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javisbutt · 2 days ago
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this show has me on a chokehold so strong i started making aus out of it. help me
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xxsabitoxx · a day ago
How the Upper Moons eat 🐱
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ characters: Muzan, Kokushibo, Douma, Akaza, Gyutaro
Warnings: contains explicit smut and descriptions of pussy eating so like… if that’s shocks you clearly you didn’t read the title babes — oh also unrealistic descriptions of what a woman’s 🐱 tastes like!
Note: feeling really ambitious with day 1 of my “upper moon October” — super iffy on writing smut for Gyutaro still so that’s why his is a bit shorter… anyways enjoy :)
Tumblr media
It’s not often that he goes down on you. He really has no desire to make you come or even bring you pleasure, if you happen to get off while he’s trying to blow off some steam? So be it. However, on the rare occasion that the demon king himself offers you the wonders of his tongue, you better enjoy every second. See that’s the cruel thing about Muzan. He’s utterly phenomenal with his tongue, he knows just how to make you scream. Muzan does know where the clit is, I mean really he can’t woo human women with just his fake charms. He enjoys the way your arousal tastes, for demons it’s kind of like having a sweet. The issue is, Muzan doesn’t like sweets. So it’s really a one and done for him, so you better cherish every second of that orgasm because you won’t be getting another.
He’s quiet, mostly because his tongue is busy, but also because he’s fascinated by the faces you make. Kokushibo has one set of eyes trained on your face, the other set is trailing up your body and the third is somewhere around your cunt. His tongue is skilled, surprisingly, and it’s very fast. He’s not afraid to use his fingers either, simply gauging what you like by the nosies your cunt makes. Kokushibo is the type to suck on your clit while perfectly fucking into you with his fingers, earning satisfaction in the way your walls squelch around his digits. Kokushibo loves the taste of your arousal, greedily sucking it off his fingers after you’ve come. He’s not as selfish as Muzan and has a bit of a sweet tooth so he’ll happily go down on you a few more times. Especially if it means seeing your eyes unfocus as you come because of him.
He’s actually… going to eat you. Not only is Douma a glutton… he’s utterly sadistic. If anyone is going to get pussy drunk, it’s going to be him. Douma could spend a literally eternity between your thighs, happily lapping at your clit until you are oozing all over him. He’s addicted not only to your sugary sweet taste but the way your cunt feels against his tongue. Douma gets a bit lost at times, his tongue trailing over to the supple skin of your thighs. Well… he simply can’t help himself, razor sharp teeth scraping at the skin until it threatens to break. To distract you from any pain, he’ll have at least two fingers inside of you, massaging your g-spot until you are crying out of pleasure and pain. Douma is also huge on eating you out when you’re on your period, so I don’t think that comes as a surprise to many. Quite literally it’s a two-for-one deal with him and he usually won’t try and eat any other parts of you in the process. 
He will do everything in his power to make sure you are utterly fucked out on his tongue alone. Akaza loves taking you while you are on your back, his fingers spreading your thighs apart while his tongue greedily laps and sucks at your clit and folds. He loves to tease you, watching as you lose more and more of yourself to the pleasure he is giving you. Akaza is all about sloppy head, both giving and receiving and he has quite the sweet tooth as well. Unlike Douma, we know Akaza refuses to hurt women. The most pain he’d ever cause you while doing down is overstimulating you. Akaza gets off to you calling his name, finding the twitching of your cunt under his mouth all the more satisfying. Akaza hates to admit it, but he’s willing to beg you… he’d do anything to be able to spend hours buried between your thighs.
Absolutely devious. He’s simply not going to give you what you want, at all … if ever. Gyutaro loves to embarrass you, he loves to see tears fill your eyes as you quietly beg him to do something… anything. If you even manage to get him down there, don’t expect his tongue until the very end. Gyutaro needs his mouth free so he can bully you the whole time he scissors you open with two fingers. He knows how good you must taste, listening to Douma talk about his sexual endeavors used to peak Gyutaro’s interest. Then, he found you, someone to fulfill his desires. Yet he couldn’t seem to stop bullying you, even when he finally gave in and buried his head between your legs. Even then, he’s still teasing with feathery light flicks of his tongue. Not stopping until you are trembling and coming from barely any contact at all.
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Hi! Can I request yandere Kyojuro and yandere obanai dinding out their s/o doesn't truly love them. They do what ever they want. Sexual intercourse, dates and all of the above. But not because they love them but because its beneficial to have a hashira on their side and that its more or less not a good idea to get on their bad side.
