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𝕂𝕚𝕟𝕜𝕞𝕒𝕤 𝔻𝕒𝕪 𝟜
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ: Tᴇɴɢᴇɴ x ꜰᴇᴍ! ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
ɢᴇɴʀᴇ & ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: ᴍᴅɴɪ 18+, ᴜɴᴘʀᴏᴛᴇᴄᴛᴇᴅ sᴇx, ᴍᴀʀᴋɪɴɢ, ᴘʀᴀɪsᴇ ᴋɪɴᴋ, ʙᴏᴅʏ ᴡᴏʀsʜɪᴘ, ʀɪᴅɪɴɢ, ᴄʀᴇᴀᴍᴘɪᴇ, sʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴀɴɢsᴛ, sʟᴏᴡ sᴇx, ᴘᴏsᴛ ʀᴇᴅ ʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴅɪsᴛʀɪᴄᴛ ᴀʀᴄ, ᴍᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴs ᴏꜰ ᴘᴜssʏ ᴇᴀᴛɪɴɢ, ꜰɪɴɢᴇʀɪɴɢ
ᴋɪɴᴋ ꜰᴏᴄᴜs: sʟᴏᴡ sᴇx & ᴍᴀʀᴋɪɴɢ
ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ’s ɴᴏᴛᴇ: ⵊꜰ ʏᴏᴜ ᴀʀᴇɴ’ᴛ ᴜᴘ ᴛᴏ ᴅᴀᴛᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀɴɪᴍᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ sᴘᴏɪʟᴇᴅ, ᴛʜᴇɴ ᴍᴀʏʙᴇ sᴋɪᴘ ᴛʜɪs ᴜɴᴛɪʟ ʏᴏᴜ ꜰɪɴɪsʜ ɪꜰ ʏᴏᴜ ᴄᴀʀᴇ. Bᴜᴛ ⵊ ᴅɪᴅ sᴏᴍᴇᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴅɪꜰꜰᴇʀᴇɴᴛ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴛᴇɴɢᴇɴ ꜰᴏʀ ᴏɴᴄᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ⵊ ʟɪᴋᴇᴅ ᴛʜɪs ᴀ ʟᴏᴛ. Aʟsᴏ, ᴏꜰ ᴄᴏᴜʀsᴇ, ʏᴏᴜ’ʀᴇ ʜɪs 4ᴛʜ ᴡɪꜰᴇ.
Tumblr media
Since Tengen’s retirement as a demon slayer, you all noticed a change in him. He wasn’t as flamboyant as he usually was and he’s been more on the quieter side recently. You all figured he was recovering from the loss of his eye and arm and simply thinking about everything that happened. It was a lot, to say the least, but he survived thanks to Nezuko, which you were grateful for.
But he seemed…lost. Almost like he doesn’t know what to do with himself anymore. He still hasn’t been cleared to train, but he stubbornly tries to do things without asking any of you to do them. His mood only worsens, not at any of you but at himself, when you all tell him it’s okay that he can’t do everything right now.
You all talked about it when you would go out to the market, a good distance away from his hearing, and tried to figure out what to do, especially since the trio have a mission of their own to do within the next few days. But that’s when an idea popped up in your head and you told them to trust you while they were gone. Suma had the utmost faith in you and Makio and Hina soon cheered you on too.
So that night when they left and you and Tengen were the only ones there, you started your plan. You started by cooking his favorite meal and tea, happy to see a smile grow on his face at the taste as he thanked you. You made sure to help wash the other side of his back while placing light kisses whenever you caught him staring at where his arm used to be.
But then by the time he went off first as you cleaned up a bit, you changed into something lighter and flower. The kimono is as short as one of the dresses the trio wears in a color that Tengen had told you matched your complexion perfectly, as you walked down the halls of the manor. You noticed he left the sliding door open and his back was towards you.
He asked if you were ready for bed, not turning around as he found himself staring once more until he felt you pressed against his back. He called your name and you slowly loosen your grip so he could shift to see your kimono sliding off your shoulders.
“ What are yo-” He starts before you climb into his lap.
“ I-no. We’ve noticed your mood lately. Everything from the red light district is still bothering you.” You speak softly as you watched his fuschia eyes grow wide as you slowly raised his amputated arm, placing a kiss there before making a trial up his arm, telling him all the reasons you fell in love with him and you placed a few nips once you were at his throat and you could feel him pressed against you.
You pressed down into him and he groaned. You place your hands on his chest, gently pushing him down on the bed and you stare down at him as you lean down, kissing over his eye patch before placing a sweet kiss on his lips. You pulled away and he was staring at you.
“ Even with your arm and an eye missing, you are still the most handsome and flashiest man in all of our eyes. You defeated and survived against an upper moon and that’s not something most can say.” You smile at him, rolling your hips against him in a small rhythm as you gently push his kimono to the side, “ I love you so much and I don’t want you to feel any less of yourself because of what happened and the loss of your arm and eye.”
You watched a genuine smile grace his lips and his smile always made you fall in love with him more, “ Who would have thought? The God of Festivals acting in an unflashy manner.” He laughed more as he pulled you down with his other arm, smashing your lips into his. He rolled his hips up to yours and you moaned against his lips.
Tengen rolls you both over with ease, now hovering over you as he supports himself with his forearm beside your head and uses his right hand to push your kimono open more.
He pulled away and kissed down your jaw, leaving blooming marks in their wake as he kissed down the valley of your breast, across your stomach, and placed a kiss at your mound as you spread your legs wide for him, giving him easy access to attach his mouth to your pussy.
Since Tengen’s return home, all of you have been focused on his health and injuries healing properly, so it’s been a while for you all since you’ve done anything together. Maybe that’s what made you so sensitive to his lips or it was the hunger burning in the back of his throat for a taste of any of his wives after so long. He could barely focus on your taste as the little sounds you made went straight to his cock, making him grind against the bed just to feel something.
Tengen could only tell you were close by the sound you made, pulling his mouth away that was glistening with your essence across his lips and chin. He saw that look in your eyes and even he couldn’t stop the blush and eagerness he felt to be inside you again.
Tengen adjusted his body to sit up, fingers delving inside to stretch you some more, knowing that you’ll need it after so long. He leaned down to kiss you, moaning as you could taste yourself as he pressed two fingers inside to scissor you open.
“ T-ten..gen pl…please” You begged against his lips as he pulled his fingers out, angling your bodies as he perched himself between your legs. Using his right hand to tug the rest of it away, showing the bandages left around his stomach as well as his cock that leaked pre-cum from the tip.
You tried to help the best you could, spreading your legs as far as you can go so he can guide himself to your entrance. He couldn’t help but watch as he pushed inside, moaning with you as he felt your walls clench around him. He couldn’t stop until he bottomed out inside and leaned back down for a kiss much softer than before. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he slowly pulled out and thrust back in, earning a sound out of you both.
His mouth was on your throat, mouthing sweet nothings into your skin as he fluidly moved his hips, making sure to hit those spots that made you cry out so sweetly for him. He missed it. He missed hearing his wives making sweet melodies for him. Your moans only fueled his thrusts as he started to move faster before you heard him wince and still. You glance down between their bodies, noticing the small amount of blood leak from his bandages.
“Shit-“ Tengen sits up, clutching his side as you sit up, “ I wasn’t even moving that fast.”
“ It’s okay, I’ll take care of you.” You kiss his cheek and get him to adjust himself and now you're hovering over his cock, his right hand on your hip to steady you as you lower down onto him again. You grip his shoulders as you slowly roll your hips against him, feeling his grip tighten against your skin.
You lean back into his throat, placing your own marks on him and he lets you, pulling your body closer to him when you clenched around him. Your pass was slower, yet more sensual as his hips rolled in time with yours.
Your lips trailed up to Tengen’s ear, weakly mumbling sweet words to him, telling him how much you loved him. Telling him how handsome he was still. How strong he was for surviving against an upper moon. How happy you were that he’s just there now after everything that happened. Telling him everything that he needed to hear and that only made him pull you in more as he groaned, feeling you coat his cock to the point you dripped onto the sheets beneath you.
“ I worried you all too much.” Tengen starts as he pulls you down, making you lay over top of him as you stared down at him, watching the smile stretch across his lips as he planted his feet on the bed and gives a quick thrust that startles you as he uses his arm to first pull you down before wrapping around your waist to keep you there, “ I’ll make it up to you first and then the others later.”
You could tell just by his determined expression that you would have to change his bandages when you were done, but that he was finally acting more like his usual flashy self. It made you smile until it fell from a moan as he rolled his hips up into you.
“ I know you will, just don’t overdo yourself.” You grin, placing another kiss on his lips, his fuschia-colored eyes staring up at you.
He licks his lips as he flashes a wicked grin, one that only made you wetter than you were before, “ I can’t make promises like that when it’s been so long~”
©kenpachi-wh0re 2022. do not repost, translate, or use my works.
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blues824 · 2 days
🌞Can I please have the hashiras with a female Kalim Al-Asim s/o .
🌞Then buying the hashiras alot of presents and gifting them a lot of food for Christmas
🌞How whoud they react to seeing there s/o food get tested for poison all the time (meanwhile we have shinobu drinking/eating westria )
🌞How whoud they react to their fashion and their big family (they have atleas 30 siblings if I'm correct )
🌞all of the hashiras getting a meeting room in their Palace.
✨Tengen: getting more jewellery and his wives getting the finest silk they could find.
💨Sanami : o don't know what he whoud like.
🌸Mitsuri : geing food and pretty clothing and hair pins.
🔥kyoujurou :definitely food and something for his family.
🌫️Muichiro : a book about clouds.
👨‍🦯Gyomei:📿 (I forgot the name but its this 📿)
🌊Giyu: love and respect..
🐍Obanai: somthing for Kaburamaru and making sure he gets new bandages.
🦋Shinbu : medicine and the herbs to make them.
This is actually adorable. Also, did you mean prayer beads for Gyomei??
The Hashira had just received an invitation to the annual Al-Asim Christmas Party! All of them were excited, but one in particular was even more so because that would mean they get to see their beloved Y/N.
They are very happy that they get to celebrate with you and your family when they and the others receive the invitation. They go to check if it’s okay with Ubuyashiki only to find out that he was invited as well. They’re super excited now.
Once they arrive at your residence, they are led to the living room by one of the many servants. There, they are met with you and your signature beaming smile. You hugged each of the others before giving your lover a kiss on the cheek and led them to the couches.
Tumblr media
Gyomei Himejima
Then one of the servants announces that dinner is ready and that your siblings will be down to join you. Of course, Gyomei knew that you had a lot of siblings, so he wasn’t surprised when he heard a bunch of footsteps rushing to the dining room.
The food was really good. You fixed his plate for him for obvious reasons. Plus, you knew the kind of things he likes to eat, so it really was not a problem for you. He said a quick prayer before he began to eat and he was not disappointed. Mans probably didn’t know your food was tested because he’s blind.
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Gyomei’s gift to him.
When he pulled the tissue paper out of the bag, he felt around until he felt a bag. He tried to open it but eventually handed it to you, asking you to help him. You let out a tiny giggle before opening the bag and putting the necklace into his hands. He knew what it was almost immediately because he had one around his neck.
The waterworks started working the water and he started crying out of happiness and gratitude. He would pull you into his lap and hug the living daylights out of you because he’s just so happy and grateful that he has someone like you in his life.
Tumblr media
Mitsuri Kanroji
Mitsuri greeted each and everyone of your siblings because she probably already knew all of them. They see her as an older sister figure (and she will be if you both get married). They’re all excited when they see her, and it’s so adorable.
She deems the food as exemplary and jumps in head-first into dessert. You even did that cute couple thing where you feed each other and clean off each other’s faces with napkins. Everyone let out a collective awww at the displays of affection. She was a bit concerned when one of the waiters put a silver hairpin in your soup to test it, though.
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Mitsuri’s gift to her. 
When she pulled the tissue paper out of the bag, she saw that there was a very cute package. She carefully opened it and saw that it was some new hair clips! She was so excited. It grew even more when one of the servants came out with a pink and green kimono as well as a plate of sakura mochi.
She literally tackled you into a hug and squealed a very excited ‘thank you’ while she littered your face with a bunch of kisses. She rushed out of the room and went to put on the new clothes she got and arrange the hairpins in her hair.
Tumblr media
Giyu Tomioka
He would most likely just hold his inexpressive face as he awkwardly waves to your many many many siblings. Of course, they all go up and hug the ever loving crap out of him because you all are just a bunch of huggers. 
He probably has a good portion of food on his plate. He knows dessert is coming soon, so he eats good sizes so that he won’t get a stomach ache from overeating (wouldn’t be me). Was obviously a little shocked when he saw a waiter sticking a silver chopstick in your food and checking it after.
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Giyu’s gift to him.
When he pulled the tissue paper out of the bag, he noticed a book with laminated pages. He pulled it out and saw that it was a photo book composed of photos of the both of you. He quietly flips through the pages, shaking with each page he turns.
He quickly turns to you and pulls you into a hug with silent tears streaming down his face. You quickly grew worried and tried to tell him that if he didn’t like it, then you’d get him something else. He shushed you by pulling you into a kiss. Unfortunately, Tengen saw and pulled out some mistletoe to put over the both of you. That pic went into the book.
Tumblr media
Tengen Uzui
He’s definitely the type to have the kids hang off his arms as he flexes his muscles to impress you. His wives are leading the younger ones to the table as well. You were so happy that your siblings didn’t judge the fact that he was already married to 3 women.
Describes the food as flamboyant. He is a big man, and he needs to support his build by eating a lot. The 5 of you totally do the ‘feeding each other’ thing and joke around with the ‘here comes the choo-choo train!’
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Tengen’s gift to him. You also hand out Hinatsuru, Makio, and Suma’s gifts.
As each of them take out the tissue paper in their bags, each let out a collective gasp when they see what’s inside. Tengen pulls out a few jeweled headbands, and the girls pull out… nothing? Then 3 servants are in front of them with silk kimonos. They each squeal in excitement… Except for Tengen. He smiles.
The girls rush over to hug you and Tengen comes and scoops you all into his arms. There was a collective feeling of warmth in all of your hearts. You couldn’t ask for a better future family than the one you will have with them.
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa 
He himself has a little brother who he secretly still cares for because ✨family✨. He has a soft spot for these little punks. He’s the kind of guy to tell them really cool stories about the many different scars he has. It’s so endearing to watch.
I know this man eats a lot as well. However, he definitely ends up overeating and curses like a sailor when he suffers through indigestion later. You have the time of your life just laughing your butt off when he’s complaining and groaning about the pain.
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Sanemi’s gift to him.
