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I was in a park in my hometown and Voldemort kept chasing me. No matter how fast I ran, he was running after me like Usain Bolt without a nose.
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aristarrtled · 2 days
as requested, another one of their meetings with myopic hob (1889)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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inartchive · 3 days
Tumblr media
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roguelov · 1 day
A Mood
Summary: In a particular mood, Morpheus seeks you out. When he finds you in the royal library, he decides to have some fun with you.
Word Count: ~2.3k
Reader: Afab
Warnings: Smut (teasing, fingering, unprotected sex, slight public sex, some clothes stay on)
Requested by the beautiful @yew-over-there
Tumblr media
The King of Dreams, Ruler of the Nightmare Realm was effectively in a mood.
What mood, you may ask, well no one - at least none of his subjects - could decipher. One glance at their king, and they simply turned, walking off in the other direction. Later, they thought to themselves, they will ask their questions and address their needs later.
Morpheus, with a certain glint in his eyes, stormed down the weaving corridors of the castle in search of someone.
In search of you.
You, unaware of your lover's war path, were temporarily hidden in a corner of the library. With new books constantly being dreamt of and with Lucienne’s new responsibilities, you took the cart stacked full of books and began to reorganize the shelves. Turning to grab another book, you spotted a ominous shadowy figure in your peripheral. There was no spike of fear. You knew your love when you saw him - in any form. You glanced up and smiled. “Hi, Morpheus.”
He still had that odd look in his eyes.
You cocked your head, slightly confused by his silence. “Are you okay?”
Wordlessly, he stalked forward.
Yes, others may not recognize the look, but you knew the look in your lover’s eyes - the insatiable hunger.
Your heart skipped, picking up pace with each step he took towards you - the space getting thinner and thinner. “Morpheus?”
He loomed in front of you.
His eyes fell to the book clasped to your chest. He raised an eyebrow, and carefully plucked it from your grasp. He read the cover, mostly out of habit, then discarded it without a care back onto the cart.
His eyes immediately locked with yours.
All the air was knocked out of your lungs. No matter how long you’ve been with Morpheus, no matter the nights spent together, he could always - always - render you into a mess by a simple look
And he knew this.
And oh, reveled in it.
He reached up, cupped your cheek. Heat radiated off his palm and only intensified the growing warmth in your cheeks. His eyes dropped to your parted lips. He could easily hear how your breath hitched, and stuttered. The corner of his lips twitched upward. His thumb ran over your bottom lip. Out of habit, your tongue poked out - just barely - ready to chase after it.
Now, he finally spoke.
“I have been thinking about you.”
Who would have guessed?
“Okay,” you mumbled, confused and dazed by the sudden tension in the air. “Why?”
Why? Such an odd question, Morpheus thought. “Why not. Why would I not think of the one who holds my heart?”
Confusion melted away. You smiled at his sweet words. “Did you truly come all this way just to tell me how much you love me?”
A smirk grew on his lips. “No, not tell, but show.”
Oh, your poor heart. It nearly jumped out of your chest at such a promise.
He dipped his head, pressing his lips to yours. Your eyelids fluttered close as your hands scrambled and gripped his coat - needing some lifeline. Morpheus guided you backwards and you stumbled into the bookshelf.
He flushed his body against yours, trapping you.
He deepened the kiss, enjoying how you clung to him. Your hands flew up into his hair, practically smushing his face to yours. He smirked against your lips. His tongue grazed over your lip. Entry. He wanted entry to taste you.
You hummed, giving yourself over to him.
His tongue slipped in.
Your knees nearly buckled.
He swirled his tongue, tasting what was his. He moved with such precision and care. He knew where to touch to make you a puddle in his arms. And a puddle, you were becoming. Your heartbeat rang in your ears, and your skin was flushed due to his skillful tongue.
You whimpered, tugging on his dark locks.
He hummed, a faint moan. Oh, the wondrous vibrations sent you into a tizzy; it coursed throughout your body and could feel it in your fingertips. Sadly, however, he pulled away. Although, he did gently bite your lip in the process.
