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Hiii would you like to write yandere zenitsu?
I feel like I've written this before but I'm too lazy to look it up.
Yandere Zenitsu Agatsuma
Tumblr media
Zenitsu would be a clingy, worshipful and slightly delusional yandere.
He doesn't really realize that the things he does are not normal.
Zenitsu really wants to marry you.
The reason why he would fall in love with you would be because you would be loving and kind.
So he becomes a bit clingy.
We all know how desperately Zenitsu wants a relationship.
He has no problem hanging onto your leg and demanding your love.
Zenitsu is sure that you still love him.
You are meant for each other.
Don't you like him?
Aaaaaaw You're just a tsundere.
Abduction is likely.
Zenitsu is a jealous man.
He doesn't want others to take you away.
There is a lot of manipulation in this relationship as well.
Zenitsu cries very easily.
And then you feel bad.
Punishments are usually just isolation.
Zenitsu doesn't want to hurt you.
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blues824 · 2 days
🌞Can I please have the hashiras with a female Kalim Al-Asim s/o .
🌞Then buying the hashiras alot of presents and gifting them a lot of food for Christmas
🌞How whoud they react to seeing there s/o food get tested for poison all the time (meanwhile we have shinobu drinking/eating westria )
🌞How whoud they react to their fashion and their big family (they have atleas 30 siblings if I'm correct )
🌞all of the hashiras getting a meeting room in their Palace.
✨Tengen: getting more jewellery and his wives getting the finest silk they could find.
💨Sanami : o don't know what he whoud like.
🌸Mitsuri : geing food and pretty clothing and hair pins.
🔥kyoujurou :definitely food and something for his family.
🌫️Muichiro : a book about clouds.
👨‍🦯Gyomei:📿 (I forgot the name but its this 📿)
🌊Giyu: love and respect..
🐍Obanai: somthing for Kaburamaru and making sure he gets new bandages.
🦋Shinbu : medicine and the herbs to make them.
This is actually adorable. Also, did you mean prayer beads for Gyomei??
The Hashira had just received an invitation to the annual Al-Asim Christmas Party! All of them were excited, but one in particular was even more so because that would mean they get to see their beloved Y/N.
They are very happy that they get to celebrate with you and your family when they and the others receive the invitation. They go to check if it’s okay with Ubuyashiki only to find out that he was invited as well. They’re super excited now.
Once they arrive at your residence, they are led to the living room by one of the many servants. There, they are met with you and your signature beaming smile. You hugged each of the others before giving your lover a kiss on the cheek and led them to the couches.
Tumblr media
Gyomei Himejima
Then one of the servants announces that dinner is ready and that your siblings will be down to join you. Of course, Gyomei knew that you had a lot of siblings, so he wasn’t surprised when he heard a bunch of footsteps rushing to the dining room.
The food was really good. You fixed his plate for him for obvious reasons. Plus, you knew the kind of things he likes to eat, so it really was not a problem for you. He said a quick prayer before he began to eat and he was not disappointed. Mans probably didn’t know your food was tested because he’s blind.
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Gyomei’s gift to him.
When he pulled the tissue paper out of the bag, he felt around until he felt a bag. He tried to open it but eventually handed it to you, asking you to help him. You let out a tiny giggle before opening the bag and putting the necklace into his hands. He knew what it was almost immediately because he had one around his neck.
The waterworks started working the water and he started crying out of happiness and gratitude. He would pull you into his lap and hug the living daylights out of you because he’s just so happy and grateful that he has someone like you in his life.
Tumblr media
Mitsuri Kanroji
Mitsuri greeted each and everyone of your siblings because she probably already knew all of them. They see her as an older sister figure (and she will be if you both get married). They’re all excited when they see her, and it’s so adorable.
She deems the food as exemplary and jumps in head-first into dessert. You even did that cute couple thing where you feed each other and clean off each other’s faces with napkins. Everyone let out a collective awww at the displays of affection. She was a bit concerned when one of the waiters put a silver hairpin in your soup to test it, though.
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Mitsuri’s gift to her. 
When she pulled the tissue paper out of the bag, she saw that there was a very cute package. She carefully opened it and saw that it was some new hair clips! She was so excited. It grew even more when one of the servants came out with a pink and green kimono as well as a plate of sakura mochi.
She literally tackled you into a hug and squealed a very excited ‘thank you’ while she littered your face with a bunch of kisses. She rushed out of the room and went to put on the new clothes she got and arrange the hairpins in her hair.
Tumblr media
Giyu Tomioka
He would most likely just hold his inexpressive face as he awkwardly waves to your many many many siblings. Of course, they all go up and hug the ever loving crap out of him because you all are just a bunch of huggers. 
He probably has a good portion of food on his plate. He knows dessert is coming soon, so he eats good sizes so that he won’t get a stomach ache from overeating (wouldn’t be me). Was obviously a little shocked when he saw a waiter sticking a silver chopstick in your food and checking it after.
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Giyu’s gift to him.
When he pulled the tissue paper out of the bag, he noticed a book with laminated pages. He pulled it out and saw that it was a photo book composed of photos of the both of you. He quietly flips through the pages, shaking with each page he turns.
He quickly turns to you and pulls you into a hug with silent tears streaming down his face. You quickly grew worried and tried to tell him that if he didn’t like it, then you’d get him something else. He shushed you by pulling you into a kiss. Unfortunately, Tengen saw and pulled out some mistletoe to put over the both of you. That pic went into the book.
Tumblr media
Tengen Uzui
He’s definitely the type to have the kids hang off his arms as he flexes his muscles to impress you. His wives are leading the younger ones to the table as well. You were so happy that your siblings didn’t judge the fact that he was already married to 3 women.
Describes the food as flamboyant. He is a big man, and he needs to support his build by eating a lot. The 5 of you totally do the ‘feeding each other’ thing and joke around with the ‘here comes the choo-choo train!’
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Tengen’s gift to him. You also hand out Hinatsuru, Makio, and Suma’s gifts.
As each of them take out the tissue paper in their bags, each let out a collective gasp when they see what’s inside. Tengen pulls out a few jeweled headbands, and the girls pull out… nothing? Then 3 servants are in front of them with silk kimonos. They each squeal in excitement… Except for Tengen. He smiles.
The girls rush over to hug you and Tengen comes and scoops you all into his arms. There was a collective feeling of warmth in all of your hearts. You couldn’t ask for a better future family than the one you will have with them.
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa 
He himself has a little brother who he secretly still cares for because ✨family✨. He has a soft spot for these little punks. He’s the kind of guy to tell them really cool stories about the many different scars he has. It’s so endearing to watch.
I know this man eats a lot as well. However, he definitely ends up overeating and curses like a sailor when he suffers through indigestion later. You have the time of your life just laughing your butt off when he’s complaining and groaning about the pain.
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Sanemi’s gift to him.
He tears off the wrapping paper on the huge box and sees that it’s a new tank that was filled with a bunch of decorations. He realized that you remembered he had kept a rhinoceros beetle as a pet. He had a grin on his face.
Then he noticed that one of the losers Tengen decided that he was gonna get real cocky and hang some mistletoe over the two of you. You were immediately blushing, but he pulled you in by your waist and into a kiss.
Tumblr media
Shinobu Kocho
She has family of her own (RIP to Kanae 🫡😪. Fly high 🕊️), so she understands the whole being-close-with-your-siblings. In fact, the youngest tend to like her the most because she’s so calm and gentle to them.
She’s a medical professional, and that shows on her plate. She’s got a balance between food groups. She's the person who needs to have their food separated at all times. I said it. She, however, totally would take some of her food and smear it on your cheek.
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Shinobu’s gift to her.
She pulled the tissue paper out of the bag to see a bunch of different herbs from your homeland as well as the seeds to those herbs so that she could grow some more if she ever ran out. The gift included a manual, and the gardener even offered to help her if she was having any trouble.
She totally pulled you into a hug while thanking you profusely. She would go on a few different tangents about the different properties of each plant as if you weren’t taught it since you were little. Coming from a line of merchants, you kinda had to know this.
Tumblr media
 Rengoku Kyojuro
Like Tengen, would be the type to let the kids dangle off his arms to flex how strong he is. You, along with your siblings, were all laughing so hard. He would tell stories about his recent demon slaying journeys to further impress them and you.
Plate is stacked with proteins because it’s good for the muscles (read: mus-kles) 💪. Is the type to do the whole this turkey is most exquisite. However did you manage to roast it to the perfect golden-brown color thing and it’s the most hilarious thing you’ve seen.
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Rengoku’s gift to him.
He pulled out the tissue paper out of the bag and saw a puzzle. You told him that it helps with both hand-eye coordination as well as problem-solving and having to take it slow. Plus, it was something he could do with his family.
He pulled you into a hug and then whispered to you that you are now a part of his family and you should be the one to help him complete the puzzle. Then he pulled away and started talking to the others. He would cheer on the littles as they celebrated what they got as presents. If that isn’t husband material, I don’t know what is.
Tumblr media
Obanai Iguro
Kaburamaru would have a great time with them. He’d gently wrap his tail around the hand of the youngest walking child and would lead them to the dining room. You held his hand as you walked together. You knew that he was probably uncomfortable and you would be eating in a separate room with you.
He doesn’t eat a lot, but the food was just so good. He was more comfortable taking off his bandages around you and his slithery companion. You would talk about whatever came to mind. He found your smile so beautiful whenever he told you about a sarcastic remark he made once.
After dinner, you whip out his present. You figured that he still wouldn’t be comfortable in such a social setting so you decided that a private setting was much more appropriate. He considered himself a super lucky guy because you’re just so considerate.
He starts to take out the tissue paper when he notices 2 small boxes. One was a box of dead mice for Kaburamaru, who was exceedingly happy about this, and a box of bandages. More specifically, bandages with little cartoonish snakes on them.
He nodded his head as a silent thank you. You helped rewrap him in the new bandages while also giving one of the mice to Kaburamaru. Eventually, he was all covered and you both went back out to show off his new look.
Tumblr media
Muichiro Tokito
Staring off into space, no thoughts running through. Just head empty. He does a subconscious wave to your siblings, Other than that, nothing. Not even a verbal greeting of any sort. What’d you expect, really?
He absolutely loves the food. I mean, it was just so good that it snapped him out of the trance he’s always in. He felt his sound ascending to the heavens. He’s paying attention to every word coming out of your mouth as he’s wolfing down food.
After dinner, you led everyone back to the living room where a bunch of gifts were waiting for everyone. You put your siblings to work by making them hand out the gifts to the people based on whose name was written on there. You personally handed Muichiro’s gift to him.
He tore off the wrapping paper to see The Book of Clouds in big letters on the cover. He flipped the book over to read the back and it was basically what the title said. He let out a tiny laugh because it was an inside joke between the two of you.
He pulled you into a hug. He also gave you a peck on the cheek, thanking you for the book. In a few days, you would see him on a grassy hill with binoculars and the book, trying to identify the different types of clouds. 
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sassysaxsolo · 1 month
The Demon Lord's Babysitter
Tumblr media
Synopsis: It was bad enough when your mom made you cancel your plans in favour to babysit her friends snotty brat son, it became a nightmare when you realised not everything is what it seems to be.
TW: Rape, violence, death, alcohol abuse, blood, body mutilation, not for the faint of heart, Minors DNI
“Oh dear! Oh dear this is terrible!”
Muzan looked over his shoulder as his pseudo mother pacing back and forth in the lounge as his pseudo father tried to calm her down. “Don’t worry darling, I’m sure we can find another.”
“Don’t be daft dear! How are you going to find another babysitter on such short notice?! I can’t believe the nanny had such nerve to be sick at the last minute!”
“Well, if she’s sick darling, she can’t exactly help it-”
“So?! That’s no excuse! We’ve been planning this trip for weeks, who on earth is going to look after my precious Toshiyuki!?”
Muzan tsked at the sound of the hag’s shrill voice, if he been less patient, he would of killed her already, ripped her head off and feed on her intestines. And that man who plays as his father, he was such a weak man, never could he speak up to the hag, he truly was spineless.
Then, there was a knock on the door.
“Coming!” Called his mother as she rushed over to the front door. He made sure he was away from any forms of sunlight as much as possible. “Ayako!” Cheered his mother as she allowed another woman into the house, he always saw her in the evenings, the old bat literally had nothing else to do.
“How are you dear?” Said the other woman.
“Just dreadful! You know that party we’ve been invited to by my husband’s business associate?”
“Yes, Do tell?”
“Our babysitter just dropped out at the last minute, now I have no idea what to do! I don’t know anyone else available and by the looks of things, I won’t be able to attend and if I don’t attend this party, it will look bad for my husband and his reputation will be tarnished!”
“Oh my! That certainly is dreadful- wait a minute! I have an idea!”
“Oh? What is it?”
“My daughter (Y/n) isn’t doing anything tonight! Why doesn’t she come down and look after little Toshiyuki chan?”
“Oh, are you sure Ayako? I wouldn’t want to bother her-”
“Nonsense! No trouble at all! In fact, I’ll go straight home and tell her to pack an overnight bag for tonight!”
“Oh thank you dear! You’re a lifesaver!”
Muzan grumbled, taking his book and heading upstairs for some better peace and quiet. He could hear his ‘mother’ cheer to his father about how they finally got a babysitter to watch him. Little did they know their ‘son’ was the progenitor of the demon race and he could have them killed any time he wanted to.
But it was easier this way, pretending to be a child meant he had a clean slate, people don’t expect too much background information from a child than they would an adult. In his precious disguise as a business man with a wife and child, that was a bit more difficult.
He had to use mind control on the woman to make her believe he was her husband and the father of her child. Considering he lost his ability to procreate the minute he became a demon. Those two are now dead, he couldn’t have anyone finding him ever since the boy with hanafuda earrings found him.
It was sad, in a way. She was a good fuck, never complained when he forced her onto her knees to take his meat. Speaking of sex, he hadn’t had any in a while. He missed the days where he could have multiple wives at once without having anyone suspicious about it.
Maybe he should visit the entertainment district? Daki was excellent, like a little puppy begging for a bone from her master. That put a smile on his face.
But for now, he’ll be patient, once this babysitter falls asleep, he’ll be free to do what he pleases.
“Toshiyuki! Toshiyuki!” called his mother from downstairs. He climbed down the stairs with his tiny legs as he saw his mother all glammed up in her dress and pearls while his father was dressed up, the maid was carrying their luggage. “Yes Okasan?”
“(Y/n) is coming now- Hear she is!” His mother said looking out the window before opening the door and allowing the girl in.
She was taller than him, luscious healthy hair, smooth looking skin and a beautiful face. She was truly something else, his only question is why he hasn’t seen her before. She came in with a large bag and a small smile on her lips. “Hello Mrs Kure, My mother sent me over to look after your son for the night.”
“How wonderful!” His mother clapped, gently easing Muzan over to the girl. “Toshiyuki, this is (Y/n). Be a good boy for her tonight and do what you're told. (Y/n), this is Yuki, he’s already eaten, make sure he’s in bed by nine and help yourself to anything in our fridge. We’ll be home in the early afternoon!”
His mother, father and the maid stepped outside the house and piled into a car. “Goodbye Mr and Mrs Kure! I’ll take care of everything here!” You waved off the rich folk as they drove off. Muzan looked at your face, you seemed like a goody two shoes. Why else would you come over so quickly?
You were cut, very cute. Perhaps he can disappear and switch to his regular form. He can have fun with you and then eat you afterwards, he’ll just say he woke up and you were nowhere to be found, yeah, that's what he’ll do-
“Okay listen here you little shit!”
He was snapped out of his thoughts when you grabbed him by his shirt and loomed over him like a titan.
‘What..?’ he thought.
“You really don’t want to piss me off tonight, you here? I’m already in a bad mood! I was suppose to go to a party with my friends tonight but my mother fucked that up tonight by telling me I had to drop everything and look after you! She fully knew I was going out tonight too! She said tough luck and I’m like fine, if my night is going to be ruined, I’m dragging you down with me you little shit! Don’t talk to me, don’t touch me, don’t look at me and keep your ass upstairs!” You screeched. 
