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𝘿𝙪𝙙𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙙𝙖𝙙𝙨 𝙝𝙤𝙩⚠︎︎ toji x femreader
𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: age gap ( 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗿 𝗶𝘀 𝗶𝗻 𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝗲𝗮𝗿𝗹𝘆 𝟮𝟬𝘀 𝘁𝗼𝗷𝗶𝘀 𝗶𝗻 𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝟯𝟬𝘀) , shower sex, rough sex, oral ( male and female receiving) dacrphillia, Manhandling, overstimulation, a lil dumbification
Loud mewls and pants echoed out the bathroom if anyone wore to walk in right now they’d see the lewd scene. You moans and incoherent babbles echoing off the walls your tits and body pressed against the shower. And lastly your best friend's dad fucking you so hard from behind you started too see stars.
“ hah shit toji fuck!“ you mewl clawing at the glass trying to find anything to keep your sanity. You don’t remember how long you to have been going at it like this but, it was long enough for you too lose track on how many orgasims you had and the only thing keeping you from collapsing was his strong build keeping you in place. Looking at this you really shouldn’t be doing this not only because he is your best friends dad but because megumi could be home any minute now.
This all started a week ago you and megumi have been friends since the beginning of highschool and into college. And you were having some problems with your apartment’s maintenance so while it was getting fixed megumi owe so kindly offered for you to stay with them. Don’t get it wrong now you didn’t go in expecting to fuck your best friends dad but megumi failed to mention how truly hot his dad was.
You caught a glimpse of toji before a couple years back maybe in freshman year of highschool but it was so long ago you barely recall seeing him. But nothing would prepare you for when he first opened that door to there apartment you didn’t even expect to see someone like that open the door it honestly made you regret not coming over sooner. From his mesmerizing green eyes to that scar on his lips down to the muscles you could see through his shirt and down to his sweat pants where you could see a slightly visible print. The first moment you saw him he made you feel like a highschool girl again.
“ um are you mr. fushiguro….”. You remember saying hesitantly to weak under his strong gaze it looked like he was scanning you up and down studying you. “ yeah Y/N right you can come inside.” He finally broke the silent tension you both had ushering you inside even helping carry your bags giving you a nice view of his muscles flexing at work.
You remember trying to push your thoughts down not wanting to take megumis offer to your advantage. I mean he was your best friends day he wouldn’t look at you like that right? Or so you thought not even a day of you moving in he seemed to make flirty advances much to megumis displeasure but that was all you needed to start making your needs more vocal. You started parading around in the shortest skirts and shorts you could find that fit you just right. And wearing the lowest cut shirts you had making sure to bend over real nice as you would set his plat on the table to give him a good view.
He was no better though making sure to let his hands wonder a bit whenever helping you with a task. Or making sure to press against your back just right when helping you cut vegetables for dinner. It was a miracle megumi didn’t notice anything yet or just chose not to say anything either way he was in his room most of the time anyways or with yuji and nobara and you’d tag along sometimes too by choice or force Since he refused to leave you and his father alone well until today that is.
Today was the day there was a really bad rainstorm forcing megumi to stay at yujis until it cleared up leaving you and toji in the house alone. And even though you knew the guilt would probably eat you up inside who were you not to use this golden opportunity. So here you were sitting on the couch wearing only a thin t shirt with no bra that showed the outline of your nipples paired with a pair of shorts that hugged you just right. And there toji was sitting right next to you a bit closer than he should be his leg touching yours and his hand occasionally grazing your thigh on accident of course right.
You can’t help but let your gaze rack down his figure a bit from his face down to his sweats you barely notice his gaze is off the tv screen and now staring directly at you. “ You see something you like doll?” You break out of your trance meeting his eyes that are boring into your soul with that handsome smirk you loved so much sitting on his face.
“ I don’t know what you mean “. He laughs at your blatant lie causing you to look away for a second slightly embarrassed. You watch as he gets up going into the kitchen grabbing two beers out of the fridge. “ I think we both know that’s a lie I see how you look at me.”
Feeling a bit more confident you get up approaching him gently resting your hand on his arm gaining his attention. “ And if I was your no better yk flirting with your sons best friend .” You watch as he pauses for a second setting the beers down before his eyes return to your igniting something predatory in them as a sharp gasp slightly leaves you as he presses you firmly against the fridge his hands on either side of your head and him being so close that you can feel his breath against your ear.
“ I’ll admit that but you and me are on the same playing field so the real question is how’s this gonna go cause I already know how bad you want me to fuck you I see the glances across the room you give me to way your thighs press together at the dinner table so what’s it gonna be doll huh?”
You inch slightly closer to him pressing your lips against the shell of his ear. “ Up to you mr. Fushiguro you can take it how you want to.” You manage to move out of his grasp as it loosens scurrying into the bathroom closing the door as you lean on it for a second. Even if it doesn’t show your can feel the heat on your face stretching from your cheeks to your ears. You try to calm your self down still feeling the growing ache between your legs but you toss it to the side for now starting up the shower before starting to strip down.
It’s very quiet for a moment too quiet besides the sound of the shower running and the rain pouring outside. You try to brush it off slipping of your top followed by your shorts and your underwear but you can’t help but feel the nervousness in the pit of your stomach a mix of fear and excitement. You finish getting into the shower as it remains quiet for a few more seconds as you soak under the water until you hear the sound of the bathroom door opening alerting you to try to take a look but not being able to see much through the fogged up glass until the glass door to the shower is opened showing toji in all his glory.
You couldn’t help but stare letting your eyes travel down from his face to his bare chest down to his cock. You can’t help the way your eyes slightly go wide at the sight he was absolutely fucking 𝑯𝒖𝒈𝒆. You knew toji was massive compared to most people no matter there height even you but you didn’t expect for him to be packing that much. It wasn’t only big in length but girth as well and it had a slight curve to it that you know would hit all the right spots.
Your pulled out of your thoughts again as his hands wrap around your waist feeling your curves. “ Your not getting scared are you s’okay I knew you couldn't handle it.“ You huff at his words meeting his gaze with that stupid conceding smirk on his face tempting you to smack it off him but you were gonna do something better than that.
“ I can handle you just fine.“ you say pushing yourself more against him as he lets out a chuckle “ lets test that then huh.“ You half whine half gasp as his lips roughly push against yours his tongue darting in your mouth as he starts sucking on your tongue and nipping your bottom lip as you mewl gripping his shoulders for some kind of stability.
His hands start roaming all over your figure trailing up from your waist to your breast roughly kneeding them cause you to whine. “ M’fuck look at these“.you gasp as he takes one of your nipples into his mouth giving it a harsh suck while pinching and tug the other causing you to moan throwing your head back. “ Hah shit toji“ you mewl pressing your thighs together trailing your hand down to touch yourself before letting out a yelp as he roughly smacks your ass.
“ None of that shit yet first you gotta pay for all that teasing you’ve been doing sweetheart“. You cant help but whine at the dull ache between your legs which earns you another smack as he chuckles at the noise you let out.
“ On your knees doll“ you oblige dropping down coming face to face with the monster between his legs. “ Cmon now i’m sure a little whore like you has a good idea on what to do“
You whine softly kitten licking the tip “ m’not a who're.“ He laughs at you before roughly his cock half way down your throat causing you to gag gripping his thighs. “ So you aren't half way down on your best friends dads dick right now“ you cant even give him a response because of the way he's roughly fucking your throat causing tears to prickle and the ache in between you legs to build more weirdly enough.
“ shit hah so fucking pretty when you cry you like this“ You whine against him bobbing your head up and down giving him all the answers he needs. You choke whining as he starts shoving more down your throat. “ Cmon sweetheart I know you can take it all for me cant you.“
You struggle a bit before taking all of him in your mouth watching as his head throws back as he let's out a deep groan. “ Shit hah good fucking girl“. You moan at the sight bobbing your head faster feeling him twitching in your mouth signaling he's getting closer as your hands trail down rubbing yourself as some of your slick is sticking to your inner thighs.
“ Fuck your almost getting your reward hah just a little longer f’me .“ You go as fast as you can allow holding onto him for dear life as your jaw starts to burn. Before you watch as he let's out one more throaty groan gripping your hair as he come undone down your throat. “ Swallow it all “
You swallow all of him down your throat before pulling back sticking your tongue out showing him your good work. “ Good girl now here's your reward “ you gasp as he lifts you up manhandling you like you weigh nothing to him until your in a position where your thighs are on his shoulders while your cunt is face to face with his awaiting mouth.
You don’t even have time to process what happened before he's roughly licking and sucking your folds causing you to grip his hair for deal life. “ ngh toji fuck ah!“ you can’t moan any louder as he roughly takes your clit into his mouth giving it a harsh suck causing you to squirm earning you a harsh slap on your leg and a muffled hold still.
You can’t even process a thing anymore as he continues to eat you out like a starved man giving you pleasure you never imagined. You can't control the way your eyes roll back as he starts fingering you while still sucking and teasing your clit.
At this point you feel like your on cloud nine as he continues lapping at your soaking cunt swirling hid tongue around the pearl in between your folds until you feel tightness in your stomach. “ mm’fuck toji gonna cum!“ you barely have time to warn him before your squirting all over his face as your head throws back as he grips your hips keeping you in place stopping you from squirming away as he laps at your juices.
You pant trying to calm yourself down as he sets you in a position where your pressed against the shower glass facing forward with him behind you gripping your hips your whine at your sensitivity as be presses his tip between your folds. “ m’toji sensitive “
“ shh s’alright you can take it “ You gasp as he waste no time roughly pushing into you roughly pillowing into you from behind as your nails slightly claw at the glass screen trying to keep your sanity
“ toji fuck ahh s’ too much!“ he keeps his arm firmly around waist before taking his other hand and wrapping it around your neck. “ Fuck you can take it and you will“. You feel drool coming from your lips starting to stick to the glass a he roughly pounds you from behind causing your brain to go to mush.
“ fuck so uhhh!!“ you can't even think anymore as he presses his hand against the bulge in your stomach causing him to hit that spot inside you just right. “ shit there it is look at that your starting to go dumb huh“. You cant even respond anymore too busy letting out moans and whines as he pistols into your spot just right.
You feel your legs start to shake as you get closer to your orgasim “ m’gonna cum“ you mewl clenching around him causing him to groan tightening his grip on your throat. “ fuck cum for me “ you let out a loud moan before cumming as he follows soon after pulling out cumming on your ass.
“ thats it, so good for me“ you whine as he pulls you back from the glass as a string of saliva connects between your bottom lip and the glass. He turns you around wrapping your kegs around his waist as his lips lock against yours just as you both are about to go for another round you here the sound of the front door opening.
“ Shit “
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
masterlist. / taglist. / any request? synopsis. when finding Toij at deaths door the man begs for you to help distract him from the pain.
pairing. toji fushiguro x reader
genre and warnings.  +18 nsfw under the cut. minors dni, mafia!toji, angst, hurt/comfort, patch up trope, neighbor au, strangers to something, hickies, pain kink, make outs, dry humping, grinding, clothed sex, pet-names | — feedback is always welcomed & don't forget to reblog 🤍 1.5k w.c.
Tumblr media
Walking home the last thing you had expected to see was your boarding neighbor limping down the alleyway to the apartment complex where you just so happened to be his next-door neighbor, just about to enter through the main gate the jingle of your lanyard dangling heavy with all of your keys coming to halt at the brutal sight of him. 
“Holy shit,” you muttered loud enough for him to tilt his head up, his attention suddenly taking notice of your worried expression. 
If it were any other day you would have just turned your head and pretended not to notice Toji hurling the beaten-up men from his apartment or even the ones that he would sprawl against the wall by the hard muscle of his dark inked forearm. 
