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acewithapaintbrush · a day ago
Tumblr media
I'm not saying I'm having lots of ideas lately.
But I'm having lots of ideas lately.
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silvercdeer · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Did you truly think you could escape me, Brunito~? I'm you, we'll never be apart-!" Hermanito by Bebo_Schmebo
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loveronlineee · 11 months ago
Mi Vida (Bruno Madrigal x Reader)
Tumblr media
Ship: Bruno Madrigal x Reader (She/Her pronouns)
Tags: Fluff, Madrigal grandkids bonding, Camilo being a prankster, flustered Bruno
Warnings: None:)
Synopsis: Y/N joins the Madrigal grandkids’ game of truth or dare. Things get interesting when Bruno is mentioned.
‘What are you guys doing?’ Y/N asked as she walked up to the Madrigal’s house. The grandkids were sitting in a circle in the front. They turned to her.
‘Señorita Y/N! You here to see my Mom and Tía Pepa?’ Mirabel asked.
‘Yeah but I want to know what you troublemakers are up to first.’ Y/N put her hands on her hips.
‘We’re playing truth or dare!’ Camilo said with excitement.
‘Oh truth or dare huh? I’m in!’ She said, taking a seat in the circle.
‘Wha? Really? I didn’t think grown ups played this game!’ Antonio shouted.
‘Only the fun ones.’ She gave him a wink. The others chuckled. ‘So, who’s turn is it?’
‘Camilo’s.’ Isabela said with a sinister smile.
‘Alright prima what you got for me?’ Camilo leaned back. The older cousin pondered to herself then turned to Y/N.
‘Y/N help me out here.’ Y/N glared at Camilo playfully.
‘Hmmm… I dare you… to shapeshift into your Mamí Pepa and stuff your face with Julieta’s freshly made arepas.’ All the cousins gasped then fell into a fit of giggles. Camilo stood up.
‘Alright Y/N. I accept your dare.’ He shapeshifted into Pepa and began to walk inside. All the cousins ran after him, wanting to see Julieta’s reaction.
He reached the kitchen where the arepas had been beautifully displayed and began to stuff his face.
‘Pepa?’ Julieta questioned as she reentered.
‘Oh uh.’ Camilo managed to say with his mouth full. ‘Sorry hermana I was hungry.’
Camilo ran out of the room as the others laughed and ran after him. Julieta tutted.
‘Camilo! I’m going to tell your mother about this!’
The group all fell to the floor laughing as Camilo finished chewing.
‘Okay Y/N.’ Camilo pointed at her. ‘Since we’ve all been playing a while, I think it’s only fair that you have two rounds right now!’
‘Alright then.’ Y/N shrugged. ‘Truth.’
‘Do you like our Tío Bruno?’ Camilo grinned. The younger cousins ‘oooo’ed. Dolores and Isabela gave Camilo a disapproving look.
‘Camilo don’t ask her that.’ Dolores said.
‘It’s fine Dolores. I can handle it.’ Y/N smirked. ‘Of course I like Bruno. I like all of the Madrigals.’
‘Come on, you know what I meant.’ Camilo pushed.
‘I don’t know what you want. I answered the question.’ Y/N shrugged.
She knew her crush on their uncle was obvious enough. She would give him more attention than his sisters, she would go out of her way to talk to him when she saw him in town, she would ask about her future more than anyone else in Encanto. And although she’s never told Bruno, she was also never embarrassed when others hinted at it.
‘I choose dare for my second. Camilo, hit me with your best shot!’ Camilo smirked.
‘Okay Señorita Y/N. Since you’re acting so bold, I dare you… to call my Tío Bruno mi vida!’ The shapeshifter pointed a finger. The others gasped. Dolores stood up.
‘Camilo. That’s enough.’
‘It’s okay Dolores.’ Y/N said. ‘I can handle it.’
‘Wha? Really?’ Camilo asked with excitement.
‘Yup. I’ll do it. Now where is the lovely Bruno?’ She asked, looking around. Just as she said that, he walked out of casitá. Y/N began to walk over to him as the others ran and hid.
‘Good morning Bruno!’
‘Oh Y/N good morning. Here to see my sisters?’
‘You know me.’
‘Well they’re in the kitchen right now. I think Camilo pulled a prank or something.’
‘Ah that Camilo boy, always a troublemaker. I’ll see you around, mi vida.’ Y/N placed her hand on Bruno’s face before walking away. Bruno stood there frozen.
Did she really just say that? No. No I must have misheard her. But she definitely said it. Maybe it wasn’t aimed at me. Yeah. Yea- no there’s no one else around.
He stumbled around. Debating on wether or not to follow Y/N back inside. The grandchildren hid around the corner of the house giggling.
‘I feel kinda bad for Tío…’ Mirabel said.
‘Why?’ Camilo asked.
‘Well he thinks that señorita Y/N really meant that.’ Dolores smiled and shakes her head.
‘Oh she meant it.’
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honeybow · 11 months ago
uh hello i have many random oneshots of loads of ppl in my drafts but i’ve never posted them so uh. yeah. anyway here’s a bruno x reader that probably isn’t the best :)
the confession ♡︎
Tumblr media
❤︎ In which Camilo uses his gift to help Bruno confess to (y/n).
pronouns used: they/them
Bruno had a crush on (y/n). That much was obvious. This knowledge wasn’t limited to just his family, the Madrigals, but to everyone else in the town.
Caught a glimpse of them? Flowers of blush begin to bloom on his cheeks.
They smiled? Bruno practically passes out.
Even the slightest bit of attention, and he was trembling, his knees growing weak, and forgetting how to speak.
(y/n) wasn’t intimidating. Far from it, actually. They brought a certain warmth wherever they travels, basking everyone else in their angelic benevolence. Unlike Pepa, this golden light never dimmed, casting warmth to everyone surrounding them.
To most people, Bruno wasn’t intimidating either. But to (y/n), he certainly was. They often spotted him, big eyes glaring at them, his eyebrows furrowed slightly as he glowered.
And yet, for some reason they still felt the urge to smile at him. To try to be his friend.
But when (y/n) saw Bruno striding over to them, a wave of panic flooded their body. He walked differently to how he had before, almost a little more confident. He stopped just before them, looking down onto the bench they sat on.
“(y/n). I’ve liked you for a really long time- Like a really long time. In fact, its beginning to bother my family. At first w- they thought it was cute, but now it’s just irritating.”
“What? ... I mean, like, really?”
That was... Surprising. They opened their mouth to speak again, but was cut of by a sudden flash of dark green that knocked over Bruno. It was... Another Bruno?
The Bruno that was just talking to them started to giggle in a very un-Bruno way. His disguise melted away and revealed Camilo, who was still lying on the floor in a laughing fit.
Bruno’s face was beyond blushing now. His olive skin tone had been taken over by a dark red flush that spread from his cheeks to his ears. Just being near them caused his vision to blur, and he was pretty sure he had a nose bleed.
“He’s lying.” Bruno whispered, his voice trembling with anxiety.
“Oh.” A weird sense of disappointment settled over (y/n).
“I’m not! He talks about you all the time! It’s always ‘(y/n) looked so pretty today, right?’ ‘Oh, (y/n) is so-” Camilo protested, only to be cut off by Bruno.
“Shut up! I don’t- Well... Erm- Sometimes I... But- I- It’s... I-” He stuttered.
“Bruno... If you really feel this way- well, er... I think that I do to.” (y/n) awkwardly admitted.
At some point, Camilo had slipped away, and Bruno was hyperaware of the fact that they were now alone. (y/n) stood up from the bench, so that they were now stood eye to eye with Bruno. They were of average height, so Bruno stood at just an inch taller. Bruno was conscious of the small space between them.
It was almost enough to just lean across and...
(y/n) smiled, almost reading his thoughts. They placed a hand on the back of his neck. Chills spread from the spot, and if possible, his blush deepened. They closed their eyes, and a rush of nerves caused Bruno to freeze as (y/n) leaned in. A loud, obnoxious voice caused them to spring apart.
“Bruno and (y/n) sitting in a tree-” Camilo and some other kids started to sing.
+ thats it- i hope u liked it! sorry if it was short :) please let me know if i spelt anything wrong or whatever!
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glendybluebird · a month ago
🎶💓Princess Dolores; The Mistress of Music💓🎶
Tumblr media
✨Her dress is inspired by the old concept designs of Dolores.
✨The musical notes on her dress are the notes for "Welcome to the Family Madrigal".
💓 "Princess Dolores, the Mistress of Music" 💓
She can hear a pin drop and anything from a mile away.
What seemed like a blessing feels more like a curse.
To drown out the unwanted sounds, she strengthened the power of music.
She is the most talented musician in the entire empire and earned the title as its mistress.
She did her best to help raise her siblings in the absence of their mother. But the Empress still deemed her unworthy of the throne, as her people seemed to have favored the Prince of Many Faces even more. Whilst hiding all this pain in secret, her only solace are the poems of a poet: a nobleman who took a liking to her cousin, the Princess of Nature or "The Flower of the Empire".
She may be the most talented musician, but she has been stuck in the shadows of just about everyone in her entire life and has longed for her voice to be heard.
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sketchnwhatevr · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 1 of some beat boards that I did a for @cheetee’s fic Rumble Thy Bellyful! (I didn’t do this for the encanto big bang event, this is from weeks ago)
Tumblr only lets you post 10 images at a time so here’s part 2!