He tears off the wrapping paper on the huge box and sees that it’s a new tank that was filled with a bunch of decorations. He realized that you remembered he had kept a rhinoceros beetle as a pet. He had a grin on his face.
Then he noticed that one of the losers Tengen decided that he was gonna get real cocky and hang some mistletoe over the two of you. You were immediately blushing, but he pulled you in by your waist and into a kiss.
Tumblr media
Shinobu Kocho
She has family of her own (RIP to Kanae 🫡😪. Fly high 🕊️), so she understands the whole being-close-with-your-siblings. In fact, the youngest tend to like her the most because she’s so calm and gentle to them.
She’s a medical professional, and that shows on her plate. She’s got a balance between food groups. She's the person who needs to have their food separated at all times. I said it. She, however, totally would take some of her food and smear it on your cheek.
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Shinobu’s gift to her.
She pulled the tissue paper out of the bag to see a bunch of different herbs from your homeland as well as the seeds to those herbs so that she could grow some more if she ever ran out. The gift included a manual, and the gardener even offered to help her if she was having any trouble.
She totally pulled you into a hug while thanking you profusely. She would go on a few different tangents about the different properties of each plant as if you weren’t taught it since you were little. Coming from a line of merchants, you kinda had to know this.
Tumblr media
 Rengoku Kyojuro
Like Tengen, would be the type to let the kids dangle off his arms to flex how strong he is. You, along with your siblings, were all laughing so hard. He would tell stories about his recent demon slaying journeys to further impress them and you.
Plate is stacked with proteins because it’s good for the muscles (read: mus-kles) 💪. Is the type to do the whole this turkey is most exquisite. However did you manage to roast it to the perfect golden-brown color thing and it’s the most hilarious thing you’ve seen.
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Rengoku’s gift to him.
He pulled out the tissue paper out of the bag and saw a puzzle. You told him that it helps with both hand-eye coordination as well as problem-solving and having to take it slow. Plus, it was something he could do with his family.
He pulled you into a hug and then whispered to you that you are now a part of his family and you should be the one to help him complete the puzzle. Then he pulled away and started talking to the others. He would cheer on the littles as they celebrated what they got as presents. If that isn’t husband material, I don’t know what is.
Tumblr media
Obanai Iguro
Kaburamaru would have a great time with them. He’d gently wrap his tail around the hand of the youngest walking child and would lead them to the dining room. You held his hand as you walked together. You knew that he was probably uncomfortable and you would be eating in a separate room with you.
He doesn’t eat a lot, but the food was just so good. He was more comfortable taking off his bandages around you and his slithery companion. You would talk about whatever came to mind. He found your smile so beautiful whenever he told you about a sarcastic remark he made once.
After dinner, you whip out his present. You figured that he still wouldn’t be comfortable in such a social setting so you decided that a private setting was much more appropriate. He considered himself a super lucky guy because you’re just so considerate.
He starts to take out the tissue paper when he notices 2 small boxes. One was a box of dead mice for Kaburamaru, who was exceedingly happy about this, and a box of bandages. More specifically, bandages with little cartoonish snakes on them.
He nodded his head as a silent thank you. You helped rewrap him in the new bandages while also giving one of the mice to Kaburamaru. Eventually, he was all covered and you both went back out to show off his new look.
Tumblr media
Muichiro Tokito
Staring off into space, no thoughts running through. Just head empty. He does a subconscious wave to your siblings, Other than that, nothing. Not even a verbal greeting of any sort. What’d you expect, really?
He absolutely loves the food. I mean, it was just so good that it snapped him out of the trance he’s always in. He felt his sound ascending to the heavens. He’s paying attention to every word coming out of your mouth as he’s wolfing down food.
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Muichiro’s gift to him.
He tore off the wrapping paper to see The Book of Clouds in big letters on the cover. He flipped the book over to read the back and it was basically what the title said. He let out a tiny laugh because it was an inside joke between the two of you.
He pulled you into a hug. He also gave you a peck on the cheek, thanking you for the book. In a few days, you would see him on a grassy hill with binoculars and the book, trying to identify the different types of clouds. 
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fushisslut · 11 days
“it’s so deep”
Tumblr media
the way he keeps pushing his cock in and out of you from behind has you drooling and whimpering. you’ve came about three times but he’s not finished. not even close.
a hiccup and fresh tears when he holds the back of your neck and goes even harder. “what happened to all that attitude princess?,” he coos at you condescendingly. your grip on the sheets gets even tighter when he puts his leg up, reaching even deeper.
“ ‘s too deep!,” you cry out, body convulsing from the way his tip keeps knocking into your cervix. “please! can’t!”
you gasp loudly when he grabs your hair and picks your head up from the sheets you were drooling onto. it forces your back to arch more. “always saying you can’t when your pretty cunt is sucking me in every time i pull out.” you whimper in response knowing he’s right.
you’re still soaked and insatiable and he knows it. whenever you say you can’t, knows you can. “want- want your cum pleaaaase.” you’re close to being almost incoherent.
he ignores you, rolling your puffy clit between his thick fingers. “gimme another one. maybe then i’ll give you what you want.”
a choked sob forces it’s way up your throat he goes impossibly deep. you’re crying and trying to run from it but he won’t let you get too far. he follows you until you’re pressed flat into bed, taking every single inch he gives you.
“that’s right. take it like the good girl you are.”
katsuki, toji, tengen, sukuna, izuku, nanami, aomine
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sukunababy · 9 months
Tumblr media
— Tengen Uzui, Kyojuro Rengoku, Giyu Tomioka, Sanemi Shinazugawa, Shinobu Kocho x f!reader
cw. squirting, doggy, fingering, oral, mating press, clit slapping, nipple playing, dacryphilia, riding — rbs are appreciated — m.list
Tumblr media
You sob into the pillow when he angles his hips and begins to fuck against your sweet spot, your dripping walls wrap him so tight that Tengen can't hold back a gasp, "uhu why are you crying? is this too much for you?" he asks with a grin on his face.
You feel so close, the sheets are soft as you cling, your legs are soft and your arms won't hold you up, your ass in the air and the lewd sounds of his heavy balls slamming into your swollen, aching nub fill the room.
"Please let me cum," you moan dropping your face to the pillow. He grunts with each thrust, his grip is rough on your ass as he pushes against you, "you better make a mess, then" he chuckles surrounding your clit with two fingers and rubbing it rough.
You can't hold back when you're over the edge, your mouth snaps open as you moan lewdly, "c-cumming..." as you gush around his thick cock, wetting your thighs and the sheets beneath you.
"Shit, that's it, come on baby one more" Uzui grunts forcing more spurts slamming his thick head into your wet nub, his hands holding you firmly by the ass as you shudder and try to catch your breath.
Tumblr media
You're so wet you're dripping on his balls as you sit in his lap, his hard cock buried deep in your cunt as you jump and grind against his crotch.
"You feel good, baby mh?" he whispers in your ear as you slump into his chest. Despite holding you with one hand on his thick thigh beneath you and the other around his neck, you can't keep up with his thrusts.
You can't form a response, your eyes roll back in pleasure with a moan of his name on your lips, your clit gently rubbing against your crotch making you shiver.
Rengoku's cock throbs in your warm slit, pressing on your sweet spot and the growing orgasm is unlike any before. You lift yourself off his cock swiftly, only to see squirts of your cum wet his lap. Your moan catches him off guard and to lengthen your pleasure he uses his shaft to rub your nub making you gush again and again.
You can't even catch your breath when he pulls you down on his length, your walls flutter around him as you adjust to his thick girth, "that was so hot baby" he moans grabbing your ass and starting to move under you, "do it again, make a mess, do it for me".
Tumblr media
"So good" you meow, his thick, hard cock throbbing in your tight walls, his girth coated with your cum as he thrusts against you.
Your head falls back into the pillows as Tomioka bends over you, his cock pressing against your cervix as he sucks and pinches your hard nipples, "I could come with just this" he murmurs in a lazy tone.
Your orgasm builds up and becomes wet, heavier, "I'm gonna cum, ... s-so good" you gasp with your fingers around his neck, your toes curling and pressing into the mattress in ecstasy.
Your mind fogs as he continues to stretch your cunt with each heavy thrust, "don't stop ah, feels so g-good there". And he can't stop when you're so pretty and wet for him, he increases the pace, sinks inside you digging into your hips so you don't slip away.
Your pussy twitches around his cock making him gasp. You start gushing cum around his shaft being forced out due to the strong orgasm, "fuck ... fuck" you moan gushing everywhere.
He can't help it, he lifts your legs in the air and bends his head over your puffy nub, sucking and licking back and forth prolonging your orgasm, making you make a mess on his pretty face too.
Tumblr media
"You've taken it before," he grunts when you grab onto his beefy shoulders scratching him, "stop complaining".  And you want to stop but his thick cock stretches your tight pussy so good it's hard for you to hold back the tears.
He snorts before retracting and thrusting in with one stroke, your swollen lips parting in a silent scream as he hits your spongy spot, "'nemi please" you moan, his big hands behind your knees holding your legs up in the air as he turns his hips to meet yours.
You gasp in despair, your nub being taken with each thrust, "you're my good girl, aren't you" he praises you fucking your slit, your cunt begins to tighten as his thrusts become messy.
"I'm going to make a mess" you warn him, his cock pushes into the cream you left around him as your cunt tries to push him out.
The squirt comes out roughly, wetting his chest and all around, "fuck yeah, pretty so good" he hums as he keeps fucking inside your abused creamy pussy.
Tumblr media
"You're so cute when you cry" she murmurs in your ear slapping your dripping cunt.
The pain runs down to your toes and you can't help it, you whimper even louder. Shinobu runs her tongue along your jaw as she pinches a nipple roughly, two fingers grinding inside your spongy spot as you lie between her thighs.
"feels good, ‘Nobu ..." you meow raising your hips and letting her angle her fingers, striking deeper into your upper wall, "will my pretty angel make a mess for me? uhu?" she asks amused, a smirk on her face as she watches her fingers disappear into your slit.
Your breathing becomes labored and you clench her thighs as she uses her other hand to tease your puffy bud, "cumming, c-cumming" you squeak throwing your head back on her soft tits.
You come with long squirts, your juices wetting her hand as she forces her fingers back into your throbbing hole, "there you go, my angel was so good" she praises using her free hand to slap your swollen clit freeing more light squirts of cum.
Tumblr media
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xxsabitoxx · 10 months
You’re Mine.
{Tengen x Makio x Hina x Suma x Fem!Reader}
Warnings: poly relationship • fivesome • semi-public sex • possessive Tengen • wlw • explicit language • breeding kink
A/N: thank you for the request anon! I really took it and ran so I hope you enjoy!
Word count: 5.2k
Tumblr media
“It’s only a small list! With four of you it should be a breeze!” Tengen smiled fondly at you four, stretching his arms towards the sky. “I take it that means you won’t be accompanying us.” Hina laughed as he sighed dramatically, “five of us would be overkill for such a small list!”. He was beyond instant that this small list would be a breeze. It wasn’t until you got to the market that you realized how large the list was. “So that’s why he wanted all four of us to go.”
The list just kept unfolding until it was nearly at Suma’s feet. “WAAA! This is going to take all day!” Suma wailed, throwing the list in the air for you to catch. “Suma! We would have been screwed if we lost that!” A slap to the back had Suma running to you for cover. “It’s actually not that bad.” As your eyes scanned the items listed you realized it would be easy to group together and split amongst you.
“So we can break it down to four categories. Meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, herbs and spices. It looks like we are out of a ton of herbs so I can take that one since it's the longest.” Hina took the list from you to glance over and make her decision. “I’ll take meat and fish. You two can decide between fruits and baked goods.” Makio took the list next, “we know Suma will buy more than necessary with her sweet tooth. So I’ll take baked goods.” Another wail sounded from Suma “no fair!”
“You can tell Makio what you want from the baked goods. Or you can combine the last two categories and do them together.” You hoped Hina’s compromise would settle things, and luckily it did. With that you all split off, it was a market you frequented often so you knew exactly where to go. The herbs and spices were tucked away in its own little alley of the market. Tents and tables were set up filled with an array of different options.
“Good morning miss! Need help?” You smiled as a kind looking man waved you over. “I have quite the list.” You handed it over to the older man, laughing as he adjusted the glasses on his face to decipher Tengen’s handwriting. “It looks like I can help you with a few things. I have ginger, sansho pepper and mustard seed powder. There are a few merchants further down that have more medical herbs and western imports.” You thanked the man and handed him the money.
As you made your way through the market you spotted the tents he was referring to. “Good morning dear! How can I help you?” This tent was run by a sweet old woman. “I have a few herbs to pick up per my husband’s request.” You couldn’t help but laugh as she wiggled her eyebrows. “Not anything like that!” This time it was her turn to smile. “Must be nice having a young lover.” You waved your hand at her, laughing still. “I’m looking for turmeric and ginkgo. Oh and by any chance do you have tea tree or primrose oil? Oh and I’ll definitely take some of that wisteria.”
She began packing your order for you, making small talk as she wrapped each item with care. “Pardon me ma’am.” You looked up as a male voice appeared beside you. “Yes?” He seemed to be about your age and looking a little lost. “I just wanted to say you are absolutely breathtaking.” You certainly weren’t expecting that. Part of you hoped it would be a simple compliment but you knew what he would say next. “Oh! You’re too kind. Thank you.” You turned back to the woman as she handed you part of the wrapped goods.
“Here let me help.” You moved away with your items still in hand. “That won’t be necessary. Thank you though.” You hoped he would walk away, instead he persisted. “Would you by chance want to go get something to eat with me?” You held in your sigh, handing the woman her money after she handed you the rest of your order. “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested.” You placed the items in your bag, hoping he’d walk away after. “Or we could just get drinks.” This time though, you let out that sigh.
“I already told you I’m not interested.” You thanked the woman and began walking to the next stand. Much to your dismay he began trailing behind you. “Not even to just chat?” You turned to look at him now, “I’m married.” You figured that would be the end of it. “He doesn’t have to know.” That made you freeze in your tracks. “Are you saying you want me to cheat on my husband?” Why couldn’t he get lost? “It’s not cheating if he never finds out.” Your mouth fell open at that, anger bubbling in your stomach at his ignorance. “I already told you I’m not interested.”
You began chatting with the next merchant, rattling off parts of your list and counting out the money needed for the order. “Here.” You froze as this mystery man handed over the money needed for your herbs. “What are you doing?” You felt your brow twitch as the persistent stranger paid for you. “Going about things a different way.” You thanked the merchant before heading off towards the entrance of the herb and spice tents. Part of you hoped he’d leave you alone once you found the others.
