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〈 loosen up 〉
Sanemi x Reader x Giyu
Note: I can’t stop thinking about this really specific idea.
Additional note: it’s literally been 2 months since I touched this draft & idk where past me was taking it… but the show must go on so here it is.
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In an effort to smooth things over between the two men, Tengen suggested that everyone goes out clubbing. You thought it was kind of ridiculous considering neither Sanemi nor Giyu would ever step foot in such a place. That was… until Shinobu presented it as a challenge, leaving no room for the two men to deny unless they wanted to be known as cowards.
That’s how you ended up here, in the middle of a crowded dance floor, stuck between both men.
The night had started off innocently enough, everyone was dressed accordingly and ready to forget the week’s tension. By the third round of drinks, you’d already lost Mitsuri and Obanai somewhere in the club. Tengen and his wives were off on the dance floor and Shinobu was having some sort of conversation with Kyojuro and Gyomei.
This left you alone with the two feuding men, sending glares to each other over the tops of their liquor. ”you know… it must be fucking exhausting putting this much effort into hating each other.” neither man spoke, instead they everted their gaze to anywhere that wasn’t each other. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this was sexual tension.” You forced a sip of your drink in order not to laugh.
Both men turned to look at you again with break neck speeds, as if you had just uttered the most asinine statement they had ever heard. Honestly, you may have. “Why the fuck would you say something like that?” Sanemi’s voice was a harsh whisper, yet you were still able to hear him perfectly over the pounding music. “Because you two have so much tension it’s almost unbearable to be around the both of you. I think fucking each other would be more effective than fighting.”
You couldn’t lie, the drinks were making you feel some type of way. But of course you couldn’t let either of them know that. You had caught their attention in the worst way possible, Giyu’s mouth hung open slightly as his eyes shifted between you and Sanemi. “What makes you think i’d ever even kiss him.” You freeze, eyes locking with Sanemi before flicking over to Giyu who’s mouth now hung wide open.
“That’s fucking rude.” Giyu barked back, brows furrowing in genuine offense. Maybe you weren’t the only one feeling a certain way because of the drinks. “I’m un-kissable?” He added after Sanemi didn’t budge. You were waiting for some sort of smart ass remark to follow, instead it was a genuine question. Sanemi’s head tilted, smirking a bit as he spoke. “Well… i imagine you have no skills in that area whatsoever.”
“Are you implying he’s a virgin?” Of course, the drink returned to your lips in effort not to laugh. This time, Sanemi burst out laughing, completely missing the way Giyu’s face was turning red. “I’m not a fucking virgin.” Giyu’s words didn’t really help Sanemi’s laughing, the scar covered man nearly doubled over in his seat.
"When is the last time you fucked someone? huh, Shinazugawa? Tell me how long it's been." You couldn't lie, you'd never seen Giyu that mad. Your eyes shot over to Sanemi, watching the man stop laughing as he slowly straightened. "Last month actually." There was an air of confidence in his posture as Sanemi leaned back, reaching for his drink and bringing it to his lips.
"Last month." you echoed, trying to figure out who the person could have been. It must have been a one night stand because Shinazugawa wasn't actively pursuing anyone as far as you remembered... unless. "Don't tell me it was Kocho's sister!" You had already forgotten about why this conversation had started in the first place. Giyu on the other hand only seemed to be getting more worked up with each passing second he was ignored.
“No it wasn’t Kanae! I’d never!” He was turning red anyways. A scoff caught your attention again, head turning to see Giyu getting up from the table. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?!” You we’re starting to get up as well, not willing to let Giyu leave just as things were getting interesting. “I’m leaving.” Deadpanned, as always. “No the fuck you aren’t, we aren’t done here.” Sanemi was throwing the rest of his drink back as he stood.
Once again, both men were locked in a staring competition. "We aren’t done here? What are you? My fucking dad?” You held in a laugh, eagerly anticipating Sanemi’s response. “What the fuck does that even mean? I’m calling you a fucking pussy for running away from this conversation.” Your eyebrow raised, eyes darting between the two men as you feared the conversation would turn into a brawl rather than the threesome you were secretly hoping for.
“I’m a pussy? What are you, twelve? What kind of insult is that?” You watched a scowl quirk at the corners of Sanemi’s lips. “What is with your stupid ass questions about who I am? Figure yourself the fuck out cause you’re pissing me off.” They were getting closer, so close their chests were nearly touching. “I think the offer to fuck still stands.” You seemed to pull them from their daze. “Better yet! How about we dance, Hmm?”
“Dance?” Sanemi was looking at you as if you sprouted mushrooms from your head. “We’re in a club, we’ll get kicked out if you two start fighting so why don’t we just get… all this pent up energy out on the dance floor instead?” To your shock, Giyu was grabbing your arm and leading you away from Sanemi. That’s where you were now… your back pressed to Sanemi while your front was pressed to Giyu.
“Still angry?” You nearly purred, one hand pressed firmly to Giyu’s chest while your hips swayed with Sanemi’s. “Shush.” Giyu was struggling to maintain eye contact, even in the dark dance floor with only colorful LEDs and lasers to see his face. You couldn’t deny that you liked the feeling of Sanemi’s hands on your waist, his hips swaying with yours as he held you tightly to him. If you weren’t mistaken, you were beginning to feel something a bit…
“Are you really getting off to this, Shinazugawa?” Giyu taunted over the top of your head, smirking as he pulled you just a bit closer to him. “Sure fucking am? Why wouldn’t I?” The man behind you held no shame, even as your face began burning up he continued to gloat. “You’d probably have come by now if our roles were reversed. Y/n needs a man who can last more than thirty seconds… Tomioka.” You groaned, it seems their bickering would never end.
“Is that a fucking challenge?” Giyu’s hands were lowering to where Sanemi held your waist, eyebrow cocking upwards in defiance. “What? To see who can last longer? By all fucking means… so long as you’re okay with it?” Sanemi’s voice was in your ear now, earning a desperate shiver in response. “Oh… why not… just not here… I’d rather it be in someone’s bed.”
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content warnings: Slightly suggestive, HEAVY make out session, groping, hair pulling.
Tumblr media
I am a firm believer that Sanemi is a greedy, extremely messy, but TALENTED, kisser uwu (say what you want- but he IS).
like this man would have you firmly settled on his lap, one hand roughly wrangled in your disheveled tresses as the other pushes at the lower midst of your back, forcing your body to arch into his. Not giving you a single moment to yourself or to pull away, just thoroughly advancing empowering, sloppy laps of his eager wet tongue and his overlapping, silken lips onto yours. Would occasionally tug at your hair to draw out stimulated, muffled moans from you from time to time (he's an ass but that's ok lol). Cockily, smirks against your sweet, moisten, puffy lips.
And- AND, the moment he feels his lungs is in desperate need of oxygen, he gradually pulls away from you (not fully, but enough to inhale deep breaths) and glares at you coyly, carefully soaking in the hot and heavy sight of you heavily panting from his lascivious kisses. Brows risen with looming dominance and satisfactory, luminous lavender irises peering directly onto your flushed face, and weighted breaths fanning across your heated smug. Would pull his hand that nestled steadily in your hair to the juncture of your jawline, straightening your crimson infused face to look directly onto his.
"Tch, look at you- all twitchy and practically out of breath"
"Pathetic...looks like we need to up your concentration constant breathing training more" he would grin mischievously, pulling at your jawline forcefully back against his rough, tantalizing crisp lips, expeditiously, driving his inquisitive hungry tongue down the cavern of your throat. Draws his calloused, scarred hand from your clenching jaw to the mounts of your curvaceous hips, grinds you on top of his lap while continuing his sloppy, desirous kissing.
Practically has you melting into his bulked body, his warm lips smoldering into your own with such salacious and fervent intent.
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Shinobu + Sanemi = Neutral evil duo
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Kny Characters + Textposts
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Tumblr media
★ 【ポテトルス】 「 56 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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demon slayer as porn tropes
Tumblr media
a/n: adults only!!! modern!au, mentions of porn obvi, n/sfw, me being gross and self indulgent *are we surprised? no!*, ph™️, should i do a part two???
tengen uzui 
Tumblr media
orgy king!!!! people can’t wait to see what you all have uploaded. all content on the channel has at least two partners in it. they wonder how he has four wives that are ehem so well endowed *you included ;)* but they are quickly shut up by him and the porn catalogue.
suma is a favorite for bi/lesbian and sub content because of her eagerness and whines; she’s so cute when she doesn’t get what she wants. she’s a crybaby and people with a  dacryphilia kink love her. lowkey a squirter. suma’s porn trope is bratty sub getting what they deserve.
hinatsuru is a sweetheart who loves to give praise and rewards!! she’s prone to overstimulation because she just wants all of you to feel good. hina is usually yours or suma’s partner in videos without tengen. she’s very gentle, but don’t mistake that for her taking it easy! hina’s porn trope is seducing her *straight lol not really* wives.
makio mostly does stuff with all of you and tengen. she loves choking on your husband’s dick and looking directly into the camera. makio is rarely featured in gxg only, but loves when you or hina use a strap. makio fucks just like she fights-rough! don’t be afraid to mark her up. makio’s trope is that slut that loves to get fucked rough and having her skin left with pink handprints on her ass.
the man himself, his porn trope is every woman wants him. that’s not a total lie. tengen is hot as fuck and he knows how to work every inch of his wives bodies. people are convinced he uses viagra or some shit to keep up with all four of you. busts the fattest loads on all of your faces. <3333 you all take turns licking it up. 