This moment happens in chapter one and sets up Dolores’ relationship with Bruno and it’s just 🤌🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼 so good. It hurts but it’s so good. So good in fact that I felt inspired to do some practice boards for it!
If you haven’t read rumble, I highly recommend. I laughed, I was at the edge of my seat (well bed), I curled up into a ball and squealed from cuteness, it’s GOOD
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glitternightingale · 2 months ago
Encanto Sketchdump 9
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My Instagram
Picture 1: In honor of Dolores' Birthday!!
Picture 2: I couldn't stop thinking about the cat au I wrote a fic for and @geckodoodles ' designs for Bruno and Isabela.
Picture 3: Err, just Luisa in a ladybug costume and Bruno thinking about his papá...
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theonetrueneohero · 9 months ago
𝐈 𝐍𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐘𝐨𝐮 | 𝐁𝐫𝐮𝐧𝐨 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐥
Tumblr media
not my gif ♡
▪︎ 𝐁𝐫𝐮𝐧𝐨 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐥 𝐱 𝐅𝐞𝐦!𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
▪︎ 𝐅𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟
▪︎ 𝐒𝐦𝐮𝐭 (𝟏𝟖+) 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐫𝐬 𝐃𝐍𝐈
Tumblr media
"Just a little to the left. No, Luisa, not your left! My left!" You sigh, smacking your forehead in tedium. 
"How am I ever supposed to just guess which left you're talking about, Y/N?! THERE'S ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE ONE!" Luisa cries out, nearly letting the church on her shoulders slip in frustration.
"Luisa! I get that you're tired and I am too-"
"I started yoga the other day!" She says instead, causing your eyes to screw shut as you massage your temple.
"Luisa, please, I need to get to the tower-"
"And you know yoga is a quiet activity. As someone who isn't particularly- uh- quiet… I really thought I'd hate it-"
"-Please Luisa," You plead in desperation, but your voice is way too quiet over the passionate boom that is Luisa's voice. 
"-like, you know when you immediately write something off as 'not for you?' I did that! But with yoga!" You had now taken to begging but Luisa had taken to laying on the floor, doing foot crunches with the church, still firmly planted in her own world. Your eye twitches.
"Luisa I need to go see-"
"LUISA!" Her gaze snaps to you and she gulps, quickly putting the church down and letting the reverend fly out nervously patting down his forehead with a handkerchief. She clears her throat.
"I'm sorry. You can go." You immediately feel like shit but Luisa waves a large hand in front of her smiling face.
"Go! Please!" You thank Luisa before sprinting down the City Square, not daring to waste anymore time. You can see Casita fast approaching and your heart soars before you crash into someone.
"Y/N! How absolutely perfect that I ran into you!" Isabela sings before twirling you in her arms, you lament at the sight of casa Madrigal over Isabela's shoulders.
 So close but so painfully out of reach. 
"So I was experimenting with new fauna." She says, pushing you towards a fruit stand with the owner completely out of sight but growing beside it was the most alien plant you have ever seen.
"It's called Drosera Capensis." The beautiful girl squeals, clapping her hands in front of her. You nod distractedly. You take to leaning back and catching the house still sitting idly atop the green hill. One of the shutters waved idly as if the house itself was waving. You wouldn't put it past Casita. 
"Um- Isabela, I really need to go see your Tio-"
"-Bruno can wait." She snaps, fleetingly waving her hand in front of her face. 
No, Isabela. It is not a matter of whether he can wait… but if I can.
"Isabela, please- I really need to-" 
"The thing is, I keep wondering how they'll react around the papayas. I mean, I know they're carnivorous but I would hate to be the reason an alien plant hurts the papayas, Y/N." You mumble and nod your head, directing your gaze to the house once more. You feel the frustration eat away at your stomach as you catch a glimpse of the highest tower. 
"Isabela, I really need to go-"
She rolls her eyes and waves you off causing your heart to soar.
"Fine, fine. Guess I'll figure this out by myself." You give her a small squeeze while getting a combination of colourful floral dyes all over your yellow dress. A dress you knew he was very fond of. 
You need to leave now.
You sprint up the narrow lane, greeting fellow townsfolk with no room for further conversation as you finally approach the Casita. Your heart speeds erratically but this, of course, is short lived.
"Breakfast!" Abuela calls out before the entire family comes running. Well, almost everyone.
The table and chairs that had been  magicked outside are slowly being filled with family members. Isabela and Luisa come up the lane. Camilo, Antonio and their parents, Mirabel and her parents, Dolores and Mariano all emerge from the house and soon the table is packed with conversation. All the while, your knee is jumping restlessly underneath.
"Where is your Tío Bruno?" You ask Camilo seated next you. He smirks before shifting into your husband's form. 
"Why?" He asks before leaning against the table cockily."Miss me?" You slap the boy over the side of the head and he immediately shifts back, laughing hysterically while rubbing his head.
"Bruno's still up in the tower," Mirabel offers from across the table. "He's been crazy busy with prophecies with the entire town accepting his gift and whatnot."
Yeah, a voice in your head says in bitterness, I know. 
You couldn't help the bitterness. You had barely seen your newly titled husband all week and the need for him was so blatant you feared you might explode from it. He had been MIA. It had begun with a single prophecy on Monday before that bled to two on Tuesday and suddenly ten on Wednesday until you lost sight of him completely. You were hellbent on seeing your man even if that meant having to chase everyone out his tower.
"Help with the dishes?" Mirabel asks with a smile you absolutely couldn't ever deny. You sigh fruitlessly.
"Of course, Mira."
Tumblr media
You scrub relentlessly at the one unrelenting stain on the dish in your hands. The dish quakes ever so carefully under your grip as you try to wash it out but it just isn't going away. You can feel your eye twitch. You hear how your teeth grate against each other. A deep vein no doubt popping out of the side of your neck.
"Uh… Y/N?" Mirabel's questioning drawl is laced with concern as she wipes the dishes already stacked on the rack. Her voice is cautious and peaceful but it still raises all kinds of feelings.
"What?!" You ask (scream), your eyes snapping to her beautiful big ones in a frightening way, but they soften immediately when you catch how locked in fright hers were behind the glasses.
"Just-" You exhale a quiet breath as you focus on easing your erratic heart and itching fingers. 
"-having a bad day, Cariño." You dry your hands, immediately placing them on their cheeks. You squish her cheeks together and bring your nose against hers. "I'm sorry that I snapped. Bubble bubble?" 
She exhales before letting a smile slip onto her face. "Bubble Bubble." She nods, and you immediately give her a tight hug.
"You will never give up on your goldfish theory, will you?" She says irritably although you don't miss the smile dancing on her face.
"Nope! You are a goldfish, Mirabel Madrigal! I will prove it one day. You're just a late bloomer. That is all." You punctuate seriously before turning your attention back to the heap of breakfast dishes. Your shoulders slump ever so slightly in a manner you hoped was subtle but Mirabel catches it.
"You can go, if you want." The sweet girl says. "I've got the dishes covered. 
"Are you sure?" 
"Of course! Helping people's my specialty." She winks and clicks her tongue before directing her attention to the dishes in front her. Your heart soars and you embrace her one last time before sprinting out.
You can't help the frustration building in your core as you ease up the steps. The corridor leading up to Bruno's tower is shrouded in darkness with a slight breeze about, doing absolutely nothing for your raging, warm core. You're practically aching. 
You welcome the nearby sound of falling sand and your heart soars. You are unable to stop yourself from sprinting to his door before shutting the whole world out. The bang is loud but it is dulled under the sound of falling sand.
The hourglass wall in front of you is high and mighty and you almost have a mind to run straight through it before you hear a voice echoing.
"Oh please... Not again! Not another one!" The voice sounds as tired and as drained as you were. Your ears perk up at the sound and the need buries you like an avalanche of sand. Your heart is an endless drum line, moving your feet on their own accord. 
Bruno pulls back the sandy curtain for the newcomer and you run.
You run through the hourglass gateway and throw yourself down the sand dunes.  Your body rolls carelessly down the sand and you hear a questioning 'huh?' echo throughout Bruno's desert chamber. You continue your rolling until you lay a laughing, needy heap on the floor. You have landed right by his feet at the bottom of a dune where he's seated cross legged. You peer up at him despite tour brain still needing to recover from the rolling. You see two Bruno's in your dizzy state and that is enough to make you lose all your nerve. 
"Hi."  You mutter shyly, choosing rather to lower your head and examine the runny sand underneath your fingers. Suddenly you were beginning to feel rather embarrassed about it all. 
"Hi." His voice is light and the small exhale accompanying his response tells you he's in shock at the sight of you. The mere sound of his voice sends your heart and core a flutter. You both sit in the very thick, incredibly charged silence and you begin to feel silly. So silly, so troublesome and so unbelievably petulant. This was unlike you. So incredibly far from the responsible, level-headed woman you've become. It was a generally accepted consensus throughout the town that you were perfect for Bruno even despite your being younger than him. You were smart and you were well-rounded. 
You were not the type to deviate from house chores because your body practically screamed from him. That kind of behavior was reserved for Dolores and Mariano.
"I was-," You clear your throat, still picking aimlessly at the sand underneath your supine body. You didn't dare look up at him.
