raven-runes · 2 days ago
Witchcraft happens when you add intention to simple every day actions. Having a shower, preparing a meal, making a cup of tea, planting a seed in a flower pot.
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rosiesworkshop · a day ago
Hey angels, quick announcement:
I'll be making an official "the void" google document, it will guarantee, you're enter to the void, if you follow all the steps (this is important!! follow the steps!) <3.
I will make all affirmation tapes tomorrow or the day after loves <3
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angelkira777 · 2 days ago
things i've manifested
gonna update this list everytime i remember
-iPhone 12
-acceptance to yale university
-airpods pro
-meeting my soulmate
-moving to a luxury 3 bedroom apartment
-attending a luxury and elite school
-having all A's
-desired appearnce (cc of ruby2smooth, caerynn davies, gracie mckenna, beautiful blonde non-oily hair, cindy kimberly nose and lips naturally, small forehead, kylie jenner body, cat eyes, brow lift, v shape jawline etc)
-concert tickets to Steve Lacy
-being on disney channel MULTIPLE times
-getting booked for shows everyday
-now i earn $305k a months
-rich and fully healthy family
-a mac book
-ENORMOUS amounts of birthday presents
-total teenage freedom
-makeup/pro makeup skills
-going viral on tik tok manyy times
-perfect past
-currently have 555k subscribers on youtube
-my dream closet
-careless and nice family
-my mom marrying a billionaire who makes her so happy and loves me and her ofc.
-electric guitar, acoustic guitar/ amazing skills even though i'm a beginner.
-graduating high school at 16 so i could attend yale
-a luxury trip to new york during winter
-100k robux
-all my pintrest desires
-getting 3 loving cats that are very disciplined and smart
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cyberfeeelings · 16 hours ago
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤 𝐨𝐧 𝐮𝐫 𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐟 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐩𝐭 !! ,, 💭
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i'm pretty sure we all heard at some point in our journey "work on ur self concept", but the questions is how do we go on abt it? will be affirming "i have a perfect sc" enough?? well imo it's really nothing compared to when u really start to unpack ur beliefs & work on it step by step. even if u can simplify the law i will always recommend working on ur self concept thoroughly bc having a perfect self concept will only have good advantages.
disclaimer: b4 u continue pls read this ask. i forgot to mention that this post is abt how i personally & effectively changed my sc!
as many already know self concept has many sides, to list a few:
manifesting; the 3d, impatience, failure
life in ur pov; always unlucky, mentally unwell
if ure loved, cared appreciated for (idk the category)
confidence/self esteem; myb appearance or skills
appearance; beauty standards, struggle w self love
academically; school grades, always being bad in a specific subject, never seeing improvement
first of all i want u to be honest w urself & observe ur thoughts on different occasions.
since many are still in school i would recommend to watch ur thoughts when ure in class.
u wake up, u feel pretty, u get ready n go to school. u sit down n see the girls coming in, what do u think of them and urself appearance wise?
"woww they're so prettyyy, ig at the end of the day there are still ppl prettier than me" or "yea well ig i am pretty but kind of average pretty". = comparison & not pretty enough, confidence struggle too myb
the bell rang, class has started n now ur first subject in the morning is biology. u don't think ure bad in school. u get a task to solve in teamwork.
"i don't want them to think i'm stupid when i end up saying smth wrong" or "i don't understand anything here, why can't i just be good like the others".
another place where u could watch ur thoughts would be when ure grocery shopping.
ure getting milk n eggs in the supermarket for ur mom & still have enough money to get smth so u decided to treat urself w smth tasty.
"aahh omg i'm craving chocolate chip cookies so badly but sugar will lead to weight gain :(" or "i really wanna eat smth sweet but it's bad for my body in the future" = scared of gaining weight/unhealthy body -> u forget ure limitless, u don't realize ur power
u rmb ur mom wanted some vegetables as well so u move to the vegetable section to find out there's no cucumbers left, after all its already late & they're closing soon.
