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yandere-daydreams · 2 days ago
You lead a quiet life, with Giyuu
Which, to be fair, isn't something you can say you didn't expect. If you had never crossed his path, if the humanoid creatures he calls 'demons' had never devastated your village, if he hadn't been kind enough to take you in after your home had been burnt to the ground and your family slaughtered like common cattle, there's a good chance you would've spent your life in understated mundanity - tending your family's farm, selling your crops at the local market at the start of every week, marrying someone from a neighboring village who might've been more talkative than Giyuu, but probably wouldn't have given you a llfe any more interesting than the one you currently live. Really, you don't mind it. Not if it's Giyuu. Not after everything he's done for you.
It's not as if he doesn't take care of you, either. You'll admit, you're not sure exactly what he does beyond hunting down those awful creatures, but he always brings home imported teas, fine fabrics, the things you've asked for and the things you've mentioned wanting and the things he decided you ought to have, no matter how overgrown your collection of silk haoris and hand-painted paper fans is starting to become. At first, you thought it was just his way of showing affection, that what he lacked in words, he attempted to make up for in gifts, but that'd been naïve - hopeful thinking paired with a will to ignore the way his eyes lingered on you whenever wore one of his presents. He's polite about it, though, adoring in a silent way. It's sweet, even if you do wish he'd treat you less like a doll to be dressed up and more like an actual companion.
And you are a companion to him. Not exactly a romantic one, sure, but you take care of his household - the modest cabin he keeps tucked away in a forest of lilac flowers - and when he returns from his morbid work, you take care of him, too. Praise for your efforts is sparse, and his ever-melancholy expression makes it difficult to tell whether or not he actually enjoys your nervous attempts at making conversation, but you do your best, regardless, and he repays you with his hospitality, his willingness to sit by your side when you wake up in the middle of the night, sobbing and crying out in fear of a threat Giyuu's already proven he can keep you safe from. It's ridiculous, you know, but he bears with you, offers small smiles and idle promises to stand guard while you sleep. You'd willingly never let him spoil you like that, but he never really listens to you - always slipping back in after he thinks you've fallen asleep, sitting by you and tracing patterns into the back of your hand until the sun rises. Just to make sure you can rest peacefully, of course.
Your days are short and serene, your nights long and excoriating, but Giyuu takes care of you in his own distant, silent way. You're protected, so long as you don't stray any farther than the forest that surrounds his home, and he rarely asks for anything in return, only your company, only that you stop asking to visit nearby towns you've heard him gloss over in muttered conversations or meet the people he mentions in such fond tones. You're alone more often than not, and recently, he's taken to letting his touch linger as well as his stare, but it's a small price to pay for your safety. He could do just about anything to you, and it'd still be nothing compared to what would happen, if you ever left him.
You live a quiet life with Giyuu, but without him, you're sure you wouldn't have a life at all.
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marshmellowzz · 2 days ago
Uppermoon Kissing Headcannons 💞
A/N- Hi anon!!! I'm really sorry about the character request limit thing, I'll fix that right away. and yes! you are the first person to request, thank you lovely! i had a lot of fun with this request! I really hope you like it <3 (^з^)-☆Chu!!
Tumblr media
Very rarely gets romantic with you, but oh boy when he does...
Muzan is a megalomaniac, he has a very inflated ego and a delusional sense of self worth, he sees no value in any life other than his own, so naturally, he even surprised himself when he took interest in a human—a lowly being like yourself. You are EXTREMELY lucky that you even caught his attention, and because of that he feels that he is entitled to you, he is your ultimate superior, your god, you should be groveling at his feet and thanking him for bestowing his affection onto you. From the very moment his eyes set on you, your fate was sealed.
Even so, he is a man that you've come to love, and because he's had many wives in the past he is extremely adept, and he knows exactly how to get you head over heels in love with him.
He is a traditional kisser, he's more into deep, heavy kisses to show intimacy. Although sometimes his kisses seem more demanding and rough. In short, he wants to show you what he really wants - he wants you to be his.
You are always left breathless and flustered no matter how many times he kisses you.
It gives him great pleasure to watch you gasp and pant as you desperately try to catch your breath. It makes him feel empowered, as he could go on for hours and he'd still be okay.
He'd probably be the one to initiate the kisses, that sense of superiority and need to exert power in any situation shines through in your relationship, he will kiss you when he wants to kiss you, and that's final.
Whenever he's in the mood he'd grab your cheeks and pull your face closer to his, until eventually your lips are feverishly against each other.
He'd grab your hips and pull you closer to get rid of any distance between you two, he wouldn't be very touchy-feely, but if he's in the frame of mind he'd be more teasing — squeezing your ass, rubbing his hands along your waist and hips, fondling with your breasts, etc.
Although he doesn't really like PDA, he is a very possessive man, and will sometimes bring you to meetings and kiss you in front of his subordinates to make clear that your his, and his alone.
Tumblr media
His behavior would initially be extremely hesitant. He would pull away from you, insult you, mock you, whatever he could do to scare you away.
He would be very convinced that you were trying to tease him or were making fun of him.
Gyutaro is not very fond of himself. He usually compares himself to others and greatly envies/despises those who are fortunate or possess things that he longs for. Standing next to Daki, he has grown accustomed to being the unattractive sibling -- he just never imagined being loved the way you love him.
Daki doesn't help the situation very much either, she'd probably be reinforcing Gyutaro's thoughts of himself, she'd be like "Big brother, don't kid yourself! Y/n's probably just messin' with you!"
The truth is that he doesn't understand why you like him. He thinks it's silly when you compliment or lean in for a kiss, it's hard for him to accept that you're attracted to him, and at times he thinks you're trying to 'save him' or 'bless him'.
"Your pity doesn't matter to me, stupid girl."
Yeah...It'll be hard to convince him that you truly like him, and he probably wouldn't show you much affection initially.
After some time, he will grow to love your touch and kisses, even if they are small. It gives him comfort to know that you are not bothered by his appearance.
Gyutaro is more sloppy when he's kissing you, he completely abandons any rhyme or reason and simply lets his body take control.
He's newer to kissing so he might be a lil' inexperienced and inconsistent (please be patient with him he's trying 😭)
Sometimes he'll miss your mouth and plant a kiss on your cheek instead, he plays it off well, most times you don't even notice.
Gyutaro's kisses are more gentle and relaxed, he values a passionate kiss more than a harsh one.
It's difficult for him to express his tenderness, so he appreciates it when you initiate the kiss.
He's a sucker for knuckle and hand kisses. He has cold hands and he gets really blushy when you kiss his knuckles or try to warm up his hands.
The reason Gyutaro prefers small pecks and short kisses is not only because he finds them most comfortable, but also because he also struggles to commit to a long and sensual kiss because he is afraid you'll leave him and abandon the relationship you two have built.
If you want him to settle in and feel comfortable, you'll need to give him a lot of reassurance. At times he will pull himself away or withdraw from any affection; he does not believe someone like himself is worthy of your touch or your gentleness.
He likes PDA but only because you're something he can show off, you are like a boost of self-esteem for his emotionally-constipated-self, he likes to flaunt that even someone like him managed to bag a diamond like you.
Gyutaro loves cuddling and kissing, he loves being able to hold you close to him and just all around touching you, he's a very touch-starved individual—he will seize any opportunity he gets to feel your skin against his.
Tumblr media
Oh goodness...
Douma is definitely the most affectionate among them, which is ironic because under his carefree and outwardly friendly air the man is clinically apathetic, the concept of emotions being completely foreign to him, his love for you would be more of a source of amusement for him—something that he can play and toy with.
