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I stan a man with taste! Charlie said Matt+Jen rights! Praising the right woman 馃榿 Like yes Charlie I understand it was more fun working with Emmy-winner Tatiana Maslany and it was fun for you to play Matt opposite a fellow great character like Jennifer for a change 馃グ
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Karen Page is useless and worthless like at this point what the fuck does she bring to the table... good lord you can't be that useless and annoying
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Shhh, he's resting...
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My honest opinion about Karen Page
I am genuinely curious聽how people can like Karen Page as a character and even ship her with Matt, because I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e disliked a character so much probably ever. Karen Page got on my nerves fast and, as I watched more episodes, it got even worse.
About her
Tumblr media
For someone who is supposed to be smart (and the definition of good), she is very stupid. The way she thinks and chooses to act makes no sense 99% of the time. She is more of a bad character than a good one. Even her 鈥渟ense of justice鈥 is flawed, with many double standards (a subject I will touch on especially when I鈥檒l describe her relations with Matt Murdock and Frank Castle). She is arrogant, troublesome, and headstrong, she calls herself and is considered a journalist despite her lack of real experience (law experience too!!! -> so why is she now included in the firm name? SINCE WHEN IS SHE A LAWYER? I could not believe it!)
She is written in a very annoying way and flat. She is a flat character in the first place (=two-dimensional in doesn鈥檛 change throughout the work), kept around for 3 seasons (+The Defenders) for no other reason than the fact she is problematic. But she isn鈥檛 necessarily needed for creating drama if we had more villain(s) scenes and plans. She is boring and whiny, and she has a pick-me attitude most of the time. She is not just impulsive, but also extremely FOOLISH (the way she decides to go to Fisk and spill out in his face she killed Wesley... I was like: seriously?) And the writers make other characters praise her... I still find is shocking Matt only said she was brave for what she did. She is VERY judgmental and noisy and thinks the world revolves around her (The fact that when she came to Matt in S2 and found Stick and a very visibly hurt Elektra in his bed, she did not ask a goddamn thing like what happened? instead everything was about her and how she is betrayed. But like another man was in the room, you think he cheated on you with him there? Absolutely ridiculous.) But she loves to play the victim a lot, so I am not surprised.
I don鈥檛 know how the writers thought a pretty, angelic face can make the audience (and the characters) ignore her lack of development (zero) and the horrible things she does/provokes. She caused deaths and yet the writers still make others find excuses for her and not blame her.
NewsFlash: SHE IS DARK AND SHE LOVES DARKNESS. I am not even talking about a side, she is completely into PURE DARKNESS with only 1% of light.
Tumblr media
When out of the blue, she decided to murder James Wesley despite him only threatening her, it was like ???聽 And she did not shoot him one time, she did it 7 times. SEVEN. And she did not even try to be cautious (locking the firm door was a joke, right? Cause I refuse to believe writers consider the audience so stupid) and caused another death: Ben, a real journalist she dragged around with her despite him wanting a way out. Fisk killed him with his own hands and Ben didn鈥檛 tell him Karen (who is the one who came up with the idea) also visited his mother. We don鈥檛 see justice, we only see her being treated as a victim again. And she didn鈥檛 even actually help to get Fisk in prison in S1 and in S2 she is a babysitter (Foggy and Matt鈥檚) and a murderer defender (*pretending to be shocked*). S3? I was surprised by how much screen time she had (+A WHOLE EPISODE ABOUT HER)... sometimes more than Matt and it made me so unhappy because this screen time could have been used to build more. For me, the second half of S3 is not even centered on Matt.
And she caused the death of another character, a pivotal person in Matt鈥檚 life: Father Lantom and we don鈥檛 talk enough about this. I am also not surprised Maggie and her get along, they are both two selfish, horrible people who think a few tears are enough to be excused.
The writers tried to make her relevant, but they failed. The way she was basically forced down my throat made me see her flaws even more. She is not even a character than has enough traits to be a part of the main team. In S1, the contrast between her and Claire was huge (and Claire was just a supportive character). And it鈥檚 funny how they changed the love interests - direction. At first, we saw Foggy and her bonding, Ms. Cardenas hinted about them being romantically involved, but then they literally ignored that and started to focus on Karen with Matt, then Karen and Frank (still unfinished business), and a little more on Karen and Matt again, but the show on Netflix got canceled. To be honest, the last thing I wanted and want is to see Matt and Karen together.
Tumblr media
Not gonna lie, I expected and wanted her death at the church because she is literally pointless, but it didn鈥檛 come. It would have been a surprise if they actually did it as in the comics. It would have impacted Matt and Foggy, and Matt鈥檚 decision not to kill Fisk at the end of the season would have been even more powerful and meaningful.
One of her defining features is hypocrisy. Matt is the bad guy for keeping secrets from her, but her hiding and lying, for example not telling him and Foggy about Wesley is okay. Matt being Daredevil and not killing people is not fine, but Frank being The Punisher (a freaking cold blood murderer) is more than fine. She was so happy when Matt defended him in court... it鈥檚 insane! She can be a bad friend, a liar, etc because she is special. It was hilarious when she started to give advice to Matt about how you change after ending someone's life. Shocking! And poor her, how she isn鈥檛 the same after her brother died because of her. See how she positions herself as the victim again?
