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isa-inspired · 2 days
Tumblr media
Here’s Pepa in a rain dress! One of my favorite Encanto fanarts that I’ve made so far, she was really fun to draw and the dress was really fun to design!
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schyra-art · 10 months
Tumblr media
it started as a small sketch but I can't stop
( ・ั﹏・ั)
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moonstone-blues · 1 year
Okay, so I was scrolling through the Bruno Madrigal tags as usual and I just want to talk about this moment:
Tumblr media
So Bruno has confronted his fear of seeing his mother again, he finally gets to reunite with his sisters and what is his first instinct?
He tries to wave.
Tumblr media
He hasn't seen his sisters in ten years (at least face to face.) He's heard the family make him out to be some villain. They don't even say his name. He doesn't know where they stand. He got lucky with his mother but Pepa and Julieta?
Knowing Pepa, he's probably expecting her to explode at him. As she runs at him, he looks at her with concern or fear. So many scenarios run through his head.
But instead, she hugs him.
And, of course, he's completely confused for a moment. During the scene with Mirabel and his new vision, he can't even recognise what a hug is.
But both his sisters hug him. He probably thinks they hate him for leaving and maybe other things from their past. But they don't. They're just so happy to have him back.
Even when Bruno hugs back, it seems mechanical, like he's trying to remember the stages of how to give a hug.
He's been deprived of contact for so long and even though he doesn't fully grasp it now, he will.
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captin-merc · 1 year
This is a little headcannon that's been in my brain for a while it has to do with the doors and a sort of defence system they use. So when a Madrigal is overwhelmed they can go into their room and the door will keep people out. Here's some examples:
Isabela when she is upset her doorknob will grow thorns to keep others out.
Pepa's knob will give people an electric shock.
Antonio's isn't used that much because he's five, but when it is it will turn into a jaguar and bite the person touching it.
Luisa's door becomes to heavy for people to open.
Julieta's becomes hot enough to burn, but the pain and burn goes away as soon as you let go (this also doesn't get used often).
Dolores's is used the most out of everyone because her gift gets so overwhelming sometimes. When her doorknob gets touched it sends out a soundwave that leaves people's ears ringing.
Bruno's doorknob turns to sand when touched so no one can get a good grip on it to turn it.
Alma's door would be similar to Julieta's door except the entire door is just on fire.
And finally Camilo his door will straight up disappear into the wall. It was really scary the first time it happened because people must have thought he had either died, lost his gift or was still in there and was stuck.
Yeah feel free to add anything on to this.
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gardenladysworld · 11 months
Tumblr media
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mr-walkingrainbow · 11 months
Hehehe time to over analyze the fuck out of this ten second clip!
SO! Firstly. I’m gonna start out this this image of the creators tweet
Tumblr media
He said Pepa was the ‘Middle child’ more emotional because JULIETA was the ADULT!
Now, it may just be theory. And it might be literal canon, but its heavily implied Julieta never got much criticism from Alma like Pepa did. Sure. That meant she had a lot of pressure. To ironically, be the ‘Perfect golden child’ (gosh and the fact Isabella was her child ok I’m getting off tract shshsbdh). But typically since her gift was easy, and not problematic. She was probably closer to Abuela. And got less scolding.
Which of course, as the middle child who was ridiculed and forced to repress her emotions, it would make her ‘More emotional’
NOW! Let’s analyze these frames!
Tumblr media
their both a little shocked Alma is apologizing. Though Pepa is visibly more surprised, while Julieta looks more concerned. Maybe cause Pepa never got an apology growing up. Or never saw her do it. Except when…
Tumblr media
‘miss eldest golden child Julieta’ got one. you see cause now she looks resolute. She looks downtrodden and sad. While Julieta looks the same. Cause Alma has always been closer to Julieta. And Pepa probably assumes that if anything, this apology is just for her Sister. (but of course she walks forward too cause like. Jsdjjd for music purposes. And also hope. She probably is hoping it’s for her for once. plain old hoping.) which is easily backed up by…
Tumblr media
they Both approach her. Yet it’s JULIETA Alma first goes to. She takes JULIETAS hands. She doesn’t take Pepas hands. LOOK AT HER HANDS. she’s holding them nervousky. Clenched together. Tucked to her chest. She looks so anxious ans sad. Watching Julieta get the love.
