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princess200417 · 2 days ago
Hey everyone,so yesterday I posted a success story which I was sent by somebody (not gonna reveal the user's name unless she wants too sometime)and somebody commented what was the advice I gave her, which led her to entering the void successfully
Not only that but people sent me private messages asking me the exact same question and I replied to them but then I thought 💭 to myself:what if many more identical DMS be sent to me these days? it's boring to reply to each one specifically and separately,so I decided to make a post (which btw I'm gonna 📌 so you can find it easily and immediately), sharing my advice ,so you can stop asking from now on
My advice
Take a few days or at least one day to affirm that you are God and that the Void is instant easy and simple (especially if you are taking a challenge in order to manifest your desires then take it as chance to Affirm for void too if entering the void is ofc included in your desires "wish list")
Find a quite place either at daytime or night time
Sit down or lay down in the most comfortable position to you
Start breathing in and out slowly and imagine/picture a black 🖤 space or a black 🕳️ hole or just a black image in general ,so this can help you in feeling closer to void (ofc it's not necessary)
Now start AFFIRMING I'm void or any other blanket void affirmation/affirmations of your personal preference
Persist until you reach void
Boom 💥 you entered void congrats
Extra tips: Don't mind "time", listen to a void meditation or theta waves/alpha waves meditation,stop overcomplicating the void or putting it on a pedestal 🙌💕
That's all❤️
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violetvibrations · 2 days ago
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@ deandrepageart
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godofmanifesting · a day ago
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daisys-reality · a day ago
ʟᴀᴡ ᴏꜰ ᴀꜱꜱᴜᴍᴘᴛɪᴏɴ
𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐩𝐬 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐅𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐃𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦 𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐞?
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How to choose a picture: Try to calm down, take deep breaths & use your intuition to select. Take you time and chose the picture you feel the most drawn to.
༣P𝔦𝔩𝔢 1
4oC, JUSTICE, 4oW in REV
hello pile one<3 Guys don’t worry too much. The transition is already happening behind the scenes! But I see you feeling a bit of discomfort because of this transition. Things have ‘slowed down’ in your 3D - at least that’s how it appears to you. But the universe or rather the law works in fact really quickly for you. You might feel bored or dissatisfied with your everyday life. You may feel disengaged, apathetic or unmotivated – maybe life has become dull. Are you disappointed that it takes ‘so long’? Don’t worry, you feeling closed off from the world is the work of your higher self/of yourself. You’re meant to take the time to reevaluate how your dream life shall look like - to find that deeper meaning or sense of direction. You might want to manifest that picture perfect life everyone wants to have right now but is that really what you truly want? Use your discernment to decide on what is truly important to you, and don't be afraid to say ‘no’ to mainstream things that are just hyped on social media that don't align with your future path. At this time you are turning your attention and your energy internally, to realign to this new phase of your life. You want to be grounded within when you start your new life. While you may need to decline some very alluring opportunities, you do so knowing you will be in a better position to say ‘yes’ to the opportunities that are a better fit for you!
This is a very important step for you and you know that you need to be ready to take responsibility for your actions and stand accountable for the ensuing ‘consequences’. Try to be aware of the impact your decisions will have on your well-being and the well-being of others. Choose consciously by connecting with your inner guidance system (your intuition) and asking for the answer that is most in alignment with the highest good of all. Search within until you find the place where you can stand in integrity and strength. As you explore your truth, try to be aware of what you believe to be true and what you believe to be fair and ethical. It may not be as clear-cut as you think, so prepare to challenge yourself and to explore new territories of your belief system.
Right now it might be hard for you to stay so private about your plans and the hard work you’ve put in. Try to reward yourself every now and then - there is no need to wait to be happy! Make yourself happy now, your dream life is being custom-made for you right now and you will very soon be able to enjoy it! - Everything is going as planned, nothing can stop your manifestations! So just take care of yourself, create inner balance, sleep enough and do things you enjoy until then! You going through a great transition so make sure that your feeling ok <3
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༣P𝔦𝔩𝔢 2
Hello pile two <3 I see you facing ‘challenging’ decisions regarding your dream life, but you are unclear about which option to take. You might have two or more possibilities in your mind right now that may seem equally good – or equally bad – and you are stumped about which will lead you to the best outcome. You know you need to make a change or transition in your life but are reluctant to do so. I know it’s really annoying when you’re stuck with a difficult decision and afraid to proceed but this indecisiveness and lack of ‘action’ (mental action) may make the situation worse in a way - stagnation/delaying your dream life. You may hope that the issue will go away on its own and you won’t need to wrangle with this difficult decision. Or you may try to fool yourself into thinking you can put up with it, even when you know deep in your heart it is time to move on. It is natural to want to avoid discomfort, but sometimes you must push beyond your comfort zone so you can evolve as a person. That discomfort can be a positive sign that growth is happening, so feel into that energy and let it encourage you to keep moving forward and expanding yourself.
