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Lifes alright in Devil Town
Tumblr media
Demon Slayer x reader
Tw: depression, sexual activity, drug use, violence, alcohol, underage reader (She's seventeen), mentions of murder, driving under the influence, child abuse, child neglect, verbal abuse, smut, cunnilingus, felatio
Its the weekend, its time to dress up and watch the gang perform on stage! But others are watching you, just what in the name of god is happening here in Devil Town?
You rubbed your eyes and sat up in bed, through the small opening in the curtains, you could see the condensation in the windows. Your room felt cold, making you wonder if your dad had yet to put the heater on. You felt a stur of movement right next to you, you looked over at Ume who was beginning to wake up.
“What’s up?” You asked as she sat up and scratched her arms.
“Ugh… what time is it?” She asked before you grabbed your phone from the dresser, it was charged at one hundred percent and it read ten thirty six am. You showed Ume and She groaned. “Seriously? I already feel like going back to sleep..! Why is it so cold?”
“Because my dad never turns the fucking heating on.”
She falls back onto the pillow as you throw your blanket off yourself and get up. “Imma go do that.. You just stay put.” You slid on your slippers and fluffy robe before leaving your room and traversing downstairs. It's Saturday, six days after you met Ume, her brother and his band.
Their practice was very good, you had never felt more mesmerized by music before, you almost forgot about your classes til you received an angry phone call from your father, demanding to know why you weren’t in school. It was embarrassing to say the least and you remember bolting out of there, forgetting about Ume as she called out after you to wait for her.
After your school day, you went to the Jazz Garden with Ume, the cafe she works at after school. Thankfully, you were able to get a job there. So now you have a place of employment! Yay! Money! 
You both started to grow closer over the week, you both had similar schedules and you were now working in the same place. Yesterday, on Friday, she had complained about the amount of Homework and assignments you were both given so you suggested after work, she would come over to your place and you would both go over to your place and get it done.
She came over after your shift ended and you sat down for two hours, working on your homework. Soon, you two got hungry, ordered pizza, watched a movie and decided to retire to your room that night. Your dad had not come home yet.
You trotted down the stairs and to the closet under the stairs and opened the door where you found the boiler and the settings for the heating. You turned in on and saw your dad coming down the stairs. “Hey dad..” You sighed, assuming he would still be asleep.
“Hey princess… I heard another voice in your room. Did you.. Invite someone over..or..?”
“Ugh! God dad, no. That’s my friend Ume. She was over last night doing homework with me.” Why was he assuming you were fucking? Is it some kind of coping mechanism for him or some shit to just assume you were fucking someone? You needed to see your therapist soon.
“L-Listen! I know you’re a young woman and you’ll have these hormones but it's completely natural and all I want is for you to be safe-”
“Dad! I’m not discussing this with you! It’s fucking wierd!” You yelled before running up the stairs while hearing him yell back. “Do you and your friend want pancakes?”
You hopped upstairs and into your room where you saw Ume on the phone. “Omg! No way! Tonight? Hell yeah I’ll come. I’ll bring (Y/n) with me. Yeah, I’ll see you there.” She hung up and you went through your closet. “So who was that?” You asked.
“Big bro Gyutaro, he and the boys are having a show at The Tomb, he wants us to show up.” You mentally shivered. “The Tomb? Do I even want to know where that is?” You groaned, making her laugh. “Your fucking halrious sometimes, you know (Y/n)? It's the name of the nightclub here in town.”
“Would we even be allowed in? We’re only seniors and we’re underaged.” She laughed, flopping on the bed. “No! We’d be allowed in. They’ll mark our hand with markers n’ shit but that doesn’t mean we can’t have the boys buy us some drinks~”
“You are a devious woman, Ume. I admire that.”
You both got dressed and headed down stairs where your dad was making the pancakes, at least ten of them were stacked up on the plate beside him. “Hey, dad, this is Ume.” She waved her hand and gave a simple “Hi” before you both sat down at the table. Your dad already had many condiments on the table and he brought over the pancakes.
“Nice to meet you, Ume. I do hope my daughter has been treating you..okay.” He sat down and took a pancake from the stack. You all took some pancakes. “Whatever do you mean sir?” She asked teasingly.
“We- well, I was just hoping that-”
“He thinks we’re fucking Ume.” You chuckled. You both burst out laughing, your poor father’s face went red with embarrassment before picking up his plate. “You know, I think I’m just gonna go watch the news..” he got up and left for the living room.
You both continued to chuckle while eating your food. “So what's the plan for today? When’s the concert?”
“I have to go home and meet up with Gyutaro, The concert starts like.. Nine pm , we’re all going to an after party at Kaigaku Inadama’s place.” You nodded your head, took a bite from your food, swallowed and continued talking. “Inadama? Ain’t he from our class?”
You remember him, he was popular in school, everyone knew him, he was known for being the most athletic boy in class. “Yeah, He’s not bad looking if i’m being honest, I would have considered getting with him but… If I wasn’t spoken for~” She hummed.
“Oh? Ume, I didn’t know you were seeing someone. Is it someone in school?” She chuckled. At your question. “God no. I’d never get with another Highschooler, I prefer the company of… older men~” 
“Oh my god! No way! Shut up!” You gasped as she leaned back and smirked. “How old is he? Does he have a car? His own house? Come on! Don’t leave hanging!” You moaned. She zipped her lips and threw away the key. “Sorry babes, I don’t kiss and tell.”
“Oh! That must be Gyutaro! I’ll see you later!” She got up from her seat and you saw her out. Waved at her and Gyutaro as they drove away. You closed the door and were about to go to your room when you found your father standing by the door to the living room.
“I believe you owe me an apology, young lady.”
“For what?”
“You know what! Don’t play dumb, you humiliated me (Y/n)!”
You held your hands up in surrender. “Fine! Okay! I’m sorry, it was my bad.” You walked over to the steps, your hands still in the air. “Stop right there, you’re gonna make this up to me!” he commanded. You stopped in your tracks, he had pure anger in his face, you fucked up.
“What… do you want me to do..?” You hesitantly asked.
“As a medical consultant, I get asked to face call clients and what not, I have a lot of work that I do online and instead of going to hospital early in the morning to do that, I can do it here. I want to set up an office for myself in the old guest room and you're going to help me, is that understood?”
“Yes sir…”
You were told to grab the cleaning supplies from the kitchen and you climbed stairs to the old guest room. The guest room was actually connected to his room by a door in between the walls. It would make it easier for him in the mornings.
“Get to work cleaning out the dust and cobwebs, I want the place spotless when I get back, you hear?”
“Where are you going?!”
“Out!” He yelled as you heard him stomp downstairs and out the front door. You Groaned before going to the bathroom and turning the hot water on to fill the bucket. The upper floor had approximately five to six rooms. Your room, the master bedroom with the en suite bathroom, three other bedrooms and another bathroom.
For the time being, you and your dad had no idea what to do with the two other rooms, your dad was adamant though now about making the room next to his, his home office. The room consisted of a simple bed in the corner, a wardrobe, a dresser and a desk.
You grabbed the vacuum cleaner and began to clean the dirt off the floor, Moving furniture as you go, even dusting the walls as the furniture left prints around the old wallpaper, so much so, you decided to get a washcloth to help you tear off the disgusting looking wallpaper.
The bed was old, you and your dad probably wouldn’t have any use for it as its joints look rusted and the mattress did not look sanitary. The area at the foot of the bed creaked under your weight and it really annoyed you. You started by grabbing the old mattress and throwing it out of the room, then went downstairs and brought up the old tool box, dismantling it, ever so often, going over the creaking floorboard.
As you tried pulling the wooden planks that held the mattress up, the floorboard gave away and your foot ended up getting scratched. “OW!” You pulled your foot away and landed on your tooshie. “Fucking bitch!” You yelled, inspecting your leg, a scratch not too deep ran up from your foot to your calf. 
“What the hell?” You cursed as you looked at the hole in the floor. “This whole house is a fucking hazard.”
You took your phone out to look into the whole, to see what damage was done. You saw something glisten, something gold. “Oh. Someone keeping things hidden away? Let's see, Let’s see.” You chirped, Looking closer, it looked like a box hidden under the floor, you tried to pull it out but you couldn’t.
You decided to pull the floorboards up. They were old and needed to be replaced anyway, evident to your accident. You finally were able to bring it up. It was a big box, kinda flat. It was old and it had intricate wooden carvings and gold around the opening of the box. It had a small lock you couldn’t force open so you grabbed the hammer from the tool box and smashed it open.
“Jack pot.” You smirked.
Inside was a locket and a leather journal. You opened up the journal, it looked like it hadn’t been updated since… 1990. “Shit… this is ancient. Like, twenty years ago.” You said to no one but yourself. You decided to read its contents.
September first, 1990. As a ritual, I start a new journal whenever the new school year arises. My name is Moe Nishioka, the owner of this journal. I write this to no one but myself, as a keepsake and reminder of my thoughts and feelings during this time.
My father is the mayor of the town, my mother and him met at city hall before I was born and I have a younger brother called Hisoka. I wish I can guarantee to all those I meet that my family is the picture perfect family that you would see in those sitcoms.
My house is hell. My father is a tyrant, everything in his eyes must be perfect. I must be perfect. My mother is a slave to her husbands demands. No matter how much he belittles or humiliates her, she will never leave him. No matter how many times he crosses the line, she will never leave him.
She tells me, he has a lot of people on their plate, my father especially since he runs this town. My father has never hit my mother, not that I’ve seen but he has broken her spirit. My brother on the other hand, my father encourages him to act on his own wims, and to do what he wants.
He was once a sweet child but my father’s will has corrupted him. I do believe I am the only sane person left in this house. That man never lets me go out by myself or let me have any friends. I always go home and straight back after school. If my grades are anything below an A, he will scream at me for hours on end.
This year will be different though, I have no plans to stick around once I’m eighteen, I will leave this place as soon as I am of age, I’ve been saving my allowance money for three years now, If I can hold out until then, I’ll goodbye to this wretched once and for all.
Signing off,
Moe Nishioka
Your heart felt heavy after reading that one entry, you closed the journal and let out a sigh. “Damn.” You sighed. The old mayor seems to be a bit of an asshole. You felt pity for the poor girl, you wonder where she is right now?
“(Y/n)? (Y/n)!?” You heard your dad call as you heard him come up the stairs. You hid the locket and journal back in the box as your dad came in. “You hardly got anything done- (Y/n)! Oh my god! What happened to your leg?!” he yelled as he rushed over to inspect it.
“How long have you left this untreated?”
Of shit, you forgot about your leg.
“Ugh… five minutes..?”
“(Y/n)! This could get infected!” He scolded before he left the room and came back with an emergency med kit. “How did this happen?” he asked,  before you point to the cause. “Did you seriously not see the massive hole in the floor?” He looked at the hole and back at you.
“How did you do that?”
“Dad! All the floorboards in the house are shit! They’ve been rotting for god knows how long and your first thought is that somehow.. Is it my fault?” he had just finished wrapping your foot up before giving you an annoyed look. “Don’t start you! You know that’s not what I meant.”
You pouted, folded your arms and looked away. “Well it sure seemed like it!”
“Stop giving me lip and go to your room!” he demanded.
You got up with the box and walked out of the room and into yours. You slid the box under your bed and lay down on your bed. Looking at your phone, it was one o’ clock. You had like, eight hours or something to kill before the show.
What do you do?
You felt your stomach rumble. A sandwich roll sounded really good right about now.
You drove down to the local store, it wasn’t a whole ass supermarket but they had the bare essentials. A deli, a butcher, bread, milk, eggs, sweets. A family owned store. You carefully walked into the store, got your role and a drink and walked out.
“Well, Well, Well~! Look who we have here boys~!” You looked over your shoulder and saw what seemed to be familiar faces. Four men stood around a car with blacked out windows, they all had black shoulder length hair and they looked around the same age as you. You noticed each of them had a different expression on their faces and oddly, different color coordinations. One of them had red tint in their hair, another green, one blue and another yellow. 
One seemed irritated, one relaxed, another sad and another joyful. You’ve seen their faces before, but you can’t place where. “Hey Girly! Where are you heading off to? Come hang out with us!” The joyful one called, making you nervous. Did you really want to hang out with four guys you didn’t know?
“Aw, she seems shy, Sekido, Convince her to come over here~”
“Get your ass over here or I’ll come over there and kick your fucking teeth in.” You held your hands up in surrender and walked over. You didn’t want to get your teeth kicked in.  Once you were three meters away, you stopped and let them observe you. “You're the… new girl? Aren’t you?” Asked the sad looking guy.
“I… am. Who are you guys?” You didn’t want to stay here any longer, these guys are creeping you out but you didn’t want to risk pissing them out. “How rude of us~, Allow us to introduce ourselves, We’re the Hantengu brothers! I’m Urogi~!”
“I’m Karaku…What's up?”
Ah, Now you can place their faces! They were from Class 3B. Well, At least they were nice enough to introduce themselves. “Well, I’m.. (Y/n). (Y/n) (L/n). How do.. you do?” You held out your hand out for anyone to shake.
None of them went to grab your hand so you pulled it away. “So, What’s a pretty thing like you doing in a town like this..?” Asked Karaku. You put your hand on your hip, trying to seem less nervous. “My dad moved me out here after his and my mom’s divorce. Nothing special.”
He offered you a space beside him and you took it. Maybe they aren't so bad. “So tell us, How long have you been here?” he asked. You engage in conversation with him, maybe this was a new chance to make new friends. “Only two weeks, I haven’t seen much of the town yet.”
“Oh~! I imagine you’ll love it, with all the parties, the sights and murders~”
“Oh that's lovely- wait. What?” 
Sekido, who had a newspaper under his arm, handed it to you, on the front page it read.
Just the other night, a local couple were walking by the local library when they found another body. The intestines were missing along with a few other internal organs and both arms and legs were found to have massive chunks of flesh  missing. Police believe it is the attack of a wild animal but locals believe it to be the Demon of Devils Cove, a local myth of the town.
