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squeamishdionysus · 11 months
Twists and Turns
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x Reader
CW: none to note!
Summary: Bruno begins to fall for a single mother with triplets and a bookshop.
Notes: reader uses she/her pronouns! I may make this a series, so let me know if you'd like to be tagged!
Tumblr media
You huffed, setting in the last book on the shelf in alphabetical order. You did love Camilo Madrigal, but sometimes you wondered if the boy was trying to drive you insane. He always had a hard time choosing books to purchase, meaning he'd pull nearly every book in your store out of the shelves and then put them back in the wrong place, leaving you to reorganize it every time. Sure, this is what you signed up for when you decided to open up a book shop, but that didn't mean you enjoyed doing it.
You sighed heavily, pushing in the last book right as Julio, one of your little boys, shouted from the front desk.
"Mama! Amira is trying to drink your coffee again!"
You groaned, rolling your eyes and turning just in time to catch your five year old daughter trying to take a sip from your cup of coffee.
"Amira, no! Coffee is for grownups!" You scolded, walking over and taking the cup away from her. Maybe Camilo could make things up to you by watching over your kids sometime this week, because you were getting to the point where you needed a break.
Amira crossed her arms and pouted, giving a glare towards Julio.
Julio gave her an angry look, standing by your side.
"I am not a tattletail!"
"No namecalling either!"
The ringing of the bell at the front of the shot quickly distracted you from the argument your two kids were beginning to have, your head turning to spot your last child at the front door with a big smile on his face.
"Mama, mama! Can I have my future read?" David said, running up to you and throwing his arms around your waist. You were perplexed as to what he meant, returning the hug hesitantly.
"David, honey, what are you talking about?"
David looked up at you with big wide eyes and an even larger grin.
"Mirabel's tio is coming to the shop, and I wanna have my future read!"
Oh, right, of course he meant Bruno Madrigal. Admittedly, you didn't know much about the man other than he was the tio of your best customers and the town's resident fortune teller, and you had never really given him much thought beyond that. Of course, you became a little more intrigued when the man came out of hiding, beginning to spot him more and more around town. You still didn't know much about him, other than the fact that he was oddly handsome and your kids seemed to love him.
Before you could answer your little boy, the bell at the front rang again, this time the man in question being the one to open the door. You looked at him right as he looked up at you, his eyes wide and surprised as if he wasn't expecting you, the owner of the book shop, to be there. Of course, he may have been overwhelmed by the sight of your son squeezing the life out of you while your two other children fought in the background, which would be... understandable.
You gave an awkward cough and smiled at him, gently leaning down to pick up David.
"Hi! Welcome to the Encanto bookshop. How may I help you?"
He continued to stare for a moment before snapping out of it, stammering just a bit before he cleared his throat.
"Oh, um, I'm just here to browse. My niece recommended your selection and i just thought I'd... check it out."
You noticed that his voice was oddly shaky and unsure for someone who was supposedly in his fifties, but you guessed living alone for ten years would make anybody a little unsure, so you just nod.
"Ah, Mirabel?"
He stood up a bit more, peaking up as you mentioned his family.
"Oh, um, Dolores actually!"
You grinned, recalling the numerous times the young woman had visited your store. You were sure if you didn't get any new shipments, she would've nearly cleaned out your romance section by now. If you let her, she would go on and on for hours about the most recent one she had read, and you let her know that she was always welcome to talk to you about her love of reading whenever she wanted to.
"Ah, that makes sense. She's one of my best customers. Well, your whole family is, but she's definitely my most frequent one."
He laughed hesitantly, smiling affectionately.
"Yeah, she lent me a few of the books she had gotten here and I decided I ought to just check out the shop myself."
"Well, take your time! Let me know if you need anything, I have some shelves I need to restock."
He gave you a nod and immediately went off to the nearest shelf to browsed. You watched him for just a moment, taking note of how he immediately seemed to gravitate towards the dramas and plays more than anything else, seeing how his brown eyes lit up when he saw you had a certain title. But, when you heard a sharp cry behind you, you quickly lost your focus, turning around to see your two other children swatting at each other.
You gasped, immediately beginning to scold the two of them.
"Now, you two are old enough to know better than to fight each other! Amira, go sit in the back room. Julio, go to the front. I don't want to see either of you move until I finish restocking! Is that clear?"
They both gave remorseful looks and nodded, Amira making sure to stick her tongue out one last time at Julio before making her way to the backroom.
You sighed, putting David down and ruffling his hair.
"Now, don't bother Mr. Bruno, okay? He's just here to buy some books, not to read your future. Now, why don't you go find something to do and watch your siblings while I do my job?"
David nodded with a grin, going off to a little table with paper and crayons on it to draw. You let out another heavy sigh, stretching out your arms and heading back to your desk to drink the rest of your coffee.
"Triplets, huh?" you heard your only customer say, causing you to look up at him. He already had a red book in his hands surprisingly and a warm smile on his face.
You gave a small smile, chuckling.
"Yeah... they're a handful sometimes, but I love them."
"They remind me of me and my sisters when I was their age."
Your eyes widened as you suddenly recalled that Bruno was a triplet himself, your hand running over your face.
"Oh, yeah! You, Pepa and Julieta are all triplets, right?"
He laughed, nodding.
"Guilty!" He rolled his shoulders, looking to the side. "We were just like your little ones when we were kids. Julieta and I would always manage to get on Pepa's nerves and we would just keep pressing her buttons until we swore she was going to shoot us with lightning."
You laughed, already imagining Pepa fuming up and a storm brewing above her head.
"Why am I not surprised?"
"Hey! That's siblings for you."
"Well, I guess I'm just lucky my kids can't control the weather, then."
He laughed, nodding. You smiled and looked back down at the book he had in his hands, holding your free hand out to him.
"May I see what you picked out?"
Bruno looked down at your hand then back at you, nodding and passing it over before going to scratch at his neck.
"Uh, yes!"
You gave him a grateful nod and began to look over the book, turning it so that you could read the title on the spine.
"Ooh, this is a good one! Lots of twists and turns in it. I take it your a fan of drama?"
He chuckled, nodding.
"Yeah, I guess you could say that."
"I get it. It's nice to worry yourself with other people's problems sometimes."
He sighs, nodding as if he knows that feeling all too well. He looks like he's about to ask you something before he's interrupted by a certain someone running up to him.
David looks up at Bruno with big doe eyes, surprising the man as he's taken back by the little boy.
"Is it true you can read the future?" he asked loudly, standing on his toes to look up at the man.
Bruno gave him an awkward look, chuckling shyly and nodding hesitantly.
"Um, yes, but I'm afraid I can't do any uh... prophecies right now, sorry."
You were about to scold David for trying to ask for a prophecy before David spoke ahead.
"No, that's okay! I predicted my own future!"
And with a quick motion, David held up a picture he had drawn, of what appeared to be him, albeit grown and super tall, with the bookshop and a stick animal in the back.
"In the future, I'm going to be big and strong, so strong I'm going to be able to carry the book shop all around the world and I'm gonna give everybody books! I'm also going to have a dog!"
Bruno looked at the drawing curiously, grinning as he looked down at your kid. You looked down at him, too, surprised at the creativity and thoughtfulness he had put into the drawing.
"Yeah, kid, seems like it to me!"
