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eddiemunsonssoulmate · 2 months ago
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A look inside Eddie’s trailer!
Perfect for writing and shifting purposes, ngl
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luvelylili · a month ago
let this be your new story…
my life is perfect now. i get everything i want. i already have everything i want. i look beautiful and feel beautiful. my face is perfect, my features are just the way i want them to be and i am the prettiest girl alive. everyone falls to their knees for me and people can’t help but to be blown away by my beauty. i am everyone’s dream girl. my body is perfect. i have my entire desired appearance and characteristics, and i love the way i look. my self concept is perfect and i instantly manifest anything i want. my friends adore me, and i am everyone’s favourite person. people love me and look up to me, and most importantly i’m secure within myself and i love myself unconditionally. i have all my desires and i am living my dream life right now. i am the girl that has it all. life is on easy mode for me, and everything always works out perfectly for me. i’m living everyday happily and i am constantly being the best version of myself. i believe in myself and i am constantly manifesting wonderful things into my life. my life is full of positivity, love, happiness and passion.
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zepyn · 2 months ago
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The right way to react to the 3D. - guide
- first of all, I want to you remind and tell you, why are you worrying about something you deserve to have? Why are you doubting something that is already yours?
- your subconscious does not have eyes, so why are you not telling it what you want to see? Your subconscious is what molds your reality, your mind is powerful. Even if you don’t see— nor understand that now, trust me you will eventually.
- “I doubt so much, how can I fix that” first of all that is completely normal, you are human and you will adjust to this mindset if you really want to. You must want what belongs to you, so if you really want it, try and “get out of your comfort zone, to get comfortable” — Thewizardliz
- having doubts is okay, just make sure to correct those thoughts with things like;
• “oh that was my old self”
• “just joking, I have my desire”
• “no matter what my doubts say, I have what I desire”
• “why am I thinking that when I already have my desire?”
Even if you don’t see your desire tomorrow, the next day, or your desired day, you will still get it eventually by the law of assumption.
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ninisworld444 · 3 months ago
I’m gonna tell you guys how i made it to the void state - it was so fucking easy
First Here is the list of pick a card reading i watched that helped me get closer to my angels and the universe
- I just close my eyes think about the title of the video and then open my eyes and it’s the one my eyes fall on first or is drawn too
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9, - The first 5 are kinda of a must in my opinion but watch anything by avalon intuitive and esotarot that catches your eye.. they are always accurate and they are the only channels i watch at the moment.. The ones about Manifesting and your path and your angels and your soul or messages are the best videos
Here are three videos i watched that change my perspective on manifesting.. 1 and 2 - i feel like watching these videos are a must because you won’t have to look at other ones or read any books lol i’m lazy :)
Now here’s how i got there…
I’ve been trying for about 2-3 months and didn’t get any symptoms or anything like that so i kinda gave up but then i watched those video and it basically told me to ask my guides for help…
yesterday, So when i was laying down, I talked to my guides/myself lol. in my head and basically talked about the reasons i wanted to change certain things about myself and things that happened to me that caused trauma… I also said at the end that i’m ready to give that past up and move on and i asked for their help and thanked them for giving everything i needed so far then i went to bed.. towards the end of my dream i said this is weird.. like this dream can’t be real next thing you know i’m in my room but it weird because it’s like i walked past my tv but i physically can’t in real life because my tv is too close to my bed… so i thought i am still dream so i said, i am in the void state take me there but then things started to slow down and i woke up [ the date today is June 22,2022 ]
then i laid there on my stomach and thought, hmm what if i try to get to the void state… now i’m not gonna do y’all like how these other pages do.. i think their advice is nice but they talk about how they got to the void state, they build up the story and then just say that they just did it, Or just do it
I will not do that to y’all… this is what happened… when i started saying my affirmations, i said wait let me get relaxed first… At first my brain went off track and thought of other things/ Saying i can’t make it to the void state but then i said subconscious thank you for trying to protected me and help me but now i need to move on from that past I am not the nini that was afraid of manifesting and the void state.. So then i closed my eyes and started saying, i am over and over again and then this old 2000s song came in my head but instead of pulling away from it or trying to make it go away… i let it play in my head and kept saying i am and then i felt the middle of my torso move away from my bed but the rest of my body didn’t and then it stopped but then i told myself I am ready let’s go and started saying i am again then my whole body started lifting up and up and as soon as it got to the second part of the chorus, it went silent… I couldn’t hear my fan and i couldn’t hear my brother who was watching tv loud in the living room… i got so excited that i didn’t ground myself there so i got pulled out but i will try again tonight …
I wouldn’t lie to y’all i’ve cried because of not getting to the void state because i’m currently poor with only 3 dollars in my bank account so i need to manifest… but i hope that helps
You can do it and you can send me any questions .. you have
[ manifest: but i’m not poor, i’m actually rich asf lol ]
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cinefairy · 8 months ago
this is gonna be a long-ish ass post, so grab a snack, here is the whole rundown of law of assumption. im gonna be telling you how to manifest, quotes, success stories and limiting beliefs + how to get rid of them and more. ive made a similar post but since then ive gotten new followers and more people have joined the community.