"Um… how was your day?"
"It was good." He replies politely, sending another rush down your spine. You didn't understand. You were so needy the entire morning, doing everything in your power to finally get to him and now that you're here…
"So, are you going to see any more people today?" There. You did it. You asked that dreaded question. You hoped the desperation wasn't as present in your voice as you felt it was.
"Um," His voice trails off into incoherent whispers that vaguely sounds like 'knock knock knock'. It is as if he needs a second to gather his thoughts and you give him the opportunity. You never really rushed him into anything and the same was reciprocated for you. You cannot help your electrified body from shaking in the sand. You looked like a rattlesnake.
Once Bruno collects himself, he says with a quick deep breath. 
"Not if… not if you don't want me to."
Your stomach lurches up into the base of your throat and your hand stops its mindless doodling in the endless grains of sand.
"I don't…" You say, finally gazing up at him. His face is expectant but cautious and so are you.
"I don't want you to- see anyone, today." You chuckle nervously before shifting in the sand and sitting cross legged right in front of him. Your knees touch and you hear him take a sharp inhale. The thought was hardly perceivable but you hoped, maybe… he wanted you as much you wanted him. 
"Okay." Is all he says. "Done."
You still can't shut up. 
"And I know you're really happy that the town is finally responding to your gift after Mirabel's vision worked out but, I don't know, I really… well, I missed you, Bruno. A lot."
Your body missed him especially but you wouldn't dare say that out loud. Your marriage was fresh. New. Besides consummating the marriage you had only had sex one time after then. It was unforgettable. 
"Can I…" His voice trails off. "Can I kiss you?" He visibly blushes at the question and your eyes snap up to him. Maybe you were a little too eager but you nod your head frantically.
"Please." You breathe out. "Please do."
He nods before leaning in and tentatively touching the tips of your lips to his. The kiss isn't sudden. It's shy and tentative, just like the two of you. It overwhelmed you all the same. These heavenly seconds you spend with your eyes closed, lips touching and his stubble grazing against your face. It sends an even bigger jolt of pleasure in between your legs. He eventually mustered the courage to lean further in and before you know it, you're kissing. No- making out. 
Bruno releases a helpless groan at the taste of you and the kiss soon turns frantic. You slither your hand up his cheek and through his hair, all the while his hands are locked firmly in the sand. You break the kiss and look up at him with hooded eyes.
"Papi, you know you can touch me, right?" He groans again before you feel his hands settle on the sides of your dress. You lift yourself from the sand, lips still firmly locked together and he hikes your dress up ever so slightly. He ghosts his fingers experimentally on your exposed thigh but quickly retreats to the safety of your clothed sides. A moan escapes you and his fingers tighten around your waist at the sound.
"Can I?" He mumbles into the kiss, motioning to your dress 
"Yes! Yes, yes please." He blinks at your urgency and you swear a small smile climbs onto his face but he ducks down under the curtain of curly hair, focusing on hiking your dress up even further.
He rubs your thighs slowly and you slowly move until you're firmly on top of him. Your breathing is loud and ragged and he looks down at you thighs. He groans and attaches his lips onto the crook of your neck. These kisses you welcome eagerly.
"Tan hermosa." You hear him breath out into your neck. "Eres tan hermosa…"
You are about to say thank you but he begins sucking on a particularly soft, sensitive spot and your hips buck into him instinctively. He immediately releases himself from your neck and gaze at you in surprise.
"Why didn't you just tell me? I would've dropped everything." It's the first put-together sentence he's formed and you shiver at the conviction in his eyes. He was never this sure, never this assertive and it turned you on. Lord it turned you on.
"I'll remember that next time," You whisper drunkenly into his ear which immediately perks up. You bring your hands under his ruana.
"Next time…" He breathes out before placing a hand on the hem of your panties, pulling it down. He quickly takes off the ruana and lays it on the floor beside you.
"Hey! I wanted to do that-" He quiets you with a kiss  before he spins you around, much to your pleasure and surprise until your once again laying, not on the sand but on his ruana while he's hovering over you.
"I just want you to know, we don't have to do this-"
You roll your eyes. "Bruno. If you don't touch me right now I'm going to have to find help elsewhere." He pauses before bending down to kiss you and your fingers find each other amidst his curls.
"Don't…" His voice is soft but weirdly demanding. You don't miss the hand crawling up between your thighs. "Don't say that." 
"Okay," is all you say before you push your head back into the sand. Your eyes are screwed shut and all you anticipate is the feeling. The feeling.
"Yes, yes, yes," You whisper the chant as his hand drags along your skin until finally, his hand is immediately coated in your wetness. No. You weren't just wet. You were drenched.
"Dios mío." You hear his gruff voice in your eyes. Your eyes flutter open to find his are screwed shut. He begins to drag the wetness up to your clit and you begin to move your hips along to his hand motions. Although this alone makes him seem so content you reach over and under his shirt. His eyes snap open as he continues to message your core.
"What are you-"
You drag your nails across his lean body before pushing your hand firmly down his pants. He immediately groans and the rhythmic circles around your clit begin to falter as you unbutton his pants further. You rub him through his underwear and his eyes peer eagerly into yours. His eyebrows curve questioningly but desperately as you reach in and pull him firmly out of his underwear.
Your breathing is ragged and eager as you stare solely into each other's eyes.
"Bruno, please. I need you now." You state with finalty, never once breaking eye contact. He nods eagerly before positioning himself at your entrance. 
"Please don't hold out." You say, incredibly needy. He nods and slowly eases himself into. At that small contact you throw your head back into the sand once again.
He pushes himself firmly inside you with ragged breaths before he begins to find a steady pace. He slithers up to you and places kisses on your collarbone, leaning his forearm on the sand at the sides of your head. He lowers himself until he's nestled into your neck as he begins to fuck you relentlessly. His mutterings are perpetual. 
So many 'Dios mio's', so many 'eres perfecta's', so many praises you cum quicker than you would have liked.
"Oh god- Bruno!" The sound of your voice echoing through his hollow chamber calling a name… his name…is enough to have him unraveling right above you.
His breathing is heavy in your ears. 
"Im gonna- I-- Can I?!." You rub his sides encouragingly as you nod. You are aching to feel him, all of him inside you. He immediately came inside you and you feel yourself in euphoria once again. Slowly, you both descend from your climax but it is as if you're still in the clouds. Bruno's breathing is rough and rugged as he slowly lowers himself onto your front. He stares ahead and you lock your fingers in his hair, curling and braiding the strands aimlessly.
"I won't give any prophecies on the weekends." He says, causing your heart to flutter.
"No visions on the weekends." He says.
You smile.
"No visions on the weekends." You agree.
Tumblr media
A/N: I hope you darlings enjoyed 💕
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multificsworld · 11 months ago
could i get camilo x fem!reader who’s known to be passive-aggressive, but camilo decides to hang out with her bc he spotted her just looking at the moon and she’s really not that aggressive, people just aggravate her often?? plus her meeting the madrigals please ❤️❤️
I may have gotten carried away with this... but i loved this request! our sweet boy camilo so sweet so loveable camilo brainrot anyway I HOPE YOU ENJOY this took me forever <3
warnings; isabela is a little mean, i love her tho it was for the plot sake dont kill me, takes place during the events of the movie/before, nothing else other than a couple of cuties in love
Tu Alma Tan Hermosa, Como La Luna (camilo madrigal x fem! reader)
Tumblr media
⊱ ───── {.⋅ ۵♡۵ ⋅.} ──── ⊰
Camilo always found his cousin Isabela a bit stuck-up. It never bothered him, up until now, where she was ranting about someone to his sister, Dolores. It was when you were mentioned that he perked up. He’s always seen you around town, and he couldn’t help but be curious about you. The shapeshifter had asked his all hearing sister about her, and she’d quickly told him it wouldn’t be a good idea to try to talk to you.
“But why?” He had asked, reluctantly tearing his eyes away from your figure to look at his sisters serious face.
“She’s mean. Very passive aggressive, to everyone. You won’t be the exception, trust me. Now keep walking.”
Camilo turned to look at you one last time but it appeared he had lost you in the crowd of people. It made him wonder if Dolores had actually taken time to speak to you instead of assuming the worst. He dropped the topic, knowing it would only turn into an argument. After all, Dolores was the one who heard everything. She had to be right.
It didn’t stop him from thinking about you every now and then. Maybe he’s taken a liking to you. He snapped out of his thoughts to look up at Isabela, still talking his sister’s ear off.
“I was just growing flowers in town, and she tripped over one. She stepped on it! You’d think she would apologize.” Isabela scoffed, crossing her arms.
“or maybe you should have.” mumbled Camilo, huffing. Isabela smiled condescendingly at him.
“Sorry, how was it my fault? do you not watch where you’re going when you’re walking?”
Camilo grinned smugly at her. “Do you watch where you’re planting?”
She scoffed, “Alright Camilo. Whatever you say.”
He shrugged, walking away from the girls to head to his room.
But why wouldn’t you leave his mind?
A few days had gone on, but they felt like weeks for Camilo. He started sleeping late recently, mind clouded with questions about you. You couldn’t be as bad as people made you out to be. Maybe if he got to know you personally, he’d get to know you for you. The morning turned to night slower than a turtle could walk.