David giggled, bouncing excitedly. You heard Julio whine from the front of the store.
"I wanna draw my future!"
Amira echoed back a "me too!" and with that, you sighed.
"Alright, you two can come back out if you promise to behave."
The two kids quickly ran up to you, nodding and swearing they wouldn't fight again as they quickly turned to the drawing table. Bruno smiled at your three kids as you gave David a squeeze.
"Why don't you go help them out, sweetheart?"
And with that, David was gone as well, leaving just you and Bruno again.
"Your kids are really great," he said, gazing over at the three of them all passing crayons to each other. You gave a proud smile and nodded.
"Yeah... they're my babies, after all!"
He looked back at you and smiled, before pointing back down at the book.
"How much do you think it'll cost?"
You hummed, looking up at him through your eyelashes and giving him a sly smile. You hand it back over to him, your fingers brushing lightly against his as you pat his hand. You take a sip of your coffee before saying, "since it's your first selection, you can have it for free. Your niece buys enough from me that I can afford to give a few books out."
The man seemed to flush at your gesture of kindness, looking down at the book and then at you with a surprised reaction.
"I- uh- I can't, I'll just feel bad later. Seriously, I have the money, I can just-"
"No, no! Please, just let me know if you enjoy it, maybe over a cup of coffee? That's the most you could do for me."
Bruno's face began to burn slightly as he stared into your eyes. Your own face began to heat up as you realized you just inadvertently asked him out on a casual date. Well, not date really, but still.
Regardless of your flustered selves, Bruno managed to smile and give you a thumbs up.
"Alright! I'll swing by whenever I finish."
You beamed, happy you managed to convince him. Bruno began to walk out the door, before looking back at you.
"I'll see you later, Miss...?"
He flushed even further.
"Right, (Name). Goodbye!"
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royaltysuite · 11 months
Bruno: Baby...?
Y/n: Yes, Brunito?
Bruno: .....Do you still love me?
Y/n: *grabs Bruno by the waist* Of course I do~
Bruno: Then, why don't we have any kids?
Y/n: *confused* We do have kids?
Bruno: We do?
The rats, squeaking sadly: 'Cousin Antonio, our father doesn't love us anymore...'
Antonio: It's okay, I'll love you.
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lafamiliamadrigalpt · 5 months
*Y/n walks into the room*
Dolores: *doesn’t look up from her work* “You look nice today Y/n.”
Y/n: “Oh thanks… Wait, you didn’t even look up.”
Dolores: “No, but Camilo’s heart rate speed up when you walked in the room so…”
Camilo: *choking on his juice with now a huge blush* “DOLORES!!”
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Forehead touching. Forehead kisses.
camilo madrigal x gn reader | feminine aspects written, but honestly it’s not that much.
not-beta read, we die like casita.
You smiled softly, looking up from your book to see your lover. It was a quiet morning, a rare occurrence for the Madrigals as it seemed like those people could never catch a break. Their schedules usually filled to the brim with chores, not a single second for themselves, but not today.
Naturally, your boyfriend decided to spend his day with you.
“Milo?” You called out, folding the corner of the page you were reading on.
Camilo looks at you before looking back up for a moment, eyes on the rubber ball that he kept throwing at the ceiling of your room seconds before.
“Un segundo.”
With one hand, he swiftly catches it, and you feel your heart begin to swell as you see a small smile forming on his face at the impressive move.
“Need anything mi vida?” He asks, turning to face you, his gaze never leaving as he drops the small toy to his side.
He tilted his head slightly as he patiently watched you place your book on the nightstand near you.
“Mhm, affection.” You reply cheekily, crawling over to him.
Camilo chuckled, his eyes full of love as he stared at you.
“About time!” He teased, wrapping his arms around your waist as you made yourself comfortable on his lap.
You scoff.
“Dios mio, it hasn’t been that long.” You retorted, though, your actions quickly contradict your voice as you gently cupped his face. Camilo shook his head in endearment, his curly hair flowing around at the action.
“Mhm.. whatever you say.” The shapeshifter murmured, his voice slurred at the touch of your warm hands. You rolled your eyes at your lover’s antics while your boyfriend simply smiled in return.
“I,” You began, placing a soft kiss on Camilo’s lips.
“Love-“ Another kiss.
“You.” And another! Well..
Maybe more than just three, but come on now! He had such a kissable face!
How could you resist the temptation to kiss every single one of those pretty freckles that resembled the bright stars scattered across the night sky, or even that empty canvas that is his forehead which was just waiting to be painted with your lipstick, and don’t forget his cheeks too!
Besides, who was complaining? Certainly not you, nor him.
As you continue to pepper your boyfriend with your kisses, he giggled with each one, tightening his hold on you.
You ended with one last kiss to the lips, pulling away to see a lope-sided smile on Camilo’s face, his muddy green eyes shining brightly as he stared into yours.
God he was absolutely drunk on your love, and you savored every second of it.
You laughed, throwing your head back as Camilo smiled even wider at the sound of your laughter.
“You’re an absolute idiot mi amor.” You said, using two of your fingers to gently push him, his back hitting against the headboard of your bed.
“Yeah, yeah.” Camilo replied nonchalantly, grabbing your hand and pulling you close, your foreheads touching due to the lack of space.
“I love you too querida, y te amaré por siempre.”
“Woah! Have you’ve been malled by a tiger Camilo?!” Félix shouted, laughing loudly when he saw his son walk through the entrance door with lipstick all over his face.
Camilo groaned, hiding under his yellow poncho.
“Stoppppp!” He shouted, dragging out each syllable while he scurried away to his room. If he wasn’t in such a hurry, he would’ve seen the worrying rain cloud turn into a beautiful rainbow on top of his mother’s head when her husband explained what he had seen to her in full detail.
He flopped onto his bed, rolling around in hopes of getting the embarrassment off his body.
Of course he forgot to wipe off your lipstick, so enthralled by you and your stupid beauty that he forgot to think for himself! His pride!
He’ll never hear the end of it from his familia at din-
Oh dear god, he forgot about dinner.
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I have no shame, anonymous thingy off, can you pls write for Cam <3 no specifics tbh I just love him
Misc. Romantic Headcanons with Camilo Madrigal
✩ Masterlist! ✩
✩ Warnings: gender-neutral reader ✩
✩ Taglist: @ban-canram ✩
✩ Length: 1.2k || Read on Ao3 ✩
✩ A/N: hey i love you and i love Camisole here you go <3 expect a part 2 soon ✩
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Camilo is singlehandedly the most clingy boyfriend you’ve ever met. He refuses to let go of your hand. Doesn’t matter where you are. You’re holding his hand, and you’re gonna have to deal with it. When Cami has something he wants to show you, he laces your fingers together and pulls you along.
Kisses. Kisses all day, every day, constantly. Nose kisses, forehead kisses, kisses on the back of your hand, kisses up your arm like Gomez from Addams Family. Camilo gets the last one from his father, who does the same thing to Pepa.
Camilo’s love language is physical touch and acts of service. He makes the bed in the morning, makes you breakfast, even does some of your chores for you if he has time. At dinner, he sets a place for you next to him at the dinner table so he has an excuse to a) constantly bump your hand when he passes you stuff, and b) so he can easily press his leg against yours underneath the table.
