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Yelena: Dogs deserve to live forever.
Kate: And people don’t?
Yelena: No.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The cast of "Hawkeye" celebrates Christmas
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It’s going to be the best Barton Christmas ever!
HAWKEYE (2021) cr. Jonathan Igla
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Tumblr media
Hawkeye Vol. 4 #11 - Pizza Is My Business (June 26, 2013)
Written by: Matt Fraction Artist [pencils & inks] by: David Aja Colorist by: Matt Hollingsworth Lettered by: Chris Eliopoulos Edited by: Stephen Wacker (editor) and Tom Brennan (associate editor) Published by: Marvel Comics
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hawkeye + text posts (bishova edition)
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Tumblr media
Hawkeye by Ardian Syaf
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Home For The Holidays
Kate Bishop x Reader
Word Count: 2k
Notes: Fluff, Christmas season, domestic, established relationship
Summary: Kate is home for Holidays and she wants to do is spend some quality time with her girlfriend.
Tumblr media
You were excited for the holiday season. The city was a bit more special during Christmas. In part, it was the snow, decorations, and the cheery music everywhere you’d walk. For you, there was one extra thing that you looked forward to this December. Your girlfriend, Kate, would be coming home from school.
It was hard maintaining your relationship, while she was away. The distance was hard on the both of you. She’d come home when she could, and you visited every chance you got, but it still didn’t feel like enough time together. Now, with the semester coming to an end and the holidays approaching, you couldn’t wait to spend every second you could with her.
You were waiting for your girlfriend to arrive. The second you spotted her, you charged the girl. She dropped her bags and lifted you in the air. She spun the two of you around as you broke into a fit of giggles.
“ I missed you,” you bury your head in her shoulder, her soft flowy hair tickles your nose.
She kisses your head,“ I missed you too, baby.”
“ I can’t wait to spend every second with you,” you kissed her cheek as you broke the hug.
You try to grab one of her bags, but she doesn’t let you. Instead, she reaches for your hand to take it in her free hand. She places a gentle kiss on the back of your hand.
“ I want you to stay with me while I’m here,” Kate’s eyes hold an uncertainty in them as she speaks. She’s nervous about your response, but you calm her nerves with a gentle smile.
“ If I’m going to stay, you’re going to have to get another set of silverware,” you tease her, and she squeezes your hand.
She lets out a laugh,“ I guess we’ll have to get another set then.”
Before going to Kate’s the two of you stopped by your house to get some of your things. Luckily for you, the house was empty, which meant no one could embarrass you in front of Kate like they usually did. Your family loved Kate, maybe a little more than they loved you. They’d definitely want you to bring her around while she was here, but no way would they get to indulge in Kate’s company before you had your fill.
When you arrived at Kate’s, the two of you set the bags down and plopped down on the couch. Kate sat down first, then pulled you into her lap. She turned something on the tv, but it seemed like she would doze off any moment.
“ Sleepy?” you question her.
“ More like finally relaxed. I’m in my favorite place, with my favorite person, with nothing to worry about for once. I’ve been looking for this since the semester started.”
“ Well, I’m glad I can help you relax,” you placed a kiss on her cheek.
She smiled as her eyes struggled to stay open,“ I think you missed my lips.”
“ Did I?”
Kate’s eyes darted to yours,“ I’m almost 100% sure that you did.”
You try to give her a small peck on the lips, but Kate doesn’t let you get away that easily. She squeezes your side, making you jump a little bit. She repositions you to properly straddle your lap. The hand that isn’t on your waist snakes into your hair. She’s kissing you tenderly, taking her time to savor her lips against yours. When your lips part with a low smack, you’re speechless.
Her thumb slightly pulls down your lips,“ Mine.”
The word makes you blush. The shade only deepens when she grabs your hand and guides your thumb towards her lips. You do the same thing to her lips, and she speaks for you,“ Yours.”
“ I’m completely and utterly in love with you, Katherine Bishop.”
“ I hate it when you call me that, but I do love when you tell me you love me.”
You chuckle,” Because you love me too?”
Kate smiles,“ Of course, I’m completely and utterly in love with you, Y/n Samantha L/n.”
“ Not the middle name, this is slander,” a look of fake shock presents itself on your face.
She was going in for another kiss, but her phone rang, interrupting the moment. Kate rolls her eyes but answers the phone.
