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so proud of the damage he’s caused
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so boyfriend~
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⤑ part 2: An Affair to Forget
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⇀ SUMMARY continue reading blog post: [ "Seems like Lani's on the warpath again, and everyone but yn's gotten the memo. And we all know Lani when she's pissed—better hide your secrets well, because all's fair in love and war." ]
⇀ RATE 18+
⇀ PAIRING Jungkook x Reader, Dilf!Seokjin x Reader
⇀ GENRE gossip girl AU, rich kids AU
⇀ WARNINGS angst, mention of addiction and withdrawl, rehabilitation centers, mention of recreational drug use, mentions of sexual encounters (in a threesome setting and with an age gap), classism, woman to woman rivalry, infidelity, betrayal, slut shaming, daddy issues and absent father, mentions of divorce, heavy petting, flashbacks
⇀ WC 11k
⇀ A/N and we're back!! it took me so long to write this because i lost inspiration somewhere towards the middle (and some ppl demanding me for updates did not help :')) but it's finally here! please let me know all your thoughts while reading! this is mainly a mirror to the brunch episode of season one, but with a twist at the end :)
Tumblr media
“Woah, almost had me there, son.” Mr. Jeon laughed as he took a swig of his water bottle, hands on his knees as he caught his breath.
Jungkook’s face reflected amusement, panting slightly from the morning jog they’d just finished. “Next time for sure, dad.” 
“You said that last time,” Mr. Jeon punched his son’s arm playfully. “You seem to be in a good mood this morning, your date with Lani go well last night? You’re bringing her to brunch tomorrow, right?” 
Jungkook’s smile fell, but the weightless feeling in his chest didn’t disappear. Hadn’t, actually, since he’d left her place last night. “As a matter of fact, we uh…” his hand lifted to scratch the back of his neck, “We broke up.” His voice was nonchalant, like he’d just mentioned a chance of clouds later in the day. 
It didn’t breeze past his father, though. “You what? Why would you do a thing like that? You love her!” 
“I know that,” Jungkook stuck his hands in his pockets, “But, we had a pretty big fight and… honestly, I think it’s for the best.” 
His father stopped them in their tracks, rounding on his son. “What happened to the plan? Remember, college, wall street, Lani. That was the plan.” 
“I can still do that, it's just,” Jungkook’s resolve was getting weaker by the minute, “Lani won’t be there, is all.” 
His dad let out a heavy sigh with a shake of his head. Jungkook’s words were no good. “Listen, you can still fix this. Go over with flowers, something from Tiffany’s, it’ll work like a charm. Works for your mother every time.” 
“I don’t know that I want to get back together with her, dad.” Jungkook shrugged defensively, “I think it might be good for me to just be on my own for a while, you know?” 
Mr. Jeon’s heavy hand dropped onto Jungkook’s shoulder, pulling Jungkook in with a hard expression. One Jungkook had seen his father wear many times before. “Look, son. It’s best if you stay with Lani right now. I’ve been talking to her mother recently about letting me handle the finances for her business… the deal is about to go through, but…”
Jungkook nodded, aware of how closely the two had been working recently. His father had chronicled how well he knew her finances, and how prepared he was for the job. “You should get it.”
“I will get it.” His father’s matter-of-fact voice came—the one that left no room for discussion. It was matched with a look leveled at Jungkook that dared a challenge to his words. The man was an adult, sure, his father couldn’t force him into anything anymore. But a simple illusion of choice and years of succumbing to his parents’ wants had left Jungkook weak in that arena. “But I’m going to need your support, son. No matter what it takes.” 
Jungkook felt his palms get clammy as something burned through his heart. He felt like he was flailing, like the ground had given in under him and he was falling right back into that social conditioning he got from his father growing up. The same I know what’s best for you tone, the same decisions about his life being made without any regard to his input. Despite his own internal misgivings, the feeling had him turning back into that obedient son his father raised him to be, could feel himself getting meeker as he nodded. “Okay, dad.” 
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“So anyway, we’re good again, now.” You stuck the plastic spoon into your mouth, licking off the last of the pudding. Your brother nodded along, finishing his own pudding cup. 
“Didn’t know you disappeared like that, kid.” Your brother confessed, “Thought you were in town the whole time I was gone. Guess I didn’t set the best example though, huh?” 
“It wasn’t like that.” You argued, wanting to reassure him that it wasn’t his fault. “I just… needed to get away from everything for a little while. That’s all.” You felt a twinge of guilt for lying to him, hiding the real reason you went behind your own flimsy resolve. You hadn’t mentioned a word about your father to your brother yet, not quite ready to go down that road.
“Hey, I’m the first to understand that.” He offered his pudding cup out to you for a cheers. “Lani’s good with everything now, though?” 
“I think so.” You nodded. “I mean, I get it. It was a shitty thing for me to do, going MIA without so much as a phone call. But, I think we worked through things. Or at least, started to.” 
“Hey, don’t mind if I’m surprised. She always seemed like the strict school teacher type to me.” He chuckled with a shrug when you sent him a pointed look. “Didn’t think she’d forgive you that easy. ‘Specially since Jungkook’s got a thing for you.” 
You almost choked on air, taking a minute to clear your lungs with a cough. “What?” 
“Yeah, I mean,” your brother was looking down nonchalantly at his pudding cup, as if he hadn’t just hit a very, very delicate nerve. “The kid’s always had a crush on you.” 
“No he hasn’t,” you scoffed, but your face was heating up anyway. “What are you talking about, he’s dating Lani.”
“And? You seriously didn’t know?” Your brother laughed, and you chose to plead the fifth on that one, keeping your mouth shut, and your gaze pointedly on the floor. “I watched y’all grow up together. He isn’t the most subtle of starers.” 
“I mean, I don’t know.” You mumbled. “Whatever.” You were absentmindedly tracing patterns on the couch’s arm, trying to keep your expressions in check. Your brother noticed, though. 
“Yeah well,” he had a knowing twinkle in his eye, but he thankfully took the path less rocky. “I’m glad you and Lani made up, anyway. Shit could’ve really hit the fan.” 
“You’re telling me,” you sighed in agreement, tucking your legs in under you. “I just need everything to go back to normal. Mom’s making me go to this brunch tomorrow, and I just don’t know.” 
“Must be a lot of rumors about why you’re back.” He commented, putting the pudding cup back on the table. You just noticed the deep circles under his eyes getting more prominent by the day, his fatigue evident.
“Yeah, but none of them mention you.” You reassured. “How are you doing, by the way?” 
“Uh,” your brother let out a diffident laugh, nodding slowly. “It’s going. It was always gonna be a little rough, but we’re working.” No kidding. The effects of withdrawal were visible, his body leaner and weary from having to fight his own mind. It wasn’t a walk in the park, ever. Pride blossomed in your chest at the sight of your brother, though—he was trying, if anything. And you couldn’t help but look up to the man you always borrowed strength from, determined to pay that back in earnest. 
“Actually, you remember my friend Kim Namjoon? He came by the other day.” Your brother mentioned. You nodded modestly, breezing past the familiarity of the name, and instead fixating on something else. “Mom let you have a visitor??” 
“Did hell freeze over?” He laughed. “No, he somehow figured out that I was in here, and it turned out he knew the girl at the front desk.” 
You could just imagine your mother’s reaction at the implication that a) news had gotten out about your brother and b) that someone had gotten in to see him in this state. You could almost see the steam coming out of her ears, snorting at the mental image.
You were impressed, but not surprised, at Namjoon’s sleuthing skills and ability to get in just about anywhere. He had asked about your brother the last time you’d seen him, so you weren’t shocked to hear that he’d want to check in on his friend. Fuck your mom’s “no visitors” rule, though. Your brother had instantly brightened up at the mention of company. He needed this, going through what he was. 
“That man’s a menace,” you joke, rolling your eyes. Your brother laughingly agrees, launching into a detailed account of his visit. His eyes lit up as he talked, animated with his storytelling. Your brother was going through hell in here—and as much as he loved you and adored your company, there was only so much you could do for him. Namjoon may be a menace, it’s true, but you couldn’t be any more thankful for the tall, burly lacrosse captain than right now. 
Tumblr media
The ostentatious restaurant was fairly empty for a late lunch, only a few tables occupied with low chatter and a distinct clink of utensils. The lights were dim, easy on the eyes, as the place fell into a moderate lull. 
In the corner of the room, tucked away next to the bar, Jungkook hadn’t even touched his truffle bucatini. Not only was he impeded by a stubborn lump in his throat since this morning, but he was also in shock at the sight in front of him. Moreso, the words that had just reached his ears. 
“You made a mistake.” Lani took another bite of her salad, seemingly in full possession of her appetite while Jungkook had long lost his. “It’s not fair of me to hold it against you. If you say you’re sorry, then I believe you.” 
Jungkook couldn’t help but stare. “You seemed so upset last night. I’m just a little surprised.” 
Lani let out a sigh, putting her fork down. He watched her take a sip of her sparkling water, a long pause before she looked back at him with a shake of her head. “I was. And, honestly, I still have concerns. But that doesn’t mean I should end our relationship over something you’ve already apologized for. I mean, isn’t that why you asked me to lunch today?” 
It was as if Jungkook’s head had been doused with cold water, a frigid reminder that yes, he had been the one to call. He had taken the initiative the day after he told her he’d lost his virginity to her best friend, and came groveling back. Of course, Jungkook didn’t quite see it that way, sending the text with a preoccupied mind and thoughts of his father, but Lani was here to remind him exactly why they were sitting across from each other on this downcast afternoon. He had asked her here—to apologize. 
Though Jungkook had made the reservation, gotten in the car, and walked through those doors, every step was filled with doubt that Lani would agree to meet in the first place. Receiving the brisk confirmation from her, he took her cold tone to mean that she was only going to show up as a courtesy, with no intentions of hearing him out. He was convinced the entire way, up through ordering their entrees, that Lani would, no doubt, shoot him down as soon as the apology tumbled out of his mouth. 
But as fate reared its twisted knot of a string, it turns out Lani only took a few minutes and a glass of wine to mull over the puppy-dog eyes Jungkook was wearing. Quick to sigh and accept, much more forgiving than he’d ever known her to be, Lani was brushing the “mistake” over as a thing of the past, and was more than willing to look towards the future. Exactly what he was afraid of. 
“So… everything’s going back to normal?” Jungkook was dizzy with the turn of events—sure he was going to be sitting here with a glass of water thrown at him, and somehow ended up back with a girlfriend instead. 
“Well, not quite.” Lani spoke carefully, slowly, as if she wanted to be sure Jungkook heard every word. She tapped the side of her mouth with her napkin, “You won’t be seeing yn anymore, of course.” 
“What?” Jungkook knew he’d resisted too quickly by the sharp turn of her eyes, so he relaxed back into his chair and tried to school his furrowed eyebrows. “We go to the same school, I’m going to see her sometimes.” 
“Yes, but you won’t be speaking to her anymore. There’s no need for you to, is there?” It was a trap. He knew it was a trap, and that Lani’s innocently-phrased question held repercussions. But he couldn’t stop himself from weakly responding, “We’re friends. You can’t expect me to stop being friends with her.” 
It’s as though she expected the answer, sighing disappointedly and shaking her head. “Listen, Jungkook. She’s my friend too. But we’re trying to give our relationship a fresh start. How can I even start to trust you again when she’s still around you?” Lani paused, looking to the side. It was clear she was frustrated—didn’t think she’d have to explain something so simple to him. To her, it was obvious. “You made a mistake. And as much as it means for you owning up to it, it isn’t enough. You hurt me, Jungkook. And to start healing, I need to know the same mistake isn’t around the corner.” 
Guilt washed over Jungkook again, the same weight he’d bore when he’d texted Lani this morning. He knew he was in the wrong, and it was his mistake to fix. And he’d have to own up to it. It’s what his father had told him this morning—no matter what it takes. And it’s what he’d been taught his entire life—take the past of least social disruption. Lani was his future; she was stable. The path he needed to take. Jungkook’s world sparkled with diamonds, but no one ever warned him about the pressure it took to make them. 
Tumblr media
Brunch, The Alcazar Hotel
Every inch of the large banquet hall glittered, down to what the guests had adorned so ostentatiously before checking in attendance. The tables were piled sky-high with the hoards of food that the rich would waste in mere hours, and drink glasses clinked with the constant mimosa refills. The room itself was filled with the most important people in the business world, fashion world, news world, and just about every other elite member you could read about in the paper—all courtesy of the Kim patriarch, otherwise known as Taehyung’s father. 
The man himself was a goliath of the city’s real estate, owning just about half of the skyline. The Alcazar was one of the many jewels in his collection, complete with Taehyung’s own suite on the fifteenth floor. With branches of the company all over the country, it was no surprise they were one of the most prominent families on the island—as well as with the banks. 
The brunch itself was held to celebrate a new Kim Industries record, complete with a profile in Forbes. Although, the sharp handshakes, business discussions, and card exchanges made the networking clear—the rich never failed to grasp an opportunity to get richer. 
And while Mr. Kim himself was in the center of it all, his younger son was farther away from the action. Though Taehyung had received the “This is all for you—don’t embarrass me” speech from his father that morning, he found a blunt did wonders for the anxieties that his father had instilled in him. And it just so happened that the man he was conversing with had happened to give Taehyung and Jungkook their very first one ever, too.
“Nothing’s changed, huh?” Hoseok spoke around a mouthful of eclair. Looking around, he saw the room full of the same people he grew up around—old friends and classmates, as well as mothers of friends and classmates that he’d gotten to know a little too well. 
“Shit’s the same around here. But what have you been up to, huh?” Taehyung clapped him on the back in excitement. “Heard your summer was crazy. You and Namjoon went to Prague?” 
Hoseok smiled at the younger boy’s enthusiasm, quick to launch into a crazy story of how they got caught with a bunch of hookers that they thought were strippers, and ended up running from the police and hiding in a random boat on the docks. Taehyung watched him with big, adoring eyes, lapping up every word. Sure, he’d developed a few stories to rival his role model’s since his first joint in seventh grade, but wonders never ceased with Jung Hoseok. 
“That’s fucking crazy, dude. Isn’t it?” Taehyung nudged Jungkook’s arm, turning to look at him when his friend neglected to respond. “Jungkook?” 
He caught the boy with his eyes fixated on the door, watching the array of people file in and out. But none fulfilled his anxious lingering, as you were absent still. “Yeah, crazy.” 
Taehyung rolled his eyes, making a face at Hoseok, eyes gesturing to Jungkook. “He’s gotten lame, as you can see. But we missed y’all in town, man.” Hoseok clapped Taehyung on the back, playfully punching his prodigee. 
“You know, Yoongi’s in town, too. You guys should come out with us tonight.” Hoseok said, and Jungkook’s eyebrows shot up at the name. 
“Min Yoongi? He’s back?” Jungkook asked, eyes wide. Taehyung was equally flabbergasted, mouth fallen open. “No fucking way. No one’s seen him since he disowned his family and took off around the world.” 
“Legendary.” Jungkook nodded in awe. “How the son of the biggest oil tycoon in the whole country up and denounced the entire class system, and just fucked off without his trust fund, I’ll never know.” Though I want to, a tiny voice inside Jungkook piped. What Yoongi did was iconic, and took balls, and Jungkook deeply envied that bravery. 
“Yeah, I know,” Hoseok chuckled. “Guy’s built himself quite a repertoire. But he’s back in town, on the low, for a few days, if you guys wanna link up.” 
“Fuck yeah,” Taehyung nodded enthusiastically, and Jungkook mirrored him. He’d always looked up to the Min Yoongi, even before he disappeared. The man, the myth, the legend. It’d be cool to see how he’s doing after leaving all the glitz and glamor… for many reasons. 
“Oh fuck, is that yn?” Hoseok’s voice jolted Jungkook out of his thoughts, and he whipped around so fast he almost gave himself whiplash. There you were, just entering the banquet hall, with a big smile on your face as one of the older society ladies caught you to say hello. You were dazzling, even when you were just engaged in mundane conversation about the weather. Jungkook would’ve caught his jaw before it dropped to the floor, but he didn’t much care to, not when every pair of eyes in the room were on you. 
“God, I haven’t seen her since… wow. It’s been a minute.” Hoseok chuckled to himself, memories of your last encounter flashing through his brain. He pushed his hair back, excusing himself from the two younger boys before making his way over to you with an arrogant smirk on his face. One that Jungkook didn’t miss. 
Jungkook didn’t even have a chance to open his mouth before Hoseok was smoothly swooping into your conversation, stealing you away from the society lady easily, with a charming smile and a cheeky hand on your arm. 
“Better a broken friendship than a broken heart.” Taehyung shrugged at him, tilting his drink back. 
“What? I wasn’t looking at yn.” Jungkook protested immediately, unsure of how Taehyung even knew about how he wasn’t supposed to be talking to you right now. Broken friendship his ass, if he had anything to say about it. 
Taehyung’s lips lifted into a haughty and knowing smile. “Who said anything about yn?” 
Jungkook was left speechless. Well, dress him up and watch him die.
Tumblr media
You were jittering with nerves all the way here to the brunch, and that hadn’t stopped the moment you walked through those giant glass doors, a room full of the elite and endless breakfast platters greeting you. 
Despite your entire upbringing taking place in such situations, having been separated from this part of society for so long didn’t make for a great nerve-relaxer when you were thrust back in. Your eyes darted around the room, praying to befall a familiar and friendly face. 
And lucky you got, with your best friend catching your eye in the corner talking to Dinah and Mina. She hadn’t seen you enter yet,  but you let out a sigh of relief as you took a step in her direction, begging for refuge within Lani’s comforting presence. 
“Yn! Is that you?” Mrs. Khan’s voice filtered through as she blocked your path, a cordial smile on her face as she reached her arms out for a hug. “I haven’t seen you at an event for a while now.” 
“Mrs. Khan!” One of your mother’s many society friends, Mrs. Khan, having already come from a wealthy family and doubling her inheritance when she married a businessman as rich as herself, often spent her days on the boards of galas and charities, crossing paths with your mother, and spending just as much time gossiping as her and the rest of the ladies in their circles. 
“Your mother said you’d gone to visit your grandmother in California. How was it?” She clearly had no plans of letting you go anytime soon, chattering on with idle prattle—the exact thing you were trying to avoid. You just smiled and nodded, concocting an escape route in your head—concocting quicker once she’d started to ask why you’re back. 
Though your refuge came in the most astounding of packages. 
“Mrs. Khan!” Hoseok’s raspy voice cut in, shooting you a quick wink before turning back. “Looking lovely as ever.” 
“Oh, you flatter me, Hoseok.” She waved her hands at him, clearly taken with his charm. 
“I wanted to tell you that they have oysters over at the buffet. You know,” he leaned in cheekily, flustering the older woman, “The aphrodisiac.” 
“That’s enough out of you, now.” She huffed, all in good humor. Her eyes danced with the spirit of her younger, wilder days, but she was quick to laugh him off, bidding you adieu and continuing on her idle prattle way, finding her next victim. 
“Thank you,” you sighed. “I wasn’t sure how much more of the real housewives I could take.”
“Why so glum, sweetheart?” He reached out and touched your cheek, caressing it far too sensually with his thumb. It was embarrassing how you leaned into it, too, your body reviving its muscle memory to his touch. The hold he used to have on you… “Don’t think I’ve ever seen you look so down at a function with an open bar before.” 
“What can I say? The wolves of wall street are nothing compared to the wolvettes of the upper east side.” You crossed your arms over your chest in a shrug, unconsciously leaning into him. 
“I know what you need,” he whispered lowly, his breath tickling your skin. “A few puffs oughta lift that attitude right up. C’mon on.” 
“Your shit is strong as fuck, no way.” You looked away from his gaze, weak resolve only weaker with his soft brown eyes staring back. 
