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How the Upper Moons eat 🐱
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ characters: Muzan, Kokushibo, Douma, Akaza, Gyutaro
Warnings: contains explicit smut and descriptions of pussy eating so like… if that’s shocks you clearly you didn’t read the title babes — oh also unrealistic descriptions of what a woman’s 🐱 tastes like!
Note: feeling really ambitious with day 1 of my “upper moon October” — super iffy on writing smut for Gyutaro still so that’s why his is a bit shorter… anyways enjoy :)
Tumblr media
It’s not often that he goes down on you. He really has no desire to make you come or even bring you pleasure, if you happen to get off while he’s trying to blow off some steam? So be it. However, on the rare occasion that the demon king himself offers you the wonders of his tongue, you better enjoy every second. See that’s the cruel thing about Muzan. He’s utterly phenomenal with his tongue, he knows just how to make you scream. Muzan does know where the clit is, I mean really he can’t woo human women with just his fake charms. He enjoys the way your arousal tastes, for demons it’s kind of like having a sweet. The issue is, Muzan doesn’t like sweets. So it’s really a one and done for him, so you better cherish every second of that orgasm because you won’t be getting another.
He’s quiet, mostly because his tongue is busy, but also because he’s fascinated by the faces you make. Kokushibo has one set of eyes trained on your face, the other set is trailing up your body and the third is somewhere around your cunt. His tongue is skilled, surprisingly, and it’s very fast. He’s not afraid to use his fingers either, simply gauging what you like by the nosies your cunt makes. Kokushibo is the type to suck on your clit while perfectly fucking into you with his fingers, earning satisfaction in the way your walls squelch around his digits. Kokushibo loves the taste of your arousal, greedily sucking it off his fingers after you’ve come. He’s not as selfish as Muzan and has a bit of a sweet tooth so he’ll happily go down on you a few more times. Especially if it means seeing your eyes unfocus as you come because of him.
He’s actually… going to eat you. Not only is Douma a glutton… he’s utterly sadistic. If anyone is going to get pussy drunk, it’s going to be him. Douma could spend a literally eternity between your thighs, happily lapping at your clit until you are oozing all over him. He’s addicted not only to your sugary sweet taste but the way your cunt feels against his tongue. Douma gets a bit lost at times, his tongue trailing over to the supple skin of your thighs. Well… he simply can’t help himself, razor sharp teeth scraping at the skin until it threatens to break. To distract you from any pain, he’ll have at least two fingers inside of you, massaging your g-spot until you are crying out of pleasure and pain. Douma is also huge on eating you out when you’re on your period, so I don’t think that comes as a surprise to many. Quite literally it’s a two-for-one deal with him and he usually won’t try and eat any other parts of you in the process. 
He will do everything in his power to make sure you are utterly fucked out on his tongue alone. Akaza loves taking you while you are on your back, his fingers spreading your thighs apart while his tongue greedily laps and sucks at your clit and folds. He loves to tease you, watching as you lose more and more of yourself to the pleasure he is giving you. Akaza is all about sloppy head, both giving and receiving and he has quite the sweet tooth as well. Unlike Douma, we know Akaza refuses to hurt women. The most pain he’d ever cause you while doing down is overstimulating you. Akaza gets off to you calling his name, finding the twitching of your cunt under his mouth all the more satisfying. Akaza hates to admit it, but he’s willing to beg you… he’d do anything to be able to spend hours buried between your thighs.
Absolutely devious. He’s simply not going to give you what you want, at all … if ever. Gyutaro loves to embarrass you, he loves to see tears fill your eyes as you quietly beg him to do something… anything. If you even manage to get him down there, don’t expect his tongue until the very end. Gyutaro needs his mouth free so he can bully you the whole time he scissors you open with two fingers. He knows how good you must taste, listening to Douma talk about his sexual endeavors used to peak Gyutaro’s interest. Then, he found you, someone to fulfill his desires. Yet he couldn’t seem to stop bullying you, even when he finally gave in and buried his head between your legs. Even then, he’s still teasing with feathery light flicks of his tongue. Not stopping until you are trembling and coming from barely any contact at all.
