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Fun Under the Table with Tengen Uzui
Pairing: Tengen Uzui x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, handjob, blowjob, orgasm denial, public sex, cum swallowing, public display of affection, clit stimulation
A/N: Back with Tengen thirst! You didn't think I was done did you?
Tumblr media
Tengen always thinks that the Hashira meetings run way too long
Don't worry he finds ways to make time fly by faster
He keeps his eyes towards everyone else, a relaxed, usual smile on his face while his hand makes it's way next to him and underneath your clothes
The first pass over your clit is teasing, his finger barely there
Watches for your reactions to see if you'd like to play this risky game with him
You nod slowly, wrap your arm around his and open your legs
Tengen chuckles and kisses the top of your head, public displays of affection are nothing new for the two of you so no one questions any of it
You sneak your hand under the table, into his pants and around his hardening cock, rubbing over the tip until he's fully hard
You stroke him up and down, his face still neutral, but you can feel his body shifting next to yours
His fingers press over your clit, pinching it between the rough pads
Both of you keep a slow, teasing pace, careful not to make too many slick sounds
The teasing, the build up goes on all through the meeting
Only when the Hashira are gone does Tengen slip his fingers inside of you, no longer carting if you're quiet, no longer caring how many squelching, wet noises your pussy makes from his fingers pushing in to the last knuckle
You moan as you straddle him, up on your knees, fishing out his leaking, cum stained cock and bucking into his hand, leaving his wrist and forearm wet
He lets you come around his fingers, shaking in his lap, moaning into rough, hot kisses
After that it's his turn, but he pushes you down, he wants to come in your mouth, see you swallow everything he's got
You've been wanting to taste him since you felt how hard and hot his cock was under your hand
It's pulsing in your mouth, the taste of his cum driving you mad
You need all of his cum, you can take him, all of him
He presses you down on his cock as he comes down your throat, and like his good girl you gulp down every hot drop of his release
You don't stop until you feel his hips and thighs stop shaking
His smile is even more radiant than before
If this is how Hashira meetings go in the future then you both have slightly less problems going to them
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Tengen , Giyuu With A Very Perverted S/O
Tumblr media
a/n — i’m not 100% sure by what perverted means in this case but i’ll try my best! also this is just tengen. i’ll contain giyuu in another part
contains — gn!reader, sub!tengen, headcanons and a little blurb, pretend sex toys exist back in the day, groping and dirty talk in public, tengen’s wives do not exist
giyuu version
Tumblr media
you fluster him. he hates that you do but the way you’re so forward with your lewd thoughts and desires makes him blush
he’s actually kind of amazed by what you’re into, what freaky toys you own and whatnot, especially if you’ve got one of those monster dildos
even though he can sense you approaching you somehow manage to catch him offguard everytime you show him affection (in your own, odd ways)
he goes insane if you fondle his tits where you may get caught
“hello pretty~” you chirped, hugging your beloved from behind as he stopped in his tracks. “how are you doing today?” you seemed to be in a pretty good mood, which almost always ends up with tengen on the bed that night, fucked out and panting.
“my love,” he smiled anyway, trying to turn around to meet your eyes, but you wouldn’t let him. you stood your ground, hands snaking around his slim waist and starting to move upwards. “what are you doing?” his eyes widened a little in surprise, though he really shouldn’t be.
“nothing,” you mutter, but your hands were already cupping his chest, index fingers pressing and rubbing his nipples over the demon slayer corps uniform. tengen felt his breathing hitch as he sighed in pleasure, the soft movements sending small shocks down to his cock. “i cannot wait to get home and fuck you raw,” you hummed, and his face heated up, snapping out of the trance you seemed to have put him in. how could you say such dirty things with a straight face! anyone could walk in (more like discover, given you were outdoors) on the two of you at any moment!
he let you do your thing anyway, pushing his rationale to the back of his head as you caressed him intimately. he had to admit that your ways were really growing on him.
Tumblr media
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Idk I just think once your f/o finds out you’re on your period they would do ANYTHING, to help you relax, de stress and hoard you with your favorite food/snacks, drown you with mind-melting massages and little endearing pledges and praises of how much they adore and LOVE you 💗💞💕✨
BONUS!; They’d run you a nice warm bubble bath and insinuate gentle music with lit candles running along the corners of your filling tub. 💞💞
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The poison’s left my body!
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᯽⸱៰ ͘ ࣭⸰ 𖥔 ͙ࣳ BIG BEEFY MEN 😵‍💫
Tumblr media
Ft. Bokuto, Taiju, Tengen, Toji, Osamu, Draken
Warnings: size kink x 1727292718, manhandling and lots of it, fem bodied reader, titles used: papa, daddy, sir, overstimulation, edging, implied age gap for toji’s part, mentions of creampie, slight exhibitionism for Osamu, drool, cute pet names like baby, princess, etc, only lightly edited my bad
Note: I had too much fun writing this YEJAJJS, like 😵‍💫, it also took me a while cause every time I would add another guy I would daydream for like a couple hours 🤤 this is multifandom cause there are just too many beefy men to go around, and honestly I could have added more (Daichi, Matsukawa, Todo, Mirio, Sakuna, Benkei… 😵‍💫😵‍💫) but then I’d be at this forever UWJAJ so take this, for now, <333 reblogs, comments and feedback are always greatly appreciated <3
Tumblr media
Bokuto who works out 6 days a week and still runs on the 7th 😔 he’s always working on his muscles, making sure he’s physically fit and always up to par for volleyball. Iwaizumi keeps him on a strict workout regime and he doesn’t mind that, considering it shows results and makes him feel good. You honestly don’t mind the schedule either, because you get to watch him pump bars over his head, muscles contracting and rippling, sweat dripping in beads along his toned chest. He’s a god really, with a build like that, and your eyes can’t help but stayed glued to him. It’s only when he clears his throat that you realize you’ve been caught, cheeks suddenly starting to burn as you snap your eyes away from his abs and up to his face. That smug look of his doesn’t help your embarrassment, making you bite your lip sheepishly. “Enjoyin the view, birdy?” He asks through a grin, and you don’t bother lying, you’ve been caught away so you nod, heart doing a little flip in your chest when he holds a hand out to you. You don’t hesitate to go to his side, allowing his hand to guide your own over the plane of his abs. Your fingertips trace the defined muscles there, despite how they still contract and sweat and you sigh softly, pupils basically in little heart shapes when you look back up at him. “You look so good, Koutarou….”
