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Tumblr media
”When you find an unconscious man bearing the mark of the Ravens on his chest washed up on the riverbed, you have to choose between your duties as a healer and your instincts as a woman.”
Pairing: Bandit!Seokjin x Healer!Reader
Genre: Fantasy, s2l!AU, Romance, Smut
Warnings: lots of plot, healing from a traumatic past, wounds & mentions of blood, very mild hatred in the beginning, some bickering which later turns into flirting, so much yearning, virgin!Seokjin, subby!Seokjin, soft dom!Reader, nudity, bondage in some sort, she feeds him while he's sick :'), he is very eager to learn, he is also such a cutie :(, lots of kissing, neck kisses, praises, breast massage, the goodest boy!Jinnie, handjob, fingering, mutual masturbation, they are very needy for each other
Wordcount: 22.4k
a/n: Seriously, the more stories I write about this universe, the harder I fall in love with it. Each time I create a little thing or a new animal or some type of food, I am filled with so much joy. I love this world so much! Also, Seokjin really did it to me :( he is such a sweet man in this story, I wanna protect him :( I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it 💚
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Tumblr media
You woke up with a strange feeling in your stomach.
Today was going to be a cursed day for you.
The feeling in your stomach has never lied to you before nor was it ever wrong.
Oh how you hated its accuracy, because as you rolled out of bed and hit your toe on the corner of your bed, you knew that it was once again right.
It continued at breakfast when the fire turned out to be hotter than on other days and burned the last of your eggs and meat. You had to eat the last two pieces of slightly dried up bread and when you looked into your jug, you had to realise in horror that Kukuruz - your cat - had drunk the last of your milk while you were sleeping.
“Kukuruz”, you had hissed at him, but he was slumbering peacefully on the window sill, “oh you cursed animal, may you wake up with a belly ache.”
Your bad luck continued as you hung up your laundry and dropped one of the pieces in the wet mud. Oh how you had cursed, because now you had to go down to the river to wash it again. And the curse didn’t stop, it continued on your way to town when your dress got stuck on some thorns and ripped at the seam.
“Oh how I truly hate this day!” you screamed at the skies, lifting your fist and waving it around.
Even in town your curse followed you like an unwanted shadow. Not only did the egg merchant sell the last eggs right before your eyes, but you had also forgotten your gold at home. You had to come to the painful realisation when you had to give up the most delicious looking piece of smoked meat because you couldn’t pay for it.
So you left the market just as empty handed as you had entered it, feeling less and less happy about ever setting foot outside your bed.
“I should have just stayed in bed”, you murmur, “my stomach was never wrong before, fatuous woman why did you not listen?” you grumble, almost running into low branches hadn’t you dodged them in the last moment.
You laugh in disbelief, gawking at them with big eyes.
“Truly, I must be cursed today”, you say and decide to be extra careful on your remaining way home. It wasn’t long anymore. Just past that glade and through the tunnel of conifer trees and your little cottage would be in arm’s reach.
It was your mother’s cottage once and her mother’s before that. It was a little outside of town, a tense conifer forest was separating it from it. But the paths were well walked on and the forest safe, except for the occasional boar and the mean tree fairies, which more often than not, loved growing roots in front of people’s feet to make them stumble and fall. One could hear their laughter in the rustling of the leaves and the creaking of branches. But they were harmless otherwise, they just loved playing tricks.
You didn’t encounter any of the little tricksters today. It truly surprised you. Out of all the days, you expected them today the most. They must be busy getting the trees ready for winter. While the tree fairies on foliage trees went to sleep together with their mothers, the tree fairies on conifer trees worked hard during the colder months to help their mothers keep their green dresses. Only now and then one of them found time in their busy day to play a quick trick on some humans, which made the entire forest rustle and croak in laughter if the trick was successful. And somehow it seemed that on such days the forest looked greener the next day, as if the fairies needed a good laugh to find more energy again.
You leave the tense canopy of spruce branches behind you, stepping onto the glade of your cottage. It was a spacious meadow, allowing the sun to shine on the ground and for a variety of plants to grow. The Singing River, which was just a hundred steps down the shallow slope, offered plenty of the clearest water. Your meadow never had to suffer from drought. It was truly a blessing. Especially as a healer, who depended heavily on the health of her many healing plants and herbs.
The air smells different here. Sweet and herbal from all the plants you were growing in the warmer months. The scent lingered even in winter as if it had already become part of the land. Perhaps it liked staying here with you and the warm sun.
“Finally”, you say and quicken your steps. Not long anymore and you are finally in the safety of your own home again. Nothing can go wrong now.
You hurry up the stairs.
You stop and take a step back.
A ring. Golden with a silver gemstone in the middle.
“What is that?”
You bend down to pick it up and inspect it. You bite it first. It doesn’t bend under your teeth, which means that it was real.
“Where did this come from?” you murmur, looking left and right to see if you can spot a person.
You can’t. Your glade is empty.
You look back at the ring. You have seen rings like such before. As the best healer in the Night Queendom you often find yourself in the Queen’s castle. You sometimes see rings like that on Her fingers.
“How did you come here?” you ask it, “did a bird drop you?”
You look up at the sky. There was no bird to spot.
“Or did magic bring you to me?”
But you would have sensed if someone tried to use magic on your land.
“Perhaps you were sent to me by the universe to break my curse?”
You slip it on your finger and then turn.
You will sell it in town and then use the money to buy the delicious smoked meat and another jug of milk.
Tumblr media
You return successful from the market. Your basket is filled with the smoked meat and a big jug of milk and even the egg merchant had a small box of eggs back in stock. You bought all them and even treated yourself to a delicious apple. It was the last of the farmer’s successful crop, sweet with a hint of sour in its taste. Exactly how you enjoyed your apples.
The ring must have broken your curse, so you thought as you walked back home with a happy skip in your steps.
“Good morning, Kukuruz”, you greet your cat, who had woken by now and is now circling your legs as you hurry through the cottage, “have you eaten yet?”
“No?” you bend down and pick him up.
Kukuruz rests gladly in your arm, watching you unload your basket. His tiny legs are pulled to his body, his soft tummy is exposed and his long tail is wiggling left and right contently.
“I know you drank my milk last night.”
“No no, don’t blame this on the fairies. This was your doing. I found your fur on the jug.”
“As I thought. But worry not Kukuruz, I forgive you. The most peculiar thing happened to me. I found a golden ring on our porch and you won’t believe how much it was worth.”
You pull two big bags of gold free.
“Look! This will last us till summer!” you exclaim excitedly, "and I can still save some for the bathing tub!"
But Kukuruz seemed more interested in the smoked meat, beginning to wiggle in your arms.
“By Frenya, you are such a gluttonous cat”, you murmur, setting him down, “go to your bowl, I will cut some meat for you.”
The black cat struts off with a certain bounce in his steps. He sits down in front of his bowl and meows loudly, watching you with his tail moving back and forth on the floor and his emerald eyes widened in curiosity.
You cut a piece for yourself, nibbling on it as you fill his bowl with food.
“There we go”, you tell him and pet his head, “enjoy.”
Kukuruz thanks you with a purr and begins eating deliciously.
“Very well”, you stand up, “I am outside, getting the laundry and then some water from the river. Don’t you dare stick your head into my milk or else I will turn you into a bug.”
"I heard that."
With your basket resting on your left hip, you hurry outside and down the three steps which separate your porch from the grass. Your clothesline was located right next to your cottage. On the wooden posts rambler roses were climbing into the skies and behind the line, a spacious bed of different mints was located. The mints liked the climate there. Slight shade and enough space to spread. It always smelled nicely here. That is why you decided to put your clothing line on this spot of land. You believe that the scent of mint will soak your fabrics and make them smell nicer for longer.
You stop and gawk at your clothing line.
“By Frenya”, you murmur.
Your clothes are gone. Except for two dresses and one kitchen towel, the clothing lines are empty.
“Thieves!” you yell, twisting and turning with your eyes burning in anger, “who took my clothes?!”
Oh you are furious! This is outrageous! Who dared to come to your cottage only to steal your clothes? Oh, if you would catch them, they would flee in fear.
“May the Morguls eat your toes while you are sleeping!” you scream, hoping they can hear you.
Now, the clothes weren’t your favourites, thank Frenya. But there were useful and sturdy and they kept your legs warm in the colder months. You rip your remaining clothes from the lines and throw them into your basket.
“Truly, I don’t wish bad on people, but oh may they find snails in their food”, you murmur, punching the small heap of clothes, “this day is cursed! I hate this!”
With your face contorted in a frown, you stomp back to your cottage. You basically kick in your door, startling Kukuruz, who has caught some sun rays on the windowsill just before.
“You won’t believe what happened to me!” you tell him loudly and drop the basket on the floor, “someone took my clothes! I am cursed, truly cursed.”
The black cat tilts his head to the side and licks over his nose.
“I know Kukuruz, that is what I said too. May the Morguls eat their toes”, you growl and huff out air.
You cross your arms in front of your chest and sit down on your wooden stool.
“How could this happen? Why would someone come here just to steal from me?” you ask no one in particular.
Kukuruz struts to the kitchen counter and sits down in front of the two bags of gold.
You look at him and the gold.
“You are a genius!” you exclaim, “they must have been the one putting the ring on my porch!”
“I know, it is peculiar. Why would they take my clothes only to then leave something so expensive behind?”
“You truly think so? You think that they paid for the clothes with the ring?”
Kukuruz stands up and struts back to the window sill. He lies down, rolling himself into a tiny ball of black fur.
“Truly, you are a genius Kukuruz. They must have been travellers, who were dressed too coldly and when they realised that I wasn’t home to offer them a pair of pants, they took them from my clothing line and paid with their ring.”
“Oh Kukuruz you helped me feel better, truly. What would I do without you?”
You laugh, “oh now you are just being cocky”, you say in a fond chuckle and stand up. You grab your bucket, “I will be by the river fetching water.”
The Singing River is calm where you live. It is just two valleys and a forest away from where it starts in the Snowy Mountains. It hasn’t reached its true width and anger yet. The riverbeds were around five big steps apart and the water was clear and calm, reaching you just below you ribs. It was freezing in the colder months but was warm enough to bathe comfortably in, during the warmer months. It also offered many different kinds of wildlife to eat and even more different kinds of plants to use for potions.
You made your own little crook in the riverbed. You had dug out the earth so the water would reach you in a gentle slope and you could enter the river comfortably. You use it to wash your clothes and fetch water and also for bathing.
You slow down your steps.
It looks different today. Someone is resting on it. He seems to be sleeping in the sun.
You squint your eyes.
“Huh”, you gasp, widening your eyes and quickening your steps.
He wasn’t sleeping! His clothes were clearly soaked in water and his left leg was leaking blood. It had formed a little puddle by now.
“Good Sir!” you call out, “good Sir, are you alright?”
The man doesn’t answer you, he doesn’t even move.
You drop your bucket and squat down beside him. His hair was as black as the feathers of ravens and his face was pale in cold, his lips blue and purple.
“Oh dear, oh dear”, you touch the side of his neck.
His skin was icy. His pulse was barely there.
“What happened to you?” you murmur, turning your attention to the wound on his leg.
Teeth must have dug themselves into his flesh. His black pants were ripped where the animal bit him, showing torn skin and muscle.
“Oh that is a truly nasty wound you have here”, you murmur.
You rip a piece of your dress off. The thorns had already ruined it either way. You bind his thigh right above the wound tightly enough to stop the bleeding.
The man hisses in his unconsciousness and moves his head.
“I must get you out of this cold”, you decide and sneak a glance at your cottage, “oh this is going to be a long way.”
You grab the man under his armpits tightly and begin dragging him up the hill.
“You are so heavy, by Frenya”, you grunt, “couldn’t the river have washed up someone less muscular?”
At one point you accidentally dropped the poor man, making him groan. You picked him up in an instant and apologized quietly.
“If you would only work with me a little.”
Dragging him up your stairs was the part most difficult. You didn’t want to hurt him and yet with every step, you dragged his limp legs up the pumpy stairs, the man let out a quiet hiss of discomfort.
“Forgive me, oh forgive me”, you murmured each time, flinching with him.
The truest struggle of them all however, was when you tried to lift him on top of your bed. 
You had two beds in your cottage. One for your patients and one in the backroom for you to sleep in. The bed for your patients wasn’t quite as high as your private bed, but despite that advantage, lifting his heavy body was no easy task.
You feel out of breath once you had managed to lift him, finding support on the foot end of the bed by leaning against it.
“Truly”, you huff out air, “you are one heavy fella.”
You take one last deep breath, then clap into your hand.
“Now, enough whining. Let’s get you out of your clothes.”
You have undressed countless people in your long career as a healer. Women, men, children, even non human creatures. They were all just living beings to you, needing your help and care. You saw nothing peculiar in it and they saw nothing peculiar in being undressed.
Today however undressing your patient turns out to be more than peculiar. You started with his pants, working slowly and beyond carefully in order not to hurt his wound. The ruined pants you threw into a bucket. You will dry them and stitch them back up later. It wasn’t peculiar until then, it started when you began taking off his upper body clothing. The ripped fur slipped off his shoulders easily, soaking your floors once you had discarded it. His black tunic opened easily.
“By Frenya!” you exclaim.
That was the moment the peculiar started.
A black raven tattoo was burned into his chest. He was one of them. A Raven of the Black Forest, the group of men who had sworn to kill every woman they come across. Your aunt fell victim to them and two girls from your village as well. All three of them were mutilated and abused by those gruesome men.
You swore to never help such monsters and that if you ever had the chance to annihilate every single one of them, you would take it. And now one of them is resting in your bed, unconscious, wounded and unable to fight back.
You act quickly. You run to your dresser and grab the knife, which you usually use for collecting plants and branches. You have it pressed against the man’s throat within seconds, twisting his hair between your fingers.
“I will kill you monster”, you spit, tilting his head up. It makes the blade glide over his skin, forcing it to break at one spot and leak one droplet of blood.
The man groans at the feeling, opening and closing his lips.
You falter.
The sound was filled with pain. The kind of pain you have heard from so many of your patients. It was a sound a person would make. It was a human sound.
You loosen the grip around his hair.
The monster made a human sound.
You study his features. Pale and relaxed. He had a forehead like everyone else, he had a nose like everyone else, he had eyes like everyone else, a mouth and cheeks and brows as well. He looked like a human.
Your fingers slip from his hair.
“What am I doing here?” you ask yourself, “I consider killing a living creature when I swore to heal them. Have I lost my mind?”
The knife slips from your fingers, landing on the floor with a dull sound. It landed directly on the person’s fur, which muffled the otherwise shrill sound.
“By Frenya, I almost killed a person”, you murmur, touching your own cheeks, “I, I must remember my duties. I am no killer, I am a healer. I save people, not end their life. If he turns out to be a monster I can still kill him. Yes? I won’t regret this, will I?”
Tumblr media
You sleep restlessly that night, waking with every little sound the earth makes and thinking that it was the stranger coming to kill you. You know it was impossible as you made sure that even if he woke when you were asleep, he wouldn’t be able to hurt you.
You had to tie down countless people in your time as a healer. People tend to wiggle quite a great deal when they are being operated on, so one needs to know strong and secure knots in order to hold them down and minimise the chances of hurting them accidentally.
But despite that security, you wake up with heavy eyes and weak limbs the next morning. The sun was already shining and by your feet Kukuruz was licking your big toe.
“Good morning”, you greet him with your voice hoarse in exhaustion.
“I’m glad you did, I slept terribly”, you say and yawn, “the stranger kept me awake.”
You smile tiredly, “that makes me feel better. Thank you for taking watch.”
“Tzt. You ruined it again. Fine, I am already getting up to prepare your breakfast. By Frenya, you are such a gluttonous cat.”
Kukuruz follows you, circling your legs and rubbing his head against your calves every now and then with a deep purr vibrating in his chest.
You sneak a glance at the stranger as you pass by him. He was still sleeping, having turned his head to the other side. His lips are parted, they don’t seem so blue anymore. As a matter of fact, they have gained a pinkish glow to them.
His skin also feels warm to the touch when you check and his pulse has sped up considerably from last night.
These are all good signs. It means that your treatment helped.
“Stay, I’ll be back with medicine after making breakfast for my greedy cat”, you tell him, poking his cheek rather harshly.
It makes him roll his head to the other side and then sigh in his sleep.
Tumblr media
Once Kukuruz was taken care of and you have prepared your own breakfast, you return to your patient. He was still sleeping, resting in the same position you left him in.
You sit down on the chair and relax back, biting into your bread with smoked meat and egg.
“You know, you are lucky that I am such a good-hearted person”, you tell him with your mouth stuffed, “other people would have left you by the riverbed.”
The man shows no signs that he heard you, sleeping soundly.
You take a sip of your warm milk and take another bite of your food afterwards.
“I wonder what happened to you. Did you fight Woltron?”
You slurp loudly and swallow the contents of your mouth happily.
“Doesn’t matter”, you say and relax with a content sigh, “I have my breakfast and that is all that matters.”
He shifts then.
You freeze up in an instant, staring at him without chewing your food.
"What are you doing? Don’t move", you tell him.
He shifts again, groaning softly.
“Oh dear, are you waking up?” you ask him.
He rolls his head into a position so that it would rest on the back of it.
You reach for the knife hastily, pointing it at the stranger with shaking hands.
His eyes open slowly, blinking heavily to get used to the light.
“Mhm”, he lets out and closes them again. He tries to roll to his side afterwards, but the ropes holding his arms down prevent it from happening.
He opens his eyes quickly, lifting his head.
“What the?” he presses out and tugs on the ropes, “what in heaven's name is going on here?”
His eyes land on you.
“Who are you?” he asks, eyes flitting to the knife, “did you tie me up?”
“Don’t move!” you warn him, waving the knife around.
He dodges it skilfully, “what are you doing?”
“You, you, y-you are a Raven, aren’t you?” you ask him, extending your arm.
He eyes the knife before he snorts.
“What are you trying to do here? Cut me open? What that grip?”
You look at the way your fingers grasp the knife. It looks slightly clumsy.
“Excuse me?” you drop your arm, “I am very capable of holding a knife.”
“Of course”, he says and begins tugging on the ropes again.
You lift the knife again, hating your arm for shaking so much.
“Don’t move.”
“Well, can you untie me first? Or tell me your name and why you have me tied up in the first place?”
“I found you by the riverbed. You were unconscious and your left leg was chewed on, so I dragged you here and took care of your wound.”
He looks down at his covered legs and scoffs.
“Fuck”, he lets out, dropping his head into the pillows, “I remember falling into the river after being ambushed by a wolf.”
“Yes, Woltron. He doesn’t like Ravens.”
“It wasn’t Woltron, it was a normal wolf. Small, agile and way too fast to escape from”, he says and tugs on the ropes again.
It makes you grip your knife tighter and lift it again. He eyes it.
“What? Are you truly planning on killing me after saving me? Why go through all the trouble then?”
“You, y-you don’t know me. P-perhaps I am a dangerous witch, w-who likes eating men alive.”
He blinks rapidly before breaking into laughter.
“Don’t laugh”, you hiss.
He laughs louder, it sounds way more high-pitched than you had imagined it would, perhaps even a little squeaky.
“Oh forgive me”, he says and laughs, “but you are no witch, you are fooling no one here.”
“Tzt”, you click your tongue, “you are rude.”
“I am not the one who tied you up.”
“Well, accept it”, you say and cross your arms in front of your chest, “this is to make sure you don’t escape before your wound is healed.”
“Of course and it is not because you are scared of me.”
“You-“ you lift the knife again, pressing the tip into his cheek, “-I will poke you in the eye if you keep up this attitude.”
He eyes the knife before looking at your face. He scoffs in amusement.
“I am already quiet”, he says and chuckles.
“Tzt”, you click your tongue, pulling the knife away and discarding it on the dresser. Then you continue eating your bread, sending dark looks the stranger’s way.
He seems mesmerised by the food, gawking at it with his tongue licking over his lips repeatedly.
“What?” you challenge him.
“Give me some”, he orders.
“That?” you show him the food, guiding it to his lips.
He lifts his head, opening his mouth in preparation.
“Why should I?” you say, pulling the food away again, “I don’t want to share with murderers.”
He grunts, closing his mouth to frown instead.
“So why safe me? Just to torture me with starvation and your terrible knife skills?”
“Ha!” you exclaim and laugh.
“Stop laughing and give me food”, he spits.
“And why should I?”
“Because I haven’t eaten in days and it hurts.”
You give him an icy glare. Keeping your patients alive is one of your duties and that means cooking meals for them and making sure they are well fed and hydrated. Oh, how you are cursing the oath you swore.
“By Frenya, I should have never rescued you”, you murmur, standing up from your chair groggily, “what do you want?”
“Just anything.”
You prepare a hearty porridge for him, adding some of the smoked meat and an onion from your garden in it. Kukuruz watched you as you cooked, but didn’t move as the sunrays hit his back most perfectly in his resting position.
You also prepare a jug of water for him as he must be terribly parched.
You bring the meal to him on a wooden tray, carrying tubes of medicine as well. 
He had been resting his eyes, but opened them when he heard you come back. Now he is watching you, eyes glued to the tray in your hands.
“What did you get? Is it good? Can I have some?” he stresses, tugging at the ropes in an attempt to sit up.
“By Frenya, you are just as gluttonous as my cat”, you murmur, setting the tray down on the chair.
He eyes it hungrily, mouth watering to the point that he has to gulp.
“Here, open up”, you say, guiding the filled spoon to his lips.
He opens his mouth gladly, almost swallowing the entire spoon just from how greedily he eats. You watch him with your nose scrunched up in disgust. Of course, a Raven has no table manners whatsoever. You didn’t expect anything else.
He chews and hums, nodding his head.
“Very good”, he says, opening his mouth afterwards so you could feed him more.
You do so not because you want to, but because it was your duty to do so.
“How did you get into this situation in the first place? Aren’t you Ravens supposed to be great fighters?”
He shrugs his shoulders, waiting for a new bite with his eyes glued to the spoon. It is remarkable how happily he allows you to feed him.
"Well then I'm not surprised that a simple wolf won over you", you murmur, basking in the dark look he sends your way. It is a small victory in your fight against the Ravens. To see one look offended by you feels great. 
The stranger swallows his food and speaks. 
"It only won because I was weakened by running for long." 
"So you were running. Where to? Where from?"
The stranger merely takes a bite and eats with his dark eyes glued to your equally dark eyes.
"I bet you were out hurting innocent women and girls." 
"I wasn’t. I ran from.." he hesitates, then shakes his head, "...give me more food and maybe then I'll talk."
“By Frenya, you truly are like my cat.”
The stranger closes his lips around the spoon and slurps up the porridge hungrily. He chews it and swallows, opening his mouth again. And so you feed him another bite, making sure that you don’t drip any of it on his chest. That would surely burn and wouldn’t make a good impression of you as a healer.
“So where are you coming from? The Black Forest? Did a monster chase you?”
He shakes his head.
“Truly? Aren’t you Ravens supposed to live in it?”
He swallows the food down.
“And that means that we can’t find ourselves in other places as well?”
“I never stated this”, you say, muffling him by sticking another spoonful of porridge into his mouth.
He makes a sound of surprise, sending you a furious glare. It leaves you unaffected. You may not be able to kill him, but that doesn’t mean that you will be gentle with the way you are feeding him.
You are gentle when you feed him the water, solely for the reason that you do not want to change his sheets in case you spilled some of the liquid. He drinks it greedily, doing so with his eyes closed and his brows furrowed.
“You must be careful, you will choke. Careful”, you warn him, supporting his head.
He grunts, swallowing greedily. He swallows and swallows until suddenly he gasps and coughs.
“See?” you say, hitting his upper back to help him, “I told you that your greed will be your downfall.”
He sends you a glare, one return all too willingly. He coughs one last time then parts his lips again, eyeing the cup greedily. You place it against his lips, watching him drink the water with your fingers buried deep in his hair.
The stranger finishes the entire cup, allowing you to lay his head down on the pillow once done. He watches you carry the dirty dishes to your work counter.
"Are you finally ready to answer my question?" you ask him, standing by the counter.
"Are you finally ready to untie my arms?" 
"Then I'm not ready either." 
You turn, walking back to the bed. You sit down on the chair, letting your eyes run up and down his body for long enough that the stranger shifts uncomfortably.
“What are you going to do to me now?” he asks, trying and failing to hide the nervousness in his voice.
“I have to take a look at your wound. It is most crucial that I do.”
“And I have to be tied down for that?”
You reach for the tray of medicine and scoot closer, keeping your eyes locked on him.
“Yes”, you state matter-of-factly.
The stranger scoffs.
“So I can’t flee when you poison me?”
“Oh by Frenya, you said so yourself. Why go through the effort of saving you just to end up killing you?”
The stranger swallows what he had wanted to say, clicking his tongue in distaste. You send him a triumphant grin, then reach for the blanket. You pull it off his legs halfway, making sure that his precious parts are covered.
“You undressed me?” he gasps.
“Yes, your clothes were wet and had many holes. Besides, I had to get to your wound.”
“How dare you? I gave you no permission to do such things.”
“Oh forgive me that I couldn’t get my answer when you were knocked out cold.”
“But worry not, you are not the first I see. It is actually quite common to see people in their bared state in my field of work.”
“Who are you?”
“I am me”, you tease, sending him an amused grin.
He rolls his eyes but gasps when he feels your fingers on his thigh.
“Worry not, I am very careful”, you tell him, inspecting the stitches, “you got lucky you were unconscious last night. Your wound is pretty deep, so I had to stitch it up.”
“Yes, the wolf bit me quite deep.”
“It did. It even got a little chunk of you. That must have been a good treat for him”, you joke and to your surprise he actually chuckles.
You and him exchange a quick look before you return to cleaning the stitches. That felt awkward. You never intended to make a Raven laugh. 
“I fixed it for you. You got lucky you fell into the river. The cold water helped the blood vessels close up. I just had to clean it and stitch it back up.”
You wring out the cloth and press it against his skin, cleaning it off most tentatively.
“How do you know so much?” he asks.
“I’m a healer.”
“I have never met a healer before, at least not a woman.”
“Truly? You have met male healers?” you have to chuckle, “this is most remarkable, given how people don’t trust men to be able to handle such an important profession.”
“Well, this is nothing but sexism. We can be great healers too.”
“Now, now I never said that I believe in what the people say. I am sure you men have the talent for it.”
“Yes, we do. We have many talents and potential.”
“Of course, I believe you.”
“Don’t mock me”, he hisses, furrowing his brows.
“Please don’t think I did. I was being truthful”, you give him a smile, “my cousin works as a healer in the Nourishing Fields. He is a very talented healer.”
“Oh”, the stranger says and relaxes his features. Not for long as a sharp burn runs through his leg a second later. He groans and frowns.
“I know it burns”, you tell him, watching him tense up, “but it is supposed to feel that way. It is the magic which has this effect. It is quite the effective healing potion.”
“So you are a witch?”
“In a way I am, but I am most definitely not the type of witch you Ravens believe women to be.”
You give him a grin, then turn your attention to the healing potion. It was green in colour, gaining an emerald glow once you spread it on the wound. The stranger gasps and tenses his thigh.
“Are you sure that this is safe?”
“Yes of course it is. Trust me, I am very skilled in potion making.”
“Why aren’t you using your magic to heal me? Why use potions?”
“Well, you see. My magic works differently. I can use it to detect wounds and illnesses and I can infuse my potions with it, but it doesn’t really work with mending torn flesh or fixing broken bones. I can help nature, but I sadly can’t bend it.”
“But there are healers who can do such things, I have seen it be done.”
“Yes, of course there are such healers. The Menders, but they are quite the show-offs if you asked me”, you say, giving him a small smile.
He chuckles again. It is a nice chuckle. As much as it pains you to admit it, it is a nice chuckle.
“Yes, I know. We have a Mender in our circles and he is such a show-off", he says.
You laugh, “I see we are sharing a common nuisance.”
“Yes, we do.”
You exchange a smile. It was honest on both sides. 
“I’m ___”, you tell him.
“My name is Seokjin”, he answers you.
“Nice to meet you Seokjin. You are actually quite decent for a Raven.”
“Thank you. You are quite decent for a woman too", he jokes.
He makes you chuckle.
“Now lift your leg, I have to wrap it up so the potion doesn’t rub off.”
He follows and watches you work. You tighten the white bandages with a skilled knot, smoothing over his thigh once done.
“How is that? Is it too tight?”
“No, it feels comfortable.”
“Well then, relax. Your clothes should be dried by now”, you tell him and stand up to leave.
Your cottage is surprisingly spacious. You have your work room in the front. It is the room you come in first when you enter. It houses a patient bed, shelves for your many books and potions, a working table and your kitchen, which has a wonderful view out on the meadow and the Singing River. To the left are your living quarters. One room, which houses your bed and more shelves for more of your books. It also houses a big fireplace, which is currently crackling and warming the cottage. It also dries the Raven Seokjin’s clothes and one of your tunics, which you will use later for sleeping. Your buttery was just left of the fireplace through a wooden door. To the right, just past the fireplace a doorway leads to a small washing room. It was not big and most definitely not luxurious, but it housed a washing bowl and a toilet seat. Which was most convenient in winter as you didn’t have to leave the warmth of your cottage to do your business. You are also currently saving up for a bathtub. You dreamt of having one after visiting the Queen to sell Her some of your sleep inducing bathing oils. You snuck a glimpse at her bathing tub then and decided to save up for your own. It will still take some time, but you are patient.
“You are lucky. Your clothes have dried over night”, you tell Seokjin as you return.
He lifts his head, propping himself up on his elbows.
“I stitched the holes in them, so you don’t have to worry about feeling the wind on your skin.”
You place the clothes on top of his stomach. He eyes them.
“Tell me, how should I put them on when my hands are still tied?” he asks, lifting them as high as the ropes allow him to.
“Oh yes, I completely forgot.”
Once your knife was grabbed, you loosen the knots, taking a cautious step back and pointing the knife at him. He eyes it and scoffs in amusement.
“I see that I am still at knife point here.”
“I’m just making sure. I don’t let a pretty face and comfortable conversation trick me.”
“Yes indeed, I am quite handsome”, he agrees and sits up.
You try not to laugh, but the corners of your mouth still curl upwards. He isn’t lying. He is very handsome. His torso carried strength and muscles, his shoulders were broad and perfectly defined. His legs were long and perfectly proportionate to the rest of his body. You also think that his thighs look very tempting, especially in those tight linen pants of his'. He pulls the tunic over his head, messing up his raven hair. It was longer in the back, framing his face in a way that draws your eyes to it. He had a handsome face. His eyes were dark in colour and fit perfectly on his head, his nose was straight, guiding your eyes down to his lips. Plumb and pink, they were chapped from the winter winds, but looked better than last night after you put some moisturizing oils on them.
“So why are you here?” you ask him, watching him fix how the shirt sits on his torso.
“I escaped the Queen’s castle.”
“What?” you gasp. He is a fugitive. You are housing a criminal. Quick. You need to act quick. You grab your knife harder and point it at him.
“Not that bad grip again”, he says, sounding amusedly exhausted.
“Hands behind your back!” you tell him loudly, “I shall bring you back to Her, criminal!”
Seokjin lifts his hands and smiles.
“I am no criminal, I did what had to be done.”
Everything falls into place now.
“You killed the Queen?” you squeak out, “that is why you ran? Because you killed Her?”
“What?” he laughs loudly, throwing his head back.
“Don’t laugh, murderer”, you hiss, stepping closer to poke his stomach with the knife.
But Seokjin is quicker, grabbing your wrists and using your strength against you. He makes you drop the knife and twirls you.
“Eek”, you squeak, falling.
He catches you before you can fall on your butt, now having your body cradled in his arms and tilted back slightly.
“I told you”, he whispers, letting his breath swirls over your lips, “you have terrible knife skills.”
By Frenya, your heart fluttered.
“And just so you know, I didn’t kill the Queen. I escaped because I didn’t want to live under yet another ruler”, he says, letting his eyes flit to your lips for just a second.
“Well I”, you feel your heart flutter again and your eyes flit to his lips as well. By Frenya, they look so tempting up-close. Pink and so incredibly pillowy.
Seokjin tilts his head, moving closer.
“I hah”, you let out, turning your head away, “let go of me.”
Seokjin sighs in disappointment and helps you straighten up. He steps back, but not after allowing his hand to linger on your lower back for just a second too long.
You fix your collar, clearing your throat.
“You!”  you exclaim, scurrying to retrieve the knife. "You!", you point the knife at him, “you rascal! How dare you!” you call out dramatically, trying to cover up just how flustered he has gotten you.
Seokjin snickers, lifting his arms above his head.
“You are funny”, he says, earning himself a slight poke into the chest.
“You are such rude man. You will sit on the bed now and behave”, you warn, poking him again.
“Ah okay, okay I am already sitting”, he says, “dear heavens, the woman really poked me with a knife”, he mumbles to himself, rubbing the spot you touched.
Seokjin studies your figure.
“And now?” he asks, sitting on the bed dressed and with his eyes fixated on the knife.
“Now I want you to put your hands on your lap.”
He follows. You inch closer to him, pressing the knife against his throat once close enough.
“Don’t move or else I’ll cut you”, you warn.
He smirks, “I won’t move.”
“Good”, you say, squatting down in front of him.
You place the knife on your lap and snatch some spare ropes, wrapping them around his wrists quickly. You know the knots by memory, so working quickly doesn’t mean that you don’t work diligently. Just seconds later, his wrists are bound in a way that allows them no movement. You pick up your knife again, locking eyes with him.
“So now I’m your prisoner?”
“Yes, until I figure out what to do with you.”
“What if I have to go to the loo?”
“Then you can be creative. I’m sure you have lots of practice in holding your cock.”
He laughs, “and why should I?”
“Because I know you Ravens don’t have women. How else should you find your release?”
“We”, he blinks in confusion, “touching ourselves is forbidden. It lets the demons inside.”
“By Frenya”, you murmur, “Rafkan is one crazy fella, isn’t he?”
Seokjin furrows his brows, “well, it doesn’t?”
“Of course not”, you say and chuckle, “hell, if you asked me, it actually helps with your demons. You know? One stressful day, a quick”, you mimic jerking off, “and you are good to go again.”
His face is ruby instantly, the colour even spreads to his ears.
“No!” he exclaims, widening his eyes, “no, I would never”, he insists, having to lower his head in coyness.
It is quite adorable how easily he flustered. You chuckle and stand up, giving his head a soft pat.
“Either way, you should rest some more, the cold gave your body quite the hard time. It is best if you sleep it off before a fever takes hold of you.”
“What will you do?”
“I have patients to care for, worry not I will still keep an eye on you”, you say and just seconds later a knock on your door lets you know that your first patient had just arrived.
Tumblr media
It has been a week since you found Seokjin washed up by the riverbed. He is still with you, having gained the privilege of free limbs under the condition that he will help you keep the cottage clean. He accepted because his leg still needed to heal and he also didn’t want to stay in the cold outside. So he agreed on being your servant for the time being, preparing food when you are busy and keeping the work counters clean for your next patient.
He is actually quite the remarkable servant. Hardworking too. And most definitely handsome. Oh dear, here you are again staring at his face when he doesn’t notice. You break your eyes away from him, looking at the books you had read through before.
“Seokjin”, you call his attention.
“Yes?” he asks, limping to you.
“Would you mind bringing me the bottles of ghostworth please?”
“Ghostworth? How do they look?”
“The translucent ones. Worry not, it’s labelled.”
You hear him limb to your herbs cabinet and come to a standstill. Silence. More silence. Even more silence.
You turn to check on him. He is looking at the cabinet, fumbling with the bottles while mumbling something to himself.
“I almost got it”, he says and whispers to himself again, squinting his eyes.
You stand up and close the distance between you and him.
“I got it”, he says, moving closer to the shelf.
“It’s here”, you say, pointing at the bottle at which he is staring, “ghostworth, it reads right there.”
“Yes! Exactly”, he takes out of the shelf, “I was just about to grab it.”
He hands it to you with his ears and cheeks burning up. Oh this is peculiar. You ought to investigate.
“Seokjin, what does this bottle read?” you ask him, pointing at the random bottle on the shelf.
He looks at it, squinting his eyes. Panic washes over his features.
“Basil”, he says.
“Mint”, you answer him, furrowing your brows.
He seems disappointed, sagging his shoulders.
“You can’t read, can you?”
With his eyes lowers he turns to you, shaking his head.
“Oh dear, oh dear.”
“Don’t mock me”, he hisses, feeling embarrassed.
“I’m not”, you assure him then give him a smile, “do you want me to teach you?”
“You would do that?”
“Yes of course, come follow me. I will teach you.”
Seokjin follows gladly, sitting down next to you with a quill and some paper ready. Oh, his eyes sparkle oh so much, his cheeks are glowing oh so much. You find it almost adorable just how eager he seems to learn the art of interpreting letters.
And so you spent the rest of your day teaching Seokjin the letters of your language, explaining to him how he can put them on paper and how to form them into words. Seokjin works diligently, scribbling the messiest letters at first before gaining great perfection in them. By the end of the day, he can even write his own name. He is currently trying to write down yours, sitting next to you at the work table.
“Look ___”, he calls your attention away from the medicine you were working on.
You turn and look at the letter covered sheet of paper. He points at your name he wrote in squiggly letters.
“This is your name.”
“Indeed it is.”
“Do you think it looks good?”
“Yes, indeed. You have a great talent for connecting the letters”, you say, making him beam in pride, “practice some more and you will be fluent in no time.”
“I will. I will practice all night”, he says excitedly and turns to his task again. With his tongue sticking out at the corner of his mouth and his brows furrowed, he practices his letters while you prepare the medicine and later cook dinner. Even during dinner he has one eye on the letters constantly, reading them over and over so he wouldn’t forget them again.
"Do you enjoy this?" you ask him over the brim of your soup bowl. 
"I do", he says, nodding his head vigorously, "I can't believe how easy this is." 
You study his features.
"Can I ask. Can none of you read?" 
"None of us?" 
"Ravens. Do you never learn how to read?" 
Seokjin shakes his head, "only Rafkan knows how to read. He says that it was a burden from his past and that he doesn’t want us to succumb to the horrors reading brings."
"Well, that sounds like horseshit", you scowl in distaste, "no wonder he is able to fill your heads with such lies when you poor boys can’t even read the real history of this queendom." 
Seokjin lets out a breathy laugh, blinking his eyes in disbelief.
"I don't", he begins, but doesn’t find the right words to continue.
You sense his discomfort and give him a reassuring smile. 
"You should eat the soup and practice more. I promise that you will find no horrors because of reading." 
Seokjin nods his head, looking back into his papers. 
"I want to read", he whispers more to himself than to you, "I really want to read." 
It is deep into the night and you have just returned from the washing room. Seokjin’s sleeping place by the fireplace is still empty. By this time he would already be under his blanket with his head resting on his many pillows and Kukuruz slumbering by his head. Tonight however, only Kukuruz was occupying the fur. 
“Seokjin?” you call out.
He should be here by now, slumbering peacefully.
“Are you still practicing?” you ask, entering your work room just to realise that Seokjin had fallen asleep by the desk. His cheek is squished against the surface, his lips are parted in calm breaths, the quill is still between his fingers.
You smile.
“Seokjin dear, wake up”, you tell him, shaking him softly.
He wakes with a gasp, flinching harshly. His head snaps up, revealing his ink covered cheek. He blinks his eyes at you sleepily.
“You shouldn’t sleep here, it will hurt your back. Come to bed.”
“I fell asleep”, he murmurs, letting you pull him to his feet in his sleep-drunken state. He stumbles after you, barely keeping his head up right.
“I know, it’s from all the practicing you've been doing. Now lie down, get comfortable.”
Seokjin allows you to tug him in and fluff up his pillow so his head would be comfortable. You reach out and wipe the ink of his cheek. It makes him blink at you sleepily and for his lips to curl into a tiny, almost content, smile.
“Sleep now”, you tell him softly.
“Thank you ___, I always wanted to be able to read”, he whispers, eyes reflecting the sparkles of the fire.
“And I’m sure you will be great at it in a few days.”
"Thank you so much…"
Seokjin closes his eyes and smiles. He falls asleep that way. Smiling.  
Tumblr media
Seokjin practices diligently the next day. You give him one of your easier books so he could copy words out of it and by the time the sun had passed its zenith, he already knew how to read a small passage of text. Now, you believe that he merely remembered the sounds of it after hours and hours of practice, but it was still impressive.
“___ please listen to that”, he calls your attention.
You have just said goodbye to a patient, now turning around to look at him.
“I am listening.”
Seokjin takes a deep breath.
“The mulberry fruit is sim…iliar in length and in…width than a thumb”, he speaks slowly, creasing his forehead in concentration. Then he lifts his head, looking at you with widened eyes, “I read that.”
“I heard”, you have to smile at him for you found him beyond adorable, “that was very good. You are a diligent student.”
He begins blushing, “thank you”, he says, barely containing his excitement, but managing to by hiding his mouth behind his hand.
The moment would have continued to be beautiful, hadn’t the door sprung open loudly and startled the both of you.
“Healer ___! Oh healer! Please, I am begging you, we need you!” a man, you know his name to be Yorm, screams.
His wife, Yelana was her name, was beside him. Her dress was covered in blood.
“What happened?” you are on high alert instantly, looking at their little daughter lying unconscious in her father’s arm.
“The Ravens! It was the Ravens! They ambushed our little Yela when she was playing in the forest! She is barely breathing and bleeding! Bleeding out of her stomach!”
“Put her down. Quick, be careful. Seokjin make space. We need the space.”
Seokjin stumbles to the side, clutching his little book while watching in horror as the crying parents have to lie down their little daughter. The blood has soaked through her dress, spilled all over her father’s tunic. She is barely breathing, looking to be in great pain.
You work quickly, diligently, carefully. Her dress you open, revealing the clashing wound on the side of her stomach. Seokjin feels disgusted. Not by the wound or the blood. But by who did this. The Ravens. His people hurt that little girl.
“How did this happen?” he asks the mother.
“Oh I don’t know”, she wails, “she was playing. She was merely playing. Why, oh why would they hurt my little girl? Why? She has done nothing wrong! She is just a little girl! Just a girl!”
“I’m so sorry”, he croaks, feeling his heart break when the mother begins crying miserably. She falls into her husband’s arms, who joins her painful wailing seconds later.
His people hurt that little girl.
Seokjin stares at her.
They hurt a little girl.
A child.
An innocent person.
“Seokjin!” your harsh voice rips him out of his painful trance.
“Bring me the blood stopping potion. The one in the red bottle! Quick!”
Seokjin runs fast. He runs as fast as he can, fighting against his tears because of what his people did. He almost drops it as he hands it to you, apologizing for his clumsiness with a shaky voice.
“Bandages. Quick”, you however just bark your next order, already applying the potion to the little girl’s wound to finally stop the bleeding. A red glow fills the aura around her. The potion begins to work.
Seokjin can’t see that it does. He is too busy running and running and running to get the bandages. He has to be helpful. He has to save that little girl. His thigh is aching unbearably but he can’t let it stop him. He has to be quick.
He is limping as he runs, feeling out of breath.
“Bandages. Here.”
“Good. Open them. Get them ready, I will need them soon.”
“Yes! I will, oh god, I-I will.”
Seokjin works with shaking fingers. Oh why do they not want to open? Are they stuck together by magic? Come now, fingers! Work! You have to open those bandages! Open them!
“There we go”, he hears you say and watches as you straighten your back, “I closed the wound.”
“Oh by Frenya!” the mother and father exclaim behind him, “is she safe? Did you safe her?”
“Yes, you have nothing to worry about. The wound looked worse than it was. She will survive.”
Seokjin should feel relief, but he doesn’t. He is too shaken up. He can’t even be happy when the parents fall around your neck and thank you with loud sobs and promises of endless prayers for you.
He leaves in the end, once you told him to get some fresh air.
He doesn’t know what he did in that time. He sat, but felt numb in shock. He thought whilst thinking nothing at all. He felt whilst feeling nothing at all.
He is sitting on the stairs once you come out, staring at the ground with lifeless eyes.
“Hello there”, you greet him.
He blinks and turns his head. He doesn’t say anything, he just stares at you with glassy eyes.
“How are you feeling?” you ask him.
He shows you his shaking hand.
“I can’t stop shaking”, he says and laughs painfully, “is this normal?”
“Yes, worry not. I was so shaken in my first few years as a healer that I couldn’t sleep afterwards. It gets better with time.”
“Hah”, he lets out and laughs again.
You know that this was a nervous reaction. When the brain gets overwhelmed, it tends to tell the body to laugh because otherwise it would be unable to handle the stress.
“Forgive me for putting you through this”, you say and offer him a mug of tea, “here, drink this. It will lessen the shakes.”
He accepts it and drinks it with two hands holding the mug. He lowers it afterwards, keeping it balanced on his thigh. His fingers are playing with the handle. It made a faint clicking sound each time he graced his fingernails over the material.
“We did this”, he says.
“I don’t seem to understand.”
“My people did this”, he says and touches his chest, “we hurt a little child.”
You eye the covered raven tattoo on his chest and the way his fingers twist his tunic painfully tight.
“Don’t compare yourself to those monsters. You didn’t hurt her, you saved her life. You are not the same as them.”
“And yet I was, not so long ago”, he lowers his head, “fuck, what have I done?”
“Seokjin, look at me.”
He lifts his head just enough to be able to look into your eyes.
“Your past is messy and dark and filled with mistakes, but it has passed and it can’t define who you want to be in the present.”
He furrows his brows.
“So don’t say that your people did this, because those monsters aren’t your people anymore and you surely aren’t their people either.”
“You truly think so?”
“Yes, I truly do.”
He smiles and while it looked sad, it was also filled with relief.
“Thank you”, he says barely audibly before having to look away and rub at his eyes to stop them from tearing up.
You reach out to give his upper back a gentle pat. He wasn’t shivering as much anymore.
“You did great in there. I mean it, you helped me a great deal”, you praise.
“Thank you. I had no idea what I was doing.”
You laugh, giving his back a gentle rub.
“You still did great.”
“I’m so glad I did”, he says. He takes a deep breath, lifting his head not only to get rid of the tears but also to look at the stars, “it felt good to help another person.”
“Yes that is why I love being a healer. Now, there are losses and those days leave a great aching behind. But most days are like today, filled with worry and yet at the end”, you look at the moon and smile, “at the end they bring great happiness with them.”
“You are a great healer.”
You turn your head only to realise that Seokjin was looking at you. His eyes reflected the light of the moon, his pretty lips were curled into a warm smile.
By Frenya, your heart is fluttering and your stomach tingles. Oh, it is the most unfamiliar of feelings.
“Thank you”, you whisper, eyes racing between his' without wanting to break away.
Seokjin nods his head and touches his chest. He closes his fingers around the tunic. 
"Can you heal me from this mark?" he asks. 
"I don't know if I can. And even if I could, it would hurt unbearably."
"I'm willing to take it if that means that I’m finally rid of it", he says, eyes filling with tears and lips curling in a painful scowl, "I want to cut it off. Why does it have to be on me?" he croaks, clawing at his chest.
"Hey", you stop him from hurting himself by taking his hand, "don’t do that. You’ll only hurt yourself", you speak softly.
"I don't care. I want it gone."
"But I care", you whisper, tracing his knuckles.
Seokjin whimpers softly, teary eyes flitting to you. He sniffles but doesn’t cry any more. 
"I promise you, we will find a solution together, but for now be patient please. I don’t want you to hurt yourself."
Seokjin hesitates, sniffles, lowers his eyes and nods his head. 
"Thank you", you say and pull back, “I think I should see how our patient is doing”, you say and stand up. You fix the front of your tunic and clear your throat, “you should stay here and catch fresh air, I know that healing people isn’t for everyone.”
Seokjin looks up at you. His eyes seem softer than they usually do.
“Yes, I will”, he breathes and finally shows his teeth in a hopeful smile.
Tumblr media
Yela’s parents pick her up after eight moons and nine suns. The little girl looks healthier and thanked you with a hug. She also thanked Seokjin, who could barely accept her hug in guilt. But Yela insisted and so Seokjin allowed her to hug him and smiled when she called him her saviour too.
It was a busy today. Once the months were cold and the ground was covered in white snow, people tend seek your help for sore throats, stuffy noses and terrible coughs. It wasn’t hard work and required more knowledge about medicine than skill and you really liked it. Seokjin stayed by your side and watched you work. He asked many questions at first, so you gave him one of your empty notebooks and your favourite quill and told him to write down whatever he learned for later. He did so happily, even going so far as to draw the different bottles of medicine and scribbling the illness they could heal whenever the day was calmer.
You just said goodbye to the last of your patients for the day, now turning to Seokjin. He is busy storing the bottles of medicine by name. It fills you with pride to see how far in his readings he has already come. He is truly such a diligent student.
“Today was very busy”, you say.
He lifts his head.
“Yes, you worked very diligently.”
He makes you smile.
“I saw that you took many notes as well”, you say, reaching for his book. You open it, having to chuckle at the very badly done drawings.
“Why are you laughing?” he asks, drawing closer to you so he could look into the book as well.
“It is just that you truly weren’t graced by the drawing goddesses.”
He gasps, widening his eyes, “I worked very hard on them”, he whines, pouting most cutely.
“Oh Seokjin”, you chuckle, patting his arm, “truly I can see your hard work, they are just terrible drawings.”
“This is outrageous. Give me back my book, you have lost the right to look”, he says, ripping it out of your grasp to press it against his chest instead. He looks beyond lovable right now, sulking with the sweetest expression on his face.
“Forgive me”, you giggle, giving his cheek a soft pet, “come, I shall make up for it with food. We shall eat the pork belly Godfry left with us.”
Seokjin huffs out air, “very well, but I will only forgive you if you fry it.”
You laugh, “you are difficult to bargain with, aren’t you?”
“Perhaps”, Seokjin says and gives you a boyish grin.
This night you enjoy perfectly crispy pork belly with some winter potatoes. Even Kukuruz gets his own portion, enjoying it by Seokjin’s feet with a content purr.
Tumblr media
It becomes a regular thing that Seokjin stays with you as you work. At first he sits just a little far off to the right and writes in his book. But as days turn into weeks and Seokjin managed to fill two notebooks with his words and terrible drawings, you find yourself getting help from him more actively. Especially when patients come with sore throats or a nasty cold. You can be sure that Seokjin will wait for you with the right medicines and a proud sparkle in his eyes. He is truly such a diligent student.
You have run out of potions last night and so you spent your entire day brewing and preparing new ones. The sun has long past its zenith by now and the cottage smelled of herbs and warm oils. It was a good smell, one that even Kukuruz enjoyed as he slumbered by the window sill.
You close the now freshly filled bottle of healing potion, placing it on its destined place on your shelve.
Seokjin limps past you, carrying empty flasks for you to fill up.
“Is your leg acting up again?” you ask him with worry in your gaze.
“Yes, slightly”, he answers you.
“Come, take off your pants and sit. I will take a look at it”, you tell him.
“Oh no, it’s not that painful.”
“Doesn’t matter”, you dismiss him, “I should check on it regardless.”
Seokjin lowers his eyes and lets out a sigh of defeat.
“Very well, you won’t take no as an answer either way.”
So it happens that Seokjin strips to his undergarment and sits down on the patient bed, resting his weight on his hands.
“How long has it been hurting again?”
“Just a few nights.”
“A few nights? Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t want to put more work on your shoulders. You have already so much to do now that the weather is so cold.”
