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Hello! I love your work, could I ask you a request about Jungkook strong/intimidating aura but soft towards the reader who is shy, inexperienced and shy?🥺it turns him on but at the same time he feel protective towards her innocence. I would love to read a smut interactions between this two 🥺✨
Tumblr media
Pairings: Jeongguk + Reader Word Count: 4.1k+ words Warnings: shy virgin oc gets it with her buff! soft dom! short haired! tattooed & pierced! boyfriend! koo, oc and jk are cat people in this universe, typical overprotective boyfriend, size kink, he also spits on your pu$y, protected sex, pwp
Note: not beta'd. im in a rush lol sorry.
Requests are always open.
Tumblr media
This was not how Jeongguk planned to spend his day off. What’s a buff, 5’10 guy, all inked and pierced doing in the middle of the baby aisle? Looking like a dilf? It felt as if he was entering every circle of hell of his own accord every time his brother, Seokjin, asks him to run for a diaper supply. 
He adores his nephew, that’s a fact, which is why he spoils him so much whenever he comes by. What he doesn’t like is his brother bulldozing through his already set plans for the day.
The day is bright and the weather is clear, but Jeongguk complaining to his brother over the phone is making it seem like it’s gloomy.
“Hyung, I don’t fucking get this shit,” his brows furrowed as he studies the packaging intently. “How am I supposed to know what to get?”
“The size is on the left…I think?” Seokjin nervously gulps, hoping his memory serves him correctly.
“There’s nothing here,” Jeongguk sighs as he returns the diaper back on the shelf.
It was now Seokjin’s brows turn to knit, “Wait, what were you holding?”
He squints his eyes at the item he just returned, “Uhh it’s Pampers?”
“Ah, we usually buy Huggies for Iseul,” Seokjin shrinks in his seat as soon as he hears his younger brother inhale sharply. “Sorry I forgot…again.”
“You could’ve told me that earlier!” Pinching the bridge of his nose, Jeongguk threw his head back in frustration. “Okay, Huggies. What size?” 
“Size 4!” His elder brother’s enthusiasm made him pull his phone away from his ear. “While you’re at it, can you get me Frosted Flakes, too?”
“I don’t get paid enough for this shit. Goodbye,” he quickly ended the call, randomly throwing three packs of diapers in his cart, not even looking at it anymore.
Jeongguk turns his cart with little to no effort while whistling to ease his boredom as he makes his way to the next aisle. If his assumptions are correct, mostly based on his grocery shopping observations, this particular store doesn’t carry frosted flakes. But then again, it doesn’t hurt to try. 
“Frosted flakes…Frosted flakes…” Jeongguk mumbles as he scans every row for the cereal. When there was no sight of the blue box, he frowned. 
Jeongguk: There are no frosted fucking flakes [2:00 PM]
Seokjin Hyung: am sad ;-( [2:00 PM]
Jeongguk: You type like an idiot [2:00 PM]
Just as he was about to push his cart out of the breakfast aisle, a soft voice stopped him from doing so, “Excuse me? Can you help me reach the Lucky Charms?”
Looking over at his shoulder, he lifts a brow, “And why would I do that? Do I look like I work here?”
Your lips parted as you scanned him from head to toe. Somehow, you felt embarrassed that he assumed he was an employee when he’s wearing literally every black clothing there is to exist. A nice fit on his body, though, if you may add. 
“No, but I–uhm–you’re…taller than me,” feeling extra small and intimidated by his cold aura, you didn’t meet his gaze anymore. Instead, your eyes stayed glued to your feet, “Actually, it’s fine. I’ll just call the–”
He didn’t even give you enough time to finish your sentence. 
The next thing you know, his big body was blocking your vision as he reached for the cereal on the top shelf with ease. Jeongguk didn’t even need to tip his toes like you normally would and that was weirdly amusing for you.
“Here,” he hands you your box of cereal.
“Oh,” it took you a while to process what just happened so you blinked. Multiple times.
When your eyes slowly grew wide and your smile reached up to your eyes, Jeongguk could’ve sworn that love at first sight wasn’t an urban legend anymore. Like, who even bows at a full ninety degrees just for a mere cereal box? Definitely not him.
“Thank you so so much!” You waved the box to a dumbfounded Jeongguk who only nodded his head as you pushed your cart away. 
He just watched you walk away happily, maybe even trying to remember whatever tune you were humming as you walked away. 
Without breaking his gaze from where you once were, Jeongguk pulls his phone out and presses on his brother’s number like it was muscle memory, “Hyung, do you need anything this week?” 
“It’s all good, today was just a mishap,” Seokjin reassures. 
“Okay, how about next week? I can–uhh–run to the groceries or some shit,” he nervously asks, hoping his brother would never catch anything suspicious.
“I think we’re all good for now,” his brother says with conviction, but only because he doesn’t want to bother his younger brother for errands next time.
“You sure?” Jeongguk pushes.
“Yes, Jeongguk. I’m very sure,” Seokjin sighed. “...Are you flirting with the cashier again?”
“Fuck off, just wanted to help you while I buy cat food for Sage,” the tip of Jeongguk’s ears has now turned to red as he blatantly lied.
His elder brother snorted on the other line, knowing how much of a terrible liar his brother is, “Yeah right, you and your cat.”
“You’re full of shit,” Jeongguk once again ended the call before Seokjin could retort anything again. 
Maybe grocery shopping might be one of his new hobbies. 
Tumblr media
“Cooper?” You sniffed as you walked outside your building, softly calling out for your lost cat. 
It’s been 3 hours and you’re literally freezing outside, not giving up until you find your beloved pet. This isn’t the first time Cooper, your escape artist of a house pet, went out of your unit. The first time he got out, you found him at a nearby construction site because apparently, he thinks it’s a giant litter box for him to enjoy. The second was when he, for some weird reason, found himself stuck on the roof of your complex. How he got there, you wouldn’t ever know.
“Hey, Y/N! Oh– you’re crying,” your ever so cheerful neighbor, Jimin, stops in his tracks when he sees the tears pooling in your eyes. “Did Cooper get out again?”
You slowly nodded, lips quivering from trying to stop yourself from breaking down. Every time your cat goes for his so-called walk, you end up in tears. And every time he does, it’s always Jimin who always finds him and brings him back to your unit. 
“Say, if I do find him again – which I’m positive I will – I’ll be right by your door, alright?” He assures you with a smile. For some reason, everyone calls him the pet whisperer for always babysitting the neighbors’ pets, so all you can do is trust his words on that.
“T-thank you,” you mumbled under your breath with sadness. 
Jimin felt so bad looking at your state. Not when he’s so used to seeing you all full of spirit, “Why don’t you go up and make yourself something warm while waiting for him, hmm?”
And that you did. Only because the only choice you had was to patiently wait for your cat’s return.
Dragging your feet as you climbed the stairs, you were sure the rest of your neighbors could hear the lazy thud of your feet against the floor. 
With a head hung low and a slump on your shoulders, you tiredly sighed, wanting to reach your door so you could finally cry your worries out. A pair of feet waiting outside your unit is what made you raise your head. 
Leaning by your door is none other than your cereal hero from the other day, Jeongguk, who looks even scarier now than you last saw him. 
“God, fucking finally, you’re here,” the crease in his forehead quickly goes away when you can no longer hold back your tears. You covered your face from embarrassment and sobbed silently against your palms.
‘Should’ve bit my tongue there,' he thought. 
“I’m sorry,” he says with full remorse. “I can come back later when you’re feeling better.”
You slowly removed your hands from your face, wiping your tears with the back of your hands, “It’s…okay. I’m just having a bad day right now.” Hiccuping in between words and sobs, you still tried to form coherent sentences, “I–I couldn’t find my cat.”
“Cooper with the 9A tag?” Your brows rose at the mention of your pet AND your unit number. The look on your face says it all, “Yeah, I figured.”
“You–you found him!” Not gonna lie, there was a sense of relief that finally washed over you. At least Jimin doesn’t have to scour the chilly weather today.
Jeongguk scratched the back of his ear, clearing his throat nervously, “He–uhm–I–Why don’t you go inside for a while?”
Seeing his behavior as suspicious, you narrowed your eyes at him, “No. I wanna see Cooper now.”
“Sorry, sweetheart, but you can’t,” he says sternly.
‘Your devil’s spawn Cooper is fucking my Sage in the fire exit.’
“Why not? He’s my cat,” you retort.
Jeongguk’s brows knit together once again, slowly losing his temper over a mere house pet, “Are you rude or what? You just can’t see him right now. It’s not that hard to understand.”
You were so appalled with how he wasn’t making any sense right now. All you wanted was to have your cat home and snuggle with him after crying about him the whole day, “How is taking my own cat home rude? Do you have any common sense?”
“Do you have any common sense?” He mimicked the words with a mocking tone and a sarcastic chuckle. “I actually do. But do you have one? Because I’m sure as hell you wouldn’t like it if someone walks in on you mid fuck!”
Just as you were about to retort, he cuts you off, “Tell me your cat is spayed or I’ll go ape shit right now.” When you finally understood what he has been trying to tell you, your eyes widened. And when he finally got the hint your expression was giving, he rolled his eyes, “You’ve gotta be shitting me.” 
At this, you immediately shut up. There is nothing you want more in this world right now but to sink into the floor. Horrified would be such an understatement to describe the look on your face.
‘Oh, fuck. Did I offend her?’ Jeongguk mentally slaps his head.
He sighs, “Listen, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.” 
You slowly nodded your head, “Uhm, it’s okay…I guess.”
And then awkward silence filled the space between the two of you.
You were shuffling side to side while looking down at your feet. On the other hand, Jeongguk looked around, arms crossed and still leaning against the wall, still thinking of ways he can strike another proper conversation with you without sounding forced.
Not bearing the unnecessary tension anymore, he chose to break the silence, “So, we need to talk about our setup.”
“I’m sorry but what setup?” You didn’t know what you were getting into and you’re more than confused at this point. 
“For child support.” Jeongguk massaged the bridge of his nose with eyes closed, obviously regretting that it had to be him to bear you this news, “Clearly your cat is a fuckboy.”
You blinked, “...Oh, You mean kittens!”
“Whatever floats your boat, but I demand child support,” he shrugged.
“Uhm, okay.” Squinting your eyes in confusion with your head slightly tilted to the side, you asked, “And we need to settle that once and for all, right?” 
He nodded, “Right.”
Not sure where to start with your part of the deal, you suggested your idea meekly, “I–uhh–can send cat food every month for the kittens?”
Jeongguk looked up, thought about the idea at first, then nodded with approval, “Fair enough. Sounds good to me.”
You sighed with relief when he took it into consideration. 
Feeling as though the help you’re extending wasn’t enough ‘child support’ yet, you timidly peeked at him through your lashes and honestly admitted what you’ve been thinking about, “Sorry, that’s all I could think of right now. I don’t know how else I could compensate for my cat’s–err–behavior.”
He didn’t say anything. Yet. He just looked at you which made you jolt in the discomfort of being under someone’s watch.
“We could go out and eat or some shit?” Jeongguk’s ears slowly turned red. 
‘Jeongguk, you airhead. You can’t ask her out like this!’ When your lips, yet again, parted, he wanted to take back what he said until you beat him to it.
“There’s a nice cafe down the street,” when you gave him a soft smile, that’s when he finally returned one, too.
Jeongguk in disbelief was such a rare sight to see, ‘Fucking sorcery.’
“I’m Y/N, by the way. Cooper from 9A’s mom,” you extend your hand politely while pointing at your unit number that’s on your door.
“Jeongguk from 9B, Sage’s peasant,” As he takes your hand, he notes how his are bigger compared to yours.
Tumblr media
A lot can happen in a year and the next thing you know, the so-called “child support'' turned to cat co-parenting, then turned to moving into the same unit. 
Who would’ve thought that the intimidating, seemingly offish Jeongguk is actually a sweetheart? Definitely not you.
If you asked Jeongguk to list down ten things he likes about you, he’ll give you fifty. If you asked him anything under the sun, he surely knows all the answers to it because he’s that smart. If you make your eyes round enough like that of a doe, he would literally do anything you ask of him – which says a lot because Jeon Jeongguk hates a lot of things but never you.
One of the many things he liked doing is watching you reach over cupboards with a sly smirk grazing on his face. A cocky smirk that he could proudly wear because stools aren't shit when you’re naturally born tall. He watches you struggle, and when he’s had enough worry to rile him to step in, wraps an arm protectively around your waist and reaches over with ease. Oh, how he adored stepping in whenever you struggled. It makes him feel needed.
On the contrary, his self-control and patience are put to the test whenever he stops himself from shoving his cock balls deep inside your cunt whenever you would grind on him just to get off. At least you graduated him from thigh riding, right? The sexy lingerie you’d occasionally wear isn't of much help either. 
God, his temper is awful whenever he’s edged but he always tries.
The farthest Jeongguk has gone with you is to eat you out and finger you with, much to his surprise, three digits. The farthest you’ve done with him is a basic handjob and a hesitant blowjob because you didn’t know if you were doing it correctly or not.
You appreciate how he would never force you to do something you’re not yet ready to do. Knowing how losing your virginity (even at a big age) is overwhelming, he’d rather take all his time warming you up than making you feel bad just to satisfy himself. 
One of the few stimulating positions you enjoyed doing with your boyfriend is assaulting your wet pussy while laying on his buff chest, preferably in front of a mirror because Jeongguk loves watching your facial expressions as you reach your high – just like now with your discarded lingerie sprawled across the floor.
“Wanna see you insert another finger in there, princess,” he whispers against your ear in a husky voice, not breaking his eye contact off of you through the mirror in front of your shared bed.
You squirm against his sweaty skin when the added digit hits a new sense of pleasure, “A-ah! Can you please do it for me?” Jeongguk could’ve sworn his cock twitched when you begged with puppy eyes but he shakes his head, making you whimper like a brat. “Your…your fingers feel better…than mine,” you utter breathlessly with a pout.
He chuckles, still not budging to take over or say anything. 
Knowing how much your boyfriend loves to hear your pleas just so you can cum, your other hand reaches over to his cock, stroking it at the perfect tempo just the way you know he likes it. Under your touch, he hissed at the sudden sensation.
“Koo?” You say almost in a whisper, still stroking his shaft, “I…I want you inside me.”
“Baby,” he warns under his breath.
“I want…I want it to be with you,” you admit shyly. “I-I can take all of you, y-you know?”
Feeling as though he’ll lose this time, he sighs and reaches for the drawers to grab a condom, “If it hurts tell me to stop, alright?” You don’t say anything back but he could feel your heart race, “Need your words, princess. Or else we’re cutting the fun short.”
Out of panic, you think you jumbled the words out of your mouth, “Ah–yes! I will, K-koobear.”
“Koobear,” he scoffed, then poked his tongue in his cheek, eyeing you intently at the use of the nickname while ripping the foil open. “It’s either you call me by my government name or baby, but preferably when I fuck you,” he explains further while rolling the condom down to his shaft.
“Why? I like calling you Koo and you’re as big as a–Oh!” Your words are immediately cut short when the tip of his cock slowly enters your core. 
“Do you want to stop?” He asks with worry.
Shaking your head, you threw your head back and rested against his chest, “N-no, just a switch in our positions, I think.”
“You think?” He scoffs. 
In one swift movement, well more like a blink of an eye, it was as if you were manhandled by him when he flips the position in a snap – it was now him hovering over your body that’s small compared to his. He towers over you, pinning both of your hands with one hand, and he smirks at this. If anything, he’s enjoying the very obvious size difference between you and him. You felt small, heck curling up would make you even tinier, but the feeling of enjoying it is bubbling in your stomach.
Jeongguk’s brows lifted as he parted your legs, seeing how wet you’d already been. It’s so fascinating to him how such a tiny cunt could be so slick, “Jesus Christ, you’re wet as hell.”
“Don’t say that,” you shyly mumbled while watching your boyfriend through your lashes.
“What? Getting shy already?” He teases as he leans down to your dripping cunt.
Jeongguk spreads your legs apart, tracing his nose along your slit that’s enough to send shivers down your spine. He sure knows what he’s doing, alright. He then spits in your pussy and watches his spit dripping along your slit, humming in approval when your hole sucked in his spit. 
“Mmm, now that’s a needy cunt,” an amused smirk graces his lips when he notices your goosebumps. “I promise you won’t regret this.”
Chuckling, you replied, “I don’t think there was ever a time that I regretted anything with you.”
Your boyfriend leans in closer as he aligns his hardened member in your entrance, “That’s so good to hear from you, princess.” Slowly, he enters inside you making you wince slightly, “God, you’re tight as fuck.”
You let out a soundless gasp, lips parted, and eyes pooling with tears from the mixed feeling of slight pain and pleasure. Jeongguk notices this and briefly stops when his whole length is finally inside you, “You good?”
“Y-yes, it just feels…so different,” you assured. 
“I’ll move now, alright?” His thumb runs across your cheeks soothingly as he slowly fucks you until you adjust to his size. Underneath him, you look so fragile, so helpless, yet so submissive to him. 
Your hands trailed down to where he was bulging under your skin, rubbing his embossed form while your eyes fluttered, “Y-you’re so big, Koo. So deep inside me.”
“I’ll let you adjust to my length, babe,” there was a tinge of amusement inside of him as he studies every reaction your body makes.
“It’s okay, I can take it,” you say with conviction this time, and that made him somewhat proud – you take all of his fat and big cock with no fuss.
“This pussy is made for me, huh?” Jeongguk picks up the pace this time only because he enjoys watching your tits bounce as he rocks your body. “Makes me wanna do crazy shit like have your name tattooed on my rib,” you gasped, scratching lines against his back.
“Please look at me,” he gently moves away the stray hairs that stuck on your sweaty face. “Wanna see how pretty my baby is.”
You slowly open your eyes with a lust-filled gaze and this is where he lost his shit. He rams inside of you faster and harder this time, making you arch your back at the newfound pleasure he was hitting. 
“What if I break this condom off and fill you with my cum?” Your pussy tightens at the idea of his cum overflowing out of your cunts because it couldn’t take how much he had spurted inside of you. “Fuck, you tightened. You like that don’t you?”
Obviously not thinking straight because your boyfriend was fucking your wits out, you nodded, “I– yes, want you to fuck me harder ‘til it breaks.” And so he did fuck you hard.
It was like a magic word that made him cum so fast and you the same.
He could feel your body trembling, your breathing still fast. He waited for a moment or two for himself to soften up so he could pull out gently. Your still slightly clenching hole almost pushing his dick out of yourself. Meanwhile, he discards the condom with no mess.
You whined at the empty feeling, and he hushed you gently, moving around so he was sitting up against his headboard, your body on his lap, head on his shoulder. His hand moved back and forth over your spine, the other keeping your body steadily against him. 
“You did so, so good baby.” He gently whispered between your breaths, still coming out a little faster than they should. “I was actually kind of worried you wouldn’t be able to take it. You impress me too much, you know that?” He said, making you giggle. 
You weren’t quite back yet, still bathing in your own afterglow, and he simply waited for you to calm down, slowly becoming aware of your surroundings again. Legs still shaking from losing your virginity, you noticed a pool of wetness in your sheets.
“The sheets are soiled,” you frowned.
Jeongguk clicked his tongue teasingly, “That’s not very nice of you, princess.”
“I’m sorry,” you peeked at him with a tired pout.
“It’s fine. It’s time to change it anyway,” he runs his finger against your back, making soothing circles that made you fall asleep instantly.
Tumblr media
Wearing short dresses while out in the park is one of the small joys you enjoy doing with your boyfriend. Not to mention that sitting on his lap is a plus…except he gets overprotective whenever your skirt riles up like now – one hand over your lap, serving as weights to the fluttering fabric.
Guess guard dog privilege is real when Jeongguk is your boyfriend.
Peeking at him, your brows rose at his creased forehead, "Why do you look like you're ready to fight?"
"Because I am," he says without blinking, though his eyes are following those who would spare you a glance.
You blinked in confusion, "...What?"
"Yes," he nodded with assertiveness. 
Ah, of course. Being overprotective. Such a Jeongguk thing to do.
There are days when you don’t understand what your boyfriend is doing, but you can’t deny the fact that he’s fun to be around. Like always, you shrug it all off, sit on his lap, and wrap your arms around his neck as you nuzzle against his skin – a sure way to make him smile from ear to ear.
“Baby, can you take one of those polaroid pictures in that lingerie?” He asks with lips against your hair. Jeongguk has a habit of kissing the side of your head just because he can.
At this, your lips part at the sudden request; he’s never asked this before, “Why?”
“Wanna keep it in my wallet,” he only shrugged when you blinked at his answer. “I’m romantic as fuck.”
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love bites | jjk (m)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤑ pairing: vampire!jungkook x vampire!reader 
⤑ genre(s)/au(s): smut, horror, romance paragraphs in regards to makers/creators, porn-without-plot, established relationship, modern vampires
⤑ w/c: 15.5k+
⤑ trigger warnings: language, blood and a lot of it, feeding from humans and feeding from each other, mentions of a bite mark (essentially a love bite on jungkook's shoulder but in a romantic way.. you’ll see what i mean), no plot whatsoever so if you’re looking for plot, this ain’t it.
⤑ smut warnings: brief f/m/f/m foursome-ish elements :)) , f/m/f heavy petting, neck kisses (f rec, m rec, f rec), feeding together being a sexual stimulant, dirty talk, teasing, submissive 4 cawk oc, nicknames (bloodwhore, kitten, baby, good girl), kissing, biting, rough sex, unprotected sex, big cawk jaykay, praise kink, size kink, rough oral sex (m rec), face fucking, oral (f rec), fingering, choking & gagging, ball sucking, spit play, spit kink, cum swallowing, cock worshipping, ocs fangs dragging against his cock n jungkook has thot thoughts about oc biting his dick, overstimulation (m rec, f rec), multiple orgasms (m & f) || smut warnings including blood: vampire food play - jaykay slicks his cock in a puddle of blood from the woman they just fed on and covers it on his cewk, titty fucking with blood used as lube, blow jobs involving blood, blood sharing (jaykay n oc bite n feed from each other), jaykay bites n feeds from ocs boobs, spitting blood from his mouth into ocs too, they fck on a bed surrounded by the ppl they killed (not explicitly mentioned)
⤑ summary: its feeding time for you both but this time rather than venture out alone to eat, you change it up and feed together
⤑ note: thank you to @jimilter & @sunshinejunghoseokie for betaing the teaser ; @caelesjjk & @yeoldontknow & @jessikahathaway for fic betaing ; & lastly @kth1 for the beautiful banner<33
⤑ note2: as always, comments and feedback are always appreciated, even lil tags in reblogs! everything is appreciated! dont be silent n support your content creators
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Tumblr media
The sun hangs low in the evening sky behind the towering buildings of the city, the perfect time to open your curtains and catch the last remaining streaks of reds, oranges and pink beneath the clouds. It’s breathtaking, something you don’t get to witness too often. The faint peak of the crescent moon in the sky catching your eye.
The night has always been your favourite part of any life you have lived. The darkness is your hometown, with the only traffic being the vast collision of stars in the night sky. 
Your thoughts are interrupted as a pair of hands slide around your hips, dipping past the waistband of your shorts to caress the skin underneath. You lean back into the touch and let the dexterous thumbs continue to rub back and forth comfortingly as his chin rests against your shoulder.
“Kook, baby,” you whisper with a smile, pulling your lower lip in between your teeth as you feel him release a small hum against your neck. He places tiny pecks along the contour of your shoulder, skillfully making his way to your neck.
“You’re concentrating quite hard on the night sky kitten, what you thinkin’?” He asks, finally done showering you in kisses.
As soon as the question is asked, your stomach rumbles in response to Jungkook — the sound answering the question for you.
It’s almost been a full thirty days now since you had last fed and you’re due for your next one any day now. The issue is, tonight isn’t feeding night. You still have to wait another three days before you go out and satisfy your hunger. In the meantime, you’ve been snacking on blood bags that your best friend has been bringing you from the hospital they work at. It just isn’t the same as tasting the real thing straight from the vessel.
Your stomach rumbles once more as your thoughts dive straight into finding a donor who you can just take off the street to satiate your cravings.
“You’re hungry.” Jungkook states as a matter of fact. You close your eyes tight as to not think too much about it, your palms clenching and nails digging into the skin in frustration. “When are you due to eat?”
You sigh. “Three days. I don’t know if I can wait that long, my hunger pains are the strongest they’ve been.”
You never used to be this way. When you were created, you opted to hunt on animals or get a supply from a food bank where you could quench your thirst in increments, where it was monitored.
That changed when your maker found out you had run off, eventually hunting you down and bringing you back to his coven where you were then forced to feed from a direct blood line. A torn wrist placed in front of you leaking the only drug strong enough to break you out of your diet.
And God, it was a pleasure you never knew you had been missing out on, and from then you were hooked.
Your thirst intensified from that moment and it was all you could think about. It worsened when you found if you mix the need for human blood with the lust of sex, that it tasted divine. Exquisite, even. It is more intense for everyone involved, having sex while feeding. The endorphins that releases in a vampires body as they fuck and feed is a high that could never be reached by anything else they try.
Poor Jungkook didn’t have any idea what was happening at the time. At the age of twenty-five, out at a club to celebrate his birthday and there you were in the corner of the establishment out on the hunt for something, someone, to tame your cravings.
You had hooked up that night when things began between you both. It started light. He let you sink your teeth into his neck and feed just enough to keep you sated for the next week or so. But the sexual tension between you both was like a gravitational pull for the both of you until eventually you were seeing him exclusively every week where you would hook up and drink from his body. His jugular vein, his femoral artery, his wrist — any part of him he would let you seek.
Then one night, your thirst had become unbearable..uncontrollable — nothing was quenching you like you needed it too. In haste, you had completely forgotten to cancel your night with Jungkook when his scent filled your senses and appeared at your apartment. The hot blooded male making his way through the building to your door, sinking your teeth into his neck and satisfying your gluttony was all you could focus on. Your want for him was consuming every part of you. The innocent twenty-five year old had no idea what was to come from that evening.
Dragging him into your apartment that night, it started like any other with searing kisses and rough touches. With your need for food overcoming the need for sex, you lost all self control and drank too much from him, leaving you feeling perfectly ravished as you finally filled your stomach with a full meal. But with that, you had also left Jungkook to bleed out on your bed.
Once you had come to your senses, you found the sweet man in a state near death and panic overtook you. You didn’t want to lose him. He was too good to die and so as you turned back on your emotions, afraid of the loss he would fill your life with, you turned Jungkook at that moment. It was a sight you’ll never forget. For better or for worse you’ll never know.
Bite marks and bloodstains blossomed all over his skin across his neck, arms and shoulders. Newer and deeper marks from previous feeds bloomed in faint colours of purples and reds mixed with the older, faded white scars. The tears and rips in his flesh caused by your teeth, leaving not an inch of skin untouched are all acting as visible proof of your intense nights together . On the contrary, with his eyes shut and lips parted ever so slightly as he began to take his last dying breath, he’s never looked more at peace, more eternal, more ethereal. 
“Don’t think about us like that. I’m glad you found me. I’m glad you made me yours,” he kisses the back of your head. You forget that he can read your mind.
You turn in his arms and wrap your own around his tiny waist, giving his chest a kiss of your own. “I know, you keep telling me.”
As if prompted by your words, you feel Jungkook’s own stomach growl in hunger, and you look up at him, a brow raised quizzingly only to just receive a laugh from Jungkook.
“How long?” You ask.
Jungkook sucks air in through his teeth before giving you an answer. “About seven days now. I’m due to feed tonight.” You stiffen at his words. “I won’t go if the smell will send you into a frenzy,” he laughs halfheartedly.
You sigh again, “I can’t keep you from feeding, you know that baby.” It’s a thought that runs through your mind, you can’t deny that. But your boyfriend needs to eat just as much as you do.
“What if you come with me tonight then, kitten? We’ve always spoken about feeding together so why don’t we try it tonight?” Jungkook suggests. 
And he isn’t incorrect. The timeline between your feeds and Jungkook aren’t too far apart and so it’s an idea that has been brought up between the both of you after you have both come home from your feeding nights. And it’s easier to bring your feeding forward by a few days than it is for Jungkook to halt his to match yours — it would just make him more dangerous.
“Are you sure?”
Jungkook swallows and lowers his head to your own, turning his head and letting his nose brush against your own before placing a tender kiss on your lips. “I’ve never been more sure.”
Tumblr media
And so here you both are, standing at the bar of the same nightclub that you had met Jungkook in all those moons ago. The classy decor of the club is lit up in shades of flashing yellows, purples and blue lights that nightclubs usually have from the strobe lights installed on the ceiling. There are velvet and silks of deep reds draped over each wall and the bar you’re standing up is bathed in white spotlights, showing off the club's extensive liquor collection.
Off the bat, it looks like your usual club but you both know that deep down, it’s something so much more primal than that; the bustling environment does nothing for your hunger. The energy inside is infectious. You can feel pulses racing, and the smell of sweat and sexual energy has you rubbing your thighs and stomach growling and by the sounds of Jungkook next to you, he isn’t fairing much better either.
“Drink?” Jungkook asks and you nod your head for him to order you your usual. You stand next to him at the bar and lean yourself back, the material of your silky dress riding further up your thighs as you do. In your heels, you almost level Jungkook in height — who looks heavenly in his outfit for the evening.
His hair has grown significantly over the last few weeks. He’s styled it in a way that strands of thick onyx hair is gelled back off his face from the sides but he’s left taken the shorter pieces from the front and flat ironed them diagonally across his face, covering his eyes which gives him an almost sinister look. However, he’s cleverly left his eyebrow piercing to peek through and the metal of his lip ring that is sinfully tucked into the corner of his mouth as he chews on it in thought as he orders your drink.
The shirt on his body is fitted. Tight, like a second skin to his incredible physique and tucked right into the band of his jeans and sealed together with a leather belt with a heavy gold moon at the centre. His shoulders stand out, broad and beautiful and his chest, which is emerging under the array of buttons undone down to his navel, isn’t any different.
The all black jeans on his legs shows off his toned thighs and just how utterly irresistible he is. He finishes his look with an abundance of white gold rings with expensive gemstones embedded, chains of all lengths and sizes wrapped around his neck and hoops hanging from both lobes.
He looks good enough to eat, you think to yourself.
He’s gorgeous. You know it and he knows it, using his sex appeal to assist in his own feedings. And it seems that the both males and females around the two of you know it too as they can’t help but let their eyes linger on him longer than usual.
Your eyes never stop scanning around the club as you search for someone exciting for you to take home and share with Jungkook. A clear fizzy drink is placed in your hands from your boyfriend who seems to have something a lot stronger and darker in his own glass. You sip the alcohol tentatively, a sweet fizz tingles on your tongue.
He hums along to the overbearing thrumming drum and bass song which is booming through the overhead speakers around the room before his raspy voice breaks into lyrics. Typical. The strength of his drink causes his eyes to scrunch together as you stand quietly together, eyes searching through the mass of the crowd.
Lacing your fingers together, you walk towards the back of the nightclub, further into the shadows so you can both have eyes on your prey for the evening. His hand slides around the small of your back and rests on your waistline, giving your side a squeeze.
“What do you fancy to eat tonight, kitten?” Jungkook purrs in your ear, gently taking your earlobe in between his teeth and nibbling over it, his canines pushing down gently causing you to moan and bite your lip.
“I’m not being picky. I just need to eat.” You sip on the alcohol and press yourself against Jungkook, your ass coming into contact with his crotch as you begin to sway to the music and you feel his fingers tighten in the material of your dress. You keep sweeping your eyes across the dancefloor to all the different options you could have for the night, observing the bodies that are squeezed together in close proximity knock against one another, grinding and gyrating with wild abandonment.
Through the crowd, something, someone, catches your eye causing your movements against Jungkook to draw to a sudden halt. You tilt your head to the side and your eyes come into contact with a male.
He looks young, around your own age as he keeps his gaze on yours, appearing to be staring straight through. You give him a wink from across the hall, just to make sure you really do have his attention and as confirmation you receive a smirk in return, two of his fingers motioning you over in a come hither way.
Turning towards Jungkook, you stare him in the eyes and raise your eyebrow at him, letting him know that you’ve found someone. Jungkook raises his eyes and immediately sees the man you’ve clocked and licks his lips, his appetite growing exponentially. 
Jungkook takes your hand in his again and begins to make his way over to the stranger, making sure to keep you close as you fight through the bodies on the dancefloor. It’s a dance you’re both familiar with, trying not to let the scent of others in your way teeter you from what you both desire, otherwise things could get messy and that isn’t something you need right here in front of a large crowd.
Pressed up against the wall, you envelope the stranger by the back of the neck and tug him down to you, inhaling his scent as he lowers. His skin is as soft as it looked from the other side of the club and you can’t help but run your tongue up his neck, the salty perspiration is sweet to taste and you moan.
Giggling, you look back towards Jungkook who is eying you tentatively and you shrug. “He’ll do.” Your words are rewarded by a sickly sweet smile from Jungkook who can feel his jeans strain knowing you’ll both feed well tonight.
“What’s your name sweetheart?” You ask the pretty boy.
“Whatever you want it to be,” he responds with a slight slur, breath smelling of whiskey. Good enough for you.
From the side, pale hands wrap their way across your boyfriend and your eyes screw together at the new edition to the three of you. It is as if the gentleman could see you trying to piece together who this female is. “Mind if my girlfriend joins us?” He mumbles.
Her hands run up and down Jungkook’s arm as you stare directly into his eyes. You can see them visibly darken from their usual golden colour to a dark garnet shade. Both of them have that healthy, glistening flesh and your thighs twitch, hearing the pulse underneath, wanting nothing more than to take them home and sink your teeth in.
“Gladly,” you say. You claw your hand underneath his collar and draw him closer to you, attaching your lips with his own right in front of both you and his girlfriend. His lips are chapped and not the most pleasant feeling, especially in comparison to your own boyfriend but it’ll do. You’re only doing this with one end goal in sight.
Tumblr media
Reaching behind you, you grab the guy by the top of his shirt and push him onto the bed, motioning for him to lean back against the headboard. Obediently, he does as he is told and you lower yourself on top of him, your dress pulling itself up your legs and past your thighs to expose your covered pussy. Your hips meet his and you can feel his semi-hard length through his trousers. His hands rest at the bottom of your back, one sliding further down to grab you by the ass , giving it a good  squeeze and you yelp at the contact.
Jungkook hears and turns around, watching you getting yourself comfortable for the evening, knowing how you can get when you’re as ravenous as you are tonight, ready to eat. He looks back towards the man’s girlfriend and leaves a hand out for her to take. She does and Jungkook guides her to the bed, letting her get settled before he kisses her on the cheek and lets both his legs rest on either side of her waist.
Kissing this guy is nothing like kissing Jungkook, and a part of you misses his lips on yours as you take your time to get into the lip lock with this stranger. He deepens the kiss as his tongue tangles with yours a little too quickly. He brings a hand from your back and places it on your tit, kneading the mound, feeling your nipple harden underneath your dress. Your body reacts to his touch as your legs squeeze his waist and you grind down on him.
Before the man in your arms could protest, you grind yourself into his hard dick once more as he throws his neck back in pleasure. The opportunity is now and so you dip your mouth to his neck and sink your fangs into his jugular. Your hips rock back and forth in satisfaction, timing the rhythm of your hips with the draining of blood from his neck. He didn’t struggle below you, only small whimpers from the pain as his fingers claw at your thighs, marking them darker but missing the way they heal almost instantly.
At the other side of the bed, Jungkook re-emerges from between the woman's legs and smiles at you wickedly. The blood is spraying from your victims neck and coats your skin, seeps into your hair and clothing too. It’s a beautifully wretched sight watching as the blood taints your skin, dribbling down your chin as you selfishly devour more than you can take and finally pooling at the base of your neck in your collarbones.
“Fuck me, _____, seeing you like this has got me so hard,” Jungkook announces. He manoeuvres himself briefly, pressing himself a little more flat against the linens to allow his hips to grind into the mattress for some satisfaction. Only then is he aware of the feeling of slick coating his chin from his ministrations on the female below him before dipping back down.
You continue to suck at his neck, feeling him weakening and sinking further into the pillows behind him — a tell tale sign of him becoming lifeless in your arms. The sounds of your sucking and swallowing reverberate around the bedroom. And that’s when you feel it. The rush, the adrenaline, the feeling of being full after a drought. Life fills you once again and you can’t help but moan in satisfaction. Your body roars back to life as you find a new place to sink your teeth into just underneath his ear. The sound of flesh tearing is music to your ears as you continue to quench your thirst.
A string of over exaggerated airy moans tears you away from the young man below you and you watch as Jungkook’s head dips up and down as he continues to pleasure your other companion. If it wasn’t for the fact that Jungkook needed to eat, you would have tossed her aside a while ago — her voice is one that vibrates against your skull like a fucking migraine.
Is she even vaguely aware of the fact her boyfriend is lying lifeless in your arms? You laugh at the thought. Probably not — Jungkook seems to be sucking the soul out of her pussy.
However, your pussy throbs as you watch him, and you use the man's thigh to grind yourself on top of. The sight of Jungkook eating out another woman in front of you is nothing short of pornographic and you start to wonder why this isn’t something you two have done before.
“S-shit, you’re so good with your mouth,” she whispers, eyes snapped shut, not looking directly at you. “You’re so lucky-fuck.”
Your smile is sinister as a tiny giggle leaves your lips. You know just how good he is with his tongue and fuck, you can’t wait until it’s your turn.
Whining, Jungkook’s head appears and his smile eventually matches yours. Feeling his hand at the back of your neck, you lick your lips, tasting the remnants of blood before meeting him in the middle for a kiss. It’s possessive and consuming. Opening your lips, you slip your tongue into your boyfriends, pushing some of the blood from the man you just fed on into his mouth, letting him have his own taste before he has the chance to feed on the blonde underneath him. 
Her eyes flutter open and observe the both of you in a heated make out session. The kiss is rough and messy, a fight of tongue and teeth, of dominance between the pair of you. Eventually, Jungkook takes control of the kiss and holds your head in place as his tongue peeps out and laps up at the blood dripping down the corners of your  mouth. The transfer of blood between you both elicits a moan from Jungkook, making him pull away from you to lick at the side of his own lips.
The liquid coats his soft skin like a drizzle over the most mouth watering dessert, a small drop threatening to drip down off his jaw before you thumb at it and place it at the lips of the woman.
Jungkook is reminded of his hunger as his stomach groans loudly, almost enough to hurt. His attention is turned back to her as fear fills her eyes as she becomes more aware of what’s going on around her. Her nails claw at the bed sheets only for her body to run cold at the wet feel of it. Raising her hand, she finds herself covered in blood which is still running heavily into the sheets from her boyfriend limp beside her.
The earth shattering sound of her exaggerated scream is all you can hear and you have to stop yourself from rolling your eyes.
“Your turn.”
Within a blink of an eye, Jungkook grabs her by the wrist and stands at the edge of your shared bed, holding her by the side of her neck before he sinks his teeth into her, crimson liquid rushing to the surface to aid the bloodlust coursing through his body. Not once do Jungkook's eyes leave you as you continue to play with the dark hair of the lifeless male in your  arms.
“You shouldn’t let her cry, she's annoying me,” you roll your eyes at her blood curdling scream, accentuating your annoyance towards the female.
“Why don’t you come over here and do something about it then?” Jungkook challenges you back with a playful smirk dawning  his lips.
You're quick to push the male from your body, watching as his figure drops to the floor in a heap. “Okay, he’s definitely dead,” you laugh out loud with sinister glee. You crawl your way off of the bed over to Jungkook and stand in front of the woman. She is certainly beautiful with her soft fair hair and large innocent looking eyes. Eyes which now are flooded with fear and pleasure. 
What a stupid girl, getting off on being drained.
Grabbing her by the throat, you squeeze the sides of her neck just enough to keep her quiet but not enough to fully cut off the air to her lungs. Tipping her head up, she looks at you as Jungkook continues to suckle on her blood. He’s made quite the mess of his meal though as blood continues to run down her neck.
The scent of her sweet perfume is picked up as you lower your head to her neck and sniff at the broken flesh where Jungkook's teeth and tongue are lapping away at her with succession. It’s surprising that she’s lasted this long with the way that he’s been going at her. “Such a pretty little thing you were.”
Jungkook finally removes himself from her just to mutter, “You should fucking taste her, she’ll quench your thirst so well.” To prove his point, he drags his index finger through the blood staining the skin of her neck and lifts it up to your lips for you to lick, making sure to suck his finger more salaciously than needed.
“Well you do smell delicious, I will give you that,” you whisper, your lids fluttering shut in delight. Your hand squeezes harder on her neck and the other finds her right breast. You pinch at the flesh over her clothing and watch as pleasure fills her. “You’ve got one hell of a fight in you, I can tell,” you hum, lowering yourself closer to the woman, turning her neck to the side to whisper in her ear. “How does it feel? Does my boyfriend make you feel good? Does he make you feel as good as I make you feel?”
“I-it feels, he feels s-so good” The woman squeaks. Jungkook places a kiss upon her neck behind her ear and you feel the way her body trembles underneath both of your touch. You sink your teeth into your bottom lip to suppress the smile trying to make its way to your face.
You lower your face towards her, your lips a hair's breadth away from her own “What about me?” You tease with a pinch of her nipple, feeling her harden beneath you both. “I’m a good girl, didn’t you know? I’d never hurt a soul, ask anyone. Ask him.”
Jungkook’s eyes are dark, full of hunger and not just for the woman he has tangled in his arms. “Now kitten, why lie to your meal?” He toys with you both with his words.
“You won’t hurt me, I-I trust you,” she mutters, trying to assure you or herself, you’re unsure.
“Silly girl. Now why would you do something as reckless as trusting me?” You purr. Your head is spinning, still not sated from the lifeless male you just sunk your teeth into not even five minutes ago. “You’re gorgeous and I want you, so what’s the point of beating around the bush?” You accentuate your words with another squeeze of her clothed breast.
Your tongue dips out of your mouth and you flatten it against her neck, feeling a puddle of blood begin to gather at the tip of your tongue. “As for you baby, why does it matter if I tell a white lie or not…she isn’t going to be around to remember what happens.”