For some reason, Muzan felt palpable fear as you shoved him inside and pointed up stairs. He took it as his sign to hallass. He didn’t know why he listened to you, but he ran up the stairs, he watched from the banister as you strutted into the kitchen.
You were certainly going to be a problem.
“Oh my god! There is nothing good tonight!” You groaned as you flicked through the television. You didn’t know why you even bothered in the first place. You had caused a mess in the kitchen by making yourself something to eat. Now you were stuffed, bored and alone.
“I know!” You cheered as you walked over to the telephone and held the receiver up to your ear and dialed in the number to your friend's place. “Hey Sakiko, What's up?” You asked, sitting on the couch.
“Nothing much, this party is a real drag without you here. Nori from the tennis team literally fingered me in the closet and honestly it was the worst thing ever.” You gasped. “No! It couldn't have been that bad! Could it?” she tutted on the other end. “It was! This man clearly had no idea what he was doing, I had to fake an orgasm just to get him to stop!” You couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh my god, that sounds terrible!”
“I know, but listen here, I might just ditch him and hang with Masato from athletics, Chiharu said he was really good in bed so I might just give him a ride!” You both laughed at her profanity. “You dirty bitch!” You howled, slapping your thigh.
“Ah here, you’ve any luck with the fellas yet? You're the only one who hasn’t gotten with a fella yet.” She continued, you sighed and curled a lock of hair around your finger. “No, Not yet. I was thinking of getting with Hiroki last week after the game, then Chiharu comes along and tells me he’s been hooking up with Kuwahare Miho.”
“Kuwahare? That slut? Yeah, good call, don’t know what diseases she could have passed on to him.” You both laughed as you talked negatively about those two, then it clicked for you friend. “Hey, I have an idea, you remember Hattori Yuu from that Kyoto University event? Didn’t he give you his number”
“Oh yeah, he did!” You gasped, completely forgetting his existence. “Are you gonna invite him over?”
“Fuck yeah, why not?”
“You slut! What are you gonna say?” she questioned as you scratched your head. “I dunno! I left his number in my bag, I’ll call him over and tell him I have a free house.”
“Ooh, sneaky! Alright, You have fun, I’m going to see if Masato is free for the taking.”
You both said your farewells as you hung up the phone.
You remember leaving your bag by the foyer, you stand up only to see the littlest shit standing in the archway. Was he actively trying to piss you off? “Hey. What did I say about staying up stairs? Are you looking for trouble?”
“Mother says I can stay up till nine. It's only seven forty nine.” The kid said in a smartass tone and you nodded your head. “Yeah? Yeah? Well I don’t give a shit. Bedtime is whenever I say it's time and I said ``keep your ass upstairs.”
“I know you’re inviting someone over, what gives you the right to invite strangers over to my house? My parents would be very displeased to hear that.”
“Yeah? They’ll also be displeased when they hear that you started breaking things when you refused to do what you were told.” 
The child sneered. “What are you talking about..?” You spotted a small potted plant on the window ledge, you walked over, grabbed it, walked back over to where the kid was standing and dropped it on the ground. The soil spread across the floor as the pot shattered into a hundred pieces.
A look of shock spread across your face and your hands immediately went to either side of your face. “Oh my gosh Toshiyuki! Why on earth would you break that…?” Muzan’s thoughts immediately went red when all he could think of was strangling you to death with his bare hands. Where the hell do you get off bossing him around in his own home?! “You…. You wench…!”
“Enough with this wench bullshit, so hear me now kid. I’m an adult, your a stupid kid. I’m right, you're wrong. I don’t care how much your parents fondle over you, who do you think they’re gonna believe? A snotty nose brat who needs to sit on a stack of books just to reach his crayons or a valedictorian student?”
He clenched his fists and thought about killing you right then and there. You were certainly a disrespectful little punk. A higher class socialite who likes to badmouth people behind their backs and wants only the best of the best.
You hid your true self under a mask of innocence and good nature. Muzan couldn’t help but find you..
…appealing? You knew what you wanted and would do anything to get it.
“Enough standing around! Get your ass upstairs or I swear I’ll wreck this place up so much, your parents will toss you out!” You threatened, pointing up the stairs, the kid marched upstairs in frustration as you grabbed your bag and took out the notebook. Inside was your future husband’s phone number.
Why would you refer to him as that? Simple, because he was the key to a life of luxury and relaxation. That's why. You dialed his number and waited for him to pick up.
“Hello? Who is this?”
“Hi Yuu! It's me, (Y/n) from the university meet up!” You said in a cheery voice.
“Oh! (Y/n), I wasn’t expecting to hear from you so late.” He said.
“What are you up to?” You asked.
“Just drinking beer, smashing mailboxes and tipping cows with my friends.”
You didn’t say anything for a minute before you responded with a simple “Cool!”
“So, what are you doing?” He asked, you let out the faintest of sighs. “My mother dumped a babysitting job on me when I was to be in a group study with my friends~” A lie he didn’t need to know. “The kid is already fast asleep and I’m stuck in this house till his parents come home tomorrow afternoon. I’m so utterly bored.”
“So, besides the kid, you're practically alone?”
“Yes~ In this big house on Torihumaka lane where anyone can break in and hurt me~”
“That doesn’t sound good, you should have someone watch over you, if you know what I mean.”
“I’m afraid I don’t, you might need to come over and explain.”
“I would be happy too, Do you have any liquor?”
“I’m sure I can find some. Make your way over quickly, I don’t feel safe all alone~”
“You have my word~”
You hung up the phone and pumped your fists. “YES!” You got up and did a little victory dance. But stopped when you realized you should get ready. You cleaned up your mess in the kitchen, you located a bottle of french bourbon. You got dressed into a cute little nightgown before fixing your hair and make up.
The doorbell rang. “It's show time~” You sang, answering the door “Hi Yuu!” You sang, moving aside to allow him in. “Thanks for inviting me over, I got something for you~” He pulled out a box of rather expensive looking chocolate. “It would be rude of me to show up without a gift, thankfully the chocolate shop in town was still open.”
“Oh Yuu, you’re so sweet~” You purred and he handed it to you as he came inside. Hattori Yuu, his father was a well known businessman who made well over seven digits, he went to Kyoto university where he was in his final year of Business and management. Sure he was a little soft in the head but he was smart when he needed to.
This was the moment you had been waiting for, ever since you first laid eyes on him. You got him interested in you at that University event, badmouthed your friend a bit when you said she just loved to party but you were ‘too shy’ to do that kind of stuff.
You were playing your cards right. Guys like Yuu loved sluts but when they want to settle down and find a wife, they look for young virgins like yourself. Sure, it sounds creepy but you didn’t care. The guy reeked of money and you knew damn well you’d do anything for that lifestyle
You brought him to the living area where you sat down and poured him a glass of bourbon. He happily drank it and you smiled like the doting future wife you were. “Man this sure is a nice house, I might buy a house like this in a few years, but with a few more acres and a swimming pool.”
“That does sound nice. Did you have a difficult time getting here? Would you like me to relieve your stress?” You asked, sliding your hands onto his shoulders and rubbing them. He moaned at your touch, clearly enjoying the hospitality you were giving him.
“Ooooh… That’s really nice… You’d make a great wife one day..” He flirted, your cheeks went red, you were good at doing that on command. “Oh stop, I don’t deserve such flattery. Any woman would be lucky to be your wife. I have no doubt you would make a fine husband..”
“You honor me, (Y/n)~” He put down his bourbon and took your chin in his hand. “If you want, I can arrange a meeting with your parents and mine. My mother always said, marry a jackie, not a marilyn.” he flirted, smelling a piece of your hair.
“Yuu, Do you really think I’m good enough?”
“Why wouldn’t I? You're everything a man needs. If our parents give their blessings, how about you and I go ring shopping?”
“Oh Yuu! You truly mean that?” You fake gasped. He nodded and you hugged him.
This was it, you had him right where you wanted him. Even if he didn’t remember, you knew where he lived and would introduce yourself as his young naive lover. How he promised to marry you after a heavy night of passion where you gave him everything a young woman had to offer.
You two would get married. You give him a few kids and live a life of luxury. You didn’t care if he had a few mistresses on the side, you could just guilt him into giving you more money to compensate for your heartbreak or threaten to expose him for the lying cheating bastard that he was.
In the end, you planned to outlive him and take everything that's his as his wife. You could live out your days in peace and not worry about anything ever again.
“Enough talking, I’m a bit riled up~” He said gruffly and a bit drunk. He began to kiss you and you reciprocated the kiss. You felt him grind his crotch into you and you yelped softly. He groped your tits and tugged your nightdress down, your tits bounced out and you could literally see him foam at the mouth.
“P-Please be gentle Yuu… it's my first time…” You reiterate, just a not so obvious reminder that you were a virgin and he would be the only one to touch you. “Yeah, don’t worry. I’ll take extra care of you tonight~” He growled, a grin on his face as his mouth latched onto one of your boobs, he sucked on your nipple while tweaking the other one.
“Oh Yuu…! Yuu!”
You jolted at the loud noise that echoed from the backyard, the noise also alerted your lover as he ripped himself away from your breast. “W-What was that?” You gasped, looking over at the kitchen where the backdoor was. “I-It was probably an animal…”
“No!” You yelled, pushing him away when he tried to resume. “Go out there and check it out!” You demanded, pulling your dress back up over your breasts to reiterate your point. “But what if someone’s out there…?” He asked.
“Then BEAT them up!” You yelled, you didn’t see why he was so nervous. The man was literally six foot something and had lots of muscle on him so whatever it was, he would be able to fight it. “B-But…. Maybe we can just play a really loud movie and they’ll go away…” He muttered
“Please…!” You begged, your nerves wouldn’t be calmed until you knew what was out there. Hopefully, if it was an animal, you’d suck this guy’s dick to the best of your ability just to thank him for being the big strong man that he was. If it was some stranger, you praise him for catching the baddie.
You two walked over to the back door where he tried to look out the dark window. “I don’t want to do this…” He whimpered. “Just go out there and check, that's all I’m asking.” You reasoned with him, he let out a worried sigh before rolling his shoulders. “Okay…”
He opened the back door and went outside, you saw him disappear into the darkness. You stood back and a million thoughts came into your head. ‘The Kid…’ you thought, looking over at the stairs. You better check up on him and get ready to bail with him in case anything happens.
You took one foot out to the hallway when you heard a-
You paled as your eyes shot towards the back door. That was Yuu! “OH MY GOD!” You cried, against your better instincts, you ran out the back door and scurried the area. “Yuu?! Yuu where are you? This is fucking funny!” You screamed.
You smelt something metallic in the air, your blood went cold as you followed its scent. On an old tree stump was Yuu’s head. “AAAAGGGGHHHH!” You screamed, petrified at the sight. His body was nowhere to be seen.
You heard footsteps approach you quickly. You turned tail and sprinted back to the back door. You had never run as fast as you were at this current minute. You swore if you were running this face in a race you would have won a gold medal. You burst in the back door, and slammed it closed as you saw a man climb up the steps. The only recognizable feature of his was a white fedora, white pants and a black blazer.
You quickly locked it, catching a glimpse of red demonic looking eyes before sprinting out of there and into the hallway. “KID! KID WE GOTTA GO!” You screamed, bolting up the stairs, you heard the sound of glass smashing.
You looked in his room, he wasn’t there. You turned the corner to see the ladder to the attic. Maybe he saw what happened to Yuu and escaped up here? You climbed up the ladder, you heard footsteps ascend the second floor. You quickly pulled the ladder up and closed the attic door. There was a latch that allowed you to lock it from the inside.
You did so and scooted back, looking around the room. “Kid..? Please..! Talk to me! Are you up here…?” You whispered as quietly as you could, searching the room. You hoped and prayed to whatever god was out there that the kid was safe.Gods forbid he was downstairs with the killer.
You looked around. In the attic was a bunch of spare pieces of old furniture, including an old bed. There was a large window facing north. Perhaps you could get help. You opened the large window and looked down. It was a long way down. 
You had to get down and get help. Thankfully, the closest house was too far away, maybe half a mile. If you got down, you could make a run for it and have the neighbors call the police. First, you needed to find something to descend the window.
You looked around, something you tied around something heavy and climbed down. You looked around and found a cable wire. You didn’t know how safe it was to use this or if it would hold your weight but it looked long enough to bring you down to the ground. As soon as you reached the ground, you had to make a run for it.
“Going somewhere~?”
You froze, the voice came from the window. You turned around slowly to see a man standing in front of the window. He looked like he was in his mid twenties, raven black hair, those demonic plum red eyes and a malicious smile occupied his face. You dropped the wire and stumbled backwards.
“W-w-w-what..? H-How? How did you-”
“What? Get up here? It was an easy feat.” He responded, his voice was smooth and dark like chocolate, the type of voice that could lure you in, make you feel at ease. That was what made him all the more terrifying. “T-The kid… What did you do with the kid-” You stuttered but were suddenly in front of you and knocked you off your feet.
“Please… Miss (Y/n). The only person you should be concerned about tonight is yourself.”
Your teeth chattered and your shivered uncontrollable. You were going to die. You were going to die and this was the man who would kill you. “O-oh gods… you're gonna take my head off like Yuu’s, aren't you..?”
“Hmm, who is Yuu?” He asked, tapping a finger to his chin, actually contemplating as if he didn’t know who you were talking about. “Oh, Yuu. You mean the boy you invited over to fuck you, am I correct?”
“H-How did you know about that?”
“Enough with the questions. I’m irritated and riled up. If you wish to live for a bit longer, you’ll do exactly as I say.” he threatened. You froze up and nodded. “A-Anything! You gasped. He grabbed you by the hair and you squealed in pain as he dragged you to the bed. He tossed you on and removed his clothes.
“Take your dress off and spread your legs you little slut.”
You hastily removed your nightgown and lied down, never taking your eyes off him. His eyes are on you always. He was fully naked before he got on top of you, his cock semi hard. “Spread them.” He growled.
You lifted your legs up, your hands under your knees, presenting yourself to the man. Or was he a man? You weren’t sure. Your eyes welled up with tears as you silently cried, biting down on your lip to not let out any sounds. “Don’t feel too upset, you brought this upon yourself.” He cursed
He thrusted his dry cock into your unprepared walls and you let out a scream. You were not ready for his sudden intrusion. He thrusted in and out, in and out. You sobbed and wailed as he fucked you without any mercy. “That’s right, cry. I love that sight. Cry little girl, no one is coming to save you.”
You could tell your tears were only making him hornier as you felt him stiffen inside you.
“Tell me, what did you expect of that boy when he came over? You clearly had the intention of seducing him, I must admit, you are incredibly smart. A boy like that could have made you a wealthy woman overnight, but there is something crucial you missed.” He moaned.
You felt yourself become lubricated as he slid into you more easily.
“It’s not out in the news yet, but his father made some unnecessary gambles and risks when expanding his business. He has yet to file for bankruptcy but it's pretty evident considering he never attends social gatherings. You would have found yourself stuck with a broken family if you had succeeded with your plan.”
You felt stupid. At the same time annoyed. How could you have known that? It didn’t matter, in the end, he was dead and you were getting raped by a monster. You felt him shoot his cum up inside you. You let out a wail as he made you take him to the hilt. He was unfortunately quite large.
“There, that wasn’t so bad, now onto round two.” He purred.
Round Two?! He still wasn’t done yet?!
You felt him remove his cock from your cunt and insert it inside your ass. You screamed in agony but he wrapped a hand around your throat, constricting the airways. “What? You thought it was over, too bad, so sad~”
The night continued in terror as the monster had his way with you, you had no idea when you passed out.
“Oh my god!? What happened here?! Toshiyuki! My baby! Where are you?!”
“Calm down! I’m sure he’s around here somewhere! Where’s (Y/n)?! Oh god, there is blood everywhere!”
“Mistress! There’s a head in the backyard! We need to phone the police!”
