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鈥淭he Cave鈥
Nicholas Preaud Architect
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to persist means to keep in mind the knowledge of who you are and what you have. for example, you know what you name is; if i told you your name was, i don鈥檛 know, tablespoon, you would immediately think 鈥渨hat?? it isn鈥檛!鈥! you know what your name is all the time. you never question what your name is; it鈥檚 your name and you know that.
use that logic with your manifestations! train your mind to believe only what you want to believe! know you have your desire and don鈥檛 let anyone, not even your mind, tell you otherwise. it鈥檚 yours and it鈥檚 always been yours; this is how it works.
how to deal with intrusive thoughts, you ask? it鈥檚 very simple actually; contradict them. if i told you your name was tablespoon, you would immediately correct me. that鈥檚 the attitude you should have with your own mind. if your mind says you don鈥檛 have your desire, contradict it!!! every single time!!! train it to always believe in what you tell yourself. after that, you鈥檒l see every single one of your desires come to you in your 3D in no time.
so, persist. keep the knowledge in mind. don鈥檛 let anything tell you what鈥檚 yours and what isn鈥檛. correct and contradict. what you want is as yours as your name is!
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饾悂饾悜饾悇饾悁饾悐饾悎饾悕饾悊 饾悆饾悗饾悥饾悕 饾悑饾悗饾悁 饾悡饾悇饾悜饾悓饾悎饾悕饾悗饾悑饾悗饾悊饾悩
if you鈥檙e new to law of assumption, welcome! now you must have seen so many terms like 鈥渞evision鈥 or 鈥渢he void state鈥 and many more. or maybe you鈥檝e overconsume and now you鈥檙e struggling to get down to the basics. this post is here to explain the terms of law of assumption, the methods and all you need to know first off, i highly recommended you read my post here. it literally tells you so much.
饾悞饾悗...饾悥饾悋饾悁饾悡 饾悎饾悞 饾悡饾悋饾悇 饾悑饾悁饾悥?
the law is basically: law of assumption in simple definition is: WHATEVER YOU ASSUME, YOU WILL HAVE IN YOUR REALITY. for example if you were assuming into your reality that you own a million dollar house, BY LAW that million dollar house is yours! you will have it in your reality in no-time.
饾悋饾悗饾悥 饾悆饾悗 饾悎 饾悓饾悁饾悕饾悎饾悈饾悇饾悞饾悡?
i get this question a lot surprisingly, and its pretty self explanatory by the name. you ASSUME that you have what you want.
幞 :: if you assume your desire and live there as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact 鈥 neville goddard
(which leads me to my next point)
饾悑饾悎饾悤饾悎饾悕饾悊 饾悎饾悕 饾悡饾悋饾悇 饾悇饾悕饾悆
to successfully manifest you must live in the end. you can do many techniques as you please but if you do not maintain living in the end, then..you鈥檙e gonna struggle. living in the end is going on your day knowing your stating your desire is here. neville going to barbados is the classic example of living in the end. he mentally operated as though he was in barbados even though he was living in new york, here鈥檚 another example.
lets say im manifesting a romantic partner in my life i am no longer in the 鈥淲ANTING鈥 state i am now in the 鈥淔ULFILLED鈥 state. so i would think FROM my desire. 鈥渆veryday ___ texts me鈥 鈥渕e and ____鈥 have such a good relationship鈥
be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).
this also links in with 饾悇饾悓饾悂饾悗饾悆饾悩饾悎饾悕饾悊. you see supermodels like naomi campbell, kate moss and adut akech give off that 鈥渃onfident vibe鈥 its because they鈥檙e mentally embodying which therefore results in them eluding that confidence on that catwalk i really do recommend reading my post here and here
饾悥饾悋饾悁饾悡 饾悎饾悞 饾悘饾悇饾悜饾悞饾悎饾悞饾悡饾悇饾悕饾悅饾悇?
people often confuse persistence with consistently affirming 24/7 till they pass out or their head hurts which is so wrong. persisting isn鈥檛 affirming its knowing that your desire is inevitable. you feel safe and secure knowing THAT CREATION IS FINISHED. the moment you鈥檝e finished your visualisation, affirmations, SATs or whatever or have just simply stated that your desire is yours your desire has already been completed. your 鈥渏ob鈥 is to just continue KNOWING that it鈥檚 yours!
