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fanboy Inosuke
 I too would for Giyuu
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When they want your attention - Giyuu, Iguro, Tanjiro, Sanemi and Uzui
Tumblr media
info: fluff, not proofread lol warning: n/a
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka :
• attention starved boy™️ • cannot go a single day without your touch and attention. He always needs to have at least one hug from you every day. Minimum • so you can imagine how excited he was to come back from his mission which lasted three days. Also meaning, three days without your attention and love. It was horrible for him he thought he’d die • he sprinted back home, not even caring about his injuries. He just wanted to feel your arms around his again and your hand through his hair :’) • you currently were reading a book on the couch when you heard the front door open loudly before seeing your out of breath husband staring at you • you smiled, happy to see him back home and greet him. “Welcome back Gi-” • you didn’t even had time to finish your sentence before you felt a sudden weight on you, along with arms around your neck. • you cooed at your husband and hugged him back, a relaxed sigh escaping your mouth. • Giyuu looked up from your chest, and silently started at you with eyes begging for you to pet his head. He was too embarrassed to say anything so hopefully, you’d know what he meant. • and thankfully for him, you did! Slowly, you started to pet his head and singing a lullaby, immediately putting him to sleep • “sweet dreams, Giyuu” • “mhm…. ‘ove you….” • “love you too”
Iguro Obanai :
• another attention starved boy • except that this one won’t even make it obvious that he wants attention. • bUT! you’ve been in a relationship with Obanai for 3 years now, which means you know what he wants and when • you noticed that he started ignoring you a bit whenever he craved attention. You dont know why, he doesn’t know why, Kaburamaru doesn’t know why, nobody knows why! • but he does. • so you proceed by clinging onto him so it feels like you’re the one who wants attention, all for his sake. • he’ll probably be shy about it since affection and love were not something he was used to in his life before you • okay but once he’s clinged (is that even a word) onto you, there’s no getting him off for at least 4 hours • he’ll nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck or in your chest because he’s too embarrassed to look at you • which is honestly adorable • will definitely grumble in annoyance if you have to get up and his grip on you will tighten but like sir, please, I need to go pee • overall, he’s just so cute when needy for your love and attention so please give it to him • “don’t leave…. you’re warm” • ”was never planning to do so Obi”
Kamado Tanjiro :
• he’ll hide it so well because baby doesn’t want to bother you :( • so he goes to his sister and stays with her. Probably tells her all about you and how cute you were in his haori yesterday. • yeah she definitely knows that he wants your attention. • she‘ll probably end up going to you and somehow managed to tell you that her bro craves your love. • And you’re gonna give him love 😤 • you approach him while he was helping cleaning the Shinobu mansion • and then you jumped on him • man was not prepared lemme tell you that • screams, falls onto the floor and looks up with a terrified face until he realizes it’s you. Then he just sighs and smiles lolol • “hey y/n! How hum- how come you jumped on me like that? Everyone okay?” • “oh yeah I just wanted to give you my affection because I felt like you could use it :D” • wants to cry at how cute you currently are • anywayssss • you drag him outside and make him sit against a tree and cuddle him. He falls asleep and he just looks overall so peaceful :’) • “Sleep well baby” • “Zzzzzz”
Sanemi Shinaguzawa :
• this bitch got me paying her rent paying the trips • he’ll show that he’s craving your affection by being even more protective over you • oh you’re having a conversation with one of the pillars? Well not anymore you’re now trapped in his arms while he glared daggers at his fellow Hashira god forbid if it’s Giyuu • oh your best friend just hugged you? How dare they touch what’s his • you made him sleep on the couch after he almost attacked you best friend • man needs to be put on a leash and a muzzle • anyways • as you can see, he becomes even more annoying. Which is somewhat fine because it’s kinda cute ngl • so you let it slide • anyways. This guy will for sure hide in face in your back. Like that he can smell your delicate parfume and at the same time, you can’t see nor feel his red and hot face • maybe, just maybe, will leave a kiss at the back of your neck. Only if he feels like a hoe though • “’Nemi, why is your face so hot- do you have a fever?!” • “Shut up and keep hugging me”
Uzui Tengen :
• listen, you have special privileges • which are that you get his undivided attention 24/7, you can kiss and hug him and more HFUJAJAKAIOKWS, he takes you on dates etc…. • basically Hinatsuru, Makio and Suma are hella jealous since you get to do all the fun stuff with him . • whatever it’s irrelevant anyways • now, this one doesnt have any shame. He’ll whine until you give him the attention he deserves after a long day of fighting non flamboyant demons 😤 • will rub his face on your shoulder and will pinch your cheeks while you’re trying to read your book • so at some point you do give him attention because of how annoying he’s becoming poor you • literally jumps on you and lays his head in your lap • you now cannot move. Have you seen how tall this man is?! The guy must be so freaking heavy geez • “Zui my legs feel numb get off“ • “I am a god y/n. How dare you push me away“ • “Get off or I’m cutting your hair” • “Geez no need to get aggressive… I had to go train anyways 🙄” pussy
Tumblr media
Reblogs are appreciated :)
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*doesn’t elaborate*
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Giyuu Tomioka ❀ The Water Pillar ✸ (February 08) ♥
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KNY Hashira as Cats
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they look so friggin cute ❣
Cr. @ohagi_472, @ryosuketarou, @noraillust.