“Oh silly man”, you give his thigh a soft slap, “you are no work.”
“Oh”, he lets out, lowering his head shyly just as his ears gain a red colour to them.
“Now, let’s see what the issue may be.”
You take off his bandages carefully, throwing them in your bucket of used bandages. You will wash them with the rest tomorrow.
The stitched wound looks well, except for one part where slight reddish wetness is covering his skin.
“Oh dear, look at that”, you say, touching the reddened skin beside it.
Seokjin hisses in pain, tensing his thigh.
“This is where it hurts.”
“No wonder it does. You rubbed it open.”
“Is it dangerous?”
You chuckle, shaking your head.
“Not when I take care of it”, you assure him, giving him a sweet smile. You caress his knee most tenderly, “stay here, I will get the healing potion.”
Seokjin watches you, sitting on the bed with his hands folded in front of his crotch. He feels most peculiar lately. He feels shy when he is bared to you. He didn’t feel like that in the past, but these days he does. In those moments he was plagued by worries of whether you would find enjoyment in his legs until he had to remind himself just how silly such worries were.
You return to the bed, setting everything you needed down.
“I will clean it first. Tell me if it hurts.”
Seokjin nods his head, feeling his skin tingle in goosebumps on the parts where your fingertips found their resting spot.
“How is that?” you ask him.
“It doesn’t hurt. It is just cold.”
You chuckle, “yes, I’ve kept the water outside for too long. It almost froze over.”
“The winter is really cold this year. I’m glad that I can spend it in warmth.”
You wash out the cloth and once done, return to cleaning him. His flesh is covered in goosebumps, they look most fascinating in the lights.
“So you have no huts in the Black Forest?”
“No. Rafkan believes that houses are the product of witches to keep the man lazy and weak. One can’t find their true strength when they are warm.”
“How silly”, you have to laugh, “if one gets oh so weak in the warmth then tell me why so many people freeze to death.”
“Yes”, Seokjin lowers his eyes shyly, “I never really understood the logic behind his words. I really hated the winters. I was lucky however, many of my brothers weren’t. Rafkan told us that those men were weakened by witches, but I believe that they simply lost to nature.”
“That is terrible”, you gasp, “my condolences, Seokjin.”
“Thank you”, he says, giving you a sad smile.
You retort it.
“I shall look at your wound now, so hold still.”
“I understand”, he says, watching you work in silence.
He will heal. There must have been too much pressure on his leg and therefore it managed to rub open. It is not deep and the stitches were in order as well. A good layer of healing potion will do the trick.
“I heard that the Queen gave many Ravens a safe home in Her walls.”
“Yes, She did.”
“And you didn’t want this life?” you ask him.
“No, I didn’t.”
“Because I didn’t want to be trapped”, he says, slightly defensive, “I spent most of my life trapped in this cursed forest”, he spits and points east at where the Black Forest was hidden, “and then I was supposed to find freedom locked behind stone walls? What’s better about that?” he says, speaking calmly again.
“Safety, warm food, soft beds, no poisonous fumes or monsters”, you say, counting them all on your fingers.
He scoffs and shakes his head, “well, I didn’t want that. I don’t….” he takes a deep breath and releases it through his nose, “….I don’t want to live under the hand of someone else anymore.”
His features seem sad. His eyes carried the heaviness of a burden in them. His teeth bit on his lower lip in contemplation.
“So you ran away because you wanted freedom?”
“Yes, freedom”, he straightens up, “that is what I want. I want freedom, to live solely for myself.”
He looks at you.
“I know that you women aren’t witches. I’ve learned as much from the Queen”, he says, eyes lingering on your lips before breaking away to look at your working fingers instead, “She isn’t a bad person, She is very kind if I may be honest and I know my life in the castle would have been nice…”, he falls silent as he drifts back into his thoughts.
You spread the first layer of healing potion on his skin as you wait for him to continue.
“…but I escaped Rafkan to finally gain my freedom and in Her castle I would have had to live under yet another ruler. No”, he shakes his head, “this was no life for me. So I ran away.”
He looks at his leg.
“I managed to put two nights between the castle and me when this cursed wolf attacked me and bit my leg and I fell into this cursed river”, he explains and laughs, “I must say, this was a wonderful escape. I not only escaped Her castle but almost life itself”, he jokes and laughs.
You chuckle softly.
“At least you met me.”
He looks into your eyes. He had stopped laughing for your eyes mesmerised him far too much. A peculiar feeling tingles in your chest. It felt warm and as if, for only a second, you found it hard to breathe.
“I meant that you were lucky you found me. I helped you. I, I didn’t mean you f-found love or – oh dear this is not what I meant I don’t – forgive me, I am making no sense”, you explain yourself.
Seokjin smiles without showing his teeth. It makes his cheeks seem puffier for only a second.
“Yes, I found you. I’m glad I did.”
“Yes, you saved me. So thank you.”
“Of course”, you whisper. You didn’t want to whisper, but for some reason your voice didn’t want to come out any other way.
You laugh, looking back at his leg because you needed to do something other than feel flustered. Perhaps having his naked skin beneath your fingertips wasn’t the best distraction, but at least like this, you couldn’t lose yourself in his eyes again.
You reach for the bandages.
“Hold that in place for me.”
He obeys diligently, allowing his finger to brush against your hand, which elicits a millions of goosebumps on your skin.
"You will find your freedom. I promise you", you say quietly, "I won’t stop until I find a way to remove your mark and then you can go wherever you want to", you find it hard to speak the words and you can’t figure out why it felt so difficult.
"Thank you", he whispers, fingers almost touching your knuckles before pulling back shyly.
Tumblr media
It was a sunny day today. The air was still cold, but at least the skies were blue and the sun was bright. It made the walk to the riverbed quite wonderful.
You had an important job to do today. Yela’s parents sent a hawk this morning, informing you that they ran out of medicine for their daughter. Her wound was healing splendidly but Yela had another condition which made it hard for her to digest the sugar in food. She takes a potion to help her with that. You sent the hawk back with promises of delivering the potions to them later. 
So you ate a quick breakfast and then began working on preparing the medicine. Seokjin insisted on helping and you allowed him. You had to sneak out for a quick moment to get water as Kukuruz informed you that his bowl was empty and that he wanted more. Of course you wouldn’t want your cat to feel parched, so you left the cottage when Seokjin was busy in the living quarters getting books on spells.
He is grinding the herbs when you come back. The book, which he found, he placed on the work table. He lifts his head upon hearing the door close, locking eyes with you.
“I thought they would lose their potency if I kept them for too long”, he explains.
“They don’t really, but one can’t be sure enough. Thank you”, you tell him, setting the bucket down next to the work table.
The black cat is circling your legs.
“Yes I got new water Kukuruz. Come, bring me your bowl and I will fill it up for you.”
“Now, now don’t talk back. I know you can do it.”
“I heard that!” you call out.
“Can you truly understand your cat?”
“Yes, of course I can. Here, look”, you say and show him a delicate silver bracelet. There was a yellow stone in the middle, enclosed in a cage of branches, “I went to a sorceress and asked her for one of those cat talking bracelets.”
Seokjin widens his eyes.
“So they are truthful?” he gasps, “I have always thought them to be gimmicks.”
“Oh me too, but they are very true. I was oh so surprised to hear voices in my cottage until I realised that it was Kukuruz talking to me.”
The latter is currently strutting back to the bucket, carrying his wooden water bowl in his little mouth. He sets it down and looks up.
“Thank you.”
“What did he tell you?”
“He told me here you go, my bowl.”
“Hah, this is remarkable”, Seokjin says.
“Yes?” you kneel down to prepare the water for Kukuruz, “do you want to try?”
“Yes, please”, he exclaims with sparkling eyes. He giggles as you secure the bracelet on his wrist, turning his attention to Kukuruz afterwards, “Kukuruz?”
“Oh!” he exclaims, squeaking in happiness, “oh I can understand you.”
“No, this is my first time I am hearing your voice! Oh you sound deeper than I imagined you to sound.”
Seokjin giggles, leaning down to pet the cat’s head.
“It is nice to meet you too Kukuruz.”
He turns to you, giving you a blinding smile.
“This is the most remarkable invention”, he says, making you smile.
“You can keep it on for today.”
“Truly? You would allow me?”
“Yes, of course”, you allow him and pull your stool next to Seokjin to sit down, “shall I show you how to make this medicine?”
He nods his head.
“Well then”, you sneak a glance at the contents in the stone bowl, “you need to give the herbs five more grinds, they should be perfect then.”
“I understand”, he says and goes to work. You watch his hands as he works. They look elegant, his nails are clean and his nail beds look well-taken care of. It is surprising to see such hands on a Raven. You always expected them to be dirty and for their hands to be horrid to look at. But his hands aren’t horrid to look at, they are actually quite beautiful.
“Does the Queen look for you?” you ask him.
“I don’t know, I don’t believe She does. Perhaps She is already dead.”
“I don’t understand.”
Seokjin seems to hesitate.
“I shall tell you, but only if you promise me not to pull the knife on me again.”
You meet his eyes. He seems just slightly nervous of the truth.
“Fine”, you give in with a fond chuckle, “I shall hear you out.”
He gives you a grateful smile and looks back at the herbs.
“I finished grinding them, what should I do next?”
“Ah yes of course”, you say and reach for three different bottles of oils, “you must add five drops of treebark oil”, you explain and put the green flask next to his hand, “then one dash of Kreusel fish oil” you add, placing a spray bottle next to the flask, “and fill it up halfway with this”, you say and place a bottle of rosehip oil next to the others.
Seokjin nods in understanding and begins working.
You allow him to count the five drops and one dash, but ask him for his story once he uses the rosehip oil.
“Rafkan sent me to kill the Queen”, he begins, making you widen your eyes in surprise, “and I attempted to kill Her, but She was quicker and captured me.”
“So you were Her prisoner?”
“Just in the beginning. Should I mix it?”
“Yes, mix it until the candle burned down to the second line.”
He nods his head in understanding and mix it with the mortar.
"So why do you think that She might be dead already?" 
"Because I believe that Rafkan will send more Ravens until She is dead", he explains, "we agreed on a signal once we were successful in killing Her. Send a raven back to him with Her cut off finger ties to its legs. That’s what he told me to do."
"This is gruesome."
"Yes and until this raven doesn’t return to him, Rafkan will continue sending boys into their…well", he laughs breathily, "perhaps it is a good thing those boys keep trying. At least they will find saving this way."
Seokjin looks at you.
"I have a little brother. Not through blood, but he is the dearest to my heart. His name is Jungkook. I really hope that Rafkan sends him next and that he will be caught and find freedom that way."
You smile softly, "I really hope so too. Is he like you? Forced to be someone he doesn’t want to be?" 
Seokjin shakes his head, "he is so terribly influenced by Rafkan that it will be hard for the Queen to convince him", he says in a fond chuckle.
It makes you laugh as well. Even if you had no knowledge about Jungkook.
"I always wanted to flee", Seokjin continues, "that is why I volunteered when he asked. But Jungkook, he", Seokjin laughs painfully, "he called me hurtful things during our last conversation. I asked him to flee with me, but he refused and said stuff I know he didn’t mean."
"I'm sorry, that sounds painful."
"No, I’m not angry at him. He is still so young and he has so much to learn. I hope he will find the truth in the Queen’s castle and then heal from all the pain Rafkan caused him. I really wish this for him."
"I am sure that he will", you assure him, "maybe you can see him again one day."
"I really hope I will. I want to hug him if I ever do." 
He smiles, laughs softly and looks back at the medicine. 
"I'm rambling, I’m sorry."
"You really aren’t. So you said that She wanted to give you a home. But then you said that you were her prisoner. Did you lie?”
“No, I was free to move in the castle, but I wasn’t allowed to leave it yet. So in a way, I was still Her prisoner and I didn’t want that. I wanted to see the world.”
“I understand that. I heard that Rafkan doesn’t really allow you to leave. I bet going on this mission to kill Her felt like your key to freedom.”
He nods his head.
“Well, once your legs is healed completely I promise you that you can truly find it", you say and nudge his arm, “then you can finally leave my boring cottage. I’m sure you are looking forward to that.”
Seokjin turns his head to look at your face. He gives you a smile, which neither looks happy nor fake. It almost looks disappointed, as if he doesn’t want to think about the future you told him about.
“I, uhm”, you say, pulling your hand away, “oh look! The candle burned down. Now we have to fill it up quickly.”
Seokjin helps you. He pours and you hold the bottles. He also sneaks a glance or two at your face, which you retorted each time. You were so close. You were aware that it was only because you and him needed to work right now, but still, you were close and somehow this made your heart flutter again.
You finish the medicine by sticking a sturdy cork into the small bottle neck. Seokjin mimics the gesture on his bottles, doing so with his brows furrowed in concentration.
He also helps you with storing them in your basket, watching with great interest as you tug them in with a red cloth.
“So, I have to deliver them to Yela and her family now. I should be back by nightfall.”
Seokjin watches you put your fur and hood on. He stands up, erasing the distance between you and him.
“Can I come with you?” he asks almost shyly.
“You want to come with me?” you sound surprised.
He nods his head, “I want to help.”
“Oh don’t worry, they are not heavy. I can manage.”
“I understand”, he murmurs, lowering his eyes sadly. He seems so disappointed to be left behind.
“But fresh air would do you good”, you tell him because you couldn’t stand the thought of having Seokjin sit in your cottage with a sad expression.
Seokjin smiles happily, “thank you, I will get ready right away.”
Ten minutes later you and he are outside. Seokjin watches you lock your cottage. You turn to him and give him a shy smile.
“Let’s go, it is quite the long walk and we should hurry.”
“Where do we have to go?” he asks.
“Just past the town. It will take about an hour by foot.”
“I see, I have never been in town.”
“You have not?” you gasp.
Seokjin shakes his head, looking sad.
“Oh by Frenya, you truly haven’t seen a lot of the world, have you?”
He shakes his head again.
“Well then, I will show you a new spot today. Trust me, you will like the town. It is not big, but it is very good. The people are very welcoming and friendly. And I especially love the market place.”
“Why? Is the market place special?”
“No, but it houses a very beautiful statue of a wolf and I enjoy looking at all its details whenever I’m at the market”, you explain and sneak a glance at him, “worry not, it will not bite your leg.”
Seokjin laughs, which you retort. He has such a nice laugh. It is the kind of laugh which makes one want to laugh as well.
You pull closer to Seokjin once you enter the tense conifer tree forest.
“You have to be careful in these forests”, you tell him in a hushed voice.
“Why? Is it dangerous?” Seokjin gasps, sounding nervous.
“No, but there are tree fairies all around us and they like to play tricks.”
You nod your head, “they grow roots in front of people’s feet to trip them. Some even let pinecones drop on people’s heads. The whole forest laughs then if that happens.”
“I see. That sounds dangerous”, Seokjin says, eyes flitting to the ground in case magical roots appeared in front of his feet.
“They aren’t dangerous, don’t worry. They keep this forest alive and healthy and their tricks are harmless except for maybe a bruised knee and embarrassment in your chest.”
“I see”, Seokjin says, lifting his head to gaze at the canopy of prickly branches far above your heads, “do you know if there are tree fairies in the Black Forest?”
“There were once, but these days not anymore. They either died, got killed or fled to other forests. That is why the forest is so dark and why so many curses took root in it. There are no fairies left to heal and protect it.”
“Is this a natural thing to happen?”
“No. Tree fairies don’t abandon their trees, unless there is a reason for it. And in the case of the Black Forest, the reason came in the form of Rafkan. I didn’t witness the downfall of the forest as it happened hundreds of years ago, but the story of it is well known on this continent.”
“I heard that Rafkan is one of the Nïuri”, Seokjin says, “he always pretended to be mortal like the rest of us, but I never saw him eat or sleep, let alone age.”
“You saw right. Nïuri are a peaceful people, but not him. They use their immortality to nurture the earth, but he is nothing but a curse to every inch of earth he sets his evil feet on.”
“To imagine that the Black Forest was healthy once and that this awful person hurt it for hundreds of years”, Seokjin whispers and lets out a sad sigh, “I feel so much anger for him. I want to bring him so much harm.”
“I understand how you feel. I think about hurting him on many nights.”
Seokjin looks at you, “the Queen told me that Rafkan was the one who killed my parents and till now, I didn’t believe Her. What if She was right? I have a feeling that She was right all along.”
You could hear the grief in his voice. The heartbreak a painful realisation brings. The betrayal and anger and pain which follow.
“I can’t tell you, but I hope for your heart that She was wrong. Nobody should have to live with the murderer of their parents.”
Seokjin furrows his brows, “I want to hurt him”, he confesses with a trembling voice, “I want to hurt him until he begs me to stop.”
“I know, oh I know how you feel”, you say softly, stepping closer to hold his hands.
You stop. Droplets of melting snow rain down on your heads from the branches high above. Seokjin’s quick breathing creates white clouds in the air. His fingers are cold, closing around your fingers almost desperately.
“But Seokjin, seeking revenge on him won’t heal the wounds he left.”
“No, but at least it will stop them from opening up over and over again.”
“I understand you, I truly do. I lost my beloved aunt to Rafkan and if this cursed person were to ever appear in front of me, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to kill him. But seeking for it?” you pull him closer, tighten your grip on his hands, let your eyes get lost in his’, “seeking for it will give you more grief than relief. Please believe me. Believe me when I tell you that healing far, far away from him will feel better in the long run than seeking him one last time.”
“Are you scared that I might become the man I was in the past? Is that why you are telling me all of this?”
“No, I know you. You were never meant to be a Raven and you will never fall back into your old habits again”, you assure him with a fond smile on your lips, “and that is why I don’t want you to go back to that place. Distance keeps the memories at bay, while propinquity burns new holes into your heart.”
Seokjin breaks eye contact after a second, lowering his head with an exhausted sigh.
“It hurts”, he confesses in a whisper, “I was four years of age when Rafkan rescued me after masked bandits slit my parents’ throats a-and to imagine that I called their murderer my father for so many years unbeknownst to his true nature, hurts me so much that I can barely breathe.”
“It hurts me too. Rafkan deserves to be ripped apart by Morguls for what he did to you and so many other poor boys. If there is anything I can do to lessen the pain, I will do it.”
“Just…” Seokjin hesitates, lifts his eyes, hesitates. He takes a cautious step closer, “can I be held? For just a second.”
“Yes”, you whisper, closing your arms around him to pull him into a tight and soothing hug.
Seokjin drapes his arms around your waist instantly and rests his cheek on your shoulder. Despite his stature, he feels fragile in your arms. You find no peculiarity in that, knowing very well why he felt as small as he did. Coming to terms with your hurtful past leaves one broken and weak. You hope that this measly hug is enough to heal even a little part of him.
He shudders in an exhale.
“Is this how hugs feel?” he whispers.
“Have you never been hugged before?”
He shakes his head, “it feels so…healing.”
You smile. It was of both sad and happy nature. Sad because someone as gentle as Seokjin should have never lived so long without being hugged. And happy because he finally found healing through it.
“Thank you”, he breathes and you answer him by patting his upper back slowly.
He steps back soon after, revealing his teary eyes to you. He hides them when he watches with how much worry your features fill.
“It’s the wind”, he lies, wiping the tears away, “it’s so cold.”
“It is acceptable to cry. Never apologise”, you assure him, taking a step back because otherwise you would have reached for his cheeks and kissed his tears away and you know that this wasn’t in your place to do.
“Hah”, he lets out, cheeks and ears gaining in sudden colour, “we should probably keep walking, shouldn’t we?” he asks, carrying embarrassment in his voice.
“Yes, we should”, you say, feeling oh so flustered yourself.
You deliver the medicine to Yela and her parents. They thank you with a freshly baked honey cake. It smelled of cinnamon and cloves and had a yellow colour to it, almost as if turmeric had tainted it. 
You leave for the village afterwards, now that you had time to truly show Seokjin around. His pretty eyes seemed to light up more and more the closer to the village you came. You prefer that view over the sad betrayal he carried in the forest just hours prior.
“Here it is. My favourite statue”, you tell him, stopping in front of the statue of the wolf, “isn’t it beautiful?”
It was made out of dark bronze, except for its left paw. The touch of countless people turned it golden.
Seokjin studies it, “yes it is. The teeth look so real.”
“Yes, indeed. And look”, you say, touching its golden paw, “it is said that if you rub the wolf’s paw thrice all your wishes will come true.”
Seokjin reaches out and rubs the paw of the wolf. He squeezes his eyes shut and whispers something you can’t make out. Then he opens his eyes.
“What did you wish for?”
“I can’t tell you, otherwise it won’t come true”, he says, making you smile fondly.
“Very well then, keep your secrets. Come, I’ll show you to the marketplace.”
Seokjin follows, looking left and right with great interest. His eyes are sparkling greatly. He seems so content.
“Do you know why wolves carry such great importance in the Night Queendom?” you ask him.
“Is it because we have so many wolves living here?”
“Not quite.”
“Well, what is it then?”
“Did you know that Woltron and his pack are actually old gods?”
Seokjin looks at you with widened eyes.
“No, I didn’t. Is this really true?”
“Indeed it is”, you nod your head, “and that is why we cherish wolves so greatly, because Woltron and his pack watch over us and our lands.”
“I see. You know so much.”
“Yes, my mother told me a lot about our history”, you nudge his arm, “I can tell you everything you want to know. You just have to ask.”
“Yes of course.”
“Well then I want to know. Are the Nourishing Fields really endless?”
“Well, in the literal sense they aren’t, but they are so big and so wide that they seem endless.”
“I see”, Seokjin says and blushes, “I want to see the Nourishing Fields.”
“You can, I promise you.”
“Of course, once the months are warmer again and the days longer, you can go wherever you want”, you give him a smile, “you can finally see the world.”
You expected him to be happy, to retort your smile and show excitement in his eyes, but for some unexplainable reason he seems sad. 
“Yes, I guess I can see the world”, he murmurs and sighs. 
“What’s the matter?” you ask him, “do you not want to see the world?” 
“I do, but I just…” he trails off, looks to the side as if he was flustered, “it doesn’t really matter. I’m just scared, I guess.”
“Scared”, you repeat, “I see. It must be scary to wander the world, but I am sure that once you took those first few steps you will find great enjoyment in it. Worry not Seokjin”, you place your hand on his upper arm, feeling how his muscles tense, “you will love it.”
“Will I?” he asks, turning back to you. You don’t miss the way his eyes seem to linger on your lips for just a second or the way his fingers reach for your hand when you retreat your touch. 
“Of course”, your voice felt hoarse as you spoke and for just one second you felt this unbearable urge to reach back and touch his hand. You let out a nervous laugh, touching the side of your neck for your pulse felt terribly hasty in your throat, “well, uhm”, you begin and clear your throat, “we are here. This is the marketplace.”
Seokjin lets his eyes wander over the spacious plaza. The stalls are empty, standing in darkness whilst casting the blackest of shadows on the paving. Dogs are circling the stall in which butchers sell their merchandise. They must smell the meat, looking for it without the knowledge that their search will be unsuccessful.
On the only lantern a big owl is sitting, staring down at the two of you with big, unmoving eyes and every now and then,  its eerie call cuts through the silence of the night.
“It’s very…empty”, Seokjin says, making you chuckle quietly. 
“Yes indeed. We picked out a terrible time. Come tomorrow morning and this place is bustling with life. Right there”, you point at one of the abandoned stalls, “is where the best cake maker in town sells her goods. Oh Seokjin, the cakes she sells are magical.”
“I ate cake in the Queen’s castle. It’s really sweet.”
“Indeed and it’s so delicious, wouldn’t you say?” 
Seokjin nods his head, “I liked it a lot. I want to learn how to make cake.”
“I can teach you, if you want to.”
Seokjin looks at you with sparkling eyes, “you would do that for me?” 
“Of course I would”, you give him a smile and this time around Seokjin retorts it. 
Your eyes flit to it. Lingering. His lips look so pretty when he smiles. Even now in the bad lighting you find great beauty in them.
“What is it?” Seokjin asks you, stopping his smile for your intense gaze is flustering him.
“Oh dear”, you murmur, turning away with a fluttering heart, “I don’t know. I think, I must be tired. I keep zoning out on…” you falter in embarrassment. You don’t want to expose yourself, “…on different spots”, you lie.
“Ah, I see. Well, then. Do you want to walk home?”
“Home”, you repeat, finding yourself looking at his lips again, “yes, we could do that, couldn’t we?”  
You prepare warm tea for the both of you once home. The nights may be warmer again, but walking in its wet coldness for hours still managed to freeze your limbs. You have both done your nightly washing-up and changed into thick sleeping clothes. You laid out a pair of woollen socks, which you made during calmer moments, for both you and Seokjin as well.
“There you go”, you say, handing Seokjin his cup of elderflower tea, “this will warm you.”
“Thank you”, Seokjin says.
You sit down on the fur next to him, joining him in his relaxing task of watching the flames in the fireplace dance.
“Today was quite the productive day”, you say.
“Yes, we managed to do a lot of tasks”, he agrees.
“Indeed. Oh Seokjin”, you relax with a sigh, “I will miss you dearly once you are gone. You are truly of such great help.”
Seokjin looks at you with rosy cheeks. He fumbles with the edge of his cup, feeling warm in his chest right where his heart flutters.
“And you are a diligent student”, you sneak a glance at him, “you would make a fine healer.”
Seokjin lowers his gaze, touching his burning ear, “you think so?” he whispers.
“Yes, I truly do”, you whisper, gazing at his features. Oh why must he be so beautiful? If only you didn’t like his face so much, if only you didn’t find so much beauty in his soul, maybe then you wouldn’t ache so much each time you thought of him leaving one day.
You turn away, aching too much to bear his beauty any longer. The flames dance calmly, swaying left and right. You take a sip of your tea. It tastes good and fills your stomach with warmth.
"I have something for you", you tell him.
"For me?" 
You stand up to get it from your shelf, returning to him with a racing heart. Seokjin helps you sit down by holding your hand, eyes flitting to the piece of paper you are holding.
You place said paper on his lap, "open it."
Seokjin does so without hesitation, widening his eyes in shock. 
"Is this", he gasps, looking at you. 
"A potion to remove tattoos, yes. I found it at the market yesterday and I wanted to surprise you", you say, giggling excitedly. 
"You actually meant it", he whispers, clutching it to his chest with teary eyes.
"Of course I did."
Seokjin smiles, "thank you. I don’t know what to say." 
"Don't say anything. I'm just happy that I can help you heal from your past."
Seokjin nods his head and seeks you out by resting his head on your shoulder. He exhales deeply, eyes falling closed and fingers coming to play with the hem of your tunic. Mindlessly and innocently, but you feel weak nonetheless.
"Thank you", he whispers.
"Mhm", you let out, patting his thigh twice before pulling back again.
Why does he have to leave? Why him? Why?
“Where will you go once the months are warmer again?” you ask him even if asking that question hurts you. You don’t want him to leave, but it would be selfish of you to hold him back. He should experience freedom. That is what he deserves.
For a second he is silent, looking into the flames.
“I don’t know” he says quietly.
“I can advise you visit the Nourishing Fields first. Oh, they have the most beautiful colour during summer.”
“Are they far from here?”
“Just a five days walk perhaps. That is if you would spend each passing hour of those days walking”, you say and laugh quietly.
Seokjin can’t quite bring himself to laugh as well. The thought of wandering so far from you makes his heart ache.
“So I would say that you could reach them in about a week if the roads are good.”
“Have you ever been to the Nourishing Fields?”
“Yes, many times actually. My cousin lives close to them and I like to visit him when it is warm.”
You take a sip of your tea. It has cooled down just enough to make it bearable to drink.
“I truly enjoy this tea, it tastes so good.”
Seokjin takes a sip as well.
“Yes, it is very good.”
“Indeed” you say and nudge his head with your chin.
Seokjin lifts his head. You are giggling at him. 
Seokjin wants to giggle too, he wants to smile at you just like you do, he wants his eyes to sparkle the way yours do and yet in this moment as the taste of elderflowers was lingering on his tongue and his temple felt your lingering warmth, he couldn’t. He ached so terribly. The snow has begun to melt and if the nights continue to be as mild as they were lately, then soon the earth will thaw as well. And that means that the warmer months have finally come back and Seokjin has to leave your cottage to explore the world.
“I don’t want to see the world”, he blurts out.
“What?” you stop laughing, studying his features with confusion in your eyes.
“I don’t want to see the world.”
“I don’t understand.”
“I don’t want to see the world if, if that means that I have to leave. I don’t want to run on the Nourishing Fields or climb the Snowy Mountains or, or swim in foreign lakes if that means that I can’t see you anymore.”
“Seokjin, what are you saying?”
“You are asking me where I want to go first once the months are warmer again, but truth be told, the thought of going anywhere without you hurts me so terribly much that I want to wail”, he confesses with glassy eyes.
“Perhaps I want to go to the town first”, he says and lets out a breathy laugh, “yes, that is the place I want to go. I want to go to the town in the greyness of dawn when you are still sleeping and I want to go there to buy the biggest piece of cake for you and then I will carry it home and I will be careful not to meet any tree fairies. And once home, I will feed Kukuruz and check on you and I will see that you are still sleeping. So I will prepare the cake and I will put a flower on the plate with it and perhaps I will sprinkle some sugar on it too because it is a special occasion and then I will bring it to you and wake you by, by”, he inhales shakily, “by kissing your forehead and I will watch how you smile at me and how you eat the cake deliciously and I will be happy.”
He rubs at his eyes, wiping his tears away.
“So that is where I will go once the months are warmer. I will go to the town to buy you a cake.”
You sniffle.
“That is a good place”, you whisper, intertwining your fingers with his’.
“So please don’t make me leave. Please let me stay by your side.”
You nod your head, fighting with your tears. You guide his hand to your lips, kissing his knuckles with all the love you have for him. You rest your cheek against them afterwards, allowing your warm tears to roll down his skin.
“I didn’t want you to leave either, but I didn’t want to tell you because seeing the world was your dream”, you confess.
“I can already see the world when I look into your eyes.”
You open your eyes, meeting the world in his eyes.
“I can see it too”, you whisper, “it’s beautiful.”
Seokjin smiles with his cheeks blushing. He squeezes your hand. You squeeze it right back, lifting your head to get closer to him. Your noses are almost touching, your lips are so close, your vision is just slightly blurry.
“Can I kiss you?” you ask him in a barely there whisper.
He closes his eyes, “please kiss me.”
“Oh Seokjin”, you sigh, cupping his cheek.
Seokjin closes his eyes with a sigh, meeting you halfway with yet another sigh rolling over his tongue.
You feel how easy life becomes once you kiss him. The air is lighter around you and filled with magic. Your cabin, once dark, is sparkling in the colours of the universe. Your skin prickles and in your tummy millions of butterflies flutter. This is the best feel you ever experienced.
You sigh and cup his other cheek, pulling him closer. Seokjin allows you, touching your upper arms with shaky fingers. His heart is racing so much that he fears that you might hear it. He has never kissed before, but he is glad that he didn’t. For having your lips be the first lips he ever kisses feels like wondrous magic to him.
A magic which soon robs him of air. He breaks the magic, only to realise that it still remains as flutters of his heart and tingles in his stomach.
You stay close, running your thumbs over his soft cheeks and poking his nose with your own. You feel so lightheaded. Kissing him felt like paradise.
“This felt magical”, he whispers, sighing when you brush your thumb over his cheekbone.
“Yes, it did. Oh Seokjin, I had wanted to kiss you for so long.”
“You, you did?” he stutters, blushing.
You move your head back just so you could gaze at his perfect features.
“Yes”, you whisper, tracing his pretty lips, “you have the most beautiful smile and your face”, you run your fingertips along his cheeks up to his forehead and down the slope of his nose.
Seokjin feels shivers run down his spine at the touch, having his eyes closed.
“Oh your face”, you whisper, “I don’t want to stop looking at it.”
You kiss him, surprising him so much that his stomach tightens and his heart skips a beat in his chest. He sighs shakily, allowing you to tilt his head so you could reach him easier. You kiss so much better than he ever could, you know so much more, he thinks. He believes that if he allows you to guide him, then he won’t be able to disappoint. He really doesn’t want to disappoint. Not you. You are so wise, so full of knowledge, so skilled and if he disappointed you with his kisses, he would never forgive himself.
So he lets you hold his face while he rests his hands on your waist. He lets you trace his lips with your tongue while he whimpers softly. He lets you lay him down on the fur, whilst gasping your name.
Your elbows are caging in his head, your hands smooth over his hair. Your chest is resting against his torso in this position and Seokjin can feel how quickly your heart is racing. So you feel just as excited as he does. Oh, he feels so reassured in his feelings because of it.
You break the kiss, tracing his lips with your tongue. They feel so tender, almost sensitive even. Oh, how long have you kissed him already? You can’t remember.
“Your lips are so soft”, you whisper, chasing them in a slow kiss. 
Seokjin keens quietly, hands reaching up to cup your cheeks. His palms feel clammy against your skin.
Giggling, you break the kiss just so you could gaze at him.
Your eyes soften upon meeting his glimmering gaze. You tilt your head to the side and caress his soft cheeks, “you look so beautiful.”
His plumb lips wear the deepest of pinks, his cheeks match, as do his ears. His raven hair is just slightly tousled in the front, hanging into his brows. He is breathing quickly, gazing up at you with his dark brown, pretty eyes.
“You look beautiful too”, he answers you in a small voice.
"I want to keep kissing you."
"Please do. I want it to too." 
"Oh Seokjin, my dearest", you sigh and lean down.
Seokjin gasps loudly when instead of kissing his lips, you lean down to kiss his neck. 
“O-oh”, he gets out, lifting his shoulders in instinct for the sensation was foreign to him. 
You flinch back instantly.
“Forgive me. I, I should have asked", you stutter.
Your eyes meet. 
"No", he shakes his head vigorously, "it felt really good. It surprised me, that is all", he whispers.
“Yes? So I can do it again?” you ask him, "please?"
Seokjin blushes vividly, avoiding eye contact.
“I’m scared”, he confesses.
“Scared? Sacred of what?”
“Of, of…of disappointing you.”
“Disappointing me? Oh Seokjin, why would you disappoint me?”
“Because I am a-”, he exhales shakily, “I have no knowledge of being intimate. And, and you know so much. You are so skilled and, and probably had men better than me and I don’t want to disappoint.”
“Seokjin, my dearest”, you say, soothing him by caressing his cheeks, “the fact that those men aren’t by my side anymore means that in the end, they couldn’t truly satisfy me. You aren’t worse than them, on the contrary, I have never felt so bewitched by anyone before you.”
“Yes”, you promise him, “so worry not. You are my diligent student after all, I am certain you will be a natural in intimacy as well.”
“I’m your student?” he gasps, ears turning the deepest reds instantly.
You giggle. Seokjin giggles too.
“Of course you are. You are my very good student”, you say, dancing your fingers over his collarbones.
Seokjin lets out a small moan, widening his eyes as he squirms underneath you. He seems to really like it when you praise him. Oh, that makes you so happy. You want to keep praising him just so you can make him look at you in that adorable fashion he does right now.  
"Perhaps you are even my best student", you say, basking in the joy you feel when he squirms a second time. 
“___”, he gets out, lips parting and staying that way. He hooks his fingers behind your neck, rolling his head to the side just enough to reveal his flushed neck to your eyes.
"My best student", you whisper and lean down to place a subtle kiss on his neck.
This time, Seokjin reacts in a sigh, head rolling to the side completely and eyes falling closed. His fingers slip from your neck, tangling in the fur in a shy and desperate grip.
Your own close around a bundle of his hair, mind falling into the droopiness of worshipping his vulnerable neck. His skin feels so soft under your lips. And hot. Oh so utterly hot. As if a fire was keeping it warm. You feel the sensation with three kisses and then a shy lick follows. 
Seokjin makes a soft sound, touching your hips only to pull away again. Another twist of the fur. Shy avoidance of what he truly craves.
“Don't pull away. You are allowed to touch me”, you encourage him with a whisper against his jawline. 
“But where?”
“Where do you want to touch me?” 
“Your torso.”
His answer makes you smile. You kiss along his pulse point, tickling him with gentle bites. 
“Then my torso it is. Touch me, my diligent student”, you rasp, making him shiver.
His hands grasp your hips, squeezing them with a certain strength. It is the kind of strength that lets you know just how incredibly affected he is by the situation. And that perhaps he had craved to touch you for the longest time. 
“That's it, your touch feels wonderful”, you praise him, moving his head by tugging on his hair most gently. 
He rolls it to the other side, exposing his unkissed neck to your eyes. His skin is tinted pink, looking beautiful like this. 
“You are so beautiful”, you breathe, kissing him with a racing heart. 
“Ah”, Seokjin lets out, running his hands up along your sides, “oh”, he sighs and shivers. He never even thought about how sensitive his neck is. He wonders if he is different and if such sensitivity is normal. He also wonders if he is allowed to shiver oh so incredibly much or if he is acting inappropriately. 
You take his earlobe between your teeth then and Seokjin swears that never before, his thoughts turned off as quickly as they did right now. 
His fingers stutter, coming to an involuntary pause right underneath your armpits. The bite just feels so good. Seokjin has to sigh and then call your name. 
“Is this enjoyable?” you ask him in the sweetest voice.
“I, I think something is wrong with me.”
“Truly?” you lift your head, eyes running over his features, “what is the matter? Where does it hurt?”
He shakes his head, “no, it is just that…that my neck.”
“What about your neck?”
“When you kiss me, I feel sensations down my back. Like shivers and, and they are in my fingertips as well and between”, he lowers his eyes, “I think it affects my, ahm, my cock as well.” 
"Oh dear", you can’t stop yourself from breaking into the fondest of chuckles, "my dearest Seokjin, there is nothing wrong with you. On the contrary, everything is perfectly fine." 
"But why does it feel so hot? A-as if fire fairies are close." 
"You are fine", you assure him, smoothing out his hair, "oh Seokjin, this is supposed to happen. Your cock is supposed to harden." 
Seokjin widens his eyes, mouth falling open. 
You giggle, poking the tip of his nose with your fingertip. He looks oh so endearing.
"Do you want to kiss my neck as well? I react differently than you do."
"You do?" 
You nod your head.
"So your core doesn’t harden? Like I do?" 
You chuckle, "how about you kiss my neck and I'll show you?" 
"Yes", Seokjin nods his head passionately, "I want to."
"Great", you say, lying down in the fur beside him. 
Seokjin props himself up on his elbows, looking down at you with big eyes. Like an innocent deer caught eating one of your plants. You love this view so very much.
You roll your head to the side and tug the collar of your tunic down, exposing your neck that way. 
"Kiss it. Kiss me, dear Seokjin", you sigh.
Seokjin exhales shakily, doing so to still the racing of his heart. Not that this helps. On the contrary, it only worsens it. He is so nervous and scared to disappoint. 
He lowers his head, holding his breath for the next part. 
His lips make the softest of sounds as he places his first kiss upon your skin. He pulls back afterwards. 
"Is that right?" he asks shyly.
"Yes, it feels so good", you assure him, "do it again. More. Much more."
Seokjin feels happy. He did well! Without wasting another second, he lowers his lips back to your neck. Your skin is soft, your pulse is tickling him, your throat produces the smallest of moans.
Seokjin closes his eyes and dares to weave his fingers in your hair as best as possible. He doesn’t tug like you did, he merely wants to hold a part of you as he kisses your neck. 
“This is so good”, you sigh, feeling yourself shiver uncontrollably. 
You had lovers in your past. Not many, but just enough to figure out what you enjoyed and what you didn’t. Most were mediocre, many were terrible and only a few were good. And you didn’t care enough about them to want them to stay. They were nice to have for the time being, but didn’t leave a hole of yearning once they left again. Most kissed your neck as well and the very few who refused to, were thrown out the moment they did. But they were all different. You realise this much now that Seokjin is kissing your neck. 
They didn’t leave you feeling oh so breathless from mere neck kisses. They didn’t leave you craving for more of their touch. But Seokjin does. Oh, how he does. 
You grab his hand and place it atop your breast.
"Oh?" Seokjin lifts his head, gawking at you with widened eyes. 
"Massage it softly. It feels so good", you tell him.
Seokjin gives your breast a soft squeeze, watching with heat between his legs as this makes you arch your back. 
"Just like that. Keep doing it just like that", you sigh, "oh Seokjin, dearest", you moan and overcome by your emotions you pull him down into a passionate kiss. 
Seokjin whimpers, kissing you back sloppily at first before he finds his rhythm. His hand continues massaging your breast, becoming more and more confident the deeper you kiss him. 
Your tunic is thin enough to allow his unfiltered warmth to reach your skin. His touch is so gentle and yet filled with such passion. For someone who never held a woman's breasts before tonight, Seokjin knows exactly how to bewitch you. 
"Seokjin", you break the kiss to moan his name, "Seokjin, I want more. Much more." 
"What do you want?" he asks breathily. 
"I want to have you. Bared."
Seokjin gulps. 
"Do you want the same? You are allowed to deny me." 
Seokjin lets out a small laugh, lowering his head giddily.
"I never did such a thing before", he whispers, "but I want to do it with you", he says, lifting his head to gaze at you with sparkling eyes, "I really want to do it." 
He makes you smile. 
"Just one question. I have one question."
"Ask me, my dearest." 
"Will it hurt?"
"No, it will feel magical."
"Even more magical than a kiss?" 
"Yes", you smile, "even more than that." 
"I, I see", Seokjin blushes vividly, "oh by Frenya, this is making me fluster." 
You giggle, "you are so precious", you gush, rubbing your hands up and down his chest, "so shall we take our bottoms off?" 
Seokjin nods his head, "yes, I would like that." 
And so you begin undressing.
"It's not like I haven’t seen you naked before, is it?" you joke, painting even more pink onto his cheeks.
He giggles shyly, lowering his eyes. 
"Yes, I guess you have", he whispers, "but it’s different tonight, isn’t it?" 
"Yes, it’s exciting", you say, placing your pants to the side. 
You are on your knees. Seokjin is mirroring your position. His tunic is reaching him by his thighs, hiding his now exposed cock from your eyes. The dent is still visible however, drawing your eyes to it. 
"You ahm", Seokjin begins. 
You draw closer to him, "you look beautiful", you say, touching his chest.
"You too", he says, eyes lingering on your middle. Your tunic hides it from him as well. 
"Do you want to see?" 
"Can I really see it?" he is almost gasping the question. 
In one swift movement you have taken off your tunic, throwing it behind you mindlessly. 
"Oh, ahm, oh?" Seokjin lets out, eyes widened and racing all over your newly exposed body. 
You pose for him, enjoying his undivided attention to the fullest. 
"What do you think?" 
"This, this…this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Are you real?" he gushes, reaching out only to halt. His eyes flit up. "Can I touch?" 
"Yes my dearest."
Seokjin exhales shakily, placing his hands on your waist while his eyes race over your chest. 
"You feel so soft and warm. And, and your breasts are so…." he cradles them in his hands, "...beautiful", he whispers shakily. His eyes fill with the slightest of tears, "I missed out on so much", he croaks. 
"Don't be upset. You have all the time in the world to catch up with all the things you missed out on", you assure him. 
He smiles, dancing his thumbs over your nipples gently, "yes, I guess I have", his smile grows, "I am genuinely happy", he confesses and draws closer just to pull you into an adoring kiss. 
You feel your knees wobble because of it, not having expected him to take initiative. You love that he did, losing yourself in the passionate dance of lips and eager tongues while your hands travel over his torso. 
It happens that Seokjin loses his tunic at some point of this kiss, discarding it somewhere behind him. Your bodies chased each other instantly, your lips fell back into the dance. Seokjin kissed you even deeper after feeling your naked skin against his own. 
Now you are both groping each other, hands on the other’s hips in a desperate battle of who gets to pull the other closer. His cock is rubbing between your stomachs, leaving wet imprints behind. Your own middle is wet, dripping down your inner thigh. 
"I can't breathe", he whispers between tongue kisses.
"Neither can I", you answer him, "give me your hand." 
Seokjin moves his head back to look at you in curiosity. He places his hand into your palm, tilting his head to the side. 
"Do you want to feel how you affect me?" 
"Yes please." 
You guide his hand between your legs, making sure that two of his fingers part your soaked folds.
"You are wet", he gasps, widening his eyes.
"I know", you sigh, guiding his touch up to your clit. You show him how you enjoy it with your chest heaving up and down in a deep, shaky gasp, "that feels so good…"
"It does?" he gets out before he moves his fingers on his own, "like this? Is this how you did it?" 
"Yes", you sigh, "just a little to the left." 
Seokjin fixes his position, moaning with you as this makes you shudder in reaction. 
"Right there", you sigh, tilting your head back, "oh Seokjin…" 
"I can't believe that you are real", he whispers and overtaken by his emotions he chases you, lips claiming the emptiness of your neck and fingers exploring your wet cunt. He kisses you sloppily, moaning blissfully while his fingers rub circles into your clit. 
"Yes, yes, oh yes", you chant, feeling your entire body sink into the hottest flames of pleasure. 
It is not long and you tell Seokjin to bury two of his fingers deep inside your dripping hole. And Seokjin obeys, cursing under his breath because he expected everything but not for your core to be as warm and wet as she was. With your instructions, he begins moving his fingers while his thumb rubs your clit.
"You are so wet", he croaks, curling his fingers, "I can't believe you are real." 
"It feels so good", you sigh, rewarding his perfect efforts by wrapping your hand around his aching length. You begin moving, forcing Seokjin’s touch to falter in pure shock. 
"What- ah- what", he stutters, hand wrapping around your wrist and hips moving back in a desperate attempt to flee the unbearable burning of bliss. 
"Relax. I can make you feel good too", you encourage him, smiling at him even if his fingers between your legs make it hard to function.
"This, this is so much", he keens, writhing in your hold.
"Do you want me to stop?"
"I, I don’t know yet."
"Then how about I do this?"
You move your hand up and down his length slowly, making him squeeze his eyes shut and whimper.
"How is that?" you ask him.
"Don't stop, please", he begs with his voice slightly pitched. 
"I won’t", you promise him, running your hand up and down his length, "you are so beautiful. Such a good boy", you whisper, feeling his cock throb in reaction. 
"Oh god", he keens, dropping his head in exhaustion, "oh god, oh god."
"I know, it feels like a lot doesn’t it?" you ask in a soothing voice, massaging his sensitive tip. It fits perfectly into your palm, wetting your skin with his excited pleasure.
Seokjin nods his head, chasing you with a roll of his hips. You hold him back with a gentle grip of his waist, caressing his skin as your fingers dance down his length again. You cup his balls, massaging them slowly.
"Very heavy", you tease lovingly, "you must have so much pressure built up over the years, mhm?" 
Seokjin nods his head, letting out a breathy moan. 
"Of course you do. That’s what I'm here for now, I’ll take such great care of you", you rasp, taking his cock again to jerk it slowly yet precisely. 
"Please don’t stop, ah", he begs in a high-pitched moan.
"I won’t, my dearest. Keep moving your fingers. Can you do that for me?"
Seokjin obeys with a shaky moan and his lips parting in bliss. It is so hard to concentrate on pleasuring you, but he wants to do it. He wants to make you feel as good as you currently make him feel.
"A little to the right", you say.
Seokjin fixes his mistake, throbbing in your hand when you reward him with massages on his frenulum.
"There we go. You are such a diligent student. Such a good, wonderful boy", you praise, basking in the blissful shudder your sweet words send through his body. 
You fall into a kiss just seconds later. It is more breathy moans and weak kisses than anything, but it is perfect the way it is. Weak lips, uncoordinated licks, more moans than kisses. All of it is an image of how you both feel. Too overtaken by pleasure to truly function and yet desperate for the other’s kiss. You can’t remember if you ever truly felt that desperate for a man's kiss. Maybe you never did. Seokjin feels so very right, oh so right. 
"Keep going, just like this", you encourage him, feeling yourself shudder in bliss when he begins rubbing circles into your clit. His thumb is so soft, the pressure is just right. Maybe that tiny bit too strong, resulting in you dancing on the edge of overstimulation, but it feels so good to dance. It makes your highs feel that much more rewarding whenever you do.
"It's so hard to concentrate", Seokjin whimpers.
"I know, but keep going. You are doing such a great job", you whisper with unoccupied hand hooked behind his neck to keep his forehead resting against yours. 
“___”, he moans, “___ it feels so good”, he keens, closing his eyes by letting them roll back.
“Yes, it really does”, you agree, closing your own eyes as a soft sigh slips past your parted lips.
To be so close to each other. It feels like a dream now that you are finally experiencing it. You may have found yourself daydreaming about  how it would be to kiss him and touch him and make him feel good. Not much, because you feared that he might catch you in your crude thoughts, but whenever you did, you felt dizzy in desperation.
“Oh how I wanted this, Seokjin”, you sigh mindlessly.
“What do you mean?” he croaks, twitching in your hand. 
“You are a dream”, you whispers, “my sweetest dream.”
Seokjin whimpers your name and kisses you. You are his dream too. His sweetest, dearest dream. For the longest time, Seokjin didn’t know why he felt the way he does about you. He couldn’t explain the flutters of his hearts, the tingles in his stomach, the desire to keep glancing at you whenever you weren’t looking. He couldn’t explain what all of those sensations meant for he never experienced them before. But he knows now. He knows that this is what being in love felt like. He really liked that feeling, wanting it to never ever stop.
Seokjin curls his fingers inside you, gasping into the kiss when this makes you clench around him.
“You are so warm”, he whimpers, chasing your taste with desperate licks.
“Seokjin”, his name was muffled by the kiss, but it was still clear in his ears. He kisses you even deeper because of it and you shudder in intense bliss.
“You are so tight”, he whispers, breaking the kiss because you gasped for air.
“I know”, your voice is pitched and barely wants to come out, “don’t stop, stay just like this.”
“What is happening? Why are you so…ah, tight”, he asks, struggling with his words because your hand begins to speed up around his length. His thighs shake in reaction, hot tension begins building up in his stomach.
“Do you feel the tension in your belly?” you ask him, swirling your hand around his leaking tip. It feels so hot under your touch, covering you with so much wetness.
“Yes”, he whimpers, curling his fingers desperately just so you keep rubbing him that way.
“That means you will orgasm soon. I feel the same.”
“Will it hurt?”
“No, it will feel like paradise”, you say and sigh, “Seokjin, I’m close”, you croak, pulling him back into the kiss. 
Seokjin moans, thrusting into your fist because he felt like bursting. He wondered if something was wrong with him. Each time you rolled your thumb over his tip, his cock felt on fire and then when you stroked your hand down his shaft that fire spread to the rest of his body. Seokjin never felt that incredible before. It feels so good. It feels so, so good. 
“Seokjin”, you whimper, body tensing and walls clenching around his fingers, “now.”
It starts off on your clit, spreading through the rest of your middle before the fire deep inside causes a chain of reactions. You moan loudly, pulling him close as your body begins chasing him in desperate rolls of your hips.
Seokjin sobs softly, “I can't hold back”, he confesses and then he swears that something unnatural happens to his body. His cock feels as if it goes up in flames, wet and hot liquid spurts out of him and the most peculiar part is that he doesn’t want it to stop. He wants it to continue.
Seokjin moans your name, sobs it again a second later, thrusts his hips into your hand, shakes uncontrollably.
“That's it, climax for me, that’s it”, you encourage him in deep growls, fingers almost bruising the back of his neck from how tightly you hold him as your own high prolongs because of his climax. It excites you just way too much. He looks so perfect when he finds release.