As you read over your part of the list you felt your shoulder sag as you realized there were still a few things left. “So you aren’t going to talk to me now?” You whirled around, anger making your jaw hurt as you stared at him. “I told you. I don’t have a single interest in you. Truly if you saw my husband you’d understand you stood no chance.” You began storming away this time, the only reason you didn’t mention your wives was because that may interest him more. As if your relationship was some sort of fetish.
“So where is this mystery husband then? He couldn’t have sent his wife to the market alone.” So he didn’t believe you now? You thought back on Tengen’s reassurance, he was probably still training at the moment. “He’s at home, training. He’s a shinobi after all.” This man would think you were absolutely insane. “A Shinobi?” You could hear laughter bubbling in his voice and it only fueled your anger. “Oi! Y/n! What’s taking so long?” Your heart soared when you heard Makio’s voice.
You turned around, looking past the man to see Hina, Suma and Makio walking towards you with their full bags. “It’s taking me so long because this asshole won’t leave me alone.” With their sudden appearance you gained a little more confidence. “Oh. Is that so?” Hina tilted her head, looking him over from head to toe while he stared at her in confusion. “Who the hell are you?”
“Her wife.” You held back a laugh as all three spoke in unison. He began laughing “oh this is good. Seriously!” He couldn’t believe it. “Well I told you I was married to a shinobi didn’t I?” His laughter died as he connected the dots. “You told him you were married and he kept trying? How pathetic.” Makio was seething, meanwhile Suma had snuck around to link arms with you. “He won’t leave me alone Makio.” You pouted, hugging Suma’s arm. “He even said it wouldn’t count as cheating if Tengen never found out.”
“Oh! That’s a good one!” Hina walked closer to him, “get lost.” Makio slowly pulled out a kunai, she’d never use it but it always scared others away. “Don’t ever let me see your face here, around y/n or any of us.” He got the hint, finally, and scurried away. “He was a persistent one. He didn’t even tell me his name. He didn’t even ask my name!” The realization made you begin laughing, “sorry y/n. We should have stuck together” Suma pulled you closer.
“How about we get the last few things and go tell Tengen what happened.” Hina read over your portion of the list as she spoke. “Sounds good to me. I’ve had enough of this market for today.”
Tumblr media
“And then he wouldn’t take no for an answer!” You took another bite of food, watching Tengen’s face struggle to stay calm. “Even after I told him I was married, he still persisted. Even said it didn’t count as cheating if you never found out.” You had even laughed about it on your way home, you four now found the whole thing rather comical. Tengen on the other hand looked as if he was seething. “Did he touch you?” Your hand stopped mid reach, “No. He didn’t touch me. You know he wouldn’t have walked away with his life if he did.”
Tengen still didn’t seem satisfied. “He didn’t touch any of you, correct?” His eyes shifted from you to Makio then Suma and lastly Hina. All of you shook your heads, food partially forgotten. “What did he look like?” You shook your head. “You aren’t going to track this guy down.” This time all eyes turned to you. “Is that a challenge, my dear?” Tengen was no one to mess with when he was angry. Since you had gotten over the whole ordeal, you didn’t realize how upsetting it could be for your husband to hear.
“No. I just think you’re getting a little too worked up.” You reached out to touch his hand, slightly worried he’d pull away. Instead he shifted his hand so he could hold yours. “I don’t like the fact that sleazy men think they have any right to talk to you.” He was genuinely fuming. You glanced over at Hina, hoping she’d help you figure out a way to calm him down. “Tengen…” you were surprised when Suma was the first to speak up. “Yes?” His voice had gotten calmer, but you could still feel the tension in his grip.
“How about after dinner we all go to the hot springs!” Suma definitely knew the way to his heart, the smile on his face said it all. “That sounds like a wonderful idea.” You knew the whole situation was still bothering him, but a nice soak with four beautiful women was sure to ease his stress. “We’ll need a towel for each of us and then a towel to clean up with.” Makio choked on her water, looking up at him with wide eyes. “So it’s that kind of hot spring visit.” Tengen seemed more than pleased with where his night was heading. “Absolutely.”
Tumblr media
Night had fallen by the time you made it to the hot springs. They were only about a twenty minute walk from your shared estate. “I still can’t believe you won’t even describe this man to me.” Tengen had your hand locked with his, you found it kind of cute that he had suddenly become so protective. “He looked like everyone else! You see one guy that looks like him and you’ll kill the wrong man!” Suma began giggling at your dramatics, skipping along the path ahead of the four of you.
“I’ll be able to tell! He’ll sound like a sleazy bastard.” He was so certain his sense of heading would help him pinpoint the culprit. “Tengen, give it a rest already!” Makio began rubbing her temples, hoping the fake headache would get the man to stop. “I won’t! Just give me a damn description and I’ll shut it!” The hot springs finally came into view and you sighed with relief. “I’ll give you a description when we get in that water.” You tried to wiggle your hand out of his grasp, pulling on your kimono.
Suma on the other hand was already naked, throwing her kimono to the ground and stepping into the hot springs. “Show some restraint!” Makio threw a rock at her head, making the girl squeal and duck “so mean!” Hina rolled her eyes as she too began undressing. “You two act like little kids.” She was laughing as she spoke, dropping her kimono to the ground and sinking into the hot springs. “I need both my hands to undress, Tengen.” You smiled as he refused to let go, as if you’d get taken away if he let go.
“Tengen is being dramatic.” Makio had a smile on her face but you could tell she was hoping for his attention too. “He’s playing favorites.” He huffed at that, raising an eyebrow at you. “You know I love all of you. I’m just a little hurt okay!” You began laughing at his dramatics, using one hand to begin undressing since he still refused to let your other go. “Hurt over what?” Makio was submerged in the hot water now too, three pairs of eyes were watching you in curiosity.
“Okay okay maybe that wasn’t the right term.” He finally let go of your hand, allowing the both of you to undress and join the others in the hot spring. “Then what term did you mean?” Hina cuddled up beside you, watching Tengen relax into Makio’s arms. “I’m just a bit upset that I asked you four to go to the market and some time like that happened. I should have gone with you.” So it was regret that was weighing heavily on his shoulders. Makio sighed, slowly massaging his scalp. “Things like that are sadly bound to happen. No one was hurt. You don’t need to feel guilty.”
“Plus we got free stuff out of it!” Suma had just re-emerged from under the hot water. “How does that not hurt!” You could never understand why she always dunked her head under. “Wait, how did you get free stuff?” You glance at Hina who looked to be fighting off laughter. “Oh I didn’t tell you that?” Hina buried her face in your neck now, her laughter vibrating your shoulders. “No, clearly you didn’t.” There was an amused smile creeping up his face even though he didn’t know what was happening.
“He tried to win my affection by paying for some of the herbs. He chose my most expensive order too.” Tengen seemed rather pleased by your answer, “well if I ever meet him, I’ll have to pay him back. But for now…” he turned his body, moving to kiss Makio’s cheek. “We may as well really relax. That is a problem for another day.” You watched his hands emerge from the water and trail up Makio’s frame. She shivered as he reached her breasts. “You should really wear a towel if you're going to sit above the water.” You watched as his lips connected with hers, only looking away when Hina pulled your face towards her.
“Suma, come here.” She was looking you dead in the eyes as she spoke. Hina’s lips melted against yours as Suma appeared beside you, her breasts pressing into your back. Suma’s hands began roaming your body, her lips attaching to your neck as Hina coaxed your mouth open. “Gotta make our favorite girl feel better after a day like today.” Suma’s hands came up to cup your breasts as she whispered in your ear, Hina’s hands slid lower, rubbing your thighs under the water.
“How are we going to do this in the hot springs?” You pulled away from Hina, barely hearing her response as Suma pulled you towards her lips instead. “Who said we can’t scissor in the hot springs.” Your cheeks went red hot as Hina spread your thighs. “Plus, if it doesn’t work we can always just sit on the ledge and try again.” Suma pulled away from you, helping you lean backwards so Hina could angle herself on top. “We’ll have to make it quick, I think Tengen is a little pent up.” You glanced over to see he had Makio on her back, her body fully exposed above the water as he positioned himself at her entrance.
“Oh my.” Your laughter turned into a shaky moan as Hina slotted herself between your legs. Despite the heat of the water you were submerged in, you could still feel the heat radiating from her center. “Maybe it will work!” Suma’s hands began squeezing your breasts, tugging at your nipples softly so your back would arch. “You know…” Hina began rocking her hips slowly, “Tengen isn’t the only one who is mad over what that idiot did to you.” Her rhythm became steady, waves of pleasure course through you as you listen to her speak.
“It’s rather annoying that men think they stand a single chance.” You didn’t realize it, but it seems the incident was weighing heavily on all of them. There was a twitch in Hina’s brow that gave it away. “Yeah, it was kinda scary seeing him so close to you.” Suma sunk her teeth into the shell of your ear, holding your breasts even tighter. Hina’s rocking only seemed to become harsher, over the sloshing of water you could hear Makio’s moans. They were just out of sight for you, each time Hina’s body moved you only caught a small glimpse.
“It…it bothered you all that much?” You could already feel the build up starting. “Yes!” You all turned to look at Makio, a hand flying over her mouth as Tengen continued to rock into her. “Awfully quiet Tengen.” Suma rolled your nipples between her fingers, causing you to whine. “Because—ha— I’m saving it for y/n to hear nice and clear.” You whined at the thought, Hina’s hips began grinding in circles. “Shit…” your chest heaved, the stimulation and hot water suddenly becoming too much to handle.
“Oh! Close already? Are you getting off on the fact that we were worried about you?” You squeezed your eyes shut, the truth too embarrassing to face. “Shit.” You assumed Tengen must be close. Hina’s hips grinded down on you faster, she didn’t want you taken from her before she was done. “Suma…keep playing with her. Look how close she is.” There was a smile present on Hina’s face when your eyes opened again, Suma’s hands continued their toying while her lips moved to your neck.
“We’re lucky this is our own private hot spring.” Had you not been so close you would have laughed at Hina’s comment. You could only imagine how gross the water would be to an outsider. “Fuck…” your eyes watered as the slow build up became unbearable, your release teetering right on the edge. “Hina…Suma…please…” you felt loved being at their mercy. “I’m trying…ha…” Hina’s hips became erratic. Your hands shot out to hold her hips, pressing her cunt further against yours as the thread finally snapped.
You came with a loud cry, Hina following shortly after you. “No fair!” Suma whined as you both came down from your highs, “I’m the only one who hasn’t gotten to come yet!” You started to laugh as you caught your breath, Hina slowly sinking into the hot springs as you sat further up. “Makio and Hina can help you out, Suma. Y/n. Get your ass over her.” You felt a shiver run down your spine. Tengen was sitting with his arms resting on the edge of the hot springs, Makio was slowly making her way over to you three on shaky legs.
You switched places with Makio, smiling as she kissed your cheek when you passed. Tengen still looked pissed, the butterflies in your stomach still had you aching for more. You sat on his lap, hands coming up to cup his cheeks. “So sweet.” The anger in his expression melted into a warm smile, his arms moved to hold your waist. “I know you stood your ground. I have no worries of you ever leaving me. But the fact that people think they can just do as they please with you…” his grip grew tighter, the anger returning to his face.
“You’re mine. You are mine only. Or well, Hina’s, Suma’s Makio’s and Mine. Just as we are yours.”
You felt your lower lip tremble, his hands dipped lower under the water to cup your ass. “Perhaps I’ll have to leave some marks to let people know you are certainly taken.” He lifted you slightly causing you to fall forward. “Maybe I’ll get you pregnant.” It was just nothing more than a breathless whisper, so quiet you would have thought you imagined it. His lips melded to yours in a suffocating kiss, your body pressing tightly to his own. Your hips began to move without you thinking, grinding against his erection.
“I think I will.” Your lips were connected by a string of saliva now, his lidded eyes and blown out pupils making you gulp. “What do you think ladies?” Tengen looked over your shoulder, Makio was sitting with the water up to her chin while Hina was taking care of Suma’s needs with her tongue. “What’s that?” Makio looked absolutely exhausted. “I think I’ll y/n pregnant tonight. That way no moron will try something. It will be clear as day she is taken and committed.” You didn’t have the courage to turn around, mind spinning at the thought of actually carrying his child.
“I think she’d look so cute!” Suma’s response was a mix between a squeal and moan. Tengen studied Makio’s face, watching a blush slowly but surely rise up her face “do it.” You buried your face in his neck, the only one that hasn’t responded was Hina. “I’ll—ah—answer for Hina… she moaned…really loud when you mentioned that. So I’d say—ah— that was a yes.” Hina’s attack on Suma was unrelenting. “That settles it then. I’m getting you pregnant tonight Y/N.”
You squealed as your body left the hot water all together, your back met the cool stone surrounding the hot spring. “Are you okay with this?” There was concern on his face, his cheeks were red and for some reason he looked as innocent as a child looking down at you. “I am. You can get me pregnant if you want. It’s bound to happen eventually.” You felt a giddiness build in your chest. You and the others didn’t really do too much to prevent pregnancy. The most caution you had taken was trying to avoid sex around the timeframe where you’d be most likely to conceive.
It wasn’t an unwelcome idea, certainly Shinobi had large families. Tengen would be no exception to that. “Good.” He was hovering over you, almost entirely out of the hot springs himself. His lips descended on your neck, littering marks where Suma had missed.
“Tengen…” your hands buried in his hair, spreading your legs a little wider to allow him more room to get closer. “Yes?” He was kissing down your sternum now, one hand kept him balanced above you while the other began massaging your breast.
“Quicker.” You felt his laughter vibrate your chest, “desperate to feel me?” You closed your eyes again, too embarrassed to look at him. You jumped slightly when his voice appeared right next to your ear. “Use your words.” You whined, his cock pressing to your lower stomach as he waited for your response. “I-I am. I want to feel you…so bad.” You barely felt the cool night air on your skin. That was usually the worst part of leaving the hot springs.
“Is that so? Tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it.” You groaned, it seems no matter how many times he pulled this trick it never got old. “Tengen.” You shivered as his head spread your slick folds, brushing lightly over your clit. “C’mon. I’ll move quicker when you tell me what to do.” You tugged harshly on his hair, earning a groan in response. “Fuck me! Please. Fill me up.” You couldn’t take the embarrassment, you never quite understood why he loved hearing you talk like that. “Such a good girl.”
His lips pressed against yours, teeth sinking into your bottom lip so your mouth would open. Your back arched, as if it would somehow get him inside of you. “Okay okay.” He smiled as he pulled away, shifting his legs so he had better leverage. “Here you go.” He pressed the bulbous head to your entrance, you clenched involuntarily. A small chuckle left Tengen’s lips “Makio c’mere.” You heard water sloshing about until Makio appeared next to you. “I think our girl is a little too excited. Help her relax.”
