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The Goddess of Flashiness and Festivals 馃槍馃巻馃巼
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Oh, Uzui?
Art not mine. Full credits to the rightful owner :) sakiika_cmk on Twitter
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i gotta be honest, i am only looking at his tits rn
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Y/N: Soo... Y/N: How's the most beautiful person in the world doing?
Rengoku: I don't know, how are yo-
Uzui from afar: I'm doing great!! Thanks!
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My flamboyant husband
Tengen x male reader
Tumblr media
It did come as a surprise when Uzui proudly announced that his husband would come visit. The other Hashiras did know that he had three wives but a husband too? Wasn't that a bit much?
Well, not for Tengen. He absolutely adored you, and your timid way.
You met during a mission. He and his wives were looking for a place to stay and ran into you. You were positively surprised by their beauty and without hesitation invited them to stay at your place, they seemed like a nice pack, and who wouldn't want beautiful people in their house?
Well during their stay they all got attached to you and your way. Now you weren't unattractive, by no means, but what really stood out was how kind you were. Like an angel sent from heaven, your kindness seemed to have no end. You let them stay at your place, cooked for them, had a room prepared for them (they insisted to sleep together), you also kept them entertained and even tolerate the constant fight between mostly Makio and Suma.
Tengen would periodically say how flamboyant you were, which surprised his wives, but they also loved your presence so they completely understood.
When their time came to go back to their estate the were a little disappointed, and scared for your safety, even if they eradicated they demons, more could come. So, every day you sent them a letter to assure that you were save.
After years of meeting them, Tengen asked you to be his husband. Oh how they loved the face you made. You were blushing like crazy and stuttered fo what felt like an eternity but the answer was clear
So this is where we are now. They didn't see Tengen often, gushing about how flamboyant someone was. Tengen introduced you to the rest of the Hashira, who immediately understood why he married you.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Revenge pt. 1
synopsis: Y/N is Tengen's fourth wife and a Hashira in training. After a sudden turn of events, she decides to leave her home and divorce her partner(s). Not before enacting revenge.
pairings: Tengen Uzui x Reader
genre(s): Hurt, No Comfort
warning: ANGST. neglect. crying. mention of dead parents. Lying. Insults. whining. betrayal. favoritism. mention of depression. minor grammar mistakes
w.c : 1.6k
I didn鈥檛 know he was married.
Not until after he proposed to me.
Tengen Uzui had three wives and no one told me.
Not the master, not the other Hashira, who I considered my colleagues鈥 no one.
But, I didn鈥檛 let the new knowledge deter me. I still loved him with everything I had, so I decided to marry him. I became his fourth wife. A title I grew to tolerate over time. Hina, Suma, and Makio were darling women. They always managed to make me feel loved. Invited me to missions and helped with personal errands. I grew fond of them. They comforted me when my parents died from a demon attack and encouraged me to take a break from slaying. They stood by my side during my grieving process and even hit Tengen when he was being insensitive. As time went on, I managed to fall in love with them as well.聽
The five of us grew to be a family and I couldn鈥檛 be any happier.
鈥淚鈥檓 home!鈥 I yelled from the door, tossing my weapons to the side.
I waited for the familiar pater of multiple pairs of feet rushing my way, but nothing ever came. I slipped off my shoes and walked into the home. I peeked my head into every room, hoping to catch a glimpse of at least one of my wives, but the estate seemed to be empty. Even the servants had seemed to disappear, which made my heart beat quicken. Worry stripped through my being as I checked the outside perimeter of the house. I gazed at the nearby trees and looked for any abnormal footprints in the snow鈥 there weren鈥檛 any. I didn鈥檛 find any pools of blood or piles of flesh anywhere on the estate, so I ruled out a possible demon attack. But that left me with more questions than answers; where did everyone go and why was the house so goddamn quiet?
After spending the last hour or so raking through the possible answers to that question, I decided to take bath to ease my nerves. I unbuttoned my uniform and allowed the clothes to fall in a heap by the entrance. I eased into the water and practically moaned from the way it graced my skin. I leaned against the edge of the giant tub and stretched out my arms. My fingertips brushed against something coarse, completely catching me off guard. I looked over to the pile of towels nearby and saw something hidden underneath. It had been a diary. It belonged to Sumi. I eyed the book, carefully considering if I should invade her privacy. But, then I thought back to all the times Suma would snoop through my room and 鈥渂orrow鈥 my accessories. I guess it was my time to shine.
I flipped through a few pages, lazily skimming random sentences.聽
Tengen is so handsome!
I love it when he wears his hair down.
He looks so good when he鈥檚 shirtless.
I chuckled at that line. 鈥淭his girl is down bad for her husband, how cute,鈥 I said aloud.
Just when I decided that I had seen enough, I found my name at the start of a new page, in a sentence I never expected to see.
I wish Tengen would鈥檝e never married Y/N.
Shock pierced through me, but I continued to read the entry.
I don鈥檛 know what she sees in her. She pretends like she鈥檚 some sort of queen or something. She walks around with her head held high and her chest puffed out. Kinda like she owns the place. Lord Tengen calls it confidence, but I think it鈥檚 arrogance. When I train with her, she doesn鈥檛 ever give me words of encouragement like everyone else. She simply tells me that I would 鈥渆ventually get the hang of it鈥 or to 鈥渂etter luck next time鈥. She never compliments me on anything and makes me feel like I鈥檓 doing everything wrong. She doesn鈥檛 give me hugs or cuddle me after we have sex. I asked Makio and Hina about it. I had to see if I was truly going insane. And they agree鈥 Y/N is a horrible wife. She barely cooks and refuses to do anything but train. From sun up to sun down, this woman is training. Maybe she thinks that training will bring her parents back or something鈥
I closed the book before I could see more. I tossed it to the side and simply closed my eyes. I paused for a moment and attempted to gather my thoughts.聽
Suma didn鈥檛 like me.聽
And, according to her, neither did Makio and Hina.聽
I was a horrible wife because I didn鈥檛 show physical affection or give her compliments. To say that statement pissed me off was an understatement. I hated being touched, at least without consent. Whilst living a plus-size body, I noticed that many saw my flesh as some sort of playground. They would point and squeeze on my rolls. Jiggle the fat underneath my arms and slap my ass without giving it a second thought. Strangers viewed me as if I were a dough ball and manhandled me as result. So, with that being said, I was not too fond of Sumi randomly hugging me whenever she had a meltdown. She would bury her face right into my breasts and wrap her arms around me so tight it was almost hard to breathe. As much as I tried to get used to it, I found myself detesting the action altogether. I tried to let her down lightly in the beginning, but she would just cry harder. Hold me tighter and make me even more uncomfortable. And, as for compliments, I was never really given any growing up with my parents. They would simply tell me 鈥渘o, that鈥檚 not how you do it鈥 or 鈥測es, you finally got it right鈥. They never said 鈥測ou鈥檙e an amazing fighter鈥 or 鈥測ou鈥檙e improving every day鈥. So, whenever I would try to complement Suma it always came out a little awkward.
What pissed me off about the entry was I had told Sumi about this, before the date it was written. I told them all about my trauma and my rocky relationship with my parents. I made myself an open book to my spouses and that was how they repaid me.聽
I washed my exhausted being and excited the bathhouse. I placed the diary back under the pile of towels and attempted to put the contents to the very back of my mind. I slipped into my favorite pajama set and tucked myself into bed. It didn鈥檛 take long for sleep to wash over me, since I already had a long day.
I was in a state between consciousness and unconsciousness when they stumbled in. I could feel the gentle moonlight sitting on my brown skin. The night breeze made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and shivers spilled down my spine. Yet, I refused to fully wake from my slumber. Something was pushing me to remain silent and half-sleep. I could hear their hushed voices bouncing off the wood walls. Their footsteps grow louder and louder as they grew closer to my room. The door was pushed open, creaking loudly from the action.聽
鈥淪uma!鈥 Makio hissed quietly. 鈥淢ust you be so goddamn loud?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry!鈥 She whisper-yelled. 鈥淚 just wanted to see if she was asleep.鈥
鈥淲ell,鈥 Hina started, pausing for a minute. 鈥淪he has that purple thing on her head, so she must be.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 called a 鈥渂onnet鈥, Hina,鈥 Makio corrected. 鈥淪he鈥檚 wearing her bonnet.鈥
鈥淲ell, she only wears her bonnet to sleep so. . .鈥 Hina trailed off.
鈥淪o, she鈥檚 asleep,鈥 Suma chimed in.
鈥淵es,鈥 Makio said.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 a relief,鈥 Suma sighed. 鈥淚 am not in the mood to hear her boring travel stories, anyway.鈥
鈥淎in鈥檛 that the truth?鈥 Hina mumbled.
鈥淐ome on, guys,鈥 Makio tried to lighten the mood. 鈥淭hey aren鈥檛 as bad. And, Sumi you don鈥檛 get to judge. You suck at almost everything!鈥
鈥淪hut it, Makio,鈥 the younger wife countered. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e just trying to be nice because Y/N always gives you the best gifts.鈥
鈥淲ell. . .鈥澛 Makio trailed off.
鈥淚t鈥檚 because she鈥檚 so easy to please,鈥 Hina added. 鈥淎ll you have to do is give her some kind of weapon and Makio is putty in your hands.鈥
鈥淗ey!鈥 She hissed. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 not true!鈥
鈥淚f it weren鈥檛 for those gifts, you鈥檇 hate Y/N as much as I do,鈥 Suma added.
A silence amongst the three women and a tear rolled down my cheek.
鈥淗ow about. . . we just get back to Lord Tengen?鈥 Hina broke the silence. 鈥淚鈥檓 sure the bath is ready now.鈥
The room door closed and I lazily opened my eyes. I had spent too much time here. I had gotten comfortable. These women didn鈥檛 see me as their wife, nor did they see me as their equal. Their little conversation was just confirmation of what Suma wrote in her diary鈥 they despised me to varying degrees. Hina seemed to tolerate me, while Suma just outright admitted she hated me. Makio just liked me for what I could give her. It was sad because I knew Tengen would enable them. Make excuses for them and neglect my emotions. It didn鈥檛 matter how much he loved me, he still loved them first and they were his priority. No matter how mad I was at that moment, I couldn鈥檛 act on impulse. Tengen would smell it right away. He would pay extra attention to me, which would make it harder to leave. I needed him to resume the hierarchy he partook in, so I could come up with a conducive plan.聽
I could no longer be with someone as flamboyant as him.聽
It was too much for me.
Smut in the next part.
Let me know if you would like to be on the official taglist!
Masterlist Part 2
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Tumblr media
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Uzui Tengen X F!Reader
Y/N and the original trio of wives have a massive surprise for their Lord, Tengen. After months of being away on a mission, today is the day to reveal something very special to him! F!Reader (use of she/her pronouns).
Content Warnings: pregnancy, implied future smut, and polyamory.
Hurried footsteps echo through the halls as Suma ran about, grinning ear to ear. As she practically slammed the sliding door open, she came to a shrieking halt. You were the exact person she was looking for.
"Hina! Y/N-chan!! Lord Tengen is home!!"
Upon hearing the news, you smile back to Hina, who had sat across from you. As you try to get up, she hurriedly comes to your side. Wrapping an arm around your swollen waist and belly, she was quick to hoist you up.
"Excellent news, Suma. Hurry and get Makio prepared to welcome him properly," Hina softly commanded, making Suma scurry off in excitement. You fidget in place, Hina being quick to notice.
" I-It's been months since he's been home..." You confess this softly, your brow knitting together," He hasn't... seen me like this yet."
Hina offers you a pat on your side, chuckling," While it will be quite a surprise, I'm sure he will be thrilled, Y/N-chan." Hina's soft demeanor never fails to comfort you, as you nod," O-Of course... I'm just cant help but be nervous!"
Hina places a chaste kiss to your forehead, the kind gesture making you sigh," Breathe, Y/N. You have nothing to fear."
As the two of you make your way through the main hall, you hear Suma and Maki scrambling noisily. They were hastily shouting back and forth as you heard several things clutter and fall to the ground.
"Be careful, you two!!," Hina warns," We don't want Y/N to get hurt in this ruckus!"
Makio dashes into the hall, swiping the sweat off of her forehead," We're doing our best here!!," she barked, though the wide grin on her face revealed her excitement.
"Everything's ready!!!" She adds while Suma stumbles into the hall to meet with you all.
Tengen's three original wives look to you, sending you smiles of encouragement and absolutely glee.
"Hurry, hurry Hina!! Y/N needs to hide!!," Suma squeals, coming up to your other side to help you along. You laugh, both of your arms draped over your wives shoulders.
"You guys! I can handle myself, don't worry about me!" You quip, unable to keep yourself from laughing. The two at your side shake their heads sternly, smiling all the while.
"Ever since last week, you've been struggling to even walk!! So let us help you through this, baka!" Makio cuts in, as she hurriedly fluffs the pillows in the bedroom.
Their goal was to get you to hide there, in the room that was set for the Baby Reveal. Though you would never be able to tell what the baby would be like, you could only imagine the beauty your baby would be. Boy, girl, or otherwise... it honestly didn't matter! The household was just as eager to welcome a new life!
As you finally got situated at the foot of the bed, you reach over and caress Suma and Hina's cheeks, before placing a kiss on Makio's.
"I guess I can't argue with you three. Thank you for taking such good care of me~" you coo, making your wives sigh in unison.
"Any time, darling," Hina cooed back, before kissing your forehead," We'll be right back. But are you ready for Lord Tengen, Y/N-chan?"
You flush brightly as you hear a familiar voice cry out," I'm home!!"
You nod in confirmation, beaming up at the three women before you," Ready as I'll ever be!"
Your wives make haste, hurrying to greet Tengen. Though you could hear the commotion in the distance, your thoughts were a major distraction.
Your eyes flickered to the decor... the low lighting, the sentimental flowers, and the lanterns hanging in all four corners of the room... the colors were warm and inviting, but still flashy enough that Uzui would approve. You looked to the doorway in front of you, your hand ghosting over your swollen stomach.
Never had you thought that you would become a mother. After becoming a demon slayer, you were confronted with thoughts of intense and sudden ends of life... and quite a few times, your life had been on the line.
But since meeting Tengen and the others, your outlook on life had greatly changed. You were excited to experience life in many ways, on top of living each day fully and earnestly.
But here you were, with a swollen belly and a full heart... you were blessed with something that the three other wives hadn't gotten... at least, not yet.
You were anxious to see Tengen as a father, though negative thoughts were quick to leave your mind. Between his gentle mannerisms and kind words shared with you all, you knew that your child would have the greatest parents ever. And five total, to boot!
"Laaaadies... I'm growing impatient! Is Y/N out and about again?," you hear Tengen scold, earning a giggle from the others.
"Noooo~" Suma sang," In fact, she's been expecting you, too!" Makio follows up. Your breath hitches as you hear their footsteps approach the bedroom door.
"Hah? Then what's the need for the blindfold? Honestly, if this is another one of her pranks, I swear--"
"No no, Lord Tengen! Pl-Please keep it on!!" Hina commands gently," We've all been working so hard on your surprise!"
This seems to amuse Tegen, as his hearty laugh fills your senses," Fine, fine! I suppose I could use a little flashiness right now! Even if Y/N is up to trouble again!" He quips back. You pout as you hear his steps come to a halt. Based on his sigh, you figure that he gave in to the trio's demands.
The three ladies in the hall nod to each other, before opening the door to your shared bedroom. You subconsciously tense up as you see Tengen stumble inside, his foot catching on the doorframe.
"Agh-- Suma, watch it!," Makio gripes, making the other woman whine," I-Im sorry, I'm guiding as best as I caaaaan!!" Hina can only chuckle as Tengen rolls his eyes. What was he gonna do with the four of you?
