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You’re Mine.
{Tengen x Makio x Hina x Suma x Fem!Reader}
Warnings: poly relationship • fivesome • semi-public sex • possessive Tengen • wlw • explicit language • breeding kink
A/N: thank you for the request anon! I really took it and ran so I hope you enjoy!
Word count: 5.2k
Tumblr media
“It’s only a small list! With four of you it should be a breeze!” Tengen smiled fondly at you four, stretching his arms towards the sky. “I take it that means you won’t be accompanying us.” Hina laughed as he sighed dramatically, “five of us would be overkill for such a small list!”. He was beyond instant that this small list would be a breeze. It wasn’t until you got to the market that you realized how large the list was. “So that’s why he wanted all four of us to go.”
The list just kept unfolding until it was nearly at Suma’s feet. “WAAA! This is going to take all day!” Suma wailed, throwing the list in the air for you to catch. “Suma! We would have been screwed if we lost that!” A slap to the back had Suma running to you for cover. “It’s actually not that bad.” As your eyes scanned the items listed you realized it would be easy to group together and split amongst you.
“So we can break it down to four categories. Meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, herbs and spices. It looks like we are out of a ton of herbs so I can take that one since it's the longest.” Hina took the list from you to glance over and make her decision. “I’ll take meat and fish. You two can decide between fruits and baked goods.” Makio took the list next, “we know Suma will buy more than necessary with her sweet tooth. So I’ll take baked goods.” Another wail sounded from Suma “no fair!”
“You can tell Makio what you want from the baked goods. Or you can combine the last two categories and do them together.” You hoped Hina’s compromise would settle things, and luckily it did. With that you all split off, it was a market you frequented often so you knew exactly where to go. The herbs and spices were tucked away in its own little alley of the market. Tents and tables were set up filled with an array of different options.
“Good morning miss! Need help?” You smiled as a kind looking man waved you over. “I have quite the list.” You handed it over to the older man, laughing as he adjusted the glasses on his face to decipher Tengen’s handwriting. “It looks like I can help you with a few things. I have ginger, sansho pepper and mustard seed powder. There are a few merchants further down that have more medical herbs and western imports.” You thanked the man and handed him the money.
As you made your way through the market you spotted the tents he was referring to. “Good morning dear! How can I help you?” This tent was run by a sweet old woman. “I have a few herbs to pick up per my husband’s request.” You couldn’t help but laugh as she wiggled her eyebrows. “Not anything like that!” This time it was her turn to smile. “Must be nice having a young lover.” You waved your hand at her, laughing still. “I’m looking for turmeric and ginkgo. Oh and by any chance do you have tea tree or primrose oil? Oh and I’ll definitely take some of that wisteria.”
She began packing your order for you, making small talk as she wrapped each item with care. “Pardon me ma’am.” You looked up as a male voice appeared beside you. “Yes?” He seemed to be about your age and looking a little lost. “I just wanted to say you are absolutely breathtaking.” You certainly weren’t expecting that. Part of you hoped it would be a simple compliment but you knew what he would say next. “Oh! You’re too kind. Thank you.” You turned back to the woman as she handed you part of the wrapped goods.
“Here let me help.” You moved away with your items still in hand. “That won’t be necessary. Thank you though.” You hoped he would walk away, instead he persisted. “Would you by chance want to go get something to eat with me?” You held in your sigh, handing the woman her money after she handed you the rest of your order. “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested.” You placed the items in your bag, hoping he’d walk away after. “Or we could just get drinks.” This time though, you let out that sigh.
“I already told you I’m not interested.” You thanked the woman and began walking to the next stand. Much to your dismay he began trailing behind you. “Not even to just chat?” You turned to look at him now, “I’m married.” You figured that would be the end of it. “He doesn’t have to know.” That made you freeze in your tracks. “Are you saying you want me to cheat on my husband?” Why couldn’t he get lost? “It’s not cheating if he never finds out.” Your mouth fell open at that, anger bubbling in your stomach at his ignorance. “I already told you I’m not interested.”
You began chatting with the next merchant, rattling off parts of your list and counting out the money needed for the order. “Here.” You froze as this mystery man handed over the money needed for your herbs. “What are you doing?” You felt your brow twitch as the persistent stranger paid for you. “Going about things a different way.” You thanked the merchant before heading off towards the entrance of the herb and spice tents. Part of you hoped he’d leave you alone once you found the others.