He lets you wear his ruana!!!! He sees you shivering one day when you forgot to bring a jacket, so he slips his off and puts it on you. Cami wraps you up like a lil’ burrito <3 He also uses it as an excuse to hug you from behind.
One day, Cami finally convinces you to have a sleepover with him, so he plans the entire day with cute, couple-y things to do. The day begins with breakfast with his family, then right after he speeds through his chores, he takes you on a walk through the forests surrounding Encanto. Camilo leads you to a secluded spot where he had an entire picnic already set up, a wicker basket chock full of his tía Juliet’s arepas, empanadas, and other various snack foods she decided to pack for you two.
While you were eating, Cam notices that you had gotten food on your face; so being the little romantic devil that he is, instead of simply telling you about it, he kisses it off of your cheek. He loves how flustered you get when he does it <3
The rest of the day consists of Cami dragging you around town shopping and watching people perform in the town square. When the sun starts to set, Cam brings you back to Casita, where Isabella was waiting for him with a smirk on her face.
“You having fun, loverboy?” she teases him.
“Isa, shut the fUCK UP—”
When you actually do get to the sleepover part of your day, Camilo is all over you once he gets you inside his room. If you think he’s glued to your hip when you’re out in public together, you won’t believe how glued to you he is in private. Cam’s hands cup your cheeks when he kisses you, the pads of his thumbs stroking your cheekbones. He doesn’t go past aggressive make-out sessions, however. Mostly because he doesn’t want to rush the relationship, not wanting to push your boundaries.
Camilo is so lovesick, it’s disgusting. He literally looks like a cartoon character with heart eyes. When he hasn’t seen you in a while, he pushes the food around on his plate because he’s too caught up in his own head thinking about you. Abuela thought he was sick, so she asked Julieta to cook him something but, Dolores spills the beans about his crush on you.
Now, the whole family is invested in Camilo’s crush/relationship with you. Even Casita is in on it. Whenever you come over, Casita moves the tiles so you’re now standing directly in front of Cami. Like, nose to nose, can feel his breath on your skin, kind of close. It makes Cami super duper flustered, which is a wonderful bonus. Whenever Casita does it, you simply kiss Camilo on the nose and smile at him.
Dolores tells you all about Camilo, even things he thought no one knew about. Like how his heart beats really fast when you’re around, or how his palms get really sweaty when he’s waiting for you to arrive. Or how he paces around his room at night when he’s nervous.
Dolores loves to tease her younger brother about you, elbowing him in the side with a knowing smirk. At dinners, she’ll purposely bring up embarrassing things that Cami’s done, just to see him grow flustered and hide behind his hands, pulling his hair down in front of his eyes. Specifically, embarrassing things that he’s done because you were around. One time, he saw you shopping on your own in town and he stared at you instead of looking where he was going. He ran right into a wall, causing his gift to glitch, making him look fish-eyed.
Camilo loves to entertain you with his gift! He enjoys shapeshifting into people and putting on little skits to make you laugh.
“Hey, mi vida?” he asks, his head cocked to one side.
“Who’s your favorite person?”
You didn’t even have to think about it before replying, the answer obvious. “My favorite person is you, silly.”
Cami asked you who your favorite person was so he could shift into them to use them in a skit, so he wasn’t expecting you to reply with such a sweet answer. It made him feel all soft and mushy on the inside, almost as if he was going to melt into a puddle right then and there. Camilo moves to sit on your lap, his arms wrapping around your neck. “Mmm, cariño,” he groans, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. “Te amo tanto, mi vida.”
He’s so genuinely in love with you it’s not even funny. In the big foyer of Casita, he’ll teach you how to dance if you don’t already know how. Even if you do know how to dance, he’ll show you new moves he’s made up recently, or he’ll just opt to sway around with you like a slow dance. Camilo stares at you unabashedly when you’re looking down at your feet as you try to match his footsteps, only looking away when you catch him staring. Once you get the hang of it, Cami’ll spin then dip you, allowing him to smirk and kiss you like the romantic he is.
It’s always either early in the morning before everyone else is awake, or later at night when the sun is setting when he dances with you. He chooses those times specifically since he loves the way the rising/setting sun washes over your pretty features. And it’s typically when most of his family is out of the house, giving you two some alone time together outside of his room.
Camilo will fall asleep in your lap sometimes when you two’re snuggling together. At first, it starts off with him resting his head on your shoulder before it eventually evolves into him sliding down enough for his head to fall into your lap. You always run your hands through his soft, curly, golden-brown hair. Whenever you do, a smile appears on his face, even when he’s sound asleep. You keep a hand free, so you’re able to trace the soft curves of his face, the pads of your fingers running back and forth over the bridge of his nose and over his eyebrows.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yoursweetdenial · 11 months
Y/N: Bye Pepa! Bye Dolores! Bye Camilo! Bye Mirabel! Bye Pepa!
Isabela: You said ‘bye Pepa’ twice.
Y/N: I like Pepa :)
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dead-inside-writer · 11 months
idk if this would be too much but can you do camilo with an s/o who over works themselves and one day they just like faint or something if not that’s fine 😎 but i think it’d be interesting to see how he would react!
"Personal doctor" Encanto Camilo x GN! Reader
Tumblr media
a/n: AAAAAAAAAAAH THANK U SM FOR THE REQUEST! This is such a good one AND NO IT'S NOT TOO MUCH DW! Hope it meets ur expectations <3
pairing: Camilo Madrigal x Overworked! reader
summary: Camilo taking care of you after you fainted from exhaustion
theme: fluff and slight angst
pronouns: he/him for Camilo, they/them for reader
warnings: none
word count: 1.2k
Camilo hasn't seen you lately, and when he did, you had to do something like babysitting the neighbor's kid (which he volunteered to help but soon was called to help out his cousin with a task), sell fruits, clean the house, help prepare parties, and so on. You were busier than him and he's Camilo Madrigal, a member of the busiest family in Encanto! He knew that you were a hardworking and independent person, after all that was what made him adore you so much, but to the point where you had no free time at all? It was starting to worry him. Did his amor even eat at all today? Did you get enough rest? So many questions with little to no answer.
So he take it upon himself to make sure that you were alright. He decided that no matter what, he'll help you with your task, anything he can do so your burden will weigh less. If it's possible, he'll make you rest for once (he won't admit it but he's also itching to spend some quality time with you.)
He went straight to the market after Dolores told him that Y/N was there to help her aunt sell handcrafted goods. It didn't take him long to spot you as you were advertising the goods with such confidence that there was a whole crowd listening to your words.
"Not only that, but it's a wonderful gift for your wife!" You dramatically said, showing the crowd the item in your hand.
Soon, a long line of men queued to buy the item after what you had said. You smiled in relief, glad that your trick worked.
You sat down, taking a short break after all of that talking, to hydrate yourself. To your surprise, the love of your life appeared in front of you.
"Mi amor! You did so well before, you almost got me wanting to buy it for you," He smiled, taking you in a hug.
You hugged him back, missing his embrace and for some reason, you felt a bit dizzy, so you held onto him for some support.
"Thank you querido! What brings you here?" You looked up to him, still hugging him tightly.
"I haven't seen mi vida in a while since they were sooo busy, so I'll be helping them!" He smiled.