He’s got you laid out flat on his workout bench, clothes were haphazardly thrown across the padded flooring. Your slips hang open in a silent cry as he looms over you again, chest pressed right up to your back as his cock bullies its way to the hilt back into your gummy walls. His groan right next to your ear is almost overwhelming, his body swallowing you up and taking over all your senses as his hips hump up against your ass, pushing and pulling his cock shallowly in and out of you. When you let out a hiccuping sigh against the leather of the bench he chuckles softly, teeth grazing against your ear. “Liked bein stuffed like this, huh baby? Wanna be stuffed with cum too, don’t you?” You nod because the words don’t form, becoming lost on your tongue and replaced with whines as soon as Bokuto starts rotating his hips. One thick arm manages to slip underneath you and his palm rests open on your tummy, uncaring of the sweat and slick that makes everything a little messier. “Cum f’me.” His words vibrate against your back, his index finger managing to find your clit to add a steady pressure to the pulsing bud. You would have jolted, but you’re trapped beneath him, so all you can do is let out a shaky sob. “Cum f’papa and I’ll give you exactly what you want~”
Taiju is a busy man, running his successful restaurant was a full-time job that took up a lot of his time. And yet despite this, he always made time for his baby. He’d take you along to special events, and business meetings, but especially to suit fittings. You were the one that made him rekindle his relationship with Mitsuya, knowing that he would be the best person for the job in terms of making a suit that would actually fit Taiju’s size and stature. You claimed you went to talk to Mitsuya, which may have been part of the reason, but Taiju knew why you went along to every fitting. You got to see him almost naked, arms outstretched and shoulder blades contracting as Mitsuya took his proper measurements. He watched you through the full-length mirrors that covered the studio walls. How you’d press your thighs together, squirming in the chair you sat in. How your eyes would get glossy when he’d slip the brand new suit jacket on, testing the fit and how it would look perfect on his frame. The best is when he’d pull the suit pants on for the first time and your eyes were literally glued to his butt, lip bitten between your lips almost swollen. Mitsuya would leave the room as Taiju undressed into his normal clothes, and it’s only then that he’d scoff softly, eyes a bit narrowed as he finally catches your attention. “You’re so obvious.” He states, only making you fiddle with the hem of your skirt a bit more as you try to play innocent. “Staring at me like a piece of meat. Bet your panties are soaked through…”
As soon as the two of you got back to your shared home he’d have you pinned against a wall. If you had it your way you would’ve done it in the car, but Taiju wanted to make you wait and teased you the whole drive. Reminder you that only whores get that hot and bothered so easily, held your thigh in his big hand cause he knew it made you melt seeing how he could so easily grip the fat there. He picked you up at this point, your skirt bunched up at your waist and your panties ripped clean off. His hands gripped harshly to the fat of thighs, holding you up against the wall with nothing but strength as he used the force of gravity to fuck up into you. The slap of his hips was wet from how much you were dribbling, his eyes wide and feral as he watched your head lull back against the wall, a bit of drool leaving your lips that were stuck hung in a silent scream. He grins, lips littering sloppy kisses along your neck, uncaring of the marks he left behind. “Pretty lil dumb thing…” he murmurs, grinding his hips so his cock could thoroughly stir your insides. “This is all you think about, isn’t it? Getting fucked open by my big cock?” That caught your attention, nodding your head as your nails leave crescents into his shoulder. You’re mumbling “yes sir, yes Taiju” as his speed suddenly picks up, loving the feeling of your breasts bouncing against his chest. “Such a good girl.”
Tengen knows he’s attractive, he has 4 wives who all adore him, of course, he’s attractive. He also knows very that he’s built like a god, with muscles that bulge just right, flex and make him look even better. Sure, he got this way from hard work and dedication, but it helps too that he’s naturally flashy, with a good style and personality to go with his looks. He knows that people watch him, he knows that people flirt with him, and rather openly. Most of his wives have gotten used to this, but you? You’re a little newer, can’t help but be a bit protective and a lil insecure when it comes to your partner. So when you see two women flirting with him at a festival, something like jealousy flames within your belly. You can’t even help the way you get upset, lips twisting into a pout. It’s when one of the random women has the audacity to put her hand onto his bicep, giving it a squeeze that you lose it. You cling onto him, basically prying him away from their grimy hands and sending them a death glare in the process. The girls got the memo instantly, slinking away with grumbles and pouts of their own. To make matters worse Tengen is oblivious to it all. He was used to this, people hitting on him, but you acting like this? “What’s wrong?” He asks, the amusement in his tone only making you ten times angrier. Rather than explaining yourself you flip him off, an action that only fuels him further to get an answer out of you…
Your back is trembling against his chest, his fingers so lazily petting at your clit driving you absolutely wild but you can’t do anything about it. Your hands are trapped behind you between your bodies, bound by the silky material of the cord that usually holds his robe together. His cock somehow looks even bigger right now, stuffed within your quivering pussy and stretching it open. His base is covered already in a layer of your sheen that’s been steadily leaking out of you and yet he still hasn’t let you cum. You Yelp from the sudden impact of his fingertips against your swollen numb, fat tears finally spilling from your lashes and onto your hot cheeks. “Why would you ever need to be jealous, pretty? Ever?” He questions you again, fingers going back to slowly rolling your clit. You let out a soft sob, head lulling back into his broad chest as you try to buck your hips along his cock, only for his free hand to keep you firmly in place. “Don’t you know I picked you for a reason? Don’t you know I love you so, so much that I wanted you and only you to join the girls and me in our marriage?” His voice lowers as you start to flutter around his cock again, and his fingers start to speed up, finally. “Won’t ask ya again, tell me, do you know I love you?” You cry out, lips bit swollen as you tilt your head back enough to meet his gaze. He flashes you a smile, the first one you’ve gotten since the start of this punishment and you whimper, nodding dumbly. “I-I know, I-I know daddy, m’sorry, was bein dumb—“ He shushes you with his lips, finally moving his hips. He bucks them up into you, making your whole body bounce in his lap from the sheer size difference. “Not dumb, never dumb Darlin.. ya just forget sometimes…” The knot in your stomach finally snaps as he circles your clit, the squeeze of your pussy making his groan into your open mouth. “Just forget how perfect ya are f’me, that’s all.”