Tumblr media
It鈥檚 also very interesting how at first she tells matt (S3) she came to warn him Fisk knows about him, leaving out the part she basically told Wilson that he is Daredevil, and only later she plays semi-victim again and says she is to blame, and, OF COURSE, Matt says Fisk already knew (which is actually pretty false: he assumed, but it was never 100% confirmed) and comforts her basically. It鈥檚 absolutely infuriating how Karen messes up every freaking time and everyone goes: oh, poor you, you鈥檙e an angel, it鈥檚 okay, it鈥檚 not your fault. I am even more disappointed how the writers didn鈥檛 make Matt even have a proper reaction to her admitting she killed someone. S2 and S3 feel like two completely different writing approaches, and even though the plot in S2 made me think: IS THIS A JOKE?, Matt and the characters building speaking, it was soooo much better (not the love triangle thing though, because both: Elektra and Karen don鈥檛 deserve Matt and are horrible in two different ways).
She is a manipulative, self-centered, and dramatic person. We saw her past (drug addiction too) and how easily she can make the decision to kill someone, but she never actually faces real consequences. Her father kept it underground and Matt still protected her from Fisk.
Karen around Matt Murdock/Daredevil and Frank Castle/The Punisher
Matt and Karen not only don鈥檛 have chemistry (Charlie and Deborah have plenty of chemistry with other people), but they also don鈥檛 match at all no matter how much the fans and the writers push(ed) the idea.
Karen does not want Matt Murdock (she liked the idea of him at some point, but not the real him), and she certainly doesn鈥檛 want Daredevil, which is quite funny (Remember when she was obsessed with the idea of him, but when she found out it鈥檚 Matt, she wasn鈥檛 interested any longer?). Should I even talk about the way she wanted Matt to stop being Daredevil and not even for a second tried to support or/and understand him? SHE didn鈥檛 want him to be Daredevil so he should stop. Even when Foggy brought him the suit in The Defenders, she was annoyed. She doesn鈥檛 understand that her boss/friend/almost-boyfriend has two sides, just like Elektra tried to have only one side of him. Matt isn鈥檛 just Matt. I really loved the She-Hulk posters for Matt: Charlie Cox is Matt Murdock & Matt Murdock is Daredevil. Do you see? It鈥檚 such an important thing. Daredevil/Matt isn鈥檛 dark enough for her. He isn鈥檛 what she wants.聽
And Karen doesn鈥檛 have the same moral code as Matt does (even when he thought about killing Fisk to protect the people close to him). They don鈥檛 see the world in a similar way and they never will. I don鈥檛 think Matt and Karen would have ever lasted even if Elektra wasn鈥檛 around, they are too different. She is dark, like Elektra. She wanted to change him, like Elektra. She doesn鈥檛 accept him as a whole, like Elektra. But, at least, Elektra accepted how toxic and bad she is for him. Karen is portrayed as a victim and a great, great person, as I said.
S2 had this scene in episode 7 that made it clear to me that Karen and Matt could and MUST never be together. I don鈥檛 even know if I have to explain, the dialogue is quite clear:
Not only Karen stood up for Frank Castle (who almost got her killed, killed so many people, and should be in jail), but she also compared his actions to Daredevil鈥檚 actions. She justifies murder probably because she did it too. Matt and Karen are in opposite positions and the message is loud: they could never be together. Not killing people is the fundamental principle Daredevil/Matt has, the one that makes him who he is actually. Things would be completely different if he actually took someone鈥檚 life (bad or not) for lawyer Matt and Daredevil.
For Matt: Vengeance isn鈥檛 justice and no person is God so he can decide who lives and who dies. In She-Hulk: Attorney At Law (1x08), Matt tells Jennifer: I think you鈥檙e in a unique position to do some real good. Jen Walters can use the law to help people when society fails them. She-Hulk can help people when the law fails them; which reminds me of his talk with Foggy in S1 when he finds out Matt is Daredevil:
It shows his views didn鈥檛 change and it鈥檚 quite moving to see Matt giving someone else (someone in the same position as he is) this piece of advice. It shows he finally accepted he has two sides, despite everyone else鈥檚 attempts to control him.
Their date in S2 started as quite a disaster: in a place Matt despites, awkward, and tensed, and then Elektra called! It was clear what the writers wanted to show (despite them having a better date later) and it was also clear Matt wasn鈥檛 100% healed and that Karen and Matt were never going to be serious. So no matter how much they tries in the seconds part of S3 to push Karen and Matt closer, it looked forced, out of the place. Especially since she felt something for Frank Castle and the things that happened in the first part of the season.
Also, I can鈥檛 believe the writers made Matt reveal his face to Agent Nadeem cause he saved Karen鈥檚 life. This is infuriating.
And as much as Matt probably likes the idea of peaceful life, he would never be happy with Karen, nor make her happy. Because there will always be that Murdock side of him she will never understand just like it will always be the killer side of her he would never understand.
Matt: You deserve better, Karen鈥 Karen: So do you...聽 (The Defenders, 1x05)
Frank, on the other hand, and her match. Crazy, right? But they did from day 1, even in the worst situations. She always felt drawn to him and she did not use the innocent facade as she did with Matt (Can you believe she kind of blamed him for not telling him the truth about Wesley cause he saw her as an innocent person?). She was there for him, he was there for her. They were attracted to each other (despite him still being emotionally unavailable because he is scared he鈥檇 lose her). She would rather be with him than with Matt 100% because they are similar. She had the nerve to defend his actions and mindset in Matt鈥檚 house after all. But they really match and I really believe she should be with him and live somewhere far away from Hell鈥檚 Kitchen.
Frank: I need to find these b*stards that took 'em from me. I gotta kill 'em. Karen: So where does that end, Frank? Because I look at you and... my heart breaks because all I can see is just this endless, echoing loneliness. Frank: I'm not lonely, Karen. Karen: Bullsh*t. We are all lonely. I sometimes think that that is all that life is, we're just... We're just fighting not to be alone. Frank: So what do you want? What should I do? Should I let it go? Karen: No, but I want there to be an after. For you. (The Punisher, 1x05)
In conclusion, Karen Page is not a good character despite the writers鈥 efforts to show otherwise. She puts everyone in danger and never pays for her mistakes and actions.