rengoku kyojuro
Tumblr media
sweet couple trope. people tune into your channel to see sweet, sexy, intimacy. let me tell you, this mf loves eating and eating pussy. he can live the rest of his life happily between your legs. loves giving and receiving praise. viewers love to peep in on the subtle sweet moments between you two. like kyojuro pressing a soft kiss onto your hairline before fucking you deep. always holds hands with you during. giver rather than a receiver. yn pleaser. 
tomioka giyu
Tumblr media
his porn trope is the gamer bf ™️ .  he’s always putting up with your bullshit with that -_- look on his face. 
he’s like “yn, i’m playing elden ring,” and you’re like “idc lemme play with your dick.”
he agrees of course, you’re such a needy brat, but he likes it. he has a youtube channel but doesn’t use face cam and there are plenty of videos of you riding him during recording. if people ask what that wet sound is, he just says it’s his shitty AC. a blatant lie, but no one really cares enough to pry. some fans might recognize his voice on your ph account. he fucks you senseless in front of his gaming setup and keeps playing.
shinazugawa sanemi
Tumblr media
sanemi and you are definitely the daddy and kitten trope-even if you don’t use those terms lmfao. viewers have pigenholed you two into it so now you’re stuck with it. sanemi is your dom obvi, if you think otherwise this mf will be sure to remind you by rearranging your guts. once he made your eyes cross and fans have been begging him to make it happen again. you’ll never live that down sorry sis lmao.  sanemi loves teasing you with that too. master of dirty talk. loves breeding. 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
imagine that immediately after this sanemi and inosuke start slamming chairs over each others heads again. the truce holds true only when there is another mind to be tarnished with hatred and disdain
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☆Happy Birthday Shinazugawa Sanemi☆
29th November
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Play Pretend
“You’ll pose as a newlywed couple”
{Sanemi x Fem!Reader}
Warnings: oral sex, “drugged” sex, semi-public sex, honestly it’s kinda tame
A/N: I forgot I was writing this, tbh I thought I already finished it. So when I realized it wasn’t finished and it hadn’t been posted anywhere? Whew.
Word Count: 12.6k — sheesh.
Tumblr media
“Fucking loser.” You stood over Sanemi who was laying flat against the ground. Your wooden training blade was pointed at his neck, his chest heaving as he glared at you. “You’re a fucking cheater.” You rolled your eyes, the hand you were about to give to help him up instantly retracted. “And you are an ass.”
You turned away from him, twirling your blade around and waiting for his next attack. You two had been going at this for three hours now. Kagaya had summoned the two of you, likely to assign a mission. Which was something neither you nor Sanemi understood as to why it couldn’t be sent through crows.
You smirked as he launched towards you, you looked up at him and winked before disappearing. Sanemi was by far a lot stronger than you, but you were quicker. You reappeared as he landed, laughing as his head whipped towards you. Your game of cat and mouse continued for forty more minutes until a crow’s appearance announced Kagaya was ready for the two of you.
“Finally.” You landed again, walking off towards the designated meeting spot. Behind you Sanemi was mumbling about how you cheated yet again. “If you keep saying I’ll trip you right as we arrive.” You looked back at the white haired man, finding it comical the way his scars pointed upwards due to the annoyed look on his face. “Shut up.”
“What a gentleman!” You began walking up the steps, about to walk through the doorway but decided to wait for Sanemi to join you. “Trip me and I’ll kill you.” His voice was a hushed whisper as he passed you, you forced your smirk off your face as you joined him.
“My children, good afternoon.” You and Sanemi both bowed, greeting Kagaya before kneeling before him. “I’m sure both of you are wondering why you’ve been called here.” Kagaya smiled before continuing. “I have a mission for the both of you, but it’s instructions are too much to communicate through crow. I figured it would be better for the both of you to begin your travel from the same starting point.”
“There is a village south of this estate that is being terrorized by an unknown being. After sending a few of the kanoe we have determined it is a demon, but this demon is only targeting specific people.”
“Who are they targeting?” Your felt nervous butterflies flutter around your stomach. “It seems they are targeting married couples.” Those butterflies died in your stomach, dread filling the space instead.
“I’m guessing you want Shinazugawa-San and I to act like a married couple and try to become the next targets?” You noticed Sanemi glare at you out of the corner of his eye, he wasn’t fond of people interrupting Kagaya.
“Precisely my dear y/n. You and Sanemi will be posing as a newlywed couple.” You glanced over a Sanemi, his expression unreadable but you were certain you would hear an earful after.
“The village is only a few hours walk. Ideally I would like the both of you to forgo the normal uniform and instead wear the close we have prepared for you. Y/n, my wife will be waiting to do your hair and makeup.”
Your eyebrows raised at makeup. “I’m looking for the two of you to act as if you were only married a few hours ago. This village is often a spot where newlyweds go to relax and enjoy their first night as a couple.”
Your cheeks reddened at the implications, this time you trained your eyes on the floor, not daring to look over at Sanemi.
“Understood.” Sanemi spoke for the both of you. “Thank you, be careful, both of you. And please be wary of sending crows, we don’t want any sort of implications of what you are truly there for.”
You both remained kneeling until Kagaya was gone from the room. Slowly you both stood. “Well Shinazugawa-San, I guess we have to start referring to each other by our first names.”
“Well y/n, I guess we do.” At the use of your first name, blush burned bright along your cheeks and ears. He began laughing, turning to walk back out the door and go get changed as Kagaya instructed.
Thirty minutes later your hair was done up in a bun, a few strands hanging to frame your face. Amane, Kagaya’s wife, added a few pieces of silver accessories to the bun and a wisteria flower wrapped delicately around it.
She dusted your cheeks with a soft blush made from crushed rose petals and added some oil to it to paint across your lips. She had used some charcoal to line your eyes, you gasped when she handed you the mirror. “Oh my…Amane-Sama… please do my hair and makeup when I actually get married one day.”
She smiled brightly at you, “you will look beautiful as a bride one day y/n.” Your jaw dropped as she pulled out the Hikifurisode kimono. “You two will already be married when you arrive, this kimono shows you were just married, but it’s not the same as the pure white kimono worn during the ceremony.”
The hikifurisode was all black with purple, white and blue flowers decorating the sleeves and back. Amane helped you dress, a light purple obi was tied around your torso, silver obi-jime and obi-age accompanying it.
You stood in front of the mirror and stared at yourself in awe, you felt beautiful. With a sigh you spoke “if only I were actually getting married.” Amane chuckled, “I’m sure it will happen soon dear. Head to the gates of the estate, he should be waiting for you… good luck.”
You bowed deep, thanking Amane profusely for all her hard work. You were surprised at how easy it was to move around in the hikifurisode, you suppress a smile as you think of what the other Hashira would say.
You are pulled from your thoughts when your eyes land on Sanemi. He wore a black kimono, paired with a light blue hakama. One that matched the blue flowers on your hikifurisode. His hair was slicked back, quite the contrast from his normal wild hairstyle. His scars were in full view, you both stared at each other in silence, not even trying to hide the way you were eyeing each other from head to toe.
“Well Sanemi, you clean up nice.” It was meant to be snarky, but your voice came out strained. Your cheeks turned an even brighter shade of red as he smirked. “Not half bad yourself my love.”
My love?
Noticing your shocked expression he smirked, “What, we are newlyweds, I have to have a pet name for you, no?”
He was enjoying the way you squirmed under his stare. “We haven’t even left for the village yet, there is no need.” He smiled, slinging a bag over his shoulder. He had both your blade and his attached to his waist. “Whatever you say my love.”
You saw his shoulders shake as he laughed, a blush blossoming across your face once again. You wanted to make him feel as flustered as you did. You began walking, catching up to him before speaking. “I wonder if the demon is just targeting one half of the couple. If it’s a female demon I’m certain it would be going after the groom. But if it’s a male demon…surely it’s going after the bride? Don’t you think, baby?”
You tried your best to keep a straight face, noticing the way Sanemi nearly tripped, eyes widening as he shot you a look. You stared up at him with wide innocent eyes, waiting for him to make a comment. Instead he brushed it off “or it’s a demon that is hungry, so it’s going after both.”
“We’ll have to do a bit of talking before finding an inn to stay at. We don’t know how long this will take.” You toyed with the sleeve of your hikifurisode, smiling as the embroidery reflected the sunlight. “I wonder where they got these for us… you don’t think it was theirs right? Oh my…if they gave us their actual wedding attire…” you didn’t want to get it dirty.
“I doubt they’d give something so important to you.” You scoffed at him. “You’re one to talk, always walking around with your chest out, attention whore.” Sanemi’s mouth actually opened in surprise at that, a laugh bubbling out after.
“That’s my girl.” Your heart skipped a beat. Why did your heart skip a beat? You shook your head, what the hell was happening?
It was close to evening when you and Sanemi arrived at the village. You would have gotten there a lot sooner if you were in your normal uniforms. Since you were in such formal clothing, you had to walk the entire way. At some points Sanemi had to help you across certain points so you didn’t get the dress dirty.
“We need to find a place to stay for the night my dear.” Every conversation you two had involved some sort of cheesy pet name. “Of course, we’ve had a long day. We need some rest.” It’s not like the demon was listening, yet you still remained in character.
Some people gawked as the two of you passed, you could only imagine how you looked. Your hikifurisode screamed wealth, you looked breathtaking there was no denying that. Paired with Sanemi, a tall, broad man covered in scars, you were a spectacle.
“Maybe one of us should have dyed our hair or something.” You whisper as you pass a group of older women huddled together, not so subtly talking about the two of you. “Eh, let them talk.” You snorted “you really are an attention whore.”
Sanemi smirked, walking through the doorway of an inn that was advertising vacancy. It was lit with a few lanterns inside, a bit dusty, but cozy. Behind the desk was an older man. “Ah welcome lovebirds! Congratulations.”
