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You lead a quiet life, with Giyuu
Which, to be fair, isn't something you can say you didn't expect. If you had never crossed his path, if the humanoid creatures he calls 'demons' had never devastated your village, if he hadn't been kind enough to take you in after your home had been burnt to the ground and your family slaughtered like common cattle, there's a good chance you would've spent your life in understated mundanity - tending your family's farm, selling your crops at the local market at the start of every week, marrying someone from a neighboring village who might've been more talkative than Giyuu, but probably wouldn't have given you a llfe any more interesting than the one you currently live. Really, you don't mind it. Not if it's Giyuu. Not after everything he's done for you.
It's not as if he doesn't take care of you, either. You'll admit, you're not sure exactly what he does beyond hunting down those awful creatures, but he always brings home imported teas, fine fabrics, the things you've asked for and the things you've mentioned wanting and the things he decided you ought to have, no matter how overgrown your collection of silk haoris and hand-painted paper fans is starting to become. At first, you thought it was just his way of showing affection, that what he lacked in words, he attempted to make up for in gifts, but that'd been naïve - hopeful thinking paired with a will to ignore the way his eyes lingered on you whenever wore one of his presents. He's polite about it, though, adoring in a silent way. It's sweet, even if you do wish he'd treat you less like a doll to be dressed up and more like an actual companion.
And you are a companion to him. Not exactly a romantic one, sure, but you take care of his household - the modest cabin he keeps tucked away in a forest of lilac flowers - and when he returns from his morbid work, you take care of him, too. Praise for your efforts is sparse, and his ever-melancholy expression makes it difficult to tell whether or not he actually enjoys your nervous attempts at making conversation, but you do your best, regardless, and he repays you with his hospitality, his willingness to sit by your side when you wake up in the middle of the night, sobbing and crying out in fear of a threat Giyuu's already proven he can keep you safe from. It's ridiculous, you know, but he bears with you, offers small smiles and idle promises to stand guard while you sleep. You'd willingly never let him spoil you like that, but he never really listens to you - always slipping back in after he thinks you've fallen asleep, sitting by you and tracing patterns into the back of your hand until the sun rises. Just to make sure you can rest peacefully, of course.
Your days are short and serene, your nights long and excoriating, but Giyuu takes care of you in his own distant, silent way. You're protected, so long as you don't stray any farther than the forest that surrounds his home, and he rarely asks for anything in return, only your company, only that you stop asking to visit nearby towns you've heard him gloss over in muttered conversations or meet the people he mentions in such fond tones. You're alone more often than not, and recently, he's taken to letting his touch linger as well as his stare, but it's a small price to pay for your safety. He could do just about anything to you, and it'd still be nothing compared to what would happen, if you ever left him.
You live a quiet life with Giyuu, but without him, you're sure you wouldn't have a life at all.
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Nene's Ultimate Husbando Line-up (love triangle + confession scenario) click and drag game!
warnings: flashing images
includes male characters from the following: Genshin Impact, Twisted Wonderland, Spy x Family, Attack on Titan, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Jujutsu Kaisen, Haikyuu, My Hero Academia, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Obey me, Free, Tokyo Revengers, Chainsaw Man, PSYCHO-PASS, Howl's Moving Castle, Durarara, Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer, D.Gray-Man, Pandora Hearts, Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, Black Butler, One Punch Man, Naruto, Kuroko no Basket, Death Note, Fire Force, Ouran High School Host Club, Fire Force, Bungou Stray Dogs
op's notes: sorry for the low quality of the gifs! tumblr only allows you to add gifs up to 10MB and with all 151 characters I've compiled into each gif, I had to compress them by A LOT 😢
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Game notes • How to Play
Please use a browser other than Google Chrome to play because the GIFs always lock onto their first frame on Chrome. Safari and Firefox work, please try those
If you're on mobile, screenshot the gifs either as a set or individually
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your average silly rengoku
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☆Happy Birthday Shinazugawa Sanemi☆
29th November
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Yoriichi doodle
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Uppermoon Kissing Headcannons 💞
A/N- Hi anon!!! I'm really sorry about the character request limit thing, I'll fix that right away. and yes! you are the first person to request, thank you lovely! i had a lot of fun with this request! I really hope you like it <3 (^з^)-☆Chu!!
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Very rarely gets romantic with you, but oh boy when he does...
Muzan is a megalomaniac, he has a very inflated ego and a delusional sense of self worth, he sees no value in any life other than his own, so naturally, he even surprised himself when he took interest in a human—a lowly being like yourself. You are EXTREMELY lucky that you even caught his attention, and because of that he feels that he is entitled to you, he is your ultimate superior, your god, you should be groveling at his feet and thanking him for bestowing his affection onto you. From the very moment his eyes set on you, your fate was sealed.