The entirety of your weight was being supported by Morpheus and the bookshelf. You let out a shaky breath, and looked to Morpheus.
“That,” he confessed, brushing your cheek with his knuckles, “that is the look I enjoy most.”
You were breathing wildly, desperately trying to catch the air he greedily stole. Your eyes were half open, drooped in lust and love. Your lips were now perfectly swollen by his doing. And most of all, you hung onto him, needing him to keep you grounded.
“Fuck,” you whispered under your breath.
He chuckled. “Such a vile word.”
You huffed. “Oh, don’t give me that. You know exactly what you’re doing.”
Smirking, he bent down. His lips ghosted over your neck. You whimpered, craning your head despite the attitude you showed seconds ago. When it came to him, you were at his mercy.
“Do I?” He murmured.
He placed a single kiss on the crook of your neck.
“Do I know how much my touch leaves you breathless and wanting?”
His hands wandered down your body, over your curves, landing at your hips.
“Do I know how much my voice leaves you spellbound?”
He hummed in your ear, sending pleasant shivers down your spine.
“Do I know how much you easily surrender yourself to me?”
He brought your hips to his, making you grind into him - giving just a fraction of pleasure through the minimal friction. You bit your lip, trying to suppress the wanton moan. You instead turned your head away from him, becoming incredibly bashful at his words and doing.
Only he could make you like this. Such cruelty.
“Oh no, my love, look at me.”
He grabbed your chin with his thumb and forefinger, guiding your attention back on him. You slowly glanced at him with a small pout on your lips.
His thumb lightly stroked your chin. “What do you want?”
He knew.
Of course, he knew. He craved it too, possibly more. But, oh how he loved watching you struggle to say it.
You nervously swallowed, and mumbled. “You.”
“My dear,” he smirked deviously. “I need you to be more specific. Now, what do you want?”
He grinded his hips against yours again.
A moan, loud and unexpected, tumbled off your lips. Your head fell back into the bookshelf, knocking a few books over. He was truly horrible today.
“Fuck, Morpheus.” You hissed through your teeth.
“Say it.”
Your skin was unbearably hot as embarrassment washed over you. A string of curses were mumbled under your breath. “I … I - fuck - I want you … I want you inside of me, please.”
He nodded, and obeyed your wishes.
His hands instantly fell to the waistband of your pants. His nimble fingers began to undo them and -
Realization hit you.
Your hands quickly flew to his wrists, stopping him. “Morpheus,” you hissed, glancing down the aisle to the open library - open for anyone to walk by. “What if someone -“
“No one will see anything, my dear.” His lips brushed over the shell of your ear and purred, “Unless you want them to.”
The Dreaming was him.
If you wanted seclusion in the library, then so be it. No one will bother the two of you.
Your eyes widened.
He chuckled at your expression. “May I continue?”
Your eyes darted over to the vast network of aisles of books. You looked back at Morpheus. He smiled devilishly, waiting for your inevitable answer - the only acceptable answer.
You slowly, one finger at a time, unfurled your grip, then nodded.
He smirked and continued. His hand slipped inside your pants. His fingers skimmed over your damp underwear; your breath hitched. His smirk widened. He pushed aside your underwear and teasingly stroked your wet folds.
You gasped.
A single finger slid inside of you, gently stroking your walls.
You whined, grinding down on his single finger.
It wasn’t enough, he knew that.
He laughed through his nose, still wearing that same evil smirk. “You said you wanted me inside of you, however, you did not specify, my dear.”
His finger curled.
You moaned.
He hummed, dropping his face into your neck. “So beautiful.”
His finger pumped in and out. Your walls fluttered around his delicious finger. Yet, your body craved more. Pleasure was slowly built - painfully slow.
His thumb swiped over your clit.
Your head fell back into the bookshelf. “Fuck.”
Smirking, he kissed the crook of your neck. “My, my, my, maybe I should teach you to not use such vulgar words.”
