’m the one you need,” Jungkook whispers softly, leaning down towards your face, and you think he’s gonna kiss you, but he stops before your lips could make contact with his.
Your silence factored out his words being false, and from that, he knew he got you. “I know you felt what I said,” he calls you out on your bluff, pulling you away from him so he could look at you properly and deem his thoughts correct. He shifts his hand over to your chest, right above your beating heart, “…Right here.”
With the way you were staring at him, you were either extremely turned on by him indirectly confessing his feelings to you, or extremely heartbroken that literally anything and everything seemed attractive to you right now.
Who were you kidding? It was all Jungkook.
You finally speak up, your voice ten times quieter than it was earlier on, “And what if I did? What does that mean?”
“I don’t need you confirm or deny it, I know you well enough to know you felt my words in more places than one,” Jungkook’s eyes dance down you body to settle where your poor cunt was jumping between your legs, making it all the more obvious that you were clenching your thighs shut.
Shit. He was good.
He laughs softly, “How could he ever leave a pretty girl like you unsatisfied?”
A part of you still wasn’t convinced by his words, “If you really wanted me, you could’ve had me by now,” you throw at him, expecting him to stutter, but Jeon Jungkook had eyes on you for a pretty long time, so he had a lot to say.
“It’s kinda hard going after a girl who was too busy chasing someone else. You know I don’t roll like that,”Jungkook tugs at your arm, urging you to turn your back towards him so he could rut himself against your lower half whilst his hands slowly, yet with so much need, trailed up and down your arms, warming you up and giving you the chance to relax. “Besides, being patient always works out in the long run.” He was adamant on showing you the love you deserved and if you were planning to be ‘high maintenance’ about it, you bet he had a couple tricks up his sleeve to deal with that.
As if it were second nature, your body was acting on its own, easing into his touch as his hand slipped under your shirt, drawing small circles over your stomach. It wasn’t much, but this is exactly what romantic intimacy felt like, and it made you wonder why the hell you weren’t with Jungkook to begin with.
A pair of soft lips were grazing against your untainted neck, leaving short, supple kisses as they dragged downwards, giving himself more room. “Did your ex ever show you love like this?” Jungkook mumbles, too caught up in kissing you, but he didn’t need to hear you say no. “Why couldn’t he cherish you, huh? I should’ve snatched you up when I got the chance, how stupid of me.”
You’re unable to respond, your senses letting you down much faster than you anticipated and you could practically feel the smirk Jungkook was sporting right now, so you turn around to face him and boy, you weren’t wrong.
“Oh, that’s got you speechless?” He wasn’t mocking you, he felt sorry for you. These past boyfriends of yours never took the opportunity to appreciate the being that was you, never took the time to touch you or show you the love he felt you were entitled to.
He would be a dead man if he didn’t just do it himself.
“Look up for me, would you?”
You hesitate at first, but before you could bask the sight of his face, Jungkook had trapped you in a slow moving kiss. It’s not too fast, nor is it too slow, but it’s just enough to ease your mind and completely take over your being as your arms reach out to snake around his neck, eagerly pulling him in to deepen the kiss.
Your forwardness reassured him that you were all for what was about to go down and before you knew it, Jungkook was holding you tightly within his embrace whilst you straddled his lap, taking his cock like you were made for it. You’d completely forgotten about your broken heart; Jungkook’s constant care and reassurance helping you to disregard today’s events and focus on him.
All these months of watching you chase after a man who didn’t deserve you, Jeon finally had you to himself.
This wasn’t going to be ‘just a quick fuck’. The last thing he wanted was for you to assume he was doing this out of pity, but no, this would simply prove just how much he yearned for you. Jungkook’s top priority was to please you first and foremost.
“Bet that asshole couldn’t fuck you like this, huh?” His tatted hands grip the flesh of your ass, squeezing generously as you whimpered on top of him, masking the illicit sounds of his cock sliding in and out of you. His hushed groans joined in as he looked down to where you both met only to see a glistening mess of your arousal coating his length.
Never in a million years did you think you’d be in this position with your roommate and you only wished you realised sooner that the one who truly cared about you was right under your nose. You felt kinda stupid letting yourself go through useless heartbreaks and dodgy boyfriends when the one you really needed was here all along.
With Jungkook burying his face into the crook of your neck, things felt incredibly raw and intimate, not to mention, you felt so full, you wouldn’t need to force yourself to fake an orgasm around him.
“Gonna come..” You breathe out, your soft walls clenching around him as your hips moved up and down on its own, this time at a much faster pace, but Jungkook was eager to see you finish by his own doing.
His suddenly lifted his hips off the couch, thrusting up in you at such a deprived pace, knowing he was hitting all the right places by the pleasured look on your face. His arms snaked around your waist, his pace unwavering, “Right there, huh? That feel good?”
You nod without hesitation, ignoring the way your inner thighs were tensing in anticipation, waiting for your high to drain you.
“Go ahead and cum, baby. I know how long he kept you waiting.”
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project: star x
Tumblr media
Warning! Sexual content ahead! Minors pleas dni!
pairing: jeon jungkook x fem! reader
genre: rockstar! jungkook, smut, friends to lovers kinda?? idk man
word count: 6k
warnings: jealousy, pet names, exhibitionism, mutual masturbation, oral sex(f receiving), protected (rough) sex.
a/n: this was a request! hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii <3 ! haven't written a jk fic in such a long time, hope you guys would like this as much as you liked my previous one, and hopefully, the lovely person who requested this would like it too. hope i used your idea well! enjoy and as always, stay safe! xoxo
you'd be lying if you said you aren't a fan of your own friend.
you'd be lying if you said you don't know his every song word by word, if you said you don't try to go to his every concert and admire his legendary art that's expressed in flashy lights and embellished in high notes and guitar solos. you'd be lying, also, if you said that you don't have a crush on him.
and you're a good liar.
jungkook was born to be a rockstar, and most of the time, you dare think he was born to be your friend as well. only your friend, sadly. the theory that he was made for the stage was proven to you once again tonight, after he made a whole stadium scream all the words to his songs in a show that was nothing short of magical.
as you walk backstage, it's like the fiery buzz inside your body still lingers from earlier. your ears stuffed from the loud music, your throat raspy from singing, legs soft from jumping around a little too much. the adrenaline doesn't want to leave, holding on to every cell of your body like it would never depart.
it's stupid, you think. how after the years have passed, you never managed to confess to him, that you thought your little dumb crush would pass- even though it never did. you grew accustomed to every time that the butterflies in your stomach replaced the tired feeling after a concert when you went to see him backstage. tonight was no different. especially as his voice was starting to be heard from a room.
"tonight was fucking amazing, guys!" he exclaims happily just as you gaze inside the room.
"it sure was," you say excitedly, awaiting for his reaction. he turns around, his face lighting up even more when he sees you, legs already carrying him quickly towards your figure as he hugs you tightly with a wide smile on his face. "it's good to see you too!" you add out of breath as you wrap your own hands around him.
six years. that's how long you've been friends. you started out as nothing more than coworkers, back when he was at the beginning of his musical career and you were only an assistant to his old producer. things evolved fast, you had a passion for writing and producing, he was the only one interested in it, and that was one of the many things that brought the two of you together. the passion you both had for music.
you left the label just a year after you met, hand in hand, ready to take on the challenges that the industry was ready to throw at the both of you.
you wrote and wrote and wrote. jungkook sang even more. and in your little home improvised studio, you managed to write, record and produce what is remembered, even to this day, as his best album.
his career boomed after that. tv appearances, fully-booked concerts in big-ass stadiums, a lot of awards (he even took you as a date to the grammys that one time), and even movie castings. no one could get enough of him. not even you.
you both became a lot more busy after that, success was taking over your lives and so, you didn't have much time to see each other. but you still did once every couple of months at his concerts, or at your birthdays, or random dinners you would plan.
he writes his own songs now, what a pity. but he still asks your opinion for each and every one of them.
"you're here!" he says, leaning out of the hug. "you made it!"
"of course i made it!" you answer with equal excitement that you find in his tone while looking into his eyes.
"oh, don't you dare say that," the man scolds as he breaks physical contact with you. "i know how busy you always are."
you smile. it's true, but never too busy to make time for him.
sometimes you asked yourself if jungkook actually knew how you felt about him. if deep in his heart he knew one of his best friends had feelings for him, but didn't want to accept it. once in a while you caught yourself staring at him for too long, or answering him in a sweeter tone than you usually do, even trying to look your best every time you saw him. maybe he knew and didn't feel the same, so he chose to ignore it.
you liked to fantasize about how it would turn out if you ever confessed to him- if it would play out like in those romance movies and he will say that all this time, he felt the same about you. you'd go ahead and move in together, you would be with him during the tours, seeing his every concert, and he would be in your studio every time you finished a song so he can hear it first.
but jungkook was a precious friend. you could never ruin that with your stupid crush.
you greet the members of his band, which you already know too well. jungkook took great pride in being your friend, so he made sure you got to meet them even before he played his first show. you congratulate them for the amazing show, and then go back to catch up with jungkook.
"so there's this after party," he says, looking at you with a demanding look on his face. it makes your heart skip a few beats. "you coming, right?"
his hair is a lot different than the last time you saw him. he used to have this beautiful medium-long black hair that went just below his pretty eyes but now he shaved his sides, bleaching it on top and dyeing it in a beautiful minty color. he sent you a picture right after he got the new haircut a few days ago, saying that he needed "a pop of color in his life now that he got to see you so rarely.". you thought about that message for days. he had a new piercing in his brow, and a few more tattoos on his hand.
"so you can ditch me again for some girl?" you huff, rolling your eyes at him jokingly.
although fame took over his life, jungkook never abused his power, but still, he was a man with needs who knew how to take advantage of his looks to take any girl into his bed. it was of no surprise when he looked way above hot even before he was a star. it never really bothered you, seeing him with all those pretty girls. it's not like you ever confessed to him.
"i never did that!" he says, hand over his heart, taking fake offense to your words. you raise a brow and he laughs. "okay, fine, I'm all yours tonight."
it makes you laugh too, knowing that at the end of the night, this will be proved as a lie and it will be just another thing you can shove in his face the next time.
"c'mon it's a good opportunity for us to catch up with each other," he pleads as he places a hand on top of yours, making your skin burn right underneath his touch.
"all right then, playboy," you say while slapping his firm shoulder. "you're lucky I'm in the mood to get wasted."
in no more than half an hour, you already arrive at the club where jungkook's party takes place. the place is crowded, filled with pretty models, different artists that you recognize from tv, and even artists you collaborated with. you see a few fellow producers that you greet with the wave of a hand and a bright smile. as you look around, you realize that the place is filled with celebrities and you might just be the most mundane of all.
you follow your friend who aims straight for the bar, greeting the bartender with a cozy handshake. he says something close to his ear, making sure he is heard even with the loud music playing in the background. the other man nods and places two shot glasses on the bar, filling them right after with clear liquid.
"cheers!" he shouts as he hands you a shot, while he takes the other one. you click the small glass to his and throw your head backward as you let the vodka pour down your throat, burning its way to your stomach.
"i'm just gonna go and say hi to some people around, that ok?" he asks as he gets closer to your ear. you remain petrified for a second, getting a whiff of his perfume as all your attention goes to how his shoulder leans into yours, the simple gesture making your heart beat faster.
you manage to nod, and with a smile on his face, jungkook makes his way through the crowd, greeting people left and right, as he makes it known that the real star of the night has arrived.
time passes by and you're left with no other choice than to drink some more, or to hold conversations with a few familiar faces that recognize you as well. you're about six shots and two cocktails down and everything starts to feel more familiar. the dance floor filled with people having fun, the bright colorful lights that shine on you every now and then as you sway your body left and right to the rhythm of the song playing...what feels the most familiar though, is how jungkook has ditched you yet again. when you see him in the corner talking to a beautiful red-haired girl, flirting his ass off as she can't stop smiling at his words, you just scoff, realizing you need another drink.
you make your way to the bar, pushing past the sweaty bodies until you reach your destination and ask for a drink.
"haven't seen you around," you hear a husky unfamiliar voice from next to you.
you turn your head to find the source and you're met with a pleasing sight. a tall man sitting straight on the stool next to you as he drinks from a glass of whiskey. his hair is dark brown, swiped away from his beautiful face, making his sharp jawline more prominent than it might be in reality. in your drunken-daze you realize that you've never seen him before- he would be a recognizable sight for you have rarely seen men as handsome as he is.
"i could say the same," you say as you raise your glass in front of him. it takes a few seconds before he touches it with his glass and drinks some more of the brown liquid.
"i'm kai." he says, beautiful smile adorning his features as he offers you his hand.
"y/n." you reply, shaking his big hand shyly. he has a soft hold on you, not making it last longer than a few seconds so you don't become uncomfortable.
"what brings you around here, y/n?" he asks curiously, and fuck, your name sounds so delicious rolling out his pretty mouth.
"ah," you begin while pulling a stool closer to him before plopping down onto it. "he is what brings me here." you complete, pointing to jungkook who seems to have a business yet to be finished with the redhead.
the more you look at him the more your heart sinks down your chest. how could he abandon you again? he could be such an asshole sometimes.
"didn't know the man of the hour had such a beautiful girlfriend," kai purrs the compliment as he leans closer.
"oh, no, no, no," you quickly blurt out with a chuckle. "i'm not his girlfriend."
he raises his brows, intrigued by your answer. you take the time to scan his features more, wide eyes framed by long eyelashes, rounded chin, and plump lips- very kissable at that.
"what?" he asks, amused by your own involuntary giggle that came out of you at the sound of your thoughts. the room spins around a little as you look into his eyes, he is definitely a charmer.
"i was just thinking," you blurt with a stupid grin on your face. alcohol in combination with a very hot man that seems to be interested in you might not make such a good combination.
"do tell," he urges as he suddenly moves one strand of hair from your face, tucking it safely behind your ear. your heart skips a bit, forcing your eyes to widen as you look at him.
"your lips," you say shyly, drifting your attention back to the meaty element plastered on his face.
"what about them?" he asks as his face comes closer to yours. he intimidates you, not in a bad way but in a "you're really drunk and you don't think you can resist him" kind of way. but then again, his attractiveness might be something you could not resist even if you were the most sober woman on earth.
you dare say nothing more as you place a hand on his muscly bicep, not knowing if you should push him away or pull him closer. time seems to be frozen in place as he awaits for your answer, and you have none other to give.
things are quite different on the other side of the room. jungkook's attention has been fully on you since the moment you sat on the bar stool, ending any conversation he had right then. his eyes were fully fixed on you, and of course, the stranger at the bar who was so obviously flirting with you. you seemed to be flirting back as well, fluttering your eyelashes at him any chance you got, and a certain unidentified feeling started to burn in the pit of his chest, making him rush to you when he saw you getting closer and closer to him. there was no way in hell you would hook up with that man in the state you're in.
jungkook often mistook jealousy for worry, but now was not the time to debate on that, not while you were almost kissing the man in front of you.
he came out of nowhere, grabbing you by your arm as he excused himself in front of kai and dragged you to a quieter hallway. a darker one that most probably led to the bathrooms, which no one was even interested in.
"what are you doing?" he growls into your ear, and if you didn't know him better you would say he sounds jealous.
"what?" you ask confused as you piece things together. "the guy at the bar?"
"yes. what was that?" he demands to know, his chest pressed against yours as he traps you between the cold wall and his sturdy body.
you start laughing, trying to push him away, but he doesn't move an inch. you look up to him in the dim lighting of the club, his cold features traced by the shadows, his wet lips that you'd wish to kiss instead of that one guy who now sits alone at the bar, you notice as you turn away from jungkook.
"can you answer me?" he asks again, this time in a softer tone as his hands cup each side of your face.
there's nowhere else to look than into his eyes. you feel mad knowing that he suddenly feels betrayed by the one thing he always does to you.
"what? i was just blowing some steam off for fuck's sake! am i not allowed? are you the only one who gets to ditch me?" you spit, feeling frustration take over your body. the audacity he has, to account you for his action when he is reckless with his own.
"just go hook up with some girl around here and leave me alone," you add as you slap his hands off your face, pushing him away as you try to maintain your balance enough to walk away from him.
"you're drunk." he remarks.
"so?" you ask.
"so you're gonna fuck some guy you just met in this state?"
maybe. maybe not. what's his deal anyway? you're a fully grown adult who can make decisions for yourself.
"i don't see how that's your problem." you reply, turning your back on him.
you take two, maybe three steps before you feel his hand pulling you back, pinning you in the same spot against the wall, trapping you again with his muscular body.
for a second you think you are dreaming. that he is not there, and neither are you. that his lips on top of yours are just a figment of your imagination, and the smell- no, his smell, is just a ghost of all the times you were close enough to him to smell it.
your nails dig into your palm just to make sure you're not imagining, and this is really happening.
his hand brushes your cheek, soft lips searching your own for some kind of resistance- which they are not met with. you melt into it, it's something you craved for such a long time, isn't it? jungkook's body presses further on yours, leaving you breathless when his other hand hugs your waist, and his tongue pushes past your lips to play with your own wet muscle.
he tastes sweet, you realize, not like alcohol the way you do, but sweet nectar that gathers on his tongue every time he slides it on your own. your body feels hot, jungkook's might be even hotter as your hands place themselves on his torso only to feel his hard abs.
no. this can't be right.
"no, no, no," you say quickly, snapping back to reality, causing jungkook to quickly stop his actions. "what are you doing?" you ask, searching his eyes filled with confusion to find an answer.
"didn't you say you wanted to blow some steam off?" he asks innocently, waiting until you roll your eyes to show you one of his smug smiles.
true. but is this the answer? you keep thinking that this must come at a price. that you will give in to temptation and end up regretting every decision you've ever made.
his face gets close to yours again. you close your eyes, preparing for another kiss, but it doesn't come. jungkook's nose brushes your own softly, then your cheek, then it grazes against your eyelashes sweetly. it tickles in a pleasant way so you giggle quietly, but he is so close that you bet he can hear your heartbeats, even over the loud music.
"come home with me," he says after a low chuckle. "please." the man adds, whispering close to your ear just so that his hot breath fans over your sensitive skin.
his voice is trembling as he pleads for you to grant his wish, and you barely manage to keep your knees from shaking as you think about his proposal. it would not be the first time you go to his home, of course, but it was the first time when it actually implied something more than just staying over.
"what for?" you tease, placing your hands on his wide chest.
you get to feel more of him as he chuckles in response to your words. you feel his muscular chest, his irregular breaths, his warmth, and even the way his heart beats.
"to blow that steam off," he answers smugly as his hands take a hold of you again, finding comfort on your hips.
"you mean you want to fuck me?" you ask bluntly. maybe the alcohol was starting to affect you a bit now.
"you don't?" he pushes, pulling you closer by your hips until there's not even an inch in between your bodies.
you do. it's like a wish come true, in reality, and in the magic of the moment, you don't even bother yourself with overcomplicated existential questions like "does he even like me, or does he just want to fuck me?" or "what is going to happen if you do it? will you still be friends? will you even talk tomorrow?". you decide to handle these questions another time, right now you aren't going to say no to something you want to do anymore.
"let's go then," you say as you lace your fingers with his, leading him out of the club. he follows closely in your footsteps, holding your hand tightly as his body comes in contact with yours once every few people decide to not make space for both of you.
you find a cab as soon as you're out of the noisy club. the driver- a middle-aged man that was polite enough to turn on the radio loudly as soon as you and jungkook started kissing, seemed to have no idea who the man accompanying you is. the exact same man who was now touchier than ever, sliding his smooth palm all over your body.
"we're in a cab." you remind him quietly when his ear comes in the proximity of your mouth.
he only chuckles darkly, scooting closer to you as he makes sure the driver doesn't see any part of your body in the mirror. his hands slide slowly up your thighs as he makes eye contact with you, lips adorning a wide smile.
"i'm sure he's seen worse, baby," he assures you as his palm climbs up your leg, until it reaches the zipper of your jeans. he pulls it down slowly while kissing your neck, his hand sneakily toying around with the elastic band on your panties.
you bite your lower lip in disbelief, trying to contain shaky breaths as jungkook's mouth becomes more insistent on your neck, leaving wet kisses and red marks blooming on your skin as he sinks his teeth into it. his smell is driving you insane, expensive cologne scented like musk and bergamont that invades all your senses, leaving no room for anything other than him.
fuck, you think as soon as his hand slides past your panties and finds a hold of your aching clit quickly, way too quickly. he smiles when your hips rise to meet his touch, craving for more as his fingers start rubbing smooth circles on your bud, igniting a certain heat in the whole entirety of your body. he kisses you again, drowning your silent moans with his mouth, his lips, his tongue, his teeth. you can't get enough.
your hand trembles as it reaches out for him, going straight to the erection in his slacks, rubbing it in the same rhythm he rubs you. you're surprised by the length and the girth of it, making your mouth water instantly as you think how it would be to have him inside you. your pussy craves it, and aches for it as jungkook's hand shows no mercy in rubbing your clit with immense hunger to see his purpose fulfilled.
you start zoning out, already feeling your body sensing everything at once when your orgasm is just near the corner, only a few more strokes and- the car stops. you jump alerted as you look out the window.
jungkook removes his hand rapidly, letting you zip your pants as he does the same with his and inches away from you. mere seconds away from him let you feel empty, unfulfilled.
"we've arrived." the driver dares to say shyly as he lowers the volume of the music.
jungkook mutters an awkward thanks as he hands him the money for the ride- way more than it could've ever cost to bring you home, but that should make up for what the driver witnessed on the way home.
you both get out quickly, and your friend is quick to come by your side and hold your waist, pulling you closer to his body, as you both start laughing.
he opens the door to his home and you enter, immediately feeling his touch as you step inside. jungkook pulls you up by the back of your thighs, and you hug his waist with your legs in your time. his palms hold you in place by your ass, stroking it sinfully as he latches his lips onto yours once again, carrying you through his empty rooms until you reach his bedroom. where he places you gently on the mattress.
he sits at the corner of the bed, removing his shirt with a single move as he looks down at you. his body is slightly illuminated by the moon shining outside his big windows and you do nothing but glare at his toned abs as you struggle to remove your shirt as well. he giggles at your clumsy attempt to do so and quickly comes to your aid, pulling it from your body. he unbuckles his belt, stepping out of his pants as his body is left only adorning his boxers. you admire him once more, taking more than a few seconds to look at his thick thighs and the half erection he has while he stands looking at you in his full naked glory. fuck, he's so hot.
the next article of clothing tossed away is your own pants, which he so masterfully gets you out of as he kneels on the ground, between your legs which he now spreads. you support your weight on your elbows as you look into his eyes, not able to mutter even a single word as he pulls your panties down with a swift movement. he pulls you closer to him, starting to place wet kisses on your thighs as he gets closer and closer to your core.
"you're so wet," he says as he slides a finger down your folds, parting them while he gathers all your wetness on his digit. "seems like you've been wanting to do this just as long as i have." he growls lowly just before latching his lips to your clit, stroking it with his tongue.
you're too busy being overwhelmed with pleasure to analyze his words for more than a second, your mind goes entirely blank as all you can focus on are the movements of his muscle. he sucks it gently, licking his way down your hole, and then back to your sensitive bud again sucking it more forcefully every time.
two fingers slide in easily, massaging your velvety walls as they make your core throb, tightening around his slender digits as you feel the pressure to let go in your whole body. he curls them inside you, brushing them against a sensitive spot you believe no one has reached ever before. his mouth shows you no mercy, he uses it to lick, and kiss, and even nibble on your clit, making your whole body spasm under his touch.
"cum for me, baby," jungkook murmurs, fastening the pace that his fingers drive into you effortlessly. "i wanna lick it all up." he adds, and his wicked words aid you in coming closer to your release. like a desperate slut, you grab his hair in a fist, while moaning awfully loud as you feel your whole body tremble. just like that, stars explode in your whole body, the electrical feeling making you feel like you're ascending to heaven as your walls pulsate around his masterful fingers. you've never had such a godly orgasm.
a man of his word, he indeed licks all of your sweet release, not letting even a drop go to waste. he rises slowly, bed shifting under his weight as he picks you up by your waist and plops you on the center of the bed. his chin is glistening, thanks to the mix of his saliva and the juices he squeezed out of you. taking your bra off, jungkook stops for a few seconds, admiring your naked body as his hands travel from your neck, to circling your nipples and then back to your thighs as he pulls you closer to his form.
"you're so fucking beautiful," he says as he smashes his lips into yours, kissing you with the same hunger that he used just a few moments earlier to devour you. his compliment make your insides twirl, heart beating faster than ever before as you swirl your tongue around his, tasting yourself on it.
your hands scratch his wide back slowly as they travel south, moving downwards just until they meet his fully erected cock. you slide them inside his boxer, finally stroking his veiny shaft. jungkook groans into your mouth, and you take pride in the fact that he acknowledges your touch and deems it pleasurable. his hips start moving as they create friction between your soft hands and his twitching member. fuck, he wants this just as bad as you do.
not being able to resist your touch any longer, jungkook gets rid of his boxers immediately, throwing them somewhere on the floor before he reaches for the drawer of his nightstand. he opens the red foiled package and slides the condom on his cock skillfully. he positions himself between your legs as he gives himself a few starting pumps.
"is this ok?" he asks all of a sudden as he stops abruptly.
"you think i'm going to stop this when you're about to fuck me?" you ask back, amused of the situation and the abrupt change in his attitude.
he chuckles, as he teases your entrance with his tip, leaning over you and taking one of your nipples into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it before biting softly into it. it makes you shiver, moaning his name filled with pleasure and a burning desire to feel him take over you completely.
"do you want me to fuck you?" he asks, voice laced with sin as he looks up to you, focusing his attention to the other nipple.
"fuck- yes!" you moan as a reply just when he lets out your nipple with a loud pop.
"how?" he interrogates further, using kisses to climb up your chest.
no one has ever asked you this before, all the men you encountered in bed until now were always selfishly chasing after their own pleasure, so they never asked what were yours.
"rough," you manage to blurt out as you feel him up again, touching his biceps and feeling muscles contract due to him supporting his weight above you. "hard...i want you to ruin me," you say before his head shoots out in surprise and he looks at you, his expression morphing quickly into a satisfied one before he kisses your jaw softly.
"never took you for someone who would enjoy that," he whispers close to you as he pushes up, aligning himself once more with your entrance.
he thought about it before?
"just tell me to stop if it becomes too much," he says just before his hands hug your waist and turn you around, your face buried instantly into the pillows as he positions your ass up.
he pushes in slowly at first, letting you grow familiar with his cock as your breath hitches from the amazing stretch. he goes in and out lazily, brushing his palms over your ass cheeks as he does so. you're already out of breath when he starts bucking his hips faster into you, setting an incredible pace that makes you hold his sheets tighter in your fists. his cock slides against your walls smoothly, hitting the newly discovered sensitive spot over and over again.
there's not much room for talking, the room is filled with moans from both of you and pleads of each other's names- they sound just like desperate prayers. he grows impatient, violently smashing his hips against your ass just like you asked, making you feel close to cumming again with each and every drive inside of you. your body burns, jungkook's body does too, making beads of sweat fall down on his white and clean sheets like a reminder to both of you of what has happened when all of this will end. you don't want it to end.
but contrary to your wishes, the man's hand finds your sensitive clit for the third time tonight, urging you to release a high-pitched moan as he starts rubbing again, faster, rougher than before. it takes a few moments before you come again under his touch, and when you do, it downs you both, his own hot seed filling up the condom as he tries to regain his breath, collapsing over your drained body. you both crumble like sand, melting into each other like you are one single being.
you feel him soften inside of you just before he pulls out, leaving your hole feeling lonely and empty as you finally drop your ass into the mattress, sinking your body into it as you roll around, managing to see him.
he's removing his condom, tying it before he throws it on the ground. "gross!" you'd think in other circumstances, but not now. he lays back into the bed, next to you, as he looks at your body like a hunter looking at a beast he managed to finally tame. sparkles are dancing in his eyes when he finally looks into yours, cupping your cheek lovingly before kissing you. he pulls you closer, but doesn't say anything, so you don't either. you nestle comfortably into his side as he hugs you warmly, the surfaces of your bodies sticking together because of the sweat.
he strokes your hair gently and you let yourself be taken to sleep in his hold as you inhale his perfume again, this time filled with the pure smell of his sweat filled with pheromones.
morning comes like a punch in the face. your head hurts because of the alcohol, and your body feels sore because of the sex. jungkook still sleeps, a few inches away from you as his chest rises slowly with each breath he takes. he looks so different, so peaceful from his usual self that is on the stage, singing his heart out onto the mic while all the lights shine on him. now, the only light shining on him is the one of the morning sun, stroking his features gently.
you get up slowly, searching for your panties quietly and putting them on.
"are trying to sneak out?" you hear his raspy voice. your attention goes to him again, laid out on the bed as he stretches, legs fully spread out and his body only masked by a piece of the blanket that covers his manhood.
"not really," you smile, as you put your shirt on lazily. "i was cold."
you get back on the bed, wrapping your own body, as well as jungkook's with the blanket. you scoot closer to him, and he instinctively hugs you like it's all he's done his entire life. minutes of silence pass before he says something again.
"would it be weird to ask you on a date now?" he chuckles.
you do too, placing your head on his chest in order to hear his heartbeats. louder than you could ever imagine jeon jungkook's heart could beat for you.
"you ask all the girls to dates after you fuck them?" you ask amused, thinking about just how many women have been in the exact same place you are right now. how many of them got to experience the magical touch of your friend?
"not really," jungkook says as he hooks his finger under your chin, forcing you to look at him in hopes that you would be able to read the honesty in his eyes. "just you." he whispers as he kisses your forehead gently.
"careful, kook, if somebody hears you they might think you like me," you say with a grin on your face as you push your weight into your elbow.
"and they might be right." he replies, same cute smile on his face as he brushes your hair out of you eyes and tucks it behind your ear.
the same gesture offered by kai last night, only it does not make you feel the same way. last night it made you intimidated, maybe even fearful of what may come next, but now it feels loving, and calming, putting your heart at ease as it does with the rest of your body.
"i do like you." he states clearly, staring into your eyes and waiting for your reaction. he doesn't know where it's coming from, but he's sure he can't ignore the way his heart] gallops faster around you anymore, nor can he forget the jealousy he felt last night. you belong with him, not some random guy at the bar. not anyone else, for that matter.
it's such a cliche, you think as you remain petrified upon hearing his confession. you lived in fear of confessing only to realize that you lost years and years wondering what could be instead of what can be.
better late than never, right?
"i like you too." you say back, kissing him after what feels like an eternity.
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hurts so good | jjk
Tumblr media
-> pairing best friend!jk x reader
-> genre crack and filthy smut
-> summary having jungkook as a best friend had it's cons, for one he complains, a lot. surprisingly he shows up at your door at two in the morning to complain about something incredibly different.
-> word count 4.3k
-> warnings sub!koo, switch!reader, change of perspectives, swearing (a lot of it), handjob, oral (m. receiving), dry humping, grinding, cervix sex, size kink (it’s big dick!jk), reader has a pain kink! no protection (y'all know the drill tho!)
-> authors note! ah... my baby is finally here. i should mention that this will be my last upload while i'm on summer vacation before i return back to school for my last year of studies. so i'll be less active, but fear not! my upcoming projects will arrive sooner or later... just with a longer time gap in between. <3
[btw, i'll edit this later... it's literally 4am so if there's any mistakes i'll take care of it when i wake up!]
Tumblr media
‘’Jungkook? It’s 2 in the morning.’’ You’re shocked to see Jungkook in nothing but a black sweats attire and a pissed off face. 
‘’I need to vent.’’ He reasons. 
‘’At 2 in the fucking morning?’’ Now you’re pissed. The sleepy eyes long forgotten and the 8 hour sleep you were looking forward to all day. You let out a huff, moving aside for Jungkook to enter. He better have a good fucking reason for this shit, you internally think as he comfortably sits on your couch as if it’s his own home. Sure, he carries the best friend title but he really had a thing for being way too comfortable in that department. Which explains him snacking on your unfinished snacks after your movie night — yes, with yourself. 
‘’Hey! Seriously?’’ You snatch the bag of chips, as his mouth is full paired with his doe eyes looking at you in shock. 
‘’I was hungry!’’ It’s muffled, small crumbs of chips flying out of his mouth. Disgusting. 
‘’Just tell me why you’re here so I can go to bed as quickly as possible.’’ You settle the bag of chips beside you as you sit next to him on your living room couch. Jungkook swallows the chips, his annoyed face returning quickly — as if he forgot why he was irritated in the first place. 
‘’Okay, well, Victoria is out of the picture.’’ Victoria as in the woman who’s been involved with Jungkook the last month. They met through one of your friends and quickly they agreed to see each other. You’d heard zero complaints about their relationship, up until now. 
‘’I’m sorry Koo. What happened?’’ Now he’s being really quiet, too quiet for your liking. 
‘’Jeon Jungkook.’’ Your voice is stern and he knows he’s gonna have to speak up now or you’ll kick him out. 
‘’You won’t believe me.’’ 
‘’Try me.’’ His brows raise, noticing you’re quickly losing your patience with him. 
‘’It was because of… of the sex.’’ Sex. A very broad subject in your opinion, having a million reasons why sex can be bad and shakingly good. So for Jungkook to reason sex, your mind immediately thinks that it has something to do with the fact that Victoria didn’t finish while they fucked. Which could be true? You wouldn’t know. Yes, so Jungkook and you were best friends and overshared a tad bit much at times, although sex? Sex was never really on the table of ‘subjects to talk about’. 
‘’Fuck this is gonna sound so wrong.’’ Jungkook grunts, tilting his head back and your thoughts are left on the shelf for now. 
‘’It can’t be that bad.’’ Jungkook makes a noise, stating he’s disagreeing with your comment.You roll your eyes at his childish act. 
‘’Jungkook, if it’s about you not making her finish I will kick you out.’’ You’re serious. If he came to your apartment to complain about not making someone cum at 2 in the morning, he’s gonna join the wolves and god knows whatever lurks in the streets at night. 
‘’It was hurting her. Y/N I fucking hurt her.’’ You’re puzzled, trying to figure out how exactly Jeon Jungkook could be hurting anyone. 
‘’With my fucking dick.’’ It’s silent. The air con noise grows louder in your apartment as you both stare at each other in fright. Did he just say–
‘’Y-your dick?’’ You tilt your head, eyes wide open not having a chance at being closed. He’s nodding slowly and you wheeze — thinking this is some sick joke that he wanted to pull on you. Classic Jeon Jungkook. 
‘’Y/N I’m serious.’’ Your laughter continues on, you almost tearing up as it becomes uncontrollable. As your mind slowly processes the awkward silence from Jungkook's side, you quiet your laughter and listen to what he has to say. 
“It’s because of my- my length.” 
“Length? As in you're big enough to reach her cervix?” You joke playfully, hitting him on the arm as you’d guessed he’d laugh at it but instead?
“Yeah.” You’re speechless.
Your laugh being completely swallowed, taken back by the agreement to your joke. Was he serious? He couldn’t possibly, then that would mean he probably has a big di–
‘’You don’t believe me.’’ You really don’t. 
‘’It’s just hard to believe… that’s all.’’ Jungkook couldn’t possibly. It’s weird for you to even think about. 
“How can I make you believe me? Cause I am seriously struggling with women and this isn’t helping.” He gives you a stern look with a glimpse of urge for help. He’s desperate. 
“Prove it to me.” There’s no words to describe the expression that is currently resting on Jungkook's face. A mix of every expression a person can carry.
“I’m not showing you my dick.” He gives you the obvious tone of ‘you can’t be serious right now’ and crosses his arms as you’re no help to his little situation.
“Then I’m not believing you.” 
“Fine.” You’re both staring into the black TV screen, arms crossed as the silence returns. It’s awkward for once. You were obviously joking about Jungkook showing you his dick — not yourself wanting to see what’s behind his black sweats. As if the thought ever occurred to you of what it looks like…
Okay, so maybe you have. Once. It wasn’t your fault when Victoria had been drunkenly babbling over how big Jungkook was. You didn’t think of it as much, seeing she was in a drunken state. But when Jungkook admits it, you immediately try to shut down the idea that he might be telling the truth. You didn’t want to even begin to imagine how Jungkook is in bed. Is he needy and whiny? Or controlling and grunting? No, seriously Y/N stop. You grunt in annoyance and that catches Jungkook’s attention, watching you bite your lip. He would never admit that you, leaning your head back, your lip tucked in between your teeth is hot. Like really fucking hot. No. You’re his best friend, for seven years to be exact. He can’t possibly find that hot. 
Maybe it was because of the fact that he sought your help after Victoria threw a tantrum at him for having a big dick. It has never occured him to be attracted to you, you had been friends for so long that sex or just anything regarding a sexual situation between you never crossed his mind. When he looks over once again, your eyes now closed, swallowing the silence that's filling the room between you as the tension grows. Maybe it’s only from Jungkook’s side, or maybe yours as well, although he can’t tell what you’re thinking. 
‘’Let’s just forget this okay?’’ You finally speak, with a regretful tone which Jungkook catches too quickly for his liking. He should’ve never found you hot for a split second. It’s wrong. So fucking wrong of him. 
‘’Yeah, okay. I’ll leave.’’ Jungkook rubs his palms against his sweats, trying to calm himself from the ungodly thoughts of you crossing his mind slowly. 
‘’Or–’’ You start off, catching his attention as he turns to meet your eyes, you look tired. ‘’You could– you could stay.’’ He never expected for you to invite him to stay. Sleepovers between the two of you were never involved in your seven year long friendship. Jungkook wanted to stay, and because you proposed made him hopeful. Hopeful in a sense that maybe, just maybe you’ve thought of it too. 
‘’Sure, okay, I’ll stay.’’ He’s hesitant. Are you both going to share a bed? 
‘’You can just sleep on the couch. I’ll get you a duvet.’’ You smile awkwardly, leaving the living room and entering your bedroom while Jungkook feels incredibly stupid. Of course you don’t want him, you’ve never wanted him. He wants to slap his face for letting himself be attracted to you. 
‘’Here.’’ You’re already back, holding the duvet close to you, as you place it on the couch you wish him goodnight and return back to your room. 
As your door closes, Jungkook sighs loudly, falling back against the couch. He’s fucked. It’s fine, he just has to sleep his attraction towards you away. He discards his sweats attire, leaving him in his black Calvin Clein boxers, a personal favorite of his. 
When he finally settles in, covered in your duvet, he catches the smell of you enveloping the fabric. It doesn't help his mind which already has you covering most of it. He tries to shake out of it, turning and at last closing his eyes. 
Tumblr media
After what feels like an hour of tossing and turning, Jungkook comes to the conclusion that he can’t sleep. He wants you, more than he thought he would. He’ll probably hurt you, which is one of the few reasons holding him back from knocking on your door. Also the fact that you are very clear on the best friend scale. 
There’s a lot of risks that would be taken if he stood up and walked towards you, admitting how much he wants you, how desperate he is to let you touch him. All thoughts vanish from him when he comes to conclusion that he’s saying fuck it. He’ll just leave if you don’t feel the same way and burrow himself deep in his bed and never leave until his attraction disappears completely. 
He gets up, throwing the duvet off himself and being met with your white wooden door. His heartbeat is increasing as he urges himself to pull his arm up and form his hand to a knuckle to leave a knock. 
As he’s about to knock, the door flies open and you’re standing in front of him, in nothing but a loose transparent white tee. Your nipples are on display for his eyes and he’s gulping over seeing more of you than he expected. Wait– why are you awake? 
‘’I– I couldn’t sleep.’’ You’re looking down, stealing a quick glance at his bulge which he notices. Do you, do you want him? God the buildup is absolutely killing him. But he tries to control himself, holding himself back from asking you if he can kiss you. 
He clears his throat, ‘’why?’’ You were probably thirsty or maybe the thought of him being here caused you to sleep badly. He felt bad. 
‘’I can’t stop thinking about it.’’ Your posture changes, a dominant demeanor overlapping itself on your shoulders. You’re stern, firm and just plainly honest. Could you be any hotter? 
‘’Thinking about what?’’ You’re smiling, your gaze landing on his silver chain hanging around his neck. With a swift movement you’re hooking a finger around it and pulling him to your lips. Jungkook freezes, his lips feeling warm as they’re covered by yours. He can’t process the fact that you’re kissing him. It feels so right, your chest pressed firmly against his, as he’s able to feel your hardened nipples through the fabric. 
Before your fingers can grab onto his hair, he stops. ‘’Are you sure?’’ You’ve crossed the friendship line, the kiss breaking the scale completely. 
‘’Yes. Let me feel you Koo.’’ Your pleading eyes, and the firm grip your finger has on his chain leaves him dizzy. He lets you, lets you take full control of him. 
‘’Touch me.’’ He catches your smile at his request before you pull him further in the bedroom and guide him to lay down. His heartbeat is going crazy fast, his mind barely being able to comprehend that you’re about to straddle his lap. 
As you position yourself on top of him, a low grunt leaves his lips as the contact between your core and his visible bulge closes. He’s already so hard and you’ve barely touched him. 
Your fingers grab his hair, tenderly running your fingers through the undercut. ‘’I love your hair like this.’’ You compliment as you go back to kiss him, missing the warmth of his mouth already. 
Jungkook is careful with you, wanting to touch you everywhere, run his hand down your spine and feel the warmth of your skin under his palm but he holds himself back. His mind is back to thinking of you hurting, and feeling hurt because of his length. This is a bad idea.
‘’Wait.’’ He holds your shoulders, your hands laid flatly on his chest with a worried expression. 
‘’What’s wrong?’’ You look like someone who’s scared you’ve gone too far and Jungkook feels a tinge of guilt. 
‘’I don’t want to hurt you.’’ He whispers, being careful with his choice of words. 
‘’What if I want it to hurt?’’ You trace your fingers on his chest, drawing them in small circles as his eyes move to your half hidden smirk. 
‘’Just, trust me.’’ Your head falls down on his chest, leaving kisses on his chest and letting your tongue run freely on his exposed skin as he whimpers beneath you. Your tongue feels amazing on him and he gives in, letting you control the situation. 
‘’Okay.’’ Jungkook softly says, your head moving lower towards his abdomen, peppering his skin with kisses and biting gently down to give him a small taste of what awaits him. 
He can sense that you’re being patient, savoring up the moment of having him like this. His body is a canvas for you, to mark, bite and let your mouth run freely on. He wants you to take control, to show him how well you’ll be able to please him as he later on will give you his cock to fill you up. 