P.S. I will say this again: no, she did not deserve to be next to Nelson and Murdock: Attorneys At Law.
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Charlie Cox in Daredevil (2.04)
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Spiderman: GOD DAMN IT! The bad guys cut off Deadpool鈥檚 arm!
Daredevil: Peter, it鈥檚 Wade. It鈥檒l grow back. Why are you so distressed?
Spiderman: Because now I鈥檓 going to have listen to his Monty Python impressions all night!
Deadpool: *in a very bad British accent* 鈥楾IS BUT A FLESH WOUND!
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i think my favourite part about matt's character is that he's inherently an oxymoron and his inherent nature juxtaposes itself. being a lawyer and vigilante can't work (well enough, anyway) yet he needs both. he can't function without one or the other yet if he only takes one of the two, he loses himself in its entirety.
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you have such amazing art! I love the way you draw Jennifer and Matt. Wanted to tell you that you should defiantly keep up the good work!
Tumblr media
陼 My attorney鈥檚 at law
Aw shucks 鈥 thank you! I鈥檓 flattered.
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The biceps??? 馃槷鈥嶐煉
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I filmed the DD panel at German Comic Con. I don't know if the quality is any good (still at the con), but in case you're interested in seeing Charlie and Elden ...
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I am crying. Squealing. Smiling like a fool. Shaking. Can't even contain the excitement I'm feeling right now. This has without a doubt been the best day ever 鉂わ笍
I've met a lot of people today, but two of them I never thought I'd be so lucky to meet.
Tumblr media
You're not gonna find a person more kind, open and wholesome than Charlie. When I told him how much he and Matt Murdock means to me, how he's the reason I've found so many incredible friends here, he got really emotional and said how much that meant for him to hear. And he called me "love" and squeezed my hand 馃珷
Later at the photo op, he gave me a hug (because he recognized me) and complimented my DD tattoo (he said it was cool and that he loved it).. So... A hug, a "Love", him remembering me and just so much kindness from this man? I can die happy now 馃珷鉂わ笍
Tumblr media
I said before you're not gonna find a person more kind than Charlie, but okay. Maybe Joseph. So kind and sweet with his fans, really making sure we feel special. I got to thank him (I was an Eddie growing up, so him bringing a character like that to life means everything to me) and I could feel that it genuinely means a lot for him to hear.
He also gave my hand a comforting squeeze (What can just say? I was a mess) and a hug. He thought my Stranger Things tattoo was incredible, so.. Another reason to die happy 馃槅鉂わ笍
This is a day I'll never forget 鉂わ笍
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鈥済od loves you- but not enough to save you.鈥- ethel cain, sun bleached flies
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Under My Skin
Pairing: Matt Murdock x fem reader
Word count: 2,700
Summary: You're extremely late for work, and your boyfriend is extremely unhelpful.
Trigger warings: absolutely none, just the risk of possible death by the feral smirk of Matt Murdock
Tumblr media
"Shit motherfucker God damnit!"
You're late, you're very late.
Matt laughs at you from his kitchen as you swear a blue streak, foul words falling from your lips like candy out of a damaged pi帽ata. If you hadn't been rushing around his apartment like a chicken with its head cut off, you'd take the time to stomp over to him and shove your middle finger right in his face. But as it is, you don't have the time to stalk over to him and brush your hair in the mirror. You have to choose which one is more important, and right now, the only correct choice is the one that doesn't have you showing up to your 9am meeting with a rat's nest on your head.
You'll make sure to flip him off later.
"Where the fuck is my phone charger? Have you seen it?"
"Technically, I haven't seen any--"
"Save your repetitive dad joke for later or I swear to God, Matthew, I'll risk being screamed at by my boss in front of the whole damn company just so I can smack that smug grin off of your face."
The man snorts into his coffee.
"Seriously, where is it? I thought I plugged my phone in so it could charge last night. I need it so that I can at least charge it at work." With toothpaste foaming and a toothbrush now in your mouth as you rush to scrub the night's build up off of your teeth, you use one hand to frantically throw the blankets and sheets off of Matt's bed, desperately trying to find the charger.
"Where did you have it last?" He asks as he comes up behind you, a mug of coffee still in his hand. His hair is sticking up in odd angles, but you're too frantic to tease him or run your fingers through it. "Are you sure you even packed it before coming over after work last night?"
"I always have my charger on me," you grumble out around the toothbrush, the statement muddled with all the toothpaste that's still present in your mouth. You brush past him on your way into the bathroom, where you spit noisily into the sink. You gargle a large sip of mouth wash, hoping to make up for the short brushing period. Not a great start to the day, but it would have to do.
Matt "bloodhound" Murdock can suck a giant dick if he mentions anything about your breath.
"You should really get a new phone," he tells you as he begins making his bed, apparently having had no luck finding your charger. You eye the abandoned cup of coffee he's placed on his dresser longingly. "Your battery dies too fast."
"My battery is fine," you object tersley. "Or at least, it usually is. It lasts a decent amount of time."
"Right," he drawls sarcasticly. He places his hands on his hips, raising his eyebrows as he focuses in your direction. "That's why your phone died overnight when you weren't even using it."
"Shut up." You're yanking your black slacks up over your ass now, and you growl as the zipper catches. You fumble with it for a second, hands shaking in a steadily rising panic, before it finally breaks free, but not without popping a thread.
"I'm just saying, you wouldn't be rushing like this if your phone hadn't died."
"Yes, I know that, Matt," you snap. Matt raises his hands in a defensive position, and you wish you hated the self-satisfied grin on his mouth. As much as you love him, this man drives you absolutely nuts, cocky and self-assured in his ability to rile you up with little effort.