He was restless now, mind itching with thoughts. Thoughts that could be relieved if he got to talk to you. He never seemed to find the time to, far too busy with his duties. As soon as he finished, either you’d be gone or one of his family members would be rushing him back home. It was frustrating to no end.
He was brought back to reality when he heard motion coming from outside. His body automatically took him to a nearby window, peeking out. It was then that he noticed a figure, retreating to the forest-like place behind casita. He squinted his eyes, leaning more into the window to make out the face of the person.
The person turned around for a second, making sure they weren’t being watched or followed assumed Camilo. It was then that he caught a good look of their face. your face.
“This is a sign.” he mumbled to himself, silently cheering. He was too determined to speak to you to question where you were even going anyway. He watched as casita brought him his shoes, smiling. “Glad you agree with me.”
The only thing he had left to do was sneak out successfully. He slowly turned his doorknob, praying he wouldn’t wake his sister. He hesitated to push open his door, debating on if it would creak or not. The boy decided he would risk it, and of course the one time he hoped it didn’t, it did creak. He was tense for a moment, holding his breath as he waiting for someone to wake up.
He slowly let out a sigh of relief when no one exited their rooms, stepping out carefully. He shut the door, preparing to make his way down the loud stairs. Maybe casita would be willing to help out. Camilo thanked casita silently as he made way down the stairs, not one of them letting out a sound. He was getting closer to the outside, rushing forward to leave. He felt the cool of the doorknob meet his hand.
“Camilo Madrigal. Where are you headed?” 
The curly-headed boy let out a soft whine, turning to his mother who stared at him from upstairs unamused. He gave her a guilty smile.
“Mami. Hey. I was just, uhm...” He faltered, struggling to give an excuse. Pepa watched him curiously, arms crossed as she waited for an explanation.
“I just can’t sleep. I don’t know why. I saw la luna and I just wanted to get a closer look. It’s not very visible from my room.” Camilo blurted out, playing with his hands.
“You know it’s late, right?”
He nodded at his mother’s words. She walked down the stairs, sighing as she placed a kiss to her sons head. “Ten minutes. I want you back by then.”
He nodded eagerly, thanking her before running out.
The shapeshifter quietly made his way to where he’d seen you go last, knowing that Pepa thought he would be looking at the moon from their house. He had to act quickly. You ended up making the job easier for him, since it was very evident which way you’d gone. He followed the shoe prints in the ground, walking softly. Finally, he’d found you. 
Camilo observed as you sat peacefully, staring at the moon he’d been staring at not too long ago. The light of the moon shined onto your face, making you look so graceful, so pretty to him. He was stunned, in the best way possible. He couldn’t understand how people thought so negatively of you. The boy held his breath as he tried to decide whether to join you or leave you be. 
You definitely seemed like you needed this, he didn’t want to interrupt. Or what if his sister and Isabela were right? What if you’d just push him away, and his efforts would all be in vain. Should he risk it? Could he?
“You know, I know you’ve been standing there for the past 2 minutes.”
Your gentle voice startled him as you turned to stare at him. He let out an awkward chuckle.
“I’m sorry. I don’t wanna come off weird.” he apologized, shying under your gaze. He was pleasantly surprised when you let out a tiny laugh. 
“No, it’s alright. I won’t question you for now.” you quipped, turning back to stare at the moon. Camilo gained the courage to walk up to your seated figure, standing next to you.
“This seat taken?” He joked, smiling down at you. 
“It is, by you.” you joked back, patting the spot next to you on the ground. He sat, gazing at the moon for a bit just like you were. You cleared your throat before speaking again. “Sorry for not introducing myself, by the way.” you turned to look at the brown-eyed boy, quickly realizing just how pretty he was. your cheeks dusted with the lightest red as you turned away from him and stared at the ground to hide it.
“I’m Y/N.” you introduced yourself to him, trying to distract yourself with a nearby stick and scratching the dirt with it. You didn’t notice him looking at you so endearingly, the same red on his own cheeks.
“I’m Camilo.”
He spent his remaining minutes left speaking to you, getting to know the real you and not the you people told him you were. You seemed to be aware of what people thought of you, shrugging it off like nothing. It was something he admired, but he wanted to protect you from those rude accusations. He wanted to tell the world about you, about giving you a chance. You told him a couple stories, including your run-in with his cousin.
It frustrated him how people were quick to assume. They disregarded how they made you feel, how they made you aggravated. From what you were telling him, you’d only been defending yourself. He wanted to change everyone’s view on you, he was determined to. And so, when he left you that night, he had decided to start showing everyone the real you. He was going to start with his family.
As soon as it turned morning, he’d rushed out of the house, leaving his family members confused. Camilo wasn’t sure where you’d be at this time, but he had a mission to complete. He would give a simple hello and goodbye to people who stopped him, rushing past them quickly. That was until a tired mother handed him her child, a pleading look in her eyes. He took the child gently, assuring the mother that they were in safe hands as she made her way back into her house.
“Looks like you’re coming with me, little one.” Camilo grinned down at the infant, securing them to his ruana with a blanket. 
It proved to be a difficult task to find you, he even resorted to asking the people around if they’d seen you. He was close to giving up when he spun around and saw you already approaching. Camilo’s lips turnt up into a smile. 
“Hey, Camilo. You have a baby with you.” You pointed out, eyes widening a little. He shrugged, grinning.
“Babysitting duties.”
“I didn’t think you the type.” you spoke absentmindedly, cooing at the baby in his hold. Camilo shook his head when he found himself admiring you once again. 
“I’m pretty good with them. This little one will be spending the day with us.” You raised an eyebrow at his words.
“Us?” He simply nodded, his curls bouncing at his eagerness.
You smiled at him brightly. “Well. Let’s do this then.”
You don’t know how you found yourself here, walking with Camilo back to ‘casita’ as he said it was called. You’d taken a strong liking to the witty, flirty boy after spending a few moments with him. He hadn’t judged you, or been rude to you at all. He gave you a chance, and you were grateful for it. The least you could do was accept his invitation to come over.
That being said, you still found yourself nervous. Sure, Camilo had accepted you and gotten to know you, but would his family do the same? You didn’t want to think hard on it.  His voice snapped you back to earth, and you realized you were already at the door. “Wait here.” He smiled, his hand letting go of the grip he had on yours. 
You blushed as he went inside, not having noticed you had been holding his hand the entire walk here. You waited outside anxiously, your foot tapping against the ground. You perked up as the door creaked open, revealing Camilo who motioned for you to come inside. You nodded, walking in with him. You were met face to face with a tall, ginger woman who looked at you with suspicion. 
This was Camilo’s mother, you recognized. He’d told you all about his family during your hangout. Your starting to think he planned this. 
“Hola, Señora Pepa. Es un placer conocerte.” you gave the woman a smile, extending your hand out for her to shake. The suspicion she originally held subdued at your politeness, as she reached out take your hand.
“Please, Call me Pepa.” The older woman responded, a noticeable tenderness in her voice. You nodded, 
“It’s wonderful to meet you, Pepa.”
Camilo found himself smiling at the interaction between the two of you, silently applauding himself and you. Pepa glanced over at her son and then at you again, smiling herself when she noticed. “Oh, I should leave the two of you be. Don’t be afraid to make yourself at home, cariño.” Pepa ruffled Camilo’s hair before walking away from the two of you.
“Not bad, eh?” Camilo turned to you, still smiling bright as he fixed his hair that his mother messed up. 
“I guess not.” you teased, smiling back. “Oh, here, I’ll fix it for you.” You walked up to the boy as his hands retreated from his head. Your own hands took their place, sorting his curls. Camilo was sure his heart was racing, and he hoped you couldn’t hear it.
“Is this your girlfriend, Camilo?!” 
Your hands quickly dropped from his head, and he felt disappointment rise in him at the loss of your touch. He turned to see his dad looking at you both from the top of the stairs. He stumbled over his words, not being able to get a sentence out. That was until his mother rushed in, dragging her husband away.
“Felix! Leave those two alone, you ruined their moment!” He heard her scold, as Felix apologized profusely.
“I’m guessing that was your dad?” you chuckled, the added color on your cheeks from Felix’s remark having faded. 
“Yeah. Excuse him, he’s just excited.” Camilo explained, nervous that his dad’s comment may have killed your mood.
“It’s okay. I get it. I’m the first girl you’ve had over.” You teased, nudging your friend. 
“You are, actually. And if things go my way, you’ll also be the last.” He winked at you, before gesturing you to follow him. his comment was glued to your brain, however, not sure exactly what he meant. You didn’t want to get too hopeful, but you’ve grown to like the boy in the short while you’ve known him. You sighed, before following him.
Before you knew it, dinner time came around. Pepa had eagerly invited you to stay for it, and you just had to agree. She was way too happy about the idea of you staying, and you for sure didn’t want to let her down. So far, Camilo had introduced you a few other people. Antonio, who you played with and spoke to for a while. 
Mirabel, who you clicked with immediately, your conversations coming naturally. Luisa, who greeted you with a sturdy handshake and a ‘I can’t wait for you to be a part of this family’. However, you had yet to interact with Dolores or Isabela. Camilo wanted to have you in his sight if you did, ready to come to your defense. You sat next to Camilo, hands fidgeting with your dress. 
