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hii can you do prompts 19, 73, 88, and 91 for sick!reader x wandanat?
Date Night
Oh my sweet anon, thank you for your patients. I had a lot of trouble coming up with something for this one and I hope the work is worth the wait. Please enjoy!
Date night was supposed to be fun. You hadn’t seen your girls in nearly a month and this was an opportunity to catch up and give each other some much needed affection. You were lonely and needed a hug. Wanda and Natasha had gone on a few missions together but there had been a lot of being alone. 
AYou sniffled miserably and downed half of the bottle of DayQuil you’d put into your purse, and dabbed at your bleary eyes with a paper towel. You’d need to leave the bathroom soon or the girls would get suspicious, but there was the matter of delaying with your constantly running nose. 
You blew it messily into a rough paper towel, pouting at the redness it left behind. You pulled the concealer out of your small bag and dabbed it on, spreading a little bit over your flushed cheeks followed by adding some blush to cover up the sickly pale look. 
You sighed tiredly and shook your head, trying to clear up some of the fog that was invading your mind. You braced yourself against the counter for a moment and returned to the table, plastering on a fake smile as you went. 
Natasha and Wanda were engrossed in conversation when you took your seat, being sure to brush a hand against Wanda's shoulder when you sat. She squeezed your fingers and smiled brightly at you, her beautiful hazel eyes crinkling in her joy. You’d fallen in love with her from the moment you saw her. 
Natasha stared at the two of you, tears welling in her eyes. She loved the two of you so much, it’d been so long since she’d seen you. Noticing her tears you reached over to take her hand as well and lifted her knuckles to your lips. 
“It's okay Natty. This job takes a lot, we all knew what we were signing up for when we started this. Let’s enjoy tonight for now.” Your voice was raspy and your words blurred by slight congestion. Natasha frowned, but decided to let it go. Wanda, on the other hand, was more instant. 
“Sweetie, are you feeling okay? You’re a little shaky.” The auburn haired woman said softly, reaching up to touch your cheek. You intercepted her hand, not wanting her to feel the fever. 
“It’s been sort of a long week, I’m just sort of tired.” You chuckled, eyeing your soup bowl with distaste. Your throat hurt and you didn’t want to put anything in your body. You were both not hungry and all of your muscles hurt. 
“Whatever you say. Tash, how’s your pasta?” Natasha had ordered chicken broccoli alfredo and Wanda had gotten lasagna. You’d just gotten tomato soup, which you were surprised that the fancy restaurant had. 
“It's fantastic, this place is wonderful. We’ll have to come here again. What do you think, Y/n?” You had totally zoned out and were staring into your bowl, imagining what it would be like to crawl into the hot liquid. The warmth would probably be amazing and part of you was thinking about putting your hands in it. Then you remembered that it was soup, you were wearing a nice pantsuit and “we don’t put hands in soup”. 
“Y/n, hun? You with us?” Natasha asked gently, reaching over to take your hand again. You shook your head in another attempt to clear the fog. It was getting harder to keep your eyes open and the haze was becoming harder to resist. 
“Huh, what did you say? Sorry, I was a bit distracted.” You mumbled, scrubbing a hand over your eyes. Shit, you’d forgotten about the makeup. Now it was all over your hands, and your face where you’d wiped it off was a drastically different color. 
“Uh oh.” Natasha said, her smile falling into a deep frown. 
“No, no, it's fine. I’m fine, everythings fine. Just want soup.” Words were getting harder to make work. That didn’t make sense…words were bad. You frowned and tried to pick up your spoon, but you somehow missed and dipped your fingers into the warm liquid. 
“Nope, nope, give me that.” Wanda grabbed your hand and wiped it off with a napkin, increasingly concerned. 
“Sorry, spoons don’t work. Um…somethin’s wrong.” You slurred, blinking hard. Natasha squeezed your shoulder, providing sort of an anchor to the conscious world.
“Honey, you’re not making any sense. Can you try that again?” She ran a thumb along your collarbone, trying to bring you back to the present. You pulled away from Wanda and dug around in your purse, bringing out the bottle. The blue color made your face drain of color. 
“I took NyQuil instead of DayQuil and I’m about to pass out.” You stumbled over the words, doing everything that you could to keep your head up. 
“Damnit Y/n, why didn’t you say something? You know we wouldn’t be mad, we just want you to feel okay.” Natasha said gently, reaching over to cup your heated cheek in her soft hand. 