The woman doesn’t get time to muster up a response to you as Jungkook cackles with a shrug of his shoulders and sinks his teeth into her neck once more. You laugh obnoxiously before plunging your sharp teeth into her right next to your boyfriend.
Both of you close your eyes and listen to her as she makes an involuntary noise which you think resembles a scream. She reclines her head to the side so that both of your jaws gently graze each other as you feed from the artery. It’s messy and not at all how you both usually feed. There is normally an etiquette to it… keep it short, clean and leave no traces behind. But with the way blood splatters around both your mouths, watching it seep into her clothing and pouring down to pool at her feet, it unleashes a whole other side of you that you’ve kept hidden for so long.
The bite as you know from experience is a flash in her skin, a tell tale sign she can feel it as her mouth opens wide in pain, eyes closed just letting the feeling take over her body. The fire in her body becomes exorbitant, excessive, but when the pain dissolves into the deep bittersweet ache; it’s at that point that they can’t decide if the high of the adrenalin and the searing venom in their system is pleasurable or painful or something else altogether.
Your fingers press further into her throat, allowing the blood to rush to the surface of her neck as you and Jungkook continue to lap up at the liquid. You’ve got to give it to him, he was right about her — she is insatiable. Sweet to the tongue, leaving a tingle to take over your body.
It isn't long before horror is filling her emotions as she begins to tremble with fear as her life begins to pour out of her. She is using any last ounce of strength she can find to thrash around and fight you both off of her but it is not any use. Not with the exhilaration coursing through your body paired with both Jungkook’s and your own unnatural strength, there is no way she is able to overpower you both and fight back.
The sounds between you and Jungkook slurping from her fills your ears and leaves you feeling more turned on than you ever would have thought. It spurs you on to continue drinking from the puncture wounds in her neck. The familiar metallic taste being drawn from her as you feel her body grow limp in Jungkook's arms is such a treat. Her cries have come to a silence and the sounds of her whimpering are becoming more and more faint the longer the transaction between the three of you continues.
You open your eyes to see Jungkook already staring at you, delirious lust swimming in his eyes, a silent want for you burning in his eyes. The more you two feed, the more you’re both itching to get your hands on each other. Your pussy aches with the need to be filled by Jungkook, to be pressed flushed with desire as he makes a mess of your body in the presence of the demised bodies that litter the bed you’re on.
Jungkook is eager to get you in his arms, releasing his hold on the limp body in his arms in favour of having you instead. The body drops to the floor with a thud, her head falling awkwardly to the side as some of the blood between the dead bodies seeps into her blonde hair, painting it red.
Leaning over, you're quick to pull at the fabric of his blood soaked shirt and pull it from the buttons, watching as they scatter around the room, the small sound of them making contact with the floor resounding around the room. Removing the shirt from his shoulders, you lean in further and press a kiss to his neck. A relieved sigh escapes his lips and his hand moves from your hair to your hips, holding you steady in his grip.
Your teeth are wet with blood as they scrape over the skin of his neck without sinking into him, just dragging them across with enough pressure to tickle. Your own hands find the taut muscles of his chest, flattening them against his skin and running up towards his neck and down again on his pectorals to feel the smooth expanse of it. At this, Jungkook growls low as his grip on your waist tightens.
Without another word, Jungkook tears your dress off your body, hearing it rip fully down the middle and watching him throw the useless material into a puddle of blood makes you keen for more of him. Jungkook flips your body around and positions you on your knees with your lower body up in the air, giving it a hard spank as you get into the perfect position for him. Ass up and facing him wantingly. Your palms are planted into the bloodied duvet as you feel the red substances bathe your hands. You wiggle your ass teasingly to Jungkook who is now on his knees behind your body, his hands finding your ass cheeks again, kneading them roughly.
“Fuck, you’re so fucking beautiful like this. Just for me,” Jungkook moans as he smacks your cheeks with quick lefts and right. You sway your body at the impact of his hands but Jungkook holds you in place with the other hand keeping a tight grip on your waist.
“Don’t be gentle with me, I’m not going to break y’know,” you sass him.
You bite down on your bottom lip, smiling naughtily as you hear him growl at your words. It isn’t long before the hand on your hip slides up your spine and finds the back of your head and successfully pushes your face into the sheets below you. The roughness of Jungkook’s actions gets you wetter, the bloodlust in your body causing your body to shiver at the act. Jungkook applies more pressure to keeping your head down as he slides a thigh in between your legs and spreads them open before grabbing at your skirt and pulling it up your hips and yanking your underwear down to hang around your thighs at your knees, exposing your dewy pussy fully to his hungry eyes.
“Fuck, would you just look at you. A dumb bloodwhore getting wet at the slightest of touches.”
You spread your legs wider, as far as your underwear will let you and shake your ass for him once more under his praise for you, moaning at the filthy words leaving his lips.
“Who’s all this for, huh?” Jungkook groans as his hands move to the back of your thighs as he kneels down to your pussy and blows on it.
Your body produces goosebumps as you feel them beginning to tickle your skin. “For you, baby, it’s always all for you.”
Jungkook seems happy with your response as he rewards you with his hand running up and down your pussy from behind, trailing it from your clit to your entrance before slapping your pussy repeatedly - the sounds of skin making contact with your wetness filling the space around you both. Dipping his head down, Jungkook spreads you open further and licks one long stripe from your ass to your clit. Your mouth opens as a string of curses fall from your lips, the feeling of his mouth finally on you making your mind spin.
“Mmm, you taste so much better after you’ve eaten, I’m never going to get enough of you like this,” he hums.
You gasp at the feel of Jungkook’s tongue forcefully passing through your lips, finding your clit immediately and sucks your nerves vigorously. Two cold ringed fingers find their way to your opening, pushing through your slicked up hole with no resistance as he begins to scissor you open at a renowned pace.
You arch your back as a cry passes your lips. His fingers plunge inside of you, curling as soon as he is knuckle deep, pressing perfectly against the spongy area within your inner walls over and over. You can hardly respond to Jungkook as his hands keep your thighs pried open for his own take.
His thumb is added into the mix as he spits on the appendage and pins it against your clit and rubs furiously back and forth, watching as  the white of your own precum drips from your pussy like it is the only thing you know how to do just for him. Your hips instinctively move, grinding into his touch and Jungkook moves his fingers further out of you. Teasing you. Edging you, with his very skilled fingers.
“I want to cum, please,” your voice is light and rings in Jungkook’s mind wonderfully.
His tongue runs down lower and joins his two fingers in your cunt. The feeling of being so full causes you to clench against Jungkook while he adds in a third finger, keeping up with the momentum and the pace he has found himself in as he continues to fuck into you.
A light gush of fluid is felt on his forearm and his cheeks. Not thinking of anything about it at first, Jungkook ignores it and keeps thrusting and curling three fingers in and out, all over again.
Unexpectedly, a new wave of liquid releases from you in streams, the force of it pushing his fingers out of your pussy. Jungkook doesn’t know where to look: at you from in between your knees or at the jets of cum being released all over him and soaking into the blood soaked sheets underneath you both. “Fuck, Jungkook-fuck, just like that!” You scream, thighs twitching and hips raising in delight at the force of your orgasm from out of the blue.
Jungkook watches as the streams of cum come to a stop slowly and promptly inserts the same three fingers in once more. Your legs spread even wider, the stretch in your thighs burns but it allows Jungkook more space as he gets on his knees as he finger fucks you harder, faster than previously. “You mean like this?”
Your inner walls tighten around his fingers as his tempo from previously hasn’t faltered once, and once again you snap your eyes tight, an array of stars like you had witnessed at dusk earlier in the night cloud your vision. Your body twitches in oversensitivity and you finally come once more. This time, Jungkook’s fingers stay inside of you, pushing through the force of your cunt weeping for him as he watches your cum spray around him.
“Wow, twice, kitten. You really are a cock-hungry, filthy little slut,” Jungkook goads. An idea reaches his mind.
You feel the bed get lighter as Jungkook removes himself from the duvet and stands at the end with his back towards you. You crawl towards his frame and wrap your arms around his tiny waist, placing your hands on his rippling stomach muscles and pressing down, feeling them harden beneath your pads. He can’t see you with his back to you but he can feel the smirk on your face when you press your lips all over his back, nipping at the skin with your fangs ever so gently, not focusing on one particular area.
“What you thinking, baby?” You ask, lust lacing your words as your hand reaches down to his hard cock as you give him a tight squeeze in your hands, palming his length over and over until the tent in his trousers becomes tight for him and prominent for you to gawk at.
You slip your hands into the waistband of Jungkook’s boxers and pull his cock out, freeing him from his tightening restraints. You watch as he throws his head back in delight, hearing him sucking air through his teeth, hissing as your hand wraps around his shaft. He is long, hard and sensitive to the touch. Your hand is barely big enough to close around him fully. Jungkook moans as you squeeze his cock a few times, feeling him throb, his body tensing.
Jungkook turns around and faces you as he starts to move his hands and pulls both his bottoms and underwear off swiftly, kicking them off his legs and letting them land in a pile somewhere across the room. The low lighting compliments him so beautifully — bathing his caramel coloured skin in a halo, a complete juxtaposition to the creature he truly is and yet symbolic to his character. He runs a hand through the slicked back hair, allowing strands to fall in front of his face and in front of his eyes — which are deep and rich in browns and golds with hints of crimsons with his arousal.
Your eyes trail down and take in his body. Lean, built, muscles bulked and simply divine, ready to have your teeth sink into the flesh to taste who he really is. His right arm inked in delicate swirls and patterns of his previous life as a human, whilst his left arm remains fully free from any art. The only piece on his arm sits on his shoulder.
A bite mark.
His forever reminder of you. Once a human is turned from a vampire, they’re then given the choice by their creator to have the mark removed or allow it to stay, and Jungkook chose the latter. Jungkook chose to wear your mark on his skin for everyone and anybody to see…call it a declaration of his love for you. And to this day, Jungkook wears his mark proudly. He still leaves his right arm free of any tattoos, ‘the only art that matters on this arm is yours, and I will never cover or conceal it with anything else’ is what he so lovingly told you.
Your favourite part of his stature is his lower body. The softness of the skin as your fingers dance across his tummy, muscles tightening and protruding under the touch is a sight you never will get enough of. The butterflies that fill your body are prideful and bright all because his body reacts to you and only you. It’s something that you never grow tired of. Watching his body respond to even the slightest of touches.
As usual though, there is a slight scowl on his face as he looks at your body as the knowledge that he will never be able to mark your body like you had his sits in his mind. The love bite he has on his skin can only be given by a maker, you’d never be able to show Jungkook’s love for you off in the same way]. Jungkook wants nothing more than to be able to mark you for himself. To show the world that you’re just as much his as he is yours.
If you had a live, beating heart; you know that it would sink at the look he gives you. As a compromise, you decided that you would get your engagement finger tattooed with his initials. This was your version of his mark on your body, and though it wasn’t the same; Jungkook couldn’t be more than happy. The initials on your finger to be sealed with an eventual ring to bind your both together. It’s the same hand you wrap around his cock, pumping it languidly, squeezing it teasingly. 
The shaft, having seen it so many times previously, never fails to turn you on - your stomach coiling in desire at the knowledge that you’ll have him sinking deep inside of you, filling you to the brim. His length is something that men would desire to attain. Jungkook as a human was well endowed but after turning, he really had been gifted as the round mushroom head stands tall past his belly button. The shaft is thick from base to tip, deep blue and purple veins protruding against his skin which sits prettily within the bright sanguine colour of his girth.
Beads of pearlescent fluids decorate the tip as Jungkook leaks a generous amount of precum from the slit of his crown. As it continues to leak, it builds into a copious puddle and starts to run down his shaft slowly towards the base. The lighting of the room allows the cum to shimmer in front of you. Your own walls of your pussy clenching at the sight of him standing in all his glory. You pull your lower lip between your teeth to hide the smirk of pride that you indeed created the man in front of you.
“Wan’ to put my cock in between your fucking tits,” Jungkook announces, eyes on your nipples that are peeking through the thin material of the vest.
Grinning up at him, you pull at the item of clothing and tug it out of the waistband of your skirt. Once you’ve released the hem of the vest, you pull it upwards and over your head, your breasts immediately coming into his view.
Jungkook reaches down to your tits and begins kneading the flesh roughly in his hands, ripping a moan from you as he finds both of your nipples and pulls at them. 
You give him a debauched grin, teasingly and playful as you run your teeth over your teeth, making sure to spend extra time running it back and forth over your razor sharp canines as your hands lift your boobs from the bottom and squishing them together, inviting Jungkook to sink his cock right between the flesh.
A deep chuckle sounds in your ears from Jungkook as if what you’re doing is incorrect, but this is what he wanted, right? Your brow furrows in confusion and as if he can read your mind, he lowers himself and plants a small kiss on your pouting lips.
“I need to lube myself up — can't fuck your pretty tits dry, can I?” And you nod your head in agreement.
You take it upon yourself to gather the spit in your mouth to spit in between the valley of your breasts once, twice and then thrice — making sure there is enough saliva to coat the skin to give him an easy slide. You look up at Jungkook, awaiting the praise for being a good girl for him, but what you see instead catches you so off guard that you almost stutter.
Jungkook is on his knees next to the blonde girl from earlier who you both fed from before killing her and tossing her aside so you could fuck until your dead non-beating hearts would give out. He manhandles her aggressively, flipping her over into a boneless heap to reveal a pool of her blood that had gathered under her. Without wasting a single moment, Jungkook puts his hands together and dips them into the vermilion liquid as if to lift the blood in his palms like it was water.
You watch from your position on the bed as he brings his hands over to his cock and lets the blood spill all over his length, bathing it in red liquid all for your pleasure. The smell of the bloody concoction mixed with his precum that is drooling from his slit evades your senses and your mind runs erratically, the bloodlust coursing through you.
Jungkook lifts more of the blood and keeps pouring it all over his cock, covering his hard appendage in nothing but crimson. You watch as it drips towards the floor and puddles just in front of his knees and your tongue licks your lips, an attempt to stop the water from dripping down your chin.
The smile on Jungkook’s face as he stares at you is one of someone who has just won the lottery, and in your own sinister way, you both have you think. Jungkook walks over to you, cock against his stomach, trailing the woman's blood over his stomach and dripping to down his shaft towards his balls — the sight gets you so fucking wet.
Why is this never something you have both done before? If feeding together is going to result in this every time, you don’t think you’ll ever be able to get used to it.
Once again, you lift your spit slicked tits together invitingly for Jungkook and he smirks at you, lower lip caught in his teeth as you move to the edge of the bed, staring at him with large crimson lust filled eyes. 
Jungkook swallows, leaning up over the bed and places his cock in between your tits, watching the blood smear against your skin, mixing with the spit you produced for an ample slick slide. For good measure, Jungkook gathers a generous amount of spit and spits onto your skin, watching as the enzymes in his spit splits the blood it landed on top of.
Looking down, you can see his blood dowsed cockhead poke out at the top of your chest and you can’t help but press a kiss to the head, the blood transferring from his crown to your lips.
“Go ahead, move baby — enjoy my tits,” you whisper.
Wasting no time, Jungkook rocks his hips back ever so slightly and watches as his head disappears into the valley of your large boobs before rutting himself forward once more, seeing himself reappear at the top of your chest. He continues this, hands on your shoulders to keep you still for a generous amount of time. 
“Oh shit, I know you love my tits but this is so fucking hot baby,” you cry at the end.
His eyes previously locked on the action of watching his cock disappear between the folds of your tits with only the head poking back up was the only thing preoccupying his mind, but to hear your voice, it tears him from the vision he’s been so entranced with to gazed into your eyes.
If heaven existed and it was somewhere he thought he could reach, he really truly believed that you had brought him there. That your tits were God and he had been blessed. But on the other thought, being wrapped around the tight flesh of your tits, watching the blood you both spilled together soil your skin, he thinks, he knows this is better than any heaven he could be blessed with. This is nirvana.
“Just as if you were made for this. Made for taking every inch of my cock”. Jungkook doesn’t stop. He can’t stop. His hips rutting, still pumping his unholy lengthy shaft back and forth between your huge blood covered tits. Glancing down, you watch as the head of Jungkook's shaft pokes upward with each thrust, the once red liquid now turning a pinkish colour as his cum overflows from the slit, into the blood and onto your skin.
Parting your lips, you flick your tongue over the head every time it appears under your chin. Jungkook isn’t quick with his thrusts, instead, he takes it slow so the both of you can enjoy this moment together.
He closes his eyes, still rocking his hips back and forth, his cock nestled in between your tits as you tighten the seal of your boobs between his cock, pleasuring not just him but yourself. Jungkook rolls his head back in a full circle, his neck rolling from left to right until perfectly centred again, dropping his head down and pressing a rough kiss to your lips.
You moan into his mouth feeling Jungkook begin to pick up the pace, pumping his cock at a more rapid speed, chasing his high. You turn your head to the side and deepen the kiss, refusing to let the embrace end, as you both open your mouths simultaneously and slide your tongues against each other, the sound of grunting, moaning swallowed by the other as your lips create wet noises against each other.
Jungkook manages to capture your head in between his hands, stilling you through the kiss whilst his cock is still thrusting between your tits with enough vigour and power enough for the head to nearly touch your neck.
Breaking the kiss, Jungkook pulls back and stills his hips. He grabs his blood-soaked cock by the base and notices the plasma is drying against his cock. He wraps his hand around the shaft, tightening his grip, applying pressure trying to mimic the feeling of your boobs around him. Looking down at your chest, there he sees a similar sight — your chest covered in blood, primarily between your boobs but also drops of crimson had found its way towards your nipples and onto the round flesh itself, drying onto you. Jungkook brings the slit of his cock to your hard nipple and presses down on it. The move is sensitive for the both of you, but somewhat stimulating and arousing.
“On your knees, I want to use your throat, get me all wet with your mouth,” he orders, pulling you out of your thoughts, pulling your hair, pulling you off the bed and onto the flooring below, managing to navigate you so your knees aren’t pressing into one the woman you both fed on moments ago.
A whimper slips from your lips at his demanding demeanour, tongue poking out and licking the skin of your lips, catching the saliva that threatens to drip below down to your chin. You do as you’re told and in return you hear a loud grunt from above you, a sign of appreciation for your obedience.
You wet your lips with your tongue, readying yourself to take him into your mouth. The tip of his dick is wet from where most of the woman's blood was bathing, and as you wrap your lips around him, sealing the skin around his cock, you can taste the honeyed blood as well as the bittersweetness of his leaking precum smearing across your parted lips.
Sharpening your tongue, you allow yourself the first flick of his slit, tasting the rich concoction as it tingles on your wet muscle. Jungkook bucks his hips the moment your tongue licks at his cock, lapping up the cum that is running down his length excessively. You feel him throb against your tongue in  pleasure, a deep moan from deep within his chest erupts as he pushes himself eagerly against you and slips past your lips. You watch as his cock becomes less and less red from the bodily fluid, knowing that your tongue is wrapping around and sucking hard on him like your favourite flavoured lollipop to steal and saviour all the taste from him as you lap and clean him up.
With your lips wrapping around the head of his cock, you begin to slide your tongue on the undershaft of his dick further into your mouth. It isn’t long before Jungkook is placing his hands around the back of your neck and filling his fist with your hair, bunching it into a makeshift ponytail so he can control the pace you bop your head up and down on his cock. Blood covers the corners of your mouth and dries into the skin and Jungkook thinks it is one of the most beautiful sights he has ever seen.
“You can fucking take it, be a good girl and take it,” Jungkook hisses past gritted teeth, encouraging you to fit as much of him as you possibly can into mouth.
Your eyes glaze as you hum out a ‘yes’ around him. You will yourself to sink his dick further into your throat, causing you to hum - the vibrations rattling against his cock causing the hand tangled into your hair to tighten.  You open the seal of your lips from around him and inch your head down to the base of his cock where you slither your tongue from the bottom all the way up to the top, tracing the protruding veins with your tongue. You make sure to repeat the action twice over and then down to his balls. Your lips envelope around one of his balls, feeling them thick and heavy on your tongue tickling and teasing — knowing he has something he wants to give you. You can’t help but suckle on his balls one by one as he fists himself in time with the way your wet muscle wraps around and tugs his balls.
Jungkook’s hand tangles once more in your hair and pushes you off of him and twists your face to the side. His other palm wraps around his cock and places it in front of your mouth, guiding your head to suck on him from the side.
Your mouth opens and your tongue is quick to dart out. Placing his length on your tongue, he ruts forward to wet himself with the saliva on your tongue. And then he feels it. Point of your white of fangs as they drag across his skin. Rough oral sex with each other isn’t something either of you are new too but the feeling of your vampiric teeth gliding across his most sensitive area and the knowing thought that at any moment you could sink your teeth into him gets him harder than he believes he’s ever been..and you notice. The hair on his skin stands tall and he shivers as you stare at him from below. You're able to read his thoughts clearly and a tiny giggle falls from your mouth. 
Looking up, your eyes are met with the most beautiful sight you could have imagined. Jungkooks bottom lip is pulled in between his teeth, fangs pointed and still stained with red as he tries to hold back on the moans threatening to escape his mouth, his eyes now a deep shade of crimson as he continues to be lost in the lust of you, your hot, wet mouth feeling fucking amazing wrapped around him. His chest is heaving up and down in quick successions as he tries to keep his body from jerking forward and fucking your throat entirely.
Almost like he was reading your mind, Jungkook pulls you completely off of his cock and holds your head to look at him directly. A string of saliva is connecting you to his red tip, which is now slicked up with your drool.
“Open your filthy mouth,” he tells you.
You don’t hesitate as you open your mouth and stick your tongue out, knowing exactly what it is he is asking of you. Jungkook tightens the grip in your hair and forces your head to tip back, causing the concoction keeping you connected to snap and drip down your chest. He gathers spit in his mouth and parts his lips. But he doesn’t spit in your mouth like you thought he would. No. Jungkook lets the fluid run off his tongue and straight into your mouth, now connecting you both with saliva, tongue to tongue.
The sight in itself was nothing short of erotic. Sincerley pornographic and you try your hardest to burn the image of this moment to the back of your eyelids.
Having had enough waiting, he snaps the saliva by bending himself at the hips and forcefully presses his lips against your own, a kiss full of teeth and tongues, wet, messy and dominant from the both of you as you fight to take charge. He is low enough for your hand to snake behind his neck and tug at the roots of his hair at the nape of his neck. You part your lips and allow his tongue to glide in and out of your mouth, kissing you deeper.
The kiss grows hotter with every passing second as he silences your moans with the sloppy crash of his lips against yours, dipping his head down to kiss you in a messy, passionate kiss filled with love, lust and utter adoration for you. Jungkook growls as he tastes the remnants of himself on your tongue.
Jungkook breaks the kiss and stands back at full height. His cock twitches in front of you and you lick your lips in anticipation to have him fully emerge in the back of your throat once again. He places both his hands in your hair unlike just the one before and pulls your head back towards his cock. You tease him once more and place his tip on your lips to suckle on him.
Not being prepared for your mouth to tease him so subtly, his body reacts before he can stop himself and he forces himself forward. Your eyes tightly close as the vibrations of your moans are intense on this dick, allowing a choked growl from his chest to fill the air. Rivulets of cum drip from his swollen tip as he gives you a moment to suck it off of him before pulling you off of his dick for a brief moment.
Jungkook stops your head from moving as both of them weave to the back of your head, close to the nape of your neck. You close your eyes as you wait for what’s about to come next.
You keep your mouth open wide, jaw unhinged as Jungkook takes his cock in his hand and rubs his tip over plush lips, small moans leaving his throat as he teases himself at the thought of plugging up your oesophagus and you watch his face contort with lust just at the idea of it. His balls slap against your chin and rivulets of cum run from your lips every time your mouth meets the base of his crotch. You moan again and again, over and over, twisting your tongue around his cock and over the head.
Without warning, Jungkook forces his cock into your open mouth and pushes himself fully inside, not giving you any warning. You choke around him as a pool of drool drips down the sides of your mouth at being so full, feeling it drip further from your chin onto your chest and in between the valley of your tits. He pulled out quickly, a sinister smile on his face knowing that you don’t need to catch your breath for him to sink back into you without any hesitation.
His cock forces your jaw to widen further as his hips wildly jackhammer into your awaiting spit filled throat back and forth over and over again as you look up at him from your knees, through teary eyes to see his own eyes are rolling blissfully into the back of his skull as he abuses your throat.
“I’m the luckiest man on the planet, I-fuck-I-,” he groans. “Such a fucking whore.”
Your mouth turns up into a smile while his cock is still pistoning in and out of your lips. His hips pick up pace as he starts to slide faster, the copious amount of spit gathered on your tongue allowing him to glide past your tongue and into the cavern of your tight throat so much easier. The grip on your hair still keeps you still, Jungkook pushes himself past the barrier of your throat until your nose is pressed up against the base of his cock. His fists pull you further onto his cock as he bends himself at the waist once more and traps your head in between his cock and upper body.
The noises of you gurgling and choking around him only arouses him further, his hands pushing at the back of your head further - not that there's any more you can possibly take, but the force of his tip pushing past the tight barrier of your oesophagus turns him on more than he ever believed it would.
"Fuck...that's it kitten, swallow my cock, oh-shit." One of his hands finds the front of your throat and presses his fingers into your windpipe. He begins to rock his hips back and forth at an unrelenting pace, feeling the outline of his cock shaping your esophageal muscles. “Beg me like the bloodwhore you are, hm. Beg me for my cock, to use you like you know what your only purpose is, in the only way you know that you should be used,” Jungkook growls, making sure to keep his eyes on you.
Heat pools in your stomach at his words, coiling and twisting with soaring pleasure at the excitement of being nothing but a toy for his enjoyment. Feeding together might be a new activity that Jungkook has found to be thrilling and exciting to do together but nothing comes close, no activity is more of a favourite than using you, your body, pushing you beyond your limits for his own thrill and enjoyment.
Words are lost on your tongue and instead wrap around Jungkook's cock, which never stops jackhammering down your throat. Nothing but garbled sounds are all that is heard, along with the sounds of wet gagging resounding in the air around you. Instead, you eagerly nod your head up at him.
Eventually, Jungkook pulls out of your cavern with a moan and watches as your mouth frees up — spit and cum bathing his cock and decorating the skin of his stomach as his cock slams back against the muscles. Your lips are full, swollen, used, with saliva and remnants of sticky honeyed precum running past the seam of your lips and clings to your chin and inches its way towards your tits.
Jungkook in all his unnatural pace throws you back onto the blood soaked sheets before sinking his knees into the bed on either side of your body and lowers his head to capture your lips in a fierce kiss, teeth and tongues fighting against each other as you pull each other as close as you can physically get. You’re certain that if either of you could feel anything other than cold that you would both be lit on fire at the bites, tugs and pulls of each other's swollen lips. With a final nip Jungkook wins the battle, he blows against your chilled skin as he moves away from your mouth and manoeuvres your head with his own to connect his lips to the skin underneath your earlobe.
His mouth moves languidly down your jaw line, tongue making the first part of contact and then his lips sealing around his little lick for a kiss. Jungkook takes his time to dot kisses down your neck, inhaling your sweet natural aroma of your flesh as well as the crystalline blood that lay underneath. A hand slides up your sides and stops at your torso while the other is fast in grabbing at both of your wrists and holding them against the pillows. “Keep them there,” he tells you.
His hands roam back down and find your chest, dragging his fingers across both of your tits, his mouth following behind them. Closing his lips around your nipple, Jungkook sucks vigorously, scraping the hardening bud with his fangs over and over, watching as your hips raise off the sheets in euphoria. You can feel Jungkook’s hard cock pressing against your thigh as your body lifts and for a brief moment, you thought you could feel him throb against your skin in a rhythm his heart used to beat too.
The sounds of Jungkook tongue sucking at your tits creates tingles through your body, a pool of arousal gathering at your core. Jungkook’s hand finds your other breast and kneads the flesh between his fingers and with a side eye, he watches as the skin appears through the spaces of his fingers the harder he squeezes. With a timed sharp twist of your nipple and a piercing bite to the skin of your other breast, you wince, body shaking at the pleasure he is bestowing upon you.
Cupping the bottoms of your tits, Jungkook gently squeezes them, pushing them together and pulling another moan past your lips. A stream of crimson seeps from the fresh wound, wetting your skin and dribbles down to Jungkook’s mouth. It isn’t unheard of that Vampires can feed from each other. It’s a love bond, especially between those created and their maker. With their heightened senses, some vampires prefer to dilute the liquid before they drink from each other; however with you and Jungkook, there is nothing more arousing and romantic than tasting each other for who you both really are.
“I’ll never get enough of your taste. You gonna let me fuck you around all these bodies, hm? Let me stuff your tiny,messy pussy as I see fit?” He snarls, the bitter honeyed taste of your blood pooling on his tongue and painting his teeth red. “I’ll fuck you in these blood sodden sheets, like the bloodslut you are. Play with yourself baby, you’ve earned it.”
Your body sparks in pleasure and your mind spins in delirium at the order he is coaxing you with. Voice husky and filled to the brim with lust. Your hands unclamp from each other from their previous position above your head and you let your dominant hand seek out your pussy.
Taking two fingers, you spread your saturated pussy lips apart for his own viewing pleasure, and allow your other hand to glide over your swollen nerves in the most feather-like of touches. You’re so in tuned with your sensitivity, the lightest of touches sparking a ravenous hunger deep within, your body craving, aching for more. You decide to press down harder, feeling your pussy drown with a new precum of your own, wetting itself at the knowledge that not too long you’ll finally have Jungkook sinking his cock deep into you.
Spreading your legs as wide as you can, you slide a hand between your legs, fingers slipping wetly through your built up arousal and spit. A resounding squelch is heard around the room as your finger slips in between your sodden lips. Your mouth opens in a silent moan and Jungkook uses the opportunity to spit a mixture of saliva and blood onto your tongue.
“Swallow.” He doesn’t stutter once as he watches you close your mouth, the sight of your throat bobbing up and down is the confirmation he needs that you’ve obeyed his request. Jungkook’s own hand finds his shaft, wrapping his fist around himself, he tugs his skin back and forth in tandem to the movements you make around your clit. 
You circle the hood of your clit teasingly, making sure to wet your fingers enough before pushing one past the rings of your muscles. You pump slowly, teasing yourself now for only a matter of seconds and then interesting another one into yourself. You relax your body, your fingers easily pushing past your loosening hole, stretching you in preparation of your boyfriend's monstrous cock.
You eye Jungkook in front of you, eyes trailing down to his fist covered cock as you watch him work up and down his shaft, translucent cum slicking up the length making the glide of his hand seamless. You note that when his fingers reach the crown of his cock, he puts in a little extra effort to twist his wrist and let his thumb sweep over his weeping head to continue spreading the essence down his length.
Jungkook’s own eyes never leave the sight of you pushing your fingers inside of yourself, attentive to the way that both of them pull out with sticky white slick of your own cum. Simultaneously, you both moan in appreciation for each other and your ministrations as you finally sink in a third finger, hips lifting off the bed at how you spread around them, opening yourself up and allowing your pussy to swallow your fingers.
“I wish you could look at yourself,” Jungkook murmurs. “You’re such a greedy little slut, look at that hungry cunt. You need my cock that bad, huh, angel? So wet for me. Look at that pretty pussy swallowing your tiny fingers, wishing it was me instead aren’t you, angel.” 
At the sound of Jungkook’s words, you spread your legs wider, feeling the muscles in your thighs and calves burn at the overstretch. The hand that is three fingers deep stuffed into your cunt picks up its pace as your free one joins the preoccupied appendage at your pussy, making sure to press two fingers hard against your clit and rubbing in circles at an unforgiving speed — chasing any sort of high that you possibly can.
“Jungkook,” you try, voice broken but thick with lust nonetheless. “I’m ready for you. Fuck me like the whore you know I am for you.”
In record time, Jungkook pulls you up to your feet and takes you in through his own eyes. Blood drying onto your skin, blood leaking out of the wounds he created just a moment ago, make up running down your tear stained cheeks, lips full and puffy from the assault from his cock on your throat. Your eyes are glazed with arousal and your hair a disarray from Jungkook pulling and tugging at the strands. You’re a mess..but only in the best way.
He walks behind you slowly as if you’re now the one being hunted and only makes your want for Jungkook grow. As he places a hand on your hips, you lean back to rest against his collarbone and turn your head towards his face. You inhale and take in the smell of Jungkook — the metallic smell of blood as well as the sweet jasmine and floral scent from your perfume he loves to spray on himself, mixing together and making you dizzy with desire for him.
Jungkook’s other hand trails upwards albeit slowly up your front. He makes sure to ghost his fingers against the flesh of your stomach, stopping at your kiss bitten tit and kneads the flesh in his large palms. His still hand on your hips squeezes at your waist tenderly and you pull your lower lip in between your teeth and clamp down softly to hold back the small moan that threatens to escape. 
Without moving your head, you manage to get a glimpse of Jungkook caressing your hands, the white gold of his rings glinting under the moonlight that seeps through the blinds of your shared bedroom. The soft skin of your mounds peeking through the spaces in between his fingers and at this you lose control of keeping your moans at bay.
“Love when you play with me, Kook, mm,” you mewl.
You hear a deep vibration from Jungkook’s chest as his light laugh fills the space around you, a quick kiss placed on the crown of your head. His hand leaves your tit as the other continues to play with your pussy, two fingers passing through your folds to find your clit. “Best toy I could ever ask for. Do me a favour love, and hold your pussy open for me.”
With that, he lifts his fingers up to his mouth and you replace his with your own, opening your lips in a V shape, the cold air making contact with your sensitive clit causing your body to shiver. Jungkook wraps his mouth around his digits, coating them in his spit before removing them and placing his hand in front of your mouth as you move to repeat the action. “Nu huh baby..spit.”
You do as you’re told and gather enough saliva in your mouth before spitting on his fingers, watching the concoction of both your bodily fluids mix together. A second chuckle is heard from behind you and Jungkook doesn’t waste another moment as his fingers make direct contact with your clit thanks to your fingers keeping yourself open and waiting for him.
Not being able to avoid the growing pleasure taking over your senses, your mouth hangs open, tongue licking at your lips out as your eyes screw shut. Jungkook makes sure to keep up his ruthless pace of pistoning into you, his tight grip on your thighs sure to leave marks.
Your legs wobble at the collision, a hand winding its way around Jungkook’s neck as you try to steady yourself. You find the long strands of his gel slicked back hair at the nape of his neck and pull with vigour, hearing a hiss from your boyfriend. His palm on your hips slides forward, trapping you behind the hard muscles of his chest and his forearm, the hand now holding the other hip managing to keep you upright as he continues to attack your clit with hard presses.
New arousal drips out of your hole like sweet nectar dripping from a flourished flower. Jungkook swipes a finger through the wetness and uses that as an extra lubricant to aid his movements against your clit, the wet squelching resounding around the bedroom.
After managing to find your balance, Jungkook lets your hip go in favour of pressing the palm under your chin, his fingers pressing into the side of your face, pushing your neck up in his direction, letting him instantly press his mouth against yours in a messy kiss.
Before you have the chance to seal your mouth in the kiss, Jungkook slips his tongue past the seam of your lips, tangling his muscle with your own, taking control instantaneously. It’s rough and sloppy, drawn out with strings of saliva creating a stickiness between the both of you as soon as your lips meet each other.
If your body had a beating heart, warmth or anything deemed human, you know that your body would be on fire as Jungkook indulges every part of your senses. However, your head is spinning and your skin tingles, enjoying everything Jungkook bestows upon you.
“Your scent,” Jungkook whispers against your mouth. He breaks the kiss and allows his nose to press against your cheek softly as he inhales. Your watch as his eyes flutter as his nose travels towards your jaw before pressing in between the juncture of your neck and shoulder and inhales, “is thick and sweet,” he presses a kiss to your shoulder, “so beautiful. I could never want anybody else.” You grin at his words.
You let out a yelp when you feel Jungkook pushing you down on the bed face down, hips high. “Open your fucking legs.” Jungkook grabs onto your thighs and pushes them apart, opening you up fully for his viewing pleasure and you can’t help but teasingly shake your ass for him. At the sight of your dripping cunt, Jungkook’s mouth waters and he lands a harsh slap against your left cheek, moaning at the way it jiggles on impact. His cock is hard, throbbing and begging to be stuffed inside your clenching cunt. 
Teasing you, Jungkook stands above you and grabs himself by the base of his cock. Your body twitches deliciously when you feel the blunt head of his cock slide in between the lips of your pussy. Jungkook begins a slow rock of his hips back and forth, coating himself in your wetness and groans as he watches himself become slick with your essence.
“You need my cock that bad, I better give it to you.” Jungkook laughs as he wraps his hand around his dick and pumps himself once, twice, thrice, glazing his length. In one swift movement, he pulls himself back until he lines his tip with your entrance, watching as your head falls forward as Jungkook slowly begins to press into you, filling you up deliciously. “Beg me to move.”
Jungkook leans over your back and grabs your wrists in each of his hands and pulls you upright against him. You feel the taut muscles of his torso press against your back as he steps further forward, inching his cock further into you than you thought possible. A knuckle brushes across your cheek before his ringed fingers grips your jaw firm and twists your head to the side to look at him.
For a split second, you're dazed, the lust taking over you as he manhandles you so easily. Sex with Jungkook is better than anything you could have predicted, both as a human or creature of the night — being able to call him your own causes butterflies to flutter in your stomach. Leaning back so he can watch, Jungkook lets himself sink into your soft, wet heat. His girth slowly disappears between your swollen, battered lips, his mind short circuiting at the feeling of his cock finally being sheathed inside you.
You’re brought back down to earth as Jungkook tightens the grip on your cheek, pulling himself out of your cunt at the slowest pace so you feel every ridge of his cock drag against your walls punishingly.
“Use your words. I said-,” he thrusts back in, “beg,” he pulls out again and fucks back into you harder, “me,” and again, “for,” again, “it,” one he leaves and slams back into you one last time.
You let out a whined out “yes” in response and it seems like it was enough for Jungkook.
“You always want me this bad, don’t you,” Jungkook scoffs, lust lacing his words. You don’t answer, the feeling of being filled up by Jungkook causes all words to die on your tongue, replacing it with incoherent murmurs. “Too fucked out already at just the thought of me.”
Shifting his weight, Jungkook removes himself from your pussy and then thrusts back into you — harder and much deeper than the first time, passing through the tightness of your walls. He looks between both of your bodies and watches as your pussy wraps around him snuggly.
Jungkook slams his cock into you repeatedly bottoming out every single time he breaches your pussy, feeling your walls clenching against his length, practically sucking him in. The stretch he is providing is enough to kill for, making this life with him by your side worth it.
“Shit, I-, fuck you so often and you’re always still this tight,” Jungkook moans through gritted teeth, the fingers keeping your jaw set in place squeezes your cheeks and causes your lips to pout stupidly.
“Y-yes, I want you, I need you baby.” A shiver runs through you, your hand reaching up and wraps around Jungkook’s thick bicep.
“You feel incredible,” Jungkook coos, voice airy as he loses himself to the lust. You moan out and Jungkook is quick to swallow the moans as he leans down to kiss you. “So wet, dripping down my cock, such a good girl for me.”
He is ruthless. So fucking rough with you. The power in his movements against you leaves you sex drunk and it’s everything you could ever need, ever want from him. The feeling of his cock slamming deep inside of you repeatedly, over and over causes your head to fall back back against his chest, mouth open as you become a blithering, incoherent mess in his hands.
His pace is inhumane, your body cold to the touch but he can’t seem to get enough of the warmth your pussy provides him when he sinks back in. Jungkook’s hand falls down to your neck and immediately seals his grip across your skin. There is no need to keep an eye on your breathing, allowing him to apply as much pressure as he likes.
“You always fuck me so well, baby,” you choke the words out, the vibrations in your throat tickling against Jungkook’s palm. 
You still feel lightheaded, not from the lack of air but from the desire, the itch to have more of Jungkook even as he already fully consumes every single part of your mind, body and soul. The black spots you see as your eyelids flutter just make the experience so much more intense.
Jungkook looks down at you from above and a sinister laugh falls from his lips. He looks down at your face as he eases himself in and out mercilessly and hums out. “I can’t hear you over how pathetic noises you’re making.” Your cunt clenches once more at his words, and the feeling of your orgasm finally begins chasing you. You open your eyes and are met with his own instantly. The sight of dark lustful crimson red and the remaining flecks of amber from his usual form glimpses through — and you think to yourself in your blissful state he really is the most stunning person you have ever laid your eyes on.
“I’m gonna c-come,” you hiccup, feeling the coil in your stomach coil tightening.
Jungkook’s eyebrows furrow in concentration, your words causing his cock to twitch inside of you as it seems like he is starting to chase his own high along with you. 
“Look at me when I fuck you,” he tells you. “Look at me when you come.”
Mouth wide, eyes struggling to stay open, you nod for him and Jungkook’s hand moves from your jaw and nestles behind your neck and finds the nape of your neck, pulling your head back from the little strands of hair. Jungkook pulls you closer to his chest, dancing little kisses over your shoulder, his lips soft against your flesh as his fangs graze over the kisses, soft enough to sink into you but hard enough for it to cause your body to erupt in goosebumps.
“Are you gonna let me cum inside you kitten?”
“Y-yes Jungkook, please come inside me!”
Jungkook gives you a thrust hard enough to feel the tip of his cock kiss your cervix, your toes curling as his pace never falters but instead quickens and you cry out in pain. “You’re such a cock dumb bloodwhore, oh-shit, wouldn’t have you any other way.” The angles are pristine, perfect, on point and you both know that you aren’t going to last much longer. 
His lips are quick and meet yours in a fierce kiss, heavy and full of thirst. He slips his tongue right past your mouth and sucks on your tongue, exploring every crevice of your cavern, just for him as he keeps rocking his cock into your body. The kiss grows more desirous as the sounds of your lips locking together, the slapping of skin on skin, moans and groans from the both of you fill the room.