His face twitched with an expression of annoyance brow shifting as his dead stare glared up as if you were the one that gave him the forming bruises scattered across his body. 
It was the first time you had ever seen this man so seemingly defeated, “uh, you're not gonna like, die right? because I don't think I can handle seeing someone die right now.” 
He opened his mouth to reply, the flinch of pain boring into his features, his body almost stumbling over before he could catch himself with his arm reaching out against the brick wall as the other reaching up to rub against his face, soothing the ache in his jaw. 
In his stumbling state, you by instinct took a step closer toward him, he was surprisingly quick to recover back to his feet with a painful grunt his shoulder hunched over as he continued past you. 
“Don't worry about it.” you hesitated before following his steps, only the sound of cars driving by covered by the heavy footing of his dragged steps, “wouldn't want someone as precious as you caught in my line of work.” 
You didn't know whether his words were supposed to be a compliment or just another sugar-coated insult that Toji was just so good at delivering in that deep gruff voice of his. 
“Look, you could just bleed out and get an infection later if that's something you're into but I have an actual first aid at my place.” watching as his shoulders rolled back at your suggestion of help.
There was no vocal agreement, only him leaning against the opposite wall waiting as you unlock your front door. 
Listening to the hum of acknowledgment to the completely different flow of environment compared to his from behind. 
The click from your door shutting from the back of Toji’s heel as he followed you through the obstacles or decor to slump down against your couch so comfortably as if he had been inside your home before. “You better take your shoes off if you're gonna be on my rug.” you pointed, sliding off your own boots and tucking them neatly onto the shoe rack. 
“Yes ma’am,” Toji grunted lazily, kicking his sneakers off and spreading further against the cushions. 
His head resting back and arms spread on top of the pillows you watched before suddenly being washed with a huge wave of common sense. 
A nice reminder of the way his chest heavily raised and slowly lowered to the main reason why you had the man holding on to a thread in your apartment. 
Searching for the familiar bright red cross container full of all your first aid contaminants as well as a rag and dry towel. “Mkay you’re gonna have to be a little patient with me, the most I’ve ever done before is put a bandage on a scrape.” 
“Well, now you're making me a little nervous.” Toji’s eyes followed you as you settled nervously beside him, almost with a glint of reconsideration before you had made him rearrange himself to sit on top of the towel wanting to clean up as less mess as you possibly could. 
Sitting up to shred his black shirt, exposing the dragon tattoo that had traced scattered across his entire torso peeking alongside his back as well. 
The mere sight had your brain skipping to process a clear line of thought for a moment, your lashes fluttering as you snatched back into reality, eyes tracing over the very painful looking bruise forming against the front of his ribs.
Already they had started discoloring to a nasty color, deciding it would be best to work top to bottom. You had focused firstly on the small gashes and cuts that he had managed to get on his face. 
Wiping away the streaks and dried up trails of blood before covering the bad ones with the hello kitty bandages in fine silence. “Am I allowed to guess what happened?” 
Watching as his gazes flickered to meet yours, you tried not to flinch under his dark gaze. 
There was just something about the completely dark brown shade of his eyes that made him so alluring. 
Even without trying he had managed to completely entangle you in the thick dangerous thread of seduction that had you pressing your lips together and struggling to hold eye contact as if his attractiveness was so bold that just his mere presence in such close proximity was scowling. 
“Oh come on, I’m not gonna snitch to the cops or anything Toji.” you chuckled hoping to lighten the thick mood, his silence was really starting to unsettle you. 
“Plus you know where I sleep now and where I keep my most prized possessions.” Smoothing a bandage right over the cut on his temple, assessing your work you didn't bother to hide your genuine smile, something about the grown man being covered in bright pink cutesy bandages fell right into your humor.
“Doesn't it scare you that I might kill people?” So much for trying to lift the mood, before you could answer Toji leaned forward your reply being stuck in your throat as you had suddenly become aware of how stupidly generous you were being to a known criminal. 
“Aren’t you scared that I might do something to you?” His stare was hard to read, the air around you suddenly being so hot that you started to struggle how to breathe as a normal human should for survival. 
“What if I don't care?” you finally whispered crumpling completely under his gaze, he was closer now practically inches away from your face as his arm held himself up from completely pressing against you the small space split in between begging to be closed.
“Aren’t you so fucking cute.” he had finally closed the distance, your fingers combing into his dark jet-black hair as you molded perfectly against his lips as his pace was needy, escalating with more want as he chased after your mouth each time you would pull away just to breathe. 
Your hand settled on the lower part of his chest, inches away from his injury, a deep grunt vibrating from his throat as you tried nudging him away.
Not getting very far away as his lips only attached to the exposure of your neck leaving trailing kisses against the curve of your neck. 
“Wait, you’re gonna end up hurting yourself even more.” You tried protesting, trying to bite back every whimper and moan from the dance of his warm tongue against your sensitive skin. 
Your concern apparently didn't mean much to him, “if I say your kisses are the only things that can heal me doctor?” if he were in complete pain he sure did a good job in covering it.  
That or he had a taboo thing for pain as you let him grab your hips crawling into his lap trying not to winch for him every time you accidentally brushed against any of his injuries. 
His fingers pressed against your hips guiding them front and back in small but lewd gestures of grinding that proved that he was in fact very hard under his pants. 
He groaned between kisses, taking a break to press his forehead against his. “God, I think you might ruin me tonight princess.” his voice was husked.
Even his fingers trembled with strain as they adventure up your shirt kneading at your breast through your bra as you brought him closer and closer to ease. 
The sounds that you drew from his lips should have been considered illegal from how fast you had him so disoriented under you. 
You almost completely believe that the man you saw almost beating someone to death for smudging his white sneakers by stepping on them was begging out your name as if it were a prayer. 
His moans were almost intoxicating, like liquid gold as he came closer and to the edge. 
His eyes squeezed shut as your pace became mercilessly chasing after your own, grinding against the hard outline of his twitching erection. 
Being pressing you closely against his bare chest felt so lewd, feeling every muscle flinch, the stutter in his breath all as his face tucked into your chest. 
His arms wrapped around your torso tightly as his hips snapped roughly upward as if they had a mind of their own the small noises that were heard from your chest. 
Almost pitiful as his orgasm washed over leaving you in a still silence as Toji slumped back against the couch with his face flushed and struggling to catch his breath as his chest heaved. 
“I think,” Toji exhaled, his eyes opened lazily as he grimaced. “I think I might of broken my ribs.” 
Tumblr media
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wrote this in hopes that it would get rid of the grasp that the mafia trope has on me rn...y'all pls i wrote 3 other fics
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
CW — submissive toji, dominant fem reader, cowgirl, bondage? blowjob, overstimulation, breeding, usage of profanity, usage of pet names such as mama/baby/doll, toji do be cryin a lil
NOTES — hi omg. i’m so so sorry if this seems rushed or the dialogue seems off, i struggled BAD trying to write this but i finally pushed through !!!!!! although it was hard it was really fun and i hope you all enjoy it <333 likes, reblogs, & interactions are always appreciated !!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
begging wasn’t something toji did often.
but somehow, some way, he found himself doing exactly that tonight. when you came to him with the idea of restraints, he thought you meant that you wanted to be tied up. but you quickly shut down that assumption the moment you tied his wrists to the headboard.
“ready?” you ask, a bit too excited for his liking. your grumpy boyfriend sat with a pout twisting his lips as he watched you hover over him as he once did to you. toji sighs, not missing the smile on your face.
“let’s just get this shit over with,” he huffs and you scoff. he was being oftly impolite for someone who wasn’t in control for the night. but that was okay. whether he knew it or not, you’d be teaching him a very important lesson.
not to underestimate you.
“don’t be rude. forgot who’s running things tonight or what?”
“untie me, mama. it’s best for the both of us. i know you want me to fuck that pretty pussy till it hurts, but i can’t do that when i’m all tied up like this,” he taunts, tiliting his head to the side while giving you those menacing eyes. you hated how wet you’d gotten from his words but you couldn’t control it.
“y’know toji, you’re being far too impatient for my liking. spread your legs,” you demand. toji chuckles, his eyebrows rising in amusement. he thought your attempt at assertiveness was cute. considering how submissive you were in bed, he didn’t exactly think you’d be able to make him fold as easy as you claimed. the gesture was adorable, but he knew he’d have you pinned under him screaming his name in no time.
“fine. have at it. just don’t be mad when i’m righ—“
his words dissolve into thin air the minute you scoot between his legs, your back arching with your ass high in the air— mouth coming up to kiss at his toned belly and pelvis. you could feel his breathing shift as you kissed your way down all the way to his now hardened cock.
“don’t stop, keep talking shit,” you mumble in between pecks. finally meeting his length, you take in the beauty in front of you. you could never get over how pretty his dick was; bi colored with a bit of a tanish base, a baby pink tip leaking with precum, and a width that you took like a champ every time he plowed into your cunt.
just beautifully sculpted.
“i can’t wait to taste you, toji. can’t wait to make you a mess and clean you right up,” you say before licking a long strip from his base to his tip. you slowly entered him into your mouth, the feeling making him flinch a bit. you started to pull and suck on his cock like you were a pro—which right about now, you were.
“just let me fuck you, baby.”
“not until you cum for me first.”
you began to wrap your hand around him, grazing the slit with your thumb. he hissed at how cold your hands were, but it only added to your enjoyment. your goal tonight was to make him squirm, beg, and cry out your name, just like you usually do to him.
“tell me, toji, how does it feel?”
your sentence was punctuated by a sly smirk. he mumbles something under his breath, still with a stern expression on his face.
“feels good.”
“what was that?”
he huffs as he notices the pace of your hand slowing. it wasn't until then that he realized he wasn't going to win the race tonight. you were determined—some might say fated—to make him weak under your touch.
“i said it feels good— fuck.”
as you resume your hand movement, a chuckle escapes your lips. you stroked his cock at a moderate pace, feeling every crevice and vein you could find. despite the fact that you were in charge, you still wanted to please him. you wanted him to keep cumming until he saw stars on the bedroom ceiling.
“can i taste you?” you inquire, and he nods as he patiently watches you lower your head down on him and moan while doing so. he squirmed a little at the warmth. you were between his still-separated thighs, scarfing him down as if your life depended on it. you sucked and pulled on his tip, paying particular attention to his balls as well—the ideal combination.
“shit, keep doin’ that. use both hands— yes, yes, just like that. good fuckin’ girl,” he encouraged. you were impressed by how quickly the man gave in. you figured i’d at least take more than a few minutes but despite his gruff exterior and stern demeanor, he was unable to resist his pretty girl.
as toji received what felt like the best head of his life, the nasty sounds of gagging and moaning filled the room. while bobbing your head up and down, you licked and circled your tongue around him. you were slurping him up for both his and your pleasure, leaving a damp mark in your panties as a result.
the more you worked your mouth, the quicker toji could feel his orgasm trailing behind him. he was so close, so ready to bust that it only took one simple—
“gonna’ make me cum, y/n—shit!”
you pull your mouth away from him, now only using your two hands as you stroke his cock. your were so pretty— drool dripping from your chin, lips all swollen, and those pretty lashes you always wore batting up at him with pure lust.
“please cum for me. please, please, baby.”
your words were almost like a spell, toji letting out a breathy groan as his cum poured out of him rapidly. strings of white shot out from his tip, some of it splattering across your face and chest.
“goddamn, y/n.”
“front of back?” you ask, not even minding his compliments as you lift up to wipe your mouth. toji’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, but he soon gets what you mean the minute you pull your underwear down.
“front, wanna’ see that pretty face.”
you obligated, positioning yourself over his aching cock. you swiped two fingers across your chest to scoop up some of the mess he left from earlier. moving that same hand between your legs, you lubricate yourself with his cum, spreading him all over your folds and clit.