He's right about the phone though, you mentally acknowkedge with a groan. Your alarm would have gone off at the right time had it not ran out of battery.
Damn it, you hate it when he's right.
"Are you sure it's not in your purse? It's still hanging over by the door, isn't it?"
You freeze, mouth going slightly slack. You hadn't actally checked your purse, having rushed into the shower less than 30 seconds after he'd told you what time it was.聽 The look Matt gives you is one of astonishment as he accurately guesses the reason behind your silence.
"You mean you didn't check?" He asks incredulously, eyes wide in what looks to be disbelief. "Isn't that the first place you should have looked?" Matt tosses you your bra from the overnight bag he's already moved to the bed after picking it up from his bedroom floor for you. He exits the room to check your purse for the blasted charger.
"Don't judge me!" You call out defensively. "I haven't been able to think clearly since I got up and realized I'm gonna be horrifically late."
Snapping the bra straps over your shoulders, you walk over to your bag to pull out the shirt you planned for today. It's wrinkled, you notice with a wince. There's nothing you can do about it now, so you soak up the frustration and begin pulling it on, pushing your arms through silk sleeves.
"Sweetheart, the charger is in there," you hear him say from just outside his bedroom, and you know he was able to sense it just a few feet away from the purse in question. You bristle at his borderline condescending tone and you retaliate by laughing sarcasticly.
"Oh, thank God." You finish buttoning up your blouse. "Thanks for finally using those senses you're always bragging about, Matt."
"It doesn't always work like that," he informs you, speaking slowly as if he was talking to a child. You resist the urge to storm into the living room just so you can throw a pillow at his stupidly handsome face. "I have to focus on the right things, which is hard to do when you're screeching like a banshee at 7:30, sweetheart."
You roll your eyes, ignoring the fact that you know he's right again. The bastard.
"I'll just use my battery pack to help charge it on my way to work."
"How did you even forget about charging it last night?" Matt downright saunters back into his bedroom to begin stripping for his own shower. His shirt hits the floor and you have to force yourself to look away, acutely aware of the sudden flicker of arousal you feel just by glancing at his naked chest. The way his mouth quirks up on the left corner you tells you he's already picked up on it. "You always remember to plug it in at night."
"Yeah, well, I must have gotten distracted," you say defensively. "You came home last night and you...wait, hold on."
"Yes...?" Matt's face is one of slight puzzlement, fingers pausing as he moves to remove his boxers. Your head snaps up as your eyes narrow, struck with a sudden realization.
"I was waiting up for you on the couch, and then you came home and I must have forgotten to charge my phone when you...when you-"
"I what?"
"When you demanded I take my clothes off and then dragged me to your bed!"
Matt gapes at you in surprise, as if he's forgotten having his way with you last night, fast and rough and hard. Repeatedly. The look of shock lasts only for a second before it morphs into something heated and downright sinful instead. "Whoops."
His reaction and utter lack of repentance fuels the fire.
"It's all your fault!" You hiss at him, finger pointed in accusation. "I forgot to plug in my phone because you came home and apparently needed to fuck me right. that. second!"
"As I now recall, you didn't exactly have a problem with it."
You screech in frustration, doing your best to avoid tearing your soaking hair out of your scalp as you turn on your heel to make your way to where your purse is hanging on his coat rack. "I'm never letting you touch me again."
"Sweetheart, don't be rash." The smugness in his voice is still present even as he chases after you. "It won't happen again."
"You're damn right it won't, because I'm going to be celibate from now on."
"Celibate, Matt!"
You finish slipping your heels on, cringing as your feet start aching almost instantly, the arch throbbing and yesterday's blisters already chaffing. It's going to be a long day, and it's barely even 8am.
Matt wipes a large palm down his face, trying to hide his grin and utterly failing as you walk around him to grab your phone off of the kitchen table where you'd mistakenly left it last night. You shove the offending item into your purse with a glare.
"Let me make it up to you tonight?"
"Why, so I can wake up with a dead phone again?"
Matt huffs out a laugh. "I promise I'll help you plug it in myself. I'll even be nice and pick you up a new phone charger so you always have one on your side of the bed and don't have to worry about grabbing it out of your bag every night."
You groan. Despite the frustration of the morning, nothing sounds better than sleeping next to him again tonight on what he's affectionately labeled as your side of the bed.
But he doesn't need to know that.
"Even if I wanted to, which I don't because boyfriends who are capable of sex marathons at 2am are horrible for my career, I have to go home tonight."
"Can I persuade you otherwise?" This man has the most unreal set up puppy dog eyes you have ever seen, despite being unable to see how effective they are, and you hate him for it. His hands settle on your hips and they tugs you in gently, a sharp contrast from the restless energy thats been filling the apartment for the last twenty minutes, your bickering loud and unapologetic.
"No, Matt." He adds in the well-practiced lip quiver and you almost give in. Seriously, who taught him these things? "I have absolutely no clean clothes left. I'm not even wearing any underwear because I ran out of clean ones here."
"Oh, I'm fully aware you're not wearing any." His grin is downright salacious as his sightless eyes land somewhere around your lower abdomen. He licks his lips for good measure, assuring you of what exactly is going through his mind.
"Stop it!" You shove him, but he dosen't move an inch. "You can't have thoughts like that while I'm trying to rush out the door. It's not fair."
Matt lets go and grins as he walks over to the kitchen counter to pour coffee into your travel mug. You follow him in desperate need of the caffeine, and he places it in your awaiting hands once it's full. "You know...I might have a suggestion that could possibly help your underwear problem."
You hurriedly add creamer and then take a large sip, wincing as it burns on the way down. "If your suggestion is that I go without underwear every day, I will walk out that door and not come back."