Tumblr media
Now Julieta is at ease. She understands her mom is fine. And she’s getting a love filled apology. She’s ok. PEPA ON THE OTHER HAND LOOKS DESTROYED. she’s literally watching them two. Wondering if she’ll be noticed. If she’ll get an apology. If she’ll just be ignored yet again. If she’s even deserving of such high honored only given to the eldest golden child.
Tumblr media
THEN RELIEF! Alma has reached out. For once. And it is a shock. Theirs a second she doesn’t move. But then she instinctively leans into the comforting touch of her mother that she was so deprived of. Closing her eyes to relish it. She is final getting the love and appreciation she deserves. (And yes Julieta is happy for her sister. She knows she’s been deprived of what should be rightfully hers)
Tumblr media
Confirmation! She makes eye contact with her mom. she smiles. It is real. She can’t believe it but is so happy and relieved! Pepa madrigal is being LOVED!
gosh. This took so much out of me. Thanks for sitting through my passionate and maybe A little obsessive rant. what can I say. I love Pepa Madrigal! 😌
please reblog the hell out of this it took so much energy
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my-random-shit-blog · 11 months
Clumsy Madrigals ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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fra080389-2-me · 1 year
Friendly reminder that Pepa, Bruno and Julieta were 5 years old when they received their gift.
Can you imagine a five years old who can make to happen an hurricane when she is feeling anxious (no tantrums permitted for her) and a five years old having (especially) catastrophic visions about future?
It's not surprising Pepa is so anxious, temperamental and frantic, how she could learn to be calm and careful when every her little emotion was in display and it could cause "natural" catastrophes? And it's not surprising Bruno is so timid, awkward and guilt-ridden, how he could learn to talk normally to people and function in society when others panicked on every word he said like it was a prophecy and saw him as a jinx when he was so young?
I suppose the power grew little by little, still Julieta's power is clearly the most manageable, no question she is the good balanced sister while Pepa and Bruno are so messed up. They definitely hadn't an easy childhood.
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incorrectmadrigals · 11 months
Antonio: I'm five, so I get five cookies!
Pepa: Antonio, that's now how it works-
Camilo: [shoving fifteen cookies in his mouth]
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yaje-arts · 19 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
GIFT SWAP Julieta 💙⏳ Pepa 🧡🫓 and Bruno 💚🌦
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glitternightingale · 6 months
Could you draw pepa and julieta refusing to let go of bruno in fear that they might lose him again if they did let go
Tumblr media
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calicot-zc · 11 months
Tumblr media
~ Love you Pepa and extreme weather ♥ Yes I wanted to draw happy Pepa, she deserves the world
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Tumblr media
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blue-glitter-glue · 1 year
Tumblr media
Good evening/morning encanto fandom
I give you angst with Bruno and Pepa
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lariskapargitay · 10 months
“Please,” Bruno overheard Pepa through Julietas door, “please don’t tell Mamá! Julieta please just give me an arepa and forget about this. Okay if she sees the bruises, she’s gonna want to know why and I don’t want her to.”
A storm was raging outside so whatever she wanted to keep hidden, Bruno guessed it wasn’t good.
“She has to know what happened,” Julieta said with all the sternness of the oldest sibling.
“No she doesn’t! We’re seventeen years old, we’re almost adults, she doesn’t have to know everything!”
“You don’t think this might be important?” She lowered her voice into a soft sweet tone. “Pepa, this wasn’t your fault.”
“It was though! I couldn’t control my emotions, I couldn’t bring clear skies, and then his party was ruined-!”
“His party was ruined because he wouldn’t stop trying to put his hand up your skirt even after you told him not to! And then when you pushed him away he got mad at you for it!” Bruno’s eyes got wide. He had never heard his sister so angry before. Pepa sure, she was angry all the time, mainly at him, but Julieta? It took a LOT to get her upset. “So what does he do? He goes and hits you for thundering! Tell me again exactly how is that your fault?”
Bruno put a hand over his mouth to muffle the stream of curses leaving his mouth. Someone had hit Pepa. Probably Raul, the latest asshole in a never ending stream of boyfriends that lasted as long as it took for their shirt to get wet from a rain cloud. His suspension was confirmed a moment later when Pepa replied.
“I could have kept calm, but I didn’t, I just-… I was drinking, Raul was drinking, and I just got so scared… I should have just kept calm.”
Bruno’s hand curled into a fist when he heard the tears in his sister's voice, even if he hadn’t heard them a fresh bout of rain would have told him.