‘’This– this feels really good.’’ He mumbles, barely forming a full sentence, too captivated by the feeling of you above him. 
You hum against his skin, seeming more than pleased in hearing his compliment regarding your mouth. You’ve moved longer down, your legs now settled between his as your breath lands hot on his clear hard on. 
Jungkook looks up to see you gawking at him and he grows embarrassed. 
‘’Y/N, stop looking.’’ 
‘’Sorry, you just weren’t kidding.’’ Somehow the answer resolves in you and Jungkook laughing like idiots and him throwing a ‘I told you so’ into the middle of your shared laugh. The laughter soon dies down and the irresistible tension returns to the dark bedroom, the only light coming from the outside lights covering the streets. It’s the only light which helps the both of you in seeing a glimpse of one another. 
‘’Can I?’’ You ask, holding one hand firmly on his hip as your thumb traces on the top of Jungkook’s Calvin Clein boxers. He gulps, nodding as he allows you to take things further. 
You take your time in taking his boxers off, Jungkook can’t help but have his hips shake – reasons being he’s nervous yet thrilled for this to happen. Having his cock on full display for your eyes is nerve wracking, he’d never see this day coming. 
‘’Hey, I’ll be gentle.’’ With that you use your thumb, smearing his leaking pre-cum as he bucks his hips wanting more. Jungkook is infatuated by your touch, becoming more needy for you.
‘’Fuck– your hand feels so soft.’’ He throws in a compliment and surprisingly you go at a faster pace, a sudden moan escaping his lips. Fuck, how are you so good at this? The sensational feeling from your hand has Jungkook closing his eyes, also because he’s nervous to look at you while your hand is wrapped firmly around him. He’s too confused and captivated by you and the pleasure you’re giving him that he still really hasn’t processed what is happening right at this moment. It feels surreal. 
Your thumb traces itself on his tip once again, Jungkook running his hand through his hair as his breathing speeds up, a familiar feeling of release washing over him. Fuck, you haven’t even touched him for long and he’s already thinking of cumming. You, his best friend since he had his awful hair fazes that just never really complimented his features. His best friend since high school, as you both lamely made fun of the PDA couples, who never knew what the word ‘privacy’ meant. He’s too deep in thought, until you suddenly stop. Jungkook hesitantly opens his eyes, using his elbows for support as he now looks at you.
‘’Can I taste you?’’ Jungkook almost chokes at your question. His already fucked out of it state isn’t even hesitant. Fuck he’d love your lips wrapped around him. Your lips look even softer than your hand. The outline of your lips visible for his eyes as the moonlight discreetly shines over them. God, you make him so weak. 
Truth be told, Jungkook doesn’t remember the last time he’s ever been this willing, this open to just anything. But if it includes you? He’s all for it. 
‘’Y-yeah.’’ Fuck, he just stuttered. You probably think he’s being hesitant and–
You gently lick his tip, swirling it around to allow the taste of him to linger itself in your mouth, your hand starts to move again and Jungkook’s mouth falls apart, his eyes watching you. If only you could see how pretty you were as you open wider, inviting more of him. Your mouth feels so warm, so welcoming. He wonders if it’s possible to get addicted to a certain body part, because he’ll for sure mention your mouth if asked. 
‘’God, your mouth.’’ He wants to caress your cheeks softly, as his thumb can feel how well he’s filling your mouth up. Maybe it’s too much… too sentimental. Seeing you’re literally stuffing your face with his cock, your hand stroking what you aren’t able to take. 
Although, he forms a sort of courage and asks you gently, ‘’can I touch you?’’ You let go of his cock with a pop, brows furrowed as if you’re uncertain of where exactly he wants to touch you. 
‘’Okay.’’ Jungkook leans closer to you, his hand cupping your cheek as his thumb grazes the top of it. You lean in his touch before you go back down, taking him in your mouth once again. He won’t survive this. No. He won’t survive you. 
He’s almost about to break when his palm feels the bump caused by his cock in your mouth as you bop your head faster, all while Jungkook whines freely — not knowing he’s making you extremely wet by moaning so carelessly. 
It’s not until you use your hand, focusing solely on sucking his tip that he’s almost about to finish. You retrieve before he’s able to, a string of saliva connecting you to his tip as you smile so innocently. Yeah, he’s definitely not surviving you. 
“What are you doing to me?” It isn’t a question, rather a statement towards everything he feels for you in this instant moment. 
You guide yourself back up, lips molding against his. He can taste himself on your tongue and it drives him crazy. He’s almost willing himself to take control — he’s never done or wanted that before, but there’s just something about you which drives him in a completely different direction. 
Should he touch you? Touch you in ways he’s always found appealing but never for him? He’s willing, for you he is. Slowly but surely, he tenderly peppers your neck with kisses, slipping his tongue to run along. He’s startled when you moan so effortlessly. He wants to hear more of you and those heavenly sounds you’re so willing to offer him. 
You begin to move, grinding your clothed core over his bare cock and a rush is sent through him. It’s almost as if he’s gotten you needy now, so needy you couldn’t contain yourself from grinding on top of him — still fully clothed. It feels new, although Jungkook loves it, cause fuck he can feel how wet you are. Did you get this wet by only touching him? 
‘’You’re already so wet.’’ A grunt leaves his lips when you only hum in response, continuing your grinding, almost as if you’re losing yourself completely at the touch of him. 
‘’Fuck, fill me up. I can’t wait anymore.’’ You push him down, hurrying yourself to take your shirt off. Since when did you go from being patient to impatient so fast? He can’t help but feel extremely proud of himself, patting himself mentally on the back. 
But then he’s in tact of what’s happening, you’re about to sit yourself down on his cock and he’s afraid — even though you made it clear you want it to hurt — he just… cares too much about you and the thought of you being in pain because of him doesn’t sit well with him.  
‘’Hey, are you sure? I really don’t want to hurt you.’’ You’re just about to position yourself, freezing in your movement. You’ve probably caught on how afraid he is. 
‘’Koo, I want this. It’s okay.’’ You peck his lips softly, his hold on you loosening to inform you that he trusts you. 
His tip is barely inside of you and a whimper lets itself out of him. Scratch that about your mouth being his favorite body part of yours, your pussy definitely steps on the podium for number one. 
You continue, Jungkook catching the sight of his cock disappearing within you and his breathing starts to quicken. He probably won’t last long, not when you wrap yourself so nicely around him the further you go down. 
‘’Shit—’’ You let out, fully sunk down on him. There’s a tinge of discomfort covering your face but Jungkook forces himself not to worry, you want this, you want him. It’s soon replaced by a smile, as you start bucking your hips, letting yourself settle on him. 
He really takes the time to notice how beautiful your breasts are, looking so delicate. God, he wants to touch them, touch every inch of you. 
He’s reminding himself of the sounds you let out as he placed his lips on your neck, would you react the same way if he latched his lips on your exposed breasts as well? There’s really only one way to find out. Yet he wants to be good for you, letting you use him to make yourself finish. 
You surprise him once again, guiding his hands towards your breasts — as if you knew he was having a tantrum with himself over if he should touch them or not — he was right, they’re incredibly soft. Your nipples perked and good enough to suck but then again, he holds himself back. 
‘’You feel so good.’’ Your words are mostly slurred, too focused on the pleasure — your eyes closed as you run your fingers through Jungkook’s hair — his hair that you like. 
He makes you feel good, you keep reminding him when you mutter it once more as your hips buck at a faster pace. Shit, you really know how to ride him well. 
It’s as if something clicks for Jungkook when you go down to bite his earlobe followed by an angelic whimper. He loses all control of himself. ‘’Fuck–’’ He’s taking control, flipping you around so you’re beneath him, hair sprawled on your pillow and eyes about to pop out of their socket. 
‘’What are you–’’ Jungkook latches his mouth on your hardened nipples, nibbling his tongue softly on them and it was so worth it. They feel so soft against his tongue. Although not as soft as your pussy wrapping itself perfectly around him.
Jungkook feels dizzy, drowning in the feeling of how he’s swallowed by your warmth. Fuck he’d keep himself burried in you forever if he could. 
He starts thrusting, profanities break out from you when the pace quickens. He’s reckless at this point, showing you how much you affect him. 
As the time passes, skin grows hotter, small beads of sweat covering Jungkook’s forehead. You’re both close. He can sense it as you convulse around him which almost leaves him breathless. 
‘’Fuck— it hurts, it hurts so good.’’ With that your body loses its composure beneath him as you come undone. 
It’s something about you making him good about himself, not only him as a person but him in whole. You’ve always been so accepting of whatever bullshit he’s brought upon you. He feels safe around you, your arms wrapped around his form as you run your fingers through his hair. You feel like home. You are his home. 
With a low muttered fuck, Jungkook feels his cock twitch as his hips stutter for one last thrust, filling you up with everything he has. 
His hair covers most of his sight, both of you panting in sync as you try to calm yourselves. When his cock begins to soften, he takes it as a sign to let himself plop down next to you. 
‘’I’ve– I’ve never…’’ Jungkook doesn’t know where to begin. He can’t recognize the person he was right before. 
‘’Taken control?’’ You steal his unspoken words and he turns to see you smiling softly. The moonlight has turned to a chrome yellow, indicating that a sunrise was indeed nearing. Your features have become more prominent for Jungkook’s eyes and your beauty captivates him by an invisible hook. 
‘’Yeah, taken control.’’ 
‘’You should do it more often.’’ It’s an encouragement and it seems to work because the idea of being in control doesn’t faze Jungkook. He loved it. 
It’s been around an hour after Jungkook surprisingly fucked you. You’re both situated in your kitchen. The sunrise covering most of the apartment with it’s golden rays that strike inside the windows from the living room.  
‘’What are you thinking?’’ Jungkook caught onto your frown, indicating you’re thinking about something. 
‘’I’m thinking that… I liked this, what just happened, I really liked it. It felt–’’
‘’Right?’’ He answers for you and you nod. 
‘’I don't want this to be the last time.’’ 
‘’It won’t be.’’ Carefully, Jungkook cups your face, his nose brushing against yours. He really wants to kiss you again. 
‘’Kiss me.’’ You seem impatient, and Jungkook gladly does as you request. 
Maybe, maybe this was always supposed to happen between you. 
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One shot where Jungkook and reader are staying at one of their parents house and it’s night time already but Jungkook wants you but you’re shy and you guys have to be quiet so they are doing it slow and deep but reader is hugging Jungkooks neck and he’s moaning on her ear and kissing her neck while also talking quietly to her if she likes it . daddy kink! He’s huge! If requests are still open plz
Good Girl - jjk
Tumblr media
Genre: Fluffy Smut, established relationship
Warnings: Smut, Y/n's nervous, Emotional sex, unprotected sex (nope), Dom/sub themes, Daddy kink, praise kink, pet names, dirty talk, these two are really in love and it's kinda sickening,
Word count: 1.9K
The past week has been absolutely perfect.
You were so anxious to meet Jungkook’s parents, having been with their son for almost five whole years without more than a few conversations over the phone with them, but you were happily surprised when you landed in Korea and were met with the sweetest people you’d ever met - aside from their son, of course.
You met your boyfriend, Jungkook, at the company you worked. You were a training producer, and he was one of the new paid interns, getting coffee and sending emails. He didn’t know very much english whenever the two of you met, but that definitely didn’t stop him from flirting with you every time he asked you for your coffee order.
He had just moved from Korea after accepting a job at one of his dream record labels, the label you just so happened to work at.
That was nearly five years ago, and Jungkook had been wanting to make a trip back to visit his family for a while now; and you’d obviously have to be a part of that. You’d always been the shy type, never one to really initiate conversation or do anything out of the norm, something Jungkook found endearing when you’d first begun talking.
So, the thought of going to a different country to meet his family while you barely knew the language seemed extremely daunting. But then you got there, and everyone was just so nice to you, and you genuinely couldn’t be more thankful.
“How do you feel about going home tomorrow, Gguk?” You wrapped your arms around Jungkook’s waist from behind him, back hugging him when you noticed him looking out the window without saying anything after his shower for a bit too long. He held your arms as they held him, his fingers tracing delicately along your skin as he leaned into your touch.
“I wish we could stay longer, I’ve had such a great time,” you nodded as you delicately pressed a kiss to his shoulder. He sighed as he turned around, you loosening your arms only long enough for him to face you, then you tightened them around him once again as he brought his hands to cup your cheeks, rubbing his thumb gently just how he knows you like it. You melt into him slightly, his touch always having that effect on you. “But we have to get back to work, and you probably miss home.”
You smiled softly, yet solemnly as you knew how much he’s been looking forward to this trip, and how much he’ll miss his family once you have to leave again.
“Yeah, but I’m glad I got to see your home; you make a lot more sense now that I’ve met your mom.”
“I make more sense?” Your smile only gets wider as you look down slightly.
“Yeah, you know, you’re just so sweet and sensitive, even though you definitely don’t look like it,” You pause, referencing the large sleeve of tattoos and several piercings gracing his delicate yet strong features. “And after meeting your mom I realize it’s because you’re exactly like her.”
He scoffs, squishing your cheek slightly. “I am not exactly like Eomma, I’m way less of a perfectionist and I definitely don’t nag as much,”
Says the man that spent 3 hours decorating your bedroom for valentines day, because he had to make sure every rose petal was at the exact right spot. And he might not nag, but he will rewash every dish after you’ve already done them because you don't do them in the exact way he does; though he loves and appreciates your effort.
You giggle as you raise your arms, taking a few steps backwards before you turn around and jump on the bed, adjusting yourself so that you’re resting against the pillows, your leg crossed over the other as you still tried to remain modest while wearing nothing but underwear and an oversized t-shirt. You grabbed the book you’d been reading from off the bedside table, opening it up to where you left off.
“You’re adorable, you know that?” You look back up, Jungkook still standing at the foot of the bed looking at you with complete adoration. You couldn’t stop the blush from creeping up your cheeks, nor the smile that spread across your reddening face. “In a like, really sexy kind of way,” Jungkook took a few slow, long strides to the side of the bed you were seated on, lifting the book gently from your hands and putting it back on the table you’d just picked it up from.
“I was reading that,” You lightly protested, not fully looking him in the eye as he crawled onto the bed, his arms caging you in as he climbs between your legs.
“Mmm, my apologies,” His lips were on your neck before there was even time to remember that you were still in his parents house, in his old bedroom right next to theirs.
“Jungkook,” You lightly pressed on his chest, his face quickly moving up so that his eyes could meet yours, immediately searching your face for any signs that you were uncomfortable. “Your parents are going to hear us,” you were basically whispering now, as Jungkook’s light smile soon returned.
“I know you know how to be quiet, love,” You bit your lip, moving your eyes from Jungkook to look at the door. He moved to hold your face softly, bringing your attention back to him, a more serious expression on his face than before. “If you don’t want to-”
“No, I want to,” you reassured him, the heat between your legs as he hovered over you was deniable to no one; you just didn’t want his parents to feel disrespected in their own home.
“Then let me take care of you, baby,” His smile returned as he pressed a gentle kiss to your lips. He Let himself relax down onto you as your wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him further into you. His hands quickly made their way up your shirt, his fingers ghosting up to your waist until they stopped there, gripping onto you softly as he deepened the kiss.
He always knew exactly how you liked to be touched; something he credited to not being fluent in english when the two of you met. He had to rely heavily on your body language to understand how you felt. So when you started dating and he was able to touch you, he always made sure to notice every little movement you made, knowing that even though you spoke more of the same language, you still weren’t one to be very vocal about your own wants and needs, and even when things made you uncomfortable.
So when he left soft grazing kisses right below your ear that turned warmer and wetter the further down he got, he knew you’d let out a small hum in response, running your fingers through his hair before pulling it gently. He hummed into your neck lightly as he slowly began to lift your shirt up higher and higher, your nipples hardening at the cool air coming in contact with you as he pulled the shirt over your head.
As he threw your shirt to the side, he couldn’t help but stay sitting up for a little longer, looking down on your gorgeous figure. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to just how beautiful you are,” You immediately move to cover your face, knowing you’d be the same shade of red as a tomato in mere seconds, but Jungkook never let you get that far, moving your hands to wrap around him as he wrapped his around you, your bare chests pressed tightly against each others.
One of his hands moved down, caressing your thigh softly before he moved between your legs, sliding his fingers under the hem of your underwear, the pad of his middle finger delicately pressing to your wet clit as he let out a low groan.
“You’re so wet for me, baby. You really want daddy that bad, huh?” He whispered in your ear as he slid one finger into you, your fingers gripping onto his shoulders tightly as you desperately tried not to moan out.
“Yes, daddy, want you so bad” as soon as the light whimper left your lips, your underwear was off; Jungkook’s head buried in your shoulder as he fought his sweatpants and boxers down.
“Fuck, princess, you have no idea what you do to me,” He pressed into you, his length stretching you out as he moved his hips slowly into yours. You stifled down a moan, covering your mouth with your fist as Jungkook had to muffle his own into your neck.
Your arms were hooked around his neck and shoulders, wrapped tightly around him as if your life depended on it as his slow deliberate movements drove you insane. His elbow rested on the outside of your shoulder, his hand tangled in your hair as he left hot wet kisses on your neck. His other hand had a firm grip on your outer thigh, holding it up at the perfect angle for his slow thrusts to reach new depths, deliciously rutting against your cervix.
He moaned softly in your ear as he pulled out, gripping onto you harder as he thrust back in hard, moving your body up and no doubt shaking the bed under you. You moaned out from the unexpected friction, his hand moving to cover your mouth as he moved to look you in the eye.
“Gotta be quiet, baby. You’ve been so good for me, I need to you stay quiet for me, can you do that, love?” You nodded softly, eyebrows knitted and lip between your teeth as you dug your fingernails into his back, trying to keep yourself steady as his thrusts got harder. He slid his hand off your mouth, his lips attaching to your jaw, his tongue sliding against your skin between kisses and nips.
“Good girl,” He whispers as he gets to your ear, sucking your earlobe into his mouth as he softly moans. The hand that was previously holding your thigh up moved between your bodies, his thumb pressing to your clit. You arched your back, moving further into him as he moved further into you, your pussy swallowing him up just the way he liked as he drew patterns into your clit.
“Mm, daddy-” you tried your best to whisper, but your voice was admittedly louder than you’d hoped as he fucked into harder, your orgasm building up quickly.
“Shhh, baby, I know. Just cum around daddy’s cock,” you dragged your fingernails down his back, moans light, only for him to hear as he brought you to your climax. “So good, baby. So good for daddy, fuck,”
Both of his hands moved to your hips, leveraging himself into your throbbing pussy as he rested his forehead on yours, looking deeply into your eyes as he cums inside you, both of you clinging to the other as you rode out your highs.
As he relaxes down into you, coming down from his orgasm, his lips meet yours in a lazy kiss, your hands coming to meet the others faces with soft touches as he lovingly peppers your face with kisses.
He eventually rolls onto his back, pulling you with him to lay on his chest, gently caressing your bare skin as you drifted to sleep.
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breakiebunny · 6 months ago
new reds| jjk
Tumblr media
Summary: After your first ever "fight" with your sweet husband, you decide to take this opportunity and rile him up so he can treat you like a whore, his whore.
Tumblr media
Genre: dilf Jungkook!, Established relationship
Warnings: angst,smut, fluff, oral sex (m and f), fingering, squirting, biting, hickies, scratching, slapping, lactation kink, degradation (he's mean okay🥵), praise, cum play, breeding kink, Dom Jungkook, doggy, hair pulling
WC: 10.7k
A.N: I hope you guys enjoy our soft, loving dilf Jungkook being all mean and rude <3 please let me know what you think, it'll make my day :)
Part of new beginnings series but can be read as a stand alone.
Tumblr media
You made Jungkook’s favorite food, took the time to dip a little extra in the bath, using his favorite scented bath bombs, moisturized your skin in vanilla and coconut body butter also his favorite, until it was supple and bouncy, dropped off the kids at their grandma’s for your Brazilian wax appointment, wore the shortest red dress, his favorite color on you, painted your nails and lips red to match it, already imagining his red stained lips and chin, the thought alone sends you in a frenzy and you know for sure that your panties are gonna be ruined by the time your snack of a husband gets home.
Today was nothing special, no birthday, no anniversary just you and your bubbling love for Jungkook, you always wanted to do something to him, for him; kiss him, cuddle him, watch him stuff his face with his brows furrowed like he's angry and compliment what you cooked for him, suggesting that you should open a restaurant. He could be doing simple, most mundane things around the house like stirring his coffee, or changing a light bulb and that would make you want to choke on his dick and squish his cheeks turning his lips into an adorable pout. He lets you do that; anything that makes you happy makes him the happiest. So for a husband like Jungkook you decided to present yourself as a gift tonight, he had a meeting and you were hoping he wouldn’t be in a bad mood but then again you know after some jokes, some bad flirting with your eyelashes batting at him he would melt and cave in, like he always did and with this dress and what you got underneath? Poor boy doesn’t stand a chance, an evil giggle bubbles inside your throat as you set the table, your dress hiking up your thighs as you bend forward, you were sure your red lace panties were peeking through. Perfect bait for your husband. Junghoon, your three year old son is fast asleep in his room, he was getting old enough to put himself to sleep even after waking up in the night, the gentle boy worries about his parents sleep now and doesn’t bother you or Jungkook, you coo at the thought. He was definitely ahead of his times, an old soul. Your daughter on the other hand, oh boy! She was trouble, you could tell even now at six months old, big round eyes innocent and doe like but you just know she’s gonna be nothing like Junghoon, she’s an energetic young lady, curious and has the habit of looking for trouble, you were thankful she was also asleep right now, night time a little easier with her now that she has a routine of sleeping at night.
Everything was ready as you sit down, tapping your painted nails on the table, everything is ready but where is your husband? He should be here by now, he said he would have dinner with you, he just didn’t know that you had “special dinner” planned for him. You huff, massaging your neck, an hour passed, the food got cold for sure. You stand up, your leg asleep making you wiggle it as you walk, stilettoes kicked off in annoyance and worry eating at your heart, what happened? Why is he late? You don’t want to imagine the worse case scenarios right now but your brain has other plans, what if he's in an accident? You shake yourself physically out of these horrendous thoughts and pick up your phone to call him, Jungkook doesn’t pick up, you call again, no answer, you leave a string of texts, no answer.
“Maybe I should just wait for him, he must be stuck in the traffic” you think out loud, lowering your head on the table. Yes that’s it, he’s stuck in the traffic. You don’t notice when you doze off, a text notification jerking you up from the table. You look at the time, it’s been four hours and your husband is still not home, with your heart in the pit of your stomach you dial the reception of his office, hoping someone would pick up.
“Uh hello, this is Mrs. Jeon speaking, I just wanted to check if he’s still in the office right now?” you ask, voice a little uneasy, heart drumming against your chest.
“Mr. Jeon? He headed out right after his meeting” the cheery young voice says on the other line.
“Headed out?” you think, brows furrowing.
“Yeah, he went out to celebrate the new deal with the clients Ma’am, do you have an important message for me if he comes back?” The voice asks mechanically.
“No, thank you, that would be all” you croak.
All this waiting and almost yanking your hair out in worry for you find out that your husband went out to “celebrate the deal” what? He could’ve texted you, a simple I will be late tonight text. That’s what he should’ve done after promising you a dinner. You scoff, anger redder than the dress you were wearing. Maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was Jungkook who did that, Jungkook who thought you hung stars in the sky, Jungkook who thought you were the reason for all the color in this world, that was what tugged at your heart, breaking it at the thought he didn’t even think about you.
“Its his fault for always making me feel like a queen, now look at me being miserable!” you pout, tears stinging your eyes.
“I miss him” you bottom lip juts out as tears fall down your cheeks. You probably looked like a five year that dropped their ice cream on the ground right now, so much for being a sexy seductress for the evening.
You run upstairs to wipe off your make up and take off the dress, love sick brain telling you to wear Jungkook’s shirt to bed but you were stubborn and on top of that angry at the moment, you throw his shirt back on the bed and wear your own, heading out to hoonie’s room, taking the baby monitor for Dan-bi with you, taking a look at it as you release a relieved sigh, she is still asleep, tiny fists curled up. Your babies will never forget about you, you stomp your foot a little too hard on the floor hissing at the impact.
Tumblr media
Jungkook comes back home like a cat, stealth mode on. He tip toes to the kitchen to grab himself a glass of water, still a little buzzed from all the wine his colleagues and boss made him drink. He takes out his phone, a string of calls and messages from you glaring back at him, each text starting from a normal; baby, can’t wait for you to get home, I miss you making his heart grow with fondness. He gulps when the messages get progressively worried Jungkook where are you? I’m getting worried now baby please get back to me when you can, love you. His heart squeezes at this. Knowing you, you definitely would be worried to death for him. He shoves the phone back in his pocket with an audible sigh, rubbing his temples as his eyes squint shut, he was tired and felt bad for leaving you hanging like this, his love, his one and only.
“Jeon Jungkook you are an idiot!” he groans into his hands. His hooded eyes travel to the dinner table, a feast placed gracefully on it, each dish now covered, he lifts the lids off the pots, his favorite, each and everything was something he would chow down on in the blink of an eye if he didn’t feel sick to his stomach right now, not because of the alcohol but because of you, your beating heart for him as you waited for him worried, he knows your blood sugar levels get low when you stress out, the candy wrappers on the table indicate he was right, the carelessly abandoned stilettoes deliver another punch to his gut. You got ready for him? Yes you did, you hated heels, why else would they be here? The feast, heels, it all made sense. He fucked up, he also knows you would’ve understood if he told you beforehand but you kissed his lips multiple times this morning, licking the milk mustache off them when you asked him, confirmed if he was busy and he said no after every kiss. He said he would be back early, maybe this isn’t a big deal for people, but not for Jungkook, he worships the ground you walk, follows you like a lost puppy, in short he was practically obsessed with his wife. He can never imagine doing something that hurts you or even bring a frown on your radiantly gorgeous face. Did you cry? Did you bite down on your thumb nail like you always did when you were worried? How long did you wait for him here? Your back always gets stiff on chairs, did you cry? He thinks again, bottom lip quivering at the thought, his baby can’t cry no! He needs to make it up to you and right now.
Jungkook tries not to run up the stairs, afraid he’ll wake the kids and you if you’re asleep. He plans on how he’ll cuddle you, give you a back massage? Foot massage? Hell whatever you want he’s ready to do as long as you’re okay. He peeks his head through the bedroom door, eyes widen when he’s met with an empty bed, still made neatly from the morning. He walks inside to check if you’re in the bathroom, you’re not, he panics, heartbeat beating like a drum, out of instinct he goes to Dan-bi’s room, finding out that she’s sleeping peacefully but alone, no sign of you, he wanted to kiss his daughter’s forehead but taking that risk knowing how upset she gets after an interrupted nap wasn’t just on his energy levels right now. He goes to Junghoon’s room, slowly opening the door, watching through the little slit. He exhaled the breath he was holding when he saw you curled up next to Junghoon, dinosaur blanket covering both of you as you two sleep peacefully, looking nothing but angelic, his angels. His lips twitch into a smile at the sight, he closes the door slowly, heart still beating a little fast. Why were you in here? Oh god you were definitely mad.
You wake up early the next day, not that you could sleep peacefully through the night, you missed your bed, you missed your husband, his pretty stupid face. Should you just let it go? The determination to stay mad at him shaking right now, you can’t! You just can’t, you know he’ll look at you with his big doe eyes, looking like a kicked puppy when you won’t talk to him, follow you around, touching you until you talk, he will not stop you know this much. You shake your head as you sit up, no! Y/n focus, you have to stay upset…for a day at least. Your inner conflict is disturbed when you feel Junghoon stir in his sleep, small hands curled into fists as he flexes his arms to stretch making you coo. You lower yourself again to cuddle him.
“Hoonie my love it’s time to wake up” you say in his neck, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek.
“Mommy?” he says, voice groggy and cute just like his father, no you are mad at his father.
“Yes baby” you adjust him to be more comfortable when he puts his head on your chest, morning cuddles, he loved them.
“Pancakesh” he says still in his sleep you think, his speech was always the reason of your cooing these days. He was just too cute for your little heart.
“Okay?” you giggle, brushing away his hair out of his forehead. Was this boy dreaming of pancakes?
“Hoonie you want pancakes for breakfast?” you ask, fingers still rubbing the back of his head.
“Yes mommy” he wakes up at the mention of pancakes. Rubbing his eyes with his hands.
“With blueberries” you know his obsession with blueberries well.
“Yes Yes!” he giggles, how you managed to land a happy baby like him was beyond you.
“Okay then let’s get ready for school” you clap, jumping up from the bed.
After getting Junghoon ready, you walk out of his room with him on your hip, he was getting taller and bigger for you to carry around often which made you a little sad, but you will carry him until you just physically can’t anymore. Dan-bi must be awake by now. You turn to see Jungkook emerging from your shared bedroom, his hair looking identical to Junghoon’s, just messier with tangled bed curls, eyes a little swollen along with his face, he was rubbing his temples as he was getting out, hangover. You roll your eyes.
“Daddy!” Junghoon jumps in your hold when he spots Jungkook.
“Little man!” Jungkook says with equal enthusiasm and you set Junghoon down on the ground, watching him run off to his father as he picks him up, raising him in the air. Your lips threaten to stretch into a smile.
“I’ll get Dan-bi ready and we’ll come down.” Jungkook says softly, eyes looking at your form with a little eargerness, would you answer him? You would right?
“Okay” you say quickly, not really looking at him. Jungkook swallows.
“Hoonie, I’m gonna go make pancakes, come down with your sister quickly alright?” you make sure you look at Junghoon only, watching Jungkook visibly stiffen when he realizes you didn’t even acknowledge him. As you turned you could feel your legs shake. No I can’t be upset with him, look at him, you pout as you take out the ingredients for the pancakes from the kitchen cupboard. You were not really angry, you were heartbroken yes, he just made you feel like the world revolved around and yes again! It’s his fault for boosting your ego this much.
You were pouring a ladle full of pancake mix into the pan when you heard them coming down, Dan-bi pressed against Jungkook’s chest, hoonie walking down first as he tells him something about raining pancakes from his dream, Jungkook having all of his attention on him and the little sleepy girl mumbling against his shoulder.
“Hoonie we are getting late baby, let’s eat hm?” you smile at Junghoon while walking towards Jungkook to take Dan-bi from his arms.
“Yes mommy” he says, running towards the table to sit, he wants to do everything himself these days. Baths and dressing him up was getting a little tough for you.
“Hello sweet girl, you slept well didn’t you?” you coo, nuzzling your face in her chubby cheeks making her gargle happily.
“Mommy, can dabby sit with me?” Junghoon calls out from where he sits. You thought having another child would make Junghoon upset eventually, no matter how mature, he was still a child, sharing parents with another sibling is never easy but he has been handling it so well so far; he takes his big brother duties very seriously and is already a proper big brother, so gentle and sweet with his baby sister. Dan-bi, the chubby little nugget also fond of him, she even stops crying when Junghoon talks to her, plays with her, sings for her. Of course you need to cuddle more with Junghoon because he understands things more right now and of course after Dan-bi grabs a fistful of his hair in her little excitement fit.
“Okay” you sing song, shaking your head a little.
“Good morning” Jungkook says hushed, almost a whisper.
“Good morning” you say back turning the pancake, you knew the pout was coming and didn’t had the heart to see him mope.
Jungkook felt that good morning kick him in the stomach, what? “good morning” no kisses? no back hugs? No asking him what he wants for breakfast? Or sitting down with hoonie and telling him what you want for breakfast?
“Let me help you” he says grabbing your hand.
“I got it” you slip your hand away from his grasp.
No! This can’t go on, he already feels suffocated, he needs to make this all right again. He watches you put out some pancakes on a separate plate for him, his heart growing at the sight but breaking again when he watches you take a plate to the table to feed Junghoon, Dan-bi in her high chair
“Let me just grab my jacket and I’ll take hoonie to school” Jungkook finishes his breakfast and gets up when he sees you two get up.
“It’s all right, you haven’t washed up yet, I can take him” you don’t look at him, helping Junghoon with his bag and coat.
“All ready hoonie!” you grin down at him and gives you a thumbs up.
“but I can…” Jungkook says.
“I said it’s okay…” you snap, quickly looking down at Junghoon who was busy checking his little coat pockets.
“I said it’s fine Jungkook, no big deal, can you take care of Dan-bi or should I take her with me?” you say a little calmer now.
“Of course I can” his brows furrow a little at this.
“Thank you” you take Junghoon’s bag, pressing a kiss to Dan-bi’s head.
“My company locked the biggest deal of this year and it was because of…me” he says slowly when you turn around after closing the washing machine window.
“Congratulations” you say, again without paying him much attention. The hope that blossomed in your heart that he will loose it and have his way with you was getting slim. He’s just too nice and you know that most women will not complain about this but you believe in your husband’s potential of treating you like a slut, you knew he can do anything and wanted to be his slut was like your ultimate goal right now, getting a PhD was a close second. You were not upset anymore, it’s been like three days, you were just trying to use this opportunity to rile him up, bring out the beast in him you know? Soyeon gave you a TMI that sex with Namjoon was always best when he was upset or riled up and you wanted to mess with Jungkook as well, that was the brat in you, the evil red you telling you to make the poor boy suffer more, your heart breaking on the other side. You always tried to make him mad in tight spaces, cringing at yourself after he didn’t do anything but silently walked by like in the pantry when he pulls out your favorite gummies from the basket and placing it on the shelf closer to you, looking down as if you were his school crush, you leave the pack there, walking realllllyyy slowly out of the pantry in desperate hope that he will grab your wrist and “teach you a lesson”, but no nothing! All three days went by with him being the gentleman that he is, he told you to sleep in your room because he knows you can’t sleep on other beds, he wakes up hoonie, gets him ready, breakfast, lunchbox everything ready before you even set your foot in the kitchen, not that he didn’t do anything before this, it's just that your heart was breaking to see him so sad and down, you’ve known him long enough to see through his smiles and laughs. You were in the laundry room right now when you heard him talk to you and right then and there you decide to end this, you cannot make him suffer further for your dirty little fantasies, poor thing doesn’t even have a clue.
“I’ve changed Dan-bi’s diaper.” he says, hands toying with the door knob.
“Okay, thank you, I’m almost done as well” you say with a tight lipped smile. Jungkook’s ears perk up, that’s the most you’ve said to him in the past three days. You decide to shower his face with kisses but he speaks before you can act on it.
“Y/n I…” he says but the ringing of your phone interrupts him.
“Its okay you can answer it, I’ll go I’ve bothered you enough” he says with a nervous chuckle.
You getting bothered? Because of him? Now you were angry and wanted to smack the back of his cute coconut head.
“Jungkook…” you say reaching out for him.
“I’ll check on the kids” he says, spinning on his heels.
Did you go too far? Your heart beats a little faster in your chest after getting the little taste of what Jungkook has been going through. You can’t do this, You are too spoiled to survive with this little interaction with him, you feel like you will wither away like a house plant without attention and care. The ringing phone in your hand was annoying, you huff looking down at it. Soyeon.
“Hey what’s up?” you try to say it as nice as possible. You did not feel like talking right now.
“All good but you don’t sound like your fabulous self, what happened?” Soyeon says concerned.
“Nothing, I’m a dumbass for trying to make Jungkook mad so he could act you know...” you cover the speaker lightly with your hand. “so he would be mean to me in bed” you whisper.
“I can’t believe you actually did it!” Soyeon screeches on the other side.
“I did! And I feel dumb for doing it. My poor husband, he looks so sad what do I even do now?” you whine holding onto the washing machine.
“hmm jungkook sure is a tough cookie, maybe you should carry this on some more?” she suggests.
“No fucking way Soyeon! I can’t, I just can’t, I’m miserable, he’s miserable and you know how sensitive Junghoon is about us, I think he can sense us being awkward.” You chew on the inside of your cheek.
“Yeah you’re right, I just got way too excited for you” she laughs and you join in weakly.
“Now I have to think about making it up to him, oh my god, do you think he’ll be like real mad when he finds out about this?” you chew on your thumb nail again. You’ve rarely seen Jungkook upset but when he got upset it was…let’s just say the sweet bunny like Jungkook was nowhere to be seen and he just goes silent which makes it more scary…at least for you.
“Then you win!” she jokes.
“You know what I’m talking about” you roll your eyes even though she can’t see you.
“Just don’t tell him why you did this, problem solved” Soyeon says.
“Really? And just go back to normal, Soyeon you really aren’t of any help today, goodbye!” you huff.
“I’m sure you’ll figure this out, he’s madly in love with you, he won’t be hard on you, you know that” she says slowly. Of course you knew that but that didn’t gave you the right to be mean to him, this was not fair and you needed to come clean and admit your mistakes in front of him.
“Fuck y/n you and your horny ass will be the death of you.” You say in your heart, exhaling loudly.
“I almost forgot what I called you for, Ara’s tummy hurts and she wants to spend her day off with Junghoon and have a Disney marathon, so is he free to come?” Soyeon asks, you can hear Ara’s “please please please” in the background.
“He is free, let me check on him and ask him if he’s up for it yeah?” you say holding the phone between your ear and shoulder while separating Dan-bi’s clothes from Junghoon’s.
“I’ll pick him up just text me” Soyeon offers.
“No I’ll drop him off, you stay with Ara, give her a kiss from me” you smile.
Junghoon was ready to go of course, Disney and his best friend? You knew he would never say no so you already packed some of his favorite toys and a change of clothes just in case because spilling accidents never call before coming.
“Jungkook can you please take hoonie to Ara’s house?” you ask softly, maybe this could be the start of your apology and when he’ll come back you can cook something for him and say a proper sorry? Yes! That’s perfect.
“Sorry I can’t, I’m busy” he doesn’t look up from his laptop, glasses resting on his button nose. You shift a little on your feet, he didn’t look mad but he didn’t look at you either. What? When did that happen? Maybe you deserved it.
“Okay no problem.” Your voice is small as you turn back before turning again.
“I will check on Dan-bi, don’t worry” he says fixing his glasses, eyes still on the screen in front of him.
“Right…okay” you croak, this was bad and you had to fix it but you can’t right now, you had to deliver one excited boy to his bff’s house.
You took hoonie to Ara’s house, had a quick cup of tea with Soyeon, that definitely helped with your headache. Dan-bi? She spend too much time with daddy today, you missed that sweet loaf of bread. You jog to her room, a wide smile on your face, you open the door to see her in the crib, the gates up because little lady can sit and you knew she will try to stand up in no time. She was making her cute noises, trying to yank her sock off of her feet.
“What is my chubby bunny doing here all alone, where’s daddy?” you coo bending down on her level, she acknowledges you with a loud squeal.
“How long have you been playing here all alone hm?” your baby voice should make you cringe but it worked with Dan-bi when you see her kick and bang her hands down on the soft bedding of the crib. She missed you too. Her bottle on the little table next to the crib, it was still warm and full which meant Jungkook was here not long ago, of course he won’t leave her alone so did he leave after hearing you came up? You deflate but another cute babble shakes you out of your thoughts.
“And I don’t know how many times do I have to tell daddy to never put these socks on you hmm!” you say playfully, fingers playing with the little foot Dan-bi managed to free from the sock.
“Hungry? I know you are! Yes you are!” you pick her up, raising her a little in the air, baby giggles filling the air making you grin.She’s the perfect mix of you and Jungkook physically but that attitude you know she gets it from you and you alone, maybe this was just universe already planning to get back to you on behalf of Jungkook, yes you admit deep in your heart that you were a little too much at times but Jungkook god bless his sweet soul, he never complained, not once; always treated you special, walked you through your tantrums with the utmost care and love, spoiled you like a brat with his love, care, respect. So much that now you’re here, when you started this, it seemed fun and something that could actually work but no! Now you’re just looking stupid, a clown.
These thoughts are not gonna leave your head, not unless you sincerely apologize to your husband, so you decide on feeding Dan-bi her bottle, her eyelids flutter again, babies and their naps. You loll her a little in your lap, putting her back in her crib when she’s completely asleep. You draw the curtains to darken the room a little for her better sleep.
Namjoon had told you that he will drop off Junghoon in the evening so you don’t have to worry about that.
“Now what?” you think out loud once stepping out of the room, hands on your sides.
“Maybe I should take this time to say sorry to Jungkook?” you chew on your bottom lip. Yes! That’s what I should do, this is a great time to have a conversation, no kids to disturb. A surge of new found energy lights you up again and you stride towards the study, he must be working there, your shoulders slump when you don’t find him there. That leaves the bedroom, your feet pad over to your shared bedroom, peeking your head through the slit, you smile when you see him on the bed, head rested against the headboard, two buttons undone on the yellow Fendi shirt giving you ideas already. He’s focused on his computer but when he lifts his head up to see you in the door way probably looking like a lurking cat, he shuts the laptop, a little aggressively you watch him with all your senses heightened.
“Hi” you wave, WAVE? Why? He just looks at you, his expression not giving away anything as he puts the laptop on the side table.
“I…” you start pushing a stray strand of hair from your messy bun behind your ear.
“So you’re finally home? After a whole day of your useless jumping around you decide to finally show your face to your husband?” his tone has a bitter edge to it that sends a shiver down your entire existence, lips getting dry.
“I…” you gulp.
“Enough! I don’t want to hear it, you need to be reminded of what you’re good for and I’m here to do that” He crosses his arms on his chest, head still rested on the headboard. You gulp.
“Baby…” you take a step towards the bed, sounding desperate now. He never used this tone with you.
“Uh uh stop right there, no talking until I tell you to speak, you’ve been a brat enough, it’s time to put you in your place” pink tongue pokes out to lick the plump bottom lip, slender finger hooking into the front of the glasses to take them off, throwing them carelessly on the laptop on the side table.
“Go and change into exactly what you wore three days ago for me.” He eyes your form, eyes dark, hard and demanding and you immediately knew he wasn’t playing around right now.
“What?”you ask, genuinely confused.
“What do you mean “what?” are you really that dumb to not understand a simple instruction or do you want it to get messy from the start?” he sits up, long legs turn to place his feet on the floor, he was ready to get up, his hands pressed on the bed on either side of him, half sleeves giving you the honor to ogle his tattooed arm, muscle flexing when he grabs the mattress harder.
