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Could I request welcome home kisses with Jungkook, or whoever you feeling inspired to write about! 💜
Tumblr media
so, give me all your kisses
pairing: jungkook x chef!reader
summary: after one long, tiring month, all jungkook craves is his lover's kisses.
genre: fluff
wc: 1.4k
a/n: thanks for the request! hope it was upto your expectations ^^ if you ever find yourself requesting smth you like, please make sure to follow the guidelines!
Tumblr media
it's been an excruciating wait.
jungkook swears the video calls and photos you send from the land of love itself doesn't do justice to your beauty. you never fail to send updates about your work, sending him random snaps of kittens and puppies in paris. he sleeps with your pillow close to his chest, counting and striking off the days on his calendar till you're in his arms.
it's been 3 weeks, 5 days and 8 hours since you've left his side, if he can recall correctly. you laugh teasingly at his math, questioning if it's right. he'll take anything you give him, even if it's blurry pictures of the eiffel tower or pixelated video calls with your pretty face.
"just 2 more days then you're here, right baby?"
"yes, koo. for the millionth time, yes. i promise i'm not changing my schedule, okay?"
jungkook pouts, slight miffed that he can't see your face before he sleeps. "are you sure you can't switch to video call for a few seconds?" he can hear you sigh sadly, "when i get back, you can look at me all you want, my love."
he mimics your sigh and wishes you a good day at work, suddenly declaring he'll love you for the rest of his life if you bring back souvenirs. you chuckle, saying that you weren't planning on coming back if there weren't plenty of gifts to give him. he hangs up after whispered confessions of love between the both of you, sending the sweetest of "mwah's!" your way.
putting his phone on the bedside table, he rolls over to your side, burying his face deep in your pillow. it's lost your distinct scent of jasmine and cinnamon sugar but he tries reviving it with the weekly laundry washes which you claim to love the smell of. he thinks you know him all too well, promising that the pillow mist you bought him will work just fine in your absence.
groaning at his lack of will to sleep, he grabs the small silver bottle of pillow mist ("its smell reminds me of the time we went to that botanical garden, koo. it's a happy memory, so isn't it best to fall asleep happy?") and sprays the required amount on your pillow, head falling back and eyes immediately closing, the scent pleasing to his sensitive nose.
he smiles instinctively of your time in the garden, the pictures he took you posing with the millions of flowers there playing like a movie in his head. it was the last date you both had before you left for your work trip. jungkook was, after all, the one who urged you take up the workshop at this famed restaurant, claiming it would help you in your future as the greatest chef he'll ever know.
he falls asleep to the thought of you and your nimble hands making him the best food he's ever had, the same hands handing him flowers at your date and the hands which hold him close and safe at night.
Tumblr media
"i'm coming, i'm coming! it's 5.45 in the morning, for goodness' sake!"
jungkook groans at the sound of the incessant ring of the doorbell, regretting his decision of ever installing one. all his hyungs know the pass lock to his door and he knows it isn't you because you're the one who made it. if it was the staff, they would've called him. he fixes his hair and rubs his eyes off the sleepiness, internally calming himself before he opens the door.
"excuse me but you can't ring the doorbell like this at-"
"good morning, koo!"
all of a sudden, sleep's tight hold on him has vanished. your crescent eyes and face half covered by the plushie you showed him as your sleeping companion (who he was very jealous but that's not the point) is infront of him, very much real, not blurry and not pixelated.
he flings the plushie off, hands cupping your face. if there's tears in your eyes, you both don't say a thing, instead beaming at each other with sparkly eyes.
"hello, my love," jungkook whispers shakily, trembling lips falling on yours. his hands fall to your waist, gripping you tightly. you're still in your work clothes, smelling of cheese and bread. your hands, which he dreamt of so vividly, are on his arms, quivering fingers gripping the long shirt he wore to bed.
he can hear the clear sound of glass bottles clinking against each other, probably the wine you spoke of so fondly. he doesn't care about the potential mess it may create and in all honesty, who would? he's got his favourite person in his arms, his favourite smell back in his nostrils and his favourite smile on his lips.
"you promised you wouldn't change your schedule," jungkook mumbles into the kiss, hands reaching behind you to shut the door and lean you against it. "but this is a good change, yes baby?" good would be an understatement. his feet stamp on something soft which startles jungkook just abit. he looks down at the culprit, picking it up, "ah, you," glancing back and forth at the plushie and your smiley face, flinging it off again to god knows where.
"hey! that was unbelievably expensive, you know."
"why get that when you can have the real thing, baby?"
you giggle and laugh happily, when he picks you up and spins you around, practically zooming to your shared bedroom. he places you gently on your side, hands below your head so it's laid on the pillow. your smile beams up at him, arms reaching up for him. he promptly falls on you, his limbs getting tangled with yours like it's muscle memory.
you stroke his hair just like how he likes it, the steady but slow rays from outside making it seem like there's an angel on you. "was the flight too early? you must've been so tired," jungkook says, face propped on your chest and hands untucking your shirt. you shrug and boop his nose, smiling when he scrunches it up, "i left after the last class and grabbed all the wine available at the duty free and i slept through the whole time so, no koo, i'm not that tired," you giggle amusedly.
"good. now tell me all about it!"
Tumblr media
jungkook holds the tall bottle of wine away from him, face contouring into one of thought.
"this must be from france, am i right or- ah, it's rome, hehe"
you shake your head in amusement and spread the garlic confit on the crisp toast, "let's have breakkie, koo, we've been up too long without food."
he all but rushes to the kitchen/dining area, eyes sparkling at the sight of the food. "thank you for the food," he says in perfect fashion, teeth peeking out to have a bite. his eyebrows furrow in delight, much to your mirth. "eat up all you want, darling," you encourage, humming in delight at your simple breakfast.
jungkook brushes his fingers off of crumbs, doe eyes on you as your tales of the city of love is said from your point of view. he always wondered what he missed when you were gone, always having your pictures and videos a few clicks away. as you ramble on about some sauce and how you finally mastered on how to get it creamy, he finally gets it.
it was you.
you and your never ending chatter of your first love, food and the way your eyes light up when the topic falls on it. your expressive gestures and your gleeful laughter, which never fails to make his day. you in his clothes, a simple oversized white tshirt. you in your shared dining table, talking to him.
he doesn't waste any time to get closer to you, not caring one bit if you complain of him almost spilling your juice. he tilts your chin up so he can get his lips on yours, hand on your neck and tattooed hand curled around your waist. he vows to never let you go anywhere without him ever again, be it for work or for leisure.
you don't question him nor complain, instead wrapping your arms around him, pulling him impossibly closer. he pulls away first, combing your hair out of your face and smiling at your blissed out expression.
"let's invite our friends for dinner tonight," you suggest, "i want to show them all what i learned there."
jungkook nods, never turning down an opportunity to be proud of you. "what do we start with first?"
"well, obviously, hors d'oeuvres-"
"what did you just call me?!"
you roll your eyes at his lame albeit childish joke, smile threatening to break from your lips. he giggles at his own joke, hugging you from the back when you walk away from him. he promises to listen and learn from you, only if you give him your infamous kisses as a reward.
Tumblr media
pt time: @armys-dna ; @joondiary ; @soobhyun ; @shatzkrinslinzki ; @highly-functioning-mitochondria ; @taegisms ; @cherishoshi
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“There were simpler times in their life.”
Pairing: Soulmates!Vmin x named fem!OC
Genre: Polyamory!AU, Perioddrama!AU, Vampire!AU, Angst, Romance
Warnings: mentions of torture & trauma, gender & sexuality struggles, happy!Vmin :(
Wordcount: 2.6k
a/n: This is a snippet out of SA!Vmin’s past together, hence why the OC is named and the story is not written in the 2nd POV. I honestly really missed writing about Tae’s past and I was very exited to dive deeper into Jimin’s past as well. Gosh, I miss him even if he was a lil dick for most of the story ahhaha 😔
Tumblr media
"Jimin!” Taehyung came stumbling through the threshold, “Jimin you won’t believe what just happened!”
Jimin, who had been busy with reading the newest book of Jane Austin, lifted his head. He studied his best friend with curious but also slightly annoyed eyes.
“What?” he asked, lowering his book.
“I asked Ava if she wanted be with me and she said yes.”
“No way, you dared to ask?” Jimin gasped jumping to his feet to hurry to his friend, “Taetae those are excellent news. What exactly did she say?”
“Oh Jimin, It was so wonderful. You must hear all of it.”
Tumblr media
It was three months ago when Taehyung met her.
It was at a viewing of his latest works. Taehyung remembers that day vividly. It was a rainy day, but the people didn’t allow it to taint their moods. On the contrary, the streets were bustling in life the entire day.
Taehyung worked two years on his art pieces and felt immense happiness at the aspect of finally sharing it with the world.
The viewing was a great success. Not only was Taehyung able to sell most of his works, he also met a lovely young lady during the festivities. She was standing by his only unsold work of the evening, sipping on her way too warm champagne, which Taehyung had imported solely for the viewing.
Taehyung approached her because she seemed rather bored and he wanted to change that. After all, it was his viewing and he didn’t want his guest to be bored.
“I see that you have found an interest in this painting”, he said, studying with great interest as her gaze shifted from the painting to his face.
“Oh no, I find it rather dull. Wouldn’t you agree?” she answered him and Taehyung laughed.
“Dull”, he repeated, “now you must tell me why you feel that way”, he insisted, finding great liking in the way she seemed to curl her lips as she thought.
“I couldn’t tell you for the world of it”, she began, “but something about his choice off colour seems to bore me.”
“I see”, Taehyung inspected his work and suddenly felt the urge to agree with her, “I must say that combining oranges with reds is a rather dull thing to do.”
“Indeed”, she turned to him then, as if his answer sparked her interest greatly. She studied him from head to toe, curling her lips in that distinct way as she did, “and who are you?” she asked him.
“Me? I am no one really”, he smiled, “just the painter.”
Taehyung loved how her heart sped up in her chest. That sound had always been lovely to him.
The woman cleared her throat loudly and therefore forced Taehyung to concentrate his hearing back on the sounds only human were able to hear.
“Now I feel utterly ashamed, you must think me such an ill-mannered woman”, she said with great embarrassment in her eyes.
“Not at all, I am a great lover of honesty”, Taehyung assured her and lowered his gaze in his distinct way. Whether or not it was of magical nature, he refuses to tell. He knew however, that this look never failed and neither did it tonight, as the woman seemed rather charmed by it.
“I’m Ava”, she said, doing a perfect curtsey.
“It is a pleasure meeting you, Ava”, Taehyung returned the curtsey in perfect manner, “I’m Taehyung, but I figure that you already know my name.”
“Actually, I must admit. I only stumbled upon this viewing because there was a sign outside promising free food and champagne.”
Taehyung felt himself laugh honestly.
“Ah dear, you must really think I have no manners”, she said, fixing a strand of her hair in nervous instinct.
“Not at all. But come, I shall offer you more champagne”, he glanced at her flute, “cooled, I promise.”
She laughed, “well if that is so then I must take you up on your offer.”
Taehyung spent the rest of the evening talking to Ava. They chatted about food for a long time and Taehyung learned that Ava dreamt of being a chef in Paris one day. They also talked a lot about the arts and Taehyung learned that she possessed no knowledge regarding the topic, but that she wanted to learn. Taehyung also learned that Ava was new to life in the city and that she lived with her two rabbits and cat in a cellar apartment close to the city’s grandest park.
They also agreed on meeting for breakfast and they did. As friends.
They became great friends over the course of the next three months. At least that is what Ava wanted and Taehyung was happy to respect her wishes, despite his growing feelings for her.
Ava was a spectacular person. She was intelligent and quick-witted, she was kind and loved animals, she was never afraid to speak her mind and disliked the constricting roles of gender. Taehyung loved that about her and together they spent many nights fantasising about how it would be if only they switched genders for a night.
Ava also showed him her collection of countless costumes, she sewed for that exact occasion and Taehyung swore that he fell in love with her even deeper. Never before had he met a woman, who created costumes just so she could look like a man, but he was happy that he finally did. Because Ava was a delight. In as well as out of costume. She made him so incredibly happy to be on this earth.
Tumblr media
Taehyung introduced Ava to Jimin two months into their friendship. Jimin was wary at first, because he has always been the jealous type, but warmed up to Ava very soon. Taehyung knew that Jimin would because Ava was lovely. She showed him ways of dressing up and Taehyung could watch as Jimin lit up in happiness because of it.
Jimin was very happy during the times with Ava. Many nights he spent admiring himself even long after Ava left. And even more nights, Taehyung could listen to his best friend sing in the washing room. Jimin rarely sang. Only when his humanity began brushing its fingers against his dead heart. And Taehyung loved that ever since Ava came into their life, Jimin began singing again.
Tumblr media
Jimin has been Taehyung’s best friend ever since the twenties of the seventeenth century. They met during the endless winter of Jimin’s kingdom and had been family ever since. They shared the same fate, both cursed with vampirism and therefore eternal life. They shared most of that life together and while Taehyung had lived almost half a millennia before he met Jimin, he realised that his life only truly began once he met him.
They shared everything together. Homes, food, men and women as well as interests. Jimin loved to dance while Taehyung loved to play the violin. Jimin loved to pose while Taehyung loved to paint. Jimin loved to sing and Taehyung loved it too.
Jimin also loved to make a mess during their shared feeds, while Taehyung didn’t.
That was the only difference they had, but Taehyung didn’t blame Jimin. It wasn’t his fault that he loved what he loved.
Jimin wasn’t of the same kind as Taehyung. While Taehyung was of Normal decent, Jimin was a Glutton. And Gluttons are messy in their feed, it was in their nature.
Jimin didn’t want to become a vampire, let alone a Glutton, so he told Taehyung. He was tricked by a cunning and cruel demon into drinking its cursed blood and ever since then had to live his life in misery. The demon’s name was Namjoon and he was the Creator of most Gluttons on this earth.
Taehyung learned of Namjoon’s existence during the 1680s when the Creator came for a visit and tortured the two vampires for years. Taehyung still heard Jimin’s screams, even till this day almost sixty years later.
Taehyung felt different for the longest time ever since Namjoon five year long visit. Only recently, and perhaps only because of Ava, Taehyung began to feel like himself again.
He realised during those times, that Jimin was different too and only ever since he started to hear him sing again, he realised what had happened. Somewhere in his five years of torture, Namjoon must have forced them to turn off their humanity. And that Ava was responsible that both vampires found it again.
Taehyung fell even deeper for Ava because of it and soon his feelings for her became so great, that he couldn’t bear friendship any longer.
So he asked her. He gathered all his courage and asked her if she could imagine a world where they shared more than just friendship. And to his surprise, Ava said that she could.
Taehyung kissed Ava for the first time that night and he swore that he felt even the last jumbled pieces of his humanity finally shifting back into place.  
Tumblr media
It was twenty days later when Jimin asked Ava the same question. He talked to Taehyung about it first, confessing his own feelings for her to him with hopes that he would understand. And Taehyung did. He felt so happy for his best friend that he encouraged him to ask Ava the same question.
And so Jimin did, receiving the same answer from her as Taehyung did.
Taehyung was incredibly happy that she did, because it meant that he could share someone he loved so very dearly with the one person he will always love the most.
Ava spent the coming summer with Taehyung and Jimin. She left her basement apartment in the city and moved to their farm.
It was Taehyung’s land once, but he liked to say that it was as much of Jimin’s land as it was his’ these days. After all, it was only with Jimin when this small patch of land gained true meaning.
Jimin loved nature. He loved the work in a garden, loved the stray cats visiting them in the evening and found peace in watching the fireflies at night. Jimin always said to Taehyung that they reminded him of the galaxies of far away and later in their life, Taehyung would spend many days painting them just for him.
But this small piece of land would be their home for many decades before Taehyung began painting stars. They built a cottage on the once untouched meadow and Jimin planted big apple trees in the back.
Ava loved those trees. They had the perfect distance for them to span a piece of sturdy bedsheet between the trunks.
Taehyung and Ava spent a lot of time in their bedsheet hammock. Taehyung liked to read to Ava during those moments. And sometimes they kissed until the night turned dark.
Jimin and Ava spent a lot of time on the porch. Late at night when the stray cats already said their goodbyes and the fireflies painted galaxies on the horizons. They liked to sit and listen to the crickets. And sometimes they loved to kiss until the moon danced way past its zenith.
It was a good time in their lives. Filled with happiness and moments of sweetness.
They decided to tell Ava their secret once the first orange leaves were seen on the trees.
Ava was silent for a long time that evening. She simply stared at their true faces until they felt sick in nervousness. Taehyung remembers clearly that she shifted in her chair and then curled her lips in her distinct way.
And then she laughed. She laughed so loudly and so happily that for a moment the two vampires wondered if she had lost her mind in shock.
“Why am I not surprised?” she finally said and asked no further questions.
They shared Jimin’s bed that night. They shared it until the early morning hours and afterwards shared it lost in a deep, happy slumber.
Life with Ava became better ever since their confession. They taught her a lot about their kind and Ava listened with great interest. And soon they found themselves sharing way more than just a bond. Jimin always said that Ava’s blood was one of the sweetest bloods he ever tasted and till this day, Taehyung thinks it was because Jimin was truly in love with her.
Taehyung really misses those times. Till this day, almost two centuries later, Taehyung likes to think back to the times on their farm.
Ava stayed during all of autumn and she stayed all through winter and as spring came, she had finally finished decorating her room. She helped Jimin in the garden a lot in spring and in the evenings she liked to pose for Taehyung. In and out of costume. Sometimes Jimin joined too. In and out of costume. And Taehyung loved the paintings, which came out of those sessions.
By the time spring was almost over, Ava and Jimin had adopted one of the stray cats and named it Darcy. They were all entirely obsessed with the book ever since it was released and loved to read it to each other before going to bed.
Tumblr media
Come summer, Taehyung stopped being present during the day. Not because he wanted to, but because he was once again preparing for a viewing of his latest works. Further away from their farm, which meant he was on horseback for many hours during those times.
Taehyung loved this time of their life. He loved leaving the farm, knowing that once he can return home, he would be greeted by the smell of Ava’s dinner and the sweetness of their kisses.
He truly loved his life. He felt like a husband coming home after a long day of work, greeted by food and love. Taehyung was reminded what being human felt like during this time of his life.
Humanity was something precious and wonderful to him and sometimes, he got the feeling that Jimin loved it even more than him.
Jimin was so happy, so full of life, so unapologetically himself. He sang not only in the washing room, but every chance he got and in the morning, he loved to dance with Taehyung until their bellies ached in laughter.
Perhaps that is also why Taehyung loved coming home. Because Jimin was happy and as much love he had for Ava, seeing his soulmate happy, brought Taehyung true peace. All he wanted for Jimin the moment he met him, was happiness.
Tumblr media
But happiness can’t exist with sadness. And peace can’t exist with chaos. And their lives were never meant to be without chaos. Chaos which comes so fast and ruins too much.
Taehyung remembers coming home that evening and the house smelling of fresh bread. He remembers slipping out of his riding boots and calling out their names. He remembers looking at the bouquets of flowers he bought for them. They were just slightly squished from having to spend his entire ride in his bag. He remembers thinking to himself that they will love the surprise nonetheless.
And he remembers dropping them the moment he sat foot into the kitchen and seeing Ava’s maimed corpse on the table. Her throat was ripped out to the point where her head barely stayed on.
Taehyung remembers that he wanted to scream, but that he couldn’t for chaos interrupted him before he could.
“Welcome home”, chaos spoke and Taehyung felt frozen in fear.
He lifted his head and laid eyes upon Jimin’s blood covered face. It wasn’t Ava’s blood but his own.
“Jimin. No”, Taehyung pressed out, shifting his gaze to chaos.
“It is time you little piglets learn to behave again”, Namjoon spoke, rising from the chair at the end of the table.
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Teaser: Paper Hearts | KNJ
Tumblr media
Rating: General Pairings: Namjoon x Reader, ft. Hoseok Genre: co-working idiots to lovers, fluff, humor
Summary: When Hoseok has grown tired of silently watching the two dense idiots who can’t flirt for shit, he takes matters into his own hands. Good thing there’s a nook on the internet that anyone can upload their writing under an alias. Thinking that none of his friends will ever read it, he named his characters Namjoon and Y/N. ( kofisips masterlist )
Release Date: October 6 / October 7
Tumblr media
read: reply to this post or send an ask to be included in the taglist :)
Tumblr media
Before being a full-time songwriter, Hoseok used to do creative writing work for fun.
As a teen, he used to write alternate stories about the movies that awed him, sometimes even books he enjoyed reading. In his spare time, just to stay in touch with his hobbies, he revisits his old writeit.com account and reads all his all-time favorite bookmarked stories; and today was one of those days.
Scrolling through the updated website’s interface, his eyes widened at the new features, “Oh, cool! They’re posting original novels now.”
He clicked on the first story that was suggested, an idea suddenly entered – If he can’t make the both of you realize it, he’ll just give you the ending you deserve through writing. It seemed like a good idea, perfect even. However, he struggled to think of what kind of genre fit the story he had in mind.
Slice of life is a huge giveaway, given that this is already real life. Making it angst is like going through the hell of his failed plans all over again. He passed through a list of genres the website had categorized in alphabetical order until he finally found something that he thinks is exciting to write.
“Enemies to lovers? Spy versus Kingpin? Sounds pretty interesting,” he smirked.
It’s funny how he had quickly outlined the story within minutes instead of working on Jungkook’s songs. He even went to the extent of studying other writers’ formats – taking notes on how they listed their warnings, ratings, and genre. He noticed how people did their stories differently now compared to the stories he had read before. Regardless, he had the time of his life plotting the story under the tips of his fingers.
After he had finally set out his ideas, he froze as soon as he got to the part where he had to think of his characters’ names. He watched the text cursor blink for a while. With brows furrowed, he debated whether or not to use any name that had a nice ring or just go with your real names; until he settled with the latter.
“It’s not like they’ll find it,” he snickered as he typed ‘Namjoon’ and ‘Y/N.’
His rekindled relationship with his old hobby kept him preoccupied. The sound of his keyboard keys clicking aired through the room; as he read the story aloud in between his typing, “At the age…of twenty five? Or eight? Yeah, Eight’s better. Twenty-eight…Park Namjoon…became the CEO…of Park…Intellect…Security Agency – there, perfect!”
After 3 weeks of continuously going through the first chapter of his series, he called ‘Over Those Hills,’ Hoseok cracked his knuckles with a shit-eating grin that reached up to his eyes. The mouse’s cursor hovered over the ‘Post’ button, and with a deep breath that he held in for a while, he finally clicked it with one eye closed.
It was purely made for fun at first but the next thing he knew, he had garnered 500k reads in less than a month of posting the first chapter. His readers’ comments flooded his notifications, begging for him to post the next chapter.
He originally intended to write only whenever he felt like it, but since he got himself a huge readership and following, he decided to continue with it as regularly as he could.
Over Those Hills by wordsofhope Summary: Namjoon was given a chance to leap through every time loop just to be with Y/N. The catch? No matter how many lifetimes he has gone through, they always meet under ugly circumstances. Rating: Mature? idk. Genre: parallel universe, idiots to lovers (why can’t they just date already?) A/N: Hey guys! I can’t believe that this series got 500k reads! Thank you so much ㅠㅠ Stay tuned of what happens next to Namjoon and Y/N’s story, okay?
Everything was going well for his writing career except for one thing: ever since he started writing about you and Namjoon, he can’t look at the both of you straight anymore.
He became more shifty and always in a panic.
It only grew even more when he opened up commissions on some chapters when one of the requests he would frequently get is to write a smut.
“I don’t wanna sexualize them like that,” he frowned, knowing that he wasn’t even sure if he could write one when it was a fluff-centric story.
Other than that, he doesn’t even know what smut means – he only knows ‘mature’ for a rating because that was one of the five tags the website only had years ago. Heck, he didn't even know the site grew so much that they put up various tags and warnings he's only finding out at his big age.
But there is only one person he could ask what smut is. Comfortably and with no judgment...he hopes. Someone who is a voracious reader and well-versed with terminology.
And that is no other than Kim Namjoon himself.
‘Am I really asking him something about his story?’ he thought.
If Hoseok’s life was written fiction, this would have to be his story’s conflict.
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adriftmoonchild · a month ago
symmetry; jjk (m)
Tumblr media
pairing: gryffindor!jungkook x slytherin!reader
genre: enemies to lovers, hogwarts au, smut
summary: with both of you being from rival houses, the smirk that jungkook seemed to throw in your direction every shared class did nothing for your disdain towards him. as far as you were concerned he was arrogant and childish; you just wished he wasn’t so damn good in bed.
word count: 10k.
a/n: i used to write on here a while ago but deleted my blog. since deciding i wanted to come back i figured i would start with what was my most loved fic. i tried to get my old url back, but alas, she was gone. enjoy.
One thing you had been certain of the past seven years of your education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was that the divide between Slytherin and Gryffindor was a big one.
Due to that fact, your feelings towards the students in said Gryffindor house were negative to say the least. You disliked many of them.
Most notably; Jeon Jungkook.
The cocky Gryffindor Seeker, who walked with a strut in his step and a smirk on his face as he boasted about yet another victory for his Quidditch team thanks to his ‘magical skills’.
Not a day went by that you didn’t imagine wiping that bunny grin off his face with a hex or two, his need for attention and praise the most frustrating thing of your day to day life; next to the fact that almost everyone in the castle seemed to fall for his childish demeaner and shower him with compliments and love.
It was about four weeks ago that you finally snapped and devised a way to mess with him; to take him down a peg and have people snicker in his direction instead of sending flirtatious winks or loud cheers accompanied with high fives.
What you didn’t expect, was that the magenta hair you’d managed to give him would somehow work for him. Unbelievably, it made him that more attractive to the female population of the school and gave him more opportunities to have a good night at the end of any party.
What you expected even less was to see that magenta hair between your thighs as the pair of you hid in a broom closet in a more secluded part of the castle.
“Jeon-” you sighed, hand twisting in his dark pink locks as his tongue worked in figure eights against your aching clit.
Responding with a lustful moan that vibrated through your body in the most pleasurable way, he quickened his movements, his fingers digging deeper into the exposed skin of your thighs.
About three days after his hair had been altered, he had come to the realisation that there was no changing it back any time soon; something you had made sure of. He was going to be stuck with that colour until the end of the school year at the earliest.
Three days after that, Jungkook had finally found the culprit, cornering you in an empty classroom to demand an apology or a way for you to make it up to him. Cue a long heated argument that somehow ended with his teeth at your throat as he lifted you up onto a desk and tore your underwear clean off.
After he gave you the best orgasm of your life, you had scolded yourself and sworn that you would never set foot near the boy again; until the next day when he somehow managed to seduce you into a quick romp in a secret passageway he’d found a year prior.
Lewd wet noises broke you from your thoughts as the all familiar tingle started coursing through your body; back arching away from the rough stone wall at your back, teeth clamping down on your lower lip to keep yourself from being caught in the act.
Legs twitching, your breathing came out in short pants as Jungkook rose to his feet; using the back of his hand to wipe away any leftover moisture.
“One of these days you’re going to have to give in and scream for me.” He mumbled, teeth scraping against the mark he’d left on your neck the night before. “You’re the only one who actually gives a fuck about what we’re doing.”
You couldn’t contain the need to roll your eyes as his lips twisted up into yet another smirk.
“Will you just hurry up?” Tugging him towards you and swiftly unbuttoning his trousers, you relished in the hiss that he produced as you grasped his newly freed erection in your hand. “Some of us actually have places to be.”
He quickly lifted you up, moving your legs to wrap around his waist as your back hit the stone wall again, aligning his straining cock with your entrance. “Is today finally going to be the day you agree to taste yourself?”
Scoffing at his vulgar words, you moved your face away from his when he brushed his nose against yours; lips hovering far too close for your liking.
“You know the rules. No kissing, that's not what this is.” You reminded him. “Besides, you’re disgusting.”
Raising his eyebrow in a sneer, he grunted “And yet here you are.” as he sharply thrust up into you; a quiet groan vibrating in your throat at the full feeling of him deeply situated inside of you.
“The ends justify the means, Jeon.”
His eyes scrunched shut, your walls tightening around his length causing him to falter in his movements. “Whatever you say, y/l/n.”
Potions class had always undoubtedly been your favourite; if for no other reason than your head of house was the teacher and it was the subject both of your parents had excelled at whilst they had been attending Hogwarts.
The potential to be an incredible potions master was all but running through your very veins.
Until the headmaster decided that a method had to be created to better the relationship between houses. Apparently there were too many rumours at this point that the Slytherin and Gryffindor houses were becoming more and more hostile towards one another as the years went by.
That's how you ended up here, no longer paired with your intelligent housemate, but instead with the well known slacker that irritated you beyond belief; Jeon Jungkook.
Your breath came out in a huff for the third time in the past twenty minutes, the ruby red umbrella that he'd brought in with him poking you in the leg for what seemed like the twentieth time since class had started. “If you still insist on using muggle objects instead of magic against something as simple as the rain, at least learn how to store it properly under the desk.”
His attention having solely been on enchanting a piece of paper to fly over to his best friend in the shape of a small dragon, his eyes widened as he realised you had spoken to him; turning to you with a look that highly resembled a deer caught in headlights.
“Have you even paid attention to what we have to do for the next hour and a half?” You scoffed, arms crossing in annoyance.
“Of course.” He replied, flicking his head to the side to move the hair of his fringe from his eyes. “We have to make some kind of potion before the end of class.”
It took everything in you not to swear at him for his idiocy. “Well observed that we'd have to make a potion in potions class, Jeon.” You sneered, moving your book to the middle of the desk so that he could see what you'd noted down.
“Amortentia?” His face scrunched in disgust at the name. “Should we really be learning how to make this? Surely this is just a lesson for crazy ex girlfriend's who won't give up? No one in their right mind should be making a love potion.”
“We don't really get to decide that.” You couldn't fault his logic, also unable to see any benefits from a potion like this, having researched and found that several children had been born whilst one of the parents was under the influence of amortentia; the children were then incapable of love themselves. “But we need to brew this stupid love potion if we want to pass the class, so focus and hopefully this will be over soon.”
Pushing his hair back, Jungkook reluctantly started to help you look for the ingredients around the room. With his cooperation, the pair of you managed to finish the potion within the hour; the pearly sheen giving you hope that you'd actually done well together and completely the task without fault.
However, as the steam spiralled up from the cauldron and wafted under your nose, you suddenly questioned if you'd messed up.
Sure, the scent of lemon cupcakes made sense, as did the salty smell of the ocean that you always loved to visit as a child; but the last thing to register gave you pause.
You knew what the scent was, it was something you'd come across quite often over the past few weeks whenever your head had been nuzzled into Jungkook's neck to suppress the moans that threatened to escape from your throat.
The musky smell of his cologne was obvious to you now, which meant that there had to be something wrong with potion sitting in front of you.
And by the horrified expression on Jungkook's face, it was pretty obvious that he was having a similar experience.
“You must have done something wrong.” You snapped. There was no way that it had been you to make a mistake in potions class, you'd gotten top marks your entire education.
“I did everything you told me to do, if something went wrong then it's on you.”
The two of you stood in stunned silence as the professor glided over and proceeded to praise your work and explain how perfectly you'd created the liquid that continued to taunt you from it's place on the desk. “10 points to both of your houses.”
As he walked away mumbling about how the headmaster may have been right to merge the student houses in classes, Jungkook and yourself refused to meet each other's gaze as you pondered the new information.
The silence was deafening until your professor announced that class was over, both of you rushing to leave the room; which resulted in his umbrella prodding you in the ribs when he lost his grip in his haste.
“Ow. If that useless piece of plastic and metal hits me one more time I'm going to shove it up your ass, Jeon.” You growled, a fierce glare sent his way.
“Before you do that, you might want to consider removing the one up yours.” He snarled before quickly turning and walking out the classroom.
As you silently seethed, the scent of his skin lingering from the cauldron only worsening your mood, you stormed out of the room to find something to de-stress with; and it wasn't going to be Jeon Jungkook.
When students were asked what their favourite part of Hogwarts was, most would often answer with an anecdote of how much food they’d managed to stuff in their mouths on a night.
You were no different.
The feast set out before you was great; every single thing you could possibly imagine laid before you just waiting to be devoured. It was nights like these that you knew there would be a huge announcement, one that would lead to about 90% of the student body cheering for their headmaster; whilst the other 10% who hated being social would grumble to themselves about how they weren’t taking part in whatever event was away to be thrown.
“I wonder what it’s going to be.” Your friend, Reagan, pondered out loud. “I hope it’s not another contest, Gryffindor just get extra points thrown at them, everybody knows it by now.”
Wiping a stray crumb off a pumpkin pasty from the corner of your mouth, you dismissed her thoughts “It’s too late in the year for it to be a contest, it’ll be some sort of celebration to let the current students have some fun and leave an ever lasting impact on those that are leaving.”
“Whatever it is, the headmaster better announce it quickly.” She replied, daintily taking a bite of her food. “If I need to find an appropriate outfit, he needs to give me as much time as possible to prepare.”
“Oh I'm sure you'll do just fine.” Your eyes focused on the headmaster as he made his way to the owl shaped podium at the front of the hall. “Looks like you're going to get your wish anyway.”
With a raise of his hands, the great hall fell into silence. You had to admire the simple sign of respect, something that one could argue was much more powerful than all magic.
“You all must be wondering what is in store for you tonight, what grand announcement is coming that you were granted with such a bountiful feast.” He started, eyes sparkling over his half moon spectacles. “Well, it is with great delight, that I can tell you we will be hosting a ball. A dance to say farewell for the summer and good luck to those who will be leaving us this year.”
The different houses immediately erupted into ramblings of who they were going with, what they would wear, what music they were hoping for and everything else you'd expect with a ball on the horizon.
“I knew I'd need to think of a new outfit.” Reagan piped up from your side, turning to your housemate who wanted to talk colour coordination for the event.
You yourself, found your gaze drawn to the pink haired boy who was staring over in your direction. It didn't surprise you per say, the pair of you often finding a way to communicate with each other when the rest of the students around you were preoccupied; the excitement for the ball was as good a distraction as any.
The look in his eyes was clear and you knew exactly what it meant, that he wanted you and if you were smart you'd meet him in the secret place he'd shown you unless you wanted to risk him searching for you later.
When he'd first pulled you into the hidden passageway, you'd asked how he'd even found it himself; just to get a vague response about needing the 'right map'.
Regardless, the heat that instantly pooled between your thighs made it obvious that you were going to accept his offer without any hesitancy.
The air was thick with the smell of dusty books that hadn't been opened in decades, the library silent with the very few students who chose to study on a Friday night.
You often used it as a kind of sanctuary; hidden in the far back corner behind a row of tall bookcases that kept you out of sight of any others in the room. Thoughts were easier to process when you didn't have anybody around to distract you.
So there you were, reading a letter from your father that had arrived that afternoon. He was informing you of a potential match for your future husband, something that your parents were both adamant that you would agree to once your school life was over in a few months.
The sinking feeling in your stomach was new to you. An arranged marriage was a fact of your life that you'd been spoken to about for many years now and you'd always been okay with it. Your ancestors were all matched up by their families, so it wasn't outrageous to you that the same fate would befall your future.
But something had changed, though you didn't know what, and the idea of spending the rest of your life in what would probably be a loveless marriage no longer appealed to you. In fact, it made you feel slightly sick.
Footsteps running in your direction caught your attention, brief irritation washing over you as a mop of magenta hair appeared from around the corner of the bookcase to your left.
Of course he would interrupt your thoughts at a time like this; how unbelievably inconsiderate.
He hadn't seemed to notice your presence, having twirled around to pear back to where he had appeared. His muscular shoulders were rising and falling swiftly while he panted, his breathing laboured from his brisk sprint.
“Please don't say you use this place for hookups.” You drawled, hiding the letter amongst your books as you spoke.
Jungkook twirled round, eyes wide with surprise as he acknowledged your existence. “Y/l/n. What are you doing here on a Friday night?”
“There's this insane concept, where you come to libraries to study.” Glancing down at your books with a look of condescension, you could almost feel him roll his eyes at you. “The only thing out of the ordinary here is you, Jeon.”
“I'm hiding, obviously.” He scoffed, giving a quick glance around the bookcase before sauntering over to take a seat next to you. “A Ravenclaw I spent the night with a few months ago finally caught up to me and doesn't seem willing to let it slide that I didn't fall madly in love with her afterwards.”
Squinting your eyes in disbelief, you asked. “And you thought the library was a good place to hide from a Ravenclaw?”
You knew that Jungkook wasn't the brightest student at Hogwarts, but you had figured he would be smart enough to understand that the library all but belonged to the brainy house of blue.
“Well, why on Earth would anyone think that I would enter the library?” he smirked in return. “As you just said, I'm the only thing out of the ordinary here, she'd never expect me to run to a place of wisdom for solace.”
“The end of that sentence almost made you sound intelligent, congratulations.”
His focus darted to the table where your notes were scattered, returning his gaze to you with suspicion clear in his deep brown eyes. “Intelligent enough to know you're hiding something. I have a feeling it's got something to do with the letter sticking out of that book.” Pointing towards the letter you'd haphazardly shoved into hiding, he leaned back in his chair with a look of triumph at your surprised expression.
“Okay,” you sighed. “You caught me. I come to library sometimes when I have to think and it might not always be education related.”
His features softened in concern. “Everything alright?”
“It's not something you have to worry about.”
The two of you sat in an uncomfortable silence for a few moments, uncertain of what to say to each other. In all of your secret meetings, you'd never once had a real and honest conversation; that wasn't what either of you had signed up for and you weren't about to change that because of a letter you had been expecting your whole life.
“Careful, y/l/n.” he warned, mischief dancing in his eyes. “The look on your face is going to out you for having real emotions.”
As much as you tried to resist, your closed off expression dissolved into a soft laughter when Jungkook nudged into your side with a gentle smile. It looked like he may possibly be useful for more than one thing like you'd originally believed.
“You know, if you wanted a distraction.” His hand smoothed up the skin of your thigh to play with the ends of your skirt; shivers running throughout your body at the contact. “With an area this secluded, we could do something a lot more fun than study.” He whispered in your ear, teeth scraping along the skin of your earlobe at the end of his sentence.
Rubbing your thighs together, the sudden urge to have him inside you was immense, but you'd found yourself running to him too often now and this was a place for clearing your mind from all distractions; not falling into the arms of your most common one. Especially when you'd come so close to opening up about your problems to him.
“No, no, no.” You firmly said, pulling your books together and standing from your seat. “This is my happy place, you're not ruining it.”
“We could always make it our happy place.” He retorted, eyes widening with the realisation that his words sounded far more romantic and dating like than the sexual innuendo he'd been aiming for.
Your hand flew to your chest in mock flattery with a gasp. “Aww, are we going to start holding hands now? Are we going to pluck wild flowers for each other and make googly eyes across the great hall?”
“Okay.” He scoffed, rising to his feet beside you.
“Are you going to start writing poetry for me?” You asked, face contorted as you pretended you were going to cry with happiness as you turned to leave. “Is this when we announce our undying love for one another?”
Shoving your shoulder with a chuckle, he made to follow you out of the hidden spot. “Shut up, you know what I meant, asshole.”
Your teeth sunk into your lower lip to try and contain the moans that were fighting to leave your mouth, two of Jungkook's fingers curling inside you as he moved them to find the exact spot that would have you crumbling in no time.
“God you're always so fucking tight.”
Mind delirious with satisfaction, you hardly registered his words that were muffled against the skin of your neck as he sucked a new purple bruise into the crook. Dirty talk wasn't something you particularly sought after, but the gruff tone that came with the lewd words always peaked your pleasure.
“Fuck-” the word escaped you without your permission, ecstasy rolling over your body in waves as you reached your high; Jungkook grinding his clothed erection against your thigh when you bit into his shoulder to halt the sounds tumbling out of you.
“On your knees.”
Dropping to the floor, you helped him undo his belt and unzip his jeans, mentally noting that you would have to wear tights for the next few days as your knees scraped against the stone floor.
Hogsmead trips had always been pointless in your opinion, but more recently you'd come to be thankful of them. Most of the students would be out of the castle, at least the ones who would notice your absence. Which meant that you and Jungkook had a good few hours to meet up without raising suspicion.
Unfortunately, as exams grew closer, you had to keep it quick so you could return to studying.
His cock was firm in your grasp as you slowly swirled your tongue around the tip, Jungkook sighing with relief at the contact.
It was always the same, you would tease him to the point he would lose patience and throat fuck you till tears were running down your cheeks.
This time was no different.
Working your tongue along the side of his shaft, you heard him growl as a hand tightly wound it's way into your hair and brought you back to the tip.
“You know I hate it when you do that.” He rubbed the head across the parting of your lips a few times. “But we both know it's only cause you like my cock shoved so deep down your throat that you struggle to speak afterwards.”
The moisture that was already gathered at your entrance after your orgasm only seemed to worsen with his words, the feeling of it smearing across your thighs as you rubbed them together leaving you yearning for him to be inside you again when your walls clenched around nothing.
But you were unable to form a response to his words when he opened your mouth and shoved his cock so far that the head hit the back of your throat.
He groaned at the warm feeling of your mouth around him, freezing in his motions for a second with the fear that he'd cum too quick if he moved immediately.
When he finally started thrusting, your moans overwhelmed you, the sounds vibrating around him; his teeth gritting together with his attempts to stay in control.
“If you keep doing that I'll- hnng- I won't last much- fuck- longer.” His hand tightened to keep you still as his movements became rougher, the familiar sting of him prodding deep into you bringing tears to your eyes.
Your hand slid down to the junction of your thighs, two fingers rubbing harsh circles against your clit. There was something about giving away all control that had you aching for release, your usually independent self being able to let go for a small amount of time.
Jungkook's eyes scrunched together as he realised what you were doing to yourself, feeling you swallow around the end of his length as you inched closer and closer to the edge at your own hand. “Fuck, keep doing that.” He panted, sweat gathering at his brow as he neared his own release.
With his cock shoved deep down your throat, it muffled your noises enough that you allowed yourself to be as loud as you always wanted to be. The cry as you came only audible to yourselves without the risk of anyone overhearing.
As satisfaction coursed through you, the feeling of Jungkook's cum painted the inside of your mouth when he came with a sigh; hands desperately grasping the back of your head as his thighs trembled.
His member left your mouth with a pop, your mouth staying open so he could admire the sight of your tongue covered with his seed like he always craved after such an act.
Swallowing every last drop, you rose to your feet with the help of the boy in front of you; legs shaky as you tried to overcome the lingering aftermath of your second orgasm.
“So I'm guessing you'll be skipping the ball.” He chuckled, tucking himself back into his jeans. “I think I might do the same, I'm sure we'll be able to find something much better to do.”
It was quite a strange topic for him to decide upon, though all you both ever seemed to do now was organise when your next secret rendezvous would be.
Adjusting your skirt so that it was straight again, you sighed, smoothing over the fabric with your hands. “Actually, I'm going with Jameson. My parent's believe he'll be a smart match for me or whatever.”
Focusing on the slight crease that was refusing to cooperate, you failed to notice Jungkook freeze; his mouth slightly agape at your words.
“Oh, so you are going? With a date?”
“That is what I just said.” Eyes shifting to his own with confusion, you wondered what his deal was. “What's wrong with your face?”
He seems to snap out of his daze at your words, hurriedly tugging his tie back over his neck. “Nothing, just amazed someone could have the patience to deal with you for that long.”
Scoffing, you peak out the door to check that the coast was clear. “I get that you're too dim to understand half the things I say, but other intelligent minds can grasp how interesting I actually am.”
“Yes, I'm sure your ass and your money have nothing to do with his interests.” He quips, leaning back on the wall in preparation to wait until you'd been gone for 5 minutes.
“How classy.” You deadpanned, shifting out of the door without so much as another glance back; incapable of seeing the confusion and self doubt the clouded Jungkook's eyes as he considered the new feeling bubbling in his chest at the idea of you with another guy.
The night of the ball came all too quickly.
The dress that your mother had sent you for the occasion left you uncomfortable as you left the Slytherin common room, a deeply low cut back allowing a breeze to sweep across your bare skin; the silver snake that hung down the middle cold as it caressed your spine.
Jameson had agreed to meet you at the great hall, if for no other reason than you wanted as much time to yourself as possible before you were forced to spend an entire evening with him.
“You look lovely this evening.” He greeted you, eyes bored and uninterested as you made your way towards him.
Neither of you had particularly wanted to come to this affair together; but much like other pure blood families, yours decided that a marriage had to be arranged before you left the school for good. Thankfully, they did agree that you should have a few meetings before anything was set in stone.
It unsurprisingly took only a small amount of time until your fellow Slytherin was making an excuse to leave your side, abandoning you by one of the large fireplaces to go and get you both drinks.
“This is interesting.” A confident voice sounds behind you, a finger grazing along the side of the snake at your back; shivers running up your spine at the contact.
Turning your head, you find Jungkook looking down at you with a smirk, his hand lingering on your lower back far too long whilst in public.
“I thought you weren't coming.” You remarked, shifting away from his touch to get some distance between the two of you.
“I thought you had a date.”
Raising an eyebrow in annoyance, you gestured over to where Jameson stood talking with his classmates. “There he is, now I don't believe we ever agreed that we could interact in public unless we were forced to by our professors, Jeon.”
“Nobody is watching us, y/l/n.” He scoffed, resting against the wall at his side. “As I said before, you're the only one who gives a shit.”
Eyes darting around the room, you noticed that he was right for the most part; except your best friend who was watching your exchange with narrowed eyes.
“You're not entirely right about that.” You muttered, lips turning down in a small frown. “If you're that desperate for my attention then you can wait until the evening is over.”
The smirk on his face grew with your words, leaning in closely to whisper in your ear. “Do I really look that handsome that you're not even going to pretend to resist this time?”
“Bold of you to assume I'm agreeing so quickly for any other reason than I want you to leave me alone for the remainder of this event.” You sneered back quietly, briskly walking away to rejoin your date.
Anger was swirling in your stomach, unable to believe the audacity that boy had in interacting with you where everyone else could see. However, a deeper part of you knew that the emotions you were feeling were mostly towards yourself and the fact that what he'd said was actually true.
He was wearing a black tux, his magenta hair styled to perfection that had most of the girls in the room staring at him from afar; hands raising in flirtatious waves when his gaze would linger on them for little over a second.
Jealousy wasn't an emotion you'd ever experienced before; having wealthy parents who purchased anything you ever dreamed of and your grades being high enough that you didn't have to worry about your future.
But watching as he winked at a Hufflepuff that had been pining away for him all year unsettled you in a way that made you want to drag him out of the hall and refuse to let any other woman so much as look at him for the foreseeable future.
“Looks like Jeon didn't manage to find himself a date.” Jameson scoffed, the envy clearly etched on his face as he observed the Gryffindor boy getting so much female attention. “I knew it was only a matter of time before others saw how worthless the half-blood really is.”
The others around you snickered at the boys words, but your mouth formed a pout as disgust settled within you; the topic of blood status never being one that you enjoyed conversing about.
Your eyes locked with Jungkook across the room, his gaze morphing into concern with the sad and guilty look in your eyes.
Standing underneath the arches outside the main entrance, you gazed at the stars as Jameson rambled on about his future prospects and working with his father.
His had had settled on your waist ten minutes ago, the warmth from his hand seeping into your skin through the fabric and making you cringe.
“I agree that we make a smart match, y/n.” He suddenly proclaimed, breaking you from your thoughts as his free hand moved a stray piece of hair from your face. “I think it would benefit both of our families if we could agree to some form of arrangement to spend our lives together.”
He had leaned in closer, his eyes darting towards your lips with every word. He thought that bringing up your family's wishes would somehow convince you into being intimate with him, you assumed.
When his lips were a breath away from your own, you turned your head to the side asking if he would be so kind as to get you a beverage. “My throat is a little dry.”
“Of course.” He replied, the disappointment and frustration clear in his gaze, though he forced a fake smile. “I'll be right back.”
When he was out of sight, you released a harsh breath, bile starting to rise to the surface at the idea of having to kiss the boy you'd been coerced into spending the ball with.
A hand roughly grabbing your arm caused you to flinch, eyes snapping to the body of Jeon Jungkook as he drew you away from the ball; his face set in fury with loud footsteps echoing down the empty hall.
As he all but dragged you down the corridor, you shoved his hand off of you. “You can’t just drag me away from a date, Jeon. That’s not what we do.”
“Will you just shut up for like five minutes?” He fumed, backing you up against the wall at your back. “You and I both know that you found him a stuck up boring piece of shit, so quit acting like you were enjoying yourself.”
If you were to say that the fire in his eyes wasn’t having a heavy affect on you, then you’d be a liar. The way his furious gaze held your own had your breath leaving you in pants as heat pooled between your thighs.
The space between the two of you grew narrower, your mind so delirious with desire that you almost threw all of your rules out of the window; no longer caring if you were to get caught fucking in the middle of the hallway.
But then a door started to appear beside you, Jungkook wasting no time shoving you through it into a room that was slowly taking shape before you.
“What the hell is this?” You asked, eyes squinting as a bed formed in front of a large fireplace. “What have you done?”
“Nothing yet.” He responded, pushing you down onto the newly appeared mattress. “But I’m not about to waste a good opportunity on answerless questions.”
His mouth was on your neck before you could form a response, desperately sucking and biting as he moved to hover over you. “J-Jeon-” You stuttered, trying your hardest to keep your mind clear as your heart thudded in your chest and your thighs squeezed together.
