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buzzcutbun · 2 days
Thinking about working at a werewolf enrichment center….
Me and a bunch of other subs in our birthday suit uniforms gathering on a plush platform, kissing and working each other up so our scents waft through the air. It’s a spacious few acres and we start in a new location every night, so it’s up to the wolves to track us down by the scent of our arousal and the sound of our lewd moans. It only takes a few minutes until the first one appears, fat cock peeking from it’s sheath and mouth drooling at the sight and scent of us.
A few subs break away, darting into the brush knowing more are to come. They’ll wander the acres, dripping all the way, a faux attempt to flee from dozens of horny werewolves. Many stay lounged amongst the soft padding, spread and dripping, ripe for the taking of any that arrive. The first were bolts off into the dusk, nose honed on the scent trail of a particular sub. The rest do not fret. We resume our kissing and cooing, getting nice and prepped for the fat knots we’ll all be hanging off of before the night is done.
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cptbtptp00 · 2 days
Naga boyfriend, huge and intimidating . Lets you fall asleep on his tail.
Surprisingly good at cuddling.
Weakness: spicy food
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venommybeloved · 24 hours
monster fuckers and bowser lovers; if i wrote a bowser x reader fic based on beauty and the beast, would you read it?
even if you don’t, i’m still gonna write it, i have such severe bowser brain rot rn
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silent-browser · 3 days
Conspiracy theorist: *standing infront of a large board full of unexplained phenomena and red string* "so you see aliens DO exist and they ARE out to GET US and I'M. NOT. CRAZY!"
Alien in disguise: "mhmm mhmm. I see your point but have you maybe considered that if aliens were roaming this planet they might just be looking for a cutie human to settle down with and spend their grislo- I mean "end of their days" with? And even then, what can truly be considered alien? Anything from space? If that were the case then technically the photons that come from your center star are alien but your planet and people rely on them for life function. Maybe it means that not all alien things are bad?"
Conspiracy theorist: "You're so naive and sweet Hun but unfortunately thats not very likely because *goes of into another nerdy ramble/ tirade*
Alien in disguise: *sigh but affectionately and kinda wondering how they are gonna tell them*
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orriculum · 3 days
Tumblr media
Khent from IT and Janice from HR, the couple in The Orc from the Office.
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orcanist · 16 hours
Tumblr media
Entering the Forsaken Realms is easy, leaving them is another story entirely, especially if you run into the right demon.
Demon Brex by @chivovo
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sirkingyo · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hood choosing the perfect disguise, aka how he became a goat. 
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clitobsessor · 3 days
Tumblr media
😩😩😩 fucking whimpering
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batbitestoys · 15 hours
Here's some of the oil slick pours! I thought a quick video of one in motion would really help show off the colorshift on them! 💙
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spiceisspicy · 2 days
Tumblr media
Weekend means tentacle acrobatics :P
Ps. If you like my ns*w stuff, you can follow me on twitter at https://twitter.com/spicyprogress where posts don’t get nuked :D Or if you prefer tumblr, follow my spice headquarters where I reblog everything from the spice blogs; https://ifailedthem.tumblr.com/ Btw, as of recent I’m also on pillowfort! https://www.pillowfort.social/spicyprogress
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a-dragons-dreaming · 3 days
You get a warning here for some... interesting concepts of consent, which isn't unusual for a demon character. He's also not exactly a friendly guy, as one who doesn't mind a touch of physical force (aka light slapping), and he's not watching his language with what he's calling you.
You feel so sore. You really must have slept wrong somewhere during the night. Shit man, you even feel shaky. You ate before going to bed, right? Definitely not a blood sugar thing.
Kinda horny too, if you don't lie to yourself, though you can't remember what dream earned that. Probably nothing special then.
It's when you go to shift, to try and stretch and figure out how best to reconfigure yourself in bed to get comfortable again, that you realize you can't actually move. At first, you're sure it's a simple case of sleep paralysis, it wouldn't be the only time it's happened to you, after all.
And then you realize a couple interesting things, notably you're not laying in your bed, you're not clothed, and someone is fucking your ass like it's the last thing they'll do in this life.