“I-I haven’t seen you in so long, I just wanted to make you guys happy. I just needed to make you happy. I’m sorry.” You were fighting back tears and about to lose the battle. 
“Oh, sweetheart, no. You make us happy everyday, whether we’re together or not. You’re everything, our nightly conversations are the best part of the day. It’s okay that you don’t feel well, we’re going to make sure that everything’s okay. Let us take you home.” Wanda leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss against your forehead. 
You nodded after a moment, wanting nothing but the comfort given to you by the women you loved. Natasha smiled and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, the tender gesture nearly causing you to break down. 
“Let’s go, my heart. We’ll finish this date night with some hot tea and a movie.” Natasha called for the check as Wanda helped you to stand, wrapping her arm around your waist. These people were your rocks. They were everything to you. They were everything you wanted and more. You couldn’t have gotten any luckier. 
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The cutest assassin 🥹🤭😻
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Tumblr media
Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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/N: Where’s Natasha?
Tony: Don’t worry about Natasha.
Y/N: Oh, I’m sorry, have you met me?
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“If you have a sister and she dies, do you stop saying you have one? Or are you always a sister, even when the other half of the equation is gone?”
from MY SISTER’S KEEPER (2004) written by jodi picoult
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Natasha: Hey, can I get a sip of that water? Y/N: It’s not water. Natasha: Vodka! I like your sty- Y/N: It’s vinegar. Natasha: …What? Y/N: It's vinegar, PUSSY.
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Tumblr media
romantic lover
PAIRING—natasha romanoff x gf!fem!reader
SUMMARY—Natasha's many ways to say I love you, without actually having to say it to you
WARNINGS—pure fluff, established relationship, Natasha's a romantic, GAYYYY, Natasha's a lesbian, allusions to sex?, no use of reader
A/N—The writing probably sucks but I loved the concept so much I just had to write it, ALSO MY FIRST NAT FIC 😍
Tumblr media
Natasha could say I love you in many different ways, in many different languages even but she says I love you the most when she doesn't actually say it.
She says I love you through her actions, through the little things and you don't care because for you—it's the little things that matter the most.
Natasha doesn't have a problem saying she loves you, the relationship has gone on long enough that she's comfortable in saying what she truly feels but you can't help but be touched because you can clearly feel her genuine love for you even without having to say it.
You couldn't help but love Natasha Romanoff more with her four special ways of secretly saying " I love you ".
Natasha kissed you in a lot of ways, from small pecks or needy kisses that lead to a very hot make out session.
She had a way of kissing you that clearly meant I love you, she'd start with a one minute kiss with her soft lips to yours, then a brief kiss to your nose accompanied by an eskimo kiss, and lastly a gentle peck to your forehead while her gentle hand cupped the side of your face. She'd do this the most often, especially when leaving for yet another mission.
You love Natasha endlessly and even more because she never gets tired of showing immense affection for every part of you. She'd kiss your hands in the gentlest manner, from a peck to your palms to a peck on your knuckles as she keeps her eyes on your reddening cheeks.
She'd also never get tired of making you as red as her enemy's blood.
The most favored kiss by you, is the long lasting type, the one's she'd give that are so needy and full of passion. The kiss that makes you out of breath as you pull away because it feels overwhelming, that's the kiss that makes you feel all the feelings Natasha buries, the kiss that shows her vulnerability. She'd never be afraid to show you her vulnerability, her utmost sincere love for you because she'd never want to make you think that she doesn't love you enough.
She'd never get sick of doing things for you, for the sole reason that everything she does is for you because all Natasha would want is for you to be happy.
Natasha tries to make it subtle and not noticeable but having a spy as a girlfriend makes you learn a thing or two. You'd never point it out, slightly afraid she'd stop doing these little things for you if you said anything about it. Not just because your girlfriend's a trained spy but it's because you notice everything about Natasha, you watch her like she hung the moon and all of the stars. In your  point of view, Natasha's the world and that just means you watch her and everything she does because for you—everything she does is simply extraordinary. 
When she eats, she always gives you the first piece because you deserve to have everything, even the first chip from the bag. She also dies the opposite and save you the last piece of everything, like the last slice of pizza or the last slice of cake.  
She also doesn't hesitate to let you take her heart piece by piece. As the time goes, you've take almost every part of Natasha. You've also taken full ownership of her heart as you chipped piece by piece through the years as well as taking down the walls that she built.