Even so, he is a man that you've come to love, and because he's had many wives in the past he is extremely adept, and he knows exactly how to get you head over heels in love with him.
He is a traditional kisser, he's more into deep, heavy kisses to show intimacy. Although sometimes his kisses seem more demanding and rough. In short, he wants to show you what he really wants - he wants you to be his.
You are always left breathless and flustered no matter how many times he kisses you.
It gives him great pleasure to watch you gasp and pant as you desperately try to catch your breath. It makes him feel empowered, as he could go on for hours and he'd still be okay.
He'd probably be the one to initiate the kisses, that sense of superiority and need to exert power in any situation shines through in your relationship, he will kiss you when he wants to kiss you, and that's final.
Whenever he's in the mood he'd grab your cheeks and pull your face closer to his, until eventually your lips are feverishly against each other.
He'd grab your hips and pull you closer to get rid of any distance between you two, he wouldn't be very touchy-feely, but if he's in the frame of mind he'd be more teasing — squeezing your ass, rubbing his hands along your waist and hips, fondling with your breasts, etc.
Although he doesn't really like PDA, he is a very possessive man, and will sometimes bring you to meetings and kiss you in front of his subordinates to make clear that your his, and his alone.
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His behavior would initially be extremely hesitant. He would pull away from you, insult you, mock you, whatever he could do to scare you away.
He would be very convinced that you were trying to tease him or were making fun of him.
Gyutaro is not very fond of himself. He usually compares himself to others and greatly envies/despises those who are fortunate or possess things that he longs for. Standing next to Daki, he has grown accustomed to being the unattractive sibling -- he just never imagined being loved the way you love him.
Daki doesn't help the situation very much either, she'd probably be reinforcing Gyutaro's thoughts of himself, she'd be like "Big brother, don't kid yourself! Y/n's probably just messin' with you!"
The truth is that he doesn't understand why you like him. He thinks it's silly when you compliment or lean in for a kiss, it's hard for him to accept that you're attracted to him, and at times he thinks you're trying to 'save him' or 'bless him'.
"Your pity doesn't matter to me, stupid girl."
Yeah...It'll be hard to convince him that you truly like him, and he probably wouldn't show you much affection initially.
After some time, he will grow to love your touch and kisses, even if they are small. It gives him comfort to know that you are not bothered by his appearance.
Gyutaro is more sloppy when he's kissing you, he completely abandons any rhyme or reason and simply lets his body take control.
He's newer to kissing so he might be a lil' inexperienced and inconsistent (please be patient with him he's trying 😭)
Sometimes he'll miss your mouth and plant a kiss on your cheek instead, he plays it off well, most times you don't even notice.
Gyutaro's kisses are more gentle and relaxed, he values a passionate kiss more than a harsh one.
It's difficult for him to express his tenderness, so he appreciates it when you initiate the kiss.
He's a sucker for knuckle and hand kisses. He has cold hands and he gets really blushy when you kiss his knuckles or try to warm up his hands.
The reason Gyutaro prefers small pecks and short kisses is not only because he finds them most comfortable, but also because he also struggles to commit to a long and sensual kiss because he is afraid you'll leave him and abandon the relationship you two have built.
If you want him to settle in and feel comfortable, you'll need to give him a lot of reassurance. At times he will pull himself away or withdraw from any affection; he does not believe someone like himself is worthy of your touch or your gentleness.
He likes PDA but only because you're something he can show off, you are like a boost of self-esteem for his emotionally-constipated-self, he likes to flaunt that even someone like him managed to bag a diamond like you.
Gyutaro loves cuddling and kissing, he loves being able to hold you close to him and just all around touching you, he's a very touch-starved individual—he will seize any opportunity he gets to feel your skin against his.
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Oh goodness...
Douma is definitely the most affectionate among them, which is ironic because under his carefree and outwardly friendly air the man is clinically apathetic, the concept of emotions being completely foreign to him, his love for you would be more of a source of amusement for him—something that he can play and toy with.
The only reason he kept you alive was because he found you pretty and grew quite fond of you.
Let's start off by saying that...Douma has zero concept for personal space, like...none.
He's always holding you, he loves placing you on his lap and just kissing you as he pleases.
His kisses come in wide variety and he gets very unpredictable at times.
For example, sometimes Douma places light and feathery kisses on your face, gently peppering them all over your face. Just cute small pecks!
He'll probably wait about ten minutes before jumping you and pulling you into a slow and savory kiss, the kind that always leaves you breathless.
