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wolken-himmel · 2 days ago
In which Azul asks (Y/n) to be his dance partner for a PE extra credit class. However, there are a few obstacles.
Firstly, he can't dance. Secondly, he might have a little crush on the prefect.
Requested by anon.
Tumblr media
Despite the busy clanking of dishes and chattering of students outside of his office, Azul had been staring at the mirror on his desk for more than half an hour already. A look of desperation was etched onto his face, and his reflection mirrored that expression perfectly. His silence was broken by a wistful sigh that escaped his lips.
"(Y/n), oh dear (Y/n), please..." Azul muttered. "Will you be my partner for Vargas' dancing class?"
The remnants of his voice echoed out into a heavy silence again, only to be broken by uncontrollable laughter by none other than Floyd. His face was contorted into a giant grin as he shifted in his seat across from the desk. "Jade, look! The boss is preparing to propose marriage to Shrimpy," he teased and held his rumbling stomach.
The dormleader tensed in embarrassment when even the usually more composed Jade broke out into amused chuckles. "Well, Azul... I've never seen you so worked up before," Jade remarked and tilted his head to the side. "It's been about an hour you've had us sit here with you... You do know that chaos is happening outside right now?"
Azul jumped to his feet and slammed his fists onto the table. The act of desperation caught the twins off-guard. "That's because this is a dire emergency! I'm about to flunk PE— and the only way I can salvage my grades is by participating in this dancing class for extra credit."
"Oh— dancing is so much fun!" Floyd chimed in excitement. "Although... I can't imagine you dancing, boss. That would be a strange image in my head."
Exactly then, the desperation on Azul's face increases tenfold. "That's the issue: I can't dance at all! I'm as clumsy as Kalim in a porcelain shop in this human form. You don't want to see me dance, really. It's pure embarrassment."
Jade hummed in acknowledgement. "And you have heard of the prefect's dancing skills, so you wish to ask for—"
"Yes. That's the gist of it."
"But..." Floyd trailed off, "don't you have a crush on—"
"Shut your mouth, eel!" Azul shouted at the top of his lungs and shot Floyd the angriest glare he had ever mustered.
A knowing grin appeared on Jade's face. "Well, look at it more positively, Azul. That's two birds with one stone, eh? Just make sure to not embarrass yourself too much in front of the prefect."
To that, Azul opened his mouth, only to close it again without having uttered a word. His pale cheeks had warmed up considerably, leaving a soft redness on his face.
"Don't worry, boss. We'll cheer you on! Now go and catch your fish!"
And without being allowed to protest whatsoever, Azul was pushed out of his office by none other than the twins. With each eel holding his arm, he was — against his will, might I add — guided out of the Mostro Lounge and towards wherever they suspected to find you.
They struck gold when they found you alone in the library, hunched over a thick book with yellow pages. Without any warning, the eels pushed their leader out from behind the bookshelves.
The yelp that escaped Azul's lips caught your attention, and your eyes flitted up to meet his nervous ones. After having gulped down his anxiety, he stepped forward and shot you a small smile. "(Y/n)? C-Could I talk to you for a moment?" he asked carefully.
"Oh Azul, yes of course." You pushed the dusty book away from you and turned your whole attention to him. Once you had done so, you noticed the way his anxious eyes darted from one place to another. You furrowed your eyebrows in concern. "Hey, you look really pale... Are you alright? Did Floyd get you in trouble again?"
"No, no... That's not it," Azul said, chuckling softly. Then, he took a deep breath and summoned all his courage. "I'm sorry if this sounds like a strange request, but please hear me out. Perhaps you might have caught wind of my lesser prowess in flying classes—"
Your lips quirked up into a grin. "Yeah, I saw you dangling from your broom the other day. I was really concerned for a second."
His courage slipped down the drain as quickly as it had appeared. The smile on his lips wavered, but he caught himself just in time. "Well, then you get how dire my situation is," he continued with a twinge of desperation to his tone. "If I don't improve my grades through a bonus class, I'll fail PE... So, there's this dancing class next week that will give a boost to my grades. I wanted to ask if you'd like to be my dancing partner. I've seen you dance a few times when you worked at the Mostro Lounge— when you thought that nobody was looking."
"I've never seen you so nervous before, Azul." You quirked an eyebrow in surprise.
"Please," he muttered and clasped his hands together. "I'm really in a pinch here, (Y/n)."
Much to his relief, your surprise soon morphed into a smile of delight. "Of course, I'd love to be your dancing partner! This will be so much fun." An excited sigh escaped your lips. "Do you know how to waltz? I think that will be the main focus of the dancing class."
A nervous chuckle escaped his lips at that. "Floyd tried to teach me, but he said I'm a hopeless case." He bashfully rubbed his neck. "I had to buy him new shoes after our lessons."
"I'm sure you can't be that bad, Azul..."
"That's kind of you to say, but don't underestimate my clumsiness with these legs."
And really, you had underestimated his inability to dance. The consequences would haunt you after weeks of dancing classes and the final examination. As you lounged in the Ramshackle living room after everything was said and done, you let out a heavenly sigh as you submerged your aching feet in a bucket of ice cubes.
Grim, who had dumped a fresh batch of ice into your bucket, shot you a questioning look. "Do you need more ice for your feet, henchhuman?"
"That should be enough, Grim... Thank you," you said gratefully and patted the empty couch space next to you.
Without wasting any time, he did as you asked and happily curled up beside you. "So, did you pass that dancing class?" he asked curiously while drifting off to sleep.
You hummed proudly. "We did! But... my feet paid the price." A sheepish chuckle escaped your lips as you moved your aching feet. Although the pain had already subsided, you winced when you noticed how swollen they looked. "Azul really stomped on my feet more than a dozen times."
"I don't get why you were so keen on helping him out," Grim scoffed and forced one eye open. "What has he ever done for you?"
"He was just so adorable when he asked me to be his dancing partner... I couldn't say no."
That was when the cat monster's eyes shot open in what looked like horror. At once, he bolted to his feet and launched himself at you. "No, don't tell me—" he wailed out and grabbed you by your collar to shake you back and forth.
An airy giggle escaped your lips, only reaffirming the cat's suspicions. "Hehe, yes... Azul is really adorable. What is there not to love about him?"
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kimbap-r0ll · 20 hours ago
Just readed the promt, where we get possessed by chernabog and i was wondring, if you wouldwrite a part 2? The fights and the aftermath of the possession?
Tumblr media
Thank you for the ask! I have been so busy I haven’t been able to write for seven characters recently, sorry about that, uni is keeping me busy. Here's the first part for those who want to see it!
Dorm leaders react to Yuu being possessed by Chernabog Part 2
Thankfully, Malleus was nearby on his usual walk when he spotted Riddle being hurled across the field by you, or whatever the smoky figure behind you was. He knew immediately of who it was, it was written in old history books about how he could return in centuries to come, and here he was, tormenting you and Riddle in the process
Malleus runs towards you, magic pen in and and a surge of magic enveloping the field. Riddle tried to get up but he could feel his bones aching from the fall that he had to endure. “Wait, don’t hurt them!” Riddle shouted at Malleus, but the fae prince didn’t seem to hear.
“Do not fret, human, I will make sure this ends peacefully,” Malleus says, and before Riddle can react, Malleus shoots lightning towards a direction he is pointing at. First, Riddle thinks that he hit you, but he realized that he actually went ahead and hit another part of the school. The tower?
There happened to be bells up there, and that would likely stun Chernabog, at least Malleus hoped, and it worked! Right when the bells rang, Malleus hit the stunned you and right after that the smog disappeared, leaving you falling from being slightly lifted into the air. Riddle ran to catch you, causing his body to instead hit the ground once again
“Thank you, Malleus,” Riddle said to the Diasomnia student. Malleus just smiled and walked off like nothing had happened. Riddle made sure you were taken to the medical wing as soon as possible, and he stayed by your side until you woke up.
The aftermath was sweet, he was just glad to have you back and that you were alright now. You didn’t seem to remember quite what happened, and he didn’t give a lot of details about it to you either, in case it would strain you. But you did notice he smiled more often than before when the two of you hung out
The three Savanaclaw students watched as you glared back at them. It had to be done, something to stun you or at least knock you out, and Leona had magic strong enough to cause you to, well, turn to sand, so there had to be a way!
Wait...perhaps that could work? Leona weighed the odds of how he should deal with this, it was clear that there was something hovering over you, though because of how dark the room was he wasn’t sure. If he could aim for that, similar to aiming for an overblot phantom, perhaps he could save you from being possessed any longer
“Stay out of this, I think I have a plan,” Leona told Ruggie and Jack with an arm blocking them from going forward. “Wait, what are you thinking of doing?” Ruggie asked but before he could get an answer, Leona lunged forward, tackling you to the ground. The others could see you attacking Leona as well, both with your own hands and whatever smoky figure was hovering above you. But right when it seemed like Leona’s head was about to be sliced, he managed to grab the smoke.
“There, thought there might be a weakness, didn’t think it would be the horns,” he smirked, though he was bleeding from his forehead. Then, using his unique magic, the smoke went into flames, who knew it could do that? After long, agonizing minutes, Jack noticed the sun was coming up, and with that suddenly the smoke disappeared, like the sand.
Leona took you to the medical wing immediately, carrying you gently and muttering to himself about hoping that you weren’t dead. Thankfully, the nurses told the Savnaclaw students that you were fine, and that you would wake up soon.
Leona never told you what happened other than that you hit your head on the floor and passed out, teasing that you need to be more careful. But you did notice he was a bit more protective, or at least he was wrapping his arm around you a lot more than he used to. Don’t ask him about it, he’ll just look away and say that he likes your company, “that’s all.”
Azul couldn’t find the headmaster, of course that useless crow man wouldn’t be around when they needed him the most! So, instead, he turned his heels and ran back, perhaps he was thinking he could somehow save you, but how? He stopped midway, remembering how you called him “worthless,” but he shook his head and tried to tell himself it wasn’t you, it was whatever “Chernabog” was. He advanced, but was quickly joined by Malleus.
“Are you running late for something?” Malleus asked, and Azul fumbled with his glasses. “Ah, well, t-there’s this thing, Cherna...bog I think was his name? It’s possessing y/n,” Azul just spilled all of the information, maybe the fae prince could help? Without a second wasted, Malleus joined with Azul to help take the demon down.
When they came back, Crewel had been dueling with you/Chernabog for a few minutes. He looked beat, his coat was frayed and there was some blood on his face too. You on the other hand, looked unscathed. “Are there any large windows here?” Malleus asked, and Azul looked at him in a confused way. “The sun will rise soon, in about ten minutes, this demon hates its rays.”
With that, Azul shouted at Crewel and Malleus to follow him, and the trio all ran to another side of Octavinelle: towards the sea. There was no way they would get sunlight, right? Well, unless they broke through the middle part of the Lounge, where most of the sunlight was collected. With that, they pushed you in at the ten minute mark, hoping it would do something.
It was a strange scene; a black fog of some kind caused you to scream, then it disappeared. You were in the water but Azul quickly got you out of it and the trio all ran to the infirmary. Other than the fact that you had been possessed, the nurse said that you were fine with the exception that you were likely going to get sick from being dunked in cold water. Azul thanked Crewel and Malleus, and Crewel said that this didn’t count as any kind of extra treatment for his students before telling Azul and Malleus that they were brave “but unfashionably reckless” in pushing you in.