Natasha will always be yours as you are hers, you'd always own her while heart because she knows you'll never break it, not intentionally anyways.
Simple things like coffee made you have another special thing with your girlfriend.
Every morning would never be boring as you wake up to the most breathtaking view. The view of Natasha's face laid against a soft pillow as her wavy red hair contrasts against the sun looking like it's in flames. Your morning view couldn't get any better as you admire Natasha's sleeping form, her naked back peppered with kisses that lead her to wake up with a small nose crunch and a wide smile. 
Every morning the two of you would have the routine of making coffee together and drinking the hot beverage while conversing about anything possible. You enjoyed sitting down as the sun shined peeking against the blinds and as you drank your coffee while talking to your lover.
You'd never get sick of Natasha's coffee, she made coffee as you simply get the matching dark red mugs and wait for the coffee in her embrace. She likes making coffee, only if its for herself or for you because it didn't feel like a chore or a duty but a habit she liked. 
You can see the spark in her eyes as you both take the first sips of coffee with eyes locked. 
Every touch Natasha gives, gives you life. She's not much for hugs but she'd never ever pass the opportunity to give you one or to pass a hug given by you.
The first few hugs you've shared were brief and short but you knew she loved them anyways as you feel here tightening her embrace every time you give her a hug.
Your hugs were a source of energy for Natasha, a day without your hug felt like hell. The hugs you gave were a necessity for her, a hug that she needs to feel, a hug that feels like home.
All the hugs she shares with you are the longest, and if she could she'd make the hugs last a lifetime, because that's what she'd want a lifetime of hugs—with you.
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Computer: Enter Password
Wanda: Nat
Computer: Password too short
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“Please, Nat.  I can’t - - I can’t lose you again.”
Black Widow (2020)
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Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x reader
Genre: Hurt/comfort; fluff
Summary: When Natasha is too stressed, all she needs it's her wife.
A/N: So I have no idea where this came from. It's short and cute at the end. Enjoy💕
Warnings: Mentions of death and, guilt? I guess
Word count: 946
Tumblr media
Natasha had been away for three weeks on a mission. Three very long weeks for her and for you. It was the longest she had been away since you got married three years ago. It did not go very well. The mission was accomplished but not without casualties and those weighed heavy on her. When she arrived home, she looked for you everywhere, but you weren't there. She got startled at first until she remembered that you were on your shift at the hospital. You were a nurse at the public hospital, and she couldn't be any prouder but right now she really needed you.
When you started dating you quickly became her safe place. You were able to calm her and bring her a comfort that she had never felt but now she craved it. She thought about calling you, but she reframed from doing so, since she knew you were busy.
She took a shower and put on some sweat pants and one of your hoodies, they smelled like you and that brought her a little comfort. She then went to the living room and turned on the tv. She put on your favorite movie and curled on the couch, wrapping herself in a blanket.
When you arrived home two hours later, you saw Natasha's shoes on the entry way. You were excited but also knew that she would be tired and a little stressed, so you didn't really expect to see her on the couch. You thought she would be in bed by now.
"Baby?" You hang your coat and take off your shoes.
All you see is your wife's head prompt up from the couch before she saw you. "Hi..." By the sight of her you knew something was wrong. She was using your hoodie and was watching your second favorite movie so you could assume that she had watched your first already which told you that it had something to do with her mission.
"Is everything okay?" You walked to seat next to her and she curled on your side.
"It was just a tough mission" she said hiding her face on your neck. You hold her tight to comfort her. She looked small all curled up on you.
"Do you want to talk about it?" You started to brush her hair with your fingers, massaging her scalp. You found that out one time she was resting her head on your lap, you mindlessly started to do it and she loved it, it calms her down.
"I don't know…" She whispered, her breath touched your skin.
You gave her time to think about it, you knew it was not easy for her to talk about feelings and it was even worse about missions. She didn't want you to know about the things she had to do. That's why she took so long to tell you about her past. She was worried you would leave her but when she realized that you didn’t, she knew you were the one, you realized that when she told you about her past.
"Some of my agents died on the mission…" Her voice was not above a whisper, and it was laced with guilt. Your own heart sank at her voice. She always took it to heart when she was in charge, she felt it was her fault.
You let her take her time, you would never pressure her. If she wanted to add something or not, you were okay with that. She just needed you to be there and that was exactly what you were going do.
"Y/N it was my fault… I should have done more" She started crying and you hold her tighter.