You bit your lip, trying to suppress any more noises.
“I could deny you until you learned,” he nipped at your skin, “or I could overwhelm you until you had no use for such words, or any for that matter.”
You threw your arms over his shoulders, drawing him closer. Your lips passed over his ear. “Please,” you begged, bucking your hips.
“Please, what?” His voice was gravelly, an animalistic growl.
His thumb circled, soft teasing circles, around your clit. You sighed, blissfully. He raised you higher and higher and -
His instantly touch vanished, along with your potential end. He pulled away entirely. You were cold, and empty.
You whined.
His hands curled around your hips, pressing you up against him. “Tell me what you want,” his thumb soothingly rubbed against your needy skin, “I want to give you everything you desire. But, you must tell me.”
“You.” You answered much like before, but this time you had found your voice. “Your lips on mine, your hands all over my body, your cock inside of me; I want all of you, Morpheus.”
He smiled - a loving one. “Now, that is a perfect request. One that I will dutifully fulfill.”
In a flurry of excited movements, pants were discarded.
Morpheus lifted you up, pinning you up against the bookshelf. You didn’t mind the books or shelves harshly digging into your back or cared for the few books toppling onto the floor. All you cared about was him - was this moment. Your legs hooked around his waist, greedily keeping him close. Then, without hesitation nor warning, he dropped you on his cock. You gasped, gripping his shoulders.
“Morpheus,” you moaned.
“Shhh, I am here, my love.”
His fingers dug into your hips as he lifted you up and down. His cock kissed all the right spots. You dropped your head, breathing heavily. You could watch as he slid in and out of you.
God, and the noises? Sinfully delicious.
A whimper hummed in your throat.
“All day,” he groaned. “All day I’ve thought of you.”
“Have you?” You asked, completely breathless.
He chuckled, looking up into your eyes. “Of course.”
“Good.” You grinded down, matching his upward thrusts.
Morpheus moaned. He grabbed your face bringing your lips down to his. “Just like that, my love.”
Your heart fluttered.
His lips grazed down your jaw, peppering kisses all over your neck - such sweet contrast to the merciless hips. You hummed, carding your fingers through his hair. “So beautiful.” He murmured into your skin. “And all mine.”
Your walls fluttered around him, around such words.
“Do you like when I call you mine?” Morpheus hummed, completely amused.
“Yes,” you sighed, closing your eyes.
He smiled.
“Mine.” He placed an open mouth kiss on your neck. “Mine.” His lips moved to your lips, pecking them once. “Mine.” His hips snapped up, while forcibly bringing your hips down.
You moaned. “Morpheus, I - I can’t last much longer.”
“Just a little longer.”
You were both slowly drowning in ecstasy.
His cock buried within you. He hit all the perfect areas, drawing you further and further to the edge. You bounced, trying to make him go deeper - trying to get him to reach his end as well. A vein popped on his neck as he clenched his jaw. Your walls hugged him wonderfully. His fingers have definitely bruised your hips.
“Morpheus,” you warned him, you couldn’t hold out.
“That’s okay, my love. Come for me, I want to see what is mine.”
You clamped down around him, moaning out his name. Your forehead dropped, pressing against his. He leaned in, kissing you and swallowing up all your moans and whines. You grabbed his face, sighing deeply. He hummed, shortly coming after you.
“Fuck,” you mumbled, collapsing back into the bookshelf.
Morpheus smiled, taking in your exhausted, blissful state. “You truly shouldn’t say such words.”
You peered down at him, smiling tiredly. “Oh, you love it.”
He kissed your lips and all over your face. “I do.”
You laughed, feeling slightly ticklish by his feathery kisses. “Okay, okay, you need to set me down. I promised Lucienne I would help her.”
A look passed over Morpheus’s features; dare you say almost a glare.
You opened your mouth to ask -
Your heart dropped into the pit of your stomach. You fell, fell backwards into -
Into something soft, something that cradled and hugged your body.