Makio smiled down at you, laying on her stomach to stroke your cheek. “You’re so cute.” You could tell she was getting sleepy, Tengen really must have worn her out. You opened your mouth to speak but a loud moan came out instead. “Shit!” You wailed as Tengen bottomed out fully. “Fuck…I’ll make you feel so good.” His hips moved slowly, Makio’s hands began running up and down your torso, dipping lower to ghost along your clit before trailing all the way back up to your shoulder.
Tengen’s hips found a steady rhythm, hands coming to pull your knees over his shoulders. He was hoping the new leverage would keep your lower half from scraping across the ground. Makio’s light touches compared to Tengen’s heavy hits had your head spinning. He was hitting all the right spots, you swore at some points he was actually hitting your cervix. With each cry of his name, Makio would make you say hers as well. She would time each thrust with her fingers on your clit, slow but deliberate circles making your toes curl.
“You’ll look so cute carrying my baby. I bet men will look on with envy knowing you’re taken.” Makio chuckled as Tengen began thrusting even harder, some of his previous anger leaking back into him. Your breasts bounced in a mesmerizing rhythm, so much so that Makio needed to touch them. “You’re—ah—still mad?” You couldn’t believe he was still holding onto the matter as he fucked you. “Of course I am! No one should fucking dare to go near you let alone try and take you from me.” His grip on your ass tightened, a loud squeal leaving your lips as Makio took one of your nipples into her mouth.
“You’re mine.” His thrusts started to become a little sloppy. The blush rising on his chest gave away that he was close. “Makio—focus on her clit. I want her to suck all of this in.” You both blushed at the implication of his words, Makio’s fingers skillfully got to work. “He’s really determined, huh y/n.” She knew her words were falling on partially deaf ears. All you could focus on was Tengen’s face and places he was reaching inside of you. His brows were scrunched in anger and determination.
“Come on pretty girl, come.” You whined, the tension you felt threatening to snap at any second. Your hands grabbed both his wrists, holding on tightly as you felt the release you hoped for coming. “Oh wow.” Makio’s voice was right by your ear, her fingers became erratic. With a loud cry you came for the second time that night. Spots blurred your vision as Tengen’s thrusts remained relentless as he pushed you through your orgasm. A few more thrusts and he buried himself deep, spilling inside of you with a shameless moan.
“Don’t move.” You both began to relax a bit, but Tengen refused to move even after his soften cock slipped out of you. “I don’t think I’m going to be able to walk.” You felt a lazy giggle leave your lips but you were far too tired to really think past the position you were in. “Me either.” Makio was resting her head on your chest, the exhaustion finally catching up with her. “I think you overdid it, Tengen.” Hina and Suma’s heads appeared on either side of him.
If you didn’t feel so spacey at the moment you probably would have been embarrassed. Tengen was holding your ass in the air as if it were a piece of art he was showing off. Had you made any sort of comment he probably would start showing it off. “Maybe I did. But they are satisfied aren’t they?” You and Makio let out lazy groans in response. “I’ll carry y/n and Makio. You two just need to grab towels. Though I’d relax for a while, I don’t want to move her yet.”
“You really think you’ll get her pregnant on the first try?” Suma put a towel over you and then a second over Makio. “I sure do.” Tengen smiled down at your sleepy form, Makio was already snoring softly against your breasts. “Oi, Tengen.” Your voice sounded hoarse as you spoke. “Just get us home. If any slips out you can just fuck me again on our bed. At least I can sleep comfortably after that.” You liked the shocked look on his face, a light blush dusting his cheeks.
You weren’t normally that bold unless you were tired.
“Let’s get you two dressed.” Hina pulled Makio off you, drying her off the best she could. “This is going to take a while.” Suma began laughing as Hina struggled to get Makio’s arm into the sleeve of her kimono. “You can put me down, Tengen, this position is uncomfortable.” Your knees were no longer hooked over his shoulders, instead it was your ankles. “I’m on full display!” You whined as the man refused to move. “I’ll let you down when Hina is ready to help you get dressed.” Hina, on the other hand, was now attempting to get Makio’s other arm into the kimono.
“Why did you have to make this decision when we are in the middle of the woods?” You stared up at the starry sky above you, may as well enjoy the view while he has you stuck like this. “It’s flamboyant isn’t it?” He saw no issue with where he chose to try and make you a mother, how typical. “It would be if I wasn’t so cold. These rocks still hurt you know!” You looked back at his face when you heard him sigh. “I love you.” The sudden tenderness made your heart skip. “We all love you.” Hina and Suma looked over at you, smiling softly.
“I—I love all of you too. I’d love you even more if I could have some of my dignity back.” You glared at Tengen, his laughter booming through the trees surrounding the hot springs as he finally gave in and set your legs down. “Well, looks like it’s your lucky day.” You sat up, kissing Tengen’s chest before standing on shaky legs. “Looks like it’s all staying.” You laughed to yourself as you began getting dressed. After a few minutes you were all ready to head back. Much to your shock, Tengen was able to carry you and Makio back.
“Next time some idiot tries to take you from me, kill him.” You snorted, nuzzling your head into his shoulder. “You’re so dramatic.”
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cherryblossomsenpai · 7 months
Okay okay what about f!reader who does some sort of plant breathing and while fighting she accidentally hits tengen, kyo, and giyuu (separately) with a plant that acts as an aphrodisiac
Aphrodisiac you say?
Simply because I wanted to, I included Sanemi. Hope you enjoy!
Aphrodisiac!Reader x Sanemi/Giyuu/Tengen/Kyojuro
Minors and Ageless Blogs Will Be Blocked!
P.S. everything here is consensual
Poor Reader…she just wanted to help. Technically she did, her Breathing Technique working just as it was supposed to on the demon. Stunning it long enough for the Hashira to swoop in and cut its head off. But they didn’t listen to your warning that they shouldn’t step in! That only you were resistant to the effects of the aphrodisiac…
“You are aware I trained to build an immunity to poison, correct?” he asks, almost mockingly, reaching a large hand down to ruffle your head playfully. Was your hair always this soft?
“Tengen!” you scold, and he can’t stop his mouth from twitching when he hears your cute voice, “We have to get you to Shinobu! This could be really bad!”
You’re tugging on his big arm, two small hands not even able to wrap around his muscular bicep. He loves how tiny you are in comparison to him. So soft and warm.
“Tengen?” you call to him. He doesn’t know when he even got on top of you...when he caged you underneath his big frame. But now that you’re here…
Arms raised and reaching behind you so that you can wrap them around his neck for support as he grips your ankles from behind.
“You know,” he grunts as he plows into you, heavy cock battering your poor pussy, “I wish you would have done this a long time ago!”
“Tengen! Tengen!” is all you can say, grateful that your back is facing him so that he can’t see how your eyes are rolled back, how your drool runs down your chin.
“Y/n!” he groans, finally letting go of your legs so that you can kneel as he wraps both his huge arms around your frame and plows into you, thrusting even as you feel your legs shake from the hot cum that threatens to drown your insides.
“Kyo!” you cry out, running and holding onto him as he falls to his knees, “Are you okay?!”
“Y-yes!” he shouts, “In fact, I’ve never felt better! I feel ready to fight an army of demons right now! I’m so warmed up! I could just-!” He dashes around madly, launching himself off trees with such speed that you’re only able to see the blurred sight of his haori zooming around.
“Amazing, isn’t it?” he asks, suddenly face to face with you, eyes wide and glowing like always. But he’s breathing hard and you can see the sweat trickling down his face.
“Kyojuro…” you start, placing your hand on his forehead, “You’re really burning up! Let’s sit down for a second, okay?”
Sitting in a clearing, hoping the cool wind would make him feel a little better, you search your bag for some water.
“Y/n!” Kyojuro shouts, “You’re very beautiful!”
“Thank you,” you mumble, trying not to stare at the man who already has his shirt tossed to the side, muscular chest rising and falling with every labored breath he takes.
“Very! Very beautiful!” he exclaims and the heat rushes to your cheeks. Suddenly feeling thick arms wrap around you from behind, feeling blond hair tickling against your cheek, those burning eyes staring into yours once more.
“Forgive me,” he apologizes, “I really should have at least taken you to a nice meal first!” He’s too far gone, legs pressed to your chest as he grunts with very rough thrust.
He’s panting and every now and then, when your walls clench around him as you cum once more, he lets out a guttural groan that sends shivers down your spine.
“Giyuu!” you shout, “I’m sorry! I didn’t think you’d jump in! Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” he says coldly, straightening himself off the ground and already beginning to walk away from the scene. You follow close after him.
“So…” you begin, trying to make conversation.
“It’s a nice night out,” he suddenly says, making you pause. Did he just speak without being asked a question? Because he wanted to?
“Y-yes it is!” you respond. He clears his throat. He’s undoing the top buttons of his uniform, face flushed.
“Giyuu?” you call.
“It’s…really hot…” he’s panting now.
“Giyuu! Just take it easy! I’m sure that help is coming soon! The Kakushi can’t be far behind!” you try to comfort him, but upon hearing that more people are on their way, he grabs your wrist and dashes further into the forest.
“I-I’m sorry. I can’t hold back anymore!” he apologizes as hot cum shoots up into your womb. Your legs are wrapped around his waist as he stands tall, knees buckling only whenever he cums.
You dig your nails into his back and he lets out a pleasured whine, his hands gripping even tighter on your ass as he continues to bounce you on his cock.
“Fucking! Dammit! What the hell was that!” Sanemi shouts, coughing as he lifts himself from the ground.
“I told you not to get close!” you scold, patting his back, “Are you feeling okay?”
“I’m fine!” he barks, turning away from your touch, already walking away from you.
But he’s not. You can see that he stops walking every now and then, gripping onto the bark of a tree, clutching his stomach.
“Sanemi!” you call and he can’t prevent his legs from shaking.
“Don’t! Don’t say anything!” he begs in a low, pained voice. He can’t bear to hear it. He’s already hard enough.
“It’s okay,” you comfort, placing your hands on his burning chest, slowly rubbing him in hopes of calming him down.
“Fuck! God-fucking! Fuck!” Sanemi yells, one hand gripping your hair mercilessly while the other digs into your hip, pulling you back to him as he thrusts into you from behind. You’re both on your knees, both panting and sweating and moaning as you feel that release coming up.
“You planned this, didn’t you? You fucking minx!” he growls, hand finally untangling itself from your hair so that he can plant both his hands on your hips and really drill into you.
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s0dium · 10 months
Slapping your ass
Tumblr media
Warnings: Suggestive themes overall, fluff.
Giyu Tomioka
He saw Uzui do it to one of his wives
Uzui told him that girls love it
You were talking to a Kakushi, UNAWARE of what was about to happen
It actually kinda hurt and it made you yelp-
He just looked at you expressionless and then walked away
Obanai iguro
SUPER shy had no idea what he was doing
Totally planed this all day
It felt like a light tap
When you turned around he seemed just as surprised as you
Couldn't stop apologizing after though you kind of enjoyed it
Kyojuro Rengoku
He was just bored and wanted to see your reaction
You fell on your knees in embarrassment
he laughed and patted your head
"Your so cute y/n~!"
Tengen Uzui
Did it in front of EVERYONE because it would be "flamboyant"
You turned around ready to yell at him furiously
He picked you up and spins you around after seeing your flustered face
"How beautiful you are my flamboyant flower!"
Sanemi Shinazugawa
This mf fucker WINDS his hand back
Snickers and looks at your embarrassed face
"Sorry thought I saw a bug~"
*smirks and walks away*
Gyomei Himejima
Ok lets be honest this man would never. He is too much of a cinnamon roll plus he would break all the bones in your body. Instead Gyomei would give you a light kiss on your forehead :)
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hanmas · 9 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: uzui tengen, hashibira inosuke, rengoku kyojuro, kamado tanjiro, shabana gyutaro (just pretend he’s human in this okay)
notes: i am a little fixated on demon slayer as of late if you haven’t noticed :,)
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐆𝐄𝐍 groans, dragging his feet into the room stiffly. he curses under his breath as you stir in your sleep, eyes fluttering open as you give him a sleepy smile when you realize he’s home. “you’re back. how was the mission?” grinning at you fondly, he chuckles, cupping your cheek as he leans down to press a kiss to your forehead. “didn’t mean to wake you. i won a flashy victory, what else?” he moves to stand to his full height, and you grab his hand with a pout, staring up at him with tired eyes. “no,” you whine, “you only just got back.” you lift the blanket, staring up at him expectantly to join, and with a low chuckle, he gives in and crawls in beside you, pulling you flush against his chest. “i still have to bathe, you know,” he murmurs, but you press a soft kiss to his pec, snuggling your cheek against the firm muscle and smiling to yourself in content. “stay here a bit first,” you murmur, falling back asleep as he rubs your back, and a bath might sound nice right now, but the sound of your soft breathing as you shift closer is even better.
✰ 𝐆𝐘𝐔𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐎 walks in with his back hunched, scowl on his face as he slams the door shut behind him. you stare at him with a soft smile, lifting the blanket up and holding an arm out. almost instantly, the stress rolls off his shoulders as he slides in, head finding your chest while you kiss his forehead. “long day, huh?” you murmur, stroking through his hair slowly. “yeah, daki was being difficult,” he grumbles, looking up at you and pouting as he adds, “and my back is sore.” chuckling quietly, you bring the covers over his body, rubbing his back slowly and smiling as he lets out a relieved sigh. “maybe if you didn’t hunch all day, you back wouldn’t be sore,” you tease. he scowls once more, burying his head into your chest, and you press one more sweet kiss to his temple as you relax. “supposed to pick my side,” he mutters through a yawn, smiling to himself as you giggle, and he thinks as long as he ends each day with you, they can’t be too bad.
✰ 𝐈𝐍𝐎𝐒𝐔𝐊𝐄 shakes your shoulders, waking you as he complains loudly for you to get up. groaning, you pull the covers over your head, only for him to pull them down instantly. “wake up, you’re always sleeping,” he grumbles, prodding your shoulder with his finger harshly. huffing, you smack his hand away, and he growls under his breath in frustration. “leave me alone, inosuke, it’s too early,” you glare at him. he scowls, but his lips curl ever so slightly into a small pout, making your features soften as you take in the sight. “well i’m bored,” he mutters under his breath, staring at you with a raised brow when you lift the blanket up, ushering him to join you under the covers. “come back to bed then,” you murmur gently, and even if he complains under his breath, his body presses as close to yours as it can get. “this is a waste of a perfectly good morning,” he grunts, but he lets out a soft sigh when your fingers thread through his locks. “you seem to be enjoying it,” you snort.