饾悥饾悋饾悁饾悡 饾悎饾悞 饾悡饾悋饾悇 饾悞饾悡饾悁饾悡饾悇 饾悗饾悈 饾悥饾悎饾悞饾悋 饾悈饾悢饾悑饾悑饾悈饾悎饾悑饾悑饾悇饾悆?
the state of wish fulfilled is pretty similar to living in the end, and they do go hand in hand. to be in the state of wish of fulfilment you must ASSUME YOUR DESIRE IS DONE. how would you feel? happy, comfortable, relaxed, satisfied. thats literally it. you鈥檙e no longer desiring to manifest because you have finally manifested it.
people confuse the state of wish fulfilment with being happy all the time and there鈥檚 where they鈥檙e wrong you do not need to be happy. that phone that鈥檚 in your hand you鈥檝e manifested it, were you happy the first time you got it? yeah ofc you did its a new phone but soon after a while it felt natural. you were like 鈥測eah thats my phone鈥 you wasn鈥檛 like 鈥淥MGGG THATS MY PHONE!!!鈥 you knew it was yours and went off.
饾悕饾悗饾悥 饾悗饾悕饾悡饾悗 饾悡饾悇饾悅饾悋饾悕饾悎饾悙饾悢饾悇饾悞. . .
i just want to say鈥ou do not need techniques to manifest, technique鈥檚 don鈥檛 manifest you DO. techniques are actually quite useless if you don鈥檛 maintain living the end which is why a lot of you end up failing. you鈥檝e manifested so much now did you ever use a technique for all of that? NO. so why do you need one now? so..just a reminder!! its not wrong to use techniques but your mind is just more powerful. do not underestimate it.
* 藲 鉁 聽 聽鈥 鈥 THE LULLABY METHOD 鈥
one of my favourite methods of like all time and its so simple.
here鈥檚 how to do so
幞 :: A most effective way to embody a desire is to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled and then, in a relaxed and drowsy state, repeat over and over again like a lullaby, any short phrase which implies fulfillment of your desire, such as, "Thank you, thank you, thank you" as though you addressed a higher power for having given you that which you desired. say.
Thank you- and repeat it with feeling over and over again like a lullaby until my mind was dominated by the single sensation of thankfulness." if you don鈥檛 want to use 鈥渢hank you鈥 you can use 鈥渋sn鈥檛 it wonderful鈥 or anything else but make it very, very short and always use a phrase that implies fulfillment of the idea."
* 藲 鉁 聽 聽鈥 鈥 THE VOID STATE 鈥
the void state you have most likely seen every-fricking where and can i just say, the void method isn鈥檛 hard at all. you just assume its hard. stop putting such an easy method on such a high pedestal. put yourself on that pedestal and you鈥檒l realise how easy everything truly is.
the void is simply becoming true consciousness.
1. get into a sleepy, meditative state. preferably somewhere quiet where you won鈥檛 be distracted.
2. simply put all your focus towards you and start affirming that you鈥檙e in the void state, you could do this by saying 鈥淚 AM(IN THE VOID STATE)
3. you know you鈥檙e along the right tracks when you feel a floaty sensation, you begin to feel lighter and all senses of the 3D is nonexistent.
4. once you鈥檙e in the void you can begin to either visualise, affirm and do whatever to confirm your desires.
鈥 you can also command your subconscious to get in the void by simply stating 鈥渟ubconscious get me in the void quickly and easily鈥 for that to successfully work stop knowledging the 3D. that鈥檚 irrelevant. stay committed to your subconscious, it only does what you say.
if you don鈥檛 already know i did successfully manifest my overall dream life in the void. basically living that it-girl in london, everything effortlessly working out for them, living lavishly instagram worthy pics. all that kinda stuff.
okay basically what i did was getting a little bit tired, a little drowsy but not TOO tired to the point where I鈥檓 going to instantly sleep. i started to repeat and affirm to myself 鈥渋 am pure consciousness鈥 and also 鈥渋 manifest quickly and effortlessly鈥 till i drifted off to sleep. literally i couldn鈥檛 feel anything, i was NUMB, everything around me- I COULDN鈥橳 FEEL A THING. It went pitch BLACK. and thats when i started visualising myself and me in beautiful towns in london on wonderful dates, designer ass clothing and just amazing outfits in general, literally everything i wanted i vividly visualised.
after that i did eventually wake up and i went back to sleep again but this time in the assumption that everything is already mine鈥he next day? everything i wanted appeared.