Toji, big big Toji who knows very well that most ladies are attracted to him for his size. He likes to go for the little shy ones. The ones that stare at him with innocent eyes, look at him a little longer than they should and always manage to get caught. He’ll send you a wink, sometimes even wave playfully just to get you all the more embarrassed. His favourite type to go for though, as horrible as it is, are the girls his son is always bringing home. It’s a little fucked up, isn’t it? But Toji knows, knows that his son may try his best, but he can’t please a woman like he can, not yet anyway. So as his father, it’s his job to keep Megumi’s girls pleased when he can’t do so himself. He sees it as helping of course, surely the girl will stick with his son longer if she knows she’ll get a treat every time she comes over…
“Skirts shorter than usual…” Toji muses, his eyes lit up in amusement as his fingers brushed over the soft pleats found in the fabric. His hips are snapping back into your ass again just so your lips hang open, the start of a yelp about to escape had he not shoved the hem of the skirt between your lips. You muffle a whine into the material, fingers curling up against the wall you were currently pressed up against. “Musta wanted me to notice, isn’t that right dollface?” He says between a chuckle, his grin getting bigger as he gets a better grip on your hips, making you stick your ass out a bit more and arch your back for him. This angle allows his cock head to smack into your cervix, kissing it with the tip and threatening to break through. His balls are heavy as they slap against your skin, only adding to the lewd, wet slaps that echo from your cute pussy. He leans closer to your ear, whispering against the soft flesh when you let out a string of sobs about how you’re gunna cum. “Yea? Gunna cum for daddy are ya?” He laughs when you nod, teeth sinking into your shoulder as one thick hand slides over your hips to tease on your clit, helping you reach your high faster. “Go on, make sure you’re loud enough that your boyfriend knows his daddy is fucking you this good.”
Osamu has always been the bulkier of the two twins. Even in their volleyball days, his muscles weren’t as lean as Atsumu’s. He was built bigger, shoulders broader, the baby fat on his cheeks remaining longer. Now as an adult his muscles didn’t go away, oh no, he needs them to lift the heavy bags of rice to and from the restaurant, but he has certainly filled out. Shoulders spreading, biceps bulging. A light layer of fat forms over his chest, the muscles underneath just making him look bigger. The T-shirts he always wears show these off, and although he takes no mind to how his body has changed, you certainly have. It makes you drool when his arms flex as he quickly cuts up vegetables and when he grunts as he lifts a rice bag on his shoulder. The best is when he ties his apron around him, Accentuating just how small his waist still is despite how he’s broadened out. He doesn’t even realize how attractive he is, honestly. You can’t even help yourself when you gawk at him at work, and you certainly can’t help how heat pools between your legs. He starts to really notice when you pout up at him, pretty legs rubbing together on the stool you sit at…
“Couldn’t even wait until we got home.” He’s grumbling his words against your lips as if he’s not happy to have his tongue exploring every inch of your mouth. “Too fuckin spoiled to wait.” He added, his reprimanding turning into a grunt when your nails run through his hair, scratching lightly over his scalp just the way he likes it. He latches onto your lower lip, suckling it like his favourite treat as his big hands grab at your thighs. He tenderly squeezes the flesh he loves before gripping it, easily hauling you up onto the countertop he was previously making food on. He’s thankful you’re wearing a skirt today because all it takes is one good tug and your panties are ripped clean off, exposing your dampened lower lips to him and making goosebumps rise on your lips. He clicks his tongue when you start to complain about how those were your favourite pair, one of his palms pressing into your tummy to easily push you back into the cold countertop. “Quit yer bitchin, I’ll get a new pair.” You were about to shoot back, but all your words get lost on your tongue when he spits onto your pussy, two thick fingers locked in and rubbing on your clit. A smirk twitches on his lips, shaking his head as he watches just how easily you come undone for him. He presses a kiss to your hip bone. “That’s it, be a good girl and take what you want, gunna fuck ya real good.”