"Baby, can you look at me?" You said while caressing her arm. She slowly lifted her head to look at you. "I've known you for six years love and if there's one thing, I'm confident about, it's that you did everything you could."
"Y/N.…" "No, listen to me..." You gently cupped her cheeks between your hands. "I know you..." You grabbed that necklace where she had her wedding ring. "If I didn't know you, I wouldn't have given you this, so I know you did everything you could, but we can't always save everyone"
She knew you were right, of course she did. She was the first to tell you that whenever you lost a patient, but the pain she felt prevented her from thinking straight. She hugged you again and buried her face in your chest.
You kept holding her for the best part of an hour, the tv still playing in the background. Her breathing had calmed down and she stopped crying. "Thank you for being here for me"
You grabbed her necklace again. "I meant this when I gave it to you, you know?" You lifted your hand to caress her cheek and she hold it there by your wrist. "I'm always going to be here for you" She smiled at you.
"I'm always going to be here for you too" She leaned forward, and you copied her action meeting her halfway. When your lips touched your wife’s, your heart skipped a beat. After three years of dating and three years of marriage, her kisses still did things to you. The kiss was filled with what you felt for each other, and it brought a warmth to your chest.
That night you went to sleep with her between your arms and her head on your chest. She played with your ring while you did the same. Tonight, was the very reason why you had your rings engraved with the word "always" on the inside, you would always be there for each other and that was a simbol of it.
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Tumblr media
#darkart #surrealart #surrealism #bizarreart #beautifulbizarre #lowbrow #creepyart #creepyartist #fantasyart #spookyart #morbidart #blackwidow #spiderart #arachnophobia #weirdart
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MCU Incorrect Quotes; Part 6
Tony: If I get one like on this post then I will adopt Peter
Likes his own post:
Tony: Say no more! Kid get over here!
Strange: If we are going to make it out alive, we will need an illogical solution. A really stupid idea, possibly fueled by pop culture references.
Everyone looks at Peter:
Tony hoarsely: I...I think I'm losing my voice
Peter: Haha! Guess you can't yell at me anymore!
-later that day-
Peter: Turns out, Tony is a lot scarier when he is quiet
Tony: You bought a taco?
Bucky: Yeah
Tony: At a moment like this?
Bucky: Mhm
Bucky, eating the taco: Well me starving ain't gonna help kill the Taco guy
Fury: Tony I'm going to need to ask you a few questions. Think you can answer them without your usual level of sarcasm?
Tony: If you can ask them without your usual level of stupid
Steve: Hey Bucky! Want to help me watch Peter?
Bucky: Oh wish I could but I don't want to
Peter: You didn't cry when Bambi's mother died?!
Tony: Yes it was very sad when the guy stopped drawing the deer.
Steve: Peter, did you eat all of the donuts?
Peter: No
Steve: Are you lying to me? I can see all of the powder on your pants.
Peter, panicking: Thats Cocaine.
Natasha: Peter, how old are you?
Bucky: He's like 12
Peter: Yeah like outta 10
Steve:You know, I think we should try a non-violent approach to resolve this
Natasha: I agree. Except replace the word "non" with "extremely"
Bucky: and after the word "violent" include the phrase "Blood Explosion Extraordinaire"
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
credit: cyberpumpkinpie
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow Bisexual pride icons💖💜💙 (rᥱᑲᥣ᥆g/ᥣіkᥱ і𝖿 ᥙsᥱ)
🌈іᥒ һ᥆ᥒ᥆r ᥆𝖿 ⍴rіძᥱ m᥆ᥒ𝗍һ і ᥲm g᥆іᥒg 𝗍᥆ 𝗍rᥡ 𝗍᥆ mᥲkᥱ іᥴ᥆ᥒs 𝖿᥆r sᥱ᥎ᥱrᥲᥣ ძі𝖿𝖿ᥱrᥱᥒ𝗍 ᥴһᥲrᥲᥴ𝗍ᥱrs ᥕі𝗍һ sᥱ᥎ᥱrᥲᥣ ძі𝖿𝖿ᥱrᥱᥒ𝗍 ⍴rіძᥱ 𝖿ᥣᥲgs/ᥴ᥆ᥣ᥆rs. і𝖿 ᥡ᥆ᥙ һᥲ᥎ᥱ ᥲ ᥴᥱr𝗍ᥲіᥒ ⍴rіძᥱ іᥴ᥆ᥒ ᥡ᥆ᥙ ᥕ᥆ᥙᥣძ ᥣіkᥱ mᥲძᥱ, 𝖿ᥱᥱᥣ 𝖿rᥱᥱ 𝗍᥆ mᥱssᥲgᥱ mᥱ ᥆r rᥱᑲᥣ᥆g ᥲᥒძ ᥴ᥆mmᥱᥒ𝗍 ᥆ᥒ 𝗍һіs ⍴᥆s𝗍 ᥕі𝗍һ 𝗍һᥱ ᥴһᥲrᥲᥴ𝗍ᥱr ᥆𝖿 ᥡ᥆ᥙr ᥴһ᥆іᥴᥱ ᥲᥒძ 𝗍һᥱ ⍴rіძᥱ ᥴ᥆ᥣ᥆rs/𝖿ᥣᥲg ᥡ᥆ᥙ ᥕᥲᥒ𝗍 :)🏳️‍🌈
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Just One Reason (Chapter 3)
Just One Reason 
Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff x GN!Reader  
 Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 (You’re Here!) | Chapter 4
Summary: Y/N has been working hard as a criminal investigator and always comes home to their lover Nat. When they come home tonight, however, something is different. 