You heard voices echo from the first floor, you hurt everywhere…. You woke up and you wanted to die. But there was something…. Or someone holding on to you. You look down and see Toshiyuki clinging to your body. His face in your chest, he looked nice and snug.
“K-Kid..!” You gasped, wrapping your arms around him. He slowly woke up, rubbing his eyes. “Miss (Y/n)?”
“Where were you?! Do you have any idea how worried I was..?!” You squealed, inspecting him, not a scratch on him. “I don’t know what you mean..” He yawned as you heard the voices. “Hello!? Miss (Y/n)!? Baby!?” You heard the voice of Mrs Kure ascend the stairs. Toshiyuki hopped out of the bed and over to the attic door where he let the door down.
“Mother! Mother!” He cried.
It was weird, how he suddenly turned his water works on when he was so… monotonous before.
“BABY!” Mrs Kure screamed, making her way up the ladder and wrapping her arms around him. “Yuki, tell me what happened!” She cried. The boy started to wail. “A- A bad man came and killed Miss (Y/n)’s friend! He hurt her and tried to do bad things to me but Miss (Y/n) saved me!”
The boy continued to cry into his mother’s chest. You didn’t know what he was talking about, you never saved him. You passed out.
The woman took her eyes off her son and looked at you, she gasped, a look of shock and horror overcoming her as she held the boy close and waddled over to you. You didn’t know what you looked like, but you know you were covered in so many bruises and cuts- how did you get your nightdress back on you?
Did he put it on you..?
“O-Oh my god….. Miss (Y/n)...” She put a hand over her mouth, she looked sick. You looked bad? You felt worse. “Oh my… I-I’m so sorry….” She had tears rolling down her eyes. You felt tears roll down your eyes, using the blanket on the bed to hide your shame, she looked over at the ladder where her husband came up.
“Dear? What’s going on?! Did you find them?”
You were covered in dried blood and your genitals, you were positive something ripped, you were in so much pain, you just wanted to die. “Call the police! Miss (Y/n) has been assaulted!” She cried.
Everything was a blur. Police arrived and you were escorted into the police car where you were to be driven to hospital. You looked over at the house, you saw Toshiyuki in the second story window.
You felt a sense of dread overcome you as you saw his blue eyes turn a plum red.
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maaarshieee · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
➢ Gɪʏᴜᴜ Tᴏᴍɪᴏᴋᴀ, Kʏᴏᴊᴜʀᴏ Rᴇɴɢᴏᴋᴜ, Mɪᴛsᴜʀɪ Kᴀɴᴊᴏʀɪ, Oʙᴀɴᴀɪ Iɢᴜʀᴏ, Sᴀɴᴇᴍɪ Sʜɪɴᴀᴢᴜɢᴀᴡᴀ, Sʜɪɴᴏʙᴜ Kᴏᴄʜᴏ & Tᴇɴɢᴇɴ Uᴢᴜɪ x Gɴ!Rᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
➢ Mᴀsᴛᴇʀʟɪsᴛ
How would they react to their s/o saying "That's my girl/boy!" to them~?
Tumblr media
cw: suggestive-ish
Tumblr media
♡ In the middle of a mission, you and your lover were caught in a sticky situation, being surrounded by a group of demons. With your lover's quick thinking, they immediately weaved through the crowd and sliced off their heads with ease. A proud sensation tingled in your chest, rising up to your cheeks as a smirk stretched your lips. Walking close to them, you open your mouth near their ear, breath fanning over their hot, red skin as you whisper in a low, husky tone; "That's my girl/boy~" ♡
➢ Gɪʏᴜᴜ
He nods, sheathing his blade, and basically has no reaction to what you said.
That is until his brain finally processes what you said and he whips his head towards you, who's pretending that nothing had just happened.
He blinks, thinking that he may have just imagined it because of your reaction, and tries to ignore it.
But you can see the tips of his ears turning red as he rushed out of your sight, not sparing you even a glance.
If you tease him about it, confirming the fact that it DID happen, he'd get more flustered and you'll see his face turn as red as possible. 
Although, he feels happy that you're impressed by his skills as a Hashira enough to praise him. It makes him more confident and looks forward to more joint missions with you.
It's also a good way to praise him because saying those words set off a switch inside of him and makes him extremely mushy and soft inside.
➢ Kʏᴏᴊᴜʀᴏ
You may have to shout this to him instead because of his hearing problems.
He'd grin ear to ear as red paints his cheeks, raising his sword while the fire sets ablaze even more! 
It would make him extremely giddy, and it shows! He'd laugh out loud and puff out his chest, then slice down even more demons with immense speed.
Kyojuro might ask you to do that more often, you're his number 1 motivator, after all, the one that ignites his fire bigger than ever!
After that, he'd glance at you from time to time, and when you give him a smirk, his mind travels back to your words, and how your tone makes him shudder.
Makes him excited every time! Always wants to show off just for you to praise him like that again.
Be careful from now on, because he'd get obsessed with it, especially if you whisper it to him.  
➢ Mɪᴛsᴜʀɪ
Her face explodes to red and lets out a cute, excited, high-pitched squeal. She'd fan her face as she tries to process fully what you said, and it would only make her dizzier.
Please don't say stuff like that out of the blue! It makes her so flustered and she doesn't know how to handle it! 
But let's be honest here, her reactions are the reason why you even do stuff like that.
She'd be thinking about it non-stop, every day, for maybe a week or so because your voice just makes her feel so lightheaded to the point her nose would probably bleed.
You're just so hot and attractive when you do that, it makes her so weak on the knees for you.
Another one you should be careful for, she may or may not pass out if you say those words again in the most unexpected times.
➢ Oʙᴀɴᴀɪ
Honestly, he would scoff at you and turn his head away. 
But only an oblivious person wouldn't catch the redness creeping up his neck. He's so glad that he has bandages up to his cheeks, but it doesn't really hide the tip of his ears now does it?
Internally screaming that you actually said that holy shit, I'm their boy, oh my gods— ultimately weak for anything similar to those words.
"Good boy" is one of his favorites and it distracts him more than it does good. He likes it when you show him much more of your possessive side, so saying "That's my boy" would make him so crazy for you.
He may be grumbling and glaring at you on the outside, but you can see the neediness for your attention in his eyes.
It means you should say more things like that to him, praise him, or give him affection. 
At first, he'd stubbornly refuse and curse you for teasing him in the middle of the mission, so please be patient and let him get over his embarrassment. 
After that, oh boy, he's all over you.
➢ Sᴀɴᴇᴍɪ
Loses balance, sputters, glares at you, and releases the most intense wind breathing technique on the poor demons that got in his way. All in that order.
You did not just do that to Sanemi Shinazugawa, in the middle of a mission, while slaying demons. 
His face would be so red from both anger— he's not really angry at you, but you did distract him— and embarrassment— because; I'm your man, I know you're impressed but not now babe!!
Tease him even more but know when to stop. He's so cute when he's embarrassed, face red and trying to hide it from you and all.
The two of you would start bickering without malice, but it's mostly you flirting/teasing him even more while he yells at you not to be such a jerk!
Can't sleep thinking about it that night. He'd hold you extra close, blushing hard but with a huge, proud grin on his face.
The next morning, he's rubbing the back of his neck, averting his eyes from you. He's contemplating something... 
He finally admits that he likes it when you say those words and would shyly ask for more.
➢ Sʜɪɴᴏʙᴜ
She freezes.
You caught her there! She does the most teasing in your relationship, so she'd never expect you to tease her back. In the middle of a mission. While surrounded by demons.
Her throat could only let out a strangled noise than a much more flirtatious retort. She's caught so off guard she might get hit by a demon.
Her old personality would seep out because of this, brow twitching as she scolds you for doing such things. 
"You can tell me that without breathing down my neck!!" Her excuses would make you snort, making her land a kick of love on your head.
Tsundere mode. She'd either; a) give you a silent treatment while she hides her flusteredness from you, because her face was so red it made her dizzy or b) a stern lecture on the dangers of distracting her while she's performing her breath style (you know it's bullshit but you listen to avoid death).
Either way, she's very endeared that she's your girl, but next time, give her a proper heads up!
Because she's making those bandages reaaaaal tight the next time you get an injury.
➢ Tᴇɴɢᴇɴ
Watch out, because you're only giving him a massive ego boost. 
Your boy? Your man? Your one and only? Good boy, too, please! He loves, loves to praise you and his wives, but if it's returned to him? My god, you have him wrapped around your finger.
Boasts about it, a lot. Mostly to Kyojuro or anyone who is inconvenient enough to be near him.
Slays demons with maximum flamboyance, and even returns the gesture! More flamboyantly, of course!
Meaning this man would lean down with a smirk, and whisper it back to your ear because what you did was basically a challenge.
Although, next time, both of you agree to do the same and tease your wives in the same way.
Tumblr media
✦ I've been getting a lot of requests, so thank you for that! Have this lil' quick idea I had then I'll head back to writing all the requests I wanna do! Again, mutuals, if you wanna get tagged on certain character's posts, tell me hehe >3<~ Also "suggestive" writing will be added in my rules, BUT i'd never take requests and would write to my own accord (check rules later), I just got the idea after joke-flirting with my bestie (i call her "darling", "dearest" then I hesitated with "my girl" LMAO). idk if this is actually really suggestive, but eh, I've seen others do it and i think im old enough to know what im doing! Have a great day/night everyone~!!
Tumblr media
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misslili265 · 6 months
Tomioka it's like "I'm gonna poke u 2"
Tumblr media
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ughzui · 1 year
𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐬.
tengen uzui x fem!reader | 3.1k words | minors do not interact
content warnings: loss of virginity, slight corruption kink, daddy kink, fingering, slight size kink, breeding kink, creampie,
author’s note: my tengen brainrot is absolutely atrocious. off the charts. mind boggling. i love him so much. there will be a second and perhaps third part to this. big thank you to @cherrykamado for beta’ing this for me!! <3
networks: @knyplaymatemansion
Swirls of steam curled off of the surface of the water, slowly drifting upwards towards the night sky. Tengen sank lower in the water, allowing his shoulders to submerge and relax under the soothing heat of the spring. The mission had been long and strenuous, weeks of careful consideration and following a demon that had been going after young girls. It felt like forever before he’d been able to safely corner it and dispose of it. He sighed deeply and closed his eyes, enjoying the calm atmosphere of the moment. Soft rustling drew him out of his peace as he cracked an eye open to see what the disturbance had been.
You stood there like a deer in a hunter’s sight, frozen and eyes wide. “My apologies! I didn’t realize anyone was out here at this time of night,” you spoke frantically, quickly clapping a hand over your eyes to block him from view.
A low laugh rumbled in his chest at your reaction to his presence. He recognized you quickly, the corps member who’d accompanied him on his most recent mission. You’d been a great help, very eager to learn from him and extremely obedient with the orders he’d given you. He’d taken a liking to you very quickly.
“Don’t apologize. Join me, you deserve it. You worked hard too.”
The offer was nice, but you weren’t sure what to say. Wouldn’t it be inappropriate to intrude on a superior in that way? But then again, he’d told you to. “Alright. Thank you.”
Slightly nervous fingers untied your yukata before slipping it off and folding it neatly. You set it on a stool before stepping into the hot spring. Tengen shifted over, making space for you to sit comfortably across from him. The high heat of the water was the exact thing you needed to soothe the exhaustion in your overworked muscles.
“Do you have another mission or are they giving you a break before they throw you back out?” he asked, crossing his arms across his broad chest.
You shrugged, already feeling the relaxing effects coming over you. “They haven’t given me anything yet. Maybe I’ll get a day or two.”
He nodded, understanding the sentiment quite well. “What rank are you now? Kinoe?”
You sighed. “Not yet. Maybe within the year, I hope. I’m still Kinoto.”
“That’s still impressive. You’re still young. Lots of improvement can still be made. You’ve climbed the ranks quickly. It’s admirable.”
Humming in agreement, you glanced at him. “Were you still young when you became a hashira? You’re still pretty young aren’t you?”
“I was. And I am. Lots of living left ahead of me.”
You always thought the hashira were the most impressive group of individuals in Japan, and likely on the planet. They exhibited strength and talent that everyone and everything paled in comparison to. It had been a goal of yours at first, but it still seemed far out of reach.
“You look tense. Are you sore?”
His words distracted you from your thoughts, leaving you speechless for a moment.
Tengen grinned. “You’re holding tension in your body. Are you sore? I know that last fight was tough. Come here.” He gestured towards himself, moving just enough that you could tell he parted his thighs and was inviting you to sit between them.
Embarrassment made heat creep up to your cheeks. “Nono, I’m fine. It’s okay, don’t worry about me.” He was absolutely correct. Your shoulders and back ached more than they ever had after a mission. But how were you supposed to let your superior put his hands on you like that? Especially when you were both undressed.
“You were my mission partner for a month. I’m supposed to worry about you a little bit. Now come here.”
He nodded when you scooted closer, his hands encircling your biceps to drag you fully between his thighs. He ignored your squeak of protest as he slid his hands up to his shoulders, fingers kneading skillfully at your back. A relaxed sigh left your parted lips, your head falling forward to give him more access.
“Will you go see your family while you have some time off?” he asked, trailing his hands to the center of your back.
“No. They’ve moved out to the country and it’s too far. I won’t have any time to see them and come ba- Oh god!” Your hands flew to grip at his thighs, your nails digging into his skin. He’d focused his touch on a particularly sensitive knot in your back, leaving you stunned and shaky.
“Right there, hmm?” he hummed, continuing the gentle circles against your spine.
You could only nod, your grip still tensed on his muscular thighs. Each drag of his touch pulled tiny whimpers and gasps out of you. It was too much and just enough at the same time, the pain slowly dissipating from your muscles.
Tengen leaned close to you. So close that you could feel his breath ghost against the shell of your ear when he spoke. “You’re so noisy. How’re you feeling now?” he murmured, his hands slowly sliding to rest at the bottom of your spine.
“Much better. I don’t even hurt anymore,” you sighed, rolling your shoulders back to test the full effects of his talented fingers.
His touch lingered on the small of your back for a moment before he dragged his hands up your sides. “You know, you sounded so lewd just from me touching you.”
“Oh. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. It just felt so nice.”
He clicked his tongue. “Don’t apologize. See, I’d like to hear you actually make those noises for me.” He pressed his chest into your back, fingertips ghosting ever so lightly over your hips.
“W-what? But your wives,” you stuttered, gasping as he pressed his lips against the back of your neck.
“They’re well aware of the things I want to do with you. My letters to them were well received during our mission.” He pressed his hand flat against your belly, holding you still as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “There’s a certain… Openness in our relationship. So what do you say? Do you want me to make you feel good?”
A mixture of emotions swirled in your mind as he spoke. You could feel his steady heartbeat against your back as he placed yet another kiss against your heated skin. “Yes.” That was all you could muster as he rested his chin on your shoulder.
“Yes what? Use your words. I don’t like meek little girls,” he chastised. He knew full well what you meant, but drawing more out of you was more fun.
“Yes, I want you to make me feel good. Please.”
Before you could take a breath, his teeth were nipping against your sensitive skin and his fingers were sliding further south until they rested at the apex of your thighs. You parted your legs, allowing him to run a finger between your folds. Your breath hitched in your throat at the feeling, your hand coming to rest over his much larger one.
“Are you nervous? Don’t be. I’ll take care of you.”
“No one’s ever… I’ve never…” Each time you started, you couldn’t seem to finish your sentence.
“Don’t worry. I'll be gentle.”
Deft fingers drew tiny circles over your clit, sending jolts of electricity through your body. His free hand held you tightly, keeping you from squirming too hard against him. You inhaled sharply when he pressed his finger into your hole, the slight sting taking you aback. He moved slowly, stroking your sensitive walls with the calloused pad of his finger. It made you dizzy; the sensation completely foreign and overwhelming.
Before long , the hazy pleasure was the only thing you could focus your mind in. Tengen was rhythmic, pumping his thick digit in and out in a perfectly steady pattern. Once he was sure you were comfortable, he curled it upwards, catching and pressing hard against your g-spot. Your yelp of shock made a Cheshire grin spread across his face.