“Yes” you spit out and he looks at you, eyebrow raised. “I’m going” you gulp, your feet taking you to the bathroom, your heart beats louder and faster inside your chest as you close the door, bones buzzing with excitement. What was he doing? But the way he was ordering you around already got between your legs. He wanted you to wear what you wore three days ago, what did you wear three days ago? While you were drooling over your husband’s arms like you saw them for the first time, you forgot to ask him what he wanted you to wear? Three days ago? Three days ago? Three days ago! Your eyes snap wide, he doesn’t mean the red dress you wore that night, does he? He must have seen it hanging in the closet. Even if he's not talking about it, you decide to wear it, the Brazilian wax was not spikey yet thank God, not that Jungkook cares but you were sure that paired with your dress will definitely help you earn that apology from him. You freshen up, hair still in a messy bun from before but you were too excited to give a fuck right now. The small fragment of intimidation you felt back there was raising goosebumps on your bare arms.
“don’t worry, it’s just Jungkook, relax” you tell your reflection in the mirror, a small smile forced on your lips. Heart still beating from the excitement of it all.
“Yeah! Just Jungkook, I’ll just go out and hug him and everything will be fine” you tell yourself, pulling the dress that is already riding up your thighs. You hope he’s not planning on going out to eat because you can’t possibly leave the house in this and with a child. You exhale and leave the bathroom intending on fixing your hair in front of your dresser.You stop for a moment to see Jungkook still sitting on the bed, he looked ready to go out. He looks up at you, hard gaze levelling you in your spot, running over your legs, resting on your thighs which the dress is doing a poor job at covering.
“Jungkook…” you start with a small smile, loving the attention you’re getting from him right now, body basking in it like a plant in the sunlight.
Your lips part a little in surprise when he raised a finger to stop you from talking further.
“Stop talking, why are you talking too much all of a sudden?” his eyebrows are furrowed, almost looking annoyed as he gets up from the bed and makes his way towards you. You feel his burning gaze on yourself, eyes looking down.
“Wear those heels as well” he says a little softer than before, hands moving to release your hair from the hair tie as they fall down in waves, long fingers moving through them to tame them a little.
“I kept them in the closet after you left them in the kitchen, even my son can take care of his stuff better than you” he chuckles, fingers and eyes still busy on your hair.
“I was…I didn’t…” you stutter when his fingers brush against the top of your breast that’s spilling out of the neckline of the dress.
“You and your babbling, get the shoes now will you?” He hisses and you shut your eyes at his tone, tears already brimming in your eyes but you turn around quickly to get the shoes and dab a little on your eyes in hopes that they will absorb the tears back into them. Your hands shake when you look for the red heels; you immediately put them on when you spot them tucked neatly in the corner.
“Perfect!” he claps when watches you come out of the door again, few inches added to your height.
“Doing everything I say like the perfect brain dead slut you are for me.” He chuckles meanly.
“Jungkook I’m sorry” you squeak; now you knew he was mad, the mean and rude Jungkook you knew existed but never for you making an appearance especially for you now.
“oh no, what are you sorry for?” he coos, a pout mocking your face right now.
“Everything, I… didn’t think it through and…” you mindlessly babble, tears welling up in your eyes again, blinding your vision and senses because the whole plan you made during the entire day? Not a single practiced word was ringing in your head right now except for “sorry”.
“Of course you didn’t, thinking is not something you do right? My stupid little girl” he tsks, hand reaching out to hold yours as he leads you to the dresser, his hand moves up your arm to your shoulder as he makes you stand in front of him.
“Baby…please” a sob reaches out from your throat, your voice shakes when he presses his palms into your shoulders, looking at your reflection in the mirror.
“Shhh, so what if you’re stupid? You’re pretty and that can make up for it hm?” one hand sneaks closer to your neck to move your hair to one side.
“I’m not” you sniffle, trying to sound firm but failing miserably.
“Yes you are, the dumbest girl I know who’s only good for looking cute” huge hand moves to wipe your tears.
“Go ahead do what you do, look cute” you look at him through the mirror as he picks up the lipstick, the red one, one he loves on you.
“Here” he raises your hand and makes you hold it. “wear it”
“What? I don’t want to, I’m trying to talk to you” you furrow your eyebrows as your voice finally comes back.
“Look at that, the brat is finally coming back, couldn’t even put on an act for five minutes” he hisses, hand moving to hold your chin a little rougher than he ever did making your eyes wide.
“You’re not talking anymore” he brings you back into him, hand still holding your chin, both of you looking at each other in the mirror.
“You’re doing what I tell you tonight, got it?” he says against your temple, lips brushing over the skin, hot breath igniting the skin.
“Jungkook…” you try to say as clearly as you can while there’s a grip on your chin.
“Shut up!” he groans. “I’ve had enough of your bullshit!” the hand drops to your neck, lips dipping low to your jaw. “stop making this hard for you because I’m planning on taking it far oh so far” he pressed a loud wet kiss to your jawline.
“Come on be good, you were sorry not one minute ago right?” his hand holds yours, significantly smaller and softer and gives it a yank as if to wake you up. Your fingers move to hold the shiny golden lipstick tube.
“You wanna be good? This attitude is not gonna get you fucked, you know that right? I’m just gonna fuck myself in front of you without even letting you touch your slutty cunt” thumb and forefinger presses a little on your throat making you gulp. You know he would do that, no matter what you say or do, he will do it.
“Good girl” he grins when he watches you pull the lid off the tube with a pop, bending forward towards the mirror to apply the lipstick on your lips, ass pressing into him. You can’t help but smirk when you feel him getting hard; you press your ass a little harder on him.
“Fuck you!” he growls, turning you around and making you sit on the dresser, you back against the mirror.
“You think this is a joke huh?” brows knitted together; hand around your throat cutting off the oxygen just deliciously.
“I put up with your shit and that’s what you do instead of being thankful?” He brushes back your hair, fingers running through them at the crown of your head, the action softer than the grip he has on your neck.
“I am…” you were, you really were and you hope he sees it in your eyes.
“Are you?” his lips almost touch your painted ones. You try to nod, eyes blinking as they release the tears clinging to your eyelashes.
“Yeah? Then why are just thinking with that cunt of yours? Why are you trying to grind it on the first thing you see?” he presses his body into yours and you whine.
“Its you” you cry. He laughs.
“Sweet talking won’t get you anywhere today sweetheart.” He picks up the lipstick tube you dropped back on the dresser.
“I’m done being nice with you, it’s time I treat you like the whore you are” he brushes your hair back from your cleavage and shoulders, brings the lipstick to your chest, your breathing quickens with anticipation of it all making it heave up and down. The pop of the lid detaching from the lipstick makes you flinch, you wet your lips when Jungkook clenches the lid between his pearly whites, brown eyes on you, watching you losing it already as they squint a little mocking your condition. He rolls it up and gets to work on your chest. You look down to see what he’s doing.
“uh uh patience baby, you’ll see it once I’m done” he pouts, finger poking your chin to make you look at his face again.
“There” he holds both your shoulders once he throws the lipstick somewhere on the dresser, eyes looking at your chest with the cutest smile. “perfect” he says like he usually does when he draws something after a long day.
“Turn around” he orders, his hands helping you off the wooden surface quickly, turning you around.
“BAD” on top of one breast. “GIRL” on top of the other breast staring back at you, the color matching the ones on your lips, you look at Jungkook, who looks proud of what he did.
“What? You are a bad girl aren’t you?” he shrugs when he watches your mouth hang open.
“I’m not…” you breathe, breasts stained with a bold title, dress scrunched up enough to show your panties now.
“You are” he presses a kiss to the back of your head.
“and you know what bad girls get?” he whispers against your hair. You shake your head no slowly.
“Punishments”he chuckles meanly, eyebrows raised at your miserable state. You can’t answer before he hikes your dress up roughly, leaving it coiled around your stomach. You sniffle as he shakes you up in the process.
“You wanted to get it the easy way like you always do?” he rolls his eyes when he looks at your new panties, tattooed finger hooking into the delicate band, stretching it and letting it snap on your skin making you hiss, head thrown back on his shoulder.
“Too bad I’m not falling for it this time” he clicks his tongue, hands snapping the thin band that rested on your hip, tearing the now useless piece of clothing off of your pussy making you shudder when his thumb brushes over your upper thigh, sliding it down to the underside of your knee as he lifts your leg up to place it on the table, you lose balance but he’s there to hold you steady.
“hey easy” he says, resting your back against his, you adjust you heel clad foot on the table to get a good grip on it, the angle now perfectly exposing your glistening pussy to both of your eyes in the mirror.
“Look at that, already wet from talking like an amateur? I thought you were a pro at this now” he gives your pussy a quick slap making you jolt forward, mostly for more contact.
“Please…” you sob, the ache in your core only increasing with each passing second.
“Already begging? I honestly thought it would take a little while but here we are”his fingers work to loosen the straps of your dress along with your bra from your shoulders, freeing your tits.
“There they are, these perfect tits really complete my artwork, don’t you think baby?” he puts his chin on your shoulder, hands coming forward to cup your boobs, squeezing them together, a moan slips out of your mouth that soon turns into a whine when he lets them go.
“Too desperate?” he pouts at you and you blink at him, too embarrassed to even speak at this point.
“Touch yourself then, go on show me how you do it”
“Listen to me…” you whisper as he brings your hand to your pussy.
“No talking” he runs his hand over yours, urging you to do something. Once he is sure that you are going to repeat the circular motions without his help, he presses small open mouthed kisses all over your left shoulder, a smile on his face as if your disaster only started. It did.
“Are you wet?” he asks against your ear, middle and ring finger pushing past your lips.
“Mhmm” you whimper with a nod, his digits pressing down on your tongue.
“Good, that’s good, make yourself feel good” he presses a kiss under your ear, fingers moving in and out of your mouth, the red pigment tinting them red. Your leg on the dresser shakes when you rub your clit, wet enough to drip at this point.
“You like sucking don’t you baby?” you gag when he hooks his thumb under your chin, making his fingers hit the back of your throat. Tears streaming down your eyes as you rub your pussy, your hole clenching painfully, wanting nothing to be filled.
“Who knew? I thought you only liked being sassy, bossy and quiet when I follow you around” Jungkook is never the one to forget.
“Go faster, come on I know you can go faster than that” he nips at the side of your neck, fingers going still in your mouth making you wail around them as you try to swallow your saliva.
“I said go faster!” he gives your entire body a yank back into his own body.
“Ah…unghh” you sniffle as your hand cramps up moving faster on your clit, lower body bucking forward with the sensitivity. Jungkook’s hand roams over your boobs, the other starts pumping in your mouth again, making you drool around it, your red lipstick a mess at this point.
“uh uh” he takes out his fingers from your mouth, giving your boob a rough squeeze with the other.
“This title doesn’t fit you perfectly, it should’ve been…a whore” he says through gritted teeth.
“Who told you to fill your slutty cunt, you can’t play a little when I tell you to?” he tsks, yanking your hand away from your pussy, turning you around abruptly lifting you up easily to sit on the table again and takes a few steps back from you getting rid of his clothes in front of you. You shift back to rest your back against the mirror, legs widening, heels pressed on the edge.
“I want to suck you…” you can`t help but say as you watch him pump himself, hissing through his teeth when his thumb presses against the tip.
“We`re finally talking, good good” he chuckles.
“Please, why are you doing this to me? I`m sorry baby” you sob, letting your legs dangle down because clearly he wasn’t gonna fall for this “look how wet I am for you”.
“Don’t apologize! If you do something bad like the bad girl you clearly are” he cocks his head towards your chest with a mean smirk. “you should be strong enough to deal with the consequences” he finishes, poking his tongue into the inside of his cheek, hand gingerly pumping his dick.
“No please, I`m done, Dan-bi will wake up, just fuck me huh?” you hop off the dresser, one leg aching a little because of the stretch it had been through. You try to hold onto his hand with a small hopeful smile. He laughs, loud and rude.
“I don’t care sweetheart” he takes a step forward, your body touching his.
“You`re a bad girl and what do bad girls get?” he grabs the back of your head to hold you in place.
“Say it with me” he takes his wet thumb to place it on the corner of your mouth.
“Punishments��� he says gently, eyes looking into yours as he smears his precum on your lower lip. He nods encouragingly when you don’t repeat.
“I don’t” you whine pathetically.
“Yes you do honey” he rolls his eyes, dipping his head down to kiss along your neck.
“On your knees” he whispers. “Gonna fuck that pretty mouth of yours” you drop to your knees in front of him, hands resting on his thighs as you lick at the tip impatiently, humming at his familiar taste.
“What a whore, getting off on sucking dick” he kicks his head back once he watches you grind on nothing but air, your mouth struggling to take him whole, but you will after your jaw warms up. You always did.
“That`s it, paint my cock red” he hisses, when he watches the tint of your red lipstick on his cock.
“That`s why you wore it that day didn’t you? You didn’t care if your husband came back tired from work, you just think about yourself and your greedy little pussy” Jungkook thrusts into your mouth, making you gag when the tip gets shoved in the back of your throat.
“Unnghh!” you try to shake your head no.
“Don’t fucking lie you fucking bitch!” he thrusts into your hot mouth once again, tears now streaming down your face.
“Hands off, stay still” his voice is breathy. He always lost himself in your mouth and today was no different. You put your hands on your tits, kneading them once he starts fucking your mouth, hard, long thrusts that made you drool and blur your vision.
“Oh fuck yes! I`m gonna fuck this throat raw” he growls, head thrown back, hair slightly sweaty, sticking to his forehead. Sculpted chest and abs shining from the thin layer of sweat. The visual above you motivates you to take what he`s giving you with a smile.
“Crazy bitch what are you smiling at?” Jungkook brushes away your hair back, fingers wiping away your tears.
“You love sucking my cock?” he asks with a smile, hand caressing your cheek, you nod, mouth still wrapped around his dick. You sniffle once he takes it out of your mouth.
“Aw poor thing” he helps you stand up. Your hair is a mess, cheeks tear stained, lipstick gone at this point, chin all red, chest still has the flashing red title, tits all red from your groping on them, dress still coiled up to your stomach.
“Take it off” he says but takes the matter in his own hands and helps you slide down the garment down your legs, leaving you bare and aching for him.
“I need you please, I`m in pain” your bottom lip trembles as you watch him take your heels off.
“You`ve been good enough I guess but you also need to learn your lesson, isn’t that right baby?” his hand is flat against your stomach, the baby fat all gone at this point but not quite, tits full and he swears he saw the right one leaking milk but you were so gone at this point to notice, hips wider than before and oh god he loves them, he loves the changes your body has been through to give him his kids. You looked like a goddess, like a fairy right now like you did every day, every second. He takes in your appearance, feeling bad for treating you so bad but that`s what you wanted he had heard it himself. Jungkook almost felt guilty when he saw you cry but that wasn’t even the bad part, the thing he was feeling guilty about was that he enjoyed watching you cry, your slightly swollen and red eyes, tears sparkling in them as you sniffled and pout. He didn’t know he had a thing for watching you cry.
“Get on the bed, face down.” Hands sneak back to knead your ass. You nod eagerly; finally you were getting what you wanted.
“So impatient, just how I like you” he peppers kisses down your spine, sneaking in a bite or twenty, pretty red blooms on your back.
“Ahh Jungkook” you moan once he reaches your butt.
“Don’t want the kids to get worried watching their mom all bruised, so I need to mark you where they can`t see hm?” he smooches around your ass; soft lips making you sigh into the mattress.
“Ah please, do something, I`ll…I`ll go crazy” your voice is muffled into the sheets. He slaps your ass one, two, three times.
“Shut up, take it” you flinch when you feel him bite into your ass cheek, soft skin making it easier for him to take a big bite, the sensation a little painful but so pleasurable. You moan and whine as he takes his time to graze your ass with his teeth, his hands on your hips to keep you from moving.
“Uhh ahh fuck!” you lift your head to shout when his tongue teases your dripping pussy.
“Behave” his voice stern, tone warning you, his big hand on the small of your back to make you arch your ass up higher in the air, face smushed into the mattress again.
“and stay quiet like you were for the past few days, not a single sound” his palm runs up and down on your back before pressing in the middle again and shoving his tongue back into your sopping folds. You screech making sure there`s not a single sound coming with it, bunching up the sheets in your hands. The sounds of him slurping and gulping your juices filling the air along with your breathless sighs.
“Why do you always taste so good?” he almost whines in between his licks and slurps, your essence dripping down his chin.
“I can do this all fucking day” he groans, both hands holding your hips to shove your ass more into his face.  You press your palm over your mouth to stop the cries that are trying to spill out.
“But you already know that don’t you slut?” he chuckles as he eases two fingers inside your clenching wet hole, your head lifts up again as you arch your back more at the stretch.
“You know you have the best pussy, the best I ever had” he dips down again to get a taste again, tongue licking between your slit.
“And that’s why you take it for granted all the time don’t you, your stupid whore” he`s knuckles deep at this point, the slight hook motion of his fingers touching the right spot inside you, your vision is all stars at this point, sheets wet with your drool.
“You know that I can`t just throw you away now, made yourself a mother with this pretty and perfect pussy of yours, what a dumb slut like you is good for anyway, nothing else but getting fucked and giving me babies” he flips you suddenly so now you are on your back, without wasting a moment he spreads your legs again, shoving his fingers inside again, pumping a few times before keeping them inside, hooking and touching your g-spot.
“You can talk now, go on wanna hear you moan” he watches you like you are a work of art, a wrecked one right now, a beautiful wreck. A sob bubbles out of your throat, relaxing it on its way out as your chest heaves up and down with loud breaths.
“Oh fuck fuck! Ahh! Unnhh!!” you cry, spreading your legs wider which makes Jungkook cock an eyebrow at you.
“You are so filthy, look at that, its making you cry but all you can think about is spread your legs like a stray bitch and get off” he chokes you, pressing on your throat with just the right pressure that has your eyes roll back in your skull.
“I`m gonna…” you whisper full on sobbing at this point, hands grabbing onto his wrist on your chest.
“Go on” he grits through his teeth, adding a third finger inside you, hooking three of them inside you now. “Yes like that you fucking brat” he laughs when he watches your lower body grind down on his fingers more, mouth hung open, pathetic little moans ringing in his ears. You twitch when his thumb draws small tight circles on your clit, bringing you closer to your destination.
“Kook…baby…I” your voice is scratchy at this point, throat dry from making all kinds of noises.
“Oh shit” you cry when you see Jungkook bend forward to collect the leaking milk from your right boob on his tongue, his fingers still inside you, thumb brushing over your clit.
“Mhmm!” he moans around your nipple, sucking it now, the white liquid spilling from the corner of his mouth.
“I…” you are lifeless, tired too. He rubs the spot inside you a few times before taking his fingers out and rubbing your clit with four fingers as you squirt a clear liquid all over his upper thigh, his mouth still latched on your nipple sucking it with a passion and gulping down the milk. Your fingers tangle themselves in his hair, yanking at the roots when the intensity of his rubs increase and you squirt the last of what you had in yourself at that moment.
“Stop please” your voice is weak as you beg.
“Stop? Already?” he bites on your nipple before resting his chin on top of your chest, eyes roaming his writing on your chest. He smiles.
“You are gonna get fucked now come on get ready” he sits back, pumping himself once again.
“I`m…I can`t take it kook.” your eyes are already closing from all the exhaustion.
“Who said we are gonna do what you said, get ready or I`ll tie you up to the bed and leave you like that for tonight” Jungkook rolls his, spreading your legs again.
“What, you won`t” your lips tremble.
“Want to find out how upset I am with you right now?” he challenges, brow cocked.
“I said sorry okay? I can`t take you right now…please” you try to sit up but he pushes you back down.
“You can and you will” he flips you over on your stomach, lifting your hips up to make you rest on your knees. “Just like you always do” he pushes his cock inside you, the stretch and wetness from before letting him slide in immediately and making you mewl into the sheets.
“See, you were made to take my cock” he hisses adjusting his thrusts lazily. “My personal cock sleeve” a slap delivered to your ass that is already littered with bite marks and hickies.
“Oh my god!” you whine once his thrusts get faster and wilder, you whole body moving up each time he hammers into you.
“Why were you even…playing hard to get?” he grabs both your arms, bringing them back to rest on your back, rendering you helpless and motionless in his grasp.
“Ahh fuck Jungkook please!” you squeak.
“See you love it you dumb slut, cock is all you think about, you don’t care about how sensitive you are or...how ruined your tight cunt is, all you care about is getting fucked” he fucks into you faster and deeper.
“Ahhhuunn! Yes yes yes!” you wail mindlessly.
“Louder bitch! That`s what you wanted right? That what you fucking wanted!” he drops your hands to grab your hair, bending forward to mouth against your temple.
“Stop fucking crying stupid little girl, you don’t like sweet so I am here to give you what you want like I always do, right?” he pulls on your hair, hips not stopping for a second, fucking you dumb enough to have your mouth open without a sound, tears streaming down your face, eyes lazy and fixed on the glimpse of Jungkook`s face from the side.
“Jungkook…wanna sto…stop…plea…” your throat is completely dry as your head would’ve fallen forward into the mattress if he wasn’t holding it up by your hair.
“Y/n” Jungkook`s eyes soften, the dark clouds of lust fading away when he sees a small smile on the corner of your lips, your eyes closed.
“There you are, I was…scared” you whisper, eyes filling with a fresh round of tears again.
“Scared? Oh no no my baby, my poor baby” he coos, gently letting you go, flipping you around once again on your back, bending over you, his face hovering over yours.
“I`m so sorry pretty girl, it was too much” he wipes away your tears.
“I deserved it” you let out a shaky breath, a chuckle following it to let him know you were joking.
“Never, you deserve to be treated like royalty, pretty baby” he kisses the tip of your nose.
“I`m so sorry my love” he whispers kissing your cheeks before getting up to get some wet wipes and wipe your face and chest.
“Don’t be, I kinda liked it” you look up at him as he wipes the writing from your chest.
“You did?” he wiggles his eyebrows, the kind, genuine smile you were missing now back on his handsome face. You nod, lips stretching into a smile as well.
“But I like this Jungkook the best” you stop his hand on your chest, throwing the wipe somewhere to the side.
“You do?” he muses, hovering over you once again with a toothy grin.
“I do, with all my heart” you lift your head to press a kiss on the corner of his mouth.
“I`m spoiled like that” you joke and he laughs.
“I live to spoil you rotten” he says and presses his lips to yours finally in a sweet loving kiss, making you melt.
“Want you to fuck me like you always do” you mumble against his lips, mouthing down his chin.
“If you are doing this for me, it`s fine you can rest baby.” He whispers back, pressing his lips to your swollen eyes.
”It`s gonna kill the whole romantic moment but baby its for me, need to feel you again.” You say with a wink watching him shake his head.
“Fuck me like you always do” you reach down to put him inside of you, legs wrapping around his waist.
“Oh” he takes in a sharp breath at the familiar hot wet grip. “I might not last long” he chuckles, head thrown back.
“Don’t care” you kiss along the length of his throat, nipping a little harder when you feel your own over stimulation kick in.
“I love you so fucking much” he groans thrusting inside you a little faster now.
“I love you too, more than life itself” you hold his face in both your hands, kissing his lips softly.
“Yeah? My dick made you a poetess now?” he smiles, resting his forehead on yours, one hand holding himself up and the other around your left leg, keeping it around his waist.
“Poetess, slut, whore, bitch…anything as long as I am yours” you whine, eyes rolling back again as his thrusts get wilder.
“Queen, my queen, my love, that`s what you are gorgeous girl” he mumbles against your cheek, hot breath hitting your skin.
“And you are…mine, I am so lucky to have you, I love your stupid handsome face so fucking much…ahhh!” your hands are still on his cheeks, caressing the soft skin under your palms.
“You can sit on it” he smirks.
“Tempting but right now I feel like I`m gonna pass out after I come” you breathe heavily with a small laugh, he chuckles.
“I`m close…oh shit!” he groans.
“Inside inside” you sob. Jungkook pumps into you a few times before you feel the squirts of his hot cum painting your insides. The satisfied feeling creeping up on you as you hum with a smile.
“Freak” Jungkook teases, looking scandalously at your smiling face.
“Look who`s talking, like you haven’t eaten me dry after cumming inside” you manage to shoot back as you stretch, your whole body aching.
“You love it” he argues as he lays back, settling you to rest your head on top of his chest. You giggle. Jungkook checks the baby monitor, Dan-bi takes at least two hours nap usually so he wasn’t really worried of her waking up.
“Dan-bi`s still passed out” he tells you.
“Imagine if she woke up when you were going all hard dom on me” you giggle against his skin and he pinches your side.
“Then the hard dom would’ve chickened out to check on his baby” he chuckles, brushing back your hair, smoothing them as best as he could right now.
“That would’ve turned me on even more not gonna lie, a hard dom baby daddy whew!” you lick his nipple seductively making him flinch, a shiver running down his spine.
“Girl take a nap before I get you pregnant again.” He scolds in a high pitched voice, a laugh bubbles inside your throat.
“Who said I don’t want that” you graze your finger nails along his abs.
“Y/n” he warns.
”Okay okay coward” you roll your eyes, turning away from him for a little nap before Dan-bi wakes up and Junghoon comes back.
Tumblr media
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milangel7 · 28 days ago
— every kind of way; "pretty girl"
Tumblr media
pairing: Jeon Jungkook x female!reader
genre: smut fluffy
warnings: established relationship, smut (oral sex, lots of compliments, fingering, pet names, safe word mention, dom!jk x sub!f.reader, virgin!reader)
english isn't my native language so please excuse any mistakes and feel free to let me know.
For you, the idea of ​​having him lying under you, face buried in the crook of your neck and now and then placing kisses on the sensitive area, while you use your fingertips to caress his brown strands and, although too involved in caresses subtle to pay attention, The Office is on TV. So you didn't think twice about accepting his invitation to spend the night.
You and Jungkook recently completed three months of dating and, from the start, you agreed to take things slow in every aspect and that includes your sex life. You've made it clear how inexperienced you are, but that you're willing to learn what he's willing to teach you.
It's not like you have to ask twice.
Jungkook liked this more than he's willing to admit. He just loved all the times you blushed wildly at every suggestive comment whispered in your ear, your attempts to keep your eyes off the erection marked in his jeans, the stutter caused by his smoldering gazes.
He even agreed a safe word with you to use when in a more intimate moment you feel uncomfortable and want to stop.
The fact is, you never went too far, yet for some reason tonight is different. You allow the gentle kisses to intensify and the touches to become bolder, you also don't stop him from undressing you.
His smug smile widens as his watchful eye scans you; you are lying on your back on the mattress, your shirt and bra are gone for some time, leaving only your denim miniskirt gathered at the waist, leaving the view of your pink panties and a pair of pink socks. Disheveled hair, neck and chest marked by bites and hickeys, parted lips and irregular breathing.
Meanwhile, he remains perfectly dressed in a white shirt and gray sweatshirt.
"You trust me, right?" he asks, taking one hand to the side of your face and using the other to support his weight under the mattress. You immediately agree. "I need words, pretty girl," a kiss is planted on his chin. "You know I love your voice."
"I trust you, Jungkook," you say softly.
The kiss that follows is intense, passionate and full of desire. The hand formerly on your face is now used to caress the inside of your thighs, in your most needy area.
"Let me taste you," he whispers maintaining eye contact. "I promise to make you feel so good, princess"
"You can do whatever you want with me," the words simply slide past your lips, between soft moans.
Hearing this, he pulls back just far enough to position himself between your legs and you feel like the sight can make you explode from the buildup. The look he sends you is so fucking hot and you feel the need to close your legs to feel some friction, but his big hands around your thighs stop it.
"Patience, pretty girl," he says, smiling, but his tone is authoritative enough to make you cringe. "Be good to me"
"I will be," your response is rewarded with a long kiss placed on the inside of your legs. Close to where you need it, but not close enough to satisfy you.
He brings his face closer to the fabric stained by your arousal to take in your scent and seal his lips there softly. Then he pulls on the side straps to get rid of the unwelcome panties.
"You're so fucking beautiful," he compliments, never taking his eyes off their intimacy. "And it smells so good"
Jungkook takes his fingers to your intimacy, slides between your folds slowly, feeling your wetness increase and the noises that escape his mouth too. Soon, he substitutes his tongue, eager to taste your. The new sensation makes you lose control and unconsciously your body becomes more agitated, your back arched, but your boyfriend holds you in place, while teasing your tiny entrance with his index finger and caressing your clit with his thumb. His movements are gentle yet precise, applying just the right amount of pressure in the right places.
Your eyes are now closed and there are a few tears, your hands on Jungkook's long strands, lower lips between your teeth in a failed attempt to contain the erotic sounds that fill the room.
"Jungkook!", you yell as you feel his finger invade you.
"Hey, hey, princess," he comforts you, as he moves slowly inside your soaked core. "You're so fucking tight, I can't wait to feel you around my cock"
You feel embarrassed by your partner's lack of modesty, you want to hide your own face, but your body doesn't obey your commands and you're just a whimpering mess.
"Would you like that, sweetie?" he teases, feeling your walls contracting around his finger. "Would you like to have my big cock destroy that little hole of yours? Making you even dumber? Damn, answer me, I already told you how much I love to hear you, baby"
"Yes, I would like that," your voice sounds shaky.
"Of course you would, my little whore," he laughs, shaking his head in mock disappointment. "I just don't know if you could handle it, you can barely catch a simple finger..."
"I can take it," you protest between moans.
"Oh, you can, uh?" he arches an eyebrow. "Then start being a good girl to me and come on my tongue," he orders you before diving back into your core, using deft tongue to pleasure you.
"Kook", you beg as you feels the knot in your stomach finally unravel and a feeling of pure euphoria washes over you.
Jungkook is very good with aftercare and makes sure to show you that. He makes sure you're okay before taking you into a shower, washing your body gently with liquid soap, and then dressing you in something comfortable to sleep. He hugs you, being the biggest spoon that welcomes your body less in his strong arms to sleep.
"I love you, pretty girl"
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whatifyoulivelikethat · a month ago
aftermath, m | jjk
pairing(s): jungkook x reader
summary: The aftermath of the break-up between you and Jeon Jungkook, navigating the various stages and finding out that easy isn't living.
warnings: rated M (18+) for language; it's what you think it is but also not; mentions of alcohol consumption; anger turning into angst; slow burn; yes, there are a few Taylor Swift references; smut (fem reader, heavy making out, breathplay, hair pulling, slight D/s dynamic, handjob, nipple play, edging, penetrative sex); non-idol!AU - ex!JK x ex!reader, switches between Jungkook’s POV and yours, ft mystery man (less mysterious if you Google his name lol), yes, he was chosen for story reasons
“Stop staring at her.”
Maybe if he stared long enough, he would burn holes into the back of your skull and you would finally fuckin’ notice he was right here.
“Dude. You’re being creepy.”
You were smiling at your phone screen. Why the fuck were you smiling? What was there to be smiling about? Furthermore, what did you need to look so good for? Oversized black bomber jacket with balloon sleeves and an overpowering ruffle at the shoulders. Short slinky dress with red-orange flames screen-printed all over. Black thigh-high heeled boots. Fuck, who the hell were you trying to impress? The person texting you, hah? Why did your hair look so effortlessly in place and why was your makeup so sultry with that red stain on your lips and smoked-out liner? Hm?!
Jeon Jungkook chewed on the left side of his lip and watched you walk up to the service counter, ordering a…
“Lemon cake and hot green tea. No sugar in the tea.”
“Bro, just get up and talk to her.”
Jungkook felt knuckles whack the back of his head and turned around to the annoyed face of Park Jimin, who was nursing an iced coffee and glaring at him. Oh. Right. He was supposed to be catching up at with his friend, not going all National Geographic at his ex-girlfriend.
But what were you so happy for?
“Didn’t you break up with her? What’s your problem?” Jimin questioned, confused.
His teeth involuntarily slid back and ground bone-to-bone, eyes narrowing at the questions. Jungkook wanted to tell Jimin to shut up, but then your voice came back to him, if you want to react less emotionally, you have to take the time to sort through your initial reaction and the other options. So, instead, he picked up his lukewarm coffee and tapped the bottom edge against the table, thinking aout the other, less emotional responses he could have.
Came out a little gruffier than he wanted, but too late now.
Jimin frowned. “You never said why. I thought you were head over heels for her.”
He clicked his tongue and restrained himself from looking back. You would pick a table further away from the counter. Perhaps near the window. But why were you here? You used to come here with him. Conversations and dates. Who were you meeting? But if you were meeting someone, you wouldn’t have ordered before they arrived. Hm. Then there was the whole situation with the way you were smiling at your phone.
Like you were amused.
“Hello? Earth to Jungkook, do you copy?”
He blinked hard and bit on his straw, not sulking but sulking. “S’nothing.” Great, he was mumbling now. Surefire sign you’re upset, you always reminded him. Everyone can tell. Just say it. “Actually, that why I wanted to talk to you.”
Those bright eyes and full lips turned into little circles. “Huh?”
Jungkook cleared his throat and glanced at Jimin under his hair. Furrowed brows and balancing his long, tattooed fingers on the lid of his ice coffee, not wanting to ask but asking anyway, because his ex-girlfriend seemed to be fucking fine visiting the places they used to visit and smiling like she was cool with not being with him anymore and that sucked, but it was easier to be mad than sad. He didn’t want to be sad in front of people.
Especially in front of people he was close to.
Especially in front of you.
So, Jungkook stayed mad.
“Did you hook-up with my ex or not?”
Jimin blinked at him.
You cut into the lemon cake, chewing thoughtfully.
A quick look at your nails and, shit, you should really repaint them before they started looking too rough. Two weeks was about as long as you could go before the nail growth was somewhat unbearable. This was about halfway through week three. Good preparation and high-quality polish could only get you so far before life eventually wore the manicure down.
Today was the first day you had decided to walk out and do something by yourself that wasn’t work, grocery shopping, or… wait, that was it. You had no other reason to go outside. Ack. You had another bite of cake. Been a while since you had this taste.
Your phone hummed on the table.
With your left ring finger, you checked your messages. And then you paused, because instead of reading a text, you were looking at a soundwave.
Voice message.
You reached over to your cup of hot tea, taking a sip and letting it scald you.
Breathed in and breathed out in a calm hiss, thinking.
Chewed on cake.
Ugh. You didn’t want to be that girl. But what were you gonna do? Almost eight billion people in this world and you were going to be hung up over one? One? And, anyway… In terms of too fast or too slow, you never knew what could happen, right? You hadn’t known with him, and you wouldn’t know with this one unless you started actually talking to him instead of skirting around with surface level shit. You hated that, so you shouldn’t do it. Your brain prodded you annoyingly with thoughts. Don’t be a hypocrite. Stop fucking around. Argh, okay. Okay. Fine.
You reached over to your phone and let it hover over the play button.
Maybe you should listen to it in the car.
You put your phone back down and resumed eating and drinking.
You weren’t avoiding it. Okay, kinda. There was no point in dancing around the issue when you were by yourself. Get to the point. You came here specifically because it used to be your favorite café and it still was. It had nice memories attached to it, but then you stopped visiting it after… him. And for what? Did you combust from reminiscing? No. You were eating cake and having tea like you always did. The snack was just as tasty alone as it was with a partner. You were talking with another guy and you could bring him here eventually if you felt like it.
Maybe you should have been mad or sad about the whole Jeon Jungkook thing, but at this point it was just wasted energy and you were tired.
Tired of not feeling like yourself, tired if feeling like you couldn’t do things because you were reminded of him. So what? Everyone had good and bad. He wasn’t that bad of a guy. Faults were faults, and you had to decide if you could live with them or not.
Or he could decide, and start a dumbass argument.
Honestly, that was what you were most salty about. Yes, it was your nature to fight fire with fire, but you shouldn’t have. At least not so explosively. You were glad Jungkook hadn’t met your teenage self, that was for sure. Still, you had that habit of not mentioning when you were experiencing a bad day. Of course, they happened and without reason, same shit, different day. Those sorts of negative thoughts came in waves, after all. Mostly you didn’t want Jungkook to hover over you and try to make you feel better, because he would do so, and, if what he tried didn’t work, then he would be depressed and then it would begin, the endless cycle of you feeling like crap, him feeling like crap, so on and so forth until you felt better so he could feel better. Same shit, different day. Tiring. So, sometimes you didn’t mention bad days, but if he caught you on a bad day and acted emotionally, which did happen, it ended…
Jungkook was a passionate guy.
He thought a lot too.
Some things could be fixed, but some things got burnt to a crisp and then there was nothing to salvage.
You should have kept your temper more in check. Ah, well. You knew that now, but now was too late and you had no cake left, just a bit of hot tea and a voice message from a guy who wanted to know you.
You know what.
You actually wanted to know him too.
He had a cute smirk.
You neatly cleaned up and tossed the packaging, walking out with the paper cup, going back to your car to listen to that voice message that contained an alarmingly deep voice that surprised you with its sexiness. Well. Well, then.
Time to burn it up, maybe.
Shit, shit, shit.
Okay. Okay, he had two choices. Let sleeping dogs lie or poke them, which may or may not result in the positive outcome he wanted. It probably wouldn’t, because you were fire and burned everything in your path, and while that could be a good thing, fuck, a very good thing, but this…
This wouldn’t end well for him.
Mostly because Jungkook now realized, after finally speaking to Jimin, that he was wrong in thinking that you were sneaking around and trying to sleep with his best friend, when in actuality you were contacting Jimin repeatedly and being secretive because you were planning a grand event that included all his friends and a big party for your boyfriend’s birthday, but then he beat you to the punch and broke up with you before anything could come to fruition.
So, yeah.
You were probably really pissed at him.
Jungkook wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to set him on fire.
Ugggggggh, me, you stupid dummy!
He was sitting on his couch and slowly sinking to the floor, mentally berating himself for his pride and his overthinking, because of course Jungkook wouldn’t have thought like this if, as Jimin pointed out, he had some insecurity about her leaving him for someone else – and, unfortunately and infuriatingly, Jimin is damn right, because Jimin was kind and sweet and not nearly half as brash or annoying as Jungkook was.
Or thought he was.
And you could get anyone.
Anyone. With that body, that gaze, that confidence? No one would stand a chance. He hadn’t and he was fine with that, until he went and fucked it up, and now he knew you could go out and do whatever and whoever if you wanted, you just had to want to. And, obviously, you went out and visited your favorite café. Without him. To top it all off, you had smiled at your phone, clearly texting someone.
Jungkook slapped his hands to his face and groaned, his ass at the edge of the couch and two centimeters away from collapsing to his abstract black-and-white living room rug that you had picked out when he moved in after he nagged you saying that he was bad at interior design and needed help, but secretly he only wanted to annoy you into making decisions for him.
He should… say something.
It wasn’t going to end well.
He hoped the person you were talking to was not cute. You liked cute more than handsome, he knew. You liked cute faces, deep voices, and diligent, hardworking people who knew who they were and weren’t easily swayed in their beliefs.
Which he was everything he was.
He just had the wrong belief and went way too far into the deep end without putting his pride aside and straight-up asking, thus leading to him being single and, now, angry at himself. For someone who thinks so much, you act too fast, you used to tell him with a laugh, mostly referring to his aggressiveness when playing video games.
Jungkook sadly plopped onto the floor for a good while, thinking about what he had done.
You were horny.
But, also, you were trying to change, so you weren’t about to coerce this guy that you were barely getting to know to drop his pants. Although he probably would. You were pretty convincing when you wanted to be and there were some telltale signs signaling that you two had some shared… interests. Yeah. However! You were trying not to go that route for once in your life.
It was pretty difficult.
He had sent you more voice messages. He even sent one he considered embarrassing, where he was singing, which would have been cringe as hell except it turned out to be the complete opposite. The stark contrast of his sweet, angelic singing voice and his deep, sultry speaking voice was shocking. Unreal. Was it possible to fall in love from just that knowledge? No. Was it possible to find your heart racing and imagining indecent things?
Did that make you a degenerate?
Hence why you simply made a comment about his talent and how impressive it was. You did not, in fact, mention the sudden intense desire to march over to wherever this guy was, rip off his shirt, and run your tongue all over his chest so you could hear the varying tones of the delicious noises that he would surely make as you teased his skin and who-knows-what-else. Mostly what was stopping you was that you hadn’t asked to see him in person yet.
Now you were stuck with the age-old question – jack off or distract yourself?
Or keep talking to the new guy?
No. You couldn’t do that. You were trying to change, and that meant not basing the foundation of a relationship on sex and good conversation. The latter, fine. The former? Apparently got you in trouble, apparently made you a problem, apparently was not good, and you didn’t used to care about that stuff until you lost him.
Stupid love.
You sighed and plopped down on your bed, frowning.
Your phone was laying on your pillow, having a nice nap.
You knew you should probably talk to someone about it. Anyone. But you avoided it, because you didn’t want to put Jeon Jungkook in a bad light to anyone, ex-boyfriend or not. You simply avoided everyone’s questions until they all died out and left you alone. Then you spent countless nights, much like this one, analyzing why you felt the way you felt about that thing that seemed to invade way too much of your life.
Jungkook accusing you of cheating on him.
You used to think, ah, I don’t overthink things, but even if you didn’t actively think about it, you found yourself holding back, not doing things that you would normally do, all because what if someone misinterpreted your intentions? What is there was just something about you that implied such a thought? It would have been easy to brush off if it was some random, but the person that you had thought you would spend the rest of your life with had accused you of lying.
The one thing you hated most, lying.
Which you had been doing at the time, but not about what he thought it was.
Which made it a harder pill to swallow, which made you stubborn, which made you not say anything or bother correcting him with receipts, because fuck him, fuck Jeon Jungkook for accusing you of cheating, fuck him and his, I’m breaking up with you, and you bluntly accepting it and leaving.
Ghosted him.
Didn’t even bother asking for an explanation or reconciliation.
Be the bigger person, yeah, that was what all the self-help books and podcasts said, but honestly you didn’t give a fuck. How the hell were you going to go on, living with the knowledge of Jeon Jungkook accusing you of lying, the one thing you hated most in this world? Who cared what his reason was? Who cared what it all meant? Not you on a bad day.
You winced.
Nothing you could do about that now.
The only way to make things different was to act differently in the same situation. If you were going to see someone new, you couldn’t just seduce them and drive them to the brink of insanity so that they were begging to fuck on the first meeting. You already did that.
With Jungkook.
And we know how that one ended.
So, you were doing the whole meet-a-guy-on-a-dating-app thing, switch to texting – probably too quickly but whatever – and slowly build up to a first meeting.
It had been a week and he was sending voice memos of him singing and maybe you were already shamelessly flirting.
