divine555 · a day ago
Everything in life comes so easily to me. It’s like the universe wants me to succeed in every way possible.
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navnae · 2 days ago
Eddie: I don’t see the hype behind Harrington, there’s nothing special about him
*after the upside down*
Eddie with his arms around Steve’s waist: I lied. I get the hype now
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prettym1nd · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
master manifestor mentality affirmations ⋆ ˚。⋆ ୨୧
1. i am a limitless master manifestor
2. i have a perfect top-tier self concept for everything
3. i manifest whatever i want INSTANTLY
4. it’s literally normal for me to manifest quickly
5. i only need to affirm once to get what i want within a heartbeat
6. manifesting is extremely easy for me
7. i manifest effortlessly, whatever i want just falls into my lap
8. i’m just naturally good at manifesting
9. i only have to want something to get it, it’s as simple as that
10. i literally have everything i want right now
11. everything in my life is absolutely perfect
12. everything ALWAYS works out in my favor
13. i know that everything is unfolding for me perfectly
14. everything goes my way and my way only
15. i always assume for the best and that’s exactly what i get
Tumblr media
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cinefairy · 21 hours ago
why we do not allow ourselves to have our greatest desires
Tumblr media
i think a major part of the law people struggle with is allowing ourselves to feel what we want to feel. imagine what we want to imagine. be who we want to be.
i believe the reason why some people are afraid to imagine is not because of manifestation itself but because they’ve settled for things they don’t want for so long it feels crazy to actually achieve something they want.
they think of a million reasons as to why it won’t work for them. they base their decisions on what has happened to them in the past.
the idea that they can attain and be whoever they want to be is incredibly far-fetched so they look for any reason not to believe in themselves. they limit themselves to their circumstances. they give themselves excuses as to why they cant be.
when actually…there is no excuse
believe it or not there is no excuse. you are only one assumption away from being the person you desire to be.
no one is coming to stop you from being who you want to be. no one is looking down on you & judging you about the things you want to accomplish in life. NOBODY and i mean it NOBODY has control over you. everything will work out in your favour, so please for your benefit accept that.
another one reason as to why people don’t allow themselves to have their greatest desires is fear. fear isnt something that keeps us safe, it keeps us imprisoned.
it keeps us imprisoned from experiencing new things, enjoying new things. it keeps us from stepping outside from our comfort zone.
You created your fears. understand that they’re nothing unless you give them power, they’re your own creation. put a death to it.
IMAGINE. imagine whatever it is you want without fear crawling up and sneaking in, and if it does tell it to go! so what is it you want? answer this question honestly to yourself and do not water it down— give it life. give it colour, give it texture.
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babygothprincess · 2 days ago
All you ever have to do to get ANYTHING you want is
1. Stick to one story
2. Not care what you see 💗
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fleurlx · 17 hours ago
okay so i know that i said i was coming back tomorrow, but i just woke up from a nap and RAN to tell you guys this, i just had a dream, it was some kind of white light, and i asked that white light “how can i enter the void?” and it said “the same way you meditate, you enter the meditative state, nothing more nothing less” (note how it said meditative state and not ‘void’) and it disappeared, i am speechless… So yeah, that means there’s nothing to over complicate here, just pure relaxation.
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sweetp33ps · a day ago
a success story everywhere in loa tumblr right now!! It makes me very happy and motivated I can't wait to be one of them!!
for success stories you can follow:
@rosellesworkshop @gorgeouslypink @littlemissprettyprincess @fleurlx @voidsuccess @yasavinggrace
I support everyone with all my heart and send my love, we will achieve greater success, all of us. Never stop believing in yourself!
“Stop trying to change the world since it is only the mirror. Man’s attempt to change the world by force is as fruitless as breaking a mirror in the hope of changing his face. Leave the mirror and change your face. Leave the world alone and change your conceptions of yourself. The reflection then will be satisfactory.
Neville Goddard, Your Faith is Your Fortune
: ̗̀➛ and for @rosellesworkshop , beautiful, angelic and one of the sweetest bloggers in loa tumblr. I want you to be sure that your efforts in this community and the happiness you have brought us will never be forgotten, you are truly one of the sweetest and most supportive people, even though you are so young, I love you very much and wish you an amazing time in your dream life!
-sending love to all good and respectful people in this community 。°˖ ʚ🍓ɞ ꒦꒷⩩
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malusokay · a day ago
How to master public speaking
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Confidence can be learned. Don't compare yourself to others. Everyone starts somewhere; you just need to gain experience and get comfortable. <3
Prepare in time. To reduce stress and anxiety, start learning, researching, and practising early!
Note cards. Make yourself note cards to help you stay structured and focused. Use bullet points instead of full sentences to make your speech more fluent and natural.
Properly research your topic. Questions are only scary if you don't know the answers; try learning as much about it as possible!
Practice your speaking, present your subject to a friend or family member who knows nothing about the topic, and let them ask questions, so you know where to improve.
Have a friend sitting in the back of the room; focus on them when nervous and tell them to signal to you when you have to speak louder. Like a small hand sign!
Posture. Stand up straight, don't hide your hands.