You feel your heart thumping in your throat, your cheeks a bright red as you see Tengen inch closer. He grins," I can hear your, Y/N~" he teases. Though he is unable to see you, he could sense you twitching from his words.
"Can I take this off now??" Tengen asks impatiently, before his hands are guided towards you. Suma and Makio gently place both hands on your tummy, as Hina comes up from behind Uzui and smiles.
"Yes, Lord Tengen. You may."
"Open your eyes!!," Maki and Suma say in unison.
Tengen seems confused, as he doesn't recognize the firmness of this skin. Surely, the warmth came from you, but he had no idea what he was touching. Your thighs? Your shoulders? Something certainly felt off...
He removes the blindfold quickly with one hand, before his eyes land on yours. You smile up at him nervously.
"L... Lord Tengen... Welcome home, darling..." you say sheepishly, almost quiet enough to where he couldnt hear you. His eyes flicker down to his other hand, before his breath catches in his throat.
He stares for a few moments, seemingly with no reaction. This, of course, makes the four of you stir anxiously. Tengen was known for strong emotions and outbursts, but for the first time in a LONG time... he's speechless.
Uzui quickly falls to his knees, though due to his height, he was almost at eye level with you.
"This... this is..."
His other hand comes towards your stomach quickly, making you flinch. He flinches as well, realizing quickly that he was getting too brash. He gently caresses the other side of your stomach, his maroon eyes flicking between the four of his wives.
"How... how long have you know?" Tengen asks softly, his gaze finally landing on Hina. Tears are welling up in her eyes, as she smiles warmly at him.
"Sh-Shortly after you left... but... we wanted you to experience this in person. A letter couldn't compare to this moment," Hina admits, coming to his side and placing a hand on his shoulder. Makio and Suma are quick to follow, both of them placing a hand on either of Uzui's.
"It was hard not to say anything," Makio adds," ...but we took great care of Y/N while you were away, Lord Tengen."
Uzui's gaze falls back to your swollen abdomen, his hands gently moving around, exploring your tummy's new form.
Again, he is overcome with silence, his head dipping for a moment. You feel something warm fall onto your stomach, gasping as you see Tengen's shoulders tremble.
"I-I'm so sorry... I wasn't here for you like I should have been." Choking on his words, more tears followed as Makio, Suma, and Hina embrace Tengen. You were surprised to see such a reaction from him.
"N-No! My Lord, please, it's okay!!!" You hurriedly reply, cupping Tengen's face," You were doing everything you should have and needed to, as a Demon Slayer... and as our husband. We're safe-- I-I'm safe, because of your efforts."
Your three wives smile and weep as they kiss Tengen's cheeks and shoulders, trying to comfort him. Though they too felt sorry for the overwhelmed Uzui.
"You came back. And it still feels like you've never left my side. That's all that matters," you finish, placing a hand on top of one of Uzui's strong, calloused hands.
For a few moments, the room grows quiet as the five of you sniffle and hiccup, still overcome with relieved tears.
But Tengen is quick to smile, his forehead gently bumping into yours as his arms overtake all four of his wives. When he raises his head again, he is beaming with pride and joy. His eyes are puffy and red with fresh, hot tears.
"I'm going to be a father..." he practically chokes out, grinning ear to ear," And the four of you will all be fantastic, flashy mothers!!!"
The five of you embrace each over, though gently as to not hurt you or the baby. As all of your collective tears and praises intermingle into a symphony, you feel something strange.
Your stomach lurches suddenly, making you grunt in surprise. The five of you freeze, before Tengen looks to your stomach. Hina and the other wives gasp, as all 3 of them grabbing at Tengen's wrists. They hastily shove Tengen's hands towards your tummy, pressing gently.
"There!! There, just now! Y/N did you feel-- A KICK?!?" Suma practically shrieks, followed by an excited squeal from Makio.
"This couldn't be better timing!!!," she exclaims," This is the first time, right, Y/N?!"
You instinctively place a hand over your stomach, wincing," I-I don't know what that was... m-maybe it was a kick? The wind was just... knocked out of me all of the sudden--!!"
As you say this, Tengen moves the others aside, placing his right ear to your stomach and listening intently. You fluster rapidly, gasping out Tengen's name as you're practically knocked over from the movement.
Your three wives excitedly come right back up, eager to watch the moment from behind Tengen's broad frame.
"... I hear it... the heartbeat!" Tengen claims softly, a sickeningly sweet smile spreading across his lips. " A strong one, too! That's to be expected of my child!" He coos, grinning boastfully.
As he speaks, you feel the breath getting knocked out from you again. You yelp as your stomach moves once more. This time, Tengen feels this lurch, and inhales sharply.
"Th-There!! Just now!! It was a kick!!!" He exclaims. Hina, Suma, and Makio practically shriek with excitement, hugging each other as Tengen continues to weep.
You can't help but laugh, a hand coming to Uzui's hair to stroke it," So it is!!!" you happily sing back to him, beaming with glee. "I'm pretty far along, so I guess that shouldn't be a surprise!!"
Before long, Tengen is mere inches from your lips, caressing your face as if you were fine porcelain. For a moment, his gentle expression is replaced with a firm acknowledgement.
" Y/N. It is an honor to be your husband, and I promise to continue to take care of the four of you... and our child." Uzui says tenderly. Uzui's hand comes up to brush your hair away from your face as your cheeks are peppered with kisses. You giggle at the stimulation as you feel the bed shift behind you.
Suma and the other wives have surrounded you, coming up to caress and embrace you as well.
"I gratefully except your praise and protection... a-as well as your child, Lord Tengen."
You feel Tengen's face heat up at your statement, before it's replaced with a prideful smirk," Careful, or I may bless you with more of my brood tonight~"
Your face soon mimics the shade on Tengen's, as Suma whines," But!! BUT!!! I want Lord Tengen's babies, too!!"
" Y-Yeah, don't leave us out, Lord Tengen!!" Makio gripes, clinging to his right arm. Hina chuckles, kissing both Suma and Makio.
"In due time, Makio, Suma... one child can already be a handful... and we already have two here!" Tengen and Hina share a laugh as Makio and Suma complain, and you are quick to laugh with the former duo.
But in the very next moment, you feel yourself being pushed onto your back, your head falling into Makio's lap. You squirm feverishly as you see one of Tengen's hands planting itself beside your head, while the other caresses your stomach.
"Ladies, ladies... the four of you will all bear my child... but Hina is right. For our safety and the child's, we can only afford to have one of us out of commission at a time," Tengen softly warns, making the four of you begrudgingly agree.
"However... I look forward to the four of you ALL being plump with my children. But until then... I do believe that Y/N is overdue for some relief. Who knows the burden my child has placed on your knees and feet..." Tengen lazily kisses your lips, still grinning as the trio of wives chuckle lowly
" My, that weight straining your back... your chest..."
Tengen's hand leaves your stomach to trace down your thigh, before gently sliding back up and under your robes. You stammer, unable to form a coherent sentence as Tengen kisses you again, briefly.
"Suma, Makio, Hina... care to help your Lord take care of your wife?"
You hear a cacophony of giggles and jeers as your four spouses come to surround you, grinning mischievously. Your lip quivers as you try not to look away, a jittery, hot surge of anticipation flaring up in your nether regions.
"N-Now?? Right now, you mean??" You question feverishly, before Hina and Suma bless your cheeks and collar bone with kisses.
Tengen grins as a hand snakes up your inner thigh, making your heart race in excitement.
"There's no better time than the present, right?" Hina leans over to kiss Tengen before he starts a sloppy kiss trail towards your core.
"Besides...," Hina adds dreamily," We wanted to surprise you, too~"
A/N: Thank you for the read! I have unfortunately gone through SUCH a hiatus, but I found my writing flame awakened because of this damn hashira and his wives!
I'm relatively rusty at fanfics, so go easy on me! And let me know if you'd like a STEAMY part 2! ;)
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torus-babydoll 9 months
饾暈饾暊饾暈饾暈饾暘 饾晵饾暉饾晻 饾晻饾晵饾晻饾晻饾暘 饾晻饾晼饾晵饾暎饾晼饾暏饾暐
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
饾晿饾晼饾暉饾暎饾晼鈥 one shot, nsfw,
饾暏饾暘饾暉饾暊饾暋饾暏饾暁饾暏...聽Tengen, Hina, Suma and Makio got a live-in maid to up to keep the place, while they are away. Overtime the four lovers find themself enamored by the beautiful woman who loves wearing various cute maid outfits to clean and tend to them when they are sick or hurt. One night while alone with you, Hina kisses you. She thinks she is going to get you to herself before the others make their move when Tengen shows up from the mission before Makio and Suma.
饾晹/饾暔鈥 poly, daddy/mommy, maid!reader, switch!reader, switch!tengen, switch!hina, w/w, w/w/m, w/m/w, strap-on, butt plug, bondage, praise, face fucking, playing with fat tits, use of sir/daddy
饾晵/饾暉鈥 this has been sitting in my draft for a while. And it looks like I'm not coming back to is, so my choices were either deleting it or posting it.
You were supposed to just be a maid, and for the first few months, you were. It was also during those months that Tengen noticed all his wives' growing attraction towards you. He trusted them to never act on it, without permission, and you always remain professional.
Tengen couldn't blame them either. You look beautiful in your maid outfits. Since you never wanted to clean in your own clothes. And you apparently had plenty of outfits to show yourself off in. Which even turned into Suma giving you a maid dress as a gift.
That dress Suma gave you is short enough they could see how your thighs spill out of the top of your thigh-high socks. He wanted to bite into the soft skin. And see his wives take turns burying their faces between your plush thighs until each of them has made you cum. From there, he wanted to slip himself inside your overstimulated pussy and leave you a mess. His wives could also take turns riding your pretty face as he buried his cock in you.
After that dress your outfits got a bit more revealing, making it hard for you to leave the room without making Suma, Makio, and Hina's pussy drip and Tengen's cock hard. Which didn't go unnoticed by you.
One day when Tengen told Suma, Makio, and Hina they could pursue you if they wanted to. And they were quick to express the same towards him.
After their conversation, it wasn't long before you started fucking one of his wives. Which Tengen found the two of you the night it happened. When he got back to the house before Makio and Suma who had remained behind to grab you a gift.
Tengen could hear the sounds of Hina softly moaning, mixed with a groan of enjoyment that he hadn't heard before. Following the sounds to your bedroom. And any semblance of being tired left his body.
Opening the door to see Hina on your bed, who is holding her legs by the back of her knees. Her soft, thick breasts bounce with every thrust from you. Tengen can't see what Hina is taking inside of her sweet pussy. But it isn't your fingers, since you have one hand holding her face, making her look you in the eyes. While you softly play with her hard baby pink nipple, before gently massaging her fat breasts.
Tengen smiles as his cock strains against his loose pants. "I knew you would take care of them for me. Sometimes I get busy so it's wonderful to know you will take of them care of in a flashy way."
Stopping your hips, Hina softly whimpers at the loose. You ask the beautiful woman underneath, "Hina, you want to suck your husband off while I keep burying my cock in your pussy?" At hearing this, Tengen makes quick work of his clothes.
Stopping your hips, Hina softly whimpers at the loose. You ask the beautiful woman underneath, "Hina, you want to suck your husband off while I keep burying my cock in your pussy?" At hearing this, Tengen makes quick work of his clothes.
Pleading with a breathy voice, "Please, Mommy, I want to suck on Daddy's cock while you fuck my pussy. Just hearing Hina calling you Mommy in such a needy voice before addressing him has him throbbing.
You stay still, taking in the sight of his large veiny cock, pre-cum making his head lose, mouthwatering. Lifting your dress so Tengen could see your thick strap on sliding out of Hina's pretty pink pussy. Her clit is fat and puffy from you sucking on it earlier.
Cooing out gentle praise towards Hina, "You're so wet, and creaming for me, Hina, so beautiful." Tengen grins, enjoying how you're adoring his wife. And you aren't wrong, just like his other wives. Hina has such a sweet, addictive pussy.
With Tengen on the bed, you let go of Hina's face so she can look at her husband. Lightly slapping his cock on Hina's lips, which part for his cock. He places a hand on her head to keep her still as he thrusts his cock deeper into her mouth, making her take as much as she can.
"That's it, I love fucking you tight, wet mouth and seeing your pretty eyes water up because my cock is too much for you." Your pussy clenches at Tengen's words as you let your head fall back as you bottom out before slamming yourself back into her, making
Watching Tengen fuck her mouth, moaning at the sight of her taking roughly taking his cock down her throat. As her eyes water up, Tengen muffles every moan. His heavy balls you want to suck on swinging with every thrust of his hips.
You tell him, "I love smearing her cum over her fat pussy lips." Lifting your dress so that Tengen could see the way Hina pussy tugs, her tight pulling a little as you try to bottom out before filling her back up. You moan to him, "Look how she takes me."
Tengen groans at the lewd, squishy sounds of Hina's wet pussy as you roll your hips, making sure that you brush against her sweet spot every time.
"So beautiful seeing getting fucked open," Tengen then asks Hina, "Is her cock hitting the back of your sweet pussy just how you like it?" Even though she can't respond.
You let go of your dress as you lean down and take her other cute nipple in your mouth, while you play with her other one. Which you pinch just to hear her cry get muffled by Tengen's cock stuffing her mouth.
"Fuck that. Keep making her whimper like that. I can feel it in my balls." He smiles widely. "Darling, are you going to cum on the maid's cock as I fuck your cute mouth? You can do it in a flashy way, can't you? With your body trembling and your eyes watering, you're going to cum a lot for our maid and soak her like you soak my cock. After all, she has been giving your sweet pussy you pounding need." Thoughts of Tengen's dust pink head pushing past Hina lips fill your mind.
Pulling on her nipple with your teeth as she arches her back and whimpers around his cock. You let her nipple go to watch the ripple effect of her fat breasts. It was always so hard not to stare at their tits, so you always kept strictly eye contact when talking to his wives. But now you could finally enjoy the thickness of three of their fat breasts.
You had yet to sleep with the other to, or even do more with Tengen beyond watching him fuck his wife's mouth. But you have a feeling that it wouldn't be long before you fucked the other two.
Biting down on the soft fat of Hina's right tit as you fondle and massage her other nipple. You want to leave marks all over her beautiful teardrops breasts. So you suckle on the same spot, with the paleness of her skin she would bruise so easily.
Much to your delight, when you pull away, you can see a pretty red mark forming alright. Looking up from her breasts, which bounce with your quick thrusts, as the strap part holding the dildo of Hina choosing to rub her clit.
Looking Tengen in the eyes to find him almost undressing you with his eyes. You remember, you still have your dress on. Since Hina liked the sight of your faux cock making a tent underneath your maid's dress.
I should get out of my clothes. You think but that would mean stopping and pulling away from Hina. Which wouldn鈥檛 do after you鈥檝e been working her towards her second peak.
His eyes are so pretty that you forget your words for a second before softly asking, "Sir, after she cums, can I watch you fuck her?"
"Is that ok with you Hina? You want your Mommy to watch your Daddy fuck your pussy when she after she makes you squirt?" She lightly slaps his thigh twice as he chuckles before groaning.
You watch Tengen fuck Hina's mouth as fat tears roll down her cheeks and she gags occasionally. Biting your lip, wanting to lick and suck on the rest of Tengen's long cock that couldn't fit into Hina's mouth.
Tengen says, "That's a yes then, and you can call me Daddy too. I see you look at my cock. You want me to don't you? Why watch when you could have my Hina lay on top of you so I can switch between her's and your pussy, mixing everyone's cum with my cock till you're both a creamy mess for me to eat?"
