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iwannabecamiloshovel · 6 months ago
Dolores: Stressed.
Luisa: Depressed.
Camilo: Possessed.
Mirabel: Obsessed.
Isabela: Impressed.
Antonio: Chicken breast.
Everyone: ...What?
Antonio: I just wanted to join in.
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lafamiliamadrigalpt · 4 months ago
*Y/n walks into the room*
Dolores: *doesn’t look up from her work* “You look nice today Y/n.”
Y/n: “Oh thanks… Wait, you didn’t even look up.”
Dolores: “No, but Camilo’s heart rate speed up when you walked in the room so…”
Camilo: *choking on his juice with now a huge blush* “DOLORES!!”
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heyhoeudoin · 9 months ago
camilo, after flirting: don't you know who i am???
y/n, not looking up: yes of course i know, i just don't care
dolores: hm!
mirabel: yeahh, good luck with making them like you now
camilo, watching you walk away: i think i'm the one who fell instead
mirabel: you dumbass
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yoursweetdenial · 9 months ago
Y/N: I am darkness. I am power. I am your worst nightmare. I could kill a man in more ways than you can imagine. I am the night. I am fury, I am a weapon, I am-
Bruno: A doll.
Julieta: A cinnamon roll.
Pepa: A sweetheart.
Y/N: ...stop it.
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sublieu · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Character: Camilo + Reader
Story Type: Nsfw Alphabet
Warnings: Cross dressing, exhibitionism, pegging, bondage play, praise kink, brat taming, humiliation, pain kink, teasing, edging [in the kinks section]
A.N: Camilo will be 18 in this alphabet. If you don't like it don't read it. I am not gonna deal with your shit. 😐
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
💌- Clingy and desperate
💌- loves words of affirmation and touch; Turns into puddy if you coddle him in hugs and kisses whilst praising him. He's a very sleepy boy during this as well so, I hope you like soft snoring.
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
💌- Face, hips, thighs, and hands
💌 Face: Wants to hold your face while he's wrecking your organs; loves have slow makeout sessions, extra points if you're wearing lipstick during it.
💌 Hips: Grabby hands at your waist, he doesn't care if you have hip dips or rolls he wants to hold them and he's not taking no for an answer
💌Thighs: Squeeze his face in between your thighs please. He needs this much more than you do; suffocate him while he's eating you out, let him sleep on your thighs while you play with his hair and he's already buying your wedding ring.
💌Hands: His hands are holding yours during every session. No ifs or buts.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
💌- He eats it.
D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
💌- Wants to crossdress but is scared that someone might come in on you both when it happens. But you already know seeing as he always has this cute little reaction to seeing a maid's outfit
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
💌-His father taught him the basics on sex, but he discovered the rest from you.
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)
💌- Delicacy
💌- Full Nelson
💌- Cowgirl
💌 - Snack
💌- Deck Chair
💌- Mexican Style (yes this is an actual position)
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)
💌- A little bit of a goof (like his dad-) but overall is just chill. A little serious but chill overall.
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
💌- I don't see him as the type of person to have hair down there, so he's shaved.
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
💌- Soft and Romantic; Cracks lil jokes here and there but is willing to spoil you during sex. He's basically a giver than a taker.
💌 - Rough yet romantic; If he's having a really bad day then expect him to take it out on you, during sex of course as he would never dream of hurting you. (his mama raised him well :D)
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
💌- He's definitely fapping to a picture of you. If not he's probably gonna think about your body.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)
💌- Cross dressing, exhibitionism, pegging, bondage play, praise kink, brat taming, humiliation, pain kink, teasing, edging.
L = Location (favorite places to do the do)
💌- Bedrooms; He loves being alone in a comfortable space with you whilst you both make love, least likely chances of getting caught there
💌- Semi-open spaces; You both got caught by Mirabel in the café once. In a bathroom, she did snitch to Isabella and since then you both could never live it down.
💌- Forest; Once you and Camilo spent a full week there up in the mountains, of course the rest of the family checked in on you every once in a while but left you alone for a good majority of it
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
💌- If he catches you in a tight (or small) attire. Extra points if you're wearing a swimsuit
💌- When you get clingy and whiney towards him; Always begging him and wanting his physical touch will get him going
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
💌- muck [look up what it means in your own time]
💌- orinar
💌- Petplay
💌- Ageplay
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
💌-Giver [f]- more than a receiver; he gets off to the fact that he's the one giving you pleasure with his tongue and fingers
💌- Giver [m]- He likes giving direct eye contact as he's sucking your cock. Get's extremely submissive and teasing when this happens
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
💌- Sensual and Rough- Loves being manhandled during sex; biting, clawing and nipping are the main things to get him into a climax fast.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
💌- Hates them but likes them to some degree; If he has somewhere going he won't mind a little quickie session before he leaves. But at the same time he hates it cause he wants to take care of you after but can't cause he has somewhere to go
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)
💌- Satan's little daredevil but he's your boyfriend; Will fuck you anywhere if given the chance. In Casita's walls, the forests, public spaces. Just anywhere and he gets very creative with it too.
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
💌- The longest he can last is 6-7 rounds before he's knocked out cold. the fastest is 5. Before you attack here's my reasoning. He has a very limited to normal libido and I genuinely don't think he'd be able to go for an extra after the seventh round.
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
💌- After getting in trouble with Abuela after she found your vibrator in his room (like how tf are you so nosy?) you were banned from ever leaving your toys at his house. But that still didn't meant you couldn't use them there.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
💌- [f]A whole, fucking lot; Slaps his dick on your folds as he gropes your breasts, kisses your neck but refuses to do anything at all. Sometimes you'd have to cry and beg him to stop teasing.
💌- [m] He knows you will test him if he teases you for too long so he proceeds with caution towards you.
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
💌- Normal to low volume; He's too busy wanting to hear you moan to care about his voice. But if you really edge and tease him he will slip up and make one of the most attractive moans you'll ever hear. Even better than those porn stars you both watch.
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)
💌- He's into voyeurism and filming. Opting to watch you fuck yourself than fucking you himself.
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
💌- Sorry ladies but he's not gonna carry a big dick. At normal he's 5 inches, but when horny he stretches to 9 inches and 5 inches for girth.
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
💌- Not as high but not as low either, just in between. His libido is very normal as he isn't a horny train wreck like his tio [yes, you know which one].
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
💌- Depending on how long he's been fucking you. If it's been 4-5 rounds in he's gonna fall asleep in around 10-20 minutes.
Tumblr media
©𝐇𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲𝐛𝐮𝐯_ 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐; 𝐀𝐥𝐥 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐝
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uronlineluvr · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗽𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 ; Bruno Madrigal x M/GN/NB reader!
𝘀𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆 ; god, don't you just love him? his purity blows your mind. he's such a doll for you to toy with, a doll just for you to enjoy.
𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 ; SLIGHT smut, you/your used to describe reader when speaking, bruno being a sub top/bottom
𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗲𝘀 ; AHHHHHHHH i absolutely love this, i was working on my most recent request 'nd i had this idea so i present this idea to you cause i can. no au this time. BRUNO IS A GROWN MAN, REMEBER THAT. Female aligned (IN ANYWAY) DNI.
Tumblr media
'' DO YOU. . . LOVE ME?'' Bruno Madrigal questioned; his face flushed a soft pink and his green eyes flourishing with curiosity. He fiddled with his fingers, picking at the soft, delicate skin. Taking your eyes off the book for a moment, your eyes met with the male that sat across from you. His eyes were straightened on the floor, not daring to meet your eye. The silence was deafening, crushing down his hopes every single moment. Uncrossing your legs, closing your book with a sharp snap, you walked over to him, and sat next to him.
'' Bruno,'' Your angelic voice filled his ears, and yet he still didn't dare to look up into your beautiful [E. Color] eyes. '' look at me, please?'' Lifting his chin and turning his face, he looked at you and you peered at him. '' ...'' He stayed silent, not ready to face the consequences of his own voice. Laughing a little, you moved closer to him and pulled his hands into your own grasp. '' . . .Bruno, my darling, I love you so much.'' And with that, your lips met with his.
The soft, pure feeling of his lips was gratifying. His heart was beating in his ears, his face flushed dark red and his hands trembling in your hold. His eyes squeezed shut as he enjoyed the ecstasy he was feeling. Moving away from him, you bought a hand to his face and sighed. '' You're so pretty, baby. So, so pretty.'' His breath hitched, it seemed like his breath was stuck in his chest. This very moment in time, this moment in history, was one he'd never forget.
'' K-Kiss me, again, please.'' The stammered sentence left his mouth, and, in an instant, his lips met with your again. He whimpered into the kiss, sending stimulation in your system. '' Nngh..!'' His hands gripped on your shirt, moans and whimpers floating from his mouth like melody, the stimulation he was feeling, just from your tasteful lips, was overbearing for his trembling body. His pants felt tight around his lower waist, his cock feeling trapped in his pants. Noticing this, a smirk came upon your face. '' Sweetheart, would you like some. . . help with that?'' He confusingly looking down, seeing the imprint of his cock showing deviously. He covered his mouth with his hand, he slightly nodded. Snaking your hand near his pants, palming his overbearing erection. '' Yes or no, darling? I can just go back to reading my book, if you'd like.'' He shook his head quickly, wanting, no, begging for you to help him. '' Say what you want, baby. Or else, I can't understand you.''
He removed his hand from his lips, looking down and squeezing his eyes shut. '' Pl-Please help me, please, [Name]..'' Becoming centimeters away from his face, his eyes connected with you, '' Of course, my dear.''
Tumblr media
@ kailoslove 2022 - all rights reserved
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haneulseukai · 10 months ago
𝐂𝐚𝐧 𝐰𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐲 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭?
Tumblr media
CM and you, sharing a dance under the moonlight? Yes.
Okay but which cm tho
- camilo x gn!reader || carlos x gn!reader
- 18+ please dni!
- stupid camilo carlos twin brainrot took over, carlos is a menance to society (affectionate)
↳ Read part 2 here!
Tumblr media
"Pleaseeee can't you come to the casita for the celebration? Come on! It'll be fun!" Camilo clasps his hands together and did his best puppy eyes to convince you to attend the celebration his family holding tomorrow night at La Casita.
Now now, as much as you like camilo, there is no way you're going to a celebration where a crowd of people dance to loud music and having the potential possibility of getting blinded by flashy lights. Sure it's fun but, yeah...? No, immediate no for you.
"Nope, I gotta pass Cami, I need to finish this recent book I just bought"
"Just gooooo" he whines, shaking you by the shoulders, his touch lingering "I'll stay with you the whole night, I promise and if you were to feel uncomfortable, I shall escort you right out of there!"
You paused for a moment to consider, the offer was indeed tempting. Not only were you able to stick with Camilo the whole night, you won't look like an absolute moron standing in the corner alone.
You sighed in defeat "Fine"
"YESSSS You won't regret it I swear" he lifts a hand up as a sign of 'I won't ditch you i swear'.
Tumblr media
'I regret every decision I have made that made me come here'
You stepped into La Casita, the floor was covered with people dancing to rhythmic music. The lights brightly lit and it showcases the people dancing with happiness in their eyes and smiles. You have to admit it seemed fun but it still felt too much for you. You quickly head over to the kitchen where hopefully it is a lot quieter.
To your demise, the kitchen was loud and busy, Julieta was making snacks as the last batch ran out, Mirabel was seen arranging the snacks to their assorted bowls and even Camilo was there.
"Seriously, Cami" you raised an eyebrow at the chameleon with an arepas in his hand, biting into it before answering you.
"what, i was hungry" he shrugs as he munch on the snack he had snatched.
After the arepas had disperse into his mouth, he washed his hands and wiped it off on a towel before grabbing your wrist and dragged you back outside the kitchen.
"mami is having fun dancing" he points towards Pepa who's happily dancing with Félix "you should dance too" he turned towards you and smiled.
You couldn't tell if he was hinting you should ask him for a dance or he was simply inviting you right then and there. You decided to take your chances and ask him for a dance until a boy your age approached Camilo.
"Hola Camilo" he nods towards you as an apology for interrupting their conversation "Can I talk with you for a moment? I need you to help me with something"
"sure" Camilo answered the boy and gave you an apologetic smile as he followed the boy 'We'll talk later' he mouthed to them.
Helpless, you just nodded and decided to stand and watch the others dance instead.
'So much for I'll stay with you the whole night I promise'
You got bored pretty quickly and went to the back door of the casita.
The backdoor of the casita leads to a forest, being familiar with the place, you knew exactly where to go to reach your private hideout. You head straight into the forest until you emerge into a small hidden area.
The area was quiet and peaceful, perfect for you to do whatever you wish and like without any interruption nor an audience.
Upon arriving however, you halted at the sight of a familiar silhouette. It was sitting under a tree that's shielding it from the moonlight.
'Camilo?' you thought to yourself, although it's seemingly impossible for it to be Camilo.
The silhouette felt dark and mischievous but not Camilo mischievous, even if the curls are the same way, the ruana worn was evident and red, definitely not yellow like the chameleon you liked.
"Done staring?" the silhouette spoke and turned it's head towards you and raised an eyebrow "y/n, huh, thought you'd be with my older brother. He's always clinging over you and talks about you, it's annoying"
You flinched when you realised it was Camilo's younger brother, Carlos also known as the bigger troublemaker of the two. The moonlight finally revealing his face.
You shook your head to collect yourself "I- i uh he- I needed a break, the music made my ears burst and the crowd made me feel trapped" you replied as you approach Carlos "Can I join you?"
