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fight for you
Tumblr media
Inspired by the Book of Life. Part 1
masterlist !!
A letter had arrived to inform the Madrigals of your return. Camilo is overjoyed to reunite with you.
Camilo had kept his word. Even as eight years had passed, as Casita fell and rose back again on the hill that the two of you had once ran around on, the hope that you would return never once wavered.
Although he wanted to send you letters, he didn’t know where to write to you and your father hadn’t exactly warmed up to him even after your departure. Oftentimes he would run up to him, asking for any news from you. Though Ignacio would only regard him for a moment before silently walking away. He can’t say the same for his family though. The Madrigals and the lonely widow Ignacio Castillo had maintained a friendship of sorts. Though it seemed that Ignacio hadn’t really seen him as anything but the boy that drove his one and only daughter away from him. Often frowning and leaving the room whenever Camilo entered.
He knew his reputation wasn’t exactly the best but he had tried to show the older man his good side. Often he had pestered him, helping him out whenever he could. And try as Ignacio may, he couldn’t help but admire the boy whose smile was infectious and bright.
Camilo had spent years waiting, completely unaware that he was a boy falling deeper into the depths of love. No longer was it a silly crush and it took years of your absence to realize that.
He thought that he would have to wait longer. Not that he minded waiting but the day he had been waiting for would soon arrive.
A letter had been delivered to the matriarch of the family while they were having dinner. He recognized the seal that had your father’s initials on them as well as the wax seal’s colors. He drummed his fingers on the table, fidgeting as he resisted the urge to just snatch the letter from his grandmother’s hands.
He watched with bated breath, chewing on the arepa he ate like his life depended on it as his abuela’s serious features melted away to form a warm smile. She placed the letter back in its envelope before placing her hands on the table, glancing at him briefly.
“It seems that Señor Castillo’s daughter is expected to return from after completing her studies in the city.”
Camilo choked, an unchewed piece of arepa lodging itself in his throat.
Pepa, not noticing the choking Camilo had smiled fondly. “Oh, how sweet, you’re getting all choked up.” She stifles a soft motherly laugh, knowing how Camilo had admired and loved the girl.
Most people would argue that it was puppy love and that it would pass but her son’s unwavering patience to wait for (Name) told her all she needed to know. She was blissfully unaware that Camilo was so close to seeing the light, his abuelo Pedro on the other side—
Camilo grasped onto the table tightly, turning slightly purple as he couldn’t breathe. Was this it? Death by arepas? Granted it was a good way to go but he hadn’t seen (Name) yet!
“Oh..! Ay dios mio, you’re choking!” Panic ensued as Felix had turned to his son, about to share some fatherly wisdom, only to see Camilo choking. He immediately performed the Heimlich maneuver as Pepa thundered and rained all over the dinner table.
Well, after almost having a heart attack from Camilo’s near death experience, Alma had announced that she would like to host a welcoming party in honor of (Name’s) return. Seeing as the Madrigals and the Castillos were more than acquaintances after your departure, she saw it fit to hold a party for the return of one of Encanto’s memorable citizens.
As Camilo laid in his bed, he couldn’t help the smile that graced his lips. You were coming back. After all this time he was going to see you again.
Camilo wondered what you looked like now and as he stood up, he glanced at himself in the mirror. He combed his fingers through his brown curls, smiling at himself. He could say that he looked good. He only hoped that he wouldn’t disappoint.
The shapeshifter turned to his closet, opening it up to reveal dozens of ruanas that resembled the very same one you gave him. Said ruana was carefully tucked away. He had worn it only once and that was on the day of your departure. It had slipped off his shoulders a few times but Pepa reassured him that he would grow into it.
He went back to bed, holding the ruana close to his chest as he reminisced about his childhood with you, slowly falling asleep with a smile on his freckled face.
Soon came the day he had been waiting for. Casita was roaring with excitement, much to his sister Dolores’ chagrin. Everyone had wondered how you were after being away from Encanto. Rumors of your studies as well as your beauty buzzed around the town. Camilo had looked forward to meeting you once again, fidgeting as he kept on shifting to different people out of nervousness.
“Alright, alright, calm down. You got this.” his fingers drummed against his thighs as he tried to focus.
The welcome party had been attended by the whole town, all of its’ citizens as equally curious as he was to see or know what had happened to the little menace that once terrorized the whole town with Camilo.
“Óye, (Name’s) on her way.” Dolores whispered to her Abuela before she let out a little ‘hm’.
He stood beside his abuela, with your father on the opposite of the Madrigal matriarch. Camilo donned the exact same ruana you had given him the last time he saw you, his white button-up pressed smoothly and showed no creases. He swallowed thickly as he fidgeted with the ends of his ruana, careful as to not pick on it too much as he was afraid of ruining the gift that you had given him.
“Camilo, your girlfriend’s here!” Isabela had smirked after she had peered out on the walkway where you were escorted by a boy that looked to be of Camilo’s age, though they weren’t familiar with him. Perhaps he was an outsider that you met while studying in the city? He was tall, handsome, a mop of smooth umber locks on his head. The unknown boy’s pretty amber eyes gleamed as he smiled down at you. Camilo could feel his throat dry up and his heart clench. Who was he?
A hush fell over the crowd as you finally entered Casita’s newly built doors. All eyes on you as you made your way down the center of the parted crowd. Camilo could hear their whispers but his eyes had narrowed on the unfamiliar boy by your side. He didn’t like it. He didn’t like him. Maybe it was his overprotectiveness for his girl.. His friend showed but he was far too close for his liking. Though he tried to push the green monster that threatened to ruin his whole night. This is gonna be a night to remember. You don’t want to ruin it, Camilo hissed to himself.
As expected, everyone in town was curious to see how you had grown. Camilo had quickly turned his attention to you once he heard the soft gasps that came from the crowd.
“(Name) Castillo has returned..”
A delicate fan had hid your features from curious eyes that tried to take a glimpse of you. You were dressed in a white blouse, delicate frills on the neck with a light yellow lace trimming, your skirt was long, embroidered with pretty carnations and sugar flowers and it stopped just before your ankles. On your hair was a little bow in the color of Camilo’s ruana.
“And she’ll be helping out with the children..” One of the mothers that Camilo had been helping had gushed as you gently ruffled the curly hair of the little tyke in her arms.
“I heard she reads books.. like for fun.” One of the haughty girls your age had scoffed, rolling their eyes while her companion had gasped. “No way..”
You continued to make your way through the crowd, a space between Alma and Camilo being made for you. The boy he had been glaring at joined your father’s side. Although he was nervous, Camilo had tried his best to retain his confident smile while your father had looked on proudly. “Mija.” Your father greets you with a warm hug and you couldn’t help but return the embrace before you had pulled away to stand in between the shapeshifter and his grandmother.
“Señorita Castillo.” Camilo breathes out, unable to believe that you were actually here now. You were so close and he could feel your warmth. He could only see your eyes right now, mesmerized and getting lost in them.
He briefly wondered if you even remembered who he was. It had been years after all and no letters were exchanged to know what had happened to the both of you in each other’s absence. Anxiety filled him and he felt his palms get sweaty. Though that soon would be melted away as you turned to him with that sweet smile you always gave him when you were younger.
You lowered your fan, eyelashes fluttering prettily as you beamed up at him. “Hola, Camilo.” You greet with a soft smile, only then making your features visible to everyone in town.
Camilo Madrigal swore he could hear a chorus of angels singing as his eyes opened wide to take in all of you. His jaw dropped and he started shifting again, his familiar disfigured face staring at you in disbelief.
A soft giggle merely escaped your lips, far too familiar with Camilo’s antics to be surprised anymore. “It’s really nice to see you..” You lean close as you whisper, smiling sheepishly, cheeks heating up as you recognize the ruana he wore. "You kept it? After all these years?"
