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Stay Right Here
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This is a variation of Alpharry prince and Omega Maid… I hope you enjoy <3 sorry in advance.
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WC: 1.6 k
Warnings: slight angst, ABO dynamics, smut, knotting mention
“No one smells as divine as you do.” His nose buried in the crook of her neck, Y/N laid on his bed with her fingers gently combing through his hair. It was hard to be a prince. Y/N knew just as well as anyone, being on the palace property, that he had a lot of work to do and a lot of appearances to keep. Especially considering she was his chosen confidant.
“Thank you, my prince.” Her breathy voice was soft, a smile lighting her face as she felt him grumble and nibble on her skin.
“Harry or Alpha in this room.”
His pout could be felt when he released her flesh from his skin. “I am not a prince here. I am but a simple Alpha, laying with his dream omega.” The words were bittersweet. So sweet because she loved that out of all th omegas, all the people in the kingdom and the faraway lands he had travelled, she was his dream. Bitter because she could not have him. That one day, he would be betrothed to an omega of nobility. They usually avoided that topic unless it was to praise her.
“I apologize, Alpha.” She sweetened her tone, ignoring the twinge of pain she knew his heart matched. “I know you’ve had a hard day. It saddens me that you are put under such burdens.” Her voice was a vibration against him, making him relax further into her plushy body. Warm, soft, beautiful. Harry adored each and every inch. Every touch made him light up, melt, be in a puddle of the things he had been in need of and no one else could provide.
“No apologies.” He mumbled, puckering his lips on her bare skin, travellling down. “Having you nude in my chambers at the end of the day is enough of a blessing for me to overlook it. My beautiful gift.” His body was also nude, strong and unblemished besides the ink on his skin and the little scars on his knuckles from sparring, and the one on his knee from falling from a tree when he was but a pup. It had been the last time he had done so, as his father had deemed him too old for pup like behaviors- He was only 7 years at that point.
“Of course.” She replied, body arching into his touch. Y/N had felt like his since they’d met. She had begun her work at the palace when he had been on a voyage to a faraway kingdom. It was fine work, they were treated and paid fairly, and it was calm besides the balls and the pre planned dinner parties. It had been 2 months of calm, destroyed by green eyes and a killer smirk when he arrived back home.
Harry had personally requested Y/N to be his maid. His personal one. She had looked so tired at his arrival ball, so beautiful, smelling so sweet.. he felt it to be criminal to let an omega like that be worked to the bone when she could tend to him and his needs. There weren’t too many. She stoked his fire when he lit one, prepared his ritual baths, folded and set out his clothes… and soon enough, warmed his bed.
It was no secret. It could not be. His scent overpowered her own, but the royals did not care so long as she kept up with her duties and harry, his. It wasn’t uncommon for royal men to sample the offerings, and Y/N had been more than willing. They had a lovely connection and she had been able to keep the prince’s temper in control. There was also the fact that she and harry spent so much time around one another that their rut and heat corresponded, making it perfect to keep them together out of convenience. Harry need not take on any omega for his rut that they would need to check the background of, no need to question the motives. She was a benefit to the crown, so long as she knew her place. Y/N didn’t speak out of turn around other royals, aware of the position and blessing it seemed to be. They had made it abundantly clear that Harry was to marry a royal omega and she would go back to her other duties or be moved when that time came.
“You are safe now. This room is for us to relax and enjoy one another.” Harry spoke against warm skin, moving between her breasts and rubbing his face in between them. Scenting her, coating her in the second best claim he could give. “I had a hard day, but it is time for us now, sweet girl.” His lips puckered to kiss right between her breasts, slowly making his way down to her stomach. This was their fantasy world. The lock was bolted, no one could disturb their peace but themselves, and Y/N was not one to interrupt the prince when he began to drift into their dream life.
It was foolish, perhaps, to pretend to be mates in the safety net of this room. Foolish and destined for heartbreak, but when he kissed her stomach and mumbled about giving her a child in there, the rest of the world melted away and she allowed herself to imagine it. To imagine a piece of him inside of her.