Others believe it is an unmentally stable person causing these murders, such as the group of campers found at Blainnett Hills that were also brutally murdered. Attacks like this have been occurring since the founding of Devils Town and….
You had to stop yourself from reading the article so you could curse your dad once again. “Why..? Just.. Why?!” You sighed. 
“By.. that..I assume you don’t like the sound of that.” Aizetsu noted.
You held your hands and shrugged. “Listen, I’m not sure if you are aware but- this place is called Devil Town. I live in the old mayor's house where people were butchered and I’m heading to a nightclub called The Tomb. If that isn’t a bad omen, I don’t know what is!”
“Oh, You’re heading to the Tomb too? When?” Sekido asked.
“Well, tonight at nine. My friend’s brother is gonna be there with his band so-”
“Oh! You mean Daki and Gyutaro? Yeah, we know them. Gyutaro and Akaza were our upperclassmen back then~” Urogi mentioned. “That's cool, hey, y’know if they���ll even let us in the club? The last thing I need is my dad being on my ass for going to a nightclub, I don’t feel like getting escorted home by pigs.”
Karaku laughed. “Hey, What kind of dress will you be wearing tonight~?” You looked away, trying to not let a blush dust your face. “I.. um. I haven’t decided yet- I umm.. Don’t really go to clubs.” It had dawned on you, you had not yet secured yourself a dress for the party, god you were seriously lacking.
“Well then, If you see us, make sure you come over and say Hi, I’m sure we’ll all pitch in to.. Buy you a drink or two~” Karaku purred.
That was your cue to leave. “W-Well. It was really nice meeting you all but I think it's time I skedaddle~” You jokingly sang. You backed away from the car and started to wave, hoping it wouldn’t warrant any distress signals from you. “Don’t be a stranger~!” Urogi yelled.
Once you had finally made it to your car, you looked in the rear view mirror and saw Karaku with his fingers over his mouth, his tongue dancing between them. “Gross..” You said in disgust. You started your car as as you were about to drive off, you notice Sekido with his head in the car, You had no idea what he was doing but fuck it, it was none of your business.
You drove off.
The Hantengu brothers watched you drive off, Karaku stuck his head in the car, to look at the younger male who had been sitting there the whole time. He had short hair, wore formal attire for a kid his age and the meanest resting bitch face ever. “So, She’s the one you want, Bro? She’s with Daki, even if she is two ranks lower than us, she’s Master Muzan’s bitch. One squeal from her and Master Muzan will be on our asses.”
It was two quick for either of them to register as two branch-like arms came from the boy’s back and grabbed their throats.
“What did I say… About questioning my decision..?” The boy stared at them with a harsh look, red eyes gleaming at his ‘older’ brothers. “You know what you two’s primary concern should be..? Getting me whatever I want, whoever I want, wherever I want and when I want.”
Yes, The Younger brother, Zohakuten. The ringleader of the brothers. Although in his first year, he knew of your existence the minute you stepped on school grounds. It wasn’t often they had new students, let alone new citizen’s to Devil’s town. 
Most of the populace was plagued by terror and fear, due to it murders and folklore, so they go bland.
He would like to taste something new, hopefully, you would be his dish.
You arrived at the mall, getting out of your car and putting your rubbish in the bin. The mall seemed a little run down on the outside, there was broken glass, cigarette buds, old leaves and a soda can or two rolling about. The bushes had gone out of control and stray shopping carts could be found everywhere.
You quickly went inside, and looked around. The place was dimly lit, the glass ceiling that shone on top of the food court left the place feeling gray. Now, what you needed to do was find somewhere to get a dress. 
Simple. You went to the women’s store, the fashion couldn’t be that bad.
It was bad. It was very bad
You were gonna freak out, did this town have any sense of fashion? Exactly… hold that thought. As you look around, most of the women in this town dress quite… plainly. Jeans, simple pants, vests and hoodies? Like you knew it was cold but damn, couldn’t anyone toughen it up?
Like where was femininity!? The sex appeal? Yeah sure it's cold but women in russia are tougher than this.
 Doesn’t anyone wanna attract the boys- shit!  You saw pink hair and focused your eyes on Akaza as he was walking about. Heading your way but by the looks of it, he hasn’t noticed you yet! You looked around and miraculously found what looked like a lingerie store!
You bolted inside and peeked out the door. Akaza was about to walk by-
“Akaza! Over here!”
“Oh my god, hi!”
Girls swarmed him, literally jumping. Giggling and pulling at him. “Akaza! I’m going to see your band tonight!” One of them said, Akaza smirked and lifted her chin. “Well, I will certainly be seeing you after the show~” The girls literally fangirled.
“Have some shame….!” You pouted. You had no idea why you suddenly felt pissy. Maybe because a week ago you were the center of Akaza’s attention but now he was flirting with these girls? It wasn’t making sense in your head, he was an asshole, you shouldn’t concern yourself with him.
“Oh, Hello (Y/n)!” You heard a voice. You jumped, holding in a squeal. You turned your head and saw-
“Douma! Oh.. How ugh.. Nice to see you.” You backed into the store so Akaza wouldn’t see you and Douma followed. “It's nice to see you too (Y/n)! Say, is there a reason you were spying on Akaza?” he said, putting on a confused look, with his finger to his chin.
“What-!? I wasn’t s-spying on him! You have the wrong idea.”
“Oh then what were you doing?” he tapped his foot while standing tall and proud above you. He wasn’t about to let this go. “I was umm.. Hiding.. Sorta of..” You scratched your shoulder, not making eye contact. “Ooh! I get it now, this is a fetish thing, isn’t it?”
“You are way off the marker!” You blushed furiously before he leaned down and smiled creepily. “Then, Do tell me. Why are you in a sex store…?” 
You looked around, the front of the store, it was lingerie. Panties, lacy bralettes, stockings, nightdresses and some weird dominatrix dresses and outfits. But at the back, fleshlights, dildo’s in every shape and size, lube and fuck-  even old playboy tapes.
You were horrified. “Agh, I knew it! You were trying to lure him in here to send a message. Well my dear, that won’t do. If you want Akaza to know your intentions, you should-” You cut him off. “Whatever you may think! Those are not my intentions!”
You looked around the store, the place had some very nice sets, you have to admit. “Hmm? Are you eyeing something? Are you perhaps looking for something to woo a special someone?”
“What is with you? Didn’t you say the last time we met that you were the leader of the local church? What’s a holy man like you doing in a store like this? Seems awfully sketchy to me.” You accused. He smiled wider and laughed it off. 
“My dear, I am a pious man. But you must be thinking off your run of the mill religion.” He tutted. “No, No, No! In my church, the cult of eternal paradise, we teach our followed that sexually activity is wonderful and fufilling~ The drive for sex is what god gave us so who are we, creatures of his creating to deny what he instilled in us.”
He walked over to the dresses and you followed him, you could definitely see his charm and charisma, ain't that what every cult leader needs? He’s certainly got it. “(Y/n), You shouldn’t feel bad about wanting to fuck Akaza, he is an attractive male and as a young woman, you are well with your rights to desire him~”
“I-I don't want to sleep with him.”
He turned around and stared at you.
“Yes. Yes you do.”
You blushed, he had you there, even if you did not want to admit it. “O..Okay…” You surrendered, he clapped his hands. “Marvelous! You need something that will catch his attention. I’m sure you've seen the other dresses in the place, they’re awful!  You need something like- this!”
He pulled a little black pvc dress from the rack. It was very revealing. “Come on, I’ll pay for it if you let me. Please my dear, It would look so good on you.” Why were you doing this? “O-Okay. Let's do this.” You went to the changing room and put it on, it was quite difficult to get on but you managed.
“Come on out when you’re ready! I wanna see it!” Douma called, you reluctantly pulled back the curtains.
 Its neckline went to your throat but  it had a boob window that revealed a lot of cleavage but it was laced up so your bust wout look more pushed up. On each side of your thigh, there was a slit that would lace up. Looking in the mirror, you realized, you looked good.
“Hold on, You can look better. He ran back into the clothing section and came back with a puffy faux fur cheetah coat and some long black gloves. “Wow, why are you going all out?” You asked, putting on the gloves and the jacket. “My dear, I desire to see young people like yourself blossom when you are engaged with a good partner. Besides, You will turn heads at the concert.”
“How’d you know I was going?” You asked.
“Please, after how utterly starstruck you were after our practice, there’s no way you’re not going to come.” 
You had to give him that one. He read you easily but he wasn’t being judgemental about your attraction to Akaza. “Hey…Douma.” you spoke, making him turn his head. “Hhmm?”
“Thanks..” He smiled and took your head, twirling you around.” Woah!” You laughed. Before he dipped you down. “It would be my pleasure.” He smirked.
“Think of what it could have been, Think of all the suffering, Nights of crying, wondering, Tell me what awe you're in?” You sang, doing your hair, looking in the mirror. You had your makeup on after a two hour skin sesh prep. Your vanity while old was very pretty, vintage. Decorative, carved frames for each of the three mirrors so you could get three different angles at the same time.
“Loving you is something else, Know you don't belong to me, Are you really something else? Love is only half what we see.” Finishing the last piece of hair you were working on then spraying hairspray to keep it all in. You patted down any stray hairs before getting up and walked over to your bed where you had your outfit prepared.
“Losing you is something else, Know you don't belong to me, Are you really something else? Love is only half what we see.” You put your dress on while struggling to make sure it didn’t mess up your makeup and hair. That mission was ninety percent successful.
“Loving you is something else, Know you don't belong to me, Are you really something else? Love is only half what we see.” You sang, reaching over for your phone. Inamorata by Mareux was playing, you paused it as you saw a caller idea come up, It was Ume. You answered the call.
“Hey, What’s up?” You asked, putting your phone between your shoulder and ear, so you could grab your gloves. “Me and Bro are just leaving our place, we’re coming to get you, is that cool?” You slid your gloves on and grabbed your boots. They were long thigh high boots. Faux leather and platforms. Long enough to hide your bandage.
“Yeah, that's fine. I’m ready to leave- my dad’s working overnight so he won’t question why I’m not here.” You slid your boots on and went to your vanity. You clicked on a silver chain belt, some bracelets and a pair of hoop earrings. “Cool, We’ll be there in a bit.” she hung up and you rooted through your closet, looking for a bag. You got a small handbag. Something for your purse, your phone and whatever else you needed.
“They here already?” You look out the window and sure enough, there was Guyatro and Ume’s car. You grabbed your bed and coat, nearly running out of your room before you remembered. “Huh! Perfume!” You squealed, running back over to your vanity and grabbing your bottle, giving yourself a few sprays before you shove it back into your bag and hopping downstairs.
You locked your front door and skipped through your front garden and over to their car, you hopped into the backseat. “Hey Gyutaro!” You laughed, closing the back door as he sped off. “How are you doing (Y/n)? Are you excited for tonight?” He asked, a blunt in his mouth.
The lights were on so you could see what the Shanaba siblings were wearing. Gyutaro had a large oversized  t-shirt , from what you could make out, it had the pattern of a skeleton ribcage on the front and a spine on the back. A pair of black shorts with a single green suspender and a studded belt. 
Daki on the other hand looked as stunning as ever. She had her legs up on the dashboard so you see her diamond studded pin heels, she wore a red latex dress that fit her curves beautifully with long red mesh sleeves, a leather jacket and she accessorized with a diamond necklace and matching earrings, her hair was done up a high ponytail to accentuated its length.
“Hell yeah I’m excited. My old friend group never did anything like this.” You giggled.
Back then, you and your friend’s ideas of fun were sleepovers, the movies, school events and sport events. Very good girl stuff, going to a heavy metal band’s show in a nightclub would’ve never crossed your mind back then. You were stoked.
“(Y/n), Where did you get that dress..?” Ume asked, looking back at you.  You blushed and waved your hands. “Well, ugh. You see, it's a funny story..” You chuckled nervously.
You guys drove into town, after a while of passing the blunt around and some back and forth banter between the lot of you, you finally made it to the tomb! “Ooh, this is it?” The outside, like many other places here in Devil Town, weren’t so clean. Fires had been made in the trash cans and people as young as sixteen and up were standing in the line to get inside.
“Man, we're gonna have to wait in line? You droned, not fully used to weed in your system, you felt relaxed. Was that a good thing or a bad thing? “Hell nah, We’re going through the back door.” Gyutaro argued. “Would we even be let in through there?” You asked
He parked the car near the back door. You all got out. “Yeah, we’re what you call- Groupies” Ume laughed as she dragged you over to the backdoor. Gyutaro knocked on the door and all of you were let in by security, but they marked both you and Ume down on the wrists.
Gyutaro led you guys to the backroom where everyone was getting ready to perform. Douma was stringing his base, Kokushibou’s back was to you as he was working with a machine that was plugged into his electric guitar and Akaza-
You didn’t know what had come over you but he just looked so damn good tonight. He wore black cargo pants and black leather boots, on one side he had a red suspender and several chains hanging on his other side. A black tank top that allows you to see the sides of his ribs that were particularly sculpted to perfection.
And his face..three lines on each side of his face, going in a curved motion, it made him look wild and sexy. It suited him, like he should have always had those markings on his face, it was weird. “Looking good.. Guys!” You gave two thumbs up, not really knowing what to do in the situation. You took another deep breath while no one was looking.
Just be cool~
“Thank you, (Y/n).” You heard Kokushibou, Kokushibou stood up and turned around.
“Ahh!” You squealed. The minute you so his front, shock coursed through your system. It wasn’t his front body that shocked the fright out of you, despite you not being aware of how insanely ripped the man was, how old was he again? Twenty five? He only had his long trench coat on on holy mary mother of god he was a Hulk!
The thing that shocked you were the two extra eyes on his face. One above his left eye and one below it. For a minute, you thought they were real, maybe it was the weed in your system that had you hallucinating. “What’s wrong?” He asked.
