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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Satoru Gojo x f!Reader
Warnings: Smut, Vaginal Sex, Ice Play, Blindfolding, Vaginal Fingering, Creampie
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Tumblr media
“Is this really what you want to do?” Satoru asks, tying the blindfold behind your head, per your request. You sit down on your bed, wearing just your underwear as the man makes sure the blindfold doesn’t easily fall off. You don’t give him any type of answer, just thinking about everything that’s going to happen.
You got the idea from Satoru himself, somehow always coming so much and so hard when you have quickies– The only time during sex where his blindfold is on. And every time you ask him about how it feels to have sex with his blindfold on, he can’t explain it. So you want to experience it, although you know your circumstances are different.
“I’m just blindfolded, not tied up. If I want to remove it, I can at any time.” You tell him the second time he asks if this is what you want. Your vision is completely blocked, and all you know is that you’re in the bedroom and Satoru is there with you. 
Nothing really can change in the span of a minute, can it? Your hands go searching for him, but there’s nothing. You think you’re alone in the room, and you don’t want to take off the blindfold to check– You think that’s cheating.
“Sato-” You begin, and before you can finish calling out his name, his lips crash on yours. They feel so cold, and moist. You recall  the drink that he brought with him to the bedroom. Your mouth opens, allowing his tongue to enter. Immediately you feel the ice that was on his mouth, which now melts on your tongue.
He begins to kiss your neck, while his cold hands go down your body. He pulls away from the kiss as his hands go to your back to unclasp your bra. He slides it off before his mouth wraps around your nipple. You continue to suck on the ice until it completely melts on your tongue.
Satoru’s tongue circles around your nipple a couple of times before he unlatches. What comes next is him kissing down your body, at least that’s what usually happens. But you don’t feel his lips kissing down. You feel his presence in the room, so he hasn’t left. But you don’t know what he’s doing or what he’s planning to do.
Until you feel it. A drop of water falls on the tip of your nose. Then another one on your cheek. Soon you feel the cold droplets on your chest. “You like that?”
You hum in response. A couple more drops down on your stomach. A gasp leaves your lips as you feel the ice cube on your nipple. The sudden direct coldness makes goosebumps appear on your body. You hear a chuckle come from Satoru before the nearly melted ice cube goes over the other nipple.
The ice cube fully melts, the water dripping down your torso. Satoru licks up the water before you feel his finger hook under your panties, and he pulls them down. His ice cold fingers run through your folds, making you tremble. You hear a laugh, which confirms how much he’s enjoying this.
He can’t believe how wet you are… He’s barely even done anything. He inserts his middle and ring finger into your cunt. His long fingers reach all the right spots, earning pathetic moans from you. 
What causes you to nearly scream is when the man grabs another ice cube and presses against your clit. You continue to hear Satoru chuckle. Usually he says more, but today he’s enjoying himself in a different way.
Satoru stops pressing the ice cube against your clit, and he brings it up to your lips. He presses it against your lips until you open up and take the cube into your mouth. The man curves his fingers, while his thumb begins to play with your clit.
“Hmm… So good, Satoru-” You moan as he scissors his fingers. He knows that under the blindfold, your eyes are rolling to the back of your head. Your parted lips look so pretty.
Your cunt is tightening around his fingers, your moans getting louder. He’s barely even done anything and you’re nearing your orgasm. It takes you a bit more to usually orgasm, but not tonight. 
“Fuck-” Your legs shake as you come around his fingers. He takes his fingers out, covered with your come. You know he’s most likely licking them, and your suspicions are confirmed when you hear,
“You taste so good.” 
For a minute, you wait for what Satoru is going to do. You hear the sound of him unbuckling his belt. You get impatient, not being able to see what Satoru is doing now. But soon enough you feel the tip of his cock on your clit. He slaps it a couple of times before asking, “Hmm… You want this, right?”
“Yes…” You answer. But the man continues teasing. You’re lucky you can’t see the taunting face that he must have right now. “Please…”
“Whatever you want, doll.” He responds as he enters the tip. But he doesn’t enter more, instead he takes it out and puts it back in.
“Please.” You say again. He fulfills your wishes and stretches your pussy with his cunt. His fingers are nice, but nothing like his dick. 
His thrusts are slow and so fulfilling. He slowly begins to pick up speed, making your moans louder. Satoru takes advantage of your open mouth, and he grabs the last ice cube from the cup and puts it in your mouth.
He begins to kiss you, his tongue sliding over the ice that’s in your mouth. You feel him moan in your mouth, not being able to control himself. Your cunt feels so great, it really feels as if it was made for him. It’s impossible for him not to moan.
The ice completely melts, and he pulls away from the kiss. Both your moans go into the air. Your pussy swallows him so well.
Your hand goes down to play with your clit, not wanting him to do it considering how cold his fingers are. You throw your head back, and you don’t understand the science behind it, but it somehow feels so much better. Your senses are heightened, and now you understand why Satoru comes so fast and hard during quickies.
“Hmm… That’s it.” You say as he somehow fucks you with more vigor. He wants you to come before him, and he hopes that the violent thrusts will make your orgasm come faster. You throw your head back, biting your bottom lip.
Your walls begin to squeeze around him as your orgasm approaches. You hear Satoru groan, enjoying the way your cunt feels around him. God, he fucking loves this. He doesn’t know why you look so beautiful with a blindfold over your eyes– Stealing his look but you somehow look better. You always look so beautiful, no matter what.
“Satoru, I’m gonna come-” You announce. Your hands go over his shoulders and you hold on to him as he fucks you as fast as he can. 
“Your pussy is so nice…” He mutters, his hands landing on your hips. The man watches as your legs spasm, a really loud moan leaving your lips as you come around his cock. He watches you shake, and he’s never seen you come so hard.
“Fuck, Satoru-” You begin to lift the blindfold from your eyes to look at the man. As you get your vision back, you realize how beautiful he looks. He’s focused on your cunt. His cheeks are pink, his hair messy, as he bites his bottom lip.
You’re so focused on him. You watch as he tilts his head back and groans as you feel his cum feel you up. A sigh escapes his lips as he pulls his cock out.
“That was nice, wasn’t it?” He asks as he takes a seat on the bed.
“Very.” You hear, and both of you look at the door. Your eyes go wide, and your face gets warm from embarrassment. 
“Suguru- For how long have you been standing there?” You ask, and he looks at his watch.
“Maybe five to ten minutes.” Suguru shrugs. You then look at Satoru.