The pleasure that has built up over the actions of the evening has finally caught up with Jungkook as it becomes almost too much to handle. Nobody, nothing, no amount of feeding, no amount of blood, absolutely nothing has made him the way he feels for you quite like you have. Something akin to love for you washes over him in this moment and it’s been decades…centuries, that he has felt as warm as he does right now. Even in his human life, he’s never felt so strongly for someone else like he does for you and he chases that warmth for you, faster and faster until he stills.
Jungkook’s balls tightens, his thirst for you intensifies, forming a pit in his stomach and his heart sends a chill right up his spine. Earth shatters beneath him and he’s throwing his head back in euphoria as his cock twitches one last time and spills into you. Ropes and ropes of warm cum release into your pussy and your automatic reaction is to grab at the hand he has on your hips and lace your fingers with his, squeezing them as to tell him silently that you love him back.
Jungkook tilts backwards onto his knees and watches as you push a load of milky white cum from your cunt, watching as  it drips out of your pussy and lands on the crown of his cock, coating him in his own climax. Jungkook has never seen anything more sinful from you. Overlooking the sensitivity of his body, he takes his cock back in his hand and spreads his cum along his length and lines himself with you once more.
You're on all fours as the stretch of your pussy is felt when Jungkook sinks back inside of you once more. You both moan at the same time and Jungkook draws back and slams back against you and you hear a hiss from behind his teeth.
Shallow thrusts slowly dissolve and Jungkook is once again allowing the pleasure and desire to sear back into his bones — shorter, more power filled assaults of his cock returns and you’re sure that by the tomorrow that you’ll be struggling to keep yourself up right. 
Growing bolder in his renewed movements, Jungkook grabs each of your ankles and spreads your legs wider, opening you up further for his viewing pleasure. The sight of his cum from his previous orgasm being pushed from your seeping lips, as well as your own slick which aided his movements.
“Wan’ you to touch yourself.”
You reach down between your legs and dip your fingers past your wet lips, gathering enough cum on your digits and then pressing them onto your pussy. You whimper at the contact, the tightening of your stomach muscles a tell tale sign that you’re nearing your own release.
Jungkook fucks into your harder, his cock coming into contact with your fingers every so often as he slams into you deeper. “Just like that you filthy whore,” he throws his sweat slicked head backwards. His own hand grabs you by the neck once more and brings you up to him once more, turning your neck and aims for kissing your lips but missing in his haste and ends up catching the corner of your mouth.
“Bite me, Jungkook.” You force the words off your tongue as Jungkook’s powerful thrusts pick up.
Wasting no time, Jungkook sinks his fangs into the column of your throat, tearing your skin and pulling it open with his teeth the second he gets a taste of your blood. A hand finds your tits and squeezes one and then the other as he continues to suck the sweet elixir straight from your jugular.
You turn your head enough to puncture your own fangs into the juncture of Jungkook’s throat, next to his shoulder and drink straight from the wound. You’re able to get the faint taste of yourself from through Jungkook’s skin and it only makes you suck harder as he fucks you deeper.
Blood sharing between maker and those they have created isn’t common at all. It’s taboo within the species but fuck, if the maker can create a newborn that also indulges, it creates bonds that become inferior. Indestructible even. It builds relationships, becomes personal to each vampire that participated and holds them to each other forevermore.
You both spend time drinking from each other, both of you feeling your arousal heightening as you open your eyes and take in the sight of your boyfriend. The scent of endorphins and the smell of sex is thick around you, sweet and overwhelming in the best way.
Jungkook removes himself from you and you watch as your blood drips from both corners of his mouth and falls down against your shoulder. Rivulets run down his chains and he runs a hand through it, coating his rings in the honeyed juice.
“Look at me and make yourself cream all over my fucking cock,” he mouths against your lips and then resumes himself, feeling the tip of his cock kiss at your cervix.
Your body is like a live wire, completely alive with every touch Jungkook places against you. You force your eyes to look into Jungkook’s garnet ones as your fingers work harder against your own oversensitivity to bring you to your own orgasm. 
“C-coming baby—shit, oh my Go-.” Your mouth falls open and your eyes roll into the back of your head as you finally feel the coil in your stomach snapping, and again, you’re squirting all over the pair of you.
The rivulets runs out of you harder than the last time, coating your thighs, your hands and Jungkook’s length as he fucks you through it entirely as his own movements grow frantic yet stuttered as he races towards his own second orgasm.
His palm on your throat squeezes as he finally comes, his legs twitching and hips never relenting as they thrust into your wet cunt until he’s sure he’s milked himself dry inside of you.
Cupping himself in his hands, Jungkook moves back to draw his cock out, only keeping his cockhead inside. He wraps his fist around his cock once more as he jerks the length to full completion, slowly, feeling your pussy clench and push the remaining length of him out. 
It’s no surprise that you fall onto your side as you grow limp, body falling next to the dead female that you both fed from earlier in the night. Jungkook is not too far off from you as he collapses in a heap next to you and you both laugh at each other.
“I think we might need to clean up,” you say, voice broken from your blood curdling pleasure.
“I think we need to do this more often,” Jungkook says, his own tone not that much different to your own.
You turn towards each other, blood and cum smeared all over your bodies, blood residue all over the floor, walls, furniture and linens and then your eyes land on the dead couple on the floor.
“What do we do with them?” You ask.
Jungkook shrugs his shoulders and pushes the hair on his forehead back as he basks in his post-sex euphoriaism, slotting his mouth over the bitten mark in your neck and letting his tongue soothe over the area, kissing around the masticated wound.
Using the speed of your supernatural abilities to your advantage, you flip Jungkook onto the bed and straddle his waist, kissing his stomach and letting your spit glaze over his abdominal muscles.
“Leave them for dessert later.”
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kooksbunnnn · a day ago
Love Language - Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
Summary: Just Yoongi and his love language. 
Warnings: kissing, heavy making out, fingering, mentions of squirting, unprotected sex (please don't), Yoongi's long fingers, big dick Yoongi, mentions of Namjoon third wheeling. Porn with plot but mostly porn. Marriage au.
Words: 3.8k
Authors Note: hie! I am back with a drabble. Give it some love people hehe~
Seeing him in those black sleeping shorts and the incorrectly buttoned up white shirt you tore off of him last night sends a tingle between your legs. You almost throw your head back in need when he puts on his glasses, pushing his hair back trying to find something on his desk.
Waking up on a Sunday without your husband's warmth around you makes you whine into your pillow. You turn around to feel his side of the bed, and you feel it's still warm. He must've woken up not long before you did. You go down the stairs to find him in his study, busy on his phone, probably talking to Namjoon according to the dongsaeng-but-formal tone he is using. 
When he sees you standing there, he hangs up telling Namjoon he will call him after he finds whatever he was trying to find, hanging up he smiles at you. "Hey, have you seen the black binder you gifted me some months ago?" He asks with his eyes and hands busy on his table.
Lifting his head he notices your confused expression so he stops to explain with his hands. "Yay big and yay high, it was gold plated on the ends?" You look at his description and immediately recognize the binder, the one you gifted him for the aesthetic of his file drawer. Black and gold. 
"Yes that is in the bed room lemme get it for you." he nods at your statement smiling and you run and bring the binder back. When you come back you see him clutching his hair in his hands and oh his hands. 
The veins, making you want him to wrap his hands around your neck while he fucks you- No.
Get it together Y/N, its 10 am in the morning! Although the morning pound down doesn't sound bad, he seems very busy.
A kiss doesn't sound bad though.
You walk towards him bringing his file behind your back with a smile, he hears your footsteps and turns towards you with a smile.
"Thankyou baby." He says in his oh-so raspy voice and you melt. He reaches out to take it from you but you lift both of your arms to wrap them around him, the file still in your hand. He giggles and kisses you, his hands finding their way to your ass. Squeezing your flesh to make you moan with him still attached to your lips.
"Good morning to you too Y/N." Speaks a bored voice from the speaker of your husband's phone and you detach from his face with wide eyes trying to get away but he pulls you towards him with a lazy smirk on his face. You hit your husband playfully but embarrassed and also answer the greetings from your friend.
"Hey, u-um good morning Joon. Didn't know you were on a call and I'm sorry I should probably go."
"No no nothing so urgent that I should be a cockblock. Call me later hyung. Happy humps." Without giving your husband a chance to retaliate at the hump comment he hangs up and you smile guiltily at your husband.
"Yeah. I'm gonna smack this little motherfucker's head for this mmph-" you cut him off his rant as you kiss him again, giving him the lead as soon as he slips his tongue in. Moaning at the way he grabs your hair at the nape, biting onto your lower lip making you gasp. 
He traces his hand down your spine to reach the hem of his oversized T-shirt you borrowed last night and he swears it's hotter taking it off than any of the dresses he's ripped off of you. 
He lifts it up to your waist and ties it in a knot, you watch his long fingers make a knot just below your breasts and then trace them along your waistline "Wanted to fuck you in my T-shirt but didn't want it to come in the way so." He shrugs at the end of the sentence and you chuckled before being cut off by getting turned and bent over the desk suddenly. 
He bends down to the level of your cunt with a knowing smile and keeps one of his hands over your lower back to keep you in place. The cold desk wood under your tummy makes you hiss, but it turns into a short moan when he spreads your ass cheeks and runs his index finger between them over your damp folds.
He pushes his finger with pressure to tease you over the cloth making you squirm in place. Your heels rise making you tip toe when he drags his fingers towards your clit with the same pressure. 
"Fucking ready. Every fucking time." He grits out to himself and you let out a small whine at his delay, squirming in place. He scoffs at your impatience and pulls your underwear down, slow and teasing. 
"Baby, please" you whine at his slow movements but he suddenly slaps at your clit making you jolt. 
"Impatient huh?" You nod and breathe shakily at the sting but feel more wetness drizzle out, moaning at the feeling. 
"Look at that" he pushes two fingers in you and you both groan at the same time. You feel like you will curl up due to the feeling his fingers give when he twists them and rubs them around like he is trying to find something and oh-
He does. He fucking does. 
Your knees buckle when he finds that spot and you start panting when he keeps rubbing the spongy area. Cooing at your whimpering self, he picks up his pace, rubbing and jabbing your spot making your head go dizzy at the pressure. You try lifting yourself up but his hand's pressure tells you to take it just like he is giving it to you. 
A vibration causes you to flinch and you see him get up and flip his phone towards him to check the caller id. Panicked you pull yourself up to convince him to not pick up the phone, making him slip his fingers out in the process. 
"Yoongi don't you dar-" but before you could finish your sentence, he motions you to stay silent with his finger on his lips. You shake your head knowing you couldn't stay silent while he talks if he goes anyway further than his fingers still hovering over your entrance.
A voice booms from the phone on the table which kinda replicates yours, but with a different reason of panting. You guess he is running around. 
"Hyung, I am so sorry but you need to call and decide the order and topics for the four presenters for tomorrow.." the rest of the voices go deaf around your ears when Yoongi stuffs his fingers in your pussy and covers your mouth at the same time, muffling the gasp. 
He scoffs in your ear and whispers in his low raspy voice, "Pathetic little slut." Jabbing his fingers harder at every word. He changes the angles of his fingers making you clench and roll your eyes back. You hold his wrist over your mouth for dear life while he holds your body in place. 
You feel tears brim in your eyes as he hits the spot again and again and again. Your legs shake and you tighten around his fingers and he chuckles at your ministrations, he knows you like this. Every time Namjoon speaks you try to keep your voice in and it gets you wetter at the thought of getting caught. 
You snap out of the daze when he speaks addressing the younger business partner, "Joon I requested Y/N to attend the party next week and I think she wants to come" he licks your earlobe at the end of the statement and you nod vigorously.
Bringing his hand to the front he rubs your clit with three of his fingers, making you spread your legs out of instinct. You buck your hips and try grinding on his fingers chasing your high, the rush in your ears blocking out any kind of conversation around you. 
You start feeling the telltale of the upcoming orgasm and your body shakes and twitches when the heat passes out of you. Your eyes roll back to your head when he bites on your earlobe, removing his hand from your lips and you watch him hang up. 
You have no clue when the conversation ended but your shaking body falls on the table and you cry out. He slows his hand down to let you ride your high while you grind on his fingers absentmindedly rolling your hips, eyes squeezed shut as you breathe heavily. 
He removes his hand and smiles at you when you turn your head to glare at him, breathing heavily.
He helps you stand up and hold you by your waist when your knees buckle and has this shit-eating grin on his face. Pulling you towards him he gives you an open-mouthed kiss but you push him away panting. "Fuck you, Min. What if he heard something?!" He chuckles and grabs you by the waist tucking your hair behind your ear, tilting his head to make better eye contact. 
"Then he would hear how I make you cry when you come." His low and deep voice sends cold shivers in your lower back.
"I gotta work now baby, or Namjoon will physically come here and make me do it." He pats your butt to get you going but you raise your eyebrows at him before nodding down to the boner he has. He laughs and holds your cheeks making your lips pout. 
"As tempting as you sucking me off sounds, I would rather fuck you." He gives your pouted lips a chaste kiss before letting you go but you step forward and kiss him while grabbing his dick over his shorts making him growl in your mouth. 
"Fuck me good babe. I'll be waiting."
"Oh I will." He grins, shaking his head while watching you turning around, knot still above your ass and you make your way out of the room with your ass on full display. Groaning he turns his head towards his desk and then looks at his dick. 
Yeah. A cold shower. 
You gave him the whole day, trying to distract yourself with the work you had left incomplete and sending it to your HR, changing the bed sheets, sending your blazers to dry cleaning since it was a sick leave for your housemaid, buying grocery and bringing him his usual box full of tangerines and snacks with some beer to store in for football-match-with-the-boys-wuhoo! As Jungkook said.
It was 5:38 in the evening when you were cleaning the kitchen after having your second cup of coffee when you see him enter the room rubbing his neck. You felt really bad for him when you made eye contact with his tired ones, he took a shower and changed his clothes into a clean pair of black sweatpants and a white T-shirt.
He padded across the room to reach towards you to kiss you. Kissing him back you giggle and pull away, asking him softly, "Have you even eaten anything, baby?" He immediately nods to your question and lists the amount of frozen food he microwaved since you were not home.  
Shaking your head at him you say, "Yoongi, you did know I made some shrimp sandwiches for you? I texted you about that too."
He looks back at the kitchen counter and finds an oven tray covered with plastic wrap filled with some sandwiches. Chuckling he lets go of you and sits on the black stool matching the breakfast counter.
"Sorry, I guess I was distracted with work, I just finished the sorting process for tomorrow's meeting with Namjoon, and he was constantly making sure that he was making the right decisions. This deal means a lot to him and I merely got 5 minutes of time when It hit 2:30 and I was horny, hungry, and exhausted at the same time. Wanted to fuck you so bad, baby, but then I didn't see you at home so I had to suffice my other biological needs..." rolling his eyes he continues. 
"Sorry I couldn't eat the sandwiches." He looks at you with guilty eyes and you couldn't help but smile at him. He didn't need to explain anything but he elaborated the reasons why he couldn't eat the sandwiches?
You did marry a gentleman.
You step towards him and kiss his cheek. Flicking away the long hair that was coming into his eyes as you say, "Listen, baby, you don't need to explain anything. I know how much this means to you and Joon so please don't apologize. I just wanna know you're resting enough to not get exhausted. Okay?" He nods at your statement and you bend to kiss his lips while standing between his knees, his hands automatically coming up to your waist. 
You don't realize when the kiss became hungrier, was it at the first groan you let out? Or the moment he pushed his tongue in and took control in his hand? Neither of you care about what led you to jump into his arms when he took you to the master bedroom removing your summer dress and his t-shirt in the hallway.
Laying you down on the bed, he hovers over your red flushed face. "Gonna make you cum so much, we would need to dry off the mattress." You chuckle at this and he gives you an open-mouthed kiss, making his way down licking and kissing all the way down from your neck to the collarbones, through the valley of your breasts, tweaking your nipples a couple of times before taking them into his mouth. 
Gasping at the warmth from his tongue around the bud you grab the sheets beside your head with one hand and the other finds home in his hair making him growl. He leaves your nipples and traces his way with his tongue over your clothed pussy. 
Instead of teasing this time he pulls the underwear all the way to your ankles before throwing it into some dark corner of the room. The dusk hours make the yellowish brown lights reflect on your honey skin, leading him to bite into your thighs while pressing his thumb over your clit. 
Your impatient whine makes him determined to make you come hard, he loved teasing you but loves to watch you fall apart for him. So he digs in with his tongue tracing patterns all over your folds and your bundle of nerves which you couldn't decipher due to the soon entering fingers inside you, the cold sensation of his ring, and the stretch feeling heavenly, you know you wouldn't last long this time. 
He finds a rhythm in which he feels you tightening around his fingers and lets out a chuckle at the way you were clenching. "I know you're close baby, come for me. Make a mess on my fingers." And as if on call, your body spasms and he rubs your clit with his other hand making your body curl up. He stares at the way your cunt flutters and almost drools after he pulls his fingers out, watching it drizzle your sweet slick. Bending down he licks up a stripe over your pussy making you gasp. 
"Yoongi- s-sensitive. P-please." You gasp but still roll your hips trying to match his tongue. He hums pushing his tongue inside you and you almost feel it in your stomach. Your body arches as he swirls his warm muscle inside your hole and Yoongi groans at the taste and the thought of you clenching on his cock.
You feel the heat building up again at the slow pace he is licking you up at, not overwhelming your nerves but instead making them feel at ease and when he sees your limbs shaking he looks up and smirks at you who was already watching him eat you out. He winks at you and increases the pace of his tongue flicking at your clit.
You gasp at how he is making you feel the heat in your ears and toes, stretching your feet and tightening your muscles to reach the orgasm faster, your hands fly in directions to hold on to something.
"F-Fuck, don't stop-don't stop-don't stop. Fuck b-baby!" You cry out grabbing onto his hair with wide eyes, mind focusing on achieving that high. His groans make you reach it faster.
The constant flicking along with his long firm fingers rubbing your folds with pressure without entering, just massaging it to make it feel the pressure and pleasure makes you come and he pushes his tongue inside you at that exact moment making your eyes roll back. Your legs try to snap shut but he holds them open. Your legs shake continuously and you feel yourself ooze out a little bit of your soul. 
He gets up with a gummy smile on his face making you laugh and you both start laughing when he hovers above you. "You really boost my ego baby, coming so much. I must be doing something right?"
He sounds cocky but you know he is saying the truth, nobody has ever made you feel like he does, emotionally, physically, and mentally safe. 
"Wanna taste?" He asks you with mischief in his cat-like eyes and you nod with dizzy eyes, making his eyes darken, keeping eye contact he dips one of his hands and pushes inside you making you gasp a little which he mocks by gasping in a high-pitched voice and smirking later at your wide and embarrassed eyes.
He lifts his finger up and spreads it apart to show you the strings your slick creates between his fingers, you push your tongue out and he smirks, proud. "My filthy baby." He pushes those fingers in your mouth rubbing the taste of your cum on your tongue. Groaning at the taste you swirl your tongue around his digits, which he watches with dark eyes. 
He pulls the fingers out and wipes them on your cheeks, grabbing your face with his fingers he opens up your mouth. "Now for the main course." Spitting in your mouth he watches you moan at the feeling and gulp it in, which he kisses you, proudly. 
He gets up and removes his sweatpants and you feel your mouth water at him pumping his dick while watching your cunt leak. He smiles when you spread your legs wider and hover above you, tilting your face towards his, making eye contact, he enters you slowly and you feel your body arch at the girth of his cock. 
Min Yoongi has been the best dick you've been fucked by, with the perfect length, perfect width, and the prettiest features. Pretty, just like him. He knows you have a thing for eye contact, he observed this in the first 3 months of the relationship when you couldn't hold his stare, he knew it would turn you on while he fucked you, he loved seeing you squirm so it made his dick hard too. You proved his theory when he fingered you in front of the mirror making eye contact and making you watch yourself come undone for him, surprising him by squirting on his fingers. Just Perfect. 
Your eyes widen and he shakily exhales. "Fuck. You're so perfect and so wet. Reminds me of your mouth. You're warm on every end, baby." He grits through his teeth but none of his words reach you when his hips start hammering you into the mattress. 
He fucks you slow taking in every expression, watching your eyes roll back, dragging his cock slower making you scratch his back with your nails. Groaning in your ear his strokes getting hard and fast, hard and short, he tries every angle he loves seeing you twitch in. He pulls up both your legs over his waist, still fucking in at a slow-hard-deep pace and you whine loudly making him grab your thigh at the control he is showing not to bust at your voice's high pitch and neediness. 
"Fuck Yoongi, right there. Right there. Faster, please. I'm gonna die if you don't go any faster. Make me come please make me." He looks at you and you clench, growling at the tight grip you have around him, he gives you what you want. Faster-harder-deeper. Your body jolts back at every stroke but the expression on your face makes him lose his control, he grabs both your hands and pins them beside your head.
Your body arches into his, your nipples touching his bare chest, you cry out in pleasure, walls spasming and tightening around him. 
"Gonna come. Y/N fuck baby" he growls in your ear while you say his name like a mantra, digging your nails in your palms. You both come at the same time making you tremble in his hold and feet digging in his lower back. He bites your neck when he feels you lifting your hips meeting his strokes to reach the end of both your highs. 
Slowing down when you whine in overstimulation, he pulls out. You both stay there watching the lights on the ceiling which were never turned on and you realize, it's dark outside. Checking the digital clock you see it's been more than 35 minutes since you entered the room. You laugh at the heavy breaths you and your husband are letting out but soon you cringe because of the sticky sheets under you. 
"You need to change them this time, I just did them in the afternoon, Min."
"Let me breathe a second woman? Why are you so bossy?" He gets up feigning annoyance but you hear the breathy chuckle he lets out. You roll your eyes at his accusations while he helps you get up, laughing at the faces you make when you feel the warm sheets mixed with the weird temperatured cum. 
After-care with warm showers and thigh massages was an important part of the sexual routine you and Min Yoongi had, but the best part? The best part was when he feeds you the food he cooks with so much love and furrowed eyebrows due to the concentration he has in that apron with a cat with its middle finger out, the intense amount of attention towards the dish makes him unconsciously poke his tongue out through his lips while he plates the dish. 
Bringing you a pair of fresh wooden chopsticks and wine, his face smeared with flour as he made you some fresh and greasy kimchi jeon. You know he loves cooking you food but would never admit it. 
So, not wanting you to do much after the sweat session, he just cockily said 'Don't strain you're already jelly-like legs, you tiny human.' Which secretly means, rest because you're sore. He is not very outspoken about his feelings so he might seem a little concealed, it's just that, he has a different language for love, he just needed somebody to decode it.
Luckily, it's you.
Tumblr media
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koostarcandy · 23 hours ago
Could I request welcome home kisses with Jungkook, or whoever you feeling inspired to write about! 💜
Tumblr media
so, give me all your kisses
pairing: jungkook x chef!reader
summary: after one long, tiring month, all jungkook craves is his lover's kisses.
genre: fluff
wc: 1.4k
a/n: thanks for the request! hope it was upto your expectations ^^ if you ever find yourself requesting smth you like, please make sure to follow the guidelines!
Tumblr media
it's been an excruciating wait.
jungkook swears the video calls and photos you send from the land of love itself doesn't do justice to your beauty. you never fail to send updates about your work, sending him random snaps of kittens and puppies in paris. he sleeps with your pillow close to his chest, counting and striking off the days on his calendar till you're in his arms.
it's been 3 weeks, 5 days and 8 hours since you've left his side, if he can recall correctly. you laugh teasingly at his math, questioning if it's right. he'll take anything you give him, even if it's blurry pictures of the eiffel tower or pixelated video calls with your pretty face.
"just 2 more days then you're here, right baby?"
"yes, koo. for the millionth time, yes. i promise i'm not changing my schedule, okay?"
jungkook pouts, slight miffed that he can't see your face before he sleeps. "are you sure you can't switch to video call for a few seconds?" he can hear you sigh sadly, "when i get back, you can look at me all you want, my love."
he mimics your sigh and wishes you a good day at work, suddenly declaring he'll love you for the rest of his life if you bring back souvenirs. you chuckle, saying that you weren't planning on coming back if there weren't plenty of gifts to give him. he hangs up after whispered confessions of love between the both of you, sending the sweetest of "mwah's!" your way.
putting his phone on the bedside table, he rolls over to your side, burying his face deep in your pillow. it's lost your distinct scent of jasmine and cinnamon sugar but he tries reviving it with the weekly laundry washes which you claim to love the smell of. he thinks you know him all too well, promising that the pillow mist you bought him will work just fine in your absence.
groaning at his lack of will to sleep, he grabs the small silver bottle of pillow mist ("its smell reminds me of the time we went to that botanical garden, koo. it's a happy memory, so isn't it best to fall asleep happy?") and sprays the required amount on your pillow, head falling back and eyes immediately closing, the scent pleasing to his sensitive nose.
he smiles instinctively of your time in the garden, the pictures he took you posing with the millions of flowers there playing like a movie in his head. it was the last date you both had before you left for your work trip. jungkook was, after all, the one who urged you take up the workshop at this famed restaurant, claiming it would help you in your future as the greatest chef he'll ever know.
he falls asleep to the thought of you and your nimble hands making him the best food he's ever had, the same hands handing him flowers at your date and the hands which hold him close and safe at night.
Tumblr media
"i'm coming, i'm coming! it's 5.45 in the morning, for goodness' sake!"
jungkook groans at the sound of the incessant ring of the doorbell, regretting his decision of ever installing one. all his hyungs know the pass lock to his door and he knows it isn't you because you're the one who made it. if it was the staff, they would've called him. he fixes his hair and rubs his eyes off the sleepiness, internally calming himself before he opens the door.
"excuse me but you can't ring the doorbell like this at-"
"good morning, koo!"
all of a sudden, sleep's tight hold on him has vanished. your crescent eyes and face half covered by the plushie you showed him as your sleeping companion (who he was very jealous but that's not the point) is infront of him, very much real, not blurry and not pixelated.
he flings the plushie off, hands cupping your face. if there's tears in your eyes, you both don't say a thing, instead beaming at each other with sparkly eyes.
"hello, my love," jungkook whispers shakily, trembling lips falling on yours. his hands fall to your waist, gripping you tightly. you're still in your work clothes, smelling of cheese and bread. your hands, which he dreamt of so vividly, are on his arms, quivering fingers gripping the long shirt he wore to bed.
he can hear the clear sound of glass bottles clinking against each other, probably the wine you spoke of so fondly. he doesn't care about the potential mess it may create and in all honesty, who would? he's got his favourite person in his arms, his favourite smell back in his nostrils and his favourite smile on his lips.
"you promised you wouldn't change your schedule," jungkook mumbles into the kiss, hands reaching behind you to shut the door and lean you against it. "but this is a good change, yes baby?" good would be an understatement. his feet stamp on something soft which startles jungkook just abit. he looks down at the culprit, picking it up, "ah, you," glancing back and forth at the plushie and your smiley face, flinging it off again to god knows where.
"hey! that was unbelievably expensive, you know."
"why get that when you can have the real thing, baby?"
you giggle and laugh happily, when he picks you up and spins you around, practically zooming to your shared bedroom. he places you gently on your side, hands below your head so it's laid on the pillow. your smile beams up at him, arms reaching up for him. he promptly falls on you, his limbs getting tangled with yours like it's muscle memory.
you stroke his hair just like how he likes it, the steady but slow rays from outside making it seem like there's an angel on you. "was the flight too early? you must've been so tired," jungkook says, face propped on your chest and hands untucking your shirt. you shrug and boop his nose, smiling when he scrunches it up, "i left after the last class and grabbed all the wine available at the duty free and i slept through the whole time so, no koo, i'm not that tired," you giggle amusedly.
"good. now tell me all about it!"
Tumblr media
jungkook holds the tall bottle of wine away from him, face contouring into one of thought.
"this must be from france, am i right or- ah, it's rome, hehe"
you shake your head in amusement and spread the garlic confit on the crisp toast, "let's have breakkie, koo, we've been up too long without food."
he all but rushes to the kitchen/dining area, eyes sparkling at the sight of the food. "thank you for the food," he says in perfect fashion, teeth peeking out to have a bite. his eyebrows furrow in delight, much to your mirth. "eat up all you want, darling," you encourage, humming in delight at your simple breakfast.
jungkook brushes his fingers off of crumbs, doe eyes on you as your tales of the city of love is said from your point of view. he always wondered what he missed when you were gone, always having your pictures and videos a few clicks away. as you ramble on about some sauce and how you finally mastered on how to get it creamy, he finally gets it.
it was you.
you and your never ending chatter of your first love, food and the way your eyes light up when the topic falls on it. your expressive gestures and your gleeful laughter, which never fails to make his day. you in his clothes, a simple oversized white tshirt. you in your shared dining table, talking to him.
he doesn't waste any time to get closer to you, not caring one bit if you complain of him almost spilling your juice. he tilts your chin up so he can get his lips on yours, hand on your neck and tattooed hand curled around your waist. he vows to never let you go anywhere without him ever again, be it for work or for leisure.
you don't question him nor complain, instead wrapping your arms around him, pulling him impossibly closer. he pulls away first, combing your hair out of your face and smiling at your blissed out expression.
"let's invite our friends for dinner tonight," you suggest, "i want to show them all what i learned there."
jungkook nods, never turning down an opportunity to be proud of you. "what do we start with first?"
"well, obviously, hors d'oeuvres-"
"what did you just call me?!"
you roll your eyes at his lame albeit childish joke, smile threatening to break from your lips. he giggles at his own joke, hugging you from the back when you walk away from him. he promises to listen and learn from you, only if you give him your infamous kisses as a reward.
Tumblr media
pt time: @armys-dna ; @joondiary ; @soobhyun ; @shatzkrinslinzki ; @highly-functioning-mitochondria ; @taegisms ; @cherishoshi
Tumblr media
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bonny-kookoo · 2 days ago
Prey: Cold Waters (Teaser)
Tumblr media
In which Jungkook dreams- of warmth, love, and the soft comfort of safety. The only issue? Louri never dream without reason.
Tags/Warnings: Alien!Jungkook, blood (minor injury), protective!koo, prey jk purring and cuddling, dead dove do not eat
Story length: mid
All content can be found under the Tag #Prey
Jungkook hasn't ever seen himself like this.
The mirror shows a reflection of someone that looks like him- but strangely doesn't feel like it's him. Pupils blown wide, roots of his hair longer and unfamiliar in their deep black color, his face just as disbelieving as he himself. The splash of cold water did nothing to wake him up it seems.
He's still in shock.
A knock on the door makes him turn around- fearfully and more or less making him jump at the sudden sound, but Jin seems understanding as he sighs. "I know it's hard." he tells the younger Louri.
"Why is this happening to me?" Jungkook asks, voice trembling. "Why.. Us?" he almost whispers.
"I don't know." Seokjin sighs empathetically, a hand on the younger one's neck as a sign of comfort. "But I'll be with you until the end." he says, while Jungkook himself averts his gaze.
Unsure what's going to happen to the both of you now.
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jjungxkook · 7 days ago
blackout | jjk
Tumblr media
⇥ pairing: roommate!jungkook x reader
⇥ genre: best friends to lovers, roommate and college au, fluff, crack, smut
⇥ rating: 18+
⇥ warnings: swearing, he’s just a bit of a fuckboy, bickering, swooning over/thirsting for jk (🤷‍♀️), a manually induced fake blackout? dunno those 2 are odd k, they play uno, a lot of spending time in the darkness, kook has no chill, teasing, consent, dirty talk, fingering, cmnf for a while, sexual tension, oral (both receiving), shower sex, choking, hair pulling, reader cries a bit, jk likes to praise, dry humping?, pussy and tits slapping rip (and some ass ig), making out🙄, manhandling, jk loves her tits and ass and plays with them (a lot), he’s sweet but cocky too, protected sex, dom + big dick kook
⇥ wc: 14.3k
⇥ author’s notes: mmmkay here it issss, this... thing. i may repent for my sins. also i do not know why this is so long, i thought it would be 10k rip please i apologize. anyways, i really hope you like it!! i’m very stoked to find out what you think😶‍🌫️
⇥ summary: Utility bills shooting up like this should be an international crime. Luckily, Jungkook has the perfect idea(s) to save up money and make your night sinfully unforgettable.
The hardness of the bench is tiring out your ass.
It’s incredible to you what tribulations you’re ready to burn through just to keep your best friend happy and satisfied. The blazing noon sun is steaming your scalp, even though in the middle of fall, it really shouldn’t.
Fingers wrapped around the edge of your seat, you lean forward and squint your eyes. You make out the energized individual running across the field immediately. Nevermind that he promised you football but you got soccer instead.
You wouldn’t dare to complain, though. In the summer heat, lopsided beams and big, dark puppy eyes refresh you like the late night Tequila Sunrises you love so much.
“Are you playing or taking a walk?” You yell from where you watch. Childish howling and woahhhhs echo across the field, fists pressed against round mouths and eyebrows skyrocketing.
They strive off anyone’s praises, really, but your unfaltering coaching pushes them forward a good, humongous step. In fact, you only recognize about a handful of the players, though there aren’t that many anyway.
No one running around down there cares much about authentic formations. The game usually played with eleven screaming, pumped members on each side only consists of four per team today.
It’s entertaining: The constant curses that always evolve into dramatic compliments, the loud and ambitious handshakes when they score, and the testosterone dissolving in the air, but only after the scent has wafted straight into your nostrils.
And the verbal invitations Jungkook hands out to you every week with pouting lips might play a role, too, yeah. He doesn’t like to make you wait like he does right now, but he doesn’t necessarily enjoy distance from you much, either.
A buff man in his mid-twenties, attractive beyond Greek gods’ appearance, highly determined and ready to indulge in new hobbies – relies on you, even after years of independence.
Seeing you watch and cheer him on boosts his already steadfast ego, and he’s never failed to let you know that, “It feels different from when other girls scream my name.”
You wish you could take it as a compliment, but the consistent ambiguity in his (bitter)sweet words fatigues your heart. The beat of it is not so consistent.
The crush has been omnipresent since you learned the first steps of stupid algebra, but lately, something in your lower belly has shifted weirdly, too.
Today, the shift shows in the way you clench the edge of your seat.
You hear the boys announce the end of their groundbreaking, world changing match, though you can’t recall who won, and observe the languid steps Jungkook takes toward the bench.
Energy slowly dwindling, he puffs out a deep breath, unaware that something inside you dies when he throws back the damp hair. His white, sleeveless shirt is sticking to his broad, firm chest – the refined pecs, abs and bare arms might not have triggered your embarrassing drooling if the last weeks hadn’t changed your perception of him.
There are, for instance, the filth-riddled noises when he’s fucking one of his occasional flings to the moon. Or how those exact same groans of his repeat when he heaves something that perhaps does not even require this low ass growl.
The sounds when he’s repairing something at your place or stretching after waking up. How you wish you could add to those sounds by delivering your very own, unique version of the female moans you usually hear from his room.
You could blame it on sex deprivation, or you could blame the outrageous line of his jaw, but you think the walls of your pussy have deformed and become dick-shaped. Welcoming a certain something that's definitely better than your beloved toys, according to the sounds at least.
This yearning feels kind of weird.
Jungkook has stopped not too far from you. He lifts his inked, veiny hand to wave and then reaches for his bottle to hydrate. And hydrating he does – in a way so alluring that you think he’s doing it on purpose.
Flashing the jawline of nightmares, he cuts you from afar. Sharp, more hazardous than in his teenage years. A phenomenal bone structure, accentuated by the shine of the tiny sweat drops. Shimmering golden skin.
When he drinks, you see his Adam’s apple bop even from here. His bicep is hard, bangs falling into his eyes, and his pink lips wrap around the bottle so prettily…
You and he both know how it feels.
Your mouth shuts close before he can notice. Instead you cup your hands around your mouth and call out to him.
“You do know we have an appointment today, right?”
“Your dick appointments can wait,” he yells back. When you roll your eyes to the back of your head, mumbling gross, the dork chuckles. “I’ll be done in a sec.”
He wraps stuff up, running back to his friends, and claps his hands before giving everyone a last handshake-bro-five-mix. The fondness you feel watching his social side bloom is blissful torture.
Jungkook grew up as a timid caterpillar, shying away from crowds and public gatherings. Opening up took a while, so you can’t remember when he went through the process of metamorphosis to come out prettier than a Cramer’s Blue Morpho butterfly.
He's still somewhat introverted, but doesn't back away from parties anymore. Red cups fill with intoxication. Bodies sashay past him, some toward him to fall into his grip.
You don’t want to be envious – so you’re proud instead. You enjoy when he’s liked by someone, love how the others grin at him. A likable and soft person like him taking over hearts left and right either platonically or not is kind of attractive to you.
“I’ll wash up,” his voice declares when he’s standing next to you. “And then we go.”
“Aren’t you gonna take a proper shower?”
“Yeah, later tonight. College showers are gross.”
Your conversations are a constant repetition. The way you act around each other, your gazes and your actions were bound to become a routine – if not during your time growing up together, then certainly when you began searching for a place to share.
So his response doesn’t surprise you. Neither does the further waiting on the bleachers, pulling in your knees, draping your arms around them to press your cheek against them. Daydreaming and watching or listening boy after boy leave the field.
Despite the familiarity of everything, you still feel different these days.
“After last time, I feel like you’re asking for too much.”
The man, not exactly happy about missing a live match of tennis but not quite grumpy today either, leans against the frame of his door. White, wet tresses peek through his dark mane, an indicator he just showered to enjoy the calm day you interrupted. 
Jungkook’s hair was as wet as his when you left the bleachers too, now fully dry as you stand in your old but cozy building.
How could it not be?
Considering the dozen stops between campus and your home, you could possibly dry an entire laundry in that time. Both of you are at fault, though – one of the million things you’re good at doing together is wasting money on stuff you might not necessarily need.
Convenience store, pharmacy and a flower shop to buy yet another succulent for your room. Jungkook pouted and frowned at you for the entirety of the convenience store visit when you told him the landlord thing wasn’t an appointment per se, but that he knew as well as you that you needed to sort things out.
Things being the impossible utility bills that keep you up at night. Things being both your stupidity to still halt in front of shops to acquire things like parsley and cheese.
Remembering just this idiocy and looking at the power your landlord’s eyes hold, you’d rather look at Jungkook than him.
At the shiny hair tips hanging into your friend’s eyes. The oversized gray shirt that could potentially hide the body he sports underneath, but his fingers are holding the strap of his rucksack, and the pull at his shirt is enough to make the lines of his chest visible.
But this afternoon is not about brooding over the edges of his torso. It’s about confronting a landlord who fortunately didn’t meet you in a hazardous mood despite his firm plans for tonight. He doesn’t complain about the weather today or seem elated because he found yet another new hobby, like he usually does.
He looks almost neutral, you think. You can’t read him, actually.
“Yes,” you confirm, exchanging a look with Jungkook. “It does sound like a lot, but you know you can count on us–”
“Dunno. You don’t seem to remember last time.”
The taunting tone riles you up, but the numbers on your bills haunt you enough to keep your calm. This is no time for an argument.
You take a breath and shoot another glance at Jungkook. His eyes are tremendously big and lips pressed together to an innocent, uplifting smile. He seems to sense your irritation, too.
“We do,” you confirm. “But c'mon, that's not fair. We’d just started living on our own back then. You know, no guardians to take care of us and all, so it was bound to happen.”
Not just that. The reason why you asked for postponing rent payment was because the two of you had been too eager and too stubborn to ask anyone for money. Ending up only providing half of the rent for almost three months wasn’t something you did on purpose.
But while you should’ve been more cautious, to some degree, it wasn’t entirely your fault. You had more college debt than you could afford only half a year after moving to this apartment, and Jungkook’s earnings weren’t close to what you needed.
“I really don’t know.” Yeah. The man’s doubts are kind of valid.
“C’mon… You know us, Mister Choi,” Jungkook tries this time.
“That’s why–”
“You can…” You suddenly interrupt, only noticing how things might backfire once you’ve already said them. “You could end our lease if we don’t pay you what we owe you this time.”
You think you can quite literally hear Jungkook’s heart stop next to you. At least that’s what his wide eyed, confused stare suggests when he moves his head to you. He’s voicing something in silent hesitation, but Choi most likely doesn’t notice.
Because before Jungkook can throw in his own–probably very unsure–two cents, hand coming up, the landlord sighs. He shrugs his shoulders, mumbling your last names, contemplates for a second longer and then… Agrees.
“Okay,” he says with a not-my-problem-nod. “That’s an idea I can work with. This month’s and at least half of next month’s by the end of the upcoming month, alright?”
You hate the constant repetition of the frightening word month, but on the inside you still jump and clap in joy. Both your and Jungkook’s expressions light up, your feet shifting as though you’re about to jump Choi and tackle-hug him to the ground.
Instead, you only gasp, clearing your throat and cheer, “This is! More than we expected! Thank you so much. Thank you for real for real, seriously, wearesosuperth–”
A palm stops the fast flow of your gratitude, and he only shakes his head and bids you goodbye with a thumbs up before he disappears behind his door. You think you see a fond smile, but your happiness might just be inducing pictures.
But who cares anyway?
Phase One of Saving Money turned out successful.
Once you enter your humble apartment, tension releases out of your mouth with your sigh. You slip your bag off your shoulder and into the corner next to the entrance, shoulders dropping. Every second with the landlord took a year from your lifespan.
Jungkook, always happy-go-lucky, isn’t as demotivated and grumpy as you. His steps carry him to your kitchen without a second thought, immediately scavenging the small space for an easy meal.
“What do we do now?” You whine, leaning against the dining table.
The sun is still up and it will remain hanging in the azure blue sky for a few more hours. But you dread the darkness that will descend after – not because it scares you, but because it means you’ll have to light up rooms for ideal navigation.
But lighting them up means raising the numbers on your electricity bill.
Jungkook, however, doesn’t pay much mind to your shattering financial situation right now. He’s humming at the pots and seasoning he’s scattered around on the counter, calm as ever, because worrying about something he can’t change right now is not something he likes to do.
“First, we eat. Am starving,” he decides.