The only reason he kept you alive was because he found you pretty and grew quite fond of you.
Let's start off by saying that...Douma has zero concept for personal space, like...none.
He's always holding you, he loves placing you on his lap and just kissing you as he pleases.
His kisses come in wide variety and he gets very unpredictable at times.
For example, sometimes Douma places light and feathery kisses on your face, gently peppering them all over your face. Just cute small pecks!
He'll probably wait about ten minutes before jumping you and pulling you into a slow and savory kiss, the kind that always leaves you breathless.
Like, what happened to 'hello'? 'how are you'? 'my name is...'? what happened to that...?
He's extremely handsy as well, whether it's gently cradling your cheeks, his hands running down your inner thighs, or simply cupping your breasts in his hands. He just can't keep his hands off of you, you're too adorable!
He's very flirtatious and he loves to tease you, he just loves to see you get flustered or embarrassed.
"What's wrong, dearest? Cat got your tongue?"
Douma's favorite type of kiss would definitely be the French kiss, he likes the tongue work involved, he loves the sensation of his tongue on yours and he feels that it is very intimate.
Douma completely spoils you rotten, he buys you tons of chapstick flavors and colorful lipsticks and then kisses you to test which one tastes the best.
If you think he only does this in private then you are sorely mistaken.
In uppermoon meetings, Douma may just spontaneously invite you to a steamy make-out session just to annoy the rest of the group.
He's a sucker for PDA, he isn't jealous, he just wants to show you off. You are one of his most polished gems, and there's just no way he's going to keep you hidden from the world, he wants everybody to see your beauty.
Tumblr media
He's probably the most appropriate and sensual with his kisses.
Akaza would also be hesitant with kissing. He is not a gentle man in the slightest, and he cherishes strength and takes pride in it. However, emotionally, as much as he wants to deny it, he is weak.
Akaza also has a weak spot for women, he'd like to tell himself that he doesn't eat them because they're simply helpless beings, but in reality the man cannot bring himself to harm them.
Generally, Akaza's kisses are deep and meaningful, his kisses have a lot of raw emotion behind them, and he doesn't just pass them around like they're charity.
It takes him an extremely long time to trust, he believes that showing love also showcases vulnerability, and he needs to be sure that you're going to be as committed as he is.
Although, once he falls, he falls HARD.
His kisses are a good representation of that. Akaza doesn't mind quick pecks, but he isn't a huge fan of them, he prefers to draw out his kisses for as long as he can. He lets his lips linger on yours, his arms tenderly wrapping around your body as he pulls you close enough that your foreheads lightly bump against each other.
He's a firm believer that the lips is the most intimate spot to kiss, he likes to kiss you there the most, and he likes it when you do the same for him. He wants to let you know that only you have access to that spot, and that you've gained a permanent spot in his heart.
Akaza is not one for PDA, he dislikes it and often avoids doing even the littlest things like holding hands or quick kisses in front of anybody. He feels that those are reserved for when you two are in the privacy of each others company. Not only that, but because he has an image he needs to maintain.
Akaza isn't unnecessarily handsy, but he's not afraid to get all touchy-feely with you.
Akaza also quite enjoys forehead kisses, he thinks it's a good way to show care, and affection. He uses it as a way to tell you 'I've gotcha,' or 'you're safe here,'.
An all around very sweet kisser! He uses it as a way to express how much he loves you without saying it out-loud.
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angelltheninth · a day ago
Fun Under the Table with Tengen Uzui
Pairing: Tengen Uzui x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, handjob, blowjob, orgasm denial, public sex, cum swallowing, public display of affection, clit stimulation
A/N: Back with Tengen thirst! You didn't think I was done did you?
Tumblr media
Tengen always thinks that the Hashira meetings run way too long
Don't worry he finds ways to make time fly by faster
He keeps his eyes towards everyone else, a relaxed, usual smile on his face while his hand makes it's way next to him and underneath your clothes
The first pass over your clit is teasing, his finger barely there
Watches for your reactions to see if you'd like to play this risky game with him
You nod slowly, wrap your arm around his and open your legs
Tengen chuckles and kisses the top of your head, public displays of affection are nothing new for the two of you so no one questions any of it
You sneak your hand under the table, into his pants and around his hardening cock, rubbing over the tip until he's fully hard
You stroke him up and down, his face still neutral, but you can feel his body shifting next to yours
His fingers press over your clit, pinching it between the rough pads
Both of you keep a slow, teasing pace, careful not to make too many slick sounds
The teasing, the build up goes on all through the meeting
Only when the Hashira are gone does Tengen slip his fingers inside of you, no longer carting if you're quiet, no longer caring how many squelching, wet noises your pussy makes from his fingers pushing in to the last knuckle
You moan as you straddle him, up on your knees, fishing out his leaking, cum stained cock and bucking into his hand, leaving his wrist and forearm wet
He lets you come around his fingers, shaking in his lap, moaning into rough, hot kisses
After that it's his turn, but he pushes you down, he wants to come in your mouth, see you swallow everything he's got
You've been wanting to taste him since you felt how hard and hot his cock was under your hand
It's pulsing in your mouth, the taste of his cum driving you mad
You need all of his cum, you can take him, all of him
He presses you down on his cock as he comes down your throat, and like his good girl you gulp down every hot drop of his release
You don't stop until you feel his hips and thighs stop shaking
His smile is even more radiant than before
If this is how Hashira meetings go in the future then you both have slightly less problems going to them
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windtooweem · 2 days ago
Can I request a scenario of tanjiro trying to impress his crush?
Tanjiro x crush reader
Romantic 💘
They/Them reader
Tumblr media
“Oh Nezuko I like them so much, it drives me crazy!” Tanjiro said as he sat across from his sister trying to not stress out his poor heart.
“They are just so kind! And smart and also very gorgeous!” Tanjiro said as his sister gave him a knowing look.
“Y/n! Let me help you with that!” Tanjiro yelled out to you carrying some of the boxes to give to Aoi and Shinobu.
“Oh, sure Tanjiro” You said smiling at his kindness as Tanjiro’s face turned a little red.
As both of you were walking Tanjiros poor heart was threatening to pump out of his chest. He had no idea what to do.
“Tanjiro?” You said caching his attention as he tried his best not to scream out his feelings for you.
“Yes?” Tanjiro replied trying to keep his cool around you.
“Your face is really red! Are you sick?! Sit down let me take care of you!” You said as you left to go get a damp rag to put on his forehead.
As you started babying him Zenitsu was gonna butt in but Nezuko pulled him away seeing how her brother was in a state of bliss.
You really were gonna be the death of him.
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gyusimp · 2 days ago
Looking at Gyutaro's birthmarks, I can't help but be reminded of the night sky, particularly the bright band of stars seen on really clear nights. How would Gyutaro react to his s/o making this comparison? (I love your work btw it's so hecking cute!!!)
°•Flattery for Gyutaro•°
You were in your room, it was late at night but despite that the Entertainment District was very active. You were cleaning and tidying up when you could feel a pair of big hands taking you from behind, one hand covered your mouth and the other wrapped around your whole body. For a fraction of a second, your brain thought of a kidnapping causing you to get scared and grab those hands, but then you recognized that presence and its particular way of greeting you.