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KNY Hashira as Cats
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
they look so friggin cute ❣
Cr. @ohagi_472, @ryosuketarou, @noraillust.
Follow them on twitter!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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calywitsune · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Azumi was very nervous to meet the Master, but he had requested Kyojuro bring her to make acquaintance. Her nerves were very quickly quelled by how kind he was~
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Kyojuro Rengoku x F!Reader
Tumblr media
- this is my first time posting for the key fandom >-< i'm taking requests for any of the characters!
- i will absolutely not write for any of the minor characters, ranging from the Kamaboko squad, Muichiro, Daki, or etc!
- I hope you enjoy and if possible, please give feedback to let me know what i can improve or change! thank you!
my eyes were half lidded, vision hazy, a thin layer of sweat coated my flushed skin. my mouth felt dry as i swept my tongue over my swollen lips, panting lightly in the process.
it was always a gamble when it came to sex with kyojuro, never knowing which position or kink you'll land on for the night. it's how i ended up in this position, doggy style, with his fingers digging into the soft plush skin of my thighs.
bruises and red marks lingered on my ass, back, the inside and outside of my thighs. crescent marks engraved into the skin around my hips and thighs that were scarlet in tone.
the milky cum dripping down my thighs made me groan lowly at the stickiness coating my skin, he yanked my hips back even harder to meet his thrusts.
each thrust sounding like a wet smack as his thigh collided with mine, cum coated balls smacking against my puffy, neglected clit each time.
low groans and grunts spilled from his mouth as he shot one of his hands up to tangle in my hair, his calloused and rough fingers brushed over my scalp gently for a moment. he bunched my hair up and yanked my head back, making a throaty grunt escape from me.
"doing so good for me tonight, pretty." he grunted lowly in my ear as he relentlessly continued to thrust, faltering for just a moment before picking up his pace once more.
"you want me to breed you? tummy bulging with all my cum? hm? your cute little cunt overflowing?" he chuckled softly, biting down on the lobe of my ear gently.
a wail flew from my mouth as the coil in my stomach grew even tighter, babbles of nonsense flying from my mouth at that point.
"come on, pretty girl, just a little more." he groaned and released my hair, letting me fall back into the previous position. my fingers couldn't even grasp the sheets properly, seeing as he grabbed both hands and held them behind my back.
pained gasps, whines, cries, babbles, and pleas left my mouth, drool dripping down the sides of it. he was enjoying watching the way i trembled and begged beneath him, my pussy spasming and quivering at the dominance and praise.
one hand held both of my wrists tightly, while another slipped between my arousal coated thighs to play with my puffy clit. the coil snapped, my eyes rolling back into my head as he pinched at my clit gently.
i creamed all over his cock for the last time that night, heavy breaths were all that fell from my mouth. he didn't let up though, thrusting until he reached his own release, pushing his hips flush against mine to shoot thick ropes of warm, white, sticky cum against the overly sensitive gummy walls.
he pulled out and watched me fall right on my belly, a ring of cream coating the base of his cock and his balls. he cooed softly at the little dribble of his cum dripping from my gaping hole, using his fingers to push it back in.
"how cute." he smiled, moving his hands up to gently rub at my sore ass.
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Tumblr media
✨ "Things are going to get real flashy!" ✨
~*~ New PRINTS available in my shop !! 👀 ✨
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Доброго времени суток) Вот и подошло время выложить данную работу в цвете. Из разряда "Арт с душой". Программа: Paint Tool SAI Планшет: Wacom Intuos
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Muzan x Fem! Reader
Warnings: rough sex, dub-con, creampies, praising, restraints, marking, gore?
Note: the first piece for Upper Moon October! Of course I had to start with Muzan cause I’ve never written for him before. Hopefully over the course of this month I’m able to capture his character a bit better! For now, enjoy!