You calmed yourself down, you were being crazy and you only just got here.
“Sorry… I saw a spider on Douma’s shoulder.”
“What…?” Douma winced.
“Fuck! Kill the spider!” Ume cried in terror.
Gyutaro grabbed Ume’s jacket that she had taken off and began hitting Douma with it!
“Ahh! What are you doing Gyutaro..???” 
“I’m tryna get it off! I’m trying to get it off-!”
“Not my one hundred and twenty dollar jacket!” Ume screamed.
“Yeah! Not the jacket! Hit him with his own base!” Akaza chimed.
The backstage broke into chaos within a matter of seconds. With Akaza and Gyutaro bullying Douma and Ume crying about her jacket and you started this because there was no spider. Kokushibou approach you, his guitar set aside, he stood above you at such a whopping sight, you almost gasped. 
What was he so big?
“Here, Let me take your jacket.” He offered to slide it off your shoulders and he took it, hanging it on his arm. “T-Thank you very much, Kokushibou..” You rubbed your arm hoping he didn’t see you blush. “It's no problem, Allow me to buy you a drink before the show starts.” You nodded. He was such a gentleman, everything you’d hope for in a man.
The place only started filling up when he took your hand and led you down the stairs from the back stage. You two mad a beeline for the bar, starting to fill up with people trying to get their hands on their first drinks tonight. “I’ll go get something for you, any requests?”
“Something- ugh.. Fruity if you can, I’m not a big drinker.” He nodded and left for the bar, the tomb was a big place with upstairs seating and everything. Should you wait for Kokushibou or find Ume? She was probably still hanging out with the boys backstage. Kokushibou would be back with you drink any minute now so-
Your vision was suddenly very dark when you felt fingers pressed against your eyelids.
“Guess who?”  you heard by your ear, you got a fright and jumped, causing a chorus of laughter. You turned around and it was none other than the Hantengu brothers. Urogi who was behind you had a big grin on his face. He had on a pair of black Harem pants with different patches of prints, sliders and a yellow sleeveless jacket. He also had spike bracelets.
“O-Oh! Hi guys…” You faced forward towards them and you could tell, you could tell, that all their eyes were on you.
Karaku wore a tight shirt and some jeans. It showed off his muscles underneath, making you think he came here on a mission.Sekido wore a denim shirt and some black pants while Aizetsu wore a hoodie and some sweatpants. He was the only one who looked like he didn’t want to be here.
“What’s up cutie? Damn, you look real good tonight~” Karaku purred while Sekido slammed his arm against your waist, forcefully bringing you closer to him. “Oh! W-Well, I’m sure most girls dress like this for nightclubs, I’m just here to have fun.”
That earned a snicker out of Urogi and Karaku.
“Here in Devil Town, the only other girl who dresses like that is Daki and she's an easy slut. All the other girls dress like fucking frigids in the hopes one of the band members like their good girl acts.” Karaku chuckled, coming closer and twirling one of your stray hairs with his finger.
“Out of curiosity~... who’d come here to impress tonight?”
You smacked his hand away from your hair, throwing him off guard. It was one thing to mess with you but to talk crap about your friend? “First off, who I came to ‘impress’ tonight is frankly none of your business. Second of all, don’t ever talk about my friend like that ever again. I don’t care what history you guys have with her, I won’t let you speak badly about her while she’s not here to defend herself.”
“What’s the big deal? You’ve only known her a week, don’t try to fight her battles. You’ll only get hurt.” Sekido growled but you were having enough of their bullshit so you pushed the larger man off you, making him stumble. “I don’t need to. Speaking about someone like they’re a piece of meat tells me exactly what kind of people you guys are and honestly, I’d rather not know guys like you.”
You tried to walk away but you were grabbed by the arm and pulled back by an angry Sekido. “You think we’re gonna let you talk to us that way you disrespectful little bitch? I’ll show you some fucking respect-”
He got cut off by a punch in the throat, you were startled by the sudden attack, jumping back. The one who came to your rescue was none other than Akaza, who had an angry scowl on his face, the heat from the building making his makeup smear a bit, but he looked intimidating nonetheless. “You shit heads wanna fucking start something you can’t finish? Get the fuck out of here before I smash your teeth down your throat you dickhead.” He threatened.
Karaku and Urogi helped their brother to his feet and not a single one of them was pleased, all of their eyes were one you. “This ain’t over you little bitch..” Karaku growled before he and the rest of his brothers made their way out of the building with their tails between their legs.
You saw many eyes focused on you but you turned your attention to Akaza who focused on you after the hantengu brother’s fled. “You wanna explain what happened? Why the hell were they ganging up on you?” He demanded but you folded your arms and looked down on the floor. “Just a disagreement, you didn’t have to punch Sekido. You just made things worse.”
“I made things worse? You have any idea what those assholes are capable of? They’ll skin anyone who ‘disagrees’ with them so in other words, you should be thanking me.” He chastised. You looked up at him with concern in your eyes. “Akaza, you defended me, so they’ll most likely go after you now. I don’t want to get you mixed up in anything-”
“Fucking please. I’ll hand their asses to them any day of the week. They’re not gonna do shit. Not as long as you're with me.”  You looked around and less people were focusing on you two. What happened between you and Akaza still put you on edge around him but you could see he was trying to redeem himself.
For one, he understood what he did and acknowledged what he did was wrong. Second he’s kept his distance from you like you requested and he defended you against the brothers, without care or consideration for himself. “Akaza. I… I don’t know if I should..”
“What’s going on here?” Asked Kokushibou, walking up with a glass of bourbon in one hand and some blue cocktail with raspberry bonbons on top. He handed you the cocktail and Akaza shook his head. “Y’know what. Don’t worry about it. Just… don’t go home alone. Stay with daki or something…” He held his arm up and walked away.
“What was that about?” Kokushibou asked, sipping bourbon, clearly missing a lot of details. You two decided to sit near the stage where you answered his question with a question. “What do you know about the Hantengu brothers?” You took a sip of your drink, it had a taste of prosecco and some other drink you couldn’t identify.
“That family? Their grandfather is a filthy con man who can’t utter a breath without lying. Sekido, Urogi, Karaku and Aizetsu? They get off at terrorizing whoever they can get their hands on and their younger brother? He’s the worst of the bunch. He’s impulsive and violent, but he’ll get his older brothers to do all the work for him before he gets his hands dirty.” He informed me before sipping his drink again.
It then came together, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. You remember Ume told you about a horrible first year who gets his brothers to act on his behalf. They were those brothers and the younger brother, you haven’t met yet and hopefully you won’t anytime soon.
“Jesus, Why haven’t they been expelled or something?” It didn’t make sense, if everyone knew about it, why didn’t they..? Actually, that was a stupid question. You fully knew why people didn’t report others being bullied. It was either they didn’t care, just so long it wasn’t happening to them or they derived some sick satisfaction in watchings others hurt.
What was that saying? There are two types of people in this world. People who do bad stuff and people who sit back and let it happen.
“Although he is a con man, Hantengu has a lot of money in his pocket. Plus, no one wants to get involved with those brothers.” You nodded your head and continued drinking. “Why are you asking about them? Has this got something to do with them?”
You decided to be honest with Kokushibou and tell him everything. How you met them outside the shop, that they would all meet you there and how they insulted Ume. You stood your ground and put your foot down and when they didn’t like that, Akaza came to defend you.
“I see. If you must know. I believe Akaza thinks of you often.” He informs, stunning you. “H-He does?!”
“He didn’t say it himself but I once saw him sketch a picture of you in his drawing pad, the one he uses to sketch tattoos for clients. I think he is quite fond of you.” You hid your face from the older man, not wanting him to see your blush stricken face. “T-Thanks for telling me… Kokushibou..”
“There you guys are!” Ume had come down the stairs from the back stage and approached the both of you. “Kokushibou, Brother and the others are ready, they’re waiting on you.” She informed as he took his phone from his pocket to check the time. “We’re on in a bit. I’ll see you guys after the show.”
He walked off, leaving you with Ume. You two mad your way to the front  of the stage where people were standing. You looked around, Many of the girls you had seen, whether they were older or younger, had been wearing flowy dresses. You and Ume were the only ones wearing body con dresses.
Were you under dressed?
“Don’t be like that bitch, we’re the best looking ladies here. Well- I’m the best! You come second. Don’t feel too bad.” she waved off your worries with her own brashness. “Thank’s Ume…” 
The room began to flash, you had to blink to not be blinded. The screen pulled up and on the stage revealed the boys. Everyone cheered as Gyutaro hopped forward with the microphone in hand, a big devious smile on his face. “WHAT IS UP DEVIL TOWN!?!?”
He held his arms up as people cheered him on, “THE BLACK SYNS ARE BACK AT IT AGAIN! WHO’S READY TO GET THEIR SHIT FUCKED!?” He screamed, holding his microphone out for a response, everyone roared yes’s and fuck yeah’s. Everyone was super pumped. He stood back and snapped his fingers. “LET'S GET THIS SHITSHOW STARTED!”
The intro to their first song played which got everyone excited, the beat of drums and slow base before Gyutaro screamed into his mike and Kokushibou started thrumming his guitar.
Hey you, hey you, Devil's little sister
Listening to your twisted transistor
Hold it between your legs, turn it up, turn it up
Low end is coming through can't get enough
A lonely life, where no one understands you
But don't give up, because the music do
Music do, music do
Music do, music do
Music do, music do
You were once again hypnotized by their song, the way they all worked together and so insync with one another. Gyutaro started jumping, which people started to follow along with, soon, you were head banging with Ume as everyone around started moshing.
Because the music do and then it's reaching
Inside you, forever preaching
Fuck you, too, your scream's a whisper
Hang on, you twisted transistor
You and Ume danced with one another as the rhythm of the beat filled your body. You rolled your hips, and punched the air as everyone started moshing harder.
Hey you, hey you, this won't hurt a bit
This won't hurt a bit, this won't hurt
Says who? Says who? Anesthetize this bitch
Anesthetize this bitch, anesthetize
Just let me be between you and me, don't fit
Don't fit!
Gyutaro opened a bottle of water and threw it out into the ground. He stopped in front of you and smirked mischievously at you before dumping the rest of the contents down your chest, startling you. Everyone cheered, hyping both him and you up. Ume got behind you and grabbed your boobs, making them giggle, catching everyone's attention.
Soon the song ended and everyone roared for the encore.
“Well! That was fucking sexy! Am I right?!” Gyutaro laughed and got his response from everyone. Akaza got up from his drums and walked to the front stage. “What’s up man?” He asked as Akaza started to lift his shirt, revealing his abs.
All the girls screamed in excitement. “Nothing man. It’s just a bit hot in here~” He took his shirt off, revealing all his goods to the crowd, adding more screams of eagerness. He rubbed it against his front, under his arms and near his navel before tossing it out to the crowd where a group of girls became rabid dogs and started fighting over his shirt.
Pushing and pulling at each other to just get a sniff.
You were too stunned to speak,
“Kokushibou! Douma! Take us away!” Gyutaro yelled
The two older men started playing a guitar/ bass duo, Akaza got his own microphone while Gyutaro hopped on his shoulders. The sight of Akaza holding Gyutaro up with absolutely no problem while he sang along to the song made you incredibly wet.
You were so turned on like it was nobody's business
You move like Poetry
You taste like
You’re unstable, But you’ve got a plan
You feed me, You make me bite the hand
Breaking me down
Break me down
Break me down
Break me
Chew me up
Spit me out
Throw me up
Throw me out
(then we do it)
Then we do it all over again
It’s the hate
That we love
It’s the push
It’s the shove
(then we do it)
Then we do it all over again
Chew me up
Spit me out
Throw me up
Throw me out
(then we do it)
Then we do it all over again
It’s the hate
That we love
It’s the bullet
It’s the gun
(then we do it)
Then we do it all over again
You linked your hand with Ume’s and the two of you started dancing together, you two moved in sync like you were two flowers in the harsh wind, two droplets of water in a deadly storm. You don’t remember when their gig ended but there was still more to come during that night.
“To the Black Syns! The fucking bangers that they are!” Kaigaku announced in the middle of his living room as everyone cheered. You and the others had ended up at Kaigaku’s after party, clicking your red cups together. You sipped the alcohol in your cup as everyone went crazy. People were skinny dipping in the pool outside, playing beer pong and getting fucked.
Well, you assumed some people were.
“(Y/n)! Come on, they’re playing truth or dare over there.” Ume giggled, walking outside, you followed as people gathered around a huge roaring fire pit. You sat down with Ume as Kaigaku got people together, you saw Akaza and Gyutaro there as well. “Alright, as the host, I’ll start first!” He smirked.
He looked around and his eyes landed on someone.
“Karaku!” Your eyes widened as you found Karaku sitting on the other end of the bench where you and Ume sat.
“Truth or Dare?” He questioned.
“Truth.” Karaku replied coolly.
Whatever it was, you hoped it didn’t involve you and hoped he wouldn’t notice you.
“Where was the riskiest place you’ve had sex?” He questioned.
He hummed and put a hand to his chin. “Honestly, I would have to say a graveyard.” He chuckled, getting gasps and looks of surprise from almost everyone. “That is disrespectful!” Kaigaku laughed, everyone soon joined. You hoped he didn’t do it on someone’s poor nan’s grave.
“Alright, I’m next.” He said as he stood up and spied everyone, his eyes landed on you and Ume. “Daki, truth or dare.”He smirked. “Truth.” She announced. “Daki, tell us. What’s your body count?” he said smugly. You looked over at Gyutaro who had a pissed off look on his face. Seriously? What was his problem?
“Higher than yours, Karaku. But unlike you, I can actually get a girl off. You and I both know what we’re talking about.” She laughed. Everyone was making “Ooooooh!” sounds as karaku begrudgingly sat down. She then stood up and looked down at you. “(Y/n). Truth or Dare?”