"Wow, lucky them for having such a wonderful boyfriend," You separated from him, having to go back to work, "Here, please carry some of these boxes to over there,"
"Aye aye captain!" He raised his hands to his forehead like a soldier then took the boxes from your hand to fulfill his duty.
You smiled at the playful action from him. He just always knows how to make your days feel less hard. You were about to get the next item to promote when suddenly your legs just gave up and your mind shut down in exhaustion. Before everything went black, your boyfriend's voice was heard screaming for you, filled with worry.
Camilo rushed to your frail body lying on the ground.
“M-mi vida, what’s wrong?” His voice shakes and his hands tremble over you. He was a mess at first, checking your forehead then flinched at how hot it was. You look so weak and in so much pain laying down there on the floor.
You worked so hard while suffering a fever this hot? Why did you push yourself to this extent?
‘How did I not notice that mi vida was in this much pain?” He hates himself for not being able to stop you from overworking.
He stopped himself from going into a deep hole of self-hatred and carried you bridal style. You were his main priority and he hurried off to Casita. He tried to run as fast he can, holding you tight in his arms so you won’t accidentally slip out.
He barges into the kitchen, hoping that his tia Julieta was there. Luckily, his tia was currently making her special arepas.
“Tia, please help! Y/N fainted!” He begged his tia, as tia Julieta gasped at the sight.
“Lay them down on the couch! I’ll be back soon,” Julieta said calmly.
Camilo softly lay you down on the couch, putting a pillow under your head. He looks at your pale face, how your lips slowly tremble, and your breathing messy. His heart aches at the sight of you being sick.
He pushes your hair out of your face since it was slightly drenched with your sweat, then holds your hand, never leaving your side.
Soon tia Julieta came back with towels and a bowl of cold water.
“Sobrino, make sure to change the towels every hour,” Tia Julieta said as she drenched the towel into the cold water, placing the wet towel on your hot forehead.
“Okay tia,” He said, “Will they be okay?”
“Don’t worry mi sobrino, they’ll wake up soon,” Julieta ruffled her nephew’s hair, smiling at how worried Camilo was over you.
“You must really love them, huh?” She asked.
“Of course, I love them with all of my heart,” He looks at you, rubbing your hand with his thumb.
Your head aches as you groan, stretching your body. You slowly opened your eyes not used to the bright light.
“Mi amor, are you awake?” Camilo hold your hand tightly.
“Yes querido, I am,” You slowly sat upright, your boyfriend's hand placed on your back to help you as he mutters a soft ‘careful’.
“How many hours was I knocked out for?” You asked, thinking about how many tasks you had missed.
“Around four hours and a half, why do you ask?” Camilo replied.
“FOUR HOURS AND A HALF? OH NO, THAT’S BAD I MISSED SO MUCH WORK, I HAVE TO GO BACK AND-“ You panicked, trying to get off the couch, but your head stings from the sudden movement.
You let out an ouch as Camilo nags you to stay still on the couch.
“Mi vida, why are you overworking yourself? Don’t you see that your body is exhausted?” His voice sounds desperate to make you stay and his eyes are so full of worry that your heart throbbed.
“Let me help you mi amor, it pains me to see you like this,” He softly caressed your cheeks, “Tell me what's going on in your life, all of the details."
"I'm so sorry that I made you worry carino," You said as you leaned into his hand that was caressing your cheeks.
"It's just that..." You bite your lips, thinking of a way to explain everything, "My Madre is sick and we can't afford the medicine for her."
"Why didn't you tell me? I would have helped you mi sol," Camilo looked you in the eye.
"I didn't want to bother you and I thought that I could do it all by myself but look at me now," You scoffed at yourself.
"You tried your best and it's good that you're independent but it's okay to ask someone else to help. I would drop anything to help you mi amor," He smiled at you and those words hit you hard. Tears pricking your eyes after hearing it from him.
You truly were lucky to have him.
Full of mixed emotions, Your body shakes as you remember how much pain your Madre had to suffer through. You sob into Camilo's shoulder, his hands stroking your back gently.
"There, there, mi vida, it'll all be okay," Camilo whispers to your ear, "I'll help you earn money and give you some of tia Julieta's arepa for your mom, okay?"
You weakly nodded yes, your voice gone from crying.
"Rest now mi cielto, I'll try to make you some soup," He kisses your forehead as you lay down to sleep with a small content smile.
You're so happy that you have your very own personal doctor.
note: sorry if this took so long GUDWGIWOOI i might do a bonus part for this, please do leave a like and feel free to request! -din
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uronlineluvr · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗽𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 ; Bruno Madrigal x M/GN/NB reader!
𝘀𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆 ; god, don't you just love him? his purity blows your mind. he's such a doll for you to toy with, a doll just for you to enjoy.
𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 ; SLIGHT smut, you/your used to describe reader when speaking, bruno being a sub top/bottom
𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗲𝘀 ; AHHHHHHHH i absolutely love this, i was working on my most recent request 'nd i had this idea so i present this idea to you cause i can. no au this time. BRUNO IS A GROWN MAN, REMEBER THAT. Female aligned (IN ANYWAY) DNI.
Tumblr media
'' DO YOU. . . LOVE ME?'' Bruno Madrigal questioned; his face flushed a soft pink and his green eyes flourishing with curiosity. He fiddled with his fingers, picking at the soft, delicate skin. Taking your eyes off the book for a moment, your eyes met with the male that sat across from you. His eyes were straightened on the floor, not daring to meet your eye. The silence was deafening, crushing down his hopes every single moment. Uncrossing your legs, closing your book with a sharp snap, you walked over to him, and sat next to him.
'' Bruno,'' Your angelic voice filled his ears, and yet he still didn't dare to look up into your beautiful [E. Color] eyes. '' look at me, please?'' Lifting his chin and turning his face, he looked at you and you peered at him. '' ...'' He stayed silent, not ready to face the consequences of his own voice. Laughing a little, you moved closer to him and pulled his hands into your own grasp. '' . . .Bruno, my darling, I love you so much.'' And with that, your lips met with his.
The soft, pure feeling of his lips was gratifying. His heart was beating in his ears, his face flushed dark red and his hands trembling in your hold. His eyes squeezed shut as he enjoyed the ecstasy he was feeling. Moving away from him, you bought a hand to his face and sighed. '' You're so pretty, baby. So, so pretty.'' His breath hitched, it seemed like his breath was stuck in his chest. This very moment in time, this moment in history, was one he'd never forget.
'' K-Kiss me, again, please.'' The stammered sentence left his mouth, and, in an instant, his lips met with your again. He whimpered into the kiss, sending stimulation in your system. '' Nngh..!'' His hands gripped on your shirt, moans and whimpers floating from his mouth like melody, the stimulation he was feeling, just from your tasteful lips, was overbearing for his trembling body. His pants felt tight around his lower waist, his cock feeling trapped in his pants. Noticing this, a smirk came upon your face. '' Sweetheart, would you like some. . . help with that?'' He confusingly looking down, seeing the imprint of his cock showing deviously. He covered his mouth with his hand, he slightly nodded. Snaking your hand near his pants, palming his overbearing erection. '' Yes or no, darling? I can just go back to reading my book, if you'd like.'' He shook his head quickly, wanting, no, begging for you to help him. '' Say what you want, baby. Or else, I can't understand you.''
