upsetgazette · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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soong-type-delta · 2 days ago
what people think hypoempathy is: people having never once cared for a single person in their entire life ever, people wishing harm onto others, people being inconsiderate and mean
what hypoempathy actually is: me asking my partner if he's ok every 15 minutes because i cannot tell
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juicedoesthings · a day ago
something i don't really like about the internet nowadays is the "neurotypical" vs neurodivergent divide.
The label neurotypical is the label most people have come to think of as "Without mental illness" - and while that's true - they may not be mentally ill,
that does not mean they do not experience what most mentally ill people do. You can be traumatized without meeting the criteria for PTSD or even register how the trauma effected you. You may not even notice it was trauma.
You may have severe depression spells and not meet the criteria for depression.
One big thing people online i think miss about psychology in general is that mental illness or diagnoses do not... define you. the criteria is just there to aid your specific version of getting help. Mental illnesses don't really... exist? in a box that is. it's just certain criteria that is labeled or an effect of your environment and experience. even depression was revealed to not be a chemical imbalance. It's just how the brain works because of life, and sometimes the brain needs extra help. The human race just put labels on it... to help.
All humans have mental struggles but some just do not meet the diagnostic criteria, and they may not struggle the same ways others do with it. Neurotypical people are not people without mental struggles or people without need of help, they are people who were are not meeting the criteria of a mental illness because they are able to handle their struggles.
But, the mental struggles kind of come with being alive. I don't like separating myself completely from "neurotypical" people or deciding they'll never understand me. They do understand me. They're capable of compassion and maybe they've even dealt with exactly what i'm dealing with, but just not for my extended period of time.
Trust people around you are like you.
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raccoon-queer · a day ago
I need tumblr mutuals, if you're active on tumblr as of October 2022 and you post about being neurodivergent, anti-endo, trans, queer, chronically ill, disabled, or anything else in that general area, reblog this post!
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duple-man · a day ago
So you'll tell me to a do more eye contact, but suddenly you're begging me not to do so once I've stared straight into your soul for 2 hours without blinking.
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aroaceconfessions · 2 days ago
At this point I cant tell what 'A' is making it so hard for me to understand romantic+ relationships. Is it the autism? The aroace? We may never know
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yourlocaladhder · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Plot twist: The friend is also ADHD and this activated their RSD.
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suneatert · a day ago
*watches new show* oh...guess this is all I will be talking about for the next ten years
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catgirl-kaiju · 14 hours ago
Was looking over the old notes from my autism and adhd diagnosis when I was 8, and oh man I was such a cute kid. Here's my favorite parts from it (name and pronouns have been changed to my current ones):
"(Scout) brought (her) Curious George stuffed animal into the clinician's office. At times (she) interacted with the clinician through George."
"Other students frequently talk for (her) or tell visitors that '(Scout) doesn't talk a lot'."
"(Scout) identified a classmate named Kelly as being (her) best friend because they are both good artists and at recess like to go out and explore and find things with their 'sharp eyes.' When asked for three wishes, (Scout) responded that (she) wishes (she) could make Curious George come to life, have a real dinosaur, and that Pokémon and Digimon would be real."
Like holy shit, that's so cute. It's so bizarre that innocuous stuff like this is somehow a problem that needs to be fixed when you're neurodivergent.
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respect-snails · 23 hours ago
Bilbo Baggins was an autistic homosexual and we love him for it
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autisticquestions · 2 days ago
To other autistic people:
Have you ever thought something like ''I'm starting to like this a little bit later than usual''? But with things that you're supposed to have liked years ago, for example:
-at 10ish y.o. girls start liking makeup and beauty, but at that age you were not interested in those things, you were focused on your hobbies and special interests. However, now that you're 23 or more you're slightly finding makeup and beauty a bit interesting (even though you don't even know how to wear lipstick).
-or maybe all of your classmates liked football and $ex when you were a teen, but you thought those things were silly/boring, and again, you were focused on your hobbies and didn't try the things that people your age tried back then. So now that you're older and spent ''enough'' time focusing on your usual hobbies/interests, you're starting to get curious about the old stuff you didn't try.
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chessb0red · a day ago
i need everyone to shut up and leave me alone when im walking around the house aimlessly i love this activity im doing walkies in my house i love walking around aimlessly like a zombie and everyone should shut the fuck up like im walkin baybeh i just forgot what i was about to do and I Will Do It Again
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autisticboybreakdowns · 2 days ago
figured id do a couple days of auctober at least, so day 3 (collections)
i actually have lots of little collections. i have a pretty rock collection, a couple jars full of origami cranes ive folded, and tons of stuffed animals. id say the biggest one + one that brings me most joy is my books, though. i absolutely love having my own physical copies of books rather than ebooks or library books - im not sure how many i own, but it must be well into the hundreds :) its stuff all the way from books i liked as a kid to various fantasy series to classics to art books to womens studies and i love all of my books.
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schizopositivity · 2 days ago
the schizophrenia and psychosis tags (even actually schizophrenic and pseriously psychotic) are a wild place full of triggering delusions, sanism, stalkers for some reason, people who do something slightly odd and go "should i be checked for schizophrenia???"
scroll with caution
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aroaceconfessions · 4 hours ago
Am I aroarace or is it the neurodivergence, years of trauma, internalized fatphobia and fear of commitment speaking
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yourlocaladhder · 2 days ago
Thinking about the time several years ago, when I slapped on a comic-book like filter on one of my pics and posted it on facebook with a caption something along the lines of "don't you wish you were in a comic book?" and someone responded with "interesting that you want that, i have never thought about it" and I was basically like, "what....what....do you mean you have never thought about it???wouldn't everyone rather live in a fictional world of their choice??? you mean to tell me some people actually wanna be here???"
It was incomprehensible to me.
Still is.
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rawrda · 7 months ago
This is your daily reminder to not be ashamed of making your life easy for yourself.
Cut your food into small pieces, make the font size 30 on your e book, use straws to drink, get a pen that’s comfortable to hold, take more naps, walk slowly, eat another cookie, buy velcro shoes, re-watch the part you couldn’t understand the first time, write things on your hands so you don’t forget it… whatever you want and/or need
Don’t let anyone tell you how you should be doing things. We don’t need to prove each other anything
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