You decided to be bold, she was a friend, surely she wouldn’t make you do anything too crazy. “Dare.” You proclaimed.
“Ooh! First dare of the night.” Someone said,
“(Y/n). I’m gonna give you a choice~ I dare you to either kiss Karaku or my brother.” You heard people whistle as Karaku patted his chest. “Sorry Gyutaro, maybe next time~” He chuckled. You saw him growl at the insinuation karaku made. Karaku and his brothers were really starting to piss you off.
You stood up and strutted over to Gyutaro. You had enough alcohol in your system to feel no shame. You sat down on his lap and pulled him in for a kiss. Gyutaro followed your lead and ran his fingers through your hair and placed his hand on your waist, pulling you in.
Everyone yelled in excitement while you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, giving everyone a show. Your lips intertwined with his and his tongue prodded your mouth, you graciously opened it and his tongue slithered inside, exploring your mouth and battling yours.
He tasted of tobacco and weed as you two swirled your tongues together.
“EW! (Y/n)! I told you to kiss him! Not give him a frenchy!” Ume squealed as you pulled away. You looked around, Neither Akaza nor Karaku were there anymore. “Thanks for the kiss...” You smiled nervously as Gyutaro gave you a longing look as you got off his lap and made your way inside.
You wanted to get another refill of the alcoholic punch they had. You took the ladle and began to pour some into your cup. When it was smacked out of your hands. You were taken off guard, turning around to look at a girl who you remember vividly from school.
She had short white hair styled in a bob haircut, ivory skin and mauve eyes. She wore a long flowy red dress with long sleeves. She had other girls at her back and they all looked at you with disgust in their eyes.  “You think you can just show up at our town and get cuddly with the Black syns because Daki decided you’d be a fun toy to play with? You’re dressed like a whore and no guy with half a brain would even consider fucking a cheap slut like you.”
“Cunt!” You cursed but she walloped you in the face. You fell back against the counter after receiving backlash. “Ever pull a stunt like that again- and I’ll-” You cut her off when you send a punch towards her face. At that point, you saw red. You wouldn’t consider yourself a violent person. You were always taught to keep your hands to yourself and always be the bigger person.
Maybe it was the alcohol or the adrenaline in your system that made you act this way but there was no way you would take this disrespect and humiliation. Not at your first party. You grabbed her by the hair and smashed her face into the counter.
She fell back but her friends immediately came to finish what they started. Two of them grabbed you by the arms while the other three tried to hurt you. But you flailed in their arms and kicked your legs out as hard  and as fast as you could. Putting all your weight down so they would let go of you.
“Fucking cunts! I’ll kill you all if you don’t get the fuck off me!” You roared, now the whole kitchen had their eyes on you. You meant it, you would strangle each and every one of them for doing this to you. You hadn’t done anything to them!
One of them got close enough to punch you in the temple but you kicked her stomach, winding her. “What are you guys doing!? Fucking knock her out!” The white haired girl screamed, holding her bleeding forehead.
One of the girl’s suddenly got whacked in the head by a chair, she screamed, collapsing to her knees in pain. Blood ran down her head and she cried in pain. You saw Ume holding that very chair with a scowl on her face. “I’m gonna fucking kill you bitches! Get the fuck off her now!”
Ume came in, grabbed the girl by the collar of her dress and threw her into the cooker, breaking the glass on the oven door. You had wrestled your way out of the girls grip and flipped one of them onto their back, it only took a matter of seconds for a whole war to break out in the kitchen.
Ume grabbed your arm and hauled you out of there, but by then, the fights extended to other areas of Kaigaku’s house. “What the fuck is happening?!” You screamed as a vase was thrown and you dodged it by an inch. “We gotta get the fuck out of here! That’s what’s gonna happen! Come on! I need to find Gyutaro!”
You tried to follow her but someone grabbed you by your arms and hoisted you through the crowd.
“(Y/n)!?” Ume called but you lost her in the crowd. You looked over at your captor, none other than Aizetsu with a docile look on his face. “I’m sorry about this…” He said lamely, like he wasn’t sorry nor did he really care.
“Where are you taking me?! Where are we going!?” You screamed but he carried you upstairs and into a spare room. He threw you off his shoulder and you landed on the carpeted floor of someone’s bedroom. “Wow, you actually got her.” Said a familiar voice, you looked up to see Karaku sitting on a chair, looking your way. “How was Shanaba?”
“Bastard. What are you guys up to..?” You looked around at the siblings, Sekido stood by the door, Aizetsu stood by the closet while Urogi stood by another door. “She’s here Zohakuten.” He announced before the door opened. In walked a young boy, not too young. Maybe thirteen- fourteen?
He had piercing yellow eyes and untamed eyebrows. His black hair stuck up in an unmannered fashion. And to your surprise, he was surprisingly jacked for a young teenager. He had a black dress shirt with a few buttons undone and his sleeves rolled up. Black dress pants and custom dress shoes. He also had long earrings on each ear.
He walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down, looking at you with something you could only describe as disdain. Or he could just have a resting bitch face. It could be that. He folded his arms and waited for something, you had no idea what it was before Urogi stood between you and hoisted you up onto your feet.
“(Y/n), this is our lovely younger brother~ Zohakuten. Baby brother, this is the new girl. (Y/n).”
“So, this is how you come to events? To be honest, I’d expected more modesty from the new girl, we don’t need another harlot in this town.” Zohakuten commented, causing his older brothers to chuckle.
For some reason, you weren’t scared at that moment. It confused you why you weren’t scared but there was one thing you were feeling. Rage. “You brought a fucking kid to a house party?” You stared Urogi down with anger. Something none of the brothers were expecting. “Come again… who are you calling kid..?” 
“Like- I’ve heard of the shit you guys do but this is a fucking party- people are doing drugs and drinking progressively and you guys thought it was a good idea to bring him here?! What the fuck is wrong with you people?” You scolded
“Oh don’t act so coy, woman. Stop pretending like you give a damn about me.” The youngest cursed but you huffed and looked down at him. “You are a child. Shut up. If you were my little brother, I’d spank you for speaking to me the way you do.”
As a big sister yourself, you knew what it meant to set an example for your younger brother. Sure back home, you would sometimes smoke or have a bit to drink, hell, sometimes, you just went on a mad one with your friends but you always made sure it never reached your families eyes or ears.
As the perfect daughter of a doctor (L/n), you set an example of yourself in both school and in the community- well, before your life went to shit. But still, you wanted your little brother to grow up a good man and the best way to do that was to nurture him from the beginning.
But these guys…
“And you guys are the absolute worst! You shouldn’t even be encouraging this behavior- you should be reprimanding him! The fact you guys give into his demands speaks for itself.”
“How’d you know about that? Who are you to judge us, you little bitch..?” Sekido growled, putting his hands on your shoulder and squeezing tightly. You could see they were all angry at you for speaking out of line. You knew it wasn’t your business but they’re the one who brought you here.
“How do I know? Everyone knows, you guys are fucking infamous in this town.” You felt him tug your hair harshly, making you winch in pain. “S-Stop..!” You felt Karaku grab your throat tightly. “I bet you had fun humiliating me at the firepit. You won’t be laughing now.”
“Hold on a minute.” Zohakuten said, holding his hand up, preventing them from hurting you. You wondered what he was up to. “Tell me woman, Why do you dare judge my brother so harshly even though it's clear I’m the one in charge..?”
This could either end in one way, they all beat you up and send you to the hospital or they smack you on the wrist and give you a warning before letting you go. But still, had they done their job right, maybe this kid wouldn’t have been so troubled.
“Because, you’re the youngest, as are your older siblings, it's their job to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes they do. Sure, sometimes we do bad things but we don’t want you to take that as an example of how you should conduct yourself. If you were my brother, you’d be in bed right now and I would have done a much better job as your sister than these guys…!”
“Bitch..!” Karaku squeezed more harshly while Sekido tugged your hair more toughly.
Well this was it, you were going to the hospital.
“Take. your. Hands. Off. her.” The youngest threatened. The whole room went silent and you could see the aura in the room had changed, his face had gone red and veins creeped along his forehead. He stood up and walked over to you, Sekido and Karaku took their hands off you and backed off.
You looked down at the boy who took your hand and looked up at your face. “Who hurt you? You have a bruise on your face…” You used your other hand to feel your face, it stung. It was where the head girl slapped you and the other one punched you.
“I got attacked downstairs by some girls, I don’t know who they were but I think I caused a brawl downstairs.” You joked, you had no idea what was going on, was he gonna beat you up or let you go..?
“I see, Don’t worry, I’ll find out who they are. No one attacks my girlfriend and gets away with it.”
Who is he talking about?
“ME!?” You burst out in shock.
“Bro! You're not serious!” Karaku cried out.
“There are better girls out there! You don’t need her!” Sekido argued.
“What a strange turn of events!” Urogi laughed.
“Hey, you guys said I could get pizza after this..” Aizetsu said sadly in his corner.
“I’ve already made up my mind. From now on, (Y/n) is going to be my woman.” Zohakuten announced, but you weren’t having it! Not one bit. “What are you- nuts?! I can’t date you! You’re too young! I’m pretty sure it's illegal!” you fired back. He stared up and deadpanned. “That's ok, I’ve always preferred older women.”
Did he not understand what you just said?
“Yeah- Okay. It's high time I go home- My dad will be waiting for me-” You tried to leave the room but Sekido grabbed your arm. “Where do you think you’re going?” Zohakuten growled.
You turned your head to look at the angry little boy. “Um… Home?” You repeated.
“Nonsense- you shall return home with me. There we will discuss your choice of wardrobe, no girlfriend of mine is going to dress like that.” he pointed towards you and your outfit specifically. Soon enough, you were picked up by Sekido.
You became scared as you struggled in the older boy's grasp. This was not happening not to you by a fucking TODDLER of things.  Where were the boys when you need- the boys!
 “Come on now, it's time to go home-”
“HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!” You screamed, cutting Zohakuten off.
“Hey! What are you doing!?” Urogi demanded.
“Sekido! Shut her up-” Zohakuten commanded before the door to the room burst open and in rocked Akaza, bruised, bloody and pissed. “What the fuck is going on in here?”He demanded. He looked around, seeing the hantengu brothers standing around awkwardly, you were still in Sekido’s arms, stuck in mid air.
“(Y/N)? What the fuck? What are these guys doing to you?”
“This is none of your business! Go away!” Zohakuten roared but Akaza punched Sekido for the second time that night and released you from your grasp. “Come on! Let's go!” He demanded. He grabbed your hand and as you tried to leave with him, someone grabbed your other hand.
It was Zohakuten.
“Finders keepers! Keep your hands off my woman!” he yelled, pulling on you to keep you from leaving. Aizetsu, Urogi and karaku aided him by grabbing hold of you too. “Let fucking go of me!” You yelled.
“Prepare to be aborted!” Akaza roared before he rushed forward and socked Zohakuten square in the face, sending him flying backwards, letting go of you and flying into his brothers behind him.
“Oh my god! Akaza! You just punched a child!” You screamed. He grabbed you by the shoulders before replying. “Fuck them kids!” He took your hand once again and led you down the stairs where the brawl continued. Boys punching boys, girls slapping girls. One guy’s body landed on the pool table and broke it in half.
“What the hell is happening?” You cried as some poor bloke got his face smashed into a mirror. “What? You don’t know? I’ve been hearing you started a fight with Mukago Fushiguro! That it was you who started it!” You were baffled by what he said. “WHAT!? NO!? She and her friends attacked me! I was defending myself!”
Gyutaro knocked down a couple of dudes to get to you and Akaza, Ume was trailing behind him closely. “Guys! Kaigaku just called the cops! He gave me the heads up- we got at least five  minutes before they break in to stop the fighting!”
“But by the time we get out- the cops will be here and arrest us on sight!” You panic. 
“Don’t worry, There's a lane behind his house where the garage is, we’ll go there and make our way to the cars from there!” Akaza reassured you. Gyutaro got in front of you and Ume while Akaza got behind you. “We’ll cover you guys, just focus on getting to the garage, Douma and Kokushibo are there waiting for us.”
You two bolted for the backyard while Gyutaro and Akaza focused on keeping back anyone who tried to come for you. “Does this usually happen?!” You wailed, running across the gravel path while dodging an incoming beer bottle. “Sometimes, it depends on how much beef goes on at parties and there is a lot!”
You made it to the garage where Kokushibou was wiggling the door knob to the garage while Douma was on the lookout. “Ah! You finally found (Y/n)~! We were all so worried about you~!” he smiled.
“What's the situation?” Ume asked, slipping on her jacket.
“This door is locked. We’ll have no chance at breaking it down.” he said.
“Well, why don’t we-” You heard Ume begging to say something but Gyutaro cut her off. “Yeah, no chance of that happening.  You look over at the fence, it was tall but there was a stone bench right beside it. “Guys, maybe we can get out this way.” you pointed.
“Police!” You heard someone bark as screamed erupted from the house.
“No time to argue!” Gyutaro yelled before he helped Ume over the fence. You were gonna  figure out how’d you get off without your dress riding up before Akaza grabbed you by the waist and lifted you up. “Go! Go! GO!” He barked. You dropped down on the dirty back lane, where mold spread on the concrete and the untrimmed hedges of the neighboring park face you.
The boys hopped over and you all began to run down the lane.
“The cars should be parked down the street!” Kokushibou said as you tried to keep up with the group who were surprisingly fast, hell, even Ume was doing better in her heels. “Are we not gonna talk about what just happened-?!” She wailed.
“I don’t know~ All I heard was that (Y/n) attacked Mukago~! How fun~” Douma sang.
“No! Her and her punk ass friends were the ones who attacked me! They gave me shit cuz I kissed Gyutaro!” You defended.
“So ugh.. What was that about anyway? Why didn't you kiss Karaku..?” Gyutaro asked curiously.
