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at this point i just don’t have words anymore.....
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Poke the Bear
Tumblr media
Summary: Yoongi knows exactly what he’s playing at. If the consequences are anything like last time, it’s all totally worth it.
Pairing: Yoongi x Female!reader
Rating: Explicit (18+)
Genre: pwp, bartender!Yoongi, waitress!reader, established relationship au, jealousy
Word count: 2.3k
Warnings: LONG HAIRED YOONGI, smut: semi-public sex (public toilet), jealous sex, possessiveness, unprotected sex within an established relationship, male receiving oral, creampie 
“Can I have another piña colada, pretty please?” The woman at the bar flutters her eyelashes at the only bartender in sight. 
It’s her fifth drink and you physically gag at the thought of that much pina colada in someone’s system. Working as a waitress here for three years now, you have come across nearly every type of customer possible.
You could sniff out her type as soon as she stepped in. A long Armani coat in a muted beige that matched her dusky pink Louboutin heels. Hair bouncing in tandem with her prissy little steps and her saccharine voice that was the final straw.
She was spoilt. And you just knew she’d be difficult.
“One piña colada coming right up.” The bartender flashes her his gummy smile as he gets to work.
It’s not that you didn’t trust your boyfriend, Yoongi. It’s just that in his line of work, he’s always surrounded by…temptation. Especially now that he’d made the decision to grow his hair out, the attention on him doubled in a blink of an eye.
As a result, you just couldn’t help the envious bitch in you that poked her head through from time to time. Nonetheless, you had reminded yourself multiple times that you were at work and you should act with professionalism.
You smile politely as you carry her order of a burger and chips to the bar.
For a second you wonder why she’s here alone. And that’s when you see it. She purposely brushes her fingers with Yoongi’s when taking her drink from him.
She’s here on a mission.
You set your jaw. This was a bitch fight and you weren’t scared to get your hands dirty.
She ignores you as you lay the food down in front of her, proceeding to smile sweetly at Yoongi.
“So,” she starts, reading his name from his name tag, “Yoongi, are all the bartenders here this handsome?”
Yoongi blushes the same shade of red in embarrassment as you do in anger.
“That’s very kind, Miss…?” He leans down on his elbows in front of the woman, briefly flicking his gaze instead to you to assess your reaction.
Yoongi wasn’t a fool. He knew you inside and out. You were his girl. Currently, his very jealous girl.
He smirks internally as he recalls the last time you got jealous. A customer had let her inebriation get the better of her and launched herself on him. He was quick to remove her off of him, swiftly passing her onto security, who took care of her.
He also remembers your face. He remembers how riled up you were for the remainder of the shift. You were a ticking time tomb, ready to pounce on him as soon as you were in the privacy of your home. 
He remembers the damage done to the headboard of the bed that night. And the sofa cushions. And the dining table. Hell, even the shower screen nearly came off.
Yoongi had woken up with hickeys decorating his neck and you had woken up with the most satisfying soreness between your legs.
So, Yoongi couldn’t really blame himself for wanting to play along right now.
“Oh, darling, my name is Nari. But, you can call me RiRi.”
“How’s the drink, RiRi?” Yoongi enunciates the nickname deliberately.
“Would you like to order anything else?” Your tongue jumps ahead, interrupting their conversation abruptly. You plaster a fake smile on your face to soften your tone.
“No. You may go.” Nari waves you off with her hand, not even sparing you a look.
You couldn’t care less that you look like a petulant child right now, fists curled and shoulders raised. You bite the inside of your lip to keep you from getting fired from your job.
You find an excuse to stay close, serving tables near the bar, one ear always perked up in the direction of your boyfriend and the bitch that wants to fuck him.
“No way!” You hear the witch throw her head back and cackle as you’re noting down a couple’s order just one table away.
You turn to find her leaning into him, hand reaching out to run her stubby fingers through Yoongi’s luscious locks. It was you who convinced him to let it grow. Now you have to suffer the consequences of your own desires.
He bent his head down obediently as she raked her hand over once, before coming up. 
Yoongi knew there were fine lines that he would never cross. And he knew that you knew that too. The mutual trust you two had built as part of the foundation of your relationship was the reason he could do what he was doing today.
So, once was enough to see steam blowing out of your ears. He could feel you were close. Like some sort of sick mental edging.
Just one more push…
“I see you have a good taste in jewellery, RiRi,” he nods towards her diamond pendant, easily causing her eyes to fall onto his own.
She gasps, eyes falling on his intricate chain with a metal tab. She reaches forward, fascinated, taking it in her hand to read over the scripture.
“This is beautiful, Yoongi. Beautiful chain on a beautiful man.” She winks, unskilfully, as Yoongi turns his face to find your chest heaving. 