“Please shut up.” He mumbled against your skin, his voice almost desperate.
Your secret meetings had always been quick and filled with an intense need, but you couldn’t recall a time that was this heated and impulsive since that first time in that abandoned classroom.
Jungkook rolled the two of you over, sitting up to have you straddle his lap; hands moving to your shoulders to slide the sleeves of your dress down as his lips moved over every inch of newly exposed skin.
As the dress was carelessly thrown to the side of the room, you pushed a hand through your hair; thankful that you hadn’t tried to do anything extravagant with the style.
Groaning at the sight of your body, Jungkook lurched forward to take a nipple in his mouth, tongue twirling around the hardened bud as you slowly grinded on his growing member.
“He wouldn’t have been able to treat you right.” He sneered, lips parting from your skin with a small popping sound. “You know I’m the only one who can make you feel this good; can have you trembling and eager for my cock to be inside you.”
You wanted to disagree, to curse him out and leave the room without so much as a glance back. But his hands on your ass driving you harder against his clothed erection was enough to keep you quiet; your forehead falling against his muscular shoulder as a lustful moan left your parted mouth.
One of his hands rises up to bring your face up to his again, forcing you to hold his gaze. “Say it.” He demanded. “Say that you need me.”
Eyes closing, you couldn’t bear the intensity of his stare, hoping that you wouldn’t have to answer him; not knowing if you were happy with your own answer. You shouldn’t need this; you shouldn’t need to fall back into the arms of Jeon Jungkook whenever you felt horny. One thing is damned sure, is that he should in no way ever have that strong of an effect on you. He was a meaningless hook-up; someone you should be able to leave behind no problem.
His hand moves around your throat, squeezing lightly to regain your attention, the pressure in your stomach warming to a point that you were sure he could ask anything of you in that moment and you would give it to him. “Say it, y/n.”
Your eyes opened to meet his at the mention of your first name, you never called each other by your given names, you weren’t that familiar. “I need you.” You breathed, head light with anticipation of what was to come.
An almost animalistic growl was all you heard as he rolled the two of you over once more to lay you against the pillows. “Say it again.” He ordered, hastily unbuttoning his shirt to reveal the defined muscles you had come to know by touch alone; hands tugging it over his head recklessly as he tossed it to the side.
“I need you.”
The remainder of your clothes were quickly disposed of, your panties exposing how wet you already were for him just from a few gropes and harsh words. “Something tells me you might be enjoying this.” Jungkook smirked, eyes focused on the damp patch you’d left on your underwear.
“If you don’t fuck me right now, I’m leaving to go find Jameson.” You snarled, more than impatient at this point; a vicious yearning threatening to overwhelm you any moment now.
His eyes hardened, jaw tightening with barely veiled jealousy at the mention of your date to the ball. Within no time at all, his trousers and underwear had joined the rest of the clothing on the floor and his erection was burrowed deep inside you before you could utter another word.
Immediate satisfaction surged through you as he started a ruthless pace, urgent thrusts hitting all the right places; his voice rough and broken when groaning vulgar words into your ear.
This hadn’t been the night you had planned when getting ready earlier in the evening. In fact, Jeon Jungkook had been the furthest thing from your mind until the moment you spotted him glaring at you from across the great hall. The thought of him relentlessly pounding into you wasn’t something you had ever allowed yourself to imagine, unless he was the one purposefully creating that picture for you.
Suddenly, his speed slowed as the familiar feeling of bliss started to collect within you, your eyes widening when he brought his face up to your own.
Thrusting deeper inside you, his nose brushed yours as you felt your bodies press tighter together; his hips rolling against yours in the slowest rhythm you’ve experienced with him yet.
“Jeon.” You warned in a hushed tone, your gut screaming at you to move your face away from his before it was too late; before either of you had the chance to break your number one rule.
One of his hands tangled into your hair, foreheads pushed together, his lips a hair width away from yours; heavy breathing the only thing exchanged between the two of you.
“We can’t-” Your words are cut off as he finally joins your mouths together in a ruthless kiss, a wave of electricity flowing from your chest throughout your body; every inch of you tingling with a new feeling that you couldn’t even begin to explain.
Jungkook groaned as his tongue slipped passed your lips; the fingers in your hair tightening their grip whilst his free hand harshly gripped at the skin of your ass.
“Oh my-” He gasped, incapable of finishing his sentence due to the urgent desire to mark every last bit of exposed skin and make you sigh his name in delight.
The coil in your stomach tightened when you felt his thrusts lose their rhythm, alerting you to the fact he wouldn’t last much longer; your nails digging into the skin of his lower back as he pounded into you harder.
You were almost ready to burst, the pleasure you were feeling too much for you, your mind losing focus at the feeling of him hitting deep within you and brushing against the place that made you want to scream.
Fingers skimming up his back to twist into his hair, you stuttered out “J-Jungkook.” His mouth crashing onto yours once more to swallow your cries as the pair of you came together; ecstasy rushing through your veins in the most intense orgasm you’ve ever experienced.
A few moments passed and his movements slowed to a stop; though his mouth still languidly worked over yours, his thumb delicately soothing over the side of your head from where his hand was still entangled in your hair.
Tonight had been different from your usual rendezvous. You had no idea where it left you; what it meant for tomorrow.
One thing you knew for certain, you were in deep shit.
It had been a week since the night that seemed to change everything between the pair of you; neither one having made the move to talk to the other.
The dark circles under your eyes made it quite clear that you'd struggled to sleep; that is on the the nights that you'd managed to fall into a peaceful slumber at all. But even those dreams unsettled you, filled with Jungkook and the warmth of his gaze from the morning you'd woken up after the ball.
He'd been wrapping a strand of your hair loosely around his finger as he'd watched you wake up to find that you'd spent the night in the mystery room that had appeared for the two of you.
That only lasted a few moments though, the anxious feeling that ran through you forcing you out of the bed and towards the door; tugging on your clothes as you made excuses of where you needed to be so early in the day.
And that was how the dreams always ended, with you glancing back to see the disappointment and rejection replace the warm glow in his irises when the door closed behind you.
“He's looking for you.” Reagan reported to you, studying the clouds above you as they darkened to a murky grey.
“What makes you think that?”
She scoffed in disbelief, shaking her head and raising her wand to create an umbrella like shield above her head. “Everyone knows by now, y/n. He keeps trying to act nonchalant but he reeks of desperation.”
After that night, you'd finally caved and admitted to your best friend what you'd been involved in the past couple of months. Much as you'd expected, she'd been disgusted with the whole thing, commenting on what your parents would think and how he wasn't the kind of guy you were meant to go for; something you'd been aware of the entire time.
“Anyway, I just thought you should know.” She sighed. “You've been acting strange recently, I think it would be beneficial for you to figure out what he wanted.”
You didn't have time to respond to her before she gracefully walked off into the rain that had started to fall. She had a knack for making semi-dramatic exits, always needing to have the last word and leave others reeling from the conversation.
Searching through your pockets, you grumbled to yourself as you realised that you'd left your wand in your room; having just had muggle studies where it obviously wasn't needed. You cursed the school for adding it to your timetable.
“Look whose muggle object is suddenly coming in handy.” You heard from beside you, a bright red umbrella hovering over your head in preparation of leading you out from your shelter. “You need some help getting back to the entrance hall?”
Eyes shifting to meet Jungkook's, you faltered for what to say. Usually you would reply with a snarky comment that would have him rolling his eyes and either walking away from you or leading you to a secluded area.
But the look he was giving you was something you weren't used to. His feet shifted, teeth slightly biting into his bottom lip that conveyed he wanted to say something to you but didn't know how to word it.
“You're lucky I'm so hungry for lunch.” You muttered, shifting closer to him in the hope that you could save your shoulder from being soaked as the pair of you started your trek to the main area of the castle.
The silence that accompanied you was uncomfortable to say the least; your fingers fiddling with the strap of your bag to try and help you focus on anything but the close proximity and unsaid words of the boy beside you.
His footsteps halted, not giving you any time to react before he was grasping your arm and turning you to face him. “What would you say if I told you I had feelings for you?”
Your heart pounded in your chest, or maybe it stopped completely, you couldn't tell at that point. The only thing you were sure of was that you felt like time had stopped, his expectant gaze doing nothing for your trembling hands.
“Jungkook,” he corrected. “You used it the other night, you don't get to revert back.”
Swallowing the lump in your throat, you weren't entirely sure how to answer his question. It went against everything you had agreed all those months ago; then again, there wasn't exactly a rule you hadn't broken at this point.
“Jungkook.” Your voice cracked, incapable of stringing a coherent sentence together.
He rubbed a hand over his face, the bags under his eyes indicating that he'd had just as many restless nights as you. “Listen, I don't know when it happened, I don't know why it happened... But it did.”
Your eyes fell to the floor, his gaze to intense for you to handle.
“I have feelings for you, y/n.” he explained. “Honestly, I was terrified of telling you, but I wouldn't be a Gryffindor if I couldn't face you and I'm sick and tired of losing sleep over this.”
“That's not what this was meant to be.”
As your eyes locked with his at your small words, you registered the disappointment that overcame his features; eyes veiled with what you could only guess was hurt.
“Yeah, I know.” His feet shuffled against the wet floor, the heavy rainfall creating puddles around the pair of you. “I get that, I do. But I think we both know it's not just me that feels something.”
“I don't know what you're talking about.”
He scoffed, eyes turning almost harsh. “Yes you do. Otherwise you wouldn't have avoided me this whole time, you wouldn't look just as tired as I do and you sure as fuck wouldn't be looking as guilty as you do now when you're attempting to reject me.”
Your arms crossed across your chest, gripping at the fabric of your jumper with the need to hold onto something. “I don't know what you want me to say.”
You hated this, acting so meek and pathetic in front of him; in front of anyone.
“Just tell me the truth.” He softly demanded. “Tell me that you feel the same, tell me that what happened the other night was different for the two of us and that it actually meant something. Tell me that if I tried to kiss you right now that you'd want me to.”
The distance between the pair of you had dwindled with his short speeches, leaving you caught in his gaze as his eyes pleaded with you to give him what he wanted; what you both wanted.
But you couldn't.
Your parents would never allow such a thing, you had a duty to the family name to go through with your soon to be arranged marriage and the life that would come with that. They would never accept any kind of relationship with a Gryffindor half blood that had no desire for a career within the ministry.
“I can't.”
Though your words came out in a whisper, he heard them loud and clear; he knew the reason too. Drawing away from you he shook his head in disappointment, turning to walk away in dejection.
“When you figure out what you really want, come find me.” He grumbled, shifting away from you and towards the castle, the red umbrella sheltering him from the light drizzle the rain had become.
Stood staring after him, you thought back to the day in the library and the light feeling you had when he'd managed to make you smile on an afternoon you'd been lost in doubt and misery; a feeling that had come back tenfold in the past few minutes.
This was for the best, the arrangement between the two of you had to come to an end at some point; this was an easy break.
At least you hoped that it was.
There was only a few more days until the end of the school year.
A few more days before you would return home and never set foot in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ever again.
So you were concerned when a letter arrived from your parents when you were sat eating breakfast. Surely anything they had to say could wait until you were back in their house?
Using a knife to break the family wax seal that held the envelope in place, you opened to see a few words written in your mother's handwriting peaking out from the deep v.
they've agreed to have you betrothed to their son
It was as though someone had punched you in the gut, your breath leaving you in one harsh blow. You almost couldn't bring yourself to read the rest of the letter, but you had to make sure that what you believed was true.
And it was.
The Jameson family had come to an agreement with your own that meant you would be getting married in a little over a month. Thoughts flew around your mind, making you dizzy and light-headed.
It all seemed to be happening all too quickly, you had only spent a few moments with him the other week at the ball; even leaving him behind to spend the night with Jungkook.
The name caused a shooting pain in your chest as your mind drifted back to your conversation a few weeks ago. Somehow, the feeling of regret and disappointment felt stronger when you pictured the bunny smile that he'd let slide onto his face on the rare occasion he let his guard down.
Here you were, reading over the words that sealed your fate as the future Mrs. Jameson and yet the only person you could bring yourself to think about was Jeon Jungkook.
There had been very few times that'd you'd been plagued with thoughts and worries about your impending arranged marriage, but usually Jungkook had ended up being there to break you from your thoughts and even make you laugh.
And yet you'd rejected him.
Glancing over to the entrance of the great hall, you noticed Jameson tormenting first years with a sadistic smirk on his face and your mind suddenly flashed forward to the image of the children that you would be forced to bear; how they would be treated by a man such as him.
Your heart clenched with dread at the realisation that the life you so enjoyed was suddenly being ripped out from under you.
With all my love, mother x
As the words sunk in, you wondered if there was a way for you to get out of this; a world in which your mother would understand and allow you to live the life you wanted. You'd worked hard for your grades and the vision of you becoming a housewife to a man who you knew you would never love made no logical sense to you.
St Mungos Hospital had accepted you in for an apprenticeship within days of you applying. Your skills in potion making had always had you picturing your career in medicine; often spending time in the hospital wing when somebody you knew was injured just so you could watch how they were treated. That was what you wanted for yourself.
But there was somebody who found you interesting enough regardless of your ambitions.
Jungkook had been brave to admit his feelings to you, even when he must have known what your reaction would be.
Crumpling the letter in your hands, you rose to your feet and left the great hall with purpose.
It was time for you to be brave too.
Anxiety coursed throughout your body with every step you took across the castle grounds. A part of you was relieved that you were finally going to get this off your chest, although a much larger part of you was annoyed that you somehow remembered his practice schedule without even trying.
The Quidditch pitch was quite far from the rest of the school, set far away enough that the players could practice without distracting the students who had to study for important exams that were swiftly approaching.
Three or four times on the walk over, you had found yourself considering turning back; the possibility of being humiliated all too plausible. It wouldn't surprise you if Jungkook had been playing you this entire time, just another one of his pranks against a Slytherin student.
His practice should be finishing up around about now, he was probably changing out of the uniform right this second and getting ready to stuff his face at dinner. What if they had finished early? What if you were wrong and they weren't even practising today at all?
Your worries were dismissed quite quickly as a few members of the Gryffindor team sauntered past you with looks of interest; no doubt wanting to stick around and see what would unfold.
The rumours about you and Jungkook had circled the castle in record time after he admitted his feelings towards you, so it was no surprise that his fellow teammates would want to find out first hand what was going to come from his declaration.
“He's in the changing room.” You heard a voice from beside you when you lingered in front of the doors to the entrance. It was a blonde Gryffindor who you'd often seen by Jungkook's side around the school. “Nobody else is in there so you should be good.”
Nodding your acknowledgement, you took a deep breath with the realisation that you had no other reason to put off the conversation you were about to have. But regardless of your nerves, you were determined to have it.
You found him tugging his shirt on over his head, hair still wet from the shower he must have had after a hard practice. It was an image you'd grown used to over the past few months, having been dragged into an alcove more than once so he could release the stress that came with being the Gryffindor Seeker.
Fiddling with your fingers, your deep rooted need for self preservation screaming at you to forget about your feelings and live the life you were born to, it took every ounce of your energy to stay still. “Hey.”
Eyes locking with yours momentarily, you noticed the grimace that appeared on his face.
The silence stretched for a few moments before you sighed and tried again, walking further into the room to approach him. “Your hair looks like it's finally fading.”
“What do you want, y/n?”
His tone was curt, your feet freezing in place as you flinched. You should have known that he wouldn't be interested in talking to you; it had been weeks since his confession and you hadn't so much as smiled in his direction. It was almost as though he hadn't existed to you.
“You told me to come find you when I finally figured that out.”
Stuffing his Quidditch uniform into his bag, he ran a hand through his damp hair when he turned to you. “Everyone already knows about your engagement, y/n. Jameson basically bragged about it all morning.”
He'd known before you did? Then again, it had been up to Jameson's family to decide on the matter, so they probably told their son before they even let your parents know the verdict.
“You didn't have to seek me out to reject me, I got the message loud and clear.”
Having grown accustomed to his cocky light-hearted nature, his defeated tone caught you off guard. Slytherins were always said to be cruel, to bring down those around them. It was something many in your house had tried to dispel over the years, but right now you suddenly agreed with it all.
“Wow. I knew you were dim, but this just exceeds even my opinion of you.” Sitting down on one of the benches, you feel his disbelieving stare on the side of your face. “Here I am, trying to think of a way to explain to my parents that I not only want to call of the engagement that they only just arranged, but that I want to call it off because I have feelings for a dopey Gryffindor and he turns out to be even more of an idiot than I already thought.”
His breath caught in his throat, your lips quirking in the corners at the sound.
“If you were smart enough to at least recognise when a girl has come to admit that you were right, then maybe I'd have been able to bring them around to the idea but now I just don't know.”
It was a very different confession than the one you had rehearsed in your mind the whole way there, but it seemed to fit the general tone of your relationship.
Taking a seat beside you, the warmth radiating off his body was a comfort to you, his light chuckle music to your ears after so many weeks away from him. “I feel sorry for the poor bloke.”
“You should, he really doesn't understand what he's gotten himself into.”
Jungkook tilted his head to the side, eyes dramatically squinting in thoughts. “I mean, she did spell his hair pink. I think that's a pretty strong vision for the future.”
“I think to gain the approval of my parents, it'll be green next time.”
“Don't you dare.”
Laughter came easily after that, his hand gently intertwining your fingers while rubbing soft circles with his thumb.
“So what does this mean?” His eyes stayed firmly on your joined hands to avoid your gaze.
“It means, that I like you and what happened after the ball meant something to me too.” you admitted. “Just don't fuck it up, Jeon.”
As the pair of you walked out, hand in hand, you contemplated the words you were going to write back to your mother before the end of the day.
“It's raining.”
Momentarily glancing up at the sky at his words, you pulled out your wand and pointed it at the broom in his hand, casting a transfiguration spell to mould it into something more useful; the bristled end sewing together to create an arched shelter as the broom handle shortened and curled at the end. The last thing to change as the object took form in front of your eyes, was the colour.
Jungkook smiled with a small shake of his head, mouth quirking up into the little bunny smile you'd come to admire. “A red umbrella?”
“I mean, with the fact it started off as a broom, I think I just managed to make your muggle object magical.” You smirked. “You're welcome.”
He gave out a hearty chuckle, free hand pulling you closer as his arm wrapped around your waist. “That you have.”
Lips meeting in a sweet kiss, your body felt lighter than it had all week; the possibilities for your future leaving you feeling content. Resting his forehead on yours, his magenta hair falling in between the two of you, you could tell by his gaze that he was thinking the exact same thing.
You should have pranked him years ago.
“This was still originally a broom, if it just shoots off randomly into the sky I'm going to charge you.”
Rolling your eyes, you used your wand to cast the spell that produced a shield over your head, moving away from his body and his need to kill a mood.
Was it possible to already change your mind and agree to the arranged marriage?
“Hey wait!” He chuckled, jogging after you with a grin. “I was joking, don't leave me.”
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delugguk · 4 months ago
'next thing you know, you're holding hands with him and end up getting married!'
Tumblr media
pair: jungkook x reader
genre: smut, stablished relationship, drabble.
word count: 641
for context, click here
Tumblr media
"I only have eyes for you," You pant out of breath staring at his face. Seating on his lap, bouncing hard on his dick.
"can't you see?" With a gasp, you grip onto his shoulders closer to your body. Jungkook's juicy thighs are all spread on the bed and he's not even touching you. Hands on each side, he's slighly pouty and there's a clearly hostile glare that's mixed with pleasure. He's trying not to react at how well your pussy swallows him but the more you bounce and kiss on his sweaty neck, the harder it gets.
Muscles flex.
You take his head closer to your chest and bury his face between your breasts, swinging your hips back and forth on him, "look at me baby." And Jungkook does obey.
his hooded, doe glistening eyes stare at you from belowㅡchin touching your skin. he's still sulking but his eyes gaze at you as if he was asking for more. Perhaps him wanting you to show him the real deal, to show him how solid your words truely are. To prove him that you'll forever look at him and him only and that you'll never leave him for another man. ㅡ while Jungkook was very confident of himself and your relationship, he still had his little jealousy times.. yeah, he was the jealous type but that didn't bother you as you liked that of him. It makes you feel safe and protected as he wasn't the toxic jealous type of boyfriend either. Just the right amount but he could still get possessive sometimes.
when looking up at you, he seemed pretty needy and cute. You wanted to plaster a bunch of kisses all over his face.
"did you heard me?" you ask him softly in contrast of how deep your thrusts were. He let's out a pleased hum confirming your answer but you needed to hear a clearer response from his pretty pink lips.
"Answer me," giving a peck to his forehead, the tone of your voice is rather much tender. You swear you get to catch his eyes twinkle for a second before he buries down his face back to your chest, placing a quick kiss.
he hiss, "I heard you," this time touching your body. Hands all over your waist, he guides your body waves deeper on him and there's a line of your arousal that connects to his pelvis everytime you move out of him. The both of you catching that little detail made the whole room suddenly feel like the hottest and that makes him fix his eyes back at you.
"I just want you all for myself," he almost mumbles, voice deep.
Clinched arms wrapping around your body, he presses you tigher agaisnt him. "You should be only mine." His strong hug making you stock-still but soon enough you notice that's his plan all along because of the way his hips start marking a rather fast speed.
"babe-" you can't help but arch your back.
he feels so good right now and his hot breath hitting your sweaty skin isn't helping.
"Hm?" He pauses. "So you just go and help everyone?" Dick shoving a fast dagger into your heart, his breathing cuts in between each move.
You're a moaning, whimpering mess.
"Fuck. Pussy so good and you can't even talk to me." he groans. "how dare you answer like that when you have me?"
"ffuck I'm going crazy. I'll never do that to you."
"Only I can fuck you like this;"
"Only I can see you like this,"
"...touch you like this,"
"And treat you like this."
"eumngㅡfuck! yeah baby.." you yelp back, very much lost in pleasure.
"Only me and no one else, understood?"
"yes baby only you.. eughㅡfucking me so goodㅡfucking good!" You sob, eyes watery.
Being so horny, he kept on thrusting hard into you, "fucking great.."
Indeed, he was very hot when he was jealous.
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Tumblr media
‧✧̣̇‧ Gym Bunny Masterlist
‧✧̣̇‧ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
‧✧̣̇‧ Genre: muscle pig!Jungkook, strangers to lovers au, fluff, angst, college au, very enthusiastic kook, shy chubby reader, self hatred to self love au.
‧✧̣̇‧ Warnings: Toxic friends, reader learns to love herself, cuss words, accidental boners, some mean comments about reader from her friends and Kooks bestie who hates YN.
‧✧̣̇‧ Summary: After being tired of feeling insecure you decided to take your friends advice and hit the gym. The only problem is you don’t know what to do, but luckily the very muscular and scary guy next to you offered to teach you a couple things. He just also happens to be the sweetest man you’ve ever met and not scary at all. You catch yourself falling in love with him on your journey of self love, but old insecurities stop you from doing anything about it.
Teaser ʚïɞ
Chapter 01 ʚïɞ
Chapter 02 ʚïɞ
Chapter 03 ʚïɞ
Chapter 04 ʚïɞ
Chapter 05 ʚïɞ
Chapter 06 ʚïɞ
Chapter 07 ʚïɞ
Chapter 08 ʚïɞ
Chapter 09 ʚïɞ
Chapter 10 ʚïɞ
Chapter 10.5 ʚïɞ
Chapter 11 ʚïɞ
Chapter 12 ʚïɞ
Chapter 13 ʚïɞ
Chapter 14 ʚïɞ
Chapter 15 ʚïɞ
Chapter 16 ʚïɞ
Chapter 17 ʚïɞ
Chapter 18 ʚïɞ
Q&A ʚïɞ
Drabble 01 ʚïɞ
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bonvoyagenoona · 3 months ago
blackout | jjk
Tumblr media
Pairings: Jungkook x female reader
Rating: 18+ | Mature | Explicit
Word Count: 16k | read on ao3
Synopsis: You’ve just been laid off, and all you want to do is eat some dinner, curl into bed, and forget. Unfortunately, the neighborhood block party is tonight, and the festivities turn downright chaotic when the entire city loses power. Don’t fret, though. Jungkook will help take your mind off things for a while.
Genres | Content Warnings | Themes: Strangers to lovers, FLUFF with a capital FLUFF, Yugyeom makes an appearance, humor, comfort, smut (starts out with sweet, vanilla sex and masturbation, turns into biting, hickeys, fingering, oral sex [female receiving, male receiving], edging, protected vaginal sex, playful spanking, overstimulation, spitting), drinking / drinking games, drug use (weed edibles).
Tumblr media
Eyes wet with steaming, streaming tears, you let the bodies push you back.
Back to the elevator.
Back down to the lobby.
And back to the curb outside.
Where he looks up and finds your twisted, nauseated expression.
“Hey,” he says softly.
You didn’t see him when you stepped back onto the sidewalk. Even now, you only see him in parts.
Bent fingers clutch his hoodie’s drawstring, pulling left, then right. The denim of the jacket over it shifts slightly as he does. Full lips rest against each other lightly, an interrupted, absent-minded whistle reforming into more words.
“You dropped something.”
Tumblr media
Taglist: @apprentlyeveryusernameistaken @artistkoo @augela @awinkies @babycoffeefire @bbangtanlove95 @bluejin0812 @bookandarrow @btseditsworld @claricedelune @codeinebelle @dearbambideer @downbad4yoongi @dreamamubarak @dvalitaes @effielumiere @elyte @greezenini @helenazbmrskai @hobiiiiiworld @ifntelyinspirit @imaginativedreams @iwantkitten @jimcartop @jkkit @kflixnet @kookayparadise @kpop-fanfics24 @lynnloveslokiredacted @m-yg93 @miscelunaaa @missbickerbocker @mochilatae @morti13 @nch327 @noonabunny @pb-n-juju @peachy-skz0325 @purpleheartsfortae @rumpucis @skyys-universe @somewhereofftheglobe @sumzysworld @sunnietee @sunshinerainbowsbts @svgahigh @taytaymuse @weluvbmo @yuugehn​
Thanks and hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
What makes a good manager? Empathy? Organization? Know-how? Whatever mix of qualities, are they innate, or does it come from steadily and patiently rising through the ranks with your allies? Are good leaders born or made?
You don’t think you’ll ever be sure of what makes a good manager. But what you are definitely sure about is what makes a bad manager. 
Bad managers are the type of people who, when given a choice, elect to have you come in for your office job all week for your usual 8 to 5, and wait until Friday afternoon to inform you that you have been let go, even though they got the call from leadership on Monday morning.
You grumble as you shift your cardboard box of belongings to your other arm in order to make the last leg of your journey, every single one of your pores emptying twenty-fold their volume into the fibers of your polyester blend. Couldn’t you have been sacked in the fall? On top of having an additional couple of months to figure your shit out, you wouldn’t be drenched.
It’s 7 by the time you’re stomping around the corner to your block. There’s a family-sized bag of pita chips, a pail of hummus, and an edible patiently waiting for you.
If only there weren’t so many people blocking the way to your door.
Crumpled ghosts of flyers float past you. Their sans-serif font and centered alignment. The drawing of an old-school boombox with music spilling out of it. The date. The goddamned time. 
“Fuck,” you sigh, unable to hear even yourself under millennial R&B samples carrying Gen Z slang. 
Shoulders slumping, you try to trudge through the crowd that doesn’t part, draining energy quickly by the time you make your sixth and seventh attempt, even using the sharp corners of your box to try to snowplow your way through the increasingly drunken bodies that won’t feel any pain until the morning. 
Eyes wet with steaming, streaming tears, you let the bodies push you back.
Back to the elevator.
Back down to the lobby.
And back to the curb outside.
Where he looks up and finds your twisted, nauseated expression.
“Hey,” he says softly.
You didn’t see him when you stepped back onto the sidewalk. Even now, you only see him in parts.
Bent fingers clutch his hoodie’s drawstring, pulling left, then right. The denim of the jacket over it shifts slightly as he does. Full lips rest against each other lightly, an interrupted, absent-minded whistle reforming into more words.
“You dropped something.”
The Hulk bobblehead, given to you in celebration of getting this job in the first place, proves to be more lasting than your presence in the office. 
When you see it in a puddle by your feet, your heart sinks a little. 
And, ever-so-slightly, so does the box in your grip, as you jostle around to allow yourself to reach down and pick it up.
Before you can, though, bent fingers have let go of the drawstring and curl around The Hulk’s head instead. Green abs and purple shorts wiggle from its spring, despite what seems to be The Hulk’s unrelenting protest. 
You look up at the owner of those bent fingers, form crouched in front of you, still only able to perceive him in parts. Four wrinkles at the bridge of his nose. An amused smirk. 
“Ha ha!”
He studies The Hulk’s face, and his right brow falls into a slanted line in perfect mimicry.
The Hulk’s body wiggles violently as bent fingers shake him back and forth. 
You don’t mean to smile. 
His smile is about to meet you too, but his eyes start to take up more space, widening at the sight of slightly shiny lines on your cheeks, carving your skin out like flowing rivers cutting through sienna rock.
“Hey! It’s OK!”
A sleeve rises into view. It moves in quick, small motions, back and forth. 
“Just gotta c-clean him up a little here and—” 
The Hulk suddenly grows ten times in size, now dangling on its spring, right in front of your face.
“See?? N-no harm done!!”
You sniffle.
Bent fingers gently set The Hulk back into the box, in a gap between your empty, gray mesh pen cup and your prized, powder blue stapler. 
You sniffle again. 
You love stapling. 
So final, so sure, that satisfying, crisp metal crunch!
You think you hear that crunch as this stranger’s bright eyes are putting it all together.
As are you, bits and pieces of this stranger now stitching together into a concerned but welcoming face, much too kind, and dangerously easy to open up to. Especially for someone in your state. 
Your fingers dig into your cardboard box.
“Thanks,” you say, relieved that your voice sounds so steady.
He lifts his eyes from the powder blue stapler and watches as you lift your upper arm to your right cheek. 
You dab your tears.
You frown at the sight of black streaks on your blouse. 
And then you startle at the feel of denim against your left cheek.
You watch as this stranger takes a step back.
The fact that he doesn’t seem to notice or care about the black streaks on his sleeve makes you care less about the black streaks on yours.
You feel a little lighter. From what it looks like, about three wisps of Pat McGrath FetishEyes lighter.
“Sorry,” he says, “I just—”
“No, that was… that was nice of you,” you say, starting to become impressed at just how steady your voice is. “Thank you.”
He nods. “Can I help you with anything else?” He holds his hands out a little, wrists coming out of his sleeves. “Take that box for you?”
“I’m good,” you say. 
He’s kind for softening his doubtful look, but his head tilt gives his thoughts away.
“Really,” you insist.
And you insist to yourself that you really don’t mean to smile. You’re surprised that you do. 
He mirrors it, his eyes following his lips, which follow yours, copying perfectly the slightly sad pout that you’re too aware that you’re making, and that tells him that his head tilt is absolutely warranted. 
“If you say so.”
Your smile fades a little as you look back down to the box, still in your grip, resting against your stomach. 
You look back up and watch as he curiously peruses the box’s content. 
“What is all this stuff?” he asks.
You look back over at the crowd now spilling out of your apartment building. 
Your brain is moving too fast, keeping you from being able to expand on the complexity of the matter. The words settling in the back of your throat are reduced to grade school-level syntax that matches the grade school-level emotions that you’re trying to hold at bay. 
This is all Desk Stuff. 
Desk Stuff belongs on a Desk. 
But you no longer have a Desk. 
You no longer even have an Office. 
Or a Job. 
And all you seem to be able to do about it, at least, for right now, is cry.
“Just… stuff.”
How is your voice still so steady when your stomach and chest are churning and burning, flip-flopping positions in your body in an attempt to escape this disaster?
To escape you?
He seems to realize now. There’s even a hint of — ugh — pity in his eyes. 
You want to explain that you’re stronger than this. It’s just that your Job, and your Office, and your Desk were so rare. Beautifully, wonderfully, hilariously rare. Just like your powder blue stapler is rare, and it’s even rarer to see it not at the ready under a mix of sunlight and fluorescent lighting but settled against hastily packed bits and bobs in a box open to the night air.
“You need to keep any of it?” he asks. 
The realization feels weirdly cold in your chest. “No,” you say.
“You want to keep any of it?”
You shrug. 
His head straightens suddenly. 
“Not even The Hulk??”
He looks so excited.
You really, really don’t mean to smile. You’re surprised that you do. That you still can.  
You even chuckle, softly, three tiny stops and starts of that steady, warm voice. 
“Why? You want him?”
“Well, y-yeah — he’s The Hulk!!”
You hold the box out and up to him. 
“Take him, then. Give him a nice home.”
Bent fingers wrap around The Hulk’s head. He lifts The Hulk out of the box and places it into the left chest pocket of his denim jacket, patting it caringly, for safekeeping. 
The Hulk’s eyes peek out at you over the lip.
“Now you pick something,” he tells you.
You look up from The Hulk’s eyes and stare questioningly into the eyes of this alarmingly kind stranger.
“You wanna keep at least one thing, right?” he asks. He peeks back down into the box. “Anything important? Or, just, y’know.” He looks back at you. “Special?”
You think again of the satisfying crunch of metal. 
And then you smile down at your powder blue stapler. 
You hug the box against your chest with one arm and pull the stapler out with your free hand. 
He smiles again, and claps his hands with glee.
The Hulk nods.
And, as you nod back, you catch a glimpse of the alleyway. 
Your gaze settles on the too-bright blue paint sadly used for something as putrid as a dumpster. 
Your feet take you there, and they, along with your calves, and thighs, and arms, and shoulders, and back, thank you immensely as you toss all the rest inside. 
That box looks so small now, amongst everything else. The longer you stare at it, you can’t even really see it anymore, as it gets lost in so many things that also don’t matter.
With your arms free, you get the impulse to pull your phone from your back pocket. But you don’t want to see the flurry of messages that are probably waiting for you.
Instead, you turn and walk back to the curb, where he is still standing and watching you. 
Your feet take you back to him, arm at your side, the stapler fold hanging off your finger, its handle and base taking turns swinging as you walk, powder blue grazing the side of your polyester-covered thigh. 
You stand in front of him, feeling so much lighter. 
“Uh, thanks,” you say. “Again.”
He smiles. 
Now that the weight is off of your shoulders, you can take in more. The sound of street traffic buzzing around you. Honks, and music, and chatter. 
The crowd around your apartment building has doubled if not tripled in size. 
“Live here?” he asks. 
You nod, and your shoulders sink. “But the block party completely slipped my mind.” You sigh and wonder how long it will take for the crowd to dissipate. “All I wanna do is eat some dinner, curl into bed, and forget today ever happened.”
“What’s stopping you?” he asks. 
You furrow your brow and gesture to the drunken, obnoxious mass blocking your way in. 
“Just gotta fight your way through a little, is all,” he says. “C’mon!”
Instead of complaining about having to do anything other than what you want to, you figure that following this guy, with his broad frame, tall stature, and friendly face, will help you work smart and not hard.
So you follow him. 
He moves through the crowd with ease, swimming with the current, instead of fighting his way upstream. 
He offers you protection from the worst hits. Errant slaps and elbows here and there as people reach for each other. A near-collision with a keg stand. 
But people still cut in front of you. By the fourth or fifth instance, you wonder why this always happens when you’re in a crowd, or whether you can consider it a “cut” when you don't even seem to register on people’s radar.
You watch as his head bobs along, nearly out of sight. And then, when he’s too far away, you start to feel the tide turning again, pulling you back out into the vast ocean. 
You’re nearly all the way back by the lobby doors when his face pops out of the crowd. 
“Hey!” he exclaims. 
He throws his arm out, hand open, palm upturned. A life saver on a rope thick, straight, and strong.
You grab it.
You watch as his hand turns over and determinedly pulls you into him.
And you lock eyes briefly before he swirls you around and puts you in front of the crowd, daring you to meet it face-to-face.
He stands behind you but places his hands firmly on your shoulders.
You grip the stapler tight in your hand. 
And then, with his guidance, you start to move through the crowd. 
Part the crowd. 
It’s much easier than you thought. But you knew that. You used to do this all the time, without even thinking. Shoulders back. Hair tossed just so. Beaming with all the wise, unthreatened confidence that years of a magical mix of expertise and bullshit have bestowed upon you.
They, and he, bring you right next to the elevators, and, thinking this is it, you go to punch the button. 
But he steers you toward the stairs instead.
He leans down into you, pressing against your back, his lips brushing against your right ear. 
“Let’s go this way.”
The music and chatter is so loud that even though you feel his chest straining, it sounds like a whisper. 
You think about what’s waiting for you at home. 
The chips. The hummus. The last three squares of your weed-infused chocolates. All designed to help you settle your mind and forget about this whole, wretched day.
Then again, maybe there are other ways to forget.
You shove your powder stapler into your pocket and nod, but it doesn’t matter. He’s already angling you toward the stairs, and chases your steps as you both climb. 
You feel his hands slide down your shoulders, then arms, then into the crooks of your slightly folded elbows, your right hand still touting your stapler, your left hand not fully grasping but angled to feel along the railing so that you have something to hold onto if you trip over one of these people sitting on the steps.
He’s right by your side. Grabs hold of you to help keep you steady when someone suddenly moves to get up. When he lets you go at the top of the stairs, you're almost sad the building has elevators at all. 
“You know the Chans?” he asks.
You register the smell of egg rolls and dumplings and fries and cheese and sugar before you notice that the people who happen to be on this floor are too busy stuffing their faces to really talk. It’s quieter here. Thankfully.
“No,” you mumble, as he walks next to you, moving in lockstep down the hall and slightly to the right. “I don’t really know anybody else in the building.”
“Just moved in?”
“Been here three… wait… four?” You grimace. “Years?”
His eyebrows rise at the speed with which his own mother would race a cake over to every new neighbor on their street. 
“I’ll introduce you!” he says, swinging around you and standing perpendicular to your path to let you know that this next, slightly ajar door will lead you to The Chans. 
He knocks on the door. 
It opens, suddenly, and fully, and a woman grins happily at the both of you before settling into his warm, eager gaze. 
“Jungkook-ah,” she chides playfully, “I told you to come as soon as the party started! We’re already almost out of—”
He — or, well, Jungkook, apparently — rushes inside the apartment toward the kitchen, leaving you standing there in the hallway. 
The woman turns to you, still carrying fondness in her eyes. “Hi!”
“Hi,” you say, as pleasantly as you can. 
The woman takes in the sight of you, though she frowns when she looks down by your hip.
“Is… that… a stapler in your pocket?” 
Your brain starts to move too fast again. 
Desk. Office. Job.
But then she giggles. 
“Or are you just happy to see me?”
Tumblr media
Jungkook mumbles something resembling an introduction after you follow “Miff-iff Cham” through the busy, glowing living room and into the kitchen. 
“Did you even think to get your friend a drink??” Mrs. Chan asks, reaching not for the plenty of plastic flatware but into the cupboards for a porcelain bowl. 
Jungkook mumbles something else, a chomped egg roll raised to his lips, cheeks bulging out, and a bit of fried wrapper sticking out of the corner of his mouth. 
“This boy,” Mrs. Chan laughs, shaking her head. “He devours everything in sight!” As she talks, she walks down the line of her counter, scooping up a bit of everything from her various pots and pans and plopping it into your bowl. “If we didn’t feed him real food, he’d eat garbage off the street! Like one of those fat pigeons!”
Jungkook protests, still unintelligible, but wounded, and passionate, given that flakes of egg roll wrapper fly out of his mouth. 
“Please, Jungkook, you’re so sensitive! Have you seen you?” Mrs. Chan says with a roll of her eyes. “Although, if you keep inhaling these egg rolls…”
She softens at Jungkook’s worried expression.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to call you fat. I just meant— Ugh, what else eats tra— Like a raccoon, then. How’s that, huh? Jungkook-ah? My little fluffy, sneaky, grabby-hands raccoon?”
Mrs. Chan shoves the now-full bowl into your open hands and makes grabby-hands with her own, pinching his full cheeks, cooing more… weird?... but sweet, raccoon-based compliments at him, which makes him smile happily, and close his eyes at her caring touch. 
You bring the bowl up to your face and breathe in the mouth-watering scent of all of this delicious, home-cooked, made-with-love morsels of amazing food.
For once today, someone has served you a pile of nothing but goodness.
You smile gratefully and take the chopsticks that Mrs. Chan gives to you. And then you take your place next to Jungkook, backs to the sink, both of you leaning back slightly as you eat. 
“Now, I didn’t catch your name,” Mrs. Chan tells you, stirring a spoon into one of the pots. 
As you finally say it, you can’t help but feel Jungkook paying you close attention — such close attention, mind you, that you swear he’s nearly pressing his smile onto your cheek.
“I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself,” you go on, flashing a look at Jungkook before adding, “I’ve just been so busy…”
Desk. Office. Job.
The rest of the sentence that you were going to say travels down your throat like the unchewed walnut that slipped by. 
You cough. Clear your throat the best you can. And pick up what you can recover.
“…at work.”
“Ah, well, whatever! I’m happy we get to meet now,” Mrs. Chan says lightly.
The air with which she says it. So ethereal. It makes you feel a little better.
“I’m Chan Jia,” she goes on, “and my husband Feng and I have lived here pretty much all our lives, and, uh, we really like to cook! Even when half the city isn’t on our doorstep.”
Your eyes hang wide. “You’re amazing at it,” you say, through cheeks fuller than Jungkook’s. “The walnut chicken in particular is, mmm, god, so good.”
Mrs. Chan beams with pride. “Glad you like it! And that you came so hungry.”
More people spill into the Chans’ living room, and Mrs. Chan reaches for some of the paper plates and plastic flatware. 
“Get her something to drink, Jungkook-ah!”
He nods obediently and yells out an earnest, “Thank you!”
You scarf down the last bite in your bowl and start to calculate what seconds you want — definitely the walnut chicken, and maybe the lo mein — when Jungkook sticks a fresh egg roll in your face. 
He stuffs the egg roll into your mouth and takes your empty bowl from your hands, setting it in the filling kitchen sink. 
He takes your right wrist and tugs on it, leading you back out to the hall. 
You bite down on the egg roll and catch the other half in your left hand, grumbling, “I wasn’t done!” as you desperately try to chew and get the delicious pork filling and perfect golden crackles down your gullet. 
“Oh, sorry,” Jungkook says. “Seemed like you were.”
“Well!” You raise your left hand and bite into the second half. “I wasn’t!”
“Well, your bowl was empty, and you emptied it kinda fast, like, shockingly fast, so I thought it was time for dessert—”
You polish off the egg roll as your feet plant themselves in place. “What is this? Who even are you anyway??”
He smiles. “I’m Jungkook!”
“Yeah, caught that,” you say, narrowing your eyes. “Seriously, though! I don’t really know who you—”
Someone splits the two of you, excited to bring one of two waffle ice cream cones to someone downstairs.
“—w-who you are, or if you even live here,” you continue, watching as they round the corner, jogging down the steps with what looks like pistachio ice cream in one hand and some kind of chocolate in the other. 
You turn back to Jungkook. 
“And all these people? I don’t know who they are, and I just really—”
“But now you know Mrs. Chan,” Jungkook says, “and I guess by extension you kinda know Mr. Chan. There was a photo of him on the left wall by the—”
A group of young girls giggle as they exit one of the other apartments on this floor, each of them carrying baskets of freshly baked cookies.
Jungkook playfully yoink! s a couple from the last girl’s basket, and she teasingly slaps Jungkook’s arm as he feigns pain. 
They laugh at each other, and then, he wiggles his eyebrows and nods upward. 
“Oppa!” she whines.
He brings his shoulders up to his earlobes and wiggles his eyebrows even harder.
She rolls her eyes and hands him two more cookies, and she scurries to rejoin her group.
You glare at him.
He blinks at you. Pushes out his lips. 
He holds out his arm.
“Is it time for dessert?”
You frown.
He wiggles the cookie around.
Begrudgingly, you snatch the cookie that he’s offering.
Chocolate chip with toffee chunks and gooey caramel in the center.
It’s goddamn incredible.
“Is everyone on this floor a chef?!” you exclaim in surprise, crumbs flinging from your lips.
Jungkook looks up at the ceiling again as he counts. His unfolding pinky denotes The Chans in 2A, duh. His ring finger counts the Jeups and their three lovely daughters in 2D. His middle finger stands for the Gal brothers and their new ice cream machine, or, well, old ice cream machine, since their shop got the new one—
“Kinda, actually,” Jungkook answers, looking back at you, still counting the others in his head while holding the three other cookies between his thumb and index finger. “Although I guess the Jeups and the Gals are more… bakers? But I don’t think you say that for ice cream.” 
He plumps his bottom lip, chin wrinkling. 
“What do you call someone who makes ice cream for a living?”
You roll your eyes as you polish off your cookie.
“Hey, I thought we were doing it?” he asks. “Shoot. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?”
“Doing what?”
“What you wanted to do.”
Toffee and chocolate are swirling together heavenly in your mouth, but you keep glaring at him. You layer more fire into it. Frown harder. Scowl meaner. If you look angry enough, maybe he’ll give you a second cookie out of fear, and you don’t have to admit how boggled you are.
“You said that all you wanted to do was eat some dinner, curl into bed, and forget,” Jungkook recalls. “So we’re taking care of the eating part.”
You pull back a little on the glare. 
“I would’ve appreciated getting to eat more of that walnut chicken.”
Jungkook’s eyes and grin thin out. 
“We can go back. Or…?”
He holds out another cookie to you.
Which you slowly take.
And in return, you let go of the glower.
You turn the cookie over in your hands. Raise it to your lips.
Jungkook nods encouragingly.
You take a bite.
Peanut butter. With little chocolate candies. That are also filled with peanut butter.
Your pesky smile makes another reappearance.
“Now,” Jungkook says triumphantly, biting into two cookies at once and recalling, “Mrs. Chan said,” as he gets those cookies down to half-size with his huge bites, “ god this is fucking good,” smacking as he talks, “to get you a drink. So c’mon!”
He holds out his hand again. Devoid of any cookies.
You take it anyway.
And he leads you to the elevator.
“Can I get a copy of the itinerary?” you ask, puzzled by all your traipsing. 
Jungkook drums on the elevator doors with his knuckles before giving the right one a slap and pushing the call button. “It’s just block party physics,” he explains. “You saw all those kegs and coolers when you came in, right?”
You nod.
“Gotta keep beer on the ground floor. Nice way to say hi to people. And nobody wants to lug all that shit up all these floors. But people are doing stuff in their apartments, too. More drinks, and food, and games.”
You take a second to take Jungkook in from toe to head. White, worn sneakers, with blue details. Baggy pants. Thin, white hoodie. Denim jacket. Fluffed hair, crinkled and thin eyes, wrinkled nose, and an easy, big smile. Like he’s just hanging out at home.
“Party physics,” you repeat.
The elevator doors open, and you both step in, Jungkook leaning against the railing in the back, and you facing him with a smirk.
“Of which you just happen to be a scholar?”
Jungkook grins. “That, and, uh…”
He gestures to one of the flyers on the elevator bulletin board behind you. It’s not as crumpled as the ones that blew by you earlier. But it is drooping, the tape holding up its top two corners having lost its stickiness over the past few weeks.
You smooth the paper out.
And then you reach into your pocket.
For your powder blue stapler.
You staple each corner into the cork, and you see what Jungkook is talking about. Below the boombox drawing and general details is a whole spreadsheet of details. A murder mystery party on floor twelve. A dance party on floor seven. Karaoke on floor six. Movies on floor eight. 
Nothing on floor nine. You’re one of just a few people who live there. That floor doesn’t get great light, or a great view, facing the north, ignored side of the block. But that doesn’t matter to you. You like it quiet. That’s why you’re all there.
For some reason, you feel a little sick at the thought of riding up to floor nine.
So you’re grateful that you stop, for now, on floor five.
It boasts a crowd just a tad smaller than the one on the first floor, but the energy seems easier. Lively, but less brash.
When Jungkook sees your relieved smile, he takes it as a sign that he’s doing something right.
“Where should we start?” he asks, looking around at all the open doors. As you re-holster your stapler, his head darts left and right, checking your reaction with each option he presents.
“Board games! Ooh, OK, ‘ya seem to like that. We’ll put that on the list. We could also check out that poker game, which we passed back there. And there’s—”
You pull Jungkook’s arm toward you with such force that his nose bumps into your cheek. You laugh together, your eyes shining a bit brighter.
You point.
“I wanna do that.”
Tumblr media
Given your professional, cool-toned business separates; your seemingly strategic nature; your, quite frankly, super uptight vibe; and the way your eyes initially widened at the proposal to join the board game room, Jungkook wouldn’t have pegged you as someone who had even a passing interest in drinking games. Especially flip cup.
Yet, here you are, standing on top of Kim Yugyeom’s mother’s old kitchen table, the front of your blouse stained with sangria, and both of your hands victoriously pumping two empty, crushed plastic cups into the air.
Funny how the thing that always kept you from playing flip cup was the beer.
And you were extraordinary. How you downed each drink. How, like your voice has been so far this evening, you were able to stay so composed. How that gave you such an advantage with each flip. How everyone in the room cheered you on, shocked by how you hadn’t stuttered on a single cup. How Jungkook almost caught up, but you were able to rally and down two more full cups of sangria than you probably should have.
“Howwwww have I not plaaaaayed this gaaaaame before?!” you ask, delirious from your winner’s rush. And maybe the sangria.
“You haven’t?!” a laughing Yugyeom adds, as he helps you down from his table. “Would’ve thought you were a pro!”