“Do I need a reason to? That guy was an asshole! So were his brothers- oh! Speaking of which! Akaza punched a kid!” You yelled.
“What kid?”
“You punched a child Akaza~? Haha~!”
What!? Who brings a kid to a party?”
“Who is she referring to, Akaza?”
“Its was fucking Zohakuten!” Akaza defended himself as everyone let of a series of-
“Well that's fine!”
“That kid’s a fucking asshole!”
“Good job Akaza~!”
Seems no one really likes the Hentengu brothers, especially the youngest. You reached the end of the lane where you saw a couple of police cars go by. Kokushibou stopped everyone from running, he held his hand out for a while before he nodded his head. “Alright, let's get going.”
You guys rushed over to where you had your cars parked. Douma’s rolls royce and Gyutaro’s jeep. “This is where we part ways~!” Douma giggled, skipping over to his car while Kokushibou rode shotgun. “You guys stay together, and take the back roads! You don’t want to be stopped while under the influence!”
They drove off and the four of you got to Gyutaro’s jeep. You and Ume hopped in the back while Akaza and Gyutaro were in the front. You drove off, looking behind you, seeing several people being escorted out of Kaigaku’s place in handcuffs.
“That was crazy.” You stated. You and Ume had left your bags inside Gyutaro’s car, you grabbed your phone  and read the time. It read three am, that's the time your dad comes home from his night shift. “My dad’s gonna kill me if he finds out I went to a party.” You rubbed your temples, a smell of smoke filling the car, Akaza and Gyutaro had joints in their mouths.
“Hey! Give me one bro!” Ume begged.
“Why don’t you stay the night at my place?” Akaza offered, blowing smoke out of his nose. You saw no reason to contest, sure you were still iffy about him but you’d rather spend the night at his place then get into a shouting match with your dad. “Sure..”
You and Akaza were dropped outside an apartment building, above the front door read, ‘Edenton House’. Akaza opened the door to the building and allowed you inside. “Come on, I’m up on the third floor.” He gestured. You two took the lift upstairs and you both made your way to door number three.
He opened it and allowed you inside. The place was quite clean and tidy. There was a small kitchen unit, A basic living area and a punching bag? A little station that looked like practice for martial arts. “You can use my shower, and I’ll lend you one of my shirts.” He offered. 
You took him up on his offer, handed you a spare shirt and you took a shower. You had removed your bandage from earlier, your cut from early started to scab nicely,You had tied up all your hair, washed your body and face of the makeup and sweat that had gathered. You flinched when you scrubbed the side of your face too harshly.
When you got out of the shower, you could see a large bruise forming on the side of your face. “Shit..” You cursed. It was very big and very noticeable, there were also marks of a hand around your throat. This will be embarrassing to explain to people.
You dried yourself and put on the large shirt that draped your figure. You gave it a sniff. It smelled just like Akaza. Your underwear… well.. “Akaza!” You called, he came to the bathroom door in nothing but sweatpants. “What's up?” he asked.
“Do you… have any boxers I can.. borrow….?” You asked shyly.
“Why?” He asked sort of judgmentally.
“Be- because…!” You didn’t want to tell him your underwear was soiled and too dirty to put back on. He sighed and fetched you a pair of boxers. You slid them on and you had to say, they were quite snug! “Hey, Did they hit you in the face?” Akaza asked, Inspecting you.
“Yeah, two of them gave me a whack...” You said. He led you to the kitchen and opened the freezer, inside was an ice pack, he wrapped a cloth around it and handed it to you. “This should stop the swelling.” You thanked him and you sat down on the sofa. “Do you have any pillows or blankets I can borrow?”
“You wanna sleep on the couch?”
“Oh.. well…” You didn’t want to take his bed, that would be rude.
“We’ll sleep together tonight, don’t worry. I won't try anything..” He said gently. You agreed and let him lead you to his room. It had a nice view of the town. You both slipped into his bed and got cozy under his covers. They were nice and smelt of him. It had a really nice smell.
“Hey, Can I ask you something?” He asked, arms behind his head, looking at the ceiling. “Yeah sure, what is it?” You said, head sinking into his pillow. “Did you like kissing Gyutaro?”
“Where is this coming from…?”
Can you answer my question first?
Okay…. I guess I did. He was a good kisser and I did it to piss Karaku off so it was kind of like…. Killing two birds with one stone?”
“Ah, I see now. Okay.”
“Why do you ask?”
“I don’t know… I think I’m jealous.”
“Jealous? Why would you be jealous?”
“You may not know this, but everyone thinks you're pretty, even Ume and she’s hard to please.”
“Well, you're right about Ume.”
“It's not that, you’re really funny, you're nice and you're really helpful. I mean, you offered me that ride out of the goodness of your own heart and I hurt you..”
“What I'm saying is… I’m mad that I fucked things up. I shouldn’t have done what I did. But… You think… if I hadn't done that… you might have considered…” It was like he couldn’t find the words. But you think you know what he meant. You knew when you met him, you picture yourself getting to know him better.
What happened shouldn’t have happened, but you still found it within yourself.. To forgive him.
You held your hand out to touch his face, he faced you and stared into his dark golden eyes.
“Akaza…. I meant what I said in the heat of the moment, you scared me but during this whole time, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”
He has always been on your mind, when you're at school, when you're at work and at home. Sometimes you would drive past the tattoo parlor just to get a glimpse of him. Yet here you are and here he is.
“I’m sorry for what I did (Y/n). I’ll never stop being sorry..”
“I know… I forgive you…”
You couldn’t stop yourself from inching closer to him, You felt his arms slither around your waist as he pulled you in for a kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. He felt warm yet his sheets were cold. It was nice, you both pulled away and you leaned into his chest.
“Akaza.. I..”
“What is that?” Akaza asked. You recognised it as your phone ringing, who was calling you at this time of night? “Don’t worry, I’ll get it.” You had left your bag in the bathroom. You hoped it wasn’t your dad, calling to know where you were. You grabbed your bag from the bathroom and got your phone.
It was your aunt.
You answered the call and stood out in the hallway. “Auntie? You asked. “Oh (Y/n)! Thank goodness, I didn’t know if you’d be awake. It's your brother.” You went cold. “Yuu..? Auntie, what happened to him!?”
“We got a call from the police! Yuu was inside his father’s house with a broken arm and a cut on the head. His father had left him home alone and he was barely able to go to the hospital. He had to leave the house at 2 am and get help from the neighbor!”
Your blood boiled. That fucking horrible bastard. The one that called himself your brother’s father. The one who took part in ruining you and your family's life. Screwing your mom behind your dad’s back but he doesn’t have the capacity to raise the life he helped create.
“Where is he!? Where is that son of a bitch!?” You demanded, hot tears leaving your eyes. You knew he wasn’t safe, not with that man. This is why you never wanted to leave town. “He was found at a bar, drinking with his mates. He was arrested and charged with child neglect and possibly abuse. Yuu hasn’t told us anything yet. He’s still in shock.”
“He left him alone to go drinking?! There’s no way he’ll be allowed custody of Yuu again.. right..?” You asked.
“CPS will get involved and probably have an open file with him but… technically this is his first offense. He’ll be in jail for a few days but once he gets out, Yuu will have to go back with him.” You were shocked, stunned. No. This can’t be it. He’ll be in jail for a few days then get out?
“That's not fair! It's obvious he’s not fit to look after Yuu! What if he hurts him this time or worse? Auntie- please! There has to be more that can be done!” You begged. You didn’t want him to live in that house with that man. He should be with you. Always with you.
“Like I said, He now has an open file. Grandma and Grandpa are doing everything they can and building up evidence against him. It won’t always be like this.. I swear.”
“Thanks for calling me Auntie..” You said sadly.
You hung up and slid down the wall, letting your hot tears burn your cheeks. “(Y/n)? (Y/n)!? What’s wrong?” Akaza said, hastily crouching by you. He wiped your tears and helped you stand up. “Tell me what’s wrong..” He said.
In your moment of vulnerability, you trusted him. He led you back to the bed where you lay on his chest and spilled the beans to him. “My brother, he’s in the hospital because his dad wasn;t watching him..” You cried. You hated it, you hated feeling so helpless. Your brother was miles away and you weren’t allowed to go to him.
You swore, when you turned eighteen, you were getting yourself out of this town and fighting for your brother. “Shhhh…. It’ll be alright.. Like your aunt said, they’re doing everything they can to get your brother out of there. I know he’ll get through it, Have some hope.” He said.
You nodded your head and sighed. “Thanks Akaza…” You can’t recall what time you fell asleep at but you had never felt more safe than you did in Akaza’s arms.
“Yaaaawwwwnnn~!” You- well. yawned. Your eyes focused on your phone ringing on the bedside table, you tried to move closer but arms wrapped  around your torso prevented you from doing so. You felt a strong chest hugging your back and someone’s head nestled in the juncture between your head and shoulder.
Akaza made himself comfortable last night by the looks of it, using your body like a stuffed animal to cuddle with at night. You stretched your arm over to the table to grab the phone and looked at the caller I.D.
It was your dad. How fantastic. You answered the call. “Hi Dad, What’s up-”
“(Y/N)!!!” You heard him bellow on the other end of the phone. This woke poor Akaza up as he jumped from his spot and fell off the bed! “What the fuck-!?”
“Dad! What are you yelling for?!” You demanded, as he nearly blew your eardrums out. “Why aren't you home?! Your bed hasn’t been slept in which tells me you never came home!? Where were you and where are you now?!”
“Fucking chill dad. I’m not gonna speak to you if you're just gonna roar at me.”
“As your father, I will speak to you however I like! Now tell me where you are now and who you are with, I just heard you.” You were getting a migraine from this conversation, you imagined your morning to be better, waking up with Akaza at your own time, having breakfast and enjoying each other’s company.
Nothing like this.
“Well- I’m with Akaza right now-”
“What?! You spent the night with a boy?! (Y/n)-!!!”
“Why are you getting so mad??? You were the one who’s pushing me to have relationships!  Isn’t it you who’s pushing for me to be sexually active?!”
“That’s completely different! I want you to have a healthy relationship with a boy your age, sexual activity is healthy for you! Second, if your going to have sex, I want you to do it in under my roof where you are safe and have access to protection!”
“First off, Akaza isn’t even that much older than me, he just left school last year and second of all, we didn’t do anything! I was going to say before you rudely interrupted me that I spent the night with Ume and Gyutaro at their place! Akaza spent the night too and you're here acting like a psycho!”
“Have you been taking your meds?” He asked
“What?” Where was he going with this? “You may be seventeen but you have clinical depression, in your condition, I can’t trust you to be on your own for too long.” Was he really playing this card, this man was a piece of fucking work. You had left the bedroom and went into the bathroom, locking the door.  “Dad, if you can’t trust me, I guess I should quit my job and start leeching off of you before I turn eighteen. Better yet, take my car! I have depression so I don’t need it. Better yet, just take my phone and all my privacy, cause why the fuck do I need privacy for?”
“That's not what I meant, you're twisting my words!”
“Dad, you check my pill bottle everyday just to make sure I take them, I follow your rules and don’t complain. What more do you want?”
“I need to know your safety (Y/n), sometimes when I come home, I smell tobacco and weed on you.”
“That's not me! The others just smoke-”
“And you expect me to just believe you.”
“Dad, I’m not having this conversation with you, I got a call last night from auntie, Yuu has a broken arm and a cut on his forehead, he was left inside that guys house alone while he went to the bar with his friends!”
“And? What do you want me to do about it?” Your dad said emotionlessly.
“What about it? Show your fucking sympathy could be a start! You raised this boy for ten years! Don’t you feel any remorse?!”
“I’ll tell you what I feel, regret. Regret I didn’t find out sooner I was being cuckolded by another man and raising your mother’s bastard. I regret forming an attachment to that kid, thankfully I was able to distance myself from him. I don’t care what happens to him, its his father’s fault for fucking my wife, he can deal with the consequences himself.”
“Thats my fucking brother!” You screamed into the phone, your heart full of rage and disbelief towards your father. Your father, who once loved your brother to the moon and back, praised him for doing well on tests and always went to his soccer games. This wasn’t the same man. He died a long time ago.
“And you are my daughter. I could care less what happens to him or your slut mother, I only care about you. No one else. Now, You have an appointment with your new therapist at two today. Don’t be late for it, I’ll see you at home.”
He hung up as you shouted “Fuck you!”
You slid down the door and twisted your fingers into your hair, pulling and hitting yourself at the same time, despite the pain still emitting from your temple. This was fucked, completely fucked! How could he be so cruel about your worries and concerns about your brother.
You didn’t care if he was an affair baby, didn’t care that he was technically your half brother. He was still your little brother. Not only does Yuu have to go to that school and be reminded of your mother’s infidelity and be away from you but live with a man that only got involved with his life after his affair with your mother got exposed. 
“(Y/n), can I come in please?” You heard Akaza say. 
You rubbed your eyes and stood up. You unlocked the door and there he stood, dressed in black cargo pants, a metallica shirt and some boots. “Hey….I’m sorry for shouting…” You said quietly, your voice horse from the previous night.
“It’s fine. You want me to take you to your appointment? It’s almost two o’clock.”
You looked at your phone, It said one thirty four pm. “Thanks… Akaza but I need to go home and change..”
“You can borrow some of my clothes, just wear a vest, you’ll pull it off!” You chuckled, giving your shoulder a nudge. You smiled. “Thanks Akaza..”
He gave you a vest, one of his vests, it was large but only because Your body was a lot smaller than his. You put on your jacket and your thigh high boots before the two of you left his apartment. “How will we get there? Do you have a car?” You asked.
“Yeah, My new one came in a few days ago, an improvement from my last ride~”
“Excuse me, your last ride is also my ride. Have some respect for my girl.”
“Alright, I’m sorry for disrespecting her, she was a good ride before she lost her spark.”
“Oh my god. You are unreal.”