“you’re so fuckin’ sexy.”
“i know.” you joke. you kiss at his neck and face, leaving behind a few bruises here and there. you could hear a tiny whimper leave his lips as you sucked at his earlobe, tongue grazing over the flesh near his studded earring.
“c’mon, doll. put me in, i wanna’ feel you.”
not pausing your kisses, you whisper a small, “use your manners,” before kissing at the sweet spot on his neck.
“can you— can you please fuck me, y/n.”
you gathered his cock into your palm and aligned it with your entrance while grinning. your gaping hole easily allowed him to enter without any sort of discomfort. toji's cock was warmly enclosed by your walls as they engulfed him in, a pretty coat of your slick making it easier to glide up and down.
he had a mix of emotions. he wanted to touch you and rub his hands all over you to guide your hips up and down, but he also was intrigued by your dominance— taking exactly what you needed from him and pleasing him while doing so.
“nnn’ toji, you’re so deep like this— can feel all of you in here.” your finger moved to point toward your tummy and toji could feel himself beginning to fall apart already. you felt so good and everything around him felt good too.
“slow down i don’t wanna’ cum yet—“
you ignored his requests, slowly finding your pace as you place your hands on his chest. you clawed at his pecs and nipples causing him to squirm a bit. nothing but the alluring sound of your cries and whimpers consumed toji’s ears as he watched you slam down on his cock with force. your ass cheeks were clapping against his thighs and although he couldn’t see, the sound of it alone had him ready to bust.
“fuuuck! don’t fuckin’ stop— doin’ so good, angel.”
“yeah? you like watching me fuck you dumb huh? how c-come you wouldn’t let me do this sooner, hm?”
the question went in one ear and out of the other. the restraints on toji’s wrists were starting to hurt from how hard he was tugging at them— just trying to hold on to anything he could as you completely wrecked him.
“y/n— i’m yours. i’m all yours, baby— fuck me, i need you,”
he looked so beautiful.
his cheeks were flushed pink and sweat beamed across forehead. he looked tired, yet so, so needy. those captivating, dragon eyes held nothing but desire and seeing you bounce on him like a bunny did nothing but bring him closer and closer to cumming.
“this pussy’s good, huh? good enough to make you cum in me, toji? hm? you wanna’ cum in me?”
he was in a trance. with the way you were talking him through it from the motion of your ass behind you, toji couldn’t exactly focus on anything other than reaching his climax.
“baby, i’m gonna’ fuckin’ c-cum.” his stutter almost made you feel bad. you’d never seen him like this— so drowsy and defeated, just waiting for the bubble to finally pop.
“cum in me— inside me please. i know you want to.”
as if on cue, toji roared a loud grunt. his mouth was hung open and you could see tears twinkling from the brim of his eyes as he scrunched his face in absolute bliss. that alone brought you to to the finish line, clenching your walls around him as you milked him for everything he had all the while creaming on him.
“yes! yes, toji—fuck..”
by now he was just about ready to collapse and fall asleep. with lidded eyes, he watched as you rode out your high. your hands gripped your breasts in ecstasy before quickly moving them to cup his cheeks.
you bit his bottom lip as you shared a messy kiss, slowly lifting up to release his cock from your sore cunt. you continued to place small kisses of endearment all over him— including his chest, stomach, and now softened cock.
toji could feel the weight of your body leaving his lap as you walked away to get a cloth from the bathroom, cleaning up the sticky mess you both made when you returned. no comments had been made by toji yet. he merely dozed off there, still gasping for air and muttering brief praises.
“are you okay, baby?”
“yes, just tired. now i see why you’re so sleepy after sex.”
his weak tone of voice humored you more than the joke itself. as you laughed you reached your arms out to release him from the bondage. he quickly stretched his arms before wrapping them around you in a soft hug.
“thank you for trying this, i know you didn’t want to.”
“i’d do anything for you.”
“good boy,” you test, kissing his nose.
“don’t push it.”
Tumblr media
SUUNMIC 2022 ©️ all rights reserved to @suunmic. please refrain from copying or reposting as your own.
Tumblr media
tags : @venusflytrapstar @touyyes @akiyhara <33
Tumblr media
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tsariroti · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
JJK Domestic Tojin AU starts here heh heh heh
do not repost
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Oh yea. It's all coming together now.
Tumblr media
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kanekisfavoritegf · 2 days
Megumi can never catch a break in these toji and gojo fics, one shots, and drabbles
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cupldstar · 2 months
He's so mean , the way he pounds into your cunt has your brain going numb. He has you in a mating press , Thighs close to your chest eyes rolled to the back of your head. You cant really think. All you know is him
His hips move at a unforgiving pace , cum drips out from your cunt as a white ring forms around his thick cock. He's stretching you so so well. "So fucking tight." He grunts , "Missed fuckin y'ure cute little hole" you squeeze around him and moan something about how good he feels. Earning a breathy chuckle from him.
"Are you there baby? he ask , honestly checking up on you. You whimper and muster up the energy to nod " feel's ssogood.." you slur out. A deep belly chuckle comes from him. he find this amusing.
He loves this. He loves you.
Toji , Gojo , Suguru , nanami
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theonetrueneohero · 3 months
𝐌𝐲 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐲 | 𝐓𝐨𝐣𝐢 𝐅𝐮𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐮𝐫𝐨
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Toji Fushiguro × Fem!Reader
Summary: Maybe he had to get you pregnant in order to show you he'd never cheat on you...
Warnings: Language, Mentions of cheating, Possessive Behavior, Jealousy, Weaponizing Gojo (ily Toru <3) Smut (+18) Minors DNI, Unprotected Sex, Humiliation, Video Recording, Exhibitionists Kink, Bimbofication, Dub/Con, Rough Sex, Mean!Dom!Toji, Sub!reader, Dacryphillia, Major Daddy Kink, Major Breeding Kink, Cervix fucking, Overstimulation, Dry Humping, Praise Kink, Choking, Gagging, Cumplay, Corruption Kink, Throat fucking, Spitting, Massive Degradation, Slapping, Impact play, Manhandling, dissassociation, Somnophilia. FOLKS ITS NOT LOOKING GOOD UPSTAIRS.
One moment I'm listening to We Cry Together, the next this exists. Hell is empty.
3,7 k words.
Tumblr media
The notification banner had popped over the screen at exactly 19:00 on Halloween night. You were convinced Fate was at work with the screen lighting up just as you uncovered the red devil's horns from inside the nightstand drawer. You had meticulously planned every aspect of this evening to complete and utter perfection. Not a single star would find itself out of place this All Hallows Eve, your costume, most of all was subject to intense planning. The dress was short, provocative and punchy. Red latex and devil horns. All for him.
What a joke.
You inhale sharply as your eye catches the unrecognizable name belonging to the sultry and painfully articulate message. Toji, owner of said phone is ever the oblivious man as he enjoys himself in the warmth of your steam shower. A shower he had come dangerously close to persuading you to take part in with him. You had shockingly turned him down, something that was rarely, ever done when it came to Toji Fushiguro. But fate could not blame you. If you were in the shower with Toji at this very second, you would have missed the message entirely…
There was already a deep foreboding hole forming in your stomach. You, were far too excited, far too ecstatic at the prospect of this night. Having bounced on the balls of your feet all afternoon at the prospect of sharing your favorite holiday with your favorite person. 
And he definitely was your favorite person.
Toji Fushiguro seemed to be anything and everything in between. He was nothing like the amicable man you had always inagined you would end up with but he was firm. A pillar in your otherwise, wayward life. You enjoyed the dominion he seemed to radiate. You reveled in the way he looked at you- or looked down at you, to be far more precise. The smirk across that scarred lip and the tilt of a head seemed to assimilate the belief not just in his head but in yours, that you were his property. 
But surely, in between all the sadistic sex and controlling nature…
Surley, he was your property too.
"What's a little peek going to hurt?" You ask the ghosts occupying your bedroom while Toji finished off in the shower. 
You take a tentative seat on the bed beside the nightstand. "A little peek had never hurt anyone. Frankly, I have yet to discover a case of death-by-nosiness. Wouldn't you agree, Parker?" Your eye strays from Toji's phone on the nightstand, to the cat laying on the foot of your bed. He only glares, cat eyes regarding you before disregarding you as if saying 'Don't try to make me an accomplice.'
Your fingers are already ghosting over the screen before you're able to talk yourself out of it any further. Your reflection glares idly from behind the lockscreen as you behold the message. 
19:00: You promised on your last vsit never to be a stranger, Stranger. Stilll waiting on round three. Xoxo
The person had punctuated the message with a very distasteful winking emoji. Distasteful by your standards and Toji's. 
Was he really fucking with corny, poetic bitches in his free time?
You immediatley recognize the bitter thought for what it actually is. A means to justify your own inadequacy. You'd rather not suffer through the pain that accompanied the revelation you had accidentally discovered. You'd rather not dissect the parts of your relationship that would ever encourage Toji to look for companionship elsewhere. You'd rather not dissect the head tilts, the far off stares, the short-temperdness. You had always disregarded those things as Toji being Toji.
Your hands are shaking, not with sadness, or pity or depression. You know those feelings would soon settle after the storm. Right now, there is only rage. As red as the devil horns atop your head. The tempest consumes you. It is festering until the door to the bathroom swings open.
"What the fuck did I say about having your rat on the place where we sleep?" Toji groans as he emerges from steamed up alcove. The towel rides dangerously low on his scarred hip, like a god or a robot, fashioned to utter perfection.
Your eyes bounce up to meet his. 
You had helped him mend that scar and every other gash slashed at wayward angles all across his chiseled torso. You had been the one to stitch back every single cut, enduring his childish groans and petulant complaints. Not anyone else. You.
"The rat does not belong here," Toji continues. Then, as if sensing the oncoming storm, the cat stretches up from his resting place and lurches off the bed, disappearing down the long, quiet corridor. 
Toji glares as the cat retreats, but that soon bleeds into mild shock as he beholds you, seated on the bed. "Holy shit, you look fucking hot, babe," You tense as you feel Toji close the distance between you two. His figure looms over you like a darkened cloud, casting its shadow over the phone. 
"You know what I say?" His voice is like sandpaper. "I say fuck that stupid ass party. We could have our own party, right fucking here." You had ached for this reaction, having been the only reason you purchased the godforsaken outfit. And though you hated to admit it, you still did. His words illicit a devilish warmth in between your legs but you ignore it. Your face is stone. Unflinching, as Toji's rough calloused hands come up to your cheeks. Toji's thumbs rub along the soft, supple skin while looking down at you with that boyish grin. It's action like this, Toji knew, would have you slipping quite unceremoniously into subspace. You have a feeling he sees the sour countenance with which you greet him but he chooses to ignore it. Cursing his high sex drive, you lift the phone up to his visage.
"I have to say I'm slightly disappointed, Toji." His smile cracks as his eye rake quickly over the screen. "The fuck are you doin' with my phone, Doll? Since when you think you have the right to touch my shit?" The soft cascading of palms across your cheeks is turning into a grip.
"You couldn't give me the decency of fucking another scholar? At least someone with the same intellect as me, Toji? Look at these spelling errors." You consider your voice staying firm and never once breaking, a small victory. That soon goes completely out the window as he moves closer between your legs. Slowly, your thighs part to accompany his hulking form, you dress protests and rears upwards.
No. This is not what you were expecting at all. 
"Don't think too highly of yourself, Doll. Or better yet. Dont think at all." The predatory smile remains plastered on his face as Toji wrenches the phone from out of your hands, letting your palm fall to the duvet underneath your bum with a soft, sad plop.