Camilo watched carefully as his sister walked, eyes landing on you. She let out a surprised squeak, hesitantly sitting down. Isabela walked over a while after, a glare being sent your way. You took notice, huffing as you looked away from the girl’s powerful look. Camilo noticed, taking your hand in his under the table. Your eyes could barely focus on anything other than your intertwined hands for the rest of dinner.
When you had finished eating, most of the adults had left the table already. You stood when Camilo did, preferring to stick by him. Just as Dolores and Isabel were about to leave, Camilo called out to them. His sister stopped reluctantly, and his cousin rolled her eyes before turning. “What is it?”
He spoke confidently, “I wanted you to meet Y/N.” You gulped as you tried to smile at them, waving slightly. 
“We’ve met before. I know what I need to know.” Isabela spoke coldly, flipping her hair over her shoulder. 
“But you don’t.” You spoke, chewing your lip nervously. “Look, Isabela. I’m really sorry for the whole flower situation. I apologize, really, If I offended you.” You spoke genuinely, making Isabela’s cold facade falter. 
“and Dolores,” You addressed the rather quiet girl, which made her let out another squeak. “I know the awful things you’ve heard about me. And all the somewhat mean things I’ve said before as well. But that’s not me. I’d like you both to know the real me better.”
To say Camilo was proud of you was an understatement. He was beaming at you standing your ground, proving yourself. He took your hand in his once again, as encouragement. The room was quiet for a moment, before Dolores spoke.
“I should be the one apologizing, Y/N.” she sighed out, looking at you. “My mother has said not one bad word about you, and neither has the rest of my family. You’re a nice girl. I’m glad your friends with my brother.”
She then nudged Isabela, who huffed. “I accept your apology. Maybe I was too harsh on you.” was all she said, before retreating to her room. Dolores gave you the tiniest smile before doing the same.
“So...” Camilo trailed off, looking to you to see if you had any remarks. You squeezed his hand tighter.
“I think I’m good now.”
The moon shone brightly that night, prompting you both to go outside to watch it back where Camilo first spoke to you. Except, something felt different now. You felt more at ease, more comfortable. You laid beside the boy who was slowly stealing your heart, both of you in a comfortable silence. It was now your thoughts running wild instead of his, as you think about how great Camilo actually is. He gave you a chance, he talked to you, treated you normally.
You couldn’t be more grateful. Sitting up, you looked down at a curious Camilo. “leaving so soon?” he pouted, sitting up as well. You giggled, playfully shoving him. 
“No, Not yet. It’s too peaceful to leave.” He hummed in agreement, nodding.
“Thank you, by the way.” 
He glanced at you, confused. “What for?” 
you played with your fingers. “For giving me a shot.”
“I should be thanking you.” you smiled at him.
“Oh yeah? What for, in your own words?”
Camilo turned to face you, meeting your eyes. 
“For showing me you. Tu alma tan hermosa, como la luna.” 
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mikalei · 10 months ago
Bruno: Call me a fortune teller, 'coz I see my future with you
Y/n: /blushes/ oh stop flirting
Bruno: No I mean literally, I look into the future and then I saw the two of us married with 3 kids.
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dos-oroguitas · 10 months ago
Got any Camilo x abused!reader lying around these parts? Or maybe reader flinched when he raised his hand? 👀
His girl
Tumblr media
t.w. sensitive topics such as mentions of scars and allusion to abuse
In which Camilo’s sudden action had caused you to be startled, flinching away from a both worried but also curious boy who knew not the reason why you did so.
Part 2 is here! masterlist !!
Tumblr media
Not much was exactly known about you when you first came to the village but in the dead of night, donkey hooves were heard clopping around the paths of Encanto, apart from the soft murmurs of those who had helped you move into your new home. As soon as the sun rose from between the mountains of Encanto, citizens had helped in building a new home for the newcomers that consisted of a mother and a daughter no younger than fifteen.
Rumors had it that the duo had escaped from another nearby town or that the mother and daughter had stowed away on a produce cart bound for said village but no one was sure and no one would ask. The small family, if you can even call them that, kept to themselves, walking the streets without meeting anyone’s eyes. Magdalena, your mother was almost always covered up, her face draped with a silk cloth so only her eyes would be visible. Magdalena and (Name) Basilio were an enigma that the villagers and a certain shapeshifter were itching to uncover.
Looking at them from afar, the two were normal.
Though there was a certain elegance that the two odd newcomers of Encanto had exuded. Proper postures, chins up, and clothes that were a bit more extravagant than a normal person in the village would have. As closed off as you two were, the villagers would often find themselves staring as you walked by.
Of course many rumors arose from the townspeople even as you had already been residing there for months already. Some more far-fetched from the others but some truer than they seem.
Though today was a bit different, only one Basilio was out and about in town today. The lovely (Name). Unlike Magdalena, you were surprisingly amicable, smiling so sweetly that you had managed to charm the people you’ve encountered in the short time you’ve stayed in the town. Though they would often notice that despite the twinkle in your eyes, the smile on your face never quite reached your eyes.
You were looking over the produce, not really knowing how to tell apart the ripe ones from the overripe ones. Pursing your lips as the shopkeeper, who you had known as Paulina, stifles a laugh and shakes her head.
“Your mamá should really teach you the difference, chiquita.” You can only smile. You really had no knowledge of these things that other boys and girls your age were already experts at. Though before you could say anything more, a yell of your name interrupted you.
“(Name)!” Ah. That voice sounds familiar. Turning around you were greeted by the boy you had surprisingly gotten close to. It only took bumping both of your heads into one another while browsing in the local library for a good book for you two to befriend one another.
“Camilo!” You exclaim, stifling a laugh as you as he bumped your shoulder with his. “Oh? Tia Magdalena is not with you today, princesa?” The boy tilted his head as he looked around to get a glimpse of your mother, upon finding none he looked at you with an excited grin. You shook your head, smiling sheepishly with a blush on your cheeks at the nickname. “No, ‘Milo. Mamá isn’t with me today.”
At that, the boy let out a sigh of relief.
“Ah, c’mon, ‘Milo, my mamá isn’t that bad.” You chide with a pout as the Madrigal boy had shrugged his shoulders. “You say that but sometimes I can just see her looking at me like she wants me to go away.” You purse your lips at what he said, knowing well the reason why she was so protective.
“Mamá asked me to do today’s errands for her.” You say, trying to change the subject and recalling your mother’s stern but still soft reminder for you to return home as soon as you were done. “But I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out the difference between a ripe or an overripe mango.” You say with a soft sigh which Camilo chuckles at.
“No te preocupes, (Name). I got this.” You can only smile gratefully as the boy began filling up your basket with mangoes and all the other fruits and vegetables on your list. Even haggling with Paulina for your sake.
“Ay, come on, Paulina! Why not a discount for my girl?”
Paulina playfully sneered at Camilo, the older woman looking at you two with a mischievous glint in her eyes.
“Your girl, huh?” As she repeated these words, Camilo had suddenly stilled, coughing as his form began to change from Abuela, to Mirabel, to his mamá, and finally a disfigured version of himself before he changed back to normal. All the while you stayed quiet by his side, beyond flustered yourself.
Sure Camilo had called you different pet names before but something about him calling you his girl had allowed the butterflies to flutter inside your tummy. Your cheeks felt so warm that it would put Pepa Madrigal’s happy sunny days to shame. Don’t tell her you said that though.
“Huh?! You must have heard wrong, Lina!” He averted his gaze, freckled cheeks burning at the slip-up. “You better get to Tia Julieta and get some of her arepas, your hearing is getting worse, Abuela Lina!” He says, grabbing the now heavy basket in your hands and marching away.
“¡Vamos, princesa! I’ll walk you home!” He says, not even turning back as he starts to walk away. You quickly snap out of your stupor. You were about to pay Paulina but she had stopped you.
“On the house. For Camilo’s girl.” She teased before shooing you away. You can only thank her before following Camilo.
The way home was filled with laughs and giggles, along with actually eating some of the mangoes with Camilo telling you how he had messed with Dolores again by teasing her of Mariano and how he had successfully secured a batch of arepas under his bed. Unbeknownst to him, his Tio Bruno’s rat friends had already gotten to it.
Seeing the familiar steps that led to your home, you had turned to him with a sweet smile on your face. “Thank you for today, Camilo.” Upon hearing your voice, he turned to you, the burning of his cheeks gone but you could still see that the tips of his ears had turned pink. “No hay problema, princesa.” He couldn’t help but admire your face, taking in every inch of your features as if it would be the last time he’d see you. You were always so beautiful, he had thought when he had first caught a glimpse of you, prior to meeting you in the library.
You had accompanied your mamá on your very first trip outside your new house. He remembered it fondly, you were wearing a white top with delicate ruffles, your skirt a yellow that surprisingly had matched the color of his ruana. When you smiled, though not at him or for him, he swore his heart stopped beating before picking up in a much faster pace from before. He was honestly whipped. Of course he wouldn’t tell you that though. At least not yet.
You smile wider, not even paying attention anymore, unaware that Camilo had lifted his hand with the intention to gently pat your head but upon seeing his hand raised, your eyes widened in alarm and you flinched hard, stumbling back with a gasp and landing on the pavement with a loud thud. Your arms instinctively cover your face.