“And you knew?!” You question, making Satoru chuckle. “Is that why you were laughing so much?”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Gojo turning off his infinity and letting you hit him cuz he loves you (and knows he deserves it lol) 👉🏽👈🏽
But he also knows you’ll think it’s sweet he did that and end up forgiving him anyway (all part of his plan smh)
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chuuyasboots · a day ago
Hiii I was just reading your gojo sfw/nsfw headcannons and just wanted to send something in 🥺
so I was wondering if you could do a drabble about gojo asking the reader to be his s/o? can be nsfw or sfw 🥺🥺 thank u sm
hii!! (shudders bc that was so long ago when i wrote that) but thank you!! i did also kind of turn this into a sick fic so i hope that’s okay <3
always here, next to you
genre: fluff, little bit of hurt/comfort
pairing: gojo x gn!reader
word count: 2.7k
Tumblr media
It takes about an hour and a half for you to realize something is wrong when Satoru doesn’t show up for work. Had it been an ordinary day, you wouldn’t have thought anything of it at all, but today, the two of you had been assigned to take down a special-grade curse, and he was late. Very late.
You looked at your phone, which still had zero indication that Gojo even realized that he was late. Even so much as a text or a call would have been nice so that you could at least do something instead of impatiently pacing and checking your phone.
Frankly speaking, you were annoyed. You and Gojo had worked together plenty over the last couple of years, and it was incredibly unlike him to leave you completely hanging like this. It wasn’t rare for him to stroll in thirty minutes later than the appointed time, but even then he would typically have the mind to shoot you a quick text.
You spend the entire hour and a half convincing yourself that Satoru is fine. He’s practically invincible, for god’s sake, so even if he was in trouble, you doubted that there was anything that you’d be able to do for him. Still, there’s a knot in your stomach that won’t go away when you allow your mind to wander a bit too far.
Sighing and sitting down on one of the benches in the park that you’d agreed to meet Gojo at, you pulled up his contact and hit ‘call.’ Your teeth worried at your bottom lip while the phone rang, and you cursed quietly to yourself when it went to voicemail after several rings.
“Dammit Satoru, pick up,” you spat out, a tone not quite venomous, but dangerously pissed nonetheless.
You should have been done with this curse and on your way home by now, you thought with an eye roll as you considered calling Satoru again. It wouldn’t hurt anything, you supposed, so you hit the call button again and silently prayed that he would pick up and put an end to your waiting. Of course, that didn’t happen, and when you were met with Gojo’s obnoxious voicemail message again, you started to genuinely get pissed that he wasn’t here.
You walk around the park a bit–in theory to clear your mind and calm down, but it really ends up having the opposite effect. You’re starting to feel a bit desperate; you don’t want to be kept waiting all day, and the fact that Gojo wasn’t answering his phone was both pissing you off and making you nervous.
That’s when you make the decision to walk to Satoru’s apartment. It’s not terribly far from where you’d decided to meet, and you deserve answers for his flakiness. You sigh again, but accept your fate and head towards Satoru’s apartment ready to break down the door.
When you arrive, you knock impatiently several times on the door, with shouts of, “Gojo, what the hell? Are you even home right now? Answer your phone, jackass!”
It takes a couple of minutes, the amount of time that was going to cause you to leave until you heard the door unlocking quietly. You were about to huff and give Gojo an earful, but when you saw him you fell silent.
Satoru looked terrible.
Sure, you’ve seen him in plenty of rugged fights that left him a mess, but never had you seen him looking this… bad.
Gojo goes to open his mouth when he sees you on the other side of the door when you interrupt him starkly, “Satoru, what the hell happened?”
“Nothing happened,” Gojo replies, mimicking your tone with an attitude that is surprising given that he was very clearly not himself. “‘M just sick, I’ll be fine.”
Ah. So there it is. Satoru being sick wasn’t the most unbelievable thing in the world; he hardly had time to look after himself and the weather had been horrible recently. Your heart faltered a bit, a pang of sympathy replacing all of the anger that you’d felt leading up to his apartment.
“Is there anything else you need? ‘Cause if not, ‘m going back to bed,” Gojo says snottily, both because of his terrible attitude and the congestion that was audible in his voice.
“When’s the last time you’ve eaten, Satoru?” You ask him gently, concern taking the place of the venom that had been in your voice only minutes ago. “I’m serious, you look like hell.”
Gojo looked at you strangely, like he’d been expecting you to continue yelling at him for ditching the mission, which you’d seemed to drop altogether.
“I dunno. Maybe… lunch yesterday? Can hardly keep anything down,” he replies with an eye roll that only Satoru would have the nerve to give you for trying to care about his well being.
You let out an exasperated breath, considering your options. You felt terribly for Satoru–for as annoyed as you’d been with him for seemingly ditching your mission, you loved working with him as a partner. You loved a lot about him, actually, even though you wouldn’t dare admit that to him. Like his ego needed any boosting.
For one, you loved how attentive he was towards you. Whenever the two of you were taking down a curse, Satoru always made sure that you were alright, always taking on the bigger, badder curses for himself. Not that he didn’t think you could handle it, but because if there was any threat of danger, he would always put himself in that line before putting you to it. Sometimes after particularly long missions, Gojo would volunteer to drive you home because he knew how much you hated public transport and he wouldn’t dream of you walking home after dark. It wasn’t always the easiest working together with the strongest jujutsu sorcerer, but working with Gojo Satoru was a dream.
You thought briefly about all the times that Satoru had made sure that you were taken care of, heart swelling a bit at the fondness of the memories, and your mind was quickly made up.
“Move over, let me in. I’ll make dinner,” you tell him, ignoring his immediate attempt to dissuade you and stepping into his apartment.
“Get out. You’ll get sick and then we’ll both be complaining,” Gojo argues, trailing behind you as you walk into his kitchen.
This was far from the first time you’ve been in Satoru’s apartment. It wasn’t a regular occurrence, per se, but there were a handful of nights where Satoru had offered you his spare room when the buses stopped taking people and your apartment felt impossibly far away. You’d also been in a handful of times for lunch, which felt more like a business discussion gone awry, but you never minded listening to Satoru ramble about whatever it was that was on his mind, and he always listened when you did the same.
You take out a can of soup from his pantry; it’s not necessarily the best option, but you doubt that Satoru has the ingredients on hand to make soup from scratch, or that he’ll really care.
“You’re not cooking for me,” Satoru says, stealing the soup can from you and taking a few steps away from you. “You’ll only make me feel more pathetic. And besides, I’m fine. Just another day or two, at most, and I’ll be back to my normal self. Stop worrying so much.”
It’s my job to worry about you, is what you want to say to him, but instead you just tell him that “Obviously you’re not fine. Stop being stubborn and hand me the soup.”
“Not a chance. I can handle you comin’ over since you obviously miss me so much, but you’re not making dinner. Believe it or not, I’m capable of taking care of myself.”
“Right. Just like you’re capable of coming in to work today? Or answering your phone? Satoru, obviously you’re sick as fuck, let me take care of you. Please?”
He goes silent for a moment, gears turning in his head as he registers what you were telling him.
