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yoursweetdenial · 10 months ago
Y/N: Bye Pepa! Bye Dolores! Bye Camilo! Bye Mirabel! Bye Pepa!
Isabela: You said ‘bye Pepa’ twice.
Y/N: I like Pepa :)
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hopepunk-fanfics · 10 months ago
The Madrigals going on a Cryptid Hunt with their s/o
Julieta: Brings snacks! Not taking it too seriously but is perfectly content to humor you. If you actually find the Cryptid, that’s when she gets nervous and will drag your butt right out of there.
Agustin: Is taking everything way too seriously. You can tell he’s trying to remain calm for your sake, but his hands are so clammy that you can tell he’s shitting bricks. If you find the Cryptid, he screams like a little girl.
Pepa: Accidentally makes it rain for the entire time because she’s nervous. Covers the entire area with fog because of her powers which just makes it worse. Jumps at any loud noises and accidentally electrocutes the Cryptid. Then she drags you out of there.
Felix: Not taking it too seriously but is also a little protective. Insists that nothing’s going to happen but is still clinging to you “in case something does”. If you find the Cryptid, he’ll get scared shitless. He'll only stick around if you decide to investigate further because he doesn't want to leave you alone.
Bruno: Is walking a fine line between pretending he’s on Buzzfeed Unsolved and jumping at literally every noise. This boy is sweating. If you find the Cryptid, he clings to you and is basically frozen in place, poor guy. Probably passes out too.
Isabela: She honestly doesn’t really care, but she’ll still be protective of you. Isabela is the one who’s calming everyone down and saying that there’s nothing here, so when you find the Cryptid she shrieks and starts throwing cacti at it. Refuses to admit she’s scared afterwards.
Luisa: She’s so protective and is getting very into it. Keeps insisting that she’s not scared at all. When you find the Cryptid she’ll straight up punch it from nerves and knock it out cold. And while you’re investigating it, she’s trying to get you to leave. She’ll throw you over her shoulder and get you out of there if she has to.
Mirabel: She’s totally on-board. You two are the ones leading the hunt, and you’re holding hands the whole time to ease your nerves. If you find the Cryptid she screams with a big smile on your face because on one hand you found it, but on the other hand she’s terrified. You are the two who investigate further haha
Dolores: Will absolutely use her hearing to help you out. Gets this scared look on her face when she starts to hear things and squeaks a lot. If you find the Cryptid, she squeaks really loud and goes to run behind something, probably you
Camilo: Also totally on-board. He’s making jokes to hide his nervousness, and he just kinda stares in disbelief if you actually find the Cryptid. Ends up screaming, shifting into like 12 different people and throwing you over his shoulder to leg it out of there.
Antonio: Really into it and surprisingly chill about the whole thing. Wants to see if he can talk to the Cryptid. He ends up having a lovely conversation with it and invites it over for dinner sometime before waving goodbye lol
Overly protective: Felix, Isabela, Luisa
Scaredy Cat: Augustin, Pepa, Bruno
Totally into it: Mirabel, Camilo, Antonio
Overly prepared: Julieta, Dolores
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iwannabecamiloshovel · 5 months ago
Pepa: It’s impossible to make a sentence without using the letter a.
Bruno: Despite your thinking, it is quite possible, yet difficult, to form one without the specific letter. Here’s one more to further disprove your theory.
Julieta: Good one Bruno.
Pepa: Fuck you.
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lunatic-flores · 9 months ago
𝐹𝑟𝑜𝑧𝑒𝑛 𝐻𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑡.
Tumblr media
Some days, (Y/N) found it hard to get out of bed. She found that by staying in bed, nothing could get her. She found that if she rotted in the covers that she used to seek comfort; that no one could reach her.
“How is she?” Camilo asks Dolores who used her gift to hear anything from (Y/N)'s room, but as always, nothing special or new happened. All she could hear just (Y/N)'s steady breathes and her normal heartbeat.
“She's ... Okay, but clearly not one hundred percent okay to herself.” Dolores responds as she started to walk away leaving Camilo staring at (Y/N)'s door with confusion and concerned.
“We're still waiting for you to come out, mi prima.” he mutters and began to walk away.