His eyebrows lifted. He’s never known you to say no to the bud. Ever. “You’re joking right?” When you shook your head no in confirmation, he concluded that there was only one thing going on. You were doing your little brat act—the one you so often fell into when he was around you. The one he thought he had fucked right out of you… though, he chuckled internally at the thought—you can take the brat out of the princess, but you can’t take the princess out of the brat…
“Don’t play with me, baby. You know I only offer to smoke up girls I think are hot.” He rasped, getting impossibly closer to you, a cocky smile playing on his lips.
“Yeah, I remember.” You weren’t moving away from him, though every bit of logic and proper society lessons were screaming at you to back up away from the man you knew was trouble. “You and Yoongi’s little routine, y’all had that down pat.” 
“And if I remember correctly, you wanted some of that action.” His eyes sparkled teasingly, hand on your arm slowly dropping down to your waist. “Think I remember you begging to take us both at once. I promise I can do it…” he mimicked, laughing when you shoved him away. 
“I was crossed, you asshole.” You hissed, but your cheeks still burned with the memory. You remember the look of amusement on Yoongi’s face when you’d dropped to your knees in front of him, and how Hoseok’s faded self was just goading you on, prompting you to go into excruciating detail of how well you’d do with both of their cocks. 
It was the old you, to say the least. And it wasn’t a time you were exactly proud of. Sure, Jung Hoseok still had the same effect on you, your body coming alight with just a brush of his fingertips. But the person he was referring to just now, the person in that memory, that wasn’t you anymore. 
You weren’t the girl who got cross-faded with older frat boys, or who got passed around like a blunt anymore. You had your fair share of fun, it’s true. But, you’d hurt a lot of people in your life with that lifestyle, your best friend included. And it was time for you to grow up. 
“Whatever, Jung. I’m sure you can find some other pretty girl who’d be happy to share your pot,” You concluded, spotting Lani taking a seat at one of the tables. You pat his chest, meeting his eyes again. “Take care.” 
You left him there behind you, pushing his hair back and in shock of what just happened, a stunned smile making its way onto his lips at the first time you’d ever said no to him, as you made your way through the crowd. 
“Hey, you’ll never believe the morning I just had—” you plopped down into the empty seat next to Lani, ready to spill the stress you felt the entire route here, when you’d noticed she had turned pointedly away from you.. 
“Hey?” You tapped her shoulder. She ignored you. 
If you hadn’t known better, you’d have assumed that she was acting the same way she was when you first got back into town. Though, you’d both talked that through, and you were sure you’d left on a positive note. You remember her understanding and forgiving you, you know you didn’t make that up. So what gives?
Did she want you to keep apologizing? Continue to try to make it up to her? 
“Lani, I thought I already apologized.” You sighed, exasperation creeping into your voice. “I thought we went through everything, that we’re good now.” 
She finally decided to grant you her acknowledgement, turning to face you for the first time that day. “We were,” she said simply. “That is, until I found out you had sex with my boyfriend.” 
Your heart plummeted into your stomach, and your breath hitched in your throat. Guilt engulfed you as your best friend stared at you expectedly with harsh eyes. You didn’t know what to say, how to even begin. “How…who told you—” 
“Jungkook,” She bit back, scoffing at your focus. “At least, he felt like he owed it to me, that I should know.” She turned to face you completely. “The fact is that you didn’t. And I don’t know what’s worse, at this point.” 
“Lani, I—” your heart was thudding against your chest, and tears pricked at the corners of your eyes, but you pushed them away. This wasn’t your moment to cry. It was your fault. “Lani, I don’t know what to say. I—” 
“You don’t have to say anything.” She stated conclusively, turning her back to you. “It’s not like I’m surprised. You always had to take everything that was mine, and you tried to take my boyfriend too.” She leveled you with grating eyes, but you could see they swam in a pool of hurt. “I always knew you were a whore. Didn’t think you were a liar too.” 
The words pierced your skin like daggers as Lani got up to leave, leaving you falling down an abyss of your own making without a single glance behind her. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s eyes were on you from the moment you’d entered the room until the moment Lani was storming off, leaving you sunken at an empty table. 
Lani’d told you, he figured. Must’ve dug her claws in and really made it hurt, from the way he could see you turning into a broken shell of yourself. You held so much tension in your body, shoulders seizing up and forehead resting against the palm of your hand, supported by your elbow on the table. If anyone else was looking at you, they wouldn’t have been able to tell the depth of your distress like Jungkook could. But, Jungkook wasn’t just anybody.
He needed to talk to you; it was his fault Lani was treating you like this, his fault that your best friend now hated you. He needed to get you alone to explain, and quick. 
He walked over to the bar across from your table, signaling the bartender for another glass of champagne. Leaning against the dark wood, his eyes drifted around the room nonchalantly, but his body was completely angled towards you. And you didn’t fail to notice, the movement catching your attention from the corner of your eye. 
Looking up, your melancholy eyes found Jungkook’s, and with it came a discreet tilt of his eyebrows and a look into the hall. It was clear, though your eyes narrowed. He was the last person you wanted to see right now. But, you deserved to wring him out for not at least warning you for telling Lani, and that cretin was about to get it. 
With the slightest nod of your head, Jungkook relaxed at your confirmation to meet him out in the hall, leaning up off the bar immediately and heading for the giant glass doors out of the room, leaving a bewildered bartender and a full glass of champagne behind. 
Not a minute later, you found him loitering behind an empty stairwell, leaning against the immaculate marble, chewing his lip. His habit. 
“What the hell were you thinking?” You spat, furiously coming at him. Jungkook’s eyes widened with fear—though much smaller than him, you were curiously scary when you were mad. “Why on earth would you tell Lani?” 
“Isn’t telling the truth supposed to be a good thing?” Jungkook held his hands out in weak defense. 
“Not if it hurts people.” You whined. Though even as the sentence left your mouth, you knew it’s invalidity. You stomped your foot in frustration, wondering how it’s been less than a week since you’d been back, and how you’d already gotten yourself into a mess of this magnitude. 
Jungkook opened his mouth to either put his foot in it, or to comfort you. Either way, his words were swallowed by the loud voices of your mother’s friend’s on the other side of the stairwell.
Jungkook grabbed your hand to pull you closer immediately, making sure you were completely out of view. As if it wasn’t bad enough that you two were off whispering on your own, you couldn’t imagine the depth of the hole you’d dig if one of the loud-mouthed society ladies saw you. But you were a bit distracted because the new proximity awarded you a good whiff of his shampoo, something you were trying really hard to ignore. 
“We can’t talk here.” He huffed, digging in his pockets before presenting you with a key. “Meet me in Tae’s suite upstairs. I’ll explain everything then.” 
You scoffed at the key, and the preposterous insinuation. “I’m not sneaking around with you!” And yet, you couldn’t bring yourself to pull away from him, stuck in close quarters as you swore up and down you didn’t want to be anywhere near him. 
“Just to talk,” he assured. “I promise.” As if his soft, whiny voice wasn’t enough, his big puppy eyes stared down at you, removing “no” from your vocabulary altogether. 
“Fine.” You grabbed the key hastily, before you changed your mind. “But just to talk.” You reaffirmed, waiting to see him nod in confirmation before tucking the key away in your purse. 
He left first, peeking around the corner to make sure the coast was clear before darting off in an extremely telling and obvious manner that made you giggle internally. 
Tumblr media
“So where’s Jungkook?” Lani jumped at the sudden voice taking up her side, racing heartbeat relaxing once she saw who the baritone belonged to. 
“You should really wear a bell.” She huffed at Taehyung. 
“Kinky. I’ll think about it.” He mused, genuine interest at the idea filtering through his voice. 
“I haven’t seen him, by the way.” She crossed her arms with a roll of her eyes. “Shouldn’t you know where your best friend is?”
“Shouldn’t you know where your boyfriend is?” He shot back without hesitance, the quick response rolling smoothly off his tongue with little effort. “I saw yn’s here, by the way…” He looked nonchalant as ever as he sowed his seeds of chaos, but rarely anything fazed the Kim anymore. 
Lani tensed up immediately at your name, especially so closely connected to Jungkook’s. A quick look around the room found both of you absent from her gaze, worry settling in quicker. “Did you see where she went?” 
“You worried about Jungkook?” Taehyung asked bluntly, unfazed at Lani’s highly-raised eyebrows and incredulous look. “Just a guess.” 
Lani turned away from Taehyung, opting to ignore his ridiculous insinuation. Though, deep down, they both knew what really alighted the panic in her heart when she saw both you and Jungkook were missing from the brunch. Taehyung may have been unusually perceptive, but that didn’t mean she was about to spill her guts in a room filled with society’s most prominent figureheads. 
“You know,” he drawled, taking it upon himself to continue the conversation. “There’s one sure way to Jungkook’s heart.” He waved a key in front of her face, evidently suggesting one very lewd solution. 
“And you’re offering your own suite? How generous.” She smiled in faux sweetness, scoffing right after. He shrugged, “To help a friend, sure.”
Lani’s amusement was swiped right off her face—he was serious. And honestly, it wasn’t a bad proposition, per say. They had been planning on doing it before—right before Jungkook dropped earth-shattering news on her, of course. And it had already been postponed twice this semester alone. With you roaming the halls, and Jungkook finally back with her, where he belonged, there wasn’t a lot of time to waste. Taehyung was, grossly and unfortunately, right. 
“Fine.” She snatched the key, straightening her shoulders, already typing out the text to Jungkook to meet her upstairs. She turned back once before exiting the hall altogether, “And thank you.” 
Taehyung gave a mock salute, with a not-so-quiet, “Happy deflowering!” 
Tumblr media
If your heart beat any faster, you were sure it’d rip right through your chest as you turned the key in the lock. Your feet were moving of their own accord, pushing you past the threshold into Taehyung’s suite and into the room where Jungkook was sitting, waiting for you. 
His back was turned to you, only the back of his fluffy head visible as his hand rested on his bouncing thigh. Your heart softened like melted ice cream at the sight—at the boy who had unwittingly crawled his way into your mind, and taken up every inch. You never saw it coming, honestly. You don’t know how or when you started noticing the little moles on Jungkook’s face, or how cute he looked when he got shy. You just realized how everything was falling apart when it was too late. 
The sound of your footsteps alerted him to your arrival, his fluffy head whipping around and standing up at the sight of you. He chewed his bottom lip, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he gave you a sheepish look. “Hey.” 
“Hey,” you returned, dropping your purse onto the table, trying your best to avoid his puppy-dog gaze. 
You failed. 
“I’m sorry about Lani, I should’ve never told her,” he shook his head. “Or, at least given you a fair warning. I wasn’t thinking.” 
“No, I mean,” you sighed. It wasn’t really his fault. “She deserved to know. I can’t blame you for that.” 
He nodded, looking down. “We’re back together.” 
You let out a humorless laugh, “I noticed. You’re not supposed to be talking to me right now, if I know Lani.” He nodded again to confirm, and you scoffed, turning away to grab your purse. There was no point in you being here, in this room with him. Nothing good could come out of this, and you weren’t going to sit here a minute longer with Jungkook making those eyes at you all the while unable to do a damn thing about it. 
You swung your purse strap onto your shoulder, turning away from the boy in a long-term relationship who had your heart, and ready to take the hard steps away and out the door. Only, you were stopped in your tracks by a stubborn call behind you. 
“I still don’t understand why you left in the first place.” 
You knew you shouldn’t have paused, screamed at your leg muscles to keep moving. But you were rooted to the ground, unable to take a single step further away from the voice behind you. “Jungkook…” you sighed.
“No, I’m serious yn.” He took long strides towards you in a huff, anger right below the surface as he grabbed your arm and pulled you back. He was frustrated and hurt, all towards you, and he was tired of not knowing why you ditched him like that when all he could think about the day after was… 
You shook your head as you tried to pull away, “I had to.” He pushed you back to stop your wriggling, and you felt the stiffness of the wall meet your back with a sudden thump. 
“But,” his voice was lowered, but you could hear the pain melting through, “You left me.”
Tears pricked at the corners of your eyes as your heart broke into two. Here it was, all of your own anguish and heartbreak that you’d pushed down when you’d left, looking you in the face and begging for an answer you never had. “I… I couldn’t stay. I’m sorry,” you whispered. 
Jungkook sighed heavily, dropping his head to rest his forehead on yours, and you wish it wasn’t as comforting as it was. “But you’re here now.” 
Your breaths came out shaky as your misery bled through the walls you’d put up—the walls you swore you wouldn’t ever cross, for the sake of you and your best friend’s relationship. Now, you were left wondering if that was ever really the moral decision, when it left your relationship with someone you cared about so much tattered and torn… And your heart raw from aching.  
Could you really put up walls and block Jungkook out of your life for good? Was that even fair to him, or you, at this point? With his eyes bearing into yours, the correct answer just became more unclear. “Jungkook… “ You broke your gaze, looking down. “Please…” 
“No, yn. Tell me you don’t have feelings for me too.” His voice was obstinate and pleading, searching for the words he was dying to hear. “Tell me that it wasn’t just a quick fuck to you. That it meant something…” His breath fanned your cheek as his hands dropped down to trace your waistline, touch matching his dangerous words. He stepped closer, if that was even possible, nose nudging yours. “Tell me, please…” 
Your breath hitches in your throat as you nod. “It did.” 
It’s like the words set fire to his skin, or activate his senses, the way he catches your lips with his the moment the words leave your mouth. It was all he was waiting for—a single confirmation that it wasn’t all in his head, that you felt the same way, too. 
His lips molded with yours as he gulped your breath like a starved man, taking everything you had. His hand on your waist only pulled you closer, pressing your bodies together, as his other hand held your face gently, caressing your cheek with his fingers. It was tender and messy at the same time, overwhelmed with the first time you’d touched each other in six long months. 
He nipped at your bottom lip with greed, pushing his tongue into your mouth smoothly. Loud smacks accompanied your needs for air as you moaned into the kiss, melting into his touch. You were so lost in each other, you couldn’t be bothered about the implications. All you knew was how right it felt, being pressed so closely to Jungkook, feeling him explore your mouth with no inhibitions. 
It was like everything you’d wanted to say, and more, and he could feel it too. The passion you’d felt with him that you’d never felt with anyone else came rushing back like muscle memory, making you tug at his arm to pull him closer to you. 
Though maybe, you should’ve assumed your sins would catch up to you. After all, no one’s ever heard of a cheater who was on the right side of morality. And by god, you weren’t destined for heaven. 
“What the hell are you doing?!” A loud screech pierced through your fervent bubble, dragging you out of the only piece of paradise that you’d ever get to taste. 
Lani’s eyes were blown wide as she stared at the two of you jumping apart, inconsolable tears making their way to the surface. Her eyebrows were furrowed something fierce, and her anger bubbled through first when she locked eyes with Jungkook’s surprised but unrepentant eyes. 
“I see you got my text.” Lani’s shrewd voice clawed through the tension in the room. “But you brought your own pussy to fuck. My mistake,” her eyes narrowed as she took steps closer, her words biting through you like frost. “Honey, when I told you to meet me upstairs, I meant for us to meet, not for you to meet just someone.” Her voice was sickly sweet, dripping with venomous sarcasm.
“I just wanted to explain to yn why I wasn’t speaking to her…” Jungkook’s voice came out ragged and small. 
Lani let out a mocking laugh. “You didn’t use your words, sweetie.” Her eyes fixated on the smudged lip gloss across his lips. “Though, I guess I should be glad that you respected my wishes by not speaking to her, technically.”Jungkook hung his head, eyes glued to the ground as he tucked his hands into his pockets in culpability, unable to meet her accusing yet melancholy eyes. 
She finally turned her gaze towards you, staring daggers into your guilty figure. You didn’t open your mouth, because you knew nothing you could say in this moment would ever absolve you of what you just did. It wouldn’t be enough for Lani, and she deserved better than some half-assed excuse you came up with. You knew what you were doing, and you went ahead and did it, repercussions be damned. It was just like the old you, crashing through everyone’s life like a selfish hurricane. 
Lani seemed to come to the same conclusion as you at the same time you did. It had only been 36 hours since she’d found out that you and Jungkook cheated on her, but to see it with her own eyes… to see that nothing had changed from the you that left six months ago, to the you that apologized to her two days ago left her feeling more betrayed by you than her boyfriend. You were supposed to be her rock, her person. And you’d promised things would be different now, and that you’d changed. 
But every city you blew through, you left devastation in your wake. And apparently, the six months you were gone hadn’t changed you for the better, but only left a different disaster that abandoned what you ran from and where you ran to in ruins. 
You should’ve never came back home. 
“Do you even know why she came back?” Lani’s voice was dangerously low and poisonously nonchalant. She was still staring you dead in the eyes, but addressing Jungkook. “She had an affair with Kim Seokjin, but he chose his wife. So she couldn’t bear the shame, and ran back home.” She spit out the reveal with disgust, hate clouding her face. Lani was angry, and she wouldn’t hesitate to bring you down with her—angry at you for treating your friendship like garbage, angry at herself for ever trusting you again. You could see the tears of hurt she blinked away as she set out to destroy your image in front of the boy who put you on a pedestal, because she figured he oughta feel the pain that she felt right then.
And it landed perfectly, you could see it contort Jungkook’s voice as his head whipped towards you in shock. It was your turn to avoid his gaze, tears bubbling up in your eyes at the memory she rehashed. 
Jungkook turned desperately towards Lani, vying for answers. “How do you know?” 
She didn’t hesitate, moving closer to him while eyeing you loathingly. “Taehyung told me. Shame of their family, she is.” She leaned towards you for the next line, cutting through ruthlessly. “They couldn’t wait to be rid of you.”
You didn’t look up to see the horror on Jungkook’s voice as the perfect mirage of you he had in his head shattered, or the way Lani wrapped her hand around his arm, pulling him from the room in a faux embrace. You just kept staring at the diamond pattern of the carpet as your tears fell, memories of the last six months engulfing you in a tornado of desolation. 
Tumblr media
Flashback (in italics)
6 months ago: The Kim Estate in the North
“Thank you so much for letting me stay, Mr. Kim.” You walk into the large guest house, marble floors clicking under your heels. It’s as ornate as it is big, decked out with columns and a priceless art collection. “It’s sudden, I know, but I really appreciate it.” You smile sweetly.
“Of course, anything for a friend of my favorite cousin’s.” Seokjin gestures to the driver, indicating which room to take your luggage into. “And please, no need for formalities—call me Seokjin. Anyone who’s witnessed the champagne spill at my uncle’s has the right.” 
“Of course, Seokjin,” you giggle, remembering the Kim event you’d attended with your mother back then, and how Taehyung and Jungkook’s football had crashed right through the precarious champagne tower, which Seokjin happened to be reaching for in that moment. “So… Taehyung’s your favorite cousin?” You prod cheekily, pulling a defeated sigh and smile from the man who’d accidentally revealed too much. 
“Don’t tell him, he’d never let me live it down.” He chuckled. “C’mon, let me show you your room…”
Tumblr media
You rifled through the documents you’d gotten from the private investigator, numbers and dates all merging into a blur on the paper as it eluded your understanding. You squinted at the locations and plane numbers, hoping the answer would pull a Jack-in-the-box. But children’s toys aside, you’d hit a wall with comprehending the information before you, groaning in frustration. 
You were interrupted in your frantic rummaging with a knock on the door. Your head popped up, looking away from the papers for the first time in three hours. “Come in.” 
The door pushed open, and Seokjin’s head peeked through. “Just wanted to let you know that dinner’s ready.”
You nodded, turning back to the pages. “Thank you, but I’m not that hungry. Feel free to start without me.” 
You expected the door to shut, signaling Seokjin’s departure. But you were met with no click of the door, and footsteps approaching. “Yn, you haven’t left your room all day.” His soft voice made you look up, faced with his sympathetic expression and a tilt of his head. “Are you okay?” 
His gaze was commiserating, calm brown eyes pulling you into comfort. His silky voice made you want to confide in him, because he made you feel like he could solve any problem. Or at least, make you feel better about it. 