A slight shake of your head suggests frustration, but the grumble of your stomach agrees with him as though to remind you of feeding it. He side eyes you and smirks. “I’m not doing or talking about shit until you’ve eaten something.”
Of course. Caretaker first, friend second. If you’re not on the receiving end, you’re the one giving.
You push your butt off the dining table and choose to introduce Phase Two of your mission, telling him, “I think we’ve candles somewhere.”
The conversation changes at once when you release your suggestion into the air. Although you might argue you’re still stuck on the same issue, given the intention that lies behind your idea.
“Are we– Ouija board stu– again?” You hear Jungkook call from the kitchen, every other word chopped off and eaten by the sounds of pots and dishes.
“I’m not ever doing that with you again,” you exclaim back.
“Huh? Why not?”
“You were moving the planchette!”
Granted, there was kindness in his cheating. The evening drained you out of energy and left you a nervous mess, eager to speak to your favorite late grandaunty and her deceased dog. Neither Jungkook nor you believed in the magic behind the practice, but he made sure to soothe your nerves anyway.
You were pissed when you noticed what was going on – but once the anger subsided and gave way to the realization that he really cared, you fell asleep with a smile after all.
“I swear on my favorite hoodie that I didn’t,” he defends.
“Lying son of a bitch,” you whisper, laughing to yourself as you kneel in front of a cupboard storing a few dozen candles and other shenanigans. 
You choose one scented, thick one for each room, and then a few smaller, regular ones that you think must do. With a handful of them, you return to the still bright living room, placing each one where you want it later tonight.
You’re serious about your candles – the tongue poking out, eyes squinting in concentration kind of serious. Arranged in a rational way, you beam at your artwork, impressed by your own idea as if it’s not something human beings used to do all the time.
“Seriously, you’re so easy to excite,” Jungkook always reiterates.
Once you join him in the kitchen, preparing not only a meal but spontaneously baking a treat too, time passes significantly faster. In hindsight, you didn’t do that much today, but somehow it still feels like you sailed the world. 
You barely realize when several topics have shifted and the sun has disappeared. The moon hangs bright in the dark sky, the brisk gust blowing in through the open windows. It was a pleasant day of the week, even though you kept freezing at his touch even while cooking, and you’re ready to finish it just as lovely.
Only, it doesn’t end at dinner and the day’s exhaustion.
“Dessert tastes better in bed,” Jungkook tells you once you’ve done the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. Since tidying up, you’ve suddenly become quieter than before and his eyes squint like they’re testing you.
“Okay? Then go and take it with you.”
“And you?”
“What about me?”
He shrugs his shoulders, blowing a raspberry. “You’ll go and sleep already?”
“No, but…” You hum and think. It’s not that late just yet – and you don’t feel like tackling homework or any other taxing task tonight. “I do wanna eat dessert, too. Just thought we might chill in the living room.”
“I mean. Take it as an informal invitation to spend some time with me, but in my room. You don’t wanna?”
“Pervert,” you lightly hit his shoulder with a cloth when he winks. “Is that how you court other ladies?”
“Why, yes. What did you think?” He laughs when you shake your head dramatically, pulling your shirt back and further over your clavicles. “Nah, I was thinking of… Just chilling, really.”
It’s not the first time you’re joking in a way like this. It’d also not be the first time of you hanging out with him in his room, on his bed, giggling about stupid jokes or ridiculous cartoons. Or whatever.
But it’s one of the first times the thought renders you nervous. Like you’re perceiving him as more than your best friend just now, after all those years of harmless platonic cuddles.
When you don’t answer, he delivers another decisive argument. “My room is smaller. Less candles. More to spare for the next time!”
You’re not surprised that he sees through your little idea – rather baffled how easy it is for him to sway you. So you follow him to his minimalistically organized room, not one but two diffusers on his desk. The corner of your lips twitches.
The more you near his bed, the more your heart strikes. His mattress is soft and cozy, and Jungkook’s scent oozes from every inch of it. You feel engulfed in his presence so bad that the emotions of this noon and the last few weeks hit you like a brick.
“Wanna watch something, Pumpkin?” Jungkook asks once you’re draped in the comfort of his duvet.
He might never stop calling you that. Probably hasn’t let a day pass since elementary school when your mom and you decided to dress you as a damn pumpkin for Halloween.
“And waste precious battery life?” You scold with a cocked eyebrow. Your voice is quieter now that you’re cuddled in with him, but you try to maintain your cool.
Turning on the living room TV or light is out of the question anyway. No regular Thursday movie night this time. Blasting Disney’s version of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice for the hundredth time can wait.
With the no-technology-rule you established today, even unplugged devices shall remain for emergencies as long as possible.
“So we’ll act like it’s a full blown blackout, yeah?” He asks before he leans over you, pulling open the second drawer of his bedside cabinet to rummage through its content.
The small action forces your body backward, pushing you against the headboard so tight that your lungs fail. He looks unsuspecting, drenched in the warm light of the candles. You breathe him in unintentionally, and he smells of soap and cologne.
Wrapped in darkness next to him is already strange as it is, but it cannot compare to the oddness of how new his proximity feels.
You barely notice what he’s fished out until he waves it right in front of your frozen expression. An old deck of Uno greets your vision, the packaging as worn out as the cards that he pulls out.
He places them on his large palm before he begins shuffling them – staring at the smoothness he operates with makes you almost miss what he asks.
“Is that good enough, then?”
“Cool,” he holds the cards to your face once more. “Are we playing with seven or ten cards?”
“Take it up a notch,” your feeble voice allows. “Make it fifteen just for funsies.”
“Why did I know you’d say that?”
You shrug your shoulders, imperceptibly shifting away from the touch of his arms and hips. “Remember one thing, Jeon.”
“Yeh, yeh,” he taunts, his voice strained. He sounds as though his body is beseeching him to lay down and drift off – but something about the moment seems to be keeping him soberly awake. “I won’t let you win this time.”
Fifteen cards down on your lap, you lift your hands from under the blanket, pulling your set close to your face in utter distrust. You cock an eyebrow at the universe’s choice: Jungkook has either already broken his promise, or the gaming Gods have decided this round’s end already.
With the victory residing in your hands, his vow pretty much slips your mind immediately; it blends out how he still remembers your middle school matches. He really still recalls when you’d fume and burn – disappointed and livid when he’d reveal his picture-perfect deck, unused to accept defeat.
The game doesn’t even properly progress when the first argument of the night pops up. More than half your cards are still in your hands, both your words overlapping.
“Once you lay down a 4+ or color card, you’re not allowed to play again. It’s my turn,” you insist, his wrist in your firm grip as if he couldn’t break out of it whenever.
“I am allowed to play, though.” When he swings his hand, yours moves with him. Both your stances are upright, eyes blown wide and comically riled up. “Especially after a 4+. You're blocked.”
“This doesn’t sound right.”
“Look.” He slaps his cards with the logo upwards into his lap, sifting through the rest of the deck to draw out a yellow stop card. “Would you be able to play on if I hit you with that?”
“No, ‘course not.”
“And 4+ cards work the same way.”
You keep staring at the bright color, lost in thoughts and traveling back to a time when the world around you hadn’t altered every rule of every game you knew. But when no productive result flashes through your mind, you suggest something else.
“Google it, then.”
“You can’t just read the rules? Hold up,” he pulls out the instructions from the package, already fiddling with the paper. “I bet the answer is hidden somewhere in there.”
“Have fun. I can’t read in this darkness for shit.”
Relying on technology for a minute shouldn’t cause a cataclysmic event, so you type in the million dollar question plaguing both your mind, soon striking it rich when a video materializes on the page.
Too lazy to skim yet another amateur post, you decide to trust WikiHow’s explanation clip, hoping for a fruitful result. Jungkook soon gives up the task he bestowed upon himself, cuddling closer to your misery to watch with you.
“Are we serious?” He breathes, laughing off the peculiarity of the moment.
“Watching a video on Uno rules?” You ask, giggling in unison with him. “I fucking know. We’re seriously weird.”
“How long’s it been since we played games together like that?”
You can’t say for sure.
“When we got this place,” you assume. “Didn’t we spend half the night going through board and card games? Because–”
“Because there was nothing else to do. We were sitting on the ground on some shit ass mattress.”
You laugh. It’s been a while – time truly does pass when you’re stuck with someone. You don’t think you’d ever trade the memories you gathered here for anything good in the world. Piggyback rides and cooking mishaps are a delight to store in the depths of memory.
Or moments when you very clearly, very softly realize that you’re falling for your roommate bit by bit; so much deeper than when you were still kids. For him and his touch. His sensuality, even when it’s unintentional.
Like now.
Jungkook grabs his water bottle from his side of the bed as the voice of the narrator chimes. The background is a bright green and the animation weirdly cute, but you blend it out when he reminds you of the plushness of his lips again. Wrapped around the bottle head…
When you reach the wild card moment, both of your ears perk up before you erupt in simultaneous chaos. Jungkook half chokes as he attempts his one-syllable-argument.
“See!” He exclaims.
“See what? He said, if the player can’t play any of their cards, blah blah... Which, in our case, is me.”
“No, but what player? The one who had the wild card? Or the other?”
“Fuck it,” you curse, clicking away without finishing the last minute. “Another video. WikiHow sucks.”
“Why do I feel like we’re both right and wrong?”
You shake your head in defense and with a furrow between your eyebrows, but the dorky grin on his face pulls out your true, playful emotions in the form of a laugh.
The next clip you settle on goes on for longer, seemingly endless – allowing you enough time to peek at the smooth curves of his silhouette.
His lips are jutted and the moving pictures reflect in his eyes. His button nose begs to be booped. A small dimple appears when the tip of his tongue pushes through the seam of his lips to hydrate them.
You don’t think you’re as subtle as you’d like to be, though. Because soon, he’s looking up, causing a sudden flinch. “What’s up?”
He blinks at you slowly, one eyebrow briefly twitching. “Oh. Are you bored?”
“No! Why?”
“Are you okay, then?” Your tongue flits along the inside of your cheek, muscles stiffer than before. He eyes you up and down. “You’re so tense.”
“It’s just… Just weird,” you stutter. Hesitancy breaks the flow of your usually confident speech, and you flick your inner self’s forehead for the obvious awkwardness. “Sitting in the dark.”
What the fuck.
You need to get yourself together and come up with a wittier response. If he just let you – because he prods, “Are you scared?”
“Wha– Do I look scared?”
“You don’t look normal, at least.”
“That’s rude,” you scold, letting the device fall onto the blanket. Numerous wrinkles decorate your forehead, hiding your true thoughts behind frisky surface-annoyance.
His next words do not freaking help.
“Girls usually like me in the dark.”
“That’s…” Heat of an exploding star warms your already blistering cheeks. “That’s pretty lewd of you to say. And unnecessary, too.”
You’re pouting like it’s the first day of sex ed. Innocence expands your pupils harder than the lack of light in this room. Jungkook can’t help it – fondness engulfs his heart. You’ve always been endearing to an immeasurable degree.
“You’re so cute,” he drops casually. He’s amused by the side eye you give him, laughing when you exhale and rub the sweat off your hands on the blanket. “But seriously, what’s up with you today?”
He nudges your shoulder as a joke, and you hate that years of friendship couldn’t prepare you for a dark, emotion-altering night like this. Hormones and an adult’s desires are the devil’s advocate as much as Jungkook is himself.
“Have I done something weird?”
“You’re always weird.”
His shocked gasp dramatizes the moment, lifting the tension in the air enough to overshadow your inept breathing. Any attempt to keep your chill could turn out futile any moment now.
“Fair,” he laughs. “But also rude.”
His soft palm sets upon your knee and the plea you utter to your mind to calm your nerves falls on deaf ears. At his touch, you flinch just a fraction… And immediately, he pauses.
His gaze skyrockets to your seemingly sinless one. Lips part in confusion before his expression changes – like a bulb has lit up in his mind.
And then, the biggest change in topic occurs.
“Could you give me my phone charger?” Lifting his device, he lights up the screen to show the red, drained battery bar. He points to the bedside cabinet again. “First drawer.”
Jungkook doesn’t keep his charger plugged in at all times like you do. Scared it might burn off. You didn’t expect less when you decided to move in with your best friend, though: Not from the boy who declared his fear of microwaves and their potential to melt dishes ages ago.
You open and hunt through the drawer, surprised at the half emptiness of it until your fingers graze something you might not have anticipated. And then you realize…
Ah. Oh.
What if…
Perhaps that was the plan all along. Because when you look back at him, he doesn’t seem fazed in the slightest. The calmness in his eyes is telling enough to guess his intentions – but you don’t want to assume for sure yet.
Your touch remains on the little–open–box for a second, one sealed package peeking out. An absolutely fresh condom… One of Jungkook’s no less.
What’s happening today?
“What’s up?” He asks, and you almost huff at the stupid, fabricated innocence in his stupid, soothing voice.
“I think,” you lean back, attempting a laugh. “I just found your most prized possession.”
“Ah?” He waits, and you nod. “Is that weird to you?” A nonchalant shrug of your shoulders spurs him on, the tilt of his head perilous. “It’s not the first time you’re seeing those, right?”
Ugh, yeah. You remember all casual visits to drugstores. The vivid image of Durex’ extra large Excite Me, and true to Jungkook’s dedication dotted for extra stimulation.
He usually cares as much about embarrassment between the both of you as you do when you place pads and tampons between his stuff. Why is it weird, then?
“Yeah. It’s just…” You’re stumbling for words. Fuck. It’s over for you. “Reminds me of some of your escapades lately.”
Jungkook hums. “Mhm. There weren’t that many these days, though.”
“I know. Just made me think of those that did happen, y’know?”
“Okay.” He’s still looking at you like he’s solved every piece of the riddle you are tonight. Not any less shameless, though. “Then… What exactly is it that you’re thinking about those escapades?” Huh… There are too many details you’d need to omit in your answer. But the way his stare is stabbing questions into you as if he already knows what you might say?
Yep. You’re fucked.
“Now?” You ask.
“Right now.”
God, even he must be bored of the constant repetition. What does nothing still mean in reality? Everything. That’s how your inner translator interprets it, at least.
This time, Jungkook doesn’t let your response slip. His hand, however, does. Up from your knee… Right to your thigh.
The blanket still lays in between, its fabric pivotal for the moment. If it wasn’t there, you might faint. And something in you says that the experience isn’t far.
“Is that what it is?” Jungkook whispers. His voice is deeper now, and so is your sigh. “That must be what it is.”
“You’ve been tense ‘cause of that? Since soccer training you’ve been looking at me like I’m suffocating you.” Shit. Of course he’d notice. “And now you suddenly feel weird about being close and about condoms? Do you just…” He digs his index finger into your thigh, his cut nail raking your leg with too many layers in between. “Just miss being touched?”
“By… By you?”
“No, Pumpkin. In general.” You don’t have an answer to his quizzing. Or, you do, but you don’t know where it might lead… Nervousness clogs your throat. “Don’t you…”
“What?” You think you can foresee what he’s going to ask, but you put on a curious act anyway. Then, he drops the bomb.
“Don’t you touch yourself?”
Oh God. Someone tell him to shut up. The little workers in your brain are setting your internal office on fire, handling his lax conversation worse than you.
“I’m…” You pause to breathe in shakily, and then laugh to hide your bewilderment. “Of course I do. Everyone does.” You clear your throat. “That’s a really freaking weird and sudden question, though.”
“Not that weird considering how you’ve been acting today. Thought it’s PMS, but you just called in sick ‘cause of your period last week.” Damn, Sherlock. Of course he’d remember – your whining wasn’t subtle after all. And he was the one serving you every meal all day. “So I’m guessing… It’s been a while and things are just worse tonight?”
You’re blinking at him. He’s built a Chinese-Wall-strong barrier at the front of his mind, and you can’t peek through it to understand what he’s thinking. Or what he wants. What he wants you to say or want.
It’s incredibly suspicious to you… And kind of tempting.
“Not gonna lie,” Jungkook’s voice drops to a low whisper, his confession worse than you expected. “I think I heard you a few nights before.”
You rip your eyes open in surprise. Your heart runs up to your throat to start hammering against your vocal cords, and for a few syllables, you can’t do much other than stutter and gasp.
“You fucking creep!” You then blurt out, calling yourself a hypocrite internally in the same breath. It’s not like you listened away during his adventures, legs pressed together to create friction.
“I’m sorry,” he lifts his hands in defense. “But you weren’t exactly being quiet. Plus, our walls aren’t that thin.”
You know… Hell, you know.
But how is he initiating the conversation just like that? God, the absolute courage…
“Fuck, Jungkook,” you curse. You bring your fingers to your eyes, rubbing them rather than hiding your entire face. “That’s fucking embarrassing.”
But Jungkook softly brings your hand down again – then speaks to reassure you. Only, anything he says tonight makes matters worse.
“Would it help if I told you it wasn’t embarrassing for me?”
“What the hell’s that supposed to mean?”
“It just sounded…”
He procrastinates, his expressions calm but his eyes dangerous. Hooded.
“Bad?” You dig.
“No. It sounded hot.”
No. No, your heart and body can’t handle this. You might die if you don’t push his admissions into the most disbelieving corner of your brain.
Jungkook finds you hot? The sounds you couldn’t hide, he likes them? He means it?
“Shut the fuck up, I’m–” You begin, but he replaces your rebukes with a deep inhale and stiff muscles when he moves closer.
Your back presses against the bedside cabinet. Now that the flickering candle is melting down, its light is getting dimmer and the room darker. Bright enough to still make out his silhouette and most alluring features.
The phone has long fallen from between your fingers, hiding in the blanket and the video long over. Somehow, you’re glad you disabled autoplay – it doesn’t disturb the moment that’s clearly progressing to something dangerous.
But at the same time, you’re surprised as hell. Asking yourself silently over and over again, whatsgoingonwhatsgoingon.
“What are you doing?” You whisper.
“I’m just wondering.” His body is tilted, one hand still on your thigh. “When you do stuff to yourself… Is there something specific you think of?”
You shift a little, not answering. When he sees the surprise in your eyes and confuses it with fear, however, he backs away again and clicks his tongue. “My bad. Sorry for being like that.”
But you’re not letting him retreat now… Things have come too far. You place a hand on his arm and tug him closer subtly. His already big eyes look humongous now, positively delighted, even when you keep struggling with words.
“No, I just…” You try but fail as soon as you start.
“Why are you stuttering like that? That’s not you.”
You wish he was wrong. You’re more confident than this in any other moment. Crazy what one Jeon Jungkook’s touch can do.
You swallow hard, delivering a mental slap before pieces of your courage resurface again.
“This is new to me,” you tell him.
“What is?”
“The way we’re talking to each other. It’s not nothing…” You look down to seek the emoji on his middle finger, barely recognizable in the darkness. “And you’re… You’re good looking, Jungkook.”
“Yeah,” he agrees cockily, but you know his humility enough to understand he doesn’t mean it. Those are shameless teases, nothing more. “And?”
“You’ve always been good looking. And on top of that, I can always hear how you sound when you…”
Should you really go there? What if it damages something? Then again, it’s too late now anyway.
“When I…?” He tries.
“I kinda don’t wanna say it, and I know you know what I mean.”
“Ah, right,” Jungkook casually confirms, like he’s just realized what you might be pointing at. “When I fuck someone’s brain out.”
You suck in a breath.
“Don’t say it like that!”
“How do you want me to say it?” Jungkook taps his chin with his finger. He looks like a sly anime college crush. “I kindly empty their thoughts.”
“Shut up.”
“And rearrange their guts–”
“Oh my God, I’ll–”
Do what? Your own guts are pleading for a good, nasty and disrespectful mess. Wobbly pudding on his bed, your body is already melting at the mere thought… So you can’t imagine what actual ferity could do if he unleashed it.
Unknowing what to say, you look away, moving back like a proper idiot. But suddenly, pressure wraps around your wrist, fingers pulling you into him. You look at him speechlessly, parting your lips when he looks down at them.
“Is there something you want me to do?” He asks.
There’s a myriad of things you want him to do. But there’s slight doubt knocking against the walls of your brain and – ugh…
“Is it okay for us to do such a thing?” You question back.
“I don’t know,” he confesses quietly, his breath pleasant against your lips. “Say no just once and I promise I’ll back away.”
“And… And if I don’t?”
“Answer first.” He tilts his head, big eyes too pure and sweet for the conversation going on. “Or… Well, don’t.”
You remain silent. Hot blood turns your face as warm as a grill, and you look at him and his smile. Your heart rebels in your throat, but your thoughts are sober. So once he sees the clearness in your stare, he understands.
It’s the last word he whispers before his hand wanders up your pajama pants. He fiddles with the neat knot holding your pajama around your waist, playing with it for a moment until patience runs out.
Soft fingertips tug at the end of the strings until the hem of the pants loosens around you. His eyes shoot up to yours, hiding menacingly behind his bangs. You don’t know what for–perhaps for permission–but you nod.
“Can you lift a bit for me?” His voice is soothing, calm and lovely when he utters his demand as a question. If you listen closely, you hear the desire, though.
You raise your ass, letting him slip the pajama down your thighs. When your body presses back into the mattress, your hands move to his face, making him look at you. The front of his tongue darts out, trapped between his teeth and his eyes are dark and starry. Lost in you.
His teeth let his tongue go, sliding it across his lower lip… Goddammit, you want to taste it.
When he skims over your panties and now bare thighs, your eyes blink close. He watches and adores your reaction; skims your dampness below. Jungkook acts as fuel, even though you’re already incredibly flammable.
The hums that accompany your slight wiggle are gentle, contrasting the losing of your mind going on in your head.
“More?” He wants to know.
“Okay. Good, Pumpkin.”
You’d smile at the ridiculous childhood endearment if the moment wasn’t so sinful. If he wasn’t grazing your pelvis, causing goosebump as he goes, pulling at the thin fabric until you lift once again.
He chuckles, a sound that reaches deep within your chest. “Good girl. Learning fast.”
Is he serious?
He can’t just drop a good girl like that as if he’s announcing a brief walk through a nearby park. What the fuck.
“Stop it,” you mutter, unaware why exactly.
“Want me to stop? We’re just starting,” he chants, his pout playfully childish and cute.
But the fingers. Oh the fingers rounding the skin right over the sensitive nub. Playing with you like you’re his own personal doll, wrapping you around his skillful, strong and incredibly beautiful fingers.
His touch drops deeper when you whisper an inaudible wish; whatever it is, he thinks he knows what you want. Featherlightly, he presses down on your clit, and you cry out quietly.
You fall back against the headboard again, your hands in his hair and tugging at the strands at the nape of his neck. One blink of his eyes passes and he’s snaking an arm under you, pulling you down and flat onto your back.
“You alright, yeah?” Jungkook makes sure, elated when you nod enthusiastically. “Good. Very good.”
His face is close to yours but doesn’t remain there: As he caresses your clit, shaking up your lower belly, his mouth dives in and finds home between your tits. He breathes you in before he presses a kiss against the shirt hiding your skin.
“Mmmh.” He looks up at your chin, your head thrown back. “Say, Pumpkin…” He blows at your left nipple, well aware that you never wear a bra at home, and watches it perk under the shirt. Then, his teeth catch the material before he lets go and speaks on. “May I see those pretty tits of yours?”
“Nnnh,” is all you can give back. “Yes.”
Happily, the unoccupied hand lifts the white tee until he touches the underside of your boobs; his touch covers something you reckon he might enjoy. With his face hovering over yours, you wonder how long it will take him to notice.
Nothing yet at least.
His hand pauses there and then lifts the shirt over your mounds. He palms one of them, relishing your mewls. The sigh lets his voice fall some more, enticing when his mind numbing talk continues, “Hello there, girls.”
Jesus fucking Christ…
Why is this so hot to you?
His hair tickles your clavicles before his tongue does the same to your hard nubs. Wrapping his lips around your nipple, he pulls at it, then releases it to repeat it all. All while his fingers float down to your hole.
And then…
Palms pushing your thighs apart under the crumbled up blanket, he doesn’t wait another second before he drops to his side next to you and dips his middle finger inside. Slowly at first, easing you into the process, but it does nothing to avoid the sudden term that falls out of you.
“Fuck, baby, this is–”
You realize your mistake–mistake?–when his finger halts mid action. But once he proceeds, lifting his head to kiss your jaw, you don’t see a single trace of embarrassment or shame. No, he rather jumps onto the train with you.
“Easy, kitten.”
The new nickname forces your head to fall sideways to face him – your lips come to touch, but he doesn’t take it a step further. His eyelids fall half close, mouth not moving against yours; but you can’t really kiss anyway with the way he urges moan after moan out of you.
His finger starts pumping in and out of you, your walls contracting around him. There’s thought in his actions. He doesn’t just push in and pull out like a wildling – no, the curve of his digit, the tempo he chooses and the patch he massages inside you must be calculated.
Adding a second finger does nothing but amplify this feeling.
In his hold, you’re a little less squirmy than you might be without his touch. He keeps you grounded, controlling the wiggle of your body, allowing you to bite into your fist until he grabs your wrist and pushes it against the mattress.
“Nuh-uh,” he warns. Your eyes crack open a slit. “Stop muffling your sounds. Why would you?”
“I’m just…” You shake your head. “Self-conscious… Okay?” God, words are hard. “Y’don’t see me naked… Every day.”
“Absolutely outrageous if you ask me,” he breathes, knuckles deep inside you. There, he remains, merely moving his fingers inside without pulling out anymore. You hide half your face in the pillow. “Fuck, look at me.”
The danger and irritation in his voice sober up a piece of your mind, but the sudden emptiness when his fingers vanish shake you awake with a snap. An utterly wet touch trails along your thigh and then up your sides. He doesn’t give a fuck about the state of his blanket.
Letting go of your wrist, he pushes aside the fallen phone that his ass touches, and stops with everything altogether. Reaches behind him and then shoves the device to a far top corner of the bed.
“That’s good,” Jungkook whispers once he’s cozy with you again. Watching your breathing, dizzy form. “We don’t have to charge the phone and waste electricity that way, right?”
“Shut up…” is all your brain and tongue allow.
He clicks his tongue. “Alright, you killjoy.” A sudden slap to your overflowing pussy renders you speechless. But not him. “I’ll use my mouth elsewhere then, k?”
You’re still a mess in disbelief. Can’t comprehend that he’s actually saying those words in this exact constellation. You might think you’re dreaming if the squeezes of his hands and the dampness of his tongue didn’t prove you otherwise.
Crawling down your body, he makes sure to ruin every patch of your skin. He licks along your collarbones and gently bites at your tits. His palms love the feeling of your chest, nails digging in… And he only stops when he reaches a very particular something.
You feel his movements freeze clearly. He smacks his lips, and when you look at him, he looks surprised. Delightfully so.
“What’s that?”
There it is.
He watches your lips curl to a satisfied smile and your eyelids shut as he brushes his finger over the spot under your tits. Squinting, he removes more of the blanket, hoping the dim light of the candle might allow him a deeper look.
The black color isn’t as faded as the ink on his hand or arm, so it must be a recent sin you went for. You hum in innocence, opening your eyes again to barely catch the shake of his head as he repeats his question.
“What is that, huh?” He exhales the last word, breathing against you. Then kisses the skin underneath the tattoo. “You weren’t even gonna tell me about it?”
“Figured you might find out one day…”
He laughs quietly, hiding his fascination. But you know he’s still mesmerized, staring at the little thing, distracted even when he responds. “Is that so? You tease.”
Dipping down, an open mouthed kiss lands on top of your tattoo. His hands push your tits together, his mouth working on worshiping the tiny piece of skin that has captured him. His kiss is greedy to the touch, his breaths cold against the saliva he left once he lifts his face again.
“A crown, yeah? That what it is, isn’t it?”
The pleasant satisfaction in his voice is apparent, but you think you even hear bits of irritation – like he’s annoyed that you didn’t tell him about this. Like he’d dove into you earlier if you had.
“Hey, a lil feeling of royalty is never…” You stop when he pecks your tummy. His lips run along your stomach until they reach your pelvis. “Ohhhfff… You’re close.”
“I’ll keep going, alright?”
You let out more incoherent sounds, something between a moan and a hum. The anticipation is unbearable, but the fact that Jungkook is still fully dressed and his cock yet aching to be discovered by you might be worse.
With the blanket fully off of you, his lips explore your body, so close to where you want him. His right hand still lingers where the tattoo is eternalized in your skin, and according to his next words, his mind isn’t less hung up on it, either.
“Your tattoo matches mine, y’know?” He informs you as if you haven’t seen the crown on his index finger a few million times. The digit that’s digging into your hungry cunt again, along with another finger showcasing an emoji that must be looking like you right now. “We can both be royalty, don’t you think, princess?”
“My God, shut up,” you order. Your insides cringe, even though you’re sure you wouldn’t be opposed to him calling you that godforsaken nickname once again.
His giggle is Jungkook-ish sweet, but the hands that pry your legs open are not. Less even when he pushes them down onto the mattress as much as your joints allow, distracting you from the pull of your muscles when his nose nuzzles your pelvis.
The tip of his tongue touches your sacred part first. It’s just a slight dip, testing the waters. But your ocean is wild and its waves crash against the pit of your stomach.
“Didn’t think you’d be responsive right away,” he admits, only pausing to place a gentle kiss on your clit. “Then again, I haven’t seen a dude at our place in ages.”
“Asshole,” you curse, eliciting another deep snicker that vibrates right against your cunt.
Then, the jokes end and his stance changes. He takes a deep breath and then lowers his head once and for all. Leaving a trace of kisses riles you up enough, though things only get worse once his tongue darts out, starting a gentle dance in a captivating pattern.
He collects spit on the muscle in his mouth, pulling out the fingers out of you to spread your folds. Watching your pussy shimmer and leak, he laps up the arousal meant for just him. His cock stretches his favorite joggers, and he moves his hips against the bed for relief.
Buried deep, he moves to your clit to close his lips around it for a moment before he french kisses your pussy. Then, he repeats it all – only this time, the tip of his tongue moves in a perfect circle around your sensitive nub for a bit longer.
Slowly, softly, and then he stops.
“Wait…” you interrupt, blindly grabbing a patch of his hair. “Do that again. Please.”
The hushed desperation in your voice makes his sweatpants strain impossibly. His balls already ache.
“Like that?”
“Yeah… Yep.” 
You arch your back and let your mouth fall open when his fingers return inside you, tongue imitating the motions from before. For a while, your moans and uncontrolled, quiet, peaceful sounds motivate and inflame him.
But once he begins yearning for your taste again, he swaps. His curved digits pull out of you, thumb taking his mouth’s place and vice versa. Which feels… Just as dangerous.
His tongue presses into you, a hand shoving up your right, closing leg. Your thigh stiffens when it feels his fingers deep in your flesh, and when it relaxes again, it falls over his shoulder and onto his back softly.
Zealously, you plant your heel against his shirt, trying not to think about the muscles of his back too hard. Yet, drowning in fervor, you can’t help but push his shirt up, irritated that he’s still wearing so damn much when you’ve already exposed the last of your being to him.
He either doesn’t notice or doesn’t acknowledge your hints yet. Because his focus is still somewhere else – understandably so.
“I knew you’d taste like that,” he confesses when he surfaces to take a breath.
He knew?
You’re panting more than him. Speaking comes to you harder than to him. “Like what?”
“Like absolute heaven,” he exhales at your waterfall-sex, hot and shiver inducing. “Pussy gifted by the angels.”
Oh, you bet he says that to everyone…
“Please don’t treat me like one, though,” you beg.
“Like an angel? Don’t worry. I fear you’re far filthier than I might expect.”
When his words collide with his repeated actions, your eyes water. You whine at the onslaught on your pussy, squirming, and shake your head when your insides somersault.
“I… I don’t think I can anymore,” you foolishly say.
Your ears seem to block out any sound, your body revolting. The pressure in your stomach is intense, to say the least. Your fingers and toys surely don’t feel that way.
“It feels like that because you can. I promise,” Jungkook, however, assures. 
“This is the… I’ve never…”
It’s true. You’ve never had a build up or an orgasm like this before. Of course not: How could you if he’s drinking in every drop of the arousal dribbling out of you while rendering you wetter at the same time?
He sounds so goddamn lewd when he makes out with your cunt like that. Too filthy… You wonder how his lips will feel against yours if he’s able to do such magic down below already.
“It’s gonna be good… Okay?”
He’s wrong. Good is an absolute understatement.
The force with which your orgasm hits is worse than being run over by a truck. You internally slap everyone in your past who missed to make you feel that way.
You implode and explode, a swarm of cacophonic sounds oozing out of your mouth. You grab his sheets and his blanket so hard that the thoughts in the back of your head fear you might rip something.
Jungkook groans and moans along with you, his mouth and fingers attached to you no matter how much you move. A single tear flees between your shut eyelids, arousal not stopping to trickle out of you.
You’re still calling his name once the high comes down… Still holding the sheet, your vision still blurry. He licks and rides you through the end of the blast for a few more seconds. And when he’s done and you look at him, he’s covered in a shimmer.
Such a pretty boy.
“Hey,” he whispers joyfully once he comes up. “Hello.”
“Hey. You, jail,” you breathe.
You don’t waste a moment before you take off his shirt, eager and hungry. He laughs, cocking an eyebrow. “Why jail? Did I give you a bombastic orgasm or what?” He moves to lay half on top of you and licks his lips. “Shouldn’t I get free lap dances or something?”
“Jail for not doing this earlier.”
“Ah. Apologies. I’ll be at your service whenever from now on.”
The vow makes your tummy flutter. From now on? So he wants to do that again?
Nah. You must be dreaming. A fall night's fever dream.
“Good,” you mutter before you close the distance mutually.
He cages you in, beginning the kiss softly but urgently. His tongue doesn’t hesitate to seek out yours, and he tilts his head to deepen the gesture. Both your hands wander to the other’s face and hair, lips eating up each and every thrum.
His chest is warm against yours, hard pecs pressing against your nipples. It feels good, feeling him so close and intimate with you. No layers separating your upper bodies, melting into one… And that kiss…
As he pours all passion into it, you think you taste a bit of you on him, but said taste mingles with a lot of other things. The spices of dinner. The lingering sweetness of dessert. His thirst. The ardency that refuses to leave his motions.
“Hey,” he mumbles when he breaks the kiss. “I…”
“I really want you. So, so bad.”
The carnal desire is hidden in the moment for sure. But right now, listening to the softness in his voice, all you can and want to hear is unbridled longing.
Insatiable, you nod. “I want you, too. Please?”
“You… You don’t need to beg for it, Pumpkin.” His hips move against yours and you wrap your legs around him tighter. “Seriously, no need–”
His joggers are rough against your swollen pussy, but their harshness doesn’t compare to the thick bulge pushing into you. Moving down your wandering fingers, you push at the remaining clothing, shoving until you feel the bare, firm, muscular ass under your palms.
Hell, there’s so much you want to do. Like, slap it.
Lifting a little, he lets you free his cock, his sweatpants and underwear somewhere a little over his knees now. You’re ready to let him fuck you unconscious and into another universe before you realize you might not be all that ready just yet.
Because the throbbing, hot length falls heavy against your stomach. It’s thick and big and entirely unexpected. Not that he’s never boasted about it before or ran around without underwear beneath his pajamas. But fuck, you thought it’s the usual shit men say.
You didn’t think he was actually hiding something this… Generous.
“Wow, I–” You begin, but to no avail. Your screaming pussy distracts you.
“Huh? Yeah, what is it?” Jungkook purrs against your neck.
“Just. Can I…”
Your hand prowls from his ass to his cock, and you begin to guide it to your pussy slowly, opening up your legs more. Okay. You’re ready. You are. You are.
Only, Jungkook is not.
He shakes his head immediately, then nods towards the drawer inhabiting the condoms. You understand and roll your eyes, scoffing. “I wasn’t gonna do it anyways. But I’m… I am on the pill.”
“Yes. But you also forget to take it a lot.”
“Fair.” God, you just want him to drill you. Why’s starting so hard? “But I’m fine.”
“I am, too.” He groans when he moves over you, reaching to the drawer. “Still.”
You watch as he takes the package out, the foil carefully held between his fingertips. And in those brief seconds, you think.
His last hook up wasn’t so long ago. You wonder if he ever goes in raw with other girls… Wonder why he doesn’t with you but insists on protection. Less like he doesn’t trust you but more like he doesn’t trust himself.
You don’t ponder on your bumbling thoughts for too long before he smiles and sidetracks. “Hey, have you showered?”
“No. Why?” You answer, certain that the furrow of your eyebrows lays your confusion bare.
“You said you needed to.”
“It’s gotten warm inside.” Aha… You think you know where this is going. But just for fun’s sake, you play dumb. “I still need my proper shower, too, by the way.”
“Okay… But we’re saving up on water, right?” You stare up at him in innocence. Godgodgodgod. He’s really doing that. 
Jungkook slaps your ass, and you yelp. “Don’t play stupid. You know what I’m saying.”
“What? We clean up together… Save water. I don’t have to shower again in the morning and can sleep in. It sounds like an amazing idea, if you ask me.”
You contemplate his idea. In all honesty, you know that he’s aware of your teasing and fake hesitation – but you think he likes the act. If it was up to him, he’d probably want you tapping your chin and all, cartoonesque.
“You do shower long…” You then conclude.
“Yeah. And so do you.”
“So what do you say, Pumpkin Pie?”
“Mmmh. Okay.”
His eyes blow wide. “Really?”
You grimace at him. He’s adorable. After all he’s said and done, he’s still astonished at your response? An actual dork. But you still nod.
“Oomph,” he says. “Imagining you under the shower.” He’s talking more to himself than anything. “Might be just a bit more insane than imagining you naked in general.”
More than a decade of being friends and a couple of years of living together should’ve suggested at least once that thoughts can’t stay pure 24/7. Especially when hormones raged and you grew a pair of tits, you should’ve known his mind derailed a little on at least one occasion.
Still, you’re surprised.
“Did you imagine me naked before?” You wonder.
“Are you kidding me?”
The answer shoots out of him like a bullet, almost as fast as he lifts his body to come to a stand. You don’t bother about an answer when he grabs the condom and something else, then offers you a hand, pulling you up butt naked before guiding you to the bathroom.
“Calm down,” you joke. One hand covers your nipples, even though you’re not sure why. What’s done is done already, and you can’t and don’t want to burn the image of you exposed from his mind.
“Too late.” Once in front of the bathroom, he stops, lifting a finger. It’s funny how casual your conversation is and how naked you are. “Wait here.”
Twenty seconds pass, and he returns with two candles in his hands, planting and lighting them up on the washing machine. This idea better not backfire.
The small room is cooler than his own, and the porcelain sink he pushes you against when you enter, placing the condom and the small bottle he brought at the edge of it, is even worse.
You shiver and hiss before his fingers grip your chin. He pulls your face to his own, bringing your hand to his crotch as his kiss catches your breath.
His warm, towering cock twitches in your palm, making you moan into his mouth. You attempt to unify your bodies, shifting closer, but he keeps pushing you backwards. Your back arches over the sink, and the kiss stops, his lips opening yours, suffocating against you.
“You’re so fucking hot, you know?” He maffles, stepping back but not without pulling you along.
You can’t wait to step back into his room later to investigate where your discarded clothes lay.
For now, you smile, delighted when his lopsided smirk matches yours. He kisses the tip of your nose before he draws a deep breath. Brings the both of you into the shower and then lets hot water rain down on you.
The liquid burns hot on your shoulder first, and Jungkook exclaims something incomprehensible as he regulates the temperature pouring out of the faucet. The procedure remains calm and quiet, unusual for a bickering pair like you.
But once he gets soaked under the water, shaking his hair out of his eyes just to push it back with his hands… You can’t keep your mouth shut anymore.
“Jungkook,” you whisper.
He puts a hand on your waist and the other on your cheek, stepping closer carefully. For a second, you think he looks at you like nothing else in the universe matters.
Your stomach bubbles… Your heart pounds.
“Hmm… Yeah?”
“I imagined you,” you tell him. “Us… Like that before, too.”
“Really? How?” He whispers back. Your vision is blurry – you don’t know if it’s the water’s or the moment’s craze’s fault.
All you know is that you want to remember his touch on your face, the shower warming your chest, trickling into your soul.
He keeps brushing back your drenched tresses lovingly and softly. You almost forget how to act purely horny, enabling tenderness and feelings until your nipples press against his torso and his cock moves against you again.
“I feel like you’d enjoy,” you near his ear, breathing, “sucking on my tits as much as I would.”
He grins.
“I’m more of an ass guy, though.”
On cue, he grabs a handful of your rear, pulling out a weird sound out of you that you regret immediately. He doesn’t bother as much as you. He’s busy staring at your lips and getting familiar with your ass.
“Right,” you say, distracted by the (intentional?) movements of his cock. You want to… You really want to… “Can I– can I suck you, ass guy?”
The embrace around you loosens up. According to his expression, he probably didn’t predict your question; but you think a man with a dick like his should expect that everyone wants to suck him dry.
But anyways–
Perhaps his surprise is a good thing, because the way his mouth drops open when you bring your hand to his shaft is priceless.
“Wow,” he expresses under his breath. “I’d be fucking stupid to say no, right?”
“Yes. I’m pretty good at this.”
You wrap your fingers and palm around his hardness, twisting your hand and alternating the pace. Your thumb runs over his slit, tempted to taste what already leaks out. One smile is all he gets before you choose to drop to your knees instead. Sacrificing their flawless state.
He shifts to the wall until his back hits its coolness, speechless when you look up at him, trying your hardest not to ogle at the delicious cock angry in front of you, and then stretch out your tongue.
You press it to the underside of his cock, making sure he feels you breathing, and then you shove his member into your mouth before it can slap back against his stomach.
Holy fuck, he really is hard.
“I believe you…” He says, his breaths rigid. “Barely doing anything, but it’s…”
So good.
First, you focus on the head. Swirling your tongue around it, you hum, hearing him hiss above you. You do your best, but you don’t know just how much you actually affect him.
Because from above, Jungkook’s point of view is something he doesn’t think he could even dream of. The sounds of you quietly gagging and slurping, constantly moaning and vibrating around him rile him up. The fact that you’re struggling to control your breathing, because you’re too immersed, apprehensive to stop.