When he made his way up and locked their lips, her legs spread open for him, awaiting what she knew they’d both needed after a long day. His lips swallowed her broken moan as he pushed into her, filling her to the brim as he smoothed her hair back from her cheek. The connection between their bodies, the pulsing of his thick cock filling her up comforted her. This was them. Naked and connected, relaxing in the most intimate way possible.
“I need it.” Pleas were soft against his lips, hands smoothing down his muscled back as she wrapped her legs around his hips. “Alpha.. please.” Her swollen lips from his hour of kissing beforehand and her silky skin from their shared bath felt like heaven against the alpha’s body. This was what he always craved. Her honeyed scent and her sweet cunt wrapped around him while she pleaded for him. Someone who adored him and he adored in ways that were unfathomable to him. She had a faith and an adoration for him that he had always dreamt of. No one could ever be better for him than this omega. This dream woman.
“I’ll give you whatever it is you want. My light.” He rasped against her lips, pushing as deep as possible and simply letting them enjoy the connection. The slick around his cock, the need to spill into her, her fluttering around him and trying to keep him in this deep position. “I know you’re craving a knot. I’ll give it to you, little angel of mine.” He rubbed their noses together, pulling out slowly and letting her feel every bump and ridge while he did the same thing. He pressed his lips back against hers to absorb her whine, growling back against her mouth while he repeated his actions and pushed in slow and steady. Her hole adjusted to him, sucking him back in greedily. Like she was made for him, pulling him in with her heels on the curve of his ass.
“So full. You fill me perfectly, Harry.” She looked at him with wet eyes, the stretch and the fullness making her tear up. No one else could ever or would ever make her feel this complete. “I don’t want anything but your cock inside of me. It’s made to fill me and I’m made for your knot. I need it so badly I ache.” She cupped his cheek. “Please, please. Pleasure yourself too. I’ve been dreaming of it all day long.”
Harry couldn’t say no to her. Never could tell her no when she made him feel as if he was floating despite the weights on his shoulders. Made him defy gravity when everyone else was trying to keep him buried in the earth. Y/N built him up.
“I’ve dreamt of you all day long. Having your scent on me isn’t enough.” He grumbled, angling his hips a bit further out to give it to her deeper. The reward was instant, tightening up around him and her keening whine as fingers dug into the flesh of his back. “Need you wrapped around my cock all day. Need you in my lap, smell you from the source as I work. I’m going mad. I want to bite your neck and keep you attached to my knot. Perfect omega f’me.”
Y/N keened as she felt the satisfying filling of him. In and out, filling her to the brim each time. Sparks ignited behind her eyes as he pushed her to her limits, reaching spots only he ever could. She had tried to replicate it with her fingers but nothing could compare. No one got her this wet, slicking up the length so much there was a threat to slip out each time he pulled back enough to fully thrust back in. Something Harry moaned about.
“Dripping cunt, so soft for me. I want to stay here.” He melted into her neck, nipping at the skin. His teeth ached, he wanted to bite so badly it made him whine- but he couldn’t. Not without consequences, consequences that would be worse for her than him and he loved her far too much than to make that hell happen for her. “I want to stay right here. My heaven.”
If only he could.
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by  Dylan Kowalski
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💗 designing my persona, bunnie! 🐰
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Alien content
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De Tomaso Mustela Concept, 1969, by Ghia. Designed by Tom Tjaarda, the Mustela was powered by a 3.0 litre Ford V6 and was later transformed into the Ford Mustela II concept of 1973
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Blitzer Lancer NPC mech
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There was a mission and suddenly Arthur's life was changed forever.
It was a mission almost like any other. Only that for once, he went alone. Because Merlin had said that he wouldn't last a day without him and of course that audacity needed to be corrected. So, naturally, Arthur took off on his own.
And now? Two bars, a ridding gnome, a herd of fairies, selkies and that odd couple made of a centaur and a troll later, Arthur had found the well he had been looking for.
Not that he knew what the well was for, nor what it had to do with magic. But it had to do with magic and that counted. Now, perhaps, he shouldn't have drunken from it. Should have probably researched what language was graved into the stone and what warning it entailed. One sip later and the well was gone. So much for Arthur's quest and his thirst. Now he had nothing to take from his quest to prove where he had been.
Cursing, Arthur made his way back to Camelot. And then, as promised, he realized that he was on the verge of being without Merlin for over a day. Just like that, he died.