⋆ ☾ : what is law of assumption?
law of assumption in simple definition is: WHATEVER YOU ASSUME, YOU WILL HAVE IN YOUR REALITY. for example if you were assuming into your reality that you own a million dollar house, BY LAW that million dollar house is yours! you will have it in your reality in no-time.
⋆ ☾ : if it’s that easy then why do people fail?
first of all you cannot “fail” in law of assumption, there is never failure in law of assumption. the law cannot fail you. people simply don’t get their desires for many reasons which i will go through.
this is a common mistake and i see it all the time, you are NOT WAITING FOR YOUR DESIRES, your desires are yours. once you assume creation is finished and your desire is yours, thats it. its done. start maintaining the state of wish fulfilled.
state of wish fulfilled isn’t being happy or excitement its the fulfilment and acceptance that your manifestation is yours, its a natural feeling.
“your assumption to be effective, cannot be a single isolated act, it must be a maintained attitude of wish fulfilled” — Neville Goddard
you cannot serve two masters at once, to successfully manifest you must kill the old beliefs you’ve had. for example if you’re manifesting a new desired appearance you can’t keep persisting in the assumption that you’re ugly and start tearing yourself apart, you must persist in the assumption that you HAVE your desired appearance.
if right now you’re currently seeing things that you’re unhappy with DARE TO ASSUME THE BEST LIFE YOU WANT. any circumstance you are in you can get it out of the way, time is not an obstacle. nothing is when you’re a god, assume big and beautiful because there is nothing you cant have.
i understand majority of us are in undesirable circumstances so i do have a post if you’re struggling here
THIS IS WRONG! you do not have to lift a finger to get what you want, you can stay in the comfort of your bed and home to get your dream life, the only thing you have to do is get out of the comfort zone of a victim mindset. methods, yes they’re helpful but are they necessary? no. you do not have to do the void, SATs, scripting, 5x55 or 3x33 or lullaby method to get what you want. you just need yourself and your mind.
as i mentioned before, you cannot fail. so GO ALL IN, start taking that leap of faith, nothing bad will happen, start believing in yourself and start having faith within yourself because trust me YOU CAN. you can do it.
majority of people have this longing fear that they’re wasting their time but it WILL WORK and its NOT A WASTE OF TIME. the biggest risk is sitting there idly by not doing anything and staying in the same position when know all this power you have!
self concept is something everyone will benefit from no matter what, take it from me. when i focused on my self concept i got better treatment from other people, people treated me with respect, i treated myself with respect, toxicity out of my life, fortune and luck everywhere i go.
our concept of ourselves revolves around our manifestations; if you always thought of yourselves as ugly, a loser, stupid you don’t have that self respect for yourself and you dont feel worthy enough. look at rihanna, rihanna treats herself highly and so does everyone else around her. why? because she has a high concept of herself SHE KNOWS she deserves to be treated with the upmost respect and she reflects that.
⋆ ☾ : so it’s really that easy?
