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My Girlfriend, The Worm
Y/N asks Bucky the worm question. Like the old man he is, he answers wrong.
This is just crack fluff
Tumblr media
“Have you asked him yet?” Peter said to his sister as they sat in their apartment. It was one of the rare times they were both home, and Y/N wasn’t sleeping over at her boyfriend’s place. 
Sighing, Y/N shook her head. “No, Pete. There is no way I’m asking him that. I don’t care if it’s a part of some stupid trend,” she said and went back to reading the news paper. 
It was something her brother had been seeing all over tiktok for the past few days. He’d sent a collection of them to MJ and his sister, but Y/N had ignored almost all of them. Until her brother brought it up while she was trying to relax. 
“Please,” he said, his lip jutting out in a pout. “I’ll deliver you and Mr Barnes some takeout next time I’m on patrol,” he said.
Y/N put her newspaper down. “All that just for me to ask Bucky if he’d still love me if I was a worm?”
Huffing, Y/N stood from her chair. “Okay, come on.”
“Where are we going?”
Bucky was fast asleep on his sofa. He  slept better there, but his girlfriend preferred the bed. He’d never tell her where he really slept when she wasn’t here. He usually didn’t sleep at night, either, so naps during the day it was.
He never expected someone to knock on his apartment door during the day. When they did, Bucky immediately jumped up and grabbed the gun from beneath his pillow. He inched towards the door slowly, not making any noise. 
When he looked through the peephole and saw only his girlfriend and her annoying brother standing there, Bucky put away his gun and pulled open the door. “Hey Buck,” Y/N said and kissed his cheek as he let them in. Bucky caught her around the waist and pulled her to stand beside him as Peter walked in.
“Parker,” Bucky said, as Peter walked past him. Y/N rolled her eyes at him and kissed his cheek again. “What’s up, sweets?” Asked Bucky as he shut the door. 
Grabbing his hand, Y/N pulled Bucky over to the couch. Her brother walked into the kitchen, helping himself to a glass of water. “I got an important question for you, Buck,” she said, grinning slightly. Her lip was pulled between her teeth as she tried to stop herself from laughing.
She was going to propose. Bucky's heart was in his throat, his eyes wide as he began to squirm in his seat. "Hang on a minute, Doll," Bucky muttered, standing up.
But Y/N pulled him back into his seat. Bucky could have easily overpowered her, pulled her up with just the strength of his metal arm, but he allowed her to pull him back. "It's nothing bad, I promise!" She assured him.
Bucky sucked in a deep breath and nodded his head.
"Would you still love me if I was a worm?"
From the kitchen, Peter burst out laughing. Bucky was silent, just staring at Y/N, waiting for her to elaborate. But she didn't; she stayed quiet, just staring at him.
"Did your brother put you up to this?" He whispered, eyes darting towards the kitchen.
Quickly, Y/N shook her head. "I'm being serious. Would you still love me if I was a worm?"
"I... but you'd be a worm."
The smile dropped from Y/N's face. "Are you saying you wouldn't love me if I was a worm?"
“Doll, you’d be a worm. Am I missing something here?”
Y/N stood from the sofa. “Come on, Peter, we’re going home.”
Ever since Y/N had… declared herself a worm and left the apartment, Bucky had been trying to get a hold of her. When he had gotten no reply, he turned to the one person who could help, her annoying little brother. 
Kid, what’s up with my girlfriend? He texted, struggling with the keys. He’d only just graduated from a flip phone with actual buttons for the keyboard to a touch screen, which struggled to recognise his metal fingers. 
You told her you didn’t love her, Peter replied almost instantly. 
Bucky frowned down at his phone. Since when did he say that? All Bucky could respond with was ???
You told her you wouldn’t love her if she was anybody else, that you only love her for her looks.
Sighing, Bucky typed out one last message before leaving his apartment.
Bucky wove through people as he walked through the city. His steps were quick, rushing to get to the Parkers apartment, which was on the other side of the city. Usually, Bucky didn’t walk, but there was no time for a car or a cab.