Okay, you were trying and that was the point. Also, he was making it too easy and being too cute with his reactions. Being able to hear the sheepishness in that deep voice, mmm. And he simply couldn’t refuse you when you prompted him to switch to speaking directly instead of text. He did whatever you asked, not questioning it.
Maybe you should call him.
Your hand found its way to the pillow where your phone was having a serene siesta.
You wanted to, but there was something that was holding you back. It would be easy to be blind about it, but you had to be honest with yourself before getting to the serious playing around. You didn’t need to bring up a picture of new guy. You knew exactly what he looked like – and that was the problem.
Born in the same year.
Muscular with a cute face.
The same height.
Seriously sexy when absorbed in their interests and adorable as fuck when flustered.
Able to be flustered easily by you, the intoxicating fire.
New guy didn’t have tattoos though. Not any that you could see in his photos, anyway. Mhm, you can sit here and pretend all you want but there are too many similarities to him and Jeon Jungkook, missy. Your brain had a point. Maybe this was what having-a-type meant. Or maybe this screamed rebound, which is exactly what you didn’t want it to be, so you were holding back.
But new guy was so.
Pairing the combination of his loveable demeanor with the contrast of how built he was and that was the lethal combination right there. Plus, it was obvious he liked you. It would only take a little push. You flicked your wrist and unlocked your phone with your fingerprint, immediately bringing up the last thing you were doing. His latest text, saying he was off to shower, but promising he would be back after. Your phone normally vibrated to notify you, but this time it didn’t have to.
In real time, the voice memo popped up.
You played it.
That distinct deliciously deep voice shyly murmuring, “I’m back.”
He was only sending it because he knew you liked it. You could tell by his tone. Hear the hope in it. Well, shit, you could have all these dumbass overthinking reasons to not do something risky, or you could answer the hint of anticipation in that bated breath.
Don’t, your brain said.
You ticked your head. The call button was right next to his name.
You pressed it.
“Surprised?” was your greeting.
Maybe you weren’t making headway. Maybe it wasn’t that serious. Maybe you were in for-fun mode, out to break hearts to protect yours. Not that Jungkook would know, because he was standing in your favorite place in the world, and you weren’t here to answer his maybes.
He jumped as the intercom buzzed and scratchily announced that the leftover bread from the bakery was being put on flash sale. Most likely because it was going to expire today.
Yes, Jeon Jungkook was standing in the savory snack aisle of your local grocery store. A lot of people preferred the sweeter snacks – that was him, he was a lot of people – but you wanted the salty ones, which meant you and him never had to fight for snacks. He would eat all the candy and you would be chomping on seaweed. Harmony.
Until he fucked it up.
Yes, we get it. You’re an idiot. Move on, me.
But Jungkook couldn’t move on, because he was moping and picking up the last bag of shrimp chips like it was the goddamn Holy Grail and hoping your communications with mystery man were not going well. Well, he didn’t know if it was a man but it would hurt more if it was and his mind was conjuring worst case scenario to terrorize him. Or guilt him. Or both.
He clutched the shrimp chips like they were his lifeline and shuffled out of the aisle.
He didn’t even really like them. Well, he did. He would eat any snack. They just tasted better when they were with you because you loved them and used to talk about how you ate them a lot as a kid. Jungkook used to tease you for not liking candy enough. Were you even a kid? And then you’d put him in a chokehold. A real one, not a metaphorical one – although you had him there too.
He shouldn’t have taught you that. Was a bad idea.
Well, he couldn’t even be regretful about that anymore.
Where the fuck were the shrimp chips?
You were staring at the label that indicated they were discounted. Right there, in glaring red ink. They were clearly sold here. You reached back, feeling around for that familiar packaging. You would recognize the ridge of the shrimp chips right away. Nothing but the turtle chips. Fuck! Who the hell bought the shrimp chips? You squinted at the cart of the old lady at the far end of the aisle.
Was it you, lady? Hmm?!
Before you could harass said old lady, she leisurely rolled off to the next aisle.
Not that you would fight the elderly for shrimp chips, but maybe you had put people into a headlock for less.
Not maybe, you had.
Perhaps you shouldn’t have come after dinner. Damnnit. You marched out of the aisle and searched the endcaps, hoping that perhaps there was a spare bag left behind or possibly another display. Nope. Sad times. What else were you craving? You came all the way over to your local grocery store to get a familiar nostalgic snack, only for them to not have it, therefore you must purchase something random so the cashiers didn’t think you’re a weirdo for leaving empty-handed.
Not that they would notice.
Or care.
You were about to collect what was left of your shattered expectations and get out of there before you stopped, seeing a colorful display with a poster of a joyful marshmallow standing under a starry sky, beside a tent and a campfire. The stacked boxes under the brightly saturated sign indicated the product contents of chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows – a s’mores kit.
Was the marshmallow going to roast himself as sacrifice?
Or… was the marshmallow going to eat these s’mores?
Before you could debate the ethics of the vaguely cannibalistic nature of this marketing tactic, you remembered Jeon Jungkook’s favorite dessert was s’mores. In fact, he nearly caused a fire on your gas stove in his desire for said sweet treat. There was a lot of yelling and smoke and throwing open the window to your next-door neighbor staring wide-eyed at you as the smoke alarm blared.
You recalled gasping that you burnt the rice and scurrying away.
What? You weren’t going to throw your boyfriend under the bus.
Ex-boyfriend, now.
You reached out to the box. A fun activity for the family, it said. You didn’t have a family. Just you and some what-ifs. You held the box, feeling the weight. It was substantial, but not that heavy. Get it together. What were you going to do? Freak out every time you thought about Jungkook? Come on. He doesn’t deserve that. The best thing you could do was have a good opinion of him, despite him being a little shit.
You meant that in an endearing way.
… Yeah.
You sighed and tucked the s’mores kit under your arm. This was how life was. People were too complicated to fit in neat little boxes and situations were too convoluted to have a correct or right resolution. You would probably feel even shittier if you tried to act on emotions and get into his face about it. You had to take the L. Eat the damn s’mores and maybe think about finally meeting the new guy. The conversation had been nice and fluid once you got him talking about himself, something he had been reluctant to do because he didn’t want to seem arrogant.
You had asked him if he was.
He had replied with, “Maybe a little?” The self-doubt in his response had made you laugh, as if he wasn’t so sure himself. But the whole point becoming someone’s potential one and only was bragging about yourself, so might as well lay out everything you got, right?
You didn’t even like sweets.
Maybe the new guy did, though. Maybe you should try to like them a little more.
You bought the box of s’mores and went home.
Normally, people cried into wine or chocolate, but Jungkook was crying into a bag of shrimp chips.
Not actually crying, because then he would ruin the shrimp chips, but pretty damn close to sobbing into the crispy snack while watching the latest popular drama and wondering what you were doing. Hopefully you were happy, doing stuff you loved. Cute stuff, like watching cat videos or those home renovation shows you seemed to have great interest in. You told him you wanted to learn about houses so that you would have knowledge when buying one with him. Smart. So smart. Oh, man, why were you so smart and why was he a dum-dum? That’s not fair, Jungkook. You’ll handle all the interior design stuff because you’re artsy, oh, wait, I’ll have to narrow down the options so you don’t buy seven different diffusers. He chomped away at the shrimp chips, sniffling at the memory.
He was being lame.
Also, a little self-centered, because this was not all about him. You had been in the relationship too and technically you were the one who was hurt. He should not be the sad one sitting here on the floor in front of his television and stuffing his face with shrimp chips as he watched the male lead and the female lead go through some misunderstandings. He should be thinking about how he could be a better person.
Jungkook frowned.
Were shrimp chips gluten-free?
He checked the label.
Yes. Whew. His doctor had warned him he shouldn’t have gluten late at night, as it would upset his stomach. Step one into being a better person, take care of one’s personal health. At least he was doing that right.
Back to chomping away.
Maybe you were happier without him. That would suck, but at least you would be doing well. What more could he ask for? Besides rewinding time and boinking some sense into his own head. Something to ask Doctor Strange once they would inevitably meet. It would be awkward to ask for a favor right away, but what’s the worst that could happen? Utter chaos of the timeline and disruption of subsequent timelines connecting the various multiverses?
… On second thought.
Jungkook wondered if the female lead would just tell the male lead that she already liked him. You wouldn’t have a problem saying something like that right away. It was very cool of you, always being the first to admit how you felt. Never hiding anything.
It was at that moment that Jungkook choked on a shrimp chip and starting hacking up his lungs.
He had to punch his chest to gain some semblance of breath back. There was a lot of wheezing and scrambling for the water bottle on his coffee table. Ugh. His throat felt all fucked up.
Did you throat feel like this when he rammed his dick into it? He never asked. He had been too busy feeling good and ascending to the heavens to ask questions. He should have been more thoughtful on that front. Maybe if he had been more considerate…
You had a vibe going on here, me, and you just ruined it by thinking about sex.
Back to watching drama and crying over shrimp chips despite one of them trying to end his life.
You opened the box of the s’mores kit and the graham crackers were all crushed.
You could roast marshmallows and top it with melted chocolate and graham cracker powder?
You struggled and made do, realizing with a quick taste test that, yes, this was too sweet, but you had tea and resilience, and your never-say-die attitude reminded you that you could do anything, including making a very messy but possibly innovative dessert. If you added some yogurt, would it become a s’mores parfait? Hey. That could be a thing… somewhere.
Well, it was a thing here in your kitchen right now.
At least you didn’t start a fire.
“Maybe you should do something.”
He stared off into space and answered hollowly.
“Like what?”
“I don’t know,” Park Jimin dragged out exaggeratedly. “Talk to her? Maybe your ship has sailed, but at least you could get some closure. For my sake.” He muttered the last bit under his breath.
Jungkook did not want to hear that his ship has sailed. He wanted to hear that the ship was right here, docking to the port. Or… something like that. Whatever. Anyway, Jimin was doing a shit job of helping him figure out how to repair the gaping wound in his chest. Talk to her, yeah, like that was gonna solve anything.
Jungkook pushed the food around on his plate. A surefire sign he was feeling like shit. He always ate. Few things could stop him from eating.
“Are you dying? Why are you disrespecting your dak-galbi like that?”
On second thought, Jungkook shoveled it into his mouth. Food comas were a thing, right? Maybe he could eat himself into a stupor. Maybe he could induce an actual coma if he consumed enough alcohol and food.
Only one way to find out.
“Oi, don’t eat that fast, are you trying to give yourself a stomachache? Oi. Jungkook!”
You woke up.
Heart racing, world swirling, touching your face, and there they were, tears, uninhibited by logic anymore, blurry faces and that kind of anger that was more sad than angry, but fury won, because you didn’t want to show that you were sad, burying it deep inside until your dreams broke through your subconscious and replayed it for you, the yelling, the throwing of cushions, the snatching of the keys and the furious tossing of your shoes on and then running, running, you shouldn’t have ran but you did, you ran and ran and ran and cried into the wind just like how you cried into your pillow right now and for what, for nothing, for something that was over and dead, over and dead.
It was fading.
The memory, and now your tears, curling into your pillow, suffocating yourself in cloth, trying to close it out, breathing nothing and seeing black, in, out, in, out, until your lungs felt like they were burning.
You threw your head up, gasping.
Face dry.
Not a chance that someone would catch you crying over Jeon Jungkook.
Not that anyone was here except you.
You were still someone though.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
How could he think I was lying when I hate lying most in this world?
And no one could see you cry, no one could see you fall apart, no one could think that they had any power over you, because you weren’t weak, you couldn’t be made a fool of, you would rather tear it apart yourself then let someone else think that they could get to you.
You ruined everything, me.
And maybe you did.
Maybe you did and now what? Nothing. Nothing but bad dreams and an empty bed and shuddering breaths as you wiped your eyes with the duvet and pretended your nose wasn’t stuffy, sliding back down to the silence, breathing quietly, he used to be right here and now there was no one but you, but you were someone and not a chance that someone would see you crying over Jeon Jungkook.
You were someone.
And there was nothing anyone could do about this aftermath, nothing to do about you yelling irreversible things and him yelling irreversible things, both of you tearing apart what you built together like it was nothing, over what?
The usual suspects.
There was no point in asking why no one fought for anyone because everyone was wearing masks of mad and secretly sad. Yeah, you could die on this sacred ground. You could. That would be real fuckin’ easy. But easy wasn’t living. You didn’t pick easy when you picked Jungkook, and you didn’t pick easy when you walked away either.
This limbo wasn’t you.
You sighed.
Breathed out.
Held your breath for thirty seconds.
Easy isn’t living, me. Just go on a damn date.
You are a dumbass, me.
He was too full and too drunk and a blob on his own bed. Jimin tried to convince him that he needed someone to take care of him, but Jungkook just pushed his hyung out the door and bade him good night. Jimin kept urging him to talk about it, but Jungkook was, he was talking to his head every second of every day and it wasn’t doing anything but giving him a headache, and now he had a fat headache and a bursting-at-the-seams tummy.
So now he was a blob.
Hopefully he wouldn’t throw up.
He felt around and found the water bottle by his bed. Okay. At least he had water. There was a packet of hangover meds in his nightstand drawer. For emergencies like this. Jimin had reminded him that he couldn’t keep doing this to himself, but joke’s on Jimin, Jungkook knew he could. Had been and quite frankly was thinking about sulking to his heart’s content, maybe even until the end of time, because everyone was telling him he couldn’t, so stubbornly he continued.
Out of principle.
Something like that.
Okay, maybe Jungkook was secretly seriously considering gathering his courage to speak to you face-to-face. Maybe. It was all his fault, after all. For not believing, for making up a narrative that tore you and him apart, all his fault for burning that bridge you two built together, and for what, for nothing but pride and fear and wasn’t he getting a little old for that?
Jungkook sighed, feeling far too sober and reasonable.
Should have drunk more.
Maybe you didn’t need the closure, but he wouldn’t know unless he asked, and he was done assuming, done thinking he knew what was what. It was clear that he didn’t. He didn’t even know if he needed closure, but the aftermath still stung even now, scorched by the everlasting fire, and maybe he was stupid for thinking some silly little words could do anything for this situation, but it was something, right, and something was better than this nothing, nothing but a bad signal flickering weakly, couldn’t connect because there were too many walls separating you and him.
Jungkook knew exactly where your apartment was, and could confirm that there were probably many walls separating you and him right now.
If you were in your apartment, that is.
You had to be. It was the middle of the night.
He should be asleep.
Jungkook resumed his blob form and waited for his dreams to take him.
Or nightmares.
That was not a choice he could make, unfortunately.
First dates were difficult because you had to chose the one outfit that would represent you. In the off chance that you only ended up meeting this person once, you felt that your clothes had to give off a distinct impression of who you were. Similar to that age-old question of, if you were a ghost and stuck with one outfit forever, what would you want to wear?
Morbid, but effective.
Something you could live by.
Oh, yeah, me, also perhaps you should try to impress the new guy.
You didn’t want to admit it but the truth was the truth – this was less about him and more about you and taking responsibility for whatever came, good or bad. Because, yes, maybe it wouldn’t turn out well, maybe nothing was meant to be, maybe you were driving in the metaphorical fast lane and accelerating way too recklessly, but it wasn’t like you to let up on the gas, and the only way to found out if there was any chance at all was to put on some damn clothes and just do the damn thing.
That how you were before…
No. You were someone before him and you’re someone now.
It wasn’t fair.
But life wasn’t fair, life was complicated and maybe even a little immoral sometimes, and that was how it was so you got dressed. White cropped t-shirt. You look so good in those, even if they’re simple. Big black hoodie with a cheeky-looking ghost in the back, peeking up with a mischievous little smile. I love oversized stuff on you. It makes you look so small and cute. Short black skirt, pleated, with a chain hanging off the hip. You hooked on a little keychain of a tuxedo cat to the top of the chain, something for you to know and maybe for others to find out if you took off your hoodie. I’m glad you like wearing short skirts. You have great legs and I love looking at them. Thick thigh-high black socks to block out the cold. Aw, man, sucks that it’s getting cold now but you have to protect those precious legs. You would wear your heeled boots with the big silver buckles shaped like moons. Thick soled and heavy, ah, like mine.
You looked at yourself in the mirror.
Your fashion is nice because you always match me.
You could hear Jungkook’s voice even though he wasn’t there and you just had to stand there and accept that life wasn’t fair and that you would hear it for a while until you forgot the sound of his voice and it wasn’t fair that you still couldn’t decide if you actually wanted to forget it or not.
But nothing changed if you only stood still, so you walked over to your front door and put your shoes on. Checked your black bag with a frowning smiley face icon printed on the front and slung it over your shoulder, safely tucking it by your hip.
Glanced at the hooks by your door and picked up the thick maroon-colored scarf, lopping it around your neck as you opened the door and walked out, holding your keys in your hand.
Who the fuck is that?
Now, Jungkook was fully and completely aware what he was doing was wrong, even if his original intent was perfectly sensible. Completely normal. Nothing wrong with what he had initially meant to do but shit got sidetracked the second he spotted familiar legs and a black hoodie, with a cheeky ghost printed onto the back, that’s the one, and was that a man walking next to you, dark-haired and handsome, kind of close, turning his head and laughing at something you said, something Jungkook couldn’t hear because he was a block away, staring wide-eyed with his legs moving of their own accord.
Wondering what this guy had that Jungkook didn’t have.
That white sweater didn’t do much to hide the broad shoulders and muscular frame. Clean blue jeans and a very nice smile, eyes that crinkled up when he laughed, covering his mouth. It wasn’t fake. Jungkook had hoped it was a fake laugh but it looked genuine as fuck and now Jungkook was stalking his ex-girlfriend on his way to her apartment to have that talk that Jimin kept telling him to have, the talk to get out all these pent-up feelings, but now he should just turn around and try another day.
But life wasn’t fair.
He wanted to say he was simply too dumbstruck to stop himself, but Jungkook was pretty sure it was sinful jealousy that was giving his legs the strength to follow at a block’s distance.
He wanted to tell himself something comforting, like she has terrible taste but the guy was pretty good-looking actually, or he doesn’t seem that interesting but you seemed very invested in what he had to say at the intersection, so interested that you two missed the crossing signal, or he can’t make you laugh but you did, you laughed and he laughed at the missed signal and it looked like a scene of out a movie, two adults holding insulated cups of some warm drink and shyly smiling over light sips in between conversation.
And the creepy ex-boyfriend squinting at the scene from a block away.
Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got here.
You started crossing and Jungkook jogged to catch the light just before it changed.
This was really stupid all around, but he didn’t care. He wanted to know if this new guy knew your affinity for green tea and lemon cake yet. He wanted to know if new guy liked your oversized hoodie and skirt, because it was one of his favorite outfit combinations on you. He wanted to know how you felt about new guy, because new guy looked like he had an impressive personal best at the bench press, and Jungkook wanted to know if it was better than his, not that it mattered.
But it mattered.
Jungkook avoided the streetlamps that suddenly turned on, trying to stay out of the light. He didn’t know how recognizable he was in his massive black parka and black jeans with rips at the knees, but he wasn’t chancing you suddenly turning around and recognizing his knees.
He made sure his face mask was on securely before pulling the hood over his head.
New guy put his hand on your head and Jungkook almost skidded to a stop as a different hand fluffed your hair.
You playfully swiped at new guy’s hand and now Jungkook was close enough to hear that deep laugh at your reaction.
You used to take Jungkook’s hand and put it on your head and when he asked what you were doing, you simply told him that you liked the reassuring weight.
How did I not get it?
Jungkook watched as both you and new guy stopped, realizing you were holding his wrist.
In slow motion, you reluctantly let go and dipped your head, apologizing.
New guy waved his hand, apologizing himself, bowing even.
Night was falling, falling.
You beckoned, indicating that the walk should continue.
Jungkook followed and watched you talk to this man in front of your apartment complex. He tried to sort out the feeling, because there was a part of him that hadn’t given up yet, and another part that saw that life wasn’t fair, and the last part him thought maybe this right in front of him was meant to be and maybe his part of your fairytale was over.
The man leaned over and deliberately kissed you on the cheek, politely not going for the lip kiss.
He waved and stepped back, back in the opposite direction, but Jungkook was on the other side of the street now, circling, coming from the other way as he watched new guy wave to you and you wave back, yelling at him to be careful and watch where he was going.
“Kim Gunhak! You’ll trip if you don’t turn around!”
And this Kim Gunhak almost did, catching himself and looking sheepish, giving you one last smile before turning around.
You waited until he was too far away to make out and then headed into your apartment complex.
Jungkook fought with himself, unsure what to do now, wondering what was right.
You had only just taken off your shoes when your doorbell buzzed.
The intercom was in the hallway, but you were right next to the door, so, instead of checking it, you opened it, expecting a confused delivery person who was looking for your next-door neighbor around the corner or a neighbor inquiring about a lost dog or maybe even some drunkard who had the wrong apartment, literally anyone but the person who was standing at the entrance of your front door.
Jeon Jungkook.
He looked very sober.
His cheeks were pink from the cool night.
You thought you would have something to say, something vengeful and witty and spirited with fire, but your eyes connected with those big brown ones and suddenly you were staring at him and he was staring at you, frozen, couldn’t speak, afraid to jinx it, feeling like something otherworldly was happening right now, impossible that Jeon Jungkook was right there, someone you had known so well not that long ago, but now his eyes were flying saucers from another planet.
Unrecognizable, the feeling in those eyes.
You remembered crying and that hurt.
But easy wasn’t living.
Sometimes living meant you got hurt.
You remembered every detail on his face, from his dark eyebrows to his black hair, longer now, to those expressive dark brown orbs, to the shape of his pink lips accented with a silver ring, to the mole underneath them. Little details that you loved about him. You remembered you should be mad at him. You felt like maybe you should be.
But, like ashes, there was nothing but smokey remnants after enough time passed.
Jungkook spoke first.
“I’m… sorry.”
It was cold and you should close the door, but you were stuck, transfixed by his words.
“I know you hate those words, because actions mean more than I’m sorry but…” He sucked in a shaky breath and helplessness looked right at you. “I thought of a thousand actions and none of them can take back what I thought was true, because in that moment I betrayed you, the moment when I left myself believe in something that I made up in my mind more than I believed in you.”
He looked like he was going to cry and you hated it when Jungkook cried because then you felt like crying, like you had made him cry even if it wasn’t directly about you, but this was about you.
“When I realized I could be wrong, I didn’t want to admit it.”
“By then I said some shitty things and you were already out the door.”
“You said I was too stubborn and headstrong for anybody, even you,” you breathed, every memory scored pain, burned into your brain.
Jungkook shook his head. He didn’t try to come closer even though you could tell he wanted to. He didn’t cry even though you could tell he wanted to. He didn’t stop his lip from trembling because he wanted you to see that he was honest, that he didn’t want to hide even though past him would want to.
“I’m sorry. You always told me to be aware of my initial reaction so I could sort through the other options and react less emotionally, but I failed you, and I failed us, and I know I shouldn’t say this, but I wish I could take it all back, the first thought about you and Jimin, and everything after, because if I just said that very first thought out loud instead of holding it in, I wouldn’t be watching you live life without me.”
Your thoughts whispered to you, cruel and unfaithful poison seeping.
It's my fault.
Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe Jungkook was being unfair to apply what you said to this situation and maybe he wasn’t. It was hard to tell and hard to know the answer. The funny thing about life was that there was usually no answer. There was only shit that happened and acting on too little information too much of the time. Maybe it would be apt to feel anger now, because Jungkook gave you the obscure hint that he had seen Kim Gunhak walk you home, perhaps just the kiss on the cheek goodbye part but it was spying all the same, and yet, instead of anger, you felt something else.
“You saw my date drop me off?” you asked quietly.
Jungkook looked away, ashamed.
Now you saw it was pointless.
Your fault. His fault. Who cared whose fault was it? You could spend all day and all night and all the time thereafter trying to decide whose fault it was, but at the end of the day the earth beneath you and him was scorched by an imperfect love, and it was fine to walk away. It was fine to tell him that he could walk away too, fine to walk away from the ashes of this fairytale.
You can walk away from our fairytale, Jungkook, me.
He raised his head, making eye contact with you again, taking a deep breath.
You gazed back.
Saw flecks of what could have been, lights still alive in those big brown eyes.
Not a chance that someone would catch you crying over Jeon Jungkook.
The usual suspects holding you back.
“I… told myself I could do anything,” you said, not breaking eye contact and you saw he believed that you could; he always did. “I only had to put the effort in. Meet people and open up a little. Even if it was fake it ‘til I make it, and I almost made it.”
The world was blurry and cold, all around.
Not a chance.
“I almost did, Jeon Jungkook, but then you had to go and apologize.”
The tears came down, and Jungkook instinctively reached out to wipe them away, but then he stopped, suddenly afraid. You stepped back and wiped your cheeks yourself, surprised at that suddenness. Was this what getting older and growing up meant? Allowing yourself to be in touch with your emotions?
You stared at him, almost accusingly, and it was all falling apart.
“I’m tired of trying to figure out who was wrong.”
Everything was all wrong.
“I’m tired of trying to rethink every little thing, all thanks to you.”
Painstakingly re-wiring every thought so all those little things didn’t remind you of Jungkook, giving in sometimes to the memories and feeling aghast that both of you had dropped the lit match onto the bridge you built together, burning it, burning it all down.
“I’m tired of missing you.”
You didn’t want to be that one, but you grabbed him by the front of his parka and shook him hard, out of frustration and that thought that no one should catch you crying over a boy, of all things, a silly boy who had made you laugh and loved sweets and your fashion and had always eagerly listened to you talk about whatever with stars in his eyes like you his everything, and so you refused to cry in front of him so you could always look cool and tough and not affected, but now you shoved your head into his chest and cried, cried about how you couldn’t be the person he thought you were, a person worthy of his love, because the truth was deep down you were weak, deep down you were made a fool of, and deep down Jungkook did have power over you since some part of you stupidly hadn’t given up yet. If you had been worthy, why would he have any reason to question your faithfulness? You must have done something wrong. The unknown had eaten away at you all this time, prevented you from crying and prevented you from trying to reconcile, and here Jungkook was beating you to it, so the least you could do was be honest and cry.
It was the worst, letting yourself cry.
He wrapped his arms around your shoulders, holding you to him.
You pushed him away, glaring, fiercely rubbing at your eyes with the bottom of your sleeves.
“Don’t lie to me.”
Shook your head, stumbling back into your apartment, swinging at the door and missing, your red scarf falling from your neck, falling, falling, warmth slipping away.
“Don’t try to make me feel better when all you came here to do was to heal yourself.”
“I didn’t come here to heal myself.”
Jungkook bit his lip, looking guilty, following you inside, but only a step.
“I came here to try and get you back. I was going to fight that guy with my bare hands.”
Your tears paused, blinking hard to clear your vision.
His eyes shifted and he sucked on the inside of his cheek, frowning slightly. “Well, if this was a movie, I would fight him, but it’s not, because it’s unlikely you would take me back after I beat up some poor guy.”
“I would kick your ass,” you snapped, annoyance clearing the sadness. “Not to mention Gunhak is a workout maniac, as much or more than you. He wouldn’t be beaten by you so easily.”
Jungkook pouted.
You froze.
The moment hung in the air, a stillness with too much meaning.
“Well, I would already lose anyway,” he mumbled, glancing at you. “You were always my weakness.”
Those big brown eyes and you noticed his ears were red, his cheeks were flushed and even his fingers were scarlet. This moment was a choice, a moment to stop and consider the options, but all you did was follow your instinct, reaching forward and grabbing his wrist, pulling him to you, ignoring his wide eyes and confused squeak, pulling and closing the door, cutting off the cold, and now it was just you and him, you holding his cold hands and rubbing, closing your fingers around them, not knowing if this was a bad decision or not, probably, but what made a decision good or bad?
No answers.
“I hate you,” you muttered. “You watch too much drama and memorized all the good lines.”
Your gaze flickered to him and Jungkook pulled a face, looking remorseful again, except this time he seemed less sure of his guilt.
You bit your lip.
“You’re stubborn and headstrong too, Jungkook.”
He nodded, not denying it.
“But you’re my good influence,” he chirped lightly.
Then he winced.
“Were. Were my good influence.”
Corrected himself, tone pained.
Heart racing, looking at your world, holding onto Jungkook’s hands, and he stepped closer tentatively, warmth and memories, and the line of having a possibly uncomfortable conversation tomorrow was not crossed yet, not yet, and you squeezed his hands, those big brown eyes asking you if the impossible was possible, and you didn’t dare open your mouth, because the real answer was that you didn’t know, he didn’t know, no one knew, nothing was meant to be, everything was impossible until someone made it possible, and maybe that those someones could be you and him.
You tilted your head.
Familiar breath.
“You can tell me if you like him more than me,” Jungkook whispered shakily. “I’ll probably cry, but I’ll understand eventually.”
The tips of his hair touched your forehead.
“Can you shut up, Jungkook?” you hissed back. “Just shut up and close your eyes if you want me to kiss you.”
Flecks of what could have been, lights still alive in those flying saucers, and his lashes lowered, casting darkness over the stars in those big brown eyes, closing them.
What are you doing, me?
You kissed him.
He should have accepted what was, was, but Jungkook couldn’t and now you kissed him and his brain reminded him that you could be the one to break his heart this time, but Jungkook told his brain, I don’t care, and kissed back, trying not to cry all over your face. If this was your revenge arc, Jungkook would gladly be part of it. He had kinda been a shithead. He could understand the audience perspective.
Also, you were kinda hot in your revenge arc.
Jungkook had told you many times before that he loved your legs.
You let go of his hands and placed your palms on his cheeks, exhaling into his mouth, and he never said it before, but he loved that shit, it got him inappropriately hard inappropriately fast, something about the heat and the calmness of your sweet breath that drove him crazy.
He did love sweets, after all.
“You’re so cold.”
Your kiss on his cheeks, his gasping mouth, grazing his lip ring. Soft, plush, perfect lips murmuring against his skin, familiar and sensual and comforting, and he was seconds away from crying, so instead he drew in a shuddering breath, falling into the more R-rated thoughts because if he didn’t let arousal take over, he was seconds away from becoming a motionless, emotional puddle on your hardwood floor and that wasn’t how he wanted this to end.
Yes, Jungkook was relying on sex to keep himself mentally stable.
Sorry, you’re too sexy and I want you too much.
“It’s cold outside,” and his reply came out a little more childish than he intended, too breathy and shivery, it was just so nice, so fucking nice that you were kissing him again, tracing his ears with your fingertips, loving caress, pulling him closer.
Your smile against his lip ring from his silly response.
“I’m warm. Touch me,” you breathed against his chin, hot and heavy.
Okay, maybe Jungkook knew all nice lines in dramas, but you knew all the lines to the porn videos.
Not that he was complaining.
His hands finding your waist and your teeth sinking his lower lip and he whined, the sting of pain coursing through him, a sharp detail of reality proving that this was no dream. His fingers curling into the thick fabric of your hoodie, grasping for your body, warm and getting warmer, yanking you closer. Your tongue tracing his skin, your hands framing the sides of his neck, stripped honesty vibrating in the millimeters of air between your faces.
“I always liked the sounds you make,” you purred, wisps of breath from your formation of words dancing between his trembling lips. “Like you’re desperate for me.”
“I am,” he found himself admitting. “I always am, please, breathe in my mouth, please.”
A ripple of surprise, but you wasted no time, covering his lips with yours and sighing into his throat, making his eyelids flutter and his whole body shiver, and if this was the last time then Jungkook was just going to leave it all on the table, all the things that made him feel good, he wanted them, all the things he remembered you liked, he would do them, like letting go of your hoodie and sliding his hands into your hair, turning your head to kiss your ear and suck on the space right under it, tongue and lips and teeth, your hitched breath at his touch, he missed it, the soft scent of your hair products filling his nose, he missed it, he missed the taste of your skin and the way you impatiently yanked his clothes off, cleanly unzipping his parka and pushing it off his shoulders, forcing him to let go up your head and just dump it on the ground, kicking off his shoes to a different directions, persistently keeping his lips on your neck and letting the fervor take over, insistently pushing you deeper inside your apartment.
He missed it, the way you enjoyed him.
“Can you–”
But you didn’t complete your irritated request, abruptly shoving him into the wall and making him gasp, and then the next thing he knew he was pressing his head to the wall and moaning as you bit down above his collarbone, running your tongue along that sensitive skin, your nails dragging down the sides of his neck, leaving lines of wanton fire.
“Too many layers,” you growled, tugging at the collar of his long-sleeved gray shirt even though it was the only layer separating you and him, but you were right, he agreed that it was too many layers, and Jungkook hastily yanked it up and over his head, tossing it to the side and then you bent down, your hands splayed over his right shoulder and the left side of his hip.
Pink tongue sliding out.
Licking up his chest.
Watching him as you did it, causing blood and pleasure to rush to all the right places.
He moaned, loud and pornographic.
You cocked an eyebrow.
He reached out and pulled at your hoodie and you made it crumple to the floor, then body to body again, face to face, kiss to hungry kiss, his hands going up your white crop top and under your bra, whining deep in his chest as you exhaled into his mouth again, thrusting your tongue into his lips when his fingertips brushed your nipples.
You backed off a little, taking your tongue away.
“D-Don’t stop.”
You paused, searching his eyes.
He hadn’t really confessed it before.
“It’s hot,” Jungkook panted. “When you do stuff like t-that.”
He squeezed your breasts to help get his point access but also for comfort as you scrutinized him, uncertain if he was sincere or not. Fair enough.
“Like what?” you asked, prompting him to clarify.
Heart racing, hot all over, adrenaline and fear fueling his pleasure, because there was something wonderfully dangerous about this territory. He had some inkling, but before he didn’t really bother to ask too much. You always did what you wanted to and naturally it leant to a certain power dynamic, but you never asked to take it further than sporadic, fleeting moments. And, well, Jungkook had never thought about how it would feel to admit out loud that that part of you it turned him on.
It would feel embarrassing, and yet he was enticed by that rush.
Aroused by it.
“When you treat me like you own me.”
Your eyes on his, not breaking the gaze.
Reaching up, running your fingers though his hair, sending tingles down his spine.
“Do you want me to own you a little?” you murmured.
He reached up and closed your fingers around a fistful of his hair.
“Maybe a little more than a little.”
You tugged.
The sting of pain, moan tumbling from his mouth, his hand falling, circling your waist.
“I can take more,” he whispered to your lips.
You pulled and closed your hand over his erection fighting his jeans and Jungkook felt his whole body electrify, bucking his hips to your fingers and seeking your lips, but there was no kiss, only a controlled stream of breath to swallow, and the groan bubbled up in his ribcage. Alive. Raw pleasure. Intoxicated, driven by ferocious need, his fumbling hands undoing the button of his jeans, forcing down the zipper, everything being pushed down, and then it was your hand to his hot, taut skin, flicking your wrist by his head to deliver a shot of pain and a stroke of pleasure from the other, torn between the two sensations and the lightheaded feeling of your forceful breath pushing the air out of his lungs, forgetting that he could breathe from his nose, didn’t want to anyway, living was only living when it was on this hazy thin oxygen from your exhale.
Yes, Jungkook was pants down, shirtless, letting you jack him off and pull on his hair as you breathed into his mouth.
That was not how he thought this conversation would end but he was not taking any second of it for granted, rubbing your nipples, kneading your breasts, making sure you felt pleasure too, but the thing that seemed to make you smile most was the sounds he made, so Jungkook upped the desperation level in his tone and tucked his hips back slightly, changing the angle of your stroke.
“Fuck, yes, lower, closer to the head, fuuuuck, right there, a-ah…”
And you knew it all, the right pressure, the steady build up from slow to fast, until you had to focus and simply clutched his head, digging your nails into his scalp, panting against his shaking lips, fast and intense pressure consuming him, chasing the glorious high, closer and closer and closer.
He pinched your hard nipples and rubbed the tips, moaning unashamedly and probably too loud, keeping his lower body rigid so you could control the pace, your name tumbling out of his mouth, deep, needy, looking down to watch your hand firmly wrapped around his stiff cock, the head dark red and pleasure throbbing up his torso, you’re so good, fuck, you’re so fucking good, your breasts in his hands, perfect, groan pitching to helpless whine, almost…
You stopped.
His entire body jerked as you squeezed and simply froze at the very last second, at literally the singular point of almost no return and you stopped, and he was too far gone to be ashamed of the pathetic whimpering he was doing now, gripping your hand around his twitching length and nonsensically begging you to continue, but the moment was gone and, by the look of your devious smirk, it was all on purpose.
In his horny-induced haze, Jungkook attempted his best puppy eyes.
Your hand slid down his head and traced his jaw.
“I’m not gonna let you cum on the floor,” you teased.
He pulled a pout. “Come on… It’s not like floors can’t be cleaned.”
Your grip pulsed around his cock so hard he nearly gasped in pain.
“You’re not going to last if you cum once before pussy.”
You were right, but the truth didn’t make Jungkook happy.
Not until he was balls deep into you, condom wrapper falling from his hand, you taking the moment to stretch your legs over his torso casually, adjusting your hips under him, and then he was deeper, surrounded on all sides by silky wet warmth that pulsated around him, so good his head involuntarily tipped back, his hair trickling his shoulders as he slid out a little and then back in.
He was very happy now.
“F-Fuck… I hate this position… you f-feel too fucking g-good…”
“It’s just missionary.”
He jerked his head down to see you smirking at him. Looking smug fully naked, juicy thighs flush to his abs and your body was essentially folded in half as he leaned down, sucking in a breath as your pussy clamped around his length, slow and controlled and every centimeter gripped tight like his dick owned money.
“You have the most control in this position,” he puffed.
“You wanted it,” you hummed.
Jungkook squinted in mock suspicion. Then he gave up on the act rather quickly.
“Yeah, I want you.”
Slid out and back in, shuddering.
“I don’t want anyone else but you.” Pleasure snaking through him with every thrust, breathless, slow and deep at first, but gradually adding power, harder and rougher, smacking hips to crotch, erotic electricity all over, his hair falling over his eyes, looking down, staring into yours. “I know I’m balls deep right now, but you have to believe me.”
You reached up.
Patted him on the cheek.
“Jungkook, we can have the deep talk after the two minutes it takes for you to finish. I promise,” you assured cheerfully with a smile.
He scrunched up his face and glared at you. “Excuse me, I last longer than two minutes–”
You planted your hands onto the mattress and thrust up into him. He choked at the sudden slingshot of ecstasy that pierced through him and his entire tirade about how he was going to last way longer because you technically edged him which was very mean by the way, yeah, all that was instantly forgotten as you tightened your jaw and all around him, creating an insane pace that his body immediately followed, too much carnal instinct and not enough sanity, the sound between you and him suddenly louder, wetter, rhythmic smacks and panting gasps, your mouth opening and your pink tongue licking the air, hint of a smirk at the periphery of your lips, and Jungkook felt like he should be mad about that, but it was turning him on more, fuck, he felt his cock twitch as he watched that agile tongue writhe, teasing sin, he was doomed, he was one of those freaky people that was into this stuff now.
That was what he got for admitting the truth.
Your hand shot up and you tangled your fingers in his long hair, gripping his head to get the leverage to fully fuck him from below plus add the aching pain of your nails digging into the scalp to the torrent of sensations ransacking him right now.
He groaned and his eyes rolled back, the orgasm slamming into him.
All over him, shooting out all over his nerves, potent pleasure so powerful that his hips bucked and shivered, only pure will allowing him to continue thrusting, but it appeared you had been holding back, oh fuck, skyrocketing his shivering orgasm to uncontrollable crashing waves from every throb of your walls, the slickness between your bodies painting onto his inner thighs and crotch, your name torn from his throat, low and hoarse and raw, drowning in the most concentrated bliss he knew, drenched in sex and sweat, wishing it was forever.
It always ended too soon.
You sat in front of him, wrapped in blankets as he was wrapped in his own cocoon of blankets, watching his lips twist and shift, looking uneasy.
“I’m super serious,” Jungkook finally settled. “About starting over. I mean, I know we just…”
“Fucked like a bad porn storyline?” you offered.
He winced, shifting his eyes. "Er. Yeah."
You dropped the jokes. “I’m serious too. Let’s start again. I learned my lesson. No more surprises.” You sharply poked his knee through the blanket. “But you have to talk to me. Whatever it is. Even if you think I don’t wanna know. Uncomfortable or not, better sooner than later. And I will do the same.” You nodded, more yourself than him, promising to hold yourself to it. Kept your gaze on him so he knew you were serious about doing so. You took it all in, messy black hair, big brown eyes, dreams of what could be. You and him could make the impossible, possible.
You and him only had to put the effort in.
“I wanna know everything about you, Jungkook.”
There was real worry reflected back at you. “What if it’s not good?”
You shrugged. “I already knew you weren’t good. I went on one date with one guy and you were already stalking me.”
His brows furrowed in indignation. “Hey, I happened to stumble onto your date by chance!”
“Oh, yeah, and by chance you followed us all the way to my apartment?” you countered.
His jaw flapped. “W… W-Well…”
You raised your eyebrows. Both of them.
Very high.
He puffed one cheek and looked away. “I just… hadn’t decided what to do…” he mumbled. “Or how serious you were, because if you were super serious, I wasn’t going to talk to you…”
You blinked in fake disbelief.
Jungkook muttered something like, I meant I wasn’t gonna try to sleep with you or anything if you were dating another guy... Mmm. You poked him. He shifted his eyes. Then ticked his chin at you.
“What about you, huh? You did it too.”
You shrugged. “Yeah, I did. I didn’t start dating you only because you’re cute, you know.”
He blinked in confusion.
You shrugged. “Fucking is important to me in a relationship. You always wanna fuck me. That’s what I want. Especially now that you admitted that you want me to own your ass in bed, making you even more appealing. Mmm. We have to explore that more.” You nodded sagely, greatly satisfied with your decision. “Therefore, I will talk to Gunhak in the morning.”
Jungkook sputtered, cocooning himself further into the thick blankets, slowly turning red. “That’s… W-Well… I wouldn’t date you unless I thought that you were the hottest woman that’s ever existed...”
You cupped your hand around your ear. “Pardon? Jeon Jungkook, are you saying that you’re shallow?”
“I’m not shallow, don’t twist my words!”
“I can twist something else–”
“Stop, t-that’s scary, don’t come under here! Hey!”
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laysalespoir · a month ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (fem)
A/N: I don't have anything to say more than this is pure smut, with a tiny little bit of plot. Veeeeeeeery little lol😆 JK is a mafia boss, you should know that tho. 