Some days, while lying in bed, (Y/N) didn't want to exist. They found that when opening her eyes, she could see. Especially whenever she saw her Abuela. And that was terrifying to her. She wanted nothing more than to sink into nothingness and be gone with it.
“She's not coming out yet?” the older woman asks to her daughter while frowning.
“No, Mamá. We tried our best to talk to her but we've got nothing but silence from her room.” Pepa explained as a grey cloud started to forming. The didn't notice until Julieta came out of the kitchen.
“You shouldn't be harsh to her too, Mamá. (Y/N) is far different from any of us, yes she is quite like Dolores, but she always kept her feelings or her problems to herself. She is— fragile.”
Alma stare at her daughters and then moved her gaze to the flickering door that almost dying and fade away. “Tell me if she's feeling better.”
With that, the older woman left her daughters. Pepa put her hand on her twin's shoulder, “I'm sure she will come out.” Julieta can only sighs in defeat. “I keep trying to be a better mother, even when everything I do seems to ... backfire.”
Some days, much like this one, Y/N felt slipping away from herself. Going into an unhealthy isolation. She didn't eat, didn't sleep, didn't respond to any of her family. She could hear the distant noise of her family calling her name multiple times but did nothing about it, her bones seeming to be glued to the mattress.
“Hermana? Are you awake? I've brought you ... Your favorite dish! Come on, open the door if you want to get it right away!”
As always, Mirabel keep trying her best to pull (Y/N) out of her room and so is Isabella who always trying to find a way to open her door. Unfortunately, she noticed that (Y/N) have froze the door knob and the window.
Nothing can melt (Y/N)'s ice except the warm of a fire. But Isabela knew that if she's going to use a fire, she'd be burned the casita down. That doesn't mean she's going to stop.
As for Luisa, all she can do is sit beside (Y/N)'s door and tell her how is her day without her sister's companion. She always told her how she missed her so much, she would always slipped a letter or two to your room and hope that (Y/N) would read it.
Until one day, (Y/N)'s roon began to froze anything, she swear she could die in frozen. She didn't even acknowledge the sound of her room door opening, or perhaps she did, just chose not to do anything about it. She didn't even know that she had to melt some of the ice.
“Mi corazón?”Julieta's voice came out soft and motherly like, staring down at Y/N's lifeless body.
She did not speak, Don't know why. But that was okay, words were not needed to express how she felt. Julieta sat down on the bed, resting (Y/N)'s head on her lap while playing with their (H/C) locks. (Y/N) let a single tear drop from her eyes, wanting nothing more than to let her mother embraced her tightly.
She's afraid, but she's also numb.
Soon Julieta decided to sing a lullaby, lulling her baby to sleep even though sometimes (Y/N)'s already asleep. “i love you, dear. Don't you ever forget that.” (Y/N) did not respond, and somehow, somewhere, that was enough. Her frozen heart slowly started to melt and finally can feel the warmth of her Mother's presence.
“please don't kept all your feelings to yourself, if you ever having a breakdown like this again, i am sure that i have failed you to be your mother.” Julieta brush (Y/N)'s hair slowly and carefully.
All (Y/N) can do is nod her head and hold her mother's warm hand shakingly. “Thank ...-you, Mamá...”
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zafirosreverie · 10 months ago
If raindrops were kisses (Pepa x Reader)
Tumblr media
a/n: this is inspired by what my grandfather used to tell me about the rain <3 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You smiled when you heard the unmistakable sound of rain-laden clouds. You loved the rain!! However, when you leaned out the window, Mr. Sun greeted you, radiant and warm. There was not a single cloud in sight.
Your smile only widened.
If there were no clouds but you could hear the storm, there was only one answer: your girlfriend was nearby.
You blushed at the thought of that word. You had only been dating for a few weeks, but the thought of Pepa Madrigal made your pulse race and your cheeks redden. The red-haired woman was a force of nature, literally, and it was inevitable for you to gravitate towards her.
You quickly put on your shoes and left your house, ready to find her. By this time of day, she should have finished her tasks in the village, so you wouldn't interrupt anything (Alma Madrigal could be quite scary, thank you).