You know it’s not the manifestations that take a long time - no, manifestation can be instant but it’s us or rather our mind that sometimes needs time to grow into that state in which we are able to receive those manifestations. Try to practice more patience (for yourself) and don’t be too hard on yourself. You are like a delicate little seedling that can grow into a strong tree who can withstand any storms. Give yourself time to grow and space to unfold/evolve into your highest version. Don’t cling stubbornly onto something (or someone) that might not serve you - you or your life might even turn out into something ‘better’ (for you), you’re just not aware of these possibilities yet! Keep an open mind on how your dream life can turn out but stay overall persistent with the fact that you only deserve the best.
Use both your head (your mind and the intellect) and your heart (your feelings and intuition) to choose the path that is most in alignment with your higher self. It’s important that you make a decision once you feel that you have all the needed information. Right now you’re asked to be more critical overall and I feel like you should focus more on your dream life - it seems your daily life is quite hectic. For example, lay down, listen to your favorite songs and think about how your dream life shall look like, imagine yourself living it, let your thoughts flow -you might come up with different scenarios that are more fulfilling. While deciding to manifest something, ask yourself who does benefit from it the most? Remember, your goal is to be happy - not anyone else but YOU - so what would make you truly happy? Think about it. I see a bit of turmoil deep within you, blocked emotions or anxiety maybe? I think your words sometimes contradict your actions in a way. Be careful with who you involve yourself with and with who you want to involve yourself with from now on.
If you struggle in your 3D with your finances, relationships or with your health right now - I see this quickly coming to an end! (spoiler alert: I see you being that independant, skilled, wealthy and attractive queen/king hehe) Again, the message comes in strongly that you cling onto something right now that is not ideal nor the best for your growth - please try to keep your eyes open for other possibilities and potential issues. You know that certain break-ups or separations are a part of life - sometimes we’re clinging onto people or situationships (friendships?) out of emotional attachment that aren’t serving us anymore, but something better and emotionally more fulfilling is waiting for us out there. Try to accept this and don’t resist the change.
Something that might help you, is to work on finding closure with your 3D. Make a clean cut (emotionally) and leave it behind (mentally). Maybe even show gratitude towards yourself like ’I’m grateful that I was able to withstand all that I went through and I’m ready now to move on to something better.’ Wherever you are on your journey, know that only YOU can find the keys to your solution and only you can find it WITHIN yourself (- in other words: you are the key to everything). Get in touch with your feminine side regardless of gender (elegance, sensuality, fertility, creative expression, nurturing yourself and others), connect with people who make you feel good and connect more with nature to ground your energy and to be in flow with the earth. For example, take a trip to your favorite natural setting, be it a forest, beach, mountain or lake, and sit for a couple of minutes, hours or even days to breathe in the energy that surrounds you while marveling in the beauty of your surroundings. Allow yourself the time and the space to enter a different frame of mind. When you do this, you can reach higher planes of consciousness!
Connect with your senses through taste, touch, sound, smell and sight that maybe remind you of your dream life. Draw on these senses to experience pleasure and deep fulfillment! Treat yourself to a day spa, enjoy a fine restaurant or spend more time with people you love. Discover different approaches to expressing yourself creatively, be it through painting, music, drama or other art forms (that may enable you to access this hidden part of yourself). Also, you might feel a strong urge to nurture and care for others, from a place of loving compassion and support and in doing so you, too, receive benefit!
Surround yourself with life’s pleasures to feel comfort. You are in a period of growth, in which all you have dreamed of is now coming to fruition !! You are the creator of all, you gave birth to all those things, now be ready to receive them.
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༣P𝔦𝔩𝔢 3
7oP, PAGEoC, 6oS,
Hello pile three <3 I see you thinking a lot about your dream life and you’ve already invested a lot of time and effort into this ‘long term project’ of yours. On this journey, you had to learn to focus your efforts where they are most important and you worked hard at nurturing this idea/thought (of your dream life) in your mind. While you may feel impatient with the ‘slower progress’, I want you to know that if you keep at it, all your goals will come into fruition!
I think right now it’s important that you practice what you’ve learned - don’t overdo it, if you're tired because you keep exhausting yourself, try to focus on only the most important aspects. You might be the type to do things intensively but in that way you won't be able to keep doing that for long, you will exhaust yourself until you stop completely. The key here is balance! You don’t need to listen to subliminals, meditate all day long, think about your dream life 24/7 or be perfect, no. It’s about learning to persist in a way that you can keep up with for a long time. It’s your personal journey. You are not necessarily looking for quick wins. You might also want to make sure you are putting your attention on the right areas instead of wasting time and effort on tasks that will not deliver any value. Be careful of activities in your daily life that just drain your energy and make it hard for you to keep up with the things you love/that are important to you. Maybe try to step back from your day-to-day operations and look at the bigger picture. You know, your dream life is already being custom-made for you RIGHT NOW. Celebrate what you have created and assess your progress so far. Are you on track? Are you focused on the right tasks for your goal?
