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nymphoheretic · 2 days
Tumblr media
Nymph: just a repost from my old blog for Sanemi's birthday. I still need to finish my wife's selfship fic with him...(shhh)...
Synopsis: Sanemi loves seeing your squirm as he edges you to your breaking point.
Warnings: ending, light degradation, toy usage,fingerings, orgasm control
Pairing: Sanemi x F!reader
Tags: @babiefwuit @bakugosbratx @awilddreamermain @bookandyarndragon @stygianoir @strawberrystepmom @sailewhoremoon @noriken
Tumblr media
Sanemi looked down at your twitching body as he held the vibrating bullet against your clit as he lazily thrust his fingers in and out of your clenching hole. He smirked when he felt your walls beginning to flutter and tightened around his fingers and he moved the toy away and stopped the movement of his hand. He chuckled at your pitiful sounding whine as he glided his fingers up and down your dripping slit, the lewd noises it made as he did so. “Does my pretty slut want to cum?”
You sobbed when he stopped; Sanemi has been edging you and keeping you on that brink of cumminng then stopping, leaving you right there. “Please, Nemi...” you whined, sounding like a pitiful mess. You both loved and hated it when he was like this. A teasing monster who loved to hang your orgasm by a thread in front of you, only to take it away and start all over again until you were a drooling sensitive mess. “Need to cum.” You whimpered. “Need to cum so badly.”
He arched a fine brow as he placed the toy back over your clit, setting the vibration to low as his fingrs dipped back inside your quivering cunt. His thumb pressed the bullet down harder on your swollen button. “If I let you cum, I’m going to extend it for as long as I want. Got it, Princess.”
You didn’t care as long as you got that sweet release that your body has been begging for the past hour since he began teasing you with the vibrator. “N-nemi...” You choked out as he upped the speed of the vibrator, pressing it so deeply onto your puffy clit. “Ah~” you moaned out, back acrhing off his chest as your head fell back against his shoulder. “Nemi...Ah! Gonna...mmm...cu-....” your words were an incoherent babble as his fingers sisscored within you, stretching you out. Tears of pleasure began to leak from the corners of your eyes when Sanemi upped the power of the toy once more, the full vibrations tingling over your sensitive nerve. Your body begins twitching in his lap, ass rubbing over his dick as you began to come undone.
Sanemi couldn’t hold back anymore as he lifted your hips and lined his cock up with your spasming hole. He slid inside with ease just as you came hard. He grinned as he fucked up into you. “Glad to see I timed that perfectly.” He grabbed the vibrating bullet and twirled over your slick clit once more as he set a fast pace with in you. “Let's go for one more. This time with my dick so deep inside this tight cunt of yours.”
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lisandra-phillips · 2 months
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Autumn is my favorite🍁
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hellavile · 4 months
angel. sanemi.
⨳ cw: fem!reader, lowercase intended, black coded, breeding kink, reader gets folded like a pretzel, sanemi’s kind of an asshole?, overstim, mild degrading, pregnancy talk, drabble.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
it’s so indecent the position he has you in currently. tummy folded, knees by your shoulders with his hot, clammy hands holding them down with all his strength. driving his cock deep into your pretty pussy, hips clashing hard, so hard you swear his skin could become one with your own. it’s hot. the room itself. your body is sweltering beneath him, not a window open, no air on. just on your back getting fucked into a squeaky mattress in your boyfriend’s dark apartment.
“it’s so deep in your pussy,” sanemi chokes, his bare chest coated lightly with his own sweat, rolling down the crevices of his chiseled abs. he looks so handsome above you. you’re surprised you can scan for a feature at all considering your eyes have been crossed for the past three minutes. it’s impossible to cough out an ounce of vocabulary. he feels so good. it’s intoxicating.
“you’re so disgusting,” he’ll call you out next, a habit of his. jaw clenching as the whites of his hair sticks to his forehead, thick voice rumbling in his throat as your cunt squeezes his dick, making it somewhat difficult to pull in and out. your lips aren’t meeting, mouth agape and tongue dry for too long now. you moan from his insult. “every word i say has your pussy clenching my dick tight.”
and he’s right. how could it not? he talks to you so well that your body’s reactions are heightened. finally, you focus your sight, which instantly becomes a problem again because it falls on his arms. the way they flex, the multiple scars scattered along his biceps and forearms. it makes you dizzy all over, whimpering and losing yourself. sanemi clenches his jaw with frustration, halting his waist.
“you’re going dumb,” now he’s dragging you further into him, sitting up fully on his knees and bear hugging your thighs to his chest. he’s deeper this time, and you can’t help but outstretch your arms above you, arching your back and submitting to him completely. “now how’s that any fun for me? you know i don’t like my angel silent.”
“ ‘nemi, please !” your sniffles are . . . cute, to say the least. it’s really funny how you’re trying to act innocent right now when it’s your fault you’re in this predicament to begin with. he was fine with coming home after a nice date at the park with your daughter. but you shifted the mood after putting the three year old to bed. catching an unnecessary attitude with him and he doesn’t fuck with a bitchy woman. you know better than that. so, lessons needed to be learned.
“let me take what i fucking want,” he growls maliciously, like a hungry, unhinged animal. pounding his cock into your puffy, swollen cunny. it’s been about thirty minutes since your little outburst in the bathroom. complaining that you wanted another baby and sanemi telling you that one child was enough. but you’re so fucking persistent on what you want it drives the man to insanity. “wanted me to breed you again, is that right? that’ll satisfy you, huh? putting another baby in your tummy?”
you hiccup, nodding your head. “mhm hmm.”
“that’s why you were acting out earlier. seeing that woman at the park with the bloated belly made you miss it. my poor girl.”
this was torture. he was playing with you. it’s not fair that you’ve orgasmed twice yet he’s holding back so much from you. the main objective, and what you wanted so badly in your womb right fucking now. your limbs are tired and you’re ready to throw another fit in a minute if he didn’t give you his cum. such a simple task he’s making extremely difficult. sanemi splits your thighs apart to slot himself back in between, chest to yours, applying all of his weight. you weakly raise your right hand to rake through his scalp, tugging and rotating your hips beneath him, desperately pleading for him to move. you seal him to you with your legs locking on the backs of his, making sure he doesn’t escape. he grins at your plan.
“sanemi. do it. please hurry! i need it!”
you’re on the verge of breaking down. he’s trying not to give in too fast, but at this point it’s been long enough. he’s sleepy, and you’re getting rapid. sanemi puts most of his weight into his right forearm, using that as leverage along with his knees to slide his dick halfway out of you, only leaving the tip kissing your hole, stays there for a second before saying, “act like you deserve it. beg me.”
and if there’s anything sanemi’s angel knows how to do? it’s fucking beg. curling up into him and humping him like you’re feral. “please baby, wanna be full. fuck your cum into me. wanna have another baby. i wanna be pregnant again! i need your cum. please. please. please. i’ll do anything, fuck please?!”
only then is he satisfied. filthy angel.
“enough,” sanemi sinks your knees back into the bed, sheathing his cock back inside, only needing a few more pumps before he’s spilling inside just like you planned. you’re keening as he kisses you, wet and nasty with so much tongue. your body jolts in his captivity when he raises and slams his hips into yours, getting rougher and faster every passing second. “shut up and lemme get you pregnant.”
© 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐥𝐞, 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐝. 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐛𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐲 𝐛𝐞𝐜𝐚𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐢𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐞.
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igumie · 10 months
When they want your attention - Giyuu, Iguro, Tanjiro, Sanemi and Uzui
Tumblr media
info: fluff, not proofread lol warning: n/a
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka :
• attention starved boy™️ • cannot go a single day without your touch and attention. He always needs to have at least one hug from you every day. Minimum • so you can imagine how excited he was to come back from his mission which lasted three days. Also meaning, three days without your attention and love. It was horrible for him he thought he’d die • he sprinted back home, not even caring about his injuries. He just wanted to feel your arms around his again and your hand through his hair :’) • you currently were reading a book on the couch when you heard the front door open loudly before seeing your out of breath husband staring at you • you smiled, happy to see him back home and greet him. “Welcome back Gi-” • you didn’t even had time to finish your sentence before you felt a sudden weight on you, along with arms around your neck. • you cooed at your husband and hugged him back, a relaxed sigh escaping your mouth. • Giyuu looked up from your chest, and silently started at you with eyes begging for you to pet his head. He was too embarrassed to say anything so hopefully, you’d know what he meant. • and thankfully for him, you did! Slowly, you started to pet his head and singing a lullaby, immediately putting him to sleep • “sweet dreams, Giyuu” • “mhm…. ‘ove you….” • “love you too”
Iguro Obanai :
• another attention starved boy • except that this one won’t even make it obvious that he wants attention. • bUT! you’ve been in a relationship with Obanai for 3 years now, which means you know what he wants and when • you noticed that he started ignoring you a bit whenever he craved attention. You dont know why, he doesn’t know why, Kaburamaru doesn’t know why, nobody knows why! • but he does. • so you proceed by clinging onto him so it feels like you’re the one who wants attention, all for his sake. • he’ll probably be shy about it since affection and love were not something he was used to in his life before you • okay but once he’s clinged (is that even a word) onto you, there’s no getting him off for at least 4 hours • he’ll nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck or in your chest because he’s too embarrassed to look at you • which is honestly adorable • will definitely grumble in annoyance if you have to get up and his grip on you will tighten but like sir, please, I need to go pee • overall, he’s just so cute when needy for your love and attention so please give it to him • “don’t leave…. you’re warm” • ”was never planning to do so Obi”
Kamado Tanjiro :
• he’ll hide it so well because baby doesn’t want to bother you :( • so he goes to his sister and stays with her. Probably tells her all about you and how cute you were in his haori yesterday. • yeah she definitely knows that he wants your attention. • she‘ll probably end up going to you and somehow managed to tell you that her bro craves your love. • And you’re gonna give him love 😤 • you approach him while he was helping cleaning the Shinobu mansion • and then you jumped on him • man was not prepared lemme tell you that • screams, falls onto the floor and looks up with a terrified face until he realizes it’s you. Then he just sighs and smiles lolol • “hey y/n! How hum- how come you jumped on me like that? Everyone okay?” • “oh yeah I just wanted to give you my affection because I felt like you could use it :D” • wants to cry at how cute you currently are • anywayssss • you drag him outside and make him sit against a tree and cuddle him. He falls asleep and he just looks overall so peaceful :’) • “Sleep well baby” • “Zzzzzz”
Sanemi Shinaguzawa :
• this bitch got me paying her rent paying the trips • he’ll show that he’s craving your affection by being even more protective over you • oh you’re having a conversation with one of the pillars? Well not anymore you’re now trapped in his arms while he glared daggers at his fellow Hashira god forbid if it’s Giyuu • oh your best friend just hugged you? How dare they touch what’s his • you made him sleep on the couch after he almost attacked you best friend • man needs to be put on a leash and a muzzle • anyways • as you can see, he becomes even more annoying. Which is somewhat fine because it’s kinda cute ngl • so you let it slide • anyways. This guy will for sure hide in face in your back. Like that he can smell your delicate parfume and at the same time, you can’t see nor feel his red and hot face • maybe, just maybe, will leave a kiss at the back of your neck. Only if he feels like a hoe though • “’Nemi, why is your face so hot- do you have a fever?!” • “Shut up and keep hugging me”
Uzui Tengen :
• listen, you have special privileges • which are that you get his undivided attention 24/7, you can kiss and hug him and more HFUJAJAKAIOKWS, he takes you on dates etc…. • basically Hinatsuru, Makio and Suma are hella jealous since you get to do all the fun stuff with him . • whatever it’s irrelevant anyways • now, this one doesnt have any shame. He’ll whine until you give him the attention he deserves after a long day of fighting non flamboyant demons 😤 • will rub his face on your shoulder and will pinch your cheeks while you’re trying to read your book • so at some point you do give him attention because of how annoying he’s becoming poor you • literally jumps on you and lays his head in your lap • you now cannot move. Have you seen how tall this man is?! The guy must be so freaking heavy geez • “Zui my legs feel numb get off“ • “I am a god y/n. How dare you push me away“ • “Get off or I’m cutting your hair” • “Geez no need to get aggressive… I had to go train anyways 🙄” pussy
Tumblr media
Reblogs are appreciated :)
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kinm0kusei · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⊹. as long as we're alive don't be afraid ‹𝟹
photos by- SUSTEN+_pixiv @lylymooni
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peppermint-monster · 6 months
Arrange Marriage Sanemi Shinazugawa X Chubby Reader!