“Shit. I completely forgot we even had a job today. I’m so sorry. Never even thought of looking at my phone,” Gojo answers, eyes widening when he remembers that he did in fact have his day blocked off. The surprise takes form in his voice as he asks you quickly, “You didn’t go by yourself, did you?”
You shook your head, partly in answer to his question and partly in disbelief, “No, Satoru. I called on the way here and said that I was going to find you, so they sent someone else out to take care of it.”
You take the soup from Satoru’s hand and he doesn’t attempt to stop you anymore. He fell silent–almost like he was embarrassed–and you started looking around and grabbing pots and getting the soup started cooking, his mind obviously wandering somewhere far away from the kitchen. Or at least that’s what you assumed.
The soup was boiling steadily by the time Satoru spoke up again, and he did so so quietly that you almost didn’t hear him over the stove fans. He was sitting at the kitchen table behind you, and you could feel his eyes on your back when he spoke.
“‘M really sorry for not answering your calls,” he says, eyes boring into you from behind, begging you to turn around and look at him. “And for being a shitty partner. I can’t believe I just… forgot.”
You’re busy pouring out two bowls of soup when Satoru apologizes, the words making you freeze for a moment before turning to set the bowls on the table. You look at him, studying the tired and defeated expression on his face that you’d never seen before today and it made your heart sink. To see the world’s greatest look so distraught felt wrong. And yet, as if his pain were a tender wound, you wanted nothing more than to comfort him, to give him whatever he needed to feel whole.
“Satoru,” you said quietly, still standing next to him and looking down into his eyes, “you’re anything but a bad partner. How can you beat yourself up like that when you’re sick? It’s not your fault, I know you wouldn’t leave me hanging on purpose.”
God, the way that Satoru’s lips form a perfect pout makes you want nothing more than to kiss him. He looks unfairly handsome given his illness, and it’s making your brain feel dizzy, as if you were the sick one instead. He looks up at you, and maybe it’s your hopeful imagination, but you swear you see his eyes hold their gaze on your lips for just an extra second before meeting your eyes again.
“You’re not mad?”
“No, Satoru, of course I’m not mad,” you replied desperately, like you needed him to understand that you could never be mad at him for something as uncontrollable as being sick.
He hummed in response, taking up the spoon in his hand carefully, like he was considering the design of the silverware rather than eating with it.
“Thank you,” he says as you sit down across from him. You’re not quite sure how to reconcile this version of Gojo with his typical demeanor–he was so meek and worrisome right now, borderline pathetic–but you did know that despite the stark contrast, you loved both versions of Satoru entirely.
“Don’t mention it,” you reply softly, despite the voice in the back of your head screaming “I love you.”
You loved Satoru. It didn’t feel like a world shaking revelation, instead it felt like being blanketed by a sense of certainty that you hadn’t realized you’d been waiting for. You loved him so much that it made your head hurt, and you’d never put a word to that feeling until right now, sitting across from a horribly sick version of Gojo that might dissuade anyone else from loving him, and yet you thought that it only made you love him more.
You were pulled out of your thoughts by the sound of Satoru’s spoon clinking against his bowl–not because he was eating, but rather because he was idly stirring the broth around, looking lamentably at the dish.
“You have to eat something,” you said matter of factly, as if you hadn’t just stumbled upon the realization that you loved Satoru.
Gojo looked at you like this was the most worn out he’d been in months–and maybe it was–as he replied tiredly, “Can’t. It won’t stay down anyways, don’t want to be throwing up while you’re here.
“How considerate,” you reply somewhat sarcastically, “but I’ve seen worse, I promise. If soup is too much then can you at least try some crackers?” You ask, standing up to fetch some saltines from the cupboard.
“You don’t have to do all of this, you know,” Gojo says, eyes shying away from yours as you hand him the sleeve of crackers.
“I do know that. I want to help you, believe it or not.”
The question sends a jolt through your heart. The answer comes up in your head easily–because you love him. Why else would you be risking your own health to help him? Why else would you have tracked him down when he was late for a mission? It went so much further than just being a good work partner, but you weren’t sure if it went as far for Satoru.
Could you risk telling him why you did all that you could for him? You’d only just come to the realization moments ago, should you rush into telling him right away, knowing that it could potentially drive you further from him if he didn’t reciprocate?
Gojo is looking at you expectantly, waiting for your answer. His eyes look glassy and red, from his sickness you presume, and they look at you like you hold the answers to the universe and everything in it.
You drop your eyes to look at your soup, stirring slowly, trying to distract yourself from the torrent of emotions threatening to break loose from within.
“Because I love you,” you whisper, so quietly that you don’t think Satoru could have possibly heard you, despite the palpable silence that’d settled between you.
You look up meekly, to see if Satoru had heard you, and at first you weren’t sure what expression was showing on his face. His eyes were wider, but nothing else had changed. He was still looking at you, although now less expectantly and more surprised. Your stomach turned uncomfortably–you didn’t regret saying that you loved him, but now you had to deal with whatever he felt or didn’t feel for you in return, and that was what made you nauseous.
Panic ensues in your brain, telling you that you fucked up majorly by heaping such a heavy confession onto Gojo right now. You start to back track as smoothly as possible, which isn’t very, “I’m sorry, I didn’t–” when Satoru cuts you off.
“Do you really?” he asks earnestly, beseeching an answer from you.
He asks the question like it’s the hardest thing in the world to get his head around; that Gojo Satoru–the world’s best and most beloved sorcerer–could possibly be loved, truly loved, by someone else. His anticipation would be laughable if it weren’t you on the other end of his question. Of course you loved him, it was the easiest thing you’d ever done, because it had taken you this long to put a word to what you’d been doing since you’d known him. And yet Gojo looks like he can’t possibly believe the words you’ve said.
“Yes,” you mumble out quietly, still somewhat abashed about the suddenness of your confession. “Yes, I love you Satoru, how could I not?”
Satoru’s face flushes, and for once you know that it’s not from his sickness but from your words. “I… I just never thought you’d feel the same.”
Now it’s your turn to feel the heat rise to your cheeks and your eyes widen. You weren’t entirely oblivious to Gojo’s constant flirting, but you always thought that you were just another girl that he would play around with until he got bored. This–this felt too real for that.
“I do, Satoru. Really. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t love you.”
A smile brighter than the sun spread across Gojo’s face, “I really wish I could kiss you right now without giving you the plague.”
“Eat some of your soup and maybe I’ll consider taking a chance on that.”
Tumblr media
pretend i said something really clever and interesting here. okay that’s all, but thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed!!
requests are open!
commissions are open!
Tumblr media
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love--galore · 17 hours ago
“wanna make him jealous?” gojo x reader au!