Sanemi spoke for the both of you. “Thank you! As you could guess, we are looking for a place to stay.” The older man smiled, pulling out a ratty looking notebook. “Could I get your names?” It was typical for people who checked into inns in this town to stay for a while, most of the landlords like to keep track of who was who out of courtesy.
You shot Sanemi a look, was it a wise choice to use your real names? He seemed to think it was safe enough, “Shinazugawa.” You felt a blush creep up your cheeks. “Lovely to meet the two of you. We do have a room available, how long are you thinking of staying?”
You walked up to link your arm with Sanemi, resting your head slightly against his shoulder. “We want to spend as much alone time together as possible, ideally a week at minimum… unless that's too much?” You looked up at Sanemi, wide innocent eyes staring up at him. You felt him shudder, a crimson blush covering your cheeks at that.
“Ah I see…” the man chuckled, taking the hint. “You are more than welcome to stay as long as you like. It’s 3000 yen a night. But I’ll make you a deal, 1500 yen a night since you will be staying with us for a fairly long time.”
You smiled, jumping excitedly. “Thank you so much!” You bowed deeply, Sanemi following you. You watched Sanemi place the money on the desk, the man handing him a key in return. “You’ll be in room 14 on the second floor. Have fun!” You and Sanemi both blushed at that, thanking him once more before heading up towards your room.
“It’s all for show…” you mumbled, glancing over at Sanemi who still had a rosy blush on his cheeks. Was this really affecting him as much as it was affecting you? “Why are you looking at me like that?” You turned back to focus on the stairs as you walked, Sanemi was still waiting for your answer.
“I’ve never seen you blush Sanemi.” You walked down the hall, eyes scanning the doors for the number 14. “It’s an odd situation, I blush when nervous.” The sudden revelation seemed rather intimate to you. “You’re nervous?” You paused in front of the room’s door, Sanemi slotting the key into the lock and pushing it open.
“Aren’t you?” He went in first, scanning the room to make sure no one was hiding it in. “Not really…more so flustered than anything… it’s kind of odd.” It dawned on you in that moment that you were having a normal conversation. No name calling, no sly remarks, no teasing. A casual conversation. Your heart picked up in pace.
“It’s weird how close we have to act, quite the opposite from our usual dynamic.” He laughed at that, sliding the door open to reveal a small bathroom. “There has to be some sort of catch, no way we got this so cheap.” You peaked into the bathroom while Sanemi checked under the bed.
Ah yes…the bed. The one you two would have to be sharing over however many days you’d be here. “They are one of the only vacant Inns as well…maybe just desperate for money?” Sanemi dropped the bag with your uniforms off to the side.
“Either that or they are watching us from some sort of hole in the wall…” Sanemi laughed at that, falling back against the bed. “Probably some old pervert hoping to watch couples on their wedding night.”
You wandered towards the bed yourself, sitting beside Sanemi. “It would be nice if this wasn’t a mission, actually being able to relax would be such a relief.” You fiddled with the sleeve again, something about this whole situation was putting you in a weird mindset.
“Are you saying you’d like to bed me?” Your eyes flew open, looking at Sanemi with a look of horror. He began laughing at that, tears forming in his eyes as his laugh turned silent. “You are such an ass!” You slapped his stomach, making him jolt as he tried to catch his breath.
“You are so easy to tease y/n.” He was smiling genuinely at you, a sight that made your heart skip a beat. Was he always this handsome? You shook your head, what was with all of these emotions?
Little did you know, Sanemi’s eyes were trained on your face. He felt warm and fuzzy looking at you, this damn mission was already messing with his head. Truthfully he stopped breathing when he first saw you, he’d never seen a woman so beautiful. He was taking this a little too literally, for some reason he couldn’t convince himself of anything different.
You were his wife. That thought kept running around his head, no matter how much he knew this wasn’t real, he couldn’t stop thinking about…what if it was? What if he really did take you as his wife? He closed his eyes, cheeks burning bright as he was in disbelief with himself.
There was something about you that matched him so well, you kept up with him, gave him his own shit right back, you were the only one who could truly tolerate him. “We should take a walk, try and see if we can’t get any information.”
His eyes opened slowly, you were looking at him with an odd look. “What is it?” You tilted your head, hand reaching out to touch his forehead. “That blush on your cheeks is so consistent I was worried you got a fever.” There was a sly smirk on your face, one that brought him back to reality as he laughed and rolled his eyes.
You two left your room, only Sanemi had his sword attached to his hip. It was something you protested but he said it would be too odd for you to be carrying one. “I think the best place to start would be around the center of the village. I believe there are a handful of shops and food stands.” This village was also known for its hot springs, but those were a little further away.
You and Sanemi headed off, people eyeing you as you walked by. You began laughing, Sanemi raising his eyebrow at you. “Do we really look that strange?” You smiled at one of the couples walking by, their expression of awe turned to embarrassment as they quickly bowed to you. “I’m not sure, but we must stick out for some reason.”
“Maybe it’s the scars on your face? We are also dressed in very very fine robes.” He sighed, turning the corner towards the marketplace at the center of town. “It doesn’t help that you are extremely beautiful.” The compliment nearly made you trip over your own two feet.
“My my! Young lady, could I interest you in some tea?” Your head turned towards the voice, a woman stood next to a small cart, she couldn’t have been much older than you. “Oh! Just passing through, thank you though.” You didn’t like the energy she was giving off, something about her seemed strange. Sanemi has stopped walking a few feet ahead, eyeing her suspiciously.
“Are you sure? It’s one of my best sellers. People around here love it.” She was insistent on the tea, hand outstretched waiting for you to take the small bag. “No really, I appreciate it but I’m not one for tea.” She seemed a little annoyed by that, quickly covering it with a smile. “It’s on the house, try it, no harm in trying it when it’s free right?”
You glanced over at Sanemi, he shrugged his shoulders slightly, you took the bag from her. “You are too kind, miss, thank you.” You bowed to her, walking away before she could say another word. “That was odd.” You eyed the bag with unease. “When we get back to the room you’ll have to look through it, you are good with those things aren’t you?” Sanemi’s nose scrunched.
You helped Shinobu all the time with herbs for medicines, you’d be able to pick apart some of the ingredients so long as they were big enough. “Yeah, I should be able to.” Sanemi walked up to a fruit stand, an older man sitting by its side.
You kept your distance, eyeing one of the jewelry carts as Sanemi spoke. This whole village center was nothing but a tourist attraction. Couples crowded around different stands and carts, overpaying for items that were most likely knock offs. It’s the thought that counts though, right?
“Everyone in this village just seems off.” You turned to Sanemi, he looked just as disturbed as you did. “That old man had no idea what I was saying, he fell asleep mid conversation.” You glanced over his shoulder, sure enough the man was slumped against his cart.
“I don’t think we are going to get any information from these people. Let’s…let’s go back to the inn. I have a weird feeling about this tea.” You and Sanemi headed back the way you came, passing the woman and her tea stand as she sold some to three couples that had stopped by.
She looked up at you as you passed, winking. You turned your head quickly, grabbing Sanemi's sleeve and holding it tight. Despite the situation, Sanemi felt a warmth blossom in his chest knowing you were holding on to him for protection. You on the other hand were scared the man in front of you was going to disappear, this village had you feeling extremely unsettled.
You made it back to the inn, the sun was beginning its descent behind the mountains. As you walked through the entrance there was a couple checking into the inn as well. “Room 16…” was all you heard as you and Sanemi hurried past.
“Light a lantern and close the windows…” you walked towards a small table that was meant for you to share meals, kneeling down you opened the bag. “Actually Sanemi… crack the window a bit.” He did as you asked, locking the door to your room before joining you on the opposite side of the table.
You pulled the contents out carefully, hands shaking slightly as if you were dealing with a lethal poison. “We can assume this isn’t anything that can kill, but I’m assuming this may be something to impair the victim… maybe a narcotic…or something that makes you drowsy…”
Your voice was a hushed whisper, your mind racing as you thought about the odd behavior of those around you. You and Sanemi froze as footsteps passed your door. “Must be the couple who are going to room 16.” You glanced at Sanemi, “I need you to step away, if it’s something that can affect the victim by being inhaled we will need one of us to be coherent enough to help the other.”
Sanemi remained silent, going to sit on the bed across the room. You picked up one of the tea bags, pulling open the top. You dumped the contents on the table, eyes narrowing as you studied the contents in front of you. “Petals…flower petals?” You shifted through the ground contents, there were larger pieces spread through it.
“Petals?” You nodded at Sanemi’s question. The petals and dust itself were a deep blue. “I…I know this smell. But I can’t remember what flower this is…I’ve seen it before.” You sat for a moment, trying to figure out why you knew this flower. Then it hit you, a conversation you had with Shinobu a few months back.
“Blue tea! Butterfly pea tea…Shinobu and I tried it a few months ago because a merchant from India was selling the flowers when we were on a mission down south.” You looked at Sanemi who was staring back at you with a confused look.
“What the hell does that mean?” You sighed, picking up a petal and crushing it. “The flower itself goes by many names, the most popular being Asian Pigeonwings. But due to the flower's shape and appearance it’s known as the clitoria ternatea. However, it’s main use is for healthier skin and hair, it’s supposed to slow down your skin’s aging process…”
“So that’s it? It’s just to make you look more youthful?” Sanemi chuckled, after all it would make sense for it to be a bestseller, young brides wanting to keep their youthful looks for their new husbands…
“There has to be some sort of catch, Sanemi…she was strange, there has to be something else going on with this tea…there is only one way to find out…” you locked eyes with him, dread immediately filling him. “Don’t tell me you are going to drink it.”