"Hi Julieta" you greeted the older triplet "have you seen Pepa?"
"Hi Y/N" she smiled at you "I think I saw her heading to the grasslands"
You ran as fast as your legs would allow you, with a big grin from ear to ear. Your mother always said that you were too cheerful for your own good, but hey! enjoying life wasn't bad, right? It wasn't your fault that you enjoyed the little things, like pretty rocks or freshly cut fruit, or raindrops.
However, your smile fell a bit when you found the redhead sitting hugging her knees against her chest and a black cloud above her. It wasn't raining yet, but it seemed only a matter of seconds.
"Pepa?" You approached her carefully.
You didn't want to scare her, but whatever was bothering her had left her in a very nervous state. You barely managed to blink when lightning struck a rock behind her. Her green eyes looked at you in surprise and it hurt your heart to see how she quickly tried to force a smile on her freckled face.
"Y/N! Hi" she giggled "w-what are you doing here? How long have you-"
"I just got here" you smiled at her "Your sister told me that she saw you walk over here so I thought I'd come and keep you company"
"Thanks, but you didn't have to"
"But I want" you insisted, sitting down next to her "Unless you really want me to go" you added a little late.
"No, no, no...you are perfect"
You sat in silence for a couple of minutes. The redhead never relaxed, and you couldn't stop looking at the black cloud that was getting bigger and bigger. You wondered when the first drop would fall.
"Hard day?" you asked carefully
Pepa looked at you surprised, questioning with her eyes how you could have known. It wasn't until thunder sounded above her head that she remembered that her emotions were on display for everyone, all the time. But she couldn't let them win, especially not with you by her side.
Look, if she was perfectly honest, she cared about you, a lot. You were the first person who tried to get close to her and her siblings simply because you wanted to be their friend. You never tried to get any of the triplets to show off their powers. You never asked Bruno to see your future, you never demanded that Julieta cook something for you soon to heal a scratch, you never tried to force her to change the weather.
You understood that of the three, only Julieta was able to control her gift at her will, while Bruno and herself were dependent on the vagaries of the future and emotions respectively.
And still, you stayed. You stayed with them, with her. You never expected anything more than friendship. And then the four of you had grown up and she found herself wanting more than that. Fortunately, her siblings were with her, supporting her as she took the courage to ask you out.
And in the short time you had been dating, you had become an important part of her life, even more than before. You were still friends with her siblings, but now you were a little more hers. And she didn't want to push you away.
Sure, you've seen her make it rain many times, but they were just little drizzles that she could quickly quell. But this? She had a terrible day and whatever came out of that cloud, it wouldn't be just a couple of drops. She knew that as soon as you saw the real disaster that her powers were, you would leave.
Like everyone else.
"Pepa?" you said, pulling the young woman out of her thoughts.
"I'm sorry" she whispered "clear skies, clear skies"
You frowned. You knew that mantra and, although you respected her methods, you had always hated it. It was terribly obvious that it was a way of suppressing her emotions.
"You know you don't have to hold back, right?" you said, taking her hand "not with me"
She looked at you in surprise, but she shook her head. You had no idea what you were talking about, of course she had to hold back, especially with you. She couldn't let you be scared of her powers...of her.
"You must leave"
"excuse me?" You blinked confused "why?"
"You have to go now, Y/N" she repeated "I won't be able to control it for long"
"Then don't do it. I'm not going anywhere."
"Y/N. Please" she begged "this is not like what you have seen me do. It will be a real downpour"
"I don’t mind"
"No, seriously, I don't mind" you smiled "I love the rain, I love your powers and I love you. Just let it out"
The redhead didn't miss the little confession you made. You had never told her that you loved her, and definitely, no one had ever told her that they loved her powers.
"Are you sure?" she asked cautiously
Pepa looked at you for a few more seconds before the drops began to fall. It was nothing more than a small drizzle at first, nothing you hadn't seen before, but when you squeezed her hand, urging her to unleash her emotions, the rain grew stronger and icy.
Still, it wasn't until she felt your arms around her that she realized you really weren't going to leave. And then the tears finally came out of her eyes and the sky cried with her.