we all know I could go on for hours about Draken 😔 I mean do you blame me? He’s huge, the biggest of all his friends in both height and build. He’s always been naturally big, the width of his shoulders sometimes making it hard for him to find proper attire that fits him comfortably. Hence why he settles for tank tops a lot, which gives him more space to breathe. Would never admit it out loud but he 100% is very aware when you’re checking him out and he LOVES it. Draken doesn’t like to flaunt himself but when you do it it’s different. Makes his cheeks heat up a bit and his cock twitch knowing how damn lucky he is to have someone as pretty as you obsessed with him like that. So he’ll let you stare, whether it be while he’s working at the shop, working out, or simply when the two of you are out. He’ll let your eyes linger on him, sometimes he’ll even flex on purpose, holding back laughter when you suck in a sharper breath. He will tease you about it, sometimes of course cause he can’t even help himself. He’ll turn and smirk at you, “like what you see, princess?” Or “my eyes are up here, goofy.” But comments like that always leave you in a huff and he’ll have to chase you after to make up for it. Which is fine, but sometimes, he lets you linger, lets you really stare and get yourself worked up, cause that’s when you’ll pounce him. You have such little patience, and it’s so so amusing to your big boyfriend when you try to drag his ass around to get what you desire from him…
As soon as the two of you had returned home from your date you had dragged Draken to the couch, not even bothering to bring him to the bedroom because it had been far too long and you were craving him already. He had worn that tank top you love so much, with the low-cut armholes that show off his toned sides and arms. You just couldn’t take it. You needed to have him. Which is how you ended up straddling his lap, needy whines leaving your lips as your fingers desperately tried to unbuckle his belt, simply settling for pawing at his crotch when you couldn’t seem to get it. He’s grinning, holding back little strings of laughter. “Eager huh?” Normally you would have snapped back at a comment like that, but when his fingers finally freed his cock, you simply sighed in contentment, licking your lips at how it stood at attention, leaking so pretty just for you to sit on. You had already discarded your bottoms, lifting yourself on your hunches and easing yourself easily onto his cock. The stretch was always mind-numbing, back arching and goosebumps forming on your thighs as you slowly work your way over him. The little whimpers, whines, needy noises you made were a melody to Draken’s ears, his hands massaging the supple skin of your thighs as you moved at your own pace. He groaned softly when your pussy started to flutter around him already, your walls being stubborn as usual when first taking him in. “Fuck—“ he gritted out, pupils dilating when you looked at him with teary eyes, lips puffy as you huffed. “Help me, Ken, want all of you.” His hands slid from your thighs to your waist, bearing his teeth in an amused grin as he lifted you up with ease, just enough that his head sat between your walls. He didn’t hesitate when he slammed you back down on his cock, sheathing all the way on his cock, the knock of it up against your cervix making your breath leave you in a gasp. He doesn’t let up from there, using the bruising grip he has on your love handles to bounce you up and down on his cock. “So. Fucking. Needy— and you can’t even take what you want on your own? Really are just a dumb lil baby aren’t you, princess?” You’re sobbing from the brutal pace, head lulling onto his shoulder as he bounces you like you’re nothing. And to him, it’s a simple task, the pleasure of the pretty tight walls milking his cock only making it easier for him to manhandle you. “Fuck—“ he grins, planting his feet so his hips can fuck up into you, further jolting you along his cock. “You just sit pretty, daddy will do all the work—“
Tumblr media
Member of: @tokyometronetwork @hanayanetwork
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
                 — ɪ’ᴍ ɢᴏɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ʟɪᴠᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ꜰʟᴀꜱʜɪᴇꜱᴛ ʟɪꜰᴇ ᴘᴏꜱꜱɪʙʟᴇ —
ᴜᴢᴜɪ ᴛᴇɴɢᴇɴ ✿ ᴛʜᴇ ꜱᴏᴜɴᴅ ᴘɪʟʟᴀʀ ꜰᴏʀ @ꜱʜɪᴢᴜᴋᴋᴜ ✧ ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ ᴍᴀʀɪᴀ❢ ♥
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Tumblr media
🌙 🌸 😴
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
uzui “someday i’m going to hell” tengen
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Frat boy! Uzui Tengen x Reader
Tumblr media
A/n: Hey everyone! Im back from my mental health break (*≧ω≦*) thank you everyone for your support and patience I cant tell you how much it means to me, anyways I hope you guys enjoy!
Synopsis: Uzui Tengen was a man of many things. It would be hard to find anyone on campus who hadn't heard of his name before, whether that be through his many sex-capdes or his infamously wild parties. Some describe him as eccentric, others (mostly girls) describe as irroestiable. You? Well you on the other hand would describe him as nothing else then an utter, complete, douchebag.
Warnings: Enemies to lovers, teasing, dub-con, manipulation, fingering, squirting, use of pet names, belly bulge, cervix fucking, breeding kink, virgin!reader, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex
Word count: 5.6k
You rolled your eyes as you passed by another poor crying girl near the Alpha beta frat house. This had to be the 4th girl you've seen like that this week, and you didnt have to guess to know the reason behind her tears.
"God I hate him." You seethed, clenching your teeth after the last syllable.
"Who, Tengen?" Responded Mitsuri who was walking hand in hand with her boy friend Obani. They where the picture perfect couple on campus who were also one of your closest friends. Those two and the three that followed next to you: Kyojuro, sanemi and Shinobu.
"Aw come on y/n he's a good guy at heart! He's just a bit... flamboyant!" Kyojuro says followed by a boisterous laugh.
You rolled your eyes and scoffed. "Your only saying that cause your his room mate and best friend Kyo, the same goes for all of you, I dont understand how you guys can like him!"
"Well he's not that different from sanemi when it comes to girls and your still best friends with sanemi." Pointed out Shinobu, gesturing to sanemi on her left, electing a reaction.
"Yeah and its not just how shitty he treats girls" You glance back to the sobbing girl you passed. "Its that whole 'holier than thou' act he has going on, like he's a fucking god that we should worship the group he walks on. Makes me wanna sock him in the face."  You make a fist with your hand and left hook the air.
"Sock who in the face?"
Oh god you knew that stupidly deep voice anywhere. You whipped around to find your self face to face with the very white haired man you were talking about; a shit eating grin spread across his infuriatingly handsome face.
"You couldnt be talking about me, could you?" Tengen voice dripped faux shock and you rolled your eyes.
"Well you know what they say, speak of the devil and he shall appear." You spat
"That must be why you love using that pretty mouth of yours to talk about me so much." Tengen lowered himself to close the provoking height difference between the the two of you, until your noses were inches away from touching. "Cause ya love having me around doncha"
In that moment you have to conjure up every ounce of self restraint to not spit in his face there and then, and luckily your friends get a hint at where this could possibly lead to and intervene before you could do anyway.
"Hey man, what's up?" Kyojuro holds out his hand to dap Uzui in which sanemi and Obani follow up doing the same to greet their fellow frat mate.
"Well, as those three know, I'm holding a party tonight. Mad big, a couple other schools are gonna be coming over. Just wanted to confirm ya'll ladies would be there?"