"I've been spoiling you." He says, eyes unfocused as if he had made an incomparable discovery, "I've been spoiling you too much. 'Dunno who you think you are thinking you can have your way with my personal life."
"Your personal life?!" You snap. "Toji, I am your personal life! What the fuck do you think a relationship is!?" He shies away from the jab, face hardening.
"That tone," he tsks lowly, hands slithering down and gripping your throat. "That fucking tone."
But you're seething, you give zero heed to the warning as you continue. "Nah, fuck that! And fuck you and your fake-dom bullshit! I have done every single fucking thing you've asked for! Every single fucking thing to make you and that little cock of yours happy-"
"Oh it's little now, isn't it? I find that really hard to believe given that you were crying pretty little tears last night. 'Daddy it's too big. Daddy, please stop. Daddy never stop.' I had no idea you were the indecisive type." Despite the mocking and overall fury behind his words, Toji's voice is leveled. In control. 
You feel a hand travel from your throat down to your chest. "Your tits look real fucking good in this slutty little dress, Doll. So fucking good." Your eyes widen as you stare up at him. Was he fucking serious?! You incredulously rake your eyes down his torso to find his cock stiffening under the towel.
"You're fucking unbelievable-don't fucking touch me!" You muster the rage to swat his hand away from your chest and despite the strength you know he has, he lets his hand swing limply to his side. 
His eyebrows raise. "Oh! Oh! It's like that!?"
"Yes, Toji! It's been like that! I'm gonna need you to get dressed, get your little bag in here,  pack your shit and leave so I can make space for the next, better person! One that isn't a deadbeat dad with no apparent life goals or any morals for shit. Actually! That does remind me- Satoru was awfully friendly when I went to go visit Megumi-"
"The fuck you mean you visited-"
"-I think I should definitely take him up on his offer. Seeing as I'm a free fucking woman-"
Low blow after low blow, you were flinging them his way like stray bullets. Your mouth was a fucking machine gun with no trigger to pull your finger away from. You were glad to have said everything you wanted to, having walked around nothing but eggshells when you were with him, scared shitless at the thought of losing him. 
Fuck that. 
Fuck all of that.
"Yeah." Toji nods towards himself. You are met with calmness yet again and it floods you with the first bit of unease you've encountered the entire evening. The red latex suddenly feels too tight, like a python wrapping its body all around you, or that fucking worm you've heard rumors about from other Jujutsu Sorcerers. "Yeah, I think that's a great idea." The first bits of Toji's maniacal malice slips through the cracks. His resolve begins to break as he backs away from you, making a beeline for your phone on the nightstand. "Toji-"
"We should send Gojo a little something, to let him know you're interested. Since your ass thinks you can just snoop through my shit-" he laughs miancally, "MY SHIT!? I can definitely snoop through yours." He throws his head back, staring incredulously up at the ceiling. "And then you accuse me- you accuse me of fucking some dumb broad I can't even remember fucking for years-"
The fury in your lungs dissipates like a wildefire in the rain as he speaks. His head is lowered once more, fixed on the contents of your phone. But all the fight has been drained completely out of you."
"Toji… baby- I-"
"Nah, fuck that." He snaps before he lifts the phone, pointing the lense directly in your face. "Give the camera that mean shit, I'm sure Satoru would be just as turned on by it as I was, maybe even more."
"Toji, I'm sorry." Your body is trembling and your throat is squeezed shut. You wish for nothing more than the comforter underneath your ass to swallow you whole.
"Aww, you're sorry, Doll? You're sorry?" You nod your head fervently, honestly not giving a fuck that the camera was still recording your undeniable humiliation. 
"Show me and Satoru how sorry you really are, Doll." He's on you before his words ever even register. Toji's massive frame bombards you onto the bed, having you inch backwards, the fear suddenly gripping your insides.
"Where you goin', Doll? I thought we were having fun?" There is a nothing but malice behind his words now as he grips onto your thigh, pulling your useless frame underneath him, all with his one free hand. 
"Look at how fucking delicious you look, Doll!" His free hand paws at the latex bodice before recklessly ripping the top down to expose your breasts. You could feel his cock above you, twitch at the sight. He always loved to make a mess out of you but this was new and not completely welcomed. 
"Jesus Christ! Look at these tits! Look at the way they just- fuck- the way they just fucking spill out of my hands like that..." His tone lowers as he kneeads your breasts and your nipples, all while pointing the camera firmly in your flushed face. You don't miss the way his hips rock closer, almost completely in the camera frame as he continues roughly kneeding your breast. The bulge beneath the towel is raging. "You're a fucking lucky, my friend! Really fucking lucky."
"Toji! Please-"
"Please what, hm? That's another thing you're gonna have to get used to." He says, not speaking to you but loud enough for the audio of the video to pick up. "Stupid sluts don't always know how to use their words, isnt that right, Doll?" Your legs fight to close underneath him but he stays straddled on top of you. 
"What? Is that little pussy soaked for us, already? Lets have a look." Toji hops off you, black hair, still wet and dripping as he lowers himself before your parted legs. The flash from the camera skims over you before shining down the darkness between your legs. "Please! S-Stop. I'm so fucking sorry, Toji." You could feel your bottom lip quiver, the humiliation setting in like concrete. "I don't want anyone else, okay? Just you! Just fucking you-ah!"  Your desperate pleas bleed into an arduous moan as Toji's forefinger flatten directly against your clothed clit.
Toji curses lolwy under his breath, "Jesus Christ… Doll. That's the brightest thing you've said this whole while, it almost makes me- wait. Holy shit!" A chuckle veneered in velvet and venom fall from his scared lips as he zoom the camera on in between your legs. "Oh, Doll! Baby… baby… girl." He laughs once again before bringing your thigh over his shoulder. "Look at how wet you got, just from us fighting! Holy shit - you're- fuck you're just leaking right out of these pretty little panties." His hips rock unceremoniously into the bed before him as he behold your soaked panties with hungry eyes. You whimper from above him, wrenching his attention back to you. 
"Oh, no, you're crying! My little baby's crying!" You can't help the sob that wrenches from out your throat, clogging the base until you were a stuttering, gasping mess. Toji's hips are rocking periodically into the bed, trying to attain as much friction as possible as he gazes up at your tear soaked face. "Fuck yes," he groans while a finger finally hook around your panties, ripping the undergarment down your legs. "Oh fuck, baby! Your face is almost as wet as your pussy! See that, Satoru? See how wet she gets? Her pussy is just fucking begging- just begging for me to fucking destroy it." Toji's eyes momentarily screw shut as another sob escapes you. It's violent and loud and Toji's cock is fully fucking erect under the towel now. 
He growls lowly before standing to his full height. Toji rips the towel around his waist right off, everything single hint of playfulness gone from his face. Your eyes widen in alarm as they zero in on his hard cock, already leaking precum. You're already following through with the idea before it even full strikes. You are quick to travel onto your hands and knees, crawling with haste towards the edge of the bed before taking Toji's cock in your hands. He hisses, scowl across his face deepening as you stick your tongue out to lick the beads of precum accumulated at the slit. "Fuck," he curses. "You're such a fucking slut."
"For you," You reply, fully staring at the camera that has yet to move away from your face. "I'm Toji Fushiguro's slut and no one else's" You say the words like a prayer, never once breaking contact with the lense before you're lowering your head on his twitching cock.
"F-Fuck this!" He exclaims before discarding your phone on the floor across the room. You moan in protest, throat humming around his cock as you try to lift your head to assess if your phone has made a safe landing on the wooden floorboards but a hand slithers through your hair, forcing his cock down the small conduit of your throat.
"Oh fuck yeah, baby! Oh fuck yeah!" He throws his head back in utter ecstasy as your throat closes fully around his impressive length. Your tongue flattens against his cock and tears spring to your eyes as Toji's hips snap forward. "My. Fucking. Cockslut." He plants a hand on the top of your head and at the bottom of your jaw as he keep you there, throat clogged with his cock. You curl you toes and while it eases the bile threatening to spill, it does nothing for your incessant gagging. Your fingers curled around the comforter taps hurriedly on his thigh. 
"Oh fuck-! Does my little baby need to breathe?" You swear you could feel your throat, bruised and fucked raw as he finally removes his cock from your mouth. Your face is covered in nothing but his precum intermixed with endless ropes of saliva, having made a complete and utter mess of you. Toji grips the back of your head, wrenching it backwards to admire his handiwork.
"Daddy thinks you're the prettiest when you're nothing but a filthy mess for him. Fuck, look at how dirty my little girl is. So wet and so fucked out already." His words only intoxicated you further, you couldn't even call it cockdrunk becuase he hadn't even fucked you yet.
"Such a mess for me." His cock bobs against the side of your face. "I fucking love it when you're a stupid fucking slut for me." You moan lowly at that, immediately snapping his attention to the low and sultry sound. 
"You like that, Doll? You like it when Daddy calls you stupid? Who am I kiddin'? 'Course you do. My dumb little slut loves everything her Daddy loves, doesn't she?" Your mind is too clouded and your thoughts are too hazy to realize he's lowering you onto the bed as he speaks, slowly stalking over you like prey. "Fuck! I wish you could see how stupid you look right now, Baby." He postions himself about you. "Hey!" His hand are rough and hard as the slap against the side of your cheeks. "You can't do that, Baby. You can't go anywhere, not right now. You know what will happen of you drift off though, don't you?"
You muster what little energy you have to nod. "That's right. That's fucking right. Daddy's gonna fuck you whether your awake or not."
"Daddy, please fuck me…" your words are slurred, as your mouth hangs open, lips still dripping saliva. 
"Shh. Shh. Don't think, little girl.  You don't have to think alright? Just be a good little cockslut, yeah? Take this fucking cock, little one- oh-oh, sh-FUCK!" Toji's cock enters your aching cunt with reckless abandon.  He snaps his hips in, fighting off any risk of your tiny pussy bullying his cock back out.
"TOJI- OH MY GOD-" Your moans exceed your previously sleep-like state as your eyes shoot open at the intrusion. "Fuck!" Toji pulls completely out, drawing a half-breath before slamming right into you. Your walls tighten around him like a fucking vice, drawing him further in with every hard thrust. "My fucking pretty pussy- FUCK. Holy shit, you're so fucking tight, baby! F-Fuck it's like you wanna milk my cock." His eyes are piercing directly into yours, eyebrows knotted, "Would you like that, baby? Would you like me to fill this- OH FUCK-" The tip of his cock reaches the very end, hitting periodically at your cervix. 
"Toji... N-No you're too fucking deep-" your alarm bleeds into your tone as you bring hand up to his shoulder,  he responds by bringing a hand around your throat.
"Little girls don't think, remember?" He sneers, delivering a lopsided manic grin before fucking you harder. Faster.
"Toji- Please! I can't-" your walls spasm around his cock as your orgasm rips through your body without any preparation whatsoever. Your back arches off the bed as your lips are caught open in a silent cry. Toji takes the opportunity to spit directly into your mouth before crashing his lips down on your own. "Y-Your milking my fucking cock so well, baby. Fuck, yeah. A baby. I'm gonna make you pregnant, alright?! I'm gonna fuck a baby into you," 
You slowly recover from the high, enough to shake your head. "Toji, S-Stop-" You can feel the pressure building once again. Wondering how your poor, bruised cervix is fairing under these barbaric conditions. "Fuck yeah. Fuck, I'm gonna fuck a baby into you. I'm gonna make you a mommy, F-Fuck. Say it, you fucking slut. Say it!"
His eyes are blown with lust as his orgasm crests. His thrusts are sloppy and uneven as his hand finds your breasts. "I'm gonna get you pregnant. Say it, say it, say it-"
Your clit twitches against his pelvis and the pleasure pours from between both of you. "G-Get me pregnant, Toji, please! I need your babies inside me- I want you to make me a mommy, okay? Ple-Please, Toji, just- FUCK-"
His cock twitches inside you before you feel the first bit of hot cum flood your insides. 