✰ 𝐊𝐘𝐎𝐉𝐔𝐑𝐎 is a little concerned when you’re not jumping into his arms as he walks through the door, searching through your home to find you. he lets out a soft breath of relief when he sees you bundled under the covers, and a wide grin stretches across his face instantly. “baby, it got cold without you,” you pout, opening the blanket to signal for him to join you, hand out and grabbing for him. he chuckles, slotting his body next to yours and wrapping two strong arms around you as he pulls you against his chest. “we can’t have that,” he murmurs, pressing a sweet kiss to your forehead, “gotta keep you warm, then. that better?” your hand trails to rub his chest in slow circles, and he lets out a soft breath, curling his arm around you tighter. leaning up and kissing his jaw, you hum as you nod, and he’s glad he gets to come home to you, always keeping him warm on the coldest of nights too. “way better.”
✰ 𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐉𝐈𝐑𝐎 sits down at the edge of the bed beside you, smiling to himself as you sleep. he cups your cheek, rubbing a thumb in slow circles as he admires your features. “you’re so pretty,” he hums, leaning to peck your lips softly, but he’s shocked when you return the kiss, cracking an eye open slowly. “welcome back,” you yawn, “why’re you staring at me like a creep?” you’re blinking up to look at him as he sends you a soft grin, and he feels his chest swell with affection as you rub the sleep from your eyes. “why’re you pretending to sleep like a creep?” he counters, and you giggle as your hand takes his into your grasp, tracing over the scars slowly before planting tiny kisses along each one. it’s quiet for a bit, and then you scoot over to the side, lifting the blanket up and staring at him expectantly. “come to bed, i missed you,” you whisper, and as he slips under the covers with you, both of your quiet laughs mingling against the fabric as your limbs tangle, tanjiro knows he’s home.
Tumblr media
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perkygf · 3 months
2 types of guys
he just loves having your pretty face in his palm, cheeks smooshed until your lips pucker and then teasing you for being so irresistibly cute. "what's that? you want a kiss?" he grins when you frown at him, unable to move out of his grasp as his other hand secures you on his lap. " hm, a big sloppy one you say?" he loves doing this spectacle in public and always says the worst lines at the most unfortunate time. two elderly women fall victims this time as he's dropping such a shameful lie that you had in fact not uttered, your cheeks burn and your palms shove his chest away as the ladies power walk away in disapproval. "stOp IT!" he chuckles and pulls your face impossibly closer, your knitted brows and wide puppy eyes melting his insides into lovesick ruins. the passerbys are all but forgotten a few seconds later as your boyfriend kisses you into another dimension his fingers tangled in your hair the only thing keeping you grounded.
geto, gojo, tengen, rengoku, eren, dazai
2. you grin at the blushing boy, despite knowing you for so long he's shy even now, he can't seem to help the rosy blush that creeps up his neck and blooms in the apples of his cheeks as you rub the tip of your nose against his. your name tumbles out of his lips hesitantly, catching cutely at the end when you kiss the corner of his lips. his eyes dart to his surroundings suddenly too aware of the public nature of a picnic, sensing his insecurity you take his hand in both of yours. "look at me." you mumble against his warm cheek and he does, turning his head back to you obediently and meeting your eyes. he visibly swallows as your eyes lock, your gorgeous face hovering over his as you grin and just like that you've dragged him under your spell once again, reminding him you're all that matters as you lean in to kiss him shamelessly.
megumi, tanjiro, zenitsu, atsushi, akutagawa, giyuu, armin
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chrissshub · 10 months
Tumblr media
⭑—pairings: Pornstar!Tengen Uzui x fem!reader
⭑—cw: filming, group sex, oral(f. receiving), face sitting, nipple play, soft!Tengen, size kink(?), squirting
⭑—tags: @dejwrites @gabzlovesu @nanaminshousewife @novaresque @getoswhore @vlyntage @rinhoes @simpliheavenli @aasouthteranoswife @dabilovesme @po3ticb3auty @the-great-himbo @kenmasbimbo @bbytamaki @hennnyyyyy98
Tumblr media
For one Tengen Uzui, it was hard for just anyone to attract his attention. Especially in his field of work, there was only a diamond to be found on the rarest of occasions.
In order to even bring a sliver of interest to his vibrant mind, there had to be a certain quality one possessed. It was found in all his wives, each one different from the other. It was a quality that he swore he’d never find again in a woman.
And just as the double began to set in, the rays of fate casted upon the dimmed flame.
A new infatuation wasn’t something Tengen foresaw in his future, but he knew it was one he couldn’t ignore any longer. It’s what he would call “an unpolished gem”, the first thought that came into mind when stumbling upon one of your films.
He remembers that night all too vividly, not a single one of his actions being his own. From the moment he pressed play, Tengen’s entire being fell victim to the pretty coos of your voice. It enthralled him, placing the man beneath a trance. It was in the manner you touched, held, even connected with your co-star that had Tengen unexpectedly intrigued.
Yet what brought him the most joy was his wives, sharing the same common interest in you. Just off posing his newest muse to the three women brought the giddy squeals from their mouths. That alone pushed Tengen onto his next pursuit: to indulge in all you had to offer.
So when the day finally arrived before Tengen, he was nothing short of prepared. Even now as he stood on the same set as you, the heat of anticipation wafted across his skin.
There you were, the intoxicating curves of your body, the silky plush of your skin melding amongst that of his wives, he ached over the moments when he��d finally have you in his care. But being the courteous man as he was, he allowed for his wives to take charge, each one swarming your body with such depravity.
His glossy fuchsia hues glazed over the congested scene, his tongue drifting along his lips. He couldn’t deny it, watching the passion that emitted from his doting wives. He couldn’t tell where you began and where they had ended, not a single one of the women easing their grips upon you.
With Hinatsuru buried between your trembling legs, Suma’s hips rolling against your curved tongue, and Makio toying with the stiffened peaks of your breasts, not even the ungodly grip Tengen had over his cock could prevent the heavy beads of precum from dripping off his knuckles.
And as for you, nothing could be more overwhelming, than having the three beauties cling to you as they saw fit. The gentle aches of your hips, jaw, and even arms number from thoughts, simply replaced by the vivid display unfolding.
Since sinking between your legs nearly thirty minutes ago, Hinatsuru’s head hasn’t once faltered from you. Her lips were glazed with your essence, courtesy of her tongue teasing at your fluttering slit. Her touch couldn’t compare to others, the graze of her fingers being enough to set your body ablaze.
Whenever she could, her digits dipped between your folds, her gentle graze stirring your arousal to its peak. The soft mounds of her lips worked in tandem, cling to the perked hood of your clit, sucking on whatever she caught.
Yet what threw your body down its untimely spiral was the paired workings of Makio’s tongue, swirling about your pert nipples. Her hands kept busy, massaging the tender plush, even taking to rolling the tender buds between her fingers. The soft moans that left from her throat only sank into your chest, your fingers itching to cup her hollowed cheeks.
As much as your hands sought to settle atop of the heads of both women, they were bound to the task of keeping poor Suma still.
The youngest of the wives seemed to be the most yearning, not allowing anyone other than herself to mount your face.
Her airy moans bounced along the walls, the whites of her eyes teasing to enter in view. Your tongue flicked at her clit, watching as she writhed shamelessly along with the lazy pace.
She was an easy tease, just the slightest pull on her clit was enough to set her off, allowing for you to rely on nothing but wet kisses and a wandering tongue to please her. Her hand clutched at a tuft of your hair, her mouth babbling off with mindless dribble.
It was quite the sight to take in, watching as Suma desperately pawed at her perky breasts, wincing at the harsh pinches befalling the peaks of her nipples. The need for relief was written all over her face, brows coming to a knit and her lips plump with a pout.
You couldn’t help take pity on her, her breathless mewls spilling into the air. Your tongue laid flat against the taut bud, using the gentles lashes coaxing an arch to form along her spine.
From afar, you could sense the bed dip underneath the additional weight of another, coaxing for all the wives to cease their ministrations.
“She’s all ready for you, Tengen! Her pussy’s just the cutest!” Hinatsuru giggled, smearing what essence remained amongst the tips of her fingers. She returned her hand to your cunt once more, digits slipping between the puffy lips.
Prying the swelled mounds apart, Hinatsuru revealed the glossy mess to both Tengen and the camera’s view, the bulb of your clit twitching beneath the attention. Her voice hummed softly, dragging the pads of her digits along your velvety folds.
“Isn’t she just so pretty?”
“Of course she is,” Tengen nodding in agreement. “Y/N’s just the perfect woman in every way imaginary.”
Above you, Suma granted herself one last roll of her hips before clasping beside you, the warmth fading into your skin. Her palm rested atop your cheek, rubbing her thumb along with the curves of your cheeks.
“I don’t wanna go yet! Y/N was so close to making me cum!” she pouted, setting her glossy blue hues onto you. With a final parting, Suma brought her lips to your own, her tongue gliding across your bottom lip.
Last to part from your exhausted body was Makio, her mouth planting a trail of pecks towards your worked jaw. Patience ran thin among Makio’s mind, the set of amber eyes trained to every reel of your lips.  
“C’mon Suma, I wanna kiss too!” she whimpered, bracing the curve of your jaw gently. Your head whipped from Suma’s lingering lips to Makio’s, the supple plush latching onto yours. All to be left of the brash exchange was the single strand of salvia glimmered, thinning as Makio took her leave of you.
“Have fun, Beautiful! Tengen’s been waiting to have you all to himself, y’know,” she beamed, tugging away the needy Suma from you.
As the rowdy echoes began to fade away. Tengen was quick to fill the space between your legs, his body hunched over your own. His hands clung to your sides, the pads of his calloused thumbs massaging the plush of your skin. 
You were so much softer, smoother than he’d envisioned, afraid that any more of his brute force would ruin the feverish reality before him. Rather than rushing to ease his urges, Tengen seemed more interested to relish in you, his lips brushing past the shell of your ear.
“Such a pretty thing, aren’t you? It’s an honor to be here with you, Y/N,” his voice purred, Your arms laced around his neck, closing the distance amongst you both. Tengen’s face pickled with the impending swell of heat beneath his cheeks, falling victim to the delicate sway of your voice.
“Isn’t that just cute? Your wives were just as eager, y’know,” the giggle falling from you. “You’ve gotta prove yourself, Tengen. You didn’t earn that nickname for nothing.”
Slipping a hand between your smothered bodies, Tengen gripped at the stiffened base of his cock, bringing the thick bow of his tip to peck at your hole. “That silly name? Let’s see how fair it gets me, don’t we?”
Nodding to Tengen’s words, you found yourself melding into his hold, the tips of your fingers brushing through the white strands of his hair. It wasn’t easy to believe, not that your blank mind could even begin to understand.
Just off of the crown of Tengen’s cock alone stretched your cunt to accommodate his girth, the daunting drive of his hips fueling the flame within your core. Your eyes fluttered from view, using the etching drive of your nails along the broad of his shoulders to ground you.
It took nearly all your strength to bare Tengen’s cock, the thin sheen of sweat lathering about your skin. The wet pants rang against the chiseled hull of his chest, the delicious of your overwhelmed walls granting him little space to flourish.
As the warmth of your cunt enveloped around Tengen, he rested back onto his haunches, the pad of his thumb mischievously swiping at your clit. “Fuck–Y-You’re so big Tengen! It’s too much–” you sobbed, inducing an arch to consume your spine.
A wave of pity struck Tengen, mixed with the hints of pride. A poor girl like you never really did have someone so big, someone simply radiating with such power to fill your walls just right. He took to your ear, sending smug words of comfort to ease your ascending mind.
“That’s a good girl, told you it was gonna fit. Just lay there and be pretty for the camera now. Gonna take real good care of you and that pretty pussy,” he cooed, hips reeling back lazily. Your hands clawed at whatever could be found, bracing the unrelenting snap to come.
The lewd clashes of skin echoed around the room, melding with the spews of hiccuping whimpers of your lungs, barely holding a lick of the heavy air. Tengen was keen on his choice of pace, winching at the squeezing hold your walls held over him.
His eyes were trained to the weeping mess of your cunt, sucking him back in with shameful greed. Such a pure sight needed to be etched into his thoughts, serving as his muse just for the moment.
Tengen was sure that the intoxicating roll of his hips never faltered away the passionate embedded with. Of course he wouldn’t allow that, ensuring that every single plunge of his cock not only kissed your cervix, but was to be so engraved along your walls that no one other but him could deliver the sweet fruits of bliss onto you.
“Fuckkk, knew you’d feel good around me. Even taking all of me like this too–don’t you deserve to cum?”
You opened your mouth to reply with what strength and sense were left, only for the crippling precursors to an orgasm seizing your body captive. The pool of nerves stirred about your tummy, reaching the final limits. An inaudible shrill flew from your hinged jaw, the glossy tears of your essence painting Tengen’s pelvis in with the shimmering rivulets of release.
Not bothering to pull from you, Tengen peered down his body, hazy eyes licking over the explicit art painting his skin. He could only hold his position, the harsh stare of the wavering camera capturing each staggering breath to exit your lungs.
Taking your quivering hand into his own, Tengen pushed a few pecks along your knuckles, masking his prideful grin behind the tender gestures.
“And who made you squirt like that, hm, Beautiful?”
Through hollowing breaths, you traced your eyes along the cocky stature Tengen assumed. Around him came the figures of his wives, Hinatsuru, Suma, and Makio creeping their way beside him. The ocean of colored hues swept past your ruined state, ears piqued to your lips uttering in response.
“T-The flashiest star did, of course!”
Tumblr media
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t3nzin · 9 months
hashira headcanons
accidental touch
Tumblr media
based on this request <3
how would the hashiras react accidentally touching hands?
Tumblr media
- would casually just slide his hand away and utter a “sorry”
- but he genuinely liked the feeling of your hand on his, it was so soft and warm, compared to his calloused and cold one
- when you wouldn’t be looking, he’d carefully bring his hand closer to yours until they’d “accidentally” touch again
- as soon as your hands touched, you immediately looked at each other
- surprisingly, neither of you moved, which made the insect pillar laugh and intertwine your hands together
- shinobu gave you her usual easygoing smile, “if you wanted to hold hands, you could’ve just asked, y’know~”
- he’d dramatically pull his hand away and give you a look of disgust, as if you’re the scum of the earth
- his sudden reaction offended you but he was quick to say, “why are your hands so fucking cold?”
- he’d grab your hand again, both hands actually, “i’m only doing this to warm them up, don’t go getting ideas”
- he’d apologize immediately, “i’m sorry about that, (y/n)! it was an accident!”
- you tell him it’s fine and he’d ask to touch hands again, just to compare the hand sizes
- “wow! your hand is so small compared to mine,” he’d laugh, giving your hand a gentle squeeze
- “my, my my~ are you try to flirt with me, dear?” he smirked, gripping your hand tightly
- you raised your eyebrow in confusion, irritated, “i literally just touched your hand by accident”
- tengen grinned, ignoring what you said completely, “what a flamboyant excuse! you’re so cute (y/n)!”