Carlos looked up to you indifferently and grinned "Ew no" he chuckled mockingly "This is my hideout, I'm kicking you out of here"
You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms "I found this place when I was younger and never a single time I ever saw you here" you retorted, offended by his accusation.
"Chill I was joking" he pats the space beside him "Knock yourself out"
You smiled at his response and sat beside him. A little distance between you and Carlos, not to invade his personal space. The both of them continued to watch the moon glowing as it's gate of stars dances.
"Why do you like my brother anyway, he's so loud and annoying" the boy asked, his attention still on the moon "like sure, he's friendly and all but what makes him sooo likeable. His jokes are horrible! Was it his looks? We basically have each other's faces yet here i am" he throws his hand a little sarcastically.
Your face has a tint of red when you realised Carlos was aware of your liking towards Camilo. "I do not-"
"Seriously, your eyes literally went brighter whenever you see him"
You sighed, unable to deny him. You wanted to answer his question and you would. You wanted to mention how caring Camilo was and how he took care of you despite his schedule. The way his freckles are evident everytime you see him, thinking about how much his past life's lover loved him so much to give him so many freckles. How much you badly wanted to be the one who adds more.
You kept quiet instead, the more you thought about your answer the more you realised how often Carlos had been in his brother's shadow.
"You're great too you know" you elbowed him gently "despite being a menance to the town's people with your pranks, you don't seem like a bad guy"
Carlos rolled his eyes and snickered "As if. You're calling me a good guy..?"
"I've seen the way you tried to take care of your family in your own way is all I'm saying. Well except for Camilo sometimes"
Carlos stayed quiet, the silence in the air made you feel afraid that you have said something offensive or wrong. A flash of 'why would he be offended at a compliment' appeard in your mind as another thought replied to it 'what if he thinks im looking down on him?'
After a while of silence, you decided you should say something
"Get up" Carlos cutted you off as he got up from the patch of grass. He turned towards you and held out his hand "We should dance"
To say you were surprised at his invitation was an understatement. You felt heat creeping up your neck and cheeks when you grabbed his hand to accept the dance. A giddy smile threatening to show made you bit the inside of your cheek as Carlos pulled you up.
"Better to dance than just sulk around, right?" he pulled you closer to him, his eyes looking deep into yours as he held your hand and guided your other hand to his shoulder before grabbing your waist. You blushed under his touch, silently hoping the moon doesnt light your reaction.
A comfortable silence fell between them as they waltz across the grass to the slight wave of music coming from the casita. It was a greaceful slow dance with the moon -and a few stumbles here and there, it isnt a flat ground, cut them some slacks-. Even so, you wouldn't dare to look up into his eyes but you could tell he's staring at you, almost as if he could see right through your anatomy.
"So, have you been watching me for a while?" Carlos asked, the teasing tone in his voice convinced you that he has a smirk slapped on his face.
You looked up at him and raised an eyebrow "tch- why would i be looking at you Carlos Madrigal?"
He snickered at your response "You didn't answer my question. Why? Do you like me?" He grinned "I thought you liked Camilo"
The grip you had on his hand tightened subconsciously as you felt your cheeks went up in flames. You weren't sure if it was because of Carlos mentioning your 'crush' or the sick possibility of liking him.
"Likely story, that's a heavy accusation"
"Right" he pursed his lips and dipped, supporting your shoulder to avoid dropping you "How would you know I care for my family? Doesn't everyone think I don't give a crap about anything?"
The sudden move surprised you "Carlos, I literally saw you in your 'ready for battle' stance when someone made fun of Mirabel, woah-"
He pulled you back up "Keep going"
"Um- I saw you bringing a towel for Tia Pepa after she let out how upset she was. I thought that was sweet of you. Although your most memorable act was probably when you sneaked empanadas and arepas con queso under your ruana when Camilo was upset" you chuckled at the scene you had witnessed a few months back "you're really not as bad as you think Carlos"
He stopped leading the dance; gazing down at the grass as his feet played around with it, slowly grazing them back and forth.
You looked at him worried, you lifted your hand that was on his shoulder and reached for his cheek "Carlos?" You felt warmth under your hand and if the heat ever increased, you might even get burnt.
Carlos leaned into your touch, his hand that was grabbing your waist was now gently on the hand you had on his cheek.
"Muñeca" he wrapped his arms around your waist with his other hand and pulled you in "I would say that you're in love with me"
You swore you could hear him chuckled as your heartbeat accelerated. If you weren't already red when he used a pet name on you then you must be burning as of now. Your hand on his cheek loosened but he insisted on making it stay in place.
He leaned in closer to your ear and whispered "Kidding" you could definitely hear him smile as he said that, your heart once again leaping out of your chest and you're sure he could definitely hear it.
Carlos gave a gentle kiss on your cheek before pulling back and lets go of you. Smiling as he watches you struggle to recover from what just happened.
"Bye princesa/principe~, thanks for cheering me up" he starts walking away from you, although he lowered his voice at the last part
"Carlos!" You called out which made him stopped and turned around as you stomped over to him and pulled him closer by the collar. "You're not getting away with this"
He grinned "What, you want to bet on it?"
With a rush of sudden confidence, you softly kissed the beauty mark under his lower lip "That's revenge. Let's not make this our last waltz gatito" you smirked at him before running pass by him to the casita, hiding your face as you screamed internally and asking yourself 'why did you do that'.
Carlos still stood where he was when you ran, poking his beauty mark as he was left flustered and too stunned to even move.
It was safe to say that the moon was happy that night and however cold he may seem, the moon will always have a warmer side.
Tumblr media
I will never be free.
Also I just like the idea of Carlos and the reader with Last Waltz in the background??? LIKE THE LYRICS THE MELODY?
Another thing! When Carlos said that Camilo would cling onto the reader and talk about them too much, he was actually talking about himself but refused to admit it!
So.... I think you guys forgot Cami right about now, no? Oh well I planned on having this end on a bad note with Camilo clenching his fists saying 'its on' over the reader or have him bitterly accept he was too late OR on a good note where him and Dolores high fives because they were purposely setting the both of them up. I decided to just let your imagination go wild, have your own ending!
ᵗᵃᵍˡⁱˢᵗ: @goddesslilithmoriarty ⁽ᵗᵒ ᶜᵒᵐᵖᵉⁿˢᵃᵗᵉ ᵗʰᵉ ᵖᵃⁱⁿ ᴵ ʰᵃᵈ ᶜᵃᵘˢᵉᵈ ʸᵒᵘ ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ᵒᶠ ᶜᵒˡᵒᵘʳˢ ᵒⁿ ᵐʸ ʷᵉᵈᵈⁱⁿᵍ ᵈᵃʸ⁾ @joleneswriting (hope you dont mind me tagging)
Tumblr media
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mrsbakugou101 · 7 months ago
You and The Madrigals go to the Oscars.