The chain was your present to him for your anniversary. 
Rushing around the back of the bar, you yank at Yoongi’s shoulders,  pulling him away from Nari. “Boss wants to speak to you right now, Yoongi.”
Yoongi smirks at the double entendre of your statement. He’d let you be his boss in the bedroom any day. 
Nari glares at you and you couldn’t give a fuck. You drag Yoongi to the nearest toilet; cheeks flushed red, chest heaving and left eye twitching.
“Baby, do you know how hot you look when you’re mad, hm?” Yoongi lets you simmer for just a second, a hint of amusement evident on his face.
“Were you doing that on purpose, Yoongi?!” You stare at him in disbelief, not wanting to admit that you fell right into his trap. 
“You should have seen your face when she felt my hair -“
“Fuck her, that right is mine.” You launch yourself at him, both hands grabbing onto his silky strands, pulling him into you. 
Lips smash on lips, teeth clash on teeth. There’s no time for soft kisses. This kiss claims everything that is yours.
“How dare she fucking touch your chain that I gave-“
Your moans and complaints are swallowed whole by Yoongi, his tongue already exploring the insides of your mouth. Your need for oxygen is nowhere near as strong enough as the need to claim your man right here, right now.
He breaks the seal, leaving open mouthed kisses all across your jaw and neck as you squirm in his hold. The excitement of walking out of here with fresh hickeys sends a new thrill down your spine.
“Fuck, Yoongi, you’re mine.” You gasp out, throat already dry from your jaw hanging open. “No one can have you like this.”
“No one, baby, only you.” Yoongi breathes out, groping your ass to pull you closer to his crotch. His hardness induces a gush of wetness in you and you’re sure by now that your panties are ruined.
“Look at what you do to me, Y/N,” he pulls back, looking down at his prominent bulge and urging you to do the same. You can already see a wet spot forming where his tip is. 
Your hands start working independently of your brain. They know what they’re doing. They’ve done this for years.
You unbutton his trousers and pull them down along with his boxers, to finally free his raging boner. His cock jumps up to attention with a smack on his lower belly.
You drop down to your knees, eyes fixated on the prize. Licking your lips, you begin your task, starting with a couple of kisses to his tip. Yoongi whimpers weakly at the action, his cock already twitching.
“Don’t tease, baby.” His eyes are shut and his hands ball into his shirt tightly, holding it up and out of your way.
“You’re not in a place to be making demands, baby.” You pull back with a wicked smile on your face, opting to change tactics. You spit on your hand before wrapping it around his thick shaft, giving him a few light pumps.
It’s when he starts to beg, you finally give in. 
You open as wide as possible before taking as much of him in as you can. The fit is tight, but you persist. Coming back up for air, you try again, willing yourself to get a little bit deeper. 
Yoongi makes a choked noise, cock jerking forward into your mouth, making you gag.
“Fuck this,” are Yoongi’s last words before he loses all patience.
He grabs a hold of your ponytail with both hands, shoving his cock as deep as he knows you can take it. Holding it for a few seconds until you tap his thigh, he relishes the warmth of your mouth. He thinks it was made for him. Made for you to take his cock.
“You’re doing so well, baby,” he groans, “yes, baby, take my cock…”
You take over, bobbing your head up and down until you’re slobbering all over his cock and balls.
Fondling his balls, you feel them tighten and you know he’s close. With a last suck, you pull yourself off of him and he immediately whines in complaint.
“Absolutely fucking not. Not after the shit you just pulled off.” You shake your head, denying him the one thing he so desperately needs.
You stand up, unceremoniously pulling your skirt up and removing your ruined panties. You hook a leg around him and his hands find themselves at home on your bare ass. He can’t help but give you a light squeeze and spank. It’s just muscle memory now.
“I’m going to fuck you exactly how I want and for as long as I want. Is that clear?” You put on your most authoritative voice, looking right into his eyes.
You give him a few preparatory pumps, already knowing you’re more than ready, if not actually dripping by this point.
You guide him in, inch by inch as the stretch still surprises you even after years. You throw your head back, relishing in the way his cock invades your insides, not holding back your cries of pleasure. Fuck whoever can hear you outside.
In a sick, twisted way, you hope Nari can hear you.
“This cock is mine. You are mine,” you reiterate.
“All yours, baby. Always and forever just yours, Y/N.” He responds without skipping a beat. “You’re so beautiful, Y/N. You feel so good…ahhh…”
Your chest rises and falls in tandem with your bounces on his cock. He meets you halfway, bucking into you whilst you bounce on him. Each hard thrust aimed so skilfully to hit your g-spot speaks volumes on how much he knows you. 
You are Yoongi’s home. And he is yours.