When you woke up, Azul was in tears. It was a bit of a sight, especially for everyone who came by to see you. He squeezed you so hard you thought you were going to choke haha. But nonetheless, you were confused but happy to see him and get a hug from him when you woke up. He didn’t tell you what happened, but you did hear mentions of a demon possession from time to time around the Lounge.
Similar to Azul, Crowley isn’t there. He was probably out on some party downtown, or maybe he fled after he felt the magical pressure you exerted. Kalim felt hopeless, should he just give up, curl up and cry? No, he had to save you, and perhaps the only way to do that would be to go back and fight you himself
He ran back, back to his dorm and realized so much of the building was already in tears. You weren’t anywhere to be found though, but then he saw a spark far out in the desert. Jamil had taken the fight to the desert. Kalim, calling for his carpet, flew there and found a smoky figure hovering over you and Jamil on the sand.
“Jamil!” Kalim shouted, but there was no response. He...he couldn’t be dead, right? Kalim dropped from the carpet and stood in front of you. You sneered, snapping at him to get out of your way. “No, I’m not letting you hurt Jamil,” Kalim said, eyes determined. You seemed to get angry, getting ready to hit you, but right when you were about to slap him out of your way, he ran up and hugged you.
Chernabog wasn’t expecting that, as seen by how you froze up. He squeezed you tightly in his arms. “Y/n, I know you’re in there somewhere, I’m sorry you’re going through this. I’m not going to let you be taken by this thing, you’re better than that!” Kalim said, tears sliding down his cheeks. You writhed in his grasp, it seemed that Chernabog for some reason couldn’t use his magic to push him off. Kalim just held onto you as long as he could, until the sun’s rays began to shine into the desert.
With that, suddenly you let out a scream, the smoke disappeared, and you fell into his arms. “Y/n!” Kalim shouted, carefully holding you. The fight seemed to be over. With that, he took you and Jamil to the infirmary, and Jamil woke up a few minutes afterwards with a lot of bandages wrapped around him. “Thanks for saving me,” Kalim told Jamil, but he just shook his head and said it was his job. Meanwhile with you, it took you three days to wake up, but Kalim didn’t leave your side, sometimes forgetting to eat.
When you finally woke up, he was ecstatic and nearly knocked you out as he lunged for a hug. You laughed, asking what had happened, to which he explained in tears that you were possessed by something, but you were fine now because Jamil saved you. “Ah, correction, Kalim saved you,” Jamil commented from his hospital bed. Either way, Kalim didn’t let you go for a long time, just happy that you were back
He didn’t think the fight was going to be this long, but then again, Vil was just a student but he was skilled in magic. He took the fight outside, near the forests of Pomefiore. Perhaps it would be better for defense, but even then it felt unsafe as he couldn’t see you sometimes. This caused him to be tossed from side to side during the fight.
Vil’s hair was disheveled, he could taste blood in his mouth. He saw you laughing from afar, ready to throw another ball of fire in his direction. “N-no, you’re not...winning like this,” he muttered and threw another spell to make you go flying backwards. But then, a sliver of an arrow flew passed your head. It was Rook.
“Rook, stay out of this! It’s dangerous!” Vil shouted, trying to get up but falling back, his ribcage hurt so badly. “Non, I think you should fall back,” Rook countered, taking out another arrow. “I have an idea on how to take the creature holding y/n hostage,” Rook continued. He aimed, something was on the arrow but Vil wasn’t sure what.
The arrow was wrapped in what looked like a silver necklace, perhaps a charm that could counter this “Chernabog” that was possessing you? Before Vil could ask Rook what he was doing, he shot and nearly aimed at your heart.
The smoke suddenly flew up, shouting in pain and trying to charge at them, but a few inches away from Vil he stopped and fell. The smoke disappeared. You, on the other hand, fell over. “Good, I thought that the Yen Sid charm I got would work,” Rook shrugged. “The what?” Vil asked, and Rook looked over at the dorm leader. “Ah, it was a legend that Yen Sid fended off Chernabog in the past, who knows though, I thought it was just a tale.”
Vil, with the help of Rook, helped you get to the infirmary as fast as possible. Vil himself however was placed in a hospital bed alongside you. He couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning in his bed and wondering if you were okay behind the separation curtain. Thankfully, the next day, you woke up and looked alright, Vil broke into tears as he hugged you, a rare sight for everyone including you. He didn’t say why you were here, but he just kissed you on the head and said he was happy you were alright.
“Come back you wannabe y/n!” he shouted, and that caused the smoke figure hovering over you to cause your legs to stop. It looked back. Idia had been shouting at it all kinds of insults that he had learned from the lobbies of all the games he had played. Thankfully, it seemed to have worked since you weren’t going after Overblots.
“You want to fight? Let’s see how strong you are then,” your voice was distorted, but the magic building up was nothing to make fun of. Idia readied himself for the fight. He wasn’t the best at magic, but his technology skills were unmatched. With that, he decided to find a way to teleport you, perhaps you would do badly in the sun?
While he was fumbling with some magical device, he kept defending himself from your attacks. He hid behind multiple building parts, sometimes behind trees. He sometimes tried to hit you with simple magic, but it did nothing but make you stronger, so he stopped that. Finally, after some tweaking on the watch he had brought with him to the fight, it was ready to send you somewhere else.
“Follow me,” Idia glared at the demon, and right when it was charging, he opened up a portal and the two (three?) of you fell into a different location. You were all at what looked like Leona’s hometown, far more sunny than what Idia was used to. But this was good, as clearly you didn’t like the sun. You began to scream, shout profanities and the smoke burned up and turned to ashes.
With that, you fainted, you fell to the ground but Idia ran to catch you. He held you in his arms, stuttering if you were okay. With that, he teleported the two of you to the infirmary of the school and tried to explain what happened to the nurse. “Wellsoademonshowedupandpossessedy/nbutitwasn’tgoodwiththesunandthankfullyitdidn’tfindanyoftheotheroverblotedstudentsorharmanyoneandI’mjustscaredthaty/nwon’tbealrightand-“ “Okay just take a long rest,” the nurse stopped him.
Idia couldn’t sleep, he kept sitting next to you, he wasn’t even able to watch an anime on his phone because of how worried he was. When you finally woke up the next day, he breathed a sigh of relief and hugged you, telling you welcome back. “From what? What happened?” you asked him. But Idia didn’t say anything, he just said that he’s glad you’re safe. When you two return to Idia’s room, you two snuggle under blankets and play Animal Crossing.
Malleus wasn’t confident in his magic, but then again, he was skilled enough that he could match against Chernabog. He was fighting against you, no, the smoke behind you was the target. As he shot lightning at the smoke, he kept being hit with different kinds of magic.
Thankfully, Lilia appeared on the scene, shouting at Malleus if he was alright. “So, it is real,” Lilia looked over at you and up at Chernabog, who was grinning at the two students. Lilia took out his magic pen, and began to help Malleus in defense.
“What would be a weakness of Chernabog, I’m not sure if it was in the scrolls that we read,” Malleus asked Lilia, shooting a counter attack at your fireball. Lilia didn’t respond for a bit, before he said two words. “Bell chimes.” With that, he quickly looked out the window and at the tower that held the bells. It was far, but perhaps you could be led towards it safely?
“I’ll fly there, Lilia I’ll need your help as well,” Malleus told Lilia and began to run out of the woods and towards the school. He then was able to fly upwards, looking behind him and seeing you do the same. Things were going in plan, and when Malleus got close enough to the tower to hit it with his lightning spell, he used as much magic as he had to cause the bells to chime three times. You halted in the air, the smoke suddenly freezing up and writhing as the bells chimed. The lightning caused a flash across campus, causing everyone to wake up. But more importantly, it was causing Chernabog to scream, curse at Malleus, and finally leave your body.
Lilia caught you as he was behind Malleus and Chernabog, then the two Diasomnia students ran to the infirmary. The two asked the nurse if you would be alright, and they had told them that you would be okay. “But I’m so confused, what happened?” the nurse asked, but the two didn’t say anything. Malleus didn’t leave your side, and it looked like he could overblot in any minute because of how concerned he was about your health. Lilia left to inform Sebek and Silver what happened, saying he would come to visit you and Malleus in the morning.
Thankfully, you woke up the next day, saying you felt like you blacked out. Malleus sighed a breath of relief, and for the first time, you saw him shed a few tears. “Ah, don’t worry about me, my love, I’m just glad you’re alright,” he explained, brushing some hair strands out of your face. He didn’t tell you exactly what happened, but maybe he will later on. For now, he just enjoyed your company, holding your hand as you rested in the hospital bed.
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tezret · 2 months ago
How An Actual Healthy Relationship Is
You/Reader, finally getting invited to a dorm leader meeting: I made Azul scream last night
Leona: What the fuck
You/Reader: screamed real loud
Vil: What the FUCK
You/Reader: bet no one's made him scream like I did
Idia, pissed: [Name], please, we really don't need to know
Azul, who absolutely did not appreciate being pulled off his bed by his feet at 3 am after watching Paranormal Activity alone with the lights off in order to win a bet against you, which in hindsight was probably just the first part of a very elaborate, mean joke: THEY REALLY DON'T NEED TO KNOW
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amorisqasayid · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ the twst boys as campus crushes has been keeping me up at night. i'll come at you with my hcs of this each day or so for a different dorm. my victims today are OCTAVINELLE 
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ gender neutral reader
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ warnings ,, mentions of making out in azul’s, fungi mentions in jade’s. fluff <33
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ been a minute since i posted anything so here we get another installation of campus crushing <33 and with the fish mafia too
Tumblr media
you can’t tell me that…
azul isn’t that smartass that you sit next to in economics. it got to a point where you were more than sure he had to have been a computer. at least he’s pretty to look at, not that you’d ever admit it aloud. he’s actually had his eye on you since that one time you let him borrow a dark blue ballpoint pen since he forget his. your so kind, and smart, and beautiful—and your conveniently in need of help in economics. so, he makes this elaborate plan to get you to study with him and eventually you give in. the study, not-a-date, is going well until you and azul finally catch each other in a stare off. neither of you were sneaky enough to keep the other from noticing each other’s wandering gaze. part of you wanted to shut the books and leap over the dining table to make-out with him. how would he react had your lips pressed his own? you were about to speak, but instead, azul spoke. “ i don’t think either of us are particularly interested in studying any longer. we should do something else, ”
you can’t tell me that…
floyd isn’t that hot guy on the basketball team who is constantly bothering you, his friend from high school, to become team manager. it would be easier just to agree at this point. he’s always talking about how the extracurricular points would look good on your resume, even though he quite frankly doesn’t know the first thing about resumes, nor does he care for them at all. he just wants to spend even more time with you. your differing majors and paths ended up pulling you both apart slowly and he wanted to stop that somehow. so, after days and days of bother you, and buying your lunches, you finally caved and became the team manager. surprisingly enough, you ended up having a lot of fun, and you got even closer to floyd. close enough to say you were head over heels for him. you didn’t blame yourself, though. you couldn’t, not when each big game he pointed at you and called you his lucky charm. “ this one’s for you ! “
you can’t tell me that…
jade isn’t that mysterious guy in your nature studies class. he always looks so enthralled with the plants around him, his eyes never seeming to drift off and his heart completely in it. you once worked on a project with him and figured out that he was organized as he was passionate. all it took was one joke about shiitake mushrooms being avid gossipers, and he was in love with you. he even began meeting you in the hall, escorting you to your classes while he went on and on about his love for fungi. he was still enigmatic, and there was still way more you needed to learn about him before you’d be completely comfortable in his presence, but his endearing love for mushrooms felt so innocent that had he wanted to trap you, you would have walked straight into it. it was hard not to fall. jade was beautiful as he was charming, and you couldn’t resist his voice when he said, “ let’s go on a little camping trip. just the two of us and the sky above. “
Tumblr media
tags ,,, @ghost-hyacinth @yakoko @pandoa @idiaia​ @sleepybunboo @mlk082​
dm me or send an ask if you’d like to be on it as well !