"Yeah of course, If Obani and my friends are going I'll be there!" Mitsuri chirps, leaning into Obani's shoulder making him blush.
"Sure why not." Answers Shinobu, making you click your tongue on the roof of your mouth.
"You y/n?" Uzui says with a raised eyebrow and you cross your arms.
"And why would you want me to go?"
"Because you're like me sweetheart except wherever you go, guys follow you instead of girls. And the more people the better. Plus all your friends will be there"
You scoff in response, making Uzui chuckle.
"Great, I'll take that as a yes then, ill text you guys the details." He turns around to walk back to the Alpha beta frat house. "See you guys there!"
There was a silence as you all watched Tengen walk away before Mitsuri turns to look at you. “So are you going to go y/n? Come on it will be so much fun!”
“Yeah no way in hell."
You were a liar.
Though you swore to your self that there was no way in hell you were going to one of Tengen's stupid parties, here you were, dressed up in a white crop top and short pink skirt holding a red solo cup filled with god knows what concoction of alcohol, while ear blasting dub step played through out the house. It was absolutely packed, you dont think you've seen this many people all in one frat house before and you've been to your fair share of parties. You languidly looked around in a futile attempt to find your friends only to be met with the sight of two freshmen aggressively drying humping it on a couch and a group of football players and cheerleaders playing beer pong on the pool table.
"Might I also say you look beautiful tonight."
Oh right, for the past three minutes some dude from another school had been trying to get in your pants to which you had completely forgotten about. Uzui was right about this before, guys usually tend to follow you wherever you go. Except what set you apart from him was that you didn't abuse this, and most certainly not whore around.
You simply press your lips in a thin line, giving the 'white guy' smile, and nod at the creepy guy's compliment. You hadn't even been giving him any verbal answers to his rambling and he still couldn't take the hint.
Another minute passed of his incessant talking when your patience finally snapped and you open your mouth to go off on the guy before you cut off when you feel someone wrap their arm around you; the familiar strong scent of pine cologne and alcohol wafting through your nose.
"Hey you ok babe?"
Oh god
You glance to your side to see Uzui, wearing his signature zipper up purple fraternity sweater over a black t-shirt that outlined his muscles. His white hair was let down but you could faintly see the diamond earnings that dangled from his ears. The hand that rested on your shoulder was adorned in a multitude of different color rings and his fingernails were painted in neon colors.
Flashy as ever.
You clicked your tongue at the sound of the pet name and gritted your teeth, knowing that if you wanted to get out of this you’d have to play along.
“Oh hey, babe.” You punctuated the last word with your lips, making sure to soak it in as much faux affection as you could causing Tengen chuckle. “Yeah we were just finishing up talking. Isn’t that right uh, sorry what was your name again?” Your words dripped sweet innocence like honey, and to seal the deal you made sure to bat your eyelashes a couple times.
“Oh uh,” the guy stuttered, face now flushed red. “It doesn’t matter, I’ll just uh, see you around.”
You watched as he turned around and left, making sure he was out of sight until you rested your features into your signature bitch face and turned the look at the man next to you.
“Thanks for that but you can stop touching me now.” You attempt to wiggle out of his arms hold but it remains heavy on your shoulder.
“And why should I? I like being like this, I especially enjoyed your little show.” A grin spread on Uzuis face showing off his white teeth and the toothpick that dangled from them.
“Ever heard of consent? Also I can feel one of your girls giving me the death stare and I really  don’t feel like being sacrificed for your little cult today.”
“Alright, fair.”
You let out a small sigh of relief when you feel the weight release from your shoulder. God how much could one arm weigh?
You start to walk off when Uzui grabs your wrists and pulls you back.
“Where do you think your going?”
You immediately retract your arm from his hold and shoot a venomous glare.
“Out of here, that’s where. Why? Want me to stay?”
Uzui nods. “Yup.”
“And why should I and don’t give me that same crap before.”
He shrugs, removing the tooth pick between his lips to speak. “Maybe I just like having you around.”
The two of you stare at each other for a couple second before the realization hits you and you break out laughing.
“OH MY GOD, don’t tell me-” you cut your self off with a giggle “your actually trying to get in my pants!”
Uzui grins. “And what’s so funny about that? Maybe I am. And what would be so bad about sleeping with me?”
His response makes your laughter die and every reason why you hate the man in front of you comes barreling in all at once. You take a few steps toward him till the gap was closed and both of your faces are inches apart.
"Why? Because,” you speak lowly, making sure to punctuate every word with venom. “Im not gonna be one of your fuck girls tengen and I’m defiantly not something you can just conquer." You spat.
A hand clad with rings raises to your face but before you could pull away he grabs your chin, running a thumb over the skin while amused eyes stare down back at you.
"See this is what I like about you y/n." Tengens voice is soft, tones of fascination seeping into his words. "No one would say what you just said to me, no one. Only you."
You eventually pull away from his grasp and before you could go off on the man, you hear a familiar voice call your name from behind.
"HEY Y/N, TENGEN!" You turn around to see Mitsuri making her way through the crowd to you. "We've been looking for you guys, come-on we are playing a game upstairs."
Once again your unable to get a word in because you're already being dragged through the crowd, Mitsuri's unusually strong grip wrapped around your hand while tengen followed behind.
Once you got to one of the frat house bedrooms up stairs, you were immediately greeted with the sight of your friends and a few people from the neighboring school all sitting in a circle, chatting and drinking.
One of the students from the other school, Kizuki college, whose name you remembered to be Douma, was relentlessly trying to start a conversation with an unassuming Shinobu to no avail. Next to them Kyojuro was busy having an arm wrestle with the guy known as Akaza and Sanemi seemed to be having a good time talking to one of the kids who transferred from your school to Kizuki named Kaigaku.
You spotted an empty seat on the floor between Obani and a guy who seemed uninterested in the activity going on and plopped down next to him. Mitsuri sat next to you in Obani's lap and Tengen situated himself across, his red violet eyes remaining on you.