"noo my mom's gonna scold me, i should've just went earlier like she told me. why did i have to be so lazy" or easier "why does never go anything my way!!!" = no luck
ofc there u should watch and observe ur thoughts at all times these were just examples. another one would be when ure having for example a mental breakdown, that's when ure pouting it out how u feel like. no one loves me, no one understands me, why do i have to work so hard for everything, can i just have a break from life etc.
secondly after identifying ur negative beliefs in ur daily life, write them down in a notebook.
be honest & write down whether u think u can manifest or not, whether the ppl around u care abt u, if u think ure struggling etc.
if u get emotional while writing ur beliefs u dislike i would also recommend venting n ranting abt everything on another piece of paper for hopefully the last time b4 u restart ur journey.
if ure done writing down ur beliefs i want u to draw a BIG FAT CROSS in red on it ❌ that is NOT u anymore, u will NEVER EVER identify with that anymore. from the moment u draw the cross u will be going on a mental diet & FORCE urself to get rid of the old story.
for the vent/rant i would draw on it as well like a 4 y/o child, doodle like u just learned how to hold a pen & destroy it. u can also scrunch up, crumple up the piece of paper or even burn it. let go of it. (pls don't burn ur old beliefs yet, u still need it for step 3)
now thirdly, write down ur new beliefs❗
nothing much to say, flip every negative assumption u wrote down before into a positive. make them ur new affirmations. u will be needing them in future so write them down in a way that feels comfortable to u.
u now will use the new affirmations to manifest ur new perfect self concept which will be the key to everything. pls avoid using blanket affis like "i have a perfect sc".
vaunt, brag abt urself infront of the mirror, maintain eye contact w urself while talking abt how proud u are of urself, how u love urself & how everyone loves being around u. keep hyping urself!
make ur own routine !!!
from here on i want u to do ur own routine that makes U feel like a master manifestor. i want u to focus on ur self concept / everything u wrote down earlier for 1/2 weeks. what i definitely want u to include in ur routine is to
affirm when u wake up for abt 15-30 min
affirm until u fall asleep (basically lullaby)
++ keep a strict mental diet when working on ur sc !!
if u want to meditate to clear ur mind, good! i recommend it, but u don't need to if u don't want to! the way u affirm? u chose! vaunting, robotic, whatever u think works the best! if u want to make a playlist that makes u feel like ure on top of the world & boosts ur self-esteem, go for it! if it's no fun for u don't do it! if u want to make placebo effects, good 4 u! if u want to add the state of wish fulfilled, do it. the only thing that matters is that u persist & never go back to the old story.
i'm saying that u should make ur own rules, have fun manifesting, have fun living in ur imagination without it making it a chore.
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nifefights · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy national boyfriend day.
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cutiescute · 2 months ago
affirmations for instant & fast results: 🍥
the first thing i wanna write before you will say those affs, to get fast results you need to believe that every thing u desire / want is possible for you to get instantly. if you have limiting beliefs just say those affs couple of times until your'e manifesting ANYTHING immediately! and IT IS POSSIBLE! just keep persisting! you can call this less than 1 sec manifesting challenge because you don't need 3 days to manifest you need less than 1 sec!
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ i have everything i desire instantly
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ everything manifests right now
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ everything shows in the 3d & 4d right now
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ i always manifests anything i desire instantly
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ i have my desires now
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ i have everything i desire immediately
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ it's all done instantly
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ i have my results in the 3d instantly
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ i know i am a master at manifesting
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ i always see results in the 3d immediately
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ i trust my affirmations
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ i know i am the creator of my reality
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ i know i can fail but i know i will have it (removing excess)
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ i ignore every limiting beliefs about manifestation
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ i am that girl / boy / person that has it all
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ no matter what i do i always get what i want
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ every visualisation i do reflects immediately into the 3d
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ i truly believe every affirmation i just said
a lil ⏱ everything i wrote is my own ops! i do not send hate to anyone or want to disrespects any creator here and their ops! 🎀
just repeat it until you believe it, that's all babes ♡
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scornsun · a month ago
𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐓𝐨 "𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐈𝐧 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐄𝐧𝐝"
Tumblr media
Acting delusional physically or personally
Personally or physically acting that you're living in the end
Thinking that you're already there
Thinking that everything is ALREADY there with you
Daydreaming, Visualizing or Imagining the end scenario
Feeling that you're already there
Thinking as if it's already your present
Always remember that you don't have to physically or personally act it because you will only look pathetic or delusional. As Neville says, everything begins inside; in order to change outside, you must change the inside. Meaning, you always have to use your mind power, your thoughts, beliefs and the power of your subconscious and everything else that yourself possesses inside your mind while practicing this lesson.