"I was actually thinking that you could just move in with me and keep all of your panties here."
Coffee is spat on to the floor as you find yourself choking, eyes widening drastically. You thump your hand against your chest as you wheeze, still coughing as you stare at him in mild alarm.聽 "Did you...did you just..."
"Did I just ask you to move in?" Matt smirks at you, leaning unconcernedly against the counter, still in his silk boxers. "Yeah, yeah I did."
Your mouth is gaping like a goddamn fish. You wipe your chin off with the back of your hand, staring at him in disbelief. "And you think now was the best time to bring it up?"
He shrugs. "Seemed relevant, so yeah. I'd say so."
"Matt," you whine. You resist the urge to stomp your foot like a toddler. "You can't...You can't just ask that when I'm about to leave."
The smirk is still on his ridiculously handsome face. "And yet, I did."
"I don't have time to talk about this right now, I'm already so late," you say, regret seeping into your voice, hoping to convey that it's not a rejection, just a matter of the morning's poor timing.
Sometimes you think he lives for catching you off guard.
Your face is burning as you move to bend down with a paper towel to wipe up the coffee you'd spat on the ground. Matt waves your hand away, indicating that he'll clean it in a minute.
"We don't have to talk about it now," he tells you, and his voice is suddenly lacking the teasing edge it had a moment earlier as he takes the paper towels from your hand. He's still smiling, but it's softer now, less flirtatious, less merciless in his desire to continue riling you up. "Just...think about it."
Shaking your head, you reluctantly back away, closing the lid on your travel mug. You're at a loss for words. The mad rush of the morning has left you, replaced by a different type of buzzing that's resonating in your head, caused by the unexpected suggestion he's just thrown at you.
Still reeling, and still struggling with the one thousand thoughts running through your head, you make your way back to the hallway leading to his front door and crack it open slighty. You watch your hands tremble briefly before pausing to turn around.聽
He's followed you, unsurprisingly, and he's now leaning against the wall to the right of the door, using his shoulder to brace himself as he crosses his arms. His chest is bare, and he's still only wearing boxers, much to your amusement and rapidly increasing hunger. The sight sends a shiver of lust down your spine without shame.
God, this man.
Even knowing that your boss will absolutely murder you in your sleep, you risk being late just so you can look at him for a minute before you go. He usually walks you to the faded exit of his apartment when you head to work, but this time it's different as you're suddenly hit with the realization that you've never found it so hard to leave.
"Matt," you say, swaying gently into him, and he places a hand on your waist as if to steady you. You can tell he's aware that the air around the two of you has suddenly shifted into something calmer, something more meaningful than your early morning bickering. The rapid fire of panic at the possibly to being late to work shifts into the flame of desire and want and love you feel for this man.
He leans into you instinctively, as he always does.
Sighing fondly, you reach up to place your hand on his cheek, and he immediately nuzzles into it. You take a small step forward and tip your chin up to kiss him, a faint gasp leaving you as his lips press more insistenly against yours than you had planned for. Despite the heat, it's a quick kiss, and you take your mouth away from his after only a moment, his quiet groan going straight down your spine.
You're unable to stop the smile spreading across your face as you whisper the next part. "You already know my answer is yes."
The smile he gives you is so blinding, you can't help but laugh in response. He moves to kiss you again, reaching out to pull you into him, but you deftly take a step to the side, effectively wiggling away. You know if you start now, you'll never stop, and you'll never be able to pull away from him, meeting be damned.
Besides, the man deserves to be teased after fucking you into submission last night and leaving you unable think and unable to move; the two factors absolutely necessary to plug in your goddamn phone.
All things considered, you'd still let him do it again in a heartbeat. You'll never tell him that, though; the man is already egotistical enough when it comes to his skills in bed. And on the couch. And in the shower. And on the kitchen table.
"Seeing as how you asked me at the worst possible moment, and I have a meeting that I cannot miss, you'll have to wait until tonight to celebrate," you tell him cheekily, already backing out into the hallway. You can tell by the look on his face that it's taking every ounce of his self-control not to pull you back in anyway. "I'll see you after work, and after I pick up more clothes from my apartment."
The smirk is back. "Will you still be without underwear?"
"I'm sure I could make that arrangement."
Tumblr media
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jessamydreams 1 day
Charlie Cox-Tom Sturridge "connection":
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So according to Charlie Cox, Tom and Him both were final candidates to compete for Tristan Thorne
Charlie Birthday : 15 December; Tom Sturridge birthday : 5 December
Charlie got Stardust by Neil Gaiman which was his first hollywood break. Years later after losing Stardust, Tom has got Neil Gaiman's Morpheus which is Tom's first worldwide famous role as well as Mr. Gaiman's most ambitious project.
Sienna Miller was in Stardust. Later who would be engaged and have a baby daughter with Tom Sturridge before parting ways yet remaining besties.
Both are probably the sweetest men on this planet- literally honeysoaked.
Both have solid theater background as actors.
Why did God send the finest men in Britain?
Both are by personality in real life-definition of babygirl
Morpheus' bestie companion is Matthew the raven. Charlie's most famous role is Matthew the Murdock
Matt Murdock, Morpheus- both struggles a lot with their place in their respective world. Both Charlie and Tom has captured the inner struggles of their character with so much subtle expressions to the point of perfection.
Love them most out of all hollywood actors i know
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Rate My Professor (Matt Murdock x Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader
Summary: Matt is an adjunct professor at Columbia - teaching a few legal classes a week between his pro-bono career and being Daredevil. You Karen, Marci, and Foggy read Matt's online reviews from students, most of whom are more interested in looking at him than actually learning. You're jealous about it. Professor Murdock assures you that you're the only one for him.