Tumblr media
Not my art! https://pin.it/2tnaWYo is where I found it!
Tumblr media
A/N: Ok I'm really sorry I haven't updated "Camp Buddy", I'm having a bit of writers block! So to hold you all up, I made some head cannons of you and the Madrigals heading to the Oscars! Should I do GRAMMYS too?
Genre: Fluff, fluffy <3
Pairing(s): Camilo Madrigal x Reader! (Any Gender, sorry if I said she)
Warnings: None :>
Tumblr media
· You were completely shocked when Camilo asked you to be his plus one to the Oscars event.
· First Camilo had to get the tissues because you were in tears.
· Then he confirmed what he said was all true.
· His family had been well known in the Encanto for having a troubled past, from Abuela loosing Pedro, to Bruno leaving Casita, Mirabel not getting her gift, Isabela having to be perfect, Luisa feeling pressured, and Casita falling. Later on, they rebuilt Casita, and had a happy life. A couple weeks later, some people in town submitted the Madrigals story to movie makers. One of the stars; Lin-Manuel Miranda loved it so much; he wanted to make it a movie! Abuela Alma was skeptical at first, but the family and the town were able to convince her.
· Of course, Camilo was happy, because he was a theater kid and he got to star in his own remake of the movie. So, you can imagine his face when he found out the movie got an Oscar. The family had been invited to Los Angeles, to attend the Oscars.
· The day Camilo found out the news, he rushed to you and gave the news. Of course, it took about fifteen minutes before he could cut to the chase, and actually tell you the news.
· “Camilo slow down, just tell me what you want to say!”
· “But it’s just so amazing I-”
· Everyone all over town was talking about it, and how they wished the Madrigals good luck. And of course, you were happy for them, but you couldn’t help feeling sad about your novio being pulled away from you for a week or more.
· So, you can imagine how happy you were, when Camilo convinced his family to let you tag along as his plus one.
· Pepa even sprouted rainbows, as she watched your reaction from a distance.
· You and Camilo both got to go on an airplane for the first time together, and it was a magical experience.
· “One day we’ll get to do this on your private jet!” you told Camilo, as you looked out the window onto the tiny buildings on the ground.
· “Our private jet Mi Vida.” Camilo said, giving you a warm smile as he placed his hand on your shoulder.
· Once you guys finally landed, you took a van to the hotel you would stay at. Now the hotel wasn’t Beverley Hills, but it was frequently close. It was expensive, luxury, and a few other stars for the Oscars were staying there too.
· You and the family were excited to wake up the next morning because it was the day of the Oscars ceremony. You had to arrive around 3pm, so you guys had time to explores Los Angeles for a while.
· You ate a pretty hefty breakfast, and then rode around the city in a limo for a while. Once you guys got back to the hotel, you prepared for the award show.
· Everyone wore a very fancy outfit.
· Once everyone was finished, you rode a limo to the event.
· While you were there you met a bunch of your favorite actors, celebs, singers etc. Including: Sofia Carson, Will Smith, Emma Stone, Zendaya etc.
· Unfortunately, Lin-Manuel Miranda; the reason for the movie in the first place couldn’t make it to ceremony but would watch it from home.
· You and the family got interviewed, but they did a close up on you and Camilo who they said could be “L. A’s new greatest couple!”
· After walking around, taking pictures, being interviewed and more; seven o clock finally hit, and the Oscar Award show finally begun.
· You guys ended up getting an Oscar, for “Best Cultural Film”, and everyone was so happy.
· You and Camilo were squeezing each other’s hand, all throughout the ceremony.
· And you could imagine the look on you, and the family’s faces during the whole Will Smith vs Chris Rock smackdown.
· But otherwise, then that, you all had a great time.
· The show ended at 10pm, and you were all tired and ready to go back to the hotel. But when you guys finally arrived, nobody was tired anymore. Pepa, Julieta, Felix, and Agustin all went out for a joyride. Luisa decided to take a walk around the place, Abuela went to the sauna downstairs, and Bruno ordered some secret pizzas for the rest of you.
· “Alright guys I’ll do it, but don’t tell Abuela.”
· You, Camilo, Isabela, Luisa, Mirabel, and Dolores were up all night. Antonio tried to stay up with the rest of you but ended up falling asleep at around eleven o’clock. When you saw him knocked out on the floor, you picked him up and tucked him in bed. Camilo saw how great you were with Antonio and couldn’t help falling in love with you even more.
· “Mi amor, eres mi todo.” Camilo smiled, grasping your cheek, and caressing it with his thumb.
· “Te amo, Milo.” You said, leaning forwards and placing a small kiss on his freckled nose.
· “Te amo mas mi vida.”
· “Did you see how harsh that smack was though?” Dolores asked, eyes wide.
· “It caught me so off guard.” Pepa responded.
· “I had to cover Tonito’s eyes and ears for like two minutes!” You spoke.
· You and the family were in the limo, after the Oscars had just finished. You were discussing the unexpected smack down between, Will Smith and Chris Rock.
· “Honestly I think the joke shouldn’t have been said, but Will also shouldn’t have slapped him.” Julieta said.
· “It looked so painful!” Antonio whispered.
· “He laughed it off though.” Camilo replied.
· “I’m just glad we got to do our little live show.” Bruno said.
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoyed! Camp Buddy will update soon! <3
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chxwrites · 9 months ago
Fool in love Pt.1 (prologue?)
Carlos Madrigal x she/them reader with a gift
Genre: fluff
Warnings: none for now
masterlist pt 2
note: rewrote this three times. wasn’t happy with it and i’m still not but have this sort of.. teaser?? prologue?
Tagging: @dos-oroguitas :) enjoy my humble offering and happy chinese new year
Tumblr media
Carlos stared confused from his place in the musty alley, unsure what to do as he flicked his pocket knife open and close. He kicked a rock out of frustration, groaning as he muttered colourful words.
“Get yourself together. ¿Que pasa tonto?” He didn’t understand why he was like this right now, palms sweaty and face flushed when he caught your eyes meeting briefly (way too short to his dismay) or even just a glimpse of you.
The town had always been too boring and stuffy for him, he could care less about the townspeople. He never got along well with everyone and was infamous for getting into fights or trouble.
The shopkeepers hated him for constantly pickpocketing food, trinkets or as he called “borrowing without returning” and then disappearing without a trace into the crowds with his gift. He used his gift for himself unlike his twin Camilo whom the town adored. The townspeople often compared them and he was the black sheep of the family. Even Abuela Alma didnt like him. Almost nobody liked being around the boy with a permanent scowl, heterochromatic eyes and hair covering one eye. Even his family got fed up with his antics often.
it was fine to him. he didn’t like or wanted the attention or admiration of the town, his twin could gladly have it all as he didn’t like the town for what they had done to his long gone Tio, Bruno.