Word count: 822
Tumblr media
You were squirming, sweat dripping down your temple as you fought to keep yourself quiet. “Not a single fucking peep.” Your teeth sunk so harshly into the side of your cheek you tasted blood. You kept your eyes trained on his face, knowing better than to look away from the man pounding into you.
Your hands were pinned to the mattress, you couldn’t move them even if you wanted to. Crimson eyes, midnight black hair, skin so milky it glowed in the moonlight. Even if he wasn’t sweaty you were certain Muzan would glow either way. “You… you should be fucking thanking me.”
It was a husky growl, bending down so his mouth was pressing to your ear as his hips forced their way back and forth, cock plunging deeply over and over. “You’re trying so fucking hard to be good for me.” You wanted to make a sound, acknowledge him so he wouldn’t stop.
Yet you knew if you did, he’d leave all together. So you just continued as you were, squirming and struggling to keep your legs around his waist. “Keep it up and maybe I’ll reward you.” Your back arched, walls squeezing around him in hopes of showing him your enthusiasm.
He was leaning back now, letting you take in the sight of his sweaty face. It rather shocked you that one of his two commands was for you to remain silent. Muzan seemed like the type to get off on praise, begging, crying. Yet he wanted you to remain silent and keep eye contact. Those were his only two orders, if you obeyed? You’d be rewarded.
If you were to disobey? You’d likely pay with your life.
So you took it, copper taste coating your tongue as slick squelching sounds came from your cunt every time he pulled back out. His girth was splitting you open, the dull head kissing your cervix every time he pressed his hips into yours. It was so intense it was making your legs shake, thighs so tense that they threatened to cramp.
It was killing you to remain silent, especially with the way tears began to blur your vision as he seemingly sped up his pace. The bed would surely give in under the pressure, each thrust had your breasts jiggling almost painfully. You wanted nothing more than to shield yourself, still not over the embarrassment of being naked before the man you bowed to.
Though his cock slipping in and out of you was apparently easier to deal with than him seeing your bare breasts.
“You’re coming again…aren’t you?” You nodded, eyes threatening to close as pleasure swept over your abused body, littered in bruises that refused to heal. You watched through blurry eyes as a smirk spread over his face. “Good girl.” You hadn’t broken his two rules yet, even as you came for… a number you were too far gone to remember.
Muzan never slowed, his breathing was calm despite the rigorous way his hips were moving. If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought he wasn’t enjoying himself. Instead, you were steadily encouraged by the way you’d feel him twitch, cock throbbing continuously while your walls suctioned to him. Not even he could resist pleasure.
“You’re doing well…” he cooed, leaning down to press his lips to your ear. “What shall your reward be?” He drawled, you could partially hear the smirk on his lips. “My cum? Or my blood? What would you prefer?” His question nearly shocked a gasp out of you. “I’ll give you permission, since you did so well tonight. You may speak only one word.” He pulled away, just enough to see your face.
You swallowed, mouth opening and closing as you thought of your answer. Meekly you uttered “both.” And then you held your breath again, waiting for the potentially catastrophic outcome. Instead, you were met with a laugh. “Greedy? After everything I’ve given you tonight?” Maybe that wasn’t the right answer.
“Since you are so eager to consume what I have to offer you…”
It hit you all at once, toned hips slamming harshly into your sore thighs one last time as he spilled his release into your greedy cunt. All the while, he was jamming a finger in your neck, earning a shrill cry as he pumped more of his blood into you.
Muzan’s head fell backwards, your cunt squeezing him harsher than you had the entire night as your body thrashed against the sheets. Seconds of silence passed as you writhed, chest contracting almost painfully as your body attempted to adjust to the liquids that had just been put into it.
“I’m waiting for my thank you.” He whispered, deadly serious as he glared down at your pathetic form. Quiet and rough you muttered “thank you.” Finally letting your eyes close as he pulled himself out.