You looked up and you could see a pair of glowing green and yellow eyes. Seeing your frightened face from a few seconds ago, Gyutaro couldn't help but laugh in a shrill and crooked way. He released you from his grasp and you greeted him. Gyutaro seemed in a good mood and a bit lively so that told you that he came with a full stomach. The two of you talked while you finished doing some chores that you hadn't been able to finish during the day. When you finished, both of you walked towards the balcony of your room, your room was on the second floor so you could observe all the angles of this district area. You two were criticizing and making jokes about the people walking around, Gyutaro and you were saying stupid things because you loved to make each other laugh.
During a small silence, you looked up to notice the masterpiece that was in the sky. There were no clouds so tonight all the stars could be seen perfectly.
"Gyu! Look at the sky!"
There were stars of all sizes, some even shone brighter than others. They were all scattered across the sky like paint splatters made with a brush. The demon next to you didn't pay much attention to the sky, instead, he looked at you and as you looked at the sky in amazement with the sight. In the center of the sky, you could see a part full of stars, they formed almost a paler spot but it looked beautiful. Seeing that central group of stars with others scattered in different places reminded you of Gyutaro. The sky and his face were adorned in the same way.
"Gyutaro, you're like the sky." you told him while looking at him. He also looked at you but he seemed confused, he didn't know what you meant. "Your face is adorned like the sky full of stars, that makes you both so much more beautiful."
Gyutaro frowned and turned his face away from you. It was still hard for him to receive compliments from you, he was very insecure and he had a hard time believing that you actually thought that of him. At first, he even thought that everything you said to him was in a sarcastic way and you were making fun of him, but you made everything clear to him.
"That's not true. How could you like this shit? I hate them."
It hurt you that Gyutaro couldn't see how beautiful he was. You moved closer to him and stood on the side where he was looking. His expression was disgusted but for some reason he looked sad at the same time. You took his face between both hands so that he would look into your eyes. Being so close to him you were submerged in that deep green look.
"It's true, I love every part of you, my love."
He gently took your arms, you felt his warmth that erased the cold of the night on your skin. You brought your face close to his and left soft kisses above the biggest mark on his face, you pushed his hair aside and kissed the one that was on the side of his forehead, you went down a little more and kissed both marks on the sides of his chin to end up kissing his lips.
Gyutaro thinks you're beautiful, and sometimes he thinks you're wasting your time with him. You are someone amazing and he thinks you should be with someone better than him. But at times like this, you make Gyutaro feel so good and safe that he wouldn't want anyone else in the whole world to have your undivided attention and sweet treats.
I've seen some edited Gyutaro pics on Pinterest where people delete his face marks! Can you believe it? 😭 damn they're. And thanks for make this request! i'd really like to tell to my baby how gorgeous he's 🤧💖
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kirakuwillteachyouwell · 2 days ago
Tanjiro+Zenitsu Reaction to Reader Sleepwalking
sfw, just random headcannons and fluff
isnt proofread, just excuse all spelling/gramnar mistakes until sunday morning EST pls 😐
Tanjiro Kamado
was surprised when you tripped over him
Took him awhile to realize you were sleepwalking
Didnt notice until he saw your eyes closed and you werent responding to him
Definitley didnt know what to do about it
'Should I get them to lay down? Or should I just lock the door so they cant go anywhere? Or should I wake them up?'
Poor guy had seven trains on three railroad tracks all at once in his mind
Eventually decided to wake you up and get you to lay with him
"Come on, dont want you to cause troublr for anyone else int the wisteria house. Lay down with me."
He's so sweet and understanding about it that it's hard not to deny his offer
You sleep like a log right after you both lay down and there are no more distubances that night
He usss it as an excuse to have you lay with him every night
Poor Zenitsu is fuming when he wakes up everymorning and you two are cuddling
Zenitsu Agatsuma
He's definitley a sleep talker, so you two go along well with disturbing everyone else in the wisteria house
He's asleep practically yelling, "Please marry me!!!"
And meanwhile you're wandering around the halls bumping into walls and knocking over everything in your path
It's a good night if you manage to not wake up any other residents
After so many complaints the wisteria house owner threatens to kick yall out
He suggests that you two cuddle, to quote, "Keep you grounded while you're alseep and he can sleep peacefully too!"
When you actually agree he nearly faints
Man looks straight up like tomato jay after a good laugh
He's rolling on the floor mumbling "please marry me" over and over
Inosuke probably yells at him to shut up
Yall finally go to bed with no further incidents
He confesses his undying love when you wake up the next morning
You promise to marry him after the fight with Muzan is over
yeah couldnt think of anything for inosuke but if ya really want it just comment or something and ill be more than happy to make it :)
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rae-writes · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
He finally- after months of fucking his fist with you on his mind- has you underneath him, clad in nothing but his old tshirt and legs lifted over his broad shoulders; he slides in you with a delighted shiver.
Only sliding in seemed a bit too easy— considering you were a virgin. And his first thought is to grit his teeth and bare them angrily because you’re his. He made fucking sure of it- no one should’ve touched you because you. are. his.
But his clenched jaw loosens at your shaky touch, mouth falling slack when you whimper out a small “p-prepped myself b-before you g-got here…wanted you, wanted all of you…please keep going!”
And he groans, unrestrained and near desperate, “Oh? You stuffed your tiny little fingers in your pretty hole just for me? Next time you’ll let me watch, wontcha? Gotta see it— fuck I wanna see you prep yourself for my cock- only mine- you understand? Yeah? That’s right baby, now scream it. I want the fuckin neighbors to hear who you belong to.”
Draken, Ran, SHINICHIRO, Wakasa, Izana, AOMINE, Himuro, Imayoshi, DAZAI, Chuuya, Nikolai, GRIMMJOW, Ichigo/Hichigo, TOJI, GOJO, GETO, Noritoshi, Tengen, SANEMI, Akaza, Gyutaro, TSUKISHIMA, Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Atsumu/Osamu, or ur fav <3
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muzanswaifu · a month ago
Hashira & Uppermoon hcs (18+)
Anon: Reader trying to crawl away when her orgasm is approaching due to intense feeling
Fem/Afab! Reader
Warnings: Smut, some suggested dubcon/noncon situations, doggy style, missionary, cunnilingus, fingering, tribbing, 69, mating press, ect, breeding kink, squirting, yandere themes, suggested violence, overstimulation, edging
Gyomei (Doggy style)
Hes so big, its no wonder you get so overwhelmed
You wait for the moment his massive length stops pumping his release in you, threads of cum stretching between your swollen cunt lips and his leaking slit, you push yourself up from your spread position on your tummy, hands clawing at the sheets desperately to get away
The fucking you could handle, it was difficult, definitely taking a toll on your delicate body, but what you weren’t expecting was for him to finish before you, filling you up so much that the hot pool of sperm pushed tightly at your belly from the inside
You’d finally reached an end of the mattress before monstrously large hands grabbed around your waist, tugging you back and forcing a sob from your throat
He gives a soft apology for finishing so quickly and not giving you a proper warning, promising to make it up to you
You beg him to give you a break, pleading for him to use your mouth instead, anything
He denies your offer, insisting that he bring you to climax once more, twice more, a thousand times more
You’re strong, he insists, you can take it
Tengen (Missionary)
Hell, hes used to it, your so goddamn sensitive all the time its not like hes suprised
A chuckle fills your ears as your weak limbs claw away, exhausted but adamant about escaping
He humors you, letting you get at least a couple feet away from him before pouncing on you again
His voice is sickening sweet as he picks you up once more, molding your hips against his in a steep arch that allows him to sink into you, your insides promptly taking shape and milking him for all he's worth
You whine aloud, muttering soft pleas and begs for him to go easy on you, for him to get you off gently rather than ripping them out of you one after the other
He laughs manically
Fat chance
By the time he's done with you, you better be dumb and pliant, begging for him to unload inside you until he's fully satisfied, don't be selfish
Shinobu (Cunnilingus and fingering)
Rolls her eyes as you try to push her way and escape, her lips and fingers only working faster on your twitching pussy in retaliation to your little rebellion
She honestly thinks you're being a tad bit dramatic, don't you think? She's only had her mouth on you for a couple minutes and your already squirming and crying
She pretends to care though, cooing at you to just bear through it a bit longer, you're so close aren't you?