 Chapter summary: The pieces are coming together on this murder case, but when things get a bit mixed together, you find yourself in a bit of an odd position. 
 Warnings: Cheating, implied sexual interactions, swearing, lots of implications to abuse, murder, blood/gore, PTSD, anxiety attacks, alcohol , self-harm, kidnapping, (stay safe loves <3) 
 A/N: I am so sorry for how much shorter this is, I just wanted to end it where it was. (I swear I’m not dead!)
Current Word Count: 13.2k
This chapter is dedicated to @sheisnotalone and @alotofpockets, both of which unknowingly made it possible for me to write this crazy story!
 Large cut on your arm with your ex-girlfriend's symbol etched in it? Yeah, that’s no big deal. So you did what you do best; you ignored it entirely. Okay, so Kate screamed when she saw it, she absolutely freaked out. So, you decided it would just be best if you just covered it up with another college sweatshirt; you had plenty of old NYU shit that you used whenever you just didn’t care about appearance, and today was your last day off before you were supposed to go back to the office. 
Key words, supposed to. It had only been three or four minutes after Kate sent you the “Hey I’m at work now, don’t do anything dumb while I’m gone <3” message before you got a message from your commanding officer. 
“Officer Y/N, we need you in uniform at the apartment complex between 7th and Tompkins Park Square. We’ve got a body.” 
Well, shit.
You were there faster than the Flash, which you snickered at your own superhero joke when you told it to Yelena later, but you had to focus. Ducking under the caution tape, you entered the scene. More gruesome than the last, that was for sure. Blood was splattered along the wall, the trail of blood that had come from the victim as they had dragged themselves across the floor in desperate efforts to grab at the home phone, in which they had managed to dial 911 and whisper a help before they passed. And now, you were here. You knelt next to both the body and the medical investigator. 
“Alright, Doc. Give it to me, how did he go?” 
Looking now, you could make out the face of an Asian man, who would later be identified as Dai Ngo, a Vietnamese citizen who had recently divorced his wife and was living with his 9 year old daughter, Cais Ngo. 
“Blunt force trauma to the head, but it was post mortem. We’re looking at three bullet holes through the skull, lower jaw, and one in his hip. The shooter wanted him dead, and he wanted to make sure of it. From what I can tell, the hip shot was their attempt to keep the victim from running, but the shot through the skull was also post mortem. If I had to guess right now, I’d say cause of death from the two first shots and he bled out.”
You nod at the information, glancing back down at the body. Sighing, you felt a hand on your shoulder. You stood up and turned to face the owner of said hand, and you were greeted by your commanding officer. 
You salute, giving him a respectful “sir”, before tilting your head and asking, “Is there something you need?” You could tell by the solemn look on his face that the news couldn’t be taken lightly. You braced yourself for the worst. 
“We’ve found two more bodies. This is… this is a serial killer now.”
Had you stopped breathing? Was that why you suddenly could see black dots at the edge of your vision? The steady hand on your shoulder felt like the only thing keeping you from toppling over. You found that your mouth was dry and you searched for words. 
“I’m…” You started, trying to grab at syllables but managing to draw a blank. “I’m sorry, what?”