To be honest, you might actually be quite frustrated right now, you may even feel concerned that your efforts will go unrewarded. But darling, I promise you, what I see here is that you’ve made GREAT progress so far - even if you can’t ‘see’ it right now. Nothing you did was wasted effort, okay?
Keep going but in a way that is sustainable for you. Because I see that your manifestations will come to you out of the blue!! You will be kinda surprised but deep down you will have known that it was the right time. You’re meant to stay open and be ready to embrace anything coming your way, okay? It is with a curious mind that you will discover new aspects of life and yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised, i promise you. Be ready to dream the impossible dream, and explore the magic of your fullest potential, even if it seems out of reach right now! Prepare your mind and trust your intuition. Try to look for synchronicities and signs (ex. angel numbers), they will guide you on your path - tho they may come from unexpected places, or they may not even make sense to your rational mind. It is like following ‘intuitive breadcrumbs’ – one intuitive clue leads you to the next thing, and the next, and the next. And before you know it, you have found yourself in a place of full alignment, happiness and bliss - living your dream life. All by trusting your intuition and going with the flow!
I don't know what your current life looks like right now and what exactly you’re going through but I see you leaving behind a tumultuous situation (life), and moving towards a more peaceful and supportive environment. As of right now, you are in a state of transition. At times you might still feel sad to leave behind what is so familiar to you. However, you know this move is essential for your growth and personal development. The sadness over what you ‘lose’ or release will soon be replaced by greater mental clarity and a renewed acceptance of change. You are heading towards a much better position in life, as long as you are willing to evolve and shed whatever you no longer need. Do not dwell on what gets left behind. Instead, use this as an opportunity for changing your beliefs about yourself, moving away from whom you used to be and towards whom you want to be.
Also, you’re being asked to reflect on any emotional or mental baggage you may carry as you move from one phase to the next. This heavy weight from the past you’re carrying as you move forward is slowing your personal/mental growth a bit down - it’s nothing extreme though. Try to decide what you need to take with you and what you can leave behind. I mentioned it in the other piles too, it’s not the manifestations that take a long time - manifestations can be instant but it’s us or rather our mind that sometimes needs time to grow into that state in which we are able to receive those manifestations. You’re very close, go with the flow, listen to your intuition and don't exhaust yourself.
-> check out my other pac readings
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nonbinarydeity · 2 days ago
this is gonna be some tough love for you guys okay?
GET OFF YOUR ASS AND AFFIRM DAMNIT!! I KNOW HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE BEEN READING MY POSTS, BUT HAVE YOY BEEN APPLYING??? Honestly the HARDEST part of manifestation is literally just STARTING, and I know some of you haven't been actually trying (myself included which is why I'm reminding everyone LMAO).
I know that it can be difficult but I promise you after that first day it becomes SO MUCH easier to do!!! You just have to persist for ONE DAY before it becomes incredibly easy to continue, and it shouldn't take more that three days to get your desire if you're affirming for even FIVE TO FIFTEEN MINUTES PER HOUR!!!! set an alarm if you have to to help you remember, I just made a post of tips to help you remind yourself to affirm!!
Honestly, I feel like there's so much info out there but I swear that once you just start all of the answers for what works for you WILL come to you, because what works for you will feel right!!! Manifesting is supposed to be fun, don't make it into a chore ❤️❤️❤️
Good luck bbys!!!
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awhkacey · a day ago
𝐸𝑣𝑒𝑟𝑦𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑖𝑠 𝑚𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑒𝑎𝑏𝑙𝑒!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ Everything around you is malleable. The 3D is malleable, the people around you are malleable, your mind are malleable, YOU are malleable. Anything in this reality has the power to bend to favour your desires. Nothing is set in stone unless you want it to be. ⋆.ೃ࿔*:・
Thought can change, beliefs can change, your concept of yourself can change, your past can change. EVERYTHING IS CHANGEABLE!!
Why? Because you are the creator of you’re reality. Your thoughts create. And when you understand that, you know by the power of only changing your thoughts, you can change your whole reality in result.
Life is your creation through the power of your imagination. The 3D is like play dough, it can be moulded into anything that suits you, however you don’t physically mould the 3D you mentally mould it and think as if it’s already moulded exactly to your liking. Once you have changed the world you live in inside your head to favour your desires, soon your 3D will reflect to favour those exact same desires.
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venuscelebrity · 13 hours ago
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by venuscelebrity
I feel like this post has the potential to shift all of your manifestation journeys to a more positive and successful ass direction. I’ve discovered SOO much these past few weeks regarding how manifesting works that is changing everything. If everyone were to apply this knowledge there will be no questions as to why your manifestation “hasn’t come yet” or why it feels hard for you.
Now look. 90 percent of us are familiar with the whole 10k Affirmation Challenge (repeating affirmations 10,000 times for it to become fact in your mind) This trend has been HUMBLING to say the least. It has made me as well as many others realize how little we are actually affirming for our desires on a daily basis, as our minds are still mostly flooded with BS.