Notes: 18+. Smut with plot. No use of Y/N. Female reader (use of girlfriend and female anatomy.) Established relationship. Use of pet names (sweetheart.) Semi-public sex with a little exhibitionism, Unprotected sex, Very clothed sex, Oral (f receiving), P in V, Creampie, and Possessiveness from both Matt and Reader. Professor Murdock, which is a warning in itself.
WC: 3350
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think I really want to know.鈥 Matt exclaimed
鈥淥h c鈥檓on it鈥檒l be fun. I鈥檓 sure you鈥檙e a great teacher! I bet there鈥檚 not a single bad review on there!鈥 Karen replied
How you all had ended up on the subject was innocent enough - Marci had mentioned a new intern had started that week at her firm. The intern in question had just graduated from Columbia and was a student of Matt鈥檚 last year. According to Marci the intern had 鈥渙nly great things to say鈥 which led you all to talking about favorite professors, which had then subsequently led into the current topic. So now here the five of you were, in the living room of yours and Matt鈥檚 shared apartment on what was supposed to be a friend鈥檚 game night, looking him up on RateMyProfessors.com.
鈥淚 agree with Matt, this could be a bad idea. I really loved to dig into my professors on this site when I was in grad school and I was not kind.鈥 you responded from your spot on the floor, full well knowing you were going to join the group in reading Matt all of his reviews anyway.
鈥淲e get feedback from the end of semester surveys, I really don鈥檛 think I need more!鈥 Matt protested from beside you
鈥淵es, but your admin filters it out for you to keep it constructive! And you know the students know it鈥檚 not totally anonymous, so they hold back! I bet they鈥檙e way more honest on here.鈥 Foggy argued back
The four of you scrolled through your phones, looking for Matt鈥檚 name on the long list of Columbia faculty.
鈥淥h wait, wait, I got it! Here we go鈥︹ Foggy said as he had all but jumped up from the sofa, his phone having loaded the review page first聽
鈥淢r. Murdock is an excellent teacher - his lectures are succinct and to the point and give great insight on the real world arguments made for the law. His class is easy to pay attention to, though who is to say if that鈥檚 the subject or how easy Mr. Murdock is to look at.鈥 Foggy鈥檚 voice trailed off as he got to the end, not realizing where the statement was going
There was a moment's silence where tension hung in the air before you, Karen, and Marci all burst into a fit of giggles and shrieks.
鈥淚t does not say that!鈥 Matt replied
He grabbed for Foggy鈥檚 phone, even though he wouldn鈥檛 be able to see the screen that his best friend was reading.
鈥淯m, it totally does, and it鈥檚 not the only one.鈥 Karen said as she scrolled
聽鈥淚 found Professor Murdock鈥檚 class really challenging - particularly his grading. But when your professor is as hot as he is, I find it hard to complain. I wonder if he goes as hard in the bedroom as he does with grading term papers.鈥
Marci鈥檚 jaw flew open in scandal as Matt just continued to shake his head.
鈥淐are to confirm?鈥 Foggy asked you
鈥淲ell I鈥檝e never written him a term paper, so I鈥檓 not sure...鈥 you teased
鈥淥h wait! I found a good one too!鈥 Marci interjected聽
鈥淢r. Murdock is unbelievably attractive - honestly just take his class even if you鈥檙e not pre-law. Just to look at him for two hours, twice a week.鈥澛
鈥淭ell me there鈥檚 at least one that doesn鈥檛 mention my appearance?!鈥 Matt asked with a huff
鈥淭his one mentions how hot they think your voice is when you say 鈥楢ccording to the First Amendment and the precedent laid out in Tinker v. Des Moines鈥 so technically no mention of your face or body, just your sexy man-voice.鈥 you responded
Matt laid his head down on the coffee table and groaned. He was hoping the ever changing glow of the billboard outside would mask the pink tint inevitably creeping up his cheeks and onto the tips of his ears. He could feel the heat of his blush spreading and didn鈥檛 want to give you guys another thing to tease him about tonight.
鈥淥kay okay. I think I found a real one.鈥 Foggy reassured his friend聽
鈥淚 really loved taking Mr. Murdock for Constitutional Law 101. He really knows what he鈥檚 talking about and facilitates really great discussions in class. I just wished he used more visual aids.鈥
鈥淗ow am I supposed to use visual aids when, ya know?鈥 Matt gestured towards the red tinted glasses, which covered his unseeing eyes.
鈥淥h no wait, I didn鈥檛 scroll enough, they then went on to say 鈥楤ut I guess when you look like that, you are the visual aid.鈥
鈥淥kay. Can we please stop this? I pride myself on how hard I work to make an instructive and professional learning environment and I鈥檓 not loving that this鈥︹ he gestured to his face and down his body 鈥淚s what everyone is focusing on.鈥
鈥淚 mean, I might be biased, but I certainly don鈥檛 blame them Matty.鈥 You teased, giving him a quick peck on the cheek
As much fun as you were having with your friends at your boyfriend鈥檚 expense, there was a slight pang in your chest. The small bubble of nausea in your stomach wasn鈥檛 just because you were waiting on your take out delivery and hungry, but also at the thought of other people thinking about your boyfriend that way. Surely, he had mentioned that he had a serious, live-in girlfriend to his students? Certainly, he had toned down the charming smile and flirty banter (that made you fall so in love with him in the first place) while he was interacting with a bunch of young co-eds whose minds he was supposed to be shaping for the future?
Of course it鈥檚 all fine, you thought. Matt is an astute professional educator and lawyer. He鈥檇 never cross that boundary and he鈥檇 never even consider anyone else but me, let alone a student, you mentally spoke to yourself, trying to find some reassurance.聽
But the feelings of insecurity still gnawed at the back of your mind.