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mlk082 · 2 months ago
could i request reader asking Azul, Ruggie, Leona, Deuce, Malleus, Riddle and Ortho (plantonic for him) the question "how are you so cute?" outta nowhere? please?
"How are you so cute?" Azul, Ruggie, Leona, Deuce, Malleus, Riddle, Ortho (platonic)
Oh, uh, thank you.
Starts twirling the pen in his hand.
"Am I?"
Adjusts his glasses, straightens out the papers, clears his throat.
His cheeks are pinking up, and he has a small smile.
"It's natural."
"You think I'm cute, huh?"
Is cheeky about it.
Tries to get things from you by using his cuteness.
Is somewhat offended, but doesn't care about your opinion
"Go away"
Gets in your space to make you flustered
"Am I still cute?"
Scratches the back of his head and thanks you for the compliment.
"You're cute too"
"Do you want to walk to class with me, then?"
Is happy and smiley because 'cute' isn't something delinquents get called, so he thinks he's leaving that reputation behind.
Raises an eyebrow
"I'm cute?"
Malleus is confused at your compliment.
Everyone is intimidated and scared of him, and you're calling him cute?
Is also amused by it, and just lets you call him cute.
You better not be calling him cute because he's short.
Blushes at your comment
Doesn't have words
"Th-Thank you."
Ortho: (Platonic)
"Well, Brother probably made me that way!"
Thanks you for the compliment
Starts talking about Idia's designs and how he's amazing.
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twistfantasies · 3 months ago
I loved the "sleeping with a plushie" fic!!!! Could I request a part 2 with Vil, Trey, Lilia, Azul, and Kalim?
A/N: Awwww yea we gotta part 2 here. I have a few other requests in the box asking for more of this prompt, and so we'll be seeing more in the future (some characters overlap and i'll just put links). Not gonna lie, did not expect the first part to blow up like it did. Hopefully I can recreate that heart-throbbin' magic y'all loved once again! I'm putting Vil in part 3 since he's an overlapping request, and I like to keep things at a 4 character limit!
Prompt: They see you sleeping with a plushie! Characters: Lilia Vanrouge, Trey Clover, Azul Ashengrotto, and Kalim Al-Asim Warnings: None! Very long. I need to stop going on tangents Part (2/?): Previous Next
Trey Clover
Not to boast, but it's Trey's "thing," to be the level headed one of his dorm. The Queen's right hand.
The saint sent from above to protect all under the dictatorship
The one who carries blessings of goodwill in the form of sweet delights and cares for all his underclassmen
Heartslabyul's beloved "big brother" that all students look up to and see as a beacon of peace
....pfffft. Quite the "reputation" he has, if one could even call it that. You don't, that's for sure. Not after watching him get kicks from his little pranks, or strategically avoiding any conflict unless (1) it's absolutely necessary, or (2) he can benefit from it
Sure, the man has a good heart and takes no joy from other people's sadness. He is the definition of 'neutral good,' but by the seven do the students of NRC put him on a pedestal.
Maybe it's because he's spent so long next to Riddle? Perhaps when compared to him, Trey's way of neutralizing the atmosphere has amplified his 'saintly-ness'? Whatever it is, you never bought into it. He was just a man who couldn't say 'no,' because he dislikes confrontation.
In fact, you often found his life a comedy show. Trey was like a dog-walker being dragged in different directions by multiple leashes. He just wanted to be left alone to his own devices, yet there was always someone looking for him. Requests upon requests, tasks after tasks; all looking to this supposed angel that has no desire to fly. You would watch from the sidelines, and eventually Trey caught on to this onlooker of his misery
In the beginning Trey thought your involvement was coincidental. Being friends with the majority of his dorm is likely why you are always around, right?
Wrongoooo. All assumptions of you being his 'innocent bystander,' crumbled when heinous cackling seemed to follow in his wake. He made the mistake of acknowledging you when the Ace/Deuce duo had somehow blown up the kitchen and were begging for his help. Silent signals screamed "please get me out of this," as he stared you down in the distance. And what did you do??
Just gave him a thumbs up, mouthing the words 'give me a good show' with a cheeky grin
That day, Trey discovered why you truly stuck around. Not for his dorm-mates, not for your friends, or in search of a favor. You came for him, because your sick kicks came from watching someone other than yourself get tossed around like a rag doll
In a way, Trey's role in Heartslabyul is the closest any student will experience to the life you lead at NRC.
Trey doesn't kick you out or tell you off. That's unnecessary since you're not hurting anyone (except his pride, just a tad). He leaves you be, but don't expect to always get off easy. Oh no, he can play the game too. He'll subtly volunteer you to lend a hand when he is 'unavailable,' and slip teasing notes into your hands when passing. Playful glares sent across the room, harmless pranks in your tea-time snacks, levitating the chair you're in to kick you off, selling you out when the troublemaker freshmen want to have fun...Trey plays the game well, letting you get the blunt end of his more mischievous side. The one only his close friends have picked up on
Although now he's reached an impasse, where one side wants to perform the ultimate prank and another wants something more akin to a hidden desire. The day had been odd, with you not appearing once around his dorm after classes. By this time there would normally be some trouble brewing or you'd surprise him with a prank of your own. Keeping him 'on his toes,' as you'd often say
Yet there had been no sight of you. Not a trace of your presence anywhere in sight. A very rare scenario, one even more oblivious Heartslabyul students noted. Instead of favors Trey had to deal with questions of your whereabouts, each making his heart squeeze a bit tighter than before. Something wasn't sitting right.
It's near curfew when he gives in, slipping on a light jacket over his pajamas and beginning to make rounds around his dorm. "Seven's forbid if this is another one of your jokes...just you wait," he grumbled and flicked on a flashlight. If you were not here then he would turn in and use a pastry delivery as an excuse to stop by your dorm. A tampered pastry as penance for worrying him, of course.
Trey walks the length of his dorm halls twice, checking corners and spaces you could hide in. Only when the clock chimes again does he exhale in defeat and begin the walk back to his room. He enters, turns off his light, and right before he climbs into bed is when he sees it.
A small opening of his closet door, and poking out is a familiar shoe.
"Are you serious? Please don't tell me..."
Trey eases himself towards the door to peer inside, and when his assumptions are confirmed he pushes the door open in full. There you were, on the floor of his closet and dead asleep. Trey can't even begin to wonder how you got in or how long you had been sitting in there. The box of markers and stickers on the floor give him an uneasy feeling, as if he was very close to getting an overnight makeover if you hadn't fallen asleep
He crouches down with a sigh, moving to shake you awake when he sees something that makes his breath halt. Disregarding the nest you've made in his clothes, your hands had his little sibling's stuffed dinosaur in a death grip. They had given it to Trey as a parting gift. He treasures it of course, but plushies aren't really his thing so it was stored away for safe keeping
You appeared so calm. A complete contrast to the menace he's grown fond of. He reaches a hand out to adjust your head to a more comfortable position, and lingers for a moment when your breath fans his skin. Trey pulls back slowly, smiling softly and admiring his work.
He eyes the markers on the floor once again and gets an idea. There's no way he can sleep soundly with you here, so as recompence you will soon be walking around with his trademark clover drawn onto your face
In permanent ink
Lilia Vanrouge
"Is not there a saying humans have about my kind? Fufufu, to 'have ears like a bat,' yes?"
Lilia knew about you long before you even thought of approaching him. Do you remember that fateful day in the cafeteria, in which he picked up on your table's idle gossip about his dorm? He had indirectly chided you all for nosiness and not being forthright.
What a hypocrite, considering he has been snooping in your personal buisness since the day you arrived. He hears everything, sees everything, and most definetly knows everything. His wisdom is well beyond the years of the children at NRC, and he knows an omen of chaos when he sees it
You. You are the omen of chaos. A being from another world with ideas unlike the people surrounding him. He's seen many things, but interdimensional travel is new. To say you had piqued his curiosity is an understatement
and chaos did you bring. Everywhere the Ramshackle's prefect went, drama followed. You have this pull that makes others gravitate towards you. They resist at first, treat you poorly, and eventually something cuts the hanging thread and you've solved problems that have brooded for years. You unknowingly create disarray, which unfolds into peace. Lilia has never seen such quick handywork.
"The mirror makes no mistakes. Rid your eyes of rose and see for yourself," he had said to Sebeck one evening. The child disliked how often his master disappeared to visit you in the night. You were a bad influence in the eyes of many. A non-mag with the headmaster's favor, who sends unsuspecting students into over blot. You were the scapegoat to blame for all the destruction, and needed to be sent home.
Sebeck could not understand why Lilia trusted you so much. Lilia trusts few despite his relaxed demeanor, yet you've earned it so quickly. How can the vampire feel secure in letting Malleus visit you day after day, or letting his son laze around your dorm during downtime. There were times when Sebeck himself faltering and buying into your charms, before snapping back to reality. Time and time again he's attempted to convince his masters of your dangerousness, only to be brushed off and told to look at you more closely
"It seems you need a little push. How about a story?" Lilia relents, albeit amused at his pupil's desperate attempts to both resist your pull and protect others from what isn't a threat.
When you had first been brought to Twisted Wonderland, Lilia noticed your shine instantly. Your aura was unlike any other in the room. He watched you appear in the ceremonial robes, utterly confused and clutching your arms protectively around your chest. A mouse in a room full of snakes.
For a time, he left you alone under the assumption that Crowley would send you back to your world. When that failed? He bided his time, watching you and learning. An enigma with no records to go off of, so all he could do was observe and make mental notes
During this time he felt a one-sided fondness begin to grow. He never had roses to blind him from the start, but your pull was infectious and disarming. He allowed himself to settle and let you act freely
At least until Malleus took an interest. Like Sebeck, Lilia was wary of the bond you both were forming, despite how you are seemingly unaware of who Malleus is. No one else would dare call him something like 'hornton'. With no other options and Diasomnia's recent involvement with the Savanaclaw over blot incident, Lilia resorted to some underhanded work.
He snuck into your dormitory during the night in hopes to find information. An identification card, diary, passbook, cell phone- basically anything he could use to learn more about your predicament. He started in the living area, bypassing the ghost trio and moving across all surfaces without a sound. Finding nothing, he made his way to the study area. Again. Nothing. Ramshackle was by no means large, and eventually his search lead to the only room with dim light coming from inside. Your bedroom.
He went in, sticking to the shadows and avoiding the illumination of the fireplace. He notes how most of the room looks inhabited, with nothing sticking out aside from a small book on the end table next to the bed.
Lilia picks it up gently, and opens to skim the contents. In doing so he catches a peek of your sleeping form under the covers. Grimm lays on the other side of the bed, snoring away in the light of the fire. You face away towards the darkness, curled into a ball around a small plush he has never seen before.
