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luxthestrange · 2 days ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#175 Papa is coming-
Crowley*Coming into his office and opening a cabinet, loading a shotgun* I just wanna talk to him
Yuu: Why do you have a shotgun?
Crowley: I just wanna talk to him.
Yuu: Da-Crowley, this is ridiculous!
Crowley: I just wanna talk to him
Crowley is now currently on the hunt for that the students who are after your courtship,who you got...a bit too close for comfort in deadbeat daddy's eyes
Yuu: Put that gun away!
Crowley: I just wanna talk to him, My Little One~
Yuu: Wait, what are you doing? It is not his fault! It was an accident!
Crowley: I just wanna shoot him/them~ *Eyes grow darker but with a more melodic sing-like to his tone*
Yuu: You can't shoot him/them!-
Crowley: I just wanna shoot him/them-*Already pointing the gun at the dorm door*
Tumblr media
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crienosaur · 2 months ago
Reader holds a bag of gummies, enjoying the squishies.
Floyd wants some.
“Are those gummy worms?”
“… No?”
“They… are gummy eels.”
Reader has a menacing glare.
Floyd and Jade laugh… but they’re slightly scared. Just a little bit.
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mlk082 · 4 months ago
MC: I'm trash
Jade: As someone who cares deeply for the environment, I feel obligated to pick you up. Is 7:00 a good time?
MC: …
Floyd & Azul: Smooth
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simping-berry · 8 days ago
Octavinelle Boys reaction to you asking for an angel shot with ice
Summary: One of the busiest night of mostro lounge led you to a group of students who can't take no for an answer which led you to order an angel shot. what will be their reaction?
A/n: For those who don't know, an angel shot is what you say to a bartender or server if your date is not going well or you feel unsafe because of another person. The server in turn will assist you depending on what kind of angel shot you ordered Angel shot neat = you need assistance to your car Angel shot with ice = You need the server to call you a taxi or uber Angel shot with lime = The server/bartender needs to call the police
Tw: Sexual hints and harassment. (it's not that graphic but please do proceed with caution), Minors DNI
Tumblr media
Azul takes pride in the fact that mostro lounge is a place for any student to relax in. That’s why the topic of security is always taken seriously by him. Even though the mostro lounge gets rowdy sometimes, Jade and Floyd will always be there to stop the chaos. Chaos is always expected especially since they are in a school filled with boys and Azul is a shady businessman. You were always comforted by the fact that there will always be eyes watching you just in case something goes south.
But it might not always be the case. As you sat there at a table with some scarabia students trying to hit you up.
“Come on, just for one night prefect” the tall one said as he scooted near you again for god knows how many times for tonight. You’ve tried telling them no and that you weren’t interested but that didn’t stop them from still asking and bugging you.
“Prefect, we will make you feel good.” Another student added, making you feel more uncomfortable as the minutes passed by. You kept eyeing whether anyone you know is near you, but tonight luck isn’t on your side. Tonight is one of the busiest night of mostro lounge, making any staff busy to oversee every corner of the lounge. You haven’t seen your boyfriend for a while now because of the amount of work he needs to do. You have tried everything you can to at least seperate yourself from this group but they follow you everywhere. In fear for your safety, you stayed in the lounge. You didn’t want to risk them following you to your dorm. The thought makes you shiver in fear.
After a few more minutes you heard a familiar voice nearby, you glanced behind and saw your boyfriend near the bar. Hope and a bit of relaxation filled you as you can finally attempt to stop this.
You stood up, earning a bit of complaints from the group you were with. “Where are you going? We are not done yet.” “Eager are we?” “Are you finally caving in?”
Disgusting. Truly. You faced the group and gathered all your strength to show that you weren’t bothered at all. “I'm just going to order a drink boys! Then we can talk more.” You smiled at them then proceeded to walk towards your boyfriend. He greeted you with a smile. But you weren’t smiling back. Your face was laced with worry and fear as you told them
“Can I have an angel shot? On ice. Please”
Tumblr media
- Azul is the owner of the lounge. He has heard about the meaning of angel shot from his research and as well from the tweels - Was shocked at first when he heard those words from your mouth, but the worry in your face was enough for him to go into action asap. - He wasted no time to call for jade and floyd, muttering the words angels shot with ice as quietly as possible. - The tweels already know what it means. The three turned to you waiting for the description of who is the threat. - “3 scarabia students. Table 9.” You whispered quietly. But that was enough for the tweels to start giving those men a bad time - No one messes with Azul’s angelfish - Azul then started escorting you towards his office, the lounge can run without him for the rest of the night. - Azul asks you for anything you want for the night and offers everything you might want. - You want to cuddle with him for the night? Sure! You want your favorite food? Azul will ask jade to cook it asap! Just ask and you shall receive. - Azul knows this can be a traumatizing experience for you so he will be there every step of the way to help you forget about it. - As for the 3 scarabia students, well consider them dead for Azul has bended and manipulated every string he has to force Crowley to expel them. - Anything for his angelfish - Also you won’t be alone in the mostro lounge anymore honey. Where Azul goes, you go. - He won’t let this happen again.