"Tch, as if you give a shit, you filthy slut. You've gotten off to that exact fantasy two hundred and seventeen times in your whole life. Don't even make me start counting all the branches from that."
The baritone voice interrupts your instinct to scream, silencing you. Your head snaps up, not hard with the way you're half-kneeling and dipped forward on a bench, hands stuck through the same wall your lower half is through.
What greets you is nothing you've seen off of a screen. You hesitate to call him a man, because he's certainly not human. He is tall and brawny, yes, but the rich purple skin and digitigrade legs ending in cloven hooves definitely speak of a different type of creature. Four horns, twisting and turning almost like a crown grace his head amidst hair that is the blackest you've ever seen. His eyes are close in shade, but they're entirely the one color, and yet there is no mistaking who, or perhaps what, he's looking at with that fanged smirk.
Two sets of wings that feel too small for his body sit behind him, both a burnt, ashen grey that speaks of flames and the remains of coal. A spaded tail lashes behind him, in the same manner as a whip and in the exact tempo he is drumming one set of clawed fingernails on his hip. Gold piercings dot his body, from his eyebrow to his lip, from his nipples to his navel.
Even one at the tip of his cock, gleaming proud on the beast it crowns. While the demon is fairly human in build, there is nothing human about what sits between his legs. Not only is it too big to fit in any human you've ever seen, no matter how prepared, but its shape is equally as wild. The tip is flat and flared, but below that it's thickly ridged. And though it starts thick at the top it only manages to grow in girth, ending itself at a knot that you can only imagine damaging whatever poor soul it was forced into, accompanied by a set of testicles that promise the knot won't go to any waste.
"Thought that'd catch your eye sooner, considering what you're here for," the demon spits out, walking towards you until he's close enough to twist a hand into your hair and pull your head up, forcing you to look up at him from a painful angle. "Don't worry, you'll get a better view soon enough."
Wait... 'What you're here for'?
"A- am I dead?" You've got many questions to ask, but this is the strongest on your mind now. Demons don't just show up in places, especially when not even a day ago you wouldn't have even believed them to be real at all. Getting fucked outta nowhere can kinda wait in lieu of that.
That earns you a barked laugh. "Define dead."
You open your mouth to try, but even around your adrenaline shock, the pleasure that's been building inside your body from being used isn't invisible. You shudder and groan deeply, head trying to dip down but unable to move at all from how tightly it's being held. The cock in your ass stutters and there's no mistake of the bizarrely frigid cum that floods your insides. It gives several more deep thrusts, clearly eager to dump every drop it has into you, before pulling out in a single movement.
Oh, you hate how that aches, how badly you want it to return and refill your gaping hole. You definitely shouldn't, but you do.
The whine you let out earns you a second laugh. "Don't worry, cocksleeve, there's plenty more where that came from. But first let's get you settled in." You're pulled up a touch more, as far as your back can bend, face twisting in pain, to the clear amusement of the demon before you. "Here's the quick and dirty so we can start having our fun, yeah? When little fools like you aren't careful with your souls, thinking you don't even have them, they're entirely up for grabs."
"B-but I-"
Your interruption is met with a small, but telling, slap to your face. "Didn't say you could talk, did I?" You shake your head as best you can to answer. "Thought so."
"Now, back to where we were. If a whore like you, already constantly eager for things you shouldn't want does something stupid, like, oh I don't know, makes a bet on your own soul, even with a friend, and you lose it, well your buddy can't take it so it's quite literally sitting out in the open. And you never cared about saving the thing, so there's nothing to keep it under lock and key."
Wait, really? This is all because of that stupid joke you made with your friend? You actually bet your soul!?
Clearly, the shock in your thoughts translated directly to your face, since the demon chuckled down at you. "Yeah that's right. You basically gave your soul right up. You might not be dead, not yet, we can't kill ya, but for the rest of whatever life you've got left your soul is here. Your body's out there, doing whatever you do in the day, working your ass off to have the bare necessities, but your soul's gonna be here forever."
You want to ask why, if you can change that, but the most you get out is a sharp gasp. Someone who you can only assume is another demon at this point, and who you can't see due to the wall you're stuck into, has stuck their fingers into your ass, playing with it as it leaks cum from who knows how many others.