Follow them on twitter!
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kny memes to celebrate season 2 next week! (I say this but we all know that I’ll be swamped with finals then)
the last one is based on the comment section of a reel i saw lol
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Quiet men have the biggest d🤫
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Those Three Words  
Giyuu Tomioka x Fem! Reader 
Tumblr media
Warnings: 18+ smut (minors dni), fluff, hurt/comfort, oral sex (giving + receiving), finger sucking, romantic sex, praise, creampie 
Word Count: 5.9 K
Summary: Your boyfriend Giyuu adores you, but sometimes, he feels undeserving of your relationship. After another life-threatening mission, can you help comfort him? 
Tumblr media
In the Demon Slayer Corps, only the strongest, highest-ranking members have the privilege of being a Hashira. It's a prestigious title earned through hard work and dedication.
To be considered, one must kill at least 50 demons or defeat a member of the Twelve Kizuki — a difficult feat, but those who prove their strength by doing so; are highly respected. 
Yet, the life of a Hashira is not an easy one. With respect comes great responsibility, and in order to protect the innocent, they must put the lives of others above their own. Death lurks beneath every step during battle, and if a world without demons is what they are fighting towards, then sometimes, sacrifices must be made.
Giyuu Tomioka is one of these high-ranking members. His mission, day in and day out, is to kill demons — to give it his all and slay whatever treacherous monsters are killing his people. It is his top priority, and it used to be his only priority before he met you. 
Your first encounter with each other was rather uneventful, but over time, with your charming personality and contagious laughter, you wiggled your way into his heart. And after many nights spent alone in his bed, thinking about you and how you made him feel, he decided to do something he had never done before. The following morning, he pulled you aside and casually invited you over to his estate for dinner.
“Who else will be there?” you asked unknowingly.
“It’ll only be the two of us,” he said, shifting his gaze. "Please, be sure to show up. There’s something I must tell you." 
But before you could question him any further, he had set off, leaving you anxious and wondering — what’s so important that it ought to be told over dinner? Either way, you were excited to spend time with your friend. The serenity you felt in his presence was something you had grown accustomed to and often missed when he wasn't around.
That evening, although a bit coy at first, he expressed the way he felt about you. He wore the same look on his face the entire time, his cheeks blooming with color as he held your gaze and quietly asked you to be his girlfriend. Even after months of harboring the same feelings, you never expected such a question from Giyuu. The suggestion had you lopsidedly grinning, butterflies swarming through your stomach as you hushed out a gentle “yes” and agreed to be his.   
Under the moonlight, Giyuu kissed you for the very first time that night — a chaste peck of his lips against yours. And yet, despite you accepting to be his partner nearly a year ago. There are still moments where he feels unworthy of you, like a burden in the relationship you have grown together. You're a demon slayer yourself, so you understand the possibilities. 
Why do you continue to be with someone who may leave on a mission and never return?
Maybe it was wrong to take your friendship further. After all, the more you feel for someone, the harder it is to cope with their death. 
Why does it sometimes feel like, after every kiss goodbye, he is only setting you up to suffer? 
Almost two weeks ago, Giyuu was assigned a mission. And today, it's thoughts like these that continue to cross his mind as he makes his way back to you — after another life-threatening battle.
