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motivatedaily · 7 months ago
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alxraaa · a month ago
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brownsugar-dreams · 6 months ago
what's the wisest thing to invest on as a student? i wanna treat myself but i want to be prudent and look out for my future self
Invest in your self care! That’s literally the most important investment you can have during your academic years. If you imagine your future self being happy, wealthy, and well taken care of then you need to start now. Being prudent is just a scam they tell us so that we can work hard and be unhappy. Part of being a successful student is being happy and in a good mental/physical space so that you can focus on studying and getting good grades and subsequently be able to create wealth in the future. I’m not saying blow all your money, but worry less about “saving” or being “frugal” because you have to believe that your loans and all financial worries will be taken care of so you don’t actually have to worry. I probably spend $3-4k a month on self care treatments and my classmates are always so shocked because we’re supposed to be “broke/struggling med school student.” That may be their story but it’s not mine and I don’t want to claim that. Treat yourself and don’t feel guilty about it! You need your pampering and rest now, school is stressful af so don’t buy into that false struggle narrative. Here are some really great, relaxing self care rituals I recommend.
Monthly professional massages. This helped so much with my chronic piriformis/low back pain. I add the cupping and lymphatic drainage and feel like I’m in my teenage body again 😂
Nail salon twice a month. Mani/pedi unless it’s winter then maybe I’ll just do manicures
Cryotherapy a few times a month. This is something new I started this year. It’s soooo good for circulation and post workout soreness
Professional facials once a month. Get a skin consult and they will help assess and tailor your skincare routine
Eyelash extensions every 2-3 weeks. Another new treatment I started this year. It’s soooo much better than having to glue on fakes and actually look so natural and pretty. Makes me feel super feminine and I get compliments all the time
Brow threading and tinting every 2-3 weeks, brow lamination once every 2 months. My brows feel so soft and look so sexy afterwards
Laser hair removal. My ���� is so cute afterwards and it’s much quicker than waxing, lasts longer, and hurts a lot less. Plus better for your sensitive skin down there and lessens the impact of hyperpigmentation. Most places allow you to pay in monthly installments
Laserlipo. I started doing laserlipo to tone my arms (always been self conscious about them) at the same place I get my laser hair removal. Not gunna lie it’s pretty pricey ($6k for the treatment package) but I’m already seeing results and I haven’t even finished the treatment package yet. I hear it’s better for your body than coolsculpting.
Monthly or bi-monthly solo dinners. This has been my favorite self care implementation so far. It’s so empowering and relaxing going to an upscale restaurant to take yourself out to dinner. It’s such a great way to freestyle. I normally pick a different restaurant each time and most times I end up not having to pay for my dinner because I met someone. Even if you don’t meet someone the goal is to have fun with yourself and enjoy your own company. Meeting someone is just a bonus
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ticapuravida · 2 months ago
EVERYTHING works out in MY favor
I AM Protected & Blessed
I bring something to the table that only I possess
I AM Special
I AM Unique
I AM Important
I AM Powerful
What I desire , desires me even more
My Passion is Magnetic
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xxautumnivyxx · a month ago
Someone brought this up last night as a question, then followed it up with how they struggle due to adhd and other things. I have my fair share of diagnoses mental health issues- physical and emotional- but I do my best, and my best varies day to day and that’s okay. ❤️💪🏼
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studyingmood · 8 months ago
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Daily reminders 💛
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living-with-bipolar · 4 months ago
"Every now and again take a good look at something not made with hands - a mountain, a star, the turn of a stream. There will come to you wisdom and patience and solace and, above all, the assurance that you are not alone in the world."
Sidney Lovett
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kelieah · a year ago
normalize not writing everyday.
normalize losing motivation.
normalize smaller blogs.
normalize less notes and reblogs.
normalize lack of inspiration.
it’s okay if you don’t write, post or publish everyday. it’s okay if you don’t feel like finishing that work in progress. it’s okay if you can’t mentally or physically come up with something. it’s okay if you don’t have this many followers, notes, or reblogs. any of this does not define your worth. your value. your talent.
golden rule, support and love others as you’d want to be. don’t be afraid to reach out and self-promote. it’s okay. it really is.
writing, editing, or creating in general is a hobby for most, maybe a future career. but regardless, it should be enjoyable. make it enjoyable for yourself. you have that ability to.
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taking-care-of-you · 11 months ago
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thewordfortheday · a month ago
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There are times in life when we suffer painful physical or emotional circumstances, and cry out to God to deliver us, not realising that He is doing something in us through the situation. We are told in God’s word to rest in the Lord.
"My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest” (Exodus 33:14).
Resting in the Lord doesn’t necessarily make the circumstances change immediately, but we can rest in Him being with us to help us through the situation. Remember these words from the 23rd Psalm, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me.”
Don’t forget that God is your Father. He loves you and will do what is best for you. You might not see it now, especially if the circumstances seem impossible, but hold on to His word. He who cannot lie says, “Be still and know that I am God”
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motivatedaily · 8 months ago
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alxraaa · 6 months ago
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teighlorrenee · a month ago
I’m cool with waiting a little longer for what I really deserve. I don’t plan on settling for anything ever! I deserve the absolute best. I will receive the absolute best in life. 🫶🏽
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sankysblog · 2 months ago
Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.
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xxautumnivyxx · 5 months ago
Take only what you need
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brownsugar-dreams · a month ago
Free e-books
I have no clue what’s wrong with my messaging. I see the messages asking about where to access the e-books I’ve talked about in previous posts, I just can’t reply. Making this post, bookmark it for access in the future. You can now save your favorite files to your account and access them on the go.
48 Laws of Power
Mirror Work
The M in Man is for Money
The Power of Now
Creative Visualization
Ho Tactics
& More!
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living-with-bipolar · 6 months ago
"If you are ever tempted to look for outside approval, realize that you have compromised your integrity. If you need a witness, be your own."
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