In an attempt to distract yourself from the piercing gaze set upon you, you turned to the guy next to you who was sipping from a can of beer.
"Hey, your from Kizuki college right? My name is y/n by the way, what's yours?"
It took a second for the guy to realize that you were talking to him, but when he did he quickly turned around and widened his eyes, like he was surprised you were even looking at him.
"Oh uh" his voice was raspy and you got a better look at him now that he was facing you.
Damn, he's cute.
"I'm Gyutaro, I'm a junior at Kizuki, yeah."
You nodded. "You dont seem like this is the place you wanna be in most right now am I right?"
Gyutaro scoffed. "Yeah is it that obvious?"
"No I completely feel you, ive tried to escape like five times and my friends keep dragging me back." You reached for a un opened beer can on the floor and held it up to Gyutaro. "Here's to not wanting to be here but not having a choice I guess."
This elected a quirky smile from the man in front of you and Gyutaro clinked his beer can with yours.
"Yeah, to what ever the fuck you just said."
You both laugh and take a swig of the beer but a booming voice makes you choke on the liquid and throw you into a coughing fit.
"ALRIGHTY THEN, LET'S GET STARTED." Kyojuro stood up and clapped his hands together, drawing everyones attention. "What better way to liven up the party then a game of truth or dare am I right?"
"I can think of a million other things." Whispered Gyutaro into your ear making you stiffle a giggle. You look up to avert your attention back to Kyojuro but you catch the eyes of Tengen as you do so. Big mistake. His gaze was piercing, red-violet eyes burrowed into you accompanied by an unreadable face. Was he... mad at something?
"Now you have the right to decline the dare or truth, but for that you'll have to chug for 7 seconds this bottle of fire ball." Sanemi adds on, holding up a bottle of orange whisky.
A/n: Please dont do this, and if you do, fire ball is an awful choice, choose Pink Whitney instead. If your going to drink irresponsibly at least drink good stuff.
You sigh.
Oh god what have I gotten myself into
"Whose gonna go first?" Mitsuri chirps.
"Me." Douma raises his hand and turns to Shinobu who immediately rolls her eyes. "Truth or dare m'lady."
Shinobu thinks for a bit before responding. "Dare."
"I dare you to go on a date with me after this."
Doumas words elicit a slew of 'oooohs' from everyone and a couple howls of laughter.
Shinobu stares at douma for a few seconds before throwing her hands up in defeat. "For fucks sake, FINE. Only because I have a test tomorrow and I cant have a hang over ."
It goes on like this for a couple minutes, only sanemi and akaza taking swigs of the fire ball, until it's finally Tengens turn.
"Well then," Tengen slightly turns to face you, the amused smile on his face telling you what's about to happens. "Y/n." At the sound of your name you immediately roll your eyes. "Truth or dare."
You think for a second, before concluding that truth would be the safest bet to avoid Tengens antics.
"Are you a virgin?"
You blink a few times, letting the question settle in. How could he know? Only your closest friends, Shinobu and Mitsuri could know and they wouldn't tell anyone. You could lie but then he would ask who you slept with. There was also the option of telling him the truth and giving him the gratification and perhaps a new way to make fun of you. Yeah, no way. It seemed like the only option was to drink the fire ball, but that was basically saying that you were a virgin. But it was your only option without actually admitting it.
You scowl at Tengen and hold out your hand to Sanemi, who handed you the drink. When you put the bottle rim to your lips you were immediately reminded just how much you hated the spicy cinnamon taste to the alcohol but nevertheless proceeded to let the liquid pass your lips.
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7!" The room chanted as you took the tinnest gulps possible. When the time was up, you felt your throat burn from the cinnamon whisky and a warmth settle in your stomach.
"Ok, my turn." You seethed, wiping off the remains of liquid from your lips. "Tengen, Truth of dare."
"Hmmm, I'll go with dare."
You smiled sweetly. "Text at least two of the girls you've made cry that your sorry."
Instead of a look of shock and embarrassment, he simply grinned and grabbed the whisky. Once he was done, he licked his lips and set down the bottle. "Looks like its me again, truth or dare y/n"
"I dare you to admit i'm actually great and you love me."
You snatched the bottle and immediately down the liquid, the room this time remaining quiet as you did so. At this point, the burn in your throat was starting to feel good, adding fuel to the fire.
"Truth or dare Tengen"
"Bad choice I would've gone with truth. Write a post that your dick is actually small."
Tengen shrugs and takes a large gulp from the bottle. "Truth or dare."
You dont think about your answer, the buzzing in your head from the alcohol doesn't let you.
"Kiss me."
You dont know what makes you begin to crawl over to Tengen, most likely the substantial amount of alcohol coursing through your veins. Maybe it was also because you weren't going to wimp out of a challenge and for some reason you thought this was the best way to get back at him. But the next thing you know your in his lap, grabbing his stupidly beautiful face in your hands and bringing it to you till your lips matched with each other.
His first taste of you is hungry, lips relentlessly engulfing each other and tongues clashing, fighting for dominance that Tengen eventually wins. Spit smears on either side of your lips from the messiness and a large hand tangles itself in your hair to bring you closer, so he can taste more of you. The kiss broke with a sinful sound, a wet pop from between your lips and Tengens is grinning while your left dazed,  breaths heavy and chests rising and falling after it.
"Well, that was unexpected." Shinobi says.
Her voice snaps you out of your Tengen/alcohol induced daze and you immediately become flushed red. Sure you've had make out sessions before but never front of all of your friends and people you didn't know. But before you can crawl out of his lap, Tengen is picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder with ease like a sack of flour.
"Sorry every one but," Tengen lands his hand on your ass, surprising you with a yelp. "This little lady and I have business to attend to. Enjoy the party."
"Wha- No! What do you think you're doing!" You protest and try to wriggle out of his hold only to be met with a harsh slap on your ass, immediately shutting you up and he carries you out.
"Go get it I guess bestie!" Mitsuri yells to you, making your face go red.