A little unsteady on your feet, and happily so, you lean into him, melting at his strong form and touch before pouring into one of the chairs nearby.
“Alright there, champ?” Yugyeom chuckles.
He watches you wiggle happily in your seat, one strong wiggle forcing you to lean a bit too much to the right. 
“Haha, fuck, let me get you some damn water!”
Jungkook lands in the chair next to you, propping you up and giggling at your blissful humming. 
Your eyes meet his. “Oh, what’s this?” You raise your left hand up. “Hmm?” Your palm grazes the tip of his nose, and your eyes widen with excitement, as his widen to try to find out what’s wrong with your hand. 
“Oh!” you smile.
Equally thrilled and perplexed, Jungkook moves to give you a high five?
But you dodge him with a grin. 
Your wrist goes slack. Delighted, you do an arm wave, letting it flow through up to your shoulders, through to your trunk, and onwards to your other arm, which flows up and around from your side and around, down your opposite shoulder and through your forearm, fingers gathering to a point and tipping back Jungkook’s open forehead.
Jungkook lets out a spirited laugh that perks up your spine.
As you watch with interest, he furrows his brow and opens his mouth in fake offense. His head bobs forward, and he lets the wave travel throughout his entire body, each muscle isolation smoothing into the next. 
He gets up and starts to dance, suddenly going rigid as he starts to pop and lock, hips moving with more precision than you would have anticipated, his baggy clothes suddenly looking sharp, his body halving, and The Hulk slipping out a little, bobbling along with him. 
Yugyeom rejoins you, and him, cheering and catching the wave in his chest from Jungkook’s lightning rod of a hand and letting it travel through his black hoodie-covered torso, down to his legs, the frayed rips of his light blue jeans swaying as his muscles take turns relaxing and constricting, traveling back up to his other arm, and down to the hand that is holding two water bottles: one for Jungkook, and one for you.
You giggle and shiver as Yugyeom places the cold plastic against your neck, fingers grazing his as you take over the grip of the bottle.
This is… nice.
“What else can we play??” you ask brightly, letting the bottle linger for a moment before lifting it, and unscrewing the cap. “What other games are there?”
“Should probably slow down on the drinking ones,” Jungkook rightfully decides, as you start to slump again.
He takes a step back to you, and your left cheek rests on his right hip.
Feeling so comfortable, you close your eyes for a moment, missing Yugyeom’s intrigued smirk, and Jungkook’s helpless nose scrunch.
“Leaving so soon?” Yugyeom asks, tossing him the other bottle.
Jungkook looks down and notes your hazy, unfocused eyes, as well as your clumsy fingers still working at the water bottle cap. 
“After this water break.”
“Well, swing by again later,” Yugyeom tells you, as your eyes flutter open. “I need to avenge my humiliated friend here. Or get the chance to, at least.”
Jungkook pouts. “Humiliated?”
“Only Jungkook can save himself,” you say, much too haughty for someone who has taken about thirty whole seconds to open a water bottle, “but depending on how tonight goes, I might take you on as another trophy. I mean victim. I mean opponent.”
Yugyeom shakes his head at your self-assuredness, looking over at Jungkook to see if he’s clocking this, and finding he’s only chuckling as you close your eyes and eagerly drink.
“Where’d you find her?” Yugyeom asks, as Jungkook looks back at him.
“Obviously by the dumpsters, given all the trash talk,” Jungkook jokes.
You choke on your water and laugh, the back of your hand rising to your lips as you open your eyes again and catch your breath.
“No, really,” Yugyeom goes on, smiling at you and shoving his hands into his back pockets, chest puffing out with a relaxing breath. “You live on the block?”
You point up at the ceiling. “Ninth floor.”
“The hermit floor?” Yugyeom asks, surprised.
You left your left shoulder from Jungkook’s hip and tilt your head toward it. “I crawled out of my cave today. And saw Jungkook on the curb.”
Yugyeom looks over at Jungkook again, who just smiles. 
He meets Jungkook’s smile with a pleased chuckle.
“I mean it. Come back later. I still wanna hang.” He narrows his eyes at you and wiggles his eyebrows. “I want a go with the resident flip cup champ.”
You wink at him as you bring the water bottle back to your lips. 
Before Yugyeom takes his leave, he reaches out his hand, slightly dampened from the condensation on those ice-cold water bottles, to Jungkook. Their right hands clasp together, and they bring their right shoulders forward to one another, chests bumping together tightly. 
Yugyeom slaps Jungkook’s back.
He mumbles something.
Jungkook scoffs with a grin.
And then they part, Yugyeom flashing you another smile before he heads back toward his kitchen table.
Jungkook crouches down and wipes his hand on his thigh. You watch his fingers spreading across. His palm rubbing down toward his knee, and then back up again.
“Oh my god,” he says. 
You straighten and snap your eyes to his, feeling caught. “What??”
“I think you’re…”
Jungkook shoots you an open-mouthed, told-you-so smile. 
“…having fun??”
“Absolutely not,” you say, trying your best to sneer.
“You’re smiling!” Jungkook taps his finger on your cheek. 
You swat his hand away, giggling and thinking fondly of him teasing those three girls with the cookies. You haven’t really stopped smiling since.
“You’re laaaugh-iiiiing!”
You roll your eyes. “So what if I am?”
Jungkook watches as you screw the water bottle’s cap back on and set it down, next to the right leg of your chair.
“Are you?” he asks gently. “H-having fun?”
He wants you. 
To have fun, that is. 
He wants you to have fun because you so clearly hadn’t earlier that day. He’s good at fun. At least, he’s always thought he is. In much the same way that Mrs. Chan is good at walnut chicken, and the Jeups are good at cookies, and the Gal brothers are good at ice cream. 
He’s always thought that he’s been good at fun. Things have gotten a little busier, as life does. He hasn’t talked to as many people in a while. He definitely hasn’t gotten to swing by Yugyeom’s nearly as often, and he’s missed his check-ins with Yugyeom’s wonderful neighbors. While standing out there on the curb, peering up at your building, he wondered if he’d changed.
But, if you’re having fun, given the day that you’ve had, then that means he hasn’t.
He’s still good at fun.
Maybe if you knew this was kind of about him, it wouldn’t feel so strange for someone to want you to have fun when just a couple of hours ago, the bubble of your perfectly pleasant life burst at the discovery that people who celebrated your birthday, who clinked drinks with you at happy hour, who left you funny sticky notes on your desk, who shared the load when work got overwhelming — people who were supposedly invested in you — didn’t actually care all that much.
Do you even deserve it? Fun? When you are so easily discarded? 
Jungkook clearly deserves it. He’s only just met you, by some dumpsters no less, and he’s still, inexplicably, trying so hard.
You feel your heavy heart pulling you under.
But then, you catch sight of The Hulk tucked into Jungkook’s pocket.
“I am.” You grin. “I am having a lot of fun.”
He brightens. Sits a little taller.
“Good!” His eyes close nearly all the way, and his two front teeth bunch up his lips. “I knew you were.”
He jumps to his feet. “Feeling up to more games? Maybe those board games?”
The sangria is starting to catch you, mixing with the swirl of emotions bogging down your heavy, heavy heart. You need to do something to let it out.
“Which floor had the karaoke?” you ask. “Six?”
Tumblr media
“Quit hogging the mic!” 
You spin around and scream the next lyrics at this surly, thin-lipped man, mashing whatever he can into a lour look of extreme disapproval. 
The next part of this song is iconic, and masterful. You know each of the vocal parts in the lush swell of the breakdown, but this occasion calls for the throughline, the main melody, to drive the point home.
“NEVER GONNA GET IT NEVER GONNA GET IT!” you belt, pointing at Thin Lips, shimmying as you dance around him in a circle. 
You put a resonant sting on the syncopated quarter notes that carry into the next measure, tapping your toes on each eighth-note of this manifesto. 
Exaggerating even more, you pull your lips into a mocking pout, and you descend down the harmonic scale. 
Brazen, and drawing a bit of power from the room clapping and laughing around you, you grab the handle of your stapler, aim it at Thin Lips’ cleft chin, and clap the hammer against the anvil on each note. 
You aren’t sure when Jungkook got up from his seat on the Hans-in-6F’s couch, but now, he’s next to you, arms folded, chest slightly bouncing from holding in his laughter.
Thin-lipped Shik glares at him, and you start circling around Jungkook instead, singing the second half of the breakdown a little softer, but swaying your stapler in the air.
Jungkook’s eyes, which have been following you this whole time, spread out to the rest of the room, everyone chanting and clapping along. “We’re all having a good time.”
“She’s sung like a hundred songs!” Shik protests. “I want a turn!”
At the whiff of vodka that follows, Jungkook negotiates, “One more song, alright?” 
He speaks kindly, with the kind of smile that people born with goodness and light at their core can share. But he puffs himself up when he says it. He unfolds his arms, and his chest inflates. He flexes his right hand. Just in case.
Shik sighs. “Fine. But make it something pleasant. She’s been screaming for the past hour.”
He takes Jungkook’s seat on the couch, seemingly discontent unless he’s taking things from other people. 
But it’s fine. The energy is dissipating anyway, En Vogue starting to decrescendo and queue up your next show-stopping performance.
“Hey.” Jungkook’s unflexed right hand lands softly on your shoulder. “Diva.”
You turn and smile at him.
“Wanna do one last song?”
Panting, and jamming your stapler back into your pocket, you slow your dancing feet to a mere sway, pouring your weight to the left, then to the right.
“OK,” you say, mind starting to wander, “but let me pick something different.” Your eyes widen a bit. “Would you wanna sing something with me?”
Jungkook beams. “Yeah!” 
As you scroll through your private YouTube playlist of karaoke faves, he stands a little closer. Looks over your shoulder with curiosity. Giggles softly when your thumb tugs at ones that he likes, too.
He smells good.
You startle back at his sudden exclamation and bump into his chest. 
And he just lets you.
“You, uh, know this one ?” you ask, thumb hovering over a picture of two silhouettes.
“I love that one.”
“Me too.”
A shared glance between you tells you how much.
Jungkook hums. “Then start us off.”
Growing up, you’d wished that the karaoke industry would work faster. Churn out more microchips that held more than just the 70s and 80s ballads that your family sang in the same rotation at every holiday, birthday, christening, graduation, wedding, hell, every Saturday morning, while you each took charge of scrubbing a different part of the house… 
Nowadays, karaoke versions of songs aren’t hard to find. Literally every song is essentially at your fingertips. But with every song at your fingertips, it’s becoming harder and harder to find people who know what you know. Like what you like.  
As Jungkook reaches for the other mic, still charging on its base, you play the instrumental.
And you raise your mic to your mouth.
“I keep so much of me hidden. Can’t lie. No, I’ve got this pain inside. Most times I never admit it. But with you, no, I don’t want to hide.”
Jungkook bites his lip as you sing. You aren’t the most gymnastic singer, but you have such a pleasant voice. And he’s not the only one who thinks so. A hush has fallen over the entire room, and even Shik is captivated by the way you’ve softened the air around you. 
“What’s there all the time. And weighs on my mind. My friends say they listen. But honestly, I don’t think that they get me like you do. You don’t have to try. I come unfolded with the things I hold inside. I have never told no one but you.”
How long have you been singing? Has it been an hour? Two?
Maybe people don’t tire of you as easily as you thought.
Your heart feels a little lighter.
And you let Jungkook fill the space that remains.
“When I’m with you, I feel different.”
In just one line, you discover that if Jungkook’s voice were a drink, it would be a toasted marshmallow mocha. If Jungkook’s voice were a feeling, it would be your bare legs meeting the backseat of the car on a tempered summer day. If Jungkook’s voice were a hand, it would cup your cheek and hold your face up to make sure you didn’t miss the sight of a falling star. 
“Like I can’t just be your warmness, oh baby…”
His vocal runs are hurdles and sprints and marathons in equal turns, voice strong and whole as he dips in and out of notes and syllables, playing with time, and tickling your lighter, and lighter, and even lighter, heart.
“I’ve been through some tough things in my life. And it’s so easy to tell you.”
You believe him.
You believe him so strongly that you almost miss your cue to join him again at the chorus, singing an octave apart, matching him note for note, voice bending and gliding a little easier. Freer.
But then everything just stops.
The music. Your voices. The energy.
It all comes to a halt.
Other voices start to overlap. Curses, and concern.
A small circle of bright, invasive light appears. And then another. And another.
They catch people in slices.
Frowns. Fists. 
Eyes. No two sets meeting.
Except, somehow, yours and Jungkook’s.
“Everyone OK?” someone asks, as more and more tiny spotlights rove around the room. 
“Apparently it’s the whole building!”
“The whole block?”
“Look out the window!”
“Yeah, it’s the whole city!”
Whines start to fill the room. Then groans. Then yells.
“Fuck,” you hear Jungkook whisper, “people are gonna lose it pretty quickly.”
You feel a hand grab yours and yank you toward them.
“It’s me.”
But you knew that.
And now you know that the center of his body, the notch where his pecs and the top of his abs meet and surrender to one another, seems to be a perfect spot for your hand to rest. And your hand resting there makes up for all the blows that your feet and shins and hips take as you fight your way through the distressed crowd.
You don’t see or feel it. Jungkook’s already holding it open for you, leading you through by jutting out his chest and letting you know where he is, which is right there, still curved around your hand.
His hand leaves yours and slides down your side, circling around your back, incidentally following the line of the band of your bra. His forearm pins you to him, and you feel your body bending with his as he shuffles you through to the hall. His chin rests on the top of your head, and your temple cushions against his collarbone.
Baby powder.
Bodes beat against your back, and you take in a sharp breath, your fingers balling into fists. One hand is still safely settled into that notch below Jungkook’s chest. Your other arm is pressed to your side, hugged by Jungkook’s armpit, your hand swinging down and closing around—
“Wait, shit, I’m still holding the mic?”
“It’s OK,” he tells you. “Everything’s OK.”
But something catches his attention.
You feel Jungkook’s chest tighten around your fist.
“Mr. Jeup?” Jungkook calls out, hoping his voice can meet hers despite the building wails.
“Yes, it’s Jungkook!” 
The collective spotlights help Jungkook and Mr. Jeup find each other across the hall, and Jungkook leads him, and you, to a spot close to the staircase railing.
Mr. Jeup has soaked through the collar of his shirt.
“I can’t find Deji,” he says breathlessly. “I’d already been looking for her for a couple of hours, but she got separated from her unnies—” He clicks his teeth. “Always trailing behind.”
You think of the sweet girl slapping Jungkook’s hand away from her basket of cookies.
“We’ll find her.” 
From what you can tell, Jungkook’s voice is enough to reassure Mr. Jeup, as the slices of him that you get look more and more relieved. 
“Go home and check in with Mrs. Jeup and the girls,” Jungkook tells him. “My friend and I will go up floor by floor. I’ll text you the moment I see her.”
Mr. Jeup shakes his head. “We should’ve just gotten her a phone. Like she wanted.”
“She won’t be far. She knows your rules.” A slice of light catches Jungkook’s smile, as fond as when he had exchanged those cute giggles with her earlier. “And, though it might not seem like it, she always follows them.”
Mr. Jeup nods. “Thanks, Jungkook. Let me know.”
Shades of Mr. Jeup make their way along the railing, following it carefully as he makes his way back downstairs.
“I’ll formally introduce you another time,” he says apologetically.
Jungkook can’t be so hospitable, or demented, to be thinking about a formal introduction in this fraught situation. 
But then you think of how he and Deji teased each other. Their familiar, funny way. How she gave him four cookies as a treat.
Or a payment.
A placid smile spreads across your face. “You know where she is, don’t you?”
Jungkook chuckles.
Tumblr media
“When will it come back on??”
“We wanna watch!”
“It was just about to get to the good part!”
“Give it a few more minutes,” a voice, more mature than the others, calls out. “Give the backup generators a little bit of time to kick in.”
“They’re not going to,” another older voice says in response. “It’s been too long. I’m betting they’re down as well.”
“Stop it!” the first hisses. “You’ll scare them!”
As predicted, the younger voices start to clamor.
“So when will the power come back on?”
“I’m getting hot!”
“Me too! I’m starting to sweat!”
Jungkook calls brightly from the hallway through the opening door, slowly revealing a group of kids in the living room, and a couple on the couch, outlined against a soft half-sphere of candlelight. 
“Yon! Yeo!”
The woman on the left jumps up from the couch, and the woman on the right just nods.
You sigh softly when, in the center back of the group of kids, all of them lying on top of each other, having kicked off their blankets and facing a blank, white bed sheet hanging on a cleared clothing rack, you see Deji, sitting with her legs criss-crossed.
And next to a boy.
Jungkook lets go of your hand, but not without glancing at you to make sure it’s OK to.
You smile and nod, lingering in the doorway and watching him tiptoe in the gaps between squishy, teeny arms and legs to crouch down next to Deji, and this boy.
Deji gives Jungkook a high five, and you smirk to yourself as he pulls his phone out from his back pocket, sighing with relief as he starts to type.
The woman who waved gets up and walks over to you, leaning on a bookshelf by the door and folding her arms.
“I’m Yon,” she replies. “And that’s Yeo.” 
She jerks her thumb behind her.
Staring straight ahead, Yeo takes another sip of wine.
You introduce yourself and say, “Did you set this up for the kids?”
Yon nods. “Toy Story 3. We were almost at the incinerator scene.”
Your eyes pop open, and you look over to the kid who cheered about the scene earlier. 
“That was the good part??”
Yon cackles and says, “Seojun over there has a dark sense of humor.” 
The other kids have successfully been distracted, settling into other lively conversations, giggling and playing games with each other, and with Jungkook. 
But Seojun quietly breaks free from the group and makes her way to the couch. She plops down next to Yeo, the two of them chatting quietly. 
Yon watches them affectionately. “So does Yeo. Kindred spirits, those two.”
They look so serious. But there are moments. Eyebrow flickers. Chuckles. And, throughout, a warm smile of recognition of something deeper. A somewhat somber but understanding of the world around them. 
Seojun pauses. Stumbles. Gets whatever she wants to say out. Yeo seems to ponder it, and then says something back. Then, Seojun and Yeo look away from each other, and Yeo strokes her hair once as Seojun hides a smile.
You didn’t realize how many kids lived in the building. But you’re usually out before they’re up, and back in long after they’re asleep.
“Kind of you to host something kid-friendly.”
“To be honest, these have kind of been little test runs.” 
Yon’s voice is cautious and small, but happy. 
“We want to adopt,” she admits. 
Her eyes are pillowy soft as they scan over those tiny, laughing faces. 
“The kids around here are so sweet. Good families. Good parents. They don’t judge. And they’ve given us so many smiles. It’d be nice to share our lives like this all the time. Especially with a little one who really needs it.”
You can feel how momentous Yon’s heart must be. Her words surround you. Inflate you. Lift you up.
“Well,” you sigh, impressed, and a little sheepish, at her outpouring of love, “the little ones who get to join your family are quite lucky.”
Yon lets out a deep, encouraged sigh. “Thanks for that. Nice to hear something positive, y’know? It’s been… hard.”
You regretfully agree.
“Anyway,” Yon replies, “how do you know Jungkook? Are you friends with Yugyeom, too? That’s how we met him.”
“I, um—”
“Well, I just met him today.” You blink. You can’t believe you just met him today.
Yon smiles, recognizing your dazed look. 
“He makes quite an impression, doesn’t he?”
Your eyes land on him as he grins and throws up a peace sign while taking a picture with Deji, and laughing with the boy, who is starting to take interest in The Hulk bobblehead in Jungkook’s pocket. 
“I’ve known him since he was a skinny teen,” Yon reflects. “His parents used to own this building, but they sold the property when they retired. He’s still here all the time, though.” 
She smiles.
“It’s been a little while since we’ve gotten to see him. But it’s always so nice when we do. He just makes things… better.”
Jungkook notes the boy’s gaze, and his bent fingers reach into that pocket to pull The Hulk’s head out, flashing The Hulk’s cute little grimace, to Deji and the boy’s delight. 
But when the boy reaches out for it, Jungkook frowns and leans back, not letting the boy take The Hulk out of his pocket completely, choosing instead to close the flap of his pocket over The Hulk’s black eyes, tapping the pocket in thanks for safekeeping. 
You giggle.
Maybe that’s the secret to Jungkook.
To all of this.
Being a kid at heart.
Yes, things have been hard.
Things are hard.
But they haven’t been hard just today. And not just for you. Or Yon and Yeo. Or Shik. Or Mr. Jeup. Or any of the people in your building, on your block, in this city. 
Everyone is shuffling around, lost in the dark. 
But it isn’t your fault.
It isn’t anyone’s fault.
Maybe that’s just how it is sometimes. 
Maybe that’s how it is all the time.
There’s always more that you could do to fight against the darkness. To make things better.
But maybe there’s also more time for selcas, and singing, and sangria. 
Fun, kind things that you could do with others. And for yourself. 
Maybe that’s the way to start.
Yon’s face suddenly pulls together tightly. And you follow her gaze to your hip.
“Why do you have a stapler in your pocket?”
“Hey!” Jungkook exclaims, popping up beside you and patting Yon’s back.
“Hey,” Yon says warmly, leaning in for a hug. “We were just getting to know each other.” She smirks. “Just as it seems the two of you are.”
Jungkook grins at you. “The two of us have been having fun.”
You smile. 
“Oooh, funnnn,” Yon says, her voice waving up and down as the word trails from her lips.
She smirks at Jungkook.
“Then don’t worry about Deji. She’s just fine.”
And she is. Deji and the boy are in their own little bubble, voices hushed, bodies crouched and facing each other, smiles mirroring.
“Tell Mr. Jeup that I can walk her down if he wants,” Yon says.
“Nah, he’s good,” Jungkook replies. “I sent him a selca. Told him that you were all just hanging out.” 
He slides his hands into his back pockets. 
“In fact, I told him that it’s better for her to stay. That it’s much calmer than downstairs. So he said thanks, and that he’d come up and pick her up when the chaos dies down. Even if it’s late into the night.”
Yon clicks her teeth and shakes her head. “Cheeky fucker.”
He beams a cheesy, accomplished grin. 
“Alright, Cupid.” Yon beams a cheesy grin of her own. “Then why don’t you two continue your night of fun?”
Jungkook flicks his eyes over to you.
You realize that you’re starting to sweat, too.
Yon is already shoving Jungkook back into the hallway when he asks, “Y-you sure?” 
“Yes, I’m sure.” She smiles at you. “Nice meeting you. Maybe you can explain the stapler when I see you again?”
You laugh, and Jungkook stands next to you in the hallway.
Before you leave, he turns back to the living room.
“Dehhhh-jiiiiiii!” he sings.
Deji looks up at him and smiles. “Yesssss??” she sings back mockingly.
Jungkook sends her a wink.
Deji’s cheeks balloon with air, and they deflate quickly as she whines out, “oh-PAAAA!!!”
He cackles as Yon hurriedly calls back, “OK, Jungkook-oppa is leaving now! Everybody say goodbye!”
The kids yell out goodbyes to Jungkook-oppa, and Jung-krook-oppa, and Yungkook-oppa, and Jungle-oppa, and Crunkook-oppa, and Chunky-oppa— and Yon, cackling, uses her foot to nudge Jungkook farther into the hall before pushing the door closed.
The kids’ goodbyes are replaced with the sound of people in other eighth-floor apartments trying to come up with — and, in some cases, even arguing about — activities to occupy their fellow film fans. But unlike on the other floors, the sound doesn’t seem so overwhelming, tempered above by the typical silence of the ninth.
You look up. Being up on the hermit, ninth floor affords you a certain privilege. You haven’t worried one bit since the power went out. You know that your apartment looks exactly the same as you left it. Kitchen, clean. Living room, sparkling. Bed, made. Pillows fluffed, and sheets pressed. Nothing out of the ordinary, save for maybe the fire escape that you like to keep cracked, fighting off the sometimes stale air. 
You see your desk pushed up against it. Pages of your open book swaying in the breeze.
“Tired?” Jungkook asks, tilting his head.
How quickly you grow tired of stale air.
“Maybe a little, but,” you rush, “uh… not quite…”
Your gaze settles on each other. Jungkook’s eyebrows are slightly tented.
“Not quite ready to go home just yet,” you say, voice low, and ambling.
Jungkook smiles.
“Then let’s go do the second thing you wanted to do tonight.”
Tumblr media
It’s been a while since you’ve seen stars. 
And you still kind of see stars when you turn to Jungkook. 
The breeze runs through his hair, making some of his shorter, soft curls dance.
You miss them a little when he pulls up his hood, so that his hair stays clean as he lies down on the roof, next to you.
He’s just so mesmerized by how bright the world is in the middle of a blackout.
“Can you believe this happens every night?” Jungkook asks in awe. “This happens every night, and we just don’t see it.”
You look back up at the sky like an old friend. 
The suburbs that raised you gave you unencumbered sight. You’ve memorized a few of them. Though your favorites are the ones that shine during the winter, you can spot some of summer’s best. The dippers. Leo.
You introduce him to them.
It’s fun to watch Jungkook meet them for the first time.
“They make everything feel so much smaller,” he observes in wonder.
“That can be a good thing,” you realize as you say. 
You feel his curious eyes on you as you give your body a good, deep stretch, toes wiggling, hips pulling down, chest rising a little, and shoulders popping as your neck tilts left and right, your head still resting on the inside back lining of Jungkook’s denim jacket, which he laid flat on the roof for you. 
“Takes some of the pressure off.”
He watches as you lick your lips, take another deep breath, and close your eyes as you exhale. 
“Feeling a lot of it?” he asks.
The warmth of Jungkook’s proud glow tickles your side, and you open your eyes to the sight of him beaming at the sky and biting his lip at a job well done.
You follow his gaze, and take another deep breath.
“Things will work out,” he says comfortingly. 
You chuckle. “They probably always do, for someone like you.” 
“What if they do?”
It would sound cocky if he didn’t punctuate it with a question mark that has a light giggle for a point.
The corner of your mouth ticks up. “Then I’m happy for you.”
Jungkook hums.
You lie there in silence for a while, the sounds of the city floating up from the street. It’s calming, hearing the city chugging along, even if just a little slower and quieter, as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Because it isn’t.
Jungkook pulls his legs in, bending his knees and letting his feet plant themselves onto the roof, one leg crossing over the other, foot just above and to the right of you. 
You watch it sway a little. 
“I’d play some music or something, but I think my phone is going to die soon,” Jungkook mumbles.
“Oh. Hang on.”
As you slant your hips toward him, Jungkook’s eyes run down your body and follow their curves. Your hand slides out from your back pocket with your phone, still full of charge.
When you look at its screen, you don’t even see all the notifications in the top bar. You go right to your playlists, and you see the perfect track. 
It doesn’t occur to you to ask Jungkook if he likes it. He’s already moved his swaying foot in time to the slightly faster beat.
It’s a song about a new crush, its sweet and giddy lyrics, harmonies, and melodies floating into the air, lofted by city sounds, and Jungkook humming along beside you. 
You smile to yourself.
You narrow your eyes.
And then you turn onto your side, folding and tucking both of your hands under your right cheek.
“Tell me more about this crush,” you say.
Jungkook mirrors you, forehead wrinkling, and lips tantalizing as he smirks and turns inward to you, too. 
You’re almost touching.
You catch another whiff of baby powder.
“Hmm… which crush?”
You giggle together, noses almost bumping.
“Tell me more about Deji and this boy.”
He smiles. Fond. Almost proud.
“She’s so cute,” you say, your heart swelling a little. 
“She’s precious,” Jungkook agrees. “The Jeups are always busy at their shop, and when they’re working really late, people from the building will drop by their place and check on them, or invite them over. I haven’t been able to visit as often, but when I visit Yugy, I usually try to swing by. Entertain them for a few hours if I can.”
“So friendly,” you comment.
Jungkook tilts his head toward you. “It’s nice to make friends.”
You smile. “It is.” And then. you sigh. “Now, tell me about the boy.”
Laughing, he says, “His name is Hyun-Woo, and he lives on the fourth floor.”
Your smile stretches, and your eyebrows rise.
Jungkook giggles. And then he shares a bit more.
“His parents are quiet. They’re all still kinda new to the city. A little shy. He is, too. He has a pet gerbil named Moony because he seems to like to play at night. He plays video games. He used to collect these little space battalion figurines, but he kind of lost track of some of them during the move, but it’s alright, because he was kinda starting to lose interest in them anyway. And he plays tennis. He’s OK at it.”
“Is he a nice kid?” you ask.
“What do you think?”
“You’re the one who knows him.”
“Huh? I just met him tonight.”
Your eyes open in surprise. Jungkook knows everybody in the world. 
He raises his hand in caution. “Hey, all of this info is second-hand from Deji.”
“She’s really fallen for him, huh?”
Jungkook’s brows, cheeks, nose, and lips all draw together, meeting, squinched, in the middle of his face.
“She told me that she’s butt-crazy in love.”
When you laugh, he laughs, all his features bouncing back to their rightful, gorgeous places.
You lie there, just watching him, trying to take more of it in. 
More of Jungkook just laughing.
His eyes are perfectly almond-shaped, but they grow so big and round when he laughs. He seems to have a habit of pushing his upper lip into a triangular pout, symmetrical with the way his cheeks form sideways Vs as he pulls his lips up and back. There’s a tiny freckle on his chin, by his bottom lip, and you like that depending on how full his laugh is, and how open his mouth grows to let it out, you can sometimes see it, and sometimes, you can’t, because when it pops up, it’s like a tiny, adorable prize. And now, he’s scratching the tip of his ear, grabbing onto it, before sliding his hands under his cheeks, just like yours.
Your knees are almost touching.
“Is she?”
“She is.”
Maybe it’s the topic, and maybe it’s just tonight, but everything about him shines so brightly. Even his voice bathes you in starlight.
“When it comes to this sort of thing, you just know.”
He rubs his knee, gently, against yours.
It angles downward as he rests his weight on it. 
His arm comes around you, and your body turns with it, your back meeting the roof.
His hand flattens, resting on his jacket, holding him up.
As he leans over you, face in full view, the only thing you see, other than the swirls of stars sparkling behind him, you think you might crane your neck up and plant a kiss on his slightly parted lips.
As you raise your chin to meet him, he thinks you might, too.
He opens his mouth to say something else. Maybe even do something else. Whatever it is, you want him to do it. 
But then, there’s the loud buzzing of generators, and a rush of light. 
Spotlights evolving into floodlights. 
The entire city rumbles with an earthquake of cheers.
Your lips pull back from the pout you were making, rushing inward as you seal them together with your teeth.
Jungkook freezes.
You look at each other for a moment.
And then he leans back. Instead of lying back down, he sits up, folding his legs under him. He uses them to get himself back onto his feet and walk over to the edge, looking back at you and raising his eyebrows in question.
You rock onto your side, kneel, and then hoist yourself up, joining him to look over the ledge.
The streets are more crowded than you thought. And they’re growing louder, no longer restrained under that black cloud.
“Guess it’s over,” he says.
You blink a few times, getting used to this new, luminous world. You peer down at the building across the street, the one that blocks the city from your apartment’s view, and you see a horde of people through one of the main windows.
You can already hear the din of people in your own building, chaos moving from the hallways to the stairwell. Sweaty bodies pushing against each other to get back to their apartments, filled with stale air.
Jungkook raises his eyebrows as he reads your mind. “Wait it out?”
You follow the siding, along the ledge, to where the roof’s fire escape sits.
You grab the rising railing and steady yourself before climbing up, over the ledge, and turning around to take the ladder down..
You look at Jungkook with a daredevil’s grin.
Tumblr media
Hoisting the fire escape window open proves to be much more difficult than you thought. Maybe the metal tracks have rusted over. Maybe the paint has turned to glue. Or maybe there’s something stuck at the top, a bit of wood, or a random pebble, wedging it in place.
Jungkook sends it flying upwards with seemingly no effort.
Even though the fire escape’s metal work is still up to code and more than enough to keep you from tumbling down into, incidentally, the dumpsters below, he holds his arms open and around you. Just in case.
You climb in, careful not to stomp on your still-open book, balancing on your desk carefully, but not for too long, given that it was bought on a budget and contains a drawer of screws that you didn’t use when putting it together.
Jungkook sees you calculating, and before you can give any kind of warning, he dives for the rug, somersaulting into the living room, stopping just short of the coffee table holding your one real plant.
Smiling back as you cackle, he jumps up, dusts himself off, and takes a bit of a bow.
Unlike every other apartment in the city at that moment, your lights are still off. But you tend to keep them off anyway, much preferring the way the city light gives you just enough to maneuver around comfortably.
He seems to understand. Another shared preference.
You watch as he takes slivers of your living room in. At the far end, your door, double-locked. Shoes lined up, except for a boot that has fallen on its side. A table, which is probably where you put your keys and mail. A skinny bookshelf on the first wall. A TV, and that coffee table, in the center. That plant, which, unfortunately, isn’t doing too well. This couch, with the quilt that looks like your mother, or any mother, made it, but is actually another bargain buy. 
“Cozy,” he says with a genuine smile.
“Appears that way,” you admit.
Jungkook nods as he takes more in. Everything seems to be in place. In order. And he’s starting to feel awkward there, unsure of where he needs to be.
“Well,” he says, smiling. “I guess there’s nothing left to do but the last thing on your list.”
There’s an uncomfortable pressure in your chest. You let it storm and rumble for a moment, and you realize that it’s not anxiety, or stress. Those would mean that having Jungkook in your apartment would feel wrong. That you would want him to go.
But you desperately, desperately don’t.
It’s regret. 
The regret of not craning your neck up and kissing him under the stars.
“I don’t want to do the last thing anymore,” you say, looking at him with want. “I wanna do something else.”
You don’t break your gaze as you walk right up to him, toes touching his.
You tilt your head.
You kiss him.
You kiss him.
And he lets you.
When you pull away, you grin and ask, “What are you thinking?”
He could have been staring for five seconds or five hours. It somehow feels like both. And all of that explodes when he tells you, “I was thinking how much I like the taste of your mouth.”
His lips land on yours with a soft grunt, diving in with more want the more that he gets of you. His fingers hold your head gently, but after each taste that he gets of you, his fingers continue to dig in, squeezing your cheeks slightly, and forcing your lips forward.
He runs his tongue over them and kisses you once more. 
Hearts pounding, you pull away, wearing matching, wet smirks. 
As you pull away, you stare at each other, puzzled, and even more curious.
You rush together again, bodies colliding this time, and violently so.
You rub at the sore spot just above your right breast, and The Hulk scowls back at you.
“Haha, aww.” 
He whines along with you, pulling you in closer on the other side, and placing his hand on your sore spot, too.
He massages his fingers in tender circles.
And then he pulls you in for a kiss that unfolds slowly, not robbed of heat and passion but building back up to it layer by layer, like the measured steps of the fire escape, rather than tumbling off of the roof’s ledge.
His hand travels down, taking your breast in his hand and massaging it with his entire palm, working in tandem with his tongue in your mouth.
You feel both his tongue and his hand at your pussy, clenching tighter, and nearly getting as wet as your smirks.
He groans softly, shoulders bending back.
He momentarily removes his hand from you as he peels his jacket off of his frame, first his left sleeve, then his right, folding the jacket in half and gently tossing it over to your couch.
And then, his hand returns, and the other joins it, groping your chest and pushing your breasts into you. You lay your hands on top of his and follow his round motions, intertwining and closing your fingers around his fingers as they feel you.
His thumbs flick over both of your nipples. You can only feel part of the sensation, with your blouse still on, and given the light padding in your bra. But it’s more than enough to send twitches to your pussy as it drips with more arousal.
Your thighs tighten and clasp together, hips swirling.
Your head dips back as you take in a long, deep breath, followed by shallower ones.
It feels like you’ve been drowning. 
Jungkook watches you, hands slowing to a stop.
“Everything OK?”
“I haven’t been kissed like that in a long, long time,” you say, dazed. “And I barely know you.”
Jungkook smiles. “I’m Jungkook.”
You laugh, “Yes, but—” 
“Why don’t I tell you what I know,” he says quietly, and thoughtfully. 
He runs his fingers down the collar of your blouse. You barely feel him, but your chest feels so tense.
“I know that you’re sweet.”
He runs his index finger down your chest. As he unbuttons the first button with just his right hand, your eyes unfocus, lids falling slightly closed, and your tilting head sending them back.
“I know that you’re kind.”
The second button is a little harder to undo. You had to replace it after the thread came loose, and you overdid the fix just to be sure. He’s still able to unbutton it with just one hand.
“I know that you’re funny.”
The third button opens, and he rolls it in his fingers as he tickles your belly button, making you giggle and squirm.
“I know that you’re feisty. And really competitive. Which I’m gonna have tons of fun with.”
You laugh as he hooks his finger around the fourth button, which falls open. He barely even had to touch it. You feel your shirt spreading apart at your shoulders, and you feel the slight breeze from the window on your chest.
“I know that you’ve had a shitty day.”
You soften as he undoes the last button at the end of your blouse.
“And I wanna make you feel better.”
His hands move up your hips, and waist, and he moans softly at the feel of your skin. 
He bends down and kisses just above your right breast, as his hands run up your chest and to your shoulders, slipping under that polyester blend and running down your arms, your blouse traveling with them.
You hear the crumple of sangria-stained fabric fall on the ground.
Jungkook’s lips find a spot on your neck, and you lean back to give him room.
Your hands sneak under his hoodie, and you take the time to grope every single muscle on his back, each of them covered in a slight sheen of sweat.
“Mmm,” he whispers, as you hook your arms under his and pull him closer. 
“Why have you been wearing two layers?” you finally ask, feeling the weight of his sweat in the fabric. “It’s so hot.”
“I haven’t done my laundry yet. These are the last clean clothes that I have. And this is thin.” 
He tugs on the front and looks down.
“You can see my nipples through it.
Your frown is weighted with empty promises when you look down. 
“In the light, I mean,” Jungkook chuckles.
“That’s a feature, not a bug, Jungkook.”
He has no idea what you’re talking about, but he’ll take it, with the way you’re softly moaning as you run your hands across his chest.
“You wanna see them?”
“Uh-huh. Let me turn on the light.”
“Or you could just take this off.”
You almost would prefer to turn on the light, because, now that you know his back is made of nothing but rippling muscle, you don’t know if you’ll be able to handle the full sight of his chest. 
But you bite your lip, and tug.
He pulls his arms down, and then he shakes his hair free, as you pull the hoodie from his head.
You wish you could take a picture of the resulting floof, so soft and cute.
And then you let your eyes drift down to his chest.
He watches with interest as you trace each of his pecs with your fingers. 
“Live up to your expectations?”
You realize your mouth has been hanging open.
You look into his eyes.
“Shattered them.”
He laughs, and then you go back to admiring his body. You wonder what he does. Weights, obviously, as supported by his strong, defined arms. Maybe he swims, given his waist. He probably likes to run, too. He can probably run for hours. In fact, with all the gallivanting around tonight, his heart’s gotta be like that of a stallion.
This bodes well for you.
The only way he can pry you away from that body is by tilting your chin up and stealing your gaze with his eyes.
His lips flutter against your jaw line until they meet yours again.
With your chests mashing together, and your kisses stretching on for longer, busier spans of time, you’re starting to work up a sweat.
“Bedroom?” you ask, panting.
He nods quickly and looks around to figure out which door it is.
You smile and take his hand, leading him to the far right, past your kitchen, and to your room, to your perfect, comfy bed.
You slide out of your shoes, undo your pants, and let them fall to the floor before climbing onto the bed and sitting in the middle.
And you run your hand across your chest as you watch him take his time, kicking off his shoes, taking off his pants, standing there in his black boxer-briefs and just grinning at you.
“Are you gonna join me or what?”
When your head tilts to the side, weighted with impatience, he scrunches his face again, and laughs.
He crawls as he follows you, watching you to make sure you’re comfortable as you lie down, and then settling on top of you, like you both wish he had done on the roof.
“You playing with me?” you mumble through a smile, as you bring your arms around him.
He kisses the inside of your upper arm and rubs it with his hand. “No,” he says simply. “Just like looking at you.”
You sigh as he kisses you.
It’s a little faster. Hungrier. Like before.
He leads you back with his lips, and when he looks down at your chest, you arch back, fingers finding the band and undoing the clasps in the back.
He lets out a sigh when he sees your bare chest.
He locks eyes with you, and his look says it all. Equal parts tender and fascinated. You wouldn’t believe the look on anyone else, but after tonight, you know that there is no disingenuous bone in Jungkook’s body. 
You are beautiful.
He smiles as he snatches your bra from your hand and tosses it behind him, rushing forward to you and pinning you down to your pillow with his kiss, both of you laughing and grunting happily.
You place your hands on his hips, and then stroke his thighs.
You run the backs of your fingernails to his crotch, and he lets out a low moan.
“OK?” you ask.
“Yeah. Yeah, please.”
You fondle his cock, hard, and getting harder, while you grasp it with firm pressure. He whines so sweetly as your hand runs up and down its column, his underwear keeping it pinned against him, nearly choking it off.
His left hand claims your left breast, starting to massage it, and his right hand strokes your panties, twisting as your body starts to writhe against your mattress, the fabric riding higher and getting caught in your swelling, dripping flesh. 
Your kisses are becoming more and more impassioned with each need being met.
He starts to dip his fingers between your pussy lips, letting your clit part his index and middle fingers as his wrist rocks back and forth.
As you moan on each stroke, he lifts his lips from yours and rests his temple against your collarbone.
“Can I taste you?” he asks hopefully.
You look at him and nod in desperation. 
He smirks and kisses down your body, taking your panties and pulling them down to your calves. He’s so impatient that he starts to eat you out before they’re even fully off, and you take turns between giggling while trying to kick them off completely, and groaning at each dizzy lick of his tongue tip, spiraling around your clit, and sending you spiraling into your own abyss.
Your hips start to match his motion, but then his hands grasp your hips and pin you down.
You feel yourself fighting against him, and that tight, added resistance has you seeing stars. The sensation travels in waves over your body, never quite settling in one place. Your shoulders carry you from left to right. Your ass digs down, then pumps up. Your back locks, then arches. All of your movements fail miserably at quelling the disquieted sections of your body, only shifting the tension from muscle to muscle.
He pins your thighs down with his forearms, and then holds you open with his thumbs, his tongue laying flat and changing from spirals to broad, heated, pressured brushstrokes up and down, at an even, unhurried tempo.
You whimper as you start to feel little shivers of pleasure tickle your body. You wet your lips and press them together, choked-off grunts getting louder and louder.
“Fingers?” Jungkook asks.
“Mm -hmm.”
He grunts as he shifts his weight, letting your left thigh go, and softly pushing it to the side to widen your spread a little.
His hand is warm and covered in your sweat.
He lays the pad of his thumb against the entrance of your pussy, pressing slightly, and then he sucks the juice that collects around it.
“Tight little thing,” he mumbles. “Not ready for me yet.”
You groan at all the things that means.
He slides the tip of his index finger in. At first, you feel yourself fighting him, but when he starts to suck your clit, you feel yourself start to shift that tension up to your extremities. Your hands ball into fists. Your toes curl. Your throat closes off as you try to wail. 
His entire finger slides inside, and you feel your walls conforming to his knuckles. 
He starts to pump, and you hiss.
The sound of wet muscle doubles, and you feel his groans against your clit as his hips start to snap into his own fist. 
He keeps his mouth open as you rock against his mouth, tongue stretching into your folds as you slide around his finger, moving faster, his other fist matching your pace stroke for stroke.
As the edges of a soft, warm release start to take you, he slips another finger inside of you, and you let out a loud moan. 
Jungkook hums, pleased with how pleased you are.
“Shit, it feels so good,” you whine, before resting the back of your forearm over your lips and biting down.
He quickens his speed. Curves his fingers up.
You tighten around him, and he lets out a sigh, his temple resting against your thigh, eyes dazed over as he watches his fingers disappear inside of you over and over again, while his other fingers tighten their grip around his leaking cock.
He grunts again, and then, he places his lips over your clit, sealing it in his mouth, and sucking again.
When you come, you sigh, laughing a little at how unexpectedly delirious you feel. 
Your body is still shivering when he stands over you, his pace slowing, but his cock still has a ways to grow. 
It’s already so big.
You can’t wait.
“Come here,” you motion, directing Jungkook to come around the side of the bed.
“You sure?” he asks, obviously excited.
“After that?” you say, delighted. 
You roll onto your side, hugging the edge of the mattress, and open wide for him, eyes gleaming as you look up at him.
His hand cradles the back of your head as you try to take him in one gulp. It takes you a minute to get the angle right, jaw driving you left and right, tongue flat, then narrow and pointed, until you surround him with your lips, and you start to bob your head back and forth, halfway down his shaft.
He takes a shaky breath in, and you smile when you hear him let out a little, “whoo.”
He comes out of your mouth with a pop as you lick your precum-glossed lips and ask, “You like it?”
You see only his hair floof shake up and down. His head has fallen back, the strong pillar of his throat bulging forward, collarbones out, chin directed up at the air. 
You watch as you suck harder, his crown regally announcing itself through the curtains of your tonsils, muscle meeting your throat.
Jungkook hisses, bringing his hands up to the sides of his head, and raking his fingers through his hair. 
You move back and forth again, your pillow collecting your sweat as you go.
The longer you go, the more you feel him resisting.
You place your hands on his hips to find that they’re shaking. 
When you pinch them, he moans, and he finally lets himself thrust.
You groan as he pushes into you, taking shallow breaths in through your nostrils as he sinks further and further into madness. How you take him so easily, and yet, how beautifully tight and slippery your throat is. How patient you are, and how careful he has to be. It’s driving him sinfully insane. 
Before it gets too far, he pulls out, slow at first, and then quick, as you catch your breath, and he tenses.
“Again?” you prompt weakly, opening your mouth.
“I have to fuck you,” Jungkook demands. “Now.”
You laugh at how serious he looks, his eyes darting around your bedroom.
“What are you looking for?”
You get out of bed and scurry to the bathroom, Jungkook smiling and pinching your ass as you go.
You lead him to the bathroom, the door opposite your kitchen, and you quickly locate them under your sink. 
“These OK?” you ask, holding up the box. 
He rips one from the rest.
And then he sets it on the sink, taking the box with him and marching back to your bedroom.
You laugh, running up to him and jumping onto his back, wrapping your legs around his waist and peppering his neck and traps with kisses.
He kisses your forearm and giggles.
And then something catches his eye.
He stops.
“Ooh. What’s that?”
You look over to your kitchen counter and spot the simple snacks you’d left out for yourself, thinking you’d be treating yourself for the weekend.
“Is that candy?” he asks.
“Chocolate, infused with weed.”
He looks back at you and smirks.
“You wanna?” you ask, raising your eyebrows. “We haven’t eaten in a while. And they’re kinda strong.”
Jungkook beams. “Even better.” But then he pushes out his lips. “Unless you were saving—”
“I’m down if you’re down,” you say happily. “Go get ‘em.”
He hoists you up higher onto his back, and you tighten your grip around his shoulders, as he walks over to the counter.
He unwraps the gold foil and breaks off a square. He raises it up and behind him to your lips. You take his fingers into your mouth and suck. He leaves his hand there so that you can suck the rest of the chocolate off of them, too. He beams at you, and you lean forward to kiss him, before he takes another square for himself.
He licks his fingers as he brings you back to bed, the two of you laughing as you go.
And then, he stumbles, tripping, turning just in time to throw you onto the bed, while he falls to the floor.
“Oh my god!” you cackle, as Jungkook pops back up, your pants, and your powder blue stapler, tangled up and around his foot.
“I’m sorry!” he calls out, pulling them off and throwing them back down. 
“Are you OK?” you ask, still giggling.
Jungkook furrows his brow and looks at the ground. He disappears, and then pops back up again, holding up a sleeve of condoms.
“Yes. Yes I am.”
He rips one off the end and puts it on, crawling over you as you lay back.
“Mmm,” you sigh, as he pushes into you.
His neck lolls forward, and you grab his hair floof in your fingers.
“You OK?” Jungkook asks gently.
You wonder how many times he’s had to ask someone that.
He’s so long, but his girth. So wide. So full. And so heavy, with want, and passion, and excitement. 
“You said that you had to fuck me,” you say, hands grabbing onto his ass. “So fuck me.”
He starts to move, pulling back, and then rocking forward, your bodies bobbing up and down as your movements build off of each other, more pleas floating out of your mouths. 
Like this.
His eyes find that spot above your right breast.
“What?” you ask, slightly distracted by the look on his face.
“I think there’s a small bruise.” He presses a kiss to your cheek. “I’m sorry about that.”
“That’s OK,” you say, scoffing. “If I need to, I can cover it up with something.”
“So can I.”
His mouth latches there, and he starts to bite, and suck. You feel your skin giving way to him, like it’s breaking open and spilling all over you, instead of Jungkook’s pool of spit. 
“Oh my god,” you whisper, your hips starting to roll at the combined sensation. “Don’t stop.”
As his thrusts get harder and deeper, he shifts all of his weight to his left side, and his right hand slides down to your clit, starting to rub in those circular motions again. You roll against him, knees in the air, swaying open, then back closed around his waist. 
Everything’s a blur.
He stiffens as he pumps, deeper and deeper, the bed rocking under your weight, his own tiny sighs getting louder as you start to wail.
All the while, his teeth pinch and nibble that spot on your chest, and you feel your legs starting to shake.
You’re on the brink of another orgasm.
When he stops.
“No, no, no, no,” you whimper, fluttering.
Jungkook giggles.
“Don’t stop!”
“I’m not. Not completely.”
His voice deepens, and softens, as it rumbles through your hair to your ear. 
“Think about how crazy it’ll feel when you come.”
