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Be gentle on yourself 🌸💗✨ stretchmark is normal
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blueprint-9376 · 22 hours
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01.02.2023 [😲]
🌱: 새출발 새시작
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senseilms · 15 days
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Create and sell your online course with Sensei today.
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thepoeticshawty · 1 day
she finally broke the shackles of her own thoughts – opened her heart to a new story, a new adventure, and a love she never saw coming: her own.
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carpethedamndiem · 3 days
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When your vibe so strong that she licks the screen, desperate to reach you through the pixels.
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syilviaherlina · 1 day
Suatu waktu seorang teman pernah bertanya padaku. Katanya, kenapa setiap kali ia merasa senang, pasti tak lama kemudian akan muncul perasaan sedih?
Lalu aku menjawab. Kubilang, aku pernah membaca sebuah tulisan yang menuliskan bahwa semua yang ada dalam hidup kita ini ada jatahnya, ada waktunya.
Maka, ketika hari ini kita merasa senang, bisa jadi esok hari atau bahkan beberapa menit ke depan perasaan kalut datang menghampiri.
Sebab semuanya sudah ada jatahnya. Namun perlu diingat pula bahwa ketika kita merasa senang jangan sampai bersuudzon dan berpikir bahwa nanti pasti akan bersedih.
Kita harus tetap berprasangka baik kepada Allah. Yakin bahwa hal-hal baik akan senantiasa menghampiri.
Pun jika pada akhirnya kita bersedih, maka tenangkan hati bahwa Allah senantiasa membersamai.
Ingat, senang secukupnya, sedih seperlunya. Itulah yang dinamakan bahagia sesungguhnya.
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lesbianmindflayer · 9 hours
Might actually analyze the opening scene for Mike in season 3 because I have a lot more to say about it. Even more than I showed in my gay Mike compilation video. There’s a lot of details I didn’t elaborate on in that scene that I wanna talk about.
Saying this here so I work on this after I finish the music analysis video today. Because I finally got some more ideas for videos lol
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jetpack · 19 days
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The blade is imbued with great power. I can feel it course through my hands as I unsheathe it. I do not know if I can sate its hunger. Read more on my blog.
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healing-is-cool · 2 months
You are going to laugh until your stomach hurts again. You're going to be in awe of a sunset. Watch your favorite show while you eat your favorite food. Find money on the street. Discover a great band you haven't heard of before. You will find your way back.
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femmefatalevibe · 1 month
It's all happening for me in 2023.
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malusokay · 7 months
30 Things To Do Alone
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Go for a walk. I've been trying to reach 10k steps daily.
Read a book, article, or blog... just like you're doing right now. ;)
Watch a tv show. I'm currently watching Gilmore girls.
Watch the sunset/sunrise. I prefer sunsets.
Try a youtube workout. Daisy Keech is my favorite!
Do your nails. Nice nails make a vast difference in my opinion.
Go to the grocery store and buy some snacks that you've never tried before.
Try a new recipe. I'm trying carrot cake oatmeal later!
Write a letter to your future self. <3
Test old pens and throw away the dry ones.
Make a birthday wishlist. one of my favorite things to do when I'm bored and have nothing to do.
Take the 16 Personalities test. I'm an ENFP :)
Make a bucket list. I just started writing my autumn bucket list!
Research something or watch a video essay on youtube. One of my favorite channels at the moment is Mina Le.
Make a mood/vision board. You can check out my Twitter or Tumblr for some inspiration.
Scroll Pinterest for the next 6+ hours; we've all been there.
Take a long bath. Do a full skin/hair care routine.
Cut/dye your hair. I just cut curtain bangs, and I'm loving it!!
Bake something for a loved one; I made lemon-poppy seed cookies for my Dad.
Create a new playlist. I've started making an autumn playlist, lol.
Make a photo wall. I made one last year and still love it!
Accomplished your to-do list, and you'll feel great once you're done.