Her lips suck harder at your clit, her fingers digging deeper in your g-spot, stars sparking in your vision
You don't wanna come again, you don't wanna "squirt" or whatever she called it when your juices sprayed out and made a mess last time
Sobs echo through the room as she continues, her tongue swirling over your little bead over and over again, right under the hood where it almost hurts how good it feels
Its a good thing she tied you to bed this time, otherwise you probably would've gotten away since Shinobu probably wasn't strong enough to stop you, but she planned this, schemed this
She moans shamefully loud when you finally drench her face in your sweetness, liquid shooting all over her mouth and neck as your legs shake violently in release, she licks her lips of the delectable nectar
Oh that was so beautiful - again?
Iguro (fingering)
Couldn't give a shit, did you have to be so loud and annoying about it? Just shut up and take it
He does go a little slower though, dragging out the agony that builds in your gut with every fucking second
His fingers are devilishly skilled, each digit curling painfully perfect against your g-spot and creation such a delicious stretch against your walls, but each sensation just built one atop the other, making all of it just that much more unbearable
He doesn't even give you a break, instead holding you down with his legs keeping your thighs spread for his torturous touch
It honestly turns him on how desperately you're trying to escape, though he'd never admit it given he disproved of his own sadistic desires, but if he could he'd want it like this always, you tied down and begging for release of both kinds while he denied you of either
Before you could reach the end, however, he tears his hand away, letting you wallow in the pit of frustration and despair, hell it was probably his fault you were so painfully sensitive since he'd been edging you like this for what felt like several hours now
But god did you look so hot like this, so irresistible, he wondered if you could come from just a breath on your delicate little clit now as he pet along the side of your labia, making your hips jump against his hand for one more second of touch where you needed it the most
After a few moments he returned to the peak of your sex, rubbing softly and relishing your sniffles as he wondered how many more times he should tease you
Mitsuri (Tribbing)
Oh lord she's so sweet
Apologizes for being too much for you and forcing you to have to crawl out from under her just to get a break
Promises she'll be softer, better, and will take care of you like you, her princess, deserves
You sniffle at her kind vow, nodding your head stupidly with what small amount of brain you have left and she giggles
She resumes position, tribbing your cunts together reverse cowgirl while your thighs are pressed out over your sides under the weight of her ass, your juices mix together like a fine wine, flowing down onto the sheets in a dewy puddle that has mitsuri mewling
You can hear the slick sounds the friction makes, her wet sex against yours, her lips sliding against your clit like a carnal whisper, each rock makes you shiver, your climax building up so slowly and torturously you cry
she looks over her shoulder with a gentle expression, a glowing redness spread across her cheeks, admiring the roll of your eyes to the back of your skull as you finally, finally, shatter
Your so cute like this, she thinks, so adorable and precious
She can't help but continue, rolling her hips atop yours to bring out several screams from your shrill throat, she just can't help it
Tomioka (Grasshopper)
Ignores it
He doesn't at all mind when you try to flee from him, as he quickly catches you without any effort at all and brings you back down to bed with him, though he does find it rather inconvenient when he knew you were so, so close to sweet release
It had been quite a while since your last coupling so he was confident this was well needed for you, and he'd be damned if he let your own naive body keep you from satisfaction
He'd pull you back down to his embrace, making sure to securely wrap his arms around your waist this time so you couldn't move an inch, and absolutely go to town, thrusting so hard and fast that you were sure your insides would bruise
None-the-less, you would be forced to take it, unable to break through his strength, each stroke hitting your sweet spot near your cervix with crippling precision
Your sobs rose in volume as your body was forced over each wave of pleasure, rising and rising and rising but not yet allowing you to tumble over even though you so desperately needed to
But Giyu was merciful, taking care of you so viciously and forcing your greedy little cunt to succumb to bliss even as it rebelled against what had to be your strongest climax yet
Only when he'd bottomed out, grounding his base into yours in deep swivel did you finally break, crying with hot tears and clenching at the sheets, your stubborn body screaming as he continued pumping
Did you think he was done?
Rengoku (Cunnilingus)
He finds your attempts absolutely adorable, so amusing, even if they were futile since he'd tied each of your hands to the bedpost and had your ankles and thighs knit together to keep you bent and exposed, his own powerful arms curled around your hips to keep you spread for him to feast on
Pure ecstasy filled him every time you came into his mouth, with the occasional spurt of sweet honey all over his jaw and face when he was being especially eager
But it was only a matter of time before your little pussy would reject the need to finish, being so used to satisfaction that you were kept at a constant of sensitivity and edging
Perhaps it was his fault for making you finish so many times (it was), but he'd be awful if he left you in such a state with no end, even if you begged him over and over to just leave you be and give you rest, he knew you couldn't possibly mean it
He'd make sure to give you attention where you needed it the most, flicking his tongue over your dripping folds, wrapping his lips around your throbbing bead, licking into your convulsing hole
Each sound you make is a gift from god, your pained cries for mercy only edging him on further to lavish your little kitty with attention, she was begging for it
Eventually, after several long whiles of eating you, you start to feel the draws of climax creeping up on you, but this one felt stronger, more pain than pleasure with how horribly sensitive you were, with clenched fists pulling at his locks you begged him to stop, the plea falling on deaf ears, honestly even if he were to listen how would he hear with your thighs squeezing his head?
Pain seared through your veins as your nethers clenched, his tongue never ceasing its vigorous swiping even as you screamed out your demise, juices gushing out of your and staining his face in such a lovely sheen, he licked his lips and yours clean
Sanemi (69)
Its absolutely infuriating that you were being so finicky
Hell, you hadn't even made him come yet and were already trying to ditch? Yah, fuck that
He should've known you'd get all fussy after he'd made you come the first time with his tongue, your own stuttering on his cock before grazing your teeth as your jaw began to lock with the overstimulation
Honestly how was he supposed to react when you tried to crawl off of him to freedom? Was he supposed to beg you to come back? Comfort you and give you a break? Fuck that weak shit, if he needed attention, you were gonna give it to him, and take it
With a strong thigh wrapped over the back of your head to keep your throat impaled on his length and thick hands anchoring your pussy to his face, he was in absolute paradise
He almost laughed when he felt your teeth whisper against his cock again, you no doubt having the urge to bite down as he lathered his tongue all over your cunt over and over again, paying careless and heady attention to your little clit
He rolled his hips on occasion to jostle his dick in your mouth, thoroughly enjoying the way your throat would tighten around him and your bud would twitch between his lips
It was only after you'd finally relaxed on top of him, likely having lost consciousness from the combination of pleasure and lack of oxygen, that he filled your mouth with seed, but even then, why not another round?
Kokushibo (Mating Press)
Upper 3 finds great offense to your lack of gratefulness and pursuit of escape, who were you to deny him?