He runs his wet index finger around your right nipple, and he kisses the hickey he’s just given you just above it. 
Jungkook grins. “Ah, you asked so nicely.”
He starts to thrust into you again, and you fall right back where you were, covered in tingles and sweat, body starting to spasm, shaking even harder than you were starting to before.
He’s right.
Jungkook, this beautiful stranger, who is dipping in and out of your frenzied pussy, cock slamming, and disappearing, whose hand is furiously pawing at your clit and making you overflow with arousal, making every muscle inside of you tremble, and then freeze and release, exploding and sending you reeling, is absolutely right.
When you come, you do feel crazy.
And so does he, getting off on how you moaned for him, babbled nonsense because of him. 
A few tears are pooling in the corners of your eyes.
You feel so raw.
A good kind of raw.
Not like before, when Jungkook first saw you crying.
The kind of raw that tells you that you’ve washed the day off of your tired skin and are reborn.
You look at him in contemplation.
“You’re lucky I like overstimulation.”
“Taking note,” Jungkook observes, slowing his thrusts. “What else do you like?”
“What do you like?”
“I like spanks.”
“Me too,” you say. “Giving and receiving.”
He stops his thrust altogether, intrigued.
“Then spank me,” he orders. “Right now.”
You do, as you bite your lip and smile.
“No, really, spank me,” Jungkook says, reaching for your arm.
You fight off his wiggling fingers, lean forward, and pack a wallop into your slap on his ass, watching it shake.
“Ow! Not that hard!” he whines, rubbing the spot.
“I’m sorry!”
He collapses into giggles, curling up in your sheets.
“I’m kidding. You’re kind of weak.”
You scrunch up your face and spank him all over his body, but then he picks you up, tickling you and sending you into a cackling frenzy.
“Jesus fucking— Stop! Stop! You win!” you cry.
“Say I’m the flip cup champ!” Jungkook demands.
“Say it!”
“B-but you aren’t!”
“Say it or I won’t stop!”
You can’t breathe, you’re laughing so hard. “I’m the flip cup champ!”
Jungkook pinches your side, and you squeal.
“You’re the flip cup champ!” you holler. “Jungkook is the flip cup champ!”
Jungkook laughs with haughty satisfaction as he lies down on his side, kissing you as you start to float back down next to him.
As your cackles slow, you turn to him and run your fingers over his pretty, kiss-swollen mouth.
“What do you wanna do now?”
“I dunno. What do you wanna do?”
“I dunno.”
“What were we doing, anyway?”
You stare at each other, dumbfounded.
He laughs and turns to you, wide-eyed. “I think we were having sex?”
You cackle. “Oh shit, right!” You kiss him. “Let’s do that. Let’s do more sex.”
“Shit,” he giggles. “This is not a reflection of the quality of sex we were having, by the way. I’m having an amazing time.”
“I know. Me too.” You smile. “I’m having fun.”
You’ve been in the clouds since meeting Jungkook. But everything feels even hazier. The boundaries of your mattress, nightstands, walls, ceilings, and floors are melding. Softening. 
And so is Jungkook’s happy, smiling face.
You grin and scrunch your nose. 
“Hmm. I guess the edible hit.”
“Guess so,” Jungkook celebrates, eyes shining.
“Let me ride you,” you say warmly, but excitedly, kissing him as you get on top. “You’ve been doing all the work.”
“You’ve been putting work in, too. And you can’t ride me better than I’ve been fucking you,” Jungkook teases.
“Are you shitting me?” you ask, aghast. “Is that a dare?”
“Try it and find out.”
You slap his chest, and he laughs.
And while you sink down onto him, he sighs lightly, licking his lips and curling them into a smile.
First, you tantalize him by weaving slow circles, clenching him so tightly, that he hisses the same way he did when he was in your throat. 
His hands slap onto your thighs and grab on.
You start to bounce up and down, and he watches your breasts jiggle as you do, his left hand reaching up and squeezing the right one as his right hand squeezes your thigh.
And then, you lean forward, and rock against him. You move so sweetly, whether you’re gently stroking him with your flesh, or riding him so tight and hard that he can’t see straight. It seems that you’re headed that way, with how hard your fists are gripping his shoulders.
He moans compliments as you ride. 
“You’re goddamn gorgeous.”  
“You feel so good.” 
“So, so tight. If you clench even harder, I’ll—”
And you do.
He won’t be able to last.
But then you stop.
His mouth falls open.
You lean forward and scoop him up into a kiss.
“Think about how crazy it’ll feel when you cum,” you joke.
“You are driving me crazy.”
You giggle through another moan. “Butt-crazy?”
Jungkook whines. “Don’t be cute. And don’t talk about butts. I might ask you to do something, and I feel like that’s a question for when we know each other a little better.”
“Keep going the way you are, and if you ask it tonight, I might say yes.”
“Oh god.”
But you still don’t budge.
He places his hands on your waist and frantically tries to get you to bounce. Tries tickling you. Pinching you. 
“Agh, c’mon.”
“Nope. This is payback for—”
Jungkook finally just grabs you by the hips. Holds you in place. Starts to pump up and into you.
He’s relentless.
You give complete control to him, barely able to hold yourself up. 
But he’s got you. 
The strokes feel like flames, deep, hot, and fast, making your pussy pulse, arousal leaking, even threatening to spurt out of you because of how full you are.
When your elbows start to tremble, threatening to give way, he wraps his arms around you hugging your chest to his. His strokes have started a wildfire in your core, and you’re sweating so much that when your head falls to him, there’s a splash of it onto your temple. 
Everything in your body is clamping down. Shutting down. You can’t stand it anymore. All this tension. 
The release is almost unbearable.
You both howl, your orgasm coming first, and his coming soon after, your bodies tied up in knots as you strain to stay together, transferring each flicker and spasm to one another, until you both collapse back down to the mattress.
“Let me cool you down,” he mumbles, fighting the oncoming drowsiness.
“What?” you ask.
But he’s already sliding down your body.
He licks at your pussy, lapping up all of your arousal.
You start to feel waves rolling up your calves.
He spits it all back onto you, making you gasp.
He keeps licking, sucking on your clit, sucking on your lips, and gently running his fingers across your stomach, like little comforting tickles.
You come, softly, and quietly, gentle shivers helping your body stretch back out and relax, resolving the rest of the tension that hadn’t quite unfurled from before.
You watch him army crawl back up the mattress and laugh softly when his completely drenched hair floof hits the pillow next to you.
“Tell me what you’re thinking,” he says.
“Nothing,” you answer. “My mind is completely blank.”
“Good.” Jungkook grins. “That was the third thing you wanted, wasn’t it?”
All you can do is stare at his proud, accomplished, wondrous grin.
And before he pulls you into a soft, tender kiss, he tells you.
“You were right. I find that things usually work out. And that’s because I always make sure that they do.”
Tumblr media
The sun stings your eyes. It feels chemical. Even with them closed.
Slowly, you pry them open. First the left. Then the right. You blink slowly, then rapidly, the world coming into focus as you do.
Where are you?
Oh. That’s right. Home.
Why did you forget that you were home? You’re always home.
Though it feels like you haven’t been home in ages.
Why is it so bright?
Yes, it’s day time. But it’s so—
Right. The city blackout.
But how did you know the whole city was affected? Whenever anything in your apartment goes wrong, you pretty much ignore it and continue puttering around your apartment until you get some kind of text from a co-worker—
Anyway, you guess you’ll putter around until you somehow find out from someone that whatever you were experiencing was actually part of some kind of mass event—
Riiiiiiiight. The block party. 
Hold on.
Why are you smiling about the block party?
Why are you giggling about the block party?
Why do you feel so sore?
And what time is it?
You lift your head, too quickly at first, feeling immediately unsteady. You shut your eyes and let your body find equilibrium before trying to step back outside of yourself. When you’re ready — there’s no rush, you, for some reason, kindly tell yourself — you prop yourself up on your elbows and look to your nightstand to find out.
And you see four things.
Your clock, reading 8:43 AM.
Your powder blue stapler.
The Hulk.
And, under his feet, a small note, scribbled on a piece of paper. Torn, like his shorts.
It’s 8:20. I think you’re almost up, but you look pretty comfy, so I don’t want to wake you. Going to the Chans for breakfast. 
As everything comes swirling back to you — the dumpsters; and Mrs. Chan’s walnut chicken; Yugyeom and his sangria; Shik and your stapler; Mr. Jeup, Deji, her cookies, her crush, and Crunkook-oppa ; Yon and Yeo in the candlelight; and, not least of all, Jungkook’s beaming face framed by that unspeakably wondrous, starry, starry sky — you’re glad, thrilled, that some memories from last night were absolutely worth keeping.
So you leap out of bed to make more.
Tumblr media
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sparklingchim · 14 days ago
long way home 23 | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
word count: 2.1k
genre: dilf!jungkook, friends to lovers, angst
rating: pg
warnings: they have The Talk !!!!!! raw emotions, rejection ... , just lots lots los of different feelings 🫂
summary: the one where jungkook explains himself
a/n: it's my birthday today, so here's a lwh update as a liddol gift <3
chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08| 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | (adding the links tmrw m v tired rn)
masterlist | long way home masterlist
Sundays are for reading books.
This is a serious law that you have adhered to since you became obsessed with devoting all your free time to fictional characters.
With a romance fantasy book in your hand, you pad into your living room. You're in the mood for some romance today - sickeningly sweet subtle interactions and heart-wrenching love confessions kinda romance.
Before you plop down on your couch, you hear your doorbell ring.
Not letting go of your book, you walk towards the door.
You peer through the peephole. Your breath catches in your throat.
It's Jungkook.
Now, you have two choices. Ignore him and read your book or let him in and see where that leads. You could always tell him to leave if it's too much for you.
Without giving it a second thought, you open the door.
"Hey," Jungkook greets you. He has a tight lipped smile gracing his face, deciphering the mood you're in and deciding that you're not completely hating him - at least now - judging from the way he relaxes his shoulders.
"Hi," you answer.
"I thought...maybe we could talk?" Jungkook's injury on his lip has subsided. It's barely noticeable.
You should talk. It's long overdue.
"Come in." You make room for him to enter the apartment and Jungkook takes his shoes off.
"Were you reading?" Jungkook points at the book in your hand.
"I was about to start, but then you rang the bell," you say as you lead him to the living room.
You place the book on the coffee table before you sit down on the couch with Jungkook.
One question is tickling your tongue. You clear your throat, feigned nonchalance unfurls on your features.
"Where is Nabi?"
"Ah," Jungkook blows. A trace of penitence dwells on his sigh. "Namjoon's watching over her. I asked if he could come over while I talk to you."
A crease appears between your eyebrows when you ask, "Namjoon is babysitting Nabi?"
"I hope he's not too overwhelmed by it." Jungkook plucks his phone out of his pocket. "I told him he could call if something's wrong." He examines his phone. "I guess he's doing fine."
"Sora didn't have time?"
Jungkook looks up. His temple flexes as he clenches his jaw at your unexpected question.
"Sora..." Jungkook's voice tapers off. He looks as if he's sifting through his mind for the proper words before resting his elbows on his knees and retorts, "Sora left." His gaze moves to the floor, almost a little ashamed.
Your skin turns cold. Eyes widening at Jungkook's startling revelation. "What do you mean she left?"
"She said she wasn't ready for this. Couldn't imagine herself raising a child in the long term." Jungkook nibbles on his lip piercing before he continues. "And then she grabbed her things and left. For good."
When you think about it, you're not even surprised. If she has already left Nabi once with Jungkook, she will have no problem doing it again.
You scoff. Jungkook drifts his eyes back to you. "And now that she has dumped you for a second time, you come back to me?"
"I've been trying to get a hold of your for weeks, y/n." He returns your accusation with raised brows. "She left about...three days ago?"
"How has it been?" you ask, noting the dark circles beneath his eyes. Your heart clenches unbridledly.
"I've been bringing Nabi to work every day." Jungkook utters a humourless laugh. "The kids love her, but she hates all the noise. Nabi is hardly able to fall asleep. And when she does, she doesn't take a full nap." Jungkook rakes his fingers through his hair. "It's been a little difficult. But I'm managing."
"Did you really not see this coming?" It's a genuine question. Has he really trusted Sora enough to let her in Nabi's life again? Did he assume that she wouldn't leave them?
"Can you really blame me for wishing that Nabi grows up with an equally good relationship with her parents?"
"Yeah." You nod, crossing your arms. "I can blame you for wishing that if it involves lying to me."
Jungkook closes his eyes. He rubs his hands over his face. A clipped, agonised groan flies past Jungkook's lips, smothered by his palms.
"I-" he starts as he lets his hands fall into his lap. "I'm really fucking sorry." He meets your stare and Jungkook's doe eyes are teeming with dazzles of sorrow and guilt. "I don't know, I just - I didn't tell you anything because... admitting that I allowed Sora back in Nabi's life like admitting that I was weak? That I had officially given up as a dad and wasn't capable of raising her own my own?" After a moment's pause to chew on the inside of his cheek, finding the vulnerability he's displaying a little challenging, he adds, "I didn't want you to see me like that. And before I could say anything to you, it was already too late"
A mix of confusion and hurt hits you. "Why did you think I would assume that?"
"It wouldn't have been the first time you doubted me as a dad."
When you had the conversation at the coffee shop, you remember. You may have said some harsh words, but only because he practically forced you with his reckless actions at the time. "You were pretty irresponsible back then, tho."
"I know," Jungkook admits. "But I didn't want you to think of me like that again." Jungkook leans back on the couch. "When I met Sora again for the first time, she gave me the impression that she genuinely wanted to be part of Nabi's life again. So I thought why not give her a second chance? I thought maybe every thing could work out. Sora could move close by, Nabi could have both of her parents growing up. I wouldn't have issues with babysitting anymore," he lists, counting on his fingers all the problems that would have disappeared if Sora had simply stayed.
Jungkook's voice is small when he says, "We could have somewhat be a nuclear family for Nabi." He leans forward again. "I felt that Nabi would need that growing up. To have both parents around to keep her happy and not miss anything." Jungkook cocks his head, tongue in cheek. "And then she decided to leave." He emits a bitter exhale. "I guess I wanted too much and in the end I had nothing."
"Maybe she pretended and came back because she wanted you," you say.
"What do you mean?" Bewilderment contorts his face.
"Maybe she didn't care for Nabi," you explain, but Jungkook has his eyebrows tightly furrowed. "C'mon, Jungkook. I know you two had something going on."
"There was nothing." Jungkook shakes his head. "She stayed at my place because her motel had some issues with their rooms."
"So you let her sleep in your bed."
"Just a few times because I felt bad to make her sleep on the couch."
"In your clothes?"
"That was only once because her pyjamas were still drying after I had washed her clothes." Jungkook's eyes are big as he desperate tries to make you understand him.
You shrug. "If you say so." You believe him, but remain apathetic. Jungkook doesn't need to know that imagining him being with Sora again had hurt you a lot.
Silence lingers in the air before Jungkook breaks it.
"Y'know," he begins, lip piercing between his teeth again as he gathers his thoughts. "After Sora left I realised something." He pauses,  then, "Nabi doesn't need a perfect, nuclear family to grow up. I was in the believe that she needed that, but that's not true." Jungkook rubs his hands over his thighs. "It's okay if she has only me as a parent. She doesn't necessarily need a mum - a mother figure. At least " - His eyes flicker to you - "At least no biological mother."
Your heart topples over. Falling down down down into an endless hole with no return back. Dragging along your rational thoughts.
Oh, Jungkook.
But you force yourself to stay calm. "You really hurt me," you say.
"I'm sorry. For everything."
"I just don't understand why you couldn't be honest with me." You blink away tears. Exchanging a heartfelt conversation - that was due a long time ago - and exposing your raw feelings with Jungkook left you a little emotional. "Is that too much to ask for? After nine years of friendship, it's the least I expected from you, Jungkook."
"I was scared of what you'd think of my decision," he reveals. "I wanted you to think of me as a good father. I didn't want to hear you call me irresponsible again."
"There were reasons for the things I said," you remind him coldly. You didn't throw those terms around for no reason.
"I'm just telling you that's why I kept it from you that Sora came back into Nabi's life."
You huff. You're getting frustrated with Jungkook's tenuous excuses. "I can't believe that's why you decided to lie."
"Your words stuck with me," Jungkook says.
"I was just expressing my feelings back then. You kept dismissing my feelings and taking me for granted, Jungkook." You roll your eyes. "As long as you had talked to me and told me why you thought it was a good choice to bring Sora back, I wouldn't have said anything remotely close."
Just thinking of how badly Jungkook had treated you ignites anger in the pit of your stomach.
"Do you think I would have ever said anything if you had actually kept your promises?" You rise to your feet. "I was late for meetups and had to cancel plans because of you!" you reprimand. "Don't try to blame me for your botched decisions."
At that, Jungkook gets on his feet too. "I hate when you do this," he rejoins.
"Do what ?!" You throw your hands up in frustration.
"Put words in my mouth that I've never said!" A red flush spreads along his cheeks as he gets angrier. "I've never blamed you for anything, y/n. I know it's my fault. I know that I fucked everything up." Jungkooks eyebrows knit. "You're pulling the same shit you did a couple weeks ago. When you said you're not good enough."
You know exactly what he's referring to. That day is burned into you memory, even if you desperately try to forget it.
"I never said that you aren't enough for me, y/n. I said Sora's better than what I have at the moment because she has the same responsibility as I have. I know you tried to help me with Nabi, and I will be eternally grateful to you for that, but I needed someone permanently. And I can't ask that of you. I've already gone too far a few times," he says.
The angry crimson is still visible on his face. "So please, don't put words into my mouth I've never said!" Jungkook strides forward. "You are enough, y/n! You're the best thing that has ever happened to me and I fucking hate myself for hurting you and treating you the way I did."
He needs to stop. The things he says contradicts how you feel about him at the moment.
"Why are you doing this?!" you yell in annoyance.
"Because I love you!"
"Jungkook, I love you too, but I-"
Jungkook gathers your hands in his. The step he takes forward makes you close your mouth.
"I love you," he says.
Three words.
And yet so difficult to comprehend.
"I have feelings for you, y/n. I've fallen for you. Really fucking deep. And I can't allow you to give up on us because of a stupid mistake I made, because I need you." Jungkook clutches your hands tightly.
Your heart pounds against your chest. Your whole body feels numb. This is not how you imagined your conversation to go. This is not how you wanted it to go.
Your brain is rattling for a reply. But you come up empty-handed. You're speechless.
Jungkook doesn't mean it. You don't even doubt it. He can't possibly be speaking the truth right now. It's not possible.
You open your mouth. But no words flutter past your lips. Just a deep breath because you stopped breathing the moment he reached for your hands.
Jungkook stares at you. And you see the exact moment as the light goes out of his eyes, as the vulnerability gives way to the pain.
You can't do this.
Not now.
Not if you are overwhelmed by too many feelings swirling around inside you.
"Jungkook?" You twist your hands out of his grasp. "Can you leave, please?"
When the door shuts close you let your pent up tears stream down your cheeks.
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jeonverselol · 26 days ago
go ahead and cry (m) - jjk
a/n: this is purely a fic based on the song ‘daddy issues’ by the neighbourhood - probably great to listen to it first
summary: jungkook has commitment issues when it came to love and you are always ready to fall in love. you two want to be loved, and you’re ready to attach yourself but that’s what scares jungkook and he finally confronts all his fears.
genre: smut, angst | friends to lovers au | fratboy!kook x reader
word count: 3.6k
warnings: daddy issues lol, unprotected sex (don’t ever do that pls), cunnilingus, unhealthy coping mechanisms, squirting, overstimulation, fingering, public sex (sort of), exhibitionist kink (if you squint), praising, desperate kook, needy kook, jealousy, insecurities, crying scenes, emotional outbursts
Tumblr media
take you like a drug, i taste you on my tongue, you ask me what i'm thinking about, i tell you that i'm thinking about
“fuck, that feels so good,” you moaned out loud when jungkook’s tongue flicks your bud. he has been eating you out for an hour since he came over. his earlier text to you was a bit vague, just a “can i come over, need to talk.” you didn’t think much about it before replying a curt ‘sure’ and about half an hour later he pulled up, dressed up black jeans and a t-shirt inside and a jacket over it - he probably was out somewhere; and his face tells you he’s been drinking.
when you opened the door, he did not try to hide the fact that he was undressing you with his eyes the moment he saw you in your tank top and shorts, the breeze filled the silence of the night, hardening your nipples in an instant, buds peeking through the cotton fabric. “what did you wanna talk ab-“ your sentence was cut off with him lunging towards you and picking you up, foot closing the door before pinning you against it.
“need you first,” there was a sense of plea in his voice, something you can’t quite place. it wasn’t unusual for jungkook to come over to yours whenever he wanted. you wouldn’t call yourself fuck buddies, and friends with benefits might be the closest label but then again you two had never hooked up that much to reap much benefits to call it so. it all happened spontaneously, like right now.
it started about 8 months ago, with a drunken kiss. you and jungkook had always been friends since the start of university, hanging out with the same group of friends but probably not extremely close to be called best friends, but close friends, nonetheless. it was during a truth or dare game in a frat party that jungkook admitted you were the hottest person in the party, and during a little tour in his room your lips met his and never felt like leaving. fast forward a month later he had you alone in his room again, attempts of a movie right gone futile when a full-blown fucking session occurred the whole night. after that incident, the two of you never made the attempt to establish anything but have repeated the incident a handful of times, no explanation, just spontaneously.
which is what led you to your thighs spread out hanging on his shoulders right now. “oh my god, that feels so fucking good,” your eyes rolled back as he started to insert his tongue into your folds. you must have came about four times already because you were extra sensitive. “could eat this pussy all day.” he drove in like starved man, tongue darting in and out of your walls. he was still fully clothed and you were stark naked, something about it made you feel timid yet you loved the power play that ensued. he started to suck your clit and your whimpers became screams as you buck your hips to his face. “come on give me what i want baby, cum on my tongue again.” he was groaning at this point. he seemed angry for some reason, but also desperate.
“yes yes yes like that kook,” your palms went to your bare breasts to tug your nipples, adding to the stimulation and the waves your shock your lower half is going to get. he inserted two fingers into your sensitive folds, curling his fingertips upwards in a come-hither motion. this got you spreading your legs wider than before and his free hand came to hold your thigh down. “pussy so fucking good i could cum just by having a meal here.” he never failed to hide how desperate he was for you whenever you two had these encounters. he was shamelessly grinding on the floor, seemed to be eagerly chasing his release as well. “fuck i’m cumming!” you let out a high pitched moan before coming undone on his fingers and tongue for the fifth time tonight. “mm baby doll if you keep making those sounds i’m gonna cum in my pants.”
“cum inside me baby, just slip inside,” you were sensitive but you didn’t wanna leave him hanging. “fuck you’re desperate aren’t you baby girl, i’ll give it to you, i’ll give you what you want,” he stood up and discarded every piece of clothing he had. his hard cock sprang free from his boxers and the tip was red and angry. he stroked himself a few times before aligning his tip against your entrance.
whatever you're thinking about, tell me something that i'll forget, and you might have to tell me again, it's crazy what you'll do for a friend
“you need me don’t you baby, tell me how much you need me, tell me and i’ll give it to you,” his commands were domineering but laced with desperation. jungkook needed you to constantly tell him that you needed him. “fuck me kook, fuck me hard.” you spread your legs for him, folds glistening with your essence and his saliva. you two moaned in unison as jungkook pushed himself into you. “that’s right baby, whose pussy is this hm? tell me who gives it to you good.” he was fucking into you hard and relentlessly. “yours! fuck, only you fuck me good!”
“don’t need anyone else don’t you, always so fucking good to me, the best pussy in the world,” his thumb came down and rubbed your puffy clit harsh, sending you into jolts of sensation. “so fucking good jungkook!” he lifted your leg and folded it to your chest while the other occupied itself on your clit. his dick was hitting new angles and with how sensitive you were, it was getting too much. “fuck, too sens- too sensitive,” you were writhing in his hold, tears escaping the brim of your eyes.
go ahead and cry, little girl, nobody does it like you do. i know how much it matters to you. i know that you got daddy issues
“shh, don’t cry little girl, i’m gonna make you feel so good… shh,” his thumb came up to wipe your tear away before continuing his assault on your clit. “that’s right baby, give it to me, i’ll make you feel so good, don’t move away, don’t move away from me,” he pounded into you harder and you feel your orgasm slowly building up again, this time you knew you were gonna cum harder than before. “don’t… don’t stop kook, keep going.” you relaxed in his hold once again, a sight jungkook was thriving on. “told you baby girl, shh, just trust me, i’ll give you everything, i won’t disappoint you you know me right? i won’t hurt you,” at this point you’re not sure if his words were a reflection of his desperation for you or something else but you were not going to question it. 
a hard thrust from jungkook caused you to scream in ecstasy and as he pulled himself completely out you as you were gushing onto him. “that’s right! fuck yeah you’re a sin baby, my angel baby,” jungkook was always an oxymoron, he loved things that were bad for him and when something good happens he thinks something might be wrong – exhibit A right now.
and if you were my little girl, i'd do whatever i could do, i'd run away and hide with you, i know that you got daddy issues, and i do too
he pushed himself back in and with a few thrusts, you felt spurts of hot liquid coating your walls and his face rested on the crook of your neck. after seconds, he slowly pulled out of you and before you could open your mouth, he went towards the pile of his clothes. you were about to be disappointed, thinking he was going to leave but he fished out a box of cigarettes and a lighter. he brought one to his lips before lighting it up, taking a long drag. he put on his boxers and darted to the balcony of your room, sitting on the rattan chair you just bought a few days ago. silence ensued the room.
i tried to write your name in the rain, but the rain never came, so i made with the sun, the shade
you were used to jungkook being like this. he was always unreadable but then it was very obvious if something was bothering him. you opted to put his shirt on and head out to see him, hoping to get some words from him. as you came out, jungkook’s eyes darted towards you, mouth agape as he sees you in his shirt, a soft smile etched to his lips and you mirror this. 
he tugs your arm and you sit on his lap. his smile fades as he takes his next drag, before sending you into a coughing fit. he hears this and immediately presses the bud on the floor. “sorry i’ll clean that later. and i’m sorry, i know you hate the smell of it.” he soothes your arms and brings you closer to him.
always comes at the worst time, you ask me what i'm thinking about, i tell you that i'm thinking about
“it’s okay. what are you thinking about?” you ask him, and he knows you’re seeking for a proper answer. he sighs. “just about everything, you know how it is.” at this point he was trying to divert the issue, forgetting that he came here to talk about it in the first place.
“you can tell me anything, you know that right?” you gave him a kiss in the cheek for reassurance. you knew something’s bothering him, in fact something had always been bothering him since the first time you two met. he was a hard book to read, but easy person to help. even though you knew you and jungkook were friends – more than friends less than lovers, you could see through him. it took you some time to realise his love language was words of affirmation.
“you’re gonna tell me what’s bothering you baby,” he darts his eyes to you, you never called him endearing names outside of bed. your eyes were telling him something, and he thinks he’s read you enough to know that you’re not gonna leave him in times of despair. “i’ll be here to help you get through it.” he looks to the front, his arms circling your waist to bring you closer to his chest. “i don’t know y/n, is there something wrong with me? i’m constantly afraid.” he didn’t even need to spell it out for you, you knew where this was going.
whatever you're thinking about, tell me something that i'll forget, and you might have to tell me again, it's crazy what you'll do for a friend
there was no denying that jungkook had a reputation, one that probably would not sit well with parents who would want to protect their daughters from harm’s way. while jungkook isn’t necessarily harm’s way, he isn’t the best person to be with either. he’s tried out relationships but it’s never worked out. he’d chicken out and either ghost the poor girl or just let himself engross in the life of no strings attached, when he clearly wants his strings attached. he’s stuck in a limbo, knowing that he has issues of commitment yet desperately wants to pour out his all for only one person. his biggest fear is that they would leave him, considering he’s made a mess of himself and his life, and he is not even sure whether he’s going to feel content with anyone. he wants stability but is afraid to give it. he wants eternal love but is scared of commitment. he wants to give someone his all but is afraid of them taking it and leaving halfway because he’s too much to handle. you knew where his fear stemmed from, and it’s no denying that it was hard to get him to overcome it. in recent times, he’s began to embrace that he has strong feelings for you but kept building this invisible wall inside him.
“you just know how it is baby,” his voice was timid, and you felt the urge to tell him it’s okay, it’s alright, it’s not going to happen to you – what came out was just a sigh from you, and you hugged him, fully enveloping your arms around him, planting a kiss on his head.
go ahead and cry, little girl, nobody does it like you do, i know how much it matters to you, i know that you got daddy issues
“you need to know that nothing’s gonna happen to you once you open your heart up kook,” your voice was soft. you traced your finger around his tattooed arm and his biceps flexed. “i want to,” his statement sounded like a plea, almost saying i want to give you the world, but don’t hurt me. ironically, his reputation of a fuckboy was the unhealthiest coping mechanism of his fear of monogamy, to hide his fear of loving and not loved back in the same magnitude. but you were not going to feed that into his thoughts anymore. “you know i love you don’t you kook?” you stated, whispering into the crown of his head. it was as clear as day that the two of you had feelings for one another, feelings that go beyond the bedroom but you knew that he was never gonna let his guard down.
“i love you, so much, y/n.” this time, you could feel him tearing up but you didn’t budge. you let him. “i want to give you everything, i want to always protect you; i will do everything i can to make you happy,” his voiced strained, almost as if he had been choking in his words for some time. “i’ll give you my all, i want to just… fuck, i’ll do everything you want me to, just…” this time he looked up at you, and your heart clenched at the sight of his tearful eyes. you felt yourself tear up too.
he knew you wanted him; he knew you wanted stability. the moment he saw you crying one night after getting dumped by your ex, you poured your heart out to him, detailing how you only wanted to be cared for, but your ex felt that you were ‘high maintenance’ and that you were demanding. all you wanted was to be loved. you overworked yourself most of the time, you had a family to care for, you were mentally exhausted all the time and your only escape was hoping that someone would love you the way you loved everyone and sacrificed yourself for everyone. you were the type to seek solace in your significant other, that was your coping mechanism and possible happy place, and jungkook knew that. he wanted to give you that.
and if you were my little girl, i'd do whatever i could do, i'd run away and hide with you, i know that you got daddy issues
his love for you soon grew into desperation. there were many times that he wanted to tell you that he would be on his knees for you if you wanted him to. he was yours for a long time, but to get you to be his, he was fearful. fearful that he would disappoint you, and that would mean a lifelong of regret for him. he wanted to give you the life you wanted, but he hated the anxiety within him. he was just as fearful as you.
he tried forgetting you, forgoing the idea of pursuing anything romantic with you but you were like a drug to him. you became the air he breathed in, the warmth of your body became his home, the sound of your voice became his sound of comfort.
i keep on trying to let you go, i'm dying to let you know, how i'm getting on, i didn't cry when you left at first, but now that you're dead it hurts
he tried distancing himself, ghosted you for two weeks. he thought he made progress but he couldn’t handle the sight of other men around you. he just knew that they were not able to love you as much as he loved you. you needed to know that you needed him and him only, forget everyone else. and who was he to deny the fact that he needed you? he was down bad. in a drunken fit at one of the frat parties, he remembered lunging across the living room floor just to yank you away from this guy who seemed to be new, because everyone knew you were off limits – even though you weren’t his girlfriend. he was toxic like that. the poor boy was trying his luck for sure but to no avail. at least he didn’t get punched in the face by jungkook just like another guy did two months ago.
“get your hands off of my girl,” he hissed at the guy before dragging you away, heading upwards to his room. you tried to pry your hands off of him but his grip was strong, jaw clenched and you knew he was seething. “what the fuck jungkook?”
it wasn’t the first time jungkook displayed his jealousy and became territorial in public. deep down he was insecure, afraid you might find what you wanted in someone else because he wasn’t able to give it to you at that moment. he told himself in due time he would let his insecurities go but time seemed to be ticking and his insides were tumbling with fear every time anyone attempted to hit on you. he couldn’t do it yet - commitment; but one thing for sure was he needed you. if he couldn’t convince you about that yet, the least he could do is scare everyone else away. he knew it was selfish of him, an unhealthy obsession if you will. but he was too scared to love you, and he was even more scared that you will never measure up to his love for you. he needed love, so badly.
he slammed the door shut before throwing you on the bed and climbing onto you. his breath reeked of alcohol and cigarettes. he held your jaw tightly before inching is face closer to yours. “i don’t like you being near other men.” his eyes were dark and raging, but if you looked longer, it falters into sadness and pure pain.
“you’re not my boyfriend,” that was the first time you said it and he felt a pang in his heart. it was a sensitive topic for both of you and you knew it but it had to be said. “i’ll show you who i am to you by the end of the night,” he dived straight into your lips and that was the first time he made love to you, and needless to say, you knew who he was to you. he was yours, and you were his.
this time i gotta know, where did my daddy go? i'm not entirely here, half of me has disappeared
fast forward to the current situation, the two of you met each other’s tearful gazes and he can’t help but inch forward to kiss you.
“please let me be yours,” he pleaded in between kisses. “you always have been, kook,” the kisses became fiercer, and your bodies moulded together as you melt into each other.
“i love you so fucking much, i don’t want it to be like this anymore.” he was determined this time to show you he was going to commit. you knew it was hard for him, considering he grew up idolising his dad and the love his dad showed his mother, until one day he came home and saw her crying for the first time – his dad no where to be seen, just a single ‘i’m sorry’ carved into a torn up paper, held down by a paperweight made from several books. that was the last memory he had of him.
that was the first time jungkook felt what heartbreak was and he never recovered from it. that was the first time he feared loving someone and being loved. he never wanted to feel what his mother felt, and feared the ability to hurt someone like how his dad did.
go ahead and cry, little boy, you know that your daddy did too, you know what your mama went through, you gotta let it out soon, just let it out
“show me how much you love me jungkook, right here,” the balcony was dark, the view in front of you only showed the city street lights. there was barely  anyone at this hour, not to mention you lived in the 10th floor. “i’ll show you baby, fuck i’ll show you everything.” his fingers grazed down to your uncovered folds, which was already dripping in essence. the two of you were insatiable when the chance arose and this time was no exception.
he played with your clit, rubbing in slow and fast motions. you instinctively spread out your legs and he inserted two fingers in, lips still attached to yours. “fuck, so fucking good,” you moaned and his boxers started to feel tight.
“sit on me baby,” he lowered his boxers a little, spread his thighs further on your rattan armchair and took out his hard cock. you faced him this time, eagerly sliding into him with ease, and started to bounce on him. “that’s right baby girl, show everyone who you belong to, who’s the only one that makes you feel this good.”
you stifled your moans by hiding your face in the crook of his neck, your arms wrapped out him as you continued to bounce on him. he left wet kisses on your shoulders before he started to piston his hips upwards, fucking you just as much you were fucking him. he brought his thumb over to your clit and you felt your orgasm building up. “gonna cum baby,” you whined and jungkook increased his pace. moments later, your walls started to contract from the stimulation as your orgasm washes over you. jungkook unloads into you before kissing your neck.
“i love you so much.” he looks into your eyes. “i want this, please,” his tears pooling in his eyes again, his brown irises shaking behind the liquid barrier. “i want this so much, forever,” the fear slowly escaped his eyes in the form of tear droplets. “forever, always, don’t leave me.” 
go ahead and cry, little girl, nobody does it like you do, i know how much it matters to you, i know that you got daddy issues
“i love you too, so much,” you nodded and mirrored his expressions. “forever and always, together,” and for the first time ever, he felt that spark of reassurance that what you said was true, and he finally let you in. and you found solace in the place you craved for, his heart.
and if you were my little girl, i'd do whatever i could do, i'd run away and hide with you, i know that you got daddy issues, and i do too
if you were my little girl, i'd do whatever i could do, i'd run away and hide with you, i know that you got daddy issues, and i do too
a/n: okay this was sad but good to write
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writeformesinpie · 21 days ago
Late Night Assignment
CEO Jungkook x Fem!Reader 
Summary - Your boss asks you to stay late even though he knows you have a date. Things end up getting heated. 
Genre - Office AU/Smut 
Warnings - Smut, flirting, slight degradation and name calling, vaginal sex, nipple play, language, teasing, unprotected sex, cream pie, etc  
Word Count - 2.7k
Tag List - @kpoptrashlord-007 @justanotherstarlightmonger
A/N - Oops, this was meant to be posted for Jungkook’s birthday - I’m only a couple of days late
Tumblr media
    Desperate taps against the keyboard. Stolen glances at the computer's clock. A quick wave with a tight smile as your last coworker bids you farewell.
    You shouldn’t be here. It’s already too late. One more email and you’ll pack up.
    Nimble fingers glide across the table, one hand typing out your final salutation as the other digs into the drawer. Hooking a finger around the strap of your handbag, you press send and watch as your message disappears, on its way to another company, someone else’s problem.
    “There you are.”
    Your thumb hovers in front of the power button, your body leaning across the desk to reach it. Resisting the urge to run you instead take a deep breath of the office’s stale air. Closing your eyes tight, you compose yourself.
    “I wonder if you could help me figure out the Johnson case.”
    “The Johnson case?”
    Sitting back down you swivel in the black chair to face your boss. He’s smiling. Of course he’s smiling – he’s always smiling. His slicked back hair has loosened from the product he used this morning, his dark waves tumbling free to sweep across his face, giving him a more relaxed look.
    “Yeah, I need someone to bounce some ideas against.”
    “I can’t tonight. I told you I have a date.”
    “Oh?” There’s a flicker of amusement in his eyes before his face stills into a frown. “Was that tonight?”
    He knows it’s tonight; you told him last week and you reminded him this morning that you needed to leave on time. Why is he acting like this now when just this morning he seemed so uninterested in the whole conversation? It’s just like him to change his mind at the last minute. Something tickles at the corner of his brain about the advertisement mere hours before the company is due to arrive for the scheduled presentation leaving destruction in his wake. Every hand on deck. Or worse, when much like tonight, he decides to change something right before you’re about to log out for the weekend.
    “Well, I’m sure he won’t mind waiting.”
    “Who said it was a he?”
    Jungkook gives you a onceover before letting his eyes focus on your face, his features tight and unforgiving. “I’m sure they won’t mind waiting.”
    “Are you seriously asking this of me right now?” There’s no point in asking, he’s already turning away, beckoning you with a flick of his wrist, not bothering to turn and see if you’re following. You punch the air a few times with tight balled fists before pulling out your phone and sending a message of sincere regret. The career you fought so hard to obtain is destroying your dating life. If you don’t leave this job soon you may very well end up a spinster.
    Dragging your feet, you take your time, dawdling towards Jungkook’s office. Pushing the door all the way open you waddle over to the furthest chair with a pout on your lips, resigning to sulk until he finally lets you go home. What a waste of a Friday night.
    “You don’t have to stay if you really don’t want to.” When you shoot up and take a step towards the door, he continues, “I guess I’ll just do it myself. All alone. It’ll take twice as long but that’s fine.”
    This time you give in to your inner urges, your eyes rolling so dramatically you’re afraid they might pop out of your skull. Shuffling closer you sit in the chair in front of his desk, grabbing the file and browsing its contents.
    “What do you need? It looks like everything is in order,” you say as you turn the last few pages. It looks like it’s been read at least fifty times, the pages creased with a few coffee stains littering the crisp white paper.
    “So what’s this date of yours like?”
    “Excuse me?”
    “What does he do? How long have you been talking?”
    Your knotted brows ease as you realise what this is all about. “Are you jealous?”
    “Jealous? Of course not,” he says leaning back, arms crossed in front of his chest as he snuggles into the plush chair. “I just wanted to make sure you’re not dating some loser.”
    “Oh? You’re worried about me?” you tease, a smirk adorning your lips.
    “Worried about the company. It’s inconvenient to have to deal with the mess that comes from a bad relationship. Or worse, a good one.”
    “What mess comes from a good relationship?”
    “Marriage. Taking time off from work for the honeymoon. Then children usually follow and that’s maternity leave. You might as well just be a stay-at-home mother at that point.”
    “What?” You laugh and shake your head. Is he being serious?
    “Kids are always getting sick. They carry viruses. They’re practically a walking disease. If you’re not taking off time for them you’ll be taking time off for yourself. Years of illnesses and for what?”
    “A life changing experience filled with joy, unconditional love and new life lessons?”
    “No. After 18 years–no, let's be serious, these days it’s well into the 20’s–after all that time and effort you put into raising and loving them they just up and leave. After all that sacrifice you are simply abandoned.”
    “That’s what the spouse is for.”
    “Unless they leave, too? Probably for a newer model.”
    “A newer model? What are we, cars?” Scrunching up your face, you lean over and pat him on the shoulder. “Who hurt you?”
    He looks from you to your hand (now rubbing his shoulder) then back to your face, his fierce eyes betraying his poker face. Dropping your hand, you ease onto the edge of his desk in an awkward attempt to make yourself look relaxed. Instead your skirt ends up tangling up under your butt, the fabric pulled tight against your thighs, leaving nothing to the imagination. As you try to pull your skirt back down to an acceptable length in a nonchalant way you rock back and forth and end up knocking a stack of papers off of the desk.
    Jumping to the floor on your hands and knees, your arms flailing out in every direction, you scramble to collect the paperwork, jumbled in a puzzle of white. You have the worst luck. Jungkook clicks his teeth behind you as you mumble an apology and start the tedious process of piecing the piles back together.
    After a few moments, while wondering why Jungkook isn’t at least pretending to help, you sneak a look over your shoulder. Heat licks your cheeks and you snap your hand back around, pulling on your skirt. How could you be so stupid? The silky material of your skirt got caught up as you jumped to the floor exposing god only knows what to your boss. The way his eyes bore into yours with a distinct glimmer of lust makes you think he may have caught a glimpse of your lacy thong underneath.
    Scooping the last pile of paper together the heat of embarrassment spreads from your face to your core as you remember the look on his face. Raw. Animalistic. What is he thinking? It takes every ounce of your self respect not to turn and crawl towards him.
    The second hand ticks louder than before, bringing your attention to the large moon-shaped clock up on the wall. You’ve been here for only fifteen minutes yet it feels like an eternity.
    Standing you mutter, “Excuse me,” under your breath as you place the last stack back on the table. Refusing to look at him you instead hang your head as you continue, “Well, if that's all…”
    “You’re leaving already? But we haven’t even started.”
    “I think that’s enough humiliation for today,” you say, trudging towards the door.
    Before you can reach it however, you hear the familiar sound of paper plopping against the ground. With a snap of the neck you turn back towards Jungkook’s desk, your feet carrying you to the scene of the crime before you realise something. You were nowhere near the table when the new mishap happened and judging from Jungkook’s lazy grin as he continues to lean back in the office chair either was he.
    “Did you do that on purpose?” you ask from your half-squat position. Standing, you take a step back as he does the same, his steps quicker than your own, each stride bringing him closer until he is close enough to touch.
    “And what if I did?” His brow lifts on the last word as you back into the wall behind you. “Do you think I don’t notice your pitifully obvious attempts to catch my attention?”
    “What do you mean?” you practically scoff, turning your head to look away from him.
    “The slutty outfits.”
    “Slutty outfits! What outfits?”
    “The way you sashay around the office.”
    “We call that walking where I come from.”
    “The intoxicating perfume you adorn yourself with,” he says, his fingers twisting around your wrist to hold you in place as he leans close, his lips against your neck. “Every scent you wear is more exhilarating than the last.”
    His fingers dig into your flesh as he litters light kisses up your throat that leave a trail of fire against your skin, the rough and sweet a certain torture to your erratic heartbeat. A heartbeat that echoes under his very touch.
    This isn’t how you imagined him finally making his move. The slutty outfits, the tempting struts around the office, the scents. You had started to think he wasn’t interested. Who would’ve thought all it would take for him to notice was giving up?
    “Do you like it?”
    “Hmm?” His fingers entwine with yours above your head as he nibbles on your ear.
    “Today's perfume.”
    “I can’t get enough,” he says, a sly grin on his face as his fingers trace down the length of your arms. “You smell like spicy whipped cream. I want to take my time tasting every single inch of you but I can’t stand not having you another moment.”
    His teeth dig into your neck and you moan out from the pleasure and pain. Lifting you up he carries you over to his desk, leaning you against the edge as he shoves everything to the ground with a carnal growl. Papers flutter in the air and before you can fret about how long it’s going to take to get everything back in order your back knocks up against the cool mahogany wood beneath you.
    Agile fingers make quick work of your blouse. With a quick inhale of breath he takes a moment to drink you in as his hands explore your exposed skin. Your nipples perk up both due to his touch and the chilled breeze swirling down from the vent above Jungkook’s desk.
    “Is it always this cold here?”
    “I’ll warm you up,” he murmurs against your chest, one hand snaking under your skirt while the other cups your breast. While sucking on the supple skin, his fingers find your panties, damp and clinging to your throbbing cunt. His tongue glides across the rim of your nipple before rolling it gently between his teeth.
    Arching your back you grind your pussy against his fingers. Desperate for more you push against the constricting fabric as far as you can. He drags your lace thong down to your ankles and leaves them dangling on one foot as he turns his attention back to your core. His fingers trace messages against your clit as he continues to dine on your swollen breasts.
    “Stop teasing me, Kookie,” you moan the words, ignoring his raised brow as he kisses his way up the middle of your chest. “Just fuck me already.”
    “Patience is a virtue, beautiful.”
    “I don’t want to be virtuous,” you say, shifting back and forth under him. He pulls his fingers out from under your skirt and you let out a whine.
    “Suck,” he commands, his fingers hover in front of your mouth. Parting your lips he slips them inside. Your tongue glides against his digits a few times before you clamp down sucking on them like they’re an ice block. Almost as delicious. “Good girl.”
    Pulling them back he ignores your pout, shoving his hand back between your thighs. Biting your bottom lip you watch as he slips one of his fingers inside. Slow. Controlled. He has the power and he refuses to let it go. Not that you mind. You try to keep your eyes glued to his but by the time he slides in the third finger you’re writhing under his touch, the cool air from the vent no longer enough to keep the heat building between you at bay.
    “It’s okay, baby, you can come.”
    “No,” you sob, the pleasure continuing to build as he quickens the pace of his fingers. “No, I want you inside. I want to come with you.”
    He pulls out his fingers with a chuckle, the slick sound of your excitement quickly followed by the clinking sound of his belt buckle and the pull of his zipper. He stares down at you licking his fingers with a hum, his dick nuzzling up against your pussy before he pulls back. Before you can complain his lips are on yours, his hands in your hair pulling you closer. Bruising kisses follow tiny nips then his tongue dances along your lips before he pushes inside you, his full girth filling every inch of your cunt.
    “Oh my God,” you sputter out the words and it comes out distorted as he sucks on your bottom lip. He doesn’t give you time to adjust before he thrusts his hips against yours, his thick cock propelling deep within your tight walls.
    The musky smell of his sweat combined with the sweet aroma of his cologne fills the room as the sound of skin on skin rebounds off the walls. Sweat trickles down the back of your neck as his pace quickens. Raking your nails up the bulging muscles of his arms you toss your head back and forth unable to utter a word. Breathless.
    Savage hunger burns inside as you buck your hips up in time to meet his. Frantic desire fills you to the core, seeping out of every pore. It’s not enough. You want him to fill you more.
    “Don’t you dare stop,” you say, the words practically a growl from between clenched teeth. He smirks down at you but he doesn’t stop, instead his pace increases. He drills deep inside, each thrust eliciting a guttural moan.
    Curling toes and fingers digging into the taut flesh of his shoulders hint at your climax and somehow he hastens the velocity of his movements. You blink away tears as your body erupts into liquid fire, a demonic spark of pure ecstasy rippling waves of fire across your skin.
    You allow yourself to drown in the pleasure as your body jerks in unison with Jungkook’s soothing movements. His cock throbs and pulses inside of you, his body tensing as he cages you within. He rocks back and forth a few more times before he relaxes against you, pinning you under him. Panting you wrap your arm across his back and kiss his neck, the smell of his skin easing you back into a comfortable rhythm.
    “That was hot,” you purr against his ear, raking your fingers through his black waves. The mess on the floor catches your eyes and you make a move to get up.
    “Where do you think you’re going?” You motion towards the paperwork and office supplies scattered across the floor. “Leave it.”
    “It won’t take long to–”
    “It’ll just end up back on the floor again,” he says, his lips trailing across your neck down your throat.
    “Are you trying to fuck me until I can’t stand?”
    “I like the sound of that,” he says, a grin spreading across his face. He pushes his cock back inside with ease causing both his come and your previous arousal to drip down your cunt. “But don’t worry, I can carry you to my car when we’re done.”
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Hiii I would like to request #40 from hands with #26, 28 from Kisses and #42 from touching. Thank you 😊
Tumblr media
pairing: idol!jungkook x reader
summary: jungkook spends a long night with his favourite person.
genre: mentions of alcohol intake, fluff :D
wc: 1.1k
summary: dw anonie i got your ask saying you wanted this with koo 😊 the prompts are "giggling while kissing" and "neck kisses" and "braiding the other’s hair" and "letting go when there is an obstacle in their way and immediately grabbing each other’s hand again when they pass it" pls follow the guidelines if you're requesting ^^ i spiraled idk what this is, my bad. pretty is said too many times, tell me another adjective for koo pls >.<
Tumblr media
"shhh, you'll wake bamie!"
"bamie is at my mummy's!"
you both laugh at the sudden realisation, intertwined fingers swinging back and forth.