╰☆╮: to live in the end, always think as if you're already there. stop searching, looking, seeking, asking, wishing or wanting because you have to think and feel that you're already in that state where your wishes are all fulfilled.
(1) easy lesson explanation: when you were a kid and you ask your parents to buy you this toy that you've been wishing your parents to buy it for (let's say) 4 days already however it's obvious that they are busy and they have something else important to pay first so that makes them delay or refuse to buy your desired toy today so you have to wait and wait until they finally give you what you want. during this state/ experience or moments, you feel either excited, mad or desperate, right? take note of it.
(2) in the 5th day of begging your parents to buy you that toy, they finally did so the moment the toy is finally in your arms and you know that you'll finally go home with it, what you can only feel during this state/moment is excitement, joy, happiness, victory and gratitude, correct? take note of this.
☆ It's obvious that the "(2)" is the end of the story
☆ You can notice the emotions in the example that you can possibly FEEL when you have and don't have your desire
This is exactly what you're gonna do from now on to boost your manifestations. You must always THINK and FEEL that you're already living in the end. Regardless if you think of thoughts such as "What do I'll feel if I don't have my desire right now?" It's completely okay because it's part of reacting to the ending situation once you got your desires. If you have an iPhone right now, you could sometimes think "what will I feel without my phone" and of course you'd also think about what you CURRENTLY FEEL right now because you have your phone. That's reaction and it's normal and natural.
☆ Do not rush the process, just trust it. If you believe and you know that in the end, you'll have it, then just be content and confident right now that no matter how long the interval it takes, it only belongs to you.
☆ If you keep searching and looking for it, you'd only spend your time and days looking and searching for it. you will only be in a loop of seeking which prevents you from receiving your desire.
☆ Don't tell anyone about your manifestation or desires as they would only put negative energy to it which can also slow you down. In terms of power in manifestations, you must only rely on yourself. YOURSELF is the one who must work for it because you are the one who will benefit from it.
☆ Living in the end is THINKING, FEELING, REACTING and VISUALIZING. Keep on believing in it until your 3D conforms.
☆ Attachment is the root of all suffering - Buddha. As you're very attached (desperate or obsessed) you also feel negative feelings such as doubt, hopelessness or unfaithful which you don't wanna because you want to achieve something and you don't want these feelings disturb you.
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cleostoohot · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
omg i am so excited to drop this challenge! see me, i already know y’all are hotties, but unfortunately i don’t think all of you guys are aware of how bad ass you are. sooo i made this challenge because bitch it’s fucking time. if you were ever calling yourself something other than a mf queen.. imma need you to drop that because for the next 5 days we on our hot girl shit. period. and after these 5 days you will be stuck with that bad bitch mentality once & for all.
Tumblr media
» absolutely no-giv-ing-up. i don’t care what happens, you will not quit or tell yourself “you know what, i’ll restart tomorrow” nah fuck that. stop being so used to quitting just because you’re not seeing your desired results in 2 minutes. consistency is key my love. if you stick to a task, you will see amazing results. if you have to be delusional then be delusional idc just don’t quit on yourself because that will not work in your favor.
» give it your all, and trust me, it doesn’t take much. don’t be locked in one day then half ass it for the next 4. this is the new you. this is your new state. to physically stay in it, you must mentally remain in it (snap for me, thank you). remember what the end will look like and let that be your drive everyday.