Camilo’s own cheeks felt warm as he didn’t even know where to look. Your pretty eyes or the lips he swore he could kiss forever. And he could only nod dumbly as you smiled.
However, your attention was soon captured by his grandmother who had smiled fondly, gently grabbing your shoulders as she made a welcome speech that Camilo didn’t really listen to. Something about returning, yada.. Yada.. enough about his abuela!
All he could focus on was you.
Aside from his grandmother’s speech he would briefly hear muffled snippets of conversations of both your father and said boy who he now knew as one of your friends from the capital. He heard how he had insisted on escorting you home. He had shook your father’s hand firmly, proudly smiling as he heard Ignacio’s praise of making sure his daughter had come home safely. And to that he says, really? He spent years trying to gain even a smile from the ever cold Ignacio Castillo but it was given away so freely to a stranger?
As Alma’s speech ended, she asked for the band to play some music, no doubt sparking what would be a very lively party. Although Camilo wanted nothing more but to speak with you, you were whisked away by his primas who had fawned over your outfit as well as your now grown features. They had also filled you in on what you had missed during the eight years you’ve studied in the city.
You talked animatedly, recalling all your time in the city. He would watch, mesmerized by how you had become so.. so beautiful. Though there were quirks you had retained that he remembered when you were children. He smiled to himself, sighing dreamily.
“Camilo Madrigal. The shapeshifter, right?” A voice interrupted him from his thoughts and he turned to see the very same boy that was by your side upon entering Casita. “Andres Del Pilar.” The boy held his hand out. “I’ve heard a lot about you from princesa. It is nice to finally meet you.” Andres greets with a smile that didnt quite reach his eyes.
Something about this boy had honestly riled Camilo up. He was so.. Smug. Like he was smug too but his smugness, by his defense, was endearing! Not like this.. This.. chico engreido! He could feel Andres size him up, likely to scope out the competition as Camilo shook his hand.
“All good things, I hope.” He says through gritted teeth, eyes narrowing at the nickname the boy had referred to you as.
“But of course, mi princesa speaks highly of her darling friend.” Camilo could practically hear the emphasis on Andres’ words. His princess. Not yours. He turned to gaze at you just like Camilo had. The tall boy hummed softly. “During her years in the city, I’ve been granted her gracious presence. I admire her, you see. Only a blind man wouldn’t.” Andres had shook his head. “Numerous times I have thought of asking for her hand to court..” Camilo could feel his heart stop at his words, eyes wide as he looked at Andres.
“But I intend to ask for it from her father, Señor Castillo himself.” Camilo’s blood ran cold and he swore he feel himself freeze up, nails digging in his palms at how tight he was clenching his fists.
The tall boy merely gave him a once over, huffing haughtily. “Judging by your reaction it seems she has failed to inform me that this darling friend.. Doesn’t see her as just that.” He shook his head. “Though I really don’t see someone like you as a competition. No shapeshifting could amount to the life and the riches I could give her.”
Andres turned to walk away, bumping his shoulder against Camilo harshly and watching with a snicker as the shapeshifter had stumbled back. “Just a friendly advice, from one amigo to another, si? It is best if you cease any feelings you have for her, friend.” Andres had masked the poison in his words with his flowery sentences.
Camilo’s jaw clenched and he swore if he didn’t have the patience of a saint he would’ve seen red. Andres had expected an easy win. An easy ‘I yield’ from the Camilo boy. What he didn’t expect was dark green eyes narrowing at him.
“Que gane el mejor, amigo. May the best man win.” Camilo stood tall as he sauntered past Andres. If Andres thought he was going to back down, he had another thing coming. Camilo Madrigal was going to fight for you.
Nearby, hidden by a large assortment of plants, one could hear a little ‘oooh’ as they bore witness to the scene that had just transpired. Dolores, Mirabel, and their Tio Bruno had been listening in. After making sure that both boys had left the scene, Dolores let out a little ‘hm’ before relaying what had just happened as Bruno who had been quite inspired by the display, had taken notes, invested in his sobrino’s story and inspired to make a telenovela with starring his rats. Mirabel recalled the exchange from both boys to be used as the dialogue.
“Write that down! Write that down! That was telenovela gold!”
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg @kaorisposts @samlealea @nachotrash @jovi-ayer @nachotrash @ewwitsbella @happyt0exist @rocketxgirl @porcelainpeachess @the-never-ending-one @joukiworld @ranzieboo @raiden88 @fantasttick @shakiraa-a @mangobery99 @i-need-more-books @mikeysleftpinkytoe @chayauwu @lunar-flwr @sug4r-sp1c3
i hope you guys like the second part of the book of life series ! sorry if theres any typos 😭 im still sick but i wanted to get a fic out ! let me know what you guys think !!
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He cried after Camilo raised his voice at him 😭
Poor baby 🥺
Tumblr media
Just did it this morning lolol *sips hot coco with shaky hand*
[This is the aftermath of the Owl house meme ref link here]
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Camilo: Where are my fucking keys?
Y/N: Camilo, Antonio is around, can you say it a little nicer?
Camilo: Yeah, my bad
Camilo: May I ascertain the whereabouts of my FUCKING KEYS?!
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helloooow!! Is it possible to request for a fluff camilo x fem! reader where reader has trouble sleeping and is tired always resulting her being at home most of the time. Camilo visits her so very often to show his love through cuddling with her or bringing reader small gifts even if it means camilo barging in her window often jsbdjbsshdh- (love ur works! pls stay safe always<33)
"Sleep well mi Amor" (Encanto Camilo x F! Reader)
Tumblr media
a/n: hii! TYSM FOR THE REQUESTTT :D! this is so cute i'll try my best, hope it meets ur expectationss and GGEUBIOE TYY u stay safe as well <3
pairing: Camilo Madrigal x Sleep-deprived! Reader
summary: Camilo sneaks into your room late at night to cuddle.
theme: fluff + slight angst
pronouns: he/him for Camilo, she/her for reader
warnings: none (maybe insecure thoughts?)
word count: 1.6k
You groaned in your bed, twisting and turning, trying to find a position that’ll somehow make you feel relaxed enough to sleep. It was extremely funny the way that you were always yawning and how you had no energy but couldn’t manage to fall asleep at all.
You looked outside the window from your bed to see that it was still night, the moon shining bright. You cursed to yourself, wanting to do fun dates outside with your boyfriend, but because you were tired 24/7, you spent most of your days at home.
Camilo always visited you when you were too tired to move. You both would have deep conversations, he'll tell you about his day and rant about annoying things that get on his nerves. Sometimes he'll bring cards and board games to play. On some nights when you were lucky enough to get a thirty-minute nap, you usually hang out with Camilo in your house to do more activities like baking cookies. If you were feeling a bit more energetic, you both would walk around town, admire the scenery, and even run around until your energy was drained then you’ll have to spend the day in your house again (but this was an event that rarely happens so you keep it dear to your heart.)
You were so grateful that he understood your situation and still stuck with you but you didn't want to continue spending quality time with him just in your room. You want to spend more time with him outside, do some crazy things together like play pranks on his family and run away when they find out, explore the world together from morning until night.
Deep inside of your heart, you were scared. What if he gets bored one day and leaves you for someone way funner? Everyone knows that Camilo is an energetic boy so why would he want to spend his day with someone who can't even leave her house without feeling exhausted?
You know that thinking like this will do no good, that you shouldn't be having these thoughts. You know that Camilo loves you based on his effort and attention, but it was so hard to push these thoughts away at night, where you are alone and wide awake, not having anything to do and stuck with your own thoughts.
Your insecurities flood your head, your heart swelling as you think about how you’ll feel if Camilo, your sunshine, leaves you. You smack your head against your pillow as the pillow soaks your tears. You were about to wipe your snot with a tissue when suddenly there was a knocking sound on your window.