* 藲 鉁 聽 聽鈥 鈥 STATE AKIN TO SLEEP 鈥
now this is neville鈥檚 favourite method and he has highly praised it, i myself have used this method a couple of times and i can say it is a great method!
it is a simple method (like all of the methods) its basically: falling asleep imagining a scene which implies that your desire has been fulfilled.
鈥 You must enter a drowsy state.
now- this is a very common thing to hear especially in law of assumption, so you might be wondering why you have to enter most methods when tired. its because when you鈥檙e tired, everything is at an ease, you鈥檙e relaxed, stress-free you鈥檙e letting the imagery come to you and following it as it goes. there is no effort involved
(this is also called the 鈥榟ypnogogia state鈥 which has been scientifically provenn sooo do what you wish with that information)
if you find it difficult do not worry; meditation helps you get into a relaxed mood and you can also use meditation for the void state :)
鈥 Once you鈥檝e successfully entered the drowsy state, begin to imagine or 鈥榩ick鈥 a scene that confirms your desire鈥
so if i was manifesting a physical appearance i would imagine my friends telling me how pretty i look, or just anyone telling me how pretty i look. i would imagine myself with all my features looking in the mirror complimenting myself.
i recommend picking a scene thats something you see in your current reality already for example you probably speak to your friends everyday on the group chat. you can imagine them texting you saying how good you look, or your mum giving you your breakfast and noticing your new change.
. . . and thats literally it lol.
get in a drowsy state and replay a scene your head- you can do it for however long id usually do it till im asleep or too tired.
* 藲 鉁 聽 聽鈥 鈥 MEDITATION 鈥
meditation is so useful because you鈥檙e in that relaxed state, where everything just comes to you effortlessly. heres some meditations i recommend.
state of wish fulfilled (skip to 2:42)
state of wish fulfilled
state of wish fulfilled
powerful visualisation
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heyy fairy!! (im the anon you talked to in your dm long ago ) i just wanna tell you and everyone THAT I FUCKING GOT INTO THE VOID!! I AM LITERALLY CRYING RN JDCBIJDBCH (long post!!) okay okay so basically i was trying since like 5 months and nothing, i didnt even feel the symptoms that other anons did which made me so frustrated that i cried my eyes out every night. After that my self concept got so down because of all the failing attempts. I decided to keep affirming no matter what, exactly like you told me to do. i affirmed when i didnt feel good, i affirmed when i feel like it wasnt working, i affirmed no matter what and kept trying every night, when i failed i'd still affirm, yesterday was no different day i mean i didnt feel extra powerful or anything i just affirmed for a while and then i slept, after a while i woke up to see myself in a completely black place i couldnt even feel my body and i realized instantly that i was in the void so i affirmed for my desires and decided to come back. and when i got back i felt like crying because after all this time i finally did it!! i was gonna check for my results but i felt exhausted so i decided to sleep when i accidentally knocked something down and when i saw what it was it was THE PHONE I MANIFESTED KDJCBUDHDB!! i literally wanted to scream, but i didnt even check it because idk i wanted to keep it all as a surprise for the morning lol. anyways i woke in the morning and as soon as i did i went to see my face and I STOOD THERE IN SHOCK BROO LIKE THAT IS ME?? THAT PRETTY ASS GIRL IN THEE MIRROR IS ME?? i was so excited omfg. idk even know how long i was just standing there admiring myself and t felt so weird because i never thought i was pretty and then i ran to check my phone and saw that MY BF?? THAT I NEVER HAD BUT NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN DO?? TEXTED ME A GM MESSAGE!! i stalked him for a while and gurl istg i dont think i will ever look at any other guy!! like he is so fucking fineee i was straight up drooling ong. then i thought i was forgetting to check something else that i manifested, until i opened my closet for taking a shower to see sooo many pretty clothes (i just realized i forgot to take the shower and had a fashion show instead byee lmfao) and and and on top of that i also found like a $1000 in pockets of one of the clothes and i already spent some money cause i have no self control. I am just sitting here still processing everything like broo this is real?? ALL THIS IS REALL!! to anyone who needs it: PLZZ PLZZ LISTEN TO FAIRY CAUSE SHE IS THE ONLY REASON I AM HERE WITH MY DESIRES!! keep persisting no matter what!! it will be so worth it, like at this point i dont even remember my struggles i am just so happy and proud. Your subconscious doesnt have eyes, it only listens to what you are constantly telling it, and also please focus on your inner convos i realized that i was talking shit about the void for soo long. To fairy the lmol: bestie you are the only reason i got into the void and no no you cant deny it. i would have given up and would still be crying like a bitch but omg i have everything i could ever want!!