YES! it really is that easy, a lot of people don’t think its easy because of the way they VIEW it. some people view law of assumption as a job or a chore when it really isnt. we assume everyday without even realising it, when we see food that looks gross to us we assume that it most-likely tastes like absolute garbage and because we assumed so..IT IS!
that girl in your school who you think is a snobby little privileged bully? if you changed their assumption on them and replaced it with new beliefs and maintained those new beliefs they would change.
⋆ ☾ : limiting beliefs and how to overcome them
limiting beliefs are normal and is completely common to have but its what we do with our limiting beliefs and how to overcome them so we can do so truly fo so much with our potential that we have.
common limiting beliefs
1. manifesting physical appearances take longer
that couldn’t be any further from the truth, manifesting physical appearances can happen instantly like any single manifestation out there however “unrealistic” it may sound.
2. it takes takes weeks to reprogram your subconscious mind
who made this UP?? it really does depend on yourself, reprogramming your subconscious isnt a MUST, you just have to change beliefs, do not force yourself. again, it can take instantly.
3. you need to affirm for a long period of time
no, you absolutely dont. you can affirm for a second you can affirm for a couple of minutes do not go overboard and create these limiting beliefs yourself. stop putting limitations on your true powers, your subconscious is your higher god self and it absorbs everything.
4. “Impressing the subconscious mind”
DO NOT EVER THINK FOR ONE SECOND YOU HAVE TO “IMPRESS” YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. your subconscious is yourself, why are you impressing yourself. your subconscious is not something out of you it is within you. you do not have to impress a thing- and a lot of people say you have to with even increases the limiting belief that you have to say tons of affirmations for the desire to “fully sink in and manifest”. that’s completely wrong.
and can i just say, you have the full responsibility of the life you choose to make. nobody else you do not have to follow the life other people have set up for you, go your own way. and also, there is no one higher above dictating whether you get your desires or not. YOU dictate and decide your desires, nobody else.
⋆ ☾ : how to manifest
in the most simplest way i am going to tell you how to exactly manifest, this time with no methods with not even lifting a finger how to manifest anything you want in life.
want that car? assume it. want to be a celebrity? assume it. want to date a celebrity? assume it. want to have your dream desired appearance? assume it is DONE. thats it, thats actually it.
If you assume your desire and live there as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact — Neville GODDARD.
Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. — Neville GODDARD
Your opinion on yourself is your most important viewpoint, you are infinitely greater than you think you are — Neville GODDARD
now i want you to imagine your dream self, how do they look? how do they dress? how do they talk? how do they smell? are they smart? poise? beautiful? how do people react when they see your dream person walk into a room? now. that dream person you just imagined, is YOU. its not a dream. stop thinking that something you want is a far distant imagination that you will never reach, its not. its anything but.
have the same thoughts as you would if all assumptions were true. for example, if i was manifesting becoming an oscar-winning actress who works with best actors and actresses in the business i would be having thoughts such as…
“I am the best winning actress ever”
“I never fail at acting, I always bring my A game”
“i always work with the best people on earth, and i am so grateful for that”
“I really am that BITCH.”
see? i would embody mentally the person i want to become, and assume in it’s fullest.
this is also what you call LIVING IN THE END, living in the end is what you call THINKING FROM and not THINKING OF. you are thinking from the perspective of your manifestation already being materialised.