Tumblr media
- When Jade heard you say those words he instantly asked for the description. - “Table 9, the 3 scarabia students” you said with your head hung low - Jade instantly sent Floyd there to give their unwanted guest a big old hug - Safe to say those students are in the hospital after that - Jade also asked Azul to give him the night off. And he wasn’t going to take no as an answer - Jade will probably take you to his room, he doesn’t trust anyone tonight after that incident. - Jade will focus on you and your needs. He will provide you with everything you want for tonight. - It was his responsibility to ensure the safety of the customers of mostro lounge but he failed to do so for you. - Even if you say it’s not his fault he won’t listen. - Sadly, he doesn’t have the same power as Azul where he can force the headmaster to expel those disgusting excuse of students - But he will make their lives in NRC hell - Expect to always be seated at the table the nearest to his station for the night every time you are in the mostro lounge.
Tumblr media
- Floyd’s smile instantly turned into a frown when he heard angel shot with ice leave your mouth - 'Who in the goddamn fuck messed with MY shrimpy' - You won't even be able to finish your description honestly. As soon as you said table 9 he is already walking towards that table with no mercy in his body. - Floyd won't even alert Jade and Azul, the two will only find out once they see Floyd already breaking bones. - Jade will be the one to comfort you for a bit while Floyd is doing his job. - Don’t get him wrong, he wants to comfort you asap! He just needs to teach those 3 students a lesson. - Azul will probably have to step in and stop Floyd at some point, 20 minutes have already passed and Floyd wasn’t satisfied still. - Once Floyd comes back to you, it will be jades turn to take revenge. - You are family at this point - Floyd wont ask Azul to leave, he will just straight up leave with you and maybe take a few snacks just for you - Once you both reach his room he will cuddle with you and let you do anything you want. - If you cry he will pat your head and rub your back. "Just cry it all out shrimpy, its ok." They’re hospitalized at this point so you won't see them for a while - Like jade, Floyd has no power to expel the students. That's why he squeezed extra tight so that it will be a while until you see them again - And don’t worry. If they do come back, he can always go for a round 2 - The news of the hospitalized students will be enough to make anyone fear doing anything bad to you. - Even so, Floyd will still be hanging around you every time you are in mostro lounge - At the end of the day, he isn’t scared to make another example on what students are facing if they mess with you
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tempvstas · 2 months ago
𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐨𝐫𝐦 𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐄𝐱𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐘𝐨𝐮
“𝘛𝘪𝘮𝘦 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘵𝘦𝘭𝘭 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘩𝘰𝘸 𝘮𝘶𝘤𝘩 𝘐 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶.”
Content Warnings: mentions of insecurities in Azul’s
Word Count: 1k in total
Character(s): GN!Reader(no pronouns mentioned), Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar, Azul Ashengrotto, Kalim Al-Asim, Vil Schoenheit, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia
Author Notes: Hi y’all! Looks like you found the first post lol. I thought I’d start off with the dorm leaders first before anything else. Hopefully you enjoy my writing!
Vice Dorm Leaders
◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
When speaking with others, Riddle may come off as strict and a stickler for the rules. But it’s evident how much he cherishes you, the way his gaze and tone both soften when he speaks with you, and with the way he’s more lenient to those around him. Ever studious, Riddle has always had to stay focused on a rigid schedule, but with you he feels like he can actually be himself without any worries of whether he’s being the right amount of prim and proper. Riddle will often devote much of his own precious study time to help you if you’re struggling in a certain area, I mean, he’s a top student. He’ll deny it himself, but the other members of the dorm can see that he’s visibly more comfortable and open-minded whenever you’re around. ADeuce, Trey, and Cater all tease him about his relationship with you, but he’ll vehemently try to deny that he has any attraction to you, all while staring at you through the edge of his peripheral vision, a faint blush lingering on his face.
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
Ah Leona, where do I start? I think the most obvious way he would express his affection towards you would be forcing you to play hooky with him in the botanical gardens, his head resting in your lap. Though you protest, your actions are futile as he ends up pulling you in closer, burying his face in your stomach, his arms wrapped around your waist. His face holds a neutral expression, but anyone can tell that he’s clearly relaxed as he holds you close, his ears twitching and his tail swaying back and forth. Leona knows that his rough exterior would likely drive away anyone curious enough to approach him, which confused him to no ends when you persisted in staying with him in the beginning. Now, Leona couldn’t care less who he drives away so long as you stay with him.
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
With Azul, everything is hidden behind a façade, a ploy to try and gain your trust. His contracts give him power, and with power you could have anything you want in the palm of your hands. But with his power, Azul uses it to mask his insecurities. More often than not, if he isn’t the one in control, he wants nothing more than to curl into his octopot and never come out again. But you were different, you saw past all his flaws and chose to befriend him regardless. He’ll never openly admit it, but he can’t help the fluttering in his chest whenever he sees you. He’ll gladly give you all the meals you want from Mostro Lounge(at a discount) and anything within his means if it means you’ll continue coming back to see him again and again. 
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim
With his sunny demeanor, it’s no surprise that you and Kalim quickly became good friends. He’ll constantly shower you with praise and gifts, inviting you to extravagant feasts dedicated in your honor. Magic carpet rides late at night, just the two of you enjoying the cool nights’ breeze. He feels his heart clench in his chest whenever you smile over at him, beaming brightly at him. Or when you laugh at one of his jokes, your laughter echoing throughout the dorm. Similarly to Azul, if whatever your heart desires is within his means, he would gladly grant your wish if it means just seeing you smile or hearing you laugh once more. He feels ashamed but he’s addicted to all of you. Your dazzling personality, the way the room lights up around you. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do to make you happy. 