"need to lock the door, koo."
jungkook whines from the loss of contact and hugs you from the back, sniffing your neck and praising you about your choice of perfume for the night. your hands are almost immediately back together, helping each other out of your coats and shoes.
giddy from the alcohol and the vibes of the young night, jungkook reminsces of the perfectly grilled meat he had a few hours back.
"let's invest in a home grill, bro. we can have chicken galbi everyday and also get our protein in."
"sure thing, bro." you have absolutely no intentions of getting your protein intake but you'll take anything your pretty boyfriend makes. he's one of the best cooks you know, after all.
your hazy mind somehow remembers the small note you made in the taxi while coming back home, getting yourselves a tall glass of chill water.
jungkook's sat on his new couch (the mattress has gone into a spare room, much to the chagrin of you), spaced out and doe eyes focusing on a random spot on the wall.
"i want ramen, baby," he mumbles and his eyes are immediately on you, like he knew you were next to him, "hello, you!"
you shake your head, upset you can't fulfill one of his midnight cravings. "hello, you! you can't have gluten anything, remember what the doc said?" he pulls you closer to him, silently grateful to you keeping him check always.
"thank," peck "you," peck "for, hey let me finish!"
you start giggling at his sudden numerous kisses, cheeks turning a dusty pink. "hehe," you laugh gleefully and squish his cheeks, "thank you for everything, roundie" you say sincerely, glass of water long abandoned on the teak side table. (don't ask, jungkook 3.0 gives you whiplash every 5 seconds)
"roundie? that's new. what happened to koo? i liked koo, baby."
"you're koo and roundie and baby and boba ball and so much more, i love you."
"i love you more and no, i love you mostest."
you scrunch your nose at his wrong superlative, letting it slide for once. he considers you his strict english teacher, mentally shaking his head at the memory of you trying to teach the difference between your and you're to him and taehyung.
"oooh, water. let's have water!" you giggle at his americanized accent while pronouncing water, courtesy of the countless sitcoms and pass him the cold glass. he chugs half the glass, urging you to have the rest.
jungkook buries his face in your neck while you choose a random show to watch, to simply serve as background noise.
"how about how i met your mother?"
"my brain too slow now, choose something simpler,"
"i can't break my head over rachel and ross now, gimme something else!"
"brooklyn nine-nine? the office?"
"i finished both last week, hehe."
you glance at jungkook, slight glare directed his way. it melts when you meet his crescent eyes and you comply when he says, "let's watch something to do with cake!" you put on a show with an over-enthusiastic host, both of you wincing at the increase in volume.
you snuggle into your human heater, arms wrapped tightly around him. you can feel his slow and content breaths on your neck, absentmindedly giving you tiny pecks. you twist and squirm at the ticklish feeling, alas, the strong arms around you would never let you go.
Tumblr media
"there we go, all clean!"
jungkook throws the cotton pad which he had put toner on, patting your cheeks.
"aigoo, so cute."
"i want to sleep, roundie."
"sleep with a side of cuddles, coming right up but we forget something."
you looks at him, sleepy eyes blinking at him, what could you have possibly forgotten now? you brushed your teeth, drank another glass of water and removed your makeup.
"i can't have you complaining about knots in your hair tomorrow baby, let's tie that up!"
you nod, agreeing with him, "pass me a scrunchie, the black one matches with pjs," long, tattooed fingers reach for the silky scrunchie but he hesitates to give it to you.
"what's wrong? did it tear again?" you ask, lips turning downwards at another fallen soldier. he shakes his head, "i want to do it, teach me?"
"of course!" you turn around and part your in 3 bunches, carefully explaining to plait it neatly. "honestly, it doesn't matter if it's neat or messy. i just want-" "your bangs out of your face, got it."
you smile up at him, which prompts him to sneak a small spiderman kiss, smiling at your adorable, sleepy self. "here we go," jungkook mumbles to himself, deft fingers plaiting your hair and humming a random melody.
"all done," he turns you around and fixes your hair, kneeling infront of you to be face-to-face. you swear you can see your reflection in his ever sparkly eyes. "you look pretty," jungkook cups your face, pecking your lips in the most adorable way ever.
"you look prettier, koo," you assure him, long strands slipping through your fingers when you comb through his hair.
"did you put serum?"
"on our faces? yes. on our hair? no..." jungkook pouts, slightly bummed at missing a step in your night routine.
"its okay, my love, let's get to the sleeping part, now please?" jungkook effortlessly carries you to your side of the bed, leaning over you to switch off the yellow light which had been adorning your faces.
the moonlight does justice to your lover, decorating his tan skin, making him seem more ethereal than ever. he settles on your chest, sighing in content at the sound of your beating heart.
"your hair's long enough to make a dutch braid," you mumble, fingers combing through his silky hair. "what was that, my love?" jungkook asks, fingers under your t-shirt and tracing lovesick patterns into your skin.
"a dutch braid, for your hair koo."
"do it then, squishy," his tattooed hand reaches out for your cheeks, squishing them and leaning up to kiss your pouting lips. you push his head back on your chest and play around with his hair, suddenly concentrated to make the prettiest braid for the prettiest boy you know.
"koo, look, i-" you're cut off by a sudden snore, his large hands still on your waist. you don't mind the dead weight, akin to a weighted blanket except it's your own boyfriend.
you let go of the braid, trusting your roundie would demand to see one in the morning. you take this as a cue to follow his footsteps, slowly slipping to dreamland.
Tumblr media
pt time: @armys-dna ; @joondiary ; @soobhyun ; @shatzkrinslinzki ; @highly-functioning-mitochondria ; @taegisms ; @cherishoshi
Tumblr media
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borathae · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
“Jungkook has been your best friend ever since he can remember. You have been Jungkook’s best friend ever since you can remember. The two of you share every secret and ever since high school you even share an apartment. One day Jungkook confesses his probably biggest secret to you. He is a virgin and hellbound on changing that. Together you make up a plan on getting him laid. Problem is, you are pretty sure that you are head over heels in love with him.”
Pairing: Artist!Jungkook x Painter!Reader 
Genre: bf2l!AU, Roommates to Lovers!AU, Romance, Fluff, Smut 
Warnings: so much yearning in the beginning, unrequited feelings but are they really?, lotsa plot, virgin!Jungkook, shy!Koo, experienced!Reader, loss of virginity, oil massages, boobie fondling, oral (m. & f.recieving), fingering, multiple orgasms (m.recieving), protected sex, Kookie tries to dirty talk but is a lil clumsy with it, it’s so endearing :(, he is also so eager to learn, this is just pure feel good smut
Wordcount: 20.2k
a/n: This was not supposed to escalate to such lengths but it did and I know it’s long, but please give it a chance I promise you it is so, so worth it! Also sidenote: with each Jungkook I create I think that this is my peak and yet each time I prove myself wrong and cry because Jungkook is the sweetest man and you can’t convince me otherwise 😔🤍 
~ To Index ~
Tumblr media
"I know one!" Jimin exclaims, lifting his hand. 
"Go ahead", Yoongi allows him. 
"Okay so, it's gonna be easy because we need to get this party started and we can’t keep not drinking booze. So", he takes a deep breath, "never have I ever made out with someone." 
"Dude that's so easy", Taehyung says, taking a sip. 
One by one they all take a sip, shaking their heads in disbelief of how easy Jimin’s was. You take a sip as well. 
Sudden silence. All of you stare at one person in the room. 
Red cheeked and fidgeting, he hasn’t taken a sip yet. 
He looks up for only a second then looks at his lap. 
"Did you-", Seokjin starts only to be interrupted by Jimin. 
"Never have I ever kissed someone." 
One by one you all lift your cups to your lips to drink. Everyone except Jungkook, who is lowering his head even more. 
"No way", Jimin murmurs, "you didn’t even kiss?"
"N-no?" he stutters.
"Not even for a second, like a little mwuah?"
Jungkook shakes his head. 
"Not even a peck? An accidental brush of lips?" 
"W-why is this so important?" Jungkook stutters, cheeks beet red and eyes glassy. He always gets glassy eyes when he is embarrassed. One time he even cried, you felt really bad for him when that happened.
"It's not, I just figured that you kissed someone before." 
"Yeah well", he lowers his eyes again, "I didn’t." 
The silence which follows is heavy in awkwardness. Hoseok coughs. Namjoon clears his throat loudly. 
"Anyways!" you say, "I have the next one. Never have I ever stolen something." 
You hope that this would be enough to shift their attention. It is. 
"It was gum, I was ten", Yoongi says, taking a sip. 
"I stole pens from school", Taehyung admits and drinks. 
"Dude I just straight up forgot to take it out of my bag", you say and take a sip. 
Namjoon also drinks but he doesn’t give any further information. 
"Never have I ever punched someone", Seokjin says next. 
Only Jungkook drinks. 
"Seriously dude? You've never kissed someone before but you punched someone?" Jimin asks in a squeaky voice, "how does that work?"
You know why Jungkook drank, because you were involved when it happened. It was the first semester of college, late November. You and Jungkook had been living together for a little over seven months, but you've known each other longer. As a matter of fact you knew each other well enough to consider each other best friends. It was a Friday when it happened. Like always, Jungkook stayed home while you went out partying. It was fun, you danced a lot and drank even more. The music was good, the vibes were great and you made out with a dude on the toilet. It was all great and fun up until your other best friend - Jennie - told you that she would leave for the night to get dicked down by this massive jock she met. You wished her lots of fun and told her to stay safe and then stayed another hour. You felt tired after that hour, so ready for bed and so you called Jungkook to ask him if he could pick you up to which he said yes. You waited outside the club. Alone, wearing too little clothes (which, thinking back, is no excuse), way too drunk and therefore vulnerable. That is when this guy came up to you. A little bit older than you, visibly sober and very much into the deep cleavage your shirt had. He was friendly at first and because your guards were down from booze, you continued the conversation. Until all of a sudden he began touching you. Your arm first then your neck and suddenly you had his hand on your tit and his knee between your legs. You tried to fight him off but he was strong and clear in his head while you were tired and so dizzy you could barely stand. You visibly struggled, fighting him as best as possible.
That's when Jungkook arrived, parking the car across the sidewalk and jumping out of it without even bothering to turn it off or close the door. He just stormed up to the man, ripped him away from you and punched him so hard across the face that he drew blood. You will never forget how angry he looked, how big he made himself and how the veins in his neck were pulsating from tensing so tightly. You will also never forget the words he spat with poison in his voice. 
"You piece of shit asshole, touch her again and I will break your fucking hands." 
That was the first and last time you heard him swear.
The man tried to fight Jungkook, but that earned him another punch and then another as Jungkook made sure to hurt his ribs as well. 
"Now stay down", he spat, towering over the groaning man. 
That was also the only time you witnessed Jungkook's real anger. 
Normally he is quite calm in showing his anger. He either falls quiet and sulks for hours or he whines and complains about whatever is bugging him nonstop. But that night he was scary and didn’t act like Jungkook at all and yet somehow you felt safe in his presence because you knew that he had your back. 
You grew even closer that night and Jungkook promised you that he will always protect you.
That was three years ago and Jungkook and you were still sharing an apartment. Just this spring you moved to a bigger space with its own atelier and a really big bathtub. It was truly a dream come true for both of you. 
Said apartment is the current location of tonight's game and drink night. All your friends are here and the vibes were awesome.
"Yes, I punched someone", Jungkook says, sneaking a glance your way, "and I'd do it again." 
You lower your gaze, feeling your heart flutter for only a second. 
"Damn for a moment there I was attracted to you", Hoseok jokes, sending a row of laughter through all of you. 
"I have the next one then. Fitting to the theme. Never have I ever gotten punched", Namjoon says. 
Nobody drinks. 
"Okay damn, that was a fail. I thought Jimin would drink." 
"Me? Excuse me? Why?" he gasps. 
"Cause, didn’t you sleep with a married woman once?" 
"That was one time and I didn’t know she was married", Jimin defends himself. 
You cackle. 
The night continues with friendly bickering and silly questions. The mood is easy, the vibes are great and Jungkook seems less nervous as well. Until Taehyung asks the age old question of "never have I ever had a threesome." 
That is when all the sex questions began. Questions about all sorts of positions. Questions about all sorts of kinks. Questions about all sorts of fluids or sounds. It was truly eye opening and you found out a few very disturbing details about your friends' sexlife. The most fascinating thing however was that Jungkook didn’t drink at any of the questions. Not even one. 
So Hoseok sneaks a glance at him, the rest of you follows. 
"Never have I ever had sex", he asks. 
Jungkook, who had very clearly felt your eyes on him, lifts his cup and drinks with his cheeks ruby. 
All of you follow suit.
"So you wanna tell me you didn’t kiss nor make out with someone, but you had sex?" Namjoon asks. 
"I did! I had sex!" Jungkook insists loudly, furrowing his brows in seriousness. 
"And yet you didn’t even drink when we talked about all that kink stuff", Seokjin says. 
"That's b-because I don’t like that stuff", Jungkook stutters, touching his ears. 
Oh he was lying. He was lying like a champ. 
"So what do you like?" Taehyung asks. 
"Many stuff. Yeah", Jungkook nods his head, "really nasty sex stuff." 
"Mh-hm nasty sex stuff. Like spitting, slapping, choking?" 
"Yeah sure, totally did that and liked it."
"Or scratching and biting?" 
"Love that", Jungkook insists, nodding his head vigorously. 
"Yeah? Golden Showers?" 
"Golden Showers. Mhm yeah, pretty. Very great stuff", it is very clear that he has no idea what that was. 
Hoseok and Taehyung snort, exchanging a knowing look. 
"Wow, you’re kinkier than me", Seokjin says and nudges Jungkook's arm, "Jeon Jungkook the man who hasn’t kissed but let's someone piss on him", he teases.
"What? Piss?" Jungkook squeaks, "I, I mean", he blushes, "totally yeah", he says, lowering his voice to sound cooler. 
The guys chuckle and continue with the game. For the rest of the night Jungkook is quieter, seemingly lost in whatever haunts his mind. 
Tumblr media
They leave at eleven, saying their goodbyes and thanking you for being amazing hosts. You did the farewell as Jungkook hid in the kitchen and cleaned the counters. You know that this was him sulking. 
"See you guys", you call after them. Taehyung gives you one last wave and then disappears down the stairs. 
You close the door and lock it, making your way to the kitchen afterwards. 
Jungkook is standing by the rubbish bin, throwing away each empty beer can singularly. His eyes were zoned out. 
"So that was great", you say. 
Jungkook turns his head. 
"Yeah, it was", he agrees, voice monotone and quiet. 
"Are you feeling alright?" you ask him. 
"Of course I do", he assures you and forces a smile to his lips, "just tired."
"Yeah? Because you seem like something is bothering you." 
Jungkook throws away the rest of the cans and walks back to the counter to get the rest. 
"I'm okay", he very obviously lies. 
"Jungkook", you say his name with seriousness in your voice, "what’s really going on?" 
"I'm not ready to talk about it. Can we leave it at that?" 
So it's serious. 
"Yes of course, just come to me when you're ready." 
"Mhm", he lets out and leaves the kitchen afterwards. 
Tumblr media
Saturday. Four thirty. The sun is shining into your atelier and the windows are open to let in fresh air. Traffic is quiet today. Music is playing through your bluetooth speakers. It’s the artist you and Jungkook always listen to when you paint. Cigarettes After Sex. Very great band, also good music to fuck to but you never told Jungkook about that thought. 
Speaking of Jungkook. He is currently with you, sitting at his desk and drawing in his sketchbook. Every now and then you can hear the distinct sound of him using the eraser before the barely audible scribble of the pencil replaces it again.
You are painting. You finally found inspiration to finish this one piece for school. The theme should be Evanescence and you struggled a lot with finding the right motive and colours. Today the process feels easy however, which was great. 
"Okay but seriously", Jungkook's voice cuts through the comfortable silence, startling you slightly. 
You sneak a glance his way. 
He is looking at you, having his brows furrowed. 
"Why is it so bad that I never kissed someone before?" 
You stop painting, straightening up before turning to face him. 
"This comes outta nowhere." 
"Yeah well, I wanna talk about it because it annoys me how you guys belittled me." 
"Hey, don’t pull me into this. I didn’t belittle you. I couldn’t care less about it." 
"Yeah well, still", he lowers his head because he is getting embarrassed, "whatever, forget about it", he murmurs and begins drawing again. 
Judging from his hand movements he is staying on the same spot, drawing one single line over and over again. Which means he is only pretending to draw. 
"Sooo", you begin, "you really haven’t kissed anyone before?" 
He stops drawing, sneaking a glance your way. His cheeks are slowly but surely turning red. 
"Is this really so bad?" he asks, sagging his shoulders. 
"Nah, you’re alright", you assure him.
He touches his ears, swaying from side to side. 
"And you had sex before?" 
"Of course I did, you know me. I am a busy bee." 
"Okay but please tell me the logistics of this. Making out beforehand is literally the best shit about sex. Or like sloppy kisses during sex. How on earth do you fuck people without ever kissing them?" 
"It works. It really does, yeah", he insists, nodding his head vigorously, "you just gotta be uhm… really creative." 
"Mh-hm really creative. Like peeing on people." 
His cheeks are bright red, the tip of his nose too. 
"Yeah totally, that’s an option", he says, touching his burning cheeks. 
"Oh cut the crap Kook. I know you’re lying." 
"I'm not! I'm really not", Jungkook insists with big eyes. 
"You are a terrible liar. Always have been." 
He drops his hands from his face and sags his shoulders. 
"Fine, I didn’t know what Golden Showers are. I don’t like pee." 
"And?" you stress. 
"And I didn’t do all the other stuff too." 
He sighs, lowering his head. 
"I'm a virgin", he whispers, hiding his face behind his hands immediately. 
It was very obvious to you that he is. In those four years of living with him you have not seen him with a girl once. And you know that he didn’t talk to girls in high school either so he couldn’t have lost it there. It was obvious to you that he was in fact a virgin, but hearing it out loud still does things to you. Like make your heart flutter and your stomach tingle. 
It is a very confusing feeling because you are looking at your best friend here and you are pretty sure that fluttering hearts and tingly stomachs are not reserved for best friends. 
You push the feelings down as best as possible.
"There's no shame in that. It’s totally cool", you assure him and begin painting again.
"No it's not, it’s embarrassing. I'm a twenty four year old virgin. This is so embarrassing." 
You stop painting and look at his blushing face.
"Dude, you’re literally alright", you tell him, "do you even know how many people are still virgins in their twenties? Thirties even?" 
He shakes his head. 
"Many, thousands. It’s more common than you think. It’s society who is fucked up. Like telling young kids, children, that they need to have their first sex with like fifteen, sixteen years old and if they don’t they're automatically a loser? That's fucked up." 
Jungkook looks at you. 
"We aren’t even really developed at that age and yet it's expected of us to do something so grown-up and mature. Nah, I lost my virginity when I was fifteen and it was the worst day of my life. It hurt and was really uncomfortable because I didn’t know any better and didn’t know my body yet." 
"You did?" 
"I did and I am a passionate advocate for waiting until you are ready and then having a really nice experience with someone because you’re mature enough to know what you want. And if that means you’re gonna get your first lay at age thirty six then so fucking be it." 
"But...I don’t wanna wait until I'm thirty six", Jungkook whispers. 
"That's aight too, just do it whenever you feel ready." 
"I wanna do it now. A-at twenty four. I-I wanted it since I was twenty two", he confesses. 
"Mhm I get you. Have you tried hooking up with someone?" 
"No?" he cringes, "you know that I didn’t." 
"Well, should I help you set up a dating profile? Dating apps are the real deal to get laid. I met so many guys through that." 
"I-I never tried that." 
"Yeah? Wanna try it?" 
He nods his head, hiding his face behind his hands again. 
So you and him spend the rest of your day setting up Jungkook's dating profile.
Tumblr media
Jungkook cackles beside you, making you lift your head from your phone. 
"What's so funny?" you ask him. 
"Oh, it’s Valerie. She just told me a funny story", Jungkook says and begins typing his answer. 
"Ah", you murmur and look back into your phone, clenching your jaw as you do. 
Valerie is the girl he met on the dating app. They haven’t met yet and have only been talking for two weeks, but Jungkook says that she is very nice and pretty. And for some fucked up, confusing reason you feel a weird twinge in your chest whenever he mentions her. 
"Oh god", he gasps. 
"What's wrong?" 
"She just asked me if I wanna meet up later. Oh fuck what should I do?" 
Block her. Is the first thing you think of. 
"Tell her yeah sure", you say instead, tasting sourness on your tongue. 
"Okay okay. I will", Jungkook says and begins typing, "oh I'm excited, maybe tonight will be the night", he giggles. 
You feel your stomach tighten uncomfortably.
"Yeah.." you press out, grinding your teeth. 
Valerie isn’t the only girl he met. In the course of the last month he met up with ten girls, eleven if we count in Valerie. They chat for a little then one of them asks for a meet up and then you have to tell Jungkook goodbye as he leaves for his potential First Time. He always looks very handsome when he leaves but comes home looking defeated to tell you that tonight wasn’t the night. 
"Nice! She said to meet in an hour. Oh crap! I gotta get ready, shave and clean and everything", he babbles before rolling off the couch and running to the bathroom. 
"Tzt", you scoff, punching a pillow when you know he can’t see you anymore. 
Tumblr media
He is ready to leave after forty minutes. Looking way too handsome in his white tee and ripped jeans. 
"Okay I'm going. Wish me luck", he calls out. 
"Luck!" you call out, "or whatever, I hope you don’t get laid", you whisper because you know he can’t hear you. 
"Bye!" you call out happily all whilst grinding your teeth.
The door closes and you are all alone, left brooding in those confusing emotions.
Tumblr media
Jungkook returns in the evening. You were in the middle of eating your dinner very sulkily when you hear the front door unlock. After a moment you can watch Jungkook drudge into the living room and plop down on the couch beside you. 
"No", he says, shaking his head. He sighs loudly and covers his eyes with his arm. 
You have to fight the urge to smile. 
"Damn that sucks. I'm sorry”, you say.
"Yeah, it’s okay I guess", he murmurs and sighs again, "I think I’m gonna stop looking." 
You feel happy for a second. 
"Oh no. Why? It’s been going so well”, you fake your surprise.
"It's not been going well. I-I think that they are pretty, meet up but when they show the first indicator of wanting to fuck I lose all attraction to them and pull away." 
Now that is news to you.
"Hold up. You always told me that they just weren’t interested in sex." 
He pulls his arm away, sending you one of his caught-in-a-lie-looks. 
"Yeah uhm...those were lies. Sorry", he confesses with a blush. 
"Dude" you gasp, "I was literally rooting for you and all this time you were the one pulling away?" 
"I know", he whines, sitting up, "but it just felt so wrong to do when I was in the situations. I realised that I basically know nothing of them and that I haven’t even developed any real emotional connections and I just…" he sags his shoulders, "...I stopped being attracted and just wanted out." 
"So you left because you guys didn’t have enough time to form a bond?" 
He nods his head. 
"It feels so wrong...to me", he confesses, "I don’t know how you do it, but I just…" he touches his chest, "...I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I just can’t do it." 
You study him. You might have a gist and it suits him. It really does. 
"Not to assume your sexuality but it kinda sounds to me like you could be demi." 
"Demi? What’s that?" 
"It's when you can only feel sexually attracted to someone once you developed some sort of deep emotional bond with them." 
"Oh, I never heard of that. Is it wrong?" 
"No, of course not. It’s just as right and correct as any sexuality. Look it up if you want, I think you could find some answers in it." 
"Hm, yeah I will.." Jungkook murmurs and zones out. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook comes to your room that night, knocking once before sticking his head inside. 
"Hey ___? Are you awake?"
You turn your bedside lamp on and sit up.
"Yeah, what’s up?" 
"Can we talk?" 
Jungkook closes the door behind him and waddles to your bed. He crawls on top of it, pulling your spare blanket over his body. 
"Can you turn the lights off?" 
That means whatever Jungkook wants to talk about is really difficult for him and also embarrasses him. He only really has serious conversations with the lights off or with his eyes closed eighty percent of the conversation. 
"Sure", you say and turn off the lights. 
Your curtains are see through enough to let in some light. You can still see his features even if they are slightly distorted in darkness. He seems troubled.
"What's up Kook?" 
"___ I think I’m demisexual", he whispers. 
"Yeah? Did you do research?" 
"I did and I see so much of myself in it."
"That's great, I’m happy for you." 
"I don't feel happy about it." 
"What? Why?" 
"Because I feel like I’m broken. Like something is wrong with me." 
"There is nothing wrong with you." 
"Yeah it is. How should I ever have sex when I need feelings for it? How should I ever have one night stands? Or hook-ups? Or kiss someone?" 
"Kook", you reach out to hold his hand, "you don’t have to have one night stands or hook-ups or make out with strangers. There is literally no rule for that." 
"But I don’t - I can’t - I", he exhales shakily, "what about the body count? A-and me being man enough to have many fucks?" 
"That's society being a bitch to you guys and giving you really toxic expectations. Being a man isn’t about how many chicks you slept with but about you being a respectful and sweet person", you squeeze his hand, "and last time I checked you were hell of man enough." 
"You think so?" he asks quietly. 
"Yes Jungkook. I really do. You are sweet, helpful, respectful, kind and such an amazing person. And that's all that matters." 
He is silent for a while as he thinks your words over. You caress his knuckles in the meantime, thinking to yourself that holding his hand tonight felt different than on other nights. It felt safe and made your heart flutter and you somehow didn’t want it to end. 
"So you don’t think something is wrong with me?" he asks quietly.
"No, nothing is wrong with you. On the contrary, I think it's really cool of you that you found something you feel comfortable with." 
"Thank you", he whispers, squeezing your hand. 
"Don't thank me, it’s alright." 
There is silence again. A silence you watch Jungkook use to gaze at your face until you realise that you also used it to gaze at his face. You felt nervous then. 
"___ I don’t know what to do now. I don’t think dating apps are for me, but I don’t know how else to meet people." 
"I could take you with me to the club. I'll hook you up with someone." 
"No, I don’t like clubs. They’re loud and have too many people." 
You chuckle. That's so typical him. 
"Fine, then let's go somewhere you like going. That will maximise your chance to meet someone with the same mindset." 
"But...I don’t go anywhere." 
"Yeah true, I forgot you’re basically a cave animal." 
You chuckle, "no judgment here." 
He pouts. 
"Don't worry Kook. You'll find the perfect one. Trust me", you assure him, shaking him by his shoulder gently. 
"I don't know about it anymore", he murmurs, letting out a loud sigh. 
“Hey champ, don’t give up now. It’s only been a month and we haven’t even explored all the options.” 
“I guess”, he whispers before pulling your hand closer to rest his cheek on it. His eyes are softer now that he looks at you, his cheek feels so warm against your knuckles. He gives you a sweet smile and then closes his eyes.
Your heart feels so weirdly warm again. So fluttery and light.
“Are you going to sleep here?” you ask him quietly, feeling short of breath by now. Jungkook has never been that cuddly before. 
He nods his head.
“Oh, okay. That’s aight”, you murmur. 
You spend the silence thinking to yourself what is going on between you and him lately whilst staring at Jungkook until he has fallen asleep and even then you stare until tiredness practically forces your eyes closed. 
Tumblr media
It was slightly chilly today. You spend your day in thick wool socks and your coziest sweater. You are painting again. Now working on another art piece. Evanescence had been finished last week and got you a B because according to the teacher the paint application could have been smoother. 
Now you are working on a self portrait, slowly but surely losing your mind over it. 
"Urgh I hate it", you groan, dropping the pencil. 
"What's wrong?" Jungkook asks. 
"I can't get it right. My eyes look weird no matter what I do", you whine. 
Jungkook gets up from his chair and hurries over to you. He places himself behind you and inspects the painting. It was currently only done with pencil, a rough sketch of your features. The canvas where your eyes are supposed to be is already smeared with half erased pencil splotches. 
"Can I?" he asks. 
"Sure, whatever", you murmur, slightly pissy. You hand him the pencil, gasping inaudibly when a second later he leans down and cages you between his body and the canvas. You can even smell his cologne that way. 
"Look, you are drawing your eyelids like this while they look more like this", he explains, sketching your left eye perfectly. 
You feel so...giddy. He is behind you, chest resting against your back, face inches away from touching yours and arms caging you in as he reaches forward. This is something you and him have never done before and somehow it feels so exciting that you could burst.
“There we go, that looks good”, he murmurs and begins sketching out your right eye.
You feel even giddier. This is a perfect replica of your left eye. Like you are looking into a mirror. How is he that good at sketching your eyes? Why does he know the shapes and differences and the way your lashes look? 
You look at his face. He seems so concentrated. His lower lip is between his teeth, there is a crease between his brows and his eyes are just squinted slightly. You can’t…stop…staring at him.
"And look, your right eye is just a little different at the corner. Look, you have to go like this", he whispers, replicating it perfectly. 
It is identical to your actual eye. It is like he has sketched them a million times before. 
You look at his face again, eyes lingering on his lips. His tongue darts out, pink and wet, to lick over his lips. 
“Okay and then you have to go like this to make the lid like this”, he explains before parting his lips in concentration. 
Has his nose always been that pretty? Has it always curved that perfectly? Did the tip of it always look so kissable? 
"What do you think?" he looks at you, noticing your staring, "i-is it good?" he stutters, blushing.
You startle, feeling your heartbeat skip a beat in panic. He caught you staring oh god. 
"It's uhm…it’s literally perfect", you whisper, "how the hell did you do that?" 
"I don't know uhm", Jungkook takes a step back, "practice I guess." 
He waddles back to his desk, beginning to draw with his cheeks burning up. You let your eyes linger on him for one more second before looking back at the perfectly drawn eyes. 
You touch your chest. 
What is happening to you? 
Tumblr media
Your self portrait gains you an A+ with the reasoning that you truly captured the essence of your eyes. You felt slightly guilty because it wasn’t you who drew your eyes, but Jungkook. 
The latter is already back from the gym when you come home. He is cooking, dainty waist accentuated by an apron which he had tied together at his back with a perfect ribbon.
"That smells delicious", you announce yourself. 
Jungkook turns and gives you a quick grin. 
"Hey ___ how was class?" 
"Alright. I got my self portrait back. I got an A+."
"Really?" Jungkook gasps and smiles, "that’s great, I’m happy for you." 
You claim the space next to him, snatching a piece of carrot to snack on it. 
"Don't eat too many, I need them for the soup." 
"Alright", you say, watching him stirr the clear broth, "I got an A because my eyes were perfect." 
Jungkook sneaks a glance your way. 
"Yeah? Nice, you worked really hard on them." 
"Hell I did. You did", you nudge his arm, "it's your fault I got an A. Seriously, how are you that good at drawing my eyes?" 
He blushes and shrugs his shoulders. 
"Luck? I don’t know, I've been drawing for so long it feels easy to draw eyes." 
"You didn’t even look at them before you started. You just drew. That's literally so impressive." 
"Ah, no. It was nothing. Maybe I just spend too much time with you." 
You and him make eye contact. Your heart skips a beat in your chest, your fingers feel clammy. 
"Hah", you let out and laugh nervously, "maybe. Uhm yeah...can I help you with something?" 
Jungkook, who feels the sudden awkwardness too, looks away with a racing heart.
"Sure, uh. Could you maybe set the table?" 
"On it!"
Tumblr media
The food in the cafeteria was surprisingly yummy today. Seokjin and Namjoon are with you and Jungkook and just this moment you can watch Hoseok and Yoongi walk up to your table with trays in their hands. 
“Hey guys”, they greet you and sit down. 
“Yo bro. What’s up?” you greet them. 
“Nothing much, the usual”, Yoongi says and shrugs his shoulders, “I heard that you’re looking into dating Jungkook.”
“Who told you that?” Jungkook gasps. 
“Hyung”, Jungkook whines, “I told you that in private.” 
“I’m sorry, it was an accident. It just spilled out of me.”
“You literally suck so much”, Jungkook whines and pouts. 
“Hey guys”, Jimin says.
He had just joined your table with Taehyung by his side. 
“Hey”, you all greet them. 
They sit down and while Jimin begins eating, Taehyung turns his attention to Jungkook. 
“Namjoon told me that you wanna date?” 
“Namjoon!” Jungkook whines, slapping the older guy on his arm. 
"I'm sorry bro, I’m sorry for my fault", Namjoon says, looking clearly embarrassed.
“What’s going on?” Taehyung asks confused. 
“It was supposed to be a secret”, you explain. 
“Ah I see”, he says and hums, “either way, it’s a good thing I know. I have a date for you Kook.”
Jungkook looks at Taehyung. You feel your stomach tighten uncomfortably. 
“You do?” 
“Yep. One of my classmates in photography is looking for a date so I told her about you and she said that you sound very interesting and cute. She wants to meet up tomorrow.”
“Wow, this is so spontaneous”, Jungkook says and laughs in disbelief. 
“I know and that’s her”, Taehyung says, showing a picture of her on his phone, “she likes photography, has an interest in drawing and goes to the gym twice a week. She is also a big romance movie nerd and likes those weird cookies you like.” 
You clench your hands to fists, trying your hardest not to show just how much your heart stings right now. She sounds like Jungkook’s dream girl and she is so pretty too. 
“She is so pretty”, Jungkook says and blushes, “yeah okay, tell her I’m in.”
Fuck. It feels like someone just punched you into the chest and twisted your heart. 
Tumblr media
“How do I look?” Jungkook asks you, striking a pose in front of you. 
Like you are out to break my heart. 
“You look cute, those jeans look good on you”, you say. 
“Thanks”, he says and giggles, “I’m kinda excited, I feel like she’s going to be really nice.” 
“Mhm, yeah.”
Jungkook has been nervous the entire day. He is going on a date. He told you that he is so happy about it because Taehyung has always had good taste in girls and if she is Taehyung approved then she must be awesome. You just agreed with a nod before hiding in the bathroom so he couldn’t see the way your eyes filled with tears. 
You were so confused by your reactions. You wanted Jungkook to help find love, you really did and yet somehow each time he made an attempt at finding it you wished for the date to turn out a complete fail. It confused you so much.
“Oh crap, it’s already so late. I promised to pick her up. I gotta go”, he says. 
“Yeah, have fun”, you call after him, burying yourself in the heap of pillows on the sofa and hoping that they would make you disappear. 
Tumblr media
You were in the bathroom when Jungkook came back from the date. You leave the bathroom in nothing but your towel, startling when you meet him in the living room. 
“Jesus christ Kook!” you exclaim.
“Oh god I’m so sorry”, he gasps, covering his eyes quickly. 
You and him have a rule to not look at the other when they are fresh out of the bathroom. You just felt more comfortable doing so because you were so close to being naked in those moments and you didn’t want to invade the other’s privacy. 
“Why are you back already?” you ask him, covering your chest despite it being safely wrapped in a towel. 
“Do we have to have this conversation like this?” he asks. 
“Yeah no, give me a minute.” 
You return once you are in your pjs, sitting down next to him. 
“So what’s up? Why are you back already?” 
“I don’t know”, he gives you a pout, “I got cold feet again.”
You are literally so happy inside. 
“Oh no that sucks”, you say, giving him sorry eyes. 
“Yeah”, he says and scoffs, “fuck, it’s literally driving me nuts. She is so sweet and funny and pretty and I really liked spending time with her, but when she began to give me hints of wanting to have sex I just thought to myself that she became so unattractive all of a sudden and I didn’t want to be with her anymore.” 
“Mhm, I hear you.” 
“So I told her that this isn’t going to work and left. I feel so bad because she looked so devastated and confused. W-we even held hands and cuddled and then I pull away again. I don’t get it.”
“Don’t beat yourself up about it. I guess, it just wasn’t meant to be.”
“But she was so perfect”, Jungkook says, “she has everything I want in my dream girl and even that wasn’t enough to make me sexually attracted to her.”
“Well maybe you just need to stop forcing it. You can still enjoy someone’s time without needing to bone.”
“So you think that I should call her and tell her sorry? And to ask her for another date?”
That was not what you wanted for him to get out of this. 
“I mean no, but-”
“Maybe I just need to hang out with her more to form a bond!” he says with his eyes lighting up. 
“Kook I wasn’t-”
“Thank you so much ___, I’m gonna call her right away”, he says and jumps off the couch to disappear into his room. 
“This was literally not what I wanted you to take out of this…” you murmur, feeling beyond defeated. 
Tumblr media
You were in the cafeteria again, eating your lunch with your friends. Jungkook was happy. You just kind of withered away beside him. 
Like always Taehyung and Jimin join you the latest, sitting next to each other. 
“So I heard you and Jieun are going well?” Taehyung says and grins. 
“Yeah, we’re doing great. She’s really nice”, Jungkook says and unbeknownst to him he is twisting a glowing blade in your chest with his words. 
“So have you kissed already?” Jimin teases. 
Jungkook blushes before shaking his head, “not yet.”
“Dude come on, you’ve been going on how many dates now? Five? Kiss her already.” 
Jungkook lowers his eyes shyly, “maybe tonight. She invited me to her place for dinner.”
“Ooooh Kook”, the guys say, nodding their heads in contentment. 
“That's basically third base. You’ll so get laid tonight”, Seokjin says, patting Jungkook’s back brotherly. 
“Yeah you can shower her in gold”, Yoongi jokes teasingly to which the others cackle in mischief. Jungkook just blushes. You let out a loud laugh. So loud in fact that they all look at you as if you were crazy. 
“You’re so fucking funny Yoongi”, you spit and laugh again, “shower her in gold. hahaha, so funny”, you growl. 
“Uhhh what is going on?” Hoseok asks, eyeing you with suspicion. 
“She is acting so weird”, Namjoon murmurs. 
You stand up, still laughing. 
You grab your tray of half-finished food, still laughing. 
“So funny, so fucking funny”, you laugh and turn to walk away, leaving your friends behind in their confusion. 
This is the first day you cry on the toilet because by now you realised that those weird feelings in your chest were you being head over heels in love with Jungkook and now you have to watch as he is falling for someone else. 
Tumblr media
You lock your phone and sigh loudly. 
Seokjin sent you the third text asking you if you were alright. 
You were not alright. You were miserable. You just realised that you are in love with your best friend and that you are losing him to someone else. And you hate yourself for it because you were the one who brought him onto this whole dating shit in the first place. If you hadn’t encouraged him all those months ago then maybe you wouldn’t be in so much pain right now. Maybe then Jungkook would be with you right now, doodling in his little sketchbook while humming to himself. Maybe then Jungkook wouldn’t be in some other girl’s apartment, probably getting the best fuck ever. 
“I’m such an idiot”, you groan, burying your face in your own hands, “why did I have to fall for him?”
You feel like such a hypocrite too. In the time you and Jungkook lived together you went on many dates with many different guys. At one point you were also in a eight months long relationship with a guy. Not once you thought of Jungkook during those moments. And now that he is doing the same thing you were doing, you want to be protective over him and develop feelings for him. You feel like such a hypocrite.
You turn your head and watch how the lights outside turn on. 
“What?” you murmur. 
Silence for a little then Jungkook appears in the doorway.
“Hey”, he says and gives you a tired smile. 
“Uh hey”, you hide the used tissues quickly and sit up on the couch, “why are you here? I thought you wanted to stay over at Jieun’s place.”
He shrugs his shoulders, closing the distance between him and the couch in big steps. He sits down with a sigh, stretching out his legs before resting them on your lap. You feel how every fiber in your body begins tingling at it. 
“Kook, what happened?” 
“Nothing”, he says and looks at your face, “what happened to you? You were acting really worrisome in the cafeteria.” 
“Oh that”, you look away, “I was just…running late to a lecture.” 
“You don’t have lectures at that time.” 
“Yeah well, uhm…it was a spontaneous decision.” 
“___ you are just as shitty of a liar as I am. Seriously, what’s up?” 
“Nothing is up”, you insist, “I don’t wanna talk about it.”
“Okay, I get it”, he nudges your stomach with his foot, “if you feel ready, I’m always here to listen.”
“Thank you Kook”, you say, feeling so close to tearing up because you realised that you will never ever have such a tight bond with anyone. He knows you so well. He knows your prettiest days and your ugliest days. He knows your favourite foods and your most hated and he knows how you like your coffee in the morning. He knows when to leave you alone and when to make jokes with you. He knows that you have his back and in return offers you his back as well. 
And knowing that you will never ever feel more comfortable than you do with him is literally ripping you apart. Perhaps the worst knowledge of all however, was the fact that the people on your paintings all began to somehow resemble Jungkook. Some carried his smile, some carried his eyes, some shared the same clothes with him and some just shared that pretty hair colour of his’. And now he is sitting here after coming home from a date with another girl while you can’t even tell him what was bothering you because it would ruin your friendship. 
Jungkook relaxes back on the couch and inhales deeply. 
“I ended it with Jieun.” 
“What?” you squeak out, “what the hell? Why?” 
“It’s not gonna work out between us”, he says and somehow he seems content. 
“I don’t get it. Weren’t you guys doing so great?” 
“Well, not anymore. She told me to throw my sketchbook away, so I ended it with her.” 
“What the fuck? Why would she tell you that?” 
He shrugs his shoulders, “I guess she didn’t like what I draw, but I’m not gonna give it up for someone I’ve only known for a month.”
“Damn, I’m sorry Kook. That sucks”, you say and you mean it honestly. 
“Don’t be. I’m not sad”, he says and smiles, “I’m relieved actually.”
He nods his head and closes his eyes. 
“I wasn’t attracted to her, despite all the things we had in common. I tried not to force it, but I was still stressed about it. But now I don’t have to be anymore.”
“Well uhm, I guess I’m happy for you then?” 
Jungkook looks at you and smiles. 
“Thanks”, he sits up, pulling his legs away, “now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna take a bath because I am still very shaken up. Nobody told me just how much it sucks to break up with someone”, he says and gets up, “did you eat already?” he asks over his shoulder. 
“I didn’t, no.”
“Nice. Wanna order pizza tonight?” 
“Sure. I’ll order it. The usual?” 
He nods his head and then disappears for his bath. 
Tumblr media
You spend your waiting time pondering on the sofa what the hell Jungkook could have drawn that made Jieun react so rudely. You know that looking into his sketchbook would invade his privacy, but it is tempting you so much. So much in fact that you jump off the couch to sneak to his backbag and get said sketchbook. 
Now are sitting on the couch again, staring at the closed book with shaking hands. 
You have never invaded his privacy like that. You guys don’t do that. You ask before sneaking a glance at the other’s art. That is what you always did. But you are just so curious. 
You open the book on the third page. 
A sketch of a flower looks back at you. This must be one of the works he did in summer. It was drawn in blue ink and Jungkook had a blue ballpoint pen phase in summer. It looks really pretty. You flip the page. More sketches of nature. Flowers, a tree, three birds. Each as pretty as the other. You flip the page again. Sketches of the city. Doors, windows, buildings, skyscrapers. One drawing of a crosswalk with people scurrying around. All done in blue ink. 
You flip yet another page. The ink changes to pencil again. A drawing of a cloud with the moon behind it. It is one of his practice doodles. You have seen him do it a million times before and on every surface possible.
You flip the page again. 
Eyes, lips, noses. Dozens and dozens of doodles cover the pages, becoming gradually better and more detailed. They cover the next ten pages as well. They cover the eleventh page as well and that is when realisation dawns on you. Those were your features. 
With shaking fingers you flip the page. 
“Woah”, you gasp. 
Doodles of you. Your side profile, you laughing, you furrowing your brows in concentration, you looking completely relaxed. 
You flip the page. 
More doodles. You with your hair messy, you with your hair done, you in shabby shirts and pretty dresses. 
You flip the page, feeling so breathless by now. 
Your eyes again, your lips right next to them. Your hands join his practice routine. You holding brushes, you resting them in different positions, you keeping them relaxed. 
You blink the burning in your eyes away and flip the page. 
Just one drawing, it spreads over the entire page. 
You sitting on your stool in front of your canvas, painting Evanescence. The atelier is behind you in great detail, the curtains seem to dance in the breeze and even the sunlight looks as if it was real. 
You flip the page again. 
A portrait of you, perfectly replicated and oh so pretty. Jungkook hasn’t finished the shading on your right side yet. 
You lift your gaze from the book. 
“Holy shit”, you press out. 
Jungkook is drawing you. That would explain why he replicated your eyes so perfectly. Because he had drawn them a hundred times before. 
You press the book to your chest and let out a shaky laugh. 
This is a book filled with your face. Jungkook filled his space most private with doodles of you. You understand now why Jieun wanted him to throw it away. But Jungkook didn’t. Jungkook broke up with her because he wanted to keep it. He wanted to keep those drawings. He chose drawing you secretly over dating Jieun openly. 
“Holy fuck”, you murmur, feeling yourself tear up. 
That is when the doorbell rings and you are reminded that you weren’t alone.
“Can you get it? I’m still naked!” Jungkook calls out from the bathroom.
“Uh, yeah. Sure I’ll get it!” you tell him, feeling beyond embarrassed.
You just invaded his privacy. Quick! You need to hide the book again!
Tumblr media
The apartment already smells like pizza when Jungkook comes outside, dressed in his bathrobe and with his hair wet.
“I’m so hungry already”, he says, strutting past you, “give me a minute and I’ll be back.”
You look at him as he walks past you, feeling so freaking giddy in your chest that it becomes hard to breathe.
Jungkook returns in his pjs and his wet hair combed out of his face for practicality. You however feel close to swooning because he is so attractive to you all of a sudden. He is here. With his face all bare and his hair all wet and his body in comfy pjs while a sketchbook full of you fills his backbag.
He sits next to you and opens his pizza carton.
“Mhhhm that looks so yummy. I’ll enjoy it well”, he says and then goes complete apeshit on the poor pizza. On normal days you can’t watch him eat pizza. It not only disgusts you but also angers you because Jungkook does not enjoy the experience he just shoves piece after piece into his mouth and chews aggressively. But tonight you can’t stop staring. You can’t stop staring at the way his fingers hold the slice, the way he bites off a piece, how his lips are covered in the reddish grease and look so much pinker, how he swallows and then goes for another bite.
“Mhm seriously, tonight’s a good night”, he sighs, leaning back and chewing the pizza with closed eyes, “I took a bath, have pizza and can spend time with you.”
You look away, hiding your burning cheeks behind your hands and hoping that Jungkook doesn’t notice just how giddy you suddenly are.
“Yeah, tonight’s good”, you say to which Jungkook hums in agreement and then snatches a new slice of pizza.
Tumblr media
“Jungkook”, Taehyung says, sitting down aggressively, “what the hell?”
The conversations you and the others had stop, eyes flitting to Taehyung. He was angry.
“You broke up with Jieun?”
“Dude what?” Namjoon gasps.
“I did”, Jungkook says and nods his head.
“Why?” Taehyung laughs in disbelief, “you guys were perfect for each other.”
Jungkook shrugs his shoulders, “we turned out that we weren’t”, he says nonchalantly.
“I don’t get it. She was totally your type and shared the same hobbies as you. What could not be perfect about her?"
“She just wasn’t”, Jungkook grumbles, crossing his arms in front of his chest, “I’m not gonna waste my time with someone I don’t even like.”
“Damn”, Hoseok says.
“Well someone ain’t sugarcoating shit”, Yoongi says.
“Hah”, Taehyung scoffs, “that’s like mind boggling. Goddamn I was so sure that she was right for you.”
“Sorry hyung, but I’m better off single.”
“Mhm”, Taehyung studies Jungkook’s features, “doesn’t matter. I have someone else for you. Her name’s Sally, very sweet girl and also totally your type.”
Your stomach twists in jealousy.
“Here, that’s her.”
Goddamn she is pretty and totally Jungkook’s type. You are feeling anxious again.
Jungkook looks at her and shakes his head.
“No thank you. I think I’m gonna give up on dating again.”
A million pounds lift from your heart.
“Are you serious?” Seokjin gasps.
Jungkook nods his head.
“Well, did you at least kiss Jieun before breaking up?” Jimin asks.
“No?” Jungkook scoffs, “how weird would that have been?”
You didn’t want to ask Jungkook if he had kissed Jieun or not, so hearing him deny it makes you feel so fluttery in your chest.
Jimin studies his friend’s face.
“Damn, I couldn’t live like you. I think my balls would literally explode.”
“Yeah well”, Jungkook just shrugs his shoulders.
“Don’t you wanna know how it feels? Kissing? That shit feels so nice and you don’t want to feel that?”
“Of course I do.”
“So why are you not taking Tae’s offer? She is a pretty girl.”
“Because I don’t work like that”, Jungkook grumbles, growing angry, “now can you stop obsessing over the fact that I’m a virgin.”
“You’re a virgin?” Yoongi gasps.
Jungkook is as silent as a graveyard, face beet red and eyes widened.
“No way, you’re a virgin”, Jimin gasps, throwing his hand over his mouth, “that explains so much.”
“So you never had sex or kissed someone? So you lied in Never Have I Ever, the sacred game? Oh my god JK!” Seokjin gasps.
“Damn Jungkook, I’m so sorry for you”, Hoseok says, patting Jungkook’s back brotherly.
Jungkook stands up and runs with his head hanging low.
“Hey Kook! Don’t run away!” Namjoon calls after him.
You stand up as well, sending them all icy glares.
“You guys are being real dicks about it”, you hiss
“What did we do?” Taehyung asks with genuine confusion in his voice.
“You know what you did”, you spit and turn to leave.
Tumblr media
Jungkook is in the campus park just outside the cafeteria, sitting on a bench. He doesn’t hear you come over, flinching when you place your hand on his upper back. He lifts his head, giving view to his teary eyes.