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demoiselettes · a day ago
Tumblr media
He tells himself that under no circumstances is he in love with you, that you are nothing more than another demon slayer, kakushi or civilian among many.
Yet he finds himself staying up late at night and cursing himself with his palm covering his eyes because the reason why he can’t sleep is because his mind is racing with thoughts of you.
Bonus: the next day, when asked why he has bags under his eyes, he can only shoot you a half-hearted glare much to your dismay and confusion.
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa, Genya Shinazugawa, Iguro Obanai, Giyuu Tomioka.
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taniavttv · 2 days ago
Gyomei Sweet BF HeadCannon
This wasn’t request I wanted to write for the other KNY males. I had this idea please enjoy as always. Request are open
Tumblr media
🗿This man loves you so much He loves it when you touch his amazing build muscular body
🗿When he heard you became a Hashira he will give you a big bear hug and pick you to kiss you passionately
🗿This man loves holding your hands so much he kisses your hands and rubs them even if his are bigger he loves your hands
🗿He’ll give you his Haori to wear even if it’s a big size he wants you to feel comfortable
🗿He let’s you sit on his lap and loves to touch your hair and play with it
🗿At night you two always cuddle, He loves holding you close to him and loves it when you touch his chest.
🗿He loves giving you forehead kisses (His favorite spot to kiss you)
🗿He loves it when you two mediate and pray together
🗿Loves to talk with you about his day and you also tell him about you day too.
🗿He always loves to listen to you
🗿He is protective of you because he loves you and wants you to be safe
🗿When you go on missions he kisses you goodbye and hugs you. He cares about you so much he prays for you to be safe and sends a crow to check on you
🗿When you both return from a mission, You run up to him and hug him as he picks you up and hugs you tight that you two kiss passionately
🗿Loves to give you a bouquet of flowers or a beautiful pendant, or a bracelet to match him
🗿When the Hashiras meet outside He loves it when you sit next to him and he holds your hands during the entire meeting so you can feel comfortable
🗿He loves to go on dates that are calm and relaxing like a picnic
🗿When pillars have their gathering He loves how you sit in front of him so he can touch you beautiful hair.
🗿Loves when you two walk together and hold hands this is calming to him
🗿He is like a teddy bear, He loves giving you big bear hugs
🗿Loves to telling you everyday he love you “I love you so much my dear Y/N” and he kisses you
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shadowofroses · 17 hours ago
Under The Sakura Tree
Demon Slayer
Pairing: Older!Tanjiro x Reader
Warning: Fluff, 18+ Tanjiro, Gender Neutral Reader, Reader is reading suggestive Material
Summery: Reader is reading a romance novel under a Sakura Tree, and Tanjiro comes over to rest with them. Reader tries to lie about what they are reading, and that they are sick, causing Tanjiro to lightly tease them.
Characters Aged up to 18, cause of the Romance novel, but not specified in the story.
Tanjiro sighed, walking over to where you were by a tree. You were sitting on the roots of a Sakura tree, as you were reading a novel in English. He placed Nezuko’s box down, “May I join you?”
You glanced up, tucking a stray hair behind your ear. “You know you don’t need to ask Tanjiro.” He only smiled, taking a seat next to you, shoulders touching, causing your heart to skip a little. You shook your head telling yourself off in your mind. You didn’t need to go off thinking of romantic notions of your good friend.
“What are you reading?”
Of course he’d ask, you blushed lightly, you panicked for some reason and lied, “Just some mystery…nothing too interesting.”
Tanjiro blinked, sniffing the air, “Huh?” He wasn’t used to you lying to him. He glanced at your face as you kept your eyes to the page, your cheeks still pink. The same look he recalled catching Zenitsu having when he was doing something he shouldn’t have. Tanjiro only hummed, moving around till he was laying his head in your lap so that he could glance at the cover of the book. You internally panicked, and slammed it shut and went to put it to the side. He reached up and took your wrist in his calloused hands. “Are you alright? You seem a little warm. Your face is all red.” He teased as he took the book out of your hand.
