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bunnehsposts · a day ago
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theo0 · a day ago
Nienawiść do swojego ciała
Zauważyłxś, że większość małych dzieci lubi swoje ciała? One potrafią się cieszyć, że mogą się bawić, biegać, czy skakać.
Tak naprawdę nienawiści do ciała uczymy się z biegiem lat.
Stworzony przez społeczeństwo kanon piękna utrudnia nam akceptowanie siebie i swojego ciała. W naszych czasach jesteśmy otoczeni kulturą diet niestety nie możemy nic z nią zrobić, ale możemy wyrzucić myśli, które wrzuciła nam do głowy. Będzie to wymagało dużo pracy i prawda nie jest to łatwe, ale jest warte tego wszystkiego.
Przestańmy nienawidzić siebie i swoje ciała.
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unmistakablyjaselle · a day ago
WHAT IF all your imperfections are what actually make you perfect? ❤️
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zarascott · 2 days ago
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I wanna fuck you baby 😏🤭
Good night honey 😉
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yenshu · 8 months ago
Don't allow others to consume you. If they don't call, go to sleep. If they don't message you, put away your phone & have a good day. If they are distant and refuse to tell you what's wrong, go home and do something fun. You live for yourself first. They are secondary.
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prettypositivity · 7 months ago
I hope my mom heals from the things she doesn’t talk about
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manscaped · 4 months ago
There's no gatekeeping here 😉
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malusokay · 2 months ago
How to be confident
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Confidence can get you incredibly far in life and make everything a lot easier; I consider myself a really confident person, so here are a few tips that might help you get there! <3
Eliminate toxic people. I don't care if it's your best friend, boyfriend, or mom; if they are stopping you from being the best version of yourself, it's time to say goodbye.
Fix your posture! Confident people have good fucking posture, and sweety, I just know your posture is not it rn, so please straighten that back.
Do what makes you happy. Who cares what people have to say about it? If it's good for you, do it.
Tell yourself you're that girl. Nobody will believe it if you don't do it, so hype yourself up!
Practice eye contact. I can just tell someone is confident if they can look me in the eyes while having a conversation. It seems much harder than it actually is; pick one of their eyes and just focus on it while you talk.
Speak with tone and expression. Talking in a quiet and monotone manner doesn't necessarily make you look insecure, but talking with expression just sounds more confident.
Make your hand visible. When you hide your hands, it makes you look insecure and uncomfortable.
Mind your own business. This one is really simple; I don't think I have to explain, lmao.
Don't tell people your insecurities because 99% of the time, they didn't notice them before you pointed them out.
Accept compliments. If someone says you look good, don't be like, "oh nooo, I look AWFUL" just say thank you and accept the compliment :)
Stop over-apologizing. Only say it if you actually did something bad or feel sorry.
Visualize the person you want to be. It's pretty simple, think about who you want to be, then think about how that person acts, their routine, how they talk, etc., and slowly start adapting those habits.
Don't be nervous to ask for help. Instead, change your mindset; people want to help you!
Authenticity radiates, be true to yourself, and you will attract good people like a magnet.
No one is out of your league if you act like it. This entire 'league' thing is made up, so don't put yourself in a box.
Trust yourself. You have a bad feeling; you know it and act on it. If you feel like something is not right, it's probably not. Trust yourself.
Stay calm under pressure. It's crucial to not freak out under pressure; even if you do, try acting as if everything is under control.
When entering a room, don't be on your phone. Look around, introduce yourself, greet people, etc.
smile more :)
walk like you know where you're going, even if you don't lol.
Live for yourself. Constantly work on not caring what other people think. If you like it, you post it. If you want to go there, go. If you like that outfit, wear it. Make decisions for yourself, not for others to validate you. It's your world, and every decision you make is because you want to make it yourself!
✩‧₊*:・love ya ・:*₊‧✩
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Artist is Comicname
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loveyourlovelysoul · 29 days ago
When things get tough, take a pause. Make yourself your favorite snack or meal, drink some water, stretch your body, have a warm bath, watch a fun movie or a comforting one, cuddle with a plushie or anything fluffy and soft. Do anything you like and finding comforting and reassuring. Hug yourself, embrace yourself. You need and deserve that. Remind yourself you are important, even if you can't see how. You are. The little things you do that you are not aware of, they are very important for someone. And for sure, they are for yourself. Keep going.
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lousydrawingsforgoodpeople · 9 months ago
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remanence-of-love · 7 months ago
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happy-place-for-sad-people · 4 months ago
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thoughtkick · 3 months ago
A bottle of water costs 1$ in the supermarket.
The same bottle costs 3$ at the gas station and 5$ at the airport.
The bottle does not change, only the place where it is sold.
Each place has a different value for the same bottle.
If you feel worthless, change your place.
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positivelypositive · 9 months ago
you're growing...
...every second of every day, even when you don't realise it. especially, when you don't realise it.
life may be slow but it's never stagnant. you're always moving forward, always learning new things about others and about yourself, always living, always going.
keep going. keep growing ✨
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prettypositivity · 10 months ago
you deserve the same happiness that you wish for others
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manscaped · 6 months ago
The ultimate men's grooming lineup
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