onenicebugperday · a day ago
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Male jumping spider, Hypaeus benignus?, Salticidae
Photographed in Belize by Thomas Shahan
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yakov-ukha · a day ago
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you piss off your boyfriend one time and then he goes to his bffs house and gets...stuck.
(annabelle cane is my favorite I fucking love her)
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daughterofchaos · 2 days ago
my favorite video of Polly
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alrightyspidey · 16 hours ago
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Beautiful Spidey 💕
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spidermannotes · a day ago
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Artwork by Joe Quinones
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thepipefox · 14 hours ago
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Helob and Sozo from Cult of the Lamb
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crevicedwelling · 13 hours ago
introducing Stapler!
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she is an Atypus karschi, an East Asian species of purseweb spider. for a while scientists thought the population of pursewebs in southern Pennsylvania were a unique species (A. snetsingeri) very far from its closest relatives, until by accident some researchers found them to be genetically identical to Asian karschi, which means they’re an introduced species here. oops
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she lives in a soft silk tube coated with debris and doesn’t ever leave, so that first picture of her is likely the last I’ll ever get for a long time.
why is she called Stapler, you ask?
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she has utterly MASSIVE chelicerae which, upon detecting a bug wandering over her house, she stabs through the webbing into the bug, staples it there until it dies from her venom, and then she drags it inside to eat.
(that’s a molted exoskeleton, I wouldn’t pick her up like that)
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bluebeesknees · 17 hours ago
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Bound in Silk 🦋
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wronghands1 · 2 days ago
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jovanapaunic · a day ago
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theblindfoldedprince · a day ago
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[Geomi]: “Pretty... but loud. At least I wasn't late.”
[Send a Ask?]
- Geomi (The Spider) - @dutiesofabodyguard ; Constance (Star Quill)
[Princely] "No Ask This Time! Just Story! Woop! But hey, at least my other blog will finally have some posts; albeit semi-canon."
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thesiren-ssong · 2 days ago
More avatar headcanons
•Jake shaved lo’ak’s hair for him
•Kiri always wanted to be the one to hold tuktirey as a baby
•Neteyam and Aonung are either best friends or boyfriends
•Jake doesn’t know how to dance and it’s rubbed off onto neteyam
•kiri loves to dance and wish not shy to do in front of others
•I can see rotxo playing a pipe instrument
•tsireya is the best singer of everyone and kiri is the worst
•Kiri has a loud, raspy, knee slapping laugh
•lo’ak chuckles and rarely laughs loudly unless something is really funny
•Tsireya has a really pretty laugh
•Rotxo never laughs (he laughs on the inside)
•Aonung has a spray bottle laugh
•lo’ak is very insecure over how “na’vi” he is because of his body and how it took him twice to get an ikran
•tuktirey is the nicest
•jake Neytiri and Mo’at were a little off put of how much kiri sounds like grace but is used to it now
•Mo’at complains about Jake and Neytiri’s parental duty whenever they leave the kids with her for alone time but secretly loves it
•(everyone knows but pretends to take her seriously)
•Kiri asks mo’at about eywa often
•Neytiri kept Grace’s necklace and gave it to kiri when she was 9
That’s it until I feel more creative lol
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rotting-cave-fungus · 15 hours ago
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daughterofchaos · a day ago
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In memory of my sweet jumping spider, Petyr, who passed away yesterday. Although he was tiny he changed my life. My time with him went by too fast. I'm going to miss him terribly. I hope he knew I loved him. My heart needs time to heal. 💔
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nauseous-narcissist · a day ago
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[Hazbin Hotel] - Moths in a web
Decided to draw "classic" Angel, cause, to be honest...miss this chaotic bisexual...
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spidermannotes · 15 hours ago
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Artwork by Clayton Crain
Tumblr media
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