hey butterbean!! THIS IS THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME OMGG!!! i am so proud of you bestie, i remember how used to tell me that you were on the edge of giving up and here you are!!! omgg i feel like a proud mom lmaoo Guys please please keep persisting and i promise you will be your own success story!!
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The Omnipotent Light Method
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hi everyone, as some of you know I鈥檝e been playing around with combining the teachings of Neville, Alan Watts and Joe Dispenza, so I rediscovered a 鈥渘ew聽method鈥 inspired by them, the I am state and the energy centers perceived in our body in order to get into the knowing, wish fulfilled and feelings of bliss faster in a simple way to concentrate your intentions!
I am calling this the Omnipotent Light method because it comes from a combination of being in God state per say, along with the visualization of a light field. This tends to work pretty fast for me!
Get into a focused inner state. By this I don鈥檛 necessarily mean to lay down. You can be walking, at your class, at a coffee shop, whatever. All it takes is focusing in your inner I am, you don鈥檛 literally need to be in the void like when you affirm for it before sleep paralysis. You can just close your eyes and visualize yourself being in a dark void. Hell, you can even do it with your eyes open as long as you鈥檙e a good visualizer. Try to focus also on your heart or pineal gland centers.
As you are in this dark place, or in a visualization end scene, I want you to imagine a powerful and well intentioned bright light that will do the job for you, even though you are also that light and everything that exists. That light will聽鈥減ossess鈥 or surround the object, individual or situation you want to inject the desired intention in.
I鈥檒l give a few examples:
I am manifesting white teeth, or super long hair. I will visualize a scene of myself looking in the mirror as my teeth or my hair light up as a body of white light (that鈥檚 always the color I chose for mine but you can pick whatever color you resonate with most) and as that light is there I assume and feel the fulfillment of my hair having grown a lot to my desired result, or that the light also makes my teeth ridiculously and instantly white.
Another way of doing this can be just imagine yourself in the void, but your body is a translucent outline, everything else in you basically being transparent. Then you have your energy centers with that powerful bright light and charged with an聽鈥渆levated emotion鈥 as Dispenza tends to call it, but for the sake of this being a Law of Assumption blog, just assume the centers to be in balance, coherence, basically working well and being strong. Basically you see your outlines and you are transparent but you see the centers. After lighting them all up, feel the space around you as in, an extended energy field of yourself that can be as wide as you want (wider meaning the energy in your body is stronger, aka you are doing well spiritually and in health) and that equally has that light in the same color, but a bit more translucent than the focused centers. After that you can focus on for example, as before your teeth, your hair, your skin. Another thing I did with this聽鈥渁lmost void鈥 place was focusing the white light on my face and intend clear skin. Next day, everything is pretty much gone.
You can also do this for specific people. You can imagine them in that dark place or in an end scene, or just focus on them in general. Then make their body glow with the light and set your intention, in which the light is transforming them permanently. Can be that they are the desired version of them that you want, that they love you even more than you love them, that they make a decision that you want... etc. Any intention should work. I use white light because it makes me feel like it acts with speed, efficiency and safely for everyone involved.
3. Open your eyes or comeback to the 3D and know it is done! But you can do it as often as you like, and it should produce the feeling of relief as many other methods.
Have fun :D Hope it works for others as well as it does for me!