He’s bruised, with a minor cut on his arm, but he's not critically hurt, he can walk fine, and nothing is fractured. However, while descending the mountain, he can’t stop thinking about how lucky he is to have struck at just the right time. One wrong move and he would have ended up like those who attempted to defeat the bloodthirsty demon before him. 
And the promise of coming back to you would be broken. 
Giyuu has never said it, at least not verbally, but he loves you. He finds the words difficult to say, unlike you. Every time the two of you part, those three words fall from your lips so easily, but it's not as easy for him. So, he chooses to show his love in different ways.
Like in the notes he leaves behind before he must leave, promising to be back soon while wishing you luck on your own assignments — ones he is positive you are skilled enough to complete. He signs the messages off with his name, and now and then, he even draws a small heart beside it. 
Or sometimes, he expresses his feelings by bringing home your favorite sweets, untouched and wrapped with care as you take the package into your hands, reveling in your reaction every time. 
Although despite the way you smile, maybe, he thinks, you just want someone who can say “I love you” back. Something he seems incapable of ​​doing. 
But before the thoughts can continue, Giyuu realizes that he is home, and the sight of you sitting out on the engawa catches his eye. 
It’s always a relief when he returns. And as you set your widened gaze on his form, your eyes begin to water, your vision becoming blurry while you hurry over to hug him. 
“Are you hurt? Do you feel okay?” you worriedly ask, wrapping him in a protective embrace. 
Usually, after a few days into a new mission, he sends you a letter to keep you updated, but this time, one never arrived. It was unusual, and the absence of a message left you anxious, afraid that something horrible had happened. 
“Why didn’t you write to me? I was terrified that you were never coming back.” Heavy tears roll down your cheeks as you question him. Because no matter his incredible skills and strength, when he leaves, there's always the possibility that he won’t make it back.
And although still silent, Giyuu's shoulders grow tense as the sound of you sniffling reaches his ears. You're crying, and the notion that he is the reason behind your woes upsets him — even if it doesn’t show. 
“I’m fine, and I’m sorry." pulling back to check on you, your boyfriend apologizes, averting his eyes to the ground. “I should have given Kanzaburo better directions. He’s old, you know.”
You’re sure he is not trying to be funny, but his blunt remark makes you smile. 
“It’s okay,” you sniffle, tears coming to a halt. “He is a bit of a grandpa crow, so he probably got confused again,” you chuckle.
The sound of your voice, no longer strained with worry, causes Giyuu’s gaze to lift back up to you, a hint of relief on his face when he notices the return of your cheerful demeanor.
“I’m just happy that you're back. That’s all that matters.” You kiss his cheek before continuing. “Let’s go inside now. You go get cleaned up, and I’ll warm some food for us, yeah?” 
Still quiet, he nods, humming out a word of agreement as he follows behind you.
Tumblr media
The hot bath helps relieve Giyuu of his sore muscles. But throughout dinner, his features remain solemn. And although he’s often aloof in the presence of others, when he's with you, in the privacy of his own home, he tends to be a bit more outgoing.
He strikes up conversations, and sometimes, he even chuckles at your dumb jokes. So when recalling a rather amusing exchange that went on during your recent mission, you expected him to at least crack a smile. Instead, he blankly stares at you. He's withdrawn from the discussion and that's when you can tell —when you can feel — that something isn't right.
“Ah, I guess you had to be there,” you nervously chuckle, poking at the leftover food on your plate as Giyuu stares down at his meal.
“So, anyway,” you continue. “Did anything interesting happen on your mission?”
He shakes his head, the lack of words leaving you disheartened and with no other choice than to question him. Because if you don’t, he may go the rest of the night like this — laden with the thoughts that fill his mind.
“Giyuu...” you mutter his name and gingerly reach your hand out, placing it on the table to grab his attention. “Are you sure you are okay? Did I do something?”
He lifts his eyes, and the concerning look on your face causes him another pang of guilt. He's made you feel as if all of this is your fault, but he won't allow you to take the blame. Not when you've done nothing wrong.
“It’s not you,” he quietly mutters, placing his large hand on top of yours. As a sign of reassurance, he smoothes the pad of his thumb against your skin — a comforting touch reserved just for you. 
“Then, what is it?” you continue. "You know you can tell me anything, right?”