Tengen pulls his cock out of Hina's mouth, giving her a moment to breathe. And before you can respond to Tengen, Hina softly voices, "Mommy, I want to watch you suck Daddy off."
Her pussy is clenching around your fat strap-on, its ribbed underside dragging along the bottom of her soft, gummy pussy, making her toes curl from the pleasure. As she hurled towards an intense peak. And seeing you grab Tengen's thick cock, your fingertip unable to touch.
Giving his cock head a soft kitten lick to taste his oozing pre-cum. Before kissing his dusty pink head, trailing kisses down as you move, keep your hips slapping against Hina's, making your kisses along with Tengen's cock sloppy.
Letting go of Hina's tits to cup and fondle Tengen's balls, which spill out of the palm of your hand. You don't doubt his ability to fill all of his wives with cum. In fact, you think about it late at night when you're touching yourself after a frustrating day of pretending that Tengen's three wives, beautiful shapely bodies, and fat tits, alongside his 6'6 frame of pure muscle, didn't have you soaking through your panties throughout your workday.
Hina softly moans, "Her lips feel so soft. I couldn't help but kiss her when she was talking to me." You smile as you recall the rush of your pounding heart as when Hina gently kissed your lips. Her soft assurance that Tengen, Suma, and Makio were happy with her doing this eased the guilt that followed.
Those kisses lead to you coming in here, slipping your panties off, and putting on your strap-on. After letting her pick the cock, she wants. The look on her face, the soft pink turning to a deep scarlet, making your pussy drool.
He grabs your hair, his large hand covering most of your head. "Her lips are soft. She's a tease, isn't she? You were wearing all those flashy maid outfits on purpose, trying to get our rile us up, weren't you?" Letting go of Tengen's balls to pinch Hina's sensitive nipple, to hear you whine underneath you.
Stroking Tengen's cock with your other hand, instead of kissing along his length, which rivals your strap. And that explains why Hina was so eager for it. You look up at him, as "There for me too. I look hot in them and you can't tell me I don't with the way you look at me with those pretty eyes of yours." Before he could speak, slip his cock head past your lips, suckling on his salty head, swirling your tongue around his cock.
"Your cock in her mouth looks so wonderful Daddy, please I want to see you fuck her mouth as she fucks me. Straddle my face, please?" Her manners make you want to ruin her more. You want to see Tengen's balls rub across her face as you stuff her tiny pink pussy.
Leaning up so that Tengen can carefully straddle Hina's face. You grab her legs as she lets them grab onto his muscular ones. And you recall the one time you accidentally saw Makio grinding herself down on Tengen's thighs, her face buried into his head and his large hands on her hips. And now you think Tengen wanted you to see Makio and himself.
Moaning as you watch Hina suck on Tengen's fat balls, her moans making your pussy clench. You would need to get off soon, but not yet. You were having too much fun playing with Hina's pussy.
Tengen boldly tells you to, "Suck on my fat cock while you stuff, my sweet darling. I want to feel her sucking on my balls while you choke on my cock." And you happily comply.
Holding Hina's legs back into the mating press. The head of your dildo pushes past her already bruised cervix as Hina closes her eyes and the coil in her stomach grows tighter.
"Are you about to cum for us? You can do it, soak her cock for Daddy. And keep sucking my balls just like that. The two of you are so beautiful, taking such good care of my cock and balls. I can't wait to see your naked bodies pressed together as I fuck your pussies."
She's so close, listening to you moan around Tengen's cock and hearing you gag when you take too much of his cock. You love how Hina's breasts pound, her nipples rubbing against the fabric of your maid uniform, and her mouth is full of balls you want to suck on yourself.
Having his thick cock fill your mouth and tracing his veins with your tongue is just as good. Moaning around Tengen as Hina whines beneath him and you, his own heavy groans filling the air.
Hina tenses underneath you as she gushes around you, and you keep fucking her through her peak. While taking Tengen in and out of your mouth until Hina trembles from the overstimulation and Tengen touches your head away.
Slowly pulling your cock out of Hina and staring at her creaming pussy before leaning down and softly kissing her wet lips. As she jerks her hips away and Tengen move from above her head.
"You're so beautiful, Hinatsuru. Look at you, with your messy cunny, and cute fat breasts and your flushed face." But now that Hina is all fucked out, Tengen, with his hard cock throbbing needing more than just some sucking, believes you're wearing too many clothes.
Tengen tells you, as he admires his wife, whose eyes are barely open as she slowly breathes. "Let Hinatsuru rest a moment." Before looking up and down, as you pull away from the overstimulated Hina. Your dress falling down to cover your cum soaked strap, the outfit uncomfortable now that you are sweaty from fucking Hina.
"You sweet mama hasn't cum yet. I don't think it's fair for my darling to have all the fun. Strip down for Daddy, he wants to see what Mommy has been hiding underneath that cute flashy dress." He wouldn't mind calling you that. You do cook, clean, and care for them just like a hot mommy. All that is missing is the cum stuffed inside your pussy to give you a child and milk coming from your tits. Which he wouldn't mind changing.
鈥淒addy? Maybe for her, but for me, you鈥檙e still sir. If you want me to call you Daddy, you're going to have to earn it." The way he grins makes you shiver with excitement. To cover your reaction, you look away as you turn your focus on taking off your strap-on.
Tengen moves around the bed and goes to grab your hips. But you're quick to place your hand to his warm, hard chest telling him, "If I'm going to strip down, the least you can do is sit down and be patient for me then, sir." You want to rile Tengen up to see if he will work for his title.
Sitting on the edge of the bed, he is still taller than you, looking down with half-lidded red eyes, "Oh, then you better make it flashy for Daddy." He wanted to hear the word moan in utter neediness for him come from your lips.
Taking in Tengen as he sits on the edge of the bed, with his long white hair framing his beautiful face, a thick long falling between his eyes. He has an enormous grin on his soft-looking lips you want to lean in and kiss him.
Looking down from his lips to his wide shoulders, which you are sure he could fit one wife on each of his shoulders and walk around with them without breaking a sweat. Your pussy clenches as you at how easily he will manhandle you once you had control over him.
Maybe that's why he is grinning, because when you let him, you know he is going to earn that title before he's done with you.
Your knees are already growing weak at the sight of his bare, thick thighs. And his heavy balls, thick enough to fill four women up, his heavy cock resting on top of them. There is a lingering ache in your jaw from sucking him off earlier.
Tengen leans back, enjoying your admiration of his body that he worked hard to sculpt into what he is now. The growing want in your eyes and your already forming want for submission for him, to let him have his way with you.
Swallowing the thick knot forming in your throat, man, "You're a pretty man, but I'm sure you knew that." Undoing the clasp holding the frilled fabric over your chest, letting your collar fall open, showing the slightest hint of your collarbone. Before you turn around and bend over, just enough that he could see your drooling pussy, shifting your ass from side to side.
Hina softly breaths, "He's beautiful." As she sits up, placing a hand on his biceps and kissing his shoulder. As she peers over at you, not wanting to miss you stripping your clothes off, happy that she gets this moment with Tengen and you while Makio and Suma are out of the house. Since she knows that the other two will get their time with you soon enough since you're aware of their attraction because of Hina and Tengen.
Tengen groans as Hina kisses up his neck, as he tilts his head to the side. You slip your thumbs into the top of your thigh-high socks, slipping them down. Before spreading your legs a little to reach between so you can part your lips.
Hina softly kisses your pussy, before telling you. "You told him to be patient and I really want to eat you out Mommy, can I?" Before you can say anything, Hina buries her soft pink tongue in your pussy as she loudly moans.
Tengen chuckles at Hina's eagerness. Both of you are bent over in front of him. With only your socks bunched up around your ankles, you have done little stripping. But Tengen finds himself not minding since Hina's pretty dripping pussy and her tight little asshole on display. While she has her beautiful face stuffed into your pussy, giving you the much-needed relief, as you lean back more into her face. And she grabs your ass, his fingers sinking into your softness.
"I could see this the two of you playing with each other all night and still never get used to it. You can make her cum by eating our maid out like that can't you sweetie, make her gush all over your pretty lips and then come give me a kiss." Tengen spits in his hand.
Hina's soft warm tongue rubs circles into your clit, as she reaches between her legs to play with her own puffy clit. Ever since your arrival, the four of them have been hornier than before, which their sex life had as active as it could be before. But in the past four months leaning up this night, all four of them felt pent up, needy.
All because of you. So even after cumming when you finger fucked her as you made out with her and then cumming on your cock, Hina needs more. Before she didn't get to touch your pussy, now you're trying your best not to rut your hips shamelessly on her tongue.
Tengen groans. "I know she tastes as sweet as she sounds." The slick sounds of Tengen stroking himself make Hina eating you out hotter since you know that the man is getting off to his sight of his wife buried in your pussy. And you so badly want to soak her face, to reach that peak of consuming pleasure that makes your toes curl and your eyes roll back.
The words that slip past your lips do so in breathy moans, "Please Hina, don't stop, feels so good. I'm going to cum all over your tongue please, baby girl."
Tengen tightens his grip around his cocks as he asks, "Baby girl?"
Your breath is shaky, as you tell Tengen, "Sorry sir, I won't call her that." Hina whines against your pussy.
"That's not what I meant. It's hot hearing you call her that, whilst she calls you Mommy. You took good care of our baby girl while Daddy was gone. Call her that whenever you wish, Mommy." The way he groans the last word as you cumming on Hina's tongue. The effect the way he sounds has on you does not go unnoticed by Tengen, who smirks.
He's already won, and he hasn't touched you yet. Tengen wonders if you realize it, as he reaches down to cup his balls. He wants you to call him Daddy before all of his wives you're going to cum on his cock and call him Daddy tonight. It wouldn't be long before Makio and Suma got here, surely.
Pulling away from Hina as it became too much. As she gets up and is about to move towards Tengen, before you spin around and wrap your arms around her.
"Baby girl, I told him to be patient and there he is, jerking off to us." Slipping your hand between her legs, Hina leans against you. "Not very patient. All I see is a needy pretty boy jerking his own fat cock."
Quickly she answers, "I know but I want to kiss him, anyway I missed Daddy." Kissing her cheek and letting her go, as Hina goes between his legs and Tengen legs, his cock goes to grab onto her ass instead. Pulling her body against his and leaning down to kiss her, softly moaning against her lips.
Unbuttoning your top while watching them, as she reaches down to stroke his cock. She pulls away and moves to straddle his thigh, facing you as he wraps a large arm around her waist.
They look beautiful as she rocks her thigh, rubbing her puffy clit and smearing her wetness. As she strokes his cock, a soft moan passes his lips before he presses a soft kiss to the side of Hina's forehead.
You cave at the softness, "That's not fair, seeing the two of you like this. I might just have to call the two of you Mommy and Daddy. I want the two of you to spoil me and take care of me."
Tengen tells you, with a wide grin, "I didn't even touch you and I won. Go lay on the bed and Hina sit on her face. Makio and Suma should be here to join us soon enough. Do you want them to play with your beautiful body, too?"
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hellavile 6 months
no idea. 鉂 tengen uzui.
Tumblr media
鈲 warnings .釔 . . . fem!reader, tengen has zero house manners so reader gets mad about that, male masturbation, voyuer, tengen鈥檚 a whimpering . . . feral mess, black coded, drabble.
鈥 鈥 鈥 藲 陹 before you interact, read the rules pls .釔 陹 藲
Tumblr media
聽 聽have a roommate, they said. it鈥檒l be less stress on you having someone to split the rent with. have a roommate they said, surely they鈥檇 keep their end of the bargain and maintain a clean home? have a roommate, they said. definitely won鈥檛 be an issue if they don鈥檛 eat what鈥檚 yours even if you put your name on it, right? whenever you tried to complain to tengen about his lack of anything, he always brushed it off with a few sorry鈥檚 and my bad, won鈥檛 happen again. hey, wanna go out to eat? hey, wanna play the game with me? hey, let鈥檚 go to this party together.聽
聽聽聽trying to buy his way out of it, and each time, he never fulfills his promises. you鈥檝e learned now not to fall for it, coming home after a very frustrating day at work, doing a double today at the hospital and when you enter the dark home, the last thing you wanted to see were dirty dishes in the sink, an open pizza box on the counter, clothes scattered around the living room, and an unclean litter box for cinnamon, the fat ass garfield cat sleeping on the pile of tengen鈥檚 mess. you swear you鈥檙e ready to burst. clenching your fists, you fume silently, dropping your purse to the floor and kicking off your crocs, making your way towards his room, prepared to beat his ass.聽
聽聽聽he was too damn grown to be acting like a child. he needed to get it together. you can hear the faint music playing from tengen鈥檚 room, seeing the blue led lights illuminating from under the door, which was halfway cracked once you approached it fully.聽
聽聽聽鈥渢en鈥攚oah,鈥 your eyes budlge out your sockets as you stumble back and hide behind the wall, hoping and praying he didn鈥檛 hear you just now. the sight was almost too unbearable. your heart thrashes in your chest as you listen in to the faint sounds of moans streaming from his lips as he lays flat in the middle of his bed, fucking his cock into his hand.聽
聽聽聽鈥渇uck me,鈥 you can hear him mutter, a low, almost inaudible moan following behind it. his head drowses into the pillows as the pads of his fingers dance on the vein that sits along his cock, throbbing and aching to the point where he felt pain between his thighs. usually, tengen would tease himself until tears pooled at his eyes and every waft of air would cause him to wince at the soreness. however, with it being hours away from the sunrise and tengen only gaining about thirty minutes of sleep throughout the whole night, he didn鈥檛 have enough time to dwell.
聽聽so, he wraps his hand around his hard cock, squeezing it until he felt pre-cum oozing between his digits before giving himself three long strokes that caused a throaty groan to leave his lips. every pump his fist desperately makes becomes faster, rougher. the gritting at his teeth caused his chest to heave for air, lips moistening from his frustrated tongue. tengen pressed his tired eyes shut, thinking about the only thing that could truly make his release come the fastest; you.
聽聽聽it was frustrating; how if you were there sharing that king sized bed that you could easily make his orgasm shred through his core just by a few devilish licks from your tongue or the clenching by your soppy cunt underneath him. but you still have yet to understand his burning lust for you. the man has wanted you ever since you stepped foot into this home to sign your part of the lease. nothing made it more difficult than a desperate orgasm burning at the tip of his swollen head while you weren鈥檛 there to suck it dry. he can鈥檛 get you off his mind, desolate to keep his eyes open as they falter shut to daydream of you. thinking of you on your knees with his hands in your hair and his cock fucking into your mouth. thinking of you with your legs spread and your lips sucking on his skin as he pounds into your sweet little pussy. thinking of you in the filthiest way possible.
聽聽聽for some reason, you find it hard to tear your eyes away, needing to immediately run to your room and pretend you never saw this. but damn it was really hard when he looked so fucking . . . sexy? of course you鈥檙e not blind. the man was attractive, but you never looked at him in this particular way. tengen鈥檚 fist continues to slap hard against his abdomen as he fucks his sensitive dick. your thighs shockingly squeeze together as you hear him begin to moan out sentences. like he wishes he was talking to you.聽
聽聽鈥渟o good鈥攆eel so good for me,鈥 he mumbles, the thought of your lips wrapping on his devil red tip sucking on the beaming pre-cum made his body jerk. 鈥渇uck, 陹 your name 陹,鈥 he groans, the feeling becoming incredulous as his thumb persistently rubs the slit of his tip. your eyes pop out of their sockets as you hear your name cry from him, gasping loud and slapping your hand over your mouth just as he starts to see white spots in the darkened room and his toes curl at the feeling just tipping to explode.