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饾悞饾悇饾悑饾悈 饾悅饾悗饾悕饾悅饾悇饾悘饾悡
. . . 饾悡饾悋饾悇 饾悐饾悇饾悩 饾悡饾悗 饾悓饾悁饾悕饾悎饾悈饾悇饾悞饾悡 饾悩饾悗饾悢饾悜 饾悆饾悇饾悞饾悎饾悜饾悇饾悞 !
hey love, today we are talking about self concept and its various connections to manifesting! I hope this post will bring across how essential the meaning of your concept of self is. 鈾
饾悥饾悋饾悁饾悡 饾悎饾悞 饾悁 饾悞饾悇饾悑饾悈 饾悅饾悗饾悕饾悅饾悇饾悘饾悡?
your self concept describes the way you perceive yourself and the world you live in. it鈥檚 the assemblage of all beliefs you have regarding yourself (outer appearance, your personality, your social life, and so on) and your environment (the people, their outer appearance, their personality, etc.). it鈥檚 essential when it comes to manifestations of any kind as they determine your manifestation process, how, when and if you will receive your desire. all in all, your self concept answers the question about who you are.
饾悞饾悇饾悑饾悈 饾悅饾悗饾悕饾悅饾悇饾悘饾悡 饾悁饾悕饾悆 饾悓饾悁饾悕饾悎饾悈饾悇饾悞饾悡饾悎饾悕饾悊锕
I have a question for you. have you ever taken a look at the terminology in manifesting? terms like 鈥
猡 everyone is YOU pushed out
猡 your 3D is a reflection of YOU
猡 YOU are the operant power
猡 YOUR assumptions create
all of these terms imply that creation, that life begins with (or within) you. you are the cause of everything and your outer world displays the effects.
鉂 as within, so without. 鉂
饾悥饾悋饾悁饾悡 饾悎饾悞 饾悁 饾悊饾悗饾悗饾悆 饾悞饾悇饾悑饾悈 饾悅饾悗饾悕饾悅饾悇饾悘饾悡?
a good self concept implies 鈥
鈥 thinking of yourself as the most perfect version of yourself
鈥 not letting others define you/ not depending on others/ not having your self worth based on other people
鈥 being aware of your abilities and talents/ not doubting them
鈥 loving/liking/respecting/admiring/appreciating your self unconditionally at all times
鈥 being content/satisfied with who you are in this moment
鈥 believing in yourself/ never settling for less/ never taking "no" as an answer/ not giving up
鈥 prioritizing yourself and putting yourself on the pedestal
鈥 taking care of yourself/ being lenient with yourself/ caring for your mental well being
鈥 not letting circumstances distract you
鈥 not being afraid/scared of difficult situations
鈥 not caring about logic and time and persisting in your new assumptions regardless
鈥 committing to the new story and stop retelling the old story/ knowing you are no victim of your reality
鈥 knowing you can manifest everything/ knowing you are limitless
鈥 knowing your desire is yours and creation is finished/ stopping to wait for your desires
鈥 knowing it is your reality/ you are the only operant power
鈥 knowing that no desire is too big/impossible to manifest
鈥 being at peace with yourself and everybody/everything else
饾悥饾悋饾悁饾悡 饾悎饾悞 饾悁 饾悂饾悁饾悆 饾悞饾悇饾悑饾悈 饾悅饾悗饾悕饾悅饾悇饾悘饾悡?
a bad self concept implies 鈥
鈥 caring about what others have to tell you and believing negative perceptions people have of you/ being influenced by others
鈥 doubting yourself/ not fully believing you can do it/ not trusting yourself
鈥 being guided by the negative events in the 3D and accepting them/ being okay with not being okay
鈥 being afraid to want the best for yourself/ feeling as if you don鈥檛 deserve your desires/ resisting your desires/ blocking yourself from receiving great things
鈥 feeling bad whenever you think positively about yourself
鈥 always being sorry/ struggling with self love
鈥 not taking proper care of yourself and always putting yourself second disregarding your needs
鈥 thinking manifesting is hard
鈥 craving your desire/ waiting for it/ thinking it hasn鈥檛 been realized/ judging its existence by the evidence of your senses/ looking for validation and proof in the 3D
鈥 always thinking you aren鈥檛 manifesting the right way/ causing blockages
鈥 not feeling as the owner of your desire/ feeling separated from your desire/ trying to manifest/ not being able to persist and stop retelling the old story
鈥 feeling needy/unhappy about your current state
鈥 feeling pressured because of your own expectations of yourself/ comparing yourself to others/ feeling jealous/ victimizing yourself
饾悂饾悇饾悕饾悇饾悈饾悎饾悡饾悞 饾悗饾悈 饾悁 饾悊饾悗饾悗饾悆 饾悞饾悇饾悑饾悈 饾悅饾悗饾悕饾悅饾悇饾悘饾悡锕
after you have worked on your self concept, you will 鈥
鈥 instantly manifest
鈥 manifest your desires effortlessly/easily
鈥 never doubt your abilities ever again
鈥 never be influenced by unwanted things in the 3d
鈥 be able to live in the end, claim your desire and not retell the old story, think from the end and not of it, live in the state of your wish fulfilled
鈥 have no doubts / limiting beliefs / fear of failure / worries about time/logic/3d
鈥 know everything will work out in your favor
鈥 live in your imagination comfortably, not be bothered of physical events
鈥 experience little to no circumstances