Wait was he.... were you two gonna....?
Your questions are answered when Tengen opens the door to his room, throwing you on the bed and crawling on top of you. Before you can get a word in, he's once again engulfing your lips with his and pulling  you into a feverish kiss in which the two of you couldn't seem to get enough of each other. The moment one pulls away to breath, the other is immediately searching for their lips again; intertwining tongues and teeth clashing together recklessly.
Your hot, everything is hot, your body is burning up by the second and there's a sickly sweet feeling in your stomach that keeps on expanding as time passes.
You whine into his mouth when you feel a hand slip under your pink skirt and lightly trace the outline of your slit with his index finger. Your painfully wet;   your arousal had made a large spot on your underwear translucent.
"Want me to make you feel good baby?" Tengen speaks slowly, breath on your neck and voice in your ear making you shiver. You bite your lip and nod, like any words that came from you would ruin it.
"Good. I'm not gonna lie, I want to see you beg for it but ill be nice since its your first time, and there's always next time."
He's using his thumb to move your frilly white underwear to the side now, moving up and down your pussy to collect your juices and coat his fingers with the sticky lube,
"W-who say t-theres going t-to be a next time?" Your voice comes out more shaky than you expect, making Tengen chuckle.
"Oh trust me darling," He leans in so his mouth is right against your ear, making you pussy squeeze around nothing "There's always going to be a next time."
Its then he suddenly bullies a thick finger in you down to the knuckle, making you moan loudly and clamp down on the sudden intrusion. Your hands immediately fly up to find purchase into his muscular forearms and dig crescent shape nail marks into the skin.
"Shit your fucking tight." Tengen groaned under his breath, knowing full well that the squeeze around his cock would feel euphoric. The first curl of his finger up to hit your gpsot completely knocks the wind out of you. It was a type of pleasure you've never felt before, something that couldnt be achieved with your own fingers or a dildo, the type the only came from another hot blooded human being.
More. I need more.
You begin to grind on his hand to chase after the feeling, further encouraging the relentless prodding of his fingers. Tengen on the other hand was mesmerized, his eyes glued on the way your cunt sucked him in; how his digits glided out of you only to be pulled right back in and massage circles on your gspot. His eyes glimmer when a brilliant idea pops into his head, and he dives down to your heat to latch his lips onto your clit.
You immediately jolt from the sensation of Tengens warm mouth on your pearl, and the added curling and uncurling of his fingers inside of you made your thighs shake.
"Ten! Ahhhh..! I..I can't handle this.." You sobbed while you grabbed his head, unconsciously pushing his mouth deeper to your heat - in which he obediently complied and sucked on the budding clit.
The pleasure was starting to get intense, too intense. There was a pressure in you that exponentially built with every second, a new type of sensation and you didnt know what was at the end of it.
"Ten I dont-" You babble, all words now lost too you since there seemed to be nothing to describe what you where feeling.
"S-stop m'feels weird" Your thighs where starting to shake as tendrils of pleasure shot up your body too your core in thousands of flesh arrows. You try to focus on something other then the coil of heavenly heat pooling in your stomach, something other then the white haired man between your legs but it was impossible.
You dont even realize another finger had slipped into you until he is on the third digit. The incredible sickening burn of the stretch makes your eyes widen and just when your about to say something his fingers sharply curl to your belly button. Seizing up as if you’d been electrocuted, your body went stiff as a board and you went into lock jaw, tongue lolling out onto your cheek. Your entire frame shook with the immense pleasure he was inflicting on your defenseless cunt, weakening you so much that Tengen had to secure a strong hand on your hip to keep you from squirming so much.
“O-o-o-oh g-g-god right t-thereee m’right thereee” Your words come out as slurs and suddenly you cant think anymore. You have never wanted to cum so bad in your life, your desperate for release like a man searching for water in a desert.
“Shit I fucking own you dont I,”  Tengen mumbles. And as if on command, all feelings come to a heighten cresendo; explosions of euphoria clouding your brain causing your toes to curl from pleasure and body to shake like a leaf.
It takes a couple seconds after you calmed down to realize you squirted all over Tengens face and all blood rushes to your face turning you a bright red.
“Oh my god in so sorry I didn’t-”
Your voice dies out as you watch Tengen pull off his black shirt, revealing his extremely built body and toned muscles, to wipe the liquid off his face.
If you weren’t embarrassed before you were practically a tomato now.
“What? Like what you see?” Tengen speaks through a grin. You want so badly to tell him otherwise, to preserve your wavering ego but if you did it would all be lies. Instead you opt to get him even and proceed to take off your pink sweater, unbuckling your bra and letting your plush breasts fall out.
“What like what yo- oh~” you moan out. Tengen doesn’t let you get to the last consonant, his eager, hot mouth enveloping one of your nipples and sucking. His tongue flattens, rolling your peak and swirling around your areola, fast and rough until you’re whining. You don’t even notice that he’s pulling down his pants until he pulls away from your abused skin and your met with the sight of his length.
You unconsciously buck your hips up at the sight of it, practically humping the air, and Tengen has to secure your hips down to the bed to prevent you from hurting you self. You could hear your heart in your ears and adrenaline coursed through your veins at rocket fire speed. The need in between your legs was too much, it was clouding your head and twisting your stomach so tight you almost felt sick. You jolt when his fat tip bumps into your clit; collecting your juices before pressing against your quivering hole.
“Please jus-”
Your cut off by the feeling of his length spreading your so helplessly wide and his tip smushing against something which must be your cervix you think. It’s painful, but in the pain is so much pleasure. You squeeze around him, you body trying to push out the foreign intrusion but at the same time bring him in further, if that was ever possible. Your skin jumped with sentivity, even the air against you made you shiver, and you let out a long whine when a large hand settles over the large bump in your stomach and starts to rub soothing circles.
“Shhhhh, ya too tight baby, gotta relax.”