At the apartment complex, Bucky took the stairs two at a time to get to her. He threw open the door, which he had told Peter to leave unlocked for him, and strolled over to her bedroom. 
It was Y/N’s childhood bedroom. She and Bucky had spent a limited amount of time in there, since she still had pink walls and a single bed. She still had up her posters of her favourite bands from when she was younger and a couple of teddy bears. Most of her time was spent at Bucky’s, splitting the costs of meals and things. He didn’t ask her to help pay rent or anything, since she was saving up for a place of her own. Bucky had thought about asking her to move in with him permanently, but he didn’t want his first apartment since the 1940’s to be their home. The apartment where he had countless nightmares before she came along. 
Gently, Bucky knocked on her door. “Doll?” His voice was as gentle as his knuckles against the door.
When he got no response, Bucky pushed open the door. 
Y/N was sitting on her bed with her legs crossed. A teddy bear Bucky had won her at a carnival was tucked under her arm and she held a picture of the two of them from last Christmas.
Bucky joined her, sitting on the end of her bed. “You know, Doll, I’d still love you if you were a worm. In fact, I’d ask Stark to find a way to turn me into a worm so we could be worms together,” he said, watching carefully for her reaction. 
She put the picture between them on the bed. “Buck, I love you,” she said. “And I don’t need you to love me as a worm. I should have known you wouldn’t get it, you old man,” she said and pulled him over to her. 
They laid on the bed together, Bucky’s bulky body on top of her own. They fell asleep like that, people in love. No, no, worms in love.
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Wanda: how do I flirt with Y/N?
Natasha: bite your lip and laugh at everything they say
Later, Wanda walks up to Y/N and bites her lip…
Wanda: ow!
Y/N: what’s wrong?
Wanda: I bit my lip too tightly!
Y/N: want me to kiss it and make it feel better?
Wanda: please!
Y/N pulls Wanda in tightly and kisses her
Natasha: that works too
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
villain is a vile, wicked person while antagonist is an opponent or enemy, usually for good reason.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
‘Cause I’m not like that. I’m like this, you know. I’m… I would never hurt you or hurt any one of them. And any hunting that I do is done by a part of me that is not me. And that’s not the part you’re with right now.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mr. Roger Harrington + traumatized and underpaid protecting his ducklings
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namor and attuma after picking fights with their crushes and calling it successful flirting:
Tumblr media
shuri and okoye, interested but highly confused:
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mabel Cadena ■
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wholesome fun Christmas special is over, time for trauma! 😃
— James Gunn probably.
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nashuri nation, i bring to you today another win from the frontlines. so, tenoch is at CCXP and they were talking about shuri and namor’s relationship, here’s a rough translation from one of my bird app moots:
the interviewers: we watched the movie together, and we wanted a lot that namor and shuri ended up together
interviewer: I feel everything would be solved with a kiss, right?
tenoch: like everything in life, everything in life would be solved with a kiss and a hug
inteviewer: true, but why not?
tenoch: I don't know, dammit! because of covid, maybe?
and don’t you just love this! nashuri being brought up at conventions, and so playfully. the romantic chemistry was clear to EVERYONE. so much that interviewers are able to banter about it and actually ask the actors ‘what’s up with all of that then?’. nashuri is mainstream and i’m over the bloody moon.
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caught a cat 🥵
Tumblr media
posted by @tekyu_love on twitter
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Tumblr media
some sketches of jack from a couple months ago 🐺
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*a few years into domestic bliss*
M'Baku: Your dumbass fish man was missing from the alliance meeting this morning. Can you find him?
Shuri: What, do you think I have him microchipped or something?
M'Baku: Well, do you?
Shuri: ... yeah, hang on
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The Staple of Christmas
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Words: 1,036
Warnings: Fluff, grumpy Nat, usage of axe
Request: Nope.
Summary: The tree goes up on the 1st. Not ‘ifs’, ‘ands’ or ‘buts’ about it.
A/N: I know it’s not the 1st, but here it is anyway.