“ Yes mom… of course I’m coming to see you… yes I’ll bring Y/n… Glad that you like her more than me… bye mom,” she hangs up the phone and groans.
“ So we’re going to see your mom?”
“ Not today, maybe tomorrow. Today I just want to be here with you,” this time she succeeds in placing a gentle kiss on your lips.
“ How about we nap, then we can order a pizza and watch some Christmas movies?”
Kate stands up, pulling you with her,“ To the bed we go.”
“ No funny business, Bishop,” you squeal as she carries you to the room.
“ How about a little funny business… It’s been too long,” she lightly places you in the bed and crawls on top of you.
She trails gentle kisses down your neck, which drive you crazy.
“ Kate,” you whine, and she stops.
“ Fine, but just know I’m getting needy,” Kate’s head rests on your stomach.
Your hand rakes through her hair,“ I like it when you’re needy… But I’m going to need you well rested and reinvigorated because once we start I don’t plan on stopping.”
A blush spread across Kate’s face,” I am sleeping now.”
It was a joke, but only about 5 minutes later, Kate was asleep with her head on your stomach. You watched her for a bit, but eventually sleep overtook you as well.
When you woke up Kate was no longer in the bed with you. A frown was set on your face as you got out of the bed. Your girlfriend was in the main room of her home on the phone. She lit up when she noticed you across the room. She finished up on the phone quickly before giving you her full attention.
“ I ordered the pizza, and I was hoping that I could possibly get you in the tub with me. I ran the water, and it’s got lots of bubbles and I did have one candle.”
“ Now, what kind of idiot would I be if I passed up a bubble bath with my beautiful girlfriend.”
Kate did a small victory movement,“ I was hoping you’d say that.”
Kate led you to the bathroom. You both stripped out of your clothes. Kate got in first so that you could lean back into her. You happily obliged. Her arms snaked around your waist so that your back was flush against her chest.
“ Have I told you that I missed you yet?” The brunette husked into your ear.
“ I don’t think I could get tired of hearing it.”
As you lay in the tub simply enjoying the presence of one another, it’s quiet. Both of you are basking in the presence of the other. Kate is gentle as she drags a loofah across your skin, tentatively washing your body, You let her the warm water do wonders. You return the favor when she’s done.
By the time you are out of the tub. The doorbell is sounding, alerting the two of you that the pizza is ready, Kate gets to the door as she is already dressed. You take your time, opting to throw on one of Kate’s hoodies and some thick pajama bottoms.
When you make your way out of the bedroom. Kate has already got the pizza box sitting on the table by the couch. You grab a slice and sit next to the brunette. She has the remote in her hand as she searches for something to put on. Kate settles on a Christmas classic, Frosty The Snowman. It’s one of her favorites, she struggles not to quote the movie when it’s on.
“ Why are you so far?” Kate reaches for you with one hand while shoveling a slice of pizza into her mouth with the other.
“ We’re on the same couch.”
“ Opposite sides,” Kate pouts.
You scoot over to be close to your girlfriend, and this seems to work for the brunette, “ Better.”
Once the two of you demolish the pizza, you cuddled up together, watching the movie. Well, your eyes are on the tv, but Kate’s eyes are on you.
“ You’re going to miss your favorite part if you keep watching me,” you notify the girl. Kate says, not bothering to refocus on the movie.
“ You’ve seen me just as much.”
Kate shakes her head, “The difference is that the movie never changes. Every time I look at you, I find something new that I love.”
“ You’re just so intent on making me blush all damn night, aren’t you.”
“ Maybe or maybe I just really hate it when your miles away from me,” Kate plays with your fingers.
“ I hate it too, but this school is your dream.”
Kate let’s out a sigh,” I don’t know if it is. It feels like my mom’s dream. Now you, you are my dream. There are a lot of uncertainties in my future, but if you aren’t in it, it doesn’t matter.”
“ Katie…”
“ I mean it, Y/n. I can’t wait to come to you and our family in the future. You, a dog, a couple of kids, or maybe you come to me and the dog and the kids. Either way it’s us, together, and that’s all that really matters.”
Now your attention is fully on Kate,“ You want a family with me?”
“ I want everything with you. All of my successes and all of my failures. All the good and all the broken. You’re the only one I feel like I don’t have to hide anything from,” Kate stares deeply into your eyes as she speaks to you.