“(Name)! Princesa, ¿Estás bien?!” Camilo was as startled as you were, dropping down to his knees as he looked at you with concern in his eyes. Your heart hammered against your chest, wide eyed as you couldn’t believe how you had just reacted. To Camilo of all people.
But before you could answer him, he was suddenly shoved aside and you were quickly pulled in said someone’s arms. squinting a little as you realized who it was.
“M-Mamá!?” You gape before glancing at Camilo who had swallowed thickly as Magdalena glared at him.
“What do you think you’re doing to my daughter? You stay away from us, Madrigal! If you know what is best for you.” Camilo’s eyes widened and he quickly stood up. “No, no, Señora! You misunderstand I was just trying to-“
“Mamá, please, Camilo was just..!” You tried desperately to explain before your mother had hoisted you up. “I don’t need to hear anything from him.” She says stubbornly, snatching the basket from his hands.
“You men are the same.” The older Basilio had hissed. “I better not see you anywhere near (Name), Madrigal. I don’t want you anywhere near her!” She says as she turns her back on Camilo after making sure you were alright. “And you (Name) stay away from him. You know what would happen with men like him.” She made you look at her, unknowingly dropping the shawl that had covered her face to reveal the ugly scar going across her face. A scar so deep not even Julieta Madrigal’s arepa could heal it. She had quickly covered her face again, looking at you with an unreadable expression.
And you paled, throat tightening as you remember just who had given her that.
“No, mamá, Camilo I.. he isn’t like papá..!” Before you could say anything else you were pulled along inside your home, casting Camilo a desperate and sorrowful expression, mouthing an ‘I’m sorry’ before your mother had shut the door behind you, leaving Camilo in shock and wondering what he had done wrong. Or rather, what was your mamá’s problem with him?
And he knew just the person to ask.
Tumblr media
I hope I did this one justice! Any thoughts/ opinions would be appreciated as does any like or reblog! I think I got too carried away though, sorry anon! I hope you don’t mind!
Possible part 2?
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inv3ntory · 10 months ago
coming out
camilo comes out to his family as gay at dinner, and introduces you as his boyfriend. abuela has accepted that her family isnt perfect, but she isnt quite ready to give up this part of her want for a "perfect family".
camilo just wants to be himself for once.
camilo x male (he/him) reader :)
3k words
warnings: homophobic abuela (i do just want to say, shes not like this or a bad person in canon, i just needed someone to get this fic to flow into the hurt/comfort.), one line of self harm (camilo punches his own thigh out of anger—it stops almost as soon as it starts), hurt/comfort
cross-posted on ao3!!
"camilo, your boyfriend's here!" isabela called from the door where you stood, smirk prominent in the tone of her voice. 
you were invited for dinner by the madrigals, mainly because camilo asked if you could come. you'd been dating for a while now, but acted only like best friends in front of people to keep yourselves secret. dolores knew, who told only isabela. camilo was amazed at how well she was keeping quiet—though, he knew she would never out him to the whole family—she had morals.
camilo slid down the stairs, which had turned flat under his feet. he bumped isabelas arm hard when he made it to the door. "isabela! dios mío, what if someone heard you?" he said through clenched teeth. isabela only smiled and turned, walking away. camilo looked at you, then looked at isabela as she walked, "plus, its only funny if you can shape-shift."
she left, an amused scoff escaping her after camilo spoke. camilos expression softened, he leaned against the door and made room for you to enter. "come in, amor."
you were nervous for tonight, and he knew you were, because he was too. he'd planned on telling his family his two biggest secrets tonight—his sexuality, and who he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. he wanted to get it all off his chest, and you were both ready to stop hiding, so why not over dinner?
his family was always like family to you, so why should you be nervous? his abuela may aswell have been yours, his cousins, siblings, tío's and tía's may aswell have been yours—you were always so welcome there, and tonight shouldnt change that, right?
you stepped in and camilo closed the door behind you. "dinner has already been prepared—you came just in time." a light smile was plastered on his face, eye full of adoration as he looked at you. even if you were late, god, he wouldnt care, he just wanted to see you.
he took your hand in his and led you to the dining room, where the majority of his family had already gathered. well, if you didnt feel like you were late before, you definitely did now. their stares at the hand holding were ignored by camilo, who just wanted to get you to your seats.
he'd already set out the plates of food for the both of you, his family seating themselves with their own. you squeezed his hand lightly as a way to say thank you to him for getting yours for you already.
camilo pulled out your chair for you, bowing slightly as you sat down.
"why, thank you." you grinned at him while he sat next to you. he was being more openly flirty tonight, and you enjoyed it a lot. he usually did his best to stay at least a few inches away from you while outside of his room, unable to trust his own abilities to keep his hands to himself, but today? today was new. you loved today.
dolores sat next to camilo, which she always did, but tonight it felt like she was there for moral support. you noticed out of the corner of your eye the nervous glances she continued to give camilo. under the table, camilos hand found yours, his other hand picking up a utensil. small conversations between family members struck, leaving camilo a nervous wreck wondering when the perfect time would be. you rubbed your thumb against the backside of his hand as comfort.
uncharacteristically of him, camilo was hardly touching his food. he stared into it, focusing on your touch and the conversations around you both, taking the occasional bite when he remembered to.
the more he thought about just outright saying it all to his family, the more panicky he was getting. when the table went silent, he barely noticed. he barely even noticed his own mother calling his name—he only noticed when you squeezed his hand to get his attention. he looked up at you, and then heard his name, to which he looked to pepa.
"whats wrong, camilo?" she asked gently.
"oh, its nothing, dont worry, mamí. i– i guess i wanted to say something." he mentioned, and pepa tilted her head in curiosity.
he had all of the table looking at him now, and it wasnt helping his nervousness. his face twisted as he turned his head to look at everyone. he opted to look down instead.
"well– i just.. you all have been telling me lately to get myself a girlfriend.." the energy shifted in the room. he opened his mouth to talk again, but wasnt able to get anything out when he was cut off.
"camilo, did you get a girlfriend?" félix asked, a proudness in his voice. dolores cringed, as did you.
"no. no, i didnt. well– close, i guess?" he mumbled the last bit, but everyone caught it. "i wanted to say, that.. i, uhm.." dolores could hear his heartbeat picking up. you felt his hand shift in yours, gripping yours tightly. "i would much rather have a boyfriend. and, i do. i'm.. dating y/n."
no one spoke. camilo could feel the panic building up higher and higher. dolores smiled, trying subtly to hype him up just enough to get the others to start talking.
mirabel, who sat across the table, clapped quietly a few times. "i'm proud of you, camilo."
camilo looked up at her and saw a bright smile on her face. he let his lips form a small smile to return to her. his eyes wandered away from her and onto you now, but you werent looking at him, you were looking at his abuela. he was unsure of the expression on your face, so he looked to his abuela for the answer.
her face was anything but proud. his heart dropped to his stomach.
so maybe her need for a 'perfect family' hadnt completely faded.
"you're..." she couldnt finish whatever she was saying. her expression was a mixture of any bad one she could muster up. camilo couldnt look anymore. he couldnt even bring himself to look at his other family members to see if they still loved him. "where did we go wrong?"
camilo slouched down, his hand loosening from yours. you tried to meet his eyes, but he wouldnt look up. camilo let go of your hand completely and stood up to leave the table—he couldnt handle the terrible, judging silence anymore. you stood up immediately after, refusing to look at anyone at the table. you reached for camilos hand, but he moved it from your reach before he could.
"madre!" you could hear pepas frustrated voice pipe up, faded as you followed camilo up the stairs to his room. camilo opened his door and left it, wordlessly letting you know he was okay with you being with him. "how could you say something like that?" thunder boomed as you closed the door behind you.
when you turned around, you watched camilo drop to his knees right in front of his bed. he began sobbing into the mattress in front of him. you got to him as fast as you could, skidding to your knees next to him. unsure if touching him would make it worse, you stayed right by him for him to make the first move.
his breath hitched far too often, so uneven it sounded painful.
"cant breathe-" he choked through a broken sob. "c– cant—"
"camilo, hey, you're okay. can i touch you?" a simple, small nod, and your arms were looped around his shoulders. he turned to his side and let himself sob into your shoulder, hands going to tightly grip your shirt to ground himself. you could feel just how bad his breathing was now.
"amor, i need you to breathe, okay? please? lets just breathe for a moment." your hand met his neck and rubbed gently. "listen to my breathing, only that." you leveled your own breathing for him to focus on, and you could tell, underneath his sobs, he was really trying to do just that.
one of his tightly gripping hands unclenched and pressed flat into your chest just to feel it expand with every breath. it helped him get grounded as best he could.
"you're doing great, mi amado. this is all you have to do right now. just breath. nothing else. no chores, no talking, you dont even have to think—just take some breaths." the way his breath wobbled when he inhaled, the way he would choke out a sob everytime he exhaled, it broke you. why were some people so cruel?
though it wasnt the best, his breathing was even enough to not be considered hyperventilating anymore, and that was good enough for you. for him too, apparently, because as soon as he let his hand fall from your chest, the waterworks came forth.
his body jerked forward into you, his arms wrapping around you in a quick, harsh hug as he pressed his face as hard into your shoulder as he could to stop his own crying. it didnt work, at all, because it only made him cry harder. his teeth clenched, fists balled on your back.