“How’s that, little one?” he crooned, letting your waist go so that he could toy with your clit at the same time.
“So so good,” you whined, rocking your hips forward into his touch.
His lips were back against your neck, sucking a constellation of blemishes into your skin. The intrusion of a second finger sent you reeling, your walls clamping erratically around them as he scissored them to stretch you even further.
You cried out sharply, head falling back against his shoulder as the tension in your belly tightened. “U-Uzui I think I’m close,” you whispered, eyes shut tight as you essentially rode his hand.
“Call me Tengen, sweetheart. And I know you are, you’re squeezing me so tight. Just relax and let go, pretty girl,” he coached, pressing a gentle kiss to the top of your head.
His words made you giddy, your heart skipping a beat. He was just so charismatic, and you knew he wasn’t even trying at all. You had to admit he had always flustered you a bit, especially during your missions. He was so guiding despite being so bold and brash. His company was one that you’d grown used to and comfortable with.
His chin rested on your shoulder, the perfect position for him to bite at the tender skin. He pinched your clit gently, toying with the swollen bundle of nerves. You cried out, belly dipping as you sucked in a deep breath to try to keep yourself composed. If not for the buffer of the water, the wet slick sound of your cunt around his fingers would be nearly overwhelming. You could feel yourself gush arousal  with each deep thrust of his fingers.
Your thighs trembled, threatening to close around his wrist as you slipped even deeper into ecstasy. His unrelenting actions became unbearable as you hit your peak, shaky begs of his name spilling from your mouth as you came undone on his fingers. You heard a faint “there you go” over the bloodrush in your ears, your hips shivering and stuttering as you chased even more contact from the large man below you.
He came to a slow stop and shifted you out of his lap. Quickly noticing your confusion, he cupped your cheek in his palm. “Don’t worry, it’s okay. I’m just gonna take you inside. I’m not deflowering you in an onsen.”
Tengen pulled you to straddle his lap, your chest against his as he fit his hand under your knees before rising to his feet. Almost immediately, you locked your ankles around his waist, terrified that you would fall.
“Relax, sweetheart. I’ve got you.” One hand slid to rest under your ass while the other splayed against your back.
He made quick work of getting inside and situated, laying you gently upon the tatami mat covered floor. His large figure loomed over yours, broad chest and shoulders dwarfing you under him. He nudged your legs open with his knee and settled between them, his hips resting against your own as he leaned forward to capture your lips in a heated kiss.
Your hands flew to rest on his chest, fingernails digging into his tanned skin. He groaned into your mouth, teeth nipping at your bottom lip. Gasping at the feeling, your lips parted to grant him access. He slid his tongue against yours, enjoying the soft pleasure-filled sigh he drew out of you. He was intoxicating; your head spinning like you’d been drinking for hours.
“Tengen please, it hurts,” you breathed, the desperate ache between your thighs becoming unbearable. “I need you.”
He growled lowly, eyes squeezing shut at your coy request. Who was he to deny you that? Running a hand through his hair, he sat back on his heels and stared down at you. He could feel his mouth water at the sight: your breasts heaving with each deep breath and your perfect cunt dripping in anticipation for him. It was almost too good to be true. He grabbed your hips, manhandling you so that his cock was situated between your slick folds.
His length was hot and heavy laying right against your sensitive clit. He rolled his hips, grinding it against where you needed him the most. Before you could even open your mouth to protest his teasing and beg for more, he pressed the fat tip against your hole before slowly easing it inside. You saw stars, back arching and hands scrabbling at the floor below you. He was rough but painfully slow, taking his sweet time bullying his thick cock into your virgin cunt.
Your mewls were like music to his ears, lewdly sweet and desperate. Tengen gripped tightly at your waist, holding you still as he split your gummy walls with the impressive girth of his shaft. Hands flying to his shoulders, you threw your head back in bliss as he bottomed out in you. He was so deep, so thick, filling you just perfectly.
“How're you doing, sweetheart?” he asks, thrusting shallowly into you.
“Good. So good,” you squeaked, writhing as his pace began to pick up.
He grinned down at you, canines glinting under the dim light of the room. “Perfect.”
With that, he settled on a brutal pace, one that had you gasping and trembling under him. It was so cruel; the way he stretched your tiny hole around his massive cock would surely ruin you for any other man. No other man could ever treat you the way he could. You’d come crawling back to him every time, begging him to make you feel so good compared to what those pathetic useless men could do.
His lips were back on yours, tongue hastily gliding against your own. He swallowed down your moans and whines, grunting as he crashed his hips into yours. Tengen was in a daze, the only things he could focus on being the way your warm cunt squeezed him and the way the sweet taste of you on his tongue made him dizzy.
He pulled away, giving you a moment to catch your breath as he reached down with one hand to run a circle on your swollen clit. You panted like a bitch in heat, tongue lolling out as ecstasy built up in your abdomen. Warbles of his name and ‘please’ fell from your mouth, tears pricking your lash line as your orgasm approached rapidly. Tengen could see it in your eyes, prompting him to angle his hips to reach deeper into you.
“Ohh god! F-fuck! I’m gonna..!” Your voice cracked as you gasped, legs shaking and toes curling as the heat in your belly raged to an inferno. “Oh fuck ‘m cumming! Daddy I’m- Shit!” Your mouth fell open into an ‘o’ shape as the tension snapped, your pussy spasming around his cock as he fucked you through your orgasm.
He grunted, watching the way a creamy ring of white built around his base with each thrust into your soaked cunt. The gush of your orgasm had made a mess of both his and your thighs, only adding to the wet smack of his balls against your ass. Your face of pure bliss was burned into his brain, his heart racing as the sweet sound of your voice calling him daddy played on a loop in his head.
That set something alight in him, chest burning as he quickened his pace. Your body lurched, prompting him to loop his arm under your waist and hold you tighter.
“Takin’ Daddy’s cock so well,” he moaned, pressing sloppy kisses along your jaw. “Such a good girl. You’re doing so fucking good for me.”
Your nails dragged thin lines of red into his skin, making him gasp in pain and pleasure. He bent lower over you, holding you chest to chest with him as he fucked hard into you. Your moans were muffled against his shoulder, eyes rolling back as the now familiar feeling of your approaching orgasm washed over you. If you’d known better, you would’ve been able to tell he was close as well.
Tengen’s hips stuttered, his pace becoming sloppier as his own pleasure began to overwhelm him. You could feel his heartbeat against your chest, the rhythm as fast and erratic as your own. It was so intimate; he could feel every inch of your body and you could feel every inch of his own.
“I think I’m gonna cum again,” you whispered, letting your eyes slip closed in relief as he pummeled the head of his cock into your g-spot. “Tengen! Daddy! Shit!”
He gasped sharply, moaning wantonly at the way your walls squeezed around him. Fuck, you were close again. It was impressive, your resolve was quite outstanding to him. Your first time, yet you were able to come undone around him multiple times. It made something primal bubble up in his chest. He needed you. He needed to keep you around. You needed to be his.
“Cum for me, sweet girl. Let Daddy know how good he makes you feel,” he rasped, trying to keep in control.
You whined, shaking your head slightly. “Cum with me please. Wanna feel you fill me up. Please Daddy. Wanna be yours. Make me yours,” you plead, tears streaking your cheeks and dampening his already sweaty skin.
That sent him over the edge, his thrusts speeding up as he chased his release. You came first, back arching and eyes rolled back as you unraveled in his arms. Your shattered sobs and his greedy moans filled the air with a symphony of ecstasy. Tengen came with a low groan, hips pressed flush against yours as he flooded your womb with his hot, sticky cum. Your cunt milked him for everything he was worth, sucking him in and creaming prettily around him.
The two of you clung to each other as you came down from your highs, hands desperately holding anything they could reach. You caught your breath slowly, heart still pounding as you opened your eyes to look up at him. His cheeks were pink and his pupils were still blown. He loosened his grip for a moment, reaching up to brush the tears from your cheeks. His fingers traced along your jaw, cradling your face as he pressed a kiss to your forehead.
“You did so well,” he murmured, slowly sitting up and pulling you with him.
Your legs stayed draped over his hips, bodies flush against each other as he rubbed soothing circles against your back. You were exhausted, but you wouldn’t have changed any moment of the past few hours.
“Thank you,” you said, resting your head in the crook of his neck.
Tengen smiled softly and kissed the top of your head gently. “I’ll take you with me to my estate. You can meet my wives.”
Nodding at his words, you shifted to glance up at him. “That sounds pleasant,” you hummed, returning the smile.
“Oh it will be. They’ll want to have their turn with you too.”
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tenrichouku · 1 year
𝐫𝐞𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐞 𝐧𝐨𝐮𝐬
Tumblr media Tumblr media
your husband struggles with the consequences of his recent fight. the sudden change to his usually flamboyant demeanour drowned by insecurities. it caused him to withdrew from his loved ones until one night you let him know exactly how beautiful he still is to you
Tumblr media
— pairing: uzui tengen x female reader
genre: smut, comfort, mdni
wordcount: 3k
warnings: major manga spoilers, body insecurities (not reader), description of wounds and blood, lots of praise, pet names, size difference/kink
Tumblr media
Not a day goes by where you don’t feel appreciated by your husband. Not a single cycle from morning to night passes without him telling you how much he adores you. In the form of words, touches, and acts. You feel loved; loved and beautiful.
Yet over time, and especially after his last battle, you have sadly noticed a shift in his demeanour. Not much remains from his flamboyant persona amid your privacy. You often find him sitting at your small pond or out on the veranda, especially at night when he was supposed to share your bed.
Yes, it’s been long since you were last able to touch him. To feel his muscles shift beneath the tips of your fingers or drag beautiful red streaks over his broad back thanks to the pleasure he inflicted in your body. Even longer since you last moaned his name in bliss, felt him pressed against you with his lips exploring your body like a hidden treasure.
The ring of the wind play tears Tengen out of his thoughts and makes him aware of the small shadow watching over him. He takes a moment to smile to himself, before he inhaling deeply and finding his composure again. His broad figure turns to you, wide chest open for you to claim as he reaches out his right hand toward your reaction.
“If you think you���re sneaky, I must sadly inform you, that you’re doing a poor job, love.” The words are delivered with a wide grin of his, charming. You used to describe it. But by now you see the sadness behind his mask.
“I wasn’t aware I needed to hide in my home, love.” You shoot back as you take his hand and let the man help you sit down, beside him.
You yearn to sit in his lap. To feel his embrace around your frame and his lips on yours.
He leans towards you, looming a little above your smaller frame with a playfulness softening his features. “You do. Better to hide from the big old monster than letting it catch you.” He winks at you, acting off his insecurities with another smirk as he gives his best to seem unbothered in front of you.
Yet your soft sigh has his shoulders slouch, the love and tenderness in your eyes something Tengen wasn’t able to watch for weeks now. Turning away, he once more stares off into the night as silence falls over your bodies.
“What is keeping you up at night?” You finally dare to ask as your chin finds rest on top of his shoulder, seeking to comfort him even for the smallest amount.
“Nothing for you to worry about,” Tengen answers, lifting his left arm in search to cradle your cheek, if it wasn’t for his eyes to look at nothing but the sleeve of his kimono.
The touch he wanted to give to you is repaid by your own hand. Cold fingertips contrast the warmth of his body as you direct his face to meet your gaze, a small smile softening your features. “You’re so beautiful,” you quietly confess as you look at his features and carefully brush his silver strands out of his face.
“Lying should not become a habit of yours just to make your husband feel better.”
You fight back by placing a gentle kiss to his forehead and cradle his face in your hold. “Aren’t you an expert at that already?”
“I’m not lying to you, blossom.”
“No, but you’re also not speaking the truth. Always putting up an act of being unbothered until the sun settles and the moon rises. Every night we find you anywhere but inside. Strolling around in odd places, meditating for hours or staring into the night for what? Your hand to grow back? Your eye to suddenly be fine again?” Anger boils over inside your body as you stare Tengen down and you bite your tongue. You’re really not here to fight with him.
What you completely in this moment is the fact that he doesn’t even argue back. Opting to let you hold him as he melts in your care, touch-starved found a new representative after he withdrew himself for months.
“I didn’t mean to…” you sigh quietly while thumbing the apples of his cheeks. “We’re worried. I’m worried.”
His eye opens upon your confession, yet he stays quiet. There are too many thoughts running through his mind to find the correct one right now.
“I miss you,” you pressure while your soothing touch brushes through his hair and down his neck. “I miss you so much, Tengen.”
Truth be told, there is much he can endure. Pain, sorrow, losing his limbs. But not bringing pain to his loved ones. So it should barely come as a surprise to you that your body is now fully pressed against his chest. He’s all too eager to pull you in his lap right away if it wasn’t for your inconvenient seating position.
The pressure applied by his chin resting on your shoulder reassures you. It causes a smile to adorn your features as you lean into his touch while your arms snake around his neck.
“A pretty flower shouldn’t be forced to look at ruined art.”
You chuckle over his sentiment and shake your head, hold growing stronger around him to keep his body close. “You’re not ruined. You just have some newly added quirks, hm?”
Feeling him pinch your butt has you giggling in return. Faking a whine as you drawl his name and pull back, to once again look at his face. “You’re beautiful.”
“You may stop stealing my lines.” He shoots back upon holding your cheeks and squishing your lips into a pout. Upon the cute view Tengen blessed himself with, you witness his signature grin finally return as he adores you. “Silly girl.”
“Yours,” you add through the pout and bat your lashes at the man.
Tengen complies by loosening the hold to your face and closing the distance between your lips. Giving you a gentle kiss but breaking away far too early for your liking.
“Not yet,” you whine once more. Knowing just perfectly how to get anything you want from your husband. “Way too short, miss you so much…” you add as you lean in again.
Your hands hold on to his kimono, balled fists resting against his chest as you seek his lips once more for a deep kiss. It feels so sweet whenever you get the chance to be the dominant part with a man like him, as he simply lets you do whatever you please.
Soft lips move effortlessly, skilled and in perfect tandem with another and distracting Tengen enough to finally have his hand rest on your body. Thumbing over your hip bone before his touch travels north and grab onto your waist, to finally pull you into his lap and have your bodies touch.
You grow small beneath him, being dwarfed by his sheer size difference compared to you. That leaves you yearning for more.
There is no excuse to your squirming, to your curious hands dipping between the space of his kimono and run over his firm chest. You place a gentle kiss on his exposed neck and smile upon witnessing the effect you still have on his body.
You watch the shiver course through his veins, hear the shaky exhale next to your ear and feel his lips repaying your favours tenfold once Tengen cranes your neck. Allowing him to kiss you repeatedly, gently sucking and licking on your skin and grinning to himself as he watches you turn needy.
“I miss you as well, princess.”
You know he must feel ashamed to admit it, judging by how quietly he confessed his feelings against the crook of your neck. Tengen’s forehead rests against your shoulder, eye shut while rubbing your back in gentle patterns. “But showing you this…”
You cut in upon hearing his first few words. The frown on your face is evident while your shoulders slouch. “Showing me your body, not this.” you murmur, and bring the man out of his make-shift hiding spot.
You face another as you remain seated on top of his thighs, lips close enough to almost touch, yet your focus lies on something else as you search for his gaze. “Don’t hide from me. You told me the same thing when I felt too insecure about myself. You told me I’m perfect to your eyes, didn’t you?”
The repetitive poking of your fingertip against his chest makes Tengen smile, nodding along to your words and stealing a quick kiss from your lips before he speaks up. “Help me?”
The question has your heart swell in warmth and you hum along to his words, while your curious fingers already loosen his kimono. “Of course,” you giggle and meet his eye with a mischievous grin on your lips. Leaning in once more your kisses now reach Tengen’s neck and collarbone with the added pleasure of your fingertips dipping beneath the fabric of his kimono and brushing over his pecs to reach his shoulders; where you finally push the clothing item off.