- he’d practically crush your hand, since he’s so strong
- “tengen, you’re suffocating my hand!”
- “ahhh, you’re so adorable~” 
- she’d immediately turn red from the physical contact; she’d practically be a whole tomato
- when you slid your hand away, she couldn’t help but feel disappointed
- you’d catch the frown on her face and ask what’s wrong
- “d-do you think we can hold hands again? it’s comforting...”
- he wouldn’t even say anything, just keep his hands on top of yours
- “um...” you’d try to remove your hand, but he’d quickly grab it, “where do you think you’re going?”
- you could feel the heat going to your cheeks and ears, “uh, nowhere?”
- he’d simply nod and keep holding your hand; you’d feel him rubbing circles on your skin with his thumb a few times
- he’d start crying, but 10x harder
- “my apologies, y/n!” he’d frown, but you’d rub his back and tell him it’s no problem
- he would still continue to cry, thinking you’re upset with him
- you panicked so you grabbed his hands carefully, “don’t cry! look, i really like the feeling of your hands on mine, don't’ worry”
- he’d just move his hand away as if nothing happened
- “i’m so sorry,” you’d say, rubbing the back of your neck in embarrassment
- “it’s not that big of a deal,” he shrugged, grabbing both of your hands and looking at you straight in the eyes
- “look at our hands, (y/n). did the world end?”
- it did for you
Tumblr media
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cursedmoonchild · 10 months
— 𝐇𝐚𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✘ SUMMARY: when you told your husband about your plans to return to the demon slayer corps for the first time after your marriage you were not expecting the fight that would proceed, now it's up to your wives to try to fix the situation.
✘ GENRE: angst, hurt/comfort.
✘ 4.3k words
✘ CONTENTS: possessive!tengen, wlw, throat fucking, some hate fucking (tengen on suma and makio), face sitting, unprotected sex, oral (both), the wives are married to each other too, there's a talk about reader and tengen having kids in the future but no pregnancy talk.
✘ NOTE: my first tengen writing as a fandom contribution, i hope i was able to portrait him well, let me know what you think!
Tumblr media
“Are you awake?” you hear your husband’s voice in the dark, tired eyes opening — although you haven’t been able to properly sleep since you closed them — to find his fuchsia ones looking at you, two bodies away. You shift on Hina’s chest where you have been laying on, Tengen had Makio and Suma both peacefully asleep on his chest.
“No” you answer dryly, closing your eyes again.
This night has been tumultuous. After months thinking about it you have finally decided to speak to your husband and wives about your will to be a demon slayer again.
You had left the corps once you married Uzui, getting some basic kunoichi training from him and the wives to assist him in his missions, but you always felt out of place since the four of them already had their ninja dynamics from working together for years, the overwhelming sensation of being out of this place causing you to stay behind to ‘look out for the house’ sometimes.
Instead you would take your custom made sword that has been leaning on a closet for months, and slice the air, trees or some bambus and practice your breathing techniques.
You miss that, doing something you were good at, fighting demons and not just evacuating villages when one was around or staying out of the way when Tengen was fighting.
That’s the life you wanted back.
“You absolutely will not'' Tengen said without batting an eye. Everyone at the dinner table stopped chewing and froze their hands mid-air.
“What?” you asked, thinking you might have misunderstood him.
“You won’t get back out there, that’s off the table. Suma, hand me the water” he ordered gently like the matter being talked about was not important to him.
“I wasn't asking for your permission, Tengen” you harshly placed your hashi on the table. Suma’s hand froze inches from grabbing the jar of water as her eyes bounced between you and Uzui.
“I don’t care, my word is final. You’re not leaving this house unless it’s with us” his eyes seemed almost predatory when he found yours across the table.
“Your word is final? Who the hell do you think you are?”
“I’m your fucking husband, that’s who I am” he slammed his hand on the desk making everyone jump.
After that the food was forgotten, your husband and you raising your voices at each other as your wives tried to calm you down by separating you two.
Hinatsuru brought you outside, your face burning in anger as she stood there watching you pace back and forth rambling about how he had the audacity to speak to you like that and how you were not his property.
Inside Tengen was being scolded by Makio that made him help her and Suma clean up after dinner.
Hours later, after asking Hina for a moment alone where you directed your rage on some bambus with your sword, you stormed your way to the bedroom, ignoring your four spouses getting ready for bed and targeting the bathroom. There you splashed some water trying to cool your heated face and neck.
Suma tiptoed her way in, placing your nightwear on the counter in front of you, her delicate hands reaching your waist to undo your kimono, as she hugged you from behind calling your name in a plea.
“Don’t be mad at him, he’s only looking out for you,” she begged, hiding her face on the crook of your neck. “We support your decisions, but you know how Tengen-sama is protective towards us, please…” her touch was warm.
“How can I not be mad at him, Suma?” you raised your voice slightly, your wife pressed her body to yours, hands crawling up to caress your breast, knowing how much you liked that.
“Let me help you relax then, you cannot go to bed worked up like this” she rolled your nipple on her fingers, the stimulation causing you to sigh.
Little did you know, but moments before, the three wives made up a plan. Suma would rille you up while the two others would do the same for Tengen in the bedroom working up both of you then guiding you towards some rebounding sex.
Suma reached a hand between your legs to caress your clit making you throw your head back, you were still stressed after the fight but Suma always knew what buttons to push to melt you down on her hands.
In the shared bedroom, where you sleep on futons on the floor — because it was easy to arrange since no bed could fit the five of you — Makio was lazily stroking her husband’s length while Hina whispered words encouraging him to apologize to you.
“I love you and Tengen-sama, please don’t fight with each other” Suma begged and you turned around taking her by the neck to shut her up with a kiss.
Of course you love her very much. You weren’t just tengen’s wives, you were each other’s too, but you were not in the mood to talk to or about Tengen now, maybe just get each other off and find some peaceful sleep.
Suma, not detaching her lips from yours, guided you back to the bedroom and onto the bed where you didn’t have to look up to figure out what your other spouses were up to. Your sweet wife laid you down pushing your kimono off as she kissed her way down to your core. Hina popped up beside you, her bare body blocking your view of Tengen that was having his dick sucked by Makio.
“We got you, baby,” Hina whispered. You knew what she meant by it. As Suma gave your pussy kitten licks, Hina made you busy by guiding your face to her chest where you placed some open mouthed kisses before attaching your lips to her nipple, sucking it lightly, hearing Makio choking on Tengen’s cock.
Suma's fingers teased your entrance before stretching it with two fingers at once as she sucked your clit, you held back your moans not wanting to give Tengen the pleasure of hearing it.
“Hina, come” you laid your head back on the pillow patting her thigh as a signal for her to sit on your face.
“It’s okay, you don’t have to—“
“I’m not taking Tengen tonight” you made it clear to her. By the scissoring movements Suma was doing to stretch you even more it became obvious what their plan was. The said wife stopped her ministrations for a second, big blue eyes looking up at Hina, who came up with the plan, an apologetic look on both her faces. Hina complied and moved to sit on you.
On the other side of the room Makio was having her throat fucked as Tengen pretended he wasn’t fazed by what you said.
Uzui knew that if he kept that attitude he would lose you. Yet, in his head, anything was better than being delivered the news that his love died fighting a nasty demon. The conflict in his head was overbearing as he tried to shake it off by focusing on thrust his hips on Makio’s face, casually looking at Hina positioning herself down on you, too bad he wouldn’t be hearing your sweet mewls as Suma started to pump her fingers faster.
Tengen looked down at Makio’s face, glistening with tears and spit, she wouldn’t last much longer like this and he wasn't going to be satisfied anytime soon.
Tengen released his grip on Makio’s head, letting her take a deep breath and he pulled Suma by her arm, yanking her away from your core with a yelp.
If he wasn’t going to hear your moans maybe you don’t deserve to be pleased at all.
Suma complied, letting Tengen manhandle her to get on all fours, rubbing his cock on her folds to spread Makio’s saliva mixed with his precum on Suma’s folds before slowly sinking in, finding some struggle since she was not prep-ed before.
Meanwhile you sensed your wife was probably snatched away, a cold breeze hitting your core, Hina tried to help by leaning back, her hand finding your warm entrance, fingers soon replacing the emptiness left by Suma as she tried her best to synchronize her movements with the pace you were setting with your tongue.
Hina, Suma and Makio, could see — or rather feel — that maybe that plan was not a good idea since both of you seem to be more worked up in your anger than relaxed. You aggressively eating Hina out and Tengen fucking Suma so hard it made loud slapping sounds.
In the middle of this dangerous game you were unconsciously playing with each other, the room got dark due to Makio blowing the fire from the lamps that were the source of light inside the room, making everything dark with a tiny bit of the natural moonlight coming from the slightly open door that led to the backyard.
“What are you doing?” Hina whispered to Makio that laid down in the space between you and Tengen, who were gripping Suma hips moving her to meet his violent thrusts.
“The plan failed, I’m going to sleep. Hurry up and finish it” she muttered tiredly, frustrated by failing to make her beloved spouses make amends.
Hina squeezed her thighs around your head cumming without the pleasure of knowing everyone was going to sleep happy and satisfied after this.
She curled his fingers pumping that sweet spot inside you urging you to come with her as well, and you did, focusing on the sensation between your legs instead of the alarming thoughts that threaten to make you feel unloved in your head.
Tengen had already spilled his seed inside Suma, not paying attention to see if she came too as he laid beside Makio trying to recover his breath feeling both his spouses curling up to his side.
Hina hopped off as you whipped your face from her juices, Hina wiggled her way between you and Makio gently bringing you to lay on her chest while all of you tried to fall asleep.
Your three weary wives succeeded as you felt Hina’s breathing become more even shallow, Tengen hearing Suma snore slightly and Makio losing the grip she had on his arm.
After more than one hour being overwhelmed by his thoughts he spoke up.
“Are you awake?”
You forget he’s the sound hashira, he knows you haven’t been able to let the sleep come to you either. He hears your heart beating faster every now and then, like something scared you, your own head playing that prank, sending alarms to your heart like you were in a dangerous situation.
Through the dim light in the bedroom, Tengen noticed the frown on your forehead.
“I have seen the sliced bambu” he sighs looking at the ceiling above him, “I see the look in your face when someone says demon slayer corps are in town” you tighten your grip in the sheets below you, your heart always swells a little when a villager or kids talk about the corps or a slayer that saved them “I see how you hesitate everytime you hold a kunai” indeed your muscle memory always try to hold the kunai like a sword in front of your body needing a double take before using it against whatever.
“It’s not easy for me” you murmur, “I’m not a ninja like you.”
“You don’t have to be a kunoichi, if you want to stop going on missions with us and stay home then I—” your eyes start to water as you realize the option of you actually going back to being a demon slayer doesn't even occur to him.
“Will you divorce me if I become a slayer again?” you blurt the question that has been intruding on your insecure mind.
The silence that proceeds on is too loud for you, the confirmation you need to stand up and pick the first kimono you see, escaping the bedroom through the sliding door that leads outside.
Tears run like cascades on your cheeks, the chilly night wind contributing to cooling your heated face, you were not sure how many steps you gave before your arm was roughly pulled from behind, forcing you to turn around, not daring to look up at your husband’s face, instead turning your face to the side and trying to set your arm free from his grip.
“Let me go” you grumble only to get pulled closer, his calloused hand taking your chin and forcing your face to look up at him.
“Never” he says firmly, making you stop struggling on his hold, allowing you to take in the sight above you.
Tengen’s face was flushed, the tip of his ears and neck red, a mix of anger and pain visible on his features.
“There’s not a single thing in this world that will make me want to leave you, not even you turn into a demon” his grip on your arm softens as he realizes you won’t try to run away from him.
“Then why were you silent when I asked?” you inquire, letting him hold your face up, his heart aching seeing your tears and puffy eyes knowing he caused it.
“‘Cause I couldn’t believe my ears” his thumb brushed under your eye “How could you ever think I'll be divorcing you? Just the taste of this abominable word in my mouth makes me want to vomit” he left the grip on your face to turn you around, one strong arm lacing around your waist, pressing your bodies together as his left hand enveloping your left one as he brings them up in front of your face, your wedding ring shining bright under the moonlight, “This became a pact for eternity the second you agreed to accept this ring.”
You took a moment to look at your hands, his much bigger one entwining fingers with yours, his matching ring — yet much thicker — shining in his hand.
But all these words have not been able to make up for his previous ones, the ones that stabbed you in the beginning of the night still lingering in your mind.
“Tengen” your hand untangle from his as you remove the arm from you taking a step further, away from his hold, to turn around, “This doesn’t change how I feel, this—” you lift your arms and let it fall back signalizing the place around you, “This is great and I love being your wife and spending time with you out there, being part of your missions and all, but I need more” you emphasize, sighing in the end.
“Why? Are we not enough?” he takes one step further.
“It’s not about you or Hina or Makio or Suma” you shake your head looking down and bringing your hands up to your hair, gripping it in frustration.
You take another step back, reaching a wall and letting your body slide down till you sit on the floor.
Tengen doesn't think he’s ever felt this hurt, just by seeing you struggle like this, a battle taking place in your heart between wanting to protect you and wanting to make you happy.
“I’m sorry” he sits beside you, placing one arm above your head on the wall, removing your hand from your hair to kiss and hold it against his face, your palm touching his cold cheeks, “I should have listened to you,” he admits letting his head fall and touch his forehead on yours, “This is not easy on me either, I worry so much when I’m not around to protect you three. The thought of you being alone facing a demon is mortifying” he confesses looking down at your lap as your thumb strokes his cheek bones, “I want to grow old with you, I want to see our kids running around the state, watching them grow, be at their weddings and hope that they can love their spouses as deeply as I love you.” you crack at his confession jumping on his lap to lace your arms on his neck hugging him tight as you sob hard on his shoulder.
His arms hold you to him, such a firm grip as he was trying to become one with you, that way you would never leave him. If only…
“My love, please” he murmurs in your hair, “Think about out wives, they haven't been able to protest, but I know they feel the same, none of us want to lose you” your heart aches thinking about what your wives must've thought and haven’t had the chance to say.
“I love you so much” you whisper in a weak voice.
He adjusts his posture making you look him in the eye, both your eyes red. Tengen sees your dark circles and he can almost hear the conflict in you. The last thing he wants, other than to lose you, is seeing you miserable.
“I’ll support you, no matter what” he says through the protests of his heart. His instinct is to lock you in the state with him, never letting you go out of his sight.
Yet his love is strong enough to take your happiness above his own.
You bring your small hands to his face to look deep into his eyes, seeing pain and honesty.