Tumblr media
Warnings: Handjob, Mean! Sanemi (For the most part), Pet names (Princess, My Love, etc...), Degradation, Humiliation, Masturbation (Solo Female), Unprotected sex (At the very end), Blowjob, Dirty talk, Confession, Jealousy-ish Reader, Cheating...?, Thighjob, Rejection...?, Caught, Mutual Masturbation. Basically, NSFW. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Also be mindful that I didn't really mention much of the reader's appearance (besides she's a female) since I wanted to keep it vague for everyone to relate as much as possible, though it is definitely for the more voluptuous side of ladies. 😊
Please be mindful that all photos are not mine, but the making of the collage is.
MINORS DNI!!!! 🔞🙅🏻‍♀️ If you're not comfortable with this, please ignore!
Tumblr media
Arranged Marriage: Sanemi Shinazugawa X Chubby Reader! Who to her parents, Shinazugawa was the ideal man that they’d picked for their daughter, well business-wise at least. 
Her father became good friends with a man called Ubuashiki Kaguya, who made an arrangement for her to marry one of the Harshira’s when she reached a certain age. Not knowing about this agreement until it was too late.
In front of her parents and herself were Ubuashiki and the man whom she promised to marry, Sanemi Shinazugawa, who was kneeling next to her father's friend. When first meeting him, she could say she was intimidated by his appearance, having many scars scattered on his face and down his body, trailing down and hidden from sight by his uniform. He was definitely the opposite of her, with a rough, muscular body with numerous scars scattered around, while hers was far smoother and soft to the touch, with only stretch marks here and there. Yet she didn't seem to mind. 
She quickly averted her gaze, and her face became warm the moment she saw his bloodshot eyes stare back at her. Oh no, she was caught!
“Hello, I look forward to getting to know much more about you.” As quickly as she turned away, she quickly turned back to his eyes the moment she heard his voice. Oh, how deep and smooth it was. She could feel the tingling sensation between her thighs with every word he spoke, not that she was paying attention.
As far as she knew, he seemed like a respectful, calm, collectible man, almost what one could call an ideal gentleman. She doesn't know much about what her father supported, just that he could at least protect her from what lurks in the dark.
Forcing them to spend more time together. She cries out in response to her father's unexpected action; shoving her through the other end of the sliding doors while closing them behind her.
She was forced inside the room, hitting a wall that seemed to be tipping down with her as she braced for impact, squeezing her eyes shut until she collided with the solid figure, which she now sensed felt warm. She used her hand, which was clutching what she wasn't aware was a piece of clothing, to feel whether what she was thinking was true.
She gasps from feeling her hand being slapped away from what she didn't know was Sanemi's face.
“Get off of me!”
“I-I-I’m so sorry-”
Using his other hand, Sanemi places his hand on her face forcing her to move to the side.
“I’m sorry!” She bowed from where she sat while seeing him move farther away to another set of sliding doors, that he laid down on his side facing what she just noticed was one of the entrances to the courtyard.
It was silent for a moment before she finally dared to speak, “It’s such a lovely day out, such a nice breeze we are having today don't you think?” She awkwardly said, crawling her way towards Sanemi until she was next to him. Glancing down at him, she saw how he just lay there eyes closed with a hand supporting his head. Seeming to not pay too much mind to her.
“Say, do you hear that? That sounds like a bug's mating call, right? I read something about that though I'm not sure” She shyly chuckles, still not getting a peep from him.
This led on for a few minutes, her anxiously trying to carry out a conversation that he didn’t seem to care.
“You know…you could ask me a few things. Nothing is out of reach.”
“Is that so?” She was shocked to hear him suddenly speak but quickly smile while nodding encouraging him to continue.
“Well how about shutting up.”
What did he say?
“I-I’m sorry?”
“Do you not shut up for one second? Can't you see I'm not in the mood to play pretend? So why don't you do what I say and shut up.” He said, glaring at her.
“Well, you don't need to be so damn rude! I just thought, what you said in the meeting was actually true!”
“Yeah, I don't give a fuck about the meeting.” He scoffed.
She sat there, eyeing that man she was going to marry, shocked by what he said as she heard shuffling coming from in front of her. As she was about to tilt her head to look at Sanemi, she felt a painful pressure in her chubby cheeks jerking her forward to face those dull, bloodshot eyes of his.
“Let's get one thing straight: this is nothing more than an agreement between Master Ubuashiki and your old man. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't see why the Master chose me to babysit such a spoiled rich brat who hasn't lifted a finger throughout her life.”
Sanemi Shinazugawa was the exact opposite of what she expected. His once respectful, well-spoken, calm demeanor quickly changed to this sadistic, rude, incompetent, threatening, and many more things that she could go on and on about a man who stared at her as if he despised her.
“We would be nothing more than strangers who happen to be married, so don’t go making some plans. Got it.” Right as he told her that, he pushes her away making her stumble backwards and fall flat on her ass. Tears gather in the corner of her eyes while she moved away from the grumbling man as she tried to stop her tears from falling while silent ok’ing.
Sanemi's personality changed not too long after her father and Ubuashiki arrived, becoming the same gentleman that they both appeared to know.
“You look handsome, my love.” She whispers as they walk down the aisle.
Not being able to help but gawk at what her husband was wearing. I mean this if the first time seeing him wear something besides his uniform.
“My love?” Noticing his disturbed expression, she shyly nodded.
“I just thought, since we are newlyweds, we could give each other pet names. Is that alright with you?”
Staring at where they were walking, Sanemi quickly strained out his disapproval.
“We haven't even left the damn ceremony yet. There's no need to call me a stupid pet name. Just call me by my birth name.” He grumbles out, shooting her a quick side glance before looking forward and speed-walking out of the temple. 
Pain shot through her heart at Sanemi’s words, trying desperately for this marriage to work, but for that to happen, both parties must work together... right?
Well, even if Sanemi isn't having it, she definitely plans on trying.
Going one day to the demon slayer's headquarters.
With a nervous expression on her face, she wiped her sweaty hands on the side of her kimono before properly holding the carefully wrapped desert in her hand. 
She prayed that Sanemi would be grateful for what she has done, maybe go out of his way and say how he loves her before giving her a kiss on the cheek -Ah get a grip girl. This is just to show him how she’s not a spoiled brat that doesn't know anything (when in reality, he caught her red-handed though she plans on proving to him that she could improve and so could he).
Making his favorite that she secretly found out by Giyu. She’s done everything from scratch, waking up before dawn and starting baking, trying her best to make something she knew little to nothing about, making multiple trials and errors. 
Finally making some that looked fairly good, she couldn't help but bring some to her husband while being unaware of how she looked, having red bean paste smeared on her forehead and her hair loosened from the tie she had worn.
There he was, her husband, sweating his ass off while training young swordsmen to what she could see to death. Yet he still look as handsome as the first day she met him.
She stood in a corner waiting for them to take a break until she was sought out.
“Who is that?”
“Why is she staring at us?”
“Should we say something?”
It got to the point that even Sanemi seemed to notice that everyone was talking about something, which was pissing him off since it was disturbing his lesson.
“Oi! What the hell are you whispering about? ” He hissed, heading to the gossiping slayer, who quickly cried out, “N-Nothing sir, just wondering who is that!”
Sanemi was confused by who they were talking about, so he glanced behind him to see who it was.
For a second she saw a shocked expression on his face, before quickly changing back to a scowl. Shyly waving at him, she was about to say something to Sanemi as he was coming this way when she was cut short by him grabbing her sleeve and dragging her to the sliding doors she came from.
“What the hell are you doing here?!?”
“I-I came here to give you something.” She said struggling to keep up with him.
“Whatever it is could wait.”
“But it's something I think you would like.” Calmly collecting herself, she takes out the wrapped up ohagi. “I made it myself, I hope you like it.”
“I don't have time to play games.”
“But this isn't a game, Sanemi. Listen I mad-”
“Enough!” He shouts out, not taking count of what he has done. Slapping the wrap treats out of her hand and to the ground spilled some of them in the process.
“You look a mess, coming to this establishment so filthy and for what to give me something? Go home and clean yourself up.”
Tuning out whatever he was saying after that, she kneeled down picking up what was left. She felt her face heat up, as embarrassment overwhelmed her. Glanced up to see some of the female slayers chuckling.
“I’m sorry for disturbing you. I’ll never bother you again.” She whispers out, her voice trembling as she stands up and quickly closes the door behind her. 
Slowly walking to the entrance, she stops her track when seeing the same group of girls walking by.
“Can you believe what happened? Was that girl confessing to him? That was pathetic I tell you.”
“Tell me about it, the way he just threw whatever that was she made to the ground.”
“And her weight. You could tell she's not a slayer. Where did she come from actually.”
She was disappointed to know that no one seemed to learn about Sanemi and her relationship. And how these girls could just judge her without knowing her. She grew irritated with herself, putting up a front from her father and the corporation, and how it was obvious that Sanemi would never love her. Clutching the smashed up homemade goods she was slowly losing faith.
“Well now, what do we have here?”
The hairs on the back of her neck stood up. She hadn't even noticed someone sneaking up behind her. She slowly backed away, looking up to see who it was.
Towering over her, was a 6ft white hair Sound Hashira who was looking back at her. Glancing towards the laughing group of girls, seeming to notice what she had heard. Not wasting a second, he heads to the group of girls who seem shocked when they notice him.
“You there, watch how you speak about others. You do not know anything about that woman you are speaking of.” He narrows his eyes, speaking with such calmness that had those girls apologizing. “As punishment, you are to do 500 pushups.”
She was shocked by what she heard, it was nice of him to do that but at the same time, she didn't need someone's pity.
“You didn't need to do that…”
“Nonsense, that was unflashy of them to say to such an adorable woman.” Uzui smile. Noticed what was wrapped in the curvy beauty's arms. “Say what do we have here?”
In a blink of an eye, she was shocked to see that the man had the bag she was carrying.
“Nothing something dumb that I made. But don’t worry about it, I plan on throwing them out so please y-you don't have to-” Before she had a chance to persuade the flamboyant man to not eat the ohagi, he quickly took one of the treats and plant it in his mouth.
“Hmm, not much flair on how it looks but it definitely has some spice to it.” He said, giving her a thumbs up with a cheeky smile.
No one has ever given her a compliment like that. Sure she has maids to compliment her but it always seemed forced, and she never had any friends so that was also a no. So when this white hair man with such a peppy attitude said that to her, her heart couldn’t help but beat fast.
“Well, I’ll let you go. Now don't go wandering off. Until we meet again.” He said, patting her on the head before walking away.
“Ok… see ya.” She was in a daze, while watching him leave. But couldn’t be more happy that she found someone that somewhat liked her.
With a smile on her face, she happily walked away unnoticed by her, that a certain Wind Hashira was eavesdropping.
He was pissed. Far beyond it.
Those fucking glances they would give to each other just pissed him off.
It made Sanemi's lavender eyes bloodshot as he watched his dear wife enjoy herself in the little outing that members of the higher ranking were exclusively invited to, primarily with a certain slayer.
On the other hand, she seems to have noticed Sanemi’s quiet demeanor not daring to ask him why or look at him, instead focused on the person sitting across from her.
When she first came to the outing, she was speechless and in awe of meeting the Harshira’s one by one, til meeting Uzui, the sound Harshira. Shock that she was able to see him again.
“So we meet again.” He said, giving a crooked smile before winking at her. As they stood side by side, she took note of how his height towered over Sanemi's.
She greeted him back, noticing how her body was reacting: goosebumps erupted as a shivered run down her spine from his light touch, her nipples erect and a tingling sensation between her legs as he walked away.
She wasn’t surprised when hearing he had three wives, in fact she would have been shocked if he was still single.
Glancing up she was met with Sanemi’s stare, yet he didn't seem embarrassed that he was caught more like happy. Silently giving her a look she wasn't all too familiar with.
“Oi eat up, you seem much thinner from the last time we met. Here, eat this. You know what they say, the healthier the woman, the better fertile she is to have many young.” Uzui whispers, handing her a few slices of meat that he thinks she'll like.
Blushing from what he’s said, she hope no one heard that.
“Thank you.” She shyly said, taking a sip of the bitter sake that she wasn't used to as she caught Sanemi's eyes following her every movement. She was grateful no one was questioning why she and Sanemi weren't sitting next to each other.
Like she promised she would never interfere with him again, going out of her way to not be known by him when in closed door, and if needing to be together in occasion like this in particular she would sit the far opposite of where he was, but it seems this is not working for Sanemi.