He removed his hand from his lips, looking down and squeezing his eyes shut. '' Pl-Please help me, please, [Name]..'' Becoming centimeters away from his face, his eyes connected with you, '' Of course, my dear.''
Tumblr media
@ kailoslove 2022 - all rights reserved
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solcamilo · 10 months
okay camilo with an s/o with a contagious laugh thank u 😤❤
camilo with gen!reader having a contagious laugh would include...
So you and Camilo had been dating for a while (around 5 months)
But you had only been to a Madrigal dinner like once when he first introduced you to the family.
Now would be the second time you were going to have dinner with la familia Madrigal and you were a nervous wreck
Although you knew them from the town and - occasionally - helped them out with chores, you still didn't know them
Especially Alma Madrigal
Oh boy did she scare you shitless
When the two of you arrived he sat you down next to him and his older sister right in the middle of the table
Opposite of Isabela
No offence to her, she was gorgeous and you were sure she was so sweet and nice
Didn't mean she didn't scare you as she stared you down
You awkwardly laughed and looked to the side, squeezing Camilo's hand lightly (a habit you had actually picked up from him when he was nervous)
To your luck, Julieta and Mirabel placed the food on the table and the dinner had finally begun
Camilo grabbed you a big portion and (obviously) an even bigger portion for himself
Small talk and chatter filled the room for a good 20 minutes in during eating
You didn't really join in, only replying to questions asked towards you and making small comments about how good the food was here and there
You were trying to focus on a single conversation but found it difficult due to the amount of them being made around you
Until you did and just so happened to be Agustín's (maybe sad) attempt at making a joke
More so a dad joke
But luckily for him!
You secretly loved dad jokes
"Hey kids!"
"What papá?"
"What's the best thing about Switzerland?"
"Oh god not another dad joke-"
"Come oooon! What's the best thing about it?!"
"Uhhhh what is it?"
"I don't know, but the flag is a big plus"
And as if on que everyone in the room stops talking
It just reeked of it as everyone was eyeing Agustín
Poor man was the only one laughing at his own (kinda bad) joke
Until you opened your mouth
And you just started laughing really really hard
We're talking about the 'i have to clench my stomach and wipe my tears' laugh
Agustín naturally just started laughing harder since at least one person found his joke funny
Bruno couldn't help himself but laugh when he heard your laughter
And soon enough everyone just started joining in and laughing as hard as you and Agustín were
Your laugh was so contagious it was pretty hard not to join in
Camilo always thought of your laugh as pretty (sometimes a little too loud but otherwise pretty)
You on the other hand had always been self conscious about your laugh
Some girl had said you had a 'if a chicken had a love baby with a donkey' laugh when you were like 6
And ever since then you had a fake laugh to cover up your real laugh
But because of Agustín you couldn't hold it in and now everyone was laughing along with you
"See?! Y/N, they have taste!" Camilo's tio let out as everyone was catching their breath
"They don't but okay-"
"What? It was funny!" you let out with a small giggle still thinking about the joke
"You're just so cute!" Camilo exclaimed next to you, leaning over to pinch your cheeks
"No, I sound like the chicken's and donkey's love baby" you frowned
"Y/N that was when we were 6 now we're 15"
"It still sounds like that though-"
"Antonio!" Pepa shushed her son and motioned for Camilo to continue
"Still.." your frown deepened
"Mi vida you and your laugh are the cutest thing to ever exist on this world" he pecked your forehead and moved in to peck your lips
"Ahem!" Abuela coughed loudly, side eyeing both you and Camilo
But she failed to hide the content and knowing smile that was growing on her lips
You noticed how late it was and kind of panicked because last time you came super late to your house and your parents accidently locked you out
And then you had to awkwardly make your way back to Casita and crash at Camilo's room (with parental supervision of course)
"It's really late I think I should be going now. Thank you for having me over and thank you for the delicious food!" you smiled as you stood up, the Madrigal family standing up in turn
"Thank you dear for coming, I'm glad you enjoyed your time here" Abuela said warmly
This woman wasn't as scary as you thought she would be
You proceeded to hug each family member and made your way to the exit of the house
Hand in hand with Camilo the two of you walked back to your house where he dropped you off (after making sure you weren't locked out again)
"Thank you for inviting me" you let out softly
"Thank you for accepting" he smiled cheekily and moved to kiss you
"Ahem!" you mocked Abuela when he was only inches away from your lips
The both of you laughed and he moved in again to finally kiss you
The two of you pulled away and rested your foreheads on each others, both of you smiling like idiots
"I really love your laugh by the way did I ever tell you that?"
You laughed, lifting a hand up to his head to caress his hair
"Yeah you've said it about 100 times"
"Well then make it 101 because I really do"
And with that he kissed you tenderly once more before you both called it a night
The dinner didn't go so bad after all
a/n: sorry this wasn't a fic but i honestly didn't know how to make it one, again i'm sorry! but this as a headcanon was so cute :') also sorry i keep forgetting to tag people
taglist: @dai-tsukki-desu
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somethinginthethunder · 11 months
just you (isabela x reader)
Tumblr media
summary: a quick story on how isabela realized she was in love with you.
notes: i wrote this at 3am please don't judge me also yes i will probably do this for some other characters (dolores is already being worked on)
warnings: none!
-isabela had a crush on you for a very long time
-she’d consider you her closest friend.
-honestly, it's more of a sad statement considering the closest interaction you've had is asking her to help you out with carrying some baked goods to your neighbor's.
-since her chores and image kept her from really being casual with anyone, her heart always jumped when you would still treat her as just a person and not some sort of goddess.
-despite not having too many real interactions, she still admired you from afar
-of course, being miss perfect she never told you. mariano was supposed to be her top priority.
-but after the casita’s destruction and rebuilding, she was determined to finally tell you her feelings!!
-at the moment you were helping mirabel with placing tiles on the floor. you were almost done so it seemed like the perfect time to step in.
-but she didn’t
-suddenly she was incredibly nervous, hesitating at the half-finished doorway
-what if you didn’t like how much she had changed? what if you didn’t like her at all? what if you hated her after this confession?
-she tried to shake it off as nerves and simply took a deep breath.
-”(y/n)? can i talk to you?” she calls out.
-you immediately place down the tile and tell mirabel you’ll be right back
-the tone of isabela’s voice concerned you. it was strained and nervous. honestly, you were half expecting her to tell you that she had just killed a man.
-she took you aside in the nearby greenery, away from everyone else.
-”something wrong, isa?” you ask worriedly.
-”no! no. not at all, i just…”
-she hesitated
-but a voice in her head told her screw it!
-”i like you. a lot. and i’ve liked you for a long time and i totally understand if you don’t like me back or think my new style is weird i just thought i should tell you because you’re just… really cool. and smart. and funny… and i appreciate that you were such a good friend even when i was kind of up tight.”
-as she continued to talk her eyes began to find the ground incredibly interesting.
-and suddenly you were laughing
-a feeling of embarrassment rose inside of her, her face getting hot.
-”you know what, nevermind. forget i said anything.”
-”why would i do that?”
-and for the first time since she started talking, she looked up at you. and you were smiling at her. it wasn’t a malicious smile, just one of kindness and care.