As you read over your part of the list you felt your shoulder sag as you realized there were still a few things left. “So you aren’t going to talk to me now?” You whirled around, anger making your jaw hurt as you stared at him. “I told you. I don’t have a single interest in you. Truly if you saw my husband you’d understand you stood no chance.” You began storming away this time, the only reason you didn’t mention your wives was because that may interest him more. As if your relationship was some sort of fetish.
“So where is this mystery husband then? He couldn’t have sent his wife to the market alone.” So he didn’t believe you now? You thought back on Tengen’s reassurance, he was probably still training at the moment. “He’s at home, training. He’s a shinobi after all.” This man would think you were absolutely insane. “A Shinobi?” You could hear laughter bubbling in his voice and it only fueled your anger. “Oi! Y/n! What’s taking so long?” Your heart soared when you heard Makio’s voice.
You turned around, looking past the man to see Hina, Suma and Makio walking towards you with their full bags. “It’s taking me so long because this asshole won’t leave me alone.” With their sudden appearance you gained a little more confidence. “Oh. Is that so?” Hina tilted her head, looking him over from head to toe while he stared at her in confusion. “Who the hell are you?”
“Her wife.” You held back a laugh as all three spoke in unison. He began laughing “oh this is good. Seriously!” He couldn’t believe it. “Well I told you I was married to a shinobi didn’t I?” His laughter died as he connected the dots. “You told him you were married and he kept trying? How pathetic.” Makio was seething, meanwhile Suma had snuck around to link arms with you. “He won’t leave me alone Makio.” You pouted, hugging Suma’s arm. “He even said it wouldn’t count as cheating if Tengen never found out.”
“Oh! That’s a good one!” Hina walked closer to him, “get lost.” Makio slowly pulled out a kunai, she’d never use it but it always scared others away. “Don’t ever let me see your face here, around y/n or any of us.” He got the hint, finally, and scurried away. “He was a persistent one. He didn’t even tell me his name. He didn’t even ask my name!” The realization made you begin laughing, “sorry y/n. We should have stuck together” Suma pulled you closer.
“How about we get the last few things and go tell Tengen what happened.” Hina read over your portion of the list as she spoke. “Sounds good to me. I’ve had enough of this market for today.”
Tumblr media
“And then he wouldn’t take no for an answer!” You took another bite of food, watching Tengen’s face struggle to stay calm. “Even after I told him I was married, he still persisted. Even said it didn’t count as cheating if you never found out.” You had even laughed about it on your way home, you four now found the whole thing rather comical. Tengen on the other hand looked as if he was seething. “Did he touch you?” Your hand stopped mid reach, “No. He didn’t touch me. You know he wouldn’t have walked away with his life if he did.”
Tengen still didn’t seem satisfied. “He didn’t touch any of you, correct?” His eyes shifted from you to Makio then Suma and lastly Hina. All of you shook your heads, food partially forgotten. “What did he look like?” You shook your head. “You aren’t going to track this guy down.” This time all eyes turned to you. “Is that a challenge, my dear?” Tengen was no one to mess with when he was angry. Since you had gotten over the whole ordeal, you didn’t realize how upsetting it could be for your husband to hear.
“No. I just think you’re getting a little too worked up.” You reached out to touch his hand, slightly worried he’d pull away. Instead he shifted his hand so he could hold yours. “I don’t like the fact that sleazy men think they have any right to talk to you.” He was genuinely fuming. You glanced over at Hina, hoping she’d help you figure out a way to calm him down. “Tengen…” you were surprised when Suma was the first to speak up. “Yes?” His voice had gotten calmer, but you could still feel the tension in his grip.
“How about after dinner we all go to the hot springs!” Suma definitely knew the way to his heart, the smile on his face said it all. “That sounds like a wonderful idea.” You knew the whole situation was still bothering him, but a nice soak with four beautiful women was sure to ease his stress. “We’ll need a towel for each of us and then a towel to clean up with.” Makio choked on her water, looking up at him with wide eyes. “So it’s that kind of hot spring visit.” Tengen seemed more than pleased with where his night was heading. “Absolutely.”