“Excuse me.” Getting up from where she sat, she looks away from Sanemi's direction, not daring to look him again as she fixes her kimono before hurriedly running along out of the room. Pressing her back against the wall, she breathes out long shaky breath to calm her nerves. Honestly not knowing why her heart was beating fast and her legs were already ready to buck.
Caught in her own little world, she didn't notice the sounds of footsteps coming her way. Gasping as she turns the corner to be met by scary looking Sanemi, who pressed her soft form hard against the wall.
“San-” Before she had the chance to say anything, Sanemi’s hand reached for her mouth, covering it with his palm while moving his other hand up to his lips and signal for her to be quiet. Quickly she nodded in response, scared of what he might do to her. Keeping his hand over her mouth, he placed the other on the wall beside her head as her heart began to beat faster as his face got closer. 
“Don't provoke me, I promise I won't be gentle if I find out you and Uzui have something.” Looking him dead in the eyes his jaw clenched as he finally lets go of her before walking away from the scene.
What the hell just happened?!?
Walking back to the little outing, when she open the door and was about to make her way back towards her seat a hand took a hold of hers.
“Ah, what are you-“
As she was about to say something to the person, she notice it was Sanemi who had grabbed her, side eyeing her before looking away and dragged her to the opposite side from where she sat and right down to the one next to his.
Not once saying a word. He took a plate that happen to be near and begin to grab variety of food around them before placing it down next to her.
“Eat up.” Was all he said while drinking down his sake. Not once looking her way the whole night.
As she lay in bed agreeing with herself on how much she loathed Sanemi, the events of that day swayed her from sleeping.
Remembering how he'd pinned her and how close his strong body was next to her, how she'd caught his manly aroma for a brief second, how his hand felt on the lower part of her back when he lower her to sit that set her body on fire with want and desire. To this day, she can still feel the warmth of his body.
She buries her face in the pillow and screams into it before peeking out. She shouldn't be lusting over that jerk of a husband she has. The way he would look at her, as though he despised her. Or just plainly ignore her like she didn’t exists.
It's not fair. Why didn't her father or even Mr. Ubuashiki give her Uzui, who treats his wives right with such love and care for one another, like a big happy family. Anyone could tell he satisfied Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru emotionally, spiritually, and... sexually.
She can't help but feel envious, envious of Uzui's love for his wives. I mean, she's a female with desires, and to make matters worse, after being married and expecting them to start their new relationship, Sanemi just took a shower and went to bed next to her without even saying goodnight.
Did he have no sexual desires? Or was he seeing someone behind her back? She was too afraid to approach her husband about these allegations. As she pondered these thoughts, her hand couldn't help but delicately brush her exposed body while burying her face in the pillow she was clutching... Sanemi's pillow, to be precise.
She didn't need him. She knew how to tend to herself way before even meeting Sanemi.
Her fingers grazed against her delicate skin as she imagined those large muscular hands that could manhandle her. Her body slowly began to heat up at the notion of his hand toying with her, spreading her slick fold and assaulting her swollen clit exactly like she was doing, while he praised her body as if she were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
She takes a deep breath and shifts her position on the futon, lowering the side of her robe to knead her breasts. Her index and middle finger would pinch her tender nipple so lovingly as soft whimpers echoed throughout the darkroom as she strained to spread her legs wide while thrusting two fingers deep within her cunt, right up until a knot formed inside her.
She leaned her head back against the pillow, eyes closed to focus on the waves of pleasure shooting through her arched body all the way down to her curling toes. As the knot was quickly becoming undone, she drew her hand away, not wanting to cum too fast.
A heavy sigh leaves her lips as she whimpers to herself while gripping the same pillow she was holding before to get a whiff of the lingering scent she missed. Going back to playing with herself.
“Hm... Uzui~”
"What did you say?!?" In front of her, a hissing sound can be heard. When the sliding door opened to announce his presence, it startled her.
Her eyes widened in disbelief as she looked up to see her husband standing there glaring at her.
"How long have you been standing there?" She cleared her throat, trying to ignore the heat that crept up to her cheeks as she struggled to hide her exposed body.
"Long enough to know who you imagine when I'm not here," Sanemi growled, glaring at his unfortunate wife.
The whole time he’s been there watching her, it was an accident at first. Just gotten home and was going to take a bath when hearing the curvy beauty in bed, peaking through the crack of the door, her face buried in his pillow and her hand between her thighs.
Let’s face it, Sanemi hasn’t had sexual relief in such a long time, just hasn’t had the time with everything going on. So he couldn’t help himself from palming his already hard cock. Just seeing her nude body and the way she knead her nipple while fucking herself was making him go insane. Everything was going perfectly until, "…Uzui~"
Then, all hell broke loose.
As she strained to respond to Sanemi's words, her lips opened and closed like a fish out of water.
"Why so embarrassed? Just a second ago, you were touching yourself with the thought of a married man." He snarls, sinking to his knees and stalking towards her. The curvy beauty scurries back as Sanemi grabs her robe collar and brings her in for a fiery kiss.
Sanemi's tongue entered her mouth, exploring every place he could reach until his lips grasped her tongue, sucking the smooth muscle, and she moaned in surprise. Her thoughts became fuzzy as she resist him, clutching the front of his uniform, until feeling the heat from his body engulf her nude one. Finally succumbing as he lowered her down on the bed, lifting her chin to get better access. Their bodies begin to melt into one another.
A loud whimper escaped from her lips as she began to buck her hips, craving some friction between her thighs. He bit her bottom lip before trailing down his down along her nude neck, peppering delicate kisses on her chest.
Feeling self-conscious, she shyly began to place her hands between Sanemi and her chest, until feeling pressure on her wrist, staring down, she noticed that Sanemi was glaring at her as though telepathically daring her to cover herself in his presence.
She quickly moved her hands away, slipping them around his back, wanting the physical affection from this touch-starved man.
She gasps when feeling Sanemi's tongue lap over her soft, sensitive breast, nibbling and sucking every spot. She ranked her fingers through his hair as the Hashira eyes slowly rolled to the back of his head from pure bliss.
His hand went lower too, gliding his finger over her slit, somewhat troubled by the fact that she was wet already. Harshly, he scatters kisses on her breast, not caring if he hurt her for a second since he plans on relieving her by toying with her pussy.
“Ah, it’s not fair. Why am I the only one naked? ” She whines, sucking on Sanemi’s thumb, which he seems to be enjoying the sight of. 
Staring at the pouting curvy beauty, Sanemi grumbles to himself before quickly removing a bit of his haori with the assistance of his eager wife.
She bit her lower lip, staring longingly at her husband, in awe at what was in front of her. Scares cover his whole body, from his big chest to his naked feet. She delicately traced the fading scar on his lower tummy, unable to control herself, but her hand was snatched away from his chest and dragged forward to face him as she did so, glaring down at her.
"The hell are you doing?"
"I just wanted to feel." She says, trembling, a little startled by his unexpected tone. Sanemi's hand, which was clutching her wrist too firmly, made her grimace.
"And why would you want to do that?" He says, narrowing his eyes.
"Because... I think you're beautiful!" She blurts out, startling the demon slayer. He covers his face with his hand, as a flush spread across his cheeks.
"Damn it... You're so dumb." She sobbed out his name as he slid his fingers inside her, fingertips gleaming with her juice as he parted her folds, eager to see the pulsating bead.
Her thighs strained as he stroked her clit, rubbing slow rhythmic circles over her clit, making her quiver and clutch the teasing arm, but he stayed in place, pinned her leg down and prevented her from shutting her thighs. The long, drawn-out flicks that he was providing abruptly changed to quick strokes, with the occasional slap to her clit. Which was making her to jolt in his grip.
"Stop it, Sa-nemi. I-I want to take care of you as well." She whimpers, her fingers trailing down to the bulge in his pants as she gently pushes him away by his chest. She pouts, staring at him with her doe eyes as she unbuttons his trousers.
She couldn't stop herself from worshiping his member. He had a magnificent cock, around 7 inches long and uncut. Having a fairly decent girth with a nicely trimmed white patch along the base.
She stroked her fingers along his cock's veins, admiring how much pre-cum was leaking out from the red-sensitive tip that was driving Nemi wild. He had too much pride to cry out in absolute bliss as his pretty princess tormented his tip, stroking over and over again against his pisshole as he growled, pushing his hips away when she stuffed her finger within his foreskin touching the base of his tip.
Pulling his hand away from her insides he then begin to tease her bud.
“Ah, no... Come closer. Nemi~” She whimpers, helping herself to caress his hips, wanting him back where she could touch him. Stroking the heavy rod again, following the rhythm that he was touching her.
With a smile on his face, Sanemi was happy to know that his wife was ravishing his form with her eyes, watching him intently, barely blinking as she bit her lower lip. Though he had to admit, he was also liking the view in front of him much more than he anticipated.
She arched her back and placed her head back on her pillow, forcing him to swallow his saliva as he inserted two thick fingers back inside her. Picking up the pace, fingers curling as he drew them out and spreading them wide when they were in.
He saw her legs quivering against his thigh and used it as a cue to speed up, pounding harder while thumbing her clit.
"Hmm... No." She shakily exhales, on the edge of using her other hand to nudge Sanemi closer, much to his confusion.
She didn't waste any time staring up at her lovely husband's eyes as she bent forward to the throbbing member, lapping around the leaking tip like it was her favorite lollipop, bobbing her head down till she was halfway down.
That was enough for Sanemi to not be able to hold back, a moan slipping out as he used his free hand to cover his mouth, slowly a blush crept across his face all the way down his neck. 
As her eyes were slowly crossing, from the sensation of Sanemi’s thick fingers scissoring her greedy cunt and his musky scent, which she had never really liked until Nemi’s. 
Was he working out before all this? 
She just hoped he was by himself and not with some other woman, because if so, she’d seduced him to not go back, suck his dick every morning before he left, and greet him when he came back with a nice proper pussy fuck while praising him for all the hard work he'd done and afterward, a nice home-cooked meal.
What is wrong with her? The once 'I hate him’ demeanor quickly changes when he kisses her.
Was she always this desperate?
Drawing away with a strain of saliva connecting her luscious lips to his fat tip, she stares at Sanemi while fondling his fat balls.
“What with the pout?” He hissed out, his balls tightening from how sensitive they were.
“I wanna kiss.”
“Is that so?” He snorts, watching her tease his length before he draws away. “Then beg for it.” He groans, gazing at her lips that were practically almost touching his.
“No…” She moans as he stares at her seductively.
“I’m not going to kiss you unless you beg for it like a good spoiled brat does.”
“You’re so mean...” She pouted, clinging to his body while tucking her head between the crook of his neck before the words slipped from her lips, saying what she craves.
“Please, kiss me. Sanemi.”
“I-I can't. It’s embarrassing…!” Right as she finishes saying those sentences and plans on clinging to him more, she feels him cup her face, squishing her cheeks together.
“Again.” He emphasizes, moving his face closer to her with those signature eyes of his. 
God did he look hot.
“And why don't you also say, my love, just like you did at our wedding.”
‘Ah, he remembers~<3’
“Kiss me, m-my l-l-ove.”
“Hehe, good job.” He said, his breath brushing against her lips as she trembled from the sensation. 
"And now for your prize." He slammed his lips against hers. As his tongue wrapped around hers, sucking the wet muscle, her mind began to go blank. She pulls away, lightly pressing Sanemis' shoulder, a strand of saliva linking them as she hurriedly whipped her mouth, unaware that her nose was bleeding.
“God, you're so cute…I could just eat you out.” He smirks while wiping the trail of blood from under her nose.
“Don't you mean you could just eat me up…”
“That too.” Surprised by her husband's words, he kissed her again while bringing her legs together.
“Hm…look at you. I’d say you want more, don't you.” He slips out hurriedly from his pants, shifting her legs upward as best as he can to her chest as she grabs Nemi’s pillow.
“Yes,” She sluggishly said, too drunk on pleasure to care what was happening.
“Just kissing wasn't enough?” He snorts, slapping his length between her slick folds before putting pressure against the entrance. 
“No.” She sniffed, burying her face in his pillow. Deliciously inhaling his manly musk that lingers on the pillowcase.
“I should’ve known I would have my hands full with you. A spoiled brat, who's gonna get the worst punishment yet...” He teased, smearing his length with her leaking juice before drawing away, much to her dismay.
Sanemi drank in every soft moan she drew out when thrusting between her velvety thighs. His nose nestled in the crook of her neck, her scent invading his nostrils, not being able to control the moans that slipped out of his mouth.