No, that's not quite right. You carried that with you on the day of the ceremony. The only thing that seemed to cross dimensions at your side...
He'll have to ask more about it, and you. Though perhaps it may be the key to getting on your side.
Lilia looks down at the book in his hands, before putting it back unopened and in its origional place. He crouches down with a furrow in his brow, and pushes down the plush in your arms to uncover some of your face. Upon closer inspection, he sees dried trails of tears on your cheeks and dark circles underneath your eyes. His fingers trace them gently, and he wipes the water stains clean.
"Ah. I had nothing to worry about it seems," he whispers, removing one of his gloves to pat your head soothingly
Lilia ends his story, with a soft look in his eye as if he's looking through Sebeck and not at him. The man in question appears more confused than before, with his master's story only being another riddle to sort through. He fails to recognize the true meaning behind it, but understanding Lilia has never been easy.
Azul Ashengrotto
Okay, Azul prides himself in his quick thinking but this may have been overkill. Blessings come in dangerous packages.
Let's rewind a bit so the above line makes sense.
You see, Azul is an ocean dweller. He only recently got used to his land-legs, and do not even mention how flight lessons are going. He will not answer and your existence will be ignored for the rest of the day.
No, he is not being immature. He simply chooses where to place his efforts wisely and that conversation is not on his list.
With that said, you can discuss with him the plans you have set for the long weekend. He would be absolutely delighted to hear what you'll be doing and he can thwart
You see, he has been looking for the chance to take you to his mother's restaurant and show you around the ocean. Just some friendly bonding, y'know? He's not quite comfortable going in his oct-form with you just yet, but mayhap you'd like to peruse may of the shops in his hometown. You could go to dinner, admire the scenery, he could confess his love for you, you can study for next week's exam, and the trip could just be perfect if you'll only cancel your current plans!
Yet, you seem to be dodging the topic.
"You know prefect, it almost seems like you don't want me to know how you'll be spending the weekend. Should I be concerned?" he pretends to appear suspicious, but actually feels hurt by your secrecy.
Azul will admit to removing some disruptions from your time together in the past. He may have been planning to do the same in this case; but still, outch. You don't have to put it so bluntly.
In any case, the last thing Azul expected you to say is that you'll be camping. He remembers how you proposed the "team-building," excursion to Crowley last week. An attempt to get students from different dorms to develop better relationships
The idea was vetoed by the council instantly. None of the dorm leaders wanted to go the extra mile aside from yourself. The only one not to vote was Malleus, who wasn't present like usual.
Azul personally could see the social benefit of a camping trip since it could double as recruiting for his dorm; however, he was already plotting this spontaneous weekend with you.
He berates himself for taking too long and for discounting Malleus' vote. It seems that after the initial denial, you had gone to the fae with your idea in hopes of getting Crowley to still allow the trip. It would simply be more informal, with you leading the event.
Needless to say, with Diasomnia seconding your idea it was a hit. In just a week you had advertised, planned, and gathered students from multiple dorms to go camping for two nights.
Azul is stumped and slightly proud. You look so pleased with your efforts and genuinely excited to see the event through. He has no idea how all this went on under his nose this entire week (*cough*lovesickfool*cough*), but he feels his heart shrivel along with his plan to spend the weekend with you
Well, when in Rome do as the romans do
"Do you have room for three more?"
Alrighty. Azul has never been camping, let alone spent the night outside while on the surface. But there is a first for everything and he is determined to get your attention this weekend.
Naturally he drags the tweels along, no questions asked. Jade is pleased since this is a chance for mushroom foraging, and Floyd is looking forward to messing with the other students during the night. Azul packs all his "necessities," literally dragging multiple suitcases of junk because he spent the entire night reading about camping and the possible dangers
He is not getting ripped to shreds by a bear, or hypothermia from not having enough blankets, or mosquito bites. He brings multiple cans of bug repellant and sunscreen. Fuck mosquitos, the remind him too much of the fanged fae but tinier
Needless to say, Azul brings many things. Enough to make you wheeze and truly see the paranoia hidden beneath those gills of his
He brings so much, that he forgets to bring a tent. Ironic, isn't it?
This makes you laugh even harder. He tries to hide it and send one of the tweels back to fetch it, but forgets that they're mischievous twats
"Oi Shrimpyyy~ Azul forgot his tent, can he share with you?"
He was going to kill Floyd and eat him for supper. If he was in his true form there would be ink everywhere, but Floyd can choke on it. He can choke and then he can-
"Oh? Sure! Go ahead and put your stuff in my tent Azu" - can go enjoy as many of Azul's snacks as he wants. Oh Floyd, he has always been Azul's favorite of the twins. Always so unpredictable and lively.
Azul practically floats over to your tent and sets his stuff inside. He tries to appear indifferent, maybe a bit reluctant out of respect for you. He isn't fooling no one with that doe-struck expression. He is a 'happy camper'
Night rolls around, and as everyone settles in for the night so do the two of you. Only when he's in his pajamas, inside the tent and in his sleeping bag does it hit him
He's about to spend the night outside, with you less than five feet away, and oh seven why did he pack the cheap pajamas? You're going to see his bedhead in the morning and-
oh crap
He was so lost in his thoughts that Azul missed you say goodnight. He's already mentally slapping himself for that, but what's worse is the way you're sleeping
You...you have an octopus. A fluffy, soft, cuddly octopus that you're using as a pillow.
"A-ah...ah..aHH," the man is shaking and biting on his fist to not scream and wake you up.
No way in hell this was pre-planned. Yes he would be flattered if you got that knowing he would be here but the thing is that you expected to sleep alone. That is yours and who knows how long you've been sleeping with it
He can't do this. These emotions. You have to be screwing with him he just-
Don't you want to hold a real octopus instead?
Kalim Al-Asim
The gods were punishing him. He did something bad and they were coming. Kalim doesn't know when, where, what, why, how- but he's got the bad tingles and that means karma is going to knock right up at his door
Oasis? C-can an oasis change the tide? hehe (click link. skip to 4:00)
Everyone calls him silly, but when the literal embodiment of sunshine tells you that something bad is about to happen then SOMETHING BAD IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN PEOPLE
Ahem. In short. Kalim is on edge, and by default so are you. He's not spewing prophecies or anything and he definetly does not want to cause you any distress. However, he has been unnaturally clingy.
Which is saying something, because as one of your closest friends Kalim already spent nearly every hour of his free time at your side. Now he wants more, making sure that you have an escort everywhere
"Not to worry! It's just a few more hours of fun time, right?" he says when you note his anxious fretting. If he has such a bad feeling then why not go somewhere safer than following you?
You don't say this to push off his worries, but because you believe them and want him to feel safe
No what you don't know, is that Kalim's bad feelings never involve himself. They're normally about things like the weather, finances, or people. Gut feelings, the ones where you just know
and his gut feeling is like a compass, pointing straight at you
You can argue that trouble seems to follow you everywhere. You're the notorious prefect that everyone seems to hate and love at the same time, y'know? Battling over blots and slaying bad cafeteria food on the daily
This is different for Kalim. You are different for Kalim.
He's a klutz who relies on Jamil for nearly everything, but he's reliable. He never wants to see you upset or fearful if he can help it. He wants you happy! So if he can stop something, even if it's just this once, he's going to y'know?
"Are you sure? I can come watch! We can have dinner together too and go swimming- or anything really" he said in a rush. You had an important exam for flight lessons that was during his alchemy lesson. He can always may up his coursework but you-
want him to go to class. Okay, but be safe alright? Wear your gear and come find him after class
He should not have left you, or at least asked someone else to watch out on your behalf. Kalim's classroom was situated to overlook the practice fields, and from the window he was able to see your class go out for exams. You appeared confident at your turn, making him giggle at your 'I'm so serious hohoho look at me' façade. He put his beakers down despite his partner's whining, and watched as you soared up into the air on your broom and fly the exam course
only for his heart to drop when a spelldrive disk hits your back and sends you falling into the trees
At some point his lab partner joined to watch, and cringed when the disk made impact. Next thing Kalim knew, he was running out of the room with his professor yelling after him
and now? He's sitting in the nurse's office and holding your hand. The fall knocked you unconscious, but you managed to get away with only a couple bruises and a sprained wrist. The largest bandage being around your torso where the disk hit.
It's weird. This is clearly what the ominous feeling ws warning him about, yet Kalim feels worse now than he did before. It's an empty feeling, where all he can do is keep changing the wet rag on your head and waiting for you to get up.
Someone knocks on the door, and when Kalim tears his eyes from you there's Jamil standing in the doorway with soured eyes and a backpack. If anyone believed Kalim's 'fortune stomach,' it was Jamil.
"Did you bring it?" Kalim take the bag, and opens it to see a plush elephant. He had given it to you as a present when you first became friends, and he always sees it on your bed.
You once said that it reminds you of him. That elephants are smart, goofy, caring, and adorable. The last compliment rang in his hears longer than the others, but he was happy a gift he picked with love had reached you.
For the first time since you fell, he grins and places it under your non-injured arm. as if knowing it's there, you pull it closer to your chest.
"No matter the situation, you're the cutest in the world," he says, adjusting the elephant so that he can hold your hand again, "don't tell any of my siblings I said that, okay?"
He gives your hand a squeeze, staring at your interlocked fingers and smiling to himself.
"I won't leave. Not ever again. Just you wait, we're going to have so much fun when you wake up, and forever beyond"
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lk2222 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Malleus's overblot will wipe the NRC out of existence...
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chocodollxren · 4 months ago
𓄹 ❥𝘈 𝘚𝘱𝘦𝘤𝘪𝘢𝘭 𝘏𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘚𝘤𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘯❦ 𝘢𝘭𝘭. ,,
summary: you go to hand them their phone but it’s unlocked! and you notice it’s a picture of you! except…? no tws, gn reader, established relationship. paternal figure staff.
Tumblr media
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ a fullbody picture of you doing something; ❞ they set you doing something such as petting a fluffy animal, reading a book, talking to a friend and happily smiling, or other from afar as their phone lock screen because they thought you were perfect at the time
RIDDLE, trey, jack, JADE, rook, idia, SILVER, crewel.
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ a picture you posed for; ❞ they either asked you to pose for them, you asked them to take it for you, or it was such a great picture on magicam he made it his lock screen
ace, jamil, VIL, malleus, sebek
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ the two of you together; ❞ they have the two of you or a group photo as their lock screen, with you and him standing next to each other
cater, RUGGIE, azul, kalim, EPEL, vargas, ghosts
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ the most unflattering picture of you ever; ❞ they took the ugliest, blurriest, most unphotogenic picture of you someone could ever take and set that as their lock screen. they might know how to take photos, but prefers this, or they clearly don’t.
DEUCE, leona, floyd, LILIA, trein, sam
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ lost their phone privileges or no phone; ❞ they are on thin ice and got their phone taken away until further notice by Trein or have no phone
ortho, crowley, GRIM
Tumblr media
some filler content. next is third years gyokuro, then an Azul kuding, then a Savanaclaw gyokuro, followed by a funmatsucha-gyokuro Vil/Leona blend for requests! there will be filler content in between ^^. the event post prompts have already been decided and written! <33 gotta go edit some pictures for that. also got to finish my yuma, ellac, and hasa models.
i’d like to think the unflattering photo is like a low budget haikyuu shot during s4. just you with the tiniest pixels and zero though put in the photo.