Like, what happened to 'hello'? 'how are you'? 'my name is...'? what happened to that...?
He's extremely handsy as well, whether it's gently cradling your cheeks, his hands running down your inner thighs, or simply cupping your breasts in his hands. He just can't keep his hands off of you, you're too adorable!
He's very flirtatious and he loves to tease you, he just loves to see you get flustered or embarrassed.
"What's wrong, dearest? Cat got your tongue?"
Douma's favorite type of kiss would definitely be the French kiss, he likes the tongue work involved, he loves the sensation of his tongue on yours and he feels that it is very intimate.
Douma completely spoils you rotten, he buys you tons of chapstick flavors and colorful lipsticks and then kisses you to test which one tastes the best.
If you think he only does this in private then you are sorely mistaken.
In uppermoon meetings, Douma may just spontaneously invite you to a steamy make-out session just to annoy the rest of the group.
He's a sucker for PDA, he isn't jealous, he just wants to show you off. You are one of his most polished gems, and there's just no way he's going to keep you hidden from the world, he wants everybody to see your beauty.
Tumblr media
He's probably the most appropriate and sensual with his kisses.
Akaza would also be hesitant with kissing. He is not a gentle man in the slightest, and he cherishes strength and takes pride in it. However, emotionally, as much as he wants to deny it, he is weak.
Akaza also has a weak spot for women, he'd like to tell himself that he doesn't eat them because they're simply helpless beings, but in reality the man cannot bring himself to harm them.
Generally, Akaza's kisses are deep and meaningful, his kisses have a lot of raw emotion behind them, and he doesn't just pass them around like they're charity.
It takes him an extremely long time to trust, he believes that showing love also showcases vulnerability, and he needs to be sure that you're going to be as committed as he is.
Although, once he falls, he falls HARD.
His kisses are a good representation of that. Akaza doesn't mind quick pecks, but he isn't a huge fan of them, he prefers to draw out his kisses for as long as he can. He lets his lips linger on yours, his arms tenderly wrapping around your body as he pulls you close enough that your foreheads lightly bump against each other.
He's a firm believer that the lips is the most intimate spot to kiss, he likes to kiss you there the most, and he likes it when you do the same for him. He wants to let you know that only you have access to that spot, and that you've gained a permanent spot in his heart.
Akaza is not one for PDA, he dislikes it and often avoids doing even the littlest things like holding hands or quick kisses in front of anybody. He feels that those are reserved for when you two are in the privacy of each others company. Not only that, but because he has an image he needs to maintain.
Akaza isn't unnecessarily handsy, but he's not afraid to get all touchy-feely with you.
Akaza also quite enjoys forehead kisses, he thinks it's a good way to show care, and affection. He uses it as a way to tell you 'I've gotcha,' or 'you're safe here,'.
An all around very sweet kisser! He uses it as a way to express how much he loves you without saying it out-loud.
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same feral energy
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doodle dump of my flower pillar oc, anzu :] i made her to ship w sanemi a couple years ago LMAOO
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i recently got into demon slayer
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Yall Giyuu Stan's are the quiet hornies
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Tengen , Giyuu With A Very Perverted S/O
Tumblr media
a/n — i’m not 100% sure by what perverted means in this case but i’ll try my best! also this is just tengen. i’ll contain giyuu in another part
contains — gn!reader, sub!tengen, headcanons and a little blurb, pretend sex toys exist back in the day, groping and dirty talk in public, tengen’s wives do not exist
giyuu version
Tumblr media
you fluster him. he hates that you do but the way you’re so forward with your lewd thoughts and desires makes him blush
he’s actually kind of amazed by what you’re into, what freaky toys you own and whatnot, especially if you’ve got one of those monster dildos
even though he can sense you approaching you somehow manage to catch him offguard everytime you show him affection (in your own, odd ways)
he goes insane if you fondle his tits where you may get caught
“hello pretty~” you chirped, hugging your beloved from behind as he stopped in his tracks. “how are you doing today?” you seemed to be in a pretty good mood, which almost always ends up with tengen on the bed that night, fucked out and panting.
“my love,” he smiled anyway, trying to turn around to meet your eyes, but you wouldn’t let him. you stood your ground, hands snaking around his slim waist and starting to move upwards. “what are you doing?” his eyes widened a little in surprise, though he really shouldn’t be.