Jealousy alters his entire evening solely to exemplify to his wife who she should be craving. Just the thought of her calling that damn Sound Hashira’s name while touching herself pissed him off. He was such a hypocrite to say they are nothing but strangers yet the moment her eyes begin to wonder, Sanemi’s has a whole hissy fit for her attention. Which he would never say out loud.
His cock throbs with every thrilling protest and moan she dares muster in an attempt to escape his grasp. She was well aware that it was meaningless. Leading her into a moaning frenzy, absorbing anything Sanemi decides to offer her.
Until she had enough, in a desperate need of release, whining feverishly his name and running her hands up his scarred arms and down his back, tugging him forward in a tight grip.
“Quit whining,” Sanemi hisses, taunting her as he grabs hold of her arms, pinning them over her head to stop her from touching him. 
“I-I wanna cum...” She whimpers.
Sanemi nibbled at her earlobe as he continued to thrust between her thighs, his rough thrusts becoming more irregular and uncontrolled, pushing all of his weight down onto her. 
His girl, his spoiled little brat, belongs to him and no one else. 
“That’s not gonna happen.” Grunts filled her ears as those rough, thick fingers of his gripped her chubby cheeks again, wanting—no, needing—her to make eye contact. Before sliding the other down to her soft tummy to pinch and squeeze her chubby side.
She mewled, as her gummy walls contrasted around nothing, not finding it fair that he was having all the fun while she was suffering.
“Shut up, this is your punishment. You wanna call out another man's name while touching that sluty whole of yours. So you don't get to feel your fat cock brush against your insides. -Hm? You like when I said your cock? Seems you like taking ownership of your things. Too bad that is not going to happen. This cunt is MINES -this whole body is.” He growls lowly, digging his fingers in her soft flesh, making her yelp in protest.
Sure, he was mean to her, but she couldn't help but agree with what her husband said. 
I mean, the first time that she met him, she instantly fell for him. She just couldn't help it, wanting to smother this man with love and affection when she saw his scarred body and those enchanting eyes of his.
Her body belongs to him and she hopes his body belongs to her.
Getting a better angle between those doughy thighs of hers, Slinging her thighs over his flushed shoulders. Shit, it felt like Sanemi was on cloud 9 with how soft her body made him feel. It almost feels like he was humping a pillow (forgive me for this imagery).
Her eyes slowly flutter shut as she allows her body to submit to the pleasure, pussy clenched around nothing as his cock slipped between her slick fold, brushing against her clit over and over again until her cunt couldn't help but squirt like never before. She whines and babbles uncontrollably, as she shyly covers her face, embarrassment waves through her when she hears the sound of Sanemi laughing. Making her spam so hard as her thighs grasp around his member while she grips the bedsheet under them.
"What's the matter, princess? Your pampered cunt can't control itself? What a pity. You just look so stupid right now." He breathes heavily against her ear. Submitting to his obnoxious words and brutal thrust, his pre-load dripping dick threatened to burst at any moment until she fell limp, surrendering to the sensation she was feeling. 
She gazed into her lover's eyes, resting both her hands tentatively upon his cheeks. Catching Sanemi off guard.
“What are you looking at, brat.”
"You, my darling, I just love you so much," She says breathlessly against his lips, tears welling up in her eyes as she draws him close and glances into his eyes, stroking his damp locks away from those gorgeous eyes.
She slams her lips against his, slipping her tongue into his mouth, enjoying a full-fledged make out session with a stunned Sanemi.
Pulling away from her, he blushes and discreetly wipes his lips before spewing stuttering curses while pumping his cock.
"Tsk- don't say such foolish things so easily, Dummy." He muttered it, hips stuttering, stomach tightening as he kneaded the throbbing red tip over her soft tummy, shooting his load all over her soft skin, seeing his cum reach her swollen breast and over her chin.
“Fuck… As much as I would love to cum in that greedy pussy of yours, I don't plan on taking care of another brat when I have my hands full with one already.” He pants, kissing the leg resting over his shoulder while watching his curvy beauty touch her chin, taking some of his cum on her finger before moving it close to those luscious lips of hers, sucking her cum smeared fingers as she looks up at Sanemi.
Shit was that hot what she had done. Swallowing his saliva, he was too bewitch to say anything for a moment, only staring at her sexy sex-dazed face and those sinful lips of her that he not to long ago seen wrapped around his length.
He was hook. She finally gotten him wrapped around her finger.
“It’s ok. I know you’re a really busy man, so I won't pray you about it. Though maybe next time we could try, you know, so I won't get lonely.” She said, sitting up to clean herself off however right as she spread her legs, showing her soaked cunt Sanemi couldn’t even help himself.
“Hmm…yeah, next time…” He murmured, grasping her hip and pulling her right underneath him. Eagerly stroking his member again, before lining it to her opening.
“Nemi? -Ah!” She jolted, arching her body while gripping the pillow under her. “But, B-but-“
“Shh... there you go princess, in it goes. I know I said I wouldn’t knock you up but I think this is better for the both of us. G-Given ya a kid of your own just might tame your dumbass for the better.” He lolled out, surprising her with a loving smile as he leaned down and took her lips once again as he wrapped her thighs around his waist preparing her for what he had in store.
He struggled with expressing his feelings, especially after what happened to him and his brother when they were young. But it still didn't give him the right to be so cruel to the curvy beauty that actually wanted to be there for him. Maybe as a way of apologizing, Sanemi would have a family with his curvy wife. Hopefully, she’s down for it.
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Tumblr media
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Zombie! Sanemi x Reader
Tumblr media
Part of Sassy's Haunted Whore Halloween!
TW: Death, gore, blood, zombies, rape, somnophilia, dub con, attempted rape
Synopsis: Surviving the apocolyspe was hard, especially as a woman. You never expected your saving grace to be one of the undead.
Or is he?
Today was tuesday…. No wednesday. What day was it?
You took out your notepad, yeah, today was a tuesday. Did you need to scavenge for anything? Let's see, you have some canned goods and freshwater. You had your sanitary items and some medication. Could do with more pain killers though.
Traveling has never been easy, thank god you were able to find those combat boots, now your ankles have less chances of being twisted or sprain. Looking up at the sky, the sun was setting and darkness was approaching. Best to spend the night somewhere safe.  You were out in the forest, in the middle of nowhere. A tree would do!
You climbed up a tree and set up a hammock you picked up and some tarpaulin over your hammock, to keep any possible rain from getting you wet. Once you were settled, you reached into your bag and pulled out a protein bar. Food was rare nowadays, with everything either being looted or gone off.
But that's fine, you could live like this.
At least you were safe.
“Hey! Who’s up there?!” You froze. A voice. A long time has it been since you heard another person’s voice. You heard the shuffling of footsteps and the sounds of guns being clocked. You began to sweat under your many layers of clothes as anxiety and fear filled your body.
“We’re gonna give you the count of ten to get your ass down here or we’re gonna riddle you with bullets!” Shouted the male voice. This was why you haven’t heard other voices in ages, because those voices could belong to people who want you dead.
You shuffled out of your hiding spot and quickly descended the tree, holding your hands up. It was a group of men, all heavily armed as they stared down at you with malice. “Where’s your shit?! Tell us now!” The head dog barked as another one kicked the back of your knees, making you fall to the ground.
“It's up in my hammock! Please, just take what you want!” You cried, this was it, they were gonna kill you, right here and now.
“Wait a minute, you’re a girl!” One of them stated before ripping your scarf away from your face, revealing your feminine features. Your hair used to be long but you had to cut it short for maintenance reasons.
“Holy fuck!”
“I can’t believe this, are you seeing this?”
The leader squatted down and leaned his rifle on his shoulder. “Well, Well, Well, Look what we have here boys, a pretty little lady~ Forgive me for being so rude, tell me your name sweet cheeks.”
You had too many tears running down your face, you were scared, so scared. You didn’t want to know what they had planned for you, now that they knew of your gender. But you had lived this long, you’d do anything to survive.
“M-My name is (Y/n)....! Please… I’ll do anything! Just don’t kill me!” You wailed, hoping for mercy.
“WOOO! You heard that boys?! She said anything~”
You heard the men around you howling and whistling.  You felt so dehumanized, in that moment, none of the men saw you as a human, a fellow survivor, just a piece of meat. “Well, (Y/n), as you know, humans are dying out quickly~, we need to- heh, ‘repopulate’.” The leader chuckled.
“Man… it's been so long since I’ve gotten my dick wet.”
“I wonder what she tastes like~”
“I bet she’s never had a taste of dick before.”
The leader chuckled at their comments while you just shivered. “Yeah, that's right, let me ask you something sweet heart, how old are you~?”
“I-I’m eight- eighteen..!” You sobbed, making more of the men howl. “Oh shit! You were only ten when this shit started then, huh? Well don’t worry sweetheart, we’re gonna look after you now. How about you thank us by..ugh..hehe.. Spread those legs for us…Just to taste the goods.”
You didn’t have much choice when you were forced onto your back, the men surrounded you from all angles and began to fondle you. Your breasts, your hips, your face, all unfree from their touch. “NO! No please! Not like this! Not like this!” You screamed as the men continued to laugh.
“You said we could do anything! Now don’t hold out on us!” They taunted, your jeans were pulled down to your knees and the leader began to undo his belt. “NO! Someone help! Help me please!” You cried.
“Someone shut her up!” The leader roared, a piece of cloth being tied around your mouth.
“Now love, Take my dick like a good girl-.....” He stopped his sentence to look over at something behind you. All of his team members looked in the direction he was facing. You tilted your head to look at what they were seeing.
A zombie.
Or… what you thought was a zombie.
He was large, maybe 6ft? You weren’t sure. He had muscles covering his body, as could be seen from his cargo pants and black shirt. His claws were sharp and his teeth were canine like, ripe for tearing into someone. He had a normal set of eyes and a flurry of eyes covering the right side of his body, they all glowed a malicious orange and red veins covering his left.
He wasn’t like any Zombie you had seen before, most were decade to the point of no return. He was like an eldritch monster from the books you’ve read.
“OPEN FIRE!” The leader screamed, standing up and pointing his gun at the zombie. The group all followed his lead and fired at the zombie. You curled into yourself and covered your ears, hoping for the fire to end. Once you heard them halt their actions, you looked up and saw the zombie.
It was still standing, its body covered in holes before he started to heal, and he healed quickly. Like one of those horror movies you saw from behind the living room door when your mom and dad would watch t.v., You were petrified.
“WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? KILL IT!” The leader screamed. The first guy ran up to it with a knife but the thing headbutted him and snatched out his throat. He fell to the ground, choking on his own blood. The second and third guy tried to team up on it, blow its head off, but the creature had managed to grab them and slammed their heads into the ground, you felt flesh and blood splatter onto your face.
The leader and two other men turned tails and ran away. You watched the creature run after them and all you could do was lie there, frozen. With your jeans and underwear pulled down and the cold air hit your private areas. You wanted to cover yourself, but you had been so traumatized by what happened.
You couldn’t lift a finger, you felt frozen in place. Not only because you had nearly been gangraped but a zombie-like creature had tore three of those men to screds. You were so scared. Even as the screams became distant, you knew those men wouldn’t escape. The sounds of gunshots and screams echoed in the forest.
“NO! PLEASE! I DON’T WANNA DIE! I DON’T WANNA DIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!” You heard the leader scream as he was suddenly cut off.
Even then, you couldn’t move, even as the creature came back, its body covered head to toe in blood. It stared down at you, it was going to kill you. It reeled its fist back and you closed your eyes.
The thing hit you in the head and you were dead.
“(Y/n)! (Y/n)! Wake up now!” You heard your dad whisper loudly, shaking you from your sleep.
“What is it daddy…?” You yawned as he pulled you out of bed and went through your wardrobe. “Come on! Get dressed! We have to go!” He said quietly. You heard the sounds of sirens and screams from a distance outside.
You looked out the window, you could see fires start from beyond the line of houses in front of yours. You didn’t understand what was going on, being so young, danger didn’t seem real in your mind. Your father grabbed your clothes and started stripping you of your pajamas.
“Dad! I can do it myself!” You said, yelled, not liking your father manhandling you. It woke you up as you’ve never seen your dad look so worried before. “Hurry up, quickly!” he urged, grabbing your school bag and dumping your school books out of it before shoving clothes into your bag.
“Is she dressed yet?! Liu is coming over right now to pick us up!” You heard your mother call. ‘Uncle’s coming?’ you thought as you threw your pajamas off yourself and into the clothes your dad gave you, a simple tracksuit, socks and a pair of trainers.