“Will you?” you wait for his confirmation.
Tengen caresses your waist, thinking about if something ever happens to you he wants to remember this moment, how you look so fragile on his lap, how his hand feels so big on your waist, your kimono opening at some point allowing him to actually feel your soft skin on his rough palms, how there’s a sparkle of hope in your puffy eyes, how your lip trembles slightly.
Tengen can’t mutter any words, the lump on his throat not allowing him to, so he only nods in your hold, one stubborn tear sliding from his eye directly to your palm.
“Tengen” you murmur his name in a croaked voice, closing the space between your lips to give your loving husband a passionate kiss.
The salty taste does not fail to knock you out of breath, your arms lacing around his shoulders once again, pressing your chest to his, your kimono being slowly removed from you.
The kiss soon starts to get urgent, Tengen holding the back of your head as his tongue dives deep in your mouth, intertwining with yours and pulling the mewls he loves so much.
Your core starts to throb once you feel his cock growing under you. Your cunt already missing it, not believing how you could have ever denied it as you did earlier.
Your shaky hand tries to push the robe Tengen picked when he left the bedroom off his broad shoulders, he lets go of your lips, swifting impatiently to untie it and remove it, making you almost fall from your place sitting on his lap.
“I got you, baby” he assures holding your thighs before moving them up to your ass cheeks and bringing you closer to him, till your core rubs on his shaft, your bodies so attached to each other, your breasts squeezed on his chest, soft tummy pushed against his hard pecs, clit pressed on his pelvis.
“Kiss me again please” you ask, not standing to be a second without his lips on yours.
Your husband obeys smiling and holding your face before bringing it to his, bringing your lips to their rightful place against his.
His cock getting harder and harder with your desperate movements to find some relief to your aching core.
“I want you” you murmur between kisses fingertips caressing his chest, “I will always want you” you promise, wanting to make up for your harsh words earlier.
Tengen smiles with relief, placing a wet kiss on your cheek, moving down to trail more kisses on your neck.
You reach a hand down between your bodies, wrapping it around his thickness, squeezing tenderly the base like you know he likes before guiding it to your entrance, having your husband helping you with his hands on your hips to sink down on his shaft.
A pleasing stretch makes you whimper as you slowly receive him inside you.
Your man gives your sweet skin beautiful red and purples marks, hands groping the fat of your cheeks, pushing your hips to roll at a sensual pace on his lap once he's deep inside you.
Your chest moves up rapidly, the pleasure of finally being at peace allowing you to relax and enjoy the feeling of your walls hugging tight his manhood, throbbing in a way you know he won’t last much longer.
Tengen takes your breast on his hand, kneading it softly and moving down to take your other one in his mouth, him being so much taller than you that it makes you lean back slightly, still rolling your pelvis slowly.
You let your fingers tangle in his hair, moving some strands out of his beautiful face. For a second you wonder if your kids will have his hair or yours. His beautiful eyes or yours. His flashy personality or—
“My beautiful wife” he murmurs against your lips. A frown in his forehead signalizing he's close, his grip on your lower half urging you to move faster.
You tight your walls around him, clit being hit on every time he thrusts up against you. His cum doesn’t take long to paint your walls white as he moans against your skin, stopping his movements for a second.
You’re not sure what flips in Tengen’s head after he cums in you, but in a quick movement he picks you up, your legs firmly wrapped on his waist, cock never leaving your insides even when his cum starts to spill out.
He stands on his foot slamming your back on the wall, body pressing you even further into it while his tip hits your cervix with the hard thrust.
“Promise me—” he pants “Promise me you will come back home every time, no matter what you have to do” he has a bruising grip on you, gripping your sides, thumb pressing the space right beside your pelvic bone.
“Tengen~” you call his name in a plea, a whiny tone from the rough shoving of his cock into you, your mind trying to make up an argument why you can’t actually promise that.
“Promise it” a particular hard thrust makes you suppress a scream.
“I-I p-p-promise” you stutter, heels digging on his lower back.
“You better—” he lifts you up, finding a new spot that makes your toes curl and your eyes shut, “You better live up to that promise” a place deep in you threatens to snap with each slam of Tengen in you, “Are you listening to me?” he grabs your face, smashing your cheeks between his fingers, easily bouncing you on his cock with only one hand.
“Yes, Tengen-sama” you babble over your bliss, opening your eyes to find the love of your life looking at you with a frown from being overstimulated, but still love and adoration in his eyes, “I will come back to you no matter what” you whisper in such a low voice only the sound hashira would be able to hear it.
That’s all he needs to hear before taking you in a hungry kiss while pounding into you. The knot in your insides finally snapping, walls sucking him in and gushing all over. Your orgasm so powerful all you can see are colorful stars.
Your husband groans animalistically on your lips, thrusting a few more times before filling you up again, his butt cheeks tightening trying to squeeze out all he can give you.
You squeal when he slides down on the floor holding you, his knees hitting the floor moments before three pairs of legs coming to your vision but your ears not yet processing what the muffled voices are saying.
“Are you okay?” Makio holds your face giggling.
“Aw someone was fucked dumb by Tengen-sama” Suma comes up in your vision field, big blue eyes looking at you with a grin.
“We heard a loud noise and thought you were fighting again” Hina says caressing Tengen's hair, moving it from his sweaty face, “I’m glad to see it was not the case.”
You try to hide your face in your husband's neck.
“Oi we still have to talk” Makio blurts.
“Can we do this tomorrow?” you ask, Tengen moves out, loads of cum dripping from you, “I really want to clean up and cuddle.”
“Of course, love” Hina elbows Makio as a silent scold, “Let us take care of you two okay? Makio” Hina tilts her head, meaning for Makio to help out.
“Come here, my little troublemaker” she takes your arm, putting it behind her head and untangling your other limbs from the big man until you’re free for her to carry you bride style.
Your other wives follow behind, each one holding Tengen’s arms on their shoulders to support his weight as they bring his exhausted body back to the bedroom.
“That was so hot” Suma giggles once you reach the room.
“So flashy” Tengen murmurs.
After having your lovely wives rubbing a wet cloth on you, cleaning all the body fluids, you kiss each one goodnight soon getting into a nest of limbs and soft bodies.
You still think about Tengen’s feelings and how you can make a demon slayer life work for you and your family.
The last thing you want is to die on the field and leave four broken hearts. You just love them so much that the mere possibility of causing any harm on their hearts makes you want to sob.
For now, the best thing to do is just enjoy the warmth of Suma’s body hugging you from behind, the sensation of Tengen’s muscled chest on your cheek, the tenderness of Hina’s hand enveloping your own across Tengen torso and the sound of Makio’s light snores.
Tumblr media
bonus: coming back late from a mission
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blues824 · 3 days
Hey I know ur requests are closed rn so you can write this whenever you'd like! So can I pls get a hashira x reader who acts like Kevin from home alone?
This technically wasn’t submitted when I reopened my requests, but come on. It’s Home Alone.
Tumblr media
Gyomei Himejima
You probably pull a lot of pranks on this guy. Of course, since he’s at an obvious disadvantage, you don’t do anything too horrible. It’s just enough to elicit either a laugh or an annoyed sigh. Well, you certainly get a laugh out of it.
When he first experienced your hot temper, he didn’t really know what to think. He thought you were a tad more mature than that. But it happens to everyone at some point. Sometimes even he can’t help getting angry over something.
You aren’t a demon slayer, so Gyomei is very dedicated to making sure you are safe. However, once a demon tried to break into your shared home and you put your plan in motion. You already set up traps because that was your routine when the Stone Hashira was out on a mission.
You were able to escape and get to Ubayashiki’s residence. Of course he let you in because he considered you his in law since you are with one of his “children”. You stayed there until Gyomei came back.
When you tell him about the demon, he is immediately concerned. You proceed to break down the traps you set up and how they gave you enough time to escape, but your lover wasn’t listening. Instead, he was looking you over for any scratches or injuries.
Tumblr media
Mitsuri Kanroji
She doesn’t mind the occasional light-hearted prank to lift spirits. Heck, sometimes she even joins you and helps you with preparation. However, if you bring up an idea and it seems a bit overkill, then she will definitely tell you.
When you eventually exploded in anger and frustration, she was the one to calm you down after. Mitsuri is the kind of girl that would lay your head down in her lap and let you rant to her about what made you mad in the first place.
Mitsuri is aware of her immense strength, and she puts it to good use. She tries to be there as much as she can to protect you from the demons who might use you as leverage to get to her. She wasn’t very happy when the young demon slayer and his sister showed up and they had a huge target on their back.
Whenever she has to leave, she will always make the time to help you pack your bags and escort you to the Butterfly Estate. There is no way that she is leaving you all by yourself. She would tell you in a teasing way to behave as if she were dropping off a child at a friend’s house for them to babysit.
When she gets back, she won’t even stop. In fact, she will be sprinting - no matter how tired or worn out she is - to the Butterfly Estate. She wants to make sure that you know she’s alright, and she needs to know if anything happened while she was gone.
Tumblr media
Giyu Tomioka
Absolutely does not like the pranks you pull. He would probably be one of the ones to either take the prank down because he already knows about it, or he would inform your unfortunate victim beforehand. 
He’s the calm and rational Hashira who’s kind of emotionally constipated. So when you have that inevitable eruption of anger, he’s staring like a deer in headlights. He didn’t get an instruction manual when he got with you, so he doesn’t know what to do.
He would trust you and your intelligence enough to let you stay home alone, but he would most likely be worried about you on the trip. Shinobu often uses it as something to tease him about but she sees that he is genuinely concerned. Then the break-in happens. Muzan knows that Tanjiro would do anything to protect the citizens of whatever town they were in, so why not the significant other of the Hashira that the boy is so closely tied to?
You, loving a good old prank, set up quite a few in your house. So when one of them weng off, you immediately climbed out of the bedroom window and ran to the Butterfly Estate. They gladly let you stay until the Hashira returned.
When he gets back to the house and sees the inside completely trashed without you in it, he rushes to the Butterfly Estate to see if you are there. Imagine his immediate relief to see you sipping on a cup of tea. You told him about the unfortunate event and he was now gonna make sure that you were never alone if he had to leave.
Tumblr media
Tengen Uzui 
There is an ongoing prank war between Tengen and his spouses, which includes you as well. The Sound Hashira just always manages to evade yours and you always manage to fall for his tricks. It was getting a bit tiring.
If you just explode in anger and fury, he would be one of the ones that help you calm down. It’s a team effort, actually. He would wrap you in his arms, his wives would join the cuddle pile after rushing and getting your comfort items.
He would not let you stay home alone. He would ask Ubuyashiki if you could stay at his place since he fears for your safety. He obviously states that it’s totally okay because he’s been meaning to talk to you anyway.
Would also tell you jokingly (but also somewhat seriously) that you needed to behave while you stayed there. He knew the kind of shenanigans you could get into while he was gone. Then he gives you a kiss on the forehead.
If he comes home to hear that you were an absolute delight to have, he would take you out to your favorite restaurant on your own to celebrate. Sure, he almost died, but he wants you to feel appreciated.
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa
Would absolutely despise your pranks and how you’d laugh at him if he ever fell for them. Would resort to violence if you don’t cut it out. Or at least he’d try to. Because you might not be stronger than him, but you are smarter. You tend to outsmart him a lot. 
If you grew too frustrated and angry about something and decided to take it out on him, he wouldn’t react that great. He would most likely yell at you back. There is no way you’re gonna disrespect him like that.
He has a past alright. You’re probably the first person he’s ever been romantically involved with and he’s terrified. However, he will make sure that you are safe and out of harm’s way. There ain’t no way he’s gonna lose you if he has something to say about it.
As much as he yells at you, he’s scared that someone is gonna take you away from him (literally or figuratively). Wouldn’t leave you unattended whenever he has to leave for his job. As much as he hates it, he would ask Shinobu if you could stay at the B.E.
Once he gets back, he will most likely stay with you in your room at the B.E. He’s injured, but the only way he’ll accept treatment without making a fuss is if he’s with you. He would be so excited to tell you about this adventure.
Tumblr media
Shinobu Kocho 
Would be both a helper and an enemy. She’s the type to actually help with prancing someone else, but it would only be a temporary peace treaty between the ongoing war. She didn’t forget! She’s alway scheming
When you get angry, she’ll secretly relate but would try and use her soft voice to get you to calm down and chill. Don’t you know that erupting in emotion just causes everything to get worse? She should really take her own advice though.
If she has to leave for a mission, she will alert her ‘employees’ and Kanao to keep an eye on you. There is no way she’s taking any chances, especially after losing her older sister a while back. However, you are allowed (with an escort) to walk around outside.
The entire time she’s gone, all the other Hashira would notice how she seems a bit more sad and less of a tease. She didn’t make one single remark about Giyu being lonely. They were genuinely concerned for her.
When she gets back and sees you waiting at the door, she sprints towards you as fast as she can. She’s so relieved to see that you were okay, and it was the same vice versa. As she makes her rounds on the others, she has you follow her so you can help.
Tumblr media
Kyojuro Rengoku
Would be greatly amused by your pranks and tricks! He won’t partake in any of them because he holds too much respect for his fellow Hashira, but he will laugh out loud if one of them (even if it was himself) fell for it. 
He has never shown any other emotion besides happiness and maybe fierceness, but never true anger. So when you erupt in pure and unfiltered frustration, he acts as the comforter in the situation. He would wrap you up in a hug until you eventually simmered down.
If he ever has to leave for whatever reason, he’d also trust your ability to hold your own. So he leaves you to yourself after giving you a kiss on the forehead as a farewell. You then went about setting up the perfect alarm system that set off a bunch of other stunts.
Once you hear the alarm go off but you hear a raspy voice instead of Kyojuro’s, you basically jump out of the window and make a mad dash to the Butterfly Estate. You ain’t about to die to nobody, not even the demon that infiltrated your house.
When he gets back, he is immediately sent to the B.E for a medical check-up and he’s surprised to see you there as well. When you tell him about what happened, he is suddenly both concerned and angry. He’s glad that you’re alright, though.
Tumblr media
Obanai Iguro
He hates when he falls for your pranks, but you’re always so good at getting him. Heck, even Kaburamaru (his snake) helps you because it’s the one time where he can partner with someone else for a change. 
He doesn’t do great in the dealing with emotions sector, so when you just explode in anger he doesn’t know how to react. He might actually react very negatively because he would much prefer you talk to him rather than yelling at him or just giving an exasperated sigh.
If he has to leave for a mission, he’s sad and scared. You’ve been good to him and you make it feel like he’s home. Now he’s leaving his home. What if he doesn’t come back from this one? What if something happens to you when he’s gone?