And your lips, God, your lips, they wrap around him perfectly. He wonders what it’d look like if you were wearing lipstick, or how your non-waterproof mascara would run down your cheeks if he fucked your mouth.
You pull him out to catch a breath, using the pause to stroke him lightly. Leaning closer, you take a moment to rub the tip against your nipple – he seems to like it, because the bite of his lip is firm.
Then, you move your gentle touch to his balls and speak. “Is that alright?”
“I… alright?” He croaks, furrowing his eyebrows. “How about you suck me dry every fucking day, huh?”
“If I’m allowed to.”
You laugh a little, inhaling through your nose before you dive in again. This time, you let him in as much as you can take. Small fireworks explode on your tongue when his precum touches it, his cock twitching more between your lips as you suck harder.
“You are… Fuck, of course you are…” He permits, throwing back his head. Tattooed digits sneak into your hair, and when he pulls your head back, you disconnect from his cock with a plop sound. “But pause for now, k? Wanna fu–”
He can’t speak, so you guess you succeeded. But you get it… You’d rather he fucked you too instead of coming in your mouth. 
A hand wrapped around your neck gently pulls you up to your feet. His jaw is clenched and sharp, and his eyes are piercing. He looks so fucking hot wet like that, drawing out his tongue to run it between his lips.
His mouth lures you in automatically, your gaze frozen on it and already imagining his taste. But he’s a step ahead–though in another twisted way–when he turns you around without a warning.
He pins your tits against the wall and tugs at your hips until you’re angled just right for him. Then, he leans in to voice one single order. “Stay like that.”
His wish is your command, anytime.
Panting, you let the water pour onto you, waiting. The small bottle he brought, undoubtedly lube, is placed in the shower caddy next to you, and before you can blink twice, you hear a package ripping open.
“Hurry,” you beg, recognizing the amused chuckle you definitely expected.
“Chill,” he says. “Gimme just a moment, princess.”
Another sneer, more apparent complications, but in the meantime he distracts you with words that leave you unstable. “Fuck, I wish I could go in just like that.”
You want to say he can. But you don’t want to risk another rejection like before… Your heart and ego can only take this much.
For now, you push the thoughts aside, only focusing on the fact that you’ll be railed by Jeon fucking Jungkook. That he’s turned you around to finally weaken your knees, to batter your pussy, that you’ll actually be having sex with him in no time.
Or whenever he figures out a solution to his problem.
He turns away the showerhead and curses at the condom or whatever, and you laugh, still bent in an uncomfortable position.
“Harder than you thought, huh?” You joke.
As a response, he exhales, then grabs your waist as he delivers a verbal answer. “My dick or putting this shit on? Because yeah.”
Apparently, dealing with the condom wasn’t too impossible after all. Because once it’s done, his hands are on you again, one pulling you in further by your hip while the other spreads your pussy folds.
Then, his fingers disappear, grabbing the bottle of lube to fiddle with the liquid and placing it back in no time. You can hear the sounds that smearing it onto his dick causes.
And then you hear it even worse when he brings those exact digits back to your cunt. He contributes the rest of the lube by rolling his fingertips around your entrance and then pumping into you a couple of times. You moan out, and impatience grows faster.
“Okay,” he says, his voice still steady. “You tell me to stop if it ever hurts, alright?”
You nod, and he whispers, “Perfect.”
And then, it happens.
And it takes ages.
Not really due to hesitation or anything like that, but more because the cock intruding your walls just doesn’t stop. The shaft, rich in thickness and length, penetrates you deep, already overwhelming, and you’re sure he isn’t even halfway through.
“That enough?” He asks.
You shake your head. No. You don’t think anything will ever be enough, no matter how intense and mind numbing things become. More, you want all of him.
“More,” you repeat, speaking out loud.
Yeah. You’re as much in disbelief as him. But your body – it knows what it’s pleading for, what signals it’s sending to your brain and then to your tongue.
“Please,” you beg. “I’ll tell you if I feel uncomfortable. I promise.”
A groan. A deeper push. He fills you to the brink, engulfed by you perfectly. The ideal lock to his key… Everything inside you tingles and aches.
When he’s bottomed out, he shifts and you feel the movement inside you. Mewling, you whisper his name, his ears perking up as his already drained voice calls back to you.
“Move?” He wants to know, his entire sentence abandoned.
So he does.
Long, slow, languid and careful strokes. He pants behind you. The shower water is still a bit too hot, but it doesn’t compare to whatever the fuck he’s kindling inside you.
Whenever he returns back deep, you lose your mind a bit more. And whenever he notices, his pace fastens by a tiny, tiny fraction. Until restraint becomes a foreign concept.
“Fuck, I wish I could…” His sentence breaks as much as you do when his hips meet yours. “Wish I could keep the imprints of your hands on the wall forever.” He thrusts into you hard once, hands pushing up your ass. “Wish I could see you pressed against it.”
He leans forward, his wet chest touching your soaked back. Kissing your cheek and neck, you slip into the craze only he can call forth. Fucked by him in the flickering candlelight, romantic for a fly on the wall, but sickeningly filthy in reality.
You’re a fool, because the thought of romance rests in the back of your mind right now – so you add to the already established sins when his hand brushes your neck.
“Jungkook…” You purr.
His movements slow down at the call of his name. You reach out an arm and turn the stream of water off – after all, you’re here to save the environment and yourself. That you’ve barely been focusing on showering is neither your fault.
Jungkook doesn’t question whatever you do. You don’t think he cares much about his surroundings anyway, everything around him is blurred but you. His lips still roam your shoulder when he shoves himself inside you balls deep and then pauses there.
You whisper his name again, drawing out another deep hum right next to his ear, and then spit it out.
“Choke me.”
You wonder. If you hadn’t turned off the water, would it have frozen to ice, too?
Because the wall and the room suddenly cool down and you swear he’s stopped breathing. You press your underarms and your forehead to the wall, eyes closing and asking yourself whether you made a mistake.
But… But maybe not.
In the next moment, Jungkook suddenly laughs a little, quiet but enticing enough to make your scalp tingle. He pushes the hair out of your face and your neck, slowly tracing your skin downward until he touches the spot over your vocal cords.
His fingers lift your head, breaking the contact to the wall. Gently rubbing your jaw with his thumb, he starts wrapping a huge hand around your neck… Silently at first before he finally answers.
“Shit, you’re so much dirtier than the good girl I know.”
No matter how simple the sentence, something in it awakens ambiguity in you. The realization that you’ve successfully surprised him. And at the same time, the urge to remain his good girl.
You want to be all of it for him; want to be the only object of affection for him.
“Can tell you the s-same.” You gasp when he squeezes the sides of your neck, just below your jawline. “This isn’t–” Biting your lip, you pause, distracted by his palm. “Not what puppy eyed boys should be doing.”
He lifts your body wordlessly, only laughing at your words in delight. Still sunken inside you, he straightens your posture just a bit, careful to not apply any kind of pressure to your windpipe. He knows what he’s doing – sex couldn’t be safer with anyone else.
At least that’s what you know, judging the choking experiences you’ve gathered with other men or women so far.
He leans into you, kissing your temple as he hammers into you again. The squeezes around your neck differ: His motions follow a varying pattern; your veins pulsate.
You imagine his clenched jaw or his furrowed eyebrows. The furious look on his face that doesn’t really suggest anger but blissful pleasure. You imagine his teeth trapping his lower lip, dimples on his cheeks, wet dark hair restricting his vision.
All that combined with all the godless things he says.
“I can’t believe we haven’t done this before… But…”
A sharp thrust pushes you forward, and one of your hands reaches behind you to grip his hip. Good God, he’s so fucking large. Human anatomy and logic aside, he must be battering your guts along with your pussy.
“But I knew I’d fuck you one day.”
He has no remorse. He’s either too trapped in you to notice what he’s doing to you or he knows exactly what he’s doing to you. Either way, your faltering soul can barely still handle him.
“You fucking devil,” you only respond.
And the devil has the audacity to leave your neck to slap your tits. How dare.
You yelp and your sound continues when he pinches your nipples, soft at first before his nips become harder. Defenseless in his grip, your knees almost buckle, especially when he talks to you again.
“My God, you’re letting me do fucking anything I want.”
“It’s… It’s the dick,” you tell him, already embarrassed. “Too good.”
“Ah? Thanks.” Letting his hands drop from your sensitive tits, he finds your clit again – you think you might cry. “Little reward for being so good for me?”
You want him to elaborate, but you soon learn what that reward consists of anyway.
He caresses your clit slowly and gently, accompanied by occasional light slaps. No rest for the wicked seems to be his motto today, not that you can complain.
Because a minute later, his fingers combined with the reckless, now fast paced plunges throw your world into chaos once more. You scream out his name, barely able to breathe. “Kook, I’m… I–”
“I know. Let go for me, Pumpkin. You’re all good, okay?”
His promises and soft reassurances make you fall harder into the fondness you already feel for him. If there was ever a point of return, he’s annihilated it once and for all now.
Who are you to doubt him? So you let another mind blowing orgasm wash over you. It rolls in hard, showing in your broken moans and curling fingers. He holds you up on your melting legs, an arm around your tummy.
“Hold on for me,” he snarls against your cheek, and you try. You really try your best, but your body’s giving up, trembling at the peak’s intensity that’s shaking up your insides. “Gonna cum, too…”
One more. You can afford one more indecent idea.
“Cum on my ass, Kook.”
“Fucking hell, baby.”
That’s all. That’s all he needs.
No hesitation in sight, he steps back and out of you, angling your body again by pulling your ass back as much as possible. The condom falls somewhere next to you – you see it from the corner of your eyes before you hear the way Jeon Jungkook climaxes.
Which is: With extra guttural groans, a quivering breath, fingers digging deep into the flesh of your butt and–what you realize when you look back at him–with super uncontrolled pumps of his cock.
“Fuuuuck,” he moans when his seed shoots hot onto your bottom.
It takes a few seconds for him to empty himself completely, and he keeps swearing, keeps saying something you barely understand. 
But what you do understand, even though you’re absentmindedly focusing on his fingers spreading the cum on your back, is, “Gonna punish you for being so fucking hot one day.”
“That a promise?” You ask, still breathless.
He laughs. “Brat.”
The whole affair ends almost the way it started: Carefully and slowly, bickering thrown in here and there. But aside from the obvious fact you’re showering together, still so, so naked, there are more differences you notice when he lets the water run again to clean you up properly.
Like, his look. A smile you haven’t seen before, you think.
Very soft touches along your cheeks, fingers combing through your hair like you’re something fragile. 
Questions such as, “Are you okay? Was that okay? Do you feel good, Pumpkin?”
Also… The hecking forehead kiss when you smile and nod.
The mood has shifted, albeit to something pleasant, once everything’s said and done. He puffs out a breath, discarding the neglected condom. Before he wraps you in a towel, his thumb brushes over your tattoo once more – his eyes look fascinated and affectionate, but he doesn’t comment on it again.
He doesn’t guide you back to your room but to his, drying you up thoroughly and affectionately.
He lets you leave for just a moment, telling you that you need to come back once you’ve found stuff to sleep in. His behavior is odd, but instead of questioning it, you indulge in his tender care.
But in the end, he only lets you wear your fresh pair of underwear and your shorts, snatching your shirt to throw it onto his desk. He rummages through his closet silently and only speaks once he’s handed you one of his cotton shirts.
“Take this?”
His tone is different from how he sounded the rest of the night. Not demanding, but kind of questioning. His teeth nibble at his lip and then he says, “I think you’d look good in it… Just if you’re up to it.”
He doesn’t stutter or hesitate. Like he dreamed of this for ages.
“Okay,” you mutter.
Taking a seat at the edge of the bed, he waits until you’re done, incredibly ecstatic when you smoothen the fabric over your body. He praises you, “Knew it. Beautiful.”
Then, his mouth falls shut. The joy melts into something softer. His eyes drink you in from head to toe, and he lifts both arms to tangle his fingers with yours.
You oblige, letting him pull you closer softly. Tilting your head, you speak up. “What’s up?”
But he doesn’t elaborate. “Nothing,” he only tells you with a smile.
You knew it. There’s something he’s thinking of profusely and he doesn’t want to keep it hidden. Thank God.
“Yeah?” You spur him on.
“Um… Stay here tonight.”
…Oh. Oh–
After all the things that went down tonight, his offer still strikes you like lightning. There’s a dull thump behind your chest and a growing ache in your stomach. You don’t know what it is and don’t understand why your body reacts that way.
You should be swarmed with butterflies. But instead, a ball of something strange forms inside you.
Maybe because he asks like your room isn't right next to his. Or as though you’d be gone and out of reach for miles if you stepped over the threshold of his bedroom now.
But… You’d be insane to resist.
So you let him drape the blanket over the both of you, crawling next to him.
“Lemme–” He says. You don’t get the opportunity to lay against his heartbeat, because he does it first. An arm holds your body close, his cheek pressed against your chest. “Like that. Feels good.”
He tangles his legs with yours, sighing in extreme satisfaction. You’re sure he’s dozing off when you interrupt by joking, “We didn’t save that much water after all.”
His voice is just a mumble when he speaks. “You did turn it off, though…” You chuckle quietly, and he pulls you closer to him. “I’ll use the college shower for a few days, okay?”
The things he’s ready to do for you…
In hindsight, you don’t think it’s the physical attraction you’ve been feeling for weeks that led to tonight’s fiasco. It’s not hormones or his jawline. Thinking, your emotions might date back to a time you can barely remember.
Because those subtle sacrifices he makes, the caring statements, the love he carries for you that shows in tiny, tiny things. Platonic or not, a bond like yours was bound to make you fall as hard as you did.
You think you remember what occurred that set you on fire so much hotter recently. Just right now… It might not be the time to speak about it yet, so you stuff the secret memory back into your mind.
Zeroing in on the mention of college, you stretch sideways, telling him to hold on a moment.
“Hm?” He mumbles.
“Setting an alarm.” The phone screen lights up your face and you squint one eye shut. “We’re still college students, Jungkook.”
“Mmmh,” he groans in displeasure. “Do we need to go?”
“I mean, do you wanna graduate?”
“I don’t know. I could strip for money.”
You laugh, holding him closer to you than before. Fondness seeps into him, and you notice when he digs his ear harder into your chest.
“Saw you naked, so speaking out of experience,” you support, “I think people would like that.”
He hums again. You feel his lips graze the shirt he gave you. “Would you be my manager?”
“If I get free shows.”
Nodding, he assures, “Of course. You can count on me, mon capitaine.”
“Oohhh,” you praise, tapping his bare bicep. “You can’t just quote The Beauty and the Beast and expect me to stay solid.”
He breathes out a throaty laugh, sounding right from his chest. “Stay solid?”
“Yeah. Look.” You palm his soft cheek, ignoring the way he leans into your touch. Ignoring what it does to you. And he’s smiling, too. “Do you feel me melting?”
“You’re so damn funny, you know?” He tells you.
Your face warms at his compliment, and you think you could fall asleep in satisfaction after all. That is. If there wasn’t what he says next of course. Out of fucking nowhere.
“Hey…” He begins and hesitates. His voice is quiet and drowsy, ready to drift off. “All that happened won’t change anything, right? Between us? Because I’m… I’m sorry if it makes things weird.”
Your heart skips a beat… He might have heard it.
That’s what he wants? To not change shit?
To remain platonic, friendly, close but not close enough. It won’t change anything? Because you thought it would.
But what are you supposed to say? Here, with him in your arms. You can’t start an argument or disrupt the evening you gifted each other. The preciousness of it can’t fade…
“No,” is what you say for that reason. “Of course not.”
“Good. Good, that’s important.” You don’t think he’s aware of what he’s saying. He sounds so tired, worn out after all the things he did today. The way he bids tonight goodbye is proof of that. “Night, Pumpkin.”
“Good night, Kook.”
Why did things happen the way they did? How did you let your guard fall? When did he decide it’d be okay to take a step further in his bed, in the bathroom, in the shower, only to go back to ground zero?
All those questions could plague your mind as you begin slumbering away. But they don’t.
Not yet.
author’s note: I am! sorry for the ending🥴 if you made it to the end of my very first real fic, thank you sowww much! did you enjoy it? let me know what you think--send an ask or reblog if you’d like, i’m really excited to know what you have to say bc feedback and support means everything💕 
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delugguk · 4 months ago
'next thing you know, you're holding hands with him and end up getting married!'
Tumblr media
pair: jungkook x reader
genre: smut, stablished relationship, drabble.
word count: 641
for context, click here
Tumblr media
"I only have eyes for you," You pant out of breath staring at his face. Seating on his lap, bouncing hard on his dick.
"can't you see?" With a gasp, you grip onto his shoulders closer to your body. Jungkook's juicy thighs are all spread on the bed and he's not even touching you. Hands on each side, he's slighly pouty and there's a clearly hostile glare that's mixed with pleasure. He's trying not to react at how well your pussy swallows him but the more you bounce and kiss on his sweaty neck, the harder it gets.
Muscles flex.
You take his head closer to your chest and bury his face between your breasts, swinging your hips back and forth on him, "look at me baby." And Jungkook does obey.
his hooded, doe glistening eyes stare at you from belowㅡchin touching your skin. he's still sulking but his eyes gaze at you as if he was asking for more. Perhaps him wanting you to show him the real deal, to show him how solid your words truely are. To prove him that you'll forever look at him and him only and that you'll never leave him for another man. ㅡ while Jungkook was very confident of himself and your relationship, he still had his little jealousy times.. yeah, he was the jealous type but that didn't bother you as you liked that of him. It makes you feel safe and protected as he wasn't the toxic jealous type of boyfriend either. Just the right amount but he could still get possessive sometimes.
when looking up at you, he seemed pretty needy and cute. You wanted to plaster a bunch of kisses all over his face.
"did you heard me?" you ask him softly in contrast of how deep your thrusts were. He let's out a pleased hum confirming your answer but you needed to hear a clearer response from his pretty pink lips.
"Answer me," giving a peck to his forehead, the tone of your voice is rather much tender. You swear you get to catch his eyes twinkle for a second before he buries down his face back to your chest, placing a quick kiss.
he hiss, "I heard you," this time touching your body. Hands all over your waist, he guides your body waves deeper on him and there's a line of your arousal that connects to his pelvis everytime you move out of him. The both of you catching that little detail made the whole room suddenly feel like the hottest and that makes him fix his eyes back at you.
"I just want you all for myself," he almost mumbles, voice deep.
Clinched arms wrapping around your body, he presses you tigher agaisnt him. "You should be only mine." His strong hug making you stock-still but soon enough you notice that's his plan all along because of the way his hips start marking a rather fast speed.
"babe-" you can't help but arch your back.
he feels so good right now and his hot breath hitting your sweaty skin isn't helping.
"Hm?" He pauses. "So you just go and help everyone?" Dick shoving a fast dagger into your heart, his breathing cuts in between each move.
You're a moaning, whimpering mess.
"Fuck. Pussy so good and you can't even talk to me." he groans. "how dare you answer like that when you have me?"
"ffuck I'm going crazy. I'll never do that to you."
"Only I can fuck you like this;"
"Only I can see you like this,"
"...touch you like this,"
"And treat you like this."
"eumngㅡfuck! yeah baby.." you yelp back, very much lost in pleasure.
"Only me and no one else, understood?"
"yes baby only you.. eughㅡfucking me so goodㅡfucking good!" You sob, eyes watery.
Being so horny, he kept on thrusting hard into you, "fucking great.."
Indeed, he was very hot when he was jealous.
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kofisips · 25 days ago
Streams & Sheets 🔞 | JJK
Tumblr media
Word Count: 10k+ words (im sry) Pairings: gamer!jungkook x reader Genre: gaming au, slice of life, established relationship
Summary: Nobody expected famous twitch streamer JJK to trend online when his mysterious girlfriend accidentally makes a cameo in one of his livestreams. The chaotic problem in question? You streamed a live sex tape. ( kofisips' masterlist )
Warnings: the holy trinity (smut, angst & fluff), dom!jungkook, long haired jungkook in a man bun and brow piercing, jungkook with his alphabet username, unprotected sex, creampie, degrading, oral (f & m receiving), face fucking, multiple orgasm, slut shaming, dacryphilia, ass play, online humiliation, mentions of unsure breakup that's not clear with the characters, over thinking, slight ddlg
Notes: » IM SCREAMING COS I WROTE THIS BACK WHEN JUNGKOOK WAS STILL USER ALPHABET & HAD A BROW PIERCING!!!! RIP LEGENDARY ERA. » Flashbacks are italicized. » Setting is also during the first year of the pandemic. » Taglist is at the comments.
Tumblr media
If you told Jungkook from 5 years ago that he’d quit his office job, he’d for sure think you were crazy. 
He used to be a creative director for a top advertising agency. The digital advertisements he handled always garnered large amounts of traction. He instantly became the boss' favorite employee for exceeding the client's expectations until the day the project manager had onboarded his team with the wrong client brief; they fired him on the spot.
His streaming career started out as a joke. Playing games with his friends was one of his de-stressors from work. He enjoyed all kinds of games but found RPG the most interesting to play. What kickstarted his streaming was Taehyung and Jimin – who practically begged him to join them on their stream. Everyone who tuned in during the Call of Duty Livestream thought he was a great sharpshooter. He only gave in when more and more people urged him to start his own streaming channel, and the rest is history.
The other de-stressor was you. Jungkook loved to take you out on dates and enjoy a simple life with you doing nothing at home. He wasn’t particularly ashamed of letting everyone know who his girlfriend was. However, he was an introvert who only enjoyed sharing a few snippets of his personal life with the public. You were his safe space, and he’d like to keep it that way.
Another day, another stream. Jungkook flexes his fingers and shoulders in circular motions, then arches his back to relieve the tension on his muscles, and finally cracks his neck with a satisfied groan.
“Okay motherfucker, time to meet your creator,” he snickered to the microphone, his competitiveness laced his voice.
You chuckled as you watched him focus on beating his opponents while trying to move his hair away from his face. All you did was take the initiative to come behind and put his fringe to a bun. The chat alerts started pinging non-stop when his viewers caught a glimpse of your hands.
“Thanks for that, love,” he gave you a boyish grin.
“You really need a haircut,” you teased before you exited out of the frame but his eyes still followed you.
“Jungkook, for fuck’s sake. Can you stop ogling at your girlfriend and focus on the goddamn game! We’re losing here, man!” Jimin yelled to the microphone, making you giggle.
Everyone knew Jungkook has a girlfriend, but there were no pictures of your face they could find on any of his social media accounts. The ongoing theory was you weren’t real, and he was only doing it for attention. To be fair though, that’s because he wouldn’t confirm or deny anything, so the speculations only grew. After all, he did a pretty good job with separating his work from his personal life and he’d like to leave it at that.
He squinted his eyes at one comment that caught his eye that wrote ‘JJK a king for bagging ‘em thick thighs.’ It was true, but in his manner of agreeing, he only chuckled at it, “King? Nah. Just a lucky bastard.” 
Tumblr media
It was one of the nights where Jungkook stayed up late to stream with his friends.
You were about to sleep in your shared room when you decided to watch their livestream. The chats had you laughing hysterically as you scrolled through all of it. The whole stream was 20% exchanging curses at each other, 30% of it was actually playing, while all 50% of it was back and forth banter mostly between Jimin and Taehyung.
“For those still tuning in, did you know sleep deprivation causes severe brain damage? Just look at Jungkook,” Jimin teased when his character died.
After a few hours of playing, the game’s card showed that their team had lost against none other than his older brother's team who got him into gaming, Yoongi.
Throughout the game, Taehyung carried his team only to end up disappointed. All of them howled in laughter when Namjoon and Yoongi still blamed each other when they had won. 
“Now that’s what you call a nightmare,” Taehyung’s microphone spiked when he sighed too close to it, “Oops! Anyway, I think I should get myself a girlfriend.”
Jungkook snorted, “What’s with the announcement?”
“I was manifesting,” Taehyung retorted as he adjusted his headphones. “And you should click on the ‘play again’ button before I virtually throw my mouse at you,” Jungkook chuckled as he hovered his cursor over the button.
“Hold on! I need to feed my cat first,” Jimin yelled away from his camera, waving his hands from afar. “Don’t you dare start the fucking game without me!” 
You’ve already lost your drowsiness from laughing at the three of them. You thought it would be a lot better than to watch it all happen live so quietly pad your shared apartment, walking along the hallway, until you reached Jungkook’s gaming room and peeked through the corner.
Leaning on the door frame as you watched him play, he took a double-take at your figure and lit up when he saw you standing there.
He was in-game with his friends again, seemingly too focused targeting for a clean headshot. His doe eyes glimmered with happiness. 
“You good?" You nodded like a girl, but Jungkook only squinted his eyes, trying to decipher what was the weird thing that poked through your (well, technically his but you share half of his closet) oversized shirt. "What’s that thing sticking out?”
The things with your boyfriend is you need to give me a few seconds before things could sink in. Getting impatient, you took your shirt off, revealing that you had your nipple pierced which made his brows rise in surprise, “Since when did you–”
“I had them done 3 days ago where you got your brows pierced,” you cheekily replied.
Jungkook tried to recount all the times he was a good boyfriend this week to earn such a “reward” from you. There was a time it casually slipped out of him that it would be hot to fuck you with a nipple piercing. Of course, he loved you regardless of whatever choice you made to your body, so he never pushed it.
It was just a thought. 
Sensing that his eyes were on you, you nervously laughed and gave him a small wave but he didn’t notice that when his gaze was already scanning how the matching lace underwear on your body hugged your figure in all the right places.
“What?” you whispered.
“Nothing, it’s just–” there was a loud gulp mid-sentence before turning back to the camera. “​​Hang on, guys. Be right back, just need to take care of something…really important,” he turned the camera off for the meantime and removed his headset.
Rushing to stand up from his gaming chair to walk towards you, he placed both hands on your waist with a playful grin, “Did your boobs grow bigger?”
With wide eyes and a blush that painted along your cheeks, you stuttered your words out, “I-I don’t think it did?” 
He hums with approval at the piercing, lightly tracing the metal on your bud with his finger while smirking, "Why don't you be a good girl and cockwarm me while I stream, yeah?"
If that wasn’t enough to throw you off guard, Taehyung and Jimin’s hysterical laughter roared through the speakers of Jungkook’s headset. Apparently, your boyfriend liked to have his volume on max.
“Jungkook you, idiot! You left your fucking mic on!” Jimin yelled in the middle of his howling.
You giggled when Jungkook smacked a hand to his forehead, “Oh shit, I forgot about that.”
He returned to his station and scrolled through the live chat and read through it countless overwrought reactions like: ‘he said sexy time on air’, ‘guy ditched his stream for pussy’, and ‘show us your girlfriend!’
When a hashtag about revealing your relationship trended on social media, Jungkook simply ignored it and went on about his day like usual.
His viewers’ curiosity was amusing. There were times he wanted to show you off on his main accounts, but he knows better than to let everyone inside his business.
Tumblr media
“Hey cutie, here’s your coffee,” you warmly greeted him as he waltzed in the kitchen for breakfast.
“Thanks,” kissing the top of your head before taking a seat beside you.
As he takes a sip from his coffee, he hears your huffs and struggles to open the strawberry jam you wanted on your toast. He doesn’t intervene just yet, he stays quiet and waits for you to finally give up.
Mentally, he counts from one to three, then you turned your head and faced him with a pout, whispering his name in a soft voice, “Koo?” Your eyes emulutated like that of a doe, “Can you help me out?”
“Alright, give it to me,” he chuckles, reaching for the jar and twisting it open with ease. Handing you the strawberry jam, he smiles as he watches you spread it on your toast merrily, “Anything else my baby wants?”
You hum as you thought, “Hmm, a cup of tea would be nice.”
Jungkook will never admit this, but he loves it when you ask for his help. No matter how big or small it is, he’s willing to do anything you ask of him. Just call him in those three simple letters and he will literally cross an ocean just to help you out. Running errands is also just a breeze for him all because he knows you’d be needing help in reaching the high shelves or simply carrying anything you bought. As selfish as it sounds, he adores the way he feels needed by you. He’s fine being called pussy whipped, the guy just loved taking good care of you.
During the first half of your relationship, he may or may not have gone overboard in looking after you. It came to a point where you felt somehow too dependent on him even when he says he doesn’t mind at all.
“Koo, I have hands,” you say sternly, pulling your heavy luggage away from his grip. Raising both of your hands in the air, you move it closer to his face, “See? I have two!”
“Baby, can’t you see this is too heavy for you to carry?” He retorts, not letting go of the handle.
For the rest of the ride to Busan, you stayed quiet. Too quiet for Jungkook’s liking. He would spare you a glance from time to time but not once did you ever meet his gaze. He didn’t understand why you had such a sour mood over a mere luggage, especially not when he’s always done things for you even when you don’t ask. 
When the silence was too much for him to bear, he finally spoke to you first, “Baby.” You finally looked at him, alright, but with an annoyed glare. “It wasn’t a big deal. I was just trying to help.”
“Not a big deal?” Your tone is slightly raised, making his forehead crease. He knows you’re about to call him by his government name next, “Jungkook, you’re always doing things for me, which I appreciate, but I can’t…I can’t keep feeling like a burden all the time.”
His eyes widened at your sudden outburst, “I– Y/N, I never meant for you to feel that way.” He reached for your hand, but not grabbing it. All he does is graze his finger over your knuckles soothingly, “I’m sorry if me constantly helping you made you feel like a burden, but I swear I just love to do things for you.”
Looking at how apologetic he truly was, there was no way you could stay mad at him. Letting out a sigh, you scoot closer to him and rest your head on his shoulder, “I understand, Koo. Just…just let me do things on my own and step in when I call for you.”
Bringing the back of your hand to his lips, he leaves a soft kiss and smiles against your skin, “Okay, love. Sounds fair.”
His favorite part of the day ever since the both of you had decided to live together was waking up entangled in silk sheets and seeing your face first thing in the morning. If there's any scent he can attribute to you, it would be the smell of coffee and cinnamon. 
That's the thing about you. You weren't a shot of espresso; you were a shot of tequila that burned a line to the throat. Aside from that, you were also good at playing video games and could smoke a whole team out if you decided to make gaming a career. Like a support in the game, you revive him to be the best he can be. The love you give is enough for him to forget all the lower back strain he suffered from sitting on his chair for too long. 
When he was still working a full-time job, Jungkook was forthcoming and he sometimes intimidated people when he spoke during meetings or whenever they saw his tattoos.
Most of the time, he was timid and reluctant. You, on the other hand, were the complete opposite of him. You were more delicate and spoke softly, but you were also carefree and took things head-on. A plethora of complex ideas and that’s what he liked about you.
He will never forget that day he had first met you.
It was the coldest winter Korea has ever gotten and what better way to spend the cold holidays than by joining a feeding drive for the homeless. You’ve always participated in various donation drives whenever you can. It just so happened that Jungkook was passing by, freezing in the cold as he read the poster that was posted on the food truck. 
“Coffee?” you cheerfully handed out the warm cup. Although it was a nice gesture, Jungkook somehow felt offended. ‘I should’ve worn something else,’ he thought.
“I uhm I’m not homeless,” he awkwardly froze when you giggled. That has got to be the most soothing giggle he has ever heard in his life – but in a good way.
“Huh? Everyone of all walks of life likes coffee.”
When you squint your eyes with a scrunched nose, Jungkook thought that has got to be the cutest habit he had ever seen. The next thing he knows, he came back the next day to volunteer and help you out with the drive.
It’s funny how it all started with a cup of coffee; now you live in one house and still, you never missed a day to make him a cup in the morning. For the years he had been with you, your happy disposition in life never changed. You were his constant and his confidant – with you, he can be himself. 
Working as a digital content specialist is such a tedious job. Still, you managed to pull everything through even when deadlines were tight. Unlike Jungkook who worked for bigger corporations that can afford to pay him more than he expected, you worked for a smaller digital company. Sadly, The companies you wanted to shift to wanted to hire people who came from bigger agencies but you don’t complain. Instead, you still worked with precision with an unmatched work ethic regardless of where you worked.
Changes never scare you and you believe in having a happy medium and that’s what Jungkook liked about you. However, the only thing he doesn’t like about you is that sometimes you let people walk all over you. You were the most understanding person he has ever met but some people take advantage of that. In your previous job, one of your co-workers asked for your help with their pitch structure. Being the angel that you are, you sent her your file in hopes of helping her. Unfortunately, it turned out that she had ripped you off.
“Why didn’t you tell your boss about it?” He worriedly asked when you vented out.
“Just let it go, they needed the promotion more than I did anyways. Besides, I don't think I'll grow in that company if I stay longer.”
He wasn’t sure if this was a flaw. Regardless, Jungkook still supported you in everything that you did, especially when you filed your resignation. 
Tumblr media
You were an eager learner, but whenever you would ask him to teach you how to word things out better, he would happily oblige.
He enjoyed sitting beside you while he did all the proofreading on your captions as you watched. Over time, you learned to do it on your own. He thinks your biggest asset is having the longest patience on earth and he was proud of that – he was always proud of you for constantly learning and growing.
He thought he already knew everything about adulting until he dated you. Before he met you, he would burn half of his savings on random things he never needed in the first place. But ever since you lived together, he learned to save his money for necessities because of you.
As much as Jungkook hates cracking his joints every now and then, the copious hours of on-cam gameplay is his day job now. After all, he’s doing all of this for you and a life of comfort he knows you deserve. Thanks to streaming, gone are the days where you shared stories of how your days went over instant ramen. He can now afford to run to the grocery at any time of the day.
It was a surprise to have you on their stream. The idea just came when Taehyung visited your shared apartment. Sometimes when your busy schedule permits, you play Among Us with Jungkook and his friends and enjoy it. Whenever they need someone (which frankly was always) to play Overwatch with and you’d happily oblige to join in every time.
“I think you should join us on the next stream, Y/N. You make a pretty good Imposter,” Taehyung suggests.
“I’d love to but,” you nudge your head in your boyfriend’s direction, “I don’t know if he’s comfortable with me being on camera though.”
Taehyung lifts a brow at Jungkook, “She doesn’t have to be on cam. Her audio will do.”
Your boyfriend shrugs, seeing how that couldn’t be a problem, “I’m fine with it but only if you’re in”
“If someone yells at me, I’m leaving mid game,” You chided while playfully rolling your eyes at the two of them.
Tumblr media
When the weekend rolled in, Jungkook volunteered to host the stream this time. Sitting beside your boyfriend, you made sure to sit away from the camera frame as you played Among Us with the rest of the boys. When the game had started, you stifled your laughter when you didn’t get to play as an imposter this time.
The character that you played walked into the electrical room just as Jungkook’s character killed Yoongi on the vent. You snickered as you quickly walked away and pretended that you saw nothing. Meanwhile, Jungkook sabotages O2 so no one would see you get out of the area. 
The chat alerts suddenly pinged non-stop making him jolt in surprise only to realize that the microphone caught your soft giggles.
From time to time, Jungkook would steal glances at you particularly on your milky thighs whenever your dangerously short dress rode up every time you adjusted your posture. His eyes moved up to the roundness of your tits. He tried to mask the hard-on he’s been ailing throughout the game by constantly clearing his throat or by crossing his legs.
His computer might’ve sensed his need to get off when the internet seemed to have fluctuated causing the stream to freeze, “Damn, we need to upgrade our internet provider.” 
He takes it as an opportunity to take off his headset, stand up, and snake his arms around you, “On the brighter side, I can fuck you on the couch”
“Mmm? Sounds like a plan,” your finger traced along with the outlines of his chiseled jaw then stopping to point at the mole beneath his lips. “I always found this cute,” he catches your finger with his teeth, teasingly circling his tongue against it.
Pulling the finger away from his mouth, you temptingly whispered, “How do you want me?”
He faked an innocent smile, imagination running wild with how vague your question sounded to him because if he were to be honest, he could go through a list of ways he’d like to have you so he starts by removing your dress’ straps until it pooled at your ankles. It must’ve been his lucky day that you aren’t wearing a bra today.
“Want you to kneel for me, sweetheart.”
You obeyed, resting your knees gently on the floor, as you watched him untie the strings of his black sweatpants. His already hard cock sprung out against his abdomen as soon as he pulled half of his bottoms down. Slowly, you wrapped your fingers around his member, pumping it a few times before you replaced your hands with your mouth.
A low grunt escaped his lips as he watched himself disappear and enjoyed how his cock felt with your mouth wrapped around it. His hips buckle at the sensation of your hot tongue making a long drag from his balls all the way to his shaft’s tip. You leisurely took your time blowing him as you gradually bobbed your head deeper and deeper until his cock reached the back of your throat. 
You sucked down on him greedily with an approving hum with the way his body responded. Seeing how much you’re enjoying it, you gagged when he pushed your head further to fill your mouth with his cock but he was too big to fit it all. Tears brimmed at the sides of your eyes but you didn’t want him to stop just yet.
“You like getting your face fucked this way, don't you?” You agreed with a moan against his cock, “My baby is so cock hungry, huh?”
“Touch yourself,” he commanded. 
Slowly, your middle finger ran through your slit, soaking your fingers with your slick before brushing it over your clit in circular motions. Your finger traced its way at your throbbing entrance, slowly inserting one finger at first then adding another one. Fucking yourself at the tempo you want while imagining it was Jungkook’s cock that was inside of you instead.
When your pleasure hits you, it drenched your fingers completely wet with your own arousal. You softly moaned against his cock while he continued to fuck your face relentlessly. When he started to feel his stomach twist in knots, he roughly pulled your head away from his cock and harshly pushed you to the couch. 
He flipped you over, crouching down to your cunt’s level only to move your very soaked lace underwear to the side as he watched your drenched pussy closely, “You’re dripping”
“That’s cute,” he mocked the way you commented on his mole earlier. He hooks his fingers on the center of the material then slips it to the side.
“You should wear this often,” he hungrily inched closer to your pussy, nose tracing along your wet slit before he replaced it with his tongue.
“Oh my god,” you shut your eyes and gripped on the couch’s headrest tightly, “Jungkook”
You squirmed against his mouth but he grabbed your hips to hold you in place as he pulled you further into his face. His low groans were muffled against your pussy as he devoured you, slipping in a finger at first before adding another one.
“Need you to be nice and stretched out for me, princess,” he left chaste kisses against your ass as he patiently waited for you to adjust and when you seemed to have finally done, he plunges the third finger in, “Wanna make sure you can take all of me.”
A moaning mess is a perfect adjective to describe how you looked under his curling fingers. He pumps his fingers at the perfect pace while his tongue abuses your ass’ hole. Still not satisfied, his other hand reached for your clit and rubbed it in circles. The thing about Jungkook is that he pays attention – he never leaves anything unattended and utilizes it at his expense.
“Fuck! Gonna cum again,” his eyes glowered with lust as you buck your hips further. 
“Gonna squirt for me?”
There were no intelligent words that came to mind, all you could let out were whimpers and sobs of pleasure as another orgasm took over your body. He lets out a dark chuckle when your arousal splatters all over him as he licks the corners of his mouth hungrily while wiping the bottom of his chin with the back of his veiny hand.
Your knees buckled forward to the couch as your legs shook violently. You thought he was done when he sat beside you only to gasp loudly when he suddenly carried your limp body on top of him. That’s when you started to contemplate that you should’ve known better than agreeing to fuck on the brand new couch. 
Gently lifting your overstimulated body, he aligned his member at your entrance and sank your body further to his still hard cock. You gasped for air when his girth had filled you, “You’re still too big for me”
“And you’re still tight as fuck,” he grunted lowly, sweat trickling down his creased forehead.
You dip your head at the crook of his neck as you rotate your hips to match his rhythm. With the constant fanning of your hot breath on his neck, he pounded in and out of you in deeper and harder thrusts making you shriek against his skin.
He pulled your body back and smirked at your nipple piercing, “I haven’t played with this yet”
Attaching his lips around the nipple, he sucked on it feverishly while making sure he leaves his marks all over your skin. He nipped on the piercing in between his teeth and lightly pulled at it, making you whine at the sensation.
“Baby,” you whimpered but your words fell on his deaf ears as his swollen cock thumped even deeper with deliberate, hard strokes. Eyes rolling back in pleasure, your walls clenched hard at how much his cock brushed on your sensitive spot multiple times. 
“Cum again for me”
“I can’t,” you choked your words out, “I don’t think I can–”
“Come on baby, you can do it,” his thumb pad over sensitive clit in circles, “I love fucking you like this. You look so beautiful from this angle.”
He left your clit for a moment to grip your ass with both hands. He pushed it down further at his length so he can fuck you even deeper than he already did. With an intent gaze all over your body, he licked his lips before parting them breathlessly.
“Do it again for me, please?”
“Jungkook, I can’t,” he slaps your ass, leaving a red mark across the skin. 
“I said,” he slammed his hips harder at each word for emphasis, “Do. It.”
You hissed loudly against his neck as he quickened the pace. The overwhelming pleasure he does to your body makes your toes curl. With your eyes shut tightly, you let the shocking orgasm wash over your shaking body that slumped over him.
“Good job, baby,” he kissed your shoulders endearingly but all you could respond was a tired hum.
Unfortunately, while the both of you were preoccupied with catching your breaths and Jungkook completely forgetting about what he was doing prior to fucking you, the stream had reconnected without him knowing. The both of you jolted when a loud kick and knock banged through the door.
“Get dressed and open the goddamn door!” Hoseok yelled from outside. 
An equally annoyed Jungkook yelled back with brows knitted as he protectively covered you with his body just in case Hoseok successfully opens the door with another kick, “How the fuck did you get in my house?”
“You moron, I used to be your roommate before Y/N– I mean your girlfriend moved in. Of course, I know where you hid the spare key!” he retorted. “And just so you know, you forgot to stop the fucking stream so I had to drive my freezing balls all the way here just to tell you that you did it all on live!”
You turned pale from shock at what you heard. You couldn’t believe that a nightmare had unfolded right before you, “I don’t know what kind of freaky shit you’re both into but this is not it.”
Out of sheer panic, Jungkook hurriedly wore his sweatpants and rushed to pull all the plugs out. You, the ever worrier, looked at your boyfriend with the same panic-stricken look across your face. A single tear rolled down to your cheek while you tried to recount everything. 