Tumblr media
Night had fallen by the time you made it to the hot springs. They were only about a twenty minute walk from your shared estate. “I still can’t believe you won’t even describe this man to me.” Tengen had your hand locked with his, you found it kind of cute that he had suddenly become so protective. “He looked like everyone else! You see one guy that looks like him and you’ll kill the wrong man!” Suma began giggling at your dramatics, skipping along the path ahead of the four of you.
“I’ll be able to tell! He’ll sound like a sleazy bastard.” He was so certain his sense of heading would help him pinpoint the culprit. “Tengen, give it a rest already!” Makio began rubbing her temples, hoping the fake headache would get the man to stop. “I won’t! Just give me a damn description and I’ll shut it!” The hot springs finally came into view and you sighed with relief. “I’ll give you a description when we get in that water.” You tried to wiggle your hand out of his grasp, pulling on your kimono.
Suma on the other hand was already naked, throwing her kimono to the ground and stepping into the hot springs. “Show some restraint!” Makio threw a rock at her head, making the girl squeal and duck “so mean!” Hina rolled her eyes as she too began undressing. “You two act like little kids.” She was laughing as she spoke, dropping her kimono to the ground and sinking into the hot springs. “I need both my hands to undress, Tengen.” You smiled as he refused to let go, as if you’d get taken away if he let go.
“Tengen is being dramatic.” Makio had a smile on her face but you could tell she was hoping for his attention too. “He’s playing favorites.” He huffed at that, raising an eyebrow at you. “You know I love all of you. I’m just a little hurt okay!” You began laughing at his dramatics, using one hand to begin undressing since he still refused to let your other go. “Hurt over what?” Makio was submerged in the hot water now too, three pairs of eyes were watching you in curiosity.
“Okay okay maybe that wasn’t the right term.” He finally let go of your hand, allowing the both of you to undress and join the others in the hot spring. “Then what term did you mean?” Hina cuddled up beside you, watching Tengen relax into Makio’s arms. “I’m just a bit upset that I asked you four to go to the market and some time like that happened. I should have gone with you.” So it was regret that was weighing heavily on his shoulders. Makio sighed, slowly massaging his scalp. “Things like that are sadly bound to happen. No one was hurt. You don’t need to feel guilty.”
“Plus we got free stuff out of it!” Suma had just re-emerged from under the hot water. “How does that not hurt!” You could never understand why she always dunked her head under. “Wait, how did you get free stuff?” You glance at Hina who looked to be fighting off laughter. “Oh I didn’t tell you that?” Hina buried her face in your neck now, her laughter vibrating your shoulders. “No, clearly you didn’t.” There was an amused smile creeping up his face even though he didn’t know what was happening.
“He tried to win my affection by paying for some of the herbs. He chose my most expensive order too.” Tengen seemed rather pleased by your answer, “well if I ever meet him, I’ll have to pay him back. But for now…” he turned his body, moving to kiss Makio’s cheek. “We may as well really relax. That is a problem for another day.” You watched his hands emerge from the water and trail up Makio’s frame. She shivered as he reached her breasts. “You should really wear a towel if you're going to sit above the water.” You watched as his lips connected with hers, only looking away when Hina pulled your face towards her.
“Suma, come here.” She was looking you dead in the eyes as she spoke. Hina’s lips melted against yours as Suma appeared beside you, her breasts pressing into your back. Suma’s hands began roaming your body, her lips attaching to your neck as Hina coaxed your mouth open. “Gotta make our favorite girl feel better after a day like today.” Suma’s hands came up to cup your breasts as she whispered in your ear, Hina’s hands slid lower, rubbing your thighs under the water.
“How are we going to do this in the hot springs?” You pulled away from Hina, barely hearing her response as Suma pulled you towards her lips instead. “Who said we can’t scissor in the hot springs.” Your cheeks went red hot as Hina spread your thighs. “Plus, if it doesn’t work we can always just sit on the ledge and try again.” Suma pulled away from you, helping you lean backwards so Hina could angle herself on top. “We’ll have to make it quick, I think Tengen is a little pent up.” You glanced over to see he had Makio on her back, her body fully exposed above the water as he positioned himself at her entrance.