You two made it to the underground parking, Akaza pressed the button on his car keys, unlocking a red audi TT roadster. You were shocked to say the least. “That’s your car..?!”  You skipped over to look inside, it was customized red white and  black leather. And the seats themselves were quite large.
“Yeah, it was pricey but in the end, worth it~, the engine is a showstopper. Let me show you.” He got inside and you followed, the roof was down, offering you two privacy. He turned the engine on and revved it. The sound was amazing, it roared to life like one of those cars from fast and furious.
“Let's take it for a spin, shall we?”
“Your father said he feels no remorse for what happened to your brother. How did you feel when he said that to you?”
“I felt… betrayed. You know.. That he threw him away like he was nothing. That he didn’t matter. I don’t know what I’ll do when I get home. I don’t think I can look at him the same ever again.”
“Obviously, this new side to your father has you deeply disturbed. Is it just about your brother or is there something else?”
You sat on the opposite couch from your new therapist, Dr Mai Oda. Dr Oda was a nice woman, old but nice. In her late forties if you had to guess but she retained an athletic shape to her despite her age. Hair up in a bun, spectacle hiding her brown eyes and red lipstick decorated her mouth.
“It's just that.. I guess…um…”
“Feel free to tell me whatever you want (Y/n), this is a safe space for you. Your thoughts are safe with me.”
“Well…. I guess what I want to talk about is what happened last year.”
“We went over that last week, is there something you want to add?”
“Yeah, I do. When my dad was going through divorce proceedings, he wanted paternity tests for both me and my brother..”
“Your mother cheated with that man for twelve years, am I correct? Your brother was the result of that affair, I do believe your father was trying to protect himself.”
“Yeah well, that's the thing. When we were waiting for the results, I felt nothing but dread. I was hoping to god that me and my brother were my dad’s children. They gave my results first. You have no idea how happy I was when the truth came out. But when it came out for my brother, my world broke.”
“How so?”
“It's just that- my dad. I know he loved my brother but when it was revealed he wasn’t my dad’s kid, he wouldn’t look at him anymore. It was like he had despised him since then.”
“And have you talked to him about this?”
“My dad doesn’t listen to what he doesn’t want to hear and it made me have an epiphany.”
“And what might that be?”
“If those results revealed I wasn’t his daughter, he would probably hate me too. He would see me as the result of my mother’s betrayal and never speak to me again.”
“And would that situation make you feel better or worse.”
“I don’t know… I love my dad, I do. I really do. But if that happened, I would be hurt. But in that case, I’d probably be with my brother right now. He needs me… I know he does.”
“Do you and your brother have a close relationship?”
“Yeah….we do.”
“(Y/n), I notice you're a little disorientated.”
“No.. I um. I went to a party last night and I was drinking a lot..”
“(Y/n), are you sure that is a wise choice? Considering your condition.”
“No…… It's fine. Really. I was with friends last night.”
“New friends, already? Would you say they are good people? People you can trust.”
“Now..! I wouldn’t say they are ‘good’ people but they’ve had my back on good few occasions so yeah, I can trust them.”
“Actually, speaking of these friends… they wouldn’t happen to know what happened to your face last night, would they?”
“Oh.. Oh! Yeah, I literally got jumped at the party. I was so drunk I can’t remember who did it but I know for a fact one of my friends came to bail me out.”
“I see… (Y/n), it seems as though our hour is up. You’re making great progress so far but I would suggest abstaining from alcoholic substances, seeing as you are underage.”
You made your promise to Doctor Oda about being more responsible, She let you out and you made your way outside the building. You wrapped yourself up in your coat and looked around. You guess you should get home. You looked at your phone to check the time.
It was three thirteen, It was best if you headed home to recuperate after the events of this past week. You had school tomorrow, you needed to get your things ready, you had homework to turn in tomorrow and you should prepare your lunch for tomorrow.
And wash yourself, your voice was still hoarse from the singing and screaming of the previous night. You wrapped your coat around you tighter, why is it always so fucking cold it this god damn town? Even back in your old town, it was never this cold, not even in September.
“Hey Sexy! Where are you going?!”
You froze up, you didn’t recognise the voice. Who the hell was trying to catcall you? You turned around.
“Akaza!” You scowled as he laughed from the driver seat of his red audi. “You fucking scared me, don’t do that again!” You scolded, walking over to the passenger window and leaned down to talk to him. He chuckled, his arm hanging out his window, a smirk on his face that held mischief.
“Sorry babe, An opportunity presented itself and I had to take it.” He used his thumb to point to his trunk. “I got your stuff from my place, it's in a shopping bag.”
“Thanks..” You looked over at the trunk. 
“You know… I was wondering if you like to hang out today? Not if you're busy though.” he offered. You gave him a smile. “I would love to..” You got into the passenger seat and slammed the door shut.
“Did I tell you you look sexy in my clothes?”
“Shut up!”
“So where are we heading?”
“It's down here.”
You two drove down to a parking area right by the beach. The clouds were gray and murky while the waves crashed onto the shore inharmoniously.  An old couple were walking their dogs while a group of younger classmates were throwing a frisbee back and forth with one another.
“I don’t think I’ve been to the beach yet.” You said to no one in particular, grabbing a paper bag from the floor. Akaza had brought you to a korean place in town, Korean Corn dogs, Korean fried chicken in a sweet sauce and cans of cola. “It's a cool place to come to every once in a while. Me and the gang usually come down here because it hardly gets monitored by pigs.”
“You come here to smoke pot?” You giggled. He shook his head humorously. You two dug into your food. You had gotten two corn dogs, one with breadcrumbs and another with potatoes. Both of them had sugar, ketchup and honey mustard and you swore on your life there were the best things you had ever put in your mouth.
You took a bite and you had the grand sight of seeing the most magnificent cheese pull ever known to man. “So, You’ve been in town for two weeks officially, right?”
“Yeah. I didn’t think I’d make friends so quickly if I’m being honest.”
“Yeah, well, this town can get boring.”
“This town? Boring? Yeah right? The legend of Devil’s cove? The murders? The rumors surrounding the house I live in? I feel like I’m in one of those movies.” They earned a laugh out of both of you. “Yeah, this town is fucking weird but you get used to the weirdness, y’know?”
“I guess weird is the norm around here. Is there anything else I should worry about?”
“Nah, I mean, I don’t think so anyways.” He replied before biting into his corndog.
You two watched the world in silence, The sound of the wind, the waves crashing and the flock of seagulls flying in the gray sky. This area was surrounded by tall trees and what looked like a never ending forest of mystery and wonder. Had it not been for the clocktower in the distance, peeking above the trees.
The same clocktower that belonged to your school. Down on the right side of the beach, you could see it lead to a series of cliffs with stalactite and stalagmite. And what looked like a cave.
“Hey Akaza… I have a question.”
“Sure, shoot.”
“Is that… Devil’s Cove over there?” You pointed in the direction of the cliffs. “Yeah, that's Devil's Cove.”
You ate some of the chicken, the sweet stickiness of it made your mind go blank for a mere moment. Than an Idea came to your head. “Have you ever seen it?”
“Eh.. Few times…”
“Let's go down.”
You hopped out of the car and walked down the sand slope. Thankfully since your boots were so long, you didn’t need to feel the discomfort of sand in your soles. “(Y/n)! Wait up?!” Akaza got out of the car and jogged over to you. “You sure? It’s gonna rain soon.” He pulled up his hood to keep his ears warm from the wind.
“It’ll only be a minute, we’re not gonna be long.” You said to him. The two walked down the beach shore. It was half a mile to the cove but other than that, the fragrant smell of the ocean distracted you and Akaza’s presence reassured you nothing would happen.
You two made it to the cave, the tide was low today so not much water polluted the area. You walked inside, graffiti covered the walls. It ruined the the setting entirely with its foul language like-
‘The Devil’s sex Dungeon’
‘Bitches get stitches’
‘Noami Wakimura got gangbanged here!’
“I was expecting more.” You said, looking around the cave. “Yeah well, It is just a legend. Most people have the same disappointed look as you do.” He laughed. You looked around some more. You could see why the place might have such a name like Devil’s cove. It was a scary looking place, you most certainly wouldn’t like to see this place at night time.
“Well, this was sort of a waste- AGGGH!”
Your leg slipped. You dropped your phone on the ground and went plummeting down a hole.
“(Y/N)!!!” Akaza screamed.
You quickly grabbed on the edge of the hole. You felt yourself dangle in midair. You looked down, there was a massive hole in the ground, you wouldn’t have seen it from outside thanks to the massive stalagmite hiding it from view. It was so deep, you couldn’t see the bottom, it was pure darkness and you had no intention of finding out what was at the bottom.
“Akaza! Help! Please!” You begged. He rushed to your side. “Don’t worry, I have you!” He grabbed you from under your arms and pulled you up with ease. You let out a breath of relief as your head fell into the crook of his neck.
“Oh my god..! Akaza! I nearly died!” You wailed dramatically, tears gathering in the corners of your eyes. You were shaking and holding on tightly to him. “Calm down, you wouldn’t have died. Sure, you might have been stuck but I would have gotten you out.”
You took deep breaths, You looked down at the deep hole, you could hear the sounds of echoes and water flowing. “What’s down there..?”
“No one knows. Some think it's a cave system that flows underneath town. Only no one is brave enough to go down.”
“Then what was all that bullshit of you coming to save me then?!”
“To calm you down! Besides, if something did happen, I would have come to save you regardless.”
“Hello? Is everything alright? We heard screaming?”
You and Akaza’s attention turned towards a man. He is not a man you have ever seen before and from his expression and outward appearance, not a local. He wore a white jacket with red flames decorating the bottom over a black shirt? He wore a pair of denim jeans and white sneakers. His hair was a golden mane of yellow with red tips. 
He had a handsome face with gold lining his red eyes.
You looked down at yourself, your boots had been pulled down and your knees were bleeding after roughly scraping against the stone floor and your fingers and palms felt rough after holding on to dear life. Not to mention the bruise on your face did look quite suspicious.
“There… There was a hole and I nearly fell in..” You explained, you didn’t want any problems to start.
“I see, I do hope you’re alright, miss.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a packet of tissues before handing them over. “Here, To clean yourself up, I don’t think it would be a good idea to allow any sand in them.” You went to take them but Akaza snatched them from the man’s grasp. “Yeah, she said she was fine.” he said harshly,
“Akaza!” You gasped, not knowing where the rude attitude came from. All he did was offer you tissues.
“What? I’m not doing anything!” He defended himself.
“What’s going on here?” Said a raspy voice.
Two more men entered the cave. The one who spoke had white messy hair. His face was covered in scars and his eyes were a lilac color. He wore a green plaid flannel with his sleeves rolled up and top buttons undone. He wore black ripped jeans and brown dress shoes.
The other one had a much prettier complexion then the other two. He had deep blue eyes, clear skin and his messy black hair was tied up into a low ponytail. He wore a white flannel with a black shirt underneath. He had what looked like a choker decorating his neck, he also wore black dress pants and black converse.
“Technically, She said she nearly fell in the hole, she never said she was fine.” The fiery haired male noted, which made Akaza look more pissed off. “Are you trying to start something shit head?” he growled, getting up in the stranger’s face. But the stranger wouldn’t let himself be intimidated.
“No, I was making an observation.” said the fiery haired male.
“Hey Rengoku, who’s the poser? Should I knock his teeth out?” Said the scarred male.
“He is acting aggressive, look at the girl, she’s all bloody and her face is bruised.” Said the pretty one.
“Heh, so we got a woman beater here? This will make this all the more satisfying~” replied the scarred male again, cracking his knuckles.
“You saying I touch women? You fuckers are dead.”
“Alright! Can you lot fucking stop!” You yelled, bringing all the attention to you, you had to resolve this so no more misunderstanding would happen. “Gentlemen.” You addressed the three strangers in front of you before putting yourself in between them and Akaza. “I thank you all for your chivalry for coming to my aid when you thought my friend here did something bad, but.. Please be rest assured when I say he has done nothing to me that requires a beating.”
You looked over at Akaza giving him a disappointed and angry look before looking back at the men. 
“And please do forgive him for his behavior,  he’s not himself today and doesn’t usually act like this.”
That was a lie. When men try to act macho with him, he puts them back in their place. But you’ll do whatever you can to keep the peace.
“Hmm.. Okay then.. We believe you.” Said the pretty guy, bending over to pick something up. “Is this your phone?” he asked. You had nearly forgotten it! “Ah! Yes, thank you very much!” You said, taking the phone before looking at the man with fiery hair. “And thank you for the tissues sir.” 
You made the motion to walk around them but they all suddenly cleared the way for you. “Oh thank you~ Akaza, come one, let's go.” You gestured. He went to follow you but they reformed their positions, blocking him from you. “Dickheads..” He cursed, walking around them and following you out.
Once you were out of hearing distance from them, Akaza began to mumble. “Imma slap that goofy ass looking motherfucker and his friends the next time I see them.” He cursed.
“What is with you? They were only trying to help.” You defended them. Honestly, so what if they were strangers, loads of strangers do good things out of the goodness of their own heart. “I ain’t never seen them around town before and they're shady to me.”
“And I think my dad is the paranoid one..” you mutter before feeling a sudden pain in your knees. The shock had left you and you would have crumbled to the ground had Akaza not caught you. “Lets go inside the cave, she says.” He mimicked your voice.
“Hey, shut up!” You whine hitting him on the chest playfully. He smirks before lifting you up. With his arm holding your back and his other arm under your knees. “Come on, let's get you home.”
 The men watched Akaza pick you up and carry you away from them.
“Should we follow them? I sense the girl is human, he might try to eat her.”
“Nah, he didn’t seem to have any malicious intent towards her. Besides, even if we did, our cover was blown,he probably smelt the wisteria on us.”
“Still, do you think she knows the man she’s with is a demon?”
“Hell no. If any normal person knew they were hanging out with man-eating demons, they would have run for the hills and never looked back on this town.”