300k viewers watched the whole thing happen and though his camera was pointed low, that wasn’t enough to make the situation any better if everyone probably saw your face. Worst case scenario is if they kept a screen recording to themselves or much worse, upload it somewhere online.
Jungkook frustratedly ran his finger through his dark locks. Your silent cries tore him to a million pieces. He hated seeing you in such a pitiful state like this. Kneeling in front of you, he grabbed the shirt he was wearing earlier and helped you put it on. His hands ran up and down your arms in a failing attempt to calm you down.
“Baby? Hey, hey, please look at me,” you peeked at his apologetic face through your lashes, “I’m sorry. I’ll figure this out, I promise. Okay?”
“Just...Just let Hoseok in,” you croaked.
Kissing your knees before walking to the door, he heaved the heaviest sigh he could ever muster in his life. His trembling hands held on the doorknob with a shaky and erratic breathing pattern when he opened the door to a frowning Hoseok.
“What were the two of you thinking!?”
Jungkook stuttered his words out. He was more than sure that the internet was cut off. He was also sure he could be comfortable within the walls of his own home. He was more than certain that he did everything right yet still, he finds himself in a new hell.
“It–the–I... I thought it wouldn’t reboot when the internet got cut”
“Well it didn’t and I had to quit my game to get here”
“I know,” he regretfully admitted.
Pulling down at the hem of Jungkook’s oversized shirt in an attempt to cover yourself even more, you weakly called for Hoseok’s attention, “Hoseok? D-did they see my face?”
“I just…I don’t want them invading Jungkook’s privacy,” Hoseok’s lips parted. He was surprised that even after everything that had happened today, your already heavy heart still worried for your boyfriend.
“I don’t know, Y/N…I think they did,” Jungkook’s tongue poked the inside of his cheek, feeling so disappointed with himself. 
The second-hand embarrassment Hoseok endured was very evident but still, he felt sorry for the both of you, “Listen, man. I can’t say for sure what happens after this but if you need anything, I’ll try to help you out especially you, Y/N.” 
For the rest of the week and the weeks after that, scrolling past the comments under his name’s topic felt like diving into the 7th circle of hell.
The internet is a giant dumpsite of unfiltered opinions you wished never existed. Admittedly, knowing that you shouldn’t go through all those comments, you couldn’t stray yourself away from reading all of it.
Everyone’s posts were a mix of extending their sympathies for you while the others shamed you for hiding behind the cameras only to clout yourself in such a humiliating way.
[j.kim96]: Grow the fuck up and leave JJK and his girlfriend alone, you musty ass creeps! [yunh0e]: @JJK Tell your girlfriend blessed be thy ass [seulbi_8]: JJK's gf giving us a free pass to her onlyfans? A legend.
It was ironic how the both of you were still lucky. All that was seen on live were weirdly angled and cropped out thighs and heels. The only consolation you thought out of the situation is even if some of Jungkook's viewers had recorded the stream, it wouldn’t be porn site material to upload. However, you were taking it hard on yourself that it still happened
Before all the internet fame, it was just you and nine-to-five employee Jungkook who, even though he barely had any time due to work, gave you his undivided attention. Though he may have more time in his hands now, his mind is preoccupied with what content to put out.
That doesn't make him less perfect in your eyes, though. Not when he still gives you everything a girlfriend could ever ask for – and maybe even more. But with every good (which in his case is gaining a huge viewership through streaming), the bad that always comes with it is that both of your mishaps stay on the internet forever – like a stain that never goes away.
Being Jungkook's girlfriend is great, but when the overnight fame suddenly broke in, you weren't too sure of yourself anymore. Taking constructive criticism is what you do best, but the unnecessary comments about you (even though none of his viewers had seen you) make it hard for you to take it all in.
As much as you try to tell yourself not to let it go through your head, everything is difficult to wrap your head around it. You know for a fact that you know yourself better, but why does it feel like you also don't?
Maybe they were right all along – that there wasn't anything special about you except for your body or how good you sounded while you were getting fucked. Maybe Jungkook thought the same, that's why he isn't speaking up.
Sure, you understood how reserved he was as a person, but sometimes, you also feel like he’s ashamed of you. Not that you needed validation from a single post from social media, but sometimes, just sometimes, it would have been nice if he was so proud to show you off instead of hiding you like a secret.
It’s thoughts like these that somehow eat you up but you never had the heart to tell him, not wanting to sound like a needy brat. 
Or maybe his silence is another form of agreement? 
You don't know anymore.
Tumblr media
Sharing the same bed with Jungkook wasn’t the same anymore, especially when your backs faced each other.
He wanted to kiss your shoulders and tell you things will be alright even if he wasn’t sure. Instead, he falls silent as he listens to your sobs against your pillow. 
“We shouldn’t have done that stream,” you croaked a heart-shattering whisper, “I…I should’ve just said no.”
Every word you mumbled under the sheets broke him in many ways, and all Jungkook could do is blame himself for everything.
At some point, he knew something like this was bound to happen so to counter all his worries, he made sure to be mindful at all times, which eventually turned to a ball of anxiety.
But the truth of the matter is, none of you wanted it to happen.
The eerie silence that spaced between you and Jungkook only grew bigger as the days went by.
Jungkook wasn’t particularly the confrontational type. He always chooses to stay silent and let things unfold in patience. After he had announced an indefinite hiatus from streaming, he only became even more aloof and apprehensive.
Until both of you just stopped talking to each other.
You wish you knew what went inside his head instead of guessing it all on your own. Jungkook had nailed every love language that existed except for one – communication.
He can surprise you with a dozen roses and breakfast in bed, praise you until you’ve blushed the deepest shade of red, or watch your favorite feel-good movie while cuddling but he will never tell you what’s wrong.
Even in the middle of silence, you are still worried about Jungkook’s well-being. He has always been hard on himself; a perfectionist that delivers all the time. What worries you is he rarely bursts in fits of anger but when he does, all hell breaks loose. Although sometimes, he doesn’t. He just doesn’t do anything and leaves it as it is – like now. 
There were a few instances when he would distance himself for a while, so you give him his space for a while, then he just goes back to normal as if nothing had happened. Sadly, you don’t know where you stand in his life now that you haven’t been in speaking terms and this is the longest you’ve gone without talking.
Living under one roof is great but not when it seems like you’ve drifted apart further from each other.
You wanted to get out when the tension of sharing the same room as him choked you. Finding a new place to live meant going through all the hassle so instead, you chose to move to the guest room down the hallway.
Both of you had figured within yourselves that it would be best to just stay in the same house in case the problem fixed itself (which was impossible).
Aside from that, there was no verbal fights or agreement about what seemed to be your breakup. You simply treated each other like regular housemates for a year; only talking to each other to let the other one know if one of you would be coming home late.
It would be hard for you to move back to Busan. Moving all your things will be a hassle and most of the things you owned are shared with him so you digress the idea. You always had a hard time without Jungkook sleeping beside you.
Now, all you have are the happy memories you shared in the form of tears that soaked your memory foam.
If walls could only talk, both of you had sorted your problems by now.
“Hey, Jungkook?” His heart shatters at the call for his name. He used to go by ‘baby,’ ‘love,’ or whatever cute pet name you have for the day but now it’s just Jungkook.
“Yeah?” He craned his neck to the side.
“Uhm, here’s my share of the rent. I’ll just leave it at the console, okay?” you meekly told him.
“Keep it,” he says without even glancing at you. 
With furrowed brows, you waited for him to look at you but he didn’t, “What?”
“I said keep it. It’s cool,” he cracked his neck from side to side, “I’ve got it covered.” In his defense, this was the only way he can take care of you but it only made you feel like a problem for some reason.
As a compromise to his generosity, you always made it a point that the whole house was clean and that you made as little to no noise as possible. 
Whenever Jungkook falls asleep on the couch, you’d turn off the TV for him and pull his blanket higher just so he can sleep comfortably. Crouching down but at a safe distance, you take in his angelic features.
These were the few stolen moments you get to see his relaxed state. You wished you could do more but you didn’t want to come off as annoying and overbearing. Giving him the space he wanted was hard. It felt like breaking your bones willingly.
Jungkook missed having you beside him.
He missed peppering your face with a lot of soft kisses as you giggled in between pecks but out of the list of things he missed doing with you, he missed having you as his girlfriend and not as someone he just lived with.
He always looked forward to warm mornings with you but now that the both of you were only civil with each other, it had now turned to cold.
Whenever the rainy days rolled, his mind wandered off to the room beside his. You’ve always been afraid of the thunder and whenever the bad weather came by, he always made it a point to wrap his arms around your frame and put you back to sleep. However, that wasn’t the case anymore. He wonders if you wrap your arms around yourself for comfort.
On nights when Jungkook would stand by your door after he had grabbed himself a glass of water in the middle of the night, he frowns with slumped shoulders as he listens to the sound of your cries in the middle of a nightmare. He wished he could console you in his arms but he can only do so much now.
He finds that going out of the house as often as he could helped him to run away from the uneasy feeling at home.
The thought of going back to a 9 to 5 corporate job crossed his mind. However, credential-wise, his streaming wouldn’t suffice the long gap he left after his last office job. If anything, Jungkook thinks he had become rusty already.
On occasions when he would come home later than expected, he spent most of his days over at either Taehyung’s or Jimin’s place to hang out.
“Are you deranged?” Jimin sneered with a mouthful of food, “Why are you still living with your ex?”
“We haven’t officially broken up…yet,” Jungkook pressed his lips together into a thin line.
“So, roommates?” Resting his head on his palm, Taehyung watched Jungkook scratch his nose and then shrugged as he thought about the question.
“I guess? Call it what you want,” he sighed.
"The problem isn't going to fix itself, Jungkook. Have you talked about it with Y/N?" Jimin says with worry.
"Sure it will," Jungkook says with conviction, making both men blink at him. He just shrugged them even though part of him is wanting to believe the delusion he's been saying.
Taehyung scratched his head, "Crazy." He then looked at Jimin while pointing his pocky stick at Jungkook, "He's fucking crazy."
Tumblr media
The middle ground you both found was ordering take-outs instead of sitting at one table together.
That way, you can enjoy eating your meals comfortably away from each other; it was usually you eating on the dining table while he ate in front of the TV just like today. It's also the rare times you casually talk, and if you were being honest, you'd settle for something like this.
“Breaking News: It has been confirmed that Sars-CoV-2, which causes the illness known as COVID-19, has entered South Korea.”
Your ears perked as soon as you heard the news. Listening intently, you took a glance over Jungkook whose brows knitted together as he took his time enjoying his food.
“WHO also declared the virus as a "pandemic" with over 4,500 recorded deaths recorded worldwide.”
“Holy shit,” you mumbled.
Two people came to your mind: First, your sister who worked as a nurse. You thought of how frontliners like here would have a hard time at the hospitals when the cases keep rising.
The second one was your history teacher who taught you that pandemics lasted up to 4 years more or less. You feared that it’ll take a while before they come up with a vaccine and for the world to go back to normal.
“Neighboring countries have closed their borders while the local government bans all kinds of social gatherings and urges everyone to remain on lockdown until further notice.”
When the news anchor emphasized the word lockdown, Jungkook whipped his head in shock. The words kept ringing in his head until they stopped making sense. His mouth hung low when the realization dawned on him – he’ll have to stay at home with you for an indefinite amount of time. At. Home.
Sneaking a glance at you through his peripheral vision, you watched the news intently with a very deep frown. He thinks you were thinking the same as him but he just turns his focus back on the TV instead. He tried to put all of his attention on the news but nothing registered to him even when the news anchor flashed the statistics on screen.
He thought about the worst-case scenarios that could happen during the lockdown:
It’s either you get on each other’s nerves
You have your long-awaited confrontation of the century (which was long overdue already)
Or worse, one of you moves out in the middle of the pandemic.
He figured that it would be best if he stayed in his room at all times to avoid all three possibilities that might happen.
“Looks like we’ll need to stock up on food and supplies now,” he fidgeted on his food after he had now lost his appetite.
“I’ll head out to buy a couple of things in a while, too. Do you need anything?” You ask with pursed lips.
“I can drive us there,” your brows shot up at his offer. After seeing your reaction and being too conscious if he sounded too happy, Jungkook cleared his throat, “I–uh I ran out of shampoo today.”
You nodded slowly, “Oh...alright.”
Tumblr media
Jungkook made sure to turn on the radio as soon as he got inside the car to avoid the uncomfortable silence which worked.
This was the first time (after a year) that both of you were in the same car and went grocery shopping together. Running errands together used to be congenial but now it's different. There was an awkward feeling of nostalgia that came with that restricted the both of you.
Everyone was panic buying all the stocks on every shelf and the only way to go around it was to have a list of essentials he can just grab and shoot in the cart.
The cards aren't in Jungkook's favor because unfortunately, he was one of those panicking without a grocery list. Running point to point from aisles wasn’t a problem, it’s who gets the item first that worries him.
Annoyed with how he completely forgot about it, he scrunched his nose and furrowed his brows, “I forgot to make a list.”
Unable to hear his mumbles, you squinted your eyes and tilted your head to his direction, "I'm sorry? I didn't catch what you said."
"The list," Jungkook sighed as he hung is head. "I forgot to make one."
“It’s okay, I have one saved on my notes,” you tapped on the Notes app and scrolled through your saved notes until you finally found it. You always made one for him to memorize because he says carrying a list is uncool for some reason.
When you flashed the screen in front of him, his eyes scanned through the list of things the both of you usually bought whenever it was time to restock.
Squinting his eyes and inching a little bit closer, He tried to remember everything that was listed down but froze as soon as he read the note’s title that wrote in huge, bold letters: Things my lovely boyfriend should buy.
You were sure he saw the title but you pretended to know nothing of it, “Done remembering?”
He slowly nodded, “Yeah, I think I got it.”
Like a true introvert, he recited his things to buy in soft whispers while he pushed the cart around making you stifle your giggles as you trailed right behind him. Taking one final look at all the items he had put, he decided to grab an extra just in case so that none of you would have to take frequent agonizing trips to the grocery.
The lines were very long and people had already started to lose their temper as they yelled at those who sneakily cut the lines. You estimated it would take at least 30 minutes before you could get to the counter and having to stand beside each other for the entirety of it didn't make it any better. 
While waiting, he looked at the cart again and skimmed through the products.
‘Okay, so shampoo, body wash, cleaning supplies, food good for a month…what else am I missing?’ He pondered thoroughly, mentally reciting the list again, until his brows shot up when he finally realized what he had missed. Just when you were finally the next in line to the counter, Jungkook excused himself and sprinted to god knows which aisle he went to.
You, the ever worrier, internally panicked when the staff had started to bag the items of the person before you. Wiping your clammy hands at the back of your pants, you frantically looked around the store looking for him but to no avail.
When you were about to put all your items for checkout, right on cue, he jogged his way back carrying boxes in between his forearms.
“Where were you?” You asked, trying to hide the annoyance in your voice.
“You forgot to get tampons,” he placed eight boxes of tampons on the belt and waited for the cashier to punch them in.
You were so stunned at the gesture that you forgot to pull your card out to pay for the items. On the other hand, Jungkook was just as awkward as you were about it that he quickly gave his card and watched the cashier swipe it on the register, not even daring to look at you.
'Don't overthink it too much. He just knows how forgetful you can get,' you try to remind yourself, though there was a small ember of hope you wish you put out.
Tumblr media
In summary, the pandemic has been a mix of boring and a massive decline in everyone’s mental, social, and physical health.
Most, if not all, businesses have decided to close down for good due to the lack of customers. Meanwhile, offices – yours included– have found ways of adjusting to the new normal by working from the comfort of your own homes. 
The long lockdown and lack of social interaction burnt out the two of you far worse than expected. In hopes of getting by, the both of you had started to venture on new hobbies respectively.
You and Jungkook have stayed in your respective rooms most of the time. You were busy working as a social media manager for brands. Everyone thinks working on social media is easy but tediously making sure that you don’t miss a single thing on your reports is just as stressful as everyone else’s work.
You could probably call it easy if you only handled one brand but you were handling four and your anxiety only rises when all the boosted posts from each brand hiccup all at once.
Meanwhile, Jungkook did playtests for gaming companies he used to collaborate with on his streams. He spends countless hours playing and taking down notes of the loopholes he had found in the game.
Sometimes, he adds his own take on how the developers can improve it further before sending his reviews in. It reminded him of how it was so similar to being a creative director but he only chuckles at the memory.
You tried to learn how to bake cookies and left some for Jungkook to snack on, while he bought a new guitar online and started learning how to play it. The days were stagnant and very mundane. Surprisingly enough, the both of you managed to fare it well.
As a stress reliever, you played online games and even joined a gaming server on Discord until you found a small community where they exchanged invites and played with each other. You figured this is how socializing has come to now – interacting with strangers and referring to them by their pseudo names.
On the other hand, it never crossed Jungkook’s mind to return to streaming no matter how bored he was. He still played games but under a different username now and enjoyed the anonymity that came with it. He scrolled through the #game-on channel in hopes he’d find players who started a server and were looking for people to join in but he couldn’t find any.
abcdefghi__: Anyone here playing? Can I join? 😩
1kwords: I’ll send you mine
abcdefghi__: Got it! Thanks!
abcdefghi__: Wanna get on call so we can strategize, bro?
1kwords: Sorry I can’t. Living with a housemate 😅
abcdefghi__: That’s fine I guess
"This alphabet guy's pretty good," you whispered as you watched him exchange fires with your opponent.
Your mouth pulled at the corners to a smirk when you’ve successfully hit the cleanest headshot you’ve ever made through the railings. When the game finally ended and the screen flashed a congratulatory card on your victory, you silently put your fist up in the air and rejoiced at your win.
Jungkook confidently puts his feet up as he pats himself on the shoulder for still having the sharpest shooting techniques in the game. Proud would be an understatement to describe how he felt given that he wasn’t as active in playing games like this ever since he had stopped his streaming.
1kwords: OMG WE WON!!!
abcdefghi__: Easy 😎
1kwords: Why do you always play so aggressively? 
abcdefghi__: Needed to let off some steam
1kwords: Sounds bad
abcdefghi__: Kinda. I'm stuck at home that’s why
1kwords: Aren’t we all? lol
1kwords: You can tell me anything but only if you’re comfortable
abcdefghi__: Wait, for real!?
1kwords: Try me 😉
abcdefghi__ is typing…
You waited for the user to finish his typing but it was taking a while for him to reply.
You thought that maybe things weren’t going well in his life lately and you were more than willing to virtually lend a shoulder when you understand exactly how the whole pandemic has been rough to everyone.
abcdefghi__: [this user is taking a deep breath]
1kwords: [and this user is patiently waiting whenever you’re ready]
abcdefghi__: I know how everyone’s currently in a weird position during these crazy times but so am I. Like, hella weird. 
1kwords: Alright, go on. I’m listening.
abcdefghi__: I don’t know…I just…I made great memories with someone but I didn’t expect them to turn into one
abcdefghi__: I’d be lying if I didn’t say I miss her but...
abcdefghi__: I really miss my baby :(
Jungkook chewed on his bottom lip as he typed every single reply. He was never really one to come face to face with his inner demons but the opportunity comes in the form of venting out to a complete stranger in Discord. 
"Oh fuck, there. I said it," he scratched his head.
1kwords: Damn, same. I know how hard that is.
1kwords: Have you tried talking to her about it?
abcdefghi__: …Not really. I can’t confront for shit.
1kwords: Oh
1kwords: That’s pretty tough. You’re like my (idk if he still is) boyfriend
abcdefghi__: I don’t really know the right words to tell her and I also feel like it was my fault.
abcdefghi__: How are you guys doing by the way?
1kwords: We’re civil with each other, but I don’t have a choice because I still live with him
1kwords: I come home really excited to see him, but now, we just order take outs and eat separately lol
abcdefghi__: NO SHIT? SAME DUDE
abcdefghi__: Must be pretty hard for you
1kwords: It still is. Kinda miss hearing him laugh too :( 
You were surprised yet comforted to know that someone finally understood exactly how you felt about your relationship with Jungkook.
The probability of finding someone who went through the same things as you did is slim but you guessed you were lucky that you and this stranger had talked and consoled each other. 
abcdefghi__: What’s he like?
1kwords: Honestly? He’s the best relationship I’ve ever had. Not once did he make me feel so unloved. It’s just that, I mean, he’s pretty vocal with telling me how much he loves me, but he’s not good with words if that makes sense?
abcdefghi__: ...Is he expecting the problem to fix itself?
1kwords: Kinda like that but we’ve never really fought about anything big tbh
abcdefghi__: lol I don't believe you. Never?
1kwords: Yeah
1kwords: Oh no wait
1kwords: Except that one time our stream had gone wrong in front of a lot of viewers. He just stopped talking to me.
1kwords:  I don’t even know if I can consider that as a fight but that’s how we kinda ended.
1kwords is typing…
Jungkook sat frozen in his seat with hands clamming around his mouse. The similarities he shared with this user were so uncanny for him to think about it deeply.
Assuming that maybe it was you, he stood up and leaned his ear against the wall to check if you were still awake but all that he heard was silence. ‘Idiot, she’s already asleep’ he mentally argued with himself with a frown.
When the chat pinged, he hurriedly rushed back to his computer. His doe eyes widened even more after reading 1kwords’ messages.
1kwords: Anyways, thanks for listening to me!
1kwords: Your username’s funny too. You’re missing the 'JK'.
1kwords: I’m also missing my JK
“Well that was a relief,” you exhaled while arching your back to relieve the tension of sitting for long hours today. 
This was the first time you had aired out your feelings about how things with Jungkook were. You didn’t have a lot of friends and the only person you were comfortable with sharing things with was your currently very busy sister.
You wished the lockdown would be lifted sooner, you couldn’t wait to gush everything that had happened to her.
On the other side of the wall, Jungkook held on his forehead with both hands for being stupid at how his silence hurt you even more. He tried to put things into perspective, carefully re-thinking his actions until he finally figured it out that is working on his communication skills better. But first, he needed to apologize.
He stood outside your room, debating whether or not he should knock on the door. Since he’s already there, he thought that he might as well just do it. Taking a long, deep breath he knocked on your door thrice and waited for you to open up.
His heartbeat pounded erratically against his chest but it halts abruptly as soon as you were standing right in front of him, “Do you need anything?” But he remained frozen and at a loss for words, “Jungkook?”
“You’re 1kwords,” your lips part in shock.
Jungkook is user abcdefghi__!
“You don’t have to say anything but just hear me out, okay?” You nodded slowly, "I don't fucking know what to tell you. Fuck, please give me a moment. I'm trying, alright? I'm really trying to remember what say. I'm trying. I'm–"
"Jungkook," you held on both of his shoulders, trying to calm him down. "It's okay, take deep breaths. I'll listen whenever you're ready."
He follows your command as you inhaled big and exhaled deeply. Mentally counting down to three while taking deep breathes a few more times, he finally returned to his senses.
“I just…I just wanted to say how sorry I am for trying to keep everything in. I should’ve known better than staying silent when I’m not the only person in this relationship,” He looks at you with big, apologetic eyes. The bags under his eyes screamed that he hadn't had proper sleep in so long.
“I know I never told you this, but I tend to overthink a lot and you were my safe space,” he admitted with a sigh. “You’ve always been a happy person, and I didn’t want to ruin that just because I was thinking of the worst things that could happen.”
“But I’m not happy if you’re not happy, Jungkook,” you croaked almost in a whisper. “I’d be happier if you slept soundly with peace of mind.”
“I’m sorry for putting you through so much humiliation and sadness, Y/N. It wasn’t my intention to humiliate you in front of thousands of people in any way. I know how stupid it was for me not to double-check. You have every right to get mad at me,” his weight shifted from side to side.
“You were the only one who supported me after I got fired from the agency, and when my parents thought that streaming was just a waste of time,” he frowned as he watched your lower lip pucker in a pout. "You believed that I can do it and I wouldn’t have done it without you."
“What happened was neither of our faults, Jungkook. That was an honest mistake,” he tilted his head back and shut his eyes tightly.
“Yeah, but I still beat myself up every single day about it. I don’t want sexist creeps commenting about my girl," he admits with closed eyes. "I guess I just felt so useless that I can only do so much in wanting to keep you safe.”
You frowned, still looking at the floor, “Jungkook…”
“We had it so good but I...I was stupid for ruining it,” his shoulders slumped as he looked at you with pitiful eyes. “You don’t have to take me back or accept my apology right away. I just wanted you to know how truly sorry I am for everything.”
When you finally looked at him, he inched closer to wipe away the tears that were streaming down your cheeks. Sniffling under his touch, your body seemed to have a mind of its own when you wrapped your arms around his torso as you sobbed against his hoodie.
Wrapping his arms around you tightly, he hushed you while kissing the top of your head, “You idiot, you had a year to speak up and you only did it now?”
Jungkook sighed, “I know, I’m sorry.”
“But I still love you,” you looked up to him with glassy eyes.
He tried to hide his smile from forming, “You do?” 
You nodded, “Always have and always will.”
“I love you, too,” He tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear. “It’s disappointing how I couldn’t get you flowers at 3 AM”
You laughed and playfully hit his arm, “I don’t need flowers, just having you back is already enough.”
“Besides, there’s nothing we can do with what already happened. We’ll just have to move on with our lives,” the both of you looked deeply into each other's eyes – yours were puffy while his eyes were glimmering with held-back tears except this time, they were out of happiness.
He cupped your face with both hands and kissed you deeply for the first time again. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders because finally, the both of you took the first step in making your relationship better – communicating like level-headed adults.
“If I knew how liberating opening up is, I would’ve done it sooner,” he chuckled, “Thank you for giving me peace of mind even if I’m such a piece of shit. I promise to be more honest with you this time.”
Your stomach grumbling made the both of you laugh hysterically. You pulled away and avoided eye contact but he pulled you back in with a grin on his face, “Let’s go get you something to eat other than cookies”
You lifted a brow, “What’s wrong with my cookies?” 
Jungkook’s eyes widened as he shook his head, “I– uh nothing? …just a bit salty”
“Fine, I’ll work on the recipe again,” you playfully rolled your eyes.
You giggled at his effort for trying to be honest. It must’ve been a struggle for him to avoid hurting your feelings though you appreciated it nonetheless. His brows lifted ever so slightly. It had been so long since he last heard it. The way it sounded was refreshing, comforting even. It fluttered inside his chest. As he clasps your hands together, he holds them gently yet firmly. 
He can’t say how the following days will turn out for the both of you. It would probably consist of talking things through to have it out of the way so you can understand each other better. As you exchange soft, adoring gazes at one another, the only thing that matters is right now – Jungkook knows he’s finally home.
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spideyjimin · a month ago
wrong time (teaser) | jjk
Tumblr media
⏤ pairing: jungkook x female reader
⏤ genre: parent au, exes to lovers, ceo au, angst, fluff, and smut
⏤ rating: 18+
⏤ summary: meeting ten years later the girl he deeply fell in love with is something Jungkook never thought would happen. but here you are, standing before his eyes with a bright smile on your face as you walk through the massive lobby of his company. at that exact moment, he realizes that the two of you fell in love at the wrong time but is now the right time?  
⏤ author’s note: i guess this is my way of coming back after all this time away? but lately i’ve been slowly working on this little fic & i’m still working on it. this fic will also include some references to old works that i posted on my previous account & i can’t wait to post this!! also i want to give a massive shoutout to my nikki @xpeachesncream​ for her constant love & support 💞 i hope you’ll love it 💞
Tumblr media
⏤ tag list: let me know in anyway if you want to be tagged when i post this and if you are part of my permanent taglist, you will be automatically added ✨
Tumblr media
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Show Me How
Tumblr media
Summary: You swiped right on a nerd, instead you got a Greek God. Or tired of your virginity, you decide to throw caution to the wind and find a hook up on tinder.
— PAIRING: Namjoon x f!reader
— GENRE: smut. 18+ minors dni.
— WARNINGS: fingering, thigh riding, possible hair kink (? like Joon loves touching the reader’s hair), biting, dry humping, dirty talk (?), Namjoon is such a simp, the reader is naive.
Kim Namjoon looked nothing like the picture you swiped right on one drunken night. The original Kim Namjoon who you found on Tinder was a nerdy looking guy wearing glasses so big Harry Potter would be jealous; this man in front of you wasn’t anything less than a god. Those round disk glasses were gone allowing you to see his pretty brown eyes. The tamed golden-brown hair in the photos also vanished in favor of the tousled mop on his head, but perhaps most alarming was his tall athletic form. Call it headshots, bad angles, or lighting, but whoever took your hookup’s photo should never touch a camera again.
   “You must be (Y/N). You look nothing like your pictures.” Namjoon smiled. He moved away from the door, gesturing you to come in.
    Vaguely you wondered if he was disappointed. The pictures you posted on tinder were a good year old, however you rarely took pictures of yourself-especially not ones dressed up. “I can say the same. You are much more handsome than your pictures make you to be.” You complimented. 
Internally you cringe at your words. Talking to guys was definitely not your forte. In fact, anything dealing with romance, boys or sex was not your thing according to Bazaar Publishers. Your gut twisted at the reminder of the rejection letter sitting in your purse. Eight months ago, you sent in a copy of your novel’s manuscript to the publishing company only to receive a letter stating that while the editors loved the concept, setting, plot and everything else; the romance and sexuality in it sucked thus they were rejecting it. They also stated that if/when you fixed these problems, they would happily reconsider your novel.
   Which was how you ended up here in a potential serial killer’s apartment looking for a quick lay. “Thanks. Most people say the opposite.” Namjoon chuckled.
    Heat rose to your cheeks at the dimpled smile he gave. Nervous, you looked away, looking at his living room. For a bachelor, his place appeared very clean, something you wouldn’t have guessed given the stereotype of bachelor pads. You expected strewn laundry and dirty dishes not alphabetically ordered bookshelves, decorative pillows, and Febreze. “You have a nice place…” 
   “Thanks, I try to keep it clean especially if a pretty girl visits.”  
      You rolled your eyes at the compliment. Pretty girl...you were already here. Did he really feel the need to butter you up with lies? “So…..” Namjoon drawled, rubbing his neck. “Do you want to sit down?”
    You blinked. Sit down? Is this how one night stands usually went? Did people sit down, have coffee, and talk before fucking each other or what it just this guy?  “No?”
    “O-oh…” Namjoon stuttered. “Okay, umm….”
“Sex? I-I mean we agreed to let you’d bang my brains out, right?” You suggested, biting your lip. Just the mere idea of having sex brought butterflies to your stomach. Tonight, would be the first night you had sex ever, marking the end to your virginity and hopefully the end to your shitty sex scenes. It would be like ripping off the Band-Aid- quick, slightly painful, but for the best.
   Namjoon’s face turned a light shade of pink. Suddenly he appeared more like the dorky boy from the photos than the stud who let you in. “Um...sure. No problem-I mean why waste time getting to know each other?”
    “Right. No point in pretending like we are ever going to see each other after tonight.” You forced a laugh.
   Namjoon laughed, “Exactly.”
The dimpled smile returned along with a lusty twinkle in his eyes. It will never cease to surprise you how quick guys can switch their moods. Then again you shouldn’t complain given the circumstances. 
   “Well, shall we go M’lady?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows.
  You nodded. "Lead the way my prince. "
     Namjoon laughed, taking your hand in his. The warmth of his touch sent shivers down your spine. It wasn't like you never held a guy's hand before but there was something different about the way his fingers wrapped around yours. Your heart stuttered in both fear and excitement. Silently you reminded yourself to write this feeling down in your notepad later. 
    "Well, here we are, my lavish bedroom." Namjoon said. His ears turned a twinge red. 
    You took in the bedroom noting how similar to the living room it was. Bookshelves lined the walls yet again, leaving only a small opening for a desk and dresser.  His bed was a single with neatly tucked white sheets and a thick blue comforter. It was small but it looked large enough for two people. 
    "So…. What now? I'm new to this whole thing. " You confessed. The double meaning of your words went unsaid. 
   Namjoon gave a sheepish look. "I'm actually rather new at this too. Tinder-I mean not sex. "
   "I would hope so." You giggled. 
God you fucking hoped so. You were screwed-figuratively speaking if this guy was as green behind the ears as you. 
    "Well since we're both new to this, why don't we start slow." Namjoon suggested sitting on the bed. A big goofy grin spread across his face as he patted the spot next to him. 
    The sight shouldn't attract you. Such a goofy grin was anything but sexy, yet something jolted within, and you soon felt an unfamiliar throbbing between your legs. He looked like the sun shined on him right then. Your legs shook as you made your way over to him. Silently you tried to squash the butterflies suddenly in your stomach. 
    This was all research. You were doing this for your book. No reason to be nervous… you sat down hyper aware of how close you two were. "You have such beautiful hair. " Namjoon said. "Can I touch it?"
  You nodded suddenly speechless. Slowly his hand reached out gently caressing your hair. A shiver ran up your spine. Hair caressing should not be this erotic. "It's so soft- like silk.” Namjoon marveled. 
    You laughed causing him to blush. "Sorry...I tend to talk too much. I've been told it ruins the mood. " 
   "No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to laugh- it's just that it's really not. I mean my hair is many things but silky isn't one of them. " You explained.
    "I disagree. It's beautiful." He said, stroking it. "Though I shouldn't be surprised given that you're a pretty girl. "
  Again, your heart leaped. Pretty words shouldn’t mean so much. As a writer you utilized pretty words to craft beautiful poetry and elegant stories; you knew easily used they were. However, what you couldn't ignore was the way Namjoon stared at you through half-lidded eyes, pupils fully dilated. 
    "Namjoon...kiss me." You whispered. 
"Was hoping you'd ask."  He leaned in, fulfilling your request.  
    His lips were softer and plusher than you ever imagined a guy's to be. The kiss was awkward at first, starting out as a peck before evolving into an open mouth kiss. Your naivety to kissing didn't help either. You didn't know how to move or what to do with your tongue. Every movement you made seemed like a mess. Embarrassment burned through you as Namjoon pulled away. This was just an experiment, no need to feel lacking. Yet you couldn’t stop worrying. Were you that bad? Could he tell you were a virgin?
 As if reading your thoughts Namjoon smiled, dimples shining brightly. "Just follow me, okay? I'll lead. "
     "Okay." You nodded.
“Okay.” Namjoon thumbed your bottom lip, dorky smile still bright. 
A strange comforting feeling washed over you at the sight. Suddenly it didn’t feel like two strangers rushing for a quick fuck, but two friends exploring themselves together.  The emotion brought up a platitude of questions for you. However, before you could even begin to ponder them, Namjoon pressed his lips to yours. Another peck, but this kiss was more planned-more precise. He lingered for a second only to pull away. A pang of longing filled you, however it was quickly swallowed by his lips meeting yours once more. Again and again, he dipped down peppering you in small, tiny kisses.
“You’re so cute. I can’t help but kiss you like this.” He teased, placing another butterfly kiss on your mouth. “But I suppose you want more huh? Not just pecks.”
“I do.” You shamelessly admitted. “I want you to kiss me like they do in the movies. The whole opened mouth, bottom lip sucking, passionate tongue -”
Namjoon swallowed your words in a kiss. His tongue glided effortlessly across yours and you moaned into the kiss. He tasted good but not in the sweet sugary or bitter coffee way books often described. Instead, he tasted like how you pictured a hot meal after a long day: mouthwatering, delicious and leaving you wanting more. 
Your hands found their way to his shoulders. The flimsy material of his shirt bunched under your fingers' grip. His hands moved to your lower back pressing you against his chest. Another thing the pictures got wrong about Kim Namjoon; he had muscles. Hidden behind those baggy shirts, and loose button ups was the body of a god. Fuck. How did you get so lucky?
“This. Can I take this off?” Namjoon asked, in between kisses. 
You blinked realizing he meant your top. His fingers traced the hem of your shirt, occasionally caressing naked skin. Your heart did a flip. It would be the first time someone ever saw you without a shirt.  “Are you okay? We don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Namjoon said.
“No. I’m fine.” You insisted. “I was just trying to remember if I wore a matching set.”
  You were. You fished out a simple pair of black cotton panties and bra the minute Namjoon agreed to meet. He didn’t need to know that though. “You know despite what the media portrays. Sexy underwear isn’t as big of a deal as you might think, especially not when the woman’s already beautiful like you.” Namjoon chortled.
    You rolled your eyes. “I bet you say that to all the girls.”
 Yet again he gave you that gorgeous smile of his. “You think too highly of me. I don’t sleep around that often.”
   “Maybe not, but I bet you have pretty girls when you do.”
   Namjoon shook his head. “I get the feeling no matter what I say, you’re going to deny it. I’ll just have to show you how pretty you are-starting with your shirt downwards.”
     You shivered. Once again you thanked your lucky stars for Namjoon. Any other tinder hook up would probably result in a quick one, two, not soft reassurance and romantic words. God, your readers would eat this up when you implemented it into your book- he kissed your neck blurring your thoughts into one low moan as he bit down on it. The mixture of pain and pleasure caused you to buck forward, pushing yourself against his knee. ‘Biting…’ you barely thought. ‘Biting is definitely getting jotted down.’
  You felt Namjoon smirk into your neck, clearly pleased by your reaction. Gently he sucked on the now bruised spot, tonguing where his teeth marks were. Fingers dipped underneath your jeans teasing right above the hem of your underwear. Slowly they moved down as Namjoon nibbled farther up your neck. It was not until he licked the shell of your ear that his fingers brushed against your clit.
  “Fuck!” you cried, jerking upwards. “I thought you were starting with my shirt-shit why is this so good? You’re not doing anything I don’t do.”
    He laughed drawing lazy circles on your clit as his knee rocked against your core. “Sorry, I couldn't help it. I normally don’t get this good of a reaction.”
   “I find that hard to believe.” You pressed yourself closer trying to mold your bodies together.
His hot breath kissed your ear as Namjoon continued his ministrations. “Fuck. Forget me, why are you so wet already? I’ve barely touched you yet you’re soaking. Do you know how hot that is?”
     “Don’t know, don't care, just keep going.” 
“Trust me, pretty girl. I have no intention of stopping.” he said, flipping you onto your back. “In fact, it’s the opposite, I going to fuck you until the image of you cumming is burnt into my brain.”
    Another moan escaped you. Why was that so hot? Just the thought of you seared into his brain was enough to drive you wild. Would he think of you later when he masturbated? You could just see it now: his beautiful face coming undone at the thought of you. The thought caused a delicious shiver to run up your spine. God, you wanted to see him undone.
"Do it. " You gasped, feeling his fingers sink into your core. It was an odd sensation. Someone else's fingers buried in you, but not an unwelcome one. Strangely it was more filling, hitting spots you didn't know existed with each curl of his fingers. Subconsciously your own fingers made their way to his shoulders gripping them hard. Thankfully Namjoon said nothing, either not minding the bruising force or completely unaware of it. "Fuck. It feels so good."
      "Yeah? Should I go faster, pretty girl? Make you feel more than good? Would you like that?" He teased, thumb gliding over your clit. You merely moaned clenching around him. Apparently, that was the right answer, because Namjoon picked up the pace. "That's it. That's the reaction I want to see. You going to cum for me, pretty girl? Can you do that for me?"
  Before you could respond, his fingers touched a spot within you. A feeling unlike anything unless washed over you as you clamped down on him. Somewhere in the room, you heard yourself cry out; your voice barely recognizable to you. Then everything went blank for one blissful second. You officially had your first orgasm.
   When you came to Namjoon was on top of you hungrily kissing your neck. His body grinded itself hard against yours desperate for friction. Instinctively you wrapped your legs around his waist drawing him closer. He let out a moan of approval. His face pinched in pleasure and need. "Fuck, why do you feel so good? I'm not even in you yet…" his words stuttered as you rocked back against him. "I'm going to- I need to be in you now or I won't make it-"
    In a bold move you bit the tip of his earlobe. Another low groan sounded from Namjoon as his hips rocketed forward suddenly before he stilled, eliciting a low guttural groan.  Your own moans escaped you at the feeling of another orgasm approaching. Was this normal? Two orgasms in such little time? Did you stumble upon some sex god on tinder?
  Fuck...maybe Namjoon was too good? Your readers would have unrealistic expectations if you used him as inspiration. 
     “Shit. I haven't done that since I was a teen." Namjoon breathed, rolling over beside you. Even sweaty with deflated hair Namjoon still looked handsome. It kind of made you wonder why he swiped right on you. Especially when tinder undoubtedly had hotter women on it than you. 
    "Is that a bad thing?" You questioned, feeling a bit insecure. 
    Namjoon grinned like the cat who caught the canary. "Not all. Usually, I get the girl undressed though, before I cum. "
    You looked down at yourself realizing that he was right. Other than the sliver of skin between your unbuckled pants and slightly raised shirt you were completely dressed. "I guess we got a little carried away huh?"
    "It's your fault for making such cute faces at me. I couldn't help but want to see you cum for me. " Namjoon sighed dramatically. "Totally worth it by the way."
     Heat rose to your cheeks at his words. Seriously, what was with this boy? Not only did he shower you with false compliments after the fact, but he was abnormally confident in himself.  "So now what?" You asked, avoiding the strange compliment. 
   Namjoon hummed thoughtfully, propping himself up beside you. "Well, if you give me a moment, we can do it all over again. This time with me inside you. "
   “Okay.” You said, feeling shy suddenly.  Casually you looked around his room trying to ignore the beating of your heart or the increasing nervousness you felt. A more experienced/ charming woman would know how to make conversation, perhaps even flirt her way to the next round. You however barely managed to make it pass the first act. 
   Act sexy… your mind whispered to you. Instantly your thoughts turned to flashbacks of characters from romance series. As belittling as it may seem for an English major, those dollar romance books were a guilty pleasure of yours. Especially the Jessica Monrose series which featured a sexy bounty huntress on the ride of a lifetime fighting werewolves, and demons alike. Her character never feared men or sex. She was sexy, confident, capable and- “I can suck you off if you want.” the words fell out of your mouth before you could ever ponder them.