Once dinner had arrived and more wine had been drunk, the conversation had moved on from Matt鈥檚 online admirers to other topics.
But even as you and Matt said your goodnights to your friends and got ready for bed, you couldn鈥檛 push down the feelings of insecurity and jealousy now planted in your thoughts.
A few days later, you were sitting on the 1 train, traveling up to Columbia鈥檚 campus. You had just finished a long day of meetings at work. After you had lamented a little bit to Matt via a mid-morning phone catch up, he had suggested meeting up and grabbing dinner near campus when he was done with his Thursday evening class.聽
鈥淲e can have a date night and you can vent.鈥 he said
You shuffled your way through campus to one of the law school buildings, weaving down the carpeted halls until you made your way to Matt鈥檚 office.聽If one could even call it an office. As an adjunct, he got stuffed into a glorified broom closet in a quiet corner of the building.
The door was slightly ajar when you arrived and you pushed it open further, giving it a soft knock as you did.
鈥淢att?鈥 you called out gently
You knew he could detect your scent and your heartbeat as soon as you stepped on campus, but still didn鈥檛 want to startle him in case he was too focused on something else.
Matt was sitting behind his desk with a rather serious look on his face. There were some papers scattered across it and the blueish glow of his computer screen illuminated his focused expression in the otherwise dim room. The sleeves of his white dress shirt were rolled up to his forearms and his hair was slightly disheveled after a long day of teaching. One headphone hung in his left ear as he listened to his computer dictate a term paper. His glasses rested on top of the papers, long ago discarded from his face.
鈥淗ey sweetheart!鈥 his expression softened as soon as you stepped into the room and shut the door behind you 鈥淚 thought those were your heels I could hear down the hall.鈥
He stood from his chair and pulled the headphone out of his ear as he shuffled out from behind the desk, reaching to embrace you.
You returned the sentiment with a hug and a quick peck on his cheek.
鈥淗ey, so I鈥檝e got about 20 more minutes where I have to be here for my office hours, then we can head to dinner. Sound good?鈥 he asked
鈥淵eah. I can go hang out somewhere else if you need me to.鈥 you offered
鈥淣o, no.鈥 he waved your statement off as he returned to his seat and gestured for you to sit as well
聽鈥淢ost students don鈥檛 show up this late. I just get in trouble if someone comes by during my posted hours and I鈥檓 not here. Was just using this time to get a head start on grading, but we can start catching up on your day now if you want.鈥
You flopped down in the chair opposite him.
鈥淵ou sure none of those girls who gave you glowing reviews aren鈥檛 gonna swing by for an evening chat?鈥 you jested, bringing up the subject for the first time since that evening with friends
The statement came out more spiteful than you intended.聽
Matt sighed and dragged a hand down his face to rub his chin.
鈥淚 knew that bothered you. Why didn鈥檛 you tell me?鈥 he asked
鈥淐ause it鈥檚 not important.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not true.鈥 he argued
鈥淚 mean it鈥檚 not like you meant for it to hurt me. You didn鈥檛 even want to read them. And besides, it鈥檚 not like you can do anything about it. You can鈥檛 control what they write online about you and your damn sex appeal. Unless you鈥檙e being flirty with students and letting them think鈥 鈥
鈥淪weetheart, you know that I would never.鈥 he reassured
鈥淚 know. I鈥檓 just worried. Like not a lot, but it鈥檚 just that little thought in the back of my mind. But it鈥檚 stupid. You know, just worried that someone comes to one of your classes and is smart and brilliant and younger and fitter and prettier鈥︹
鈥淣o, no, no.鈥 Matt brought his hand up and waved it, cutting you off
鈥淵ou鈥檙e the only one for me. I promise. Look, I don鈥檛 give a damn what a bunch of random college girls think of me. You know how many times one of them hangs around after class and instead of asking questions, they try and stupidly flirt, and you know what I say to them?鈥
鈥淚 lie and use you as an excuse to get away. I usually go with 鈥榮orry, I鈥檓 meeting my girlfriend for dinner,鈥 or 鈥榞otta run, my girlfriend is calling me.鈥欌
鈥淒o you really?鈥 you giggled
In a much better mood, you rounded the desk to his side. You bent down, placing a hand on each armrest of the worn leather chair, caging him in. You rested your forehead against his.
鈥淵eah. I didn鈥檛 hear your review on that stupid site, and that鈥檚 all I care about - you and what you think of me. None of them will ever compare to what you and I have. I promise, I鈥檓 not going to ever let anything tear that apart.鈥 he reassured
You leaned forward more and met your lips with his - softly, but with passion and intention behind the kiss. He lingered for a moment before you pulled back just enough to look into his unfocused eyes.聽
鈥淵ou know. Not many heartbeats in this building right now. None on this floor but ours.鈥 He spoke lowly
Calloused fingers began to dance up your thigh, toying with the hem of your pencil skirt.
鈥淲hat are you suggesting Professor Murdock?鈥 you whispered back
鈥淚鈥檓 suggesting that I use the next 18 or so minutes to prove to you that I鈥檓 yours and only yours.鈥
鈥淲ouldn鈥檛 be the worst use of time. But you鈥檝e gotta use your bat-hearing and make sure we don鈥檛 get caught.鈥 you said
鈥淪houldn鈥檛 be a problem.鈥 he replied with a smirk
This time it was he who kissed you, with much more fervor. He didn鈥檛 break the kiss as he stood and slowly pushed your shoulder so that your bottom met the hard edge of his desk.聽
His tongue danced along your bottom lip, begging for you to allow the kiss to go deeper. And you did. You let him cup your face with both hands as his mouth moved from your lips, across your jaw and down your throat, then back up to your lips again.