With a deepening hold, he only pounds into you harder, sending sparks upon sparks of pleasure through your body despite the bruises forming on your abused bodice
His cock slams hard into your cervix, bruising the delicate tissue and bulging out of your stomach in a overwhelming sight, you're comparably smaller frame can't even begin to take it, each thrust pushing you closer and closer to the ledge of a release that quite honestly scares you
But each time you beg for him to be more gentle, to stop, to let you go, he only becomes more vicious, unforgiving, cruel
You're lucky, had he cared about you any less he would've broken a limb or two to make you stop struggling, but being the generous man he is, he allows you to continue making a fool of yourself, your weak little hits doing nothing but drive him further off the wall with rage
Your sobs only increase in frequency as you get closer, your eagerness to get free becoming more desperate
Pushing the backs of your knees further into the ground, he quickens his already hellish pace, his pelvis slapping into yours violently and abusing your tender clitoris that, regardless of everything, throbbed for attention
When your pleasure pain finally peaks with a hot rush of juices squirting out to drench his pelvis and thighs, only then does he ease on you (hardly), slowing his pace slightly to ride out the delicious clench of your cunt around his member, your reward being a generous few flicks to your clit, making the hypersensitivity just that much more unbearable
Douma (Thigh job)
He finds grief with your overstimulated cries and grasps for relief, chastising himself for overindulging on such a poor creature as yourself, he apologizes sincerely, hoping he didn’t hurt you too much
Its not your fault, you poor thing, he can hardly handle his own carnal needs himself, and he much less expected you to be able to keep up
Truly he’d thought such a position as this would be easier for you, with the lack of penetration and gentler handling, though perhaps it was a bit much considering how teasing each pass of his shaft was over your sensitive little bundle of nerves
He tries to ease up, he does, but how can he contain himself? Your thighs and pussy feel oh so good wrapped around his swollen cock, the perfect mixture of slick and friction, second to that of your insides of course
So eventually he chooses to ignore your tries of escape, instead opting to coo down at you, comforting you through the waves of pleasure that he knows will soon lead to your orgasm
He can feel how your holes convulses, your clit twitches, your thighs tighten, its nearly painful how hard you're pressed around him, not even a gap of space left between your legs other than the one his cock is occupying
Finally he feels it, your shudder of tension before your body seizes in a tantrum of euphoria, he can see the way your hands grip the sheets, the way your spine quivers, the way your mouth gapes open in scream after scream, hell his followers must think he's murdering someone in here!
He eventually follows suit, cum spraying across your body in thick ropes that he pumps out with each pass of his hips into your spent ones, your body twitches weakly and you whine as he continues to use your oversensitive folds
Who can blame him? You feel so good!
Akaza (Spider-man)
He laughs manically seeing you trying to escape, your weak little body looking so pitiful between his powerful thighs
Honestly it was a miracle you'd lasted this long with him, but he found satisfaction in the fact that the pleasure he'd brought you was so overwhelming that your stupid little brain thought it'd be a good idea to flee from a god such as himself
He'd had half a mind to let you and watch you run away with so much cum running down your legs that you'd likely slip in it, stupid thing
But he'd trashed that idea when he'd heard your cries rise, more tears and saliva pooling down your face, he wanted to hear what your voice sounded like when you came again, what your face looked like, what your cunt felt like
He thrust into you faster, trailing a hand from where it was hugging your thigh to his chest down to where your little clit lie
He brushed over it quickly, relishing your shrill cries of grief and despair as your nerves lit on fire, more laughter filling your ears
It wasn't long before you finally snapped, your pussy chocking around him and spewing hot liquid across his thighs, it was bliss feeling you milk him and hearing your broken voice scream so loud his ear drums nearly burst in time with his seed that flooded your insides
Yes, he rather enjoyed this, perhaps he should let you escape next time and see how that plays out as well
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sukunababy · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
— Tengen Uzui, Kyojuro Rengoku, Giyu Tomioka, Sanemi Shinazugawa, Shinobu Kocho x f!reader
cw. squirting, doggy, fingering, oral, mating press, clit slapping, nipple playing, dacryphilia, riding — rbs are appreciated — m.list
Tumblr media
You sob into the pillow when he angles his hips and begins to fuck against your sweet spot, your dripping walls wrap him so tight that Tengen can't hold back a gasp, "uhu why are you crying? is this too much for you?" he asks with a grin on his face.
You feel so close, the sheets are soft as you cling, your legs are soft and your arms won't hold you up, your ass in the air and the lewd sounds of his heavy balls slamming into your swollen, aching nub fill the room.
"Please let me cum," you moan dropping your face to the pillow. He grunts with each thrust, his grip is rough on your ass as he pushes against you, "you better make a mess, then" he chuckles surrounding your clit with two fingers and rubbing it rough.
You can't hold back when you're over the edge, your mouth snaps open as you moan lewdly, "c-cumming..." as you gush around his thick cock, wetting your thighs and the sheets beneath you.
"Shit, that's it, come on baby one more" Uzui grunts forcing more spurts slamming his thick head into your wet nub, his hands holding you firmly by the ass as you shudder and try to catch your breath.
Tumblr media
You're so wet you're dripping on his balls as you sit in his lap, his hard cock buried deep in your cunt as you jump and grind against his crotch.
"You feel good, baby mh?" he whispers in your ear as you slump into his chest. Despite holding you with one hand on his thick thigh beneath you and the other around his neck, you can't keep up with his thrusts.
You can't form a response, your eyes roll back in pleasure with a moan of his name on your lips, your clit gently rubbing against your crotch making you shiver.
Rengoku's cock throbs in your warm slit, pressing on your sweet spot and the growing orgasm is unlike any before. You lift yourself off his cock swiftly, only to see squirts of your cum wet his lap. Your moan catches him off guard and to lengthen your pleasure he uses his shaft to rub your nub making you gush again and again.
You can't even catch your breath when he pulls you down on his length, your walls flutter around him as you adjust to his thick girth, "that was so hot baby" he moans grabbing your ass and starting to move under you, "do it again, make a mess, do it for me".
Tumblr media
"So good" you meow, his thick, hard cock throbbing in your tight walls, his girth coated with your cum as he thrusts against you.
Your head falls back into the pillows as Tomioka bends over you, his cock pressing against your cervix as he sucks and pinches your hard nipples, "I could come with just this" he murmurs in a lazy tone.
Your orgasm builds up and becomes wet, heavier, "I'm gonna cum, ... s-so good" you gasp with your fingers around his neck, your toes curling and pressing into the mattress in ecstasy.
Your mind fogs as he continues to stretch your cunt with each heavy thrust, "don't stop ah, feels so g-good there". And he can't stop when you're so pretty and wet for him, he increases the pace, sinks inside you digging into your hips so you don't slip away.
Your pussy twitches around his cock making him gasp. You start gushing cum around his shaft being forced out due to the strong orgasm, "fuck ... fuck" you moan gushing everywhere.
He can't help it, he lifts your legs in the air and bends his head over your puffy nub, sucking and licking back and forth prolonging your orgasm, making you make a mess on his pretty face too.
Tumblr media
"You've taken it before," he grunts when you grab onto his beefy shoulders scratching him, "stop complaining".  And you want to stop but his thick cock stretches your tight pussy so good it's hard for you to hold back the tears.
He snorts before retracting and thrusting in with one stroke, your swollen lips parting in a silent scream as he hits your spongy spot, "'nemi please" you moan, his big hands behind your knees holding your legs up in the air as he turns his hips to meet yours.
You gasp in despair, your nub being taken with each thrust, "you're my good girl, aren't you" he praises you fucking your slit, your cunt begins to tighten as his thrusts become messy.