You reassure him that you won’t be staying at the house but will in fact stay with Ubuyashiki instead to help him with whatever needs to be done. It puts his mind at ease to know that you won’t be vulnerable to any surprise attacks.
When he gets back, he’s so glad that you’re alright. Kaburamaru is, too. The Serpent Pillar rushes into your arms and the snake slithers onto your shoulders in his way of giving you a ‘hug’. It was a heartwarming reunion.
Tumblr media
Muichiro Tokito
He somehow manages to subconsciously dodge your pranks? Like, you get frustrated because he for some reason decided to go the back way to the kitchen instead of the normal way! Now the bucket of cold water on the door is just sitting on the door!
He’s probably spacing out as you vent to him about whatever made you angry. He would give the occasional nod whenever you asked him a question, but other than that he isn’t paying too much attention. It’s nothing personal against you, though.
If he has to leave for whatever reason, he will make it known that he absolutely has no desire whatsoever to leave. However, since it was his duty as a Hashira as well as just a demon slayer in general, he had to.
You offer to stay at the Butterfly Estate to calm his nerves, and he will walk with you there. He gives you a tight hug, knowing that this could possibly be the last time you see him and vice versa. He worries that some demon would try to go after you in his absence.
When he gets back, he immediately runs to you. He needs to see if you’re alright. When you open your door and see him, you pull him into the biggest hug. He instantly reciprocates the gesture of affection and whispers to you how glad he is to see you.
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ztoji · 10 months
# : i caught up with the kny anime and tengen has filled my mind so this is what he deserves!!!! @novaresque
tags : MDNI, f!reader, dom!tengen, voyeurism, maid!reader, size difference, breeding, praise, his wives is included so girls x girl, mention of/and tummy bulging, oral (m & f receiving)
Tumblr media
tears stream down your warm cheeks as gags continuously escape your full mouth.
tengen’s hand feels heavy on the back of your head as he helps you bob your head up and down on his thick cock. white tufts of hair tickle the tip of your nose as he helps you deep throat his whole cock, almost using you as a mere cocksleeve.
the way he’s holding onto your hair and moving you up and down as your spit and tears spreads across your face and his dick makes you feel like you are just there to pleasure him.
but his words of praise helps you keep your mindset at bay, because tengen is not gonna let you tumble down into subspace just for him to get his dick sucked.
“you make me, fuck, feel so good baby.” he’s not shy to keep his moans and groans quiet, not caring if your neighbors or other people hear what the two of you are doing.
you hollow your cheeks, laying your tongue flat against his cock as you bob your head up and down - still with his help. coming up to give his sensitive tip some licks before you start sucking it.
looking up at him you meet his hooded eyes, he’s clearly fighting the urge to throw his head back and just start bullying your throat with his cock.
“‘m gonna cum if you continue with that baby.” he moans, “so fucking good for me.”
“just my dirty slut to use, ain’t you?” to answer his question you just him around his dick, the vibrations affecting him as he starts stuttering out all kinds of stumbled words. all mixed together and barely making any sense.
you would’ve smirked smugly if your mouth wasn’t occupied at the moments, but you settle for mentally patting yourself on the shoulder for being able to get this big 6’6 man to crumble just from getting his dick sucked.
“i-i’m gonna give you so many, oh, orgasms for being su-.. such a good girl.”
Tumblr media
“fuck, you are so small i could do whatever i wanted to and you wouldn’t be able to do anything.” tengen moans, hands on your hips tightening as he can feel your cunt drip cum down his cock.
a cock that is almost too big for you, not even the whole thing is inside you and yet you feel so full that it’s on the brink of too much.
“p-please daddy! you-.. you’re too big!” your wails only gets him going, dick almost getting harder as your smaller hands wrap around his wrists. nails digging crescent moons into his skin.
he hums and presses a big hand on your tummy, pressing down when he can feel himself inside you and ignores your squeals. tengen is quick to slap away your hands that comes to wrap around his that is pressing on your stomach, the pressure being just enough to be pleasurable but also too much.
before you have time to react however, the world is spinning as he pulls you beneath him instead. your thighs come up to lock behind his lower back as he leans down towards you.
he presses a quick but passionate kiss on your lips before he smiles scornfully, “be good for daddy and i will fuck you like you deserve, little one.”
Tumblr media
it’s almost hard to breathe, at least comfortably, as tengen got your legs pressed against your bouncing tits. his big figure pressing you so snugly against the bed as he pumps his cock in and out of your filled cunt.
almost too full from all the rounds you have had so far this night with him, tummy almost bulging from how much he’s got to cum inside you. it almost felt like he’d never run out of cum, especially not with the way his balls seems to have gotten even bigger since you started to fuck.
“aren’t you such a good cumdump for me, hm?” he asks you, as if you have the energy or even breath saved to answer him. “a little cumslut just for me to breed, ain’t that right?”
he chuckles mockingly at how quick you are to nod a yes, face so close your noses are almost touching, but he seems to think it’s fun when you whine as though you want him to kiss you.
instead he presses a quick kiss to the corner of your mouth before straightening up, keeping a tight grip behind your knees. “i hope you are aware that i won’t stop until i have filled you enough.”
before you even get to think of an answer he’s thrusting his hips into your with a wet pap, cock reaching so deep in you that it strokes all your sweet spots just right and just misses your poor cervix.
if he continues like this there’s probably an guarantee his cum will start to just fill your womb instead of only your sensitive and swollen pussy.
Tumblr media
“look at my pretty girls!” tengen exclaims, a proud smirk on his face as he watches his three girls fuck you - their maid, laid open on the bed.
they all got their eyes on you since when you first came over to their house to just clean it. them all pretty busy with work and no one has the time to really clean the big house they are living in.
which made them come to the conclusion to hire a maid. it’s just that they didn’t expect her to be so pretty, dolled up in a maid dress and everything with a shy smile on her face.
the lower half of your face is covered in suma’s cum, three of your fingers thrusting deeply into hina’s cunt as she grinds back onto them and makio has her face buried in your messy cunt. your thighs painted in your cum and spit as they have each taken at least one turn in licking your cunt until you cum.
only one who hasn’t touched you yet tonight is tengen, though he seems to be okay with it as he looks rather comfortable in the chair at the end of the bed - watching and observing all the pretty sounds you make, and his wives.
one of his big hands is stroking at his big and thick cock over his underwear, the tip of his dick on the brink of escaping the tight underwear he’s still wearing. a wet patch visible in them from his oozing precum.
“one round each again, then it’s my turn. dear wives.”
he winks at you when you meet his eyes over suma’s thigh.
Tumblr media
a/n : hmm yeah i have to practice peepee sucking more. reblogs and comments are appreciated hihihi
2022 © all content belongs to ztoji. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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sukunababy · 11 months
Tumblr media
— stepdad!Tengen Uzui x f!reader
» req. Mina can i request prompt 60. “No, I'm going to make you feel good ” for Uzui Tengen? Thank you 💕 — @cursedmoonchild
» req. So my request is for stepdad Tengen Uzui. He decides to marry y/n's mom. Out of spite, y/n doesn't do any chores that is assigned to her, sneaks out of their home and refuses to listen to anything any of the other wives tells her to do. Tengen decides to take matters into his own hand — @tojibreedingme
cw. mdni. age gap (Tengen is in his 40s — reader in her 20s), step-cest, daddy kink, deepthroating, gagging, mating press, degradation — use word slut just one, cervix kissing, belly bulge
an. thanks for your requests babies 🖤☁️ — m.list
Tumblr media
Maybe you should have listened when his wives asked you to do something around the house, whether it was laundry or dishes, sweeping the floor or working in the garden.
Maybe you should have listened when your mother told you that you were now a family and you had to abide by their rules too, even if their rules forced you to come home too early or not invite boys over.
You were no longer a kid, but maybe you should have asked to be allowed to go with them instead of staying home with your new stepfather.
Or maybe not.
Tears fill your eyes as you choke on his cock stuck in the back of your throat. You look up at him from under your lashes as Tengen slips his fingers through your hair, pulling you to him once more, "now, look, this wouldn't have happened if you'd just followed our rules, brat" he murmurs holding you still with your nose pressed against his crotch.
Drool drips down the sides of your lips and onto your chin as your gags echo through the room, and he can't help but smirk at your smutty appearance as you swallow his fat shaft, again and again.
When you pull off the drool keeps you glued to his head, and as sore as your throat is you can't stop your lips.
You're relentless as you suck on the tip of his cock, your hand sliding on his balls and caressing them as you bob your head back and forth in a slow, sloppy, lewd rhythm while little moans of pleasure escape you, because yes, it gives you pleasure to suck his cock, it gives you pleasure to choke on his long shaft, it gives you pleasure to hear how he moans low and rough.
And then his hips jerk forward slamming deep into your throat, his hand presses behind your head as your eyes snap open and tears wet your cheeks, "mmhp daddy" your voice almost not audible as you roll your tongue out to get more room for his throbbing cock.
Tengen quickly thrusts back and forth and when he pulls off you give him one last long tongue roll and smile at him lasciviously, "this wasn't a treat for you" he whispers pulling you to your feet and pressing you to the mattress.
Your gaze travels down his body and you stare unashamedly at his pecs as he climbs on top of you, his mouth is hot as he hums in your ear, biting your earlobe and moving down your neck leaving red wet marks, "you're just a whore aren't you?" he asks with a smirk.
You meow lewdly as you spread your thighs wide, "what now?" you tease him wrapping your thighs around his hips, "are you going to punish your naughty little girl?" and Tengen can't help but giggle pushing his shaft heads between your glistening folds, "no, I'm going to make you feel so good you'll want more and more, and to get more you'll have to follow everything daddy says."
You moan obscenely when Tengen hooks his arms under your legs and lifts them up, pushing your knees up to your shoulders, his cock working its way into your dripping hole and his swollen balls slamming into your ass.
Your warm walls wrap around his cock as his thick head repeatedly kisses your cervix, you're biting the back of your hand and your eyes glisten with tears as you stare as his white hair falls back over his face, "feels so good" you whimper taking in all that Uzui is giving you.
He thrusts his hips forward in short, sporadic jerks, watching you scream every time his cock comes out of you, and he can barely think straight as he pushes himself back in and fucks against your cervix, slamming his tip against it.
"Shit, like this" he growls through gritted teeth as your back arches under his thrusts and the knot in your stomach unties bringing you to orgasm.
Your mouth opens wide, your eyes grow hot as you stare at him and Tengen's thrusts slow as he empties himself inside you, your belly swelling with his sticky seed and his words echoing as he strokes your tired, trembling legs, "since you can be such a good girl for Daddy?"
Tumblr media
🏷. @spicybunnyxp @matssuncxmslxt @shigamiryuk @narmisseite @semisgroupie @hannas16 @Kurtaclangobrrr @misandrybrat @daoyuu @itsmesephy-blog @awkwardchick87
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xxsabitoxx · 10 months
How the Pillars Orga$m
Warnings: this contains smut! No Muichiro cause he’s a baby lol
A/N: lord forgive me for this one. I’m having some writers block so I want to feel accomplished by writing some shorter things lol
Tumblr media
Initially you can’t tell when he’s come — he’s super stoic the first few times
It takes a lot of encouragement for him to be more relaxed about the noises and faces he makes during sex
Once he’s comfortable, you can tell when he’s close.
Definitely closes his eyes a lot when he’s about to come
A tighter grip on wherever he’s holding you
His pace will become erratic — he loses a bit of control with his hips
Even after he’s comfortable, he’s still not extremely vocal.
So when he close, it’s a lot of breathy grunts and gasps
His whole face goes red when he finally releases and his mouth goes slack
Tumblr media
She gets very breathless when she’s close
Her eyes get glassy and her pupils dilate
She will probably be cursing like crazy which is unusual for her normally
She actually gets embarrassed when she comes, she feels super vulnerable in that state
She only $quirts when she is overstimulated — even then it’s nothing crazy
You’ll know she’s close when her chest gets splotchy red marks
She always concentrates on her orgasm, she comes when she pleases
So her brows will definitely be furrowed right before she comes
She lets out very breathy moans, usually of your name when she finally comes
Tumblr media
He will literally announce to you when he’ll come
It’s a bit funny because he suddenly gets really formal about it
“I’m going to come.” — “okay…” — “where should I do it?”
He gets super quiet when he’s actually very close
He gets a really serious look on his face, like brows furrowed and jaw clenched
When he actually comes he is loud
Surprisingly it’s usually a string of curses that leaves his lips
By the time he’s come down from it he’s best red and struggling to breathe again
He usually gets really shy afterwards
Tumblr media
Oh. My. God. She’s a mess tbh
I think she would absolutely be a drooling, crying mess when she’s about to come
She lets out a lot of high pitched whiny moans
She’ll dig her fingernails into you where ever she’s holding onto
The first time she came you actually thought you hurt her.
Between her cries and sudden silence when she came you really thought she hadn’t enjoyed herself.
She gets supper reassuring after and also very shy
She’s a $quirter — she’s super sensitive
When she does, she gets extremely embarrassed
Tumblr media
Tough guy… no sir.
I think this man is a whiny mess when he’s about to come
He definitely starts spitting out a string of degrading words both at you and himself
He gets sloppy. His kisses are full of drool, his breathing is erratic
He’s going to keep mumbling he’s about to come until he actually does
You’ll absolutely know he has when his hips stutter and he goes silent
He is a wreck afterwards — like dead ass mortified
He’s a big boy, so he comes a lot. So honestly it’s easier for him to just come inside
Tumblr media
This man is CRUEL when he’s about to come
He is throwing insult after insult at you as if he isn’t the whiny fucking baby about to lose it
He groans a lot when he’s about to come
His pace turns brutal, his thrusts are bruising, that’s his goal really
His eyes are fluttering open and close, his cheeks are red
He’s tensing a lot, you’ll notice it in his abdomen and thighs
He practically yells when he does finally fall over the edge
His eyes squeeze shut, like they low key disappear
Mostly because he sees stars when he comes
Tumblr media
He gets super whiny when he’s about to come
His hips will lose all sense of rhythm and begins speaking nonsense
He usually takes his bandages off during sex so expect to see his tongue poking out of his mouth
His eyes cross ever so slightly, he’s too lost in his own pleasure
At this point it’s up to you to take the lead, he’s a bit far gone at that point
When he does come, he’s an absolute mess. Often times he’ll end up collapsing on you after
His orgasms take a lot out of him, honestly.
Even thought he’s exhausted, he’ll make sure you come too
Tumblr media
Tears will begin to fall when he’s close
He is pretty silent during sex as it is
So when he’s getting close he starts making more noise
Like grunts for example
He is still a gentle giant during all of this, so his hips only pick up in pace a little bit
When he does come, he moans — a noise that surprised you the first time
Tumblr media
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