You gulped. “I may be coming down with a cold…”
Another lie.
Tanjiro gave you a knowing look, causing you to twitch. He looked at the cover, seeing the image of a couple holding each other close and kissing. “Interesting cover for a Mystery Novel. Can you read it to me?” Your face went redder, the question causing you to squeak and hide your face in your hands. He reached to pull one hand back down to his chest, “Hm? Why are you embarrassed?”
You closed your eyes and reached to take the book back, “Be…because I lied…I’m sorry Tanjiro…”
Tanjiro blinked, looking up at you almost innocently, “What is there for you to lie about? It’s just a book.”
You opened your eyes, but refused to look down at him. “It’s…a romance novel.” Tanjiro tilted his head in your lap, “About a couple of friends who were adventuring…and they fell in love.”
This time he reached up to cup your face, and you felt your face burn at his touch. Or maybe you were just blushing hard in general. He guided your face to look down at his. “I’d still like to hear you read.”
You shook your head, “Um…It’s uh…at the point where they make love, and…uh I don’t feel right with Nezuko beside us.”
Tanjiro blinked, coming to a realization of why you were embarrassed to admit to what you were reading. “I see.”
It hit close to home. You moved your one hand down to run it through his sun kissed locks subconsciously. “I'll never make it past this part anyway, I’ll try reading it another day.”
You two weren’t romantically involved, the two of you were each other's comfort. Or at least that is what you thought. The two of you cuddled at times, extended hugs, no embarrassment shown when holding hands and being guided somewhere. The both of you cared for each other and would more than happily put each other's lives on the line for each other. Infact, you both have. Tanjiro had fallen asleep in your lap before, against your shoulder, and you have fallen asleep in his arms before.
You admired Tanjiro, and highly respected him. Yes, your heart beated faster around him at times. Your grin never faltered. He calms you down when upset, and keeps you grounded. You could comfortably state that you had feelings for him. Probably not outloud. You didn’t want to do anything unless you knew he felt the same. While you knew he was comfortable with you, comfort didn’t equate to returning feelings.
You looked down to Tanjiro finally, and your breath hitched when his eyes stared up at you affectionately. Your head felt fuzzy, fuwafuwa, as if you were high up in the clouds. Tanjiro finally pulled his hand away from your face and went to sit up, turning to angle himself towards you before, he reached for your cheek again.
Tanjiro watched as you gulped, “You don’t have to lie to me. I won’t judge you.” leaning forward he kissed you on the forehead tentatively. “Sorry, it felt right to do.”
Did your brain just shut down or have a short circuit or did Tanjiro kiss your forehead? “Fe…felt right to do?!” you squeaked. He rubbed the back of his neck laughing nervously. You blushed slightly, “You don…don’t need to apologize for that…”
You glanced into his eyes, noticing they shifted a little, giving you a sheepish look, “Then…can I do it again?”
You nodded, and this time he leaned forward cupping your cheek, and bringing you in for a soft kiss. Slowly pulling away you tried to chase his lips, whining slightly. Tanjiro chuckled, kissing your nose lightly before maneuvering himself to sit beside you again, making it so that you could lean your head against his shoulder, and he could lean his head against yours. Kissing your hair when you sighed in content.
The two of you stayed there till sunset, when you both dozed off. Nezuko scratched at the door on her box, causing it to open up. She crawled out, and looked around, humming and tilting her head when she saw the two of you asleep with each other. Internally she was screaming how cute you two looked, before she went to crawl into both of your laps, and just laid across the both of you. She moved one of your hands and placed it on her head as she closed her eyes in content.
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kinktober day one. even though this was posted at 1:15am we're counting it!
Akaza x reader
warnings: underage blogs DNI, slowburn, jealously, fingering, unprotected sex, mating press, cervix fucking, & squirting.