聽聽聽tengen鈥檚 fingers compress harder around his sticky cock, thankfully too into it to hear you. tengen pictures your voice in his head, mind mixing it in with the faint memories of your moans that you were once unable to control under your own touch one time he came home a little too early and heard you fucking yourself in your room. his teeth bites desperately at his bottom lip, croaking out whimpers, edging himself. his cock is too hard, ready to release its white ropes upon his toned stomach. tengen鈥檚 palm begins to rub against his dick in a slow, desperate pace as his tongue kisses his teeth, fist getting tighter. every single noise he made fueled your fire, making it more frustrating to keep it together.
聽聽聽should you walk in and help him? should you keep watching? should you walk away? you genuinely didn鈥檛 know because you were stuck. frozen. the ability to move not cooperating with you. tengen wants so badly to see you on top of him with your hips grinding down while his hands grip so tightly at your waist. get a taste of your wet pussy and be blessed to hear the noise you make when he pulls at your clit with his lips.
聽聽聽鈥済onna cum. unh, fuck鈥攋ust for you, baby, kay doll?鈥 he hisses, eyes pointed directly towards the door until his eyes glued shut as his release began to burst through his lower abdomen. he fucked into his hand faster, moans piling on top of another. you almost respond back to him, down bad.聽
聽聽聽鈥渢hat鈥檚 it, shit baby, that鈥檚 it,鈥 he says to the image of you, with your mouth open letting his cum hit your tongue. long, desperate groans continued to spill out of his mouth as his cum trickles down his knuckles and onto his stomach. tengen felt the back of his head sink into the bed, his eyes drowsy and heavy as his body turned limp.
聽聽聽鈥済onna watch some more or come clean me up?鈥 tengen runs his hand through his hair with a smirk, chuckling as he hears you hit your foot at a corner trying to escape.聽
聽聽聽fuck, fuck, fuck. what were you supposed to do now? there鈥檚 no turning back. you swallow, the shameful pool of arousal in your panties as you shift in your spot was ridiculous. you bite your lip, peaking your head fully into his room, your flushed appearance compared to his unbeatable. if anything, he would鈥檝e thought you were getting off to him. tengen is sitting on the edge of his bed, glorious body bare and slightly sweaty, abs covered in cum. amused by your sudden infatuation with him. he knew you were here the minute he heard your angry huffs and puffs in the hallway.聽
聽聽聽tengen licks his lips, curling his finger and whispering c鈥檓ere, eyes dark, voice raspy, dick somehow still erect, and your feet tiptoeing closer mindlessly. he鈥檚 holding his cum-covered fist up to you, wanting you to lick it off, an evil glint in his eyes. fuck it. you could use a good fuck, better yet, a new fuck buddy.
. . . tags 陼 @dejwrites @indiecursor @massivelynervousprincess @gabzlovesu @emomanswhore @sanwioz @taesd-urag @anajah @rinhoes @festive @erentoes @erenyeagerswhore @caribbeanwifey19 @yooniluvbot444 @cinnitsuki @hannas16 @bubs-world @sintiva @yoshimurah @sailewhoremoon @tojibreedingme @princess-jaeger @imperatorkhaleesi @aizawap @mrsvaleska @sftbunnyy @zu-ku @sakurazukomura @monirei
Tumblr media
漏 饾悺饾悶饾惀饾惀饾悮饾惎饾悽饾惀饾悶, 饾悮饾惀饾惀 饾惈饾悽饾悹饾悺饾惌饾惉 饾惈饾悶饾惉饾悶饾惈饾惎饾悶饾悵. 饾惁饾惒 饾惏饾惃饾惈饾悿 饾惉饾悺饾悮饾惀饾惀 饾惂饾惃饾惌 饾悰饾悶 饾惈饾悶饾惄饾惃饾惉饾惌饾悶饾悵 饾惃饾惈 饾惁饾惃饾悵饾悽饾悷饾悽饾悶饾悵 饾惉饾悽饾惁饾惄饾惀饾惒 饾悰饾悶饾悳饾悮饾惍饾惉饾悶 饾悽饾惌 饾悽饾惉 饾惁饾悽饾惂饾悶.
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chysalxsm 10 months
掳How the Demon Slayer men would fuck you and to which song掳
Since I'm into Demon slayer again after two 2 or 3 years, I decided to post the same thing again but only with Demon slayer men! Since I didn't post for a long time and a had a block from writing, so I'm sorry for that guy's! I hope you guys enjoy this :)
Contains: Uzui, Rengoku, Sanemi, Obanai, Giyuu, Muzan, Akaza, Douma, Enmu
Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen:
Ngl I imagine him either way fucking you in doggy position or missionary but one of your legs are on his shoulders while he's just thrusting his hips so deliciously inside of your hole. Loving the sounds you make while he just hits your g-spot over and over again. He definitely is the type that wants to make you squirt at least once. Librium Kiss - MIRA would be definitely playing
Rengoku Kyojuro:
I think Rengoku is more on the vanilla side, so definitely something passionate like missionary or the spoon position. Loves to wrap his arms around you while grabbing your chest and twirling your nipples. He'll also enjoy you riding him, loving the little expression you make while taking him down. Night swim - sidi would be playing in the background
Sanemi Shinazugawa:
Man's definitely on the aggressive side. He will be rough with you cause that's just in his nature. Maybe there will be some soft moments but not for long. He'll definitely grab your hair and arch your back while taking you from behind. I don't know what that position is called but I can definitely see him grabbing your arms, your back arched and him just thrusting into you in such a rough pace while degrading you with a whispery voice in your ear. Right here - Chase Atlantic will definitely be playing
Obanai Iguro:
Man's so fine but so arrogant. Imagine a threesome with him and Mitsuri though? It would be so interesting to think about it. Anyways if he really loves you then I see him more on the gentle side well except you want him to be rough with you... Definitely missionary position because of the intimicy he wants to have with you. But I can also imagine him hate fucking you. Him just despising you but also finding you so damn attractive that he can't help himself..He'll definitely fuck you so rough but so good at the same time, calling you mean names and loving how the tears stream down your face. Pulling your hair while spanking you. Church - Chase Atlantic will be playing in the background.
Tomioka Giyuu:
If I'm being honest it's so hard for me to think about this man. He's just mysterious and it's hard for me to know of how he would even feel. So if my description might be completely wrong on how you guys think then I'm sorry! I can imagine him just having neutral sex. Nothing too kinky just normal passionate sex that you guys share. He would probably like the mating press position just being near you, feeling you, watching your expression so he knows he's making you feel good. Good for you - Selena Gomez will be playing in the background
Muzan Kibutsuji:
He a menace fr but hot AF. Mostly his voice gets me all blushy ngl.. Definitely a BDSM type of guy and you can't tell me otherwise. He'll spank that shit out of you if you behave bratty, wanting to see that ass of yours all red because of his hands. He'll definitely take you from behind, making you lick and suck on his fingers cause your all too whiny for him... Flesh - Simon Curtis will be playing in the background or Or nah - Somo
If human or demon he's more on the gentle side, just wants to see you pleased and in full pleasure. Wanting to see your eyes roll while lightly choking you if you're okay with it though. Definitely will praise you while fucking you in the missionary position, your legs on his shoulders. Gentrify - Da vosk docta will be playing in the background.
He hot fr but also a menace. Definitely blood and pain kink tell me other wise. Grabs your hair while biting down on your neck so he can mark you. Will also choke you. I see him enjoying riding the most but not be fooled he still has full control over you so if you think you have full control over him you're just fooling yourself. Just watch on how he'll grab your neck and thrust up into you even rougher. Love you like me - William Singe will be DEFINITELY playing while you guys fuck.
Man's so fucking submissive but I think he dominates sometimes too, but I see him more on the submissive side. He's a sadist so expect him to be into intense pain play when he Doms. Wants you to slap him, use him as your sex toy while he submits, make him beg and degrade him he likes that stuff. If you have female genitals then peg him, if you have a dick fuck him. Use him however he wants he likes that shit. Night swim - Sidi will be playing in the background while you have sex.
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muzanswaifu 11 months
Give Me A Word
Tumblr media
Tengen x Fem!Chubby!Reader
Sfw Warnings: Reader is self-conscious, Depressive Thoughts, Body Art, Praise and compliments, Modern AU
Nsfw Warnings: Smut, Sexy Dress, Cunnilingus, Groping, Multiple Orgasms, Creampie, Body Worship
I totally loved this prompt and wanted to use it as a vent sesh for my own insecurities tbh 馃槀
I wanted to further delve into my body insecurities that I鈥檝e had recently in my work and hopefully help anyone who is also dealing with those problems right now. It鈥檚 so important to have self-love, but sometimes, getting some lovin鈥 from someone else can be just as special. The body art scene was based off a body positivity seminar that I went to last semester 馃憖 and as the model came out I was like... I鈥檓 keeping this in mind for later for sexy purposes
Tengen Uzui says love your body!
Your paws kneaded at the plump flesh of your belly, pulling and pushing at it to expose your rib cage. You smiled weakly at your compact progress and bent down to pull up the rest of your slip.
It was the previous week during your shopping spree that your friends had found the thing, fawning over it and claiming it would look gorgeous on you. You were intrigued but hesitant, not liking the look of such skin-tight clothing on yourself when it exposed your every dip and curve. After they had noted that a certain man would love to see you all dolled up, you finally gave in just so they would shut up about it. Not because you actually wanted to know if he liked it. It was far more revealing than your usual get up, and he had always complained that you didn鈥檛 show off your 鈥渞ocking tits鈥 enough. 鈥楽uch a pervert鈥 you chuckled.
You peeled the straps over your shoulders, taking one more moment of revise to fix your bosom so your breasts weren鈥檛 spilling over before looking in the mirror. You nearly gasped. It did look good. The slightly muted fuchsia hugged your curves quite nicely, and the slit up the side made a big show of your gorgeously thick thigh. Even the low neckline wasn鈥檛 too much and made your breasts pop out like melons. You looked like a fertility goddess in her prime, and the sight made you flush immediately.
But soon you really started to study yourself, eyes prying into the way your flesh pooled into the crevices. Was the fabric always so stretched? Or did you do that...? You bit your tongue when you saw the stretch marks exposed though the opening at your thigh and looked away before any tears could spill. Your lashes blinked away the heavy glaze, and you took purchase on the edge of the bed. It鈥檚 okay, it鈥檚 okay- practice the breathing exercises Uzui taught you when you panicked about your body image.
Breathe in. One. Two. Three. Breathe out. One. Two. Three.
You鈥檙e beautiful, you hear me? You鈥檙e my goddess.
Everything about you is perfect. My perfect flashy woman.
Y/N repeat that to me. Do it. Say 鈥業鈥檓 a pretty girl鈥.
But he couldn鈥檛 actually mean all those things. He had to say them because he was your boyfriend. There was no way he could actually believe such lies when you were looking in the mirror right now at the body that years of toxic beliefs had taught you to hate. Soon, he would have to find you as horrible as you found yourself, surely.
A heavy sob was caught in your throat when the door burst open, revealing a sweaty, shirtless Tengen who bore a tight apron that hung off his rippling pectorals perfectly. But you didn鈥檛 have a moment to admire your gorgeous lover as you scrambled to cover yourself with the throw from your bed. 鈥淭-tengen!鈥
He smiled mischievously. 鈥淎w babe, is that for me? You shouldn鈥檛 have. Or actually, yeah, you should - because I just got us food from Kanzaki鈥檚!鈥 he boomed proud of himself. You nervously laughed, and replied.聽鈥淣o, no, I was just... messing around, uhm - that sounds great! I鈥檒l be down in a minute.鈥 He eyed you curiously but turned away and went down the hall, throwing you one last glance over his shoulder before disappearing completely. You exhaled relieved and went to work pulling the thing off. So much for dressing up for him.聽
At the table, you could hardly ate, picking at your food while Tengen ranted about his day at work and the gym.
鈥-n then I told him聽鈥榙ude, a rat could lift better than you鈥 leave the twenty-fivers for the beginners.鈥 You shoveled some more rice around and acknowledged him with your eyes still glued to the plate.聽鈥淢hmm.鈥
He swallowed the meat in his mouth and set his utensils down.聽鈥淏abe, is something wrong? I know my stories aren鈥檛 boring, so something must be bothering you.鈥 You jerked up from your trance at this accusation to see his concerned eyes.
鈥淥-of course not!鈥 You cried.聽鈥淚鈥檓 just a little tired.鈥 He shook his head.
鈥淭hen you should eat! You鈥檝e hardly touched your food and you were whining not thirty minutes ago about how hungry you were!鈥 He pointed out. You cringed at looked down again, trying to find it in yourself to eat something. Hesitantly, you picked up a teaspoon of rice and forced it down your throat. Tengen smiled softly.
鈥淪o how was your day, then? I saw someone got a new outfit ~鈥 he sang and you froze.聽鈥淵ou gonna show me? I bet it鈥檚 hot.鈥 You gulped thickly and wiped your sweaty palms on your lap.
鈥淣o, I uh... uh...鈥 You stuttered.聽鈥淚-It was stupid and uhm... I didn鈥檛 like it.鈥 He continued looking on at you, and you felt his stare permeate in the air.
You admitted, 鈥淚鈥檓 just gonna return it tomorrow.鈥
鈥淲hy?鈥 he suddenly asked.聽
You eyes were still hung down and you shrugged your shoulders.聽鈥(Y/N).鈥 He said and you shut your eyes tight hoping he鈥檇 drop it.
鈥淲hy didn鈥檛 you like it?鈥
Your teeth clenched as your tried to stop your voice from shaking and the dam of tears from spilling.
鈥淚t didn鈥檛 fit me well.鈥
鈥淓laborate on that.鈥
You snapped.
鈥淚t made me look disgusting Tengen! I鈥檓...鈥 You stopped yourself from continuing the sentence.
He rose from his chair, the wood scraping loudly across the floor. You couldn鈥檛 bare to look up at the glare that was no doubt simmering in his eyes.
鈥淐ome here.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛-鈥
鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 asking.鈥 He interrupted.
You swallowed you tears quickly and went over to the tall man, who tenderly took you into his arms and tilted your chin up to look at him.
鈥淗ave you been have having bad thoughts again?鈥 He questioned softly. You sniffled and shook your head.聽鈥淣-no... I鈥檓 just feeling a little...,鈥 you can鈥檛 continue.
鈥淕ross? Ugly? Disgusting?鈥 He finished with an unreadable expression. More tears coated your eyes and you nodded. His large hand wrapped around the back of your nape almost too tightly.
鈥淎nd those thought are bad, right? And wrong. So why are you having them?鈥
You dropped your head.聽鈥...I don鈥檛 know...鈥
He let you two stand there in silence for a moment, the only sound being your sniveling and his deep breathing.
鈥淭his is my fault.鈥 Tengen said abruptly. You looked up from your moping and grabbed the front of his apron.
鈥淲-what? No! No, this wasn鈥檛 you!鈥 He hushed you and pulled you into his chest.
鈥淚t鈥檚 alright. I鈥檓 a humble man.鈥 Humble wasn鈥檛 the word you鈥檇 use to describe him, but you could let that slide for now.聽鈥淚鈥檒l admit when I鈥檝e done something wrong, and I have.鈥
The man pulled you off him by the shoulders and looked down at you with determined eyes and a serious mouth.
鈥淚 haven鈥檛 been praising you enough, baby. God know you deserve it. Now go upstairs and put that damn dress on. I鈥檒l be there in a minute.鈥
Your mouth fell open in silence, and you slowly shook your head.
鈥淏ut... I said I didn鈥檛 like it...鈥
He gently pushed you towards the stairs.聽鈥淩elax, you won鈥檛 be wearing it for long.鈥 You gulped.