Get rid of old clothes, make room for new stuff.
Go to a new coffee shop and get something to try.
Learn how to crochet. I made a sweater for my dog, lmao.
Make yourself a drink, like a tea, coffee, or smoothie!
Declutter your digital space. (emails, photos, apps, etc...)
Make your room cozy and take a nap, or just relax for a bit.
Plan some outfits and look for things to buy online.
Apply a facemask and watch a coming-of-age movie. (my guilty pleasure, lol..)
Please feel free to add more suggestions in the comments! <3
✩‧₊*:・love ya ・:*₊‧✩
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house-ad · 15 days
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kineticpenguin · 1 year
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blueprint-9376 · 2 days
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31.01.2023 [😌]
☕️: 카페에서 계획 짜기
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serenity-islam · 6 months
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blushydior · 27 days
things to start and stop doing to be the best you
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things to start doing:
put yourself first - live for yourself and up to your own standards and stop pushing aside your needs for other people.
set healthy boundaries for yourself and others
always find new skills and hobbies to learn and pick up
have a routine that works for you
never settle for less. if it's not what you want, keep looking forward.
be bold - not letting fear stop you from being great
improve your self talk. compliment yourself more. tell yourself things will be okay.
enjoy the silence more
more self reflection!
learn how to enjoy your own company
socialize more
take yourself out on solo dates
walk with your head high, shoulders back
listening to your intuition when you first brush it off. you can find out the reason later.
start being active. move your body. go on walks, go to the gym, sign up for yoga, dance classes, pilates, etc.
continue talking when someone cuts you off.
put people in their place. if your boundaries have been crossed or you see something that isn't right, don't be afraid to speak your mind whenever you see necessary.
read more books. set a goal for each month.
seek for all sides of the story. never come to a set conclusion at first glance or none at all.
take your own advice.
be assertive. don’t allow yourself to be pushed around. do what's good for you no matter what anyone says, be clear about what you want in life and go for it.
ask questions. don't be afraid to. this applies to everything.
explore different styles that pique your interest. clothes, majors, hobbies, jobs, literally everything.
journaling your thoughts and ideas.
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things to stop doing:
seek validation from others
living for others when you should be living for yourself.
passively consume content on social media
having FOMO. who cares if you missed out on the latest celebrity gossip, what person cheated on who, the food pictures people are posting on their stories. does it benefit you for a lifetime? no? okay then.
saying "i'm going to do this" and not do it.
isolating yourself for a long period of time
spending more time on your phone than you are living your life. there's life outside a glowing screen. stop wasting what you have and make the best of it even if it seems "impossible". you can always make something out of nothing.
comparing yourself to others
idolizing everyone. celebrities, public figures, influencers....
letting people's limiting beliefs have a hold over you
choosing to keep the victim mentality.
putting your responsibilities and happiness aside to laze around or for other people.
sticking with your circle when you've outgrown them. i don't care how long you've known them for and how good the bond was. if they're not good for you anymore, leave.
letting people step all over you - say no and don't give in to pleases.
pushing your trauma/problems aside. your problems are no less than others. you are important too. tend to yourself.
guilt trip yourself for resting when you want/need to.
abandon your needs.
insulting yourself for failures and mistakes. it's normal, you're okay.
believing everything you see and hear whether it be online or in real life.
don't take criticism from people you wouldn't take advice from. or anyone for that matter unless it's out of the goodness of their heart (constructive)
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woo · 19 days
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Are you thinking what these thinkies are thinking? 
Try Woo to find out.
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fleurlx · 3 months
Affirmations by The Wizard Liz 🌪️
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i have all the qualities to be successful
i become prettier every day
whatever i desire comes to me in the easiest, higher, fastest way
anyone i meet becomes obsessed with me
i light up every room that i walk into
i am becoming the highest version of myself
i’m always getting spoiled and admired
anything i want, i get
i embody perfection
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goddesssin111 · 5 months
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