Tumblr media
pairing: gojo satoru x reader, meeting at the gym au!
summary: You travel to your usual gym after a breakup. Still in distress over your breakup, you almost drop the weights while on the squat rack but a strange pale-haired man helps you. You tell him why you made such a dangerous mistake, and he offers you a proposal, “Want to make him jealous?”
note: I saw this scenario on a TikTok that I can’t find sadly, and thought it was perfect as a story with Gojo. Also can someone tell me why I write such long stories lol ❤
word count: 2.7k
tags: fluff, gym au!, gojo helps you make your ex jealous, sfw
You never miss leg day. Even when you’ve just been broken up with by your boyfriend of two years. Well, ex-boyfriend now.
The gym is relatively full, attendees staring at themselves in the mirror with headphones or earbuds in. It’s summer now, so the air conditioning is on full-blast. Thank god. You find an open squat rack in the corner of the gym underneath a vent and the air feels nice as it blows above you. At least one thing is going well.
You’ve been long distance for half a year, and ever since Nathan broke up with you one week ago over the phone, it has felt like the world has relentlessly rubbed it in your face. First, your car windshield cracks from a rock flying at you while you were driving on the highway the morning after, and then you get food poisoning from your favorite sushi restaurant later in the day. You then lost your apartment keys during a drunken night out with your girlfriends. Seventy-five dollars down the drain, which you guess that instance could be considered your fault for getting so drunk but nevertheless, the world hates you almost as much as you hate it.
You didn’t think you were doing anything wrong in your relationship to deserve all this bad luck, but clearly the universe would argue otherwise. Nathan said it was because he couldn’t handle long distance anymore, but what he didn’t know was that you had his Instagram and Facebook password. Now, some couples would see this as a red flag on your part because everyone deserves privacy, even those in relationships, but since he had been distancing himself for the past month such as not picking up your calls as frequently “because of work” and texting dryly, you decided to guess his password to his social media.
The funny thing is that it didn’t take you long to figure it out. That stupid idiot. It was his family dog’s name beginning with a capital letter and his birthday listed out in numbers. At that point, it was his fault for making such a shit password. And sadly, your suspicions were right.
You never saw Nathan as a cheater. He always swore he would never put you through that, and while you still don’t know what he did with the girls he was talking to or if anything physical ever happened, he was definitely reaching out to these other women and texting them more than he did with you. He even asked one girl if he could take her out on a date to the beach and a music festival since they’re both in the same city in California for work. Beaches and music festivals were the dates you would plan!
That’s when you snapped. Well, first you cried your eyes out and immediately called your best friend, and then you snapped. He was not prepared when he answered his phone to you screaming about him cheating and lying to you for weeks. You sent him the screenshots of his messages after he denied ever talking to other girls and all he could say was, “Why the fuck are you stalking my social media, y/n?”
“Because I fucking had a feeling and guess what, you dumb fuck? I was right!”
You feel your eyes burn at the memory as you attach the weights to the squat rack bar. You have never screamed so loud or cussed so terribly in your life but you were so hurt. This level of betrayal was painful in a way you couldn’t describe. If you didn’t look into his social media, who knows how long he would have kept it from you?
Nathan’s only reasoning was the long distance, but why couldn’t he have broken things off and told you before he spoke to other girls? He didn’t have an answer and you beat yourself up thinking of an answer to this question that even he couldn’t find the words for. You dip your head underneath the bar and set your feet before lifting the bar up over the hooks. You walk backwards a few steps before bending down and lowering your back, making sure not to arch it as you were told, by stupid Nathan, that arching your back is improper form that can lead to a back injury.
He was actually the one who introduced you to working out. It was a year ago and the two of you came to this same gym by your apartment. It was fun learning a new hobby with him because the two of you would spend quality time together and you grew more confident in your body, too. Not only physically but also mentally. You felt healthier and found yourself in a better mood than before.
But now, as you lower and lift the heavy bar on your shoulders, you feel worse than you did before coming to the gym. You lift the bar back onto the hooks and stretch your arms. That’s when you noticed the person working out on the squat rack beside you because he also paused his reps and placed the bar back. It made a loud clanking sound as he dipped his head underneath to release the bar onto the hooks attached to the rack.
You only glanced for a second but the plates on his bar were almost triple the amount on yours. He’s really tall, too, with platinum gray hair that flowed over his forehead. You were pretty small unfortunately, so everyone was tall to you, but he was definitely over six feet tall. You reach down to grab your water-bottle and that’s when you realize you didn’t even put in your earbuds. They sat inside of their charging case right next to your water. You must’ve been too caught up in your thoughts to put on music.
For some reason your eyes burn again and this time you feel your lashes get wet as tears begin to form. Why the hell were you crying at the gym? You brush your arms above your forehead, wiping them away before they could develop and pretending you’re wiping away sweat. Not that anyone was looking at you. You take a quick swig of your water before heading back to your set. You add another ten pound plate to each side of the bar before lifting the bar onto your shoulders once again. However, this time, when you step back to raise the bar above the hooks, you feel your feet suddenly falter under the weight and you gasp.
The right side of the bar quickly drops down and the sudden shock makes you lose balance. A hand shoots out from beside you and grabs the bar while you struggle to regain your balance. Sharp pain bounces around the muscles of your right shoulder from the sudden impact and you look over as the man who was working beside you sets the bar easily back onto the hooks. You look down at a stray water bottle that spills around your feet. He must’ve dropped it as he jumped in to help you.
You frantically look around and the entire gym is now looking at you in confusion as the sound of clashing metal from your mistake was pretty damn loud. Your first instinct is to laugh awkwardly and you cover your mouth with your hand to stop yourself.
“Are you okay?” He asks. His voice was deep and filled with concern. You meet his icy blue eyes which lowered as he frowns.
“Uh, yeah. Sorry about that.” You tried to laugh again but that was a pretty dangerous mistake. He’s still behind you and you step back, clearing your throat. “Thanks for catching that.”
“I almost didn’t.” He replies bluntly, and suddenly you feel like a five year old getting lectured for crossing a busy street alone. “Maybe you should lay off the extra weight, kid.”
Kid? “The fuck?” The response comes harsher than you intended. Your mouth moves faster than your brain, which you know because Nathan and your family always pointed it out. “I’m probably older than you. And I can lift a hundred pounds.” You snap back.
Wait, was he watching you add extra weights? The man chuckles. “Then what made you almost wipe out over a hundred pounds?”
You’re weirdly offended by this reaction. You should be grateful he prevented you from almost hurting yourself but this dude wants to make fun of you? What is he, twelve years old? He certainly doesn’t look like it. He has defined cheekbones and a distinct jaw. He even towers above you and you have to arch your neck to meet his gaze.
“My boyfriend cheated on me.” You reason, but he only lifts a light eyebrow. A tress of his light hair shifts with it.