The water seeped through your clothes and soaked you, the cold soaked your bones and you were sure you would end up with snot the next day, but it was worth it. Completely.
You didn’t know how long you had been there, with Pepa crying in your chest and the cold rain soaking you completely. It was definitely at least an hour. But from the fact that the rain was falling softer and softer, you knew that the woman had calmed down a bit.
"Better?" you smiled when your girlfriend broke up
She just nodded, unable to look at your face yet. She knew she had made a scene, the place was a mess, there were puddles of mud everywhere, and you, oh god, you were completely wet, either from the rain or from her tears.
And still, the cold couldn’t fight against the warmth of your smile.
"I don't understand" she murmured after a few moments
"After all this...why do you keep smiling at me?...why are you still here?"
"I told you that I wasn’t going anywhere" you said "Besides, I also told you that I love the rain" you shrugged
"But you are soaked"
"I know! Isn't it great?" you laughed
Pepa looked at you as if another head had grown out of you. Why weren't you yelling at her? Why weren't you telling her to grow up and control herself?
"Hey, if that makes you feel better, do you want me to tell you why I love the rain?" you asked, seeing the confusion and struggle in her green eyes.
She nodded and you took her hand again.
"When I was little, Dad used to say that the raindrops were kisses from heaven sent to us by those who are no longer here. Being in the rain makes me feel that all of them, even the ones I didn't know, are kissing me"
The redhead considered it for a moment. It was a beautiful way of interpreting the rain, and it made her feel a little better.
"And this" you pointed between the two of you "is even more special, because this rain is yours, so technically, it's your kisses"
"W-what?" Pepa blushed.
"So, Miss Madrigal, what a make-out session you just gave me" you winked at her, laughing when she moaned and buried her face in your neck.
She knew you weren't going to leave her alone with this, but she was thankful you didn't leave, and if that's how you chose to see it, she couldn't wait for the next session. Hopefully, they would be real kisses.
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ahurricaneofjacarandas · 10 months ago
Y/N, shaking Camilo: tell me! how can i calm down?!
Dolores: it's just Tía Julieta!
Y/N, turning to Dolores: that's just it! it's Julieta!
Pepa, storming: calmate! *strikes y/n with lightning*
Julieta, descending the staircase: mi amor? why is your hair as straight as a ruler?
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jmalchanceux · 9 months ago
They realize being in love with you (Headcanon)
Classification: Fluff
Pairing: Dolores, Isabela, Luisa, Julieta and Pepa
Warnings: None, apart from reference to injuries
Word count: +1300
Tumblr media
- She always listened to you, small noises and few words, you were the quietest person in the village, even quieter than Bruno living in the walls, and the only one she wants and expects to hear, who helps her sleep better or keeps her company in the dead of night while you read in a few whispers before bed;
- But you are a faceless voice, she cannot identify where you are coming from and who you are, you are not someone who has ever asked Madrigals for help or interacts with many people, she could never identify you or track you in the small crowd of residents, which intrigued and interested her the most;
- Then Camilo's 15th birthday party arrived and just like everyone else in the village you were invited, Dolores was curious because she had never seen you before and when you spoke for the first time, loud and clear, she choked and made a cute little noise that got your attention;
- She finally found the mysterious girl with the voice that soothes her days and nights. Then she realized that the strange feeling in the pit of her stomach and the anxiety to hear your voice was more than just curiosity.
Tumblr media
- You've known each other since you were kids, but you never were exactly close, she always got angry and you ended up out of the games for not playing the way she wanted, rebellious as you are you took revenge on her, starting a war;
- Your cousin, the sweet and perfect Mariano, is the one who forced you two back together, you are his only family besides his mother and the boy wants you and the future wife to get along as a family should be;
- You try to be cordial most of the time but it's hard to maintain your posture when Isabela is testing all your limits and pushing buttons constantly, despite everything you not even managed to see her mistreating the lovely Mirabel, not containing yourself another argument started, one that even Abuela didn't want to get involved in;
- In the end you are too hoarse and angry to realize that Isabela's sash crumbled for a few seconds, seconds enough for her to realize that part of what had happened was pure jealousy of you and that she never felt that way about anyone, least of all Mariano, then she discovered she was in love with her fiancé's cousin and part of her perfect world crumbled into realization.