Your eyes wildly darted around. You recognized this place, it was your shared bedroom. You were laying down on your massive cloud-like bed. A pleasant change compared to the harsh books that poked and dug into your back.
Your eyes were wide, and you were at a complete loss for words. Morpheus’s abilities still always surprised you.
Morpheus loomed over you, smirking down at you. He was a dark figure towering over you in this dimly lit setting. All you could see was his pale blue eyes which twinkled in such mischief - mischief and love. He crawled on top of you. His hands rested on each side of your head, pinning you down. He bent his head. His lips skimmed over your lips, “That can wait, I am still not done with you.”
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Upon a dream
Dream x reader, being idiots, as always 
Tumblr media
Morpheus was truly the best boyfriend in the world. Romantic, poetic, attentive, tender, passionate.
If he had been real, he would have been truly wonderful.
But unfortunately such a perfect man couldn't exist, and so it was normal that Y/N only met him in her dreams.
During one of her nocturnal wanderings, she had found herself in a huge library, his library, and even if he had been surprised to find her there, he had not chased her away, allowing her to explore, showing her the castle, chatting at length with her.
It had been a beautiful dream, which she thought she would quickly forget. But she had dreamed of him again the following night, then every other night.
She was trying to convince herself that it was no big deal.
Her life wasn't so terrible, she had her family, her friends, her job, her hobbies. There were plenty of people who remained celibate all their lives and were perfectly happy being alone in front of the television, eating ice cream and imagining an ideal lover who would visit them in their sleep.
Nothing special.
           "My love, you seem troubled tonight. Far from me. Are you alright ?"
           "Yes, Morpheus. Excuse me, I'm just tired." Y/N apologized with a smile, snuggling into his arms to forget her worries, and the fact that he wouldn't be there when she woke up.
           "Good. That's what I'm here for. You can rest in peace, I'm watching over you. What do you want to do, my love ? Lucienne would be happy to show you new books, Cain and Abel wish to tell new stories, Matthew asks for gossip from the waking world. We can also walk in the gardens, travel to the other side of the galaxy, or stay in bed. Tell me, my love, I am at your command."
           "You're adorable. Anything is fine with me, as long as we do it together."
           "My sweet." he whispered, kissing her.
As always, it was difficult for Y/N when she opened her eyes and found herself in her bedroom, alone, in her cold bed, just like when she went to sleep.
It was absurd, she repeated it to herself every time she was about to fall asleep, but a simple dream managed to make her feel things she had never felt in her entire existence. The human brain could really be fascinating. And dangerous.
Because even if she was terribly happy when she was with Morpheus, she was just as sad when she left him and returned to reality.
Several times, she had thought of talking to a doctor about it. To find a solution. But Y/N didn't really see what it was going to solve.
They were only going to tell her that she felt lonely, which she already knew, and that her dreams were trying to fill that void.
The only thing she could do was seek the company of real people when she was awake.
It was not easy.
If Y/N had been able to get a real boyfriend, she would have done it a long time ago.
And it was worse now, because no one could ever be as good as Morpheus. She was really in love with him.
In love with a dream, it was really depressing.
There was also this ridiculous idea in the back of her head, which kept telling her that it wouldn't be very proper to cheat on him. Even if he didn't exist.
He didn't exist. Morpheus didn't exist, he wasn't waiting for her in her dreams every night, he would never magically appear in front of her, and if he loved her, then he would understand that she was looking for someone to spend her life with.
After asking her friends for advice, one of them offered to introduce her to a charming man, with whom she could get along well. It was less risky than meeting a stranger, because they could tell he was a good person.
And if she didn't like him, it would be fine, she would find other suitors.
Désiré was indeed a charming man. Funny, kind, seductive. But during the whole evening they spent together, Y/N only thought of Morpheus.
When their hands touched at the end of the meal, she quickly pulled it away apologetically. He looked a little offended, but he didn't say anything, forcing a smile.