It’s true. Giyuu really can tell you anything. When he has something to say, you always listen — even if it takes a while for him to open up. You're patient; understanding.
And while he can try to deny that something is wrong, he knows you won't believe him. Because after forming an intimate relationship with each other, one built from over a year of friendship. You've learned how to read past his stoic disposition. 
So with his fingers interlaced with yours, he gathers his thoughts. Deciding that, in the long run, withholding things from you won’t do any good. The seconds continue to drag by until, eventually, Giyuu breaks his silence.
“Why are you still with me?” he asks — voice low and straight to the point as always, yet, there's not a hint of malice in it. Instead, it's laced with dejection while his tired eyes peer up at you, awaiting a response.
“W-what?” you stammer. “What do you mean?” Your chest presses into the table as you lean in closer, the grip on his hand loosening. 
The unforeseen question drives your worst fears to the front of your mind, unease clouding your thoughts in a moment of uncertainty. Is this Giyuu's way of admitting to no longer wanting you? Had he found someone else while out on his mission? You suppose it wouldn’t be difficult to find a woman better than you. 
“Did…something happen on the mountain?” you hesitantly ask. “Did you meet someone –”
“No,” he calmly cuts in. Giyuu knows what you’re implying, and it pains him to know that, at times, you don’t feel good enough for him — in his eyes, it’s the other way around.
“I would never do such a thing to you,” He proceeds to say, and although slightly offended at the implication of him being disloyal, he understands.
You've shared your insecurities with him before. But regardless of his mood, he always reassures you. Anything to help free you from your doubts. 
“It’s nothing like that, okay?” he ensures, sapphire eyes holding your gaze — free from any deceit. 
With a low exhale, you nod and leave behind any unwanted thoughts as you switch your focus back to the man before you.
“Well then…why are you asking such a thing?” your eyebrows crease as you proceed to question him, searching his features for an answer.
“Why wouldn’t I want to be with you?”
His stare falls to the table again, mulling over what to say to you. 
“It’s just…” his jaw clenches, eyes shutting as he begins to open up. 
“While I was on my way back, I couldn’t stop thinking about how you deserve someone better. Sometimes I feel like I am only making your life more difficult," His head hangs low at the confession, unable to face you.
The self-doubting words are hard to hear from a man as exceptional as Giyuu, and your heart pangs for him, your chin trembling while holding back tears.
“That’s not true,” you softly mutter, voice cracking as you shake your head in disapproval.
“And when I showed up, you were so worried. It’s as if being with you is only hurting you. Even just a few minutes ago, I was causing you distress,”
“Giyuu, no, it’s nothing like that," you try to reassure him, but you feel too far away. During a conversation like this, you need to be closer, sharing a space where you can bare your souls together.
Hurriedly standing from your seat, you make your way around the table and settle down beside him. He still won’t look at you, but you continue anyway.
“It’s true that your initial question caused me concern, but my silly insecurities aren't your fault. Believe it or not, whenever I'm struggling with those feelings, you play a huge role in making me feel better.”  
No longer able to contain them, your tears begin cascading down your cheeks. 
“You always do,” you try to reason with him. “You give me all the reassurance; you hold my hand, you tell me I'm pretty!" your voice shakes while listing off all the things he does for you, heavy tears falling onto the tatami floor beneath you. "You even give me kisses on the cheek..." 
After a while, Giyuu continues. 
“But is that enough? Am I really doing all I can to make you happy; don’t you want someone who can be there for you? What if one day I never make it back? You’ll be alone because of me.” 
“Giyuu, you are there for me. Even if I worry, deep down in my heart, I know you'll always return because you’re strong and hardworking. You’re more than enough for me." wiping your eyes onto the fabric of your sleeve, you snivel.
"And yes, risking our lives is a part of the job. But it’s not going to stop me from being with you. I understand that tomorrow is never promised, but there’s no one else I’d rather spend my time with.”
He takes in every word, each phrase slowly soothing his irrational thoughts, until he finally lifts his head to face you. With relief written on his features, you crawl in closer and situate yourself in his lap, nestling him against your shoulder.
“You make my days so much brighter,” you murmur. “Whether you're physically there with me or not. So please, don’t be so hard on yourself.” While petting his hair, you pull away to look at him, pushing back the raven locks that fall past his forehead.