» i’ve noticed this a lot with y’all and the 3dol x roe challenge. y���all be like “i’m on day 2 and blah happened. i feel like i’m about to spiral, help” gir- never did i say y’all can use me as someone to easily fall back on. just because you know i’ll give you advice and tips doesn’t mean mid challenge you can just stop with your mental diet to come ask for help. no. if something that you’re not fond of happens, what do you do? you don’t acknowledge it. that’s a results from your past thoughts, it doesn’t resonate with you anymore. just keep affirming & live in the 4d.
Tumblr media
i am truly the hottest bitch ever
i am sexy as fuck
why am i so damn fine
my attractiveness is unreal
my features are so alluring
my appearance puts people in a trance
i don’t understand how i’m so fine
i am the sexiest person i know
nobody can compare to my appearance
i get finer by the day
pick your favorite affirmations to be your main one (you can of course edit the affirmations to your likings or also add ROE).
Tumblr media
⋙ follow whatever routine you want. just adds these activities ⌵
mirror work: i feel like mirror work just unlocks a new power within you. saying your affirmations to your own reflection. looking yourself in the eyes as you rampage about how fucking bad you are is so tuff. you will really be feeling like a god! do that at least 2x.
15 minute meditation: for 15 minutes, play a meditation audio, or not (here’s my fav) and just live solely in the 4d. rampage in your head about being such a hot ass mf. do not waver, contradict yourself, any of that. it’s fucking true.
subliminals?: i kind of wanna be a subliminal gyal again idk. but i made a subliminal playlist for this challenge. knowing me i will not listen every single night but definitely some.
hottie playlist: my favoriteeee! make a playlist full of songs that makes you feel like a bad ass bitch! no sad, depressing verses at all. straight bad bitch energy. play your playlist however many times you want in a day. music really be controlling your feelings so i feel like this will really help with aligning your thoughts.
my playlist! don’t judge okay. esp that nle choppa song lmaooo.
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piaduarte · a month ago
How I manifested (crazy) physical changes ♠
♠ Physical changes — probably one of the most manifested topics everywhere. Hey, we've all been there:
"I hate how I look! I am so ugly!" - everybody, from time to time
♠ But you don't have to worry; everything is possible, even the most radical, crazy physical change ever. Look at me, I am literally the living proof of that. And, the thing is, it is so easy it almost sounds unreal.
Here we go!
♠ It all started like, a couple of months ago. You see, I used to have the worst self-esteem problems, mostly because of my chubby cheeks and my big, hooked nose. I used to literally avoid looking in the mirror because I started crying. Again, I think you'd be lying if you told me that you never, ever, felt that way. Well, the thing is, I was sick of crying and feeling bad. Back then I didn't have all the knowledge of the law I have now, but I still did it; it was the easiest thing I've ever done.
So, not wanting to wait another day, I picked up my phone and took pictures of myself — feeling sick just by looking at them. I sent those hideous pictures to my tablet, and I started working (just know, if you haven't got a tablet for digital art, you can just use some random app in your phone or laptop that allows you to modify photos).
Now, let me tell you, what I did was crazy — I was laughing so much while doing it... I took the infamous golden ratio for faces and modified my face in the picture to match it. When I was done, it looked like I just had all the possible plastic surgeries in the world; but then it was time to get creative! — modify everything to your liking; I drew in longer eyelashes, darker eyes, slimmer cheeks, everything I wanted. I repeated the process on my side profile.
♠ By the time I was done, I looked at the pictures and actually recognised myself. That was really me. The new me. Enough crying, old Pía, just stare at those photos.
♠ And that's it; I stared at those photos every time I felt "ugly" and, in the end, I walked around and felt like that girl. The new Pía; the most beautiful girl I've ever seen with my own two eyes. I looked in the mirror every now and then, and I remember thinking to myself:
"What's in there is not true. I am the girl in those photos"
And the 3D has no other choice but to rearrange itself by my own, free will ♠
♠ Remember that the next time a single doubt arises.