Yandere Obanai Iguro
Tumblr media
Obanai wouldn't be surprised to learn this.
Obanai sees himself as dirty and completely worthless.
It's because of his family and how they treated him.
So no this doesn't surprise him.
Still, it makes him a little sad.
Of course Obanai would want your love.
Because he really loves you.
However, he is somewhat happy at the same time.
Even if you don't love him, you still want to be with him.
That would be something.
Obanai doesn't understand why you would fear his wrath.
He could never hurt you.
The worst punishment Obanai would give would be to lock you alone in a room.
He can't even imagine hurting you.
He thinks you're perfect.
Obanai will surely try to change this.
He's trying to show that you don't have to be afraid of him.
This may not be true love.
But he will certainly try to make it so.
Yandere Kyojuro Rengoku
Tumblr media
Kyojuro is sure to be aware of this.
But his yandere brain is steadfastly trying to block this information.
His brain is trying to convince you that you love him.
You have to.
Why else would you be so gentle with him?
Why else would you be so loving?
Why else would you be so sweet to him.
He doesn't understand that people can do such things just for the benefits.
Actually, refusing his marriage offer is not even possible.
Because it's not even presented to you, instead it's presented to your parents.
On the outside, Kyojuro seems like a wealthy, brave and decent man.
So of course your parents agree.
Kyojuro interprets this as your love for him.
If you didn't love him Rengoku would try to change this.
You can be sure that he will become X2 times more clingy than normal.
He might even cancel his work to spend time with you.
This becomes his new obsession.
And he won't stop until you've got Stockholm Syndrome.
Sorry that was typo. I meant...
And he won't stop until you've really love him.
Because there's nothing wrong with falling in love with a crazy yandere
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marsicons · 2 days ago
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Demon Slayer Halloween icons
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lukellios · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
/rattles the bars of my cage
#demonslayer #kimetsunoyaiba
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noisylovepatrol · 2 days ago
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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba BD Bonus
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ask-kiyanah · 18 hours ago
*there's a snap and a light bell ringing noise from outside.*
(Kaito again)
Wh—Hello?! She says frantically as she turns around. Who are youuu?!
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zubbue · a day ago
Giyu Tomioka non-con smut | x Fem!reader
Warnings: non-con,creampie. . .
Tumblr media
“Please look at me. . . Oh thank god darling. You made me think I did something wrong.”
He didn’t bother to tie you up as his body fully dominated yours. His weight forcefully keeping you in place as he folded you into a mating press. His throbbing cock pounding inside of you over and over again. Your body exhausted as he cock continued to fill you up with his seed.
Your screams were no longer heard as he shushed you the whole time. Telling you it would start to feel good soon and their is no reason to be afraid. Your voice was scratchy from all of your cry’s and please for him to stop.
Your eyes were tightly held shut as dried tears stuck on your face, refusing to make eye contact with him. Your cry’s as well as his grunts filled the room.
Your body felt used as he continued to pound his hips into you.
“Please look at me…”
A soft whine heard from the man fucking you.
You couldn’t move, to exhausted, to sore. Your legs felt sticky. You wanted to scream.
You felt his speed increased. His speed going faster each second to get your attention. His cock soon rubbed apon your sensitive spot.
Your eyes shot open as a whine escaped your lips. More tears pouring out of you as your eyes met his.
A soft smile came to his face as he looked into your eyes filled with fear. Speaking softly he presses a kiss to your wet face.
“Oh thank god darling. You made me think I did something wrong.”
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ask-the-stone-hashira · a day ago
Kiyanah approaches Gyomei after a long evening with him and a terrible night fighting demons, Are you ready to go visit my siblings? She asks groggily
Do you perhaps think that you should wait when you're less tired my love?
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lelee-tdn · a day ago
There’s something about a demon that can be so babygirl
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ok but this is how my usual style looks like but I wanted to try for the 1st time that method of greyscale coloring and Idk how to feel about it lmaooo I felt like I rendered his skin like 6 times 😭 welp at least the color palette looks nice.
Tumblr media
Anyways why I’m telling you this I know you’re focusing in other stuff 👀 I see you
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calywitsune · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Azumi was very nervous to meet the Master, but he had requested Kyojuro bring her to make acquaintance. Her nerves were very quickly quelled by how kind he was~
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xxsabitoxx · a day ago
Muzan x Fem! Reader
Warnings: rough sex, dub-con, creampies, praising, restraints, marking, gore?