If you think 10K thoughts is a LOT, read this:
Tumblr media
And if you’ve seen my last posts, this also coincides with this information in “Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself” by Joe Dispenza, where answers are provided as to why our subconscious tries to revert back to our original thought processes.
Tumblr media
THIS is why PERSISTING and REPETITION is so important!! Our bodies try to fight the change it’s not comfortable with.
You have to just make yourself push through that temporarily uncomfortable feeling of not being used to a certain way of thinking.
think about this. you know you aren’t going to accept going back to your old story, so you might as well stop half-assing and letting your old programming have your way every time. It will save you lots of mental frustration due to everyday being a roller coaster (one moment you are so confident have your desires the next you’re unsure and reliving all old past beliefs and circumstances because that’s what you’re comfortable with knowing.)
You will humble yourself so fast like I did if you set timers on your phone for the duration you want to affirm/do ur techniques for your desires. I used to think I’d affirm so long when I wasn’t timing anything until I realized I wasn’t even talking to myself in the mirror for 5 minutes. This is how we see our desired thoughts become dominant
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icreatewhatibelieve · 2 days ago
But the greatest mistake is in believing that we are 'only human… ' We are human in expression but divine in creation and limitless in potentiality.
Eric Butterworth
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viol3tlavender · 16 hours ago
you say to just assume and everyone does but how you assume?
Hey Tulip!🌷 First of all what is assuming? ~ TO assume something is to believe something is true without any proof. So, HOW do you assume things? or How do you believe something to be true? ✿You assume things by believing that they are true no matter what(by being delusional) ✿You assume things by believing they are true regardless of what the outer world shows you. ✿You assume something when it feels natural to you and you know that it has to happen because there's no other choice. e.g. you know after day comes night or the sky is blue or the earth is round why? because you ASSUMED it. NOW, ways to assume- 🌸You can assume by affirming and saturating your mind which will help you build a 'belief' and then it will be natural to you. 🌸You can assume by visualizing a scene and looping it in your mind till it feels natural to you. 🌸 You can get into the state of knowing or wish fulfilled and know that you're gonna get whatever you want and don't come out the state or change states until the results show up in the 3d. 🌸 There are countless other methods and techniques. You can choose any one that resonates with you and ASSUME that you're gonna get your desires regardless of everything.
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goddardsprodigy · a day ago
VOID STATE! realisations and what i learnt
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the following post entails some of the things i came to realize about the void state and some things that i felt like could help and probably be a stepping stone in your void journey.
i'm sure when we all first heard of the void or came to know about it we might've thought "that's so cool" or "that method brings your desire to fruition really quickly" and thats what i thought too. we all got to listing down all of our desires and in my head, that sounded pretty dandy. living my dream life and being able to do and get what i want easily with just a meditation.
i realized the more time i spent working on my vc (void concept) that the life that i was living in my head was not a dream, it wasn't some sort of fairy tail. when reality hit me that my dream life is real and that i am living the life i want to live right now scared me the most and thats not what a lot of people talk about once they get their desires through the void. no one ever talks about how the shift is and just how real their desired life is.
i spent so much time living my desired life in my head ( which is incredible in my opinion in order to manifest) that it seemed more like a dream than it was real and i feel like that was my mistake. once i realized i ACTUALLY have all of that, it became clear to me that all of us here can have what we want we just don't want to have it.
the fact that your dream life is not a "dream life" but "real life" is what should push those that are struggling to keep trying. your desires are there. you have them right now in this very moment.
there is A LOT i am going to say for this one.
i feel like the reason most of us struggle with this method is because of the pedestal we tend to put it on. sometimes not admitting that to yourself can actually cause more harm than good.
i'm sure a lot of us have heard a lot of LOA bloggers talk about it and how they are constantly asking and telling you to remove the void from a pedestal. there are a lot of tell tale signs that indicate that you have put the void on a pedestal and are simply refusing to admit it to yourself because "you are god and you are the one on the pedestal", right?
not for a lot of people though. a lot of people use that statement to hide the underlying pedestalization of the void that they really don't want to admit to themselves.
if you are in denial and someone telling you to take it off a pedestal isn't enough for you to take it off , then you should tell yourself that or rather admit it to yourself and move on. its better and more impactful when it comes from you and maybe the denial is what will lead to the realization that you need in order to move forward and change
it is TOTALLY NORMAL to have moments of weakness in your LOA journey and being honest with yourself can actually help you move forward.
its okay, tell yourself the truth and fix it. anything is possible.
a lot of people struggle with the victim mentality and they are constantly blaming everything or everyone else except for themselves when something goes wrong.
that is not to say that people manifest horrible situations for themselves. there are those that have every reason to be victim to certain circumstances as there are bad things that happen not as a result of manifestation.
you tried to enter the void tonight and it didn't work out?
its always "i always try and nothing" "i lie down for hours and nothing", "i didn't wake up there".