You sat in the car, finishing your food while Akaza drove on through the rain. You had your phone in your hand, you decided to text your dad.
‘Hey dad.’
‘(Y/n), where are you right now?’
‘I went to hang out with some friends after meeting with Dr Oda. I’m heading home now.’
‘That’s good, I’m heading to the hospital for my shift. Make sure to go to bed on time.’
I will.’
‘Oh, and (Y/n)..’
‘There is a box of condoms that I left on your desk, I also left some in your car.’
‘Dad!!!!! What de fuk?????Honestly, u weirdo’
‘It's just as embarrassing for me as it is for you but it's gonna happen eventually, I know it. I know you’ve been hanging around a lot of boys so I’d rather you be safe than pregnant.’
‘Whatever, don’t kill anyone at work..’
You turned your phone off and looked out the window, the rain was lashing down on everything and anyone in its way. Back then, you never liked the rain but now, it is this little town. By the sea and the sky and the endless nature, You guess you could appreciate it more.
Akaza was finishing his food whenever you two stopped at a red light. Traffic was heavy for a Sunday. You wondered, if you hadn’t received that call from your aunt, where would the night have led you?
The answer was so obvious, you didn’t even have to think about it. But still you hated it. You hated how your night was ruined when news reached your ears of your brother’s injury. Of course, you’d never blame your brother. You blame the fucker who was suppose to be his dad and look after him.
Had he done his job, None of this would have happened.
You held a form of resentment, last night, you and Akaza had a moment. A real moment, you two had overcome the uneasiness and regret you two had formed the first day you met. You could have seen yourself waking up next to him after a night of passion and being happy.
You could still see yourself waking up next to him after a night of passion. This was your life, you needed to take control. The only thing you had to do… was ask.
“Do you want to come back to my place? My dad won’t be home until half four.”
Akaza choked on his food, looking at you and then at the mess he made on himself. Unsure of how to respond. He was the one who usually made the initiative to have sex with women, never had a women make the first move. “Umm.. Are-.. are you sure?”
“Yes, I've never been more sure… Akaza..”
You can’t believe you were saying this, if you had told your old friends this, they might have jokingly called you a slut for getting with someone you had only known a week. But fuck it, romance is dead and better relationship were held together by trust. You didn’t know if you loved Akaza but you knew you trusted him, why else would you have fallen asleep in his arms so easily.
“I want you… to be my first. Is that okay?”
His whole face had gone red. When the light turned green, his foot his the gas.
“Don’t have to tell me twice!” He laughed.
You unlock the door to your house and both you and Akaza slip inside. He looks around the place and gives a little - ‘huh’ sound.
“What’s wrong?” You asked, slipping your now wet jacket off your shoulders.
“Nothing. I’ve never been inside the old mayor’s house before so-”
“Yeah, well, from now on, it's my house.” You said, reminding him of your now legal ownership of the house. You slipped your boots off your feet and he kicked his shoes off. You both hustled up the stairs til you both made it to your room, the rain could be seen lashing down as the sky got darker.
You looked over at your desk, sure enough, there were the box of condoms your dad left for you. You chuckled and grabbed them, shaking them about. “Look what my dad got me~!” You laughed, skating tit about.
“What?!” He said astounded, taking them from you and looking at the large box. “Sizes medium to large..- What dad buys his daughter condoms? What the hell?”
“The concerned and responsible type perhaps..?”
“From what I know, most men just tell their daughters not to do it.”
“Oh, My dad was like that. Until I had my first date with a boy.”
“Ooh~?” He said, laying on your bed, his elbow propping him up while giving you a dirty look. “Who was this boy? How old were you?”
You sat on the bed and used the tissues you received to wipe your bloody knees clean. “His name was Hase Nori. He was a sweet guy. Turns out he was gay but he was in the closet cause his friends were giving shit for not kissing a girl yet. We went on a date… he kissed me.. It was a nice kiss.”
“And? Is that it?” He asked.
“Well no.. actually. He asked me to pretend to be his girlfriend for a while so he could figure out what to do with his friends.”
“And did you?”
“No! Well.. kind of? People were just under the assumption that we were together.”
“What? Hahaha!”
You continued wiping at your knees, yet blood continued to manifest from them. “Jeez… I’m gonna hop in the shower really quick…” You cut yourself off when you saw a drop of blood run down your foot.  You wouldn’t have considered yourself a squeamish person, you were a girl, you saw blood every month yet the sight of that one drop was enough to make you a bit woozy.
Your attention focused on Akaza. He took one of the tissues and used it to scoop up the blood that fell from your knee. “Go take your shower. Do you have anything I could use to wrap your knees up?”
“Y.. yeah. My Dad put an emergency medical kit in my bathroom.”
“Go on then, I’ll be here for you when you get out.” He patted your check in a comforting manner. You nodded and went into your bathroom. Once you were inside, Akaza left the room and into the hallway.
“If I remember correctly, her room was in…. here.”
He jiggled the door knob. The door would not open for him. “Shit..” He said. He would have no problem breaking the doorknob but he didn’t want anything to look off or suspicious. But thankfully, this wasn’t the only way into the room.
He opened the door right next to it, inside was your father’s room. Which consisted of a double bed, two bedside tables with lamps and a wardrobe. Beside the wardrobe was another door. He took hold of the knob and to his relief the door was open.
He went inside and closed the door behind him. The old owner of the room used to be a lovely girl from the 1990’s, someone Akaza was once attached to. The walls were still the lavender color they used to be but by the looks of it, Your father was converting it into a home office. On the other side of the room where there used to be a white flowery textured wallpaper had turned yellow and dusty from aging and had been in the process of being ripped off.
“Okay… Bed. The bed used to be over here-”
It was there he spotted it, the dried blood and the hole in the floor. She used to keep a box with her diary under the floorboards. He rushed over and looked underneath the broken floorboards.
The box.
It was gone!
Normally he wouldn’t have been concerned so much. No one had moved into the house for twenty years. Then there was you and your dad. He never thought he would be in so much shit for leaving that box unattended.
Who knows what you might learn if you read it!
The best he could hope for is if you threw it out and never saw the contents. But, that would be asking for much…… From what he knew, you only had the diary to go off of. With any hope, that would be the only thing you learned.
You didn’t wash your hair. You didn’t want to waste anymore time. You had washed your body. Give a little shave to certain areas of your body to look more appealing. Use your expensive body wash, use your body sugar scrub to soften any hard rough parts of your body, your hands mostly.
When you hopped out of the shower, and bandaged yourself up. Around your knees and around your calve where your cut was still healing. You also used a little foundation to cover up the bruise on your face. You used your favorite body butter and doused yourself in perfume. You applied lip balm to your lips, a little mascara and loitla~ You were ready. Well, as ready as you can be.
Would it be appealing to just appear in a towel? Fuck it, it was now or never?
“Akaza..?” You opened the door slowly to see him. He wasn’t there. You entered your room and looked around? Where was he? Toilet? Having a smoke? Taking a call? Whatever. You knew he wouldn’t just ditch you.
You ran to your closet. What do you wear? You decided to be chill with it. A pair of lacey white panties and a large oversized cotton shirt. Something you would usually wear to bed. But tonight! You would wear this to seduce Akaza!
You sat on your bed and waited, you grabbed your phone to check the time six thirty pm. The rain was prominent in the background to your thoughts. You were ready for this. You could do it-
You ran over to the desk where you left the condoms and brought them over to your bedside table, you needed to make sure you were ready. You only lose your v-card once. Akaza seemed experienced enough to know what he was doing and you were a horny teenager who loved to read steamy fanfic from other other teenagers.
You turned the lamps on, them being the only source of light in the room. Remember, sexy face.
“I’m back-”
Akaza walked in and you assumed position, you elbow propped you up and you did your best to give him the best sexy face you could, your leg curled up with your hair pushed back. This is it-
“HAHAHAHAHA!!!! What is that face!?” He cackled, falling to his knees, laughing his ass off. Your face immediately shifted to one of anger and annoyance. “H-Hey! Don’t laugh at me! I was trying my best to be seductive!” You cried. Your face swelled red with anger and embarrassment? Was it that.. off putting?
“What? You practice that in the mirror? What’s with the duck lips?”
‘Duck lips!?!?!?’
You remove yourself from your position in the bed and sit on the edge, facing the window, away from him. “I tried my best… I thought since we’re gonna do it, I'll do my best to please you- y..” You stopped talking, you were making yourself sound stupid.
You felt a thud beside you. Akaza had sat next to you and wrapped an arm around your waist. “Hey, It's not like I don’t appreciate the effort, You look great but just take it easy.. Follow my lead.” He slid a hand up your neck and brought your head forward. Your foreheads touched and you only focus was on his beautiful golden eyes, the eyes that you first noticed when you two first met.
“Now.. you sure you want this? We can stop at any time..”
He was close. So close, you could feel the tip of his nose touch yours. “Yes… yes I do.”
He leaned in and gave you a small peck on the lips. Followed by another. You leaned in and pressed your lips fully against his. His hands went back to your waist and slid down til they reached your hips. You grabbed his jacket and slid it off his shoulders. He didn’t fight it as he leaned back on the bed, his head hitting the pillows.
You crawled on top of him and leaned in for another kiss. You could feel Akaza's large hands grip your hips and he moved them slowly along his pelvis. You pulled away to look down at him, he had a mischievous look on his face while you could only try your best not to squeeze your thighs together.
You had only been going at this for a few seconds but you could already start to feel you cunt start to slick. “That’s right… enjoy it… pretty girl.” He suddenly flipped you over and got on top of you, grabbing your legs and pulling them so your pelvis would be in alignment with his. “You are so beautiful… You have no idea how lucky I feel~”
He leaned down and whispered this in your ear. His breathing was deep and heavy, the warm puff of every breath he took tickled your ear making you whimper. “A- Akaza… Oh my god..” 
He started to kiss your neck affectionately while leaving little love bites every now and then. You brought him closer to you by running your fingers through his soft hair and wrapping your legs around his waist. “A-Akaza..! I l-... I- I!” You tried your best to stop that word coming from your mouth.
Even in the throes of pleasure, you feared you would turn him off by saying that word. As you said before, you didn’t know for sure if you loved him but to say it during intercourse would be wrong and not something you thought you could write off as pillow talk.
You stopped believing in such things after your mother’s affair but the way he talked to you, treated you, touched you, kissed you. You would be insane to not take that as a sign of his affection for you.
“A-Akaza… I-ugh! I wanna try something..!”  You gasped, reaching your hand down to feel his junk, it felt big and firm in your hand, you actually couldn’t fit all of it in you hand. He pulled away and looked down at the scene before him, he smirked and started grinding against your hand, you wanted this man to fuck you raw but didn’t want it to hurt.
Did you..?
“Whatcha wanna do? Come on.. don’t keep me waiting~”
“I wanna… umm… Can I do the ugh… the- the thing..” You mumbled out. Saying it was a lot harder than thinking about it. “Use your words baby girl~” He said, taking your chin to have you look him in the eyes. It all fell out of your mouth.
“I wanna suck your dick…”
You had only seen a glimpse of it, You just remember the tip. It was a perfect pink but it was swelled red. You wanted to see it again, see it for all its glory. He chuckled and unzipped his pants and loosened his boxers. You first saw his pubic hair, it was pink like his hair and eyelashes, it was definitely natural. They looked soft and clean, trimmed even.
You saw its base before Akaza pulled it out of its confines. It was large, maybe seven to nine inches? I was slightly curved, circumcised and this bitch had three tattooed lines on his cock. “Tattoos? Seriously?” You asked astounded. Tattoos hurt, right? Wouldn’t that hurt the most?
He chuckled and shrugged. “Hey babe, it is what it is, take it or leave it.”
“I’ll take it, it's better than having dick cheese.”
“I’ll have you know I keep this bad boy clean always!”
“I guess I feel more relieved.”
You reached out to grab it but he backs away with a teasing smile. “What?” you said, getting antsy. “Show me yours, it's only fair I sinceI showed you mine~” You didn’t need to say anything else, you hooked your fingers around your panties and pulled him off you fanny, you sat down doing this, giving him a good view of your unconquered cunt.
“We’re doing this?” You said.
“Hell yeah.” He replied. You pulled him over by his shirt and brought him down onto the pillow where you planted you lips on his, You both kissed ververantly as your hand made its way to his cock, You felt for the tip and sure enough, there it was, you wrapped your fingers around the base and began to pump it.
You felt him groan into the kiss as you felt his fingers find your clit as he massaged it in a circular motion. You felt like collapsing at his touch, using your own fingers was one thing but he was bringing you to places you had never been. You pumped his cock faster and you two related each other from the kiss, to instead moan in each other’s ears.
“You're so good..!”
“You too….!”
He grabbed your hand and reefed it away from his phallus, he pulled you up with a desperate look in his eyes. “Sit on my face, come one.” You pulled your shirt off as he made quick work of his clothes. You both were finally naked, he laid down and ushered you over. You positioned yourself over him before he grabbed your hips and forced your pussy onto his mouth, you felt his tongue invade your cunt and you gasped loudly.
It was all slimy and limber as he explored your folds, you grabbed your face to get ahold of yourself, His cock was standing tall and strong, yet he was extremely red from being left alone, you had to rectify that. You leaned over and took his cock in your hand. Up close and personal, it was very veiny.
You gave it an experimental lick and sure enough you felt the man shiver underneath you. You opened your mouth as big as you could take in cock. The taste was weird, salty, grassy? But you could live with it, you tried to down him as much as you could till he lifted his hips up to speak with you.
“Tr- Try wrapping your lips around your teeth, it hurts and just suck on it like it were a popsicle.” He said before going back to work. You pulled away to look back at him. “Oh, sorry.”