“My dad was here two weeks ago…” You started. You hadn’t told anyone back home about why you left town and came here—looking for the father that abandoned you? That was too embarrassing to bear. 
But for some reason, you didn’t feel that hollow pit of shame in your stomach when you spoke to Seokjin. “I missed him by a day, but I know he’s supposed to be back soon because of some new business deal. I’m just trying to figure out when, and where he’ll be staying…” 
“Ah,” he nodded, “I see.” He brings one hand out of his pockets to gesture to your bedroom bench. “Can I sit?” With your confirmation, he made himself comfortable, gazing over the documents sprawled out on your bed. 
“Yn, I can see how important this is to you. And you have every right to a conversation with your father.” He paused, looking at you in earnest. “You’re beautiful and smart, and a great girl. If he doesn’t jump at the chance to get to know you, it’s his loss.” 
You blink at him in quiet fascination, basking in his words. His brown eyes bore into yours as he spoke his reassurement. 
You’d always believed what Seokjin just refuted, though you never truly admitted it to yourself. There was a gaping hole in your self-worth growing up where a father should have made you feel special and uplifted—and instead, yours made you feel dispensable and unworthy of sticking around. How were you supposed to love yourself when your own father didn’t? 
But here Seokjin was, telling you that it didn’t matter what your father thought of you, and that you were worth more than that. You were your own person, and maybe you weren’t so unlovable… after all, Seokjin just said all those wonderful things about you, and he actually seemed to believe them—perpetual floaties to keep you from drawing in the pool of low self-esteem. 
You felt warm with his words, your heart beating faster as you looked at the man who spoke so highly of you. Your gaze flickered to his plump lips, and your breathing quickened. 
Seokjin’s eyes were half-lidded, tension thickening as the silence grew. He watched your pretty figure perched on the bed, tension in your shoulders somewhat released, evidence of a lighter heart. He could’ve left… but he’d stayed, and let the moment linger on, in heated limbo. 
Though with your gaze falling to his lips, and darting back up to his eyes with a soft pout, he seemed to snap back to his senses. Abruptly standing from his seat, he muttered, “We’ll save you a plate if you get hungry later,” before taking long strides quickly out the door. 
Right when you were about to lean in and crash your lips into his. 
Tumblr media
Your heels clicked loudly through the driveway as you stumbled through, trying your best to hold up your maxi dress and walk without falling on your face. And it would’ve been doable, if you weren’t drunk off your ass. 
The automatic lights illuminated the dark driveway as you passed, but with your hazy vision and lack of motor skills, you neglected to notice the neat pebbles lining the walkway up to the guest house, tripping and falling clean into the grass. 
Your loud laugh rang through the night as you giggled at your own predicament, intensifying when you tried to get up only to fall back down again, tangled in your own chiffon. 
You had underestimated how much noise you’d made, though, when you heard a certain sleepy voice above you. “Yn?”
Looking up, you found Seokjin wrapped up in a black robe and blue pajama pants (which seemed to have little angel characters on them… or maybe that was just the alcohol) wearing his glasses and holding his phone flashlight in your face. “Are you okay? Any bruises?” 
He kneeled down to your level, trying to untangle you from your own mess before helping you to your feet, guiding your giggling figure all the way back into the guest house, and safety of your room. Though one look at the invitation on your nightstand to the gala tonight flooded you with the reason that you even went in the first place. “Do you think my dad’ll pay attention to me if I make the tabloids?” You whispered. You weren’t addressing Seokjin, lost in your own mind, but he turned around at the sound of your voice regardless. 
“What?” He turned you gently to face him. “What did you do tonight yn?” His brain wracked with all the possibilities of tomorrow’s headlines, your face plastered all over page six. He knew you’d wake up with not only a massive headache, but also major regret. Maybe he could call in a favor with his buddy at the Post, stop the pictures from coming out altogether. 
You sat on the edge of your bed, shoes long kicked off. “Do you think if the whole country was paying attention to me, he would too?” Your voice was small, and your eyes glassy. You let out a tiny sniffle, laying down to the comfort of your pillow. You think Seokjin may have said something, but you weren’t sure, because you were drifting off to sleep on your tear-dampened pillow before you could comprehend it.
Tumblr media
“Yn! What brings you here?” Seokjin was just handing a dossier to his associate when you walked in, shyly waiting for the man to brush past you in exiting Seokjin’s office before you sat down. 
“I’m sorry to disturb you during the work day, but I just really wanted to apologize for last night.” You chewed your lip anxiously, wearing a hopeful and contrite expression. “I… don’t remember much, but I remember you helping me up, and how drunk I was and…” your eyes were big and remorseful, “I just wanted to thank you for taking care of me then. You really didn’t have to, and I know I must have made so much noise coming home—I hope I didn’t wake the kids—and I just feel so embarrassed having you see me like that—” 
“It’s okay,” Seokjin held a hand up and stopped your rambling immediately, amused with your foolish babbling. “Don’t worry about it. It’s no big deal.”
“No, but it is a big deal, you prattled. “You’ve done so much for me these past few months, and I just—” you took a deep breath, “I want to repay you, somehow. If there’s any room for me here, I would love to help out around the office. Anything, getting coffee, making copies. If you’ll have me, of course.” You tacked on hastily. 
Seokjin was a bit surprised by your request—you actually wanted to work (for the first time in your life)—but he’d never turn you down. “We’d be happy to have you,” he smiled. “But yn…” he started, leaning forward and resting his arms on the table. He paused before speaking, unsure if he should bring up what you’d said last night. But he pushed forward with confidence, knowing that you needed to hear this. “You shouldn’t live for others. You should only live for yourself.” 
You nodded, looking down. Learning that lesson the hard way definitely left an impression on you, but hearing it from Seokjin only solidified it. It was about time you took control over your own life—starting with getting experience at an actual job. Thanks to Seokjin, the path before you seemed brighter already.
Tumblr media
“I’ve got those documents you asked for,” you rushed, placing them on his desk. “Had to bribe Lorraine with a chocolate muffin to put a rush on the numbers, but here they are.” 
“Ah, you’re a godsend.” Seokjin sighs in relief, immediately looking over the papers. “And… that also explains the chocolate smudges,” he held up a page to you, eliciting a giggle and a shake of your head. 
In the few months you’d worked at Seokjin’s office, you’d made yourself indispensable. You went above and beyond your job description, and you were good at it, too. Seokjin himself even ran ideas by you, valuing your opinion as well as your company. You brightened the corporate office with your personality and cute giggles that could be heard across the hall, and he felt luckier everyday to have you. 
“She was racing against the clock for 5 PM, and she won,” you laughed, glancing at the timepiece on the wall. “Speaking of, you heading home any time soon? It’s like a ghost town out there.” 
Seokjin shook his head, eyes never leaving the documents in his hands. “You go on ahead, I’ve gotta finish this.” 
And there’s nothing more you wanted than to go home and kick off your Louboutins, and to take a nice, warm bath after the long and busy day at the office. But as you turned to leave, the image of Seokjin’s sunken figure over his desk crossed your mind, knowing he was going to be hunched over those papers all night until the circles under his eyes darkened. You knew he was a hard worker, making sure all the tasks for the day were done, even if that meant he’d have to work overtime himself—he hadn’t become a successful business monger by sitting on his ass. 
But you’d noticed an increase in Seokjin’s workaholic tendencies in the few months you’d lived at the estate, observing his later nights at the office, and the dinners he often missed because he was working too much. He’d always be the first to come in and the last to leave the office, and he’d barely stepped foot in his house if he could help it, it seemed. 
And that wasn’t it. You’d noticed he’d started looking more and more tired, carrying too much stress on those broad shoulders. The smiles he wore rarely reached his eyes anymore, and his sighs seemed more heavy and burdensome. 
You weren’t an idiot—even if you only saw the Kims sporadically throughout the week, you were staying in their guest house. It wasn’t completely lost on you how strained the relationship between Seokjin and his wife had gotten. You’d minded your business, having no interest in their personal affairs. But they couldn’t hide the tension between them in the house, even if they wanted to. 
You turned back around, closing Seokjin’s office door behind you. “I’ll stay and help you then!” You piped, taking a seat across from him. It was the least you could do—keep his mind occupied and off of the stress. 
“Yn, it’s okay,” he protested. “You don’t have to do this. Go on home, I’ll be fine.” 
“Fire me, then. But I’m not leaving,” you pushed, retrieving a folder and making yourself comfortable. You missed the small smile on Seokjin’s face as he turned his attention back to the dossier, resuming his rifling. 
“Thank you,” he said genuinely, “I appreciate the company. I’m not quite ready to go home yet.” 
You nodded, setting your dossier down gently. “Is everything okay?” He looked up at your sudden inquiry, eyebrow titled in question. “I’ve just… noticed a weird mood in the house. I wanted to make sure you’re okay.”
“Everything’s fine,” he shrugged unconvincingly, and even he knew it.
“C’mon, Jin,” the nickname slipped from your lips, “you guys don’t even talk at breakfast… It isn’t exactly subtle.” 
Seokjin sighed at your declaration, putting the papers down and leaning back against the chair. “Yeah, I guess when you put it like that,” he laughed it off, but his eyes were in deep contemplation, far from work. “We’ve been having problems—that’s true.” He paused before his next sentence, leaning forward on the desk, and finally meeting your eyes. “She’s been pushing me to move back to New York, expand the business into finance, do Wall Street.” 
“But you love it here,” you couldn’t help but argue, knowing Jin’s passion for real estate. You’d heard him rave about the city’s unmatched history and architecture enough to know that Jin had fallen in love with the city since he’d attended undergrad here. 
“I know, but she really wants to go back. She says that I’m not reaching my full potential, and that if I take the opportunity, I could be even bigger than my uncle.” He was referring to Taehyung’s dad, and you have to raise your eyebrows at that—she was ambitious. 
“She’s been talking about going to stay at the summer house in the Hamptons,” he pushed his hair back in distress, frustration coloring his features. “I didn’t want to admit it, but,” he sighed heavily, “I think we’re headed for a divorce.” 
“Oh my god,” you gasped, “I’m… so sorry. I had no idea.” 
“No, it's fine,” he waved his hand, standing up from his chair to pace. He needed to expend the frustrated energy in his body somehow. “It actually helps to say it out loud for once,” he said softly to himself, before turning to you. “And you’ve been such a big help. It’s been hard concentrating on work, but you’ve made my life so much easier here.” 
“Please, it was nothing.” You felt shy at his compliments, looking away. “I’m always happy to help.” 
“And you did,” he emphasized. “Thank you so much.” 
You didn’t say anything in response, only getting up from your seat to approach him at the window as he stared out at the skyline he loved so much. The city glittered back, making you feel like the only two people in the world in that penthouse office. 
“You deserve to do what you want,” you breathed, touching his arm. “You deserve to live the life you want to live,” parroting back what he’d said to you once. 
He chuckled, looking back into your eyes. “Good advice,” he returns softly, “Whoever said that was a wise man.” 
“Indeed,” you nod, “And he was kind, smart, and hard-working, and…” your voice lowered as you stepped closer to him, his eyes following your every move. “The most handsome man I’ve ever met.” Your eyes shone as you looked up at his, your breath hitched in your throat at the end of your sentence. 
The tension in the room thickened insufferably, engulfing you both. Seokjin’s face was unreadable as he looked back at you, contemplation circling you. “Yn…” he started.
“C’mon,” you interrupted, running your hand up his arm. “Don’t act like you don’t want this, too. I know there’s something between us, I can feel it.” 
There was a heat to your words that filled the room, pushing you closer together. He seemed to realize it too—that the unspoken attraction between you couldn’t go on like this. You couldn’t dance around each other anymore, not after tonight. 
You didn’t know who made the first move—if you leaned in first, or if he cupped your cheeks and tilted you up to meet his lips. All you knew was that you’d felt his mouth in hot pleasure as he ravished your lips, pulling moan after moan from you. 
The so-important documents you’d delivered earlier ended up on the floor with your clothes piled on, and the entirety of Seokjin’s beloved city watched as you two gave into your carnal desires in his office in the sky. 
Tumblr media
“You promised!” You tried to keep your voice hushed, but the anger bled through regardless. You whirled around. “The only reason I continued this,” you gestured between you, “is because you said you were headed for a divorce. It’s been months, Seokjin!” 
“Yn, calm down,” he held you by your arms, caressing soothingly. You tried to wriggle away from his grip, but he had you in a tight grab. “Listen, let’s go away this weekend. Just the two of us, and we can figure everything out. Okay?” He ducked his head, trying to catch your gaze. You deftly avoided it by pointedly looking away. 
“C’mon, baby,” he stepped closer to you. “I love you, you know that.” He leaned down and pressed a consoling peck to your lips, one you didn’t push away.
You finally looked at him, and immediately softened at the brown eyes and pouty face that met you. “Fine,” you huffed, but the anger in your voice melted away easily with his charm. 
Tumblr media
The cottage was freezing. You hadn’t figured out how to turn on the heat yet, relying on Seokjin to get it going once he drove in. You’d decided to take separate cars to the secret getaway, you arriving first, and him arriving after his last meeting on Friday. But that evening found you sitting bundled up in warm blankets alone, perched on the bed, with tears streaming down your face. 
“Y-you’re what?” You sniffled, a sob ripping through you. “You’re staying with…her?” 
Your eyes reddened by the moment, and your mascara marked down your face. “But she doesn’t deserve you,” you couldn’t help yelling into the phone, “You don’t love her!”
“I know, baby. But the kids…” he sighed on the other side, “It’s better for us to stay together.” It was an excuse, you knew that. His kids hadn’t stopped him from fucking you ten ways till Sunday in his office, or railing you late at night in your room when they were asleep. 
“I love you, but…” he paused. “It’s time for you to go home. You have a whole life to live, yn. I don’t want to keep you down.” 
“Fuck you,” you spat into the phone before throwing it at your pillow.
You cried yourself dry that night, wailing as you wrapped yourself into a ball on the bed, blinking tears out of your eyes as you called a taxi and carried your luggage through the train station. Holding back sobs as you boarded the train, running far away from this place, and letting it carry you back home where you belonged. 
- watch out for part 3! + let me know what you think!
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Teacher’s Pet | JJK (1)
—chapter one: daydreams and beginnings
Tumblr media
♡ ⟶series summary: Hooking up every so often with your English Literature professor, what's the worst that can happen? Falling in love, perhaps.
♡ ⟶pairing: professor/dilf!jungkook x student!reader
♡ ⟶genre: illicit/forbidden relationship au, college!au, sneaky link to lovers, age gap, smut
♡ ⟶word count: 5.1k
♡ ⟶chapter contains: dom!jk, bratty sub!oc, lecture hall sex, oral sex (f rec.), penetrative sex, unprotected sex (mentions of taking morning-after pill), jk hasn’t had sex in a minute so he fucks oc like his life depends on it, humiliation & degrading kink, oh and mentions of romeo and juliet being sneaky links?
♡ ⟶chapter summary: Romeo and Juliet weren't the only ones risking it all for a forbidden fuck. Your professor finally decides, after an entire semester, to address the blatant heart eyes you've always had for one another when you stay after class. With the semester wrapping up, Jungkook realized it was now or never.
this is part 1 of my new teachers pet series, but can be read as a stand-alone
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Tumblr media
You swear you did not rationally, or even consciously, doodle a heart on your paper like a ten-year-old girl with a crush. You refuse to believe it. However, with the way Mr. Jeon keeps pacing back and forth, bottom lip between his teeth for the split second that he allows his eyes to meet yours during his lecture, your mind couldn’t care less about the damn doodled heart.
You’re not ashamed or scared to get caught gawking, one reason being that you've already been caught. Many times, actually. So what’s one more?
The other reason is that he does it often and oh so casually too. Mr. Jeon wasn’t going to pretend like he didn't notice you sitting there every week with your teeth nibbling at the end of your pencil, thighs squeezed shut with a resting, subtle pout on your plump lips. He wasn't going to act oblivious to that look in your eyes either, he was able to quickly pinpoint that certain look, that plead, the day he first saw it.
It’s been two months since you got transferred into his second semester English Lit class, and fuck were you grateful for your other professor's sudden leave.
Though he'll never admit it, he's just as grateful.
Two full months of him eye-fucking you— or you eye-fucking him (hard to tell)— and trying his absolute best not to let his curiosity lead him to wonder how utterly drenched you potentially were in your chair, actively trying his best to prevent the possible blood flow to his crotch. A mid-lecture boner would be a disaster, he reminds himself frequently.
“Your assignment for this week should be fairly easy, it’s your final analysis. I want you to pick a classic literary piece and analyze one of the less-talked-about thoughts, ideas, or events in it that can or do contribute to the original meaning of the said literary piece.”
You've picked up on this one habit of his, which is how he adamantly avoids glancing in your direction when he speaks— because your reaction to just his voice alone?... It's enough to make him weak in the knees. Again, he can't be in that state mid-lecture. Horrible.
His pacing comes to a halt when he takes a seat behind his desk and on his desk chair, and you truly can't resist sparing a quick look at his man-spread thighs. His toned, thick thighs that are now straining against the hard-working material of his chinos. You can't resist imagining what it would feel like to pleasure yourself against those thighs, the way it would feel if he tensed the muscle beneath you. You can't resist imagining how his toned, tattooed arm would contrast so sexily against the soft, delicate skin of your back, holding you flush against him as you moved your hips. The words of encouragement that would slip past his lips. God.
"If no one has any further questions that should be it. Format the analysis how you usually would, grading rubrics and the deadline date will be emailed to each of you by tonight."
His words are only a vague mumble to you and you don't doubt that you probably look like one of those exaggerated head-over-heels cartoon characters right now. Cute, but beyond embarrassing when you're not aware that you're the only one still seated, half the room already having piled out the door.
Luckily, you were self-aware a few minutes ago when he explained the assignment, and with the way he was now watching you intently, wondering if you were going to just sit there forever or finally initiate the first move given that he would never bring himself to, you impulsively walk over to his desk after strategically deciding to 'discuss the assignment further' as a poor excuse to talk to him.
"Ms. Y/L/N." His tone was of faux shock yet casual, playful almost. It's too soon for him to be certain about you're main objective, but the second you approach his desk- the new, thick and suffocating air is indisputable.
"I have an idea for the assignment, but I want to run it by you first... get a second opinion before I start."
He nods his chin upwards in a gesture for you to continue, and with the way his eyes are even darker up close, you can't help but internally shudder.
"So I'm choosing Romeo and Juliet, basic, I know, but -" you cut yourself off when the loud click of the door's automatic lock echos throughout the lecture hall, the heavy wooden door now sealed shut and acting as a barrier that's shielding you and him from the scrambling students who were now gone. His eyes flick to the door, then right back to yours, and the air gets even more suffocating.
"- you know how their love is considered to be like... undeniable?" Your voice was more of a timid whisper and he rolls his tongue inside of his cheek and does that hot nod thing again and you just know that your panties are done for by now.
"Well, I don't doubt that it was undeniable, but I do doubt that it was love at first sight. Romeo definitely had a thing for her, but 'love' wasn't what originally drove him to do the unimaginable. It was lust."
He looks as if he wants to laugh, but he won't. He wouldn't. Humored, though, he acknowledges your theory.
"And how do you think that contributes to the overall message?"
You brace yourself for your first bold statement of this encounter, adverting your eyes to glance over the organized piles of papers in front of you while speaking.
"Well, the overall message is what true love can look like, but what if it's what true lust can look like. It makes sense, to me at least... but I'm sure you can understand that concept just as well."
He straightens his once slouched position, his elbows propping against the surface, his chin dangerously close to your chest. His forehead wrinkles the slightest bit as he stares up at you from the somewhat awkward position, a dark spark hidden just beyond each pupil.
"So you think it was a sexual desire that drove them to do the unimaginable?"