a motivation letter from me. . . ♡
trust me when i say you can do it, you can manifest having whatever you want in life and let nobody tell you any different. thats all their silly limiting beliefs that they’re telling you, you don’t have to believe them. start believing in the imagination. start trusting yourself because you are the operant power who holds everything together. you’re amazing, smart, beautiful in your own unique way, you’re YOU. you are so unique and you’re made up of all these beautiful thoughts and you’ll soon use those thoughts to manifest everything you could ever wish for you. now, if it ever gets too tough for you. thats okay :) no need to panic or feel any threat. you can get through it. how many situations have you been in that you felt it was the end of the world? and look at you you’re still here thriving. one day you’re gonna finally be able to wake up and realise the world you’ve created around you and say “i’ve made it”
success stories here
• apartment manifestation
• penthouse manifestation
• desired face manifestation
• self concept manifestation
• multiple success stories here
• desired chin manifestation
• iphone 11 manifestation
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blaquedolll · 3 months ago
The fact that you “can’t manifest” or “don’t see movement” is because YOURE ASSUMING SO BITCH! THAT PROVES THE LAW IS REAL. stop.over.complicating shit. the time you’ve been bitching & complaining could’ve been used to flip thoughts & persist. ITS ALL IN YOU POOKIE. NOBODY HOLDS POWER IN YOUR REALITY BUT YOU! when tf will y’all realize??? LIKE BITCH YOURE FUCKING BLESSED TO KNOW ABOUT THAT LAW OF ASSUMPTION while there’s people outchea living horribly & dk wtf to do or use law of attraction & only manifested a damn grape. GET YOUR HEAD OUT YOUR ASS & PUT THAT BITCH ON YOUR SHOULDERS & THINK DAMMIT. THE LAW IS REAL. AFFIRM OR WHATEVER TF YOU WANNA DO & FUCKING PERSIST UNTIL YOU GET YOUR SHIT HOE. i’m not fucking playing. i’m tired of y’all not living y’all desired lives.
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lavender--fairy · 3 months ago
OKAY HEAR ME OUT!! ITS WORTH IT I PROMISE!! i had an epiphany recently, so basically i was thinking about the statement "when you desire something its not the outer man desiring it, its the inner man" and because the inner man desires it, his wish can be granted in the inner world of imagination, But the thing is that if you imagine a scene that implies that you have what you want and still don't feel content and don't feel the feeling of wish fulfilled, you still feel like you don't have it you are prolly doing one of these thing: 1. Not accepting imagination to be the real reality: you think "its just imagination" or "its fake" you wont believe it until you see it in the 3d and if this is you, as Neviile would've said "you are enslaved by the sense" The only thing you need is to accept imagination to be the real reality, STOP letting this world of illusion(3d) fool you into believing that this(3d) is reality, IT ISNT!! ITS JUST A REFLECTION OF IMAGINATION. Have whatever you want in imagination, learn to satisfy yourself in imagination stop worrying about the 3d because its literally just reflection. 2.You are imagining to manifest it: you aren't having fun imagining being in your sp's arms, you're busy and worried about trying to make it vivid, trying to make it in first person's view and all that stuff. You are worried that if you don't imagine it perfectly it won't manifest. You are not imagining to make it happen, you are experiencing who you wanna be and the 3d is a secondary thing, it will reflect because it doesn't have its own will to do whatever it wants, but your concern shouldn't be about the 3d, you should have fun being whoever you want in the world of imagination where you can be anyone you desire!! 3. You are postponing the feeling: You are just quickly trying to finish your scene and not feeling it real, you think you'll feel all that when it happens in the 3d, but the inner man desires the feeling, the feeling of wish fulfilled and you refuse to give it to your inner man.The inner man wants the feeling of wish fulfilled and you can feel any sort of feeling anytime but you seem to kinda postpone for when it will happen in the 3d. You may say "but fairy it feels like i am forcing the feeling" that's because you are feeling that "feeling" to manifest it, don't do that!! feel what you wanna feel don't be busy trying to make "perfect" in order to manifest.When you accept imagination to be the real reality you will automatically feel the feelings 4. You are conditioning it with time: After you feel happy you have questions like "okay but when will it happen?" "how is this gonna happen tho?" If you accept imagination to be the real reality then you are it now!! like those questions don't even make sense!! when? bitch look through your mind's eye, ITS IS HAPPENING NOW!! how? Well it happened so you don't have to worry about it!! These conditions come from when you include the outer world because in inner world you already have what you want now, not in the future NOWW!!
my final tip is to accept your imagination to be the real reality and not to condition yourself with what you "have to do" in order to manifest but do what you "want to do" because in the end is just to satisfy your inner man with giving him what he desires in the world of imagination.