"Best get used to it. You're pretty enough to be a proper break room cumdump so that's your job. A set of holes that'll help keep everyone relaxed and de-stressed." He pauses, and it's easy to see why as the demon behind you takes no care in shoving their cock balls-deep into you in a single go.
Pain and pleasure rocket through you, tears at the corners of your eyes even as you moan freely. Your body wasn't made to take anything of these sizes or shapes, but apparently being a sentient soul changes those parameters quite a bit.
You have to wonder if you managed it in your real body if these would feel this good, too.
"However, I get some special privileges, since I scooped you up," the demon says, expression shifting as he gazes down at you. "While everyone and their mother gets access to your ass and cunt, only I get to play with your filthy mouth. And sleep tight knowing they'll all stay nice and usable; after a bit everything will always heal right back up. If everyone manages to keep a dick out of you long enough, you can even get back to being virgin and we all get the fun of popping those cherries again."
As he talks, the demon presses a whole three clawed fingers into your mouth, wasting no time in putting them to use. You moan around them, having to admit it feels quite nice being used so heartlessly.
"Though I'm more a fan of the tramp you've always dreamed of being, honestly. Virgins aren't fun, always crying and acting like they're something special just because they haven't had any fun before. Give me the gaping mess you're constantly pretending you wouldn't pay to be." He speeds his fingers up quickly, matching the pace of the cock in your ass, making you feel a bit like you're being properly spitroasted. "And hey, you get to be that now. Every night, when you go to sleep, you'll wake up here, a glory hole whore for every demon in Hell who wants to dump a load in you. They say you'll even start to feel it when you're awake, too. The cocks buried in you, the cum pouring out of you. You'd never get that life anywhere else, you know."
Fuck, fuck, fuck. You can't decide what feels better: the demonic dick railing your ass, the fingers trying their best to deepthroat you, or the promise that this won't ever end. Somewhere in your mind you know this isn't a logically good thing, it isn't going to end the way you'd want in the long term, Hell isn't a place known for the best outcomes, but fuck if you don't want this and only this right now.
Your moans only increase in intensity and volume as your pleasure grows. Close, you're getting so close again.
But it isn't your pleasure that anyone around you is chasing. The demon behind you orgasms, their cum strangely thick, almost like slime, but they pull out before you reach your own peak. Instead you're left on an edge, looking up at the demon in front of you, trying desperately to beg for more around his fingers.
Unsurprisingly, all he does is laugh and yank his fingers out of your drooling mouth, wiping them on your cheeks. "What? You expecting anyone gives a shit about if a toy gets off?" he asks right before letting your head go, giving the first reprieve of the night to your neck and back. Not that it stops you from doing your best to crane your head up again, teary-eyed and ready to beg.
"That's a good look for you, really says a lot about what you truly care about the most." Something shifts in your peripheral vision and you move your gaze, finding that it was the demon's hand, still half coated in your spit, moving to his cock that is dripping in precum.
"Aha, there we go, that's what you're after isn't it," he 'asks', as if the answer isn't known to you both. "But here's a couple rules for a cocksleeve like you. First, and foremost, I'm your Master, got it? I found you and short of His Majesty taking a distinct interest in you, you're mine even if I share you like this. Everyone else is still above you, assuming they even bother to let you talk, which you're not gonna do unless given direct permission ever again, the second rule."
You nod, but haven't taken your attention off of your master's cock, which earns you another slap, no firmer than the first. Realizing your error quickly, you look up at him and nod.
"Good. Don't think the punishment will stay that light if you can't behave. Your body will heal from anything, like I said earlier, and that doesn't just mean getting fucked. The third and final of the big things is that your pleasure doesn't mean a damn thing. You're a toy, here to be used to dump a load in during a work break. If you get off that's fine unless I've told you not to, since I like seeing that cock drunk look on a human's face. But no one 'owes' you a thing. You don't get to ask for it, and even as cute as begging is, the most you get to beg for is to empty a set of balls for a demon actually worth something."