Warnings: +18, SMUT, barely a plot, mafia!Jungkook au, dom/sub kink, dd/lg kink, size kink, rough sex, hair pulling, possessive actions, light degradation, praising there is a bit of fluff if you squint like really hard lol
Jungkook smiles as he pulls you over him and wraps his arms tightly around you. You cuddle into his chest, face hiding in his neck comfortably and contentedly. His hands started to trace patterns over your skin under your oversize t-shirt that clearly belonged to him.
While he hates going on travels and leaving you behind for long periods of time due to his job, he loves the reunion, coming back to you. Especially the paradise that lays between your legs that always receives him with such eagerness.
"Mmm, such a good girl," he whispers, lifting your head up by the chin with one finger, gently, as he leans in to kiss you.
You smile against his lips happily. Feeling your smile, causes him to push his tongue past your lips and deepen the kiss, his hands tenderly roaming with caresses over your sides and hips.
You kiss him back, tongues playing softly, trying to show him how much you have missed him, as you wiggle your hips over his.
"Mmm…" he groans into the kiss and finds himself desperately grinding up into you, as his cock starts to bulge and harden against the soft exquisite feel of your flesh.
You whine against his lips, putting your legs on each side of his hips over the bed so you can grind more firmly against him.
"That's it, baby," he praises, making you whine in need again, "Tell me what you want," he firmly smacks and grabs your ass, leveraging it to rock more roughly against your pussylips as he gazes lustfully into your eyes.
"I... I want you, please…" You gasp, hips moving with the guidance of his hands as yours caress his face.
There was a new scar on his right cheek, under his eye –thanks, of course, to his job– which you caress with extra careness and gently. It does not go unnoticed by him, he looks deep into your eyes with a fire only you can and know how to control. Only you.
"Where do you want me, baby? Inside you?" His voice drops a few tones, his hand unstoppable caressing your ass cheeks.
"Yes, please…" You whimper, feeling your head already over the moon, and he hasn't touched you completely yet.
"Yeah, babygirl?" He cooes, almost like a mock, before pulling your panties to the side and recklessly crushes his cock through the depths of your cunt and holds you down all the way on his length. You cry in a whimper loudly for the sudden thrust, hand going to your mouth to prevent any louder sound to escape your mouth. "You want Daddy to fuck you and fill that tight pussy with his cum?"
You nod in answer, unable to find your voice, enjoying and loving the feeling of his cock deep inside you.
"Mmh… And if daddy pins you down… chokes you out… and fucks you like the good fucktoy you are, are you going to clench that pussy tight around his cock and beg for more?" He grunts between his railing thrusts, holding and slamming you down by the hips as he fucks your depths with desperate need to ruin you, to own you.
You whine in pleasure, your insides clenching thanks to his thrusts and words and how full he makes you feel. Fuck, you have missed him so much…
"Y-yes, daddy…"
"Then beg, baby, like the good lil' slut you are," a thrust followed by a slap over your ass and a hard groping of your right ass cheek, "and tell Daddy all the filthy and terrible things you want done to you."
"Please, daddy... Fuck me… Deep and hard, so the only thing I can think of is daddy's cock."
He pants and smirks in delight as he throws you around, face down over the couch and ass up; the way he manhandles you making you even more wet and ready; his cock thrusting back inside mercilessly, fucking you like a ragdoll, intent on beating and tearing you open for him, his cock so deep that make your insides feel it, feel him and only him, as he fucks your cunt with all his strength.
You can only whimper, groan and whine in pain and pleasure, accepting and enjoying everything Jungkook gives you.
"Squeeze daddy's cock, baby. Take it," he growls in your ear from behind, before kneeling and giving slow but deep thrusts that make your whole body tremble. "Make it yours…"
You moan, smiling at his words, turning your head a bit to be able to look at him from behind. "It is already mine, daddy…"
Your pussy clenches when he grabs your hair and pulls you til your back presses against his chest. His big, calloused hand slides from your hair to grab you by your neck, your head resting in the middle of his chest, tilted back a bit so you can look up at him. You feel so small against him, it makes Jungkook go feral.
"I-I'm gonna cum," you moan, your hands holding his forearm tight.
"That's what I want, babygirl. Give it to me," his eyebrows frown, and you know he won't last longer.
"Cum with me, daddy…"
His hand on your neck grips a tiny bit tighter, cock beginning to flex and spasm as your words lead him over the edge and he cums deep inside you, the heavy intakes of breath from his nose over your forehead fills you with his warmth.
You scratch lightly his forearm as you cum with him, thighs trembling and wetness sliding down through your pussylips down your legs, even with him still inside you.
After some minutes you both try to catch your breaths, he gathers you against his chest, big and strong arms surrounding your body, one of his hands caressing your face, tilting your head to a side so he can kiss your temple, whispering tender reassurances and praises into your ear as he rocks you gently.
"You're mine, Princess," he states, his cock twitching a bit inside you, making you smile.
"I love you too, Jungkook," you half whimper half laugh, hands caressing any part of him you could reach, still in that position, enjoying and accepting everything he is and gives to you.
Because at the end, you are his, and he is yours.
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taegularities · 7 months ago
not my fault | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
Summary: After sparking a sinful conversation on a dating app, you vow to yourself that you won’t give in to more the notorious college fuckboy Jeon Jungkook might have to offer. That is, until he rings your doorbell just one night later – and it’s truly not your fault that he’s so damn hard to resist.
➵ pairing: Jungkook x female reader ➵ rating: 18+ ➵ genre: classmates to lovers, college!au; fluff, smut ➵ warnings: sexual tension, flirting/teasing/provoking, banter, a dating app :’), she has a crush on him but won’t admit it, grumpy roommate joon, crack dialogue, fuckboy!jk who wears glasses in class, idk that much about pharmacy i apologise; explicit sexual content: sexting, he makes her horny in public, petnames !!, fingering, edging, oral (f. & m. rec.), dom and big cawk jk wbk, he’s SO cocky, spanks (ass & clit ones), some choking, praising, messy but protected sex, she swallows his load <3, jk rlly loves her ass <3 ➵ word count: 12.6k ➵ a/n: been itching to write a lighthearted college au for so long and here we gooo !! @missgeniality​​​​​​​ thank you for enduring me and making this better and for not k*lling me yet, love thou, kitty <33 enjoy y’all – feedback is always appreciated !! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“What’s with the constant yelling on this goddamn campus?”
Namjoon is not a friend of noise and crowds – as a self-declared claustrophobic, the cheers around him sound eerie and mind-numbing, and for once, you can’t blame him. Because every usually silent corner of your university is exploding, and you’re sure a few windows are already cracking at the shrill blow of the constant screams.
“What’s with you?” you ask back, nudging his elbow playfully as you clutch the strap of your bag tighter.
You want to make him laugh, but your friend is as gloomy as ever, not quite ready – or awake – to give into your jokes just yet. You figure he might be once he gets ready for bed.
“Those cheerleaders,” he points to the group of girls, and you think his voice, calm and low on other days, is close to breaking. It’s hilarious – it reminds you of his adolescent days. “They sound like this creepy sorority video on YouTube. Make it stop.”
You shudder, because you know exactly what he’s talking about. If he hadn’t shown it to you on a dark, quiet Halloween night right after watching Sinister and It, it might not be engraved in your mind like some daunting, unsolved supernatural mystery.
Pouting, you stare to the ground, tucking back your hair. “We should’ve watched Buzzfeed Unsolved instead.”
The campus has been extra noisy these days – because not only is the semester coming to its end, but your nerves have been buzzing due to the approaching exam season, too. On top of that, the college is finally bidding farewell to its local sweethearts as if a group of renowned scientists is letting go of its strongest pioneer.
You guess Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok were somewhat trailblazing after all – athletic, attractive, top of their classes and the talk of the school for literal years.
But with them leaving, the attention is shifting; and with the already continuous excitement, there’s one other hot topic left – a thriving fuckboy who shares quite a few classes with you and will still be here next semester. Very likely to corrupt innocent girls’ minds; to charm someone new at the very next frat party he might crash.
And he’ll do it next semester, too. And the one after.
A piece of advice – pharmacy really isn’t the major for you if you opt to finish in the required or recommended time. Seems like Jeon Jungkook’s existence will still roam the campus like a plague, make you roll your eyes back into your head for a while longer.
You don’t care about such things, you always say. You’d much rather focus on your education.
Right when your thoughts begin drifting off, a girl walks past Namjoon and screams into the warm summer air, and her voice still rings in your ears when you hear him complain, “Jeez, what the actual fuck.”
“A few more steps and we’re off campus grounds.”
“A few more steps and we’ll enter an apartment with my books scattered around.”
You shrug and sigh, admonishing him, “Hey, I told you to start with your shit on time.”
Namjoon stares at you as if he’s attempting to annihilate you with his gaze, shooting invisible lasers at you before he mocks, “If I had a hot girl I’m crushing on cheering for me in class, I’d be just as motivated as you are.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you state, your demeanour calm and clueless, your shoulders shrugging so often they might get stuck in place.
“I’m talking about the grand nerd slash fuckboy extraordinaire who–”
“He’s really not that great.”
“He’s fucking top of his year… will get awards and honours. It’s the college equivalent of a valedictorian.”
Your steps slow down, and you slide your hands into the pockets of your jumpsuit, squinting at the polished car that reflects the sun as you breathe, “Speaking of the devil.”
In a far corner, you watch Jungkook stand near the road with the door of his vehicle open, presumably letting out the hot suffocating air that has collected inside. He’s talking to some girl who’s pushing herself uncomfortably close to him, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Because in the next moment, he’s smirking back, tilting his head before she gets into the passenger’s seat.
“What you staring at?” Namjoon questions before he follows your gaze, coming to a halt when you do.
“Missing dick.”
He laughs and shakes his head, kicking the grass underneath his feet before he utters, “Here we go again.”
“What?” Jungkook’s car drives into the sunset, very 90s movie style, the delicate, grinning heroine next to him laughing, and you turn to Namjoon to stare at him. “Do you know how long I’ve been under this dry spell? I–” you wave your hand in dramatic motions, cocking an eyebrow, “I feel my virginity growing back.”
“You know what I’m gonna suggest.”
“Kim Namjoon.”
“Listen,” he exclaims, a full-lipped mouth falling open, “dating apps exist for a reason. If you won’t do it, I will.”
“I…” Perplexed, you wait, closing your eyes for an exhausted moment before you sigh and nod. “Sure.”
But in all honesty – perhaps you’d rather embrace your regrowing virginity instead of giving in to the last resort that are dating apps.
Tumblr media
The nightly wildlife chirps even in this part of the city – you for one are happy to be connected to nature somehow, even if it means to open your window to mosquitos every other night.
You think the clock might strike eleven soon, but you don’t give it much of a thought as you stroll along the streets, your mind still fogged from grinding for your exams. The summer breeze feels nice – clears your head a bit.
Thumbs hooked in the pockets of your shorts, you take a deep breath, peeking at the stars for a brief moment before you hear the sound of music crawl closer. You think you recognise the song as an early Lindsey Stirling track. You’re sure the neighbourhood appreciates being woken up by the rhythmic melody of dubstep and violins.
A car pulls up next to you and comes to a stop, and the driver turns the music down before leaning in and revealing himself as the popular wonderkid par excellence.
“What are you doing out here so late and alone, love?”
The nickname makes your insides palpitate, and you think his voice elicits goosebumps where it shouldn’t. You attempt your best to keep your cool, brushing your tresses out of your face before you question back, “What are you doing here?”
“I, uh, live nearby?”
“And you’re alone, too?” you add, your eyes darting to the backseat and back to him. “Didn’t you pick someone up just this afternoon?”
He flashes a poised smirk at you, his eyes crinkled and full of mischief as he chants, “Oh, you noticed that?”
You shrug your shoulders, balancing your weight from one leg to the other when he asks, “Done with homework and studying?”
“Yes, boss,” you answer, stepping closer to the edge of the pavement, “internalised every bit of information related to quality control and whatnot.”
“Want me to give you a lift?”
“I literally live in that block over there, Jungkook,” you clarify, pointing to the complex three streets away, and the movement of his head follows your finger.
But he doesn’t cave in just yet, calloused fingertips tapping at the steering wheel as he suggests, “Let me drive you around a bit then.”
“What if you kidnap me?”
“Well, first of all, you’ve known me for years, and second, you’re not a kid anymore. It’d just be napping, and you’d be crazy not to want that.”
You wish you didn’t laugh at his lame joke. Now, you suddenly don’t understand how his other chicks fall for his humour this fast, because he’s obviously out of juice, and won’t be able to swoon you.
…Into falling for him.
But luring you into his car? Sure.
“Fine,” you say, puffing out a breath before you get in.
He glances at the street, checking for intruding traffic before he drives off and you ask, “What are you doing so late?”
“Just went for a drive. It’s a pleasant night.”
You press onto the button next to you to let the window shift down further, basking in the gust of the gentle night. You can taste the summer from where you sit, delicate and flowery, and you let a soft smile play around your lips before you inquire, “Why don’t you go for a walk instead? To save Mother Earth and prevent global warming and stuff.”
“I do usually go for walks,” Jungkook defends, swaying slightly to the song that you recognise yet again. “Just missed her.”
“Mirage. My car.”
Of course he’d name his car.
You sigh. Maybe you’re overgeneralising; putting him in a drawer filled with files of every playful fuckboy and frat boy in existence. But Jungkook does seem nice – he’s always been nice. And he’s not a frat boy either.
You sit up in your seat, smiling at him before you point at the radio and tell him, “I didn’t know you were a Swiftie.”
“Oh, I am!” he notes, singing along a few words of 22 before he adds, “I actually have the tape version of Red! It’s somewhere… in the cracks of the backseats, though, lemme…”
“Oh, you really don’t need to–”
But before you can argue some more, he’s pulled into a parking lot swiftly and stepped out of his car. He re-emerges in the backseat of Mirage, sifts through the slits with a grimace that suggests he’s touched something he didn’t want to, and then cheers, “Found it!”
With a sigh, you grab the vintage cassette and follow his instructions as to what to press or not, and when one of Taylor’s songs chimes, you leave the car, stretching your muscles and then opening the door to the backseat.
You make yourself comfortable next to him, immediately bobbing your head in unison with his and the song’s rhythm before you realise how close you two are. In hindsight, you don’t understand why you came to sit here at all – he would’ve come back to the driver’s seat anyway.
The whole encounter doesn’t make much sense, but you guess it’s too late to overthink now – so you begin a conversation about your favourite songs on the album instead, and you act as if you don’t realise that he’s side-eyeing you. Squinting in amusement.
And before you can blink twice, he’s shifted closer with a hand on your thigh, giggling. You let him obliviously, licking your lips, and when both of you go quiet and let silence between you settle, you swallow thickly – there’s a clump in your throat and it’s not dissolving.
Out of nowhere, he looks down at your grey clothing, the series of happenings lacking logic once more as he comments, “Nice shorts.”
You steady your breathing with anticipation jabbing your overworking mind, telling yourself that it’s okay, that there’s no need to be nervous. And so, you wet your lips, telling him, “Glad you like them.”
“I do like quite a few things about you…”
“Oh? What’s that?”
Jungkook hums in thought, and for a moment, you’re certain he just said it to charm you. After all, he doesn’t know you all that well. He knows you’re quiet in uni. Knows you share classes with him. He knows you stuff your mouth with desserts any chance you get, because he caught you a few times and possib–
“The colour of your hair,” he finally lists, and you listen attentively, “your skin. I do like your pretty little mind, too. Got a lot in there, gotta admit.”
“The genius himself is praising a peasant like me?”
He chuckles, obviously taken aback by your choice of words. But then he catches himself, his tongue darting out to the corner of his lips before he confesses, “The genius himself has never seen a peasant this sexy, though.”
Did he really…
And is his–
Yes – his hand is definitely shifting up, your skin shivering; and he’s moving closer, his lips parted – and suddenly, the colour of your shorts has changed and your hair is in a ponytail when you were sure you were wearing it down before, and…
You awake with a smack of your lips, blinking as you adjust to the darkness. Damn vivid dreaming. Damn Jungkook humming Taylor Swift songs in classes often enough for you to remember his taste in music.
You’re sure he would’ve taken you right there, but not before pushing you to oversensitivity and tears, nibbling at your shoulders while you squirmed in his grip.
No. That must be your interpreting imagination talking.
It was a dream? A long ass, detailed, elaborated one, too? His lame humour was your own?
How pathetic. When you said you needed to get laid, you really did mean it.
But instead of letting his undoubtedly monstrous, skilled cock fuck you to insanity, even if just in a dream, you find yourself between the dull walls of your room, wrapped in a cold blanket of pitch darkness.
Your blinds are shut and no beam of the streetlamps comes seeping in as you clutch your phone tight with only its light illuminating your face… and the ache between your legs is palpable. Like dream-Jungkook metaphorically blue-balled you and left you to starve.
What if you called Jimin again? It was nice with him, wasn’t it? But no – he has a girlfriend now. And the college jock Baekhyun? Would he be up to go on another date after you ditched him last time? Probably not.
Okay, and what if…
Is there really no other option left?
You reckon not.
You open your phone again and slide to the app you dreaded, one that Namjoon has been suggesting for months on end now. You won’t let the truth sidle to him – the one about you having downloaded the app ages ago, but dipping right after configuring your profile and finding no one remarkable or interesting on there.
You think their bios are crucial in what your choice settles on, but the lack of personality and terrifyingly sassy profile pictures left you shuddering and grimacing. You decided this wasn’t for you.
Now, no offence to anyone indulging in the pleasures of dating apps, but especially after tinder swindlers and alarming news, you weren’t always all that fond of the opportunities such a phenomenon brings.
But now, you do cave in, revisiting your account in a haste as you half sit up, pulling up the pillow and leaning against the creaking headboard.
For a while, you keep swiping – the most obscure descriptions catch your eye, much as expected. Just for a second, you feel your pussy clench in ache enough to swipe right to absolute idiots.
Let's match and maybe I'll send you a nude on Snapchat?
got money n time so why don't we share some of it?
"Oh my fucking god," you exclaim in exasperation.
You're speechless. Other than those attempting to catch fish with flirts they most likely found on the internet, there are people who have stated nothing but their height on their profiles. Or a phrase in a different language, or, wow, "Hey there. I am using WhatsApp" on a dating app?
And then… the biggest miracle in the history of miracles happens. Crop circles and sightings of UFOs are nothing compared to it.
Because it's him. 
A mirror selfie stares back at you, his hand half buried in his pocket – but you can still see the veins popping. His hair is a mess, but he’s still so undeniably attractive; and to your misery, even his bio is harmless and basic, no nauseating cockiness.
He’s not only chasing and haunting your dreams, but appearing on this app, too. You don't consider the fact that it gives you optimal matches in your near proximity – no, for you, this is a sign of doom, of certain and ulterior conspiracy.
You take a deep breath and curl your fingers into a tight fist, and with closed eyes and a clenched jaw, you do something utterly reckless and stupid. You might regret it later… or maybe it won't affect your life at all.
But when you swipe right, you bite your tongue, and when you release your breath and open your eyes again, you're ready to watch a new name and face pop up when suddenly…
It's a match!
You clap your hand over your mouth, the sheer volume of your voice so unexpected that you almost feel your bed rattle. A myriad of jumbled thoughts jostle for attention, and your eyes flick from one spot of your phone to the other.
Letting the device fall, you cross your legs, cracking your fingers as you try to make sense of what the hell just happened. But once the truth finally creeps in, you pull your phone closer again, holding it with your fingertips as though you just fished it out of your toilet.
You open the chat of the dating app and stare at it for a full minute, your thumbs drawing circles in the air as you bite into your lip. You’re not certain what to do with the situation – not sure what you’re doing at all; not quite able to foresee how he’ll react.
But then you collect air in your cheeks and let it out in a puff, opting for courage before typing a simple, tiny “hi?”. And then, you lock the device immediately as if Jungkook could catch you staring if you touched it any longer.
You wait ten minutes. Twenty. And when nothing comes after thirty two petrifying minutes, you place your phone on your bedside table, tugging the thinnest blanket you own over your head as if the summer isn’t in full bloom outside.
And at some point tonight, you doze off eventually.
Tumblr media
It’s not until the alarm clock blares and shakes you awake that memories of last night come crashing back. You think you might’ve had two damned vivid dreams, surely hoping that you didn’t truly experience the quiet, brief horror movie with you as its main cast.
But when you unlock your phone, your hope evaporates and consorts with your soul somewhere in hell, and your body falls limp against the headboard when you see… a response.
You feel the weight of his sarcasm crushing you already when you click on the chat. With a singular glance, you understand that Jungkook likes to shorten his words. Might use emojis sparsely? Definitely has the first letter of his sentences capitalised, though.
Jungkook: Hi…? R u not sure about ur greeting or
You’re not sure about anything – if you only knew, prodigy Jeon.
You: good morning.
His response comes almost immediately; as if he was waiting for you, eyes fixated on the chat, bored enough to converse with you rather than doing… whatever a Jeon Jungkook usually does.
Jungkook: Morning. U were awake late, huh?
You: couldn’t sleep. had a nightmare.
And it consisted of nothing less but his presence. His moles and soft, fluffy hair are still engraved in your mind that you somehow managed to memorise in the years you’ve known him. You wonder if he ever noticed you staring at the dark dot under his lip. Or his nose. Or at the veins of his arms… the thighs, oh god, the thighs–
The nightmare drenched your panties and shook your body until your guts were where your heart belongs.
Jungkook: Ohhhh wanna talk about it?
You gulp.
You: I’d rather not
The situation is almost comical. If you weren’t shaking in your non-existent boots, you might have laughed. But instead, you type away, cannot believe that you’re truly here, about to flirt with Jungkook like it’s a casual Thursday morning. But how could you not… he’s clearly waiting for you to bite, because…
Jungkook: Sure. So… weekend. What are u doing 2day?
He really does abbreviate the simplest words.
You: nothing. studying. you?
Jungkook: Not much either. Talking to u hopefully?
Sly, Jeon… very sly.
You: don’t you have stuff to do?
Jungkook: Yeah but… matching with a pretty girl is more fun
Is that a conversation he has every other day? Is this his tactic, his method to sing people to his form like a siren just to swallow them whole afterwards? Most importantly – if all of this is a possibility, why does your face still warm like an oven at his words?
Confidence – it’s easier through text. So you give it a shot; even if it boosts his ego – it does the same to you.
You: Jeon Jungkook thinks I’m pretty?
Jungkook: Jeon Jungkook thinks a lot of things about you
Did he not say something similar in your dream? There must be courses on witchcraft you could attend if you wanted to…
You hate him – but not really.
You: what does he think?
Jungkook: Well… he thinks you should text him in your DMS, bcos u have his number
Jungkook: Nd he thinks you should go out with him nd grab some lunch this noon
Just when the opportunity slithers close enough for you to graze it, something in you deflates. Like a red siren blaring warningly, reminding you that, despite your undeniable attraction to him, you don’t necessarily know if you want to involve yourself with him.
You matched with him. You texted him. You’re flirting – but what’s this uneasy feeling still? Perhaps you just realised that if you give in now, you’ll have to deal with his stolen glances and potential rumours until you graduate.
But somewhere inside, you do wish to be more to him than just a possible hook-up.
You: I… don’t think so
Jungkook: Woah. My heart just broke like never before
You contemplate what to answer, digging deep into your thoughts to find a part that’s not overthinking and/or flooded with a hundred different personas of you. They all want something else – can’t you dip your toes in calm, still water instead of this hurricane twirling in your brain?
When you don’t answer, Jungkook double texts; two simple words but somehow still dripping in a timid tone.
Jungkook: Why not?
You: you… I don’t think you matched with me to get LUNCH
Jungkook: Ah. Why did you swipe right on me then?
Even if his intentions were beyond fucking, genuinely attempting to take you out on a harmless, joyful date, you don’t think yours were – initially at least. And the way you know him – or as much as you do know him – you’re sure he’d jump onto this train, if you wanted to.
But something’s still holding you back… something that didn’t last night. So you answer–
You: guess I was curious to see what might happen
You: but you’re known for sleeping around. and I don’t wanna be a dick-wetter when you’ve so many people to do so… even tho you do seem nice
Jungkook: Cute. Also weird. Could’ve sworn you like me
Your heart thumps a little faster against your ribcage, and despite every word you’ve already exchanged, his newest confession turns you upside down. You’re not sure what your emotions consist of – and you wonder whether it’d be worse to have him think you like him or to actually like him.
Raising your eyebrows at the device, you admire his confidence, and despite the fright his message brought, it makes you smile a bit. It’s a rare trait – refreshing to see.
You: how would you know?
Jungkook: U swiped right, woman. Can u rlly say that u’ve never thought about me naked before?
You chuckle, an airy, goofy laugh filling the room as you pull your legs closer and tilt your head. He’s brave – you want to be, too.
You: and if I did?
Nothing comes back.
You wait for a moment. Perhaps he’s gotten up to fetch himself a drink or take a shower… it might be anything.
But then, this anything turns out to be something incredibly more intense – because suddenly, your phone is vibrating, and you almost screech, blinking at it as you ponder what to do.
You let it ring for a while, nervous to pick up – and when you think the last rings are chiming, you clear your throat and exhale, emptying your head of the thick mist before you press the green button.
You don’t get to say anything at all, because he’s already chuckling, his voice sweet and mellow before he questions, “You sure you don’t wanna grab… lunch?”
The pause sends your mind into another overthinking episode, but you brush your worries aside, suggesting instead, “Why don’t we talk about pharmacy instead? Happy drugs and blissful painkillers.”
Your mouth falls open half in amusement, half in surprise, the shit eating grin growing wider when you argue defiantly, “I’m not a coward!”
“Prove it then.”
Oh… his voice fell lower; you imagine a hooded gaze, a smirk scurrying over his lips – it’s an image too dangerous for your brain. If he doesn’t stop putting it there, you might drive over, and then no one will be responsible for your misdeeds but you.
The higher deities are toying with your patience.
“I don’t need to,” you tell him, shrugging one shoulder, though he can’t see anyway. “Nice trick, though.”
“Okay, but hear me out,” he immediately says, the sounds of him shifting crackling through the speaker. Jungkook is losing his chill and you’re loving it, “What if I swiped right, because you’ve been catching my eye since we first met?”
You want to call bullshit – his voice sounds genuine and devoid of mockery and games, but you still squint your eyes, asking, “Really?”
“Yeah, you’re just. Too intimidating to ask out.”
“I’m… intimidating?”
You’re scared of bugs. You dislike heights. You once screamed when Namjoon walked out of his room casually, his cheek covered in strawberry jam, because he’s too clumsy to eat properly, cleanly. He needed multiple tries and exclamations of defence to convince you that it wasn’t blood.
You can’t possibly seem intimidating to him.
“This is absolutely weird,” you admit, and when your eyes dry, you realise that you must not have blinked in minutes. The dust floating around you must be getting worried.
“I like weird.”
“You… what do you want, Jeon?”
“I…” Jungkook begins, but then silences, humming and clicking his tongue. And then, he speaks up again, suddenly shy and uncertain as he says, “If I told you what I want, you might cut the call.”
“Now I wanna know more, though.”
He sighs, and you think you can hear an odd sound accompanying his occurring hums, as if he’s tapping against a wooden object. His voice is gravelly and quieter when he speaks again, and you press your phone further against your ear.
“Alright. Sure. Nothing to lose, I guess.”
He lets you wait again. He knows how to build tension – knows how to turn you into an impatient puddle of molten composure.
“I can be sweet or,” he says, and you lean forward, “or talk you to filth. What do you want?”
To filth?
You shiver.
Albeit intrigued, you wonder – if he tried to be sweet, would he be telling you the truth? Or just try to swoon you? You don’t want to be a pawn in his game – don’t want this crush or whatever to advance. He’s a charismatic, compulsive charmer, right? What if he wraps you around his tattooed finger just for you to wonder if he meant any of it?
So you say politely, “Second option, please.”
He breathes out. He sounds a little disappointed.
“Alright. Remember when you wore that floral dress last summer and our professor told you to adhere to the dress code we don’t even have?”
“Yup. How could I forget?”
“Well. I was this close,” you imagine him bringing his forefinger and thumb close, turning his big doe eyes into slits, “to telling her off. Her Victorian morals don’t have a place in this century. Wanted to tell her that she can’t let out her lack of confidence on you. Because,” he pauses; then says, “you can do whatever the heck you wanna do.”
This isn’t filth.
Rather, elaborated, detailed sweetness – you didn’t expect this level of observation and depth, didn’t know a simple dress and brief conversation last summer affected him enough to remember his thoughts for this long. You’re glad he can’t see, but you’re pouting, and you’re sure your eyes are glittering, the stars in your pupils flickering.
And as sweet as he can be, his sexiness never falters. Because.
“You looked so fucking hot.”
He says it hushed – almost whispers it, and you feel your sanity dematerialise and your insides burn. The little spark evolves and turns your guts and lungs to ember, and your cheeks flame up like you’ve been stuck head-first into a blazing sauna.
“...Go on,” you plead, and you nearly hear the smile in his words when he obliges.
“Been wanting to… to touch you since that day. Slide my hands across your body and pull you closer by…” He laughs, smacking his lips, hesitating before he mumbles as if he’s saying something blasphemous. “By your tits.”
Hell. What the hell.
“And goddamn, your ass, I… want it close enough to me that our bodies meld, and okay, yeah, that– that sounded weird, but–” You hear him gulp, and you swallow at the same time. “I imagined ripping that dress off of you like, not even kidding, a few dozen times? And… are you still there?”
“Too much?”
“Nah. It’s fine.”
“Is all that weird?”
“Maybe a little,” you breathe, but you must admit that you have been in the same position with him before. Imagined how it’d be if you were one of the girls he fucks. “But… guess we’re both weird.”
“Shit, you can’t say that…” Silence descends for a moment when he understands the meaning behind your words, and he clears his throat before he continues, “And right now… shit, just the thought of you sitting on your bed or couch, possibly in shorts or a nightgown drives me fucki–”
You feel your heart lurch into your throat and then fall, scrambling your insides before you confess, “I’m… in my panties. Just a shirt… and panties.”
“Oh fuck.” He waits. “Okay. Can I–”
But you never get to hear what he wants to ask, because from behind your closed door, Namjoon knocks suddenly and rapidly, startling you on the spot. You catch your phone mid-fall, breathing heavily, shaking your head when your roommate yells, “It’s your turn to make breakfast, byotch!”
You shake your head, hurrying to whisper your goodbyes to Jungkook who you briefly catch complaining, “Seriously?” – but you tell him you’re sorry, that you’ll see him tomorrow morning, because you’re class-free today.
Namjoon, however, does need to rush to uni, and you promised to make him something today before he left for his linguistics course at noon.
You spend the day munching on leftover breakfast, studying as much as your mushy thinking organ allows. But your thoughts drift back to the monstrum repeatedly that doesn’t call you back or text you again for the remainder of the day and night.
Tumblr media
When you enter the lab the next day, Jungkook is already there, staring at your form entering through his glasses as he manspreads on his seat. You try not to look down, but avert your gaze instead, sitting down in a far corner of the room despite the fact that you’ve sat next to him more often than you can count.
From your peripheral sight, you catch that he’s still staring at you, but you try to focus on your unkempt and idle professor as you slip your arms into your lab coat. Seems like your teacher’s in a bad mood, because he wipes his tired eyes, waving you off nonchalantly before he mutters, “Produce an ointment. Any kind you want. You can work alone or as a duo.”
You learned to make ointments years ago. But okay – at least an easy task that doesn’t require the brainpower you don’t have today.
You decide to work alone – but as it seems, Jungkook has different plans.
From afar, you overhear him decline a girl or two and a boy who offer to get into a group with him; but he utters some convincing excuses and walks over to you instead. You feel him step closer, and your chest tightens.
Your body isn’t a blooming forest – the butterflies need to get the hell out of there.
“How are you?” he asks once you acknowledge him with a nod, putting on his lab coat and gloves before he grabs some ingredients from your hand, dividing the work.
“Good. How are you?”
You looked so fucking hot.
His words repeat in your mind like a broken record – by now, you’ve memorised the tone he whispered them in, the rise and fall of his voice, the casual confidence he put into it.
Shit. You should’ve worn that dress today.
“I’m okay,” he answers, dabbing at his forehead that shines in the slightest sheen of sweat that the summer causes, “was wondering what ointment you’re making.”
You mumble something so quietly that he doesn’t grasp it, and he leans in with furrowed eyebrows, asking again. Raising your voice, you control the volume of your sentence, telling him, “Burns. Against burns.”
His lips form an O before he licks them, tsk-ing and smirking as he states dramatically, “Apply it to my heart then.”
“Was wondering where you went yesterday.”
Oh. You didn’t think he’d care this much – makes you want to care even more.
He interrupts you, waving calmly and reassuringly as he says, “I can totally let it go if you want me to, though. It’s cool, I promise!”
“No, I–” Okay. Stop stuttering. One more stutter and you’d slap yourself in front of him. “I made breakfast for my roommate.”
Jungkook nods as though he knew, his conversing tone jovial and cheerful as he asks, “Your roommate? Namjoon, was it?”
Jungkook measures the powder used for the ointment, gazing at it carefully and focused. A crease carved between his eyebrows, he looks incredibly sexy, staring over the edge of his glasses, the tip of his tongue peeking out. The coat hugs his body perfectly, and his muscles flex each time he angles his arms.
It’s almost too much.
And then, he leans back, exhaling before he notes, “Damn. If you were my girlfriend, I’d make you breakfast every day.”
“I’m not his girlfriend,” you defend immediately – why, you can’t quite say, “but you knew that.”
“No harm in making sure…”
When his skin brushes yours, you think he’s doing it on purpose. You draw a sharp breath, so sure that he’s decoded your tense and freezing stance – but if he did, he doesn’t say anything. Acts like he’s concentrating on the task on hand while his shoulder keeps bumping against yours lightly.
And soon, he’s looking at you, his hand on the white table, fingers drumming against the handle of the water tap, and starts, “Hey, do you…” He nibbles his lower lip, dimples appearing on his cheeks as deep as your embarrassing nervousness. But he’s being shy. He’s being shy? Again? “Are you doing anything today? After class?”
“Oh,” you voice, not quite expecting his question, though a part of you hoped he’d ask something like this, “why?”
“There’s a place I wanted to show you. A castle kinda thing, and there are super many cherry blossom trees? I thought you might like it there, ‘cause,” he stops for a fleeting second, his tongue dashing along his lower lip, “I remember you once told me it’s your favourite flower.”
You’re baffled beyond imagination – not even your former boyfriends ever remembered, always bringing you a bouquet on Valentine’s day and your birthday, because they ”didn’t really know which one you like most.”
Is Jungkook this observant or is he just the genius you already see him as?
“You still remember that?” you ask, your eyes wide, your lip jutting out.
“Of course. Yeah. They’re my favourite, too.”
I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.
Neruda’s quote has never rung this true – whatever emotions the pink petals inspire in you, they border on cheesy, sappy romance. If Jungkook is anyhow on the same wavelength as you, you might liquefy.
God, you want to say yes. If only to find a pretty tree and make out with him under it. No, scratch that. Just to be in his presence and see what he’s like when he’s not chasing girls. Or complimenting your ass.
“I’d love to, but… I can’t,” you tell him, and his face falls a little, sweet and tender; not the kind of fall that indicates a decreasing ego, but the type that resembles genuine chagrin. “I have to attend this study group with Yeosoo, and… it’s the last session before one of the exams, so…”
“Ah, it’s cool. Don’t sweat it. I just thought I might try.”
“All good, cutie,” he says with a wink, returning to your task while your fingers fiddle with the rest of the ingredients, brushing the bottle of oil. “I’ll just keep admiring you from afar in the meantime.”
Within a moment, his eyes blow wide, his features flinching, and he grabs your hand tight when you take one wrong step. He pulls you closer until your palm is gripping his firm bicep – that you’re sure he flexes when you touch it – and almost falling into him.
You realise too late that he’s saved you from dripping oils that you somehow managed to spill, but his breath against your scalp and his chest against yours create a ferocious and frantic chaos behind your ribs.
In the silence of the moment, you see your classmates watching you, but Jungkook snatches all your remaining attention, his nimble fingers sliding along your waist and settling there to straighten your posture.
With your breath stuck in your throat and blue fire burning behind your cheeks, you apologise bashfully, breathing out the muddled up ball of air. You sit back again, frantically starting to clean up the mess, and the teacher strolls to you lazily just in time. He comes to a halt at the other side of your table; and when he leans in to inspect your progress, you wince.
Your professor doesn’t notice, but you’re perishing inside – the hand on your thigh belonging to a certain someone who’s started explaining how your ointment is doing shakes the last crumbs of sleep away.
He’s the downfall of you. You’ll be writing your will tonight.
A muffled question registers in your brain, and you don’t decipher it as a worried, “Are you okay?” from your professor until Jungkook nudges your arm and tells you the man is speaking to you.
Jungkook draws an endless circle on your skin; then proceeds to touch your knee – and the blood in your face is downright smouldering. You side-eye him for a moment, acting oblivious; attempting your best to answer your teacher’s question appropriately.
But the impish touch of your classmate’s treacherous fingers, sneaking up your leg and to the fabric of your shorts leaves you stuttering over simple words. He’s evidently trying to get back to you for vanishing so abruptly yesterday – who knew Jungkook’s way of punishing someone was this blatant?
You don’t push his hand away, because you don’t want it gone – in fact, you want this lesson to end and pull him into a spare, empty storage room. Want him to fuck you raw until the bottled ingredients clatter to the ground.
But then, he retracts his hand when your professor nods and walks on, and when you breathe a vexed, “Asshole”, he pats your shoulder playfully, his idiotic, silly smirk returning as he says, “Pity that you’re busy this afternoon.”
Tumblr media
He put an extra cautious emphasis on afternoon, stressing the word like he was using it for the first time.
When the doorbell rings near 10 pm, you let your novel fall, crawling off the sofa that you pulled out to a bed and rushing to the wooden entrance. You didn’t expect Namjoon to return home this fast – something must have happened on his little trip.
You ready yourself to mock the life out of him, eager to meet his wasted eyes and listen to his drunk rambling about the night he just experienced. But when you unlock the door and rip it open with your lips curled upwards, you find leaning against the frame… someone entirely else.
Instinctively, your hand descends to the hem of your shirt, covering at least a mere inch of your bare thighs as you stare into Jungkook’s amused face. He cocks an eyebrow at you, and your heart leaps; you act as if you don’t notice that he’s checking you out from head to toe.
You know he lives nearby – but you’re still surprised that he remembered where you live, too.
“What are you doing here?” you question, lowering your voice, focusing intently on keeping your voice steady. For now, you might want to stay very still – you know you’ll stammer if you don’t.
“I wanted to come by and say hi.”
“Are you… are you drunk?”
Jungkook rolls his eyes, leaning in closer as he regards you with a firm gaze and asks, “Do I look drunk to you?”
He makes sure to speak close to your face, and when you take in the scent of his minty breath, devoid of any hint of inebriation, you let your jaw fall shut. You were close to the climax of your book – in fact, you had planned to finish it to start the movie adaptation of it this Friday night.
You were entirely prepared for it: your hair arranged in a messy, cosy bun, your favourite long shirt draped over your body – or at least your torso – with the taste of your favourite ice cream flavour still lingering on your tongue.
You didn’t expect an interruption in the form of… him. But the way he stands there, confident but quiet, smiling at you in a way that should be illegalised and written into every book of law…
What was your novel about again?
“May I come in?” Jungkook asks, peering past you, and you blink once – twice.
Manners have always been your strongest trait, but it seems that Jungkook has turned your brain upside down and replaced coherent thoughts with ones of a clapping monkey toy. You gulp, and then step aside, apologising under your breath.
“No need to be sorry,” he says as he looks around, hands in the pockets of his joggers – oh god, he’s wearing joggers – and his voice low.
There’s a kind of groan in his words, one that usually accompanies his conversational tone; he must not realise what effect it has on people. Or maybe he does. You wouldn’t be surprised if he did.
“Why’re you really here?” you ask again, attempting to sound as polite as possible and not as though you’re scheming to throw him out again. Anytime soon.
“I was thinking of you.”
How is this so easy for him?
He’s leaning down to inspect a vase of yours, for crying out loud – how can he say such things so casually and expect from you to remain relaxed and collected with a steady heartbeat and a mind that doesn’t go into a frenzy and–
“Really?” you question, feigning calmness, hiding that the lower part of your body has entirely different plans.
You step further into the room and watch him scour his pockets as if they’re miles deep, and when he plummets onto your couch/make-shift bed, he’s holding a small plastic canister in his palm. He stretches his arm towards you and you take the object with questions etched between your eyebrows.
Turning the lid, you ask, “What’s that?”
“Open it.” And when you do and understand, recognising the smell and quality, up to par, he smiles, nodding as if to confirm your thoughts and says, “Ointment against burns. In case there’s ever a cooking accident or something!”
Flashing a smile back, you close the canister again, wrapping both your palms around it before you nod and say, “Thank you.”
“No worries.” Jungkook shoots a look at the discarded book, and then back to you, taking in the quietude of the apartment before he wonders, “Where’s Namjoon?”
“Joon’s out with Hobi and some other friends. They went bowling or something.”
“And you didn’t go with?”
You shrug, taking a seat on the other side of the couch, almost as if you’re dodging his emanating aura by putting a distance between you. God knows what you might do if Jeon Jungkook got too close. And after this morning’s events, you’re more nervous than ever before.
“Nah,” you respond, drawing patterns on your couch before flattening a hand over its material, “I’m bad at bowling.”
“That just means you haven’t been often enough.”
“No. Believe me, even Namjoon can confirm that I’m bad at it.”
“I’ll take you there sometime,” he promises, shifting until his body hits the back of the sofa, legs crossed over each other, “I refuse to believe you’re bad with balls.” Your lips part. You silence, looking at him in disbelief – and then, he laughs and adds, “That was a bad one.”
Both your laughter erupts in unison, and his eyes crinkle again when he chuckles, and his tattooed hands are adorned by veins, and his sounds are so soft and sickening and… this is becoming a problem.
As the last bits of your giggles subside, you scratch your jaw, mumbling, “When it comes to that, Namjoon won’t ever make fun of me.”
“That wasn’t nothing.”
Your cheeks warm when you remember your early days as Namjoon’s roommate, and when a toe-curling memory returns in bits and pieces, a faded grey and dull, you grimace. Licking your lips, you look at Jungkook, attempting to sound casual when you admit, “Just. Well, freshman year, uh. Let’s just say Joon knows I’m… good with balls.”