“(Y/n)! Are you ready!? Let's go!” Your father yelled, holding out his hand. You didn’t know what was happening or what was going on, you were scared. In an effort for some comfort, you grabbed your teddy bear, a small one your grandma gifted you before she died.
You took your fathers hand and he ran down the stairs with you in tow. Your mother was waiting by the door with two backpacks. “Come on! Liu will be here any minute! We have to be ready when he gets here!” She squealed in panic. She handed your dad his back pack as she slid on her. Your dad handed you your bag as he slid his on, you copied your parents, not really understanding what was happening.
Maybe it was because you didn’t know what was happening that made it so scary, making you hold on to your bear tighter. “(Y/n)! No matter what, stay with us, don’t wander off too far, okay?” Your dad said. Your mother’s phone rang, she picked up the call quickly.
“I’m coming down the road! Get ready to hop in!” Your uncle said to the speaker.
Your father grabbed you as your mother quickly opened the door. Outside was utter chaos, people, running and screaming. People with decayed flesh walking around and eating others. Blood, guts and gore. It was traumatizing to your young mind.
You all ran out as you saw your uncle’s jeep speed down the road. You all ran to the road where your uncle made a speedy stop. “QUICK! Get in!” He ordered. Your mother opened the back door and your father let you down, you quickly climbed into the backseat as your father sat beside your uncle.
Your mother tried to climb in after you.
“AAAGGGHHH!” She screamed as a decayed man came from nowhere and bit down on her neck. You watched the creature tear out your mother’s throat right in front of you. “NO!” Your father cried. You couldn’t react. Your Uncle hit the gas and you all zoomed away, your dad reached back to close the door, while you looked back and witnessed zombies coming to feast on your screaming mother.
That was the day where life as you knew it ended completely
You woke up, being encased by a large blanket, and your head was on something soft.
It was a pillow. You peaked out from under the covers and you looked like you were in some cabin, perhaps? You were in a big bed and at the end of the bed was a place with roaring flames. You sat up and looked down at yourself, you were no longer in your clothes, rather a large shirt. Someone had taken you out of your clothes.
You hopped out of the bed and looked around the room. You had to get out of here, wherever here was. The only things in the room were your bed, your closet and a window. You rushed over to the window and tried to open it. But it was locked, it looked like the morning sun was coming in. You needed to find a key. You went over to the bedroom door to look out of the keyhole, you recognised some movement going on beyond the door until you saw a pair of legs walking towards the door.
“Shit..!” You cursed and slipped into the closet. You held your breath as you heard someone enter the room, you heard it grunt and growl, realizing you weren’t in the bed. You calmed yourself, waiting for them to leave.
The creature ripped open the closet doors, forcing you to be face to face with the being that killed six grown men with ease. “Oh god…” You whimpered as it took your arm with its own deformed with with millions of eyes before tearing you out of the closet. You screamed as you hit the floor and covered yourself with your arms.
This is it, it was gonna kill you right now-
“WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING!?” It roared. You froze, it spoke, its voice was rough and hoarse. But a human voice nonetheless. “You can… Can you talk?”
“No, I’m fucking meowing- OH COURSE I CAN TALK!” He barked, you had to cover your ears due to how loud he was screaming. You looked up at him, sure he looked scary but it seemed as though he was capable of intelligent thought and speech. “I-I don’t get it. If you could talk all this time, why didn’t you speak before-”
“Oh what? You mean when those human happy meals where trying to rape your ass? You reckon they’ll be more scared of a mindless bloodthirsty monster or a semi decent living bioman that's capable of being persuaded. Yeah no, I choose violence.” He said.
It put you off as he said ‘happy meal’. “Are you… gonna eat me?”
“Nah, I might just put you to work.”
“Work?” You didn’t know what he meant by work, and you hoped it didn’t mean what you thought it meant.
He tossed you a long skirt, a small top and a pair of sandals. “Come, follow me outside.” He notioned, making his way out of the room. You tossed on the clothes, the top was a bit tight, doing nothing to hide your nipples through your shirt, as you exited the room, you noticed your clothes in a pile by the living room. You grabbed your scarf and hung it around your shoulders before making your way outside.
You were frightened when a pack of dogs, both big and small came running over to you, jumping up at you, inspecting you. “Guys! Down! Down!” The thing said, pushing his dogs to the side gently. You were a bit nervous but full of awe. You haven’t seen dogs in years. The thing bent down and gave them pats on the head.
“One of your jobs for me is to help me look after these guys.”
The dogs were of different breeds, bichons, dachshunds, german shepherds, samoyeds, great danes and other breeds you didn’t know the names of. “Are all of these… your dogs..?” You asked.
“Yeah, I rescued them, took them in. But I have loads of things to do around here, I have no time to keep up with their schedule.” The thing said, giving a bichon chin scratches. You look around the area, it looks like what used to be a small village. A field with crops with corn, hay, vegetables and maybe even fruit trees.
There was a barn where you could hear the sounds of animals. You ran over to the barn and looked inside. Cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, horses! “You farm all these animals?!” You said with wonder. It was amazing enough to see dogs but different farm animals? The thing joined you as you looked at the cows, the horses, the pigs and the cows again.
“Ugh…. yeah. You're pretty excited about this..” It groaned.
You didn’t answer, You had never seen so much life around you, for years, you’ve witnessed everything around you die. To see so many animals alive and well, you felt tears run down your face. “Ugh!? Why are you crying now!?” He barked.
“I- I don’t know!” You cried.
“Jeez, I should have left you out there if I had known you were in this much trouble.”
You stared at him with a saddened and surprised expression. Your lip protruding.
“I-I was just kidding!” He said, holding his arms up.
He led you out of the barn where the sun peaked out from behind the horizon. It bathed on your skin and it felt nice. “Listen, I don’t bring people here, period. You can stay as long as you put in the work, I don’t want you freeloading here, capche?” He ordered.
“Y- Yes!” You squeaked.
So far, this mean zombie seemed okay! He wouldn’t do anything to you, well, you hoped.
“What’s your name? I didn’t catch it.”
“I’m (Y/n), what's your name?” You asked.
“Sanemi, just Sanemi, okay?” He said. You shook your head.
* *
Sanemi took you around the small compound he had built for himself, one house stored all the canned goods and spices one could ever hope for. All the electricity was run by a wind turbine a few miles away; any water was to be fetched from a nearby river. It was also great for fishing.
You were extremely fascinated by all of this, he had his own little town up and running but no one to live in it but him and his animals. “You run this place all by yourself?” You asked.
“Yeah, but it ain’t without difficulty. If something goes wrong with the turbines or water runs low, I have to make a hefty trip that takes a day or two. I would get worried if I didn’t have all these zombies around my perimeter.”
“What?” You asked dumbfounded.
“Oh yeah, you don’t know, do you.” He brought you over to the front gate where there was a loft that could be climbed up.The wall itself was at least twenty foot tall securing at least seven- eight acres of land? You didn’t know math that well but jeez, it was a lot of land to cover with at least eight watch towers. They were built with logs but armed with thick metal fence coverings so it made it difficult to see outside.
“There's no way you build all of this yourself!” you stated in awe.
“Well, I’m not exactly human, I don’t really need to eat or sleep so it was easy enough, besides zombies don’t engage with me.
 You two climbed up and he gestured his arm over the wall. “See for yourself.” You looked over the wall and nearly got sick. Zombies. So many fucking zombies. Too many zombies to fucking count. “What the fuck…” 
“You see, Zombies don’t engage with me because I’m what you can say.. Superior to them. My pheromones tell them to back off away from, even command.” You watched him snap his fingers and all the undead people looked in your direction. 
He nodded his head to the left and then went in that direction before he lifted his hand up, making the stop. You were so struck with awe, not only was he some super zombie, he could coordinate zombies to his will. “Sanemi… what are you..?” You asked.
“I was a survivor from the experiments. The whole idea for the zombies is what you see here, me. I and others were designed to be perfect soldiers, superhuman soldiers. You saw me getting shot to hell, didn’t you?” He asked, folding his arms
You nodded, but what he said early made a question pop in your head. “Others? Others like you? Where are they now?” You asked.
A sad look graced his features.
“Honestly, I have no clue. We all split up after we escaped containment, we wanted to find our families. We weren’t some orphans they picked up, we were taken from our families.”
“That's horrible…” You gasped, putting a hand over your chest.
“I never found my family, I can only hope they’re okay somewhere out there or that they died painlessly.” He shook his head before heading down the ladder. He was obviously lonely, he had no one to talk to, only the companionship of his dogs and his farm animals. You too had been alone for a long time.
Eight years since the apocalypse began. After the first two years, your uncle was taken from you. Then it was just you and your dad. He died a little over two years ago, three months shy after you turned sixteen. After he died, you stayed by yourself, your dad never trusted other people.
You never trusted other people. Women were killed off surprisingly quickly. You learned at an early age what sex and rape meant. You remember your dad sat you down and told you all about it. How that many men were cruel and only saw women as objects.
That you should always trust their sex drive to make deicisions for them.
You’ve lived in fear and anxiety, more of the living than the dead. Alone for two years until Sanemi found you. He may have been some weird zombie guy but you were just two lonely people in a cruel world. That would change.
“Sanemi!” You yelled, quickly climbing down the ladder to join him. “What?” he asked.
“I’ll do my best to help you out, Sanemi! From now on, I’ll be your best friend!”
“What the hell..?” 
For the rest of the day, he ran you through the chores that had to be done. He ran you through what had to be done for the animals, collect eggs from the chicken pen, milk the cows, allow them all out to graze. Feed the dogs, check them all twice in case of medical emergencies.
“We don’t eat the animals here on the homestead. When we want meat, we’ll go fishing or hunt for wild game.” He said, you nodded.
He showed you the garage, inside was a truck and a car.
“I don’t use ‘em much, only if I know if I’m gonna be gone a while. I run checks on them every once in a while so they don’t fail on me when I need them.” You took the checklist on the table and looked through what had to be done. “I’ll show you how to check them another time.” He said.
He brought you to the farm where you looked at the different fruit and vegetables he had planted. “If you see any insect roaming about, bring the pigs over. They’ll scout for the insects and eat them, but make sure they have breakfast first, I don’t want them eating all the food.” He informed you.
“What about things like hunting and fishing?” You asked.
“Listen, you can’t really leave the homestead without me, my pheromones keep the zombies away from me and whatever living creature is with me. I would appreciate it if you look after things here with the dogs and all, anything outside, leave it to me, okay?”
You hummed.
For the first time in forever, you felt safe, secure. You could work without fear of being hunted, this was a dream, you were scared to pinch yourself in case you woke up. “Thank you Sanemi!”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever.”
The first few days were a bit awkward but you got the hang of it. 
Milking cows was a lot harder than you thought you had to learn them to a fixture and secure them, approach them slowly and keep them calm, wash and dry their udders before milking. First time took you two hours to complete because you were unused to dealing with Animals.
Another thing you had to do was repair old clothes, which was the easiest thing to do. You had been repairing clothes long before, but Sanemi had lots of clothes, while you had… well… not many.
You also had to make rounds with the dogs to make sure they got their exercise. It was hard to keep track of all of them at once. But you managed, You also had to go through the job and remember all their names. Thankfully they all had name tags.
“Come on guys! Inside you go!” You ushered as they rushed inside the cabin. They all had their separate cabins all fitted with dog doors, ‘This zombie thought of everything’ you thought as you went into the kitchen and took out the dog's food, a few pigeons, deer liver, kidneys, lungs, some chopped up carrots and a boiled egg for each of them.
Also some grated cheese, he said Bruno especially liked cheese.. 
About twenty bowls were prepared before you could let the dogs in to eat. You left as they fed and went to the cabin, Night time was approaching so you went through the checklist to see if there was anything left to do. On the wall was a whiteboard where the chores Sanemi assigned for both him and himself. You checked off dog duties and ran your eyes down it.
Nope, nothing left.
“Hey, you did your chores?” Sanemi asked, walking in from the kitchen. “Yup!” You fistpumped.”I think Mary and the others are starting to get more comfortable with me!” You smiled. Mary was the biggest heifer in the herd. “Really? That's good, anyways, how does pheasant sound for dinner?”
“I think that sounds lovely~!” So far, you’ve only eaten canned goods, cold but good. You two set up the porch ready to cook, Sanemi set up the fire to cook the chicken while you were left with the vegetables. It really excites you, cooking. You chopped a mushroom as finely as you could  before Sanemi came beside you with the defeathered pheasant.
“Don’t chop it up too finely, we ain’t cooking for the queen or nothing.” He chuckled. 