“ I wish there was something more I can say that I love you. You make me feel more than loved, and I don’t even know what that means necessarily, but just know that I love you unconditionally, Kate. There’s no one else that I’d rather be with.”
Kate clears her throat, “ What if… you stayed here?”
“ I’m already staying here?”
“ No, I mean like… when I go back. What if you stayed here? I mean you could decorate it however you want and of course your family is always welcomed. It would just be cool that when I visit, I could come home to you. I mean, you’re kind of already my home, but you know what I mean, right. If you were to-”
You cut her off, placing a deep kiss on her lips. You hold her face in your hand as you kiss her. She was surprised at first, but eventually she began to respond to the kiss. Maybe you weren’t as good with words as Kate, but you felt just as much as she did.
“ I would love to move in with you, Katie.”
“ Really! I didn’t think that-”
You kiss her once more, this time a simple peck.
“ Really baby. First thing on the agenda is more cutlery and dining sets; especially if my family is coming over. Oh, speaking of them, they’re definitely going to want to see you while you’re here.”
“ Perfect, after my mother berates me we can stop by, and your family can fix my self-esteem and feed me some food with more than just salt.”
“ I’m sure your mom won’t be that bad.”
“ That’s easy for you to say, she literally loves you. I’m pretty sure she even likes you more than me.”
You chuckle,” Then we’d be even because my family feels the same about you.”
Kate smiles sheepishly, “ Ok enough about family, more about us and our home.”
“ Our home, huh?”
Kate nods and kisses the side of your head,“ Our home.”
The rest of the night you spend talking about your future together while Christmas movies play in the background. You didn’t know it yet, but Kate wouldn’t be going back to school next semester. In fact, the woman had a hell of a winter break ahead of her, and she’d definitely lean on you for support. With a love like the one the two of you shared, you’d make it through anything. In fact, you eventually come to think that it was pretty fun being the girlfriend of an up-and-coming superhero.
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Yelena: If Y/n and I were drowning, who would you save?
Natasha: You two can’t swim?
Y/n: It’s a hypothetical question, Nat! who would you save?
Natasha: my time and effort.
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star-reyes · 20 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You will save the lost child you were, and they will save you back - Anthony Oliveira
Young Avengers: Paradise Lost
Writing: Anthony Oliveira
Art: Jethro Morales
Letters: Ariana Maher
Colors: Dijjo Lima
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I have watched nearly every WLW/lesbian tv show there is. please give me recommendations
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Clintasha Advent.
“Nat, you with us?”
Clint waves his hand in front of her face, as Bruce and Tony look in concern.
“All I said was…”
Bruce stops Tony, with a hand on his arm.
Natasha rises slowly, hands shaking.
“Yeah, yeah I’m fine,” she says slowly, “keep playing, I’ll be back.”
She gets up and moves toward the bathroom, leaving the men sitting in confusion around the game board.
“Was it something I said?” Tony asks Clint.
He shrugs, looking worriedly towards the bathroom.
It’s ten minutes before she emerges, eyes red and a watery smile.
“Who’s winning?” she asks.
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Yelena: Hey, I’m sorry for what I did earlier.
Kate: How did you get in my room??
Yelena: I’m not here to discuss your lack of home security. I’m here to apologize.
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Tumblr media
want to see the same picture of Clint Barton everyday? follow here!  
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Kate entering the apartment with Thunderbolts promotional: ¡Guess who went shopping?!
Yelena: I hope this time you won't buy anything unnecessary. What did you buy? Please tell me did you bring Lucky and Fanny's food.
Kate trying to hide a cardboard cutout of Yelena: You know what, no matter what I buy, I'll go get the puppy food.
Yelena runs to the entrance: Kate Bishop you better tell me what you brought into the house.
Kate: Nothing bye. I will go for food for our dog children. *Runs down the hall*
—Thirty minutes later—
Clint text: Did you like your gift? Katie-Kate was so excited. *Attaches a photo of Kate in the parking lot with a promotional cardboard*
*Kate enters the apartment and sees her frowning girlfriend, phone in hand*
Yelena: ¡Katherine Elizabeth Bishop!
Kate: Ok first of all, this cardboard version of you is totally necessary. *She pulls the figure out of hiding and hugs it to his chest*
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Florence Pugh photographed by Josh Shinner
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Dudes unironically calling marvel the M-She-U because of current leads/stories genuinely scare me
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