Tumblr media
Deep in the chilling mountains stood a homely, rustic Inn. The only sight of civilization for miles. With busting winds and heavy snows got in the way of Sun coming up anytime soon. Good thing for Akaza because he's been scrambling for shelter for a few hours now. If he was in a warmer climate there'd be no hope for him. He could see the chimney billowing out smoke, and seen a warm, dim lighting seeping through the cracks of the shutters and door. At this moment he didn't care if the sight of him scared the patrons of the Inn. If they have a problem with him, they can be his breakfast.
He enters the Inn, with a ring of the bell alerting his presence to you beautiful, young woman in furs pouring a cup of tea to a man who's back is to him. "Just take a seat anywhere and I'll be right with you." you said while finishing up filling the man's cup, and finally able to make eye contact with Akaza. He was expecting a fearful look in your eye, for you to cower in fear. But you didn't, at least not yet "You.. sure?" he questions. You shown with no indication of fear, no quiver to your voice when you said "Of course" with a smile. He just stood there shock and dumfounded. You walked over to add another log into the fire. Once finished you turned over to notice he was still standing there.
You give a sigh, "You're not the first of your kind to be here, and you're certainly not the last." You proceed to gesture to the man you just served. He turned his head to give Akaza a wave, with long fingers with sharp claws. And deep, green eyes that resembled a snake's. The moment he read 'Upper Three' in Akaka's golden eyes, he proceeded to tense up, stood straight up, and gave a bow. "I-Its and honor, sir" he said still bowed over, trembling. "your good." Akaza waved off the suck up, in a disinterest tone. Akaza proceeded to sit by the fire to embrace the warm flame, even though the warmth isn't needed. You proceeded to hand him a wool blanket for comfort. Then bend over start to pour him a cup of Tea. Which shown a shown your cleavage, despite to be covered in furs. He gave a flustered thanks, while blushing and trying his best to avert his glaze, and took a gulp of your homemade tea. Which taste of citrus and.. blood, animal blood to be exact. He definitely believe you know that the lower demon and himself weren't your first demonic customers. "This.. taste great, thank you, ma'am." which made you giggled. "No need to be so formal, I'm just an Innkeeper who serves anyone who stops by, I'm assuming you need a room until sunset?" you asked. "Uh.. yea" he replied starstruck still surprised a beautiful human could easily accept his existence and company. "Alrighty I'll grab your key, feel free to pay after your drink." you said with a gorgeous smile and walked off to your counter. And all he can do is watch after you, seeing your hips sway despite your layers.
After his first encounter with you, Akaza has become a regular patron of yours. He's been visiting you for half a year. Whenever he's able too, even if it's an inconvenience for him. He even almost burned to a crisp rushing up the mountain too see you, now that summer is here. He knows the risk but he cant pass off your warmth. Especially now you've change your wardrobe from thick wools and furs. To skirts and shorts that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. he'll never admit it but it's definitely his guilty pleasure to watch you real closely whenever you lean over to serve anyone or himself. Whether he gets a peak of your lace panties you seem to always wear, or the matching bra he'll see when you bend down to serve him tea. He'll drink copious amounts of tea, despite the downgrade from human blood to animal blood.
He used to always judge men, for being so weak with their urges. To the point that they'd be creeps, now look at him stooping to their level. He's never felt this attracted to anyone before, not even his late fiancé. He certainly loved her and respect her, But something about you is absolutely ravishing. Not only that but your so sweet, funny, and charismatic. He feels the need to be in your company constantly. But sadly he can't keep you to himself, especially since Douma has caught wind of his extra circular activities.