He just nodded, looking at you sorrowfully. Everyone in the office knew that you had felt a personal connection with the original case, but to know that it wasn’t just a one-time killing… It was like a knife was in your heart and you couldn’t grab it to pull it out. Desperately, you looked up, praying to a God you didn’t even believe in, hoping it was a joke. You knew it wasn’t. 
“Take me to the morgue, Sir. I want to see all the bodies. And I want all the evidence on my desk. I’ll be interrogating all witnesses and suspects, if possible, sir. This case is mine.” You had surprised yourself with your own words, you definitely didn’t think you had the courage to order him around, but to your shock, not to mention, to your joy as well, he nodded. 
NYPD BRONX OFFICE 11:29 pm JULY 17TH, 2023
When Kate went home, you stayed. You stayed for so long that you thought for sure that it would have been midnight by now. You had opted not to drive to the station, so when you left, you went to take the subway. You stepped in when the train came by, sitting amongst the few people that were still taking it this late in the night. You crossed a leg over the other, scrolling mindlessly while songs played on your wireless headphones. You found yourself nodding off slightly, the exhaustion from overworking yourself rushing up on you like a NY Jets Linebacker. You fell asleep to some cheesy love song playing in the background. 
“Y/N, come on, hurry up!” You heard Yelena tell you. You saw her, and you grinned. She was wearing your NYU hat, the one you had just gotten after you got accepted. Chasing after the blonde Russian, you found yourself laughing. 
“Give me that back, you suka!” You mocked her Russian, which made her howl out in her casual raspy laughter.
“Oh, you’re so funny! It’s с��ка, you donut!” She rolled her eyes, turning around and jogging backwards. You hated now much faster than she was, and you rushed to catch up. 
You noticed him before she did. “Yelena, behind you-” You didn’t get to finish your warning as your smaller friend bumped into a man who had been standing there. He turned around to face the two of us. He was taller than you, that was for sure, and he looked mean. You slunk back slightly, staying in front of Yelena. “Sorry, sir. We weren’t looking where we were going…”
You didn’t have time to react to the first hit. You hit the ground with a thud, hearing Yelena gasp. You tasted the blood in your mouth and looked up with wide eyes.
It came back to you like a flood. Suddenly his face was distorted, everything was. You couldn’t make out the difference between his voice and hers. Oh god, hers… Your adoptive mother’s high pitched shrieks, the shattering glass, the look of rage in her eyes. Instinctively, you put your arms up in front of your face, your only protection from the ongoing hits. 
The world froze. 
Where am I? This isn’t the same memory… this isn’t the same nightmare.
You opened your eyes. Nat was staring down at you in horror, her blonde sister knelt next to you, whispering calming words. You couldn’t make them out. You couldn’t hear anything. There was a ringing in your ears, but you knew what had happened.
She hit me once. It only happened once. She was so scared when I didn’t go to protect myself, the way I just cowered. 
Nat was crying, Yelena was crying, were you too? The dream was too vivid, you couldn’t make out the details. You were frustrated now, you weren’t actually here, this already happened. Stop looking at Nat. She’s a nobody to you now.
You woke with a start, had you missed your stop? You swore under your breath when you saw that they had passed your stop long ago. Standing quickly, you grabbed at your backpack and sprinted out the doors right as they closed. It was a run the whole way home, ignoring the hoots and shouts and calls you heard from drunkards on the streets. 
You burst into Kate’s apartment, breathing heavily. You immediately took note of the silence that followed. Yelena or Kate was always waiting for you on late nights. No note, no message. You check your phone again, no texts or calls either. Where were they? You went into your room, grabbing the first change of clothes you saw, not even phased by the blast of Nat’s scent as you slipped your hoodie on. You didn’t care, you were too busy running through every horrible thing that could have happened to your two best friends. 
The phone in the kitchen rang and you practically hit your face on the wall trying to get to it. You picked up, 
“Officer Y/N?”
“That would be me.”
“Hi… It’s Sarah.”
You let out an audible gasp. This was the little girl you had first found at the Bronx Zoo all those days ago. 
“Hey, hey. What’s up, kiddo? Everything alright?” You asked hesitantly. Why would she be calling you, and why so late at night? You glanced at the clock on the wall, which glared back at you with its bright red numbers. 1:43 am. What was she calling for?
“Can I… come over and be with you tonight? I’m scared.” She was scared. You could hear it in her voice, the slight shake, the way she whispered. 
“What about your caregivers? Did you ask them?” 
“Officer Y/N, they’re dead.”