BUT who exactly is responsible for that???? there is no LOA blogger that is telling you that you cannot do it, your friend is not the one telling you that you cannot enter, your classmate/coworker is not the one saying you can't, neither is the sky, nor the cars, not even your higher self if you believe in it.
there is no one telling you that you cannot do it except for yourself.
why are you sabotaging yourself?
why are you stuck in a constant spiral of not taking responsibility and actually admitting to yourself that you are the only one holding yourself back?
why are you so fearful and blaming everyone and everything except for yourself?
you are the only one that can get yourself into the void just as you are the only one that can keep yourself from entering it.
many of us yearn to struggle maybe because of the limiting beliefs we had that we still might have.
struggling to get something that you want has been so normalized in life that something as simple as entering the void state seems like a task to some people. admit to yourself that it is actually in fact easy and that you don't need to keep trying over and over again to enter a meditative state.
it is just as easy as it sounds. don't hold back, don't shy away from it because of its simplicity. the fact that is easy is what is hard to wrap around people's heads (thats the pedestalization talking). its extremely easy but some old beliefs that you have not gotten out of your system might be playing a part in why you might think its hard.
if people can enter on their first try then why not you? don't loathe and be sorrowful with yourself when there is no need to be. don't fight to enter a state thats so simple to enter.
if its been done by people, it can be done by you, you are no exception!
your body is actually an indicator and it acts according to how you feel about something.
have you ever felt tense while entering the void?
have you ever failed to relax?
have you gotten headaches just at the mere though of you having to enter the void?
if your body is reacting this way then it will do everything in its power to keep you out of there. your body is probably asking you to change your beliefs about the void state.
you should not feel scared when the whole aim of it is for you to feel relaxed. why do you feel so tense, scared, stressed when trying to enter (hmmmm, idk, maybeeee pedestalization?)
all of the "should i swallow?" , "what position should i lie in?" , "how should i breathe?" questions just indicate that your body and mind is not relaxed. its not at ease. all of these questions just highlight the pedestalization. its simple. it really does not matter what you do, if you affirm that you will enter, you will enter, regardless of what position you are in and your breath work.
listen to what your body is telling you and ask yourself why you feel this way. once you have admitted that to yourself and have calmed down then you can try again.
also, your body and your mind are just trying to protect you (i'm saying this especially to those that try over and over again and have not succeded but i know you will, its certain) when your body and mind have experienced failure and how gutted and disheartened you feel after not entering, it will only make sense that your body will not want to put you in a situation that causes you distress and thats honestly so sweet of your body to do that but you have to tell your body and mind that there is nothing to worry about. your body will find ways of avoiding you from doing that until you feel brave and motivated enough to try again.
i am in no way saying stop trying but what i am saying is, you don't have to try so hard. what makes you think you won't enter tonight? see..no one but you.
nonetheless, be aggressively persistent because you will definitely enter. but you can also do it even when you are feeling low.
if you are scared that doesn't mean that you will never enter, just do it scared.
even though these two factors play a HUGE role in entering the state, keeping your affirmations short and simple is key. you don't have to work on these for weeks. even just a day or few hours is enough to help you enter the state. you don't need to overdo anything.
if you falter or spiral while working on your vc and sc, that still does not erase all of the progress you made.
don't do more than enough, don't stress yourself out and think about whether or not you affirmed enough. if you believe that a few hours is enough then so be it.
a lot of misconceptions about the whole community and not just specifically with the void state is that people with the perfect sc can't spiral or feel bad about their manifestations. we are all human and sometimes we feel that way which is totally normal.
i wish more people would avoid deeming people that run blogs as people that don't struggle with the law in some aspects which is untrue.
we should be open to asking for help and to also be more understanding and empathetic as a community because there are just a lot of layers to it.
i hope this post helped and shed some light on a few things that you were not sure about.
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kaportka · 2 days ago
Your today's mindset may cost you the life of tomorrow. Watch where your attention goes. This is where your energy follows.
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in-dicia · a day ago
this is going to be something of a journal entry. i might start documenting my attempts to get into the void because i’ve been experimenting a lot with methods, and a recent post by @evvlevie made my jaw DROP. she’s a shifting blogger, but please please go give @evvlevie a follow and read through the original post because that post, and this whole blog, has some great stuff. this is the method she found from @/gaarassandcastle or mrsfifthkazekage on tiktok. 🧡
Tumblr media
so…. GIRL. let’s discuss this shifting method and it’s applications for the void state because whewwww it really made something click for me. so, for a long while, i’ve been practicing getting into the void. it’s actually been excessive. i wouldn’t say i’m even putting it on a pedestal either: i’m trying to get used to the sensation of being in the void so i can actually manifest there, since my body involuntarily jerks around the minute i get close. i am also super fascinated by the void, in general. i don’t care necessarily how i manifest my dream life, as long as i do, but i know i want to experience the void properly at some point.