He pulls out, holding your hips firmly to stop you from protesting. In an instant, you’re flipped over, hands placed on the mirror above the sink and he takes you from behind.
“That’s right, baby, look at how I fuck you.” He growls, fingers still pressed into your hips as he manhandles you on and off his cock.
And you do.
Yoongi does his best to keep his voice down, while you use that as an excuse to double your volume, crying out on behalf of the both of you.
His fingers expertly find your clit, rubbing ruthless circles in the way he knows you love.
“Fuck yeah, baby. You wanted me, now fucking take me.”
He enunciates each phrase with a harsh thrust that nearly sends you into the mirror. 
Yoongi already knows before you do. He feels the way your walls clench onto him for dear life. He feels your breath hitch. He feels the way you push back onto his cock with a renewed determination.
You’re close.
“I know, baby, me too.” He has to work hard to formulate words now. “Cream my cock for me, baby. Fuck, that’ll show her.”
It’s those final words that push you over the edge, your orgasm doing exactly what he asked for. Your vision goes black and you see stars behind your eyelids as you spasm on Yoongi’s cock.
For the first time that evening, Yoongi gets out a loud groan, spilling his cum into your depths. He holds you close to him, as rope after rope fills you up and overflows out onto your thighs.
He’s quick to pull out and scoop the mixture of juices back into you with two fingers. “Keep it all in, baby.”
You whip your head around as he starts tucking his uniform in, seeking some semblance of decency after walking out of the toilet having had the fuck of his life.
“You think we’re done, baby?” You question with a quirk of your eyebrow.
All Yoongi can do is smirk in response. He knows you’re far from done. 
“I’m taking you home right now. I’ve asked Jin to cover your shift,” you plainly state whilst starting to fix your hair.
Yoongi’s eyebrows shoot up at your plans. “When did you do that?!”
“When she asked for a fifth piña colada.” You stop fixing your hair and clothes, a better idea just having popped into your head.
Walking out of the toilet in the state you were in, you lock your eyes with Nari. Curling your lips in a devious smirk, you bring your index finger to the corner of your lips before sucking on it and releasing it with a loud pop.
Her face crumples in an instant, lips thin as ever. It’s when she sees Yoongi walk out behind you, his uniform just as ruffled, his hair just as tousled that she gasps in realisation.
Having witnessed the exchange, Yoongi chuckles to himself.
Maybe it really isn’t such a bad idea to poke the bear sometimes.
A/N: It’s way too late to proofread (sorry lol) - I should be asleep right now.
© e-cm 2022. I do not give permission for my work to be stolen, reposted, translated and/or uploaded to any platforms (including Youtube).
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pretty yoongi 🧎‍♀️
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❋ 𓈒 la storia del passato 𝅄 ͘
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— i'm still the boy inside my thoughts.
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everything in dust do you see?... well, well, well
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𝓎𝔬𝔬𝔫𝔤𝔦 𝒾𝒸𝑜𝓃𝓈.
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Bec i had to draw this min yoongi💫
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Fluffy cat
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Welcome to my I wanna sit in Yoongi's arms, arms and legs tangled in the warmth of the duvet wrapped around us, and watch the snow falls hour.
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my tiny fanboy :(
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i'm so proud of him! 💜
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ㅤㅤㅤㅤᯇ 방탄소년단 ♡ ⁷ ✿
ㅤㅤ ㅤloving you is surreal !
ㅤ after i met you my world has color.
ㅤ ㅤㅤ🪞 ﹏ く♡ b t s ! ׄ ִ ♡
ㅤ bom que você chegou pra ficar para
ㅤㅤㅤ sempre, com você tudo é paz.
. . . bts short locs
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Taehyung moodboard 🧈
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BTS Lockscreen
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close to you // myg 
Tumblr media
songs aren’t the only things BTS SUGA produces
just when your marriage with yoongi is finally reaching a conclusion, a moment for the shits and giggles causes signing divorce papers to delay for another 9 months
navi | m. list | ask me ! | send an ask to be on the taglist ! i will not be responding to taglist requests anywhere else !
Tumblr media
husband // idol!yoongi + wife // stylist!oc 
marriage // saving a marriage // pregnancy au
idol verse // workplace romance 
smut, crack, angst
social media au + written scenes 
implied + actual smut 
mentions of pregnancy and everything related in that topic 
toxic aspects such as: back and forths, concept of staying in a marriage just for the baby, gaslighting, concepts of manipulation, name calling, etc.
posting and schedule starts decemeber 2022
Tumblr media
only available on spotify !
Tumblr media
index # c2u myg
i . (0/5) can we stay like this
track 01
track 02
track 03
track 04
track 05
ii . (0/25) forever
Tumblr media
copyright © 2022, muniimyg on tumblr.  
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