That one is... harder... to agree to, although you do. It's not the kind of fantasy you've ever admitted to, even to friends who know about quite a bit of your interests, but you can't say this doesn't have your cunt drooling even more than it has been since you woke up.
"Don't sweat it, you'll get used to it soon enough. I promise. Give it a month or so and you'll be the happiest whore in this whole circle. You were made for this, a life devoted to milking dicks of cum around the clock."
"Now," your master says, his free hand slipping back into your hair but not nearly as roughly this time, "let me see how that throat feels while you're awake."
The implication that he's already used your throat with a cock that certainly can't fit in it is enough to get you to gasp, though with the way he shoves the 'tip' of it into your mouth that was probably the point. It isn't a clean thing, he's having to work his dick further and further in a piecemeal fashion. You choke and gag around it, feeling your jaw stretch and ache already, tearing up.
Besides the size of your new master's cock, the texture and temperature are also strange. While it definitely isn't rock hard, literally, it's much firmer than a human's penis, yielding only just enough to be able to fit while being tough enough so your teeth aren't doing any damage at all. Not to mention it's scalding, just shy of being hot enough to hurt you.
Bit by bit, your master forces his cock into your throat, uncaring about the way your body is rejecting it, gagging and unable to breathe. Although, you notice quickly that the inability to breathe doesn't hurt in the manner you expected. Perhaps you simply don't have to? If you are nothing more than a soul, than oxygen isn't much of a requirement.
But, in due time your lips meet the knot at the base of his cock, signaling that somehow, some way, you've taken your master's dick as deep as you can in your mouth, despite your body being built for nothing like it. That knowledge resonates with you, knowing that an impossible cock is buried in your throat and going to leave it this gaping wreck, dragging an orgasm out of you.
The way you moan around him causes your master to thrust on instinct, almost as a threat to force that knot into your mouth. "Good slut," he groans out, now twisting both hands into your hair. "You learn quick."
You're lost in your own head as he slowly begins pulling himself out, shivering with how it feels to lose such a sensation. Thankfully, your master doesn't fully remove himself, only half way, before returning, setting a slow pace that you're grateful for. Taking a dick this size in your throat hurts, but your body aches for it to never end, either, and it's confusing beyond words.
Except it's here you're reminded that it isn't about you, it never was, as something teases your drooling cunt. You're not sure what it is at first, mind blanked out by your master's cock claiming your throat, but it quickly starts to feel strange, like more than just a dick.
Which makes sense super fast when you feel yourself penetrated but there is an unmistakable sensation of a dick still sliding against your ass. The demon back there doesn't waste time with their intentions, either, quickly pressing the tip of their second cock against your already stretched pussy.
You want to say it won't fit, but you both can't talk and know hilariously better. Your master's cock wasn't supposed to fit here in your throat, yet here it is, bulging it out in a disgusting parody of what a human body can do, so as the demon behind you forces their second dick into you, surely eager to leave your pussy ruined, all you can do is groan and gurgle around your master.
"Feels, ngh, good, doesn't it?" he asks with a small laugh in his voice, clearly aware of what's happening to your body. "Wait until I take you to... a party. You'll call that, ngh, heaven."
As your body adjusts, slowly acclimating to the inhuman cocks inside you, both your master and the other demon speed up. It isn't long before you are all but being bounced back and forth between the two of them. And, honestly, you can't imagine wanting anything else. At this point you're a moaning wreck, desperate for only more, wondering if another cock could fit in your ruined cunt, or if a few could be spared for your begging ass, and you're starting to fall in love with the knot you keep being made to kiss.
Your master, meanwhile, isn't paying you a whole lot of attention. Instead he's got his hands twisted in your hair holding your head steady while he fucks your mouth as if he could breed it. He pants and groans, snapping his hips roughly and murmuring things in a language you can't understand, but makes shivers run down your spine as if you were being electrocuted.
Things only change when your master growls something unintelligible to you, before twisting his fingers in your hair hard enough that you worry he's going to scalp you. It takes an agonizingly long moment to understand why, but it becomes clear as he starts pressing the knot at the base of his cock against your teeth.
