awhkacey · 23 hours
𝑌𝑜𝑢 𝑎𝑟𝑒 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑔𝑜𝑑 𝑜𝑓 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑙𝑖𝑡𝑦!
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What do i exactly mean when i say this? I mean this is YOUR world, and you are it’s operant power, bby. You get to decide what does or doesn’t go on in your reality. You have power over everything.
Circumstances? Yup they have nothing on you. You are safe because nothing happens in your reality without YOUR permission. Nothing and i mean nothing manifests in your reality unless you specifically say so. That’s how things go around here.
And if you do have a problem where you unconsciously manifest bad circumstances from your old story and self concept, you can just quickly revise that shit on the spot. Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE THE GOD OF YOUR REALITY!! Everything you say, goes. But for our sakes we’re just going to assume nothing can manifest from our old story anymore because it’s dead. It’s deleted from both our subconscious and conscious mind.
Literally there’s nothing in this world that you cannot do. You are limitless. You are unstoppable. So if you want it, you’re getting it.
Logic getting in the way? Girl you manifest out of thin air, why you tryna make sense of this? If you want it, then you got it right now because you said so babes. Logic is irrelevant.
Sp’s not showing up the way you want them to? Babe, you run this shit. You are in control. YOU get to decide how others show up for YOU!! No one else. So shake that victim mentality off your shoulders and dwell yourself in the new versions of them not the old. BECAUSE PERSISTENCE IS KEY!!
3D not showing up the way you want it to? GIRL STOP! THE 3D IS NOT YOUR CONCERN!! The 4D is, as that is what your reflecting back into your physical world. All you need to do is to change your 4D and the 3D will do it’s own thing to reflect that symmetry. “Well i’ve affirmed and my 3D is to the same” Great. Now keep persisting and know no matter what you see your 4D is changing the world around you.
Don’t you see? you are in control of everything in your reality. So there’s no point wallowing in victimising thoughts when you know that’s just gonna be reflected back to you. No one but you can save you from the victim state as nothing outside of you has the power to do so. You are the one that’s in control, even if you don’t feel like it. So it’s time to ask yourself, do you want to create a world that imprisons you to a life of being victim or do you want to choose the reality of taking the accountability that you have created the unwanted circumstances in the and continue to persist towards turning those circumstances into everything you have ever desired?
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zen-shu · 9 hours
Omg hi Shu 💕
I’m finally here to tell everyone my void success story!!!
in general I tried to get into the void for about 6 months and nothing happened despite my self-confidence. I didn’t put this state on a pedestal or something like that because I understood what it was and how to get there. But for some reasons (which I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♀️ ) it didn't work all the time. I didn't want to try other methods like sleep paralysis because I was afraid (this shit scary af how y’all do it 💀). That is why I chose the path through meditation. My failures pissed me off and my hands dropped. I didn’t want anything anymore but yesterday I just freaked out and said “fuck you I’m strong enough and can achieve whatever I want.” 2 minutes and boom! i'm in the void. Tbh I don’t even realized that I entered some first seconds but than I was like “wth? i did it?? im fucking did it?!?!?!” It was sooo peaceful I swear. I even forgot why I’m here lol. But ofc I remembered and started to affirm and visualize for my desires.
Here’s what I manifested:
Desired appearance. I didn’t change it too much. Just corrected my face a little bit to look prettier. Now I really looks like doll.
Desired body. From 70kg to 42kg and my height is 162cm. Slim hourglass body, hairless body, 1:9 ratio, always smell good (it’s something like fresh+jasmine??)
5k$ on my bank account
I’ve done my study at university (please I hated it so much like no jokes it took all my nerves and I’m so happy rn it’s done!!)
Hot, handsome and attractive best friend. Giiiirls he’s the best. He matched to all my highest standards for men. And ofc we gonna date in the future 👉🏻😏👈🏻
Some personal things for my parents and our family
Sexy, attractive, hypnotic voice + singing skills
Perfect self-concept, manifesting everything by snap fingers, fixed my mental health
Everyone treats me like a Goddess or princess, people from my past realized that I’m the best person in their life so all of them (which I wanted) sent me messages with apologies and ask me to come back🤪
That’s all for my first time. But it’s so strange to realized that I can create everything I want in my life. but I'll get used to it quickly I guess 😌. So yeah maybe it’s not too emotional cuz I’m not such person but it’s true guys. Stop doubting and keep going! This is a huge community and not all of us liars here. I believe in everyone of you cuz if I did you can did it too
Love you sm
CONGRATS OMG THIS IS AMAZING !!! this is so inspiring, thank you for sharing this with us
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violetvibrations · 3 days
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@ madebynelson
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empressvibe · 3 days
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kaportka · 1 day
When you rely on people to make you happy, you sign up for misery. 
Don't expect people to change your life for the better.
Happiness is an inside job.
Don’t expect the world to handle you a good day. Create a good day.
Wake up feeling blessed.
Go to sleep imagining you have already achieved your goals.
Expect great things from yourself.
When something or someone is leaving your life say 'thank you' and know that the new energy will be soon entering your life.
Those beliefs make life easier.
Those beliefs change who you are, how you react to the world and how you create your reality. 
They build your confidence, and confidence, in today's world is a must-have to achieve your goals. 
The world will tell you to give up.
The world will tell you that you are wrong.
It doesn’t matter.
As long as you believe in yourself. As long as you believe in your dreams, you will do more than fine, honey.
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vesora · 2 days
if u identify as a woman then ur a woman
if u identify as a man then ur a man
if u identify as a non binary person, then u are just exactly that PERIOD
ion care what the 3d tellin u, shit aint real, what u identify with/are is real
your true identity is I AM, therefore whatever you want to be, you are 
just as simple as that, no need to prove anything to anyone, you just are what you assume yourself to be and that is mf it!!!!!