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, something that describes Vil to an extent. If Vil is willing to dedicate the time that he would typically use to take care of his skin and the like, means that you hold a special place in his heart. Rook’s words, not mine lol. Vil will take his time with you, while you sit comfortably in front of his vanity. He takes his time using all sorts of beauty products on you, and then doing your hair. By the time he’s finished, you’re practically glowing. He takes a step back to admire his handiwork, left rather speechless. He somehow can’t find the words to describe how absolutely amazing you look.  
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
Your Saturdays are reserved for one thing, and one thing only. Gaming with your duo, Idia. The two of you spend plenty of time together going through a variety of multiplayer games together. Valorant, Overwatch, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, you name it, you guys play it all together. The two of you spend hours upon hours just chilling together in a VC, making light conversation on the task at hand. One time, the two of you were playing Minecraft together and you made a joke about putting your Minecraft beds together. He had to mute himself so you wouldn’t hear the unholy squealing that came out of him. Both his face and his hair were bright red as he curled up in his chair, refusing to unmute. When you questioned him as to why he was suddenly so quiet, he shakily unmuted stating that he was fine. He was definitely not fine for the rest of the time the two of you were playing together. 
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
Malleus has lived for so many years now and has had relationships here and there, but none of them have compared to your bond with him. When you spoke with him, carelessly I might add, and he realized that you indeed had no idea who he truly was, he went with it. He’s so used to everyone around him addressing him with respect that he can’t remember the last time someone has spoken so freely with him. You’ve surprised him in many ways, with your tenacity and perseverance, and just the way you somehow manage to overcome seemingly unbeatable odds for someone of your stature. He admires you, truly, and he hopes that you’ll be able to see him more than just that mysterious, yet intimidating someone who wanders about as he pleases.
◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
Thanks for reading!!
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twistyprefect · 6 months ago
Hello! Could you please do hc's for Azul, Jade and Floyd where Mc just basically lets Floyd fully body tackle them, no attempt to dodge, they even open their arms and brace for the impact
One day Mc dodges
Floyd slams straight into a wall
Mc kneels down next to him and whispers "never trust people"
{honestly, i love floyd but also...we stan bullying floyd on this blog LMAO! also i wrote it platonically, i hope that's ok!!}
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul tried to keep himself composed bot ended up bursting our laughing at Floyd
he couldn't help it, MC just side-stepping the tweel at he came flying at them was something out of a TV show
he pats MC on the back and thanks them for making him almost bust a lung laughing
makes sure Floyd is ok but goes right back to laughing once it's obvious that he is, in fact, ok
Tumblr media
Jade Leech
Jade doesn't even attempt to see if Floyd is ok before absolutely cackling at the situation
when MC tells him never to trust people he laughs even harder than before
who knew MC had such a mischievous side to them, or that they knew how to mess with Floyd back?
thanks MC for the entertainment and leaves Floyd to take care of himself, honestly; he's a big kid, he'll be fiiiine
Tumblr media
Floyd Leech
Floyd is astonished, betrayed, hurt, etc.etc; basically he's very dramatically upset
he actually can't contain himself and starts laughing after bemoaning MC's betrayal for a bit
he assures them that he's perfectly ok and that it didn't hurt as much as it seemed
he plans on getting them back somehow though; MC may have accidentally started a war without even knowing it
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mrs-schoenheit · 8 days ago
Yuu: Okay Yuu you got this just— JUST BE LOWKEY OKAY?!? *deep breaths*
*Azul walks in*: Prefect are you he—
Yuu: I am inlove with you
Azul: …what..?
Yuu: I mean what’s up?
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trappolaces · 3 months ago
ballroom dancing with the octavinelle members
Tumblr media
featuring !! azul, jade, and floyd
azul ashengrotto
The ballroom is packed. Filled to the brim with students that make your vision swim and sway, you lean on your tiptoes to steal a glimpse of the dance floor. Silk and pearls tango across the marble, waltzing to the wail of an orchestra whose strings are plucked and played with a fervor that makes your heart beat faster. The Mostro Lounge truly outdid themselves tonight.
You feel a hand on your shoulder, an achingly familiar warmth that awakens the butterflies asleep in your stomach. They flutter, wings ablaze as you turn to meet his gaze, half hidden by the pair of glasses resting atop his nose. Azul looks so stunning your heart hurts.
“Azul,” You start, lips upturning into a smile, “you look amazing.”
If you were smiling before, you’re positively beaming now. Azul is blushing, hard, pink settling across his cheeks as he coughs politely, adjusting his glasses.
“Thank you,” He says, a little stiff, and stretches his hand towards you. “May I have this next dance?”
You laugh at his formalities, grabbing his hand. “I would love to.”
Azul’s hand is warm in yours as he leads you towards the white marble of the ballroom dance floor, ivory intertwined into the stone so much like his fingers are intertwined with yours. You squeeze his hand in excitement.
“Can you dance, Azul?” You ask, suddenly hyperaware of the boy’s origins. “Does dancing even exist in the ocean?”
Azul scoffs at this, the two of you coming to a halt near the center of the ballroom.
“I’ll have you know I’m a professional.” He says with a smirk. His hands say otherwise. They linger in yours, unsure and tentative, begging for a compass.
“Of course you are.” You grin, placing one hand on his waist and holding his hand in the other, locking your fingers. Azul goes red.
