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carlaerosie · 11 months
siblings looking like they could all be different ethnicity but they still look like siblings is just so Colombian
Tumblr media
I love this movie so much
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anonastronaut · 1 year
Tumblr media
-SEveN fOOt FrAMe
Seven foot frame??!?
Sorry Camilo, your verse in the song absolutely slaps, but this man is three ounces tall. This man is seven foot measured in rat feet.
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literarylupus · 11 months
Tumblr media
So, I keep seeing ωĥīṬÉ ⚪️washed fanart of the Madrigal family and it’s driving me up the wall in frustration. Please spread this. And, of course, feel free to use this and share it! You can also repost this as long as you source! Thank you! 🙏
(Also, I love Bruno, didn’t mean to leave him out—I hope to do Bruno later—but I was too tired to edit him into the family portrait today)
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cupcakeslushie · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bruno always makes a face when his sisters introduce the guys they date to the family, partly because he’s their brother and partly because, unfortunately he knows it won’t end well. Pepa wants to introduce her new boyfriend Félix to everyone.
Based off link
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pinkysgs · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media
still cannot believe bruno and sid the fucking sloth have the same VA
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allthingsencanto · 5 months
One of the major things I like about Agustín is not that he’s just an amazing goofy dad, but he’s extremely similar to his daughter Mirabel, when you really think about it.
Tumblr media
According to director Jared Bush, Agustín is also a character who’s trying to fit in with the family, since he’s more city oriented because of his parents being from there. He’s goofy and clumsy JUST like Mirabel is as well, and I just love that. The thing that gets me though is that Agustín probably went through the same phase Mirabel did, where he was constantly trying to fit in and please Abuela, heck, Jared also confirmed that he wasn’t Alma’s first choice when it came to marrying Julieta, so I can only imagine him constantly feeling like he had to prove he was enough for his wife, enough for Alma, and it must have not helped his case since he’s a clumsy clutz all the time. Taking this into consideration only makes me love the scene where he stands up to Alma even more, because you could tell he was done with her crap, as well as not being enough for her just like Mirabel. The only sad thing is, during the events of the movie he’s accepted that he’s not perfect and embraced who he is, unlike his daughter, who at the time didn’t know her place and felt insecure. However, you feel so happy for both of them in the end, especially for Agustín himself, because his daughter had eventually seen herself the way he did all these years. ❤️‍🩹
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rataspordetras · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Abuela Alma Madrigal and her husband Pedro Madrigal from the Encanto artbook
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lestatsstims · 11 months
what’s super interesting about isabela’s part in we don’t talk about bruno is that when you see it for the first time, you just think she’s being annoying and bragging about her perfect life. but after what else can i do, when you next rewatch we don’t talk about bruno you realise that isabela is complaining about bruno too because his prophecy for her didn’t come true (yet). she’s not living the life of ‘her dreams’, she’s living the life of everyone else’s dreams for her. not what she really wants. she’s not showing off, she’s agreeing that bruno was bad news because she feels his prophecy was a lie and hurt her by not coming true.
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atfisty · 11 months
Thinking about the first thing we’re told about Bruno is that “we don’t talk about Bruno” and the thought is probably “oh Alma forbid it because She probably sent him away”
But literally the first person to mention him is Alma when she worries Mirabel might be becoming like him. And again you think Alma might send Mirabel away.
But we finally learn Bruno left completely of his own free will, And Alma was probably so distraught by this that everyone probably decided to not mention him to avoid hurting her feelings. And she probably feared Mirabel leaving too. But because of her trauma it warped into the feeling and need to control everyone and making everything “perfect” and when she finally meets him after years of not seeing him the first thing she does is call him by a cute nickname and embrace him and I’m just…
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ashafox · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The amazing Madrigals!
Keep an eye out for my Etsy- this will be a print soon!
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passable-talent · 11 months
are we not going to talk about the symbolism of when the candle is going out during the climax, it’s all the grandkids who go after it?
not a single adult tries to get the candle. yes, only mirabel makes it there, but it’s the kids who try. it’s isabela and camilo that lose their powers halfway there.