Peace out, everybody,
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divine-she · a month ago
Tumblr media
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ninisworld444 · 3 months ago
I’m gonna tell you guys how i made it to the void state - it was so fucking easy
First Here is the list of pick a card reading i watched that helped me get closer to my angels and the universe
- I just close my eyes think about the title of the video and then open my eyes and it’s the one my eyes fall on first or is drawn too
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9, - The first 5 are kinda of a must in my opinion but watch anything by avalon intuitive and esotarot that catches your eye.. they are always accurate and they are the only channels i watch at the moment.. The ones about Manifesting and your path and your angels and your soul or messages are the best videos
Here are three videos i watched that change my perspective on manifesting.. 1 and 2 - i feel like watching these videos are a must because you won’t have to look at other ones or read any books lol i’m lazy :)
Now here’s how i got there…
I’ve been trying for about 2-3 months and didn’t get any symptoms or anything like that so i kinda gave up but then i watched those video and it basically told me to ask my guides for help…
yesterday, So when i was laying down, I talked to my guides/myself lol. in my head and basically talked about the reasons i wanted to change certain things about myself and things that happened to me that caused trauma… I also said at the end that i’m ready to give that past up and move on and i asked for their help and thanked them for giving everything i needed so far then i went to bed.. towards the end of my dream i said this is weird.. like this dream can’t be real next thing you know i’m in my room but it weird because it’s like i walked past my tv but i physically can’t in real life because my tv is too close to my bed… so i thought i am still dream so i said, i am in the void state take me there but then things started to slow down and i woke up [ the date today is June 22,2022 ]
then i laid there on my stomach and thought, hmm what if i try to get to the void state… now i’m not gonna do y’all like how these other pages do.. i think their advice is nice but they talk about how they got to the void state, they build up the story and then just say that they just did it, Or just do it
I will not do that to y’all… this is what happened… when i started saying my affirmations, i said wait let me get relaxed first… At first my brain went off track and thought of other things/ Saying i can’t make it to the void state but then i said subconscious thank you for trying to protected me and help me but now i need to move on from that past I am not the nini that was afraid of manifesting and the void state.. So then i closed my eyes and started saying, i am over and over again and then this old 2000s song came in my head but instead of pulling away from it or trying to make it go away… i let it play in my head and kept saying i am and then i felt the middle of my torso move away from my bed but the rest of my body didn’t and then it stopped but then i told myself I am ready let’s go and started saying i am again then my whole body started lifting up and up and as soon as it got to the second part of the chorus, it went silent… I couldn’t hear my fan and i couldn’t hear my brother who was watching tv loud in the living room… i got so excited that i didn’t ground myself there so i got pulled out but i will try again tonight …
I wouldn’t lie to y’all i’ve cried because of not getting to the void state because i’m currently poor with only 3 dollars in my bank account so i need to manifest… but i hope that helps
You can do it and you can send me any questions .. you have
[ manifest: but i’m not poor, i’m actually rich asf lol ]
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rosiesworkshop · a day ago
Omg so for quite some time i’ve known about the void state, when i had barely found out about it, i thought of it as some place apart from reality and where all your manifestations comes true instantly. I didn’t really understand it and also never really tried it because i was so scared of failure, i do remember that i used to be super into subs prior to finding LOA tumblr and at the time of my fav sub makers (moza morph) made a void state sub but i knew absolutely nothing about it, i followed the instructions that were in the description but i was toooo focused on forcing myself to manifest ALL of my desires instantly in that very moment which only led me to me failing to relax and actually entering the void. Anywayssss fast forward to august i think? i found out abt loa tumblr, started learning more and more abt the law and stuff that i never even would have imagined but the void state was what had caught my attention the most, especially because of all the shocking void success stories, i spent about a month or two just constantly trying loa challenges, affirmations, reading diff successes stories and not really persisting up until i found your account and also @cyberfeeelings account, i think i’ve learned more about the void for the few