Tumblr media
(Not my pics)
The sky was as white as paper, showing off the winter season, even though snow had not graced your presence yet. -Soon though, if the weather reports had anything to say about it- And you were up early, driving across the upstate roads of New York, with a moody red-head by your side.
Natasha hadn't said a word to you since entering the car, not even thanking you when you had grabbed her favourite festive drink from the drive-through to warm her up in the cold morning. No. She didn't speak until you passed the third sign, showing your nearing destination.
'Carl's Chop Your Own Tree Farm'
'Five Miles'
"I can't believe you woke me up so early just to get a fucking Christmas tree," she grumbled, glaring at you with her side eye. Finishing off the last dregs of her drink, eyeing yours that sat in the cup holder between you.
Smiling at how well you knew the woman, you reached over, grabbing around the lip of the paper cup. But instead of drinking from it, you passed it off to the red-head, knowing that she would need warming up more than you when you stepped out into the cold morning in a few short minutes.
"Tis' the season, babe. Don't want all the good trees to get taken, do we?"
"It's too early in the month to even get a tree."
You had the same "argument" every year. Natasha would complain and make excuses while you stuck to your guns, winning out in the end. Which you expected it to only be because she couldn't bear to destroy your excitement, nor the tradition that had been with your family since before you could remember.
"It's the first, and you know what that means: Christmas tree day."
Natasha let out a soft groan, turning towards the passenger side window just as you pulled into the Christmas tree farm.
You knew she didn't truly feel as grumpy as she seemed, with how much she loved you, even if you dragged her out of bed at the butt-crack of dawn. Which is why you smiled towards the red-head, unbuckling yourself, moving to exit the car, as you spoke, "C'mon. You know how much you love to see me using an axe."
Her eyes snapped open with the sound of your door shutting. Green eyes followed you as you rounded the car to grab said axe from the boot.
That was all the instigation she needed before she jumped out of the vehicle herself, with what was once your warm beverage pulled to her chest.
"Shut up." Natasha glared when she spotted your smug look as you came towards her, throwing your arm around her shoulders, leading her to the entrance of the farm.
"But I didn't even say anything."
With a soft nudge against your ribs, she replied, "You didn't have to."
You were right.
Natasha did love the way you used an axe, letting her watch from feet away as your arms flexed with every swing.
But still... she didn't appreciate how smug you were about it.
With a bright smile, you turned towards her, panting with the tall tree now laying on the ground, only for the woman to roll her eyes and shake her head good-naturedly, trying to push away the smile pulling against her lips.
"You ready to head home and get this thing decorated?" you asked, gesturing to the fallen tree.
Smiling at you sweetly, Natasha responded, "You bet ya'."
You had complied with Natasha's wishes to wait until nightfall to decorate the tree with festive colours and turn lights.
Lit candles were the only light that doused the room, the warm glow setting the perfect atmosphere.
You remember when we got this?" Natasha asked from the place beside you, intently peering at the decoration hanging upon her fingertips, pulled up to her face.
It was an old-fashioned miniature rocking horse, wooden throughout, with two googly eyes where they normally would be.
"Remember it?" you chuckled, "I almost lost a finger for it when Yelena stuck those eyes on it... man, your sister is scary when someone tries to stop her jokes."
"I still don't know where she pulled that knife from." She shook her head, placing the ornament upon one of the full branches.
"Oh, you don't know? I distinctly remember you being the one to give her her Christmas present early, which was a custom knife holster."
Natasha blinked, shaking her head as she turned back to the boy full of decorations.
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"Of course, you don't." You smiled.
The red-head yelped when you hoisted her into the air, directing her to the very top of the tree, watching as she placed the star upon it.
You excitedly scooped up the remote once you set her down.
"You ready to turn the lights on?"
"You do the honours."
At her consent, sparkling white lights made the tree glow. Shining against the decorations.
Liho, who had been evaluating you and his human mother the whole time, from his designated chair. Sat up with intrigue, staring at the lights, plotting their murder behind his blown golden eyes.