You hands trembled when you slid the thing back onto your body, and your knee bounced as you sat on the bed in waiting. You didn鈥檛 really know why he sent you in here before him. Perhaps he was giving you some time to yourself to prepare. Sex was always amazing, but he looked so decided when he sent you off. You honestly didn鈥檛 feel like doing anything too crazy in bed right now, so you hoped he wouldn't bust out any toys.
He came in about five minutes later, with nothing in hand and the same clothes except his apron was gone. His expansive chest was a distracting sight to behold but you sheepishly moved your hand over you popped breasts. Tengen waved his hand.
鈥淣ope, no covering,鈥 he growled with knitted brows. You nervously brought them down and your mouth felt so very dry.聽鈥淪-sorry.鈥
He grimaced.聽鈥淒on鈥檛 apologize. You鈥檙e better than that.鈥 After the reprimand, his face fell into its usual beaming expression. His hands explored your figure like he鈥檇 never seen a woman before, and he whistled.
鈥淢m-mm-mm, look at you! Now this is what I鈥檓 talking about - see these tits?!鈥 He bunched them up in his palms and you whimpered shyly.聽鈥淕oddamn... I didn鈥檛 think you could get any sexier babe, and here you are proving me wrong. Hmm... it could do without the bra though.鈥 He reached behind your back and unclipped it, letting it bunch forward so he could slide it off your arms completely. God, if he wanted sex couldn鈥檛 he just get it over with? You didn鈥檛 want to go through this confidence boot camp shit.
He gave your breasts one final squeeze before letting his hands glide down the rest of your body. You felt uneasy that he was paying so much attention to the curves of your body, the faults in your flesh. No don鈥檛 touch my tummy there or my back there. You counted every time he brushed over a lump of fat that you hated. But you took comfort in knowing that there was no possible way he hate those parts of your body more than you.
鈥淔uck - you look so perfect. So flashy. My god, is that a fucking slit?鈥 His fingers traced the opening on your thigh, and he nearly drooled. You turned away from his dark eyes and blushed. Your heart fluttered at such attentiveness, but your head still hurt from all the hate you gave toward your appearance. You weren鈥檛 usually so harsh on yourself, but you supposed today was just taxing.
A slap on your ass made you yelp, and his hand soothed the area.
鈥淯gh, hun, your not supposed to wear these kinds of panties with a dress! You know that...鈥 He said lighthearted and laughed.聽鈥淐鈥檓ere - lemme help you.鈥 No words left your lips as he trailed his hand painfully slow up the skirt and hooked his thumbs around your underwear to tug it down off your ankles. Your face was burning up and you felt some wetness leak out of you.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 much better,鈥 he purred as he took a step back to admire you. But it was only for a moment because apparently it was impossible for the guy to keep his hands to himself. Damn this man. How could he be touching you so much but not enough?
鈥淭-tengen...,鈥 you whined when he rubbed over the part of your belly just above your mound, the part that felt so, so sensitive right now.
鈥淛ust a minute babe,鈥 he hushed.聽鈥淚鈥檓 not done admiring you.鈥 He gave a little push to your chest and you carefully fell back onto your bed. The man looked so predatory standing over you like that, like he would devour you at any moment. His touch fell down to your quivering thighs and he kneaded them both tenderly while spreading them apart.
鈥淭engen...,鈥 you mewled out again when he dropped to his knees. He dropped down to your feet, kissing his way up each calf and nipping the inside of your knee.
His gaze turned back up to you lazily.聽鈥淵ou want me to worship you, baby? Want me to make you feel good?鈥 You felt as if you were melting under his eyes, and suddenly your bones felt like jelly. In a daze, you nodded slowly and he shook his head. Not enough.
鈥淵ou have to say it, (Y/n). You gotta mean it.鈥 He reminded. You gulped thickly and managed to squeak out,聽鈥淵es, puh-please...鈥 He smiled sweetly and cooed at you.
鈥淭here we go, sweetheart. M鈥 gonna make you feel real nice, so don鈥檛 you worry.鈥 He kissed and licked his way up the inside of your thighs and you moaned, bringing a hand down to wrap in his silver locks. You trusted him completely.
Instead of bunching the fuchsia fabric up to your waist, he decided to keep it down, opting instead to duck his head under the thing. You bit you hand, worried about his suffocation, but he basked in the heat of your splendor and breathed in your beautiful scent. Sure, he鈥檇 just eaten, but this was the real meal. And he was fucking starving.
Tengen pressed his tongue up flat against your slit and licked slowly all the way up to your clit, and you jerked into his mouth. You felt him smirk against your sex before he gave another wet lick that made you keen. His tongue traced smooth circles around your bud before sucking it into his mouth, and he repeated the motion until your thighs clamped around his head. But instead of removing them, he wrapped his fibrous arms under you and helped you grind on his face.聽
You were a moaning mess, trying to get him closer and away from you at the same time. Every time your dress would ride up, he would pull it back down over his head and trap himself in your heat. You were dripping all over his mouth and he loved it. He鈥檇 eat you for every single meal if you鈥檇 let him.
A growl vibrating into your sex sent you over, and you sobbed as you came on his face. His eyes rolled to the back of his head when you crushed him into your pussy, and he eagerly lapped up your sweetness. Gentle licks brought you down from your high, and your lover slowly set you back down onto the bed, panting.
He pulled out from under your dress with a gasp and wiped his sopping mouth, eyes hooded and sultry. He chuckled at how you looked even messier than he did.
鈥淵ou know,鈥 he gulped down the rest of your honey that lingered on his tongue,聽鈥淚 was originally gonna tear this thing off you. But after seeing how fucking amazing it looks, I think we should keep it, right?鈥 You were too exhausted to even think about it, and just nodded to agree with him. He slapped your thigh like a reward for seeing his point of view.
鈥...But, unfortunately, we鈥檒l have to put it away for now. It鈥檒l get in the way of this next part,鈥 he admitted as he dragged the straps down your arms and figure. Being naked in front of him simply wasn鈥檛 ever going to be something you were used to because he would always eye you like a piece of candy. He gingerly folded and set it on the dresser next to your bed and began peeling off his own clothing. Seeing him naked wasn鈥檛 something you鈥檇 get used to either. Thick muscle hung off every bone in his body, convincing you that he could probably kill a man with his bare hands. You鈥檇 actually seen him crush a watermelon with his thighs before, and it鈥檚 played on repeat in your mind ever since.
You saw him snatch something from his pocket before he tossed his pants and boxers off of him, and you craned your neck to see what it was.
A temporary tattoo pen?
Uzui saw you staring and snickered.
鈥淏et you鈥檙e wondering what this if for, huh?鈥澛
鈥淯h, yah...鈥 You still felt a little stupid from your climax.
He held his tongue between his teeth as he popped of the cap and threw it.
鈥淚t鈥檚 for a little game we鈥檙e gonna play.鈥 He brought the black tip to your chest.聽鈥淚鈥檒l start us off.
The ink felt cold and wet on your skin as he wrote on you and you shivered. You tried to concentrate to figure out what he was writing, but it was pointless. He pulled away and smiled.
鈥淭here. Beautiful.鈥 And there it was. The very word written on your flesh in nine bold letters. They would come off if you scrubbed, but for now they were here to stay.
He looked back to your eyes.聽鈥淣ow it鈥檚 your turn. Give me a word. Describe yourself.鈥 You blinked confused, and he nodded at you, as if to say聽鈥榞o on鈥.
鈥淯hm,鈥 you bit your lip and remember his words that you repeated to yourself to get through the day,聽鈥減-pretty?鈥 He smiled with shining teeth.
鈥淕ood job!鈥 He wrote it down across your collar this time. Pretty. 鈥淣ow we鈥檙e talkin鈥! My turn - Sexy...鈥 The top of your right breast. He wrapped your legs around waist as he jotted it down, his heavy cock bobbing above your cunt. You willed yourself not to hump against it. But you didn鈥檛 have to stop yourself for long because he took himself in hand and lined it up to your drooling entrance.
鈥淣ow it鈥檚 gonna get a lil鈥 harder. But you鈥檙e smart so you鈥檒l manage. Oooo, now there鈥檚 a word! I鈥檓 going again if you don鈥檛 mind.鈥 He inked it your shoulder. Smart.
鈥淵ou ready?鈥 He asked. You brought him closer with your legs and gave him an impatient,聽鈥淵es - hurry up!鈥 You didn鈥檛 like him teasing you like this. Tengen leaned down to peck you on the lips, and plunged in his first few inches until his cock was met with slight resistance, to which he slowed. You walls stretched tight around him, your juices aiding the process. Every vein and curve of him felt so perfect inside you that it was a wonder you could go about you day without it. His teeth bared and he groaned as his pelvis finally met yours and gave you both a minute to adapt. You gripped him like a vice, and it took his breath away.
鈥淎-alright,鈥 he hissed through gritted teeth,聽鈥渋t鈥檚 your turn.鈥 He readied the pen.
You whined and squeezed around him, drooling over how hot he was inside you.聽鈥淗-h-hot,鈥 you stuttered. He place it on your upper tummy and kissed you again. Hot.
鈥淕ood Job. Gorgeous.鈥 He pulled back some and thrust back into you, and you gasped and squirmed. You followed suit.
鈥淣-nice.鈥 Thrust.
鈥淕lamorous.鈥 Thrust.
鈥淐ute.鈥 Thrust.聽
鈥淪tunning.鈥 Thrust.
鈥淎ppealing.鈥 Thrust.
Magnificent. Pleasing. Irresistible. Foxy. Tasty. Divine. Ravishing. Attractive. Perfect.
Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.聽
It was continuous cycle of writing and thrusting that had you crying out in pleasure and emotion. He was literally fucking you full of praise and worship. You could hardly think anymore, with your only thought being your own excellence and the ecstacy of his pumping cock.
鈥淐鈥檓on baby,鈥 he implored,聽鈥淛ust one more word, I鈥檒l do the rest. I know you got it in you.鈥 You wrestled with your mind for just one more, desperate for anything that would get him to allow you to come.鈥
You panted and forced out,聽鈥淔lashy.鈥
He laughed and pulled you up to give you a steaming kiss, tongue doting on yours. Tengen鈥檚 digits pressed messy circles over your clit and you screamed out and milked his cock in finish. He whined and pushed through the tight force.
He resumed painting your body in complements while he tore orgasm after orgasm from you, slowing down every time he would get closer to his own end. Today was about you and you only, and he was going to make sure you knew that. He wanted you to be selfish for once.
Saliva pooled down the corners of your mouth and you whimpered every time the head of his cock slammed into your cervix. His thickness was relentlessly bullying every sweet spot you had, and you were started to get dizzy. You body was bouncing against the bed and forcing the headboard against the cracking wall, but you simply did not give a fuck. Why should you when you were being serviced like a god?
鈥淭engennnn,鈥 you whined stupidly,聽鈥淚-it鈥檚 too much...鈥 You didn鈥檛 know if you could take it anymore. It felt like you were going insane with bliss and every nerve was sensitive to the touch. He pulled the pen away from your left arm where he had just written another word and stopped moving.
鈥淣o, baby, this is exactly what you deserve. Someone like you deserves to be tended to day and night, and that鈥檚 exactly what I鈥檓 gonna do from now on.鈥 He pulled out and swiftly flipped you onto your belly, only to push into you again. You wailed and grabbed at the sheets, thighs trembling for another impending orgasm. He resumed writing, on your back this time. Another blank canvas to revere you with. Seeing you cream around his cock so nicely only gave him that much more creativity about your magnificence. Your juices splashed everywhere, drenching your bodies, the bed, the floor. It was like you were an never-ending faucet, and he wanted to fucking bathe in it.聽
鈥淔ucking amazing! You鈥檙e a goddamn goddess, y鈥檏now that? My goddess.鈥 You clenched around him and came again.
His balls were so fucking tight, it hurt. You鈥檇 come too many times to count already but he wasn鈥檛 about to do anything without your聽command. He slammed into your sweet pussy harder.
鈥淐an I come, goddess? Can I fucking come?!鈥 He could barely hold it much longer. Not when you felt impossible good wrapped so perfectly around him.
鈥淵esss!鈥 You slurred fanatically. You wanted him to fill you up so bad. He managed a few more sloppy thrusts before hot come was shooting into your womb and painting your walls white. You both groaned from how amazing it felt. Tengen let his sweaty body fall onto your to press feather kisses to your nape and back, turning you head to press more to your flushed face. You were so tired that it felt like you were on the cusp of unconsciousness.
Uzui took a breathe and pulled you up into his arms, carrying your limp body to the bathroom, presumably to get you cleaned up. You both were complete wrecks.聽
鈥淐an you stand?鈥 he asked when you鈥檇 entered the fresh room.
鈥淢m-mm,鈥 you denied.
鈥淎h, that鈥檚 alright. You just have to look then.鈥 Look? Look at what?
You peaked open your eyes, recognizing the mirror and gasping at your appearance.聽
All over, front and back, was littered in those little words you passed off, most of them Tengen鈥檚 that he did while you were playing pillow princess. He ran his hand down you belly and over your thighs.
鈥淒oesn鈥檛 that look nice, babe? Now every time time you look at yourself, you can see what you really are!鈥 He declared excited and kissed your cheek.
You gawked and nearly laughed.
鈥淭engen! Your handwriting is terrible!鈥
But you appreciated the thought. You鈥檇 definitely needed this.聽
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
KIMETSU NO YAIBA: Entertainment District Arc: Ep. 05
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ananke-chronos 10 months
Can I ask for a oneshot fo Tengen + his wives as they being nice and trying to comfort the young woman who is going to be his forth wife (or already is just not for a long time yet)? Because she is nervous about this whole thing. Like... she likes and loves her new husband (and co-wives too) but she is not imagined her life exactly like this and she still need to get used to it.
Nausea clawed at you, your head spinning. Tengen Uzui was... He was many things. Flashy. Flamboyant. He was beautiful and brilliant and the moment you had bumped into him, you had known he was the one.
What you hadn't known was that he had three wives. Would he want another?
Suma was the friendliest. A ray of sunshine, though her own shadow seemed to frighten her sometimes. Makio could be cold and a little sardonic, but you knew she meant well. Hinatsuru was the one you got along with best. She was kind and considerate and although she wasn't Tengen's first wife, she could understand the worries spinning around your head better than anyone.
At first, it had seemed like a dream; the day you had at long last managed to work up the courage and asked鈥攑ractically begged, much to his good-natured surprise鈥擳engen to be his fourth wife. With a smile and a warm, jovial chuckle, he had patted your head and agreed with as much nonchalance as though you had just asked him what the weather was like. Since that day, your heart had refused to calm its ecstatic, frantic beat.
Even now, a week after you and Tengen had married, your heart was still leaping in your throat, almost breaking out of your ribcage.
"It's okay, you know. It's fine to be nervous." Hinatsuru's fingers drew shapes on the small of your back. "We all felt like that at first."
"But Tengen-sama loves you deeply, you know!" added Suma, who was knelt on the ground with a comforting hand placed on your knee.
"I know that," you sniffed, biting your lip. "It's just... I thought... I knew this was going to be different from your ordinary marriage, but..."
"But you weren't expecting this?" Makio stood a little distance away, arms crossed, but there was a hint of a smile on her face. "What are your concerns? Don't stress over this. That's what idiots do. You're not an idiot, Y/N."
You lowered your head, feeling embarrassed. The thoughts circulating your brain were one thing, but voicing them? You began to sorely regret bursting into tears ten minutes ago and attracting all this attention. All these women were such fine kunoichi and you... you were just some country bumpkin who had happened to quite literally bump into Tengen in the countryside. How could you ever compare to them?