Whether it was his words or his proximity, you can't take back that small, struggled whimper that left your throat. He can't take back the sudden blow flow to his dick either.
"Humans tend to let their sexual charges get the best of them, it’s nature." It was his turn to get flustered by your words, all of the "what if's" he's ever fantasized about you clouding his mind completely, leaving his body to selfishly betray his own thought-over morals, eager to indulge in you while he has the chance. It is your graduation month after all.
Jungkook knows this is something he will never be able to take back. He knows that this is crazy, absurd, against his contract's code of conduct, and just downright wrong. But he also knows that you're an adult- a young one at that, but still an adult. However, he's also aware that you're impressionable, so that's exactly why he'll let you be the one to choose what happens. He'll only do what you want to do, the desire is strong but nowhere near greedy enough to take advantage.
He's prepared for you to second guess, and when you do, he won't try to convince you to stay.
Fuck him or don't, it'll be that sexual desire of his that lead him to willingly want to do the unimaginable with you in the first place. Well, desire and the fact that his current personal life hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows lately either. He's been stressed and in immense need of a good distraction, so an old-fashioned quick-fuck is not so bad of an idea.
The more the pros outweigh the cons, the more that want overtakes and he's realizing how badly he needs this. He needs you right now more than ever.
"If you want it, it's yours."
You certainly did not have to tell him twice, his actions being supernaturally fast as he gets up to stand to flush against your standing body, large hands settling on your waist, your heartbeat no longer being able to keep up a subtle rhythm and you know he can feel it booming against his own chest because you are close enough to feel him against you.
In the midst of a gasp, he places a much-needed kiss on the set of lips that he was never able to resist thinking about— coming to find out you exceed his expectations. He sucks, bites, and swipes his tongue over your bottom lip, hips instinctively grinding for friction.
And you? You're a mess.
He already has you moaning, and you can't tell whether it's from pleasure or it's your way of pleading— but both make sense. Your knees feel like jello and your pussy is throbbing underneath your drenched, hopeless panties. The taste of his mouth is something you never want to part with, and the feel of his needy bulge using your body for relief is something you're still having trouble wrapping your head around.
"You wanted this so badly, huh? Daydreamed about moments like this?"
Your cheeks flush pink at the fact that he's correct. Not that you didn't suspect he already had a gist of what you think about when he's teaching his lectures, but you're still embarrassed hearing him confirm it.
He brings one hand from your waist to hook a finger beneath your chin, guiding you to face him. "Tell me one of your favorites."
Your brows furrow in confusion, not understanding what he means. Before your parted lips could move to speak, he elaborates. "Walk me through one of your favorite fantasies you've had... Tell me what you visualized me doing to you."
Your pussy was abused without even being touched yet. His words traveled straight to a knot in your lower stomach, causing a wave-like sensation to wash over you, settling at your entrance.
"Fuck." Was all you were capable of letting out, too much in a haze to form a coherent answer. You want to relieve this painful tension, but he's taking his time.
"The faster you walk me through it, the faster I'll do it."
"I would think about you naked, a lot, your hands all over me, fucking me so hard 'til I feel numb. I thought about my mouth around you, the things you'd call me."
His cock twitched at each confession, especially that last one.
"Yeah? And what did I call you?"
"A slut... a behaved slut."
The deep bass of his voice followed his sadistic chuckle, accompanied by his cock pressing even harder against you, making you whine as the sensation cascades over you more intense than before. "Is that true? Are you a slut?"
The residue of his chuckle is in the form of a smirk, eyebrows raised as he intently waits for your answer. "That's for you to decide... you'll have to find out on your own."
They weren't the words he expected, but he was beyond satisfied with doing just that. Finding out. Not without milking the temptation out further, of course.
"What about behaved? Do you behave?"
"Only when I want to."
He keeps his playfulness intact even when he forcefully wraps a hand around your throat. His grip contradicts his light, kind smile significantly. You gasp at the suddenness of it all.
"Uh oh... Looks like I'm going to have a rough time." He guides you by the throat to walk backward, crotch still pressed against you when your ass shoves against the edge of his desk. "But if you are a behaved slut for me, we can both have a good, rough time."
You understand his implication far too well, and if your pussy wasn't convulsing around nothing, you might've just pressed your stubbornness further.
Your eyebrows crease in pity from his dominance winning but his proposition was something you really needed, and he sees the eager agreement on your face. He notes your willingness to comply, and the strong grip on your neck tames down as he rejoins your lips, slowly.
Humming as his tongue teasingly trails up along yours, you cautiously bring your open hand flat to his chest, feeling out the muscular ridges you would always see a faint imprint of even from afar.
“Get on the desk.”
His voice was more of a murmur but the faint undertone of unmistakable authority was more than prominent. Following his breathless request, you use both hands to grip the edge of the desk, pushing yourself up to set your ass on its surface.
Even though your legs are spread only the slightest, he could still fit in between if he wanted to. However, he’s not coming closer like you assumed he would. Amused, he stands one foot away from your waiting core.
“Look at you, sitting on my desk making a mess of yourself.”
He’s not wrong. Before him lies an image of your breathless body panting almost hysterically, a facial expression so lewd as you wait to just feel something, anything against you. All while being completely oblivious of you're unhinged, yearning state.
His words snap you back into your right mind, a large gulp took to help stabilize your heavy breathing.
As if his smile couldn't have grown any eviler, he places a finger to your lips, inching closer but not letting your clothed core meet his bulge.
"Please touch you?" He doesn't give you a chance to speak, his free hand having crept up unnoticed, landing his middle fingertip on your soaked core. Despite it being covered by two layers of material, you’re soaked enough for it be felt through both. "Touch this wet pussy of yours?"
You let out a whiney groan to show how excruciating his temptation is, all in hopes he just might cave in.
His finger trails up to the side of your pant's waistband, his other hand falling from your lips to join the opposite side. Hooking his four digits into the material of the fabric on both sides, the tops of his fingers against your bare skin as he roughly yanks your pants and panties down in one swift movement, his biceps tensing, leaving them bunched up at your knees before slowly pulling them off completely.
He stares at the picture he created, the picture he unveiled, and relishes in the way your delicate, plump pussy looks on top of his desk. This new sight was enough to make him needy. His own tortuous temptation catches up to him as he finds himself magnetically closing in the space between your pussy and his bulge.
You stare down at the contact only for half a second before a familiar hand is grasping at your neck and your lips are directed and then captured between his.
Testing the waters, you grind subtly against him.
Whimpering into his mouth, you realize how worked up you truly are after him taking his sweet time, and the friction from rubbing against his covered bulge alone is something you can see yourself cumming from.
And from the way he’s breathing shallowing against the kiss, chest rising just to crash back down, you know he’s worked up too.
“Please… Fuck me.”
You stop your grinding when he ignores you, knowing that he wasn’t moving his hips anyway. He was letting you be the one to create that friction because he knows he’s too hard to do it back. Just like you, cumming from friction alone wasn’t a far stretch in his mind.
Upon your stopping, he breaks the kiss, the sloppy, hopeless kiss, and puts some distance between your bodies again.
You watch as he debates something in his head, noticing how his eyes narrow upon having made a decision, and before you can even question him, he’s walking over to the opposite side of the desk and grabbing hold of his desk chair. You instinctively grind against nothing as you watch him roll the chair over, parking it right in front of you.
The chair was low enough that if he sat in it, his mouth would be leveled with your core, and he would be able to—
You gasp in partial realization of his plan and partial excitement.
Doing as expected, he sits on the chair, rolling himself closer and closer until you bite down on your lip from the feeling of his warm breath directly against you.
He pauses, eyes up on you. You realize he’s stopped, so you look down and are caught in his gaze, a microscopic smirk on his face as he speaks.
“This is just foreplay, don’t even think about cumming.”
You feel yourself convulse at his words, at his implication that he’s going to fuck you but not without performing oral first. It’s almost embarrassing how wet you are.
“So what if I do? Are you gonna fail me, Mr. Jeon?”
You couldn’t help yourself. And you really wish you could have when you feel his tongue slip past your slit, completely skipping over easing you into the sensation and instead rapidly flicking his tongue over your sensitive bud until your moans transform into something of a scream.
“Slower, you have to go— Fuck! Slower.”
He chuckles against you, hands engulfing your inner thighs and squeezing the plushness of each one to his liking. His hands are strong and his grip is tight and you know you’re going to have bruising all over the areas he’s mindlessly toying with.
“Don’t call me ‘Mr. Jeon’, it’s Jungkook… And if you want to cum, you’ll drop that attitude of yours. Haven’t you been taught manners?”
His short break to speak was enough for you to miss his tongue, even though it was too fast for you to handle, and you whine as you push yourself against his lips to shut him up and get more.
He smiles against you, licking a stripe up your slit once, originally planning to pull back but something about how you tasted was too enticing to do such. Instead, he indulges deeper. Hungrier. And this time it’s not just his tongue flicking over you, but his whole mouth swallowing and exploring every part of your pussy.
His bottom lip starts at your entrance, top lip at your clit, and he closes them in to meet, all while his tongue is busy exploring the space in between. He repeats that until he discovers the way your tight hole feels around his tongue. Until he finds out how your pussy contracts when he licks your clit with the flat of his tongue. And you repeat your moans, the chants of his name, the wave in your stomach that’s building and building each passing second until you can’t take it anymore.
“Mm m’gonna cum if you don’t stop soon.”
You tried your best to sound normal, but your voice was two octaves too high and your breathing threw off any chances of sounding remotely close to nonchalant or ‘normal’.
He really doesn’t want to stop, but he can’t have you cumming. Not yet.
Pulling away, at a loss of breath himself, he stares up at you, his lips swollen and glossed with your juices, eyes trance-like.
You stare back with the same needy gleam, and for the first time he gives in to your wordless plead, his hands making their way to his belt.
You watch as he fiddles with the pesky belt buckle, eagerly yanks the zipper of his pants down, and pulls both his briefs and pants to rest on his mid-thighs. You watch as his length, the one you were right about in your daydreams, springs up sternly against his lower stomach, holding an angry tinge of red. You watch as he uses his thumb to spread the thick bead of precum that balanced along his slit. You watched, but more importantly, you craved. So fucking badly.
And so did he.
Standing up, he notes how you’re too out of breath to maintain a proper kiss, so he settles on the skin of your jaw, biting, sucking, licking, pecking, all while he slowly strokes himself, his shaft angled just above your vulva.
Just as he parts his lips from your jaw, you spread your legs a little wider, angling them up just the slightest until Jungkook’s eyes squint in thought.
“What?” You breathily ask.
He glances back over his shoulder for whatever reason before looking down at his cock that was just about to finally enter you.
“It’s just that I didn't take note to bring condoms with me to work today.”
You try not to but still inevitably laugh at his sarcasm, slowly beginning to like his humor just a little bit. But then your faced with the predicament at hand, saying the first solution that comes to mind because you’re still aching down there.
“It’s fine, I’ll take the pill when I get home.”
His eyes dart back and forth between yours, an ‘are you serious?’ expression that soon blends into an ‘oh you are serious’ expression. You nod at his hesitance and contemplation, encouraging him to continue.
‘Humans tend to let their sexual charges get the best of them, it’s nature.’ Jungkook remembers the words that lead to this, and he realizes how accurate they are as he is getting ready to fuck his student raw on top of his desk, in the room that was jam-packed with people only moments ago.
“Fuck, I can’t believe I’m doing this.”
You don’t have time to speak in regards to Jungkook’s words of …unwanted disbelief? as he contradicts himself by easing his tip into your slicked-up hole. Any words you were planning on saying were gone just like that as your mouth stayed agape, pussy stretching around him as he pushed in slowly, taking it inch by inch.
You felt yourself suffocating each ridge and vein on his cock, his girth pulsating the deeper he went and the tighter you squeezed him. His lips are parted as he lets out occasional, deep grunts of pleasure mixed with concentration.
He was just over halfway in when you felt full. You imagined him to be this big, but fuck was he big. It’s like your fantasies have been intensified, enhanced, if you will. You’re not complaining, but you are wincing.
“Is that too much? I don’t have to bottom out if you can’t take—”
“Go all the way. It’s fine.”
He looks up at you at your all too confident request, eyes lighting up in a small smirk before biting his lip and doing as told.
You really wish you have a better analogy for the feeling of him bottoming out in you that isn’t something so absurd and far stretched- but it really does feel like you are floating on the clouds.
He’s so fucking big.
Perhaps you are in the clouds, his dick being your cause of death. But when he pulls back halfway and softly caresses your cheek, you're brought straight back to earth.
“Are you crying?”
Are you? You come to find out he’s only detecting the obvious as you feel a wet drop slipping down your face. You are in fact crying and you suddenly want to bury yourself alive with the embarrassment.
“Crying cause my cock?” He’s not even trying to sound seductive, and with the way his tone comes off as mocking, it’s almost as if he’s trying to humiliate you. “So pathetic, Y/N.”
You don’t know how to react, but it’s not like you even have time to as he drills himself back into you even harsher than before, forearms securely holding your thighs around his waist.
“Fucking hell.” He gasps out, his hips at an inhumane pace.
Your eyes are sealed shut, hands fisted on top of the desk's surface, mouth agape as it’s too overwhelming to make a sound.
You wish you had it in you to speak, or breathe, but you’re completely frozen in the feeling of his cock pounding into your done-for pussy.
“Jungkook…” Your voice is almost gone despite how little of it you’ve been using. “Faster.”
Your words betray you, but also lead to rewarding you with what you subconsciously wanted.
His hips pick up, and you didn’t think that would even be possible. Perhaps that’s half the reason why you said it in the first place; because you thought there’s no way you could get it. However, his speed increases and the empty room is filled with vulgar noises.
“So you are a behaved slut… taking my cock so well.” He groans his words as he pounds in and out of you and you’re too dizzy to note that he called you the pet name you confessed to him moments ago.
You try to focus on anything but the feeling that’s building inside of you each passing second. You will do anything: fuck your professor, potentially get in so much trouble because of it, get him in trouble- but you will not cum so soon. You just won’t allow it.
But you’re both aware of the reality that this predicament holds, which is that you’ve built this moment up so much with all the teasing and foreplay that it won’t be long until you’re both falling victim to the outcome of temptation.
“You need to slower… Go slower, I mean. You need to— Fuck, Jungkook.”
Jungkook smirks for the slightest second when he sees how you're fucking up your words because of how he’s fucking you.
He’s just as adamant about not finishing so soon, but for him, it’s way more difficult.
Jungkook has realized by now that the last woman he’s indulged in like this was his ex-wife, and that was over a year ago. So feeling something so incredibly tight around his cock that isn’t his hand for once, makes his orgasm almost impossible to wait.
And with that unfortunately being said, Jungkook’s eyes widen as his cock twitches, and just like that—
You gasp sharply, not having expected that to happen so soon. You would take this as an opportunity to humiliate him back, but you’d rather take this as an opportunity to finally let yourself release.
Bringing your hand to your clit, you rub frantically, eyes fixated on the breathless and dazed-over man in front of you as you let your high build, grinding your hips onto his softening cock as it finally collapses over you, and you moan in pleasure as he hisses in overstimulation.
You both exhale in sync, and the second he’s no longer battling the overstimulation, he grabs your throat.
You stare up into his eyes, your orgasm still lingering, and you feel so submissive all of a sudden. Like you want to apologize for what you did, let him choke you if that’s what he wants.
But then he softly kisses you.
Your thoughts shift into ones of confusion as he releases pressure on your neck and intimately laces his tongue with yours, suctioning onto your bottom lip before releasing with a pop and slowly rejoining, creating a slow, sensual, and heated makeout.
It was so, for lack of a better word, nice that you were almost upset when he pulled away.
His hand peels from your thigh, the other from your neck, and he cups your cheeks. Your wide eyes meet his, noticing how his features have softened tremendously compared to before.
“Was that okay?”
As soon as you nod yes, too taken aback to think of any correct verbal response, he lets one hand off of your face and very slowly pulls himself out of you, brows creasing slightly. He notices your whimper and strokes your cheek with his thumb.
“I have wet wipes in the top drawer if you want to reach over and get them.”
You really cannot wrap your head around this completely new, kinder, version of him. You wonder if he’s just sexually dominant, and it’s not until now that you realize you’ve never taken much thought into his real personality. Perhaps he is a very nice guy.
The more things cleared up in your head, the quicker the confusion slipped past you and you found yourself reaching over the desk while still sittng atop to grab the wet wipes from the said top drawer.
“Here, I got it.” He volunteers as he takes the package from your hands, plucking out a moist wipe before gently wiping away any trace of your mixed climaxes from your core.
He’s extremely delicate with you, and he avoids your clit completely because he knows how sensitive it probably is right now.
He catches you staring at him, a bunny-like smile lighting up his face.
“I heard warm baths can help with soreness.” He speaks as he discards the wipe in the trash can beside the desk. “And I’m sorry for going a little too hard, it’s been a minute since… y’know.”
His cheeks are tinted with the palest shade of red, and you find it somewhat adorable how he’s embarrassed to confess that to you.
“It’s okay.” Your voice is small, and it makes his heart clench. You’re not the only one who’s fond.
You try to bite your tongue, but when he helps you redress after having cleaned himself up a bit, you can’t help but ask about the elephant in the room.
“Why are you so nice all of a sudden?”
Jungkook smiles at your question, shaking his head a bit in humor as he looks down at his feet and then back up to you.
“Has it ever occurred to you that I might just be a nice guy after all?”
Yes, yes it has.
His tone wasn’t rude or cocky, but humorous and you found yourself laughing a little. And something about your reaction to him is so enticing to him but he doesn’t know what it is he wants from you.
Maybe more of you, perhaps. He definitely wouldn’t mind seeing you again.
“I um… This doesn’t have to be a one-time thing.”
Your ears perk up, and all of a sudden you have a strong craving to find out if he is a nice guy. Learn more about him… about his body. Sex or not, you wouldn’t mind seeing him again either.
“I can leave you my number.” You suggest. “My schedule has been mostly clear these days… except for classes of course.”
And just like that, he remembers you’re a student. He remembers the risk of what just happened, the risk of continuing this. He contemplates his offer as you get down from the desk after jotting your number down on a miscellaneous sticky note. And it’s not until you reach up onto your tiptoes to place a shy kiss on his lips that his doubts falter.
And he doesn’t want to admit it, but he thinks he could get used to that.
“Thank you, Mr. Jeon.”
He watches as you exit the lecture hall, and for some reason, a reason he’s trying his best not to decode, he’s already anticipating the next time that he’ll see you.
A/N: the first chapter of my first series?!?! teaaa 🫣 this series is going to be so fun to write… i have all the chapters planned out and i can’t wait to write more, stay tuneddd <3
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he’s built different
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Me, Myself, ​and Jung Kook​ ‘Time Difference​​’ ​Concept Film
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that song is haunting him 😭
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  𝗃ᧉ𝗈𝗇𝗀𝗀𝗎𝗄 ݄  ⓘ🐜         
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Stay With Me | Perfect
Tumblr media
exhusband!jungkook, singleparent!jungkook, unplanned pregnancy, E2L, fluff, angst, smut
Word Count - 3.5k
Your pregnancy hormones are wild enough to make Jungkook lose sleep. Warnings: swearing, explicit pregnancy sex, masturbation, tooth-rotting fluff
“Jungkook…” You whisper, throwing a leg over him beneath the floral bedsheets, his bare muscular back pressed against your chest and your arm lazily draped over his middle as you pull yourself closer to him. “Jungkook….” You try again to coax a reaction from him, a little louder this time.
You’re not sure what time it is, what you do know is that it’s still dark outside and your pregnancy hormones are in full swing – the second trimester was a pain for impromptu horniness during your first pregnancy, and this one is proving to be no different.