With your arm around her shoulder, you pulled Natasha down with you to flop onto the comfortable sofa, pulling her into your side.
"I think we did well with the tree this year."
"Yeah, maybe next year I can have a bit more sleep before I'm forced to grab one."
"Maybe next year we could have a bauble that says 'Baby's First Christmas'," you countered, pointedly not looking at the woman when her attention was brought to you, jaw dropped in shock. Instead, you continued to peer at the tree.
"You want to have a baby with me?"
At that, you turned to look down at her lovingly. "I want everything with you."
Overcome with love for you, her hands rose, holding your cheeks between her palms, pulling you into a passionate kiss.
"I want everything with you, too," she mumbled against your lips.
"Then let's have everything together, baby."
And with that, you pulled Natasha into one of the many kisses you would continue to share that night.
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★ Let Me Make You Feel Beautiful (18+) // Shuri ★
Pairing: Shuri x F POC!Reader
Warning: Smut, Fluff, & This also deals with body insecurities.
A/N: If anyone reading this is dealing with insecurities please know that you are beautiful. Just the way you are. No part of your body was made with a flaw. You are gorgeous, and deserve to feel that way. I love you. 🫶🏾❤️ Please enjoy your read!
Word Count: 1.2k+
I stood in the bathroom. Looking back at the reflection of me in the foggy mirror. I’d just gotten out of the shower, and was wrapped in a towel standing in the foggy bathroom. To be honest, I don’t like who I am. Lately I haven’t been feeling like me. I don’t know what It is about me that just feels so… Different? I just stood there. Staring at a reflection of somebody else in the mirror. I felt lost. Every part of my body made me feel less than. There were a number of things I didn’t like about my body, and Shuri didn’t like when I spoke of myself this way. Normally she’d give me a big pep talk right about now, but she’s been too busy in her lab to notice. The reality is, everyone has insecurities. It’s just that mine are a little more… apparent. At least to me they are. Shuri tells me repeatedly, “You’re the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on, sthandwa.” But you just can’t help but feel like you’re not. Sometimes you feel like she’s lying just to make you feel better.
“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt. Shuri would always remind you of this quote. Just thinking about it made you tear up. Still standing, staring at yourself in the mirror. Sighing a bit before walking into the bedroom, you open the closet door, and walk in to pick out some pajamas. Ultimately, you go with the safest option. A short sleeve shirt, paired with long pajama pants. You can’t go wrong with this, right? You fake a smile at yourself in the body length mirror on the wall of your walk in closet. Your insecurities have led to sexual frustration between the two of you. When you and Shuri began to feel tension, and things became hotter and hotter, you stopped her. Not wanting her to see your body. She was always understanding. Not wanting to force you into something you so obviously didn’t want to do. You finished getting dressed, and head back into the foggy bathroom to begin your skincare. That’s when you heard two faint clicks coming from the entrance to your shared bedroom. “sthandwa?” Shuri called out. You were still quiet, standing in the bathroom. “My love? Where are you?” She called out again, this time a little bit louder than before. Still not answering her, she placed down her things on her bedside table, and that’s when she caught your gaze in the bathroom. Applying moisturizer to that gorgeous face of yours. “Mmm, there you are love.” She spoke out when she finally found you, smiling in your direction. You were gathering all of your skincare things and putting them back into your bag, when Shuri wrapped her hands around your waist, hugging you from behind and looking into your eyes in the mirror.