Note: the first piece for Upper Moon October! Of course I had to start with Muzan cause I’ve never written for him before. Hopefully over the course of this month I’m able to capture his character a bit better! For now, enjoy!
Word count: 822
Tumblr media
You were squirming, sweat dripping down your temple as you fought to keep yourself quiet. “Not a single fucking peep.” Your teeth sunk so harshly into the side of your cheek you tasted blood. You kept your eyes trained on his face, knowing better than to look away from the man pounding into you.
Your hands were pinned to the mattress, you couldn’t move them even if you wanted to. Crimson eyes, midnight black hair, skin so milky it glowed in the moonlight. Even if he wasn’t sweaty you were certain Muzan would glow either way. “You… you should be fucking thanking me.”
It was a husky growl, bending down so his mouth was pressing to your ear as his hips forced their way back and forth, cock plunging deeply over and over. “You’re trying so fucking hard to be good for me.” You wanted to make a sound, acknowledge him so he wouldn’t stop.
Yet you knew if you did, he’d leave all together. So you just continued as you were, squirming and struggling to keep your legs around his waist. “Keep it up and maybe I’ll reward you.” Your back arched, walls squeezing around him in hopes of showing him your enthusiasm.
He was leaning back now, letting you take in the sight of his sweaty face. It rather shocked you that one of his two commands was for you to remain silent. Muzan seemed like the type to get off on praise, begging, crying. Yet he wanted you to remain silent and keep eye contact. Those were his only two orders, if you obeyed? You’d be rewarded.
If you were to disobey? You’d likely pay with your life.
So you took it, copper taste coating your tongue as slick squelching sounds came from your cunt every time he pulled back out. His girth was splitting you open, the dull head kissing your cervix every time he pressed his hips into yours. It was so intense it was making your legs shake, thighs so tense that they threatened to cramp.
It was killing you to remain silent, especially with the way tears began to blur your vision as he seemingly sped up his pace. The bed would surely give in under the pressure, each thrust had your breasts jiggling almost painfully. You wanted nothing more than to shield yourself, still not over the embarrassment of being naked before the man you bowed to.
Though his cock slipping in and out of you was apparently easier to deal with than him seeing your bare breasts.
“You’re coming again…aren’t you?” You nodded, eyes threatening to close as pleasure swept over your abused body, littered in bruises that refused to heal. You watched through blurry eyes as a smirk spread over his face. “Good girl.” You hadn’t broken his two rules yet, even as you came for… a number you were too far gone to remember.
Muzan never slowed, his breathing was calm despite the rigorous way his hips were moving. If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought he wasn’t enjoying himself. Instead, you were steadily encouraged by the way you’d feel him twitch, cock throbbing continuously while your walls suctioned to him. Not even he could resist pleasure.
“You’re doing well…” he cooed, leaning down to press his lips to your ear. “What shall your reward be?” He drawled, you could partially hear the smirk on his lips. “My cum? Or my blood? What would you prefer?” His question nearly shocked a gasp out of you. “I’ll give you permission, since you did so well tonight. You may speak only one word.” He pulled away, just enough to see your face.
You swallowed, mouth opening and closing as you thought of your answer. Meekly you uttered “both.” And then you held your breath again, waiting for the potentially catastrophic outcome. Instead, you were met with a laugh. “Greedy? After everything I’ve given you tonight?” Maybe that wasn’t the right answer.
“Since you are so eager to consume what I have to offer you…”
It hit you all at once, toned hips slamming harshly into your sore thighs one last time as he spilled his release into your greedy cunt. All the while, he was jamming a finger in your neck, earning a shrill cry as he pumped more of his blood into you.
Muzan’s head fell backwards, your cunt squeezing him harsher than you had the entire night as your body thrashed against the sheets. Seconds of silence passed as you writhed, chest contracting almost painfully as your body attempted to adjust to the liquids that had just been put into it.
“I’m waiting for my thank you.” He whispered, deadly serious as he glared down at your pathetic form. Quiet and rough you muttered “thank you.” Finally letting your eyes close as he pulled himself out.
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shingerion · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
demon slayer
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spell-struck · a day ago
I started these back in July, and just last night finally finished them! Here's my Demon Slayer Hashira sticker designs; I hope to sell them in the future!
Tumblr media
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marsicons · 2 days ago
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Demon Slayer Halloween icons
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