He's going to force it inside your mouth, you realize, and you can't even be sure how you feel about that. It won't fit, but that's what you've said more than once tonight and been proven wrong each and every time. And you can't say that you don't want it to happen; by now your body is desperate for your master to fill you with his cum and so the idea of him knotting your mouth, forcing every drop in those balls into your stomach, is enough to grant you a heavy orgasm.
For all that your jaw is as wide as it can possibly go without breaking, you try to open it more, and you try to meet your master's thrusting into your mouth. Please, you think, please.
And your mental begging is rewarded with a 'pop' that resounds through your skull, the knot slipping its way into your mouth. It takes a long moment to realize your jaw is, miraculously, intact. However that isn't on your mind for long, as this is the last straw for your master. You feel it more than you can taste it, raging hot cum pouring down your throat and settling into your stomach like liquid fire.
Fuck, nothing has felt so fantastic as this, mouth and throat claimed by a cock and knot that is every bit unholy, filling you full of more cum than you can physically imagine. It doesn't hurt that the demon behind you doesn't last much longer either, both of their cocks being coaxed by your desperate cunt to fill it with their cum also.
You barely pay attention to them leaving, or the cum drooling out of your gaped pussy. What else can matter to you other than the way your master has claimed you?
He stays buried in your mouth for goodness knows how long, you're too blissed out to guess, moaning lightly around his dick as he lazily rocks his hips back and forth, milking himself into you. You can feel your stomach bloat quite a bit, nothing too obscene but you imagine how heavy you must look at the moment, but that just makes you happier.
But all things come to an end, and after some time your master's knot begins to shrink, eventually popping out of your aching jaw. Agonizingly slowly, he gradually pulls his cock out, causing you to moan and whine. Now it feels odd, your throat no longer stuffed and stretched.
As your master does so, his cock drags back a notable amount of his cum, finally earning you a proper taste. Not only is it hot in temperature, but you find it has a spice to it, mixed with ash and hints of smoke. You can't call it tasty, but in the state of mind you're currently in you'd gladly drink it by the pitcher.
Once your mouth is completely empty your master lets your head go and you can't help but slump down, exhausted and drooling. You're so tired and you can't feel your throat at all. Curious, you try and say something, anything, but find your voice gone, a rasping failure.
"You're absolutely a better hole to fuck awake," he says, patting you on the head like a dog. "I have real business to attend to but I'll certainly come back later for some more relaxation. Keep that throat of yours prepped for me or else I'll force it back open instead."
The most you can do is nod and whine, no longer able to talk, both to agree to your master's command and to respond to the strange cock slithering into your ass.
It's going to be a long night indeed.
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cptbtptp00 · 2 days
Terrifying demon, who gets embarrassed when wearing pants, because he thought the holes (for his tail) is lewd.
Has a great ass though.
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venommybeloved · 18 hours
Beauty and the... Bowser?
Once upon a time, in a kingdom of fire and brimstone... the Koopa Kingdom was faced with a terrible fate.
Bowser x Fem!Reader
A/N: I got so excited by this idea that I legit started planning it an hour ago, like fully going through Mario characters to cast. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!
Fic Masterlist + Prologue (here!) + Chapter 1 +
Once upon a time, in a kingdom of fire and brimstone, music filled the air, for a ball was ongoing in the grand ballroom of the Koopa King's castle.
Despite the known temper and arrogance of the famed King Bowser, there was no denying that he hosted the most grand parties in all the known kingdoms. The elaborate decorations glimmered in the light of the torches, the chandeliers glowed with purple magic, and every guest was dressed in their most impressive outfits in hopes that they may win the King's favour, whether politically or otherwise.
This party was seemingly no different to any other, with the exception of the thunderous storm that raged on as the nobility were tucked safely inside the large ballroom, mingling and preparing for another dance as King Bowser made his entrance. His thundering footsteps garnered every guests' attention, each of them bowing their heads in slight fear and respect as he stood in the monstrously large doorway.
The scales and spikes of his large green shell shined as if they had been freshly polished, with the intimidating claws on his hands and feet in much the same condition. The King's scarlet red hair was combed back, slightly tucked behind the sharp horns on either side of his large head. As his mouth pulled back in a slight smirk, the guests shivered at the sight of his gleaming pointed teeth.