But you, this new person in town with a gift had mysteriously caught his eye, grabbing his attention. You were supposed to be just another girl in the town, avoiding him or just passing by without paying a care.
You swept him off his feet as you stayed after one of his fights and tended to him, aware of his reputation and personality. Maybe you just felt guilty or pity for him when he had a bloody nose and several bruises, nothing Tia Julieta couldn’t fix anyways. But he had stayed and let you tend to him, staring entranced at you “like a idiota” he added unhelpfully. He forgot to ask for your name or shrug you off at that moment, time stilling as he looked at you and you only.
You somehow managed to make his knees feel weak, lips curling upwards and his permanent frown gone from his face whenever he sees you. He didn’t believe in love at first sight but here he was, stalking observing you from a distance as you went on with your day.
At first he thought it was the fact that you’re someone new and had a gift that’s got him interested, but slowly he found out he was more interested in your expressions, the way your the way your hair shone, the small things that showed your mood. The way your eye twitched as you were annoyed, the clench of fists or how you curled your hair around a finger as you were deep in thought.
He shook himself out of his thoughts. He was no fool in love, he’d rather be dead than caught tripping over himself over someone. It was almost dinner anyways. He should be heading back. He glanced back at you, ears flushed red, “idiota.. what am i doing” as he quickly went home.
He’ll figure out his.. feelings and thoughts after dinner. or maybe not.
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nooneno · 10 months ago
Timidly in love / I.M
Isabela Madrigal x femReader
Request " Didn't know if u wanted asks or just a comment on that other post but I wanted to request something, if u don't mind, Isa x Fem!reader, where reader is a secret admirer and loves giving Isa letters and gifts (like sweets or cute stuffed animals) "
I forgot the gifts... I'm very much sorry ... Still i Hope you'll like it !
Warnings : spelling or/and grammatical errors.
(not my gif)
Tumblr media
It was embarrassing.
Especially for yourself, for someone "like you". You see, not so long ago, you'd praise yourself for being different from all those men or women who run after those beautiful, popular people. Not you, no. Rather, you preferred smart people, nice people, humble people. The kind that no one but you would notice. the kind you could be alone in a room with without sharing a word and still feel comfortable.
Funny how, for someone who said, couldn't stand popular and superficial egomaniacs, you could sound kind of narcissistic yourself.
Yeah how embarrassing it is to know how, somewhere in time that you couldn't pinpoint, you had fallen head over heels for none other than Senorita perfecta Isabela Madrigal.
Well, in your defense, she wasn't really that person anymore. You didn't really understand what had happened at the Madrigals or how their house, though animated by a magic that no being could imagine in their wildest dreams, had ended up in ruins. But what you did know is that , after this event, the eldest of the Madrigal grandchildren was...different.
She was no longer senorita perfectat Isabela Madrigal, and she had never been so perfect in your eyes.
You were one of those villagers who helped with the reconstruction. Your help was greatly appreciated. Daughter of a mason, you grew up on your father's building sites. No need to say that you knew what you were doing and weren't afraid to get your hands dirty.
It was during these days that you had the opportunity to see Isabela more closely. Even if , before the incident , you avoided finding yourself in the path of the young woman (not that you were scared of her or anything, only that you weren't a fan of all the attention around her and also because working with your dad all day let no time to wander around the village) , you knew, like everyone else in Encanto, who she was and her reputation. You knew she was beautiful, even a blind man could see that, but you also knew she was dishonest. her smile was fake and often forced. You just didn't know if she was lying more to others than to herself. And your judgement told you it was none of your businesses.
And then you heard her real laugh and saw her real smile . There, in the middle of the debris and the dust, the ruins and the smoke, her hair dishevelled, her dresse covered with stains, her house had just collapsed and she was laughing to tears with her sisters.
The arrow did not miss.
Cupid was a talented buthole.
Then her gaze met yours and you could have sworn you could feel the blood seeping from the wound the arrow had lodged in.
Let me tell you that since then, you no longer avoided her for the same reasons, and , oddly enough, it had suddenly become more difficult to do so. After finishing the reconstruction and when everyone returned to their normal lives, Isabela Madrigal was everywhere in yours.
Not only did each flower you saw draw your thoughts to her, but it seemed like the Madrigal had taken a new interest in Encanto and was wandering around the village much more often than before. Often passing in front of your father's building sites. And all of soudain you felt so self conscious, you were always too sweaty, wearing dirty old jeans and stained tank tops.
And lets not forget a new clumsiness coming out of nowhere.
Now, let's be clear, you weren't a clumsy person. A clumsy bricklayer was an unemployed bricklayer. the problem was that she was a horrible distraction and, through her fault, you started hurting yourself quite often. It was terribly embarrassing for too many reasons: one, she was often witnesses, two, your father was unhappy and , three, above it all, your father was worried and therefore started to send you to none other than Julietta Madrigal, AKA your crush's mother.
You couldn't keep going like that. She was killing you and she wasn't even aware of it.
There was a hurricane of feelings inside you that decimated everything in its path, you had to let it out. But you're a coward so you did it without really assuming it.
You started writing letters signed "no one important". And for a while things got better. On sleepless nights, when the smile of the raven-haired woman haunted your mind, you would get up and, in the light of the moon alone, wrote lines and lines that told of your admiration and your feelings. The only risk you allowed yourself to take was to put your trust in a certain person to hand over the notes without revealing your identity.
Antonio was a good kid. Very nice, a social butterflie with whom you shared your love for animals. He only had to see you once or twice taking care of the stray cats and dogs of Encanto to decide that you two should be best friends. You knew you could trust him, and the child was so proud to hear it that he promised to do everything to help you and keep the Secret. it was therefore stray cats, mice and birds that served as postmen for your words of love to the sweet young lady. a
A new letter, once a week , in front of her bedroom door.
This night was no different. after turning around in every possible way under your sheets, you ended up getting out of bed and sitting on your chair. In front of your desk, you took your pen and let the ink flow on a new white page.
" You certainly know this better than anyone and, perhaps, you think I'm a little pretentious to say it for you, but the Isabela that the village saw emerging from the remains of the Casita was not the one who left me indifferent for so many years. It's a real renaissance that my eyes have had the chance to witness, and , as a new Madrigal , you have been entitled to a new gift, the simple, and still quite magical, ability to stall my heart with only the blink of an eye.
To be honest, i'd let you do it again and a thousand times if i a had more corazones to offer .
Unconditionally yours.
- No one important. "
The thing is, you were pretty sure she wasn't reading your letters. you had asked Antonio, who had proposed it, not to spy on her reactions. You hadn't noticed any change in her behavior when she passed in front of the construction sites, except that your eyes often found hers already on you but you would managed to contain your clumsiness by looking away quickly. The idea that she didn't read your words was reassuring. As paradoxical as it may seem, it allowed you to be completely honest in your letters and not think about it once it was sent. Slowly but surely you regained control over your life.