Holy shit. 
“I’ll be right over.” It was a promise. You were there before you even knew what was going on. Opening the door, you had your hand on your hip, where your gun stayed, ready for anything. When you saw Sarah, she rushed towards you and held onto you like her life depended on it. Did it? You sighed, relaxing slightly as you wrapped your arms around the small girl. She was shaking, poor girl. What was that odd chill on her back though? Why was it so cold in this apartment, come to think of it? You stood back up from your kneeling position, drawing your gun as you turned the corner. Your eyes widened in horror as you saw the scene that had unfolded before your eyes. Both caregivers, who were frozen in caskets of ice, seemed to have been fighting about something. They weren’t just frozen, they were quite literally iced. 
You stared back at the once innocent looking girl, you were in a state of shock. She had killed them. How…? She had- no, this couldn’t be right. Picking up your phone with a shaking hand, you clicked on the only contact on your phone that you could think to call.
  “Hello, this is Nick Fury speaking.”
  How the fuck did you end up in this position? You were sitting in the Avengers’ Compound, with Yelena and Kate, who had just been out shopping and had forgotten to let you know, and you were waiting for the info to come back on your small child. 
When Dr. Cho came out, Sarah quickly made her way into your arms, where you held her close. You clung to her, closing your eyes to take in the fact she was there. For some reason, she made you feel less alone. You felt comfortable with her there.
“Officer L/N, that child is extremely unstable. Be cautious.” The warning from Dr. Cho went unheeded, as you looked up at her.
“Well, what’s the verdict?” You heard Kate ask from your left. 
“We have no explanation for her powers other than a strange blip in her DNA. She had no control over it, at the moment it is completely an emotional set-off. The fighting from her caretakers must have caused her to feel some major distress and she froze them over.”
You only nodded in silence, looking back and forth between Sarah and Cho. Tapping Sarah’s nose, you said, 
“I’ll take care of her.” It wasn’t a request, it was an order. Fury, who had entered the room, opened his mouth to object, but you cut him off. “Please. She’s a major witness to a case and she is now caretaker-less. She likes me the most, obviously.”
As if to respond, she wrapped her arms around your neck and hung on you like a koala. You just gestured to it with your hand, and they were sold. They let you exit the compound with Kate and Yelena in tow, Sarah hoisted on your shoulders. Kate and Yelena shared a glance before Kate said,
“Y/N, we don’t have room for a child.”
“I know,” you nodded. “I’m going back to my apartment.”
Now both girls were shocked. “But what about Nat and Wan-”
“They’re gone. Hell, I don’t know what happened to them.” You shrugged, causing the small girl to giggle and shriek at the movement. 
“Y/N said a bad word, oo!” She laughed, peeking down at you and grinning.
“My apologies, princess. ‘Heck’,” You corrected yourself with a smile. Exchanging looks of concern, Yelena popped into the conversation. 
“Are you sure you’ll be okay by yourself?”
You rolled your eyes, putting a hand on your friend’s shoulder. “Yeah, I'll be fine. I’m over the whole break up thing anyways. Consider me a new person. Maybe tomorrow we can go out and hit the club and I’ll find a pretty new girl to take home,” You suggested, which caught Yelena’s attention, as a spark shone in her eye. Kate just frowned, shaking her head. She knew that you wouldn’t be fine, but she couldn’t do anything about it. You went your separate ways, you promised you’d pick your stuff up when you got a moment. Settling for a piggyback ride, you walked home with one drowsy Sarah practically falling asleep on your back. You opened your apartment door, setting down Sarah on your bed. You tucked her in, smiling softly as you watched her breathing with such gentleness. 
You went to sit on the couch, pulling your backpack up in your lap, grunting at its heaviness. You pulled out the random items, including your laptop, a bag of peanuts, your anxiety journal, and a bottle of cyanide.
What the fuck? A bottle of what? You did a double take, examining the bottle carefully. You tugged at the wrapper part around it, pulling it free. Of course, there was a note for you on the inside of it.