“O-oh god”, Seokjin gets out, falling around your neck once his orgasm stopped. He hugs you, shivering uncontrollably while he barely gets any air into his lungs, “W-what happened?”
You smile softly, wrapping your arms around him safely.
“Didn't that feel wonderful?”
“I, I don’t know. Oh god, I can’t breathe.”
You chuckle fondly, “lean onto me, my dearest. I'm right here.” 
“Do you feel the same?”
“Yes, I feel so dizzy”, you say, closing your eyes to enjoy his warmth. You climaxed so wonderfully. Your whole body feels weak and so incredibly warm. 
Seokjin shudders, releasing a big sigh of relief and happiness. He grows soft in your hold, hands squeezing your sides as his arms close further around you. 
“This was so nice”, he whispers, “it scared me at first, but it was really nice.”
You smile, “trust me, you won’t feel scared soon. You'll probably grow quite addicted to the feeling.”
Seokjin nods his head, “I think so too. I already want it again.”
You laugh, moving back just enough that you could gaze at his face. Seokjin does the same, looking at you with droopy yet happy eyes.
“I see how it is”, you snicker, “oh Seokjin, I don’t think I'll ever let you go again”, you say. 
“Good. I don’t want you to”, he whispers, “I can stay with you, can't I?”
“Yes, it would make me the happiest if you did.”
Seokjin smiles and cups your face. 
“My world”, he sighs, giving you no time to answer him before he already has you lost in another kiss.
You spend most of the night exploring each other. And come the next morning, Seokjin wakes you up with his face between your legs and his cock pressing into the mattress. You spend the entire day in bed, showing him even more possibilities of pleasure while Seokjin listens and learns like the diligent student he is.
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sxtaep · 3 months
Tumblr media
you could come across as the number one hater of the male species, but not when it came to jimin.
Tumblr media
pairing — jimin x female reader
genre — fluff, smut
word count — 3.4k+
warnings/tags — friends2lovers, fwb!au, dom!jimin, sub!reader, teasing, reader is an anti-romantic, lots of ranting, reader confesses, making out, swearing, explicit smut, mutual masturbation, voyeurism, exhbitionism, pillow riding, dirty talk, orgasm denial, reader is very put on the spot, penetrative sex, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, guys) crying, creampie +more
a/n: what to do when the nation is in mourning? write jimin smut 💀 rest up queen elizabeth though, i remember when she came to my school and shook my hand after i gave her a bouquet of flowers 😭
Tumblr media
You just wrapped up what you could only call the worst blind date known to mankind. The guy was smug and cocky: you could tell he probably had a thing for being better than women, and that right there was an immediate red flag for you.
Now sitting behind the wheel of your car, pure irritation evident on your face, all you could think about was how the fuck you could face Jimin after another failed blind date. That and the fact that you slept with Jimin a couple times but neither of you had the guts to really put a label on yourselves.
It was agreed your relationship with Jimin was strictly ‘no strings attached’, merely using each other as an output to deal with the stress of work. The two of you must’ve been stressed everyday since it seemed that was how often you both went at it.
“I’ve got a blind date tonight,” you tell him, entering his office to bother him as you usually did.
A blind date?
Jimin wasn’t expecting you to start dating people whilst sleeping with him on the down low. Was that how these things worked?
“You’re going on a date? Why?” He looks up from his desk, clearly confused about it since you always preached about how much you hated men and relationships.
You shrug, “I can’t keep sleeping with you for the rest of my life, eventually you’ll fall in love with someone else and want to get married and have kids.”
You weren’t wrong, Jimin did have all this planned for his future, but he never really saw some other girl with him. All these plans were made with the intention of doing them with you.
“Plus, it’s not like we’re together or anything, so I don’t see what’s stopping me.”
“Well…” he didn’t really know what to say. Does he suddenly confess now or never? If this blind date of yours was a success, he’ll never have the chance to tell you how he really felt, but you seemed really excited about it, he shouldn’t ruin that for you.
“I mean, are you sure you wanna go on a blind date? Kind of a big step for someone who hates relationships,” he says, cocking a brow at you sat opposite his desk.
You didn’t seem as concerned as he was, but then again, why did he care so much?
“Do you want me to give you hourly updates or something? Seems a bit much, Park,” you chuckle softly, failing to notice the inner conflict he was having. “Are you worried about me?”
“No, I’m just looking out for you,” he grumbles, rolling his eyes at your silly teasing. In all honesty, it felt like he was being replaced. “Whatever though, don’t come crying to me late at night when the date doesn’t go to plan.”
When you get home, you you contemplate on updating Jimin. A part of you wanted to send him a message but the other didn’t wanna hear him say ‘I told you so’ as he did many times before.
But fuck it.
you: are you at home?
jimin: yeah, why? you coming over? or you wanna meet somewhere else?
you: no, just make sure you’re home
With that final message sent, you change out of your date night clothes, opting for something more comfortable, but once you’re out of your dress, you look down at your bare body in nothing but intricate black lace (yes, you wore a set with the intention of getting laid tonight) and figured you’d keep it on.
For Jimin.
You throw on a long trench coat to cover up, shivering a little once the material is wrapped securely around your naked body. It was a risky game going out like this, but for some reason, you felt obligated to do this.
If he wanted to make you feel bad, you may as well look good whilst he did it.
Tumblr media
The very moment you had texted Jimin, he had just come out the shower, clean and fresh. He re-read your message a couple times, trying to figure out why you were coming over all of a sudden. Was the date so great you wanted to gush about it to him? Or did it go so terribly you were about to rant as soon as you stepped in? Or possibly, were you coming over to fuck?
He couldn’t quite put his finger on it and continued about his night, dressing loosely with a pair of sweatpants and no shirt.
Why wear so much if it was gonna come off anyway?
With that thought, three knocks were had at his door, and he had no doubt that it was you.
You were left waiting for a couple seconds, tapping your foot against the carpeted floor continuously until you were met with a very bare Jimin, forcing your incessant tapping to come to a halt and your breath to catch in your throat.
You eyed every inch of him; his perfectly sculpted v-line, the crevices of his abs, the simple, yet impacting ‘never mind’ tattoo adorning his ribs, and finally his face, which was slightly moist due to the droplets of water falling from the ends of his hair.
“Hi..” you say breathlessly, “Can I come in?”
Jimin caught you eyeing him up, but chose not to comment on it. Instead, he moves aside to let you in, “By all means.”
As you step inside, his eyes follow your form taking notice of the unusual outfit you were wearing. Heels with your legs bare, you must’ve been wearing a dress underneath the coat, but he couldn’t be certain, the damn coat was shielding away his curiosity.
“I’m guessing your date didn’t go well,” Jimin chuckles softly, closing the front door and turning to look at you, “Wanna talk about it over a drink?” Though it sounded like an open ended question, he didn’t wait for you to respond, already making his way into the kitchen to pull out two wine glasses.
“Listen…” you start, your voice low, yet loud enough for Jimin to hear. You’re stuck standing by the door, watching, him set the two glasses down on the marble counter. “I.. am a good girl,” you begin, trying not to sound stupid. “In school, I always followed the rules to the point where a lot of people actually hated me for it.”
The confusion on Jimin’s face was clear as day, and you knew he was about to interrupt you, but you continue to talk, raising your hand up towards him, “Let me finish,” you exhale, “I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 17, probably because I hated the idea of it.”
What the hell were you talking about?
Jimin cocks a brow, leaving his position behind the counter to approach you, “Did I do something wrong?”
The man never hated you, nor did he think you were crazy to have such outlandish opinions on relationships (he understood where you were coming from) and sometimes it was annoying, but not annoying enough to push you away from him. At the end of the day, you were close friend to him.
“No, you didn’t do anything wrong,” you reassure him, stopping Jimin in his tracks. “I shouldn’t have gone on that blind date. It went horribly.”
There’s a moment of silence between the two of you, and Jimin remained as he was in case you were still speaking.
“This failed blind date, along with everything we’ve done together, made me realise I’m only ever genuinely happy when I’m with you. It’s pretty fun not having to fuck my pillow every night,” you say, your cheeks growing beet red at the confession. “And I think it’s safe to say that I don’t not want be in a relationship..”
Your eyes meet his and for the first time tonight, Jimin was speechless. He hadn’t said a word and at this moment, you were glad. “So…” your hands travel down to the belt tied around your waist, pulling on one end to loosen the knot and have the coat comfortably slip free down your shoulders, revealing the black strap of you bra draped over your shoulders.
Jimin knew what was coming. He was bracing himself for what you were about to do.
The trench coat finally hit the floor, pooling around your feet and his breath hitches. He raked his eyes up and down your body, drinking in the sight of you. Flawless skin, perfect curves and a face so radiant, you were the only thing glowing under the dim light of his apartment.
“Woah,” is all he says, having no shame displaying the grin on his face. “You sure know how to flatter a man, Y/N,” Jimin shakes his head, as if disapproving your outfit, but really, the man was losing it inside.
He’s quick on his feet, steadily approaching your form and stopping in front of you, his eyes solemnly kept on you, “I’m glad you finally came to your senses,” he says, reaching his hand up to cup your cheek, gently smoothing his thumb across your skin. “How about we do something a little more fitting for your attire tonight?”
You didn’t bother processing his words, wasting no time in crashing your lips against his in an aggressive kiss, Jimin undoubtedly reciprocating and automatically wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer to his chest.
His embrace wasn’t long lasting, hands moving down the small of your back to briefly graze the curve of your ass before settling behind your upper thighs, hoisting you up, “Jump,” Jimin mumbles against your lips, eliciting a short hum from you and you immediately oblige, wrapping your legs around your waist and he held onto you securely.
Not once did either of you break the kiss as he carried you towards his bedroom, but once in his bedroom, you pulled away to catch your breath. “I bet you do this with every girl you hook up with, huh?”
“Just you, sweetheart,” he smirks, responding with zero hesitation, gently laying you lie body on his mattress so he could cherish the sight of you.
A gorgeous, stunning, goddess.
“I bet your pillow’s gonna get bored now, huh?”
Your jaw drops, cheeks turning a slight hue of red from embarrassment. Maybe you shouldn’t have told him about that, now he’d be able to use it against you at any given opportunity. You prop yourself up on your elbows, tilting your head at the partly-naked man before you, “I bet my pillow can make me feel a lot better than you can.”
“You wanna test that theory out?” Jimin challenges, leaning over you to grab one of the many pillows on his bed, leaving it beside you. “Can your pillow make you cry? Can your pillow fuck you as good as I can?” He continues to list out all the things you both done together over the last few months, knowing full well the answer to all his questions were no.
He shifts his position to climb onto the bed, leaning back against the headboard with his legs spread far and wide to show you the tent straining against his sweatpants. “If it can, then show me,” he gestures towards the pillow and your almost at a loss for words.
He was gonna watch you get off, and you felt so belittled liking the idea of it.
You grab ahold of the pillow, fluffing it up a bit for your own comfort. “Fine, but you’re not allowed to touch me and you have to sit on the other side of your room,” you instruct him, pointing to the chair tucked under his desk.
Gosh, you were so bossy, but Jimin would do anything to make a princess happy.
“And you’re not allowed to come,” he warns you, pushing himself off the bed and towards his desk, pulling the chair out to face you before taking a seat, adjusting the boner in his pants before gesturing his chin towards you, encouraging you to make a start. “Go ahead, I’ll tell you when to stop.”
You take his previous position and lean back against the headboard, making yourself comfortable before spreading your legs before him, giving him the perfect view of your soaked panties firmly pressing against you. You took your time, hovering your fingers over the damp material and briskly brushing over your clothed clit, triggering your body to shudder.
Knowing that wasn’t enough for you, you slipped your hand past the band of your panties, the pad of your fingers reaching to rub slow, drawn out circles over your sensitive clit. You didn’t need to do much, the mere sight of Jimin turning you on beyond measures.
Jimin was sat far across from you, his chin slightly raised as he watched you and his hand unknowingly palming the erection trapped between his legs and groaning. It hurt so bad he just pushed his sweatpants halfway down his thighs along with his boxers to free the painful erection. He couldn’t bring himself to take his eyes off you as his fingers simultaneously wrapped around his hardening cock.
“Don’t work yourself up too much, you still have that pillow to attend to,” Jimin’s voice echoed through the room, almost missing your attention. You were getting carried away with your own fingers, you completely forgot about the pillow.
You groan and reach out for the pillow, now sitting up on your knees, and spreading your legs apart to make room for the pillow. The pillow was thick enough for you to have a firm hold on it, and as soon as you sunk down on it, the knock on effect of the material brushing over your heat left you whimpering.
Your reactions had Jimin squeezing on the base of his cock, revelling over how sensitive you were.
He loved it.
All you had to do was imagine the pillow was Jimin and you’d be good to go. It seemed effective once you started rocking your hips back and forth against the pillow, failing to contain your short, but sweet whimpers. Your hips would slow down every now and again, taking long, deep strokes to delay your orgasm as much as possible but it didn’t seem to work.
You looked up at Jimin who’s position was now slouched on the chair, steadily pumping his cock between his fists as he watched you.
“Don’t look at me..” you mumble shyly, shaking your head and looking down at the pillow that had already picked up your arousal, darkening the material slightly.
“Why not?” he chuckles breathlessly, repeatedly swiping his thumb over the head of his cock and smearing any and all the precum down the base. His eyes came to a shut in pure bliss as he picked up the pace of his wrist, his groans becoming low moans. All he could think about were your perfect pouty lips wrapping around his cock and sucking him off just right.
“Take the bra off, lemme’ see your tits.”
You don’t hesitate to oblige, flipping your hair to the side and reaching your hands back to unclasp your bra and let the straps fall seamlessly down your shoulders. Your nipples had hardened within seconds being exposed but you couldn’t bring yourself to care enough, too busy rutting against the pillow.
“I can’t believe you let me go on a blind date,” you seethe, projecting your anger towards him and the pace of your hips, now struggling to keep yourself stable.
“We weren’t exactly together, I couldn’t stop you,” Jimin tries to reason with you, aggravation evident in his tone as he mercilessly fucked his fist. He was close, and from the way your body was jerking, he knew you were close too.
It took the man everything and more to still his hand along his member and stand up from his chair, walking over to you with a sly smirk on his face.
“On your stomach, raise your hips. And tell me, what do you think about when you fuck your pillow?”
You whine and force yourself to pull the pillow from between your legs, leaving it elsewhere as you positioned yourself like he’d asked.
“I think about you..” you whisper, “I think about your tongue— your hands all over me.” You hesitate to say more, but you knew that if you really wanted that orgasm, you had to spill. “I think about milking your cock every night, even before we started fucking,” you cry, pushing yourself back against him. The lack of attention to your weeping cunt was playing up with you, “And I love when you tease me— God, I fucking love it.”
Jimin grins, grabbing ahold of your hips and firmly rutting against you from behind, “Mhm, I’ll give you all that and more,” he smiles contently, positioning the head of his cock at your slick hole, teasing you a little before finally pushing into you and eliciting a low ‘fuck’ from his end.
The air is knocked out of lungs much quicker than you expected, the stretch catching you off guard, even though it wasn’t the first time you’d taken him like this; a clear indication you were yet to get used to his size.
“Been thinking about keeping you all to myself,” he admits, short of breath as he looked down between where your body’s met, “Just had to take my time with you. huh?”
Jimin’s words were going through one ear and out the other. All you could hear was his low grunts and your strained moans. “Oh my God— Jimin,” you force out, your half lidded eyes rolling to the back of your head as your poor cunt took him whole.
“No other man can make you feel as good as I can,” he retorts cockily, digging his nails into your hips once he feels your walls greedily squeeze around him. The action makes the pace of his hips falter, but he’s quick to get back on top of it, “Make sure you fucking remember that.”
You nod diligently. You already knew that his words were the truth and the way he was putting it into practice was taking over your being, almost brainwashing you.
You do him the favour of arching your back a little more, giving Jimin all the more room to hold onto you, but it seemed like he had other plans, using this opportunity to pull out and forcing you turn around to lie on your back. You couldn’t say anything, his arms hooking under your knees to push them up towards your chest before swiftly pushing into you again, thrusting at a pace so ungodly, you were sure you couldn’t handle it.
“Too much, Jimin!” you gasp, turning your head away from him to shield your embarrassing state.
He was quick to notice and grabbed ahold of your cheeks, forcing you to look back at him and he continued to fuck you at his torturous pace, rolling his heels deeper into you, “Look at me when I’m fucking you.”
You couldn’t imagine what you looked like right now, but Jimin could safely say you looked like every man’s wet dream. Your fucked out state had his cock twitching between your soft walls, and you couldn’t help but clench around him, giving him that final push to reach his high.
“I’m close..” you breathe out, shaking your head in a bid to ease yourself of your coming orgasm, but Jimin was adamant on having your full, undivided attention.
“Don’t you dare look away from me,” he says, releasing your knees from its contraption only to have your legs dangle over his shoulders as he brought his thumb down to circle over your clit and using it as leverage to push you towards your orgasm.
And that seemed to do the job. A string of curses fell from your lips as you completely broke down on him, a sheen layer of white making an appearance between your legs which only became more prominent once Jimin slowed down. A visible mix of white had coated his cock as he continued to slowly fuck you in a bid to help you calm down.
Jimin’s jaw fell slack once he decided to pull out of you, leaving a trail of white behind him as he fell to lie beside you,
You both finally established this was more than just a mutual fuck; it was an open-ended gateway for the pair of you to become something more.
Tumblr media
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Reward (JJK X Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary - Loving Jungkook secretly is what you have been doing for years. Your best friend never left your side, and neither did you. You received the e-mail, you two were waiting for. Granted, you don't wanna leave his side, not now, not ever. So, concluding to give this heart-clenching news to Jungkook, you're here standing right outside his glass window, however, what's in front of your eyes isn't what you expected from him, not today at least.
Guess what worst could happen? When he finds you, drooling behind the glass window? Wrong timings, poor you. You were here to surprise him, except the reward he offers you isn't in the way you desired it to be, however, you can't deny it.
Warnings - explicit sexual content, dom!jk, hair pulling, choking, fingering, spanking, breast play, dirty talk, rough sex, without protection, aftercare, praise, clit spank (a lot of spanking actually) (I'm sorry)
Genre - best friends to lovers
Pairing - Jungkook / reader
Rating - 18+ ( MINORS DNI 🔞)
Word count - 10k+
Masterlist || Wattpad || ao3
Tumblr media
You're so heartwarmingly cheery to fill his not only ears with the news but lips with a bright beam that only lightens your day and soul, but the same news shrinks your heart at the same time, why??
Going to University, sure that's what you dreamt of for so long before your heart agreed that the affection you feel for your best friend is not just some care or friendship but - love, but forthwith your dream which you fed with your love, your sweat, your tears, your hard work, and your time is in your hand right now, on your mail.
You certainly want to share it with him, but you aren't sure about it, whether you should or not, surely he'll be the happiest and maybe more than you, and thats what shakes your soul, questioning you.
Are you really prepared for going to the new place where you won't even get a sight of him the way you get right now?
Every day?
The answer is a million times - No!
Are you ready for that? Certainly not!
Will you survive? Not even a heartbeat!
In your heart, you two are together in there living happily ever after with your best friend, who's living next to your apartment, except that there's a wall between your apartments. A bridge of stones between two souls, a dam between two hearts overflowing with love for one another, two friends who are wildly in love with each other yet oblivious.
You two are like one body and two souls, never alone. People know if they saw one of you at parties there's no shadow of a doubt that the second ain't there. Jealous filthy whores, burn on smolder of their burning hearts with envy, on seeing you with the sexiest yet kindest guy at your university, and you ain't less than a fucking bitch, clinging to Jungkook's arms around them made your blood tainted with serene reach to all the ends of your body.
You two, unhesitatingly and tirelessly stood by each other - through every thick and thin, shared every emotion, every little secret which was meant to be buried was ever buried between you two, defending each other not merely in front of douchebags but also, in front of your teachers, and parents too if all else fails.
This is what you treasured since kindergarten, you two had an unbreakable bond. Then why won't anyone be jealous of you two?
But this guy had an issue with you whenever you were in a relationship with someone, Jungkook never let you breathe in peace.
"You've changed",
"you're my best friend first then his girlfriend",
"I have all rights reserved on you, you were, are, and forever will be mine",
But your favorite to date - those words that still pool the heartwarming rush of warmth between your legs "leave him, we both are enough for one another" and whatnot.
Save for the fact, this guy won't let you stay here after knowing what this really means to you, but he doesn't know this about your mind, you left that dream, the day your drunk neighbor - your best friend confessed what your heart's been alarming you.
That - "I love you, since the day you came in my life y/n when we were friends, then you followed me", he took a sip of wine from his cup, " all the way from Busan to Seattle," he chuckles, "with-- your bags in one hand and the keys in another to the apartment next to mine, since then my-- my life--".
This is what he whisperingly confessed in your ear and all the drunkenness you wooed from boozing six cups of wine all that headed to the hills at those three words. Hereafter, your soul screams at those unsatisfactorily unfinished words and now you curse your bestie Yoongi every fucking night for bringing another cup of alcohol that led him to eat those words back again. You don't get it why is Jungkook has been treasuring those words? My life - what my life, you want to know what all he has in his heart. Those three words, I love you - seeped into your soul, have been living there with your love for him, since then.
But the heart-shattering truth - that asshole doesn't remember at all.
That sometimes soothes you but 99.999% time heats your soul, your skin, and your body to the nuclear level.
Jungkook, still waiting for the news of you being accepted to the University with receiving a full-tuition scholarship, was only making him quiz you every fucking day. This was not solely yours but now his dream too as if he wants you out of his sight or mayhaps... mayhaps is waiting for what you have been waiting and it's better to put an end to those questions.
And the reason why you decide to jump from your balcony to his is that's what you two always do. At any time of the day, whether day or night, though you don't intend to interfere in either's privacy you two haven't learned anything than being the irksome element in either's life. Not banging the doors to meet the other, you two jump from your balcony to the other and bang the windows of either room.
Whenever you peep inside through the window, you either find him eating or playing fucktons of games on his mobile. Presently, you were going to hammer the window to make him know who's here, but, today, it's different, you retreive your hand back as your mouth forms an O, and by different, this is not what you expected him to do.
A fever of epiphany laced with ardor cruised through your skin vibrating all your senses to the core as your eyes couldn't believe what they are beholding, they yearned to see for so long.
Jungkook lying on the bed, his eye shut, his breaths rushing at high speed, his teeth grinding, as you absorb the dark shadow of his jaw and the defined curves of his cheeks. Groans vibrate in his chest as moans claws out of his lips, the way you want to consume them inside you.
His bare chest makes you drool every time you eye him to no length, heaving breathlessly, and his hand... His hand is what your eyes are hungrily fixed at.
His - hand - on - his - groin, actively on a job you dream to do for him every day but beyond that, it's for you. "Oh, boy let me do that for you", you murmur under your hitched breath, choking on your spit.
And seeing him like that, only so much makes you imagine yourself getting wall-banged by your best friend. That look on his face is making you touch yourself as the heat between your legs is pooling your heartbeats that are floating, there's always a but and it is at present too, you're probably standing outside of his bedroom you have two choices either bang his door and ride it.
Turn around, and follow the path that leads you here, make your way to your room and do what you have been doing for years since you learned about your feelings for him.
Yes . Go . Back . And . Toss . Yourself . Off. Is what going on in your head!!!
Your hand ached to be where his hand was, touch it, put it in your mouth and suck it --- "JESUS, enough", you hiss, was that loud? Retrieving your hand which was between your thighs a second ago "I need to learn, whatever this is, it's from my side, probably he doesn't see me more than his friend."
You're not around him, but you can feel his proximity like an electric hum. Just seeing him masturbating, flares a firestorm inside you heating your reproductive organs, making them hungry for him touch, for his mouth.
Oh, that mouth, you saw gasping minutes ago, the same mouth that laughs with you, kisses you sometimes but makes you want to kiss them every time you're with him, his head dropped back and those unholy lips roar your name like no other person ever could, laced with honey syrup, but not right now, presently, not lacing your name with honey but the darkness in his voice, hearing your name from those lips sends a shiver through you. The potency of your name on his lips, his heavy breaths, and his moans rile you up, sending waves of heat down to your core. You feel the dampness between your legs.
Jungkook jacking off his meat, eyes shut, and his lips summoning your name in a countless filthily unholy way. . . decimating the pictures of his innocence from your mind and voices of him calling you awfully sweetly.
But what you just saw cools down the fire to zero and can't be misunderstood because that was the last thing you wanted to happen amongst every other stuff.
"Oh, fuck, did he just see me", taking a step back, you murmur, because face this, your JESUS, enough actually slipped through this glass window across the room to his ears. You wonder why didn't he react, waiting for an honest answer to that question, looking back at him you find him zipping up with one hand, and picking up his phone with another.
Your phone rings in your hand, and you glance at it, dread seeping through your wide alarmed eyes. You look at him, then your eyes fall back on your ringing phone and back at him again.
He's eyeing you, does this call means he knows I saw him jerking off? Holy shit. That heart-stopping grin on his face, tells you nothing more than a yes in return for what you asked.
You meet your eyes on the glass, reflecting the enormous expression of shock in them. The only glass creating a distance between you two, the only thing that kept him from your filthy drooling mouth minutes ago or might change those words to - the only glass that let you watch him like that.
You blink your eyes twice looking directly into his seductively dark eyes through a glass window, that unfamiliar darkness in those brown eyes, his furrowed brows, is alien to you, as you're friendly enough with his puppy eyes. The ringing phone in your hand channels you back. He's still watching your every moment biting his pierced lips, and motioning you over with his fore and middle fingers. God, I want them deep inside me. Shut the fuck up.
You open the door and force your shivering feet into his room, "hey", strengthening your usual way of meeting him like you both usually do, with a bang on his door, letting him know about the storm you are, is at his place to suck away his peace for the rest of the day. But you hate the quiver in your voice.
Today you're every other synonym of dumb, every other name for vulnerable, and every coy term for being terrified as you notice your shaky voice, yet you kept walking towards him, your damp thighs rubbing together transporting you right behind the glass window and your lustful eyes are to be blamed for what is going to happen next, you do want this but never like this, you didn't wish - for this - like this, never.
His eyes track your path to him watching your exposed thighs as you're wearing nothing but his shirt which you took without his permission, last week to be precise, "Ugh, I -- I--", you wave your hand holding the phone, unintentionally showing off the mail, displayed on your phone's screen, gripping it hard to dear life, this is the only moment to let him know why you were here in the first place, "this uh Jungkookie I got--".
"Call me, Jungkook", his voice is rough, as he stands in front of you, holding your unblinking gaze, but that seductiveness you saw earlier is picking up the pace.
Oh shit, is he angry. You don't want this. Speak up you bitch, spill spill spill, god dammit. Sweat trickles down your spine, and you can feel it running down the lane.
Is this his heat-raising gooseflesh on my skin, or his eyes that are poking holes into my soul, or his deep throaty voice to call him Jungkook? But why, he's your friend, it's up to you whatever you please to, you can.
"Jungkook, I can explain, I'm sorry I didn't mean to--"
He saw your phone and probably understood the reason why you were here in the first place, raising his hand between you both motioning you to place your phone in his hand.
I won't, moreover, I don't have to do this, he's probably going nuts, let him be. I'll do what pleases me.
You rather like this Jungkook, pissing him off is now your favorite thing to do every day. You cross your arms around your chest keeping your phone from his sight, you certainly dropped your brain at his doorstep before entering.
"I won't repeat." His voice is above par right now, "Your phone. Right now. On my hands."
"But you'll have to listen to me first Kook, don't assume fucking shit when you actually dont know the real--"
He motions himself closer to you, just an inch away, he leans his face close to your ears, "I said call me Jungkook, and assume? Really Y/N, you wanna know about my assumptions about what I saw, or let's talk about your sight?"
Closing the distance between you two, he moves closer to you, leans and his breathy words melt away all valor from your body turning it into sweat dripping from your forehead, gliding down to your cheeks. He rubs it away with a demonic grin on his pierced lips, "don't get nervous, and don't make me make you go all wet, from head to all the way down your spine, to your pretty toes, princess", he looks deep into your eyes, then his gaze falls on your lips, he grazes your lower lips with his thumb, "now, give your phone."
Without wasting another second you do what he expects. You hold your breath and avert your eyes, "I got selected Jungkookie I--", your voice shivers and you press your eyes shut, just to open them, "I mean Jungkook--"
"I know, and when did you get this?", lifting his eyes from your phone in his hand to your face, his face glowing in the heat of lust you haven't seen earlier - bedroom eyes, drowning in hunger and sin. This is the look I saw when he was in the throes of orgasms -- jerking off, luscious and wild.
"Can't recall", you try to calm your voice, "probably an hour or a few maybe", noticing a wicked glint liting his eyes makes your blood heat and your cheeks daubed in the pink flush and warmth oozing through his body.
Closing the distance between you two, he slowly ominously directed his footsteps towards you. Setting one foot before the other on the move. You abstractedly backpedal, whilst he didn't break the pace, he pursued you.
Touching the ground of your friendship, chasing you - whenever you get angry or trying to invest more of your time in your stupid exes. Since day one, he never let you stay off.
He possesses the power over you, habitually, the language of his eyes is only known to your eyes, he doesn't need to drop the words out of his luscious lips, your eyes are better at unriddling those unavowed words. The main cause of jealousy growing roots and venomous flowers into the sour heart of all the girls out there who are crushing on your best friend, your love, is seeing - the intimacy between your eyes, between you and Jungkook.
You kept backtracking, and he never ceased to advance, his features stern and somber, a heart-halting grin on his pierced lips and his tendons hiding his dark eyes hindering your sight, to eye those sinful gazes.
You swear to god, you saw an emotion you have never seen in his pristine and flawless features, ardor in his lustful gaze.
Bang, your back hit the door to the cage you break into, you gasp, and your hands obliviously uprise in defense. He seizes them and pins them right atop your head.
In an eyeblink, he spins you away. You wiggle with your back to him and your sweaty palms with the heat between you two are flat on the wooden door, "Jungkookie--", you only manage to utter his name before he shushes you.
You feel his chest vibrating against your back breathing roughly heatedly, his lips meet your right ear as a shiver runs down to the south. He blows out a breath lashing at your neck. When he speaks in his deep husky voice, "I said call me Jungkook. You lost dominance of calling me Jungkookie from", his free hand travels from the south of your body to the north - your lips, by tracing them with his thumb, "these precious little lips", you feel his rich baritone vibrating in his chest sipping out and ingress into yours through the seam tangling your body with his.
"I. . . I'm sorry Jungkook, listen to me on--"
He hushes you again, as he leans his face deep, "it's not the correct time to call me Jungkook, either", he commands in his gruffly sexy voice making you lock your legs to keep them from wobbling, "call me what pleases me."
"I. . . don't know, your girlfriend might be familiar with what pleases you, call her to fill yourself with all your needs, Jungkook."
His free hand swims back to your thighs gathering the hem of his plaid shirt around your thighs in his fist, heaving it up just above the waistband of your black thongs, bunching around your waist. "I know, but what if I'm bored with her, her presence, what if I want," he grabs your ass and pinches it, "this, right now", he rubs his lips against your ears, "what if I want every word from your lips."
His hands travel back between your plump thighs caressing your cotton-like skin, his gentle nuzzles are barely a caress, unleashing the beast you locked in you.
Drawing circles between your now damp thighs. Each seam of contact between your skin is nothing more than a hot melting wax on your skin, with just a mere touch it just not burns but bruises, a bruise you want to savor every second of your day, you want to earn from only him.
An unendurable yet satiating pressure pinching inside you, simmering, tingling, intimidating to burst. As you clench your thighs together, wriggling with urgency,"Kook, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt y--"
"You should have thought this before covering this body with my shirt", he leans, as he whispers, "before watching me jerking off", he presses his body against your back, meaning to remind you of your deeds, "stop calling me that, I warn you for the last time", he grabs your ass, "I'm throwing off two options in front of you", he presses his body hard this time, harder for you to ignore, "either daddy or sir, whichever works for you." Words puff out of his mouth laced with a warmish breath that ruffles your hair brushing against your skin.
Your eyes widen at the mere word daddy because you love to call him daddy when you touch yourself. The word sends waves of heat across your ass.
His fingers curl around your waist, touching your skin like it's sacred for him to touch, hooking into the waistband of your thongs but this time you give him what you craved for so long as you yank your butt tight against his thick erection. Your body instantly reacts to his body even though his starched pants failed to separate you two. Heating, pulsing, thumping desperately waiting to explode. You arch your spine, pressing your hips against his cock.
His left hand on your wrist atop your head snakes down your arms, unhurriedly, rising chill bumps to wherever he touches as he grabs your hips. Your flat palm on the door, warm and sweaty, you tightly close your fist, fingernails biting into your palms. You yank open, as your fingernails burry into the wooden door making a shrieking sound.
His mouth goes back to your ear, tracing it with his tongue, sailing down to your neck, teasing and kissing sensitive skin, rousing you with the rush of his heated breath, "told you millions of times before, this is probably the last, feed this in your head - there's nothing between me and Hana."
Tilting your head for him to earn his kisses on every inch of your neck, "your room smells like her", your eyes shut, as you murmur, unable to conceal the ache in your voice, "Probably she'd be on her way."
"She's getting engaged to Minjun next month, don't bring her name right now," he continues kissing and licking your sensitive skin below your lobe, his groans filling his room.
"So what did you decide," he whispers and the next thing makes you moan as he bites your lobe.
"Kook... Fuck." You breathe heavily as he presses a kiss on the blade of your shoulder, "did you... Did you just say something?"
"Daddy or sir?" His warm breaths tingle your skin.
"Da-- daddy"
"Good girl", his commanding voice vibrates the air around you two.
"Koo--, Dadd--", you submissively shut your eyes biting your lips, he hums resting his chin on your shoulder, briefing you to continue, "Daddy, I-- I'm nervous", you whisper.
"Oh," he bites onto your shoulder blade, "you should be, princess", he kisses you.
Standing right behind you, body-to-body, his chest to your back, his hard dick pressing against your ass and you wish nothing more but to feel - skin-to-skin for his shirt is the only barrier separating you two. He unbuttons his shirt on your skin, motioning from south to north, from the last button around your waist, then the second last, in an unrushed motion. "Y/N", he whispers into your ear.
And you hum, eyes still shut, you don't want this to fade away it looks like nothing but a dream to you.
"Do you wanna know what am gonna do with you", barely the first three buttons left for him to unbutton.
"Ye-- Yes", you choke on your breath.
He halts his motion of unfastening the buttons, sliding his veiny tattoed hand inside your shirt with a thought to unhook your bra, but your bare breast makes him flinch, very unexpectedly.
"I'm gonna tear your pussy in half," his voice raging with heat, lust, and sin.
You groan, trying to hide it you hold your breaths.
"Breathe, princess. Breathe", he whispers into your ear and you do as he says, you take a deep audible breath that makes him rub his dick against your ass.
The next thing is unexplainable, you didn't expect him to do this... Just minutes ago you felt he was doing nothing but playing with you, his usual touching, kissing you on every exposed part that's in front of him, but this... His huge veiny tattoed hand sank into your thongs, Jesus Christ his cold fingers... Fuck his cold fingers slide over your warm clit pressing into your folds, "yesss", you moan shutting your eyes. Your fingers curl harder, messing up for you to stand on your toes.
Coating his cold fingers with your warm wetness as he pulls out his hand, "fucking wet, because of me jerking off?", moving it beneath your shirt, he grabs your soft nipples, between his fore and mid-finger concealing your bud with the wetness he just daubed his fingers into, "Jungkook, fuckkk."
His other hand grabs your throat, yanking your head back to his shoulder, "say daddy". All the while his mouth continues nipping your skin, biting below your lobe, and licking the bruises to calm the delicately sensitive spot beneath your ear.
"Daddy", an unholy grin on your lips, as if calling him daddy satiates you above par.
He's jarring his unseen dark side to your senses, briefing you with all the dark concealed secrets of him, stored in a box and locked, kept deep inside his soul.
"Do you wanna know why?"
He presses his hard groin against your ass, "say, yes daddy," he hisses.
"Ye-- Yes, Daddy", you mirror his words submissively, very unlawful of you.
"You did a great job princess, got selected, and made me proud, so you need to be rewarded and your desires to be satiated. So this is your reward, princess. A reward, I was hungrily waiting to leave on your body, mark on your skin, bury inside your soul and bruise your skin for you to relive every time you feel them on your skin."
"But Jungkook, I don't want to leave this place, leave you here", you are awfully sad about the fact that you won't get a sight of him, after leaving this place, but right now the unworldly lust, thirst, and hunger for him has taken you over from all the other-worldly reasons of you not being with him, only making you focus what you're getting right at this moment.
He hushes you, "be with me right here, right now, I'm not leaving you anytime soon, Princess." He kisses your shoulder, his words akin to your heart, and this time you not only feel the care in his words but a promise, an unbreakable promise.
He flattens your spine against him, his hand leaving your swollen nipple and sinking his hand under your thong slowly teasing you, working his veiny hands and expert fingers on your pretty little swollen pussy, you soak up your damn thongs, as he plays with your slit and teases your opening.
"soaking up your panties, princess", he groans against your hair.
The palm on your throat now feels warm on your skin, keeping your head tucked against his shoulder.
Playing with your dousing clit, you squirm abstractedly as you're bumbling to stand on your toes, his body and the door are the foremost help for your body. Noticing your struggle, he makes it arduous for you to lean onto him as he pushes two stiff yet cold fingers inside you.
Jesus, Your heart halts, vision blurs, knees gave out, and your lungs - cave in.
You have never felt more alive. You wonder if this is a really real heaven.
He's invading you, assaulting you, crashing into you with his heat, stroking you with his touch, his digits sinking through flesh and his thirst consuming your whole being.
The next what he does makes your senses active as he shoves your thongs to your thighs as soon as the cool air around you two hits your warm pussy drenched with all the wetness, he fingers you making you whimper, flooding his pink neon-lit room with your moans and heavy breaths. You ache to look into his beautiful eyes, and you see nothing but the wooden door in front of your lewd eyes, "Jungkook, please", you moan for release this time.
But your please halts his every motion, his breath as you feel his heavy chest paused at your mere please as if waiting to release it, and you know, you know if weakness had another name it would be, please for him at least. Not just right now, but whenever you want something from this guy you just need to utter please as whisperingly as you can.
Then he uncovers your barely covered body heeding to your please, shivers, quivers, shakes, trembles, flutters, you felt everything every fucking thing you ever read in books that made you feel all of the same, right now, Jungkook your best friend gave you every shiver, every quiver, every shock, every flutter by just uncovering your body, a yes sounded more like a moan, escapes through your lips giving him all the thumbs up he wanted right now from you.
He sank his hand back between your legs, teasing you, provoking you for you don't know what. Collecting every drop around his fingers as if he isn't in the mood to waste a dripping drop.
Quivering and naked, in front of your best friend - Jungkook!!! You always had your kind side, helpful heart, and been a friend you never have been to someone else - for him, you never reckoned this, but to be honest, you sure yearned for his touch however, this will come so soon to you is in itself a huge shock.
Throbbing heart or pussy or call it your heart is in your pussy right now, thumping dangerously. You grip the doorknob, staring out of the glass window, allowing the street light to pass through it as the light fills up and mixes with pink neon in his room beside the door. The room in neon sounds wild and looks romantic.
"Fuck, Is this real?" You moan, rocking your hips, riding the thurst of his now warm fingers inside you.
"Looks like a dream to me," he presses his body to let you know everything between you two is for real, "don't wanna wake up from this beautiful dream", he whispers into your ear, "do you?"
"Never, but the most beautiful thing is, this isn't a dream kook," you press hard on the doorknob mirroring his motions inside your pussy. His breaths are heady and savory and spicy to your skin as they burn your skin wherever they touch.
He surrounds you. Arms, hands, lips, and his masculine need, his every touch channels your every sense warning you about him everywhere all at once. Your body reacting to him as though you're made for his touch, for him, for Jungkook, your childhood best friend.
Everything he is doing, every kiss, every caress, is a long exhausting ride in the game of torturing, teasing, and seduction. Meanwhilst, you're craving for him to throw you onto his bed that smells of her, you between his fluffy bed and his warm body, and fuck you in every fucking position right away.
You try to hurry him along, but he ain't allowing it. He pins your hands when you touch his hard dick. Instantly smacking your ass as you ground against him. You want to kiss his lips which are right beside your ears, but he isn't going to give them to you, yet. Man won't let you turn around.
Making you filthy little whore for him, desperate to surrender to his will. So standing still, with holding onto the doorknob with dear life, your feet spread apart, and spine arching back at his pull, licking you, kissing you and torturing every inch square of your naked body.
Dropping your head back on his chest, the support of his arms around your body. He cups and knead your breasts and your breath turns heavier with his every kneading, you always wanted him to touch you perhaps this is awfully better than your visions. He pinches your nipples, outlines your breastbone, and strokes the curve of your neck, "they fit perfectly in mine", his hands fuck yes they are! He says seductively into your skin as you feel his words sinking into your skin.
His steely jaw bruises your temples, while he's resting his fingers on your throat and outlining your lips with his thumb. Your head lay back on him, neck stretching back and exposing the valley between your delicate breast as your mouth opens adjusting heavy breaths.
Whatever he is doing, you're basking at this moment, and whatever he wants to do to you you're happily inviting him. He's gliding his feather-light fingers across your cheeks, into your hairline, and around your throat, and back into your hairline he pauses "tell me how much you want this".
"As much as you,"
He yanks you back with his tight grip on your head, "what did you just say?"
"As much as you," you grin knowing what he wants to listen to however, pisssing him off is your game right now.
"You want daddy to play this game hard on you, no?"
"Da-- daddy", you choke on your spit this time, "as much as you want, Daddy", tears escaping from the corner of your eyes.
"Love these tears on your pretty face," he kisses the corner of your eyes, drinking away your tears.
The collar of his hand around your neck, bruising your skin, the only mark of him declaring that you're his. They ain't hurt you but soothe your skin, sliding over your mouth and cheeks again, and suddenly he yanks you back, as you're now backpedaling, he throws you onto his bed, holy shit as his look at his face expression dark with passion.
Climbing onto the bed, his eyes never leave yours. His tongue pokes inside his cheeks. Thirst dripping through his dark brown eyes and you wonder were they really this dark earlier. The bed dips with his weight on it.
Does sensuality, lewdness, lust, and love shifts the color, or is it just you mayhaps you never looked deeper into his eyes earlier, however, you doubt yourself because even in dreams you know every curve, every outline of not only his eyes but his face and now his body and his every other part.
He straddles your thighs. His erection, oh good lord, his erection right between your thighs, you feel like it's poking a hole through his gray sweatpants, that are soaked up with his precum.
You grin, mouth dries up as if that's what you want to quench your thirst.
He mirrors your eyes, as he looks at his soaked pant, leaning closer to your face he grabs your jaw, "what's so funny about it?"
You're still grinning, "you're all soaked up... I'm thinking about your punishment", you arch an eyebrow, "What could it be? What about girlfriend finds out her boyfriend filling his best frie--"
His grip tightens on your jaw, cocking head, leans to your face, and bites your bottom lip, "shut your fucking mouth, don't make me force my cock into your filthy mouth, is that understood?"
You nod.
He doesn't free his leaking cock nor look at it, his eyes voyage from your exposed wet swollen pussy to your eyes then travels back to your bullet-like nipples and back to your lips. He's currently eye fucking you, and you doubt if he is the same Jungkook who was horny like minutes ago. A shiver runs across your exposed body as the air around you suddenly feels icier than before, and his gaze is desirably hot.
His lips separate with the force of his heavy breaths, eyes drifting over you like a vast ocean, heavy and deep, sinking you in lewdness.
"You can't imagine, how many times I've imagined this past few years, you on my bed naked and beautiful, every time I saw you in that yellow dress of yours, I only controlled myself from not ripping it off and grabbing these precious breasts right away," your hands clench hard by just envisioning what he disclosed on the sheets below your body, he leans forward his hand travels from your waist to your breast pinching your nipples a little hard this time, "I wondered what they would feel like, taste like, how would they look with all the hickeys I wanna give, how pretty they'll look all red and bruised up, or how will they look between my teeth", he leans down taking your right nipple between his lips sucking it for few seconds before biting it to the point, to leave a mark, his mark on your nipple.
"Daddyy", your eyes tear up, arousal between your legs torturing you.
He looks right into your eyes, grinning "I love those tears, on your face, for me, get used to it Princess", his chin just above your breast, he continues, "I was envious of your exes, they touched you when I should have", he places a feather-light kiss on your nipple, unknowingly you moan as your thighs clench beneath him he notices but doesn't flinch a bit. "You're mine, princess."
"I've imagined you, too daddy." You finally blurt out, expecting a reaction from him but he gave none. Lifting your hand to reach for his hard length straining his gray pants.
He catches your wrist and lunges forward, his breath hits your skin, his chest hovering on yours and his voice hoarse, "if you touch me, it's all over. I'm barely hanging on." You chuckle, looking at him switching from daddy to your kook within a heartbeat.
His shaky breaths, but cold hand, traces the outer edge of your breast. His other hand traps in your hair as he leans, his eyes on your lips and yours on his, then he tastes your lips.
Gliding his tongue inside your mouth, voyaging every corner of your mouth and you let him, mirroring the motions of his filthy tongue, but you get nothing, but the flavor of his tongue is familiar, you recall while kissing him as he hunts down your tongue catching it and tangling it with his. You follow him, hands on his head, moaning into his mouth licking your taste from his.
The bed frame creeks as he kisses you deeper this time, pulling you closer, seeking you with his fingers, tongue, teeth, and breaths like you are nothing more than his oxygen, silently demanding you take everything he's giving you like you two have been waiting.
"Dang, you actually know how to kiss", you say breathlessly between your kiss, as he pulls back, "now I'm envious of your exes, who tasted you as I should have already."
He chuckles, and just the sound of his chuckle vibrates your body, lighting your body with the rush of love hidden behind your heart all these years.
He leans back grabs your tits and places another kiss, a soft kiss on your lips.
"You taste like strawberries, daddy" your words invite an evil-like grin on his lips.
"Now I taste like you", his words swarm your stomach with thousands of bees.
He places kisses right below your ear, taking a lungful of your cologne, then on your neck deeply breathing in your scent on your skin, your moans fill up his room, and your hands gently roam on his back to his shoulder, achingly wanting to feel his bare back and the other on his head pressing him into your skin. And suddenly, his kisses turn into licking and then biting on your soft skin, unconsciously you dig your nails into his covered shoulder, and your other hand pulls his hair, "daddy, fuckkk, Jungkook", you whine, at the awfully rousing pain, he just gave you. Your arousal drips out of your cunt, warm.
"I need you, Daddy." Tears flood your eyes, as the words tumble out of your quivering lips breathy and unbidden.
"you have me, princess" he softly says into your skin as you feel his warm breath hitting your neck.
He lowers his head and bites your nipple, you yelp, devoured with pain, shaking against unseeable manacles and heading nowhere.
He chuckles and bites again, pulling on the bud with his unholy teeth until it stretches out of shape.
When he moves to the next one, you hold your breath and shake your head clueing him up to not repeat his demonic act. A grin conceals his kindness, as his lips graze your nipple, torturing and his eyes find your eyes with so much need floating in his dark brown eyes.
"Breathe, princess."
The minute you do as he says, he sinks his teeth. You shriek in ache and agony as you buck your hips. You feel his teeth tearing into your sensitive skin, sucking on it harder and boiling your already heated body to the nuclear level.
"Daddy, sto--, stopp Jungkookie. Fuck", your voice shrieker and breathes heavier than before.
Rolling his tongue, he licks the ungodly, unearthly, unholy burn, his voice rasps, "you really want me to stop, Princess."
You shake your head, because you know this, you wanted this for so long and can't deny the fact only from him.
Tears flood your eyes, body achingly shivers. He leans closer to your face and bares his teeth, "say it, and I'll stop."
You suck on your bottom lip and look down on his covered chest, wishing nothing but to tug his t-shirt out of his body.
God forbid, it feels like he sliced your nipples off, but they're right whole on their position, huge, motherfucking hard and rose red. With no drop of blood, he knows what he's doing.
"Where's my little bratty princess from just minutes ago?"
"You bit my poor boobs!" you whine still in incurable pain.
"You just increased your punishment," his thumb rubs on your cheeks softly, "so, take that upon yourself, if I decide on going hard on you, is that understood?"
Jungkook slides off your thighs, to lie beside you, facing you, and kisses you passionately. The heat between your thighs, makes you squirm and the pain in your bruised nipples transports you back to his sinful deed.
The hand on your hair clenches tighter, and his lips stay with yours, each bite of his teeth and roll of his tongue drops an electric shiver to your tongue traveling down to your heated core, making your hands run between your thighs, as you start circling your clit drenched with cum before you go any further he grabs your wrist harder this time and you know it's going to bruise black and blue.
He yanks your hand, with his placing between your swollen lips, you moan into his mouth, and your moan vibrates in his chest. Your fingers grasping at his shoulder.
The station of his thumb stuns you, and your clit throbs against the fiendish pressure he rubs against it. He sinks one, then two fingers inside you, and you squirm against his hand, "Jesus, Jungkook", he loves to remind you, what you need to call him, as he does by pulling out his forefinger, and pinching your clit between his thumb and forefinger, the second finger still inside your warmness.
"Fucking say my name again, say", his finger moving in and out.
"Daddy," you whisper but sounds like a whimper, your skin hot, sensitive, and bare beneath his sinister-like gaze.
"Good lord, you're so wet," he kisses your jawline, slowly placing butterfly kisses on your neck licking your skin softly to your breast as his lips graze above your nipples you jolt with shock noticing you shake, his heart-stopping grin laces his face beautifully, his fingers never rolling out your pussy.
Your hands slip down to reach for his tee. Daring to uncover him, and he didn't fight you this time. His fingers tickles, dancing over your skin, inching every corner of your skin. He leans closer to your lips sucking at your bottom lip, his breaths into your mouth, and you want him now, you want him more than you'd ever wanted anything in your life, more than every intake of oxygen.
He break away and you moan.
"Please, no daddy," your breath hitched, tears escaping your eyes and disappearing between your hairline, "please don't stop."
You fumble at the hem of his tee, clingingly desperate and wild to see him, but he calms your rushing fingers, taking your hand in his, he places a gentle kiss on your knuckles and guide your hand away. Your stomach turned upside down until you realize his grin.
He hushes you, "I'm going to make you mine."
"Make me yours", slipping your hands down to his erection, trying to stab a hole through his pants, "I want to see... You."
"Soon, princess", he says, kissing his way down to your belly, plucking away from your clingy grip, his fingers dancing around your skin.
Sucking your breath like the last drop of water as his fingers snake around your belly, unhurriedly slipping down your thighs, wittingly snubbing your swollen pussy, his mouth atop your wet pussy wilfully hitting his warm breaths on your hot skin, and your stomach twists with his wet kisses on your left thigh.
He leans closer to your pussy, watching the closeness of his mouth around your vagina your hands move into his hairline grabbing them, "I can smell you, princess. So wet." You moan, when his words slip out of his lips.
"Only for you, Daddy."
Your thighs are hot and clammy. You shake when his finger outlines the slit of your pussy, raising cold shivers across your body. Teasing your sweet pussy with nothing but his breaths, pressing his palms against your thighs, caressing and coaxing you wide for him to inhaling deep lungfuls of your wet.
"Swollen and all wet for me," he spreads you with his fingers. His hands caressing your skin, and yours nuzzling his hair.