You snapped your head to look at the window with alert eyes, ready to smack the intruder with your tissue box when you realized that it was your amor crouching outside your window.
You rushed to the window, a smile immediately appearing on your face when you saw him. You opened the window a bit too strongly that it almost hit your walls.
“Woahhohoho, someone’s awfully excited to see me,” Camilo cheekily said, surprised by how strong you opened the window.
But his smile went away when he saw your red nose with snot drooping down, your puffy eyes with lingering tears. (He still found you so beautiful, even when you looked like that.)
“Mi princesa, why are you crying? What happened?” He used his sleeves to clean your snot which left you feeling embarrassed.
“Oh dios mio! You didn’t have to do that! Now your sleeves have my snot on it,” You half-screamed, slightly freaked out of the idea that he has your snot now.
“Please mi amor, I had worse stuff on my shirt, like Antonio’s vomit,” He shrugged.
“At least let me clean your sleeves,” You hurriedly took the tissue, wiping the wet spot on his sleeves. Camilo sits on the window, chuckling as he watches your eyebrows furrow.
'Seriously, I would do anything for this girl and she's already flustered at the fact that I cleaned a simple snot? She's so unbelievably adorable,' Camilo thought to himself.
"Anyways, why were you crying?" He asks as he lifts your chin with his finger.
"Nothing," You answered. Camilo gives you a suspicious look, one of his eyebrows arched.
"Really! It's nothing," You try to laugh it off, not daring to look him in the eyes but he softly pulls your face to look at him again.
"Nuh-uh, I know it's more than 'nothing'" He said, putting more tone on the last word.
"Urghhh how do you know me so well," You sulked, pouting your lips, "It's just something really stupid."
"Tell meeeee," He begged.
"It's just... I mean, why do you even like me? You're super energetic and I'm all just stuck in my room. You deserve someone who can go out on adventures with you," You rambled, letting out your feelings.
"Hey, hey... you know that that's not true, I feel peace in your presence when my life feels like a hectic mess. You're the one that loves me for me, and I love you for you. I wouldn't change a thing," He looked at you with eyes full of sincerity, stroking your hair behind your ear.
"I feel bad making you hang with me just in my room. I want to go to so many places with you, explore, have fun, without being exhausted," You feel the tears flowing again.
"Mi cielito, how about we try working on how to get you to rest first, m'kay? Then when you feel rested and bursting with energy, we can do everything you want! I'll be with you step by step," He pulls you into his chest.
"By the way, can you let me in? It's kinda freezing out here," He made an exaggerated 'brrrrrr'.
"Oops, my bad, please do come in, querido," You hold his hand to make sure he landed safely. There was one time he accidentally slipped and landed on his face and ever since then you hold his hand.
"Wow! You didn't slip, amazing job," You teased.
"Hey! That was a one-time thing and you know it," He exclaimed.
"Oh right, before I forgot, I brought you some tea!" He raised the bag in his hand.
"Mi madre said that it can help with insomnia," He pulled out a box of teabags.
"You go lay down on the bed okay? I'll brew you a warm cup of tea," He said.
You went to your bed, patiently waiting for him. He always brought small gifts whenever he visited, so you weren't surprised, but you always appreciated each and every single gift he got for you. It ranges from something simple as a flower to something extravagant as a handmade skirt full of details.
Soon, he entered the room with a cup of tea in his hand.
"I hope I made it just right," He said, his fingers fiddling with themselves as he watched you take a long sip.
"Wow Cami! This tastes so nice," You said, amazed. To be frank, Camilo wasn't the best at making food so you were a bit scared.
"Really? Let me try," He took a careful small sip from the tea in your hand, and his eyes turned wide, "Woah... it really does taste nice."
"Of course, I'm Camilo Madrigal after all!" He smirks proudly.
"Yes, my special chameleon," You smiled softly, taking more sips of the tea. Little did you know, his heart melted when he heard you say 'my special chameleon'.
'Oh dios mio, she said I'm hers!' He freaks out quietly.
"Hey, this tea might actually be working, I do feel a bit relaxed," You murmured, the warmth of the tea fills your body and the scent so pleasing to your nose.
Noticing that your boyfriend is just standing next to your bed, you scoot over, patting the space next to you.
"Come and sit here with me," You said, placing the tea on your bedside table.
"Say less, carino," He immediately takes up the empty space next to you, "Can we cuddle?"
"Mhmm" You hummed, already snuggling close to his chest.
You peacefully listen to the rhythm of his heart, his chest slightly going up and down, as he plays with your hair, twirling them in his fingers, while his other hand hugs you. You both stayed like this for a while, just enjoying each other's presence.
"You know, mi amor, you're not only the most beautiful and charming girl I ever saw, but you're also the most intelligent, wise, interesting, and loving girl in this whole world," He softly says.
You were about to reject what he said but before you even can get a word out, he peppers your face with kisses, and after each kiss, he'll give you a compliment.
One kiss on your forehead, "You're a one in a billion."
One kiss on your left cheek, "You're the reason why I look forward to another day."
One kiss on your right cheek, "You're amazingly breathtaking."
You were left stunned, your mind basically malfunctioning as your heart runs a thousand meters per second.
You covered your face with your hands to avoid him seeing your tomato face, as he laughs at your reaction.
"I love you so much mi vida," You whispered.
"I love you too, good night," Camilo whispered back.
You mumbled a good night back, going back to enjoying the warmth and comfort from the cuddle until eventually, you doze off.
Camilo smiled in relief when he saw you sleeping, carefully slipping out, and giving you one last kiss on the forehead.
"Sleep well mi amor," He whispered close to your ear, then left out the window.
note: IT'S A BIT CHEESY BUT NGL I really like how this one turns out!! Sorry if this took a while <3 Please do leave a like and feel free to drop a request -din
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heyhoeudoin · 9 months ago
camilo, after flirting: don't you know who i am???
y/n, not looking up: yes of course i know, i just don't care
dolores: hm!
mirabel: yeahh, good luck with making them like you now
camilo, watching you walk away: i think i'm the one who fell instead
mirabel: you dumbass
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conspiratorialduck · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Character study of best boy camilo 💛✨
Bottom left is my least favourite because what is life without some ✨pessimism✨
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glendybluebird · 4 months ago
Modern Encanto AU Mini Comic
"Double Life"
Camilo, Mirabel, and OCs (The Guerrera triplets)
👑Roller Derby Queens👑
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm back! Finally😭😭😭💗✨
Our finals week gave me a burn out and now I'm still recovering from it🤧
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m0chaminx · 10 months ago
27 and 15 for camilo x fem reader?? angst to fluff plss. im uh...a huge simp if you cant tell 🙋
Well this took longer than expected, hope you like it :)
Tumblr media
Request : 27 and 15 for camilo x fem reader?? angst to fluff plss. im uh...a huge simp if you cant tell 🙋
Prompt : 15 “ She doesn’t love me. She’s not that stupid ” , 27 ” What happens if I do this?“
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 : Swearing, angst-y, fluff
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x F!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Camilo has been in love you with for a very long time, unknown to anyone else, you've loved Camilo just as long. But neither of you had said anything
1225 words
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there’s any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
Camilo watched you talk with Mirabel, laughing together at something silly you had said. "You're staring," Dolores pointed out while passing by him.
"No I'm not," Camilo defended, hoping up and following after his sister so he didn't look weird. Dolores laughed at him and his silly cover-up.
"What are you not doing?" Felix asked, taking the box from Dolores.
"Camilo is staring at Y/N again."
"No, I am not!" Camilo yelled in defense just making Felix burst out in laughter. Dolores just rolled her eyes and moved on to another task. "I'm not staring at her Papi." Felix simple chuckled at his son, turning around to grab some things.
"Why don't you just talk to her?" Felix offered while handing Camilo two boxes. "Take these to market please."