"I'm going to make a mess" you warn him, his cock pushes into the cream you left around him as your cunt tries to push him out.
The squirt comes out roughly, wetting his chest and all around, "fuck yeah, pretty so good" he hums as he keeps fucking inside your abused creamy pussy.
Tumblr media
"You're so cute when you cry" she murmurs in your ear slapping your dripping cunt.
The pain runs down to your toes and you can't help it, you whimper even louder. Shinobu runs her tongue along your jaw as she pinches a nipple roughly, two fingers grinding inside your spongy spot as you lie between her thighs.
"feels good, ‘Nobu ..." you meow raising your hips and letting her angle her fingers, striking deeper into your upper wall, "will my pretty angel make a mess for me? uhu?" she asks amused, a smirk on her face as she watches her fingers disappear into your slit.
Your breathing becomes labored and you clench her thighs as she uses her other hand to tease your puffy bud, "cumming, c-cumming" you squeak throwing your head back on her soft tits.
You come with long squirts, your juices wetting her hand as she forces her fingers back into your throbbing hole, "there you go, my angel was so good" she praises using her free hand to slap your swollen clit freeing more light squirts of cum.
Tumblr media
🏷. @spicybunnyxp @matssuncxmslxt @shigamiryuk @narmisseite @semisgroupie @hannas16 @kurtaclangobrr @daoyuu @itsmeseph @awkwardchick87 @ramens-posts @tsukkikeisimp @trueshellz @tojidilfs @jiminie-08 @simpforerenn
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cherryblossomsenpai · 7 months ago
Okay okay what about f!reader who does some sort of plant breathing and while fighting she accidentally hits tengen, kyo, and giyuu (separately) with a plant that acts as an aphrodisiac
Aphrodisiac you say?
Simply because I wanted to, I included Sanemi. Hope you enjoy!
Aphrodisiac!Reader x Sanemi/Giyuu/Tengen/Kyojuro
Minors and Ageless Blogs Will Be Blocked!
P.S. everything here is consensual
Poor Reader…she just wanted to help. Technically she did, her Breathing Technique working just as it was supposed to on the demon. Stunning it long enough for the Hashira to swoop in and cut its head off. But they didn’t listen to your warning that they shouldn’t step in! That only you were resistant to the effects of the aphrodisiac…
“You are aware I trained to build an immunity to poison, correct?” he asks, almost mockingly, reaching a large hand down to ruffle your head playfully. Was your hair always this soft?
“Tengen!” you scold, and he can’t stop his mouth from twitching when he hears your cute voice, “We have to get you to Shinobu! This could be really bad!”
You’re tugging on his big arm, two small hands not even able to wrap around his muscular bicep. He loves how tiny you are in comparison to him. So soft and warm.
“Tengen?” you call to him. He doesn’t know when he even got on top of you...when he caged you underneath his big frame. But now that you’re here…
Arms raised and reaching behind you so that you can wrap them around his neck for support as he grips your ankles from behind.
“You know,” he grunts as he plows into you, heavy cock battering your poor pussy, “I wish you would have done this a long time ago!”
“Tengen! Tengen!” is all you can say, grateful that your back is facing him so that he can’t see how your eyes are rolled back, how your drool runs down your chin.
“Y/n!” he groans, finally letting go of your legs so that you can kneel as he wraps both his huge arms around your frame and plows into you, thrusting even as you feel your legs shake from the hot cum that threatens to drown your insides.
“Kyo!” you cry out, running and holding onto him as he falls to his knees, “Are you okay?!”
“Y-yes!” he shouts, “In fact, I’ve never felt better! I feel ready to fight an army of demons right now! I’m so warmed up! I could just-!” He dashes around madly, launching himself off trees with such speed that you’re only able to see the blurred sight of his haori zooming around.
“Amazing, isn’t it?” he asks, suddenly face to face with you, eyes wide and glowing like always. But he’s breathing hard and you can see the sweat trickling down his face.
“Kyojuro…” you start, placing your hand on his forehead, “You’re really burning up! Let’s sit down for a second, okay?”
Sitting in a clearing, hoping the cool wind would make him feel a little better, you search your bag for some water.
“Y/n!” Kyojuro shouts, “You’re very beautiful!”
“Thank you,” you mumble, trying not to stare at the man who already has his shirt tossed to the side, muscular chest rising and falling with every labored breath he takes.
“Very! Very beautiful!” he exclaims and the heat rushes to your cheeks. Suddenly feeling thick arms wrap around you from behind, feeling blond hair tickling against your cheek, those burning eyes staring into yours once more.
“Forgive me,” he apologizes, “I really should have at least taken you to a nice meal first!” He’s too far gone, legs pressed to your chest as he grunts with very rough thrust.
He’s panting and every now and then, when your walls clench around him as you cum once more, he lets out a guttural groan that sends shivers down your spine.
“Giyuu!” you shout, “I’m sorry! I didn’t think you’d jump in! Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” he says coldly, straightening himself off the ground and already beginning to walk away from the scene. You follow close after him.
“So…” you begin, trying to make conversation.
“It’s a nice night out,” he suddenly says, making you pause. Did he just speak without being asked a question? Because he wanted to?
“Y-yes it is!” you respond. He clears his throat. He’s undoing the top buttons of his uniform, face flushed.
“Giyuu?” you call.
“It’s…really hot…” he’s panting now.
“Giyuu! Just take it easy! I’m sure that help is coming soon! The Kakushi can’t be far behind!” you try to comfort him, but upon hearing that more people are on their way, he grabs your wrist and dashes further into the forest.
“I-I’m sorry. I can’t hold back anymore!” he apologizes as hot cum shoots up into your womb. Your legs are wrapped around his waist as he stands tall, knees buckling only whenever he cums.
You dig your nails into his back and he lets out a pleasured whine, his hands gripping even tighter on your ass as he continues to bounce you on his cock.
“Fucking! Dammit! What the hell was that!” Sanemi shouts, coughing as he lifts himself from the ground.
“I told you not to get close!” you scold, patting his back, “Are you feeling okay?”
“I’m fine!” he barks, turning away from your touch, already walking away from you.
But he’s not. You can see that he stops walking every now and then, gripping onto the bark of a tree, clutching his stomach.
“Sanemi!” you call and he can’t prevent his legs from shaking.
“Don’t! Don’t say anything!” he begs in a low, pained voice. He can’t bear to hear it. He’s already hard enough.
“It’s okay,” you comfort, placing your hands on his burning chest, slowly rubbing him in hopes of calming him down.
“Fuck! God-fucking! Fuck!” Sanemi yells, one hand gripping your hair mercilessly while the other digs into your hip, pulling you back to him as he thrusts into you from behind. You’re both on your knees, both panting and sweating and moaning as you feel that release coming up.
“You planned this, didn’t you? You fucking minx!” he growls, hand finally untangling itself from your hair so that he can plant both his hands on your hips and really drill into you.
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s0dium · 10 months ago
Slapping your ass
Tumblr media
Warnings: Suggestive themes overall, fluff.
Giyu Tomioka
He saw Uzui do it to one of his wives
Uzui told him that girls love it
You were talking to a Kakushi, UNAWARE of what was about to happen
It actually kinda hurt and it made you yelp-
He just looked at you expressionless and then walked away
Obanai iguro
SUPER shy had no idea what he was doing
Totally planed this all day
It felt like a light tap
When you turned around he seemed just as surprised as you
Couldn't stop apologizing after though you kind of enjoyed it
Kyojuro Rengoku
He was just bored and wanted to see your reaction
You fell on your knees in embarrassment
he laughed and patted your head
"Your so cute y/n~!"