Your tender pussy glistens with the pink neon lights and appears in all shades of pink.
Teasing you, like no one, running his thumb around your heated vagina, so gently, touching everywhere but your clit and your ragged breaths feeding him, boosting his lust.
"Daddy, please..." Your whisper.
"I always imagined your pussy, thought it was pretty but this in front of me is beautiful, princess."
"Jungko--... Daddy touch me."
He runs his tongue along your wetness giving your clit the faintest stroke. You shiver, and shock conceals your expression as your hands reach down and hold him to yourself.
And now he won't stop, he kisses you, sucking your wet dripping out as he's moving his tongue up and down, from side to side, in every direction every inch square of your swollen pink clit giving you jolts of currents that climbs your spine, and you arch. His tongue gives wet strokes until you're moving with him.
Jungkook's wet his finger and pushed one inside, but your tight pussy, clenches. You catch your breath. "Relax, princess", he whispers to soothe you. He looks up at you, your eyes are shut.
"Princess, look at me", you slowly open your eyes and met his breathtaking dark brown eyes. And you wish nothing but him to be yours.
"Just relax", he soothes you again, "enjoy this."
He works his fingers so slowly, teasing another inside, but you're so tight he couldn't push it in. He uses his mouth, tickling and sucking in a smooth rhythm until all the tension leaves you.
You begin to grind at his face, however, he continues at the same pace, keeping his moments steady enough for you to enjoy and for him to feel you taste your sweetest offering and the feel of your tender skin.
You crest without dramatics, your whispers, your gasps of breaths, your tensing muscles, and you could feel the tightness in your belly.
You twitch and arch your back, your feet curling and pressing against his back. He pauses and moves away.
Jungkook's hands are on his waistband, sliding his gray pants shaded with pre cum down his thighs.
Your eyes grow wide drowning in thirst to taste him, as you feel his huge cock against your skin. This is gonna be a painful ride.
"Are you on birth control?" He questions.
"No, why would I be?"
"But now you'll have to, princess."
"Yes, daddy," you teasingly innocently blink your eyes.
"Put your hands above your head, eyes on me."
You nod.
"Good girl",
You're nothing but a desperate little cunt for your best friend, wriggling, moaning, wobbling, squirming and aching for him.
A wild mess of hormones with pussy aching for his dick.
And it is heaven.
A demonic heaven, just yours and his.
You're his angel and he's your devil.
"Spread your legs. Daddy needs to fuck that pretty little cunt of yours, spread them," he slaps your thighs, opening your thighs wide for him you're bare to him, beautiful pussy glistening in wetness, you look into his eyes they sure are drowning in lust but there something more in those eyes.
"My submissive little princess, daddy needs to spank your drenching pussy with his hard dick, you have been nothing but an impious wilful brat",
You nod, his words make your eyes flood with tears.
"Take it like my princess."
Jungkook spanks your pussy with his hard dick, one two three and you lose count, as you can't recall the spanks you just received, shivers running across your skin, and breaths are just ragged with thirst.
His touches, his skin rubbing against your skin isn't new, feeling him deeper inside you is unusual.
And when your eyes are shut, he imperiously forces his cock inside your tight pussy. Your eyes are now wide open, "Fuck, daddy I can't take this", you shut your eyes at the pain, "kook,"
Jungkook takes his dick out, "eyes on me princess", he whispers, "calm down, relax princess. We can stop if you want me to, I can't see you like this." Without another word, he starts pulling out ever so slightly.
You look into his deep dark eyes, "No, I want you, I'm ready", you hold his wrist, stopping him before he pull out, you have hungrily waited for this.
"Are you sure? We have a lot of time for this I just need you to enjoy this moment, you get me?"
"Yes one hundred percent," you say with a nod.
He slowly, pushes his thick hard cock inside your hole, your dripping pussy clench around him, and you know your orgasm is near.
"Fuck, y/n relax, don't cum until I say, understood?"
You nod.
He pushes it at a slow pace, slowly in and slowly out. Reading your expression that is calmer than before. He increases his thrusts.
Jungkook presses himself against you, you feel him rub himself back and forth inside you teasing and pushing. It hurt for a moment, and you feel yourself open up. He leans to your neck, and his breath is quick and warm, "That's it, princess. You're taking it well."
You grab his shoulder, nails sinking into his skin.
He moves his hips and pushes against you again, and it hurt again, but then he stops.
You clench and wriggle around him, "Don't stop, Jungkook."
Tears won't stop escaping your eyes, "let me wipe away those precious tears off, for you to look into my eyes", he wipes away your tears and kisses your cheeks, "my princess."
Your pussy squeezes around him, with his words, "you are taking it so well, y/n", he groans, "I'm not finishing until you're red and puffy with pussy dripping out my cum."
You clench around him at the thought of his cum inside your pussy.
"You like the idea of your pussy filled up with my cum?" he murmurs with his breathy raspy voice.
His hips circle, small motions in and out, so gently, opening you up just to push deeper, and he stops again when you flinch.
"Fuck, Jungkook don't stop please, don't", you beg in your raspy voice.
You reach for him, pulling him close, letting him know how much you want him inside you.
"Take me," you breathe.
He kisses you on the lips and pushes. He pushes harder, and it hurts. He thrust again and again, deeper inside to feel you, it hurt but you want it so much, you don't want him to stop not now not ever, "YESSS".
"My princess..." you both are on the edge he can feel you clenching around him. You feel the warmth of his body against your bare skin, you are full of him, you feel him everywhere inside you.
You feel everything, clenching around him as he kisses your forehead. And it felt like heaven, your dream come true, Jungkook - on top of you was all you imagined every single night.
"Fuck," he hisses. "You feel so fucking amazing." He moves his hips and it feels whole inside, your heart filled with love, eyes flooded with his frame, your pussy with his hard dick, hard enough that you hold your breath, but you're so wet, you could hear it. You hear the noises as he slides in and out of your pussy.
You tightly wrap your legs around him and make yourself move, your sore body feeling incredibly weird and really intense but you're on cloud nine, euphoric.
Jungkook kisses your forehead sinking into you as you groan. You look up at him, his dark eyes burning with seductiveness. You gasp as he thrust in harder, but now you don't feel pain, his thick cock is adjusting inside your tight pussy, making your pussy his home, not painful enough like it had been, just him and you, heavy breaths and cock deeper inside you.
A beautifully slow rhythm that is making a home in your heart. He moves and you move with him. You feel him, feel him everywhere, and his everything - his breaths, his kisses, his heartbeats, his skin against yours, and his cock deeper in you.
You feel his breath on your lips, his eyes on yours, and the tension in his legs as he's pushing in and out of you. You feel so close to him, closer than you ever felt not even when you shared secrets that were meant to be buried inside your heart.
He kisses you like you're the only person, like his girlfriend, his lover, a real lover, like he wants you more than anyone else in this universe.
He tilts his hips and that's it. You suck in your breath and feel a flutter inside, and it aches a good pain until it didn't hurt at all.
He grunts and pushes hard, and the rhythm is faster than before. You hear his skin, slapping against yours, a delicious sound, and you can't stop squirming.
"I'm going to cum, princess", he whispers into your ears.
You nod, nod into his neck, pouring a wet kiss on his neck, letting him know that you're ready, his body shudders and jolts, slapping against yours. He hisses out his breath, shoving all the way in and you feel his heartbeat against your chest, and it's mirroring yours, faster.
One push and,
He shoots his come inside you.
You feel him, his warmth, his excitement. You feel the way he needs you, the way he loses control, the way he wants you, and everything between you two.
His breaths are heavy and his skin is hot and sweaty and the weight of his body pins you to bed. He is still inside you, feeling him makes you feel complete.
You are throbbing around him, and he too. You cum with him still inside you. The idea of him cum mixed with yours inside you, tingles you.
He kisses your lips and cheeks and your eyes - heavy with sleep.
He kisses all of you.
He slowly pulls out, carefully, covered with your cum mixed with his, dripping down his dick.
His hot cum starts to drip down your thighs mixed with yours and you're at the peak of vulnerability.
He picks up some wipes beside his bed, carefully wiping you off. You hold his wrist, "it's embarrassing kook, I can do this."
He hushes you, and he inches his body closer to you, tucking you and himself under the covers.
He keeps an arm around your belly as he lay beside you, kissing your shoulders and pulling you closer to him.
"I love you, with everything I am, Y/N", he hugs you and drifts into sleep.
"Kook we need to talk", exhaustion weighs heavily on your eyes.
"Not until tomorrow, right now you need to sleep, y/n,"
"No buts and ifs, you want daddy to spank you, mhmm", he whispers, a grin plastered on his lips.
"Yes", you mirror his expression.
"I really can, but looking at you seems you're breathing sleep. Sleep, princess."
"Mhmm", you nod.
He tugs you under the blanket.
Tumblr media
Waking up at the midnight, with his cold fingers on your bare skin, you look at the side of his bed only to find what time of the night you're suddenly awake. It's 3:30 in the morning, taking a deep breath that shakes your body a little, you try to go back into a deep sleep until you feel his thumb and forefinger drawing your attention to the motion on your abused nipple, pinching it between his tattoed fingers, turning your soft buds to sharp and hard bullets.
You both had an exhausting yet unquenchable night in the history of your life. Body - worn out, pussy - swollen, cock - squishy and limp. To satiate your hearts and soul, maybe this life isn't enough for you two your hunger, probably the next life and even the next of the next might not be enough to quench your thirst.
Your breath hitches, making him wobble, "Has he been doing this for hours." Even though he's in deep sleep, his fingers don't halt for a second. You wonder if you're going to be living with him, you'll have to get acquainted with this habit of his.
Sleep did wonders, and as of now, you're ready for another round with your daddy. You trace his tattoed fingers over your nipples and this time he pinches hard as you gasp for air. Heat oozing out of your pussy maybe summoning his name as you feel him hard against your ass.
Jungkook's warm and tingly breath touches your cold cheeks, giving you chill bumps while prickles run down your spine, reaching to your swollen yet abused pussy for taking him for hours is still thirsty for his unholy touch, for his biting mouth and venomous tongue and more of his filthy hard cock waiting for a quenchable fuck.
Sure you're still a bit drowsy but not enough to not invite another exhaustingly painful sex, with the man you have only loved for years. A roughly sleepy groan vibrates inside his chest, as his tattooed arm on your breast pulls you back against the warmth of his chest. He bites your ear, placing soft kisses down on your shoulder, "why are you still awake?" His hoarse voice sends chills across your skin.
"I just woke up, and now I can't sleep." You breathlessly answer him.
"Why?" He pulls you tight against him, taking a deep lungful scent from your hair, and making you feel every inch square of his body.
You turn around to face him, to look at his sleepy yet flawless face because what you're going to say next you need to drink him in, his cosmos of emotions, which he never lets out. "When you wake up tomorrow, I'll be already gone. So I was just savoring this moment of you being by my side, your warm breaths against my skin, your touch, your everything, Jungkook", you thumb caressing the scar on his cheek.
"How dare you think, that you'll stay there by yourself and breathe peacefully," he pulls you closer, pushing his leg between yours as he places a kiss on your forehead, "I won't let you breathe, princess. Like we always do." His words throw you back into the pool of love you both felt hours ago making your pussy clench at the mere image of being fucked by him for hours begging for release yet enjoying the denial.
"Are you coming with me?" You question his.
"I'll come but not before you come."
"Jungkook", you slap his arm softly, and a giggle slips out of your lips swollen with his hungry kisses.
"I love you, princess"
"I love you, daddy", paying heed to these unholy words from your lips makes him press his lips against your lips and this is only the beginning of another unquenchable round.
Tumblr media
© 𝐥𝟎𝐦𝐥𝐣𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐣𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐 - 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟑 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐜𝐨𝐩𝐲/ 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/ 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞. All rights reserved.
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borahaerhy · 12 days
One shot where Jungkook and reader are staying at one of their parents house and it’s night time already but Jungkook wants you but you’re shy and you guys have to be quiet so they are doing it slow and deep but reader is hugging Jungkooks neck and he’s moaning on her ear and kissing her neck while also talking quietly to her if she likes it . daddy kink! He’s huge! If requests are still open plz
Good Girl - jjk
Tumblr media
Genre: Fluffy Smut, established relationship
Warnings: Smut, Y/n's nervous, Emotional sex, unprotected sex (nope), Dom/sub themes, Daddy kink, praise kink, pet names, dirty talk, these two are really in love and it's kinda sickening,
Word count: 1.9K
The past week has been absolutely perfect.
You were so anxious to meet Jungkook’s parents, having been with their son for almost five whole years without more than a few conversations over the phone with them, but you were happily surprised when you landed in Korea and were met with the sweetest people you’d ever met - aside from their son, of course.
You met your boyfriend, Jungkook, at the company you worked. You were a training producer, and he was one of the new paid interns, getting coffee and sending emails. He didn’t know very much english whenever the two of you met, but that definitely didn’t stop him from flirting with you every time he asked you for your coffee order.
He had just moved from Korea after accepting a job at one of his dream record labels, the label you just so happened to work at.
That was nearly five years ago, and Jungkook had been wanting to make a trip back to visit his family for a while now; and you’d obviously have to be a part of that. You’d always been the shy type, never one to really initiate conversation or do anything out of the norm, something Jungkook found endearing when you’d first begun talking.
So, the thought of going to a different country to meet his family while you barely knew the language seemed extremely daunting. But then you got there, and everyone was just so nice to you, and you genuinely couldn’t be more thankful.
“How do you feel about going home tomorrow, Gguk?” You wrapped your arms around Jungkook’s waist from behind him, back hugging him when you noticed him looking out the window without saying anything after his shower for a bit too long. He held your arms as they held him, his fingers tracing delicately along your skin as he leaned into your touch.
“I wish we could stay longer, I’ve had such a great time,” you nodded as you delicately pressed a kiss to his shoulder. He sighed as he turned around, you loosening your arms only long enough for him to face you, then you tightened them around him once again as he brought his hands to cup your cheeks, rubbing his thumb gently just how he knows you like it. You melt into him slightly, his touch always having that effect on you. “But we have to get back to work, and you probably miss home.”
You smiled softly, yet solemnly as you knew how much he’s been looking forward to this trip, and how much he’ll miss his family once you have to leave again.
“Yeah, but I’m glad I got to see your home; you make a lot more sense now that I’ve met your mom.”
“I make more sense?” Your smile only gets wider as you look down slightly.
“Yeah, you know, you’re just so sweet and sensitive, even though you definitely don’t look like it,” You pause, referencing the large sleeve of tattoos and several piercings gracing his delicate yet strong features. “And after meeting your mom I realize it’s because you’re exactly like her.”
He scoffs, squishing your cheek slightly. “I am not exactly like Eomma, I’m way less of a perfectionist and I definitely don’t nag as much,”
Says the man that spent 3 hours decorating your bedroom for valentines day, because he had to make sure every rose petal was at the exact right spot. And he might not nag, but he will rewash every dish after you’ve already done them because you don't do them in the exact way he does; though he loves and appreciates your effort.
You giggle as you raise your arms, taking a few steps backwards before you turn around and jump on the bed, adjusting yourself so that you’re resting against the pillows, your leg crossed over the other as you still tried to remain modest while wearing nothing but underwear and an oversized t-shirt. You grabbed the book you’d been reading from off the bedside table, opening it up to where you left off.
“You’re adorable, you know that?” You look back up, Jungkook still standing at the foot of the bed looking at you with complete adoration. You couldn’t stop the blush from creeping up your cheeks, nor the smile that spread across your reddening face. “In a like, really sexy kind of way,” Jungkook took a few slow, long strides to the side of the bed you were seated on, lifting the book gently from your hands and putting it back on the table you’d just picked it up from.
“I was reading that,” You lightly protested, not fully looking him in the eye as he crawled onto the bed, his arms caging you in as he climbs between your legs.
“Mmm, my apologies,” His lips were on your neck before there was even time to remember that you were still in his parents house, in his old bedroom right next to theirs.
“Jungkook,” You lightly pressed on his chest, his face quickly moving up so that his eyes could meet yours, immediately searching your face for any signs that you were uncomfortable. “Your parents are going to hear us,” you were basically whispering now, as Jungkook’s light smile soon returned.
“I know you know how to be quiet, love,” You bit your lip, moving your eyes from Jungkook to look at the door. He moved to hold your face softly, bringing your attention back to him, a more serious expression on his face than before. “If you don’t want to-”
“No, I want to,” you reassured him, the heat between your legs as he hovered over you was deniable to no one; you just didn’t want his parents to feel disrespected in their own home.
“Then let me take care of you, baby,” His smile returned as he pressed a gentle kiss to your lips. He Let himself relax down onto you as your wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him further into you. His hands quickly made their way up your shirt, his fingers ghosting up to your waist until they stopped there, gripping onto you softly as he deepened the kiss.
He always knew exactly how you liked to be touched; something he credited to not being fluent in english when the two of you met. He had to rely heavily on your body language to understand how you felt. So when you started dating and he was able to touch you, he always made sure to notice every little movement you made, knowing that even though you spoke more of the same language, you still weren’t one to be very vocal about your own wants and needs, and even when things made you uncomfortable.
So when he left soft grazing kisses right below your ear that turned warmer and wetter the further down he got, he knew you’d let out a small hum in response, running your fingers through his hair before pulling it gently. He hummed into your neck lightly as he slowly began to lift your shirt up higher and higher, your nipples hardening at the cool air coming in contact with you as he pulled the shirt over your head.
As he threw your shirt to the side, he couldn’t help but stay sitting up for a little longer, looking down on your gorgeous figure. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to just how beautiful you are,” You immediately move to cover your face, knowing you’d be the same shade of red as a tomato in mere seconds, but Jungkook never let you get that far, moving your hands to wrap around him as he wrapped his around you, your bare chests pressed tightly against each others.
One of his hands moved down, caressing your thigh softly before he moved between your legs, sliding his fingers under the hem of your underwear, the pad of his middle finger delicately pressing to your wet clit as he let out a low groan.
“You’re so wet for me, baby. You really want daddy that bad, huh?” He whispered in your ear as he slid one finger into you, your fingers gripping onto his shoulders tightly as you desperately tried not to moan out.
“Yes, daddy, want you so bad” as soon as the light whimper left your lips, your underwear was off; Jungkook’s head buried in your shoulder as he fought his sweatpants and boxers down.
“Fuck, princess, you have no idea what you do to me,” He pressed into you, his length stretching you out as he moved his hips slowly into yours. You stifled down a moan, covering your mouth with your fist as Jungkook had to muffle his own into your neck.
Your arms were hooked around his neck and shoulders, wrapped tightly around him as if your life depended on it as his slow deliberate movements drove you insane. His elbow rested on the outside of your shoulder, his hand tangled in your hair as he left hot wet kisses on your neck. His other hand had a firm grip on your outer thigh, holding it up at the perfect angle for his slow thrusts to reach new depths, deliciously rutting against your cervix.
He moaned softly in your ear as he pulled out, gripping onto you harder as he thrust back in hard, moving your body up and no doubt shaking the bed under you. You moaned out from the unexpected friction, his hand moving to cover your mouth as he moved to look you in the eye.
“Gotta be quiet, baby. You’ve been so good for me, I need to you stay quiet for me, can you do that, love?” You nodded softly, eyebrows knitted and lip between your teeth as you dug your fingernails into his back, trying to keep yourself steady as his thrusts got harder. He slid his hand off your mouth, his lips attaching to your jaw, his tongue sliding against your skin between kisses and nips.
“Good girl,” He whispers as he gets to your ear, sucking your earlobe into his mouth as he softly moans. The hand that was previously holding your thigh up moved between your bodies, his thumb pressing to your clit. You arched your back, moving further into him as he moved further into you, your pussy swallowing him up just the way he liked as he drew patterns into your clit.
“Mm, daddy-” you tried your best to whisper, but your voice was admittedly louder than you’d hoped as he fucked into harder, your orgasm building up quickly.
“Shhh, baby, I know. Just cum around daddy’s cock,” you dragged your fingernails down his back, moans light, only for him to hear as he brought you to your climax. “So good, baby. So good for daddy, fuck,”
Both of his hands moved to your hips, leveraging himself into your throbbing pussy as he rested his forehead on yours, looking deeply into your eyes as he cums inside you, both of you clinging to the other as you rode out your highs.
As he relaxes down into you, coming down from his orgasm, his lips meet yours in a lazy kiss, your hands coming to meet the others faces with soft touches as he lovingly peppers your face with kisses.
He eventually rolls onto his back, pulling you with him to lay on his chest, gently caressing your bare skin as you drifted to sleep.
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miraclesatnightfall · 2 months
Tokyo Drift
Tumblr media
Pairing: Street Racer! Jungkook x CEO Daughter! Reader 
Word Count: 2.1k
Content Warning: street racing, sneaking out (even though oc is 21), jungkook is secretly whipped, secret relationship, sexual themes, talks about getting a tattoo, speeding, oc wears pretty skirts, victory lap.
Other Content: size kink, manhandling, oral sex (f! receiving), just porn without plot tbh, oc has big titties, oc squirts, wall sex, strength kink, teasing, crying, fingering, sloppy makeout sesh on the hood of jungkook’s car ;) 
════ ⋆★⋆ ════
"I’m serious, Y/n. I want you staying home tonight, I don’t want you anywhere near all that reckless street racing.” Your father instructs but it was going in one ear and right out the other. 
“Daddy, they’re not reckless, they know what they’re doing--” He rolls his eyes as you tried to reason with him.
“Bullshit, Y/n. If they really knew what they were doing, putting their lives in danger just for some cash, they would have realized by now it's idiotic and pointless.” He shakes his head as he approaches your bedroom door, “Do not leave this house.” That’s the the last thing he says to you before shutting your door behind him. 
You could not believe him, you’re twenty one for god’s sake, twenty-two in a few weeks actually, he couldn’t boss you around like you were still a kid. Despite his words, you waited up like you usually did, this was not the first time you had this argument after all. 
You waited until all the house lights were turned off and you made your way down the grand staircase that posed as an inconvenience to you in the dark while you headed for the front door; assuring the alarm was silent for your escape. 
Finally free, you took a breath of fresh air as you got into your custom porsche parked right outside the house. You’re unable to deny yourself of the bubbling excitement that grew in your stomach as you got closer to the parking lot of the diner where the cars typically met up on race night. 
Your car was practically nothing compared to the others on the lot; you took note of this as you stepped through the array of cars until you found who you were looking for, leaned up against the hood of his sleek black and blue corvette. 
You failed to contain the smile that spread across your face the moment you saw him, “hey princess,” he gently cups your face in his hand, straightening his posture before leaning down to peck your lips. 
A cool night breeze flew past the both of you causing you to shiver slightly, his eyes analyzed your clothing, mini skirt and an off-the-shoulder top. His face immediately washed over in concern as he took your hand in his, loving how small and warm yours felt in his much larger one. 
“baby, it’s chilly tonight. I don’t want you to get cold.” You couldn’t believe he was real. He was always putting your needs first which is how you found yourselves in the diner’s bathroom, door locked, skirt pushed up and your ass on the edge of the sink with his hands on your hips as he kissed you deeply. 
Your hands roaming over each other’s bodies radiating with more desperation and need for one another the longer you were in each other’s presence. “j-jungkook-- your race,” you had to pull yourself back out of his hold in order to look at him straight, your hair was already a little disheveled and eyes hazy as you looked at him. 
he takes a look at his watch, a mischievous smile spreading across his red and abused lips, “we’ve got 15 minutes,” he clarifies which still doesn’t have you convinced, “but that’s not--” if only you knew what you were getting yourself into with those words. 
“I can make you cum in forty-five seconds if i wanted to. we have time.” his voice so brash and deep as if it was a growl as he worked at raising your top over your bra before pulling the latter down to let your full tits spill over, 00revealing themselves to him. 
a strangled groan was caught in the back of his throat before he began marking your chest, lips puckering around the buds of your nipples as his tongue lapped over them, sending chills down your spine.
“mmm, feels so good,” you moaned your legs spreading to make more room for him as your hands crawled their way to his hair, tightening their grip as he nipped lightly at your sensitive buds. “you’re so fucking stunning, you know that?” he hums as he kissed down your abdomen where he made sure to leave a trail of hickeys behind. 
he slowly crouched lower to his knees, the sink being the perfect height for his intentions with you. You helped to raise your hips making it easier for him to pull down the soaked fabric of your underwear down your legs. another shiver running down your spine as you watched him pocket them.
“so so pretty, hmm-- my pretty girl.” the vibration of his voice against your bare and exposed cunt sent your legs flying shut to which he kept pried open with one hand. 
“keep your fucking legs open or I won’t let you cum.” the thought of not being able to release the burning heat that built within your core shook you to the bone. you shook your head fearfully, that being the last thing you wanted but you couldn’t seem to move at the sensation of his wet, warm tongue working against you. “i’ll be good, p-promise,”
“i know you’ll be good, you’re always such a good girl for me,” he coos before continuing his sinful attack on your pussy with his mouth. your vocabulary was failing you as you his tongue flicked over your bud, lapping up at your folds, he was so fucking filthy with his tongue it had your eyes rolling back.
 Your eyes tightened in his hair eliciting a deep groan to erupt from him which felt like it was bouncing off the walls of your cunt. “fuck- jungkook-” 
“feels so good,” you say breathlessly, feeling as though he was eating you out within an inch of your life. he chuckled darkly, looking up only to be met with the sight of your head hanging back, with one hand in his hair and the other gripping the edge of the sink for dear life. 
the feeling of his tongue prodding at your entrance had your legs shaking, welcoming an indescribable feeling to consume you before you could even identify it, “s-stop stop-- gonna” you weren’t the only one caught off guard by your orgasm, you’re sure jungkook would’ve liked more time to prepare before you squirted on his face. 
He pulls away from you slowly, not breaking the eye contact he had with your sopping cunt. “holy shit, y/n. did you just--” your face was red in embarrassment, “i’m sorry--” before your apology could even fully leave your lips jungkook had risen to his feet, manhandling to get you off the sink and against the nearest wall. 
you’ve never seen this look before, as if he wanted to consume you whole. “don’t fucking apologize. that was so hot-- shit, do you feel what you do to me?” With one hand holding your leg up by his waist he used his other to guide your free hand to feel his rock hard cock from beneath his jeans. 
your face returned to its previous shade of red. he checked his watch, he was running out of time but he would much rather be balls deep in you than speeding down the street. 
“does your daddy know you’re out here at this time, princess?” he was teasing you, he knows how much your father hates you coming to his races but something about you breaking the rules to support him just makes him strive to see you fucked out all the more. 
the second your mouth opened to respond you feel two fingers plunge into you knowing you were more than wet enough to take it, “hmm? what was that? I didn’t quite catch that?” He laughs wickedly, seeing those familiar tears pool in your eyes, the same ones that drove him insane. “n-no, he doesn’t know-- ah.” you yell at the stretch of his third finger joining the other two. 
“such a bad girl i have here, how disobedient of you.” his teasing was only adding to heat that was burning inside you, bringing you closer and closer to your high before it was ripped away from you along with his fingers.
you whined loudly in protest, “you didn’t think i wasn’t going to fuck you, did you?” he questions you, letting you down for just a moment to pull his jeans down along with his boxers, letting his cock stand tall and proud as it his toned abdomen after he discarded his shirt. 
you watched with a hungry gaze as he pumped himself a few times, sucking in a sharp breath between his teeth before lining himself up with your soaked cunt.  he didn’t have the time to tease but he wished he did. ‘next time’  he thinks to himself. 
it’s a breathtaking stroke, quite literally as it seems to have sucked the air from both of your lungs the moment he bottoms out. your nails leaving intricate details on his back, sure to leave slight welts by tomorrow morning. “fuck y/n, this pussy is a dream.” he groans, his pace picking up significantly, hips jackhammering against you as he holds you up against the wall with both hands under your thighs, gripping them tight enough to leave bruises. 
Sometimes when you don’t get the chance to see each other what really gets him off is the thought of you tattooing his name onto your inner thigh. subconsciously gripping them tighter at the idea. For you, it was thinking about how big and strong he was, the way he could hold you in this position for hours with absolutely no struggle, the thought alone made you clench around him.
“jungkook! slow down,” your words sounded more of a question than an order making him laugh as he knows you’re already feeling a little sensitive after your previous orgasm, “yeah? that’s what you want? want me to move like this?” he slows down, rolling his hips to the pace that it was slow but deep. 
initially he only did it thinking it would piss you off but the way it made you spasm around his length made him reconsider the pace until he remembered how little time he had. leaving you winded as he suddenly resumed his inhumane pace, your tits bouncing like the girls in his wildly explicit animes. 
“j-jungkook, i’m gonna--” in the end it was jungkook’s vocality that brought you to the edge and pushed you over, this time somehow feeling even more powerful than the first with the added sensitivity leaving you screaming.
with your hair all over the place, tits out, and wet cheeks jungkook couldn’t hold himself back from blowing his load, “shit shit shit,” a string of profanities slip past his lips as he reaches his high before coating your velvet walls with his hot cum.
your foreheads rest against each other for just a moment as you catch your breath, coming down from your highs with a few small kisses here and there until reality settles in that jungkook has no more than 2 minutes to get to the starting line.
the two of you had never moved with such speed, you did your best with your slightly altered walk credit to jungkook’s energetic thrusts to your poor pussy.
he made it in the knick of time, you watched from the sidelines in the large crowd as jungkook and his competitor drove up to the line until they were side by side.
there was a girl who stood in the middle of the two cars with her hands high in the air, by the time she brought them back down the two cars had completely vanished, speeding down the strip far out of view.
It was no more than 5 minutes before the high maintenance vehicles came racing back into view, it looked almost as if it was a tie but anyone could see jungkook had crossed the line mere milliseconds before. the cheers roared to fill the street, the people behind you celebrated loudly, music suddenly beginning to play from speakers that others had brought. 
Just as jungkook pulled into the parking lot once again you hardly gave him enough time to park before running towards the vehicle, he stepped out, picking you up from the back of your thighs, your legs instinctively wrapping around his hips as he spun you around. 
“Congratulations!” you cheered, letting out a small puff of air as you felt him place you on the warm hood of his car, his large hands snaking back down around your waist as he kissed you passionately. It was all adrenaline and tongue, your hands swinging over his shoulders while he deepened the kiss before he pulled away.
“wanna go for a victory lap? let me take you for a ride.” he grins. 
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koostarcandy · 2 months
ahh i got so caught up trying to remember the numbers for the prompts that i forgot to mention that 😭😭 could it possibly be with koo please <33
- 🦦
Tumblr media
late night muse
pairing: idol!jungkook x fem!reader
summary: jungkook and you come to terms with the fact that you're his muse and you have to deal with his late night musings.
genre: fluff
wc: 1.0k words
a/n: fret not my lil wombat darling, i gotchu ;) hope this is upto to your expectations ^^3 the prompts are "why are you so pretty?" & "cuddling" & "short pecks" & "tickling the other one" as always, requests are open and pls follow the guidelines :]
Tumblr media
"koo, no."
"koo, yes!"
you groan at the sudden lack of warmth, shooting a half hearted glare at your human heater. you thought you had done it all. fed him dinner (and dessert! his favourite cheesecake, of course.), set up his ps5 so he could play a few rounds and easily get to the top of the leader board, even let him go crazy for a few hours, singing his favourite songs till 1 a.m.
you thought that would tire him out on a friday night and dragged him to bed, the tune of 'memory of the wind' running in your head. you settle in and hug your favourite pillow (your boyfriend duh), head resting and breaths in tune with his lilting heartbeat.
it was when you had looked up at him to give him the customary goodnight kiss, that he remarked on you looking at him as if he hung all the stars in the sky. you place a tiny kiss on his jaw, shrugging and settling back down.
"the stars had fallen over time and you placed them back, it's only right i look at you like that."
his eyes lit up at your sleepy poetic self, mentally preparing himself to get away from you to jot down lyric ideas to match the melody he made in the afternoon. you've always voiced out that you find it weird (annoying but you love him too much to say that out loud) that he randomly gets inspiration at the dead of night, effectively stealing your precious sleep.
jungkook looks at your pouty face, instantly regretting getting away from you.
"oh, come here, my love," he pulls you to his lap, tucking your head under his chin. "why do you always get motivation at the devil's hour?" you whine, arms immediately wrapping around his strong torso.
"i don't know," he sighs, "why do you get all sentimental at 1.30, hmm?" nimble fingers, which you thought would wrap around your waist, find the ticklish spot instead. you try to resist the smile breaking out on your lips, looking at him with a, "do you really want to do this right now?" look. jungkook tucks himself into your neck, arms wrapped around you so tight like he's scared you'll disappear.
you take that opportunity in your hands, flipping him onto his back with all the strength you have left for the night. "ooh, my strong woman!" he remarks proudly, both of you knowing he could've stopped you anytime. you straddle his waist, hands slipping under his thin t-shirt. "should've known," you mumble, much to jungkook's confusion.
"should've known what?"
"you didn't take off your clothes before lying down. i should've known you'd get down to work."
he's always in awe of well you know him, too well. its reflected in his eyes, shining up at you with love. he chuckles at your slowly reddening cheeks, "come here, darling," pulling your neck down so he can place the sweetest and shortest kiss on your lips. you pout again, leaning down to give him another peck. and another. and another one, till your boyfriend is reduced to a mushy puddle of giggles and rosy cheeks.
his arms hold you in place, his slender hand sliding up to cup your face, "why are you so pretty?"
you smile, becoming akin to a blushy mess of a teenage girl. your smile grows, eyes turning into the prettiest crescents jungkook has ever seen. it fades when you realise his true intention. "nuh uh, koo," you fall on him, effectively trapping him.
"i'm not letting you out of this bed, baby. and you can try how much ever you want and also, don't bother doing the puppy eyes, koo. it won't work this time."
Tumblr media
"hmm, google isn't helping. sorry, darling i don't know what rhymes with ethereal."
jungkook shrugs, hands linking with yours, which were previously flying over his keyboard. "its fine," he rubs the back of your hand with his thumb, "tonight seems like a slow night but it's okay."
you shift yourself so you're facing him, still on his lap. his soft smile and eyes prompt you to snuggle into him, stifling a yawn while hiding your face in his neck. your stifled yawn and tired limbs wrapping around him makes jungkook realise this isn't your usual night. you're tucked in and faraway in dreamland by this time, either in the confines of your bedroom or in the sofa-turned-bed kept especially for you in the home studio. he ensures this is all done perfectly, even though a grumpy and sleepy you is adorable.
"let's go to bed, darling," jungkook coaxes, not knowing how you ended up in his studio. a blink of his pretty eyes, the ever-so-slight downturn of his lips and the lingering hands tracing your arms had him practically thrown out, followed by you pushing into the studio, telling him to, "get it over with already, you sneaky bribing fellow."
he picks you up effortlessly, ensuring your arms and legs are around him, taking you immediately to bed. you're half asleep by the time your head hits the soft, cloud-like pillow, hands instinctively reaching out for him. jungkook quickly discards his tshirt, nuzzling his face into your shoulder and arms wrapped around you tightly. your steady heartbeat almost lulls him to sleep when you say,
"koo? baby?"
"yes? do you want something, love?"
"hehe, how'd you know? i want to help you finish the song!"
jungkook chuckles at your unusual enthusiasm, arms rubbing your sides up and down, a tried, tested and foolproof method to get you to sleep within seconds.
"i'd rather deal with unfinished work than a snappy baby, okay? its sleepy time now."
"you think you're so funny-"
jungkook sighs, insincerely apologizing which comes to your attention, tickling him in his sensitive spots for revenge. he eventually gets you to calm down, slightly alarmed its almost 4.30 a.m now. he has you asleep within seconds, his own eyes growing heavy and tired. you grab his hand in your sleep, mumbling something about not letting the cutest bunny ever get away. he soon follows you to dreamland, dreaming of ethereal beings and bunnies.
Tumblr media
pt time: @armys-dna ; @junsai-tree ; @soobhyun ; @shatzkrinslinzki ; @highly-functioning-mitochondria ; @taegisms ; @cherishoshi ; @fragmentof-indifference
Tumblr media
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bergandysam · 19 days
BTS Fic Recs / To Read
purely because i am trying to keep track of what i have read and want to read in the future lol.
‼️18+ minors DNI, if you choose to anyways, PLEASE be careful. try to heed our warnings, we have them for a reason‼️
key/guide at the bottom of the post :)
ive come to the realisation it is ALL smut.. my bad
i will also be making a part 2 as i can only tag 50 ppl per post
set me free chap 7 YG to read
on with the show RM to read
haunted house JHOPE to read
mine JK to read
our beloved summer JK to read
borathae kinktober to read
neon sign YG to read
until i found you JK to read
9 months to fall in love SJ to read
believe it JM to read
sticks and stones YG to read
diving chapter 15 JK to read
epitaph KT to read
you who never arrived YG to read
turn back time SJ to read
undone business JK to read
not even a mouse YG to read
sonic rain JHOPE to read
business proposal RM to read
fake love JK to read
AAOLAASOF chap 14 JK to read
on tilt RM to read
nonsense JM to read
room for rent to read
work hard play harder YG to read
under the blankets JK to read
sweet dreams JK to read
cat-astrophe JK to read
thirteen rounds JK to read
not my fault JK to read
all i want JK to read
i was on a JK tangent 💀💀
[not in any particular order] [if any users would like me to remove their post from this list please let me know and i will do so immediately!]
turbulence YG @/fallencairns (AO3)
soulmate!au, fluff, angst, series, 212.1k
blackout JK @jjungxkook
roommate!jungkook smut, angst, 3 part series 49.9k
as we were JK/YG @archivedkookie
ex husband!jungkook, smut, angst, series (ongoing), 105.6k
three tangerines YG @kithtaehyung
brothers bestfriend!au, SMUT, fluufff :), anggsst :(, series (ongoing) 151.5k
just practice JHOPE @/lamourche (AO3)
college!au, fluff, smut, one shot, 12.5k words
lilium YG @hijoonie
f2l, smut, angst, fluff(??), one shot, 11.9k
maybe i do KT @chateautae
arranged marriage!au, smut, angst, fluff, series, 409k
only yesterday YG @borathae
s2l, angst, fluff, smut, small town, series, 78.6k
lowkey JK @xpeachesncream
fake dating college! au, smut, fluff, angst
fmttp RM @trbld-writer
phone sex operator! au, smut, crack, one shot,3.3k
one time thing JM @personasintro
best friends boyfriend! au, smut, angst, series (ongoing)
making him jealous JM @parkmuse
roommate! au, F2L, smut, angst, one shot 9.2k
campus affairs JK @kooktrash
college!au, F2L, angst, smut, fluff, one shot, 11.9k
trip no further YG @matchstick6812
soulmate!au, smut, fluff, angst, series, 178k
castaways RM @rmnamjoons
smut, angst, fluff(?), one shot, 25.5k
one year my love JK @hayjeon
royal!au, S2L, fluff, lil smut, lil angst, 31k
dickless KT @monimonimoon
E2L, angst (infidelity), SMUT! one shot, 11.1k
happy birthday loser JK @jungk0oksthighs
Idiots2L, smut, one shot, 8k
party on you JHOPE @here2bbtstrash
idol!au, f2l, SMUT, lil fluff, one shot, 9.8k
man-eater hunting JK @httpjungkookcom
F2L(?), smut, angst, fluff (?), one shot, 46k
helping hands YG @euphoricfilter
coworkers2L, fluff!!!, smut, 13.3k
dating advice YG @taleasnewastime
S2L, angst, fluff, smut, series, 54k
what if i love you too much JK @taleasnewastime
single mum!au, S2L, fluff, angst, smut, one shot, 20.6k
practice JK @chryblossomjjk
FWB, smut, fluff, angst, one shot, 29k
cybersex YG @gimmethatagustd
brothers best friend!au, smut, fluff, one shot, 14.6k
mixtape YG @haliiimede
F2L/BBF!au, smut, angst, fluff?, mini series
look down on me like that YG @here2bbtstrash
E2L, smut! angst, series (ongoing), 79.3k
white lies JK @noteguk
smut, fluff, very little angst, one shot, 13.3k
stuttering RM @moonlightchildz
fluff!! smut! lil bit of angst, one shot
cherry muffins and lavender tea RM @roses-ruby
college!au, fluff! smut! very very little angst, one shot
trip KT @daechwitatamic
F2L, fluff, angst, the tiniest smut, one shot, 22k
a human touch KT @snackhobi
robot!tae, fluff, smut, mini series, 37.7k
sweet addiction JM @jiminmellow
husband!au, fluff, angst, smut, one shot, 6k
rule #5 JK @taestefully-in-luv
FWB/F2L, fluff, smut, 2 part series
intersect RM @shina913
E2L/coworkers2L, fluff, angst, smut, series, 70.3k
hammer it home RM @gukslut
smut, fluff, lil angst, one shot, 22.7k
stretch you out RM/JK @chateautae
S2F2L, smut, fluff, one shot, 24k
the lucky one JK @babystrcandy
sports!au E2L, fluff(?), angst! smut, series (ongoing) 48.1k
unexpected lovers YG @jjkeverlast
fake dating/S2L, smut, fluff, angst, 2 part series, 19.8k
new tricks KT @geniuslab
F2L, fluff! smut, one shot, 10.1k
only here to sin KT @gimmethatagustd
E2L, smut, angst, 39.8k
(right) hook line and sinker JK @blog-name-idk
non-idol au!, s2l, angst(? reader gets scared lol), fluff, smut, one shot, 12.3k
keep me warm JHOPE @ppersonna
brothers best friend!au, fluff (the tiniest bit) smut! one shot, 3.9k
the shape of your body JM @here2bbtstrash
college au!, s2l, lil smut, fluff <3, one shot, 24k
tangsuyuk love JK @full-of-jams
college!au, lil smut, lil angst, fluff, one shot, 11.5k
the damsel & her knight JK @jimilter
CEO!au, e2l, smut, miniseries (ongoing)
deep blue JM @purplewhalewrites
college!au, f2l, smut, fluff!! mostly smut but be wary as MC is self conscious and puts herself down a lot, one shot, 20.5k
hot boy bummer JK @jungkxook
FWB!au, smut, fluffy angst, one shot, 14.6k 
all in JHOPE @dreamescapeswriting
masseuse!au, s2f2l, angsty smut, lil fluff, one shot 15.6k
stood up YG @parkdatjimin
CEO!Yoongi, s2l, mostly angst, lil smut, fluff, one shot, 26.7k
fall back in love JK @bukguhope
college!au, bff2l, SO MUCH FLUFF, the tiniest of angst, one shot, 17.6k
darkroom JK @yoon-kooks
college!au, vampire!au, s2l, smut 😏, one shot, 10.2k
if you have any recs for me 🤭🤭🤭 pls send them through 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
just in case people weren’t sure
RM = Namjoon
YG = Yoongi/Suga
JK = Jungkook
SJ = Seokjin
KT = Taehyung/V
JM = Jimin
JHOPE = Hoseok
FWB = Friends with Benefits
e2l = Enemies to Lovers
f2l = Friends to Lovers
s2l = Strangers to Lovers
s2f2l = Strangers to Friends to Lovers
BBF = Brothers Best Friend
smau = Social Media au
au = Alternate Universe
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m-yg93 · 17 days
Room For Rent ~ A Bangtan Collab
Tumblr media
Living with a roommate isn’t always smooth sailing. Whether it's being plagued by a history of conflict, having met under bizarre circumstances or simply falling in love with the one person you know you shouldn't be falling for. Are you ready to put pen to paper and sign away on that room for rent?
After all, “the fate that brings people together is not a cord so easily cut”
Posting January 2023
*All works in this collab are marked 18+. Minors DNI*
Tumblr media
→ title: Knocked by @haliiimede
→ pairing: Streamer!Seokjin x f. Reader
→ genre(s)&au(s):  Roommates to lovers, smut, humor
→ summary: Living with people is difficult, but all things considered, your new roommate isn’t terrible. He cooks, he cleans, and if you had to be honest - he was incredibly attractive. But his habit of streaming until the early hours of the morning while yelling and making other questionable noises has pushed you to the limit. You’ve finally decided to risk your sanity and put it all on the line with a reckless bet in hopes of getting some peace and quiet at night.
Tumblr media
→ title: Bad Decisions by @jjungkookislife
→ pairing: Tech Support!Yoongi x f. Reader
→ genre(s)&au(s):  Friends to lovers, fluff, smut
→ summary: Jimin is desperate to get his apartment back to himself. He’ll move hell and earth, and even drop to his knees to beg you to take his brother, Yoongi, out of his hands. Who are you to say no to that pretty face and sinister grin?
Tumblr media
→ title : Down To Ddaeng by @jeonjcngkook
→ pairing : rapper!hoseok x public relations!reader
→ genre(s)&au(s) : strangers to enemies to lovers, idol verse, one bed, smut & angst
→ summary : jhs is known to the world as the megastar rap god who broke the boundaries of rap music by taking the genre and turning it on it's head to a whole new level. and with his newfound fame comes his first headline slot at the world famous lollapalooza stage. but with thoughtless antics and terrible tabloids rocking his image; this is becoming a bigger issue for his upcoming show. management are forced to intervene to keep jhs from collapsing not only himself but the company's reputation.
you know what they say, keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.
Tumblr media
→ title: Solace by @m-yg93
→ pairing: Producer!Namjoon x f. Reader
→ genre(s)&au(s):  Roommates to lovers, smut, fluff
→ summary: Namjoon thought getting used to a new roommate would take time and adaptation but you fit yourself into his apartment with ease. He swears he only landed in your bed to keep you safe in his arms when you get spooked by the storm. Surely he can blame the eventual lack of clothing on the summer’s heat stroke. 
Tumblr media
→ title: Down And Out by @sunshinerainbowsbts
→ pairing: Boxer!Jiminx f. Reader
→ genre(s)&au(s): smut, angst, strangers to lovers, Roommates!AU, Boxer!AU
→ summary: Former boxing champ Park Jimin’s been down so long, he’s forgotten what it’s like to win. On the verge of throwing in the towel, his life changes when you walk through his door in search of a place to stay. Can he swing his way back to the top, now that he has something to fight for?
Tumblr media
→ title: Artist’s Block by @bangtanintotheroom
→ pairing: Artist!Taehyung x Roommate!(F)Reader
→ genre(s)&au(s):  Non-Idol!AU, Roommate!AU, Smut, Humor, Roommates to Lovers
→ summary: With the amount of people that came in and out of your artist roommate’s studio, you were under the impression that he really got around. One day, you approach him, only to find out just what he’s been up to; trying to overcome artist’s block. Wanting to help, you come up with an idea that might help him fix his problem.
Tumblr media
→ title: Quit Playing! by @joheunsaram
→ pairing: Cosplayer!JK x Reader
→ genre(s)&au(s): roommates au, enemies to lovers, cosplayer au
→ summary: Your roommate was a passive aggressive demon from hell. Not only did he snub you the first time you met him, but he has turned your apartment into a post-it covered junkyard, making you lose all hope of relaxing at home. Perhaps the cute Spider-Man cosplayer you ran into at comic con would be a welcomed change to get you out of this funk.
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yoongsisbae · 5 months
Campfire Burning | JJK
Tumblr media
A steamy fic inspired by a certain vlive.
I originally wrote a couple lines of this when his vlive first came out and now it keeps raining and I keep getting reminded of JK camping so I finished this! :D enjoy!
Warnings: smut, mostly fluff, spanking u.u, fingering, pwp tbh, soft warm sexy time and a campfire and that’s about it :D
Word count: 1k
The fire crackles softly, embers burn slow, wood sizzles and snaps in a chaotic melody of warmth.
It also rains, the droplets patter in a steady rhythm. It makes you sleepy, content, the hushed sounds of nature, a song of fire and water.
But the person next to you, he has an even stronger effect on you than stormy weather or warm bonfires, being around Jungkook makes you feel calm and relaxed and safe.
You nod off in his arms, listening to him tell you about his day, softly singing when he can’t think of anything else to say.
“Are you ready to sleep?” he yawns.
“No, I like it by the fire, it’s warm.” You lean back into the warmth of his arms instead as he laughs, hugging you tighter.
Jungkook relaxes into you too, smells your hair, kisses the top of your forehead softly, wanting more of your attention.
It’s just you and Jungkook camping tonight, in the middle of a storm like two fools. It’s okay, the fire is still going.
Jungkook hums a sweet melody and lays lazy kisses across your cheek, down your jaw, on your neck, purposefully moving against you in ways he knows will rile you up.
But you don’t take the bait, not yet. You close your eyes and sigh softly, smiling. “This is nice.”
“Just nice?” He teases, wrapping himself tighter around you, hands searching for your ticklish spots until you squirm laughing.
“Yah! Well it was perfect.”
“Perfect?” He smiles, taking the opportunity to kiss you, one long embrace, lips pressed tightly against yours. Kiss sweet and strong and exactly like Jungkook.
He didn’t ask you if you wanted to sleep this time, just lifted you into his arms, throwing you over his shoulder.
“YAH! Oof.”
Jungkook snickers, entering the camper with you in tow. You wish you could say it was romantic being carried over the threshold, but as he had you, Jungkook took his time drumming the beat to Psy’s new song, ‘That That,’ onto your bum, laughing wickedly.
So you took your own revenge, in perfect view of his backside, you landed a sneak attack, not holding back. Jungkook cursed and you laughed, which was quite the painful act, your ribs jamming into his shoulder, but you were too giddy to stop.
You probably should have known better than to test Jungkook’s competitiveness, but you both had been drinking, feeling the effects of the alcohol and the exhilaration of being alone together.
So when he throws you onto the tiny makeshift bed, falling next to you, you know what’s coming, his hands already groping your ass, and then…smack!
You look over you shoulder unphased, and he does it again. See, Jungkook likes smacking your ass hard. You’re used to it; the burning imprint of his large hand. It stings, so hot. He does it again.
“You’re supposed to say, ‘ow’,”
“Ow,” you say smirking.
So Jungkook lands a final, hardest, loud smack against your ass, finally making you wince. He cuddles against you, too pleased with himself, so you roll over him. You’re competitive too, that’s why Jungkook loves you.
Your eyes focus on his face in the darkness of the trailer, his sharp jawline, long hair. You run your hands over his toned chest until you find what you’re looking for, your thumbs caressing his nipples. Jungkook moans a soft throaty sigh, biting his lip, pulling his lip piercing into his mouth, teeth biting on the metal. “Mmm.” You smile, bite your lip too, enjoying the effect you have on him.
It’s still cold, trailer glass full of condensation, you feel the cold still air hit you now sitting on Jungkook’s torso as you swivel your hips against his.
“Take this off, baby,” he whines, pulling on your sweater.
“It’s cold,” you pout.
“I’ll warm you up.”
Jungkook switches positions, pulling your sweater and shirt higher, hand exploring underneath, with each caress and massage your breath escalates, until you’re panting underneath him.
His tattooed hand reaches for the seam of your joggers, fingers finding the soft cloth of your panties, slipping underneath as he kisses you, tongue exploring your mouth.
Jungkook felt so warm, like burning embers, slowly heating your body, his hot breath blowing out against your skin, fingers dipping inside your sex, piercing hot pleasure into your core, he breathes out, “fuck, baby, so wet.”
And you melted, limbs seizing with every stroke of his finger and lick of his warm tongue against your clammy skin, biting, sucking your breasts, teasing you slowly.
You claw at his back, pull on the fabric of his hoodie until it goes over his head, revealing his biceps and pecs and all the sinful dips and grooves of his muscles.