You gulp the moment you utter the last syllable, and something resembling bafflement flashes across his features. He raises his eyebrows in disbelief, one corner of his lips twitching before his voice, dropping deeper, confesses, “I’d love to be him.”
His eyes are flaming, you think – a hint of possessiveness is dripping from them, and you feel your thoughts somersault as you dare to ask, “Why? You get something all the time.”
“If I was so pumped about just something, I wouldn’t be here.”
You wait.
He makes you restless. Your inner little self is chewing off its nails in your brain, eagerly awaiting his next steps, wondering what’s going through his head. As each second passes, his gaze cracks your mind a little more, and whenever he speaks, you feel pieces of yourself split in half.
You think perhaps he can see the hot air, steaming and cloudy, evaporate right over your head.
In reality, however, his thoughts are at an entirely different place.
Because his gaze is scanning your taut but simultaneously somehow confident demeanour. Brittle in some sense that you sit so far away, uncertain what to do with him or yourself. But your arms are folded beneath your breasts, pushing your tits up as if on purpose, and… he thinks he recognises that you’re not wearing a bra.
Don’t stare like that, he tells himself, but…
Bare legs built to seduce him… ending in the alluring curve of your ass. Your tell-tale shifting on the couch – the one he has experienced so many times with other girls before, a sign for silent yearning. And you’re avoiding his eyes, hands clasped between your thighs, as if to let your body whisper to him what you want him to do without saying a word.
Jungkook’s joggers and heart tighten when he speaks again – and your own heart revolts.
“Can you come closer?”
Your body tenses and your limbs become weightless – but somehow, you still manage to oblige, albeit several seconds later. You want to hum and ask what he wants; there must be some semblance of your irritation and sass left.
Jungkook pushes himself off the back of the couch as you draw closer, leaning into you as soon as you plant yourself next to him. You’re so close that his thigh could be touching yours if he killed the distance a little more.
But instead, he opts for something far more fatal: he lifts his hand, looking at you with a smile, and wipes a stray hair strand off your face. His touch is warm on your skin, his fingers soft and pleasant.
You realise he’s staring at the goosebumps on your neck and legs when his smile widens, and he doesn’t give you a moment to settle nor to think when he asks, “Would you wanna go look at cherry blossoms sometime?” His thumb strokes your jaw, and your heart jumps when he adds, “With me.”
You shut your open mouth, nibbling at your lower lip as his eyes follow your action before they dart back to your stare; and you question back, “You really want that?”
“I really want that.” He’s whispering, his pupils flitting to and fro, and you think that even his brain malfunctions for a moment when he finds nothing better to state than, “I think they’re pretty.”
And he thinks they’d look better with you underneath them. Perhaps you’d also realise that he’s not all that bad. Speaking of which.
“I promise I don’t ask this every girl,” he tells you, easing the dozen questions marked between your eyebrows and in your orbs, “I hardly ever go on dates at all, so…” His fingers wander to your chin, then trail along your jaw again, settling under your ear. “So I’d love it if you said yes.”
You’ll pass out. Right here, right now, on the spot, and you hope he catches your form, hope that he knows he’s the cause of your system error.
Is he really–
Damn it, you swore to yourself, you wouldn’t give in. Not to him. But it’s not your fault that he knows his way around words this well, that he can wrap you around his finger like it’s as easy to him as breathing.
Good for him. Because your lungs have apparently forgotten how to operate.
Dizzy and delirious, you manage to speak up, even if your answer contains nothing more but a measly, meek, “Okay.”
“Yeah…” He moves close enough for your breath to hitch, his own grazing your face before he freezes the blood in your veins. “May I – can I kiss you?” Searching your eyes for defiance without meeting any, he states, “Really kinda wanna kiss you.”
Deep inhales. Deeper exhales. No butterflies flutter in your stomach – a whole jungle roars.
And then, with his hand on your face, he leans in, planting his lower lip between your parted ones. His thumb brushes against the apple of your cheek, and he angles his head slightly before his mouth starts to move.
His hand travels down to the small of your back, pulling you closer, and his lips part yours further when his tongue darts out to glide along the seam of your mouth. You hiss, and he swallows the sound immediately, endlessly more eager when your tongue meets his halfway.
A soft moan collides with your own, and before you know it, he’s shifted you half onto his lap. You move keenly, resting your ass on his thigh, and draping an arm around his neck to pull him closer.
Your breathing accelerates when he places his hand on your left inner thigh, prying your legs open, never leaving the heat of your lips. But when you back away, whimpering just a little, you catch his hooded stare for merely a moment before he’s turning you in his grip.
“Fuck, that was…” he whispers, pressing your back against his chest as your legs fall apart and next to each of his reflexively, “the best kiss I ever had.”
His palm touches your knee and then moves up to the hem of your shorts again, his fingers tugging at the knotted strings as you joke, “You’re lying.”
“Believe me… I don’t lie about such things,” he assures, still pulling at the strings, “so hot, and we’ve barely done anything yet…”
He opens the knot and roams your stomach, his mouth caressing your neck as he calls your name and mutters, “May I?” Digits sneak underneath your shorts and touch your pelvis, and an arm wraps around your torso as he adds, “Can I touch you, pretty?”
“I… I’d be mad if you didn’t.”
Jungkook’s chuckle reverberates in your head before his face nuzzles the crook of your neck. Once you grant him permission with another moan, his hands hurry to pull down your shorts and panties in the gentlest way – and when you find yourself bare on his lap, you shut your eyes tightly.
From his point of view, he can’t even admire your pussy properly – but having you spread in his grip, your chest heaving, drives him insane within a moment.
He draws lines on your tummy and your waist, drawing closer to where your cunt aches for him, and when two pads of his fingers press against your clit, you dig your nails into the material of the couch.
“Easy, sweetheart,” he coos, starting to move his fingers in circling motions.
His free hand grabs your jaw and moves your head to the side, allowing him to explore more of your neck and your shoulder. You’re not certain what it is about the movements of his tongue, but his touch lights up one spot after the other. You might be glowing at the end of the night; a burning torch in the dark once the sun has set.
His cock, filling with blood and eagerness, presses against your ass when you squirm in his hold, and he flattens his fingers over your clit before he rubs them along your pussy. He spreads your folds apart, teasing your entrance with the tip of his fingers as he says, “Talk to me.”
But you don’t; you keep wiggling, lifting your shirt, baring your tits – not covered by a bra as deduced. And as he stares, his eyes nearly fall out of their sockets, and the moment you pinch your nipple between your fingers, he plunges his between your aching walls.
“Oh, fuck,” Jungkook mumbles, furrowing his eyebrows when you throw back your head and arch your back. You look divine like this, and he can barely even see your face. “Talk to me, I said.”
“Not… enough.”
“What isn’t?”
He digs his digits in up to their knuckles, impressed by your dripping arousal, and brings his other hand to where he massaged your clit earlier.
“Need your dick… please.”
“Shit, you’re begging already, I–” He shakes his head, kisses a trail up your face, halts at your temple. “All in due time, okay? Lemme just…”
His fingers work skilled and agonisingly around your heat, alternating between slow and fast – and right when the coil in your stomach threatens to dissolve, his hands retract. You let out a breath you were – apparently – holding, and your palms shoot down to your pussy to keep the lack of touch minimal.
“I was gonna–” you exclaim, whining, trying to complete the job he didn’t to not let your approaching high disperse.
But then he grabs your wrist and pulls your arm aside, leaving your pussy begging and screaming as he says, “I know. Not yet.”
With your orgasm fading, you curse under your breath, wrestling out of his grip before he lets you go voluntarily. He brings his inked fingers to your mouth, breaking through the seam of your lips before you register his silent command and start sucking.
You twirl your tongue, collecting saliva, drenching his digits as he praises, “Jesus… you really know how to use this big mouth of yours, huh?”
A combination of hums and moans leaves your throat, sucking for a moment longer before he pulls out again, throwing a cocky “thank you” your way before he’s spreading your spit between your nether lips again.
He remains there for just a moment this time, and then stops, telling you, “You’ve no idea how bad I wanna taste you.”
As if he wasn’t fingerfucking you stupid, your thoughts derail and a power outage shuts your brain. The image of Jungkook eating you out… holding you down…
Where are you? What time is it? What’s your name?
“Got a condom for me, baby?”
Your inner self keysmashes, and your mind goes bbbrrrzzz for a moment before you gather your thoughts, embarrassed and dizzy, and tell him, “My room,” you point at your door behind the couch, “bedside table… second drawer…”
Jungkook plants a tender kiss at the corner of your lips, and then pushes you onto the couch gently. He stands with a giant, fat bulge stretching his joggers, and you ogle at it for a second, half naked, before he brushes a hand through his hair and says, “Take off your clothes. I want you fully naked and on your knees once I’m back.”
Amidst the hazy atmosphere, you somehow find the courage to roll your eyes, and he laughs sweetly, indulging in your cuteness before he walks away. You hurry to drag the shirt over your head, shifting to bend over the arm of the couch as you wait; and before you can do anything more, he’s back, impatient and hurried.
He throws the package next to you, ridding his body of his shirt and his joggers smoothly. You crane your neck to look at him, and lower your torso, lifting your ass until you hear him hiss and remark, “Stop that.”
“Stop what?”
“Pressing your ass into my face, brat.”
“I’m doing no such thing. Just did what you told m–”
A harmless but firm slap rings in your ears, eliciting a gasp out of you as his knees hit the couch. He crawls closer before he pulls his underwear down; and by all deities above, if you’d known what was coming at you, you would’ve started all of this so much sooner.
Because you can’t stop staring. Standing erect and rock hard, his leaking cock inches closer, its sheer length and thickness so overwhelming that you almost turn around and ready yourself to drool around it.
But Jungkook grabs a handful of your ass again, slamming a palm against your flesh before he warns, “Behave, will you? You wanna be able to walk tomorrow, don’t you?”
“I…” you begin, your eyes rolling back when he spits into his hand again and palms your cunt. He shoves his fingers into you once more, curling them for a moment before he pulls out and you continue, “I don’t wanna be able to walk tomorrow.”
“Want you to… fuck my brains out,” you admit, pressing your cheek against the sofa arm before you add politely, “please.”
“I… I won’t be able to hold back, if you keep saying that.” A sound of foil ripping echoes through the room; for a moment, it’s silent, but then, he moves closer, the head of his cock prodding your entrance. “I might just wreck your shit.”
You move your ass towards him some more, provoking, “Do to me whatever you wanna, Kook.”
Damn it.
His nickname falling out of your mouth is so ridiculously cute; but the rest of your sentence is coated with coarse vulgarity. 
“Fuck, that filthy mouth of yours… it’s gonna kill me,” Jungkook whispers, holding your hips in place when your movements don’t stop, “stay still for me, baby.”
But you don’t need to stop your hips from provoking him further, because when the tip of his cock pushes in, your body becomes light as a feather, trembling, voiding, as though he punctured the tyre that your torso is. The more he buries of himself, the more you think there can’t be more to fill you up.
Jungkook, however, keeps going, and when he finally stops, he dares to say, “Gonna take it easy, okay?”
And he does – begins with a soft groan that vibrates through the sound waves of the air, his hands still on your waist as he moves in and out slowly. Breathing heavier, you clutch the couch, broken moans falling off your tongue as he fucks you with half his cock still out.
“How’s it feel?” he asks, snapping you out of your daze.
Trapped in a cubicle of carnal lust and yearning, you swallow, muttering, “Good… you can,” you press your lips together when he plunges in again, mewling, “you can go faster.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes… please.”
On second thought, Jungkook wonders if his question was required at all – because you’re sucking him in anyway, a waterfall making a mess of his length, as if the walls of your pussy are dragging him in incessantly.
So he obliges, and his motions change, moving faster and just a little harder. More of his cock disappears into your cunt. His eyes jump to the way your ass adjusts to his ministrations, pressing against his hips; and he squeezes it once, groaning in exasperation before he says, “I’m usually proud of my stamina.”
You let out a shaky exhale, attempting to look at him, and voice, “Huh?”
“Just dunno how long I’ll be,” a sharp thrust and your body reels forward, “able to hold back today… with you.”
He clouds your senses without mercy, and human language becomes a mirage that dissipates whenever you think you’ve found words to utter again. You think you wouldn’t mind being fucked by him for the rest of your life; you wouldn’t even be opposed if he decided to break you in half, if it meant you get to experience one more pounding session with Jeon Jungkook.
He’s still not balls deep inside you until he stops abruptly, taking a second to admire your form; but that second stretches too long for your liking. Keeping your balance by holding onto the couch tighter, you push your ass back, not stopping until you feel skin against yours.
You’re amazed just how easily he slides in; how easily your pussy swallows him, eager to feel every inch of him. And once you start fucking yourself on him harsher and with more force, Jungkook exclaims, “Oh my fucking god.” Waits a little, brushes his damp hair back, blinking before he carries on, “Aren’t we cock hungry?”
“Y-your cock… yes…” You hate stroking his ego, but you can’t detect a single lie in your words. And so, you add, “Feels so good, Jungkook.”
Clenching your jaw, you open your eyes, the door of Namjoon’s room in front of you blurry when you feel tears of pleasure build along your waterline. You whine and cry out, taking him all in. His cock pierces through you with tantalising rubs, and you think that if you’re not careful, you might feel him in your guts all too soon.
“You look good enough to eat, y’know?” Jungkook praises as he watches you engulf his cock whole, hard, fast.
You blend out the sounds coming out of you, ones you’re sure you’ve never heard before, and tell him, “Thanks. I’d love to– to see you too, though.”
Your attempt at leaving him motionless and speechless comes to end when he wraps his palms around your shoulders, hot skin colliding before he slams into you out of nowhere. Once and twice, meeting your actions; and then, he stops as fast as he began, suddenly pulling out and leaving you empty and pulsating.
Another – harsher – slap lands on your ass, and you’re close to buckling and turning around before he pushes your rear up with his hands, leaning down and attaching his lips to your pussy.
His tongue moves in figure eights, the wet muscle, soothing and soft compared to his solid dick, lapping up your juices, gathering extra spit on its surface until the saliva is dripping onto your sofa. He wraps his mouth around your clit, sucking gently and with just the right amount of force.
The groans vibrate through your body, and he whispers unintelligible words that you can’t quite make sense of. You know he’s tilting his head when he pushes your ass cheeks apart some more and digs in further, tasting you thoroughly. He hums deep into your pussy, and only emerges with a smack when your eyes have already rolled back into your head.
“As much as I like your taste,” he then murmurs. You continue to keen and moan, pressing your cheek against the couch, overwhelmed from the sensation; and when he plummets against the back of the sofa, he orders, “Ride me, doll.”
“You know…” you start, meeting his hungry eyes as your quivering limbs carry you closer to him, “on any other day, I’d laugh if you called me that.”
Jungkook laughs before he traps his lip between his teeth, observing your every movement; breathes out deeply when you straddle him. As you plant your hands on his chest, his fingers bring his cock back to your entrance, and he questions quietly, “And today?”
“Today… you could recite the entire periodic table and I’d find you,” you lower yourself onto him, closing your eyes with your tits trapped between your arms, “so fucking sexy.”
“Perhaps… later then, huh? Let’s see which element we make it to.”
Number 8.
You need oxygen – he’s too smug; too much. You might lose your mind, if you don’t focus.
And so, you smile down onto him, and the lewd mess that you’re living through suddenly becomes a dream to him – admittedly, one that he imagined differently. Not this sudden. Not this good.
He bottoms out each time you fall back onto him, your hips drawing patterns of eight, feet digging into the couch. Your tits bounce with each descend of your body, and you rub your clit against his pelvis any chance you get.
Blissful and lost, your fingers skid along his abs, grazing the ridges, and then come back to his firm chest, sweaty under your touch as you admit, “You’re crazy hot.”
Jungkook’s eyes shimmer at the sudden compliment; he presses into your thighs harder, earning a fierce scraping of your nails against his skin. He’s sure you’re leaving scratch marks – he reckons he’ll probably die when he finds them light red and faded the next day once he glances into the mirror.
With you on top, he shifts a little, gathering his energy in his muscles once more before he places a hand at the nape of your neck and pulls you down to him in a swift motion. His parted lips crash against yours, all teeth and tongue; but the kiss is less a kiss and more a battle for dominance.
Your moans gain on volume when he begins jackhammering into you, arms pressing you down until you’re flush against him. Nearly screaming into his ear, you wrap your fingers in his hair, registering every sweep of his teeth and tongue along your neck as you shriek, “Oh my god, just like that, ple–”
“Such a good girl, being vocal like that… taking me like that,” he drawls, fucking into you powerfully, “my good girl, aren’t you?”
An ocean of rippling desire courses through you like ecstasy, and you scold yourself internally for swallowing the drug that Jungkook is this fast. But who are you to deny that you’ve finally found answers to your hitherto barred questions? Once wondering what exactly makes him so charismatic, so flamingly intriguing… now you know.
Still processing his praises, he pulls your drowning mess out of your vertigo. And then, he flips you over effortlessly, still balls deep inside you as he comes to hover above you. He leans down and catches your nipple between his teeth, alternating between nibbling and crude sucking as his hand fondles with your other breast.
Wet hair falls like a dark curtain around his face, and your nerves go haywire when he pushes into you deep. Pinned against and fucked into the cushions, his mouth on your tits sends a current through your body. Once he emerges, he seeks your gaze, fingers on your jaw as he asks, “How do you feel?”
“I… so much better than… I imagined.”
A question mark forms in his eyes, but he smirks vainly, bringing his face to yours until his breath is smogging your mind once again. But then, you revoke your statement, claiming, “It’s nothing.”
He stares at you quietly before he chuckles, still not convinced, and smacks your tit. His hand settles around your neck slowly, carefully as he commands, “Spill.”
You nearly choke on your saliva when he presses into your neck gently, lifting your head. Capitulating, you wail before you confess, “Had a dream… the night we– we matched.”
“Yeah?” Jungkook whispers, his tongue gliding along your lips. “Elaborate.”
“I– wanted you to fuck me so fucking bad, but… you ass never did.”
“Dream Jungkook is a damn jerk then. I would never,” his pounding slows down, his legs tired, and he waits a moment before he continues, “I thought about it, too. Don’t know why but…”
Another pause, significantly longer this time.
“Always kinda thought of kissing you in the rain and stuff…”
He murmurs it like he’s embarrassed of the revelation; provides one hard thrust as if to veil his softness behind his devilish actions. But you laugh lightly, still not used to his inked hand around your throat as you tease, “How sappy.”
“I can be, okay?” he argues, his free palm raising your leg up his torso. You hum and call his name as he speaks, faintly hearing, “As in… wanna tell you how gorgeous you look with my fingers around your neck. Like… like a pretty necklace.”
“Romance isn’t dead, huh?”
“Well,” he answers, chuckling before his palm vanishes, holding your hips instead, “I don’t think about kissing in the rain with just anyone.”
“And now…” you breathe, your arms snaking around his neck, “can you kiss me now, too?”
It takes a mere smile and a closing of distance to give in to you, the kiss soft yet messy somehow. Barely any time passes before you’re rubbing your clit and creaming his cock, the orgasm so intense and mind-numbing that your entire body shakes.
Your legs grow weak, your soul ascending – it takes you a moment to open your eyes and look at him again, but when you do, he’s staring at you in admiration. Like he’s seeing you for the first time. And then, he says, “You’re… the fucking hottest girl I’ve ever seen.”
And coming from Jeon Jungkook, this must be the compliment of the century.
Not soon after, his movements become sloppy and unsteady too, and when his voice falls a few octaves, you know what’s happening before he says it, “Gonna come, I–”
He pulls out, ripping the condom off; but before he can jerk himself off, you sit up straight, surprising him pleasantly when you grab his cock and take him into your mouth as much your throat allows. His shaft hits the back and triggers your gag reflex almost immediately, but you don’t falter as you begin to bop your head back and forth.
Your tongue swirls around the smooth skin – and with him already on the edge, it takes barely a minute before his cock twitches and he calls your name. His body shivers, his hand in your hair; one more suck and… you close your eyes.
Breathing through the nose, you swallow every rope of cum he spills inside you, his hips stuttering as much as his voice – and then, he’s done, his chin resting against his chest. Sinking back into the couch, he pulls you with him, chuckling a little as he says, “Now that was. Really unexpected.”
“In a good way, I hope.”
“Are you kidding? In the best way.”
You fall onto his torso softly, placing your hands under your cheek as you look up at him and catch your breath. The room is sex-scented and hot, but the heat doesn’t compare to when Jungkook meets your gaze gently.
He smiles at you, wiggling his eyebrows as if to ask how it’s going; and you laugh, telling him, “That was crazy. Pinch me, so I know it happened.”
You think he’ll oblige, if only to tease you – but instead, he pulls you closer, pecking your lips once as he confirms, “It happened.” He bites into his lower lip, watching your eyelashes fall timidly before he adds, “I… listen, I know what you think of me. And you might be right about most things, but…”
No matter how much confidence he exudes on any other day, he seems to stumble over his words a lot when he’s around you. You wonder what it is today that has him struggling this way.
“But that was a great deal to me,” he continues, gulping, “and I’d like to do it again. Not just fucking you, but like… spending time with you. A genuine date.”
“I believe you,” you finally muster to admit. After the gazes he threw at you, the touches you shared and the words you exchanged… there must be some truth. You reckon he wouldn’t bother to say those things if he was just toying with you. “Where’s that cherry blossom park then?”
“I’ll take you there!” Jungkook chimes optimistically, his arms around you squeezing your body once.
You’re laughing about god knows what and talking about the most obscure topics, bare, sweat-soaked and slightly shuddering. And then, out of the blue, he clicks his tongue, shaking his head as he remarks, “Can’t believe you dreamed of me.”
With heated cheeks, you pout, hiding your face a little before you take it a step further and say, “I also imagined you taking off your glasses and kissing me…”
“In uh… class.”
“Woah. That’s not even dreaming anymore.”
“It hasn’t happened that often!” you defend, slapping his firm bicep playfully while joining his delighted, amused snicker.
He pushes you to your back, pinning your wrists to the couch to stop your gentle attacks. His nose brushes yours, his lips a hair’s breadth away as he whispers, “Really not?”
“No.” He cocks an eyebrow, and you shrug. “No! I didn’t!”
“If you say so.”
And then, he’s leaning in more, kissing you gingerly; and when he pulls back, you smile, your eyes falling to the mole on his neck as you say, “By the way. Can I ask you something?”
“Would you ever name your car – and if yes, then what?”
Tumblr media
When Monday morning rolls around, you show up in class wearing the dress from last summer. It’s cute and cosy, hugging you at just the right places. He’s right – you should’ve flaunted it and yourself more.
And apparently, he loves it just as much as before, because he grins when you walk in and occupy a free seat two rows behind him. He turns and looks over his shoulder, smiling at you with a slight nod that you return in kind.
His eyes look soft and sweet; his stance relaxed and comfortable – and before he turns back, he takes off his glasses, licks his lips and winks. Shamelessly, intriguingly.
You make a mental note to ask him where the dress looks better; on your body – or on his floor.
Tumblr media
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seokgism · a month ago
october 4 ; phone sex with jeon jeongguk.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing. jeon jeongguk x fem!reader | warnings. phone sex, heavy dirty talk, light daddy kink (literally one mention), mutual masturbation, brothers best friend trope, forbidden relationship, jeongguk’s lowkey a pervert, ocs lydia and lorenzo. | word count. 1.8k | kinktober masterlist.
summary. you accidentally send a nude to your brothers best friend, turns out he enjoys it more than you think.
you: can u do me a favor :)
lyds: depends…
you: i just need you to look at this pic i took and see if it’s sexy enough to send to this guy i’m talking to
lyds: yeah no
lyds: i’m kidding!
lyds: send
As you went to press the camera icon, you got a text. The notification popped up from the top. You didn’t see who it was before you ignored it, sliding it up to the top (or so you thought you did), telling yourself you’d check it later. So you opened the camera icon, sending the picture.
You saw your friend had read the message, but she wasn’t saying anything. You thought nothing bad of it, assuming she had just opened the message while she was doing something and she’d respond after. So you exited the messages app and scrolled through your phone.
lyds: so you gonna send it or not?
Her message pops up. You furrow your eyebrows, confused. You sent it to her, right? RIGHT?
you: i did?
lyds: no you didn’t?
You scrolled up, through your messages — nothing. You swore you sent the picture to her. You literally saw “Read 11:25 PM!”
lyds: OHMYGOD?
So you clicked out of your messages. Under her contact was Jeongguk’s which said, “Attachment: 1 Image.”
Fuck. You hoped, you prayed, that it was something else. You opened the messages and there it was. The picture of your naked breasts with your finger in between your lips under his message that said, “hey.”
While sliding his message to the top, you had accidentally pressed on it instead of clearing it. Idiot.
Quickly, you pressed the typing bar, immediately going to tell him it was an accident and that the picture wasn’t for him. But he beat you to it, sending you a picture in response.
His hard, long cock was standing up straight. Clear precum was dripping from his pink tip, down to his veiny shaft and his long, pale fingers were wrapped around his base.
Your eyes bulged out of their sockets. Your hand slapped over your mouth. You were baffled that he’d even send anything back, let alone a picture of his dick! You, his best friends little sister.
Another photo popped up. This time he used his front camera. His hand still wrapped around his cock and you got a full view of his abs. The camera was below his nose but you could see him biting his bottom lip, piercing in the corner. And his sexy tattoo sleeve. God, what you would do to have him choke you with that arm.
jeongguk: i sent two, your turn ;)
You were shocked. Way too shocked to say anything. You couldn’t do this. You had to tell him it was a complete accident. Oh, but you didn’t want him to feel like a dumbass! You couldn’t embarrass him like that.
jeongguk: taking that picture for me?
jeongguk: or are both your hands busy rn? ;)
How do you put a stop to this without making a fool of him? You wouldn’t say you didn’t like this, but he was your brothers best friend. You knew Jeongguk since your junior year of high school, braces and glasses and all. You were twenty-three now, having grown out of your ugliness. Jeongguk however, had always been sexy to you. You always had a small crush on him, but you forced yourself not to because you weren’t allowed to. You knew if your brother found out you and Jeongguk ever did anything, he’d kick Jeongguk’s ass.
The loud ping of a text message snapped you out of your thoughts.
Attachment: 1 Video
Hesitantly, you clicked on it, unlocking your phone, and pressing play.
“Fuck!” He moaned in the video. His hand was pumping up and down his long cock at a rapid pace. The clear precum dripping from his tip to his shaft shone from his phone flashlight. “So fucking sexy, Y/N! Wanna fuck your tits with my cock, fuck you got me so hard!”
Your thighs clenched. His cock was so pretty and long.
jeongguk: please say something
jeongguk: need you to talk to me baby i’m so close
you: pls stop
jeongguk: stop? you sent me that picture first
you: i’m sorry
jeongguk: don’t be, i loved it ;)
you: no i mean i sent that on accident
jeongguk: so? i didn’t
you: but what about enzo
You wanted this. So badly. You had a crush on the man since high school for fucks sake! But your brother, Lorenzo, truly wouldn’t approve.
jeongguk: fuck enzo
jeongguk: you’re a big girl
jeongguk: you make your own decisions
He was right. You guys were all adults now, maybe Lorenzo wouldn’t mind anymore. Right?
jeongguk: now play with me :(
jeongguk: i had to stop stroking my dick to text you smh
He sends another photo once again. His thumb is pressed on his tip, fingers around his base.
jeongguk: why don’t you come over and sit on my cock
you: don’t tempt me
jeongguk: atta girl
you: fuck you
jeongguk: i’d let you
You slide your hands into your panties, fingertips touching your clit. You feel your cunt slick with your essence.
you: you got me so wet
you: wanna sit on your cock so bad
you: you’re so big
You slid your fingers into your aching hole so easily, lubricated with your arousal. You let out a moan, watching as a text from Jeongguk popped up.
jeongguk: yeah? you touching yourself for me?
Fuck, how did he know you so well?
you: mhm
jeongguk: how many fingers?
you: two
jeongguk: put in one more
You obey even though he can’t even fucking see you. So whipped for him, you do anything he says.
you: three now
you: feels so good touching myself thinking about you
you: but i’m sure your thick cock would feel so much better
jeongguk: this thick cock wants your tight pussy so much baby
you: wanna cum on it so bad
jeongguk: i wanna cum all over you
jeongguk: inside your pussy
jeongguk: on your ass
jeongguk: in your mouth
jeongguk: on your face
jeongguk: on those big tits of yours
you: jeongguk i want you so bad
Your phone vibrates in your hand, shaking you from your pleasure. Jeongguk is calling you. Fuck. You slide the answer button.
“You still touching yourself?” He asks from the other side.
“Yes,” You moan.
“Oh, your moans are so sexy baby,” He whispers. “Wish I was there so I could fuck you.”
“Mmm, want you to fuck me so hard right now!”
“Yeah,” He chuckles. “You want it rough?”
“Yes, fuck! Want it so rough until I cry, until it hurts!”
Jeongguk made you so wet that when you shoved your fingers in and out of yourself so rapidly, you could hear the squelching sounds.
“If I had known Enzo’s little sister was so freaky, I would’ve fucked you already, baby.”
“Don’t talk about him while I’m touching myself please.”
He ignores you, “Who were you sending that picture to, huh?”
“N- no one!” You say through moans. Just listening to Jeongguk’s husky voice turned you on.
“Yeah? Fucking liar. I should go to your apartment and punish you.”
“Want you to punish me.”
Jeongguk strokes his cock lazily as he talks to you. He thinks your voice is pretty. And your moans. Your sweet pretty moans. Though he doesn’t chase his orgasm. He just strokes his cock, waiting for his orgasm to come itself.
“Yeah? Want Daddy to spank you till your ass is all red.”
You never really liked that word. But the way it slips off of Jeongguk’s tongue makes it so sexy.
“Yes, fuck!”
“Wanna fuck you so hard for being a bad girl.”
“Yeah? How hard?” You tease.
“So hard until you can't walk. Wanna tie your hands together and pound into your tight pussy until you squirt all over my cock. Please, baby just wanna fuck your pussy so bad.” He moans breathily into the phone.
“Maybe I should be a bad girl more often, hm?”
“Definitely,” He chuckles. “Oh baby, I’m close.”
“Me too,” You moan.
“Fuck, Y/N! The next time I see you I’m ripping off your fucking clothes and fucking you against the first piece of furniture I see! Even if it’s in front of your stupid brother!”
Though you would’ve scolded him for bringing up your brother at a time like this, you’re too caught up in your pleasure to even argue. “I- I’m gonna cum,”
“Cum for me, baby!”
The burning feeling in your stomach explodes and you’re shaking in pleasure. You moan loudly into the phone. On the other end, Jeongguk grunts. His thick white ropes of cum shoot out of his tip onto his stomach.
“Fuck! That was the hardest I came in so long.” He laughs. You smile even though he can’t see it. “Thank you.”
“Likewise.” You say.
“Listen this is fun. You and me. And I’d like for it to happen again.”
If your sixteen year old self was listening to this, she’d be jumping off of walls. Your childhood crush wanted to hook up with you. Of all people, you.
“Yeah, I’d like that.”
Like that? You’d love it.
This was a dream come true. Truly. Were you even awake? Was this a dream?
“So you gonna tell me who you really meant to send that picture to? Or I’m just going to assume you sent it to me to catch my attention.”
You scoff, “Get a hold of yourself, Jeon. Not everyone thinks you’re hot shit.”
“You do.” And you did indeed.
“I meant to send it to my friend. There, happy?”
“Still don’t believe you.”
You chuckle, “Whatever.”
“Well, I had fun tonight.”
“Me too.”
“Alright, I’m gonna go wash this cum off of me,” You giggle. “Same time tomorrow night?”
“I’ll think about it.” You joke.
“Okay girl, we’ll see about that when you answer my call.” You both laugh. “Talk to you later, Y/N.”
“Bye Jeongguk.”
“Don’t miss me too much.”
“Fuck off.” You say before hanging up.
You lock your phone, throwing it beside you. You stare at the wall, letting out a deep sigh. Did that really just happen? You had phone sex with the Jeon Jeongguk. Your childhood crush, your brothers best friend, former high school fuckboy — that Jeon Jeongguk. You got to hear his moans. You got his dick pics. You got to hear about how bad he wanted to fuck you. You got him pussy whipped. A loud ping interrupts you of your thoughts. You grab your phone, and see the message from your friend.
lyds: so?
you: let’s just say i don’t think i need to send the picture anymore
lyds: spill.
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sxtaep · a month ago
ALL I WANT - JJK | five
Tumblr media
after distancing yourself from jungkook because of the indirect confession you made, you never realised how much you’d miss him, and what better way to show him that than through the phone?
Tumblr media
pairing — jungkook x female reader
genre — fluff, smut
word count — 10.5k
chapter warnings/tags — bestfriends2lovers!au, fuckboy!jk, textbooknerd!reader, dom!jk, sub!reader, joon is a drug dealer, tae is a junkie, vmin sideship, soft shower scene, indirect confession, lots of touching, jk is so oblivious, late night texting, jk loves your glasses, explicit content, sexting, mutual masturbation, exchanging of illicit photos, exchanging of illicit videos, teasing, male masturbation, female masturbation, fingering, dirty talk, praise, so much cum +more.
a/n: this is LONG overdue, but the loml loma @velvetwicebang should’ve been recognised earlier when posting this series for her everworking writing skills and input (especially for jungkook’s pov of things) so pls show her all the love 🥹 i swear she doesn’t bite ☹️🫶
also, apologies for the inactivity, your girl was dying in a&e with a cyst (it’s still there) and is now on indefinite sick leave from work 💀😭
part one | part two | part three | part four | part five
Tumblr media
So maybe Jungkook didn’t have a valid reason to narrow his eyes once you left him alone after he’d mustered up the energy to sit up on the bed, pouting to himself after he was turned away in the midst of tossing his leg over the edge of the mattress, about to boldly follow your footsteps into the shower until he heard the lock click.
“Wha..” Confusion spilling from his doe eyes, he stopped dead in his tracks and ruffled the back of his fluffy bed hair, staring at the door with his brows slightly furrowed as he made out the sound of the shower from outside the connected bathroom, “Whatever, fuck you.” The man raised his voice to shout the following, already knowing that you wouldn’t be able to hear him, “Not like I also wanted to shower or anything!”
Jungkook was clearly pouting and he’d rather get a hundred carpet burns than let you see that side of him no matter how much it bothered him, so the man ‘brushed it off’ and scooted his bare ass further up the bed, stopping when his back met the wooden headboard behind him.
He figured this would be the perfect time to catch up on his texts, now that you decided to leave him completely alone. (It wasn’t even that big of a deal, honestly, yet the sulking man seemed awfully desperate to look for other ways to distract his brain from thinking about it, naturally tapping on his and the guys’ groupchat).
He always prepared himself for the most chaotic situations, just a few weeks ago the chat went crazy bickering over who would pay for Hoseok’s bail money after the latter got drunk off his ass, and funnily enough, the week before that one Hobi sent a long ass text declaring he decided to stop drinking.
Just like that, out of nowhere.
Of course, no one believed him.
Unlike those times, this morning’s topic of conversation seemed to be…normal, which was rare.
namjoon added ‘chim’ to the chat!
chim: hey guys! 👋
yoongi: holy fuck he’s alive
hoeseok: who💀 jimin or joon?
yoongi: damn both of em😭😭😭 just 30 mins alone w you can’t be easy
hoeseok: fuck u.
namjoon: we all know you want to dude, but he’s happily taken remember??
hoeseok: i’m gonna kick myself out this gc 😭
u guys need to chillllll
jin: just like how jungkook chilled w y/n in your bed last night 😏😏
yoongi: bro 💀💀💀💀
hoeseok: nah bc i’m actually still pissed that fucker offered to buy me a new bed set under 50 bucks????? what world does he live in
namjoon: 😑😑 okay wheres tae? he has to know where jungkook’s at
jin: he’s probably at y/n’s place but there’s also a possibility that he ran back to his dorm like a pussy
namjoon: taetae
namjoon: tae answer or no more hard drugs for you to get addicted to 🙄 your choice
yoongi: dude shut up the guy’s probably still sleeping
jin: tae did you call a chick over after i dropped you off last night?
hoeseok: i wouldn’t blame him
he was babysitting joon most of the night, he had no chance to shoot his shot
tae: fuk no
i dropped dead on the couch as soon as i got home
yoongi: so jungkook didn’t come home last night?
Taehyung chewed on his bottom lip from his bedroom, hesitating on whether he should throw his best friend under the bus just to save himself from any more unsolicited revelations in front of new interest Jimin, or suck it up like a man.
tae: no, he’s still at y/n’s
jeon: DUDE
Jungkook was never gonna hear the end of it. The guys already teased the hell out of him because of you, and now that he actually fucked you, he would never live it down.
jeon: i’m never covering for ur ass again 🙄
yoongi: ….u guys are such best friends it’s disgusting
namjoon: mf have you been lurking all along
jin: he probably has 💀
hoeseok: PUSSY
jeon: oh fuck off hyung i get more play than you
Maybe that was a little too far, but Jungkook was sticky and sweaty and your bedroom was hot as shit. A nice shower would’ve sufficed.
jeon: respectfully. sorry. ily. pick out a new bed set xoxo.
yoongi: DAMN 💀💀
namjoon: ...
jin: 🙇‍♂️ me bowing bc i taught him well
hoeseok: make it a $100 bed set 😒
jeon: ur crazy if u think i have $100 on me
but deal 🤝
After that’d been set in stone, readying for his pockets to hurt, Jungkook carelessly tossed his phone aside and combed one hand through his oily hair, on his feet and on his way to invite himself into the shower with you.
You wouldn’t mind, right?
It’d only been 5 minutes since you stepped into the shower, just standing under the shower head and letting the steaming hot water run down your body.
What if he left?
No, he wouldn’t leave again.
But what if he did?
The thought left an unsettling feeling in your stomach and you had this sudden urge to hit pause on your shower and check he was still there, lying naked on your bed, but you held yourself back. Caring this much was not a good sign.
“Open up,” Jungkook annoyingly rattled on the doorknob with his forehead pressed against the door, unknowingly soothing your anxiety while acting like a needy child, not once stopping his tugging and turning on the metal knob. “Let me innnn!”
Alright, now he was fucking with you, grinning whilst waiting to meet you face to face.
The constant rattling of the doorknob startled you, but Jungkook’s whiny voice was one you could always recognise, even if he was faking it. At least he didn’t go home, so that was a win for you.
You stopped massaging your scalp, bits of bubbles following your every move as you stepped out of the shower, leaving the water to run. The bathrobe that was hanging behind the door was now draped over your body to cover your front, now holding onto the doorknob and fighting off the hopefulness in your eyes.
“God, I thought someone was breaking in,” you sigh, holding the bathrobe tightly to your chest. “What do you need, Kook?” You try to sound as unamused as you could spotting the stupidly attractive grin on his face, yet the sight of him from the neck down played as a distraction.
“What does it look like I need? A goddamn shower.”
Jungkook was right about a shower. Things got so messy and he was walking around the dorm with his dick out, he probably made more mess for you to clean up.
Pushing past your dumbfounded self, Jungkook didn’t question why you were covering yourself up after what you both just did, but he figured he’d get to see you naked soon enough if you were about to shower together.
Like regular friends did, of course.
“What are you waiting for?” The man turned to look over his shoulder after stepping under the lukewarm stream of water, staring at you past the wet hair that fell over his eyes, “Join me.”
You stared back at him, mouth slightly ajar as your eyes dipped a little too low and met with droplets of water rushing between every crevice of his abs. He had no right looking like a nude model right now
“Right…” you mentally rolled your eyes and let out a huff, pulling the bathrobe off your body, but you felt a little exposed; more focused on the fact that now neither of you were exactly ���in the moment.’
The bathrobe pooled at your ankles and you parted ways from it, hesitantly climbing in and standing in front of the much larger male so you could also snag some of the water from the shower head. Jungkook had an advantage, being much bigger and taller, most of the water would land on his shoulders and just bounce off, ignoring your presence.
Being this close to him once again; your soaked back pressing against his built chest and practically sticking to him, you felt the urge to apologise because there was absolutely no way you were doing this on purpose. “Sorry, it’s a little tight in here,” you speak up, glancing back at him over your shoulder and making sure you weren’t making him uncomfortable, yet your apology was useless; you were still unknowingly, pressing up against him.
The part of Jungkook that didn’t always think with his dick found your newborn shyness awfully endearing.
‘It was a pattern,’ he’d noticed, ‘after we’re done fucking, she suddenly gets real shy, even avoids looking into my eyes as if she wasn’t just batting her eyelashes up at me minutes ago’.
Sometimes he wished to dive into your mind without any sort of heads up, just him as he came, pocketing a handful of your thoughts and knowledge for himself along the way (maybe then he’d actually know what went on in your head during moments like these, where all that spoke was the running water as it caressed his naked body and shunned yours).
“You don’t have to apologize, dummy,” Jungkook shook his head, although you couldn’t see him, taking a minute to expand his eyes down your unblemished back, not exclusively sexual, but heavily aware of how he was practically hogging the shower all to himself.
“Here,” with both hands clasped over your shoulders, Jungkook stepped back and let you take over his spot, brushing his wet hair away from his forehead and running a hand down his face to get rid of any water droplets.
Grabbing a bottle of soap he found on the side, Jeon thought about washing himself but changed his mind upon realising there was someone else that could do it for him.
Maybe this would help you get over your timidness, and in all honesty, Jungkook felt a little out of place for being so casual and nonchalant about all of this..
“Yo, shower hogger,” the taller tapped your shoulder with his index finger, waiting until you turned around to raise his brows and glance down at his body expectantly, extending the bottle of soap out towards you, “I’m just so tired, help me wash?” He felt like he was quoting the beginning scene of a porno, and Jungkook knew that you knew that he was exaggerating.
You looked up at Jungkook with an ‘are you serious’ kind of expression, raising a brow at him as if he was crazy. “You’re tired? Please,” you shook your head. If anything, you should be the one that’s tired, especially after that mind-blowing head session you have him, but still, you gave into the big man, grabbing the bottle of berry scented soap from his grasp and squeezing a generous amount onto your palms.