days that i’ve found your account than in the months of mindless scrolling through tumblr. Now to the point, i tried the plan that you made for an anon (about looping an aff tape for 3 nights/4 days and to be honest i kinda didn’t count the days that i actually did it for but after doing it i felt very much at peace because i actually understood that the void state is literally just a MEDITATIVE STATE like 🙄 it was something that has always been within me, i had been putting off trying to even enter the void state out of pure laziness. Even after looping the aff tape, on the 3rd night i didn’t even try meditation or anything, i literally just went to sleep. But anyways today i was thinking about how the only reason i haven’t successfully “entered” the void is because i haven’t even given myself a chance to correctly try it, so today i decided “before i go to sleep i’m at least going to try to calm my mind through meditation or breath work. So earlier i was watching a movie and then i thought “if i keep watching this movie i’m going to end up just falling asleep like always” so i turned off my tv, put my headphones on and played two of my fav subs. One is @cyberfeeelings “wake up in the void” sub and the other one “Void (epsilon waves” by slade. So as @cyberfeeelings sub started playing i began to focus on my breathing i did the 444 (4 secs inhale, 4 secs breath hold, 4 release) i noticed that counting the secs for each was kind of too distracting to i decided to just do the breathing technique without counting (so basically just taking deep breaths), i continued to focus on my breathing without thinking about the time and then slades sub started playing so i decided to start affirming since i had cleared my mind quite a bit considering that i lost track of time, so i started affirming “i am one with the void because i am pure consciousness” over and over again (i had actually never seen this affirmation before but it just came naturally into my head so i just decided to stick with it) BUT BROOOO not even one minute (i think) into affirming i felt an immediate shift, i started to feel like i was floating, being sucked into pure darkness all at once, my heart started racing and my breath too and my eyes were going crazy it’s like i was fighting to keep my eyes closed, i also had a feeling that i was literally on my way to enter the void state, but i started focusing too much on the symptoms and affirming rather than relaxing and focusing on my breath so i brought myself back. But now i am 100% sure that i can enter the void state whenever i want just by clearing my mind and focusing on my breath. Also today i wasn’t even planning on going into the void i literally just wanted to clear my mind but i guess not lmao. I hope this really motivates someone. Also can i be limitless anon?
Hey angel, yes of course you can be limitless anon, WELL DONE BAE, this shows that the void is all about relaxation <33 WELL DONE!! and yes, you will enter bae!!
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stellatumoceanum · a month ago
Pick A Pile
messages from your future spouse
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
1 - 2
Pile 1
The Hermit, King Of Wands, 8 Of Cups
This masculine energy is very firey. He is independent and older than you. You're both going through a period of grief and isolation.
" I know you're tired. You've been closed off for a very long time. Guarding your heart and waiting for me and only me. I love you baby. I love you so much it hurts. I know, I took so long to find you. I'm so busy with my business and being a boss. Even though I'm super busy , I think about you all the time.
I'm wondering. Where are you ?
What do you look like ? You're beautiful, I'm sure of that. I know, you must be younger than me, because I can intuitively feel your innocent spirit.
You need to keep going. This dark night of the soul is your time in the cocoon. You will meet me when you're a small beautiful butterfly. My little butterfly 🦋 💞
It's time we both let go of the past. It's time we prepare for our first meeting, that's going to happen soon ... Very soon."
Pile 2
8 Of Cups, 8 Of Swords, Judgement
If you're attracted to pile 1, read that first and then this one 🤍
This is someone tender, motherly/fatherly. This person is so protective with you and very loyal to you. This is someone who cares more about you than they do for themselves. You will feel vulnerable with this person. They will make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Kiss your scars and run their fingers through your hair.
" Darling, baby, teddy bear 🧸,
why are you feeling bad about yourself ? I want to kiss your forehead and make the pain go away. You deserve love, you deserve everything and I will bring the moon, the stars and all the galaxies that exist in the universe on your feet. My baby love, my baby girl, my sunshine. You don't see yourself clearly, because people have hurt you in the past. They criticized and belittled out, making you insecure.
I love your voice babygirl.
Find your why. Find your purpose. This will bring you to me. We are meant to be. Our story will be a fairytale. You just have to see clearly, read between the lines."