“So, do you want to know why I’m still with you?” 
Giyuu nods against your touch, his sharp eyes softening. 
“Because I love you,” you say.
It’s a simple answer, yet it means so much to him — a gentle reminder that you accept him, despite his flaws. He wishes he could say it back. It’s on the tip of his tongue. However, he chooses actions over words this time and leans in for a kiss instead, melting the unsaid phrase against your lips. 
Your eyes close at the contact, mouths working together as you tilt your head, basking in the warmth of his skin. The affectionate kiss soon travels from your lips to your cheek, where Giyuu softly pecks you before leading down to your jaw. His hands fall to your waist, drawing a soft breath from you as he kisses his way towards your neck, lingering in place until he pulls back to observe you.
“You believe me, right?” 
With a tilt of the head, Giyuu nods, cheeks stained a pale pink as he shifts beneath you. It seems your tender moment has stirred something in him — a sense of longing that comes after being away for too long. 
“Good,” you whisper, pressing your forehead against his.
“I missed you a lot, you know?” your eyes lull shut as you continue. “I missed your voice, your touch,” Slowly, your hips begin to move, lightly pressing against him. 
The action is subtle, and with Giyuu’s hands still resting upon you — he keeps control of your pace. 
“Did you miss me too?” you ask, pulling away to see his half-lidded gaze. 
“Yes,” he breathes. His blue eyes drop to your delicate fingers as you strip yourself of your obi, allowing the front of your yukata to fall open.  
He swallows. And although your panties prevent you from being completely bare underneath, your small show of skin has his breath quickening, the newly exposed flesh luring him in. Hopefully, he’ll take this opportunity and allow you to replace all of the emotions from earlier with ones of deep-rooted passion. To show your love in as many ways as you can.
“I always do,” Giyuu’s voice remains low, his jaw clenching as the fabric covering your breasts slides past your shoulders. He gapes at the view and exhales as your naked chest is exposed to him, fingers gripping your sides in anticipation.
His avid stare and show of restraint have you feeling coy, your cheeks warm as you place your delicate hands atop his. 
“Touch me,” you quietly instruct him, guiding his palms to your chest.
His large hands soon make their way to your breasts, gently cupping the supple flesh. You’re like a work of art to him, and his touch is light, gentle while he repeatedly brushes his calloused thumbs over your nipples. You peer down to watch them harden, contracting into stiff peaks as he begins to roll the buds between his fingers. The new pressure has you exhaling a moan, meeting his heavy gaze as he takes a nipple into his mouth. Between each nimble lick, his teeth nip at the sensitive skin, drawing a series of winded mewls from you as he tugs.
When Giyuu pulls away, you whimper at the lost sensation, instinctively grinding against his crotch as he angles his head, drawing you in for a kiss. Continuing to caress you, he works his mouth against yours, your lips smacking together between each breath as your hips grow more fervent, practically humping the growing bulge in his pants. 
The desperation in the room is rising, but his kisses are still effortless, his warm tongue tracing over your bottom lip to gracefully enter, sliding the wet muscle along with yours. Giyuu's hands relocate to the small of your back, and he tilts your body as his mouth begins to wander, kisses traveling to your chin, the damp pecks leading towards the curve of your neck.
You wrap your hands around his shoulders to collect yourself, and he questions what he ever did to be blessed with such an ardent love. To have someone who makes him feel so cherished. 
How did I get so lucky? 
But when his lips reach your collarbone, your hushed voice brings him back to the present.
“Let’s take this to the bedroom,” you say, playing with the loose strands of his hair. “I rolled out the futons while you were washing up earlier. That’ll be more comfortable, don’t you think?” 
Pulling away from you, Giyuu nods and allows you to rise to your feet while he does the same. 
“I’ll take your clothing, just in case,” he considerately picks up your discarded yukata, noting his reserved state of dress as you lead the way in nothing but your panties. 
The sensual view leaves him blushing. 
“You always make me feel safe, you know that?” you turn to him with a smile, lips gently pressed together as he sets down your robe. 
He doesn’t say anything, but he pulls you in for a hug, an airy laugh escaping your lips as he places a kiss on your forehead. And for the next few seconds, he simply holds you.