“Hey”, you say, watching the tears roll down his red cheeks.
“Don’t l-look a-at m-me”, he stutters, hiding his face behind his hands.
You know that he is crying because he is embarrassed. Poor boy. You pull him into your side, rubbing his arm soothingly.
“They didn’t mean any harm in it.”
“I-it’s still so m-mean.”
“I know”, begin playing with his hair to soothe him, “for what’s it worth I think you were really cool standing up for yourself like that.”
Jungkook sniffles, looking up at you.
“I made a total fool of myself.”
“Nah you didn’t. They were really weird about it.”
Jungkook isn’t crying anymore. He is just pouting with his big eyes all glassy. You reach out and brush his tears away. It makes him close his eyes and his lips part. He is so pretty. With his delicate features and his fluffy hair and his red cheeks. He is seriously so pretty.
Jungkook opens his eyes.
“Do you think I should have just gone through with it?” he asks, “maybe I have to force myself to my luck and just fuck someone.”
“No, nope. Bad idea. Don’t do that. This will only end in regret and you thinking of sex in a bad light. Don’t do it Kook.”
“But what if I’ll never find someone?”
You take a deep breath, dancing your thumb over his cheekbone and wishing it was his upper lip instead.
“You’ll find someone, I promise you”, you tell him, pulling your hand away before you actually touch his lips.
Tumblr media
“Yeah?” you mumble, half-asleep.
“Can I come in?”
The door closes and with it the room becomes dark again. You hear the padding of his naked feet then the soft ruffling of him climbing on the bed and pulling the blanket over his body. You don’t open your eyes, not because you don’t want to, but because you’re so tired that it’s impossible.
“I have something to tell you”, he says.
“Okay, go ahead. I’m listening.”
“Okay, uhm.”
Jungkook takes a deep breath. And we are talking deep. That man wants his lungs to inflate like a balloon with the amount of air he is inhaling. He exhales through his mouth before taking another breath.
“Can you take my virginity?”
“Mhm sure”, you murmur, drifting off to sleep.
Sudden realisation.
“What?” you yelled the word, wide awake instantly, “excuse the motherfucking me. What did you just ask me?”
“I’m just so fed up with it. I don’t want the guys to be all weird about it anymore and I wanna be able to drink when someone says never have I had sex and I just wanna not be a virgin anymore And I, I did some thinking a-and it would make sense.”
“Nah, no”, you sit up, “it doesn’t make sense that you think that it makes sense.”
“What?” Jungkook asks, blinking in confusion.
“I get that you are fed up with it. But why on earth do you think that me taking your virginity makes sense?”
“Because I know you”, Jungkook sits up, “I feel like I’ve developed a deep enough bond with you that it wouldn’t be awkward. A-and you are experienced so you, you could show me what to do.”
“Dude”, you touch your forehead to rub it vigorously, “you just verbally punched me in the stomach.”
“I’m sorry”, Jungkook grows smaller, “I just thought that maybe this could be the solution to everything. I can say that I had sex before a-and I know you so I’d feel comfortable too and you could give me tips f-for the future. So I can be all experienced with girls.”
“I can give you tips without fucking you Kook.”
“But then…” he lowers his gaze, “…I’d still be a virgin”, he whispers.
“Jesus christ, you’re doing things to me”, you murmur, feeling dizzy.
“It was just an idea, just forget it”, he says panicky, “I just thought that maybe you could do me the favour and help me be less of a loser.”
“You’re not a loser Kook just cause you’re a virgin so get that shit outta your head real fast.”
Jungkook lowers his head, touching his ears.
“I’m sorry. This was such a bad idea. Can we please act like I never said anything?”
“I guess. I don’t know.”
“I’m gonna leave now”, he says and rolls out of bed, “sleep tight.”
“You too?”
The door closes and you are left in your shock. You will toss and turn for the next three hours before exhaustion literally forces you to fall asleep.
Tumblr media
Jungkook is sitting in the kitchen the next morning, visibly tensing up when you come inside.
“Morning”, you murmur, feeling awkward.
“Morning”, he answers you, feeling the same.
You shimmy from one foot to the other.
“I made you coffee”, Jungkook says, pushing a cup of coffee over the table.
“Thanks”, you accept it and take a sip. It tastes delicious, just the way you like it.
“Did you sleep well?”
“I did, but if you wanna know the truth I didn’t”, you say, eyes lingering on his lips, “I couldn’t fall asleep.”
“Yeah, uh. Neither could I.”
You and him look away, sipping on your coffees nervously.
“What do you have planned today?” he asks.
“Nothing much, I’m just gonna paint.”
“Okay, I’ll go to the gym later.”
“Okay, do that.”
You exchange an awkward gaze. Jungkook touches his ears. You clear your throat loudly.
“Anyways, I think I’m gonna start with the painting now. The light’s good right now.”
“Yeah sure do that.”
You leave the kitchen, feeling so confused and nervous and awkward that you wanted to explode. And not in a sexy kind of way but a bomb and destruction kind of way.
Tumblr media
You are still painting when Jungkook comes home from the gym. He doesn’t go to you to say hello, but goes straight for the shower. He comes to the atelier once he is clean, wearing a black oversized tee and grey wide-legged pants. His hair is also still damp.
“I’m back”, he announces himself.
You sneak a glance at him, feeling nervous in an instant.
He can’t just come here looking like this after he asked you if you could take his virginity! It is like he wants to make your life a living hell.
“Hey”, you say, looking back at your painting.
Jungkook claims his spot and opens his sketchbook. The same exact sketchbook which is filled with drawings of you. You sneak a glance his way. He is concentrated on his drawing, not noticing your gaze. Is he currently working on the portrait again? Is he shading your cheekbone until it looks like yours?
You look back at your painting, gliding the brush over the canvas with trembling hands.
Jungkook told you that he only wants to have sex with someone he has an emotional connection with. Jungkook made many connections in the last few months and yet somehow he wants you to take his virginity. His sketchbook is filled with drawings of you, he broke up with Jieun so he could continue drawing you and he wants you to be his First. Could it be.
You look at him.
Does he like you too?
Jungkook lifts his head, locking eyes with you.
“What’s up?” he asks.
“I don’t know yet”, you murmur, turning your head back to the painting but keeping your eyes on Jungkook for as long as possible.
He is the one to break the eye contact first, looking into his sketchbook with pink cheeks. You mix yellow with green, adding some orange as well. You are looking for one very specific type of brown.
“What are you working on?” you ask him.
“Oh, just some doodles. Nothing important really.”
“Okay”, you say, adding a little bit more yellow, “what drawings did Jieun see, which made her want to throw your sketchbook away?”
You hear the sound of his pencil stopping.
“Just stuff.”
“Stuff”, you repeat, sneaking a glance at him, “what kinda stuff?”
Jungkook laughs nervously, touching his ears.
“It’s stupid, you don’t wanna know.”
“Mhm”, you let out, poking a brush into the paint before swirling it over the canvas.
Jungkook begins drawing again, sneaking glances your way every now and then.
“Is it creepy stuff?” you decide to play dumb.
“N-no it’s not.”
You turn your head to him.
“Sexual stuff?”
He shakes his head vigorously.
“No, it’s just some weird stuff. It’s not even worth mentioning.”
“Can I see?”
Jungkook widens his eyes.
“Uuh s-sure?”
You get up in an instant, hurrying to his desk. Jungkook shows you the page with the nature stuff. He is so sneaky, good god.
“Look, it’s just weird doodles.”
“Huh. Does she have something against birds?”
“I guess?” he laughs nervously.
“Can I see more?”
“Uh, uhm. Yeah”, Jungkook flips the page and shows you the city doodles.
“Pretty, it’s so weird that she has something against those drawings.”
“Yeah totally. So weird.”
You look at his face.
“What were you working on right now?”
You snort, cocking up an eyebrow at him. Jungkook looks between your face and his sketchbook nervously, gnawing on his lower lip. When he realises that you would not stop looking at him he gives up with a loud sigh. 
He takes a deep breath and flips the pages until he lands on the portrait of you. Well you didn’t expect that. You would have expected him to find some sort of obvious lie as to why he can’t show it to you, but not for him to actually reveal his secret. Is this his subtle way of showing you his real feelings? 
You look at the drawing. The shading is almost done. Then you look at Jungkook. He has his head and eyes lowered, blushing vividly with his hands hidden between his legs.
“This is me.”
“Yeah, I know”, he whispers.
You reach out to flip the book to the drawing of the atelier.
“Fuck”, he says under his breath, burying his fingers in his hair before curling into a little ball, “I’m sorry ___.”
“For what?”
“I’m such a creep.”
“Are those the drawings Jieun saw?”
Jungkook nods his head.
“Well damn Kook, no wonder she was mad. I’d be upset too if the guy I fancied is filling his sketchbooks with drawings of his best friend.”
He groans, making himself even smaller.
“You know what? I wanna show you something.”
Jungkook watches as you get your drawing pad from your desk. You place it on top of his sketchbook.
“Open it.”
Jungkook opens it and starts flipping through it. It starts as paintings of landscapes and still lives. Until it slowly morphs into more and more person centric paintings. And slowly but surely the people in those paintings gain the features of Jungkook, his hair, his smile, his body. Jungkook lands on the last page, staring at the painting of him sitting by his desk.
Jungkook lifts his head, eyes glassy.
“What are those?” he presses out with his voice shaking.
“They were my greatest shame once, but these days I like to call them the visual representation of me falling for my best friend.”
“___”, he whispers, lower lip beginning to tremble.
“Don’t you cry on me now”, you say, nudging his arm, “I’ll cry too.”
Jungkook laughs but it sounds more like a sob than a laugh. You laugh too, feeling tears roll down your cheek. You nudge his arm again.
“You’re not the only one being creepy, Kook.”
He giggles, rubbing the sleeve of his shirt over his eyes. Then he looks up at you, giving you a blindingly bright smile. He stands up and closes his arms around you, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
“Oh Kook”, you whisper, hugging him back just as tightly.
He laughs and sobs, holding you in this one distinct way he always wanted to hold you. Tight, safe and with no distance between your bodies. This is the best day of his life.
You break away from him just enough that you and him could look at each other. You cup his cheeks, squishing them because all you wanted to do was squeeze his cute face.
Jungkook sniffles and laughs, giving you his prettiest smile. His eyes are sparkling so much, making you feel so beautiful.
You step closer, pulling him closer as well.
Jungkook stops laughing, eyes falling closed. His heart is racing so much.
This is his moment. You feel so nervous because you want to give him the best first kiss a human has ever experienced. He deserves it. For being the most amazing person in your life. 
You draw closer, rubbing the tip of your nose against his’. He sighs and twists the fabric of your shirt.
You pull back again, making his breath tremble and his eyelids flutter. One soft touch of your thumb dancing right over his upper lip. He parts them and furrows his brows.
“You’re so handsome Jungkook”, you whisper, drawing closer again to kiss his cheek.
“Oh”, Jungkook lets out softly, opening his eyes just enough to look at you.
“Can I kiss you?” you ask him.
He nods his head, closing his eyes again. He even holds his breath, sticking his lips out for the kiss. He is so cute, if you didn’t want to kiss him that badly you would have chuckled at his cute gestures. But you don’t. You don’t laugh, you kiss him.
You can hear how Jungkook takes a sharp inhale through his nose before he exhales shakily, tickling your cheek with it. He tries to kiss you back. His attempt is clumsy and ends with you having way too much of his spit on your lips.
You smile and pull him closer. You couldn’t wish for anything better.
Jungkook whimpers and licks over your lips before trying to bite them. You chuckle.
“Slow Kook, slow”, you whisper.
“It feels so good”, he answers you.
“I know, just let me…” you drift off, sucking on his lower lip gently before releasing it and kissing him slowly.
Jungkook sighs, calming down now that you control the tempo.
Gentle sucks, slow kisses, tender licks. You show him just how good kissing can feel all while getting lost in him at the same time. He tastes so good. Sweet like candy. He also has the softest lips you have ever felt. Like kissing heaven.
You break the kiss to give both of you a moment to breathe. You use the opportunity to look at his face. His cheeks are red, his eyes closed and his pink lips parted to catch his breath.
You claim them in a kiss again, eliciting the shiest of sounds from him. His fingers twitch on your upper back, trying to grasp more of you but failing. Your own fingers are running over his scalp, wanting to give him only the best sensations. His hair is so, so soft. You don’t ever want to stop touching it.
He gives you a shy lick, eliciting a soft moan from you. He is getting better at it already. Jungkook is a natural at many things and it seems that kissing is one of those things as well. He still uses way too much spit and every now and then his teeth clash with yours awkwardly, but his lips are slow and he makes sure to move them in sync with yours. He is also beginning to suck on your lower lip at the right moments and it is without teeth and excessive biting. Just soft sucks before he lets you guide the movements again. He is truly so good at it. 
You and him break the kiss at the same time, needing some time to catch your breath. This time around Jungkook opens his eyes as well, carrying the prettiest of galaxies in them. 
“How was that for a first kiss?” you whisper. 
“It’s the best feeling ever”, he breathes and places your hand over his heart, “my heart’s racing so much.”
You pull his hand over your heart, showing him that he wasn’t alone. 
“Mine too.”
He giggles, growing smaller in giddiness. 
“Do you really like me?” he asks. 
“Yes Kook, so much that it’s unhealthy.” 
“I like you too since I was twenty two.”
“Wow”, you gasp. 
Jungkook draws closer, “can we do it again?” he asks, closing his eyes in anticipation. 
You answer him by kissing him deeply. He has liked you since he was twenty two. Two years. He has liked you for two years now. This makes you want to never ever stop kissing him. 
You and him will kiss for a long time that day. You will kiss until your lips are tender and your fingers have memorised every inch of the other’s body. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook was in the bathroom for now. It was still the same day just a little later. You are in his room, preparing a hopefully nice surprise for him. It will be a complete shot in the dark and could end with him being overwhelmed, but you want to take that risk. You finish the last touches and hurry out of his room with giddiness in your chest. You close his door behind you and then sit down in the living room. Two minutes later Jungkook comes out of the bathroom, wearing his pjs. 
So now you are both freshly showered and in your pjs. The image is so familiar and yet tonight it feels so exciting to experience. 
“I’m back”, he announces, fumbling with his thumbs nervously, "and I brushed my teeth in case you wanted to make out more", he explains, waddling to the couch.
You don’t let him sit down, taking both his hands and tugging on them softly. 
“What are you doing?” he asks. 
“I have to show you something.” 
“Okay?” he lets you lead him to his room, “is it in my room?” 
“Mh-hm”, you nod your head and squeeze his hands, “close your eyes.” 
Jungkook obeys, even going as far as to cover them with his hands. He is seriously so endearing. 
You open the door first then place your hands on his arms to lead him into his room safely.
“Ready?” you ask him to which he nods his head, “okay, open your eyes.” 
Jungkook pulls his hands away and opens his eyes. He gasps, parting his lips. His lights are turned off, but his room wasn’t dark. Instead dozens and dozens of candles cover every surface of his furniture, painting everything in warm light. Your art music starts playing and Jungkook turns his head to see that you have pressed play on your phone. 
You lock eyes with him. 
“What is this?” he asks in a whisper. 
“It’s my answer.”
“Your answer?”
“If I can take your virginity.” 
“Oh”, he lets out and lets his eyes run over his room again. He touches his chest, cheeks heating up. 
“I thought I’d set up the surprise in your room so you’re in a familiar and safe environment”, you explain. 
Jungkook lets his eyes linger on his bed. 
“There’s of course no pressure here. We can do something else too. Cuddle or make out or play boardgames or something”, you say nervously, scratching the side of your neck.
Jungkook turns to you. 
“Sorry if I overwhelmed you”, you murmur, feeling your cheeks heat up. 
He shakes his head and steps closer to take you into a grateful hug. His cheek is resting on your shoulder and his arms are around your waist. It makes you feel as if you are floating. 
“Thank you so much”, he whispers. 
You smile, caressing his back. 
“So you like it?” 
He nods his head, making your smile grow. 
“I’m so happy you do. Oh Kook, I wanna make your first time so special.”
“It’s already special because it’s with you”, he whispers, making your heart flutter uncontrollably. 
He steps back, giving view to his pretty smile. He lets you cup his face in your hands, even going so far as to making himself smaller for you. You caress his cheekbones with your thumbs, mesmerised by every inch of him.
“So do you wanna have it tonight?” 
“Yes, I do."
You and him exchange a smile. He lowers his eyes shyly. 
“You j-just have to tell me what to do because I have no idea what’s good”, he murmurs. 
“That’s alright, tonight’s about you anyway. I’ll treat you so well.” 
“Wow hah”, he lets out a breathy laugh, shimmying from one foot to the other and tugging at the crotch of his shorts, “is it weird that this made me a little hard?” 
You chuckle, “no, it’s hot.” 
“Okay uhm…” he stops talking and leans in with his lips puckered and so ready to kiss you. This time around you can’t help but giggle, stopping him with a gentle squeeze. He peels his eyes open, keeping his lips pouted. 
“You’re so cute”, you chuckle, tracing his lips, “slow down sweets, we’ll take it step by step, alright?” 
He relaxes his lips and laughs nervously, “yeah okay, sorry I’m just so excited.”
“It’s alright. Come on, let’s sit down.”
You and him sit down on his bed, both of you cross-legged and facing the other. You are holding hands, caressing the other’s skin with your thumbs. 
You have honestly never felt more excited for sex than you do tonight. One night stands, quickies with strangers, casual relationships. Nothing – nothing – could have prepared you for the excitement you feel tonight. It makes your heart race and makes you feel short of breath. But it is not a bad feeling. It is amazing. Because for the first time in forever – maybe even for the actual first time – you are having sex with someone you have feelings for. And that feeling is epic.
“Do you have any wishes on how you want this to go?” you ask him. 
Jungkook lowers his head and giggles shyly. 
“N-no?” he stutters, obviously not wanting to tell.
“No? So no things you wanna try or fantasies?” 
He pulls his hands away, hiding his face behind them. He is even rocking himself back and forth. 
“It’s so embarrassing to tell”, he confesses. 
“It’s alright Kook, I won’t judge you.”
He shows you his face to say one single word before he hides it again. 
“Ah I see. That sounds nice. I’ll make sure to include it.” 
At that he drops his hands, looking at you with sparkling eyes. It seems that he slowly but surely realises that there is seriously no shame or judgment here and that you are actually trying to make this as enjoyable for him as possible. 
“A-and neck kisses”, he stutters, touching his own neck. 
“Of course, those are mandatory.” 
He giggles, hiding his mouth behind his hand. 
“A-and I wanna see your boobies”, he whispers, “oh god sorry”, he gasps, closing his eyes. 
You chuckle, “a man of taste so I see. Okay, I’ll show you my boobs.” 
You reach out and hold his hands again, giving him a reassuring smile. 
“Anything else?” 
He shakes his head, gulping nervously. 
“Okay. Do you want to lie down for me?” 
Jungkook obeys, head sinking into the pillow and fingers fumbling with his shirt. You lie down on your stomach next to his body, resting your chest on his and playing with his hair. 
"Are you ready?" 
"Yes", he nods his head vigorously, "I'm so excited." 
"Me too Kook", you tell him and draws closer.
Jungkook inhales deeply and closes his eyes, sticking his lips out. 
You stumble into the kiss whilst smiling. He is seriously so adorable. Jungkook exhales shakily and touches your shoulders. His lips tremble as you kiss him, wanting to go fast again. But you don’t give him the chance, showing him the tempo with skilled moves and soft moans. 
Jungkook relaxes and sighs, he rests his hands on your chest. It makes you smile again because he gives your breasts a shy squeeze almost as if he wanted to test the waters. Also his gesture was so sweet. Him grabbing your tits just like that. Other guys would have gotten a slap on their faces for it, but with Jungkook it feels exciting.
“Do you like that?” you ask him. 
“Yeah, they’re so soft”, he says, squeezing them again. 
“You’re so cute Kook”, you whisper, kissing him again. Jungkook shivers and relaxes completely. His hands may squeeze and massage your breasts quite eagerly but his lips are slow and soon enough his tongue knows what to do as well. 
This turns you on so much. Everything about it. Jungkook. The kisses. The touches. Jungkook. 
"Kook", you break the kiss, "you turn me on so much." 
"Yeah, so much", you breathe, kissing him again. 
Jungkook lets out a shy sound, abandoning your chest to touch your back instead. He lets his hands run up and down your spine continuously, giving you an involuntary squeeze each time you let your tongue trace his lips. He also makes a cute sound each time that happens. They are enough to make you rub your legs together. 
You kiss Jungkook for a long time that night. Slow kisses meant to guide and relax him. Deep kisses when he just tastes too good and you have to make sure to get all of him. Slow kisses again, barely there pecks and soft licks. Fast kisses when Jungkook is growing impatient again and you allow him a short moment to live out his desires. Short breaks for air used to litter his face with kisses. Long breaks for air used to gaze at the other. Slow kisses, deep and fast kisses, passionate kisses. 
You on top of him. Hands on your hips, fingers in his hair. Messy kisses, pants for air, even messier kisses. 
Your lips are swollen when you truly pull back again. Jungkook licks his tender lips, gazing up at you with half-lidded yet sparkly eyes. He giggles quietly, you retort it. 
"I know what you mean now", he says. 
"What do you mean?" 
"Kissing is amazing. E-especially when you can have sex afterwards." 
You smile, "right? It’s one of the best things you can do with someone." 
"Next to sex?" Jungkook asks, making you laugh. 
"Is this your not so subtle way of asking for the next step?" 
Jungkook blushes, "I don’t know. I'm nervous." 
"I get it, but don’t be. It’s just me and I'm here to make you feel good." 
"Mhm", he furrows his brows and squirms slightly, "w-whenever you say that I feel it in my penis."
"Your penis?" you can’t help but grin. 
Jungkook cringes, "was this weird to say?" 
"Nah, it’s just funny hearing the medical term for it." 
"Oh, okay", he blushes, "my d-dick?" 
"Oh Kook", you lean down and kiss his cheek, "that sounds sexier yeah." 
"Okay noted. So vagina is off the table too?" 
"Just call her pussy, it’s hotter." 
"Got it", he nods his head obediently. 
You study his face almost feeling like bursting. He is so sweet and loveable and he is the most handsome man ever and he is your best friend and now your lover too. This is the best day in your life.
"Should we take our shirts off?" you suggest.
"Uh, sure", he murmurs nervously.
"Let's take it slow, okay?" you calm him down by connecting your lips with his neck. 
His back arches off the mattress, he gasps for air loudly, his heart beats irregularly under your lips. Then he begins fidgeting with his legs, hips shimmying from side to side as well. So you lift your head to study his face. 
He seems like his entire world just changed. Lips forming the perfect O and eyes widened. 
"How's that?" you ask him. 
Jungkook touches the spot you kissed, blinking slowly. 
"That good?" 
He nods his head. 
"Good", you say, connecting your lips with the other side of his neck. 
He rolls his head to the side and whimpers quietly. His eyes are squeezed shut, his fingers twisting the sheets. You don’t know just how deeply affected he is right now. He will never ever be able to forget this feeling. It is burned into his brain and skin. 
You kiss his jawline next, feeling it move under your lips as he opens his mouth for air. For just a second and then you kiss the other side of his neck, caressing the one you previously kissed with your fingers. 
"This feels so good", he whispers, "ah.." 
You linger on his neck, letting your hand wander to different places. His shoulder, his chest, down his side and to his tummy. You change sides, eliciting another sigh from Jungkook. Then you begin touching up and down his stomach, making sure that you would tug up his shirt little by little. So little in fact that Jungkook doesn’t even notice at first, lost in your neck kisses, until the warmth of your fingertips lingers on his lower stomach. 
You lift your head, retreating your hand. 
"Too fast?" 
"No, I’m just so weird about it. Sorry I panicked." 
"It's alright. Have you ever been naked in front of somebody?" 
"Yeah, in front of my mom when I was a boy." 
You look at him. 
"Oh god, that sounded so unsexy, I’m so sorry", he says and hides behind his hands. 
"It's alright", you assure him in a chuckle.
"I'm sorry, I’m literally such an unsexy mess. First I say penis and then I mention my mom." 
"Kook, you’re aight", you assure him and pull his hands away from his face, "why don’t I undress first?"
You nod your head and sit back. Undressing in front of Jungkook is scary and weird and makes you feel so nervous. But you are willing to take those feelings when it means that he can have a comfortable experience. Besides, it is only really scary for the first few seconds and then Jungkook's flabbergasted yet completely starstruck expression makes you feel so incredibly sexy. 
"Holy shit you are so beautiful", he whispers. 
"Yeah? Do you like them?" 
He nods his head vigorously, "they are so perfect. So...so pretty a-and wow. ___ I don’t wanna look away." 
"Gosh, you’re gonna make me fluster", you confess.
"Can I maybe touch? Maybe? Please?" he asks shyly, "just for a second. Maybe?" 
"Of course you can touch them. Go ahead." 
"Thank you", he murmurs mindlessly, placing his hands on your tummy to guide them up your torso. His palms are soft and warm. His thumbs touch them first, running along the swell of them. 
"Wow", he whispers, placing the rest of his hands on them, "wow okay, wow." 
Wow indeed. In his completely mesmerised nature his touches are slow and placed with intent. He doesn’t even know just how good he makes you feel. Without even trying, Jungkook does exactly the things you like so much. Warm, soft palms rolling over your nipples, strong yet tender fingers massaging your flesh, fingernails tickling your skin every now and then. You are in heaven. 
"I can't stop touching them", Jungkook confesses, "___ they are so pretty and soft and warm and nice."
"Thank you", you say, voice slightly lowered in arousal. 
"Are you sensitive there? Do you feel what I'm doing?" 
"Yes Kook, I feel it and I'm in heaven."
"This is wow", he whispers, touching your nipples with his pointer fingers. They harden under his touch, making him widen his eyes in wonder. You moan softly, making his eyes flit to your face. Jungkook rolls his fingers over your nipples to test your reaction. 
"Yes", you sigh.
"Wow", he feels his heart begin to race in excitement, "does it really feel that good?" 
"Yes, so good", you tell him slightly breathless. 
Jungkook gulps and feels his dick twitch in his pyjama pants. 
"This makes me hard too." 
"Mhm", you hum, looking at his crotch and the very prominent dent behind his pants, "I can see. Do you want me to take care of it?" 
"Maybe? But c-can you do it slowly?" 
"Of course. I'll take off your shirt first and then massage you for a little. How does that sound?" 
"Kinda sexy", he says and giggles shyly. 
"I know, right?" you caress his tummy, "come now sweets work with me." 
The aspect of getting a massage mixed with the view of your boobs made Jungkook comfortable enough that taking off his shirt doesn’t feel scary anymore. He throws it on the floor and lies back down. He has your hands on his torso in an instant, feeling them run along his every inch. It feels so good that he has to close his eyes. 
"Jungkook seriously, I've never seen someone with a more perfect body than you. You’re making me want to paint you shirtless." 
"Oh god", he giggles shyly with his cock twitching in his pants. He feels so good inside and also out.
"Do you want to lay on your tummy now?" 
He follows, whining softly when this puts pressure on his cock. You help him get comfortable with your hands on his hips. Jungkook feels the touch so well that he has to bite down on the tip of his tongue in order not to moan. You are guiding his movements. Somehow this is so sexy to him. 
“There we go”, you say, running your palms all the way from his hips up to the beginning of his pits. You do that motion repeatedly, watching how this covers his skin in goosebumps and how he closes his eyes. 
You rest yourself on top of him, making sure your boobs are snug against his back and your lips ghost over the shell of his ear.
“Relax sweets, I’m gonna send you to heaven and back”, you whisper, making him squirm and blush furiously.
“Oh god w-why are you so good at sexy t-talk?” he stutters, having to giggle.
You grin, pecking his cheek, “practice. Now”, you sit back up, making yourself comfortable on the back of his legs, “let’s get started.”
You laid out a few things for tonight. Condoms, lube, oils and his favourite snacks and water for later. This is supposed to be his evening and you want to make sure that it is going to be perfect. You open the bottle of massage oil and let some trickle along his spine.
“Oh”, he lets out and giggles, moving his back from side to side, “what’s that?”
“Oil for the massage”, the bottle does a little click as you close it again then it does a thump as you place it back on his bedside table. You place your hands on his back and begin spreading the oil in big circular motions.
Jungkook tenses up before he relaxes in a shiver.
“Wow”, he just can’t stop saying that word. Everything just feels so good and amazing and wonderful that he can barely believe that it is actually happening to him.
You and him are silent for a while, floating on the sensations and letting the music do the rest. And while you touch his perfect back, you can’t stop letting your eyes run over every inch of it. You have never seen Jungkook shirtless before. This was your rule. You do not look at the other when they are fresh out of the shower or in only their underwear. Jungkook obeyed the rule and in return you obeyed it as well.
So seeing him shirtless with his strong muscles and those pretty dimples on his lower back leaves so many tingles in your stomach. He is so handsome. You stop on his lower back, tracing the slight indent where his spine is running up his back. So pretty. Jungkook is so mesmerising.
You abandon his lower back to travel along each side of his spine, rolling small circles on his skin. You reach his shoulder blades, outlining them with your thumbs all while massaging some of the tension out of them.
Jungkook makes a tiny sound.
“Too hard?” you ask him.
He shakes his head, “it feels so good”, he lulls, drooling on his pillow.
“I’m glad it does. You have such a sexy back”, you praise and opposite of what you are saying you run your hands along his relaxed arms.
Jungkook shifts and flutters his eyelids.
“And your arms are so nice too. I can see that you’re working out really hard.”
He giggles, hiding his eyes behind his hand. He is so giddy. You think his workouts pay off. This makes him feel so handsome and good.
You run your hands down his arms, reaching his back again. Down and down you go, shimmying down his legs until you rest between them. You place your hands on his thighs.
“Ah”, he lets out, parting his legs on instinct. He feels breathless. He didn’t think that it is possible for him to feel that turned on, but he does. He feels so restless and hot. You begin massaging him, touching the back of his thighs first before slowly but surely sneaking closer to the inside of them.
He sighs, lifting his hips from the mattress just to roll them down a second later.
“How’s that Kook?” you ask him, putting pressure into your touch and drawing circles.
“I-I-“, his voice cuts off as he lets out a shuddering breath instead. His hips lift and roll down again. You can watch how this makes his butt tense and relax.
You run your hands closer to his middle, making the tips of your fingers disappear under the wide legs of his pants. You are just inches away from the beginning of his buttocks, kneading his muscles in ways that go straight to his cock.
“Oh god”, he whispers, burying his face in the pillow to muffle the involuntary moan he lets out. You can watch how his back begins to heave up and down quickly and when you take a look down you can see that he began flexing and relaxing his toes repeatedly.
You grant him one gentle touch, running it along the swell of his butt and making sure that it would tickle his balls just slightly.
He flinches, scooting up a good two inches involuntarily. He laughs breathily, sneaking a shy glance down at you. His cheeks are so pink, his pretty eyes glassy.
“Do you want more sweets?” you ask him.
He hides his mouth behind his fist and nods his head shyly.
He puts more vigour into his nods, giving you big puppy eyes.
“So why don’t you roll over and I’ll suck your cock?”
Jungkook obeys with shaky knees, pressing his tiny fists into his chest as he looks up at you shyly. You claim his lips in a kiss before doing anything else, making sure that he can feel your boobs rub against his chest. It makes him open his fists and touch your back instead. Slow, deep kisses with tongue and encouraging moans on your side and Jungkook feels himself stumble further and further into this warm fuzzy space you created. And while you kiss him and silence all the worry in his mind, your left hand begins touching his torso. You play with his nipples for a while, realizing that this makes Jungkook kiss you back sloppily. You also realise that if you pinch them, he flinches and loses his rhythm for a good moment until you lead him back on the right path again.
Once his nipples are swollen and oh so sensitive, you move further down his torso, tracing his abs whilst whispering praises against his lips. Jungkook lets out a shy giggle each time you do, tasting even sweeter when you kiss him. 
But then you begin playing with the hem of his pants and Jungkook’s lips still.
“It’s alright sweets, it’ll feel good”, you encourage him in a whisper, nibbling on his lower lip gently.
“___”, he says, making his lip slip from your teeth.
“You’re doing so well”, you praise, trailing your kisses to his neck instead.
Jungkook sucks in air through his teeth and shivers. 
"Good", he whispers and sighs.
Good that means he stops worrying again. In one swift movement, you slip your hand inside his pants and begin running it up and down his terribly swollen cock.
“Oh my god”, he gasps and reaches for your wrist with both hands.
You lift your head, making eye contact with him for only a second and then he looks to the side in embarrassment.
“How’s that Kook?”
“Mh-hm”, is all he can get out and then he feels so embarrassed about the entire situation that he has to close his eyes.
“Relax sweets, your reactions are perfect”, you assure him, watching him peel his eyes open, “there we go, you’re doing so well. I’ll start with the blowjob now, alright?”
He is still looking to the side but he nods his head vigorously.
"Yes? Can you tell me that you want it?" 
"I, I want it", he whispers shyly. 
"You are so perfect", you praise, lowering your lips to his chest. You begin kissing him, starting on his pecs and drawing them down his torso like perfectly placed paint strokes. You linger on his lower stomach just that little bit longer, eliciting the sweetest of sounds from him. 
He is so sensitive. It tickles but he doesn’t want it to stop or flee from it. That tickle feels different than normal ones, it starts wherever you kiss him and then goes straight down to his cock. It actually reaches such intensity that he soon wants to reach down and cup his cock just so he could relieve some of that pressure. 
"More please", he asks quietly. 
You answer him by shimmy down his body and sitting down between his legs. Your hands are resting on his hips, fingers hooked in the hem of his pants. 
"Lift your butt for me", you say and Jungkook obeys. 
His pants leave his body easily, landing somewhere on his bed. Holy moly. Jungkook is gawking at you with scared eyes, looking between his exposed cock and your face. He is naked. Completely buttnaked. Do you like it? Do you think that he is too small, too big? Does he smell weird? Wait, did he make sure to wash his dick today? Yeah, he did. Or did he? Oh no, Jungkook can’t remember if he did. Do you not like it?
“Wow Jungkook, your cock is so perfect”, you gasp, taking it between your fingers to jerk it off slowly.
Jungkook’s mind shuts up immediately. Warm electricity shoots through his dick.
“Ah”, he lets out, mouth falling open in bliss.
“I can’t wait to taste it”, you taunt, drawing closer and closer. You lock eyes with him and stick your tongue out. One last playful smirk and then you finally flick it over his cockhead.
“Hngng”, Jungkook mewls, ripping his eyes open widely. He grows restless within seconds, legs squirming on the mattress.
“So delicious”, you rasp, taking in his tip and sucking slowly.
“Ah”, Jungkook moans loudly, throwing his hand over his mouth quickly. He seems devastated, as if he just committed a crime with the moan, “sorry”, he whispers, tearing up.
“Don’t apologize. Your noises are perfect. Just let them out, don’t be shy”, you tell him, rewarding him by sinking down his length again. You let it glide over your tongue until it tickles the back of your throat.
“Ah, ah”, he muffles most of the noise with his hand but you heard it nonetheless.
You answer him with a hungry moan, bopping your head up and down his length. You make sure to fondle his balls while you do it, drawing skilled circles on them with your thumb.
“I-I can’t stop – ah!” Jungkook stutters before he moans, dropping his head in the pillow and keeping his mouth agape, “ah, ah, ha, ah”, the noises leave him freely eventhough they make his cheeks literally burn up in embarrassment. He twists the sheets as he squirms and shakes, having his eyes squeezed shut so tightly that the corners of them are creasing.
“There we go, you’re so sexy for me”, you encourage him, flicking your tongue over his tip for a little, running your left hand up and down his shaft in slow strokes. You make sure to time the swirls of your tongue with one skilled movement of your thumb each time it reaches his sensitive tip.
Jungkook throws his hand over his mouth, letting out a cute squeak. You encourage him to give you more by taking him into your mouth again, sucking on his cock. You can feel his balls tighten, tasting his precum on your tongue. Oh Jungkook lets out the prettiest of moans, rolling his head to the side.
“Feels so good…”
You begin moving your head up and down while you suck on him, starting off slow but becoming faster gradually. Jungkook starts off with excited little pants before shy squeaks replace them. He hits the mattress beside his hips, legs shaking all on their own.
“Please”, he squeaks, burying his face in his hands. This feels so good and he is going to cum. Jungkook feels so embarrassed about it, but somehow doesn’t want you to stop.
“Just let go sweets”, you encourage him, returning to the rhythm afterwards. You roll his balls between your fingers, jerking off the parts you can’t get into your mouth and swallow around him.
“Eeh!” he squeaks then gasps and tenses. Then you feel it, his cum shooting down your throat and his cock pulsating in your mouth. Jungkook lets out a surprisingly deep growl, arching his back off the mattress. He shakes three times then drops his back rather aggressively, throwing his hands over his face to hide away.
“I’m sorry”, he presses out.
You let go of his cock, giving it one last kiss.
Jungkook sobs.
“Hey sweets, why are you crying?” you gasp, cradling him in your arms safely.
“I-I s-sorry. S-sorry”, he hiccups, shuddering in a sob. He is so embarrassed.
“For what? You did amazing.”
“I-I ruined it.”
“You didn’t. Why do you think that?”
“You, you didn’t even cum. And there, there w-was no s-sex.”
“Kook”, you brush his tears away, “we’ve been having sex ever since we started touching each other. Sex doesn’t always mean penetration. It’s about making the other feel nice. Don’t be ashamed about cumming too soon. This is your first time after all, you did amazing.”
“Really?” he looks at you shyly. He sniffles but doesn’t cry anymore.
“Yeah, it was so hot”, you smile at him, “did you like it?”
He nods his head, “so much”, he whispers and giggles shyly, “thank you so much, I feel so, so good”, he confesses and hugs you.
“I’m glad you do”, you give his cheek a gentle pinch.
He looks at you with sparkly eyes.
“Do you wanna have more?” you ask him.
He blushes, “maybe”, he whispers.
“Yes? Do you wanna make me feel good until your cock’s good to go again?”
“Yes”, he says in complete awe.
“Yeah? Something you want to try out on me?”
He blushes, lowering his gaze. He touches his own lips before he giggles.
“Do you want to eat me out too?”
“Yes”, he whispers and hides his face in your chest in shyness.  
“Okay that’s really hot, I’m down”, you say and roll on your back.
Jungkook watches in awe as you take off your pants and then spread your legs. He is staring at your face almost obsessively with his eyes big.
“You’re allowed to look”, you tell him and watch as Jungkook sneaks one not so sneaky look down at your core.
He does a quick double take before finally looking properly. His mouth falls open, hands rubbing up and down his own thighs.
“This is what a pussy looks like?” he gasps, crawling between your legs to get a better look. His eyes run over it in wonder.
“You look like you are seeing your first ever pussy”, you joke, but the look that Jungkook gives you lets you know that you weren’t even that far from the truth, “no way, you are. Aren’t you?”
He begins blushing.
“Seriously? So no porn?”
“I tried watching it once, but I felt really uncomfortable”, he confesses.
“Wow, okay. That’s so rare”, you say, making him lower his eyes in embarrassment, “but totally valid. You’re so hot, sweets.”
Jungkook giggles, looking less nervous in an instant. He lets his eyes land on your pussy again, features morphing into that of awe.
"It's so pretty", he whispers, "and so wet." 
"Yeah, I know that means I'm really turned on", you explain to him. 
"Oh I see...really?" he looks into your eyes. 
"Yes Kook, really. You make me really wet." 
He snorts very ungracefully and laughs quietly before throwing his hand over his mouth and widening his eyes. 
"Sorry, that was a weird laugh." 
"It wasn’t, you’re really cute", you assure him. 
"I, I wasn’t laughing at you. Please don’t t-think that. It’s so weird to hear you talk so sexy t-that's why I laughed. Not that I don’t like it! Please don’t think that", he babbles, blushing vividly. 
"Kook, you’re aight. Don’t worry", you give him a smile. 
"Okay", he says in a breathy laugh, letting his eyes fall back to your pussy. He stares at it, licking his lips almost hungrily.
“Taste her whenever you are ready Kook”, you encourage him.
Jungkook sticks his tongue out and presses it against your core. He just rests it there, hot and wet. Then he pulls back again, smacking his lips.
“Mhm, yummy”, he decides, cracking you up, “what?”
“Nothing, this is just the first time someone smacks his lips and goes mhm yummy after pressing his tongue against my pussy”, you explain in a chuckle.
“Oh, sorry”, he blushes.
“It’s alright, it’s cute”, you pet his hair, “go on, try her again.”
Jungkook is eager to please, sticking his tongue out and connecting the tip of it with your pussy. He flicks it up and down, doing so rather softly.
“A little closer”, you tell him.
Jungkook scoots closer, adding more tongue. He keeps the slow rhythm going, eyes glued to your face to see if you look pleased. You look really happy according to him. Your eyes are so pretty now that you look at him and give him a smile.
“Give my clit more licks.”
Jungkook furrows his brows in confusion. It is obvious that he has no idea where exactly your clit is located. You tug on his hair gently, guiding his mouth further up your pussy until you feel his tongue on your clit.
“There”, you sigh, eyelids fluttering, “it’s right there.”
To your dismay Jungkook lifts his head, looking at your pussy.
“Can you show me? So I know how it looks” he asks with a little bit more confidence in his voice. This is so typical Jungkook. You give him something new to try out and he is so eager to learn and improve himself that he completely forgets about his shyness.
You part your folds with your fingers and run your pointer finger over your clit. It feels good, but you really miss his tongue.
“It’s this little part right here. The area around it and right on it is especially sensitive and it feels really good when you touch or lick it”, you explain, drawing slow circles. Jungkook watches with his brows furrowed in serious concentration. He nods his head.
“I got it. It’s so pretty. Small but so important, I like it a lot.”
You give him a lazy chuckle. He is truly so endearing.
Jungkook takes over for you, keeping your folds parted with his fingers. He connects his tongue with the area you showed him and mimics the movements your finger made. Slow circles all over your clit and her surrounding skin.
“Holy fuck” you can’t help but swear, dropping your head into the pillow and gasping for air. Jungkook hit the nail right on its head. Or in your case nailed your clit right with his tongue. It is warm, it is wet, it is so soft and at the perfect spot, “Jungkook”, you moan his name.
Jungkook makes a shy sound and speeds up just a little.
“Ah!” you squeak and flinch. Hot electricity shoots through your pussy. In an instant you pull his head away, confusing him.
Your eyes meet, his lips glisten in your juices.
“Okay what the fuck Kook?” you pant, “you seriously almost made me cum in like ten seconds.”
He blinks his eyes at you, cheeks heating up.
“Really?” he asks shyly.
“Yeah, what the hell?”
He giggles, lowering his eyes, “w-why did you stop me?”
“Because…I don’t know, I wanna have it longer.”
“Should I lick at other parts? O-or what do I have to do to make it last longer?”
You smile because his eagerness to learn is sweet but also sexy.
“Yes, that sounds good. Give my clit a few licks every now and then and it’ll help make it last longer.”
“Got it”, he says and connects his mouth with your pussy again. He dances his tongue through your folds for now, watching your face for a reaction.
“Yes Kook, yes”, you sigh and moan, closing your eyes.
He mewls softly and stays at your entrance. He licks at it as if he was eating a popsicle, making shy sounds of approval because he very obviously liked the taste of you. His hips are grinding into the mattress, his fingers are squeezing your thighs. Also, he has eyes closed for now, furrowing his brows in bliss.
“That’s it sweets”, you moan, floating on cloud nine.
Jungkook opens his eyes again and dances his tongue up your pussy. For only a second he lifts his head, parting your pussy with his fingers again before connecting his tongue with your clit. He starts off a little too far to the right but corrects it naturally, one flick later and you have his warm, skilled tongue grinding up and down on your sensitive bundle of nerves.
“Yes, ah – yes”, you moan and gasp, relaxing and closing your fingers around a bundle of his soft hair rhythmically, “yes, Kook, Jungkook, ah yes.”
Jungkook, that perfect amazing man, moves down your pussy, making your approaching high die down so lovely that you feel like melting. He begins licking up the new droplets of your arousal at your entrance, sneaking a quick glance at your face and grinding his hips into the mattress again.
He will never get this view out of his head. You on his bed, completely naked and with your face contorted in pleasure. Your stomach looks so pretty and your boobies aren’t as round as when you sit up, but Jungkook likes how they look like when you lie down nonetheless, they look so soft and he wants to hold them. So he does. He reaches up with his left arm and gathers your breast to squeeze it softly.
“Yes, do that”, you encourage him, voice cracking at the beginning.
Jungkook squeezes it repeatedly, accidentally pressing down on your entrance too much and making his tongue slip in. He gasps, watching you part your lips in a deep moan. You are even warmer like this and you taste stronger. Jungkook slips his tongue free, swallowing down the massive amount of saliva in his mouth and with it your sweet taste.
"So tasty", he whispers more to himself than to you. He connects his tongue with your clit again afterwards, hand on your breast stilling because it is impossible to multitask now that he begins touching your entrance with his finger in curiosity. But you don’t mind, he is still holding your boob safely and the finger playing with your juices feels so nice that all you can do is roll your hips up and moan his name.
Jungkook slips inside on accident, gasping right with you.
“I’m going fucking insane, that’s amazing”, you moan shakily.
Jungkook mewls, grinding into the mattress with more vigour. You are so warm and wet and tight around his finger. This feels so good. Is this how it feels around his dick? How should he ever be able to fuck you when it feels like that?
Jungkook moves his finger in and out of you, feeling you tighten. 
You whimper his name, grasping his hair with your other hand as well, “right there”, you squeak out and tighten even more.
Jungkook doesn’t know what to make of all of this. This is so sexy, it turns him on like nothing else, he feels so good. It overwhelms him so much that he feels his eyes tear up in utter gratefulness. He closes them before he can cry and licks at your clit more eagerly.
You clench around his finger, flinching into his mouth.
“I’m gonna fucking cum”, you groan, arching your back.
Jungkook mewls, speeding up his tongue and finger all while giving your boob a squeeze. This is all you needed.
“Jungkook”, you cum with a loud moan, feeling it all the way down to your toes. It spreads from your pussy in hot spurts of electricity, the kind that makes it hard to concentrate on anything other than how fucking incredible it feels. You didn’t have that type of orgasm in such a long time and definitely not with another person. You blame it on the feelings you have for Jungkook and how good he makes you feel, but holy fuck this is going to haunt you in the most inappropriate of moments.
Jungkook is so far gone, whimpering and squeaking as he licks and sucks on your clit like there is no tomorrow, he pumps his finger in and out of you quickly, blinded by the feeling of you pulsating because of him. And while it felt fucking incredible while you were cumming, now that overstimulation sets in, it feels like too much.
“Slow Kook, slow”, you groan, pulling at his hair, “g-give me a break.”
Jungkook lifts his head groggily, locking his sparkly eyes on yours obsessively. His cheeks are so pink, his chin and swollen lips are covered in your orgasm. He looks so eager to please you more and more.
“This was incredible”, you say, “I’m serious, I haven’t cum like this like ever.”
“Woah, are you serious?” he gasps, mouth falling open.
“Totally”, you say and drop into the pillow. You let out a disbelieved laugh, rubbing your hands over your face, “I’m fucking fucked Kook. Phew”, you exhale loudly.
Jungkook shimmies up your body and lies down next to you. Propped up on his elbow, he drapes an arm across your chest. You open your eyes.
“So I’m the best you ever had?” he asks, acting slightly cocky.
You chuckle fondly, “now, now Mister. You’re growing cocky”, you tease him, pinching his cheek.
He blushes and just like this, his shy demeanour returns.
“I’m sorry, I just feel proud because I made you feel good.”
“Mhm”, you trace his cheekbone, “you can feel proud, you were the best.”
Jungkook giggles.
“How did you like it? Was it how you imagined it to be?”
He shakes his head, “it was better. I imagined pussy to taste like candy just like Ariana Grande says, but it doesn’t. It still tastes really good eventhough it doesn’t taste like candy so don’t worry. I want to do it a lot in the future.”
You grin. You are pretty sure that you don’t just have a crush on him by now, but that you are actually head over heels in love with him.
“I’m happy you liked it. Do you want your reward now?”
“T-there is a reward?” he gasps.
“Of course there is. Your cock’s good to go again and I wanna ride it.”
“Oh god”, his cheeks glow red immediately, “you say so much sexy stuff.”
“I know”, you grin, “go on sweets, lie down for me.”
Jungkook obeys, giggling in excitement for what was to come.
You get to your knees and reach for a condom.
“Do you want to put it on for me?” you ask him, handing it to him.
“I’ll try, I never did it. Do I have to hold the tip?”
“Yep and then just roll it down smoothly.”
Jungkook follows your instructions.
“That’s it, you’re a natural. How does it feel? Does it pinch or feel too loose?”
“No it’s comfortable, I don’t really feel it.”
You and him exchange a look. You just have to touch his face again. You can’t help it, you are so obsessed with it.
“I’m gonna fuck you so well now, Jungkook”, you whisper.
“___ please”, he breathes and mewls.
“Do you want me to fuck you?”
He nods his head vigorously.
“I can’t hear you sweets.”
“Yes”, he whispers, tensing his body in anticipation.
“There we go, good boy”, you praise, climbing on his lap and sitting down on his thigh.
He tenses up and looks down.
“Do you feel how wet I am?”
“Y-yeah”, he presses out, breathing speeding up.
"I know, that's what you do to me sweets. Your mouth made me so, so wet for you." 