Ask for advice. Look for someone who you can learn from, annoy them with your questions, ask them to proofread your work and ask for guidance.
Don't chew gum. Obviously.
Mindset. Everyone is feeling the same way, people want to listen to you, people want to help you, you can do this. Positive affirmations!! <3
Once you get in the flow, it will get easier. Going to the front and having everyone looking at you can be scary, but once you start speaking, it will immediately get better!
Calming down. Try not to overthink it.
Eye contact. look around while speaking, if you can't look people in the eyes, try looking at people's hair. Fake it until you make it.
Use your hands to be more engaging! Don't stiffen up, you can also walk around the room to seem more relaxed.
If it's a PowerPoint, add pictures to make people pay attention. It will also get the attention of you if that is something that makes you nervous!
Speak formally, don't use curse or slang words.
Prepare for potential questions. You can also plan questions with your friends that they can ask you! teamwork, haha.
It will be over before you know.
Getting used to presenting your work takes time, with every time you do it, it will get a little bit easier. I promise. <3
As always, Please feel free to add more suggestions in the comments!
✩‧₊*:・love ya ・:*₊‧✩
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venstark · 2 days ago
There’s no need for you to go through dark times to get ‘character development’.
You don’t have to fall before you rise.
You don’t have to get trashed on to ‘learn your lesson’.
You don’t have to go through years of patience to get what you want.
You don’t have to go through so many stages to climb to the top.
You don’t have to work hard to get your reward.
You don’t have to spend so much money to get those shoes you want.
You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone to be deserving.
You don’t have to do all those ridiculous publicity stunts to get famous.
You don’t have to go through so many castings to get to walk on that fashion show.
You don’t have to change everything about you to be able to get noticed by your SP.
You don’t have to beg on your knees for your parents to let you go on that trip with your friends.
You don’t have to work out and go through so many diets to get your dream body.
You don’t have to study hard 24/7 and wore your mental and physical health out to get good grades.
You don’t have to do a lot of manifestion techniques to get your desires.
You don’t have and need to do shit for anything or to anyone at all. You deserve to get everything handed out to you on a silver platter. The only thing that you need to do, is to change your mindset. That’s literally it. It all starts with YOU.
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infinitebea · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You don't affirm to get what you want. You already have what you want. The affirmations are reminders.
Therefore affirming shouldn't feel like a chore. It shouldn't feel like a job. It should feel as natural as the thoughts you had before you became conscious of your power.
Before I would affirm, and affirm, and affirm. I would get frustrated and I would check the 3D. Why isn't it here? I'm affirming and my mind is in check. So where is my desire?
It's not here because you're still checking the 3D. It's not here because you're asking where it is. You're forcing affirmations and becoming stressed because it doesn't show up in your 3D the second you affirm for it. Relax. It is created. You're doing everything right. It will conform.
When you affirm out of hope vs trust, affirming because you're having a reaction to what you aren't experiencing with your senses, or affirming out of frustration...It's all coming from a place of lack. Relax back into your power. Blind yourself of your senses. Don't overwhelm yourself. Let the topic of your affirmations arise naturally if affirming is getting a negative reaction out of you. Don't force it when you're noticing lack in the 3D.
YES repetition is key to manifesting.
BUT, know when the repetition is beneficial. Are you repeating your affirmations because you feel like if you don't you're not going to get what you want, or are you doing it because it makes you feel good? Are you affirming out of fear that it won't happen unless you affirm? Are you affirming because you have spare time or are you doing it out of panic because you feel as if you haven't affirmed enough for the day?
Take a deep breath.
You're doing everything right.
Let it come about naturally.
Let the pressure of it go, because guess what?
It's. Already. Yours.
What you were doing before the Law was enough to manifest things into your life, so whatever you're doing now is also more than enough. You're doing great 💗
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ .。*゚+.*.。。*゚+.*.⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. .。.・゜
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channelangel · 9 hours ago
𝐯𝐨𝐢𝐝 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐯𝐚𝐮𝐧𝐭 🎀
i love how by one affirmation i am already in the void, and that entering the void is faster than the speed of light, i am so happy and grateful that entering the void is always instant and easy, and that fact that i enter the void so effortlessly its just crazy! as soon as i relax my body and affirm i am already consumed by the void theres no doubt at that the void is real and i accept the fact that entering the void is so easy and effortless for me! i really am such a master at the void, i know that the void is only a small part of my power, and i am so grateful that entering the void is always instant, i mean, what can you expect from a void master like me?
credit: @blushydior
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taurusbae222 · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
firstly, i don’t even know if i like the word *delusional* because in reality it isn’t really being delusional bc u already have it. ANYWAYS I DONT WANNA COMPLICATE ANYTHING SOO
just literally entertain random thoughts like you already have it until it becomes natural. for example, you want to be photogenic. what you would do, gi about your today, but as you are doing random tasks of your day think, “omg i am so photogenic” “wow i really do know how to pose” “i am so happy how i look flawless at every angle” etc. don’t force it though. Do it when it feels fun to do it to not hold any attachment.
i thinks that’s pretty much it but i might edit this later, and give it more detail, im just really tired atm so im just typing whatever comes to me in the moment.
