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softdaisie · a day ago
maybe mediocrity isn’t wrong. maybe you don’t need to be the best at everything you do. maybe you don’t need to be the best at anything you do. it’s ok to simply do things because you enjoy doing them. its ok to not want to advance in your job. nothing has to be a competition. you don’t need to be better than anyone. you can do things just because they’re fun. you don’t need to read up on the history, and know everything about it. its ok to just exist. its ok.
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danidraws · 5 hours ago
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A comic about anxiety, Oscar winning movies, and mathematicians.
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vintage-soleil · 2 days ago
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thequotegarden · 2 days ago
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just-a-hopeless-romantic · 2 days ago
gentle reminder: keeping your heart safe is not selfish, it’s self love. don’t stop loving, but don’t allow those who don’t see how truly precious your heart is access to it.
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selfhealingmoments · 16 hours ago
it’s not your job to fix insecure people. your job is to fix the part of you that resonated with their insecurities
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aliceyerger · a day ago
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By enii_draws
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feministism · 6 months ago
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prettypositivity · 7 months ago
I hope my mom heals from the things she doesn’t talk about
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wholeheartedsuggestions · 3 months ago
you are not wasting your potential by choosing to do things differently and choosing different paths than you and others expected. you can change what career, passions, etc. you pursue.
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the-joy-of-knowledge · a month ago
My 20s will be my most treasured decade.
I learned to play tennis in my 20s
I learned to put myself first in my 20s
I became more confident in my 20s
I defined my style in my 20s
I am at my healthiest in my 20s
I am more mature in my 20s
I developed 6 hobbies in my 20s
I made my own philosophy in my 20s
I study better in my 20s
I make friends based on shared values in my 20s
I started wearing SPF in my 20s
I have learned the most lessons in my 20s
I practiced balance in my 20s
I started driving in my 20s
I started speaking publicly in my 20s
I learned to bake in my 20s
I learned to stop comparing myself in my 20s
I began reading every week in my 20s
I became more curious in my 20s
I started investing in my 20s
You may learn somethings as a teenager or as 20 something year old, what’s important is that you learn. Growth is a continuous journey. I’m still learning, growing, and becoming.
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20o1 · 28 days ago
September will be filled with joy.
September will be filled with love.
September will be filled with trust.
September will be filled with peace.
September will be filled with happiness.
September will be filled with blessings.
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vintage-soleil · 8 hours ago
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slfcare · 7 months ago
You are not weak for feeling the weight of everything that you are carrying.
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queenofcoquette · a month ago
Basic Beauty Tips!
Invest in a natural hairbrush- Some of them are hundreds of dollars, but there are plenty affordable options! They’re good for your hair and the environment
Get a silk pillowcase- Might have to save up for this one, but it’ll help your hair and skin!
Stop using hair ties- Claw clips and scrunchies are WAY better for your hair
Gently tie your hair at night- Whether it’s a low, loose bun or braids, protect your hair at night
Use hair oil anytime your hair gets dry
Make sure to get trims to get rid of dry ends
Use a gentle cleanser and unscented moisturizer- Literally a basic routine with cerave or cetaphil will do WONDERS to your skin
Exfoliate once a week- Don’t over exfoliate!
Stay away from harsh products that might irritate your skin
Use SPF to prevent early aging and skin damage
Have a nail routine!- I love to use a nail growth oil, it does wonders!
Make sure to clean under your nails- Some people have really dirty nails and it’s not cute-
Always have a good fragrance- Like a signature scent!
Use a body scrub once a week for soft skin!- Also vanilla lotion smells so good, and lotion helps perfume stick to the body
Stay Healthy- This is the most important! Stay hydrated, eat well, stay active, get enough rest and have proper hygeine!
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sonasi · 2 months ago
sunday reset routine <3
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first things first…
clean out any trash in your room. throw it all away, and take any dirty dishes out of your room as well
return things to where they belong. Move your computer from your bed to your desk, move your bags back to their hanger, you get the idea
reorganize messy areas. Drawers, shelves, or cabinets whatever has become disorganzied or messy over the week
do your laundry. It’s okay, we all get that big mess of dirty clothes that just piles up throughout the week.
Now time to deep clean!
take time to wipe down all surfaces. Use disinfecting and cleaning wipes to remove collected dust and dirt. This includes desks, tables, counters, etc. 
strip your bed. Wash the sheets, comforter, blankets, and pillow cases
vacuum the floor. Pick up any small pieces of trash you might’ve missed 
put away all your clothes. Once they’re done washing, don’t just leave them in the hamper. Fold them up and put them away where they belong
Focus on yourself
shower & skincare! On my Sunday resets, I like to take longer showers and use all my body scrubs and body butters and shower gels. wash your face with cleanser, scrubs, exfoliant, etc. moisturize and use a face roller for a few minutes. Id also recommend doing a face or hair mask
light some candles and meditate. Doing a longer meditation will make your headspace feel less cluttered and more put together. it’s like organizing in your head! This would be a good time to cleanse your crystals as well
journal. Take out your journal and write down your goals and plans for the week. you can also take this time to write manifestations, affirmations, or do a few journal prompts.
finally, do whatever you want. At the end of the day, when everything has been cleaned and organized, you can take time to yourself and do whatever you feel like doing. Not all of us have the time during the week to just relax and do what we want in that moment, so take this time to do that! you can watch youtube, draw a picture, play a game, whatever you want.
stay safe lovelies <3 :3
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thatevakid · 2 months ago
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