“Oh, yeah?” You wait for sympathy, but he only chuckles again. “Well, I’m sorry to hear that, sweet heart.”
You huff and reach down for your water bottle and phone, deciding to end the conversation. What is his fucking deal? You hate guys like this. But before you can pick up your things and walk away, he suddenly asks a question you could have never predicted.
“Wanna make him jealous?”
You turn back and it’s your turn to arch an eyebrow. “What did you just say?”
“Let’s make him jealous.” He says calmly as if stating that the sky is blue. You finally get a good look at this weird man, who’s dressed in all black work out clothing and speaks to you like you’ve been friends for years. You’ve never ever seen this person in your life. You feel like you would remember. Is this his way of being charming?
“I don’t even know your name.” You respond, and he promptly offers his hand.
“I’m Satoru, but everyone calls me Gojo, my last name.”
You stare at his hand for long moments before shaking it to be polite. His hands are a lot bigger than yours and veins crawl up his wrist and wrap around his forearm. He had pale skin and bright white hair. Was it dyed? An earthy scent surrounded him even though it looked like he had been working out for a while. A light layer of sweat sat across his broad shoulders and wetted the ends of his pale hair which was longer at the top and faded behind his ears and neck.
You’ve always been a sucker for tattoos, which Nathan refused to get for “professional reasons”, and this man had what looked to be an unfinished sleeve across his right arm. But the art wasn’t of a wolf or some other scary animal or looked dark and overdone in order to stand out. It looked like Japanese characters of some sort and though you couldn’t see it clearly, the inked illustrations surrounding them seemed to have some meaning in tandem with the characters.
“y/n.” You reply. Gojo smirks, the left side of his lips quirk up like you’ve just agreed to play some sort of game. “Nice to meet you, y/n. Now, do you know how to make a dude jealous?”
You cross your arms and hold your phone and water bottle closer to your chest. You’ve never thought about making Nathan jealous, so you shake your head. “Not really, do you?”
Gojo tips his head towards the wall of mirrors on your left, “This way.”
You follow him over to the mirrors which were made so the people using the array of dumbbells in front of it could watch their form. You seriously have never met this man so alarm bells are ringing in your head at this point, but he can’t possibly kidnap or assault you in a room full of people, so you watch as he gestures closer to the mirrors.
“Stand here.” He says plainly, pointing to a spot in front of the dumbbell rack and you step towards the mirrors. “Now unlock your camera.”
You don’t know why but you do as he says and he suddenly moves to where he stands right behind you. Your eyes widen and you almost step away instinctively but he places a gentle hand on your shoulder.
“How about a little mirror picture of me holding you?”
You feel heat quickly burn across your cheeks. “Um… I don’t know about that.”
You meet his blue eyes in the mirror and you expect them to be cunning or comical, but surprisingly he doesn’t look like he has bad intentions. He moves his hands towards the dip of your waist and asks, “Just like this. Are you okay with that?”
You take a moment to respond, because you don’t know what you’re okay with him doing. He’s a complete stranger.
“W-Why are you doing this?” You ask instead.
Gojo pauses and inches his face closer to where you’re turning to look at him instead of the mirror. For someone who’s been working out, he smells nice to where you wonder what cologne he uses. It’s musky and not too overbearing. He’s also scarily close but you don’t move away.
“You were crying, and I don’t want to see a pretty girl like you cry.”
You look away and shift to the mirror instead, flustered because there’s no way he would actually say something like that. But he doesn’t follow his words up with a joke or a smirk. His face looks sad, even, and you can’t handle what he just said so you reach for his arm and place it around your waist. You raise your phone and snap a quick picture facing the mirror.
Even with no time to react from either of you, when you scroll back for the picture, it looks oddly natural as if you didn’t just meet less than five minutes ago. Gojo’s arm is placed almost perfectly around your waist, showing off the inked art along his forearm and he had turned his face to inch closer towards the crook of your neck. Even with your height difference, it looked like you had practiced a hundred times. You’re quiet as you stare at the picture and finally the silence is broken with that familiar chuckle.
“We look pretty good.” He says simply, and smirks at you playfully through the mirror. You’re still silent because your brain is blank after processing that you just took a photo more intimate than a photo with a stranger ever should be. He seems to catch on to your loss for words and laughs. It was a deep rumbling sound, but wholesome and sincere.
“Would it be too much if you asked for your number right now?” The side of his lips quirk up. “You know, just so I can get an update about his response?”
You look at the photo again and consider posting it on your Instagram story. It would be nice to potentially get back at Nathan, and it was a good photo.
“I might not even post it, though.” You lock your phone and he tilts his head.
“You didn’t like it?”
You shrug. “I actually might just keep it for myself.”
The same smirk reappears. “You should. I enjoyed the excuse to get close to your neck.”
Damn, he’s really flirting, huh? As flustered as you are, you bury the feeling in your stomach and shrug casually, “I don’t blame you. I do have a nice neck.”
He inches closer and you hold your breath. You’re still in public.
“It’s a shame I won’t get to see it again then.” His hand suddenly appears back on your waist, this time touching your lower back. Your skin tingles underneath his touch. “Unless you let me take you out.”
As much as you wanted to, you worked out in the morning before working in the afternoon, and you needed to get ready before then. “I’m actually working today.”
“That’s not what you asked, though.” His hand presses against you and pulls you closer. You almost fall into his chest. “Would you want to go out with me, y/n?”
You pause and stare at his icy blue eyes. They put you in a trance, and all warning signs of danger and better judgment disappear as you respond, “Yes.”
Gojo smiles this time, the most innocent look you’ve seen from him yet, but he pulls you to where your hands brace against his chest and he speaks into your ear you almost shiver,
“Make sure to bring that neck with you.”
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mikasadirtyscarf · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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honeystwiggypeach · a day ago
Can I request Gojo x reader where they both r teachers in JJk High? Due to some phenomenon a young final year high school Gojo comes in their time and now he is after the reader because she had been her gf since high school first year. The present Gojo doesn't want to share reader even with his younger self and they both are fighting over her like kissing her randomly , snatching reader away and all whereas reader is trying to stay loyal to present Gojo. At the end of two days the phenomenon reverses and final year y/n comes and takes young Gojo back to their time line but b4 that they go on a double date and Gojo is relieved whereas y/n is still in shock that what just happened
Bestie😭honestly you guys have such good ideas like I could never come up with something like this😭tysm for requesting if anyone wants to see anything else pls let me know because I love writing requests so much!!
Tumblr media
Tw- cursing, idk multiverse?? Let me know if I missed anything!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When you first saw him, he’d practically lunged at you, and if we’re being honest you only dodged out of old habit since you’d do that in highschool when Gojo would run at you.
You didn’t expect for it to actually be highschool Gojo however, but it is painfully obvious from the way he speaks that this is in fact an 18 year old Gojo who’s somehow ended up in your present time line, when your Gojo notices all hell breaks loose as he practically whines to you about how the baby Gojo is gonna steal you from him.