“Oh my.” Your laughter turned into a shaky moan as Hina slotted herself between your legs. Despite the heat of the water you were submerged in, you could still feel the heat radiating from her center. “Maybe it will work!” Suma’s hands began squeezing your breasts, tugging at your nipples softly so your back would arch. “You know…” Hina began rocking her hips slowly, “Tengen isn’t the only one who is mad over what that idiot did to you.” Her rhythm became steady, waves of pleasure course through you as you listen to her speak.
“It’s rather annoying that men think they stand a single chance.” You didn’t realize it, but it seems the incident was weighing heavily on all of them. There was a twitch in Hina’s brow that gave it away. “Yeah, it was kinda scary seeing him so close to you.” Suma sunk her teeth into the shell of your ear, holding your breasts even tighter. Hina’s rocking only seemed to become harsher, over the sloshing of water you could hear Makio’s moans. They were just out of sight for you, each time Hina’s body moved you only caught a small glimpse.
“It…it bothered you all that much?” You could already feel the build up starting. “Yes!” You all turned to look at Makio, a hand flying over her mouth as Tengen continued to rock into her. “Awfully quiet Tengen.” Suma rolled your nipples between her fingers, causing you to whine. “Because—ha— I’m saving it for y/n to hear nice and clear.” You whined at the thought, Hina’s hips began grinding in circles. “Shit…” your chest heaved, the stimulation and hot water suddenly becoming too much to handle.
“Oh! Close already? Are you getting off on the fact that we were worried about you?” You squeezed your eyes shut, the truth too embarrassing to face. “Shit.” You assumed Tengen must be close. Hina’s hips grinded down on you faster, she didn’t want you taken from her before she was done. “Suma…keep playing with her. Look how close she is.” There was a smile present on Hina’s face when your eyes opened again, Suma’s hands continued their toying while her lips moved to your neck.
“We’re lucky this is our own private hot spring.” Had you not been so close you would have laughed at Hina’s comment. You could only imagine how gross the water would be to an outsider. “Fuck…” your eyes watered as the slow build up became unbearable, your release teetering right on the edge. “Hina…Suma…please…” you felt loved being at their mercy. “I’m trying…ha…” Hina’s hips became erratic. Your hands shot out to hold her hips, pressing her cunt further against yours as the thread finally snapped.
You came with a loud cry, Hina following shortly after you. “No fair!” Suma whined as you both came down from your highs, “I’m the only one who hasn’t gotten to come yet!” You started to laugh as you caught your breath, Hina slowly sinking into the hot springs as you sat further up. “Makio and Hina can help you out, Suma. Y/n. Get your ass over her.” You felt a shiver run down your spine. Tengen was sitting with his arms resting on the edge of the hot springs, Makio was slowly making her way over to you three on shaky legs.
You switched places with Makio, smiling as she kissed your cheek when you passed. Tengen still looked pissed, the butterflies in your stomach still had you aching for more. You sat on his lap, hands coming up to cup his cheeks. “So sweet.” The anger in his expression melted into a warm smile, his arms moved to hold your waist. “I know you stood your ground. I have no worries of you ever leaving me. But the fact that people think they can just do as they please with you…” his grip grew tighter, the anger returning to his face.
“You’re mine. You are mine only. Or well, Hina’s, Suma’s Makio’s and Mine. Just as we are yours.”
You felt your lower lip tremble, his hands dipped lower under the water to cup your ass. “Perhaps I’ll have to leave some marks to let people know you are certainly taken.” He lifted you slightly causing you to fall forward. “Maybe I’ll get you pregnant.” It was just nothing more than a breathless whisper, so quiet you would have thought you imagined it. His lips melded to yours in a suffocating kiss, your body pressing tightly to his own. Your hips began to move without you thinking, grinding against his erection.
“I think I will.” Your lips were connected by a string of saliva now, his lidded eyes and blown out pupils making you gulp. “What do you think ladies?” Tengen looked over your shoulder, Makio was sitting with the water up to her chin while Hina was taking care of Suma’s needs with her tongue. “What’s that?” Makio looked absolutely exhausted. “I think I’ll y/n pregnant tonight. That way no moron will try something. It will be clear as day she is taken and committed.” You didn’t have the courage to turn around, mind spinning at the thought of actually carrying his child.