Hinatsuru slung her arms around your neck. "Whatever worries you have, we're here for you. We'll be with you every step of the way," she coaxed, her voice gentle, slow.
Gratitude swelled in you. "How's it going to work?" you mumbled, pink colouring your cheeks. "I mean, I didn't really think about it but... How does any of this work?"
"It goes however you want to go."
Eyes widening, you stiffened. The new voice was deep, melodic, smooth as marble. It sent electricity running through your veins and a shiver down your spine.
As he sat himself down next to you on the log, his gaze met yours; pools of fuchsia read your very soul, and a wide grin spread across your husband's handsome face. Muscles rippled in his arm as he raised his hand to cup your cheek in a tender manner.
"I don't care about your status. It doesn't matter to me whether or not you're a kunoichi. Even if your life before meeting me was unflashy, that doesn't bother me."
At his touch, his skin so soft, you felt you were on fire, averting your eyes in case you became lost in his mesmerising ones for ever. Hinatsuru rested her chin atop your head, and Makio came closer, hands on hips. She shot you a sly smile; irrepressible emotions burst from your heart, an amalgamation of happiness and anxiety that had salty tears trickling down your cheeks. Tengen wiped at them lovingly, soothing you.
"Don't cry, Y/N! I'm glad you're part of our family now; we all are," enthused Suma, hugging your legs. Her face fell as more tears spilt, heavier and bigger, not understanding they were happy tears. Immediately, guilt coiled around your gut. You hoped she would catch on that you had been touched by her words, because right now the lump in your throat was way too big and your mouth was too dry to speak.
"You guys are the flashiest, most important things in my life, you know," said Tengen, beckoning everyone closer. He outstretched his arms to envelop you all and whispered, "Y/N... You're unbelievably flashy."
As he pressed a delicate kiss to your temple, you knew what he was really saying. He loved you.
All the ill-feelings that had been shaking you like a ship at turbulent sea dissipating, you could say with confidence the feeling was very much mutual. You loved Tengen Uzui, and you were more than elated to be his fourth wife.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
four-handed tengen, and exactly one wife short to have a handful. now, we shall fix that, shan't we?
genre: smut pairing: the deity!uzuis x f!reader word count: 2,7k cw: voyerism, group sex, cunnilingus, face-sitting, mating press, creampies, fingering, monsterfucking, kinda suggestive bathing, breeding kink, sex pollen (kinda), tengen is a god of fertility btw, cum-eating, a little bit of masturbation
author's note: did I write a fic to make this silly "four hands and only three wives" joke? yes, yes I did. Also, this piece goes not only into my kinktober event, but also to the @h-jime 's monsterfucker event. I'm extremely thankful to all my followers who were patient enough with me and my catastrophic time management. Thank you, loves, and I hope you enjoy this.
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Tumblr media
鈥淎nd how did a cute thing like you end up here?鈥
You gulp under his intent gaze, curling further into the corner of a small room. Honestly, the answer was simple - a lone girl lost in the woods while picking mushrooms and berries, desperate for shelter from brutal rain and wild beasts, indicating how far from the village you have wandered. Wet to the bone and with your kimono now all torn from sharp twigs, you鈥檝e been lucky enough to stumble upon an abandoned temple. 鈥淎 divine gift鈥 you thought to yourself and snuck inside, too caught up in despair to notice someone鈥檚 presence
But wording this out to the tall stranger with eyes of cherry is way harder. So you just shrug sheepishly, adjusting your kimono. 鈥淒unno鈥 you mutter, eyes glued to his bare feet. 鈥淪orry鈥
鈥淪orry?鈥 he echoes, voice booming over the rain. 鈥淲hatcha sorry for, gem? Didn鈥檛 say I mind it鈥
Still, even after his nonchalant reassurance, you hold your sight down. Who knows what a large man could do when the only coherent witness to his deed is that of a little cat on the porch?聽
It鈥檚 freezing, rain washing all the day鈥檚 warmth away, and you pull on your clothes to snuggle deeper, a visible shiver shaking your form. Damned be the curvy paths, you could have been asleep by now by your fireplace, all wrapped in wool and d r y, for heaven鈥檚 sake, and with your stomach full, but no. It鈥檚 cats and dogs and brawny strangers with little social etiquette for now, so a corner in a not so abandoned temple should do.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e freezing, gem!鈥 he points out, and you barely hold yourself from grumping on his brilliant deduction. 鈥漌hy didn鈥檛 you say so? Here, lemme warm you up!鈥
He鈥檚 striding closer and your eyes shoot up, wide and filled with fear. Warm you up? Hell, the judge would be reluctant to take the cat鈥檚 word, and you鈥檙e scooting away from his nearing form, still unable to make out any features.
鈥淢y Tengen!鈥 a creak of wood and a soft worried voice still the man in his steps. 鈥淢y Tengen, oh, my love, you鈥檙e scaring her!鈥
Your eyes dart to the smaller frame by the door to the hallway and for a quick second it stands just right for you to make out the concerned eyes.聽
鈥淥h, my Tengen鈥 the figure nears, squatting beside you and covering your shaking form with a blanket. 鈥漇he鈥檚 drenched! Why haven鈥檛 you invited her in?鈥
The man freezes in his place, head tilted to the side. 鈥淪he didn鈥檛 say she wanted in鈥 he鈥檚 quieter now, and you turn your sight to the woman whose hand now urges you up.
鈥淚 wonder why鈥 another voice, fiesty and sarcastic, chimes in, and you wonder how you managed to miss such a crowd in here for about an hour. "Three wives in and you鈥檙e still clueless鈥
鈥淢akio!鈥 two voices precipitate the newer one and you relax into the second pair of hands, a whiff of jasmine invading your senses.聽
The fiesty one seems to ignore her tamers, instead cooing at you with a kind smile. 鈥淐ome, dear, don鈥檛 mind him鈥 she chuckles, and you reciprocate her grin. 鈥淕od you鈥檙e cold, hold on- SUMA!鈥
You wince as her voice cuts through the thick damp air. A loud bang and timid pattering are heard from the adjacent room, and yet another head (heavens, how much did you actually miss?) pops from behind the door, this time accompanied by a candlelight.聽
But before this timid pretty brunette has a chance to speak, Makio ushers. 鈥淎 bath, Suma鈥 hazel eyes linger on your for a second. 鈥滱nd towels, a lot of towels!鈥. She pushes on your waist, leading the way inside the temple, and your scattered mind is too overwhelmed to take in everything as the patter is heard again, the Suma one gone as soon as she came.
You鈥檙e too lost in this sudden commotion to register how your poor freezing body ends up in a wooden tub, submerged into hot water among the candlelights and three so differently worried women.聽
鈥淪o cold! She鈥檚 so cold, Hina!鈥 through lidded eyes, quick to submit to relaxation the water provides, you recognise Suma. She鈥檚 hovering above your head, wide doe eyes sparkling with worry. 鈥淥h, she鈥檚 not gonna make it! I don鈥檛 think she鈥檚 gonna make it! Hina, what if we鈥檙e too late?! Oh, Tengen was so mean to not invite her properly, he should have invited her, and now she鈥檚 cold and those berries are lost and she鈥檚 probably haven鈥檛 eaten anythingandshewilldiebecausesheshungryandcol-鈥
鈥淪hut up!鈥 and here鈥檚 Makio, gently lathering your bruised feet with soap despite her biting tone. 鈥淪uma, your babbling is what鈥檚 gonna kill her, not that silly drizzle!鈥
A calm, velvety voice breaks through to your ears, and you turn your dizzy head towards the source, coming face to face with your initial savior. 鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry for them, my dear鈥 you can swear here and now you鈥檙e witnessing the most beautiful woman you鈥檝e ever seen. 鈥淒on鈥檛 fight sleep. You鈥檙e safe here鈥
Oddly, no reason not to trust her comes to your tired mind. She鈥檚 cooing something about how they鈥檙e gonna take care of you, but you just nod thoughtlessly, a foolish smile tugging at your lips, and let your eyes flutter close, relaxing into touch and homely banter. It lulls you to the sweetest slumber, and in no time you doze off, limbs heavy in three sets of caring hands.
Still half dazed, you feel yourself coming back to your senses, the sound of raindrops against the wood getting more and more defined. Tap, tap-tap, tap-tap-tap-tap-tap, it鈥檚 both persistent and unassuming, gentle in pulling you out of sleep.聽
You鈥檝e been sleeping?聽
Eyes blowing wide, you sit up on the very soft (so definitely not your own) futon, sudden rush of horror washing over you. It鈥檚 dark, the room barely lit by a very subtle flow of warm yellow from the hallway, but it鈥檚 enough to figure out that you鈥檙e certainly not home. The walls are empty besides for flowers and ivy crawling up the walls, and you can鈥檛 help but wonder how the place seems so well-kept despite the overflow of nature.聽
Hesitantly, you push off the covers, coming up to your feet with a barely restrained groan. your legs hurt, and it鈥檚 helping the memories of a berry hunt to shine through.聽
Oh yes, you were lost.聽
But still, what is this place?聽
Timid, you cautiously slide the door open, careful not to make a single sound, and step out to the better lit hallway. It鈥檚 the same, flowers and ivy blooming all over the walls, but here those are much brighter, and almost 鈥 breathing? 鈥淣o, it鈥檚 just the remaining sleep鈥 you tell yourself, tiptoeing to the source of light.聽
The closer you get, the bolder the colors are, soft hues of pink and yellow giving way to scarlet, canary and magenta. It鈥檚 the smell too, you note, unable to hold yourself from reaching for a burgundy lily, and a stripe of brownish pollen marks your skin. You鈥檙e about to wipe your hand when
鈥淎h, Tengen!鈥
鈥淵es, yes-ah! Tengen- OH!!鈥
You freeze, mere steps away from the source of light, a slit in the door promising more questions.聽
Slowly, alert of any and all possibly squeaky floorboards, you close the distance to the opening, leaning in to peek inside. There, amidst the abundant rampage of flowers and plants and all trees (inside? trees of wisteria inside?) you see a swarm of bodies. Moving rhythmically, limbs tangled in tantric dance, all pulsating in slow tides, there are your hosts, as you make out already familiar hair and faces.聽
These faces though, blooming in blush and heat, are all contorted in bliss. Pure thick bliss, heaving the air with the most erotic gasps and moans, filled with wet sounds, smells so intoxicating, so ripe, so fertile.
One of the bodies comes higher, strong back stretching up, and you barely hold in a gasp. Four hands protrude, two on each side, and they鈥檙e all taken by the women who have not so long ago tended to your more prosaic needs.聽
There鈥檚 Makio, whose hips are stuttering as she grinds on Suma, both latched to each other by their cores, needy whines escaping the brunette鈥檚 lips. And two hands tend to them, filling one鈥檚 mouth and grasping another鈥檚 palm as Makio鈥檚 struggles to hold herself up right above her partner.聽
Eyes moving to the side, you see Hinatsuru鈥檚 face, eyes rolled into her skull as other two hands hold her neck and waist respectfully. Her face gets hidden by a pair of strong thighs, moving rhythmically in all too familiar motion, lower groans and moans being absorbed by the moss on the walls.聽
It鈥檚 hypnotizing, and even though you鈥檙e obviously barging on to something you鈥檙e not supposed to see, there鈥檚 no shame flashing through your mind. No, your thighs squeeze naturally, a faint blush creeping up your cheeks, and you almost feel welcome to watch the carnal show.聽
鈥淥h, Tengen-鈥 Hinatsuru鈥檚 hand wraps weakly around the bulging muscle, and you notice her dainty feet wobbling atop of the man鈥檚 shoulders, toes tickled by his luscious platinum hair.聽
Tengen. Tengen?聽
Oh, that Tengen?聽
You remember a towering figure from a few hours ago, the one with a loud voice and heavy step, cornering you in a cold entryway. You had no chance to see his full face, nor to make out an unusual amount of limbs that time, and now your interest peaks, tongue gliding over suddenly so dry lips.聽
Apparently, he鈥檚 doing something especially skillful, since Hina鈥檚 mouth hangs open, giving way to the lewdest sounds. Pollen dances in the air, glimmering in the unknown source of light. Makio rolls her head, pink lips so wet and plump of all the biting they鈥檝e endured, and you see her and Suma shuddering, sweaty tits hanging heavy over her heaving chest.聽
You almost miss your own hand gliding down to palm at your heated core, arousal pooling in your lower stomach, weighing down on your neglected folds. You notice the urge, but it only feels so natural to follow it, to give in and touch yourself to the love unraveling before your eyes, until
鈥淐oming in, cute thing?鈥
His voice cuts through the thick air, making you still your movements like a deer in headlights. He鈥檚 still facing away from you, hips still rutting into blissed out Hina, and Makio and Suma seem to be too preoccupied with tasting each other now to care about some peeper, so how?
鈥淢y beautiful - ah - wives told me off before鈥 he turns his head and you almost faint of his glory, deep magenta eyes staring right into your soul. A kind grin adorns his face, and he hisses before continuing, landing a fat smack against Hina鈥檚 thigh. 鈥淔or being a rude host, that is. Doesn鈥檛 my cute guest want to join in?鈥
鈥淭-tengen, don鈥檛 tease!鈥 Hina whines, but it鈥檚 unclear what she鈥檚 referring to, rutting against the man鈥檚 hips needily. 鈥淚t鈥檚 my turn now-ah鈥
You rock on your heels, thoughts sloshed together into incomprehensive mush, core pulsating with unattained need, and fuck it, they look so good, they feel so good there, rutting against each other in sync, making the air buzz with overwhelming urge.聽
Stepping in shyly under Tengen鈥檚 pleased coo, eyes shooting between all the bodies, overwhelmed with the choice, you undo your waistband, letting the kimono fall to the ground.聽
It smells of slick and lust there, it bathes you in the fertility of all, of this security in want, and the closer you get to the mossbed, the quicker your pace gets. You鈥檙e kneeling on the soft grass, unsure of what to do, but once again, four hands hug you from behind, open mouth kisses pressed to your buzzing skin.聽
鈥淪he鈥檚 beautiful鈥 a whisper to your left ear. 鈥淪he鈥檚 needy鈥 a playful sneer to your neck, and you feel a small hand creeping to your drenched core, dainty fingers ghosting over the slick. Your hips stutter towards the tease, and two digits snake along your folds, gathering the essence before diving in.聽
鈥淪o responsive鈥 you recognise Makio鈥檚 bite, although it鈥檚 softer now, catching the moan that falls from your lips. 鈥淟et go, sit down鈥 Suma鈥檚 playfully cooing from under you (when?), her hot breath tickling your clit, and you give in, thighs splaying on each side of her soft cheeks, a hungry mouth latched to your doused cunt.聽
鈥淭hey鈥檙e so attentive, my loves鈥 Tengen strains, his own hips shaking of nearing climax, and you bite your lip as a rush of something hidden deep within washes over you. Hina鈥檚 heels are now digging into his back, urging him deeper, pleas of his divine gift stuttering into the ripe air of the room.聽聽
Your own body is too lost in Makio鈥檚 lips wrapping around your nipple, in Suma鈥檚 playful tongue toying with your clit and entrance, but your full attention鈥檚 trained on Hina鈥檚 exposed core with thick endless globes of white spilling out of her twitching hole.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e next, cute thing鈥 another four hands roam your body shamelessly now, squeezing and groping the fluttering flesh, and his lips slot against yours, long tongue drawing moans after moans from your blissed out self.聽
Makio helps you down, laying you gently on your back, and Suma鈥檚 too engrossed into her feast to let go of your happy cunt, urging your thighs up, swallowing your juices before giving way to her man.聽
鈥淧-please鈥 you muster, weak hands flying to his shoulders. 鈥淪shh, sweet thing, I know鈥 he muses, his heavy girth gliding along your folds, firm tip sending jolts of electricity into your needy clit with each bump. 鈥淚鈥檒l take care of you too, no worries鈥
You don鈥檛 even think how he鈥檚 hard again, only pressing your core onto him, begging him weakly. 鈥淭-tengen, please鈥 you almost sob, as he presses into you, hard length stretching you out just right.聽
鈥淪o responsive indeed, gorgeous鈥 and your ankles on his shoulders tremble, hands clutching onto the strong neck. You register Suma and Makio babbling on each side of you, their lips finding purchase on your neck. Tengen鈥檚 two hands tend to you, while other two stuff his wives, making them rut against thick fingers towards another climax.聽
It鈥檚 all too much, it鈥檚 so right, so natural to open your legs wider for him, to dig your fingers into his toned ass, to gasp as his tip finds your sweet spot and abuses it so deliciously, harsh slaps of his crotch and balls stimulating you further into ecstasy.聽
You make out a cunt over your face, hazed mind slow to understand that Hina wants more, but thoughts give way to instincts as she lowers onto your face and you taste her sweet release mixed with Tengen鈥檚 tangy seed. You drink her up, tongue drawing circles into her cunt, the smell of sex and the feel of Tengen鈥檚 cock throbbing inside pushing you into your own nearing orgasm.聽
He鈥檚 ramming inside, driveling something about how tight you are, how good you鈥檙e locking him in. Faster, harder, aching tongue neglected to have Hina squeeze your head with her plush thighs and gush her load all over your face. Faster, harder, sweetly abused cunt clenching around inhuman girth pounding the last neurons out of you.聽
鈥淛ust a bit more, sweet thing-AH, just like that, uh-huh鈥 they sing in unison, and you moan into Hina鈥檚 fluttering core, sound of Tengen鈥檚 gasp muffled by the clench of your thighs as he shoots his thick load into you. His thumb rubs at your clit, cock nestled right against your drowning cervix, and you gush, squirting all over the mossbed and his stomach, orgasm making your body seize up in shock and bliss.聽
You barely understand anything that happens later, too out of it to even uncross your eyes, hips still twitching of intense climax they鈥檝e gifted you, but you make out one thing before falling into slumber entangled with them.聽
鈥淚 still have one hand free of wife, cute thing. Mind taking up the empty spot?鈥 MDNI, reblogs and comments are welcome, and say yes to the mating press
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taglist: @hoohoohope @justanothernpcartist @the-b-u-n-n-y @muzans to join the taglist, please leave a comment on my kinktober masterlist or dm me (remember u have to have ur age in bio)
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漏 2022 AVEEGREX, all rights reserved. reposting and copying my works without my consent is forbidden.