Pile 3
4 Of Cups, 5 Of Wands, 10 Of Wands
This person is more practical in nature. They may even wear glasses or sunglasses indoors. They seem cold and unapproachable. When you first meet you won't be afraid of them but you will question whether they like you. This could be someone tall and a bit "lanky". He won't approach right away but he will recognise from the start that you are special. He may consider you a bit naive. If he is a man, he will be a bit controlling and you may need to establish boundaries. I don't see him being disrespectful but a bit pushy. This is someone trustworthy. You may meet at work or through a co-worker or when you go have lunch. This is someone who could work in tech and be a former nerd or geeky.
" Hello sugar. You've been going through a lot, haven't you ? Your little shoulders can't keep on carrying this burdens. Life feels stagnant, but you have to find little things that you are grateful about.
Your light doesn't compare to anyone else's, so don't even think that you are comparable. I'm grateful that you are my future spouse. I'm grateful that I got to meet you, even though I had lost all hope in the world. You are my sunshine, my little dove.
You know I'm not good with expressing my emotions verbally.
I love you baby. My sweet , sweet, innocent baby. That's why I'm pushing you to be your best self.
Yours forever, your future spouse."
If you liked the reading, it would mean the world to me if you liked and reposted. For personal readings, send me a private message ! In the meantime, take care of yourself a my beautiful angels 🤍🧸💗🦋
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iheartthesmithsblog · 2 months ago
how to live in the end even with doubts by solar subs ᥫ᭡ ˖ ࣪ ‹ 𖥔 ࣪ ˖🤍
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divinesubs · a month ago
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It’s an everyday thing, comes as easy as breathing nowadays.
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cutiescute · a month ago
🎀𓂅⋆ i have my dream life 🎀𓂅⋆
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this is probably all of the affirmation you will ever need. say them once and have all of your desires in the 4D & 3D.
i have the perfect self concept.
my self concept is so good.
i always manifest everything instantly and effortlessly.
i have my ideal everything.
i always prioritize myself.
i can manifest ANYTHING that i want.
i never seek validation from the outside i always look within.
i am confident in my manifesting abilities.
i know i already have all of my desires in the 4D i am just letting the 3D to reflect.
my 3D always align with my 4D instantly.
i am never bothered by the 3D, i know it will reflect immediately.
i am the best in manifesting, i have 0 limits.
i never doubt having my desires, i know the moment i desire something it's already mine in the 3D & 4D.
i have my desired everything.
i am always chill because i know i have everything i desire instantly.
everything always works out in my favor.
my love for myself is endless.
i love myself.
xoxo, cuties.
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scornsun · a month ago
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BENEFITS : --- manifest even faster, improve your mindset and self concept and most importantly, helps you to get used to the feeling of the desire being already done.
EXPLAINATION : All of these are could be found way too much referenced in The Law Of Assumption.
If you want to be like 'that' then you must THINK like 'that'.
If you want to become a supermodel then think like you're the greatest, high paid, famous, irreplaceable supermodel; THINK AS A PERFECT SUPERMODEL, THINK LIKE A PERFECT SUPERMODEL.
If you want a new phone, then FEEL that you already have a new phone. Stop wishing to have a new one because you already have it there. You can't just see it because you refuse to believe it. Tell me, if you already have something, would you still wish to have it? NO, right? exactly.
If you wanna live in a mansion, FEEL AND THINK that you're already living there. Know that you always sleep in a fancy room and wake up in the same fancy room every time. Visualize that.
If you like that guy, ALWAYS FEEL AND THINK or should I say ASSUME that you're already dating him but only in your mind because remember, "to change the outside, begin on the inside." KNOW that you sleep as his gf and that you have a lots of thing to do tomorrow. JUST GET IN THAT STATE OF THE WISH FULFILLED. As the wish is already fulfilled, it means that you are his gf and so, feel it and think in the way as your supposed to think once you two are dating.
You must ENTER the mindset of your specific manifestation/situation/self or anything else + have a super strong belief to it until you can see it.
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