« Hola (Y/n) !»
Happy to hear your friend's little voice, you turned around, a brick on your shoulder. you were surprised to see Antonio arrive with Mirabel AND Isabela. You quickly saw in the boy's eyes that he seemed embarrassed. Indeed it was the "delivery day" of the week. Usually , the boy would come to see you at your break time, you chatted a bit, played with the passing stray cats then Antonio called a mouse or just has his pelican take the letter and take it to the Casita . The girls weren't supposed to be there and he hadn't known how to get out of this situation.
« Hola Big boy ¿ Cómo estás hoy ? »
« Muy bien ! you already know Mirabel and Isabela, right ? » The dark skinned kid asked with a little laugh and an awkward smile.
« of course she knows us! » - laughed Mirabel arriving in front of you, followed by her big sister who seemed hesitant - « she helped rebuild Casita! »
« no need to mention it, it was nothing » you offered a little smile, unable to stop your gaze from falling on the woman standing behind the teenager. When her chocolate orbs met your (e/c) eyes with a shy smile, you turned your attention away, a reflex, placing it once again on Mirabel. « is there anything i Can help you with today ? »
« not really. We were just walking around and saw that Antonio was coming to see you, we thought we could walk by and say a little hola»
you were about to answer when you felt something climbing up your leg. you glanced at Antonio and the boy winked at you, he knew you kept the letters in the back pocket of your pants and thought it was a good idea to ask a mouse to go straight to take your last letter from there.
« but now that you asked so nicely» Mirabel continued with a smirk « we're also on a special quest !»
« Sis, stop it !»
you arched a brow, pretending to be interested in the conversation and not freaking out , because the chances that Mirabel or Isabela wouldn't see a mouse running away from you with a letter in its mouth were very small.
« a quest ? Sounds fun » - you smiled before throwing a panicked look to Antonio, feeling the mouse enter your pocket.
«it's really nothing interesting, just Mirabel teasing me» Isabela said with puffy cheeks, looking up at the sky then at her shoes.
"shit ! why was she staring at the floor so much? she might see the animal !"
«It was recently discovered that my sister here has a secret admirer!»
You felt your heart skip a beat. Next to Mirabel, her little cousin gave you an apologetic smile, aware of the embarrassment in which the situation put you.
Realizing that you hadn't answered and above all, feeling that the mouse was about to get out of your pocket. you resumed with a laugh maybe a bit too exaggerated to sound honest.
Seeing the surprised look on the girls faces, you coughed once or twice before answering :
«excuse me for finding it amusing to make such a big deal out of it.» the brick you previously held with both hands on your shoulder was now standing straight on your left hand, as if it weighed nothing (force of habits with this work) while you used your other hand to try to discreetly caught the mouse.
You didn't notice the look Isabela put on your bicep. Even the melanin in her skin couldn't hide the crimson hue her cheeks were taking on.
« I mean, we're talking about Isabela Madrigal here, she's beautiful, whether she had any suitors, secret or not, was to be expected. The reverse would have surprised me.»
finally you managed to get your hand on the mouse and keep it motionless behind your back. And that's when you realized what you had just said. Then you met the wide eyes of the young adult who was standing, not behind but, next to her sister now.
A silence took place, landing heavily on every participating member of the conversation though you didn't think the others felt the same crushing weight as the one on your shoulders at the moment. Mirabel bit her cheek, trying (and failing) to hide a smirk, but you didn't see it, you couldn't see anything except the big chocolate eyes that seemed to see through your soul.
« you think i'm beautiful ? »
How do we breathe again ?
Becoming aware of the sudden closeness between you and the young woman, the owner of your heart, who had then leaned slightly towards you, as if to scrutinize any reaction to her question, you took a step back, almost staggering and accidentally tightening your grip on the mouse you were still hiding behind your back. Running out of air, The animal let out a cry before sinking its teeth into the palm of your hand.
« OUCHE !» Surprised, you jumped at the feeling of sharp pain that shot through your arm, surprising everyone with you. You then let the rodent run away before shaking your hand in all directions to lessen the uncomfortable feeling.
The sound of a heavy object hitting the ground, followed by a cry of pain, made you turn back to your previous interlocutors.
«Isa !»
It is with horror that you understood what had just happened. You had inadvertently released your grip on the brick and the heavy object free-falled to land directly on Isabela's feet. The poor young woman was now on her knees, curled up and focused on her ankle which was already swelling. The sight of tears beginning to form in the corners of her eyes, creased in pain, broke your heart so badly you could swear you felt it physically split in two in your chest.
«Oh Dios mio ! I am SO sorry !»
«Isabela are you okay? you can get up ?»
Slowly and gently, Mirabel and you helped the young woman to get up.
«it's - it's okay-»
She hadn't even had time to finish her sentence, when the first step forward sent a shock down her thigh which resulted in a cry of pain and for Isabela to lean a little more on you.
« you have no idea how much sorry i am» you whispered, ashamed. A grim look on your face. Isabela looked at you with soft eyes but you didn't see it.
«it's ok, don't torture yourself so much » she said with a smile «one trip to my mama's kitchen and it'll be healed»
« okay you shouldn't walk, i'll go look for Luisa, she'll-»
Mirabel didn't get to finish her sentence, with a quick movement you slipped an arm under her big sister's legs to lift her up like a bride. The next second, you were walking towards the Casita.
«oooor we can do that»
The trip was not very long but strangely silent. Antonio looked at you with wide eyes, wondering if you had a gift too, the same as Luisa's. Mirabel wore an expression of amusement, far from being concerned for her sister who, she was sur of it, certainly appreciated this new closeness with you. If the flowers growing on Isabela's head were anything to go by. what was Julieta's surprise to see the mason's daughter bring hers as a prince would for a princess.
Once at the Casita, you were on autopilot. clearly you had just, not only hurt the woman you were in love with, but just before you had certainly humiliated yourself by your words and in addition, it could be that her younger sister understood the nature of your feelings.
If not, then why was she staring at you with that insufferable smirk?
«here you go» said Julieta when she saw her daughter's ankle deflated after the young woman had finished swallowing her last bite.
« thank you mamá » Isabela sighed in relief.
« you should rather thank the girl who brought you. »
This took you out of your thoughts. sitting on a stool, you sat up with a sheepish smile. « ho no, really not, she wouldn't have had to be treated if I hadn't been so clumsy »
you supported your words with a wave of your hands and, unconsciously, presented your palm to the mother. Noticing something, she arched an eyebrow.
« Maybe you need to be treated too » she said, surprising you. you then saw the many eyes on your hand and decided to take a look.
« ho » it was bloody, not that much, but enough to ne noticed.