You followed his advice and went back to sucking him off, you hollowed your cheeks and just kept sucking, taking your time. The taste became better over time and you felt your limit hit. The way Akaza worked his tongue was magic and you felt yourself become undone on top of him,
You legs shook and you moaned onto his cock and you cummed onto his face, he lapped at your cunt still while you tried to keep up with his dick. You sucked harder and decided to take more of the initiative, you kept one hand at the base of his cock before you took his balls in your other. He suddenly squirmed, telling you he liked it.
“Yea-! Fuck yeah, just like that… good girl.. Good girl-!!!”
He was cut off by his own groans when he ejaculated inside your mouth. You were surprised and felt his creamy sperm hit the back of your throat, you gagged and ripped yourself away choking. He laughed humorously, taking you in his arms and lying you down. 
“You were great, now on to the best part.” He chuckled, taking the condom from the box and opening the packet. You brought your fingers down to your vagina, you felt the mess that had become of your vagina, it still felt sensitive. He removed the condom from its packaging and pulled it down onto his cock.
“Okay~ I’m going with it.” He joked as you got comfortable with your head on the pillow, spreading your legs. He rubbed his tip on your clit, back and forth, back and forth, you shivered at the contact. “H-Hurry up! Stop teasing me!” You begged, tears welling on the corners of your eyes.
“Patience baby, Tell me how much you want it~” He demanded. With each stroke of his cock against your clit, you felt a shiver in your system and your legs rattled. Unfair, it was so unfair. Here you were,  offering yourself up to him and he had the audacity to bully you! You pulled your lower lip into a pout and more tears gathered in your eyes.
Too much! It was too much! You wanted it now..!
“I want it! I- I wannit so bad..! Please…f-...fuck me!” You begged through hasty breaths. Akaza smirked and slid the tip inside.
“O-Oh fuck!” You cried as you released your impending orgasm.
Akaza just stayed where he was, frozen in place, his tip still inside as some of your juices flowed out.
“D-...Did you just cum by me only inserting my tip..?”
You immediately covered your face. “I’m so sorry! I- I couldn’t help myself!” You cried, you didn’t mean too. Honestly. You tried to hold it in but the sensation of his tip against your walls was enough to make you collapse. You honestly wanted to curl up and die, Akaza probably thought you were seriously uncool now.
“That’s gotta be the cutest fucking thing I ever saw...” He commented.
He took your face in your hands and gave you a kiss on the forehead, then one on the nose and then one on the lips. You felt better. “You still… umm..wanna go?” he asked awkwardly.
“Did I tell you to stop?” You responded back. You didn’t want him to stop, you never wanted him to stop.
“Alright then~” He slid the rest of his phallus into your pussy and you gasped. At first, it felt uncomfortable, like some unnecessarily large tampon but without the uncomfortable cottony texture but then you felt his tip hit something, somewhere hidden, somewhere special. You couldn’t stop yourself from moaning at the sensation, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him closer.
“Oh my fuck! That was amazing!” You gasped, starting to rut yourself against him, he responded to your actions by thrusting in and out of you, you heard the sound of his skin on your skin, the sensation of his heavy balls smacking against your ass, you looked down to see where his cock connected to your cunt.
It was magic.
But the one thing that made it all so swell, was looking up at Akaza and seeing the look on his face, his eyes spying your with lust and affection, trying to keep his grin together as he let out hagged grunts and growls of pleasure.
“So good! So tight you are! You wrap ‘round me perfectly, like you were made for me babe~”
“I love you dick too!”
That wasn’t totally awkward to say.
“I imagined it would hurt!”
“What makes you say that?!”
“Doesn’t it hurt for most girl’s when they have they’re firsts!?”
“Not the ones with a sopping wet pussy like yours!”
Akaza continued to jackhammer his cock into your cunt, you whisphering into his ear about how well he’s fucking you. You always imagined losing your v-card to your prince charming on your wedding night with rose petals scattered around your white sheets.
Akaza was no prince charming but he was a helluva good time.
“Akaza! Imma- Imma cum again!” 
“Come on Babe! Give it to me!” 
You ground yourself harder against him and he thrusted quicker and faster. It was no surprise he had you cumming first before he himself had cum, he nearly collapsed on top of you but caught himself just in time before he could squish you. You experienced a euphoric sensation when your release came. You hadn’t felt more at peace with yourself since well…. You were a kid.
A kid who didn’t have to worry about all the terrible things in the world, who didn;t have to worry about being bullied at school, what she was gonna have for dinner or if her mom or dad truly loved one another.
It was right there, in Akaza’s arms, you felt so peaceful. 
He took his condom off, tied the end in a knot and threw it into the bin by your bed. He turned to you, an equally expressive look on his face, you wondered, did he feel the same as you?
“You were perfect~” He said, nudging your cheek with his finger, you couldn’t stop yourself from cuddling closer. “Thanks.. You weren’t too shabby yourself~” You joked. He pinched your cheek which earned a squeal from you, but it was all playful banter.
“But, I have to be honest. You were probably the best girl I’ve ever been with.”
“Pfft! Shut up, you’re just saying that to look cool, I know you say that to every girl.”
“No I don’t! Besides, How do you ‘know’ about that?”
“It's just so obvious~”
He pulled you on top of him and had you look him in the eyes. “Not you, (Y/n) (L/n). I swear to god. If you wanted me to kill someone for you, I’d do it in a heartbeat.” You pulled away, sitting on his stomach. “That’s a bit extreme… don’t you think?”
“Nah, it's called devotion. That’s what men do for their girls.”
You felt your heart palpitate. “Akaza…”
He paled. “What is it..? Did I say something wrong?”
“No, you didn’t. I- I'm just not sure…. If I should get into a relationship right now…”
You really couldn’t. Not with your brother’s life on the stake. As soon as you turned eighteen, you were hightailing it out of this town to join your brother, education and your social life be damned. The only ones who had your brother’s back were your grandparents and your aunt.
You did enjoy this town for the sights, the food, the partying and the new friend’s you’ve made along the way, but you had already made up your mind. As long as that man still lives, your brother is in trouble and as his older sister, you have to fight for him.
“That’s fine..I guess. If it's what you want.” He took your hand in his, a gentle and warm gesture that you appreciated. “But… if you ever wanna reconsider… you know my number.”
“Yeah, Thanks for understanding… Akaza..”
“So….. You wanna go for another round?”
“Don’t have to tell me twice.”
You couldn’t remember how many rounds you and Akaza had gone for. You had unlocked a deep desire that had never been untouched, so much so, you were able to keep up with Akaza and boy, did that man have stamina. You were always under the impression that men took longer to recuperate after sex.
Perhaps you were wrong?
Or was it just Akaza?
But all you knew was that you had to call it quits when your phone read one am. Practically had to drag yourself off his dick so you could get some sleep. You woke up to your alarm blaring at eight am. Akaza had dragged himself out of the bed so he could shower.
You decided to lay under the covers and stroll through your phone, looking back at your decisions and your passionate night with Akaza, Racking your mind on how today would go, get dressed, stop off for breakfast, go to school, leave school, go to work, come home, sleep.
Yeah, that seems right.
“(Y/n)? It's me, can I come?” your dad asked through the door. You silently squealed as and hid yourself under the covers, only your head peeking out as your dad entered the room. He looked tired, knowing him, he was up until 5 this morning. Why was he up at this time?
“Heya kid…. How are you..?”
“I think you know how I am. I’m still pissed off at you?”
“For what?”
“‘For what’? You know what!” You sat up, holding the blanket across your chest so you could properly face him. His eyes were red and dark bags hung around his eyes. “You know, for someone who preaches about self improvement, you sure are a fucking hypocrite!”
“(Y/n), can we not argue at this time? It early-”
“No! I don’t care. During this whole thing, you have been acting like you're the only one who got hurt by mom’s affair! That day, my whole world was torn apart! My brother’s life was torn apart!”
“Listen- about Yuu-”
“Shut up! I don’t care if he’s your son or not. He’s my brother! Mine! And when I need you most to show me just the slightest bit of sympathy, you throw it back in my face!” You grabbed a shirt off the floor and ushered your father to turn around while you put it on.
Once it is on, you give him the ok to turn around.
“As soon as I’m eighteen, I’m gone. I swear to god.”
A panicked expression enveloped his face. “(Y/n), sweetie! What are you on about?!” He sat down on the bed and grabbed your hands in his. Wanting you to look him in the eyes. “What about school- You can’t do this. You’re my little girl- I need you.”
“What if I wasn’t your little girl?” You stated, looking him in the eyes, finally. “What if those DNA results came back and told you I wasn’t your biological daughter? What then? You would have left me just as you left Yuu.”
“Princess! I would never-”
“Save it! You’re a two faced liar! I’m done listening to what you have to say. Once I’m old enough, I’m gonna move to granny and grandpa’s, you won’t see me for a long time.” You argued, he got up and paced for a bit, you wondered what he was planning.
“We’ll do more things together! I promise, there are some upcoming events for the townsfolk, you’ll come with me.”
“No I won’t-”
“Yes you will! I will fix whatever's going on between us, I swear. We can attend sessions together, I’ll bring out to dinner, we’ll do things like we used to, just the two of us. Please… I lost my family that day. I can’t lose you too…” Your father begged.
You didn’t have the heart to refuse him, at the end of the day, you were both hurt, and instead of helping one another, you were fighting each other. Maybe… you didn’t have to cut contact with each other. You could still talk with him, either phone call or video call, either way, you knew in your heart you couldn’t lose your father.
“Fine… okay. Please, just… in future. Don’t make me choose between you and Yuu. because the next time you do… It's gonna be Yuu, always. Understand?”
He let out a sigh of relief, smiling at you. “Thank you (Y/n), that's all I ask.” He went over to your door and looked around the room. “Did you have friend’s over the other day?”
At that moment, Akaza exited the bathroom and walked inside, his eyes on you. The only thing protecting his modesty was a towel that hung low around his waist. “Say babe, how about I treat you to some dinner after school~”
“Ugggghhhh…….!” You panicked. He was wondering what your dumb face was for before he looked over at who you were looking at. “Oh!  Dr. (L/n)! How are you?”
Your father was positively speechless, looking at you, then at the boy who came from your bathroom and then back at you.
“(Y-Y/n).... You ugh… never said you were-”
“What!? You said to only have sex here at home! So I brought him here! What’s the big deal!?” 
You dad looked like some of his clogs had gone rusty, trying to process what was going on til he opened the door. “Eh…I…..I’ll… Make breakfast…” As soon as he left, you two burst out laughing. Akaza landed on your bed and grabbed his shoulders. 
“Oh my god! That’s the funniest shit that ever happened to me!” he cackled.
“”Did you seriously not hear him!?”
“Nah! Swear to god.”
He pulled you in for a kiss, you kissed him back before he gave you a cheeky smirk. “Wanna quickie before breakfast?”
“Akaza the things you do to me~”
“So, you fucked him again this morning!?” Ume laughed as she rode shotgun in your silver hatchback. You were late picking her up from her place, that's to Akaza, you were literally ten minutes away from missing your first class so you picked up the place. “Yeah, I did. I swear, I never been on the other side of sex before and now that I have, I never wanna go back.”
“Yeah, well, thats what sex does to you, hopefully you won’t turn into nymphomaniac~”
“I don’t know how I’ll stop myself.”
“You’re lucky, Not many guys are gonna put in the effort in making us cum.”
“Daki, who was your first, if you don’t mind me asking since you're the more experienced one out of the two of us…”
“Oh.. um.. Can we… talk about this some other time?”
“Ugh… yeah sure.”
You zoomed into the school parking lot and found a space. You two hopped out of the car and ran inside the school. “What’s the first class???” You say, looking through your locker. “English I think! Then History- damn! I hate this!” She cursed. You both scrambled up to the class and to your seats in the back. At the front, you notice two girls you haven’t seen before.
One of them was quite short. Fair skinned and slim. She had purple eyes and rose coloured lips. Her hair was pinned back by a butterfly hair clip and the pieces of hair framing her face were ombre purple. The other girl was taller, fair skinned like the other girl but a bit more curvy. She had green eyes and bubblegum coloured lips. Her hair was long, separated by three braids. Pink with the ends dyed green.
“Hey Ume, who are those girls? Have you seen them before?” You questioned, whispering in a quiet voice. “No, can’t say I’ve ever seen them before..”
Mr Kyogai walked inside, his folders perched under his arm. “Students….. I have some announcements. Firstly, I would like to… introduce you lot to your new classmates, they were late joining us… but now they’re here…. Ladies…would you… introduce yourselves?”
The two girls stood up from their seats, bright smiles on their faces. Something about the smaller ones seemed….. Fake. “Good morning Everyone~ My name is Shinobu Kocho, I’m eighteen years old and I do enjoy eating boiler ginger in soy sauce~ I also love fencing and chemistry. I hope we all get along~”
Both the boys and the girl’s were immediately taken with her, the sound of her voice were as angelic as her looks. The next girl spoke.
“H-Hello everyone! My name is Mitsuri Kanroji! I’m eighteen and my favorite food is Sakura mochi! But I do enjoy other things like pancakes and omurice! And I like art and stuff- I hope we can get along!”
Like the other girl, people already liked her, both girls possessed a charm about them that drew people in, you didn’t know if you could call it a talent of dangerous. They sat down and Mr. Kyogai cleared his throat.
“Okay… well… For my second announcement. I would like to introduce…. The new teaching assistant… Mr Tomioka… would you come in?”
The door at the front of the class opened, and in walked-
“Oh no….” You whispered.
The handsome guy you saw with Akaza the other day, he still had that melancholic look on his face as he walked in, his hands in his pockets, a carefree expression. Although, when his eyes met yours, he did look a little surprised. You felt dread in you stomach
It was already the beginning of your third week here in Devil Town and yet things just got a lot more hectic.
Songs used for the band, Twisted transistor by Korn and Cruel Pornography by Botdf (I do not condone the actions of any member here, i just used the songs)
Word count: 24,044 words
This is by far my longest work ever.
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