Slotting himself between your thighs, he moved his hand back down to your skirt. You took the cue and stood a little, just enough that he could shimmy it up your body so all the material gathered at your waist. The rough wool material felt like sandpaper on his sensitive skin, but he knew the softness of your flesh would relieve that discomfort soon.
You sat back down on the desk edge, as Matt began to kneed at your thighs.
He worked his way up, until his thumb hovered over your clothed core.聽
Four circles of his thumb on your clit was all it took to make your eyes snap shut and a feral moan to escape from you into his pouty lips that hovered over yours.
鈥淧lease Matthew, don鈥檛 tease.鈥 you begged in a desperate prayer
He let out a huff in protesting agreement. He tugged at the waistband of your panties. You maneuvered yourself until he removed them and tossed them somewhere amongst the paperwork beside you.
He dropped to his knees, similarly to how he did every Sunday at mass, but today you were his sacred worship and your moans his hymns.
Patience was not a word in your vocabulary tonight, as your hand flew to his hair to give a quick tug as soon as he made contact with the floor. He began to lick and nip his way up your thighs, making sure to arrive at your opening quickly.
His tongue met your clit and he wasted no time, licking and sucking at your sensitivity.聽
The soft exhale you released in sweet relief filled his ears. He chased after the sound, wanting to hear more breathy moans from your perfect lips. All caused by him. You bucked up into his mouth a little, a silent beg for more.
And he was happy to oblige.聽
A softly whispered 鈥淢atthew鈥 escaped your lips, though you were so lost in him, it didn鈥檛 even feel like you were the one who said it.
It was enough to break his resolve, as he pulled away from you and stood once more, wiping the remnants of you off his chin.
His breath caught behind his teeth as you reached out to toy with the buckle of his belt.聽
He needed you. Now.
He fiddled with the top buttons of your blouse, opening it just enough so that he could reach in and massage at your breasts. Finally, you undid enough of his pants for him to free himself.
He kissed you, now more desperate than before. Tasting yourself on him only made you more incoherent.
鈥淟ean back.鈥 he managed to moan between teeth and tongue clashing
You did as instructed and propped yourself up on your elbows.
His mouth moved down to your neck, where he let out a hot breath as he pushed inside you.
The pace he began with was sinfuly slow, allowing you the time to take in every moment, every drag of his hips, every millimeter of him pushing slowly further inside you.
鈥淥h Matthew鈥 oh fuck-鈥 your words faultered as he finally picked up his pace
His tie tickled at your exposed sternum with every thrust. All you could do was wrap your arms around him and cling to him as he brought you to closer and closer to ecstasy.聽
The intoxicating aroma of your sex filling his dingey and moth-ball scented office was bringing him near to the edge sooner than he鈥檇 like. But he could sense you were close too.
A few more thrusts and you鈥檇 both be there.
And then he heard it.聽
The soft ding of the elevator. The familiar heartbeat of a particularly pushy student from his Civil Procedure class making her way down the hall towards his office. Then the smell hit his nose - oh god the smell - the cheap Victoria Secret body spray she doused herself and her assignments in.聽
He had explained to her on multiple occasions that she didn鈥檛 need to go to the library and print her assignments in braille, that submitting them via the online platform was perfectly fine; but she insisted on invading his nostrils with that stench and making more work for him to get her grades in. All in a pitiful attempt to seduce him. She was still a few doors down and that damn terrible body spray nearly drowned out the heavenly scent of you that was right in front of him.
Any moment she would reach his door and catch the two of you in this very compromising position.聽
He knew he should alert you, give you the time to make yourself at least look a little appropriate, but he couldn鈥檛 bear to pull himself from you.聽
Then he had a thought.
Oh this was too perfect - to have you in such a sinful manner and an opportunity to set some very clear boundaries for her and (he assumed she鈥檇 spread the word via the grapevine to her gaggle of giggling friends) any other student who thought they stood a chance.
And if there was ever anything that would be concrete proof to you that he鈥檇 never be interested in a student, purposefully getting caught would do it.聽
Fine. He was going to let this play out, he decided, not bothering to slow his pace as he continued to thrust inside you.
The footsteps got closer and he heard the distinct click and squeak of the door knob turning in it鈥檚 place.
His head was blocking your view of the door and he was pretty sure your eyes were closed as well. Anyway, you were too lost in fuck to notice as the door slowly open and the student peered into the room.
You didn鈥檛 notice her stand there for a moment and you didn鈥檛 notice her hands fly over her mouth in shock.
Matt couldn鈥檛 help but smirk into your neck. It was that moment that you chose to sink your teeth into his earlobe and growl in his ear.
鈥淪ay it, Matthew. Say that you鈥檙e mine.鈥
鈥淵ours sweetheart. Only yours. Always.鈥 he huffed in response
Oh she definitely heard that, he thought, picking up on the scurrying footsteps of his student making her way back down the hallway and disappearing into the night.聽
You tugged the hair at the nape of his neck, still blissfully unaware of what just occurred. The action pulled him back into the moment.
鈥淵ours.鈥 he repeated once more in a barely audible whisper
That was all it took.
Waves of fire washed over you as you reached your end, with Matt not far behind. A few more thrusts had him grunting and moaning into your neck as he spilled himself inside you.
He slowed his hips to nearly nothing and brought his head up to press his forehead to yours.
You both lingered, reveling in the moment.
He pressed a kiss to your temple as he slowly slid himself from inside you.
There was little strength left in your wobbly legs as he took a step back to allow you the space to stand.
You fumbled around the desk and retrieved your panties, shimmying them up your body before sliding your skirt back into place.
Matt placed his glasses on his face and felt for the braille watch on his wrist.
鈥淥ffice hours are over. Let鈥檚 go get some dinner.鈥
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