« it's okay it's nothing, it's just -»
« a rodent bite »
Isabela's words caused your heart to freez. you kept your eyes on your palm, unable to look up. it lasted a good minute. you didn't quite know why, but the idea of ​​meeting Isabela's gaze froze you with fear.
Finally, it was when the young woman forced you, holding your chin between her thumb and index finger, to raise your head, that you ended up seeing that she was wearing a big smile (and also that you two had been left alone in the room) there again, one good minute passed in silence. you felt the skin on your face rising in temperature with each elapsed second that you spent drowned in the eyes of the beauty.
« it was you »
What was the point of denying. somehow, she had found out. You weren't going to lie to her face, it would have been obvious. you never was a good lier anyway.
« how ? »
But you were curious.
« letters. there were, not always but often, claw, drool, fang marks. Mouse teeth marks. I immediately thought that Antonio was playing a joke on me, but that kind of humor is more his big brother's style. » the woman said with a smile.
You let out a small laugh but didn't try to answer.
« did you mean it ? »
you didn't say anything, suddenly very embarrassed, you just breathed in and remained silent.
«every word, all of them, were they all genuine ?»
Nothing. still holding your chin in her hand, the girl looked at you seriously.
« You were right earlier. I have many suitors »
You still didn't say anything, just tilted your head slightly, intrigued.
«I've received letters before, and although they were all signed with names and yours kept your identity a secret, that's not what prompted me to read all of them.»
«All of them ?»
Isabela smirked. Finally she was getting a reaction.
«every single one of them. More than once, each. »
If you felt your cheeks warming earlier, now they were burning to the point you got afraid to burn your interlocutor's soft hand.
«if I started to look forward every week to read you, it's because, before you , I didn't know it was possible to fall in love with someone only through their words»
The palpable tension weighed heavy on your heart.
Sixty more seconds in silence.
Your faces were so close, and the space between your lips was so narrow, that your noses brushed once, twice, and it wasn't until the beautiful brunette let her eyelids cover her view, that you blew in a murmur ...
«every single one of them»
Isabela crushed her lips hard against yours. And if you hadn't had within you this desire that had been burning for so long, you would certainly have fallen backwards. But you were ready and you returned the kiss with the same force if not greater. Her hands came to slip into your hair while one of yours clung to her waist as the other drew her even closer to you by the nape of her neck.
when you heard her release a little and shy moan, you felt like you weren't far from fainting. But luckily, that's when the Madrigal pulled away slightly, breaking the kiss for both of you to catch your breath.
« and i knew you were a woman»
« what ?»
your eyes, which had remained closed after this display of affection, suddenly opened, round, shocked. they were met with Isabela's mischievous gaze, and the woman seemed far too amused by the situation.
« I knew, that's all. I have no more explanations to give neither to you nor to myself »
Sliding the hand that was in your hair, towards your neck, she pulled you a little more towards her, a big smile - almost worrying - on her lips slightly swollen from the previous kiss.
Once they were close enough to your ear for her liking, she whispered « you're the only woman in the village whose sexuality is no secret to anyone »
You froze, not knowing whether to laugh or pray to the Casita to bury you there.
Isabela burst out laughing at the dead fish expression you gave her.
« I'm glad it's you »
you huffed, still embarrassed «really?»
«yeah, you're more charming than you think you are »she smiled softly, before the smirk came back « and, let's just say you were hard not to notice the day you came to help us rebuild the house» not hiding the fact that she was looking you up and down, sending your body temperature racing hell.
« also, I'm waiting for you to give me the letter sticking out of the back pocket of your pant-»
you silenced her with another kiss. that was enough embarrassment for a single day.
Very soon, when you felt her giggle against your lips, you yourself couldn't contain your smile but, when you wanted to pull back to laugh , she caught you, holding you back, her lips already addicted to yours.
All in all ?
yeah, this whole story was kind of embarrassing.
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iwannabecamiloshovel · 6 months ago
Luisa: If you put 'violently' in front of anything to describe your action, it becomes funnier.
Luisa: Violently practices.
Antonio: Violently studies.
Isabela: Violently shoots pictures.
Camilo: Violently sleeps.
Mirabel: Violently boxes.
Carlos: Violently murders people.
Dolores: Violently worries about the previous statement.
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lafamiliamadrigalpt · 3 months ago
Y/n is late
Camilo: You’re late.
Y/n: You’re handsome.
Camilo: You’re forgiven.
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heyhoeudoin · 9 months ago
y/n: what are you so afraid of?
camilo: you
mirabel, hella shocked: you did not just—
camilo: no, no, look
y/n, smiling wide: aw! i love you too
isabela: what the fuck?–
mirabel: same
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yoursweetdenial · 8 months ago
Pepa: Y/N! I can't do this stupid math!
Y/N: What’s the math problem?
Pepa: Well, we have to add the bed, subtract the clothes divide the legs, and hope we don’t multiply.
Julieta, covering Bruno's ears, while Y/N smacks Pepa upside the head: Not going to lie that was hella smooth.
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tobibam · 10 months ago
unexpected love
Tumblr media
fandom : encanto
pairing : camilo x reader
warnings : none, except fluff
a/n : @bokubooo happy birthday my boo <3
Tumblr media
“please camilo —“
“no! i already gave my answer mirabel, there’s no use in trying to convince me”
“but —“
“blah blah blah”
camilo stick out his tongue in a nonchalant expression. making mirabel groaned in frustration, why won’t he help her? she just need him to shapeshift into her for a little while but he keeps refusing saying that he has loads of work to do tomorrow.
with that being said, the brown haired boy took another bite of arepas made by his aunt. and the side of mirabel’s face flops to the table, utterly hopeless and lost.
right now mirabel is starting to regret the decision of asking you to meet up tomorrow. only if she didn’t have to go helped her mother out.
mirabel sighed dismally at the thought of having to go apologise you and says she can’t come anymore. she doesn’t really want to break the promise although camilo’s not helping at all — like sure everyone can be busy at times but can’t he just help her a little? it’s only for some hours —
“there’s one thing i haven’t told you about” mirabel quickly lift her head up suddenly. camilo quirked an eyebrow at her before gave her a nod as a gesture to go on, glass in his hand as he sips some water.
“it’s y/n who i asked you to meet tomorrow”
a violent choke and a spatter of water slipped from camilo’s mouth at your name. and mirabel smirked knowingly while watching her cousin struggle to keep his cool. looks like her guess about camilo’s crush on you is true.
“but oh well, what a bummer that you’re super busy tomorrow. looks like i gotta turn her down about the plans —“
“uh actually — if it’s only for some hours i might be able to spare a little time”
got ya.