           "It seems to me that I am not up to it." he sighed when it was time to part ways. "I don't like to lose, but I know when I'm not... wanted. Which doesn't happen often. He's lucky. He doesn't deserve it."
           "... I don't understand what you are talking about."
           "Oh, darling. I think that's the part I find the funniest. He'll be pissed that we had dinner together, but I can't imagine his reaction at all when he finds out why we had dinner together. "
           "It's late, I have to go home."
           "You're right. Sweet dreams." he purred, throwing a kiss at her.
Y/N did not try to understand what Désiré had meant. No doubt he had drunk too much alcohol during the meal, and he had guessed that there was someone else in her heart.
Going to bed, she relaxed thinking that she was finally going to find Morpheus and his marvellous kingdom, after this long day.
The throne room was horribly empty and cold when she materialized there. Sitting on the steps of his huge staircase, Morpheus watched her with an impassive face.
           "How was my brother-sister ?"
           "... Your what ?"
           "Desire. You were with them all night. At first I thought I had to step in, that they were going to try to hurt you, but... Matthew told me you asked to have dinner with them. A "date". You asked your friends to find you a 'date', several 'dates'. So I'm not enough for you ? You don't love me anymore ? Are you making fun of me ?"
           "Morpheus." she sighed sadly. "Of course I love you. I love you more than anything."
           "But not enough to be faithful."
           "Oh, I knew my mind would go to that ground, it's really not fair."
           "... Your mind ?" he repeated slowly.
           "Listen, I love you. But you're not real. It's just a dream. I can't wake up every morning to be reminded that this isn't true, that I'm alone, not loved, and the only times I feel some joy are during my sleep, with a being that my subconscious has invented. You are perfect, and the more time I spend with you, in this fabulous world, the more I cut myself of the real world. It's not healthy."
           “It is true that it is not good for mortals to live in the Dream. But that does not mean that it is not real. That we are not real. You... You really don't know who I am ? You really don't know it's not just a dream ? It's never just a dream."
           "Morpheus... Don't make me hope in vain."
           "I told you to go on dates in the waking world, boss. Just because you always say you exist doesn't mean the lady is going to believe it's true."
The little raven trembled a bit when his master looked at him, flying away to rest on Y/N's shoulder, where he would be safe, for the moment.
           "Maybe I should have listened to you, Matthew. But it's not too late. Desire also showed me that our love was strong, they couldn't do anything against it. I just have to make up for my mistake."
Slowly, Morpheus stood up, approaching Y/N, who didn't know what to make of this dream. It really wasn't like the other nights.
He caressed her cheek tenderly, before kissing her like every time she was going to have to leave soon.
           "When you wake up my love, I'll be there and you won't have any reason to be sad, or look for another partner."
           "Don't make me..."
           "This dream is over."
Jumping up in bed, Y/N first looked at the window, seeing that it was still dark. She then looked at the time, which made her sigh. It was still very late.
           "Good evening my love."
This time, in addition to jumping, she screamed, falling off her bed. Immediately, a man came running to her side, asking her if she was alright and helping her to sit on the mattress. He had the voice of Morpheus. And his face.
No, it was impossible.
           "Well done, boss. Subtle. She wasn't scared at all."
           "Silence, Matthew. My love, forgive me, I told you I would be here."
           "... I'm still dreaming ?"
           "So this is it, I'm crazy."
           "You are not in my younger sister's domain, I can assure you. I should have explained a lot about myself to you more clearly, I should have visited you in the waking world earlier. We were so happy I was not thinking, as soon as you appeared in front of me I only wanted to be with you and I did not see that I was hurting you. I apologize. My love, I am Morpheus, Dream of the Endless, king of dreams and nightmares, prince of stories, and I am very real."
           "... You are real." she said softly, touching his face to make sure he really wasn't an illusion. He closed his eyes when her fingers touched his skin, turning to make them pass on his lips. "All this time, you've been real. And I almost dated another man. You must hate me."