“I think she’d look so cute!” Suma’s response was a mix between a squeal and moan. Tengen studied Makio’s face, watching a blush slowly but surely rise up her face “do it.” You buried your face in his neck, the only one that hasn’t responded was Hina. “I’ll—ah—answer for Hina… she moaned…really loud when you mentioned that. So I’d say—ah— that was a yes.” Hina’s attack on Suma was unrelenting. “That settles it then. I’m getting you pregnant tonight Y/N.”
You squealed as your body left the hot water all together, your back met the cool stone surrounding the hot spring. “Are you okay with this?” There was concern on his face, his cheeks were red and for some reason he looked as innocent as a child looking down at you. “I am. You can get me pregnant if you want. It’s bound to happen eventually.” You felt a giddiness build in your chest. You and the others didn’t really do too much to prevent pregnancy. The most caution you had taken was trying to avoid sex around the timeframe where you’d be most likely to conceive.
It wasn’t an unwelcome idea, certainly Shinobi had large families. Tengen would be no exception to that. “Good.” He was hovering over you, almost entirely out of the hot springs himself. His lips descended on your neck, littering marks where Suma had missed.
“Tengen…” your hands buried in his hair, spreading your legs a little wider to allow him more room to get closer. “Yes?” He was kissing down your sternum now, one hand kept him balanced above you while the other began massaging your breast.
“Quicker.” You felt his laughter vibrate your chest, “desperate to feel me?” You closed your eyes again, too embarrassed to look at him. You jumped slightly when his voice appeared right next to your ear. “Use your words.” You whined, his cock pressing to your lower stomach as he waited for your response. “I-I am. I want to feel you…so bad.” You barely felt the cool night air on your skin. That was usually the worst part of leaving the hot springs.
“Is that so? Tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it.” You groaned, it seems no matter how many times he pulled this trick it never got old. “Tengen.” You shivered as his head spread your slick folds, brushing lightly over your clit. “C’mon. I’ll move quicker when you tell me what to do.” You tugged harshly on his hair, earning a groan in response. “Fuck me! Please. Fill me up.” You couldn’t take the embarrassment, you never quite understood why he loved hearing you talk like that. “Such a good girl.”
His lips pressed against yours, teeth sinking into your bottom lip so your mouth would open. Your back arched, as if it would somehow get him inside of you. “Okay okay.” He smiled as he pulled away, shifting his legs so he had better leverage. “Here you go.” He pressed the bulbous head to your entrance, you clenched involuntarily. A small chuckle left Tengen’s lips “Makio c’mere.” You heard water sloshing about until Makio appeared next to you. “I think our girl is a little too excited. Help her relax.”
Makio smiled down at you, laying on her stomach to stroke your cheek. “You’re so cute.” You could tell she was getting sleepy, Tengen really must have worn her out. You opened your mouth to speak but a loud moan came out instead. “Shit!” You wailed as Tengen bottomed out fully. “Fuck…I’ll make you feel so good.” His hips moved slowly, Makio’s hands began running up and down your torso, dipping lower to ghost along your clit before trailing all the way back up to your shoulder.
Tengen’s hips found a steady rhythm, hands coming to pull your knees over his shoulders. He was hoping the new leverage would keep your lower half from scraping across the ground. Makio’s light touches compared to Tengen’s heavy hits had your head spinning. He was hitting all the right spots, you swore at some points he was actually hitting your cervix. With each cry of his name, Makio would make you say hers as well. She would time each thrust with her fingers on your clit, slow but deliberate circles making your toes curl.
“You’ll look so cute carrying my baby. I bet men will look on with envy knowing you’re taken.” Makio chuckled as Tengen began thrusting even harder, some of his previous anger leaking back into him. Your breasts bounced in a mesmerizing rhythm, so much so that Makio needed to touch them. “You’re—ah—still mad?” You couldn’t believe he was still holding onto the matter as he fucked you. “Of course I am! No one should fucking dare to go near you let alone try and take you from me.” His grip on your ass tightened, a loud squeal leaving your lips as Makio took one of your nipples into her mouth.
“You’re mine.” His thrusts started to become a little sloppy. The blush rising on his chest gave away that he was close. “Makio—focus on her clit. I want her to suck all of this in.” You both blushed at the implication of his words, Makio’s fingers skillfully got to work. “He’s really determined, huh y/n.” She knew her words were falling on partially deaf ears. All you could focus on was Tengen’s face and places he was reaching inside of you. His brows were scrunched in anger and determination.