"Oh fuck yes!" In his delirium, Toji brings a hand between your bodies, flattening his palm against your abdomen, seemingly prolonging your orgasm. "Right here. You're such a good slut for Daddy. Oh fuck yeah, baby take it. Take this fucking cum." You're a twitching mess underneath him, nothing but an instrument to fill his cum inside, as your eyes whiten and your body spasms. You're seeing fucking stars as your nails dig into the hard skin of Toji's biceps. The moan escaping you is viscous and loud.
"My fucking good girl." He says, breathing heavily as he slowly slumps down beside you. "My good girl." His cock plops out of your vagina, illiciting a sting from between your legs. You're secured in the thought that your pleasurable torture is done but Toji's big hands lazily scrape over your body before descending in between your legs.
"Ah! Toji-"
"Shh, Shh…" he soothes you quietly as his fingers move over your slit, scooping up the cum leaking out. "If we're doing this, we don't wanna waste a fucking thing, right?" He smiles evilly before pushing the cum back into your hole. 
"Apology accepted," he whispers, finally satisfied. 
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she wanting more
: bonk, horny thoughts 😔
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
mm neighbour!toji deliberately wearing skin-tight white shirts for him to shrug off whenever he mows his lawn because he knows you’re watching from your kitchen window.
neighbour!toji inviting you to his house every game night. he has his other friends over but his full attention is always on you — it doesn’t matter if his team is making their play, all he is focused on is you. he’s a little possessive too: he always has an arm ‘casually’ looped around you or thrown over your chair, always has his head inched towards you to hear you better, always refills your drink or offers you food, always making small talk about your work and your week and everything and anything in between.
neighbour!toji coming over to fix your sink or your washing machine or to help you clean your pool. you greet him by the door and he’s leaning on the post, his bulging arms crossed over his chest, his lips tugged in a lazy smile.
“hey, darlin’,” he greets. “lemme check what’s bothering a sweet thing like you.”
you giggle, tucking your hair behind your ear. “oh, you,” you mumble, aware of the tingle in your cheeks. you swivel, tilting your head for him to follow you in.
he grunts but he doesn’t move. not yet. he lets you walk ahead of him to watch the way you strut back into the comforts of your home. he savours the way your hips sway, your pyjama shorts softly riding up with every rub against your thighs. he waits with bated breath, knowing what’s coming next.
his veins go up in flames when you bend over to pick up guest slippers for him, your shorts hitching up enough to have your red lace panties peak through. he almost whimpers when your shorts kept riding higher, leaving the the fat of your ass exposed. christ, he breathes in sharply, you look absolutely ravaging.
he doesn’t even hide the desire in his eyes when you turn to look at him because he knows. he knows that you deliberately tease him only to act coy after. he knows that you like him just as much.
neighbour!toji fucking you in mating press. he always wanted to fill you with his cum; always wanted to stuff you full and leave you drunk off of his cock and his cum. he always wanted your breasts pressed flat against his, always wanted his lips locked with yours. it doesn’t matter if you can’t even kiss him back with the way your lips are stretched as moans and squeals and sobs fall from them because he’s always wanted it messy.
always wanted to leave evidences.
“to-i!!” you squeaked after aborted ah-ah-ah, your hands scratching at his back in an effort to ground yourself from the dizzying pleasure. “so deep! so deep!”
he laughs as he continues to humps your pussy, dragging his cock at your walls with every erratic thrusts. “yeah? y’ feel me reaching so far in you, huh? y’ve never been fucked like this, haven’t you sweetheart? haven’t been filled properly the way this pussy deserves? oh, doll,” he croons.
“well, here’s good news for you: y’r needy cunt will never be lonely again.”
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littlemouzee · 20 days
Tumblr media
𝔓𝔢𝔯𝔳!ℜ𝔬𝔬𝔪𝔪𝔞𝔱𝔢 𝔗𝔬𝔧𝔦...
𝘱𝘢𝘯𝘵𝘺 𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘴𝘯𝘪𝘧𝘧𝘪𝘯𝘨, 𝘛𝘰𝘫𝘪 𝘥𝘢𝘺 𝘥𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘣𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘧𝘶𝘤𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶, 𝘍𝘭𝘪𝘳𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨, 𝘗𝘦𝘵 𝘯𝘢𝘮𝘦𝘴
╰┈➤Here's part 2. Perv!Roommate Toji.
Tumblr media
Toji is a bad roommate, not because he can't clean up after himself. He's an amazing cleaner, he always does his dishes and offers to do yours, he cleans up any messes in the house. It's not because toji is rude to you, he's a gentlemen to you, always so so sweet.
Toji is a horrible roommate because he always steals your panties when you aren't home or you're just busy doing something, he immediately snatches your panties. He'll wait until you're at work before he'll touch himself, laying your panties across his face pressing them so close up against his nose to inhale your sweet scent, dragging his hand up and down his pretty cock, groaning your name.
Toji gets worse as days go on. He'll call you into whatever room he's in, smiling so sweetly at you before he'll he'll you to do something for him. "I'm sorry to trouble you, doll, but do you mind picking up that for me? My back has been bothering me and I just sat down." He'll point to whatever it is he wants, watching how you nod and tell him it's fine before turning around and bending over, flashing your ass to him giving him a show.
Toji loves, and I mean loves watching you do literally anything. Making food, cleaning, doing laundry, making sure he'd feed and has draken water. It makes him day dream about you being his house wife/husband. Makes him dream about coming home from a stressful day of work finally getting to see you and destress. Toji can only imagine now tight you'd feel around his cock, the thought of pounding into you, using you like a cum dump, just edges toji on.
Toji imagines the day you walk in on him masturbating. A cocky smirk on his face while he looks at you moaning your name. "Gonna stand there and stare or are you gonna come get your reward, bunny?" He loves the idea of being able to finally fuck you. Pounding relentlessly into you, claiming you as his, toji will bite all over your body giving you bite marks and hickys for days. Cumming inside you so many times it spills out of your hole, meaning he has to fuck it back inside you. He'll make sure to pamper you with kisses and cuddles, with so many praises, running you a bath when you feel like having one.
Tumblr media
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haha *goes into cardiac arrest*
click Keep reading at your own risk.
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this was supposed to be sweat. i swear. please trust me fam. i just can't draw liquids.
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masterlist. / taglist. / any request? synopsis. sure you cant blame a girl for trying but Toji shows you that he can make it fit .
─── ☆ notes. oh no,, Taiyo is back at it again with a new format. i'm writing shorter fics to make room for more ideas for the 9k+ Christmas wip i want done before the holiday week my new upload schedule is mon,wed, fri, and saturdays for now on usually around 7pm cst .
─── ☆ length. 954 (8 min read) .
─── ☆ genre and warnings. +18 nsfw under the cut. minors dni, smut, no plot/plotless, pwp, size difference, size kink, consent is sexy, Toji kinda being a soft dom, kinda bratty reader, failed cowgirl, missionary, manhandling, pet names, unprotected sex, meat to meat!, eye contact, dumbifcation, over stimulation, multiple orgasms, stomach feeling, chain dangling, implies of creampie | — feedback is always welcomed & don't forget to reblog 🤍
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You had caught yourself in a bit of a problem when you said, "I can’t." 
Your thighs trembled as you struggled to maintain a sitting position. Your muscles ached, and your chest heaved as any small shift had you seeing stars straddling Toji’s lap.
Small whines exhaled from your throat as your arms wrapped around his neck, even with the gesture of encouragement from his thumbs rubbing against the skin of your hips, letting you take complete control.
You at first thought it was a wonderful idea, not acknowledging the knowing look in Toji’s stare. 
He knew you were just being a brat since you would struggle to even fit him entirely in your mouth while giving him a blowjob, but seeing the determined look in your eye had him sitting back and entertaining your entire allusion.
Laid against the headboard with both hands kneading against your hips, there wasn't an ounce of concern in his eyes, as he hadn’t bothered to help you one bit as you were starting to backtrack on your plans entirely.
Your face twisted into a grimace as you slowly lowered yourself down, inch by inch, almost panting as you let out a long string of curses before finally bottoming out his entire length inside of you.
Your eyes were squeezed shut as you leaned forward, listening to Toji's deep chuckle. 
His muscly arms drew you into a soothing embrace, allowing you to catch your breath and listen to the pitter-patter of his heartbeat as your chests pressed together.
"It won’t fit." Your voice trembles as you shift your head to nuzzle into the crook of his neck. A shiver up your spine from the slightest movement of having him stuffed completely inside of you.
"Then how about we make it fit?" Toji surprisingly granted you mercy, giving you a moment to fully collect yourself before moving around to a more comfortable position, pushing aside the lightheaded feeling that left you feeling strangely empty as he pulled out of you.
Clenching against nothing, Toji gave you enough room to lie on your back, his hands wrapping around the bend of your knee to yank you closer to the edge of the mattress standing near the end of your bed.
As if they had belonged there, your thighs had wrapped around his hips in an instant, settling on your back. Everything about him leaning on top of you made you clench your fists around nothing in arousal—his stature completely enveloping you, his large muscled forearms encircling you on both sides. 
"Huh, how does that sound pretty?" Your head could only nod as your body shivered at the feeling of him using the slick of your arousal to coat the hilt of his length, rubbing himself against your folds in a teasing manner before sinking his tip between them and splitting you open.
As he continued to bottom out with one careful thrust, you let out a pierced moan. the first noise of bliss shared between the two of you as his hips met yours, stuffing you completely full.
It should have been considered illegal how good the drag of his meat felt against your walls, every inch making your spread thighs tremble as they started to ache from being too pushed apart. 
The moment his rhyme picked up you were convinced you were bound to start seeing stars soon. 
The wet sound of your pussy clenching against him as he thrust in and out, falling in love with the pick up of his breathing as he rested his forehead against yours watching every change in your expression. 
You don't pay much mind to the small gold chain that dangled just below your breast. The glint of the cold jewelry brushing against your exposed skin with every thrust had kept your brain too occupied with the abuse of your cunt to pay it any mind.
Toji pulled away to give you enough space to lean back against the sheets, you'd be thrashing if it weren't for his entire body weight holding you against the mattress as he adjusted himself to stuff inside of you at a deeper angle.
Your eyes were rolling up as your body tensed, having a sneaky orgasm—just the first one of the night—as he continued to fuck you through it.
"You still with me, princess?" He uses his palm to guide your chin back down, his long fingers ghosting over your cheek as he playfully slaps you, having the audacity to pose his words as any old innocent question, as if he weren't fucking your brains out right now.
As the buildup of your second orgasm began to boil over, you could only manage whimpers and broken moans.
convinced you were going to just pass away from the feeling of bliss as his palm fell flat against the pudge of your stomach, pressing into the flesh and feeling himself with a breathy chuckle.
You had almost found it sickening that he had found so much satisfaction in fucking you to the point of overstimulation, as tears swelled your eyes along with your second orgasm that left your nails clenching into Toji’s forearm.
His pace doesn't falter, doesn't even stutter as you shiver and shake under him, and you don't bother holding back any noises that come from your throat.
Toji doesn't seem to mind humming in agreement to every broken sentence, whispering compliments about how well you were holding up for him while he uses you raw like his personal fucktoy.
"I told you it could fit, baby," he coos, his tone laced with false kindness as his hips drive you deeper into the mattress. "Now the hard part is gonna be pulling out."