Your fingers follow the lines down his stomach, pulling his sweatpants lower to reveal more skin.
“I want you inside me, please.”
He groans, deep and needy, shifting between legs to pull his pants and boxers. You lift the hoodie off your body, remove your joggers, now too hot, too ravenous.
He presses himself inside and you forget to breathe, to think. You lick skin, dig nails into muscle, moving on instinct and desire alone. He fills you steadily, hard and thick, and so warm.
Jungkook intertwines your fingers, rolling his hips and leaning into his handhold so you take him fully.
“Moan louder for me, baby. I like hearing you.”
“Yes, yes.”
“That’s it.”
The rain stops, the noise outside subsides and the noise inside escalates, skin on skin meeting together loud and explosive, grunts of pleasure, metal and plastic creaking under pounding.
“Fuck, so tight. Going to come, yeah?”
You nod, eyes shutting, clinging to Jungkook’s hard body, so close. His voice is deep, words are dirty. He keeps on edging you, teasing you.
He pulls your legs wider, presses an inked digit to your core, rubbing over the wetness between your legs, finding your most sensitive spot, finger circling it until you shudder and scream.
You lock your legs around him as Jungkook presses in deeper, rutting into you one two three four more hard thrusts until his head rolls back.
Some time between your limbs relaxing and Jungkook resting the rain starts again, a low thunder roaring in the distance. Jungkook hugs you close.
“We have to go camping again, when it’s not raining.”
“I don’t know,” you smile against his chest as the pattering lulls you to sleep, “I kind of like the rain.”
Shameless no plot story when I should be working on plotTM I know ;_;
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hobisonlyhope · 1 month
— LIGHTS OUT (m.) | j.jk
Tumblr media
pairing: tutee!jungkook x tutor!reader genre: fluff | smut | kinda s2l!au | college!au word count: 9,007 — synopsis: Tutoring Jungkook has proven to be a struggle in the past, and it gets even more difficult when the lights suddenly go out. But maybe, somethings are in fact better when they're kept in the dark. warnings: jk is in his senior year in high school and reader in her freshman year of college (but everything is legal, no worries); swearing; talk about math/physics (yes, that is a warning); it’s storming; time spend in the dark (obviously); forced proximity; (one sided) pining; jk is a flirt; reader is iN dEnIaL; mentions of power dynamics; making out; hickeys; jk has a praise kink; palming; fingering
a/n: as always, a huge thank you goes out to @springfavor for betaing!! also, i would definitely recommend listening to Lost in the Fire by The Weeknd and Gesaffelstein before reading. the two Harry Styles songs mentioned in this fic are Adore You and To Be So Lonely (only for you, @twoghostslover).
Tumblr media
You’re about to punch somebody.
No actually, you’re not about to punch somebody, you're about to punch Jeon Jungkook.
Or at least, you really want to. For like the fifth time tonight. 
But instead, you do what any good tutor would do. That is pulling yourself together, and saying, with a voice so friendly, it would shock even the best of con artists, “That's not quite right, try again.” Even managing to give him an encouraging smile. 
Jungkook looks at you first, then at the paper, and then at you again. His eyes are pleading, the way they always are when he doesn't quite understand something but is also unwilling to say so. You give him what he's silently asking for by explaining. 
“Okay first,” You grab the pencil and paper from him. “You need to find out what the first derivative of the function is,” Making sure he’s able to follow what you’re saying, you draw a few lines in an exemplary manner. What you don't know is that doing so is completely unnecessary. 
Jungkook’s already too caught up with something else - like listening to you drum your nails on the table softly, or watching the cute way that your bottom lip always juts out when you’re trying to concentrate on something - to focus on how to get the solution for the task. He knows that he’ll come to regret not paying attention at the latest when he’s actually in math class, but he can’t help it. You're just so damn distracting.
Oblivious to what's going on in Jungkook's head, you hand him back the pencil and say, “And then, you can figure out how the function behaves monotony-wise.” One look at his puzzled expression shows you that he’s not been listening, and you hold back a tired groan. On account of that look exactly and the way he furrows his brows, opening his mouth to speak, you can already guess what his next question is going to sound like. Right on cue, Jungkook asks, “Derivatives, huh? How do I do that again?” 
Though he’s already understood a few snippets, and somewhat has an idea of how to proceed with the task, he watches anyway, as you bite the inside of your cheek and begin to explain it to him all over again. You tolerating so much of his shit, Jungkook realizes, is one of the many things he likes about you. The way he can ask you the same thing over, and over, and over again, and you still answer with the same level-headedness every time. Sometimes, he will admit, he purposefully poses the same questions repeatedly, just to test how far he can push you. And so far, he hasn’t even been able to crack your patience once.
When you're done clarifying how to determine derivatives, you’re content to see Jungkook actually beginning to scribble something down on the paper before him. 
Instead of hovering over him, you turn to admire the skyline view from his floor-to-ceiling windows. You watch as the clouds start to tuck away the sun earlier than usual, and throw a look in the direction of Jungkook’s kitchen clock. You only need to make it for about another hour, you realize, and the thought shoots another wave of motivation through you. 
You check on Jungkook at the same time he says, “Done and done.” He looks at you proudly, a smug smile on his lips. However, the newfound confidence vanishes quickly, when you subtly inform him that he’s not nearly finished yet. “Great, next step would be to equate to zero and then you just need to put a test value into the second derivative in order to-” He cuts you off with a low whine. 
“Wait, what was the task even supposed to be?”
Somehow, you can feel the motivation begin to evaporate again. “Define deflection points and thereby determine the curvature behavior of the function,” you say slowly.
Jungkook frowns and runs his fingers through his hair in frustration. It's not that he doesn't understand math, per se, it's just that he finds it so incredibly boring and useless. He knows he’s at his lowest when not even you, being the one to teach him, can make it seem appealing. 
Right now, Jungkook would much rather spend his time simply talking to you, getting to know you, instead of having to do his stupid homework and thereby, looking like a complete fool before you. Unfortunately, he knows that's not possible, since you never continue any of the conversations he tries to initiate. So, he stays strictly professional by saying, “Can we move on for the time being, please? I have an exam in physics coming up and I honestly don't understand shit.” 
You bite your lip to prevent yourself from saying something sarcastic. “Sure. When exactly is the exam?”
There's silence before Jungkook answers, and he already knows you're not going to like what he's about to tell you. “Tomorrow.” he finally mumbles.
“What?!” A frustrated cry leaves you. “Why am I just finding out about this?” He gives you a careless shrug, and you make that the sixth time you feel like punching him tonight. If he fails the exam, it’s not only going to be bad for his own future, but it’s also going to reflect poorly on your skills as a tutor. Every so often, you actually ask yourself why you haven’t quit tutoring him yet, only to remember how good of a payment this job offers, and how much you need the money. And, if you’re honest, Jungkook isn't even the worst tutee you have. He’s not exceptionally smart or anything but that’s exactly what you’re here for, and he’s always been nothing but kind to you. Besides - not that it’s important or anything - he’s most definitely not awful to look at. 
With those endearing owl eyes, and a crooked smile that is so tantalizing, it always manages to make your mouth rise up on its own accord, he’s certainly what you would define as handsome in a non-standard way.
Yes, you realize thinking that way about him whilst being his tutor is highly inappropriate and also unacceptable, but you’ve set up a rule for yourself that as long as you’re not acting on these thoughts, you can continue having them. So everything should be fine, right?
Snapping out of it, you try hard not to follow his form as he gets up to get his physics material. “I don't know. I guess I didn't think it was that important,” he says to answer your previous questions, and you seriously begin to wonder if he thinks about anything. Ever.
Settling down again, Jungkook makes sure to brush his hand against yours subtly when he passes you some papers along with a long list of topics that’ll be relevant for the exam. You show no signs of a reaction though and just scan over the list briefly.
In the one year you haven't been in school, not much about the curriculum has changed, you notice and find yourself satisfied to know that that at least means you can still help Jungkook out.  
You decide on the hardest topic first and flip through his book in search of a suitable exercise to practice with. You find something that looks fitting and say, “Alright so, here, you need to calculate the mass of the object falling from the tower, and here,” You mark the task below the other one. “You need to calculate the velocity with which it hits the ground.” Jungkook shows no signs of understanding what you’re talking about, and you sigh. “How about I write down the basic formulas and how to rearrange them, and you figure it out from there?” He nods firmly, and, true to your words, you write everything down he needs to solve the tasks.
By now, the sky has started to close up tightly, and big, murderous clouds distract Jungkook momentarily. That is until you nudge him slightly and he focuses back on the paper before him.
Even though you technically did half the work for him already, he still looks a bit clueless when you give him his pencil back. He doesn't ask for help, though, and soon, he knows what to do. He starts with the calculations, and your attention wavers when he grabs his calculator.
Looking around the apartment in interest, you wonder what exactly Jungkooks parents were thinking when they bought him his own place. He’s still in high school and yet already lives alone. 
Come to think about it though, maybe living with his parents and living without them doesn't make that much of a difference to him. In the six months that you've tutored him, you haven't once met his parents, not even when you were hired by one of their employees. Their lack of presence isn't necessarily something you're complaining about, but still, a part of you aches for Jungkook. He must be lonely without anyone around to keep him company.
“____,” Jungkook's voice shakes you from your thoughts. “I did it.” His eyes gleam when he looks at you for approval and you skim over his solution, pausing briefly when you find a tiny mistake he made. But you worry that pointing it out now will just lead to a loss of courage, so you tick the answer correct, making a mental note to come back to it later.
You look at the book again and Jungkook shuffles closer. “Great. Let’s have a look at the next task, then,” you say, pointing at it for him to see. 
Jungkook stares at your side profile and remembers something important. “Yes, but before that,” He rises and walks over to the kitchen, opening one of the fancy cupboards and getting two glasses out. “What would you like to drink?” He’s a little embarrassed by not having asked this sooner, and turns to face you with his back, hiding the heat that rises up his neck.
Your dry tongue makes itself present at the same time that you see lightning strike from your peripheral vision. The rumbling of thunder accompanies your next words. “Just water, please.” You see him open the fridge before you spin around to look out the windows again. 
Small raindrops have started racing along them, leaving a trail looking oddly similar to tears in their wake. Before long, the water gushes out of the clouds faster, and the rain pours down on earth heavily, reminding you of the intensity with which one can cry. You're already looking forward to spending the rest of the night curled up on your couch, watching your favorite show, and letting the storm create a calm ambiance around you.
The sound of something being placed on the table startles you. “Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to scare you,” Jungkook apologizes, and then, just because he saw the way you were looking out the windows, he asks, “Do you like the rain?” Then plops down next to you.
Unwilling to talk about your private interests with him, you answer him curtly by saying, “Love it, actually.” Then take a sip from your water to avoid further intrusion. Jungkook doesn't seem to get the hint though, - or maybe he does and simply chooses to ignore it - because you see him open his mouth to continue the conversation. Before he can so much as vocalize the first syllables, you interrupt him. “Anyway. Next task.” 
His mouth snaps shut at once and he leans back in his seat, arms crossed over his chest. As a result, his sleeves ride up a bit and reveal what you think to be the familiar-looking sight of ink on skin on his forearm. The thought of asking him about what you just saw pops up in your head but you dismiss it immediately. Even if he does have a tattoo, it’s certainly none of your business.
Jungkook grows confused at the lasting silence and decides to break it himself. “Right, physics,” he says casually, leaning forward again.
You begin to describe the law of conservation of energy to him but stop when the wind outside catches you off guard. It’s whistling loudly, almost like it’s begging for attention, and as much as you would like to comply with its wishes by standing up and watching the breathtaking natural wonder unfold itself outside, you remain seated, desperate to just get this over with. 
Jungkook tapping your foot with his - something you've gotten used to with the passing of time - is what pulls you out of your trance. “Oh yea, sorry. Uhm, okay so, you need to figure out how much energy is needed to-” At once, the lights go out.
Weirdly, your first instinct isn’t to scream or shout, but rather, an alarmed gasp is all that leaves you. The scraping of a chair on the floor followed by Jungkook's annoyed groan has you trying to reach out for him, feeling suddenly vulnerable with the dark all around you. “Shit, the power went out,” Jungkook exclaims, and you can vaguely make out his figure moving somewhere. You stand up as well, ready to get your phone from your jacket pocket, which is kind of difficult to find if you can't see anything. 
Somewhere to your right, drawers are opened and closed, and you decide to follow the sound to orient yourself. Until you bump into its creator. “Oh, sorry!” you stammer, carefully making your way further through the dark. Jungkook’s voice stops you. “Wait, could you hold this for a moment?” 
The darkness around you is already starting to grow annoying and you pry your eyes open further, trying to make out where exactly Jungkook is standing, only to realize that doing so changes literally nothing. You're still as blind as a mole. So alternatively, you decide on using your voice. “Yea, where are you?”
You let Jungkook guide you and give you instructions until you're apparently standing right before him. He places something cylinder shaped and heavy in your hands, and if it weren’t for its unique texture, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that it‘s a candle. 
Jungkook goes on rummaging through the cabinets, in search of a lighter, you speculate, and you're proven right when a small flame lights the wick on fire.
The dim glow of the candle is much more pleasant than the artificial light that is usually radiated from standardized lamps, and you’re thankful that Jungkook decided to put it on. Also because you can at least somewhat see things again. 
Jungkook is having a similar trail of thought, only that he is thankful to be able to see again for an entirely different reason. Dipped in the golden hue, you somehow look even better than usual, and Jungkook feels a weird sense of nervousness overcome him standing so close to you. “You alright?” he inquires in order to ease the uncomfortable tension a bit. You shuffle on your spot but answer him yes, nevertheless.
Though the candle feels warm in your hands, you offer it to him so that you can proceed with your original mission. It’s much easier to find your phone now, with the tiny flame shining in the room, but upon reaching your jacket and opening the device, you are blinded beyond belief by the lock screen and its brightness setting. You tune it down as quickly as possible and then dedicate yourself to opening the weather app. You frown when you see that it isn’t supposed to stop until the morning, and, from across the room, it looks like Jungkook has come to the same conclusion. 
His face is still illuminated with the small rays of light emitted from his phone when he says, “Seems like it’s going to stay like this for some time.” 
You stand in place for a little while, pondering what you are going to do next. Either, you stay here and endure the awkward silence that always follows a lack of topics to talk about, or you leave now, as long as the weather still isn't too bad.
Yup, you know exactly which of these options you like better. 
Throwing on your jacket and taking your purse, you're about to slip on your shoes when Jungkook asks, “What are you doing?”
“Leaving before it gets worse,” you answer him, and Jungkook watches you get dressed in silence before saying, “____, have you seen the way it’s storming outside? I mean, if this isn’t the worst, then what is?” Jungkook is surprised at how steady and authoritative he sounds when the only thing he actually wants to do is beg for you to stay.
Your movements halt and you go over his words in your head. “It’s not that bad,” you begin but trail off when you shoot another look out the window, only to see more lightning strike through the sky. Jungkook scoffs and you turn toward him. “You’re kidding, right? No offense, but aren’t you supposed to be the smart one? The least you should do is stay until the lights turn back on.” You roll your eyes, something you allow yourself to do only because you know he won't be able to see, hating that he's making sense right now. So, with one final look out the windows, you sigh and reluctantly get undressed.
Jungkook gives you a breathy laugh. “Phew, for a second there, I thought you were actually going to leave.” 
“Believe me, I want to,” you reply quietly, crossing your arms in the process. After what feels like an eternity of just standing there, you shiver involuntarily, the cold finally getting to you. “Jungkook,” you say, his name lying dully on your tongue. “Do you maybe have a blanket or something?” 
For the second time tonight, Jungkook is embarrassed at how bad of a host he is. Out of instinct, he looks around the room in hopes of finding something to cover you up with, only to realize that it’s too dark to see anything. He thinks he has a throw blanket somewhere on the couch, so he takes the candle and tells you, “Sure, come on over here.”
You're wary of his words but follow the moving flame, anyway. When you see Jungkook sit down on the couch, you follow his lead, making sure to leave a good amount of space between the two of you. As soon as you’re sitting comfortably, Jungkook slings something weighted and soft around your shoulders. Straight away, you feel warmer, and somehow it seems a lot like the dark lost some of its eeriness.
The silence that follows is deafening, and you contemplate if using your phone now would be considered rude. You settle on yes, and are left to fidget with your hands, that one hangnail suddenly becoming very interesting.
Unable to endure the quiet any longer, Jungkook watches the glowing flame, trying to come up with something that will finally allow him to tear down the wall that divides professionalism from personal life, which you set up between the two of you the very moment you walked into his apartment for the first time. He straightens up a bit when an idea blooms in his head.
“So,” You hear Jungkook say. “Should we play some type of game, or…?” he trails off and you pull the blanket around yourself tighter. “Like what?” you ask, just because you would do anything to have the time pass by faster. 
Aware of the fact that this is his one and only chance to get you to open up, Jungkook is extra careful when he suggests the following, “How about 21 Questions?” Since you don’t answer immediately, he adds, “We don’t have to, of course.” But he makes sure that a hint of disappointment is detectable in his tone.
You look at him and can’t tell if his eyes are truly glistening with anticipation or if it’s simply a trick created by the scarce rays of light, reflected in his iris. You don't give him a clear answer, but rather ask, “How exactly do you play that?”
“Right,” Jungkook says, trying very hard to keep his excitement down. “Well usually, with two players, one would ask the other 21 questions and that person would have to answer. When the first person is done answering, the roles are reversed, and the other person gets to ask the questions.” He observes you to get your impression, but all he sees is you nodding along hesitantly.
21 questions is seriously a lot, and you find yourself wondering if, by playing this game, you are overstepping some kind of tutor-tutee boundary. But then again, haven't you already done that by staying here with Jungkook to begin with?
Noting your unsure state, Jungkook rushes to say, “We could also just make it 21 questions in total and ask alternately?” At this, you exhale audibly. “Sure.” Is all you can muster up as an answer and Jungkook gives a tentative smile.
“Who’s going to start?” you ask, knowing there’s no way back out now. You start to feel a lot like an animal out on display, caged in its small premise.
“Is that your first question?” Jungkook questions smartly, trying to brighten up the dull mood a little. You shoot him a look and, even though he can barely see you, he can perfectly picture your unimpressed expression. “I got one,” he says in an attempt to deflect from his stupid joke. “What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?”
You suppress your grin and instead think about his question. For some reason, you can’t help but ask yourself whether Jungkook will think that you're boring as you respond, “Um, I like to read.” You look at him, and all you’re met with is his inquisitive stare. But you don’t elaborate further, instead, you avert your eyes and hit him with a question of your own. 
“What does the first derivative mean?” This definitely isn’t what Jungkook was expecting when he recommended playing a game, but it's the only thing you could come up with on such short notice.
He answers, anyway, and correctly on top of that. “Something about the slope of the tangent and the monotony of the function.” You clap your hands enthusiastically, proud to have found out that Jungkook did, actually, learn something new today. 
“What’s your favorite book?” Comes his second question, and, without a second's worth of delay, you state your favorite book and its author. Just thinking about the storyline and the characters as well as the first time you ever read it makes all kinds of emotions bubble up your chest and you feel yourself grow excited rapidly. 
Even in the gloominess, Jungkook sees the way your entire face practically lights up at the aforementioned book, and he’s tempted to ask further questions about it, just to keep that beam on your face. But he manages to hold himself back at the last minute, afraid that moving too fast will make you close up. Locking that tiny part of the crumbling tutor facade you’ve just offered to him away again. 
Since it's your turn to pose a question now, you push the thoughts of your favorite read away, and ask, “What does the second derivative mean?” You realize that asking these things makes you sound very unenthusiastic with regard to the game, but you genuinely don’t know what else to ask. It’s not like you want to get to know him or anything - you were basically lured into a trap to engage in this activity in the first place.
Trying his best to remain hopeful, Jungkook answers you casually, “It detects deflection points and determines the curvature behavior of a function.”
Again, you are positively surprised to hear Jungkook being so quick and so accurate with his answer. The surprise must be written all over your face because he exclaims, “Hey, don’t look at me like that! I always listen when you talk.” His movements halt abruptly, and his eyes widen as if shocked about his own admission.
You’re about to comment on his previous statement when he changes the course of the conversation purposefully, asking you, “What makes your favorite book your favorite book?”
This time, you actually have to think about how exactly to respond. Is there even a way to truly explain what makes a book your favorite one? It feels like whatever you answer now, it's all going to be an understatement of what your true thoughts are, a brief insight into something that is so much more complex and beautiful. Something that you just can’t put into words. “I can't really explain. You’ll have to read it yourself and see.”
Jungkook regards you with nothing but pure interest. Completely engrossed with you and anything that has to do with you. And so, he tells you, “Okay, I will.” The sincereness in his voice shocking even himself since he’s never been one to like reading, especially the voluntary kind.
A tiny part of you melts a little, noticing the way Jungkook has shown nothing but genuine enthusiasm in listening to you talk about something that means a lot to you, and pull your knees up to your chest, allowing them to slip beneath the blanket as well. Somehow, this makes you feel a little better, like you’re at last attempting to maintain the distance you once purposefully created between the two of you, by hiding yourself away from him.
Clearing your throat, you go on. “How do you calculate the-“ Jungkook’s groan interrupts you and you understand that his patience has waned thin.
“____, stop with the science questions already,” he says, and a different, unreasonable part inside of you is grateful for his disturbance. Now, you explain to yourself, you have to ask actual questions because otherwise, Jungkook would just grow more annoyed. If anything, he asked for you to step over the imaginary line. Plus, it’s not like the two of you will become best friends or anything by asking each other some harmless questions.
“Fine, uh, what’s your favorite color?” The quickly improvised question draws inspiration from your current surroundings, which are all black or dyed in a dark blue hue, the same colors you expect Jungkook’s favorites to be. Therefore, you purse your lips suspiciously when he answers, “Red, probably.”
Jungkook notices the way you scrunch your face up in wonder, and his leg bounces up excitedly when you say, “Really? I thought it was going to be either black or blue.” The realization that this means you’ve thought about what his favorite color could be before, makes Jungkook feel light-headed, and he imagines what else there is you might have thought about. Maybe about what his favorite movie could be? Maybe about the way his lips would taste when you share a kiss whilst watching that exact movie? Or maybe the way he could fuck you into oblivion with the same movie fading away to become just a noise in the background?
No wonder he’s beginning to feel light-headed when all the blood that should be going to his brain, rushes into his dick instead. He needs to stop thinking about you that way right this moment. Still, he can’t hide the evident grin in his voice when he says, “You’ve thought about what colors I like?” 
Your eyes widen and you notice your mistake now, trying to think fast of anything that will allow you to change the topic. “Is that your next question?” you retort boldly, internally patting yourself on the shoulder for being so clever and managing to use his own weapons against him.
What you don't know is that Jungkook is loving every single minute of this. You joking around with him only means he’s on the right track to get your walls down. Still, Jungkook pretends to let you win when he chuckles and says, “Okay, I get it.” And he decides his next question is going to be something completely unexpected. “Would you rather have legs as long as fingers or fingers as long as legs?”
“First of all, that is a very weird question. And second of all,” You go over the options offered to you, imagining what life would be like if you really had legs as long as fingers or fingers as long as legs. “I would have to say the latter.”
“So fingers as long as legs?” You nod. “Yeah, I think me too. At least then you could cut them off a bit to shorten them,” he says, and you agree, “That’s exactly what I was thinking.”
Jungkook motions for you to ask your next question, and you ponder for a second what other basic things there are to ask somebody whom you don’t really know before you settle on something that at least seems somewhat interesting. “What’s your favorite song right now?” 
A part of Jungkook’s brain clicks and he becomes aware of the chance offered to him by the universe. Or cupid. Actually, who cares what made any of this possible, as long as he acts on the given opportunity. He suppresses a mischievous grin, and waits a few moments, as if truly going over the question in his head, pretending to think of an answer. 
“‘Lost in the Fire’ is pretty great,” he says after a while, though the song name has been swirling around in his head from the moment you asked the question. Just like he expected and hoped for, you do not seem to be familiar with the title. 
“Hm, I haven’t heard of it.” There’s a hint of curiosity in your words and Jungkook decides to play along, happy that his plan seems to work.
“Oh, really?” he asks, and you don’t make a move to stop him when he gets out his phone and opens the music app to play the song. “I'll put it on for you,” he says, before clicking on the title and thanking the genius that made the downloading of tracks possible all those years ago.
Whilst you wait, you focus on Jungkook. Able to see him better now, on behalf of the screen light, you are once again reminded of how handsome he is. Afraid you’ll say something stupid if you keep on staring, you turn away, and focus your attention on the fast tune that now fills the room. Realization hits you before the lyrics start, and your eyes widen when you rush to tell him, “Nevermind, I do know this song.” At the same time, the artist sings the first lines.
Jungkook thoroughly enjoys watching you get flustered, unsure how to react to his specific choice of song. He tries his best to express indifference by maintaining a neutral expression, and stopping the music like nothing just happened. Still, he hopes that you can catch a hint of what he’s actually trying to convey.
That wasn’t his favorite song, but you don't need to know that.
Jungkook runs his hands along his thighs, as though there’s dirt on them he desperately wants to get off, or in this case, specific questions that are nagging at his mind that just won’t leave him be. But he doesn’t yet allow himself to fulfill the desire of asking them, suppressing it even through the arising cockiness. Instead, he plays it safe and stays superficial by retaliating with the same question you asked him. “What’s your favorite song?”
You play with a stray thread on the blanket, still mentally recovering from what just happened, and trying hard not to draw any parallels between the lyrics and the current situation. Sadly, ‘I wanna fuck you slow with the lights on’ doesn’t leave much open to the imagination. With a small shake of your head, you concentrate on the game again. “Uh, I don’t really have a favorite song. But there are certain artists I tend to listen to,” you say, getting over yourself and turning to look at him.
“That’ll work, too,” he says, and you push your bottom lip out in thought. “Uhm, I like Harry Styles?” It comes out more as a question than a statement in itself, and you’re sure it’s because Jungkook’s fond look is throwing you off more than you would like to admit. 
The candle flickers a little, and Jungkook gives you a toothy smile when he says, “What you mean like ‘Walk through fire for you, just let me adore you?’’’ His singing resonates through the dark room like an echo in a forest, sounding incredibly soft and pure.
Though your mouth drops open, you don’t compliment his singing, nor do you react to the lyrics he just sang. Instead, you retort, “No, more like ‘You’re just an arrogant son of a bitch-’”
“Hey, that’s not the lyrics!” Jungkook’s shocked expression has you breaking out into a small fit of laughter.
Even through the lack of light, Jungkook can see the cute way you try to cover your mouth with your hand. With the movement, the blanket around your shoulders slides down a little, revealing a neck that looks as untouched as freshly fallen snow, which Jungkook would gladly be the first to walk through.
When your laughter subsides, you make no moves to cover the exposed part again, and Jungkook takes that as a good sign.
“Alright, you’re right, I’m sorry,” you say, breathing in deeply once to calm down. “Next question, what is the subject in school you like best?” You imagine it to be choir, simply because you can perfectly picture Jungkook standing up on stage, pulling everyone’s attention toward him with his angel voice, and loving every second of it. Not that you’re judging, though. If you could sing like him, you would make sure that there wasn’t a single person out there that didn't know about it.
Though Jungkook hates that you unknowingly reminded him of the fact that he’s still in high school, he acts naturally by simply ignoring it, and then answers truthfully by saying, “I like art and literature.” 
You let out a theatrical gasp. “What a coincidence. Those are the two subjects I sucked at the most.” 
It’s supposed to be a funny comment, but instead something in Jungkook’s face glimmers when he asks his eleventh question. “So, does that mean you’ve gotten a bad grade before?”
The stare you give him is incredulous, and you tell him, “Of course I’ve gotten a bad grade before. What makes you ask that?” 
Jungkook just shrugs innocently. “Because, I don’t know, you seem like the type of student whose talents lie everywhere,” he says, and you let the compliment sit in the room for a moment. 
Eventually, you shoo it away by saying, “Thank you, that’s… sweet.” Jungkook’s lip quirks up. “Uh, is it still my turn?”
“It is if you want it to be.”
Another bolt of lightning strikes and the room is illuminated, if only for a split second. Your eyes adjust to the darkness from anew, and you blink a couple of times, beginning for the lights to turn back on for more than one reason. “Why do you like art and literature?” An unpleasant memory pops up in your head as you ask the question, and you’re very grateful that you won't ever have to endure either one of those subjects again.
“Very easy, I’m good at them,” Jungkook answers sheepishly, a little embarrassed at how straightforward the answer is. “I draw a lot, and I sometimes write stuff too, you know,” he says in an attempt to appear more mysterious, trying to intrigue you.
It seems to work because you ask, “Really? Can I read something you wrote?” Though he’s got you right where he wants you, he wags his finger no in front of your face.
“No questions unless it’s your turn.” You roll your eyes at him but listen to his words, anyway, remaining quiet until he asks something again.
“On that note, have you always wanted to study veterinary medicine?” Jungkook pauses after he asks, checking to see if you just noticed his slip-up. You’ve never told him before what you’re studying to become later at college, so there isn’t technically any way for him to know. Technically. Of course, Jungkook’s always got a few tricks up his sleeve, especially when it comes to something he wants a lot. In this case, the trick carries the name Min Yoongi, who conveniently goes to the same college as you, and had no problems providing Jungkook with the requested information about you. 
However, his worry is deemed to be unnecessary, since you show no signs of a reaction at all, looking rather absent actually. 
You watch as a small droplet of wax slides along the candle side, only to pool at its feet like a sad, murky puddle, Jungkook’s question having hit you harder than he probably intended it to. “Honestly, no. When I was younger, I always wanted to become a cook,” you answer him quietly.
“Why didn’t you?”
When you square out your shoulders a little, the blanket slides off you even further, now only lying in a heap around your hips, and definitely not surviving its purpose of keeping you warm anymore because you shiver once again. Yet you don’t move to place it over yourself again. “Well, you know, first off, it doesn't really pay well. Uh, and then also I guess life just kinda caught up with me, and yea. Looks like I’m becoming a vet now, and that’s fun, too.” 
The words, Jungkook realizes, are more of a reassurance to yourself than an answer to him, and he refrains from scoffing in a disapproving manner. Still, he says, “But if you had really wanted to do it, none of that would have truly stood in your way.” He cares enough about you to feel bothered with the way that you just let your aspiration slip past your fingers without putting up much of a fight.
You cross your arms over your chest protectively, ready to defend yourself if you must, but when you look at Jungkook again, all that bitterness fades away. Something inside you breaks a little, and you can only hope that it’s out of self-pity. 
“My turn,” you rush to say. “Can I read something you wrote?”
Regaining his composure, Jungkook thinks of all the works he’s written so far. “I don’t think that’d be such a good idea honestly.” 
“But,” he says, taking notice of your disappointed sigh, “I could write something new. Just for you, I mean.” The countless poems he has stored in his room are all about you, anyway. So it shouldn’t be that great of a difficulty. “I think you’d be a nice topic to write about,” Jungkook says earnestly.
The meaning behind the smile that spreads out on your face is for you, and only you to know about. A secret that hides away how warm his simple comment makes you feel inside.  
“I’m curious, what’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?” 
You blush profoundly but answer truthfully, nevertheless. “Somebody once told me that I would be a nice topic to write about.” Such unique words, you realize, make you feel special in a way nothing has ever done before. Something unspoken passes between you and Jungkook after your confession, and it makes you want to ask something that makes him feel just as special.
“Jungkook, do you have any tattoos?” The question has come to you on a whim, with the image of how his sleeve rode up an hour or so ago on your mind.
Delighted that you asked this question, Jungkook chooses to answer you by pushing up his right sleeve and using the flash of his phone to shine light on his forearm. 
The sight of a few, scattered tattoos greets you, and to say that you’re amazed would truly be an understatement. Though there isn’t a great variety of pieces to choose from, they’re still etched into his arm in all different sizes and forms, permanently staining his arm in colored ink or just standard black. You take his hand in yours, assessing the drawings up close, occasionally tracing them with your finger, wanting to know the story behind every one of them.
Suddenly, you notice that this is Jungkook you have in front of you and drop his arm like it’s burned the tips of your fingers. “Sorry,” you say, and Jungkook lets out a breathy chuckle. 
“I didn’t mind,” he says to reassure you. But the moment’s over and he turns his phone off again. “You know, once I get the entire sleeve done, I want to get my hand tattooed,” he tells you, voicing a wish he’s had ever since he turned eighteen a few months ago. 
Absorbed in what he has to tell you, you listen attentively. “I’ve wanted to do it since I turned eighteen, just haven’t found the time yet. Or the motif.” 
Just because he said it was alright with him, you take his hand in yours again, brushing over the knuckles. “Hm, maybe a pretty four-letter word?” Your fingers pause their movements. “Like ‘moon.’”
“Maybe, yeah,” Jungkook says, liking the idea of you being the one that chooses his next design for him. Noticing your investment, he asks, “Do you want any tattoos?”
“Uhm, I think so, yes,” you say, more sure of your answer now that you saw the way Jungkook’s arm is covered in them and how distinctive you think they make him look. “I was debating between getting one on my hip or on my shoulder.” 
Jungkook thinks for a second. “Probably depends on what image you want to get.” 
“Some type of animal, like a butterfly or a-” Remembering something, you gasp, cutting yourself off in the process. “That reminds me of something extremely important: are you a cat or a dog person?” Your eyes turn into two small slits, watching carefully as Jungkook tries to come up with an answer he thinks will satisfy you. 
He intertwines his hands as he says, “I think cats are great companions for when you want to live a relaxed life and simply want to feel like you’re not alone, and dogs are more like an energetic friend whom you get to treat like a baby on the side. With that being said, I like both.” 
You click your tongue approvingly and your eyes regain their natural shape. “Such a diplomatic answer. I'll let it pass.” 
Jungkook smiles. “But wait, you were saying you want to get a tattoo either on your hip or your shoulder?”
“Yeah, I don’t know. You can’t really go wrong with the shoulder but then again the hip is a more intimate place. I guess only for a selective amount of people to see.” You go over the answer in your head again and you find it making sense to you.
“So, how many people would have gotten to see it so far?” Jungkook asks bashfully, and you’re a little confused as to what he means.
“I mean, you know,” He clears his throat, “What’s your body count?” The question slips past his lips just like that, the filter that once prevented him from being so straightforward is long gone. In its place, Jungkook finds an odd amount of ease, like he knows he won't be facing any repercussions by asking such things anymore. 
And it's true because you’re not at all bothered by the question, your only reaction being a light slap to his shoulder and a grin as you exclaim, “Jungkook!”
A bothersome tingling sensation shoots through his body, starting right where you touched him. When you answer him by shyly holding out one finger for him to see, and saying, “One.” Jungkook feels another rush of excitement pulse through his body. 
“Alright,” he says, his voice coming out a little raspy. You hide your head in your hands, feeling oddly embarrassed by your own admission, and trying to lessen the heat your face has acquired. You can’t even tell if it’s the number itself that’s getting to you, or the fact that Jungkook doesn’t look at all judgemental, but rather pleased with your answer. Either way, you decide to divert from the topic that is your sex life by asking him a question that is hopefully equally unpleasant to answer.
“What was your first impression of me?” you exhale shakily, then notice that this could much quicker get unpleasant for you than it could for him. First impressions are almost always inaccurate, and you're about to retract the question out of fear that what he’ll say will hurt you, when Jungkook answers. “That you must be very smart, of course.”
Oh, that doesn’t sound too bad. With a small quirk of your brow, you motion for him to go on. “And that you’re very pretty.” Newly built-up giddiness has you pulling on the sleeves of your sweater, and you voice your thanks feebly, already content with his answers. But Jungkook isn’t done yet.
“And that I really want to kiss you.” Time stands still and your body goes rigid next to his, the mere inches that separate the two of you suddenly becoming something you're hyper-aware of.
“Can I kiss you?”
Your mouth stands slightly agape, letting his words sink in. You don’t answer, although you're not too sure if this has to do with the fact that you’ve been stunned into silence, or with the fact that your voice seems to have failed you. Finally, you snap your mouth shut, and something uncontrollable within you begins to burn with heat like it hasn’t done in a long time. 
His last question hangs over the logical part of your brain like a thick fog, preventing it from giving any input when you begin to nod your head slowly. 
Jungkook moves in slowly whilst you still stand frozen. His lips on yours are what release you from your spell, and the entire moment feels simultaneously right and wrong. Perhaps that is the exact reason why the kiss is so exhilarating. It’s like a subconscious part of you has always waited for this to happen.
The two of you break apart for a split second, sharing a breath. Neither of you says anything before you come back together fervently, craving each other’s mouths like two people starved. This is something unusual and perfect like you’ve never experienced it before, and you don’t think you want it to ever stop. You don’t complain when Jungkook moves you on top of him, one leg on either of his sides.
The quiet, rational voice inside you tells you to stop this. Stop it now before it escalates any further. But a much stronger part of you is yearning for more. More of his lips. More of his touch. More of him.
When he begins kissing down your neck, nipping and sucking as he goes, you first his sweater, clinging to it and trying to contain that small piece of sanity that is still left in you. “Jungkook.” His name escapes your lips as a soft gasp. He bites down on your skin delicately, surely leaving a bruise in his wake, and licks over the same spot right after, as if to soothe it. 
Although what you’re doing right now is certainly frowned upon by many people - if not forbidden - you can’t bring yourself to care. Not with the way that his hand caresses along your stomach, opening the button of your jeans effortlessly. And definitely not with the way it keeps on going down further, sliding below your underwear easily.
“You know,” Jungkook mumbles into your skin, “I may not be very good at math or physics, but there’s something else I’m very good at.” Two of his fingers ghost over your wet entrance, and he waits shortly, giving you time to interfere with his actions if you want to. 
An urgent press of your body against his and a silent yes is what he takes as your approval for him to continue. One skillful touch to your clit sends a shiver of ecstasy up your spine, but his fingers are still just teasing over the place you want him at most. 
“Tell me that I’m doing good,” Jungkook says, pushing in and moving slowly, deliberately, savoring this moment. The moment he finally gets to know the place he has fantasized about way too many times. The warmth that envelopes him is something he never wants to forget about. Neither are the beautiful little moans leaving your mouth.
When Jungkook reaches a specific spot inside you, a labored breath leaves you, and you whither like an innocent flower exposed to too much sun. “You’re doing so good, Jungkook,” you say, and he picks up on speed, distracting you by placing more kisses along your neck. It’s a little amusing to you that you usually say these exact words to him, only under very different circumstances. 
Right where your body’s connect, Jungkook’s dick stands erect through his pants, poking you softly, and you’re pleased to find out that your comment has had an obvious effect on Jungkook. Deciding to provoke him further you say, “I love your fingers. They’re-” A whimper escapes you as his fingers curl inside you.
“They’re what?” he asks, continuing with the movements and watching the way your bottom lip finds itself trapped between your teeth. 
You lean your forehead against his. “They’re so long.” You finish your sentence, and all coherent thoughts are gone with the wind as Jungkook captures your lips in a heated kiss. 
He takes one of your hands and places it on his stiff length. “Shit, do you see what you’re doing to me? What you’ve been doing to me this entire night.” His words make you grow bold, and you begin rubbing him through his pants carefully. The hitch of his breath encourages you to give him a few more gentle strokes wherever you can, feeling the outline of his cock harden further, and you enjoy watching how Jungkook throws his head back in pleasure. But you know to stop, when you see the way his body begins to twitch beneath your touch.
He groans. “Baby, do you think you can take another one?” he asks, a third finger nearing your heat already. The fact that Jungkook thinks you’re capable of doing so, along with the pet name encourages you to comply with his request. He draws small circles on your clit and makes sure to kiss you a couple more times to distract you from the new stretch. You wrap your arms around his neck, playing with the ends of his hair. What starts out a little painfully soon morphs into intense pleasure, and you feel yourself nearing something close to the definition of bliss. 
“Fuck, have you always been this tiny?” Jungkook asks, sensing your approaching high through the way you keep on clenching around him, and how your breathing becomes labored. 
You manage a whimper of his name when you come undone around his fingers, eyes shut tightly, all of your senses numbed for a good minute. Jungkook makes sure to help
you through your orgasm by keeping on moving slowly, pulling out once your breathing has calmed. 
When you open your eyes to kiss him, something is different. Yes, the world around you is a little blurry, but that’s not the main issue. Somehow, you can see again. The lights must have turned back on whilst you were… holy shit. 
Your brain apparently has also decided to turn on at the same time the lights have, and you almost fall to the ground with how quickly you jump up from the couch. “Oh no. No, no, no.” This cannot be real. This cannot be real, you keep repeating the phrase over and over in your head like a mantra, but Jungkook’s taken-aback expression proves to you that this is, in fact, real. 
“Oh no,” you say, and your breathing turns shallow until you feel like you can’t breathe at all. 
Jungkook follows you up from the couch, reaching out and trying to calm you down but you jerk away from him like he carries some highly contagious and deadly disease. “Woah okay, easy there. Are you alright? You seem a little freaked out,” he asks, a little hurt but still concerned for your well-being.
“I-I need to leave.” Comes your response. You hold your stomach with one hand and your forehead with the other, trying desperately to wrap your head around what just happened. What could have happened had the lights not turned on. 
“Wait, ____-” Jungkook starts, but you’re already rushing past him, making your way toward the door. 
How your legs manage to carry you there is a mystery to you, and the process of grabbing your jacket and putting on your shoes a mere fever dream. 
Growing frustrated, Jungkook hates how helpless he seems now. “____, your phone,” he says, taking it from the couch and approaching you. 
“Huh, oh yeah, thank you.” You don’t meet his eyes when you snatch it from his hands. Hell, you don’t even look at his hands, afraid they’ll remind you of what just happened. 
“____, it’s still storming. What are you doing?” Jungkook tries again, but you’re a lost cause, opening the door to his apartment anyway. 
“I’m sorry,” you say, standing in his doorway. “Good luck with your exam tomorrow.” You slam the door shut behind you, but stand behind it for another minute or so, wondering what idiot says something like that before storming out. You squeeze your eyes shut, trying to erase the last hour from your mind. But to no avail. 
Jungkook has carved himself into your memory. 
And even if you could shut him out, the purple marks on your neck would still be there. A gentle reminder of what happened when the lights were out.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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beenbaanbuun · 6 months
Work of Art - Jeon Jungkook
Words - 4.6k
Genre - smut
Warning(s) - tattoo artist! reader, customer!jk, semi-public sex, unprotected sex (use a condom), begging (if you squint), pet names, just plain old fluffy sex
Tumblr media
You sat back in your office chair, thankful that it reclined back a little. ‘Stressed’ was too light of a word to describe how you feeling, your entire head filled with cotton wool as you sat with an empty Procreate page open. It had been that way for a few hours, each and every line that you drew getting erased after only a few minutes of it being on the page. Who knew being a tattoo artist would give you such a headache. 
“You taking a break?” Jimin spoke from the doorway, stopping to lean against the wooden frame once he’d noticed your pathetic form. Your groans of frustration blended in pretty well with the permanent buzz of the shop, but your coworker could recognise your sounds of annoyance anywhere.
“I have my client coming in, in,” You stopped to check the clock on the wall, groaning once more when you saw the time, “about 2 hours.” A deep sigh left you as you sat up straight once more, eyes focussing on the blank screen in front of you once more. 
Jimin’s soft laugh tinkled through the room as he moved closer to you. At least someone was having a good time. 
“You left it this late to draw up a design?” He plopped himself down on the bed, careful not to spill any of his coffee onto the soft, black leather beneath him. “I knew you were bad at time management but this takes the biscuit.”
He was right, of course. Not about you leaving the design until two hours before the appointment, but about how bad you were at keeping on top of things. It’s not that you’d forgotten about the tattoo you were doing today, you just didn’t do it. Part of you thought it’d be easy enough to draw a ‘traditional Korean dragon’, as per your client’s request, but it was proving to be more difficult than you expected.
And it's not that you didn't have any ideas either. Quite the opposite actually, your mind racing with so many different thoughts that you could barely keep track of any of them long enough to put something onto paper. Of course, you could’ve just looked something up and done something similar to that, but your clients came to you because you were different. You always did things in your own way, incorporating little details that made it obvious that it was you who’d done it. 
“I thought it’d be easy, but it isn’t.” Your pen hovered over the tablet, not once touching the screen that you were desperately staring at, seemingly trying to magic an image onto the page. 
“Have you tattooed them before?” 
“It's Jungkook.” Jimin nodded as if that answered his question perfectly, which it did.
Jungkook was your longest and most supportive client. Since discovering you a year ago, you were the person he went to see for all of his tattoos. He liked your work, and how intricate and beautiful your designs were, not to mention the little personal touches you added. Your work ethic was something he admired too; you had fun with your clients, trying your hardest to make them feel as comfortable as possible whilst still maintaining enough professionalism to remind your clients that you weren’t a friend, but rather someone offering them a service. 
But most of all, he liked you. He liked the sound of your voice, soothing and quiet as you conversed with him, witty remarks spilling from your mouth every so often. You spoke with about as much eloquence as a pre-schooler, but you still found a way to engage every single person that sat in that chair. Somehow, you seemed to distract people from your lack of linguistic skill, and to Jungkook, that was something beautiful. 
“Oh, you mean lover boy?” You thanked God you were facing away from your friend because you were positive he would’ve teased you for the vibrant red colour your face had turned. “Didn’t he come in over a week ago?” 
“Well, yeah…”
“So you’re telling me you’ve had all weak to do this and you’re starting now?”
“Technically I started this morning,” It wasn’t a lie. You’d gone into work three hours earlier than you said you would. Safe to say Yoongi, the snarky receptionist that usually sat playing solitaire on his laptop all day, was shocked when you showed up on your morning off. Especially since it had always been your philosophy that time off was for sleeping, eating and watching shitty Netflix movies. “My head is just… empty.”
“So no change then?”
“Shut your mouth.”
Jimin left soon after that, giving you space to panic. And panic you did. Your brain was turning over even quicker than it was before, each idea disappearing before you could draw more than a few lines. You felt like screaming, but the parlour was quiet and the last thing you wanted to do was disturb Namjoon, who was a few hours into a long session. There’d be hell to pay if you made him jump and mess up his work, something that he took such great pride in.
Instead of screaming, you simply let your body lean forwards, your head slamming into the desk with force. The bang was loud, but not quite as loud as the cry of anguish you truly wanted to let out, so it was a win in your eyes. It hurt too, which helped still your thoughts for a second or two. A few curses slipped out as your eyes flooded with tears of pain, blurring your vision before they fell and landed on the tabletop. 
Why couldn’t you think? You’d tattooed Jungkook plenty of times before. You knew what he liked and what he was looking for, so realistically, this shouldn’t have been a difficult task. And the last thing you wanted to do was push the appointment back. You didn’t have a time slot available for a while, and making Jungkook wait wasn’t ideal. Jimin would argue that you just wanted to see him because of your ‘schoolgirl crush’ that you had on him (you couldn't deny the truth at this point, everyone could see it) but you just felt bad for the guy. He seemed so excited about getting it done.
With the thought of disappointing your most faithful client, you picked yourself up, massaged your sore forehead a little, and held your pen once more. The premature guilt that had set in seemed to clear your head a little, allowing you to sort through the designs that were flashing through your brain. For the first time that day, you actually managed to get some lines down onto the open canvas in front of you and you felt a wave of relief leave you as the dragon began to take shape before your eyes.
Just in time, you praised yourself as the door to the shop opened and in walked Jeon Jungkook, fifteen minutes earlier than your agreed time.
You didn’t turn to look at him through your open door, choosing instead to focus on adding the final touches to the drawing. It was pretty much complete, but you wanted to fight off the inevitable blush for as long as possible. Even just hearing him talk to Yoongi from across the building was enough to make your face feel a little hot.
With one final laugh at something Yoongi had said, he said a quick ‘thank you’ to your receptionist and began to make his way over to you. A wide grin sat on his face once he spotted you in your chair, slouched over your iPad, pen resting between your teeth as you studied what he assumed to be his dragon. He couldn't see it fully from where he was, but he already knew he was going to love it. He always did love your art and he especially loved the way it looked on his body.
“Hey, Cutie,” He spoke as he walked into the room and shut the door behind him, alerting you of his presence. His smooth voice made you tense up, your shoulders suddenly going stiff as your heart rate sped up. You definitely made the right decision to face away from the door, taking a second to breathe before spinning around to face him.
Immediately as you did, you regretted it. It was like you were seeing him for the first time every time your eyes locked with his, the same spark rushing through your body as his baby face lit up in glee. Usually, you tried to avoid his eyes. They were wide and beautiful and full of love; a perfect distraction from the rest of his body that was so well built that you were sure he could crush you without even trying. Not that that was something you’d particularly mind…
“Hi, Kookie,” You wore a small smile as you spoke, desperate to keep your attraction for him a secret. “I didn’t think you’d be here for another fifteen minutes.” 
“Jimin messaged me. Told me you seemed stressed.” That was new. As far as you knew, Jimin had only met Jungkook a few times. It was usually when you were busy leant over his thick bicep, your tattoo gun placed between your fingers as you traced your intricate drawings onto his perfectly smooth, honey skin. 
“I didn’t realise you two were close.” 
“Oh, we’re not,” He chuckled out, taking his place on the bed across from you. “He asked for my number last time I was here but he only ever seems to talk to me about you. I think he's trying to set us up.”
That little shit. You made a mental reminder to give him a piece of your mind when you two were next alone.
“Sounds like Jimin,” You said through gritted teeth, trying your hardest to hide your annoyance. “He means well.” 
“I don’t mind it, y’know,” Jungkook said, his pink tongue darting out to wet his lips. His piercing glistened in the light as his tongue flicked against it. It was pretty. “It's nice to have a wingman.”
You let out a cough, choking a little at his shameless flirting. Sure, it wasn’t rare for him to try his hardest to make you flustered, but it was the first time he’d been so forward. It was the first time he’d ever given any indication of actually being attracted to you. You soon calmed yourself down though, convincing yourself that it was something that he said to every woman he came across.
“Jimin would be a piss-poor wingman if you ask me,” You tried to sound confident, although the slight shudder in your voice gave you away. “I reckon I’d be better at finding you a girlfriend.”
“He’s not that bad actually. He knows my type, after all.” He shot you a wink, making your poor, overworked heart beat even faster than it was beforehand.
“Your type?” Your voice was hushed, shaking a little as he stared you down. How was it that he could make you so weak so quickly? All he had to do was compliment you a little and suddenly you were a puddle at his feet, ready for him to do whatever he pleased to you. 
“You know I thought you would’ve picked up on it by now, dummy.” He was leaning forwards now with his elbows placed on his knees. Knees that were spread to each side, the gap between them tempting you. It seemed like it’d be comfortable to sit between his thighs, cock snugly inside of you as he wrapped you in his strong arms. Fuck, you needed to get your mind out of the gutter.
“Your tattoo,” You sounded so feeble, even to your own ears. God, you were pathetic, desperately thirsting over your own client who was innocently sitting there. Well, innocent was a stretch, but still. The poor man had no idea of the thoughts running through your mind, and you couldn't help but feel guilty. “I need to show you the design.”
You went to turn around and grab your tablet to show him, but before you could, you felt his hand on your arm. His grip wasn't tight, as such, but it was firm, stopping you in your place. He’d touched your arm before, accidental nudges here and there, even a gentle stroke on a few occasions, but never anything like this. He’d never grabbed you before.