The hesitation of your actions follows by Tengen pulling out his intact arm, palm coming up to cradle your cheek and redirect your gaze to look at his face. Kissing you once more as the other sleeve drops to reveal his upper body. His left arm is wrapped up in bandages, everything gore-y hidden beneath white linen. Regardless, the moment you part from the kiss, Tengen still feels the urge in his arm, wanting nothing more but to hold your face between his hands and admire your own beauty.
The frustration shows as he tries to bite back his anger, the fingers of his right hand now curling around the fabric of your kimono as he once more fails to meet your gaze.
“Tengen…” Upon your touch, in the teasing drag of your nails over his chest and upward his neck, he looks at you. Turning putty beneath your hands while goosebumps bloom over his skin. “Let me take care of you,” you whisper against his lips. Rendering the man defenceless the moment you adjust your seating for your hips to touch his. A soft groan escapes him over the newly found pleasure, hand tugging your hip even closer.
You can’t help but grin beneath the kiss. The grip he holds on your body so demanding and needy as your hips grind down on him.
Soon, Tengen tugs on the wrap around your waist. Loosening the band with expertise where he doesn’t even need more than one hand to undress your body. The warmth of his touch has you arch against him, pressing yourself further into his warmth as you whimper softly into his mouth.
It’s been so long since he touched you that every little gesture ignites little sparks under your skin. Your shared kiss turns deeper, seemingly never breaking if it wasn’t for the little pants for fresh air in between. Until his palm nestles around your breast, long fingers ghosting over the subtle flesh and teasing your nipple. Lips parting for Tengen’s kisses to ruin your neck and décolleté with gentle sucks and kisses.
“So pretty,” slips out of his mouth as you moan for him. Feeble fingers eager to untie his waistband and bare him. “And so greedy,” Tengen muses. Fingertips dragging along your heaving chest and stomach as he watches you, eye contact never breaking while his hand travels further south.
Your thighs flex and clench upon the familiar feeling of his fingers as they brush over your sensitive pussy. Spreading your lips to tease the swollen area and coat himself in arousal, easing the glide of his digits.
The moment two of his fingers push against your entrance and stretch your gummy walls has you moan for him, upper body leaning against Tengen with your arms around his neck.
“Feeling good?” he murmurs while kissing along your shoulder, pumping his finger inside your cunt while growing eager to feel you around his girth. “So, so good,” you sigh, before biting your lip and burying your face in the crook of his neck. Hips rolling against his palm, letting his fingers reach deeper, while you’re already so eager to finally welcome an orgasm again.
It actually brings Tengen to chuckle, humming into the crook of your neck and kissing your temple not before long his thumb pressures your clit. Circling the nub and swiping over it to watch your legs starting to give out and hear more of your moans.
Yet your voice has him stop. Angelic tones begging him to “want to cum with you, please. ‘s been so long, wanna feel you.” Of course, only a madman would deny you of your wishes.
So he complies by withdrawing his fingers, making you highly aware of just how wet you are as he smears your juices along your inner thigh and beams at you. Content clear as day, even in the depths of night. “Do you think you can handle an old, crippled man?” he asks, and tries to make it sound lighthearted. Yet you refuse to let him off the hook. Frowning at him before pushing his back against one of the many posts of the veranda, forcing him to be quiet with a kiss while your hand finally unravels his robe. Fingers wrapping around his cock to pump him for him to falter and have his head fall back against the wood as breathy moans leave his lips.
The tip of his cock drags along your folds, jerking over the pleasure you ignite throughout Tengen’s body while the man in question looks up at you. Mesmerised by your blown wide pupils illuminated in the moonlight as you meet his gaze and smile for him. That is, until his stretch makes you moan. Body crumbling and seeking his support as you lean against your husband, hips sinking down further on his cock.
How exactly could he go without your heavenly body for so long? Withdrawing himself from listening to your sweet moans of his name for weeks just because of his silly little injuries?
“Look at you,” he groans in utter bliss, grinning like a love-drunk fool over the delicious feeling of your gummy walls around him. Tengen offers you his hand and soon entwines your fingers, allowing you extra support to help ease your body’s movements. “My beautiful wife,” he rambles on, “looking so heavenly on top of me.”
It brings a smile to your lips and tears to adorn your lashes. You truly missed him and his praise. Him and the perfect stretch of his cock as you sink down on him again and again. “I love you,” you breathe while your nails dig into the back of his hand. Your fingers squeeze his and your moaning and whines in bliss are drowned by his kiss. Whispering his own reply of “I love you,” against your soft lips. Until you graze just the right spot inside your soft walls and your head falls back, praising his cock in the form of further moans while pressing your eyes shut.
You grind down on him, sighing over the sensations ignited by the stimulation his pelvis offers on your clit. Remembering to clench around his girth to steal further pants and groans from your husband to motivate you further.
And once your free hand drags over his neck and shoulder; nails painting his skin in red streaks as you worry about nothing but the perfect feeling he pleases you with, Tengen truly loses himself in you. Abandoning the hold he shared with you to grab your hips, guiding your body to arch further anytime your hips roll forward or sink down again.
His high isn’t far off, weeklong withdrawal as well combined with a pretty woman like you rendering him defenceless to his human needs.
“More, give me a little more,” he speaks into your neck, returning to suck on the fragile skin as he helps you to bounce in his lap. The feeling of your small hands on his broad shoulders, the familiarity of your weight on top of him and the and your silky soft skin beneath his rough palm all he needs to focus on as he feels himself twitch inside your cunt.
Timbre moans ripple along your skin when he presses your body down, holding you in place while he paints your walls white.
You use the moment for your own pleasure, returning to grind your clit against him while his cock throbs inside you. Making sure to tighten around his girth, tempting and teasing his sensitive cock until his nails dig into your skin and his teeth bare your shoulder. Yet he lets you move, lets you fuck yourself on his cock beyond overstimulation and helps you reach your high with the gentle stroke of his thumb over your clit.
You crumble ever so flawlessly. Brows knitted together while the cute little ‘o’ to your lips turns to moans of Tengen’s name and thank yous, although you did all the work this time.
The safest place to ride out your high is in his arms, pressed tightly against his flexed and sweat-covered chest, which is heaving against yours. You hide your face in the crook of his neck, nuzzling him and humming in content when you feel his embrace. Two arms holding you tightly against your husband accompanied by his lips lingering on the crown of your head. “My little blessing,” he murmurs to himself as his fingers run along your spine, lulling you in to let your heavy lids fall close as the thumping of Tengen’s heart echoes inside your ears.
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munsonsins · 7 months
thirsts? sorry it’s tenten again bc i lied about being over him
(also why does it feel so dirty sending in an ask when I have no problem DMing u this i-)
ok but hear me out: I’ve been getting into like…him teasing you with just the tip, like writing his name on that pussy with his dick but never properly fucking you with it. makin you grind on it but holdin your hips still when you try to impale yourself on it :( evil corona man :(
Tumblr media
CW — fem! sub! reader, edging kinda, dacryphilia, manhandling (?), size kink, dumbification (?), creampie/breeding kînk, clit slap, kinda mean tengen, slight spanking, bitsy overstim.
WC — 1k+
Note — I... I need a minute I haven't written for tengen in a loooong time and I wrote this in a haze. Reblogs & interactions r always appreciated!!
# : @fvshguro @bxnten @touyaphoria @festive
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's no secret that 𝐓𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐧 𝐔𝐳𝐮𝐢 is insufferable. He has no qualms in edging you to madness, watching you descend to nothing but a whiney mess of tears and babbles of just his name. And even then he'd not give you what you want— not yet at least.
“tengen,” you sob, hands clawing at his broad shoulders, digging your nails in his skin to leave tiny crescent indents, “'s enough just fuck me already,”
He chuckles at the desperation in your voice, “not yet, princess.” the tip of his cock lays heavy against your clit, right there and yet not close enough, “please!” your hips buck up involuntarily, a plea ripping from your lips.
A large hand curled around your hip, shoving you down against the mattress harshly, “I said not yet.” fisting his cock, tengen pumps it at the sight of you squirming under his hold, tears dewing at your eyes from frustration, “can't take it anymore, need you inside me now,”
“Spread your legs, princess." Your knees shut together— out of instinct— as soon as he slapped the cock head against your puffy clit.
He's now dragging the tip of his cock against your cunt, smearing your slick all over. Through your glassy vision you noticed how his red eyes were focused on your pussy and you realize it— he is spelling out his name on your pussy, T-E-N-G-E-N, with swift strokes of his cock,“what a pretty pussy you have,” tengen muses at how your pussy flutters from his teasing, “look at her, she's dripping all over for me,”
“did I get you all worked up, baby?” by the time he got to the G, your thighs were shaking, your back arching off the mattress while your hips bucked up- more, you needed more. Tengen's hand came up to rest the palm flat on your belly, weighing you down, “so impatient,”
Impatient. Tengen was usually the more impatient one but he'd hold out for as long as it takes to have you a begging mess under his touch. Because you make the sweetest sounds when you're fucked at the brink of desperation and the sound hashira thrives off it, “how bout a change of pace, hm? Let's make this more flamboyant.”
With strong arms, he's soon guiding your body above his so that you're straddling his hips, your pussy hovering right above his cock but his hands gripping your hips won't let you move. The amusement in his eyes at your plight was undeniable, “what? Not begging for me anymore?”
“you're such a meanie,” you heave, breathless from being edged like this. His bare chest rumbles with a loud laughter at that, “tell you what,” folding his arms behind his back, he leans against the headboard, “you can take what you want.”
You lower yourself on his cock slowly, shaky palms pressed against his shoulders for balance, “lemme help you out there,” you're impaled on his cock with a sudden thrust, tengen's thumbs dipping into the plush of your hips as he held you against him for a moment, letting you feel how his thick cock throbbed inside you.
“go on, ride me now,”
Your eyes roll back and your jaw hangs open, he's so big and you feel so full that you didn't hear his command, “don't be ungrateful,” a loud smack echoed in the room as he brought his hand down harshly on your ass. You yelped at the sting, fresh tears welling up in your eyes.
Cupping your breasts in his large palms, tengen snickers while pinching your nipples, “weren't you begging for this, princess? For my cock?” leaning forward, he licks away at the salty tears rolling down your cheeks, “So why are you whining now, hm?”
With trembling thighs, you prop yourself up against him, raising your hips and slamming down on his cock, “that's it? That's all you can do?” the mockery makes you squeeze your eyes shut in shame. Bringing his hand to your clit, he lays a light slap on the swollen bundle of nerves, “go faster,”
You're struggling just from having his cock inside you and he's asking you to ride him when you're feeling so full, “can't!” you cry out in a meek voice, “need your help, tengen sama,” the title you addressed him with made a low chuckle vibrate at the back of his throat,
“yeah you can, princess, if you try hard enough,” biting your lip, you thrust yourself down on him again, eyes rolling back when you felt his thick cock hit impossibly deep inside you, nudging right against your sweet spot, “fuck, you're so fucking tight, you're gonna milk me dry aren't you, baby?” your toes curl from fucking yourself on him, whimpers tangled with moans falling free from your lips
“Cum for me, use me and make yourself cum.” his hand squeezes at your breasts, the other one rubbing your clit while your thrusts grew sloppy as you neared your orgasm, “tengen tengen tengen—” your walls clamp down hard around his pulsating cock as you topple over your high with his name on your lips like a prayer.
“atta girl.” tengen's eyes are a shade darker when he grips your hips after you slump against him, tired and fucked out. Groaning, he lifts you up and slams you down hard against him, pounding into your poor abused cunt relentlessly. Using you like a rag doll to get himself off, “fuck fuck— I'm gonna cum,”
“please cum inside me, please,” you're pleading through the throes of overstimulation, desperate to feel him fill you up. cursing under his breath, tengen buries his face in the crook of your neck, muffling his loud groans as he cums deep inside you.
“there, wasn't that tough now, was it?” tengen's fingers tilt your chin up, laying a gentle kiss on your lips, “you did so good f'me, princess. Now let's get you cleaned up.”
Tumblr media
© novaresque. do not repost or translate.
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lonefloric · 8 months
Hay there <3
May i get some HCs of reader being the ice hashira? Platonic please
Ice hashira
◡̈⋆🅷🅸(●’◡’●)ノ this accidentally turned into how you met/know them? I do apologize if this isn't want you wanted 🥲
Gender neutral reader + platonic!
No spoilers besides if you haven't seen the Natagumo arc or met the Hashira.
Tumblr media
Kamaboko trio + Nezuko
You met them in recovery after the mountain Natagumo. You had a mission you got an injury from your collarbone to your stomach so you stayed in the recovery room. It was a decently bad scratch (You would have considered it a minor injury but Koucho insisted you stay and let her treat you) You arrived after them, about 2 days later.
You easily recognized Tanjirou from the meeting about him and his demon sister. You understand the bond of the two siblings but didn't agree on him keeping her as a demon. Though, you wouldn't say it aloud.
He also recognized you from the same meeting as well, complimenting your light blue and white themed as you lounges in the room, taking the medicine given to you by Aoi. He's a sweetheart.
You didn't know the other boys, who you learned the names of due to Tanjirou. The boar masked, Inosuke you learned, always demanded a fight after learning your position as hashira after he threatened you and got hit on the head by Tanjirou and reprimanded. You laughed and waved him off, not taking the boar seriously. Tanjirou felt immensely horrible by what Inosuke did, you just had to reassure him there was no I'll feelings after.
But, unfortunately, Inosuke was very serious about dueling you. It was a reoccurring demand every few minutes or so. The easier way to get him from asking was to tell him to regain all his strength and then possibly you could duel. But that just turned into him throwing the door open everyday after practicing telling you that he got stronger and was going to beat you.
The yellow boy, Zenitsu, was probably the worst out of the trio. Crying and screaming most of the day about taking his medicine and how tiny his limbs were. Normally you stuffed your face into your pillow and tried blocking all noise. All above, it only intensified when he heard of your position. All hell breaks loose and he's crying and wailing louder (you didn't think that was possible) to the point Koucho came to the room herself.
She opened the door to see you in your bed, torso and lower neck wrapped I fresh bandages sipping tea, and a full blown wailing Zenitsu across from you in his own bed. You looked heavily annoyed by his continual screams of "I'M GOING TO DIE! THERE'S A HASHIRA IN HERE! I'M DOOMED! DOOMED I SAY!" and blubbering other incoherent words. Koucho would try to calm him (spoiler it didn't work) before having to get Tanjirou to calm the feral boy.
You met Nezuko in rather weird circumstances. It was a total accident. It was nighttime, way late into the evening when everyone was asleep, minus you. Spending most of your day in bed sleeping kept you awake at night most of the time. You decided to go on a walk (don't tell Koucho, she'd kill you if you opened any of the stitched scratches and would be upset you had taken off that itchy dressings). The cool evening air felt nice on the unwrapped injury, much better than sweating under them 24/7. The estate kept few Windows open allowing a nice evening breeze. You heard quiet speaking from down the left hall, making you curious. Slowly making your way down the hall you stopped at an slight ajar door, candle light peaking out just barely.
Pushing the door open you started at the young boy and his sister. "Shouldn't you be sleeping?" You asked with a raised brow. Tanjirou jumped, eyes wide and scared. He began to stumble over his words as he rushed out excuses. You dropped the serious facade and gently laughed. "I'm only joking with you, take it easy." Tanjirou exhaled greatly, slumping in relief. You stepped fully in the room, closing the door behind you. "Visiting your sister I see." You motioned to the small child demon, who looked at you with full wonder. "A-ah, yes. It's the only time I get to see her."
You started back at the small child, keeping eye contact with her. Tanjirou sweat dropped nervously, your gaze seemed cold compared to Nezuko's wonder. "Cute." You suddenly said dropping a hand on the top of her head and patting gently. "You seem kind." Tanjirou blurted, slapping a hand over his mouth. You blinked at him in suprise. "Well then, I haven't heart that one ever." It was now Tankirou's turn to blink in suprise. Never heard that you seemed kind? Huh?