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# day 2. spectrophilia
dilf!fushiguro toji x ghost f!reader
genre. gothic romance, smut
s. father and son move into an antique mansion, ready to start a new life — but the house's past seems to be waiting for them 
cw. toji is a good dad (megumi is five), oral, praise, pet names, m. solo, size kink, creampie, mating press, fingering, doggy, full nelson, squirting | wc. 6500
tw. characters death, mention of deaths and suicides
kinktober m.list | interactions are appreciated
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once it wasn't in this gloomy condition. it had a clear and wide facade, long windows that were always open, and freshly laundered curtains. the lawn it overlooked was daily tended, the hedges were pruned, and the landlady's favorite flowers were planted according to the seasons. the woods at the back hid a small lake, and not far away a greenhouse.
now, rose mansion, no longer looked like a kind house. it had taken on the semblance of a place of despair, not meant to be lived in, not fit for people, hope or love. it had become an uppity, alive, evil house.
they arrived toward the end of a mid-june afternoon. they turned into the driveway, and the crunch of the car's wheels startled the crows clustered in the treetops, which took off cawing around the house.
"what do you think, buddy?" the young man closed the car door behind him before helping a little copy of himself out of the passenger side. "it's old," the boy wrinkles his nose, making the man beside him smile.
it wasn’t the first time you'd seen him. a few months earlier he had walked around the halls and rooms of rose mansion with a woman who showed him around the house, step by step, room by room and secret by secret, with amusing talk. he was wearing a dark coat, and his hair was falling over his forehead in a messy way. he looked like he was going through a rough period.
"it's not old," toji laughed, taking his child's hand, "it's vintage." he didn't seem to believe his own words much either. "hey, i know, it's an ugly, old ... old house," he chuckles opening the front door, "but it's a new beginning, for us."
yes, there was work to be done, but for the price for which it was purchased everything was doable. "the biggest room is mine," the child laughs as he runs upstairs, looking for the bedrooms. even as he laughs he looks wistful. his eyes sad and his eyebrows furrowed as he explores a room.
the furniture are covered with white cloths. the dust that kicks up when he removes them makes him wrinkle his little nose and sneeze a few times. his mouth snaps open in a perfect circle when he removes the tarp from an old toy car track. he pulls it down from the cabinet with no little difficulty, and once on the ground he arranges two small cars on it. one blue and the other red.
"who are you?" he asks as he looks up at the bed still under the dusty white sheet. He reminds you a lot of him. the same curious look when he was discovering something new, his eyebrows pulled together in the same way when he was thinking about something. "you're pretty, lady," he whispers as he resumes playing with the cars, as if your presence is completely normal in that room.
"who are you talking to, buddy?" his father enters the room with suitcases in his hands, smiling at the child sitting on the floor.
he shakes his head, "with a pretty lady," he murmurs carelessly. the green-eyed man does not seem upset by his answer, he sets the suitcases down in the small walk-in closet and begins cleaning in the room. "you found a really good toy mh?"
you watch them laughing and joking as they clean and brush dust around.
you want to talk to him. you want to talk to him from the first time you saw him walking around the house. you wanted to talk to him when he had shaggy hair and an unkempt beard. You want to talk to him now that he's tucking little megumi into bed.
"my room is two doors down," he reassures him, "if you need me." the child rolls his eyes dramatically making his father laugh. "okay i got it," he nods, turning off the small lamp on the nightstand, "good night, buddy." a "good night, daddy" comes back to him as he closes the door behind him and heads down the hallway.
toji lets a sigh escape as he lies down in bed after showering. he runs a hand over his face and through his damp shaggy hair before falling asleep.
shortly after midnight, his eyes snap open when you slide your tongue over his cock. his scent invades your nostrils as you press your lips to the vein on the underside of his thick shaft, his balls throbbing against your chin. "hi, daddy" you murmur moving to the tip to slurp at the pre-cum dribbling from his narrow slit.
"fuck" he moans as his eyes roll back, “i haven't had a dream like this in a while, baby" he gasps. his hips buck as you wrap your hand around his shaft and go down to work his fat balls.
"oyu like it like that daddy?" you hum, licking and sucking until the skin glistens with your saliva. the darkness in the room limits toji's view, the light coming from outside barely illuminating your head moving up and down on his shaft.
"fuck, you're an angel," he snaps suddenly, lacing a hand in your hair and jerking your head forward, making you swallow his cock. "i like it that way, though, baby," he stares at you with a smirk. his cock throbs on your tongue as you swallow him down to the base. he moans and spasms as your throat tightens around him, "just like that."
you choke on his cock when toji lifts his hips, your mouth a perfect hole to fuck. he sinks his length making your eyes water, drool and his pre-cum dripping down your chin as you wriggle.
his breathing quickens, his balls throb and his shaft slowly drools cum into your mouth, "you're such a good girl," he praises you as he thrusts his hips upward, "you like this big cock, don't you angel, huh?"
when you sloppily lap his soggy slit he loses his mind. his hips tense up and his hand holds you pressed against his cock as he pours every drop of his load down your throat, "fuck like this, swallow it all, angel," he hisses thrusting one last time into your mouth before slumping down on the pillows breathlessly.
the back garden, like the rest of the house, had been neglected for years. flowers weren't even growing anymore, yet once, the mansion, was just famous for its roses.
"hi, pretty lady," little Megumi is still wearing his bunny pajamas when he joins you in the garden. He rubs his eyes clutching his little cars in his hand.
"hi little boy," you smile at him. His little feet are barefoot and he rubs them one on top of the other making you laugh. "you should be in bed, honey," you scold him softly, "it's early for you." he wrinkles the tip of his nose and shrugs his shoulders.
"come on, I'll take you back to your room," you whisper taking his hand. He accepts without question.
"hey get away from my son." Toji comes toward you as you proceed home. He must have seen you from his bedroom window and didn't even have time to put on a shirt, the poor thing.
"who are you?" he asks, taking his son in his arms and looking at you with furrowed brows, as if he has seen you somewhere before, or dreamed you.
"she is the pretty lady" Megumi hastens to say, drawing his father's attention from you to him.
"i’ m the gardener" you giggle, extending your arm to shake his hand. he looks confused but shakes your hand firmly. "i was included in the price of the house" you joke studying the man who in turn looks you up and down.
"huh sorry i wasn't aware of that" yoji mumbles clutching Megumi to his side. Then he looks around the garden with a raised eyebrow, and you know exactly what he's thinking.
"i was hired by the real estate agents, but I've only just arrived" you smile. the man scratches his head and when he realizes he has only his boxers on he curses under his breath.
"we'd better go inside," he says looking at his son. "i'll treat you to coffee, come in", he smiles, licking his lips.
you and megumi are left alone only a few minutes, just long enough for toji to get dressed and return to the kitchen to you.
"the coffee maker is in the left cupboard" you chuckle as you watch the man look around not even he probably knows what to look for. He looks at you with a smirk as you run a car across the table playing with Megumi.
"so ... have we met mh?" he hands you the cup not sure how to start a conversation. "...the house is vintage huh?" he smiles while drinking his coffee. Megumi shakes his head and looks at you, "he means it's an old house falling down," he says correcting his father.
"the house is from the 1800s. after the first owner died, the two daughters inherited the house," you tell, catching the attention of the two fushiguros. "the eldest, after receiving half of the inheritance, left the house; the second daughter, married and stayed to live in the mansion."
"for a while the young couple was happy. they are happy because a child comes into their lives. but their happiness does not last long." megumi bends his head to the side looking at you enchanted. "huh i don't think this is a children's story, i'm sorry," you shake your head, feeling bitter that you have said too much.
"no, it's okay, don't worry" toji reassures you. "do you know what work needs to be done around the house?" he asks, changing the subject.
you nod. "well, the wallpaper in the central hall is peeling off, two bathrooms upstairs have leaky pipes, down in the basement the floor is sagging and probably the roof too."
toji massages one temple while sighing. the house had been old and uninhabited for a long time, but perhaps he had not expected all that work to be done.
"i'm going back to my work, if you look for me i'm at the greenhouse," you smile.
toji follows you to the porch when you leave, "mh you are staying here? mh i mean, you have a room, ... do you live here?" the tips of his ears turn red as he runs a hand through his tousled hair.
"yes, i live here," you smile, heading toward the woods.
at dinner, megumi doesn't break away from you. despite toji repeating to him to leave you alone, the child kept telling you about his games, the books he had read, his friends he had left behind in his old town.
"no, it's fine," you smile, taking megumi in your arms, "i can put him to bed." the child is enthusiastic, "go ahead and rest, I'll take care of it."
steam filled the bath. the water must have been boiling, and toji, in the shower, was trying to relax. more problems had come to the surface than he imagined. but he didn't want to think about those now.
his cock slowly begins to harden as you make room in his thoughts. "damn it," he cursed, grabbing his shaft and bringing it to full hardness with a few quick strokes.
you were putting his son to bed and had been so nice to him. with both of you. but ever since he had shaken your hand that morning in the backyard, his constant thought had been your tits. "fuck ..." he hisses through clenched teeth.
he can imagine how those beautiful balls of fat bounce as you slide on his big cock, your moans as you try to take it all because it's too thick for your tight hole.
his lips part as he slides his length into his fist. pre-cum glistens on his tip as he pulls the skin under the head once more.
your moans. probably the sweetest sound in existence. his eyes roll back in his head as he tightens his fist around his girth. Your pussy would have felt so much better than his calloused hand.
his thick cock would have stretched and spread you so well with his thrusts that you would have cried his name, moaned how well he fucked you, and perhaps, begged him to fill you to the brim with his cum.
"fuck ... shit," he grunts. He feels himself on the edge as he slides his cock through the circle his fingers created.
he gasps, moans and groans at the image of you cumming on him. your white cream sliding down his shaft and pooling at the base of his cock. Maybe you're one of those that gushes cum, that squirts when you come.
"yes, like that, ... fuck." his cock throbs in his hand. cum coats his fingers, and as he jerks it in his fist the load slips onto his fat balls, "fuck ... feels so good," he coos, licking his lips.
your pussy probably tastes good too. this last thought sends him over the edge. his cock throbs painfully as the last spurt of cum spurts out as well, leaving him breathless, "huh fuck ..." he coos admiring the mess he’s made.
you know he was thinking about you. you read it in his eyes and in the smirk on his lips as he steps out of the shower. he unconsciously walks past you as he wraps a towel around his hips before moving to the bedroom.
"good morning," he is damn handsome as he joins you at the lakeshore. he's wearing pants and a t-shirt that shows off his thick arms.
"good morning mr. fushiguro," he smiles as he sits down next to you. you remain silent for a while, enjoying the warm sunshine and light morning breeze.
"thank you for last night," he says. "it's a little hard to deal with a five-year-old all by yourself," he chuckles embarrassed.
"where is his mother?" you ask, remembering that you saw no woman with him on the day of the house visit. and on his little finger no sign of a ring.
"she's gone," toji hisses, "she dreamed of seeing the world, and her son was not part of that dream."
"you weren't part of that dream either?" you ask curiously.
he chuckles. "no, not at all." he’s sad. He has the same expression as the first time you saw him. "i needed a change of scenery, i found the ad for the house and thought, well why not." 
yeah, why not!
"what about you? have you always been a gardener? where are you from?"
"where is megumi?" you ask snapping to your feet. he stands up after you explaining that his son is sleeping in his room. "he's alone," you mumble, looking at toji, who has furrowed brows.
"well, I hope so" he laughs, following you as you walk back home.
the child is still asleep in his bed when you arrive in his room, but you can feel that a strange energy has recently left the room.
"is everything all right?" toji asks as he closes the door, letting his son sleep. you nod as you look down the hallway. "About the story you were telling us yesterday" he smiles looking at you out of the corner of his eye, "how did it turn out?"