“I thought you said you didn’t eat.” You asked.
“I said I didn’t really need to eat, but I even needed nutritions. Besides, there ain’t nothing like a home cooked meal.”
“You got that right, jeez… I can’t remember the last time I ain’t something homecooked.”
“You never cook?”
“The most I’ve done is just roast something on a stick.”
You both laughed, he did seem mean at first but he was surprisingly easy to talk to, sure he would just listen as you talked but it was nice. You chopped the vegetables, cooked the rice and fried the green beans while Sanemi cooked the pheasant in a creamy stock.
You sat under the porch and looked at the moon while eating your food, it was hot and savory. Sure, you could do a better job but you could appreciate what you were given. “Hey Sanemi, Could you eat me if you wanted to?”
“Sure.. If I wanted to.”
“Yeah… but Zombies eat everything around them, they sustain themselves with people and shit but you don’t need to.”
“Correction, Zombies don’t actually need to eat at all, but it's just a function the virus has on their brain telling them to eat. Since… y’know.. They’re dead.”
“But, you're alive.. Aren't you?”
“Well…. Technically… I did die.”
You felt awkward and kind of disturbed… he died?
“It was weird actually, I was infected and normally, when the virus shuts the brain down, I was able to retain control. But, even as a zombie that could retain all its old abilities, I was still considered a failure.”
“Huh..? Why?”
He lifted up the arm covered in eyes. “Does this answer your question?” But you couldn’t help but feel confused. “What? Were they not expecting that?”
“Nah, At first, I was fine, but my body started to mutate.”
“Can you actually see through all those eyes?” You questioned, taking his hand, the only part of his arm not covered in eyes. You observed them all, some were big, some were small. The spread throughout his arm, up his shoulder and neck before ending at face.
“Yeah, although it does give me a headache so I turn off the part of my brain that gives the ocular function.”
“You can do that?”
You stared at him for a bit. “Cool.”
“Are you ready to head out?” He asked as you zipped up your jacket. “Yup, I’m ready.”
After a few weeks, you convince Sanemi that you needed more clothes for yourself and medicine.
On laundry days, where you had to wash all the clothes you had, which wasn’t a lot, you would have to wear his clothes which was kinda embarrassing. You heard that a girl would only really wear a man’s clothes if she was dating him.
And, his pants and shirts didn’t really fit you properly.
Plus, Sanemi didn’t have much medicine on him, only enough things in case something happened to one of the animals. You two left the house and went to the garage. “What shall we take today? Car or truck?” You asked.
“Egh.. We’ll take the car.” He said, hoping in the driver’s seat. You next to him and pat your thighs as he puts the key in the ignition. You two drove to the front gate. “Hold on, I’m gonna open it, Don’t leave the car.” He said exiting the gate, you saw him push open the gate with both arms and it made you wonder, how heavy were those gates?
They looked to be exactly 10ft tall, enough to fit his truck through and they had steel plates covering both sides to your guess. Outside, you could see the herd of zombies wandering about, you sweated, you had never been so close to a herd of zombies before. Your dad always made it clear to you to steer clear of any herds.
Get away as fast as you could or find a good sturdy place to wait them out. Zombies, as you knew, couldn’t see. You didn’t know about their sense of smell so their only real sense to help them find you was their hearing. You could spend hours in a tree, remaining as quiet as a mouse and a zombie would never find you.
Sanemi got back in the car and drove out, just enough so the car was no longer in the gateway. “Okay, I’m gonna close it now, just be cool okay. These guys won’t hurt you as long as you are with me.” He got out and walked back over to the gate. It took you by surprise.
How calm he was in the face of danger. These zombies just continued to wonder about it, not even bothering to approach the car. You saw one guy stand by your window, it spooked you that it wasn’t trying to get you. You looked back at Sanemi as he went back to the gate.
You saw one try to wander inside but Sanemi quickly grabbed it and shoved it away, it fell to the ground and didn’t get back up. You saw Sanemi quickly lock up the gate before getting back inside the gate. “You see, the trick is to never let up on ‘em. They’re nothing but bags of bones so you gotta treat ‘em as such.”
“Okay… Well, if I did that, it would have just tore into me.”
“True.” He said, he put his foot to the gas and you both drove off.
You reached the town, it was small, and had everything a town would usually have.
You two first stopped off at a pharmacy, the front of the store had been looted and what not, save for hair care and skin care and what not. You grabbed some deodorant and used it, you had gone too long without it. And of course, pads and tampons. Oh glorious pads, where art thou? There were a couple of stragglers inside but Sanemi smashed their heads in quickly.
“There ain’t nothing here, it's best if we move on.”
“No, wait.” You said. You remember your mother worked for a pharmacy once, most pharmacies have back rooms where they store the important things. Moxifloxacin, Oxycodone, Prednisolone and Diazepam, you know, you weren’t suicidal or anything but it helps when life gets rough. Bandages, normal pain killers, gauges were also a must.
You went behind the counter and looked around, surely enough, there was a key peeking out from beneath an old lunch box. You grabbed it and went further back, Sanemi followed you and sure enough, there was a back room.
“Oh crap, I didn't think it was still locked.”  he said as you inserted the key in the door. “Most people don’t bother with the backroom, most people would just grab what they can and skedaddle.” You noted, opening the door.
The alarm bell set off and your eyes found its location immediately. “SHIT!” You cursed. Sanemi acted fast, jumping up and breaking the alarm. “Crap, There are gonna be zombies on us now!” You gasped.
“Don’t worry, I’ll keep them off us, you just take your time on getting what you need.” He reassured before leaving the back room. ‘Take my time?’ you thought. Anyone else would have told you to hurry up, you peered around the corner to see him absolutely annihilate twenty zombies coming towards the store.
“Huh, I guess I don’t need to worry.” You said to no one but yourself.
You know what, it felt good to have a zombie bodyguard.
You excited the pharmacy with three whole shopping bags worth of medication, you had a backpack prepared but even that wasn’t enough to hold everything. Sanemi stood amongst the dead bodies with his hands on his hips, looking around.
“Coast Clear?” You asked.
“You took your sweet time.”
“You said I could. Besides, I got lots of things that would help me out if I were in a pickle.”
You went back to the car and stuffed the bags into the boot before driving to the mall, you were a bit put off by the sight. You usually stay away from big places like malls, the easiest place to get trapped in. Hardest place to escape.
But with Sanemi here~
“Do you mind if I get some dresses..?” You asked, fiddling with your thumbs as Sanemi knocked a zombie out of the way as you both entered the clothes store. “Why would I care what clothes you get? Get whatever you want.”
You honestly did enjoy wearing the skirt, you haven’t worn a skirt in years. It made you feel pretty.
“Sanemi! Sanemi! What do you think?” You asked, twirling around in a long pink dress with strawberries and puffy sleeves. “Eh!? Y-You look fine! Come on! Just grab what you need!” he said with painfully obvious red cheeks before he turned around.
Of course, you had grabbed one of those plastic trolleys and began to pile in everything you wanted. Jackets, jeans, skirts, cardigans, dresses, skirts, socks,  underwear~ You grabbed many packets of the lacey underwear.
What? You were an adult! You remember when you were a child, you feared the older popular looking with low rise jeans and the brightly coloured thongs over their hips. But now that you were older, you could appreciate the aesthetic they were going for.
The 2000’s were something.
You heard something bang around the clothing department. Sanemi put a hand in front of you. “Stay here, Imma check it out.” He said as he went off in the direction of the sound.
You hoped it was just another zombie.
“Who are you?” You heard an unfamiliar voice. You slowly turned around to face its owner.
A man was there, he stood around 5’4’ you think. He had medium length hair that reached his shoulders, He had heterochromia eyes, one gold and the other a deep turquoise. But that wasn’t what terrified you most. His mouth spread from, ear to ear and along with a row of large teeth on each side.
Perfect for tearing into someone’s chest.
“Well? I’m waiting, answer me-”
Was that an echo? Fuck it, you were getting the hell out of here!  
You dropped everything and spirited in the opposite direction, pushing everything out of your way, you didn’t notice the pink hair girl before you clashed into her. You both got knocked down. Your head felt fuzzy but you shut it to regain your vision. You look at the girl on the ground opposite you
You both screamed in sync as you saw Sanemi appear from behind her. “Sanemi!” You yelled, scrambled over to him and stood behind him. “Obanai! The girl squealed as she approached the slit mouthed man who was chasing you.
The two deformed men stared each other down, they slowly walked towards each other, this was it. They were gonna start a massive brawl. The were bring so many zombies here-
“Son of a bitch.”
They joined hands like that one scene from predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers. You could only stare in awe. Was this a movie? Was this a reference to the Predator movie? What was going on?
“Wait! You know them, Obanai?” The pink headed girl asked. She had green ends and her eyes were also green. She was evidently two inches taller than the man she was with. “Um.. I know him, I don’t know the girl behind him.” he said.
It then clicked in your mind.
“Sanemi, is he also one of the kids that were kidnapped and experimented on?” You asked.
“Yeah… It's been a long time, man.”
“So it has. How have you been?” Said Obanai, well, that's what the girl called him.
“I’m fine. We have a lot of catching up to do-”
“Guys! Zombies!” You yelled, pointing to the large group of undead walking through the doors of the clothes store. “Say we wrap this up after we deal with these guys?” Sanemi suggested.
“Agreed, Girls, get behind the counter where it’s safe.” Obanai said.
“Don’t have to tell us twice!” The other girl said before she hopped over the counter, you followed suit. You two sat while you heard the boys diminish the dead's numbers.
“Hi! I’m Mitsuri, sorry for bumping into you~” She said.
“Hi, I’m (Y/n). I guess I’m sorry too.” You said, scratching your neck.
“It’s fine, I don’t really see many intelligent zombies other than Obanai.”
“Me neither, I literally just ran into Sanemi a few weeks ago, I’m still getting used to it.”
“Me and Obanai have been together for years now. Seeing him is normal compared to normal people.”
“I feel like you and I have a common fear.”
“What is it?”
“We fear the living more than the dead.”
“Ain’t that the truth?”
The boys came to fetch you once they were done, then you and them all formally introduced yourselves to one another. “What have you been doing all this time?” Sanemi asked Obanai.
“Well, I did find my family, but I left them quickly. Turns out I didn’t really want them in my life, but thankfully I ran into Mitsuri here, we've been traveling the country ever since.” You noticed them reach for each other’s hands and held them tightly.
“I have a homestead that I’ve been looking after for years now. Got a farm, a few animals. I picked (Y/n) up a few weeks ago and she’s helped out. If you want, you could stay with us as long as you’d like.” Sanemi suggested as you stepped closer to him.
“Is it safe?” Obanai asked
“Pfft! Is it safe?” You chuckled. He gave you a death glare, you stopped laughing. “The walls are twenty feet high and the place is powered by wind turbines I do regular checks on. Sometimes gangs happen upon it but the zombies in the area usually make quick work of them before they can even breach the walls.” Your boss informed you.
“Oh Obanai! Can we please go? This homestead sounds nice and it sounds like a big change from our regular routine!” Mitsuri begged. “What’s your regular routine?” You inquire.
“We camp out in abandoned buildings, Obanai always has to clear them out though.”
“Sick, I just slept in trees with a hammock and some tarpaulin. The beds are better though.”
“You have beds!?” She squealed.
“I take it as a yes then?” Sanemi asked.
“It seems I have no choice.” Obanai signed.
* *
“Oh my god! Look at all these tomatoes!” Mitsuri gasped as you snipped a ripe one off its tree and placed it in the basket Mitsuri held. It was the next day after your journey into town. Obanai and Mitsuri settled into one of the unused cabins on the homestead.
Like you, Obanai and Mitsuri had to earn their keep so you both did most of the chores inside while the men handled the heavy duty business outside.
“So, You and Obanai are… involved?” You asked. She smiled before picking up a tomato. “Me and Obanai are married~'' She giggled. You took a double take. “M-Married?” You said in awe. You didn’t think things like marriage even existed in this world anymore.
“Yep, Me and Obanai were walking through a city once and happened upon a jewelry store~” She held her hand out to show off the ring on her rings, a silver band with a pink diamond heart. “I liked it so much, things like jewelry are precious to girls, y’know? So he took it from the case, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife~!”
“That's sweet.” You cooed, to believe romance was still going strong in such a cruel world like this.
“How did you and Sanemi meet? He said he picked you up, or whatever that means?” She giggled.
Your mood immediately dampened. Despite you meeting Sanemi being a blessing, that day still traumatized you to no end. “I um… I… I’d rather…” You didn’t want to be rude, but you could tell her. Even speaking about it made you shake.