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ladyorchidia · 3 months ago
I wonder how headcanons of Azul, Jamil, and Malleus would look like with a fem!mc who is a sea serpent that can switch between human and dragon form?
Sounds great ! I hope you enjoy these head canons, have a great day and stay safe.
Pairing(s) : jamil x reader, malleus x reader, azul x reader
Warning(s) : cussing, and a lot of it. Some crack here and there but not my best shots to be quite frank with you I think this is my worst post so far and I'll do my best to improve and update it. Also I hate the knew banners I put for my characters so I'll go and fix it.
Azul, Jamil and Malleus reacting to a sea serpent F!mc
Tumblr media
Well he surely wasn't expecting this.
You don't possess magic but you can transform into a 32 foot sea snake....Doesn't that count as magic-
You luckily aren't a threat to him and he isn't one to you. Well...Not anymore at least. I head canon that when people overblot their mind is taken over by all the negative thoughts (meaning their in a way controlled) yet their body still shows signs of certain emotions such as trembling when afraid.
So when he noticed your enormous dragon head poking from the open walls of Scarabia, He was shaking to death.
Just turning into a jack hammer like :
Kalim : "am I the only one who finds it weird that Jamil is vibrating right now ?"
Floyd : "who cares ! it's fucking hilarious, hey shrimpy roar."
Now overblot Jamil went through the ceiling after hearing that ear drum breaking sound.
Azul : "....Is he dead ?"
Jade : "Most likely but I don't think so because he just slammed back down."
Tumblr media
"I-I have nothing besides the fact that you just scared me shitless" Great. know he's constipated.
You are fucking GINORMOUS and big is a HUGE underestimation.
Don't try to eat him. don't try to eat him name, don't- Aaand you just did.
Spit him out. wha- No that won't insult him ! you're eating the guy alive and liking octopus as a meal isn't a FUCKING COMPLIMENT.
azul is impressed, horrified and offended.
Don't look at me with those 'I told you' eyes, eating a very much alive being won't flatter them YOU LITTLE-
The man is scared but he's also impressed with your power, being able to transform into a gigantic monster as its perks.
When people mess with you the respect is quickly gained with one transformation and demonstration of your capabilities.
Besides the fact that you can cause so much fucking damage.
god damn it mc.
Tumblr media
you both are so fucking adorable, I just imagine the both of you taking a nap in your dragon forms just cuddled up together.
A bit like this :
Tumblr media
pretend being a sea snake in dragon form, IT'S SO FUCKING ADORABLE.
but now that NRC knows about you two and your true forms, I pray not for Crowley and his "stress".
chew. him. out.
yes, I know you said no cause he tasted like shit but deal with it. I ain't helping, more like I can't cause he's in your stomach and- Wait a minute.
Did you just eat him alive ?!
I said chew not swallow !
sigh...Malleus ?
But besides the fact that Crowley now resides in your digestion, you and malleus are good for marriage.
Two dragons ruling over a kingdom of faes, if anyone says that you lack knowledge in magic they got another thing coming.
What is surprising is that you come from the waters while he lives in the sky and dry lands. It reminds me of the little mermaid who wishes to meet the guy she saw once, and as a mermaid Ariel has to stay in water meanwhile her love at first sight cliché stays on dry land.
There was a small French story as well which can only be found in a children's book that I used to read as a kid.
It's between a dragon who belongs in the water and the female one who is the rainbow dragon who paints the colors of the sky.
Should I make a fic about this ? I don't know.
Just two adorable dragon lovers and-
Mc swallow Crowley back I do not want to see him.
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed and I'm sorry for not being active today much often.
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dollxmania · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
tw: blood/injury for floyd, mildly suggestive, ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ gn reader with octavinelle. established relationship. not proofread.
Tumblr media
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎no context, only wanted to write about them in their seaforms. please feel free to imagine a scenario before/after the snippet.
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ❝ 𝐎𝐂𝐓𝐀𝐕𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐄. ❞
Tumblr media
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ the foreign sensation of cold and slimy tentacles was a weird experience at first to say the least, but not an unwelcome one. smiling encouraging at him, you urged your boyfriend to continue, tentacles embracing you gently as though you’d break under his grasp, which you would have to admit, you may from the sheer size and strength he had right now. “where’d my confident businessboy go?” you teased, wrapping the tentacle shyly tugging at you around your waist, taking another in your hand as you pressed it a small kiss, holding it against your heart. “I’m really not afraid or disgusted Azul. i love you, regardless of how you look.” you could see red dusting across his cheeks to his ears, easily flustered as ever when you were alone. looking to the side, you shook your head at him and leaned over, peppering kisses up his jaw and to his lips, nibbling down and exploring his mouth.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “it’s so pretty,” you hummed, holding out your hand as he kissed your ring finger, lightly tickling it as he placed the piece of jewelry on. “did you make this?” you questioned, raising your hand up and looking at the seashell in the middle. pulling you flush against him, his tail wrapped around your waist as his hand tilted your head to look at him rather than the ring. “i did,” his face drew closer to your’s as the two of you closed your eyes, meeting in a passionate kiss, tongues swirling around and little whimpers. even a waterbreathing potion were useless if he were going to knock the breath out of you anyways like this. parting, you panted and looked up at him, grinning while wrapping your arms around his neck. “could i take this as a proposal?” you joked. instead you found another encouraging squeeze around your body with his hot breath hitting your ear in a whisper, “of course, when do you want the wedding?”
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ tongue trailing along your thigh his fingers dug into your hips, nails almost causing you to bleed, it would definitely leave a bruise. humming, he pulled away happily, wiping off the blood off his lips. “haah~♡ shrimpy, try not to be so stupid again, alright?” laughing, the eel was once again submerged in the water as you cursed at him, staring at your knee. the audacity he had to say that after being the one to bring you near jagged rocks under the water. “Floyd,” you hissed as he nipped at your ankle dangling in the water, giggling to himself. massaging your temples with your free hand you kick upwards in the water, only to feel yourself dragged in from down under, holding your breath as Floyd towered you, nose red with an annoyed expression. “you’re really playful today, aren’t you, shrimpy?” struggling to hold your breath you barely manage to see his sharp teeth as he held onto your injured leg, tail coiling around you while he went in to ‘give’ you air.
Tumblr media
©dollXMANIA ꒱·˚ - wrote this in under thirty minutes 😘 a little treat for those stumbling upon this snippet.
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octo-hyacinth · a month ago
Pls Azul x Reader romance where they meet his mommy and she shows pics of baby Azul and Azul is a tiny baby because octos are born extremely little
thank you for the idea now its time for me to make some food >:D
Azul Ashengrotto ft. Baby Pictures!
Characters: Azul Ashengrotto Content Warnings: Fluff, meeting his mama, severe Azul teasing A/N: omg i enjoyed writing this sm help im in love
Tumblr media
You had been begging Azul to bring you to the Coral Sea for months now, and each time he stubbornly refused, saying that he was too insecure to show you his mer-form yet, he needed time to prepare, etc.
But you listed reason after reason why you wanted to go there with him, and each time you pleaded with him it just got more convincing. How could he say no to you and your sweet face, after all?
So he sucked it up, made you a bag full of underwater-breathing potions, and when you had your next school break, he took you down to the beach!
You could've spent hours down there under the sea, admiring every little detail of the swirling, vibrant ocean life around you, from the coral to the whales, there was just so much to see!
"Wow, Azul, I can't believe you live down here!" You marveled at the underwater city you passed through on your way to his house, where he said his mom and step-father resided. "Can't we just stop and look inside some of the shops or something? I dunno when I'll be able to visit again."
Azul laughed lightly at how animated you were. "Dear, as long as you're with me, you can come down here with me any time you desire."
"Aww, how sweet."
You intertwined your hand with his, and took a moment to appreciate how beautiful he was under the sea. His purplish skin was soft to the touch, and with his eight tentacles you admired how smoothly he glided through the water. His bright blue eyes stood out amongst the rest of him, and overall, he was just a beautiful sight to behold.
"You're stunning in this form, you know," you smiled softly, watching his eyes widen and a soft blue blush tint his cheeks at the sudden compliment. "I mean it."
He coughed and averted his eyes for a moment, and struggled to form words for a few moments before meeting your gaze again. "Well, I could say the same thing about you, darling," he smoothly replied, and raised your hand to press a gentle kiss to it.
"Stop it." You laughed, and lightly swatted his arm. "You're changing the subject."
"That's what I do." He smirked.
"Yeah, yeah, okay, how much longer 'til your mother's house?"
"Not much longer, dear. But she wants us home by dinnertime. She's eager to meet you, you know." He pointedly looked at you. "I'm sure she'll be all over you, fussing like she's your own mother. It's just in her nature, I suppose."
You smiled fondly at the idea. "She sounds delightful. She runs a restaurant, yeah? Then I'm sure her food will be absolutely delicious!"
When the water started to get darker from the setting sun, you finally reached the Ashengrotto residence. It was getting a bit harder to see, but you could distantly make out a figure in front of their door, waving in your direction excitedly.
"Oh dear, she's been waiting outside for us," Azul sighed. "I told her there's no point to standing outside all day for us. Get ready to say hello to my mother, Y/N."
"Can't wait." You grinned at him, and he felt his heart warm at the sight. A tiny smile broke across his face as well, one that only you could see in that moment.
And then you heard his mother's voice coming from the house.
"Oh, Zuzu, is that you, my baby??"
You heard Azul mutter a quiet "oh, dear" before Mama Ashengrotto came rushing up from the house, and seized Azul in a very tight embrace. He seemed to be struggling, just a little bit.
"Mama, I can't breathe-"
"Shh, Azul, I haven't seen you in so long, let me hug you!" She huffed.
He looked to you desperately, silently pleading you to help him, but you decided to stand there and let it happen, trying to stifle your giggles.
After a moment, he was released and heaved a big breath of air, but Mrs. Ashengrotto wasn't paying attention to that. Her attention was on you now.
"Oh goodness, who might this be? What's your name, dear?"
"Um, my name is Y/N. It's nice to meet you!"
You held out your hand for a handshake, but she completely ignored that, and trapped you in a hug, too.
"My goodness, you seem like a delightful soul, I'm sure Zuzu is very lucky to have found you!" She released you quickly, then swam behind the both of you and ushered you towards the house. "Come, come, it's almost time for dinner, you must be starving!"
Mama Ashengrotto's seafood dinner ended up being nothing short of delicious, and both you and Azul devoured every bite of what she put on your plate... despite Azul's grumbling.
"Honestly, Mother, I'm trying to keep myself on a diet, you know," he sighed.
"Oh hush, I know how you felt about yourself when you were younger, but now you're too skinny! A balance must be kept for true healthiness," she tutted.
You nodded along with her. "She's right. It's not really healthy to be starving yourself, I mean... you ate everything on that plate like it was your last meal, Zuzu." You couldn't help the grin spreading across your face as you remembered how his mother used that cute nickname earlier.
"Oh, be quiet," he snapped, flushing blue. "Can't I enjoy a meal once in a while without you harping on me and teasing me?"
"Absolutely not. It's too funny." You snickered.
"Aww, you two are just adorable! Reminds me of when I was younger," Mrs. Ashengrotto gushed. "Oh, I know what will make this night even more delightful!"
"Oh, please no," Azul muttered, shrinking into himself. "Not-"
An audible groan sounded from Azul. "Mother, I really don't think that's necessary-"
"Oh, hush boy, they're just in the other room. I'll be just a moment," she giggled.