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rosellesworkshop · 6 hours
My new sub is out! it has everything that you need, looped and bundled with other subs and it has over 10k affs!! please enjoy!!
I'm soo proud of it i've spent over 3 weeks on it, nearly a month with all anons sub suggestions etc. !!
I took inspo from @fleurlx's sub layout <3
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angelsinluv · 15 hours
life is simply a dream. wake up and realize that the world is nothing but a reflection of your state of being. choose who you want to be because there is nothing and no one to change but SELF.
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my very own thoughts about manifestation and manifestation related things
hi everyone! as i’m reaching a point where i feel like i’ve been on loa tumblr for, like, an infinite amount of time, i’d like to share my thoughts on what i’ve learned during this time, and hopefully i’m gonna be helpful to some of you! these ideas come from a long period of reflection i went through, period in which i understood many things about manifestation in general.
manifestation is subjective! there is not a right way or wrong way to manifest. not in the slightest. i’ve seen people say that thoughts don’t manifest, that the void doesn’t work, that living in the end is the only way to manifest, and that if you don’t believe in the manifesting process you won’t get your desire. let take some weight off of your shoulders: they’re all wrong. try different ways to manifest if you want, see what works for you, but don’t let people (not even me) tell you how you should manifest. it’s up to you & what works for you & what’s comfortable for you.
do not overcomplicate manifestation. i’ve seen and heard all kind of things on this forum: the void, states, visualization, sats, all kinds of methods, subliminals, and i could go on. don’t misunderstand me: it’s not that these things don’t work. i’ve been through all of them. they do work, and you can try all of these things and expect them to work, cause they do. however, you have to remember the one true basis of the law of assumption: you manifest by changing your assumption. don’t let yourself believe that it’s any harder than that. personally, i think that you only need your thoughts to change your assumptions, but that’s me; if to you, thoughts work in images, and you like to visualize, good for you! you go manifest with visualization! there’s nothing wrong with that. i’m also a firm believer that methods aren’t needed to manifest. especially the void, since it can get people obsessed. but that’s me; if you want to manifest through methods cause that’s what works for you, you go manifest! that’s great! but if you try things and you feel like they don’t work, the only thing you need to remember is that to manifest you only need to change your assumptions. that’s it. it’s easy and accessible to anyone. get there however you want to, but don’t let anyone, not me and not your own self, tell you that it’s more complicated than it really is.
repetition is a really underrated tool in manifestation. repeating you affirmation or visualization or whatever you want in your mind really helps your subconscious to be on board with your manifestation. i think it’s not used enough!
finally, to me manifestation should be fun, fast, relaxing. in my opinion, if you’re stressing and it’s taking too long (let’s say over two weeks) then you’re not changing your assumption properly by not contrasting your opposing thoughts. the exact time you start contrasting every opposing thought you catch yourself having, you’ll manifest what you want.
bonus: thinking you already have it or thinking you’re going to get it makes no difference. it’s gonna manifest either way. choose what’s most comfortable for you. thinking from the end it’s fine if you like that way, but it’s not the only way there is. you can also think that you’re going to get it. think of christmas: you know it’s going to come. and it will. cause you have that assumption.
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versethetic · 3 days
take 10 minutes out of your day to remind yourself that your imagination is real, your visualizations are memories, and your thoughts have already come to fruition.
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dolkevita · 22 hours
i've seen @/itsheruniverse on twitter talking about accepting your desires and I came to the conclusion that nost of the times I did not do that.
I was always affirming hopping that it would manifest or affirming trying to identify with my beliefs.
deep down, i was waiting to see my manifestations in the 3d, «I'll see them in a couple of days», days went off and i was in a vicious cycle on affirming and then waiting / trying / hopping for it to conform.
yesterday I finally understood this.
today, my tiktok has been blowing up every day and it feels normal, my brain expects that every single video i post, goes viral.
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masterloauser · 16 hours
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youseeingthis · 20 hours
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violetvibrations · 2 days
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divinendreamy · 3 days
୨୧ 𝐌𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 𝐂𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐦𝐚𝐬 𝐀𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬
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☆ This year Christmas will be absolutely magical
☆ I can’t wait for Christmas, it’s going to go exactly as I plan!
☆ This years white Christmas will be so pretty and magical, I just know it!
☆ Isn’t Christmas always so perfect?
☆ The air is really filled with Christmas spirit this year
☆ I’m going to have the most magical and wonderful Christmas!
☆ I can’t wait for this years white Christmas!
☆ This years Christmas is going to be filled with cheer and joy
☆ I can’t wait to see how perfect Christmas is this year!
☆ Christmas is going to awe me this year
☆ I love how magical and whimsical Christmas is
☆ I can’t wait to get everything I want this Christmas!
☆ I’m so excited to have a white Christmas!
☆ I love how much it feels like Christmas
☆ I’m so excited to have the best Christmas ever!
☆ I can’t believe how much it’s going to snow on Christmas this year!
☆ Christmas is going to be wonderfully perfect
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prettygemiinii · 1 day
Tumblr media
when i go to sleep i wake up rich everytime, my checkings and savings is always full with money. if i want a million dollars in my 3D then it will be mine.
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kaportka · 9 hours
You get to choose who you are in this lifetime.
You choose it by how you think about yourself, what emotional state you decide to operate from.
You choose it consciously or unconsciously.
Isn't it better to control how you show up every day? The rest doesn't matter. The way people behave, what they talk about is irrelevant.
What matters the most is how you choose to think and feel today.
You decide what you can and cannot do.
You decide what is possible for you.
You will manifest what you continually think from.
Write down:
This is who I am:
This is how I show up today:
Pin it on your wall. Stick to your mirror.
Claim it.
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