"That's so sexy, oh my god", he whispers, feeling his cock twitch.
You give him two grinds up and down his thigh then lift your hips. You grab his cock by its base, stroking it through your folds.
“Oh god, oh god, oh god”, he chants, covering his face behind his hands. He is so excited and nervous and excited.
“Look at me Kook.”
Jungkook tries to obey, brows furrowed and teeth biting down on his lower lip so hard it appears white on some parts.
“You can cum whenever you feel like it. There is no pressure to last long, okay?”
He nods his head.
“Now place your hands on my hips.”
Jungkook holds them tightly, eyes flitting to your core. This is it. The moment he dreamt of ever since he was twenty two. The moment which will turn him from an inexperienced boy to a real man. And to top it all off, he is experiencing it with the one person he had hoped he could experience it with. He is so excited that he could burst.
You sink down on him. Jungkook’s face goes from shock to confusion to surprise until it finally lands on what can only be described as blissed-out epiphany.
He groans loudly, dropping his head and staring at the ceiling with big eyes.
You bottom out. 
"Wait, wait, ah wait", he stutters. 
You caress his pecs, studying his face. 
"I just need to bask in it for a moment."
He takes a deep breath, furrowing his brows in the distinct Jungkook way.
"Holy cow, I’m not a virgin anymore…"
He makes you laugh and so you lean down to kiss his cheek. When you lift your head just enough to look at his face you realise that he is gazing at you.
"It's nice, isn't it?" 
He nods his head vigorously, "it's so warm." 
"Right? You feel really good inside, you fill me out so well." 
"Oh?" he blushes but doesn’t break eye contact, "y-you fit around me so nice" he giggles, "was that sexy?" 
"Yes Kook, it was sexy." 
"Okay, uhm. You are so warm and squeeze me so much, I feel really good", he attempts to talk dirty, ending it with a cute giggle and a shy look down. 
You chuckle lazily and straighten up again. 
"I'm glad you do, sweets", you rasp and put slight pressure on his chest, beginning moving.
"Oh go- fuck", Jungkook’s face contorts in utter pleasure, eyes falling closed and lips parting. He is squirming so much, panting uncontrollably all whilst squeaking.
You lean in, weaving your fingers in his hair.
“That’s how it feels like Kook”, you rasp, circling your hips when he is all the way inside of you, “that’s how sex feels like baby.”
"Don't stop", he keens and hooks his arms behind your head, pressing out a pathetically hoarse moan afterwards. He can’t think. He can’t breathe. He is also sure that he doesn’t live anymore. His soul left his body and all there is left is his dick and your warm walls around him. How should he ever feel anything else and go “yep that’s good” when he knows how pussy feels? He decided. Pussy is the endgame and he is happy that he played and won.
“Do you like it Kookie?” you ask, tickling his ear with your lips.
“Ye”, he brings out and then he moans again, scratching down your back in an attempt to hold you tighter, "so much, I like so much", he mewls, throbbing inside of you.
“Fuck, baby”, you moan, speeding your hips up at the slight pain of his scratches. You twist your fingers in his hair, make sure that you squeeze your pussy around him and press your tits against his chest, making his nipples rub against them. 
Jungkook lets out a gurgled moan, following it up with a high-pitched “oh my god.”
He shakes and trembles, whimpering your name all while squeezing tears out of his closed eyes. His cock is so hard inside of you, throbbing uncontrollably. You know that he is close. You have known ever since you sank down on him. Good, you want him to cum. It’s what he deserves. 
You add skilled rolls back and forth to your bounces, making sure that his cockhead would hit your g-spot each time you bottom out. You can still have some fun, even if this right here is all about him. And Jungkook is giving you a hell lot of fun. He has the perfect length and girth and curve to make each bounce feel like heaven. 
"I can't ah - oh - eeh please ___", he stutters and pants, hands running over your back vigorously in search of support. 
“You know it Kook, just cum whenever you want”, you pant, connecting your ass with his thighs in fast bounces, "just cum for me baby, let go." 
Jungkook lets out a loud moan, pressing his head into the pillow so aggressively that it makes his shoulders arch off the mattress. This feels different than it did when you gave him a blowjob. While that one began on his tip, this right here makes his stomach tighten and his cock throb and he has literally no idea where it begins. Maybe everywhere. Jungkook sobs your name, arching his back. Oh god, he is going to cum so hard.
“That’s it baby, let go for me”, you rasp.
And he does. Jungkook feels his body spiral out of complete control. It happens automatically that he reaches for your hips and stills their movements only for his own to begin slamming up into you. And you let him, watching his face contort into the prettiest of expressions all whilst moaning his name over and over again. Jungkook needs eight hard thrusts and then he drops into the mattress, whimpering shakily.
He is breathing quickly, whimpering the entire time. So cute. You just have to lean down and kiss his pretty face all over.
“My pretty boy, you’re my pretty baby, oh Kookie”, you whisper, kissing his tears away, “did you have fun, baby?”
“Yes”, he presses out, still catching his breath.
You giggle and straighten up, helping him slip out of you and discarding the condom for him. You make sure to place his very sensitive cock down carefully, leaning down to give it one kiss. You have no idea why you did that, you have never done this to anyone before, but Jungkook makes you feel so good that you just want to keep kissing him.
You kiss up his torso next until you finally trail them up his neck.
He turns his head slowly, peeling his eyes open to gaze at you.
“Thank you so much”, he whispers, voice raspy in strain. He tears up, “this is the best day of my life.”
“Mine too Kookie.”
"I'm sorry I didn’t last long." 
"There's nothing to apologize for. Nobody lasts long during their first time and you were amazing."
"Will it get better? I-I don’t want it to always be over so fast."
"Yes baby, it'll get easier." 
"Did you cum too?" 
"No, but that’s alright. Tonight was about you." 
"I'm sorry, I'll do better next time", he whispers.
"I know you will Kookie", you whisper and caress his cheek.
He smiles droopily, you retort it.
“Are we a couple now?” he asks hopefully.
“I mean”, you lower your gaze shyly, “I would say that we are. You?”
He nods his head, “I wanna be your boyfriend.”
“Good, cause I wanna be your girlfriend.”
You and him giggle happily. So you’re a couple now. This is truly the best day ever.
“I wanna have so much sex with you”, he confesses confidently.
 “Yeah?” you fluster slightly.
“Yeah. C-can we? It’s so, so much fun.”
“Of course baby, we’re only getting started.”​
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adonis-koo · a month ago
wicked • 14
Tumblr media
↳ Summary: In a desperate hope to stop war from breaking you are a serviced to wed the most vile man alive, the one who has committed atrocities and war crimes beyond comprehension, he who is responsible for the fall of many nations, the wicked prince who’s heart is made of stone. You are to marry a man who challenges every belief and moral you stand for, all while being faced in a foreign land with nobody but yourself too trust…But are you both truly that different? Or is hate not too far from love?
↳ Pairing: Jungkook/reader
↳ Genre: arranged marriage AU, enemies to lovers, it’s kind of a period AU??? Historical but also technically not? prince!AU, eventual smut
Word Count: 10k
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tags: oral (f receiving), breath play, slight spit kink (it does not end well), lots of kissing >:)
Note: surprise shawtysss!!! I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I have! I cannot apologize enough for this incredibly late chapter but I hope a lil somthing makes up for it ;)
Tumblr media
“How do you feel?” 
“Umm, nervous?” 
Wearing armor was….different then you had anticipated, first off it was heavy- which you knew logically it was, but you didn’t realize just how heavy it was. Jungkook had gotten it fit for you once you had started up training and only in the past week had you started wearing it to train in. 
Time, however, had run out. 
Meaning today was the day. 
“...stupid.” You admit with a sigh, Wheein had just finished styling your hair out of your face, “I’ll be happy when I lose and get this over with.” 
You hadn’t been able to sleep the night before and your stomach had been twisting into unpleasant knots all morning long. 
“Don’t say that m’lady!” Wheein objected softly, “So long as you fight with honor and vigor, you’ll never be a true loser.” 
“It’s more than Seohyun will be able to say about herself.” Taehyung nodded, he had sat in front of you, giving your hands one last look over before he began bandaging them up for you as an extra layer of protection. 
“Even the smallest chance, is still a chance.” Jungkook spoke, but the words did not sound as if they were his own, it seemed as though he were quoting someone, “Try not to worry about it and just stay focused.” 
You nodded at all of their words. They were right, you just needed to believe in the slightest chance, and even if you did lose, you would be more than happy for this to finally be over. This duel had been looming over you like a darkened cloud for nearly two months now and you’d be glad to finally be relieved of it. 
Wheein had escorted you to the courtyard where the duel would take place, the castle seemed particularly energetic today and people had tossed you many stares, some encouraging, as if rooting for you, and others in sneer, as if waiting for your downfall. 
Taehyung walked alongside and Jungkook had stayed a little behind as you all made your way to the courtyard where wooden stands had been put up and the court had been taking their places, all eager to watch you attempt to keep up with the notable swordswoman. 
“I didn’t realize we were going to have so many eyes today…” You mumbled, feeling even more stupid now then you had before. 
“Well, it’s not every day a royal duel takes place, all of the court want a seat when it happens.” Wheein ushered softly before giving you a reassuring smile, “Once the match starts you’ll be able to tune them out.” 
Your throat had dried and the knots in your stomach only furthered as you nodded, stopping at the far corner of the courtyard where Taehyung had set up any supplies that might be needed for later. 
You could hear the small crowd usher at the sight of you as you tried to calm yourself as your eyes met Seohyun’s from across the courtyard, she looked stunning, plated in a deep maroon armor that suited her striking features, her eyes like razors as they met yours. 
The chapel bell rung deeply, sounding that it was time. 
“Y/n,” Jungkook called out, making you turn to look at him, he stepped in closer to you as his voice softened, just a tad, “Just focus on what we talked about.” 
You didn’t trust your voice in this moment, only nodding at his words, his hand hesitantly reached out, softly grabbing your chin to lift it to fully meet his eyes, “And remember, the slightest chance,”
“Is still a chance.” You breathed out with a nod. 
Jungkook nodded at this, “Good luck.” 
You turned back around as Jungkook made his way up to the royal podium, taking a seat next to his father as you walked out to the middle of the courtyard where Seohyun met you halfway. 
“Looks like today is judgment day for you Princess,” Seohyun spoke, her eyes cold and her lips twitched into a viscous smirk, “And I look forward to deciding your fate.” 
You stood tall, unsheathing your sword, “We’ll see about that.” 
This made her smirk drop as she sneered at you, unsheathing her own sword as she lifted it up, you mirrored her as the tips of your blades touched. And without a second to waste Seohyun was immediately on the offense.
She was aggressive and sharp with each of her swings, metal clattered and echoed off the walls of the courtyard as you blocked each of her blows, albeit a bit clumsily but that was at the back of your mind as she jumped up. 
Throwing down another powerful blow that made you break your grip, she lunged forward with her sword as you whirled around, managing to dodge what could’ve been a punctured stomach wound a second later. 
“You’re damn lucky she’s good at dodging.” Areum watched her nephew shift in his chair at the violent sight ahead of them. 
To the untrained eye it might seem he was unbothered by the whole ordeal but to her, it was clear as day how on edge he was, watching the fight unfold before them. 
Jungkook shifted in his chair, “But will it be enough?” 
You quickly regripped your sword once more as Seohyun let out a gritted chuckle, “You fight like a newborn walks. My expectations were low, but this is truly pathetic.” 
You both began to circle one another, “Then why is it you haven’t hit me yet?” Jungkook had told you to engage in as little conversation with her as possible, but it was difficult to not rebuttal at all.
“It doesn’t need to be enough,” Areum replied as she lounged about in her chair, leisurely crossing her legs, “She just needs to burn Seohyun out of her energy.” 
Jungkook shook his head wearily, “But she’ll need to be careful to not let her guard down under the false pretense that Seohyun pretends she’s burnt out.” 
Seohyun’s face lit with rage at your comment as she lunged forward but this time you met her blow with one of your own, metal clapped together loud in the air and your hands nearly thrummed from the power.
This didn’t stop Seohyun from throwing another upper slash your way, you had ducked under before going for an under slash which she had agilely blocked before back stepping to put some space between you both. 
You however just as quickly closed the space between you both once more, throwing an upper slash and lower one which she had quickly blocked before she managed to catch your foot on her own making you fall onto your back. 
“I remember those days,” Areum watched in amusement as you fell, “Confidence can make one a bit greedy hm?” 
Jungkook’s hand squeezed into a fist at the sight, “An ameatur mistake but she’s only going to learn through experience.”
Seohyun’s straight slash looked as if she was attempting to kill you as you rolled to the right, metal clashing to the ground right next to your ear, you had barely managed to get up before she aggressively began attacking you once more as you fumbled backwards. 
Attempting to put more space between you both but she wasn’t letting you have an inch as she slashed forward, the only thing that saved you from her next slash was the column she hit as you rounded the inside of the court yard. 
Weaving through the next few columns before you had put a sizeable amount of distance between you both, your breath heaving and you needed a few moments to regather yourself, your body was aching already and yet she looked hardly out of breath. 
“Do you all see this?” Seohyun laughed out, stepping out of the inner part of the courtyard as she gestured to you, “Behold, our cowardice Crowned Princess. Running away just as any other true Eunoian does.” 
Your jaw immediately clenched at her words, “Eunoia is not-” 
“Oh but they are,” Seohyun cut you off, whirling her sword in her hand as she leisurely began to close the distance between you both, “Where was Eunoia when our predecessor Seoul fell?” She called out rhetorically, “Where was Eunoia during the Five Year War?” 
She stopped a short distance away from you, a genuine disgust on her face as she scoffed, “You’re all nothing more than a bunch of glorified cowards. Too scared to pick up arms and fight, or perhaps you just have nothing left worth fighting for.” 
Areum curiously watched the two as she briefly looked at Jungkook, “I don’t think anyone could resist words like those.” 
Jungkook shook his head, “She knows better than to let Seohyun goad her into making a mistake.” 
Areum shifted in her seat, “She may, but that might not stop her. After all, if one abandons pride in their Kingdom, what else do they have left?” 
A fire had kindled in you at her words, giving your sword a whirl before you gripped it once more, lifting it up, “We were busy tending to the dead and there is nothing more brave than looking death in the eyes and choosing to live another day.” 
You swung your sword just as she did hers, your swords clapped together but what you hadn’t expected was for her to unsheath a dagger. A sharp stinging pain immediately burned into your skin making you whimper out. 
Backing off as your hand ghosted your upper abdominal, blood glistening off your glove, the wound was extremely shallow but it was a well placed blow in the opening of your armor. You had quickly regripped your sword, backstepping once more as Seohyun dual wielded both her sword and dagger. 
Lunging for you once more with her dagger, what she had failed to realize however was she left herself open, you remembered in that brief second the demonstration Jungkook showed you, and without a moment of hesitation you followed his instruction. 
Jungkook let out a breath of relief at the sight of you managing to disarm the dagger right from Seohyun’s hand and even she looked surprised for a brief moment, “She remembered.” 
Areum smiled at his words, “And she executed it well.” 
If Seohyun’s reflexes were as sharp as Jungkook had said they were then surely she’d be able to block this- You swung the dagger around, grabbing it by the blade before sharply throwing it right in her direction. 
Seohyun had managed to hit the smaller blade with her own, surprised none the less and that was all you needed, kicked her sharply in the stomach, the force knocking her down before the tip of your blade met her neck. 
“There is a certain strength in kindness,” You ushered softly, “I hope one day you’ll be able to find that.” 
You lowered your blade down before you turned to face the royal podium, everyone looked stunned by your victory as you stepped closer, intending to bow to end the duel. 
What you hadn’t expected was to be shoved to the ground but before you could even try to get up, a foot was firmly placed on your back.
“That’s cheating!” The voice was angered and it sounded a lot like Wheein’s, you winced at the foot shoving into your back further, your eyes met sideways with Wheein’s figure, anger like you had never seen in her eyes and Taehyung had immediately grabbed her by the shoulder, shaking his head rapidly. 
Ushers immediately were spoken between the court as Seohyun cackled, “I will not let my reputation be besmirched by an outsider such as this. So take heed in my words, Penumbra does not stand for weakness! We do not let ourselves soften to the likes of a traitor, and we will certainly not standby if duty calls! No less for the likes of this.” 
She shoved her foot down into your back for good measure making you whimper out, your back beginning to throb. 
“Jungkook!” Areum hissed out but it was too late, his face was kindled in rage as he stepped down the steps, immediately unsheathing his sword. 
Seohyun scoffed in amusement at the sight but what she hadn’t expected was for him to roughly grab her by the back of her head, hand ruthlessly yanking at her hair as he shoved her off of you, blade immediately pressed harshly into her neck. 
Even the slightest movement would draw blood, “Jungkook!” Seohyun looked shocked at the gesture, as if she truly, naively thought that this would be a meaningless threat as it always had been in the past. 
Jungkook’s eyes were stone cold, “You dishonorably challenged my wife to duel when she had no previous experience and even now, you dishonorably won. How does the hollow victory feel?” He snarled, he yanked on her hair even further making tears sting her eyes, “You may have won the battle but you’ll never win me back now, as a matter of fact I have no interest in ever seeing your spiteful, victidive face ever again after this.” 
“Just your existence is an embarrassment to Penumbra.” Jungkook snarled before he shoved her away, as if disgusted to even have her this close to him, the force of the shove had her tumbling to the ground. 
Wheein had already come to your side the moment Taehyung would let her, helping you up as you winced, your back was now aching heavily and your appearance disheveled, as you turned to look back at Jungkook and Seohyun. 
You had always thought you had met the ugliest side of Jungkook first, and in some ways you still believed it, but right now, his eyes were like glass, disgust written across his face in a way that would make anyone feel ashamed. 
Seohyun’s eyes were filled with tears as she fumbled to get up, “You’ve changed.” 
“No I haven’t,” Jungkook snapped, “I’ve always been this way, you just chose to ignore it for the sake of vanity and pride. Now go, get out of my sight before I decide to do something dishonorable since that’s the new code for you.” 
And much to your surprise tears streamed down Seohyun’s cheeks, as if maybe it had finally just hit her that there was no going back to a time when they were together, she looked genuinely heartbroke as she managed to walk back to the corner where funny enough- her medic and the Rosewood knight Claudin had been waiting for her. 
You however only watched in dismay as your eyes met with the knights, despite the fight being over, you had a sinking feeling that this had only just begun. 
Tumblr media
You didn’t understand why the court was so determined to throw a banquet in celebration of your victory. Because you didn’t exactly win, now did you? It didn’t feel like a full victory, or more like a victory that was robbed from you. 
And therefore you had been particularly glum about it all day. Everybody still had their daily duties to attend to and you hadn’t even had the chance to speak with Jungkook about it, after his temper had been put on display he had immediately had been summoned by his father and uncle and you had yet to see him since. 
Probably getting a scolding of a lifetime but somehow you doubt that would make him regret his words in the least. He looked terrifying in that moment but somehow, the words he spoke to her had soothed you. 
‘You’ll never win me back now’
He said it as if it was finalized as if this was the final straw. He didn't want her so much as even in his presence anymore. Was it selfish to say it made you happy? You briefly wondered, if you should feel less happy about it. 
After all, it wasn’t as though you both were…together…
You were married yes but, your relationship with Jungkook had been anything but easy, and these days you still weren’t sure where his feelings lay when it came to you, you were friends now at the very least and the thought made you happy. 
But something in you was yearning for…more. 
Something deep inside you desperately wanted more. You could still feel the ghost of his hand tenderly grabbing your chin, when did his touches become so soft with you?
As if he was handling fine glassware and afraid he might break it, when once upon a time, he manhandled you as if you were nothing more than a sack of flour. It made your heart skip a beat as you fiddled with your lace gloves.
The evening light had casted a silhouette on everything making the halls look almost magical as you headed for the bedroom, Wheein had a few last tasks to finish up before she said she’d meet you there to get you changed for the banquet. 
After all, you’d be attending since it was for you and you’d feel rude otherwise. 
Many thoughts swarmed your head as you opened the door to your shared room. What you hadn’t expected was your husband inside. You nearly yelped out at the sight of him half undressed. 
A fine silk black robe, one you were familiar with, adorning his otherwise naked upperbody and his pants seemed to be hanging lower on his hips than normal. 
“Oh! I- I didn’t realize you were- um…! I apologize…!” You looked anywhere but at him, should you go…? 
You still weren’t used to sharing a room with someone and therefore had forgotten to knock! Ugh you needed to be more considerate in the future! 
“Let me see it.” Jungkook’s voice was soft but there was a demand in it that took you off guard. 
“Pardon…?” You tilted your head at his words. 
Jungkook sauntered up to you making you nearly wheeze, trying to look at anything except his exceptionally sculpted chest that was on display, tattered in various scars that your hands nearly trembled at just the thought of being able to trace. 
“The wound, from the dagger.” Jungkook replied immediately, his hand grabbing your waist to pull you closer to him. 
“I um…!” You fumbled with your words, feeling your face warm, “It’s just a shallow wound, nothing more than a scratch.” You offered him an awkward smile. 
Jungkook frowned at this, his eyes dropped to your stomach where the wound had been bandaged and you were being truthful in your words, you had been lucky enough to have the distance you did otherwise Seohyun would’ve been able to cut much deeper. 
“And your back?” Jungkook asked, pulling you a little closer as his hand slid from your waist to your lower back causing it to ache. 
The gesture made you wince, causing Jungkook to lift his hand off of it with a frown, “I should’ve gotten to you quicker.” 
“It’s…okay.” You mumbled, wrapping your arms around yourself, dimming visibly at the mention of what had happened. 
“I always knew she was a sore loser,” Jungkook mumbled, “A vindictive one at that, but I suppose I never realized the lengths she was willing to go to until now.” His hand brushed back against your waist.
He snorted at the thought, “Nevermind that though, we have a banquet to attend in your honor, the first in your honor.” His lips tugged into a tiny smile but it melted away at the sight of it unreciprocated by you. 
“What is it?” He asked. 
You wouldn’t meet his eyes as you shrugged, “...I didn’t win Jungkook.” 
“You did,” He immediately rebutted, much stronger than you about it, “She just always has to have the final say. But you won that battle fair and square, she broke the Code of Valor when she chose to attack you after victory and with your back turned away from her no less.” 
You shook your head at his words, only feeling worse about it now but Jungkook wasn’t having any of it, his free hand grabbed your chin making you meet his eyes, “You won. You did in my eyes, and I won’t have you sulking this evening when we should be celebrating.” 
The intensity of his eyes had your heart fluttering and your words lost on your tongue, unable to do anything but look up at him before your gaze dropped to his lips. 
Jungkook seemed to recognize this, “Well? Are you going to be a good girl and listen to me?” He squeezed your waist a little tighter, yanking you near flush with his body, you jolted, catching yourself against his chest, his skin was warm and taut and your hands weren’t about to let go now. 
“I…I, um…” You fumbled with your words, having a difficult time remembering what the conversation was about when you watched those plump lips curved into a tiny smirk, “Jungkook…?” 
He hummed in response, leaning in a little, his bangs brushing against your skin. 
Your mouth felt dry and you couldn’t stop staring at him even if you tried, his lips were so close to yours and your fingers kept trembling, and instead of asking what you wanted too, your mouth finally betrayed what your body carnally ached for. 
“Can you kiss me?” 
Jungkook’s hand wrapped around your throat making a breathy whine escape you, his hand was delicate with it, his thumb gently rubbing into the skin of your windpipe, “You want me to kiss you?” There was a light tease in his tone. 
Your body felt like it was on fire and your lips trembled a little, unable to trust your voice anymore as you nodded. Your thighs were aching and your body was flushed with arousal despite his touches being so soft and feathery. 
Jungkook closed the gap between you both with his hand, his lips pressing into yours, it sent sharp tingles down your spine at the way his lips roughly melded into yours, his hand on your throat giving it a slight squeeze. 
It caused an embarrassing moan to escape you as your hands dragged up his chest to wrap around his neck, he seized the opportunity to push his tongue past your lips. There was no fight of dominance or dance of tongues. 
You had instantly given up to him, wanting him to be able to do whatever he wanted as his tongue lathed and dragged against your own. His free hand had immediately begun undone the back of your dress before his other hand released your throat from his hold to help. 
And for a brief moment you broke the kiss, needing a breath of air but Jungkook wouldn’t allow more than a second, pushing back against you as he nibbled against your lower lip, wanting back into your mouth. 
When did you get so close to the wall? And how did you end up pressed against it? Jungkook’s hands managed to pull off your outer dress, revealing the slip beneath it as you whined softly against his mouth.
Jungkook’s lips broke from yours only to feel his breath hotly fan over the skin of your neck before he sucked against an open patch of skin. Everything felt warm, your skin, your face, everything. 
You couldn’t even bare to look at him, opting to close your eyes as you tried to hush a moan at Jungkook’s lips trailing down to find a particularly sweet spot on your neck, “Don’t be quiet,” His voice was deeper then normal, a husky tone taking over, “I wanna hear.” His tongue dragged back up your neck.
“Jungkook…!” You tried to make it sound reprimanding but your voice was too weak, coming out more like a whine that made him chuckle. 
“Don’t pretend to get all sulky,” Jungkook lightly chided you, pulling you close to him once more, “I can see it in your eyes, you enjoy getting bossed around secretly don’t you?” 
“I- I do not!” You stammered, somewhat indignant at his crass words and yet you still couldn’t fully think straight.
Jungkook had already turned you away from the wall, back you up until you lost your balance from his bed, sitting down in front of him as a pout suddenly jutted on your lips at the look on his face, “As you were saying?” He mocked before grabbing your chin, “After all, weren’t you the one that asked me to kiss you?” 
He grabbed your thighs, yanking them to pull you closer making you yelp out, “Ah! Jungkook, stop…!” You whined out, covering your face, but it wasn’t a plea for him to stop what he was doing- but to stop teasing you. 
This made Jungkook smirk, “Stop what?” 
“You know what!” 
Jungkook kneeled down with a hum, pushing up your slip, “No I don’t think I do.” His hand suddenly squeezed tight against the open skin of your thigh, “Look at me when I speak to you.” His tone of voice was causing knots to form in your stomach. 
But these were not out of nervous, but excitement, your body was flush and his tone was sent straight to your cunt that was throbbing at just his words. You however only shook your head, purposely making this harder for him then needed. 
Jungkook’s hand reached out to your throat once more, grabbing it making a soft moan escape you as he forced you to look at him, that single second could’ve lasted an eternity before he scoffed, “You enjoy being disobedient do you?” 
You still refused to look him in the eyes, now flustered at his words as he taunted you further, “Where’d your tongue go?” Jungkook asked, squeezing your throat tighter making a whined moan escape you, “Thought you didn’t like to be bossed around?” 
“Don’t tease me Jungkook.” You finally managed to mumble out, trying to not let him fluster you anymore in this position. 
Jungkook chuckled, “When you make it this easy it’s difficult not too princess,” You jolted at the feeling of his hand releasing your neck once more to grab your thighs instead, pressing an open wet kiss against the inner side that was sent straight to your cunt. 
You could feel it, glossy and aroused, sticking to your panties as you breathed out softly, your thighs, as if on their own parted for him further as he pressed his tongue against your skin, hot and wet as he dragged it closer to your cunt. 
“Mm…! Jungkook…” You mumbled out, trying to calm your rapidly beating heart. 
Jungkook’s lips only suckled against your other thigh as he moaned softly, “Relax princess, ‘m not gonna do anything you aren’t ready for.” His hands were stroking your outer thighs in continuous pets.
His hands trailed up to the band of your panties playing with them as he spoke, “Besides, I’m sure this is nothing new to you…” 
This made you scoff briefly, trying to ignore the fact that he was so close to your cunt, “It is as a matter of fact!” You replied, “I don’t know how many times I have to tell you but I don’t have-” 
“But Seokjin-”
“What about him?” You frowned, trying to not let your face look so flustered, was now really the time for this conversation!? “He never not once was under my skirt like you are right now!” You looked away from him closing your eyes to ignore the way your cheeks throbbed, “So yes! This is very new to me- Ah! Jungkook!” 
Jungkook had suddenly ripped your panties off, as in, literally ripping the material before he pulled you by the thighs closer to him, his tongue suddenly pressing into your folds making you yelp in surprise, your hands immediately buried into his soft hair. 
“Good,” Jungkook growled out against your cunt, his tongue dragging up to- “He doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near this cunt, doesn’t deserve to play with your clit.” 
He sucked against the bundle of nerves making a loud moan escape you, “Mine. This right here princess? Is mine,” He hissed out before letting his tongue lap against your bud once more making your thighs squirm as you whimpered out, pleasure immediately blossoming in your body. 
“Ah…! Jungkook, ah-” You couldn’t even form a full sentence at the feeling of his hot tongue dragging against your folds. 
His fingers dug into your thighs hard enough that it would surely leave some form of bruising, “Mine, this is  my cunt now.” He moaned softly, dragging his tongue down to your little hole, “Fuck, your so wet princess,” He pushed his tongue in making you whimper out, jolting making him grip you even tighter. 
Your walls tightened around his tongue in need as your eyes immediately squeezed shut upon feeling his fingers ghost of your sensitive clit making you cry out just as a knock echoed out making you jolt in your spot. 
Jungkook made a noise of displeasure, his tongue dragging out of your hole back to your clit making you squirm, biting down on your lip hard to keep a moan from escaping you. 
“Princess, I’m here to help you get ready!” Wheein chirped from the other side of the door. 
“Jungkook…!” You whimpered out quietly as his lips suckled your clit making a sharp pleasure thrum in your body, your eyes immediately closing as your hips buckled against him, “...Mmph fuck! Ah…” 
The pleasure quickly built into something more and more intense as Jungkook wettly kissed your clit before letting his tongue drag against it before he found the sweetest little spot to suckle against. 
Your thighs had nearly suffocated him as the pleasure suddenly snapped in your body, desperate, quiet whines escaping you as you came for him just as he had hoped, his tongue soothingly sucking on your clit once more as your thighs twitched against him. 
He released his hold on you as he looked up at you with that stupidest smirk on his face, lips glossed in your arousal as he licked them making you unable to resist the urge to shove him out of embarrassment, “Jeon Jungkook!” 
“You can come in!” Jungkook called out already standing up with a brief chuckle, “Apologies to keep you waiting, I just wanted to check her wound from earlier to make sure it was okay.” 
He opened the door to not only Wheein but Taehyun as well as you fumbled to push your skirt down, smoothing it out as you embarrassingly looked anywhere but at them. 
“Of course Sire it’s not a problem!” Wheein smiled as she walked in with Taehyun, none the wiser. 
Or more like she just actively chose to pretend like she didn’t see your outer dress on the ground by the wall that made it very obvious what had happened. 
Gods give you strength…
Tumblr media
“I don’t suppose you know when the Princess is going to be making an appearance at her own banquet?” Jimin exclaimed as he stretched out, a large mug of ale in his hand as he sat down next to the Prince. 
Jungkook had been enjoying himself, as well as he could without your company, just the memory of being up your skirt an hour ago was enough to keep him in his thoughts, eager for the next moment he could get you alone, “Wheein was taking her time getting her ready. She’ll probably be down soon enough.” 
“Good, good!” Jimin nodded, “I was worried quite frankly, given how the duel came to an end that she’d be down in the dumps about it.” 
“Oh she was trying to be,” Jungkook replied dismissively, “I wouldn’t allow it though, Seohyun was a snake to the bitter end and I won’t allow her to dismiss her own victory because of it.” 
Jimin hummed at this but the smirk that began to coil on his lips told a different story, “You seem to be getting awfully close with the Princess these days.” 
“She’s my wife.” Jungkook replied, as if that was supposed to explain the change in his behavior. 
“Ah yes but you didn’t seem to care beforehand, if I remember correctly,” Jimin tapped his chin with a smug look, “But now you’re going out of your way to coddle her? It’s all very sweet really.” 
“I’m doing no such thing,” Jungkook reeled back with a huff, coddling? He didn’t coddle anyone, he in all truth had no idea what Jimin was even referring to. 
Jungkook treated you the way he treated everyone else, fairly and with respect. 
“Jimin, what are you giving our Prince a hard time about now?” Hoseok pulled out a chair on the opposite side of Jungkook, taking a seat. 
To this Jimin grinned, “I was just pointing out to our dense friend that he’s been quite affectionate and soft with our Princess.” 
“She isn’t yours.” The sharpness in Jungkook’s tone even took himself by mild surprise, a greedy little voice in the back of his head clawing and snapping at the thought of anyone trying to claim you as theirs. 
Hoseok and Jimin exchanged looks of surprise before they both began to laugh, making Jungkook sink back into his seat, his eyes glaring into his cup in semi embarrassment at not evening thinking before he spoke. 
“Ah, I see what you mean,” Hoseok laughed as he gave a hardy pat on Jungkook’s shoulder, “Our dear friend has always had a possessive streak hasn’t he?” 
“Mhm,” Jimin goaded, “He’s always been like this when it comes to the things he holds dearest to him.” 
Jungkook was beyond feeling miserable now at their relentless teasing he was at the mercy of and his only saving grace was your arrival to the celebration. The guard had announced her name causing everyone to pause at the sight of you entering. 
You still seemed a little unsure of yourself, all of the stares expectantly on you, but once the cheers rang out a soft, demure smile tugged on your lips. 
And Jungkook could not keep his eyes off of you, your dress hugged tight at your waist despite the skirt being made of an excessive amount of maroon fabric, which if he looked close enough he could see a peep of skin showing in a daring slit from your dress. 
It was an edgier look in the court but when it came to you he knew you could wear anything and make it look good, not only this but after finding out how you felt about restrictive clothing, he wanted to somehow incorporate your comfort into Penumbra’s latest fashion. 
There wasn’t any excuse for the cut out beneath your breasts or the thin layers of gold that highlighted your shoulders and arms, even all the way down to your hands which were covered in delicate golden silk to match though he secretly wished you wouldn’t be so self conscious about them. 
After all it was from your courage that so many had been saved from the fire in the market. 
Pulling up your skirt a little you made your way over to your husband, trying to not let yourself feel any more nervous than you had been. But just meeting his eyes made you straighten, it looks like he was ready to pounce on you! 
Just the lingering memory the previous hour made you feel hot that no amount of undressing would be able to solve. 
Hoseok had gotten out of his chair bowing to you before he pulled it out further for you as you smiled at him gracefully, “Thank you.” 
“Of course Princess.” Hoseok replied with a wink before whispering, “He's been waiting for you.” 
He pushed your chair in as your smile became shy at his words, you had been giddy the whole hour Wheein had gotten you ready and she, though hadn’t pried, had alluded to her excitement for you at how close it seemed you and Jungkook were getting. 
You just hoped things were going too fast, or that you were reading into his advances, he did like you too…right? This wasn’t just some attempt to get under your skirt for the sake of it? 
Jungkook had only briefly glanced at you before grabbing the arm of your chair making you jump, your lips parting in surprise at his pure strength as he dragged your chair next to his, the arm of each chair now touching. 
“Was I not close enough before?” You breathed out, in semi surprise, your noses almost touching. 
You tried to keep eye contact with him but his cool gaze had become almost fiery and intense, too much for you to bear as you shied away under his hot stare. 
Jimin gave a loud cough as if to cut the tension between you both as he spoke, “Congratulations Princess! What was it like, now having your first duel under your belt?”
You quickly perked up at this, anything to save you from Jungkook’s all consuming, hungry gaze, “Are you telling me there will be more like this in the future?” 
“Hopefully not,” Jimin laughed, “But don’t be surprised if you’re challenged again. After all, you still have much to learn with a blade, and a bow now, I heard?” 
You nodded at this, “Yes, I think I’ll be doing much better now though, with the pressure of the duel finally over. That and now Jungkook won’t have to dedicate all of his free moments to me.” “Not just his free moments,” Hoseok commented as he tapped his chin, “But just about every moment, he was really behind all of his work from focusing-” 
“Jung.” Jungkook glared at him though Hoseok looked hardly threatened. 
“Every moment?” Your eyes became concerned, “Jungkook! Is that why you’ve been working so late into the night?” 
“You don’t need to worry about it.” Jungkook replied to you, his gaze melting into somewhat of a neutral look, “What matters is what training you did get paid off, you’ll only become better with time. Now that the duel is over we don’t have to be so rigorous anymore.” 
You were going to exclaim how happy you were to hear that but the conversation was quickly interrupted by a less than welcoming face. 
“Congratulations Princess,” The knight you had become ill of, Claudin stood in front of the table before bowing, “You have surely become a strong opponent in a short amount of time. You’re sure to be a good Queen for Penumbra.” 
You frowned at his words before trying to muster a polite smile, “Thank you, we’ll just have to see what the future holds.” 
“Of course,” Claudin smirked, reaching out to grab your hand making you squeak in surprise, just as he leaned in to kiss it he paused at the sight of a blade at his throat. 
It seemed nobody but your small group had taken notice of the fact that Jungkook was now standing up right but leaned forward over the table, a dagger in his hand and a glare in his eyes, “Let go of my wife.” There was a calm chill in them. 
Claudin’s gaze dropped to the hilt of the knife before he scoffed, letting go of your hand as Jungkook sat back in his seat, putting the dagger back into its hidden place in his pocket. 
“I’d be careful where you place your allegiance, Your Highness.” Claudin commented but said no more as he walked away, leaving you confused as to whether he was referring to you or Jungkook. 
You didn’t have time to mull it over though when you held the strong grip of your husband's hand suddenly finding the slit in your dress to grab your bare thigh making you squirm as your hand darted to grab his wrist, both of you now staring at one another. 
Jungkook’s eyes were dark and he didn’t relent as his thumb brushed against your thigh nearly making them tremble at being so close to your- Had he always been so…? 
Your mind wasn’t working properly anymore due to your cunt immediately soaking your panties in excitement, hormones were pumping through your veins wanting nothing more then for him to just grabbed you and open your-
“That was…something.” Yoongi frowned, who had been standing behind your chair, observing everything up until this point. 
“Something odd,” Jimin scoffed as he sharply watched Claudin make his way back over to the table of aristocrats, most drunk and clearly only here for the drinks and food. 
It was difficult to focus on Jimin’s words though when Jungkook’s hand had an iron grip on your inner thigh making you try to not squirm, and not matter how hard you tried to discreetly pry his hand off you it only made him stubbornly hold on tighter. 
“Are you okay Princess?” Hoseok peered at you curiously.
To most it might seem as if he was checking on you after Claudin had grabbed your hand, it wasn’t as if you were shaken by the gesture, just taken by surprise. But you had a feeling he had noticed your slight squirming. 
“I am.” You gave up, finally letting go of Jungkook’s wrist, the stubborn battle being hidden by the table cloth anyways, “I was just surprised is all. That wasn’t necessary to do Jungkook.” You turned to him slightly. 
Jungkook’s nostrils flared a little as he leaned back in his seat cooly, “It was. Last time he was involved in anything you were quite upset, if you needed the reminder.” 
You huffed at his words, was he really being sulky right now? 
Though it was a slow process you were beginning to understand Jungkook’s odd language, had this happened during the first month of your stay you would’ve taken his words as if he was being snide or vicious with you. 
But you could see the slightest jut in his lips, his clenched jaw and his hair, which had grown past his brows, dusting over his eyes slightly. 
It really made him look sulky, and his voice, a bit deeper than normal, wasn't helping his case. In fact, it was difficult to even take him seriously. 
“He was just congratulating me.” You replied diplomatically. 
Hoseok tapped his chin in thought, “He hasn’t been bothering you has he?” 
“Not if I can help it,” Yoongi snorted, his arms crossed as his eyes sharply scanned the room, “Unless he’s managed to weasel his way into your room through the window.” 
Jimin snorted, “He’d be met with Jungkook’s dagger and not near the amount of kindness as of now.” 
“There was no reason for a dagger to be involved at all!” You protested lightly, “He only grabbed my hand. Let’s not focus on this,” You pouted at everyone's attention now on Claudin’s figure, haughtily sipping wine as if he knew you all were talking about him, “Let’s celebrate tonight and worry about this no more.” 
“Yes,” Hoseok nodded, “I do agree, after all this is your banquet Princess.”
You smiled at this as you clapped your hands together, “Taehyun?” You called out, causing the boy who had been standing off to the side to perk up, “Can you fetch us all a mug of the strongest ale you have? One for yourself as well. I want this to be a merry night!” 
“Right away your Highness!” Taehyun looked gleeful at the permission to be allowed a drink. 
“Only one.” Jungkook immediately spoke after you with a sharp gaze on his servant. 
“Of course Sire.” Taehyun puffed his chest, not taking Jungkook’s words to heart seeing as he had you on his side for this. 
You only laughed softly at their interaction, at first you had been dreading tonight but after being here with everyone you had grown so close to, your heart couldn’t help but feel warm and fuzzy. 
You did want to remember tonight with fondness. 
Tumblr media
You couldn’t remember how many pints of ale you had, or whatever shot of liquor Jimin had given to you, all you knew was that the moment you had asked Jungkook if you could retire to bed, you had stood up and nearly face planted into the ground. 
Jungkook had also drank much liquor, but he seemed to be holding it together much better than you seeing as you had once again found your drunkenly being carried by him, only this time your arms were wrapped around his neck, nestled into the crook, your feet happily swinging as you let out a soft giggle. 
Jungkook grunted as he made it up the first half of the staircase, leaning against the wall with a groan as he closed his eyes, “What’s so funny princess?” 
“Mmm,” You closed your eyes as well, relishing in his warmth as you giggled once more, shaking your head, “Was jus’ thinkin’ about when you carried me last time, you didn’t have any trouble.” 
“I was sober.” Jungkook groaned as slumped against the wall but his grip on you didn’t change, “Every time I open my eyes the world is slowly turning.” 
He let out one last breath before he straightened up, opening his eyes once more trying to walk a straight line as he carefully managed the next round of staircase that spiraled upward. His words made you open your eyes once more, demure and tired, “What if I gave you some motivation?” 
It wasn’t that you were too drunk to understand what you were saying, but it was more like you were drunk enough to no longer care to say what you’d usually let stay locked secure in your head. 
“Oh?” Jungkook raised his brows but he didn’t dare look at you, for all his mental energy was going into taking one easy step up at a time, “And what could you possibly do that would be so motivatin-” 
His words were cut off by his breathy moan at your lips attaching to his neck, you had been staring at the patch of skin for the last five minutes and you couldn’t resist anymore, you wanted to kiss it tenderly, savoring every little sound you could get out of him. 
Jungkook felt like his knees were going to collapse on him at your tongue dragging over his skin, a soft moan leaving your lips as your hands wound tighter around his neck, pressing small kisses over the patch of skin that was slowly turning red. 
“Fuck,” Jungkook gritted out, his hands slowly grabbing you harder, “I think you’re making it worse princess.” 
But despite his words his legs were moving on their own to get up this last godforsaken set of stairs, sighing in relief as he wobbled over to the entryway to the corridor, all of the candles had been blown out and it was dark but he managed to find the door to his room. 
Whatever struggle he had before seemed to completely diminish at the sight of the bed, he had dropped you just in front of the end of the bed as you wobbled, it didn’t take much to throw you off balance especially when he grabbed your waist, yanking you down with him as you tumbled on top of him. 
Jungkook was seated now with you straddling him, trying to make yourself more comfortable but he wouldn’t allow it, grabbing at your throat with a tight squeeze making you gasp a moan as he pressed your lips against his.
His tongue was pushing into your mouth greedily as you whined out, hands tugging at his hair with a harsh yank that had a deep moan vibrating into your mouth. The kiss was much sloppier than the one you had earlier in the day, tongues clashing and ungodly moans escaping you both as his hands slid from your waist to your hips, encouraging the friction from your hips against him. 
Jungkook could feel his cock stirring, hardening under your constant squirming and the sound of your pretty moans as you whined into his mouth, hands desperately pulling at his hair as you managed to get sat in his lap the way you wanted to, the front of your dressed bunched up now so you could properly rub against him. 
Your panties were soaked through as you rubbed down against his thick, hard on making him let out a rough growl, grabbing at your hips, “Stop that.” He snapped out, harshly grabbing at your throat as he pulled you away. 
You let out a drunk giggle sticking out your tongue childishly at him, “Make me.”  
Jungkook’s nostril’s flared in a heat of lust, grabbing at your chin before he spat in your mouth making you gasp, lips trembling at the feeling of his hot wet salvia in your mouth.
He pressed a finger on your lips as he spoke quietly, “Swallow.” 
It was a demand that you couldn’t refuse. 
Something about the gesture though…
Had you not drunk so much it would’ve delivered in a very sexy manner, but given you had drank much…well you were very thankful the window had been opened to let in a chilled breeze otherwise you’d simply have to die for throwing up elsewhere. 
“It wasn’t even that bad.” Jungkook tried to console you but you weren’t having any of it, you felt gross now and curled up under the duvet too embarrassed to even look at him. 
“It was! I feel awful.” You whimpered out, your dress feeling too tight now and you just wanted to get out of it and into something comfortable. 
Jungkook chuckled softly at this, “At least let me help you get changed, there’s no way you’re comfortable in that.” 
You peaked out from the duvet at him, a sulky pout on your lips as he sat upright on the bed, hair hanging down as he peered at you with a warmth in his eyes you hadn’t seen before, something like endurement in his eyes as he gestured to you, “C’mere.” 
It was difficult to not crawl into his embrace, his hands were soft and tender on your skin as he carefully undid the back of your dress.
Goosebumps covered your skin from the chilled air and your breasts exposed, nipples hardening as you sat up right, shifting a little as Jungkook pulled the beautiful material off of you, you could feel your face flushing with heat, the tips of your ears burning as you looked anywhere but at him.
Not totally unfamiliar with him between your parted legs, but this time he seemed to be drinking up the sight of your half naked body, his hands tracing down your naked waist as if wanting to become acquainted with every little curve there was to know. 
“Jungkook…” You let out a soft whine but he said nothing in return, instead he chose to lean in to press a kiss just at your ribcage, his lips were soft, tender even as he pressed another between your breasts before trailing them down your left tit. 
You had to bite down on your lip to surprise a moan, watching his lips part as he gathered your hardened bud into his mouth, sucking on it as if it were a sweet treat, the moan was sharp as your thighs clenched around his body.
His other hand found your right tit before giving it a soft squeeze as you whimpered out, your cunt aching at not being touched and your panties were completely ruined, he moaned softly against your tits, squeezing and playing with your buds before he released them from his hold. 
Your lips had trembled into a pout at the way he stood up, as if he hadn’t just completely turned you on and then left you high and dry, he had been rummaging through his dresser before he found one of his nightwear shirts, white and big. 
“What?” He asked innocently at your lips that kept sporting their pout. 
“Why did you do that?.” You finally whined out, as he pulled the top over your head. 
“Because I wanted to.” He replied simply, a smile tugging on his lips as he tenderly began undoing the elaborate hairstyle Wheein had done for you. 
Jungkook carefully took out each of the ornate hair accessories that had matched your dress as you continued to pout, “I meant all of this.” You whispered. 
Jungkook paused as he stared at you in confusion, “What do you mean?” 
“This isn’t some game is it? For you? Trying to make me fall in love with you?” Your lips trembled a little as you drunkenly rambled, “Because if so, you really are as cruel as they say.” 
“Is it a game for you?” Jungkook’s eyes darkened a little with a frown, as he leveled with you, his eyes piercing in the darkness, “Because it isn’t for me.” 
There was something in his eyes that bothered you, he looked at you as if he wasn’t sure he could fully trust you, but your head was pounding and alcohol was still running strong in your veins, you couldn’t decipher that look even if you wanted to. 
“No.” You ushered softly, lips twisting into a plushy pout once more. 
Jungkook stared at you for a long moment as if trying to decide something before he grabbed your chin delicately, “Then stop worrying.”
He leaned in to press a soft kiss on your lips once more as you moaned softly against him. 
Any thoughts or ideas of him possibly betraying your trust and your growing love were put to rest. 
Tumblr media
Your head dully ached as you groaned, opening your eyes as you stretched out with a yawn, unable to really move though at the arms that caged your body, an unfamiliar head pressed into the crook of your neck and a chest laid against your back. 
“Mm, you’re crushing me.” You slurred out with a whine, trying to wiggle out from under Jungkook’s grip. 
He hummed, half asleep as he shifted a little, letting you out from under him with ease, though not allowed to escape his arms as he tugged you right back against him, now on your side. Your eyes closed once more but trying to sleep was useless at the dull throb of your head. 
You rubbed it with a quiet whine before twisting around to face Jungkook, his eyes opened sleepily to see a soft pout on your lips as he groaned, “Do you have any other expression besides that princess?” 
“My head hurts.” 
“That happens when you drink more than a grown man.” 
“I did not…!” You objected.
“You did,” Jungkook chuckled at this, his eyes closing once more as his hand found the side of your neck, fingers tracing down to your shoulder causing your skin to prick at the feathery touch, “I didn’t think you could outdrink me but I’m sure you did.” 
You huffed at this, snuggling under the warm covers once more as you answered, “I don’t really remember much after we all took whatever Jimin brought us.” 
“Oh? You don’t remember giving me this?” Jungkook lazily pointed to his neck and at first you were confused until you saw the dark spot making you nearly choke on your saliva. 
“Oh my god! I’m…I didn’t…I mean I.” You stumbled with your words, unable to fully get the words out. 
“No I think you did,” Jungkook grabbed at your neck, his grip gentle but firm, his lips brushing against your ear with a murmur “I remember enough princess and it seemed like you really wanted to jump on my dick.” 