Nonetheless, each guest greeted the King Koopa with a gracious smile, following with a bow or a curtsey before swiftly moving aside to make room for His Majesty to get to his throne and to avoid being hit by his spikey tail that dragged along behind him.
As Bowser sat on his iron throne, his advisors Kammy and Kamek standing obediently at his side, he waved a hand at the orchestra of Boos as a gesture for them to cease their playing. As the song came to a close, the last of the conversations of the party goers quieted as they turned to face the seated King, hanging on to every shift of his body in interest of what he would say.
"Noble guests", Bowser began, his deep voice booming throughout the entire space, "tonight's event has turned out to be one of the most successful yet! It seems like my kingdom is outperforming the lot of you other royals in the crowd. HA!"
Although framed as a joke, Bowser's statement put each of the different kingdom's representatives on edge, as if waiting for the King to wage a war on them at this otherwise enjoyable party. Despite the tension, the crowd laughed politely to please the King, none of them wanting to challenge his temper whilst in the heart of his territory.
"With that in mind, dance. Drink! Enjoy yourselves here! Worry about your impression on me as you're leaving.", Bowser finished. With a flick of his hand, the orchestra began a new song. Each guest worried about the meaning behind the King's final sentence but found their dance partners and took to the floor nonetheless as a show of good will, each noble hoping to gain allyship with the tyrannical yet undeniable powerhouse that was the Koopa Kingdom.
Partway through the third dance, there was a powerful knock on the heavy metal of the palace doors. The knock, however, was written off as just being the wind storm, and was therefore ignored by the Koopa king, his advisors, and the guests alike. To their surprise, however, and to the guests' fright, the solid iron doors swung open, revealing the figure of a seemingly weak and hunched over old woman.
The woman wore a soaking wet and tattered navy cloak with a rickety old cane held in her hand to support her unstable legs. The cloak's hood was pulled over her head hiding her face from the crowd now facing her completely, looking at her with disgust. She limped her way toward Bowser, his imposing figure beginning to rise from his throne to meet the elderly stranger who, in his eyes, had so rudely intruded on a party that was of a much higher class than the old woman could ever dream of being invited to.
King Bowser's startling height and judgemental leer did not deter the woman as she came to a full stop in front of him, her cane creaking as she leaned her weight onto it.
"I seemed to have lost my way in this horrible storm", the woman's weak and shaky voice spoke, "may you be so kind as to let me stay the night?"
Bowser scoffed in her face, his heavy breath blowing the woman's hair back slightly. "And what exactly would I get in return?" Bowser asked mockingly. At his question, the woman reached a hand into her cloak, retrieving a single daisy from the neighbouring Mushroom Kingdom. "I can only offer my gratitude and this daisy, Your Majesty.", the woman replied, meeting the King's fiery crimson eyes.
Bowser scoffed once. Twice. Then burst out into boisterous laughter that reverberated through each corner of the castle, the guests following his example and breaking out into mocking laughter as well.
"What a brave offer! How truly ridiculous!" Bowser said as he wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes. The King bent over, coming face to face with the woman. His eyes shifted to the daisy still held gently in her hand as if it were the greatest treasure she had known. 'How ridiculous. How could a mere flower ever compare to the heights of luxury I have every day?', King Bowser thought to himself. With a swift backhand, the Koopa smacked the precious flower from the woman's hand. The daisy tumbled to the floor, losing a petal from the fall. Bowser smirked, looking down his nose at the elderly woman, awaiting her reaction.
The woman looked at the flower laying pathetically on the floor, then moved her gaze back to the King's large head. Without uttering a word, the woman began to lift off of the floor, her dirty cloak and simple underdress transforming to a long, sky blue gown in a whirl of golden magic, a small silver tiara and a long glowing wand with a star on the end appearing on the woman's person. The woman's scraggly grey locks melted into platinum blonde hair, ending at her shoulders. Her once wrinkled face smoothed over into a much more youthful yet striking complexion, her tired ocean eyes taking on a much more dangerous gleam. The witch stopped rising once she was above the King's towering height, looking down on him with a rather stoic yet undeniably angry expression on her face.