anyways, i’ve had probably at least a hundred void sessions by now. I’ve had sessions where i’m super focused, super distracted, super motivated, super bored, with subs, without subs, sitting up, laying down, daytime, nighttime, affirming the whole time, visualizing the whole time, on the bed, on the floor, in the bath, etc, etc. i’ve tried every method on tumblr, i’ve certainly seen the ones that “kinda work” or “work pretty well” and then the handful that don’t work at all, or at least not for me. usually the methods that don’t really work at all involve a lot of “thought” or focus about one’s desire — getting into the void — which is a good segue into my next point.
i’ve gotten extremely close to the void twice. like, extremely close. i’d even argue that i did get into the void but, upon realizing that, my body panics and ruins the meditative state. see, i have tinnitus. when i lay down to meditate, it’s like a million alarms are going off in my head. but one day, while trying to get into the void, i naturally got very bored because i had done this every day, probably 6x a day, for like 3 weeks now. and i was /literally/ zoning out. my mind wandered, i forgot to affirm, and i began to imagine something random and not related to my manifestation. i even remember what it was: i was thinking about playing video games with my platonic male friend. that’s it. a super common and boring activity we always do, but it was just enough to shut my brain off in a sense. and then, as soon as this train of thought dropped, all sound disappeared. my tinnitus ringing stopped — for the first time in over a decade, i heard complete silence — and the world froze. i couldn’t feel my body. with my eyes open, i began to see odd things in the darkness of my sleep mask: odd writing, flashing stars. of course my body panicked and i jolted straight up, but this happened a second time later that week under the same circumstances. and i couldn’t quite figure out the formula for what made it “click” in that exact moment. i wasn’t doing anything “right” at all!! like even slightly!! but it’s simply because my conscious mind was so relaxed that it literally slipped away, and left nothing but my subconscious mind getting lost in a silly imagining….
so. here’s what i did. this isn’t really a “method” but i will do something similar and far more intentional later, when i’m ready to try for the void again. i’m just documenting my experience.
- i relaxed beforehand. i watched tv, took a nice hot shower, ate a nice meal, drank some fresh cold water. i’ll be honest: i smoke a lot, so i got pretty stoned. i’m stoned during all my attempts to get into the void, so this wasn’t a special thing…. but i’m sure it did help me “zone out” a lot easier. and even though that wasn’t my intention, zoning out is the sole reason i entered the void.
- it was about noon when I laid down and did my typical routine. affirm, visualize, affirm, visualize, chase away intrusive thoughts, affirm, visualize. i had no music or subliminal. i wore an eye mask, the kind you can open your eyes inside (10/10 recommend for ANYONE trying to get into the void) and ear plugs because i have roommates.
- after about 15 minutes, i got bored. however, my mind was extremely relaxed from meditating for 15 minutes — this is the real key. it began to wander, not in a rushed ADHD sense like i’m typically used to, but it naturally drifted to a random imaginal scene. i remembered enjoying this, too. i sort of forgot i had to affirm. during the scene, some slight awareness came to me and i remember thinking “oh i need to go into the void.”
- and just like that, all sound dropped away. i was instantly in the void. my body responded badly, and i know why, but that’s a different story for a different day.
i am going to be taking a decent break from the void for a couple days, at least. and, listen, that is very important. if you’ve ever tried to get into the void, you might have noticed you get very tired afterward. and like… yeah! you’re meditating! that’s a lot of work in and of itself! take breaks between void sessions, eat snacks, drink water, enjoy your life. the void isn’t going anywhere. and once you enter, you can just give yourself back all the time you spent on trying to get into the void by using time travel. slow down, take your time, and let each attempt to get into the void become /progress/ and not frequently and increasingly more frustrating attempts to meditate. this will only wear you out. please feel free to send any questions or ideas you may have, i’d be happy to get to know any of y’all!! (:
i’d like to thank @evvlevie for putting into words what i couldn’t quite grasp last week. i feel a lot more focused and excited to try again when my mind is sufficiently rested. so excited to come back with a success story later!!
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violetvibrations · a day ago
Tumblr media
@ nakeiahomer
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magic-irl · a day ago
Identity Dictates Reality: a ramble about self concept
Let's face it: Most people don't like themselves. 
A lot of people can't even stand to look in the mirror without scoffing. Some people don't like anything about themselves, and even worse, they compare themselves (someone they already don't like) to others. They mercilessly tear themselves apart, poking at every flaw they can come up with. Your identity is most likely made up of things you thought other people saw you as, right? A lot of people base their identities on how external forces perceive them. 
Well, read this, and then read it again: It's all fake. Your identity was a jumble of things you thought you couldn't control. But YOU are different, now; you know about the Law of Assumption! You know that reality is malleable- and more importantly, you know your identity is malleable! You don't have to accept something at the first assumption. You can say no. Even if external forces are saying yes, you can just refuse and choose a different concept of your reality.