You have to dodge every peck in the cheek little Gojo tries to give you while your husband stands at the corner of the building with binoculars staring daggers at the younger version of himself who seems to be floating on hearts when you get too close to him.
Finally however, you from young Gojo’s time line seems to notice his absence and you come to collect him. You meet with older you and Gojo at the cafe where you had your first date with your gojo.
You smile when you see the way young gojo practically tackles you to the floor with his hug as he kisses all on your face.
“And look at that, I told you we’d grow old together.” Younger Gojo says as he points to himself.
Older gojo gasps but before he can say anything the younger pair are gone.
“Did you hear that little shit head babe?” You laugh to yourself knowing that if Gojo had thought long enough he’d take it back since he’d called himself a little shit head.
Tumblr media
I didn’t know how to write this too well but pls request more they’re so fun I love writing this!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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takeomisbitch · a day ago
Tumblr media
Day 1- Gojo Satoru with a biting kink
Gojo x (Fem body)!Reader
Summary: During sex Gojo would much rather you biting him or him biting you so when he comes home from work to biting your neck you know what you’re about to get into
Warnings: NSFW, biting kink, slight degrading, praising, reader gets referred to as (Sweetheart, baby and slut)
o===::::::::::::::::::> Kinktober Masterlist | Jjk Masterlist
Tumblr media
9 o’clock on the dot your boyfriend Gojo walks through your shared home looking for you to feed his needs. When you hear Gojo walk in, you jump up from your bed running to the front door to greet him as he is halfway up the steps. “Hi, baby. I need your help with something” is the first Gojo says to you when you meet him at the top of the stairs.
Now you’re on your hands and knees ass up in the air as Gojo pounds into your poor cunt. “Fuck sweetheart you feel so good around my cock” he mumbles into your neck before biting it again, you have bite marks all along your neck down to your back the small one on your ass from Gojo eating you out.
“Shit, let me see your face” he groans as he pulls out of your wet center earning a small moan from you. Gojo flips you over on your back and forces his cock right back into your sopping wet hole. He moves his head down to your chest, sucking and biting at it. “Toru your feel so good” gripping his hair as he tugs and bites at your chest.
Still biting at your chest Gojo moves his hand down to your swollen clit, rubbing fast tight circles. “Cum for me be a good slut and come for me” hearing his words has your back arching off the bed, you gripping onto shoulders for support. Coming around his cock as his thrusts become fast and sloppy, his fingers don’t lift from the spot on your clit.
Gojo releases his white warm substance deep into your cunt with a long high pitched moan. “Shit baby you always know how to make me feel good”
Tumblr media
© Bella 2022
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yeetusdabussy · a day ago
୨♡୧‿୨˚̣̣̣͙୧How they eat it୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿୨♡୧
❦Foul Language,Smut,Dirty talk,
namecalling,fingering,face sitting,Oral(Female
and male receiving), 69, and more.❦ 
‿︵‿︵‿︵୨˚̣̣̣͙୧ Characters˚̣̣̣͙୧‿︵‿︵‿︵
(ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡Gojo,Nanami,and Sakuna.
(ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡Reno and Cloud.
(ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡Special Guest.
‿︵‿︵‿︵୨˚̣̣̣͙୧ - - - -୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿︵‿︵‿︵
He's messy, sloppy, and flat out rude munching on ya folds like a crackhead at Popeye's, mans is drowning under you and he isn't complaining. Gojo has no shame, he could be eating you out anywhere if you give him the chance. Office? Sure. Janitors closet? Hell yeah! Cafeteria?! HOT DIGGITY DAWG! Sliding his long fingers in and out of your puss all while teasingly licking your puckering hole just to hear your surprised gasp. His tongue pushing flat against your clit before slurping it up between his lips, sucking on the delicious Pearl and swirling his tongue around it. He's getting it all on his chin and neck, shit even up his nose, he don't care!
"Mmm- fuck look at that~ I wish you could see what I see down here princess. Its a beautiful scenery." He knows what he's doing, saying stupid shit to embarrass you while you sit on his face. He looks like a drunk! His chain and lips wet with slick, hair all fucked up, a lopsided smile on his face too. "Move those hips. I got all night, I'm not stopping until your squirting."
He's between your legs a lot during sex. Mostly uses it as foreplay to get you ready for his cock, he knows he's big and well he doesn't want to hurt you. So here you're,folded like a omelette while he eats you out. Lightly suckling on your clit, Kento takes his time to bring you to your high. Feeling your thighs shake under his hold as he kept you in a mating press. You don't know how many times you've came but boy oh boy is he thirsty today. Having you in a mating press after a hard day just to eat you out for hours and seeing you cry in overstimulation sounds a lot better than sleep.( `ิิ∇´ิ)
"baby girl, I can't taste you properly if you keep trying to run. Just enjoy yourself." His warm breath hitting your soppy wet cunt, your legs tremble in his hold. Its not the most comfortable position but the way your husband's tongue lapped at your cunt so passionately made your head spin. "cumming again?~"
❦ Sukuna❦ 
Oh boy, well....um....he has three mouths idfk what else you want me to say. He has a lot of fucking stamina, he's a fucking king of curses. He's not getting lock jaw, he's not gonna suffocate if you sit on him. Man's was built to kill, and pleasure women....probably to death too but that's besides the point, he's not gonna do that to you though. You're his sweet little human/Sorcerer. Slurping and suckling on your folds teasingly before bring his hand mouth directly on your clit. Having his arm looped around your waist from the back. Oh and he's NASTY about it too, mans is eating yo shit from the back for gods sake! I'm not saying he eats groceries hell nah....... Nah he eats booty.
"Haha you look like a fucking mess. Can't even keep yourself up, just laying in your own filth." He's so mean, so so so mean but he can't help it. Not when he can get you like this, Upper body laid out and your ass in the air. You yelped at the sudden slap he landed on your ass. "hey! Are you listening? Of course you aren't you're much too brain dead yeah baby?~"
❦ Reno ❦ 
PAHAHAHA! What the fuck? Mans is goofy, probably slap ya puss and tell you to bark. He doesn't care, its reno! He has no shame after all, who is gonna stop him? Reno ain't no punk bitch after all, and he ain't no bitch to pussy. He'll have you against his office wall, one leg over his shoulder while kneeling in front of you. All you can hear is sweet chuckles and coos from him. Teasing you all while thumbing your clit to overstimulation, he just loves your clit too. CLIT MONSTER HE IS! Mans is always pawing at it because he knows every single time he will get a reaction out of you regardless.