maybe that’s because generational trauma is usually accepted by the parents, leaving their kids to try to fix it. at least that how i saw it
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carlaerosie · 10 months
small cultural & Colombia/Latin related details from Encanto 🇨🇴 (part 3)
alpargatas - the shoes that Mirabel and other women in Encanto wear
Tumblr media
COLOMBIA (obvious one and not that small but I love it, also it’s in the colors of Colombian flag)
Tumblr media
capibaras - animals native to Colombia
Tumblr media
mochilas - bags that Mirabel and other villagers carry
Tumblr media
Día de las velitas (Day of the Little Candles)
Tumblr media
wax palms - the palms that grow in Encanto are national trees of Colombia (they are also the highest palms)
Tumblr media
Agustín playing En Barranquilla Me Quedo
Tumblr media
there is so much more cultural and Colombian details in Encanto but I am not able to show them all in gifs unfortunately
the flowers that grow on Isabela’s balcony are bugambilias - you can see them mostly in Cartagena de Indias. all of the flora and fauna showed in Encanto is typical for Colombia
all of the villagers (Madrigals also) are catholic - you can see the church and the priest - it’s an important part of our culture and traditions
there is a song called Colombia, Mi Encanto sung by Carlos Vives (I refuse to believe there can be Colombians who don’t know who he is)
so yeah that would be it
I think I won’t be doing more of this because it takes a lot of time and phone storage but I’m really grateful I was able to share those cultural facts about Encanto with more people
thank you for reading! <3
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isthisareference · 1 year
Tumblr media
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quicksweetdreamer · 10 months
I love the references Luisa makes in her song because… well they are wrong. Or more like they don’t mean what she intends.
And it shows how her perception is wrong.
Let’s see…
“I’m as tough as the crust of the earth is”
Tumblr media
Seeing that the crust of the earth is the thinest and least strong layer of the planet… I mean it’s still solid rock so quite tough but not as much as you’d think.
Ok next…
“Was Hercules ever like yo I don’t wanna fight Cerberus?”
Tumblr media
Well… seeing has he technically didn’t fight Cerberus and found another way to acomplish the task I would say yes.
“Who am I if I can’t run with the ball?” *While holding the earth*
Tumblr media
Pretty sure this is a reference to Atlas who had to hold the heavens on his back as a form of punishment and torture. And tho the metaphor isn’t wrong here (it’s in fact quite right since she really does feels like the weight of the world is on her shoulders) I don’t think I have to point out how fucked up it is to inflict that on a young woman? (Also it’s wrong to think she can keep this going forever)
One more…
“The ship doesn’t swerve as it heard how big the icebeg is”
Tumblr media
True, true… but it does SINK
And add the fact that through all of those biased and impossible expectations that she thinks she has to live up to she talks about how she truly feels (spoiler: NOT GOOD) and you get a banger of a song but a really sad story.
Tumblr media
(The line “Give it to your sister and never wonder if the same pressure would’ve pulled you under” it’s me hard every time)
Luisa feels like she has to keep going always further always faster always stronger… but all she says just proves how she can’t keep going like that or she will fall no matter how strong and capable and well intentioned she is.
(Also damn is this woman pretty!)
Tumblr media
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fa1ry-tales · 11 months
Tumblr media
camilo madrigal x fem!reader
word count: 0.3k words
summary: basically the title!!
warnings: curse words, chaos tbh
notes: this is basically me putting myself in camilo madrigal’s life. also i’ve never seen any theatre kid fics even though camilo is a theatre kid so here it is
Tumblr media
- okay so we all know camilo is a theatre kid
- like a huge theatre kid
- i mean this man will be blaring shit like wicked at 3 am to bother dolores
- he will shapeshift into the different actors
- but you are too congrats
- and like i said this is me inserting myself into his life so!
- so like every show you’ve done your in the dance core right?
- every show i’ve been casted in this year i’ve been dance core so that’s why you are!!
- let’s just say your favorite musical is anastasia- like me ahaha
- i can imagine camilo playing the whole soundtrack so he can understand why you love it
- and then he’ll tell you that if he ever lost you in a crowd of thousands he’d never rest until he finds you
- like the lyrics “in a crowd of thousands, i’d find you again”
- bestie bae you’re blushing like crazy now
- and like he loves it so much
- you guys would recreate “something to believe in” together
- and that’s how you have your first kiss
- i can just imagine him watching you dance when you’re rehearsing
- and he loves watching you when you finally got that turn that’s been confusing you since you learnt it
- he smiles as you jump cheering and then try it again
- he is your biggest supporter and you’re his
- when you listen to “you love who you love” you think of him
- imagine singing heart of stone, and he walks in😩😩😩
- singing “rewrite the starts”, standing on his bed
- pepa and felix walk in just to watch y’all
- also “that would be enough” from hamilton
- “everything to win” and the reprise from anastasia
- oh my god y’all are just so fucking cute
- y’all watched the dead girl walking scene from heathers and blushed like there was no tomorrow
- when y’all are watching hamilton you sing helpless to him and he thinks it’s the cutest fucking thing in the world
- and then listening to dear even hansen and he sings if i could tell her
- oh my gosh you swooning
- that’s all i could come up with so lmk if you want a part 2!!
oh oh!! here’s links to the musicals i mentioned!!!
anastasia, newsies, bonnie and clyde, greatest showman, six, hamilton, heathers, dear evan hansen
Tumblr media
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bandshirts-andbooks · 10 months
Young Camilo, learning how to swim: Aghh save me I’m drowning!!!
Dolores: Hey, calm down. We’re only in a few feet of water.
Young Camilo, still flubbering around: Well, not all of us are tall Dolores!!
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