Tengen Uzui
Did it in front of EVERYONE because it would be "flamboyant"
You turned around ready to yell at him furiously
He picked you up and spins you around after seeing your flustered face
"How beautiful you are my flamboyant flower!"
Sanemi Shinazugawa
This mf fucker WINDS his hand back
Snickers and looks at your embarrassed face
"Sorry thought I saw a bug~"
*smirks and walks away*
Gyomei Himejima
Ok lets be honest this man would never. He is too much of a cinnamon roll plus he would break all the bones in your body. Instead Gyomei would give you a light kiss on your forehead :)
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hanmas · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: uzui tengen, hashibira inosuke, rengoku kyojuro, kamado tanjiro, shabana gyutaro (just pretend he’s human in this okay)
notes: i am a little fixated on demon slayer as of late if you haven’t noticed :,)
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐆𝐄𝐍 groans, dragging his feet into the room stiffly. he curses under his breath as you stir in your sleep, eyes fluttering open as you give him a sleepy smile when you realize he’s home. “you’re back. how was the mission?” grinning at you fondly, he chuckles, cupping your cheek as he leans down to press a kiss to your forehead. “didn’t mean to wake you. i won a flashy victory, what else?” he moves to stand to his full height, and you grab his hand with a pout, staring up at him with tired eyes. “no,” you whine, “you only just got back.” you lift the blanket, staring up at him expectantly to join, and with a low chuckle, he gives in and crawls in beside you, pulling you flush against his chest. “i still have to bathe, you know,” he murmurs, but you press a soft kiss to his pec, snuggling your cheek against the firm muscle and smiling to yourself in content. “stay here a bit first,” you murmur, falling back asleep as he rubs your back, and a bath might sound nice right now, but the sound of your soft breathing as you shift closer is even better.
✰ 𝐆𝐘𝐔𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐎 walks in with his back hunched, scowl on his face as he slams the door shut behind him. you stare at him with a soft smile, lifting the blanket up and holding an arm out. almost instantly, the stress rolls off his shoulders as he slides in, head finding your chest while you kiss his forehead. “long day, huh?” you murmur, stroking through his hair slowly. “yeah, daki was being difficult,” he grumbles, looking up at you and pouting as he adds, “and my back is sore.” chuckling quietly, you bring the covers over his body, rubbing his back slowly and smiling as he lets out a relieved sigh. “maybe if you didn’t hunch all day, you back wouldn’t be sore,” you tease. he scowls once more, burying his head into your chest, and you press one more sweet kiss to his temple as you relax. “supposed to pick my side,” he mutters through a yawn, smiling to himself as you giggle, and he thinks as long as he ends each day with you, they can’t be too bad.
✰ 𝐈𝐍𝐎𝐒𝐔𝐊𝐄 shakes your shoulders, waking you as he complains loudly for you to get up. groaning, you pull the covers over your head, only for him to pull them down instantly. “wake up, you’re always sleeping,” he grumbles, prodding your shoulder with his finger harshly. huffing, you smack his hand away, and he growls under his breath in frustration. “leave me alone, inosuke, it’s too early,” you glare at him. he scowls, but his lips curl ever so slightly into a small pout, making your features soften as you take in the sight. “well i’m bored,” he mutters under his breath, staring at you with a raised brow when you lift the blanket up, ushering him to join you under the covers. “come back to bed then,” you murmur gently, and even if he complains under his breath, his body presses as close to yours as it can get. “this is a waste of a perfectly good morning,” he grunts, but he lets out a soft sigh when your fingers thread through his locks. “you seem to be enjoying it,” you snort.
✰ 𝐊𝐘𝐎𝐉𝐔𝐑𝐎 is a little concerned when you’re not jumping into his arms as he walks through the door, searching through your home to find you. he lets out a soft breath of relief when he sees you bundled under the covers, and a wide grin stretches across his face instantly. “baby, it got cold without you,” you pout, opening the blanket to signal for him to join you, hand out and grabbing for him. he chuckles, slotting his body next to yours and wrapping two strong arms around you as he pulls you against his chest. “we can’t have that,” he murmurs, pressing a sweet kiss to your forehead, “gotta keep you warm, then. that better?” your hand trails to rub his chest in slow circles, and he lets out a soft breath, curling his arm around you tighter. leaning up and kissing his jaw, you hum as you nod, and he’s glad he gets to come home to you, always keeping him warm on the coldest of nights too. “way better.”
✰ 𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐉𝐈𝐑𝐎 sits down at the edge of the bed beside you, smiling to himself as you sleep. he cups your cheek, rubbing a thumb in slow circles as he admires your features. “you’re so pretty,” he hums, leaning to peck your lips softly, but he’s shocked when you return the kiss, cracking an eye open slowly. “welcome back,” you yawn, “why’re you staring at me like a creep?” you’re blinking up to look at him as he sends you a soft grin, and he feels his chest swell with affection as you rub the sleep from your eyes. “why’re you pretending to sleep like a creep?” he counters, and you giggle as your hand takes his into your grasp, tracing over the scars slowly before planting tiny kisses along each one. it’s quiet for a bit, and then you scoot over to the side, lifting the blanket up and staring at him expectantly. “come to bed, i missed you,” you whisper, and as he slips under the covers with you, both of your quiet laughs mingling against the fabric as your limbs tangle, tanjiro knows he’s home.
Tumblr media
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ceijoh · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
relationship: m!character x f!reader
contents/warnings:18+, spit kink (duh), degradation, impact play, choking, boys being mean :( (but it’s okay because they do it out of love and you’re horny) begging
word count: 1057
Tumblr media
who spits in your mouth as a way of dominance. 
hands wrapped around your throat, squeezing tightly that make you want to claw at his hand to remove it but there’s also a major part of you that wants him to just do it harder. his hand, wet, courtesy of the combination of your spit and his cum. 
“you’re a fucking slut, aren’t you?” his words were the complete opposite to the tenderness that were in his eyes. rubbing the point of his nose down against the column of your neck, nipping at various points. “my fuckin’ slut,” at the end of his sentence he squeezed your neck, earning a loud whimper from you. 
pulling away from you, he removed his hands from your neck, admiring the marks he left on you. “so fuckin’ beautiful,” he murmured under his breath. he could feel his cock twitch as his eyes roamed your body, taking in every delicious curve. 
his eyes zeroed in on your pussy, without hesitation he smacked it harshly, earning a loud whimper from you. narrowing his eyes at your actions, “shut up, this is mine,” cupping your cunt in his hand, all you could do was watch him with wide eyes. “i can do whatever the fuck i want.” moving forward as he hovered you, “open,” he demanded.
slowly he puckered his lips, gathering a good amount of saliva in his mouth. squeezing your cheeks harshly, he forced them open. “tongue,” sticking your tongue out like the good little bitch you are, he smiled fondly. “don’t even fucking think about swallowing.” patting your cheek condescendingly, watching as you struggled with your tongue out. 
reaching around behind him, he grabbed his phone, quickly taking a photo of you, he looked down as he admired the picture. turning it around to show you, “look at how beautiful my baby is,” and you sure were a sight. eyes watery, tears streaming down your face, cheeks flushed, you could see just how wet your face was. your tongue sticking out like a good obedient girl, you were beautiful.  
tossing his phone down on the floor, he gently cupped your face as he leaned down. “so fuckin’ beautiful.” 
haikyuu: akaashi, meian, iwaizumi, tsukishima, kuroo, kentaro, sakusa, daichi, ukai jr, matsukawa, futakuchi, osamu
jujutsu kaisen: toji, suguru, sukuna, naoya, nanami, hitoshi
my hero academia: endeavor, dabi
attack on titan: levi, eren, zeke
demon slayer: muzan, gyutaro, uzui, sanemi
who spits in your mouth as a way to bond with you. majority of the time it’s sexual, his hand wrapped around your throat. similar to who spits in your mouth as a way of dominance but it’s more out of love than anything. there’s actually a sixth love language; spitting into the mouth of the person you’re in love with -how romantic.
now it was a way of being close with you in a way that hugging you, or even kissing you was not on par with it. it was romantic but sexual, sexual but it didn’t mean he was buried in your guts way. it’s his way of bonding with you he claims, in reality he just wants you to be everywhere. 
nuzzling into your neck, you gently wrapped your arms around his neck. 