鈥 know everybody鈥榮 you pushed out/ not blame others for their behavior
鈥 have more/absolute control over your reality and other people
鈥 not be emotionally attached to your 3D and have an easier time understanding that the 3D isn鈥檛 fixed
饾悋饾悗饾悥 饾悡饾悗 饾悅饾悋饾悁饾悕饾悊饾悇 饾悩饾悗饾悢饾悜 饾悞饾悇饾悑饾悈 饾悅饾悗饾悕饾悅饾悇饾悘饾悡锕
you know that every concept in manifesting depends on your set of beliefs. what you choose to accept, becomes reality. you and you only create your entire world with your concept of self. once you have changed the way you view yourself and make yourself worthy of manifesting whatever you want, you will not only embody your desired self with the best self concept but also be a master manifester.
therefore, you need to step into your power and name yourself as your highest ideal. become that person of your dreams, embody them, act like them, talk like them, be them as if you just decided to finally let go of your old self and portray the best version of yourself possible! don鈥檛 be afraid to do so. no physical effort is needed. it only requires a change from within, your mindset.
in order to change the way you view yourself, you need to become familiar with the words that describe your desired version of you. you stop addressing your desired self that way because from now on, you are your desired self. all the nice and kind affirmations apply to you now!
you can work on your self concept step by step by affirming. once you internalize your affirmations, they will become present at all times. at some point, you won鈥檛 need to repeat them consciously because your subconscious mind will. what you can do as well is commanding your subconscious mind. tell your subconscious what you want and it鈥榣l give it to you! additionally, you can visualize yourself. yes, visualize yourself as the most powerful being with the greatest amount of love for themselves, and more! you can try other methods as well that will help you become used to having a perfect self concept. however, every method boils down to deciding and knowing that you have it. technically, you can skip the methods and just accept that you have a perfect self concept. it鈥檚 as easy as that!
I would recommend you to affirm when you feel drowsy; before going to bed and after you wake up. affirming in the state akin to sleep is very beneficial! you can also affirm throughout the day. whenever your self concept comes up in your mind, state that it鈥檚 already perfect! the same goes for every method you choose to practice.
饾悎饾悓饾悘饾悗饾悜饾悡饾悁饾悕饾悡 !! don鈥檛 force yourself to affirm. do it whenever you feel like it. the world isn鈥檛 gonna end if you skip it. also, don鈥檛 affirm robotically. it shouldn鈥檛 be a chore. you are stating a fact, not a wish! remember, repetition creates persistence.
饾悞饾悇饾悑饾悈 饾悅饾悗饾悕饾悅饾悇饾悘饾悡 饾悁饾悈饾悈饾悎饾悜饾悓饾悁饾悡饾悎饾悗饾悕饾悞锕
銉烩潵 I am the only operant power in my reality
銉烩潵 I have the most perfect self concept
銉烩潵 I am the creator / god
銉烩潵 manifesting is easy and effortless
銉烩潵 I am a master manifester
銉烩潵 I love myself
銉烩潵 everything always works out in my favor
銉烩潵 I never chase, I attract
銉烩潵 I get everything I desire instantly
銉烩潵 creation is finished
銉烩潵 everything I want, wants me more
銉烩潵 my desires are already mine
饾悙饾悢饾悗饾悡饾悇饾悞 饾悁饾悂饾悗饾悢饾悡 饾悞饾悇饾悑饾悈 饾悅饾悗饾悕饾悅饾悇饾悘饾悡锕
begin with self.鈹妝ou are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to believe this is the only reason you do not see it.鈹奺verything depends upon our attitude towards ourselves. that which we will not affirm as true of ourselves cannot develop in our life.鈹妕he world is a mirror, forever reflecting what you are doing, within yourself.鈹妌othing comes from without. all things come from within.鈹奲elieve that you are what you want to be.鈹奾ealth, wealth, beauty, and genius are not created; they are only manifested by the arrangement of your mind-that is, by your concept of yourself, and your concept of yourself is all that you accept and consent to as true.鈹妔top trying to change the world since it is only the mirror. man鈥檚 attempt to change the world by force is as fruitless as breaking a mirror in the hope of changing his face. leave the mirror and change your face. leave the world alone and change your conceptions of yourself.鈹妕o reach a higher level of being, you must assume a higher concept of yourself.鈹妌othing is impossible to you.鈹妔imply dare to assume you are what you want to be and you will compel everyone to play their part.鈹妕here is nothing god cannot do!鈹妝ou can only be to others what you are first to yourself.鈹奵hange your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.鈹妝our opinion of yourself is your most important viewpoint. you are infinitely greater than you think you are.