Although you weren’t actually raped, you could still feel their hands groping your body, their saliva hitting your face, the crouches grinding up against you. They were so close to doing it, if he hadn’t come along when he did.
“Miss (Y/n).... Did I say something wrong..?”
“I- I’m sorry.” You professed before dropping the scissors and running over to the cabin you and Sanemi shared. You locked the door to your room and let your tears flow, disgusting. It was so disgusting how they fondled you like that. You should have seen them coming. You should have kept walking.
“Diazepam..!” You cried, running to the drawer beside your bed where you kept the newly stocked Diazepam, You took one and swallowed it down and lied down in bed. You wanted to forget it happened, you wanted to move on. You were finally safe from danger. 
With Sanemi by your side, nothing would ever happen to you again.
“Me and Obanai were thinking of trying for a baby..” Mitsuri said to you as you both sipped tea on the porch while the men chopped wood out front. 
“A baby? Don’t you think it's too early to start trying? I mean, you’re both so young.” You blurted out. Six months, six months had passed and spring had come back, it was still a little cold but you had plenty of blankets to keep you two warm.
“I know, but me and Obanai have gone through so much already and now we’ve finally found somewhere to raise children safely. He’s already talked to Sanemi about it and he says it's okay.” She pondered, tapping her finger against the cup she had. That brought you to the bigger question.
“C-Can they actually…. You know..?”
“Reproduce? I don’t see why not, they’re not like other zombies, they’re technically still alive.”
“Okay, But what about their mutations? What if the kids have some kind of deformity, it's not easy to raise a kid like that.”
“Oh, I see your point-”
“Mitsuri.” Obanai hissed while walking up to the porch. “Come one, I think it's time we head inside for the day.” She stood up without a word and let him lead her away. You looked over at Sanemi who gave you a disappointed look. What did you do?
“You should really keep your nose out of other people's business.” Sanemi Implored as he stacked away the dishes you had just cleaned. “I was trying to just give some insight. I have nothing against you or obanai but you two aren't normal. What if the kid has some kind of deformity they’re not ready to handle. I just want her to properly weigh out the pros or the cons.”
“Or, the kid could just be a normal kid.” He chastised.
“You don’t know that yet, do you? Does anyone know? Is it a risk they could take, what if this kid hurts her?”
“Again, we don’t know. Just let them do what they wanna do!” He yelled, storming off. You smacked the washcloth on the counter. What was his damage? This shit happens, besides, Mitsuri and you were friends now so you didn’t want anything bad to happen to her.
“I want you to have my kids.” 
You nearly choked, you felt dread upheave your body. “W-what…?” You queried.
“You heard me, I want kids. Besides, we need to start thinking about the bigger picture. What's the point of this homestead, these animals or the farm if we don’t have anyone to look after it when we’re gone. I may be an indestructible bio weapon but that doesn’t mean I can’t die.”
You were racking your brain for any possible reason Sanemi was bringing kids up. Maybe it was because of Obanai and Mitsuri’s daughter? She recently gave birth to a girl. There were no pregnancy complications and the girl turned out fine. No form of monstrous deformity on her.
She was perfect.
You and Sanemi, you were close, but not so close you felt you were ready to be intimate with him. “Sanemi, I- I don't think I'm ready to be a mother. Things may have gone well for Obanai and Mitsuri but that doesn’t mean I’ll be the same.”
“The longer you hold out on me, the harder you make this for yourself. Mitsuri understands her obligation to this place, why can’t you do the same?!” He smashed his fist down onto the coffee table before storming out of the cabin.
After that, He and Obanai have been giving you the cold shoulder. You didn’t understand why they were doing this, you were a person too, you didn’t think you would be a good mom, you spend most of your life looking after yourself, now you were expected to spread your legs and give Sanemi kids. That was so unfair.
You were given the brunt of the chores since Mitsuri was still recovering. You would go visit her when you could, motherhood suited her, she was kind, caring and nurturing. She had the qualities that are suited for moms. 
You were more like the loner kid that sat at the back of the class and didn’t make contact with anyone.
Even during meal times, Sanemi would purposefully sit somewhere else. You felt isolated and it felt shit. Was this him trying to guilt trip you, it wasn’t fair.
“MMmmmmhhhh…. Fuck! Oh god damn, you feel so good~” You heard a familiar voice grunt from on top of you. You woke up i sensation of something thick and large penetrating your folds, you face on the pillow, you dare not look or turn around to face Sanemi as he fucked your body.
“God (Y/n)- baby, fuck you feel so good on my cock. You have no idea how much I love fucking your unconsious body~ You look so cute~”
He’s done this before…?
“Fuck! My cute little girl, wait till I put a baby in you, You’ll be such a good mommy and I’ll be your daddy~ Yeah, you, me and our baby.”
You feel your pillow soak with tears as he continued to fuck you, why, this wasn’t how you wanted to loose your virginity, but unknow to you, it was gone this whole time. You feel him shoot his creamy seed into your pussy before he pulls away and hear him stuff it back in his pants, he plants a kiss on your shoulder before getting up off the bed and walking over to your calendar.
“Alright, She should be ovulating this week, this time for sure.” He left the room and you let your sobs rack your body.
He knew, He knew you were nearly raped a year and a half ago. You still get fucking nightmares over that night and he’s been raping you in your sleep! “Monster..!” You wailed, hiding your face in your hands.
You couldn’t stay here, you didn’t trust him anymore, you believed he would be the last person to ever hurt you. You had to leave, now. You threw your clothes on and grabbed a bag, you packed lightly. What you needed now was a weapon and an escape route.
You climbed out the window and down the drain pipe. Everyone should be asleep now. You creep over to the shed where Sanemi kept some weapons. Guns lined the wall and he had a collection of blades. You took a machete, a knife, a gun and a grenade. The grenade being essential to your escape.
Your plan: set off an explosion near the west gate, draw all the zombies in the direction with the noise and escape to town by the south gate. First, set up your escape. You went to the south gate and tied up some rope and let it dangle on the outside.
A few zombies became attracted to your action but you quickly left. You went to the west gate and climbed up where the zombies gathered. You swiped the pin out and three it a good few feet away from the walls.
You quickly slid down the ladder and ran as fast as you could, ducking behind the trees of the farm as you noticed the lights in Sanemi’s and Obama's cabin flicker on. You climbed up the ladder and saw the zombies flock towards the west gate.
Now was your chance. You slide down the rope and booked it towards the town. You ran and ran and ran some more, you avoided the wave of zombies as they too were attracted towards the noise. The homestead would be fine, as long as Sanemi and Obanai could control them.
They’ll be so focused on coordinating the zombies, they wouldn’t realize you were gone.
You ran to the deserted town, you remember seeing a motorbike shop, a few years prior, you and dad had learned to wire them. You broke inside and quickly got to work, You tested it and it let out a nice roar. You hopped on and rode down the street.
Only for Sanemi to be waiting for you at the end. You quickly stopped, a few feet away from him. He was pissed.
“The fuck do you think you’re goin…?” He growled.
“Away from you, you think I wouldn’t find out what you were doing?!” You screamed, zombies started to flood in from alleyways and around the corner. “I did that for us, you are being stubborn.”
“Stubborn!? You fucking raped me in my sleep!” You argued back.
“Don’t call it that! I wasn’t!”
“There is no other way to call it you fucking hypocrite! Tell me, did you save me that day just so you could finish what those guys started!?”
“I’m not like those fucking shitheads and you know it!”
You huffed and puffed. “How long? How long have you been doing it..?”
“Six months…” He confessed.
You couldn’t hold it in, you violently puked up the contents of your stomach. Your breakfast, lunch and dinner. You felt the vile taste of acid coat your tongue and you wanted to hit yourself for not taking some toothpaste or mouthwash with you.
“Shit!” Sanemi said, stepping away as you unleash your three meals onto the road. The zombies were getting closer. “This could be a sign… vomiting-”
“Oh shut the fuck up! I’m not pregnant, I’m physically repulsed by you!” You gargled, spitting out what was left in your mouth. “And even if I was, I’d never let them know about you.”
“We’ll do this the easy or the hard way-”
You didn’t give him the chance to finish as you turned your bike around and zoomed in the opposite direction. The only thing you had to do was get out of town. “GET BACK HERE!” He ran after you, he was fast. Faster than you’ve ever seen him run.
“Don’t let her escape!”
The zombies began to flock you on all sides, you narrowly dodged them, left, right, right and left again. Until You came right to a stop when one large zombie came and stopped right in front of you.
You were flung from your bike and sent flying. You landed several feet from your bike and crashed to the pavement.
“AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!” You screamed, you could feel the bones in your right arm and left leg. The zombies cornered you, they were gonna eat you.
“(Y/n)!” Sanemi approached you and paled when he saw you twisted limbs.
“O- Oh god! Are you okay?! Please tell me you’re alright!”
“WHAT DO YOU THINK DIPSHIT!?” You screamed as you let out another wail of pain. Your leg was fucked. Your arm was bent at an angle that no arm was supposed to be bent at, safe to say you were screwed.
“Don’t worry, I’ll get you back home, We’ll fix you up and you’ll be all better.” he promised, taking you into his arms and holding you close. “I promise I’ll never do what I did again, this time, we’ll ease into it, okay?”
“Let me go! Let them eat me! GO AWAY!” You screamed as he walked through the forest with you, You screamed echoing through the forest, a herd of zombies following you.
“Useless! Useless! Useless!” One scientist screamed as he looked upon the deformed boys in their cages. Each of them crying and weeping. “The dosage! It should have perfected their bodies! No!”
“Well sir, Their bodies have adapted well to the trials, their speed and strength have increased significantly, we also detect that their iq’s have gone up highly. We’ve done some x rays, some of these children have already replaced some of their organs with brains and hearts
“Still! They clearly have no control over their fucking appearance- Shinazugawa doesn’t need a million eyes on his arm.”
“I do believe we can find a solution for the super soldier experiment.”
“The dosage we used is clearly too powerful for them to control.  But there's a way to cancel out the effects for the second generation. Have their sperm impregnate female women.”
“They are kids!”
“So? There is always I.V.F, we can-”
“There’s been a break in the contamination unit- the undead are coming!”
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torus-babydoll · 7 months
𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐫 ▸ 𝐒𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐦𝐢
𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠/𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ▸ nsfw, jealous!sanami, cervix fucking, choking, breeding, sanemi deciding your than just his friend with benefits, man-handling, mentions of breeding, mentions of plugging up his cum inside of you
Loosening his grasp around your throat and smirking, asking you, "Who do you belong to?" As you try to catch your breath, his loose grasp around your throat is the only thing preventing him from making your head harshly hit your headboard from how roughly he is fucking his cock into your heat.
Once you catch your breath, you whimper, "You, no one else! I only want to be your girl Emi. You take such good care of me. I love how good your cock feels, stretching me out and hitting the back of my pussy." Sanemi doesn't let his cock slip out as he stops moving his hips and you whine,
"No Emi please I was about to cum!" Sanemi lets out a small chuckle before he tells you,
"I know princess you'll get to if you keep being a good girl I'll let you cum." He loves how you keep clenching and unclenching around him. It feels like you're throbbing around him. He says,
"You were trying to make me angry on purpose. This is what you wanted right, some angry makeup sex that's why you were looking over at me and trying to make sure I saw you flirting with that man. Until right now we weren't together, but if you flirt with another man again, I'll be a lot more than angry." He moves your leg over and slips his cock out. As you whine at the loss, the cry is muffled by Sanemi who shoves your face into the bed as he puts your ass in the air.
Lining himself up and slamming his hips against yours, the loud smack feels the room and you groan as his heavy balls hit your clit. Sanemi groans,
"I'm going to fuck this pussy until I fill it full of every drop of my cum. Then I'm going to plug you up and you're going to walk around with my cum deep inside you."
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tinandabin · 5 months
How would Muzan, sanemi, Tanjiro (Separate) react to kid reader being scared of them?
here u go!! so sorry for the wait.
Tumblr media
I mean, he gets it, his red eyes and his black hair and him being freakishly pale!
HE MUST BE A VAMPIRE!!! Is what you think.
He doesn't intend to look scary please don't be scared of him.
He's going to try so hard to get you to at least look him in the eyes. 😭😭
You could just like glance at a toy and bam, it's already in front of you.
He's so fucking desperate, I swear.
It's okay though, he's very patient with you + gentle.
And soon enough, you start to find vampires cool, because VAMPIRES.