“Now, let’s get these clothes off so I can take care of you,” 
Steadily, Giyuu begins to undress, garments falling to the floor as you admire his body. He’s always been modest about his looks, often shying away when you compliment any of his features, especially when you bring up his muscular stature. But he cherishes them nonetheless and reciprocates with praise of his own. 
Once fully exposed, you soothingly glide your hands down his shoulders. “Lie down for me,” you instruct him, to which he earnestly complies.
Giyuu settles on the bed and props his head on a pillow, adjusting his legs to make room for you. Slotting yourself between them, his cock brushes against your lower stomach as you lean forward to kiss him. But you pretend to ignore the growing erection, even when you pull back to run your fingers over his ivory complexion. There's a slight amount of scars scattered across his abdomen, and as you trace your digits over the lighted skin, you decide to leave a kiss in their wake.
“I adore every part of you,” you say between each peck, trailing down to his pelvis. When your lips meet the base of his cock, you peer up to look at him, kissing the skin once more before taking hold of him.
Giyuu’s brows raise at the touch, a barely audible gasp escaping his throat as you begin stroking him. Your affection already has him half-hard, and the beads of pre-cum leaking from his tip only aid you, providing you with just enough lubrication to play with. Using the pad of your thumb, you spread the sticky substance across the swelling head, watching it shine while your other hand moves along him.
He twitches with each touch, and you make yourself more comfortable by lying on your stomach — a better position to please him. With his length now directly in front of you, your hot tongue sets to work, licking the underside of his cock from base to tip, but the soft press of your lips against his skin is what really makes him writhe. 
You kiss the head of his cock so delicately, yet the way you smudge your lips across it is anything but innocent. The warm threads of saliva that spill from your mouth have him rocking his hips, urging you to open up for him. Parting your lips, you let him, flattening your tongue while you ease your way down his dick, wrapping a hand around his shaft as you begin to pace yourself.
"Ooh…fuck," while peering down at you, the silken pleasure leaves him gasping. 
His pre-cum coats your tastebuds, and the flavor has you salivating, your excess spit adding to the sensation as you trace your tongue around his favorite areas — a range of satisfied hums vibrating against him. 
Giyuu can't help but quietly praise you between each movement. Captivated, he sighs every time you lean back to catch your breath, rotating your wrist as you bubble your drool in front of him.
“Mmm, all nice and wet," you rub your plush lips across his tip. "Just how I like it,” you smirk while stroking him. “Does it feel good?”
“Yes,” he breathes, eyes low as he brings a hand down to caress you. “Damn amazing…as always.” He takes hold of your chin and lures you in to straddle him, admiring your features as his thumb smooths over your swollen lips.
You nuzzle against the calloused skin, kissing it before he presses the digit down to slip into your mouth. Sucking in your cheeks, you work your tongue around it, coating it with excessive strings of saliva till he pulls away.
“Get on your back for me now,” he says, trailing his hands over the curves of your body. He stops at your hips, fingers tapping against your skin to further direct you.  
Within an instant, your positions switch, and Giyuu settles on his knees before you, his palms placed on either side of your shoulders as he leans in to kiss you. While he uses one hand to help balance himself, the other slides down to your core, rough fingers pressing against the damp fabric of your panties. 
“I missed this too,” he mumbles, brushing his digit over your thinly veiled clit.
You quiver from the touch, lighting gasping as he works his way lower, feeling the ends of his raven hair sweep across your skin.
“Can I see all of you?” he asks, fingers hooking onto the sides of your underwear. 
“Uh-huh, just take them off,” your hips rise to help him remove the dainty fabric, and he glides the material down to your ankles, allowing you to kick them off to the side before parting your legs. 
Your folds glisten under his gaze, strings of arousal clinging to your sex as he settles above it. The heat of his breath grows closer, lips pressing delicate kisses across your thighs while he tilts his head to the side, mesmerized in the alluring view of your tight pussy,
“Look at how beautiful you are,” he taps his middle finger against your clit and hums when you twitch. 
His index and ring finger soon join in, lightly circling the small nub as you begin to pant, your hips shifting to create additional friction. Giyuu pleases you with such smooth precision, he can actually see you dripping —like honey spilling from a pot, inviting him to get a taste.