You had to hold back your own laughs once you saw how mortified Azul looked. His face was buried in his hands, and he seemed to be actively trying to shrink and disappear. "Prefect, please, help me find the nearest pot to hide in. Those pictures are-"
"Right here!" She chirped, gliding in from the living room. "Y/N, you must see him as a little hatchling, he's absolutely adorable!" She set the book down on the kitchen counter, and brought you over to them, leaving Azul to sulk with his head hidden in his arms on the dining table.
She pointed to the first photo in the book of him, where she was holding a tiny baby Azul in the palm of her hand. “See, isn’t he just the cutest thing?” She smiled proudly.
“AWWWWWWWW, he’s so little!!” You cried, holding a hand over your mouth. “He’s like… the size of a nickel, oh my gosh!”
You continued to nearly cry at the continued cuteness overload the more his mother turned the pages of the photo album, and ignored Azul’s grumbling and groaning of please stop, and I think that’s enough, and he got really close to leaving the room out of embarrassment a few times, but there was something about hearing that you thought he was cute? And listening to that genuineness in your voice?? Even though he was a baby in those photos, it made him feel kind of nice knowing that there was someone other than his mother that thought he wasn’t disgusting or creepy or ugly with his tentacles and all. It made his heart feel warm and fluttery. And even with his head hidden, he let himself smile, just a little bit.
After what felt like an agonizing eternity to Azul, you both said your goodbyes to Mrs. Ashengrotto as you approached the door and got ready to head back home.
“It was so nice to meet you, dear,” she said after ensnaring you in a big hug once again. “Please treat Azul well, he’s a fragile boy.”
“I’m not that fragile anymore, Mother,” he huffed indignantly. “I’m doing just fine at Night Raven. I have the Mostro Lounge, my colleagues and classmates, and most importantly…” He gently grasped your hand in his. “…I have the lovely Prefect by my side.”
She smiled approvingly at him. “Aww, well I have faith that you two will support each other during your time at NRC. Take good care of each other, I have no idea when I’ll be able to serve you a home-cooked meal again!”
“Bye, Mrs. Ashengrotto, we’ll try to visit soon!” You waved at her as you and Azul set off once again.
Once you were far enough away, you smiled mischievously at Azul. “Why didn’t you tell me octopi were so little when they were born?”
“Oh, no.”
“Because you were SO TINY! I couldve placed you next to a coin and you would’ve been smaller than it. How did you not get swept away with the currents? How did you not get eaten? How-”
“Y/N, I haven’t the slightest idea.”
“Okay, okay, I’ll stop.” You laughed. “But I hope you know I think you were incredibly adorable as a baby.”
Azul felt his cheeks heat up. “Yes, I believe I gathered as much.”
“And you grew up to be incredibly beautiful.”
“I- that’s enough, I understand.” He was struggling to keep a straight face without turning away from you.
“Do you really, though? Maybe I should go on and really explain-”
Needless to say, you had a very enjoyable journey back home.
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wolken-himmel · a month ago
In which (Y/n) punishes Azul with the silent treatment after he roped Ace and Deuce into a contract.
Of course, Azul won't let that sit with him and hangs (Y/n) above a shark tank.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
"Talk to me, or I'll feed you to the sharks."
You were currently hovering above a water tank that about three large sharks called their home. The predators swam in a neat circle beneath you, their upper fins peeking out from beneath the crystal-clear surface. And the only thing preventing you from falling right into their middle was the rope wrapped around your body and arms, preventing you from most movement. Right in front of you, the feared Octavinelle trio gazed at you intently, everything else within the closed off Mostro Lounge fading into darkness.
How it had come to this?
Oh yeah— you had ignored any of Azul's attempts to speak or interact with you after he had upset you by making your friends sign a shady contract. The silent treatment was harsh but effective, so much that Azul had been driven to such drastic measures such as tying you up above a shark tank to make you talk to him again.
But it wasn't working, much to his dismay.
"So you're really gonna play coy with me, prefect?" Azul grumbled under his breath and let the rope in his hand slip through his palm a little bit, causing you to dip a little bit deeper towards the surface.
Despite your little flinch, you still wouldn't let a single word escape your lips.
"Wow, Shrimpy is so brave! Those other guppies would have fainted by now already," Floyd exclaimed and clapped his hands together. "That's why playing with you is always so much fun, Shrimpy."
Unlike Floyd, Azul didn't look happy at all by your defiance, and merely furrowed his eyebrows in desperation. "Come on. I told you I'm sorry! But you still ignore all these presents and cards I sent you." His grip on the rope tightened, so much that his hand began shaking in frustration. "What more can I do? If sincerity and fear do not make you talk to me, what else will?"
Jade quirked an eyebrow. "I've never seen the boss so desperate."
"Your friends won't come to save you, (Y/n)," Azul continued with newfound confidence. "So will you still choose the sharks over me? Surely, you cannot hate me this much..." He looked at you expectantly, a hopeful shimmer to his gleaming eyes.
Still, you kept your lips sealed shut.
Floyd couldn't control his laughter anymore and broke out into a fit. "Oh, Shrimpy is cold..."
By then, the dormleader's shoulders were slumped forward, and a pitiful frown decorated his pale face. His grasp around the rope loosened as he croaked out in disappointment, "I... need some time for myself. Get the prefect away from the tank and untie them." His final act of resignation was handing the rope over to Floyd, who took it from him eagerly.
"Okie dokie!" The excited grin on the eel's face soon morphed into feigned shock when he lost his grasp on the rope. "Or... not so okie dokie..." he mumbled sheepishly as he watched the rope shoot up to the ceiling.
In return, you crashed down into the shark tank.
Upon making contact with the cold water, a scream escaped your lips, and your limbs began thrashing around violently. The vigour of your movement was further amplified by the fact that your arms were still restrained to your body, only leaving your legs to make sure you could keep your head above the water.
"(Y/n)! Don't thrash around!" Azul cried out, a look of horror and genuine worry plastered over his face. "Moving around too much will attract the sharks!"
Your legs tired from the frantic kicking to keep you afloat, and the sight of grey fins circling you didn't calm you down either. Eventually, you yelled out, "I— I can't hold out much longer!" Your head was already starting to dip dangerously deep into the water, and the kicking of your legs weakened, too.
"Hold on, I'm coming!" Without hesitating, Azul dove head-first into the tank and swam over to you as fast as he could, considering the heavy clothing that slowed him down. Blank concern occupied his face as he entered the circle of sharks and grabbed you by your shoulders.
Jade, watching idly, tilted his head to the side in fascination. "Wow, I've never seen Azul swim so fast."
"Get away from (Y/n), you guys," Azul growled while pushing his way past the sharks, on his way to the rim of the water tank again. And indeed, they seemed to respect him with the way they suddenly dashed away into the depths of the tank, away from you.
As he pulled you out onto the dry floor again, your face was a ghostly pale shade, and your eyes were ripped wide open in shock. "Wow... that was a close call..." you breathed out slowly, the water still dripping off your hair and clothes.
"Are you alright?" Azul fussed and looked you up and down. "Did you swallow any water? Did any of them bite you?"
You shot him a weak smile. "No... No, I'm fine. Thanks to you, Azul," you assured while he helped you out of your bonds. As you breathed in and out again, your face slowly regained its usual colour, and you calmed down again. Your weak smile soon turned into a little grin. "Honestly, I wasn't scared because I knew you would never drop me into that shark tank."
"You're right... I would have never dropped you into that tank." At the speed of light, Azul whipped around to point his finger at his fellow dorm member accusingly. "Unlike Floyd!"
"Hey, my hands were slippery because of the moisturiser I use."
The hand landing on his shoulder allowed him to calm down again, especially when you gave it a soft squeeze. "It's alright, Azul. I forgive you—" Your smile soon turned serious again as you continued, "But only if you promise to never rope Ace and Deuce, or any other friends of mine, into such horrible contracts again."
"Fine... I guess I can do that." Azul's chest still heaved up and down, but at least a weight seemed to have been lifted off his shoulders.
At once, you began laughing airily— in such a carefree manner as if none of this has fazed you. "See? That wasn't so hard. The whole drowning and getting eaten by sharks incident could have been avoided," you joked and wrapped your arms around him in satisfaction.
"But seeing Crabby and Little Mackerel in maid outfits was funny!"
"These maid outfits scarred Ace and Deuce for life!"
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kimbap-r0ll · 3 months ago
Can I request the dorm leaders with an s/o who’s not good with yelling or loud nosies, due to trauma and loud nosies psychically hurting them?
Hello! Thank you for the request!
Dorm leader x reader who isn’t good with loud noises
The first time he witnessed this was when you shrank into yourself and covered your ears when he shouted ”OFF WITH YOUR HEAD” at someone
He felt really bad, no, he felt like shit
He probably asked you what it was at first, and then found out through body language if you didn’t tell him explicitly. He would apologize and say that he won’t ever do that in front of you again
He has a relatively soothing voice, so you don’t have to worry about loud sounds near him. Riddle will likely help move you away from situations like that too, not to mention scold someone if they were harassing you with louder sounds.
Overall he’ll make sure to be careful and make you feel safe
He doesn’t make loud noises often, nor does he yell. He only first found out about this when you were at Spelldrive club and you jolted when someone roared
He first thought that you were just being your herbivore self, being scared of beastmen wasn’t new. But then you showed larger signs of distress, and though he didn’t look like he cared for you, he did ask you to leave
He probably showed up after the club meeting, and he asked you about it. Whether you told him or not, he’ll understand that you are sensitive to loud noises, something I’m sure he can relate to.
Expect him to help keep you out of places with loud noises. If you ever need him, he’s there to help and keep you safe!
Overall he won’t show that he cares but we all know that he truly wants to be there for you. If you ever need comfort, he will give it in the form of a nap
I doubt that he has ever caused you to get scared or have a reaction to loud noise, but Floyd did
He saw you panic when Floyd zoomed passed you while shouting something at another student who broke a contract and attempted to flee. So, Azul took you to his office to ask you what it was (and to help make you feel safer since he doesn’t like seeing you distressed!)
You probably end up telling him since he’s good at manipulating people for answers, and will understand you completely
He makes sure people around you are aware of not making loud noises (this includes the tweels) and will work to keep you from having to encounter them. He knows how distressing things that make one uncomfortable can be, and he doesn’t like seeing his s/o scared
Just like the other dorm leaders, he puts you in priority and will actively work to keep you safe
He’s a loud boy, and probably scared you a few times before he realized
He saw you covering your ears one day and breathing heavily, so he stopped and went to stroke your hair, asking what was wrong.
You tell him your situation and he’s basically shocked. He realizes he caused you distress, and apologizes immediately before asking if you needed anything to help calm you down
He will be super mindful when around you from then on, often waiting a few seconds to calm down before continuing to talk so that his voice doesn’t get too loud. He also invites you over when there are quieter hours at Scarabia
He wants you to feel safe and cared for with him, and he will do anything to make you feel that way. If you need comfort, just know that his arms are always open for you
He isn’t a loud person, but he does have to be around loud settings due to his job as an actor. You happened to be with him when a group of his fans basically stampeded to you guys
You fled the scene due to the loud noise and Vil attempted to get out and get to you. He eventually managed to squeeze himself out and find you hiding in the makeup room.