“Since when did you need help taking showers? Last time I checked, babies needed that.” you lather the soap in your hands, rubbing them together to create more bubbles before taking a step back and looking the man up and down, deciding where the hell to even start. “You’re a big baby, aren’t you, Jeon?” you tease, finally deciding to set your palms flat on his chest as you kept your eyes trained on him, very much mocking him with just your eyes.
Jungkook was definitely not built like a big baby, but there were times where he’d do the most endearing things that made you wanna squeeze his cheeks and gauge out his doe eyes. Like, when you’d upset him over little things, he’d sit around pretending he wasn’t upset but you would clearly see the pout on his face, with the added crossing his arms over his chest (exactly like a child).
You grabbed onto his bicep, pulling his body closer to yours a little and snaking his arm around your waist just to keep a secure hold on you so you both could catch some of the water running up above. You wondered about your next move. It seemed a little unusual, massaging his chest under the shower, but then again, you’d already done far from appropriate things; including sweaty bodies, someone’s tears, and a shitload of cum.
Despite all that, you gently caressed the damp skin of his chest, awfully slow and counting each tiny little bubble bursting against him. “Like this?” you prompt, gliding your fingers across his chest and the action itself left your own chest tingling.
This was next level intimate.
Jungkook hadn’t said anything else after childishly puffing out a, ‘I’m not a baby’ with a comical roll of his smiling eyes, studying your face and changing expressions in comfortable silence whilst you roamed your hands over his soapy chest, the arm that curled around the you holding you securely with one palm pressed flat over the small of your back.
Fuck, Jungkook hoped you couldn’t make out how fast his wild little heart was beating even behind all those bubbles. You couldn’t… right? It would quite literally kill the man to try and explain himself out of that one because— he didn’t fucking know why his heart was running laps either!
He already worried enough that he made himself look dumb in front of his super smart best friend; he wanted you to think he had the brains of goddamn Einstein, like yourself, and looking for the right words to explain himself wasn’t going to do him any justice.
Either way, Jungkook just knew it was nice having someone else wash him up… like a servant.
A pretty servant with great tits, at that.
“Yeah..” Jeon finally breathed out another word, unaware that he was inching in towards your face quietly enough that you didn’t catch on and stop your scrubbing, “Just like that.”
He had to uncomfortably tip his neck down a little to reach you, but when his parted lips were merely inches away from yours, Jungkook didn’t waste any time and trapped you in a surprisingly slow moving kiss, raising one hand to cup the side of your face as his thumb traced over your cheekbones.
‘He kissed me first!’ was all you could think about right now. And the kiss easily held a deeper meaning behind it, one that didn’t scream ‘we’re kissing because of sex’. Unless Jungkook thought exactly that..
Then that would be a lot of damage.
Were you hearing yourself right now? You felt pitiful; falling for him after fucking him and now you were head-over-heels for the man just because he kissed you first.
What were the chances of him deciding to settle down? And would Jungkook settle down with you? It was a question you never wanted to answer, or hear the answer to, because there were very high chances the answers to both those questions wouldn’t benefit you. You did hold a tiny bit of hope, only the tiniest, that maybe, just maybe, Jungkook could be feeling the same way. His heart literally on the verge of bursting against your palm struck up a couple questions in your mind, but you easily dismissed them, using the water as an excuse to cover for him.
Yet, with all those doubts, you didn’t hesitate to kiss him back. God knows you wanted to kiss him and he was merely doing you a favour by getting Jungkook to make the first move. It was unexpected, but that’s what made it all the best.
When he did finally pull away after a full minute of tasting your soft lips, his tongue cheekily swiped over his bottom lip while still cupping your face in his big hands, looking into your eyes with that endearing smile that made your heart jump.
You stopped moving your hand, leaving it to rest again his chest whilst your free hand made home on top of his, your fingertips briefly brushing over your cheek as you intertwined your fingers, pulling his hand down to your chest.
Right over your beating heart.
“You don’t realise it, but you have my heart running laps,” you whisper softly, squeezing Jungkook’s hand and suddenly releasing him from your hold, doing your best to turn your back on him and bask under the warm water raining above.
Good idea, leave him confused with words.
Jungkook wasn’t that stupid though, he was perceptive only when it seemed advantageous to him, which was something you picked up on over the years. He’d be able to crack this one. Surely.
You groaned quietly to yourself, lulling your head back a little to have the water slip down your front, but you were too distracted by the warmth to notice your head falling back against his chest, your body relaxing as you released a soft breath.
Nothing outright witty or smart-assy slipped out his mouth during the shared, tender moment between you both; Jungkook acknowledged your words within his own mind, quietly, digesting whatever it was that that had the back of his neck and tips of his ears drowning red.
Tumblr media
The man thought about your— ‘you have my heart running laps’ —for quite a while now, a week to be exact, and sometimes it’d pop in his head at the most random times, it was lowkey starting to freak him out.
Wherever Jungkook was, so were you. Figuratively.
In his mind that was usually blank, you were there, present as always while prompting his heart to beat recklessly and his lungs to stutter whilst they filled with air, often catching him off guard.
Truthfully, Jeon had been too busy battling it out with noobs on Call of Duty, to really question what you meant that day. You weren’t making it easy for him to talk to you either. You completely shut him out after the shower ‘incident’ (which was approximately 2 days ago) and used the excuse of ‘I need to catch up on my assignments’, to avoid him.
Obviously he didn’t know that, but he wasn’t suspicious either. It was normal for you to go radio silent for a couple days to focus on your studies, and Jungkook respected that. Normally he’d bug you, but not this time around.
Which was weird.
Even Taehyung found it odd, coming back home and finding Jungkook still playing his game. He was high as hell, but he knew something weird when he saw it.
Slumping against the empty space beside Jungkook, Taehyung carelessly throws his arm around the younger’s muscly shoulders. “What’ve you been up to, then? You been sitting on your ass this whole time?” he asks, eyeing the TV screen and seeing that he was currently in the game lobby, waiting to start a new match. “No girls over tonight? Not even Y/N?”
Even though he was high, a part of him wanted things to set sail between you and his roommate.
“Were you too shy to call her? Or did she just reject you when you tried?” Taehyung’s assumptions weren’t impossible. He’d been around long enough to watch Jungkook’s countless invitations to hang out or get something to eat, get straight up rejected by you because you were too busy studying.
“Ah, Y/N?” No use in brushing it off now.
Two days without seeing you or talking to you, felt like an eternity, but Jungkook was determined to stay quiet. Ever since you both hooked up for the first time, he’s mostly been the one to text or call to ask if he could come over and y’know what, that is if Jeon excluded the times he’d just show up at your doorstep unannounced.
Point was.. he was waiting for you to need him, not the other way around like it often was.
Now, Jungkook wasn’t expecting you to text him and blatantly say how much you needed him to come over and fuck you so good you’d forget about everything you studied (even if that would make him harder than anything else in the world), but even just an ‘i miss you’ or ‘i’m done studying, come over’ would make him drop anything and everything for you.
It was a new and weird feeling, thinking like this. He never waited around for a girl, even if he had a line of them waiting to get dicked down by him.
“I’m not shy, we’ve just been busy doing our own thing.” He huffed out at Tae’s assumption, not daring to make any eye contact since being best friends with Taehyung since middle school meant the latter knew when he was bullshitting, always. It was weird as hell and even more impressive when Tae could point it out when he wasn’t sober..
Jungkook was looking straight at Tae now with big eyes and his teeth busy nibbling at his lip, like he was caught red handed and it was too obvious that that’s been something that’d been on his mind for a while.
With a low groan, the younger ran both hands down his face and slid down the couch, muscly legs lazily spread as he leaned his head back on the headrest and remained silent. Until he didn’t; Taehyung had a way of getting information out of him without barely saying a word. Something about his deadpan gaze…
“I know she’s not the type, but a text saying that she needs me- if you know what I mean, and not the other way around? I’d give her my kid, man.”
That was a complete reach and even if Jungkook did chuckle a little at that, his feelings and everything else he said were true. The younger shrugged and played off those strong feelings, “It’s whatever, though. You probably felt the same way about a girl you hooked up with at some point in time, right?”
All Taehyung could think about was ‘who the fuck possessed his roommate?’ No, even better question; ‘why is a girl making his best friend feel like this?’ In all the years Taehyung knew Jungkook, never had he ever seen the younger male care so much about a girl he fucked.
But… there was a difference. You weren’t just any girl he fucked. You were Jungkook’s only girl friend that he fucked.
Given the history between you two, things obviously felt more fragile and more… intimate? At least that’s what Taehyung thought. He wasn’t even part of the relationship, but because of the younger being so new to experiencing such feelings, it was almost second nature for him to feel the same way (out of sympathy). “I don’t know, dude… I’ve never felt like that, but you sound like you’re having withdrawal symptoms being without her for so long,” he shrugs, eyeing the male who looked like he was so far down the ‘I’m in love with her, but i’m gonna act like I don’t care’ hole.
Taehyung could’ve easily lied and told Jungkook that it was normal for him to feel so attached to his girl friend, but who was he kidding? It wasn’t normal to feel so attached unless you were deeply in love.
“You sure you’re not… in love with her, dude?” he teases, ruffling Jungkook’s hair in the most brotherly way possible. He was only trying to scare the im younger male and make him overthink a little. “I’m kidding! Just stop being a pussy and go to her. Tell her what you want. Like, straight up. I’m tellin’ you, girls dig that. There’s nothing girls want more than a guy being straight to the point.”
Jeon Jungkook was most definitely, most surely not in love with you. What even was love? He could think of a few examples..
His dad cutting off the crusts in his mom’s sandwiches, Hoseok babysitting Namjoon, Mrs. Kim working hard to make sure her small, country-boy Tae went off to a nice college (and got away from his ego-filled dad. Jungkook met him a few times and he was an A class asshole).
Either way, the younger never really saw that kind of love for him. It all seemed unattainable and whatever Jungkook was feeling towards you, it couldn’t have been love. Maybe lust, just in his own special way..
“I’m not in love with her, are you crazy?” Jeon sighed out loud and considered taking Taehyung’s advice for real, just maybe not at 12:30 in the morning.. “Okay, fine, but,” Jungkook turned his body to chuckle at the irony in his roommate’s words, “When have you ever been straight up with a girl, Tae? Was it when you asked her to give you that fresh hickey on your neck tonight?”
It was huge and Jungkook had been eyeing the red bruise just underneath Taehyung’s jaw for a few moments prior. “Was this before or after you went to meet up with Jimin because damn,” the younger was laughing now, inching to take a closer look at possibly the biggest hickey he’d ever seen, unaware it was Jimin who left those very marks.
As if he couldn’t be any more skeptical than he already was, Taehyung’s palm was quick to smack against his neck, making himself wince in the process as he discreetly rubbed the bruised area and avoided all eye contact with Jungkook. His jaw tensed as he tried to stop himself from blushing. Remnants of tonight’s events were running through his mind, and he had to stop before his dick got hard again. But that seemed impossible. Jimin was just this ultra, superior, ethereal being with the superpowers to keep his dick hard and heart fluttering for days on end. “Hey!” Taehyung scowls, smacking Jungkook’s head (not too hard) and pulling away from his susceptive gaze.
“Firstly, mind your own, secondly, I got bitten by a mosquito.” That was the lamest excuse in the book, but once again, this is where Jeon’s cluelessness played at his advantage. “Jimin lives in this whole other area, like expensive apartments and neighbourhoods and shit. There’s palm trees everywhere, too so there were a lot of flies,” Taehyung explained; sounding as brief and unbothered as possible. In case Jungkook didn’t believe him, he added, “Seriously, It felt like I was in another country when I arrived.”
Hopefully he played it off well. The man was pretty good at acting, especially when it came to promising girls he’d spend another night with them. It never happened.
“Whatever, man, turn the game off. I need the couch,” he yawns dramatically whilst stretching his arms above his head. “I can’t feel my legs.” It was a natural occurrence for Taehyung to sleep on the couch after a night of non-stop drugs. He would quite commonly complain about not being able to feel his legs because they’d be so numb, thus deeming him immobile until sober the next morning.
Taehyung executed the lame excuse perfectly, Jungkook completely brushed it off.. right after he finished tending to the minor concussion from his roommate.
Annoyed but kind, he ran off to the kitchen and paired an Ibuprofen with a tall glass of water to sit on the coffee table at an arm’s reach for the other male to quench his fleeting sobriety with, taking his earned title of ‘best friend’ extra seriously while throwing a spare blanket over Tae’s limp body on the couch, turning off the TV seconds later and going into his room.
Throwing himself to lie on his bed, the sudden urge to send you a text loomed over. He knew, he knew… he was supposed to let you reach out to him, but maybe you were just busy and forgot about him. Plus, waiting around was boring and nowhere near as exhilarating as—
jungkook: you haven’t forgotten about me yet? 🤓
Was it super obvious you was avoiding Jungkook?
What’s the best way to avoid someone?
Drown yourself in your studies.
It was probably advantageous to you now, since studying was always the excuse you used to get yourself out of unwanted situations. And this wouldn’t be a surprise to Jungkook. He had the shorter end of of the stick when it came to wanting to hang out, you would always reject his pleas.
This past week, you needed to ‘get back on your grind’ and all this faffing about with Jungkook left a lasting impact on your daily routine.
Every time you sat on your couch (which was often) you’re reminded of the very first night you both laid hands on each other. How could you forget? There was probably remnants of that night still burnt into your couch. Every time you’re sat at your desk, you’re reminded of the little note Jungkook left the following morning, apologising for leaving so early.
Hard to believe, your poor self displayed the note at the corner of your desk, right in front of your old textbooks. It seemed cringe, but you found it cute and got some sort of serotonin looking at it while you were studying. Every night when you go to bed, you mindlessly stare at the empty space next to you for at least an hour before falling asleep, thinking how it would’ve been Jungkook next to you.
And the shower… where you indirectly confessed to him, but instead, only confused yourself, and you had no doubt you confused him too (he wasn’t any smarter than you were).
In all honesty, you were waiting for Jungkook to approach you first, which was too much to ask for since he always texted first. But, you were hoping he’d say something about your last interaction. Was the “you got my heart running laps” not enough for him? Or was he really that clueless?
Whatever it was, you didn’t dwell on it, almost jumping out of the comfy seat at her desk and lungeing to reach your phone off the bed. Your heart was doing that annoying racing thing and your fingers were twiddling at your screen.
you: y’know what?
i completely forgot you existed for a sec
what was your name again?
Damn. Jeon was torn between laughing or having a go at you for that line as he laid out sprawled over his bed thinking of what to make of it, a tight lipped smile settled things and pushed through Jungkook’s efforts to take small offense to what you said.
“Pfft, John?”
However, that sly grin always appeared whenever you were confident and smart-assy with him. With shame lesser than -10000, Jungkook could easily admit he found it hot. He could stupidly stand in the middle of a street with both arms outstretched and yell, ‘I find it really hot when Lee Y/N gives me a taste of my own medicine, so what?! She’s very hot to me!’
Obviously that wasn’t going to happen, but trust that he would if it came down to it.
jungkook: john huh? who’s that, textbook #1? 😕
but uh. how’s jerry doing?? yknow. textbook #3 😉
It was the highlight of his night; Jungkook hadn’t even realized his cheeks were turning sore from smiling so big. If any of the guys walked in they’d think he won the lottery and then some, but no, it was just you.
It always seemed to be about you— is what the guys would say, surely. No one else.
jungkook: and i doubt you forgot about my existence, you like me too much
hell, you probably even missed me, i know i missed you
Anyone could bet you were forcing yourself not to break out into a fit of giggles (resulting in you just writhing in your seat) because there was no way a man was suddenly making you laugh this hard. Jungkook was making you laugh so hard.
It took you a couple seconds to regain your composure before tapping at your keyboard again.
you: john and jerry are doing good
they’ve been keeping me company and treating me well
i wouldn’t have it any other way 😩
Having Jungkook keep you company would obviously be better, but you can’t always get what you want.
You didn’t catch the next couple messages he sent, instead opening your camera and snapping a quick photo of the mess of scrap papers and opened textbooks lying on your desk, not even realising the note Jungkook left you a couple nights ago was peeking out in the corner of the frame.
You attach the photo to your next message;
you: this sums up my week
you know the drill
As you waited for the attachment to deliver, you scrolled down to finally see the recent message he sent, and you swore your heart skipped a beat.
Jungkook missed you?
A faint hint of pink drowned your cheeks as you contemplated on how to respond?
Do you reciprocate, or just be passive and ignore him? The second option seemed pretty appropriate, because if he missed you so much, why didn’t he do anything about it?
That option however, would just open up a whole other can of worms and would probably end up with the pair bickering until the early hours of dawn.
You missed him so much this week, you didn’t want this interaction to go to waste.
you: i think YOU like me too much since you missed me so bad
are you obsessed with me?
it’s okay if you are, but you’ll have to wait in line for your turn
That joke was no longer valid ever since you guys fucked.
you: if it makes you feel better, i guess i missed you too
Unlike you and your adorable stickling for structure, it was a shock Jungkook waited until all the blurbs of texts were done coming through considering how restlessness was naturally wired in his veins, but he preferred to indulge in each individual bubble once they disappeared from the bottom of his screen.
He didn’t want to take the risk of saying something stupid and fucking everything up, not after so long (2 days), so for you, he’d learn to be patient— even if that sounded difficult to actually go through.
Almost immediately his eyes widened at the amount of individual texts that finished pouring in (he always had a way of knowing if you were mad at him. If you sent him no more than three individual texts at a time, that meant he needed to hide).
But more than taken aback, Jungkook had an idea of what that meant on a deeper, more obvious level. It was so clear that you missed him and if his heart didn’t pound enough at the idea of it, the beating organ nearly jumped out of Jeon’s chest when his eye accidentally skipped down the list and landed on the last text, confirming that what he thought was true.
Now he had the urge to giggle.
The male didn’t know what the fuck was going on or why he felt this way towards simple texts that were meant to come off as light teasing and nothing more. All he knew was that if he kept this up, his head would swell because of all the confusion going on inside it..
jungkook: jesus nerd, how you’re still breathing surrounded by all that paper is beyond me
smh don’t get too ahead of yourself tho 😒 i like you a very small amount
and that joke is no longer valid ever since we fucked
Jungkook was still thinking about the fact that you also missed him and for that reason, he failed to catch his little note in the corner of your attached photo, for now.
His mind was just… focused on something else.
You missed him!
jungkook: that does make me feel better, god what would i do without you? 😫
but truth is… i won’t really believe it unless you go into detail, miss lee. tell me, what did you miss about me?
OH! and i know that there’s a long list so take your time
Seriously, Jeon Jungkook never took a break from feeding his ego. You sat there wondering how you managed to put up with him all these years. He had a cute face back then, for sure, but now he looked like a hot hunk of goodness and everything nice, unfortunately.
you: for starters, i missed you blowing up my phone with hundreds of texts
surprised i didn’t even get ONE annoying text from you
It was almost tradition for Jungkook to spam your phone with nonsense texts and silly pictures of himself whilst you were studying. It only became a problem when he started spamming you with tiktoks, distracting you from your studies because after you’d watch them, you’d end up scrolling on the app far longer than anticipated.
you: i guess i missed your stupid face too 🙄
and the way you’d come over and inhale all the food in my fridge
and how you’d mark your territory on my couch
i also really miss our movie nights, it was the only thing that relieved my stress 😔
and, believe it or not, i miss arguing with you
i could say so much more, but i don’t think it’s appropriate unless you wanna hear?
You paused for a second, seeing that your list had taken up the entire screen.
Damn, you really missed him, huh?
you: why did we stop talking?
you know my door is always open for you, jeon 😕
Whether it be to pester you, hang out, or fuck, Jungkook was always welcome.
you: but enough about you, stink
what did you miss about me? 🥰
It’d been eating him up inside long before this special moment, gnawing away at his core and causing Jungkook’s blush to deepen in color and expand vastly over the smooth canvas of his cheeks that were puppeted by two strings pulling hard at the apples of his cheeks whenever his heart went crazy drumming to its own, particular beat. It was a type of drumming that was so rare, he worried it was an actual heart attack at its beginning stages…
jungkook: you’re making me and my “stupid face” blush, lee 😵‍💫
But he never dropped down to the ground dead—it was worse— Jungkook was left with the continuous stinging in his chest and a conscious mind full of consuming thoughts.
Jeon Jungkook never skipped out on an opportunity to feed his massive ego, but you never missed the cue as his ‘special best friend’ to always give in and singlehandedly create an even cockier version of the man; just for the moment you were together, be it over text or in person.
Truth? Jungkook would rather hear you say these things to his face, then he’d be able to show a more genuine reaction to how they made him feel— a kiss spoke volumes, for example. He was never the best at saying things the way he wanted to say them— but on the bright side, Jungkook was glad you couldn’t see him and his flushed being.
That seemed to be his thing; go big or go home.
jungkook: that’s a hell of a long list for a girl that said she forgot about my existence 👀
sure you weren’t thinking about me everyday, pretty?
He liked to think he was in control; he enjoyed being in control, but when his skin was lit up because of a few sweet words from you, confidence didn’t come as easily and smoothly as it usually did. So, Jungkook settled for playing a front over text.
Not like you had any way of seeing him.
jungkook: but hmm, what did i miss about you? 🤔 well for starters, i like it when you let me raid your fridge and let me mark my territory on your couch ;)
how you call me “stink” or “idiot” with a smile on your face after i say something stupid because deep inside you find it endearing 👀
your random fuckin GORY murder cases that always stick with me. a man is scarred
when you’re super concentrated while studying and quietly mumble to yourself under your breath. it’s cute
you in glasses. that’s it
our movie nights, especially when you let me pick ironman for the 100th time
i also miss arguing with you and proving your ass wrong
your ass.
sleeping with you in the way that you keep me warm during the night and you rest your head on my chest. i like feeling like i’m keeping you safe
and sleeping with you in the way that i can make you feel really good, help you relieve stress. feeling closer to you is being inside you
Fuck, did he go overboard?
Jungkook was only trying to match you in terms of quality, but now looking back at all the sent messages, he couldn’t help but cringe at himself for saying all that.
He should’ve taken quality over quantity more seriously..
“Damn,” He ran a hand through his hair and quickly got back to typing so that you wouldn’t sit on the last part for too long.
jungkook: and wdym “when did we stop talking” 💀💀 y/n, it’s only been two days 🙄
im coming over tomorrow tho, can’t have you missing me anymore 😉
For a brief second, you thought you were reading texts from the boyfriend you never had. It was worse since you were going overboard with the blushing, but how could you control that? His string of texts were like… a confession.
Could he possibly be in love with you? Never.
Jeon Jungkook was incapable of feeling such things, and having said that out loud, all your hope had disintegrated. Jungkook was too clueless, he probably couldn’t even remember what you said in the shower.
you: i’m starting to think you missed me more than i missed you
You stayed giggling quietly to yourself, reading on each line one by one and feeling the butterflies in the pit of your stomach erupt. If Jungkook were here right now, he’d probably tease the hell out of you, use it as a way to boost his inflated ego.
you: my fridge has been restocked for you, so you won’t have to bring over half-eaten pizza like last time 💀
IM ALWAYS RIGHT! you have never ever proved me wrong in your life
you argue with bs, i argue with FACTS 😌
What’s something that would make the Jeon Jungkook fold?
A selfie.
But not just any odd selfie.
It was a blessing in disguise that you had your glasses on right now. A little selfie wouldn’t hurt anyone (but deep down you wanted to gauge a reaction out of him, for your own satisfaction) so you opened your camera and angled your phone up in front of you, your eyes peeking up from behind your lenses, unknowingly pulling off the whole ‘innocent, but not-so-innocent nerd’ look paired with a small pout.
The raised view might be familiar to him.
You were satisfied with the first picture you took so you sent it through to him, with another message following right after;
you: my glasses miss your face 😔
they’re tired of looking down at textbooks all day
When did Jeon become so totally and utterly fascinated with the casual sight of your dorky frames sitting high up on your cute nose, framing your face and making you seem even smarter and a bigger nerd than you already were?
He had no fuckin’ idea.
Glasses never looked as good on anyone else than they did on you— something about how your smartness aligned with the vivid image in his head of a sexy, intelligent librarian just did it for him without any misses.
Was it a fantasy or just simp behaviour?
Whatever it was, you had the brains and the looks; Jungkook honestly thought you were extremely cool and he could only dream to be as smart and dedicated to learning as you were.
Jungkook saved the picture to his camera roll after staring at it for a few moments in silence, lured in by everything from your puckered lips to deer-like eyes as they drove him wild in a manner he was way too familiar with.
“Fuck,” Jeon tipped his head to the side to take a look at the expected erection in his sweats, the bulge pitching a big tent against the bare material of his pants since Jungkook rarely wore anything underneath whenever he was alone.
None of this was fair.
Deciding to play your game his own way, he tapped on the camera and angled it towards his growing erection after pressing record, shamelessly zooming in on his bulge whilst breathing out a low, “This isn’t fair, y’know. Rubbing one out at 12am wasn’t on my list of plans for the night.”
Jungkook sent the video without another thought and added a provocative text to go along with it, his bottom lip close to going numb from biting down on it so hard.
jungkook: instead of looking down, how bout you look up at me? i think you’ll find that more fun
This was much more than the reaction you expected from Jungkook. You expected a little “you look pretty” or a “you look like a nerd” type of text from him, one that could stem as serious or just playful teasing, but watching the short clip and being met with his inane bulge, an overwhelming sense of pride took over.
You had awoken the beast with just a mere selfie?
No physical touch, no overly suggestive text message?
You had every right to believe you were capable of more. Maybe not right now since you had the clip on loop to bask in his ragged, deep voice, which gave you the most uncalled-for flashbacks to those nights where he’d praise you for taking him so good.
You quickly saved the video (for your own pleasure) and got to typing with your sweaty thumbs and clenching thighs.
you: life isn’t fair, sorry about that
Reading his last text message, your poor self had fallen into daydream mode. All the endless possibilities of you being on your knees and staring up at the man, doing God knows what. But you knew exactly what he meant, and you were not against it…
But you could always play dumb.
you: but why would i do that, koo?
enlighten a dumb girl like myself, would you?
Jungkook was this close to giving up on the sexual bantering over text and get up from his bed, go out his front door, hop on his motorcycle and drive the short minutes to your apartment just to show you what he meant— even if it was clear enough that you were only playing games with him.
jungkook: does acting clueless help you ignore the fact that you want me rn? bc let me know how that works out for you ;)
Before Jungkook could even acknowledge it, one hand extended downwards to grope his own cock, the firm contact pressuring a deep grunt to exit past his parted mouth and into the privacy of his bedroom where the darkness failed to conceal the slight twitch of his dark brows, the screen of his phone highlighting every minor gesture on his face as a response to him touching himself. His palm smoothed over his bulge time after time again as his heavy eyes stayed set on the picture before him— your selfie, breathing becoming just as unsteady.
Needy for something else, Jungkook eagerly slipped his fingers past the waistband of his sweats and pulled out his cock in one go, coming face to face with its angry tip that oozed precum moments before bucking his hips into his fisted hand, clearer groans and deeper moans making themselves known as he messily pumped his cock within his tight, slippery grip.
“Fuu-fuck.. shit,” for the first time, he looked down at the way his latched hand moved seamlessly down his girth instead of your picture, allowing his mind to run wild and imagine his slick fist was you, the tightness making him dizzy. His hips impulsively used the mattress as drive to thrust themselves upwards and fuck into his hand, his tip coming out the top drenched in more precum after each plunge.
Deciding it’d be selfish of him to keep you in the dark whilst he got off because of you, Jungkook opened his eyes and despite the minor shakiness, angled the phone above his face and started recording.
All he allowed you to see was his slack face, moderately sweaty and flushed at the cheeks, a glint of shine peeking past his hooded eyes and kissable lips split as his ragged breathing was heard. His messy hair fell over his forehead and brows just right, clenched jaw locked in place whilst his nostrils flared, the phone in his deadly grip shaking even more now that Jeon grew restless and pumped himself even faster— his arm was aching.
Finally, the man spoke, smirking lazily at the camera. “Does a dumb girl like yourself know what’s goin’ on right now? Don’t play stupid, hnghh— doesn’t benefit anyone, baby.”
Being the tease Jungkook was known for, he flipped the camera but didn’t show his cock by covering the lens with his fingers, hovering the device close to his dick for you to be able to clearly hear the wet sounds of his built-up precum sliding up and down his lathered shaft as he went crazy pumping himself to the sticky base, his grunts playing in the background.
He was so close, but all that was left was a push from you, and so Jeon sent the video straight away, going easy on himself for the time being.
You had never clicked on a video so fast in your life, and God, did Jungkook serve. The phone had been brought even closer to your face, as if trying to hide from anyone that could see (you still needed to get used to living alone) and the moment your ears picked up on his heavy breaths and flushed state, only a child would guess wrong about what he was doing right now.
Your eyes stayed glued to Jungkook’s face, admiring the sharp slate along his jaw and his parted lips, imagining just how soft they would be if you had the chance to kiss him again.
The ongoing ache between your legs remained steady (with a lot of self control) but you were crumbling by the second.
“Fuck’s sake,” you curse under your breath, forming a tight line with your lips as you watched on, suddenly having little time to process that his face was no longer in the frame. The video was still going on and you sat there with your knees up to your chest, putting the volume up to the max to hear just how sinful and erotic his actions were playing out to be.
So much for self control, you failed to keep your body temperature at a norm along with your blushing cheeks (which felt like they were on literal fire) hearing such dirty sounds.
You could make out the image in your head; Jeon sprawled out on his bed, sweating with one muscular arm between his legs and his cock vigorously pumping between his fist.
It should’ve been your fist getting him off, but the circumstances deemed that to be difficult.
Was it possible to want to suck someone off more than just sit down and study?
you: fuck you, jeon
The throbbing between your legs was beginning to grow unbearable, so you did what you were best at.
Repaying him in the most unexpected way possible.
With your phone clutched in your hand and legs brought down to dangle off your seat, you opened up your camera, switching to video and hugging the phone close to your chest, with the lens facing up towards your chin. You made sure the lower half of your face came into view before pressing record.
You didn’t say a word; simply letting your actions speak for themselves as you slipped your middle and ring finger past your plump lips and letting your tongue rest flat along the base, trying to slick them up a little before wrapping your lips around your digits completely.
This was totally out of character for you, but Jungkook wasn’t making it easy. The thought of him shoving his fingers down your throat edged you to push your own digits a little farther and then pulling back in a constant motion. Each time your fingers would come into view again, they’d be ten times more soaked than before, and just to spite the man, you would zoom in on your glistening digits and force him to watch on, slowing down the pace of your fingers so he could really cherish the sight of your fingers disappearing past your lips.
“Bet you wish that was you, huh?” you whisper softly, pulling your fingers out ever-so-slowly and then adjusting the angle of your phone, pulling it away to give him a view of the oversized shirt you were wearing which he left a couple nights ago.
You set your phone down to lean on the pile of textbooks on your desk, wasting no time in setting the heels of your feet on the edge of your seat and lifting the hem of his shirt over your stomach to reveal the lack of attire underneath.
Just a pair of simple lilac coloured underwear.
You gave the camera one last look before following Jungkook’s train of movement, slipping your glistening digits past the band of your panties, and as much as you wanted to touch yourself right now, you paused.
You weren’t giving in that easily, so you reached over for her phone with a teasing grin on your face, making sure only your face was in the shot before your fingers lightly feathered across your untouched core, eyes fluttering shut and back now resting slack against the chair.
“Koo..” Shit, you’d barely done anything.. It took you a moment to regain your composure and you stopped the video, free hand still sat between your legs and digits seamlessly running up and down your slit as you rushed to send him the video.
That should do it.
And that fucking did.
He should've known, he should’ve known that you would one-up him at his own playing field because— when did you not constantly surprise him with whatever skills you kept in your pockets, only choosing to show them off at the right time?
Your head game? Fucking awesome. Handjob? He swore he saw a goddamn angel last time. The best pancakes in the world? Only at your place.
Everything you did was irresistible and for someone like Jungkook, nothing in the world beat not ever knowing what to expect, that was partly why he slept around a lot. But you… you were a total freak.
Which is why Jeon should’ve busted right then and there after watching the video all the way through, he almost did, but instead of shooting his cum into the air, now he was angry at himself for even tempting such a mouthwatering, captivating response out of you while being stuck where he was. Not being able to actually do anything about it, he groaned to himself and wished it was his fingers that dipped past the warmth of your mouth, collecting your saliva to use as a lube to relentlessly finger you until your legs shook..
“Fuckin’ shit..!” Jeon threw his head back whilst his wrist flicked around the base of his cock, dragging his palm upwards to do the same to his red tip. Once those long drags began to lose their heavy momentum, that was when he used his other hand to text you back, his lower stomach muscles flexing as a sign that Jeon was extremely close.
jungkook: dirty girl getting her fingers dirty for me
looking so pretty in my shirt too? fuck you’re so good, wanna fuck you
gonna come a shit ton bc of that video. sucks it won’t be inside that pussy fuuck
Throwing his phone aside for the time being, Jungkook focused on getting himself off with the image of you fresh in his mind, his buff arm cramping up but he persisted nonetheless, abusing his twitching cock with all his strength until long ropes of white erupted from his tip and onto his sweats, his hand, his stomach, the sheets—his fucking foot?
“A-ahh..hmpph-hmm.. ah.. ah, fuck,” just when he thought he was done, his cock twitched and added on to the pool of creamy white on his sweatpants, “Shit..”
The man took the messy opportunity to snap a quick photo of the mess that was his stomach and sheets, ensuring his dick was in the frame this time before sending it to you with a cheeky—
jungkook: this could’ve been all yours baby
You continued your miscreants against your aching cunt, sliding your middle finger in completely and exhaling softly at the familiar feeling. Many of your nights were spent alone, mindlessly fucking yourself for relief (though it barely helped since you could never finish alone) but now masturbating seemed so… out of the ordinary.
You never felt the need to touch yourself since you and Jungkook started whatever this whole situation was. In all honesty, you were ashamed to admit you could no longer please yourself without your best friend by your side, whether it be him guiding you with words, or straight up doing the job for you. It sounded wrong on so many levels, but you couldn’t help what your body yearned for.
The thought only frustrated you since you were alone and nowhere near close to relief, but you continued to tease and toy with yourself, occasionally pinching your sensitive bud and then breaking out into short, fast-paced rubs where your fingers would slip past your entrance and knock the air out of her lungs.
Jungkook’s texts were coming through one by one, and each one forced you to pick up the pace of your wrists, now thrusting your fingers between your soft walls at a vigorous pace. Oh, the things you would do for him to leave a hot mess inside of you.. it was pissing you off and it was obvious you were taking out your frustrations on yourself.
If his texts weren’t enough to drive you insane, the picture he attached with the blatant mess of white surrounding him and knowing it was all your doing, sparked a different kind of light within you.
you: fuck you for being at home right now
you: i can’t do this
To be more clear, you snapped a quick video of yourself, camera facing down in front of you to give Jungkook the perfect view of your slick coated digits fucking into you, paired with your shallow breaths and your signature whines, “Should’ve been you, Koo.. you know I can’t do this on my own.” Your voice was unsteady as you spoke, and you were close to breaking down horny and unsatisfied, but you kept yourself together.
No matter how embarrassing it was, you still sent him the video, typing away at your screen with your free hand and pulling the other out from between your legs with a huff.
you: im holding myself back to come on your cock next time
and i’ll make sure none of it goes to waste
Sexting with you at the asscrack of night wasn’t exactly on Jungkook’s to-do list, but just as a wise woman once texted— plans inevitably change and hell if he wasn’t content with the turnout. Not to mention it served as closure that he wasn’t being shut out on purpose and a quick release all in one, although the new texts and dirty video of a quick peek inside her panties made him question if it was worth the extra cramping in his hand and even messier sheets..
The man grimaced slightly at the warm stickiness on his stomach and fingers; he’ll jerk off to that one another day.
Truth be told, Jeon was extremely exhausted and he had a real reason to be… now. Before he had the balls to hit you up and resume where you left off, all the latter did while his roommate was gone was play video games, sulk about why why you weren’t taking initiative and worrying that Tae had gotten ran over by a car, and then another— and another.
Like always, you were the highlight of his night and day plus every moment in between.
jungkook: “fuck me” for being at home rn?? ha you wish 😗🥴
and sure you’ll wait for me baby, you’re my good girl
just know i’m coming over tomorrow and picking up where we left off. missed u too much i doubt id be able to keep my hands to myself 🤤
Jeon didn’t realize he was grinning— the kind of grinning that formed those crinkles around his eyes— until he caught sight of his reflection through the screen, simultaneously noticing how tired his smiling eyes looked and, in a very adult way, he took that as a sign to call it a night. There was always tomorrow, and there will be a tomorrow.
A very eventful one— he’ll make sure of it.
A loud yawn easily slipped past his agape mouth and Jungkook used his clean hand to start typing again, doe eyes blinking repeatedly to try and stay awake just so he could send you a goodnight text and manage to at least change out of his clothes.
jungkook: i’m heading to bed now, no workout ever tires me out like you do 💪
night, hope my shirt keeps you warm 😏
you: night, jeon
try not to dream about me tonight 😴
And just like that, Jungkook set his phone aside and sighed to himself after standing up and taking a closer look at the mess he’d made— was that amount of cum… healthy?
You were honestly messing with his head but.. Jungkook kind of liked it.
You got out of your seat and went straight to the bathroom, leaving your phone behind to wash up.
What an eventful night.
Jungkook’s ‘i’m coming over tomorrow and picking up where we left off’ stayed lingering in your mind as you thoroughly washed your hands. You were finally going to see Jungkook after 2 days (felt like a month) and you didn’t know how you’d react the moment you open the door for him.
Would you jump him because you missed him so much? Slap him because he didn’t bother to talk to you these last two days? Kiss him without thinking because you missed his lips?
Fuck, you really wanted to kiss him.
Maybe you would just stand there and let the man welcome himself in since he had a lot of experience doing that anyway the last couple years.
Either way, you were completely and utterly fucked for caring so much.
Whatever though, Jungkook was still clueless and that was something you could dwell on another time, but for now, you felt like you needed 6 months worth of sleep for the 9857265 hours you spent studying to keep your mind off Jungkook.
Tumblr media
aiw taglist: @here4btsfics @zealouslightcookiebasketball @ninablue @petalsofink @jjksnoonamess @nadzzzblog @jossabelle88 @mwitsmejk @janedukiesworld @chl8e @bts-ruu @hollyweird0 @sharingcoolstuff @starbtslove @taeboludo @karinahwang @newdeobi @callmejimmeo @hrts4kook perm taglist: @aliceaflor5-blog @kookiecrumb @jjkeverlast @prettyghost @kooliv @koobsessed @gimmethatagustd @pb-n-juju @aslias17 @ririlovesangst @kootonins @taehyungseggs @dewamused @jungshook7 @jiminsneckkisses @moonfaery @fragmentof-indifference
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redsaurrce · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Synopsis : In which he took every opportunity to fuck the daylights out of you.
Pairing : YandereTeacher!jungkook x bully student fem!reader
Genre : smut, high school au
Word count : 4.0K
Taglist: @darkuni63
Warnings : 18+, Profanity, kissing, nipple play, YANDERE THEMES, use of stick and blackboard marker at intimate parts, chewing gum used for sexual purposes, non-con, mentions of licking sneakers, cumming
You licked the lollipop around your plump lips as you pulled it out with a pop, your left boot rested on the shoulders of the boy who tried to flirt with your best friend last night in the party.
"Listen you rat! If you are found to make a move on Arin once again," you looked down at him with threat filled in your eyes, "I'll make sure your father gets kicked out of his job and never get a chance in another company." The boy's eyes flickered and he dropped down while rubbing his hands asking for apology, "I'm so sorry Y/N, I'm very very sorry Arin this won't happen again."
You smirked. Afterall you were the richest kid in your school, who comes from a powerful chaebol family, your grandfather was next in nomination to run for the president. No one would dare harm a single hair on your body because they knew your background, your impact.
It was deadly.
Although you were infamous as a rich snob or the bully, you didn't particularly go on bullying people for no reason. A coin has both sides, people picked up whichever side they wanted to see yours themselves. Some admired you for saving them from other assholes while the others either hated you because
1- they were those assholes
2- well yeah you did sometimes lose your temper over petty things and bullied them
3- simply out of jealousy
But did you really care? Nope!
You were chewing your gum as you took your seat, crossed your legs and took out the biology book and flipped the page to where the lesson was left last day.
God who cared about those cilia and flagella, ugh. You were pissed.
After a moment you saw a person step inside the class who was definitely not your teacher, this man was much more handsome.
You heard the girls in front and back of your desk squeal among themselves, you scoffed. Were they already sold before this man even opened his mouth?
You shrugged off, none of your business afterall.
"Hello everyone I need your attention, today onwards I will be taking your biology classes instead of Mr. Leviski." He smiled, all were swooned.
"I am Jeon Jungkook, nice to meet you my dear students." And everyone chirped in with enthusiasm, "Nice to meet you too Mr. Jeon."
He started reading the chapter while you listened to him with half lidded eyes only waiting for the period to end already.
You yawned, "You there, what's your name?" He said while you kept looking at those big letters on your book which read 'cytoskeleton' . Arin who was sitting next to you nudged at your elbow and whispered, "Y/N he's asking about you!" You saw her from the corner of your eye then shifted your attention to your new teacher. You raised your forefinger and pointed towards yourself, "me?"
"Yes you, what is your name?" He asked you in all seriousness while you were still unbothered. "Y/N, Han... Y/N." You emphasized slowly on your name for him not to ask you to repeat again. But why, to him the way you said your name sounded so seductive in addition to those uninterested eyes? Was he getting delusional? He sighed as he ran his hands through his hair.
"No student is allowed to chew anything in my class, throw it out, now!" And he firmly pointed his thumb towards the door. You almost groaned, lord it was his first day and he was already beginning to get fucking annoying.
You were walking through the corridor and sighed, what a boring day and Arin walking next to you wasn't really helping anything to cope up with your boredom. "Y/N!" Finally she thankfully opened her mouth, "Don't you think Mr. Jeon is too handsome to be a teacher? " nope, you weren't thankful anymore.
"I don't know. But it's true that I don't really want him as my teacher." You said with pursed lips. "Oh c'mon are you still mad about the morning incident? " She pouted.
"Well obviously, he needs to be reminded of his place soon enough as--" Before you could complete your sentence you spotted your mother and father talking with the principal and Jungkook with broad smiles on their faces- something that they never gave to you. Beside them stood your elder sister, most probably receiving praises given how good of a model student she was, also the topper of her class.