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Tumblr media
Uzui and his wives 馃拵鉁
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crossroadsandloudmusic 8 months
Hey y鈥檃ll I鈥檓 back!! Ok so this past week and a half I鈥檝e been GRINDING on animal crossing but besides that I鈥檝e also been writing. This is the request fic for the anon wanting a fic about Uzui馃グ love that man. Anyways, Anon if you are out there this is for you bby. I kinda went a little wild with the yandere themes I seriously hope you enjoy it!! I鈥檒l add the original post underneath here.
Tumblr media
Warnings: ok so fairly Yandere, mentions of kidnapping, drugging, stalking, yk typical stuff
if any of this bothers you, DONT READ
y鈥檃ll please enjoy request are always open!!
criticism/tips welcome!!!!
a little side note, when I write yandere rengoku I always imagine him as Darwin from that one episode of amazing world of gumball, where gumball wears a dress to school and he falls in love with him.
Tumblr media
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 know what you're missing out on, (Y/n).鈥 Spoke a sultry voice from behind you.聽
鈥淣ot now, Tengen. I鈥檓 sharpening my blade.鈥 You warned as you skillfully glided your sword across the whetstone. Several months before you had caught the hashira鈥檚 eye. Not only were you a fearsome warrior but you were a flashy one at that. You wore a bright (y/f/c) haori over your drab slayer uniform, your nails were painted dazzling colors, glistening jewelry hung from your wrist and neck, and you wore rings on every finger. Even your sword was adorned with jewels. How could you not catch his attention? Soon enough Tengen became infatuated with you, going so far as to tell his wives about you and how he hoped you would join them. And although the two of you seemed like a match made in heaven you had been denying his marriage proposals and avoiding him all together. He would corner you whenever he had the chance, whether it be on a mission or not. During Hashira meetings he would seat himself somewhere in your proximity; beside you so he could 鈥渁ccidentally'' brush your thigh with his hand, or behind you so you could feel his wandering eyes tracing your body. This was often his favorite method, he would walk closely behind you so he could tell of all the joy and pleasure that is to be had when you are his wife. He would spare no details as he retold the wild nights that were spent at his estate; especially the ones spent in between his sheets.聽
Today was no different. You could feel his presence behind you as you continued on your sword, desperately trying to act uninterested. But Tengen was smarter than that, he knew if he kept this up you鈥檇 eventually get flustered and demand that he leave you alone. During your frustration he鈥檇 see the deep blush that spread across the cheeks, and that was more than enough evidence to prove that you had felt a little more strongly than you had been letting on.聽
He was right. He was right in the thought that you had more feelings for him and his wives. But you enjoyed the chase so why give in so soon?
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to keep lying to me, I know you want me.鈥 He said, his voice deep as he spoke close to the shell of your ear.聽
Just his words sent a shiver down your spin and to your knees. You hadn鈥檛 realized he had gotten so close to you. You sighed and set your sword down.
鈥淭engen. You got one more chance before I鈥檓 kicking you out of my shed.鈥 You warned once again. You silently kicked yourself for going into your shed thinking he wouldn鈥檛 follow you. Now he has you trapped.聽
鈥淥h, one more chance? Maybe you enjoy my company a little more than you would like to admit.鈥 Tengen said into your ear with a tone of voice that could melt anyone.聽
鈥淭hat鈥檚 it!鈥 You yelled as you dropped your sword and shoved Tengen through the door. He flew back into the door and it swung open harshly. He landed on the ground with a dud and began to laugh cheerfully.聽
鈥淚f you wanted to touch me, all you had to do was ask.鈥 He said, propping his arm on his bent knee.聽
To this, you scowled and slammed the door back closed. You scanned the floor and retrieved your sword with the intent to finish sharpening it when a soft knock came from the door and Tengen's voice followed.聽
鈥淚鈥檒l see you soon, (y/n). Remember my offer still stands.鈥 He said before disappearing from the door.聽
Quietly you let out a sigh and small laugh. You knew he鈥檇 be back, whether it be tomorrow or sometime in the following week; he鈥檇 be back.聽
It was a beautiful evening to be out on the town. The air was warm with a crisp breeze which kept you comfortable. The town鈥檚 lights could be seen from miles away, glorious lanterns lined the streets and hung from every entrance. The people were all lively and laughing with one another above the cacophony of music. It truly was a wonderful place to be.聽
You wandered the streets shopping and making conversation with acquaintances. You were almost a local hero in the district, because of a demon slaying that had taken place in the middle of town a year or two before. Then you had only been kinoe and the demon you faced had been the strongest you had fought up until that point. It was a terribly long and brutal fight but you arose from the ashes victorious. To reward your bravery and your willingness to sacrifice your own life for others, the merchants of the town showered you with lavish items. Before then you hadn鈥檛 had the flair for outrageous looks but since that day you had worn their gifts with pride. Never leaving your estate or going on a mission without your flamboyant attire.聽
Because of your appearance you were easy to find in a crowd, which was perfect for an evening such as this one.聽
Once in a blue moon, the hashira would gather together and celebrate the demon slayer corps. It was less of celebration and more of a temporary escape from the burden that the hashira have to carry. Life was hard for all, and the probability that you were someday going to die in battle was higher than any other fate. But for a few hours you could pretend to be the young adults you really were, instead of the hero鈥檚 that swore to protect the lives of the innocent even if it meant sacrificing yours. Perhaps in another life you all could meet again, somewhere different, somewhere safe.聽
You turned and scanned the sea of people searching for familiar faces. You searched for towering figures or wildly colorful hair but none were seen. You sighed, frustrated from your struggle. If you didn鈥檛 find them soon you鈥檇 be late, so you decided to jump into action.聽
You climbed to the top of the building you were supposed to meet your fellow hashira and began to search for them once again. You鈥檇 spot any one of them soon, and you had to admit this little idea of yours was very clever. You laughed triumphantly as you sat on the building鈥檚 peak, you knew that as soon as the hashira caught sight of you on top of the building that they would all have a laugh. Even more than that Kyojuro would climb up to collect you; he had a way of making you feel as if you were delicate although you were every bit as strong as he was. In fact he made it a point to be tender towards you; sweet words, and soft gestures were always a constant. You hadn鈥檛 thought about much before, but now as the thought rose, you began to ponder Kyojuro鈥檚 actions. He was always so kind to you, almost it seemed, in a romantic way. He wasn鈥檛 nearly as blunt as Tengen but the interest was still present. The thought of Rengoku as a partner wasn鈥檛 an unpleasant one. He was handsome, kind, strong, and held tight to his morals. Then again something about Kyojuro made you feel...less? He comes from a line of flame pillars, it鈥檚 in his blood to be who he is. And who were you? A warrior born out of necessity? The only reason you were a slayer was because of your family. They had been brutally slaughtered along with most of your village that night, and as a result of this tragedy you vowed that you鈥檇 kill a demon for every life that had been taken that fateful night. Now as you sat on top of the roof your mind wandered from thought to thought although you should have been watching the ground below. You couldn鈥檛 help but get carried away by the serenity above the chaos.聽
During your peaceful escape, three figures watched you intently. One on the balcony of a neighboring building, one in the alley below, and the other behind you, all three concealed by the dark. Maybe if you weren鈥檛 distracted by your own thoughts you would have sensed them, but then again, they meant you no harm so why not let them be.聽
On the street directly in front of the building, the hashira gathered and waited impatiently for your arrival. Most concerned as you had promised to be there before them, but others were aggravated by your tardiness. One person who didn鈥檛 seem to be distressed at all happened to Tengen. He seemed cheerful and lively as talked with the others, when they brought your name up he only laughed assuring them you鈥檇 be there any second. But he already knew you were there, in fact he knew you were perched on top of the building enjoying the night air. He had eyes in the sky so to speak, his devoted birds watching you carefully; hoping that soon you鈥檇 join their flock.
Soon everyone, except you were ushered inside, you had planned ahead and made a reservation so if they were to arrive before you did they鈥檇 at least wouldn鈥檛 have to wait on the street. As Rengoku made his way into the establishment a gleam caught his eye, when he looked to see where the light had come from his eyes met your relaxed form on the roof. He smiled and stepped back out onto the street to see if he could get a better look at you. Tengen noticed Rengoku鈥檚 actions and turned to him.
鈥淜yojuro, aren鈥檛 you coming inside? (Y/n) will be here in a bit, you don鈥檛 have to sit out and wait for-鈥 before Tengen could finish Kyojuro smiled and pointed up, Tengen stepped out of the doorway and came to where he was standing and looked. Right as rain, his wives were correct. You sat at the top of the roof completely oblivious to everyone below. A slight tug pulled at Tengen鈥檚 heart seeing you up there, eyes closed, leaned on one hand and your legs dangling off the edge enjoying the moment. Your jewelry glistened in the light and your hair danced in the soft wind.聽
鈥楽uch a wonderful sight鈥 Tengen thought to himself as he silently admired you from afar. But then Tengen鈥檚 thoughts were interrupted by Kyojuro鈥檚 voice.聽
鈥淚鈥檒l go up and get (Y/n). We will be down in just a minute.鈥 Kyojuro said as he too stood and watched you.聽
Love and admiration were now replaced by jealousy in Tengen鈥檚 chest.聽
鈥榊ou鈥檒l go get her?鈥 Tengen thought to himself as he looked at Kyojuro whose fiery eyes hadn鈥檛 left you once. Not noticing the larger mans scowl, Rengoku laughed and said,聽
鈥淭hey鈥檙e wild aren鈥檛 they?鈥澛
To this Tengen scoffed and proceeded towards the entrance.
鈥淵eah it takes the right man to tame someone like that.鈥 Tengen said before kindly glaring at Kyojuro. Tengen disappeared inside and left Kyojuro standing in the street. The personal jab went unnoticed by Kyojuro, and after a little while longer, he too began to climb to the top.聽
The sound of someone breathing heavily caught your attention, immediately you stood up. You relaxed when you saw the bright haired man peek up from the edge of the roof, a large smile plastered across his face.聽
鈥淜yojuro! You scared me! What are you doing up here?鈥 You asked as you helped him up the rest of the way. As if he really needed your help getting up, but he didn鈥檛 mind as it was an excuse to hold your hand even for a second.聽
鈥淲e all arrived a few minutes ago, and before I walked inside I spotted you all the way up here.鈥 Kyojuro said, still grasping your hand.
鈥淥h no! I鈥檓 so sorry! I guess I got carried away being up here!鈥 You apologized.聽
鈥淚t is...peaceful up here.鈥 Said Kyojuro as he looked up towards the stars; shining so brightly.聽
鈥淰ery beautiful as well.鈥 He spoke again, before turning to look at you.聽
鈥淵eah it is鈥︹ you said as you gazed across the vast sea of light through every street. Although you didn鈥檛 know it Kyojuro memorized every part of you, in his eyes you were the brightest star in the sky.聽
鈥淟et鈥檚 go ahead and get down, I don鈥檛 want to keep everyone waiting!鈥 You said before running and jumping off the edge. Kyojuro watched as your foot left the roof and you leapt to the street below. He too jumped and as he fell he watched how gracefully you landed. Together the two of you walked inside and made your way to greet everyone.聽
The inside of the building was gorgeous, at least to you it was. To others it seemed a bit much, but here was your home away from home; the first real place you felt accepted. As you walked in an older man came to greet you, he bowed and gestured for both you and Kyojuro to follow him. He led you to the room you had requested and slid open the door, inside you saw all the hashira minus you and Kyojuro sitting; enjoying fresh cups of tea. You walked in and greeted everyone while simultaneously apologizing for your late arrival, then you took an open seat next to Tengen, which boosted his confidence quite a bit. On your otherside Rengoku managed to squeeze in between you and Mitsuri; much to her dismay, nevertheless she鈥檇 find a way to chat with you. Tengen noticed how eager Rengoku was to sit next to you and it only intensified his feelings of jealousy. He also noticed how you didn鈥檛 seem to mind the flame pillar presence and even seemed to be enjoying his company.聽
Through the orchestra of conversations being had by everyone, Tengen remained silent as he specifically listened to yours and Kyojuros.聽
鈥淜yojuro! Try this! It鈥檚 amazing!鈥 You鈥檇 exclaim as you held out your cup of tea you had ordered. To which he would grasp your cup and taste it and yell,
鈥淒elicious!鈥 His voice was so booming it shook the foundation. You鈥檇 then erupt into laughter, and smack him playfully.聽
鈥淵ou really like it that much?鈥 You鈥檇 say afterwards he鈥檇 reply,聽
鈥淚 loved it!鈥澛
Tengen watched from the corner of his eye all the little things you did. When you would laugh your hand never failed to land on his knee, when you looked at Rengoku your eyes were filled with admiration, you鈥檇 twirl your hair and brush it behind your ear when he spoke to you. It was terrible, all of it. It made his stomach turn and his chest burn. Here you are sitting next to your future husband openly flirting with another man?! How dare you!聽
Tengen had finally had enough when you rested your head against Kyojuro鈥檚 shoulder. Quickly his arm snuck around your waist yanked you beside him. You turned to shoot him a glare but you were caught off guard seeing his usual devilish grin. As you stared up to the large man a soft blush spread across your face. Uzui was intimidating and you had to admit it was attractive. Having a man of his size manhandling you sent an all too familiar shiver up your spine, the same one you got when Uzui would corner you and tell you of all the filthy things that could be yours. All you had to do was say yes.聽
Tengen leaned down until his lips grazed the soft skin of your neck.