Your ex husband is still asleep, giving that he sleeps through anything and everything under the sun you've been trying to wake him for five minutes now, but nothing is working. It’s times like this you detest how much of a heavy sleeper he is, when you’re desperate and in need of some kind of relief.
“Kook…” You pepper his shoulder blade with gentle kisses and he begins to stir, his heavy body stretching out in your hold when he hums once. “Kook… Are you awake?” You sigh, hand trailing the strong lumps and bumps of his abdomen.
“Mmm.” He hums again, smacking his lips together. You know full-well he’s still asleep, a fraction of you feels guilty for trying to disturb his slumber but there’s an ache between your thighs that you know he can soothe. An ache that you want him to soothe.
“Jungkook…” Your hand sinks lower and lower, until you find the waistband of the grey boxer shorts he’d worn to bed. Your fingertips dip beneath the fabric teasingly, you rub his skin a little harder but he still doesn’t seem to catch on to your frustration, lost to a dreamland. “Fine…” You huff, rolling onto your back to stare at the white ceiling, wide-awake.
Jungkook officially moved back in with you three weeks ago and your life has been a constant bliss ever since. He’s changed from his old stubborn ways, now helping with dinner and spending some much needed (and missed) quality time with you and Seol. You’re almost five months pregnant now, due for your gender scan tomorrow morning.
Seol came to your first scan appointment with you and Jungkook, the doe-eyed pair both tearing up upon hearing the baby Jeon’s tiny fluttering heartbeats which made you very emotional too. You're so full of love and joy recently, so much so that it almost outweighs the dreaded morning sickness you've been cursed with. It’s not the life you thought you would’ve had at this age, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.
Everything is perfect.
At least it would be if Jungkook woke up.
Feeling agitated and brazen you kick his shin, not hard, but not gentle either. This wins you another hum and some soft snores from the man beside you, one arm is bent beneath his pillow and the other hangs off the bed. There’s no sign of any movement so you try again with added force, kicking his shin and pushing his leg off the mattress with your foot.
“Mmm.” He smacks his lips together a few times again, the noise akin to him chewing something soft. You feel like screaming when his leg finds it’s way back to it’s original position on the bed and he squeezes his pillow tighter, nuzzling his cheek against it.
You exhale sharply, eyes trained to fluffy brunette hair gathered at the back of his dumb, selfish, still sound asleep head. Wow, pregnancy hormones are wild, you can’t recall the last time you were this pissed off and the poor guy’s fast asleep and has no idea.
“Jungkook.” You say loudly, sternly, burning a whole into his head.
Nothing, not even a hum or any sign of acknowledgement this time.
“Kook.” Your bitterness is amplified by another kick to his shin, this time maybe a little too hard to be considered an accident. Though there’s nothing accidental about what you’re doing and you’re fully aware of that fact.
“Jungkook. Kook. Jungkook.”
You poke at his back with your finger repeatedly, emphasising the call of his name but it’s to no avail. The man is out for the count and you know there’s nothing on earth that can disturb him when he’s in this deep of a sleep.
Sighing, you reach over to the bedside drawer and grab your battery operated boyfriend and shimmy your underwear down your legs in preparation. Thankfully you’re wearing a thin white cotton nightie with lemon detailing for bed, one of the only garments you own that still fit you by this point in your pregnancy, so it’s not too much of a hassle to set up station.
The neon pink bullet you’re holding finds it’s way to your clit when you press the on button, humming contently as the vibrations begin to ease the tension between your legs. You’re breathing heavier, the nape of your neck growing sweaty when you tuck your lower lip between your teeth to suppress shallow moans.
Like a poorly timed punchline of a bad joke Jungkook rolls over in bed, dark eyelashes still dusting the tops of his cheeks and lips still pouted as he snores. His strong inked arm finds your middle quickly and drags you closer to him, distracting you from the growing pleasure you’re giving yourself for a moment. It’s when you get back into the zone and close your eyes, focussing solely on how the vibrations feels against you that he smacks his lips together again.
“For god’s sake…” You groan flippantly, brain incapable of staying wholly committed to masturbating when your ex-husband is making chewing sounds right in your ear.
In this moment you don’t know which you’d prefer: fucking him, or killing him.
Increasing the bullet setting you sigh again, head lolling back against the pillow with a content hum. Thank god it’s doing something, you know that you’ll come soon enough if you can just focus on the task at hand. Sounds easy enough. You spread your legs a little wider, free hand coming up to cup your breast gently. Heat slowly floods your body and you know that your high is approaching, winning you to increase the speed again and suck in a breath at how sensitive you are.
Your mouth falls open, you’re so invested in the sensation deepening in your being that you don’t register that the snores have suddenly stopped. There’s no chewing sound anymore, there’s no sound at all save for the dull vibrations of every girl’s best friend.
“Y/N...?” Jungkook’s voice is quiet and heavy with sleep but it still finds a way to make you jump, eyes flying open and straight over to him.
Your ex-husband is looking at you with a tired smirk, a single brow raised as he blinks away the fatigue from his big, brown doe-eyes. Gaze flickering to the source of the noise he chuckles, the sound deep in his chest when his stare lands back on your face, the hold he has on your middle loosening. With equal parts embarrassment and caution you turn off the bullet, tossing it to the ground like nothing happened.
“Mmm?” Your lips make a flat line, fighting back an awkward smile.
At this Jungkook stretches again, big body shaking when he yawns – but still, he finds the strength to carefully climb on top of you, holding himself above your growing body with his arms. He’s smiling like an idiot, dark hair unruly and fluffy, sticking out in every direction to draw attention away from his puffy face.
“You should’ve woke me up.” He mumbles, lazily cocking his head to one side with judgement riddling his features.
You can’t stop the puff of air from escaping your nostrils, your eyes rolling into the back of your skull. “I tried, trust me I tried.” You admit, laughing breathily.
“Not hard enough apparently.” He giggles, lowering his head to rest in the crook of your neck. “Next time just grab my cock and hop on, you know I don’t mind.”
Before you can respond his lips find yours, he kisses you gently, softly, albeit a little lazily. You kiss him back, bringing your hands to his messy hair where you tug on the locks very delicately, pulling him closer. It’s not long before a hum of approval falls from his mouth and into yours, along with his tongue and a weak moan. Using his knee he spreads your legs further apart, sucking timidly on your lower lip.
“I love you.” He whispers, voice croaky, lips making their way down to your jawline to litter the area with small kisses.
You exhale in bliss, a coy smile tugging the corners of your mouth, “I love you too.”
Jungkook’s breath is humid against your neck when he reaches one hand down to tug off his boxer shorts, kicking them out of bed. Spitting on his palm he smears the lubricant over his already hard cock, hooded eyes trained on you eagerly waiting for him to make you feel good. You offer him a kind, thankful smile and he chuckles in return.
“I’m serious, next time just wake me up. I’m never gonna get tired of waking up to you.”
You bite back a grin, “It wasn’t for lack of trying, nothing can wake you up.”
"Your vibrator woke me up." He reminds you with a tired smile, quirking a single brow.
“Roll onto your side.” He whispers, kissing you sweetly, voice so quiet it’s barely audible, and you oblige.
It’s when you’re lying on your left you feel his weight shift on the bed behind you, his warm hand carefully gripping your knee and lifting it in the air to give himself more room. Soon enough you feel the tip of his cock align with your slick entrance, he coats himself with some of it before slowly pushing himself inside. Your mouth falls open again, a content sigh escaping you when every inch is stuffed in your walls, you feel so full, so relieved yet still so frustrated all at once.
“You’re so beautiful…” He hums, adjusting his position until he’s right behind you, still holding your leg up in place. “So, so beautiful.”
“Please Kook…” You whimper shamelessly, pushing your hips back onto him.
“Don’t worry baby I’ve got you.” He kisses your shoulder, withdrawing himself almost entirely before pushing back in. It’s slow, very slow, intimate and almost docile. He’s fucking into you at a languid pace, keeping a steady rhythm that has you both breathing heavy and whispering profanities.
He replaces his hand on the bend of your knee with his forearm, dipping his fingers between your legs to massage your clit, just as leisurely as he’s making love to you.
“Oh-,” You exhale, a breathy groan betraying you, “Don’t stop, please… Don’t stop.” You beg him with tiny whispers, peering over your shoulder to catch a glimpse of him.
Jungkook’s eyes are fluttered shut, kiss-swollen lips ajar, brows pinched ever so slightly as if he’s really concentrating on the feeling of what he’s doing to you. It’s when his tongue darts out to wet his lips that his shiny eyes slowly open, catching yours instantly. He smiles, breathing heavier and rubbing your sensitive area a little harder – never picking up the pace.
“Please don’t stop...” You repeat with a sigh, the familiar pang of heat beginning to envelop every nerve in your body.
He kisses your shoulder again, rolling his hips into you deeper with each thrust, being sure not to knock your stomach with his hand. “I don’t think I can,” He stifles a chesty moan by biting his lip, “I want you too much to stop.”
The combination of his lazy thrusts and inked fingers rubbing your clit has you close to reaching your peak, you’re quietly panting for air when your body grows even warmer than before. It’s when Kook’s shallow breaths turn to hushed grunts and groans that he pushes himself inside even deeper, filling you up to the brim all while sloppily massaging your sensitive bundle of nerves.
“Jungkook…” You whine, chewing your lip to keep quiet. “Right there, shit, right there…”
“Mmmmph,” He hisses, feeling your walls beginning to tighten, “Come for me baby, wanna feel you c-come.” His words lost to the sound of a guttural moan escaping your lips, spilling into your hands that try to conceal the noise when you come intensely and seemingly out of nowhere, walls pulsating and throbbing around his thick cock.
“Shit shit shit shit…” Jungkook exhales shakily, gripping your hip to drag you back further onto his length. “Gonna come, fuck.” He squeezes his eyes shut, burying his face into your shoulder when his own orgasm reaches his peak and he spurts strings of hot come deep inside you, occasionally thrusting back into you to ride out his high.
With a bit of effort he pulls out of you with a breathy chuckle, falling back-first onto the bed before snaking his arms round your middle and pulling you close. You feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from your body, all your muscles soft and wobbly with post-orgasm bliss when you curl up against Jungkook’s strong chest, to which he plants a sweet kiss to your temple and sighs.
“Get some sleep,” He hums, hand reassuringly rubbing the spans of your torso, “Big day tomorrow, or today… What time is it?”
But you don’t answer him, sleep having finally come easy to you now that you’ve been taken care of. Jungkook laughs tiredly, smoothing out your hair before softly kissing your head, attempting to succumb to his own slumber that was so rudely interrupted by your whimpers and the dull vibrations of the bullet he hates so much.
Pregnancy is wild.
“What if it’s two boys?” Seol grins from the chair at the far end of Dr Kim’s purple office, “It’ll be four boys to one girl at home.”
Oh god, truthfully you hadn’t thought of that. You’ll be outnumbered to say the least, and as discovered with Seol potty training boys can be somewhat difficult… And he was only one baby. Your eyes widen, mouth turning dry as Jungkook’s grip on your hand tightens. You’re both looking at the screen expectantly, Dr Kim pressing the medical device into your rounded abdomen to get a better look of the babies.
“I don’t think I could put up with four of you,” You snicker, playfully rolling your eyes, “You two are demanding enough as it is.” Despite Seol being thirteen now he is in fact quite the mommy’s boy, and now that you and Jungkook are back together he too is very needy for your attention. It’s nice though, it’s a lot nicer than things used to be between you both that’s for sure. You wouldn't change this for the world.
“I take it you’re hoping for two baby girls?” Dr Kim asks with a genuine, dimpled grin. Over the course of your pregnancy you’ve grown very fond of Dr Kim, especially since your HG diagnosis. He always checks in on you, never gets angry when Jungkook calls him at 3AM with concerns about your health. He’s just a great doctor, you feel safe in his presence and at this point you’d consider him to be more of a friend rather than a medical professional.
“Or just the one.” Jungkook beams, gnawing his lips anxiously, “One of each doesn’t sound too bad.”
“Well I can tell you that you won’t be blessed with a boy and a girl,” Dr Kim chuckles, “Babies are sharing the same sack meaning they’re identical. So they’re either both girls or both boys.”
Jungkook’s grip on your hand is strong enough for you to frown, wincing slightly. He’s so nervous bless his soul. It’s no secret that he wants to be a girl-dad, even when you were pregnant with Seol he hoped for a girl – longing for a daughter to protect and father, to braid her hair, hold her hand, support her dreams and show her the ways of the world and be her number one fan when she takes it by storm.
Of course he wasn’t disappointed with how things worked out in the end, he loves having a son now, someone to talk to about Marvel superheroes and arm wrestle with. Seol and Jungkook are one of the same, like they’ve been copied and pasted and their bond is unbreakable, they may be father and son but they're also best friends.
However you know that Kook longs for something different, a new parenting experience, and the way his features have washed pale and clammy is just a reminder of how much he’s really hoping for a baby girl. Well, two baby girls.
“We’ll be happy either way.” You smile, glancing at Jungkook who hasn’t stopped sweating or attempting to break your hand since you laid down on the doctors bed.
Kook nods in agreement, though his profile is still crumpled with anxiety, “Right… As long as they’re healthy.”
“Well everything looks good, heartbeats are perfect, babies are as big as they should be things look to be in order and healthy.” Dr Kim smiles, brows raising when he catches sight of something on the monitor you and Jungkook are clearly not noticing, “So would you like to know the gender now? Or we can have it put in an envelope for you to open privately, or we actually sell confetti cannons at the reception if you’re having a gender reveal—”
“Now.” Jungkook’s leg bounces impatiently, “We’d like to know now please.” He lifts your entwined hands to his lips, kissing your fingers gently.
“Y/N?” Dr Kim eyes you cautiously, making sure, “You’re sure you’d like to know?”
“Yes.” You nod quickly, heart racing in your chest which is comically obvious on one of the monitors hooked up to your fingertip. “We’d like to know now please, Seol come over and see!”
Dr Kim uses his right index finger to point to the screen, truthfully the image is nothing more than fuzziness and uncertainty to you, but you can make out the tiny faces that are looking to each other. One baby has their hand up displaying what looks to be a peace sign with their two exceptionally small fingers and you, Jungkook and Seol all laugh.
"That's my girl." Kook gasps, eyes big and rounded with astonishment.
"Or boy." Seol adds, taking pictures of the babies on his phone.
“Okay so do you see this here? This is baby number one’s pelvis,” The Dr is pointing at the screen, Seol is squinting at the image equally as confused as you but Jungkook seems to catch onto something you don’t, his grip loosening.
“Is that… A penis?” He says somewhat sheepishly, disappointment evident in his words.
At this Dr Kim bites back laughter, nose scrunching, “Not quite, that’s baby number two’s foot.”
“Oh.” Kook exhales, and you can’t help but snort. “I don’t see anything…”
“Exactly.” Dr Kim nods, a knowing grin pulling his plump lips when he continues to point at the screen, circling one area, “This is where baby’s penis would be, if she had one.”
Jungkook’s chin quivers, not once does he look away from the television, nor can he stop smiling, “She?” He asks for confirmation, doe-eyes glassy and swimming in emotions.
“She.” The Dr nods again, a heartfelt smile warming his features, “Congratulations mom and dad, you have two healthy baby girls on the way.”
You and Seol share a loving look, “I’m gonna have two little sisters! I can beat up their boyfriends and teach them karate!” He exclaims proudly, “Can I name one of them? That one will be my favourite—”
“That’s not how that works you can’t have a favourite Seol.” You roll your eyes with a giggle, using your free hand to hold your sons.
But to Jungkook your conversation fades to white noise, his heart is racing, grin stretching from ear-to-ear, he’s not sure if he’s even blinked since the revelation was made. He’s going to have two beautiful baby girls, two daughters, two tiny loves of his life to raise and protect. His chest bursts with pride, tears cascading down the skin of his cheeks. He tries to wipe them away with his jacket sleeve but it’s no use, he’s fucking sobbing, breath catching in his throat, vision blurred.
Everything is perfect.
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jeonjcngkook · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
WHERE IS THE NEED (cr. jjkive twt)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
jungkook wearing a see-through shirt 😳(cr.namuspromised)
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Tumblr media
pair: jungkook x reader
genre: smut, stablished relationship.
warnings: basically? exhibitionism.
word count: 1.1K
summary: shirtless jungkook getting tattooed. yes, that whole sight? get deep into it and just imagine.- or, fucking jungkook while getting inked.
Tumblr media
the process of him getting a tattoo whenever you joined to keep him company was always like this,
today.. not quite the same though-
him taking his hoodie off, laying down on the very familiar leather chair as he dragged your body onto his to cuddle. yes, the chair was big enough for you to fit and even if there wasn't much space, you're pretty sure jungkook still would find a way. he was that stubborn, but you liked it. he told you he loves the idea of squeezing your ass everytime it "hurted him" but you know how that's a major lie. jungkook can tolerate pain like no other. his pain tolerance was super high! - he could literally have three people tattooing his arm at the same time and he still wouldn't even flinch. that's how strong he was.
commonly used into laying your head on jungkook's chest everytime, you loved to see the way the several needle points softly drubbed, coloring into his skin. - there was something about the way he always started mini conversations with you as if he wasn't receiving any sort of pain right now.
how he stayed so calm while you felt his strong, warm chest gently going up and down while listening to his rytmical heartbeat or the way your ear rumbled each time he opened his mouth to speak because of his deep voice. even his laugh or giggles caused the same effect towards your body. you wondered if he could feel the way you hugged him tighter or the habit you have of squeezing your legs together everytime..
but laying down with not so much intention of running away, you then start growing bolder and so you give sweet pecks onto his chest with a smug smile on your face. jungkook just looks at you, raising his eyebrow. you could tell he can sense what these type of kisses mean. for gods sake, he knows you and he isn't feeling any different if that's what you really want.
so cuddling on top of him wasn't enough. he wanted you on him and in him.
not paying attention to the third person in the room.. guess it was a bigger turn on for him because now you have him carefully grabbing your right leg with his only available arm so you could understand what he wanted right now. clearly, you understood. so you immediately straddled your thighs on his hips.
crossing both of your arms around his neck, you can feel a little bulge growing between your clothed pussy. yes, it was very jammed along his dick - pretty skirts were always convenient.
"what are you trying to do hm?" he playfully asked, playing dumb. of course he knows what you both intends were.
"..just cuddling you, that's what I do." you tried to play back, purring into his ear but it sounded more like a silent cry.
your pussy was slowly grinding yourself directly on his dick. panties getting sopping wet.
jungkook smirks at that. "hm.." he low-key moans. "are you trying to ruin my tattoo?"
you kiss his neck in open mouthed kisses, no response.
he then spanks your ass very lightly, still trying not to make you flinch or else he'll move. "Is that what you want?" voice austere.
"n-no" you whimper.
jungkook can't resist and takes a handful piece of your ass. "why don't you show me how great you feel right now, hm?" sliding one finger or two onto your clit through your panties. "seems like someone is horny as fuck."
he states while intensifying that last word and just before you know it you're pushing his dick into you at a very slow pace. you know that if you move more than you wanted to you'll make not only him but his tattoo artist; ruin his process because yeah, he was still getting tattooed while being fucked.
"fuck.." he exhales, "yeah baby.. you're so goodㅡshit, why are you so warm?" jungkook really tried his best not to thrust up your pussy but damn, was it so hard when you decide to feel more delicious than ever, specially today.
or was he too horny? no, it has to be you too. It's always you.
taking a glance at his tattoo artist, he wasn't even look at you. way too focused into his work.. you wondered if this happened often with his clients, I mean, he didn't seemed shocked in any way and of course he knows what was going on.. not only for the way jungkook spoke to you, but your moans and his exhales.. the heavy breathing and most importantly, your wet sounds.
you were riding him so sensually, your arousal was drenching down his balls.. that part was a bit embarrassing to you because you were so incredibly turned on. - but it's just.. jungkook allowing you to fuck him while getting inked was such a hot sigh to your eyes. he was just upgrading some of his tattoos but still, you had the sight of his full sleeve and his prominent strong naked body in front of you. not to talk about his facial expressions and the way his lips glistened given to the many lip bites or the way his cheeks were starting to gain a slight soft pink colour. or the way his hand suddenly holded your hair in a quick ponytail so he could kiss and lick your pretty nipples while you continued moving in slow, careful circles on him. or the way his hand clutched down your ass so you could dive deeper on him..
that actually made you almost snap, but thankfully, he was there to remind you.