I know, easier said than done. The Law is basically asking you to ignore what's right in front of you. Buuut it's easy to understand once you know the basic facts of LOA:
☆ what you accept as is true is true
☆ the 3d (external world) is a reflection of the 4d (mind/inner world)
With this, you can do and be anything. Identity dictates reality, but you can change your identity to your liking.
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evvlevie · 2 days ago
Evies first-aid-kit for shifting: a patch and a kiss for overwhelmed shifters who want to shift using the law of attraction/assumption
Hi, Hello my beautiful people! Long time no see from your favourite shifting blogger (and I am deeply sorry for that). What have I been up to? Well I enrolled in Uni today and the weeks and days leading up to this event were quite stressful, which wasn‘t really helpful in terms of shifting plus my focus was just on completely different things. Based on the fact that I am back on my shifting grind, I realized that I fell back into my frustration loop, and because my angels tell me to be of service for other people I am returning to my blog to be serving the people who need me most: desperate shifters such as myself 🤪🥰. So what are we doing today? I will motivate you, calm you down and guide you in how to function once desperation and frustration gets to you, so let’s start 🫶🏻
So we all know and hate this cycle: you are demotivated, frustrated, doubtful and you don‘t know where to start or where to continue. You go on tumblr or other platforms (I really hope you stay the fuck away from TikTok tho if it’s not for motivation) for advice and soak in all of these new and different bits of information on how to shift or how to manifest using the laws and you get tangled between all of this and you just lost yourself in what to do and what to think. And then you ask yourself: what am I supposed to do exactly? Well that’s what I am here for. Here is your patch:
Step 1: Chose your mindset and stick to it.
The Fun part about the universe and your reality is that you create it. Reality, or well, the 3D-Reality is just your thoughts pushed out as a manifestation. Anything you think of will manifest. Now that you got the clay, get to form it. Decide on what affirmations you will use to remind yourself, that you can shift/ did shift/ shift easily and whenever you want to. There is no certain affirmation that will do the trick because it’s your clay, so form it however and with whatever you‘d prefer. The key word is REMIND. By law: anything you want is automatically yours. Do not use affirmations as some sort of magic spell that is supposed to get it to you. Use it as a reminder that it already belongs to you. Once you decided on how you want to affirm, you get to the part where you actively do it. Remind yourself as often as you need that you already are in your desired reality, and that the 3D that you see right now is just the old manifestation, and the new manifestation is the one that counts.
Step 2: Stop waiting for it.
This is something even I still struggle with: it’s the waiting period. It’s a habit that once you affirm you already live in your DR, you fall into this mindset of „okay so when is it coming“. This mindset is exactly what can fuck up the whole manifestation all together. Why would you wait for something you already have? If I was to buy a bottle of deodorant and then go home I wouldn’t be sitting at home being like „damn when is this bottle of deodorant going to be in my possession?“. Because the „buying“ is the manifestation. I know how hard it is to accept it: but you never need to do anything more than wishing for it, in order to manifest and receive it. But I can tell you from all of my life experiences that this is quite actually all it ever took for me, to get what I wanted. I wanted a certain dude to be my boyfriend? Got him. I wanted to live in a certain city? I have a job there now. I want a place in that university i have been dreaming of? I have it. I don‘t feel like going out today? My friend cancels out of nowhere. Stuff like that. The law is natural. Manifestation and therefore shifting, are natural. The law works FOR you. Stop waiting for things you already have. Stop spreading energy of lack when you are looking to attract fulfillment. You wouldn’t be waiting for the phone that you are looking at right now to finally be yours when it already belongs to you.
Step 3: Why do you keep starting over?
I know you do. Don’t even try to deny it! I know you are waking up in your CR and think to yourself: oh shit it didn’t work, I guess I just did something wrong in my manifestation, I should start over to make sure I do everything correctly! I‘ve been there way too often, trust me. I wake up in my CR and immediately go: well I should be there so why am I here? And this initial feeling of failure is leading you to assume you did something incorrectly, so you think you should treat the universe like a wifi-router and just restart it. But here’s another question: why don‘t you just persist in your manifestation? Why are you assuming that you are in your CR when you could instead not let the 3D Phase you and just assume you are in your DR? Why do you let what you SEE determine EVERYTHING? If assumption is manifestation, chose to assume in your favor and the trick is done. If you want to be in control, then take it, and control it the way you want to. Starting over is as if you were to drive in circles: just take the steering wheel and drive the route you want to take, and don‘t let other things like passengers fool you into driving in a circle. Just persist and trust in it. Who cares if you woke up in your CR? You assume you woke up in your DR and you move on. You catch your negative thoughts and flip them in your favor, no big deal! No progress is lost because your old manifestation made you believe you didn’t have what you want. We both know you already do.
Step 4: Resolve the blockage you set yourself.