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eveoflaw 9 months
untitled rant abt manifesting
stop giving up.
stop reacting to things you don't like in the 3d.
stop affirming as if you don't already have everything you want. if you already have everything you could ever want, why do you feel the need to do that shit?
stop daydreaming about your desires as if they're out of reach. stop thinking "oh, i wish i had xyz. i would be so much happier with xyz."
stop the victim mentality!
stop with the "can i manifest _____?" yes. you can. if you can think of it, you have it.
stop doubting yourself. you are god. act like it. your reality is like a book, and you're the author. you just have to know the plot.
you can edit bits and pieces out and in as you go, make up wild plot twists no one saw coming, add in details that make no sense - it's your reality, so what?
manifesting is like getting a new phone. the thought of it excites you, but you know you have it, because it's right in front of you. you fret over it for a day or two, but after that it becomes a part of you. something you don't think twice about because why would you? you already have it.
want a new face? great! you have it. just know what you want to look like, and boom. but don't come crying because you looked in the mirror and got discouraged by what you saw.
that is what we mean by reacting to the 3d. getting discouraged and giving up. don't get discouraged!! look in the mirror and know have your desired look, even if all evidence in the 3d points to otherwise.
you got this, i believe in you as you should believe in yourself. i know you have everything you want, because you said so.
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mundo-futuro 1 year
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she鈥檚 just like me
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abundance in july. life-changing miracles in july. peace in july. wholehearted connection in july. light in july. a constant flow of wealth in july. empowerment in july. love and warmth and divine energy in july.
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thedreamgirljournal 7 months
Tumblr media
this is kitty. kitty has been dreaming about finding a best friend, someday, somewhere.
Tumblr media
then, one day, kitty is casually scrolling through tumblr, and lord, what does she find: the law of assumption.
Tumblr media
as kitty鈥檚 scrolling through the law of assumption鈥檚 hashtag, this is what she discovers: what she assumes to be true, becomes true. and it looks really easy as well! kitty understands there are three easy steps to manifest what she truly desires, a best friend:
kitty assumes she already has a best friend; kitty shiftes her mentality from 鈥渘ot having a best friend鈥 to 鈥渁lready having a best friend鈥; she starts acting like she already has a best friend!
kitty persists! she keeps the knowledge of already having a best friend in mind everytime she thinks about it. she maybe helps herself with affirmations! she sometimes affirms in her mind that she already has a best friend.
kitty doesn鈥檛 let her intrusive thoughts take over her! she corrects every single one of them, or at least she tries! she knows she already has a best friend, so she has to let her mind know that too!
Tumblr media
now, all of this manifestation is making kitty a bit sleepy: she almost forgot that she has to go to the hairdresser!
Tumblr media
her hair is a bit wild these days!
however, just as she was getting out of the hairdresser鈥
Tumblr media
鈥he meets cupcake! cupcake is a kind and funny cat who lives on her street! and, wanna know more? they got along from the first second!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
see?? kitty didn鈥檛 let anyone come between her and her dream of having a best friend! she assumed and persisted until what she wanted was hers. and now, kitty and cupcake are inseparable, sweet and loving super best friends!!
this may be cringy to some people, but i think sometimes fun & different ways to read what you already know might be helpful understand manifestation more clearly. i hope this helped, or, at least, i hope this put a smile on your face.
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Impossible Homes by Phillip Van
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