“nothing,” you mutter, but your hands were already cupping his chest, index fingers pressing and rubbing his nipples over the demon slayer corps uniform. tengen felt his breathing hitch as he sighed in pleasure, the soft movements sending small shocks down to his cock. “i cannot wait to get home and fuck you raw,” you hummed, and his face heated up, snapping out of the trance you seemed to have put him in. how could you say such dirty things with a straight face! anyone could walk in (more like discover, given you were outdoors) on the two of you at any moment!
he let you do your thing anyway, pushing his rationale to the back of his head as you caressed him intimately. he had to admit that your ways were really growing on him.
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Akaza and Koyuki 😭💕
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characters: Kyojuro Rengoku x Reader
content warnings: none! just slightlyyy suggestive, but nothing too heavily implied ۶(❛ ³ ❛)۶
Tumblr media
"Rengoku-san, you are aware that there are others here that are far more experienced and well more equipped for this, yes?" you gently finished up dressing the boisterous, vibrant blonde's newly fresh appointed bandages that hoisted around his voluminous, well fitted figure "Mm! Indeed I am most aware, L/n-san!" his volumed voice beamed, luminous, golden irises peering over his shoulder to gaze at you with such enlightenment and tender "But I do rather enjoy your company! it is quite relaxing and quaint!...not to mention your intricate and delicate sense of care!" he openly admitted, not knowing fully acknowledging of what he had just carelessly blurted, but just crossed his arms across his chest, as he glances back forward with illuminating enthusiastic radiance.
A deeming, well lifted smile caressing his beautifully, sun kissed flesh, thicken brows risen as pivoting confidence resonated from the encouraging Flame Hashira.
The sweltering warmth that gradually seeped into your puffy cheeks, cascading along the plains of your shoulders. Delicately placing down the roll of bandages down amongst your silver trey of medical equipment. Your heart pattering ever so frantically against your weighted chest.
"P-please don't say such things, Rengoku-san" you muttered under your breath, watching his body twirl around in it's current position, glimmering eyes fully facing in your direction with fullness and endearment "Why not?! I only speak the truth! you do have the best hands in the medical field in my opinion! and your aura just vibrates such enthrallment and subtlety!" He'd release his usual, booming infamous laughter through out the emptied medical bay, easily jumping off from the medical bed and back onto his feet.
Stretching his stiffen limbs a bit, he'd face in your direction, still beaming that luminous, optimistic smile of his at you. Carefully redressing himself back into his uniform and Haori, his soaring frame gently began to pace towards you.
With your instincts kicking in, you'd simply take steady steps backwards, hands fumbling onto the edge of the medical bed that nestled behind you, as your mid back halted your fumbling frame. Breaths short and wavering, fingers tracing along the cooling of the rails of the bed, as your eyes hectically, anxiously, traveled throughout the emptied, dim lit room-- avoiding connection with his own.
And with your optics hastily scouring around through the dim facility, a steep, deepen chuckle had immediately captured your attention. Warm, languid fingers gently caressed at the base of your chin, as your head gently tilts towards his direction. Coinciding with those beautifully, glowing eyes of his, a small, daunting smirk flourishing across his perfect, smooth skin.
With your lips slightly parted to inhale small amounts of oxygen, you could feel the pad of his thumb smoothly glide along the plush of your bottom lip. His extensive body nearly hovering over yours, easing in closer to you with each passing, thickening second.
"If I am not at all a man of my word, L/n-san..." he'd softly speak, his inquisitive eyes wandering down to the lush of your tempting, full lips, quickly pulling back up to the dilated pupils in your expanding irises "I wouldn't say such honest claims..." he mumbled under his hefty breath, halting just at the footing of your toes, nearly inches away from your face and alluring lips.
His hand that comfortably nestled at your chin, slyly fully cupping along the juncture of your tender jawline. His thumb brushing along the midst of your burning cheek, only tugging at his coy grin from the endearing heat that he created from just his lingering proclamations and subtle actions.
"I do wish we could spend some more quality time alone together soon, L/n-san..." he'd lean in closer, ghosting his own radiating, plump lips over your own, practically feeling the insinuating tension gnaw between the both of you. And with your eyes prying between his lidded, enchanting eyes to his full, plush lips, you couldn't help the adamant itch that clawed at the back of your fogged mind of wanting nothing more, but to smother your own against his.
Too personally feel what they felt like against yours, to actually draw out those haunting, enlightened daydreams of yours that you would find yourself lured into during your shifts at the Butterfly estate.
How supple, warm and intoxicating those flush lips would feel like against your own. How addicting and mind melding they would insinuate into yours, tasting the flickering flames of his striving passion and powering elation.
Nibbling onto your bottom lip, you couldn't help but keep your gawking gaze down onto those calling lips. So lured and captivated by those awfully flaunting and coaxing temptations.
How sinfully tantalizing.
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