"it's a story that doesn't have a happy ending," you murmur as you walk down the stairs with him. "the couple's baby got sick. a lung disease. he was getting worse day by day. the parents were in despair, the father began to be short-tempered and blamed his wife," you tell sitting next to him on the sofa.
"one night the mother woke up and not finding her husband in bed and not hearing the little one coughing she headed to his room." this part is always the one you have a hard time remembering, perhaps because it has been a while since you last told it.
"the scene that presented before the poor woman almost broke her heart. the man was holding a pillow over the child's face, who knows how long he was pressing it, because by the time the woman reached her baby there was no life left in his tiny lungs." toji rubs his finger on his chin as you tell him the story of the house.
"the man went completely crazy. He blamed his wife, said she had killed their child. To protect himself, he then, killed her too. he hid the woman's corpse and told everyone in the village that she had escaped." toji shakes his head in horror. "he hanged himself from the chandelier at the entrance just a few weeks later. maybe he felt guilty, or maybe he had spent all the family money, i don't know."
"well damn ..." he chuckles, "they didn't tell me this when i bought the house."
"over the years many people have bought and sold the house," you explain as you watch the wallpaper peel off and fall to the floor. "they say the ghost of the man is still looking for his family, scaring the tenants, who decide to sell after a few months."
"are there ghosts in the house?" megumi shouts, jumping into his father's lap. Toji shakes his head and stands up taking him in his arms, "they're just old stories" he reassures the child. "shall we have breakfast mh?" the little boy fastens his arms around his neck and smiles contentedly.
"will you join us?" yoji asks turning to look at you, but they are not the only ones looking at you. you feel a familiar energy coming from megumi's room and, apologizing to them, you go upstairs.
the storm roars outside. rain beats on the window panes and the wind outside whistles. The old wooden boards creak and the old house seems to come alive.
Mmegumi despite what is happening around him, manages to sleep peacefully in his bed. he fidgets slightly when you adjust his blanket.
"hey, what are you doing?" toji is standing in the doorway. his sweat pants fall over his hips in a sexy way, his mussed hair covers his forehead, and his muscles twitch when you rest your hand on his chest.
"can i stay with you tonight?" the answer comes when toji leans in and kisses you.
the kiss is deep. Wet and messy. tis hands cup your face as he pushes his tongue over yours. "fuck ... where have you been?"
he can feel your smile on his lips as you pull back to catch your breath, "around."
his breath becomes labored against your skin, he brings his hand to brush against your cheek, "i missed you."
toji hovers over your body when you end up in bed. you shed your clothes with ease. his body is firm, hard with strong arms. his hands calloused and warm. when he touches you a shiver runs down your back, "you' re beautiful," he whispers into the kiss.
his mouth grazes your nipples. He sucks them deliciously, alternating his fingers and tongue.
his cock is hard and throbbing, the tip drooling pre-cum as he pulls down your panties. "you're so wet, angel," he licks his lips at the sight of rows of cum sticking your pussy to the fabric.
toji smiles, pressing a soft kiss against your knee, "i'm gonna make you feel good" he bites his lip as he spreads your legs apart.
he slides two fingers between your wet folds, spreading them apart. your hole tightens around nothingness as Toji rubs circles on your clit, "fuck, this pussy ..i dream about this at night."
sweet moans fall from your lips as he slides his tongue into your hole. your dripping cunt tightens around his muscle, "hah please" you sob.
your back arches as he traps your hard nub in his mouth. your whole body twitches, your heels lift off the bed and you kick against the air.
toji looks at you through hair tousled over your eyes, your cum linking his face to yours in sticky wisps that break when he returns to lick your creamy folds.
"you taste so good," he moans, the obscene, wet sound of his tongue lapping at your cunt hums through the room.
you whimper, gripping his black hair tightly as he sucks more precisely on your clit. his expert tongue circles and grazes the bud as you sigh and moan at the sensation.
your eyes roll back in your head in pleasure. you gush on his tongue, wetting the bottom of his face, his fingers press on your sweet spot, rubbing against your walls.
your cunt drools and your clit throbs in his mouth, "yes... like that, i'm gonna cum," you meow, squirming under him.
you stutter mindlessly, getting closer and closer to your orgasm. you tremble and sob until he pushes you over the edge. you cream on his lips, your clit pulses on his tongue, and his fingers continue to fuck your hole.
your walls tighten around him. His cock is painfully hard as he listens to your moans, his balls throbbing as he watches your body shake for him.
he removes his fingers from your hole slowly, mindful of your sensitivity. he still couldn't resist laying a fleeting kiss on your throbbing clit before sitting between your legs, bringing his fingers to his mouth to lick them clean.
he kisses along your body until he reaches your lips, neither of them bothering to share the taste of your cum. "You did so well," he praises you holding your hips, "you are such a good girl for me."
your body still trembled as you wrap your arms around his neck and your thighs close around his waist.
his cock reaches your navel, dripping pre cum along the length. Toji easily spreads it over his cock with his fist before sliding the tip between your folds, grazing your clit.
he slaps it with his head, making you jerk and arch your back. your swollen tits leap into the air. toji is quick to shush you. he locks your thighs open to your shoulders.
his cock is heavy on your wet folds. toji starts working his hips back and forth, rubbing his shaft over your sensitive cunt.
"you're so messy," he teases you. his tongue peeps between his swollen lips, his eyes glued to the sight of your pussy getting messy for him, because of him. Your hole tightens and gushes under his thick shaft.
your eyes roll back as his tip presses on your bud making you cum.
"fuck ... good girl," he growls, squeezing your thighs together. your pussy cum against his cock making his swollen balls throb.
"fuck me ... now  please," you sob. toji turns a smirk on you slamming his length on your clit making you cum some more. " please."
at your pleas, he presses the fat, sensitive head of his cock into your still-spasming cunt. He quickly lowers himself, going balls deep.
"huht oji ... ‘s big," you groan, legs kicking as he pushes inside you. you cream around his length, gushing along his balls, not coming down from your pleasure.
"hmm yeah, it's big baby?" he hisses, taking that sweet spot of yours and making you cream, "fuck, angel ... you like it that big uhu? you like it mh?" you can't answer coherently, and he knows it.
he fucks you hard, grinds against your needy nub as he changes angles. You pull him down for a kiss, tangling your fingers in his hair.
your pussy squeezes and milks him. the sensation makes him moan into your mouth. his hips stutter and do not slow down as he cum in your cunt.
your bodies tremble, one on top of the other. your cunt flutters around his swollen cock, "damn, fuck," he cusses giggling.
"angel, fuck," he whispers breathlessly, releasing his cock from your twitching slit. You moan at the feeling of being empty, his seed gushing out as he lies down beside you.
toji's breath is slow. He sleeps beside you, his arms wrapped around your waist and his chest against your back.
you know they aren't safe in the house. not when he is here. but finally, after a long time, you've regained what you lost, and now it's hard to let go.
megumi knows. he's a smart kid, after all. but toji? he wouldn't understand.
you can hear Megumi tossing and turning in his bed. you can hear him get up, and you can hear the door of his room open. his tiny footsteps seem to rumble through the old house.
"hi, honey." as you guessed, his eyes are closed. he's asleep. "you have to stay away from them," you mutter, "you've already taken one away from me, you won't take them too."
"he was here," megumi whispers in your ear when toji leaves the room. the kid doesn't seem frightened; he keeps running his toy cars on the small track, looking at you smiling.
"did he hurt you?" you ask. he shakes his head.
"he sits at the foot of the bed and looks at me," he whispers. "i've asked him what he wants but he never answers," he explains settling into your lap.
the situation keeps repeating itself every time new residents arrive.
if the family has children, he starts with them. he play with their little minds, manipulate them as he pleases. then he moves on the mothers. he stresses them, makes them see things that don't exist, makes them tired and angry. finally, the fathers. with them it' s easy. he whispers in their ear. he tells them horrible things about his family. he wants to see them break up.
if he can't have his family, no one else should have one.
that's where you come in. you've seen families come and go. some break up and some survive, get out of this damn house unscathed. they run away after a few weeks, before they give in to the madness. before he hurts them.
for years, centuries, you stood watch over families that were not your own. you were tired. and then toji came along. he looked broken, like you. with him came megumi. after a long time your pieces came together.
you became selfish in these few days in their company, you realized.
"i won't let him hurt you," you reassure him wrapping him in your embrace.
it was megumi's idea for the picnic by the lake. "can i take a bath?" he giggles, dipping his feet into the water.
toji nods but before the child can actually get wet, you pull him out. "no, no swimming." Perhaps the tone of your voice is too harsh because you see him wince. "oh I'm sorry, just...the water is dirty, honey."
he wrinkles his little nose but nods, returning to sit next to his father.
"i'm sorry," you murmur to toji, who looks at his son. "that was not my intention," the man smiles, shaking his head.
at dinner, after clearing the table and putting the child to bed, toji pulls you aside.
"i didn't like what happened today," he confesses, referring to the incident in the afternoon. you know you have no right to retort; it wasn't your intention to scold the child but you certainly couldn't let him see.
"yes you’re right, i’m sorry" you mutter, drying the dishes. he doesn't seem to want to start a discussion, after all, it' s not even clear what kind of relationship you are in. he drops the subject, finishing arranging the dishes.
"are you mad?" you ask, hearing him stir under the covers. he’s barely spoken to you in the last few days. "i'm sorry i scolded megumi, i'm not his mother and i don't ..."
"that's the point," he abruptly interrupts your speech. "you’re not his mother, but i wish you were. you're taking care of him, and he loves you," he confesses, running a hand over his face and extending an arm to turn on the bedside light.
"i love you," he murmurs, looking up at the ceiling. "you've done more for him in twenty days than his mother and i have in years."
"you love me?" you ask shocked. It's been a long time since you've heard those words. your expression makes him chuckle.
he turns on his side and wraps an arm around you, pulling you to his chest. "i fucking love you," he whispers softly in the crook of your neck.
toji attaches his mouth to your hardened nipple as his fingers tingle the other. the stimulation makes your body jerk in pleasure and you feel yourself practically soaking in your panties.
with his other free hand, he rubs circles on your clit against the damp fabric.
you moan and gently tug at his hair as your hips desperately rub against his finger for relief.  "does that feel good?" he says softly. "you're so wet for me."
"Yeah, fuck" you mumble a little embarrassed after he points it out, but you find it endearing as he lets out a wheezy giggle.
"i'll make you feel even better," he smiles, bending your knees and spreading them wide.
your pussy twitches as you feel his finger pull your panties to the side, he smiles before spreading your swollen folds and sticking his tongue out to lap at your cream.
a loud moan escapes your throat as he sucks your clit and purposely teases it with quick flicks of his tongue. your legs begin to shake.
your moans and groans are like music to his ears. when he slips a finger into your tight hole and you cry out he feels the walls are already sucking him in greedily as your hips jerk to fuck his finger.
"god, you're so fucking good," he grunts, sliding another finger in, fucking you mercilessly. you feel your orgasm building and it threatens to tip over as his finger curls, hitting your sweet spot.
"fuck, toji..." you gasp as your toes curl from the unbearable stimulation that makes your body tremble. He plays with the swollen bud before sucking hard on it.
"mmhh...I'm going to cum!" your eyes close as the orgasm finally hits and your pussy gushes out and floats around his fingers.
your breath becomes erratic and a moan escapes your lips at the emptiness when he pulls out to lick his fingers. "you taste so fucking good, angel," he moans.
he hovers above you and rests his lips on yours so you can taste your juices from his tongue before he breathlessly pulls away.