He asked you if you were okay, apologizing for the sudden crowd. You explain that you don’t do well with loud noises, and he brushes some hair away from your face. He tells you that he didn’t know, and that he’s sorry for causing distress.
He’s super careful about where he takes you. He will be super caring about it too, making sure you are okay from time to time when noise levels start to increase. He doesn’t want to see you in distress!
Overall, expect him to take you into consideration first before anything. If anyone is trying to make you uncomfortable with loud noises, Vil won’t let it slide. He can be a mean person, so let’s hope the harasser is ready for a barrage of venomous words!
I can’t imagine the two of you ever being in a situation where it’s loud since he probably can’t take loud noises either.
You probably told him one day while you guys were lounging around and watching anime or so. He gets up and says he’s like you.
He’s super understanding of your sensitivity to noise, and will do his best to get you out of those situations.
If you ever need comfort, Idia’s there for you! His room’s always open for you to take refuge in if you need, and he’s super understanding of you. He will hug you if you want, and basically make you feel safe.
The two of you probably jolt whenever there’s a loud sound, to some people this can be kinda cute since you guys act the same at the same time haha. But on a serious note, he totally gets you and wants to help you feel comfortable.
He’s also one person I can’t imagine being around loud noises. He’s so silent he sometimes gets uninvited to parties ;-;
But one day while you were hanging out with him outside, you two heard a loud noise. It was similar to a boom, probably a lab that went terribly wrong from the garden. Malleus noticed you were distressed before you did anything and quickly got you further from the noise.
You thank him, telling him that you’re sensitive to loud sounds. He nods, and tells you that it’s totally fine, and that he wants to help keep you safe.
His imposing figure alone is enough to silence a crowd, so honestly you’ll never worry about there being loud noises when he’s around (unless Sebek shouts something)
If you need comfort, his arms are always open as well. He has a calm aura and it’s always something that makes you feel better. Malleus wants to help you feel safe, and will do the most he can to make you feel that way.
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tezret · 2 months ago
But Will You Decline?
You/Reader: Well, I guess I owe you one now
Azul: Great. We can just start dating as repayment
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apompkwrites · a month ago
the ashengrotto octopot || azul ashengrotto
masterlist characters: azul (platonic) genre: angst contains: self-deprecation, body-shaming, reader compares themselves a lot, bullying summary: the story of (name) ashengrotto. notes: the more i write these the more i realize i'm projecting. uh oh. anyway, this one, in my opinion, is a lot heavier compared to leona's and riddle's. please keep in mind that you are loved, no matter what you look like <33 sidenote - for the taglists, please specify which dorm leader's series you would want to be tagged in bc i'll add you to all of them if not :)) parts: [og post] | [the ashengrotto octopot (1)] | [name pending (2)]
Tumblr media
"eight leg freak!"
you heard those words a lot growing up. it wasn't to you, no, never to you. you stayed cooped up in your little octopus pot so that you didn't have to face those nasty words.
those words were always meant for your older brother. at least, that's how it was in the beginning.
Tumblr media
it was hard not to hear those words every day. your brother always urged you to stay in your pot because "the outside world is mean". "the outside world is cruel" he would say, the tears in his eyes becoming one with the coral sea.
maybe he thought the octopus pot would protect you. maybe he thought it would shield the noises of the outside world and the cruel merfolk who inhabited it. maybe he thought that because he couldn't hear them in his octopus pot.
of course, that was only the case because his cries would drown out the sound for him.
see, your octopus pot was old and falling apart with each passing day. it was brittle and cracking apart, looking as if it would shatter with the single touch of a suction cup. with all of the cracks it had, it became easier for their words to reach you.
it was even easier for azul's.
there were nights where, because you had spent a majority of the day sleeping, you would still be awake by the time azul cried himself to sleep. he would mutter those same words they would yell at him as if they had become a mantra he needed to repeat.
but, if the two of you looked the same, does that mean those words applied to you, too?
Tumblr media
you were small just like your brother. you were chubby just like your brother. and in the beginning, you didn't mind that. you didn't mind that because you loved your brother and you wanted to be just like him, especially since he was the only figure you could look up to.
but when the insults started and your brother's self-confidence in his appearance began to dwindle, so too did yours.
if azul hated how chubby he was, from his tentacles to his face, did that mean he also hated those features on you? every time he saw you, did the words that the merchildren screamed at him ring in his mind too?
if that was the case... you would rather he think those thoughts about you than about himself.
if you had it your way, he would cherish those features on himself while hating them on you. all you wanted was for him to be happy and you knew that couldn't happen if he kept thinking like that about himself.
maybe a good place to start is to get a new octopus pot for him. oh, and you too.
Tumblr media
your pot was about to break and you knew that. every day it would creak when you moved. since azul's was older than yours, you were sure his was in a worse condition than yours was.
lucky for you, azul was passed out in his octopus pot having stayed up late while practicing his magic.
sneaking out wasn't that hard. azul seemed completely unaware of your movements due to his exhaustion and fatigue, so you quickly made your way into the marketplace.
in hindsight, you probably should have mentally prepared yourself before you did.
the foreign feeling of being stared at was the only thing you could focus on. the adults weren't ones to stare, luckily. no, it was their children. the same children you associated with those wretched words.
they would point at you as you swam past. a few even steered clear of you as if you would spew ink everywhere and the sea would turn into black tar. so this was what azul faced every day. it was different than just hearing it. having the stares and the points directed at you along with the words made what he endured so much worse.
you were so glad that the shop you needed to find didn't attract a crowd. it was a quaint shop managed by a beautiful cecaelia. you strived to look like them. the human aspect, you didn't particularly long for, but perhaps that was just a package deal.
they were thin, unlike you. their tentacles were a deep shade of blue that seemed to sparkle like pearls. they were everything you wanted to be.
"hello, little one," they greeted you with a pleasant voice, a light smile plastered on their face. "how can i help you?"
"i need... um..." you looked down at the ground nervously. "two octopus pots..."
"of course," they responded with a grin, motioning out to the pots that lined the shelves and floor. "take your pick."
they were all beautiful. none of them had cracks and they were all smooth to the touch. they were perfect for your brother.
but, you didn't account for the fact that your parents mentioned this shop because it was in their price range. with their occupations, they could afford it. the money they would leave behind for you and azul wouldn't be able to cover two octopus pots.
but, they could cover one. you could go without dinner for one day, right?
"just one?" the cecaelia at the counter hummed softly, tilting their head. oh, their hair framed their face perfectly. "i thought you were looking for two, sweetheart?"
"mm... i don't have enough," you mustered enough energy to offer them a smile. "i'll just come back another time!"
"...sounds like a deal," they nodded, taking the money from your hand. now that you saw it, their hands were much slimmer than yours were.
they handed you the pot and bid you goodbye. the pot was a bit heavy, but they always were. luckily, the shop was closer to the exit that would take you home so you wouldn't have to worry about running into other merfolk and damaging it.
oh, you couldn't wait for your brother to see your gift for him.
Tumblr media
taglist: @brokenncrown
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mlk082 · 2 months ago
"I just called to say I love you" - Octavinelle
Mostro Lounge profits have increased, and so did the work. Azul would stay glued to his desk, telling you to go ahead and not to wait up.
He didn't want to make you stay up late and ruin your sleeping schedule because of him. Azul always made sure that you were away from the office and not working after 10:00. He knows it seems hypocritical, but he really doesn't you to be like him.
The most time you get to spend together now would be during school hours. Azul used to have every Sunday off work so it's a day for you both to just relax and do nothing. But it got too busy for that, and the most he could do was a few hours.
They went by too fast and he was always leaving before he got there.
It's not like he wanted to be seperate from you, but there was more things he had to juggle, and he didn't want to put stress on you because you had your own load of work.
It was another late late night, and Azul thought that you would be sleeping. He had kicked you out of his office an hour ago because he didn't want you to pass out from helping him.
Azul knew it was you when his phone buzzed. He sighed, prepared to protest to your protests.
"I just called to say I love you."
Oh. You hadn't called to protest. You just missed him.
You knew that Azul wouldn't listen, so you didn't try to get him to sleep. You just missed seeing him and wanted him to know that you were worried about him. You loved him.
You just wanted to give him a little reminder to not overwork himself so he didn't put any extra stress on himself. Your little I love you held so much and you didn't even know.
It meant so much. Many different things, and they were all special. And you said it so casually. How?
It was much more than a simple thing, and Azul would never get over how much more.
Azul looked at the mess of piles on his desk, and realized that he didn't have to it now. There was time later. Tomorrow, or the next day. It would get done in a timely space anyway. He had done so much, he didn't even realize the amount.
He packed up for the day and stopped working. You just called and it was the cutest thing ever and he couldn't keep working after that because he was too distracted by your gesture.
Headed over to you, and made plans to spend the day together tomorrow.
Jade doesn't say 'I love you' so often.
He treats you well, and gives you attention. He always makes sure that you are okay, and that nobody has made you upset. Whenever the two of you are in private, Jade has this small smile and looks at you a certain way.
But he doesn't say the words. Not often.
He says it every once in a while when he thinks you're sleeping, or says it in a different way. "I've completely fallen for you" or "I'll always choose you"
Is he shy? You have no doubt that he does love you, he shows it in so many ways. More than you could count. And he has his own way of showing it that aren't always obvious.
But he doesn't say it.
After Crowley made you sort through and organize the school's library, you found the schools files and searched for some dirt. You made a copy once you found it and showed the original to Crowley.
He took it from you and then you pulled out the copy. Crowley thought that you had printed several, and believed you when you said that you would post it everywhere and send it to the press.
When he asked you what you wanted, he gave in immediately.
Now, you were packing a suitcase he gave you to put your stuff in. You wanted a break, but Crowley was not going to let you go on vacation by yourself. He was going with you as a 'guide' or whatever.
Jade was leaning on your wall, watching you. He had offered to help, but you knew that he would end up packing your bag for you. You wouldn't have had so many things to pack, but Crowley was being extra nice and had bought you a lot of clothes and other items.
"How long are you going for?" "Two weeks" "I'll miss you. Call me? I need to know that you're safe."
He walked you to the mirror and gave you a long kiss goodbye. He didn't say I love you back as you left. But you still called when you got to your hotel room. (Which was all to yourself and very very nice.) And you called to say goodnight, and good morning.
But mid way through your trip, you called at an ungodly hour in the morning.
Jade was a bit sour because he does not like to be woken up at 2:34 AM, so he considered not answering your call. But he figured that it was important, and that you would keep calling him. He was rubbing his eyes and yawning as eh picked up.
"I just called to say I love you."
Oh? This is what was so important. Did you miss him that much and get antsy at being away for so long? You must have, if it was keeping you awake.
"I love you too." but please, don't call so early in the morning
Floyd liked to call randomly. If he thought about you and you weren't together, he would find you. It would be going to your class, or barging in your dorm.
But exams were close, and you were stressed out. Floyd couldn't keep coming whenever he felt like it and distract you. It wasn't like you didn't want to spend time with him, but you really couldn't spare the time. And he needed to study too.
Studying together wouldn't work, you'd end up laughing and getting nothing done.
It hurt you both when you had to shoo Floyd away whenever he came to your dorm, but you had to if you didn't want to fail.
Floyd got very pouty when you closed the door on him, but you didn't have a choice. He still visited your class and hogged you during school hours, but he stopped barging in.