           "I wasn't thrilled by this news, but there was a misunderstanding, so I forgive you, if you promise me never to do this again, and to stay away from Desire."
           "His name is Désiré, and okay."
           "Desire is my brother sister, my sibling. Another Endless. They wanted to have fun with you, at my expense, but your feelings were strong and sincere, preventing them from manipulating you, and proving to me that I had no reason to be jealous."
           "But you were still a little jealous."
           "Boss." muttered the raven, poking its head out of its creator's cloak. "Boss, you're really bad with girls. You always have to say yes. Yes I'm jealous, but I trust you, I love you, I don't deserve you and I'll do anything to be worthy of..."
           "Thanks Matthew, you can go back to the Dreaming now."
           "I'm a good wingman, I think it's safer if I stay."
           "My love and I are together for the first time in the waking world, at night, in her room, on her bed."
           "... See you, boss ! Madam ! Be good !"
The raven disappeared back into the cloak. Morpheus waited a few moments, as if wanting to make sure he was gone, before laying sensually on top of her, suddenly looking a bit taller, his shadow enveloping the entire room as a sort of purr emanated from him. Y/N wondered if she was really awake.
           "So, my love, what do you want to do ?" he asked, as he asked her every night.
           "Hmm... I'm too tired to go out. It's a little late to read, watch a movie or even dance. So what could we do ?"
           "What, indeed ?"
           "Is the king of dreams sleeping ? Is he dreaming ?"
           "No, and no. But I think about you all the time, to the point that it interferes with my work. A lot of people often dreamed of you, because I wasn't concentrating enough."
           "Are you willing to sleep with me ? I mean, sleep sleep. I'm really tired. But if you're here tomorrow morning... You know."
           "It would be an honour for me to watch over you while you sleep. I already do it every night, but to hold you in my arms while you are asleep. It is the most beautiful proof of love and trust. Not many people realize that there is nothing more vulnerable than a sleeping being. Thank you for this gift, my love."
Smiling, Y/N snuggled up to him after being settled under the covers. She would have liked to listen to his heart before falling asleep, but obviously he had none. He didn't need it, he wasn't human.
They would talk about that later, and the consequences that implied.
But now she was tired, and happy that Morpheus was really there, in her bed.
           "Are you really not going to sleep ?"
           "No. I'm going to beg my father for the night to pass faster, so that it's morning and we… You know."
Y/N would also ask him about his strange family when she was better awake. In the meantime, she fell asleep peacefully in the arms of Morpheus, who sang her a lullaby while stroking her hair.
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He's home!!!
Tumblr media
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luminiciant · 23 hours
Tumblr media
they’re back :D
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txasunu · 1 day
Tumblr media
so thats why its taking them so long to come back they have to drag dream away from all the ice
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jessamydreams · 1 day
Today's Comiccon Tom collected from twitter 🥹😍🥰💋
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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eviesaurusrex · 2 days
“Does the Sandman dream himself? And if he does, does he have sweet dreams, like with Hob Gadling?”
“How sweet are we talking? 👀”
[And then I couldn’t understand the follow-up question because everyone was still laughing, but it was something about “[…] family like most of us do?”]
“Honestly, I don’t think he does dream. Because I don’t think he sleeps. Uhm, I think that his responsibility is to the collective unconsciousness of the universe and that never stops. And every waking moment, he is fighting to preserve the safety of our dreams. So unfortunately, he does not have time for his own.” — Tom Sturridge
You can be so damn sure that I will write something about this because Morpheus deserves a bit of rest of his world-preserving duties 🥺❤️
You even get my video because I’m generous 👀❤️
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Me and my sibling were fight the founding fathers in a museum gift shop with nerd guns and Alexander Hamilton was choking me out.
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respiteresponse · 8 hours
Tumblr media
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Nightmare: *chokes on something*
Dream: Jeez, brother, don't die on us.
Nightmare: Don't tell me what to do, I'll die whenever the hell I want!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
anyone else still thinking about this fit or
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