"mmh, slow down honey." he deeply moans as he manhandled you down once again, making you moan.
"remember what I told you hm?" putting pressure on it. "we don't want to ruin this tattoo process right, princess?"
but your walls start to clench around him, liking the feeling of his hard dick inside of you and the way his touch feels.
"mmh, calm yourself babe. I don't want you off me just yet ok?" he encourages you, pushing one piece of hair behind your ear.
"o-okay" you whisper, delicately nodding at him.
"can you repeat what I said?" he rasps while putting more pressure on your ass every time. It makes you whimper. "hm?"
"t-to.. remain calm." you close your eyes in pleasure.
jungkook grins. "that's right baby, and why is that?"
"because we don't want to ruin your tattoo"
"perfect." he breathes, "just go nice and slow okay baby?"
he then smiles to himself seeing how overwhelmed you seem to look like. "that's right baby. I said nice and slow.." he purrs, kissing one of your nipples as you start going sensually deep on him once again.
"shit," he exhales. "so fucking nice and slow.."
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Skies of Blue | jjk
❦ Summary: He was captain of the football team, whereas, you were the typical quiet girl who minded her own business
Or, Jungkook is softer than one would think
❦ College!AU | word count: 6k
❦ Jeon Jungkook x Reader — Angst, Fluff, Slow burn, friends to lovers, new friendships, AU
Tumblr media
↝ Warm sunsets mixed with cool breezes
Journeys home from college were always your favourite; the train was hardly vacant, the sunset was at its peak, and the scenery was as picturesque as always. The sun was setting behind the tall mountains, creating pinks, soft blues and golden yellows. You smiled to yourself as you gazed out the window of the train.
It was peaceful and heart-warming.
The book in your hand was a romance novel, filled with heartache and stained cheeks and love and smiles. It made you wonder what it was like to be in love, to live your life along with someone who meant the world to you.
Although you were merely a college student who studied fine art, you had a vivid imagination.
A low grunt brought you out of your daze, you were still three stops away from home, but now, someone was sitting next to you. When you raised your head to see who it was, you were met with lively, brown eyes and a genuinely friendly smile.
It was Jeon Jungkook— captain of the football team.
This was the first time you’d made eye contact with him for longer than ten seconds, not that you were counting or anything. He was handsome up close, captivating almost.
“I didn’t know you got the train!”
His voice was deep yet quiet and cheerful. It caused your heart to jump-start as if it stopped beating the moment you locked eyes… which was impossible, right?
“This is the only way to get home,” you told him. “It’s the quickest and easiest.”
He chuckled, eyes slightly disappearing as his smile simply grew.
“If I knew you travelled by train, I would’ve started using it earlier.”
You weren’t sure what he meant by that; Jungkook was someone who stuck with his small group of friends— he didn’t even spare his football team a second glance— so why would he want to talk to you?
“What are you reading?” He spoke again, eyes now on the book in your hand, “is it an action-packed drama?”
An inaudible laugh parted your lips at the excitement in his voice. You watched him lightly punch the air, presumably emphasising the word ‘action’.
“Actually… it’s a romance novel.”
Jungkook’s eyes met yours again; however, they were softer and gentler this time, and his smile was faint but still evident. You’d never seen this side of him before since he was usually very loud and full of laughs. It was a huge contrast, but you liked it.
The loud voice on the intercom announcing the next stop gained your attention. You turned to glance out of the window while shoving your book into your bag. When you stood up, bag over your shoulder, you gazed at Jungkook and smiled.
“This is me,” you said, smile shy and cheeks pink, “how many stops do you have left?”
The doors opened, and you stepped onto the platform. Jungkook was still smiling at you, hands in his pocket while standing next to the doors.
“I missed it,” he told you with a cheeky smile, “it was two stops ago.”
The doors gradually closed, your eyes wide while you watched the train slowly leave the platform. Jungkook missed his stop. He missed it so he could talk to you.
Is this what it felt like to have your heart racing for someone else?
↝ Autumn butterflies with a hint of orange 
You knew Jungkook was soft that he was gentle— you knew because you saw that side of him on the train merely two months ago. But what you didn’t expect was to see him approach strays and play with them with so much sympathy in his eyes because they had been abandoned.
The racing of your heart and the heat in your cheeks drew you out of your gaze. When Jungkook’s eyes met yours, you realised you’d been staring.
“Hi,” he said.
His voice was soft and mellow like cotton candy clouds littering the sky when the sunset.
Your palms were sweaty, mouth dry, “hey,” you said back, simply earning a smile in return.
The cat’s fur was silky and long, you don’t remember when you let Jungkook tug you down by the hem of your dress to crouch next to him, but you weren’t complaining, the autumn air was cold, yet he was warm.
You listened to the cat’s soft purrs and long meows as it requested more attention, for more love and care.
“Have you named it?”
Jungkook shook his head, “I only found her last week,” he told you, “do you want to help me think of a name?”
When your eyes met, you smiled at him, “I actually have one in mind!”
“Really? Please share,” he responded in amusement.
Jungkook laughed loudly, the sound melodic and contagious as it brought a smile to your lips. It wasn’t the most unique name a cat could be given, but it was the best you could think of when you saw her purr in his arms.
“It’s better than what I would have come up with,” he admitted.
You chuckled to yourself, petting the cat on its head, “you’re unusually quiet today.”
And he was; Jungkook wasn’t his usual cheery, comedic self today. You noticed in the cafeteria when his friends were being loud, and he was sitting silently watching them.
“It’s just one of those days,” he voiced, eyes meeting again.
“I have them too,” you replied in understanding.
Jungkook made you want to hold his hand or simply hold him, but you couldn’t. You didn’t know him well enough. The last time you spoke to him was on the train two months ago.
“I got my driving licence,” he spoke up, answering the silent, ‘why has he not retaken the train?’ The question lingering on your mind.
“That’s great,” you beamed, “congratulations.”
“Yeah, thank you! I won’t have to ask Hoseok for lifts anymore, which is great, but it also makes me a target.”
You laughed at his joke with him. He looked so bright and beautiful when he smiled; the situation caused the butterflies in your stomach to flurry faster.
When his phone buzzed, you realised you wouldn’t get to spend a second longer with him. Of course, you would have liked to, but he was popular and busy.
He smiled at you when your eyes met once more, and you happily smiled back. The cat who was now napping on your lap woke up and stretched its tired limbs as if it knew it was time for it to leave.
Without looking back, you watched her slowly disappear through the bushes surrounding your university building. She got the affection she wanted, and she was satisfied.
“I have last-minute football practice,” Jungkook sighed. He stood up, and you quickly followed his movement. “I’ll see you around, yeah?”
He smiled at you once more before running around the corner towards the gym hall.
↝ Sweet coffee with a side of lingering feelings 
The pungent aroma of coffee made you crave a cup even more. However, you weren’t sure what you were craving. The café had many options, many fancy names, and a lot of coffee. 
You hummed to yourself while your eyes continued to scan the menu. Your mind changed every two seconds. Maybe, a caramel latte will satisfy you… but then, the pumpkin— no, the cinnamon coffee.
This was difficult. Especially since you loved coffee so much.
“I recommend the vanilla latte with a drop of cinnamon.”
You turned your head towards the voice and immediately found yourself smiling.
“You looked like you were having a hard time deciding.”
A light chuckle parted your lips while you nodded your head, “you’re not wrong,” you said, eyes darting back to the menu, “I have an unhealthy obsession with coffee.”
Jungkook’s grin widened, “I do too.”
You playfully gasped in shock, “captain of the football team drinks coffee?”
“I know, I know. Totally badass,” Jungkook joked.
You turned to look at him. The smile on his lips was faint but still genuine. He wasn’t wrong. It was pretty humorous, as well as endearing, you were learning new things about him, and it made you want to know so much more. 
“Would you like to join me?” You asked.
Jungkook eagerly nodded his head as if he’d been waiting for you to ask him. It made your heart do this tingly, fuzzy feeling thing— a feeling you couldn’t quite explain, or rather… understand.
The seating area outside was pretty. There were fairy lights strung above the tables, just under the canopy. There was a lovely aesthetic with the sun setting, spreading a golden glow from the sunlight. The coffee went satisfactorily with the cold air, and, Jungkook’s laugh mixed with excited chatter was the perfect touch.
You wanted more days like this. You wanted to see Jungkook more often and talk to him about anything and everything. It was something that lingered on your mind for hours— sometimes days— after being with him.
It was an obvious crush, but you didn’t do anything about it and instead ignored it… until you saw him again. Then your heart raced again, and you would feel all these weird emotions you’d never experienced before…
… not that you were complaining or anything.
“I feel like I can be myself around you.”
Your eyes met Jungkook’s. He was glowing under the dusky, golden light. His voice was deep, low and soft while he spoke to you.
“I feel the same,” you confessed with a small smile, “you’re easy to talk to.”
“I think that’s just the way I am. I’m very outgoing,” he said.
In disagreement, you shook your head, “it’s not just that.”
He chuckled at your reply, not entirely understanding what you meant, but he hoped and presumed it was a good thing. You weren’t someone who would lie, and he knew that because that’s how you were growing up.
Although he never spoke to you, he paid close attention. You were the quiet girl in the back of the class who read her book and ignored her surroundings— you were different.
How could he not pay attention to you?
He remembers the first day you spoke to him, his laces were untied, and you were worried he’d trip over them. He remembers you getting out of your seat— a low huff leaving your lips— and tying his laces for him. He remembers you put your book down to tell him off for not being careful.
He remembers because of the way you smiled at him, gazed at him and cared for him.
Jungkook swore he fell in love that day.
↝ Soft music mixed with heavy rain 
The walk to the record store was always one of your favourites. It was a cold and wet morning; the streets were washed with light shades of oranges and dark browns while fallen leaves littered the roads. You smiled to yourself as you admired your surroundings.
There were vinyls upon vinyl, posters covered the wall, and music played in the background. Your hands worked their way through the piles of records, album after album. You smiled at the various bands— some you’d never heard of, some your mum spoke fondly of and others you’d listened to while growing up.
It was one of those peaceful afternoons with nothing on your mind except what you would do when you got home. You contemplated what coffee you should drink and what album you should listen to when you got home. You subconsciously started humming to the song playing through the store.
“DEAN?” Someone next to you asked.
You raised your head and nodded with a broad smile, “music prodigy.”
“I’ll have to give him a listen then, won’t I?” He said while picking up an album, supposedly, for himself.
“You would be missing out if you didn’t,” you joked, “here, follow me.”
The boy with the rectangle smile followed you to the back of the store where you could listen to an album before buying it. After handing him the headphones, you placed the record on the turntable and let it play.
He moved his head to the beat as his smile grew twice the size, making you laugh. You knew he was one of Jungkook’s friends. You’d seen him annoy the oldest of the group many times.
You didn’t think you would ever talk to him, but you didn’t believe Jungkook would ever speak to you again.
“I like him,” he confirmed, taking off the headphones, “I’ll have to get the boys to listen to him too, especially Kookie.”
“Does… does he come here too?”
The boy nodded, “all the time, actually.”
You smiled in response feeling your heart rate increase at the thought of the said boy.
“That’s cool,” you said.
“Yeah… I’m Taehyung, by the way. I realised I didn’t introduce myself.”
“I’m y/n.”
Taehyung lightly patted your head after repeating your name multiple times into the quiet store. He seemed to like how it rolled off his tongue.
“Well, y/n! Thank you for your help!”
You chuckled in response and waved goodbye before making your own way home.
↝ Growing friendships collated with stress.
The library was empty apart from the two other students and you with Jimin. There was one more exam for the both of you before you could finally relax. It had been a long and exciting year, but you were more than ready for it to end.
It had been a tiring day; you’d been awake since 5:30 am due to stress not allowing you to sleep. A yawn left your lips, causing your eyes to water. Jimin smiled at you when your eyes met. He could tell you were beat and felt bad he’d dragged you to the library with him.
“Did you hear about the end of the exam party?”
Jimin was worn-out from studying, and because he knew you felt the same, he was confident you didn’t mind taking a break.
“Yeah, what about it?” You asked with a smile.
“I want you to go with me.”
You cocked an eyebrow at him, “you want me to go to a party?”
He nodded his head. There was an innocent smile on his face while he gazed into your eyes and waited for you to say yes— because any other answer was invalid.
“Okay, only if you drink with me,” you reasoned.
Jimin was a close friend, he was in your art history class, and you were the only one he spoke to. This wasn’t the first time you’d studied together. It was simply a natural occurrence after the first time— when he asked you for help on a deceased artist.
He knew a lot about you since you tended to spill all your secrets when you got drunk, and you’d been drunk more than once around him. Jimin was also the only one who knew all your secrets. Although he was someone who hung out with six other boys and didn’t spend time with you during school, he was kind of an essential person in your life.
And even if you never told him, you knew that he knew.
“It’s a deal,” he agreed, “I’ll be by your side the whole night, and we’ll drink till we get drunk.”
“Or can’t remember who we are,” you added, making him laugh.
Even though none of you voiced your emotions or feelings towards the other, you both knew there was a special friendship between you. A company only the two of you, understood and cherished.
“We’ll have fun like we always do,” he said.
Jimin wasn’t wrong.
“And… Jungkook will be there.”
Your eyes met his mischievous ones, he knew about the slight, growing crush on the younger male, and he never failed to bring him up.
“I told you to stop talking about him,” you scolded.
Jimin laughed, his bunny teeth in full view, “when have I ever listened to you?”
You sighed, “I hate you.”
↝ Alcohol ridden thoughts gardened with raw feelings. 
The party was already in full swing when you arrived with Jimin. The majority were already drunk, while others were not far off. You followed Jimin to the back of the house and into the garden. He grabbed two cans of beer from the cooler next to the door before stepping out into the chill air.
“Here,” he offered, “let’s drink till the sun comes out.”
You smiled back, opening the can and taking a mouthful, “Who will care for us if we can’t walk?”
Jimin shrugged his shoulders while slipping an arm around your shoulders, “let’s just enjoy the night, my good friend.”
You laughed out loud, gaining attention from others who simply smiled at the sight— happy to see their fellow classmate/ student happy. Jimin pulled you closer to his side with a cheesy smile on his lips and the feeling of anticipation coursing through him.
He was going to make this night the best one yet.
“Let’s go and see if we can find people we know.”
With a smile still on your lips, you nodded your head and followed him back into the house, hoping you would get to see Jeon Jungkook.
It had been a while since you saw him, the last time was at the cafe when you invited him to join you. Of course, you saw him around campus, but he was either with someone or hurrying to practice, and you were too shy to approach him.
Jimin had stopped next to a group of boys, which you hadn’t noticed until one of them reached for your hand— attempting to get your attention.
His hand was soft, soft and cold.
You briefly glanced at each boy before staring at the one holding your hand, meeting his dark eyes and his dark yet friendly eyes. Your breath caught your throat while you stared at him, studying his features up close…
… Wow.
“It’s been a while.”
Oh god, his voice and that smile.
“It’s nice to see you again.”
Jungkook’s smile grew at your response while he intertwined his fingers with yours and tightened his grip on your hand.
“Likewise,” he muttered.
Your heart was racing in your chest and beating loudly in your ears. It was going to be a long night. However, you weren’t complaining. It had been a while since you saw Jungkook, and you were going to make sure you remembered every second with him. Who knows when you’ll see him again…
“I missed you.”
His voice was deep and low, as if how he felt was a secret to the world. A secret to everyone except you because, at that moment, you were the only one who existed in his eyes.
You turned to look at him with a shy smile, eyes shining under the dim lighting. He was surreal.
“I missed you too.”
It was a whisper, not because you were shy and embarrassed your friend and his friends would hear, but because he was the only one who needed to know. However, you really wanted to share your true feelings, how he made you feel when you were with him, and how you wanted to spend more time with him and see him more often.
What would he say, though?… What would he think?
“Do you want to get away from here?” He asked, hot breath melting your skin.
You met his eyes and slowly nodded your head, bottom lip caught between your teeth. He wanted to spend time with you, of all people… you needed another drink.
Jungkook led you out of the living area and towards the front of the house— where he knew it would be empty since everyone was somewhere in the home or in the garden. Of course, he was right. He always was.
It was nice. The cold air felt good against your warm cheeks and seemed to calm your racing heart. Jungkook was warm, his body close and safe. 
You smiled.
“This is nice, isn’t it?”
He was sincere, a simple question with no strings attached.
“It is,” you agreed, squeezing his hand, “it’s better with you.”
Jungkook chuckled into the dark night. It was the first time anyone had ever said that to him. Sure, he knew people enjoyed his company because they always returned, but he’d never heard them say it.
But then again, he didn’t see you all the time.
“I like being with you, y/n.”
You shyly nudged his side, making him laugh once again, “don’t say things like that.”
Jungkook was shining brightly under the moonlight, but this was Jungkook, and he was always shining. He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, his touch lingering on your cheek, stroking the soft skin with his thumb. His eyes were staring into yours, and you felt your cheeks burn even more.
You wondered if he would lean in and kiss you, but why would he?
“Kookie,” a girl giggled, interrupting your thoughts and time with the boy.
The first thing you noticed was that she was one of the more popular girls, she was a lot more confident than you, too, and you’d seen her with Jungkook before. It made you feel slightly insecure and angry… 
Especially when he let go of your hand to talk to her.
He immediately forgot about you.
You watched her flirt with him and laugh with her. This is not how you wanted your night to go. Taking a deep breath, you turned around and went back inside.
Jimin was sitting next to Taehyung when you found him. He smiled at you before pulling you to sit on his lap. After handing you a can of beer, he wrapped his arms around your middle and lay his chin on your shoulder before slipping into his conversation with Taehyung.
You finished your beer and set the can aside while reaching for another. Maybe Jungkook was just supposed to be a friend and nothing more.
A sad love story waiting to be published…
♡ ♡ ♡
It made you laugh because Jimin and Taehyung together were two very funny drunks. Jimin snorted when Taehyung pulled down his pants. He swore he could feel something crawling up his leg.
“I feel something!” He yelped once more.
Taehyung wasn’t wearing his pants anymore. He was lucky his oversized jumper fell to his thighs. However, things only got worse when he set the pants on his head and started strolling down the street as if it was normal.
“Is this a new fashion trend?” You snorted, making Jimin laugh.
The tall male nodded his head, making the legs of the clothing item swing back and forth. This was so stupid, but it was hilarious, and you couldn’t stop yourself from laughing until your stomach hurt.
Jimin stood in front of his friend and tied the legs of the pants around Taehyung’s neck, making him look even more ridiculous than he already did. You would have felt sorry for your neighbours if you weren’t so drunk, but you were having way too much fun to think about them or anyone else, for that matter.
“You guys are too funny!”
Jimin smiled at you before throwing an arm around your shoulder and then Taehyung’s. He led the way to his apartment while murmuring something about new friendships and happiness. And really, all you remember is feeling super pleased that you made a new friend who was just like a lousy drunk as you and Jimin.
Jimin’s apartment was more significant than yours, but it only made sense since he shared it with Taehyung. They were neat boys, just messy drunks. You laughed again.
“You can sleep on the couch, Tae. Y/n will sleep in your bed!”
“Okay, but only after a goodnight hug,” the taller male insisted, holding open his arms and waiting for you.
You smiled widely and stepped into his arms, wrapping yours around his waist. He felt safe.