"Damn, such a slut getting off in my office just from my thumb and mouth? Desperate." Hr chuckles darkly, warm breath hitting your thighs as he removes his thumb from your clit and replaces it with his tongue. Sucking on it, flicking it with his tongue, oh and can't forget the FingerJutsu combo work going on down there. "Taste so good baby~ And only for me okay baby?~" he knows you can't answer him....such a dick.
Such a cinnamon roll, I fucking love this man! But anyways, he's gentle and does what you ask. He's more of a Service puppy after all, he wants to please you, but why are you so nasty? Yeah..YOU! Lil'nastiee 69 drives this man crazy. And you always suggest it since he's always pleasuring you, and you want to return the favor after all. Him spreading your cheeks to get better access to your pussy, cheek dark red as your juices drip from his chin and onto his pecs. Moaning into your sweet puss as you sucked him off to heaven. TOES CURLING BABY ...TOES ARE CURLING LOOORDT.
"D-Doll, w-wait please. Don't wanna cu-" he was cut off by a groan and swallows his saliva thickly. "S-such a trouble maker fuck~" And you don't care, not when his sweet groans fills the bedroom y'all share. You moaned around his cock once he shoves his tongue inside you and wiggled it. Groaning into it, you felt his hips buck up against your mouth. Oh boy here comes the mess!
❦ DIO ❦ 
How the fuck we end up here? Well shit aye I'm not complaining and so aren't you because you're taking one for the team. Because He's cruel, biting your inner thigh to get a reaction out of you. Or keeping you on edge when he grazes his fangs across your clit. You better be lucky he's even letting you enjoy this, he's not the type to eat women out. He gets his pleasure and go. But you aren't any woman, you're his sweet little human/poser. He'll even do thus thing where if you been out for a long time, he'll help take your shoes off and kiss your ankle all the way up to your crotch area and cup it aggressively.
Squelching noises is all that could be heard in your shared living room next to the fireplace. Your moans filled the empty air and Dio was enjoying every last bit of it. His thick fingers entering in and out of you, making long stripes on your clit while looking you dead in the eyes. He knows that YOU know not to look away from him. "you're so loud, not like I'm complaining, but what would we ever do if one of the maids saw us~."
Don't repost or copy. Reblogs and likes are accepted!
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dumby24 · a day ago
I just want him to spit in my mouth 🤤
Tumblr media
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newspapergirlmal · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Asking the jjk men to draw a heart with there tip.
Ft. Toji,Gojo,Nanami,Sukuna and Getou.
Warning:Smut implied
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thank you for reading <3.
All reads,likes,reblogs,throughts are really appreciated :))
Should I do a Pt2 ?
Sorry guys I haven't posted in awhile, I promise I will make up for it ;)
All photo I found on pinterest and are not mine :)
Tumblr media
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ba0face · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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renibet · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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cupldstar · 8 days ago
ik i just posted butt.....cant stop thinking of themm...ᏊˊꈊˋᏊ
PervyBoyfriend who takes pictures of your panties when you dont notice and uses them as fap material when the two of you are apart or he goes into the secret stash that he has of your panties , he'll grab a pair and fuck into them , sending you a video. Its him groaning into panties you just wore yesterday. "y/n..come home soon yeah?" he breathes out pumping his cock with a fast pace "wanna fuck your cunt puppy. come home to ____ "
peryboyfriend who plays with your ass and tits any time the two of you are cuddling
It starts off innocent , the two of you are on ghe couch watching some random movie , legs spread over his lap , you soon feel his hand trail up your thigh and he begins to play with the flesh near you crotch. He smirks knowing whats next.
Pervyboyfriend who records the two of you when y'all are going at it , he has you sitting on his lap facing him as one hand has a rough grip on your waist while the other holds his phone. He bounces you up and down on his cock "you're so fucking pretty" he groans , grip tightens as You moan and try to push the camera away. "uh uh baby. Need to record that pretty cunt taking me." he pushes your hands away. Smirking at you desperate attempts.
Pervyboyfriend who cant control himself when he see's you in shorts and his t-shirt. He goes crazy , he'll have you pressed against the nearest surface with your shorts pushed down and his fingers curling inside of you "so cute baby , bet y'a knew what you were doin huh? teasin me like this."
Pervyboyfriend who when you're trying to rest after a long day , he slips his hard cock in between your thighs and beings to hump your thighs like a dog , he presses soft kisses on the shell of your ear and gently fucks your thighs until you fall back asleep
Suguru , Gojo , Choso , Mahito , Toji
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getoswhore · a month ago
being gojos roommate and getou knows how thin the walls are so he fucks you harder to get gojo jealous >>>>
☰ ft : getō x f! reader + gojo
cw/tw : pwp + getō is cocky asf :/ and gojo is being weird jerking off on the other side like the creep he is :p
Tumblr media
cruel hands grip hard around the soft point of your chin, thumbs even prying at the fat of your cheeks to open your babbling mouth wide–to force those pretty moans out louder as his cock barrels deep into your sopping little cunt. even the filthy sloshing slick sounds of your pussy milking getō echoes through as he fucks you full.
“c’mon pretty girl, i know you can get louder than that, so lemme hear baby. i wanna hear those pretty moans of yours.” getō is trying hard to pull more out of you, keeping your mouth forced open with a tight clawed grip, knowing it's close to midnight and it's ringing through the walls and itching into someones brain...
gojo curses at himself as he pumps a shameful, yet steady rhythm to his leaking, sensitive cock, feeling how swollen it prods with tension at each breathy moan you squeak out with–hearing it all, even to the rough skin to skin contact hitting together rings in his ears. and he can feel himself pull closer to the thin walls, trying hard to focus on a slutty visual of what's happening so close to him; feverish thoughts fleet as his buzzed brain, pondering hard how pretty you must look–legs spread wide, tits bouncing, face sweaty and flushed, and that pretty view of your leaking little cunt swallowing up a fat cock.
gojo’s shaky hand fists his length harder at just the mere thought…
“fuck, yeah. let em’ know baby, let em’ hear how good i fuck you…” he’s whispering, whispering softly along the shell of your ear, sending a thrill of goosebumps to spike a layer upon your sweating, hot skin.
he’s whispering gentle words but giving such rough drags of his cock to plummet deep into your gummy walls, fucking you raw and filthy, almost animalistic–forcing the bed to rock against its hinges, the walls to rattle, and that stomach churning orgasms cradling in your tummy to build up faster than you can think…
this feels like the biggest, “fuck you, pretty boy. i win.” in getō’s eyes, feeling a sense of pride swelling up in his chest for finally taking the girl of gojo’s dreams–for finally being the one a woman chooses over gojo with… and it all makes him hint with a sleazy smirk to play at his slicked lips, thrusting harder and fucking you faster with feral intent.