The guests began running to the heavy door, tripping over each other and themselves to get away from the witch while King Bowser stayed in place, no fear present in his expression. Kammy and Kamek, though, knew much better than to challenge the witch before them. For she was Rosalina. Protector of all of cosmos. The King Koopa took a step back, aiming to charge at the witch looking down at him. "Your Majesty, DON'T-" Kammy tried to warn Bowser, but it came too late.
Bowser made a running start to where Rosalina floated in front and above him. The woman calmly flicked her wrist in his direction, sending the strong leader of the tyrannical Koopa Kingdom flying into the stone wall behind him. Bowser's head hit the wall, shaking the stone bricks violently and rendering the King unconcious for a moment.
Rosalina slowly descended and walked toward the King, who's eyes were only starting to focus back on the powerful woman in front of him. She stopped just short of where Bowser was leaned against the wall as Kamek slid in front of his King and placed his head to his hands on the floor in pleading, Kammy following just after him.
"Please don't kill him, O great protector Rosalina!" Kammy pleaded, keeping her head down but not moving from where she kneeled over in front of the Koopa King. The tension became unbearable as Rosalina stayed silent, only looking down at the King's faithful advisors before moving her gaze back to King Bowser himself, who was now conscious but too injured to move.
Rosalina then turned, slowly walking toward the forgotten daisy that still laid on the floor where it was unceremoniously smacked out of her hand, picking it up and walking back to where the King sat.
"As punishment for your arrogance, disrespect, and uncaring for the struggles of others, I leave you with this, King Bowser of the Koopa Kingdom;" Rosalina spoke in a firm voice, "if you do not learn to truly love another that is not yourself, and if they do not learn to love you back by the time the last petal falls from this daisy, your entire kingdom will be forgotten by everyone, leaving you to truly be absorbed in yourself and yourself only."
With that, the thunder and wind outside the castle picked up as Rosalina rose once again into the air, disappearing into a cloud of blue and gold magic. The storm died then, leaving the three occupants of the ballroom in silence.
Kammy and Kamek rose their heads, rushing over to King Bowser to treat his concussion. With a few whispered magic words from each of them, Bowser regained his thoughts and slowly stood to his full height.
Kamek cleared his throat. "Your Majesty, there must be something we can-" the Magikoopa began, only to be cut off by his King stomping over to a nearby table that held beverages and food and throwing it across the room in the direction of the Boo orchestra players. The ghosts quickly disappeared, rushing through the walls and windows to get away from the wrathful King who had begun smashing their string instruments.
Kammy knew better than to try and reason with the King while he was in this mood, and Kamek wasn't keen on trying to be optimistic again. Both of them watched in silence as Bowser finally tore a portrait of himself, coming down from his violent outburst.
Panting heavily, Bowser looked around the room at the destruction he had caused, then settling his burning gaze on his advisors. He stared at them for a moment as his breathing became slightly stable, before angrily stomping out of the ballroom and up toward the West Wing where his bedroom lay.
Finally left in silence, the two advisors remembered the daisy that had fallen to the ground once again after Rosalina disappeared. Kammy carefully picked the flower up as Kamek quickly retrieved a glass bell jar. As the two magikoopas placed the flower underneath the dome, three more petals fell. Kamek looked toward Kammy, the pair sharing a concerned glance before nodding.
'We can only extend this inevitable deadline for five years extra, Your Majesty. Please make them count.' Kammy thought as she and Kamek combined their powers, placing a spell upon the daisy.
Word spread quickly throughout the Koopa Kingdom of the curse placed upon their King. In fear of being completely forgotten and abandoned by the outside world, the majority of citizens fled, leaving the kingdom barren and lonely.
Bowser stared out his tower window, furrowing his brow in badly concealed anger. Despite his best wishes, his eyes became slightly glassy with tears.
'What a fitting curse.' He thought bitterly. 'Who could ever learn to love a beast?'
A/N: And that's the prologue! Honestly I'm super proud of this so far, and I'm so excited to write the rest of this story! I hope all of you enjoy this!!!
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