“I think…it’s the only option we have.” You stood, moving towards the door to go down stairs and ask for some hot water. Sanemi was about to protest but you were already out the door. You returned ten minutes later, a steaming cup of water in your hands.
“Listen to me okay?” You kneeled down again, reaching into the bag and grabbing the second teabag that you didn’t rip open. “There are a handful of things that may occur, Sanemi.” You placed the bag in the hot water.
“First, nothing happened. It truly is just some butterfly pea tea, and that woman selling it is just strange.” Sanemi shifted on the bed, he had an unreadable expression.
“Second, this tea makes me disoriented. It could mimic the symptoms of being drunk. Dizzy, slurred speech, fatigue, nausea, etc. if that's the case, I need you to monitor when it starts and when it ends.”
He wasn’t saying a word but you could tell his mind was racing, a million thoughts flowing through his mind. “Third, this kills me.” His whole body tensed at that, his grip on the bed sheets tightening significantly. “But it’s highly unlikely, demon’s enjoy taunting their prey before killing them, why would they want their fun to happen before they even arrived.”
Sanemi didn’t like where this was going. “I don’t think you should do this y/n.” You sighed, lifting the cup up and sniffing it. “This is where we need to start Sanemi. If the tea actually affects me in any way, we know where to start in order to locate the demon.” He was about to protest but you put the cup to your lips and took a large sip. The water was hot and it nearly burnt your tongue. You weren’t trying to savor the taste, swallowing quickly and grimacing as the hot liquid slid down your throat.
“I’m not going to drink the full thing…just about half. If nothing happens within the next thirty minutes, I’ll drink the rest.” You drank the half like you said before settling down on the ground. “Well?” You shook your head at Sanemi, “Nothing yet. But these things take time.”
You stood up, pacing the room as you tried to think of possible outcomes. Sanemi’s eyes were trained on you, you could sense his tension. “What if it’s a drink that only affects one half of the pair?” Sanemi’s eyes locked with yours, “are you saying you want me to try it as well?”
You shook your head, “give it a few more minutes to take its effect on me…if not… you may have to as well.” There were too many possible outcomes, you started to feel like your brain was melting.
That's when it hit you.
You felt hot all of a sudden, like suffocatingly hot. You stumbled slightly, Sanemi was standing in an instant. “What is it?” Your vision felt blurry, hands clammy as you started pulling at the collar of your hikifurisode. His hands were on your waist for support, you felt hot…so hot.
He was way too close, his hands on your waist making you shudder as you couldn’t figure out if you wanted to pull away or get closer. “Sanemi. I…fuck…so hot.” You pulled the collar open more, exposing some of your collarbone. Sanemi’s grip tightened and you bit back a groan.
“Shit. Sanemi I know…I know what this is…” you didn’t want to, but you pulled away from his touch, falling towards the bed. “Y/n? What the fuck…your cheeks are flushed…what are you…” you pulled your arms out of your sleeves, the hikifurisode was now hugging and hiding your breasts. A bit of cleavage poked through the top, but the rest of your chest and shoulders were bare and exposed to Sanemi’s eyes.
“It’s…a fucking aphrodisiac.” Your mind ran through the possible ingredients that could have sparked this, you assumed red ginseng was the likely ingredient. But this outcome…was intense. You didn’t get a chance to think about it much longer, panting as the overwhelming desire to touch the man in front of you fully took over your mind.
“You got to be fucking kidding me.” Sanemi cursed under his breath, “I know you said I needed to be the responsible one and all…but…” you looked up at Sanemi, watching with wide eyes as he downed the other half of the tea left in your cup. “Might as well make this a fun night huh?” You began laughing, you wouldn't believe what was happening. You were on a mission for fuck sake.
“You…you really are a pain in the fucking ass Sanemi.” You buried your face in the mattress, trying to ignore the throb from between your thighs. “Don’t act like you don’t want it.” You lifted your head at the feeling of weight being added to the bed. You looked over at Sanemi with glossy eyes. He wasn’t wrong, you did want it, even before the tea you wanted it.
“This has to be…the most irresponsible…” Sanemi cut you off with a laugh, “I know, it’s dumb, we are on a fucking mission. However, I’d be damned if I didn’t fuck you while we are here, truly I don’t think I’ve been able to focus all day.” His words sent heat pooling between your legs, the throbbing becoming too much to bear.
“Fuck.” You sat up on your legs, Sanemi watching you intently as you began fumbling with the strings of your hikifurisode. “If I don’t get this fucking thing off in the next ten seconds I’m going to explode.” You struggled with the strings, stopping when Sanemi replaced your hands with his own, gently and quickly pulling the knots apart and allowing it to fall away.
You felt relief as you pushed the clothing off you, your entire torso revealed; save for the band keeping your breasts together, one that Amane offered to go with the hikifurisode. Something you found rather ridiculous at the time, but with the way Sanemi was looking at you…you mentally thanked Amane.
“Well?” You stared at him, was he going to make the first move? He was sitting on the edge of the bed, seemingly contemplating the same thing. After another throb between your thighs you decided you couldn’t wait any longer. Hands reaching out and pulling the man towards you as you crashed your lips together.
You groaned when his hands found your waist again, pulling you into his lap. It was awkward at first, trying to straddle his hips while moving the hikifurisode up your legs enough to allow it. But after a moment you finally settled on his lap, knees pressing into his hips as your hands came up to cup his face.
You felt too needy to realize exactly what was happening, all you could think about was how good his hands felt on you. You wiggled your hips slowly, grinding yourself against his groin, smiling into the kiss when you felt him twitch. “Feeling it quicker than I did?” You pulled away, a string of saliva connecting your lips.
“Shut up.” He pulled you back, hands cupping your face instead so you wouldn’t pull away from him again. His tongue gliding across your bottom lip made you want to explode, your fingers dug into the muscle of his shoulder. You couldn’t begin to imagine how he’d be when the aphrodisiac kicked in.
You opened your mouth for him, far too needy to even tease him at this point. You gasped into his mouth as he fell back against the mattress, leaving you to straddle him. His fingers carefully undid any other tie you had, helping you push the clothing off until you were in nothing but your undergarments.
You thought shedding the layers would help with the heat, it didn’t. “Take these off please…” you whined as you pulled away, staring down at the man before you as if he was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. Sanemi on the other hand was absolutely breathless, his hands coming up to hold your thighs.
“Help me, if you want to see my naked so badly.” Seems the tea still hadn’t hit him yet…somewhere in the back of your mind you wondered if it would. You began undoing the ties to his kimono, helping him shoulder off the black garments before throwing them off to the side as you did with your own robes.
Scars littered his entire body. You figured they would, but seeming them all for yourself was a bit daunting. “How did you…even get all these?” Not only his chest and stomach, but his arms, hips, thighs, even down to his calves. “Reckless fitting with no concern for my own well-being. There is a time and place for these questions, and it’s not right now.”
His hands slid from your thighs to your ass, squeezing the flesh harshly and forcing you back down on him. He wanted to be on top, but seeing you so needy on top of him was holding him back a bit. Your hand was beginning to fall out of your bun, strands dangling down and tickling his cheeks as you began to kiss up his jaw.
His fingers sunk under the waistband of the material on your ass, he was desperate to see you completely naked. You bit harshly just under his earlobe, earning a low groan from the man beneath you. You wanted to cover every inch of his scarred skin with your own marks. Each rock of your hips against his hard-on made you shiver, you could feel your own arousal cling to you.
“This damn…tea is going to make things messy.” You whined, burying your face in his neck and inhaling his scent. You jolted slightly when the waistband of your underwear snapped back on your skin, your hand reached down to meet Sanemi’s. You began pulling the garment off, urging him to help you.
“I don’t mind.” He flipped you off him, settling himself between your legs as he pulled the garment off you. “Sheesh…” he looked down at your bare cunt, you weren’t kidding when you said it would be messy. “I don’t think Ieven have to—“ you cut him off with a smack to the arm. “Shut up! Just…fuck…”
You hid your face, even through the lust haze in your head you felt embarrassed at how aroused you were. “I don’t want to hurt you.” He was pulling off his own underwear, watching as you peaked at him through your fingers. You swore you stopped breathing when you saw him in his full glory.
Sanemi on the other hand had stopped breathing the moment you straddled him.
He leaned down, teeth sinking into your bottom lip as he kissed you. You groaned loudly when he lowered himself, his erection pressing directly into your sopping cunt. He began pulling at your breast bindings, he needed to see them. Your fingers buried themselves in his slicked back hair, tousling it until he was back to its unruly state.
“No-no time for that…” he pulled away, confusion evident on his face. “Worry about my breasts later, I need you.” Sanemi could have crumbled into a million pieces at that. How could he say no when you were looking at him like that? There would be time after for him to fulfill his fantasies.
“Fine fine…are you on anything?” Though he certainly wouldn’t mind getting you pregnant.
“I’ll be fine! When the hell did you become logical!” You nearly kicked your feet out of frustration. The heat bubbling in your gut was driving you mad. “Jeez, needy are we?” So was he, but clearly you were far too gone to even acknowledge it. “Shinazugawa Sanemi, so help if you don’t…”
He angled his tip at your entrance, swallowing thickly as your warmth was already trying to suck him in. Any ounce of cockiness he had left in him was fading, fast. He could tell you were wet enough thanks to the tea pushing you into overdrive. But he was still worried he’d hurt you. Had you not been so damn blinded by your lust, you probably would have been a bit nervous at his size.
He pushed in slowly, his entire body tensing as your slick walks engulfed him. You were radiating heat, a thin sheen of sweat covering your entire body. “Fuck sake…” Sanemi could barely catch his breath as he bottomed out, especially with the way you were looking at him. For the first time since drinking that tea, you finally felt relief.