Camilo nodded gripping the boxes tightly, making his way through Casita. "I'm not staring at her, I'm not," Camilo mumbled to himself using his chin to steady the boxes. "Even if I was- no I wasn't-"
"Camilo!" You called out jogging over to him. "Let me help." You took the top box from Camilo, holding it tight against your chest. "Where are they going?"
"Just the market," Camilo said simply, trying to avoid your eyes. You nodded and you both walked to the markets. You tried to make conversation but Camilo gave very simple short answers. You dropped the boxes at the market, making a quick converse with the vendor and when you turned to talk to Camilo he was already gone.
"He's a stubborn boy that one," Pepa said walking up to you. You smiled at Pepa, taking a few things from her hands, helping her in the market. "He really likes you, promise."
"I don't think so," You said with a shrug. "He can barely make a sentence, and he avoids me every time I come over." Pepa rolled her eyes wiping her palms on her dress.
"He's nervous amour," Pepa spoke softly. "He's a teenage boy, he just doesn't know how to talk to girls, let alone you." Pepa started to walk back to Casita and you jogged to keep up with her.
"What do you mean 'let alone me'?" You asked in a huff.
"Y/N, he's been crushing on since he was thirteen," Pepa stated, not being able to control the small rainbow that formed above her head. "I'm pretty sure he's in love with you." You stopped suddenly, taking a breath before sprinting back to Casita to find Mirabel.
Running through Casita you smashed into Mirabel sending you both to the floor. "Jesus Y/N!" Mirabel crushed while adjusting her glasses.
"Y/N, are you okay?" Camilo said in worry helping you to your feet. Camilo scanned over you noticing a small graze on your cheek. "Shit. Uh, Mirabel you can have her in a minute." Camilo grabbed your hand and pulled you to the kitchen, not giving you or Mirabel a chance to refuse. Camilo directed you to the counter, ordering you to stay. Camilo dug through his Tia's cooking until he finally pulled out a sweet glazed treat. "Here eat this," Camilo mumbled handing you the small treat.
"Thank you Cami," you spoke with a sweet smile, taking a bite. Camilo nodded watching your cheek heal itself. "I have to talk with Mirabel, but ill see you around." Camilo nodded watching you walk out.
"Mirabel," You called out grabbing her arm. "I need to talk to you." Mirabel nodded, leading you to her room. You sat on her bed, avoiding the sewing tools she had.
"So what is so important you had to drag me away-"
"Pepa said that Camilo's in love with me," You blurted out. Mirabel stopped, her posture straightening up. "You knew? Didn't you?" Mirabel nodded a nervous smile growing on her face. "Seriously Mira? You know how much I like him and you don't tell me!"
"I figured one of you would've confessed by now!" Mirabel yelled in defense. You scoffed tossing a ball of wool at her face. "Very mature Y/N."
Dolores gasped nearly dropping the basket of flowers Isabella just handed her. "Are you all right Dolores?" Isabella asked, resting a hand on her shoulder.
"Y/N likes Camilo," Dolores said making Isabella spontaneously grow flowers in her hair. "We have to find him.
"She doesn’t love me. She’s not that stupid," Camilo spoke defensively keeping an eye on Antonio as he played with the other kids.
"I'm telling you Camilo, she said it, I heard her say it!" Dolores nearly yelled. Isabella nodded in agreement.
"Wait, you've been obsessed with this girl for nearly three years," Isabella said holding her hands out. "What's her favorite flower? We'll start there."
"I'm not obsessed with her," Camilo grumbled. "She likes (F/F)." Isabella nodded growing a bouquet and shoving it in his face.
"Just do it Cami," Dolores encouraged. "I'll watch Antonio." Camilo sighed and shook his head, turning back to all the kids.
Isabella huffed and grabbed his arm tugging him along. "You fight it, I stuff a rose in your mouth," Isabella snapped. Camilo snapped his mouth shut, not needing it full of petals and leaves. Isabella planted Camilo in front of Mirabel's door and knocked on it twice. Mirabel opened it, and before she could argue Isabella pulled her out and shoved Camilo through the doorway. "It's locked shut so don't try anything!"
Camilo groaned leaning against the door, finally noticing you sitting dumbfounded on the bed. "Hey..." Camilo said sheepishly. He looked down to flowers in his hands and held them out to you. "I uh- They're your favorites right?" You chuckled moving over a bit so Camilo could sit next to you.
"Yeah, but I like sunflowers as well," You spoke softly, nodding in the direction of Camilo's ruana. Camilo chuckled softly, letting you take the flowers from his hands. "Is it true? That you've been in love with since you were thirteen?"
Camilo scoffed, letting out huffed laughs as he tried to explain his way out. "Well, I mean- kinda, but in my defense- I don't have a defense - But!-"
"Camilo," You called out making Camilo stop his rambling. "It's okay, you don't have to explain yourself."
"Um, Dolores said she heard you talking about me," Camilo said, speaking just above a whisper. "Do you like me too?" You nodded, moving your face closer to his.
"What happens if I do this?" You asked as Camilo moved closer as well.
"Probably something stupid," Camilo spoke with a light chuckle. "Can I kiss you?" You nodded pulling Camilo close enough to kiss him. Camilo smiled against your lips causing the kiss to break. You both caught your breath for a moment before Camilo pulled you closer to kiss you harder.
"Okay, you've been too quiet- Oh my god!" Isabella complained slammed the door shut again. You pulled back from Camilo in surprise, and Camilo stayed still in shock.
"I told you," Camilo said laughing. "Probably something stupid. C'mon Amour, you're dating me you gotta help me with chores."
"I don't think that's how that works," You said with a pout.
Tumblr media
Request : Masterlist
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chameleon-madrigal · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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araumii · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
𖥻 FLOWER BOY ft. camilo madrigal x gn!reader
Tumblr media
— tw/cw: none!
— synopsis: just him being a lovesick dork.
Tumblr media
Camilo watched as you happily conversed with his mother inside his home, suggesting decoration ideas for Antoñio’s incoming gift ceremony while also trying to calm the woman down at the same time.
You looked effortlessly beautiful. All he wanted to do was call you his. Though that’s to much to ask.
So with a heavy sigh, he left Casita to go out for a breath of fresh air. Walking towards the back yard of his home.
Sitting down ontop the grassy surface, he tucked his knees under his chin as he picked a flower from beside him. “Y/n loves me, they love me not, Y/n loves me...” He continued until no petals remained, “They love me not.” He grumbled, picking up another flower to try again. And again. And again.
“Okay! This is my last chance. I’ve plucked everything near me if this doesn’t work I swear!” With a concentrated look, he tries one last time.
“Y/n loves me, they love me not, they love-“
“You alot.”
Camilo froze, craining his head slowly behind him. Ultimately making him face to face with you who had bent down slightly. A small smile curled your lips as you straightened out, but not before ruffling the boys curls. “You’ve been out here for a while, Cariño. Pepa asked me to call you in for dinner.” With that, you left.
Leaving behind an embarrassed, flustered, and suprised Camilo Madrigal.
Tumblr media
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solcamilo · 10 months ago
Hi!! I know I already commented on your post but ah I’m so excited to see more from you!!! I have a request if you don’t mind, it’s more angst tho…sorry not sorry it’s us being trapped inside of casita as she’s (I think it’s a she?) crumbling and Camilo shouting our name after either picking himself off the ground or fighting his way back inside? I don’t know it’s up to you but the main part is he sees us trapped against one of the pillars, a dresser or some heavy furniture pinning us against it that we were struggling and failing to push away because the floorboards were all moving in those waves to get everyone outside and the house was so concerned between that and saving mirabel it didnt have enough strength to assist us too. I just want to see him get worried and frantic before helping us out, you know all intense and stuff. THIS IS SO LONG I APOLOGIZE BUT IVE HAD THIS STUCK IN MY HEAD AND AFTER READING YOUR FIC I NEW YOU WERE THE PERSON I NEEDED TO BRING IT TO LIFE
thank you so much for your request! you have no idea how happy your comments on my other story made me!! that was the first time i wrote something so your support means so so much :’) hope you like it <3
i’ve got you
camilo madrigal x gen!reader
word count: 2k
request? yes!
warning(s): angst again!! happy ending tho, reader gets trapped so maybe claustrophobia, mild swearing, makeout? (not rly), angry mirabel and abuela >:(, not beta-d we die like casita
summary: you and camilo happened to return to casita at the worst possible moment and while trying to save mirabel, you get trapped under casita’s ruins.