anyways that’s it for for now,
love- taurusbae222 🫶🫶
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navnae · a day ago
In my mind the group can make a lot of jokes about each other and it’s easy for them to laugh it off but when it comes to Steve they’re a little bit ruthless with them. Eddie notices that Steve doesn’t say anything when some things that are said about him are really pushing the line. So when he feels like Steve is getting joked on too much Eddie steps in to tell everyone to lay off of Steve for a bit and he doesn’t know why it matters to him but he just doesn’t like when Steve refuses to stick up for himself just because he’s used to jokes like that. Eddie pull him to the side and tells him it’s ok not to be ok with certain things that friends say that doesn’t mean they’re less of a friend it just means that a healthy boundary will be formed. Steve never realized how much he needed to hear that from Eddie and it was honestly the best thing he’s heard in awhile, so with that in mind Steve creates a boundary for himself and everyone respects it.
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rawhoneybliss · 17 hours ago
For my law of assumption baddies:
"Stick to the new script that you created. There is no going back to the old story. It's old for a reason. It wasn't serving what you know you're capable of having or experiencing. That's why you created the new story in the first place. Let your thoughts, words and responses to the 3d match your new story. If you feel yourself wavering, refer back to the new script that you created."
— Raw Honey Bliss 💖
Visit RHB website for more inspo and 1:1 Consultations 💗
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vesora · 19 hours ago
reminding you of your true power - manifestation
do you feel alone? are you going through hard circumstances and you feel bad because growing up, all anyone ever said to you was completely negative? 
this sounds like an ad to a dodgy scheme but its not 
i am here to tell you anything that anyone ever said to you, no matter who it is, it could have been beyonce (i bring her up a lot) but it aint real
because how can anything negative be associated with GOD? you are god. that doesnt make you delusional or egotistical because growing up im sure we all associated god with this being outside of us who is better than us and yada yada
i do believe in god still, meaning source, but i believe that god/source gave us all His abilities. we are able to create as well as He can.
so, how can you sit here and tell me that you dont deserve anything good?
“If your conception of yourself is less than that which you claim as true of God, you have robbed God” (i think neville said this im not sure)
now tell me what you would associate god with? for me it is:
pure unconditional love, the almighty creator, limitlessness, pure forgiveness
you already have all this within you but “your refusal to believe this is the only reason you do not see it” (-neville)
you do not have to BECOME limitless, or BECOME a master manifestor because you already ARE everything you desire
but sora why cant i see proof of this?
if you are just starting out, lack in persisting or you have had hard circumstances and fail to believe that you truly are the one and only creator, you might have to persist even more and fully embody yourself as that which you seek to be
but sora this all sounds too good to be true
we live in an epoch right now where there is a martian impulse situated from the time of jesus christ meaning that earth right now is dominated with the need to work hard, to compete, to fight because what is mars associated with? war, aggression, heavy masculinity
humans used to live in an epoch - lemuria / kinda atlantis until they lost their shit and became overly concerned with technology like how we are rn - where it was extremely natural to manifest. telepathy, levitation, full control of one’s body was completely normal because it is a human’s TRUE nature to be in line with divine consciousness meaning to be less dense (less concerned with the physical world)
this power hasnt left us, if it sounds too good to be true as it once did for me, it means that you havent completely let go of the conditioning that society put in you because why would the elite want you to realise your true power?
but i am telling you right now that you are powerful. idk if u r a small town girl from ohio named betsy, u r POWERFUL because you are made of the same consciousness that god is made of.
now i had made this post initially to offer support for people going through bad things so ill go back to that rn
you are not alone. this blogger named vesora (shes pretty cool) is here for you. we do not need to know each others names, faces or livelihoods, just simply the fact that you are aware of my existence and i of yours (yes i check my notes and manifest the best for everyone), we are set and bonded. for humans share a special connection that others cant replicate.
i love you, if you havent heard it in a while or if you wanna hear it again. i love you and i love how you are trying even if things are hard but remember success is guaranteed for that is the gift given to you as soon as you were born. i see you, i dont care if you feel unseen, unloved, unworthy; i see you, i love you, i know you are worthy. and since all humans are one - one consciousness - u love urself too. just accept you do. ପ(๑ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)ଓ
Tumblr media
yes u can be like tanjiro too
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konniesreality · 2 days ago
Fun things to manifest + mythical
A phone
A fairy, unicorn or dragon or any mythical creature!
Hogwarts (school of magic from harry potter) how cool would this be??!!
The ability to fly
Ice powers
Teleporting ability
Speak all languages in the world
A wish book
A genie
A time turner (from harry potter)
Mauraders map (harry potter)
The ability to jump in a TV screen (IDK LMAOO)
A vampire significant other (you give me bella swan vibes heheh)
Stuffed animals/plushies can talk
Vampire fangs
Exotic eyes (like an owls eyes, or purple eyes)
Your fictional S/O + comfort character is real in this reality
Tumblr media
Eyes change depending on your mood (ex. Blue + sad, red + mad, you get the idea)
Thats all! 😼❤🤗
Happy manifesting! 111
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