“Are you alright my love?” Shuri began. “It looks like you’ve been crying baby.” Just that sentence alone was enough to make a tear drop from your eye. Still staring at yourself in the mirror. “Awww, honey, come here baby.” Shuri spoke immediately knowing what was wrong, before turning you around, facing her, and pulling you into a hug. Her simple gesture made you feel sad. She deserved someone better. Someone who didn’t need constant reassurance from her. You continued to sob uncontrollably on her shoulder. “How many times do I have to tell you?” Shuri started. In Shuri’s eyes you are so gorgeous. And she just wished for you to be able to see yourself the same way she saw you. “You are the most gorgeous,” She placed a kiss on your cheek. “Beautiful,” She placed a kiss on your lips. “Amazing,” She kissed your neck, “Smartest person I’ve ever met.” When she said that sentence her voice vibrated on your skin. Leaving you craving for more. You stopped crying by now, feeling the sexual tension in the air. Shuri’s lips were still on your neck, leaving a trail of hickeys down your neck. This was the first time you and Shuri had been together in almost a week. She moved lower, kissing your collarbone now, as she slipped a cold hand under your shirt making its way up. You jumped at the feeling of her cold hand now suddenly on your skin. “Let me take this shirt off of you,” She started, “So I can see that gorgeous body, hm?” She spoke in a deeper tone. Slipping off your shirt with both of her hands now caressing your body, you were almost completely bare. A black Victoria’s Secret bra separating your breast from your lover. She looked you up, and down. Her gaze finally coming back up to your eyes. The tension became stronger by the second. “Take off your pants for me, love.” You did as she said. Not wanting to disobey your Princess, Feeling the hot breeze in the bathroom crash against your legs. Shuri wasted no time in kissing you again. Letting her hands roam around your body. One of her hands stopped on your back, un-strapping the clasp of your bra on your back with one hand. The bra fell to the floor, and her hand made its way to your left breast. Massaging it gently, which made you moan into the kiss. Allowing her more access to your mouth. Tilting your head to the side, deepening the kiss.
Shuri lifted you up, ever so gently and placed you on the counter. At this point you were completely bare. No underwear, no bra, nothing was on your body. You were still feeling a bit embarrassed, and tried to cover yourself with your hands while the two of you kissed. “Nope. No hands beautiful. I’m enjoying the view.” She spoke into the kiss, her voice vibrating on your lips. Shuri took her time with you, not wanting to rush. She wanted to make you feel the way you looked, Beautiful. She pulled away from the kiss, looking into your eyes, pausing a second to catch her breath, then leaned back in. Instead of leaning in to kiss you, she slipped two fingers deep into your wet pussy. You were surprised, throwing your head back, moaning in pleasure. Shuri loved the sight. Smirking lightly. She loved to pleasure you more than herself. “Mmm, look at you, being such a gorgeous slut for me.” She spoke, again in that deep tone that you loved. She began pumping her fingers in and out of you, “I made something for you,” She started, putting a hand inside of her pocket and pulled a tiny device out. She turned it on, pressing it against your clit, it vibrated against you taking you inches closer to your high. “You gonna cum for me gorgeous?” She asked you teasingly, she knew you were close. Fastening the pace of the fingers inside inside you, while that god forsaken object was vibrating against your clit. Muscles tightened in your stomach, and you let go. You came all over her fingers, breathing heavily as your body went limp against Shuri’s. “God, you’re so beautiful baby.” Shuri started. “Don’t ever feel like you aren’t beautiful. I love you, and this beautiful body of yours more than life.” You could only respond in whimpers, which made Shuri laugh.
“Come on my love, let’s get you cleaned up. Hm?”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Elsa Bloodstone Werewolf By Night | dir. Michael Giacchino
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scarlettsandmaroons · 10 hours
she doesn't think of me | n. romanoff
about me | series masterlist | natasha romanoff masterlist
pairing: professor!natasha romanoff x collegestudent!reader
Tumblr media
chapter two | chapter three: midnights like this
chapter summary: your professor is targeting you and neither you or your bestfriend are having it. she however, doesn't seem to care about you at all.
warnings: natasha is mean.
a/n: this was rushed, i'm sorry! should've posted this last night, but i was so busy i just decided to squeeze writing this chapter into my schedule. it's really short too, rest assured, the next one will be better!
Tumblr media
you were on natasha romanoff's radar. and you want so badly to get out of it.
"oh i'm sure she'll soften up! mrs. romanoff is nice!" billy insisted, but you carried on basically dragging yourself into yet another dreadful hour with mrs. romanoff.