“Fun game we’ve got going on here. Heard you have to deal with a couple of murders, what a time, eh? Now, that may surprise you, but those murders weren’t my doings. Killing people like that, so not my style! Anyways, hun, I’m sure by now you know that I took your little lovers. Or so they keep telling me, you’re over now? Crazy, and you went through all that trouble to get to them? What a waste! Truly, I expected better. But your Wanda is rather cute, I think I might keep her. Do you want the redhead? She's just such a pain! She almost busted my lip this morning, did you feel it too? I bet you did. Man, don’t you love soul-entwining? I should really ask Stephen more about it some time, maybe we could have some more entertaining times with it. Did you like the little scar on your arm? I thought it might look cute, you must tell me what you think of it next time we meet! Speaking of which, tell me, how important are those two younger girls to you? The little archer and the blonde Russian? Just wondering, of course.” 
Shit, that made your blood boil. God, such mockery, you could never imagine someone managing to contain it all in one body, but whoever that was, they sure were annoying. If you weren’t so exhausted, you would have driven over to Kate in that moment to check in, but you would settle for texting her. You sent her a message asking to be on the highest of alerts just in case. She sent back a thumbs up. Okay, that was good enough for you. You set your phone down, grabbing for a pen and a sticky note. 
Two can play that game, you thought, gritting your teeth together as you scribbled a response to the mystery writer. To put it sweetly, you basically said to fuck off and stay away from your younger friends. 
“I mean, seriously. You already have Wanda and Nat, what else could you possibly want?” You mumbled sarcastically. Your drowsiness finally caught up with you and you found yourself in your bed, curled up with your back facing the smaller child. You were wrapped up in the warm scent of Wanda that still remained on some of your clothes. You didn’t mind. The shroud of sleep covered you finally and you lulled into a dreamless slumber. 
You called in the next morning to tell your boss that you had the kid with you and you needed the day off to get her settled in. It wasn’t until you were standing in a store you couldn’t even name that it hit you. You hadn’t gotten a true day off in years, you couldn’t even remember one. The one recent day was after you were blacked out and coping over losing your… losing Nat. You blinked back into your reality when Sarah tugged your arm and began dragging you around. You were okay with this, actually. You felt alright for the first time in a while. Yeah, sure, your life was honestly still shitty and you had the unnerving feeling your life was in danger, but you don’t care. That has quickly become your mentality in the past couple days. Your life was a wreck but you just didn’t have the time or energy to care. 
Lunch came and went, and you had brought Sarah back home with plenty of things for her to decorate her room with, as you were going to give her your extra bedroom. You went to lay down in your room while she excitedly rushed into her new room to get set up. That’s when the nausea hit. And holy fuck, it hit like a truck. You stood quickly, gripping both your stomach and the door frame as you stumbled into the bathroom. You weren’t going to throw up, but you felt it there. Something felt like it kicked you in the ribs, and suddenly the back of your head was burning up with pained sensations. You grunted in pain, closing your eyes and breathing deeply in an attempt to steady yourself. You sit down, your back against the bathroom cabinet. You heard the phone ring in the living room, but you couldn’t get to it in time, the world spinning around you. You listened to the ringing stop, and after about 40 seconds, you heard the click that meant someone had left a message.
Your blood ran cold and you stiffened as you heard the pitter-patter of Sarah’s feet and the ringing of the phone again. 
“Hello?” Sarah asked into the phone. “Excuse me, miss. You’re being too quiet, speak up please. You need Y/N? Oh, sorry, I can give you to them, hold on.”
Pitter patter, pitter patter. The phone was handed to you by the girl, who watched you curiously, obviously she was a little confused on why you were sitting on the bathroom floor. You just looked up at her, smiled softly despite a sharp pain hitting your side. Holding the phone to your ear, you softly asked,
“Yes, hello, Y/N speaking. Who is this?” 
“Oh, fuck you and your gentle asking. Get off your ass and help me.”
“Who is this?”
The call ended. You scowled in confusion, your brain spinning too much to even process any words. You just stared in front of you, trying to grasp the point of the call. Was that even Nat? No, it wasn’t. You realized you still had Nat’s voicemail, and you rushed to play it. 
It was mostly static, but the very end of it played an important role in everything you did after that moment. 
It was only a few words, but it spoke volumes to you in ways you couldn’t describe.
“Echo, swap, M184.”
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I should’ve come back for you. Hey. Hey. It was real to me, too.
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Natasha: Did you have to stab them? Y/N: You weren’t there. You didn’t hear what they said to me. Natasha: What did they say? Y/N: "What are you going to do, stab me?" Natasha: That’s fair.
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Bruce: I’m gonna need a human skull, but you can’t ask why. Nat: Only if you also don’t ask why. Nat: *produces four pristine human skulls from her bag* Bruce: … Bruce: *grabs one* This one will do.
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