“I’m supposed to hold your waist!” He sputters, cheeks cherry. You simply shush him.
“Just follow me,” You say as the band resumes their positions, bow meeting string to play a soft waltz. “Dancing is easy!”
Your grip tightens on his waist as the two of you twirl around the room, garments flowing to the sway of the music. He’s a fast learner. Azul follows your steps in a hast expertise, looking down at you with a glow in his eyes.
“You’re beautiful.” Azul murmurs in your ear, his lips ghosting the shell. The butterflies emerge from their hiding and flutter around your stomach. You feel your face go warm. “I’m so glad you’re mine.”
jade leech
Your eyes comb the ballroom’s sea of faces for a certain blue haired moray, longing for a glimpse of amber eyes as you shift your weight between your two feet. Jade Leech is nowhere in sight, and you pinch yourself for not asking him to be your date tonight. Sullen, you grab a drink from one of the passing waiters, sipping on the cider with a frown as your favorite Heartslabyul freshman approaches you.
“Hey!” He calls, discarding a slice of cherry pie onto the table next to him. “I didn’t know you were coming.”
“I told you like three times.” You sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose as Ace Trappola approaches your side.
“How am I supposed to remember that?” Ace whines, tilting his head with a lopsided smile. “And where’s your date?”
You flush, downing the rest of your drink.
“No date.”
Ace looks sympathetic for a second. “Wanna dance?”
You’re about to take his hand when an arm snakes around your waist, pulling you snug to a tall frame who shakes his head.
“I’m afraid that’s not possible.” Jade Leech interrupts, smiling down at Ace with a dangerous glint in his eyes. “We’ll be dancing together.”
He pulls you away before either of you can respond, hand steady on your waist as he twirls you onto the dance floor.
“That was my underclassman!” You exclaim, flicking his chest. “And where have you been?”
Jade hums quietly, intertwining your fingers. “I don’t like the way he looks at you.”
He says it so matter-of-factly you don’t fully process his words, and a comfortable silence blankets the two of you. You look up at him, studying his face, downturned and eyebrows furrowed as he watches your feet.
“Something on your mind?” You ask, curious to the moray’s body language. “You okay?”
Jade doesn’t respond for a while. He sighs instead, guiding your intertwined hands to feel his chest. His heart is beating rapidly.
“Jade?” You start, and he shakes his head.
“I’ve become fond of you.” He says quietly, your hand still over his heart. It’s thundering now.
“Let me guess: you love me.” You tease, laughing. A small smile lights up Jade’s face, and he nods.
Your knees buckle. You lose all sense of direction as you stumble, tripping over your feet, but Jade’s grip on your waist is strong. He holds you as you regain your composure, continuing your dance with noticeably shakier steps.
“You’re funny, Jade.” You say. He must be joking.
“I’m not joking.” He replies calmly, as if reading your mind. You stumble again. Jade’s hand moves to the small of your back to steady you, embrace tender as the music changes to a slower pace. “I love you, and my heart hurts when you’re not with me.”
Your heart hammers in your chest as you look up at Jade, eyes wide, flustered.
You lean your head into his chest as the two of you sway to the music. “I love you too.”
Your eyes flutter shut as his lips kiss the crown of your head, smiling into your hair.
floyd leech
You’re running, feet pounding into the grass as you laugh, Floyd’s hand gripping yours as he leads you towards a moonlit meadow.
“Here, Shrimpy.” He says, skidding to a halt as he catches his breath. Wildflowers grow from the crevices in the ground, and you reach down to pick one for him. You have to tiptoe to place it in his hair.
“It’s a lilac,” You say, admiring both the flower and your boyfriend. “A pretty flower for a prettier person.”
Floyd groans at your words and stoops down to squeeze you tightly, laughing into your neck. “You’re so cute.” He mumbles against your skin, and you hum gently. You can hear the orchestra playing from the dance Floyd forced you to freshly abandon, and you tap his shoulder.
“Floyd, we can hear it still!” You say excitedly. He scoops you in his arms, hand on your waist and the other in your hand. The two of you dance the night away amongst the flowers, the moon, and the stars.
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twisted-writing · 4 months ago
To the point of exhaustion
For Anonymous
Who asked: Dorm leaders (separately) reacting to their gn! s/o fainting in front of them? Like Crowley overworking them and s/o keeps brushing it off saying they're fine when the dorm leaders ask until they faint from exhaustion. I'm in the mood for angst. Have a great day!
POV: Third Person
Characters: Dorm leaders, gender neutral!reader, Dire Crowley (mentioned)
Pairing: Dorm leaders x gender neutral!reader (separate)
Warnings: angst, mentions of overworking, mentions of fainting, mentions of being deprived of sleep, Dire Crowley slander
What should have been a relaxing night of playing video games with Idia had turned into him, spending the night with y/n in the infirmary, he had brought them when they had fainted upon arriving at his dorm room in Ingihyde. As y/n slept peacefully, Idia couldn’t help but frown as he observed the dark circles underneath their eyes. They were worse than the ones he would have after a late night gaming session.
It had spoken volumes that as soon as y/n’s head made contact with the pillow, they were out like a light.
Idia was angry. Not at y/n. But at the headmaster. What was going through that head of his that he thought working y/n to the point of exhaustion was okay?! Not to mention that this was most likely the first night in weeks that they would get a full night of sleep. Instead of the headmaster giving them some sort of impossible task that would most likely take up so much of their time.