It was a soothing gesture in spite of everything going around you, one that made your heart swell and eyes water. And he was right, you did need to relax, your chest was rising and falling faster then it should be and you pussy held him in a vice grip that made it impossible for him to move. A couple second flew by as you calmed your self and did your best to relax, and then a couple more. Until one though flooded your brain.
You needed him to move, you needed the friction against your walls, his tip press against that special spot in you again in again. But why wasn’t he moving?
“Ten?” You whimper, causing him to grin and lower him self down.
“Want me to move dont you?” He slides his thumb along your bottom lip, dipping in your mouth to press on your tongue. “Then be my girl friend.”
Your eyes go wide at the suggestion and he licks his teeth.
“Wha-” You cut your self off with a scream when he teasingly thrusts into you, and god, it feels amazing. Tears dot your water line and trickle pass the side of your eyes.
“You know we’d be so good together, come one just say yes.”
Tengens words drip sweetness like honey, and it’s making your brain turn to mush. You desperately try to move your hips for any kind of friction but he holds you still, preventing you from chasing your pleasure.
“I won’t be with anyone else other then you and I’ll make you feel like this every day sweet heart, and if you don’t love me now I’ll teach you I promise baby.”
The promise of pleasure and affection makes your mind fold and throw all ego aside, and you cave; utterly and completely.
“YES! YES JUST PLEASE FUCK ME TEN PLEASE.” You wail, tears now streaming down your face, bottom lip trembling and eyes filled with complete submission.
“Atta girl.” He says through a smile.
You practically faint when he first thrusts into you with earnest. It euphoric; the curvature of his dick digging itself against your g-spot, scraping against your vaginal walls everytime he backed his hips up. His cock pulsed inside of your silky walls, stretching you to the fullest capacity as he bottomed out again and again. Your body adjusted rather quickly to him, Tengen coaxing you to relax as his tongue flattened against your left nipple, his hand occupying the one left untouched.
His thrusts started out shallow and slow, testing the waters for how much he could get away with. What your limits were, and if you could fully take him for what he wanted. But that quickly changed to harsher thrusts, until he's using you like his personal cock sleeve, shaping your insides and bruising your cervix until your entire body jolts with sensitivity.
Tengens eyes caught how good you take him - the fat of his head have a hard time popping out with how greedy your cunny is being. He groans at how hot you feel inside, god his fist felt nothing like the real thing.
"Huuuh.... s'good..." Your words string out on your lips, boarder line incoherent from how good your being fucked. The sounds that echoed throuhout the room where down right sinful; the quick wet pap, pap, pap, of his hips against yours drowning out both of your moans.
Like there was nothing else to do in the moment, you clamor onto him, wrapping your shaking arms around his back and bringing him close.
"W-wanna be close." You mumble, bring your face to the crook of his neck and breathing his scent in, because it was the type of scent that you could bury your nose into again and again.
He’s been pressing kisses and biting into your shoulder, but you don’t miss the way he groans at your words. He can’t even keep up the same flirty attitude he’s had this entire time as he stutters a “s-sweetheart.”
The heat in your stomach is coming to a crescendo, you cant take it anymore, its overtaking you, driving you over the edge so fast that you can’t put a stop on it, hardly give him a warning. Your pussy tightens so hard around Tengens cock that he almost has to stop his thrusts, and you open your mouth to scream but nothing comes out, creaming with his cock buried into you.
Tengen didn’t stop, kept fucking you through your orgasm and that telling you there was more to come. You whined, keened, twisted on the bed as you received no room to breathe. That was hard - breathing. It felt like your body was a massive furnace that only offered whimpers and moans which took up all your oxygen. It was all too much for your dumb little mind to handle, too overwhelming to bear. It was even tougher to keep them at bay when all of a sudden Tenegn grabs the plump underside of either thigh and lifts them up, pressing them to your chest and effectively folding you in half.
"O-oh god!" You squeal. The new position not only has every part of you exposed to Tengens piercing gaze but also allowed his cock to hit even deeper inside of you.
"Come on baby, I know you can come again for me, right? Come on." He encourages, voice low. The sheer collision of his dick hitting your cervix is enough to make your brain go numb from the pleasure, and as if he words where magic, you feel your self falling toward the edge faster then you can put a stop to it. Your cunt flutters and you feel your self being sent to a euphoric grave, and god does it feel good, its like your brain in floating in pure ecstasy; every nerve in your body exploding and imploding all at once with pleasure.
"Gonna cum in you baby, oh god-" Tengens thrusts became sloppy, his hips stuttering before he stilled his hips flush against you. "Sh-Shit, shit, fuuuuck~" He chuckles into your ear, choking over his words as his hips sputter inside of you, hot cum fills you as much as you can hold inside of your stuffed cunny.
"Wa-wait! N-not ins-si-" You squeal but cut your self off when you feel something deliciously warm enter your battered pussy. You babbled and squirmed as it built and built and built, like there was a dam of his seed spurting into you. You unintentionally, probably instinctually, squeezed around him, drawing more out and he whined and murmured his praise. "Good girl, get as much as you can." He petted circles over your stomach, over the bulge of where his cock and cum lay. "Such a pretty tummy...." You threw your face into your arms and shook.
The two of you stayed like that for a while--Tengen keeping you plugged with his cock while you both watched your breaths; listening to the party die down on the outside and occasionally leaning in for a messy kiss.
"So...." You say, deciding to break the silence. "Relationship huh?"
Your awkwardness causes him to chuckle, and he moves to push a stray piece of hair behind your ear; causing you to lean into his touch.
"Thats right baby."
"God im never gonna hear the end of it from mitsuri."
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"it's hard, isn't it, Tengen? The path you've chosen. Rejecting the values that shape you, that were instilled in you during your childhood, even as you place yourself in the battlefield... That's surely agonizing. Carrying all that conflict, and quandaries inside yourself... you still, all of you still persist in moving forward and battling on. Isn't that right? So that you can protect other people's lives. Thank you. You're a remarkable child."
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KIMETSU NO YAIBA: Entertainment District Arc: Ep. 08
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