“Come on pretty girl, come.” You whined, the tension you felt threatening to snap at any second. Your hands grabbed both his wrists, holding on tightly as you felt the release you hoped for coming. “Oh wow.” Makio’s voice was right by your ear, her fingers became erratic. With a loud cry you came for the second time that night. Spots blurred your vision as Tengen’s thrusts remained relentless as he pushed you through your orgasm. A few more thrusts and he buried himself deep, spilling inside of you with a shameless moan.
“Don’t move.” You both began to relax a bit, but Tengen refused to move even after his soften cock slipped out of you. “I don’t think I’m going to be able to walk.” You felt a lazy giggle leave your lips but you were far too tired to really think past the position you were in. “Me either.” Makio was resting her head on your chest, the exhaustion finally catching up with her. “I think you overdid it, Tengen.” Hina and Suma’s heads appeared on either side of him.
If you didn’t feel so spacey at the moment you probably would have been embarrassed. Tengen was holding your ass in the air as if it were a piece of art he was showing off. Had you made any sort of comment he probably would start showing it off. “Maybe I did. But they are satisfied aren’t they?” You and Makio let out lazy groans in response. “I’ll carry y/n and Makio. You two just need to grab towels. Though I’d relax for a while, I don’t want to move her yet.”
“You really think you’ll get her pregnant on the first try?” Suma put a towel over you and then a second over Makio. “I sure do.” Tengen smiled down at your sleepy form, Makio was already snoring softly against your breasts. “Oi, Tengen.” Your voice sounded hoarse as you spoke. “Just get us home. If any slips out you can just fuck me again on our bed. At least I can sleep comfortably after that.” You liked the shocked look on his face, a light blush dusting his cheeks.
You weren’t normally that bold unless you were tired.
“Let’s get you two dressed.” Hina pulled Makio off you, drying her off the best she could. “This is going to take a while.” Suma began laughing as Hina struggled to get Makio’s arm into the sleeve of her kimono. “You can put me down, Tengen, this position is uncomfortable.” Your knees were no longer hooked over his shoulders, instead it was your ankles. “I’m on full display!” You whined as the man refused to move. “I’ll let you down when Hina is ready to help you get dressed.” Hina, on the other hand, was now attempting to get Makio’s other arm into the kimono.
“Why did you have to make this decision when we are in the middle of the woods?” You stared up at the starry sky above you, may as well enjoy the view while he has you stuck like this. “It’s flamboyant isn’t it?” He saw no issue with where he chose to try and make you a mother, how typical. “It would be if I wasn’t so cold. These rocks still hurt you know!” You looked back at his face when you heard him sigh. “I love you.” The sudden tenderness made your heart skip. “We all love you.” Hina and Suma looked over at you, smiling softly.
“I—I love all of you too. I’d love you even more if I could have some of my dignity back.” You glared at Tengen, his laughter booming through the trees surrounding the hot springs as he finally gave in and set your legs down. “Well, looks like it’s your lucky day.” You sat up, kissing Tengen’s chest before standing on shaky legs. “Looks like it’s all staying.” You laughed to yourself as you began getting dressed. After a few minutes you were all ready to head back. Much to your shock, Tengen was able to carry you and Makio back.
“Next time some idiot tries to take you from me, kill him.” You snorted, nuzzling your head into his shoulder. “You’re so dramatic.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
                 — ɪ’ᴍ ɢᴏɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ʟɪᴠᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ꜰʟᴀꜱʜɪᴇꜱᴛ ʟɪꜰᴇ ᴘᴏꜱꜱɪʙʟᴇ —
ᴜᴢᴜɪ ᴛᴇɴɢᴇɴ ✿ ᴛʜᴇ ꜱᴏᴜɴᴅ ᴘɪʟʟᴀʀ ꜰᴏʀ @ꜱʜɪᴢᴜᴋᴋᴜ ✧ ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ ᴍᴀʀɪᴀ❢ ♥
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Tumblr media
🌙 🌸 😴
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Autumn is my favorite🍁
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Tumblr media
Tengen with his hair down 🛐
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
they really had to hurt us like that...... | KIMETSU NO YAIBA
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uzui “someday i’m going to hell” tengen
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The Goddess of Flashiness and Festivals 😌🎆🎇
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screams into the void
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yea uzui nation lets go
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How the Pillars Orga$m
Warnings: this contains smut! No Muichiro cause he’s a baby lol
A/N: lord forgive me for this one. I’m having some writers block so I want to feel accomplished by writing some shorter things lol
Tumblr media
Initially you can’t tell when he’s come — he’s super stoic the first few times
It takes a lot of encouragement for him to be more relaxed about the noises and faces he makes during sex
Once he’s comfortable, you can tell when he’s close.