Tumblr media
You and Camilo had just finished drying yourselves off with your towels after a quick swim out in the river. You had spent the whole day with your beloved boyfriend and were ready to call it a day, especially when the sun had now slowly set below the tall Encanto mountains.
But before you could end your day, you had to end it properly and that meant stealing some of Julieta’s food along with your boyfriend. And that’s exactly what you did.
You two were cracking jokes and laughing all the way to Casita when you heard yells coming from the matriarch of the family. You immediately knew that this meant bad news as you had never seen Abuela yell like that to someone in your entire lifespan. Camilo knew it too by the way he softly, yet firmly held your wrist, slightly pulling you behind him as the two of you cautiously walked into the main clearing of Casita.
Your heart broke at the sight of your good friend Mirabel Madrigal getting relentlessly blamed and yelled at for all the misfortunes that were happening to the familia Madrigal in the last few days. You turned to see who was around, and made eye contact with a colourful, bright - yet guilty looking Isabela standing off to the side.
What you heard next completely shocked both you, Camilo and the entire Madrigal family on the sidelines.
“You’re the one that doesn’t care!” Mirabel shouted at her abuela with tears brimming her eyes. You gasped and felt Camilo’s grasp on your wrist tighten. Abuela looked even more furious than from the beginning of the whole argument as she took a closer step towards Mirabel. 
“You’re the one breaking our home!”
“Don’t you ever..-!”
“The miracle is dying, because of you!” 
And that’s when you all heard it. The terrifying rumble of Casita’s cracks all across the walls and foundation pillars. The rumble was so loud and so forceful that the windowsill that was displaying the miracle candle collapsed and the candle fell backwards, rolling on the broken wood.
Everyone felt the pure panic coursing their veins as the candle was merely rolling, about to fall. The panic induced silence was broken when Félix shouted, “The candle!” with a small gasp.
As soon as Félix had said that, everyone’s legs started to automatically move towards the source of miracle, trying desperately to save what has been already hurt. Your legs, however, were planted on the ground next to your - now long gone - boyfriend Camilo.
“Casita! Get me up there!” you heard Mirabel yell as she ran towards the makeshift ladders that Casita gave her. You had only just rendered the severity of the situation and how it could play out for Mirabel if anything had happened to her and that’s what finally triggered your legs to move.
“Mirabel!” you yelled at the top of your lungs, running towards the girl who was trying to save the essence of the Madrigal family. 
“Mirabel! Please! Get down!” You were almost at the makeshift ladder when Casita’s ceiling pieces had started falling on the ground right where you were. You quickly pushed yourself against a wall with a large plate and cup storing furniture piece, your back tightly against it as you panted heavily from all the running you had done.
You saw Isabela’s vine giving out and her falling on the ground a few feet away from you. You also saw Camilo falling right next to Isabela a few seconds later as his gift too, gave out. 
You were too distracted by the two Madrigals to notice how Casita’s rolling of the floors brought a giant piece of wall directly on you with a loud smack. You fell down against the large furniture piece as the wall was now laying on top of you, giving you practically no room to move.
After a while you stopped hearing yelling and you stopped hearing the house breaking. You didn’t have the strength to try to lift the wall off of you nor did you have the strength to open your mouth and ask for help. You just lay there, hoping for someone to realise that you were gone and help you out.
Camilo looks around and sees the state in which Casita was or what remained of Casita anyways. He saw his family all huddled close together whispering words of encouragement to each other and lightly smiled. Even during these difficult times his family still found a way to reassure each other and always be there for each other.
He reached to his left side to grab your hand and lead you to where everyone else was but he realised you weren’t by his side. He also slowly realised that Mirabel wasn’t there either, by the way his tía, tío and everyone else were frantically searching for her. 
He felt his heart beating in his chest erratically, his palms grew sweaty and shaky and his legs felt impossibly light, ready to give up on him at any moment. Camilo was terrified. Because he not only lost his beloved prima, but he also lost the love of his life, his vida.
He ran towards his immediate family, grabbed his mother by her shoulders and started yelling at her, tears pricking his eyes from fear.
“Mamá where is Y/N? Where are they?!” Pepa’s eyes grew wide and with a quick scan of the area as she too, as well as the rest of his family, realised that you were also gone.
“Y/N!” Camilo had started screaming your name as he ran around the whole perimeter of the area. He screamed and screamed until he felt his throat go dry from the combination of dust and yelling. The others too were calling your name and Mirabel’s as they were trying to locate you. 
Dolores came to sit next to the now hunched and sobbing figure of her little brother, rubbing circles on his back to soothe him. Camilo shrugged her off with force, standing up to walk away from her. She quickly grabbed his forearm and pulled him to face her.
“Dolores stop!” Camilo snapped as he pulled his forearm away from her. He looked up at her, his face covered in dust and tears. “This isn’t doing anything to help! I don’t know where Y/N or Mirabel are and I don’t know what to do! What if something happened to them? What if something happened to Y/N? I was too concerned with the candle to protect Y/N and now look! They are nowhere to be found! My one job as their boyfriend was to protect them and I couldn’t fucking do it! I am a horrible fucking boyfriend! If they’re hurt or dead it’s all my fault..” Camilo broke down once again, violent sobs leaving his body as he kneeled down on the ground, hoisting himself up with elbows as he buried his hands in his - now dusty and grey - hair.
Dolores could only look at him in pity as she kneeled in front of him once more, pulling him into her embrace. Camilo didn’t move away from her this time, he only buried himself deeper into his hermana’s warm and welcoming arms.
“Manito we will find them. Both of them. I promise you we will find them. We already sent a rescue team to find Mira, we will find Y/N too.” Dolores let out softly. 
“Can’t you try to hear them?” Camilo mumbled in her arms.
Dolores sighed and tried to extend her ear as she always does, trying to locate any sound - anything really - that she could identify as you. But nothing.
“No.” she had said for the first time, “I can’t hear them. I’m sorry manito.”
That was until they heard some rustling going on behind them. Luisa turned to look at Dolores who had the same curious look as she did. Dolores left her brother to calm down as she and her prima cautiously walked up to the furniture with their expensive silverware they used for Mariano’s dinner.
They heard the rustling again. Then they heard faint “help”s. Then they grew louder. Dolores immediately recognized your voice and rushed with Luisa to the wall. They hurriedly lifted the wall just enough for you to crawl out of the cramped space and let it go, once again hitting the dresser with a loud bam.
You started coughing the dust that had accumulated in your throat, too busy to realise Luisa’s “there you are!” and “are you ok?”s.
You looked around and saw Camilo and Dolores just a few feet across from you. 
It was as if Camilo could feel your stare because he swiftly turned around and made eye contact with you (after Dolores had told him that they found you of course). He ran up to you and engulfed you in a hug, his arms wrapping tightly and protectively around your dusty and exhausted frame. 
“Mi vida! I’m so glad you’re okay! Dios mio you have no idea how scared I was.. what would I have done if I lost you?”
“Cami,” you pulled away to look at him, noticing how red his eyes were from crying and his teared stained dusty cheeks, “I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me anymore I’m here with you ok? I’m here..” you cupped his face and smiled.