“Slow down, hot stuff,” His words were barely above a whisper, “Just take a minute. Think about what I’m telling you, yeah?” You were pleased that the door was closed because if anyone heard the whimper that came out of your mouth, you’d never escape the relentless teasing. Instead, only Jungkook heard it, the sound making his hardening dick twitch in his pants.
“I- I don't know what you’re telling me, Jungkook.” 
“Yes you do, dummy,” He laughed, bringing a hand up to softly take hold of your face. “You’re smarter than this. I know you are.”
Yes, you were. You knew you were smart, but something about him just made your brain stand still. In that moment, not a single thought ran through your head that wasn't about how much you wanted him to fuck you on the tattoo chair. You could only imagine how he’d look above you, tatted biceps rippling as he propped himself up above your body. There was something about the fact that most of the art on his body was yours that turned you on even more. You weren’t territorial by any means, but the thought of his body being permanently marked by you made you so unbelievably wet.
You let yourself focus on his face for a second. His eyes were still glittering like they usually did, although something different rested beneath the surface. Something darker, more dangerous than you were used to. His right eyebrow was slightly cocked curiously. You’d never really taken much notice of his eyebrow piercing before, always preferring ink to metal, but you had to admit it was hot. Not as hot as the ring that sat on his lip though. You wondered how it felt against your tongue. Would the metal still be cold, or would his mouth have warmed it up a little? 
“I think you’re beautiful.” It was out of the blue, but you couldn't hold your thoughts in for much longer. He was stunning. Probably the most perfect individual you’d ever had the pleasure to lay your eyes on. He let out a little laugh, his lips parting to show you his bunny smile. Cute, you thought as you smiled back at him.
“I think you’re beautiful too,” He leaned in a little and it made you wonder how you hadn’t noticed him dragging your chair closer. You guessed the wheels probably helped. “I think you’re probably the most beautiful person I’ve ever looked at, actually.”
“You’re a liar.” You giggled out.
“Am not.” 
He closed the gap between the two of you, connecting his lips to yours. A spark immediately passed the two of you as he slowly moved his lips against yours and everything suddenly fell into place. It was everything you’d ever dreamed of and more. Not like those quick, desperate kisses that you received from strangers during one-night-stands. No, this was not like those at all.
It felt like warm honey, so sweet and soft and comforting, moving against you with such ease. Even when he pressed his tongue into your open mouth, you welcomed it, like a cool breeze on a warm summer day. Something about it felt so natural and you realised that his mouth belonged on yours, just as much as you belonged to him.
You sighed into the kiss as you stood, not once pulling away from him. He knew what you wanted, placing his large hands on your hips and pulling you down onto his lap. Underneath you, his thighs were still spread, forcing you to straddle only one of them. You didn't mind though, the thick muscle offering you something to grind against. 
It felt perfect, slotting between your legs like it was meant to be there. Even before you started moving, you were holding back a moan. The bastard had started to flex the muscle sending shockwaves of pleasure through you. A loud moan escaped you, only to be silenced by the kiss that the two of you seemed to be trapped within. At least the others wouldn’t be able to hear you.
His hands remained on your hips. They hugged your sides perfectly as he began to rock you back and forth against him. The sensation was not unfamiliar, but it felt different when he gave it to you. It meant something more. This wasn't a mindless fuck, after all. This was the man you’d been pining after ever since he showed up on your chair and flashed his sweet little smile at you. Somewhere in the back of your mind was a voice telling you that you didn't mean the same to him, but you weren't sure you cared. 
“Not enough,” You whispered as you pulled away, desperation evident in your voice. “Need more, Kookie.” 
“Take your jeans off, then,” He panted out. “Take them off and then come sit down with me.”
You stood up immediately, your fingers going straight to the button. They fumbled for a second, but Jungkook soon caught your hand in his, stilling them as he undid the button himself. The smirk on his face as he looked up at you was sinful, but you loved it.
“Does my cute little angel need me to strip her?” Yes, you absolutely did need him to strip you. You nodded your head wildly, practically begging him to pull your trousers off of you. “Well, then she needs to tell me that, doesn't she.”
Jungkook took his hands away from you, watching as your face fell. A deep chuckle left him. He got some kind of enjoyment out of the heartbroken look on your face, not that he ever wanted to actually break your heart. You were too pretty for that. 
“Jungkook, please.” 
“Please what?” 
You shot a glare at him.
“Please take my clothes off.” 
“Since you asked so politely.”
He did as you asked, hands immediately going back to the waist of your jeans and gripping onto the rough denim. As he pulled them down, his eyes locked onto your thighs. Soft, smooth skin stretched over your flesh. They were a little thick, just as he liked them, and he couldn't help but imagine what they’d look like in a pair of white thigh-high socks. 
How he’d love to dress you up and make you look oh-so-pretty for him. White would suit you, he thought. In his mind, he saw a little tennis skirt, too short to cover anything. That wouldn’t matter though. He’d be the only person that saw you like that. Your top would be short, barely covering your perfect tits. No bra underneath, of course; why would you wear one when your nipples would look so pretty poking through the thin material he made you wear. 
He let out a groan, the thoughts going straight to his crotch, adding fuel to the fire that was already burning. He needed you immediately, and so he sped up. 
Your shoes came off in his hands, the laces on the shoes having become redundant long ago, and your jeans soon followed. Then it was your underwear, Jungkook’s fingers slipping over the hem and tugging them over the swell of your ass quickly. It seemed as though he was in a rush, with how quickly he was moving. You didn't care though, needing him just as badly as he seemed to need you.
“Fuck.” The groan that came from him once you were fully naked in front of him was primal. He was definitely right when he said you were the most beautiful person he’d ever seen.
His hands flew to his top, whipping it over his head faster than you’d ever seen him move before, his sweatpants following soon after. And then, he was just as naked as you. Apparently, boxers weren’t a necessary thing to wear for your tattoo appointment. Not that you had anything against it; if it meant you got his dick inside of you faster, then you couldn't complain.
Speaking of his member, his dick was by far the prettiest you’d ever seen. It was long, but not too long. Thick, but not too thick. The tip was swollen and pink, pearlescent precum leaking from it. It entranced you, and you felt the sudden urge to feel the weight of it against your tongue. You wondered how heavy it was as it sat there, twitching as you lightly sucked on it. You wondered how he tasted too, your mouth watering that the thought. 
Just as you were about to fall to your knees and make all your wishes come true, he caught you. The look in his eyes told you no, and you let out a whine in response. Yes, your pussy was aching, desperate for even the lightest of touch from him, but you wanted this. Once more, you tried to bend your knees and move onto the floor, but he held you stiff.
“No, Y/N,” His voice was stern, letting you know that he really meant it. You felt a pang of disappointment in your heart, but it soon melted away with the light kiss he pressed to your stomach. “I just need to feel your warmth, sweetheart. Can you do that for me?” 
Of course, you could. Anything for him.
Your body moved without you telling it to. Soon enough, you were back on Jungkook’s lap, hovering over his painfully hard cock. Your eyes were on him as he lined himself up with one hand, the other gripping onto your hips, ready to lower you down onto himself. As he did, your eyes slammed shut, the stretch almost too much for you to handle. You were tight and he was big, of course, there was going to be some sort of discomfort. Especially since he hadn’t prepped you with his fingers. Still, you were wet enough for him to slip in with ease, bottoming out in no time.
Then he stilled, giving the both of you time to adjust. Somehow, you’d managed to keep your eyes open. Maybe you just didn't want to miss the show Jungkook was putting on, his facial expressions too beautiful to miss. His brow was furrowed, his eyelids flickering as he screwed his face up in pleasure. His mouth was open, spilling warm air onto your chest as he panted out. It was all almost too much for him, the feeling of you squeezing his member so exquisite that he almost came on the spot. He stopped himself though. That would’ve been a little embarrassing for him.
“Can you move?” He asked, voice quiet as he hid his face away in your neck. Feeling you nod, he smiled and placed a soft kiss against the sensitive spot underneath your ear.
When you did start to move, he couldn't help but let out a long, deep groan. You felt just as good as he imagined you would. Better, even. Perfect was the only way he could describe it. The way your walls held him tightly as you lowered yourself onto him felt like heaven. Not to mention the soft cries that were leaving your mouth with every stroke. You sounded magical, and he never wanted to stop listening to you.
It was more tender than he assumed it would be, not that he was complaining. The two of you weren’t fucking, but making love. Each and every action came from a place of desire, not for the sex, but the other person. You wanted to be with him. To kiss him whenever you wanted to, falling into place against his lips, just as you had earlier. To hug him and feel his warmth against you. To feel his love and affection and anything else he’d give to you.
The two of you worked in perfect harmony. When your legs began to fail you, Jungkook started bucking up into you, keeping the same pace that you had set. Slow and sensual, was how you’d done it, and he tried his hardest to mirror that. Anything for you, he thought to himself as he brought his thumb down to your clit, adding to your pleasure.
At the same time, he began to nip at the skin of your neck. He wanted to mark you in the same way you’d marked him. They wouldn’t be permanent marks like his tattoos, but he’d try his hardest to make sure they never truly left. Even if he had to mark you up every single day of his life, he was determined to make your body a work of art.
Everything was adding up. The feeling of his dick inside of you, stroking against your walls. The circles that he drew on your clit, drawing even more cries of pleasure from your pretty mouth. The grazing of the cold metal of his piercing against your neck as he drew your blood to the surface. All of it together was making it harder and harder for you to hang on. You felt yourself tighten around him, the knot in your stomach growing tighter and tighter as he toyed with your body.
“I‘m close, Kookie.” 
“I know, sweetheart,” He managed to pull himself away from your neck long enough to speak to you, “Just let go.” 
And so you did, slamming your eyes shut as you held onto him for dear life. Your body shuddered as your orgasm flowed through you. It was nothing like you’d ever experienced before, utterly unique compared to every other orgasm you’d experienced with the other men you’d slept with. Maybe it was the speed of it all, going slow this time rather than fucking like rabbits. Or maybe it was the addition of love. Either way, you preferred it. 
Once you’d ridden out your high, Jungkook pulled himself out of you, manoeuvring your body so you were lying on the tattoo chair. He wrapped a hand around himself as he looked over at you. You looked gorgeous with your sweat sticking to your forehead, chest rising and falling as you tried to catch your breath. Just the sight of your tired body was enough to make him spill his seed onto his hand. One last grunt left him as he climaxed, feeling his body go weak, just as yours did.
He let his body topple onto yours, shifting himself a little so the both of you were lying in a comfortable position. It was like having a huge weighted blanket on top of you, except the blanket was a lot heavier and warmer than normal weighted blankets. Taller too.
“You okay, big boy?” You managed to say despite feeling like you were being crushed.
“Yeah,” He grinned widely, “Just can't believe I got to fuck my dream girl.” 
“Well that's cute and all, but what about your tattoo?” He laughed into your ear, pressing a light kiss onto your temple.
“Is that seriously what’s on your mind right now?” 
“Not just that,” You muttered, snaking your arms around his waist to hold him close to you. “Thinking about how good we are at sex.”
“I guess we were made for each other, cutie.”
“I guess we were.”
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borathae · 2 months
Tumblr media
↳ Index [Day 20 - Gunplay]
Pairing: Gangster!Jungkook x f.Reader
Kinks: Dom!Jungkook, sub!Reader, arranged marriage, gunplay, oral to a gun, big cock, praise, body worship, nippleplay, strength kink, size kink, tattoos & piercings, thigh riding, spanking, dirty talk, sexy possessiveness, multiple orgasms (f.&m. recieving), creampies, squirting, overstimulation, rough & passionate sex in front a window, she rides him, the trope of “this is the first night where the sex feels real and not like a marital duty”
Wordcount: 10.4k
a/n: i feel...feelings. too many of them. most of carnal nature. some of deeply emotional nature. this story did too many things to me, holy fuck i need air. besties, Kinktober hits different because we can be totally unhinged together and i am loving the adventure ❤
Tumblr media
You fucked up. You are aware that you did. Five men are dead, slaughtered because you trusted the wrong person. Seven barely escaped death and the rest were either hurt or pissed. 
Taehyung’s with you, cleaning the cut on your cheek a broken bottle left. You think someone threw it at you, but you blacked out before you could see who did it. 
“Hurts”, you groan. 
“I know, sorry. It must be done”, Taehyung answers you, replacing the blood soaked cotton swap with a new one. Soaked in disinfectant, he presses it against your wound, eliciting another hiss of discomfort from you.
“So what are we gonna tell him?” Jimin asks the question the rest of the group was too afraid to ask. 
“The truth, what else?” Namjoon says dryly, fingers busy with stopping the bleeding on his arm by pressing a cloth to it.
“Yeah and risk her getting shot? Nah thanks”, Seokjin says, shaking his head. 
“People died”, Namjoon hisses, eyes lowered in anger, “Yoongi’s still out and guess shit about how Hoseok’s surgery is going.” 
“She didn’t shoot them did she?”
“She could have very well pulled the fucking trigger.”
You avoid looking at Namjoon, knowing very well that he would probably kill you with just a look if he could. You understand him. You’re angry at yourself as well. You weren’t careful enough and let the details of the meeting meet the wrong people, ending in the cops busting you in the middle of the deal. 
“Where is she?!” Jungkook’s loud voice cuts through the air like thunder.
Your stomach twists in fear. He’s back.
“Oh fuck”, Seokjin gasps, looking at the opened door and regretting not having closed it. 
“Where is she? Where’s my fucking wife?” Jungkook screams outside.
You exchange a panicky look with the others. 
"Is she in there?" Jungkook spits, voice sounding as if he is just by the door.
“Sir wait, they aren’t done-“, one of your guards stumbles into the room and falls forcefully. 
“What the hell?” Jimin exclaims, staring at the groaning guard.
Seconds later the reason for his fall appears in the door frame. 
Jungkook. Black hair messy, eyes dangerously dark in anger and tattooed knuckles bruised from the punch he just threw.
“Don't fucking talk to me like that, cunt”, he spits at the guard.
“I-I'm sorry Sir”, the guard stutters, holding his aching cheek.
Jungkook rolls his shoulders and lifts his head, eyes running over the room and landing on you.
They lower in anger, head tilting to the side in this distinct almost hunter like manner Jungkook always gets when he is in the mood for carnage.
“You wanna fucking tell me what happened?” he hisses, voice calm but you know better than to trust it. You know what Jungkook does with traitors and you are currently the main suspect for the leak.
“I didn’t know Yeonseok would leak that shit”, you say. 
“Don't give me that bullshit, you knew exactly what kinda fuck he is”, Jungkook spits. 
“I didn’t. Listen. I really didn’t. If I had, I’d have shot him.”
“Bullshit. You’re working for them. Ugly fucking undercover pig”, Jungkook growls, reaching for the side. Hidden behind his suit jacket and strapped into a belt, his gun is waiting to be used.
“Hey Kook”, Jimin’s on his feet and in front of Jungkook instantly, “I believe her. She didn’t know Yeonseok was the snitch. We thought Lee would leak the shit, but he got shot. Nobody suspected Yeonseok, especially not ___.”
"I don't believe this", Jungkook growls, taking a step closer with his dark eyes never leaving your face. Jimin stops him, strong hand on Jungkook’s heaving up and down chest and muscles tensing under the turtleneck.
“Think”, he insists, “why would she work for them? The fucking pigs killed her brother, the last thing she'd do is kiss their fucking boots.”
Jungkook fights Jimin, lips curled back in an angry huff of air.
“Let alone betray you. She’s your wife. She chose you, didn’t she?” Jimin adds, finally managing to change Jungkook’s gaze from you to him. 
His hand slips from his gun, he stops fighting Jimin. Now standing still.
“She didn’t choose shit”, Jungkook spits and pushes himself away from Jimin. He walks to the door in heavy steps, “clean this fucking shit up once you’re done”, he hisses. 
“Where are you going?” Seokjin asks. 
Jungkook looks over his shoulder.
“Making sure Yoongi’s got someone with him if he decides to actually bite the dust”, he spits, eyes landing on you for one last deadly look, “fucking shitshow”, he whispers and turns to leave. 
The front door slams closed seconds later. 
“Well fuck”, you press out, sinking in on yourself, “thanks man.”
“Don’t mention it”, Jimin answers you, currently helping the guard back up on his feet.
The air is tense in the room. You all know very well that this wasn’t over yet. 
Tumblr media
The penthouse is empty when Jungkook returns. Safe for the guards out front, everyone else left. 
You didn’t. Obviously, because you live here even if the downstairs was poisoned by work. Upstairs maybe a little bit of home was present. Stuff like memoirs or sweet pictures of you and your husband weren’t present, but at least the lingering stench of blood, drugs and metal wasn’t present upstairs. 
You don’t know if you loved your husband. You are pretty sure he doesn’t love you. Your marriage is a business contract between two wealthy crime families, making sure their money gets secured. You accepted, Jungkook accepted and that was the story of your love. Sex was okay because he's obsessed with perfection and that goes for sex too. Passion or tenderness obviously wasn’t present during those moments, because Jungkook sees sex as much of a task as his other things. Torture, fighting, murder, bringing in money with little loss. Those things have to be calculated and follow a certain pattern to be perfect in his eyes. The same goes for sex. Intimacy wasn’t present either, safe for the moments where he walked around naked in front of you or told you to show off a set of lingerie for him, but that was only because you were married and he saw those acts as duty. Romance was present once. You remember it clearly. It was a Sunday. The 16th of July two years ago. The sun was warm and the organisation was quiet for once. Jungkook took you out for ice cream that day and told you that he thought the dress you wore was pretty. You saw him smile that day and thought that he almost looked innocent when he smiled. You never saw him smile again since that day.
You don’t know if you loved Jungkook and you know he didn’t love you. But that was okay because you didn’t expect him to.
Tumblr media
You were sleeping when Jungkook came home. You wake when he has already showered. He is sitting by the foot end of your bed, legs spread and arms resting on his thighs so he can make his lower arms tangle between them. He is shirtless, giving view to his tattooed torso. His lower body is covered by a towel, his hair is tied into a messy bun. He is overlooking the city. The Empire, which one day will be his' with you as the ruling Queen by his side. That is if he doesn’t decide to murder you tonight.
“Husband?” you try quietly, hoping for a moment that he won’t hear you. 
He inhales loudly, straightening his back.
“Go back to sleep”, he says coldly, eyes never once breaking away from the city. It looks so small from your bedroom window, but this is only an illusion made by just how high up you are.
You often walk in on him jerking off right by the windows and with his hand in a punishing rhythm. Jungkook fucking loves standing by the windows and getting off to how small and tiny everything looks. The king standing on his throne and looking down at his suspects. He fucking cums like crazy to that thought.
“How is Yoongi?” you ask him.
“Alive for now.”
“That's such a relief to hear”, you say honestly.
“And the others? How did the surgeries go?”
“Good. They’ll all live.”
“That’s amazing, I’m so relieved right now.”
You sit up to crawl to him. You snake your arms around him, making him tense up and lift his head proudly. You aren’t wearing much more than panties and a bra. Not very comfortable, but you thought that maybe if you dressed yourself in Jungkook’s favourite set tonight, he won’t kill you the instant he laid eyes on you. It seems to be working, given how you are still breathing. 
The little clothing results in your naked stomach coming into contact with his naked back. His skin feels cold in comparison to yours. 
“Tae and Jin captured Yeonseok. He tried to take one of the boats to flee to Jeju. Did you hear?” you tell him.
“What will happen to him now?”
“Why? So you can save him? Well, too fucking late. I already skinned the bastard. Cut off his cock too, made him eat it cause it’s what lying fucking pigs deserve”, he says almost nonchalantly. 
You feel your stomach twist in disgust. You mask the gag you wanted to do by inhaling deeply, dancing your hands to Jungkook’s sculpted pecs. You don’t really want to touch him right now, this is solely to fight for your life.
“That's good to hear”, you whisper, kissing his shoulder, “I would have done far worse to him.”
“Tzt yeah sure”, Jungkook scoffs, moving away from you.
You study his face as best as you can see it from this position. His brows are creasing, eyes as dark as the night and lips turned downwards into a frown. You rest your chin on his shoulder, hands coming to rest on his pecs. His heart is racing like crazy in his chest, letting you know that despite his calm exterior he was in utter distress inside. You rub slow circles on his skin, making him react by flexing his pecs because his nipples are sensitive and the touch is affecting him.
“I'm loyal to you, husband”, you say, trailing your kisses to his neck, “please believe me.”
Jungkook rolls his head to the side, exposing his neck to your lips. You kiss his skin. He tastes like hints of his cologne. Smells like it too. 
He keeps on staring out at the city, lips pursed in anger and eyes cold. 
“And I’m loyal to the organisation. It’s all that matters to me”, you say, taking his pierced ear between your teeth to nibble on it softly.
Jungkook closes his eyes, relaxing his brows. You don’t see it happening as you are too busy licking and kissing his piercings. You know that he’s into that shit.
“I'd suffocate you”, he rasps.
You try not to falter in your kisses, hoping that he can’t feel your heart speeding up in fear. 
“I'd want you struggling and fighting for life. I'd do it with my bare hands to feel your last breath leave you.”
Only now do you notice the gun tangling from his fingers. Did he bring this here to shoot you? Are you currently kissing your murderer's neck? Is that why his heart is racing? Because deep down he is nervous to kill his wife, but he knows that he has to?
“That's how I'd kill you if you ever betrayed me”, he says, eyes flitting to the distorted version of your bodies in the window’s reflection. Him towering over the city and you holding him close. The image could be beautiful if the air wasn’t so tense and you cared so very little for each other. He locks eyes with you. 
You gulp, barely controlling your breathing. This is it. This is the moment you’re looking into death's eyes.
“How's your cheek?” Jungkook however asks, flustering you.
“It's… it won’t scar”, you say, stumbling back when Jungkook turns. 
He pulls you back by grabbing you by your chin. He moves your head from left to right, dark eyes glued to the now bandaged cut on your cheek. 
“Did you see who did that to you?” he asks. 
“No, it happened way too fast.”
“Mhm”, Jungkook brushes his thumb over the band aid, “thank fuck it missed your eye.”
“Uh..yes…I guess…”
One must know that stuff like genuine worry for each other, affection and concern were nonexistent in your marriage. It is important to know so one can understand why you were so entirely flabbergasted by your husband’s concern right now. Jungkook never cares. Did seeing Yoongi almost die tonight affect him so much that he is becoming affectionate now? Or is this his way of saying goodbye before he finally kills you? 
Jungkook pulls you closer, making you gasp and squeeze your eyes shut in fear. His strong hand lands on the back of your head.
His kisses your bandaged cheek.
Your breath trembles as it leaves you.
Your eyes open quickly, locking with his’. They are still dark, racing between yours and looking almost hypnotising from the close proximity you and him find yourselves in.
Jungkook moves in and kisses your lips as he keeps on staring at you, fingers tightening more and more on the back of your head.
You sigh shakily, squeezing your eyes shut because you can’t bear to look into his eyes when his lips claim yours so angrily. His teeth bite your lower lip, his tongue licks over it, his lips suck harshly. You reach for him for support, nails scratching down his arm as softly as possible.
The kiss breaks, strings of saliva keep you connected but they break just seconds later, now covering your skin. You peel your eyes open, meeting his unfaltering gaze. Your hands slip from him again.
He can see the uncertainty and confusion on your face, but he won’t call you out on it.
“You and your loyalty are mine, don’t forget that”, he rasps.
“I won’t”, you whisper, “and I never did”, you add just in case it wasn’t clear to him yet.
Jungkook slips his hand from your head and turns back to the city. He is playing with his gun mindlessly, eyes racing over the millions and millions of lights down below. You are sitting, daring not to move let alone breathe. The air shouldn’t be so tense anymore, but it is. Jungkook cared for your cheek, kissed you and told you his version of an I Love You. You don’t know what is happening. This isn’t your husband.
You let your eyes flit to the reflection of your bodies, coming to the scary revelation that Jungkook wasn’t staring at the city, but at you. He twists the gun in his fingers, making the safety click once.
You gulp. Now you understand. This was his goodbye. His last attempt to be affectionate before he shoots you.
“I’m sorry”, you whisper shakily, eyes burning in tears.
Jungkook acknowledges you with a cock of his right brow, outlining the inside of his cheek with his tongue. He lowers his head, eyes locking on the gun. His thumb runs over the cold metal, his jaw clenches.
“Stand up”, he finally says.
You follow with shaking knees, biting down on your tongue in order not to start sobbing.
Jungkook grips your wrist and tugs you right in front of him. You try not to squeak, let alone breathe too quickly.
He lets go of your wrist once he is happy with your position, placing both his hands on your waist. The coldness of the gun feels unbearable on your skin, digging into your flesh and leaving deep shivers behind.
He dances his hands up your torso. His thumbs are on your tummy, tracing the pearl netting which is spanning itself over your upper stomach.
You don’t dare to look down, eyes glued to the mirror behind your bed. There was another mirror right above your bed because Jungkook is obsessed with watching himself when you fuck. He also fucking loves it that you have to stare at yourself when he’s got you on your back, folded in half and with his huge cock drilling into your puffy pussy.
Jungkook leans in, connecting his lips with your tummy.
You can’t stop yourself from gasping or flinching for that matter. You bite down on your lower lip to stop more noises from slipping out of you, shifting your gaze even further up the wall just so you can’t accidentally look down at him.
His tongue darts out just to lick a thick stripe up your stomach until the position naturally breaks the contact.
Your skin prickles where he licked it, the air of the room feels ice cold while your body is burning up. All of this isn’t your husband. All of this swerves so far out of the patterns he made up for sex and you don’t know what that means.
“You’re so fucking sexy”, he rasps, lifting his head and realising that you aren’t looking at all. He furrows his brows, clenching his jaw. Why aren’t you looking? You are supposed to look when he’s worshipping you.
“Get on your fucking knees”, he orders in a growl.
You follow instantly, folding your hands on your lap and looking at the ground. Jungkook tilts your head up with the gun under your chin, forcing you to lock eyes with him even if that was the last thing you currently want to do.
“Why are you avoiding eye contact?” he asks, pupils dilated in anger.
“I-I…I’m sorry”, you stutter, widening your eyes for good measures.
Jungkook studies your features and your body. You carry fear in your eyes, your thumbs fumble with each other secretly, your thighs are pressed together in nervousness. Jungkook looks at the gun under your chin and understands.
He pulls it away and with a press, releases the magazine. It falls into his palm. He twirls it between his fingers and shows it to you. 
Your eyes widen in shock.
It’s empty.
Jungkook presses the button to let you know the barrel was empty too.
Your eyes flit up to Jungkook’s face, racing restlessly in an attempt to make sense of all of this.
Jungkook slams the magazine back into the gun and takes your face between his fingers. He tugs you closer, leaning in to meet you in the middle.
“This isn’t your fucking punishment, get that outta your head”, he hisses.
“O-okay”, you stutter, feeling your heart skip a few beats from having him so close. His breath smells like minty toothpaste.
“You think I’m gonna shoot you? Like a coldblooded murderer?” he squeezes your cheeks, “I told you how I’d kill you, didn’t I? You think I’d not already have done it if I wanted you dead? That I’d let you sleep while I was taking a shower? No”, he moves closer, brushing his lips against yours to whispers darkly, “if I wanted you dead, you’d already be dead. Wife.”
“Oh”, you press out, shoulders sagging in relief and eyes spilling tears. He forgave you. Jungkook forgave you. You aren’t going to die tonight. The gun is solely a prop in some sick play of power and sex.
Jungkook wipes your tears away with a rough thumb, taking your cheeks back between his fingers afterwards.
“Don’t cry. I’m not gonna hurt you. You know that I don’t do that”, he whispers softly.
"I know", you get out, sniffling like crazy to get rid of the desire to sob.
"Good", he says and with one push to your lips feeds you his thumb.
You suck on it instantly, having done so a thousand times before. That shit is familiar to you. Having to suck off Jungkook’s fingers is a routine to you.
You were so ready to do it for minutes, but Jungkook already pulls out after nothing but five eager sucks, leaving you to chase him with a trembling sigh.
He straightens up and pulls the gun back into your vision. He holds it tightly, positioning it right between his thighs in a way so that the barrel would face the ceiling.
“Suck it like you’d suck my cock”, he orders.
You hesitate, looking up at him with confused eyes.
“Did I stutter? Suck my fucking gun”, he hisses, placing his hand at the back of your head to push you closer.
You eye the cold gun, gulping nervously. You know that it was empty and safe, but the thought still scares you. Sucking his cock is easy because his shape is familiar to your lips and tongue. But the gun is new. He never asked you to do that before. Of course he didn’t, because it wasn’t part of the pattern on normal nights.
Jungkook tightens his grip on your head, giving you an impatient push. There is no going back. You scoot closer, placing your hands over his’ and lowering your lips to the gun. You kiss the tip first like you would do his cock, feeling his fingers twitch on the back of your head. You can’t see it but Jungkook is staring down at you without ever blinking, frowning but with his chest heaving up and down quickly.
You close your lips around the barrel and sink down slowly.
Jungkook exhales loudly and opens his thighs just slightly, acting as if you finally took in his cock. Even his fingers tighten on your head.
The gun tastes weird. Metal and grease. You are pretty sure that you shouldn’t have those things in your mouth, but you won’t say anything. You slip off of it for a catch of breath, getting pushed back down instantly.
“Don’t stop”, he orders in a rasp, moving your head up and down slowly, “fucking suck it like you mean it.”
You moan for him, squeezing his hand. Your eyes are squeezed shut, your breathing is ragged. You don’t suck on it like you would his cock, merely letting the barrel glide over your tongue. It hits the back of your throat with each movement, tickling out your gag reflex more and more.
“There we go, so fucking good”, Jungkook rasps above you, staring down at you with blown-out pupils. Your lips look so good wrapped around the black metal. They move so nicely as you fuck your face with it.
The barrel is a lot smaller than Jungkook’s cock. Both in length and in girth. It is an easy task to have it in your mouth, even if the square shape and hardness is something to get used to. Other than that however, the size in itself isn’t all that bad. Sometimes when you suck Jungkook’s cock, your jaw hurts afterwards because of his size, so the gun is a welcome change. Even if the taste needs some getting used to.
It hits the back of your throat and finally triggers your gag reflex. You gag loudly, slipping off of it to prevent the worst case scenario. You wheeze and gasp for air, swallowing heavily.
“You sound so sweet”, Jungkook lulls, caressing the back of your head, “lick it for me.”
You place your tongue at the base of the gun, brushing against his fingers accidentally. Jungkook takes a deep breath in reaction, moving his hips in a slow squirm. Just once and then he is in control again.
You moan as you finally drag your tongue up the barrel, licking it as if you were licking the big vein on the underside of his cock. It feels so different than when you do it to him. Hard metal, unmoving unlike his vein which is always pulsating and throbbing when you lick it. You miss those sensations, craving them against the tip of your tongue.
“There we go, that’s it”, Jungkook whispers, voice shaky in arousal, “lick the tip, go on.”
You follow, swirling your tongue over the tip and moaning oh so hungrily.
“That’s it, fuck”, Jungkook tenses his thighs, relaxing them in a tremble, “such a good girl, fuck.”
Whimpering, you press the flat of the tongue right against the tip, grinding it back and forth quickly. Jungkook fucking loves when you do that to his tip, reacting with a sharp intake of breath now that he watches you do it to the gun.
“Fucking amazing, that’s fucking amazing”, he praises, voice raspy and just slightly lulled, “feels so fucking good, doesn’t it?”
You mewl, nodding your head. And you mean it. Maybe it’s Jungkook’s praise and the utter pleasure in his voice, but licking his gun is starting to genuinely feel fucking good. You dig the tip of your tongue into the bullet hole, eliciting a deep growl from Jungkook.
“That’s it”, he whispers breathily, hand slipping from the back of your head to cup your cheek, “fuck, that’s it, doll.”
The nickname sends heat to your pussy. Honestly moaning, you take the gun back inside, letting it sink into your mouth until you can feel it at the back of your throat. It is a lot more difficult to get it inside than Jungkook’s cock. Not because of its size but because of its unmoving character. Jungkook’s cock bends, no matter how hard and swollen you’ve gotten him, there is still a slight bend to it, which makes it easier to get it inside. But the gun doesn’t bend, forcing you to bend yourself instead to get it inside.
You keen, dropping tears onto your cheeks. A needy shake courses through  you, your left hand slips from his hand just to grab his thigh instead. His skin is hot as fire, his muscles are so hard under your palm. You squeeze desperately, whimpering around the gun. Somehow holding his strong thigh is helping you stay grounded. Maybe it even soothes you.
“Such a good girl”, Jungkook praises, slipping his hand back to your head. He grabs a bundle of your hair and twists softly, “Is that tasty? Mhm? Do you like how my gun tastes?”
You break away from it just to gaze up at him, almost forgetting what you wanted to say to him in the process because of his cock. You look at it for just a second too long. Completely hard and swollen, it’s standing against his toned stomach, having escaped the towel. It is even leaking, tip looking so wet and sticky. Holy fuck. Your pussy clenches around nothing. Holy fuck, he’s so hard.
“I…” you clear your throat, breaking your eyes away from his cock to look into his eyes, “…I love it”, you whisper shakily.
Jungkook drags his thumb over your cheek to wipe the tears away, eyes lowering in arousal.
“Yeah? You love it? More than my cock?”
You gulp.
“Tell me.”
“N-no your c-cock’s better”, you stutter, hoping that this is what he wanted to hear.
Jungkook lets out a breathy chuckle, lips curling into a cocky smirk.
“That’s what I was hoping you’d say”, he rasps, squeezing your chin softly, “take off my towel.”
You scramble to your knees and reach for the knot. Jungkook rests back on his hands, having the drool covered gun resting beside him for now. He watches you with a quickly moving chest as you undo the knot and pull the towel open. Not that a lot of new stuff gets exposed because of it, give how his cock’s already been freed before that. Only his neatly trimmed pubes and heavy balls see the new light of the day, hypnotising you.
You may not love Jungkook and, hell, Jungkook may not love you, but the sexual attraction you both feel for each other was sometimes unbearable. Jungkook’s a sexy, attractive man, even if he sometimes scares you. He never hurt you in your years together, so you have no idea why you are scared of him, but you are. You are scared and so goddamn, achingly attracted to his body.
Especially tonight, because Jungkook is disregarding every single pattern you established over the years and that shit turns you on like nothing else.
“There we go, good girl”, Jungkook praises, straightening back up. He cups your cheek and makes you look up at him.
You swallow heavily, hands falling to his thighs just so you can hold something of him.
He smiles.
Jungkook fucking smiles.
For the second time ever since you’ve became his’, Jungkook is showing you his smile.
And it’s flustering you so much that your breath actually hitches in your throat.
“You’re such a pretty girl”, he whispers, tracing your lips.
You exhale shakily, feeling your head pound from those overwhelming feelings in your chest. Jungkook is smiling. He called you pretty. Jungkook called you pretty and is smiling. Holy fuck.
“What’s wrong?” he asks, studying your frown and glassy eyes.
“Nothing”, you barely get the word out.
“Mhm”, he hums, smile slowly fading into a relaxed expression. He lets go of your cheek just so he can dance his hand down to your throat to hold it as gently as possible, “I want you to take off your bra.”
You reach behind yourself without hesitation. Jungkook keeps your eyes on him not through force but through sheer attraction. Your heart’s racing like crazy.
The clasp opens easily. You tug the straps from your shoulders and let the piece of clothing fall onto your lap.
He looks down at your newly exposed chest, slipping his hand from your throat for it.
“Hm”, he hums, nodding his head with a frown on his face. It’s the same frown he gets when he likes food.
Jungkook places his hands over your tits, making you arch your back just to chase him. His palm is slightly callused from fighting, but his touch is tender. He gathers them and squeezes strongly. The sensation crawls down your body and makes your pussy so goddamn wet in your panties.
“Pretty”, he rasps, moving his fingers over your tits until he can pinch your nipples, tugging at them until you whimper. He smirks lazily, massaging them as his eyes flit back to your face just to take in how your lips part in a gasp. “you’re the prettiest, baby.”
“Kook”, you whimper, hands sliding to his inner thighs and eyes burning in new tears. It feels so good to be called baby by him. He only did that during your ice cream date and ever since that day, all you ached for was for another repetition of the nickname.
Jungkook dries your tears with the back of his hand, eyes softening slightly.
“Why do you keep crying, mhm?” he asks.
“I, I don’t know”, you stutter, sniffling like crazy.
"Do you not want me to play with you, mhm?" 
"Please don’t stop", you breathe, meaning it honestly.
“Mhm”, he hums and gives your cheek a soft pinch, “stand up for me”, he orders.
You struggle so much. He’s got you so weak that you don’t want to get up. So he helps you, placing his strong hands on your waist to tug you to your feet. He stands up as well once you’re safely on your feet, holding your waist and stepping closer. Like this, he is towering over you, making you lift your head just so you can keep looking into his eyes. He doesn’t feel scary right now. Just strong and like he’d protect you from the world. The feeling is so foreign to you that you want to scream, but you can’t bring yourself to produce any other sound that soft whimpers and shaky intakes of air.
“Now you wanna keep looking at me, don’t you?” he speaks softly, eyes racing between yours.
You nod your head.
“Touch me, baby”, Jungkook whispers.
You place your hands on his chest, eliciting a shaky exhale from him.
He steps closer, hands sliding down to your hips to pull you into him. His head tilts down, nose brushing against yours.
“There we go”, he breathes, “do you like how I feel?”
“Yes”, you sigh, meaning it honestly.
“Baby”, Jungkook whispers, cupping your cheeks to pull you into a deep kiss. His head is tilted to the side, his shoulders are lifted to his ears, his lips move slowly yet desperately against yours.
You stare at him in shock. He’s got his eyes closed. Jungkook’s got his fucking eyes closed as he kisses you. The kiss is real to him. He’s actually feeling it.
“Fuck”, you press out in a shaky sigh, hooking your arms behind his neck to pull him close. Your eyes fall closed and your tongue finally chases his’ in a slow yet needy rhythm.
Jungkook moans, slipping his left hand from your cheek just so he can snake his arm around your waist and press you against his chest. Naked tits against naked pecs. Hot skin against hot skin. Cock against your stomach and hearts beating quickly in both your chests. All of this so far away from the patterns, that they aren’t even on the same map anymore. And you fucking love it, dragging your nails over his undercut until you touch his bun. With sloppy tugs, you open it. His hair falls down in messy waves, getting gathered and twisted by you.
Jungkook keens almost needily, lifting you easily. He isn’t just working out to be ready for whatever fight his life throws at him. He never did it before, but all he’s thinking about it lifting you when you’re both naked and lost in a kiss. Your weight makes the muscles in his arms shift and tense, abs flexing right against your pussy. Jungkook loves how you whimper into the kiss and how small you seem to make yourself just to fit into his arms easier.
Your legs snake around his waist, squeezing it tightly. You hate that you’re still wearing your panties. All you want to feel is his skin against your pussy. You’re so fucking into him right now. You need him like crazy.
The truth was that Jungkook is so goddamn vulnerable tonight. He is shaken to the core from everything that happened today, aching for affection he is very well aware you probably have to work very hard for to gather for him. He’s aware that you don’t love him, even if he can’t imagine his life without you. And today he had to. He had to imagine how life would be without you, because he almost lost you to a misunderstanding. He was so angry at you at first and so goddamn hurt. Not you, he thought, not his fucking wife. His heart broke when he heard that you were the one leaking the details, because that meant he had to kill you. Then it ached in confusion when he had to decide whether or not he could still trust you, all while he had to be there for Yoongi. The man, he considers as his own fucking brother. He came home, exhausted from crying over Yoongi way too much and skinning the real traitor, expecting you to have fled, only to see you sleeping in your shared bed and if Jungkook hadn’t been so dirty from murdering Yeonseok, he’d have climbed right into bed with you just to hug you against his chest. Your refusal to flee, even if that meant that he could potentially kill you, was all the proof he needed to know that your loyalty for him never faltered.
And now he’s a mess. Going from anger, heartbreak, confusion, worry and relief left him so goddamn needy for affection. He’d never tell you, because he possibly couldn’t share his feelings with you, but he fucking aches for you like nothing else. Even if it’s just pretend from your side.
He walks to the big windows, pressing you right against them even if that makes you gasp from the cold. The kiss still doesn’t break however, only deepening as your limbs seem to pull him closer and closer. Jungkook presses himself against you, moaning right with you as this makes your pussy press against his cock. He rocks his hips slowly, forcing his cock to glide between his stomach and your clothed pussy.
“Fuck”, he croaks, lips faltering in the kiss.
You chase him, moaning his name.
“I need you”, he gets out, cockhead grinding against your clothed clit and making your fingers scratch down his undercut.
“Need you too”, you answer him.
There is a chaise lounge to your right. Jungkook takes the necessary step and sits down on it, right on its edge. Your body hits his lap, hips chasing his muscular thigh in a needy roll.
He lets the kiss break for the sake of looking at you. His strong hands are on your thighs, your knees are on each side of his hips. His eyes are half-lidded and heavy in arousal.
“Lift your hips”, he orders and you follow.
Jungkook hooks his fingers in your panties and twists the fabric. In one rough tug, he’s got them ripped from your body, leaving behind burning skin and a racing heart. 
“Those were your favourites”, you whisper.
“Doesn’t matter”, he dismisses you, throwing the ruined panties on the ground. He grips your hips and pulls them back onto his lap. He rocks them back and forth slowly, making your wet pussy grind right against his thigh.
Your breath trembles, fingers twisting in his long hair. His skin is so soft and hot, his muscles are so defined.
“You’re already dripping”, he says, voice deep in arousal. He wanted to get you wet on his cock and now has to live with the knowledge that you’re already wet for him. He’s so fucking into you, it’s insane.
“Yeah”, you sigh, chasing his thigh desperately.
“Fuck baby”, he presses out, gripping you by the back of your neck, “get on my fucking cock. Now”, he growls, pupils dilated to the point where his eyes appear black.
You follow without hesitation, lifting your soaked pussy from his thigh just to shimmy up his lap and align yourself with his cock. You grind your hole against his tip twice and then Jungkook squeezes your hips in warning, eyes lowering dangerously.
You let yourself drop.
“Oh”, you croak, head falling against his shoulder and body trembling. He’s so fucking big. It’s stretching you out so much.
“There we go. Take that cock”, he rasps, rubbing the small of your back soothingly.
Inch by inch he’s gliding into you, making you feel fuller and fuller. He barely manages to bottom out, eliciting the shakiest moan from you. He growls against your skin, hands slipping to your ass to squeeze it angrily, “that’s it. Your pussy’s so fucking good. Move.”
You circle your hips slowly, whimpering into him and trying to close your legs even if that is impossible in the position and only ends with you squeezing his hips. You feel like bursting.
“Jun-Jungkook”, you get out.
“Yes, baby?” he asks.
“You’re, you’re so big.”
“I know”, he tilts your hips differently to make the breach a little easier, “do you like it, mhm?”
“Yes”, you mewl, meaning it honestly. He may be a lot and he may make you feel like you’re being ripped in half, but that shit feels so good. It feels amazing on normal days and feels like paradise tonight. You don’t want to stop, you want to keep rutting against him until your pussy is finally stretched enough and stops burning.
“Yeah? You do?” Jungkook forces your head to lift with his hand on your neck. He moves his hips, basking in the widening of your eyes and the clenching of your wet pussy.
“K-Kook”, you squeak, brows furrowing in pleasure.
“There we go, relax. I know I’m big, but you’re my girl, aren’t you?”
You nod your head, gasping for air when his cock fills you up completely again. And he leaves you again, making you chase his girth instantly.
“Yeah you are”, Jungkook slips his thumb to your throat, keeping it resting there without applying pressure, “and my girl’s made for my cock, isn’t she?”
You nod your head, feeling new arousal seep out of you. Jungkook never called you his girl before. It feels so good now that he does.
“Tell me baby”, he orders.
“I’m made for your cock”, you whisper, pussy throbbing around his cock.
“And why is that?” he stresses, feeling you tremble on his lap and loving the shit out of it.
“Because I’m your girl”, you croak, falling around his neck a moment later to kiss him.
Jungkook gasps, hand slipping from your throat to bury itself in your hair at the back of your head. He moans, tensing his thighs desperately when you finally begin to actually move on his cock. Quick movements up and down and skilled circles whenever he’s balls deep inside you. It sounds wet and nasty, filling both of you with the desire to keep going and fucking going.
Tongues tangle, hands grope desperately, hips rut against each other. Breathing is hard when you’re kissing so much and the sex feels so fucking good. Hot and addicting. So without any kind of patterns and rules. So honest and fucking real. There is no order in your movements, just honest desperation to get off on each other as quickly and as intensely as possible. And you don’t want this to stop. Please don’t ever let this stop.
Jungkook doesn’t want it to stop either. Breaking patterns and ignoring rules. The thought normally gives him the fucking ick. But he doesn’t care right now. He doesn’t want patterns or rules, he wants you. All of you. The unfiltered, honest you. The sex tonight is his apology. He hopes you can see that it is. His apology for ever doubting you, his apology for yelling at you in front of the others and his apology for being so goddamn needy for you. He hopes you can feel how sorry he is and how goddamn into it he is.
Jungkook breaks the kiss, pressing his forehead against yours. His shaky breath intermingles with your trembling one, his thumbs brush over your temples, his eyes are closed.
And because his eyes are closed, he doesn’t see that you have yours closed as well. Maybe if he did, he wouldn’t feel so fucking sorry for being needy. Because you are fucking needy for him too. Being married is only fun when you’re desired, otherwise it leaves one with a constant ache in one’s chest. And Jungkook’s spilling over in desire tonight, soaking you with it just as much. It feels so good to fuck honestly and like you actually want to fuck.
“I’m so fucking into this”, Jungkook rasps, voice trembling because he bottoms out right this moment, feeling your pussy clench in reaction.
“Me too”, you answer him shakily, lifting yourself just to drop back down on him.
“Fuck”, he croaks and pulls you back into a deep kiss. You squeak as you weren’t ready for it, fingers squeezing his shoulders tightly and hips trembling on his lap. He is kissing you so desperately, moaning so much. It affects you so much. Jungkook isn’t vocal in bed. The penthouse is never truly empty. Guards, one of the others, some of the other goons. The penthouse is never truly empty and Jungkook decided for himself that being quiet was part of sex. Nobody needs to know how into it he is, especially not all the idiots downstairs. So to have him moan and growl and gasp so freely tonight, feels like sex in itself.
Jungkook breaks the kiss, moving just far away enough that he can look at your face. He dances his thumb over your cheek, letting his left hand slide to your hip just so he can squeeze it.
“Is this real for you?” he asks, eyes droopy and barely staying open.
You look at them and how they are filled with so much pleasure, pain and hopefulness. You nod your head honestly.
“Yeah, it’s real”, you whisper.
“Fuck”, Jungkook presses out, voice trembling and eyes squeezing shut.
He wraps his arm around you, pressing your face into the crook of his neck with his hand on the back of your head. His lips are on your shoulder, his nose is inhaling desperately. His legs broaden their stance so he can finally meet your movements. He thrusts into you deep and strong, forcing your body to tremble involuntarily.
“Kook”, you whimper, tensing up in surprise.
“I’ve got you, I’ve fucking got you”, he whispers against your skin, “fucking hold onto me, baby.”
You drag your nails up his back and neck, burying your fingers in his hair as deeply as possible. Like this your chests are almost melting with each other and his cock is so deep inside you, stomach grinding against your clit.
“That’s it”, he rasps, “that’s fucking it. Your husband’s got it. Gonna fuck you so slow, so fucking deep. Fuck”, he moans, body twitching as pleasure shoots through him. His hips thrust into you so much rougher afterwards, making your toes curl from how good it feels, “I fucking got it, got you so good. So fucking good.”
He had his eyes on his city once, thinking to himself how pretty those lights look. But not anymore. His face buried in the crook of your shoulder and his eyes are squeezed shut so tightly that his brain is coming up with its own sparkles of light. You feel like heaven around him. Maybe he’s imagining it, but he could swear that you feel so much wetter than you do on other nights.
Jungkook always makes sure that you are wet. Because getting you wet gives him an ego boost. But tonight it feels so real. So honest. It’s covering his cock and is running down his balls. He’s never experienced that sensation before, cradling you in his strong arms because of it.
You are also twitching and writhing like you never did before. They feel so honest and intense, making his own body shudder in reaction.
“I’m really close”, you whimper against his neck.
“Fuck, really?”
“Yeah”, you say and sob into him loudly, “Jungkook, please don’t stop, I’m so close”, you wail.
“Fuck baby”, Jungkook hugs you tighter, hips faltering just once before they find their rhythm again. Slow and deep, making your wet walks convulse around him rhythmically and for your smaller body to tremble against his bigger, oh so much stronger, frame. “Stop crying”, he soothes you in shaky whispers, “I’ve got you baby, don’t cry.”
“I, I can’t. It, it feels so good”, you stutter and hiccup a loud sob, “it feels so good”, you wail loudly and convulse on top of him, “oh god it’s happening”, you squeak out, hugging him with an almost scared desperation.
“It’s okay. I’m right here. Your husband’s right here, baby. Let go”, he soothes you, throwing you over the edge so intensely that for a second, you feel like passing out.
“Ah-“, you get out and then your voice cuts off and you begin shaking without having any sort of control over it.
Jungkook holds you close, rocking into you carefully because you are so tight that all other movements are impossible. He swears he’s never gotten you that good before.
Jungkook always makes sure that both of you have at least one orgasm during sex, because that is what perfection means to him. Well, at least until now it’s what it meant. Jungkook realises that this right now is so much more perfect than any well-calculated orgasm ever was. This right here feels real and makes his eyes tear up and once your aggressive tensing stops, his hips can’t seem to want to stop. He is chasing your tight pussy, putting rough desperation into his movements. The kind which makes his huge thighs slap against your ass each time he’s deep inside you and the kind which shakes you on top of him.
“Please”, you squeak out, voice so much higher than it normally is, “w-what are you doing?” you wail, “please oh god!”
Jungkook growls, pinning you against him and forcing your fleeing hips to take the fuck that way.
“Take me, I want you to take me”, he spits, feeling his heart pound in his brain.
“It’s too much”, you wail all while pulling him closer, “please, please, please.”
“Just say the word and I’ll stop”, he grunts.
You shake your head vigorously in denial, sobbing into his shoulder and soiling his skin with your tears. Why would you want to say it? Why would you want to stop this when for the first time ever, Jungkook fucks you with honesty? Why would you want to stop the kind of sensations he never gave you before?
“I knew it. I fucking knew it”, Jungkook spits and pulls your hips into him just to land a harsh spank on your ass. You scream his name, scratching his back bloody as you try to grasp him for support. 
Jungkook growls, head pounding from the pain.
“Fucking do that again, I liked it”, he orders, connecting his big hand with your ass. The heavy rings he is wearing add another layer of burn to the spank, leaving you to convulse on his cock.
“Please”, you sob, scratching his back open. The black tiger on his right shoulder blade cries red tears from your scratches, his skin burns like crazy.
“You’re so fucking good”, he growls, forcing your back to arch with a push of his arm. Like this your ass is sticking out and your pussy stretches around his cock visibly. Jungkook can see her shift around his cock. All puffy and swollen and oh so wet. The view may be a little distorted from the weak window reflection, but it’s still enough for him.
"You're so sexy, your pussy's so fucking pretty. Fuck baby", he growls and growls again. He spanks you, soaking up the view of your jiggling ass like an addict. The broken sound you make in reaction fuels him, makes his cock twice as hard as it already is.