"turn around," he orders, helping you get on the edge of the bed on all fours.
a soft moan escapes your tongue as toji spreads your juices with his cock. he grabs your hips for leverage as he slowly penetrates your hole, and you bite your lip hard as you feel his girth spread you painfully and deliciously.
his fingers dig deeper into your skin as he hammers his cock into your cunt erratically.
your cheek is pressed against the sheet you clutch between your fingers as you feel his tip kiss your cervix with each thrust. toji's breath is already labored from above you, his hips rolling diligently inside you as he increases the pace.
"look at you, baby... fuck...i'm so lucky!" you groan in praise, unconsciously feeding his ego.
"so good," you moan. a mischievous smile prints on his lips. you feel your body being lifted abruptly before he makes you put your back against his broad chest and your legs on his forearms, bending you in half.
your pussy drips down his shaft and onto his balls. your tits bounce up and down as he continues to thrust inside you.
"so pretty, my angel" he says between grunts. he pulls out his thick cock slowly and pushes it back into your pussy with an agonizing rhythm.
"yeah, shit," you sob. toji slams his cock hard inside you, his big balls bouncing just enough to slap your puffy clit.
"i - i'm gonna cum," you moan as your hips roll desperately against his.
the knot in your stomach tightens from the feeling of being filled as he pushes deep inside you.
the walls squeezing him make him let out a low growl from his throat, and he holds your body with both arms as he keeps fucking you in order to chase his high.
"fuck...like this..." he kisses your head as he feels you gush on his cock. his cock is pushed out as you squirt. "fuck , yes, baby, just like that," he praises forcing his big shaft into your puffy, sensitive pussy
"I'm gonna fill this pretty pussy." sporadic thrusts begin to stutter as his balls throb and his cock twitches inside you to indicate that he is close to orgasm and a loud moan comes from his throat as he finally cum.
toji pauses for a few moments inside you, catching his breath and recomposing himself before lifting your body slightly to pull out his softening cock. his cum overflows from your sloppy hole and your trembling knees fail to hold you up, so your body falls to the mattress and he chuckles at the sight.
"i fucking love you," he murmurs, helping you lie back down and laying kisses along your jaw.
"i hide and you count," he laughs as he makes you lean against the wall and forces you to close your eyes.
toji was working on renovating the house. megumi and you were helping him with what you could. and he hadn't approached the child again. perhaps, things could work out.
"ready or not, i'm coming," you announce, setting out in search of the baby.
toji points you upstairs as you walk past him. "thank you," you smile as you climb the stairs.
the rooms, however, are empty. He isn't under the bed or even in the closets.
the bathrooms, empty.
the staircase coming down from the ceiling was in the middle of the hallway, though. "honey, you shouldn't be here," you murmur, finding him playing with an old trunk.
"this is you," he says with conviction, handing you an old photograph. it was a family portrait, shortly after your son was born. "why didn't i see the baby in the picture here in the house?" he asks scratching his head.
you don't know. you searched far and wide, but he never came to you. leaving you alone.
"what are you brats up to?" toji joins you in the attic. you don't have time to hide the picture before he peeks over it.
he wrinkles his eyebrows. he looks at the small portrait and then at you. "what the fuck?" he hisses, crouching on the floor at your level.
"daddy, she's the pretty lady," megumi hums finding an old colored ball in the trunk.
you don't quite know what to say. making up a lie right now doesn't seem fair to you. "i can explain" you stammer trying to take his hand which he tugs pulling himself to his feet.
"buddy, let's go" he takes megumi in his arms and they walk down from the attic. You hear him hurry down the hallway. you hear the jingle of car keys. you hear the engine start up. and you hear the gravel crunch under the wheels of the car.
toji went to and from the house twice, and both times he did not look for you. he had returned to pick up his and his son's things. a sad shadow on his face with every step in that damned house.
once again you were left alone.
"do you wanna talk to me?" it's night when he calls you from the living room. sitting on the sofa he waits for you, his head in his hands, leaning forward.
"where is megumi?" you ask when you sit down by his side.
he smiles. "i found a babysitter," he says without looking at you. it' s so hard to see him in that condition. he's in that state because of you, and it shatters your heart.
"he told me everything," he says. "thank you, for protecting my son." his voice is almost a whisper as he turns to look at you.
"you can't stay here," you grow closer to him, "as much as I want to, i can't let him hurt you." 
you didn't know that even ghosts could cry.
he is quick to pick up your tear. "i know," he admits, moving your hair behind your ear. "but you can't stay here either."
then he asks you that question you never thought you'd have to answer. "where did  that fucker place your body?"
the summer night air cools you as you walk toward the lake. "there's a suitcase at the bottom of the lake, i'm there." you struggle to control your tears as toji holds your hand and walks beside you.
toji would have stopped anyone from setting foot in rose mansion, that way you too would have found some peace.
"wait for me here," he asks taking off his t-shirt and shoes, undoing his belt and taking off his jeans as well. you nod.
as he dives in you begin to stand on your toes. maybe you would have been happy, together. if you too, like him, were alive.
when he resurfaces he drags an old suitcase with him. maybe after so long you would have been free. that house that had been your prison was already becoming a bad memory.
"there should be a pendant on what's left of my neck," you murmur taking his face in your hands, "give it to megumi and tell him i love him."
he nods. his lip clenched between his teeth as he pulls you into his arms. "i'm sorry for what happened to you. I'm sorry for the way things turned out." his lips are cold as he kisses you. a deep kiss, a goodbye kiss.
"under the roses?" he asks. anything would have been better than the lake where you rested for centuries. you nod, though. the roses, they were more than fine.
your mind was already at peace.
"that was you, wasn't it?" he asks digging a hole in the ground. "the first night."
if you had been alive your face would have been red with embarrassment. "i'm sorry," you whisper, biting your lip.
he laughs. "don't be" he hums, "damn, best blowjob of my life."
"i'll miss you" he murmurs brushing your lips with his thumb.
"i'll wait for you" you tease him. he laughs, taking your joke seriously. "take care of megumi." he nods, placing a soft kiss on your forehead.
"i love you," you sob into his chest.
"i love you more" he whispers into your hair.
it’s dawn when toji finishes covering the pit he had dug, under the roses in the back garden.
your pendant, a heart with a picture of you and your baby inside, clutched in his fist as he closes rose mansion forever, ending the cycle of life and death.
Tumblr media
an. thank you if you' ve read this far. a reblog would be greatly appreciated + i plan to write an alternate ending bci want toji and yn to be happy together
🏷. @hannas16 @yeagerfushiguro @themaravismari @wthzoe @that0neacc0unt @pretty-sluts-blog @yoongi-dt @thatwitchbitch @qunxi @lilithlunas @lains-wired-reality @bunnyjiros @theviperess @shinsoskittyy @a-teenagewitch @hottieluvr @alpha-mommy69 @acehyacinth @18-vitaeri @toxzart @honeythedarling @mssaditysimz @biigbiitch @cotton-candy-dreaming @muxthecryptid @moonamor @misuguchi @rekisgobbler @tor-tor8 @tuzuis4thwife @galliardsmaniac @crybabysatoru @chysalxsm @neacore @captainsbaby @ilikewafflesworld @awkwardchick87 @imluvingit @rose-anime-love @cosmotoic @laylaisweird @mikeysfavdorayaki @jaded-cloudes @geasthewritingrat @chrrybl0ss0m @getomybeloved @vodkasjedi @the-black-foxxxx @haitanisgf @xingyunist
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s0dium · 6 months
Embarrassing/Taboo things that turn JJK men on
Tumblr media
A/n: Finally back from hiatus! This is inspired by @smallmight-papi fic which you can find right here x
Characters: Geto suguru, Gojo satoru, Toji fushiguro, Sukuna Ryomen
Warnings: Voyeurism, dacryphillia, heavy dub con, brat taming, size kink, somno 
Geto suguru- Vouyerism
Nothing gets this man off more then the risk of being seen
This includes fingering you under the table when your eating with friends, fucking you in front of a window, or having you suck him off in an alley way
The thrill of it all sends blood straight to his dick
"I dont-I" Your brain was fuzzy and the pleasure clouding your brain was preventing you from forming any words.
"I-I" Geto mocks menacingly. His thrusts dont cease as he pins you up against the wall window that outlooked the city. "Baby cant even form any words now?" The pap pap pap of his hips against yours was like a spell and his dick seemed to slide in and out of you effortlessly from how wet you where.
"Yeah? You like this? Getting off from possibly being caught, what a slut."
Gojo Satoru- When you cry
Dont get him wrong, he loves seeing you smile, but something about watching you beg, watching you cry, gets Gojo off more then you can imagine
He tries not to make you cry on purpose of course, but you look so pretty when you do.
"Shh shh shh dont cry baby, it will all be over soon." Gojo coos, but you know every word coming out of his mouth is a lie.
"P-please gojo please no more." You whine, fat hot tears pouring down your face. His thrusts where incessant and the burr of the vibrator attached to your cunt was making your brain go numb.
Sukuna Ryomen- when your in pain
Ok this sounds wrong, really wrong. But the king of curses likes to see his prey struggle before they submit. It makes it more fun.
This overlaps a bit with dacryphillia, but unlike gojo, happy tears don’t count. Sukuna wants to see you struggle to take his length, he wants to see you whine and beg for him to stop.
“Hah-I can’t, too big,” you whine, writing against Sukunas hole as he presses himself into you. It feels like your being torn apart from how big he is, and the burning sensation is too much.
Your pleas fall on deaf ears though because Sukuna just simply chuckles, flashing you a managing smile before pushing his hips forward. “Just shut up and take it.”
Toji Fushiguro- When your sleeping
Something about when your sound asleep, how peaceful you look, sends a feeling a warmth through Tojis body
You just look so innocent, so vulnerable, Toji cant keep his hands off of you.
It will start off by innocent spooning, then that will turn into rutting his erection into your ass, which will then turn to Toji slipping your panties to the side and bullying his dick into your wet cut.
Your whimpers where so sweet, almost heart breaking if Toji didnt find them so beautiful. You must be dreaming of something filthy, because your practically dripping, your juices coating his cock as Toji slid in and out of you languidly.
You whine when the tip of his dick hits something in you that makes your legs trembled and your eyes start to flutter open from the surge of pleasure. "mm-wha? Whats going on?" You mumble, half asleep and brain hazy from the feeling of being full.
"Shh shh baby, go back to sleep, I promise I'll make you feel good."
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tsariroti · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
More JJK Domestic Tojin AU wheeee
Toji just can't resist Jin . Naoya babysitting the twins! Yuuji and Sukuna being cute! Megumi being not cute but still cute!!!
Iit's ok, Jin gets used to Naoya eventually. And Toji gets an earful from Jin later.
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chosovixen · 16 days
so are we not gonna talk about toji smoking a blunt while you ride him?
your hands are flat against his abdomen—feeling each and every muscle tense as you steadily bounce on his thick shaft, cock stretching your cunt so dearly. he has one large palm kneading at the tender flesh of your breast and the other holding a lit blunt between his calloused fingers. 
as you struggle to ride him, he only smiles. he knows you’re getting tired, and he is no help at all—pursing his lips slightly, he takes another hit from the blunt and puffs the cannabis-laced smoke directly into your face.
“toji,” you whine—coughing slightly, hips starting to slow in the process, eyes half-lidded, and head going woozy. he clicks his tongue and squeezes to breast roughly—making you let out a small gasp. 
“keep your pace, okay?” 
“i can’t,” you counter, beginning to feel yourself fall forward. he sighs and reaches over to put the joint out, pressing the lit tip into the ashtray by the bedside. when it was all out, he turned his focus back to you—grabbing onto your hips with both hands and squeezing gently. toji then plants his feet flat on the bed, and you whimper at how his cock slides deeper into your sopping wet cunt.
“be good now and let me use your pretty cunt how i please.” he huskily whispers before fucking up into you at a demon-like pace.
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