This wasn’t right.
Idia vowed that something like this would never happen again.
Malleus’ frown deepened as he observed y/n as they yawned for the fourth time. Normally, they would be listening and asking many questions about the different types of gargoyles, or they would just talk about their day in general.
It was something that they both looked forward to.
To be able to vent and get all of their frustrations out without fear of being judged or to be made to feel like they were complaining.
He watched as y/n took a step forward but then they began to sway, Malleus was grateful for his fast reflexes, he managed to catch them.
"M-Malleus? I-I'm…"
"Exhausted beyond belief. You need to rest."
"But the headmaster…"
Malleus felt his respect for the Headmaster dwindle bit by bit.
"Don't worry about him." Malleus effortlessly picked them up in a bridal style. "Focus on getting the rest you need."
"Thank you."
"Anything for you, y/n."
Leona had never felt such fear in his life than when he saw his herbivore about to faint during Vargas’ class. He had never moved so fast in his life. Holding them in his arms, Leona refused to let y/n go.
He would take them to the nurse.
And would be having words with the headmaster soon.
It was one thing if they had been given one or two tasks, but to juggle so many things at once up to the point they were being overworked? Leona wouldn’t stand for it.
“Don’t worry, herbivore. You just get all the rest you need.”
"Vil, I'm sorry. I didn't want you to worry."
"Oh love, I'm not angry at you." Vil assured y/n, his perfect y/n who despite being so exhausted from doing all kinds of tasks for Headmaster Crowley, wanted to accompany him to a photoshoot. "I'm worried for you."
"You need your rest." He gently traced the dark circles underneath their eyes. "You were literally about to collapse if I hadn't caught you." He pulled his hand away and gestured to them to lay down on the couch in his dressing room, after their shoes were off.
"Is this really okay?"
"Of course. You deserve to relax." He followed their gaze to their phone. "And don't even think about answering that if it rings."
"But, the Headmaster-"
"Will be getting a piece of my mind." He promised. "Now." He covered them with a throw blanket that was soft and of the highest quality which had been on the chair in front of his vanity. "Get some sleep and I'll come and check on you in a little bit, okay?"
"Good." Vil briefly kissed them. "Sweet dreams.”
It was rare for Kalim to skip out on a party that was happening in Scarabia, but this was a good reason. He couldn't enjoy the party. Not without y/n.
It just wouldn't be right.
The party was still going without the both of them, which he had insisted on, while he escorted y/n to his room so they could rest. It was clear that they were dead on their feet and looked as if they hadn't gotten a good night's sleep in weeks.
And they had almost fainted. Twice. Despite reassuring him that they were fine.
They weren't fine though.
He didn't blame y/n. How could he? It wasn't their fault. The blame went to the headmaster.
He didn't have to give y/n so many tasks to do.
They were going to burn out at this rate! Either the headmaster knew or just didn't care.
He would figure out what to do later, but right now he was going to make sure that y/n was taken care of.
In the VIP room of the Mostro Lounge, Azul briefly looked up from his new contracts and looked over at the couch where y/n, his precious Angel fish was getting some well deserved rest.
Earlier, they had finally confessed that they weren’t as fine as they pretended to be.
How tired they were.
How keeping up with the tasks from the headmaster, keeping an eye out for Grim, cleaning up Ramshackle, and the schoolwork was too much and they were close to burning out.
It was a miracle that they had made it to Octavinelle with how utterly exhausted they were.
His angel fish deserved to be treated as an equal.
And with this updated contract, Azul was making sure that something like this would never happen again.
For once, as he found himself reassuring y/n, his precious rose that it was fine with him, if they could spend the night with him, since they didn’t want to sleep alone. Riddle found himself not really caring about the rules.
In the soft glow of the lamp on the nightstand next to his bed, Riddle observed y/n.
They looked so peaceful while they slept. It spoke volumes to how tired they were.
They had to deal with so much.
And they pretended to be fine, completing the tasks that the headmaster had given them, no matter how much sleep they lost. And no matter how exhausted they were.
Wasn’t the headmaster supposed to help them?
It seemed like he was pushing the things he didn’t want to do onto them. And that wasn’t right.
Riddle was determined to help his rose, just like how they had helped him.
And if he decided to start by letting them sleep in, taking extra notes for them in class, and covering for them whenever someone asked where they were?
Well, no one else had to know.
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twistedlotus · 2 months ago
ive had this idea.. say that mc is extremely good at spell drive like has amazing technique and power (almost on par with malleus) but since they’re in ramshackle, crowley let’s them pick which dorm they want to represent. how would the dorm leaders try and appeal and try to get you on their team? this can be any dorm leaders you want!! ty!
#SPELLDRIVE BUT [NAME] SOLOS , leona, kalim, azul.