"you'll give yourself a headache if you hold it back, camilo.. you're safe here, you can let it out." you held him close, face pressing into his hair. you planted a kiss to his head, and he let the dam break freely. it was the same sobs he started with, but they werent paired with hyperventilation this time, thanks to you.
"i thought i could, i– i just wanted t – to be myself."
"i know.." you held him just slightly tighter, voice muffled by his hair. "you deserve to be yourself, especially with your familia. i'm so sorry, mi vida."
he took in a shaky breath, let out a few cries through his lips, which were sealed shut out of frustration. "i never get to be me. i never..–" his fists got tighter, and he let his arms fall. his voice was so broken, so quiet. "i always have to be someone im not. i hate this. i hate this. i hate–" he hadnt realized his fists had been slamming onto his own thighs under you had to stop him from hurting himself too much. you reacted quickly, by the second hit, you were already holding his hands back from a third.
"we'll figure this out. i wont let your abuela treat you like that—or anyone else. te prometo." you held his hands so gently, as if he were going to fall apart from your touch. "te amo porque eres tu, mi amor."
you didnt need an answer. the way he held onto you as if his life depended on it was enough.
camilo began relaxing against you, his cries getting softer as time went on. he let you hold his hands, something so comforting about it.
"how about we move up to your bed, hm?" you suggested softly. he nodded against you and let you guide his weak body up to sit on his bed. he sat and brought his knees up to his chest on the mattress, then rested his head in his arms.
you pulled him into a side hug and stayed with him like that, until there was a knock on his door.
"camilo? ..y/n?" it was pepa. another knock came, she sounded impatient and desperate to see her son.
"..cielo, tu madre.." you mentioned quietly, pulling his attention towards the knocking at the door. he looked up, then over at you. you hadnt met his eyes until now, and it completely broke you. they were so red, so full of tears, so upset. the look he gave you, though—he wanted his mother. you nodded towards the door, and he nodded back at you. with that, you got up and answered it.
"how is he? is he okay? please let me see my boy." she bombarded you with words, speaking so quickly it took a second to process her words. the cloud over her head was dark, but no activity came from it. you looked back at camilo, then to his mother again.
" 's not doing well." you said quietly, then stepped aside for her to enter.
you watched her rush to his side. "oh, camilo," his feet slid off the bed to allow room for a hug.
"mamí.." and he was crying into her shoulder, arms tight around her, just as they had been around you moments before.
camilo wasnt one to hide the fact that he was a mamas boy, especially not around you, and you knew that. he needed his mother. you were more than happy that pepa wasnt like his abuela.
you sat yourself in a small chair set near camilos bed after closing the door again and let pepa comfort her son.
"why cant i just be me, mama?" he asked, desperate for any answer that would make the pain go away.
"mi tesoro, you can be you. i talked to your abuela, she doesnt understand, but i made her promise she wont talk to you like that ever again."
"she doesnt love me." he mumbled into her shoulder, trying way too hard to stop crying again.
"she loves you, she loves you so much, camilo. i promise. we all do. this wont change a thing. she'll get used to it in time." camilo gripped onto his mothers dress, teeth clenched. "oh, mijo, i'm so proud of you for telling us. and i'm so happy you found someone who loves you just as much as we do." pepa side-eyed you for a moment, a smile on her face specifically for you. although she looked away before you could return it, you still smiled back at her.
"gracias.." his voice wobbled.
"te quiero camaleón."
"yo también te quiero mamí."
she held camilo for a few more minutes, silence filling the room. you watched how she kissed his head anytime camilo took in a harsh post-sob breath. he sounded like he was beginning to fall asleep in his mothers arms.
"i'm going to get you and y/n some water and a few snacks, since your plates were hardly touched, okay?" camilo hesitated, then nodded. she let go of him and stood up, shooting you a loving look before leaving the room.
camilo stared into his bed sheets, unmoving besides his shoulders shaking slightly. he looked up at you with eyes that almost pleaded for you to come to him. unsure of if that was the message, you stayed in your chair until he outstretched his arms towards you. how could you not hug him? you got up and joined him as soon as his arms lifted.
"te amo." you kissed his cheek, and he leaned into the gentle notion.
he leaned away from the short hug and pulled you into a proper kiss, eyes closing as your lips met. you leaned into his kiss, which forced him backwards into a laying position. your lips moved against his lazily moving ones, feeding as much love into the gesture as you possibly could.
"i.. love.. you.." you spoke, each word emphasized by a peck to his lips. you hovered over him, your legs laying beside him while your arms held you up. "i love you." you kissed him again, "i love you." and again, repeating the words in both english and spanish, peppering kisses all over his face.
he cracked a very small smile. success.
while you were trying your best to kiss every single freckle on his face—making sure to proclaim your love whenever you moved to another one—he let out the quietest giggle.
"yo también te amo, mi vida– te amo–" he said through growing laughter, attempting to get you to stop. it didnt work, though, because you only kept going. you were determined. you kissed down his jaw, then his neck, where he was quite ticklish. "¡te amo! i love you! ¡ya basta! ¡basta!"
his hands pushing you off, desperate proclamations of his own love flowing from his lips wasnt what got you to stop—it was when you looked up and realized pepa was halfway to his bed with a plate of snacks and some drinks carefully balanced in her arms. you sat up quickly, clearing your throat to try and cover the growing embarrassment.
she set everything down on camilos sidetable—which was quite messy, leaving barely any room for the plate and cups—and pressed a sweet kiss to camilos cheek, which was red from embarrassment.
then, she whispered to him, just loud enough that you knew she wanted you to hear it too, "if he's not treating you perfectly, if he makes you sad even once, you tell me, got it?" she said in a tone that was anything but stern. you both knew she meant it, but it wasnt at all said in a rude way. then, she looked up at you, "thank you for taking care of mijo, y/n. you are always welcome here—you already knew that. and if mi camaleón makes you sad, you tell me, too." she pointed at you, a smile on her lips.
"he could never make me sad, mamí. and i dont have it in me to upset him. i could never." he spoke in the same lighthearted tone that his mother had used, voice still low and somewhat hoarse from the sobs that had now left him completely.
"mhm, mhm, whatever you say. y/n, you promise you'll take perfect care of him, right?"
"of course. i wouldnt want to do anything else."
"madre," camilo said, a whine in the word, "when has he ever done anything wrong to me?"
"you're right, just making sure!" she threw her hands up in defence. "i will leave you two be now.. if either of you need anything, dont be shy. i'm right here. and i promise, you are both so loved."
"gracias, mamí."
you both said at the same time. she smiled once more at the both of you before turning and leaving, not without one last concerned look at her son through the final inch of the door before it closed.
camilo wrapped his arms around you and pulled you down to lay with him as soon as the door shut.
"you make me feel happy."
"it's called returning the favour." you smiled before pressing a quick kiss to his lips.
camilo put a hand on your cheek and initiated the kiss this time, making it last a few moments longer.
"te adoro, cariño." you whispered against his lips.
"te aprecio, mi vida." he whispered back.
after eating whatever pepa brought you both, you two stayed in each others arms for the rest of the night. it took quite a while for sleep to capture you both, but it came in time. if camilo woke up crying a few times, he didnt have to tell you, because you would be up almost immediately just from feeling him move in your arms, and you were always ready to hug him and tell him he was okay.
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caramellahoney · 10 months ago
You probably won't even see this but- I'd love to see just a CRUMB of something like Camilo rambling to Bruno about how much he adores his darling because he kind of gets the feeling that Bruno won't go running to y/n spilling the tea, but if y/n tries to just "oh hi Bruno!! :)" hE'LL PANIC BECAUSE he doesn't wanna ruin it for his sobrino
Also I love your writing you're very talented
"don't let it slip"
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN! Reader
genre: pure fluff
warning/s: none to note- no proofread
a/n: I had really fun with this! Thank you btw!
Bruno happily sighed as he snuggled into his sofa. It had been a long day and he was eager to get some well deserved rest.
"TIO BRUNO!" And-..there goes his free time. Bruno shrieked, twisting his head around to see who interrupted his relaxation. Camilo had just slammed the door open and stood at the entrance of Bruno's room. A goofy grin spread across his face. Bruno raised a brow, confused as to what the teen possibly wanted from him.
"I want you to read my future!" Camilo shouted, shutting the door of the room. Stomping over to his tio, the shapeshifter plopped on the floor. He sat right in front of Bruno's chair-to make sure Bruno wouldn't try to run away. Dumbfounded, the older man started awkwardly shifting in his seat.
"You know...you know how my visions go Camilo-" Bruno chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his neck. Camilo, threw his head back and groaned dramatically. He clasped his hands together and started pleading.
"Pleaasse? I'll owe you one! I could get you some extra food- or do some of your chores-just one little vision?? Pleaasse? It's been like 10 years!" Bruno squinted his eyes at Camilo. Just one, he says? Biting his lip, he tapped his fingers against his couch before eventually letting out a defeated sigh.
"Alright hijo. Let's go."
"You sure about this hijo?" Bruno muttered, spreading the sand across the ground. Camilo nodded enthusiastically, sending the man a two finger salute. Once Bruno finished his ritual, he squatted down on the ground and stretched.
Reaching his hand out, He clasped Camilo's hands with his own. The man took a deep breath and soon enough- his eyes started to glow a deep green. Camilo ohh'd at the sight as the sand around them started to swirl and create a barrier of some sorts.