Sanemi moved his hips slowly, hands squeezing your thighs as you locked your ankles around his waist. “Ease…up.” He had a look of utter concentration on his face as he tried to move. It seemed your body had other things in mind, clenching so tightly around him he could barely move. “I’m trying!” You wailed as your head fell back.
At this rate you’d never come if he couldn’t move.
Sanemi lowered himself down, head burying in your neck as he began placing soft kisses. Calloused fingers trailed from your thigh towards your center, slowly slipping two fingers between your folds. You cried out the second you felt him start rubbing your clit, you hadn’t realized how sensitive you’d become.
“Relax.” He whispered against your skin, hips picking up in pace as you started to ease up. “That’s my good girl.” You whined at his praise, nails scratching up his back. “Don’t say shit like that!” You couldn’t take the stimulation he was giving you along with praise, you’d die at this rate.
“What? You want me to call you stupid or something?” You slapped his shoulder, laughter bubbling out of him as he settled on a brutal pace. One that satisfied the burning you felt. “I’ll take that as a no.” He thrusted into you in a way that hit all the right angles. His fingers toyed with your clit in perfect time with his thrusts.
Thanks to the tea you were already about to come, that tea really was something else. “C-close.” You whimpered out of embarrassment, walls spasming around Sanemi’s dick as he continued to snap his hips into you at a brutal pace. “Yeah? Come then.” You wrapped your arms tightly around his neck, pulling him impossibly closer as he continued to suck on your neck.
Sanemi didn’t want to admit it, but he was close too. The way you were clenching around him paired with the way your clit twitched under his fingertips…it was driving him insane. Your body was so reactive to every touch, he was certain it would be the same way without the tea affecting you.
He could only begin to imagine how loud you two were. If it wasn’t your voice giving you away, it would certainly be the creaking of the bed beneath you. That or the sound of his balls hitting your ass…he flinched at the thought.
You cried out his name as your orgasm crashed over you. You couldn’t believe how quickly you had come, you certainly didn’t expect your first time with Sanemi to be so short. Sanemi didn’t slow, working you through your orgasm at the same brutal pace. It wasn’t until you felt him starting to twitch inside you that you realized the aphrodisiac still hadn’t subsided.
“S-Sanemi?” You felt a bit of panic rising in your chest, you were certain once you came the tea would ease up. “Ha?” He was trying to listen to you while focusing on his own movement inside of you. “It…it didn’t wear off…” you still felt sweaty, as if you’d burn up and melt into a puddle.
“It didn’t?” He was trying to slow his hips, but his pending release refused. You whined, moving your hips to meet his as he looked up at you with concern. “N-no.” You felt your lower lip tremble, Sanemi’s whole body tensed as his release snuck up on him. You felt him spill inside of you, relief flooding your senses.
In that moment you finally felt a bit of clarity.
“Are you okay? Hey…don’t cry…” his thumb brushed away stray tears you hadn’t even realized slipped out. “Was my dick that good?” You burst out laughing, hand coming up to hold him as it was still pressed to your cheek. “I mean…yeah it was, but I’ve realized something.” He settled down on top of you, his full weight was more than welcome.
“What did you realize?” The hand that was between your legs was resting on your hip now, thumb rubbing soothing circles. “The tea, it only affects women.” His head cocked to the side, his white hair was an absolute mess now. “How do you know?” Sanemi seemed to be grounded back in reality when he remembered what led to this.
“Well for one, I can tell you didn’t feel it’s effects. Maybe a little, but all this? That was just you being horny.” As the tea’s effects subsided, Sanemi saw the normal you come back out. “Secondly, it is definitely some sort of demon blood art. There is no way those ingredients could have this powerful of an effect.”
While you didn’t feel it as intensely as before, you had a feeling it would come back. “I think it’s some sort of performance enhancer as well. Something that keeps the bride…horny… more sensitive so she comes quicker.” Sanemi began to laugh, “so it’s to help the poor souls that end up with a man that can’t please them?”
He slipped out of you now, a shiver passing over you as he settled on the mattress. “I think that’s part of the reason. But what good does this do for a demon? Surely a demon like this would thrive somewhere like the entertainment district. Not some newlywed getaway village.” You shifted so you were snug on this side, head residing on his chest.
“Maybe the bride isn’t their target.”
“Explain.” Your brows furrowed, listening to his heartbeat while you waited for him to elaborate. “Well, you only drank half the tea. So you probably aren’t feeling it’s effects in full. If a woman is to drink that whole cup of tea…she’d probably be going for a while. What if the goal is to tire the husband? That way the demon can get him with little fight.”
“Do you think that woman was the demon? She was out in broad daylight handing out the tea, Sanemi.” His theory made sense, but that woman couldn’t have been the demon.”I don’t think so, perhaps she’s working for one. No… she has to be. There is no other way she’d get her hands on something like this.”
You turned on your stomach, resting your chin on his chest so you could look at him. “I’d love to think about this more…but I need you again.” Sanemi’s eyes widened, the puppy eyes you were giving him weren’t helping. “Use me then, baby.” The nickname did something to you, you sat up, crawling to straddle his hips.
“This demon is clever, it’s hiding it’s tracks by using her to do the dirty work.” You wrapped your fingers around his length, he was sticky with your own arousal coating him. “Take that off. If you’re going to ride me…I’d like to see them.” You rolled your eyes, reaching behind you to undo the knot keeping the binding together.
You tossed it to the floor where the rest of your clothes were, not paying attention to the awestruck look on the man below you. It wasn’t until his hands came up to cup your breasts that you realized he was drooling. “Maybe that tea did affect you.” You huffed, stroking his semi-hard dick slowly. “Oh give it a break, you’re the one already going for seconds less than five minutes later.”
“It’s the tea!” You knew it wasn’t only the tea fueling you. He knew that too.
“Would we classify this as an incubus?” You moaned as he rolled your nipple between his fingers. “I think we could label it in that class…but I also think this could just be the demon’s way of luring in prey. I don’t know if the sex aspect has anything to do with them.” You lifted your hips as he reached full hardness. His tip pressed to your entrance, wasting no time as you sunk down on him.
You rolled your hips, head falling back at the fullness you felt. Sanemi was entranced watching you. The makeup Amane had put on you was smeared over your cheeks. Black charcoal streaks were left from where your tears had fallen. “I guess we should try and keep track of how long this lasts…like I said earlier.” You began to bounce, the heat creeping on you quickly.
“Now how the hell are we supposed to do that?”
Sanemi’s eyes shifted between your bouncing breasts and where he disappeared between your thighs. “I-I don’t fucking know…just count how many rounds we go.” You shivered as his head brushed your g-spot over and over. “You know, we are playing right into their hands if you wear me out.” Sweat started to drip down his temple.
“Then you can just eat me out instead.” You didn’t expect those words to leave your lips, you hunched over slightly in embarrassment. “Don’t tempt me.” He wondered how you’d taste now that his cum is in you. You rolled your hips every few bounces, teeth sinking into the side of your cheek as you attempted to keep yourself quiet.
You could only imagine how much surrounding neighbors had heard.
“We’ll have to try again in the morning. Surely someone will be able to tell us something.” You slammed yourself down particularly hard, earning a strangled moan from the white haired man. “Tired.” You whined as your thighs began to burn, your orgasm was just out of your reach.
“Don’t start something you can’t finish.” Sanemi sat up, pulling you to his chest and flipping you both on your side. “You’re going to sleep after this.” He sounded like he was scolding you. Sanemi’s arm hooked under your thigh, pushing it upwards to give himself a better angle.
“I don’t care if you are still needy after, we need sleep.” His hips began another brutal pace, you buried your face in his chest, crying out his name over and over. Your orgasm was reachable now, the familiar tension building in your gut with each thrust. You clawed at his arms, tears slipping down your cheeks as your orgasm built higher and higher.
You gasped out of shock, a gush of liquid squirting from between your legs. Your walls and thighs twitched uncontrollably, you couldn’t catch your breath. “Fuck…c’mon y/n.” Sanemi didn’t even sound mad, he wanted to be because you ruined the sheets. But it was hot, how could he be mad at you when you just did that?
“S-sorry.” You slurred out, eyelids becoming impossibly heavy.
You felt laughter bubbling from him, too tired to even comment on it. “You wore yourself out so quickly. What happened to keeping track?” He was hugging you tightly, feeling too lazy himself to even clean up. “That one did me in, I dunno why.” You were already half asleep in his arms.
“I haven’t even come yet!” His hips were still rocking into you at a slow pace. “You can keep goin…'' your words were really starting to slur at this point. “You had so much energy all of five minutes ago…” he was talking more so to himself than you. You would have laughed had you not been so tired.
Sanemi’s hips continued their show thrusts into you until they became a little more erratic. “Shit…” your eyes were closed at this point, humming praises as he came for a second time. “Don’t pull out…” you didn’t want to lose the warmth you felt.
“Well…this is going to be a long ass mission huh?” You mumbled some sort of response against his chest, sleep sneaking up and dragging you under.
You woke up feeling stiff, eyes slowly blinking sleep out of them. Sunlight filtered in through the window you asked Sanemi to open the night prior. Your eyes shifted upwards, Sanemi’s sleeping face greeted you. A blush began to creep up your cheeks as you recalled everything that happened the night before.
Your memories were a little hazy, but you certainly remembered nearly all of it. “I need a bath.”
“So do I.” You nearly jumped out of your own skin when you heard his morning voice. “You scared me!” Your head whipped upwards, glaring at the man next to you. “And your morning breath scared me.” You stiffen at that, slapping his chest.
His groggy laughter filled the room, leaving you slightly breathless. That didn’t stop you from teasing him, “so what…exactly happened last night? I don’t remember..any of it really.” Maybe that was taking it too far, but the morning breath comment got you.