“Y/N I should have been here to protect you! I’m a horrible boyfriend I promised to help you and I didn’t, I’m sorry. I don’t deserve you..” Camilo shifted his eyes to the ground.
“You did what you had to do to save the candle. You’re one of the bravest people I know, Camilo Madrigal. You’ve helped me and protected me all throughout our relationship and I couldn’t be more grateful. You are an amazing boyfriend Cami and you’re an amazing person.”
You contemplated about dropping the big phrase. Should you do it? Isn’t it too early? What if you scare him away or what if he doesn’t feel the same way? You had to, though. After what you went through today you knew that you had to tell him.
“Camilo I love you.”
He lifted his eyes to meet yours in complete shock. His mouth grew wide open as he stared at your eyes, trying to process if what you told him was real or just his imagination. When he realised this was reality, he closed his mouth, stretched his hands to now cup your face and pulled you into a kiss.
You guys had kissed before sure, but never like this. This kiss was pure emotion. Pure desperation, pure love and pure passion. This kiss held all of the emotions that the two of you held from today’s events and from the days leading up to this. You were both irrevocably and unconditionally in love with each other and that translated through this kiss.
He lightly nibbled down on your lower lip, making you open your mouth more. He wasted no time in entering his tongue, exploring your mouth and your own tongue as you fought for dominance. His hands moved from your face to gripping your hips tightly as he pulled you on to his lap and chest to chest with him. Your hands moved from cupping his face to tangling your fingers in his dusty curls and tugging on them every few seconds, earning low groans from him. 
His mouth left yours as he started planting open mouth sloppy kisses starting from your temple all the way down to your neck and the base of your collarbones. You giggled at his touch, leaning your head to the side for more exposure.
With a smile, he pulled back and connected his forehead with your own.
“I love you so much, mi amor. So so so much.” With that he pulled you in for another heated kiss.
Amongst the ruins of the Casita, you two had found some closure and despite the circumstances, the two of you couldn’t be happier.
Tumblr media
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dos-oroguitas · 10 months ago
Hello! Could you do a small scenario or hcs with camillo with a crush who's known to be kind of a "it" girl in a way (like shes very pretty, shes kind, and shes smart always getting great grades), But one day he sees her crying due to the fact that she gets alot of pressure from her parents to be 'perfect' ¡Gracias y que tenga un buen dia!
Tumblr media
In which Camilo Madrigal had been crushing on the town's estrella. And you, the town's estrella, is crushing on him. Though being the town's little star wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Sometimes stars flicker.
masterlist !!
Tumblr media
‹𝟹 Isabela Madrigal isn’t the only ‘It’ girl in the little town of Encanto, You were one of them, at fifteen years old you have accomplished a lot more than the average kid your age.
‹𝟹 Never without a smile, you always managed to brighten up anyone’s days with just a simple ‘hello’ or ‘hi’
‹𝟹 At the top of the local school’s class on your age division and you were already aiming to be the top of the school in general. Material girl 😌✨💕
‹𝟹 Kindness and beauty go hand in hand and in your case? that cannot be more than true.
‹𝟹 You may as well be blessed by the gods as you, my dear, are beauty and grace but can and will definitely sock someone in the face.
‹𝟹 Suitors were already lining up at your doors, mothers and fathers flocked around you, speaking of their children in a positive light in hopes you'd be interested in them. Camilo was tempted to speak to his Abuela to put in a good word for him before deciding that no, he would make an effort himself!
‹𝟹 To say that you were adored was an understatement. If Isabela was the golden child, you were the town’s estrella, the town’s little star.
‹𝟹 You were also adored by Alma who always invited you to converse or walk with her during her daily walks around Encanto. She would even invite you to dinners.
‹𝟹 “Everything must be perfect, (Name). And you, my little estrella, should always be a good example to the young ones and people your age.” She would say.
‹𝟹 “Sí, Señora Madrigal.” You would say with a perfect practiced smile and she would shake her head. “Ay, mi estrella, call me Abuela.” She would insist. Something tells her you’re going to be calling her that someday, might as well start now.
‹𝟹 Surprisingly, you were Isabela’s friend. She treated you like a little sister would, albeit not quite like how she treats Mirabel. You were like her. And although she cannot lessen the pressure on you, she would be the shoulder you would cry on when everything was too much.
‹𝟹 You were also Mirabel’s best friend. She would see the parts of you that no one else could see and behind that perfection was just someone who wanted to be herself for once without people looking so intensely.
‹𝟹 This meant that you were more or less a face to see when one walks into Casita. You could have practically lived there.
‹𝟹 Long story short you were admired and loved because you were ‘perfect’.
‹𝟹 Though unbeknownst to you, you were more than adored by the villagers as the shapeshifter that was Camilo Madrigal, had also adored you. Maybe even more than that.
‹𝟹 When you would walk pass, he was mesmerized, his eyes following your figure with a stupid expression on his face.
‹𝟹 You had once smiled at him in the streets and murmured a quick ‘hello’ and he had immediately started shifting to the different citizens of Encanto as well as his family members before he had settled into a mismatched version of himself.
‹𝟹 You would blink before giggling which made him even more flustered, muttering a quick ‘Adiós!’ and rushing off, bumping into people clumsily.
‹𝟹 What did Camilo Madrigal see in you, you ask?
‹𝟹 Camilo Madrigal fell in love with your kindness. Although you may not remember it, after a particularly bad run-in with one of his pranks, instead of pointing fingers at him, you had taken the blame instead.
‹𝟹 When a dinner with the Madrigals had occurred, you would ask for seconds and suddenly on his plate there would be a few arepas or empanadas.
‹𝟹 He would look around before looking across the table and seeing you looking away, but not missing how your plate was now empty.
‹𝟹 He would continue to stare until you turn to him with the sweetest smile that had honestly rivaled his mamá’s sunny days. He choked on his arepas, turning into his papá, abuela, Isabela, then back to himself again. Yeah that was a common occurrence.
‹𝟹 Camilo Madrigal was absolutely in love with you.
‹𝟹 And yet he was convinced you didn’t even know him.
‹𝟹 Who was he lying to, of course you did. Though unlike him, it wasn’t love at first sight but rather, jealousy. You envied him to say the least. What must it be like to be free to act and do whatever without consequence? He can goof off, play pranks and tricks but you had to uphold that picture perfect image that your parents wanted you to have.
‹𝟹 But even as you had first felt jealousy when you first saw him, the days you’d bump into him or the dinners you’ve shared with the family, all you can think about was the curly haired boy whose ruana resembled the sun and you felt your cheeks warm up.
‹𝟹 And then you were smitten too. Carelessly tossed to the throes of love. And you convinced yourself that it wasn’t love.. not THAT kind of love. Puppy love maybe? A crush?
‹𝟹 Whatever the case is, you’re two dummies who are so into one another you’re painfully oblivious to each other’s feelings.
‹𝟹 Smart with math but stupid with love. You didn’t get it. You couldn’t get it, somehow.
‹𝟹 Maybe that would change.
‹𝟹 Even stars get a little dim in the night time. And you felt like a star flickering out of shine when you sneaked out of your room after a dinner with your parents who had insisted you needed to do better in your classes. Get extra points. Do whatever it takes to outdo everyone.
‹𝟹 You wanted to have a nice dinner, maybe even relax and not act so ‘perfect’ in your own home but they wouldn’t stop pestering about every little thing.
‹𝟹 Your posture, your hair, the way you would eat, the way you would sit, do this, do this but better and by the end of the dinner you were in no mood to eat anymore.
‹𝟹 You slipped out of your room, freezing and the candle in your hand flickering as you made your way into the peaceful streets of Encanto. You often did this, too many times you have run off in the night only to return in the morning where your parents were still asleep, oblivious as to how you were breaking under the pressure behind closed doors and you would rinse and repeat this routine every day.