Tumblr media
- You used to work in the bakery assisting the big parties of the Madrigal family and in a short time you became Julieta's personal helper, she simply adores you and treats you like one of the family, so you get to know and get closer to the big and famous family of Encanto;
- Especially Luisa, she is rarely at home because she spends the day helping everyone in the village, but the occasional stops for lunch or snacks become progressively longer as you get closer, you usually chat excitedly about something that happened in your respective routines or news that Dolores told about, doesn't seem like it but she loves gossip;
- In a short time you become best friends, in fact she considers you her only friend and shares everything, besides always wanting to help you and feels a little strange when you deny help or you are the one helping her, she is not used to being taken care of by someone (besides her mother's arepas and affection), she feels very strange being on the other side of the table and for not helping you, because you are the only person she really wants to help and longs for;
- And it was at another of the big family parties that she finally noticed, you climbed up the counter to get extra glasses from the kitchen cabinet when the casita decided to give a little help and pushed you into Luisa's arms who was helping, she quickly holds you in her lap like a bride. Her eyes met yours and the girl felt her own heart miss a beat as she struggles not to kiss you right there. Then she realized that she is in love with you.
Tumblr media
- She first saw you in line for healing, immediately catching the eye of Alma's firstborn as you strolled among the sick showing off your funny twisted arm and bragging about the feat after falling out of a tree. She healed you quickly and had the impression that she would see more of you soon;
- And that's what happened, the following week you were in the sick bay line again, this time with a big cut on your forehead telling everyone how you fell trying to learn to ride a horse, Julieta listened to the story attentively and couldn't stop laughing at how excited you are even though your head is bleeding;
- Your visits became more and more frequent and there is always a different injury, accompanied by a funny story. Then suddenly you disappeared for a few days leaving her worried, even though this means that you have stopped hurting yourself and are fine, she felt selfish but wanted to see you again;
- A week later you reappeared, this time with no bruises or bleeding, just a little pale. Bringing with you a basket of fresh fruit, honey bread and a bottle of wine, a gift for the woman who saved your life so many times. You shamefully explained that you contracted an annoying cold and didn't want to pass it on to anyone, she could only think of how kind and empathetic you are, and silly too considering she could heal you right away and everyone else too despite your defense of not wanting to overwhelm her. Warming her heart in a different way and Julieta instinctively hugged you, in the comfort of your arms realized how much she wants to see you and be able to heal every bruise with kisses and caresses.
Tumblr media
- Best childhood friends! Since was a child she helped in the plantations of the local farmers, including your family, and that's how you met and became one and the same. The funny part of the story is that she asked for help to cry and make rain, you just kicked her in the knee and then apologized a thousand times;
- As the years went by you became closer and closer and she felt more and more comfortable around you, to the point of showing the deepest emotions that she hides from the world, with you she can create the most beautiful rainbows and the most terrible storms knowing that you don't care. So when you entered adolescence became inseparable, attached at the hip, accompanying each other in daily chores, having dinner together with the Madrigal family and having sleepover parties almost every week, sometimes together with her siblings who adore you;
- Pepa has always been the most precocious of the group, she lost her milk teeth before everyone else, she has always been the tallest, she was the one who gave the first kiss and had the first boyfriend, when you didn't keep up with her the redhead felt strange but at the same time relieved, she is a jealous friend and drives away anyone who comes near you with just a look or a sky changing color;
- Days before your 18th birthday there is a sleepover in her room and you shyly ask Pepa to teach you how to kiss, she was reluctant and tense to imagine why you would want to learn such a thing, but you do it anyway and don't regret. During the kiss she realizes that it was your first and feels deeply proud, in the middle of the night, while you sleep peacefully next to her, she looks at the ceiling, reflecting and trying to understand the weird feeling in the pit of her stomach that says there is something different... she realizes that she has been deeply in love with you since forever.
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lafamiliamadrigalpt · 4 months ago
Y/n: What did you do?
Camilo: ...
Y/n: I'm not mad I just need to know what I'm lying to your mom about.