Which completely enrages them, Douma notice Akaza's changed an demeanor. And of course took it upon himself to figure out way. In doing so he's been having quite fun pushing Akaka's buttons relentlessly. By lingering his hands on your hips while he passes you, to holding your hands awfully long whenever you pour him a cup of tea, To paying you in extravagant jewels and kimonos that would compliment your features. Which makes Akaza want to rip his head and throw it out the window on a sunny day. Knowing that Douma's trying to win your heart just so he can defile you, and kill you. Whenever he sees you in the same room with Douma, he will refuse to leave until Douma does. if he arrives to your Inn, to walk into Douma's scent not only around but on you does to his handsy self. He'll stay for a hole week till he's sure Douma's busy with his cult.
Which leaves him sitting by the fire, clutching on to his cup so tight its starting to crack, visibly shaking with rage. Watching you fall into Douma's lap, due to an 'accidentally tripping over something' due to it being orchestrated by Douma himself. Of course Douma used this 'opportunity' to catch you with his hands grasping your thighs, surprisingly your skirt isn't showing your panties, despite it being rid up so high that its almost getting to that point. Which gave douma the courage to start whispering dirty pick up lines in your ear, in making you blushing beet red. "Uh.. L-let me go" you gulped out "gr-grab your tab.. for you" you muster out while slipping out of his lap. Scurrying off to go behind your counter while Douma lets out a chuckle. While maintaining unsettling eye contact with Akaza across the room, bring his tea to his smirking lips, and giving Akaza a wink. Which resulting in Akaza shattering his cup, and spilling his blood on his pants. Which brought out a busting laugh from Douma.
You turn to see what the commotion is all about. You proceeded to let out a gasp when you see the blood pouring from Akaza's hand. You rush over to him and quickly grab his wrist and whip out a rag from your apron to wrap around his hand. "It's alright. I've healed already" he says while gentling grabbing your hand of the rag to take off. You looked down, your eyes widening in surprise. Blushing for being an idiot for forgetting. Which made a gentle smile graze Akaza's face, he couldn't resist with how cute your blushing face is. "W-well your pants are ruined! You must come with me, I have an extra pair for you" you explained. You grabbed his hand and proceeded to pull him out of his chair, leading him upstairs to your room. Which honestly made his undead heart skip a beat to you inviting him to your room.
Upon enter room, he scanned the room to see your taste. Furs on the bed, an large collection of herbs and candles, a dying fire from the hearth, dried flowers over the mantle, & a large brown bear skin run in front of the fireplace. "Go on and take a seat on the bed" you said while opening a large chest in the corner. "You wouldn't even believe how many people leave their pants in the room, to be never returned." you searched through while grabbing a few pairs. Bringing them over for Akaza to review while you take a seat beside him. "T-thank you" he says while looking through the pants, always surprised with how much kindness you treat him.
"So.. what drove you to hurt yourself" you asked, which made look like a deer about to get trampled. You two proceeded to sit in silence, staring at each other. He went through a whole list of excuses running through his thoughts. But watching the warm light from the fire glaze over your face, make your eyes glow so beautifully. He decided to tell the truth "I didn't like watching Douma flirting with you" he said while looking away into the fire. "H-how come?" you asked with a nervous gulp and blush. Your heart fluttering hoping he's going to say what you've been wishing for. After bonding and getting to know him for the past few months. "Because he's a prick trying to get with you to make me jealous" he said angering, while glaring into the fire. You wanted to comfort Akaza, you really did. But you couldn't help but smile. "Does.. Does this mean you like me?" you ask hopefully. Which caught him off guard, so he turn to look at you. Expecting an interrogation, instead witnessing the most beautiful smile. "Y-Yes, I really do"
If you weren't sitting, you'd be jumping. You had the most giddiest smile, you just couldn't wait no longer. You grab his muscular shoulder, and lock lips with him. Honestly Akaza needed to reboot for a minute, he was wide eye, trying to process what just happened. Once coming to his senses, he grabbed your waist with left and ran his right through your hair, Deeping himself into the kiss while pulling you closer.