‹𝟹 You made your way to the river. The very same one where the Madrigals had acquired their miracle.
‹𝟹 Oblivious to the shapeshifter that followed along after spotting you leaving town from the window of his room.
‹𝟹 Pulling your knees up to your chest as you started sobbing out your grief. The flowing river silenced your cries as you poured your heart out. You shouted your troubles, the pressure that threatened to break you, the things you had to uphold.
‹𝟹 After you were done with your breakdown, your throat was sore, and your eyes bloodshot with dried tear streaks on your cheeks, you gazed at the rushing rivers’ waters. Getting lost in the comforting noise that was the forest.
‹𝟹 You were getting cold however and before you knew it, a familiar ruana was gently placed on your shoulder and a figure sat beside you, gently pulling you into a warm embrace.
‹𝟹 You had lifted your head up, eyes meeting Camilo’s who offered you a sheepish smile. And you had leaned into his warmth, shoulders shaking as you tried to explain yourself and he just shook his head.
‹𝟹 “You don’t need to say anything, mi estrella.” And you don’t. You let yourself be held by the boy with the ruena that resembled the sun.
Tumblr media
was very tempted into making this a one shot. As you can see I got very carried away. I hope I did well for this request! Thank you for the anon requesting it! ¡Gracias y espero que les guste!
I hope I didn't butcher that, I don't have any translators except for google translate--
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lariskapargitay · 9 months ago
Ranking of people are how good they are at realizing Camilo is shape shifting from worst to best
11: Bruno- He only knew Camilo for five years, and only knew him after he got a gift for 3 months. He doesn’t know ANY of his tells or ticks or anything like that. Even when most of the family is like ‘it’s so obvious’ Bruno has no idea. Even after he comes back he still can’t pick up on it bc he doesn’t know if people are just acting weird around him or what.
10: Mirabel- She’s absolutely HORRIBLE at recognizing him. It’s not that she isn’t observant, she just sorta jumps in to quick to join the conversation to really study and listen and learn what Camilo!Person does different than Actual!Person does. She knows like none of his ticks and tells (bc why would she have, he has a super cool gift, it’s infallible, no way could people really be able to tell). She and Camilo are close and friendly (as cousins and cousins only you sick fucks who made me add this disclaimer) but she’s just horrible at knowing his tells. She is, however, the person he goes too when Julieta is busy, about how hard it is sometimes that he feels he can only help his family by being someone else, and she gives a Mirabel therapy speech and helps him out ��
9: Alma- Pre change, she never could recognize him ever. His gift is pretty much the most useless out of the whole group so he was never really on her radar and she never really bothered to get to know his tics and tells that make it easier for someone to spot. But he was her first grandson so she does know him the tiniest bit. After her big revelation she does a little bit better, but she still struggles a lot and couldn’t tell you who was who if you put Camilo!person and actual!person together side by side
8: Luisa- It’s not that she doesn’t love him or know him or they aren’t close or don’t spend time with him, it’s just that she’s always super busy and doesn’t really have time to fuck around and hang out and just chill and make people laugh like he does, so again, she doesn’t really know his tells. But if she sees him turn into someone enough, she starts to be able to recognize him
7: Antonio- That little boy LOVES his brother to death, he’s so happy to see *him*. Not his gifts, but he likes to see HIM. He’s also a very observant child so like he knows a few of his tics and tells but he’s also only five so he’s still got a long way to go, but when he gets older he’ll be really good at recognizing who Camilo is and who hes impersonating
6: Agustín- He’s smack dab in the middle of the pack. Sometimes he can tell if he knows the person he’s impersonating, sometimes he can’t. But he’s also adorkable uncle extraordinary so he goes along with it, letting Camilo think he has this man absolutely fleeced. One time he was sure it was Camilo, and the Priest was very concerned about rather or not Agustín had hit his head one too many times by the way he was a ring
5: Isabela- Shocking many people in the family, she’s actually smart af and not just a pretty face. She’s babysat Camilo enough times and he’s used his shapeshifting enough times for her to be able to know most of his tells and is usually on the money. He’s his own worst enemy with Isa, and the living equivalent of ‘you played yourself’ with her
4: Dolores- That’s her baby brother. Of course she knows a lot of his tells. Again similar with Dolores, but he played himself by using it to not mess with her but he was always shapeshifting around her to mess with others and make others laugh. Sometimes she can’t get it, and he always feel triumphant when he manages a ‘win’ but most times she can tell.
3: Julieta- Apart from his mother, this is the family member he’s closest too. Like with his mom, he doesn’t use shapeshifting to mess with her, but she just knows him and his manners and characteristics so well that a large majority of the time she can pick out the real Camilo. He has to really put on an effort to get one over on her and very sparingly he does, and she’s actually proud of him for managing to be THAT good with his gift (while tenderly and softly reminding him not to overdo it and that Camilo is still the best person he can be)
2: Félix- That’s his son. His annoying kinda grates on his nerves son, but his son nonetheless. He knows him, he knows how he walks, how he breathes, he loves that boy, he would die and kill for him. He’s just not AS close to him as Julieta and Pepa is so there still VERY rare occasions where it takes him a minute to figure it out and then even more rare he gets it wrong. As long as he’s not causing stress and anxiety with Pepa tho, he has to admit it’s pretty great he’s that good at acting and how he sort of mastered his gift to the point he can fool him.
1: Pepa- 100% all the time she knows. Within a heartbeat, doesn’t even need to look twice, she knows exactly which one is Camilo and which one is the person he’s impersonating, always, no fail. She always (always) can pick shape shifting Camilo out of a crowd. He pretends to get annoyed that she can always wreck his messing around with people, but secretly he’s relieved to know that no matter what his face looks like or who he changes into, his mother will always know who he is
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lazuli-leenabride · 9 months ago
I just wanted you all to know that it was Confirmed that Camilo was NOT going for the Candle but was actually trying to save Mirabel...
That is all
Tumblr media
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caramellahoney · 9 months ago
i think camilo would be the type of person who when you take his ruana and then he asks for it back, you give it back, and then he gets sad bc he liked how it looked on you ueueueue ("give me back my ruana pls" "ok" "wait no wait—")
“wait no wait-"
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN! Reader
genre: pure fluff
warning/s: none to note
a/n: enjoy! ^^ a quick drabble lol
"Really? Amor, I am going to get cold." Camilo bit back a grin as you tugged on his ruana, trying to pry the yellow cloth off of him. After minutes of unsuccessful tugging, you whined and wrapped your arms around his torso, burying your face in his chest. He turned slightly red and huffed, giving in. He gently pushed you off of him and grabbed the ends of the ruana.
"Fine. Here you go." He quickly pulled the fabric over his head and held it out to you, as if it were an offering. Camilo chuckled seeing you immediately brighten up and grin at him. You quickly yanked it out of his hands and put it on, sighing happily at the warmth. Camilo watched with a dopey grin as you spun around in his ruana, imitating the dramatic twirls he did whenever he shapeshifted. He wolf-whistled as you turned for him, properly letting him see it on you.
"This thing is so comfy." You muttered as you shook the fabric before wrapping it around your form. Camilo chuckled and threw an arm around you, leaning his body against yours. The two of you spent a few hours in the village square, randomly talking about whatever came to your minds. Camilo couldn't stop staring at you, maybe it was his overprotective behavior but you looked really cute in his ruana. The cloth was far too big on you, the sleeves only inches away from your fingertips. He snorted, you looked like you were drowning in the cloth. And he was down bad.
"Camilo? You're staring again."
"Ay- how could I not? " He dropped to his knees, dramatically clutching his chest. "You are like an angel, I have been graced by the heavens above." You flushed red and groaned, tapping the edge of your shoe against his sides. Camilo ignored this and just continued his praise, his arms wrapping around your waist. He eventually stood up and pulled you into his arms, peppering big kisses against your face. You huffed and grinned trying to push his cheesy ass away. "Camilooo-Stop!"