He was cackling as you smacked his shoulder, squirming to get out of his grip, “I…! I did not…!” But that would be a lie to say you didn’t, because while you didn’t remember everything you said, you certainly remembered climbing into his lap and…
You covered your face, trying to hide away your embarrassment for acting so indecent last night. And then when he spit…! And you…”Ugh don’t remind me anymore! I’m starting to remember more than I want.” 
“At least you didn’t throw up on me.” It was hardly any consolation as Jungkook chuckled once more, “I’ll be sure to not do that next time. Seems you have a weak stomach.” 
“Only because I had drank so much!” You objected with a sore pout. 
“Oh?” Jungkook curved a brow. 
What you hadn’t expected was for him to suddenly roll you both over, now on your back as he hovered over you, “Are you saying you wouldn’t throw up now?” 
“Jeon Jungkook!” You squeaked out, his hand was quickly becoming a familiar feeling on your throat as he grabbed it with a firm squeeze making a breathy moan escape you. 
“Open,” Jungkook squeezed your throat once more with a quiet command, “Let’s see if you can swallow and keep it down.” 
“We drank last night Jungkook!” You cried out with another squirm, the flusteredness clear as day on your face and it gave him a good chuckle, clearly what he was looking for as he smirked, releasing your throat from his grip. 
Collapsing down on top of you as you whined, Jungkook shifted to lay beside you, grabbing your waist to bring you close once more,”You’re a lot easier to fluster than I anticipated.” He pressed a kiss against your head as you huffed, curling against his chest as you closed your eyes once more. 
“And very grumpy when hungover as well.” He pinched your side making you shove him a little, one eye opening to glare at him. 
A soft knock at the door arrived making you groan as you buried back against Jungkook, you had duties today that you couldn’t shrink but you certainly wanted too. You let out a noise of complaint at Jungkook prying himself away from you as he stretched out, “Come in.” 
Taehyun and Wheein had entered as they greeted you both before they began to prepare you for the day. Begrudgingly might you add, you had tried to not whine about it though. 
After you were prepared for the day, Jungkook parted with you as he had work to get done and you did as well. 
The day morning had flown by between meetings with the construction crew, having to walk on sight with various business owners and start outlining what shops would go where, your hangover thankfully did not last the entire time, albeit you were secretly miserable half the morning. 
By midday you had ate your lunch in the library accompanied by several books and the treasurer had come to visit to update you on what your budget was looking like as orders for materials were starting to be placed. 
Soon the afternoon came and that was when you shuffled your way to the War Room to meet with Jeong Dae, your least favorite part of the day. You sat down across from him, letting out a sigh unintentionally.
He curved a brow, “A busy day I take it?” 
“We started to lay the groundwork for where the shops will go in the new district this morning,” You answered, bringing out your folder which had become increasingly heavier each day, “We’ve already run into some problems though, the first being the Royal Seamstress was hoping to have her shop towards here…”
You pulled out the construction map that the crew had been kind enough to draw up for you, you pointed towards the back outlining, “But that would push over into the housing district. It would also be in our best interest to perhaps have the armory here.” 
“The armory?” Jeong Dae questioned, confused as to what you meant. 
“Well,” You paused, feeling stupid all of a sudden before you shrugged, “In my lessons with Namjoon he was telling me that in previously, when Penumbra was built, there was meant to be some sort of,” You frowned, trying to find the right word for what you meant, “Defense, for each district if you will, in case of an invasion.” 
You didn’t like saying the word, but even if you weren’t in on all of the outer politics at the moment, you weren’t stupid to know that despite the Rite of Peace, many nations were still hostile towards Penumbra. 
You hoped you didn’t live to see the time where something of that level of destruction happened, but if it did…well you wanted Penumbra to be at its strongest.
This surprised Jeong Dae, or more like he seemed taken aback by your consideration of it, “In case of an invasion?” He hummed, sitting back in his seat as he evaluated your words. 
“Just in case,” You answered weakly, “I do wish things will settle, but if not…It would be good wouldn’t it? That way both the market district and the housing district will have access to weaponry.” 
“And you didn’t think that perhaps there will not be enough for both districts?” Jeong Dae challenged making you puff and breath as you crossed your arms stubbornly. 
“I did, but I thought it would be better to have it there so the housing district will have some line of defense. The Market district is just outside the barracks, they would have the first line of defense.” You challenged him back. 
Jeong Dae leaned back in his seat, crossing his arms as he eyed you carefully, “You’ve been doing your research I see. Very well, but you will have to deal with the Yang Seamstress family.” 
“I’ll meet with them first thing tomorrow morning,” You replied firmly, a small smile tugging on your lips, “You won’t regret this decision Jeong Dae.” 
“It matters not,” Jeong Dae waved a hand dismissively, “Despite the rumblings of the other Kingdoms, they do not have the courage to go against us once more, not after the Five Year year.” 
You frowned at his words, “You’re truly that confident in Penumbra’s abilities?” 
“No,” Jeong Dae answered plainly, “I’m confident in the statement we made when we ended the war. And even so, if a Kingdom was bold enough, now that we have access to the Noxtria mines in Eunoia, our weapons will be the strongest nations have ever seen. Only a fool would dare take us on.” 
You only shook your head in disdain, “You underestimate what fear can drive a nation to do.” 
“Are you suggesting you know something I don’t?” Jeong Dae leaned forward in his seat with a prowess in his eyes. 
“No,” You answered plainly, ignoring it, “I’m merely stating a fact, and I know this because after all, I am a Eunoian, we know fear at its core.” 
Jeong Dae was about to reply but he was cut off by the sound of the door opening, an unexpected visitation of the king and your husband, both looking ready to go blows to blow with one another. 
“This is ridiculous!” Jungkook hissed out, stopping in front of his father, “You’re going to take his word over mine!?” 
“Move Jungkook.” Dae Seong growled out, eyes glaring over his son’s shoulder into you making you straighten up in your seat as you briefly looked at Jeong Dae who seemed to have frowned at the unsightly appearance of the two. 
Not just two but Di Jin had appeared behind his father quickly after. 
“What is the meaning of this?” Jeong Dae sighed in exasperation, pinching the bridge of his nose. 
“We’re here to take the Princess into questioning.” Di Jin replied, arms crossed and his eyes cold and calculating as you scoffed. 
“I beg your pardon?” Your brows were raised in offense at his words, had he not already questioned you just mere days ago? “On what charge is this for?” 
Di Jin’s eyes narrowed on you as he gestured for his servant to come into the room, the sight had you immediately standing up in your seat, “Wheein! What is the meaning of this!?” 
Wheein cried out at the back of her skull being grabbed by the servant, apprehending her no matter how hard she tried to struggle. 
Di Jin narrowed his gaze on you “We’re here on charges of possible treason of your handmaid for your attempted assassination.” 
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jktones · 3 months ago
maybe jungkook is the type of guy that effortlessly flirts with you, putting an extra pizazz with every corny pickup line known to mankind in order to impress you. (even when you both have been together longer than time could tell, he's one to remind you that you're still heartstopping to him and deserves to be swept off your feet.) there is that glimmer in his eyes that you adore till this day, despite the theatrics he uses to woo you time and time again, shining all the brighter with mischief when you grumble at him to shush. the skit ends when he cackle laughs at you, reaching out and closing the distance between your bodies so that he could pull you toward his chest; nose nuzzling against the warm blush riding high on your cheeks. "someone's being shy so suddenly, hm?"
maybe jungkook is the type of guy that lets his touch trace you absentmindedly. whether it's a hand on your thigh during car rides or when he finds the small of your back to guide you around at parties, you've gotten used to the subtle feeling of his skin against yours. he always enjoys having you close by but never wants you to feel obligated to be, easily letting his arm fall back to his side when you readjust or slip away for a moment. though, nothing compares when you naturally find your way back to him again and he feels your fingers find the spaces between his own. he sighs almost every time and you would look toward him in curiosity of what he means like clockwork. yet without fail, he simply smiles and gives your hand a gentle squeeze; the small action saying it all. there you are, my love.
and maybe, just maybe, jungkook is the type of guy that makes incoherent sounds at the back of his throat, face scrunching up when he feels you attacking him with a thousand and one little kisses unprompted. for the last while, you both have been lounging around and relaxing in comfortable silence as your day gently rolls along. he cranks open an eye to give you a questioning stare, to which you shrug just as quietly and resume your cuddled position as before. he doesn't miss the blissful smile on your face, the sight instinctively tugging one onto his own. turning his body, he taps his finger underneath your chin so that you tilt your head back the slightest; it being your turn to look at him with a raised eyebrow. but before you could ask anything, his head leans forward then, letting two words whisper against your lips and stagger across your heart: "my turn."
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ficlibra-ry · 29 days ago
✩ Favourite fics ❤︎ Jungkook II ✩
Tumblr media
I decided to split the list of my fav fics, so every member has their own page. As usual, I hope you'll find it useful and please remember to give some feed back to the authors 💕
✨ - Masterpieces (my all time favourites)
It’s All Fun & Games by @cupofteaguk // one shot // 23.3k // f, a // fake dating au, college au, strangers to lovers au
L’Aquelarre by @venusjeon // one shot // 13.5k // f, a // fantasy au, magic au, strangers to friends to lovers au
Late Fee by @1kook // one shot // 10.3k // f, s // college au, fuckbou au, friends to lovers au
Lemon Sherbet by extravaguk // one shot // 15k // f, s, a // ex-classmates au, friends to lovers au
Lessons in Love by @angelguk // one shot // 5.4k // s // pwp, best friends au, friends with benefits au
Liquid Courage by @xpeachesncream // series // 30.8k // s // strangers to lovers au
Love Lies by @http-pjm // one shot // 14.3k // f, s // strangers to lovers au, delivery man au, college au
Lowkey ✨ by @xpeachesncream // series // 74.4k // f, s, a // nerd au, college au, fake dating au, friends with benefits au, friends to lovers au
Microwave (Mis)Adventures by @bymoonchild // one shot // 20k // f, s, a // roommates au, college au, enemies to lovers au
My Euphoria by @moyochu // one shot // 7.6k // f // fake dating au, ceo au, florist au, strangers to lovers au
Not Yet by @bratkook // three shot // 25.3k // f, s, a // neighbors au, friends to lovers au, idiots to lovers au
Oh My God, They Were (Quarantined) Roommates by @ot7always // one shot // 22.8k // f, s // roommates au, friends to lovers au, college au
One Thing Right ✨ (available only on AO3) by hobios(hoseokihopie) // series // 55k // f, s, a // police officer au, fake marriage au, fake dating au, enemies to lovers au
Paint Me Naked by @gimmethatagustd // one shot // 16k // f, s, a // artist au, college au, friends to lovers au, badboy au
Proposals by @pjxmin // one shot //18.1k // f, s, a // fake dating au, friends to lovers au
Ruin You ✨ by @taegularities // series // 77.4k // f, s, a // established relationship au (ft. Taehyung)
Scattered Stars by @taegularities // one shot // 17.9k // f, s, a // fantasy, soulmates au, enemies to lovers au
Sex Education by @extravaguk // one shot // 12k // f, s // college au, brother’s best friend au, friends to lovers au
Shield ✨ by @rmverse // one shot // 18.6k // f, s, a // security guard au, strangers to lovers au
Show Me Something by @yoonia // one shot // 51.7k // f, s, a // road trip au, childhood friends au, friends to enemies au, enemies to lovers au
Stockholm Syndrome by @taleasnewastime // series // 60k // f, s, a // mafia au, strangers to lovers au
Switch Lanes ✨ by @rmverse // one shot // 16.6k // f, s, a // strangers to friends au, friends to lovers au
Switch Up! by @bratkook // one shot // 18k // f, s // friends to lovers au, college au, artists au, band au
The Art of War More by @kpopfanfictrash // one shot // 42.4k // f, s, a // enemies to lovers au, college au
The Likelihood of Being On Your Mind by @jjiimin // one shot // 18.2k // f, a // childhood friends au, neighbors au, friends to lovers au, enemies to lovers au, college au
The Millionaire and His Lover by @gukyi // one shot // 18k // f, s, a // ceo au, fake dating au, friends to lovers au
The Push by @underthejoon // one shot // 11k // f, s, a // friends to lovers au, college au
The Wishlist by @jjkpls // series // 35k // f, s, a // friends to lovers
Tinder 2.0 by @tayegi // one shot // 10k // f, s, a // pwp, coworkers au, enemies to lovers au
True Care ✨ by @joonsgalaxy // series, not finished // 56.2k // f, s, a // bodyguard au, fake dating au
What Money Can Buy by @jeonstudios // one shot // f, a // 17.9k // sugar baby au, ceo au, s2l au
White Lies by @noteguk // one shot // 13.3k // f, s // childhood friends au, fake dating au, friends to lovers au, idiots to lovers au
Year 22 by @guklvr // one shot // 11.5k // f, s, a // childhood friends au, friends to lovers au
Young Spy by @jeonstudios // one shot // 11.6k // f, a // mafia au, spy au, strangers to lovers au
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onlyswan · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
summary: in which jungkook is team not okay for the perilla leaf debate.
> fluff / wc: 1.6k
> warnings: kinda suggestive at the end ? you’ll see ehehe
note: watching this the other day made me laugh so much but also made me so miserable because jungkook is the jealous type of boyfriend of course he is what do i do with this information but to write a drabble to calm myself down but i don’t think it fucking worked i just want to scream into a void forever. enjoy :]
“just how many times do you need to watch it?” jungkook whines, burying his face in the crook of your neck and pulling your body closer by the waist.
his warm breath tickling your skin only makes you giggle much harder, clutching your phone tighter in one hand in fear of it falling on your face (not a good experience. -10/10). the other is too busy with playing with his fluffy hair, as it usually is almost every night in bed. his head was resting on your arm forty minutes ago, but he inched closer and closer to your neck the further you got into watching their recently uploaded content on youtube.
your boyfriend is dedicating his time, energy, efforts, talents — hell, his whole being to his job. and with all your heart, you love and respect him immensely.
you wait until the very end of the award shows to watch the performances the group has prepared for weeks, and months, prior. (ah, he’s always so excited for your reaction. so much so he refrains from giving you spoilers about the songs and concepts because he wants to surprise you, too.) you watch the interviews and praise him for perfectly saying the answers he practiced with you. and yes, you do randomly watch bangtan bombs and his reaction to tasting a lemon donut is ingrained in your brain for life.
a defeated sigh. and yes, you are secretly longing to watch run bts every tuesday again, but you don’t tell him that yet.
today, you find yourself having fun watching the group explore their mbti types. personally, you don’t think the theory should be relied on too much because humans are way too complex to be categorized by a few letters, but you still find it fun and interesting. it opens up discussions and shows the fascinating differences of the people sitting in the room, which happened exactly in the two episodes.
you love seeing different sides of jungkook. just like how there are sides of jungkook that come out only when he’s with you, there are also sides of him that only come out when he’s interacting with other people. therefore, you still discover new things about your boyfriend everyday.
the jungkook in the bonus clip discussing the famous perilla leaf controversy, however, is the jungkook you know all too well.
“they can’t help.”
“no. just no.”
“so basically, would it annoy you or not?”
“of course it would.”
you see, his unwavering opinion on the topic sounds awfully similar to a particular someone’s reaction from a few months ago.
“hey babe, have you heard of the perilla leaf debate?” you casually asked jungkook one lazy afternoon while scrolling through your phone, your head laying on his lap. he was leaning against the headboard on the edge of the bed, while your body horizontally occupied the rest of the space. this is your usual position when you feel like doing nothing at all.
“huh?” he tore his attention away from the television to clear his confusion, lowering the volume as he spoke. “a debate about perilla leaf? is it like mintcho and pineapples on pizza?”
“no, no. the debate isn’t about the perilla leaf exactly.” you started explaining to him, still scrolling through the comments that read different opinions of bored social media users. “okay so, the scenario is we go out to eat with one of your friends. and then your friend struggles with separating perilla leaves, so i help them do it. is that okay with you or not?”
it was quiet for a few seconds as he processed the made-up scenario causing huge commotion in the internet.
until his thick busan satoori echoed in the room. “ey, no. of course not!” you turned into a fit of giggles, looking up to see his reaction. his eyes were furrowed and his lips formed a frown. chest puffed up and doe eyes extra big. he looked aghast almost. as if it was ridiculous to ask such an obvious question with an obvious answer. just by the look on his face, you could already see the stream of thoughts swimming around his brain.
ah, yes, this is jungkook we’re talking about. of course not!
“i’m your boyfriend. not them. you should only be taking care of me like that. do you even know how giddy i was when you peeled perilla leaf for me the first time? and when you peeled shrimp for me even though you don’t like seafood because of the smell?” he rambled on frustratedly, eyes getting wider and wider as he explained to you his reasons. he slightly stuttered because of his lisp, which you always find so endearing that it makes your heart ache.
you chuckled lightheartedly after hearing his years old confessions, the happiest grin plastered on your face. “oh, my baby. that made you happy?” you sat up and turned to face him, hands wrapping around his forearm to tug him closer to you.
you held his face in your hands and gave him honey kisses all over as he spoke with his eyelids fluttered shut, savoring the affection he was being showered with while still adamant on getting his point across.
“of course it did. it feels intimate to me. just like the first time we shared a straw. those are all the same to me! they led to us being in a longterm relationship, see?”
“peeling perilla leaves is the same as sharing a straw?” you tilted your head in curiosity, waiting for him to answer.
a pout formed on his lips, jungkook feeling disappointed with your question. “when you peel perilla leaves, you use your chopsticks, don’t you?”
“oooh right. i see it now.” you made a sound of realization, the puzzle pieces coming together in your head.
“what about you? is it okay if i do it for your friend?” he raised an eyebrow quizically, arms encircling your waist to make you sit on his lap.
you blinked at him, shaking your head slowly. “they’re an adult. either separate them on your own or just not eat perilla leaf at all.”
his expression softened at your answer. “hah, that’s true. you got a point there.” he nodded his head repeatedly in agreement, eyes darting to the televison. it was quiet for a minute with you putting your focus back on your respective screens. until he looked at you again like a kicked puppy. “i’m an adult too. but you’d still do it for me, right?”
you looked up from your phone and smiled at him, pinching his soft cheek. “of course, that’s what lovers are for.”
which brings you back to the present day.
“they peel off one perilla leaf. next thing you know, they’re holding hands. and fall in love! and they end up getting married!”
the plot jungkook laid out to his friends sounds awfully similar to the summary of your love story in his head. oh lord, of course, it’s not okay for him.
you’re almost crying from laughter, body vibrating against his hold. his shirtless body is radiating natural warmth, so you kick off the thick blanket to let yourself breathe. “another thing that’s funny? namjoon said at the start that he didn’t care at all but he started to get angry by the end and agreed with you.”
“tch, see? i even got our leader to agree with me. i totally made sense.” he says cheekily, clicking his tongue proudly.
“you were so cute being all sulky though!”
“stooop. i’ve had enough teasing about it.” he pouts, resting his forehead on your cheek as he secretly takes a peek at the screen. voices talking over each other and laughter in the background escape from the phone’s speaker.
he saw himself bowing down with a marker in hand, and he remembers that he was randomly doodling again as the heated discussion took place. his head was somewhere else, though. he was thinking about you.
his thumb brushes against the skin of your hip as he feels the rhythmic rise of your stomach. a thought crosses his mind like an arrow released by careless hands. i’m thankful for this life.
“i’m not teasing you, baby. i’m just adoring you. the best boyfriend.” you coo, fingers softly brushing the row of earrings on his ear. he shivers at the touch. “mhmm, your piercings look so cool.”
“should i get more? i want to.” the praise instantly makes him perk up.
“more? i’ll start to feel bad for your ears.”
“not my ears. somewhere new.” he chuckles, adjusting his position to lay his head on your chest. he can feel your heartbeat against his cheek, and somehow, it also makes him aware of his own. while there is the mind numbing adrenaline of performing on stage that makes him feel alive, there is also the tranquility of being alone with you that makes him hyperaware of his body — from the guts in his stomach all the way to the tips of his fingers. both can be overwhelming, but welcomed with open arms. and embraced tightly with the eternal refusal of letting go.
“somewhere new likeeee?”
he rolls down to lay on his back again, pointing at his toned abdomen. “belly piercing?”
you look at his abs. and then his face. and then his abs again. god? this isn’t the guy i was calling cute just a minute ago.
“do you want me to go insane?”
taglist! @lolalee24 @alanniys @jjkeverlast @queenofdragonsandcats @i9hyuck @yvesismywife @enhypenslay @cramseys @witchfqllen @virgogentlejk @yoonqki @jeonwiixard @monilyv @bermudaisy @ameliejeannelaurent + send an ask / dm if you want to be added (or removed) :D
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bebejungkook · a month ago
Tumblr media
‧✧̣̇‧ Gym Bunny 16
‧✧̣̇‧ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
‧✧̣̇‧ Genre: muscle pig!Jungkook, strangers to lovers au, fluff, angst, college au, very enthusiastic kook, shy chubby reader, self hatred to self love au.
‧✧̣̇‧ Summary: You want to have sex and Taehyung manages to ruin two birthdays.
‧✧̣̇‧ Warnings: reader is feeling CONFIDENT. oh boy, SMUT, protected sex, lovey dovey sex, fingering, oral (f) mention of blowjob. 
‧✧̣̇‧ word count: 6.6k
Gym Bunny Masterlist ♡
Tumblr media
Watching Jungkook workout has become a new hobby for you. You noticed he started adding more weights to his routine and that his jaw clenches whenever he’s at his max. But most importantly he’s been doing a lot more hip thrusts and it has you going absolutely bananas. He does them when you’re taking a little break so you’re sitting in front of him drinking water and it’s erotic in a way and you won’t deny you’ve definitely imagined him in this same position but in a different context.
He sweats a lot too, his tank top is almost drenched when your workout is done but you don’t mind when he smothers you in a tight hug.
You like to feel the best of his body pressed up against your own. It makes you feel butterflies all over your body and you don’t realize what it means until he’s kissing your sweaty neck, something he does just to be cute but lately it doesn’t feel so cute anymore.
“The twins are gone tonight,” He whispers in your ear and you think you might moan right then and there,”You wanna sleep over?”
“S-Sure I just- I just have to get some stuff from home.” You bite your lip and hope he doesn’t hear your heart pounding in your chest.
“We’ll stop by then.” He winks and slaps your ass, you try to suppress your yelp but he has a heavy hand.
You don’t want to admit it because even the thought of it makes you nervous and jittery but you really want to have sex with Jungkook and you hope tonight will be the night that it happens.
Jungkook takes you home and you quickly pack a silky pajama set that you know he’ll like and a few condoms that you recently bought just in case. You walk out only to see Yoon in the living room, you haven’t spoken to her since the day you told her off. It’s been awkward and a weird tension has filled the air every time you two are in the same room. She’ll look at you like she has something to say but she stays quiet and walks away. You feel bad, obviously, she’s your best friend and you never like to think the worst in people but lately you can only see the worst in her. You shake it off though, you weren’t going to take her little comments anymore.
But before you reach your door she stands up and calls out to you.
“Y/n?” She squeaks like she’s afraid of you,” can we talk?”
You pause in the doorway, ” Jungkooks waiting for me—“
“It’ll be quick I swear.” She tries to smile but looks too awkward. You know Jungkook is impatient but you’re dying to hear her out.
“Okay.” you follow her to the kitchen and sit in front of her.
She looks nervous which in return makes you feel nervous.
“I’m sorry.” She whispers but that’s all she says. You admit it must have been hard for her to even apologize and you give her credit but you think you deserve a better apology.
You haven’t told Jungkook about the things she’s said to you but you know if you did he would tell you to tell her to fuck off.
“Yoon,” you whisper,” I want a proper apology.”
She starts talking but you’re quick to interrupt.
“If you were my real friend you would see how much your words hurt me, I deserve a proper apology.”
You leave her speechless, she’s never seen you so strong before. It scares her but she’s more afraid of losing you than she is of your new found confidence. Yoon nods her head and you take it as a sign to walk away. You don’t feel as bad as you usually would but you do wish it could have gone differently.
You meet Jungkook outside and see if his smile instantly makes you forget about what happened back there. You’re just happy that you finally have your person.
Tumblr media
You think Jungkook might be a demon in disguise with the way he’s made you addicted to his touch. He has been practically fucking you with his finger every night you sleep over so now you except it to happen and even crave it. But right now he’s picking a movie out and totally not noticing the way you’re watching him.
He’s shirtless so you can see the way his arms flex or the way his shoulder blades move. He somehow still has that afterglow he gets after a workout but it just adds fuel to the lustful fire that’s been manifesting in your gut.
He finds a movie but you’re not even sure what movie it is because now he’s crawling over you to lie behind you. His hands make themselves comfortable on your waist and he huffs the same way Bam would when he makes himself comfy in your lap.
You’re absolutely not paying attention to the movie, his fingers are playing with the hem of your shorts and it’s killing you. You don’t know how to tell him that you want him, no, that you need him, so you very subtly pull his hands closer to you. You softly grind your ass into his crotch and Jungkook thinks he’s imagining things but you’re arching your back like you’re trying to seduce him.
Then it clicks in his mind, he smirks and presses his body into you. You huff when you feel him trial kisses from your shoulders to your jaw.
“Are you expecting something?” He murmurs against your cheek as his fingers play with the lace of your panties.
You shrug but Jungkook knows when you’re trying to play something off, he tsks loudly and starts unbuttoning your pajama shirt with ease. You feel yourself growing wetter as he undresses you, you’re too excited for your own good but you know he won’t mind.
Jungkook sneaks his hand into your panties and pushes them down with your shorts. He doesn’t take them off because he finds it sexy, almost like you were impatient for his touch. He does take your shirt off because he wants nothing in the way of his favorite treats.
His fingers grip your ass to finally touch you where you’ve wanted him the most. You clench and impatiently wait for his fingers and you’re not disappointed when they nimbly touch your folds like you’re made out of glass. He glided his fingers around your clit and your entrance just to play with you.
“You’re so wet,” he chuckles,” that’s hot.” But he won’t tease you any longer since he gets hard from you just smiling at him. He doesn’t prepare you to take his fingers but you don’t mind the stretch. You welcome it, it feels amazing. He’s practically mastered the art of fingering you and you’re panting like it wasn’t his fingers you were taking in.
Jungkooks hand cups your breasts like it’s his reason for existence. His fingers pinch your nipples and you squirm in his arms, but Jungkook just chuckles and kisses your shoulder like the man in love that he is. He loves squeezing your body but he especially loves how well you take his fingers. You’re moaning, but not too loud otherwise he’ll kiss you but you already feel breathless as it is.
But then Jungkook's fingers touch that perfect little spot that makes you hitch and moan a little too loud. You bite your lip and Jungkook shushes you with a little kiss.
“Baby.” He softly grabs your jaw to make you look at him. His eyebrows are knitted and he’s pouting.
“S-Sorry.” You whisper and feel your face heat up in embarrassment, but he just chuckles and continues fucking you like it was nothing to him.
Jungkook wants you to cum, he wants to feel you gushing because of him and he knows exactly how to get you there.
“Come on,” he nips at that spot right under your ear and you know it’ll bruise tomorrow,” wanna see you cum— always so beautiful when you cum on my fingers.”
You moan with his words but mostly because his fingers are thrusting into you a lot harder and faster than before, you’re practically drooling against his arm and pillow. You feel his bulge lightly rubbing against your ass but what made you clench around him was his moan against your ear.
The knot in your lower tummy comes undone when you feel his tongue lick your jaw. Your body tenses when you cum, your lips quiver from the pleasure but Jungkook doesn’t stop until you’re whimpering and pushing his hand away. He pulls his hand out and licks his fingers clean, he moans just because he knows it makes you blush all over and he just loves making you blush.
You wanted him so bad it aches almost. You’re selfish you think but his fingers just aren’t enough anymore, you want more. Jungkook wanted it to be romantic but you’re not sure if you can last another minute without being fucked silly. You decide to put your embarrassment away and speak your mind.
It’s now or never.
“Can we have sex?” You quickly say before you could regret it.
“What?” He acts like he heard wrong even though he’s one hundred percent sure you just asked if you could have sex.
“C-Can we have sex?”
“Right now?”
You shyly nod your head and try to hide from his intense stare but it’s no use. His eyes are taking in your figure but you don’t feel shy at all. It’s a weird and new feeling to you but you take advantage of it by arching your back so your tits push up against him.
“I wanted it to be romantic.” His words betray his actions as he looks for a condom. You're glad it doesn’t take much convincing, it means he wants you just as much, you think.
“It can be romantic another time,” You take his shorts off and grip his length in your hand,” I want you to fuck me.”
You almost stutter out that last part but the way Jungkook was staring at you gave you the last bit of confidence you needed to be just a little seductive. You spit on his length and Jungkook gasps, he wishes you’d take him into your mouth but he really doesn’t want to cum in your mouth right now.
He pushes you back down on the bed and you’re nervous all over again. Jungkook’s eyes are unreadable but you can tell it’s lust that you can see in them. Without thinking much, Jungkook goes straight for your breasts.
Of course he would.
It satisfies you knowing he loves your body this much.
“Fuck!” He groans and rubs his face all over them like a slobbering dog,” Im serious when I say that I don’t ever want to see you wearing a bra again.”
His lips wrap around one of your nipples and you almost yelp in surprise.
“W-Why not?”
He lets your nipple go with a lewd pop leaving it shiny with his saliva,” easy access.”
Jungkook winks and goes back to squeezing and kissing all over your chest. He starts kissing down your chest to your belly and you feel that he only has one hand on you now. You briefly look up to see what he could be doing but you immediately gulp and blush even harder than before after seeing what he was doing. His hand had left your body to pull his erection free from the cruel restraints of his shorts but now his hand was slowly smoothing down his cock and you felt yourself gush at the scene.
He was touching himself because of you.
You’ve never felt so good about yourself, especially being so vulnerable like this, but then you feel him kissing your inner thighs.
“Wait,” you try to close your legs but he’s much stronger than you are, so they stay spread open for him,” w-what are you doing?”
He smirks,” What do you think I’m doing?” Jungkook continues kissing and nibbling, you feel his smile against your thighs but you’re suddenly nervous.
“B-But-“ You feel your face heat up and your heart beat hammering against your chest.
“You don’t like this kind of thing? Do you want me to stop?” Jungkook spreads your lips open so he can see how pretty you are.
You gasp, so quietly he barely heard it but he sees you nod your head and relax into his pillow again. Jungkook goes back to admiring you and rubbing your clit in soft circles but seeing you clench around nothing, was all the convincing he needed to lick up your slit with the flat of his tongue. He pecks your clit in a kiss but you quickly cover your mouth with your hands just in case you get loud again.
Truth be told, you’ve never experienced this before. Your previous boyfriends refused to, claiming that they didn’t need to because you were always ready for them. Now you were starting to think they just didn’t know how to because Jungkook ate you out like it was his talent, like it was something that came naturally to him. His tongue licked all over your slit and he lewdly sucked your folds into his mouth when he heard your shuttered breaths.
You tried really hard not to moan loudly but his lips wrapped around your clit and you were gone. But your moans fueled him, he wanted to hear them loud and clear, so he slowly let go of his aching cock to bring his fingers to your clenching entrance. He licks at your clit as you feel one of his fingers slide back into you. His plush lips wrap around your clit and he starts fucking you all over again. It feels different this time, you’ve never been eaten out before so eyes roll back like an out of body experience.
Jungkook feels you clench around him so his fingers move faster and his lips nibble a little harder. He’s noticed you like it a little rough but it’s okay because he’s always like a little pain in his pleasure. He lets go of your clit to take a breather but then he feels your hands tugging on his hair and he knows his break is over. He chuckles against you and goes back to giving your clit well deserved attention.
His actions are too much for you, it’s all a new sensation to you so you shiver and cum. Probably the quickest you've ever finished before but soft moans escape your lips as you try to ground yourself by tugging on his hair. You feel him smile against you but he doesn’t let up on the pace of his fingers or tongue until you're whimpering from sensitivity. He releases your swollen clit with a wet ‘pop’ and he pulls his fingers out only to bring them up to his face and examine how wet you’ve made them. He stretches his fingers apart and you both watch as your essence clings to his fingertips. It’s a beautiful image to Jungkook and he can’t help but smile and licks his lips that were glowing with the mess you’ve made. You’re trying to catch your breath so he lays on top of you and presses his hips directly onto your sticky cunt, but he notices how you’re avoiding his eyes and you’re a little bit pinker than ever. He thinks you might be shaking too but it might just be him.
“You okay?” He kisses your cheek and you shyly nod your head. He’s not convinced so his hand softly grips your jaw to look at him,” what’s wrong?”
“N-Nothing…” you shrug and try to kiss him but he pulls away until you’re huffing in embarrassment.
“Tell me what's wrong first or these lips are off limits princess.” He smirks and lets go of your jaw so you can talk, but you’re pouting like you won’t say a word.
Until he pinches your ass and you’re whining out a response,“I’ve never had that done to me before.”
He’s silent, almost like you didn’t just confess a little secret to him. His scoff breaks you out of your embarrassing trance.
“Are you fucking serious?” Jungkook looks offended and he definitely doesn’t feel bad for your lame ex-boyfriends for missing out on what he thinks is the taste of heaven.
You’re too shy to smile so you bury your face in his chest and groan loudly.
“Some people just don’t like to do it and—“
“Oh but I bet you sucked their tiny little dicks!” He’s angry and annoyed but his dick is still hard, especially at the tiny image of you sucking him clean.
“I mean, y-yea but-“
“No buts,” he captures your lips in a soft kiss,” selfish bastards— don’t worry I’ll make it up to you.”
He winks and you know he’ll keep his promise.
But right now you want something else, you hand him the condom impatiently
“Make it up to me like this.” You spread your legs wide open and Jungkook tongues his cheek and furrows his brow.
So that’s how you’re going to play huh?
You want him to fuck you?
He‘ll fuck you.
But he’s going to make sure that he’ll be the best fuck of your life.
Jungkook puts the condom on even though he kind of wanted you to do it. He strokes his cock one final time before positioning himself at your sticky entrance.
“Are you ready?” He hisses when his tip touches your lips in an intimate type of kiss.
You nod your head and take a deep breath as you feel him push inside of you. He’s big, maybe too big but you’re not going to stop him now. He pushes himself all the way inside you and lets you take in the feeling of being stretched out like this. Jungkook can’t resist how tight and warm you feel around him and feels his hips pull back just an inch only to push back in making you choke on your own spit. His hips don’t stop and you’re breathless and you know it’s not because of his kisses. His cock has you rolling your eyes in a painful pleasure that feels good but stings just a little. He’s the biggest you’ve ever had you think, but he‘s rolling his hips gently trying to get you used to his size.
Jungkooks finally fucking you with more ease as you feel yourself relax. It all feels too good but you like how it feels to make love to Jungkook. He’s gentle with his hands but his thrusts are hard and quick, his lips whisper sweet loving words to you in contrast to the moaning and squelching sounds that surround the room.
“Fuck- Fuck-“ That’s all Jungkook can say because you’re overwhelming him and his leaking cock. You look beautiful underneath him, spread open and a blushing mess just for him.
“Fuck such a good girl for me— so perfect—“ He kisses you as his fingers finds your clit. You whine into his mouth and wrap your arms around his neck but you don’t want him to stop. It all feels too good, too perfect, his thrusts, his cock, his pretty fingers on your clit. But you cum a little too quickly for your own liking when he pushes his length in as deep as it can possibly go in you, it overwhelms you into silent gasps. You want to cry, choke maybe but it feels too good to do anything else but gasp. The room is filled with squelching noises that you would be embarrassed about any other day but you’re too fucked out of your mind to care. Jungkooks moaning a lot louder now, you feel so wet, he loves it but he doesn’t want to cum just yet. He’s trying hard not to, his jaw clenches and he thinks if he fucks a little harder he can last longer.
But then your whimpers of pleasure were starting to sound like whimpers of pain and Jungkook could feel you tighter on him with each thrust he delivered. He thinks he might have overdone it, even he could feel how intense your orgasm was and you probably needed a minute to recover from it.
Jungkooks hips briefly stopped to let you relax but you whine and move your hips to get him to move.
“N-No,” you wrap your legs around him before he can pull out,” keep going— please. I-I like it.”
You beg and Jungkook contemplates wether to listen or not but he loves the sound of your whimpers and moans so he keeps fucking you. A little bit softer than before but you didn’t seem to mind the change of pace.
Jungkook thinks he’s doing good until he looks into your eyes and something in him snaps. It’s like you’ve put another spell on him and he cums, announced but he’s grinding into you like he wants you to cum again. But it’s all too much for you, you squirm underneath him and that’s when he finally stops.
He’s panting and trying to catch his breath, he’s never cum that hard before he knows it’s love that makes sex even more intense.
“You look gorgeous when you cum you know?”
You giggle and maybe snort just a little, only because you’re feeling too shy under his loving stare and sweet words.
“Makes me want to make you cum all the time,” he whispers against your neck and kiss your jawline,” fuck you’re driving me crazy.”
Jungkook growls and dramatically drops his body on top of yours, the little love bites he bruises your neck with make you sigh, totally and undoubtedly in love with his touches. He doesn’t pull out, he just lays there, taking in everything and every feeling you’ve made him get.
“What movie were we watching?” He asks and you chuckle, you’re not sure what movie it was but you don’t find it in you to care much.
Tumblr media
Jungkooks birthday party was tonight, and according to him it was going to be huge and a lot of fun since Yoonji knows how to throw a good party. You make sure to wear something you know he’ll like. A black mini skirt and a black tube top, for easy access, and an oversized blazer just in case you start feeling a little uncomfortable from all the skin you’re showing. Your black heels make your legs look longer which is why Daisy gave them to you in the first place. You feel confident and you look confident, your smile is the widest it’s ever been and you genuinely feel happiness coursing through you.
The club was packed, just like Jungkook said. You recognized no one and you’re glad that Jungkook picked you up beforehand otherwise you’d have to awkwardly ask around for him and you’re not sure if you’re ready to meet more of his friends.
The first thing Jungkook wants to do is open his presents from you, so he sneaks you away into the kitchen where it’s not so loud and you’re a little nervous to give him his present. But Jungkook has been excited to see the little thing that you’ve made him since you’ve shown him. He quickly sits on the counter and brings you in between his legs. He fixes his little birthday crown and kisses you, just because you look absolutely adorable.
“Okay I’m ready.” He kisses you again and you shyly bite your lip from nerves.
“Happy birthday B-Baby..” You stutter out and hand him the little basket with his gift in it. He quickly goes for what looks like a giant burrito and unwraps it. Jungkook gasps when he sees what it is, it’s an animal crossing character but he doesn’t recognize him until he looks closely and sees that it’s Bam. You crocheted Bam as an animal crossing character for him. Jungkook is staring at his Bam doll but his facial expressions aren’t telling you much about what he feels about it. You actually think he might not like it as much as you thought he would. He’s examining it but it was the big sigh that he let out that confirms your suspicions.
He doesn’t like it.
Of course he wouldn’t! It was stupid!
You awkwardly smile and feel your heart break just a little.
“I-It’s okay if you don’t like it—“ You won’t cry but you bite your lip and stutter again,” I-I just thought it would be cute since you like animal crossing and— and because you always say you wanted Bam as a villager but you can just throw it away or whatever I-“
“Wow wow—“ Jungkook backs up and defensively holds his little Bam,” why would I throw it away?!? It’s Bam! Baby— baby this is literally the best present I’ve ever gotten— baby— come here.”
He puts Villager Bam down on the table and pulls you in for a sweet kiss.
“This totally beats my birthday blowjob.”
“J-Jungkook!” Your eyes are wide and your cheeks are too pink for your liking but Jungkook chuckles like he doesn’t care he just said that out loud.
“I'm kidding!” He wraps his arm around you and sloppily kisses your cheek,” I love my birthday blowjob as much as my villager bam.”
You push me away and smile, you’re the happiest you’ve ever been but that’s just what love does.
Tumblr media
You’ve never seen Jungkook drunk before but tonight he’s taking shots like they’re water and he can’t seem to take his hands off of you. He kisses you and you feel his hand just below your tube top. But you don’t get suspicious until he’s grinding into you on the dance floor as if it was just you two in the whole club.
That’s when you realize.
He’s a horny drunk.
Your lips feel dry when he grabs your hand and swiftly pulls you through the crowd, you follow closely behind him because you’re just as impatient for him as he is for you. It’s the spell he's put you under, the one where you feel a certain way whenever he touches you.
Jungkook takes you out to the balcony and hides you in a corner under the stairs that lead to the top part of the club. He didn’t think twice about his actions and you almost wonder if he’s done this before.
But you won’t let your overthinking ruin his birthday.
Jungkook makes sure you’re comfortable before he pulls down your tube top to quickly grab your tits in his hands and squeezes them like they’re his play things. He captures your lips in a heated kiss as his fingers okay with your nipple. He’s humping your thigh like a dog in heat and you’re just about to unzip his pants and wrap your hand around his cock but you suddenly hear the door open. You freeze in your spot when you hear giggling and shuffling but Jungkook’s still kissing your neck like someone didn’t just interrupt his plans for a handjob.
It wasn’t until he heard Yoonji’s laugh that he realized you weren’t alone. He lets go of your nipple and looks at you. You’re frozen and he can tell you’re starting to get worried about being seen. You both don’t know how to sneak away without being seen, but as you’re about to whisper something to Jungkook you hear Yoonji speak up, you don’t know who she is with but you take a wild guess that it might be a certain someone because they were talking about you.
“You’re friends with Kook’s girlfriend right?” The way Yoonji says girlfriend sounds like it tasted like venom on her tongue.
“Yea—“ Taehyung sounded unsure,” we’re kinda friends.”
You hear Yoonji snort but you feel Jungkook’s grip on your waist tighten just a bit.
“How are you even friends with someone like her?”
“We had an art class together and she would bring me baked goods.” Taehyung smiles at the memories when it was just you two, no Jungkook.
“But now she has a boyfriend so— yea.”
“Oh don’t tell me you have a little crush on her,” Yoonji purrs and Taehyung feels his chest tighten,” didn't take you for that type Taehyungie~”
“Quite it, I already got enough shit from my friends,” he says and you feel your jaw drop,” I don’t need it from you.”
You look up at Jungkook but his jaw is clenched and his grip on your shirt is tight and almost scary. You both stay silent, hoping to hear more even though you both know the outcome will ruin the night.
“You got shit from your friends about her?”
He bites his lip before sighing, maybe he’ll feel better if he tells someone, he thinks. Taehyung feels the burden of his lie heavier in his chest every time he sees you, so maybe telling Yoonji everything will help ease the weight just a little.
“That’s kind of why I stopped hanging out with her, we used to hang out a lot, we were really good friends actually,” he drinks the last of his wine before he continues,” We’d go out to eat a lot, it was fun with her because she just about eats anything, which I kinda liked.”
You feel embarrassed, ashamed almost. You’re uncomfortable and fidgeting with your shirt, you try to create some space between you and Jungkook but the tiny area he chose to ravish you in suddenly didn’t feel so sexy anymore.
Jungkook notices your expression and feels his head at the brink of an explosion. He can’t help but feel his anger bubble in his chest at Taehyungs words. If you weren’t holding on to him so tightly he’d already be there telling Taehyung and Yoonji to fuck off and mind their business. But something tells him that if he were to do just that, you weren’t going to be happy about it. So instead he settles for pulling your shirt back up with an angry feeling in his chest and an even angrier boner.
Taehyung continued talking though, as if he was confessing all his sins,” but then my friends started saying stuff, they’d tease me and call me a…chubby chaser.”
She snorts,” that’s ironic.”
“I-I guess,” you hear him sigh and you wish he wouldn’t continue talking,” but I lied to her and told her that- that I was busy, but I just didn’t know how to tell her that I was starting to feel embarrassed being around her.”
Your heart breaks into a million pieces, your biggest fear laughs in your face, telling you ‘I told you so.’ But then another feeling bubbles into your chest, it’s anger you think. Anger because, how could he be so cowardly. You think that Jungkook’s thinking is rubbing off on you because now all you want to do is tell Taehyung to fuck off.
And that’s exactly what you’re going to do.
Jungkook thinks that he should grab you before you do anything you regret, but Taehyung deserves the anger he’s built in your chest. He deserves what's coming. So he lets you go, he follows behind you just in case you needed him to fuck shit up. He zips his pants back up first though.
“Y-Y/n?” Taehyungs eyes widen and he’s stuttering, his face is red but you’re not sure if it’s from embarrassment that you heard everything or from the wine he’s been drinking,” what- what are-“
“You were embarrassed of me?” The tears in your eyes sting but you want nothing more than to know the truth.
“I- I wasn’t! I just-“
“I heard you Taehyung,” you clenched your fists and took a deep breath to help calm your nerves,” you lied to me too?”
“I didn’t- I didn’t lie I was-“
“I don’t want to hear your excuses anymore!” You cry out and Jungkook is internally cheering you on and ignoring Yoonji in the corner.
“Y/n-“ Taehyung steps closer, his hands ready to find yours so he can ground you to him and he can explain everything, but in an instant Jungkook steps in front of you, as if he was your body guard but Taehyung won’t test his limits,” fuck- fuck just let me explain!”
You snap,” stop it— you don’t need to explain anything! I heard everything!”
At this moment all you wanted was to hurt Taehyung the same way he’s hurt you, you wanted him to feel that painful pin that stabs through your chest, and makes you cry your eyes out from how awful it feels. You wanted him to feel hurt.
“I regret ever even thinking I was in love with someone as cowardly as you.”
Silence yet again.
Taehyung is stunned, Yoonji is impressed and Jungkook is a little turned on. But you turn away and walk back into the loud club, Jungkook knows that he should follow behind you to console you but he just wants to make sure Taehyung won’t chase after you. But Taehyung doesn’t, your words were enough to make him quietly sit and take in that heavy feeling in his chest. Yoonji awkwardly sips her drink and clears her throat. She doesn’t feel bad but she doesn’t feel good about it.
“She’s so dramatic,” Yoonji scoffs like it’s not the most awkward situation she’s ever been in,” that’s why you don’t date fat girls-“
“Shut up,“ Jungkook snaps and Yoonji feels her heart freeze over since he’s never said those words to her before,” what did she ever do for you to be such a bitch?”
Yoonji gasps and feels tears prickling in her eyes, her heart is breaking with his stare,” J-Jungkook—“
“Stop, I’m done with your shit,” Jungkook ignores her tears to look Taehyung up and down just because he knows how to intimidate,” and you— leave my girlfriend alone or else.”
Taehyung scoffs but he won’t talk back since he’s seen Jungkook box before, he won’t take that chance.
Jungkook then turns to Yoonji again who flinches at his dark expression,” I’ll see you at home.”
Yoonji and Taehyung are both looking off into the distance and they both wonder what they did to deserve this.
Jungkook walks off to go look for you but thankfully he had a text from you patiently waiting in his pocket.
My Love💕:
I’m in the kitchen 🥺
He sighs in relief and pushes through the crowd like a shining knight looking for his princess in distress. And just like you said, you’re in the kitchen, sitting on a bar stool and eating a cupcake with tears staining your pretty cheeks. He bites his lip and pulls another stool next to you.
“Baby?” He whispers as he sits down,” are you okay?”
You sniffle and nod your head,” I’m okay.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure.”
But you’re crying again and Jungkook knows you're not telling the truth.
“You were right about him.”
Of course he was, he knew guys like Taehyung. He wanted you but he didn’t want all of you.
“Fuck him.”
That‘s all Jungkook can say, and it’s all you need to stop crying.
“F-Fuck him.” You don’t usually cuss in front of Jungkook and any other day he would find it sexy but right now isn’t the time for his boner to reappear.
“I’m proud of you for telling him off.”
“I feel bad,” you admit since you’ve never said such venomous words before,” I think I was too mean.”
“You were perfectly mean,” he smirks,”I taught you well.”
You sniffle harder even though he was trying to be funny but it hurts more than you let on.
“Want me to kiss it better?”
You whisper a small yes and Jungkook wraps his arms around you to smother your face with kisses. He’s glad you’re not hiding yourself like you usually do, you’re accepting his love with open arms and he feels like his mom was right when she said love changes everything.
But his heart hurts for you, you don’t deserve how you’ve been treated, especially by your so-called friend. He doesn’t understand how Taehyung could feel embarrassed about you when you’re the most amazing and most beautiful person he’s ever known? How could Taehyung not see what was right in front of him? But then again, Jungkook is glad that you’ve realized Taehyung isn’t a true friend to you. Now your heart can finally heal and he’ll make sure to give you all the love you need to heal.
Jungkooks thoughts are interrupted when he hears you sniffle and call out his name.
He hums and turns to you.
“You’re not embarrassed to be seen with me?” You snuffle and Jungkook koos against your lips.
“Of course not,” he sighs and kisses you once more,” I would never be embarrassed of you.”
“You don’t care about the looks people give us?”
“No,” Jungkook rests his head on your shoulder and laces his fingers with yours,” they can look all they want, I know how to fight.”
He kisses your knuckles and you know he’s telling the truth. He doesn’t care, you can see it in his eyes. You’ve never seen anyone look at you like this before but you’re sure it’s love that’s filled in his eyes.
You’re sure he can also see the love in your eyes, you look at him and feel your chest tighten. You don’t feel so bad about Taehyung, it mostly took you by surprise even though deep down you knew you and expected it. You just didn’t want to see it
“I love you kookie.”
You lay your head on his shoulder and wait for his response but Jungkook has been ready to pull out the L card since you started dating.
“I love you too.”
And you believe him, you believe that he loves you.
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