You jumped ever so slightly at the sudden feeling of arms aroun you. Looking down the small demon nuzzled herself into your stomach, happily sitting on your lap. "Nezuko! You can't just hug people!" Tanjirou cried out waving his hands wildly. You smiled fondly, wrapping your arms around the small girl in return. "It's alright. It's refreshing to have someone so comfortable around me."
Of course you met a few of them when you had taken the position as Ice Hashira. A special breathing passed down in your family. The rest you met when they arrived after you. You felt more inclined to ignore your colleagues than interact, but of course there's the few who forcibly interact with you.
Gyomei was one you definitely had barely even spoken too. There was never a reason you had to spend time around him other than in meeting and the one mission you had gone on together, but nothing had happened. It turned into a simple patrol. The both of you had been entirely silent, except for the few times he mumbled something you couldn't hear. Yet, you still respected him.
Sanemi Shinazugawa. A name that irked you with just the utter of it. The pair of you had never gotten along. You despised his brash harsh nature and he despised your level tempered attitude. Normally you were never one to argue until you had met Sanemi. You could get under his skin with a single look and he's already blown a fuse ready to fight. He's also the tiniest bit jealous that Genya seems to like you.
Rengoku, oh Rengoku. He's one who forcefully made himself comfortable in your presence. Even if you seemed cold he (his words not yours) liked your company. He's boisterous and loud and your quiet and seemingly cold. Most conversations go one sided, him boasting happily about his younger brother whom you learned name was Senjuro, a carbon copy look alike to Rengoku. The very few times you've seen to answer him turns out to be decent conversations. He seems to enjoy being in your presence even if the conversations are one sided. He enjoys knowing that even if you don't seem like it, he knows your listening.
Mitsuri, a sweet girl who seemed to always want to be around you. She likes styling your hair (with permission of course). She likes doing all the intricate styles she's been learning and your (in her opinion) best model. She's one of the 3 who has pulled a smile from you, and she basks in the fact she got one. Most conversations aren't even concerations. She asks if she can style your hair, and with a nod of confirmation, the rest is in pure silence. That is, until she squeals over how cute she thinks you look.
Obanai. His snake definitely terrified you at first, you not having a keen liking to the scaley creature. It always seemed to be glaring at you, along with its owner too. He definitely didn't like you, and liked comparing you to Tomioka. He called the two of you the emotionless duo. You tended to never respond to any of his remarks, always ignoring them as they didn't affect you. That just made him more annoyed with you. You could never pin point what you did to him, so you brushed it off.
Uzui. Ah yes the 'flamboyant' former shinobi. He seemed to like you, typically hanging around you with Rengoku. He likes making jokes to see if you react. To when you don't he stops. You haven't met the wives, but heard them in passing. Rengoku and Uzui tend to sit around with you and converse, they don't mind your short answers or shake of your head when they ask questions. He is a positive beam to be around.
Shinobu was someone you spoke with often. Tending to enjoy her company you visit the butterfly estate on the rare occasion, much preferring to exchange crows for messages instead. She did indeed tease you lightly, but nothing like you had seen her with Tomioka. She liked to, more or less, test you? She'd say something and see how you react. The slightest twitch of irritation in your eye, the smallest tug of your lip in a quick smile. Overall she is more pleasant to be around.
Giyuu and you rarely spoke to one another. Suprising with how you two seemed to often be grouped together when the others spoke about you guys. Now, you had been in each other's presence before yet neither of you said a word. He had a silent respect for you after a mission almost gone wrong. He was a new hashira at the time and was just a slight to reckless and almost gotten himself severely injured if you hadn't been assigned to go with him. It may be a silent respect that he would never mention aloud, but you know it's there.
Muichirou was almost like your shadow. He seemed to have a keen liking to you, typically seen somewhere near you. On a walk, the boy would be next to you. Cloud gazing was an activity he always invited you to do with him. The soft grass like a cushion as you two pointed to the shapes you saw, or just watching the hours pass in the form of moving clouds. He tended to forget what he was doing so you always have to gently remind him. You're like an older sibling to him.
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Rengoku Kyojuro would accidentally fall asleep on your shoulder - arms crossed with his hair loose out of its ponytail - soundless breathes parting his lips, long eyelashes touching his cheek and he just looks so beautiful....
Who wakes up sluggish - a small confused noise rumbling in his chest - eyelashes fluttering until he - still resting against you - looks up at you, a smile tugging at his lips as he takes you in from the angle his at,
"Hi..." He whispers, voice slightly husky from sleep before he closes his eyes again - slumping against you once more.
Until you feel his slumped form tense, body slowly moving up until he's seated bolt up right and a blush coats his entire face all the way up to the tip of his ears
Voice stuttering out apologies as he looks anywhere but you until hearing you laugh, whipping round that hair hits his face - face still red and pupils blown wide
"It's ok Kyo," you murmur so sweetly at him "Go back to sleep I'll watch over you"
Your hand threads through golden strands and Kyojuro - still red faced - feels like his hearts exploded as you guide his head back to your shoulder.
The smell of your perfume and the smell of your clothes lures him back to sleep
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tothemeadow · 17 days
can you make a dream of mine come true? its where the trio are on a mission during the mission they get hit with a lust demon art. when they are done with the mission they are drooling for y/n. they all want you at the same time. and you need to try to treat them without them killing you.
goddamn anonnie this is so TASTY 😫
'three's a crowd' / Kamaboko Trio x Reader
warnings: NSFW, mild gore, mild dubcon, oral sex, fingering, handjobs, three on one action, all the fuggin mayonaise
words: 3,961
notes: aged up characters, AFAB reader/female bits, they/their pronouns
“Continue west! West! Almost there!” the Kasugai squawks overhead.
“We get it, you damn crow!” Inosuke yells back. “I oughta cook you already!”
“Inosuke,” Tanjiro quips, “focus.”
Grumbling, Inosuke ceases his verbal attack at the bird and turns his attention to the path before him. Zenitsu, on the other hand, snickers to himself.
Once again, the three make their way to whatever destination calls them; demons are everywhere, ready to pounce at any time. One must keep moving if they’re part of the corps. This time, though, rather than going single, Tanjiro’s Kasugai crow collected the three of them, informing the trio of a rampant demon terrorizing a town and its surroundings.
It wouldn’t be the first (or last) time that a demon goes on mass killing sprees, but to have so many victims in a short amount of time… It’s troubling, to say the least. Knowing that it’s eating more than well is enough to raise concerns, and it would be a foolish decision to let a single person walk towards their death. Having three people should make the task easier – hopefully.
They’ve discussed what little details fellow crows managed to compile – all the victims seem to be male, none of them dropping under the age of 16. Other than that, well… that’s for the trio to figure out.
Before too long, the crow gives a final squawk and takes an abrupt turn, soaring away from the group. Up ahead, silhouettes of houses break through the expanse of orange sky. At long last, they’ve finally made it to their destination. However, as the sun continues to set and night creeps closer, they’ll have to come with a plan – and fast.
“Kamado Tanjiro!” another Kasugai crow calls out.
The three look to the sky as the crow flies towards them from the direction of the town.
“Waiting for you, yes! Preparations are underway!”
“Guys, hey! Over here!” another new voice shouts.
On the outskirts of town, you wave the other three down, your free hand cupping the side of your mouth. The Kasugai crow circles back around and heads back towards you, seemingly leading the way. The three boys slow their running to a jog as they come closer to you, surprise written on their faces. As far as they were concerned, nobody else was assigned to this mission.
Tanjiro calls out your name as they draw even closer still, a smile spreading itself across his face. “What are you doing here?”
“Backup, apparently,” you say without missing a beat. “I was nearby when I was summoned.”
Zenitsu, appearing absolutely ecstatic to see you, hastily cuts the others off before they have a chance to speak. “It’s great to see you,” he gushes, face heating up. “How have you been?”
Inosuke makes a gagging noise. You can’t see his face beneath the mask, but you can tell its scrunched up in disgust. “Can you not think with your dick for once?”
Zenitsu impatiently swats at him, his ponytail swinging from the sheer force of the movement. “Says you, you muscle-brained idiot! You’re the one who humps tree hollows when no one’s looking!”
Tanjiro facepalms.
Surprisingly, you laugh. “It’s good to see that you boys haven’t changed much.” The mirth disappears from your face as your expression darkens. “Still… You’ve been updated as to what’s been going on lately, right?”
Nodding, Tanjiro steps another closer to you, ignoring the bickering two behind him. “Disappearances, yeah. Any bodies been found?”
“That’s not what I’m quite sure of yet. If the demon doesn’t have some sort of domain they can pull their prey into, they must be directing the men to some lair.”
Hearing you specifically say men makes a shiver run down Tanjiro’s spine. Hell, if anything goes wrong, his friends – himself included – could be in big, big trouble.
You continue. “It’s odd that they’re targeting such a select group of people. Do you think it could be a female demon?”
“I wouldn’t push away the thought, although it’s not the exact reason yet.”
“I say we use this dumbass as bait,” Zenitsu snips. He squeals as Inosuke takes him in a headlock.
“Whatever it is we’re dealing with, I wanna kill it!” Inosuke exclaims in his ever so charming brash way of his. He cackles, his thick arms squeezing tighter around Zenitsu’s neck.
“Night’s approaching. Come on, we’ve got to get ready,” you say. You snap your fingers at Inosuke. “Let him go. He’s not going to be much use to us if you kill him, no?”
Grumbling, Inosuke does as told and finally lets Zenitsu go. Zenitsu collapses onto his knees, sputtering and clutching at his throat. “You… asshole…!”
“You’ve… got to be kidding me.”
The cavern is relatively 6 meters wide, 10 meters tall; it’s not deep, rather a shallow divot in the forest walls amongst the rocks piling into a mountain. What’s surprising, though, is the number of bodies hanging from the ceiling. Bodies is a pretty giving word – you meant to say skeletons.
Each of them is upside down, arms extended past their heads. The bones are picked nearly clean, their white sheen telling you that they’re relatively fresh. The cavern doesn’t smell of spoiled meat or blood, so it most likely means that the demon at hand stripped them bare before attaching them to the roof of the cave.
To your side, Zenitsu shakes, bottom lip quivering in a way that seems like it’s vibrating. His knees clack together as a pathetic whimper escapes his throat.
Inosuke scratches the back of his head. “At least they’re not suffering, right?”
“Inosuke,” Tanjiro snaps.
“It has to be nearby,” you interject, quickly discouraging any potential argument. “Demons just don’t leave their… collection out for anyone to grab.”
Zenitsu hastily shakes his head. “Hell no. I’m not sticking around long enough to find out!”
“WhY nOt?”
Zenitsu screams; he leaps into your arms, hands linking together behind your neck. Within a few paces from his previous spot, a grotesque demon stares at your group, head cocked at an unnatural angle. Black, stringy hair falls in its face, its eyes nothing more than empty sockets. The body resembles a mantis, the prickles on its forearms dripping with what you presume is a poison.
How fun.
The demon’s lips draw back in a snarl, jagged teeth gleaming in the low light. It seems to be glaring right at you. “LeT hIm Go.” The voice is no better than dragging nails down a chalkboard. You can’t help but wince.
If this thing is going to try to kill you, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for some basic information, no? Shifting your weight, you turn so that Zenitsu is sheltered behind you, your chin tucked over your shoulder. “And why would I do that exactly, hmm? It doesn’t seem like you’re very hospitable to your guests.”
“Please just tell us,” Tanjiro’s voice rings out, yet it sounds muffled. Looking over, you’re met with the sight of him clutching a hand over his nose, expression scrunched in disgust. Instinctively, you whiff at the air, but nothing worth noting. Odd.
The demon’s face jerks in Tanjiro’s direction. “MaLe. NiNeTeEn. DeLiCiOuS.”
You huff. “What about me?” If your previous hypothesis is correct, then the demon should show a preference for the guy in your group…
Once again, the demon snarls at you. “FeMaLe.”
“Inosuke, now!” you yell.
The demon swivels its head around just in time to see Inosuke leaping at her, dual blades extending in graceful arcs towards her neck. It screeches as it barely dodges, the sharp, uneven edges catching the flesh of her jugular. Blood spews from the wound, a blackish red that is far from a human’s.
Setting Zenitsu down (he’s already passed out, who knew?) and draw your own blade. Tanjiro’s already ahead of you, charging at the demon at a speed naked to the untrained eye. Soon, the three men and you are taking turns swinging at the demon’s fleshy neck, attacks bouncing off each other in a dizzying rhythm. Blood and poison fly in fat droplets each time a hit lands; whether either is harmful, you don’t know. Blood already speckles your face and uniform, yet you don’t feel any pain or discomfort.
The fight continues into the wee hours of the night; it’s been a while since the fight left the cave, migrating into the woods instead. While your group makes use of the branches and the sturdy trunks, the demon does the same. A sweep of the hind legs sends you flying, your body crashing through the surrounding branches and other foliage. A sharp gasp breaks free as your spine makes contact with the rough bark of a tree. Your vision swims, but the bloodcurdling scream emitting from the demon has your ears perking and hairs standing on end.
As your vision clears, silence sets in. It’s still a few hours before dawn cracks and the forest properly wakes up. The usual trill of bugs fills the atmosphere, broken by the slight haggard breath here and there. With a groan, you draw yourself to a stand and waddle over to where the other three stand. Your blade slips into your sheath with a clean schlink – the sound of a job well done.
“Is everyone alright?” you croak. Thankfully, your eyes have long adjusted to the near nonexistent lighting, so you’re able to locate the others fairly well.
Inosuke grumbles and promptly throws himself onto the ground, limbs spread eagle. Zenitsu is sitting against a tree, his head cradled in his hands. Neither reaction is cause for concern (not usually, anyway), but Tanjiro… Tanjiro looks ill. You notice his nostrils flare whenever you draw closer.
“Fucking hell!” Inosuke yells. “Can’t you say anything else than his name for once?”
Your brows furrow together. “Inosuke, what are you going on about now?”
Zenitsu groans from his spot.
Gods, are all of them sick? Did the demon’s poison have more of an effect than you originally thought?
Slowly, Zenitsu picks himself off the ground and shuffles over. His arms sling themselves around you again, but it’s different than before. His touch feels different. You jump in place as he buries his face in the crook of your neck and inhales deeply.
“Oi! You son of a bitch!” Inosuke yells again. Foliage and twigs crunch under him as he scrambles to get up, entire body flexing angrily as he reaches for Zenitsu. “Off!”
You send a pleading look towards Tanjiro. Surely he would have an idea of what’s going on, right?
Still, Tanjiro refuses to say anything. His eyes are glued to yours, his jaw slack. He hastily wipes at his gaping lips and chin, yet it does nothing to hide the sheen of saliva sticking to his skin. A soft thunk brings your attention back to the two crowding around you; Inosuke has abandoned his boar head, the poor thing looking almost lonely on the ground. He openly lavishes your neck, tongue licking fat stripes against the skin.
A firm shove to the chest sends Inosuke falling straight onto his ass. You cup the side of your neck, completely scandalized. He doesn’t seem deterred by your rejection – if anything, it makes his eyes glow hungrily through the dark, a small growl rumbling in his throat.
Something hard pokes into your hip. You flash a wild look at Zenitsu. He merely looks back at you with a pleading gaze, his bottom lip tucked behind his teeth.
You swallow heavily. “Guys,” you start slowly, carefully, “we can get you to a Wisteria House or the Butterfly Mansion. I need you to keep your heads on straight. Breathe.”
“Please,” Zenitsu murmurs.
Just like with Inosuke, you shove Zenitsu away. However, instead of staying there and lecturing them, you abruptly turn on your heel and run. It’s a ridiculous idea, you’re well aware of that, but the more distance you put between yourself and the three men, the better. Whatever was in that demon’s poison, it’s clearly messing with their psyches. You need time to think up a plan – and fast.
Trees fly by in a hazy blur as you make your escape. As you scale up a trunk, you hear not-so-distant shouts of your name echoing. From there, you jump from limb to limb, movements sleek and well-practiced. When was the last time you were chased like this? It had to have been a few years, at least, not since you were a fresh corps member.