鈥淕iving everyone else your attention but me?鈥 He whispered in a low voice that made your knees weak.聽
鈥淧erhaps you should refrain from flirting with Rengoku so openly. It might give him the wrong idea.鈥 He whispered once more.聽
Feeling a bit more confident in yourself you turned to him, your lips only inches apart.聽
鈥淎nd what idea would that be, Uzui?鈥 You asked in a smart mouthed manner.聽
Uzui鈥檚 smile got wider as he leaned in even closer, his hand now harshly gripping your thigh.聽
鈥淭hat you belong to anyone else but me.鈥 Your heart fluttered and your body began to tingle. Tengen then smiled and released your thigh from his iron grip. He saw the way you melt under him, the way you faltered to his touch. No one else would have, as if anyone else deserves you. You were his and his alone; he had no problem ensuring that it stayed that way. Even if it meant defying the demon slayer corps.聽
Tengen鈥檚 reaction ignited a fire within you. Denying his proposals and playing hard to get was fun, but he always knew it was just that. Playful, innocent, just fun. But his reaction towards your affection at Kyojuro made you realize that he was serious. He was willing to exalt any and every method needed to keep you in his possession. And this excited you. Seeing his demeanor change from his normal flirty, playful, manner to possessive and jealous, made you hungry. Made you hungry for more. You wanted to see just how far you could push it and just how far Uzui would go.聽
It wouldn鈥檛 be long before you had your answer.聽
After the celebration had ended you and the other pillars filed out into the street. Together you all chatted and said your goodbyes before you made your way home; presumably alone. As you walked down the crowded streets a hand grabbed your shoulder and spinned you around. For half a second your body tensed at thought it may have been Tengen coming to punish you for your actions earlier but instead stood Rengoku smiling ear to ear.聽
鈥淩engokusan?! You scared me! Did you need something?鈥 You asked a little relieved seeing that it had been him, although part of you was disappointed it hadn鈥檛 been Tengen coming to reclaim what was rightfully his.聽
鈥淚 need you not to walk home by yourself! I鈥檓 going to accompany you!鈥 Kyojuro exclaimed as he held out his arm so that you could interlock yours in his. Hesitantly you curled your hand into the pit of his elbow. Together you began to stroll out of town and down the dirt road to your home.聽
鈥淵ou know, Kyojuro, I鈥檓 a hashira like you. I don鈥檛 need you to protect me.鈥 You said playfully. This earned you a soft laugh from Kyojuro as the two of you continued down the path.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 aware you are more than capable of protecting yourself. I wanted an excuse to be close to you.鈥 Kyojuro said not to take his eyes away from the road. Kyojuro had seen the interaction between you and Tengen. In fact he had seen most of them. He had seen Tengen follow you home, heard him propose, heard him tell you the terribly dirty things he鈥檇 do to you if you agreed, he had seen him corner you and touch you. All of it, he had seen it all and it disgusted him. Tengen treated you, and all his women for that matter, as trophies. If you were his you鈥檇 only be a doll in his collection, nothing more than an item for his flamboyance. It made Kyojuro sick just thinking about it. You deserved to be worshiped, to be protected at all cost, to have all the love and affection a man can give without fighting for it between three other girls. Tengen couldn鈥檛 possibly handle a spouse like you. He was right it does take a certain man to tame someone like you, and it wasn't a man like him.聽
The two of you continued to walk in silence. You noticed the tension oozing off of Kyojuro, his muscles taunt and flexed to the point they鈥檇 seem to tear. Every sound made from the surrounding woods he鈥檇 turn his head quickly to see where it came from. He scanned the woods as if he was searching for something or someone. His body on edge; ready for battle. You saw how anxious he seemed and questioned it,聽
鈥淜yojuro? Is something the matter? You seem really on edge?鈥
Kyojuro smiled and replied,
鈥淚鈥檓 fine! I鈥檓 just keeping an eye out just in case!鈥澛
You could see the cracks forming on his calm exterior. The thought of Kyojuro being so alert made you slightly anxious, subconsciously you checked your surroundings as well.聽
You watched the horizon and soon your home came into view. On the engawa you released Kyojuro鈥檚 arm and bid him farewell. You could see he was reluctant to leave but aided by your polite shooing he made his way back to the road. As far as you knew, Kyojuro was on his way back to the Rengoku estate and Tengen was at home at his estate. Finally you were alone.聽
Entering your bedroom you found your usual evening attire laying on the floor next to your futon. You made quick work of your uniform just to be comfortable until morning, as you put on your night clothes you could feel your body relaxing into the familiar fabric. After getting dressed you pulled the covers back on your bed and then proceeded to lay on the beckoning cushions. As you laid down your body melted into your bed, it shocked you how tense you had been. Tonight your mind didn鈥檛 have the chance to ponder the events of the past hours, instead sleep overtook you as soon as you settled into the perfect sleeping position.聽
Your slumber was peaceful till there came a sound from outside. The faintest of sounds, a twig snapping, a branch bending, something any normal person would have never heard. Yet it roused you from your slumber on high alert. Immediately you unsheathed your katana and bolted outside. In the cold grass of morning you stood ready for any attack, in fact you welcomed it.聽
鈥淪how yourself!鈥 You called into the dark air. Any other night sounds in the wilderness would have went unprovoked by you but tonight was different. You could sense another being in your presence. Although it did not seem that they had malicious intent with you, you decided you weren鈥檛 going to wait and find out.聽
Your eyes scanned the woods for movement yet none was seen. But just as soon as you began to question whether you had been overreacting, a piercing whistle flew past your ear. Instinctively you ran for cover and as you did more and more whistling objects flew past you. Quickly you ran underneath the oning of the engawa. On the ground laid thin bamboo needles, all of which were scattered from three different directions. Needles from above, needles from the left, and needles from the right. As you began to investigate the needles, sounds could be heard from all three directions. This was no longer one person but three. Three different sets of footsteps, three different breaths. In an effort to level the playing field you ran to the middle of the yard and raised your blade. As quickly as you made your way off the engawa you vaulted into the air. Soaring upwards into the cool air your drew in a deep breath, making your descent you whispered to yourself,
鈥(Y/b/t)...first form鈥(n/of/m).鈥 As you made contact with the earth your katana swung and sliced the ground, as it did ripples of light and sound shook the ground. The trees trembled and the foundation of your home swayed from the impact, in the ground below your sword was a massive crater. You turned and watched as the world shuddered around you from the shockwaves, and as it did three figures fell to the ground. Immediately you ran to reveal the identity of these persons; the one that had fallen from a nearby tree began to make a run for it. You pursued after the mystery assailant and once you were in range your arms wrapped around their waist and hoisted them into the air. A terribly loud shriek came from the person as you held them up, and the reaction made you giggle internally.聽
鈥楾his person was just shooting at me with darts! And now they are crying because I picked them up?鈥 You thought to yourself as you turned around to see if you could get a glimpse of the other two. Much to your surprise the both of them stood in front of you, waiting to see what your next move would be. Seeing that now the move was yours, you held the person in your grasp tighter and announced,
鈥淩eveal yourselves, and I'll let them go! If not I鈥檒l-鈥 before you could say another word the most sorrowful wail came from the person you held.聽
鈥(Y/n) it鈥檚 me, Suma! Please let me go!鈥 She cried. Hearing the familiar voice and name you gently set them on to the grass. Quivering, they removed the solid black mask revealing they truly were Suma. Suma looked up at you with eyes filled with tears.
鈥淪uma? What鈥檚 going on?鈥 You asked in a forgiving tone. This was quite the confusing situation for everyone involved.聽
鈥淲e-we-we were going to kidnap you!鈥 She managed to wail in between sobs, tears wetting your clothes. You embraced her and let her continue crying into your shoulder.聽
鈥淗ey! You aren鈥檛 supposed to tell her what we are doing!鈥 Yelled one of the assailants as they too removed their mask. Underneath was Makio and she paid you no mind as she chastised Suma.聽
Lastly Hinatsuru removed her mask. After calming Suma, you stood to face the three of them.聽
鈥淵ou three were trying to kidnap me?鈥 You asked, giving each one a glance. Suma began to sniffle again, while clinging to Makio.聽
鈥淲hy?鈥 You asked, but in reality you already knew. This was because of your interactions with Rengoku. Tengen had put the girls up to kidnapping you and bringing you back to him. The thought was almost sweet, the girls were so devoted to Tengen they鈥檇 do anything he asked. Still, if Tengen wanted you that badly, he鈥檇 have to take you.
After several hours of the girls attempting to persuade (begging) you to come back with them, you politely declined and said that if Tengen wanted you that badly he鈥檇 have to come take you himself. Both Makio and Suma seemed cross with the idea they鈥檇 have to return without you but Hinatsuru was intrigued to say the least. In fact she pressed you more about what you wanted to say to Tengen the next time she saw him.
鈥淒o you want me to tell him that? Word for word?鈥 She asked with a sly smile on her face that made you a bit unsettled. Still you held face, and replied,
鈥淭ell him what you like, I won鈥檛 be such an easy catch.鈥澛
Although you remained a confident exterior, Hinatsuru鈥檚 willingness made you think that if and when Tengen did arrive it would be a much quicker interaction than you would like to give yourself credit for. Tengen was strong, he exhibited that the previous evening. Still though, didn鈥檛 you have a chance? You knew the answer and somehow the idea of Tengen taking you didn鈥檛 seem so bad. Perhaps you liked the idea, possibly more than you knew. Nevertheless, the girls made their way home and you settled in for the morning, slightly exhausted by the fact you had spent the early hours of the morning preventing your own kidnapping. Sleepy, you drug yourself back into bed and plan on spending late morning and early afternoon snoring. No further into your slumber than you were, when you heard a knock coming from the door. Tired and quite honestly a little irritated, you made your way to the door once more. But before you could unleash your rage on the poor person at your door, it swung open in such a force it caused you to fall back on to the matted floor. Before your groggy mind could wrap itself around the situation, two arms lifted you from the floor and a mad dash was made out of your home and into the woods. You began to resist and kick as you tried to break free, the grip on your waist was iron tight. You looked at your captor and it was Kyojuro Rengoku.聽
鈥淩engokusan, I鈥檓 tired, please take me back home, I鈥檓 not in the mood for the surprise training today.鈥 You said as you tapped his back; he had thrown you over his shoulder to maintain a better grip on you. Yet Kyojuro kept running, even when you questioned him and tried to break free from him.
鈥淜yojuro, I鈥檓 serious. Put me down, I鈥檓 not playing.鈥 You said, he didn鈥檛 even acknowledge you besides when he kept you in place.聽
鈥淜yojuro! Put me down!鈥 You warned with venom in your words. Reluctantly Kyojuro slowed and then set you back on your feet.聽
Mad didn鈥檛 begin to describe what you were feeling.聽
鈥淜yojuro! Where are we?! I told you I didn鈥檛 feel up to any training! Why are we out here?! And why did you kick down my door?!鈥 You screamed, then Kyojuro turned to you and gently began examining you. First he started with your hands and arms, then he lowered himself to investigate your feet and legs.
鈥淲hat are you doing?!鈥 You asked as his rough hands聽 ran over your body. Without answering any of your questions Kyojuro stood up.聽
鈥淭ake off your clothes.鈥 Kyojuro said.聽
鈥淲hat?!鈥 You asked, Kyojuro鈥檚 face was deathly serious.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 not taking off my clothes?! What has gotten into you?!鈥 You protested, this only earned you his hands lifting your shirt to investigate your torso.聽
Fueled by rage and confusion, you shoved Rengoku back. Kyojuro sighed loudly and approached you once again.聽
鈥淚 have to make sure they didn鈥檛 hurt you.鈥 He said as he began examining your neck. You rebelled once again, shoving him back.聽
鈥淲ho are you talking about?!鈥澛
鈥淭engen鈥檚 wives. I saw the darts.鈥 Was all he said.
鈥淜yojuro, what exactly is going on?!鈥
Soon you learned that the darts that the girls had shot at you were laced with anesthesia and possibly an aphrodisiac per Rengoku鈥檚 detailed explanation. You also learned that Rengoku had stayed behind that evening to ensure your safety, as he had put it. But because he did, he became the only successful target to have gotten a full dose of the bamboo darts the wives had prepared specifically for you. The sound you had awoken to had been that of Rengoku falling to the ground. In his daze he caught glimpses of the interaction, most of which had been during the first altercation. After he had recovered, his first thought was of you. In a scramble he had made his way to your door and knocked hoping all of it had been a terrible dream, but when you didn鈥檛 immediately answer he kicked the door down. Driven by anxiety he scooped you up and took you as far as his legs would carry him, he had to know for sure if you had gotten hit.聽
Only a small cut was present on your cheek, you could have gotten grazed by one, therefore, explaining your indescribable tiredness. After learning of this you promptly made Kyojuro fix your door and leave, this had all gotten to be too much and what you needed now was just to rest. After talking with Rengoku, you left him to do the repair work and made your way to your room for the second time that day. It was now late evening and your body felt like you could sleep for three years and still be exhausted. Without even getting underneath the covers or removing the twigs and leaves from your hair, you fell into a sleeping pile on top of your bed. It was the best sleep of your life.
After repairing your door Kyojuro came to you to tell you goodbye, but instead he saw you sleeping peacefully. You looked like an angel to him.
鈥楽o delicate鈥 he thought to himself as he crouched beside you, removing the debri from your messy hair. As gently as he could he lifted your body and placed you underneath your blankets. He didn鈥檛 know how it was possible, but as soon as your body felt the embrace of your warm blankets you fell even deeper into your slumber. Kyojuro smiled and stayed at your side till early morning. When he noticed the sun beginning to rise he made his way back to his own home with the most lovely thoughts of you.聽
The sun through the window stung your sensitive eyes.聽
鈥楾he sun is up already? I鈥檝e only been asleep for a few minutes.鈥 You thought to yourself as you began to shift in the crowded bed.
鈥楥rowded?鈥 You thought again, as you tried to move your legs and arms, all of which were tightly pressed against you. You could feel the clamminess of your own skin underneath the hot blanket.聽
鈥業鈥檓 sweating?鈥 You thought again as you tried desperately to get comfortable. As you continued to squirm and move your hand slid up what felt like skin.聽
鈥淟ike what you feel?鈥 A voice said from in front of you. This had officially woken you up. Your eyes sprung open, the sight in front of you made you gasp and jump from the bed. Tengen had been holding you while you slept so peacefully.聽
During your extremely deep slumber, and after Rengoku took his leave, Tengen had taken you back to his home.聽
鈥淭engen what鈥檚鈥攚hat鈥檚 going on? Where am I? How鈥檚 my door?!鈥 You asked more than confused at this point. Tengen stood and chuckled softly. He came to where you were and gently ushered you to sit in his lap on the floor.聽
鈥淵ou said if I wanted you that badly, I鈥檇 have to come get you myself.鈥 He whispered as he left soft kisses on your neck. Your body subconsciously leaned into him for more.聽
鈥淪o I did.鈥 His hands gripped your waist.聽
鈥淥h, and I take that as a yes, to being my wife. Being that all you wanted me to do was chase you till I finally caught you.鈥 He whispered so seductively as his hands began to wander all over you even more.聽
聽鈥淣ow let me show you how newlyweds celebrate.鈥
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