  Suck you off. Out of all the romantic enticing sexy things you could say, you chose the most literal and porno like line. You nearly facepalmed yourself. Undoubtedly your face was a disturbing shade of red right now. With no other option, you bit your lip staring patiently at Namjoon. It was too late to take it back after all, so you might as well pretend confident in this situation. Imitate Jessica Monrose, she would never back down from what she said, even if it was as stupid as your offer.
     Namjoon simply kissed you. His lips moved simultaneously with yours; all previous awkwardness vanished. Looks like you learned something within this half hour here. You opened your mouth allowing him to slip his tongue in. It glided against yours. Some daring part of you closed your mouth around his tongue, gently sucking it. Surprisingly it wasn’t as disgusting as you thought it would be. Your one previous kiss in high school involved tongue and it felt you uninterested in kissing for years. This, though... was nothing like high school.
 Namjoon groaned, sending a thrill down your spine. Your thighs pressed together at its sound. He had pretty groans. You wanted to hear more of them. Not just that, you wanted to see him lose control again. The idea of sucking him off appeared in your head once more, however just as your hand made its way down to his zipper, Namjoon regained control. Pushing you into the mattress his hands make busy work of your shirt. Cool air touched your naked skin. Goosebump pricked your skin but whether it was for the temperature or Namjoon’s longing stare at your clothed breast, you couldn’t say.
  A moment of silence passed before he expertly unclasped your bra. It fell halfway between your shoulders and elbows, showing just the peak of your nipples. The hunger in Namjoon’s eyes grew.
   Your heart beat rapidly against your chest as butterflies reappeared in your stomach. Nerves grew inside of you as worries came back alongside your longing and excitement. No one has seen your breasts before. This was the first time. What if they looked weird and you never knew it? Or perhaps they weren't the right shape or size- you knew they didn't match Cosmopolitan's interpretation of "the perfect breasts" by a long shot, but you thought they looked decent enough. 
  Time slowed down as he stared at them without a word. Hesitantly you moved to shrug the bra back on when Namjoon suddenly reached out tenderly cupping one of your breasts. A shiver ran down your spine at his warm touch, and the straps to slide down more. Your face bloomed a bright red Thankfully it went unnoticed by Namjoon, who seemed fully entranced by your body. Looked like you didn't need to worry about Namjoon’s opinion of your breasts. At least if his darkened eyes had anything to say. 
    Gaining a bit of confidence, you slipped the bra completely off. "Better?" You asked in a teasing tone. 
  "Much. " Namjoon replied, breathy. His hands fully palmed your breast as he engulfed you into another kiss. Long fingers teased your nipples until they perked and darkened, causing the ache between your legs to worsen. Something tells you; Namjoon's fingers won't be enough this time. 
   He shifted placing more weight onto your body. His hands desperatly clutch at your breasts as the neediness in his kiss increase. The kiss was now a sloppy (yet not unpleasurable) mess, sporadically switching from tongue play to kitten licks and bites on your bottom lip to Namjoon pulling away slightly only to continue his assault on your lips. "You are so beautiful, you know that? I don't think I've seen such perfect breasts.”
   You give a small moan bucking your hips upwards. Seriously, what was it about Namjoon that reduced you into a needy slut. Was it simply because you were a virgin? A classmate once told you that people who lost their virginity after the age of twenty- three either turned into a slut or an old maid. At the time you laughed it off but how you felt now with Namjoon...but they weren’t so far off. If things continue how they are, you don’t know if you’ll be able to let Namjoon go that easily-
   “Thoughts on me, pretty girl. Nothing else matters.” Namjoon teased. His hips pressed down on yours, stopping any movement from them. A small smirk formed on his lip as you whine in protest. Something wicked gleamed in his dark brown eyes as he drew circles into your hip with his finger. "Sorry, pretty girl but I don't make the same mistake twice. This time I'm going to make you cum on my cock."
     "Hurry up then. I'm already wet, you don't need to flatter me anymore. " you pouted.  You can’t help but feel annoy at how Namjoon's sudden dominance affected you so much.
    Your tinder date merely smiled outlining your bottom lip with his thumb. "Now, now pretty girl, it's a man's job to let his partner know how beautiful she is. And you are especially beautiful…."
   His lips hovered over yours. One inch more and they would touch yours, however he hovered denying you the pleasure of his touch. Something told you that Namjoon enjoyed teasing his partners. Otherwise, the damn bastard would be in you, rocking your world. “It’s not fair you know. Me being half-naked and you having all your clothes on.” you murmured.
   “You’re right. I suppose I should take this off.” he grinned, peeling off the baggy shirt.
  Your mouth watered at the sight of his athletic build. Sure, you felt the muscles on his shirt, but seeing them was another story. Namjoon reminded you of a soccer player or maybe a basketball player; lean, muscular but not too bulky. Really just the right amount of muscle, where he could easily carry you without accidentally crushing you to death. “You okay there, pretty girl?” 
     “Yeah...sorry, I just wasn’t expecting this.” you gesture to his body. “You are real right? Not some drunk hallucination from the shot of tequila I took earlier.”
   “That’s a first.” He snorted. Humiliation washed over you. Okay, stupid question, but really this was not what you expected your first time to be like. Seeing your discomfort, Namjoon placed your hand on his chest. The warmth of his smooth skin radiated off of him. It made you giddy in an inexplicable way. Slowly he guided your hand downward sliding it across his abs, before raising it to his lips for a kiss. “Real enough for you? Or do you need more proof?”
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sxtaep · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
you could come across as the number one hater of the male species, but not when it came to jimin.
Tumblr media
pairing — jimin x female reader
genre — fluff, smut
word count — 3.4k+
warnings/tags — friends2lovers, fwb!au, dom!jimin, sub!reader, teasing, reader is an anti-romantic, lots of ranting, reader confesses, making out, swearing, explicit smut, mutual masturbation, voyeurism, exhbitionism, pillow riding, dirty talk, orgasm denial, reader is very put on the spot, penetrative sex, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, guys) crying, creampie +more
a/n: what to do when the nation is in mourning? write jimin smut 💀 rest up queen elizabeth though, i remember when she came to my school and shook my hand after i gave her a bouquet of flowers 😭
Tumblr media
You just wrapped up what you could only call the worst blind date known to mankind. The guy was smug and cocky: you could tell he probably had a thing for being better than women, and that right there was an immediate red flag for you.
Now sitting behind the wheel of your car, pure irritation evident on your face, all you could think about was how the fuck you could face Jimin after another failed blind date. That and the fact that you slept with Jimin a couple times but neither of you had the guts to really put a label on yourselves.
It was agreed your relationship with Jimin was strictly ‘no strings attached’, merely using each other as an output to deal with the stress of work. The two of you must’ve been stressed everyday since it seemed that was how often you both went at it.
“I’ve got a blind date tonight,” you tell him, entering his office to bother him as you usually did.
A blind date?
Jimin wasn’t expecting you to start dating people whilst sleeping with him on the down low. Was that how these things worked?
“You’re going on a date? Why?” He looks up from his desk, clearly confused about it since you always preached about how much you hated men and relationships.
You shrug, “I can’t keep sleeping with you for the rest of my life, eventually you’ll fall in love with someone else and want to get married and have kids.”
You weren’t wrong, Jimin did have all this planned for his future, but he never really saw some other girl with him. All these plans were made with the intention of doing them with you.
“Plus, it’s not like we’re together or anything, so I don’t see what’s stopping me.”
“Well…” he didn’t really know what to say. Does he suddenly confess now or never? If this blind date of yours was a success, he’ll never have the chance to tell you how he really felt, but you seemed really excited about it, he shouldn’t ruin that for you.
“I mean, are you sure you wanna go on a blind date? Kind of a big step for someone who hates relationships,” he says, cocking a brow at you sat opposite his desk.
You didn’t seem as concerned as he was, but then again, why did he care so much?
“Do you want me to give you hourly updates or something? Seems a bit much, Park,” you chuckle softly, failing to notice the inner conflict he was having. “Are you worried about me?”
“No, I’m just looking out for you,” he grumbles, rolling his eyes at your silly teasing. In all honesty, it felt like he was being replaced. “Whatever though, don’t come crying to me late at night when the date doesn’t go to plan.”
When you get home, you you contemplate on updating Jimin. A part of you wanted to send him a message but the other didn’t wanna hear him say ‘I told you so’ as he did many times before.
But fuck it.
you: are you at home?
jimin: yeah, why? you coming over? or you wanna meet somewhere else?
you: no, just make sure you’re home
With that final message sent, you change out of your date night clothes, opting for something more comfortable, but once you’re out of your dress, you look down at your bare body in nothing but intricate black lace (yes, you wore a set with the intention of getting laid tonight) and figured you’d keep it on.
For Jimin.
You throw on a long trench coat to cover up, shivering a little once the material is wrapped securely around your naked body. It was a risky game going out like this, but for some reason, you felt obligated to do this.
If he wanted to make you feel bad, you may as well look good whilst he did it.
Tumblr media
The very moment you had texted Jimin, he had just come out the shower, clean and fresh. He re-read your message a couple times, trying to figure out why you were coming over all of a sudden. Was the date so great you wanted to gush about it to him? Or did it go so terribly you were about to rant as soon as you stepped in? Or possibly, were you coming over to fuck?
He couldn’t quite put his finger on it and continued about his night, dressing loosely with a pair of sweatpants and no shirt.
Why wear so much if it was gonna come off anyway?
With that thought, three knocks were had at his door, and he had no doubt that it was you.
You were left waiting for a couple seconds, tapping your foot against the carpeted floor continuously until you were met with a very bare Jimin, forcing your incessant tapping to come to a halt and your breath to catch in your throat.
You eyed every inch of him; his perfectly sculpted v-line, the crevices of his abs, the simple, yet impacting ‘never mind’ tattoo adorning his ribs, and finally his face, which was slightly moist due to the droplets of water falling from the ends of his hair.
“Hi..” you say breathlessly, “Can I come in?”
Jimin caught you eyeing him up, but chose not to comment on it. Instead, he moves aside to let you in, “By all means.”
As you step inside, his eyes follow your form taking notice of the unusual outfit you were wearing. Heels with your legs bare, you must’ve been wearing a dress underneath the coat, but he couldn’t be certain, the damn coat was shielding away his curiosity.
“I’m guessing your date didn’t go well,” Jimin chuckles softly, closing the front door and turning to look at you, “Wanna talk about it over a drink?” Though it sounded like an open ended question, he didn’t wait for you to respond, already making his way into the kitchen to pull out two wine glasses.
“Listen…” you start, your voice low, yet loud enough for Jimin to hear. You’re stuck standing by the door, watching, him set the two glasses down on the marble counter. “I.. am a good girl,” you begin, trying not to sound stupid. “In school, I always followed the rules to the point where a lot of people actually hated me for it.”
The confusion on Jimin’s face was clear as day, and you knew he was about to interrupt you, but you continue to talk, raising your hand up towards him, “Let me finish,” you exhale, “I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 17, probably because I hated the idea of it.”
What the hell were you talking about?
Jimin cocks a brow, leaving his position behind the counter to approach you, “Did I do something wrong?”
The man never hated you, nor did he think you were crazy to have such outlandish opinions on relationships (he understood where you were coming from) and sometimes it was annoying, but not annoying enough to push you away from him. At the end of the day, you were close friend to him.
“No, you didn’t do anything wrong,” you reassure him, stopping Jimin in his tracks. “I shouldn’t have gone on that blind date. It went horribly.”
There’s a moment of silence between the two of you, and Jimin remained as he was in case you were still speaking.
“This failed blind date, along with everything we’ve done together, made me realise I’m only ever genuinely happy when I’m with you. It’s pretty fun not having to fuck my pillow every night,” you say, your cheeks growing beet red at the confession. “And I think it’s safe to say that I don’t not want be in a relationship..”
Your eyes meet his and for the first time tonight, Jimin was speechless. He hadn’t said a word and at this moment, you were glad. “So…” your hands travel down to the belt tied around your waist, pulling on one end to loosen the knot and have the coat comfortably slip free down your shoulders, revealing the black strap of you bra draped over your shoulders.
Jimin knew what was coming. He was bracing himself for what you were about to do.
The trench coat finally hit the floor, pooling around your feet and his breath hitches. He raked his eyes up and down your body, drinking in the sight of you. Flawless skin, perfect curves and a face so radiant, you were the only thing glowing under the dim light of his apartment.
“Woah,” is all he says, having no shame displaying the grin on his face. “You sure know how to flatter a man, Y/N,” Jimin shakes his head, as if disapproving your outfit, but really, the man was losing it inside.
He’s quick on his feet, steadily approaching your form and stopping in front of you, his eyes solemnly kept on you, “I’m glad you finally came to your senses,” he says, reaching his hand up to cup your cheek, gently smoothing his thumb across your skin. “How about we do something a little more fitting for your attire tonight?”
You didn’t bother processing his words, wasting no time in crashing your lips against his in an aggressive kiss, Jimin undoubtedly reciprocating and automatically wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer to his chest.
His embrace wasn’t long lasting, hands moving down the small of your back to briefly graze the curve of your ass before settling behind your upper thighs, hoisting you up, “Jump,” Jimin mumbles against your lips, eliciting a short hum from you and you immediately oblige, wrapping your legs around your waist and he held onto you securely.
Not once did either of you break the kiss as he carried you towards his bedroom, but once in his bedroom, you pulled away to catch your breath. “I bet you do this with every girl you hook up with, huh?”
“Just you, sweetheart,” he smirks, responding with zero hesitation, gently laying you lie body on his mattress so he could cherish the sight of you.
A gorgeous, stunning, goddess.
“I bet your pillow’s gonna get bored now, huh?”
Your jaw drops, cheeks turning a slight hue of red from embarrassment. Maybe you shouldn’t have told him about that, now he’d be able to use it against you at any given opportunity. You prop yourself up on your elbows, tilting your head at the partly-naked man before you, “I bet my pillow can make me feel a lot better than you can.”
“You wanna test that theory out?” Jimin challenges, leaning over you to grab one of the many pillows on his bed, leaving it beside you. “Can your pillow make you cry? Can your pillow fuck you as good as I can?” He continues to list out all the things you both done together over the last few months, knowing full well the answer to all his questions were no.
He shifts his position to climb onto the bed, leaning back against the headboard with his legs spread far and wide to show you the tent straining against his sweatpants. “If it can, then show me,” he gestures towards the pillow and your almost at a loss for words.
He was gonna watch you get off, and you felt so belittled liking the idea of it.
You grab ahold of the pillow, fluffing it up a bit for your own comfort. “Fine, but you’re not allowed to touch me and you have to sit on the other side of your room,” you instruct him, pointing to the chair tucked under his desk.
Gosh, you were so bossy, but Jimin would do anything to make a princess happy.
“And you’re not allowed to come,” he warns you, pushing himself off the bed and towards his desk, pulling the chair out to face you before taking a seat, adjusting the boner in his pants before gesturing his chin towards you, encouraging you to make a start. “Go ahead, I’ll tell you when to stop.”
You take his previous position and lean back against the headboard, making yourself comfortable before spreading your legs before him, giving him the perfect view of your soaked panties firmly pressing against you. You took your time, hovering your fingers over the damp material and briskly brushing over your clothed clit, triggering your body to shudder.
Knowing that wasn’t enough for you, you slipped your hand past the band of your panties, the pad of your fingers reaching to rub slow, drawn out circles over your sensitive clit. You didn’t need to do much, the mere sight of Jimin turning you on beyond measures.
Jimin was sat far across from you, his chin slightly raised as he watched you and his hand unknowingly palming the erection trapped between his legs and groaning. It hurt so bad he just pushed his sweatpants halfway down his thighs along with his boxers to free the painful erection. He couldn’t bring himself to take his eyes off you as his fingers simultaneously wrapped around his hardening cock.
“Don’t work yourself up too much, you still have that pillow to attend to,” Jimin’s voice echoed through the room, almost missing your attention. You were getting carried away with your own fingers, you completely forgot about the pillow.
You groan and reach out for the pillow, now sitting up on your knees, and spreading your legs apart to make room for the pillow. The pillow was thick enough for you to have a firm hold on it, and as soon as you sunk down on it, the knock on effect of the material brushing over your heat left you whimpering.
Your reactions had Jimin squeezing on the base of his cock, revelling over how sensitive you were.
He loved it.
All you had to do was imagine the pillow was Jimin and you’d be good to go. It seemed effective once you started rocking your hips back and forth against the pillow, failing to contain your short, but sweet whimpers. Your hips would slow down every now and again, taking long, deep strokes to delay your orgasm as much as possible but it didn’t seem to work.
You looked up at Jimin who’s position was now slouched on the chair, steadily pumping his cock between his fists as he watched you.
“Don’t look at me..” you mumble shyly, shaking your head and looking down at the pillow that had already picked up your arousal, darkening the material slightly.
“Why not?” he chuckles breathlessly, repeatedly swiping his thumb over the head of his cock and smearing any and all the precum down the base. His eyes came to a shut in pure bliss as he picked up the pace of his wrist, his groans becoming low moans. All he could think about were your perfect pouty lips wrapping around his cock and sucking him off just right.
“Take the bra off, lemme’ see your tits.”
You don’t hesitate to oblige, flipping your hair to the side and reaching your hands back to unclasp your bra and let the straps fall seamlessly down your shoulders. Your nipples had hardened within seconds being exposed but you couldn’t bring yourself to care enough, too busy rutting against the pillow.
“I can’t believe you let me go on a blind date,” you seethe, projecting your anger towards him and the pace of your hips, now struggling to keep yourself stable.
“We weren’t exactly together, I couldn’t stop you,” Jimin tries to reason with you, aggravation evident in his tone as he mercilessly fucked his fist. He was close, and from the way your body was jerking, he knew you were close too.
It took the man everything and more to still his hand along his member and stand up from his chair, walking over to you with a sly smirk on his face.
“On your stomach, raise your hips. And tell me, what do you think about when you fuck your pillow?”
You whine and force yourself to pull the pillow from between your legs, leaving it elsewhere as you positioned yourself like he’d asked.
“I think about you..” you whisper, “I think about your tongue— your hands all over me.” You hesitate to say more, but you knew that if you really wanted that orgasm, you had to spill. “I think about milking your cock every night, even before we started fucking,” you cry, pushing yourself back against him. The lack of attention to your weeping cunt was playing up with you, “And I love when you tease me— God, I fucking love it.”
Jimin grins, grabbing ahold of your hips and firmly rutting against you from behind, “Mhm, I’ll give you all that and more,” he smiles contently, positioning the head of his cock at your slick hole, teasing you a little before finally pushing into you and eliciting a low ‘fuck’ from his end.
The air is knocked out of lungs much quicker than you expected, the stretch catching you off guard, even though it wasn’t the first time you’d taken him like this; a clear indication you were yet to get used to his size.
“Been thinking about keeping you all to myself,” he admits, short of breath as he looked down between where your body’s met, “Just had to take my time with you. huh?”
Jimin’s words were going through one ear and out the other. All you could hear was his low grunts and your strained moans. “Oh my God— Jimin,” you force out, your half lidded eyes rolling to the back of your head as your poor cunt took him whole.
“No other man can make you feel as good as I can,” he retorts cockily, digging his nails into your hips once he feels your walls greedily squeeze around him. The action makes the pace of his hips falter, but he’s quick to get back on top of it, “Make sure you fucking remember that.”
You nod diligently. You already knew that his words were the truth and the way he was putting it into practice was taking over your being, almost brainwashing you.
You do him the favour of arching your back a little more, giving Jimin all the more room to hold onto you, but it seemed like he had other plans, using this opportunity to pull out and forcing you turn around to lie on your back. You couldn’t say anything, his arms hooking under your knees to push them up towards your chest before swiftly pushing into you again, thrusting at a pace so ungodly, you were sure you couldn’t handle it.
“Too much, Jimin!” you gasp, turning your head away from him to shield your embarrassing state.
He was quick to notice and grabbed ahold of your cheeks, forcing you to look back at him and he continued to fuck you at his torturous pace, rolling his heels deeper into you, “Look at me when I’m fucking you.”
You couldn’t imagine what you looked like right now, but Jimin could safely say you looked like every man’s wet dream. Your fucked out state had his cock twitching between your soft walls, and you couldn’t help but clench around him, giving him that final push to reach his high.
“I’m close..” you breathe out, shaking your head in a bid to ease yourself of your coming orgasm, but Jimin was adamant on having your full, undivided attention.
“Don’t you dare look away from me,” he says, releasing your knees from its contraption only to have your legs dangle over his shoulders as he brought his thumb down to circle over your clit and using it as leverage to push you towards your orgasm.
And that seemed to do the job. A string of curses fell from your lips as you completely broke down on him, a sheen layer of white making an appearance between your legs which only became more prominent once Jimin slowed down. A visible mix of white had coated his cock as he continued to slowly fuck you in a bid to help you calm down.
Jimin’s jaw fell slack once he decided to pull out of you, leaving a trail of white behind him as he fell to lie beside you,
You both finally established this was more than just a mutual fuck; it was an open-ended gateway for the pair of you to become something more.
Tumblr media
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bonny-kookoo · 14 hours ago
Jungkook: 𝐒𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐞𝐧𝐝 🔞 TEASER
Tumblr media
In which Jeon Jungkook, Prince of Yenha, is cursed and slowly approaching the end of his day. In a last effort to save his son, the King sends his soldiers to capture a dragon's voice. His goal? To use them to save his son. The price? Your life in exchange. The problem? The prince himself.
Tags/Warnings: Prince!Cursed!Jungkook, Dragon descendant!Reader, mentions of poor living conditions (reader is chained up in a basement smh), magic and other fantasy elements, Angst, tragic lovers au?, strangers to lovers, forbidden romance, did I mention angst, fluff, blood and violence, adult themes, dead dove do not eat
Story length: Long
There's no guards around right now.
He walks down carefully, aware that nowadays, his balance is sometimes thrown off randomly- one of many health effects the curse has on him.
There's not many prisoners down here- most are in the corners of their cells, keeping to themselves without sparing the prince any interest. What grips his own however, is the heavy metal cage at the end of the hall- with a lump of clothes inside, along with hay and nothing else.
He walks closer, placing his torch into the holder at the wall, before he stands in front of the iron bars. It's when you begin to move, slowly turning to look at him, that he realizes who you are.
What you are.
"..you are the dragon?" he wonders mostly to himself, barely raising his voice anything above a whisper. He'd certainly expected anything but this; a young, almost fragile looking thing, with eyes so tired and longing. He squats down in front of the bars to instinctively appear smaller and less threatening- his mind unable to quite believe that you're supposedly a descendant of one of the rare beasts roaming the skies and filling the kid's nightmares with horror.
You don't answer him- though you do sit up to face him, curiosity caught at the sight of him. He definitely looks nicer than you'd thought, and yet, the sight of the red in his eyes and paleness of his skin speaks freely to you about his fate. It's not a dragon's curse, but who would ever believe you? You'd told the king time and time again that your death would do nothing- but there was no talking him out of his ambitions, you've come to realize.
There was no use in fighting.
"Why won't you grant the wish? You'll be free afterwards." The prince urges, but you shake your head, your hand holding onto the iron bars just below where he's got his own fingers wrapped around. He's been told just like everyone else to never look at a dragon's eyes- but Jungkook has never listened to what he's been told, rather one to learn the hard way than be protected by hesitance and cowardice. And once he looks at you, your voice echoes in his head, surprisingly soft, like the chime of bells, and then-
You smile.
"Thank you."
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kooksbunnnn · a month ago
Birthday Bumps - Jungkook
Tumblr media
Summary: it's his birthday and you decide to make it special. Giving him the gift that he asked you months ago.
Warnings: Basically edging. Consent is sexy. Unprotected sex (don't do it people). Dom Jungkook. Sub oc. Crying in pleasure? A little bit of dirty talk. Orgasm control. Squirting. Fluff in the end:)
Words: 4.2k 
Notes: my first fic hehe. Please show some love:)
The need to see you or touch you or kiss you was making jungkook go crazy. He hasn't seen much of you since he kissed you in the morning, but now, thinking of the things he might or can do to you is making his dick ache.
Opening the door, the dim lights coming from the bedroom catches his eye instantly since the whole apartment was blacked out. It must be the new lamp you bought on your study table to work late at night without disturbing his sleep.
Although he had no problems with you working in full lighting but you insisted because 'you work so hard all day, its not your fault I get ideas for the projects at night baby'.
That's what you said while scribbling what seemed like a diamond choker sketch. You were good at what you did but he believed you should take breaks too. He has noticed the symptoms of bags under your eyes which you try to hide from him. It's not that he feels you might look unattractive or something but he is worried.
The chain of thoughts he is having is broken by soft pads of foot coming towards him, he notices a shadow in the light on the wall against the door, but his eyes flicker automatically to you when you appear in-
You're wearing a short, silk, maroon-colored robe, long enough to hide his favorite place to shove his face in but short enough to make him salivate.
He takes a step forward making you take a step back, keeping eye contact he closes the door behind him, making you gulp. He notices you biting your inner lip, a nervous trait you have.
The pain his dick felt when he entered the apartment is nothing to what he feels now. He needs to control himself because if he gives in you might not be able to sit without wincing every second the next day.
"Hi baby." the low rasp makes you feel a shiver and you flinch when you realize the room has ended and you are trapped between him and the closet door.
"Hey" you breathe shakily when his shoe-clad feet touch your bare ones, realizing how less the distance is between you two.
Its been three years since your marriage and he never fails to make you nervous when up close. His musky plus vanilla like scent, the boyish yet so mature facial features, his big eyes that look too dangerous as of now, the big muscles on his shoulders and back that you always dig your nails in while he pounds you into any possible surface.
And when you feel how hard he is, a whimper leaves your lips and you get shivers at the thought of what you might be getting into by what you're going to gift him.  
"Is this my birthday present, princess?" he asks in a whisper next to your ear and you clutch the material of the shirt he is wearing to compose yourself but then he licks the skin behind your ear, and your knees buckle.
You shake your head and he pulls his head back to meet your eyes, he tilts his head in a questionable way that says 'then?'
You take put your hand on his jawline, carresing it and smiling when he kisses your wrist. "I want you to edge me, kook." you whisper.
At this he visibly pauses then slowly meets your eyes, jaw clenched and you could actually see his eyes darken. Your breath hitches when his hand grazes the robe over your left thigh shifting it to the side, tracing soft circles on the flesh.
"Don't mess with me, Y/N." he says leaning in.
"I'm not." You barely whisper before he squeezes the flesh of your ass making you moan with your eyes shut. He curses at the lack of the usual silk under your robe and drops his forehead on your shoulder, sighing.
"Fuck." He chuckles breathily with no visible humor, sending shivers down your spine. The way he breathes heavily makes your breathing uneven too and you could almost hear your heartbeat in your ears.
His other free hand comes up to your face, grazing your cheek, while both of your hands are still clutching his shirt.
You try to rub your thighs together very subtly to relieve some kind of tension but him being very observant, puts his knee in between your legs rubbing the place you wanted the most.
"Kook-" you let out a breathy moan which turns into a bit louder one when he flexes his thigh muscle. "Did you really think I'll even let you do as much as rub yourself?" Chuckling, he grabs you by your jaw and turns it towards his face.
"Only I can make you come baby." you didn't realize when you started rubbing yourself on his thigh but when he pulled back you whined like a kid whose candy fell down.
His grip on your face becomes lighter and he takes a step back looking at your disheveled form. You can swear you saw a tiny smirk but it suddenly turns into a serious expression.
"Baby, do you really want this? I mean I don't want you to do it for my sake, you know I wouldn't want you hurt."
Your eyes soften when you realize he stepped back to give you an open space to think this decision out. You offer him your hand and he looks at it narrowing his eyes with a pout.
Chuckling at his sudden baby behaviour you step forward and grab his hand to put it on the cheek. His eyes never leaving yours, he smiles but doesn't say anything waiting for you.
"Yes baby, I want this. I've wanted this for awhile and I've been researching and people say it feels awesome." You raise an eyebrow at him and point an assuring finger at him.
He watches you but is still hesitant so you continue. "I've been wanting to ask about this for quite some time but I thought why not your birthday? Actually, in a way, it's my selfish desire but we can name it as a gift." You wink at him and he laughs.
When he comes down from his laughter, you smile at him and there's a silence, a comfortable one.
You step up to him and put a hand on his neck while he watches you, you stand on your toes to reach him and before you kiss him he snakes a hand in your hair and asks in a whisper, "Are you sure you trust me with this?"
"Yes, I trust you kook"
And that was all he needed to let go, he kissed you so deliciously that you felt yourself melting. Standing on your toes didn't help you with the sticky feeling in between your thighs that came back as soon as his tongue slipped in.
You let out a moan when he nibbles on your lip, at the sound of your whimper he tightens his grasp on your hair and you gasp. Picking you up with his hands on the back of your thighs, he leads the both of you towards the bed and places you on it, lips never parting, he lays you down slowly as if he has all the time in the world meanwhile you can say you might die of anticipation and excitement.
Pulling back he smirks when he sees how you followed his lips as if not wanting him to stop kissing you. Your legs dangling from the bed, and him in between them, hovering above you, he feels and seem so huge and intimidating, you feel yourself release a gush of arousal at the way he eyes you.
He bends a little putting one knee on the bed between your thighs, and parting your legs for better access. You breathe heavily and feel heat cover your skin when he traces your thigh with his thumb and forefinger, so delicately, and you clench around nothing.
"So pretty." He exhales as he pulls the knot of your robe open, the material falling apart to reveal you, a very bare you. And you feel heat reach your ears making you shiver. As if in a trance, he traces his hand all over your body purposely missing the parts you want him to touch.
He lifts his eyes to make eye contact and at the same time squeezes the flesh on your waist making you gasp.
"Simple rules baby, don't come until I say so and tell me if you want to pause. Use the safe word if you feel you can't continue. Red yellow green, remember? "
You nod, panting hard, and the way he squeezes you in different places makes you feel the warmth in his hand. A moan is ripped out of you when he slaps your inner thigh soothing it later by rubbing the spot gently.
"Words." He grits the statement through his teeth while his hand travels up to your breasts and flick your nipple making you arch your back. You feel like you would crumble at the kind of persona he has right now.
Its not like he has never been rough with you, he has. But the way he looks at you right now, while only he knows what he is planning to do to you, makes you shiver because the fire in his eyes and the way he licks his lips now and then,  tells you that you might get destroyed, not that you wont like it.
"Y-Yes. I remember."
You see him smirk at your obedience, muttering a 'good girl' before he places an open mouthed kiss to both your nipples getting up. He takes your hand in his and places it over your pussy making you confused but still complying with whatever he tells you to do.
"Rub yourself baby, I need you to practise some discipline before I get my hands on you. Short and slow circles. And don't come." He says as he holds your wrist with one hand and takes his other hand to demonstrate the instructions. He parts your folds tracing your clit and you feel your body jump when he starts tracing circles, short and slow, and it feels so feathery you whine in frustration.
"Like this baby, okay?" you nod at his command and start complying by his instructions as soon as he gets up. He walks to your shared closet nonchalantly while you whine and twitch on the bed with your hands rubbing you just where you want but not with the pressure you need.
You try to resist but the urge to come is so much that you dont realise when your finger slipped in and you let out a high pitched moan. Not noticing that your husband came back while you kept fucking yourself with your finger.
You sense a burning stare on your skin and when you open your eyes you see him, hooded eyes, dark but disappointed.
Sensing him there you stop your fingers, involuntarily letting out a whine. He crouches down where his eyes are on the level to your cunt. "Why'd you stop baby? Keep going."
You dont do anything cause you know he doesnt like you disobeying him. He might be edging you for the first time but you know full well how pissed off he gets when you disobey him in bed.
"Here let me help." at this you panic because why is he-
Your thoughts are cut off when he inserts two of his fingers with your middle finger still inside you, stretching your pussy with a delicious burn that makes you mewl.
"Thats it. Thats it. You're so warm." he says in a breathy tone making you clench around him.
When he curls his fingers, he reaches your spot perfectly and your eyes roll back with a loud moan. You feel your orgasm reaching the threshold and you clench around his fingers, making him smirk.
'Gonna come princess?' Chuckling he bends down to lick at your clit in figure eights making your legs shake at the overstimulation. "Fuck- kook. D-Don't stop, pleasee. Fuc-"
He pulls his fingers out at the exact moment you knew you would combust with two or more thrusts of his fingers. Your body curls and falls downs the bed due to aftermath of the denial.
"Why? No please-" you cry out feeling a tear slip out of your eye. He hovers over you and grips your jaw tightly making you face him with big teary eyes. "Couldn't follow simple instructions, huh? Are you that dumb baby?" He coos mockingly, making shivers travel down your spine.
"I- I'm sorry" you shake in his hold due to the cut off and feel the heat of your climax simmer down.
"Oh are you?" He mocks you when you nod your head, leaning in he turns your head sideways to lick down the skin of your neck and you let out a groan.
"You're about to be sorry, you brat." He whispers in your ear and bites your earlobe making you groan and shiver.
He pulls back suddenly and flips you over. Knowing the drill you arch your back presenting yourself with your ass in the air and head down on the pillows. He smirks at the obedience you're showing palming your ass cheek with one hand and his bulge with the other.
You gulp at the possibility of him spanking you, nervousness and anxiety making you wetter, his fingers tap you twice on your thigh and you part your legs giving him better access.
You feel the bed dip behind you and when you turn back to see him, you groan shamelessly at the sight of his naked torso. The sharply carved abs makes your hole clench which he notices and chuckles darkly.
"I got an impatient little slut, don't I?"
Knowing better than to not respond you let out a little 'yes' and he scoffs. Bending down completely to face your exposed cunt, he separates your knees further until your folds can almost rub against the bed sheets. Suddenly you feel a puff of hot air on your pussy and you know you're done for.
He doesn't give any warnings and straight away dives in licking at your entrance.
You gasp in the pillow and fist the bed sheets to calm yourself but he plunges his tongue inside you making you sob. You try to get up in order to breathe but he gets up before you and shoves your face back down, keeping in mind that its on its side, not making you choke.
While he makes sure you keep your face down, he keeps rubbing your slit and  gathers some of your wetness, parting your folds and pressing his middle finger on your clit. Hard.
Keeping the pressure he starts rubbing it sideways and due to your earlier cutoff, you feel the heat trying to explode faster.
"Kook- I'm gonna cum please"
"No you're not, hold it in baby" he says through gritted teeth and keeps going.
"Fuck. I cant-"
"Hold it in"
"Jungkook! Please." You scream in fear of coming when he rubs you faster and you don't know how you would handle it if he cuts you off at this point. Just when you thought he might let you come, he pulls his hand away and you thrash around stomping your feet like a child making him coo.
"My poor baby" he pouts mockingly and you turn your head glaring at him with teary eyes. He smiles and wipes your tears with his thumb, "Just a little longer baby, I promise I will make you come so hard, you will feel it for days."
His promise makes you whine and a series of 'please and fuck me' tumbles out of your mouth. He flips your body to completely on your back to hover above you, kissing you with his one hand grabbing your waist and the other near your head not making him lose balance, your grab his hair almost too harshly when you hear him groan.
Now that you focus, he is also panting and probably going crazy with his dick trapped inside. You decide to selfishly use that against him.
"Please lemme taste you, please." Jungkook looks at you and sees how your innocent eyes peer up at him but he knows the intention behind them. He scoffs at your poor attempt at hiding your true motive but when he denies you with a shake of his head, you let your eyes fill with frustration once again and a small 'fuck you' comes out.
He laughs at this mocking you and you feel so hot you think you might explode. Humiliation makes you wet and turned on but when he has denied you for almost- you dont even have a count but it doesnt help when you cant come.
"Fine. Tell me what you want baby" he looks you in the eye with a smile and you feel your eyes water. "Please, fuck me?" you whisper as he wipes your tears with his thumb, gives you a peck on your cheek, smiles, and nods.
Getting up he pulls his cock out with a deep groan making you clench your walls. Red. Angry. Veiny and leaking. You stare at it while he strokes it letting out sticky sounds and precum that you wanna lick so bad.
"Like what you see baby?"
"Yes," you whisper which turns into a moan when he uses the same hand stroking his cock to plunge two fingers in and gather your slick. He watches you throw your head back on the pillow, smirking. Pulling his hand out he uses your slick to lube up his cock and you watch intently, when he hovers again. You shiver when his tip touches your entrance, shutting your eyes you exhale a breath.
"Open your eyes," he says holding your jaw tightly and you obey like a pet.
"Watch how I fuck you."
Saying this he enters you slowly and your eyes roll back in your skull. You both groan making eye contact while you hold onto his shoulders for dear life.
He stills inside you to let you adjust but you clench around him, making him moan. You plead with tears in your eyes, "Please move, pleasepleasepleas-"
Your statement gets cut off by a scream you let out when he pulls back and plunges his cock inside you. Your mouth opens up in a silent scream and your eyebrows furrow with pleasure. A sweaty and growling Jungkook hovers above you, his hair all wet and glowy skin, pulling back a little he kneels with his cock still buried in you. Fingers holding onto your waist leaving marks.
You feel yourself getting dizzy and your ears start ringing. He holds your ankle on the left side of his waist and pulls your leg up his shoulder making him go deeper. And when he hits The Spot, you know you're done.
"Fuck please baby please, make me come, let me come please" you cry
"Hold it in baby. You asked me to fuck you, not let you come. I am just giving you what you wanted. fuck!" He growls and your eyes widen at his words, you start crying out of desperation.
"No plea-"
"You're getting so tight, fuck yes! Wanna come around me? Wanna make a mess?" he grits it out and you nod sobbing as you feel your body tightening.
"Not yet"
"Jungkook I cant please."
"Fuck you're so warm, gonna make me come." He growls thrusting in you while you cry trying to hold in the heat threatening to explode. You grab at the sheets trying to control yourself.
"Go on come for me. Come on." He finally says when he sees you shaking and twitching uncontrollably. You let go of the control when he brings his thumb to your mouth and you let it in sucking at it mindlessly, gagging on it when he pushes it deeper.
"Such a slut for me" he smirks pulling the thumb out and brings it to your clit, his cock still drilling your cunt. You scream and lift your hips chasing your high. But he slams you down unhooking your leg and putting it around his waist.
He bends down to get close to you. You're twitching and crying and holding onto the pillows under your head, knuckles white. He pauses and you feel the fear of denial crawl on your face again.
You open your eyes in panic and you see him looking at you with so much love your heart clenches but you cry out shaking your head at the lack of movement, "please Jungkook let me come I cant-"
He shushes you putting a finger on your lip, you watch with wide glossy eyes.
Saying this he hammers into you making you scream and clench so much he feels himself melting into you. You dig your nails into his back and he growls in the crook of your neck.
"Fuck baby! That's it that's it that's it, comingcoming ah-" you let out a scream when you feel the heat pass through you. You thrash in his arms digging your feet into the mattress trying to lift your hips but his weight over makes you feel like a shaking leaf under a rock.
He is still fucking you through your high making you whine. You hear his growls in your ears as you shake with overstimulation.
"K-kook" you let out a strangled moan when you feel too sensitive and he mumbles "one more" in your ear.
You shake you head, "I cant. Too sensitive."
"You can. You will. Come on." He pulls up and starts to rub your clit. You thrash around feeling a very intense amount of pressure down there and before you know it you squirt around him. Pushing him out. You scream and thrash while he pushes two of his fingers inside.
"Fuck. You're so hot." He watches you absentmindedly shake and he lets you calm down a bit before entering you again.
He knows he wont last longer, warmth and tightness pulling him into the climax while you whine in his hold. "Close. I am very close baby" he whispers in your ear and when he bites your earlobe,  you clench around him making him lose it.
"Oh shit. Fuckfuckfuck-" He slams his hand on the pillow under you to squeeze it growling out curses. You moan when you feel him spurt inside you, three big thrusts. So warm and delicious. You bite his shoulder due to the amount of emotions you feel right now.
There's silence in the room, with only your heavy breathing audible. After a while, when you feel the mixture of his body weight and the wetness beneath you becoming a little bit uncomfortable, you tickle his sides tiredly making him giggle and pull up a little. "You're so heavy" you say chuckling.
"You're so pretty," he says making eye contact with you and your cheeks heat up. You divert your gaze towards the lamp that has been shedding its light on you since the start of the 'workout'.
He giggles at how shy you get even after years of marriage. "Really? Getting shy when I call you pretty? Baby, you were literally begging me to fuck you like minutes ago. 'Pleasepleaseplease' you're so cute-"
You smack his chest pouting, making him laugh and you watch him in awe. His laugh is so pretty you fall deeper in love every time he laughs. You don't realise when you started to cry but when he looks at you, you sniff and before he could say something, you pull him down into a kiss.
It's not a tongue-and-teeth-clashing-urgent-kiss. It's just you and him kissing out of so many feelings at the same time that you couldn't describe it in words. You cry in his arms due to the overwhelming post-sex emotions. And he pats your head cuddling you and calming you down.
"I love you angel" he says in your hair
"I love you too" you sniff in his chest. You never realized when you changed your positions but you were crying in his chest resting your body over his huge sweaty one with his caressing you.
Afterwards, you try and stumble towards the washroom when he gets off to clean up a bit, but your muscled husband runs up to your side and carried you while he scolds you for not asking him to help.
He helps you get cleaned up after you peed. Wiping your thighs and your folds with extra care knowing you were sensitive, peppering kisses on your face, arms, and thighs in the meantime.
Helping you get up he tucks you under the duvet, in fresh clothing after making sure you're hydrated, switching off the lights, he sees you making grabby hands so he  promises to cuddle you after throwing the dirty sheets in the laundry bag.
He kisses your temple and gathers the sheets. Coming back he makes sure no light is switched on so that you don't accidentally wake up due to it, you're deep in sleep when he gets in bed beside you. Tucking your hair behind your ears he kisses your forehead and smiles at the tiny snores your tired body let out, cuddling you he makes sure you don't get uncomfortable with his weight but also stays near for body warmth.
Smiling he drifts off to sleep with you in his arms. This is his world. You are his world.