It hits you before you see it; the sheer force of the collision rips the air from your lungs. Flashes of yellow fill your peripheral and a panicked word rings throughout your brain. Thunder.
Fortunately, Zenitsu has enough sense not to let you fall to the forest floor. He lands squarely on his feet with you held tightly in his arms. Both Tanjiro and Inosuke appear not a second later, and it’s only then that you realize that they’re all drenched in sweat.
Tanjiro says your name; he sounds pained, yet sweet. Guilt swims in the depths of his eyes, but another emotion lays over it heavily. It’s a look you’ve seen in Tengen’s eyes when he’s with his wives, or when Obanai is staring longingly at Mitsuri. You begin to squirm in Zenitsu’s hold, but his arms only tighten around you.
It’s hard to say who attacks first. One moment, you’re watching Tanjiro with a bated breath; the next, you’re on your back, staring up at three different faces. There’s a pair of rough hands tugging away at your haori, the buttons of your uniform. Goosebumps erupt over your skin once cool air caresses it, but then those very hands are fondling your breasts.
“Wait- No-“ you stammer.
A squeak breaks from your throat as your nipples are yanked on, calloused thumbs rolling them into stiff peaks. Zenitsu swears under his breath, his eyes glued to your chest. Inosuke looks just as lost, his gaze a million miles away. Tanjiro flashes you a timid smile.
“Please, just… Bear with us,” he tells you. Leaning down, he skims his lips against your temple. He breathes your name. “We’ll take care of you. I promise.”
A mouth latches around a nipple, eliciting a sharp breath from you. “What… What happened to you guys…?”
“That damned demon sprayed something at us,” Inosuke slurs. It sounds like his mouth is full.
Zenitsu promptly pushes Tanjiro’s head away and descends, his lips capturing yours. Your mind stalls as he pushes his tongue inside, a moan following soon after. You’re aware of Zenitsu’s stories of “wooing” women (to which degree you believe him is relatively low) and his general berating of Tanjiro and Inosuke’s lack of skills, but this… Well, it appears that lives up to those stories.
You never thought you’d catch yourself kissing Zenitsu (if tongue and teeth equal as such) but it feels good. Still, this is wrong. These boys are your friends, and they’re under the influence of some Demon Art. That itself is odd, considering the effects of one die off as soon as the demon is killed. This poison had to be of some outside nature; possibly a concoction that the demon created itself?
Tanjiro busies himself with stroking your hair and the skin he can reach. He’s steadily breathing in your scent, little murmurs of appreciation and groans filling your ear. Inosuke suckles on your breast, teeth gnawing on your nipple until it’s flushed and swollen. Your lips are in a similar state once Zenitsu finally pulls away.
“I want to eat you,” Zenitsu says. The wicked flicker in his eyes tells you that he’s being completely serious.
You shuffle to sit up, but Tanjiro pushes you back down by your shoulders, smile apologetic but eyes the same as Zenitsu’s. “Wait, wait, wait- You’re not going to kill me, are you?”
“I get why that bastard strung all those guys up,” Inosuke grunts.
Your eyes go wide.
A silent agreement passes between the three and there goes Zenitsu’s hands again, undoing your belt and yanking your hakama down. Tanjiro hisses at the scent of your gathering arousal; it’s clear that your traitorous body enjoyed their attention a bit too much. Your fundoshi gets pealed away and your thighs instinctively clench together, wanting to hide your precious core from their hungry eyes.
“Open up,” Zenitsu breathes. He wiggles his way in between your legs and pries your thighs apart. Three sets of eyes focus on your puffy lower lips, at the sheen of arousal coating them. Embarrassment floods your face. “Beautiful,” Zenitsu openly moans.
You’re left completely speechless as Zenitsu ducks down, mouth latching onto your pussy. With a jolt, you shout his name, heart beating furiously against your ribcage. You’re genuinely worried it’ll try leaping from your chest and run away into the night. It takes a moment for your brain to catch up with what’s exactly happening; Zenitsu laps at your insides with purposeful movements, his nose held stiff to your clit.
“Move over,” Inosuke barks. He grabs a hold of Zenitsu’s haori and yanks him away, quickly taking his spot and raking his teeth against your sensitive flesh. You try to jerk away from him, but he wraps his strong arms around your thighs, holding you in place as he works you open with his tongue. He’s not as skilled as Zenitsu, but he makes it up with sheer enthusiasm.
Tanjiro takes your hand in his, his lips skimming your knuckles. It’s comforting, but you know he’s going to be wanting something from you as well. He directs your hand to his crotch; something hot meets your hand and Tanjiro shudders. Your eyes drop from his face, the sight of your fingers wrapped around his heavy cock causing something to stir in your gut.
Inosuke groans as your slick pours into his mouth, his hips pressed firmly to the ground. Zenitsu follows in Tanjiro’s footsteps and comes to your other side; your hand soon finds his own cock, precum leaking from the flushed tip.
Shit, this is really happening. If you through with this, will the poison’s effects wear off? Will you be able to look at the trio the same ever again?
You tentatively squeeze both cocks and the delightful sound of deep groans fill your ears.
All doubts disappear.
Frankly, you’re not even sure how you’re supposed to go about this, but you still give it your best shot. The precum oozing from their cockheads make the slide of your hands easier, much to their satisfaction. Inosuke’s mouth is still hot on your drooling pussy, his eyes fixated on your parted lips and hooded eyes. Plush lips latch around your clit as two fingers breach your fluttering hole; a whorish moan erupts from your lips, and the cocks in either hand twitch at the sound.
“Make them cum,” Zenitsu tells Inosuke. “Gods dammit, Inosuke, make them cum.”
You aren’t sure if it’s his filthy words, Inosuke’s mouth, or the precum coating your hands, but that tight little knot in your lower stomach snaps and then you’re practically gushing all over Inosuke’s fingers. Wicked panting fills the air as Inosuke sits up, his pupils blown to hell.
“I want it,” he growls, his fingers digging into the muscle of your thigh.
Tanjiro speaks your name again, sounding absolutely wrecked. “Can you- Do you think you can take us all at once?”
Your pussy flutters at his words. You never thought you’d hear Tanjiro, sweet, sweet Tanjiro, say something so filthy. It suddenly feels too hard to swallow correctly. “H-How?” You hate how your voice cracks.
“Winner gets their mouth,” Zenitsu husks.
Much to your surprise, the three engage in some oddly horny round of rock-paper-scissors. You’ve got be fucking kidding me.
Tanjiro makes a sound of excitement when he wins. How he manages to still be so precious at a time like this is beyond you. Still, you let the guys rearrange your positions into something more… workable. Now, your knees are digging into the ground below you, haunches tucked below as you stare up at the other three. Zenitsu licks his lips as he slowly grinds his aching cock into your fist. Inosuke doesn’t seem too pleased at losing to Tanjiro of all people, but he is pleased that your hand is stroking his thick cock.
Tanjiro’s face is scrunched. Although his cock is thick and flushed a pretty shade of red, hesitation still pulling at him. Zenitsu notices his inner turmoil and brings a hand to the back of your head.
“Pretty thing, open your mouth nice and wide, okay? Make sure your teeth are covered,” he urges.
Inosuke releases a guttural fuck as your jaw falls open, cute little pink tongue beckoning Tanjiro. Biting his lip, Tanjiro focuses on your pretty mouth. Precum pearls at his tip and runs down his shaft; he’s practically begging to have your cock in your mouth, even though he hasn’t said anything.
“Is this okay?” Tanjiro says through grit teeth.
You slowly nod your head.
A hiss passes through those clenched teeth as Tanjiro eases his hips forward, hand directing his cock towards your mouth. Your eyes fall shut as the weight settles on your tongue. Musk and salt fill your senses; it’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced, yet you find yourself enjoying the stretch of your jaw, the silken girth pressing further into your mouth.
Allowing Tanjiro fall into a rhythm, you keep your breathing steady and focus on the cocks in your hands. They feel the same as Tanjiro’s, all hot and hard and soft at the same time. A chorus of moans is music to your ears. There are murmurs of your name, sweet pet names, yet there’s always that choke of a curse word and a slight thrust of the hips.
The tip of Tanjiro’s cock hits the back of your throat and you cough. He pauses his movements, hand caressing your throat; he’s ever so patient, even as he’s leaking down your throat and saying your name like a prayer. He pushes in just the slightest bit, and then he growls as he feels the bulge of his cock in your throat. Now, you’re well used to Inosuke growling, but the way Tanjiro does it has your pussy dripping.
You’re nothing more than a toy, some pathetic thing to let them get their kicks. You feel so used, chin, lips, and hands covered in slick precum, your pussy weeping onto the ground below you. Opening your eyes, you take your time to look at each and every single one of the boys. There’s another fuck! and Inosuke’s cumming all over your fist, some of it even splashing onto your cheek. The sight triggers a domino effect of some sort; Zenitsu shoots his own load, spilling all over your hand and whining piteously. Tanjiro is only a few moments behind, his hand clenching around your throat as he empties his spend into your mouth.
Tanjiro pulls away and sinks to his knees, words gentler than before as he rubs his thumbs across your cheekbones. He kisses you softly, and the stark difference in behavior nearly has you dizzy. Zenitsu’s panicking about something, voice shrill as he cries out his apologies. Inosuke merely gives a what?
“Thank you,” Tanjiro whispers against your mouth. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
“Wait, does this mean you’re cured?” you croak. Zenitsu squeaks when you look at him.
“Yeah,” Tanjiro tells you. He begins to give a little smile, but then his nostrils flare and he glances down between you two. A bright blush spreads across his handsome face. “You… Would you like our help?”
You lick your lips. “Yes.”
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blues824 · 3 days
Hey I know ur requests are closed rn so you can write this whenever you'd like! So can I pls get a hashira x reader who acts like Kevin from home alone?
This technically wasn’t submitted when I reopened my requests, but come on. It’s Home Alone.
Tumblr media
Gyomei Himejima
You probably pull a lot of pranks on this guy. Of course, since he’s at an obvious disadvantage, you don’t do anything too horrible. It’s just enough to elicit either a laugh or an annoyed sigh. Well, you certainly get a laugh out of it.
When he first experienced your hot temper, he didn’t really know what to think. He thought you were a tad more mature than that. But it happens to everyone at some point. Sometimes even he can’t help getting angry over something.
You aren’t a demon slayer, so Gyomei is very dedicated to making sure you are safe. However, once a demon tried to break into your shared home and you put your plan in motion. You already set up traps because that was your routine when the Stone Hashira was out on a mission.
You were able to escape and get to Ubayashiki’s residence. Of course he let you in because he considered you his in law since you are with one of his “children”. You stayed there until Gyomei came back.
When you tell him about the demon, he is immediately concerned. You proceed to break down the traps you set up and how they gave you enough time to escape, but your lover wasn’t listening. Instead, he was looking you over for any scratches or injuries.
Tumblr media
Mitsuri Kanroji
She doesn’t mind the occasional light-hearted prank to lift spirits. Heck, sometimes she even joins you and helps you with preparation. However, if you bring up an idea and it seems a bit overkill, then she will definitely tell you.
When you eventually exploded in anger and frustration, she was the one to calm you down after. Mitsuri is the kind of girl that would lay your head down in her lap and let you rant to her about what made you mad in the first place.
Mitsuri is aware of her immense strength, and she puts it to good use. She tries to be there as much as she can to protect you from the demons who might use you as leverage to get to her. She wasn’t very happy when the young demon slayer and his sister showed up and they had a huge target on their back.
Whenever she has to leave, she will always make the time to help you pack your bags and escort you to the Butterfly Estate. There is no way that she is leaving you all by yourself. She would tell you in a teasing way to behave as if she were dropping off a child at a friend’s house for them to babysit.
When she gets back, she won’t even stop. In fact, she will be sprinting - no matter how tired or worn out she is - to the Butterfly Estate. She wants to make sure that you know she’s alright, and she needs to know if anything happened while she was gone.
Tumblr media
Giyu Tomioka
Absolutely does not like the pranks you pull. He would probably be one of the ones to either take the prank down because he already knows about it, or he would inform your unfortunate victim beforehand. 
He’s the calm and rational Hashira who’s kind of emotionally constipated. So when you have that inevitable eruption of anger, he’s staring like a deer in headlights. He didn’t get an instruction manual when he got with you, so he doesn’t know what to do.
He would trust you and your intelligence enough to let you stay home alone, but he would most likely be worried about you on the trip. Shinobu often uses it as something to tease him about but she sees that he is genuinely concerned. Then the break-in happens. Muzan knows that Tanjiro would do anything to protect the citizens of whatever town they were in, so why not the significant other of the Hashira that the boy is so closely tied to?
You, loving a good old prank, set up quite a few in your house. So when one of them weng off, you immediately climbed out of the bedroom window and ran to the Butterfly Estate. They gladly let you stay until the Hashira returned.
When he gets back to the house and sees the inside completely trashed without you in it, he rushes to the Butterfly Estate to see if you are there. Imagine his immediate relief to see you sipping on a cup of tea. You told him about the unfortunate event and he was now gonna make sure that you were never alone if he had to leave.
Tumblr media
Tengen Uzui 
There is an ongoing prank war between Tengen and his spouses, which includes you as well. The Sound Hashira just always manages to evade yours and you always manage to fall for his tricks. It was getting a bit tiring.
If you just explode in anger and fury, he would be one of the ones that help you calm down. It’s a team effort, actually. He would wrap you in his arms, his wives would join the cuddle pile after rushing and getting your comfort items.
He would not let you stay home alone. He would ask Ubuyashiki if you could stay at his place since he fears for your safety. He obviously states that it’s totally okay because he’s been meaning to talk to you anyway.
Would also tell you jokingly (but also somewhat seriously) that you needed to behave while you stayed there. He knew the kind of shenanigans you could get into while he was gone. Then he gives you a kiss on the forehead.
If he comes home to hear that you were an absolute delight to have, he would take you out to your favorite restaurant on your own to celebrate. Sure, he almost died, but he wants you to feel appreciated.
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa
Would absolutely despise your pranks and how you’d laugh at him if he ever fell for them. Would resort to violence if you don’t cut it out. Or at least he’d try to. Because you might not be stronger than him, but you are smarter. You tend to outsmart him a lot. 
If you grew too frustrated and angry about something and decided to take it out on him, he wouldn’t react that great. He would most likely yell at you back. There is no way you’re gonna disrespect him like that.
He has a past alright. You’re probably the first person he’s ever been romantically involved with and he’s terrified. However, he will make sure that you are safe and out of harm’s way. There ain’t no way he’s gonna lose you if he has something to say about it.
As much as he yells at you, he’s scared that someone is gonna take you away from him (literally or figuratively). Wouldn’t leave you unattended whenever he has to leave for his job. As much as he hates it, he would ask Shinobu if you could stay at the B.E.
Once he gets back, he will most likely stay with you in your room at the B.E. He’s injured, but the only way he’ll accept treatment without making a fuss is if he’s with you. He would be so excited to tell you about this adventure.
Tumblr media
Shinobu Kocho 
Would be both a helper and an enemy. She’s the type to actually help with prancing someone else, but it would only be a temporary peace treaty between the ongoing war. She didn’t forget! She’s alway scheming
When you get angry, she’ll secretly relate but would try and use her soft voice to get you to calm down and chill. Don’t you know that erupting in emotion just causes everything to get worse? She should really take her own advice though.
If she has to leave for a mission, she will alert her ‘employees’ and Kanao to keep an eye on you. There is no way she’s taking any chances, especially after losing her older sister a while back. However, you are allowed (with an escort) to walk around outside.
The entire time she’s gone, all the other Hashira would notice how she seems a bit more sad and less of a tease. She didn’t make one single remark about Giyu being lonely. They were genuinely concerned for her.
When she gets back and sees you waiting at the door, she sprints towards you as fast as she can. She’s so relieved to see that you were okay, and it was the same vice versa. As she makes her rounds on the others, she has you follow her so you can help.