“if you say sooooooo. the meeting time is at 10 o’clock, good luck!”
the girl got up from her seat and swiftly paced out of the room, just in case if he changes his mind. slamming the kitchen door shut as she went.
and that’s how the brown haired boy got left alone, head in his hands and mind pondering, will he be okay tomorrow??
camilo found himself playing with his fingers mindlessly, waiting for your arrival. he legit comes 15 minutes early, just to make sure he won’t be late and end up embarrassed himself.
heaving a sigh, he leaned his back against the bench he’s sitting in. it was just outside the local store where parents often come to. wait why is he thinking of these things suddenly? perhaps he’s nervous? maybe. maybe not he’s —
a voice softly called out of nowhere. making him jumped in surprise and twisted around to see you. giggling with the brightest smile he ever saw.
“gotcha good mirabel! did i make you wait long?” you asked, also reminding camilo that he’s mirabel right now. not camilo.
he gently shook his head in return, trying to smile as natural as possible, “nah not at all, i’ve just arrived, too”
you crossed your arms while giving him a suspicious look, then it turned into a hearty laugh.
“alright, alright. should we go now then? ooo this gonna be fun — let’s go let’s go!” you excitedly exclaimed, grabbing his hand and slightly tugged him forward.
he really did have lots of fun, smiling and laughing while talking about thousands millions things, cracking tons of jokes along the way. from trying new fashions or putting on weird glasses just to laugh at each other’s face. dancing merrily to the dulcet but jolly local street’s music. trying to keep quiet in a library but utterly failed that the librarian have to shoo you two away, he seemed furious about it. “don’t ever come again” mimicked the silly voice and face + gesture by camilo, it ended up look hilarious in an odd way. but alas, the day have to end as you and him strayed to the river side, watching the sun sets beautifully across the sky. which was tinged with orange-pink colours, it’s getting late now.
you gave him a smile and a wave when you’re some meters away, knowing you’d meet him — mirabel again tomorrow. he returned the favor, but the smile almost immediately disappear when you turned around. because for him it feels like this will be the last time.
ridiculous. he just need to grab all the courage he’s got and talk to you. that way there will be more possibilities. yes.
no. no he can’t — what if you don’t like him back? how about he keeps seeing you in secret like this for a bit more, disguised as mirabel? so you could know him better, and him vice versa. isn’t that a great idea? sure let’s do it.
this keep going for a week, weeks turned to months. you do noticed about the little changes and differences when you look closely, of course you do. but you choose to not say anything, only keep it as self’s suspicions.
until one day…
“mirabel! let’s meet again later tonight in our secret meet spot, there’s something i want to ask you about” you announced to your close friend, mirabel.
she blinked while give you a puzzled look, “what secret place?”
this time it’s your turn to be surprise. “that place. the one we often meet, don’t you remember?”
“i don’t know what you’re talking about” she protested, scrunching up her nose as she try to recall. although not a single memory comes up.
“it can’t be —“ that’s the moment you realised. now it all clicked… if it’s not her; then the only person who can transform into someone else, the one and only, camilo.
“y/n… you alright?” mirabel asked, touching your shoulder with concerns.
“it’s camilo, isn’t it?” you testified. catching mirabel’s wide eyes and flustered attitude. before shot her a look to spilled out everything. mirabel then sighed in defeat and told you the truth, under a fact that she really has no idea camilo kept seeing you after that day.
you listened, completely indulged by the new cognition. and when she finished, you impart her one last question and a favor.
“then, tonight. please tell him to meet me at our usual spot. don’t worry, he’ll know what i meant”
so that’s how it is. you sat in the middle of a meadow, full of variety colours of beautiful flowers. a special secret place that with only small group of people know, camilo found it first and is the one who introduced you to it.
although the way here might not be so pleasant, for it’s some distance into the forest; especially if it’s dark. like around this time. but it really worth it though, you can open-heartedly confirm on that one.
a rustle of grass behind you snapped you back from your thoughts, and you whipped around, to see him. camilo looks down at his feet while he hold his fingers in a light grip in front.
“camilo” you began, voice calm. even though it still make camilo shrunken at the sound of you voice.
before you could asked him the question he’s been scared to answer. he interrupted first saying, “you found out. i know, i’ve heard from mirabel already. i’m so sorry y/n, i didn’t mean it to turn out like this. i only wanted to see you and talk to you like i’m someone close to you because…” he paused, gulping and took a deep breath to brace himself for the next line.
“because i like you y/n. a lot. ever since the first day we met. you’re always so kind and i can’t help feeling warm and fuzzy everytime you’re around. at first i thought i only liked you as a friend, turns out it’s something much more deeper than that. and it’s love, i guess…” camilo trailed off, his ears and cheeks are dusted reddish pink colour.
you were speechless. stunned and in complete shocked by his words. did he just… confess?
“but it’s totally alright if you don’t feel the same. that’s totally understandable and i’m sorry. i —“
camilo got interrupted by a pair of arms wrapped around his torso, it took him a moment to realized that it’s you.
“i like you too camilo, all along. i just have never been brave enough to tell you. thank you camilo, you’ve no idea how glad i am to hear that” you let your emotions overcome and say everything you’ve stored since long ago.
camilo returned your hug. feeling exactly the same.
and you two stayed there for some minutes, no words exchanged. just two people relish into each other’s presence. until you pulled back to cupped his face in your hands. warm smile splayed and eyes dried happy tears.
“i know this might sound a bit cheesy but… i love you camilo”
a tender sweet kiss on your lips is enough answer you needed. the moon is grinning and the stars aglow as if they were congratulating to the new pair of lovers.
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Tumblr media
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sweaterweather-247 · 10 months ago
Cuddling Luisa head canons
Luisa is a giant cuddle bug, she wants cuddles 24/7.
Luisa holds you tightly and there’s no escape, you can try but she’ll only hold you tighter.
Luisa is a heavy sleeper and when her arms are around you, you’re staying there no matter what.
If she holds you too tightly she’ll loosen her grip.
Luisa is usually the big spoon, she loves holding you, it feels like shes protecting you from everything.
Sometimes Luisa wants to be the little spoon and you can barely wrap your arms around her.
You two cuddle while facing each other.
Sometimes you’re tucked under her chin and Luisa is holding you close to her chest.
Sometimes Luisa is tucked under your chin and your arms are around her neck holding her close.
Luisa sometimes rolls over in her sleep and she rolls on top of you.
If you can handle Luisa on top of you, its nice and warm, her weight is comforting.
If you don’t want her on top of you. Just nudge her awake and she’ll get off of you and pull you on top of her instead.
Sleeping on Luisa is nice, her arms hold you in place, her boobs are like pillows.
If you both go to bed angry and not cuddle up together, Luisa will be the first to crack and cuddle you while you sleep. Even if she’s mad she needs you.
Luisa hates getting up in the morning and she can and will snuggle you all day, she always gives morning kisses.
Cuddling with Luisa is the best thing you could ever ask for, her love keeps you warm at night.
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