› ..[name] aka the best student in the school loses 90 years off of their life <3 gn reader. — this is so cool! tysm for the request ong :)
Tumblr media
yk damn well he’d want you on his team
the second he hears that (honestly probably from grim or crowley or whatever) that ur close to malleus’ level?? bros hatching a plan already
said plan is going up to you and forcing asking you to be on savanaclaw’s team, dw he will ask nicely (spoiler he wont)
bro would probably be too scary to say no to. tbh im speaking from myself but he would just scare you into playing smh like hello leona be nice ;(
honestly hed probably just make ruggie ask and since its someone who isnt leona u’d say yes bc its not leona 😊 so u join either because of intimidation or just someone asking who isnt the dorm leader
tbh i think it wouldve been jamil’s idea
or just the dorm collectively agreeing that they’d have a chance to win
oh [name] is on par with malleus?? guess we have a new teammate 😊 not only for that tho dw theyre probably the only ones that actually like you
anyways it would be mean to say no to kalim hence why he asked. personally. this was all jamil’s plan bc he knows no one can say no to him because why would u hurt his feelings?????? thats just mean [name] 😐
god i sound like im babying him but i am not. in general no i dont wanna make him disappointed okay i would feel too guilty so you would be too
in conclusion youd join bc no one wants the best twst character to be disappointed 😪
i forgot if their dorm competes LMAO
but anyways in this they do and by the minute youre done talking youre playing with octavinelle bc theres no way hes not convincing you
mf is standing behind you with jade and floyd after they overhear ‘powerful’ and ‘choose’
i dont even know how but its probably just the shadiest bet sugarcoated in a way you absolutely cannot refuse. they have the worst blackmail too or smth. oh you ate worms as a kid? everyone’s gonna know if you disagree.
they even tell you ‘nd ur just like ‘how did you find out abt that????’
note i did not eat worms as a child that was my cousin
anyways your best best is joining azul if you cherish your ego and or reputation 😭
Tumblr media
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brainlessrot · 5 months ago
Hi! I just read the “if I jump at them they’ll catch me” series and I loved it! I was wondering if you could do something in similar format with Octavinelle where the reader grabs them by the tie, kisses their cheek and attempts to run away while saying “catch me if you can”? If not that’s totally fine-
thank you for requesting <33 it was fun to write!
Octavinelle — Grabbing them by their tie
Contents ;; GN!MC, can be seen as either platonic or romantic!
Characters ;; Azul, Jade, Floyd
Prompt ;; MC grabs them by their tie and kisses them on their cheek, then (attempts) runs away
Tumblr media
Azul ;;
He’s working on some paperwork for the monstro lounge, you sat on the couch of the VIP room, resting after working a long shift at the Lounge. He was sitting behind his desk, and his posture had worsened the more you had looked at him. He had started with his back straight, perpendicular to the office chair he was sitting on, but now he resembled more a shrimp than an octopus, you were sure he would be sore if he stayed like that for long. His glasses were also slipping off every once in a while, and he had to push them up every time, he even had his tie skewed, he truly didn’t look like the fine businessman persona he liked to act as.
You could not resist the urge to distract him, he just looked so focused on his work! And you knew the perfect way to do it.
You stood up, walking from the VIP room’s couch and around his desk to stand to his left. He only humed, his eyes not leaving the papers that he was looking at. You were not going to have this.
Your hand grabbed his shoulder, making him look at you. The moment he pushed his glasses up to look at you better, your hand grabbed his tie, pulling at it. You bent forward, a tiny smile on your face. You left a loud kiss on his cheek, the moment your lips came in contact with his skin you could feel him burn underneath.
You had a fulfilled smile on your face as you backed away, you could only describe the expression he had on his face as short circuited, since he didn’t even respond to you waving your hand in front of his face, the only “response” you got was a bunch of incoherent mutters and babbles that left his half-opened lips.
Well, he did deserve a rest, even if in the process his brain died.
Tumblr media
Jade ;;
Why are you doing this to yourself? Are you a masochist or something? 
You were calmly helping people around, doing your work as errand runner— err, Prefect of Ramshackle as every day, when you saw Jade. You still wondered how you befriended him, since even the way he “kindly” smiled at the poor first year he was probably blackmailing sent shivers down everybody’s spine, and you were not an exception. But that’s what compelled you to get close to him. You wanted to see what the seemingly composed eel would do if you pushed the wrong— or right— buttons. You liked to annoy him, it was a dangerous sport, but that was what made it interesting. 
So then, after working as a personal therapist, the second part of your daily routine began— annoy the shit outta Jade.
You began with simple stuff, things you did every once in a while. But then, the thing you’d been planning for weeks now was put to action.
You had observed how he never seemed to touch anybody— not even on accident. So, what would happen if you were the one to touch him?
Jade was listening to you ramble, he would be lying if he said he didn’t think of you as an interesting human, but he had noticed the way you always tried to make him lose his marbles, he sometimes indulged you, letting you do whatever you wanted, but he never gave you the reaction you were searching for, and he found the way you never gave up adorable.
However, he was not expecting you to step closer to him, not many people had the guts to do so. And when you lifted your hands up to his collar, fixing his tie, he had to resist the urge to chuckle. But you didn’t stop there, you pulled him in, a hand on his tie and the other on his shoulder, and quickly left a chaste kiss on his cheek, a small smirk on your face. 
He took a second to mask the surprise on his face with an amused look, and you took that opportunity to turn around and stick your tongue out to him, telling him that he’d never catch you even if he tried.
He took that as a dare. And you better keep in mind that he never loses.
Tumblr media
Floyd ;;
Floyd followed you through the campus, and everytime you were not moving he was inside your personal space. Well, even when you were moving he walked extremely close to you, if you were not careful you feel as if he would put his foot in front of you to make you slip and fall.