Definitely closes his eyes a lot when he’s about to come
A tighter grip on wherever he’s holding you
His pace will become erratic — he loses a bit of control with his hips
Even after he’s comfortable, he’s still not extremely vocal.
So when he close, it’s a lot of breathy grunts and gasps
His whole face goes red when he finally releases and his mouth goes slack
Tumblr media
She gets very breathless when she’s close
Her eyes get glassy and her pupils dilate
She will probably be cursing like crazy which is unusual for her normally
She actually gets embarrassed when she comes, she feels super vulnerable in that state
She only $quirts when she is overstimulated — even then it’s nothing crazy
You’ll know she’s close when her chest gets splotchy red marks
She always concentrates on her orgasm, she comes when she pleases
So her brows will definitely be furrowed right before she comes
She lets out very breathy moans, usually of your name when she finally comes
Tumblr media
He will literally announce to you when he’ll come
It’s a bit funny because he suddenly gets really formal about it
“I’m going to come.” — “okay…” — “where should I do it?”
He gets super quiet when he’s actually very close
He gets a really serious look on his face, like brows furrowed and jaw clenched
When he actually comes he is loud
Surprisingly it’s usually a string of curses that leaves his lips
By the time he’s come down from it he’s best red and struggling to breathe again
He usually gets really shy afterwards
Tumblr media
Oh. My. God. She’s a mess tbh
I think she would absolutely be a drooling, crying mess when she’s about to come
She lets out a lot of high pitched whiny moans
She’ll dig her fingernails into you where ever she’s holding onto
The first time she came you actually thought you hurt her.
Between her cries and sudden silence when she came you really thought she hadn’t enjoyed herself.
She gets supper reassuring after and also very shy
She’s a $quirter — she’s super sensitive
When she does, she gets extremely embarrassed
Tumblr media
Tough guy… no sir.
I think this man is a whiny mess when he’s about to come
He definitely starts spitting out a string of degrading words both at you and himself
He gets sloppy. His kisses are full of drool, his breathing is erratic
He’s going to keep mumbling he’s about to come until he actually does
You’ll absolutely know he has when his hips stutter and he goes silent
He is a wreck afterwards — like dead ass mortified
He’s a big boy, so he comes a lot. So honestly it’s easier for him to just come inside
Tumblr media
This man is CRUEL when he’s about to come
He is throwing insult after insult at you as if he isn’t the whiny fucking baby about to lose it
He groans a lot when he’s about to come
His pace turns brutal, his thrusts are bruising, that’s his goal really
His eyes are fluttering open and close, his cheeks are red
He’s tensing a lot, you’ll notice it in his abdomen and thighs
He practically yells when he does finally fall over the edge
His eyes squeeze shut, like they low key disappear
Mostly because he sees stars when he comes
Tumblr media
He gets super whiny when he’s about to come
His hips will lose all sense of rhythm and begins speaking nonsense
He usually takes his bandages off during sex so expect to see his tongue poking out of his mouth
His eyes cross ever so slightly, he’s too lost in his own pleasure
At this point it’s up to you to take the lead, he’s a bit far gone at that point
When he does come, he’s an absolute mess. Often times he’ll end up collapsing on you after
His orgasms take a lot out of him, honestly.
Even thought he’s exhausted, he’ll make sure you come too
Tumblr media
Tears will begin to fall when he’s close
He is pretty silent during sex as it is
So when he’s getting close he starts making more noise
Like grunts for example
He is still a gentle giant during all of this, so his hips only pick up in pace a little bit
When he does come, he moans — a noise that surprised you the first time
Tumblr media
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