This post might be quite helpful as well :)
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queenmoriarty · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
POV: you just arrived at Hogwarts and are about to get sorted into your house
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scmndr · 10 months ago
the feminine urge to keep inventing fake scenarios to be with my comfort characters as i make up yet another story line with thought out dynamics and plot twists
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jh4l · 5 months ago
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venuscelebrity · 19 hours ago
let’s stop letting our bodies run us, feeding into the illusion that we are not in control. we are running things now, and we may not be used to the feeling of taking control of our narratives but we will be! from eating patterns, relationships, to making money, we got the power to change and rule our world. when you find yourself wanting to go back to old patterns, remind yourself “this is actually who we are now. we deserve this.”
Tumblr media
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itgirl-111 · 5 months ago
Master of the void
I get into the void state in less than one minute. Its incredibly easy for me to get into the void state just by setting an intention. I get into the void state just by wanting to get into the void state. Getting into the void state is easier than drinking water! I always get into the void state quickly, easily and effortlessly. I fearlessly decide i get into the void state in less than one minute and then i get into it. I am pure consciousness. I am in the void. I am the void. I am the success story myself. I don't try to get into void state because wanting to get into void state is enough. Why is getting into void so annoyingly effortless! Its literally simpler than ABCD! I make all the void rules because i am the creator. I get all of my desires the moment i exit the void. I naturally see all of my desires fully in the 3d the moment i exit the void. Everything always works out in my favour no matter what. I am always successful in everything no matter what. I have naturally become a master of the void state now.
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evvlevie · 23 days ago
I SHIFTED FOR THE FIRST TIME !!!!  (as detailed as a shifting blogger can be but scroll down for the juicy part)
Hi, Hello, my beautiful beautiful readers! It's your favorite blogger Evie again and I don't know where to begin 😭 You've read the title so you know damn well what this post is about, and I am freaking over the moon to say it finally happened!
"So how did you shift?" Is most likely your very first question, and I promise I will answer it, but not without giving you full context on what led up to this magical event (or just scroll down in case only the shifting part concerns you)
so as I mentioned in my last post I had been in this state of not putting any effort into my shifting attempts anymore and basically treating shifting like any other of my manifestations: that it will happen on its own, if I simply want to.
⇣the post in question in case you're interested⇣
"Did it work?", you may be wondering. It did not. It might work for other people, because some points I made in that post still apply to me, but the idea of just counting on it to happen on its own didn't really work in my case. This being said, just because it didn't work for me, doesn't mean it can't work for you, and if you are an advanced manifestor who has complete trust in the law, this mindset might even be yours to apply.
Ever since I posted this, some days went by and my typical shifting-cycle repeated. I didn't shift after being so confident I would, and then the realization hit hard and I became severely demotivated. I even told my shifting bestie I was about to give up and lucky for me she motivated me and gave me back my faith. Speaking of faith: I had been noticing that certain angel numbers kept reoccurring in my life. The numbers being 1237 and 119. These numbers seem random, but 12:37 is the time my niece was born and 11th of September is my birthday. (yes I was born on 9/11, no not in the year that it happened, but two years later which is basically irrelevant information but it's a little fun fact about me.) I always thought the universe was showing me my birthday, up until I googled both of these numbers and realized they both mean something among the lines of "keep faith and trust in the universe". And lucky for you I did.
⇣small fangirl and shout-out-moment ⇣
Then on Monday I had a doctors appointment, and being bored in the waiting room I opened Tumblr. My feed was full of law of assumption content and I actually took the time and read through them all, and I reposted the ones I felt like gave me a lot of insight. Now to the freaking craziest part of all of this. (okay not true but it sure meant the world to me). I wake up in Tuesday and see that THE @astra-nomy reposted my post about the newest shifting tip I had found, and not only that, my comfort-shifter @multiversebaddie not only liked one of my posts, BUT FOLLOWED ME BACK. All in the same night and even right after another. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT THAT DID TO ME????? I was like no, nope you guys, I can't not shift if my favourite shifting and loa bloggers fucking found out I existed. (APHRODITE FOLLOWS ME I CANT COMPREHEND THAT). Plus @lavender--fairy commented on the post mentioned earlier, and her post that I reblogged, was the one who actually gave me the key to shifting. Hell yes. I mean I knew what I needed to know from other bloggers anyway, but her post actually brought me back to the correct mindset.
so now it is Wednesday. I never really talked about what DR I am shifting to, and I mentioned it somewhere on an old ass post but to put it as briefly as I can: my DR contains a certain group of YouTubers, and I am shifting so I can be friends with them. Now they post videos on Wednesdays and due to the time difference I get to watch them at 11:30 pm, so basically right before going to bed. I went and grabbed a quick shower and then I laid in bed and started doing what I was always doing: affirming. But due to me being me this quickly turned into overthinking and overcomplicating EVERYTHING which is why I stopped, went back on TikTok to clear my thoughts a little and then returned to my attempt.