Without warning Bruno slammed opened Julieta’s door. Both girls, drenched from Pepa’s rain cloud, jumped, Pepa’s lightning barely missing him, and quickly turned to look at him. Even though the storm he could see the large bruise around her eye, the black and blue an ugly contrast to the bright emerald green of her eyes, the dried blood on her cut lip and black and blue markings on her jaw
Sheer terror crossed Pepa’s face, and then it turned to anger. “What are you doing in here?!” Pepa shouted, her words accompanied by rolling thunder. “Get out!“
Julieta gave him a forced smile. “It’s okay, Bruno, I got this under control. Why don’t you give us a moment okay? Go back to your room.”
With one last look at the bruise marring Pepa’s pale skin Bruno whirled and ran, not stopping until he was out of the Casita and in front of the local cantina. With a deep breath he walked inside where Raul was laughing and drinking with some of his friends.
He hadn’t even bothered to take care of the bruises or cuts on his knuckles.
“Hey Madrigal!” a voice called out, and Bruno cursed under his breath. He didn’t want attention drawn to him this early. Raul turned to him, brown eyes narrowing.
“What are you doing here?” he demanded.
Mustering all the courage a 5’4 man who weighed a hundred pounds soaking wet in an oversized poncho could muster, Bruno stormed up to the man, narrowing his eyes as dangerously as he could. Raul stood several inches taller than Bruno and he was built like a solid brick house, like nearly all of Pepa’s boyfriends were.
Oh this was a fantastic idea…
“You’re going to apologize to Pepa for what you did,” Bruno said sternly, trying not to sound as nervous as he looked. “And then you’re gonna leave her alone.”
Raul glowered at him, the scars on his knuckles stretched right across his skin. “Did Pepa tell you what she did? How she ruined my party with her storming?”
“Even if that was ANY excuse to hit her, why did she have a rain cloud in the first place? Hmm?” Without waiting for an answer Bruno continued. “You touch my sister again, and you’re not gonna like what happens.”
Raul snickered. “Sorry to be the one to tell you this but half the Encanto has touched your puta sister.”
Bruno’s hands curled into a fist. “You know, you-!” But he trailed off before he clutched the sides of his head and fell to his knees, crying out in pain.
“What the hell did you do to him?” someone demanded.
“I didn’t even touch him!” Raul yelled as they stared down at Bruno, gasping for air as he began to convulse.
“Should we get Julieta?” someone asked, but before anyone could run to the Casita Bruno climbed to all fours. Shaking and trembling he stood, wobbling, nearly falling over and having to grip the bar to keep himself standing.
He looked at Raul, eyes wide, jaw dropped. A lone tear made his way down his face. “Raul, I’m… I'm so sorry,” he breathed. “I don’t… I don’t know, I didn’t-.”
“What?” Raul demanded as the men around him muttered what it could mean that the town prophet was apologizing. “What are you talking about?”
He tapped his fingers together nervously. “Maybe if I don’t say it aloud it won’t happen?”
“Say what?” he barked. “What did you see?”
“Don’t make him say!” one man said quickly. “He told my girlfriend that her goldfish would die, and the next day… Goldie had gone.”
There was another round of mutters, and they all took a step back from Bruno and Raul both.
Raul scoffed and shook his head. “No he’s fucking with me. I’ve seen him when he has visions, there’s sand and wind and a little glass thing, his eyes turn green…”
“Not always. Not if it’s…” Bruno swallowed hard. “Really really bad.”
Louder mutterings, and the self assurance slid off his face. He swallowed hard. “Wha-? How… how bad?”
Bruno said nothing. He put a hand on Raul’s shoulder, stared him in the eyes, leaned up and pressed a kiss to his cheek.
“I’m so sorry,” he whispered again to even louder mutterings and a rather perfectly timed clash of lightning and thunder. Raul looked around at the group that had gathered, a sweat growing on his brow as they all took another step back.
With terror in his eyes, Raul ran from the cantina and into the storming rain. The moment he was gone the cantina all began to mutter to themselves about what this could mean to the poor, probably marked for death or destruction or dismemberment, Raul.
Bruno, however, had to bite his lip to keep from grinning. He always knew his real gift was acting…
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autistic-weeb · 10 months
No one ever talks about Antonio dancing
I mean.....???
Tumblr media
Look at my baby boi go
And then Pepa and Felix dancing in sync *mwah*
I found more of his dancing! Credit: https://youtube.com/channel/UCdx6cT2ReJtUj68qG9_P7Ew
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