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somethinginthethunder · 10 months ago
Platonic! Pepa and reader just spending time together (optional: reader is crushing on/dating Camilo)
``platonic!reader with pepa``
notes: ohohohohoho i love this prompt sm
warnings: none!
-for context on your family, your parents were usually away on business trips (they'd send money to support you ofc), leaving you with your grandmother most of the time.
-it wasn't that you didn't love them. you surely did, but you didn't feel incredibly connected with them as much as you would eventually with pepa.
-let's say you're only crushing on camilo when you first start to hang around pepa
-she was having a particularly bad day one evening, evident by the dark thunder + rainclouds in the sky
-you spotted her sitting by the fields as you were on your way to go check on the crops
-when you spotted her you gently set down your things and took a seat next to her.
-she was busy uselessly wiping her arm across her face to get rid of the tears mixing in with the rain
-when she spotted you there soaking wet from her weather she'd immediately apologize, saying something along the lines of, "ay, i'm so sorry about your clothes! forgive me, it's just been a bit of a struggle today..."
-after so many years of being scolded by her mother about her bad weather you could imagine her surprise when you simply shrug and say, "sometimes the earth needs rain just as much as it needs sun."
-your words would probably confuse her. she had never thought of it like that before.
-"i'm saying it's okay to feel sad! besides, i like the rain."
-after processing your words she'd probably laugh, her rain slowly getting lighter and the thunder ceasing to exist.
-"you know, you remind me of my son in a way," she'd say.
-oh boy, little did she know you've had a massive crush on camilo. you didn't let her figure it out, of course, but secretly you had always admired his charming ways. from afar.
-from then on, though, she'd always enjoy your company
-you'd regularly stop by and help her with her chores, whether it be helping to clean up whatever was dirty or helping her fold her laundry
-she'd think you're a delight to have around, with the both of you having fun conversations and stories on the daily.
-she'd basically take on being your parental figure while your parents were gone
-the townsfolk eventually realized that you were the one to call if her family wasn't around to help her though a mood drop
-usually it'd either end up with you comforting her and helping her through her troubles or trying to calm her down and lead her back home so she could get some rest
-either way she loves you a lot!! whenever someone mentions your name she just thinks of you fondly
-being close to her meant you'd regularly interact with her eldest son and surprise surprise, the two of you got together!!
-when she found out she was over the moon
-"finally, i can call you my daughter!"
-"mami! we're not even married!"
-"ay, not yet!"
-if she ever caught the two of you doing anything romantic or just plain cute she'd probably put her hand on her heart and think about how much you two reminded her of her and felix.
-all in all would be happy to call you a part of her family and can guarantee she loves you vv much :)
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lilian-maximoff · 10 months ago
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ilovekazuhaa · 8 months ago
What about being Pepa’s youngest child? I loved the Julieta one🥰💕
How it would be like being Pepa’s youngest child!!
Part 2> Part 3
yes sure!!! sorry if these hcs seem a little repetitive lol. also sorry it took me so long to get to this, i have so many requests atm!!!
Tumblr media
Although you were young, you couldn’t help but notice that your mama acted more carefully and treated you more fragile than anyone else.
For example, if she had a cloud over or head or if she was visibly upset and was raining, it would immediately stop when she went to greet you or give you a hug.
Always spoke to you softly with phrases such as “Mi bebe” and “Mi amorcito”.
Whenever it was hot out, you’d ask your mama to make it snow or rain and she’d do it. No questions asked.
You’d sit on her lap and enjoy the tiny snowflakes that fell. You even let some of them fall on your tounge.
Your tounge hanging out of your mouth you told her, your words slurred “Mama loof at ma tougnf!”
You pointed to your tounge, eyes wide in amazement. It made her so happy to see you like this. So happy to see you so excited. She tried to bask in the moment as much as she could.
“Wow! Would you look at that!”
She was so amused that you found her mini snowstorms and rain clouds to be a good thing, instead of something annoying or bothersome.
But seriously, Pepa was so greatful that you never saw her clouds as something terrible. You never told her to “calm down” or “stop raining” when she couldn’t control her emotions at times.
You’d try to replicate your papa Felix’s behavior. He was so patient and gentle with your mama, you wanted to be like that too.