Jungkook spanks you again, eliciting the most desperate, almost painful, sob ever. The reason for it presents itself to him just seconds later as your pussy convulses in another orgasm.
You claw at him, biting into his shoulder because nothing helps. Your pussy is so sensitive, your ass hurts so much, your body is so weak in his arms. All of this paired with the fact that Jungkook feels the same as you, makes you cum like you never orgasmed before. You convulse and shake and tremble until it gets too much for your pussy and she squirts angrily.
“Fuck yes”, Jungkook growls, reaching between your legs to rub your clit instantly. He pulls you off his cock for the sole purpose of giving your pussy the unplugged chance to squirt everywhere. And you do, oh you do. The entire floor in front of the chaise lounge gets covered in you, his cock is getting soaked in it too now that it’s right under your pussy, aching to be back inside.
"That's it. Squirt for me. Holy fuck, keep squirting baby. Fuck, you’re mine. Fucking mine", Jungkook is chanting whatever comes into his scrambled brain, rubbing your clit like a madman.
You scream and wail, twitching so aggressively that your muscles ache. You don’t even know anymore if he is making you squirt or if you’re just straight up pissing yourself. You know however that you don’t want him to stop, clawing at him with all the desperation in the world.
Jungkook moans loudly, back burning from your nails and head pounding like crazy. He’s got you fucking squirting. Holy fuck, it’s so hot. Jungkook presses his fingers tighter to your clit, rubbing her quickly.
"O-oh" you squeak, fleeing him with an arch of your back. 
Jungkook however chases you, pinning you back against him, "don’t fight it. Let it happen", he growls, pinching your clit just to rub her between his fingers.
“Stop please”, you beg now that overstimulation is eating you alive, “holy fuck oh god”, you croak, writhing atop of him as his fingers press against your clit repeatedly.
“Don’t flee”, he orders, pinning your hips back against him, "I know you’re made for this. You're my fucking girl, you’re made for this", he chants and bucks his hips up, forcing his huge cock to slip back into you.
You squeak and grow completely still on top of him. The stretch goes oh so deep and hard. Holy fuck, your pussy feels like it's going to burst.
"Please", you beg.
Jungkook knows it’s because you are so goddamn tight and his cock is huge. He runs his hands down to your ass, soothing the burning skin with slow circles. 
“Take a breath for me”, he orders, making it easier for you by grabbing your ass and parting it, which results in your pussy getting all open for him as well.
You whimper into his neck, barely taking breaths.
“There we go. I don’t wanna hurt you, baby”, Jungkook soothes you.
“You’re so big”, you mewl.
“I know. I know I am, but you can take me. You’re my good girl, aren’t you?”
“Yeah…” you keen, relaxing around him in a desperate shudder.
“Yeah you are. You’re my good girl and you’re gonna take my big cock like you’re made for it, aren’t you?”
“F-for how long?” you stutter, twisting his hair as your body once again tenses without you having any kind of control over it. You are so tight and Jungkook’s so big. It burns so addictively, almost feeling too much and yet not enough. You don’t know whether to flee or to chase him. But you do know that for however long you have to take him still, the result will be the same. You are changed. If Jungkook thinks he can go back to his calculated patterns after tonight, he is mistaken. You never ever want to have other sex with him again. Just raw, honest, rough fucking.
“Not for long anymore. I’m really fucking close”, he answers you, picking up in his movements.
He is giving you long, drawn-out strokes. The kind which makes his entire cock leave your pussy before stuffing her again within one rough second. And which make his balls slap against your ass from the sheer force. Your skin is so sensitive from the spanking that getting his heavy balls against your ass feels like addicting paradise.
“Gonna cum so good baby. Gonna cum so fucking good”, Jungkook growls against you.
“Oh god”, you whimper, hugging him tightly, “are you gonna cum inside me?”
“Yes baby. Gonna stuff you.”
“Kook”, you sob, convulsing around him in desperation, “please stuff me, please.”
“I will, gonna fill you up till you’re dripping. Hear me? Want you dripping and leaking ‘cause of me.”
His hips falter, he squeezes your hips.
“Fuck”, he spits, “it’s…difficult…”
You understand him. When he made you cum like crazy, you couldn’t move either. It must be so difficult for him to keep moving his hips. You lift your head just so you can see how he reacts when you take over for him.
You may be entirely spend and tired, but making him cum is filling you with a spurt of energy. You slam your hips down on him, lifting them quickly afterwards just to begin your ruthless bouncing up and down his huge cock.
Jungkook widens his eyes, gasping for air. He scrunches his entire face up in pleasure, head rolling back and mouth falling open.
He moans loudly, voice sounding way more high-pitched than you ever heard him sound.
His very obvious enjoyment, motivates you to speed up. You add little movements back and forth to your bounces, biting down on your tongue solely because your own thighs want to give up on you. His cock feels so good inside you.
“Baby”, Jungkook keens, falling back on the chaise lounge. His head tangles over the edge just enough that his hair is hanging over the edge in messy strands. He throws his own arm over his eyes, moaning so loudly that you can hear it echo in the penthouse.
“Jungkook”, you mewl, slamming your hands on his chest for support. Like this you can arch your back and therefore force his cock to rub right against your walls.
Jungkook lets out a sob, almost making you falter in your movements. Your widened eyes are glued to his face in shock, your pussy is clenching like crazy in arousal. Jungkook drags both his hands over his face and buries them in his own hair. Like this his arms are tensing, sweat is running down his skin and soaking his hair.
“I’m cumming”, he croaks out and sobs.
“Do it, fill me up. Mark me as yours”, you growl, slamming down on him.
“Aaah!” Jungkook screams and arches his back. He gets stuck in that position as he finally breaks, chasing you with squirms while producing the most high-pitched and desperate squeaks ever.
“That’s it. Fuck. I’m yours Kook, fucking yours.”
“Oh god”, Jungkook arches his back even more, cock releasing another wave of cum inside you, “don’t stop please don’t stop, it feels good”, he begs, thighs trembling like crazy and stomach tensing so much that he fears he’ll develop a new set of never-seen-before-abs.
You fuck him and fuck him and fuck him and Jungkook keeps on shaking in his high as his cock is pumping you full of endless cum.
“Shit”, you croak, eyes rolling back and body trembling out of control now that you realised what was actually happening, “baby”, you croak, crumbling around him a third and last time, prolonging his orgasm to fiery levels of intensity.
“I can’t stop! It, it doesn’t stop”, he wails, feeling it run out of you by now. Did he seriously never cum before? What the hell is happening to him? What are you doing to him? Jungkook is crying and shaking and cumming and he has no control over it.
“Me neither”, you sob, collapsing with him as your body gives up on you, "fuck baby, oh baby."
"I fucking love this, holy shit", Jungkook growls, meeting your sloopy movements with equally as sloppy movements.
Now you are rutting against each other like tired, yet needy animals. Arms holding each other close and heads pounding like crazy. The sloppy grinding is enough to force your endless highs to die down gradually. Slowly, but at least they are dying down. Truly, you don’t think you could have stopped on your own if your bodies didn’t actually give up on you.
The room is silent, safe for your heavy breathing and the occasional sound when a droplet of your juices is dripping onto the ground. His cock is still inside you. Hard as a rock and getting squeezed by your tight walls. In theory none of those nice juices should escape you, but with the amount of cum he pumped into you, losing a few droplets is unavoidable.
Your head is resting on his chest right where his collarbone blends into his shoulder. You can hear the heavy pounding of his heart even from here. It mixes with the sound of your own rushing blood.
You don’t quite know if you actually fell asleep or not. The minutes after tonight’s fuck are a blur in your mind. Maybe you fell asleep, it would explain why you started drooling on Jungkook.
You slurp quietly, forcing your heavy eyes to open.
Jungkook’s chest heaves up and down slowly, his heartbeat calmed down. You are shivering like crazy, feeling so goddamn cold all of a sudden. Even his cock feels different, sitting inside you all limp and soft.
Okay you definitely fell asleep. 
Groaning softly you lift yourself to your elbows.
Jungkook is very obviously sleeping. Mouth open widely and eyes closed. He looks so funny like that, making you giggle. Something you never did before, but tonight changed you. You can’t deny it. You feel fuzzy in his presence. Fuzzy and warm and maybe a little giddy.
You lift yourself even more, shimmying your hips to make his cock slip out.
Jungkook jerks awake, gripping your hips strongly to prevent it from happening.
“Don’t”, he croaks, voice heavy in sleep.
“Oh. I-“, you freeze up in the position, “I didn’t think you’d wake up.”
“I didn’t sleep”, Jungkook says, with his voice contorted in exhaustion now that he is forcing himself to sit up.
You snort, “yeah sure.”
“Does it matter?”
You shake your head, eyes racing between his’. Jungkook’s eyes do the same, hands running up and down your ass. He opens his mouth to talk only to chicken out and close it again.
You place your hands on the sides of his neck.
Jungkook exhales shakily because of it. He inhales and opens his mouth again.
“What”, he begins, having to clear his terribly dry throat, “what did this mean to you?”
You swallow down the heavy lump in your throat. Jungkook gulps as well, eyes widening in both nervousness and hopefulness.
“What did it mean to you?” you ask him, wanting to stall time.
“Don’t avoid my question”, he says in a shaky voice.
You lower your eyes and take a deep breath. When you lift your gaze seconds later, Jungkook’s eyes have filled with tears of unbearable nervousness.
“It meant everything…baby”, you say, gnawing on your lower lip in nervousness.
Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut and pulls you close, hiding his face in the crook of your neck just so you can’t see his stupid tears roll down his cheeks. You aren’t calling him husband anymore.
“I feel the same”, he presses out, cradling you oh so strongly.
“Good”, you whisper, holding him against you.
“It’s you and I, yeah?”
“Yeah, you and I”, you promise him.
“Fuck, baby”, he exhales, standing up with you even if his legs are wobbly.
You hug him tightly, sighing his name. Maybe being his wife isn’t that bad. Maybe you actually do love him and maybe he actually loves you too. Maybe it is way too soon to make such decisions and maybe the magic will stop come tomorrow. But at least tonight you are sure that you love him and Jungkook knows that he loves you too.
He places you atop your bed, climbing on top of you.
“Wait, we’re dirty”, you gasp, “shouldn’t we shower first?”
Jungkook cups your face, “why? Just to get dirty again?”
“What do you mean?”
“You know what that means”, Jungkook breathes and finally pulls you into a kiss.
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sxtaep · 2 months
ALL I WANT - JJK | five
Tumblr media
after distancing yourself from jungkook because of the indirect confession you made, you never realised how much you’d miss him, and what better way to show him that than through the phone?
Tumblr media
pairing — jungkook x female reader
genre — fluff, smut
word count — 10.5k
chapter warnings/tags — bestfriends2lovers!au, fuckboy!jk, textbooknerd!reader, dom!jk, sub!reader, joon is a drug dealer, tae is a junkie, vmin sideship, soft shower scene, indirect confession, lots of touching, jk is so oblivious, late night texting, jk loves your glasses, explicit content, sexting, mutual masturbation, exchanging of illicit photos, exchanging of illicit videos, teasing, male masturbation, female masturbation, fingering, dirty talk, praise, so much cum +more.
a/n: this is LONG overdue, but the loml loma @velvetwicebang should’ve been recognised earlier when posting this series for her everworking writing skills and input (especially for jungkook’s pov of things) so pls show her all the love 🥹 i swear she doesn’t bite ☹️🫶
also, apologies for the inactivity, your girl was dying in a&e with a cyst (it’s still there) and is now on indefinite sick leave from work 💀😭
part one | part two | part three | part four | part five
Tumblr media
So maybe Jungkook didn’t have a valid reason to narrow his eyes once you left him alone after he’d mustered up the energy to sit up on the bed, pouting to himself after he was turned away in the midst of tossing his leg over the edge of the mattress, about to boldly follow your footsteps into the shower until he heard the lock click.
“Wha..” Confusion spilling from his doe eyes, he stopped dead in his tracks and ruffled the back of his fluffy bed hair, staring at the door with his brows slightly furrowed as he made out the sound of the shower from outside the connected bathroom, “Whatever, fuck you.” The man raised his voice to shout the following, already knowing that you wouldn’t be able to hear him, “Not like I also wanted to shower or anything!”
Jungkook was clearly pouting and he’d rather get a hundred carpet burns than let you see that side of him no matter how much it bothered him, so the man ‘brushed it off’ and scooted his bare ass further up the bed, stopping when his back met the wooden headboard behind him.
He figured this would be the perfect time to catch up on his texts, now that you decided to leave him completely alone. (It wasn’t even that big of a deal, honestly, yet the sulking man seemed awfully desperate to look for other ways to distract his brain from thinking about it, naturally tapping on his and the guys’ groupchat).
He always prepared himself for the most chaotic situations, just a few weeks ago the chat went crazy bickering over who would pay for Hoseok’s bail money after the latter got drunk off his ass, and funnily enough, the week before that one Hobi sent a long ass text declaring he decided to stop drinking.
Just like that, out of nowhere.
Of course, no one believed him.
Unlike those times, this morning’s topic of conversation seemed to be…normal, which was rare.
namjoon added ‘chim’ to the chat!
chim: hey guys! 👋
yoongi: holy fuck he’s alive
hoeseok: who💀 jimin or joon?
yoongi: damn both of em😭😭😭 just 30 mins alone w you can’t be easy
hoeseok: fuck u.
namjoon: we all know you want to dude, but he’s happily taken remember??
hoeseok: i’m gonna kick myself out this gc 😭
u guys need to chillllll
jin: just like how jungkook chilled w y/n in your bed last night 😏😏
yoongi: bro 💀💀💀💀
hoeseok: nah bc i’m actually still pissed that fucker offered to buy me a new bed set under 50 bucks????? what world does he live in
namjoon: 😑😑 okay wheres tae? he has to know where jungkook’s at
jin: he’s probably at y/n’s place but there’s also a possibility that he ran back to his dorm like a pussy
namjoon: taetae
namjoon: tae answer or no more hard drugs for you to get addicted to 🙄 your choice
yoongi: dude shut up the guy’s probably still sleeping
jin: tae did you call a chick over after i dropped you off last night?
hoeseok: i wouldn’t blame him
he was babysitting joon most of the night, he had no chance to shoot his shot
tae: fuk no
i dropped dead on the couch as soon as i got home
yoongi: so jungkook didn’t come home last night?
Taehyung chewed on his bottom lip from his bedroom, hesitating on whether he should throw his best friend under the bus just to save himself from any more unsolicited revelations in front of new interest Jimin, or suck it up like a man.
tae: no, he’s still at y/n’s
jeon: DUDE
Jungkook was never gonna hear the end of it. The guys already teased the hell out of him because of you, and now that he actually fucked you, he would never live it down.
jeon: i’m never covering for ur ass again 🙄
yoongi: ….u guys are such best friends it’s disgusting
namjoon: mf have you been lurking all along
jin: he probably has 💀
hoeseok: PUSSY
jeon: oh fuck off hyung i get more play than you
Maybe that was a little too far, but Jungkook was sticky and sweaty and your bedroom was hot as shit. A nice shower would’ve sufficed.
jeon: respectfully. sorry. ily. pick out a new bed set xoxo.
yoongi: DAMN 💀💀
namjoon: ...
jin: 🙇‍♂️ me bowing bc i taught him well
hoeseok: make it a $100 bed set 😒
jeon: ur crazy if u think i have $100 on me
but deal 🤝
After that’d been set in stone, readying for his pockets to hurt, Jungkook carelessly tossed his phone aside and combed one hand through his oily hair, on his feet and on his way to invite himself into the shower with you.
You wouldn’t mind, right?
It’d only been 5 minutes since you stepped into the shower, just standing under the shower head and letting the steaming hot water run down your body.
What if he left?
No, he wouldn’t leave again.
But what if he did?
The thought left an unsettling feeling in your stomach and you had this sudden urge to hit pause on your shower and check he was still there, lying naked on your bed, but you held yourself back. Caring this much was not a good sign.
“Open up,” Jungkook annoyingly rattled on the doorknob with his forehead pressed against the door, unknowingly soothing your anxiety while acting like a needy child, not once stopping his tugging and turning on the metal knob. “Let me innnn!”
Alright, now he was fucking with you, grinning whilst waiting to meet you face to face.
The constant rattling of the doorknob startled you, but Jungkook’s whiny voice was one you could always recognise, even if he was faking it. At least he didn’t go home, so that was a win for you.
You stopped massaging your scalp, bits of bubbles following your every move as you stepped out of the shower, leaving the water to run. The bathrobe that was hanging behind the door was now draped over your body to cover your front, now holding onto the doorknob and fighting off the hopefulness in your eyes.
“God, I thought someone was breaking in,” you sigh, holding the bathrobe tightly to your chest. “What do you need, Kook?” You try to sound as unamused as you could spotting the stupidly attractive grin on his face, yet the sight of him from the neck down played as a distraction.
“What does it look like I need? A goddamn shower.”
Jungkook was right about a shower. Things got so messy and he was walking around the dorm with his dick out, he probably made more mess for you to clean up.
Pushing past your dumbfounded self, Jungkook didn’t question why you were covering yourself up after what you both just did, but he figured he’d get to see you naked soon enough if you were about to shower together.
Like regular friends did, of course.
“What are you waiting for?” The man turned to look over his shoulder after stepping under the lukewarm stream of water, staring at you past the wet hair that fell over his eyes, “Join me.”
You stared back at him, mouth slightly ajar as your eyes dipped a little too low and met with droplets of water rushing between every crevice of his abs. He had no right looking like a nude model right now
“Right…” you mentally rolled your eyes and let out a huff, pulling the bathrobe off your body, but you felt a little exposed; more focused on the fact that now neither of you were exactly ‘in the moment.’
The bathrobe pooled at your ankles and you parted ways from it, hesitantly climbing in and standing in front of the much larger male so you could also snag some of the water from the shower head. Jungkook had an advantage, being much bigger and taller, most of the water would land on his shoulders and just bounce off, ignoring your presence.
Being this close to him once again; your soaked back pressing against his built chest and practically sticking to him, you felt the urge to apologise because there was absolutely no way you were doing this on purpose. “Sorry, it’s a little tight in here,” you speak up, glancing back at him over your shoulder and making sure you weren’t making him uncomfortable, yet your apology was useless; you were still unknowingly, pressing up against him.
The part of Jungkook that didn’t always think with his dick found your newborn shyness awfully endearing.
‘It was a pattern,’ he’d noticed, ‘after we’re done fucking, she suddenly gets real shy, even avoids looking into my eyes as if she wasn’t just batting her eyelashes up at me minutes ago’.
Sometimes he wished to dive into your mind without any sort of heads up, just him as he came, pocketing a handful of your thoughts and knowledge for himself along the way (maybe then he’d actually know what went on in your head during moments like these, where all that spoke was the running water as it caressed his naked body and shunned yours).
“You don’t have to apologize, dummy,” Jungkook shook his head, although you couldn’t see him, taking a minute to expand his eyes down your unblemished back, not exclusively sexual, but heavily aware of how he was practically hogging the shower all to himself.
“Here,” with both hands clasped over your shoulders, Jungkook stepped back and let you take over his spot, brushing his wet hair away from his forehead and running a hand down his face to get rid of any water droplets.
Grabbing a bottle of soap he found on the side, Jeon thought about washing himself but changed his mind upon realising there was someone else that could do it for him.
Maybe this would help you get over your timidness, and in all honesty, Jungkook felt a little out of place for being so casual and nonchalant about all of this..
“Yo, shower hogger,” the taller tapped your shoulder with his index finger, waiting until you turned around to raise his brows and glance down at his body expectantly, extending the bottle of soap out towards you, “I’m just so tired, help me wash?” He felt like he was quoting the beginning scene of a porno, and Jungkook knew that you knew that he was exaggerating.
You looked up at Jungkook with an ‘are you serious’ kind of expression, raising a brow at him as if he was crazy. “You’re tired? Please,” you shook your head. If anything, you should be the one that’s tired, especially after that mind-blowing head session you have him, but still, you gave into the big man, grabbing the bottle of berry scented soap from his grasp and squeezing a generous amount onto your palms.
“Since when did you need help taking showers? Last time I checked, babies needed that.” you lather the soap in your hands, rubbing them together to create more bubbles before taking a step back and looking the man up and down, deciding where the hell to even start. “You’re a big baby, aren’t you, Jeon?” you tease, finally deciding to set your palms flat on his chest as you kept your eyes trained on him, very much mocking him with just your eyes.
Jungkook was definitely not built like a big baby, but there were times where he’d do the most endearing things that made you wanna squeeze his cheeks and gauge out his doe eyes. Like, when you’d upset him over little things, he’d sit around pretending he wasn’t upset but you would clearly see the pout on his face, with the added crossing his arms over his chest (exactly like a child).
You grabbed onto his bicep, pulling his body closer to yours a little and snaking his arm around your waist just to keep a secure hold on you so you both could catch some of the water running up above. You wondered about your next move. It seemed a little unusual, massaging his chest under the shower, but then again, you’d already done far from appropriate things; including sweaty bodies, someone’s tears, and a shitload of cum.
Despite all that, you gently caressed the damp skin of his chest, awfully slow and counting each tiny little bubble bursting against him. “Like this?” you prompt, gliding your fingers across his chest and the action itself left your own chest tingling.
This was next level intimate.
Jungkook hadn’t said anything else after childishly puffing out a, ‘I’m not a baby’ with a comical roll of his smiling eyes, studying your face and changing expressions in comfortable silence whilst you roamed your hands over his soapy chest, the arm that curled around the you holding you securely with one palm pressed flat over the small of your back.
Fuck, Jungkook hoped you couldn’t make out how fast his wild little heart was beating even behind all those bubbles. You couldn’t… right? It would quite literally kill the man to try and explain himself out of that one because— he didn’t fucking know why his heart was running laps either!
He already worried enough that he made himself look dumb in front of his super smart best friend; he wanted you to think he had the brains of goddamn Einstein, like yourself, and looking for the right words to explain himself wasn’t going to do him any justice.
Either way, Jungkook just knew it was nice having someone else wash him up… like a servant.
A pretty servant with great tits, at that.
“Yeah..” Jeon finally breathed out another word, unaware that he was inching in towards your face quietly enough that you didn’t catch on and stop your scrubbing, “Just like that.”
He had to uncomfortably tip his neck down a little to reach you, but when his parted lips were merely inches away from yours, Jungkook didn’t waste any time and trapped you in a surprisingly slow moving kiss, raising one hand to cup the side of your face as his thumb traced over your cheekbones.
‘He kissed me first!’ was all you could think about right now. And the kiss easily held a deeper meaning behind it, one that didn’t scream ‘we’re kissing because of sex’. Unless Jungkook thought exactly that..
Then that would be a lot of damage.
Were you hearing yourself right now? You felt pitiful; falling for him after fucking him and now you were head-over-heels for the man just because he kissed you first.
What were the chances of him deciding to settle down? And would Jungkook settle down with you? It was a question you never wanted to answer, or hear the answer to, because there were very high chances the answers to both those questions wouldn’t benefit you. You did hold a tiny bit of hope, only the tiniest, that maybe, just maybe, Jungkook could be feeling the same way. His heart literally on the verge of bursting against your palm struck up a couple questions in your mind, but you easily dismissed them, using the water as an excuse to cover for him.
Yet, with all those doubts, you didn’t hesitate to kiss him back. God knows you wanted to kiss him and he was merely doing you a favour by getting Jungkook to make the first move. It was unexpected, but that’s what made it all the best.
When he did finally pull away after a full minute of tasting your soft lips, his tongue cheekily swiped over his bottom lip while still cupping your face in his big hands, looking into your eyes with that endearing smile that made your heart jump.
You stopped moving your hand, leaving it to rest again his chest whilst your free hand made home on top of his, your fingertips briefly brushing over your cheek as you intertwined your fingers, pulling his hand down to your chest.
Right over your beating heart.
“You don’t realise it, but you have my heart running laps,” you whisper softly, squeezing Jungkook’s hand and suddenly releasing him from your hold, doing your best to turn your back on him and bask under the warm water raining above.
Good idea, leave him confused with words.
Jungkook wasn’t that stupid though, he was perceptive only when it seemed advantageous to him, which was something you picked up on over the years. He’d be able to crack this one. Surely.
You groaned quietly to yourself, lulling your head back a little to have the water slip down your front, but you were too distracted by the warmth to notice your head falling back against his chest, your body relaxing as you released a soft breath.
Nothing outright witty or smart-assy slipped out his mouth during the shared, tender moment between you both; Jungkook acknowledged your words within his own mind, quietly, digesting whatever it was that that had the back of his neck and tips of his ears drowning red.
Tumblr media
The man thought about your— ‘you have my heart running laps’ —for quite a while now, a week to be exact, and sometimes it’d pop in his head at the most random times, it was lowkey starting to freak him out.
Wherever Jungkook was, so were you. Figuratively.
In his mind that was usually blank, you were there, present as always while prompting his heart to beat recklessly and his lungs to stutter whilst they filled with air, often catching him off guard.
Truthfully, Jeon had been too busy battling it out with noobs on Call of Duty, to really question what you meant that day. You weren’t making it easy for him to talk to you either. You completely shut him out after the shower ‘incident’ (which was approximately 2 days ago) and used the excuse of ‘I need to catch up on my assignments’, to avoid him.
Obviously he didn’t know that, but he wasn’t suspicious either. It was normal for you to go radio silent for a couple days to focus on your studies, and Jungkook respected that. Normally he’d bug you, but not this time around.
Which was weird.
Even Taehyung found it odd, coming back home and finding Jungkook still playing his game. He was high as hell, but he knew something weird when he saw it.
Slumping against the empty space beside Jungkook, Taehyung carelessly throws his arm around the younger’s muscly shoulders. “What’ve you been up to, then? You been sitting on your ass this whole time?” he asks, eyeing the TV screen and seeing that he was currently in the game lobby, waiting to start a new match. “No girls over tonight? Not even Y/N?”
Even though he was high, a part of him wanted things to set sail between you and his roommate.
“Were you too shy to call her? Or did she just reject you when you tried?” Taehyung’s assumptions weren’t impossible. He’d been around long enough to watch Jungkook’s countless invitations to hang out or get something to eat, get straight up rejected by you because you were too busy studying.
“Ah, Y/N?” No use in brushing it off now.
Two days without seeing you or talking to you, felt like an eternity, but Jungkook was determined to stay quiet. Ever since you both hooked up for the first time, he’s mostly been the one to text or call to ask if he could come over and y’know what, that is if Jeon excluded the times he’d just show up at your doorstep unannounced.
Point was.. he was waiting for you to need him, not the other way around like it often was.
Now, Jungkook wasn’t expecting you to text him and blatantly say how much you needed him to come over and fuck you so good you’d forget about everything you studied (even if that would make him harder than anything else in the world), but even just an ‘i miss you’ or ‘i’m done studying, come over’ would make him drop anything and everything for you.
It was a new and weird feeling, thinking like this. He never waited around for a girl, even if he had a line of them waiting to get dicked down by him.
“I’m not shy, we’ve just been busy doing our own thing.” He huffed out at Tae’s assumption, not daring to make any eye contact since being best friends with Taehyung since middle school meant the latter knew when he was bullshitting, always. It was weird as hell and even more impressive when Tae could point it out when he wasn’t sober..
Jungkook was looking straight at Tae now with big eyes and his teeth busy nibbling at his lip, like he was caught red handed and it was too obvious that that’s been something that’d been on his mind for a while.
With a low groan, the younger ran both hands down his face and slid down the couch, muscly legs lazily spread as he leaned his head back on the headrest and remained silent. Until he didn’t; Taehyung had a way of getting information out of him without barely saying a word. Something about his deadpan gaze…
“I know she’s not the type, but a text saying that she needs me- if you know what I mean, and not the other way around? I’d give her my kid, man.”
That was a complete reach and even if Jungkook did chuckle a little at that, his feelings and everything else he said were true. The younger shrugged and played off those strong feelings, “It’s whatever, though. You probably felt the same way about a girl you hooked up with at some point in time, right?”
All Taehyung could think about was ‘who the fuck possessed his roommate?’ No, even better question; ‘why is a girl making his best friend feel like this?’ In all the years Taehyung knew Jungkook, never had he ever seen the younger male care so much about a girl he fucked.
But… there was a difference. You weren’t just any girl he fucked. You were Jungkook’s only girl friend that he fucked.
Given the history between you two, things obviously felt more fragile and more… intimate? At least that’s what Taehyung thought. He wasn’t even part of the relationship, but because of the younger being so new to experiencing such feelings, it was almost second nature for him to feel the same way (out of sympathy). “I don’t know, dude… I’ve never felt like that, but you sound like you’re having withdrawal symptoms being without her for so long,” he shrugs, eyeing the male who looked like he was so far down the ‘I’m in love with her, but i’m gonna act like I don’t care’ hole.
Taehyung could’ve easily lied and told Jungkook that it was normal for him to feel so attached to his girl friend, but who was he kidding? It wasn’t normal to feel so attached unless you were deeply in love.
“You sure you’re not… in love with her, dude?” he teases, ruffling Jungkook’s hair in the most brotherly way possible. He was only trying to scare the im younger male and make him overthink a little. “I’m kidding! Just stop being a pussy and go to her. Tell her what you want. Like, straight up. I’m tellin’ you, girls dig that. There’s nothing girls want more than a guy being straight to the point.”
Jeon Jungkook was most definitely, most surely not in love with you. What even was love? He could think of a few examples..
His dad cutting off the crusts in his mom’s sandwiches, Hoseok babysitting Namjoon, Mrs. Kim working hard to make sure her small, country-boy Tae went off to a nice college (and got away from his ego-filled dad. Jungkook met him a few times and he was an A class asshole).
Either way, the younger never really saw that kind of love for him. It all seemed unattainable and whatever Jungkook was feeling towards you, it couldn’t have been love. Maybe lust, just in his own special way..
“I’m not in love with her, are you crazy?” Jeon sighed out loud and considered taking Taehyung’s advice for real, just maybe not at 12:30 in the morning.. “Okay, fine, but,” Jungkook turned his body to chuckle at the irony in his roommate’s words, “When have you ever been straight up with a girl, Tae? Was it when you asked her to give you that fresh hickey on your neck tonight?”
It was huge and Jungkook had been eyeing the red bruise just underneath Taehyung’s jaw for a few moments prior. “Was this before or after you went to meet up with Jimin because damn,” the younger was laughing now, inching to take a closer look at possibly the biggest hickey he’d ever seen, unaware it was Jimin who left those very marks.
As if he couldn’t be any more skeptical than he already was, Taehyung’s palm was quick to smack against his neck, making himself wince in the process as he discreetly rubbed the bruised area and avoided all eye contact with Jungkook. His jaw tensed as he tried to stop himself from blushing. Remnants of tonight’s events were running through his mind, and he had to stop before his dick got hard again. But that seemed impossible. Jimin was just this ultra, superior, ethereal being with the superpowers to keep his dick hard and heart fluttering for days on end. “Hey!” Taehyung scowls, smacking Jungkook’s head (not too hard) and pulling away from his susceptive gaze.
“Firstly, mind your own, secondly, I got bitten by a mosquito.” That was the lamest excuse in the book, but once again, this is where Jeon’s cluelessness played at his advantage. “Jimin lives in this whole other area, like expensive apartments and neighbourhoods and shit. There’s palm trees everywhere, too so there were a lot of flies,” Taehyung explained; sounding as brief and unbothered as possible. In case Jungkook didn’t believe him, he added, “Seriously, It felt like I was in another country when I arrived.”
Hopefully he played it off well. The man was pretty good at acting, especially when it came to promising girls he’d spend another night with them. It never happened.
“Whatever, man, turn the game off. I need the couch,” he yawns dramatically whilst stretching his arms above his head. “I can’t feel my legs.” It was a natural occurrence for Taehyung to sleep on the couch after a night of non-stop drugs. He would quite commonly complain about not being able to feel his legs because they’d be so numb, thus deeming him immobile until sober the next morning.
Taehyung executed the lame excuse perfectly, Jungkook completely brushed it off.. right after he finished tending to the minor concussion from his roommate.
Annoyed but kind, he ran off to the kitchen and paired an Ibuprofen with a tall glass of water to sit on the coffee table at an arm’s reach for the other male to quench his fleeting sobriety with, taking his earned title of ‘best friend’ extra seriously while throwing a spare blanket over Tae’s limp body on the couch, turning off the TV seconds later and going into his room.
Throwing himself to lie on his bed, the sudden urge to send you a text loomed over. He knew, he knew… he was supposed to let you reach out to him, but maybe you were just busy and forgot about him. Plus, waiting around was boring and nowhere near as exhilarating as—
jungkook: you haven’t forgotten about me yet? 🤓
Was it super obvious you was avoiding Jungkook?
What’s the best way to avoid someone?
Drown yourself in your studies.
It was probably advantageous to you now, since studying was always the excuse you used to get yourself out of unwanted situations. And this wouldn’t be a surprise to Jungkook. He had the shorter end of of the stick when it came to wanting to hang out, you would always reject his pleas.
This past week, you needed to ‘get back on your grind’ and all this faffing about with Jungkook left a lasting impact on your daily routine.
Every time you sat on your couch (which was often) you’re reminded of the very first night you both laid hands on each other. How could you forget? There was probably remnants of that night still burnt into your couch. Every time you’re sat at your desk, you’re reminded of the little note Jungkook left the following morning, apologising for leaving so early.
Hard to believe, your poor self displayed the note at the corner of your desk, right in front of your old textbooks. It seemed cringe, but you found it cute and got some sort of serotonin looking at it while you were studying. Every night when you go to bed, you mindlessly stare at the empty space next to you for at least an hour before falling asleep, thinking how it would’ve been Jungkook next to you.
And the shower… where you indirectly confessed to him, but instead, only confused yourself, and you had no doubt you confused him too (he wasn’t any smarter than you were).
In all honesty, you were waiting for Jungkook to approach you first, which was too much to ask for since he always texted first. But, you were hoping he’d say something about your last interaction. Was the “you got my heart running laps” not enough for him? Or was he really that clueless?
Whatever it was, you didn’t dwell on it, almost jumping out of the comfy seat at her desk and lungeing to reach your phone off the bed. Your heart was doing that annoying racing thing and your fingers were twiddling at your screen.
you: y’know what?
i completely forgot you existed for a sec
what was your name again?
Damn. Jeon was torn between laughing or having a go at you for that line as he laid out sprawled over his bed thinking of what to make of it, a tight lipped smile settled things and pushed through Jungkook’s efforts to take small offense to what you said.
“Pfft, John?”
However, that sly grin always appeared whenever you were confident and smart-assy with him. With shame lesser than -10000, Jungkook could easily admit he found it hot. He could stupidly stand in the middle of a street with both arms outstretched and yell, ‘I find it really hot when Lee Y/N gives me a taste of my own medicine, so what?! She’s very hot to me!’
Obviously that wasn’t going to happen, but trust that he would if it came down to it.
jungkook: john huh? who’s that, textbook #1? 😕
but uh. how’s jerry doing?? yknow. textbook #3 😉
It was the highlight of his night; Jungkook hadn’t even realized his cheeks were turning sore from smiling so big. If any of the guys walked in they’d think he won the lottery and then some, but no, it was just you.
It always seemed to be about you— is what the guys would say, surely. No one else.
jungkook: and i doubt you forgot about my existence, you like me too much
hell, you probably even missed me, i know i missed you
Anyone could bet you were forcing yourself not to break out into a fit of giggles (resulting in you just writhing in your seat) because there was no way a man was suddenly making you laugh this hard. Jungkook was making you laugh so hard.
It took you a couple seconds to regain your composure before tapping at your keyboard again.
you: john and jerry are doing good
they’ve been keeping me company and treating me well
i wouldn’t have it any other way 😩
Having Jungkook keep you company would obviously be better, but you can’t always get what you want.
You didn’t catch the next couple messages he sent, instead opening your camera and snapping a quick photo of the mess of scrap papers and opened textbooks lying on your desk, not even realising the note Jungkook left you a couple nights ago was peeking out in the corner of the frame.
You attach the photo to your next message;
you: this sums up my week
you know the drill
As you waited for the attachment to deliver, you scrolled down to finally see the recent message he sent, and you swore your heart skipped a beat.
Jungkook missed you?
A faint hint of pink drowned your cheeks as you contemplated on how to respond?
Do you reciprocate, or just be passive and ignore him? The second option seemed pretty appropriate, because if he missed you so much, why didn’t he do anything about it?
That option however, would just open up a whole other can of worms and would probably end up with the pair bickering until the early hours of dawn.
You missed him so much this week, you didn’t want this interaction to go to waste.
you: i think YOU like me too much since you missed me so bad
are you obsessed with me?
it’s okay if you are, but you’ll have to wait in line for your turn
That joke was no longer valid ever since you guys fucked.
you: if it makes you feel better, i guess i missed you too
Unlike you and your adorable stickling for structure, it was a shock Jungkook waited until all the blurbs of texts were done coming through considering how restlessness was naturally wired in his veins, but he preferred to indulge in each individual bubble once they disappeared from the bottom of his screen.
He didn’t want to take the risk of saying something stupid and fucking everything up, not after so long (2 days), so for you, he’d learn to be patient— even if that sounded difficult to actually go through.
Almost immediately his eyes widened at the amount of individual texts that finished pouring in (he always had a way of knowing if you were mad at him. If you sent him no more than three individual texts at a time, that meant he needed to hide).
But more than taken aback, Jungkook had an idea of what that meant on a deeper, more obvious level. It was so clear that you missed him and if his heart didn’t pound enough at the idea of it, the beating organ nearly jumped out of Jeon’s chest when his eye accidentally skipped down the list and landed on the last text, confirming that what he thought was true.
Now he had the urge to giggle.
The male didn’t know what the fuck was going on or why he felt this way towards simple texts that were meant to come off as light teasing and nothing more. All he knew was that if he kept this up, his head would swell because of all the confusion going on inside it..
jungkook: jesus nerd, how you’re still breathing surrounded by all that paper is beyond me
smh don’t get too ahead of yourself tho 😒 i like you a very small amount
and that joke is no longer valid ever since we fucked
Jungkook was still thinking about the fact that you also missed him and for that reason, he failed to catch his little note in the corner of your attached photo, for now.
His mind was just… focused on something else.
You missed him!
jungkook: that does make me feel better, god what would i do without you? 😫
but truth is… i won’t really believe it unless you go into detail, miss lee. tell me, what did you miss about me?
OH! and i know that there’s a long list so take your time
Seriously, Jeon Jungkook never took a break from feeding his ego. You sat there wondering how you managed to put up with him all these years. He had a cute face back then, for sure, but now he looked like a hot hunk of goodness and everything nice, unfortunately.
you: for starters, i missed you blowing up my phone with hundreds of texts
surprised i didn’t even get ONE annoying text from you
It was almost tradition for Jungkook to spam your phone with nonsense texts and silly pictures of himself whilst you were studying. It only became a problem when he started spamming you with tiktoks, distracting you from your studies because after you’d watch them, you’d end up scrolling on the app far longer than anticipated.
you: i guess i missed your stupid face too 🙄
and the way you’d come over and inhale all the food in my fridge
and how you’d mark your territory on my couch
i also really miss our movie nights, it was the only thing that relieved my stress 😔
and, believe it or not, i miss arguing with you
i could say so much more, but i don’t think it’s appropriate unless you wanna hear?
You paused for a second, seeing that your list had taken up the entire screen.
Damn, you really missed him, huh?
you: why did we stop talking?
you know my door is always open for you, jeon 😕
Whether it be to pester you, hang out, or fuck, Jungkook was always welcome.
you: but enough about you, stink
what did you miss about me? 🥰
It’d been eating him up inside long before this special moment, gnawing away at his core and causing Jungkook’s blush to deepen in color and expand vastly over the smooth canvas of his cheeks that were puppeted by two strings pulling hard at the apples of his cheeks whenever his heart went crazy drumming to its own, particular beat. It was a type of drumming that was so rare, he worried it was an actual heart attack at its beginning stages…
jungkook: you’re making me and my “stupid face” blush, lee 😵‍💫
But he never dropped down to the ground dead—it was worse— Jungkook was left with the continuous stinging in his chest and a conscious mind full of consuming thoughts.
Jeon Jungkook never skipped out on an opportunity to feed his massive ego, but you never missed the cue as his ‘special best friend’ to always give in and singlehandedly create an even cockier version of the man; just for the moment you were together, be it over text or in person.
Truth? Jungkook would rather hear you say these things to his face, then he’d be able to show a more genuine reaction to how they made him feel— a kiss spoke volumes, for example. He was never the best at saying things the way he wanted to say them— but on the bright side, Jungkook was glad you couldn’t see him and his flushed being.
That seemed to be his thing; go big or go home.
jungkook: that’s a hell of a long list for a girl that said she forgot about my existence 👀
sure you weren’t thinking about me everyday, pretty?
He liked to think he was in control; he enjoyed being in control, but when his skin was lit up because of a few sweet words from you, confidence didn’t come as easily and smoothly as it usually did. So, Jungkook settled for playing a front over text.
Not like you had any way of seeing him.
jungkook: but hmm, what did i miss about you? 🤔 well for starters, i like it when you let me raid your fridge and let me mark my territory on your couch ;)
how you call me “stink” or “idiot” with a smile on your face after i say something stupid because deep inside you find it endearing 👀
your random fuckin GORY murder cases that always stick with me. a man is scarred
when you’re super concentrated while studying and quietly mumble to yourself under your breath. it’s cute
you in glasses. that’s it
our movie nights, especially when you let me pick ironman for the 100th time
i also miss arguing with you and proving your ass wrong
your ass.
sleeping with you in the way that you keep me warm during the night and you rest your head on my chest. i like feeling like i’m keeping you safe
and sleeping with you in the way that i can make you feel really good, help you relieve stress. feeling closer to you is being inside you
Fuck, did he go overboard?
Jungkook was only trying to match you in terms of quality, but now looking back at all the sent messages, he couldn’t help but cringe at himself for saying all that.
He should’ve taken quality over quantity more seriously..
“Damn,” He ran a hand through his hair and quickly got back to typing so that you wouldn’t sit on the last part for too long.
jungkook: and wdym “when did we stop talking” 💀💀 y/n, it’s only been two days 🙄
im coming over tomorrow tho, can’t have you missing me anymore 😉
For a brief second, you thought you were reading texts from the boyfriend you never had. It was worse since you were going overboard with the blushing, but how could you control that? His string of texts were like… a confession.
Could he possibly be in love with you? Never.
Jeon Jungkook was incapable of feeling such things, and having said that out loud, all your hope had disintegrated. Jungkook was too clueless, he probably couldn’t even remember what you said in the shower.
you: i’m starting to think you missed me more than i missed you
You stayed giggling quietly to yourself, reading on each line one by one and feeling the butterflies in the pit of your stomach erupt. If Jungkook were here right now, he’d probably tease the hell out of you, use it as a way to boost his inflated ego.
you: my fridge has been restocked for you, so you won’t have to bring over half-eaten pizza like last time 💀
IM ALWAYS RIGHT! you have never ever proved me wrong in your life
you argue with bs, i argue with FACTS 😌
What’s something that would make the Jeon Jungkook fold?
A selfie.
But not just any odd selfie.
It was a blessing in disguise that you had your glasses on right now. A little selfie wouldn’t hurt anyone (but deep down you wanted to gauge a reaction out of him, for your own satisfaction) so you opened your camera and angled your phone up in front of you, your eyes peeking up from behind your lenses, unknowingly pulling off the whole ‘innocent, but not-so-innocent nerd’ look paired with a small pout.
The raised view might be familiar to him.
You were satisfied with the first picture you took so you sent it through to him, with another message following right after;
you: my glasses miss your face 😔
they’re tired of looking down at textbooks all day
When did Jeon become so totally and utterly fascinated with the casual sight of your dorky frames sitting high up on your cute nose, framing your face and making you seem even smarter and a bigger nerd than you already were?
He had no fuckin’ idea.
Glasses never looked as good on anyone else than they did on you— something about how your smartness aligned with the vivid image in his head of a sexy, intelligent librarian just did it for him without any misses.
Was it a fantasy or just simp behaviour?
Whatever it was, you had the brains and the looks; Jungkook honestly thought you were extremely cool and he could only dream to be as smart and dedicated to learning as you were.
Jungkook saved the picture to his camera roll after staring at it for a few moments in silence, lured in by everything from your puckered lips to deer-like eyes as they drove him wild in a manner he was way too familiar with.
“Fuck,” Jeon tipped his head to the side to take a look at the expected erection in his sweats, the bulge pitching a big tent against the bare material of his pants since Jungkook rarely wore anything underneath whenever he was alone.
None of this was fair.
Deciding to play your game his own way, he tapped on the camera and angled it towards his growing erection after pressing record, shamelessly zooming in on his bulge whilst breathing out a low, “This isn’t fair, y’know. Rubbing one out at 12am wasn’t on my list of plans for the night.”
Jungkook sent the video without another thought and added a provocative text to go along with it, his bottom lip close to going numb from biting down on it so hard.
jungkook: instead of looking down, how bout you look up at me? i think you’ll find that more fun
This was much more than the reaction you expected from Jungkook. You expected a little “you look pretty” or a “you look like a nerd” type of text from him, one that could stem as serious or just playful teasing, but watching the short clip and being met with his inane bulge, an overwhelming sense of pride took over.
You had awoken the beast with just a mere selfie?
No physical touch, no overly suggestive text message?
You had every right to believe you were capable of more. Maybe not right now since you had the clip on loop to bask in his ragged, deep voice, which gave you the most uncalled-for flashbacks to those nights where he’d praise you for taking him so good.
You quickly saved the video (for your own pleasure) and got to typing with your sweaty thumbs and clenching thighs.
you: life isn’t fair, sorry about that
Reading his last text message, your poor self had fallen into daydream mode. All the endless possibilities of you being on your knees and staring up at the man, doing God knows what. But you knew exactly what he meant, and you were not against it…
But you could always play dumb.
you: but why would i do that, koo?
enlighten a dumb girl like myself, would you?
Jungkook was this close to giving up on the sexual bantering over text and get up from his bed, go out his front door, hop on his motorcycle and drive the short minutes to your apartment just to show you what he meant— even if it was clear enough that you were only playing games with him.
jungkook: does acting clueless help you ignore the fact that you want me rn? bc let me know how that works out for you ;)
Before Jungkook could even acknowledge it, one hand extended downwards to grope his own cock, the firm contact pressuring a deep grunt to exit past his parted mouth and into the privacy of his bedroom where the darkness failed to conceal the slight twitch of his dark brows, the screen of his phone highlighting every minor gesture on his face as a response to him touching himself. His palm smoothed over his bulge time after time again as his heavy eyes stayed set on the picture before him— your selfie, breathing becoming just as unsteady.
Needy for something else, Jungkook eagerly slipped his fingers past the waistband of his sweats and pulled out his cock in one go, coming face to face with its angry tip that oozed precum moments before bucking his hips into his fisted hand, clearer groans and deeper moans making themselves known as he messily pumped his cock within his tight, slippery grip.
“Fuu-fuck.. shit,” for the first time, he looked down at the way his latched hand moved seamlessly down his girth instead of your picture, allowing his mind to run wild and imagine his slick fist was you, the tightness making him dizzy. His hips impulsively used the mattress as drive to thrust themselves upwards and fuck into his hand, his tip coming out the top drenched in more precum after each plunge.
Deciding it’d be selfish of him to keep you in the dark whilst he got off because of you, Jungkook opened his eyes and despite the minor shakiness, angled the phone above his face and started recording.
All he allowed you to see was his slack face, moderately sweaty and flushed at the cheeks, a glint of shine peeking past his hooded eyes and kissable lips split as his ragged breathing was heard. His messy hair fell over his forehead and brows just right, clenched jaw locked in place whilst his nostrils flared, the phone in his deadly grip shaking even more now that Jeon grew restless and pumped himself even faster— his arm was aching.
Finally, the man spoke, smirking lazily at the camera. “Does a dumb girl like yourself know what’s goin’ on right now? Don’t play stupid, hnghh— doesn’t benefit anyone, baby.”
Being the tease Jungkook was known for, he flipped the camera but didn’t show his cock by covering the lens with his fingers, hovering the device close to his dick for you to be able to clearly hear the wet sounds of his built-up precum sliding up and down his lathered shaft as he went crazy pumping himself to the sticky base, his grunts playing in the background.
He was so close, but all that was left was a push from you, and so Jeon sent the video straight away, going easy on himself for the time being.
You had never clicked on a video so fast in your life, and God, did Jungkook serve. The phone had been brought even closer to your face, as if trying to hide from anyone that could see (you still needed to get used to living alone) and the moment your ears picked up on his heavy breaths and flushed state, only a child would guess wrong about what he was doing right now.
Your eyes stayed glued to Jungkook’s face, admiring the sharp slate along his jaw and his parted lips, imagining just how soft they would be if you had the chance to kiss him again.
The ongoing ache between your legs remained steady (with a lot of self control) but you were crumbling by the second.
“Fuck’s sake,” you curse under your breath, forming a tight line with your lips as you watched on, suddenly having little time to process that his face was no longer in the frame. The video was still going on and you sat there with your knees up to your chest, putting the volume up to the max to hear just how sinful and erotic his actions were playing out to be.
So much for self control, you failed to keep your body temperature at a norm along with your blushing cheeks (which felt like they were on literal fire) hearing such dirty sounds.
You could make out the image in your head; Jeon sprawled out on his bed, sweating with one muscular arm between his legs and his cock vigorously pumping between his fist.
It should’ve been your fist getting him off, but the circumstances deemed that to be difficult.
Was it possible to want to suck someone off more than just sit down and study?
you: fuck you, jeon
The throbbing between your legs was beginning to grow unbearable, so you did what you were best at.
Repaying him in the most unexpected way possible.
With your phone clutched in your hand and legs brought down to dangle off your seat, you opened up your camera, switching to video and hugging the phone close to your chest, with the lens facing up towards your chin. You made sure the lower half of your face came into view before pressing record.
You didn’t say a word; simply letting your actions speak for themselves as you slipped your middle and ring finger past your plump lips and letting your tongue rest flat along the base, trying to slick them up a little before wrapping your lips around your digits completely.
This was totally out of character for you, but Jungkook wasn’t making it easy. The thought of him shoving his fingers down your throat edged you to push your own digits a little farther and then pulling back in a constant motion. Each time your fingers would come into view again, they’d be ten times more soaked than before, and just to spite the man, you would zoom in on your glistening digits and force him to watch on, slowing down the pace of your fingers so he could really cherish the sight of your fingers disappearing past your lips.
“Bet you wish that was you, huh?” you whisper softly, pulling your fingers out ever-so-slowly and then adjusting the angle of your phone, pulling it away to give him a view of the oversized shirt you were wearing which he left a couple nights ago.
You set your phone down to lean on the pile of textbooks on your desk, wasting no time in setting the heels of your feet on the edge of your seat and lifting the hem of his shirt over your stomach to reveal the lack of attire underneath.
Just a pair of simple lilac coloured underwear.
You gave the camera one last look before following Jungkook’s train of movement, slipping your glistening digits past the band of your panties, and as much as you wanted to touch yourself right now, you paused.
You weren’t giving in that easily, so you reached over for her phone with a teasing grin on your face, making sure only your face was in the shot before your fingers lightly feathered across your untouched core, eyes fluttering shut and back now resting slack against the chair.