☞ I laid in a position most comfortable to me and I started imagining myself in my DR making myself ready for bed. In my head I reminded myself of the thing that I was able to remember due to @lavender--fairy 's post: The 4D is the real reality, and the 3D is only the translation of your inner thoughts. meaning: if I can visualize it, I am already IN it.
☞ Along with me imagining my DR-me doing what I did, I always reminded myself (affirming if you will) that if I can imagine it, I am in it. I purposely chose the Visualization of me doing things I was already doing in my CR day-to-day because you can feel the moment so much better and ground yourself in that reality way easier than imagining me climbing a mountain since I never did that.
☞ I was making myself aware over and over again, that the imagination is the real reality and that if I can imagine it, I am in it. For as long as I was trying to fall asleep. I even moved and rearranged my position constantly, imagining that I was my DR-me doing the same thing. I really just emerged myself in that visualization and started feeling what ever I did, because essentially that's how manifestation works. You don't need to worry about the 3D, and you don't have to feel like you're lacking something. You imagined it in the 4D, so you already did it silly!
☞ In combination to that I never forced myself to stay focused on my DR. Because as mentioned in this post below, you are supposed to let you mind do its own thing in a way, because you can't shift If you are too aware of what you are trying to do.
I found myself in this weird state between falling asleep and still being conscious enough to see and understand what you are envisioning. So I was technically awake while it happened. I didn't visualize my DR anymore, instead my mind went into a completely different direction and I saw myself buying milk with Harry Styles. No I did not even script him into my DR, this was just my brain doing brain things. Nonetheless I was still affirming that if I can see it, I am in it, and suddenly I felt myself getting pulled. I heard a little whooshing sound and I literally zoomed out of my body. I was standing in a dark corridor and I could see an open door in the distance with a little something happening in the room it was leading to but I was too far away to see what was happening. Suddenly the corridor started spinning and I felt myself getting pulled into a whole different door. I gained consciousness in this unknown room, but I couldn't tell where I was, or what I was seeing, because it was just dark in there and my eyes had no chance of adjusting quickly enough. I panicked and before I could even comprehend it, I knew I set the intention to shift back to my CR. I got pulled back into this mysterious corridor and shoved into another door by some weird energy and I opened my eyes back in the CR. I know it wasn't a dream because this whole zooming out, the mysterious energy sending me from door to door and the random dark room felt way too physical for it to be a dream. I could literally feel myself in this corridor as only a "being" of some sort, but definitely not as a human with a physical form. From the many success stories I have read regarding shifting realities, I have noticed that many shifters do not reach their desired reality on their first try. Almost every shifter that has talked about shifting mentioned that their first shift was weird and to a strange, undefined reality. (@multiversebaddie shifted to a random ass classroom for example)
I believe I shifted when I did, because my mind was in this gloomy state between conscious and unconscious, which ultimately made me believe myself on the spot when I told myself the affirmations I mentioned earlier. I did not doubt them and that's probably why the void state is such a powerful state to be in, because even if I wasn't, I imagine it to be very similar to this.
Another thing, that won't hurt you is educating yourself on the law of assumption. I know it helped me a lot and I believe that people who struggle with shifting, would benefit if they understood the way manifestation worked because ultimately manifestation and shifting is the same thing.
If you read everything from top to bottom: I love you. If you are doubting shifting, your ability to do it, or wether or not it is real: I can guarantee you as a first-person-witness: not only is it real, it's something every single dingus out there can achieve! And if I can help you in any way, shape, or form: don't be afraid to ask.