You’d often just sit next to her and tell her about your day, which was what calmed her down the most.
“Look at you, all grown up” she’d always say, leaving sloppy kisses all over your face.
Whenever she ruffled your hair, it always reminded her of clouds, because it was so soft and fluffy.
Wanting to be of more use at times, she’d try to cook in the kitchen. This would be okay but she’s had several accidents in the past including almost burning down Casita. So you thought it was always best to steer her away from the kitchen everytime that idea came up in her head.
“Uhh- Tia Julieta! Mama is trying to cook again, come quick!”
Thank god that Julieta would always be able to convince your mama to step away from the stove, she was a life saver.
When your mama had a lot on her mind she often went cloud gazing. She’d just lay in a corn field and just look up at the beautiful sky. The beautiful view above her made her negative feelings fade away immediately.
When no one knew where she was, you always did. After giving her some time alone, you joined her in the field. She always layed in the same place, so it was easy to find her.
Sensing your presence from behind, she’d put her arm out and tap the empty space next to her, signaling for you to lay down with her.
Without a word, you made yourself comfortable in her embrace. She stroked your hair as she put her forehead against yours.
She looked into your eyes, mumbling “You are my sun, mi bebe. My universe.”
This made your heart burst with love for her. How were you so lucky to have a mom like this?
You always promised yourself that when you grew up, you’d take good care of her like she does to you.
Since you were her youngest, she always let little things slide like eating sweets before dinner or burping out loud.
You thought she never noticed, sneaking a few pieces of candy or covering your mouth right after you burped.
The sight of you trying to be sneaky was so cute to her. But when it came to your older siblings, they were never shown any mercy.
Sometimes you’d help Camilo steal arepas from your Tia Julieta.
Depending on what she was doing you’d either sneak with him under the table where the food was, providing extra hands to hold all of the food or you would distract her by talking to her about random things.
“Tia, look at what I drew!” You showed her a drawing of you and your mama.
The woman turned around, attention turning away from the table of food.
“Wow! This is amazing! What is it… exactly?” she asked, unsure.
You explained the drawing to her, watching Camilo steal some food from the table.
“Y/N, I think that you should give this to your mama. She’ll love it. It would make her so happy.”
After Camilo’s signal, you nodded and walked away. Now you felt a little bad stealing food from your tia. She was so kind to you about your drawing.
Walking upstairs with Camilo, you two talked about how good of a plan that was until you bumped into something. Or someone.
Looking up, you saw your mama.
“Hello my beautiful children, going somewhere?” the woman said, a cloud forming over her head. She tapped her foot and her arms were crossed. Oh no. She knew exactly what the two of you had done.
With your drawing still in hand, you gave it to her. Her eyes widened at the drawing, eyes scanning over it as her cloud began fading.
Pictured was you and your mama holding hands, laying down in the fields together. The both of you were looking up at the sky, smiling. The both of you had your hands behind your head, using them as a cushion.
Although your drawing skills weren’t that good since you weren’t even 5 yet, the drawing was distinguishable enough, right?
She crouched down to your level and smiled. Cupping your face, she looked at your drawing once more.
“This is so beautiful, I love it.” Your mama’s eyes started tearing up. This gave Camilo the chance to slip away.
She picked you up and sat on a chair, you snuggled your head into her shoulder as she hummed softly, rocking the chair back and forth.
Whenever your mama wasn’t there and you heard people badmouthing her, you never hesitated to stand up for her.
“Who are you to say that! You don’t know her like I do. She’s perfect just the way she is! Her clouds, her rain, her snow, I love it all!”
Obviously, this did not go unnoticed by your mother. It only made her love you more.
When she noticed that kids were bullying/making fun of you. She’d go near them and ‘almost’ zap them, a strike of thunder hitting right next to where they were standing. She wanted to spark some fear in the children but not actually hurt them.
She never told you this of course.
The children usually stopped bothering you right after this and you told her how happy you were that your looks alone scared them away.
Shaking her head, she ruffled your hair and pulled you close for a forehead kiss.
“Guess that you’re just that intimidating, huh mi bebe.”
At night, she’d always tell you the same thing before she tucked you in. “Remember, if you get scared you can come sleep with mama. You can wake me up and I can sing you to sleep.”