"Camilo! Want to have merienda?" Mirabel rounded the corner, gagging at the romantic scene. She shook her head and waved Camilo over as she held up a basket of snacks. Mirabel snickered seeing him immediately nod his head.
"Ok, I have to go-give me back my ruana please." Camilo turned to you, tugging on the cloth. You shrugged and lifted the cloth off of your body, holding it up for Camilo to take back. You waited awkwardly as he just stood there, his face twisted into a distressed expression. Camilo placed his hand on his chin, he admits-he liked how the ruana looked on you. You sighed and settled a hand on his arm, tapping your fingers against his bicep. "Camilo? Take the ruana-"
"W-Wait no wait—" He stuttered, trying to push the cloth away but you quickly threw it over his head. You giggled, realizing you accidentally placed it backwards on him. You leaned up and pressed a kiss on his cheek, patting his shoulder. "Adios! Enjoy your snacks."
Camilo watched with a defeated look as you skipped away. Mirabel walked towards him, chewing on a cookie as she stared at his form. She snorted, jabbing a finger against his chest.
"Your ruana is on backwards." He ignored her and grabbed a snack from the basket. Tearing the packet open, he threw a couple of bites into his mouth, chewing sadly. "My heart has broken, Mirabel."
"Ok..? Dramatic much?" Mirabel muttered, adjusting the glasses sitting atop her nose. Camilo pursed his lips as he suddenly narrowed his eyes at Mirabel. His cousin sighed and whipped her head to face him.
Camilo smirked and stood up straight, twirling around as he shifted into Y/N. He walked towards her and grabbed her shoulders. Mirabel stared at him, cautiously stepping back. "What are you planning..."
"Could you make a ruana, identical to mine, but for Y/N?"
"I'll pay you."
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amateurasterism · 10 months ago
camilo madrigal x gn!reader
part one ; part two
summary: a normal day in town turns into meeting the camilo madrigal
notes: this is literally just the beginning of a fanfic that i ended up not using, 18+ dni
song: irresistible by one direction
word count: 1.1k
It was a normal day in Encanto. You’d woken up, eaten breakfast, then went outside. Already waiting for you was a small gathering of Encanto’s children, three girls and three boys all the age of 5. It was routine for encanto’s families to let their children play with you during the day as they do their work, and today was no exception.
The loudest of the bunch came running to you, a boy named Andres with dark brown skin and darker hair. “Antonio Madrigal is staying with us today!” he exclaimed, the other children jumping with excitement around him.
“Oh really?” you crouch down to get to the childrens’ level. “And who told you that?”
“Camilo!” one of the girls, Carmen, answer. “Yesterday when you were gone, Camilo took care of us. He told us Antonio wanted to play with us today.”
“The Camilo Madrigal played with you guys yesterday?” you question. You’d never met any of the Madrigals except for Mirabel and Antonio, but you’d heard about Camilo often because of the children you babysat. When you couldn’t do the job, they reported to you that Camilo took your place. They seemed to love the Madrigal’s company, as they squealed whenever his name came out of your mouth.
“The Camilo Madrigal played with you guys yesterday? Lucky,” someone from behind you repeats with a gasp. It was a smooth and teasing voice you’d never heard before.
You turn around and stand up to meet the voice’s owner. For a split second you see a gorgeous boy with golden brown skin and dark curly hair reaching to his rauna-covered shoulders. Then the boy begins to cough uncontrollably, and suddenly in a couple blurs of motion the boy is now Mirabel, then a red-head with a braid, then a man with glowing green eyes, then you, then himself again but with enlarged eyes and tiny pupils. With a final cough and a fist to his chest, the boy shakes his head furiously and morphs into the boy you originally saw him as.
You stand there, openmouthed as you realize this is Camilo Madrigal standing in front of you. and not only is it Camilo Madrigal, but it’s also the most attractive boy you’ve ever seen in your life.
Now that he isn’t materializing into random people, you see that his curly hair has highlights of gold in the sunlight. His rauna is a nice yellow, and under the rauna is a partially unbuttoned and uniorned collared shirt. His eyes are a muddy green, with streaks of light brown. His lips reflect your own: slightly open with infatuation.
You only realize you and Camilo have been staring at each other for way too long to be normal when you hear all the children giggling behind you. 
“I take it you’re Camilo Madrigal?” you ask, to distract yourself. And maybe your eyes are fooling you, but you see a tint of pink appear under his freckles when his name leaves your mouth.
“The one and only.” There’s a subtle shift in energy as Camilo’s flustered smile displaces itself with a small smirk. “And you are?”
“Y/N L/N,’ you reply with a small smile. The moment is ruined when Andres begins to chant.
“Camilo and Y/N, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!” Andres screams giddily, causing all the other children to erupt into a fit of giggles.
“Kissing?!” Camilo kneels to meet Andres’s height and pats the child’s shoulder. “Let’s not say that, Y/N may not like it.”
Camilo looks at you and his smirk grows ever so slightly. You’re pretty sure if he does that again you’ll faint.
One of the boys pulls on his rauna, directing Camilo’s gaze from you to him. it’s Sebastian, one of the shyest in the group.
“Long time no see Sebastian!” Camilo ruffles the young boy’s hair. You smile at the interaction between the Madrigal and the young boy. It’s cute how he stares at all the children with a soft adoration.
Sebasian giggles at the action before pulling on Camilo’s rauna again, “Can you shapshift for us?”
Camilo grins at the request and stands up, scooping Sebastian in his arms as he did so. The shapeshifter glances at you, making sure you were looking- which you were- then tosses Sebastian in the air.
Sebastian shrieks elatedly; whilst he’s in midair, Camilo shifts into Luisa, allowing Sebastian to land on Luisa’s tough shoulder. With Luisa’s build, Camilo then picks up the rest of the children and tosses them all in the air. Your heart stops for a split second- afraid he’d fail at catching all the children safely- yet Camilo successfully catches all the children and shifts back into himself.
All the children cheer, including yourself. It was impressive, and the more you watched Camilo, the more fascinated you became with his swift movements and soft yet cocky persona. When Camilo meets your eyes and sees fascination in them, he silently cheers to himself.
“More shapshifting!” the children chant. Even Antonio is cheering, despite living with Camilo and witnessing his brother’s shapeshifting abilities daily.
“Okay, okay!” Camilo hushes the energetic children. “I have to make it quick, because I have some chores.”
With that being said, Camilo waves his rauna like a cape and shifts into the bright green-eyed man you saw him shift into when you first saw him. All children gasp and run backwards while Camilo waves the man’s arms around and yells spookily.
The only one not scared is Antonio, who shakes his head and skeptically mutters: “Tio Bruno?”
Afterwards, Camilo morphs into a gorgeous woman that you assume to be Isabela Madrigal. He pulls a flower from the ground and places it behind Carmen’s ear, making the young girl beam happily.
Camilo then shifts into himself momentarily, yelling “best for last!”, and waves his rauna again. Instantaneously, he turns into you.
All the children simultaneously tilt their heads in confusion.
“Why did you change into Y/N?” Antonio questions. “They’re right there,” he points to you and all the children nod their heads in agreement.
“Porque Y/N es muy bonito,” Camilo says smoothly, as if he’s been practicing it for years. He turns back into himself before winking at you, causing all the children to squeal. Some of them even run to push you closer to camilo.
You mentally plead for the blood to escape your cheeks, but your blush doesn’t cease. Did he really just call me attractive?
“Ay, i have to go now, hijos,” Camilo waves. He high fives all the children and gives antonio his lunch before turning away.
As all of you watched him go, you could’ve sworn you saw him steal another glance of you as he rounded the corner. Once again, you touch your cheeks and still feel the burning blush residing on your skin.
You were incredibly flustered and all he had done was call you attractive.
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