“Shrimpyyy.” His arms dangled around your shoulders, his chin resting on top of your head. His body draped over yours as if he was a warm blanket, but he was, indeed, not one. You caved in, asking him what he wanted. “I want attention! To play! ANYTHING.” 
You groaned, you did not have that much free time, and you couldn’t afford to lose an hour, probably putting your life at risk with Floyd, so you only had one option; running away. 
A light bulb seemed to appear on top of your head when an idea popped into your mind, this could make Floyd have fun and you could get away from him!
But oh, how wrong you were, how would that work as intended?
You shoved his arms off of yourself, ignoring the pout he had. You turned around to look at him, the frown was quickly replaced seeing as you were giving him attention.
You closed the distance even more, the tips of your shoes touching. Your hand held onto his blazer, since he always wore his uniform a mess, and pulled him in your direction. He chuckled, interested in what you were trying to do, he let you move him at your wish, his eyes following your every movement. As your lips left a quick peck on his cheek he made a sound similar to a squeek, his hands making a move at grabbing you. However, you sidestepped quickly, evading him. Your tongue poked out of your mouth as you riled him up, your feet hitting the tiles as you made a run for it.
The moment you had the opportunity, you entered an empty classroom, and when you heard his footsteps blend out of hearing distance, you slightly cracked the door open. Suddenly, a hand pushed it open with enough force to make it bounce against the wall, your eyes met with Floyd’s
“I caught you little shrimpy!” He cooed, stepping towards you. It’s safe to say that you didn’t make it to any of your appointments.
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writingfool001 · 5 months ago
Azul/Jade/Floyd: "There's plenty of fish in the sea."
*points at MC/Yuu*
Azul/Jade/Floyd: "Yeah, that's my clownfish/Shrimpy, stay away from my clownfish/Shrimpy."
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crienosaur · 8 days ago
Platonic headcanons for Riddle, Leona, Azul and Malleus with a little sister!reader, please?
Omg that’s so cute QQ yes ofc
Pls excuse my lack of consistency when it comes to length and format- I’m newer here still TT
HC for platonic little sister
Riddle, Leona, Azul, Malleus
No warnings! Just fluff I think
If you’re only like a year or so younger you probably have similar struggles and so you can vent to each other
He holds you to high standards so might act a bit disappointed in you
But when he’s not disappointed he’s proud and that happens more often
He just isn’t good at expressing it
Tells you about the terror that is boys from experience
Accidentally makes you think he’s gay
Maybe he is
If you’re much younger then he honestly kinda gets jealous of you… you’re a girl and your mother isn’t as harsh with you
He just thinks you must have it easier
But he’ll still be protective and loves to take care of you
Is the one to take care of you when you’re sick cus he’s a little doctor
If you’re close to his age, again, he also shares burdens with you
Even so, as a woman, you have a bigger role in his society so he feels that you can’t complain at times
You let him do some of your tasks and advocate for him
He’s cuddly actually and will cuddle you publicly
Very proud to be related to you!
You’ve physically and verbally defended him and Ruggie on many occasions
If you’re little he acts like you’re the bane of his existence
Makes you and Cheka play when Cheka visits so he can be left alone
Actually adores you tho and thinks you’re hilarious
But also little kids are yucky sometimes so he dips if you’ve got like a snotty nose
Will let you stand on his feet
When you’re close in age he feels bad about sharing his problems with you so he tries to hide them
He’ll go ham if someone insults you no matter how old you are
Kisses your forehead a lot and is very affectionate and protective
Mommie is like that so he picks it up from her cus it comforts him
Will brag about you
Octo mers are ugly unless it’s someone who isn’t him
He tries not to insult himself if the insults could apply to you
But if you’re both fighting then… you go for BLOOD- like- scaring everyone around you
It gets verbally VICIOUS
If you’re very little he wants to teach you lots of things and keep you safe
Will make sure you love yourself and are healthy at all times
You’re a fae so you’re probably not all too little unless you were adopted by Lilia
If you’re blood related to Malleus then you’re viewed as the “not so scary” one
Idk why this is
He’d NEVER trouble you with his issues
Not even if you beg
But just hold him and that’ll make him feel loved
You fit right in with his friends and all of them cherish you
Sebek has called you adorable and other things and everyone questions it cus why is he so in love with you and Malleus
But you both think it’s normal and he’s adorable too <3
If you’re adopted or born when Malleus was much older he absolutely treats you like his little baby
Treats you like a mommy dragon would treat a baby
Silver prob got the same treatment
You’ve both been dressed and played with like little dolls
He’s so gentle
Lilia teaches him to be the best big brother ever
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mlk082 · 3 months ago
Hello, if you are taking requests, can I ask for the Octotrio reaction when the reader is mad at the Adeuce duo and is chasing them in the hallway, and at some point the reader throws a book at these two but misses and hit Azul instead? ❤
Azul Getting Hit With a Book By MC
Other than that, don't you know NOT to run in the halls? It's quite dangerous prefect!
Adeuce duo is stupid, he gets it, and it would have been funny...if you had better AIM!
Azul saw Ace and Deuce running through the halls of NRC, 40% laughing, 60% eyes wide and scared for their lives.
And then he saw you on their tails, running after them. You lifted your arm and decided to throw your textbook.
Your big, thick, heavy, hardcover, textbook.
Azul actually wanted to see Ace get hit and fall to the floor, but NO, it had to be Azul to get hit.