Tumblr media
Kyojuro Rengoku
Would be greatly amused by your pranks and tricks! He won’t partake in any of them because he holds too much respect for his fellow Hashira, but he will laugh out loud if one of them (even if it was himself) fell for it. 
He has never shown any other emotion besides happiness and maybe fierceness, but never true anger. So when you erupt in pure and unfiltered frustration, he acts as the comforter in the situation. He would wrap you up in a hug until you eventually simmered down.
If he ever has to leave for whatever reason, he’d also trust your ability to hold your own. So he leaves you to yourself after giving you a kiss on the forehead as a farewell. You then went about setting up the perfect alarm system that set off a bunch of other stunts.
Once you hear the alarm go off but you hear a raspy voice instead of Kyojuro’s, you basically jump out of the window and make a mad dash to the Butterfly Estate. You ain’t about to die to nobody, not even the demon that infiltrated your house.
When he gets back, he is immediately sent to the B.E for a medical check-up and he’s surprised to see you there as well. When you tell him about what happened, he is suddenly both concerned and angry. He’s glad that you’re alright, though.
Tumblr media
Obanai Iguro
He hates when he falls for your pranks, but you’re always so good at getting him. Heck, even Kaburamaru (his snake) helps you because it’s the one time where he can partner with someone else for a change. 
He doesn’t do great in the dealing with emotions sector, so when you just explode in anger he doesn’t know how to react. He might actually react very negatively because he would much prefer you talk to him rather than yelling at him or just giving an exasperated sigh.
If he has to leave for a mission, he’s sad and scared. You’ve been good to him and you make it feel like he’s home. Now he’s leaving his home. What if he doesn’t come back from this one? What if something happens to you when he’s gone?
You reassure him that you won’t be staying at the house but will in fact stay with Ubuyashiki instead to help him with whatever needs to be done. It puts his mind at ease to know that you won’t be vulnerable to any surprise attacks.
When he gets back, he’s so glad that you’re alright. Kaburamaru is, too. The Serpent Pillar rushes into your arms and the snake slithers onto your shoulders in his way of giving you a ‘hug’. It was a heartwarming reunion.
Tumblr media
Muichiro Tokito
He somehow manages to subconsciously dodge your pranks? Like, you get frustrated because he for some reason decided to go the back way to the kitchen instead of the normal way! Now the bucket of cold water on the door is just sitting on the door!
He’s probably spacing out as you vent to him about whatever made you angry. He would give the occasional nod whenever you asked him a question, but other than that he isn’t paying too much attention. It’s nothing personal against you, though.
If he has to leave for whatever reason, he will make it known that he absolutely has no desire whatsoever to leave. However, since it was his duty as a Hashira as well as just a demon slayer in general, he had to.
You offer to stay at the Butterfly Estate to calm his nerves, and he will walk with you there. He gives you a tight hug, knowing that this could possibly be the last time you see him and vice versa. He worries that some demon would try to go after you in his absence.
When he gets back, he immediately runs to you. He needs to see if you’re alright. When you open your door and see him, you pull him into the biggest hug. He instantly reciprocates the gesture of affection and whispers to you how glad he is to see you.
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sassysaxsolo · 2 months
Lads, i know we like those tall fellas, but here me out.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We stan short mean men. If you disagree, you are childish. You are an uncultured swine with no class.
I've said my peace.
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maaarshieee · 8 months
Hii !! *all* Hashira request incoming… 😉
Err, hold up, lemme come up w/ something. 😆
How they handle a Reader who is NOT a morning person (aka is very clingy/grumpy/hangry in the morning, regardless of what time they wake up, AKA me lmao) ??
Tyvm Mar !! 🌊
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
➢ Kʏᴏᴊᴜʀᴏ Rᴇɴɢᴏᴋᴜ, Gɪʏᴜᴜ Tᴏᴍɪᴏᴋᴀ, Mᴜɪᴄʜɪʀᴏ Tᴏᴋɪᴛᴏ, Mɪᴛsᴜʀɪ Kᴀɴᴊᴏʀɪ, Oʙᴀɴᴀɪ Iɢᴜʀᴏ, Sᴀɴᴇᴍɪ Sʜɪɴᴀᴢᴜɢᴀᴡᴀ, & Sʜɪɴᴏʙᴜ Kᴏᴄʜᴏ x Gɴ!Rᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
➢ Mᴀsᴛᴇʀʟɪsᴛ
How would they handle a s/o that's not a morning person~?
Tumblr media
➢ Gɪʏᴜᴜ
He doesn't want to leave your warm embrace, it's always a struggle for him to get up and ready for work!!
The more you whine and cling into his arms and grumble cutely while still half asleep, the more he's tempted to just stay with you and sleep through the whole day.
He really wishes he could just sleep in your arms for as long as you wanted though. Just the thought of it makes him feel all warm and fuzzy. But Giyuu can't really do all that, he has big responsibilities after all. So he tries his best to sneak out of your arms to not wake you up.
There are times when he successfully escapes your tight grip, leaving you all cold and slightly disappointed at the emptiness he left on his side of your shared futon.
Although most of the time, he'd unintentionally wake you up. He's always felt so guilty for waking you up and ruining your precious rest, especially since you're not a morning person.
He sometimes shakes you awake on purpose though, because he finds your morning grumpiness adorable. When confronted about it, he'd flush immensely and never wake you up purposely ever again 🙄
I headcanon Giyuu can't cook for shit, but he's improved greatly ever since you came into his life! When it's his day off, he carries you on a piggyback ride, making sure you're tightly wrapped around his body, and then he'd set off to make you breakfast.
Not the best, they're usually plain, but it's the thought that counts! He also keeps you around to mumble questions on certain meals if ever he tries something new for you!
If you're still sleepy after eating, he'd lay you back down on your futon, press a kiss on your forehead and gets ready for work.
Doesn't leave you without anything though! You'd wake up with a love note somewhere around your house, or a piece of candy he bought for you.
➢ Kʏᴏᴊᴜʀᴏ
YOU KNOW THIS MAN WAKES UP EARLY AS FUCK. Before the sun could even rise, he'd be already up, uniform and all. Like, DUDE, relax, demons don't even show up until at night 💀
Because of his habit, he also sleeps early as fuck. Like, probably around 9 to 10 PM. I know he's a Hashira, but I think he'd take care of his missions rather quickly if he could, so his sleep schedule will be balanced.
You're going to be the unhappiest person even if you're his significant other. Kyojuro's lucky is that he's lovable as fuck so you'd always sourly let it slide 😤😤
If anyone else wakes you up though, it'd be over for them!!
Most of the time, he successfully escapes your arms, even though he'd rather stay in them forever, and silently readies himself for work.
He's surprisingly very quiet during his morning routine, though it only came to be when you came into his life. Kyojuro never want to experience your morning rage!
Still, no matter how quiet he tries to be for you, there are times when you wake up to him squirming away from your arms, to which you immediately pull him back.
Now, here comes the small 'game' Kyojuro plays with you in the mornings similar to this. He'd pull you in close to his chest, wrapping his arms around you and letting you nuzzle on him.
Then he'd tell you he has to get ready every time you say "Just 5 more minutes," and each time, you're already on the brink of falling asleep again.
It always makes you crazy when he does that, so after 4 '5 more minutes' and he's off the hook. Not without a kiss for you as an apology though!
One of the reasons he wakes up early is to make you breakfast every morning! How sweet 🥺 It's always a hefty meal, and usually asks Senjuro to keep it hot for you!
Breakfasts, besides his kisses, are one of his multiple ways of making up for leaving you on your futon so early!
➢ Mᴜɪᴄʜɪʀᴏ
One of the Hashiras that sleep in most of the time. It doesn't help the fact that your hugs are just absolutely the best! He's also a non-morning like you, so you understand each other on a whole new level.
He's also very clingy in the morning, you guys are meant to be! Your limbs are tangled together, pulling each other even closer. You both don't mind it and find it very comfortable.
His crow would have to take the role of waking the both of you up, pecking at your hair and cawing at your faces. You'd always whine and threaten to cook Ginko (his crow) up if she doesn't bugger off.
While the crow would caw even louder, gasping at your threats, Muichiro would always smile and chuckle at your stupid, little interactions.
It would always get rid of his morning grumpiness and would urge you to get up along with him afterwards. While he knows you'd rather sleep a bit longer, morning routines are always better with you.
And you can't really complain about it, since it would shut Ginko up, and you can still hug him from the back while he makes the two of you breakfast.
Mornings are lazy and slow with Muichiro, but he's never late, for he never wants to displease Oyakata-sama. This is why you've slowly gotten used to his rather early morning schedule.
He never leaves you alone, so you'd always wake up in the morning with him still in your arms, or him waking you up. Muichiro never sneaks away from you, he'd rather spend his mornings with the person he loves, no matter how grumpy you get.
His soft, lingering kisses all over your face are always enough to make you stir awake. He has such gentle ways of waking you up, that you can't get upset about it.
Ginko gets jealous though and would peck at you to wake up faster LMAO
➢ Mɪᴛsᴜʀɪ
You are the end of her. Mitsuri's so conflicted about whether get out of bed and get ready or just stay in your arms. You're just so freakin' cute and she doesn't want to risk waking you up!!
You look so peaceful when you're asleep, and she's absolutely enamoured by how much you seemed to glow in the morning!! Adores your bed hair and coos if you drool in your sleep.
Yeah, she loves everything about you, no exceptions! Your clinginess makes her heart want to explode and just cherish you the whole day.
But ever since she trained under Kyojuro, she began to wake up as early as he does 😓 So good luck with that. Similar to Kyo, you can't even get mad at her waking up super early because... It's Mitsuri we're talking about here!!
Before you could even grumble about being woken up, she's already apologizing profusely, which wakes you up even further. You'd just ultimately sigh, then smile fondly at her, reassuring her that's its all okay.
You'd probably have to start waking up as early as she does. She gets super guilty about it, so one way to make it up to you, is to get home early, so you can sleep longer with her!
She's just as clingy as you, so she'd probably wake up an hour early than her usual schedule just to hold you in her arms and relish her precious time spent with you so close to her.
Breakfast in bed every morning! Before she leaves for work, she'd always cook you breakfast and bring them to your room, leaving it close to your futon, so you'd have a good, hot meal when choose to eat!
She'd comically fan the divine aroma of your breakfast just to encourage you further to eat up already!
➢ Oʙᴀɴᴀɪ
It all depends on Kaburamaru if he's going to sleep in or not, and it always 'pisses' him off. (He's not, he just doesn't wanna embarrass himself to you.)
Kaburamaru sleeps close to your futon, usually loosely wrapped around Obanai so it has fewer chances of getting hurt since they're used to sleeping together.
So when the devious snake wraps around you just before he wakes up, Obanai has no choice but to sleep just a little bit longer, much to your favour.
And so your alliance with Kaburamaru began! What's he going to do? Leave without his precious snake and wake you up if he ever decides to unwrap Kaburamaru off of you?
He'd rather be fighting against an Uppermoon than disturb two of the most important beings in his whole goddamn life. The two of you use this to your advantage (only in the mornings!)
Obanai is rendered helpless because of this, so he just relents to what you two want.
Another early bird who has trouble sleeping, so he lays down next to you and watches you fall asleep most of the time. It makes me relax and appreciate the moment of serenity and eventually fall asleep.
Ever since you came, he's been falling asleep easier!
Days when Kaburamaru decides to spare him, often leave him disappointed, since it's a good opportunity to wriggle out of your arms without waking you up.
So he began to sleep in with you sooner or later on his own accord. He adores your grumpiness though! Obanai adores the senseless bickering the two of you start early in the morning if he woke you up, inwardly chuckling at your drowsy retorts.
➢ Sᴀɴᴇᴍɪ
On the outside, he does not tolerate your attitude when it comes to rising early in the morning, but on the inside, he's so fucking soft. Generally doesn't want to wake you up so early because, like others, he doesn't want to disturb your peacefulness.
The first time he accidentally woke you up and got all grumpy over it, an idea struck him.
He wakes you up when he does, giving you the most bullshit excuses ever.
"You have shit to do too, you know!", "We'll eat breakfast together, duh!", "Take a shower, you stink!", "You're drooling over me, so don't get all upset at me!" and many many more.
It's honestly beginning to get hilarious, and Sanemi doesn't seem to mind. He only does this because your reactions are a sight to see in the morning.
Your messy hair, weak but sharp glares, and slurred speech, he's in love with it all. Your grumpiness is his favourite thing to witness first thing in the morning.
He'd usually bicker with you while you were still in his arms. While he's telling you to get up, his body says otherwise. His hands caressing your face, the other stroking your hair.
And he's all doing this with an annoyed expression on his face! Although, you can see that his eyes held fondness for you, and it always makes you melt.
He's so gentle, even when he's pretending to be angry!
Sanemi falls in love further when he hears you laugh so suddenly in the middle of your senseless squabble, finding it all too hilarious.
It always gets the both of you in a rather good mood to start the day.
➢ Sʜɪɴᴏʙᴜ
Sorry, but you need to learn how to get up early if you're with Shinobu. We're all aware that she loves to tease people whenever she gets the chance to do so, and because you're her lover, you became her prime target.
(You're a worker in the Butterfly Estate, which is why she wakes you up early.)
So don't be surprised when you wake up strapped on a bed, a light above your head and Shinobu smiling down at you, talking about an operation with a scalpel in her hand.
It honestly almost gave you a heart attack, and it goes on if you stubbornly tell her '5 more minutes' after trying to wake you up 10 times now.
She finds it absolutely hilarious, and always lets out a good laugh early in the morning, even if your sanity was its cost. Shinobu would always leave to work in an awfully good mood, smiling wider than usual.
She never goes too far of course. After the 'Operation Incident', she toned down her pranks. She'd never pour cold water on your face, but she'd wake you up by brutally massaging your back, leaving you screaming awake.
It doesn't help that her pranks fill you up with energy and leave you unable to sleep again. Plus, you have work to do, so you're very conflicted if you want to get mad at her or thank her.
You encourage her even more if you complain about it 😭
Don't worry, there are days where she's... just not feeling it. So she'd wholeheartedly accept your clinginess and would sleep in with you, even if she ends up being late.
Makes up to you by giving you lighter work for the rest of the day, or personally cooking you your favourite meals, breakfast, lunch and if she's at the estate, dinner!
Tumblr media
✦ OMG HI T, THANKS FOR REQUESTING!! Hope you like this one even if it took so long for me to write 😭😭 Get some well deserved rest! Have a great day/night everyone~ If anyone requests for an all Hashira prompt, tell me if you'd like to include Sabito~
Gonna make my blog a bit more colorful with the headers and stuff, but I'm keeping the blog's main color since it's what I like the most! I hope you guys like it!
Tumblr media
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misslili265 · 6 months
Netflix adaptation
Tumblr media
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Can I request muzan where he got mad at reader due to work pressure and accidentally hit her so he is trying to make it up for her
Sorry if my english isnt good its not my first language
And thank you for making my last request I really liked it your writing is really good ❤
Remember that if your partner ever hits you it’s time to hit F (like fuck) chat and leave the relationship.
Muzan Kibutsuji
Tumblr media
muzan would be really frustrated.
Because one "chosen child" named Tanjiro would really complicate his plans.
It felt like he couldn’t murder this boy in any way.
Because of this, it feels like almost all of his subordinates are idiots.
You came near him at a really bad time.
Muzan didn't really mean to hit you.
He waved his hand in frustration.
Just to realize that his hand has hit your face.
Can his day go any worse?
(Then this is the day he hears about the death of the upper moon 6.)
And of course you don't take this well.
That damn demon has no right to beat you from scratch.
You just wanted to give him a comforting hug.
But now you decide to play a fun game called "Muzan and the air are the same thing".
And Muzan is really shit about apologizing.
He cannot admit his own mistakes.
Muzan is just trying to continue as if nothing had happened.
But a relationship doesn't work that way.
And finally, Muzan is forced to swallow his pride.
There is a lot to swallow.
It can take a really long time
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