-”of course i like you back, silly. i don’t care if you’ve changed or not, you’re still you. and i mean, honestly, it makes me happy that you know you’re allowed to express yourself,” you continued.
-the madrigal felt like she had been hit by a truck. she never expected you to like her back.
-and, oh, when it finally sunk in that you were there for her, not just the image she had to put up, she suddenly changed her mind
-she didn’t like you
-she loved you.
-but she’d tell you that some other time.
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mrsbakugou101 · 8 months
You and The Madrigals go to the Oscars.
Tumblr media
Not my art! https://pin.it/2tnaWYo is where I found it!
Tumblr media
A/N: Ok I'm really sorry I haven't updated "Camp Buddy", I'm having a bit of writers block! So to hold you all up, I made some head cannons of you and the Madrigals heading to the Oscars! Should I do GRAMMYS too?
Genre: Fluff, fluffy <3
Pairing(s): Camilo Madrigal x Reader! (Any Gender, sorry if I said she)
Warnings: None :>
Tumblr media
· You were completely shocked when Camilo asked you to be his plus one to the Oscars event.
· First Camilo had to get the tissues because you were in tears.
· Then he confirmed what he said was all true.
· His family had been well known in the Encanto for having a troubled past, from Abuela loosing Pedro, to Bruno leaving Casita, Mirabel not getting her gift, Isabela having to be perfect, Luisa feeling pressured, and Casita falling. Later on, they rebuilt Casita, and had a happy life. A couple weeks later, some people in town submitted the Madrigals story to movie makers. One of the stars; Lin-Manuel Miranda loved it so much; he wanted to make it a movie! Abuela Alma was skeptical at first, but the family and the town were able to convince her.
· Of course, Camilo was happy, because he was a theater kid and he got to star in his own remake of the movie. So, you can imagine his face when he found out the movie got an Oscar. The family had been invited to Los Angeles, to attend the Oscars.
· The day Camilo found out the news, he rushed to you and gave the news. Of course, it took about fifteen minutes before he could cut to the chase, and actually tell you the news.
· “Camilo slow down, just tell me what you want to say!”
· “But it’s just so amazing I-”
· Everyone all over town was talking about it, and how they wished the Madrigals good luck. And of course, you were happy for them, but you couldn’t help feeling sad about your novio being pulled away from you for a week or more.
· So, you can imagine how happy you were, when Camilo convinced his family to let you tag along as his plus one.
· Pepa even sprouted rainbows, as she watched your reaction from a distance.
· You and Camilo both got to go on an airplane for the first time together, and it was a magical experience.
· “One day we’ll get to do this on your private jet!” you told Camilo, as you looked out the window onto the tiny buildings on the ground.
· “Our private jet Mi Vida.” Camilo said, giving you a warm smile as he placed his hand on your shoulder.
· Once you guys finally landed, you took a van to the hotel you would stay at. Now the hotel wasn’t Beverley Hills, but it was frequently close. It was expensive, luxury, and a few other stars for the Oscars were staying there too.
· You and the family were excited to wake up the next morning because it was the day of the Oscars ceremony. You had to arrive around 3pm, so you guys had time to explores Los Angeles for a while.
· You ate a pretty hefty breakfast, and then rode around the city in a limo for a while. Once you guys got back to the hotel, you prepared for the award show.
· Everyone wore a very fancy outfit.
· Once everyone was finished, you rode a limo to the event.
· While you were there you met a bunch of your favorite actors, celebs, singers etc. Including: Sofia Carson, Will Smith, Emma Stone, Zendaya etc.
· Unfortunately, Lin-Manuel Miranda; the reason for the movie in the first place couldn’t make it to ceremony but would watch it from home.
· You and the family got interviewed, but they did a close up on you and Camilo who they said could be “L. A’s new greatest couple!”
· After walking around, taking pictures, being interviewed and more; seven o clock finally hit, and the Oscar Award show finally begun.
· You guys ended up getting an Oscar, for “Best Cultural Film”, and everyone was so happy.
· You and Camilo were squeezing each other’s hand, all throughout the ceremony.
· And you could imagine the look on you, and the family’s faces during the whole Will Smith vs Chris Rock smackdown.
· But otherwise, then that, you all had a great time.
· The show ended at 10pm, and you were all tired and ready to go back to the hotel. But when you guys finally arrived, nobody was tired anymore. Pepa, Julieta, Felix, and Agustin all went out for a joyride. Luisa decided to take a walk around the place, Abuela went to the sauna downstairs, and Bruno ordered some secret pizzas for the rest of you.
· “Alright guys I’ll do it, but don’t tell Abuela.”
· You, Camilo, Isabela, Luisa, Mirabel, and Dolores were up all night. Antonio tried to stay up with the rest of you but ended up falling asleep at around eleven o’clock. When you saw him knocked out on the floor, you picked him up and tucked him in bed. Camilo saw how great you were with Antonio and couldn’t help falling in love with you even more.
· “Mi amor, eres mi todo.” Camilo smiled, grasping your cheek, and caressing it with his thumb.
· “Te amo, Milo.” You said, leaning forwards and placing a small kiss on his freckled nose.
· “Te amo mas mi vida.”
· “Did you see how harsh that smack was though?” Dolores asked, eyes wide.
· “It caught me so off guard.” Pepa responded.
· “I had to cover Tonito’s eyes and ears for like two minutes!” You spoke.
· You and the family were in the limo, after the Oscars had just finished. You were discussing the unexpected smack down between, Will Smith and Chris Rock.
· “Honestly I think the joke shouldn’t have been said, but Will also shouldn’t have slapped him.” Julieta said.
· “It looked so painful!” Antonio whispered.
· “He laughed it off though.” Camilo replied.
· “I’m just glad we got to do our little live show.” Bruno said.
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoyed! Camp Buddy will update soon! <3
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tobibam · 10 months
unexpected love
Tumblr media
fandom : encanto
pairing : camilo x reader
warnings : none, except fluff
a/n : @bokubooo happy birthday my boo <3
Tumblr media
“please camilo —“
“no! i already gave my answer mirabel, there’s no use in trying to convince me”
“but —“
“blah blah blah”
camilo stick out his tongue in a nonchalant expression. making mirabel groaned in frustration, why won’t he help her? she just need him to shapeshift into her for a little while but he keeps refusing saying that he has loads of work to do tomorrow.
with that being said, the brown haired boy took another bite of arepas made by his aunt. and the side of mirabel’s face flops to the table, utterly hopeless and lost.
right now mirabel is starting to regret the decision of asking you to meet up tomorrow. only if she didn’t have to go helped her mother out.
mirabel sighed dismally at the thought of having to go apologise you and says she can’t come anymore. she doesn’t really want to break the promise although camilo’s not helping at all — like sure everyone can be busy at times but can’t he just help her a little? it’s only for some hours —
“there’s one thing i haven’t told you about” mirabel quickly lift her head up suddenly. camilo quirked an eyebrow at her before gave her a nod as a gesture to go on, glass in his hand as he sips some water.
“it’s y/n who i asked you to meet tomorrow”
a violent choke and a spatter of water slipped from camilo’s mouth at your name. and mirabel smirked knowingly while watching her cousin struggle to keep his cool. looks like her guess about camilo’s crush on you is true.