While his hands hold your thighs apart, he slips his tongue out to tease you, licking a tantalizing path from your cunt to your clit. He savors the way you sound, the way you feel, the way you taste. It’s bliss, and with his eyes closed, he repeats the process, lathering you in a combination of spit and slick until you’re mewling, lacing your fingers through his hair as he encases his lips around your clit.
He suckles the puffy nub every so sweetly, gently swirling the tip of his tongue against it while his fingers dip down to your entrance. Humming through the sticky sounds of your arousal, he methodically pumps into you at an ever-growing pace.
“Aah, G-giyuu,” you whine when he curls his fingers, pressing on the area that has you chasing for release. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” you urge, tugging away at his dark locks.
“I won’t,” he whispers against your skin. 
He kisses your clit before the fingers on his opposite hand replace it, rapidly rubbing the spit-coated bud while you brokenly babble, humping his hand amid the extensive high of your orgasm. You tremble for what feels like a full sixty seconds, moaning through Giyuu’s encouraging praise the entire time. His digits coat with your release, and once you’ve grown less tense, he pulls away, tender kisses placed upon your dewy skin.
While you take a moment to relax, he rests his head against your stomach, pushing into your touch as you mindlessly rake your fingers through his hair, heavy-lidded eyes meeting yours as you pant between breaths. 
“You’re too good to me,” you softly say, brushing away at his bangs. “And I don't just mean during moments like this. You’re good in so many other ways too.” You bend your knees for him to move, and you smile as he looms over you, palms placed on either side of your head.
“How dare you ever think I don’t want to be with you,” you mutter while cradling his cheeks. “You’re perfect, my everything.”
“I could say the same about you,” Giyuu replies, brushing his lips against yours.
“Are you ready to take all of me now, my love?” The last part of his sentence is barely audible, an experimental term of endearment — so close to those three words he’s never said to you before. 
It leaves you yearning, your heart beating so radiantly in your chest that you wonder if he can feel it.    
“Yes,” you mumble while spreading your legs. “I want you…”
He pecks your lips, the heat between your thighs emanating onto his length as he positions himself in front of you. His heavy cock rests in between your folds, and you inhale at the contact while he teases you, repeatedly tapping the flushed head against your clit. 
When it comes to intimacy, Giyuu enjoys taking his time. He likes how eager you are to take his cock, sprawled out beneath him with bated breath as your feet graze over his hips. And watching those little jolts of your body as he begins to outline your pussy is captivating —you're like an erotic fantasy come true. 
As he slips himself up and down your slit, he basks in every sound that leaves you, from the tacky clicks of your skin to the way you exhale. He trails his cock back and forth, gradually adding pressure until he stops at your hole and barely pushes the tip inside.
Waiting to sink into you, he holds himself in place while gently asking, “Is this okay?”
“Mmm, yeah,” your mouth falls open as you nod, humming for him to, “Go deeper,” 
In response, he fills you. Inch by inch, he buries his cock within you. Starting off slow, he quickly builds up his strokes, and with long steady pumps, he watches his length sink into your pussy. While he thrusts, his hands travel to your breasts, holding onto the supple flesh while his thighs smack against you. The obscene slap of skin reverberates off the walls joining in with your moans to create a symphony so sweet; Giyuu takes a moment and silently thanks the heavens above for you.
Meanwhile, you're lost in pleasure, eyes shut and jaw slack as you squeeze around him, immersing in the feeling of his cock hitting you in all the right places. With his help, your legs spread even further, and while holding you down by the crook of your knees, his head tilts back in a gravel-pitched groan, euphoric from the sight of you creaming around him, coating his length in a sheen of white. 
Ardent on feeling even more of you, on being closer, he leans towards you, helping you hoist your feet over his shoulders as his voice rasps in his throat. 
“You’re making me feel…so fucking good,” he curls into your velvety sex and sighs. “Kiss me,” he breathes against your lips. 
You respond to Giyuu’s plea almost immediately and press your mouth against his in a searing kiss, parting your lips to invite his tongue to tangle with yours. Impassioned, you feed into each other’s pleasure, sharing breaths as soft moans pass through your bitten lips.
When he pulls back to reposition himself, your pupils are blown, eyes locked on his as he settles on his side, sheathing himself back into your pussy. Like this, your legs are still bent at the knees, but with better access to your clit, he can add to your overall stimulation and kiss you all at once. A sure way to have you unraveling. 