"it's been three months, billy! i don't know what to do," you threw your arms up and then caressed your face with your hands, wanting so deeply to cry into it.
the two months being mrs. romanoff's favorite student hasn't exactly been the easiest. after handing off a couple of late assignments, which you had stacks and stacks of from her, you were surprised she hadn't pulled some strings to suspend you.
she would very often tear your paper in front of you. she would call you into her office just so you can watch her tear the last 15 hours you spent in pieces before throwing it away. she never lets you off of class without calling you at least 3 times. never leaving out some commentary after you answer that would make you embarrassed to the core. she pointed out your shortcomings in class. she made sure to always always let everyone know what and when you're doing wrong. and after all that humiliation, what aggravates you is how she doesn't, at all, acknowledges your existence outside of class. you would pass her by the halls, you would see her near the gate, never once would she make eye contact, or even look in your direction. she wouldn't even do so much as breath in your direction!
to her, it's nothing.
"do you want me to talk to her?" billy asked. she's been the subject of almost all your conversations with billy. and he has so patiently listen to your every rant about her.
"how would you even," you were hopeless. you would leave, but you're already too far into it. she had humiliated you way too much to back out now. you didn't go through months of torture just to leave. to her, you're not even relevant. you're just another student who couldn't withstand her. leaving would hurt your pride more.
so you straightened your back, and marched like someone truly eager to learn. "i'm sick of her nonsense. i'll show her what i'm made of."
you certainly didn't show her what you were made of when as soon as your name rolled off her tongue with strength and almost anger, you folded. you curved. you balled. whatever one might call it. you caved. you gave in. all sense of even an ounce of bravery was washed away by trembling fear. intimidation. you'd come to learn of that feeling the very first time you met her, it still surprises you how you've yet to get accustomed to it.
you stood up, slowly. here it comes. you know it’s coming. you have a visual bulleted list of everything you could’ve possibly done, everything you have done that she has yet to shame you for. just yesterday, you bumped into her in the hall. literally, bump into her. the moment you felt the impact of her shoulder against yours, you made sure to avoid her eyes at all cost. you walked away like your life depended on it. you weren’t going to be subjected under one of her condescending gazes again which sheer sharpness of will have you begging for her forgiveness in seconds. you didn’t acknowledge her, or that it happened, not out of pride, but out of fear. she was already scary enough, and until yesterday, you hadn’t really done much to piss her off.
before that however... you've done a few. for example, in class a few days ago. you know she saw you. you hadn’t slept in so long that day, you couldn’t keep your eyes open. billy was there to offer you his car to sleep on the moment you got off mrs. romanoff’s class. he fixed the back seat; set up his air bed and everything. that was the best sleep you had in days. the only sleep you had in days. you were surprised mrs. romanoff had yet to give you shit for that though. especially, when you’ve made eye contact with her the moment you woke up.
somewhere last week, you also handed a late assignment. the very first one she hadn’t called you to watch her tear off and throw away. you also have an overdue paper you hadn’t even got the privilege of a free time to start doing. and you’re sure she hated the heels you wore two days ago from the judgmental look she shot your way after getting a glimpse of the maroon stilettos.
mrs. romanoff is like a ticking timebomb. one that could go off over something so obvious yet unforeseen you’d hate yourself for not thinking of. that’s what created your visual bulleted list of everything you had done for her to humiliate you, everything that she might embarrass you for, everything that you can choose from as to why she must hate you that very moment. it helps to have a list. to be able to predict what’s making her mad again. what about you today infuriates her? it’s like a game.
today, you’re guessing one of those three. of course you had done more. some you know, some you hadn’t realized she hates you for doing, some you don’t even realize you did.
she stood up and crossed her arms. you were so far from her; so many people in between. yet the way she stared at you made you feel like it was just the two of you. not in a good way. in fact, in the worst way. it’s like being left alone with a beast.