He didn't even see it coming. It just happened. Out of nowhere there was a sword in his Chest and the life bled from his heart, where it was pierced.
Wenn Arthur opened his eyes, he expected to see the Afterlife. Apparently that wasn't what he was granted to see.
In fact, all he saw was a bloody sword on the ground before him. And his attacker? Dead. As if his heart had simply stopped in Arthur's stead.
And at first, it seemed like nothing. But during the years Arthur realized that this was his new normal now. No matter how many times he died, he'd never stay dead.
"i'm immortal", he realized after years of reign and during another battle which should have been lost to a sword or a poisoned meal.
Of course Arthur kept this from everyone. Couldn't do good to tell his people that his life was enchanted while he kept magic outlawed. Though it didn't take long for him to realize what a hypocrite of a king he'd be, if he kept it that way.
Arthur didn't expect Merlin to weep at the news. But Arthur also never expected to feel empathy for such a crybaby. Let alone the guilt he carried around. One day, he would leave Merlin behind. One day, he would outlive him. The only person he ever fully trusted. The only person he knew would always remain by his side, as long as death didn't pay them a visit.
Arthur is 60 when he realizes that he's not the only person in the castle who refuses to age.
Arthur is 80, when his excuses for Merlin run out of credibility.
"Hold on a Minute.", He says and stares at Merlin who innocently bounces on his feet next to the throne. "You're immortal, too?"
Merlin just shrugs. "I'm magic itself, remember."
"and you didn't think to tell me that?"
"i did? I send you on that mission to the well that made you Immortal and wrote you a message. It literally said: if you drink this, you won't get rid of me anytime soon. Signed, Merlin. Literal magic incarnate."
"i don't speak the language of the old religion!"
Merlin frowned. "Are you telling me, you also didn't realize that was a proposal?"
Arthur blinked. "What?!?!?"
Merlin: "i literally.... Omg. Arthur, i thought we've been married for 67 years! We live together!"
Arthur: "when was the marriage????"
Merlin: "the day you freed magic? Me? Bound me to your eternal life? You said you were willing to live with magic at your side for as long as you live? "
Arthur: "i think i need a moment."
Merlin: "as do i, asshole."
Arthur: "my entire life is a lie."
Merlin: >:( i am your life now!
Leon passing by: "you guys good?"
Merlin, to arthur: " oh yeah, i think i should also tell you that i tested the immortality water on Leon first."
Leon, on the verge of crying: "i thought it would kill me! Why would you remind me of this?!"
Arthur, at merlin: "you're lucky i love you."
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look I can just picture H holding ur chin and talking u through an orgasm after you’ve been edged and edged and edgeddd and him being so softly dominating going “there you are, there’s a good girl, can you give me one more? one more for daddy?” I wouldn’t survive it ! 🥺🫡
mushing cheeks to make you pout while he talks so softly w his nose nudging yours and being so sweet sosososo sweet while also being so harsh on your p*ssy:((((( all pretty eyes and long lashes all flushed from how long he's been doing this w you im literally going insane
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Cursed concept: A novel in which all of the main characters have names with apparently different cultural origins, indicated by the names being written in whatever alphabet/character set is relevant. Which isn't a problem, except for those readers who are multi-lingual or listening to the audiobook, as they promptly discover that every main character has the exact same name (barring for the slightest of pronunciation differences).
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Treehouse Living,
Studio Precht Envisioned in collaboration with BaumBau
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sandman (2022) // frankenstein – mary shelley // the last days of judas iscariot – stephen adly guirgis // why didn't you stop me – mitski // speeches for dr. frankenstein – margaret atwood
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thing i saw in my altuyur dream tonight, will try to rework it later
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Chantal Matar
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Lancia Pu+Ra Zero Concept, 2022. Stellantis are relaunching Lancia with a range of new electric models beginning in 2024. They have revealed a sculpture that embodies their new Pu+Ra Design language and a redesigned emblem. Italian furniture maker Cassina will collaborate on interior design of the new cars. There are plans to launch a new Ypsilon (currently their only model, sold exclusively in Italy), Aurelia, and Delta in 2024, 2026, and 2028 respectively.
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