“You…you don’t remember?” The heartbreak in his eyes made you regret it immediately. “I’m kidding! I remember everything.” You kissed his chest, trailing up to his neck, then his cheek and then finally his lips. “I was just messing with you.”
“Don’t do that ever again.” Your fingers came up to trail across his cheeks, one hand disappeared into his hair while the other traced his scars. “I won’t.” He seemed satisfied with your answer, eyes fluttering shut to relish in your gentle touches. “You can take a bath first, by the way.”
“What do I smell now too?” You tugged on his hair slightly, making him peek at you with one eye. “No you don’t, but we are on a mission. We can’t lay in bed all day, it’s not as if we are actually married.” Maybe you were imagining it, but he sounded a bit sad.
“Alright, fine. You’re right.” You rolled over him, earning a laugh as you stumbled onto the floor. “You’re ridiculous.” You winked at him as you made your way to the bathroom, “make sure you clean up.” You slid the door shut before he could complain. As you enter the small bathroom you made eye contact with your reflection in the mirror.
You weren’t sure what you were expecting, but it certainly wasn’t that. The bun that Amane had done for you yesterday was barely hanging on. The jewelry that she had added was sticking out in different places and barely clung to your hair. The wisteria flower that she had added was nearly gone, you assumed if you looked at the floor and bedding you’d see small petals.
The make up shit done for you was smeared over your face. You had charcoal outlined tears streaks, the lip paint was smeared around your mouth’s corners. “Damn.” You got closer, eyes scanning over the bruises left on your neck and shoulders. “And he still smiled at me?” You found yourself trying not to laugh at your rather messy appearance.
You looked at your options, a wooden bath probably meant for a couple to share or the simple stool and water buckets. You decided the bath wasn’t your best option and made your way to the small stool. “This water is going to be freezing…” you didn’t have the energy to go ask for warmer water. You focused on your breathing before taking one of the buckets and dumping it over your head.
You tried not to make a sound, hell you’d gone through worse during your training period. But the ice baths your master would make you take…you never really got over those.
You wasted no time, dipping a cloth into the other bucket of water and washing your face before moving down the rest of your body. You saved your hair for last. Finally you dumped the second bucket over you, rinsing out all the soap. “Well I’m awake now.” You mumbled to yourself.
You dried yourself off and towel dried your hair before walking back into the bedroom. The sheets were stripped and the bed was haphazardly made, but it looked better than it did before you walked into the bathroom. “We have more clothes right?” Sanemi was looking right through you.
“Hello?” You waved your hand in front of his face, yet he still remained focused on your naked form. “Oh come on.” You flicked his forehead, earning a groan in response. “We have more clothes right? Pervert.” You held back your laugh as he stood, he hadn’t bothered getting dressed either.
“Yeah we have more clothes, they should be in the bag along with our uniforms.” You gulped as you took a proper look at him in the daylight. Thick muscles covered his whole body along with the scars. He reminded you of a perfectly sculpted statue.
“You’ll need more water, I used all they left us.” He smiled at you as he walked over to the front door, “already thought of that.” He opened it quickly to pull in two steaming buckets. “You sly bastard! I had to take a damn ice bath!” He walked towards the bathroom now, a shit eating grin on his face. “You could always join me.”
“Like you said, we are on a mission. No more sex.”
He faltered at that, looking at you with puppy eyes. “Till when?” You didn’t expect that kind of reaction, “until we kill the damn demon, now take a bath!” He disappeared through the sliding doors, leaving you alone to pick up all the wedding attire. Such beautiful attire had all gotten tossed to the floor, you felt bad seeing it there.
You set everything aside neatly on a chair that sat in the corner of the room. He was right, they were two sets of kimonos for you and him in the bag that contained your uniforms. You dressed quickly, jumping slightly as Sanemi made his way back to the room. You glanced him up and down, a small towel wrapped around his waist with dripping hair.
You mentally cursed yourself for drinking that tea last night, you two could have continued to dance around each other in awkward tension until the mission was over. Now, you were both shameless around the other, even craving the other's touch. Part of you wanted to gag at the fact that you had already gotten so attached.
“Hurry up and get dressed! I’ll meet you outside.” You practically ran from the room, Sanemi’s laughter echoing behind you. “Good morning miss! Sleep well?” You faltered as you passed the front desk, the kind old man sat behind it. “Oh! Good morning, I slept very well.” The look in his eyes tells you he heard you last night.
“Did you enjoy your tea?”
You kept your face calm, forcing a smile onto it. “I did, I’m not one for tea but this was enjoyable. My husband liked it as well.” You watched his eyebrow raise. “Oh, your husband tried it? I’ve been itching to ask you since you checked in. What does he do for a living?” You could sense it now, the aura he gave off was that not a demon. How had you not realized?
“Oh! He’s a samurai!” You tried to sound enthusiastic, you couldn’t do anything without your blade. “Is that so! How fascinating. You two must not have a home then?” You nodded, “we travel often, while he has an estate up north we are often on the move because of his work.” He seemed pleased by that answer. “Oh! There you are.”
You whirled when you heard his footsteps, you’d have admired him in normal clothes if you weren’t so tense. “Oh the man himself!” You blinked at Sanemi, hoping he’d catch on as well. “Oh, were you talking about me?” He was by your side, extending his hand for you to take. “Ah yes! A samurai! That would explain your blade!” The man smiled at him, innocent as ever.
“Yes! We are always on the move, it’s nice to stay in place for a while. Well, surely you’ll see us when we get back.” Sanemi was bringing you towards the door, waving a goodbye to the man. Once you were far from the inn you both sighed out of relief. “Thank fuck we think alike. You saw it right?” Sanemi didn’t let go of your hand, “I did. How the hell didn’t we see it before?”
“He asked me how the tea was.” Sanemi stopped sighed, “how the hell did we not see this yesterday?” You squeezed his hand without thinking “It must be the demon art. Let’s see if that woman is still at the market. If we take care of her first, we can go back to the inn and get him while he isn’t expecting it. I don’t think he knows.”
“She has to be human. There is no way she could withstand the sunlight, no demon can.” You moved slightly closer to him, feeling as if you were being watched. You didn’t realize that small action sent Sanemi’s heart into a frenzy. “Should we just go back and kill him?” You leaned closer to him as you whispered. His eyes trailed down to look at you, the tips of his ears turning pink.
“I think there is more to it than just that.” You both rounded the corner, the center of town you had seen the day before was just as lively. “Good morning! How was your night?” The tea lady saw you before you saw her. “Oh! It was wonderful. I understand why it’s a bestseller.” You let go of Sanemi’s arm even though you didn’t want to. She seemed to be happy to hear that, stepping aside a bit so you could see the contents of her stand.
“Though I must say, it didn’t affect my husband as much as it did me.” You felt Sanemi’s presence beside you, eyeing the contents with slight disgust. “Oh! Perhaps I have something for that.” You watched her rummage around, pulling out a bag of crushed flowers. “This should help him.” Sanemi looked as if he wanted to disappear. “Enough chit chat, I’m hungry baby.” You still weren’t used to the pet names.
“Perhaps I’ll see you two again.” You waved goodbye as Sanemi dragged you away, once again you didn’t have to pay for the items. “Oh give me a break, a performance enhancer!” He snatched the bag from you, “as if I need any help! You on the other hand…” you slapped his bicep, plucking the bag out of his hand and putting it in your kimono pocket.
“Another round, no tea. I’ll have you begging, Sanemi.”
“Is that a threat or a promise?” He couldn’t ignore the slight twitch from between his legs. “It’s a promise, after we finish this.” You pulled him towards a stand selling baked goods. “This will be better than a restaurant, we can go somewhere private.” You purchased the baked goods and grabbed Sanemi’s hand, leading him through the town.
Regardless of why you were here, Sanemi let his mind wander. He would hate himself later for imagining such things, but for now he could pretend you really were his wife. You were certainly selling the part, so much so that he found himself struggling to remember it wasn’t real. “Over here!” You pulled him towards the shade of a nearby tree, one that was a fair distance from other people.
“No one should hear us over here, so we can talk a bit more freely.” He couldn’t care less in that moment about the damn mission, he just wanted you. He wanted to take you properly, not when some tea was making you lose your cool and destroying your stamina. He wanted slow and passionate, hell even if he couldn’t get that he at least wanted some foreplay.
“Sanemi? Are you even listening to me?” You sat down, placing the pastries down on your lap. “No.” Your mouth parted in surprise, watching him sit beside you. “Not even trying to hide it! Fine I’ll repeat myself.” He didn’t hear you the second time either, instead he just focused on your face.
“Are you okay?” He was only pulled from his daze when your hand hit his forehead. “What?” He blinked at you, not quite understanding why you seemed so confused. “You’re red…and warm. And you aren’t listening to me…you don’t think it’s because you smelt those petals…” you pulled them from your kimono’s pocket, could they really be that strong?
“I want you.”
Your eyes widened, scanning your surroundings before looking back at him. “Here? Now? We are on a mission…” he was pulling the bag away from you, tossing it off into the grass a few yards away. “I’m not going to be able to focus until I take you, properly take you.” It had to be whatever was in that bag, there was no way you’d get through to him now. “Sanemi…people could see.” Why were you even entertaining the idea?
“I don’t care…I need you y/n.” If you looked at him hard enough you could have sworn his blown out pupils were in the shape of a heart. “This is some damn strong demon art…that tea from last night was child’s play.” You tried to scoot away from him as he leaned forward, you had nowhere to put the pastries. “Can we at least eat first?” You held one out to him, hoping to grab his attention off of you.