“But you won’t get mad if I wake you up?” you asked.
“No…” she smiled, caressing your cheek with her thumb “I could never get mad at you. Look how cute you are” she said, tickling you a little.
“You can come to me anytime. Okay?” she said, giving you one last kiss and putting your favorite teddy bear next to you. “Lights on or lights off?”
She knew the answer, you always said off, but you were going to want the door open a little.
“Door open, a little open, or closed?” As she said this, she swung the door open and closed to see which way you wanted it.
“A little open” you said.
“Good night, mi sol. Never forget how much your mami loves you.”
“Good night mama, never forget how much your baby loves you” you responded, holding your teddy bear tightly.
She smiled and left your door a little bit open. Her heart melted at your words.
As she walked towards her room for the night, she wanted to stay with you and never leave your side. It seemed as if the mother and child role were switched.
How could she ever wait till morning to see you again?
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yoursweetdenial · 10 months ago
Pepa, pointing to the wall: What color is this?
Bruno: Gray.
Julieta: Grey.
Pepa, turning to Y/N: Now tell them what color you think it is.
Y/N: Dark white.
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missmadrigal · 10 months ago
Y/N: so are we fighting or flirting?
Pepa: I’m pinning you against the wall with my hand around your neck-
Y/N: your point?
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iwannabecamiloshovel · 6 months ago
Julieta: Vegetable oil is made from vegetables.
Pepa: Coconut oil is made from coconuts.
Bruno: So BABY OIL-
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lunatic-flores · 9 months ago
Doctor : Quick! You're bleeding to death, what's your type!?
(Y/N) *coughing* : The Madrigals.
Doctor : What——
(Y/N) *Dying* : The Madrigals.
Doctor :
La familia Madrigal :
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zafirosreverie · 3 months ago
Being Julieta and Pepa's partner would include
Tumblr media
You being confused as to why both Madrigal sisters are flirting with you
You trying so hard to decide which one of them you want to date, only for them to say they don't want you to choose, they'll share
You being younger than them (you decide how much) meaning they see you as the "baby" of the relationship
You having to learn what they like and don't because they're so different from each other
You going to Julieta for comfort, kisses and wise words
You going to Pepa for laughs and cuddles.
You being in the middle of their fights and having to help them be on good terms again
Using your body to protect Julieta from Pepa's lighting when she's mad at her sister
Keeping Pepa safe in your house when Julieta has murder in her eyes
Them trying not to show their jealous when you're busy with the other
Pepa loves when you ask her for a little rain so you can play with the mud
Cooking with Juli! Or more like keeping her entertained while she does all the work
You are forbidden to cook with Pepa tho. Casita banned you for a week the last time you almost burned It down
Choosing who you will sleep with is a nightmare.
Letting Pepa play with your hair whenever she's anxious.
Julieta playing with your fingers/hands when she's nervous
Alma being suspicious of you at first but quickly loving you as another daughter
Being besties with Bruno!
The town's people thinking you're cheating on Pepa (the first one you kissed in public) with her siblings
You and Julieta finding funny that people think you're dating Bruno too.
Bruno is too busy trying not to be murdered by Pepa to laugh tho.
Having to deal with people's questions and the infamous "who are you going to marry"
The sisters finding cute how different you act with each of them
Against what one could think, you're actually the responsible one when you're with Pepa, always keeping her from killing people and calming her down before the tempest comes
With Julieta you're just another child. You're always getting into trouble, making silly jokes to make her laugh or getting her out of her comfort zone.
She suspects you're trying to see how much It would take to give her a heart attack
Valentine's day is a fucking nightmare. You have two girlfriends to get gifts for and they're so different and of course both of them have their own plans to spend the day with you but you can't just ignore one to go with the other and ahhhhhhhh
Pepa getting drunk the most between the three of you and Julieta and you having to take her back to Casita
Pepa and you trying to prank Juli but she always knows
The best thing about having two girlfriends is that when one of them Is too busy to spend time cuddling and kissing you, you can always go to the other.
The hardest thing is that when them both are free you have two needy goddesses fighting for your attention
It's tiring but you love them.
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