After a few minutes of making out, he gently laid you down onto the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. Slipping his hand up your skirt and in between your plush thighs. Rubbing against your folds with your wet panties blocking complete access. Which released a breathy moan from you. Which encourage him to rub circles on your clits, bringing out more moans from you. While a tight tent grows against his bloody pants. He moves from your lips to your neck licking and sucking, searching for your sweet spot. In the haze of this you didn't realize he moved your panties to the side until he was already a knuckle deep into. Pushing he's finger passed your folds and deeper into you. Which gave an unexpecting loud moan from you.
Akaza gave an aroused groan from that wonderful sound. In half a second he manage to rip off the front of your shirt and bra. Releasing your breasts from their confinement, making them bounce. He immediately took one in his mouth and grabbed the other with his free hand, giving it a soft squeeze. You couldn't believe this was happening, it made your heart swell that you finally got what you've wanted. Since living in the secluded part of the mountains can be awfully boring. At this moment instead of adding a second finger, he added three. Which practically got you screaming. Akaza couldn't care less in being gentle anymore. He has such a huge ego boost, He wants to make sure Douma hears EVERYTHING from downstairs. So he knows he doesn't get the satisfaction to bring such pleasure to you.
His tent in his pants started to get very uncomfortable, if his pants had a zipper and he wasn't a demon. His little fighter would be a goner. Since he knows you won't let him leave in the pants he's been wearing, there's no point in keeping them intact. He proceeded to pause what he was doing to literally rip off his own pants, the same way he ripped of your shirt. You prop yourself on your elbows, to get a look. You couldn't help but bite your lip while looking up at him on his knees. Starring at his seven inch, veiny member. You'd be more nervous of his girth if you've haven't been anticipating this for so long.
He got on all fours, his hands resting beside either sides of your head. He gave you a fury of gentle kisses, while he teases his tip against your entrance. Rubbing his precum against your folds, then started to rub it against your clit. Bringing out breathy moans from you, since the rest of your voice was trapped in your throat.
After enough teasing he couldn't wait, his animal instincts took over. We went all in, bottoming out in one go. Which let out a scream out of you, since you weren't prepared. With no chance of adjusting but you don't blame him. You've both have been waiting too long. He grabbed on your hips and went at it, no mercy. He had to hold on you tight, otherwise he'd push your head into the fire.
You'd be embarrassed of how quick he got your legs shaking, if you weren't so focus of his girth rubbing against all your walls. He got up on his knees, to flip your legs over his shoulders. Holding onto your thighs making them bruise. Angling his hips upwards hitting your G-spot, over and over. Having you a screaming, panting mess, while your eyes roll over into the back of your head. As he's watching your tits bounces so aggressively, he's watching you struggle find anything to grasp onto. Settling to grab onto the bearskin rug your laying on. "Ugh-FUCK!" Akaza groans out loudly. "By Muzan your so fucking tight, I can't believe I've waited this long" Akaza exclaims.
As he's about to reach his high and by the looks of you being a babbling mess, your about to as well. He folds your legs against your your test, making your tits squish together making them look fantastic. This angle make his tip kiss your cervix perfectly, making you sequel. He pounds into your cervix repeating, to the point your gushing fluids all over his cock, soaking his chest. Which makes you blush so read that you start to cover your face and arousing him so much that he release the good ole dad sneeze. Milking your cunt so good, to the point its starting to cream that the base. Once your highs have been ridden. He pulls out and spreads your legs to was his cum to start dripping to your anus. Before it can he fingers it back up to your pussy and pushes it back in. Then proceeds to lay beside you on the rug. Pulling your hands away from your face and giving them a kiss in reassurance.
"Don't worry, that was the hottest thing I've ever seen" he tells you, earning another blush from you. You giggled and cuddle up to him "That- was amazing". "I'm glad you've enjoyed yourself" He smirks while putting his hands through your hair. "Now if you don't mind, I'd appreciate if we go again. To assure that Douma doesn't bother you no more." Which made you give him a smirk, as you sit up to straddle his lap. "Why of course I don't mind" you then give him a deep kiss.
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