“open, please,” he whined as you felt him rub against you. nodding once you began unzipping your trousers, stopping you with a hand, he began to shake his head. understanding what he meant, you gently brought up his face so you could look at him and slowly opened your mouth. 
“pretty,” was the only thing he said, his eyes roaming over your face. stroking the apples of your cheeks, he slowly leant down and watched as his spit landed on your tongue. humming at the sensation, you watched as he puckered up his lips again. this time he didn’t have much grace or aim, his spit instead landing on your chin. 
moaning out his name, you pulled his head closer to your face, “babe,” 
“i got you,” running his hand down your face, “so pretty, i love you so much.”
licking from the base of your neck, you felt him clean your combined spit, at that thought you whined out, “no, want,” pushing him away. 
smiling down at you, he preened at your behaviour. “don’t worry sweet girl,” he cooed, kissing you softly once. wetting his mouth, he let the saliva sit on his tongue.  admiring you once more, he moved forward finally attaching his lips to yours. opening his mouth, he let the spit dribble down both of your chins. feeling your body move with his, he tightened his hands on your waist. 
you pushed your tongue against his, mixing your spit with his.it was wet and it was messy but you wouldn’t have it any other way. 
haikyuu: ushijima, matsukawa, atsumu, tendou, aone, bokuto, hanamaki, oikawa, yamaguchi, kuroo, kenma, kita, terushima, akiteru, hinata
jujutsu kaisen: itadori, gojo, nanami, choso, noritoshi, hiromi
my hero academia: izuku, shouto, mirio
attack on titan: erwin, reiner, armin 
demon slayer: douma, tomioka, rengoku
who spits in your mouth as a way of dominance pt 2…but here’s the twist. they actually want you to spit in their mouth, mark him as yours inside and out. will become so needy and whiny, pawing at you, begging you, will just do about anything for you to pucker up your pretty lips and slowly allow the spit from your mouth to dribble into his awaiting eager ones. 
“god baby,” moaning into your mouth. “c’mon,” he whispered needily against your mouth, “please, baby. just wanna, just needya.” 
you felt his hands groping your hips, trying to find purchase anywhere he can. nipping your lips, his head fell back to the pillows, his beautiful face peering up at you. 
“what do you want, baby?” clenching your pussy against his cock, you watched as his eyes fluttered shut. “c’mon, tell me.” getting up on your knees, you felt his cock slide out, watching as he tried so heavily to focus on you. dropping down quickly, you circled your hips, moans coming out from both of your mouths. 
“want you to spit in my mouth, please,” hands moving to your chest you felt him circle and tug your nipples. “want you inside of me, want you to mark me.” 
you smiled at him, grabbing both of his hands with yours, you guided them towards your ass which he quickly squeezed as soon as his hands were around it. 
it was his elixir, his kryptonite, as he watched you pucker your beautiful lips. watching as the spit exit your mouth and drop down to his awaiting mouth, groaning as soon as it hit contact with his tongue. rolling your essence around his mouth, enjoying and relishing in the taste that was just you, he slowly swallowed. 
“more, please.” 
haikyuu: atsumu, oikawa, bokuto, kageyama, semi 
jujutsu kaisen: gojo, itadori, noritoshi, chosho
my hero academia: hawks, shigaraki, bakugo, shouta, izuku 
attack on titan: reiner, levi
demon slayer: rengoku, gyutaro
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Can I have Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu’s top 2 love languages? Thank you
Demon slayer trio: Top 2 love languages
Romantic 💘
Tumblr media
Acts of service
Quality time together
His parents taught him that you don’t need to be rich or give gifts to show your love. Just being there is enough.
Tumblr media
Physical affection
Gift giving
We all saw how he cling onto woman and how he clings onto…. Everything. People in his town bought stuff for their wife’s or husbands. So that’s who taught him.
Tumblr media
Physical affection
Quality time
The boars gave him affection my nuzzling him and he just likes you because there. That’s how he was taught.
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࿓ ‧₊˚ ୨ mdni | mature/suggestive content ahead. implied female reader ! implied male f/o, edging, choking, slight humiliation/name calling if you squint? 18+ only. all characters mentioned are aged up ! !
a reblog from one of my old side blogs that I just deleted. thought I'd put it here instead~
༄ ‧₊˚ synopsis. sometimes he can't help but be a lil' bit rough with his babygirl... you just look so damn pretty with his hand around your throat.
Tumblr media
Okay but...
Just imagine him pinning you against his mattress, a mixture of his scent and yours sticking to the sheets as he growls into your ear, telling you just how pretty you look trembling underneath him.
Imagine him sliding in and out of you at an agonizingly slow pace just to watch you squirm against the almost painful grip he has on your wrists.
Imagine him humming so deeply in approval of your needy, pathetically desperate whines as you beg for him to stop that you feel the vibrations in your own chest, the feeling alone being enough for yet another orgasm to wash over your already blissfully numb body.
Imagine him calling you his pretty little slut, his personal little cock sleeve before telling you just how perfectly tight you feel around him.
Imagine him making you beg for him to let you come. Making you cry out his name as you rut against him like an animal in heat, begging for the sweet, sweet release that only he can give you.
Better yet, imagine having to cry out his name with his hand around your throat, teasing you mercilessly as he tells you to try harder, that he can’t hear you, that he’ll only let you come if you say it a little bit louder.
“C’mon, princess. Beg me to let you come like the desperate little slut you are.”
UZUI TENGEN, gojo satoru, TOJI FUSHIGURO, hitoshi shinso, bakugo katsuki, megumi fushiguro, levi ackerman, suguru geto, eren yeager, SUKUNA, NANAMI KENTO
On the other hand...
Imagine making him whine for you as he begs you to let him come in breathy, staggered moans of your name.
Imagine being the soul cause of each little shudder and shiver that travels down his spine. To be the only one that gets to watch him crumble at your gentlest touch as you call him pretty little pet names that remind him who he belongs to.
Imagine his eyes squeezing shut and his mouth hanging open as you tease him with the bliss of release for a dangerous amount of time, only to tear a desperate whine from his lips as you slow to a stop once again, for the hundredth time that night.
Imagine being the only person in the entire world that could make him beg for your touch, for your mercy, for your praise. And all the while being called such a good boy for finally understanding what it meant to be obedient.
izuku midoriya, ITADORI YUUJI, EIJIRO KIRISHIMA, denki kaminari, ARMIN ARLET, gojo saturo (i said it, he has his off days-), shoto todoroki, giyuu tomioka, kamado, ZENITSU AGATSUMA,
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