“you’re failing my class.”
you weren’t in high school anymore. that much was clear when she announced it to the whole class where a high school teacher would never go so far as too doing. but the line between high school and college became a blur when what were a few snickers became a full blown laughter of which mrs. romanoff only basked in. you wouldn’t be surprised be there was some kind of pride in her as the class erupted in laughter over her embarrassing you.
that was very on-brand of her. but it hurt you nonetheless. your heart dropped continuously until you can feel a dragging weight on your chest. to even make it out of the classroom was such a challenge as you could barely carry the weight that pulled at your heart. you held in your tears as you walked down the hall. you needed billy. it was an hour before lunch, billy’s in mr. barton’s class but you texted him nonetheless.
‘sos’, you sent him.
it was barely ten minutes later. by then, you were already sitting on a bench just outside of your campus building when he came running to see you forcing everything in until he was able to sit beside you and pull you to him. “i got you, y/n.” he says as he held your head against the crook of his neck where you just exploded in tears. you cried heavily against his shoulder; the three month worth of pent up frustration over your studies finally breaking free from your system. “let it all out.” he whispers while a hand rubs over your back and the other plays with your hair.
muffled words escape from your lips; complete incoherent. billy pulls you off of him, holding your shoulders and taking a good look at your face; red nose, eyes, and lips, all puffy and plump from crying, snot on your nose, tear stained cheeks, and wet eyes. he hadn’t seen you cry like this since you failed math in junior high.
“okay, now tell me. what’s wrong?”
you sniffled hard before running the back of your hand against your nose. you were looking past his shoulder as tears continue to pour from your eyes. “i failed english…” you cried.
“what?! but you’re an english lit girlie!” he says. “remember? and i’m a math wizard. how can you possibly fail english?!”
that made you cry much harder, pushing through the arms that held your shoulders so you can return to your place with your head against the crook of his neck. crying all the much more. “mrs. romanoff failed me…” you cried, lifting your head slightly so your words doesn’t come muffled. “but she tore off my homework! she refused to accept anything i submit her—"
“okay, that’s it.” billy stood up rather abruptly, holding you by the hand and marching off back to the campus.
you sniffled, trying to clear your sinuses. “what are you doing…?” you ask. he was holding so tightly on your hand, you could barely feel it as he drags you through the hallways and straight into mrs. romanoff’s office.
you weren’t able to stop him—you didn’t even know what he was going to do! and by the time everything was finished processing in your mind, billy had already started yelling at your professor who only watches intently from behind her desk. “how could you fail my friend!” he yells at her.
you were taken aback. you didn’t know what to do. you’re already in here, he already yelled at her, knowing mrs. romanoff, you both would suffer the same consequences as if you would have stopped him.
“goodmorning to you too, mr. maximoff.”
her chin was resting on the back of her hand. she was looking at him so intently, as if she was interested in everything he has to say—as if she’ll hear him out. you were getting the strongest sense of déjà vu. you’ve been here before. you knew how this was going to end. you knew how much this would amuse her. you knew because this happened to you.
“y/n doesn’t deserve that.”
you can hear it in billy’s voice. he was infuriated. he hated her perhaps maybe more than you did. it’s always been this way—the two of you. he’s always been the man who protected you; who shielded you; who fought for you. and you were always there holding his hand as he does so, ready to back him up.
“how come?”
but with mrs. romanoff, against mrs. romanoff, it was different. her eyes were trained on him and him only. she did nothing to acknowledge your presence—you wouldn’t even be too surprised if she hadn’t realized you were here. but from the slightest chance that she might be watching you, from the slightest chance that your hand holding billy’s were caught from her peripheral, you slowly withdrew your hand, and took just the smallest step away from him so your skin doesn’t touch.
you know billy noticed this but he seemed to not have given it much thought. he was in here fighting for you knowing full-well he’s risking his future, and yours, in this university. you holding each other’s hand and being mistaken as a couple is not going to help your case. you deserve to be here. and you don’t deserve what you were given. and billy knows that. the last thing you want is for mrs. romanoff to further disregard your efforts, or any of the very little chance you have of winning this because she thought billy’s only doing this because you’re “his girlfriend”.
“she was the best in our grade!”