I send a lot of love and a lot of positive vibes to everyone reading this! I had been waiting to do this post ever since I created my blog and I still can't believe that I finally got to do it 😭
Yours in every reality
Evie <3
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itsravenbitch · 6 months ago
my void success story💞🦋
(1st void story)
it’s 7:30 pm right now and i got into the void last night and i’ve been processing everything ALL DAYY… chilleeee it’s overwhelmingly exciting!
so in this post i’ll tell y’all HOW i got into the void and WHAT i manifested. but yall the way i woke up is my favoritee thing ever🥰
***long post ahead***
nowww how did i get into the void
i got in at night but anytime works as y’all know
1. i did a meditation [for the 1st time] a little bit before going to bed just because .. that shits super relaxing 10/10 recommend
2. anyway i set an alarm for 5 hours cause i read it somewhere that when you do, you get sleep paralysis so mmhm that’s what i did
3. i went to sleep with the intention of the void being easy to get into and yeah. it was a cool lil 5 hours.
4. thennnn my loud ass alexa alarm went off i told her to shut up and i just lied there.. they key is when the alarm goes off you don’t open your eyes and don’t move too much. this will get your body into SP. then your mind is awake and your body is dead asleep.
*in case it wasn’t obvious already make sure you’re not falling asleep again after waking up*
6. igh so boom… here we are now in SP . at this point i just repeated a few void affirmations. and i started getting THEE floating feeling, i was elevating the WHOLE time til i stopped.. then i got this falling feeling. i literally fell all the way from where i was and then i slowed down. right after i felt this shift .. AND BOOM BITCH I WAS IN THE VOIDD!!!! it was pitch black and the rest of the other stuff you experience when you’re in the void . moving on .
all i said was “gimme the life i’ve been deserving of” and i was out that ho. 🏎
tbh i wasn’t even scared cause i was ready for any of the symptoms .
so now what you probably wanna know. what did i manifesttt ???
so overall, i basically got my dream life so here’s kinda what that looks like
🦋my physical appearance: i got my desired face and body, as well as going from itty bitty 5’2 to big mf heavy stepper 5’8 mmmhmm. i reduced my titties and shii 😂 i had really ugly finger nails but they look really well kept now: and my toenails. they look like girl toes now. my skinnnn.. i can’t stop touching it.. it’s so soft 😌
🦋a lil boo thang or whatever: ooouu i’m not gon say teww much butttt.. yall i’m allll about black love so y’all already knoww… darkskin, muscular, gives THE best hugs ANDDD he’s from brooklyn, ny. and he got the accent and his voice is deep and a lil 🤏🏽 raspy ughhh ifykyk
🦋 tesla model y and my driver’s license: so i’m 17 and i didn’t get my license at 16 like most do. i actually didn’t even go to drivers ed fr. but that all changed of courseee. and to go with it i got a tesla. i got a black exterior , white interior , model y . i got in the car and knew exactly what to do lmao i was mind blown and overwhelmed with excitement.
🦋 my parents allowing me and my sisters to smoke: ok, i would like to start with the fact that my parents are african ok? and ifykyk! so me and my older sister like to smoke a lil weed and obviously my parent weren’t cool w that but they are now and it’s so weirddd.. like me and her go to the backyard and smoke and they just ignore it.. my dad yell at the fact that we smoke in MY SISTERS car tho and i’m like bro it NOT YOUR CARRR. he need to relax, he need some weed fr.
🦋desired friend group: i live in a predominantly white area and please don’t get me wrong but i just feel like i connect with my sistas better. but again where i live limits that so y’all already know wtf i did. i manifested 3 close friends and they really make my life so much better 💞
🦋moneyyy ofc: nothing much to say but i definitely won’t be worrying about money
🦋a fun life: i go out w friends , my bf takes me on fancy dates , i have a car now, so i take my little sister shopping and i love spoiling her . school is so easy so i don’t worry about it, my days are productive but fun, i have a great social life. and i’m traveling next weeekk.
🦋school goes by fast: even though i have late arrival bc ima senior i be tryna gtfo
🦋i got a cat: vivi is my munchkin kitten she’s so so tiny and i love her but i swear she love my man more than she love me bro.. ion know i might have to get on her ass.