“but oh well, what a bummer that you’re super busy tomorrow. looks like i gotta turn her down about the plans —“
“uh actually — if it’s only for some hours i might be able to spare a little time”
got ya.
“if you say sooooooo. the meeting time is at 10 o’clock, good luck!”
the girl got up from her seat and swiftly paced out of the room, just in case if he changes his mind. slamming the kitchen door shut as she went.
and that’s how the brown haired boy got left alone, head in his hands and mind pondering, will he be okay tomorrow??
camilo found himself playing with his fingers mindlessly, waiting for your arrival. he legit comes 15 minutes early, just to make sure he won’t be late and end up embarrassed himself.
heaving a sigh, he leaned his back against the bench he’s sitting in. it was just outside the local store where parents often come to. wait why is he thinking of these things suddenly? perhaps he’s nervous? maybe. maybe not he’s —
a voice softly called out of nowhere. making him jumped in surprise and twisted around to see you. giggling with the brightest smile he ever saw.
“gotcha good mirabel! did i make you wait long?” you asked, also reminding camilo that he’s mirabel right now. not camilo.
he gently shook his head in return, trying to smile as natural as possible, “nah not at all, i’ve just arrived, too”
you crossed your arms while giving him a suspicious look, then it turned into a hearty laugh.
“alright, alright. should we go now then? ooo this gonna be fun — let’s go let’s go!” you excitedly exclaimed, grabbing his hand and slightly tugged him forward.
he really did have lots of fun, smiling and laughing while talking about thousands millions things, cracking tons of jokes along the way. from trying new fashions or putting on weird glasses just to laugh at each other’s face. dancing merrily to the dulcet but jolly local street’s music. trying to keep quiet in a library but utterly failed that the librarian have to shoo you two away, he seemed furious about it. “don’t ever come again” mimicked the silly voice and face + gesture by camilo, it ended up look hilarious in an odd way. but alas, the day have to end as you and him strayed to the river side, watching the sun sets beautifully across the sky. which was tinged with orange-pink colours, it’s getting late now.
you gave him a smile and a wave when you’re some meters away, knowing you’d meet him — mirabel again tomorrow. he returned the favor, but the smile almost immediately disappear when you turned around. because for him it feels like this will be the last time.
ridiculous. he just need to grab all the courage he’s got and talk to you. that way there will be more possibilities. yes.
no. no he can’t — what if you don’t like him back? how about he keeps seeing you in secret like this for a bit more, disguised as mirabel? so you could know him better, and him vice versa. isn’t that a great idea? sure let’s do it.
this keep going for a week, weeks turned to months. you do noticed about the little changes and differences when you look closely, of course you do. but you choose to not say anything, only keep it as self’s suspicions.
until one day…
“mirabel! let’s meet again later tonight in our secret meet spot, there’s something i want to ask you about” you announced to your close friend, mirabel.
she blinked while give you a puzzled look, “what secret place?”
this time it’s your turn to be surprise. “that place. the one we often meet, don’t you remember?”
“i don’t know what you’re talking about” she protested, scrunching up her nose as she try to recall. although not a single memory comes up.
“it can’t be —“ that’s the moment you realised. now it all clicked… if it’s not her; then the only person who can transform into someone else, the one and only, camilo.
“y/n… you alright?” mirabel asked, touching your shoulder with concerns.
“it’s camilo, isn’t it?” you testified. catching mirabel’s wide eyes and flustered attitude. before shot her a look to spilled out everything. mirabel then sighed in defeat and told you the truth, under a fact that she really has no idea camilo kept seeing you after that day.
you listened, completely indulged by the new cognition. and when she finished, you impart her one last question and a favor.
“then, tonight. please tell him to meet me at our usual spot. don’t worry, he’ll know what i meant”
so that’s how it is. you sat in the middle of a meadow, full of variety colours of beautiful flowers. a special secret place that with only small group of people know, camilo found it first and is the one who introduced you to it.
although the way here might not be so pleasant, for it’s some distance into the forest; especially if it’s dark. like around this time. but it really worth it though, you can open-heartedly confirm on that one.
a rustle of grass behind you snapped you back from your thoughts, and you whipped around, to see him. camilo looks down at his feet while he hold his fingers in a light grip in front.
“camilo” you began, voice calm. even though it still make camilo shrunken at the sound of you voice.
before you could asked him the question he’s been scared to answer. he interrupted first saying, “you found out. i know, i’ve heard from mirabel already. i’m so sorry y/n, i didn’t mean it to turn out like this. i only wanted to see you and talk to you like i’m someone close to you because…” he paused, gulping and took a deep breath to brace himself for the next line.
“because i like you y/n. a lot. ever since the first day we met. you’re always so kind and i can’t help feeling warm and fuzzy everytime you’re around. at first i thought i only liked you as a friend, turns out it’s something much more deeper than that. and it’s love, i guess…” camilo trailed off, his ears and cheeks are dusted reddish pink colour.
you were speechless. stunned and in complete shocked by his words. did he just… confess?
“but it’s totally alright if you don’t feel the same. that’s totally understandable and i’m sorry. i —“
camilo got interrupted by a pair of arms wrapped around his torso, it took him a moment to realized that it’s you.
“i like you too camilo, all along. i just have never been brave enough to tell you. thank you camilo, you’ve no idea how glad i am to hear that” you let your emotions overcome and say everything you’ve stored since long ago.
camilo returned your hug. feeling exactly the same.
and you two stayed there for some minutes, no words exchanged. just two people relish into each other’s presence. until you pulled back to cupped his face in your hands. warm smile splayed and eyes dried happy tears.
“i know this might sound a bit cheesy but… i love you camilo”
a tender sweet kiss on your lips is enough answer you needed. the moon is grinning and the stars aglow as if they were congratulating to the new pair of lovers.
Tumblr media
likes or reblogs are highly appreciated!
Tumblr media
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notpikaman · 10 hours
Tumblr media
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lafamiliamadrigalpt · 4 months
Y/n is late
Camilo: You’re late.
Y/n: You’re handsome.
Camilo: You’re forgiven.
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wwillowtrees · 11 months
Stop waiting for a fairytale to take you away, don’t wait for someday.
camilo madrigal x fem reader | fluff, confessions | sorry to all my gn readers, i’ll make it up to you all soon! this idea has probably been done before, but author is a simp and they could care less d( ・ω´・+)
i recommend on listening to the song to get context :D
as always, non-beta read, we die like pedro madrigal.
Camilo quietly stared at the saplings, head tucked between his knees as he observed the plant in silence. The boy reaches out to gently touch the newly grown leaves, fascinated by its soft yet oddly rough texture.
The shapeshifter blinked in confusion as a looming shadow blocked his prize possession from its much-needed sunlight.
“It’s going to burn into a crisp if you don’t bring it inside.” Isabella scoffed, leaning down to take the pot that served as a home for the growing flowers, blatantly ignoring her cousin’s protests.
“Ai callate-!” He yelps when he feels a vine smack his left shoulder. He turns to glare at the vicious plant while it simply slithered away.
He huffed, rubbing his shoulder as he moved his eyes to watch his oldest cousin placing the saplings on the ground. The woman smiled upon the magical house known as casita, who happily moved the flower pot to a nearby window sill.
“Carnations need 4 to 6 hours of sunlight, not a whole cook-out.” Isabella states, moving her hand in a circular motion as flowers began to bloom around Camilo.