“Koo..” Shit, you’d barely done anything.. It took you a moment to regain your composure and you stopped the video, free hand still sat between your legs and digits seamlessly running up and down your slit as you rushed to send him the video.
That should do it.
And that fucking did.
He should've known, he should’ve known that you would one-up him at his own playing field because— when did you not constantly surprise him with whatever skills you kept in your pockets, only choosing to show them off at the right time?
Your head game? Fucking awesome. Handjob? He swore he saw a goddamn angel last time. The best pancakes in the world? Only at your place.
Everything you did was irresistible and for someone like Jungkook, nothing in the world beat not ever knowing what to expect, that was partly why he slept around a lot. But you… you were a total freak.
Which is why Jeon should’ve busted right then and there after watching the video all the way through, he almost did, but instead of shooting his cum into the air, now he was angry at himself for even tempting such a mouthwatering, captivating response out of you while being stuck where he was. Not being able to actually do anything about it, he groaned to himself and wished it was his fingers that dipped past the warmth of your mouth, collecting your saliva to use as a lube to relentlessly finger you until your legs shook..
“Fuckin’ shit..!” Jeon threw his head back whilst his wrist flicked around the base of his cock, dragging his palm upwards to do the same to his red tip. Once those long drags began to lose their heavy momentum, that was when he used his other hand to text you back, his lower stomach muscles flexing as a sign that Jeon was extremely close.
jungkook: dirty girl getting her fingers dirty for me
looking so pretty in my shirt too? fuck you’re so good, wanna fuck you
gonna come a shit ton bc of that video. sucks it won’t be inside that pussy fuuck
Throwing his phone aside for the time being, Jungkook focused on getting himself off with the image of you fresh in his mind, his buff arm cramping up but he persisted nonetheless, abusing his twitching cock with all his strength until long ropes of white erupted from his tip and onto his sweats, his hand, his stomach, the sheets—his fucking foot?
“A-ahh..hmpph-hmm.. ah.. ah, fuck,” just when he thought he was done, his cock twitched and added on to the pool of creamy white on his sweatpants, “Shit..”
The man took the messy opportunity to snap a quick photo of the mess that was his stomach and sheets, ensuring his dick was in the frame this time before sending it to you with a cheeky—
jungkook: this could’ve been all yours baby
You continued your miscreants against your aching cunt, sliding your middle finger in completely and exhaling softly at the familiar feeling. Many of your nights were spent alone, mindlessly fucking yourself for relief (though it barely helped since you could never finish alone) but now masturbating seemed so… out of the ordinary.
You never felt the need to touch yourself since you and Jungkook started whatever this whole situation was. In all honesty, you were ashamed to admit you could no longer please yourself without your best friend by your side, whether it be him guiding you with words, or straight up doing the job for you. It sounded wrong on so many levels, but you couldn’t help what your body yearned for.
The thought only frustrated you since you were alone and nowhere near close to relief, but you continued to tease and toy with yourself, occasionally pinching your sensitive bud and then breaking out into short, fast-paced rubs where your fingers would slip past your entrance and knock the air out of her lungs.
Jungkook’s texts were coming through one by one, and each one forced you to pick up the pace of your wrists, now thrusting your fingers between your soft walls at a vigorous pace. Oh, the things you would do for him to leave a hot mess inside of you.. it was pissing you off and it was obvious you were taking out your frustrations on yourself.
If his texts weren’t enough to drive you insane, the picture he attached with the blatant mess of white surrounding him and knowing it was all your doing, sparked a different kind of light within you.
you: fuck you for being at home right now
you: i can’t do this
To be more clear, you snapped a quick video of yourself, camera facing down in front of you to give Jungkook the perfect view of your slick coated digits fucking into you, paired with your shallow breaths and your signature whines, “Should’ve been you, Koo.. you know I can’t do this on my own.” Your voice was unsteady as you spoke, and you were close to breaking down horny and unsatisfied, but you kept yourself together.
No matter how embarrassing it was, you still sent him the video, typing away at your screen with your free hand and pulling the other out from between your legs with a huff.
you: im holding myself back to come on your cock next time
and i’ll make sure none of it goes to waste
Sexting with you at the asscrack of night wasn’t exactly on Jungkook’s to-do list, but just as a wise woman once texted— plans inevitably change and hell if he wasn’t content with the turnout. Not to mention it served as closure that he wasn’t being shut out on purpose and a quick release all in one, although the new texts and dirty video of a quick peek inside her panties made him question if it was worth the extra cramping in his hand and even messier sheets..
The man grimaced slightly at the warm stickiness on his stomach and fingers; he’ll jerk off to that one another day.
Truth be told, Jeon was extremely exhausted and he had a real reason to be… now. Before he had the balls to hit you up and resume where you left off, all the latter did while his roommate was gone was play video games, sulk about why why you weren’t taking initiative and worrying that Tae had gotten ran over by a car, and then another— and another.
Like always, you were the highlight of his night and day plus every moment in between.
jungkook: “fuck me” for being at home rn?? ha you wish 😗🥴
and sure you’ll wait for me baby, you’re my good girl
just know i’m coming over tomorrow and picking up where we left off. missed u too much i doubt id be able to keep my hands to myself 🤤
Jeon didn’t realize he was grinning— the kind of grinning that formed those crinkles around his eyes— until he caught sight of his reflection through the screen, simultaneously noticing how tired his smiling eyes looked and, in a very adult way, he took that as a sign to call it a night. There was always tomorrow, and there will be a tomorrow.
A very eventful one— he’ll make sure of it.
A loud yawn easily slipped past his agape mouth and Jungkook used his clean hand to start typing again, doe eyes blinking repeatedly to try and stay awake just so he could send you a goodnight text and manage to at least change out of his clothes.
jungkook: i’m heading to bed now, no workout ever tires me out like you do 💪
night, hope my shirt keeps you warm 😏
you: night, jeon
try not to dream about me tonight 😴
And just like that, Jungkook set his phone aside and sighed to himself after standing up and taking a closer look at the mess he’d made— was that amount of cum… healthy?
You were honestly messing with his head but.. Jungkook kind of liked it.
You got out of your seat and went straight to the bathroom, leaving your phone behind to wash up.
What an eventful night.
Jungkook’s ‘i’m coming over tomorrow and picking up where we left off’ stayed lingering in your mind as you thoroughly washed your hands. You were finally going to see Jungkook after 2 days (felt like a month) and you didn’t know how you’d react the moment you open the door for him.
Would you jump him because you missed him so much? Slap him because he didn’t bother to talk to you these last two days? Kiss him without thinking because you missed his lips?
Fuck, you really wanted to kiss him.
Maybe you would just stand there and let the man welcome himself in since he had a lot of experience doing that anyway the last couple years.
Either way, you were completely and utterly fucked for caring so much.
Whatever though, Jungkook was still clueless and that was something you could dwell on another time, but for now, you felt like you needed 6 months worth of sleep for the 9857265 hours you spent studying to keep your mind off Jungkook.
Tumblr media
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mapofthesea · 6 months
Tumblr media
roommate and best fwb!jimin x afab reader
genre: smut n fluff with a dash of angst (reader has a shitty day at work)
summary: after a long, upsetting day at work, Jimin is more than happy to lend a hand in any way you need
warnings: porn with a little bit of plot, swearing, reader has a bad day at work, crying, relationship isn’t really defined but they are clearly in love, dom!jimin, sub!reader, shy!reader, like one instance of dumbification, lots of dirty talk (Jimin guides reader through touching herself), praise kink!!!, fingering, mutual masturbation, orgasm denial, overstimulation, lots of compliments from jimin, body worship, unprotected sex, aftercare <3
an: this fic is inspired by my desire to write some hurt/comfort and a tweet I saw that said “jimin would talk you through it”. please DO NOT read this if you are underage and/or uncomfortable :) I am not responsible for your media consumption so please be mindful!
as always, I did not proof read so there may be mistakes! 
The heavy thud of the front door closing behind your back pushes a heavy sigh from your lips. For the fourth night this week you’re getting home three hours past your scheduled out time, and you’ve never wanted to crawl under the floorboards and die more than you did today. Your feet ache, toes throbbing with the amount you had walked in too-tight heels all day. Once your shoes and coat are discarded you notice that the kitchen lights are on, the low sound of a song you can’t quite place wafting out of the room accompanied by the sound of running water. Jimin must be washing the dishes. Your stomach rumbles in protest, the clear consequence of you being forced to stay late and miss dinner with your best friend again. As you pad into the kitchen you can only hope there’s leftovers. You aren’t sure if you can justify another night of ramen. 
Jimin has his back to you, his shock of black hair sticking up cutely at the back as he scrubs away. You spot a pot of something on the table, evidently still hot due to the steam condensed on the lid. The simple idea of not having been home in time to help Jimin cook or even eat with him, like a best friend and roommate should makes tears spring into your eyes. Overwhelmed, you wrap your arms around Jimin and bury your face into his back, the soft material of his sweatshirt smelling delectably like him. He jumps and turns off the water, stripping the dish gloves from his strong hands. 
“Well, hello to you too,” he chuckles and you can clearly picture the crinkles by his eyes. 
“I'm sorry,” you instantly blurt, words rushing forward before you can stop them. You already felt awful from work, and coming home to see that he had done so much for you, yet again, made your heart burst. Tears slip, slowly at first, and then in a downpour that soaks the fabric of his sweatshirt. Jimin makes a sound that lands somewhere between concern and confusion, maneuvering his body so that you’re now crying pathetically into his chest instead of his back. 
He knows the best thing he can do now is be there for you, waiting patiently with his arms wound around your shaking figure until you’re ready to talk. You feel so small, so reduced from the shitty remarks of your coworkers that coming home to see Jimin had to eat alone became your tipping point. 
“I-” your voice is choked by tears and you have to stop to swallow hard, “I-I’m so sorry you had to eat alone again!” You wail, clutching onto him like a baby. 
“Oh, babygirl, please. Don’t cry, it’s really okay.” Jimin’s hand soothes down the crown of your hair, pressing a kiss there as you shudder. His hand stays in motion, petting over your hair in the way he knows you love. Your wails reduce to sniffles as you shiver against him. “Come on, let’s sit down.” With no energy to protest, you allow him to move you into the living room, onto your favorite chair-the large circular one you had splurged on just for the cuddling abilities. 
Once the tears leave your vision, you can make out Jimin’s furrowed brow and the way he holds a tissue up to you, prompting you to blow your nose. Your cheeks flame at the intimate gesture but Jimin thinks nothing of it, setting the tissue down and capturing your face in his hands. 
“Hi,” you whisper, finally greeting him properly. You note how handsome he looks tonight, skin clear and glowing, lips as plump and inviting as always. His eyes are narrowed with concentration on your face. 
“Hi, baby.” He acquiesces, mostly happy that you seem to have gained some semblance of self back. “Can you tell me what’s wrong?” 
His words make your face twist, the unpleasant feelings form the day bubbling up and overwhelming you. In an effort to keep it together, you focus on the steady heat of his body under you, the way his chest rises and falls under your hands as you sit on top of him. 
“Bad day at work.” You mumble, giving a half smile. Jimin says nothing but arches an eyebrow; a clear indicator that that was not a sufficient answer for him. “It’s just that my coworkers are real assholes. You know how often I stay late to finish up projects-” Jimin nods, recalling all of the times you've had to move or cancel plans due to work. “And they have the nerve to act like I never do anything. And today, Mr. Kang,” you feel tears well up again and you stop to breathe. Jimin’s thumb strokes gently against your cheek and you melt. “Mr. Kang wa-was telling some of my coworkers that he’s thinking about cutting my hours, per their recommendations.” Jimin’s face twists, eyebrows knit and you can no longer bare to look at him. 
As much as you hated your job, despise the toxic environment it had become, hearing that your supervisor was planning on cutting your hours based solely off of lies from your coworkers demolished your confidence in seconds. You pick at the delicate skin of your cuticles, hands wobbling. 
“I just feel so useless, Jimin. They don’t want me at work. I have no friends there, and I just sit at my desk and work but I’m still the one in trouble. And then I came home and you had already cooked and were doing the dishes and then I realized that I’m useless here, too. I work all day and then just come home and shower and crash. I never do nice things for you like cook or do the dishes, and I am just so sorry that you’re stuck with me being this fucking useless.” 
Jimin’s hands tighten on your face. One slips under your chin, pushing until you're forced to look him in the eye. His features are sharp and intimidating, and to an untrained eye might look angry. But you know the fierce look he’s giving you very well. It lights a small ember of desire in your stomach as he holds your chin in his steady grip. 
“Never speak about yourself that way again. You are not useless.” His eyes waver and you crumble all over again when you notice the sheen of tears. “You are worthy, and you are smart, and you are valuable. Fuck your coworkers and Mr. Kang. They don’t deserve all the wonderful things you bring to the table.” Jimin licks his lips, tantalizingly pink tongue wetting his lips. His affirmations are soothing your heart at the same time they stoke the fire in your belly. With a slow, practiced ease, he uses his grip to move your face mere inches from his own. He is so close that you can feel the soft puffs of his breath along your nose and cheeks as he leaves you in quiet suspense that makes your head spin. 
“You are beautiful, baby.” You squirm at his words and then squeal when he presses his lips to your cheek and then your nose, sprinkling kisses all over your face. “You’re so pretty,” he punctuates each kiss with a compliment and you’re sure that your body is flushed, glowing red from his praises. Relinquishing his hold on your face, he grips your hips, rocking you purposefully against him before capturing your lips in a heated kiss. 
Your moan is swallowed by the way he slips his tongue into your mouth, wasting no time to get his point across. You rock against him again and earn your own muffled moan. The feeling of his cock hardening underneath you vanquishes all feelings of worthlessness. If you could get Park Jimin hard just by making out with him, then you could probably do anything. Your hands find their way to the bulge in his sweatpants, squeezing him hard enough for him to bite into your bottom lip in retaliation. He breaks the kiss, head hanging back against the chair as he lets out a sinful moan. Eyes lidded, he watches you play with his cock for a few more seconds before snapping back into action. He snatches your wrists, halting your movements as you whine petulantly at him. 
“So sexy, moaning for me like that. Wanna touch me so bad, huh?” The shit eating grin on his face sends you into overdrive, curious about whatever wildcard he’s about to pull on you. His strength advantage allows him to bend you to his will until you’re on your back, propped up partially on the backrest of the chair. Jimin towers over you, intimidating even just in his loungewear, sitting himself on top of your knees carefully. Your breath is punched out of you as he tugs his sweatshirt off, revealing the smooth planes of his arms and the dip of his neck in a simple t-shirt. 
He leans over you, mouth hovering so close to your ear that you shiver, latching onto the expanse of his shoulders above you with both desperate hands. “Jimin, please,” you plead. “Lemme touch you, please.” He does nothing but chuckle, even skillfully leaving his bodyweight off of you so you can’t feel the weight of his cock against your belly. 
“Not yet, sweetheart,” he purrs into your ear and you shudder, immediately under his spell of submission. He licks at your earlobe before blowing on it, tearing a pathetic whine from your throat. “We’re focusing on you right now, baby. You and your sweet little moans. You always sound so pretty for me, even when you’re just touching yourself.” You can hear the grin in his voice as your blood drains from your face. Memories of the night before rush into your mind. 
“I thought you were sleeping! I got back so late, I didn’t want to wake you, so I just-”
“Fucked yourself on your fingers? Funny thing is...” his lips brush the skin behind your ear and your toes curl. “You were whining my name so loud I still heard you. Had to do some work of my own.” He grinds his hips into you again, the contact sending you just left of wild. “So now I can’t stop thinking about how pretty you sounded, how pretty you must have looked. So you’re gonna strip, and you’re gonna show me.” He sits back up, whisking away the heat and whispers he had ushered in. 
Your mind spins, lost between his confession and his request. After all of your times with Jimin, he never failed to pull out new stops. He waits patiently over your knees, appraising eyes watching the rapid rise and fall of your chest. 
“Jimin, I-I don’t know if...” you capture your lip between your teeth, suddenly shy at the idea of him watching you touch yourself. Despite this, your hands still dance at the waistband of your dress pants, fingers grazing over the button and zip. Jimin’s face lights up. 
“Don’t know if you can do it? Are you embarrassed to let me watch how you touch yourself? Does my dumb little baby need me to walk her through it?” 
His words turn your insides to liquid and you nod, hoping that taking his route would mean he takes pity on you. His eyes turn molten and he openly palms himself. 
“Okay, baby, strip first. Get all that off so I can see you.” You obey quickly, leaning up fully to strip off your blouse and bra. The pants are a bit of a struggle, but with his help and a bit of wiggling you’re soon bare underneath him. He groans at the sight of you laid before him but resists touching, dedicated to walking you through your own pleasure. 
“Touch those pretty little tits for me, baby. Play with your nipples the way I do it.” You indulge him, plucking at your nipples, twisting them the same way he always does when you’re pinned underneath him. You keen at his nod of approval. “Look so fucking hot, baby. Is this what you did last night?” You shake your head, a mixture of shame and arousal shooting to your pussy. 
He arches an eyebrow in question and you answer through gasps, “Was too n-needy.” He sucks in a breath at your confession. 
“Awe, my needy baby didn’t have time to tease herself?” He mocks sympathy was you nod wildly, sweat slicking the back of your neck. “It's okay, babygirl, you have all the time in the world. Why don’t you open up your legs for me, let me see that slutty little pussy?” You follow his directions faithfully, spreading your thighs wide as soon as he eases his weight off of your knees. There’s no doubt you’re dripping. A telltale sticky feeling settles between your legs as you part them, and you can feel your arousal run down your ass. Jimin groans at the sight of you, plunging his hand into the front of his pants to touch himself. You whine and thrash at the idea, wanting nothing more than to be able to touch the solid skin of his cock right now. 
“Not yet, baby. Come touch that pretty clit for me. Just one finger for now.” You groan at the clear indication that he means to wreck you. As soon as your finger makes contact your hips cant upward, searching for more friction. 
“Hmmm, little circles on there, baby. That’s right.” He’s practically glowing as he palms himself, eyes trained on the movement of your finger. More arousal gushes from you and you grow frustrated, feeling extremely empty. 
“Okay, okay. Give yourself another on your clit. Use that other hand to stretch yourself open.” You move quickly, whimpering under his permission. The two fingers on your clit move faster as you plunge your first finger in yourself. The stretch is not nearly as satisfying as Jimin’s fingers, but you take it for now. The walls of your pussy throb around the intrusion. 
“Jimin, please, more,” your chest heaves, all embarrassment replaced with need. Your eyes roll back and he grants you permission to add another finger and you stuff it in with haste. 
“Good job, babygirl. You’re doing so well.” His breaths are heavier now, you and you open your eyes to see that he’s fished his cock out of his pants, allowing it to stand to attention in front of you. 
“Fuck, Jimin,” you feel like crying but he just chuckles. 
“Fuck those pretty little fingers in, baby. Stretch yourself out for my cock.” His voice is velvet and sends you into overdrive, plunging your fingers inside at an increasingly fast pace. The fingers on your clit move in tight circles as you focus on the way Jimin is stroking himself. He bites into his bottom lip and a shock of arousal rocks through you, orgasm rushing forward as your hands tire out. 
“Jimin, Jimin-” He takes your whines as they come, doing nothing but stroking himself faster. Your legs begin to shake around him, orgasm just seconds away, and just as you're about to spiral into bliss, two strong hands wind around your own and yank them away. Your pussy flutters at the loss, orgasm retreating as you scream, tears leaking into your hairline. 
“Shh, baby. Shh,” Jimin soothes you, patting down your hair as you gasp at his denial. He captures your mouth in a hot, messy kiss, teeth clashing as you writhe under him, desperate to make contact with his exposed cock. 
“Pretty baby, all fucked out. I love you like this.” He beams, genuinely proud of the mess you’ve become under him. Your heart constricts at the word ‘love’, but you don’t have time to dwell on it, as Jimin’s hands drop to your breasts. He grabs the flesh roughly, groaning at the feel of your fullness under his hand. A deep groan falls from his lips and he latches his mouth around one of your nipples, sucking harshly. Pleasure sparks through your abdomen as his moans rumble against you. 
He takes pity on your trembling form and lowers down enough that his cock brushes against your bare stomach. You grasp at his hair, yanking the short strands at the fluid movement of his hips. 
“Jiminie, please, please, I need you.” Jimin remains face down in your tits, biting at the top of your breast to leave a blooming mark.  “Hold on, babygirl. Let me enjoy these delicious fucking tits.” Jimin wastes no time to play with your other nipple, blowing air across the already erect bud. Your hips buck, searching for friction against your clit and coming up empty. Pussy clenching in desperation, pleas spill from your lips in a steady stream. 
“You’re so fucking hot, shit. I love your fucking tits, marking them up so nobody else even thinks about touching you...” he takes a break to bite your nipple, a scream tearing from your throat as more arousal gushes out of you. 
“Are you wet for me, baby?” His voice is lilting, absolutely knowing the answer but also knowing that his asking would rile you up further. A teasing hand trails down your body, skimming over your sweaty skin until his fingers are dancing on your upper thighs, just inches away from your pussy. 
“Fuck, of course I am, Jimin. You’re so hot, please fuck me.” You sigh, elated that relief seemed to be right around the corner. The denial of your first orgasm had made you extra sensitive, so when he finally grazes a finger over your clit, your mind short circuits. Jimin latches his plush lips onto the exposed column of your neck, leaving a row of hickeys in his wake. He leans back to examine his handiwork and smirks, using his wet finger to trace along the bruises. 
“Such a good girl for me, huh? So special, so perfect...so important.” He shocks you with rocking his hips against you, finally allowing perfect friction against your clit. 
“Not even in you yet and you’ve got my cock soaked, your perfect little pussy taking care of me.” His words make you flush, the clear undertone of appreciation flooding your bones. 
“Are you ready for me, babygirl?” Jimin strokes his thumb along your slit, pushing into your entrance just slightly. 
“Oh yes, please, Jimin.” Your hands scrabble to find a place to land, latching onto his shoulder blades. He smirks, a look that does nothing innocent for your body, and lines himself up with your entrance. He takes it slow, pushing in just the head of his cock and letting you enjoy the stretch. Your fingernails dig into his skin as he inches forward, pausing to kiss your inner forearms in a wildly intimate gesture that caused you to clench around him. The feeling sends a visible shiver through his body, causing his hips to buck forward and bury him to the hilt in you. A mix of your groans fills the air as you both relish in the feeling of him fully sheathed inside of you, balls snug against your ass. Jimin’s breathing is labored as you claw at him, desperate at the pleasurable stretch of his cock. 
“You feel so good, Jimin, holy fuck, please move, please fuck me,” the sounds that leave you sound inhumane as you spit out anything you can think of to get him to move, desperate to feel the ridges and veins of his cock brush against your walls. Jimin shifts his hips, slow at first, pulling out just enough to leave you feeling empty before plunging back in. 
“Shit, baby, you’re so fucking tight and wet.” Jimin drives his hips in a rhythm he knows you love, fast and hard, a constant barrage of stimulation that makes you drool. “The perfect little pussy is so good for me.” His breathing is heavy and uneven, a telltale sign of his oncoming release. 
Your grip on his shoulders slip, leaving large red scratches over his tanned skin as he pistons his hips, the lewd sound of your wetness seeping around his cock. 
“Shit, fuck,” He sits up, forcing your hands to fall back at your sides as he readjusts himself, delivering deeper strokes to your pussy and running a dexterous finger over your clit. 
“Yes, please, right there, Jimin!” You screech, uncaring of the way that your neighbors could likely hear you. The coil in your stomach tightened as his fingers sped up, giving you no reprieve from him touch. His face scrunches in pleasure, sweat-soaked hair slicked back off of his forehead. You clench around him at the sight, waves of arousal heightening as he presses his free hand onto your stomach, pushing down against the flesh there. 
“Feel me all the way in there, baby. Deep in this sweet little pussy. So fucking perfect and beautiful for me.” His voice is strung out, whiny at the pressure around him as you clench around his length, high approaching quickly. 
“Oh Jimin, fuck, I'm cumming,” your voice rockets to a new volume as you come, back arching as the feeling consumes your entire body, lighting up every nerve as your release spirals through you. Jimin curses, somehow finding it in him to fuck you even faster, the sensitivity of your walls making you squirm away from him. 
“Nuh-uh,” he moans, latching both hands onto your hips to keep you in place as he swivels his hips against you, relishing in the hot wet feeling of your cum around him. 
“I’m cumming, baby, fuck. Gonna fill up this perfect little pussy, all for you, perfect fucking girl.” In a daze, you watch his head tip back as he releases inside of you, the warmth of his cum filing you as deep as possible. He fucks himself through his orgasm, ignoring his own sensitivity as your body reacts to the pure sensuality of him. Another orgasm springs through you, small but powerful as your body writhes, mind going blank. 
“Oh fuck, did you just cum again?” Jimin chuckles, the husky sound grounding you as your vision recovers. He collapses on top of you, peppering your face with kisses as you shake like a leaf underneath him. 
“Jimin.” Your voice wavers, basically nonexistent as you blink rapidly, trying to focus on his face. 
“I’ve got you, babygirl. I’m right here.” He whispers, voice impressively even after all of his exertion as he focuses on bringing you down. 
Your vision stops spinning and you smile at him, dopey on the feeling of his proximity. Heaving a few more big breaths, you nod to let him know you’re feeling back in your body and he smiles a large, genuine smile that makes your stomach curl with fondness. Jimin nuzzles his nose against your own.
“Gotta pull out,” he warns before slipping out of you, making a groan slip past your lips at the loss. “Sorry, baby.” He huffs, pulling your body with his own again. You yelp as he sits you next to him and situates your legs over his own, bare skin pressing together. 
“Jimin, I’m gonna get the seat all wet,” you whine, embarrassment burning your face as you hide in his arm. He just laughs, wrapping his arms around you in a comforting embrace. His fingers dance down your back in smooth strokes, lulling you into a feeling of peace. It’s quiet for a while, just enjoying the sound of one another's breaths until your stomach growls loudly. 
“Oh shit, baby. You never ate!” Jimin sounds genuinely upset as he dislodges you, walking to the kitchen before you can protest. Still exhausted, you relax into the seat, disregarding the mess of cum between your legs as you hear him shuffle around the kitchen. You're not sure how long its been since he got up, but he returns to you with a steaming bowl of whatever he made and a fluffy bath towel. He cocks his head to motion for you to sit up, so you do, leaning up onto your knees so that he can lay the towel down onto the seat before you sit back down. Once you're situated, he hands you the bowl, sternly watching until you take a few bites. 
“”S good!” You chirp, genuinely surprised at how tasty the food is. His face smooths into relief at both your exclamation about the food and the indication that you'd recovered from your orgasms. He takes a seat beside you again, laying a gentle hand on your leg as you eat greedily. 
“How are you feeling?” His voice is so soft you almost miss it over your fork clinking on the bowl. 
“I’m good, Jimin. Back to earth and all that. Thank you, by the way.” You poke at his side playfully. “We’re pretty good at this whole sex thing.” 
He shakes his head and laughs, in disbelief of your good mood.
“Well, good to know, but what about everything else? You know I meant it all. What I said. You’re amazing. Those people you work with, they're idiots. They don't know what they’re gonna be missing when you leave.” Your heart flutters at the tone of truth in his words. 
“I know, Jimin.” You cast the bowl aside and attach yourself to Jimin’s side like a koala bear. “Thank you for taking care of me. I know that the whole work thing was silly, and I hate it there anyway, but, it just sucked.” You shrug. Jimin nods his agreement, pressing a kiss to your forehead. 
“I’ll help you look for a new job, baby. Maybe I can get you into my company!” His eyes light up at the idea and you giggle, slapping at his arm playfully. 
“Yeah right. We would get nothing done if we worked together.” 
“Right,” he drawls, a grin splitting his face. “But we could figure out all the good places to fuck.” He waggles his eyebrows and you roll your eyes despite the way your pussy clenches.  “Okay, time for me to shower,” you tease, making your way to stand up. As soon as you feet hit the floor you falter, legs weakened still. 
“Mhm, sure. All talk, but nothing but jello legs to show for it.” Jimin’s smug voice comes from behind you before you feel him pick you up, carrying you effortlessly to the bathroom. 
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borahaerhy · 3 months
Hi! So I saw that requests are open! I was wondering if you could make a one shot where Jungkook is your best friend and he had a crush on you and you have a crush on him but he gets jealous at a party because he sees you talking to Taehyung who is giving you advice on how to confess to Jungkook and you kiss Taehyung on the cheek as a friend and Jungkook sees this and drags you off in a drunken rampage and starts kissing you and one thing leads to another? (Kink Warnings: Edging, dirty talk, spanking, punishments, a bit of degrading?)
Mine - jjk
Tumblr media
Genre: SMUT, little fluff at the end
Warnings: Major dom/sub themes, Dom!jk, Edging, dirty talk, spanking, punishments, degrading, praise, vaginal fingering, oral (f. receiving), protected sex, possessive JK, Implied intoxication, pet names, v fluffy ending
Word count: 2.5K
Tumblr media
“Looks like Jungkook’s having fun,” Taehyung leaned against the wall next to you, drink in hand as he looked over to the drunk man you had been staring at for most of the night. “Any reason you’re over here and not over there?”  
“I chickened out again,” you sighed, taking a sip of the drink in your hand. Taehyung clicked his tongue, shaking his head lightly as he too took a sip.  
“Y/n, he’s literally the most oblivious man on the planet. And apparently, he’s not the only one,” You waved at him dismissively as you turned away from Jungkook to look at Tae, who already had an eyebrow cocked knowingly as he looked at you.  
“I’ve heard your theories, and frankly, I don’t believe them.”  
“Y/n, I’m telling you, that man will not shut the fuck up about you; especially while drunk,” You rolled your eyes.  
“He’s drunk right now, and he’s not talking about anything other than a game of pool,” You took another sip of your drink, crossing your unoccupied hand around your center. Taehyung shrugged as he looked over at where Jungkook had been playing.  
With a smirk on his face, Taehyung nodded his head in the direction of your drunk mutual friend. “He might not be talking about you, but since you turned away from him, he hasn’t taken his eyes off you for more than a few seconds,” You quickly whip your head around, your eyes meeting Jungkook's for a millisecond before he looks back down at the table.  
“All you have to do is walk up to him, ask him to come with you somewhere more private, and tell him how you feel.” You bit your lip as you turned back to look at Taehyung, then back to Jungkook again, still skeptical. “Or just lay one on him, I’m sure he won’t mind either way,”  
Something you hadn’t noticed, however, was how close you and Taehyung were standing to one another. 
Naturally, if you wanted to hear each other at a party of this size, you’d have to stand pretty close to one another; but Jungkook wasn't thinking about what made sense.
He was thinking about how Taehyung had that dumb smirk plastered across his face as he casually stood so close to you. The anger in him only grew as he watched you so easily talking to him; or how Taehyung would touch your arm, or how you’d laugh at something he said.  
And the worst part was that Taehyung knew.  
Taehyung knew that Jungkook had been waiting so patiently for you; had been wanting and waiting for you for 3 years to realize that he wasn’t just your best friend, but also the perfect guy for you. Taehyung knew that you were his, that you belonged to Jungkook; but for some reason, he decided that he should talk to you, touch you as if he hadn’t heard Jungkook talk about you a million times before.  
And you just let him.  
The last straw came in the form of your lips on his cheek, your hand resting on his shoulder and his on your waist to keep you steady as you kissed him.  
That’s it.  
Jungkook handed his pool stick to someone nearby, he wasn’t even sure who it was if he was honest, and made a b-line over to you.  
“Oh, Jungkook, I was just about to-” Jungkook cut you off, not really caring about what you had to say as he grabbed ahold of your wrist and dragged you away.  
Taehyung smiled as he watched you get dragged off. He, of course, knew exactly what he was doing. He knew neither of you would ever just confess to the other, so he did a little meddling. He took another drink from his cup before he kicked away from the wall and moved over to take Jungkook’s spot in his game.  
You were dragged into an empty room and the door was slammed behind you. Jungkook turned away from the door and toward you, looking at you as he locked the door, his eyes raking down your body with hooded lids as you stood almost speechless, confused at his sudden change in demeanor.  
“Jungkook, what-” 
“Shut up,” His voice was low as he stepped toward you, pressing his lips to yours hungrily. His hands pulled your hips roughly into his, your arms instinctively wrapping around his neck as your heart beat loudly in your chest. “You’re such a fucking slut,” He mumbled against you, grabbing your hair and pulling your head to the side to give him access to your neck. “Think you can just keep me in your back pocket while you fuck around with my friends, huh?”  
At this point you were genuinely confused, but even as his words confused you they turned you on as his teeth nipped at the sensitive skin at the base of your neck.  
“Tae’s just a friend, Gguk – fuck,” A deep throaty chuckle escaped his throat as he continued to move his hips against yours.  
“My friend, who just happened to be standing so close to you he could smell your perfume; don’t argue,” As if sensing your need to defend yourself, Jungkook’s hand wrapped around your throat as he moved away from your neck, looking you intensely in the eye as he urged you not to speak.  
You stood still, one hand on his chest and the other on his bicep as he licked his lips, eyes scanning you intently as his hand gently squeezed the sides of your neck. “God, you have no idea how long I've wanted to do this,” He kissed you again, still hungrily and desperate, but more gentle than last time.  
His hand leaves your neck and wraps around your waist, pulling you in against him as tightly as possible as he moved you back toward the bed. You fell back onto the bed, your arms propping you up as Jungkook stood above you.  
You looked up at him, lips between your teeth and eyes wide as Jungkook bent down in front of you, hands quick to undo your jeans and pull them down your legs. As soon as your jeans were discarded, Jungkook’s strong hands were on your waist, pulling further up onto the mattress and flipping you to lay on your stomach.  
“You’ve been very bad, Y/n,” Jungkook was on top of you, knees on either side of your hips and arms propping him to hover over you, his breath hitting your ear as he whispered his delicious sentences to you. “I think you need a punishment.”  
His hand firmly slapped your ass, quickly leaving a red print of his hand as you yelped at the sudden impact. He smirked at your reaction, his dick growing harder as he looked down at your reddening ass. He slowly moved down, bringing your hands down with him, pinning them to your back with one hand as he leaned back on your thighs – just below your ass.  
“Why don’t we do one for every year you made me wait, hmm? Go easy on you since you’re being an obedient little slut for me,” You could feel your arousal practically dripping out of you, your panties no doubt drenched as you nodded you head, not wanting to speak out of turn. “Keep count for me, love.”  
He barely got his sentence out before his hand roughly met your ass. The full force of his strength struck your right ass cheek, a bit sooner and more aggressively than you had anticipated; you practically screamed out “One!”  
Jungkook smirked again, chewing on his lip ring as his grip around your wrists got tighter as he had to hold himself back from grinding his hips into your ass. Another slap landed on your other cheek, slightly lighter than the first one, but still hard enough to take your breath away.  
“Two!” You almost forgot you were supposed to count, but quickly rectified your mistake before Jungkook could punish you further for it. Unable to hold himself back any further, Jungkook wasted no time in landing his final slap on your ass, the hardest of them all. He let out a quiet grunt as you called out the final number.  
He released your hands as his hands moved up your shirt, unhooking your bra and sliding his hands to cup your breasts as his hips ground roughly into your tender ass. His lips came in contact with the hot skin of your back as he lifted your shirt up higher and higher until he fully removed both your shirt and bra, leaving you almost completely bare in front of him.  
“Fuck, you’re so hot, Y/n” He flipped you over before he began trailing wet kissed down your sternum as his hands explored your body, skin burning with desire as his hands handled you so delicately compared to moments before.  
He pulled your underwear away from you and threw them to the ground, along with his shirt, before he came back down to meet you, his mouth roughly sucking in your clit as he pulled you by your hips to meet his face better. You moaned out loudly, one hand coming up to your mouth as the other roughly gripped onto the bedspread.  
“Don’t muffle yourself,” His low and demanding voice sending shivers down your spine as he slid a finger into your dripping cunt. “I wanna hear you moan, baby.” 
“But what if-” Another finger was added to the first and roughly thrust into you as he used his other hand to slap your thigh, gripping it tightly as you looked deeply into his dark eyes.  
“Don’t argue,” His eyes warned you not to disobey as his mouth went back down to entertaining your sensitive nub. Out of instinct, you moved your hand back up to your mouth, but quickly moved it down to the bed, gripping the bedding with both hands.  
His skilled tongue and hands moved against you rhythmically; every thrust of his fingers hitting your g-spot perfectly, every stroke of his tongue leaving you gasping for more. Your loud moans filled the room, Jungkook’s movements getting faster and more desperate with every little sound that fell from your perfect lips.  
One of your hands moved to Jungkook’s hair, pulling on the soft strands as your walls clenched tightly around his quick fingers.  
“J-Jungkook, I’m gonna-” You moaned loudly, unable to finish your own thought as the pleasure building up was becoming too much.  
“Gonna cum?” He hummed against you, speeding up his movements before removing himself from you completely, standing up off the bed as you groaned loudly from the lack of friction. He quickly rid himself of his pants and underwear, his hard long cock finally springing free, his hands immediately moving down to give himself some much-needed friction as he pulled a condom out of his wallet before throwing it back down on the pile of clothes.  
The sight of Jungkook stroking himself made you really desperate, needing to feel a release that he wasn’t giving you as he stood over you, staring down at your body with desire written all over him. Your right hand started to move down to your center, but Jungkook was fast to climb back over you, pinning your hands above your head .  
“Don’t touch yourself unless I tell you to,” His words were low and demanding as you felt the tip of his dick prod at your entrance. You bite your lip as you stop yourself from wiggling your hips against him. “Understand?” You quickly nod your head, at this point completely willing to go along with whatever he wants just to get your release.  
Your hips disobey your wishes and move against him, his tip slipping along your folds thanks to how wet you are. One of his hands moves down to your hip, pinning you down as he furrows his eyebrow, his mouth hanging slightly open as he sucks in a big gulp of air.  
“You’re such a needy little slut, huh? Just want me to slam my cock into you, make you cum all over me, hmm?” His hips were moving slowly, his tip dragging across your sensitive clit as he spoke, his eyes rolled back into his head.  
“Yes, please just fuck me,” Jungkook pulled himself off of you, leaning back on his feet as he unwraps the condom, his eyes meeting yours as he slides the condom onto himself.  
“Turn around,” You quickly shuffle, turning around and sticking your ass up, giving him a nice view of the mess he’s left. Seconds later he’s entering you, his large size stretching you out as you both let out streams of moans. “Fuck, baby, you’re fucking perfect,” His hips slowly pull out before snapping back into you, your pretty little sounds encouraging him to fuck into you harder.  
“To think I could’ve been fucking you like this all this time,” You were a mess under him, face smashed into the pillows you were gripping onto as he sped up his movements with every rough thrust into your aching cunt. “Could’ve claimed this pussy a long time ago, but you were too busy giving it to everyone but me,” His thrusts got rougher as his fingers dug into your hips, bruises already beginning to form as he pressed harder.  
“This is my pussy now, all fucking mine,” He moaned out loudly as he slapped your still red ass right over the already prominent handprint. You moaned loudly as you tried to keep your orgasm from consuming you, but you knew you wouldn’t be able to last much longer with how he was talking to you.  
“Gguk, mm gonna-” Your words barely discernable as he pounded into you ruthlessly.  
“Cum for me, baby. Cum all over my fat cock,” He reached around you and started rubbing your clit furiously, begging you to cum for him. You practically screamed out as you came, knuckles white as you gripped the pillows around you harder than you thought possible as he moved even faster into your pulsing cunt, seeking his own high.  
“Fuck, that’s so good baby, you’re so fucking good for me,” He landed one final slap to your less tender cheek as he emptied himself into the condom, moaning loudly, his movements slowing dramatically as he rode out his high.  
He collapsed next to you, pulling you into his heaving chest as he relaxed down into the bed. Tangled in each other's embrace, you both tried to regain your breath as you let it fully set in what just happened.  
Jungkook’s hand moved under your chin, bringing your face up to meet his in a soft and gentle kiss; the kind of kiss he’d wanted to be the first one you shared together. His lips moved softly against yours as he savored the way you tasted, never wanting to move from this spot with you. 
“You did so good, baby,” You blushed and looked down, suddenly very shy in front of the man you’ve had a crush on for ages. He lifted your chin up again, bringing your eyes back up to meet his before he left a soft kiss on your forehead. “C’mon, let’s get you cleaned up,”  
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bts reaction: you take off your engagement ring during an argument
genre: angst
pairing: y/n x bts members
a/n: helloo, it's me. i was in the mood to write something again :3 so I hope you enjoy
Tumblr media
Minutes ago, the walls around you had shattered from all the shouting, all the empty accusations and the pointless discussions. Minutes ago, you and Jin had been running around, each trying to prove their point while no one was really right. 
Somehow, your argument had become heated way too quickly. And the worst thing was that it was only one of many lately.
Jin hated when you got loud with him; but as you sat by the kitchen counter, he realized that silence was way worse.
Your engagement ring had never left your hand ever since he'd proposed to you. You didn't even take it off when showering but now, things being what they were, your relationship had reached a turning point; a very painful one.
And so you had put your ring down on the cold counter, letting it rest there to make a statement.
"Come on, don’t do this."
Jin's voice abruptly transformed into a weak, hollow whisper. Eyes filling with tears while his cheeks went red and puffy.
“I don't know what else to do, Jin. We keep fighting and I... I lost the strength to fight any longer.”
You sounded just as broken as he did. But there was one difference. You had given up.
“But it's just stupid arguments. They don't mean anything as long as we find our way back together.”
He tried to reach for your hands, but you pulled them back.
“There have been too many, Seokjin. And nothing ever changes.”
He didn't know what to respond. Meanwhile you waited so desperately for him to say something to change your mind.
“I'll leave. Let's talk in a few days. Right now, I don't think it makes sense to just sit here and stare into nothing.”
You went to grab your handbag and jacket, determined to just get out and have space to think. Right before you could leave, Jin found his voice again. 
He was rolling the ring in between his fingers, holding on to it as if it could make him hold on to you, too.
"I won’t accept this. I won't."
There was no response from you, no protest either. But as you shut the door behind you, your chest felt a little lighter than before.
Tumblr media
Arguing usually meant a constant exchange of accusations between you and Yoongi. Once, it had also meant listening to each other, trying to understand and to find the deeper meaning in stupid rifts. Those times were gone, though.
And your argument this time seemed particularly bad. At some point, it became only you talking, only you who ran around, getting lost in what you were saying and feeling.
And meanwhile, Yoongi just sat in silence, mutely praying that you'd calm down and that this would be over soon; that you could go back to being peacefully in love.
Yoongi wasn't dumb, though. And as soon as he heard you say the following sentence, he knew nothing would go back to being normal and perfect again.
"I just need to get out."
It was a mix of panic and hysteria reminiscent in your tone. His on the other hand, nothing more than a faint whisp.
“I can't do this. I need to get away from you.”
“Please don't go.” he begged.
“Yoongi, I'm serious. I can't even look at you right now.”
And indeed, your eyes weren't the same he knew when you looked at him then. All the gentleness, all the purity, they were gone.
And he didn't want to be there to witness it. So Yoongi just hid his face behind his hands, covering his sight as though to make the world disappear. Any further talk was nothing but a distant, muffled sound. Reality started to get blurry as you left. The only sound Yoongi was able to hear loud and clear was your engagement ring on the glass table in front of him; and the door that shut with a loud bang.
Once he allowed his hands to uncover his eyes, he allowed himself to break down. 
Tumblr media
“I hate having this conversation over and over again.” Namjoon groaned but it was the eye-rolling that really ticked you off.
“Well if something ever changed, we wouldn't need to have it. But you're never there to listen to me anyway.”
“Because I'm working, Y/n.”
“Yeah? Well if you had worked on our relationship just as hard, we probably wouldn't fight all the time.”
It was a shame that these deeply rooted aggression only came out whenever you argued. But you couldn't say you didn't mean it.
“I don't even know why we're fighting. It's you who keeps starting it.”
“Oh yeah? Well if I am such a drama queen and you're better off without me, then you don't need to be engaged to me anymore, I guess.”
You reacted out of pure emotion; anger, disappointment and desperation. And that's what it needed to make Namjoon's alarm bells finally ring.
As your left hand reached for the opposite ring finger, Namjoon's hand came to stop yours. You felt his palm warmly on the back of your hand, shaking as you looked at it.
Before you could say anything, he pleaded "Please don’t. We’ll fix this."
There was more softness to his gaze than you had witnessed in the last few weeks. Whatever you were fighting about, he had finally realized that it had gone too far. And it was enough to let hope gleam up in your heart.
Namjoon audibly exhaled as though to sigh in relief. So you hadn't given up on him yet. That was more than he could have asked for.
He brought up enough courage to intertwine your hands, fingers interlacing as though to form a strong bond.
“We'll talk more. Like we used to. And we'll find a solution for all of the problems somehow. I promise. I just don't want to lose you.”
Tumblr media
“I'm so damn tired of your shit.”
When you and Hobi argued, both of you became people you weren't proud of. You became childish and pouty and he said things he didn't mean. Every couple argued every now and then, but lately it had become an unhealthy amount of times when you two disagreed on something.
And it was not just the frequency of arguments that was worrying; also the intensity of them became a factor of constant unease and trouble in your relationship.
It all had started ever since you two got engaged. Weirdly enough, though, as you should actually be happier than ever. Maybe it was the pressure the engagement had caused that had made your bond unsteady, but unfortunately, each of you was seeing the cause of your troubles in each other.
“Oh are you?” You shouted back at Hobi, tears burning in your eyes which he rolled his eyes at. He was sitting on your dinner table, leaning back in the chair, gaze avoiding yours because just looking at you made him more furious.
In return, it infuriated you that he wouldn't look at you.
“Well, I can as well go then.”
In a swift, impulsive movement, you took the lean gold ring off your finger and banged it on the table.
That's what made Hobi finally look at you. His expression went from annoyance to surprise, than transformed into a smug smirk.
"Don’t do something you’ll regret later."
You remained still, firm glare bound to him. And then a feeling mixed into Hoseok's conscience that he had never even thought of throughout your whole relationship – the actual, rational fear of losing you. His whole face went blank within a second.
"Oh my god. You’re serious."
You could barely believe it yourself, but you found yourself nodding at his horrified realization.
“No.” he exclaimed firmly, but with every time he repeated it, his voice became a little more frail.
“No, no, no, no, no. You can't.”
“Don't call me Hoseok. You never do that. I'm Hobi. Your Hobi.”
It broke your heart how shattered he sounded. You understood. You never imagined an end to your love story too. But this was a sign. It couldn't continue like this. 
Tumblr media
There had never been an argument that ended up being so intense. Jimin and you were quiet arguers and it really took you a whole lot to get loud with each other. That also spoke for how bad this particular argument was – so bad, both of you started to hate each other with a passion. In a way, this hate resembled the love you also shared.
Both of you were about to get ready for an event. Needless to say that given the mood between you, you were both less than glad to even leave the house that night. So in between getting dressed and doing your hair, you kept yelling reproaches at each other.
“You don't ever listen to me.”
“Yes because you keep whining about the same things again and again.”
Shocked, you turned around to look at him.
“Whining? I'm whining?”
Jimin, with a mouth that spoke too fast in anger, responded “You are. And I'm tired of it.”
“Well, maybe we shouldn't be seeing each other then. If you're so tired of me, then you'll be better off with someone else.”
Unable to control your own emotions, you forcefully pulled off the ring around your finger.
Jimin looked shocked for a second, but then he was unable to process what consequences his next actions would have had.
"Fine. If that’s what you want.“
And then he also took off his own ring and set it down next to yours.
A big knot formed in your throat.
“Looks like we're both free then.”
“Seems like it.”
He seemed so indifferent, so unbothered that it cut through your soul like a sharp dagger, ripping you apart from the inside.
You left, fleeing into one of the rooms to lock the door and crumble on the other side.
Only when silence took over and Jimin felt the weight of loneliness, he realized what had just happened. He stared at the rings in terror and eventually, right before his knees gave in, he ran to where you were and hammered his fists against the door.
“Y/n, I'm sorry. I'm such an idiot. I didn't mean it. Please let me in.”
It didn't take long for you to turn the key inside the door. Jimin rushed in, finding you balled up on the floor, just to hug and kiss you as much as he could.
“I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry. I love you so much. You're not annoying. And I want to be with you and no one else. I didn't mean anything I've just said.”
You couldn't talk and instead just firmed your grasp around his waist.
“Did-did you mean what you said?”
You released yourself from the hug in order to look him in the eyes and calm this shudder in his thin voice.
“No. But we need to work on ourselves, Jiminie.”
He cupped your cheek, nodding, willing to do anything to fix your relationship.
“We do. We will.”
Tumblr media
“This is not how we can go on.”
You and Taehyung sat by your kitchen table. You had just come home after days of not talking after this big, destructive fight that had changed everything.
At least both of you were calm now. But the silence only underlined how serious the situation was.
“I know.” he responded, voice barely loud enough for a whisper as the throbbing fear of what you were going to say crawled up the back of his neck.
“I don't know what exactly changed but all the yelling, the faking a smile in front of our families and friends and now we've even been ignoring each other for days... That's not us. That's not... love.”
Tae swallowed, forcing a smile onto his features.
“We're going through a difficult phase. Every good couple does that.”
Maybe he really believed his words. Your expression though, didn't show a wisp of softness.
“I think it's more than that, Tae.”
You paused and reached for the golden ring around your finger. 
"What are you doing?"
Pulling the engagement off while Taehyung was watching, his heart breaking into a million pieces, was the hardest thing you had ever done to date.
You opened his hand with yours and placed the ring inside his palm.
“You're leaving?” he asked hollowly, tears streaming down his puffy cheeks.
“I'm afraid I have to to set both of us free.”
He defeated his deepest urge to protest, to fight and stop you from leaving. Someone told him that it would only drive you two further apart.
"Sorry I couldn’t make you happy." were the last words he told you before you went to pack your things.
Tumblr media
Jungkook had always thought that jealousy was one of the dumbest, most pointless reasons for a breakup. But when you told him that this was the exact reason why you couldn't be with him anymore, he understood in a way.
That was far from saying that he was okay with it.
“I thought you trusted me.”
“I do, Jungkook. But it's not only the jealousy, it's also the fact that you're always gone or busy. And all of the secrecy and the hiding, all of the restrictions... I thought I could live with that, but it's much harder than I have imagined.”
Jungkook sighed, rubbing one fist over his wet cheek. There was nothing he could counter. He had always wanted to keep you safe and happy. From the beginning of your relationship, it was his biggest fear that his job and everything that came with it would be the doom of you. But you always seemed to handle the public and the pressure so well. So well, he had forgotten his concern and asked you to marry him one day. How very selfish of him, he thought now.
“So I don't think I'm the right one for you.”
“Don't say that.” he blubbered out, “You don't get to decide that. You are the right one for me. The only one.”
You felt your own throat become tight. And when you took off the engagement ring, it felt like you were about to suffocate for a moment.
“You'll find someone else.” you whispered, a whimper tumbling out. “But know that I love you, Jungkook.”
You wanted to stand up and leave. His hand around gently grabbing your wrist stopped you.
"I would do anything to make it right. Anything. I'd travel less, I'd be here more... Just tell me what I can do and I will make it happen."
“I don't want you to give up on anything for me.” you answered, voice as soft as not to hurt him more than you already did.
“Well, I won't give up on you.” 
You had barely ever heard Jungkook use such a stern voice and he was sure he'd never been so serious in his whole life either.
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