Your parents always treated her as the princess when they outright neglected you, you were not much of an attention seeker but it did hurt, it hurt to see that they were capable of loving but you were not the receiver, even once.
You took Arin's arm and turned her around to leave but WAIT! Why was that Jeon Jungkook talking with your parents so happily? Was he trying to secure something? You contorted your eyebrows at the thought that your parents never heed their attention to any teacher, he being new to this school at that was pretty much unsettling to you.
It was another day in school while you walked in the cafeteria, carrying your plate to your seat.
As you took in your third bite, a large thud was heard and your foot felt something hot.
"Holy fucking shit! My favorite Fendi sneakers!! " You screamed in anguish as you looked at the curry spilled over them.
You glared at the girl sitting on the floor who had tripped and caused this havoc, you stood up in front of her. "Lick them clean bitch." She cried at the venom-filled words you spat but that was only adding to your anger.
Jungkook entered the cafeteria and he witnessed the scene, in anyone's eye it was evident that you were bullying just another student.
His eyes turned dark, he needed to teach you a lesson.
"Y/N!" His voice echoed throughout the silent cafeteria as it was silenced by your scream.
You groaned, which motherfucker had the audacity to interrupt you?! You turned to see that handsome annoying face once again.
"Follow me to my office, now!"
Fuck! You cursed under your breath.
He looked at you with his dark lustful eyes while you stood at a corner near the door, "Open your shirt" He commanded as he flipped through the register kept on his table.
You sighed, "Mr Jeon can you be specific? I didn't get the reference. "
"I never made one, it is what I told you to do- open.. your.. shirt." Your eyes went wide, the fuck?
You blinked and then scoffed, "What will happen to you if this gets out? Have you ever thought of that?" He sighed as he kept the register aside, "Of course! Who do you think the world would believe? A bully or a sweet teacher? It takes a matchstick to start a fire Y/N and that fire will only burn you, not me." He shook his head with a smirk.
You grit your teeth, "I will tell my father! Do you even know who I am?"
He chuckled, "A spoilt brat whose father wouldn't even care even if she died?"
Your expressions changed completely, clueless of how he knew about it and also scared of what advantage he might take of that information.
"You didn't expect me to know that right? Too bad! Now kneel down and open your shirt, don't make me repeat again." He said casually sitting back on top of the desk in his office.
You hesitantly kneeled down, your hands shaking while opening your shirt. A pink bra with white lace, how cute!
He stood up and went to close the door, "Now open that bra." You clenched your fist in anger, what kind of a punishment was this?
He sighed, "if I repeat the sentence once again I'm gonna kick you out of this room without the shirt." Fuck! You'd be embarrassed to death if people saw you like that.
"Alright then let me repeat again, Y/N open-" and before he could finish you hurriedly opened your sports bra with your boobs bouncing off by the speed you opened them.
He grinned. "Keep your hands off them." He took his stick and tapped on your arms which you brought up to cover your breasts.
You gulped as you removed them. What a good girl! And in an instant he opened the camera on his mobile and it went- snap! Your eyes filled up with absolute horror. "Relax, I won't do anything with the photo as long as you obey me." He smirked.
He then traced the outline of your boobs with the end of the stick which then he pressed on the nipple, pressing them inside. Your face was morphed in pain, you were trying your level best to not stand up and run away from him.
He came closer and sat in front of you, the stick pressing deeper.
"Y/N today onwards you must obey my words and if you don't do so then I'll upload the pic on the anonymous bulletin board of the school." He then removed the stick and stood up. "Put on the clothes back on."
Ever since that incident two days ago, you made sure to avoid Jungkook at every cost, even in the classes you tried to remain as inconspicuous as you could.
You were walking down the stairs while chewing another gum as you felt a little stabilized, your breath hitched as you heard your name, "Y/N come to my office." You knew that voice very well, it's engraved in your head like a tattoo since his sentences kept ringing in your head again and again.
Your heart thumped loudly in your chest as you opened the door.
"Everytime you enter this room, you must open your shirt and keep it inside my drawer. That's the protocol you must follow otherwise your photo will be on the anonymous school bulletin the very next second." He said while not looking up from the paper bundle kept beside him on the table.
Your eyes flickered, just why was he doing this to you? You hesitantly opened your shirt and passed by him to keep inside his drawers. "Now stand in front of me." You followed his words.
"Alright, how many chewing gums do you have?" He asked you and you put your hand inside your pocket to count them. "Three, sir." He hummed at your response. "I told you earlier that no student within my eyesight should be caught chewing anything." -- hold on, that's not what he actually said.
"But sir you said--" "sshh no buts!", he continued, "Lets play a game, the rules are that once you will blow the bubble gum and when I hear it burst with loud pop, I'll let you go. Remember one chance per bubble gum." He had his typical half crooked smile.
You fished out one pack of gum.
That should be easy, very easy for you. You nodded and tore the packet of gum, but to your surprise he slid down your sports bra before you could react, your eyes went wide. "S-sir?" He smirked, "Did you think it would be that easy? Now now, go ahead, chew that gum and pop it off if you can." He held your waist to bring you closer and his mouth attacked on your boobs.
The .. hell?
You grabbed his hair as you tried to be stable, you needed your mind to calm down. Meanwhile the man was truly getting more excited at the tight grip on his hair. You thought if that's the condition then you should quickly blow the bubble gum.
You started chewing-- fuck! He started softly chewing on your nipples as well, it took you a moment to realize that he was copying your chewing movements, he chewed on your cherries the same way you chewed on the bubble gum.
Then you quickly extended your tongue to allow the gum to be blown up, he copied the same action with his tongue lapping aroud your nipples in circles. When you tried to blow air in the gum, he sucked very hard on your hardened bud. Shit! You clenched your teeth and thus you failed to properly blow it!
One chance was gone, two remaining. "It's ok I can certainly pull it off this time" You mentally noted.
You went for second chance and saw him shift to your other breast, repeating the same actions- chewing your nipple while opening his shirt and then he opened his pants.
Fuck you needed to be quick! When you were once again sticking out your tongue to blow it up, his hands slid inside your skirt.
Fuck fuck fuck you needed to rush, you quickly blowed air and as soon as you did it, he harshly pinched your clit making you gasp and the bubble gum fell out of your mouth.
Damn it! Second chance was gone too!
He kept smirking as he removed his saliva dripping mouth from your breast, "Last chance or else you will be sucking on my dick till night, understand?" You whimpered, "y-yes sir."
"Good girl!" He smiled as he kissed your bare stomach which churned inside you. "Now onto the last gum." He said and you took it out.
You opened the packet and saw him kneel down, you were confused but his next action threw you in swirls of disgust. He lifted your short skirt and pulled down your shorts and then pulled down your pretty pink panties already soaked from the sensations he made you feel a few seconds ago.
You gulped and then took the last bubble gum inside your mouth, as expected, his mouth was now on your vagina, chewing your pubis like the way he was chewing your boobies moments before.
Your mind went hazy, you were rapidly cumming inside his mouth and he enjoyed every bit of it. For a moment you had even forgotten how to chew because the feeling was overwhelming. You regained your movement and once again stuck out your tongue. Jungkook squeezed your ass as he pushed his own tongue inside your opening. You whimpered but this time you were determined, no matter what, you will blow it with all your might.
And you did! You squeezed your eyes when blew air, the pressure also made twice your cum come out which filled up Jungkook's mouth deliciously. He moaned at the flavour when he heard POP! Ugh he went easy on you!
You pant for air, mind screaming in victory. He was disappointed at himself for not going a bit more hard on you and he hated it.
He stood up, "Well I think from now on whenever you'll chew bubble gum, you will be reminded of today!" He smirked, "And if I catch you again chewing them, I'll make sure you won't be able to get out of this room."
You went to your class all drained out, you sat on your seat and sighed. "You okay Y/N?" Arin asked you with worried eyes as you had missed a period already. "I'm not." You said before putting your head down as the bell rang.
You were peacefully resting when you heard students greet the teacher who just stepped in.
"Good afternoon students!" Your eyes shot open while recognizing the voice, it was him. Even though his voice was cheerful, you felt nothing but nauseous.
No! You sat up straight immediately because anytime you gave him room for to find flaws in you, he made sure to use it like a wild animal.
He smirked when he spotted you quickly sitting up like a good student, a good girl! He smiled as he looked down at the book.
"My goodness his smile looks so gorgeous, I wish he could step on me while smiling like that." A girl whispered who was sitting behind you and you wanted nothing more than to puke on her.
After finishing the portion of male and female genitals he announced, "Alright class I'll take a test on this portion tomorrow so be prepared alright?" He smiled to the students before walking out of the class. Ofcourse after seeing you, you who was deep in thoughts. He smiled to himself.
No matter how much you tried to focus, the things that happened in Jungkook's office kept flashing in front of your eyes, making you lose focus from your chapter again and again. You didn't even know whom to ask help from- hold on, your sister! She can explain.
You went and stood in front of her door to knock but instead you heard your parent's muffled voices. "So you're saying you want to marry his brother instead?" That was your mother's voice.
You scrunched up your nose, marry? You pressed your ear on the door tightly, "He already is working love, he will also become the future CEO! His brother is still in your school, not to mention in your class- don't be absurd Han Yoo-in." And that was your father's voice.
Well enough of eavesdropping, you walked quietly back to your room. You pondered over what you just heard, was she getting married to a potential CEO against her will?
Guess not all princesses get their lovers and also guess you can't really receive any help from your sister today. Sigh! Gotta do it yourself!
Next day you gave the test, honestly you did try your best reading everything clearly and answering them on the paper, yet you knew that you might have made a lot of mistakes.
Jungkook saw that on your paper - a lot of mistakes and he chuckled to himself. But he knew how to teach his little girl well.
A girl tapped on the side of your desk, "Y/N, Mr. Jeon wanted to see you in his office after school."
Fucking shit!
Your face immediately grew pale, was he going to punish you for the test now?
After the bell rang indicating that the school was finally over, everyone was walking out of the door gleefully except you, who needed to be present elsewhere. Honestly you saw this opportunity to run, but that would only come to bite back in your ass.
You slowly creaked his door open while your hands were practically shaking while pushing it. He glanced at you and then he went through the papers, he pulled out an answersheet, your answersheet and he clicked his tongue.
You kept your bag down and followed his protocol, opening the shirt to keep inside his drawer near which he was sitting on his chair. "Y/N open the shoes, come here and sit on the table in front of me." You took small steps and sat on the table facing him.
He kept your feet covered in socks on his thighs and spread your legs apart, you weren't even surprised anymore. "Hmm now the paper you've given in carries a lot of mistakes, we need to fix them, right darling?" Did you see this coming? Yes. Did you see the new nickname coming? No.
Your eyes flickered to your answer sheet which was covered in red all over, but you didn't do that bad if you recalled.
He opened your skirt and then slid down your panties, at this pointed you allowed him whatever the hell he was doing.
But to your surprise, he opened his drawer and brought out a black whiteboard marker and opened the lid with his teeth. He leaned in closer to your vagina and then took the marker to mark on your body part, "this is labia majora. "
You gasped, what in the actual fuck? Then he spread open your opening with his other hand, "this is labia minora. " He said as he looked up at your bewildered expression.
Then he kept the marker aside and tickled your another part with his middle finger, making your thighs trying to get close. "That's hymen."
Then he leaned in and ran his tongue all across another part, you clenched the edges of the table, "That's clitoris."
He then stood up and opened his shirt, unbuckled his pants and opened his underwear as well. "Come sit here Y/N", he gestured at the spot in front of him where he was standing, you gulped as you stood up with your wavy legs and went to sit down where he told you to, "Now look up!"
Fuck! He adjusted closer and now you were sitting right beneath his dick, which was already erected.
He began, "This is penis, now I will tell you the parts then when I ask you the questions, make sure you answer right because if you get the question wrong even once, you know the consequences better." His gaze darkened.
He took the marker and opened its cap once again, "this is the glans penis, this goes urethra, now the parts inside are epididymis which is...." He went on and on, rather quickly for your hazy brain to catch up.
"Alright we are good, now one right answer earns one kiss on my penis but the moment you can't give the right answer, you will face your punishment." His lustful gaze hovered over you as you were sitting there like a beautiful fairy you were, the floor already getting wet with your pre-cum, oh he couldn't wait for you to give a wrong answer.
To his surprise, rather to your own surprise as well, you were actually giving correct answers, not like he would complain when he saw you give him kisses on his dick, he seriously loved it infact, your soft plump lips, no he needed to kiss them himself.. right.. Now!
So on purpose he asked you a difficult question, your eyes went wide, "sir you never explained that?" His lips threatening to form a smirk, "no sweetheart, if you paid enough attention in your class you would have certainly gotten the answer correct. Now... prepare for your punishment."
You felt your brain switch off itself, you were terrified at what was coming, "Alright stand up!" As soon as you stood up, he pressed you to the nearest wall as he harshly kissed your lips while both of his hands working to open your bra.
When they fell down he used the opportunity to grab your boobs and thrust his penis inside your vagina. He kept playing with your nipples like turning a switch on and off.
You felt hot in your stomach and your spine getting those electric shocks running down. He detached his lips after biting at one corner of your lower lip then he moved on to the neck. "Soon we will be doing this on our bed baby" He said and once again got back to biting your neck.
Our bed? "O-our bed sir?" You were losing it, literally. "Yes baby, we will marry each other. Also call me Jungkook from now on my love, we will be husband and wife soon!"
The fawk he was saying?
Your nails dig on his hair as he pulled you up against the wall, he sucked on your pussy, "Yeah I will become the CEO of Jeon Pharmaceuticals two months later and your father had agreed to marry his daughter to me." He smiled wide, "No one can separate us Y/N baby."
"W-wait! CEO? Then w-why are you tea-teaching?" You managed to ask him between your moans and whimpers.
He chuckled, "I came here to experience a tough and challenging environment, what place would be better than a high school for that, oh and also to see my future wife as well." What the hell? Why did you never knew about your marriage- wait a damn minute, was he the one your father was talking about marrying to your sister?
Bad enough, because Jungkook thought that daughter would be you.
And you both thought that you were alone in the school so he didn't even bother to close the door. You were wrong, someone did witness both of your activity the entire time- Jungkook's stepbrother Taehyung.
Tumblr media
Hmm.. thinking to make a part 2 perhaps? Do give me motivation for that if u want, which is by giving *cough* feedback *cough* (pls) 🥺💖
Update: I've decided to make a part 2 less go!!
Update: Lesson 2 is out now!!
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jjkeverlast · 5 months ago
roommates | jjk
Tumblr media
-> pairing roommate!jk x female reader
-> genre roommates to lovers, roommates au
-> summary you’ve been roommates with jeon jungkook for quite some time now, not having a single thought of him other than a roommate. but things take an unexpected turn when you accidentally catch him in the act.
-> word count 5.8k
-> warnings voyeurism (it's an accident but still), fingering, oral (m. receiving), multiple orgasms, a lot of fucking teasing, switch!jk, switch!reader.
-> author's note if this fic seems familiar that is because i have decided to re-edit roommates to a version i am more pleased with. <3 hope you still enjoy it!
Tumblr media
“And cut! See you guys on Monday! 12:00 am! Don’t be late.” your boss Stacey shouts through a megaphone. Stacey is your current director as you’re helping her work on a coming of age movie. You say your quick goodbyes to your colleagues and staff, before going to your trailer. Hair and makeup was not on the crazy side today, so you just quickly change your outfit, pack your bags and leave towards home. 
Living in L.A for almost 3 years had its ups and downs, although in the end you never regretted your solution. It was hard at first – quitting your job as a sales associate back home, but after being true to yourself, you realized that this was not your dream but that your dream was being an actress. You have always had this dream. That dream was yours. Right when you watched the Mary Poppins Broadway Show at the age of 12. God, you had smiled your whole way through. You had pictured yourself on the stage, engulfed by the dimmed light, performing for thousands of people. That’s when you knew. 
Min Yoongi – who started as a cyber friend but with time you guys grew closer and met often; had always been by your side. You had accidentally drunk dm'ed him on Instagram, thinking it was your good ol' fuck buddy back then. The conversation had taken a humoristic turn, when Yoongi decided to play along, a kermit sipping tea meme being sent from you the next day, and that's when your friendship blossomed. Yoongi was already living in L.A and was supportive of your rash ‘fuck it’ decision of moving to L.A. Yoongi had a colleague from work in need of a roommate, and that's when your plan stepped into action. You quit your job, packed your suitcase and hopped on the soonest flight to L.A.
The only thing Yoongi hadn't mentioned was that this colleague of his was a dude. He really waited up until the last minute to tell youㅡand there you were.. totally oblivious of what you were putting yourself into.
You weren’t upset about your roomie situation, no. You were more upset over the fact that it never crossed Yoongi's mind to tell you. - Causing Yoongi and you to end up bickering about ’you not being remotely excited to share an apartment with a male’, in which you remember saying to him, “who for all I know could be a secret serial killer.” outside of his friend’s apartment.
There were two problems unfolding after that conversation. The first one being your future roommate hearing everything as in; every single word. And the second one? well.. He was hot. So fucking hot.
You recall the first meeting being extremely awkward since he was making you nervous. - Reasons being; he was shirtless when he opened the door. Adding to that matter, playing with his lip ring. - Yes, the reason you know was because you were staring at his pink plump lips. Knowing how strong your attraction was towards a futuristic roommate was dangerous. You felt as if you had two choices; living on the street or with the one and only.. Jeon Jungkook.
If it weren’t for Yoongi reassuring you that nothing ‘bad’ would happen, you would've never thought of living with Jungkook for the next three years by now. But as time passed, the attraction slowly vanished and you didn’t feel as smitten as when you first laid your eyes on him. Because you guys were simply.. roommates!
Arriving at the apartment, you slump on the couch as the first thing. Working on set definitely kills your legs, you notice Jungkook isn’t home and think back to your morning conversation of him mentioning helping Namjoon at his bar ‘Dynamite’ tonight. Therefore, you make dinner for yourself and watch whatever is playing on TV at the moment. Somehow you end up falling asleep on the couch, or more likely the carpet under the couch. You’d been exhausted after working for a full day and it surely showed. 
‘’Shh… we have to be really quiet. My roommate is right next door and I don’t want to wake her up.’’ That was false, you were sleeping beneath the couch, invisible to Jungkook’s eyes. The blonde which Jungkook brought home had hit on him until Namjoon had enough and just told him to ‘go for it.’ Jungkook took upon Namjoon’s angry encouragement and now they were here, sneaking in, trying their best not to make a noise to wake you. It was a success – Jungkook’s words not yours. 
As Jungkook is about to open his bedroom door, the blonde whispers, ‘’I want you to fuck me on the kitchen counter like there’s no tomorrow.’’ Jungkook was a freak. Risky sex being one of his kinks, he could not deny the offer. Although it was very wrong, you were sleeping not even five meters away from them. ‘’Are you sure you can keep those screams shut?’’ Her knees weakened at his comment and slowly nodded, pulling him towards the kitchen counter. 
The carpet which you were currently laying on starts to itch your right cheek. That somehow wakes you up and you take notice that you had been sleeping on the fucking carpet, not even the couch, no the fucking carpet. You’re about to move up when you hear a muffled moan. You stop in your tracks, scared to turn your head. But your curiosity was killing you, making you turn slowly, seeing Jungkook thrusting his hips in a slow pace, his tattooed hand covering the mouth of a pretty blonde.
You widen your eyes, turning towards the TV, screaming internally over this. You are fucked. You can’t get out of this Y/N. If you made the slightest noise, Jungkook would never be able to look at you again and that could end up with him kicking you out. You did not want that, so you cover your ears – trying to cancel all noise around you. This was to date, your worst nightmare. It was so far quiet, only muffled moans escaping what you had guessed was the girl. You begin to feel lightheaded over the whole situation, wondering if you’ll ever recover being in the same room as Jungkook is knees deep in a stranger. 
‘’Fuck you’re so wet.’’ Your lips part from Jungkook’s dirty talk – you never pegged him as the type to dirty talk and you’re not mad about it. Wait, no, Y/N. You’re not supposed to think that, he’s your roommate. Your extremely hot roommate. This is bad, this is so fucking bad. 
It was as if all your prayers were heard, because the blonde started begging to suck him off in the bedroom, which saved you from more misery. After waiting it out for a bit more, you finally got up from the carpet, returning to your room in a hurry. 
The sleep you wished to seek was long gone and you were awake until dawn. Seeing it was time for work, you got ready, now standing by the coffee machine in desperate need of caffeine. As the machine creates magic, you space out, maybe it was the lack of sleep – that’s what you keep telling yourself. Jungkook arrives in sight, hugging you from behind and whispering good morning in your ear. His lips drag further down, peppering you with small kisses onto your collarbone earning a satisfied moan from you. He proceeds to place his hand to the hem of your panties, teasing you over the fabric. You buck your hips, signaling him that you're indeed enjoying this and he should keep going.
He gets the signal, moving his hand under your underwear, his cold fingers making direct contact onto your slit, your pussy already being as wet as it could be. 
‘’Fuck you’re so wet.’’ He murmurs under his breath, before pushing a finger into your walls, clenching nicely around his finger. As he bites your earlobe, another finger slips in and your breath hitches from the stretch caused only by his fingers. 
‘’You take me so nicely.’’ He compliments, his pace quickening causing you to lean your head back on his shoulder – due to all the pleasure. 
Everything is interrupted when Jungkook steps out with the blonde trailing behind him. He takes notice of you right away, pouring milk in your mug. ‘’Morning.’’ He greets casually and you return it with an undertone of bitterness. You fixate your eyes on Jungkook’s hookup and give a sympathetic smile before you take a sip from your coffee. He walks her to the front door, her hair looking like a bird nest from behind. They must’ve gone at it for a while. 
‘’Wow, that was maybe the best fuck I’ve had.’’ You hear her comment and a grin received from Jungkook. Was he really that good? Jungkook joins you in the kitchen before your thoughts can evolve. 
“Seems like you had a lot of fun yesterday...” you start off with an innocent tone – putting on a facade, to not show that you heard or more likely saw. 
A small grin appears onto his face, “You didn’t hear any of it did you?”
You choke with half a sip of coffee in your mouth, you hadn't expected that. Not wanting to get caught red handed over this awful and embarrassing experience you decide to shrug off the whole thing. Just act like nothing happened Y/N, it might help with your sudden daydreams of Jungkook fingering you in the middle of the kitchen.
“Oh– no no, I was sleeping like a rock yesterday.” You wave him off, trying your best to play cool. 
“Okay.” he answers with a tone that makes you doubt. A part of you immediately starts regretting lying to him but it was for the best. Who in their right mind tells someone that they’ve not only heard them have sexual intercourse with someone but caught a glance at it. Lying is definitely the only way out of this. 
Tumblr media
‘’Shit–’’ You gasp as Jungkook quickens his pace, gripping the sheets above you with both arms. He earns another moan from you when his tongue swirls over your erected nipple. The cold from his lip ring makes you shiver. You pull him closer, wrapping your arms around his neck, his forehead rubbing against your own. The both of you panting as your bodies move in rhythm. Jungkook’s eyes roam all over your body, squeezing one of your breasts and the familiar urge to come pokes at the pit of your stomach. ‘’You feel–’’ Jungkook interrupts you, shoving his warm tongue in your mouth as his hand holds your jaw. ‘’Mmm– you feel so fucking good.’’ Jungkook flashes his white pearly teeth from your compliment, ‘’yeah?’’ You moan in agreement and your orgasm reaches every part of your body –
‘’Piece of shit!’’ You yell out of shock. You make sure you were dreaming, turning around noticing you’re in your bedroom; alone. You lay back down, a sigh escaping your lips in disbelief over how hot that dream was. You had to get out, away from Jungkook and mostly your dirty thoughts haunting you about your roommate. 
The following weeks you kept yourself busy, on set almost everyday and not seeing Jungkook as often. He took some late night shifts and you primarily in the morning. Your dirty thoughts were starting to calm the more you kept yourself busy. Jungkook on the other hand walked around feeling guilty – he noticed quickly how you kept yourself busy not wanting to be near him. Therefore he took extra shifts to help out Namjoon. 
''I just feel like, I did something wrong?'' Jungkook admits to Namjoon, as they were polishing the glasses, behind the bar.
''What if she's genuinely busy?'' Namjoon tells Jungkook, mostly for him to not feel guilty because of all this. ''There is always gonna be some period of time, where the both of you are really busy. It happens Jeon.'' Namjoon was right, mostly.
You have been busy, but it was to the point where you kept yourself longer on set, not wanting to see Jungkook when you came home.
But this was your fault. You grew a huge sexual attraction to Jungkook, not wanting to ruin your friendship, you decided on keeping your mouth shut. 
''Joon, she's usually off Friday, and instead of her being home she was with Yoongi all day.'' Jungkook expresses, not because he didn't believe Namjoon. Sure you were busy, but to the point where you suddenly started hanging more often at Yoongi's place without him? That didn't sit well with him.
''Okay, maybe you did something.'' Namjoon answers, earning a confused frown from Jungkook. 
''Look, maybe just give her a call?'' Namjoon suggests. ''Jungkook, if she answers, nothing is wrong. If she declines? Then you for sure did something.'' Namjoon explains as Jungkook stays silent, not knowing how to fix this. 
Not thinking any further, Jungkook decides to give you a call outside.
You’re currently sitting in Yoongi's apartment, munching on a bag of Doritos, while watching New Girl for the seventh time. It has always been your comfort series, when you felt either down or confused, and right now you're a good mix of both.
Yoongi, sat next to you working on a current record that was to be released in under a week. You wondered if you should tell Yoongi, maybe he could help you out of it. Or, maybe he would just laugh in your face and tell you to fix it yourself. Your thoughts were suddenly interrupted by your ringtone.
You grabbed the phone, seeing Jungkook's name. Shit.
Yoongi noticed your freezing state, just staring at your phone.
''Y/N, are you gonna answer that?'' Yoongi asks you out of curiosity. Your head snaps towards him, nodding your head before pushing the answer button, bringing it to your ear.
''Hello?'' you ask, making sure this wasn't a pocket dial.
''H-hey Y/N, I was just wondering...'' Jungkook starts off, small whispers appear in the background – Namjoon scolding Jungkook for a small second before Jungkook continues. 
''I mean, no, we need to talk.'' He says flatly. Shit. Exactly what you didn't want to do.
Without thinking much, you act like you couldn't hear him blurting out nonsense about there being bad reception and just hanging up.
You throw your phone to the side, letting out a big sigh of frustration.
Yoongi clears his throat, earning your attention. ''Y/N, care to explain what just happened?'' You open your mouth, trying to come up with a lie, Yoongi interrupting you before you could continue. ''And don't lie.'' He warns sternly.
''Well, around 2 weeks ago, Jungkook had a girl over.'' Yoongi hums a yes, making you continue. ''I accidentally fell asleep on the couch and might’ve been a witness to seeing Jungkook knees deep in someone.'' Yoongi scrunches his nose, uncomfort drawn on his face but he motivates you to continue. ''After the incident, I started daydreaming about Jungkook and I... in a not so friendly matter.''
''Ah, so this is why you've been crashing at my place?'' You nod yes, receiving a light chuckle from Yoongi, you slap his shoulder not wanting him to laugh at your awful dilemma.
''Y/N, at one point you're gonna have to face Jungkook. You can't keep hiding at my place and you can't ignore him forever.'' Yoongi expresses, you adding a soft you're right. 
Tumblr media
“We’re gonna have to cancel tomorrow’s shooting. Stacey got sick over the weekend so we’re gonna have to postpone till next week. Sorry guys.” Jia, Stacey's assistant, announces to the crew and cast. Shit, now you are gonna have to stay home the whole day tomorrow. You are hoping deep down that Jungkook would be busy with a shift at Dynamite or even worse a random hookup.
The thought of him being with a random hookup, brought a bitter feeling to the pit of your tongue.
When you arrive home, Jungkook is nowhere to be seen, probably again at Dynamite helping out Namjoon. You sigh in relief, retrieving yourself in your room, getting ready to binge a few episodes of New Girl, before calling it a night.
You start shuffling in your sleep, not finding a good sleeping position. Giving up on your sleep, you decide to make yourself a warm cup of tea, thinking it might help your sudden lack of sleep.
As you rummage through the tea cabinet, you don't hear the front door close.
“What are you doing up?” you yelp in shock as Jungkook is standing by the counter, wearing his work attire. Fuck.
“God Jungkook! Don't do that. My heart almost fell out of my chest.'' you scold still in shock.
You realize you haven’t answered his question. ''I couldn't sleep, thought some tea might help.'' And with that your eyes were back to the tea cabinet, in desperate need of finding the strawberry tea flavor.
“Listen Y/N.” he starts.
“Oh no… you forgot to buy my strawberry tea. How could you!” you interrupt him as you have a feeling where the conversation might be heading.
“Can we not talk about that right now? I really need to tell you something. Just please listen.” he says sternly. You turn your head towards him, taking Yoongi's words to you.You can't ignore him forever. So you give in, nodding your head making him continue.
“Okay so I've noticed you’ve been distant for the past week and I don’t know if I’ve done something wrong or if you’re just busy... ” 
You take a deep sigh before replying, “Look Jeon, I- I’m busy you know?'' Avoiding his gaze, you try to come up with another lie.
He nods his head showing that he understands that you were busy. His brows suddenly grow closer, as if he is wondering something.
“For a minute there I thought you might have been jealous or something.” he confesses, obtaining a shocked expression from you. How did he–
“Wha- why?” You ask, not being able to comprehend what is happening.
“I don't know... you just distanced yourself after the whole encounter with my hookup.” He admits, his eyes now looking straight at yours, waiting for a response from you.
Do not give in Y/N.
You scoff lightly before crossing your arms. “Jeon, you've got the wrong idea. I'm not jealous. You're being weird. You're being very weird.'' You exclaim, trying to hide your sudden nervousness peeking out of you a little. Shit, shit, shit.
He chuckles a bit, ''You’re literally repeating yourself Y/N. So no, I’m not being weird, if anyone is being weird right now it's you.’‘ he says jokingly. You don’t answer him. Simply ignoring his remark.
“Okay you know what? Fuck this.” Jungkook says, giving up on your little act. Knowing that no matter how much he tried, you wouldn’t give in, cause that’s not you right?
He turns his back to you, beginning to walk towards his room. Not thinking any further you suddenly blurt out, ''Okay fine! You really wanna know what’s been going on? Okay I’ll tell you.” you say in an angrily tone, not thinking of any of the consequences this confession might bring. For once you need to be honest with both yourself and him. He turns around, his eyes now looking at yours.
“What Y/N?” 
“For fucks sake Jungkook! I heard it, every single thing.'' You confess, a sudden silence growing inside the kitchen, as Jungkook just keeps looking at you. You take this as a sign to continue, as you've already fucked the whole thing up.
“Ever since then my mind has been going places. Daydreaming you fucking my brains out. That's why I distanced myself. I couldn't look at you. Not after all this.'' You sigh, feeling a bit lighter. Jungkook is being silent, way too silent for your liking.
That's when immediate regret came upon you. “Fuck, I knew I should've just shut up, forget this ever happened–'' You couldn't finish your regretful comment as Jungkook made his way towards you, crashing his lips onto yours. Your eyes grew wide, being in absolute shock. Before the kiss could deepen, Jungkook retrieves. A tingling sensation was now growing onto your lips, already missing the feeling of his lips. 
“Fuck– Y/N. I’m so sorry. I don't know what came over me.” he excuses, adding a small grin to lighten the whole situation and to make it less awkward about what had just happened.
You don’t say anything – still being in absolute shock over the fact that Jungkook willingly kissed you.
Jungkook clears his throat before adding, “well... Goodnight.” He turns walking slowly back to his bedroom, not looking back at you. His door was now shut.
What the actual fuck.
You stand still for a few moments, your mind in a desperate need of progressing what the fuck just happened. Without thinking any further your legs start walking towards Jeon's room. You lift your hand, about to knock but before you could, the door suddenly opens. Jungkook in front of you again.
“Y/N I–“
You don’t let him finish, returning your lips back on his in a desperate need to feel them again. Jungkook tenses under your touch, but it’s quickly exchanged as he wraps his arm around your form, hugging you tighter towards him. As your lips move in sync, you feel his broad chest against your own, his tattooed arm holding you tight. It’s weird how your body grows hot over Jungkook’s touch. You’ve known each other for so long, the thought of sex surpassed the both of you very fast – mostly him not you. 
‘’Mmm– are you sure?’’ Jungkook looks at you in the dimly lit room, his brown eyes fixated on your answer. You know you want this. Your body and mind craves the touch of Jungkook. 
‘’I do.’’ You bring your fingers, tugging his slightly parted hair and he toys once with his lip ring, his tongue making an exit and gently rolling over the metal until he nods pulling you back in. Now his tongue runs over yours, delicately all while his arms are still holding firmly onto you. 
A part of you can’t help but grow impatient. You’ve lived with Jungkook for about four years and in all honesty? A big part of you has wanted this for a very long time. It takes you back to when he accidentally popped in your head while your vibrator was in between your legs, your body in a desperate need for a release. You were so fucking needy tonight and you didn’t care. 
‘’Touch me Jungkook. Please.’’ You mumble against his lips, your hips grinding more against him to feel him as close as you possibly can. You expect for Jungkook to do just that, instead he starts shaking under your neediness. You grow concerned, retrieving slowly to get a good look at him. 
‘’Did I say something wrong?’’ Jungkook bites his lip, shaking his head to indicate a no. He pulls you closer again, his lips brushing against yours, ‘’You have no fucking clue how many times I’ve imagined you begging for my touch.’’ He whispers, grabbing a hold of your hair making you gasp. ‘’So I’m going to give you just that.’’ His arm unleashes from your form instead grabbing a hold of your exposed shoulders in your loose t-shirt. His hands feel cold against your burning hot skin, causing your nipples to erect. 
Jungkook takes notice of how perky your breasts now are, his hand trailing further down giving one of them a firm squeeze. You feel like you’re dreaming, Jungkook’s words are slurring in the back of your brain. He’s thought of you as you have of him. You grab a hold of his black t-shirt, tugging at it as his fingers trace over your nipples, pinching it in between his fingers and your hold only tightens as you pant against his mouth. ‘’Is this enough?’’ He asks soothingly and you almost lose all your patience, wanting for him to throw you on the bed and take you as if this is the only night he’ll be able to touch you. 
‘’Then tell me where you want me to touch you.’’ You lock your eyes with his, grabbing hold of his wrist belonging to his hand attached to your breast. You drag it longer down and under your t-shirt. He doesn’t move his fingers once they touch your heat, already being soaked enough for him to just slide in with ease. 
‘’Here–’’ You hold his thumb, pressing it onto your clit. Jungkook’s mouth parts as you continue using his fingers on yourself. The sight of you being so desperate for him, and mostly his fingers almost makes him finish right in his pants. The way your lips are perfectly parted, your brows furrowed as his fingers slide in with ease inside of you. You grind yourself on his fingers, still frozen, not daring to move and Jungkook gulps trying his best to remain as he’s loving every bit of you using his fingers to make yourself come right in front of his eyes. 
‘’Right here.’’ You sigh, closing your eyes as the pleasure increases within you. Jungkook loses it, curling his fingers inside of you making you snap under his move. You smile in victory knowing you made him lose all patience with you toying around. 
It isn’t until Jungkook picks up a pace that your smile turns to an ‘o’, an awaited moan finally escaping your lips. Jungkook’s cock was begging to be touched, becoming so hard he felt as if he’d turn dizzy. Your moans were soothing under his skin, reminding him of the wave of pleasure he’s giving you. 
‘’Mmm~’’ You’re still tugging at his t-shirt, focusing just on the pleasure and reaching your orgasm. Jungkook doesn’t stop, his thumb circling around your clit all while two fingers are shoved deep inside of your walls, hitting your g-spot nicely. You’re surprised over how good Jungkook is at fingering you. He’s so dedicated to making you finish all over his fingers and the thought is definitely pushing you closer to your orgasm appearing in the pit of your stomach. 
Jungkook pulls you closer, faces mere inches apart. ‘’I want you to look at me.’’ You do as he says, maintaining eye contact. The room fills up with the sounds from Jungkook’s fingers re-entering you. As your high reaches, you let out a strained moan, eyes still locked to Jungkook’s which have turned darker than earlier. His lip ring is dangling free, his lip going once or twice back to playing with it. You get more aroused by the minute, Jungkook’s fingers have stopped moving inside of you.
‘’Fuck, you look so hot when you finish all over my fingers.’’ The praise sends a warm fuzzy feeling, heating your cheeks more than before. You’re anticipated for what’s next, although you really wanna fill your mouth up with his cock. 
Seeing Jungkook is staying silent, not knowing what’s next you surprise him by taking his fingers out of you. He doesn’t hesitate to lick off your glistening arousal that coated his fingers. 
‘’I’ve been dying to do this.’’ You drop down to your knees, roaming your hands on his thighs, squeezing his skin under your palms. Jungkook hisses from the contact, his eyes never leaving yours and patiently awaiting for your next move. 
You remove his gray sweatpants, keeping the boxers on for the upcoming teasing you will accomplish. You palm him through the fabric, moving your head towards it, peppering it with small kisses. 
‘’This is so fucking mean– ah!’’ You cup him, grabbing his erection firmly. At least he’ll stop complaining for now. Your hands are done exploring, Jungkook’s cheeks have turned pink from the impatience of wanting you to suck him off. You know he wants it, despite the fact that you’re taking your time – not knowing if this is a one time thing or not. You want to enjoy him fully. 
It’s as if all Jungkook’s prayers are answered when you finally pull his boxers down, tongue flicking over his tip, glistening with pre-cum. ‘’Shit.’’ He murmurs, head throwing back in disbelief over how your tongue is running on his tip at this very moment.
You open wider, welcoming him a bit more in, hand pumping for what you don’t cover with your mouth just yet. It takes almost a split five seconds of sucking his tip off and Jungkook lets out a moan for you to hear. He sounds almost desperate, the moan being mildly hoarse. 
Your cheeks hollow as you take him further in your mouth, tongue flatly running along his veins. He’s a lot to handle, but your mouth does the job. 
‘’Don’t stop.’’ He lowly mutters, his hand holding your cheek, rubbing smoothly in patterns. You obey, continuing in a pace that has Jungkook grunting and breathing heavily only caused by your mouth. You feel overly confident knowing you have a certain effect on Jungkook. You moan against his dick, the thought overflowing you and Jungkook bucks his hips towards you in a thrust. He continues to fuck your mouth, his cock now coated in your spit. 
‘’I think now’s the time that I finally fuck you.’’ Jungkook expresses. 
You remove your mouth, some spit landing on your chin; your hand still holding onto the base of his cock. ‘’Oh yeah? Who said you’d be the one to dom?’’ Jungkook is in shock over your words, shivering at the thought of you completely taking control over his body. Jungkook’s silence is enough for you to know he’s toying with the idea of you taking over. 
‘’Okay. Take control of me.’’ He throws his shirt over his head, exposing his abs and fully tattooed sleeve to you, laying down comfortably, inviting you in between his legs. You follow his movements, taking off your shirt and dropping your panties to the ground. Now moving towards him, wanting to ride him out like there’s no tomorrow. 
Your hips now straddling him, grinding against his cock and coating him in your arousal from earlier. Jungkook’s hesitant to touch you, his hand moving and holding tight in a pillow instead. 
Your fingers examine his face – mostly his lip because of his piercing – you’re in doubt if you can play with it, so you let your fingers rest on his cheek. It’s as if Jungkook knew your doubt, guiding your finger and letting it rest on the metal of the ring. You bite your lip, gently moving the piercing back and forth. 
‘’Do you have any idea how turned on I get by this?’’ Jungkook interrupts your session of toying with his lip ring. You freeze, mouth agape all while shaking your head no. 
Jungkook presses you down, your folds making direct contact to his cock and it’s so fucking hard. He wasn’t lying. 
‘’Please, just fucking ride me already.’’ He sucks in a breath noticing how needy that actually sounded from his part. He loved how you took your time with him but he wasn’t going to last very long if he didn’t experience the feeling of how you convulse around his cock while he’s inside of you. 
‘’Because you asked so nicely.’’ You prop yourself, taking a hold of the base of his cock and guiding it to your entrance. The tip barely reaches all the way in and Jungkook’s eyes are closed, panting lowly. The sight is definitely something you could get used to, seeing him getting all worked up for your touch and now mostly your cunt wrapped around him. 
You drop further down, Jungkook’s dick now fully nestled inside of you. You whimper out of sensation of how well he’s stretching you out. You start bucking your hips, a hiss leaving your mouth as you ride him tenderly. 
Jungkook’s eyes are still screwed shut, his eyebrows grown close and his mouth slightly parted, showcasing just how pleased he is by you. You rake your fingernails in his chest as you pick up your pace, sensing the familiar knot re-appearing. 
‘’Fucking hell,’’ Jungkook curses, his eyes now roaming your body and how smoothly you move above him. He takes his chances, grabbing your ass tightly making you jerk your hips out of the sudden control Jungkook is having again. 
You like that he’s testing out how much he’s allowed to do. Almost as if he’s being careful with you as you’re a delicate flower petal. 
You’re determined to make yourself and him finish in the short amount of time and seeing Jungkook’s fucked out face, you’re close to reaching your goal. 
‘’You feel so good–’’ You praise, receiving a small smile from Jungkook. Your hips are close to giving up, riding as if you have the whole time in the world. 
‘’Come on, you’re so close.’’ Jungkook encourages you, moving his grip on you along with your movements. 
Your legs begin to lightly shake, dissolving into pleasure and finally reaching your second high. Jungkook grunts, feeling your arousal on his cock as you keep riding it. It doesn’t take long for Jungkook to lose himself completely, coming undone inside of you and filling you up with every drop he has to give.
''Holy shit.'' You say a bit out of breath, trying to regain a bit of consciousness.
''I can't believe we just fucked.'' ''Makes two of us.''
He turns his head towards you, looking into your eyes, causing small butterflies to appear in the pit of your stomach.
You smile. ''What?'' you ask, still giggling a bit.
''I- did you know you look really pretty after getting fucked?'' He asks, running his fingers along your arm.
Shit, that was hot.
''Stop it Jeon.'' You respond by giving him a small smack on his chest once again.
''What? I'm serious.'' There they were, once again the butterflies in the pit of your stomach, not wanting to disappear.
''So, what now?''
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