🦋instant manifestation forever and perfect self concept: i would say my sc before the void was decent but now it’s perfect and that was the goal. and my manifestations are instant. seconds…
that about wraps this post right tf up. uhh like i said i’ve been adjusting to my new life , experiencing new things , just enjoying my life with no job , all the money i need and my only priority being school .
if y’all want the story about how i woke up from the void lemme know and i might make a post on it .
have a great morning , afternoon , evening , or night
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multiversebaddie · 6 months ago
The Multiverse Baddie Shifting Method
Tumblr media
i just wanted to put a disclaimer that I have YET to shift but I know that I'm already at Hogwarts right now so that's all that matters. ANYWAYS....reality shifting is easier than blinking, and we shift all the time, everything single we do and manifest is a shift to a reality, that's already been established in the Law of Assumption community. I just feel like regurgitating it because I want to drill in everyone's skulls on how EASY shifting is, because my method is so simple. Stop going on to Tiktok for shifting information.
For my method, listening to subliminals, meditating, reading your script etc is not necessary. It can either be an awake or asleep method. My method is super aphantasia friendly as it's mostly focused on counting and affirming but if you want to visualise or use your 5 senses you are more than welcome to do that. YOU CAN STILL SHIFT WITH DOUBTS!!!! PEOPLE HAVE SHIFTED WITHOUT BELIEVING.
1. The first thing you're going to say is: I intend to wake up at _____ because I know for a fact I'm already there
2. Then count for the next set of 20 numbers, you can count slowly or quickly. You will only count to 100.
3. The next thing you're going to say is: I am the most powerful and best reality shifter in the entire multiverse. Say this affirmation with confidence.
4. Count the next set of 20 numbers
5. Then you'll affirm: I am pure consciousness not attached to any reality.
6. Count the next set of 20 numbers.
7. The next thing you'll affirm is: I have already expanded my consciousness and I'm aware of ________
8. Count the last set of 40 numbers
9. The last thing you'll say is: I am at ______ right now no matter what.
If you're not asleep by then you can think about your other reality as if you're already there, keep affirming, visualise being there, or use your 5 senses as if you're already there until you fall asleep or shift there awake. You don’t have to say these affirmations exactly you can always change the wording to your liking and you don’t have to count perfectly. You don’t have to affirm in that specific order either. NOTHING WILL AFFECT YOU FROM SHIFTING OK??
The reason why I picked those affirmations specifically is because all you need to shift is yourself and you intention. You are not TRYING to shift to a place because you're already there, all you need to do is become aware of your other reality. Also, you are just pure consciousness not attached to any reality, you can be in any reality in a blink of an eye, literally. You already are the best and most powerful reality shifter in the multiverse PERIODT.
I AM MANIFESTING EVERYONE WHO USES MY METHOD IS GOING TO SHIFT GUARANTEED. YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO SHIFT USING MY METHOD OK???? I'M GOD OF THE MULTIVERSE AND I CLAIM IT. IT IS DONE. If you shift with my method please share your success stories with me, which I already know you all will so I expect hundreds of DMS flooding my inbox no cap.
PRO-TIP: throughout the day work on your self concept on how you view reality shifting. Tell yourself how effortless, easy, and instant shifting is for you, and how you're the most powerful shifter ever. This isn't required to shift but helps me a ton. A person literally shifted fully awake and consciously with their eyes open on Amino with just affirming how effortless shifting is. We are THAT powerful. Check my first post if you need help for shifting affirmations.
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fairyv1b3s · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
1. They stay firm in their inner conviction that what they want is already theirs.
2. They don’t entertain anything opposite of what they desire.
3. They know that 3D is dead so they remain calm and unmoved by the evidence of their senses.
4. Even if they react to anything outside they still know nothing can mess up their manifestation.
5. They just relax and have a knowing that if they desire something it’s meant to be. They persist until they get the results.
6. They know that everyone is a reflection of their concept of self and therefore believe that imagination creates reality.
7. No matter what happens they trust in the godself within themselves and know that things are still being orchestrated in their favour.
— via illuminatingandenlightening on IG
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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