↝ Hangovers mixed with mistakes 
Taehyung was snoring in your ear when you woke up, he was supposed to sleep on the couch in the living room, but he was too tired and lazy to walk that far. It made you laugh because you knew he wanted to sleep on his bed and cuddle.
It wasn’t the first time.
Jimin stepped into the room after knocking on the door with a glass of water and some painkillers. He had the same killer headache as you and Taehyung, so he was ahead of the game and caring as usual.
Which isn’t a trait you’d just learnt about him since this is something he kept letting you know.
“I hope you’re both up for going out because we have no food.”
Taehyung groaned, but you laughed.
“I’m up for going out,” you smiled, “I’m craving coffee.”
“You’re always craving coffee.”
You threw a pillow at Jimin before slipping out of bed and proceeding towards him. Taking the glass of water and pills from his hand, you thanked him with a smile. It’d been less than 24 hours, but it was nice to have good company with people like Taehyung and Jimin, and you were more than happy to have them in your life.
“I’ll meet you guys outside the dorms in 20 minutes,” you said, eyes meeting Taehyung’s briefly, “I need to shower.”
Luckily, you lived across the hall. However, Jungkook lived three doors down— which was something you’d just learnt last night while drunkenly trying to step into Jimin’s and Taehyung’s dorm room.
The memory of ignoring him when he called your name came rushing to mind when you saw him leaning against his door, talking to Namjoon. You made eye contact and felt your cheeks burn under his stare. He probably hated you.
While unlocking your door, you tried to ignore their muffled chatter and the loud laughter coming from Jimin’s dorm. You wished the floor would swallow you whole at times such as this. You glanced towards Jungkook once more before entering your room, and you swear, pinkie swears, swear on your life swear, you saw him roll his eyes at you.
He definitely hated you.
Hopefully, your coffee date with your friends will keep your mind off Jungkook. Maybe over time, you’ll simply magically forget him. As if that’s possible, he’s the football team’s captain, he’s popular, kind, friendly, he’s who everyone wanted to be and be with.
He’s way out of your league, and it took you way too long to realise.
With a deep sigh and some glue, you fixed your slightly broken heart and put on a fake smile. If this is what it was to like someone, you definitely didn’t want to know what it was like to be in love… on that note, maybe you could donate all the romance novels you’ve collected over time.
A loud knock on your door broke you out of your reverie, and muffled chatter and laughter on the other side told you it was Taehyung and Jimin, maybe Namjoon too. If you were honest, you wanted to stay home after sinking into your thoughts.
But you knew Jimin wouldn’t allow that.
You rolled your eyes when there was another knock on the door, followed by someone screaming your name. You told yourself before opening the door with a fake smile on your lips.
That smile didn’t stay on your lips for long, especially after making eye contact with Jeon Jungkook. When you make a mental note to strangle Jimin later, maybe Taehyung can help you.
“Finally,” the tall male exasperated.
You hit the back of his head, making the other two laugh— other two as in Taehyung and Namjoon because frankly, Jungkook wasn’t amused. This was going to be a long, long morning.
Unfortunately for you, the morning coffee date only got worse; you spilt your coffee on yourself. Then you didn’t have enough to buy another, so you had to sit and watch the others drink your favourite drink.
You merged into the background, eyes focused on the window as you watched people walk by, some with smiles and others looking as sad as you. It wasn’t until you felt someone tap your arm that you realised you’d completely zoned out.
“What’s wrong?”
All eyes were on you, including Jungkook’s.
For the first time, you didn’t feel your heart race… maybe the glue you used wasn’t strong enough to keep it together. It was laughable. 
Laughable because it was one-sided, and there was no way he’d ever be interested in you, yet here you were with high hopes and a broken heart, which made it laughable.
Eyes meeting Jimin’s concerned ones, you smiled, “nothing, I’m fine.”
It was a lie, and you knew everyone knew it was… but what were you supposed to say? ‘Jungkook hates me, but I might be in love with him, and my heart is broken?’ Yeah, right, you scoffed.
“Do you want me to buy you a drink? Maybe some water?”
Jungkook spoke up this time, and for the first time that morning, he didn’t have evident hate in his eyes. You wanted to cry— not because there was a chance he didn’t hate you, but because you overthought too much for your liking.
“Water would be nice,” you answered.
He smiled… he really smiled, and your eyes widened as you watched him stand up to buy your water. So, maybe he didn’t hate you, but he definitely didn’t have feelings for you.
“What’s up with you?” Jimin questioned as soon as Jungkook left.
You sighed, eyes meeting his worried ones, “I think I’m heartbroken, and there’s no glue out there strong enough to fix it.”
Taehyung and Jimin shared looks before they moved in closer, “is there anything we can do to help?” Jimin asked.
“I don’t think so.”
Taehyung lightly clicked his tongue before tucking a strand of hair behind your ear and soothingly rubbing your back for comfort.
“You’re not alone, y/n.”
Jimin was right. You weren’t alone. You were stuck in a black hole and needed friends to help pull you out. Luckily, you had three.
Jungkook was confused when he returned with your water. Everyone was huddled together, muttering amidst themselves, trying their best to comfort you. His eyebrows furrowed together when he saw Taehyung lightly rub your back.
“What’s going on?” He asked.
Everyone pulled apart, eyes meeting the younger male’s as he glared at his friends.
“They were just trying to make me feel better.”
“Yeah!” Jimin added as he stood up, “there was no need for you to break her heart, man.”
Your eyes widened at Jimin’s words. Jungkook was never supposed to know that.
Jimin huffed to himself before leaving the café with Taehyung close behind. Namjoon glanced at you sympathetically before standing up.
“I think you two have a lot to talk about.”
You watched his figure leave, eyes dropping to your lap when he was out of sight. You could not make eye contact with Jungkook… not when Jimin shouted at him like that. This was all your fault.
“I think Jimin’s right,” Jungkook said, taking a seat in front of you.
“He’s never right,” you argued, making him chuckle.
Your eyes finally met his, they were as soft as they usually were, and for the first time that morning, you felt relaxed.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t think Jimin would shout at you like that. The boys said they wanted to help make me feel better.”
Jungkook slowly nodded his head, trying to understand what was going on.
“I like you,” you finally said, eyes still on his, “actually. It took me a while to realise that you’re way out of my league.”
You tried to laugh it off as a joke, but Jungkook was not impressed.
“Who said you were out of my league?” He asked.
“Me. I saw you with that girl yesterday, and she was so pretty —”
“Is that what this is about? Do you think I like her?”
“Don’t you?”
He scoffed loud and annoyed, “of course not! It’s you I like!”
You opened and closed your mouth, trying to think of something to say, but when nothing came to mind, you opted to keep your mouth shut. That was the last thing you expected Jungkook to say.
It was silent for a long time— okay, for a few seconds, but it felt like a long time before Jungkook spoke up again.
“I…,” he exhaled, “it’s the end of year football game tomorrow. Will you come?”
“Of course! Yes, I would love to.”
“Good,” he sighed in relief, eyes staring out of the window, “good.”
♡ ♡ ♡
If someone asked you about football and what you knew, you would have to say nothing because you were completely clueless. Sure, boys dressed up in big gruff uniforms, running down the field, fighting for a ball was ‘entertaining,’ it was just wasn’t your thing.
Jimin was in disbelief when you told him you were coming to the game— to support the team, not just for Jungkook, but of course, you would like to see him. That would be nice— this statement was followed by nervous laughter.
Of course, your friend didn’t believe you. You were here for Jungkook and Jungkook alone.
“I hate you,” you told Hoseok.
He laughed. He laughed because he’d caught you red-handed.
“I love you too,” he added with a wink making you roll your eyes.
The game was fun to watch, sure. Maybe your eyes were only on Jungkook, but you were still watching the game, which was all that mattered, right? Wrong; according to Jimin, you were supposed to see where the ball was and who had it.
Well, you live, and you learn.
“That’s it!” Jimin shouted, startling you in the process, “we won!”
Your eyes moved towards the field where you saw a group of boys huddled together, shouting with big smiles, but that’s not the important thing. The important thing was when you made eye contact with Jungkook, and he pointed at you and then himself while mouthing the words ‘you’ and ‘me.’
It seemed like he was asking you out on a date to celebrate his win, and he very well deserved one. However, you didn’t expect him to run up the bleachers… towards you when you nodded a’ yes’ to him!
There was a broad smile on your face, eyes still focused on his, and when he got closer, you felt your heart race and ring in your ears. Was this really happening? Yes, yes, it was.
Jungkook reached for your hand and pulled you towards him, lips sealed on yours almost instantly. It would have been as romantic as it was in your books, but you had Jimin screaming in your ear and half the school cheering the two of you on.
“Will you be my girlfriend?” Jungkook asked as soon as he broke away, “I would ask you after our third date like a gentleman, but I don’t have the patience.”
You chuckled at his honesty and kissed his cheek before nodding again, “yes, I’ll be your girlfriend.”
“It’s about time!” You heard Jimin yell.
Another mental note: strangle Jimin with the help of Namjoon and Taehyung.
♡ ♡ ♡
It had only been two months since you became Jungkook’s girlfriend, but you still felt those jittery feelings in your stomach when you were with him, and you were confident they would never leave.
“Are you okay?” Jungkook chuckled when he saw you chewing on your bottom lip.
Your eyes met his, and you smiled gently, “I’m great!”
“Me too,” he replied, hand interlaced in yours, “, especially with you.”
Jimin visibly cringed at the overly sweet words and affections, “gross,” he muttered.
Your eyes met your friend’s, and you smiled at him, “I’m telling Jin and Yoongi.”
He gasped, “you wouldn’t!”
“But she would,” Jin said as he’d overheard the conversation, “and you better believe you’ll get an earful from me.”
“Great,” the male huffed, earning laughter from the group.
Never once did you think you would have seven amazing best friends and one hell of a fantastic boyfriend you loved dearly. And never once would you change this for anything in the world, you were happy, and to be honest, that was all that mattered.
You were living in a romance novel yourself.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jungkook + My Time → MOTS ON:E Concert D1
bonus: 🕖
Tumblr media
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Teacher’s Pet | JJK (2)
—chapter two: establishments and boundaries
Tumblr media
♡ ⟶series summary: Hooking up every so often with your English Literature professor, what's the worst that can happen? Falling in love, perhaps.
♡ ⟶pairing: professor/dilf!jungkook x student!reader
♡ ⟶genre: illicit/forbidden relationship au, college!au, sneaky link to lovers, age gap, smut
♡ ⟶word count: 6.3k
♡ ⟶chapter contains: jk comes over and explains his worries to oc, they adult for abt 2 seconds before: breast play, oral sex (m rec.), tit fucking?!??, jk rlyyy likes oc's boobs, jk being whipped what's new
♡ ⟶chapter summary: You and Jungkook establish, discuss, and test out your new sexual relationship. Of course not without setting a few obvious boundaries first.
this is part 2 of my new teachers pet series, not a stand-alone
Series Masterlist | <-prev | next->
Tumblr media
So many thoughts.
One thought after another, your brain simply could not put to rest what had happened between you and your professor in the lecture hall last week.
Every touch, every word exchanged, every feeling. You couldn’t stop thinking about any of it.
And with thinking comes second-guessing and doubt. You weren’t naive to the troubling sincerity that comes with fucking a teacher, you’re well aware of the consequences and (as contradicting as it may sound) the responsibility that it comes with.
It takes responsibility and maturity to sexually engage with someone who has such a risky occupation. The position you're putting him in, the secrecy you have to partake in, his career at your fingertips, your spot in the school at his fingertips. All of it is such a risk, and you’ve come to ask yourself if it’s really worth it.
It wasn’t until recently that you started to wonder and worry if you’re that desperate that you’ll put everything on the line for a hookup. Was that whole ‘humans tend to let their sexual charges get the best of them, it’s nature’ motto of yours even valid anymore?
But then you stop yourself from spiraling into such thoughts. It’s one thing to second guess, but it’s another to regret. And you don’t regret doing it, you really don’t.
You just wish it didn’t have to be so complex.
But ultimately, you both understood the complexity of engaging in a sexual relationship from the start, so second-guessing anything would be regretting in this case scenario.
So with that being said, you also wish that you would’ve given yourself just a little more time to think over your choices before texting Jungkook back and telling him that yes, he can come over tonight.
That brings you to now, lighter in hand as you burn yourself a bit trying to light your favorite vanilla-scented candle before placing it down onto the small coffee table of your even smaller apartment.
Half of you would be embarrassed for him to see your small studio apartment if the other half weren’t aware that you are a college student after all and he’ll most likely understand your circumstances.
Pacing to the kitchen, you tuck any forgotten dishes into the dishwasher, straightening up the apartment that you’ve already cleaned five times tonight.
What? You’re nervous, that’s all.
When Jungkook called you this afternoon, you originally didn’t answer as it was an unknown number and you completely forgot that you wrote yours down for him last week.
So when the unknown number texted “hello again…” your heart nearly stopped in realization and excitement and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t smile a little too wide at the simple text.
And because it was texting rather than audibly speaking, you were able to converse a whole lot better and it wasn’t long until he asked if it’d be okay for him to come over.
However, it wasn’t for the reason you’d hoped.
“I was hoping to discuss last week's ‘events’ in a broader context. There’s a lot we need to talk about.” This wasn’t what you were expecting him to reply with after sending your address, but that it was.
And you hate to say it, but his word choice alone reminded you of the drastic age gap between the two of you. And with that reminder, you opened your eyes a bit and realized that a proper discussion about it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.
You replied with just a thumbs up, not really overthinking what to send because he is much older and doesn’t care nor notice your damn emojis or word choice.
Collapsing onto your freshly fluffed couch, you run your hands over your face and let yourself just breathe for the first time tonight. Whether it was all the cleaning or the overthinking, you feel the exhaustion catching up to you.
That is until the knock on your door sends you straight back into that frantic, fully alerted state.
It’s almost embarrassing how you practically run to go answer it, but when you open that door you have no time to critique yourself as you’re in too much awe of him.
Before you stands a smiling Jungkook, usual black chinos, and in replacement of what’s usually a button-down is a baggy black hoodie covering his toned body. For some reason, maybe the unfamiliar yet casual attire, he’s even hotter than you remembered him to be. His shoulders are broad beneath the thick material of the hoodie and his thighs are just as thick beneath the hopeless material of his chinos. You internally scold yourself for letting that wave land itself right at your entrance because you know that this visit is strictly just for conversation.
“Ms. Y/L/N.” He greets with a polite grin dancing on his features.
“Mr. Jeon.” You greet back to the best of your abilities, your mouth feeling so dry all of a sudden.
You swear his eyes dilate every time you call him that, but you don’t let yourself think too much of it. ‘Strictly conversation’, you remind yourself.
“Please, I already said you can call me Jungkook.”
You know he’s only trying to be polite, but the opportunity to banter with him is too prominent to pass on.
“And I said to call me Y/N.”
He lets out an airy laugh, his head tilting to the side in faux confusion.
“Did you though?”
Well, he does have a point.
“No…” you utter in realization, the feeling of stupidity drenching you. “Sorry.”
He shoos his hand in the air, gesturing to forget about it. “It’s okay.” You hate yourself for adoring his kind smile. “May I come in, Y/N?”
You don’t speak, standing aside and opening the door wider instead. And as he lets himself in, you feel like dying as he looks around the apartment.
“Nice pl —”
“Don’t lie.” You interrupt, using the brief second where his back was towards you to close the front door and pull yourself together. This man fucked you into oblivion, there’s no need to be awkward now.
“Want water? Or like… wine? I don’t know if you drink, but I have some cheap red if you want.”
He stops glancing around the apartment at your words, turning towards you as you navigate to the kitchen and open the fridge.
“Water is great, thank you.”
Cringing at yourself further, you squeeze your eyes shut in replacement of face palming as you crouch down in the fridge to get him his water.
You don’t say much as you dig around for a water bottle in one of the fridge drawers, and it’s not until you feel a gust of wind channeling from the ac vent that you realize you’re bending down right in front of him with no pants on. You stand abruptly, tugging your oversized t-shirt down to cover your panties. You hope he didn’t notice, but then you turn around.
Mouth opened and only closing when you make eye contact, he awkwardly clears his throat as he adverts his eyes to his feet.
“I —”
“It’s fine.” You interrupt. “Nothing you haven’t seen before.”
It’s relieving when he laughs at your attempt at a joke, a small giggle of your own escaping. Handing him the water bottle, you head for the couch.
You made mental note to sit as close to the edge as possible, leaving him plenty of space and saving yourself fewer chances of turning the conversation into something more.
“You can sit.” You softly tell him, eyes nodding to the empty space.
He follows and it’s not until he sits down that you remember that he’s here to discuss something that’s so difficult to discuss. But it’s important, and so that’s why you should just get it over with.
You're prepared for anything. Maybe he just wants to see if you haven’t told anyone. That you won’t tell anyone. Or perhaps he might call his original offer off completely, and you get it. You’re wishing to god that it’s not that, but in case it is, you’re prepared.
It’s not crazy for a professor in his late twenties to want to… gee, I don’t know, not fuck his twenty-one-year-old student?
“So, I —”
“Listen, I —”
You both go silent upon talking at the same time, and you quite literally bite your lip as you nod your head in encouragement for him to go first. He takes a sip of his water before leaning over and placing the bottle on the coffee table.
“Sorry.” He says with a smile. “So, I uh… I just wanted to go over the… basics? Or rather the establishment that we should probably make first.”
He waits for you to respond, but you don’t really know what you can respond to that so you hesitantly tell him to continue.
“So, I don’t know if you remember, but last week I implied that I wanted to see you again.”
Here it comes.
“I believe the words were ‘this doesn’t have to be a one-time thing’.” You don’t know why you felt the need to remind him what he probably remembered, but you did and now you’re waiting for him to tell you how he wants to take back his offer and never see you agai—
“I still think that.”
He, to your complete surprise, assures you.
“But with that establishment comes boundaries and rules that we should probably make.”
You hate yourself for overthinking something so wrong for no reason, but at the same time, the relief is pretty great. You told yourself you were prepared to hear him call it off, but now that you know that’s not in his plans, you can’t imagine what you would’ve felt if it were the truth.
“Of course.” You say in a confident tone to make him believe you already knew that. “Like what?”
He exhales deeply, sitting back against the couch.
You weren’t the only one fretting. Jungkook was too, but for a completely different reason. He thought that you might’ve changed your mind about ‘seeing him’ again. So when he realized that wasn’t the case and that you were potentially thinking the same about him, he felt incredibly relieved to find out you both wanted it still.
Now that you’re on the same page, you can discuss those boundaries.
“Well to go over the obvious, I’m not gonna tell anyone or like… gossip?” You speak first as Jungkook is silent in thought. You adjust your body to face him completely.
Jungkook wants to laugh at your words but he won’t. This is an adult conversation.
“I know, I wasn’t really worried about that.”
You tilt your head to the side, confused. You were certain that he, as your professor, would at least be concerned over the idea of you telling someone. He can’t possibly trust you so soon. Not that you were planning on telling anyone, because keep in mind your enrollment is on the line as well, but it still surprises you that he didn’t think about that. Upon his lack of elaboration, you once again urge him to continue.
“It’s just that you don’t have many friends, baby.”
Well damn.
You know he’s right, so you won’t argue it. And you want to be offended, but instead, you find yourself almost getting giddy at the fact that he noticed. He noticed how you would shy away in group projects. How you would avoid eye contact with the other students. How you live alone. And how the only person you’ve ever willingly struck a conversation with in class was him. Even though it was simply academic-related at first.
You also feel yourself lift up to the moon at the pet name, but you try not to pay much attention to it as he probably didn’t mean it like that.
“Hey!” You nudge his arm, earning a playful giggle from him. He grabs onto your wrist when you lightly hit his chest, and before he could let himself get lost in the idea of touching you further, he lets go and clears his throat.