“i think you mistake this university for a small-town public school in west view,” she fixed her posture, straightening up when she pushes her chair further into the table and her hands rest on her desk.
“she doesn’t deserve this, and you know that! she worked day and night for your subject,” billy insists.
“i fear for her future if that’s the best her entire day’s work is worth for.”
you shrunk. you slowly hid behind billy though you were aware they both noticed. you wanted to cry. to scream into a pillow. she belittled you. and she did so without even acknowledging you at all, your presence to her was nothing. if you couldn’t see the way you hand was trembling, you would think you were invisible. from the way they were talking about you, to the way they were exchanging arguments as if you weren’t there. the very sole reason they’re even arguing, they almost pretend to not be here at all.
“that’s unfair. maybe you’d see how it’s worth if you’d even take the time to look at what she gives you before throwing it off.”
“why would i even give time for an output worth nothing more than what i throw in my trash can?”
“you are unfair! you give her all these work—,” billy’s voice raised to an extent you’ve never heard of, and even you were almost scared, but of course, mrs. romanoff wasn’t even fazed, if anything, she seemed to be getting bored of this whole thing.
her hooded eyelids dropped halfway, and her eyebrows tightened by the smallest bit. her patience was growing thin. and from the way her jaw clenched, you knew she was over it.
“and you are being disrespectful, mr. maximoff.” she said sternly.
“you’re biased. you humiliate her in class, you embarrass her, you pick on her. i don’t see you doing that to others. at least not to the same extent you do her. you’re wearing her off!”
by then you knew this shouldn’t go any further. he was blatantly disrespecting a professor, who as much as you hate, shouldn’t be disrespected by a student. at least, not to the extent billy was going for.
“and you, come in here accusing me; questioning me, a professor, with absolutely no regard for the inconsistencies and rather meritless of your argument.”
“i demand to see your grading sheet, because i assure you, you are making a mistake.”
mrs. romanoff abruptly stood up, placing both hands on the surface of her desk as she leaned towards it with anger painted across her features. “and i demand!... mr. maximoff,” her voice raised, and something about it, the coldness, the sharpness, the loudness, the entirety of it, almost made you cry. you were scared, your rapid heartbeat was evidence of that. “…that you leave. you have exhausted my patience. and i assure you, you will have no office of mine to barge into, or a university to attend if you further push your luck which i guarantee you is not more than what you’d have when you’re standing on very thin ice.”
“you wouldn’t…”
you put a hand on his shoulder. he was really pushing it. and mrs. romanoff wasn’t someone who you should be pushing it with. mrs. romanoff follows through. that much is evident as she consistently tore off your paper, without fail, every time you submit it.
“oh i’m sure you wouldn’t love to see me try.”
billy gave into her warning, but more so into you. you tolerated him—this, to a certain extent, especially since he was only fighting for you. but there’s a line, and with mrs. romanoff, it’s not something you should ever dare cross. billy listened to your implied warning too. he always listened to you. so with a scoff, he took your hand and prepared to leave, but as he was approaching the door, you pulled your hand from him to look at mrs. romanoff who, for the first time since you came in, finally was looking at you.
“are you going to continue being like this?” you asked. you weren’t as mean as billy was. you weren’t demanding. you were just sad. hopeless, almost.
“being what, miss y/n?”
“unreasonable.” you whispered but you know she heard you.
“if you see a reason for me not to be, then i wouldn’t.”
“don’t you think about how that might affect my future?” your voice was soft, kind.
“oh, i don’t think about you at all.”
her voice wasn’t. she was cold, almost proud; condescending.
a feeling inside you brewed. something about her eyes. how delicate they are. how enchanting. it couldn’t possibly belong to what a wretched-hearted woman she seems to be. she’s inviting, enticing. something about her pulls you in. intrigues you. now more than ever. now since ever.
you want to break mrs. romanoff. you want to see who she really is. not for revenge, not to hold it against her. simply because you’re curious. you’re aching to see mrs. romanoff—natasha. she couldn’t possibly just be that. mean.
she is not just that.
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