Makes you take him to the infirmary and bitches to you about his pain.
"How are you going to make it up to me?"
Makes you work in Mostro Lounge for a week.
Like- demonically.
His composer becomes loose and is wiping his eyes from tears.
He saw the duo running down the halls, and then you following them. Jade wanted to watch this.
When he saw the book you had, and how you lifted it up, he knew that it would miss considering your angle and the fact that you were running.
Knowing Azul was ahead, he took his phone out and recorded Azul getting hit with it.
Gives you applause for it.
Is also laughing.
But Floyd is on the floor absolutely dying and wiping his eyes.
Tells you to do it again but on a different target.
laughs and pokes fun at Azul all week.
Gets the video from Jade and watches it repeatedly.
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luxthestrange · 23 days ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#126 Angy Octo
Tweels: This is…
Azul*angry octopus squeak*
Tweels: The sonorous war cry of a very angry Octopus…
Azul*angy octo squeak with teary red face*
Tweels*picking Azul up from the floor showing him off to yuu*Ferocious…
Azul*pouts at them and does the Octo war cry squeaks*
Tumblr media
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jackplushie · 6 months ago
How the twisted wonderland boys will sleep on you
He does take a liking to tight,enclosed spaces,given his past in octopus pots. He’ll seek out your arms,pulling them around him. He enjoys sleeping with his head squished into your chest,you curled around him. It’s a security blanket of sorts,for him.
Unlike Ace,he isn’t so shallow in terms of his partner. If it fits,he sleeps. He genuinely thinks that his partner,no matter the gender,the body shape,is beautiful. Maybe it’s because he’s so hard on himself that he doesn’t want anyone else to go through that pain. Man really really likes being the small spoon. It’s comforting,really,being hugged to sleep. He’s also fond of tangling your legs with his,it has a certain intimate feeling to it.
All he wants is to be as close to you as possible.
Is that so wrong?
A rather hard man to read,to be honest. But even the more proficient workers get tired. After a busy day at the Mostro lounge,all he wants to do is to sleep,with you by his side. Being an ocean animal,warmth is something… foreign to him,when everything around him has always been so cold,and dark. Your presence is hot enough to set him ablaze,and he’s a little surprised to find that he doesn’t mind dying to this heat if it means that you’re beside him.
He’s not all together too fond of literally using his lover as a pillow,but he does like snuggling into the crook of your neck from behind,whispering sweet nothings into your ears. May rub circles into your back,for the sake of his hands,who are too used to being busy.
It’s hard for someone like him to fully relax,but you seem to help.
Similar to Jade,he wasn’t exposed to much warmth growing up. The ocean was deep,dark,and scary,so that’s how he turned out. So upon meeting you,was like seeing the word for the first time. You are his sun,his warmth,his light,and he’ll gladly throw himself into the sun like Icarus if it meant feeling your kind touch.
It’s hard to pry this man off your body in the day,so it’s much worse when he’s tired,and all he wants to do is to use his beloved shrimpy as a pillow. Has the most awkward sleeping positions, and he tends to stretch out in those poses much like a house cat dozing in the sun’s glow. He needs you beside him,his arm around you. He would probably never admit it,but he falls asleep easier when you’re in his arms.
It’s bliss for him,so please just stay there,alright?
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twistyprefect · 6 months ago
bastard merman courting but they court you. Plot twist of knowing what it actually means bc you were also trying to court them
{first request in a while b/c i really like this one ae;rigbhaelhgb-}
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul tried his best to find terrestrial courting practices, but found that they varied vastly
he did his best to narrow down what he should do when he figured out where you were from
he presented you with a collection of flowers, a bouquet of your favorites along with some other flowers
he also started to get you smaller gifts and do small things for you, like making you food or helping you study
eventually he decided to check if you were interested in him, since he wasn't sure you reciprocated; you just kind of laughed and said you'd been working on your own gift for him,
you showed him a picture on your phone of a half-finished necklace made from a shell you'd collected off the beach; he flushed and thanked you, formally asking you to be his partner
Tumblr media
Jade Leech
Jade thought about looking into terrestrial courting rituals, but he found them a bit strange
so instead, he opted to go for the courting rituals he knew how to perform, from his homeland
he'd started by giving you his favorite shell from his collection, a small conch he'd found when he was younger
he followed up with bigger and bigger gifts, all hand-made by him using material he'd foraged for in the Coral Sea
he presented you with his favorite gift, a pearlescent comb; when he handed it to you, you grinned and handed him your own gift
Jade smiled genuinely when he opened the small bag to reveal the soft blue pearls inside; you explained you'd looked up merpeople courting and had been saving every pearl you found while diving
Tumblr media
Floyd Leech
Floyd didn't even consider trying to check out terrestrial courting practices; merpeople's courting was more fun to him
mereels specifically had their own courting rituals that he thought were especially effective, even for his Shrimpy
he started by gifting you small rocks and shells before he escalated to gifting you freshly-caught fish and other foraged food
he liked to gift you weird or rare fish, then if you wanted you could keep them in an aquarium instead of eating them
a few weeks in his mood started to deteriorate, wondering if maybe you were weirded out by him
his mood immediately changed when you handed him a freshly-made meal from his most recent catch for you; you explained that you'd asked Jade how to show him that you reciprocated his feelings and he grinned, hugging you tightly
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