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sparklingchim · 19 days ago
Maybe a smutty Drabble of jk having a dream about him and oc fucking then waking up and wishing that it was real 🤭😉
warnings: unprotected sex, dirty talk, mr jaykay is a bewbie enthusiast, nipple play, kinda spit kink, oc is his pretty baby <3, he's simping for oc in her cute sundress, missionary cos guk's a softie sometimes <3, cowgirl position, ass n boobie slapping, he leaves sum love bites cos oc's jungkook's & jungkook's only, breeding kink, size kink, hair pulling
word count: 2.2k
a/n: here's a lil bit of smut for all the horknee ppl on this blog 🫂
Jungkook is a little confused.
He doesn't know how he got into this situation, but you're lying beneath him on his bed, his hands holding him up.
He's not complaining per se - he would never lament about this - but just ... how ?
You're wearing the most beautiful sundress, boobs lying prettily on your chest, nearly spilling out from the deep cleavage. Just one brisk tug and he could have a look, but he doesn't. Because your innocent eyes looking up at him trough your lashes steal his attention.
So so pretty.
But what are you pretty thing doing on his bed?
"Jungkook," you say to draw his attention from the depths of his confused thoughts to you - impatience making itself felt as your soft voice drags out his name.
"Hmm?" He skims his knuckle over your jawline. "What do you want me to do?"
"Anything." Your hand closes around his wrist, moving his hand further down. "Do anything you want." He feels his breath catch when you bat your eyelashes and add, "I'm yours, Jungkook." Like a melody in his ears.
Anything he wants? Just taking a fleeting look at you lying underneath him makes Jungkook swallow a lump in his throat.
Momentarily, his mind is inundated with the range of possible choices. It's as if every single second of his life spent doubting whether you love him too has been worth it, because now he has you all to himself - without doing anything at all.
Jungkook bends down, capturing your lips in a languid kiss. His body emits a thousand sparks of delight that crawl up his spine and leave a sizzling trail of buzz behind when he feels your soft mouth on his. He loses himself in the kiss as you eagerly move your lips against his, tongue dipping in to tease Jungkook.
He could kiss you for hours. But as soon as Jungkook hears the tiniest hint of a moan in between a kiss he has to lean back. You sound so pretty and he wants - needs -  to hear more of it.
"Wanna make you feel good." Jungkook traces the outline of the little bow placed in the middle of the neckline of the dress. Cute.
You draw him closer with your hand on the nape of his neck. "Want you here." Dragging his hand between your legs you let it rest on your clothed pussy.
When you shift to wrap your legs around his waist, Jungkook has a direct view between your legs. His eyes are glued to the place where he's touching you. You're wearing cute lace panties, just as adorable as the dress.
"Oh, God." It's barely a whisper, but Jungkook's pure admiration elicits a sinful smile on your lips.
The tip of his finger circles over your panties. He sinks his teeth into his bottom lip as Jungkook feels how damp you've made the fabric. A shaky breath escapes your mouth.
"So wet already?" A tiny nod follows his question. "Just for me?" You nod again and Jungkook stops his movements. "Use your words, baby," he urges you.
"You make me so wet, Jungkook. Only you."
Jungkook flashes you a smile. "Good girl." He presses the pad of his middle finger right on your clit as a reward.
You squeal surprised. Nails digging into Jungkook’s biceps. By now there's a distinct dark spot on your panties. You start moving your hips along Jungkook's motions. He sees the same lust and greed sparkling in your eyes - he needs you naked, right now.
In the blink of an eye, you're figure, robed in the sweet sundress just a second ago, was  entirely naked.
Jungkook has no clue how that happened. But tonight might be his luckiest day.
His eyes drop to your perky tits - who can blame him, he's been having the hots for your boobs since fucking forever - and Jungkook doesn't even hesitate before he sucks on your left nub, right hand kneading your soft flesh and flicking his thumb over your nipple.
Your soft moans from above go straight into his cock. Jungkook can't wait till he's deep inside you.
Jungkook aims a trickle of spit at your tit. Watching with big eyes as the driblet lands perfectly on your pebbled nipple. Slowly he rubs over it and Jungkook's gaze keeps switching from the reaction of your pretty face to his fingers playing with you and fondling your beautiful body.
Just at the top of your breast, Jungkook leans in to suck your skin between his teeth. He nibbles and bites and when he's done, he draws back to see your skin painted in a darker shade. "Mine," he mumbles, planting kisses along his mark. His lips trail up to your neck and he settles for another little love bite. "All mine." Jungkook drags his thumb over your bruised skin.
"Jungkook," you say in a hushed tone. Your fingers glide down Jungkook's chest and it's then he realises he's naked too. "I want you." It's just the hint of a touch, but when you wrap your fingers around Jungkook's cock he hisses. He looks down, staring at your small hand rubbing the precum over his tip.
"You'll be the death of me." Jungkook's head drops into the crook of your neck, his hips moving without his control.
You giggle. "Not until you fuck me once."
"You want that?" Sitting back on his heels Jungkook has a smirk playing on his lips. His eyes are on your dripping pussy. "Want me to fuck you?"
"Please," you beg, letting go of Jungkook's cock and spreading your legs a little more.
A drop of spit lands on Jungkook's cock and he rubs it impatiently all over his length. He brushes his tip along your wet folds, mouth falling open at the feeling of your soaked pussy. You shudder, both your eyes glued to your bodies merely touching.
But Jungkook's impatient, and so are you, so he aligns his tip with your entrance and slides his cock in.
You're so warm and tight and Jungkook fears that me might become addicted to the way your pussy is obscuring is every logical thought in his brain, rotting every functioning cell and exchanging it for flickers of you, his mind is full with you and how badly he wants you. Not a big contrast to before, but now he knows how it feels to have you.
Your moans fill the room as Jungkook finds his rhythm. He stares at you, paying attention to what you enjoy and don't like, what makes you roll your eyes and what gets you to bite your lip to stifle your moans.
Jungkook pushes your legs up, holding them in place by resting his hands at the back of your thighs.
"Jungkook," you whine, clawing your hands into the sheets.
"Feels good, baby?" Jungkook bends forward, giving you a kiss while thrusting deeper into you.
"Fuck," you moan into the kiss, hands travelling up his neck and vanishing between his soft dark hair, tugging a little when Jungkook bites down on your lower lip.
He pulls back. "Mhm?"
"Feels- feels so good."
Jungkook smirks. You're a moaning mess beneath him. "That's my pretty baby."
His thumb is circling over your clit. Jungkook wants to see you come undone, wants to make you feel as good as you deserve.
He feels you clenching and writhing, eyes desperately trying to stay open but the pleasure envelops you like a thick duvet you can't escape.
"Oh!" you squeal, Jungkook's thrusts hitting just the right spot.
"Look at me," Jungkook demands. "Look at me when you cum."
" 'm so close." You brows are tightly furrowed and your thighs start shaking. And then your back arches off the bed, Jungkook's name spilling from your mouth in a soft breath.
He rides you through your high. And rewards you with kisses along your collar bone. "What a good girl you are." Jungkook releases your legs. "Baby." You look at him through your long lashes, eyes slightly watery. "Want you on top."
Jungkook and you change positions. He leans against the headboard and you swing your leg over his lap, gradually sitting down on his cock. He throws his head back, your warm walls make him want to have you for the rest of his life.
"You're so big," you say, hands on Jungkook's shoulders for support.
Jungkook rubs his palms over your back, stopping at your ass. "You can take it." He lands a playful spank on your butt. "Right?"
"Uh-huh." You nod, hips moving up and down.
"That's right," he encourages you. "Move those hips for me, baby."
Jungkook can't help it but be completely enthralled by your tits bouncing so alluringly right in front of his eyes. He pushes you closer to him,  mouth closing around your sensitive nub.
"So fucking gorgeous," he whispers, squeezing and rolling your tits in his hands. He delivers a spank at one, eyes drifting upwards when he hears your startled moan. Your walls hug his cock tighter. Jungkook gently smoothes his palm over your wounded skin. "My pretty baby likes getting slapped, huh?"
"Oh, fuck." You move faster and plant your hands on Jungkook's chest.
Just seeing you getting turned on and losing yourself in the pleasure makes Jungkook's cock twitch inside you but after seeing how pretty you look after you cum he wants to see it again before he allows himself to tip over the edge too.
"Want you to cum for me again." His big hands are on your waist to help you. "You can do that, right? You're a good girl."
"Don't say that." You say between long breaths, nails digging into Jungkook’s skin.
A dark chuckle comes from his throat. "But you are my good girl. Isn't that so?"
"I- I am." You movements turn more eager. Just like your sweet sounds getting whinier. "God, Jungkook - you're gonna make me-" you trail off, mouth hanging open as your thighs start to tremble uncontrollably. You move back and forth, slowly, eyes barely open.
"That's it," Jungkook praises, stretching out the words. "You're so good to me."
"Jungkook." You're out of breath, but still continue to ride him. "Please cum inside me."
"Oh, baby." His eyes flutter closed. It should be a sin for you to say that that.  "I fucking love you."
You smile, a little giggle accompanies it.
He sees the white sheen on his cock every time you lift your hips and all he can think of is burying his cock deep inside you and fill you up. Pushing his cum so deep inside. He starts thrusting into you from below, hard pushes that drive him closer to cumming.
Having you on top of him is a sight that will be burned into Jungkook’s mind forever. They way you're moving your hips, your pretty tits bouncing along and the marks he has left on your skin fuck, he wants everyone to know that you belong to him. That he belongs to you. That you two were made for each other.
"Shit, I'm gonna cum." Jungkook groans, his eyes shift from your face to your sinful body and when you start riding him faster he throws his head back, hips forcefully jerking into you as he reaches his high. He squeezes your ass, pumping you full of his cum.
Jungkook holds you close to his chest when he changes positions, gently forcing you onto your back. A few more sloppy thrusts until he's sure he has filled you all the way, then Jungkook stops. His head hangs in the crook of your neck, breathing heavily.
Your hands are sliding up and down his back. You turn your head to the side to give him a few little kisses on the neck.
"I love you," you whisper.
Jungkook leans back. Your eyes shine, the corner of your lips point upwards and suggest a tiny smile. Just looking at your face fills Jungkook's heart with an immense amount of happiness. He doesn't need more.
"I love you."
Jungkook softly pecks your lips. Right now, he just wants to be gentle with you. Cuddle up under the blankets and pamper you with sweet kisses.
When he opens his eyes again your cute face is no longer in sight. He wanted to give you one last kiss on your forehead but ... where are you? All he sees is a white ceiling.
He blinks perplexed, eyes hastily moving around but Jungkook is alone in his bedroom.
And then it dawns on him.
"Fuck." Jungkook groans and pushes the duvet from his body.
A fucking dream.
Then why did it feel so real? It has no right to feel this real.
Jungkook throws a quick glance at the clock. 7:23 am. His baby should wake up soon. He should start preparing food for Nabi instead of sulking over an absurd and ridiculous dream. A dream so unobtainable he hates his brain for planting seeds of hope in his mind.
It's just a dream Jungkook tells himself as he gets up. Just get over it.
If only it were that easy.
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⪼Craving You ~ JJK [M]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤜PAIRING: Jungkook X Fem!Reader
⤜GENRE: SMUT Minors DNI !!! Strong language, dirty talk, pregnancy sex, pregnancy kink?, penetrative sex, sweet, cute, fluffy at the beginning, reader not being able to get enough of Jungkook.
⤜Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - August 2022
Tumblr media
The smell of burning wafted through the bedroom door instantly waking you up in a blind panic as you rushed to sit up and look around to make sure everything was okay. There was no sign of black smoke anywhere so you were at least thankful for that but it still didn't answer the question as to what was burning. You were seconds away from getting yourself out of bed when you heard the familiar sound of your husband's voice. 
"Shh, we need to be quiet," Jungkook whispered rather loudly before the bedroom door opened, the smell of burning ultimately got worse but once you saw your daughter carrying a tray you knew exactly what had happened. Jungkook smiled sheepishly over at you when he noticed that you were already awake.
He'd been trying to get Daisy to be quiet all morning but it appeared that your daughter didn't understand volume control when it came to the early hours of the morning. When she'd first woken him up to come and help him make breakfast he was worried she was going to wake you up but was ecstatic when she hadn't. 
This was your second pregnancy and it was safe to say that sleep had been the one thing escaping you since hitting the 6-month mark. It appeared that your little boy - or girl - was moving around so much you weren't ever able to get comfortable enough to sleep for long. Jungkook was doing everything within his power to help you but it was damn near impossible. Even the pregnancy pillows weren't doing much to aid you.
"Mama!" Your daughter yelled, carefully making her way over to the bed and placing the tray down on the bedside table. You giggled looking down at the tray and back over at your daughter. Since she'd found out she was going to be a big sister she had begun to take care of you more around the house and begun speaking to your bump a lot.
Often at night when you were putting her to sleep she would read a story to your bump, which when she had first done this you'd balled your eyes out for almost an hour afterwards. It appeared your little girl was just like her father when it came to being a caring and compassionate person and you adored her for it all.
"Angel!" You yelled back, opening your arms wide for her and giggling as she got up onto the bed beside you, snuggling her head into your chest as she gently put her hand on your bump. 
"Daddy says you're not feeling very well so I made you some breakfast," Daisy said before kissing her hand and placing it on top of the bump quickly as a way of wishing a good morning to her younger sibling, the sight alone made your heart clench,
"We made you breakfast," Jungkook stated just to clear up the fact that he hadn't allowed your seven-year-old to make food all on her own in your kitchen. He was many things but he wasn't stupid enough to do something like that. 
"Okay, so who burnt the food?" You smirked looking at your husband who began to turn a bright red colour. He hadn't been the best chef in the whole world and while he was trying to make sure your daughter was cooking toast properly he'd forgotten about the pan on the stove. It smelt worse than it was and at least the house wasn't burning down to the ground. 
"It was a failed attempt at oatmeal, it ended up burning and sticking into the bottom of the pan," He shrugged his shoulders trying to play it off as if it was nothing. The last thing he needed right now was for you to get up and start worrying about something you didn't need to be. Jungkook simply wasn't going to tell you that the pan was completely trashed, he'd just buy a new one and pray you never notice.
"Oh my," You whined turning so your legs were off the bed and were about to get up but you felt a small hand on your wrist followed by a tiny squeeze from your daughter. She might not have understood everything that was going on but she knew that if you were sick you were supposed to rest.
It was what you made her do whenever she was sick and couldn't go to school so she was going to make sure you obeyed the same rules you set for her. 
"Don't worry, daddy said he's going to get it clean though," Daisy stated before covering your legs up with a blanket as soon as you put them back onto the mattress. Jungkook smirked to himself walking closer to the bed and nodding his head in agreement with Daisy.
"Oh yeah?" You quizzed looking from Daisy and up to your husband, thankful that the pan hadn't been completely unrecoverable.
"Yeah, he said he has a magical thing called a "wallet" that's going to get it fixed like it was brand new." It was sweet that Daisy had no idea what Jungkook had meant when he said that and you sniggered even more as you noticed Jungkook blushing at the mention of it. It was obvious that you weren't supposed to know that part of the conversation that they had earlier. 
"I'll fix everything, you just need to focus on resting," Jungkook scolded, kissing the top of your head as you felt tingles shoot up and down your body. There was no way he was going to let you get out of bed unless absolutely necessary today, he wanted you to be able to sleep soundly. Or even just catch up on a little sleep while he took care of the house and you with the help of Daisy.
"Sounds great, what did you make me baby?" You asked turning your attention to your daughter as she got more excited. Playing house was one of her favourite games - as well as playing nurse - and it appeared as though she was going to be doing both of those while you were resting today.
"Toast with chocolate and then we got you some cereal," Daisy explained so Jungkook carefully placed the tray onto your lap and poured the milk over your cereal while you thanked him. 
"You didn't have to do all of this," You gushed feeling yourself starting to get emotional over it all. It may have seemed simple from the outside looking in but having not just one, but two, people care for you this much was overwhelming to you. And the pregnancy hormones weren't exactly making this easier for you to deal with.
"Mama?" Daisy whined as you noticed tears beginning to roll down your cheeks, she panicked and looked to Jungkook for help she didn't think she'd done anything wrong.
"It's okay, mum's just a little emotional," Jungkook reassured her, rubbing Daisy's back as you began to eat the food while crying, tears running down your chin and falling onto the sheets below. It wasn't as though you meant to cry over something so small but you couldn't help it when every now and again it felt as though someone had turned the tap on in your eyes.
"How about we give her some space to eat? We can go downstairs and clean up before we go shopping." Jungkook offered as Daisy nodded, her eyes never moving from your face as she stared directly at you. You did your best to smile at her and prove that everything was okay,
"Go, Daddy needs to buy mum a new cooking pan," You giggled before kissing your daughter's cheek quickly and ushering her off the side of the bed. It would be good for her to get out of the house for a while and give you enough space to just sleep for most of the day - if you could drift off that was.
"I promise to buy you a better pan than the one we had," Jungkook said nervously before kissing your lips softly making you whimper a little. Another thing the pregnancy had done to you was made you needier than ever and you found yourself wanting Jungkook at every moment of the day. 
"I'll have a bath and try and sleep soon," You told him while going back to eating your food and watching him closely. Jungkook smirked to himself and nodded, slowly stripping out of his clothes so he could change into something else.
"This is torture and you know it," You wailed at him, your eyes not moving from his body as he tensed his muscles up to show off in front of you. Only hit soon stopped when you threw a pillow over in his direction and smirked at the groan he made,
"Go before I force you to stay here and fuck me." You teased him viciously.
Tumblr media
The whole day had been non-stop cuddling from your daughter as well as endless snacks and drinks being bought into the bedroom by her. She told you it was because she knew the baby was hungry and she wanted her baby sister or brother to have everything that they wanted.
"You ready for sleep?" Jungkook asked as he walked into the bedroom, he'd just finished putting Daisy to bed and was quite ready to cuddle up to you all night long. Although he'd been there today he'd missed you terribly and had been dying to get you all to himself. 
It had occurred to you in the middle of the afternoon that you were desperate for one thing and one thing only and that was your husband.
"Not even close," You mumbled while staring over at him, your body heating up as he pulled off his shirt and got undressed ready to sleep.
"No? The baby still keeping- whoa," He whispered as you suddenly stood in front of him and began kissing down his jawline. It didn't take a genius to work out what it was that you were after right now and he smirked to himself at the idea of it. 
Pregnancy sex was hot to him but he never wanted to be the first one to instigate anything in case it would hurt you or the baby. He always wanted you to be the one to come to him.
"I'm craving something right now," You admitted while biting down on his ear lobe, smirking to yourself when you felt his body beginning to shiver,
"W-What...What is it that you're craving?" He whimpered, running his hands down your hips softly before rubbing his thumbs against your hips, his stomach doing backflips as he continued to hold you.
"I'm craving you," You sighed happily before kissing him desperately, lips moving in sync with one another as you pulled him closer to your body - well as close as you could get it with your pregnant belly in the way. 
You melted against him and he began to slowly walk you back toward the bed, his lips never leaving yours as you let out small whimpers of his name. This was everything you'd been missing for the last few months and you were going to be damned if you didn't get what you needed so desperately from him.
"I missed you," You breathed out as you pushed your hands into his hair and tugged a little on the long black strands, a groan falling from his throat as he stared at you.
"Fuck, I missed you too...Are you sure?" He wanted to be sure none of this was going to bother you or the baby but you'd never been so sure about anything else. This was what your body wanted and had wanted for quite some time now.
"I need you...The doctor said it was fine," You giggled before biting down and sucking on his neck, a loud and long moan falling from his lips.
"Now please, make love to me." You pleaded before he laid your body down to rest on the mattress, hovering about you as he kissed you tenderly. 
"I promise to be gentle, okay? You have to tell me if I hurt you or..o-or if you feel any pain," He told you before stripping you out of the shirt you were wearing and moaning at the sight of you.
You were always so unbelievably beautiful to him and he couldn't believe he actually got to call you his girl, his wife, and his future. 
"Is this okay?" Jungkook asked as he trailed his hand between your thighs and softly began to rub your clit. Moans instantly fell from your lips as you felt overly sensitive to his touch. 
"P-Perfect," You breathed out as you slowly began to roll your hips up to meet his touch. 
Jungkook and you had, had sex when you were pregnant with Daisy and he had just been as sweet to you then as he was now. Touching you gently and treating you as though you were a porcelain doll that he had to be delicate with. 
"Need more, I want you." You begged as you looked up at him, your eyes darkened with desire as you moaned his name out.
"You look so good," He moaned out as his fingers moved faster against your clit. Slowly slipping himself free of the jeans he was wearing and looking down at you as he lined himself up at your pussy. 
"You're sure?" It wasn't as though he didn't want to do this, fuck seeing you pregnant with his child inside of you turned him on more than anything in the world but he didn't want to hurt you. Or rush things if you weren't ready.
"Yes Jungkook, please...I-I'll beg if you need me too," You whined making his heart flutter at the thought of it all. But he said nothing as he slowly began to ease himself inside of you, letting you adjust to him as you let out a high-pitched gasp at the stretch of him. It had been far too long since the two of you had been intimate with one another and this was exactly what you needed right now. To be filled with him after almost five months of celibacy.
"Oh fuck," You moaned lowly as your nails dug into his back, Jungkook smirked down at you as he slowly began to move in and out of you. Your bodies rocked gently together as he kept his eyes on your tits and the way they moved, it was something that drove him wild when you were pregnant.
"So fucking hot, the way you clench around me like that," He moaned out as you began to clench around his cock with every thrust of his hips,
"You're so big," Your eyes met Jungkooks as he groaned loudly, leaning down and kissing you passionately. 
"I've needed you so badly," You whined out as you began to roll your hips up in time to meet his thrusts, your eyes screwing shut as you gave into the ecstasy of him. 
"You needed me to fuck you this badly? I can feel you clenching around me baby...Hmm? Have you been this anguished for me to fuck you so much you practically jumped me the second we were alone?" He asked while chuckling darkly, his hips speeding up as you clenched tighter around him, nodding frantically. 
"Fuck! Yes! Yes," You cried out as you began to get breathless. Damn the pregnancy leaving you more tired than usual.
"You're so fucking hot with my baby inside of you," Jungkook growled, his pace picking up suddenly as you dug your nails into the sheets around you and bought them toward your body. 
"The way your tits bounce with every single thrust," He moaned lowly before grabbing and squeezing your breasts roughly, 
"You're just so hot," He groaned as he continued to admire your breasts, thrusting just a little harder for the satisfaction of seeing them bounce around. If it was up to him he would knock you up more just to see how much more beautiful you would get whilst carrying his child.
"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!" You whined out as he hit your g-spot with ease over and over again, your hands were seconds away from ripping holes into the sheets below you but neither of you cared about that right now.
"You're going to cum for me?" He smirked with a slight growl in his voice, his grip on your hips tightening as he began to hit into you with precision each time that was enough to make your head spin. There was a familiar pressure building up inside of you and before you could warn him what was about to happen it hit you like a wave,
"S-Shit! Shit, J-Junkook! Jungkook!" You moaned out in a warning way as you suddenly came around him, a gushing coming from between your legs as you cried his name out over and over again.
"O-Oh fuck that's hot," He moaned out as he pulled out of you quickly and began to pump himself in his hand. Staring down into your eyes as he emptied himself onto your swollen belly and tits grunting your name out lowly as you let out a small giggle at the sight of him coming undone like that above you. It only further made you want him all over again, you were never going to get enough of him.
"A-Again?" You asked while rolling your hips up to grind against his oversensitive cock,
"Again?" He quizzed, his voice cracking a little at the idea of doing that all over again with you but he smirked, kissing you hungrily as he grew against you. 
Tumblr media
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playdates || jjk
Tumblr media
➻ title: playdates ➻ pairing: dilf!jungkook x female reader ➻ genre: fluff | smut | neighbors au | single dad!jjk | pwp ➻ summary: jungkook calls you out and shows you what you’ve been missing. ➻ word count: 1k ➻ warnings: unprotected sex | standing doggy | light aftercare | orgasm control | clit stimulation | quickies | partially clothed sex | kitchen sex | creampie ➻rating: 18+ ➻ a/n: hey, since i’m going on a hiatus soon i figured i’d post something. now before y’all call me out, this is a repost from my old blog. i’m not copying @/sugasbabiie’s work, this is the author that previously used that url so this work is mine lol. it’s unedited but i hope you like it.💕
Tumblr media
Every weekend you pick up your niece so she can come over and play with his daughter. Poor girl hasn't had any friends over since her and her dad moved next door a year ago. Both girls are at yours today, and they fell asleep after playing in the backyard for hours.
Sure you love spending time with your only niece, but the other reason you invite her to your place is to get to know her best friend’s dad.
However, you never imagined you’d know him this well.
"Where are the girls?" Jungkook asks, stepping forward as you cautiously step back. You bump into the kitchen island, and suddenly you’re trapped between it and your hot neighbor.
And he knows it. That's why he’s coming closer. He stops walking only when he’s inches apart from you.
"Sleeping," you gulp when he leans forward, "I just tucked them in a few minutes ago, but—"
His index finger touches your lips, shushing you.
"So that means I have you alone for a bit, yeah?" He looks down the hall and notices all the doors are closed. The silence is a tell tale sign that the toddlers are fast asleep.
"Yeah, I guess so," you laugh nervously.
"You guess so?" He lifts your chin with his finger, and makes you stare into his dark brown orbs.
"You eye-fuck me every time you see me, and now that we're alone all you can do is guess?...That's so disappointing."
Your mouth hangs open, mind going completely blank. The wink he gives you seems to ignite every ounce of bravery you own. So, you lay it all on the table. "Um, what should we do then?"
His eyes roll as he ponders in pretend thought. "I don't know, _____. You tell me.”
The way his gaze is fixated on you, like he’s undressing you with his eyes. It leaves you speechless, unable to answer him because the words just won’t come out. No longer willing to wait for your response, he speaks up for you.
“Because if I had it my way, I'd have bent over the kitchen counter by now.”
"Do it."
Your outburst surprises you even
Jungkook raises an eyebrow. “You sure?”
"Yeah, isn’t it obvious?" You gesture to your tiny lounge shorts and tank top, perfect attire to wear when you’re trying to get dicked down in a rush.
Once he receives the greenlight, he spins you around and pins you against the island with his lower body.
"Alright,” he pulls down his sweats and then your shorts, praising you for not wearing any panties, “keep your eyes on that  door. The second it opens you tell them it’s time to play hide and seek, understand?"
You nod, bracing yourself as he aligns with your entrance. When he slides in, you almost let out a moan, but Jungkook quickly covers your mouth with his hands. "And keep your fucking voice down. You don't behave, I stop,” he whispers.
You shut up immediately after that, taking every inch, every thrust, and every violent snap of his hips in silent cries. You can feel your arousal dripping down your thighs, the squelching sounds of Jungkook entering you travel throughout the empty kitchen.
Soon the coil tightens and your walls constrict around his thick cock. He growls into your ear and the sound makes your knees tremble. "Gonna come, aren't you?"
He lowers his hand so you can talk.
"Yes. Jungkook, I have to come."
You speak as quietly as you can, turning your head to look at him with your watery eyes. The pleasure threatens to take over your body at any second, and you aren't sure for how long you'll be able to keep it together.
"No, you want to come. Let me help," he offers, reaching between you to touch your clit, "don’t scream, okay?"
His hand recovers your lips, and you grip onto his strong arm for support and for your sanity. Your nails rake over his skin, drawing sharp but hushed hisses from him. Within a few quick circles drawn onto your already sensitive bud, you’re reaching your release.
Jungkook begins grunting and groaning in your ear, some of the sexiest sounds you’ve ever heard. He buries his dick inside of you and fills you with his cum, making you moan due to the warmness in your womb. You both spend seconds coming down from your high, you both focus on the throbbing sensation as you overcome the sensitivity. He chuckles at the sound you make when he reluctantly slips out of you.
He quickly grabs some napkins to clean up the cum that leaks down your inner thighs and pulls up your shorts while you lay there slumped over the island.
"Go take a nap or something. I'll order pizza for the girls and we’ll hang out when you wake up," he suggests, kissing your cheek.
You wouldn’t deny his offer even if you weren’t fucked out right now. You scurry away to your bedroom to shower and sleep before the kids can see you in a post-orgasmic bliss. But before you can make it to your room, Jungkook calls out to you from the kitchen.
"Hey, you don't have to wait until the weekends to get some dick, you know? Just come over between 8pm and 3am."
Your cunt clenches around nothing at the thought of fucking him again.
“For sure. Thanks,” you say with a shy smile.
He leans on the counter, watching you with a smirk. “Anytime, baby.”
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your yoongi | myg
pairing: yoongi x reader warnings: yoongi’s a little tipsy, lots of lovey-dovey fluff, and smut (18+ only, minors dni) word count: 2.9k note: i’m baaaack again~ inspired by some tweet (can’t remember from where) i saw that described yoongi as someone who would love the cowgirl position eeek. also inspired by yoongi looking extra pretty these days with his long hair :’)
Yoongi's drunk.
Well, maybe not. He loves a crisp shot of soju or cold pint of beer as much as anyone, but he's almost never drunk. He doesn't like to lose his measured restraint, his careful self-control. It's not that he has an image to maintain, exactly—he just likes to cover all his bases, keep himself in check, and not be completely embarrassed the next day when he wakes up hungover with a distinct memory of vomiting all over your shoes. (The pair you didn't mind throwing away; you'd walk around barefoot for the rest of your days if it meant you could have Yoongi.)
So when he finally comes home, scarlet red in the face and eyes half-lidded, you know he's had either a particularly good or particularly bad night. You hope it's not the latter as you walk over to help him out of his shoes, in nothing but your most revealing pajama shorts (it's laundry day) and a sports bra you're wearing as a top.
"C'mere," he mumbles, voice low and throaty as you bend down to untie his laces. He pulls you up before you get a chance to pull his sneakers off, kicking his feet out of them himself as he hungrily works his mouth against yours.
You sigh softly, giving in. Good night, it seems. Bad nights have Yoongi going straight to your bed in stony silence. He tastes like peach soju, like IPAs, like greasy bar snacks.
It's not long before he's deepening the kiss, pushing you up against the wall—gently, he still manages to be careful with you even in this state—and pinning your hips down with his narrow ones. You feel his erection stirring already, poking up against you while you loop your arms around his neck.
Another thing about drunk Yoongi: He's horny as all hell, and with all his inhibitions out the window, he's not even a little bit shy about what he wants.
When you first started dating, both of you found it hard to indicate when you wanted to have sex. You had less trouble initiating, but Yoongi wasn't exactly prone to openly expressing his desires and needs. He needed to be coaxed, and you needed to read him carefully. You knew now to look for the little signs: his fingers lingering a little too long around your waist or on your shoulder, the vague, barely detectable hint of wistfulness in his eyes as they flitted over your chest or ass.
This Yoongi, though? The one who isn't waiting a second before kneading your ass through your shorts and moving his fingers toward where you ache for him the most? You don't have to read him at all. Shy Yoongi is nowhere to be found.
His lips are so soft, his tongue gently easing you open and sliding over yours. Even after so many years, he manages to make you feel like a fourteen-year-old getting her first kiss. He has electricity crackling in your head, pumping in your veins. He brings his hands up to run his thumbs along your cheekbone—you jolt a little at the feel of his fingers, slightly chilled from the brutal wind outside, gently caressing your face.
He pulls back. He looks just as dazed and dizzy as you feel, but with mild concern darkening his eyes. "Are you okay? Too cold?" He looks down at your skimpy outfit and laughs. "Nothing to wear?"
"Shut up." You roll your eyes, but you admire the view the same way you did all those years ago when you first ran into him at some house party. It would be months before he made a move—Yoongi needed time to warm up to people, needed constant exposure and presence to get comfortable around you. But even then, that first night, you remember thinking how pretty he was. Milk-white skin, delicate features, disarming eyes, a smile that felt like a reward.
He's smiling at you now, though it's not the toothy grin he flashes when he's laughing at you for accidentally putting ice cream in the fridge or ranting about capitalism. He looks up at you through half-lidded eyes, slowly running a tongue between his lips. You shudder, for an entirely different reason.
"I take it you've sobered up," you murmur, staring at his perfectly pink pout.
"Not enough," he says, his voice taking on the low, rumbling cadence that sets a fire blazing in your center. 
That's it, you think, taking his narrow wrist in your hand and tugging him to the bedroom. He wriggles his arm out of your grip and wraps himself around you, attaching his lips to your neck on the way.
"You're ridiculous," you laugh as the two of you shuffle the remaining four feet to your bed.
He wastes no time, yanking off his shirt in one fluid motion before his fingers are teasing at the clasp of your bra. You simply admire him for a second. So pretty. So beautiful, his unmarked skin stretching smoothly over bone and muscle, his hair falling in delicate strands around his face and curling around his ears and neck. 
God, how did you get so lucky? Which king did you save in a past life for this king to be standing over you now, looking at you like you're the prize? You can't help it—you well up with tears as he takes your face in his hands and kisses you again, while you work furiously to undo the button on his jeans.
"Hold on," he mumbles against your mouth, detaching with his brows wrinkled. "Are you crying?"
Your tendency to burst into tears at unpredictable moments is a bottomless well of amusement for Yoongi, who hardly ever cries. You've cried at passing puppies on the sidewalk, half-deflated balloons hanging off random tree branches, and once even at an air purifier commercial. He once confessed to you that he found it so funny because you're so rarely emotional otherwise—in fact, he found you quite difficult to decipher. So it was extra unexpected when you wore your heart on your sleeve for once, your tears being the only obvious manifestation of your thoughts.
He pouts as he wipes at your tears, fighting to hide a grin from view. "Aigo," he coos. "Why? What is it?"
"Y-You're just so beautiful,” you hiccup, hiding your face in your hands.
He laughs out loud, then, shoulders shaking. "You—oh my god." He sits down on the bed beside you, the mattress dipping rightward so that you fall naturally into Yoongi's side. He pulls you into his chest, sighing. You take comfort in his touch running up and down your arm, the warmth of his bare skin. "You are so much more beautiful, you know that?"
Past all the glittering lights, layers of makeup, and flashy outfits, this is your Yoongi. Laid bare, literally and figuratively, he's your perfect other half. 
"Plus," Yoongi says, and you can hear him struggling not to laugh, "I've seen you cry about a lot of things, but that has by far got to be the corniest thing you've ever cried about."
You push him away, trying not to smile, and wipe at your face. "Forget it. I take it back. Can't stand to look at you."
He laughs breathlessly, easily tackling and pinning you down to the mattress. "You don't." He kicks off his jeans before kissing along your jawline, your throat, your collarbone, drawing soft sighs of contentment. His hands pin your arms on either side of your head—you feel trapped in the best way.
Who could have imagined this, that night at some random celebrity's house party, that you—a friend of a friend, a plus one, an outsider by any measure—would be the one to catch Min Yoongi's eye? You didn't even expect to see him there, despite the rumors that he was tight with the host, having heard how studiously he avoided these unpredictable and loud and messy social gatherings. 
And yet, a few beers, awkward conversations, and chance encounters had led to this. To Yoongi bringing his leg up between your legs while suckling blooming marks over your chest, dancing around your nipples but never quite reaching them, and the slight friction from his knee against your crotch having you whining out loud for more.
"P-Please," you gasp as Yoongi releases one of your wrists to circle a thumb around your right nipple. "I need you."
"I can tell," Yoongi chuckles. He's an angelic vision above you, his soft skin reflecting the dim bedside light as he flicks his too-long hair back and leans down again. "Always so ready for me."
Yoongi had once told you, late at night when neither of you could sleep, that he had feared he'd never find love. While he never worried too deeply about finding a significant other, he found dating impractical, if not totally impossible. He didn't want to date fans, didn't want to date another celebrity, and he definitely didn't want to leave a significant other hanging while he pursued his music. It felt like a lost cause no matter which way he looked at it.
Then, he'd said, slowly intertwining his fingers with yours beneath the sheets, he'd realized most of those doubts had stemmed from a lack of self-love, self-worth. That whoever was right for him would make up for his shortcomings and wait for him when needed, and that love would come when he was ready for it.
He hadn't gone so far as saying it out loud, but by then you could easily read between his lines and hear the words he didn't say. You were it for him, your Yoongi.
Your shy Yoongi, your Yoongi who pretends to be dry and unconcerned but is really the most patient and sweetest man you've ever known. Your Yoongi who will do little things like tuck the sheets back over you in the morning and wipe your shoes clean and push your hair back over your shoulder while you eat. 
Your Yoongi, whose mouth is quickly descending toward the apex of your thighs while his fingers tease at the waist of your shorts. You lift your hips so he can pull them off—once you're naked and squirming below him, he licks up your core without warning.
You let out a broken moan, the long-denied touch finally soothing your nerve endings. He chuckles a little at the sound before beginning to eat you out in earnest, his tongue and lips doing things so skilled and sinful that you're struggling to breathe.
Yoongi's not one to talk much in the bedroom, and it's just as well because you think you'll die if he removes his face from you for one second. He moves up slightly to gently suck at your bud, his fingers teasing along your folds, and you think you might die right then and there.
"Yooooongi," you keen as he finally sheathes his index and middle fingers inside of you. His fingers are thin, delicate, but you feel so full with them inside you, the friction of his pumping motions driving you insane. 
"Yeah?" he mumbles against your clit, his fingers moving faster. He scissors them, curls them inside of you. Your eyes roll back in your head as he expertly strokes against your g-spot, over and over, and you feel yourself rapidly reaching your peak.
"Fuck.... I'm about to.... oh!”
You let out a cry as your body convulses without warning, the pleasure ripping through you like a thousand bullets, your back bowing off the bed. Yoongi patiently works you through it, removing his mouth from your bud but continuing the gentle pumping until you squirm from the overstimulation.
"God," you pant, throwing your arm over your face. "You're going to kill me."
He exhales in amusement before climbing on top of the bed. Your lip twitches when you see just how rock-hard he is, his erection straining against the cotton of his briefs. "Come here."
You realized after the first few nights with him that he likes being face-to-face with you while making love to you. Most guys didn't even bother to really look at you, just laser-focused on getting you off as quickly as possible so they could get the release they wanted. But Yoongi wants to make sure you're enjoying this. Your pleasure is his.
You help him pry off his underwear, trying not to salivate at the sight that greets you. God, even his dick is unfairly pretty. You gently lower your head and run your tongue over his leaking tip. He grunts in pleasure, throwing his head back against the headboard, gripping at the sheets.
"Get up here," he mumbles, running his hands—his gorgeous, veined, slender artist's hands—over his thighs.
You happily oblige. Yoongi's favorite position, because he can watch you fall apart, have you use him like a fucktoy. You straddle him, the drip of your warm arousal making him jump with anticipation, before you lift yourself up just enough to sink down onto him.
Perfection. There's a slight burn, as there always is, from the intrusion of Yoongi's sheer girth, but your body quickly adjusts to accommodate his size. You grip onto the headboard, head falling forward against his shoulder and breathing heavily, while you wait for the tingling pain and sensitivity to subside.
"All good?" Yoongi whispers, splaying his fingers over your hips. He presses a quick kiss to your temple, and your heart bursts.
You would give Yoongi the moon if he asked. You'd give him the stars, the ocean, every grain of sand. He's right—you are hopelessly corny. But only because it's him, looking flushed and lovely beneath you, his eyes blown out and chest heaving up and down in anticipation of your next move. No one else could make you feel like this. You can't even conceive of a person who makes you feel more whole than Min Yoongi.
You lift yourself up slowly before pushing back down again, eliciting guttural groans from both of you. Yoongi throws his head back, his pale skin glistening with sweat and flushed pink, his hands kneading at your thighs as you bounce up and down. The heat pools in your lower belly again, the sensitivity dissolving into pure need.
It's the way he's looking at you, his eyes wide like he can't quite believe the sight in front of him, that has you inching close to release again. He simply admires you the way you admire him, his hands sliding from thighs to waist, coming up to massage your nipples before settling back down at your waist again. You shudder as the heat rushes to your core all over again, the coil inside you tightening, aching for release.
He tilts his head back, tongue sliding over his bottom lip while he observes you through half-lidded eyes, and you swear you could come at that alone. Your thighs burn—noticing your movements slowing, Yoongi doesn't waste a second before holding you down by your hips and thrusting up into you. 
You choke out a moan. "God," you whimper, leaning back onto your hands. "I'm close."
Yoongi's thumb goes for the kill, landing on your clit, and he lets out a groan when he feels you pulse around him. "Come," he says. 
That single word, rasping and emerging from deep in his chest, is enough to have you whining with pleasure. "Yoongi," you cry out, your body spasming for a second time as the pure euphoria rushes through you. "Yoongi."
"Shhh," he murmurs, kissing gently along your collarbone. You feel his cock still rock-hard and throbbing inside of you, aching for its own relief, but here he is. Attending to you. Putting you first, as always.
Your thighs recovering, you start to bounce up and down on his cock again, sliding just enough so that only his tip stays inside before thrusting down. Yoongi massages your ass, bucking beneath you and making small grunting noises that you swear are the soundtrack to heaven.
You could die hearing those noises from him, knowing it's you who unravels him like this.
"Yoongi," you pant as he fucks up into you, "are you close?"
"Fuck," he mumbles into your shoulder. “I’m—fuck."
He comes quietly, letting out a barely audible gasp as his cum shoots out. You feel his warmth spreading inside of you, ropes of white and your arousal making a mess where your bodies meet.
"Oh, my god." He chuckles, his mouth pressed against your neck. "I've been neglecting you, haven't I?"
"Maybe a little," you say, teasingly. You know he can't help it that he gets lost in his work, that he's overwhelmed by the desire to commit to his craft. He could spend a month straight in the studio, probably without sleeping, if you weren't around to make sure he ate and got some sunlight.
And while you have felt a bit lonely, the way Yoongi looks at you and guards you like a jewel is incomparable. It's not always rainbows and butterflies, but there could never be anyone else for you. No amount of quality time with anyone else could surpass Yoongi. 
"I'm sorry." He kisses you again, and you relish in the pure, familiar feel of his warm lips against yours. He pulls back, mouth slightly open as if stunned but eyes locked firmly on yours.
Your Yoongi. Your perfect, lovely Yoongi.
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