Tumblr media
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tokyosk · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⌗ navi.┆main m.list┆staying a while ?
authors note ! i didn’t do short oneshots. just lil headcanons. I WISH I COULD WRITE FOR HIGURUMA SO BAD ! HE’S SOOOO HOT AND CUTE! 😫.
characters ! gojo, toji, nanami, geto, sukuna.
pairing ! characters x gn! reader
genre + warnings ! horny jjk men
++ request. can you do jjk men reacting to you wearing short shorts around the house 🫶🏾 pls include toji!! <3 — requested by anonymous !
Tumblr media
“one more time for good measures?”
wants to grab your ass— correction, will grab your ass every time you walk by. doesn’t give a fuck what your doing he’ll do it.
— toji
Tumblr media
“your ass is the perfect pillow, ya’ know?”
definitely wants to touch you a lot. around your hips and stuff. just wants to feel you up all day.
— gojo
Tumblr media
“you can even wear one of my shirt. just put on some clothes, daring, please.”
insists on you putting “more clothes on” because your gonna get a cold. really it’s because your giving him a hard on while he’s trying to focus on his work.
— nanami
Tumblr media
“aww. it hurts? come here, baby, let me rub it better.”
doesn’t know what to do with you. wants you to put your ass in some pants but then wants to hit your butt so hard it’s stinging.
— geto
Tumblr media
“aren’t you cute with your little ass out?”
is a big tease about it. wants to pick you up and take you to the bedroom immediately but pushes his thoughts to the side for a bit.
— sukuna
Tumblr media
 tokyosk 2022.
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honeystwiggypeach · a day ago
hi i hope you dont mind but if you're not that busy is it okay if you write this? huhu thank you!
reader telling jjk men (geto, gojo, nanami, toji, choso) that they are preggo and they've been trying for a few years already and are already thinking of surrogacy. please please please this can be months after they have a miscarriage too!
a rainbow baby! 😭
Hi hon!!! Sorry this came so late I got a bit caught up with school than my mom and aunts wanted to have dinner so that’s what I did today! Tysm for the request! I try to remain as respectful as possible when I write requests like this or about sensitive topics so pls tell me if I misphrase or say anything poorly so I can correct it!!
Ps. I didn’t do choso because idk his personality well and I don’t know if I’m confident in writing him😭
Tumblr media
Tw- mentions of past miscarriages, rainbow baby, infertility, surrogacy, anything mentioned in the request, grief, (in Geto’s people besides parents try and explain death and miscarriage to the twins so reader gets upset)in gojos the pregnancy is both unplanned and not known about, birth, pregnant reader if your uncomfortable with anything relating to loosing a child/pregnancy I advise that you do not read this one! Pls let me know if I missed anything!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He took it hard, he loved the twins with his whole heart he truly did but he missed having babies to look after, maybe it was just baby fever but he felt like your little family wasn’t quite complete.
Unfortunately when you’d found the missing piece, it didn’t work out, unfortunately in your second trimester you had miscarried. You and Geto were both devastated, and everyone for a while everyone treated the two of you as ticking time bombs ready to explode at any moment.
The girls didn’t quite understand, they knew that they were supposed to have a sibling soon and now they weren’t going to but that was it, they couldn’t comprehend it yet and the amount of times you both had to stop people from explaining it to them horrified you.
This time when you’d fallen pregnant, you decided that maybe you two should keep this one a bit secret just in case, so when you’d first told Geto it was in the safety of your bedroom you’d sat beside him your hands behind your back before quickly pulling out the test.
“Are you serious” his voice is a bit quiet as it crackles.
You were his only weak spot, of course besides his children…but of course he would never let you know that…not like it was obvious or anything. He practically sobs when you give him a little nod, he lets out the same quiet muffled sobbing noise when he sees his son for the first time laid on your chest.
Tumblr media
Honestly it hurt you a lot. His family was really into the idea of you carrying a biological heir, but sometimes it felt like you just weren’t capable of doing so. Honestly you’d started to even look into surrogacy because you couldn’t handle all the unfortunate things that continued to happen every time you would even talk about pregnancy.
When you’d been getting intense abdominal cramps you decided maybe you shouldn’t test it and checked yourself into the hospital, where you found out you were in labour, within the hour Gojo had arrived to see you sat up in the hospital bed with the cutest little baby girl laid on your chest. You smile dazedly as he stares down at the two of you in wonder.
“She’s real” he whispers as he touches the little fluffy whisper of hair she has. His fingers just barely graze her scalp and she scrunches and thats what triggers his tears.
Tumblr media
It was just bad news after bad news, it was beginning to feel like maybe you shouldn’t have a baby at all. Of course when Nanami had heard you mutter this one night after you’d talked about trying for a baby again, he smiled guiltily, “if this doesn’t work there’s surrogacy or even adoption” he knows that you don’t want either of those, you want what everyone else is able to have, he can hear the way you cry in the bathroom after another negative test about how unfair it is and how cruel the world can be.
But this time there’s no crying no shouts of how unfair it is, there’s silence and Nanami at first thinks you’ve fallen and hurt yourself but when he hears your squeal he knows that isn’t the case.
He pushes the door open softly to see you holding the test you smile up at him as you show him the two little pink lines, “it’s positive” you tell him and it takes a moment to register but when it does he’s got a wide smile as he bends down softly peppering kisses along your face.
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He was rather reserved already but after you’d lost the baby, it became worse. Toji not only was reserved but he was reclusive, not eating dinner with you and Megumi not even greeting you anymore.
He’d come out at night and creep around the house to avoid seeing you two, he didn’t understand how to process the loss and had resorted to cutting off the world while he grieved.
One of these nights however he’s not quiet enough and you flicker on the lights, Toji is stood over the sink as he chugs down tap water.
“Toji” you call out, “Will you come to bed?” And when he lays down beside you it feels like heaven. He’s wrapped in your warm embraces as you whisper soft reassurances he doesn’t tell you that your comfort and soft touch made him cry long after you fell asleep.
Almost a year after that, you’d fallen pregnant, and Megumi was the one to help you tell him as he pranced around the house all day in a tee shirt that said big brother on it.
Honestly it was adorable and you loved seeing little Megumi be so happy when his dad furrowed his brows holding his boy up by the armpits to get a good look at what his shirt said glancing down to your belly than back to Megumi before his eyes meet yours.
“You’re serious?” He asks still holding up Megumi.
You give him a little nod paired with a nervous giggle and he sets Megumi down softly going over to hug you as Megumi continues to stomp around the kitchen.
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If anyone wants to see anything else pls let me know!! Omg guys!!! Do you want to see reader and maybe like teen Megumi?(reader is with Toji, but maybe like reader being a mom figure to Megumi and while he’s got a fever he unintentionally calls her mama, which he hadn’t done since he was really young?? And Toji like hugging reader a bit when she cries because she misses him being a baby and being affectionate???? I’m gonna sob someone request it pls???)
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