Sometimes we can’t shift because we stand in our own way. We have limiting beliefs, lack of motivation and some of us have fears. Fears that subconsciously can keep you from shifting, for many reasons. Maybe you are afraid you won’t ever return so you don’t let yourself go in the first place. Or you are afraid you will miss someone, or you are fearing for your CR-self and wether or not you will be okay without your conscious in it etc,etc. There are many emotions, fears and beliefs that can be the thing standing in your way, and sometimes it can be quite good to just ask yourself why or what could be the problem. A lot of the times you can look for angel numbers (what people don’t realize is that any number can be an angel number. If you feel a certain connection upon seeing something or your intuition tells you: THIS IS A SIGN, just Google the number and the angel meaning behind it and you can receive a message you need to hear). On other occasions it can be quite helpful to just inform yourself on the topic of shifting, you can for example dm me, or send me an anonymous ask and I might clear some things up for you (or any other blogger obviously 🫶🏻).
And here is the kiss:
I know you want to finally shift. It’s okay. But everything is only energy and your thoughts is what creates reality. Which is amazing because that means one thing: you are 100% capable of doing it. Isn’t that amazing? You just have to want it, accept it as yours, and move on with life. What could be easier than that? Of course you can always look into other methods and soak your big brain with even more information but promise me not to give up on your shifting journey and to keep persisting for the life of it! I believe in you, I want to help you and I need you to keep going. Because coincidences do not exist and you did not learn about shifting on accident, and you did not go for it if not at least a part of you believed in it.
Lastly, I wanted to thank every single one of my 300 (😭😍) followers, for following, reposting, reading and commenting on my posts 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻 you are the reason I keep doing this and you are the reason I enjoy doing it so much!
Yours in every reality,
Evie <3
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nonbinarydeity · 2 days ago
1 affirmation is enough to get me everything I desire
Every subliminal works perfectly for me on the first listen
Everything I desire is mine without any effort
My desires NEED me
I am incredibly powerful, I created all of reality already
Time never affects me, I pay no attention to time because I know I already have everything I want
I am the creator of my reality
Everyone and everything is me pushed out
My subconscious mind is extremely susceptible to me affirmations, intentions, and desires
The 3D always shows me what I want
I always remember to persist (not that I need to)
I love myself unconditionally
The universe is always spoiling me
My subconscious loves me so much
I don't even need to persist to get everything I desire
I am everything I need; I always give myself all the love, compassion, validation, and kindness I need
I am unapologetically me, I'm always confident in myself
I always get everything I desire, reality conforms to my desires every time I wake up
I always wake up in my desired reality
I am always doing everything right to manifest, my desires manifest regardless if I persist or not!
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awhkacey · 8 hours ago
𝑆𝑒𝑙𝑓 𝑐𝑜𝑛𝑐𝑒𝑝𝑡 𝑤𝑖𝑙𝑙 𝑎𝑙𝑤𝑎𝑦𝑠 𝑏𝑒 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑘𝑒𝑦!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
・❥・ Since others have come out to spread misinformation about self concept i thought it would be ideal for me to come out and set some things straight about this topic at hand. ・❥・
*ೃ༄ Self concept all comes down to the beliefs you have picked up as a child, whether your environment made you feel unsafe or unworthy, loved, chosen, etc. these feelings as a child would have hardened into solid beliefs that you now have as an adult that manifest into your 3D to mirror and prove those beliefs and fears you have about yourself *ೃ༄
Self concept is the core beliefs that continue to manifest in to your reality, whether you are experiencing favourable or unfavourable circumstances is all down to your self concept.
But let me remind you:
Self concept is all about your self constructed beliefs you have formed about yourself and how you personally see the world around you.
Am i saying that a perfect self concept is compulsory in order to manifest?
No of course not. We have manifested all our lives despite our flawed self concept but what i am saying that it’s important in order to keep your manifestations, and improve your ability to unconsciously manifest more well-lived favourable circumstances.
All your current thoughts right now stem from your self concept so therefore your self concept is the key to solving all your unfavourable circumstances.
*ೃ༄ Think about it? Are you manifesting your sp back? Why did things go tits up with them in the first place? Where you imagining and dominantly thinking they would leave and abandon you? Look back and see why those thoughts were so dominantly thought by you. Did you feel abandoned or rejected as a child? Did that make you not feel chosen or wanted as child? If so that’s exactly what you need to work on. *ೃ༄
“Everything depends upon our attitude towards ourselves. That which we will not affirm as true of ourselves cannot develop in our life.”
- Neville Goddard
This is the equation, you need to get to the root of what your circumstances mean. Do you feel worthy? Wanted? Seen? Heard?
How do expect to be loved by you sp? Chosen by your sp? First best to your sp if your dominant assumptions are that you’re unloved, not chosen, and last to be ever thought about?
And this isn’t just about love either, it’s also about your relationship with money, men, women, family, with your career , your health, mental health, etc. Whether these areas of your life are good or unpleasant is all down to your self concept.
So yes, your self concept is and always will be the key to everything.
“To reach a higher level of being, you must assume a higher concept of yourself. If you will not imagine yourself as other than you are, then you remain as you are.”
- Neville Goddard
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