“Are you going to cum for me?” he asks in a low voice, fingers swiping against the swollen nub as you curve into his touch, tight walls pulling him in.
“Uh-huh, but I wanna do it with you,” you plead between gasps, eyebrows furrowing while he continues to pound into you. “Will you cum inside me? Please, I want it so bad,”
Enamored with the way you look at him, he nods.
“I will,” he says, pressing his forehead against yours. “I’ll give you anything you ask for…pump you full of my cum because you deserve to feel good.” 
The low hum of his voice has you on edge — alluding that you’re ready to climax by breathlessly whining his name.
“Just like you deserve to know that… I love you,” Giyuu gasps against your lips, words laced in nothing but the truth; it’s like you can taste them. They spill into your mouth as pleasure knots in your gut, and the taut ropes of ecstasy that have built up in your belly finally snap.
You cum with a cry, your chin tucking into your chest while your spine curves in ecstasy, reveling in the warmth that fills your insides as he joins you in orgasm. His heavy load paints your walls white, hips gently rocking against you as you quiver. He’s working as much as he can into you, the smallest groans slipping past his lips as you squeeze around him.
Panting between breaths, you find the air to kiss, bursting with such heavy emotions that your eyes mist over with tears, enraptured in his admission of love and the heavenly way he makes you feel, both physical and not. As the two of you still, Giyuu takes notice. 
“Are you okay?” he asks. 
His thumb swipes beneath your eye as a single tear escapes.  
“Yeah, it’s just,” Suddenly bashful with how you’ve expressed yourself, you light-heartedly chuckle, assuring your boyfriend that there’s no need to be worried. 
“It’s just that I love you too,” you say softly, brushing away at his hair as you peck his cheek.
Giyuu’s skin is warm beneath you, relaxing into your touch as you care for each other, thoughts of self-doubt washing away while he holds you. With his cock still inside you, he savors every detail of the intimate moment before slowly easing out of you, the remnants of his release slipping past your swollen pussy lips as you turn to embrace him — an arm laid across his chest while your leg hikes up to straddle his hip.
“I'm sorry for not saying it sooner,” Giyuu responds a second later, grabbing an extra blanket to cover the two of you. 
“You don’t have to apologize. I understand, but it is nice finally hearing you say it. I feel like I’ve got a crush on you all over again,” 
He huffs out a laugh as you cuddle up with him — only you could cause him to smile after such a passionate moment.
“Thank you for always being there for me,” he takes hold of your hand and kisses your knuckles.  
“Well, of course,” you reply. “You do the same with me, so it only makes sense. I care about you, Giyuu, don’t ever forget that. You’re all I’ve ever wanted in life.”
You gaze at him like he's hung the moon, your eyes twinkling with so much admiration that he has to avert his own to gather himself. Yet, in a way, it’s calming, and lying here with you makes him hopeful for the future. 
“You know, maybe one day, we can live a simple life together.” With his soft voice barely above a whisper, he pauses.
“What do you mean by that?”
“I mean…a life where we won’t have to fight anymore,” turning to you, he continues. “Where our people are safe, and you and I can stay home together, drinking tea and tending to our garden,”
You once told him how you wanted to grow your own fruit one day — it was after an evening spent training, and as you sat together peeling oranges, you listed off the ones you’d enjoy planting the most. And when you asked if he’d help you, he nodded, a closed-lip smile appearing on his face as you pictured your vision one day becoming a reality. 
The fond memory delights you, and the fact that Giyuu still sees a life with you after all of this fills you with joy — envisioning a future together has always been the thing that kept you going, motivating you to do your best. 
“Can we grow all kinds of berries?” you ask, grabbing his arm to wrap it around your waist. 
“If that’s what you want, then yes,” he places a kiss on your forehead, and as you shut your eyes and sigh, Giyuu thinks to himself. 
“Maybe then, I’ll even ask you to be my wife.”
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A/N: Beyond his cold exterior, I think Giyuu is such a warm, gentle-loving man. He just needs a little reassurance at times and someone who understands him :’) 
I've been working on this fic for months, and I'm so happy I'm finally able to share it! (I’ve wanted to write something like this ever since I read the manga!!) If you enjoyed reading, please let me know! I love receiving kind comments, and I appreciate them a whole bunch ♡
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