Bruno narrowed his eyes as the sand started to materialize into figures. Camilo followed his gaze and saw a figure of himself, confused he turned to his uncle.
"Thats it?" Bruno sent him an exasperated look, shaking his head 'no'.
"Be patient- Oh! Look! There's another figure!" Camilo whipped his head around and saw another figure starting to form beside him. Bruno gasped dramatically and Camilo turned to him.
"What??! What's happening tio?!?"
"It's a person! And-and- they're breaking your neck!"
"They're what?!!" Camilo screamed in alarm, gaping at the sand sculptures.
"Oh wait no! Not breaking your neck! It looks like a dance?" Bruno tilted his head in confusion, trying to make sense of the vision.
"Are they breaking my neck or dancing with me?!?"
"Wait yes! A dance!" Bruno grinned, relieved that the vision wasn't about his sobrino getting his neck snapped in half. The figures started to materialize into Camilo and a person dancing together.
He reached out to grab the green slab, wiping away any remaining sand on it. Camilo quickly rushed to his side and curiously observed the vision.
"Ohh would you look at that, they're quite attractive- wait isn't that your lover Camilo?" Bruno pointed out, making Camilo's eyes widen. He reached out and grabbed the slab from Bruno's hands to examine it closer.
Camilo quickly recognized all of your features, It was you! Suddenly, he felt his breath hitch when he realized you were wearing a wedding outfit. Inspecting the slab further, he realized both of you were in a church.
"I'm going to marry y/n." Camilo breathed out, realizing what the vision was about. He snapped his head back to his uncle, a wide lovesick smile on his face. Bruno just shrugged and uttered a 'meh'.
"I mean I don't need to look into the future to see you two would've worked out but-"
"I'M GOING TO MARRY Y/N!" Camilo shrieked making Bruno jump. Camilo giddily stared at the slab again, turning to his tio- he asked if he could keep it. Bruno just nodded, feeling pretty good about himself after seeing how happy Camilo was about the vision.
"You must really like them huh?" Bruno whispered, glancing at the slab then at Camilo then at the slab again.
"You couldn't imagine. They have a smile that rivals mami's sunny days. I could make a poem with just their name alone and it would still sound breathtaking." Camilo softly gazed down at the slab once more before running to hug Bruno
"Oh! Before I go- mind keeping this a secret tio Bruno? I want them to be surprised in the near future." Camilo grinned and thanked his uncle as he skipped away. Bruno hummed, happy for his sobrino's future.
After that was done, he went downstairs and decided to grab a broom to sweep the leftover sand up. He passed by the kitchen on the way, just in time for you to walk in through the back door.
"Señor Bruno?" Jumping, Bruno felt himself tense up as you called out to him. You smiled softly at him, unaware that Bruno was having an internal battle with himself.
"I was just wondering where Camilo was?" Bruno panicked and stared to stutter, avoiding your confused eyes.
'Dont let it slip Bruno, you can't ruin this for Camilo-' Bruno closed his eyes and let out a nervous breath. He smiled at you awkwardly, quickly putting the broom away.
"He ran away! I mean- mierda- he went to go his room." Bruno quickly corrected himself, hoping that you'd ignore his mess up and be convinced. He felt himself relax as you brightened up and thanked him, quickly leaving the room.
"Nice save, tio." In another room, Dolores snickered.
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froggywritesstuff · 11 months ago
Idiot | Camilo Madrigal
Tumblr media
Pairing: Camilo x g/n!reader
Warnings: jealousy, swearing
18+ people DNI
”Cami, you and Y/N are dating, right?” Dolores asked her younger brother.
”Yeah… why?” He asked, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion.
Dolores shrugged, “I just heard them talking with some guy in town. They sound pretty close.”
”I-I’m sure they’re just friends.” Camilo argued, though it seemed more like he was trying to tell himself that.
Dolores held a hand up to her ear as if she were listening in, before turning back to Camilo, “Ok then…”
Camilo paused for a moment, 'They would never cheat on me...' before he stopped what he was doing and raced out of the Casita.
He sprinted into the markets in town, scanning around for the for the familiar (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes, when he finally spotted them.
Their laugh sounded from across the markets as a man stood next to them, his arm slung around them.
Camilo’s heart sank when he saw how happy they looked with him.
A mix of heart break, jealousy and sorrow flurried in his stomach.
As Camilo stood across from the two, Y/N shouted out.
"Cami! Come here," Y/N called, the man they were supposedly cheating with stood next to them, "This is my old friend, Daniel. We knew each other before I moved here."
Camilo nodded his head suspiciously at the man, "Right. You just visiting here, Daniel?"
Daniel nodded, mentally aware of the jealousy Camilo was probably feeling, not wanting to worry him anymore, “Yeah. Me and my familia are just here for the summer."
"That, um... that's great, Daniel," Camilo stammered, the confused look from both Daniel and Y/N not going unnoticed, "Say, Daniel, would you mind if I have a word with Y/N?"
"Of course," Daniel nodded, moving his arm away from Y/N's shoulder.
"We'll talk later, Dani," Y/N said, waving in farewell.
"I'll make sure of that, Y/N/N," Daniel laughed, unknowingly shooting a pang of jealousy in Camilo's chest.
Camilo held Y/N's hand tight, guiding them away until they were out of Daniel's ear shot.
"What was that?" Y/N asked, their arms crossed.
"Oh, I don't know, Y/N/N." Camilo spat, jealousy dripping from his words.
"Seriously, Camilo? I can't have one friend give me a nickname?"
"Oh," Camilo gasped, a sarcastic apologetic look on his face, "I'm sorry. I didn't realize you two were just friends. Because in my personal experience, friends don't stand that close together. Friends don't use cute nickname's on each other. Friends don't make everyone else look at them and think, 'Man, I wish I could have someone love me like that'. Because if that's what friends do, then we might as well be just friends, Y/N." Camilo finished with a huff, sitting down on a nearby bench.
Y/N just stared at them with a blank face, "You done?"
Camilo rested his chin on his two hands, giving a small nod.
"Did that make you feel better?"
Camilo sighed, shaking his head, before Y/N sat down next to him.
"Do you feel kinda shitty now?"
Camilo squeezed his eyes shut with another sigh, "Kinda..."
"If all that worrying is only gonna make you feel like shit, then why bother?"
Camilo just stared down at his lap, avoiding eye contact with Y/N, "I don't know... It's not like I like being jealous."
"Well, do you think you could stop being jealous and realize that you have an amazing partner who loves you beyond description, and thinks you're really, really pretty?" Y/N asked, trying to catch Camilo's eyes.
With a small blush on his cheeks, Camilo continued to avoid Y/N's gaze, feeling ashamed at how he jumped to conclusions, but Y/N wasn't having it.
They turned round on their back, and slid onto Camilo's lap, looking up at him with a grin and bright eyes.
"Camilo, repeat after me," Y/N began, receiving a nod from the boy above them, "I..."
"I..." Camilo repeated.
"A..." Camilo knitted his eyebrows together, suspicious as to what Y/N would say next.
"Friend." they finally finished, looking up at Camilo with hopeful eyes.
Camilo just squinted, "Is he though?"
Y/N sighed, reaching up a hand to pat Camilo's cheek as if they were giving him a pathetic slap, "He’s just a friend! A visiting friend! I’m not gonna leave you for whatever friend from my past visits me."
"I'm sorry, but you're really gonna look at that man and tell me that you've never thought about being with him over me?"
"Yes!" Y/N yelled, throwing their arms up in frustration.
"Why?" Camilo demanded, sending a hard look to the person below him.
"Why?! Because I'm in love with you!" Y/N yelled, grabbing the sides of Camilo's face to pull him down to kiss their lips.
Camilo was shocked, but immediately leaned into the kiss, paying no mind to the pain he felt as he arched his back.
The two breathlessly pulled away, the need for air becoming more noticeable every second.
"No offence, but you can be an idiot sometimes." Y/N whispered.
Camilo groaned, leaning his head back against the bench, "I'm sorry, Y/N."
Y/N shrugged, a wide grin on their face, "It's ok. You're my idiot."
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encanto17 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
[ID: A tweet thread that reads:
@DumbBroom2134: @TheJaredBush Hi! If you're still answering Encanto questions, I have one. I've seen a lot of things saying Bruno's powers put him through physical pain to use and I was just wondering if that was true or not?
Jared Bush: I think his powers are very draining and take considerable effort, especially when trying to see something specific. We had versions where he'd pass out or get very very weak afterwards. End ID]
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glendybluebird · 2 months ago
💚King of Time💚
✨King Bruno✨
Tumblr media
This is a fantasy AU "Encanto Empire"
Each Madrigal has their own title.
Pepa - Queen of the Skies
Julieta - Queen of Healing
Bruno - King of Time.
Madrigal children: Coming Soon by age
As mentioned, Encanto is an empire, ruled by the Empress, Alma Madrigal.
Each of her children had their own title as King and Queens, and has their own palace.
The Madrigal triplets may have their own palaces, but each are connected by structure and magic.
The Empire includes a lot of other  kingdoms from other royal families, who unlike the Madrigals, practice witchcraft.
The Miracle will be the one to choose which among the Madrigal children will inherit the Empress' throne.
It's a complicated AU that has a lot of details and etc.
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