He would send you a text from time to time, but you couldn't answer until late. Floyd got antsy and needed to move around, so he would be out until late, and take extra shifts at the Lounge.
Sometimes, when Jade would make him study for exams, he only focused half-heartedly.
You were away so much because of stupid exams that Floyd skipped class with you sometimes. He wanted more time with you, which had been significantly decreased.
Could exams be over already? Floyd was getting increasingly more irritable.
It was a long night, and you didn't even make an effort to answer your phone. Were you that wrapped up in studying?
Finally, the phone rang.
"I just called to say I love you"
The only thing Floyd said was "I'm coming over."
You have been away for longer than should be allowed, and you barely get time, and you didn't get to give him as much attention, and now you're just gonna call? To say that you love him.
How the fuck did you want him to function after that? You don't get to say these things and still be away.
By the time Floyd got to Ramshackle, you were standing outside the door with your arms open.
He practically tackled you inside and squeezed so tight, it was impossible to get away.
Floyd would not let you go, and instead carried you inside.
"You aren't staying away again."
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twistfantasies · 4 months ago
What if reader/yuu had the knowledge of all the disney villains and told their counterparts about the story they come from?
Kind of like "you know...I actually did know the seven before coming here. They were all villains in children's books" but then they say how NRC has changed their view of the original stories? (any characters are fine!)
{Hello! I did think about this when first playing through the game. I was even considering crafting a longer fic. based on the idea. Since this involves the 7...why not stick to the dorm leaders for this? I’m not caught up for anything beyond Book 3 -though I did get book 4 spoiled- so I don’t want to do Scarabia/Pomefoire/Dismonia/Ignihyde just yet.} 
WARNING: Spoilers for books 1-4 below the cut
Imagine: You told them the truth about the seven.
Characters: Riddle Roseheart, Leona KingScholar, and Azul Ashengrotto 
Riddle Rosehearts
He appears offended, dare I say appalled. What nonsense were you going on about? The Queen of Hearts is evil? Bad-tempered? She is a tyrant? A villain? 
You’re starting to sound like Ace. Is this another one of his poorly planned pranks?
“If you have enough time to craft lies, then you should devote it towards your studies. One day I will not be here to tutor you,” is what he’d say, not giving the idea more than a moment’s thought. After a brief respite he adds, “Do not speak of this to anyone. It’s useless thinking,” in a tone that leaves no room for argument
He then moves on, acting if your talk was a simple chat about the weather. Utterly forgettable 
or so you assume, but Riddle knows well that you aren’t one to jest about serious matters. Suggesting fault in one of the seven is something no student would be stupid to do, not even Ace
It’s grounds for getting on many professors’ bad side. Riddle doesn’t know where you come from, but you need to keep those thoughts to yourself
He’s glad that you came to him with the thought first. If it were anyone else...
He hopes you will let it go. There is no rule saying that questioning the seven is not allowed, but he does not want you to be bullied for outlandish behavior 
So imagine his surprise, when you mention the topic again. Not even a day has gone by and you implore him to let you finish the story.
He wants no part of it. Not until you mention how he reminds you of the Queen 
“Did you just- I am NOT a tyrant. Are you here just to insult me?”
He feels hurt, considering you saw his over-blot and genuine effort to be better ever since. It especially aches since he now knows how your homeland views the Queen of Hearts
Please say that you’re joking. That he-
He changed your view of the Queen? You now feel that the Queen’s behavior was a byproduct of miscommunications. That no person is born hateful or relentless. That she did bad, but no one in your world looked at her as a person or tried to understand why she made so many rules. That her temper was poorly portrayed, and she likely had unattended emotional needs that manifested as anger. It’s wrong to call her purely evil. 
But most of all, in your world they are stories and in Twisted Wonderland they are real. He’s a perfect example of how the world isn’t black and white, or in his case - red. People change, and maybe the Queen of Hearts in Twisted Wonderland is revered because she had a change of heart while ruling 
Similar to how he is now. Kind, yet still strict out of love for his peers
“You...I’ve heard enough. So long as you are not bad-mouthing the seven then talk as much as you like. However, everything you just said is only for my ears. Do not repeat those comparisons to anyone else,” 
He tries to hide how flustered your breakthrough makes him. Though he never was one to hold his emotions in well, “thank you. I am glad you think of me as kind...”
Leona KingScholar 
“Yeah...definitely sounds like something I would do. Though I wouldn’t commit murder so openly. I also wouldn’t leave any evidence” 
Never mind that he enacted an exact parallel of Scar’s schemes, but in sports...and without the killing. Although Ruggie did come close to needing an urn
He also frenzied. Murder was likely not unfathomable when in his over-blot form. He also said hurtful things, turned on the hyenas, let his sibling-complex overtake his conscience 
Alright. He can understand why you would compare him to ‘your’ version of Scar. What initially ruffles his fur is that your version is entirely different than the one he’s learned about 
Leona has some trouble accepting that you are from a different dimension, or whatever it is that you want to call it. Let’s not begin with how there is no magic where you’re from, or that most of his home’s history is a mere story book. 
Actually, he wants to focus on that part. Just the last bit, because you clearly need a reminder that his world isn’t a book and saying so makes him a bit peeved 
How would you feel if someone waltzed in, saying they knew your life from reading a book? Essentially casting aside your struggles, personality, wants, needs, and homeland as some bed-time story? 
I bet it wouldn’t feel great. Especially if you mock one of their historical figures, and compare them to your undesirable counterpart 
He snaps when you mention Simba, and how in your world Scar kills his brother and casts out his nephew. 
Too cruel. Too much. 
Something the old him might have considered if pushed too far
“Listen here herbivore. You don’t know me, so quit acting like it. I don’t care if you’ve had to re-hash your thoughts since coming here. Your opinion means nothing to me,” his tail lashes out in frustration, “so keep it to yourself” He didn’t intend to sound so harsh, but he wanted you to stop. He didn’t like how accurate your foretelling was. 
It made him feel Small. Powerless. Sick.
He hated that you saw him for the beast that he knows he is, despite his new attitude  
When you stop him from leaving, he feels the firmness of your grip. You know he’s hurt, which upsets him further. He grits his teeth when you demand to be heard, and feels his fangs meet the flesh of his cheek. 
His heart hurts when you retell your Scar’s story, but in a different light. One he’s taught you. Your Scar is bright, yet his lineage pushed him down a darker path. Peer pressure, the intense loneliness, watching his brother be the favorite from birth...perhaps he did want to help the hyenas at one point. Maybe he didn’t want to be King, but instead wanted to be appreciated as himself and not Mufasa’s brother. Your book doesn’t tell his story, only showing his relevance to Simba. He did horrible things, but lived his life in anguish. He died as alone as he was alive. 
Twisted Wonderland - Leona - helped you see him as a kindred soul. You thought knowing Scar meant you knew Leona, and you were wrong 
Leona would never hurt his family. Leona wants to see things grow from his power, not crumble under his feet. Leona wants the hyena’s to live well, and protects the people close to him. Leona cares about his country. Leona’s eyes sparkle when Ruggie brings him goodies from the cafeteria, his features are soft when you rest together in the gardens, and he - 
he’s heard enough. That’s for sure. 
“Stop. I get it, you like me. You think I am great, which is no surprise. I don’t need you telling me everything that I already know,” he half-grins and ruffles your hair. 
He’s also in love. Not something his or your Scar could ever understand. 
Azul Ashengrotto
Tread lightly when telling him about Ursula. Very lightly. 
Ursula, is someone Azul greatly respects. She is a powerful sea witch that pulls all stops to ensure she comes out victorious. She is greatly respected among the sea-folk and most importantly - she is an octopus. 
A beautiful cephalopod that overcame the trials and tribulations put before her and made a place for herself in the world. She carved it with her own deeds, underhanded as they may be. She made everyone who shunned her regret ever dismissing her. 
Did you seriously think he never noticed the similarities? He is not blind. Okay, yes he wears glasses but it is a metaphor. 
What matters is that Azul resonates with Ursula more than the other dorm heads do with their assigned member of the Seven. 
He admires her so much that any comparison you make between the two is taken as a compliment. He does notice how you favor saying “Ursula of the Seven,” instead of simply “Ursula,” but marks it as showing respect. Who else could you be referring to anyways?
In Azul’s case, you are not the one to mention the Ursula from your world. He is the one to ask. When Azul finds something precious, he wants to fully ensnare it. To imprint himself on it, and study it until it cannot be studied further 
And you know how it is with humans. They never stop changing, so Azul simply has to keep learning. Prying. Engraving himself into all aspects of you until not a day will pass where he isn’t in your thoughts or you in his. Until the day your short lifespan ceases and he’s left alone with whatever memories of you are left. 
So imagine how fascinated he is by your world. How there is no magic, or dominating races other than humans (he laughs at this, utterly unconvinced). Your kind has adapted with technology and he wonders if Ignihyde is a better fit for you than Ramshackle. The different cultures, countries, histories, species, and everything in between. What on earth is a Dinosaur and can they be revived somehow? He wants to see your world and perhaps take over the buisness side of it
He wants to be part of your world  where you, a human unlike any he’s ever met, has grown into the one he loves so dearly
On the topic of world religion and politics, he asks about the great seven. It’s when you chuckle, dismissing them as fiction does he grow curious. He can accept that they are not world powers but wants to know how both your worlds intertwine 
“Fiction? The great seven are children’s stories?” he asks, arching an eyebrow “are they different than foretelling here? Would you be willing to transcribe them or whatever you can recall?” 
He instantly notes your hesitance and newly guarded behavior, “is there something you are hiding from me?”  
For his sake, you best come clean. He may be willing to wait but will only grow more curious. He doesn’t like being lied to, even if it by omission. 
Villain. Evil. Liar. Soul Stealer. Cradle Rocker. Trickster. Fat. Ugly. Monstrous. 
Ursula is not loved in your world. 
You often compare him to her as well 
“I am monstrous? Is that your true opinion of my kind?”  He knows that there must be more, but cannot stop the sinking feeling that is clawing its way out of his stomach and into his throat. As if he is ready to vomit a portrait of his suffering onto the coffee table between you both. 
Correct him. For once, tell him that he is wrong
Azul registers your movement to his side and the way you gently pry open the intense grip he has on his pen - the one he’d been writing notes about your world with
He faintly hears you tell Ursula's story again, unlike his own or the one from your world. You sound muffled, yet determined to break past the voice in his head that’s repeating the word ‘monster’ on an endless loop.
 Your story is of a young octopus, who fell into darkness as the result of social norms. She was beautiful, striking even, and just wanted to belong in a sea full of people who could only see her differences as something to be feared. She felt if she could not belong, that she would instead create a world where no one else would matter aside from herself. The sea’s need for conformity tried to crush her, and she pushed back in ways that hurt her just as much as the other merfolk. She was not evil, but isolated. A product of how hate breeds hate. 
You never compared Azul to the ‘Villain,’ Ursula in your world’s storybook. You compared him to the greatness he saw in Ursula of the Seven, and to the strength you could now see in Ursula from your world. He too was pushed down, yet he worked to build himself a life. He too had almost lost himself, but is now on a path of self-love. The way you clutch him as if he’d leave and never return shows how much he is cherished. 
“You are not a monster. You are what I wish my world’s Ursula had the ability to see in herself. Strength, beauty, intelligence,” he feels your hold tighten, “deserving to love and be loved by others. I love you more than anything, Azul”
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