“How did you know-“ Isabella sent him a dead stare, an eyebrow raised in amusement. Camilo mentally slapped himself for his idiocy.
“Oh, cierto, your gift.” The boy murmured, picking a flower off the ground in pure curiosity. He twirled it around with his calloused fingers as he inspected it.
“These are new, what do they mean?” Camilo asks, holding it out to Isabella. He tilts his head in confusion as the woman in question stifles a laugh.
“Those are Geraniums, they mean stupidity.”
Isabella cackled in response, hunching down at the sound of Camilo’s annoyed grumbles.
“Espera, it’s my turn to ask the questions!” She wheezed out, straightening her back as she flipped her hair to the side.
“I don’t want to hear another word.” Camilo muttered, throwing the flower at his cousin.
“Oh please, you tease me all the time.” The woman rolled her eyes at his antics, watching Camilo stand up from his spot “Now, mind telling me who you’re confessing to?”
Camilo coughed, pounding a fist on his chest as he nervously chuckled.
“I don’t know what you mean-“
“You and I both know what I mean mi primo.” Isabella retaliated, pointing to the saplings that gently swayed with the summer breeze. Look closely enough, and one will see a red bud beginning to bloom right before them.
Red Carnations, they symbolized pure love and affection.
“Well, it’s none of your business.” Camilo sassed, walking past his cousin. However, before he could enter the door, a hand on his chest makes him pause in his tracks.
“Don’t be a fool, tell her you think she’s cool.” Isabella interrupted, slightly turning her head towards the younger.
“This girl is clearly different if you aren’t even asking me to grow these flowers for you.” Isabella muttered, letting her hand fall to her side. He stayed silent, listening intently as Isabella placed a hand on her hip.
“Don’t be afraid, dreams aren’t found Camilo, or even foretold by tío Bruno,” She told, staring off to the sun that nestled behind the white clouds.
“They’re made.” Camilo’s breath hitched at her words.
“You’ve only got one chance kid, make it worth while.” She pats him on the shoulder before heading off to where she heard her mother call her name.
Curse his prima.
“Watch out!” The shapeshifter shouted, turning into a small child to dodge the townsfolk in his path.
He frantically looked down to see the saplings still intact, the plants bouncing up and down due to the speed he was going at.
Sighing in relief, the teenager continued to march his way through the crowd, eyes wide for a certain girl.
“Camilo?” There it was, your melodic voice. He skidded in his tracks, shapeshifting back into himself before he turned to you.
“There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Camilo exclaimed, his voice exasperated from all the running.
“I could tell.” You teased, smiling at him lovingly. Camilo chuckled nervously, fixing his posture.
Was his heart racing due to the running? Or was it because of your presence, he wasn’t so sure. Whatever the reason is, he feels like he could run for miles with how much energy your smile gave him.
“What’s that?” You pointedly ask, eyes on the flower pot he was holding. He bit his bottom lip, swiftly moving the pot behind him.
“I’ll get to that, but first let’s go somewhere private, hm?”
He watched as you furrow your eyebrows in suspicion, growing anxious at the fact you might say no. Though his worries were washed away like a tidal wave as you nodded your head slowly.
“I just might know a place.”
You’ve only got one chance.
Camilo took a deep breath as he followed you out of town. The boy looked around, enthralled by the natural beauty around him.
“We’re almost there!” You shout, jumping over the jagged rocks that crossed your path.
His gaze landed back on you, the grip on his pot tightening.
He really was about to do this wasn’t he? You two have been friends for nearly 2 years now, and within that span of time he fell for you deep.
He was cautious at first, all the meaningless winks and flirty remarks he shared with other girls were pointless when it came to you.
Every time he shared a laugh with you, every time you held his hand, every time you said his name with so much happiness laced in your tone, made his heart flutter each time.
Hell, even by just hearing your name in a conversation is able to make him smile wide.
He couldn’t help but gravitate towards you, something about your presence made it so addictive that he wanted a taste each time he hung out with you.
And when he saw you, giving him a hand-made chameleon plush with a shy smile on his 14th birthday, he just knew he couldn’t live without you by his side.
You were the sunshine that gave the light to his sunflower. He sighed, looking down at his still-growing Carnations.
Dios mio, he was absolutely hopeless.
“Anddd, this is our stop.”
He looked up to see where he was, eyes widening when he realized this was the same place where you took him to on his birthday.
He looked around for a bit, reminiscing the times when the two of you would run around the grassy fields till the day sets.
Laying on one the many flower patches that covered the area as you told stories to one another, still full of energy even after all the running and chasing.
“I’m guessing you still remember?” You say, eyes still on the enchanting environment around the two of you.
He scoffed, almost offended at your sentence.
“How could I ever forget?”
You hummed, standing on the soles of your feet. You turn to face him, nudging your head to the pot he held.
“Mind explaining what you got there parcero?”
This was it.
“Yeah.” Camilo said, shaking his sandals to get the nerves off his body.
“Princesa, there’s been something I’ve been meaning the tell you.”
You raised an eyebrow, puckering up your lips as a sign for him to continue.
“I like you, and not in a way that friends do.” Camilo said, his shoulders tensing at the words he plans to say next.
“Ever since I’ve met you I’ve been enchanted by your beauty, your energy, your- well everything!” He cringed slightly, hating how he stumbled on his own words.
“And- I know most guys would probably give out a bouquet right about now, and I should’ve prepared better to be honest with you.” He chuckled, holding out the flower pot to you.
“But if you’re willing, do you want to you take care of these flowers until they fully bloom with me?”
You’ve only got one chance.
You stood there, mouth agape in shock as you look down at the saplings that stare happily back at you.
“Are these Carnations?”
“Sí, red ones at that! They symbolize love and-“ He closes his mouth quick when he noticed you moving to go grab the pot out of his grasp.
He looks at you anxiously, waiting for your response. He freezes at the sight of tears brimming around the rim of your wrinkled eyes due to the wide smile you wore.
You sniffled, giggling slightly as you caressed the clay pot with your thumb, holding it with so much gentleness as if it would break within the moment it touches your hand.
“I’d love to take care of these flowers with you Camilo.”
“Really?!” His eyes lit up in excitement, stuffing his hands in his pockets. You nod enthusiastically at him.
Holy sh-
“Oh! One second.”
He turns around, pumping his fists in the air as he celebrated his small victory, screaming at the top of his lungs. You bark out a laugh, clutching the pot in you hands as you shook your head in amusement.
He swiftly faces you once more, eyes glimmering in excitement.
“May I mi sol?”
You scoffed, gripping his collar with one hand and pulling him in.
“Do you even need to ask mi girasol?” You teased, leaning in slightly.
Kiss her you fool.
A bud of a red Carnation sprouted that day.
girasol means sunflower- or so that’s what i’ve learned from my untrustworthy partner: google translate ;)
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sleeplessdreamer14 · 6 months
imagine knowing Bruno is in the walls and singing “Remember Me” to him through the walls
Tumblr media
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yoursweetdenial · 11 months
Pepa, pointing to the wall: What color is this?
Bruno: Gray.
Julieta: Grey.
Pepa, turning to Y/N: Now tell them what color you think it is.
Y/N: Dark white.
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