“We can eat after.” He was pulling the wrapped pastries from your hand and lap and tossed them to the side. “Sanemi!” You whined as they bounced over to the bag of flower petals. She wasn’t kidding when she said it would help with a man’s performance, you just didn’t think they’d be strong enough to affect him just by smelling them.
“This is ridiculous, I may have to send a crow and ask for assistance.” You hoped ignoring his advances would sober him a bit…it didn’t. His hand ghosted across your abdomen, the warmth radiating through your whole body as he pulled you to him. “Please…” you were already melting as you turned to face him. You didn’t understand how this mission could turn out to be so bizarre.
Your goal of bringing him out here was so you could plan what to do next. Now he looked ready to eat you alive, mission be damned.
“I’ll beat your ass after this Sanemi.” It was hard to even focus when he began rubbing his hand up your stomach and down your thighs. “So is that a yes?” You nodded, allowing him to connect his lips to yours. Your hands snaked up his body slowly, stopping once they wrapped around his neck. You were far enough from the village that no one should catch you, you hoped at least.
He pulled you into his lap, arms wrapping tightly around your waist to keep you in place. The kiss was hot and soft, his teeth pulling at your bottom lip for entrance, which you gave him easily. He now understood how you felt the night before, burning from the inside out. He couldn’t even form coherent thoughts that aren’t about you, you were all he could think about.
Somewhere in the back of his mind he was scolding himself, there were far more important matters at hand than satisfying his hormones. Whether those flowers influence him or not. “Sanemi…” you pulled away from him just barely, allowing you room to speak as he continued to chase after your lips. “Hmm?” He could only focus on how you felt in his arms, his dick twitching to life every time you whimpered his name.
“Are you sure we won’t get caught?” He didn’t really care if you did. “I’m sure, you brought us out here so no one would see.” That wasn’t really the reason, but you couldn’t be bothered to correct him at this point. His hands trailed from your waist up your sides, resting just underneath your armpits. He pulled you closer, lips leaving yours to begin trailing down your jaw.
“Gonna mark you up…so people know you’re mine.” As if they’d need any more proof of who you clearly belonged to. “I don’t know what he was thinking… sending us on this mission.” You whimpered as Sanemi’s teeth sunk into the flesh of your neck. You didn’t have time to think about the pain as his tongue began soothing the indents he left behind.
“He was thinking ‘I’m going to find a way to make them get along.’ Maybe this whole damn thing is a setup.” Sanemi’s lips suctioned to another part of your neck, sucking on it harshly until there was a red mark left behind. He tugged the collar of your kimono down, revealing your shoulder. “I’m going to fucking carve my name into you.” You shivered, each word held a promise behind them.
“Do it.” You weren’t exactly sure why you were encouraging it, but you loved the groan you received because of it. “Do you think I can finally eat you out?” You nearly jolted off of him as his hands came up to touch your breasts. “Out here?” You felt hot all over, the drool dripping down his chin wasn’t helping your attempts to compose yourself.
“Yes. Where the fuck else? You want me running through the town with my dick hard?” You began to laugh, your moment of vulnerability being used to his advantage as he flipped you over to lay on your back. “As funny as that would be Sanemi, I think we’d get kicked out of the corps.”
“Fine by me, more time to fuck you.”
“Thank fuck that tea didn’t work on you, I think I’d have left this damn town already in shame if people heard you talking like that.” You remained on your back, watching Sanemi situate himself in front of your spread legs. “Oh get over it.” You rolled your eyes, watching his scarred hands push your kimono up to your waist. You studied his face as he eyed your clothed cunt, he was looking at you as if you were the only thing on the planet.
Sanemi pulled himself out of his daze, practically ripping your underwear off you and throwing it in the direction he’s thrown everything else. “Sanemi!” You watched them fall to the grass with a shocked look, one Sanemi chose to ignore as he settled himself on his stomach. “Sanemi, maybe this isn’t a good…” you choked on your words as his tongue slid between your lips.
You slapped a hand over your mouth out of shock, the feeling of his tongue sliding over your clit had you blinking away stars. “S-Sanemi…fuck.” You decided to just give up any logical sense you had, allowing yourself to relax into his ministrations. His tongue lapped hungrily at your clit, occasionally moving down to prod at your entrance.
You felt your thighs twitch, cunt fluttering around nothing as pleasure began rising in you. Your whole body convulsed as he wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked harshly. “C-careful!” You mewled, hands coming down to grip his hair. You could have sworn you felt his smile against you as he continued to suck on the sensitive bud.
Your hips bucked upwards as he wiggled his tongue every few sucks, you could already feel your orgasm bubbling in you. You were a bit embarrassed, you had convinced yourself the night before that your quick unravel was because of the tea. Now as you laid underneath him, with no aphrodisiac clouding your senses… you were beginning to think it was all Sanemi.
His calloused hands began massaging the flesh of your thighs, humming softly to send vibrations through you. You felt tears prick your eyes as Sanemi continued, your whole body tensing as your quickly approaching orgasm built up. You cried out his name, your breathing coming to a halt as your orgasm slammed into you. “S-stop!” You tried to pull his mouth away from you as the stimulation became too much.
It wasn’t until you clamped your thighs around his head that he pulled away, “sorry.” Clearly he wasn’t, not when he was wiping his mouth with a grin. “I hate you.” You felt laughter bubbling up in you, watching a genuine grin cover his own features. “How do you want me, my love?” He was tugging down your kimono, the lust still evident on his face.
“I want to redeem myself, sit down and let me ride you.” The look Sanemi gave you told you he didn’t have any faith in you being able to make it to the end like that. “I’m redeeming myself one way or another, so buckle up lover boy.” You kind of hated yourself for saying it, but those thoughts left your mind when his cock sprang free.
Now that you were sober, you felt the nerves. “This better snap you out of it.” You crawled over so your thighs caged in his hips, hand reaching out to use the tree behind him as leverage. “Now why is that?” You positioned his tip at your entrance, eyebrow cocking upwards. “Because we are on a mission you idiot.”
You slowly sunk down on him, pausing halfway to catch your breath. “C’mon…you took it last night, you can do it again.” His hands cupped your ass, squeezing the plump flesh through your kimono as you sunk down the rest of the way. “Don’t encourage me.” You tried taking deep even breaths, you had no idea how you were able to do this the night before.
You could feel every twitching inch of him, the shape of his head, the veins that ran along his shaft, everything.
“Why not? I thought I was being nice.” Your hand left the tree trunk, nails digging into his shoulders instead. “I told you no more until the mission was done. We barely know what’s going on here and we are falling victim to their attacks over and over.” You looked at Sanemi, trying to get him to understand the situation and your frustration. Sanemi on the other hand was having trouble hearing over the ringing in his ears.
“You are hopeless.” You began bouncing slowly, after the burning had subsided enough. You watched a dopey grin spread across his lips, making it incredibly hard to be mad at him. “I may be hopeless, but don’t act like you aren’t too.” He was absolutely right. Two of the strongest Hashira had fallen prey to lust of all things.
You began moving with purpose now, breasts bouncing as you tried to bring the man beneath you to his climax. The stimulation was breathtaking, you found it hard to even breathe at certain points with the way his cock slid in and out of you. “C’mon Sanemi…come for me…fill me up.” You kissed his lips, smiling when his hands tightened on your ass.
“You’re a loser.” He huffed, cheeks red and eyes watery. Under any other circumstances you would have loved to take your time. “Don’t act like…ha…like your dick didn’t twitch when I said that.” He closed his eyes out of embarrassment, his own release was rapidly approaching him. With each thrust of your own hips, he neared his release.
It wasn’t until he began to whine that you realized just how close he was. Was it possible for those flowers to make him sensitive as well? “Are you close?” You felt his tip spasming between your walls, his short quick huffs were the other dead giveaway. “Y-yes.” Never in a million years did you think you’d hear Sanemi’s voice sound like that.
You bounced harder, slamming your hips down over and over until the grip he had on your ass had you arching forward. “Damn…” you whined as he came, not expecting his whole body to tense so drastically. “F..feel better?” You whispered softly as he relaxed, blinking at you with lidded eyes. “I’m sorry.” You slipped off him, situating yourself and standing up.
“Don’t be sorry, we didn’t realize those flowers would have so much power. Which reminds me.” You turned from him, reaching for your underwear to slip back on while he fixed himself. “I’m going to throw this away.” You held up the pouch with disdain. “That’s probably for the best…” you found it rather charming that he was so shy after the whole ordeal.
“Here.” You tossed him one of the pastries that you had purchased earlier, turning from him as he caught it to go find a place to bury the flower petals. You returned ten minutes later to Sanemi holding the other pastry, handing it to you with a guilty look on his face. “You really feel bad don’t you?” You didn’t like seeing the usually cocky man sulking.
“I feel like I took advantage of you.”
You sat yourself beside him, opening the pastry slowly. “Sanemi, if I didn’t want that to happen I would’ve simply walked away from you. Hell I’d probably landed a few hits on you.” You took a bite, finding it rather comical at this point. “Let’s discuss our plan.” You continued when he remained quiet.
“I think the woman selling the tea is unaware of demons. I think she somehow got in contact with the innkeeper, he must have liked her enough to help her with her business. She doesn’t understand why her tea is so powerful, but it brings her money so she doesn’t question it.”
“Then why does she keep giving us free things?”
“If I had to guess, the innkeeper has interest in us. Maybe he is telling her to give us these things. I know I was partially joking when I said that man probably had peepholes in those rooms. But I think that may be the case. She gives out the tea to his guests, he gets a show later that night and then he devours whichever half of the couple he wants.”
Sanemi stood, leaving you a little dumbfounded. “Let’s go take care of him now then. Our stuff is still in our room, we can change into our uniforms and get this shit show over with. Then..maybe…we can relax.” He extended his hand for you to take, a small smile on his face. “The relax part sounds wonderful, I have a few questions to ask you when this is done.” You enjoyed the way the tips of his ears turned pink.