Tumblr media
No no- please don't be scared of him. He only wants to scare demons, NOT YOU.
But you tell him, his scars all over his body, his wide eyes which look like they will pop out anytime and his maniac grin..it's all so scary. Not to add him having no eyebrows makes you believe he is not human.
And after he finds out, that yes, you are actually scared of him, he's going to be so hesitant to even be around you.
Poor boy doesn't want to make you feel more scared than you are.
He avoids you a lot because like if you even see him you basically naruto run the fuck away from that country.
He really wishes to spend time with you though.
With the hashiras pushing him to interact with you, he finally does.
And my God is it awkward.
He's just like, "Hey, um, do you-uh want ice cream..?"
At this point, he's the one who is scared of you /j.
Of course, he's very gentle with you. It's like that Gordon Ramsay Meme.
Sanemi with kid reader: Oh dear, Oh dear, gorgeous.
Sanemi with anyone who isn't kid reader: YOU FUCKING DONKEY.
And that sums up what Sanemi will be like. No joke.
Tumblr media
Everyone is so shocked to see you be scared of TANJIRO, the angel in real life, the best boy.
Tanjiro is sad to see you being scared of him, but no worries!
Whenever you look at him he always smiles at you, ( please this is only platonic ) he carries you when you are tired even though you still are scared of him.
Probably praises you when you do even the smallest of tasks, like, helping an ant by giving it some crumbs of sugar.
Of course, he's trying his best to make you warm up to him.
He didn't have fucking ( idk ) dead siblings for nothing.
In the end, you end up not being scared of him. What did we expect.
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shinimaki-yakari · 5 months
Can u do giyuu x reader where reader his wife who is a non demon slayer gets in a fist fight with sanemi and iguro and when others come along with him they see that both of them are heavily injured whereas reader doesn't even have a scratch . She got into a fight bcoz Sanemi and Iguro were talking bad about Giyuu
𝑰𝒇 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒆'𝒔 𝒂 𝒘𝒊𝒍𝒍, 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒆 𝒊𝒔 𝒂 𝒘𝒂𝒚~
You wish is my command, my dear readers and requesters~
It was supposed to be a fine afteenoon during spring at the headquarters of the demonslayer corp. However, there seems to be a conflict between Giyuu's beloved wifey and a pair of rowdy hashiras.
It all started when the pair, Sanemi and Iguro, had made a unsavoury remark about your very loved hubby. They had commented about how Giyuu was a loner, had a depressing life and was a mood killer. This had of course infuriated you, after all you were his lover!
At first, you had just made slight remarks about how it was not very nice and they should not say such things. However, thing slowly started to escalate like how Sanemi had started to raise his voice, leading you to do so too. Then, it had started to get physical.
Sanemi and you were having a fist fight before you had insulted Iguro, saying how he was a coward after making such remarks and not maning up and fighting you. Which had resulted in a two verses one where they ganged up on you.
By now, the by-stander kakushis had started to fear for you safety and theirs. Leading to them scurrying off and calling for help from fellow hashiras, all of them rushing off to the location where you guys were having a fist fight.
Honestly speaking, almost all of them were expecting you to be badly injured and for the hashira duo to sustain no injuries. So, imagine their surprise as to the two guys on the ground with rough scratched all over their body while you were just standing over them without any form of injuries! Truly, deep inside Giyuu's pride dor picking such an amazing person as a life long partner swelled!
There you stood, smiling towards the crowd as you cheered," haha! If there's a will there's a way! ^w^ " Just as you finished that sentence, Giyuu rushed to your side and gave you a tight, warm and comforting hug.
(Hope u enjoy the oneshot idk if its how u imagine but i tried my best @weebotaku21 ! ^w^)
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hhighkey · 2 months
Tanjiro + 2 surprise characters of your choice crush headcanons?
AN// yes!! wasn’t sure if you only wanted demon slayer characters but always feel free to request again :)
Demon Slayer Headcanons
With Tanjiro, Rengoku, Sanemi
Tumblr media
Kamado Tanjiro
total sweetie to you
definitely always nervous around you - literally sweating bullets you’re concerned
inosuke will literally be yelling at him in the back ground to make a move
he bring you flowers
totally makes cute bracelets for you
braids your hair
combs your hair
type to draw fake tattoos on you as him marking you
if you’re not a slayer definitely teaches you self defense- it’s fun to watch you attempt to use a sword
if you are one, definitely wants to train with you
him having a crush on you means lots of hugs - literally whenever he sees you or has to leave
will try to sneakily put an arm around you in any situation he’s not good at being sneaky
likes it when you hold onto his arm
always walks on the outside
pats your head
i feel like he gets jealous easily
not necessarily the best at sorting through those emotions so he may lash out or ignore you if he’s jealous
he’s an emotional, strong headed boy who will do anything for those he loves, and you’re no exception
will absolutely move mountains for you
needs lots of words of affirmation
just wants you to smile
and boy takes forever to ask you out so you may have to take the reigns there
he just needs a little nudge
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro
your biggest supporter!!
doesn’t matter if you’re a civilian or a slayer he’s got your back
he’ll legit just show up at your place with flowers asking you on a date
his smile will never falter around you
listens to every word that escapes your mouth like it’s his gospel
you will never doubt what his plans are as he courts you
you’re basically all he thinks about when you’re together and apart
thinks about outfits he can buy you, food to bring you, date ideas
absolutely obsessed with you, your happiness and safety
and you’re all he talks about
everyone’s getting annoyed regardless of if they know you already or not
tengen has been trying to convince him to ask you out already for weeks and he’s losing his mind
both of you are well aware of your crushes on each other but both are slow asf on making moves
you would die of embarrassment if he turned you down so you’re not risking it even if he’s constantly taking you places
and rengoku is scared
every day he falls for you more and more
but that’s more attachment and worry
what if you get sick like his mom?
what if his family situation makes you run away?
he has you meet his brother and dad before going any further
it doesn’t go great but also not terrible … so no complaints really
he’s actually happy when he sees you and senjuro interact
he’s a gentlemen through and through so it’s a slow process with him i firmly believe he has a lot more going on emotionally than the show shows so like huge walls that need to be broken down there
but finally as you’re sitting out on the engawa at your place watching the stars, he gets on his knees in front of you so you’re eye level
his normal confidence has turned into nerves
“i hope you’ll hear me out as i confess to you!”
his lips are so warm
his body is so big and warm
he feels so perfect
and you’re so tiny in his grasp and he makes you his ah
y’all break apart, breathing hard as he’d kissed you with all his might
he’s grinning as he kisses your forehead
“i’ll love you forever,”
Tumblr media
Shinazugawa Sanemi
i think sanemi would be confused by his feelings
why is his chest tight?
why does his heart race when you’re around?
why does he always look for you whenever he’s back from a job?
oh no
he refuses. no he will not allow himself to even indulge in the thoughts of you
he’s gotta make himself hate you now
that’s his solution to this
so he’s a total bitch to you
just will say hurtful things he knows will get to you because he knows you so well
but at first you think you can see right through this act
but you’re tired of his abrasiveness after weeks of him being different with you
so you just decide to give up which shinobu supports fully
he immediately notices your lack of presence, how you avoid him, hell you won’t even look at him anymore when you’re in the same room
he’s confused and sad
so he storms up to your estate one day, banging away on your door
you’d been napping and so confused about what all the noise was
a wild eyes sanemi is there as you open your door, immediately pushing his way in
“where the fuck have you been?” he yells
“you won’t even look at me!”
“you’re mean to me,,, why would i?”
“no i’m not i love you-“
oh shit
both you just stare at each other in shock by his words
“you’re a jerk you know that, you can’t be mean to someone just because you like them!” this makes you cry
you’ve been on a roller coaster because of him and all because he was being a pussy about his feelings
straight up doesn’t know what to do when you start crying
when he tries to hug you, you push him away
so he tries again and this time you can’t escape from his strong arms
“i’m sorry, let me make it up to you,”
he’s gonna have to do a lot of shit for you to forgive him - whoops
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allyallygator · 6 months
Tumblr media
roommate!sanemi [sanemi x fem!reader]
ended up being roommates out of process of elimination
no one else wanted to room with him because he's scary and yells a lot
roommate!sanemi scared away like 4 other candidates
but when you walked in and listened to him berate and complain and talk about how he didn't "need a fucking roommate", you just smiled and shrugged and threw your stuff into the empty room
and that's how you've been roommates for the better part of your university days
roommate!sanemi does the grocery shopping and no longer complains when you randomly add things he knows he didn't write down
sometimes roommate!sanemi will buy you tampons/pads if he's gotten used to your cycle and knows there's only a few left
no one makes fun of him because he's scary and afraid to be roasted by him for not caring about their partner's menstrual cycles
you noticed he started picking up your favorite snacks or juices without you having to ask
roommate!sanemi is great fucking cook. makes breakfast and leaves you a plate with a note
"eat it, brat"
after about a year
roommate!sanemi wakes up to the smell of baked goods at 2am and runs out to make sure you didnt burn the kitchen and yells at you for not being able to sleep
but really he knows it's because you get nightmares and you almost never sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time so he stays on the kitchen with you and eats all the brownies you made
roommate!sanemi complains about you making a mess in the living room after building a blanket fort only to crawl inside it and watch a movie with you.
roommate!sanemi yells at you for not finishing your assignments only to do them when you finally close your eyes so you don't fail your psychology class.
roommate!sanemi does your laundry because "you were taking too long in the kitchen and needed the washing machine" but really
because you had been cooking and cleaning this entire week and he didn't want to see you stress out more
roommate!sanemi sits on your shared balcony at 4am to watch the sunrise even if he grumbles about it being cold and too "goddamn early" to have his eyes open
roommate!sanemi wordlessly let's you cuddle with him in his bed when a nightmare is exceptionally bad
or he'll bring water and sit beside you in your room until you feel safe enough to close your eyes
roommate!sanemi let's you trace his scars when you've had a particularly rough day
as long as you don't ask where they came from. he won't tell you yet
overall, has a big soft spot for you and will cut a bitch if they fuck with you
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aycons · 11 months
─ 𖥻 𝖣𝖾𝗆𝗈𝗇 𝖲𝗅𝖺𝗒𝖾𝗋.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pls like or reblog if you save.♡︎
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poorchoicesarebettr · 6 months
Tumblr media
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Soft!Sanemi drabble
I just love soft!Sanemi...This won’t fit into the fic I’m writing but I think it’s cute so I figured I’d share it anyway <3
Sanemi who is so touch-starved that he will absolutely melt under your hands when you run your fingers through his hair. After the first brush of your fingertips all his hesitation is gone and he is laying boneless with his head in your lap, eyes closed, just totally surrendered to your touch.
You start to drag blunt nails over his scalp, and he sighs, mouth falling open as he flips onto his back and settles in. You drop your other hand, running it down his neck and into the opening of his shirt to massage the warm flesh of his chest.
And he just lets you pour affection onto him; basking in your gentle touches and drinking it in. Because he’s never been touched like that before, because under your hands he feels like he’s something good for once. For fucking once.
There’s a smile on your face, he can hear it in the way you’re breathing.
“How you are right now,” you tug softly on his hair, pulling a sleepy sigh from his mouth, “all warm and relaxed, this is you. I wish I could make you feel like this every day. You deserve it.”
His mouth twitches when he bites back some remark you wouldn’t like – I don’t deserve a damn thing from you, never will.
You bend your head down, the ends of your hair tickling his face, and you place a soft kiss on his forehead, whispering against his skin, “My Nemi.”
And he’s sure his chest will burst open. But he feels something else instead; unexpected wetness prickling his eyes.
He stiffens and turns immediately to hide it, but it’s too late.
“Don’t run from me, love.”
Your fingers have the lightest pressure against his jaw; he lets you turn his face back up to yours. And you kiss him again. Lips ghosting the scars on his hairline like they weren’t jagged eyesores.
Your hands are everywhere, stroking his cheeks, his neck, rubbing his chest, kneading his shoulders, filling him with such overwhelming warmth that Sanemi feels himself relaxing into you again.
You’re humming something sweet above him. The tight cords of his muscles slacken under your hands until he’s laying loose as an unstrung bow in your lap.
You rest your cheek against the side of his face with a little huff, and it’s clear that you want to press your forehead against his but can’t quite get down low enough to do it.
The mental image makes him grin as he reaches up to slide a hand into your hair, anchoring himself and holding you in place against his skin.
If he lived a thousand years - hell, a thousand lifetimes - he could never deserve attention like this.
Deserving had nothing to do with it though; he had you. And he would take what he could get.
“I could never.”
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