You noticed, but you speak to distract yourself from feeling upset over something so small.
“Okay, then what are you worried about?”
“Privacy is my biggest concern if I’m being honest. We should be a little more discreet, so that means no more staring in class. That goes for the both of us.” He gives you a pointed look anyways.
“And we also need to be in more private places when we… indulge.”
You cackle at his choice of word and he playfully sends you a scolding look to which you cover your mouth to refrain from laughing anymore.
“Okay, okay. No more staring or ‘indulging’ on campus, got it.”
He scolds you again, and when you giggle in response he starts to tickle your sides until you're wheezing for him to stop.
Doubling over onto him, your fists are balled against his chest, and you're smiling so hard as you laugh that your cheeks begin to ache. Jungkook is smiling just as wide, but not because he’s laughing. He’s realizing how simple the moment is yet how good and right it feels to make you happy. His smile starts to fade as he questions the universe for making this affiliation so not right. A teacher shouldn’t feel this “good” for making his student happy, and he hates that. He hates the reality of that underlying feeling in him just as much.
Grabbing your wrists, he guides you out of the crook of his neck and your laughing fit tames down as you look into his eyes, close in proximity but you can easily decipher the sad look in his eyes.
“There’s one last thing I wanted to talk about…” He starts, and you glance back and forth between his eyes as you try to resist overthinking and jumping to the worst conclusions.
“If at any point you start to doubt this and don’t want to do it anymore, I want you to tell me, okay? I don’t want you to feel like you’re stuck or that you owe me. I’d never tell anyone either, especially not the board, so don’t even worry about that. I just need you to promise me that one thing.”
His voice is soft but stern, words hitting incredibly deep. Or maybe not his words, but the sincerity that comes with it. You can tell he’s adamant about your thoughts and what you want. And it breaks your heart in the best way possible.
“I promise.” You whisper, hoping he sees the same sincerity in your eyes.
He does.
Smiling softly, Jungkook lowers your wrists that he’s still holding onto, and your eyes flick down to his lips.
“That’s all I needed to say,” he whispers back, eyes flicking down to your lips as well.
“Did you have anything you wanted to add?”
You hum no.
“I think we covered everything, we just gotta be careful and cautious.” Your voice is soft and he can feel your light breath against his lips, and he’s using every vessel in him to not kiss you right now.
You know that it's not so simple to where briefly discussing is going to stop you from doubting time to time in the future, and he knows that he’ll most likely be doing that as well. But with this circumstance, doubting is inevitable. But as long as you both want to, you’ll do it until one of you don’t. So you figure that you shouldn’t waste a second if this ‘thing’ between you two is only temporary.
So yes, you did cover everything with him, and now is the time to stop talking and do that certain activity that you both are suddenly craving.
“Is it time to indulge?” You tease, and he can’t help but laugh this time.
As his chuckle tames down, he hums an “mhm.”
Jungkook didn’t think you’d be so understanding and you didn’t think his list of establishments and boundaries would be so short. Neither of you expected this conversation to be so brief, and only now you’re both realizing how you’re alone together and have the whole night to do anything but talk.
It was you that met his lips first, relishing in the taste of him that you missed so much this past week. He melts into it, the feeling mutual.
He releases your writs and uses one hand to cup your cheek, the other on your waist. His tongue makes its appearance against yours and you eagerly taste him further as you let both of your hands rest over his.
You grind against nothing as you whimper into the kiss, and his breathing escalates when you guide his hands straight to your chest. More specifically, your breasts.
The only thing in between you and his direct touch is the thin fabric of your t-shirt, and he shivers as he feels your erect nipple against his palm. He gently squeezes, and when you moan so does he.
Jungkook is a gentleman so he’d never admit this, but he’s always had such a thing for your chest. It’s full and so large and he’s had so many fantasies about it. You can feel the way he’s losing control of his senses, melting as he continues to toy with your breasts.
“Do you like them?” You ask in a slight giggle against his lips before rejoining his kiss, not expecting that he’d enjoy it that much.
He hums a yes again, except this time it’s higher and pitch and has a pleading undertone. You give in to it, breaking the kiss completely and guiding his hands off of you as you quickly pull your shirt up and off your body.
You bite your lip as you watch Jungkook stare intently before resuming his contact against them, and this time his touch is softer. He gently cups them, using his thumb to flick at your nipples before gently rolling them between his fingertips and you hum out a moan, thoughtlessly bringing your small hand to the large bulge in his pants.
He’s incredibly hard, as you had imagined, and he hisses through his teeth upon feeling you on him.
“So hard…” You note aloud, palming him gently as his grip on your breasts begins to get weaker and weaker.
You were waiting for that switch of his to flip, to take over and leave you aching in the most excruciating yet exhilarating way possible. And so when he continued to groan weakly at your palming, you knew you had to urge it out of him.
“C-can I taste you?”
Jungkook’s eyes shoot open, steady on yours as he examines your features to see if you really said that or if he was just hearing things.
“I didn’t get the chance to last time, and… I want to show you how I am on my best behavior.”
And there’s that spark in his darkened eyes.
“Yeah?” he asks in a whisper, voice low and breathy. “You want to suck my dick, baby?”
You nod pathetically, whining under your breath to show just how badly you want that. A smirk grows on his lips.
“Do it then, suck me. Wanna see it in your mouth.”
You inhale at his words, the constant wave in you circling at each of his words and touches, landing itself at your core each time.
You transition yourself to sit on your knees while still beside him on the couch, hands slowly trailing to the hem of his hoodie. He sees what you're trying to do and takes it upon himself to pull the heavy material off of his top half, revealing a sight you’ve always wished to see.
You see each ridge of his toned upper body that you would only see vaguely of all those times hidden beneath his daily attire of a button-down. But now it’s off, and for your eyes to take in, all while he waits for you to touch him.
All of it is so overwhelming, but the good kind.
“Lay back.” Your voice is nowhere near authoritative and it would've been funny to hear you attempt that, but you knew better and settled with your polite, small voice.
He does as instructed, positioning himself sideways before reclining flat onto his back, head resting on the couch’s armrest. His legs are spread wide enough to fit you between them, and so you position yourself to be sat on your knees in front of him. His legs act as a barricade of some sort as they’re on either side of you.
“Ready?” You ask, more to yourself than to him, suddenly nervous to proceed.
You look up to find him with his hands behind his head, eyes already fixated on your breasts before flicking them up to meet yours.
“Go on, baby.”
Palm flat on his lower stomach, fingers just poking into the material of his waistband, you take one last deep breath before your hand is hidden completely underneath his pants- trailing right down to that familiar bulge of his.
His reaction isn’t too wild yet, as all you can notice so far is his breathing faltering the slightest. Eager to see him react more, you enhance your palming by stroking him through the fabric of his briefs.
Your eyes never left his eyes, and you’re determined to keep it there as it’s more than assuring for you and hopefully for him as well.
“Don’t tease me, Y/N.”
His words send a weird shock throughout your body, almost like you feel a little too bad for doing something wrong. But it wouldn’t be the first time his authoritativeness or presumed dominance sent you into such submissive instinct.
And you were ready to do as requested, but not without wringing out the little amount of stubbornness you had in you first.
“Why? You did it to me last time. I don’t see why I can’t.”
He sighs, and it could be interpreted in so many ways but what stands out the most is frustration.
“Because I’m telling you not to.”
His words are enough to prove exactly where you stand in terms of authority, and that’s below him.
One timid gulp, and before he knows it your hand is back out and unbuttoning his pesky pants.
Fiddling with the zipper, you manage to undo the hassle and your small fingers hook into his waistband before using most if not all of your strength to shimmy them down his thick thighs. His hips lift up just a bit to help make things easier, and once the fabric is bunched at his mid thighs he relaxes once again, comfortably breathing shallowly with hands behind his head, eyes curiously on your next moves.
You’re almost nervous to be faced with the monster that is him, both metaphorically and literally, as you know what to expect with his length and how he reacts when you stimulate said length. You’re nervous, but no more than you are eager.
Repeating the actions of hooking your fingers into his waistband, you tug his briefs down to meet with his pants, and you’re once again feeling your stomach whirlwind in so many different feelings when you see how his erection springs up to stand tall and proud against his lower stomach.
He notices the very vague whimper that escapes you, and he lets out an airy chuckle.
“You said you wanted to suck me. . . so do it.”
Your eyes flick to his once more for just a spec of assurance even though you’re well aware that sexual alter ego of his has taken over by now and any sign of assurance from him is hopeless.
“Y/N~” he coos, “wanna feel your mouth, baby. Can you let me feel it?”
You nod.
“Yeah? C’mon, make me feel it.” His tone is high in pitch, faux pleading as he nods his head in encouragement when your head begins to lower to meet him.
“Make me fucking feel it.”
Your plump lips, the ones he adores, meet his swollen head that twitches the slightest upon feeling you. He lets out a light moan but when you flatten the tip of your tongue against his slit, he hisses rather harshly.
“Yes, baby, just like that. Love your tongue on my cock.”
His praises give you a confidence boost and as the nerves slowly slip away you’re quicker to fully satisfy him.
Spitting onto his tip with your lips never having parted, you pull back a little to let it drip down before licking it all back up from his base up.
“Fuck, yeah. Mhm, make me feel it, baby.”
His new vocality surprises you a bit since you barely even started, and you can’t help but wonder if he’s been worked up this entire encounter that even the slightest bit of relief is enough to make him so reactant.
And judging by the pool in between your legs, he hasn’t been the only one worked up since he came through those doors.
After reaching back to his tip with your tongue, you bring your eyes up to his before placing a sloppy peck on it. You see how his brows are furrowed, eyes just barely staying open.
He looks so needy and you honestly don’t believe you can handle your own temptation any longer.
Widening your kiss, your lips suction his girth tip into your mouth, and his hips involuntarily jerk when you sink down as far as you can take.
You’re disappointed to find out your mouth isn’t even covering half of him, but he doesn’t even seem to notice. Sucking in a sharp breath through his teeth, the back of his head digs further into the armrest.
Bringing a hand up to make up for the lack of contact, you stroke his base as you glide your mouth up and down his shaft.
“Baby,” he whines, eyes pinched shut by now.
You use your free hand to comfortingly stroke his outer thigh even though you’re sure he doesn’t care about those kinds of gestures, but per usual he contradicts you as he brings a hand down and places it lightly against yours, gently holding onto it.
You come up to breathe, dark eyes on his and he gives you an assuring nod that’s so small you almost think it’s a tic.
Sinking your mouth back down, his hips buck again but it’s harsher this time and provides you with more than you can take- tears immediately building at the corner of your eyes.
Judging from the way he intertwines your fingers in an apologetic way, you know he didn’t mean to do that on purpose.
And for some reason, every time he shows this soft side, you’re even more determined to just please him.
So with a rather risky idea, you pull off of his cock with a loud suction sound.
He notices the way you smile in excitement as you sit up, and his eyes flutter open fully. Watching you with his full attention, doe eyes at their widest, his heart stills in his chest when he sees you grab your breast- squishing them together.
You only bite your lip to refrain from a mischievous giggle, continuing with your plan as you crawl a little more up between his legs, doubling over so that your cleavage aligns with his harder-than-ever cock.
“Fuck yourself in between them,” you softly instruct, both hands on each breast as you’re pressing them together, angling it just above him as you wait for him to do the rest.
He probably could’ve released at your words alone, but then he wouldn’t have gotten to experience the opportunity given to him. More eager than ever, he grabs his swollen shaft and presses his tip into your cleavage, the sight alone making that craved knot in the pit of his stomach appear.
“Fuck,” he hisses as he thrusts his hips up, his cock being suffocated by the same breasts he’s always daydreamed about.
He’s only able to get in about three proper, stamina-fueled thrusts before his hips start to falter and his cock starts to become more and more sensitive.
Releasing your hands from your breasts, you bring them to his hips to guide him down, and you scoot back a little before stroking him again with your hand this time.
“Gonna cum?” You ask nonchalantly and with genuine wonder.
His breathing picks up as your hand absentmindedly goes faster, and he manages to let out a frantic yet calm “mhm.”
You see how much of a mess he looks, and you almost want to giggle in pride of your creation. Your lips join your hand's movement, and you're once again sucking him like your life depends on it.
“Fuck! Baby— I’m gonna…”
His desperation to cum triggers a possession of some sort into you as you find yourself removing your hand and sucking his full length despite the tears that come with it.
“Mm, yes baby,” he nearly cries out. “Make the big cock cum.”
Your blurred eyes land on his as you continue to bob your head up and down, no breathing whatsoever, and he nods profusely.
“Mhm,” he encourages. “Make me feel it over and over.”
You pull up only to spit onto his tip before sinking back down and continuing, and he lets out a sadistic chuckle.
“So fucking sexy.”
A hand blindly snakes down below his base, collecting his balls in your hand and softly massaging them as you occasionally gag around him.
That was just enough to make the spark in his stomach grow, and he’s panting as he guides a hand to tangle into your hair, guiding your head.
“Don’t stop, baby. Don’t fucking stop.”
You feel the tears as they stream warmly down your cheek, and he feels them too as they land on his thigh, resembling the determination you’re putting into him feeling good.
And that alone makes that wave crash over him, his mouth agape as he gently tugs your hair in signal to stop.
You align your pouted lips to his slit, eyes on him as his breath drains from his body, along with the white strings of pleasure.
His free hand comes out from beneath his hand and to his shaft, slowly stroking out any remains onto your lips.
And it’s not until his eyes finally open that he sees the picture he painted, his softening cock twitching- causing him to dryly whimper.
Your wide eyes are on his when you tuck your covered bottom lip into your mouth, licking him off of you and swallowing. You open your mouth to show him your now clear tongue as proof, and his cock once again jolts.
“C’mere,” he whispers, head falling back and hands reaching for your waist as you crawl up his body and look down at him with that notorious gleam of faux innocence in your eyes.
“Did so good for me.” His words are soft, breathing still unstable. “Thank you, Ms. Y/N.”
You can’t fight the smile that plays at your lips upon his statement, remembering how you said the same words last time. And the mere fact that he remembers sends a comforting blanket-like warmth over you as you reach down to place a chaste kiss on his lips.
“You’re welcome. . . Jungkook.”
Tumblr media
Lying in your bed, Jungkook embraces you tighter as you mindlessly trace his tattoos, eyes fluttering shut in tempting drowsiness every so often but you fight it to the best of your abilities.
After you took it upon yourself to clean him up with a rag, you both trailed off to your bed and he insisted to return the favor but you surprisingly declined, telling him to take his time and come down from his own high first.
“You have a lot of tattoos for a professor.”
And if it weren’t for your random statements every five minutes, he would’ve been convinced you are asleep.
As you lay on top of his chest, thigh over his and head nuzzled into his neck, his mind is clouded with nothing but you. And typically that wouldn’t be a bad thing, but he can’t seem to shake the lingering guilt he has from simply just thinking about you.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asks in mock offense and is glad to have a distraction from his troubling thoughts.
He smiles wide when you giggle.
“It’s just that you’re the only tattooed professor that I've ever had.”
Professor. He hates how badly he dislikes being reminded of that title, and he hates the fact that he wishes to be called something else even more.
And Jungkook is well aware he’s an old-fashioned romantic, that this is his first “hookup” (as he’s heard the term somewhere online before) that he’s ever had, and so he knows how difficult it’s going to be to not have it in the back of his mind that he’s not here to care for you or be called any pet names- he’s here to fuck you. That’s what you both agreed on after all, nothing more.
“I’m also the only ‘professor’ you’ve fucked…Guess I’m just full of surprises.”
You scoff in agreement, nuzzling further into him to seek warmth from the fan above you.
“A walking mystery.” You add on.
And it’s not until you both fall into another round of comfortable silence that you realize the many different interpretations of your words. A walking mystery.
You think about how little you know of him, how little he’s told you. How little he knows of you, how little you’ve told him. And it dawns on you that you can’t keep getting disappointed by all the lack-of’s because you’re not supposed to know about each other. Because despite the way his hand is caressing your back in a caring and protective way that can mean so much- it means absolutely nothing at the end of the day.
He’s a walking mystery and you decide it’s best you don’t solve it. There’s absolutely no need to learn about his life or endeavors because no hookup does that.
And in contrary to him, you’ve done this before. He’s not your first no-strings-attached fling. But for some reason, you’re liking that protectiveness that comes from just his touch alone. That soft demeanor he gives you after each lustful moment. And you absolutely despise yourself for liking it.
Laying there tangled up with each other with your breathing in sync, you’re both secretly battling the same feeling of realization.
And that realization is that this will never be anything more because it can’t be more.
Tumblr media
The ring of his phone wakes you up first, and you shoot up in confusion despite Jungkook’s heavy arm that he had draped across your stomach. You instantly make note of the new dimness, darting your head to the window to confirm the night sky.
Back to your main source of confusion, you reach over him to grab his ringing phone off the nightstand while using your other hand to tap him awake.
“Jungkook,” your dry mouth speaks, tapping him a bit harder when he doesn’t respond and it seems to have done the trick.
“Your phone is ri— ” you cut yourself off when the loud buzz comes to a halt, “was ringing.”
With only one eye open, he rubs at them with closed fists like a child before sitting up slowly and retrieving the phone from you.
“Shit, what time is it?” He asks, voice dry and raspy.
“I don’t know, we accidentally dozed off —”
Finally seeing somewhat clearer, he cuts you off with a muttered “fuck” and curiosity, as well as worry, drown your expression as you ask what happened.
He’s quick to guide your legs off of him, jogging to the laundry room to get his clothes that you thoughtfully put to wash.
You follow behind, startled at his frantic pace.
“Jungkook, what?” You ask again after being ignored in your last attempt, your voice sterner this time.
He looks up at you as he slides into his pants, multitasking by getting his hoodie out of the dryer at the same time.
“I didn’t mean to stay so late, I have to —”
He’s cut off by the ring of his phone in his hand, quickly answering this time like it completely slipped his mind to call back.
“Yejin?” He speaks into the phone in a faux-calmed tone. “I wasn’t paying attention to the time, I’m on my way back home now.”
Your head tilted at the unfamiliar name, and it’s not until he said ‘back home’ that you became frozen. After a few more “okay’s” and “mhm’s” he hung up the call, phone shoved into his pocket as he now slips his hoodie on.
You really did not want to ask who that was because it’s none of your business, but you can’t help but assume the worst.
Homewrecking was never your plan, and one of your main reasons for indulging with him in the first place was because he never wears a ring on his finger. You made sure to look for that the first day you saw him.
So if it’s not a wife, presumably, then who—
“It’s my babysitter.” He makes clear as he heads for the couch, slipping on his shoes. “I was supposed to be home before nine, that’s when her shift ends.”
“You have a dog?” is the first question that comes to mind, genuinely confused as you wait for him to elaborate.
He lets out the smallest chuckle as he shakes his head in humor, continuing his frantic stride to the front door.
“I have a daughter that’s probably wondering where the hell her daddy is right now.”
“I —”
He opens the door to exit and looks back over his shoulder to say goodbye, but when he notices how taken aback you are, he jogs over to you and gently places his hands on your upper arms.
“We can talk more next time, I promise.” He completely contradicts and abandons his thought-over ‘no-no’s’ and proceeds to place a heavy yet quick kiss on your temple before turning around and striding back to the door.
Making his exit, he gives you one last kind grin before vanishing from your eyesight, the door having been left open as he assumed you’d follow behind to shut it. But he’s in too much of a rush to wonder why you’re just frozen in place.
And standing there in said frozen state, your mind can only comprehend one thing. . .
He truly is a walking mystery.
A/N: apologies if this chapter was boring, I needed to make sure the dynamic/basics between oc and jk were clear :) chap 3 is gonna be a lot more ✨juicier✨as we’re finally gonna learn more abt his daughter and his relationship status :p *also, shorter chapters are coming I promise lol*
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