It turned out your guess was right.
“Demon slayers?” The man seemed absolutely shocked by the sudden revelation. You and Sanemi stood before him in your uniforms, blades drawn. “You really couldn’t tell?” Sanemi’s booming voice made him cower. “I-I…please spare me.” You couldn’t believe he wasn’t even trying to put up a fight.
“I love her…please.”
You side eyed Sanemi, your brow raised. “The fuck does that have to do with me? Wait…who?” You nearly started to laugh. “Don’t tell me, the lady that sells the tea laced with your demon blood art?” You were ready to just slice his head clean off. “Yes.” Sanemi spoke before you could, taking a step forward.
“I’m not interested in no sappy ass forbidden love. You’re going to pay for the lives you’ve stolen. Do you know how many lives you’ve ruined?” Sanemi was never one for sympathy, his blade was already swinging for the demon’s head. Any pleas fell on deaf ears as Sanemi made quick work of the man.
“Well, we can open the windows now can't we?” You watched the demon disintegrate, speeding up the process by allowing sunlight into the dusty lobby of the in. “This was more of a pain than it needed to be.” Sanemi sheathed his blade with a sigh of annoyance. “I’ll send the Master a crow. While I’m certain he’s the only one…it may be best for us to stay a bit longer and observe.”
“We can also make rounds to the people staying here, we need to make sure he didn’t get anyone.” Sanemi joined you by the window. “What about the tea lady?” Sanemi’s nose scrunched upwards “Oh fuck that woman.” You began to laugh “still not over the performance enhancers?” Sanemi lunged for you at that, leaving you to run up the stairs laughing.
“I still have to ask you my questions! Don’t kill me!” You nearly broke the key in the lock to get away from him. Sanemi followed you into the room, a smile trying to creep up his face at your giggles. “Your question may save your life. It better be good.” His arms folded as he waited “Okay okay! I promise it’s good.” You took a deep breath before asking.
“Is it too soon to say I love you?”
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Hewwo! Hope ur day is goin’ well!
Saw u needed drabble requests so here I am: the moment the demon slayer characters’ realize they’re in love with the reader
→ Fluff slight angst in Shinobu's | a/n: hello crow! I've been doing well, thank you for sending this! 14 characters are involved in this post so, hope you'll like it <3
→ Warnings; possible canon typical violence? Minor to mild manga spoilers in Shinobu's headcanon (nothing major though)
Tumblr media
• TANJIRO realizes he's fallen for you when you save Nezuko from another demon. You aren't acquainted that much with her, yet, you went out of your own way, risking your own life just to spare her from some mild injuries she could have perfectly healed within a few milliseconds. You didn't even hesitate either; you dived right in, shielding his sister from blows with your blade, summoning a special form of your breathing style. Why? That's just how you are — a caring, protective, and understanding person, and that's precisely why Tanjiro fell for you harder that day.
• ZENITSU realizes he's fallen for you when you stay despite his constant wailings. He knows all too well every day, at least once, he'll hysterically sob about something — anything — but you? You thoroughly endure it AND assist him in winding down. The only ones currently capable of doing so while withstanding their annoyance and frustration are you and Tanjiro, which is thus rare but makes it twice more important. In the end, Zenitsu can't help but fall in love with you because of how patient, helpful, and loving you are.
• INOSUKE realizes he's fallen for you when you play along to his “god of the mountains” game. Many find that ridiculous or dumb (e.g. tengen or giyu), but you respect AND intensify his enthusiasm. My lord, you'd say, a playful grin hanging onto your lips, I believe you have been called to get rid of this demon. He'd laugh loudly and proudly, smirking under his boar mask as he charged toward the creature, my minion! Great job on letting the grand Inosuke-sama deal with this! You're playful and spontaneous, but still collected, and Insouke loves you for it.
• GENYA realizes he's fallen for you when you don't judge him regardless of how he's chosen to eradicate demons. The sole option to protect his brother as he wanted was to become a demon himself. He wasn't fond of it at all, and nor was he fond of the look of disgust his transformation earned him; he just didn't have a choice. However, you offered him your consideration and compassion, caring very little about what other people thought of him, indicating you accepted him wholly. You're compassionate, attentive, and kind-hearted — you're perfect for Genya.
• KANAO realizes she's fallen for you when you push her out of her comfort zone. Quite contradictorily enough, she's grateful you do so because how else would her heart make decisions if you don't guide her first? Emotions and listening to her soul are still something very new to her, so by coaxing her into gradually trying out new things, she slowly but surely discovers many things, including what she likes and dislikes; Kanao's now found out she likes and wants you, who's such a friendly, supportive, and thoughtful person.
• SANEMI realizes he's fallen for you when you stop him from self-harming during battles. I'll injure myself. It's not like anyone's gonna care anyway, is what he used to tell himself when he'd encounter demons after losing every last loved one of his — yet, one day, to his biggest surprise, you had scolded him: what the hell were you thinking? Your marechi blood isn't your only asset; you know that better than anyone else, so don't even think of cutting yourself again. Even in a world infected with demons, you stayed strong, rational, and affectionate. Sanemi can't help but admire and love you for it.
• GYOMEI realizes he's fallen for you when you treat him normally. The blind hashira, the strongest member of the demon slayer corps, the man whose training is hell... He had had enough of that special attention; it didn't help he was a very humble person. Nevertheless, when you came into his life, you still addressed him with respect, but you didn't go as far as others would. I am but a mere human being, I am not deserving of such manners, he'd voice. You deserve such manners, maybe just not that emphasized, I believe that's what you wish? you'd add. He would smile lightly, saying, yes. Gyomei thanks Buddha Amitabah for having you, a selfless, reflective, and well-intended person.
• MUICHIRO realizes he's fallen for you when he never forgets you. Your face, your name, and your presence are all engraved in his memory (which is rare for him) — that's how he becomes aware of the importance you hold in his heart. After all, if you meant nothing, why would his heart register you as a priority? Starting from that moment, he just knows he loves you, no matter what his mind or anyone else says. And while Muichiro's occupation is dangerous, the mere thought of the intelligent, caring, and creative person you are keeps him going as he slays demons repeatedly, continuing for the sole motive of keeping others safe, but mostly you.
• MITSURI realizes she's fallen for you when you wait for her during meals. She perfectly knows she'll take way more time than ordinary people to finish her food, but she wasn't expecting you to stay with her until the end, at least at the beginning of your relationship. Most people (aside from Obanai Iguro) don't bother offering her some of their time, but you do. The only rare occurrences where you must leave before are if you ought to attend an appointment/meeting — elsewise, you don't. It means the absolute world to her because she knows she's not alone and that you welcome and adore her the way she is. Mitsuri couldn't have wished for someone more loving, generous, and determined than you.
• OBANAI realizes he's fallen for you when you strived to get to know how he really was. Despite his cold and distant demeanor, you didn't stop. Despite his introverted and reserved nature, you kept trying. And you succeeded. You reached the essence of his soul, the heart-wrenching story hidden behind his self-isolation, and what fueled his rage and self-loath. But why? Because you cared and because you wanted to get to know him, intrigued to discover how others were and why. That attention had Obanai weak to his knees, unwilling to believe someone as considerate, amiable, and hard-working as you had done so much just for him.
• KYOJURO realizes he's fallen for you when you take the time to tend to his and Senjuro's needs. The last time he and his beloved little brother had been taken care of was such a long time ago, likely when their mother was still alive and healthy. After their mother's passing, their father left them both on their own, drowning himself in some cheap sake he thought could help him. Well, it didn't, and it only made the Rengoku household more... tense. So, the day you randomly decide to check up on the Rengoku brothers, their hearts melt. Especially Kyojuro's, since you had also offered his brother some time and care. You're passionate, devoted, and altruistic — everything Kyojuro wants.
• TENGEN realizes he's fallen for you when your presence (let alone your name) can brighten up the entire Uzui household. To perceive even his wives have grown very fond of you, he can't help but smirk and proudly claim you as theirs, victorious of all the other suitors who had hoped to be with you. The four resemble teenagers in love, somehow always blushing and giggling giddily when you're around or when they hear about you. Let's just say you have quite the effect on them and that your fun-loving, ambitious, and big-hearted person has gotten the heart(s) of Tengen (and his wives).
• GIYU realizes he's fallen for you when he has the sudden urge to protect you from everything and anything. He knows how cruel and merciless this world is, and he most definitely knows he can't afford to lose you. He honestly doesn't remember when you earned all of his love and care, but he's more than willing to let you have it, knowing you hold his heart in your palm. After loads of determination and effort, he let you in. It was far from being an easy task, but what he deems harder now is letting you go. Giyu keeps on telling himself he's not enough for you — but your hard-working, brave, and reassuring self never fails to remind him how perfect he is, and that never fails to warm his heart.
• SHINOBU realizes she's fallen for you when you accept her revenge plan on upper moon two. Her method is quite radical, and as her lover, she would have expected you to be fully against it. You were and are, but ended up tolerating it in the end, accepting her desire for revenge she's been longing for. Chances are high you'll mourn and miss her tremendously — however, is it better to spend the last remaining moments you have with her fighting or loving? Shinobu herself prefers to relish your presence peacefully, knowing she'll never find such an empathetic, mature, and trustworthy person as yourself again.
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Tumblr media
I'm sorry but Shinobu's forehead has me shook
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Quiet men have the biggest d🤫
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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KNY Hashira as Cats
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
they look so friggin cute ❣
Cr. @ohagi_472, @ryosuketarou, @noraillust.
Follow them on twitter!
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